The picture opens to a clear shot from above the ring in the Sydney Super Dome. The house is packed as 4CW has finally made its way to Australia. “Bulls On Parade” plays throughout the entire building as the camera scans the crowd, zooming in on various signs held throughout the mixture.
4 C W

Cutting to ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit behind the booth, ready to call the action!
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”Hello folks!”
JOHNSON: ”We come to you live tonight from the Sydney Super Dome in Sydney, Australia!”
VASSA: ”And boy oh boy, do we have an exciting night planned for you all watching back home.”
JOHNSON: ”We sure do Vinny. We have the second half of qualifiers for Bad Company scheduled to take place tonight.”
VASSA: ”We watched as half claimed their spots two weeks ago and we’ll get to see everyone else fight for it right before our eyes, he in the land down under!”
JOHNSON: ”So far heading into Bad Company we have Omerta, World$tar, VOSS2MANG, and Detroit to New Jersey among the list of teams.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget The Outsiders, Amber Ryan and Danny B, Max Cavanaugh and Cosmo Cooper, and another team from outside of 4CW in the mix… Shootcamp!”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not forget about the champion himself, Johnny Evil with Andrew Karnage stepping in his corner after the late passing of Adrian Tanner Jr.”
VASSA: ”With those teams alone, this event is already shaping up to be one hell of a night.”
JOHNSON: ”It gets even better as we have seven more spots on the line tonight.”
VASSA: ”The teams scheduled to compete later have me excited before even seeing them in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”You can finally rest easy Vinny. Adrenaline Seventy-One is finally here!”
VASSA: ”Well, let’s fucking get to it!”
JOHNSON: ”You got it. We’re going to go backstage momentarily before our opening match. But first, let’s all have a moment of silence for the late Adrian Tanner Jr.”
VASSA: ”Bad Company is going to be in his honor after all… The Adrian Tanner Jr. Memorial Cup.”

Backstage Viduus is seen pacing back and forth like a caged lion. He is dressed in a long trench leather coat and leather pants. His shirt resembles a deep v-neck that looks a bit tattered. The Speaker, dressed in his usual all white cloak, never revealing his face, frantically approached Viduus.
SPEAKER: “She’s here tonight. Let’s go.”
Viduus lets out a thrilled growl as if a wild animal was just shown their already slain prey. The Speaker and Viduus proceed forward.The Speaker rhythmically yelling…
SPEAKER: “Carmellllaaaa….come out, come out, where ever you aree!!”
Searching and searching each nook and cranny until finally reaching a door with the name Wilder on the nameplate. The Speaker knocks, after a few moments the door slowly opens up with a less than thrilled Luiz the Wilder family bodyguard left waiting. Seeming slightly less scared when he realizes that at least Viduus isn’t there for now.
LUIZ: “Hello…M-M-Mr. Speaker. Carmella has advised me to let you know she would like to challenge M-M-Mr. Viduus to meet her in the ring for a competition.”
Struggling to get out the word’s clearly freaked out and worried about any repercussions for his involvement in helping take Viduus down a peg last week. The Speaker looks at Viduus and nods back to Luiz as he walks away. Viduus however remains a moment longer to stare Luiz down before following The Speaker out of the scene.

The fans eagerly await the opening bout of Adrenaline in Sydney, Australia as the backstage cameras come on. In view was the door to the room designated for Perry Wallace’s office. It even has his name on a laminated poster taped to the door. The door opens and the camera man enters but it isn’t Wallace found inside. Instead with barely his head and shoulders being seen was Jason Cashe. He wasn’t sitting in Wallace’s chair but to the right of it and sitting lower to the ground.
CASHE: ”Poopin in the Land Down Under!
Where a guy like me might need a Plunger!”

Seeing the camera Cashe doesn’t skip a beat is heard remixing the Men At Work song. With his pants and boxers down around his ankles, he was popping a squat over a metal garbage bucket. One of those wire woven like buckets. The bag lining the bucket was pressed hard against the small holes at the bottom as Cashe grunts. A powerful flooding of shit exits his ass and splashes into the bin.
CASHE: ”Agggghhhhh!!”
His eyes rolling back into his head as he begins to lean back then forward. Having to keep himself balanced he stares up at the camera which is at the side of the desk.
CASHE: ”Never, never, never, ever… Eat burritos in Australia!”
Feeling that he was finished shitting, he comes to realize that he had no toilet paper. The plan wasn’t to come into Wallace’s office to shit, that’d just be rude. Yet as he was snooping around, minding his own business as usual, the urge hit him. He had to react and didn’t have time to think everything through as he begins to look around for something to wipe with.
CASHE: ”I know this motherfucker usually got Baby Wipes. Ugh! What’s he got up here?”
Turning on the bucket beneath him, Cashe looks on the desk surface. There were a bunch of papers but no tissues, baby wipes or anything like that. Shrugging he reaches over and grabs at a small stack of papers. Looking over them he didn’t want to use anything important but to Cashe? What could Wallace have in here that was important. It was Wallace after all. His first hope was that it was Doctor Results confirming some STD but that was only a pipe dream. Flipping through a few of the pages though, Cashe comes across something interesting.
CASHE: ”Ohhh! Lookie here!”
Holding the four or five pages stapled together up, he lets the camera get a closer look. At the top it read in bold letters CONTRACT OFFER and the name below it was printed out as RANDY FIELDS. Snickering as he turns it back towards him to read into it further, Cashe laughs and comments on his find.
CASHE: ”Well it’s no 5 Million per match! Haha! Still not a bad offer for a chicken shit bitch like Randy Fields. Why does Wallace feel obligated to go and sign the talent from broken fucking FEDERATIONS? First Boardwalk, then Galveston, then Cartoon Network or, I’m sorry, High Octane. I guess the Original Original, that being ME needs to handle this… But first!”
Ripping parts of the contract offer sheet for Randy Fields up, Cashe leans and uses it as toilet paper. It takes every page of the contract before the paper comes back with no dookie marks. Satisfied with his clean up, Cashe stands from the garbage bucket as the camera hurries away to not get a frontal view of his “Good Damn”. Not like everyone hasn’t seen it hanging and swinging in some form or another but the camera man was playing it safe. Still filming on Cashe, his ass had a perfect ring around it from where he was sitting on the circular bin. As he pulls his pants up, Cashe turns around and looks down into the mess he left behind.
CASHE: ”I should leave him a note or something shouldn’t I?”
Going to leave the office, Cashe moves past the camera man who now follows behind him. Opening the door and stepping out into the hallway, Cashe almost crashes into Perry Wallace.
WALLACE: ”You’re here early! Ummm… Why the fuck were you in my Office?”
CASHE: ”I was looking for the bathroom. Took a wrong turn.. Australia is so ass backwards. The toilets flush in the opposite direction so my direction is off I guess. Silly me, my mistake. I feel much better though!”
Moving to leave, Cashe is stopped as Perry Wallace tries to be a smart ass. His usual.
WALLACE: ”You feel better?! My office better be the way I left it!”
Turning back to Wallace, Cashe wasn’t one to fabricate his doings. Yet the look on Wallace’s face and Cashe thought maybe he would get froggy.
CASHE: ”I pissed all over everything. Fuck you! What’ll you do about it? Fire me? Hit me? Heh.. Really Wallace.. We both know neither of those things will happen.”
WALLACE: ”You know what Cashe? I like you!”
Shaking his head as it falls to look a the floor below their feet and Jason Cashe should have known Wallace would be Wallace. Looking up at his employer, Cashe had but one final thing to say to him.
CASHE: ”Washe isn’t real faggot..”
Patting Wallace on the front of his shoulder, Cashe turns and leaves around the nearest corner. A Television hanging from the corner of the hallway shows a Graphic for the upcoming Tag Team Opener involving Hostile Takeover and Enigmatic Consumption. Perry Wallace heads into his office and falls back into the hallway as the smell of Cashe’s bowel movement has finally filled the room.


JOHNSON: ”Let’s jump right into the second set of qualifiers to decide who will compete at Bad Company for the Tag Team gold and one million dollars!”
VASSA: ”We already have eight teams, plus the champion and his partner set to compete in the one night sixteen team tournament. There are only seven spots left. Who’s going to make it to Japan?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s what we’re about to find out! Our first team is already in the ring for our first match. Let’s get over to Mike Powers and let him take it away.”
Already in the ring, Randy Fields and Chris Matthews, Enigmatic Consumption, stand in their corner and await their opponents.
POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Standing in the ring at this time… straight out of mother fucking Wentzville, Randy Fields! And his partner, Chris Matthews. Give it up for ENIGMATIC CCOONNSSUUMMPPTTIIOONN!!!”
The opening notes of “Young Men Dead” by the Black Angels begins to play out over the arena.
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard. As the song kicks into gear out from the back steps through the curtain Brody Lee Prince first, followed by Magnus Brutus with his girlfriend Phoebe and they are all followed by none other than Christopher Wrigley. Wasting little time, Brody Lee and Magnus begin to make their way towards the ring while Phoebe stands behind her man and Wrigley holds his briefcase tightly making sure that none of the fans come close to him.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty one pounds and lead to the ring by their manager Phoebe and their attorney Christopher Wrigley. Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus, they are THE HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”
Brody Lee hits the ring first as Magnus stops to get a last minute smooch from the darling redheaded Phoebe. Brody Lee stands on the middle ropes and tosses his chaw to the floor as Magnus climbs up onto the ring apron and sneers in everyone’s direction. Wrigley has a huge grin on his face as he points directly into a camera and says ‘It’s time for a takeover’ a couple of times. He then tells the camera to get out of his face before he sues him.
JOHNSON: ”Kicking things off, we have Chris Matthews and Randy Fields facing off against 4CW’s own, The Hostile Takeover!”
VASSA: ”Randy goddamn Fields! I’m going to be honest with you. I figured he wouldn’t even show up. It wouldn’t have surprised me one bit!”
JOHNSON: ”Well, he’s here but looks like crap. I thought this guy was supposed to be talented?”
VASSA: ”Only if you consider getting your knees dirty in an alley with a mouthful of dick a talent.”

Beginning of the Match: Starting things off, Chris Matthews and Brody Lee Prince remain in the ring as their partners step out onto the apron. After a lockup to kick things off, Chris Matthews quickly took charge of the match, dropping Brody to the mat with a powerful sit-out suplex slam. Not slowing up any, Matthews held onto control of the match for the beginning stages, tearing away at Brody piece by piece with quick, impactful moves that left him on his back the entire time for the most part. Bringing the crowd to their feet, Matthews showed off some of his talents after finessing Brody in a belly to back suplex, spun out into a reverse STO. Attempting to put Brody away early and secure his teams spot at Bad Company, Matthews went for a quick pin but was only able to get a two count before Magnus entered and disassembled the pin attempt. This then led to a short brawl between Magnus and Matthews before the official literally had to force Magnus to exit the ring. Still heated from the scuffle, Matthews did the unthinkable by lifting Brody off the mat and dragging him to his own corner before extending Brody’s arm towards Magnus for his partner to make the tag.
VASSA: ”Heh, I’ve seen quite a few things in my time as an announcer but helping the opponent make a tag with his partner, now that’s a first!”
JOHNSON: ”Chris has made it clear that despite where he’s from, he isn’t going to be intimidated by the 4CW crowd.”
VASSA: ”I can see that! He’s literally kept The Hostile Takeover in this thing by tagging Magnus in.”
Middle of the Match: From the moment Magnus official entered the match, he and Matthews have thrown wrestling out of the window and turned the match into a straight up brawl. You’d think this was happening in a bar or in the streets, but no, these two have literally turned the ring into their own personal warzone. Ducking a haymaker throws by Matthews, Magnus counters with a solid punch to the bridge of his nose, tearing up his eyes and blurring his vision. Following up, Magnus pounds into Matthews with brutal rights, or as he calls them, meat hooks! Locking onto his head with both hands, Magnus then headbutts him right across the bridge of the nose again, this time causing his nose to bleed. Roaring in Magnus’ face, Matthews then begins to laugh hysterically. Pulling his right hand away from Matthews head, Magnus holds it in place with his left before swinging forward with all of his strength and clocking Matthews with a vicious right hand! Slapping Matthews across the chest with a chop, Magnus then hits him again and again, backing him across the ring and to the ropes. Locking onto his wrist, Magnus then goes to whip him to the ropes but Matthews reverses the throw and sends Magnus racing towards them instead. As Magnus comes back on the return, Matthews rushes to the middle of the ring to meet him with a jumping corkscrew roundhouse, sending Magnus stumbling back to the ropes. Pushing himself up, Matthews rises just in time as Magnus bounces off and comes back towards him. Taking a desperate swing, Magnus misses as Matthews steps in behind him. When Magnus stops in his tracks, Matthews then jumps up and wraps his legs around Magnus’ head before slamming onto his head with an inverted Frankensteiner! Hearing his partner call from across the ring, Matthews thinks to himself for a moment, debating whether to tag his partner in or put Magnus away for good as the opportunity is right there in front of him. Not wanting to hog the spotlight, Matthews then pulls Magnus up from the mat before dragging him across the ring and slamming him into the corner. And with that, he tags Randy in and instantly the noise level in the arena rises to level ten – half boos and the other half what sounds to be laughter.
JOHNSON: ”I’m not exactly sure of what Chris’ game plan is with this. He has Magnus down and out but instead tags Randy in.”
VASSA: ”Oh come on now Steve! The legend himself, the man from Wentzville, Randy fucking Fields has graced our ring with his presence!”
End of the Match: Despite being booed by the crowd, Randy remained in control of the match after being tagged in for a few moments. Setting Magnus up for a suplex, just as he went to lift him, his movements came to a stop as a loud commotion begin to stir at ringside. Sporting a “Straight Out Of Wentzville” t-shirt, Jason Cashe came down to pay his good friend a visit. Climbing onto the apron, Cashe began cheering Randy on, even surprising Randy. With Randy stuck in pause, Magnus ripped his head out of his arm before pushing Randy forward, and himself backwards into the official. Clipping the official, Magnus knocked him to the ground and as Randy came within inches of Cashe, he was then leveled with a stiff, striking elbow to the face – the Mark of Jason! Before the official could even look to see what had happened, Cashe dropped down from the apron and hopped the barricade, embracing the Australian fans as they welcomed him to their country. Looking to the canvas, Magnus eyed Randy’s lifeless body before turning to the official and helping him up from the mat. He then made the cover as the official went back down once more, but this time for the count.

Dipping through the ropes, Matthews entered the ring and shortly after, so did Brody.

Racing across the ring to break the pin, Matthews’ path was then cut off as Brody stepped in front of him. Kicking his foot up, Matthews planted it in Brody’s stomach.

Hearing the officials hand slap the mat for the third time, Matthews grew furious. Looking down at Brody lunged over, he then applied a double underhook before lifting him off his feet and dropping him face first to the canvas with a pedigree.
JOHNSON: ”One shot, one kill!”
VASSA: ”And only one second too late!”
JOHNSON: ”Nice assist from Jason Cashe by the way.”
VASSA: ”I was hoping he would pay a visit to Randy.”
JOHNSON: ”Enigmatic Consumption might not walk away with the win here tonight but Chris Matthews is at least making sure he’s remembered.”
Looking down at Magnus and Randy, Matthews then waves both hands dismissing them. Turning his back, he then hops through the ropes and leaves it all behind, heading towards the back. Rising to his knees, Magnus surveys the ring, shocked to see the sight of Brody laid out face down to the mat. “Young Men Dead” hits the speakers as Phoebe and Wrigley enter the ring to check on Brody. Grabbing Magnus’ arm, the official then lifts it into the air as the bell sounds and the official ruling is made.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Magnus Brutus and Brody Lee Prince… THE HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”

Cutting backstage, the camera shows various 4CW personnel standing around with incredulous expressions on their faces.
Why? Just a few minutes before, the backstage crew watched Halitosis- the Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene, mix together a lethal combination of the world’s most stenchiest cheeses, onions, garlic, jalapenos, green peppers, banana peppers, and curry powder in a blender and poured the mixture into a large, lead lined metal drink container.
As green vapors permeate from underneath the lid, Halitosis’s valet, ‘Sinfully Delicious’ Dawn McGill, stands as far away as she can on the other side of the room.
VOICE: ”There you are!”
4CW’s backstage interviewer Gabriel Hartman runs into the shot and goes right up to Halitosis.
HARTMAN:”Halitosis, Gabriel Hartman. I’m glad I caught you before your match.”
Halitosis nods in return and squares up to the cameraman to do the backstage vignette.
HARTMAN: ”First off, welcome to 4CW.”
HALITOSIS: ”Thank you.”
HARTMAN: ”Tonight, you and your partner Rah are wrestling for the first time in front of a worldwide audience. How do you feel and what’s going through your mind?”
Something catches Hartman’s eye. The metal container in Halitosis’s hand.
HALITOSIS: ”Rah and I are excited to be here in Sydney, Australia. What’s going through our mind, you ask? We’re wrestling in 4CW, that’s what. It’s a huge opportunity.”
Hartman half listens, half focuses on the container as Halitosis speaks.
HALITOSIS: ”Rah and myself just want to get out there, in fact we can’t wait to go out there, and put on a good show against Rich Monopoly for all the 4CW fans here tonight and hopefully pick up a win.”
There’s a brief awkward pause until Hartman realizes Halitosis is done.
HARTMAN: ”Right. Speaking of your tag partner Rah…where is he?”
HALITOSIS: ”Well Gabriel…”
Again, Hartman’s attention is diverted down to the metal container in Halitosis’s hand.
HALITOSIS: ”…let’s just say that Rah has his own unique way of making an entrance.”
Awkward silence.
HALITOSIS: ”Um…making an entrance.”
HARTMAN: ”Oh! Right. I see…”
Finally, Hartman can’t help it.
HARTMAN: ”…hey, that looks interesting. Is that a special protein drink?”
HALITOSIS: ”You could kind of say that.”
HARTMAN: ”Can I see what’s in it?”
HALITOSIS: ”That’s probably not a good idea.”
Hartman moves the container up to nose level while Halitosis keeps hold of the handle.
HARTMAN: ”Just a smell?”
HALITOSIS: ”No…wait…”
Undeterred, Hartman pops the lid off, puts his nose down into the opening, and sniffs the concoction.
HARTMAN: ”Whooooo-…ACK…”
His eyes immediately roll up into his head, his face turns green…

…and he passes out at Halitosis’s feet. Hartman’s microphone lands on the floor a few feet away.

HALITOSIS: ”Well. That was unfortunate.”
Watching the whole thing unfold from the other side of the room, McGill slaps her forehead in response.
HALITOSIS: ”Oh well.”
Halitosis raises the container to his lips, tips his head back, and chugs downs the drink. That’s enough for McGill.
McGILL: ”Yeah, I’ll see you at ringside.”
She turns on her heels and heads towards the ring.

We cut to the backstage area, where a man in disguise stands by with Bryan Williams. Bryan doesn’t look quite ready for his match yet. His hair is tied back into a manbun, a t-shirt and basketball shorts to accompany the look. Both look nervous, as they stand in a hallway area.
WILLIAMS ”I’m not so sure this is going to work out. She catches you around here and you’re done for, you know that right?”
The man next to him sighs, his fake mustache moves with the large exhale. On his body is a terrible hawaiian shirt, along with cargo shorts, sandals, and a straw hat. It’s very clearly that Gabriel Hartman is standing here, in disguise.
HARTMAN ”Bryan, this is madness! How could she see through my getup? I’ve worked hours on this.”
WILLIAMS ”You- …What?”
Bryan cuts himself off, rubbing his temples for a moment.
HARTMAN ”Just give me a quick interview, a few questions. That way I can get paid for the time!”
Bryan looks to say something, but quickly hears somebody coming down the hall. He makes no movement to hide Gabriel, instead he shoves him away off camera. Gabriel is scurried away, as Bryan yells after him.
It turns out that Bryan knew who was coming, as Persephone Marquis comes into frame. She witnesses Bryan yelling at a strange man, in a terrible hawaiian shirt.
WILLIAMS ”I told you already, I don’t want to buy a home theater system! I can’t believe people still fall for this scam, begone from me vile man! Begone!”
Bryan’s voice booms throughout the hallway, as he turns around to face Persephone. He shakes his head in disgust.
WILLIAMS ”Can you believe it? Wallace needs to start his paying his security more, dude just lets whoever in through the gate. I swear.”
Bryan scoffs in feigned disbelief as Marquis narrows her eyes, trying to see who it was running off. She shrugs.
MARQUIS “What you expect? Wallace is just waiting for a maniac to come in and shoot up the whole fucking place. Ratings, you know? But shut up for a second, what did I want to tell you?”
She mumbles the last sentence, thinking to herself for a moment. Bryan waits patiently, and isn’t even phased when she exclaims in realization.
MARQUIS “I remember! Check this shit out! Wait, should we even show the cameras? Should we even be out in the open? Wait, why are you even out in the open like this? Bryan, were you having a fucking interview?”
Bryan rubs the back of his neck, while nervously responding.
WILLIAMS ”Interview? I don’t know anything about an interview!”
Marquis scowls at Bryan’s obvious lie, but leaves it alone. She looks around and then taps him on the shoulder.
MARQUIS “Whatever, follow me. The cameras can come, I guess.”
Marquis leads the way, camera following behind Bryan who follows her; you get it, it’s a train of shadiness. They make it into her locker room and the cameras catches Bryan’s surprised yelp before the visual of what catches him off guard comes into play.
WILLIAMS ”Is that a real crocodile?”
The camera catches Bryan’s expression and it’s a mix of incredulous and annoyed and really fucking baffled. Marquis rolls her eyes.
MARQUIS “Duh, of course it is. You think I would show you a fake alligator?”
WILLIAMS ”A crocodile.”
MARQUIS “Okay, whatever. Potato, tomato, it doesn’t matter. Or tomato, tomahto. Yeah, that’s how it goes. Anyway…”
She motions to the crocodile, who is leisurely just laying on the floor on his crocodile belly, looking halfway adorable, honestly. You can tell it’s not fully grown, but listen. It’s fucking getting there.
MARQUIS “He’s a baby, and he’s also our current mascot because I couldn’t find that ginger kid from that picture Kaelan tweeted me. She mentioned him, but? Where is he? Anyway, so we have to name our baby croc and you have to put this bucket hat on him.”
Marquis passes Bryan a bucket hat that would fit perfectly on the crocodile and really compliment it’s eyes because this color is great, seriously. Bryan looks at the hat and then her, then the reptile. He takes a moment to gather his thoughts while Marquis turns to coo at the animal.
Taking his hands, Bryan cracks his knuckles before tightening his grip on the hat; determined. He lets out a small sigh, before stepping over the crocodile.
WILLIAMS ”I think I’m supposed to cover its eyes? I don’t know…”
Bryan’s voice trails off, as he gingerly places the hat down onto the crocodile’s head thing. It doesn’t seem to mind much, as it stays in place. Bryan steps away, surprised to the non action of the crocodile. He also takes a moment of pride in himself for accomplishing the feat.
WILLIAMS ”Look at that, fits perfectly! We need to get him a chicken or something to eat. Is there a chicken anywhere backstage?”
Marquis shakes her head, looking absolutely in love with the animal and his hat.
MARQUIS “He doesn’t need to eat any chicken, he ate a red panda earlier. You think Benny is a good name? Monty? Maybe Irwin? I think Irwin! Oh gosh, then when he’s mad we can say, ‘oh, he’s angry!’ and wrestle him or something. Actually, I probably won’t wrestle him. He looks strong.”
Bryan nods his head, inspecting the reptile some more.
WILLIAMS ”You have to roll with them, otherwise you can lose a limb. Or so I’ve heard, might just be an old wives tale or something.”
Marquis hums, not in agreement or anything, she just hums as she falls into thought for a moment. There’s a silence for a bit as Bryan keeps looking the animal in the eyes and Marquis laughs to herself.
MARQUIS “You have a cat and I have a dog and a few idiots, I don’t know where we’re going to put this thing. Like, can he live in a van? Wait, how are we going to get it out of Australia? I didn’t think too far on this.”
She frowns, but then claps her hands together, showing she’s over it.
MARQUIS “Oh well! Hey, if we win tonight, we can probably go somewhere to get Irwin cooked! Get you some new shoes and a purse for me. Then, he’ll be with us always. Small celebrations and prizes keeps a good team going, I think. You down or no?”
Bryan smiles, tapping his temple.
WILLIAMS ”See, you’re always thinking ahead. Smart idea, either way Irwin becomes a symbol for us or something along those lines. I think it’s a fantastic idea, honestly. Even if we don’t win I have a way for us to pick our spirits up. Have you ever been Kangaroo Boxing? It’s really thrilling, honestly.”
Marquis looks at Bryan as if he’s insane, as if she didn’t just bring a crocodile backstage and named him before planning his demise. She shrugs.
MARQUIS “I mean, I can punch an animal in the face I guess. Kangaroos are my cousins, so I think I can fuck them up. It can’t be one of those really strong ones, though, or else I’m fucked and-”
She cuts herself off, realizing something.
MARQUIS “You’ve boxed a fucking kangaroo before? And you wonder why you always have a concussion. Goddamn. Listen, if we lose, let’s kill the crocodile anyway and go from there. If we celebrate a loss hard enough, you’ll end up fighting a kangaroo by the end of the night anyway, even if that kangaroo is me, cool? Also, shut the fuck up. We’re not going to lose, shithead.”
Bryan ponders what she just said, and nods his head.
WILLIAMS ”Okay, fine, but I call dibs on his head. Going to make a hat out of it. I shall channel my inner Naked Snake, it’ll look great I promise.”
MARQUIS “Is that what you told all your exes? That your naked snake looks great? We need to work on some things for you, but a hat is a great place to start. Only if it’s a bucket hat, though. Let him live on correctly.”
WILLIAMS ”Bucket hats it is, I think I can squeeze two out of his head. Honestly, he looks big for his age…”
MARQUIS “I don’t know how old he actually is, but he’s a baby to me. Doesn’t matter anyway. Are you fucking ready, my kid? We’re going hard for this match, or something. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to hype a team member up. Just don’t fuck up, okay? And I’ll try not to fuck up, deal? Now, you want an energy drink? They have a vending machine outside that we can hit up and have about 7, it’s cheap as fuck for some reason. Australia is fucking dumb. And everyone from Australia, no shade. All the shade, though.”
Throughout her monologue Bryan had been warming himself up, jumping up and down into place. He looked ready for the upcoming match. With a pat on her shoulder, and a wink, Bryan finally spoke up.
WILLIAMS ”We don’t need them, we got this. These people aren’t ready, we’re going to give them a show they’ll remember for a long time. Okay, now I have to end this with a fistbump. It’s the true test of a real team.”
Bryan extends his fist out towards Marquis. Marquis, without hesitation, reciprocates the motion with a grin. They both do that lame explode shit that happens at the end of fistbumps in suburban neighborhoods, or white teen movies.. They have it down pat.
WILLIAMS ”Perfect. Let’s get it.”
Bryan makes his way to exit the locker room and Marquis goes to follow before she stop, as if remembering something. She heads over to Irwin and pats him on the head, smiling at him with all of her love, seriously. She takes a second or two and runs out of the door, screaming about wanting an energy drink anyway and apologizing for talking so fucking much.
The camera fades to black or some shit.


The show pans back to the ring for the next match.
JOHNSON: ”We’re ready to hit off our very next match for the Bad Company tag team qualifying match!”
VASSA: ”Looks like we’ve got Rich Monopoly taking on the Island of Misfit Wrestlers. Misfit Wrestlers…I like that!”
JOHNSON: ”Well at any case, it looks like Rich Monopoly are already ready to go in the ring. Yassmin Vila and Kenni Killswitch.”
VASSA: ”These guys look like they were too excited to come down to music. Looks like they really want these Misfits. Note to self, never fuck with Misfits.”
POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall! In the ring already, RICH MMOONNOOPPOOLLYY!!!”
Rich Monopoly just put their hands up in the air as they get no reaction from the crowd whatsoever.
JOHNSON: ”Man…tough crowd tonight.”
VASSA: ”It’s Sydney, Australia! They don’t give a fuck about monopolies here!”
JOHNSON: ”Fair point.”
POWERS: ”Introducing first…”
“I’m sinfully delicious!”

Dawn McGill’s high-pitched, squeaky tone (done in annoyingly brainless blonde bombshell sing-song tone to the tune of the tag from the Lucky Charm’s cereal commercial) heralds the arrival of the once Six Foot Tall Demolition Machine in a Short Skirt now turned sports entertainment eye candy.
Slinking out onto the stage in a gold one piece strapless dress that just barely covered her breasts and went down to mid-thigh, gold high heel shoes, copious makeup on her face, teased platinum hair right out of the 1980’s, and bright red lipstick on her lips, McGill rolls her eyes at the sound of her high pitched voice over the loudspeaker and then snaps back into her sports entertainment Barbie character.
POWERS: ”…led to the ring by his valet- ‘Sinfully Delicious’ Dawn McGill…”
McGill struts her way down the ramp and stops intermittently to pose for the fans. Three quarters of the way down, someone in the crowd holds up a sign that catches her attention. She points to the fan with the sign and motions him to come to the guardrail. The fan, who appears to be of college student age, goes over to meet her. Dawn smiles at the kid, grabs the side of his face with both hands, and plants a full mouth, no holds barred kiss on the surprised student.
In the heat of the moment, the student finds his hand gravitating towards McGill’s breasts. Instinctively, Dawn slaps the hand away.
MCGILL: “Don’t touch those.”
STUDENT: “Sorry.”
Once the kiss ends, McGill- lipstick slightly smeared on her face, giggles in a very high pitch as she backs away from the college student – his face also smeared with red lipstick – and continues on towards the ring.
Next, a lucha wrestler walks out on the ramp. He is dressed in all black with a giant ‘H’ on the front of his shirt. He also has a strange greenish haze emitting from his mouth.
POWERS: ”…hailing from the Island of Misfit Wrestlers and weighing in tonight at one hundred seventy pounds. He is the ‘Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene.’ Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you – HHAALLIITTOOSSIISS!!!”
Halitosis pumps his first in the air and then starts down the ramp towards the ring. He slap people’s hands along the way and then says hello to a young fan in the front row- the fan promptly collapses when he get a whiff of his breath.
Halitosis then moves on to the next one. He says hello. The fan gets a blast of his breath and falls to the ground.
He continues on to greet the fans along the way- oblivious to the carnage he leaves behind.
Halitosis reaches the ring area and continues to greet people around the front row. Again, they all pass out once they get downwind of his breath and soon, the scene looks like a set of dominos falling over as she goes around the perimeter. He climbs up on the ring apron and leaps over the top rope into the ring.
POWERS: ”And his partner, from-“
He’s interrupted by a man dressed in an expensive suit and bow-tie who’s just climbed into the ring. He gestures for Powers to take a temporary powder because he’s the one who’s been given the honor and privilege of introducing a living deity.
Over the loudspeaker, a buzzing synth sound blares and the announcer guy raises the microphone to his mouth.
HIRED ANNOUNCER: ”Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you the almost universally-worshipped king of the sun gods of all creation. He commands the chariot that rode across the sky during the day. He is the great, fiery globe in the sky, a welcome, nurturing presence to honor the season. He is the inspiration for those who would throw virgins into the gaping maw of a volcano – perhaps an Icelandic volcano – even though such shenanigans haven’t been acceptable since the nineteen-fifties. And just for your reference, he is, for thirty-three years in a row, proven to be one of UC San Diego‘s most enduring traditions in the Sun God festival- an all-day music festival celebrated by more than twenty thousand students, alumni and friends. But that’s not important.”
He pauses and looks out at the crowd as the lights turn off. A small spotlight illuminates the ramp where ten former Arizona State sorority sisters, turned followers of Rah, stand.
All ten pose on the ramp and are oblivious to anything else going on around them because they’re too busy taking selfies of themselves on their cell phones and then texting them onto their twitter accounts.
Then two large, hulking men carry out a golden sedan chair holding a six foot eight inch, two hundred and eighty pound man dressed in long flowing robes inside. Rah is tanned, he’s rested, and as the girls continue to make obnoxious faces, duck face expression, while taking copious amounts of selfies, he’s slightly annoyed by his new followers.
HIRED ANNOUNCER: ”Either way, you should thank your lucky stars and kiss his royal ass for gracing you with his presence here tonight. I give to you…the reason the Earth doesn‘t float away in the vastness of space…the reason for the invention of sunglasses because your face would melt like in Raiders of the Lost Ark if you gaze upon him…ladies and gentlemen…bow down before the Sunshine God…”
McGill breaks character again and rolls her eyes at Rah’s overly elaborate entrance.
The procession stops at the ring steps. Rah climbs out of his golden sedan chair and is immediately barraged with flashing lights. The former sorority girls keep taking selfie after selfie all around him.
Blinking his eyes to clear his vision, Rah somehow finds his way into the ring.
JOHNSON: ”Well that sure was the most interesting part. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed an entrance like that.
VASSA: ”Bah Rah that was really long!….Heh, see what I did there?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not going to stop hearing the jokes during this match, am I?”
VASSA: ”Hey now, Rah is no joke, he is a GOD! He’s RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
JOHNSON: ”Why do I feel like there’s an old time shout out toast reference in there somewhere?”

Beginning of the Match: It looks as if Killswitch is going to start things off, opposite of Halitosis. Both men lock up as killswitch goes for a few straight punches to the masked luchador. Killswitch starts hammering away at Halitosis and Halitosis seems to be having a difficult time absorbing the blows. Finally he flinches and takes down Killswitch with a head scissors. Halitosis rushes off the ropes and does an aerial front flip connecting with Killswitch. He picks up Killswitch and throws him against the ropes before taking him down with a huge missile dropkick. Halitosis grabs Killswitch again but is taken off guard by a huge uppercut. Halitosis backs up in response to the blow as Killswitch takes him down with a clothesline. Killswitch starts dishing out blows with Halitosis on the ground, finding it hard to block the blows. Killswitch Irish whips Halitosis, probably most unwise, towards Rah’s corner as Halitosis stands idol. Rah tags himself in and this doesn’t look too pleasant on the face of Killswitch at his poor decision making.
JOHNSON: ”Oh boy, I don’t think Rich Monopoly are making a great investment right now. That last move by Killswitch may not have been the greatest of moves.”
JOHNSON: ”Great. My broadcast colleague has turned into……oh nevermind…probably wouldn’t be wise to make the reference if I value my job here..”
Middle of the Match: Rah instantly charges at Killswitch and takes him down with a thunderous clothesline. Almost took his head off, in fact. Rah grabs Killswitch and tosses him, literally, towards Killswitches partner. Vila stands there for a moment but has no choice but to tag himself in in order to save this matchup for their team. Vila comes in and just throws caution to the wind as he rushes towards Rah. Rah goes for a swing, but Vila somehow ducks, perhaps surprising Rah and turns around and hits a pele kick straight to the head of Rah. Rah is dazed, slightly, as Vila goes for the knee of Rah. He connects bringing the big man to one knee. Vila goes for a roll up, and tries to leverage himself against Rah, but as soon as the referee begins to go for the pinfall, Dawn McGill inserts her involvement into the match and actually grabs the referee and kisses him before a pinfall can be made, which surprises the crowd and especially the referee. Rah kicks out, though, before a cover is made. The referee looks dazed and even though his instincts tell him to throw McGill out, he just enjoyed that kiss way too much.
JOHNSON: ”Whoa! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before here in 4CW!”
VASSA: ”That lucky son of a bitch! I would love nothing more than to kiss that hot piece of ass! The referee didn’t even do anything!”
JOHNSON: ”Even still, a distraction is a distraction…but that was some distraction!”
VASSA: ”Maybe I should just audition to become a referee. I mean, I always thought I was qualified for it.”
End of the Match: Rah lifts up Vila high in the air and then just drops him on his face. Noticeably, however, he’s stayed away from his corner and away from Halitosis who has been itching to get back into this match. However, Rah doesn’t care as he nails Vila with an incoming Solar Flare. Vila is picked up again as Rah hits the Solstice Slam, slamming Vila hard into the mat. Killswitch tries to interfere, but this time, Halitosis makes his presence felt as he blindsides Killswitch with a Breath of Death mist. The referee tries to stop him, but Dawn McGill once again gets the refs attention, this time straight towards her breasts as she begins to tease him with her a slight reveal. But while all this was going down, Halitosis hits Killswitch with an Imploding Senton Bomb neutralizing Killswitch. Halitosis pushes him out of the ring and disappears as McGill finally looks uninterested towards the ref and walks off. The ref, feeling depressed, actually, turns back around to see Rah sending Vila straight into the mat with the Eye of RAHHHHHHHHHHH! Rah goes for the cover as the referee drops down and counts during an insane match.

JOHNSON: ”Well I think I’ve finally seen it all now! What a win by the Island of Misfit Wrestlers as they qualify and move into the tournament!”
JOHNSON: ”I….screw it, I give up! I will never fully understand why people do that…”

Antsy being backstage at a 4CW Show with no match to compete in, Jason Cashe is seen pacing in the hallway. With every step he has a bounce to him like he is on edge, another sign of it was his fidgeting and mumbling to himself. A production crew member passes by and Cashe snatches him up and pushes him against the wall.
CASHE: ”Do you know where I can find a Kangaroo? I want to fight and the best thing to sell Australia is a Kangaroo. That or a big bowie knife! You got one of either?”
The eyes of the Production member looked scared. Like a deer caught in the headlights along a desolate road at night. Before he can answer, another voice grabs Cashe’s attention.
VOICE: ”Don’t you have a shit to take somewhere?”
Turning, Cashe locks eyes on Brian Hollywood. A former ally, a former member of HOW and APW but also someone Cashe has always had a disliking too. Snarling looks pull Cashe away from the innocent crew member as Hollywood approaches with a snake like grin.
CASHE: ”You ever heard the term: Wrong place at the wrong time? You are the very description of that right now Hollywood.”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Is that right? Well I seen you had some bowel issues earlier and I personally don’t want to be like that qualifier where you shit on everyone.. Literally. Do you have anything besides pooping these days?”
Snickering some, Cashe had heard that somewhere recently.
CASHE: ”Yeah well I’m just a shit type of human being. What do you want me to do? Wear a suit, cut my hair and be more proper? I’m good. You can keep that politically correct and shove it up where I let it out.”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Were we ever even friends Cashe? I know we had Jace Savage around but was there ever a mutual respect here?”
Giving the thought some thought, Cashe shrugged and casually glanced past Hollywood to see Sativa heading into a room down the hall.
CASHE: ”Sure, I mean as much as someone from the gutter like myself can have for a rich, uptight stick in the mud like you. What do you want from me? Want me to say Oh boy, I respect you? Well I can’t outright say that because the thought of it makes me nauseous.”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Now THERE we can have a mutual feeling! You are disgusting. A vile human being.”
CASHE: ”Blah, blah, blah, you’re the scum between my toes. I hate your freaking guts. Yeah I’ve heard it all before Hollywood and to be honest with you? Talking is counter productive so unless you want to put fists to jawlines, fuck off.”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Then I wouldn’t get the joy of getting on the nerves of a man with a child’s mentality. You are like a stray dog who nobody cares to groom or take care of. You are an alley cat, a feral beast that should have been put to sleep a long time ago..”
CASHE: ”Says the guy who was the IT factor over at Cartoon Network but never more than a Tag Specialist anywhere else.”
Looking around as if trying to find someone who just wasn’t there, Cashe exhales deeply through his nose.
CASHE: ”I don’t see any Tag partners to help you out.”
Hollywood smiles lightly as if he knows what’s coming next. Of course, he didn’t want to spoil any plans he had. Hollywood always seemed to have a plan and if history had anything to do with it, there would be a surprise to the logic of his plans. Hollywood doesn’t give Cashe the satisfaction, though.
HOLLYWOOD: ”Funny you assume I need one with you!”
CASHE: ”Last time, the ONLY time I went to Animation Station I eliminated you. Removed you from finding that HOW World Title remember? I put embarrassment to you AND that male model, gay for pay punk bitch JPD. So please.. Do something..”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Time and place for everything Jason. Why euthanize you for free and quietly backstage when I can make a KILLING doing it out there in that ring.”
CASHE: ”My fucking ring. Title or not, I made that fucking ring what it is today. So when you are ready? I will show you why be it HOW, APW, or here in 4CW, I am the better name. The better talent.”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Guess we’ll see won’t we? Now if you’ll kindly excuse me, I’ve got to go find where my new pet project ran off to. Spoiler, it isn’t you, Cashe. Then again, you really lost it a long time ago didn’t you? Perhaps you and my guest tonight really don’t have that much difference afterall.”
Cashe just scoffs as Hollywood winks and shakes his head as he heads down the hallway. Meanwhile, Cashe’s stomach starts to growl as we get an indication of what’s coming next.
CASHE: ”Oh shit…..”


A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the titantron. “Relentless” by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics.
“Tear Me Down, It Won’t Build You Up….”

A rise of smoke emerges behind him in single-line fashion as he stops center of the entrance path to raise his arms in the air, and a release a primal scream.
POWERS: “Introducing on his way to the ring! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds. He is “Relentless” ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”
Afterwards, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. A spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect. Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie, and tosses it to the outside. Standing in an unoccupied corner, Andre warms up, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponent to come out.
VASSA: ”Andre Holmes is, without a doubt, one of the top competitors on the adrenaline”
JOHNSON: ”So you keep saying, Vinny. But so far he’s yet to really show it. A decent showing in the Frenzy and a loss to Dean Judas doesn’t exactly equate to the cream of the crop.”
VASSA: ”Tonight’s the night he gets things turned around. I can feel it.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe it is, but Keaton Saint will have something to say about that.”
“In the end you’ll know my name”

The arena lights begin to flash in tune with the drumbeat of “King” by Saint PHNX, signifying the arrival of Keaton Saint who makes his presence felt at the top of the ramp. Saint looks out to the arena crowd, taking in the atmosphere before concentrating on the ring.
“I just want to scream
That nothing’s what it seems
I’ll just keep believing
One day I’ll be king
Say it loud enough
I ain’t going nowhere
You can’t break me down
One day I’ll be king”

Saint progresses to the ring, taking time to acknowledge his supporters and exchange high-fives and respect.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring from London, England and weighing in at two hundred and fourty eight pounds. He is known as the Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling, he is KEATON SSAAIINNTT!!!”
Saint enters the ring and stretches himself, testing the tautness of the ropes before going to a corner and preparing himself for the upcoming match.
VASSA: ”Keaton Saint ain’t gonna do shit.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But he’s not just going to lay down and let Andre pin him either..”
VASSA: ”Might make for a better match if he did.”
JOHNSON: ”Even you don’t really believe that.”

Things kick off quickly as the two men briefly circle the ring and then come together in the middle, tying each other up. As they struggle against one another for leverage, Andre eventually manages to work a wrist lock, twisting it around behind Keatons back before shoving him forward into the ropes. Keaton, showing off his agility, spins and bounces off of them, returning toward Andre at full speed, leaping into the air only to have Andre swat away the attempted drop kick. Keaton crashes to the mat awkwardly but rolls out of the way of a follow up elbow drop from Andre, leaving him to slam to the mat in an uncomfortable position as well. Both men quickly kip back up to their feet, readying themselves for a fight and drawing a pleased reaction from the crowd for the quick pace early on.
Not stopping there both men take off towards the ropes in opposite direction and then charge back at each other on the rebound, connecting with simulataneous clotheslines, bringing each other down violently, crashing against the canvas as the crowd winces at the sight. Immediately the crowd begins to clap, slowly at first and picking up pace, encouraging the two competitors to get back to their feet. Keaton is first but only by half a second and even though he’s first to his feet he eats a solid left hand from Andre before responding with a boot to Andre’s stomach and a neck breaker right after. Quickly, he flips his body over and hooks Andre’s leg in a pinning attempt.

Andre kicks out before the two count can hit the mat. Dragging Andre back up to his feet, Keaton stands up him straight with a knife edge chop and then whips him into the corner, following closely behind and delivering a perfect european uppercut to Andre. As Keaton backs off, Andre stumbles out of the corner, catching another boot to the abdomen as Keaton wraps his arm around Andre’s neck, looking for a ddt. Holmes, thinking quickly, counters by stopping his opponents momentum and then placing his hand against Saint’s abdomen, pushing him up into the air and over with a back body drop. Separation is the first thing on Andre’s mind as Keaton hits the mat, stumbling forward across to the opposite corner where he slouches against the turnbuckle pads to get some rest in the early going.
JOHNSON: ”It’s been back and forth here in the early going, ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”BIASED! Andre has clearly had the advantage and momentum from the start of the match.”
JOHNSON: ”Well myself and the folks at home disagree with you Vinny, what are you going to do about that?”
VASSA: ”Say what you want to say. Fans are idiots. Watch and learn old timer. Watch and learn.”
Keaton pushes himself back up to his feet, holding his back gingerly as he does so. Racing out of the corner, Andre nears his opponent and then finds himself flying downward, face first toward the mat as Keaton side stepped him and snuck in a perfect drop toe hold. Saint transitions into a front face lock, holding the maneuver to regain some of his own footing and catch his breath. Slowly, Andre works his way up to his hands and knees, but Saint keeps the hold locked in. As Andre continues to work further up to a standing position, saint drives knees into Holmes chest before snapping off a quick snap suplex. Clutching his back, Andre is left vulnerable as Keaton pops back up and walks back over to him, pulling him up back up and sending him into the ropes. As Andre rebounds Keaton goes for a hip toss but Holmes stops it, swings around the front of his opponent, and then takes Keaton down to the mat with a hip toss of his own.
Saint is back to his feet quickly, swinging a hard right hand at Andre’s temple but Andre steps inside the strike and catches Keaton around the waist, lifting him up and driving him down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Quickly, Andre hooks the leg and presses down with his forearm against Keaton’s collar bone as the referee slides in.

Firing out of the pinning attempt, Keaton climbs back to his feet and turns into a waiting Andre Holmes, who quickly scoops him up and plants him back down to the mat with a power slam. As Keaton is once again left in a position of trying to recover and defend, Holmes transitions up and latches on to Keatons right arm, sweeping his legs across Keaton’s chest and locking in a crucifix arm bar. Crying out in pain, Keaton fights against the submission hold as Andre continues to yank on his opponents arm, trying to inflict as much pain as humanly possible. Collecting himself in the situation, in spite of the sharp pain in his right arm, Keaton manages to work his body around on the canvas and eventually get his leg hooked over the bottom rope where the referee quickly steps in and forces Andre to let the hold go.
JOHNSON: ”No he didn’t, Vinny. Relax. That arm bar did do some damage, though.”
VASSA: ”I’m starting to think Frankie is paying off referee’s again.”
JOHNSON: ”Well the tag team of Madison and Storm lost two weeks ago on Adrenaline so if he’s paying off referee’s they’re not doing a very good job of upholding their end of things. Plus, the truth came out about that remember?”
Using the moments respite the referee gave him to his advantage, Keaton uses his left arm to pull himself back up to his feet and steady himself against the incoming onslaught from Andre. Quickly, Keaton avoids two hard strikes and swings around behind Andre, locking in a camel clutch. Excitedly the fans explode out of their seat as Andre is caught in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. Moments pass and he slowly begins to fade, dropping down to one knee as his arms slowly stopped fighting against the hold. In a last ditch effort, Andre pushed himself back up to a standing position and pushed himself, and Keaton, backwards into the corner. The impact against the turnbuckle pads gives him the separation that he needs for a moment but Keaton is quick to lock it back in again.
Trying to work his way out of it again, Andre steps forward to the center of the ring and then once more drives Keaton back into the turnbuckle pads. This time it doesn’t cause Keaton to let go, though, and Andre once more finds himself in dire straits as the lack of oxygen causes him to begin to fade once more. Just as it looks like all hope is lost for him, though, he manages to lean forward and use Keaton’s weight against him, causing him to slide up Andre’s back and over the top of his head, flipping down to the mat. Gasping for air, Andre drops to a knee himself and breathes heavily, his face regaining its natural color rather than the purplish blue it had taken on.
While Keaton pushes himself back up, Andre backs up and waits for him to stand. As he does, Andre runs at him and connects with a running lariat that sends Saint flipping through the air and crashing down to the mat. While he does, Andre swoops around him and then slams his fist down against the canvas, letting loose a primal roar as the fans cheer him on loudly. Meanwhile, Keaton pushes himself back up to a knee but as he does so he never sees what’s coming next. THRUST KICK! The modified super kick connects flush and flattens Keaton. With a heavy, thankful sigh, Andre collapses to his knees and drops his body across Keatons, hooking the leg as the referee drops down for the count once more.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pinfall…. ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”

We cut backstage to see Sativa and Lauryn hanging out in their locker room. Sativa is rolling a few blunts as the pair speak.
NEVAEH: “God can’t wait for tonight to be over.”
WOLFE: “Why’s that?”
NEVAEH: “I just want this match over with. Don’t want to accidentally hurt Hubert. Want to just get on to Bad Company. I want those belts back so damned bad!”
Sativa’s face shows the passion and intensity of her words. But her hands were steady as she rolled the blunt closed, making sure it is near perfect. She sets it down to the half a dozen she already has rolled on the table.
WOLFE: “We totally got those belts in the bag. Just wish the event wasn’t in Japan. Manny is bad enough normally. Can’t imagine how he is gonna be while over there.”
Sativa chuckles.
NEVAEH: “He’ll be fine. He will have more to focus on than not. Be too busy to have an anime freak out. But seriously, we go out there tonight and dominate and leave no doubt that we deserve these belts.”
WOLFE: “I got it! Don’t worry, jeez.”
NEVAEH: “Alright, I just don’t want a repeat of last year. Cause that shit was fucking embarrassing. Trying to carry that damn near seven foot tall three hundred and fifty pound of shit was horrible.”
She shuddered remembering the last Bad Company.
NEVAEH: “Plus, I want my god damned belts back. Perry really fucked me when he stripped me of my title.”
WOLFE: “You ever get him back for that?”
NEVAEH: “Yeah, back when I was a little…”
Sativa’s eyes widen and she circles around either side of her head with her index fingers. Lauryn nods and gives a quick thumbs up.
WOLFE: “Ah, gotcha. Glad you got past that.”
Lauryn gets up and grabs her bag, her back turned to Sativa. Sativa looks at her emotionlessly and deadpan responds.
NEVAEH: “Yeah, I am too.”
Lauryn doesn’t see Sativa’s look, and didn’t catch the tone in her voice.
WOLFE: “Well, I guess I’m gonna get ready.”
NEVAEH: “I probably should too. Gonna go smoke a couple with Cashe before the match. Said we would smoke if we were both present at international shows. Kinda like a world weed tour thing.”
Lauryn looks back at Sativa and rolls her eyes. Sativa shrugs and grins. Sativa stands and grabs her bag as the scene cuts.

The lights along the tron pulsate while the arena is engulfed in darkness. Each time the bass hits the lights flash on around the entrance tunnel. The beat starts to pick up pace as the crowd begins to stir in their seats and a level of excitement begins to reach its peak. Continuing to thump, the music starts to form a melody. Australia is buzzing and can’t wait for more 4CW action. At this point, everyone knows what’s coming but it doesn’t change the hype. The song hammers with every pulse being felt throughout the arena, a series of bright blinding white lights flash in time. Wind and smoke chaotically collect, swirl and clash on the entrance stage until it engulfs the entire stage whole. The chorus kicks in heavy with 808s bangin hard.
”Oh my God, oh my God
If I die, I’m a legend
When they lay me down to rest, I know I was always reppin
Oh my God, my whole life, my words been my greatest weapon
I know I. I know I, been the coast greatest blessin.”

Out walks Dean Judas with a grin on his face and cocky swagger about him. Strolling down the ramp as the music continues to overpower the crowd’s attempts to boo Dean into submission. Fans out reach trying to get a piece of 4CW’s newest and hottest commodity, he simply shrugs them off and continues on like a man possessed. Dean continues his slow walk towards the ring, carrying a focused look along with a microphone he hops into the ring. Marching towards the turnbuckle he ascends upwards. Judas stands atop the turnbuckle looking out onto the crowd with confidence as they continue to shower him with boos. Pounding his chest like a beast, Judas cracks his trademark crooked smile flashing his pearly whites. Hopping down off of the turnbuckle Judas soaks up the boos and begins speaking over them.
JUDAS: “Yes, yes…you’re OH…SO…welcome. I know Australia, I know you were all so disappointed when you saw Dean Judas’ name on the card across from Maxipad. I’m sure you were all desperately waiting to watch yours truly destroy that pathetic piece of shit right here in the Outback.”
Crowd boos.
JUDAS: “So I’ve decided that you all get to catch a glimpse of Dean Judas, I decided that Australia gets another shot to experience the essence of Judas. The last time I was in Australia I swore I’d never come back…”
Pausing momentarily Judas cracks a grin while the crowd continues to dig into him, this time the boos turn to chants of “you’re a prick” over and over again.
JUDAS: “Yall act like that’s some kinda breaking news. Fuck outta here. See while you guys like to boo the greatest thing to grace a professional wrestling ring in the history of this sport, I continue to win and win. Despite that bullshit debut, which is STILL under investigation…I’ve been on a roll to the point that the locker room has started to take notice. If it wasn’t enough that I walked into this place with a huge chip on my shoulder and a reputation for violence…people already feared me. Now that fear has just become their reality. I see the clowns on social media, yes I follow pretty much all of 4CW…I’m a glutton for punishment in that sense…I see the stupid video game posts and other nonsensical shit that just further proves my point about these so called superstars in the back…virgins and faggots, period. That’s all that’s back there and if there wasn’t one, if there was one that actually had some fuckin’ stones, they’d come out here and shut me up. Yet, you see…I’m still standing here. Untouched, unfazed and simply the undisputed future of this company, this business.”
Judas stops, lowering the microphone from his mouth he awaits the crowd’s chants for Bronxy V to come to a halt.
JUDAS: “HA! He’s one of the biggest offenders of them all. Fightin’ cats that couldn’t make it in 4CW when this place actually HAD talent. I don’t respect that game, I don’t respect him as a champion. If he fights someone that actually shows a little fuckin’ self-worth I MIGHT and that’s a big fuckin’ MIGHT just have a sliver of respect for that Becky with the bad hair.”
The crowd becoming restless starts up and Ole chant and tries to drown out Judas who stops in his tracks and angrily yanks on the top rope climbing up onto the bottom rope lurching towards the hostile crowd.
JUDAS: “SHUT UP! I’m motherfuckin’ trash talk JESUS! Speakin’ of that work of fiction. You know why the writers couldn’t have Jesus born in Australia? Cause everyone knows there aren’t any wisemen or virgins in Australia. Even though I heard Australians don’t really have sex, they just mate…HAHA!”
Slapping his own knee, Judas chuckles ass the crowd half-heartedly laughs before going back to hating Judas and showering him with boos.
JUDAS: “I could do this all day, but none of you deserve anymore of this walkin’ fuckin’ talkin’ legend. You sloppy, disgusting, alcoholic, crocodile pedophiles. None of you are worthy of my time. I came out cause I won’t be told I’m competing and then told my opponent pussed out so I don’t get to put hands on someone…I don’t just sit on the sidelines. I’ma ALWAYS make my fuckin’ presence felt. I don’t care who it is I don’t care what management does to make it happen but next week…next week y’all better give me a victim or else I’ma find my own.”
Narrowing his eyes in on the camera, Judas raises his lip and slowly steps off of the bottom rope to a chorus of boos.
JUDAS: “So ya’ll can enjoy this shit show you’re about to watch. Mariano is gonna get killed by Jesse Spano. But don’t worry, Judas got this game on lock. My future as 4CW Champ, is in the bag. I don’t care who wants to downplay my abilities and downplay the noise I’ve been makin’. You can all ignore me, doubt me, underestimate me…it doesn’t matter. I’m always gonna SHINE. Nobody stoppin’ me. Nobody derailing this MONEY TRAIN! I’m always gonna rise to the top, I’m that C.R.E.A.M this isn’t just a plea about how cash rules everything around me. It’s a fuckin’ warnin’ I’ve been issuin’ them every week but these gains are just startin’ to peak. Just remember that you can hate me so long as you fear me. Judas will be the 4CW Champion, y’all gon’ see. I’m greater than all, especially Bronxy…V”
While a small section of the crowd yells out Bronxy V along with Judas, most of the crowd boos him loudly. Raising a single arm up Judas nods his head with a clear-cut mission in mind…becoming the 4CW Champion and dethroning the current title holder who continues knocking off contenders. Sliding outta the ring Judas heads up the ramp and stops at the top of the ramp pausing for a moment before looking over his shoulder and cracking a sinister grin. Judas takes his leave and fades away into the backstage area.

The camera cuts at a hallway backstage, where the 4CW Champion Bronx Valescence is getting ready for his match against Anastasia Hayden.
JOHNSON: ”And here’s the champ – he’s been VERY impressive ever since his four-way defense at Ante-Up, and now taking on people among the final entrants in the 4CW Frenzy – people that could have very well been the Number One contenders at Bad Company!”
VASSA: ”People that would have given him a tougher fight than Manny fucking Fernandez, cHicO!”
JOHNSON: ”My God, Vinny, will you stop with that already! There’s no turning back, DA #TROLL GUY won the match fair and square, and we can ALL be certain he’s going to give it his all at Adrenaline Seventy-Two’s main event since he’s already scheduled to compete in the Bad Company Tournament.”
VASSA: ”Hmph. I’ll believe it when I see it.”
As Bronx stretches and goes through his usual warm-up routines, he hears a voice calling out.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo. Bronx.”
Bronx turns around, and sees the Number One contender, Mariano Fernandez himself. He’s not dressed to compete, in his usual leather jacket and jeans, and is holding up a stack of papers on his hand.
FERNANDEZ: “How you doing, mang.”
Bronx rolls his eyes when he first notices Manny headed his way, but then he turns around when he notices the stack of papers that Manny is carrying. Bronx adjusts the title and narrows his eyes.
VALESCENCE: ”What the hell is this?”
FERNANDEZ: “‘Tis what you told me on Twitter, chico – loser has to deactivate. I figured might as well make it official – there you go.”
VASSA: ”Is he fucking serious!?”
JOHNSON: ”Have you ever known DA #TROLL GUY to lie? Think what you will about him, but the one thing nobody will argue is that Mariano Fernandez, for all his, uh, colorful antics, has always been straight and true.”

VASSA: ”My God I REALLY hope Bronx signs that shit JUST to know Manny will go away already!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a multitude of fans out there that disagree with you, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Fuck them.”
Manny extends the huge amount of papers to Bronx. Taking the contract, Bronx looks through it and flips through the pages before he looks back up to Manny.
VALESCENCE: ”You mean to tell me, based off of one tweet, you just drew all of this up?”

Chuckling, Bronx took one of the pages and wadded it up and then tossed it into Manny’s face, then another, then another, before he tossed the papers into the air.
VALESCENCE: ”Where’s the contract that says you have to end your life when I beat you? Can you go draw that up for me?”
Manny takes his hand to his chin, looking away in pretense of thinking seriously – though the shine in his eyes and the playful smirk on his lips gives away his true reaction.
FERNANDEZ: “Sorry, mang – actually that would be illegal.”
He throws his hands, looking at the scattered sheets of paper on the floor, then back at Bronx.
FERNANDEZ: “… And I spent a whole DAY writing that shit, mang!”
At that point, however, his face loses the usual nonchalant demeanor, and he stares daggers at the Champion, square in the eye.
FERNANDEZ: “But seriously. I don’t care about the god damned Twitter. I’m here for something else entirely.”
He puts his hands to his hips, looking completely annoyed.
FERNANDEZ: “‘Tis obvious you don’t like me – and that’s alright by me. It’s okay you not only want to beat me, you want to make me seen to be the joke everyone thinks I am – I’m alright with that too. But what I TRULY want to know is the reason you’ve been going all the god damned time about how much you were looking forward for this to be me. And I think I deserve to know.”
Bronx raised his eyebrows.

VALESCENCE: ”Deserve is a funny word, isn’t it? Especially in this business. Nah, you don’t deserve to know shit. You’ll find out in due time, trust me. Until then why don’t you run along and go find someone to play video games with?”
As he started to walk away, he paused and then turned back around. Bronx hesitated for a moment.
VALESCENCE: ”How do you… do all of this? How do you look at all of this with such a positive outlook?”

Manny’s serious expression gives way to a faint smile.
FERNANDEZ: “Because I’ve been through a hell of a lot of shit in my life, mang. This isn’t my first World Title shot in a company that saw me as nothing. This isn’t the first time in the places I have been that I’ve been overlooked, thinking I was nothing more than an idiot who only likes to play videogames. I’ve been out of the business for five years since my rookie year until I was able to wrestle again – and if you don’t keep SOMETHING to be positive about, life gets VERY hard to deal with.”
Closing his eyes, one more time he throws his hands, and shakes his head.
FERNANDEZ: “And this is the way I have found. You don’t have to understand – but it’s more than enough for me.”
It looked liked Bronx wanted to say something more, he opened his mouth but then merely nodded before a subtle smile came to his lips.
The champ turned to walk away to leave Manny standing there, and Mariano stands there, watching him go.

FERNANDEZ: “… And it looks like we finally understand each other, mang.”
Turning around, Manny leaves the other way – back to the same cheerful demeanor he has always had.
JOHNSON: ”And there it is, folks. The Starboy and DA #TROLL GUY, face to face one last time before their Adrenaline Seventy-Two showdown.”
VASSA: ”I was looking forward to see Bronx fuck Manny up, but I guess we’ll have to wait until then!”
JOHNSON: ”It looked like the champ might be start taking the number one contender seriously after this, though.”
VASSA: ”Would it matter? Manny’s gonna have to pull off a miracle.”
JOHNSON: ”One thing’s for certain – September thirteenth, we’ll see how this story ends.”


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Cold and black inside this coffin”
“‘Cause you all try to keep me down”
“How it feels to be FORGOTTEN”

Skillet’s “Back From The Dead” continues over the sound system as Christy parts the curtains, getting a pop from the fans. Slowly walking to the center of the stage she removes the hood of her hoodie and makes a quick glance over to the crowd, that continues to pop in a mixed reaction.
POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring… Hailing from Laughlin, Nevada… ‘The Star ‘Struck Princess… CHRISTY CCHHAAOOSS!!!”
Christy smirks rubbing her chin before continuing her way down the ramp. Stopping at the steps, she removes her hoodie and tosses it back-handed into the crowd as she walks up the steps. Wiping her feet on the apron, she steps through the ropes and into the ring. She brushes her hands through her hair before holding both arms out and making a quick circle around the ring with a smirk on her face. After that Christy leans in the corner and begins warming up.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
“Stronger” by Through Fire plays over the sound system while crane cameras get glimpses of the upper-level seats as the crowd pops. Moments into this transitions to ‘The Anti-Starlet’ Alexis Morrison’s entrance video. After a few seconds, Alexis appears in the audience walking down the first set of arena stairs as fans are there to greet her while security makes room for her path.
POWERS: ”From Salem, New York, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is the ‘Anti-Starlet’, ALEXIS MMOORRRRIISSOONN!!!”
Reaching the bottom level. Alexis Morrison stops to take the energy from the crowd. She surveys everything in front of her then with a swift motion hops over the barricade. Alexis circles ringside halfway before pulling herself onto the apron entering the ring and heads to her respected corner taking off her leather jacket and grabbing both sides of the corner ropes, leaning forward looking at the opponent.
VASSA: ”Up next folks, we have a little girl on girl action!”
JOHNSON: ”You mind not saying it like that?”
VASSA: ”What?! This is a match with two females, is it not?”
JOHNSON: ”It is. It’s just that the way you said it, it sounds like what we’d find on your web search browser at home.”
VASSA: ”Oh my god, Steve! You are a disgusting old man!”
JOHNSON: ”Anyways! Up next we have a match between Christy Chaos and Alexis Morrison.”
VASSA: ”Christy has hit a couple of rough bumps since returning to 4CW about a month or so back. She’s competed in both the 4 Corners Frenzy and a Bad Company Qualifier, but tonight is her first one on one match since returning.”
JOHNSON: ”Those two matches mentioned were tough ones to boot. Things won’t get any easier for Christy tonight as she’ll face off against a former 4CW Fate Champion, Alexis Morrison.”
VASSA: ”Alexis has been a bit quiet as of late. She’s had some bad luck ever since losing the Fate Championship to Anastasia Hayden. This match here is important to both ladies looking to turn their luck around.”

Starting things off rather quickly, Christy and Alexis lock up in the center of the ring, only for a brief moment before Christy takes Alexis down to the mat with an armdrag takedown. Positioning herself on top of Alexis, Christy fires away with rapid rights, clocking her upside the head with no restraint. Back on her feet, Christy then begins kicking and stomping down onto Alexis’ chest before taking a few steps back to create some distance. As if going for the game winning field goal, Christy then moves in and kicks her leg forward, planting her foot into the side of Alexis’ head!
Pulling Alexis up to her feet, Christy then whips her to the far ropes and as she comes back on the rebound, Christy charges at her head on and drops her flat on her back with a running clothesline. Rising up, she then turns to the ropes, bounces off and as she gets close, she jumps over Alexis and continues to the opposite ropes across the ring. Leaping forward, Christy plants both feet onto the middle ropes before she springboards off into the air with a backflip, landing across Alexis’ body and executing the moonsault! Hooking Alexis’ leg, Christ counts along with the official as his hand slaps the canvas.

Popping her shoulder up from the mat, Alexis breaks the officials count. Pushing herself up, Christy locks onto Alexis’ arm and pulls her up to her feet. Positioning herself beside Alexis, Christy then grabs ahold of her before falling back and taking her down as well with a Russian leg sweep.
JOHNSON: ”Christy isn’t wasting any time out there and putting a hurting on Alexis from the very start.”
VASSA: ”Even she knows that she’s off to a slow start since returning, despite the tough matchups she’s found herself in. If she’s going to get things back on track it all begins with a win here tonight.”
Pulling Alexis up to one knee, Christy is then taken by surprise as Alexis throws a stuff right, driving her fist into her mid-section. She then throws her hand upward, chopping Christy in the throat before standing back to her feet. After slapping Christy across the chest with back to back knife edge chops, Alexis locks onto her wrist and then goes to throw her to the nearby corner. Reversing the throw, Christy whips Alexis into the corner instead and quickly takes off behind her. Hitting the corner, Alexis bounces forward and as she looks up, Christy is right there. Side stepping her, Alexis then trips Christy up, taking her face down to the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold.
Climbing the corner, Alexis looks over the Australian crowd before throwing both arms high into the air. After delaying the match for a few moments, she then leaps backwards, flipping and twisting in mid-air before coming down with a phoenix splash.

Rolling out of the way, Christy leaves a blank canvas for Alexis to crash against, slamming her head down onto it as well. Back on her feet, Christy circles Alexis, walking along the edge of the ropes while her opponent rolls back and forth in the center of the ring. Moving in, Christy pulls Alexis to her feet before holding her in place with her left hand and hammering into her with two back to back rights. Kicking Alexis in the gut, she forces her to buckle over before locking her arm around her head. Grabbing onto the back of her pants, Christy then lifts Alexis off her feet, quickly flipping her up and over before dropping her flat on her back with a snap suplex.
VASSA: ”For a second there I thought Alexis was going to make a comeback but Christy thought differently!”
JOHNSON: ”Big moves from the top rope are a high risk, high reward attack. Alexis took the risk but the reward was completely opposite as expected.”
On her feet, Christy paces the ring as Alexis slowly pushes herself up to a seated position. Spotting this, Christy then rushes in, kicking Alexis in the back, sending an echo throughout the arena from the leather on flesh contact. Stepping in front of Alexis, Christy then wraps her arm around her head before pulling her up to both knees. Falling backwards, she pulls Alexis down as well, driving her head into the mat with a DDT.
Growing bored with the entire situation, Christy pulls her back up. In a last ditch effort, Alexis throws a wild, blind punch only to come up empty handed as Christy leans back just enough to avoid contact. Countering with a kick to the stomach, Christy then locks onto her head with both hands before jumping up and pulling Alexis face down to the mat as gravity pulls them down, nearly knocking her unconscious with a sit-out facebuster.
VASSA: ”Christy is just having a field day with Alexis out there.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think this is going to last much longer after that Charismatic Crush!”
Rolling Alexis over to her back, Christy then pops back to her feet before turning to the corner and quickly racing over to it. Ascending to the top, Christy then blows kisses to the fans in attendance before turning her back to them and facing the ring. With Alexis down on her back and going nowhere, Christy then leaps into the air and forward, flipping backwards through the air before coming down and landing the shooting star press!
JOHNSON: ”Star Struck!”
VASSA: ”Oh man, this one is over if she can get the three count.”
Hooking Alexis’ leg, Christy nonchalantly covers her for the pin as the official slides in beside them with the count.

JOHNSON: ”There it is! Christy Chaos has officially won her first singles match back since returning to 4CW.”
VASSA: ”This was a good win for her over the former Fate Champion.”
“Back From The Dead” hits the speakers as Christy slowly rises to her feet. Looking over Alexis’ fallen body, Christy smirks before the official steps in beside her and raises her arm high above her head.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, CHRISTY CCHHAAOOSS!!!”


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
(Evil laughing) “Yeah, it’s time for the Psychopathic roll call.
Violent J, DJ Paul, Young Wicked, Anybody Killa, Bones, Shaggy 2 Dope… and you know who the fuck I am.”

Mistah Jay and Zoe Chaos appear from the curtain as the intro comes to a close. Jay, looking around at the crowd, slowly licking his lips and eyes slightly narrowed, stands next to the stoic Zoe, unphased by the crowd.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at this time, ZOE CHAOS AND MISTAH JAY… X-RATED AND HHAATTEEDD!!!”
At the start of the verse, the pair begins their walk to the ring, with Zoe’s confidence and stride opposing Jay’s more animated, rap along swagger.
“Hoodoo, right out the darkside, definition of thug
Murder motivated by dead homies, I am bound by blood.
Lay you down in mud, then I flee from the scene
Took you to hell then I vanish before you was able to scream.
I’m a travelling freak show, with avalanche street flow
They ignite me like C4, I survive like a cheat code.”

As the verse continues on, Jay and Zoe both arrive at the ring in unison, parting ways as Jay takes to the steps while Zoe climbs the apron and flips over the top rope, allowing it to catapult her into the ring. Jay arrogantly steps between the middle and top ropes, walking to the center of each side of the ring, Zoe taking to the corners.
“It’s murder, murder, leave ya body at the cemetery
I bet you feel like all this violence is unnecessary.
But if you break the code of silence you’re the next to bury
We’re the monster squad, and we are not you’re ordinary.”

Zoe stops at the last corner, leaning and waiting for Jay, who stands in the center bobbing his head and playing to the fans at ringside by talking shit to them. He flips a middle finger before walking to their corner, removing his fitted hat and chain, waiting.
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA as the lights in the arena start to dim. A few flashes of light and the sound of thunder can be heard in the background as Brian Hollywood and Zion make their way from the back. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction at their arrival. Hollywood is in his black attire and is wearing his black trench coat as he centers himself on the stage.
Hollywood tugs on his trench coat as he walks down the ramp. As he does, a breeze is released blowing his trench coat back and forth as he arrives to the apron near the ring. Hollywood looks about the crowd and squints his eyes as if he’s looking carefully through out the crowd. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Hollywood makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring. Hollywood looks about the ring before heading to the top rope and looking about the crowd. Hollywood closes his eyes and slowly raises his hands on both sides as if to praise himself or being in a false sense of delusion that he is being praised by the crowd which gives off another mixed reaction. Hollywood finally makes his way down as he takes off the trench coat and rests in the corner, awaiting for the sound of the bell.
VASSA: ”Up next we have a bit of a mix up in terms of where everyone is from tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Both Zion and Zoe are representing Octane as both are currently on the roster there. Hollywood is representing Adrenaline as we all know. And Mister–“
JOHNSON: ”Excuse me… Mistah Jay, well he isn’t signed with 4CW. After a change in partners and the release of Dexter Severin, he will now be tagging with Zoe as they duke it out here tonight for their chance to get into Bad Company.”
VASSA: ”I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me when I say this but they have a tough match tonight against the seasoned team of Brian Hollywood and Zion.”
JOHNSON: ”Zion may not have had the best of luck lately in 4CW but he and Hollywood are no stranger to one another when it comes to tag teaming. They’ve held gold in other promotions. Hollywood is a two time 4CW Tag Team Champion.”
VASSA: ”Just like everyone else, he’s aiming to add another reign to his resume. Unlike everyone else competing for a chance to win the championships, if Hollywood and Zion can, it will be Hollywood’s third time holding the 4CW belts.”

Beginning of the Match: Starting things off, Mistah Jay and Zion remain in the ring as their partners exit to the apron. Taking everyone watching by surprise, Zion bursts out of his corner and immediately wipes out Jay with a Lou Thez Press followed by nearly a dozen rapid rights raining down onto his skull. Drawing back for a final blow, Zion leaves an opening for Jay to strike. Grabbing onto Zion’s head, Jay pulls it down while lifting his off the canvas, cracking Zion with a headbutt that makes him see stars. Minutes later, Jay has Zion against the ropes, laying into him with lefts and rights to the body. Swinging for Zion’s head, Jay misses and Zion steps in behind him. Spinning around, Jay throws an elbow for Zion’s head, missing again but this time getting himself pulled in as Zion wraps him up and throws him to the mat with a capture suplex. Lifting Jay up from the mat, Zion raises him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry before walking him to his corner and throwing him down to the canvas where he then makes the tag with his partner, Hollywood. Entering the ring fresh, Hollywood goes right to work, quickly wearing Jay down with powerful throws and slams. After dropping Jay on his head with a German suplex, Hollywood bridges it for the pin but is only able to get a two count before Zoe leaps in and breaks it up with a double axe-handle to his back. Breaking the pin up and nothing more, Zoe exits the ring as Zion throws a fit on the apron. Unfazed by the double axe-handle to the back, Hollywood goes right back to work, laying into Jay with stomping kicks to the head before he is even able to get back to his feet.
JOHNSON: ”The Hollywood Boyz are bringing it in their 4CW debut!”
VASSA: ”I have to admit. I’m a little shocked by this. Given Zion’s track record in 4CW, this is the last thing I expected.”
JOHNSON: ”He started things off great for The Hollywood Boyz and Brian isn’t letting up on his end either.”
Middle of the Match: Still in control of the match, Hollywood continues his relentless assault on Jay. After spearing him in the center of the ring, Hollywood popped back up to his feet before turning to the nearby ropes and taking off. Leaping into the air, Hollywood planted both feet onto the middle rope and springboarded off, flipping backwards through the air and coming down with a lionsault. Rolling out of the way, Jay dodged a bullet as Hollywood crashed against the canvas. Crawling to his corner, Jay paid no mind as Hollywood slowly began to get back to his feet. Rushing towards Jay, Hollywood leaped forward to grab ahold of him but as he did, Jay extended his arm just far enough to make the tag with Zoe. Before Hollywood could get back to his feet, Zoe shot up the corner and climbed to the top. Waiting for the perfect time to strike, Zoe watched patiently as Hollywood slowly rose. Leaping into the air, she came down onto his shoulders, wrapping both legs around his head and lifting him off of his feet. Flipping him over with a hurricanrana, Zoe sent Hollywood crashing back first into the corner, only to then drop straight down onto his head. Dragging him away from the corner, she then made the cover as Jay rolled underneath the bottom rope and out onto the apron. As the officials hand slapped the canvas for the second time and began to go for the third, Zion raced onto the scene, breaking up the pin with a solid kick to the back of Zoe’s head. With both Zoe and Hollywood down, Zion showed off in the middle of the ring before the official eventually forced him to exit, making it all the way up to the four count. With both legal people still down, the official began his ten count, making it up to seven and a half before Zoe finally stood back to her feet.
VASSA: ”Although Zoe has her first official Octane match scheduled for next week, she’s making quite a splash in her 4CW debut here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”The Hollywood Boyz had a firm grip on control throughout the start of the match but all it takes is one slip up for the momentum to shift completely in the other teams favor.”
VASSA: ”Zoe is at an advantage in my opinion being the freshest body of the three. She’s only been in the ring for a few moments while Hollywood has been in here for a good while.”
End of the Match: Throwing Hollywood to the corner, Zoe then charged at him full speed, leaping into the air and planting both feet in his stomach before taking him for a ride and throwing him back to the center of the ring with a monkey flip. Pulling Hollywood back to his feet, the momentum then shifted once again as Hollywood gouged her eye, using her body to obstruct the officials view and getting away clean with illegal move. With Zoe temporarily blinded, Hollywood then shot to the ropes and on his return, he decapitated her with a running big boot! Dragging her to his corner, he lifted her off the canvas before slamming her against the turnbuckle. Tagging in Zion, Hollywood then took a couple of cheap shots, using the rope for leverage and ramming her stomach with right kicks, using every bit of the officials five count. With Zion back in the ring, he lifted her up before body slamming her in front of the corner. Climbing up to the middle ropes, he then came down on her from above with a leg drop right across the throat. Making the cover, he was only able to get a one count before her foot found itself propped up onto the bottom rope – breaking the officials count. After a few minutes pass of Zion keeping a firm lock on controlling the match, Zion then whipped her to the ropes with all of his strength. As she bounced off and began to come back on the return, Zion rushed towards her, knocking her flat on her back with a running shoulder block. Going to the ropes, Zion then came back and leaped forward with a flying body press, only to get wiped out in mid air as Jay levels him with a clothesline from the side. After a scolding from the official, Jay exited the ring as both Zion and Zoe remained down on the mat.
Making the ten count, the official reached nine before both finally stood to their feet. Catching Zoe by surprise, Zion hit her in the side of the head with an elbow shot, knocking her backwards and to the ropes. As she hit the ropes, he arm flung over the top, making contact with Jay on the apron. Little did Zion know, the official recognized the contact as an official town, but his focus remained on Zoe as she fell back into his arms. Before Zion could lift her into the air for a belly to belly suplex, Jay launched himself over the top rope, planting his shoulder into Zion’s face as the rest of his body cleared Zoe. Releasing Zoe, Zion fell back to the mat and at that very moment, Hollywood entered the ring furious. Rushing towards Jay just as he stood tall, Hollywood went for a vicious running clothesline, throwing his arm forward with all of his weight behind it. Ducking underneath, Jay barely dodged it before Hollywood hit the ropes and flipped over the top and down to the floor. Helping Zoe to her feet, the two talk amongst themselves for a moment before Jay lifts Zion up from the canvas. He then throws Zion to the corner and just as he crashes into it, Jay whips Zoe directly towards him. Rushing in, Zoe hits Zion with a mafia kick before locking onto his wrist and whipping him back across the ring. With Zion running towards him, Jay then knocks him unconscious with a discus elbow!
VASSA: ”Jesus!”
JOHNSON: ”Off With Their Head!”
VASSA: ”That just about explains it.”
Making the cover, Jay hooks Zion’s leg as Zoe stands guard but as the official counts, Hollywood is still down on the outside.

JOHNSON: ”Add one more team to the list heading into Bad Company!”
VASSA: ”The Adrenaline and Octane duo have been denied access!”
“Monster Squad” hits the speakers as Jay slowly rises to his feet before Zoe steps in beside him. After a short celebration between the two, the official then raises both of their arms into the air as the announcement is made.


Kimitsu Zombie stands backstage about to go on when Gabriel Hartman walks up to her with a microphone in his hand. Kimitsu sees him with his cocky smile and pushes him back before he can talk. He drops the microphone and when he tries to pick it up he stops just short of getting kicked in the head. Hartman bolts upright and Kimitsu snatches the microphone from the floor and glares at him until he walks away. She looks into the camera and sits down on a chair staring at the entrance. The buzzing of the crowd is heard and she nods.
ZOMBIE: “Ever since I got my start here I’ve mostly stuck to myself. This is one of the biggest companies I’ve signed with and I did it without any back up. Sure, Tokyo helped with the deal but otherwise he left me to handle my own self. So I’ve been doing that by keeping my head down and staying off the radar. I show up for my match, try to steal the show, and walk away into the sunset. An island unto myself, yeah? I’ve just been here to get paid ‘cause-“
She stops abruptly and sets the mic down. She looks around and sighs.
ZOMBIE: “Fuck it. The truth of it, is that I’ve been feeling intimidated. I heard all the names and I was a big fan of some of you. This is 4CW and I was going to take on this monster by myself and I was going to do it the only way I knew how. Head on. I’ve done it before and almost took the whole company down to its knees but I couldn’t find my ‘in’ here. So I played it safe. All that got me in a cycle of wins and loses. Forever average but, as some of you people know, that isn’t me.”
She stands up.
ZOMBIE: “So right now, starting with Luke Jones, I’ll aim for the top. I want to see the man that took the champ to a stand-still. I want to defeat this man and get my shot in the spotlight.That’s everyone’s goal isn’t it? To gain a following. This is the greatest currency in the world because If you have something to say then it matters. If the people love you then there is very little I know I am not the most endearing person in the world and i can be a downright asshole at times so the ring is how I can impress people. So from now on I’ll stop acting like a fangirl every time I pass by Jair Hopkins. I’ll stop watching Bryan Williams matches in awe. Time to grow up and put away childish things. I should be striving to add these bitches back here as part of my fanclub.”
Kimitsu approaches the entrance ramp. She opens her bosozoku jacket to reveal new ring gear consisting of a singlet with the same writings on it and fishnet stockings instead of the baggy pants she usually wears.
ZOMBIE: “I am not going to settle for being average in 4CW. I am a Zombie and they will know our name at the top levels of any federation. I start with convincing Jones and then I’ll convince the world.”
She winks and her music starts.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
Luke makes his way out onto the ramp and looks out at the crowd as “Break You” by Lamb of God plays. He walks down the ramp and plays up to the crowd before sliding into the ring.
POWERS: ”Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky… LUKE JJOONNEESS!!!”
Luke climbs the top turnbuckle and poses for the crowd before climbing back down and preparing himself for his opponent.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
Number Girl’s Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.


Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu.
POWERS: ”Now, weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds and hailing from Kimitsu, Japan, it’s the ‘Little Yokai’, KIMITSU ZZOOMMBBIIEE!!!”
Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowds reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and where she climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.

She takes a long chug of shochu and screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring to wait while sipping from her shochu bottle.
JOHNSON: ”After a close one with the 4CW champion two weeks, Luke Jones will face off with Kimitsu Zombie.”
VASSA: ”You can say it was close but deep down we all know Bronxy was playing with him all along.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you may need to go back and re-watch the tape, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I don’t need to. I know what happened. We have a new match in front of us now and I just know Kimitsu is hungry to get her a piece of the former fuckboi, Luke Jones.”

Beginning of the Match: Starting things off with a bang, Kimitsu catches Luke with a kicking combination, backing him across the ring and back into his corner. Pushing her away, Luke then kicks for her stomach but she catches his leg before taking him down to the mat with a dragon screw. As they both rise, Kimitsu then establishes a dominance early on in the match after driving Luke’s head into the canvas with a jumping DDT. Applying a half Boston crab, Kimitsu nearly folds Luke in half before she’s forced to break her hold as he grabs onto the ropes. Later in the match, she puts him down to the mat with a back drop before turning to the corner and ascending to the top. Waiting patiently, she watches as he slowly rises to his feet and once standing, she puts him right back where he laid before with a missile dropkick from high above. Making a quick cover, she goes to put him away but only manages to get a two count.
VASSA: ”With the way he’s performing right now, you really expect us to believe he nearly beat Bronx legit two weeks ago, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”Oh hush up, Vinny! We both know how quickly the momentum in a match can shift from one person to the other.”
VASSA: ”Only way I get excited about seeing Luke is if Lamauy is tagging with him!”
Middle of the Match: Coming off the ropes, Kimitsu rushes Luke and leaps into the air, wrapping her legs around his head and going for a head scissors takedown. Keeping his footing, Luke wraps her up with both arms before lifting her above his head and then with all of his strength, powerbombing her in the center of the ring. Going berserk, Luke begins stomping madly onto Kimitsu before transitioning his attack to dropping elbows onto her chest. Pulling her up from the mat, he locks onto the back of her head before dragging her across the ring. Shoving her head down, he slams her face first onto the top turnbuckle before spinning her around and slamming her back against the corner. With his right arm, he throws three forearms into her face before following up with a vicious headbutt to the eye. Grabbing the ropes, he pulls himself in, kneeing her in the stomach twice before locking onto her wrist and whipping her to the opposite corner. Chasing behind her, just as Kimitsu crashes into the corner, Luke is right there, taking her head off with a step-up enziguri! Lifting her above his head and toturning around, he tosses her onto her back in the center of the ring before making the cover. One… Two… Thr– Kimitus manages to kick out, leaving Luke in disbelief.
VASSA: ”I take back everything I said about Luke earlier.”
JOHNSON: ”Wait, what?”
VASSA: ”You heard me Steve! Don’t make me say it again!”
End of the Match: With each passing minute, Luke maintains control of the match, tossing Kimitsu around the ring like a ragdoll. Pulling her head between his legs, Luke mouths off a bit before wrapping both arms around her waist and lifting her into the air once more. Walking across the ring with her in his arms, Luke approaches the corner, looking to powerbomb her into it with his signature move, Keeping Up With The Jones’. Coming to life once more, Kimitsu begins raining down onto Luke’s head with rapid lefts and rights, stopping him in his tracks. With one final blow, she forces Luke to release her as she pushes away and drops down to her feet in front of him. Taking a wild swing for her head, Luke misses and as his body rotates around, she drops to her knee and locks in a groin claw from behind with both hands. lifting him into the air, she then falls backwards, dropping him onto his back with a suplex. Groggy, Luke slowly begins to push himself up and as he gets to one knee and body bent over staring at the mat, Kimitsu hits the ropes beside them and follows up with an axe kick to the back of his neck!
JOHNSON: ”Banzai God Kick!”
VASSA: ”But what about his groin!?”
Rolling luke over to his back, Kimitsu rolls over him, hooking his leg as the official slides in beside them with the count.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, KIMITSU ZZOOMMBBIIEE!!!”

The cameras revert to the backstage hallway after displaying Luke Jones vs Kimitsu Zombie and right in front of the camera lens is Andre Holmes. He’s carrying a large duffel bag on his right shoulder, holding the strap in his right hand while removing the black hoodie over his head. He’s still a little sweaty from his match but he comes to a halt as he hears laughter at an intersection.
His hazel eyes divert to his right spotting a group of official staff members on break being entertained by a familiar voice. It’s American Tommy leaned against the wall with his arms folded, fixing the black jacket and giving off that pearly white smile.
TOMMY: “…so, yah. Eli is a god damn toad. I swear to fucking GOD. I feel like when he comes back I’m going to wrestle him in a bubble so I don’t get warts.”
Everyone laughs at the jokes Tommy is making and Andre drops the duffel bag down on the concrete floor. He marches over and clear his throat; The rest of them stand at each side letting Tommy see the man who has been stupid enough to be in his air. Tommy still remains in that relaxed poise while Holmes is displaying the opposite posture.
HOLMES: “You know what’s funny? Besides the countless times you like to play victim or act like you’re above everyone else, I really think you’re just someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of reality Tommy. Last week, you did a smart thing by blindsiding me with an equipment crate. However, even though it wasn’t face to face and a man, you made one crucial mistake and let me walk away.
As for the rest of you who think it’s funny to laugh behind my back, I want you to look at him. Watch him be silent and stare at the one man who is willing to call him out. You may see him as a friend, a comedian or someone you want to be. I see him as a coward, a fraud, a fake. A known little bitch who is afraid of a real fight and who is so caught up in his own world, he doesn’t know about the real one.
Tommy. I’m calling you out in front of your friends. I’m ready to fight. Let’s go you little bitch!”
The rest of the members start whispering among themselves and hype Andre’s claims with loud oooh’s following around. Tommy sees their reaction and feels a little threatened by the sudden change in atmosphere. However, he dismisses them to be silent and gets off from the wall with a cocky tone in his rebuttal.
TOMMY: “You got it, mate! I’ll…”
Before he finished the challenge, Andre cuts him off.
HOLMES: “I accept.”
Tommy seems taken aback by the quick answer and Andre smiles cheerfully.
TOMMY: “Woah, hold on a second. I think I have something going on that date… Something, very fucking important. Something in 6CW. What date is that again?”
HOLMES: “You heard me. I accept. I’ll see you at Bad Company III. Glad to know you don’t need a ‘spell’ or ‘wand’ to give you some balls.”
The rest of the officials surrounding the two burst into a bigger laughter than before. Andre gives a dude a high five before turning around walking over to his duffel bag. Tommy, who looks like he’s about to blow a gasket, charges from behind and nails Andre in the back of his head with a forearm.
Andre falls against an equipment crate and block another forearm thrown by his rival, countering him with a Roundhouse Kick into the ribs throwing him back. A good double leg takedown slams Tommy on his back and instantly the two brawl like madmen. Finally, the members surrounding them separate the two and referees step in to hold them both back.
American Tommy pauses for a second, before a smile reaches his face again.
After hearing that comment over and over, the eyes of Holmes suddenly becomes bloodshot red. In an instant burst of undescribed power, he breaks off the chains of arms by the abundance of referees. Tommy sees a bullet fired cruiserweight leap off the concrete and soar through the air, uprooting his knee into his chin with a Flying Knee Strike.
The clap of the impact throws Tommy down onto his back completely out cold from the blow. No movement, slower breaths, eyes rolled to the back of his head, the wizard was knocked out! Andre stands over him in a composed posture looking down at him.
HOLMES: “…That will be the last time you ever speak of my family. The next time you do, there won’t be a spell, a ritual or any magic to bring you back to life.”
Before he walks away, he kneels down and says to American Tommy in the most demonic tone a human being can ever imagine.
HOLMES: “If Voldemort can die…so can you.”
And with those final words, he picks up the duffel bag on his way to the exit. The rest of staff and workers on their break surround Tommy coming to his aid. He’s currently down on the concrete floor completely out from the hard strike to the chin. EMT’s and medical staff are already on the scene performing their tasks while staff keep their distance away from the relentless competitor. The camera fades away on Tommy’s condition being examined by medics.

Returning to the ring we find ourselves hearing the second verse of “Roar” by Katy Perry as already having entered the ring is our Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder. Standing with her belt over her shoulder, the fans for the most booing. As behind her sits two tables both of which are covered with a cloth. At first glance seeming to have left her bodyguards at home, until all four of them can be seen outside the ring at each corner post.
JOHNSON: ”I am not sure if Carmella has some sort of death wish. But she has called out Viduus here tonight for some sort of challenge.”
VASSA: ”She’s got a plan, Wilder’s always do.”
Standing proudly in the ring more than likely feeling a bit overconfident from her “victory” last week when she dropped Viduus with her four security guards. Walking around the ring with a big smile on her face, seeming a little bit less done up than normal. As she clears her throat.
C. WILDER: ”Hello Australia! You know I have always found myself so fond of this continent. It may be small, and it may not have a lot of fight in it. But people said the same thing, about me. And look at me now? I am the Extreme Champion. And I thought to myself I should show Australia what a champion looks like and defend my belt right here tonight. Buttttt! I decided that due to some jet lag from the long flight. Plus the focus on our amazing tag team division, that it was best that I don’t defend my belt here. No reason to over shadow that. But fear not, I am out here to challenge Viduus! To a competition. So please—“
Before she can even officially invite him out, the lights go out and after a few moments when they come back on Viduus is now in the ring along with the Speaker. She has quickly retreated to the corner, her natural reaction. But when the lights come back on, she does her best to seem confident as the security guards on the outside prepare to jump in.
C. WILDER: ”A little early…But hi Viduus and hi Viduus’s speaker I am so glad you got my invite. You see I know that we have had some issues the past month or so. Since I took your belt.”
Saying this Viduus takes a step forward, one of the security guards jumping up to the ring apron only for Carmella to wave him off.
C. WILDER: ”But this is now the Extremely fun division. So I thought that we would have a fun competition instead. No fighting, no fire, no blood. Well if you do it right. I just thought that we could do something we both thrive in…”
Growing impatient Viduus seems ready to attack at any moment, just to rid himself of this pest. Carmella reaches forward tearing off one of the cloths and then the next revealing two makeup kits set up on each one of them.
C. WILDER: ”A make up competition!”
The wrestling fans booing this idea out of the building, if they wanted make up tutorials they would have gone to Youtube.
JOHNSON: ”She really does have a death wish…”
C. WILDER: ”So here are the rules…”
Before she can go into them, The Speaker and Viduus cut her off.
SPEAKER: “Carmella, enough is enough. Do you want him unleashed right now? Do you want him to feast on your flesh and drink of your blood here on Adrenaline. A makeup competition? Please. His warpaint already beats your poor attempt at the Broken McLaughlin persona.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh boy, look at Viduus just pacing back and forth..”
VASSA: ”You know Carmella seems fairly confident. She doesn’t seem to be backing down.”
C. WILDER: ”First off don’t talk about Bryan like that. He is a friend. And war paint? Is that what he call it? To the rest of us that’s make up. So is he really scared of a little competition? Here we can start with eye liner. Since we can all see he is great at using that.”
Poking the bear as Viduus continues to pace back and forth, almost just seeming to be waiting for whatever moment he wants to strike.
SPEAKER: “Carmella, please. The more you stall the inevitable, the more He gets angry. This charade of the extremely fun division angers not only him but the fans don’t want to see this garbage. The want blood.”
A loud, resounding “YES” erupts from the crowd.
SPEAKER: “They want GUTS!”
Another loud “YES!” from the fans.
SPEAKER: “They want GORE!”
Crowd again with a “YES!”
SPEAKER: “and they want your head on a fucking spike before this is all said and done.”
The crowd is now uncontrollable with the “YES YES YES!” chants flustering Carmella and shocking the normally booed Viduus. Frustrated and with tensions rising, Carmella reaches across the table turning and tossing the entire set at him. Viduus manages to duck under it, but while doing this Carmella rolls under the rope just barely able to avoid Viduus’ reach. As she back pedals up the ramp, with four security guards converging on the ramp to form a blockade.
JOHNSON: ”This just keeps escalating, we need to see this match…Or rather this potential massacre.”
Having dropped the belt during the commotion, Viduus stares down at it. Knowing he again wants it to be his but soon the sound of a voice from the top of the ramp as Carmella just reaches the top. As Perry Wallace walks out already talking.
WALLACE: ”This has got to stop! Viduus is owed his title rematch…And Carmella you do eventually have to defend that belt. And as much as this pains me to say, that will happen at Bad Company.”
Th fans cheer, hoping for order to be restored to the Extreme division in the form of whatever brutal hardcore match Perry has planned. Carmella trying to plead with him still not to make the match, seeming to shout at him what if she gets hurt.
WALLACE: ”And being the extreme title it does need to have a stipulation. And as much as I disagree, I know these fans would love to see a deathmatch, or maybe a first blood match, or maybe even an inferno match.”
The blood thirsty fans cheering on each idea louder and louder as Carmella now grabbing at his arm as he gives her a look to calm down.
WALLACE: ”But it won’t be any of those matches, it will be a Falls Count Anywhere match.”
Perry announces as he lowers his head slowly. After having been teased with the idea of first blood or fire the fans don’t seem too pleased with the match type. As Perry exits to the back, Carmella rushing behind him trying to still talk him out of the match at all.
JOHNSON: ”Got to say it feels like Perry let her off easy, but either way Carmella versus Viduus in any match is likely a beat down waiting to happen. But now we know it will be at Bad Company.”
Speaker picking up the belt and handing it to Viduus who looks it over with a bit of disgust due to the nameplate. He looks up at Carmella and down at the belt again. His gaze back up to Carmella as he lifts the title to his mouth and licks the main plate of the title before throwing it to the ground.
VASSA: ”You noticed anything weird with how Perry was acting?”
JOHNSON: ”Now that you say something, he didn’t seem too thrilled about making the match tonight.”
VASSA: ”I wonder if it has anything to do with the rumors that have been going around about him and Carmella entering the same hotel room two weeks ago in Scotland.”
JOHNSON: ”Those are just rumors. You can’t always believe what you hear.”

VOICE: ”I’ve never gotten high in Australia.. Is it different like when toilets flush?”
The room had yet been clouded with smoke but there were blunts rolled as Jason Cashe was sitting with Sativa and Freedumb, the 4CW resident Jobber. Freedumb sparks it up and pulls in a deep inhale. Instantly he goes to coughing up a lung.
NEVAEH: ”This isn’t a competition, hit that shit slow and smooth!”
Watching the Freedumb struggle to pass it as he seemingly has started dying from the hit. Cashe snatches the blunt up as him and Ganja watch Freedumb fall out of his chair and hits the floor.
CASHE: ”Whoa… is this strain safe to smoke? It’s not laced is it? I can’t be running around on PCP or something in Australia! They got spiders errywhere!”
NEVAEH: ”Stop being so paranoid Cashe! I wouldn’t lace anything without tellin you first. You’d think after all this time, you’d trust my shit.”
Taking in his own lung full, Cashe eyes Sativa as she smiles brightly. He had never noticed that she was kind of cute until now. It gave him a weird and awkward mindset. Blowing rings as he exhales, Cashe passes it to Ganja.
CASHE: ”That is nice! Tastes good as fuck!!”
NEVAEH: ”This is my favorite Strain. Doctor Who. It’s an Indica dominant hybrid of Mad Scientist and Timewreck. Chills you out without putting you to sleep. It’s what I’m almost always smokin on.”
CASHE: ”I’ll never remember any of that Ganj. Just tell me it’s fire and I’m a buyer. You’d think after all this time, you’d know that about me.”
NEVAEH: ”Ha! Don’t be a smart ass… So, let me ask you something and I don’t mean to pry but..”
CASHE: ”So then before you pry, let me pry first. Did you ever smell Ramona’s vagina? Be honest!”
As Sativa hit the blunt, she had not expected the question. So much so she actually coughed and Cashe was surprised by that. He can’t recall having ever seen her cough like that so he laughed it up some as Sativa looks to pass it. Freedumb is still twitching on the floor like he had been through some shock treatment. She passes him up and hands it back to Cashe.
NEVAEH: ”Ignoring that you ass! But… How are you not tripping with Queef and Williams tagging? I mean.. You jacked his ex girlfriend and now he is teaming with your fiance? How does that work?”
The question was dreadful to hear but he has asked himself this many times himself. Answering it was where he held some confidence over it.
CASHE: ”It works because Williams has a micro penis and soft hands. I have zero concern on him. I mean unless Queef wants him because he is quick to bend over and take a pegging. Williams isn’t a thorn in my side, he’s at best an ingrown hair that needs to be plucked. His time will come.. Now let me ask you a question.”
Quickly hitting it once more before passing it back to Ganja, Cashe lets the smoke escape in a hurry.
NEVAEH: ”Shoot.”
CASHE: ”How are you NOT Octane Champion already? The fuck is wrong with you? You should be the baddest bitch walking or at the very least in that conversation at every turn.”
Nodding as she pulls in her hit and holds it. This was the same thing running through the back of her mind everyday. It was what she was coming to grips with. Upon release she responds.
NEVAEH: ”Yeah, bout that. You see, shits been a little, wonky, since South Beach Brawl. Like, I legit coulda died from that match. Almost back on track. I will be there sooner rather than later, you can bet on that. All should come together at Bad Company.“
After her response, the room gets a little quiet. Cashe was tracing a circle on the table surface as some drool fell from his mouth. Both him and Sativa started laughing at the situation.
CASHE: ”I think I could apply for government assistance. I have to be at least part tard! Drooling like Freedumb over dog pics.. I’m high as fuck!”
NEVAEH: ”Nice, Nice. Well, hate to toke and take off, heh, but I got a match I gotta go wrestle in. Enjoy the rest of that blunt and the others we didn’t smoke. See you in Tokyo for Bad Company.“
Cashe nods, still not all there. Sativa grins and shakes her head. She opens the door letting some of the smoke out and Cashe grunts his disapproval. Sativa rolls her eyes and quickly exits the room closing the door behind her.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
Already in the ring, Eric McNeely and Psychotic Goth pace back and forth from corner to corner, awaiting their opponents.
POWERS: ”In the ring at this time… ERIC MCNEELY AND PSYCHOTIC GOTH!!!”
The Lights go dark and the arena is silent until the sound of an approaching storm is heard, Suddenly a thunderclap breaks the silence. All that Remains “The Thunder Rolls” starts to play and slowly, methodically, a mountain of man known as REDD THUNDER slowly makes from backstage. His head is covered with a black towel. He walks with authority, and it feels as if the arena shakes with each step. Following behind him, Darryl Walker also makes his way down to the ring and in his hand is the familiar and talented, Broom.
POWERS: ”Entering the arena, at a weight of four hundred and five pounds, hailing from…*he sighs and rolls his eyes* haling from the Foothills of Mount Olympus… he is known by many names by many people, but tonight we know him as…REDD TTHHUUNNDDEERR!!! And his Partner, accompanied to the ring by… Broom? Anyways, his partner… DARRYL WWAALLKKEERR!!!”
REDD THUNDER pulls his towel off his head and throws it on the ground before making his way to the side ring steps. He walks up the ring steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron before entering the ring. He beats his chest and yells something, we aren’t exactly sure what before grabbing the ring rope and stretching his arms. Making his way up the steps, Darryl steps onto the apron, still carrying Broom at his side. Not even entering the ring, Darryl walks to his corner and props the broom against it before resting his arms across the top rope and leaning against them.
VASSA: ”Well, doesn’t Darryl just look thrilled to be here.”
JOHNSON: ”I think the broom is more excited than he is.”
VASSA: ”You know what? I believe you’re right!”
JOHNSON: ”As always, REDD THUNDER looks happy to be hear, just eager to rip apart those who stand across from him.”
VASSA: ”They’re up against a couple of outsiders. Eric McNeely and Psychotic Goth aren’t from around there parts. They’re one of the many teams outside of 4CW who have come here for a chance to compete in Bad Company.”
JOHNSON: ”Since when did you become so serious?”
VASSA: ”What?”
JOHNSON: ”Nothing, never mind.”

Beginning of the Match: With no clear legal man on the opposing team, Redd charges directly for them both. With each step he takes, the entire ring shakes and as he closes in, Redd levels them both with a double clothesline! Pulling Eric up from the mat, Redd then pulls his head in between his legs before wrapping both arms around his waist. Lifting him into the air, Redd then turns towards the ropes before launching him over the top and down to the floor below with a powerbomb!
VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit! Redd is going to kill these guys out there tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”We didn’t have a clear legal man for their team but after that, I think it’s safe to say that Psychotic Goth is it!”
Middle of the Match: You could call this the middle of the match given the circumstances. After only seconds of tossing Eric out of the ring, Redd then lifted Psychotic up from the mat, military pressing him high above his head. Walking across the ring, Redd then launched Psychotic into the air and right into the corner, face first onto the top turnbuckle where Darryl watched from the outside. Psychotic’s arm hits the broom propped against the corner, knocking it off the apron and down to the floor. Furious, Darryl begins yelling at Psychotic before slamming down onto the back of his head with forearms. Yelling to Redd, Darryl demands a tag be made and making his partner happy, Redd gladly walks over and slaps a high five with him.
JOHNSON: ”This thing is over before it even had a chance to get started.”
VASSA: ”I feel sorry for Psychotic Goth. Darryl has grown to love that broom. This can only end up terrible for the guy.”
End of the Match: Entering the ring, Darryl then begins laying into the back of Psychotics head with rapid rights. He then spins Psychotic around and slams him back first into the corner. Grabbing onto the top rope with both hands, Darryl then uses it as leverage while stomping repeatedly onto Psychotic’s stomach. Pulling Psychotic away from the corner, Darryl then lifts him horizontally into the air, position his head in front of the corner. Dropping down to one knee, Darryl slams Psychotic down onto his elevated knee with a backbreaker.
JOHNSON: ”The Jason Cashe Special!”
VASSA: ”I can’t believe he named it that.”
Turning to Redd, Darryl then tags him in before dipping through the ropes and dropping down to the floor to check on Broom. Once in the ring, Redd climbs up to the middle ropes of the corner and with Psychotic down beneath him looking up, Redd begins bouncing up and down on the ropes. Holding onto the top ropes, Redd then jumps up and back, using the ropes to guide himself as he comes straight down, landing on top of Psychotic with a Banzai Drop!
VASSA: ”Steamrolled!”
Sitting on top of Psychotic, Redd has him in position with his shoulders to the mat. Sliding in beside them, the official then begins the count.

VASSA: ”There you have it, REDD THUNDER and Darryl are headed to Bad Company!”
JOHNSON: ”These two flat out destroyed Eric McNeely and Psychotic Goth. They didn’t have a chance.”
VASSA: ”Did you really think they did booked against a monster like REDD?”
“The Thunder Rolls” hits the speakers as Redd slowly rises to his feet. He looks over the ropes and to the outside at Darryl, cradling the broom. With a look of relief on his face, Darryl gives Redd a thumbs up as the surrounding fans cheer that the broom is okay. Happy, Redd then begins to celebrate before the official catches him off guard by grabbing his arm. Snatching his arm away, Redd draws back to lay the official down but before he can, the official has already fled the ring.


The screen comes to life on Genevie Carlson. She is not currently backstage at this week’s Adrenaline if the backdrop is any indication. It’s definitely her hotel room. There’s also some wording in the bottom left corner that says “Previously Recorded.” She smiles into the camera
CARLSON: “Hey guys. As you can clearly tell I was unable to make it to Adrenaline tonight. I know you all miss me terribly. Especially after watching what I did to Mya Denton and Alexis Morrison well, I decided to make sure to stay as far away from her pussy stench as I can possibly get. Not to mention I know she’s probably after vengeance after I cost her that title she pretended she was worthy enough to hold.”
Genevie rolled her eyes and laughed to herself.
CARLSON: “No. Alexis you don’t get to put your hands on me and cheap shot me. You don’t get to take my idea and turn it around and teach me a lesson. I mean of course it would be the fair thing, but honestly? The world just isn’t fair. You had your opportunity plenty when I faced Mya Denton-King and you thought that you were actually in charge of what went down in and outside of that ring. When honestly you could have counted me out, disqualified me, beat me down and it still wouldn’t have stopped me from killing that little bitch.”
She shrugged and shook her head.
CARLSON: “But….I guess I can only be fair and offer you SOME kind of reward for not doing any of those things. Well I’m sure in your idiot brain you’ll find a way to see it as a reward. I propose a match. Between me and you. Bad Company. I don’t need any contendership on the line. I don’t need any titles, because well I already cost you yours. Just you and me. One more time. You can try to take your revenge. Since you lack any motivation to do it for yourself.”
Genevie seemed clearly annoyed at the thought as she brushed her hair back from her face and rolled her eyes again, waving off any thoughts in her head as she continued.
CARLSON: “I’ll just go ahead and give you a match where you can be lulled into a false sense of redemption. When in reality I’m going to fucking murder you like your name is Mya Denton-King. Like your name is Synnum De La Cruz. You came for my family, and now your only choice is to stand across from me in that ring while I beat you down and make you look like the dead rat you gave to my best friend as a gift for my godchild. So either accept my challenge for Bad Company, or don’t. Either way? I’ll be there and you better watch your back, bitch.”
She sarcastically blew a kiss into the camera before her arm moved to block the camera and the screen went black.


We come back to Ringside to show Vassa and Johnson.
JOHNSON: “Next up we have yet another Bad Company Qualifier!”
VASSA: “Oh joy, more tag team matches. At least we made it out of that Bermuda triangle of Four Way Matches we got lost in.”
JOHNSON: “Despite being overdosed on them, the landscape of 4CW has been shook up. Lets go to to Mike Powers for the introductions.”
The lights dim and we are greeted with a moment of silence until the sound of a light space-like musical twinkle and the accompaniment of Andre 3000 from Outkast can be faintly heard.
One two three

Blue and red lights begin to strobe along the entrance aisle and out come Hubert Smalls and Lil’ Boeing, both emulating circling planes just after coming from behind the curtain. Tail Earnhardt is also here, his cat carrier carefully set off to the side during the pre-walk pageantry.
POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, making their way down the aisle, accompanied by Tail Earnhardt…”
“In-slum-national, underground
Thunder pounds when I stomp the ground (Woo!)
Like a million elephants and silverback orangutans
You can’t stop a train
Who want some? Don’t come unprepared
I’ll be there, but when I leave there
Better be a household name
Weather man tellin’ us it ain’t gon’ rain
So now we sittin’ in a drop-top, soaking wet
In a silk suit, tryin’ not to sweat
Hits somersaults without the net
But this’ll be the year that we won’t forget”

The two stop and lock hands to face the ring area, raising their arms in a show of unity. With Boeing’s free hand, he proudly displays his ice: a Red Baron Snoopy that drapes around his neck. After a couple of moments of posing, they break off and Boeing makes his way down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans. Hubert follows closely behind after retrieving T.E., extending his free arm to also receive the adulation from the audience.
POWERS: “At a combined weight of four-hundred ten pounds…this is THE FRIENDLY SSKKIIEESS!!!”
“One-Nine-Nine-Nine, Anno Domini
Anything goes, be whatchu wanna be
Long as you know consequences, to give and for livin’
The fence is too high to jump in jail
Too low to dig, I might just touch hell
Get a life, now they on sale
Then I might cast you a spell, look at what came in the mail
A scale and some Arm and Hammer, soul gold grill and some baby mamma
Black Cadillac and a pack of pampers”

Boeing enters the ring as Hubert carefully places the cat carrier next to the timekeeper, thanking them for keeping an eye on him while he “restles.” Dat Plane Doe scales the turnbuckle with pride, peering up to the ceiling and throwing slow-motion roof punches to the tune of “B.O.B.”
“Stack of question with no answers
Cure for cancer, cure for AIDS
Make a nigga wanna stay on tour for days
Get back home, things are wrong
Well not really it was bad all along
before he left adds up, to a ball of power
Thoughts at a thousands miles per hour
Hello, ghetto, let your brain breathe,
believe there’s always more, ahhhhh!”

Hubert, now in the ring, scales the opposite turnbuckle and mimics Boeing’s dance — surprisingly with decent rhythm despite his white country roots. As the song hits the chorus, the two hop down and meet in the middle of the ring to embrace in a Friendly Skies hug, ready to perform for their fans.
“Don’t pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang
Yeah! Ha ha yeah!
Don’t even bang unless you plan to hit some thang
Yeah! Uhh-huh…”

JOHNSON: “Boeing and Hubert haven’t been around lately. Glad to see them back here tonight.”
VASSA: “I thought the only special needs person on the roster was Mariano?”
JOHNSON: “Jesus Vinny, what is wrong with you?”
The lights in the Sydney Super Dome go out. A purple light fills the arena as “Bad Girls” by M.I.A. starts to echo across the arena. Out from the back comes Sativa Nevaeh followed shortly by Lauryn Wolfe. The crowd pops to the duo and the stand at the top of the entrance ramp smiling out over the crowd.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, weighing it at a combined weight of Two Hundred and Fifty Two pounds, Sativa Nevaeh and Lauryn Wolfe, PURPLE HHAAZZEE!!!”
“Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well
Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well
My chain hits my chest
When I’m bangin’ on the dashboard
My chain hits my chest
When I’m bangin’ on the radio”

They start to make their way down to the ring, giving fans high fives along the way. Once they reach the ringside both ladies climb the ring steps and pose out to the crowd. They enter the ring and go to opposite corners, climbing to the second turnbuckle. Sativa throws her arms out in a ‘release the doves’ style pose, soaking in the crowds reaction. Opposite her Lauryn had a small smirk on her face. She lets out her signature howl, in which the audience does the same. The pair drops down to the mat and wait for the match to start.
VASSA: “You know Steve, I really miss the old Sativa. Back before she almost died.”
JOHNSON: “Yeah, she hasn’t been the same since then, that is for sure. Hopefully tonight her and Lauryn can make it to Bad Company.”

Beginning of the Match: Hubert exits the ring letting Boeing start off for the Friendly Skies. Sativa and Lauryn had a few words before both nod in agreement and Lauryn exits the ring. The ref calls for the bell and Boeing and Sativa circle each other. They come together in a tie up. Boeing uses his slight size advantage and tosses Sativa into the ropes. He telegraphs a back body drop and Sativa leaps over him. She rebounds off the ropes and leaps up for a Lou Thesz press but Boeing drops to the mat and rolls under her. Sativa lands on her feet and turns just as Boeing regains his. They both leap into the air for dropkicks and miss.
They both come up to one knee looking at each other. The crowd erupts at the back and fourth between the two. Boeing digs into his trunks pulling out a small roll of dollar bills. He then stands up and ‘makes it rain’ in the ring. Sativa grins and just shakes her head as the crowd pops louder for Boeing.
VASSA: “Boeing making it RAAAIIIINNN!!!!”
JOHNSON: “What an impressive series from those two.”
Middle of the Match: The match continued a bit back and fourth. Eventually Lauryn got the upper hand over Boeing and whipped him, hard, into Purple Haze’s corner. Hubert stomps on the ring apron and almost gets into the ring. The ref moves to make sure he doesn’t and Sativa wraps an arm around Boeing’s neck. Lauryn charges into the corner and lands a huge charging big boot to Boeing just a heartbeat after Sativa gets her arm out of the way.
End of the Match: The match was all but over after Hubert was dragging himself to his feet after a solid beat down since he finally got into the match. Sativa and Lauryn had, reluctantly, kept him cut off from Boeing. Sativa taking any shots at Boeing she could while she was in the ring. Boeing was trying to get to his feet on the outside and Sativa was playing to the crowd, calling for the end. Lauryn comes up behind Hubert and grabs his wrist. She spins him around and flips forward, landing a koppu kick.
JOHNSON: “Lauryn with Progression Vol. Two.”
VASSA: “This is over folks.”
Lauryn covers Hubert, hooking a leg and the ref slides into position.

Out of nowhere Boeing breaks up the pinfall. He then charges at an unsuspecting Sativa and nails her in the back with a dropkick. She flies off the ring apron and lands face first on the barricade. Boeing gets to his feet and is met with a clothesline from Lauryn. He stumbles but answers back with a hard right hand. The two start exchanging blows. The ref tries to get them to stop with very little effort. Lauryn eventually blocks a punch from Boeing and brings a knee up into his midsection, driving his breath out. She places a hand on the back of his neck and tosses him over the ropes and down to the floor.
She turns around to pin Hubert again and is greeted by a kick to the gut. She doubles over and Hubert places her head between his legs and hooks her arms. He lifts her up and sits down with a Tiger Driver.
VASSA: “Hubert outta nowhere with the Moon Pie!”
JOHNSON: “That took Lauryn down but what does Hubert have left to possibly win this? Both of them are down.”
The ref gets to a four count before Hubert makes it, wobbly, to his feet. Lauryn isn’t far behind him. She advances on him but he is quick to grab her wrist and whip her into the ropes. As Lauryn hits the ropes Sativa, who just happened to climb back up to the apron, tags her shoulder and the ref acknowledges the tag but Hubert doesn’t see it. He stumbles back into the far ropes and heaves Lauryn over with a back body drop.
Sativa climbs into the ring slowly. Hubert turns around and the pair lock eyes. A torn look crosses Sativa’s face. She takes a deep breath and can be seen mouthing the words, “I’m Sorry” to Hubert. They two then charge at each other. Sativa was the quicker and drops Hubert down with a Reverse STO. She kicks her legs up and wraps them around Hubert’s head and neck, locking him in the Koji Clutch.
JOHNSON: “Sativa has it locked in in the middle of the ring, Hubert has nowhere to go.”
Hubert valiantly fights against the hold. Sativa begging him to just tap out. His struggles start to slow before his eyes close and his hand drops to the mat. The ref checks on Hubert and then taps Sativa on the back to have her let go. He then calls for the bell as Sativa releases the hold, tears in her eyes.

Sativa untangles herself from Hubert and is right next to the ref checking on him. She looks to the entrance ramp and yells for a trainer or medic to come check on him
POWERS: “Here are your winners, Advancing to Bad Company in Tokyo Japan, Lauryn Wolfe and Sativa Nevaeh, PURPLE HHAAZZEE!!!”
The medic gets into the ring just as Hubert is coming back around. After a few moments Hubert slowly makes it to his feet with the help of the medic and Sativa. She raises his arm and the crowd pops. Hubert and Boeing are both helped to the back as Sativa and Lauryn embrace in the ring and then climb opposite turnbuckles to pose for the crowd.

Anastasia Hayden, the Fate Champion, looks into the camera with her cold eyes.. For the first time, she’s holding onto her belt, gripping it by the edge of the black leather. She takes a moment to look over her shoulder; right at the 4CW backdrop behind her. A small chuckle is heard before she looks back to the camera, a slight smirk on her face.
HAYDEN: ”Tonight’s the big night. The main event. Bronx Valescence. Anastasia Hayden. The big, bad 4CW Champion against the lowly Fate Champion. That’s the narrative that Bronx wants to roll with. He wants to unbuckle his championship from around his waist and hold it up right in my face…he wants to act like I care. I’ve seen champions come and go…what makes you any different, Bronx? You’ll just be another name soon enough…so do us both a favor and try to restrain yourself from embarrassing yourself. This isn’t a dick measuring match where we get to see just who is the better champion, Bronx…don’t fool yourself.”
She lifts up the Fate Championship for the camera before carelessly tossing it up in the air. Watching it above her, Ana lazily holds her hand out to catch it and barely does. Back in her grip, she just looks at the belt with disgust and then back to the camera.
HAYDEN: ”This Fate Championship? I don’t care for it. I never will. I have to drag this paperweight with me everywhere. It’s a burden. So, do you really think I care when you hold your belt up in my face? I’m not interested in the 4CW Championship, Bronx. I’m interested in kicking your teeth down your throat. Hell, only time I’m interested in that belt is when I pick it up and drive it right into the skull. That’s it…honestly. Keep screaming that you’re the 4CW Champion for as long as you can because we both know once your time is up…that’s it for Bronx Valescence. Once you lose that belt, you go right back to being a joke on Twitter…me? I stay the same.”
A matter-of-fact tone accompanies Ana; borderline sticking her nose up in the air with her snobbery.
HAYDEN: ”I stay the same because I was never a joke to begin with. I didn’t need cheap laughs to get to where I am today. You want to know why I stretch myself thin, Bronx? Because I didn’t lose my passion for wrestling. To constantly get better. I didn’t become some hollow shell when I signed with 4CW like you did. Call all the companies I work for shit…but you know what? I’m faring a lot better than you did when you last ventured off the 4CW pasture. How’d that loss against Blaise Fader feel? Must’ve felt pretty damn rough since It was bad enough to send you back home to daddy and lock yourself away.”
Ana frees up her hands by simply letting go of the Fate Championship and brings them up to make a mocking crying gesture before rolling her eyes.
HAYDEN: ”Don’t think that anyone comes to see Bronx Valescence…they come to see the 4CW Championship. And you’ll never be better than that. I’d love to say that’d hurt your ego to know, but you’re so far up your own ass…would you even care? Hell, even in your match against Mariano…people don’t want to see you…they want to see Manny get destroyed or they want to see him win it. At Ante Up, you were an afterthought once the numbers were against you. So don’t preach to me like people actually give a fuck about Bronx Valescence the wrestler…because they don’t. Bronx Valescence, Jason Cashe, Dakota Smith, Jair Hopkins, or even Mariano Fernandez…the names change…but they keep showing up. Is it you they come to see?”
Her tone has gone back to a cold one as she glares into the camera in silence for a few seconds.
HAYDEN: ”You played the game right, Bronx. Congratulations. You abandoned everyone that respected you…and for what? Championships? Fame? Fortune? If kissing ass and abandoning what you believe in is ‘playing the game’…then well played. I’ll never win that one. Frankly, I don’t care enough. So in a sense, you’re right, Bronx. You’re right when you said that I’ll never be like you…”
Reaching back down, Ana lifts up the Fate Championship and steps toward the camera; the sound of the belt dragging along the floor being heard. She glares at the audience and allows for a grin to form at the corner of her mouth.
HAYDEN: ”Because I’ll never be a joke.”
More of her intense staredown with the camera before Ana takes her belt and makes her exit; the camera cutting to elsewhere in the arena.


The lights fade out inside of the arena as “Swish Swish” begins to play and Tiffani Michaels steps out from behind the curtain. She is dressed in her ring gear with a short fitted leather jacket that she is holding with the tips of her fingertips as she looks out at the crowd of people greeting her with a mixed reaction of cat calls and cheers. She tosses her head back, letting her blonde hair fall across her shoulders, before she walks down along the ramp where some of the fans reach out attempting to brush up against her for a brief moment.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California… TIFFANI MMIICCHHAAEELLSS!!!”
Tiffani approaches closer to the ring as she makes her way up the steel steps, pausing for a brief moment as she looks out towards the crowd, before she steps up onto the apron and carefully makes her way through the ropes. She walks towards the middle of the ring as she removes her leather jacket handing it off to someone standing outside of the ring. The lights come back inside of the arena as she walks around the ring stretching her arms out in preparation for her match.
JOHNSON: ”Better watch your mouth or Jett will come slap that drool right off your face.”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder followed not far by the imposing Luiz Cavalcante and the beautiful Carmella Wilder. Though generally the young and small Wilder alone would not be imposing with his atrocious dance moves we get a close up of the imposing Luiz walking to the ring to really strike some form of fear. Clapping her son on is Carmella with her glasses on looking professional as she usually does, as Wilder bounces up the steps stopping.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by Carmella Wilder and Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Waiting for Luiz who as usual doesn’t look pleased to have to stop and lower the top rope down so that Wilder can jump over it to show off. Shaking his head as he follows him into the ring as Jett jumps up to the top rope pounding his chest as the crowd boos him. Carmella walks around the ring ignoring the cat calls and the boos to continue to cheer her son on as Jett bounces off the ropes and heads to the other side with Luiz standing behind him arms crossed. Finally bouncing back down taking off the hoodie he came out with to hand to Luiz who walks to the ropes to hand it out to Carmella as Jett readies himself.
VASSA: ”This bitch boy isn’t going to do shit. His mom fights his battles for him and she’d just as soon suck my dick as fight me.”
JOHNSON: ”Vinny… you have bigger tits than she does and that’s saying something. I don’t think you’re her type.”
The arena rests in a soft gradient of the rising sun, shifting away from the usual lighting fixture.
“One day, Simba… The sun will set on my time here, and will rise through you as the new king.
And this will all be mine?
Everything the light touches…
…Everything the lights touches.”

As the legendary speech given in the Lion King fades away, a loud siren drones over the PA system. “Hero” by Nas starts to blurt out, blasting the entire arena heavily. The lights ditch from the peaceful settings to a torrent of flashing colors. Blue and white cycle rapidly as the beat truly picks up. The audience gets on their feet for the arrival of Killah B. A jet of smoke comes out the stage, shrouding the entrance way.
“Chain gleaming, switching lanes, two-seater
Hate him or love him for the same reason
Can’t leave it, the game needs him
Plus the people need someone to believe in
So in God’s Son we trust
Cause they know I’m gonna give em what they want
They looking for a hero, I guess that makes me a hero”

Brandon Banks makes his way out suddenly, absorbing the initial pop that he gets. He stares out to the audience for a moment. A smile dawns on his face, before he starts to nod his head. He mouths that he does deserve the reaction. He turns his back on them literally and throws his arms out. He walks backward down the ring ramp, begging for more of a reaction. When he gets it, he turns around and the first thing he does and tells the fans off. Despite the verbal abuse and him almost smacking a fan.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring… Proudly representing HIS CITY of New Jersey… He is the ONE… THE ONLY… BRANDON BBAANNKKSS!!!”
Yet, his showboating comes to an end as he draws focus on what comes ahead. He tucks his head, and methodically makes his way up the ring steps. When he stops, he raises his head slowly only to give a serious look to the camera. He enters the ring and heads straight for the middle. His arms goes up, getting another pop from the hot crowd. He follows this by climbing the top rope and sending up the ‘roc’ with his hands. He descends down with a shadow looming over his features. Just as his feet touch the mat, Banks drops to his knees, and proceeds to lean back against the corner in typical form, waiting for the match to begin.
VASSA: ”I’m gonna fuck this faggots bitch too. Goddamn fifty-seven cent man.”
JOHNSON: ”Sure thing, Vincent.”
A black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She’s caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and “In Distress” by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.
“I’m something out this world, nothing like the rest
Nigga, win the fair game, fuck with the best
Just a kid with the grown men, rep to protect
Since it’s so rare so there’s a whole land left in distress.”

POWERS: “Originating from the coordinates of 40.7500° North, and 73.8667° West, it is none other than LYZA RREEYYEESS!!!”
Lyza Reyes walks down the aisle in her gear consisting of a black and gold sequined hoodie, black shorts, and black lace up boots. She tags a few hands of spectators along the way, before entering the ring. The music fades as she does a last second warm up.
JOHNSON: ”It’s great to see Lyza back in 4CW, honestly. I know she’s accomplished a lot in her career elsewhere but, if you ask me, this is home for her.”
VASSA: ”I’m not sure she knows what is home anymore since she’s dating what looks like Homeless Hartman’s son.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re starting to sound like Jett Wilder, who didn’t mince words with Brandon Banks in the build up for this match.”
VASSA: ”Yes, but the ladies were classy A.F. weren’t they. The fairer sex lived up to their reputation.”
JOHNSON: ”But are Tiffani and Lyza the weak links on their teams? There’s some speculation that that may be the case. Brandon Banks just won No Man’s Land and Jett Wilder has been successful in his own right since coming back to 4CW.”

Beginning of the Match: Lyza and Tiff begin the match and the action is quick with Tiffani gaining the early advantage with a side headlock, dragging Lyza toward the corner where Jett is standing, smiling a bit surprised but also approvingly. Tiffani delivers a few strikes before tagging Jett in. There’s a moment where it seems the fans wonder whether or not Jett will hit a woman but instead of hitting her he kicks her in the stomach as Tiff lets go of the headlock. He goes to drive another boot into Lyza’s stomach when she catches his foot and then swings her left leg around, clocking him with a spinning heel kick that slams him back into the turnbuckle pads of his own corner. Standing up straight, Lyza leaps and cracks Jett in the chest with a standing drop kick. Tiffani tags herself back in with a blind tag slap off the back of Jett, which the referee acknowledges. Tiff climbs up the top ropes and launches herself off the top, flattening Lyza with a diving cross body. Lyza, though, is quick to roll through on the cross body attempt, flipping Tiffani over, surprising her with a quick pinning predicament. Before the referee can slide in to count anything, Tiffani kicks out and both women are back to their feet, ready to go toe to toe some more until they both decide to back up to their own corners and tag their other halves into the match for the first time. Banks smirks as he steps through the ropes and into the ring. Across from him, Jett does the exact same thing as the crowd begins to buzz with anticipation.
VASSA: ”Look at those two beautiful women outclassing their significant others. Someone should talk them into breaking up with their boyfriends but then Banks would probably drunk tweet for the next six years and I’d rather die than go through that again.”
JOHNSON: ”How do you drunk tweet on phones that have autocorrect?”
VASSA: ”I think he was tweeting from a car phone.”
JOHNSON: ”Do those even exist anymore? I think I was 85 years old when those first came out.”
Middle of the Match: Banks and Jett circle the ring before meeting in the middle. The referee dips behind Brandon, trying to get a better view of the action, which Jett uses to advantage throwing a thumb up into the eye of his opponent. Stumbling backwards, Jett runs to the ropes nearby and leaps, spring boarding off of the middle rope and twisting in the air and driving his knee into Banks jaw. It’s still not enough to take him down, though, and as Jett takes off to the ropes once more Brandon follows him. When he leaps for the middle rope and begins to bounce back, Banks locks on and wraps his arms around Jett’s waist, swinging him violently over head and driving him down to the mat with a german suplex whose momentum was only made more swift by the attempted springboard maneuver Jett had attempted. Jett crashes across the ring and Banks quickly tags Lyza in, running across the ring to knock Tiffani down off of the ring apron as Lyza connects with a frog splash across the chest of Jett Wilder. Banks dips out of the ring as Lyza covers for a pinning attempt but Jett manages to kick out at the last second. irritated, Lyza drives an elbow down into Jetts temple as Banks finds his way back up to the ring apron where he should have been the whole time as Lyza turned and tagged him back in. Once more he steps through the ropes, this time kneeling down to pull Jett back up to his feet. Yet as he does Jett spins and leaps, catching Brandon with an enziguri kick to the temple that flattens Banks down to the mat. Both men then lie on the mat as the fans start clapping and cheering, encouraging them both to get back to their feet, happy with the action that they’ve seen so far.
JOHNSON: ”Who’s going to get the tag first?”
End of the Match: Jett dives across the ring, slapping hands with Tiffani, tagging her into the match just as Brandon stands and spins, tagging Lyza into the match. As Lyza steps into the ring Tiffani collides with her, slamming her back into the corner. She quickly slams rapid forearms into Lyza’s temple. As she goes to land one final strike to knock her down, Banks catches her around the head and drops down off the side of the ring apron, guillotining her throat against the top rope and sending her stumbling backwards. Lyza immediately pulls herself up to the top rope and leaps, connecting with DREAMCATCHER! A cross body that levels Tiff as Banks steps into the ring and sprints across, throwing his entire body over the top rope, catching Jett around the neck and pulling him down from the ring apron to the outside, crashing them both into the ring barrier. Backing across to the opposite corner, Lyza stalks her opponent as Tiffani slowly gets back up to her feet. As she does she turns and Lyza runs at her, spinning and leaping into the air. GRAVITASS! Quickly, Lyza follows it up with a roll up pin as the ref slides in yet again.


The backstage piece opens with footage of Anastasia Hayden in a different ring than 4CW. In fact, it seems it is Monarchy Wrestling. As she stands in the ring, she says something on the microphone. Out from the crowd comes Bronx Valescence as he rolls into the ring and stands beside Anastasia Hayden. The two look over at one another and nod before the screen fades into Bronx Valescence sitting backstage with the 4CW championship over his shoulder.
VALESCENCE: “There hasn’t been a time in professional wrestling for me when Anastasia Hayden hasn’t been involved in some way. We’ve been up and down the roads. I’ve taken trips to visit her, she’s came to visit me… This is the first time we’ve been across the ring from one another.”
The other footage that plays shows brief backstages instances where Ana and Bronx are in the same place. Some of it is candid footage of them kidding around and joking. Some of it is them taking promotional pictures together.
VALESCENCE: ”Within any group of people, there’s competition, you know? You always want to know who is the best. At first it’s always playful. But it always leaves those questions of… who is really the best? Who is really a leader. I think Generation Now ran into it. Ana and I have been in the same circle since I broke into the business, and now that it’s all bubbled to a head? Now we’ve got to find out who is better.”
Bronx paused for a second.
VALESCENCE: ”And I wish this was under different circumstances. I wish I was standing across the ring of a person whom I could walk up after and shake their hand no matter what happened—but I can’t now. Ana has picked her road, she was always destined to go down that road. No, you won’t see any handshakes you tonight. You won’t see anything pretty in this match tonight. I’m out to bust Anastasia up. I’m out to knock that scowl off of her face with whatever it takes, and I promise neither one of us will be the same when we walk out.”
A picture came up on the screen, it was Bronx and Ana during training, sharing a hug. Both of them had a smile on their face. It faded back to Bronx as he adjusted the title around his shoulder.
VALESCENCE: “Some people in this business need their back broken to make them humble. Ana has been bashing in the brains of everyone she has stepped across from. That stops tonight, because if I have to break bad to teach someone a lesson? So be it. Ana is nothing more than angsty teenager, but this isn’t high school. It’s a goddamn jungle, and I’m the king of said jungle. I just hope Ana is ready, because I’m not walking out of that ring with anything less than her respect, and I’m not walking out of that ring until she is humbled—for the first time in her career.”
We fade.

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez, his message stated, is leaving the Sydney Superdome through the parking lot.
JOHNSON: ”And there DA #TROLL GUY goes. This is the first time he’s not supposed to appear in a match, but that hasn’t stopped the Number One contender for the 4CW Title from making his presence in Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”Not like ANYONE wanted to see him anyway.”
JOHNSON: ”Get on that hate train all you want, Vinny, but Mariano Fernandez has shown great progress ever since first stepping in. Even 4CW Champion Bronx Valescence has reluctantly said this.”
VASSA: ”I still can’t wait for him to sleep forever after Bronx steamrolls through him at Bad Company.”
JOHNSON: ”Comments like that will only make fans root for him even more – but you have to wonder on top of the amount of pressure already laid on his shoulders, how the animosity from his fellow competitors on Twitter will play upon his mindset.”
VASSA: ”I don’t give a shit what his mindset is, I just love seeing him get roasted!”
JOHNSON: ”Sure you do, Vinny.”
As Mariano walks by in his usual nonchalant and relaxed step, he hears a loud, thunderous familiar voice calling him.
Stopping and looking in the voice’s direction, Mariano finds none other than REDD THUNDER. Giving him a thumbs up and a smile, he goes to his encounter.
FERNANDEZ: “MONSIEUR Thunder! We’re finally on the field, we’ve had quite a run! IMMIGRANTS…”
Mariano pauses, waiting for the Chosen of the Gods to finish the verse, but something seems quite amiss as REDD THUNDER stands still, looking at him, and shaking his head.
Manny winces, looking away.
FERNANDEZ: “Sorry, chico. Celine Dion ain’t my style, you know how it goes. Them chick flicks, they’re NOT…”-

DA #TROLL GUY stands still for a brief second, not understanding what the gigantic heavy-set man means, but reacts by lifting his hands up in peace.
FERNANDEZ: “Listen mang – I ain’t even att-”
Mariano arches an eyebrow, in complete confusion.
FERNANDEZ: “Whoa wait, hold up – you have a sister?”
Mariano rolls his eyes at first, then takes a deep breath and clasps his hands.
FERNANDEZ: “GOD DAMNIT MANG! I already told you it was A GOD DAMNED MATCH and I hit my finisher on her. That’s ALL that happened there. And I ain’t even take her belt, mang, that was Paige. Plus she’ll go at it again, so no harm done anyway.”
Far from being satisfied, however, THUNDER begins fuming at Manny’s response, but – to his probable misfortune – the latter is not yet done, raising an index finger.
FERNANDEZ: “And besides, I told you already, chico. I ain’t got nothing against Celine god damned Dion – I don’t even think she’s a BAD singer, mang. I just belong to another god damned type of music, mang, is all. Give me a bunch of angry punks riding skateboards, I dunno, Bad Religion, the Offspring, that kind of thing. Or denim-and-leather clad heavy metal talking about glorious battle like Iron god damned Maiden, mang. I don’t want to hear no chick flick soundtracks, OKAY?”
At that point, REDD THUNDER knocks Mariano’s hands off violently, grabbing him by his leather jacket and slamming him onto a nearby wall!
Mariano’s face goes white with shock and red with embarrassment, beginning to shake his head wildly.
FERNANDEZ: “NONONONONONONO! I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THAT SHIT, MANG-! I mean I wouldn’t mind buying her dinner BUT I-”
REDD THUNDER, at this moment, begins pacing back and forth, his breath audible almost like a wild bear growling.
JOHNSON: ”Uh-oh! The big man is mad!”
Manny prepares for the worst as REDD begins popping his knuckles on his massive hands. Ready for anything, DA #TROLL GUY looks up at him; however, THUNDER sighs, and puts his hand on Manny’s shoulder.
FERNANDEZ: “Whew! Thank Talos, mang.”
Redd slaps Manny on the back, Manny breathes a sigh of relief, and smiles looking up at the Walking Disaster. The two seem to be enjoying their reminiscence about songs sung for the sake of battle…
… Until Redd takes a HUGE cheap shot at Manny with his powerful right hand. As Manny lies writhing on the ground, Redd Thunder drops what looks like a set of brass knuckles from his hand, before picking him up and shoving him hard against the side of a nearby car!
Just then, REDD THUNDER picks up the Number One contender, and drives him onto the hood of the car with a MASSIVE POWERBOMB!!!
VASSA: ”YES!!! THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR, GO THUNDER BAYBAY!!! I think Manny made a nice dent on that car!”
JOHNSON: ”Come on, Vinny, that was ABSOLUTELY uncalled for!”
VASSA: ”tHaT wAs aBsOlUtElY uNcAlLeD fOR! Fuck outta here with that shit, Steve! That’s just a taste of what DA #TROLL GUY is in for when the 4CW Champion humiliates him publicly!”
JOHNSON: ”Or maybe it will be the final straw before Manny decides he’s had enough abuse.”
Proud of the nefarious deed he’s just committed, REDD THUNDER adds insult to injury by spitting on the lifeless Manny before walking away.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The double bass drum pounds rhythmically pounds out the intro to “Die Trying” by Art of Dying before a silence that ends abruptly with heavy guitar as Kaelan emerges from behind the curtains first with a face full of smiles and throws up the ‘rawkfist’ towards the fans who answer it back. Behind her Bryan walks with a slightly different facial expression of happiness than his other half. They meet in the middle of the stage and Bryan extends his hand locking fingers into hers as the two make their way down the entrance ramp and to the apron.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Horrorwood Los Angeles, California; BRYAN LAUGHLIN AND KAELAN PRICE! They are BAELIN CCLLUUBB!!!”
Bryan flashes a wink to Kaelan as they now stand on opposite ring posts and address the crowd, each of them posing for the admiration cheers.
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
“Legend Has It” begins to play, as the lights turn down in the arena. It takes a few seconds for the song to kick in, but the lights come back on once Killer Mike is heard. The song is now in full swing, as the lights react to the beat. Bryan and Persephone step out from the back, a spotlight beaming down for the both of them. Marquis carries a rather large, and condescending smile on her face. Bryan, on the other hand has his head held down low. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his right hand and extends his pointer finger.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, at a combined weight of Three Hundred and Seventeen pounds, the team of PERSEPHONE MARQUIS AND BRYAN WILLIAMS… SSAADDBBOOIIZZ!!!”
Persephone waits, a bit impatiently, for Bryan to finish with his posing. Bryan doesn’t waste too much time, as the two walk down to the ring. They head down to the ring rather quickly, not wasting much time with anything else. Both slide under the bottom rope, entering the ring as they get prepared for the upcoming match.
VASSA: ”Well then, this is a rather odd pairing if I do say so myself.”
JOHNSON: ”What do you mean? Bryan and Kaelan have teamed up before.”
VASSA: ”I meant Queef teaming up with Cashe’s mortal enemy!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen odder pairings before, right? Just last year Cashe and Williams were a team in Bad Company and dang near won the entire tournament.”
VASSA: ”Until Cashe turned on him! How can Bryan trust that she won’t do the same to him? She is Cashe’s fiancé after all, even though I don’t understand how he managed to pull that.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s just see how it works. Maybe they’ll click.”
VASSA: ”Adrenaline versus Octane!”
JOHNSON: ”Laughlin and Kalean have teamed before, successfully I might add. Given that stat alone, I’d say these two have the edge in this one as a cohesive unit.”
VASSA: ”I’d SaY tHeSe TwO hAvE tHe Edge…”
JOHNSON: ”Just stop it right there!”

Beginning of the Match: The two Bryan’s kick things off, locking up in the center of the ring before Laughlin drives a knee into Williams’ stomach, quickly following it up with an elbow to the back of the head as he lunged over. Holding Williams down and in place, Laughlin then begins driving knees upward into his stomach before jumping up and hitting him square in the face with a double knee, knocking him backwards into the air before crashing hard to the mat. After minutes of slowly working Williams down with various German suplexes, Laughlin then tags his partner, Kaelan, into the action. Lifting Williams up, Laughlin then belly to belly suplexes him back down before rolling out of the ring and onto the apron. On top of the corner, Kaelan then dives off, flying through the air and hitting Williams directly in the head with a diving headbutt. Making the cover, Kaelan goes to end it as Marquis looks on from the outside, not even worried about breaking it up before Williams kicks out at the two. Pulling Williams up to his feet, Kaelan hits him across the chest with back to back chops before locking onto his wrist and whipping him to the ropes. Reversing the throw, Williams sends Kaelan racing to the ropes instead and as she comes back on the return, she runs towards her and leaps in her direction, wiping her out with an enziguri. Dragging Kaelan to his corner, he then pulls her up before making the tag with Marquis and pulling Kaelan a few feet away. As Williams holds kaelan in place, Marquis then pulls herself up to the top rope and springboards off, flying through the air and connecting with a wheel kick!
JOHNSON: ”Both of these teams are really bringing the heat tonight!”
VASSA: ”I like seeing frequent tags and so far, we’ve seen everyone enter this match only minutes into the thing.”
JOHNSON: ”Laughlin has had his experience with the Adrenaline roster in the past, but this is a completely different world for Kaelan and not the Octane she’s grown familiar with.”
Middle of the Match: Tearing into Kaelan with a striking combo, Marquis then drops her to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Making the cover, she hooks the leg and just as the officials hand slaps the mat a second time, Laughlin is right there to break things up. Arguing from the apron, Williams grabs Laughlin’s attention and before he knows it, Laughlin charges him and plants an elbow to his forehead, knocking him off the apron and down to the floor. Helping Kaelan back to her feet, the two then stomp on Marquis together before Laughlin is forced to exit the ring due to the officials count. After back to back snap suplexes, Kaelan grabs ahold of Marquis, wrapping both arms around her before lifting her into the air and slamming her to her back with a belly to belly suplex. Grabbing her legs, she applies a Texas Cloverleaf but before she can get it fully locked in, Williams enters the ring unannounced and kicks her right between the eyes. Racing over, Laughlin connects with a stiff right to Williams’ mouth before the two begin throwing wild lefts and rights, brawling from one side of the ring all the way to the other. Prying himself in between the two, the official forces them to go their separate ways and back to their corners. With order established in the ring once more, Kaelan and Marquis have both climbed to their feet. After a few minutes of chain wrestling featuring various slams, Marquis gets the upperhand with a hip toss. On top of Kaelan, she then pounds away at her head with rapid punches. Back on her feet, Marquis then stomps onto Kaelan’s fingers, bringing a shit eating grin stretched across her face. Dragging Kaelan over to her corner, she then tags in Williams who immediately enters the ring. Lifting Kaelan into the air and onto his shoulders, Williams drops her with a neckbreaker and as she slowly rises, he follows up with a superkick as she gets to both knees – knocking her flat on her back once more. Making the cover, the official drops in beside them but before we even get halfway there, Laughlin pulls him off of his partner. The two begin to brawl once again, and like before, the official breaks them up and sends Laughlin to his corner.
VASSA: ”These two have been at it all week with smart comments towards one another on social media. I knew this was going to lead to these two wanting to rip the others head off.”
JOHNSON: ”Those kids are vicious on social media, aren’t they?”
VASSA: ”You have no idea, Steve. I don’t even have an account and I know about the trouble the 4CW roster constantly gets into.”
JOHNSON: ”What exactly is a DTF account if you don’t mind me asking?”
VASSA: ”WOAH STEVE!!! What have you been up to?!”
End of the Match: In the final moments of the match, Williams has Kaelan right where he wants her after nearly putting her out of commission with a series of high impact moves. Going for finish her off with the CTE, he lifts her upside down into the air but before he can drop her on his knee with the brainbuster, Kaelan slips out of his grip and drops down to her feet behind him. Stumbling backwards, she extends her arm behind her and slaps hands with Laughlin who leans over the top rope, reaching as far as he can into the ring. Dipping throw the ropes, Laughlin charges Williams and just as he turns around to face him, Laughlin destroys him with a superkick to the face, laying him out with his Superkek! Pacing the ring, Laughlin taunts Williams and in the blink of an eye, he immediately whips around and catches Marquis off guard. Without her even seeing it coming, he connects with another Superkek, sending her flying off the apron and crashing hard to the floor. Pulling Williams up from the mat, Laughlin drags him over to his corner before setting him up across the middle ropes on both sides of the corner, elevating his entire body. Climbing the corner from the outside, Kaelan locks onto the top rope and jumps over, swinging herself around and landing on Williams’ stomach with double knees. As Williams falls down from the corner, he leans against it in an upright seated position. At the top of the corner across the same set of ropes, Laughlin stands tall. Leaping through the air, he goes from one side of the ring to the other, connecting with a coast to coast drop kick!
JOHNSON: ”From Belfast With Love!”
VASSA: ”Burning River Leap!”
With Marquis still down on the outside, Laughlin drags Williams away from the corner before making the cover. Pacing the ring, Kaelan keeps a close eye on Marquis as the official counts.

JOHNSON: ”They pulled it off in what could arguably be considered the biggest tag team match of the night!”
“Die Trying” hits the speakers as Laughlin and Kaelan celebrate in the center of the ring. Splitting the two, the official locks onto one of their arms, raising them both together high into the air.


The cameras shift backstage to a somewhat secluded backstage area of the Sydney Super Dome. In the background, the sounds of people talking can barely be heard coming from the distance. In the shadows of the camera shot, a door at the end of a hallway slowly opens and a few seconds later, Perry Wallace pops his head out, searching the area for any bystanders. Not noticing the camera, he then looks back into the room with a nod before stepping out into the open. Not far behind him, Carmella Wilder follows, straightening her skirt. Their hair is messy and clothes to match.
VASSA: ”Well, well, well… what do we have here?”
JOHNSON: ”That appears to be Perry Wallace and Carmella Wilder. I assume that she has been pleading to get out of this match following the in-ring appearance earlier when the Extreme Championship match was announced.”
VASSA: ”Really? Come on now, Steve. You saw how Perry was acting earlier and after seeing this, it all makes sense. He was worried about the wellbeing of Carmella! Those two are–“
JOHNSON: ”Don’t go jumping to any conclusions, Vinny. You and I, and everyone else watching doesn’t know what happened behind that door.”
Buttoning his shirt up to the second from the last button, Perry walks alongside Carmella with a smile on his face. The two walk close together before Carmella steps in front of him. Cutting his eyes downward Perry watches the way her body shifts from left to right with each step she takes. The two then notice the camera rolling not far ahead as it brings them both to an abrupt stop in the hall.
WALLACE: ”Umm… I… I don’t know what else to… I’m sorry Carmella but the match is what it is.”
C. WILDER: ”You can change it, make it a pillow fight match. That is extreme! Or at least make it a normal match where he can’t spit fire at me.”
WALLACE: ”I can’t have it be a pillow fight match.”
C. WILDER: ”We both know pillow fights are fun…And so do the fans they would love it!”
WALLACE: ”It’s the Extreme championship. Falls Count Anywhere? It could be a lot worse.”
C. WILDER: ”It’s just not fair.”
As the two stumble on their words in an attempt to cover up something, something catches both of their attention as things begin to get even more awkward.
VOICE: ”What’s up guys?”
Stepping into the picture Jett Wilder approaches his mother, standing by her side.
C. WILDER: ”Hello Jett, it’s so nice to see you! I didn’t expect to bump into you back here.”
WALLACE: ”Yes, hello Jett. I… hope you are having a wonderful time here in Australia. Um, have you had a chance to shoot some hoops with Bronx since being here?”
Noticing something suspicious, Jett then bursts into laughter as he raises his hand to point at Perry.
J. WILDER: ”What is that on your face?”
Not exactly sure how to answer, Perry stalls for a moment before Carmella speaks up.
C. WILDER: ”It’s nothing Jett. Don’t poke fun at people, okay sweetie.”
At that moment, the camera then zooms underneath Perry’s ear where what looks to be lipstick is smeared across his skin.
J. WILDER: ”Haha! This is too funny. After the makeup contest earlier, I can’t believe you talked Perry into trying some on mom.”
C. WILDER: ”Yes sweetie! That’s exactly what we were doing. After Perry saw how much fun that could have been out there he and I decided to have a makeup contest of our own.”
Stepping close to Perry, Carmella then licks her thumb before using it to wipe away the lipstick smeared on Perry’s neck.
WALLACE: ”Yeah… you know me. I’m always looking to have some fun and games backstage here at the shows. You got me Jett. I hope you don’t roast me too badly on twitter for this.”
J. WILDER: ”It’s ok, Frankie always said you were a little weird.”
C. WILDER: ”Well that’s enough, don’t you think? Let’s start getting ready to pack our things and head back to the hotel.”
J. WILDER: ”Okay. I need to get with Tiffani anyway. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Where are you staying mom? I noticed that you only checked in a room for me when we got here.”
Another awkward silence fills the air but quick on her feet, Carmella answers Jett before the wheels in his head begin to turn.
C. WILDER: ”I’m staying in another hotel. I don’t want you to feel smothered with your mom in the same hotel as you.”
J. WILDER: ”Sounds legit. Let’s get out of here!”
C. WILDER: ”Let’s go.”
J. WILDER: ”See you around, Perry.”
WALLACE: ”See you–“
Before he can finish, Jett grabs onto his mother’s arm and turns her around as he does so himself.
WALLACE: ”…around kiddo.”
Leading the way, Jett proceeds up the hall with Carmella right behind him. A look of disappointment comes over Perry’s face until Carmella turns around and holds her hand to the side of her head imitating a telephone as her lips read “call me later.” The disappointment then vanishes as he smiles and points at her, very similar to the popular images of him floating around on social media.
JOHNSON: ”What exactly just happened there?”
VASSA: ”I swear that kid has no idea what’s going on in the world around him.”


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo. As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains, holding her 4CW Fate Championship by its strap. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she starts to make her way down to the ring.
”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, hailing from Steele, North Dakota… weighing in at one hundred and twenty-eight pounds… she is the ‘GRAND DUCHESS’… and the current 4CW Fate Champion… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”
”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

The announcement of her name only draws more hatred from the crowd as she tosses the 4CW Fate Championship into the ring before leaping up to the apron and climbing through the ropes. Lifting her championship off the canvas, she holds it up high for a few seconds before dragging it over to a free corner in the ring and dropping it back on the mat before she perches herself onto the top turnbuckle.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The “Stranger Things” intro starts to kick over the house speakers as the fans give their initial pop when smoke begins to fill the stage. As the remix to “Starboy” kicks in, Bronx slowly makes his way out on stage. Pausing in the middle of the stage, he turns sideways and points a finger gun towards the ring before he pulls the trigger and gives a loud, audible laugh before he pulls his ring jacket back to reveal the 4CW Championship around his waist, he continues down the ramp, a smug grin on his face as he slaps hands with hands on either side of the ramp, occasionally pointing at the belt and talking trash.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… He is the 4CW Champion… BRONX VVAALLEESSCCEENNCCEE!!!”
When Bronx gets down to the end of the ramp, he uses one leap onto the ring apron, and then spins around, holding onto the ropes before rising his feet on the apron and walking over to his corner and using the ropes to vault into the ring. Pulling his title belt off with one hand, he opens his arms out to either side he spins until he bounces into the ropes and poses one time for the fans before smirking and removing his ring jacket and sunglasses, neatly placing them underneath his corner turnbuckle before leaping onto the top turnbuckle to sit.
VASSA: ”I can’t wait to see this train wreck!”
JOHNSON: ”What are you talking about Vinny? This is a top shelf main event!”
VASSA: ”From a professional and wrestling standpoint that is correct, Steve. But on a personal level, between those two, this thing has all the makings to be a disaster.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m going to need you to explain yourself, please.”
VASSA: ”Come on now, Steve! I know you didn’t forget about what happened between these two back when Bronx and Bryan Williams faced. Bronx ruined their relationship. She doesn’t want anything to do with him!”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t exactly an after work get together. It’s their job to perform in that ring, regardless of what their feelings are towards the other. If she hates him as she’s stated, then I expect this match to be rather eventful if I’m being honest.”
VASSA: ”Without the personal hate, this match has the makings to be great. I’m just worried their personal feelings are going to get in the way of them making this match live up to its potential.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen many people who hate each other go head and to head and put on great matches in the end. I think you’re overthinking this to be honest.”
VASSA: ”You obviously haven’t been paying attention to what these two had to say about each other over the last two weeks.”
JOHNSON: ”I did, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think these two will bring anything less than one hundred percent. I’m expecting one hundred and fifty percent! The emotions circling this match should do nothing but elevate their abilities and the intensity of the overall match.”
As the two stare across the ring at one another, the tension rises as the anxious crowd all watch, eager for things to get underway. Standing in the center of the ring, the official first checks in with Ana who quickly gives him a nod, never once taking her eyes off of Bronx standing across from her. He then turns to Bronx who bounces back and forth in his corner. Looking ahead at Ana, he pays the official no mind as he raises the hand cannon and fires a shot into the air. With both wrestlers ready to go, the official then throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

The entire Arena pops at the sound of the bell and immediately following, both Ana and Bronx slowly approach each other until standing toe to toe in the center of the ring. After a short exchange of words, the two then begin to circle one an other and after a full revolution, Bronx lunges forward, grabs onto Ana as the two lock up. Pulling Ana’s head down, Bronx goes to lock in a side headlock but before he can get a tight hold, Ana plants her hand into his back and pushes him forward as she pulls her head out, slipping it away from his hold. Spinning around, Bronx shoots his eyes back in Ana’s direction but just as he does, Ana greets him with a swift kick to the ribs, forcing him to slightly wince. Dropping her foot back to the canvas, Ana then kicks her other foot up, planting it straight into the side of his thigh. Bronx quickly favors his leg and before he knows it, Ana then kicks her other foot towards his mid-section. Catching her foot with both hands, Bronx then throws it to the side, swinging her around and as she completely spins, she levels him with a dragon whip!
VASSA: ”Bronx better watch out! Ana isn’t playing.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think he was even ready for that kicking combination she delivered to his doorstep.”
Slowly climbing back to his feet, Bronx looks across the ring at Ana with an irritated look on his face as she watches from a distance. Moving in, she glides across the ring before going on the attack once more. With a quick kick to the opposite thigh, Ana knocks him against the ropes before spinning her body around and aiming for the head with a roundhouse kick. Ducking as her foot passes overhead, Bronx then shoots in and wraps up her other leg. Lifting her off of her feet, he then slams her to the mat with a single leg takedown and mounts himself on top of her. Swinging straight down at her head, Bronx’s hand crashes against the canvas as she moves her head to the side. Grabbing onto his arm with both hands, she then pulls him off and over to his side as she rolls her body.
The two then race to their feet, both standing at the same time. Lunging towards one another, they lock up for a second time and before Bronx can gain any leverage, Ana ducks out of his hold and steps in behind him, locking onto him with a wrist lock and pinning his arm behind his back. With his other arm, Bronx throws it backwards, slamming his elbow into Ana’s face. Throwing his arm back a second time, he hits her with another elbow, this time immediately breaking her hold as she stumbles back in a daze. Whipping around, Bronx elevates his foot into the air and in the blink of an eye, his foot collides with her face, dropping her straight to the canvas with a spinning wheel kick.
VASSA: ”Now we’re getting somewhere folks!”
JOHNSON: ”I had a feeling that these two were going to light each other up with kicks and so far, I haven’t been disappointed in the first few moments of this match.”
VASSA: ”I guess we can consider them even with that spinning wheel kick and her dragon whip she forced him to eat earlier.”
As Ana slowly pushes herself up to her knees, Bronx paces the ring. Running his hand through his hair, he brushes it out of his face. Stopping in his tracks, he cuts his head to the side and stares directly at Ana. The two make eye contact and stare at each other as she pushes herself back to her feet. Nodding his head, Bronx then turns towards her before bouncing back and forth. Circling the ring again, the two study each others movements and after a few short moments, Ana goes to lock up. Drawing a reaction out of Bronx, she forces him to lunge forward too but at that moment, she pulls back. Coming up empty handed, Bronx leaves himself exposed as Ana throws an elbow into his face. Lifting him off his feet, she then drops him back down with a side slam backbreaker! Sitting upright, Bronx reaches behind him, rubbing his lower back with his hand. On her feet, Ana then turns to the ropes and as she comes back on the return, she plants both feet directly between his shoulders with a running dropkick.
JOHNSON: ”Now we’re finally getting somewhere. Ana has Bronx down after that backbreaker and now has made his back a target.”
VASSA: ”He’s the 4CW champ. Bronx has been competing at a high level over the last few months and if she’s going to put him down, she needs to focus on one point and chip away at him piece by piece.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s not forget that Ana has also been competing at a high level. There’s a reason that both of them hold championship gold here in 4CW at the moment.”
Ana forces Bronx’s shoulders down and goes for a pin but Bronx is back up with as he holds his sternum where Ana drop kicked him. Ana locks in a reverse chin-lock on the champion, looking to wear him down. Bronx yells as Ana rips his head back. Bronx reaches towards the ropes, trying to get to them but Ana places her knee right in the back of his shoulder blades. Bronx winces in pain as the crowd begins to get behind him to try and get him out of it. Bronx finally rolls over to one knee but Ana drops the hold and instead shoots a kick right into the back of Bronx’s head! He falls over and Ana dives for another cover!

Bronx gets a shoulder up once more. Ana isn’t frustrated, she knows what it takes to put away the champion.
JOHNSON: “Ana continues to try and wear down Bronx here, Ana is a champion for a reason. She knows exactly what it takes to beat another champion. It isn’t going to be as easy as a kick to the head.”
VASSA: “These two know each other so well. They both know that it’s going to take that extra effort to knock the other one off.”
Ana stays on top of Bronx and grabs him by the hand, she twists his wrist, Bronx gets up to his knees as she wrings his arm and shoulder. Bronx gets to his feet and Ana keeps in control of Bronx’s hand and arm. Ana hits Bronx with a few open hand shots to the chest and then goes running towards the turnbuckles. Ana easily bounces up onto the top turnbuckle and then walks the top rope. She dives off and rolls and in turn throws Bronx across the ring with an arm drag. He slides back to his feet but Ana meets him with a forearm to the head which rocks him into the corner. Ana shoots a few kicks into his chest and sends him into the opposite turnbuckle. Bronx comes bouncing out. Ana grabs his face and throws him back in. Ana motions for the referee to move and bounds off one side of the ring and comes in with a kick to Bronx’s face, then bounces off another side and hits another boot. Bronx is barely hanging on with Ana comes through with one more. Bronx is down in the corner. Ana rushes forward with a knee into his head and then Ana grabs the top rope and begins giving Bronx a face wash with the underside of her boot. Bronx rolls out into the middle of the ring with boot prints all over his face and forehead.
JOHNSON: “My God! Ana is pummeling Bronx’s face with her boot! Such vicious shots right in the corner! Ana taking her Twitter handle, AnaKicks very seriously here tonight!”
VASSA: “Bronx is down and looks bad off! Look at those marks all over his face! She’s ruining the champs handsome looks!”

Bronx gets another shoulder up. Shaking her head, Ana goes back to the arm which she had worked earlier. Bronx winces as he holds his shoulder but gets to his feet. Ana grabs Bronx’s hand again, she gives him another hard open-hand chop and then goes back up the turnbuckles, but she goes to the well one too many times. Bronx shoves her in the back and Ana goes flying off the top turnbuckle and into the barricade outside. Bronx looks outside and then shakes off his shoulder and hits it with the opposite hand a few times. He starts clapping and the fans get behind him. Bronx bounces off the ropes and then leaps from what seems like the middle of the ring and clears the ropes for a TOPE CON HILO! He crashes on top of Ana and then jumps up and onto the barricade as he motions for the crowd to get loud. He drops down and picks Ana up by the head, he slides her into the ring and makes the cover!
JOHNSON: ”Bronx just risked it all for that move! He’s going to make the cover!”
VASSA: ”Ana has dished out some serious punishment! Bronx may have just given it back to her in one go right there!”

This time it’s Ana to get up at one. Bronx picks Ana up and lifts her onto his shoulder. Bronx rushes at the top turnbuckle and then lets go, Ana goes flying off and is torpedoed into the top turnbuckle. She comes stumbling back and Bronx hits her with a german suplex! Bronx turns around as Ana is already back to her feet. Bronx rushes forward and hits her with a belly to belly suplex! Ana rolls back to her feet and Bronx rushes forward with a diving european uppercut! Ana goes flying into the turnbuckles! Bronx runs towards the opposite turnbuckles and leaps over onto the apron. Bronx runs along the apron and leaps over the top rope, using the top two as a guide he sends two feet into Ana’s face! Ana goes rolling out into the middle of the ring and Bronx makes the cover!

Ana gets a shoulder up. Bronx gets Ana back to her feet and hooks her for a suplex, Ana blocks it. Bronx lifts her again but Ana flips over behind Bronx. She uses the momentum to go into the ropes. They both back off face first and Ana rolls, the crowd gives a pop as she goes for the Chaos Theory but Bronx blocks the german suplex. Bronx rolls through and grabs Ana’s legs and tries to turn her for a boston crab but Ana crawls toward the ropes. Bronx tries to pull her away but Ana uses Bronx’s pull against him and flips to her feet and then her foot finds the back of Bronx’s head! The sound smacks across the arena. Bronx spins around and Ana leaps into the air and spikes Bronx’s head with a Black Star! Reverse Frankensteiner! Ana dives on top of Bronx for the pin!
JOHNSON: ”BLACK STAR! Ana got all of that one! Is that enough to put the champion away!”
VASSA: ”Did you see how hard Bronx’s head hit the mat! Starboy gotta be seeing a few of those stars after that one! Ana makes the cover!”

Bronx gets a shoulder up at the last second. Ana wastes no time bothering with the referee as she pulls Bronx to his feet and pulls him between her legs. Bronx quickly pushes them both over to the ropes. Bronx turns and flips Ana over the top rope. She lands on the apron and throws a kick but Bronx blocks it. Ana then gets the better of Bronx with a eye rake! The crowd boos as Ana pulls Bronx by the hair to the outside onto the apron. Ana slaps Bronx hard onto the chest and he stumbles back. Ana pulls him back for a piledriver, Bronx fights away and then throws an open hand shot and hits Ana right into the face. Ana stumbles away but Bronx throws another, and another, but then Ana comes peppering back shots. The slaps fill the arena as they trade them. Bronx brings a forearm to the party as he knocks Ana onto the chin, she answers back as they trade forearm shots on the apron. Bronx picks Ana up into a slam but she fights away over his shoulder. Ana hooks both of Bronx’s arms and hits a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX ONTO THE APRON! The crowd groans as Bronx lands face down on the outside with his back leg kicking.
JOHNSON: “OH MY GOD! Bronx may be dead! Did you see the way his neck snapped back on the apron! The apron—“
VASSA: “We know, holy shit. It’s the hardest part of the ring. I don’t know how Ana can get Bronx back into the ring for a pinfall!”
Ana doesn’t look concerned at all as she sits up on the apron and pushes her hair out of her eyes with a sadistic look on her face. She doesn’t try to get Bronx into the ring, instead she rolls in to start a fresh count and then picks Bronx up and throws him head first into the ring post. Bronx’s head bounces off as Ana follows along. She boots Bronx a few times in the head before rolling back into the ring and breaking the referees count again. Bronx is helpless as he tries to fight away. Ana grabs a chair and the crowd pops, Ana sits it upright into the corner of the barricade and places Bronx there. She claps her hands and slaps the mat. Motioning around her head, Ana takes off around the ring, picking up speed until she rushes at the sitting Bronx, using the ring post to vault her and then sends a boot into the side of Bronx’s head. Bronx is limp in the chair as Ana says “ONE MORE TIME!” the crowd gives a mixed reaction.
JOHNSON: ”Ana picking up momentum all the way around the ring and slid in safe at home right into the side of Bronx’s face. The champion isn’t leaving Australia without at least three concussions.”
VASSA: “Almost to Bryan William’s level.”
JOHNSON: “Will you stop.”
With the same path as before, Ana takes off around the ring, grabbing each ring post and using it to swing her in the right direction. She finally rounds the corner and yells “YOU’RE DEAD!” To Bronx but at the last second, Bronx springs to his feet and hooks Ana for a T-BONE SUPLEX OVER THE BARRICADE AND INTO THE CROWD!
VASSA: “She’s dead.”
Bronx drops to his knees as he looks over his shoulder as Ana landed on nothing but concrete and chairs. Bronx crawls over to the barricade and looks over, reaching for Ana. He’s too shaken to reach her from the boots earlier so he crawls to the ring and rolls in. Bronx lays there as Ana gets to her feet as the referee begins his count. Ana is back over the railing at five. She crawls to the apron at six. She tries to get to her feet at eight. She stumbles at nine and as the referee is going for ten Ana crawls back into the ring. Bronx gets to his feet and walks over and grabs Ana. The match starting to show on each of them. Bronx grabbed Ana by the chin and then dropped back and hit a superkick! Ana hit the ground in a heap. Bronx rolled her over.

ANA KICKS OUT! She sits straight up and looks at Bronx and tells him to bring it on.
JOHNSON: “How the hell?! Ana just took a T-Bone Suplex into the crowd, barely got back into the ring and just ate a super kick and she kicks out at ONE?”
VASSA: “The fighting spirit of both of these champions. Never underestimate it!”
Bronx shoots a kick into the back of Ana. She winces but then looks at him and tells him to do it again. Bronx does it, harder this time. Ana shakes her head and before she can say anything else, Bronx flat out boots her in the face. Ana flips backwards and lands face down. Bronx picks Ana up and kicks her in the stomach so she is bending down in the middle of the ring. Bronx dives over her back and goes for a sunset flip into the ring ropes, but Ana BACKFLIPS out of the sunset flip and yells “STUPID!” to Bronx before she leaps into the air and gives him a double foot stomp to his face! Bronx rolls away holding his already beaten face but Ana grabs him and makes a cover with a forearm across his face!

At the last possible moment, Bronx gets a shoulder up. Ana uses the kick out to get back to that shoulder she worked earlier as she locks in a bridging fujiwara arm bar! Bronx reaches out for the ropes as he has no where to go in the middle of the ring. Bronx goes to tap but then shakes his head as he reaches for the rope, he grabs toward the ropes with his fingertips but Ana has him solid in the middle. Bronx goes to tap again but Bronx shakes his head and grabs his hair.
JOHNSON: “This looks A LOT like how Bronx won the 4CW Championship! Ana looks like she is going to break the arm off!”
VASSA: ”Honestly she may have to if she wants Bronx to quit!”
Ana wrenches back but Bronx uses the momentum to turn his body underneath Ana, he rolls over to his side and uses his free hand to grip Ana right across the face. Ana is forced to let go. Bronx rolls to his feet as does Ana, Ana goes for a bicycle knee to take Bronx out but he sidesteps it, he catches Ana with a half hatch suplex! Ana rolls back to her feet! Bronx can’t even turn around quick enough before Ana throws him for a german suplex. Bronx lands on his feet and spins Ana around and goes for a release suplex but she reverses in mid air and hits a STUNNER! Bronx rolls to the outside, Ana bounces off the ropes and goes for a sliding drop kick but Bronx grabs the ring skirt and pulls it towards him and traps Ana in it! Bronx hauls up and slaps Ana on the side of the head, follows it up with a forearm and then leaps onto the apron where he stomps at her head viciously! The referee tries to pull Bronx away to free Ana but Bronx shoves him away and keeps stomping at Ana’s head until he gets back into the ring and screams!
JOHNSON: ”Rarely do we see that side of Bronx, but just like we saw in those promos this week. Ana and Bronx are fired up for this match. This shows it!”
VASSA: ”All those kicks that Bronx took earlier was just given back to Ana ten-fold! I don’t know how she is on her feet!”
Bronx roughly grabs Ana by the head and brings her into the ring via a hung DDT! Ana rolls over into the middle of the ring and Bronx backs up and leans back on Ana and hooks one leg.

Ana gets a shoulder up! Bronx sits up and holds up his hand to the referee, he then looks around to the crowd and nods as they cheer. Bronx goes out onto the apron and begins climbing to the top turnbuckle. It’s a slow climb because of the punishment he has taken so far. Bronx gets all the way to the top, looking for that True Light’s Flight but Ana dives for the top rope and Bronx drops down. Ana walks over to the ropes and begins to climb. She gets to the top rope and Bronx punches her in the stomach, Ana hits a forearm to the side of Bronx’s head. They trade these blows until Ana lands three forearms in a row. She brings Bronx up to stand with her on the top. As they both stand, Ana bounces down onto the top ropes and then uses it to leap into the air and hits a avalanche ranna! Bronx goes skidding across the ring. His momentum carries him up and Ana runs and dives with a sliding forearm smash! Bronx’s legs go behind his head as Ana makes the cover!

Bronx kicks out so hard he goes to his stomach as he convulses, Ana grabs the top of her head and lays on her back and looks up at the lights, unable to believe that didn’t put Bronx away.
JOHNSON: “A avalanche hurricanrana followed up by a Human Target Practice was not enough to put Bronx away! I can’t believe what we are seeing!”
VASSA: “Much like the match we saw last month against Bryan Williams and Bronx Valescence—these two are pushing one another to their absolute limit. They’ve traveled the world with one another. Nobody knows these two wrestlers better than each other.”
Ana leans back against Bronx as she shakes her head. He rolls up and leans his back against her. They both sit there for a moment. Ana asks Bronx what its going to take to put him away. Bronx replies back that it’s probably death. Ana says she can help with that. Shoving his head away, Ana gets to her feet and Bronx follows a little slowly. Ana forearms Bronx in the back, sweat comes off in a mist she hits him so hard. Bronx slowly gets to one knee, Ana bounces off the ropes going for the Wolf Down, the Hurricanrana Driver, but as she goes to slam Bronx’s head into the mat, he stands up, hooks one leg and sits down on the single leg Boston crab! Bronx really cranks the hold on as he holds Ana’s knee as a high angle and puts the pressure on her knee and back!
JOHNSON: “I’ve never seen the Wolf Down countered like that before! Ana is in no-man’s land! She could tap out here!”
VASSA: “Ana is caught! Bronx is not known for his submissions but this is one he breaks out often!”
Reaching for the ropes, the referee asks Ana if she wants to quit. Ana screams no. Bronx glances back to see Ana crawling, slowly but surely to the ropes. He leans back. Ana is about to tap when instead she reaches and grabs the ropes. Bronx keeps the hold on until he is broken at four. Bronx collapses on all-fours in the middle of the ring as he looks over to Ana who is sitting against the ropes. She gives him two middle fingers. Bronx drops his head and gives her one in return. Bronx crawls over and grabs Ana’s chin as she leans against the ropes and just starts throwing forearms into the side of her head. Ana is drilled into the mat. The referee pulls Bronx away and goes to check on Ana to make sure she can still compete.
JOHNSON: “The referee is going to have to stop this match. Ana Hayden cannot defend herself! This is going to get ugly.”
VASSA: “You know damn good and well this isn’t what either of them want! They want this to come to an end, one way or another!”
The referee goes to call for the bell but Ana grabs him by the pants leg and holds up a finger. Bronx is holding himself up on the other side by the middle rope. He yells across the ring to Ana that she is a fucking idiot. Bronx shakes his head and runs towards Ana, but suddenly she kips and takes Bronx out with the… SHE WAS ONLY SEVENTEEN! The single leg drop kick! The crowd erupts as Ana crawls towards Bronx…

Ana looks like she has won as she raises one arm as she is holding the back of her head but the bell never comes. Instead Ana looks over and Bronx has one foot draped across the bottom rope. The referee shows Ana his foot. Ana holds up three fingers but the referee shows her just two fingers.
VASSA: “Nooootttt so fast! Bronx had his foot on the bottom rope! Ana was a split second away from knocking off the champ, but the match continues!”
Bronx rolls to the apron as Ana is arguing with the referee. Angrily, Ana pushes herself to her feet and stands up. As she turns around, Bronx springboards into the ring but Ana catches him with a drop kick out of midair! She then picks Bronx up by the hair and sits him into this backside, Ana bounces off the ropes and comes flying back going for a forearm smash, Bronx dodges it almost in a matrix like state and then runs at Ana with a bicycle knee of his own. Ana sidesteps and picks Bronx up into a saito suplex! Bronx holds the back of his head as Ana makes the cover!

Another. Shoulder. Up. Every man, woman and child in the building gets to their feet and begins cheering as Bronx kicks out yet again.
JOHNSON: “I don’t know. I simply do not know what it’s going to take. I don’t know where Bronx is getting it from. I don’t know where Ana is getting it from.”
VASSA: “The punishment these two have taken. I don’t know if either of them is going to be able to make it to their next defense!”
Now Ana is getting frustrated, she picks Bronx up and locks in a cravat. She then spins them both around and lets go, sizing Bronx up she hits a wicked rolling elbow. Bronx bounces into the ropes but comes back with an elbow of his own! He then knees Ana in the stomach and as she bends down, Bronx bounces of the ropes and comes running back. He hooks her for the VALESCENCE’S VICTORY! But Ana, much like Luke knows Bronx better and instead picks him up in mid air and pushes him away. Ana rushes in but Bronx hits her with a bicycle kick. Ana stumbles away and comes back with a rolling elbow. Bronx blocks that as well! Ana goes into the ropes but Bronx dives at her with a torpedo headbutt! Bronx’s head smacks against Ana’s as she falls down. Bronx grabs her by her head and pulls her into the middle of the ring!

SHOULDER UP! The crowd erupts with another kick out, Ana kicked out at a solid two. Bronx pulled at his own hair in frustration as he got up using the ropes. He motions for Ana to get up as well, calling for the end.
JOHNSON: “It looks like Bronx is trying to put Ana away once and for all here.”
VASSA: “Looks like he’s going for that Valescence’s Victory!”
While Ana is slow to get to her feet, when she does, Bronx runs forward but he doesn’t go for the VV, instead he hits a running CANADIAN DESTROYER! Ana pops back up to her feet because of the impact and Bronx points a finger gun at her and pulls the trigger, he rushes forward and hits the VALESCENCE’S VICTORY! Ana is down in the middle of the ring! Bronx rushes over and hooks both legs!

Well, the crowd counts to three. Ana gets a shoulder up at the last possible second. Bronx slaps the mat and then leaps away, he sits in the corner in absolute shock with his hand over his mouth. He looks to the referee as if pleading but the referee drops to one knee and shows him two fingers. Ana is motionless on her side of the ring and Bronx cannot believe it. The fans begin to chant “THIS IS AWESOME” as Bronx sits there like he has seen a ghost.
JOHNSON: “I cannot, I cannot believe my eyes. Listen to this ovation! Everyone in here is on their feet! Who is going to walk away with this?!”
VASSA: “Bronx just drove Ana’s head into the mat, not once but twice and somehow she STILL got a shoulder up. She has a point to prove here against Bronx. Good God almighty. The Canadian Destroyer and the flipping spike DDT wasn’t enough to do it. Something has to give here!”
Bronx continues to keep his hands over his mouth until Ana begins to come alive. She crawls to face Bronx and then holds up another middle finger. Bronx shakes his head angrily and pulls himself to his feet. He walks behind Ana and pulls both of her arms up behind her back and then begins stomping her relentlessly in the head. Finally he drags her over to the bottom turnbuckle and curb stomps her head into it! The crowd groans as Bronx pulls Ana to her feet. He picks her up on his shoulders and slams her down underneath the turnbuckle. He goes to the top rope looking for True Light’s Flight. As he gets to the top, the crowd rises to it’s feet. As Bronx dives, Ana gets her knees up just in time. It stuns Bronx as Ana pulls him into an inside cradle!

Even whilst stunned, Bronx is able to roll out of the pinning combination. As he stands back up, he turns around, Ana runs at him and throws a lariat, Bronx throws one at the same time. They both collapse onto the ground in a heap as the crowd pops loudly again. Nobody is sitting. The referee begins counting to ten.
“One! … Two! … Three! … four!”

Ana and Bronx both roll over to their stomach. Bronx pushes his hair from his eyes and begins to look around for the ropes. Ana reaches out blindly. Both competitors faces have been swelled and bruised from the punishment for the grueling match.
“Five! … Six! … Seven!”

The crowd wills Bronx and Ana on as Bronx grabs onto the bottom rope and begins climbing up. Ana doesn’t even use the ropes as she sits up on her knees and then one leg but stumbles back down.
“Eight! … Nine! … Te–“

Before the referee can go to the bell, Bronx is on his knee and Ana stands. Bronx looks over his shoulder with a look of hatred and dives forward and hits Ana with a forearm. She returns the favor. Forearms turns into open hand slaps, both of their heads dart back. Ana gets the upper hand—literally as she rocks Bronx down to one knee. Bronx goes low on Ana and punches her in the stomach. Ana bends down. Bronx bounces off the ropes and goes for the VALESCENCE’S VICTORY! But Ana doesn’t go all the way down, she keeps her feet underneath her on the flip and Bronx crashes on the mat. She points down at him and goes for a double foot stomp but Bronx rolls out of the way. As he gets up, Ana flies in with a She Was Only Seventeen! Bronx dives out of the way again and Ana lands into the turnbuckles. Bronx runs in and slams against Ana and goes for the “For Ana” the rolling release German which Ana uses as a finisher. As they roll, Ana gets the upper hand and somehow turns it into a bridging pin combination!

Right before the three count comes, Bronx reaches out and grabs the bottom rope to call for a rope break. Ana rolls off as Bronx pulls himself up.
JOHNSON: “Ana almost had the 4CW Champion again! These two have to be running on fumes, oh my God!”
VASSA: ”This is anybodies ballgame.”
With Bronx against the ropes, Ana rushes at Bronx with a bicycle knee and it collides with the back of his head. Ana then picks Bronx up and shoves him into the corner, Ana runs in from behind and rolls back with Bronx and then throws him with the Chaos Theory! She calls it SHEER! But Bronx stands STRAIGHT UP. The crowd goes insane as Bronx stumbles and holds up a middle finger to Ana and then tells her to bring it on. Ana points a finger gun at Bronx and pulls the trigger! She runs and NAILS Bronx with the She Was Only Seventeen! Bronx is turned inside out. Ana rolls Bronx over, sits on his chest and then pulls one leg backwards, the referee drops down to make the cover.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!!”

This time the bell sounds as Ana falls backwards onto the mat. They both lie there for some time before the referee drops down and holds up Ana’s hand. Ana is back up to her feet as the referee hands her the FATE Championship. Ana holds it close as she glances down at Bronx who is still down.
JOHNSON: “You’d have to go back to twenty-sixteen before Bronx has been pinned in singles action in 4CW. Anastasia Hayden did it, and she left no doubt here tonight.”
VASSA: “We both know about the parity in 4CW, but the Fate Champion just knocked off the 4CW Champion. What a feather in the cap not only for Ana, but that Fate Championship has been elevated by her here tonight.”
Bronx is too his feet as he is on one knee. The referee goes to bring him the 4CW Championship but Anastasia stops the referee. She grabs the title and walks over to Bronx. Ana looks down at him with a smirk and looks at the 4CW Championship before handing it over to Bronx and then slapping it a few times roughly into his shoulder. Bronx stands up, the two get face to face before the referee steps back in. Ana holds up the Fate Championship as she walks away. Bronx is beaten as he drops down and rolls out of the ring.
JOHNSON: ”What an unbelievable night ladies and gentlemen!”
JOHNSON: ”This match was definitely one for the twenty-seventeen highlight reel.”
VASSA: ”I meant for this whole show!”
JOHNSON: ”We have the other half of teams who will enter Bad Company in three weeks.”
VASSA: ”The stage is set and now the only thing left is for the teams to duke it out and fight for the belts along with one million big ones!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s going to be one heck of an event, I can promise you that.”
VASSA: ”I guess that’s a wrap?”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Dangit!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a wild ride folks. We’ve had a night full of tag team action and a main event like Adrenaline hasn’t seen in quite sometime. We’ll see you in three weeks as we head to Japan for Bad Company. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Goodnight!”