OCTANE E05 (113)


“1000hp” plays over the Cabarrus Arena as the show opens to a shot from center of the entrance stage. Flames burst from edge of the stage as the Concord crowd erupts in excitement. Slowly, the camera begins to move down the ramp and towards the ring. Turning to the left and then right, the camera scans the crowd, zooming in on various signs held throughout the sea of bodies.


Changing views to inside the ring, the camera circles, taking in the entire crowd as they break into chanting.
“OC-TANE!!! … OC-TANE!!! … OC-TANE!!! … OC-TANE!!! … OC-TANE!!!”

Coming to a stop, the camera fixates on the announcers booth below before zooming in as the announcers kick things off.
LAWSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Octane!”
TAYLOR: ”This is our first show back following our very first pay-per-view, Emergence, where we crowned our first Octane Champion.”
CAMPBELL: ”After weeks and weeks of fourways and other shenanigans, we have a face of Octane folks!”
TAYLOR: ”That face is no one other than Vossler, who not only is the Octane Champion but is also representing Octane in 4CW’s big Tag-Team pay-per-view, Bad Company.”
CAMPBELL: ”The kid is hustling and making a name for himself. He’s truly earned his place in the history books as the inaugural Octane Champion.”
LAWSON: ”Not only do we have a champion, but we also have a number one contender all in one night.”
TAYLOR: ”That’s right. Cecilworth Farthington shocked the world as he won the cluster of tag matches known as Tag-Team Dysfunction.”
CAMPBELL: ”With a champion and a contender so soon, we’re primed up to move towards out next pay-per-view which will be joint collaboration between Adrenaline and Octane.”
TAYLOR: ”Fright Night baby!”
CAMPBELL: ”Before we get too ahead of ourselves, we have an exciting night in store for you all watching from home, a lot of people looking to climb the ranks and get in the driver’s seat that Cecil occupies at this very moment.”
LAWSON: ”He earned his spot as a contender and I’m sure that rubs a lot of people wrong.”
TAYLOR: ”Anyways! Thank you for tuning in tonight. We won’t slow things down any longer. Let’s get right into the action.”
CAMPBELL: ”Get to the action? It looks like the action has come to us!”
TAYLOR: ”It’s Vossler! The 4CW Octane Champion has come down to the ring!”
LAWSON: ”The champion has graced us with his presence everyone!”
In the ring we see Vossler, seated in a black suit with a white shirt underneath on a steel chair with one leg over the other. The title is laid out across his leg facing him. He holds a microphone but waits until he is introduced. The spotlight shines down on him.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your first ever and your current Octane Champion…”
Vossler rises up out of his chair and lifts the title up with one arm for everyone to see.
The crowd applaudes and cheers Vossler as he sits back down in the chair.
VOSSLER: ”Daaaaamn fucking straight Drake, King of Octane. Y’know Bronx Valescence showed his face backstage? Yeah, I’m sure you guys have seen it. Did you guys see him? Did you notice how he looks at me? He looks at me like I’m some sort of joke. He refused to admit that he saw me as a threat to Caroline. Hell, Burchill was his pick to win that match as far as I know. And then there’s that poll I put up on Twitter? Fifty-fucking-seven percent going for Burchill. Fifty-seven… man. That’s hurtful. But more importantly, it was fuckin’ wrong.”
Those in attendance cheer.
VOSSLER: ”Now I ain’t gonna lie, Burchill put up one hell of a fight. I had a tough time getting out of those submissions and I do think statistically I had more rope breaks in that match alone than all of the other matches combined on the card. But that’s the trick of it. You need to know what you can use at your disposal, including a rule book. Hell, Caroline found subtle ways to break the rules and I applaud her for that especially. Sneaking in low-blows here ‘n there? Classy. No, the only ones who actually had my back were the ones who were with me from day fucking one. Alisae, Zoe and Mariano. Hell, even you fans. And thank you all.”
Everyone falls for the cheap pop once more as Vossler gets up and turns his attention to the stage area.
VOSSLER: ”Now I’d like to send a little message out to everyone in the back. For the people who didn’t make it in the tournament. From those with victories to their names to the losing side of the tournament. Do not be discouraged because of the fact that people have been fighting to be selected as number one contenders already. In fact, do not let your performance be hindered by this at all. Anyone that can climb the metaphorical ladder can get a shot at my title. Anyone can square off with the king. But succeeding is a whole different story.”
Vossler smiles arrogantly as he places the title over his shoulder.
VOSSLER: ”Take a good look at who is in front of you. I am the man who has not been pinned. Who has not been submitted. And I’m the man who had the odds stacked against him from the start. I took on that stacked tower and I came out victorious holding this title as a prize. I am the official representative of this roster and people will look to the champion for examples what this roster can offer. Do you think you can stand this pressure? Then make it to the top and I will see you on the other side of this fuckin’ ring.”
The microphone is dropped and the title is raised as ‘Tears’ by HEALTH blasts over the audio system. The crowd applauds the Octane champion as we fade out.



Despite the substantial difference in sizes, Kaelan erupted from her corner, charging at Redd full speed across the ring. As she closed in, Redd lunged forward with a powerful right, missing as she ducked underneath his overhead passing arm. Leaping up onto the middle ropes of the corner behind Redd, she quickly springboarded off and spun completely around, landing onto his back and wrapping both arms around his head to hang on. With both of her arms covering his eyes, Redd blindly walked around the ring, stomping with each step before eventually reaching over his head and grabbing Kaelan by the arms. Pulling her off of his back, he throw her forward into the air and across the ring. Instantly back on her feet, she charged once again, showing no intimidation whatsoever as she jumped towards him with a flying elbow. Catching her in mid-air Redd violently jerked her body from left to right before spinning around in place and launching her into the air a second time, this time sending her crashing into the far corner across the ring. As she held herself up with both arms draped over the top ropes, Redd charged in full speed, squashing her against the corner with a running body avalanche. Stepping out of the way, he cleared a path for Kaelan to fall forward, face first to the canvas. With his foot, he rolled her over to her back with her head in the corner. Climbing to the middle rope of the corner, Redd began bouncing up and down as he looked over the crowd. With one last bounce, his body then fell to the mat as he landed on top of Kaelan in a seated position. With her shoulders to the mat, he had her in place for the pin with nowhere to go as the official slid in beside them and counted one, two, and three!

Winded a bit, Redd took a short breather as the timer continued to count down. As Kaelan remained on the canvas, Redd climbed the corner once again, this time backwards as he pulled himself and stepped up to the middle rope. Jumping off, he came down with a leg drop and nearly caused the entire ring to collapse as Kaelan rolled out of the way and he crashed against the canvas. The crash landing hurt the big mans back, allowing Kaelan ample time to get back to her feet. As Redd sat in an upright position, she laid into his back with multiple kicks before turning to the opposite direction and taking off for the ropes. Coming back on the rebound, she planted both feet in the back of his head with a running drop kick that sent him falling over to his side. Climbing the corner, Kaelan stood at the top, overlooking the ring before leaping into the air and connecting with a diving headbutt to Redd’s skull as she came down. Making the cover, she was only able to get a two count before Redd bench pressed her into the air and threw her to the side. Redd slowly pushed himself up to one knee but before he knee it, Kaelan swept in and planted her knee into his face, knocking him back over to the canvas with a running knee lift. Grabbing ahold of Redd, Kaelan with all of her strength, pulled Redd back to his feet, maybe with a little assistance from him as well. Out of nowhere, Redd wrapped both hands around Kaelan’s throat and lifted her into the air for a chokeslam. Using the momentum of her body lifting into the air, she pulled her neck out of his hands as she then grabbed the back of his singlet and pulled herself over his shoulder. Holding onto his sides, she flipped her body as she fell until landing in a seated position. With Redd off balance, she was then able to pull him backwards and over her head, down to the mat with a school boy rollup. With Redd’s shoulders to the mat, the official quickly raced over for the count and with each slap against the canvas, the crowd counted along for the one, two, and the three!

The school boy pin obviously caught Redd off guard, but left no lingering effects. The two were back on their feet shortly after Kaelan was able to secure a fall. For the remaining minutes of the match, it was a game of cat and mouse. Chasing Kaelan around the ring, Redd tried his best to catch the young lass but was unable to and eventually began to tire himself. Ducking a clothesline, Kaelan stepped in behind Redd and did the unthinkable. Wrapping her arms around the large mass of man, barely even reaching her hands to the front of his body, Kaelan dug down deep. Exploding, her feet drove into the mat as she shocked everyone watching and lifted Redd off his feet. Falling backwards, gravity pulled Redd down with great force as Kaelan dropped him with a suplex. Having fell underneath him, she had nowhere to go as her shoulders were pinned to the mat. The official dropped in and just as his hand was about to slap the mat for the three, Kaelan managed to squirm out from underneath Redd, breaking up the count. The two slowly climbed back to their feet with a minute and a half left on the clock. Swinging wildly, Redd charged Kaelan but was unable to connect with a single blow as she ducked and dodged everything coming for her. Backing Kaelan against the ropes, Redd finally grabbed ahold of her, holding her in place and he drove knee after knee into her stomach. Locking onto her wrist, he then whipped her to the ropes across the ring and as she came back on the return, he charged at her and swung for her head in the center of the ring. Ducking underneath another potential match ending blow. As Redd turned around as quickly as he could (not very quick at all), Kaelan reached up and locked both hands around his head in a three-quarter facelock. Redd then going forward, pushing Kaelan along for the ride as the approached the corner. Stepping up onto the middle rope, Kaelan flipped backwards over Redd’s head while maintaining her hold. As she began to descend behind him, Redd fell backwards as Kaelan slammed him to the mat with a backflip three-quarter facelock falling inverted DDT! Making the cover, Kaelan screamed for the official to begin his count with five seconds left on the clock. Taking up two to get in position, the official slapped the mat three times before the clock finally read zero.

WINNER: Kaelan Price

Opening up, we go right in front of the Cabarrus Arena where a black Range Rover pulls up in the parking lot. The windows are tinted, so it’s initially hard to tell who is inside of the vehicle. However, the guessing game doesn’t drone on for long as the one of the doors swing open. Out first, Amy Scottsfiern straightens out the wrinkles of her shirt and sighs.
SCOTTSFIERN: “Well, we’re finally here. Come on.”
Amy looks behind her as she steps up a bit. Slowly, Caroline O’Hara Burchill emerges from the vehicle as well. By the way she has her lips pursed together and the irritated look on her face, one can only speculate that Caroline is far from being happy about her match from Emergence.
SCOTTSFIERN: “Think you want to move with some life in you?”
Amy makes her way towards the arena’s entrance, signaling for Caroline to follow. Churchill moves slowly, seemingly dragging her feet as she follows behind her agent.
BURCHILL: “Would be nice if you could stop talking for once.”
SCOTTSFIERN: “Hey, don’t take your frustrations out on me. Besides, you said that you wanted to come still even though you’re not booked for tonight. The least you can do is try not to be so miserable, especially since everyone is undoubtedly going to be paying attention to you.”
BURCHILL: “Un-fucking-fortunately…”
Caroline sighs. However, Amy doesn’t really seem to pay attention as she opens the door up for the disgruntled Aussie.
SCOTTSFIERN: “After you, Grumpy Queen.”
BURCHILL: “Shut up.”
The tension is clearly there from Caroline as she goes inside.

Backstage we see a man in tattered, filthy clothes in a wheel chair, picking at food on a long table. Picking is the wrong word as the man was more hording breads, meats, and fruits in his layers of jackets. His dirty fingers touching everything he can as he alternates between shoveling food down his gullet and into his pockets. The caterer comes screaming at him from the catering truck.
CATERER: “HEY! STOP THAT! You shouldn’t even be here!!”
The man stops but can’t answer back as his mouth is full of bread. Everytime he goes to speak a little food spits out of his mouth and gets stuck in his untamed beard. Suddenly, as the man swallows, The Marksman Jay Mora appears and grips the handles on the back of the man’s wheelchair.
MARKSMAN: “This is Toeless Sam and he’s my guest tonight. I’ll take care of this. Here…this should cover it.”
Jay reaches into his jean pocket and pulls out a small band of bills tossing it to the caterer. Jay then begins to wheel Toeless Sam to the exit door. As they reach it, Jay squats down in front of Sam and examines his poor state of being at the moment.
MARKSMAN: “Look at you. Dirty. You smell. Probably dumb as fuck. But you can’t do anything. You can’t get a job. You can’t take a shower. You’ll go through life just like this every single day…miserable as fuck. Makes ya think a bit right? How lucky…”
Marksman stops mid-sentence as he sees Gabriel Hartman about to approach him.
MARKSMAN: “Ah fuck it…see ya!”
With that the Marksman kicks the exit door open and gives Toeless Sam’s wheelchair a shove. As the door closes we can hear a distant, fading scream as the wheelchair travels into the night somewhere outside the arena. Hartman, hearing the fading scream, stops for a moment to look around. Jay approaches him and stands next to him with a smile.
MARKSMAN: “What’s up fuckhead?”
HARTMAN: “Mr. Mora…you have your debut match coming up, can you tell us what you are hoping to accomplish here tonight?”
Jay leans back a bit and has a look of disdain on his face before shaking his head.
MARKSMAN: “Who comes up with these questions? Christ. What I’m hoping to accomplish is that this wanna-be, fifty shades of red extensions, attention-seeking, spit fuck never has her name even mentioned on Octane again. She’s in the tag tournament at Bad Company right? Well, she better hope she can hang on to her extensions long enough to make it there. You know why Hartman?”
HARTMAN: “Because she’s been mar….”
Jay snatches the microphone out of Hartman’s hand before he could finish.
MARKSMAN: “Don’t fucking use my catchphrase. How about I make you Toothless Gabe and you and Toeless Sam can go off and be a happy couple. Don’t do that.”
Jay shakes his head before pushing Hartman out of the picture and focusing in on the camera.
MARKSMAN: “Zoe, Zed, Hell-cat…whatever the fuck your name is, I don’t even remember at this point. You’ll be my message to Octane and to that shitty champion that’s been crowned. I’m here to run through this entire company and tonight…I start with you.”
Jay shoves the mic into Hartman’s chest as he walks away.

We are backstage with 4CW’s resident, homeless, interviewer Gabriel Hartman and 4CW star Sativa Nevaeh. Behind them is a poster for Bad Company.
HARTMAN: ”I’m here with one half of Purple Haze, Sativa Nevaeh. Thanks for taking some time away from preparing for your match later tonight.”
Sativa smiles briefly at Hartman.
NEVAEH: ”Anytime Gabe. Always enjoy talkin to ya!”
HARTMAN: ”Speaking of your match later tonight. Do you think it will effect your chances at Bad Company?”
NEVAEH: ”Come on Gabe. You know what I have been through in this company. You think a little no holds barred, Extreme lite, match is gonna mess me up that bad? Na fam, L and I will be just fine at Bad Company.”
Sativa looks into the camera and shoots off a quick, impish wink.
HARTMAN: ”Not to hit a sore spot, but last year at Bad Company you didnt do that well. Are you worried that might happen again?”
Sativa chuckles
NEVAEH: ”See, that was a shitty partner choice. I had heard of KD before and he was a big dude. Figured it was a save bet. I was wrong and paid the price. This year though? Nah, did my homework and I got a great partner. Gonna take it this year.”
HARTMAN: ”We all know, from your Twitter, that you are usually busy doing one thing or another. Did you happen to catch Keegan’s words for you?”
Another laugh from Sativa.
NEVAEH: ”Yeah, I heard. Had a good and long laugh about it. I love how he wants to shut me up like I have mentioned him before having to face him. Then again, what can I expect from someone who is married to Kat Jones.”
Hartman coughs, caught off guard be her statement. But being the professional he is, he composes himself quickly.
HARTMAN: ”Well, what can we expect from you tonight? Shades of the Blood Countess maybe?”
The light and almost playful look on Sativa’s face drops as if a light switch was flipped. She is dead serious, that fire in her eyes from her days using that title.
NEVAEH: ”You never know Gabe. Keegan better hope not. He balked at what I have done, and that is the worst thing he could have done to the Blood Countess. She was, and honestly, still is the 4CW Queen of Extreme. She took that name then she earned. Maybe she might come out and show Keegan just how she earned it.”
Hartman looks nervously at Sativa and takes a step back.
HARTMAN: ”Uh. Well, thank you Sativa. We will let you get back to preparing for later tonight.”
Sativa blinks a few times and shakes her head. She looks at Hartman with a smile on her face and nods. She waves into the camera before heading back towards her locker room.


Mora is all over Zoe as soon as the bell rings. Degenerate that he is it’s clear he has no problem manhandling a woman, especially when he’s doing it for money and it shows as he unloads on Zoe with hard rights and lefts. Talented in her own right, however, Zoe tries to fight back but it’s to no avail as Jay wraps her up, lifts her up into the air and then drops her down back first across her knee. He then lifts her right back up and drives her full force down into the mat with a spine buster, hooking the leg as he does so. He waits patiently for the referee to reach a two count before pulling her shoulders up off the mat so that he could continue his assault against her, a fact which doesn’t earn him any favor with the crowd who begins to boo him. Beside Zoe, who is laying on the mat groaning and holding her back, Jay begins to do pushups before popping up to his feet. Standing over her, he extends his right thumb and index finger into the shape of a gun, much like Adrian Tanner Jr. used to do, and fires it before leaping into the air and dropping a leg drop down right across her sternum. Smirking, Jay stands up and places his foot across Zoe’s body and flexes for the crowd as the referee again slides in and counts. Before he can reach a three, though, Jay pulls his foot off of Zoe to halt the pinning maneuver.
The boo’s begin to reign down heavily upon Mora now as he picks Zoe back up, lifting her high above his head with a military press before allowing her to drop back down face first to the mat. On impact she bounces about a foot back up into the air before landing again. She’s only able to stay there for a moment though before Jay picks her back up again, this time sending her sprinting into the ropes nearby. As she does so he springs forward in the same direction. When she rebounds he lowers his shoulder and nearly splits her in half with a BULLSEYE spear. Clutching at her stomach, Zoe rolls over and pushes herself up to her feet slowly. Stumbling slowly around the ring she finally stands fully upright and turns in a daze back towards Jay. When she does his foot connects with her jaw. MARKED super kick drops her to the mat hard. Not playing around any longer, Mora covers her quickly and the referee slides in to count the pinfall. One, two and three.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (5:45)

The camera fades in to show the loading docks. The area is mostly calm as the equipment is obviously already in place. The place is sure to be back to its usual frenetic pace after the show but for now, the area seems to be more of a sanctum of peace and tranquility. Along those lines, the profile of Seth Daniels can be seen leaning against the wall. He lifts his lit cigarette to his lips to take a drag and exhale. He turns to the watching camera.
DANIELS: ”I’m not surprised really.”
He looks off into the middle distance.
DANIELS: ”Young dude like Dex? He thinks the world is his playground. He hasn’t been beaten up enough yet, hasn’t been dragged through the dirt enough. He thinks he’s nasty but he only has a vague idea of what that means, let alone embodying the concept.”
Another drag.
DANIELS: ”I spent about ten minutes of my life watching the kid talk when it really could’ve been over in thirty seconds or less. It was basically a whole bunch of ‘nuh uhs’ and profanity for the sake of it. More importantly, he presumes to know who I am and what I’m about. I think that’s what got to me the most when I listened to him rant. I could hear his tone, how he assumes I just suddenly care about the homeless now that it’s convenient. Let me get something straight for you, ‘bud:’ I don’t spend my entire life in front of a camera or on Twitter. Believe it or not, I do shit that doesn’t involve 4CW. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life homeless – mostly my own doing so save the sympathy – and I’ve gotten to know some really cool people, people who aren’t dangling from their own pair like you see around here. Just because I decided to show you one aspect of what I do when the cameras aren’t rolling doesn’t mean it’s anything new. Sure, I don’t give a dry, robotic fuck about most people but those people, like the ‘stars’ 4CW breeds, seem to only find comfort in the shade of their own ego.”
Seth chuckles before taking another drag of his cigarette.
DANIELS: ”I get it though. I really do. With all the fake shit going on around here daily, it’s hard to discern truth from lies and fabrications. Twitter is a prime example of all that. Scroll enough and you see people, some significant others, having conversations that could happen in text messages. These people seem to think that, if it doesn’t happen on Twitter in a public forum, it never happened. And I think that’s where you got caught, Dex. You think, if we aren’t doing shit publicly, it isn’t happening. You don’t have much longer to worry or wonder though.”
Seth Daniels takes a final drag from the cigarette and drops it, stepping on the butt to extinguish it.
DANIELS: ”In just a short bit, you’ll step into that ring against me. You won’t have to worry about how charitable I am. What you’ll find yourself concerned with is how gritty and brutal I can be. This will be, what, loss four in a row? If only Dr. Kevorkian were still alive, huh?”
Seth Daniels turns and walks around the corner, out of the camera’s view. This backstage feed cuts.


As if the sound of the bell triggered something inside of him, Keegan went on the rampage, cornering Sativa and laying into her with solid lefts and rights to both her head and body. Taking a cheap shot, he jabbed her in the throat before locking onto her head and hitting her right between the eyes with a headbutt. That was enough for him to establish an early dominance in the match. After dropping her to the mat with a Russian leg sweep, Keegan took it upon himself to remove the padding from the turnbuckle of the nearby corner. As he went to slam Sativa’s face into the exposed metal, she suddenly turned things around as she locked onto the ropes with both hands, stopping her head from making contact and then following up with a swift elbow to Keegan’s mid-section. Locking onto his head, then than slammed him face first into the metal, instantly slicing his forehead open and covering his entire face with blood.
After minutes of smearing Keegan’s blood across the canvas, Sativa decided to take things outside of the ring. Whipping him head first through the ropes, she waited patiently as he slowly climbed back to his feet. Hitting the opposite ropes and racing across the ring, she brought the Concord crowd to their feet as she leaped through the ropes, wiping Keegan out and putting him back down where he stood with a suicide dive. With no rules whatsoever, Sativa began pulverizing Keegan with various items at ringside. Body slamming him onto the ringside steps, she positioned him to where his body laid across them with his head hanging off the side. Once up on the apron, she back pedaled to the opposite end before running across the apron and jumping off, coming down onto Keegan’s head with a leg drop and flipping his entire body up and over her in the process. Making the cover, the was only able to get a two count before Keegan managed to kick out.
Moments later, the momentum shifted once again as Sativa went to whip Keegan into the steel barricade at ringside. Reversing the throw, Keegan sent her crashing into it, chest first and giving the front row fans an up close look at the live action. Locked onto her head, Keegan slammed her face down onto the top of the barricade, over and over, before eventually breaking the skin across her forehead and drawing blood. Placing a steel chair across the floor beside them, Keegan then locked his arm around her head before driving her head into the metal with a snap DDT! Passing up the opportunity to make the cover, Keegan turned his attention to the nearby cameraman, snatching the camera from his hand and slamming it onto Sativa’s back. Grabbing the cord with both hands, he then wrapped it around Sativa’s head as he stepped over her back. In a desperate attempt to keep the cord from wrapping around her throat, Sativa bit down onto the cord. Shrugging his shoulders, Keegan then began pulling back as hard as he could while stepping onto the top of her back. Sativa appeared to be in agony as Keegan pulled back like he was trying to pull her head clean off her body.
With Sativa nearly out of it, Keegan let up on the tension, allowing her head to drop down to the floor as he let go of the cord shortly after. Taking a few steps back, he watched patiently, waiting as she slowly began to push herself up. Once up to all fours, Keegan went for the kill, rushing in and going for his finishing curb stomp, Lights Out! Rolling out of the way at the last possible split second, Sativa dodged the stomp to the back of the head. Grabbing the nearby chair laying beside her, she swung blindly, connecting with a solid shot to Keegan’s kneecap. Keegan instantly dropped to the floor as he was unable to put any weight on the leg she struck. Standing to her feet and covered in blood, she struck his same knee a second time before tossing the chair aside. Grabbing his leg, she dropped down and laid across the side of his knee with a leg drop. Maneuvering his legs and interlocking them with hers, she then stood tall before falling back and twisting around, rolling Keegan over to his stomach and locking in an Inverted Indian Deathlock! For a few short moments Keegan fought to break loose but with nowhere to go and the pain intolerable, he eventually began slapping the canvas and submitting to the submission hold Sativa calls Keif.
WINNER: Sativa Nevaeh via Submission (9:56)

RUSSEY: ”You guys keep following me around and you might learn a thing or two.”
We’re are in the backstage area of the Cabarrus Arena. The Octane camera team is following along side Dex Russey as he walks the long hall of the back, heading for the ring and his match up next against Seth Daniels. Dex turns to the camera looking at it dead center as he moves forward.
RUSSEY: ”There’s some simple lessons in life that are just there for us. And somethings we just have to learn the hard way. Show by show I’ve been learning by trial of fire. It makes me better, it makes me more prepared. I’m getting better and better every time I step out into that ring. And bet your fucking ass Seth is gonna see it.”
Dex stops just short of the small set of stairs that lead up to being just behind the entrance curtain. He stops as he hears the roar of the crowd just behind the fabric, waiting on him.
RUSSEY: ”Seth isn’t gonna be the only one. Because when I step into that ring people watch. People pay attention. They wanna see what I’m gonna do next… Really they just want to see if I’ll sink or swim…”
He stops once again. His hand was behind himself as he adjust the black and orange baseball cap snuggly wrapped around his head. He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath before slowly nodding.
RUSSEY: ”But tonight. I’m surfing all over Daniels. So get ready to ride this fucking wave.”
He turns his back to the camera heading up the stairs as the beginning chords of Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” hits the sound system hard, as the camera slowly cuts out and into the ring.


The match starts off quickly with some back and forth action, both tying each other up and looking for an early advantage. Neither are able to get it until Dex delivers a stiff european uppercut followed by two more that back Seth up into the ropes. Seth, however, avoids the next strike by Dex and instead wraps him up into a headlock and then quickly takes him down tossing him over his leg. Once he has him down on the mat Seth continues to wrench on the hold, trying to make Dex work and use some of his energy to work out of the uncomfortable maneuver. Gradually Dex manages to work himself back up to his feet and finally pushes Daniels off of him, sending him running across the ring. Smoothly, Seth holds onto the ropes to keep himself from bouncing back in Dex’s direction, a smile on his face as he does so before wagging his finger at his opponent telling him that he had that one scouted. The two circle the ring once more before Dex moves to tie Seth up only to receive a stiff kick to the stomach that doubles him over. Daniels closes in quickly and snaps Dex down to the mat with a quick DDT before rolling him over for a pinfall attempt which Russey kicks out of shortly after the one.
Using Dex’s hair, Daniels pulls him back up to his feet and backs him up into the nearby corner. He unloads on his opponent with a few knife edge chops before stepping up to the middle rope. Over and over again Daniels drives his fist down into Dex’s temple as the fans count along all the way up to ten. Before Seth can step back down, however, Dex uses a burst of energy to pick him up and step forward, driving him down with a modified power bomb. Quickly Dex flips forward and turns it into a pinning predicament which Daniels manages to kick out of at the last moment before the referee’s hand could come down a third time. Rolling away, Dex pushes himself back up to his feet and shakes his head trying to shoo some of the stars that had developed from the continuous strikes of Daniels away. The two face each other and Dex charges Daniels wildly, flailing with punches that land haphazardly. Others miss entirely but the unorthodox nature of the strikes seems to catch the precise technical striker that is Seth Daniels a bit off guard. An unexpected german suplex catches Daniels even more off guard leaving him vulnerable to Russey approaching him soon after and mounting him, unloading with elbows and fists that would make any MMA superstar proud.
Seth finally manages to get away from the brutal strikes but the damage has been done. His left eye is nearly fully swelled shut and his lip is busted open and bleeding. Still, it doesn’t seem to set him back too much or cause him to slack off with his aggressiveness. If anything the beating seems to have caused something to snap in Daniels as he pushes himself back up to his feet and charges as Dex. A quick double leg takedown puts Russey on his back. Returning the favor, Daniels unloads with wicked elbows to the face of Dex before working his way up slowly. More elbows collide with Russey’s face, causing him to pulls his hands up to try and defend against the strikes. It’s exactly the opening that Daniels is looking for as he shifts his weight quickly and positions himself to lock in the LETHAL INJECTION! Russey fights against the submission hold valiantly, trying to shift his body and drag himself over to the ropes to force a break. Before he can do it though Daniels briefly relinquishes the pressure only to drag Dex back towards the middle of the ring before applying the arm bar once more, this time pulling on Russey’s arm as hard as he could. Dex is left with one of two choices. Allow major damage to be done to his arm or tap out. He chooses to tap out and live to fight another day.
WINNER: Seth Daniels via Submission (11:13)

Inside the ring, Caroline O’Hara Burchill has come out and is standing right in the center as “Changed It” gradually fades off. The general chorus of boos that have become associated with Caroline is apparent as any given night, though various camera shots show some fans laughing and pointing at the woman. There are even signs that take jabs at Caroline, including a particular one that reads “Love the mental breakdown” along with a drawing of Caroline crying right besides it.
Hatred is evident in the eyes of Burchill as a scowl is on her face. With a microphone in hand, she brings it up to speak. However, she isn’t given the chance to utter out a single word as a large portion of fans break out in unison.

The berating clearly gets to her as Caroline huffs and paces back and forth inside the ring. Still, the chant persists for a good minute before Caroline has enough of the crowd and shouts out into the microphone.
BURCHILL: “Shut up! Shut up! All of you need to SHUT THE HELL UP!”
However, the yelling doesn’t help and the fans continue on with their jeering and teasing. Caroline looks like she’s about explode, but she decides against it and takes a deep breath. To say that the fans were relentless would be an understatement. Eventually, Caroline presses on with what she has to say, even if the fans were making it nearly impossible for her to speak. She tries to mask her anger, even though her voice gets shaky in some parts.
BURCHILL: “You know what? I shouldn’t have to deal with this. You all can go ahead and do everything in your power to belittle me, just like everyone else has for the past three years! Still, just because I do not have the Octane Championship in my possession does not mean that I am suddenly out of the picture when it comes to who should be leading this brand.”
“Vossler can have fun with the belt all he wants. Eventually though, someone like me will come along the way and snatch it right from his very hands! He may have beaten me, but history often doesn’t repeat itself all that often. When the time comes for me to get another shot at that championship, you best believe that it’s coming home to its rightful owner.”

The fans cheer as she mentions the inaugural Octane Champion’s name, which causes her to frown even more.
BURCHILL: “Also, is everyone going to suddenly pretend that I didn’t give him the match of his life? Everyone was so quick to go on social media and call me trash when the simple fact of the matter is that I brought him to his absolute limit. He barely survived. Hell, I’m still a little battered myself, but if you’re the type of person that thinks that I have no skill or talent whatsoever, then you must have the IQ of American Tommy’s dick size.”
The fans boo. Caroline surveys the area and shakes her head with disgust visible for all to see.
BURCHILL: “Idiots. That’s what you are all: A collective hive-mind of bitter, scornful idiots who loathe me, regardless of what I do. At this point, you’re all not even worth it… You will all sit there and laugh at me straight in my face. This is just disgusting.”
For a moment, she pauses. The fans carry on with their booing and their chants. Eventually, the frown on her face wears off and she chuckles, shaking her head once more.
BURCHILL: “You know what though? I’ll make each and every single last one of you shut up. As soon as I get back in the ring, a lot of you will come to see me for the threat I am. So, sit back and laugh right now. Go ahead! Make sure you get everything out of your system, because as of this moment, this will be the last time any of you will get to make me look like a laughing stock. I’ll get my rightful spot at the top of Octane. The Killer Queen may have been defeated, but it doesn’t mean that she’s gone. She’ll resurface, and everyone here will feel her wrath. We’ll see who’s laughing at the end of it all.”
A dark and unsettling grin emerges as Caroline tosses the microphone off to the side and leaves the rings. As she heads backstage, the crowd continues on with their thunderous boos. Caroline ignores them though and she disappears to the back as we fade off.

Something quick. Someone needs to add Walker’s parts in. Change any action or dialogue or anything you want to make it work.
American Tommy is seen walking down the hall with ease and a smile on his face. Even though Tommy is literally skipping down the hallway, he is wearing a cast on his right leg. He walks past his newsroom and Kim is shaking his head. He stops.
KIM: “Electricity.”
Tommy shakes his head in disgust and looks at Kim.
TOMMY: “It’s always fucking something. This is a god damn joke, Kim. Fix it! When you talk to Perry tell him bitch better have my money.”
American Tommy walks away leaving Kim just standing there and continues to walk down the hall. He reaches Jimmy Walker’s office and knocks on the door. Nobody answers the door, but Tommy can hear people in there. Being the impatient shit bag that he is American Tommy starts pounding on the door. Still, nobody opens the door. He just gets a “hold on a minute” yelled at him through the door. He doesn’t appreciate this and kicks the door open with the leg that has a cast on it. As the door swings open, Walker and the man’s eyes turn immediately to the door. American Tommy is standing tall as shit in the door frame.
WALKER: “Thomas. Do we need to sit down and have a conversation about knocking? You don’t need to break my damn door every week.”
TOMMY: “I wouldn’t have had to break it if you answered the god damn door, Walker. It’s your fault the door is like that.”
Walker shakes his head and goes back to talking with the dude in his office. Tommy stands there with his hands on his hips. He starts coughing, purposely interrupting them. The man talking to Walker looks at American Tommy.
WALKER: “I wasn’t done talking to him.”
TOMMY: “Well, your nine PM appoint is here and his name is Harry Potter.”
American Tommy starts to hobble to the chair sitting in front of Walker’s desk, putting much emphasis on a limp in the right leg. Walker stares at him blankly before bidding adieu to whoever the man was he was talking to. He goes and sits at his desk and stares at American Tommy.
WALKER: “What is it that I can do for you Tommy? I’m not going to call you Harry Potter so don’t argue with me. Get to the point and then get out.”
TOMMY: “We need to talk about this match with Andre Holmes at Bad Company. You see, I broke my leg earlier and I just can’t do it. Gotta call it off.”
WALKER: “You broke your leg? You’re telling me you walked in here on a broken leg instead of going to see our highly trained medical personnel? You know what, don’t answer that. I’ll play along for a moment. How exactly did you break your leg?”
TOMMY: “I obviously kicked it with my other leg, nerd!”
WALKER: “I wish I could have been there to see it myself. Either way, the match is still on. You’re going to represent Octane against Andre Holmes and I expect you to be performing like a Gryffindor Seeker playing against Slytherin.”
American Tommy straight up from his chair and slams his fist down on the desk. He is furious that Walker wouldn’t put a halt to the match. He picks up Walker’s desk plate with his name on it and drops it in the trash.
TOMMY: “If you can’t do anything about it then I will talk to Perry at Bad Company!”
American Tommy walks out of the room limping on his left instead of his right this time.
WALKER: “Talk to Perry all you want. He and I are in agreement on this one.”
TOMMY: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enjoy door less office, cunt.”
Screen fades with Jimmy rolling his eyes and shaking his head, bemused.


Circling one another after the sound of the bell, the two lock up in the center of the ring. A mistake on Zeel’s part given the fact that John is much larger than he is. Using his size to his advantage, John lifts Zeel off his feet and runs across the ring before planting him into the mat with a power slam. Although a powerful move, it isn’t quite enough to keep Zeel down as he climbed back to his feet. After connecting with a solid right to Zeel’s head, Gabriel then planted him into the mat a second time, this time with a spine buster. In the early minutes of the match, John maintained control over Zeel, keeping the smaller man down with thunderous forearms and ring rattling slams. After coming up empty handed on a diving lariat attempt, John went down to the mat hard, giving Zeel an opportunity to strike. With John now moving slower, Zeel took advantage, using his speed to attack John from all angles before he even knew what hit him. Connecting with a spinning wheel kick, Zeel sent John stumbling backwards into the ropes and as he bounced off and stumbled forward, Zeel rung his bell with a spinning backfist.
With three back to back drop kicks to John’s chest, Zeel brought excitement to the crowd as he sent John falling backwards into the corner. Rushing in, Zeel proved that size doesn’t always matter as he nearly decapitated John with a running clothesline. As John fell to the mat, Zeel climbed to the top of the same corner and waited patiently for him to return to his feet. Looking in the opposite direction, John was completely unaware as Zeel flew off the corner behind him, locking his arm around his head and then driving him face first into the canvas with a diving bulldog. Making the cover, Zeel was sure he had it until the official’s hand came to an abrupt stop, just inches above the mat before the three count. Having kicked out, John lifted Zeel off of him and tossed him aside. Last to his feet, John braced himself as Zeel rushed in with a running enziguri. Locking onto Zeel’s leg before contact is even made, John saved himself a headache before slamming Zeel to the mat and dropping all of his weight on top of him. On his feet, John kept Zeel down to the mat, kicking and stomping on him for nearly a minute before lifting him up from the mat. Throwing him to the ropes, John took his breath away, and the fans, as he drove his shoulder into Zeel’s stomach as he returned with a running shoulder tackle. “The Average” Shoulder Block left Zeel breathless as John made the cover, only to get a two count before Zeel popped his shoulder up from the canvas.
With Zeel still down on the mat, John applied a front face lock before going to town with multiple knee strikes to Zeel. Leaving him face down to the mat, John then hit the ropes not far away and as he returned, he left an imprint of Zeel’s face in the canvas after hitting him in the back of the head with a running knee drop. Going for the cover again, John came within an inch before Zeel left him disappointed and kicked out. Pulling Zeel up from the mat, John threw him to the corner, putting all of his weight behind the throw. Crashing back first to the corner, Zeel’s feet shot up into the air and just as the touched down, John was right there with a running shoulder block to Zeel’s chest. Lifting Zeel up and sitting him on the top of the corner, John climbed to the middle rope and hooked one of Zeel’s legs. Attempting to lift him into the air for a fisherman’s suplex, John was unable to do so completely before Zeel hooked his other foot under the top rope, keeping his body down. Punching John in the ribs, Zeel broke his hold and then slammed both fists into John’s chest, knocking him down from the corner. Landing on his feet, John then charged the corner. Jumping off the corner and into the air, Zeel cleared John’s body and as he landed to the mat, John climbed the corner once more. As John turned around, Zeel was right there in his face as he jumps up to the top of the corner. grabbing ahold of John’s head, Zeel then jumps straight up, wrapping both of his legs around John’s head and flipping him off the top of the corner with an avalanche frankensteiner. Having executed the move he refers to as Overzeelous, Zeel waits in the same corner, watching closely as John slowly gets back to his feet. Once John stands and turns to face him, Zeel charges forward and wipes him out with a diving spear, laying him flat on his back with the Brick Out. Hooking the leg, Zeel has him shoulders to the mat as the official counts one, two, and three!
WINNER: Zeel Park via Pinfall (11:41)


As the referee signals for the bell Tommy pulls a wooden wand out of his tights and points it at Amirai’s chest, apparently trying to remove her top by casting a spell. For whatever reason, probably because he didn’t have the wand movement down as precisely as he needed to, the spell fails and Amirai charges across the ring at him. Instinctively Tommy throws his wand at Amirai, letting out a shrill scream as he did so. The wooden object bounces off of Amirai’s face and the referee for a moment seems to consider disqualifying Tommy but seems to think better of it and lets the match continue on. Probably because it didn’t deter Amirai from driving her shoulder into Tommys abdomen and backing him up into the corner. As she steps away, Tommy grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her down towards his crotch that has a golden snitch painted on it. Thrusting his hips forward he screams at Amirai to taste his snitch before jumping and driving her face down to the mat as he lands in a seated position. Getting back up, Tommy screams at her telling her that she’s not supposed to use her teeth before kicking at her angrily. Looking around the ring he moves to pick up his wand. For a moment he looks back and forth between his wand and Amirai, pointing it at her and shouting “AVADA” before laughing and pointing at the front row of fans claiming that they thought he was going to actually say the whole thing.
Tommy quickly tucks his wand away and then pulls Amirai back to her feet. Quickly he whips her into the ropes and hits her with the YOYO TOSS SALAD! Excitement fills his facial expression as he dives across her body and covers her but she kicks out at one. A guttural growl erupts from Tommy as his expression shifts from joy to rage. Incensed, he drives his elbow into her forehead over and over again before pulling her back up to her feet once more. Whipping her into the corner he moves across the ring to the opposite corner and pauses for a second before calling her a mud blood and then running across the ring, landing the HOGWARTS EXPRESS. As the move connects, Amirai drops down to a seated position as Tommy quickly turns and runs back across the ring. Once more he dashes in her direction and leaps, hitting the BROKEN SNITCH. It’s clear Amirai is dazed now as Tommy drags her back up to her feet. Once more he whips her into the ropes and once more he hits YOYO TOSS SALAD! Quickly he covers again but it still isn’t enough as the she kicks out just before the three. He howls in agony and frustration before pushing himself back up, stomping over to the corner where he climbs ascends to the top rope and leaps, landing the GRYFFINDOR STOMP across the chest of his opponent. Tumbling to the mat, Tommy lays back and hooks Amirai’s leg and the referee again slides in, this time making it all the way to the three and giving Tommy the victory.
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (8:12)

In the catering area, Caroline O’Hara Burchill and Amy Scottsfiern are conversing among themselves will helping themselves to the food. Caroline maintains a serious posture, although she isn’t as intense as she was when she and Amy arrived at the arena earlier. As they manage to get some healthy serving of the food and turn around, their eyes go wide as they are meet by a female.
? ? ?: “Wow! I can’t believe it! After all this time, we get to see each other again. Crazy how life works, huh?”
The woman is none other than Lauryn Wolfe. Lauryn has her hands on her hips and is actually smiling. Amy and Caroline glance looks at one another. Surely, this is an interesting moment considering that it has been the first time the three of them have been together since the fight that made airwaves in the professional wrestling world back in December.
SCOTTSFIERN: “Yes, certainly. It’s also crazy to see that you’re around here, Ms. Wolfe.”
Amy clearly looks nervous, almost on the verge of sweating bullets. By contrast, Caroline’s eyes narrow at the brawler and her words are less than kind.
BURCHILL: “Yeah, Lauryn. What the hell are you doing here?”
Sensing the hostility, Lauryn laughs and throws her hands up to let the ladies know that she has nothing suspicious or harmful in plan.
WOLFE: “Alright ladies. Relax! Tranquilo. Sí? Por favor? I didn’t come here to cause any trouble. I just figured I’d come by, support Sativa and do some research on Dex… you know, since I’m going to absolutely destroy him after Bad Company.”
The last sentence comes off in a darkly humorous tone as Lauryn’s eyes shift over solely to Caroline. As expected, Caroline isn’t too pleased with the words that come out from Wolfe.
BURCHILL: “Really?”
WOLFE: “Oh yeah! Really! I’ve been paying close attention to him lately and it seems as though he’s getting closer and closer to completely breaking down. I mean, he’s prone to fits of rage now and he’s getting emotional.”
With a grin, Lauryn leans closer to Caroline’s ear and whispers softly. However, she’s audible enough to where the cameras can still pick up on her..
WOLFE: “I guess he learned from the best, huh, C?”
Lauryn pulls back and she starts to laugh. Caroline grits her teeth and the grip on her plate of food tightens as she gives Wolfe the death glare.
BURCHILL: “Don’t even go there, bitch.”
WOLFE: “Oh, oops! What’s the matter? Are you going to cry and leave this promotion just like you did to your old one years ago?”
Suddenly, the laughing ceases and Lauryn meets the cold eyes of Caroline with a hardened look of her own.
WOLFE: “Maybe you should leave for good this time. After all, you talked a big game yet ended up short, just like the rest of these basic bitches that compare themselves to royalty. You’re a joke, Caroline. Realize that.”
SCOTTSFIERN: “Okaaaaaayyyyyy. I think that’s enough.”
Amy quickly places her plate of food down on a table nearby and gets in-between the two woman. Caroline is practically seething, though Lauryn has a smug look on her face once more.
BURCHILL: “You know what, Lauryn? Just screw off. I’m not going to get into a petty fight with you.”
WOLFE: “Why not? You chose to start a petty little fight back in Canlis, so why can’t I do the same thing? By the way, how sad is it that you get your ass beaten in a fight that you started? You’re trash at throwing hands just like how you’re trash at winning championships that actually matter.”
BURCHILL: “As if you have accomplished anything in 4CW either! How many titles have you won here again?”
WOLFE: “None yet. Though, I’m fairly certain that Purple Haze can get the job done at Bad Company.”
BURCHILL: “Is that so?”
WOLFE: “Definitely so, your royal highness.”
Lauryn does a little bow and mocks Caroline. Caroline looks like she’s about to swing as she balls her hand up into a fist, but Amy is right there to stop her from initiating yet another physical confrontation.
SCOTTSFIERN: “It’s not worth it, Caroline. Let’s just go.”
Amy looks back at Lauryn, who simply shrugs at her and winks. Amy sighs and places her hand on Caroline’s shoulder. However, Caroline swats the hand away from her and storms off. Amy sighs, but she just gets her plate of food and runs off to catch up with the fuming Burchill. The cameras then focus on Lauryn. She’s covering her mouth, trying her best not to laugh.
WOLFE: “I swear guys, I love Caroline.”
Of course, that came off as completely sarcastic. Lauryn finally laughs and she walks off.


Before the bell rang both men were talking shit back and forth to each other to the point where the referee had to separate them before finally signaling for the bell. Even after the bell had rung, Xavier and Bryan continued to talk shit back and forth to each other as they slowly drew near the center of the ring. Once they were close enough the two got nose to nose before Laughlin shoved Xavier away. Smirking, Xavier stepped back towards Laughlin and jabbed his index finger right into the chest of his opponent before raising the same hand up, drawing his index finger down and then extending his middle finger up and right into Laughlin’s face. Responding immediately, Laughlin backhands Xavier, snapping his head to the side only to have Xavier fire back by tackling Bryan to the ground, mounting him and then pummeling him with hard rights and lefts. Pulling Bryan back to his feet, Xavier continues his assault of his opponent by driving knees into Laughlin’s abdomen over and over again before Bryan drops to his hands and knees only to receive a brutal kick to the ribs, flipping him over onto his back. Standing a few feet away, Xavier grabs at his crotch and openly taunts his opponent much to the chagrin of the crowd who are not so sure that Xavier actually is their favorite drug at that very moment.
Xavier would continue his assault by dropping a knee to the abdomen of Laughlin, going for a cover immediately after but only getting a two count out of it. Complaining about the referee counting slowly, Xavier allows Laughlin a moment to recover and roll away from him putting some much needed distance between himself and the knees of Laroux. Smirking, Xavier turns his attention back to his opponent and charges at him as Bryan pulls himself up using the ropes but as Xavier nears, Laughlin drops back down pulling the top rope with him sending Laroux flipping over the top and crashing down to the outside of the ring. Bryan uses the brief moment to recover a bit more, rubbing at his ribs gently. He’s been through hell and back in some Deathmatches throughout his career but the knees of Xavier Laroux are on another level, evidenced by the grimace that forms in Laughlin’s face as his fingertips graze the places that have had the most damage done. All the same it doesn’t stop him from using the top rope, moments later, to launch himself over and come crashing down to the unsuspecting Laroux just as he was getting back up to his own vertical base. The crowd comes to life appreciatively as the two men remain down outside the ring while the referee begins working towards a ten count.
Both men get back to their feet right around the same time, just as the referee reaches a six count. Xavier tries to strike first but Bryan blocks the attempted blow and grabs Xavier by the back of his head, driving him face first off of the security barrier before turning and rolling his opponent back into the ring. Laughlin is quick to follow suit, unloading on Xavier as soon as their back into the ring with hard rights and lefts that backs Xavier up into the corner. Moving to the center of the ring, Laughlin turns around and runs back at Xavier, connecting with a stiff boot to the face that drops Xavier down to a seated position. The crowd, sensing whats coming next, begins to buzz as Bryan moves all the way across the ring to the opposite corner. Pausing for a moment, he takes off at a full sprint and leaps going for what he calls the Burning River Leap. Before it can connect, though, Xavier drops all the way down and rolls out of the ring leaving Laughlin to crash into an empty turnbuckle pad awkwardly. Pulling himself up on the ring apron at the same time, Xavier pauses and points at Laughlin, laughing and shaking his head before stepping back into the ring to pull Bryan back up to his feet. Stalking Bryan briefly, Xavier eventually locks in a body scissors and begins unloading on Bryans ribs once more. Over and over again the strikes land as Bryan tries to fight his way out of it. As each blow finds its mark, the sides of Laughlin become more and more red until eventually the referee is forced to break the maneuver when Laughlin manages to grab hold of the bottom rope.
The damage clearly has been done, though, as Bryan lays on his side clutching at his ribs protectively. Even more confident of an impending victory now, Xavier stands with a knowing smile on his face, circling his downed opponent like a predator prepared to inflict the final, killing blow on his prey. Patiently he waits until Laughlin works his way to his hands and knees and then, in a flash, Xavier takes off towards Bryan looking for the running knee strike to the face that he calls The Addiction. But at the last second Laughlin pushes himself upright and Xavier goes soaring past him. Slamming on the brakes, Xavier turns back towards Laughlin surprised that he had missed. SUPERKEK! The crack of Laughlin’s foot connecting with Xavier’s jaw reverberates around the arena and Laroux drops, lifeless, to the mat. Dropping to his knees, Laughlin collapses across the body of his opponent and half heartedly hooks his leg as the referee slides in to count the one, two, and three.
WINNER: Bryan Laughlin via Pinfall (14:36)


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following STEEL CAGE MATCH is scheduled for ONE FALL!!!”
The camera scans over the entire Cabarrus Arena, packed to the max with fans and pumping full of excitement. Slowly, the view begins to ascend and above the ring, spotlights shine onto the steel cage.
CAMPBELL: ”There it is, the first ever cage to be used right here on Octane!”
LAWSON: ”I wouldn’t be caught dead inside of that thing officiating this match.”
TAYLOR: ”That’s why you’re paid to sit here at the booth with us! Leave the officiating to the… well, officials.”
The Loud and Melodic guitar chords of “Lake of Fire” by Nirvana strum out throughout the arena.
After a few moments Jeb Fisher pushes his way out through the black curtains, a shark like smile on his face – he violently shakes his head. Slapping himself in the side of the skull a few times before turning his attention to Bob Fisher who was hobbling his way out of the back. Bob was shouting off random shit talking and hyping up his boy Jeb. Jeb’s tongue flicks out of his mouth before he sets his sights on the arena pointing to it and marching down the ramp.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring first!”
As Jeb makes it down to the ring he stops, waiting for Bob to walk up the steels steps and enter through the middle rope. Bob then does the unthinkable and snatches the microphone away from a nearby ringside crew member. He stands in the middle of the ring and gets a sickening grin on his face before putting the microphone up to his lips.
Bob throws down the microphone and Jeb jumps up onto the ring apron before quickly going in through the middle rope. He bounces around the ring a few times stretching out his muscles and punching himself in the face with what seem to be vicious blows. Jeb then lets out a manacle, yet full of himself laugh followed by him beating on his chest. Bob smirks to himself as Jeb gets comfortable in his corner.
TAYLOR: ”Jeb managed to make it to the finale of that Tag-Team Dysfunction cluster where we soon learned would name a number one contender for the Octane Championship.”
CAMPBELL: ”That thing sure was a cluster, wasn’t it? I guess in the end it had a point but on the losing end of that point, Jeb Fisher had to stand by as Cecilworth earned a championship match against the newly crowned inaugural Octane Champion, Vossler.”
LAWSON: ”This isn’t a contender match by any means, but a chance for Jeb to release his anger and frustrations on the man who captured the next best thing to being Octane Champion.”
CAMPBELL: ”Jeb is a mean son of a bitch. He’s going to be trapped inside of a cage with his opponent. This is going to get ugly.”
TAYLOR: ”I wouldn’t necessarily call it trapped. I think he’s looking forward to this and embracing it. After all, he spent quite a bit of time behind bars. This isn’t anything new to him, just another day at the office!”
“When The Going Gets Tough” by Billy Ocean BOOMS over the speaker system as out from the back, with a ten mile grin, bounds Cecilworth Farthington. Not long behind Farthington is the manager of the aristocratic, Dirk Dickwood.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
As Farthington stands atop the entranceway, The Manager of Champions, Dirk Dickwood presents his client to a crowd not exactly pleased to see either man.
DICKWOOD: “Let me show you how to introduce a talent in the PROPER WAY. Introducing first, hailing from Buckinghamshire, England, and standing at SIX FOOT THREE INCHES and weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds… HE IS GOD’S GIFT TO THE PROFESSION… THE FANCY MAN, MAH BOY, MAH MAN, HE IS CECILWORTH FFAARRTTHHIINNGGTTOONN!!!”
The crowd reacts in some manner, WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY DO, as Cecilworth leans up against the turnbuckle, giving the crowd a big ole V for Victory, which is very Churchillian.
LAWSON: ”There he is ladies and gentlemen, your number one contender for the Octane Championship!”
CAMPBELL: ”Considering that the newly crowd Octane Champion didn’t have a match tonight, that would make Cecil the man at the top of the list tonight.”
TAYLOR: ”He’s a number one contender, not a champion. Vossler has other 4CW matters to attend to in Japan as we head into Bad Company in less than two weeks.”
CAMPBELL: ”You say that but I disagree. He’s the first ever Octane Champion and couldn’t even perform on the following show that he represents in 4CW? Maybe Cecilworth is the champion we deserve.”
TAYLOR: ”I’m pretty confident that the man standing across that ring from him feels differently about that statement.”
LAWSON: ”I guess it’s a good thing that he can’t hear you two speaking then!”
Standing on opposite sides of the ring in the corners of the wrestler they represent, Dickwood and Bob begin yelling back and forth at one another. As things begin to get a little heated, both Jeb and Cecil talk them down before sending them to the outside of the ring. The cage then slowly begins to descend and after a few intense moments of silence and staring between Cecil and Jeb, it finally touches down to the floor. With both Bob and Dickwood on the outside of the cage, that leaves only the official inside of the steel structure with both wrestlers.
CAMPBELL: ”There it is, the cage has finally landed and the only way to win is by escaping and touching both feet to the outside floor.”
TAYLOR: ”There goes Jeb’s hopes of winning. I’m sure he wasn’t able to manage escaping prison so what makes you think he can escape this cage here tonight?”
LAWSON: ”For starters, this isn’t prison! This is a wrestling match.”
CAMPBELL: ”Obviously, even though I was expecting to see Jeb make his entrance tonight with phonebooks taped around his waist.”
TAYLOR: ”Watch television shows about prison much?”
CAMPBELL: ”Just a little.”
Surrounded by steel and nowhere to go but up, Jeb and Cecil stand in their corners, staring across the ring into each others eyes. With both men appearing locked into their zones, the official then calls for the bell as Jeb and Dickwood cheer them on from the outside.

Charging across the ring, Jeb heads straight for Cecil who stands his ground, preparing himself for a fight. Lunging forward, Jeb reaches for Cecil but comes up empty handed as Cecil side steps him. Grabbing Jeb by the back of the head, Cecil then slams Jeb’s face into the steel cage. Keeping his face pressed against the cage, Cecil then begins to drag it back and forth across the metal. Pulling Jeb away from the barrier, Cecil then clinches him and begins driving knees into Jeb’s face. Lifting Jeb into the air, Cecil tosses him overhead and into the metal cage! On the outside of the cage, Jeb paces back and forth as he watches across the ring.
LAWSON: ”In a match like this, all rules go out of the window!”
TAYLOR: ”Not only is that steel cage a structure to confine them, it can also be used as a weapon and Cecil is proving that as we speak.”
Pulling Jeb to his feet, Cecil positions him beside the cage. Holding onto him, Cecil leans Jeb’s head against the cage before taking him down face first into the mat with a reverse Russian leg sweep, dragging the side of Jeb’s head down the cage along the way. In the early moments of the match, it appears that Cecil has gained full control, leaving little room for Jeb to retaliate. Losing all hope on the outside, Bob then waves his hands, as if throwing all of his hope in the trash as he watches Cecil manhandle his son. With Jeb back on his feet, Cecil then maneuvers behind him and locks in a full nelson. Pushing Jeb forward, Cecil presses his face against the cage one more time, and just like before, he begins dragging it back and forth across the metal links of the cage. Jeb moans and grunts in pain but helpless as Cecil has his arms restrained. Disappointed in the performance of his son, Jeb finally has had enough. Leaving his son’s corner, Jeb then walks around the ring and heads to the side where Dickwood stands outside of Cecil’s corner.
CAMPBELL: ”Where the hell is Bobby going?”
TAYLOR: ”I… I… I think he’s given up hope on Jeb.”
Dickwood spots Bob coming around the corner and turns his attention to him. Cracking his knuckles, he braces himself for a fight as Bob continues in his direction. Bob stops in front of Dickwood and with a growl, begins running his mouth before a loud thud is heard coming from inside the ring. Both men turn their attention to the inside of the ring where Cecil circles Jeb as he’s down face first to the mat. Stepping onto the back of Jeb’s head, Cecil then applies all of his weight onto it as he steps over him, pressing his face against the canvas. Looking back to Dickwood, Bob just shakes his head and before you know it, he turns his back to the ring and heads towards the ramp, leaving it all behind.
LAWSON: ”You were right, he’s given up on his baby boy.”
Chuckling to himself, Dick watches as Bob begins his travel up the ramp. Satisfied with the outcome, Dickwood then turns back to the ring and watches Cecil stomping down onto Jeb’s shoulder.

TAYLOR: ”Oh my!”
From behind, Bob cracks Dickwood in the back of the head with a pair of brass knuckles attached to his hand. Dickwood instantly drops to the floor as Bob begins laughing hysterically. Taking notice quickly, Cecil shoots his eyes to Bob as he steps away from Jeb. Dipping through the ropes, Cecil then drops down to the floor before walking to the cage. On the other side, Bob continues laughing until snapping his head in Cecil’s direction as the camera zooms in and reads his lips. “What the fuck are you looking at?” Bob yells before stepping close to the cage. Taking a swing, Bob lunges at Cecil but his hand crashes into the cage, stopping instantly before bringing a smile to his face. Looking down to his hand, he then pulls it up and licks the blood now trickling from his knuckles.
From behind, Jeb hits Cecil across the shoulders with a double axe-handle, knocking him into the cage. With Cecil’s head now resting on the cage, Bob draws back with the brass knuckles around his hand and throws a punch harder than ever. Although there’s a metal cage between the two, Bob connects with a solid punch, knocking Cecil into a daze. Cecil falls back into Jeb’s arms and in the blink of an eye, Jeb lifts him off his feet and falls backwards, driving his shoulder into the side of the ring.
CAMPBELL: ”Things have taken a sharp turn ladies and gentlemen.”
LAWSON: ”There’s a cage between them and Bob. Cecil should have just ignored the old man.”
TAYLOR: ”Dickwood still isn’t moving. I think we may be in need of some sort of medical assistance.”
Reaching into his pocket, Bob pulls out a pair of handcuffs. A smile comes to Jeb’s face at the sight as the two step close to the cage and begin talking amongst each other. Opening them up, it takes a moment for Bob to maneuver them through the cage to Jeb but once the cuffs enter the cage, Bob begins jumping for joy. Turning back to Cecil, Jeb slowly stalks him. Wrapping the cuffs around one hand, Jeb then pulls Cecil’s head up and rests it against the side of the ring. A sinister look comes to Jeb’s eyes as he then begins throwing rapid right hands into Cecil’s head. With each punch, the metal cuffs dig into Cecil’s flesh before eventually cutting him open and drawing blood. With Cecil’s head now covered, Jeb locks on of the cuffs around Cecil’s wrist before dragging him by the arm and over to the cage. Locking the other end of the cuffs to the cage, Cecil is now trapped with nowhere to go.
TAYLOR: ”Can they do that?!”
CAMPBELL: ”Who’s going to stop them? There are no rules inside of that cage. The official would be a complete moron to interfere right now.”
LAWSON: ”I can’t watch!”
As those last words as spoken, Jeb has now lifted up a section of the ringside steps. Carrying them over to Cecil, Jeb then begins slamming them down into Cecil’s body over and over. With nowhere to go, Cecil has no choice but to sit there and take it. He can’t even defend himself! Laughing hysterically on the outside, Bob looks like a kid on Christmas morning as he watches his own flesh and blood beat Cecil within inches of his life. Raising the steps high above his head with both hands, Jeb then roars as loud as he can before swinging down and cracking Cecil across the top of the head.

LAWSON: ”Cecil is done for! This one’s in the books.”
Dropping the bloodied steps to his side, Jeb then grabs onto the cage and begins his climb to the top. Lifting his leg over the top of the cage, he then pulls his body to the other side before slowly climbing down half way and dropping down the rest of the way to the floor. Just as both his feet touch the outside floor, the official inside of the ring calls for the bell.

“Lake of Fire” hits the speakers as Bob grabs his sons arm and raises it high into the air.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner… JEB FFIISSHHEERR!!!”
As the two celebrate, Dickwood slowly begins pushing himself up. Taking notice, Jeb then shoves Bob out of the way as he runs over to him and kicks Dickwood in the face as he gets to all fours, knocking him over to his back. Pulling Dickwood up to his feet, Job then traps his arms behind his back and holds him in place. Yelling to Bob, Jeb nods his head towards Dickwood’s and reading the signal, Bob instantly responds.

Connecting with a stiff right, Bob drives the brass knuckles into Dickwood’s forehead. As Jeb releases him, Dickwood drops back to the floor motionless.
CAMPBELL: ”Come on now that was uncalled for!”
TAYLOR: ”Jeb has already taken Cecil out of this thing ending his night. There’s no need to injure his manager too!”
LAWSON: ”Jeb is pissed with the outcome of the headline match at Emergence. Cecil is the number one contender for the Octane Championship.”
CAMPBELL: ”With a shot at Vossler guaranteed, that puts the target solely on Cecil’s back.”
Grabbing a nearby ringside crew member, Jeb intimidates him, demanding a microphone. Once he has one in hand, Jeb stands in the center of the entrance ramp as the Concord crowd boos him heavily.
J. FISHER: ”VOSSLER!!! … Vossler, you skinny piece of fucking fish! I want my title shot! The old, worthless piece of fuck laying before me is your number one contender? Heh… NO!!! I’m your opponent now! Cecilworth isn’t worthy!”
Pacing back and forth, Jeb then begins to walk back down the ramp and to the cage. Looking through it, he shakes his head at the sight of Cecil.
J. FISHER: ”I’m the guy who is going to beat you down, and make you squeal my fucking name! You talk a big game, boy, in fact that’s all you seem to do! Every Octane you make these piss ants in the audience suffer your who-gives-a-fuck! It’s time to put that purty little mouth of yours to good use. So you best open up wide Voss because your ol’ pal Jeb is about to cum inside!”
Grabbing the nearby camera, Jeb snatches it away from the cameraman. Holding it up, he stares into the lens for a short moment before lowering it to crotch level. Thrusting his waist forward, Jeb shoves his crotch onto the camera lens before dropping it to the floor. The view turns to the right with the entrance ramp along the left edge of the screen. Getting further and further away, both Jeb and Bob head towards the back as the picture slowly fades out.