Kicking things off in the pre-show to Bad Company, newcomer ICEBERG made his debut against a returning individual, Kris. If there was one word to describe this match it would be quickness as both men blurred every inch of the canvas with running and aerial attacks. Finally establishing a bit of control in this matchup, Kris leveled ICEBERG with a running wheel kick, only to follow things up big with a corkscrew crossbody as ICEBERG climbed back to his feet. Moments later, things shifted drastically as Kris botched a diving hurricanrana attempt, resulting in ICEBERG countering and turning it into a powerbomb! You’d think the man was Kung-Fu Fighting as he kept Kris on his toes, hitting him with multiple roundhouse kicks, kung-fu side kicks, and karate chops. After putting Kris on his back with a fisherman’s suplex, ICEBERG bridged it but was only able to get a two count from the official before Kris kicked out. Connecting with a dragon whip moments later, ICEBERg sent Kris falling backwards into the corner where he then followed up with a running enziguri. NOPE! Rolling out of the way, Kris left nothing but an empty corner for ICEBERG to crash in to, giving him an opportunity to capitalize. With ICEBERG on his back, Kris then took things to great heights as he climbed the corner and came down with a front flipping top rope leg drop. The Light was enough to put ICEBERG away as Kris made the cover, resulting in a three count from the official.
WINNER: Kris via Pinfall (11:44)

Dean Judas and Luke Jones look to finish off the pre-show in a big way, but it seems only Dean Judas is focused on winning. Luke puts on a big show at the beginning, attacking Dean right at the start of the bell. He attacks with clubbing forearms, but this only seems to upset Judas more. Dean connects with a Forearm Smash of his own, targeting the neck of Luke Jones. The match falls under Judas’ control, as he continues to beat down Luke Jones and focus on his neck. Several neck wrenches follow, as Dean Judas keeps Luke Jones grounded for a majority of the match. Luke tries to fight, but Dean Judas seems to cut him off everytime. A harsh irish whip into the corner seems to stun Luke, as he holds his neck in pain. This makes him an easy target for the Money Train, as Dean Judas sends Luke Jones flying into the ring ropes. It only seems to compound his injury even more, allowing Dean Judas to pick up the victory over Luke Jones.
WINNER: Dean Judas via Pinfall/Submission (5:05)

A cover of “Bad Company” played by Five Finger Death Punch opened up the show as an image seen quite frequently of the late Adrian Tanner Jr. appeared in full display.

The image then transitioned to a shot of the inside of the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. As far as the eye could see, bodies filled every seat in the building for the final stop in 4CW’s first world tour. Things looked quite different compared to our homeland, but nonetheless, it was a big moment in 4CW history as we all gathered in Japan in memory of our fallen comrade. Scanning over the crowd, the camera zoomed in to various signs held throughout the sea of people.

Down at ringside, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit at the booth, eager to get right down to business for 4CW’s annual tag team tournament.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW’s Bad Company!”
VASSA: ”We’re honoring the late Adrian Tanner Jr., former 4CW Tag Team Champion, and an event that I for once wish he was here to compete in.”
JOHNSON: ”He may not be in physically, but his memory lives on Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Coming to you live from the Tokyo Dome in you guessed it, Tokyo, Japan!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve been traveling the world ever since Ante Up came to a close and tonight, we have our last stop in the tour before we head back home with a new Bad Company winner.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of winners, tell us what’s all on the line!”
JOHNSON: ”As you know from past events, the 4CW Tag Team Championships will be on the line and up for grabs starting with round one. Then to top it off, we have a cash prize of one million dollars going to the winners.”
VASSA: ”One million big ones. HOT DAMN!!!”
JOHNSON: ”You said it Vinny. That’s why we had thirty other teams all take part in this biggest Bad Company to date all with one goal in mind. That being making it here tonight to compete with the champion and his partner for the biggest tag team event in wrestling today!”
VASSA: ”Of those thirty teams, fifteen have advanced over two previous Adrenaline’s, giving us those fifteen plus the champs for a total of sixteen teams all competing here tonight in a four round tournament.”
JOHNSON: ”This thing is huge and we’re going to be here for a while.”
VASSA: ”We might as well go out with a bang, right? Like Hiroshi–“
Cutting Vinny off in mid-sentence, “Godzilla” by Blue Öyster Cult begins blaring through the speakers of the Tokyo Dome. What follows next? You guessed it, Perry Wallace! Making his way down to the ring with a mic in hand, he looks over the quiet Asian crowd, thrown off guard by the lack of hate that he receives from the homeland fans. Once at ringside, he slowly walks up the steps and onto the apron before dipping through the ropes and entering the ring. Standing front stage and center, he looks over the crowd once more before raising the microphone to his lips.
WALLACE: ”Now, I know what you all are thinking. What is he doing out here? Why is Pelly Warrace interrupting the introduction to tonight’s event? The answer to that question is simple.”
Looking over the crowd once more, he spots a sign held above a fans head and points in its direction.

WALLACE: ”That is why I am out here tonight. I would like to take a moment before we start the show and honor him in his late passing. If you all would please join me in a moment of silence.”
Lowering his head, Perry looks down to the mat as silence fills the entire arena. After nearly a minute passes, he then raises his head, and the microphone to his lips as he looks above.
WALLACE: ”This one is for you, bud.”
Pacing the ring, Perry thinks to himself for a moment before coming to a stop and speaking once more.
WALLACE: ”Tonight is the night. We’ve been hyping up this event for over two months and it all comes to a close right here in this ring I’m standing in. HORY CHET!!! Excluding the champions, well now champion, who had an automatic bid to be here tonight, we had thirty other teams line up to enter this sixteen team event. Only fifteen spots available and damnit if the teams that made it here didn’t fight tooth and nail to get a ticket to the big show.”
Wiping the sweat from his brow, he approaches the ropes and leans against them, overlooking the east side of the arena.
WALLACE: ”It was literally fucking hell, a goddamn war amongst teams with a prize your people in this country can come up with seven hundred equations to total in the blink of an eye. I’m not even going to mention it being barely a blink given the slan–wait, I’m getting off topic. One mirrion dorrars and the 4CW Tag Team Championships on the line!”
Taking a step back from the ropes, he tilts his head back before howling into the air and lowering his mouth back to the microphone.
WALLACE: ”Tonight is a big fucking night in 4CW. That’s a big prize, a huge prize in fact. And most importantly, a prize that I intend to pay to the winners tonight. My name is Pelly Warrace, not Mike Penis or Aidan Moron. And after we declare a winner here tonight and a cash prize is indeed paid in full, we’re going to move along into Fright Night where we’re raising the bar once again.”
Stumbling backwards, he catches himself against the ropes, clearly intoxicated.
WALLACE: ”The home of the Warzone, and soon to be Wargames amongst the entire roster. Adrenaline versus Adrenaline. Octane versus Octane. Hell, Adrenaline versus Octane, you mother fuckers talk enough shit on social media so we might as well let you all destroy each other while inside the confines of a steel cage surrounding not one, but two rings.
But first, we have to get through tonight in one piece. We have stars from both Adrenaline and Octane competing here tonight, as well as those outside of 4CW who had the nuts to step over to the most hated, and watched wrestling promotion today. Where will the belts go? I don’t know, but given the circumstances here tonight, it’s a damn good opportunity for you all to turn this global tag team warfare into just a battle of an even larger war ahead.”
Stopping for a moment, he scratches his head with a confused look on his face.
WALLACE: ”What the fuck am I even talking about?”
A dead silence consumes the arena as Perry thinks to himself for a moment.
WALLACE: ”Japan baby, it’s fucking wild isn’t it?! Anyways… let me get my ass on to the back and stop delaying the show. I just wanted to pay my respects and the rest, I don’t even know where to begin.”
Extending his arm to the side, he then drops the mic and as it hits the canvas, the thud echoes throughout the entire arena. Looking down to it instantly, he then kneels down and picks it up before speaking a final time.
WALLACE: ”And thank you all for being here tonight. Just wanted to add that last bit.”
He then extends his arm a second time and repeats the mic drop before standing tall and exiting the ring.


Starting things off, Hopkins and Mariano circle one another in the center of the ring before diving into the action with a lockup. Sending Hopkins to the ropes, Mariano then wipes him out with a flying forearm to the dome, knocking him flat on his back. With an opportunity to challenge for the 4CW Championship just two weeks away, Mariano put his skills to the test against a former two time 4CW Champion, slamming him multiple times to the mat with various suplexes. As he threw Jair to the corner, an opportunity presented itself. Leaping onto the middle ropes of the corner, Jair then jumped straight into the air with a backflip, landing down to his feet behind Mariano as Mariano crashed against the corner with a failed running clothesline attempt. The momentum then shifted in the blink of an eye as Jair wrapped Mariano up around the waist and slammed him backwards to the mat with a release German suplex. Instantly, Mariano popped back to his feet only to catch a right foot to the gut, followed by a mouthful of canvas as Jair dropped him with a front face slam. Making a quick cover, Jair rolled across his body while hooking his leg but was only able to score a two count before Mariano forced his shoulder up from the mat.
With Mariano worn down, Jair then introduced his partner to the action. Roaring as loudly as possible, Cashe entered the match with style as he flew from the heavens above and came down with a diving clothesline from the top rope. The two were no stranger to one another. As a matter of fact, the last time they were in a ring together Cashe made a mess of his own. Not having any part of that even coming to close to happening again, Mariano ducked discus clothesline. Whipping Cashe to the ropes, Mariano waited for his return before kicking at his gut. Catching his foot in mid-air, Cashe then spun Mariano around but as he swung back around, Mariano laid him out with a dragon whip. The kick rattled things in Cashe’s head but didn’t keep him down. Rushing Mariano as the two stood to their feet, Cashe kicked in his direction, only to have his leg now caught in mid-air. Spinning and dropping to the floor while holding onto Cashe’s leg, Mariano threw him down to the mat with a dragon screw. Not far from his corner, he then tagged in his partner who was fresh and had yet to even enter the match.
In a little over a week, the Octane Champion, Vossler, will take on the 4CW Champion, Bronx Valescence. Just as his partner, Vossler now stood in the ring with a challenge and that being not one, but two former 4CW Champions coming for his head. Ripping Cashe away from the corner, Vossler then slammed him down into the mat with an STO. Refusing to stay down, Cashe slowly climbed to his feet. Swinging wildly, Cashe charged towards Vossler, throwing lefts and rights but unable to connect with a single blow. Dodging a Mark of Jason out of nowhere, Vossler countered with a stiff strike to Cashe’s throat. Squaring him up, Vossler laid into him with multiple lefts and rights, slaps and chops to the chest, before finishing off a devastating combo with a knee to the stomach. Pulling Cashe’s head down and between his legs, Vossler wrapped him around the waist before lifting him into the air and throwing him back down with a powerbomb! Rolling over to his back in tremendous pain, Cashe began to slowly push himself up to all fours. Seeing an opportunity in broad daylight, Vossler waited patiently before moving in for the kill. Bouncing off the ropes, Vossler races in and leaps into the air, lifting his knee as high as he possibly can. As he begins to descend, he then kicks his foot down towards the back of Cashe’s head with a curb stomp!
NO!!! Pulling his head out of the way, Cashe avoids a match ending stomp as Vossler’s foot slams to the mat. Throwing an elbow back as he turns in Vossler’s direction, Cashe catches him with a shot to the crotch that even the ref didn’t see. Vossler stumbles backwards before eventually landing and resting against the ropes. Immediately, Mariano begins yelling to the official, pulling his attention away from the rest of the match. After spending minutes explaining to the official what had just happened, Mariano gets caught by surprise as Cashe rushes in behind the official, pushes him aside with his momentum, and throws an elbow over the top rope, hitting Mariano in the face with a Mark of Jason. Mariano drops to the floor and Cashe turns his attention back to Vossler who is still feeling the immense pain from the low blow. Dragging him over to the corner, Cashe then slaps hands him Hopkins as his partner begins climbing to he top of the corner. Throwing Vossler to the ropes, Cashe then takes a couple steps forward as he comes back on the return. Lifting Vossler into the air, Cashe rotated his entire body before slamming him down with a pop up sit-down spinebuster! Flipping backwards through the air, Jair lands onto Vossler’s chest with a double foot stomp… OMFG TROUBLE!!! As Mariano remains down on the outside, Jair makes the cover as Cashe circles the ring and the officials hand slaps the mat not once, not twice, but three times for the win!
WINNER: World$tar via Pinfall (10:02)

Cut to the back.
Magnus Brutus sits a folding chair in the back locker room area slowly lacing up his boots. Between his old fingers rests a half smoked cigarette which he brings back and forth from his mouth to tying up his boots. Magnus is still in good shape for being approaching AARP, and wears his wrestling gear and a towel over his shoulders. He looks up from tying his boots and in a gruffy voice shouts out across the locker room.
BRUTUS: “Remember about four months ago when we were in Mexico and I sliced your forehead open with that broken glass bottle and shouted into your face, ‘I hope you bleed to death you pile of shit’? Well, I don’t hope you bleed to death.”
Across the room is none other than the other half of Hostile Takeover, Brody Lee Prince. Brody Lee sits in a folding chair, wrapping tape around his wrists. Brody Lee doesn’t respond to Magnus and the two have a nice long awkward silence. Magnus takes another long drag of his cigarette and ashes it out on the floor.
BRUTUS: “Oh, I don’t think you’re a pile of shit either.”
Brody Lee nods his head as he laces his boots tight and begins to tie them up. Brody Lee looks up from doing so and tips his black hat up a little bit, he nods towards Magnus with an appreciative smirk. He then speaks up back towards Magnus.
PRINCE: “And you know that one time when I lit that branding iron and tried to set your skull on fire while telling you that ‘you’re never going to walk again after tonight’? I’m glad you’re still walking… especially tonight, you know.”
Magnus gives Brody Lee a nod as he begins his pre-match ritual of cracking open a beer, this time it’s a Sapporo Classic, and begins to pour it down his throat. Just then Phoebe walks in and begins to rub the shoulders of Magnus in a way that would most of the time lead to the start of a really good porno movie. Instead, Magnus reaches down into his small red cooler and tosses another beer across the room where Brody Lee catches it and cracks it open. The two enjoy a beer together in silence…
…that silence is broken…
…by none other than Christopher Wrigley. Wrigley is wearing a brown velvet suit complete with pinstripes and a matching tie. He’s looking like a lawyer pimp here tonight, Wrigley with a ton of confidence as he rolls into the locker room looking as both Brody Lee and Magnus drinking.
WRIGLEY: “It’s time! It’s time! It’s motherfucking fight time y’all!”
Wrigley yells that at the top of his lungs, both Brody Lee and Magnus just sit there in silence slowly drinking their beers together. Wrigley doesn’t seem to even notice and he continues to talk at just a level right below a yell.
WRIGLEY: “Finally! Finally the plan has all come together, the two baddest motherfuckers walking planet Earth are going to begin their march to the 4CW tag team championship titles!! Tonight, bodies are going to be put down into the ground left and right, the best wrestlers from the around the world are going to be made to look like second rate bitches.
Damn, it’s a great night! It’s a going to be a great night tonight!”
Wrigley pauses again and looks around the locker room, Phoebe continues to give Magnus a rub down while he finishes off his beer. Brody Lee continues to drink his beer as well as he doesn’t even look up from tying the rest of his boot. Wrigley doesn’t seem to care.
WRIGLEY: “Let’s do this. Let’s have ourselves a Hostile Takeover of 4CW!”
Wrigley turns around and kicks open the door to the locker room and marches back out much like a head football coach would do. Magnus instead reaches into his red cooler once again and tosses another beer to Brody Lee as the two crack open another beer. We fade to black.


Magnus and Mistah Jay start the match off with Zoe in her corner looking warily as the mass of people around the ring in support of The Hostile Takeover. Wrigley has his briefcase laid upon the steel ring steps, although what’s in it nobody knows. Jay backs up to his corner and converses briefly with Zoe before nodding his head and then moving to the middle of the ring to engage Magnus Brutus. It’s an ill advised move as Magnus ties him up and then shoves him down to the mat violently, causing Wrigley to laugh with glee and Phoebe to clap approvingly outside of the ring. As Jay climbs back to his feet he analyzes the situation carefully and decides to try to avoid Magnus by landing a drop kick to his knee which causes Magnus to hobble briefly. As Jay gets back to his feet and looks for another area to strike, Magnus takes a step in his direction and nearly takes his head off with a Lariat. Slowly Jay climbs back to his feet, pulling himself up using Magnus body to assist him, which causes the man to look down at him and laugh, slapping him with an open palm a few times before stepping back and shoving him down to the mat with his foot. Brutus turns and retreats to his corner where he tags his partner, Brody, into the match. Outside the ring Wrigley makes his way around the ring with a handful of cash and moves over to stand a few feet away from where Zoe was standing on the apron. He then begins to make it rain on her and beg her to show her big tiddies to him, distracting her momentarily. Jay happens to be crawling in her direction looking for a tag as she’s distracted and by the time she returns her attention to the match, Brody has grabbed onto Jays ankle and pulled him away.
Recognizing the dire situation, Zoe hops through the ropes and into the ring, sprinting across to launch herself at Brody. He manages to fight her off quickly before she leaps and cracks him in the temple with an enziguri kick. The kick stumbles Brody backwards into his corner as the referee begins to count, giving Zoe five seconds to return to her corner. Ignoring the referee runs and leaps into the air, landing a body splash with her breasts smashing into Brody’s face momentarily. Outside the ring a jealous howl from Wrigley echoes throughout the arena. Finally Zoe gives in and listens to the referee’s demands, returning to her corner having bought her partner some time to recover. Brody seems a bit dazed so Magnus tags himself back into the match. Jay, shaking the stars from his vision, swings and connects with a hard right hand but it does little to faze Magnus who instead wraps Jay up and sets him up for a Russian Leg Sweep. Sensing the opportunity, Brody steps back through the ropes and takes off toward the duo, leveling Jay with a lariat. THE TAKEOVER! Brody immediately dashes across the ring and knocks Zoe down off the apron and into the arms of Wrigley, who takes advantage of the opportunity and buries his face in Zoe’s massive cleavage, motor boating her as Magnus covered Jay for the one, two, three.
WINNER: The Hostile Takeover via Pinfall (7:54)

American Tommy is seen wandering the halls backstage when he comes upon Perry Wallace’s room. He puts his ear up to the door and hears a woman and a man speaking. Being that he is more important than anybody that is in that room he opens the door. To his surprise he sees Perry Wallace talking with Kimitsu Zombie. They both stop talking and look at American Tommy whose eyes haven’t left Kimi. He’s smiling at her while she is anything, but interested. Finally, Perry breaks the silence and the gaze.
WALLACE: “What exactly is this bullshit magic man?”
TOMMY: “It doesn’t matter who you are talking to or what you are talking about. I have a serious matter we need to discuss.”
KIMITSU: ”You fuck.”
WALLACE: “You heard the lady.”
American Tommy sits down in a chair that borders Wallace’s desk and looks over it. He sees a jar of candy and grabs a jelly bean. He pops it into his mouth and spits it out immediately. Stale. This mother fucker has stale candy. He turns his chair around to face Kimitsu and Perry.
TOMMY: “I’ll get straight to the point. I can’t wrestle tonight.”
Wallace scratches his head and looks at Kimitsu who is shrugging. He turns toward Tommy and sighs.
WALLACE: “What do you mean you can’t wrestle tonight, Tommy?”
TOMMY: “I got a cold.”
WALLACE: “Tough shit. You started this whole thing with Andre. Now finish it.”
TOMMY: “You know. The sniffles. Very congested today. Can’t wrestle.”
Kimitsu and Perry both immediately roll their eyes.
WALLACE: “I’m sure you can whip up one of those magic potions and make yourself feel better.”
American Tommy kicks the desk and it doesn’t move. He reaches down and grabs his foot in pain. Still holding onto his foot he yells.
TOMMY: “God damn it, Wallace! I’m going to Karnage!”
Perry Wallace, fed up with American Tommy, ignores what he is saying and turns away from him. Tommy doesn’t care and locks eyes with Kimitsu. He gives her a sheepish grin and nods his head.
TOMMY: “What that mouth do?”
KIMITSU: ”Come here let me show you. C’mon…”
Tommy is surprised but she beckons him with her finger. He slowly steps up to her and she puts an arm around his shoulder. Then she leans in and puts her mouth by his ear. Tommy is almost shaking.
KIMITSU: ”FUCK OFF! If you ever interrupt one of my meetings again I’ll rip your fucking tongue out and make you eat your own ass!”
They scowl at each other.
TOMMY: ”I hate you sometimes! Perry, this isn’t over.”
American Tommy points at Perry Wallace and leaves the room. A few seconds later he re-enters the room and grabs the bowl of candy. He picks up the bowl of candy and throws it at the wall.
TOMMY: ”Get some better fucking candy ya fucking clown.”
The scene ends as American Tommy leaves the room while Kimitsu and Perry stare at the door.


A rowdy crowd is fired up as the match begins, chanting at the two Scotts that HOW Sucks, drawing amused smirks from the two men as Stevens elects to begin the match against Danny B. Stevens quickly ties Danny up and muscles him back into his own corner where he delivers a series of chops to Danny’s chest before shifting his weight and driving his knee into the abdomen of his opponent. As Danny doubles over, Stevens backs off but doesn’t notice Amber make a quick blind tag, leaping up and spring boarding off of the top rop, blasting him in the face with a flying forearm. Stumbling back, Stevens quickly tags Scottywood in, who steps through the ropes to meet a charging Amber Ryan. He’s not quick enough to react as she catches him around the neck and turns him, leaping into the air to press her feet to the corner turnbuckle pads and swing them back around where she drives him down into the mat with a bulldog. Quickly Amber rolls him over and goes for the cover but Stevens steps back through the ropes and plants a brutal kick to her side, breaking up the pinfall attempt before the referee could get a two count in. Rolling away, Amber sprints across the ring and rebounds off of the ropes as Scottywood climbs back to his feet. When she draws close he strikes first, scooping her up and slamming her down to the mat.
Rolling away, Amber reaches out to try and tag her partner in but Scotty cuts her off, grabbing her by the ankle and dragging her away before she can make the tag. Letting go of her foot he drops an elbow down across her back, standing up quickly to grab both of her arms and pull on them as he presses his foot down on her back, causing her to cry out in pain. Looking to break the hold, Danny steps through the ropes but the referee quickly moves to warn him off. Seizing the opportunity, Scottywood sits down on Ambers back and reaches around with both hands, digging his fingers into her eyes. Before the referee can turn back and see it, Scottywood lets go of the maneuver and stands up laughing, moving to tag Stevens in. He waits for the referee to look and then makes the easy tag to bring his partner back into the match. A bit arrogantly Stevens steps back through the ropes stalking Amber slowly before moving over to pull her back to her feet by her hair. Out of desperation, Amber uses all her energy to leap and CRACK connects with Stevens temple with an enziguri that drops him to the mat in a daze. With both down the crowd explodes, trying to cheer Amber on to make the tag before Stevens can reach Scottywood.
Stevens leaps and tags his partner back into the match but as Scottywood is stepping through the ropes Amber scrambles to her feet and makes the tag to Danny B. Stepping through the ropes Danny B. sprints across the ring and nearly breaks Scottywood in half with a spear. He doesn’t stop there, though, immediately getting back to his feet and running to the outsiders corner to drill Stevens in the face with a forearm that sends him flying off the ring apron and down to the outside of the ring, crashing into the barricade. With momentum fully on his side Danny turns his attention back to his opponent who is still down, clutching his abdomen from the impact of the spear. Patiently, Danny waits for Scottywood to begin to push himself back up to his feet. Once he does Danny moves quickly COLPO MORTE! The entire arena can see the lights go out on Scottywood as he crumbles backward. Anticipating the maneuver, Amber Ryan climbs to the top rope and leaps, moonsaulting off of the top rope and landing squarely on Scottywood’s chest with a double foot stomp. Danny immediately dives across Scottywood as Amber tumbles back against the ropes, raising her hand in the air and counting along with the referee as his hand comes down once, twice and…
SCOTT STEVENS PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING BY HIS ANKLE BREAKING THE COUNT! The crowd groans as Danny and Amber both look tormented, being so close to progressing to the next round of the tournament. Danny pushes himself up, ignoring Scottywood and shouting out of the ring and Stevens and the referee, who are now in the midst of a heated argument over what had just happened, with the referee warning Stevens that he was one wrong word away from disqualifying the pair. Amber moves towards her partner, presumably to get him to focus. But then the crowd gasps as Amber kicks him in the stomach, locking in double underhooks and ORIGINAL SIN! The DDT leaves Danny B motionless in the middle of the ring. Amber wastes no time in grabbing Scottywood and pulling him over and draping him across her partner. Outside the ring Stevens looks on in shock, as does the referee who hesitates a moment as Amber rolls out of the ring and begins to back up the entrance ramp. A moment later, with the crowd reigning down boo’s and vulgarities upon them all, the referee drops and counts the pinfall that eliminates Danny and Amber, and sends Stevens and Scottywood onto the next round of the Bad Company tournament.

WINNER: The Outsiders via Pinfall (11:17)

Backstage, 4CW’s backstage interviewer Gabriel Hartman walks over to Rah as he prepares for his upcoming match with Halitosis against Cosmo Cooper and Max Cavanaugh.
HARTMAN: ”Rah, can I-“
Rah holds a hand up to quiet Hartman as he looks at himself in a mirror. He makes sure the black scarf wrapped around his neck is positioned exactly where it should be. Rah also straightens out his robe and preens one last time in the mirror before turning to the homeless reporter.
RAH: ”Now, you must be Gabriel Hartman.”
HARTMAN: ”Yes. I was hoping to get a couple comments before your match tonight-“
Rah picks up a duffel bag laying in front of him. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a manila envelope. Then Rah hands it to Hartman.
Hartman looks inside the envelope. His eyes light up. It is jam packed with yellow gift cards.
HARTMAN: ”Gift cards?”
The reporter pulls out one of the gift cards. It has the Subway logo on the front.
RAH: ”Rah has heard about your plight. Since Rah is dedicated to bringing the light to combat darkness and bringing good stuff to the people to get rid of the bad stuff, Rah gives you Subway gift cards. Rah would also like you to have this.”
Rah hands Hartman a fresh footlong sub covered up in a Subway wrapper.
HARTMAN: ”I…I don’t know what to say.”
Hartman pulls out another gift card.
HARTMAN: ”A five hundred dollar Men’s Wearhouse gift card?”

RAH: ”Rah hopes you can use them to treat yourself to some new clothes…”
The door opens. A middle aged folkie strumming a guitar enters first. Rah recognizes the man.
RAH: ”Happy Mango?”
Mango is followed by a pseudo-creepy looking guy with a harsh five o’clock shadow and a tacky 70’s leisure suit.
RAH: ”Bob Nye-Foot Fetish Guy?”
Mango and Nye’s sudden appearance in the dressing room makes Rah very happy while in the background, Hartman scarfs down the footlong sub and has totally forgotten about the interview.
RAH: ”What are you doing here?”
HAPPY MANGO: ”We heard that you were wrestling at 4CW’s Bad Company show so we pooled our money to fly to Tokyo to be here.”
RAH: ”This makes Rah very pleased. And Bob? I see you finally got out of jail.”
BOB NYE: ”Yes. That’s one more state I’m not allowed to set foot in. Some jurisdictions have completely no sense of humor about admiring other people’s feet.”
HAPPY MANGO: ”We’ve also brought you a surprise, Rah.”
Mango points to the door. Filing in two by two are the extremely tanned, extremely beautiful BeachBronze Suntan Bikini Girls, aka Rah’s original ‘followers’ when he began in pro wrestling seven years ago.
Rah is very, very happy to see them.
HAPPY MANGO: ”For one night, we’re getting the band back together.”
RAH: ”Rah is very happy at this.”
Two large, hulking men bring out Rah’s golden sedan chair. The chair is lowered so Rah can fit his six foot eight, two hundred and eighty pound frame into the sedan.
RAH: ”Let’s do it.”
Mango and the BeachBronze Suntan Bikini Girls get in position.
BOB NYE: ”Hey. Where’s Dawn McGill. Rumor has it she just got a bitchin’ pedicure a couple weeks back.”
RAH: ”She’s with Halitosis. Already headed towards the ring.”
BOB NYE: ”Oh.”
Bob turns and races out of the dressing room.


Cosmo Cooper and Max Cavanaugh square off with the Island of Misfit Wrestlers in the ring, as Cosmo starts off with Rah. There is a back and forth sequence between the two, as Rah looks to get the better of his opponent. Cosmo fights back with a clubbing elbow, using his natural ability to toss his opponent around the ring. The fans are clearly on Cosmo and Max’s side, as Rah finds himself in a sea of boos after a brutal elbow shot to Cosmo. Max soon finds his way into the match, prompting Halitosis to get involved. Cosmo and Max find themselves on the outside, as Rah backdrops Halitosis to the outside, onto Cosmo and Max! The double team move seems to have worked, as the two continue to work together throughout the match. Max and Cosmo take their turns trying to get control, but the Island of Misfit Wrestlers use hit and run tactics to keep them confused. With Rah in the ring they look to continue this, Cosmo has to wait for an opportunity to strike.
It comes when Rah misses a clothesline, allowing Cosmo to send him crashing into his partner! From there Cosmo takes over, tagging in his partner to work over the arms of Rah. Cosmo gets a near fall with a Headbutt, German Suplex combination. Halitosis makes the save though, prompting Max to get involved. With both Cosmo and Rah down in the ring, it’s a race to see who gets tagged in first. Cosmo is barely able to get his partner in, before Halitosis can be tagged in. Max goes toe to toe with him, as the two exchange punches and forearm shots. Halitosis seems to get the better of Max, but Max slips away and connects with a Belly-to-Back Wheelbarrow Facebuster! The move puts his opponent down for the meanwhile, prompting Cosmo to take advantage. He pulls Rah down from the apron, sending him into the guardrail. Max quickly tags Cosmo back in, as Cosmo plants Halitosis with a Crater Maker in the center of the ring! Max ensures that Rah cannot break up the pin, as they get the win and move onto the next round!
WINNER: Cosmo Cooper & Max Cavanaugh via Pinfall (9:01)

? ? ?: “I’m just glad that you decided to make the trip out here for a visit. We could have easily had this discussion back in the states.”
A familiar voice is heard throughout an empty hallway of the Tokyo Dome.
? ? ?: “It’s just unfortunate that it couldn’t have been under different circumstances given the tournament taking place this evening.”
Slowly moving down the hall, the voice speaking grows louder and louder. Stopping just shy of an open doorway, the camera turns to the right where a temporary sign is attached to the wall which reads “Perry Wallace”. Peeking into the office, Perry Wallace is seen sitting behind a desk in the back of the room, his makeshift office for the evening. Sitting across from him, we can only see the grey hairs covering the back of another man’s head.
WALLACE: “I get how it looks, but I promise you that I had nothing to do with the qualifiers that were selected. The office personnel threw everyone’s name into a random generator and with the click of a button, the qualifiers were set. However, I do understand your concerns.”
? ? ?: “It is what it is. Considering it was his first loss in a 4CW ring, I think it’s fair to say he’s had a pretty impressive run. Not to mention it took Dakota Smith, your only Hall of Famer, to get the job done.”
The camera angles into the office, revealing Frankie Morrison sitting comfortably across from Perry Wallace, leaning back in the chair with one leg folded over the other.
WALLACE: “Enjoying the trip? I would ask why you’re out here but you’ve been spending quite a bit of time in this part of the world overseeing your clients best interests.”
MORRISON: “Yeah… Chris has had me traveling all over with him. Japan, of all the places we’ve been, has become more of a home away from home.”
Grabbing his glass of Scotch from the desk, Perry takes a drink before leaning back in his chair and getting comfortable.
WALLACE: “So, there are a couple of things I have been meaning to talk to you about. Things have just been a little too busy to do so.”
MORRISON: “Listen, I’m not coming back to an executive role. I enjoy what I’m doing as a manager and don’t want to be stuffed away in some office.”
Sharing a laugh with his former co-worker and business partner, Perry took another drink to calm his nerves.
WALLACE: “It’s not that, although I miss the good old days.This is actually about Carmella.”
Frankie holds his hand, signaling for Wallace to hold up before going on any further.
MORRISON: “Whatever is or isn’t going on between you and Carmella is strictly between the two of you. Carmella and I, that was a long time ago. She’s great and I owe her so much for raising Jett on her own. But I’m in no position to concern myself with her personal affairs.”
A look of relief comes over Perry’s face at Frankie’s response. He then finishes his glass before placing it back onto the desk.
WALLACE: “That went over better than I had imagined. Now, onto something a little more pertaining to business!”
MORRISON: “How’d you think I was going to respond? You know what… I’d rather not know. What kind of business did you want to discuss?”
WALLACE: “Actually, I… you know what, nevermind. On to other things! So I’ve been thinking. When do you think you’d be open to discussing another contract for your client and coming back home? Be gentle, please.”
Frankie paused for a moment, staring across the desk as Perry anxiously leaned forward, hoping for a favorable response.
MORRISON: “Chris has kept himself busy this summer with FGA, NJFC, and all of his appearances for the different WCS promotions. But there’s no denying that 4CW has a lot of unfinished business. I don’t see why we can’t find a way to come to terms that’ll benefit both sides…”
Stunned, Perry blinked his eyes numerous times before clearing his throat.
WALLACE: “Holy shit. I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting that. Let’s get down to it and work up a deal tonight!”
MORRISON: “I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t be able to get it done!”
With a smile on his face, grabs his bottle of Scotch and pours himself another glass, as well as a second glass for Frankie. Lifting Frankie’s glass up from the table, he then extends it across the desk but while doing so, his elbow hits his own glass, tipping it over and spilling the Scotch all over the entire desk.
WALLACE: “Mother fucker!”
Shaking his head with a smirk across his face, Frankie sets his face down into his palm. Feeling a bit embarrassed, Perry then shrugs his shoulders and tosses the glass back, downing the contents for himself.

The lights along the tron pulsate while the arena is engulfed in darkness. Each time the bass hits the lights flash on around the entrance tunnel. The beat starts to pick up pace as the crowd begins to stir in their seats and a level of excitement begins to reach its peak. Continuing to thump, the music starts to form a melody.
POWERS: ”At this time allow me to introduce to you…Hailing from Los Angeles California, weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds, he is ‘The Antivis’t… DEAN JJUUDDAASS!!!”
Just as Judas is announced for the match the first verse of the song is nearing its end. Anticipation is at an all-time high as the crowd can barely sit on the edge of their seats anymore. Everyone knows what’s coming but it doesn’t change the hype. The song hammers with every pulse being felt throughout the arena, a series of bright blinding white lights flash in time. Wind and smoke chaotically collect, swirl and clash on the entrance stage until it engulfs the entire stage whole. The chorus kicks in heavy with 808s bangin.
”Oh my God, oh my God
If I die, I’m a legend
When they lay me down to rest, I know I was always reppin
Oh my God, my whole life, my words been my greatest weapon
I know I. I know I, been the coast greatest blessin.”

Out walks Dean Judas with a grin on his face and cocky swagger about him. Strolling down the ramp as the music continues to overpower the crowd’s attempts to boo Dean into submission. Like a man possessed Dean continues his slow walk towards the ring. Bypassing all the fans with a focused look he hops into the ring. Marching towards the turnbuckle he ascends upwards. Judas stands atop the turnbuckle looking out onto the crowd with confidence as they continue to shower him with boos. Pounding his chest like a beast, Judas cracks his trademark crooked smile flashing his pearly whites. Hopping down off of the turnbuckle Judas is on one.
VASSA: ”Dean Judas picked up a win tonight in the pre show against Luke Jones and now he’s gracing the crowd with his presence!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not scheduled to be here tonight.”
Judas stands tall in the center of the ring with a slight raised lip looking annoyed at the boos that shower him.
JUDAS: ”Shut your fucking mouths! I’m certainly not in the mood to pander to some pandas. I’m certainly not here to entertain any of you. I didn’t sign my contract with 4CW to just show up, brutalize an opponent and get paid. I been there and I done that. My purpose in 4CW is clear, I’m fuckin strictly here…to take the throne. I’m tired of gettin tossed these halfwits that don’t show up or turn out to just be fuckin’ blowhards. Shit the only one that got one over on me has been flounderin to find her way whilst latchin onto fellow midcard riders. Get in where you fit in I guess.”
The crowd let’s Judas really feel the heat as he runs down their hometown favorite.
JUDAS: ”Really though, I came out here cause I refuse to be denied anymore. They wouldn’t let me roll out here on an elephant and they’re just lucky that no one tried to stop me from comin out here or else they’d get hurt. I didn’t break a sweat against Luke Jones earlier so I’m gonna run a gauntlet right here and now with the best Japan has to offer. Run em down to the slaughter…”
Judas throws the mic to the side and crouches down slightly preparing for whoever is about to come out from the back.
VASSA: ”Oh boy here we go! I can’t wait for Judas to run through each of these opponents.”
JOHNSON: ”Well if I have even any common sense I’d have to agree that Judas probably isn’t going to lose here.”
VASSA: ”BET! Like what I did there?”
JOHNSON: ”Very clever. Should I call you Judas two point oh now?”
Generic gongs chime and some Japanese flutes and lutes or whatever the fuck start to play and drums begin to kick up into a thunderstorm.
POWERS: ”I’m guessing this next match is going to be a JUDAS GAUNTLET MATCH!”
Out walks a five foot ten, two hundred and twenty pound bald Japanese wrestler with his stomach sticking out over his trunks.
VASSA: ”That’s Hiro Tanaka a legend in these parts.”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve never heard of him before.”

Just as Hiro steps through the ropes Judas bounces off the opposite ropes and HAMMERS Hiro with the Money Train! Judas watches as Hiro’s flabby body folds in half and collapses onto the canvas.
VASSA: ”MONEY TRAIN!!!! That’s a wrap!”
Judas presses his foot on top of Hiro’s face to initiate the pinning attempt.

Judas pushes the ref aside and grabs the microphone from a member of the ringside crew.
JUDAS: ”Send em all out here!!! Fuck it! Let’s go!”
Dropping the mic again Judas throws his arms up beggin them to come on out.
JOHNSON: ”Here comes the Cavalry! Judas might have bitten off more than he can chew.”
Five pretty generic looking Japanese wrestlers run down towards the ring with full heads of steam. The first two slide into the ring and Judas drills one with a leaping big boot as the other tries to grapple onto Judas but is met with a back elbow shot that sends him into the corner turnbuckle.
VASSA: ”Spoke too soon!!!”
Running the ropes Judas times it perfectly CRUSHING the third wrestler with the Money Train as he jumps over the top rope into the ring.
Nothing but bodies laid out all over the ring as Judas watches closely waiting for the last two wrestlers to make their move. The last two both climb atop opposite turnbuckles. Dean moves in as the first one dives at him with a crossbody. Quickly thinking, Judas ducks under and catches the wrestler in a fireman’s carry. Turning to the other wrestler just as he leaps Judas catches him as well in the fireman’s carry position.
VASSA: ”He’s got both of them up!”
JOHNSON: ”What a feat of strength!!!”
Posing as the crowd looks on in amazement Judas proceeds to drop both men down while performing a half squat followed by a spinning powerslam.
JOHNSON: ”That was incredible!!!”
Gathering up all the bodies Judas simply piles them onto one another five high and then leans on the pile to make the cover.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner… DEAN JJUUDDAASS!!!”
VASSA: “What a show!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know if it’s all that impressive beating up five amateur wrestlers.”
VASSA: “Those are five Japanese legends! How dare you be so disrespectful.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh come on…”
With the referee still holding his arm up in victory Judas soaks up the mixed reaction before ripping his arm away from the referee. While his music pounds the arena walls Judas rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the back.


Kicking things off for his team, Alessandro Quagliaterre stood across the ring from not one, but both members of Purple Haze. Cheering the ladies on from the outside of the ring and in the front row was his ex-wife, Phoenix, who was also Sativa’s manager. After a brief discussion amongst the members of Purple Haze, Lauryn took lead and began things for her team. With a clear size advantage over Lauryn, Alessandro chased her around the ring, always one step behind as she was just too quick for him. After ducking a clothesline, Lauryn hit the ropes in front of her and just like that, she took Alessandro down to the mat with a jumping knee strike to the back of the head. Keeping the bigger man down, Lauryn keyed in on his legs, attacking them with various kicks and knee strikes. After a failed attempt at a single leg crab, Lauryn found herself back at square one as Alessandro had risen to his feet. Finally able to get a hand on her, Alessandro launched her high into the air, throwing her across the ring and into his corner where Travis awaited on the outside apron. With a quick one-two combination, he knocked her into a daze before tagging his partner, Travis Blake, into the action. Using every bit of the official’s five count, Alessandro held onto the ropes for leverage while pressing his boot across Lauryn’s throat and choking her.
From that point on, Travis remained in control of the match for the few minutes to follow. After a scoop slam followed up with a leg drop across the throat, Travis pulled her back up once more. Dropping her across his knee with a pump-handle gutbuster, Travis went for the pin but came up short as Sativa raced into the ring and broke it up with a kick to the back of his head. Before Sativa even knew what hit her, Alessandro had entered the ring and rushed her from behind, knocking her face first to the canvas with a running shoulder block to the back. Stomping on the back on Sativa’s head, Alessandro went berserk before both Travis and the official had to literally drag him to the other side of the ring, forcing him to exit back onto the apron. With order back in place, Travis pulled Lauryn up from the mat as Sativa rolled out and to the apron. Throwing her to the ropes, he then took off towards the opposite set with only one thing on his mind and that was ending Lauryn’s night once and for all. Leaping into the air as she followed behind him, Travis bounced off the middle rope with a springboard and as he rotated his entire body in mid-air, we aimed for her head with a killshot. Throwing his forearm forward, Travis went for The Blackout, only to miss as Lauryn slid feet first to the canvas, dodging the devastating blow to the face. As Travis crashed to the mat, Lauryn quickly crawled across the ring where she then made the tag with Sativa, bringing her officially back into the action for a second time.
Sativa moved quickly, making sure to keep Travis down. As she went to apply an ankle lock, Travis managed to pull his foot out of her hands before rolling over to his back and delivering a solid kick to her face. Stunning her just long enough to get to his feet, Travis then followed up by grabbing onto her head with both hands and firing away with a powerful knee to her face! Pulling her up, he then dragged her over to his corner before reaching out for a tag with Alessandro. Just as their hands came within inches of one another, Sativa delivered a quick elbow to Travis’ ribs, breaking his hold and then catching him by surprise with a jumping DDT, planting his head into the mat! Taunting Alessandro, Sativa kept a safe distance between her and the ropes. After making him angry on the apron, Sativa then turned her back to him and pulled Travis up to one knee. Stepping onto the bottom rope, Alessandro then leaned as far as he could over the top before grabbing a handful of hair on the back of Sativa’s head. Alessandro then pulled her to the ropes and away from Travis. The crowd in the front row then begins to stir and eventually Alessandro turns his head only to see Phi, his ex-wife moving her hips gracefully. Pointing to him, she then motions her finger for him to come over and before you know it, she grabs the bottom of her shirt and lifts it up, exposing the goods underneath. Dumbfounded, Alessandro loses all focus as he stares at Phi. Reaching above and locking both arms over Alessandro’s head, Sativa then drops down to the mat, pulling Alessandro’s head down and slamming his throat across the top rope, sending him flying off the apron and crashing to the floor. Pushing herself back up, Sativa looks ahead as Travis has just managed to get to both feet. Sliding him beside him, she then locked onto his head and took him face first to the canvas with a cutter, knocking him out cold with what she likes to call, Got em! Making the cover, Sativa looked over her shoulder at Alessandro incapable of breaking things up as the official’s hand slapped the mat for the one, two, and the three!
WINNER: Purple Haze via Pinfall (9:22)


A bit surprisingly the match begins with Brandon Banks standing in the ring across from Kaelan Quinn. Laughlin protests briefly but Kae gave him a stern look and that seemed to be the end of the conversation. When the bell rang the two competitors met in the middle of the ring with banks getting the early advantage using his size, tying Kaelan up and working her into a side headlock. She remains in the hold briefly before shoving Banks off of her and into the ropes. When he comes off of them back toward her she side steps and drops him down face first with a drop toe hold. Popping back up to her feet she smiles and raises her thumb to her mouth, extending her pinky like she’s drinking before pretending to send tweets on an imaginary phone, obviously mocking Brandons habit of drunk tweeting. She tags Bryan into the match soon after as Brandon gets back up to his feet, incensed. The two tie up and this time Laughlin manages to work Banks into a side headlock, which he pushes out of and sends Laughlin into the ropes. On the rebound he drops Laughlin face first to the mat with a drop toe hold of his own and then pops up to his feet, looking at Kaelan and shouting “OI OI OI” at her before returning his attention to her partner.
Pulling Laughlin back to his feet, Banks takes a moment to steady him before Laughlin pushes him away. When Brandon steps back toward him. SUPERKEK OUT OF NOWHERE! Banks stands, dazed, after the super kick connects and then collapses. Bryan quickly covers but Lyza is quick through the ropes and catches Bryan with an upkick that snaps Laughlin’s head upward, breaking up the pinfall attempt before the referee can even get a one count in. Kaelan, having none of that, dashes through the ropes and launches herself at Lyza, tackling her to the mat where she proceeds to unload on her with punches. The crowd explodes with cheers, elated at the chaos unfolding before them in the ring. Laughlin and Banks both lay motionless as their significant others brawl with each other, neither being able to get an advantage over the other. The referee finally manages to pull Lyza, who had managed to flip Kaelan over and put her on the bottom, off of the orange headed Irish girl and separate the two, ordering them both back to their corners. With order restored, Banks and Laughlin begin to struggle towards their own respective corners, looking to make a tag and give their team momentum back.
Anxiously the fans wait to see the tags made so that they could return to the mayhem that had unfolded a few moments earlier between Kaelan and Lyza. Brandon makes the tag first and Lyza scoots through the ropes, darting across the ring. The fans roar as Laughlin dives, thinking that he was going to make the tag but in a flash Lyza dove and rammed her shoulder through the middle and top ropes, slamming into Kaelan’s abdomen and knocking her down off of the ring a half second before Bryan could reach her. She then turned her attention to Bryan, connecting with another brutal kick to his temple to subdue him before he could get back to his feet. With Bryan face down Lyza takes his legs and twists them with hers, laying back to wrap her arms around Laughlin’s neck, torquing upward with a Muta Lock. Laughlin cries out in pain but is saved when Kaelan climbs back up onto the ring apron and springboards off of it, diving across both of them and breaking the submission hold. Banks steps through the ropes to prevent things from getting worse for his partner, charging and leveling Kaelan with a running knee as she was getting back up, sending the crowd into a frenzy once more as the referee fought to restore order to the match yet again.
Once things settle down again, with Laughlin and Lyza both on their feet once more, the two meet in the middle of the ring and exchange strikes until Laughlin backs Lyza up into her own corner, blasting her with rights and lefts. Slapping Lyza on the back tagging himself into the match, Banks blasts Laughlin with a forearm before stepping through the ropes. Once he’s in the ring he locks onto Laughlin and whips him into the ropes. When Bryan rebounds, Banks drops down and allows Laughlin to step over him, bouncing off the ropes once more. On the second rebound Banks stands and then leapfrogs over Laughlin wo bounces off the ropes a third time. On this rebound Kaelan slaps Bryan’s back, making her the legal opponent unnoticed by Brandon, while Laughlin continues to run back towards his opponent Banks leaps into the air, looking to land the M.A.D. but Laughlin slams on the brakes just in time leaving BB to crash down to the mat awkwardly. When Brandon gets back up to his feet Laughlin catches him with a second SUPERKEK, turning and running to knock Lyza down off the apron to the outside of the ring. Kaelan finally enters the ring as the legal man and quickly locks in the Irish Rose submission hold. #BAELIN CLUB! Laughlin runs to the ropes as Banks tries to fight off the submission maneuver. AS he rebounds he sprints in Lyza’s direction, diving over the top rope with a suicide dive, taking Lyza out completely. Brandon fights towards the ropes but before he can get there Kaelan drags him back towards the center of the ring and locks the hold in deeper, leaving him no choice but to tap out.
WINNER: Baelin Club via Submission (14:33)

Cameras find themselves staring down a flight of stairs leading to other parts of the famed Tokyo Dome as Alexis is down on the lowest level wearing her ring gear readying herself against her rival, Geneive Carlson. She holds a snake. Becoming mesmerized by this long scaled serpent, making kissy faces toward charming the creature. It was a boa constrictor wrapping itself around her upper arm very slowly.
MERCER: “I’ve been around the block. I have faced a lot of people much more damaging to my career than Geneive Carlson. I have faced a lot of people that looked to end my wrestling journey before it ever could it started. Shady Layne, Chris McKenzie, Eliza Grey and yes even that self-centered prick, Calvin Harris. One of them died. The other three might as well be dead as far as their careers are considered while I still remained. I didn’t take vacations. I didn’t disappear for long periods of time. And I’m certainly not among the dead.”
An medium shot provided people this upper torso glimpse of Alexis while she continued to talk about past rivals in past companies. She still looks at the snake.
MERCER: “No matter how many have tried to get rid of me. I still remain. I still walk down those ramps and perform match after match after match. I’ve seen them come, I’ve seen them go.”
She strongly says.
MERCER: “Unlike Genie. I don’t have a history of ex-boyfriends and husbands physically abusing me. Hitting me in any sense of the word. I don’t go around doctors screaming rape whenever I don’t get what I’m after like Gen has been known to do. If you get in my way I’m not afraid to make learn real quick why you shouldn’t fuck with me. I’ve hurt people.”
Alexis pets the creature.
MERCER: “You want to make up lies and pass them off as truth? You think that maybe you could get by by telling yourself the boogeyman isn’t real? You might think telling yourself that there’s nothing to fear from me. I’m all talk. I’m just that same little girl that you crossed months ago claiming I would never go nowhere and be no one.”
It is here that Alexis gives a creepy stare looking deep into the camera lens. Her tone picked up from the normal soft spoken voice everyone in the company knows.
MERCER: “It’s a shame your best friend Tara doesn’t share the same sentiment.”
Alexis turns her phone around. Cameras reveal a captured image by a user identified as Sarah Jones in her contacts. It’s an image of a tweet sent from Tara hoping that Gen takes care of Alexis at Bad Company III. If not, Tara Davidson would have to take over. Our cameras fade as it gets closer.


Coming straight out of the gate and exploding into action, Omerta charged Shootcamp before the official even had a chance to call for the bell. Cornering Ace Watson, Erron went to work with a series of stiff, boxing punches that made Ace look like nothing more than a punching bad in a sparring session. Catching Owen with a European uppercut, Dakota knocked him into the ropes and as he returned, locked onto his throat with one hand before lifting him off his feet and throwing him down to his back with a chokeslam. After nearly a minute of carnage passes, Dakota throws Owen to the outside before walking to his corner and leaving Erron in as the official man. Ace looked lost as Erron hit him from all angles with ease. Lifting him upside down and high into the air, Erron then dropped him flat on his head with a brainbuster. In his second match back, The Stuntman looked at home inside of a 4CW ring, sizing up Ace with ease. Growing a tad bit bored, Erron then whipped Ace to the corner where Dakota nailed him in the back with a knee through the ropes as he closed in. His body stiffened as he looked to the ceiling and with no awareness whatsoever, he made for an easy target as Erron raced in and slammed against him with a body splash, squashing him against the corner. Tagging Dakota in, Erron then locks Ace in an abdominal stretch and as Dakota enters the ring and takes off for the ropes, he then comes back on the return and levels Ace with a Yakuza kick! Decapitation Technique #47 seemed to do the trick as Ace fell to the mat instantly. Making the cover, Dakota licked his lips as the official’s hand slapped the mat twice. Before a third, Owen broke up the pin with a double axe-handle to the back of Dakota’s head. This automatically drew Erron back into the ring, catching him from the side with a stiff right to the jaw. Immediately, the official forced himself between the men, commanding Owen and both Erron to go back to their corners. They did, and the match continued.
Minutes pass with Dakota in control of the match. As Ace slowly pushed himself up, Dakota rushed in, only to get taken off guard as Ace bursts forward, driving his shoulder into Dakota’s stomach. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Ace then put him right back down on the mat with a Samoan drop. Making the tag, Ace brought Owen officially into the match. After putting Dakota down with a half nelson suplex, Owen raised everyone’s hopes as he then lifting Dakota onto his shoulders and dropped him on his head with a Death Valley Driver. Making the cover, Owen was only able to get a two count before Dakota forced his shoulder up from the canvas. Not wasting anytime, Owen went back on the attack and after another minute of offense, Owen set up Dakota for a fisherman’s suplex. Before he could lift The Butcher off his feet, Dakota fired a cracking blow to Owen’s ribs, forcing him to release his hold. Dakota then went to lock him up for a fisherman’s suplex of his own that would lead to Deadman Wonderland, but before he could execute, Owen returned the favor with a shot to Dakota’s ribs. Stumbling backwards into his corner, Owen’s manages to tag with Ace, bringing in a slightly fresher body into the warzone. Charging straight for Dakota, Ace thought he had him like a deer in the headlights before Dakota outsmarted him and took him face first to the mat with a drop toe hold. Pulling Ace up from the mat, Dakota then dragged him to his corner where he made the tag with Erron and then pinned Ace’s arms behind his back. Entering the ring with swiftness, Erron unloads on Ace with a rabid combo of boxing strikes. After Erron landed his last punch, Dakota then released him and delivered the final blow, a bionic elbow to the back of Ace’s head. Dead in the legs, Ace fell to the mat from the Skull Fucking Finale. Erron then made the cover as Dakota met Owen across the ring, keeping him away from the pin as the official’s hand hit the mat three times, declaring Dakota and Erron the winners of round one.
WINNER: Omertà via Pinfall (7:07)



Filling in as Evil’s partner in honor of his fallen comrade, Andrew Karnage made his 4CW debut by starting things off for his team defending the Tag Team Championships. Across the ring stood only one man, yes one man. In his corner, there was nothing to be seen except for a broom. Darryl Walker’s partner, REDD Thunder, was nowhere to be found. Making his debut with a bang, Karnage kept Darryl on his toes with an exchange of lefts and rights before following things up and throwing Darryl down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. The man, Karnage, was known throughout the wrestling world as a suplex expert in which he showed the Tokyo Dome crowd in attendance with a clinic of all sorts of variations. After minutes pass by, Karnage slams Darrly into his own corner, forcing his arm to extend over the top rope, brushing against the broom. Karnage then draws back for a power punch but before he can swing, Darryl holds up both hands, pleading for him to stop in which he does. Stepping onto the bottom rope, Darryl then pulls up the middle with one arm while pretending to assist the broom with entering the ring. Confused, Karnage looks on at the sight. Once the broom has entered, Darryl propped it against the corner before nodding to the official and exiting onto the apron as if obeying the rules completely. Still scratching his head, Karnage looks back and forth between Darryl and the broom before eventually, the broom tips over and falls to the mat. Shrugging his shoulders, Karnage drops down to his knees and makes the cover. Things didn’t quite go as Darryl had in mind. The official just stood back, looking on as Karnage had the broom covered. Not certain of what exactly was taking place, Karnage stood to his feet and carried the broom with him until making it to his corner and tagging in Evil.
Handing the broom off to Evil as he entered the ring, Karnage stepped out onto the apron, still confused at what is exactly taking place. Holding the broom up with both hands, Evil then slammed it down onto his knee, snapping it in half. Immediately, Darryl dipped through the ropes and charged dead ahead. Still the legal man, the official was happy to see him return to the ring. Clipping Evil from the side, Darryl knocked him to his side and unleashed Hell as he kicked and stomped down onto the Tag Champs body. Lifting Evil up from the mat, Darryl then pressed him high above his head. Slipping out of his hold, Evil landed behind and in the blink of an eye, he hit Darryl with a backstabber that brought back pains from Darryl’s back injury last year. Continuing the attack on Darryl’s back, Evil eventually droped him across his knee with a backbreaker. With his broom in pieces, Darryl had no one to save him as Evil continued his relentless assault. Laying Darryl on his stomach, Evil then climbed the corner, setting himself up for the Reverse Stuntman Flip, a top rope backflip double foot stomp. Before he can make his move, a loud thunderous roar is head at the top of the ramp and at that very moment, the entire arena erupts as REDD Thunder races down the ramp. Evil immediately begins mouthing off and holds his position. Crashing into the side of the ring with a shoulder block, REDD shakes the entire setup, knocking Evil off balance and sending him flying backwards over Darryl and crashing to the mat. REDD then climbs onto the apron as Evil pops back to his feet. Charging the ropes, Evil lunges forward with a right but catches one in return from REDD, sending him stumbling backwards across the ring before finally falling down and rolling into his corner.
Karnage shocks not only everyone watching, but also Evil as he reaches over the ropes and slaps Evil’s shoulder, initiating the tag. Crawling to his corner, Darryl then extends his arm, tagging in REDD. Both legal men then enter the ring and collide in the center with an exchange of punches. For every one Karnage landed, REDD landed three more powerful ones. Lifting Karnage into the air, REDD then threw him across the ring and into the corner. Rushing in full speed, REDD flattened him with all of his weight. Locking onto Karnage’s wrist again, REDD then whipped him to the other corner and as he did, Evil reached over the rope to make the tag but was a split second too late. As Karnage crashes into the opposite corner, REDD is right there behind him, flattening him against the corner for a second time! The moment REDD stepped out of the way, Karnage fell face first to the mat. REDD then looked to his partner and forcefully made a tag, despite Darryl still being in a bit of pain. Hooking Karnage’s arms, Darryl then locked his Walker Texas Ranger (Rings of Saturn). Using his size, REDD stood between the submission and Evil who was now racing across the ring. Going for it, Evil attempted to leap over REDD but didn’t get too far as REDD caught him in mid-air. Holding Evil over his shoulder and patting his back, REDD kept things clear as Darryl eventually made Karnage slap the mat over and over from a nearly unconscious state.
WINNER: Darryl Walker & REDD Thunder via Submission (12:49)


The cameras revert back to the interior of the Tokyo Dome where the entire arena has been sold out for the finale episode of the Bad News Company III tag team tournament. It shows the entire Japanese fan base going crazy for the action packed matches and suspenseful segments before the cameras cut over to the announcer’s sat behind the commentary table.
VASSA: ”We just witnessed some harsh words thrown by Andre Holmes in his upcoming match against American Tommy but right now, we have a match a lot of people have been waiting to see. The in-ring return of Genevie Carlson on Bad News Company III welcomes her against a great opponent and who better than the former 4CW Fate Champion, Alexis Morrison.”
JOHNSON: “That’s going to be one hell of a match. Genevie Carlson made her return at Ante Up calling out Anastasia Hayden by costing Alexis Morrison the 4CW Pride Championship. Alexis has been demanding for payback and Perry Wallace had no choice but to make the match. It’s obviously one of the most tensed grudge matches we have in recent history.”
VASSA: “Genevie Carlson wants to become 4CW Fate Champion and deliver vengeance upon Anastasia but first she must go through the woman who wants her name on a silver platter. This, the 4CW fans, is gonna be a match of wills and spirits. The fighters have a reason to win this match for one could get a rematch against Hayden and desire bragging rights.”
JOHNSON: “Damn right! Let’s get into this match. It’s Alexis Morrison facing off against Genevie Carlson at Bad Company III live in the Tokyo Dome of Tokyo, Japan! Take it away Powers!”
The cameras cut over to Powers standing in the center of the ring in his signature suit attire. He nods his head as he gets the cue from production to begin with the introductions of the match thus him raising the microphone in his right hand up to his smiling lips.

POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!”

The entire interior of the arena falls into darkness once the beginning beats of “Killing You Hoes” by Trina officially takes over the former quiet environment. Pink and white strobe lights shine all over the stage and flicker among the audience members who are not too happy to receive the cocky and mostly arrogant female talent. Bursting out from backstage with a smirk on her face, Genevie spins her hips around in a “stripper” dance then blowing a kiss to the fans.

Genevie walks down the entrance path ignoring the fans stretching out their hands to touch her; She walks at a quick pace but keeps her held promoting the confidence she has in herself to beat Alexa Morrison tonight in Japan. When she stands on the apron facing the stage, Genevie adjusts the snap back on her head before she blows a kiss to the fans at ringside spawning another whiplash of boos thrown at her.
POWERS: “Introducing first! Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts! At five feet, six inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She is GENEVIE CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
Wearing short, tight shorts that barely cover her ass, tops that are very flattering to her overly pushed out cleavage, that end just underneath her breasts. knee high socks that are always color matched to her outfit and a pair of Jordan sneakers or other high top sneaker that matches her outfit.
JOHNSON: “There she is ladies and gentlemen in all her glory. Genevie Carlson is one of the most skilled and highly respected talent in 4CW. Not to mention, she’s shaken the 4CW landscape when she made her return at Ante Up. Now she has an opportunity to defeat the former 4CW Fate Champion, Alexa Morrison, sending a huge message to Hayden!”
Genevie enters into the ring through the ropes and finds refuge on the middle turnbuckle of her designated corner where she spreads her arms out to receive all the hate from Tokyo. Descending down, she swirls her hips around for everyone to see one more time before he entrance music fades away. Genevie hands her snap back to a ringside crew member then awaits her opponent to show up.
VASSA: “Genevie is lookin’ mighty fucking fine in this match. Now I know why I missed her. Baby got it it goin’ on in all kinds of places.”
“Stronger” by Through Fire takes over the environment sparking a more positive reaction from the Japanese crowd. The cameras move through different sections of the higher audience seats looking for the woman waiting to deliver an ass kicking to Carlson. Finally, the camera stays in one spot focusing on Alexis Morrison standing at the top of a stairway with her eyes pinned down on Genevie.

She climbs down the steps with a heavy pace in her steps. Security ensures no fan gets too hectic or out of their minds with touching her. Reaching floor level, Alexis moves around the audience before hopping over the barricade to ringside. She immediately climbs the steel steps then moves through the ropes where Genevie Carlson exits the ring to avoid any…sudden attacks.
POWERS: “Introducing her opponent! Hailing from Salem, New York! At five feet, four inches tall, weighing in at one-hundred and ten pounds. She is “The Anti-Starlet” ALEXIS MMOORRRRIISSOONN!!!”
Wearing belt leggings and matching stretch lace up vest. Across one thigh is a leather belt while the other houses four slashes around the superstar’s lower thigh showing off her skin complexion and a pair of black mid height wrestling boots. She takes off her leather jacket and tosses it over the top rope while standing in the center of the ring. Genevie waves her hand dismissing her off.
VASSA: “Genevie better be ready for the fight of her fucking life because Alexis isn’t playing. She came with one reason and one reason only. To get revenge on the woman who took away her 4CW Pride Championship. Never seen Alexis this fuckin’ angry, is she PMS’ing on her period or something?”
Alexis stays in her corner and her entrance music fades away. Genevie climbs up on the apron then gets inside the ring after moving through the ropes. Both competitors are in their respective corners facing each other are ready as the referee asks them. He spins her right arm in the air signalling to the bell keeper to start the match.
JOHNSON: “Genevie Carlson. Alexis Morrison. Here we go!”

They both leave their corners at the same time and circle the ring while keeping to the ropes. Genevie is a little hesitant to get inside the center but backs off when Alexis does playing mind games with her. The two circle the ring again until they lock up a traditional collar and elbow tie up. Both women are pushing back and forth but Genevie holds her back against the corner turnbuckles.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

The referee demands she backs off and surprisingly, she follows until slapping the taste right out of Alexis’ mouth. Morrison rubs her chin then grabs Genevie by the face before spinning her back against the turnbuckles. She unloads a series of knife edge chops into her opponent’s exposed chest before finishing the sequence by pulling her out of the corner then dropping her down with a short-arm clothesline!

JOHNSON: “Alexis starting the match off with a vicious assault of knife edge chops followed by a short-arm clothesline taking her opponent down. She’s one of the most versatile talent so expect her to mix it up in the ring.”
She helps Carlson back up to her feet and uproots her ribs with a right knee into the midsection. Genevie bends forward in a quick reaction until being whipped off into the ropes. Upon the return, Alexis catches her at the ropes and drives both her feet into that exposed chest with a running dropkick that forces her opponent out of the ring. Genevie crashes down to the ringside mat.

VASSA: “Dropkick to the outside by Alexis and she’s ready to fly! Banzai motherfuckers!”
Of course! As Genevie gathers her bearings and gets back on her feet, she turns around and her eyes widen. She sees an Alexis Morrison flying through the top and middle rope before barging her body against Genevie thus both competitors crash against the barricade. The Japanese audience explode from the high flying display and applaud Alexis for her courageous sacrifice.

VASSA: “Suicide Dive! The referee starts the count out and this match is high paced action!”
“One! … Two!”

Alexis is up first and she helps Genevie back up to her feet. A straight knife edge chop gets pounded into her opponent’s chest stunning her on the spot. She takes her right arm and attempts to toss her against the steel steps but Carlson spins around taking advantage. A huge impact between steel and spine meet together when Alexis crashes into the steel steps back first!


JOHNSON: “My God! Did you hear the impact when Alexis slammed into the steel steps and Genevie is enjoying this!”
“Four! … Five!”

Alexis sits down on the ringside mat with her face until Genevie bends down measuring the golden opportunity. She takes off in a sprint that drives the edge of her right knee straight through the head of Alexis letting her head bounce back against the steel steps. The audience again groans after witnessing that brutal collision and Genevie wipes her right shoulder off taunting her.

VASSA: “Fucking hell!”
“Six! … Seven!”

She manages to roll her into the ring and get inside to watch Alexis struggling to get back up on her feet. Meeting in her personal space, Genevie delivers a spinning back kick into her midsection bending her forward before striking the back of her head with an axe Kick. When Alexis stands up to full posture, she eats a rolling elbow into the temple knocking her down!

VASSA: “Holy shit! Nice striking combination by Genevie! A Spinning Back Kick followed by an Axe Kick then a Rolling Elbow! That was hella’ fire bitch and here comes the pin attempt!”

A kick out by Alexis and Genevie demands the referee to do his job better. She gets back up first but also sits Morrison up before delivering a stinging roundhouse kick into her spine. Morrison screams out in agony until Carlson kneels down behind her. Right knee digging deep into her back, arms pulled back towards her. The surfboard stretch submission is applied in the center of the ring!

JOHNSON: “Surfboard Stretch and it’s in the center of the ring. Alexis took a huge shot back first against the steel steps and Genevie is focusing on that back. She needs a figure a way out of the submission before it’s too late!”
Genevie is pulling back with the arms in her hands and Alexis sees she can’t move. Instead, she gathers her footing on the mat then uses the strength in her legs to push herself back up. Morrison breaks the handle off her arms then leaps backwards off the mat to deliver a strong pele kick on top of her opponent’s head. Carlson falls back against the ropes and leans on them for support.

VASSA: “Pele Kick!”
The kick really was strong enough to have Genevie pinned against the ropes and Alexis is back on her feet. She runs into her opponent but Genevie strikes up her right leg to kick Alexis a few steps back. Carlson then goes into Morrison who ducks under a right forearm thrown then runs into the ropes where rebounds to deliver a tilt-a-whirl headscissor takedown!

JOHNSON: “Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissor Takedown! Alexis Morrison is back on the offense and she’s going completely insane!”
Genevie rolls forward onto her feet then turns around to eat a huge knife edge chop digging deep into her chest. Alexis takes Carlson’s head under her right pit, throw her arm over her neck and hooks the right leg before spinning down on the mat to deliver a fisherman neckbreaker. It doesn’t end there when she stands up at Genevie’s side, leaps backwards off the mat and lands on her stomach with a standing moonsault!

VASSA: “Holy shit balls!”
JOHNSON: “Standing Moonsault after the Fisherman Neckbreaker! Here’s the pin attempt on Genevie Carlson!”

No! Morrison is upset that Carlson won’t give up and she backs up in the opposing corner waiting for Genevie to get up in the facing one. Alexis throws up the birds then takes off to nail her in the turnbuckle but her opponent ducks under attempting to toss her out of the ring. Alexis lands on the top rope until Genevie pushes her legs off making Morrison land coochie first on the wire!

VASSA: “Well, I hope Alexis’ boyfriend was prepared to jack off tonight.”
Climbing up to the second rope is Genevie throwing a vicious forearm into her spine. She sees an opportunity to get even and attempts for a sidewalk slam on the wire but Alexis slips out behind on the apron leaving Carlson seated on the top rope. Alexis leaps on the top rope then springboards across grabbing Genevie’s face on her shoulder before landing a springboard cutter to ringside!

The referee immediately leaves the ring and looks at both competitors completely out at ringside. After they landed from the top turnbuckle all the way to ringside from that dangerous move, it’s safe to say they are both unable to continue the match. He raises his arms in an ‘X’ format signalling for medical attention to come and deal with the situation.

POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, both competitors are unable to continue the match. This match has been declared a no contest!”

JOHNSON: “Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. Hopefully there is nothing serious in injury after what we just saw. Let’s cut to commercial real quick and gather an update later in the show!”


Cooper and Nevaeh started things off in the second round action, both showing some signs of wear and tear from their first matches of the evening, but still they both sucked it up and begin with the bell. The larger Cosmo took to the strength advantage right away pushing the smaller Wolfe up against the ropes and unloading with a couple of well placed knee strikes before sending Wolfe into the ropes and connecting with a leaping leg lariat! Cosmo didn’t hesitate and quickly followed that up with a jumping senton, he went for a quick cover, but Wolfe powered out after the second slap of the canvas. Cooper didn’t even let Wolfe get up to her before he flipped her over onto the mat again with a gator roll, this led right into another pin attempt which again only got a two count from the referee. Cooper got up and stalked Wolfe, as she got back up he struck again this time from behind with a release German Suplex folding Lauryn Wolfe in half with a sickening thud in the ring! Cooper then tagged out to Max Cavanaugh who dives through the ropes leaping up and stomping down onto the shoulder of his opponent with no wasted movement! From there he scooped her up trapping her arm behind her back and connecting with a back suplex! The target of the back of her head seemed to be the strategy for Cavanaugh and Cooper. Wolfe began to crawl towards the outstretched hand of her opponent, but Cavanaugh didn’t let her get far connecting with a modified bulldog pushing Wolfe’s face down into the mat. Cavanaugh blew a kiss towards Nevaeh which got her pissed off enough to duck under the ropes, but was cut off by the referee, which of course allowed for Cooper to climb back into the ring and the duo connected with a couple of dual stomps, and finally a two person belly to back drop which flipped Wolfe over from the back of her neck onto her stomach in the ring. Just as the referee spun around Cooper ducked out of the ring and Cavanaugh went for the cover, the referee dove into position and began the count, but only got to two as Nevaeh simply had enough and broke up the pin attempt. The match broke down here as Cooper also came into the ring and all Nevaeh began to unload rights on him as well, eventually the referee was able to put a stop to it pushing Nevaeh back into her corner allowing Cooper and Cavanaugh to once again work a little double team action.
Max and Cosmo pull Wolfe up to her feet and send her into the ropes, on the rebound both men duck down going for a dual back body drop but out of nowhere Lauryn Wolfe is able to hit a double DDT! Cooper rolls to the outside of the ring as Cavanaugh holds his face in some pain… Wolfe, begins to crawl towards her partner once again. The crowd begins to buzz as they are literally just a fingertip’s length away from making the tag when Cavanaugh connects with a Fameasser right across the back of her neck. Just as he gets up, he throws a cheap elbow shot into the gut of Sativa on the outside and then plants huge smooch on her face as she stands back up! Sativa tries to get into the ring to whoop his ass, but the referee is right there waiting. This allows Cavanaugh to throw Wolfe into his corner where the boot of Cosmo Cooper is waiting for Lauryn’s face. The two make the quick tag, but not before they both take turns kicking her in the gut against the corner turnbuckle! Cosmo pulls her by the midsection out of the corner and in an amazing display of raw power connects with three consecutive gutwrench suplexes!! The last one just throws Wolfe into the canvas and allows for Cooper to drop down to one knee and holds his arms out to either side as he tosses his head back in celebration. This of course causes the normally reserved Japanese crowd to suddenly boo against him. As he gets back up he makes for the signal that this one is over, as Wolfe pulls herself back up to her feet Cooper looks to lock in a hold but out of nowhere Wolfe counters by leaping up and flipping the man to the far side of the ring with a standing hurricanrana! Wolfe again begins to crawl towards the outstretched hand of her tag team partner, but just as the two are about to touch Cooper is able to grab a hold of the leg of Wolfe and prevent her from making the tag!! Wolfe is pulled up to a standing position as she fights against Cooper and just as she gets up she turns her attention away from the tag and instead hits a step up enziguri to the side of his head! He falls like a ton of bricks and in total desperation Wolfe reaches out and makes the tag to Neveah who finally gets into the match! She charges across the ring and connects with a running Yakuza kick to Max Cavanaugh who was trying to head her off nearly taking his head off in the process. Then as Cooper gets back up to his feet, she grabs him by the head and runs up the corner turnbuckles hitting a Tornado DDT in the process! The duo of Cavanaugh and Cooper do the wise thing and head to the outside of the ring for safety and to be as far away from Sativa as possible. As the duo regroup, Sativa charges towards the ropes and fakes a dive over the top as they back up in response. Sativa then blows a kiss back towards Max and points to the top ropes just as Lauryn Wolfe dives off of the top ropes to the outside crashing down onto both men and taking them out on the outside!! The crowd pops loudly for that one.
As Wolfe recovers on the outside of the ring she picks up Cosmo Cooper by the hair, that amazing hair, and tosses him back into the ring towards the waiting Nevaeh who connects with a Pelee kick right to his face as he stands up! She instantly goes for the cover, but is only able to get to two as Cooper powers up the shoulder at the last moment. She gets up to her feet and waits for Cooper to pull himself back up to his, just as he does she motions that it is time for bed as she grabs Cooper by the head and arm and connects with a reverse STO which then she flips into the Koji Clutch! The crowd knowing this as Nighty Night gets to their feet sensing the end. Cooper fights against the hold, but is unable to go anywhere in the ring, he raises his hand to tap out but just as his hand is about to hit the mat Max Cavanaugh pulls his leg and slides him far enough out of the ring that it brings the submission attempt. Cavanaugh charges into the ring and begins to take some cheap shots at Nevaeh before she is able to recover from that. The referee forces him out of the ring, but not before Cosmo is able to recover enough and make the tag out him which allows him to leap up onto the ropes and connect with a dropkick to the jaw of Sativa! Max follows that up with a running knee strike across her face. Nevaeh tries to get back up to her feet, but Max is there and goes for another German Suplex, however, this time Sativa is able to flip over and land on her feet! From behind Lauryn makes the blind tag across Sativa’s backside, Sativa charges at Max, but Max side steps her which allows her to charge right through the middle and top ropes catching Cosmo Cooper with a spear off of the apron and onto the floor below!! Max spins around to see the carnage which allows Wolfe to sneak up from behind him and connects with a sudden and violent rolling cutter!! She folds him up with a cradle pin attempt as the referee dives in and counts one, two, and three!
WINNER: Purple Haze via Pinfall (13:51)


Starting off the match is Bryan Laughlin and Scott Woodson for their respective teams. The two men launch out of their corners in an absolute brawl in the center of the ring, starting with proper elbows and forearms, but quickly devolving into ugly yet effective punches. A headbutt from Woodson stuns Laughlin and allows for a snap suplex to put Bryan down. Scotty slaps on a chinlock to grind down Bryan on the mat, but Laughlin starts to power his way back up to his feet. A few elbow shots to the midsection later and Bryan is free with a European uppercut to create some distance between the two. Woodson gets tied up in the ropes and Laughlin seizes the moment with a nasty sounding knife edge chop. Tossing Scotty across the ring, Bryan is ready on the rebound with a jumping knee drop that he holds onto for a pin, but Woodson kicks out at one. Laughlin brings Woodson up to the Baelin Club corner and tags in Kaelan Price for a double suplex. Price starts to target Woodson’s knee with some stomps and looks like she’s going for an early submission victory, but Scotty is able to drive his boot into her face. Kaelan goes stumbling back, but rushes back in and gets caught up with a spinebuster from Scotty.
Woodson takes control of the match as he flips the script and starts stomping away at Price, but doing so in corner of The Outsiders. He puts his boot on her neck and starts choking her out, only stopping as the referee threatens a disqualification. A tag brings in Scott Stevens for the first time and he picks up where Woodson left off, stomping away at the downed Price in their corner. Kaelan is lifted up by Scott and thrown across the ring with a capture suplex. While she’s no stranger to fighting larger opponents, Price has her back against the ropes with Stevens. A standing elbow drop from Stevens is transitioned into a pin attempt, but Price kicks out at one. Kaelan is up to her feet and Remember The Alamo from Scott, but she sidesteps the superkick just barely! She hits the ropes and as she does, Laughlin tags himself in. Kaelan goes low with a chop block to Scott and it puts him down to one knee to allow Bryan to drive him head first into the canvas with a bulldog. A pin attempt, but Scott is quick to get his arm up at the two count. Stevens finds himself in the ring corner trying to recover, but that’s perfect positioning for Laughlin as he climbs up to the opposite corner, going airborne for the Burning River Leap! Pulling Scott from out of the corner, a pin attempt sees a two count as Scotty Woodson breaks it up.
Picking Stevens back up, Laughlin starts to drag him over to the Baelin Club corner, but Scott gets a burst of energy out of nowhere as he quickly throws an elbow to Laughlin’s back. He wraps his arm around Bryan for a Scorpion Death Drop! The reverse falling DDT puts Bryan on the mat and Scott clears Kaelan from the apron before going for a pin. A near fall as Bryan just kicks out of the attempt. It only took one move to put the momentum back in favor for The Outsiders as Stevens sends Laughlin into their corner. A big lariat in the corner followed by a tag from Woodson and the duo set Laughlin up for a Scottybomb/Neckbreaker combo! The pin seems like a sure thing, but Price breaks it up just in time! Stevens sends Price over the top rope, but she lands on the apron unbeknownst to him. She springboards into the ring, but Scott is ready with Debbie Does Dallas! The European uppercut catches her right in the air and it sends her rolling out of the ring as the referee tries getting the action back under control. Woodson picks Laughlin up and gets him in a suplex position, but Bryan floats over and tries for a tag only to find Kaelan hasn’t recovered just yet. Which allows for Scotty to pull Bryan right back into a bridging German suplex that Laughlin kicks out of.
The Outsiders make a quick series of back-and-forth tags as they cut off the ring, isolating Laughlin from the now recovered Price. Satisfied with the damage done, Scotty brings Bryan to the center of the ring in a DDT position trying to hit his SDT, but Laughlin reverses it with a Northern Lights suplex! Kaelan starts rallying for the crowd to get behind her with her warrior cry and they explode once Bryan makes the leaping tag to Price! She comes in on fire with a clothesline to bring Woodson down and a running dropkick to send Stevens to the outside. Scotty gets back up fast, but a Superkek stops him right in his tracks. Focusing on the targeted leg from earlier in the match, Kaelan locks in her Irish Rose! #BAELINCLUB! The reverse figure four is locked in tight in the center of the ring! Stevens tries to get into the ring to break up the submission hold, but Laughlin was lying in wait for him as he hits another Superkek! Woodson tries his best to fight back the pain and he’s too far away from the ropes and once Price tightens the submission, Scotty eventually is forced to give in as he taps out!
WINNER: Baelin Club via Submission (12:40)

The scene opens up with Perry Wallace sitting at his desk doing Perry Wallace things when a knock his heard on the door. He looks up and tells them they can come in. When the door opens it’s to security personnel. One of them looks at Perry and shrugs. They roll in American Tommy on a dolly who is sporting a complete body cast. Literally, he is wearing a full cast from the neck down. Perry, who is not amused at all, shakes his head. The two men place him in the middle of the room facing Perry and leave. American Tommy is smirking.
WALLACE: “What’s the matter now, Tommy?”
TOMMY: “I regret to inform you I can’t wrestle this match, because I have AIDS.”
Perry Wallace smirks at Tommy and scratches his head. He looks at Tommy, who is grinning ear to ear, and walks closer to him.
WALLACE: “Like full blown AIDS? Really?”
TOMMY: “Yah, that’s right, I have AIDS.”
WALLACE: “Those AIDS banged you up pretty badly. You sure you even know what AIDS is? Sure it isn’t SIDS?”
TOMMY: “Of course I know what AIDS is and I got it.”
Perry Wallace smirks and shakes his head walking past Tommy, who can’t move. Cause he’s in a god damn full body cast.
WALLACE: “The match is still on, Tommy.”
Perry Wallace leaves the room as Tommy is just chilling in his full body cast irate.
Nobody calls and nobody answers and American Tommy realizing he needs to pee starts to panic.
TOMMY: “Ok, this isn’t funny anymore.”
More time passes and nothing.
TOMMY: “Anybody?”
Nobody. Scene.


Before the match starts Dakota Smith and Magnus Brutus stare each other down in the middle of the ring. Erron Wilder and Brody Lee Price concede the ring to them and when the bell rings the referee barely makes it out of the way as the two men pummel each other with wild clubbing blows. They could be called punches but any form of technique is thrown out of the window as they just seem intent on hurting each other. This exchange ends when Brutus pushes Dakota back and when Dakota comes back for more Brutus sidesteps and puts two fingers in Smith’s mouth. Then he yanks Dakota’s face down with the fishhook. He grabs Dakota by the nose and ear and drags him over to his corner and Brody Lee Prince tags himself in and leaps over the ropes to hit Dakota with a leaping knee drop. The Hostile Takeover take turns wearing Dakota Smith down in their corner as the referee has a hard time keeping Erron Wilder contained. Brutus and Prince look to end it early as Brutus sets Dakota up for the Hostile Takeover.
Erron Wilder makes his presence felt as Brody Lee Prince bounces off the ropes to hit the lariat Erron kicks him in the small of his back and drops down to pull Brody out of the ring. They brawl on the outside and the ref tries to get them back in. Magnus abandons the move and whips Dakota into a corner. He runs at Smith but Smith darts gets off the turnbuckles and half falls half drops to trip Magnus with a tired drop toe hold. Magnus’s head bounces off the second turnbuckle. Dakota immediately hits him with a low dropkick to the back of the head. Then Dakota stands on the top his head and chokes him with the rope. He turns to see Erron Wilder hit Brody Lee with his Forty Winks Special. He falls off Magnus and crawls over for a tag. Magnus hops his neck but runs over to Dakota and jumps on him with a stomp to his back. He grabs Dakota’s head up but Dakota lunges up and strikes Magnus under the chin with his head. Dakota measures him up and hits Brutus with a spinning backfist and they both fall with the momentum of the strike. Dakota finally manages to tag Wilder and Magnus tags Brody Lee back in.
Erron and Brody both slam into each other with shoulder blocks then try to punch each other to gain the upper hand. They exchange some knees to the gut until Erron pulls him down for a DDT then scoops him up for a package piledriver. He goes for a pin but Magnus breaks it up. Dakota dashes in with a second wind and the two teams battle it out. They exchange moves and the match spills to the outside when Wilder and Smith execute dual suicide dives onto Brutus and Prince. The brawl spills out into the audience and the fans flee from their seats in order not to be caught with an errant punch. Dakota hits his Dovah Death Drop on Prince over a stack of chairs. This arrangement turns against him when the back of his head is busted open after Brody Lee powerbombs him onto them. Prince grabs Wrigley’s briefcase and rams its edge repeatedly into Wilders back.
Wrigley directs his team into the ring and the ref counts and Omerta barely makes the ten count. The ref gets control of the match and Magnus’s nose starts bleeding after taking Running Errands for a close pinfall attempt. Then it really starts bleeding after Dakota is tagged in. Dakota bites, punches and elbows his face into a pulp. Finally he gets him in a tree of woe and punt kicks his head in. Smith steps back and laughs as the ref helps Magnus off the ropes and Brody Lee quickly him with a quick lariat. Wilder comes in and jumps on Prince hitting the Guts 4 Garters mushroom stomp. They collect Brutus from the corner and Dakota picks him up in a backbreaker with a loud grunt and drops him over his knee. At the same time Wilder comes off the ropes and jumps up to stomp on his head with a double foot stomp to complete Omerta’s Corpser! He goes for the pin but the ref is pulled out to the floor by Prince. Suddenly Wrigley’s briefcase flies into the ring and strikes Smith on the back of his head. Erron points and curses at Wrigley who appears very innocent. Erron gives chase anyway and is met with a running knee lift from Prince as he turns the corner stopping him in his tracks. Then Brody Lee spins and nails Wilder with the Tooth-Loosener of a spinning lariat. Magnus drags Dakota out of the ring and sets him up for a russian leg sweep right on the corner post. When he completes the move Brody Lee runs and hits a lariat to smash Dakota’s head on the post to hit The Takeover! They drag Smith’s near lifeless body into the ring and Wrigley helps the ref in as well. Dakota shows some signs of life as he lifts his arms to grab at Magnus’s waist so Magnus grabs him in an underhook and hits the Paroxysm and pins for the win.
WINNER: The Hostile Takeover via Pinfall (17:47)



Having beaten the champions in the first round of the evening, Darryl Walker and REDD THUNDER come into their second round match holding the tag team championships. However, Cashe and Hopkins see no point in waiting to try and take them from them and the match begins quickly with Jair and Darryl going at one another. Jair gets the upper hand early, whipping Walker into the ropes, taking him down with a hip toss and then landing a leg drop followed by a senton and a quick cover that gets a one count before Walker gets his shoulder up. Hopkins doesn’t waste time getting back to his feet, pulling Darryl up with him before whipping him into his own corner and stomping him down to a seated position. Looking to his partner, Hopkins quickly tags Cashe into the match. Jason steps through the ropes and looks down at Darryl before waving him off and telling him to go tag his own partner into the match, clearly wanting a shot at the big man who was waiting with his War Tiddies at the ready. Bouncing on his toes, Cashe waits for Darryl to move across the ring and tag REDD in. Once it’s done the big man growls and steps through the ropes, roaring at Cashe telling him he’s not ready for the THUNDER! For Cashe’s part he responds by rubbing his nipples and pointing at the obvious bulge in the shorts that he was wearing. The crowd groans in disgust but not shock, as who would really be surprised to find that Cashe was wrestling with an erection?
As the two meet in the middle of the ring Cashe strikes REDD in the face with a right hand that doesn’t faze the big man at all. Instead REDD wraps him up in a belly to belly suplex position, Cashe’s half chub pressing against REDD’s thigh. REDD’s face contorts in confusion, shoving Cashe away from him instead of executing the maneuver. Standing back, REDD slaps his war tiddies and lets out a battle cry before charging at Cashe who casually side steps the big man. REDD then rebounds off the ropes and the impact of his weight against them nearly causes the tension on the ropes to give way. As REDD comes back, for whatever reason, Cashe goes for the tRoUbLe MaKeR, a pop up sit down spine buster but he can’t even lift REDD off of his feet. However, Cashe trying to pick REDD up does have the effect of making REDD giggle thinking that Cashe was trying to tickle him. With his confused monkey face, Cashe looks at REDD unsure of how to handle the big man with his usual shenanigans not fully working. Making a decision quickly, Cashe bounces off the ropes and drives his elbow into the side of REDD’s head, or as he calls it the MARK OF JASON! It causes a deep gash in the side of REDD’s head, leaving blood to drip down steadily but the big man still stands.
Looking to Jair a bit nervously, Cashe nods at him as REDD then swings, trying to take Jason’s head off. It’s to no avail as Cashe steps through, and under, reaching back and locking on to his opponent. UTI! At the same time Jair climbs to the top rope and leaps, connecting with the OMFG! before dashing across the ring to blast Darryl off of the ring apron. Quickly, Cashe dives across the fallen big man and covers, praying to God that it will be enough to keep him down. The referee quickly slides in and counts the pinfall and gives WORLD$TAR the one, two three advancing them to the next round of the tournament.
WINNER: World$tar via Pinfall (8:42)


A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the titantron. “Relentless” by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics.
“Tear Me Down, It Won’t Build You Up….”

A rise of smoke emerges behind him in single-line fashion as he stops center of the entrance path to raise his arms in the air, and a release a primal scream.
POWERS: “Introducing on his way to the ring! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds. He is “Relentless” ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”
Afterwards, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. A spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect. Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie, and tosses it to the outside. Standing in an unoccupied corner, Andre warms up, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponent to come out.
JOHNSON: ”Well Vinny I think this is going to be a good one. Bad blood has been boiling between Andre and Tommy for weeks now.”
VASSA: ”We’ve seen them go back and forth on twitter with Tommy making things personal, bringing Andre’s familial issues into things over social media.”
JOHNSON: ”You can see the look on Andre’s face as he made his way out here tonight. He’s ready to tear Tommy apart limb from limb.”
VASSA: ”Hopefully he goes home to his wife and not some skank after the match, regardless of what the result is.”
“Best Song Ever” by One Direction blares from the arena speakers as the crowd jumps to their feet in excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and Golden Snitches drop from the ceiling. American Tommy makes his way through the curtain and stands in the middle of the ramp smiling. He waves to the crowd. As he makes his way down to the ring he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it.
POWERS: “Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois, AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers he begins pointing and yelling. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again.
TOMMY: “Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right or I’ll curse you, muggle!”
Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head. American Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs and starts speaking again.
POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for the grand wizard of them all. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Hogwarts, USA! HARRY PPOOTTTTEERR!!!”
American Tommy jumps up in glee, clapping his hands. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the wring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises his wand to the crowd as they do the same to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and places his trusty wand underneath it.
JOHNSON: ”After seeing him yell at Alyxandra Drake for weeks about his entrance you’d think our announcers would learn.”
VASSA: ”Powers is a black man.. look at our schools… everyone knows black people can’t learn shi-“
JOHNSON: ”OHHHHHKKKKKAAAYYYY THERE VINNY! Dial back on the Charlottesville rhetoric alright?”
VASSA: ”My bad. Not like these Japparoos can understand anything I’m saying anyway.”

After both Tommy and Andre are checked over for foreign objects the referee signals for the bell and the grudge match between the two is underway. Tommy starts the match off quickly, if a bit clumsy, tripping over his own feet but managing to catch Andre with an elbow to the jaw. Managing to catch himself before he falls, Tommy is quickly taken down by a single leg takedown from Andre who recovered quickly from the awkward elbow. With Tommy on the ground, Andre drops one elbow, popping back up and dropping a second and then a third elbow in rapid succession. He’s quick to cover, even hooking the leg, but Tommy kicks out before the referee can even slide in for the one count, shouting at Andre that he’s a stupid muggle as he scrambles back to his feet away from his opponent.
As Andre approaches him again Tommy suddenly collapses to the mat, grabbing his leg and screaming at the referee that he’s hurt and that the match shouldn’t go on any longer. Andre shakes his head and tries to approach him but the referee turns and points him back to the corner. Meanwhile, Tommy smirks and points a finger at Andre letting out a soft chuckle. Unfortunately for him he pointed and laughed for a second too long as the referee turned around and caught him mocking Andre, clearly not in any real pain. Tommy’s face immediately drops and scrunches in faux pain but the referee has none of it and steps out of the way, allowing Andre to proceed. Tommy tries to scoot away but Andre catches him by the supposedly injured leg and drops an elbow across it, causing his opponent to yelp in sudden discomfort. Holmes then stands back up and stomps on the same leg, twisting him up into a single leg lock.
JOHNSON: ”Well that didn’t exactly work out for Tommy, did it?”
VASSA: ”Magic tricks never do work if you let the audience look behind the curtain and that’s exactly what he did.”
JOHNSON: ”And it almost seems like Andre is driven to injure the leg that Tommy pretended was hurt.”
VASSA: ”We couldn’t be so lucky.”
Tommy fights the submission maneuver off long enough to get to the ropes and cause the referee to force Andre to let go of the hold. Pain coursing through his leg, Tommy cursed at Andre and shouted that he was a filthy mud blood while using the ropes to pull himself back up to a vertical base, clearly favoring the leg that Andre had just applied the submission hold to. Slipping out of the ring, Tommy searches under the ring momentarily before pulling a small backpack out from underneath. From within the backpack he pulls out a bottle of a liquid that is labeled largely with the words “POTION TO MAKE LEG STOP HURTING!” which he quickly drinks, although it looks like grape kool-aid and in reality that’s all it was. But as soon as he drinks it Tommy seems to get a bit of pep back into his step. That is until Andre baseball slides under the bottom rope, catching him squarely in the chest and sending him flying into the barricade.
JOHNSON: ”What the hell was that that he just drank?”
VASSA: ”I don’t know but unfortunately it wasn’t bleach.”
Andre lands deftly on his feet, raising his arms in the air to which the crowd responds favorably with cheers. However, Tommy slips out of the way when Andre tried to plant a front kick, leaving him to be caught awkwardly over the barricade, straddling it. Tommy hops up onto the barricade as the referee’s count towards ten begins, leaping and blasting Andre off of it with a front drop kick that knocks Andre out into the crowd and leaves himself to land backfires against the top of the barricade and flop down onto the floor outside the ring.
“One! … Two!”

Fans help Andre back to his feet while Tommy uses the actual apron around the ring to pull himself back up. Tumbling back over the barricade, Andre is greeted by a hard right hand from Tommy and then is sent face first into the steel turnbuckle post, buckling him down to a knee and then all the way down to the floor in a daze. In irritation, Tommy shouted at the referee to stop counting. Naturally, the pin striped officially didn’t listen.
“Three! … Four!”

Stalking Andre slowly, Tommy eventually pulls him back up to his feet and then lifts him up in the air before dropping him stomach first across the barricade. While Andre hangs there, Tommy look back and forth between the ring and his opponent before hopping up onto the ring apron. Without hesitation, Tommy leaped off and dropped a leg drop right across the back of Andre’s neck, both men crashing to the ground and landing with thuds.
“Five! … Six!”

Draggin Andre back up again, Tommy sends him sprinting into the steel ring steps, scattering them across the floor and leaving Andre in a heap, motionless. Having the advantage, Tommy digs through the backpack that he had had earlier and pulls out his cherished wooden wand. He levels it at the lifeless Andre Holmes while he slowly drew closer to him. While the referee continued to count, Tommy turned and pointed the wand at the referee and shouted STUPEFY!
“Seven! … Eight!”

It was clear the spell must have missed because the referee wasn’t stupefied at all. Instead he just kept on trucking, doing his job working towards a double count out for both men. Turning his attention back to Andre, Tommy pointed his wand at the man again. A few feet away Andre barely begins to show some signs of life. Flourishing the wand, Tommy screams WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA but Andre doesn’t begin to hesitate. Annoyance flashes across the face of Tommy before he hurls his wand out into the audience, screaming “THE STUPID WAND IS BROKEN!”

Tommy quickly grabs Andre by the back of his head and rolls him into the ring, following suit just before the referee could reach the ten count.
JOHNSON: ”I have no words for what I’ve just witnessed, ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”Someone needs to fire this fucking idiot. I can’t believe Walker keeps him around.”
Slowly Andre tries to get back to his feet as Tommy stands up with ease, helping Andre back up. He whips him into the ropes and when he rebounds, Tommy is there waiting for the YOYO TOSS SALAD! The hip toss is executed to perfection and Tommy quickly covers, ever certain that he’s going to win. After all, it happened once.

When Andre kicks out Tommy’s face contorts into a mixture of disbelief and rage. How dare Andre have the nerve to kick out of the YoYo Toss Salad?! Slamming his hands down on the mat, Tommy shouts at the referee and begins running him down, saying that he looks even more like a toad that Elijah Carlson does. But it’s all the time Andre needs to recover and get back to his feet. Reaching out, Andre spins Tommy back in his direction and connects with a boot to the stomach. He then pulls his head down between his legs before flipping him up onto his shoulders and sprinting at the corner where Andre tosses him. BAD LANDING! And bad landing it is indeed as Tommy bounces off the turnbuckle pads and collapses onto his knees clutching his back.
Holmes, feeling all the momentum suddenly having shifted into his favor, doesn’t hesitate. THRUST KICK! The super kick flattens Tommy and Andre drops to his knees, crawling over to make the cover and steal the match.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall… ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”

The camera cuts back to the ring, where the lights are out.
JOHNSON: “What’s going on here?”
VASSA: “Is it a power outage?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think so. I can still hear you through the headset. Can you hear me?”
VASSA: “Yeah, loud and clear.”
JOHNSON: ”Folks, we seem to be having technical difficulties. Just bear with us for a moment.”
Suddenly a loud bang is heard and a spotlight illuminates the ring. Hanging above the ring, cast as a backdrop, is what appears to be a white flag stained with blood. In the ring are three men who are not supposed to be at Bad Company, and the crowd begins booing at the sight of them.
JOHNSON: “Well, talk about Bad Company! That’s Matthias Barrows!”
VASSA: “What the heck is he doing here!?”
JOHNSON: “Gary the Assassin and Kodiak Winters as well!”
VASSA: “I thought he was suspended!”
JOHNSON: “I checked this morning, and to my knowledge, Barrows’ suspension has NOT been lifted.”
Matthias sits cross-legged in the center of the ring as Gary and Kodiak stand on either side of him with their arms crossed. After he puts out the joint he is smoking by smashing the cherry into the ring canvas, Matthias puts the roach in his shirt pocket with one hand and raises a microphone to his lips with the other. With a perfect Japanese accent, he speaks.
BARROWS: “Konichiwa!”
The crowd continues to boo viciously, but Barrows simply smirks as he surveys the jeering crowd.
BARROWS: “Now before you marks get all excited and start throwing rumors all over the internet, let me make one thing immediately clear. No, my suspension has NOT been lifted. Technically, I’m not allowed to be here tonight, and I’m sure that any minute now, Perry Wallace is going to send down a bunch of rent-a-cops to throw me out of the building. But I set up a donut and sushi stand in the back that they’ll have to pass by on the way to the ring, so I figure I’ve got about 20 minutes or so to flap my gums on this microphone.”
Matthias waits for the booing to subside before he continues.
BARROWS: “Last month, Perry Wallace didn’t even wait to hear any explanations, he just went right ahead with handing down the punishment. I didn’t have any time to explain my actions, so I’ve come here tonight, unannounced and uninvited, just like it’s always been in my life, to air my grievances and to get it all off my chest. And let me tell you, there is a LOT to get off of my chest.”
Matthias pauses for a moment as he begins to take a deep breath, but he stops in the middle of it.
BARROWS: “By the way, for anyone who’s wondering where Stacy is, she’s back home in the States, and she asked me to inform everyone that she has retired from her managerial career do to the fact that I knocked her up again.”
VASSA: “Congrats to Matthias I guess, but I have a feeling he’s not finished here.”
BARROWS: “But back on topic, Perry Wallace said that I’m welcome to come back as soon as I’m ready to apologize to the officiating staff, but the sad truth is that’s never going to happen. The only thing I apologize for is holding back on those corrupted convicts and not confining them all to wheelchairs when I had the chance, because if anyone around here is owed an apology, it’s not them. It’s ME!”
VASSA: “What does he mean?”
BARROWS: “When I first arrived in 4CW, I made a big case about how I had been robbed of three championship matches that I had earned but never received. I said time and again how everyone would have a bitch fit to see me succeed and that for me do so would be a worst-case scenario in the eyes of the front office, and after I rode that wave of frustration to the Pride Championship, I was proven right. Ever since I claimed that championship, I’ve dropped a bunch of matches, but it was through no fault of my own and I’ll explain why.”
JOHNSON: “Will somebody please come remove this man from the ring?”
BARROWS: “It all started after I won the Pride Championship. Hell, I even had to win that title in a match where my opponent got to pick the stipulations. But when I asked for the same common courtesy in the rematch, that’s where the whole conspiracy and the “Fuck-Matthias-Bandwagon” began it’s journey. You see, I wasn’t ALLOWED to pick the stipulation that I wanted. Oh, fuck no! Perry Wallace had to cut my creative balls off and shoot my idea down, forcing me to defend that title with my integrity tied behind my fucking back!”
The crowd continues to boo, but Matthias simply tunes it out as he continues to air his grievances.
BARROWS: “I thought that after winning that title, I’d be put up against the more elite athletes that this company has to offer, but I’ve been brushed aside, swept under the rug, and made practically invisible as the front office turned a blind eye to the severe injustice that I’ve been subjected to by that squad of skunks you call referees. And when I finally retaliated in an effort to acquire a little compensation for my pain and suffering, not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears that I’ve shed for this business over the better part of two decades, I ended up getting suspended.”
JOHNSON: “What on earth is taking security so long?”
VASSA: “They must be caught up at that donut and sushi stand.”
BARROWS: “You can all sit here and tell me that I’m insane, or delusional, or wrong, or insane, but there is not a single person in attendance OR watching at home that can deny that I should be the 4CW Champion right now. And if you need proof of that, you have only to follow me on Twitter to see that even though Bronx Valescence has the strap, I’m the one everyone wants to take a shot at!”
Chants of “You suck” begin to fill the arena, but Barrows appears to be deaf to it as he just continues speaking.
BARROWS: “Exhibit “A” is Bronx Valescence himself. I simply made reference to a rumor about my suspension being lifted, and he had to open his big mouth about a matter that didn’t concern him. So I did what only came natural to me and I exposed him for being threatened by my presence, having a miniscule penis, and being gay for Eli Carlson. Now I don’t hate on gay people, but if Eli were gay, I think he could do a hell of a lot better than a leather jacket wearing douchebag who doesn’t know the definition of the word “soap.”
JOHNSON: “Matthias shouldn’t even be here!”
VASSA: “Will you shut up so I can hear him?”
BARROWS: “And speaking of Eli Carlson, Exhibit “B” is his wife; Boston’s biggest sperm whale, Genie Carlson, yet another pot-stirring, shade-throwing, worthless pile of street trash who will interject herself into any conversation just to make sure she’s not being justifiably ignored, all the while not having the fortitude to tag the person she’s throwing shade at. In fact, Genie is so bad, it’s gotten to the point that I even had to block her on twitter. I blocked her because every time she opens her mouth to let something idiotic fall out of it, be it via spoken word or text on a monitor, it always comes with a side order of semen that I didn’t order. And given her reputation, I’m 99 percent sure that semen did NOT come from Eli.”
JOHNSON: “No sign of any security yet, but Matthias isn’t holding back here.”
BARROWS: “But the one who wants to take a shot at me the most has to be Exhibit “C”, Jett Wilder. He’s stolen my ideas, he’s gotten others to go along with it, and he’s even called me out for a match, even though he knows full well Wallace wouldn’t allow it given the current circumstances. But since I’ve been out here for about five minutes now and he has yet to come out here and get what he wants, it either means that he’s chickened out, or he’s just waiting for his mommy to leave her purse unattended so he can take his balls out of it and summon the fortitude to actually come out here and do something to me!”
VASSA: “The only one throwing shade right now is him.”
BARROWS: “I should be the 4CW Champion, and the only reason I’m not is because I’m not part of Perry Wallace’s inner-circle. Even though I get booed out of every arena I walk into, I prefer to do things the honest way and earn respect through hard work and determination like generations who came before me. I like to work for what I earn and not have things handed to me. I even went through two months of trouble to orchestrate the 4 Corners Frenzy match, the biggest and most unpredictable match in 4CW history, and I didn’t even get so much as a fucking “Thank You!”
Matthias quickly surveys the crowd, who have stopped their booing.
BARROWS: “Maybe I just don’t understand how this business works anymore, but the pure and simple fact is that the 4CW locker room is full of people more deserving of their day in the sun than a sawn-off two-bit hack like Bronx Vagina, who the only reason anyone thinks is worth a damn is because of the obvious propaganda spewed from that mindless puppet you call a commentator, Steve Johnson!”
Vinny Vassa can be heard stifling a laugh at this sentence.
JOHNSON: “That’s not funny.”
BARROWS: “And it’s not just me who’s been pushed off to the side so Perry’s “son” can hog the spotlight all to himself. I’m talking about people like, Sativa Neveah, Johnny Evil, Persephone Marquis, Scott Stevens, hell, even Lord Raab, and ESPECIALLY Adrian Tanner Jr!”
Simply by mentioning Adrian gives Matthias the first cheers of his 4CW Career.
BARROWS: “People who flush more raw, natural, god-given wrestling ability down the toilet every morning than Bronx will EVER have in his life, and yet all of us are STILL made to take a backseat to the result of Wallace’s supposed sloppy seconds!”
VASSA: “He’s airing his grievances all right.”
BARROWS: “It’s very clear to me now that 4CW is an environment where the rules just don’t apply, so I’m just going to go ahead and start making my own, starting with going against my suspension. I may not be allowed to compete but I’ll show up whenever and wherever I want to speak my mind. There’s no security force in the world that can stop me from doing that.”
JOHNSON: “We’ll see about that, because here they come…finally!”
Sure enough, Perry Wallace has walked out onto the stage, sending about ten security guards down the ramp.
VASSA: “Look! One of them DOES have a donut!”
Even without a mic, Wallace can be heard giving instructions.
WALLACE: “Get him out of the building!”
BARROWS: “Look who finally decided to show up! Security! I’ve been to the Amazon and I met tree sloths that were faster than you assholes. What’s the matter, Perry? Are you mad because I broke the rules to come out here and spit out a little truth?”
WALLACE: “Get him out!”
BARROWS: “If a single one of these idiots lays a finger on me, Kodiak Winters will eat them for dinner, and it was a long flight to get over here so he’s pretty hungry. This is how you know Perry Wallace has no idea what he’s doing; by suspending his hardest working employee while giving undeserving assholes all the opportunities. But I’ve said my peace so I’m going to leave. But you can’t keep me out forever Perry, because this doesn’t end until you start showing me the respect that I deserve, or until I fill a vial with your blood!”
WALLACE: “Get out!”
Barrows flings the microphone to the floor, slides out of the ring with his entourage, climbs over the barricade and leaves through the crowd.
JOHNSON: “It’s about time. Get that megalomaniac out of here.”
VASSA: “You’re just mad because he implicated you as well.”
As Barrows disappears into the crowd, Wallace turns and heads backstage.


The opening notes of “Young Men Dead” by the Black Angels begins to play out over the arena. A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard. As the song kicks into gear out from the back steps through the curtain Brody Lee Prince first, followed by Magnus Brutus with his girlfriend Phoebe and they are all followed by none other than Christopher Wrigley. Wasting little time, Brody Lee and Magnus begin to make their way towards the ring while Phoebe stands behind her man and Wrigley holds his briefcase tightly making sure that none of the fans come close to him.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty one pounds and lead to the ring by their manager Phoebe and their attorney Christopher Wrigley. Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus, they are the HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”
Brody Lee hits the ring first as Magnus stops to get a last minute smooch from the darling redheaded Phoebe. Brody Lee stands on the middle ropes and tosses his chaw to the floor as Magnus climbs up onto the ring apron and sneers in everyone’s direction. Wrigley has a huge grin on his face as he points directly into a camera and says ‘It’s time for a takeover’ a couple of times. He then tells the camera to get out of his face before he sues him.
VASSA: ”What a night it has been for these two. I can honestly say that at the start of the evening I wouldn’t have bet on The Hostile Takeover making it to the semi-finals, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s what Bad Company is all about. Every year it seems like the unpredictable happens.”
VASSA: ”It certainly has this year but you can tell Wrigley is pleased with the way things are going and if I was their opponents I wouldn’t trust them any further than I could throw them.”
The double bass drum pounds rhythmically pounds out the intro to “Die Trying” by Art of Dying before a silence that ends abruptly with heavy guitar as Kaelan emerges from behind the curtains first with a face full of smiles and throws up the ‘rawkfist’ towards the fans who answer it back. Behind her Bryan walks with a slightly different facial expression of happiness than his other half. They meet in the middle of the stage and Bryan extends his hand locking fingers into hers as the two make their way down the entrance ramp and to the apron
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Horrorwood Los Angeles, California; Bryan Laughlin. Kaelan Price. They are BAELIN CCLLUUBB!!!”
Bryan flashes a wink to Kaelan as they now stand on opposite ring posts and address the crowd, each of them posing for the admiration cheers
VASSA: ”And yet as good as The Hostile Takeover has been you know that somewhere in the arena Jimmy Walker is smiling.”
JOHNSON: ”Why’s that, Steve?”
VASSA: ”Because once again Octane and its roster has managed to make its presence felt on what most would consider to be an Andrenaline show.”
JOHNSON: ”Whatever happens from here on out I would say that both of these teams have every right to be proud of what they’ve accomplished.”
VASSA: ”Ah, but we know that neither of them wants to stop here. There’s a million dollars and tag team championships on the line.”
After checking both teams over and quickly reminding them of the rules of the match, the referee signals for the bell to begin the match.

Laughlin and Brody Lee Prince begin the match for their respective teams. Laughlin gives up a couple of inches in size but will surely make up for it with effort and determination. A fact that he proves early on by tying Brody up and muscling him back into his own corner. Bryan quickly delivers a forearm shot to Magnus Brutus who was standing on the ring apron before lowering his shoulder and driving it into the abdomen of Prince. Brutus, from the apron, grunts and reaches over to grab Laughlin but the veteran feels it coming and scoots out of the way smiling and wagging his finger and the two men as he backs towards his own corner. Prince, for his part, isn’t ready to tag out yet and quickly has a discussion with both Magnus and Wrigley, who had hopped up on to the ring apron to counsel them both. A few moments later, shaking his arms out, Brody moves toward the middle of the ring himself.
Casually, Laughlin waits for him to get close enough and then with quickness sidesteps the reach of Prince and drops him face first to the mat with a drop toe hold, transitioning into a headlock where he begins to wrench on the hold. Prince slowly begins to work his way back up and even makes it to a kneeling position before Laughlin releases the hold, spins around Brody’s back, and then puts him in a headlock from the other side, using his leg to toss Brody back down to the mat, keeping the hold applied.
JOHNSON: ”So often we think of Bryan Laughlin as a gimmicky wrestler with his face paint and the death matches he celebrates. But he’s showing here in the early going that he’s got the ability to hang with the top ‘wrestlers’ in the game..”
VASSA: ”I don’t know that I would call Brody Lee Prince or Magnus Brutus top wrestlers. But your point is well taken, Laughlin has put on a good showing for himself tonight.”
Doing his best to keep Brody grounded, Laughlin never sees Wrigley make his way around the ring to reach in and grab him by the ankle, pulling him off of Brody and out of the ring. Laughlin, incensed, looks as though he’s ready to hit Wrigley who simply stands there smiling, daring him to be the white man who would punch an unarmed black man on live television. Whether or not that matters to Bryan is unclear but he waves his hands at Wrigley and then rolls himself back into the ring. Unfortunately that brief time of rest was all Brody needed to get back to his feet and be waiting for Laughlin to get in the ring where he nearly decapitates him with a running lariat. With Bryan down, Brody drags him over to the corner where he then tags Magnus into the match.
Quite happy that he doesn’t have to walk very far, Magnus steps through the ropes and immediately places his boot to the throat of Bryan Laughlin, choking the life out of him with the illegal hold. The referee steps in and tries to get the nearly three hundred pound man to move but Magnus hears none of it and so the referee begins to count to five.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Before the referee can reach five Brutus takes his foot off Laughlin’s throat and holds his arms up in the air as though he’s completely innocent. Wrigley, determined to defend his clients against all accusations, leaps up onto the ring apron and begins to argue with the referee. With the referee distracted Brody steps through the ropes and both he and Magnus work together to pick Laughlin up, toss him into the corner, and begin to stomp on him over and over again with the bottom of their wrestling boots. Across the ring Kaelan can be heard shouting until finally she makes the decision to step into the ring. As she does so Brody steps out of the ring and Wrigley hops down off of the ring apron.
Kaelan charges across the ring to rescue her partner but she’s stopped by the referee who turns his attention back to the action at just that moment. Waving her hands in the air, frustrated, Kaelan unleashes a slew of Irish insults and curse words at the man which only allows more chaos to ensue. Inside his briefcase, Wrigley pulls out a cord which he uses to reach through the bottom and middle ropes and wrap around Laughlin’s neck, choking him even further. Boo’s reign down from the crowd as Kaelan sees whats happening, tries to get past the referee but instead he continues to force her back to her corner. Finally she gives in, stepping back through the ropes out of the ring. Before the referee can return his attention to the two legal competitors, Wrigley pulls the cord away from the throat of Laughlin and stuffs it back into his briefcase, slamming it shut and walking away innocently as he does so. With the referee looking at him once more, Brutus applies his foot to the throat of Bryan Laughlin yet again forcing the pin striped official to begin his count again.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Again, he breaks the hold at the last second and this time tags Brody back into the match. The two then lift Bryan back to his feet and whip him across the ring. Running on instinct, Bryan bounces off the turnbuckles and comes sprinting back only to run into a massive double clothesline that flattens him. Brody quickly covers, with Magnus standing between him and Kaelan, daring her to try to break the pinfall up.

Before the referee could slap his hand down a third time the pinning predicament is broken as the crowd erupts at what they just witnessed. Climbing to the top rope, Kaelan leaped off crashing into Magnus with a diving cross body that knocked him backwards and squarely onto his partner, Brody Lee Prince, breaking the pinfall attempt. She doesn’t stop there, though, lambasting Magnus with vicious rights and lefts before the referee pulls her off and sends her back to her corner. A moment later he does the same, sending a stunned Brutus back to his corner as Laughlin and Prince lie, barely moving, in the ring.
VASSA: ”I almost feel bad for the referee. This match is nearly impossible to keep order maintained..”
Laughlin, mustering all the energy that he can find, crawls towards his corner as Kaelan holds her hand out, imploring him to make the take. With one last burst of energy he dives toward her and tags her in. Brody, at the same time, reaches out to tag Magnus in but before he can do so Kaelan flies past him, driving her forearm into Magnus’ face, driving him off of the ring apron. Smoothly she transitions to pull Brody back up to his feet, all two hundred and seventy six pounds of him. Stiff kicks connect with his legs and his sides before she leaps from a standing position and drops him down to the mat with a drop kick.
Pulling Brody away from his corner, Kae drags him back up to his feet before whipping him into an empty corner. She applies a few stomps to Brody quickly before setting him up for one of her special moves. It takes some effort getting him in place for it but she manages to set him up and then connect with From Belfast with Love, a corner back stomp. As she does so she implores Laughlin to finish the double team move they had come up with together. Still in a bit of a daze, Bryan manages to make his way up to the top turnbuckle opposite of where Brody is standing. He leaps and connects with a coast to coast drop kick. BURNING RIVER LEAP WITH LOVE! The impact seems to hurt Bryan as much as it does Brody but it doesn’t matter as Kaelan drags him out of the corner and covers him quickly. But nobody comes to count the pinfall!
VASSA: ”It looks like… is… is Wrigley trying to convince him he can negotiate a new contract?! PAY ATTENTION TO THE MATCH YOU BLITHERING IDIOT!”
Kaelan looks around desperately, slapping her own hand down three times on the mat to show that her team could have had the match won undoubtedly. Finally she gives up, using the body of Brody to push herself back up as she examines the situation unfolding. As Wrigley talks to the referee he makes eye contact with Kaelan and a flash of dread washes over him before a look of confusion and the surprise takes over. When the camera switches to show Kaelan, she’s staring at him with sultry, fuck me eyes, biting her lip and motioning with her index finger for him to get in the ring. Wrigley quickly shoves the referee aside, making the sign of the cross on his chest and looking to the skies saying “thank you God” before stepping through the ropes.
As he draws closer to her, Kaelan steps towards him and leans in whispering in his ear before bringing her knee up swiftly to his groin. Wrigley goes cross eyed, dropping to his knees as Kaelan backs away to find Bryan, her partner, waiting in their corner having made his way there as the whole situation unfolded. She tags him back into the match and quickly he enters, waiting patiently for Brody to get back to his feet where he could crush him with his patented super kick. Eventually Brody does make it back to his feet but the crowd groans as he wisely stumbles away to his corner and tags Magnus Brutus into the match. Brutus steps through the ropes and immediately absorbs a SUPERKEK from Bryan Laughlin. But Brutus doesn’t fall. Instead he just stands there on wobbly legs but manages to steady himself only to eat a second SUPERKEK. Yet again, Brutus doesn’t fall. Finally, Laughlin steps back and then puts all of his weight into a third SUPERKEK that flattens Magnus Brutus. He’s quick to cover.

Brody Lee Prince gets into the ring and dives across the back of Bryan Laughlin, breaking up the pinning predicament as the crowd groans in despair.
JOHNSON: ”Jesus it just took three super kicks…”
VASSA: ”Superkeks, Steve. Get it right.”
JOHNSON: ”Whatever. It took three of them to put Magnus Brutus down.”
VASSA: ”And even after that Baelin Club still wasn’t able to get the pinfall. But they’re this close, THIS CLOSE, to making it to the finals and you can see they’re feeling it now.”
Prince retreats to his corner as Laughlin, holding his back from where the elbows of Brody Lee Prince had connected, gets back to his feet and pulls the big Magnus Brutus back up with him. He swings a hard right hand at the temple of Brutus but Magnus blocks it, kicks Laughlin in the stomach and then locks in double underhooks before lifting him up and driving him face first down onto his knees. PAROXYSM! He quickly rolls Laughlin over as the referee slides in to count the pinfall.

NO! AT the last second Brutus sits up, breaking the pinning predicament, having sensed Kaelan making her way to the top rope and leaping off. Before she can land the maneuver to break up the pinfall, Brutus moved and left her to come crashing down into her tag team partner. Quickly, or at least as quickly as Brutus can move, he grabs Kaelan by the back of her bright orange hair and sends her tumbling out through the ropes to the outside of the ring. In the meantime, Brody Lee Prince steps through he ropes as Magnus turns his attention back to Laughlin, dragging him up to his feet and setting him up in a Russian leg sweep position. THE MAKEOVER! Prince’s brutal lariat connects cleanly and Magnus quickly rolls over to cover the fallen Bryan Laughlin, while Brody watches warily to see if Kaelan is going to make her way back into the ring.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners, advancing to the finals of the Bad Company Adrian Tanner Junior Memorial…. Magnus Brutus… Brody Lee Prince…. THE HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”
All around the ring is carnage. Wrigley is still down and holding his family jewels. Kaelan, outside the ring, stares into the ring heartbroken. Brutus and Prince both look like they’ve gone through hell and back to get this victory and it doesn’t look like they have all that much left in the tank while Laughlin remains down, just barely beginning to show some life back again. As Prince and Magnus’s arms are raised in the air the fans boo heavily, hordes of dejected Baelin Club fans expressing their displeasure at the outcome of the match.
JOHNSON: ”These fans have a right to be displeased, Vinny. How can we sit here and sing the praises of Prince and Brutus when if it wasn’t for the constant interference of Wrigley, it’s unlikely they would have even made it this far?”
VASSA: ”You can make all the excuses you want, Steve. The fact of the matter is they’ve booked themselves a ticket into the finals of Bad Company and guaranteed themselves a shot at one million dollars and the tag team championships.”
JOHNSON: ”But you have to feel for Bryan Laughlin and Kaelan Price. They were the true cinderella story of this tournament but it seems it turned midnight on them just a bit too early.”
VASSA: ”It did but you have to wonder if either of them would have had anything left for the finals anyway. It’s been all out hell for both teams just to get to this point. And at the end of the day, all but two will go home with a loss and disappointment. We’ll be right back folks.”



JOHNSON: ”It’s time for another tag team match! I think a lot of people are going to be excited to see this one.”
VASSA: ”Worldstar taking on Purple Haze? You’re damn right about that!”
JOHNSON: ”These two teams had some good success earlier tonight, taking down Detroit to New Jersey and Voss2Mang, but now they have to face each other.”
VASSA: ”It’s hard to give either team the edge here, because they both have plenty of experience. Sativa and Lauryn have basically been teammates since the creation of Generation Now. On the other side you have Jair and Cashe, these two have basically known each other forever also!”
JOHNSON: ”It should just come down to the small details, which team are going to execute their gameplan to perfection.”
VASSA: ”Exactly, I would think to give Worldstar the edge right there. Jair Hopkins and Jason Cashe have performed at the top level for a long time here in 4CW. They know exactly what they need to get the job done.”
JOHNSON: ”You can’t count out Sativa and Lauryn Wolfe though, these two have a lot of heart. A lot of talent as well, it’s going to take a lot to put either of these teams away.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, you’re right about that. I can’t wait for this match!”
JOHNSON: ”Me either, so we will quit babbling so we can get you to the ring!”
VASSA: ”Let’s go!”
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low!”

Stepping out from the back first is “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! Suit top class and expensive as he comes to a stop where the stage meets the aisle ramp. Turning back to the entrance as the lyrics of the first verse spills out from the speaker system.
”Goin’ straight through the hole
You ain’t got no game
I’m breakin’ ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin’ all control
You can’t get none of this, we’re runnin’ this
Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin’ this
Get out the lane, I’m comin’ through
And if you don’t wanna move then I’m comin’ right through you”

The crowd gets loud and hype as Jair Hopkins leaps out going “high” as Jason Cashe almost creeps out in a squatted “low” playing to the theme song. Both greet “The Smooth One” as the three of them turn to the ring. Hopkins and Cashe color coordinated but keeps their own style about their attire. Hopkins slaps a few hands as he gets a head of the team. Cashe couldn’t care less to interact as William D. Williams moves down the center of the aisle way.
”We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can’t take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
In the game we take you to war (war!)
You ain’t seen nothin’ like this before
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low “

As the team gets to ringside, Cashe and Hopkins go separate directions. “Smooth One” reaches the steel stairs and climbs up onto the ring apron. As Hopkins slides in under the bottom ropes and Cashe dips in through the middle on opposite sides, the two pass the other by, they clap slap hands three times rapidly. Hopkins pulling his shirt off, Cashe already ready to go as William D. Williams remains on the ring apron outside the ropes for introductions.
POWERS: ”One comes to us from Los Angeles, California by way of Brooklyn, New York! A former TWO Time 4CW Champion! JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
The crowd erupts. A fan favorite, a name that helped make the 4CW brand. Stepping up on the turnbuckles, leaning against the top buckle, Hopkins throws his arms up. Feeding on the audience as they pour him with their love and support.
POWERS: ”The other comes from Houston, Texas by way of DeCatur, Georgia! He is a THREE Time 4CW Champion and a Two time Extreme Champion! The “tRoUbLeD1” JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Slowly he turns to see every section in the arena. Some cheering, more booing and he doesn’t react much at all. Finally staring back at the Announcer, wanting him to hurry along. He gets the the final part of their introduction.
POWERS: ”Accompanying them and presenting them as a Manager, “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! They are the 4CW Tag Team Champions… WWOORRLLDDSSTTAARR!!!”
The fans echo out the name along with Powers. Cashe and Hopkins stand in the ring, huddled over on their side as they talk something out. They look towards the entrance, as Cashe seems to go over something with Hopkins. With a nod of his head, the two look ready for the match to begin.
JOHNSON: ”Well these fans certainly seem ready for this match, what do you make about all that though?”
VASSA: ”Just strategy before the match! Careful planning leads to big things, Steve.”
The lights in the Tokyo Dome go out. A purple light fills the arena as “Bad Girls” by M.I.A. starts to echo across the arena. Out from the back comes Sativa Nevaeh followed shortly by Lauryn Wolfe. The crowd pops to the duo and the stand at the top of the entrance ramp smiling out over the crowd.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, weighing it at a combined weight of Two Hundred and Fifty Two pounds, Sativa Nevaeh and Lauryn Wolfe, PURPLE HHAAZZEE!!!”
“Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well
Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well
My chain hits my chest
When I’m bangin’ on the dashboard
My chain hits my chest
When I’m bangin’ on the radio”

They start to make their way down to the ring, giving fans high fives along the way. Once they reach the ringside both ladies climb the ring steps and pose out to the crowd. Without warning Cashe and Hopkins strike, knocking down Lauryn and Sativa before they can enter the ring!
JOHNSON: ”What the hell is this?!”
VASSA: ”Gameplan, I was telling you!”
Cashe and Hopkins grab Sativa, tossing her into a nearby guardrail as they seem to separate her from Lauryn Wolfe. Cashe quickly connects with a Mark of Jason, laying Lauryn out! Hopkins watches for Sativa, making sure she can’t interfere with the sneak attack. With the damage done, Cashe nods at Hopkins as the two take Lauryn and toss her into the ring. They quickly make their way, as the match begins!

With Lauryn out of it, and Sativa still on the outside, Cashe lifts Lauryn up. He calls for Hopkins to head to the turnbuckle. There is efficiency in their movement, as Hopkins quickly scales the ropes. The fans are unsure of what is happening, but it quickly becomes clear. Hopkins leaps off of the top turnbuckle, as the two connect with a “OMFG tRoUbLe” on Lauryn Wolfe!
JOHNSON: ”What the hell just happened?!”
VASSA: ”Worldstar just caught Purple Haze off guard! This might be it!”
Hopkins guards the ring, preventing Sativa from entering as Cashe quickly covers the downed Lauryn Wolfe.

JOHNSON: ”What the hell?!”
There is confusion throughout the crowd, as Cashe and Hopkins celebrate in the ring. They hold their hands up high, as Lauryn Wolfe tries to recover. “Hit Em High” begins to play, as William D. Williams enters the ring to celebrate with his clients. The trio raise their hands up high, as the crowd begins to boo.
POWERS: ”Here are your winners and still 4CW Tag Team Champions, Jair Hopkins, Jason Cashe… WWOORRLLDDSSTTAARR!!!”
The three men leave the ring, as Sativa finally enters. She looks confused, unsure as to what just happened. Lauryn Wolfe stirs on the canvas, not quite sure what has happened either.
JOHNSON: ”That was a damn sneak attack! They struck before Purple Haze could even figure out what was going on!”
VASSA: ”It worked, didn’t it!? Worldstar moves onto the next round! I told you! I told you all!”
The crowd is not happy, as Sativa tries to talk to Lauryn about what just happened. She looks upset, and Lauryn looks confused. The two talk it over for a moment, before Sativa helps Lauryn back up to her feet. Lauryn doesn’t seem to understand what is happening, as she looks around the ring for a moment. Sativa tries to explain to her what has happened.
JOHNSON: ”That is so unfortunate, I thought these two would go far in this tournament!”
VASSA: ”Lauryn still might be out of it. Kind of feel a little bad now…”
After a few moments, it seems that Lauryn has finally understood what happened. She looks disappointed, but the crowd begins to applaud. Their cheers seem to keep her standing, as she looks dejected in the ring. Sativa gives her a pat on the back, as she goes to whisper something into her ear.
JOHNSON: ”A good display here by Purple Haze, I hope we get to see them have a chance at those titles soon.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, I think so-”
Vinny is cut off, as Sativa BLASTS LAURYN WITH AN ELBOW THE BACK OF HER HEAD!! The crowd is in shock, as Sativa stands over Lauryn Wolfe. She doesn’t smile, or move an inch, as she stares at her partner.
JOHNSON: ”What is going on here?!”
Sativa picks up Lauryn, tossing her out of the ring as several officials pour out of the back. Lauryn falls to the mat below, being dumped unceremoniously out of the ring by Sativa. Sativa “brushes” her hands, heading towards the other side of the ring. There she leaves, as the crowd begins to boo. Sativa doesn’t seem to be phased, as she heads towards the front row. The camera picks up several individuals there waiting for her.
JOHNSON: ”What the hell?!”
VASSA: ”That’s Sarah Lacklan and Kenzi Grey! What are they doing here?”
The cameras follow Sativa, as she walks towards them. She pauses, sensing the camera following her. She stops, and turns around. We can make out, “You can’t sit with us”, from Sativa as she turns and heads back towards them. With an open seat next to them, Sativa hops over the barricade and sits down.
JOHNSON: ”I cannot believe what has happened here! Sativa has turned her back on Lauryn Wolfe!”
VASSA: ”Not only that, but Worldstar moves onto the next round! What a night!”



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following Extreme Championship contest is scheduled for one fall and will be a Falls Count Anywhere match!”
“Cry Little Sister begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring first!”
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely as he looks left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.
POWERS: ”From Parts Unknown, weighing in at one hundred ninety-five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall! He is a former 4CW Extreme Champion… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and crawls to the middle of the ring before slowly rising to his feet as the lights brighten and his music slowly fades into silence.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The sounds of Katy Perry’s “Roar” hits as a song generally made to pump people up. Instead leads to some boos as from the back comes Carmella Wilder, the mother of Jett Wilder. Wearing some yoga pants, a sports bra, and normal sneakers her workout gear from her spin classes. Now her in ring gear as she walks out, with tons of energy. Smiling as she walks from one side of the stage, waving to the other. On her shoulder rests the 4CW Extreme Championship. Walking down towards the ring now with some pep in her step, Luiz a ways behind her coming to ringside.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California and accompanied to the ring by Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen five pounds and standing five feet, four inches tall! She is the 4CW Extreme Champion, CARMELLA WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Turning up the steel steps is where it seems to get real for her, as she starts to slow down. The smile now gone as she steps through the two bottom ropes. Trying to do her best acting job by throwing up both arms in the air, holding the championship in her hands to seem confident. But seeming less ready to roar, more ready to meow. As she backs into the corner figuratively and literally waiting for what lies ahead.
VASSA: ”Carmella doesn’t look very excited to be here, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”She isn’t. You can clearly tell that she is frightened and in over her head.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know what was running through her head when she decided to enter herself into the Extreme Roulette at Ante Up but this is a world beyond her scariest nightmares!”
JOHNSON: ”Viduus on the other hand, he wants what he’s been saying is his… the Extreme Championship.”
VASSA: ”We’re looking at completely opposite ends of the spectrum tonight. On one side we have Viduus, a man who will do anything, sacrifice his own body to prevail and overcome his opponents. On the other hand… we have Carmella.”
JOHNSON: ”4CW Extreme Champion Carmella!”
VASSA: ”Right now that means absolutely nothing. I know she’s messing around with Perry, but even he can’t save her from what awaits at the end of this dark path.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on there.”
VASSA: ”Uglies are being bumped!”
Carmella hands the championship off to the official as he stands in the center of the ring. Holding it high above his head, he turns to each side of the ring, presenting it to the Tokyo crowd in attendance. He then hands it off to a member of the ringside crew before making his way back to the center. Looking to Viduus first, the official checks in with him and without a single split second of hesitation, Viduus licks his lips and nods in the officials direction. Turning to the opposite side of the ring, the official looks to Carmella who stands in her corner, pale in the face. As he checks in with her, Carmella shakes her head from left to right, pleading to the official that she isn’t ready. After nearly a minute passes of her stalling, Luiz climbs onto the apron and speaks to her, calming her nerves with what we can only imagine to be a pep talk. Finally, she looks back to the official and after a few more seconds of delay, she slowly nods and gives him the thumbs up. Throwing his hand into the air, the official calls for the bell before immediately racing to the ropes and getting out of the way.

Charging across the ring, Viduus heads straight for Carmella who stares at him like a deer in the headlights. Lunging forward, Viduus extends both arms and reaches for her, only to slam them on top of the corner as Carmella has dipped through the ropes and dropped down to the floor. Angry, Viduus slams his fist down onto the top turnbuckle before cutting his sights straight to her on the outside, now hiding behind Luiz. Grabbing Luiz by the shoulder, Carmella then begins to walk around the outside edge of the ring, keeping her bodyguard between her and Viduus. On the inside, Viduus watches her every move, never once taking his eyes off of her. She begins to back up the ramp, still pulling Luiz in front of her. Letting go and leaving him behind, she then turns around and darts up the ramp, racing full speed towards the entrance way.
VASSA: ”What the hell?! Carmella is running away!”
JOHNSON: ”This is shameful for the Championship and all of the blood that each champion before her has spilled to obtain it.”
VASSA: ”Too bad this is a Falls Cou–“

Just before she reaches the stage, Viduus raises both arms into the air and swings them down, creating an explosion of flames that burst in front of Carmella’s path before she reaches the stage. The force causes her to stop in her tracks, even falling to her knees in the process. Frightened for Carmella’s safety, Luiz rushes up the ramp to check on her. Meanwhile, Viduus slowly climbs through the ropes and drops down to the floor, still keeping his eyes deadlocked Carmella.
JOHNSON: ”Holy hell now he’s gained control of the pyrotechnics!”
VASSA: ”Remember what happened at Ante Up? Cars were blowing up left and right in the parking lot.”
The flams continue erupting from the floor, keeping Carmella and Luiz at bay. Creeping up the ramp, Viduus gets closer and closer, unnoticed by them both. Kicking his foot into Luiz’s back, Viduus sends him head first through the wall of flames and through to the other side. Screaming for her life, Carmella begins begging Viduus for mercy as she remains both on the ramp. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he slowly pulls her up from the floor and to her feet. Looking her dead in the eyes, he begins laughing hysterically as she screams in return. He then throws her forward, sending her through the flames and to the other side. She falls to the floor, unharmed and not a single burn on her, just scared shitless. Looking through the flames, she locks eyes with Viduus who stares back, the flams dancing in between them. Pulling Carmella up from the floor, Luiz begins walking her to the back and before the two go through the curtain, Viduus raises his hand into the air and closes his fist, and like that, the flames disappear.
VASSA: ”Talk about playing with fire!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s Viduss’ specialty. Carmella on the other hand, she never should have gotten on his bad side. She’s been playing with fire this entire time!”
Carmella and Luiz disappear through the curtain. Following behind, Viduus heads straight for it and just like that, he disappears into the blackness. The camera view changes to a shot from the backstage are where Carmella and Luiz run into the middle of the an open room, a room everyone is familiar with when not in the ring, the catering area. Looking to every side of the room, the look at multiple halls and paths they can take, but instead, the waste precious time deciding which way to go. Around the corner, Viduus appears behind them and as their backs remain turned to him, he sneaks in and grabs Luiz from behind. Hitting him in the back of the head with a right, Viduus then drags him over to the large table of food and throws him onto it, spilling the food everywhere. He then cuts his head back in Carmella’s direction and rushes in to her. Grabbing her by the throat, he wraps his hand around it before pushing her backwards across the room and slamming her into a vending machine. The glass cracks as Carmella’s back slams against it. Looking her dead in the eyes once more, he doesn’t speak, not a sound, nothing. He just looks deep into her soul through the gateway of her eyes full of fear.

From behind, Luiz smacks Viduus over the back of the head with a metal food tray, annoying him rather than hurting him, but just enough for him to release Carmella’s throat. She takes off running down to hall not far from them and as Viduus turns around, Luiz smacks him in the face with the metal tray.

Laughing in return, Viduus then grabs ahold of Luiz and pulls him in, slamming him face first into the vending machine and shattering the glass.

Releasing Luiz, Viddus lets him drop to the floor, his face covered in blood with pieces of glass piercing his flesh. Turning his back to Luiz, Viduus listens closely as the sounds of Carmella can be heard from down the hall beside him.

A loud thud echoes throughout the hall, grabbing Viduus’ undivided attention. He then begins to slowly walk down the hall, dragging his hand along the wall as his arm is extended to the side.
JOHNSON: ”Poor Luiz. He didn’t deserve that.”
VASSA: ”Of course he did! He literally just attacked Viduus with a food tray right before your old eyes, Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”My statement still stands. Luiz didn’t deserved that as a punishment. He’s only trying to protect Carmella.”
After a few moments pass of following Viduus down the hall, he comes to a stop just in front of a closed door. Turning his head to the side, he reads the nametag hanging beside it which reads “Carmella Wilder”. Kicking the door open, he nearly knocks it off the hinges as a loud scream follows immediately. On the other side of the room, Carmella stands in the corner with her purse clutched tightly against her voluptuous chest. Stepping into the room, Viduus then proceeds across the room, heading straight for Carmella who is frightened. As he gets within striking distance, Carmella screams loudly before reaching into her purse and digging around. Her eyes light up as she then pulls out a rubber dildo, not too big, more like a travel size light saber as her son would refer to it as. Swinging wildly, she begins smacking Viduus in the head with it over and over, backing him up across the room.
VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit! Ha! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”
JOHNSON: ”What the.. is that? No! It can’t be!”
VASSA: ”It is! HAHA!!! Carmella pulled out a dildo from her purse and she’s beating his ass with it!”
JOHNSON: ”Why would she even have that in her purse at the event tonight? Disgusting!”
VASSA: ”My guess is that she needs something to finish the job once Perry is done.”

Not slowing down one bit, Carmella swings and connects it against his head. Throwing his arms into the air, Viduus tries to fend off the attack but just isn’t quick enough as she slaps him with the large rubber member. As she swings it once more, Viduus blocks it with his forearm before ripping it out of her hand and throwing it across the room in disgust. He then grabs her with both hands and swings her around, slamming her back first into the locker. He then begins slamming her over and over into the locker with force before lifting her into the air and over his shoulder. Taking a few steps back from the locker, he then runs forward, driving her head first back into the locker. Dropping her back to her feet, Viduus is then caught off guard as she begins wildly and blindly throwing lefts and rights. The two lock up and Carmella then begins kicking him in the shin. As she fights to break free, Viduus jerks her from left to right and before you know it, the moment everyone has been waiting for finally happens.
Carmella’s large breasts then burst out from her sports bra. She quickly covers them up as Viduus continues shaking her violently, not even paying attention to the beautiful sight. He then drives her backwards and slams her into the locker once more but in fear of her life, Carmella then knees him right in the crotch, bringing his violence to an end. As he lunges over in pain, Carmella then pulls her arm away from covering he breast and wraps it around his head. Falling back, she goes for a DDT but falls empty handed and crashes hard to the floor as Viduus pulls his head away. Her arms fall to her sides, giving everyone a perfect shot of her goods. He reaches down to grab her but before you know it, Carmella kicks her foot straight up, hitting him right between the legs for a second time.
Viduus falls backwards and sits down on the bench behind him, holding himself and breathing heavily. Pushing herself up, Carmella then runs for the door, not even covering herself back up as the camera moves up and down with the bouncing movements. Picking up the dildo on the floor, she then runs into the hall only to be frightened again.

Swinging the dildo, she connects with a solid shot to the side of Perry’s head.
As soon as she notices it’s Perry, she lowers the dildo, still exposed in the chest area.
WALLACE: ”Jesus Christ woman what are you doing?! I mean, I love the sight but damn woman you’re in public!”
Reaching for her top beneath her breasts, Perry’s hand is quickly slapped by Carmella. She then pulls her top up herself before noticing something in the corner of her eye. Pushing Perry away, she then takes off running. Perry bumps into Viduus standing behind him and after a long gulp, sweat begins to form on his forehead.
WALLACE: ”Fuck.”
Grabbing a handful of the Perry’s hair, Viduus pulls his head backwards and wraps his arm over his face and around his head. Grabbing Perry’s slacks with his other hand, Viduus then lifts him upside down into the air before dropping him with a brainbuster.
VASSA: ”he just took out Carmella’s lover boy!”
Perry lays face down to the floor, his leg twitching as Viduus slowly climbs back to his feet. Looking around the environment, Viduus then hears something down the hall and begins heading in that direction. Turning a few corners, Viduus then walks through a sectioned off door. On the other side, is a dark room, barely lit, filled with everything powering the entire building. Although it’s dark, lights flicker above, giving us enough light to see exactly what’s going on with a time lapsed feel. Jumping out of the darkest depths of the room, Carmella slaps Viduus with the dildo in the face, not even hurting him one bit. Instead, he swings his body around and connects with a backhand to Carmella’s mouth, forcing her to drop the useless sex toy.
Bursting through the door behind them, Luiz comes to Carmella’s rescue. With a fire extinguisher in hand, he begins swinging at Viduus, missing each time as he jumps back to avoid the blow. Luiz grabs it with both hands and then rams it forward, right into Viduus’ hands as he catches it. Slamming it back and extending his arms, Viduus crushes Luiz’s face with the fire extinguisher, making him loose in the legs. Viduus then rips the extinguisher away from his hands and throws it down to the floor. Unloading with lefts and rights, Viduus beats Luiz senseless, knocking him down to both knees. Grabbing Luiz by the head with his left hand, Viduus then begins hammering down with vicious rights. After landing nearly a dozen punches and turning Luiz’s face into a bloody pulp, the door to the room swings open as the official finally makes it onto the scene. With his arm drawn back for another punch, Viduus’ motion comes to a complete stop as he looks up at the door.

From behind, Carmella cracks Viduus over the back of the head with the fire extinguisher, dropping him to the floor. Luiz falls backwards to the floor as well, covered in blood and in desperate need of medical attention.
JOHNSON: ”Carmella has knocked Viduus out!”
VASSA: ”Jesus, a fucking fire extinguisher to the back of the head.”
JOHNSON: ”Luiz is in rough shape. Viduus really did a number on him.”
Rolling Viduus over to his back, Carmella then lays over top of him, making the cover as the official drops in beside them with the count.

VASSA: ”Un-fucking-believable!”
JOHNSON: ”Carmella has retained the Extreme Championship. She defeated Viduus!”
VASSA: ”Talk about a turn of events. Now she’s going to actually think she’s legit.”
The official helps Carmella to her feet but she pushes him away. Rushing over to Luiz, she drops down to her knees beside him, worried about the state of condition her bodyguard is in and more than likely if he will be able to look after her in the future. Signaling for the bell, the official declares Carmella the winner as Mike Powers voice yells over the arena.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, and STILL 4CW Extreme Champion, CARMELLA WWIILLDDEERR!!!”



JOHNSON: ”After a long night of tag team action, multiple rounds, and surprises left and right, we have finally reached our main event!”
VASSA: ”Both of these teams have fought through three previous matches tonight and finally, they’re in the big one.”
JOHNSON: ”Not only tonight, but overall there were thirty teams competing for a chance to compete in the one night tournament. Of those thirty, fifteen rose to the occasion and have joined us tonight along with the defending champion. Out of thirty-one teams, including the champion, it all comes down to the final two.”
VASSA: ”Who is going to win it?! Will it be the team of The Hostile Takeover, or will it be the current champions, World$tar? These two teams have literally went through hell to get to this point tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”In one corner, we have two individuals who have yet to win any champions inside of 4CW. And in the other, we have a combined total of five 4CW Championship reigns.”
VASSA: ”There’s a big difference in singles and tag team competition. If I remember correctly, Cashe made it to the finals last year only to turn on his partner at the time, Bryan Williams. Watch your back Jair!”
JOHNSON: ”The Hostile Takeover has been impressive since debuting together in 4CW. This is a huge opportunity for both men tonight.”
VASSA: ”You mean a huge opportunity for Wrigley to cash in!”

The bell then sounds as the official enters the ring. Popping up to their feet, the entire Tokyo Dome roars as Mike Powers’ voice is heard throughout the speakers.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be for the 4CW Tag Team Championships along with one million dollars of cold, hard cash!”
The opening notes of “Young Men Dead” by the Black Angels begins to play out over the arena. A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard. As the song kicks into gear out from the back steps through the curtain Brody Lee Prince first, followed by Magnus Brutus with his girlfriend Phoebe and they are all followed by none other than Christopher Wrigley. Wasting little time, Brody Lee and Magnus begin to make their way towards the ring while Phoebe stands behind her man and Wrigley holds his briefcase tightly making sure that none of the fans come close to him.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty one pounds and lead to the ring by their manager Phoebe and their attorney Christopher Wrigley… Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus… they are THE HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”
Brody Lee hits the ring first as Magnus stops to get a last minute smooch from the darling redheaded Phoebe. Brody Lee stands on the middle ropes and tosses his chaw to the floor as Magnus climbs up onto the ring apron and sneers in everyone’s direction. Wrigley has a huge grin on his face as he points directly into a camera and says ‘It’s time for a takeover’ a couple of times. He then tells the camera to get out of his face before he sues him.
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low!”

Stepping out from the back first is “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! Suit top class and expensive as he comes to a stop where the stage meets the aisle ramp. Turning back to the entrance as the lyrics of the first verse spills out from the speaker system.
”Goin’ straight through the hole
You ain’t got no game
I’m breakin’ ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin’ all control
You can’t get none of this, we’re runnin’ this
Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin’ this
Get out the lane, I’m comin’ through
And if you don’t wanna move then I’m comin’ right through you”

The crowd gets loud and hype as Jair Hopkins leaps out going “high” as Jason Cashe almost creeps out in a squatted “low” playing to the theme song. Both greet “The Smooth One” as the three of them turn to the ring. Hopkins and Cashe color coordinated but keeps their own style about their attire, and also sporting one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships. Hopkins slaps a few hands as he gets a head of the team. Cashe couldn’t care less to interact as William D. Williams moves down the center of the aisle way.
”We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can’t take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
In the game we take you to war (war!)
You ain’t seen nothin’ like this before
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low “

As the team gets to ringside, Cashe and Hopkins go separate directions. “Smooth One” reaches the steel stairs and climbs up onto the ring apron. As Hopkins slides in under the bottom ropes and Cashe dips in through the middle on opposite sides, the two pass the other by, they clap slap hands three times rapidly. Hopkins pulling his shirt off, Cashe already ready to go as William D. Williams remains on the ring apron outside the ropes for introductions.
POWERS: ”One comes to us from Los Angeles, California by way of Brooklyn, New York! A former TWO Time 4CW Champion! JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
The crowd erupts. A fan favorite, a name that helped make the 4CW brand. Stepping up on the turnbuckles, leaning against the top buckle, Hopkins throws his arms up. Feeding on the audience as they pour him with their love and support.
POWERS: ”The other comes from Houston, Texas by way of DeCatur, Georgia! He is a THREE Time 4CW Champion and a Two time Extreme Champion! The “tRoUbLeD1” JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Slowly he turns to see every section in the arena. Some cheering, more booing and he doesn’t react much at all. Finally staring back at the Announcer, wanting him to hurry along. He gets the final part of their introduction.
POWERS: ”Accompanying them and presenting them as a Manager, “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! They are the 4CW Tag Team Champions… WWOORRLLDDSSTTAARR!!!”
The fans echo out the name along with Powers. More cheers and howls of their name are heard as they stand ready to fight.
JOHNSON: ”This is the first time that either man has held 4CW Tag Team giold but here they are, united as one with another 4CW accomplishment to add to their resume.”
VASSA: ”They’ve fought hard from the start of this tournament and it’s paid off thus far.”
JOHNSON: ”You know who else has fought hard since the start?”
VASSA: ”Those two mother fuckers standing across the ring from them, Brody and Magnus!”
JOHNSON: ”This upcoming match is what the end goal was for everyone who entered the mix. Only one will walk away with the belts and money tonight, while the other leaves here empty handed.”
VASSA: ”Nothing?! There’s no runner up prize?”
JOHNSON: ”Nothing at all, just a pat on the back and the memory.”
VASSA: ”These guys better make the best of it. And for God’s sake, watch out for your nipples! Hopkins looked a little hungry coming down to the ring.”
Both Cashe and Hopkins hand the championships to the official who stands in the center of the ring. Raising them both high above his head, the official puts them on display for the crowd as he turns to each side of the ring. After carrying them over to the edge of the ring and handing them to a member of the ringside crew, the official back steps to the center once more as both teams discuss game plans amongst themselves. Starting things off for The Hostile Takeover, Brody steps forward as Magnus exits onto the apron. Dipping through the ropes, Jair leaves Cashe to start things off for World$tar. Checking in with each corner, the official gets the nod from both men before throwing his arm into the air and signaling for the bell.

VASSA: ”There’s no turning back now!”
Erupting from his corner, Cashe charges across the ring and heads straight for Brody. Taking a swing for the fences in stride, Cashe barely misses Brody as he ducks underneath the attack, but manages to connect with Magnus’ shoulder. Grabbing Cashe from the apron, Magnus locks onto his head and then slams him face first onto the top turnbuckle padding. Stepping in beside Cashe as he’s seeing stars, Brody then lifts him off his feet and falls back, dropping him to the canvas with a side suplex. The suplex wasn’t enough to keep Cashe down as he quickly popped back to his feet before Brody could. Ignoring the legal man, Cashe threw another punch in Magnus’ direction, this time clocking him in the jaw and whipping his head to the side. The punch wasn’t enough to put Magnus down and naturally, Cashe decided to go for another. As he drew back, Brody hooked his arm and then spun him around, giving him a headbutt right between the eyes. Lifting Cashe into the air, Brody then dropped him with a reverse atomic drop, sending him flying backwards into the corner. Throwing his large over Cashe’s shoulder, Magnus slammed it across Cashe’s shoulder before making the tag with Brody and entering himself into the contest.
As he entered the ring, Magnus went straight to it, keeping Cashe in the corner and pounding his head as it were a spike with multiple headbutts. Pulling Cashe away from the corner, he then turned him around and locked onto his head once more. Over and over, Magnus slammed Cashe’s head down onto the turnbuckle before pressing his face against the top rope and dragging it from one end of the ring to the other. Pulling his head up, he then slapped Cashe across the chest with a huge open hand before lifting him into the air and throwing him back down with a body slam. Grabbing onto the ropes, Magnus used them for leverage as he pressed his foot onto Cashe’s throat and applied all of his weight to it. Quickly, the official began his five fount and just before the end, Magnus broke the hold and took a few steps back, welcoming the scolding the official laid onto him with next. As Cashe slowly pulled himself up with the ropes, Magnus rushed in, hitting him in the side with a shoulder block and knocking him into the corner.
Throwing brutal right hands, or as he called them, meat hooks, Magnus pulverized Cashe’s face, leaving him nowhere to go with his back against the corner. Pulling him away from the corner, Magnus bumped into the nearby official, obstructing his view and giving Cashe the window of opportunity he needed. Popping his foot up from the mat, Cashe turned the tables by driving his knee into Magnus’ crotch. Extending both arms out to the side, he then swung them in together, hitting Magnus on both ears with a bell clap! Throwing left and right jabs, Cashe backed Magnus to the center of the ring with the combination before laying him with a straight. Slowly, Magnus pushed himself up but before he could stand, Cashe locked onto his head, holding it in place as he rammed his knee into Magnus’ face. Pulling Magnus across the ring, Cashe then threw him into his corner before grabbing the ropes and using them to pull himself in multiple times, driving his shoulder into Magnus’ stomach each time. Making the tag with Hopkins, Cashe gave him two last punches, a left and right before stepping aside and letting Hopkins partake in the fun.
VASSA: ”If it wasn’t for that low blow, I think Magnus would have killed him moments ago.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve all seen Cashe take a beating or two. And we also know that it takes A LOT to keep him down and out.”
VASSA: ”As many times as we’ve seen Cashe give someone a low blow, you’d think he actually enjoys feeling a heavy ccaawwkk!!!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t even know how to reply to that, Vinny.”
Entering the match with flash, Hopkins climbed the outside of the corner, making his way to the top. Turning his body to face outward to the crowd, Hopkins then looked down to line his next shot up on Magnus who was still leaning against the corner. Jumping back and falling in front of Magnus, Hopkins planted both feet into his midsection while grabbing onto his shoulders. Falling backwards, he pulled Magnus along for the ride and as his back hit the mat, he extended his legs and sent Magnus flying to the center of the ring with a monkey flip. The entire arena exploded with excitement at the site of the flashy move. Popping back to his feet, Jair kept the larger man down, attacking him with kicks and knees to the lower legs. Jumping straight into the air, he then came down and extended his leg, dropping it across Magnus’ throat. Rolling over Magnus and making the cover, Jair went to put him away as the official raced in beside them with the count.

Kicking both legs and bench pressing Jair into the air, Magnus threw him off just before the official reached a full two count. Landing on all fours, Jair pushed himself up instantly before Magnus could even attempt to climb back to his feet. Kicking Magnus a few times in the stomach, Jair then pulled him up to his feet before whipping him to the ropes. As Magnus came back on the return, Jair ducked down, lifting Magnus into the air and onto his shoulders for a Samoan drop. Sliding out of Jair’s grip, Magnus dropped down to his feet behind Jair and hit him directly in the back of the head with a headbutt. Wrapping Jair up with both arms, he then lifted him off his feet and slammed him head first onto the mat with a German suplex. Dragging Jair across the ring by his leg, Magnus slapped hands with Brody once reaching his corner. Holding Jair’s leg up and elevating it, Magnus kept him in place while Brody vaulted himself up and over the top rope, coming down with an elbow drop to the inside of Jair’s thigh.
Brody maintained control of the match for the next few minutes, picking away at Jair piece by piece with various slams and suplexes. Lifting him into the air with ease, Brody held him upside down as he walked a complete circle around the ring before dropping Jair down with a shoulder breaker across his knee. Doing something out of the ordinary, Brody climbed the corner, but only to the middle rope. Leaping through the air with no grace whatsoever, Brody hammered down onto Jair’s face with a fist drop. The fist to the face rattled Jair’s head. Leaning up and holding his hand over his forehead, Jair appeared to be in a bit of a daze. Pulling him to his feet, Brody then squared him up with a combination of punches to the face. Showboating for the Japanese crowd, Brody wound up his right arm, rolling circles with it before throwing his elbow forward and crushing Jair’s forehead with a bionic elbow.
VASSA: ”Oohhhh!”
JOHNSON: ”Things are starting to heat up after that Elbow Flurry from Brody Lee Prince!”
VASSA: ”Talk about style!”
Stumbling backwards, Jair hit the ropes and then bounced forward. Spinning around, Brody then lunged forward with a lariat aimed straight for Jair! Rolling to the mat, Jair dodged a bullet and as he popped back to his feet, he leaped forward across the ring and towards his corner where Cashe extended his body over the top rope, reaching for the tag. Everything appeared to be in slow motion as Jair flew threw the air and as he inched closer and closer, his hand slapped with Cashe’s, bringing everything back to full speed.
JOHNSON: ”Close but no cigar with the Tooth-Loosener from Brody!”
Dipping threw the ropes, Cashe charged straight for Brody who watched closely, standing his ground and preparing himself for a fist fight. Tired of waiting any longer, Brody then ran forward until both he and Cashe collided in the center of the ring in an explosion of punches. After both men land near a dozen punches each, alternating with one another, Brody manages to block Cashe’s next punch thrown, counting it with a forearm shot to the mouth. Cashe fell back a couple of steps before bursting forward once more, this time falling into Brody’s arms as he lifted him off his feet. Running across the ring, Brody then planted Cashe into the mat with a running powerslam. The entire ring rattled upon impact and not wasting a single second, Brody hooked Cashe’s leg as the official dropped in beside them with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Cashe interrupted the officials count. Shocked at the sight, Brody rolled over to his back as both men stared up at the lights, out of breath and feeling every bump and bruise obtained throughout the night. Forcing himself up, Brody looked down at Cashe who was laughing and gasping for breath. Shaking his head, he then kicked Cashe in the ribs, silencing his laughter. Pulling Cashe up to his feet, Brody locked onto his wrist and then pulled him in to deliver a knee to the gut. He then whipped Cashe to the ropes behind him but before he could release, Cashe reversed the throw and sent Brody running uncontrollably towards them. Hitting the ropes frontwards, Brody flipped up and over the top. Grabbing onto the top rope, he managed to at least land on the apron before pulling himself back to his feet. Turning back to the inside of the ring, his eyes lit up at the sight of Cashe running full speed straight for him. Ducking down and pulling his upper body through the ropes, Brody slammed his shoulder into Cashe’s stomach as he closed in. Reaching over the top and grabbing onto Cashe, Brody pulls him in and locks on arm around his head. Reaching over with his other hand, he grabs the back of Cashe’s pants before lifting him up and over the top rope. Falling Backwards, Brody’s back hit the apron, bringing him to a stop as he released Cashe and dropped him to the floor with a suplex.
JOHNSON: ”I was wondering how long it would be before this match found itself outside of the ring.”
VASSA: ”These guys have taken beatings all night long. I don’t know how either of them can continue on at this pace.”
JOHNSON: ”It has definitely been a test of endurance but the reward is well worth it.”
Pulling himself up, Brody backed up along the apron as the official began his ten count due to Cashe being on the outside.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

Rolling back and forth, Cashe was in a world of pain after the fall from up above. Still down, the official continued his count.
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

Pulling himself up with use of the apron, Cashe finally managed to stand but as soon as he released the side of the ring, he fell back down to one knee. Running from the other side of the apron, Brody then leaped off, plowing into Cashe with a shoulder to the face, sending him straight back to the floor and flat on his back.
VASSA: ”There isn’t going to be a champion left to defend after this match is said and done!”
JOHNSON: ”The stakes are big. No risk, no reward!”
With both men on the outside, the official restarted his ten count.

Swarming onto the scene, both Magnus and Jair began laying in to one another with punches. Joining in on the action, even Wrigley was kicking Cashe with the official’s view obstructed by the fighting bodies in front of him.
“Two! … Three!”

On his feet, Brody stood over Cashe, hammering down onto his face with right after right after right. He then pulled him up to his feet and slammed him back first into the side of the ring.
“Four! … Five!”

Throwing another punch at Cashe’s face, Brody’s hand came to a sudden stop as Cashe locked onto his firearm with both hands. Cashe then bit down onto Brody’s knuckles, drawing blood as he yelled in agony. Pulling his teeth away, well all but the infamous missing one, Cashe then grabbed him by the head and slammed him face down onto the apron.
“Six! … Seven!”

As the brawl continued between Jair, Wrigley, and Magnus, Cashe then rolled Brody back into the ring.
“Eight! … Nine!”

Sliding underneath the bottom rope, Cashe then entered, bringing the officials ten count to an end.
VASSA: ”We need to get some security or officials down to ringside to get control over this brawl that has broken out!”
JOHNSON: ”Speak no more, here they come!”
A group pf four security members rush down the ramp and to the ringside area. Breaking the fight up between Jair and Magnus, along with Wrigley’s help, they send everyone to their corners as the fans in the front row boo heavily. Inside of the ring, Cashe lifts Brody to his feet before picking him up and sending him back down to the mat with a swinging shoulder slam. Stomping down onto Brody’s fingers, more importantly his bloody knuckles, Cashe then jumps straight up and comes back down, making head to head contact with a jumping headbutt. Slow to his feet, Cashe then stalks Brody as he slowly begins to rise to his. Once he does, Cashe rushes him and knocks him back down with a running clothesline. Brody pushes himself back up and as he does, Cashe bounces off the ropes still in stride and knocks him back down with a second running clothesline. Not straying down, Brody pushes himself back up and like before, Cashe rushes him and hits him with a third running clothesline. His steps get slower and slower, showing major signs of fatigue. Still in a running stride, Cashe hits the ropes and comes back as Brody slowly pushes himself up to one knee. As he attempts to stand, Cashe goes for a fourth running clothesline but this time he misses as Brody falls back down to the mat. Running into the ropes, Cashe is then grabbed by Magnus as he reaches over the top ropes with both hands. Hitting Cashe with back to back headbutts, Magnus then lays into him with meat hook rights.
After nearly a minute of chaos, the official then pries himself in between Cashe and Magnus, breaking up the action. Magnus then grabs onto the official and holds him in place as Cashe wobbles back and forth behind him. On the outside, Wrigley slides his briefcase into the ring, stopping in front of Brody as he pushes himself up to his feet. Grabbing the case, he then looks to Wrigley who yells for him to attack Cashe. Yelling to warn his partner, Jair tries to get his attention but the noise level in the arena is just too loud. Brody then runs for Cashe and draws the case back over his head. Taking a swing forward, the case barely misses Cashe’s head as his attention is finally caught. Instead, Brody hits Magnus in the face with the case, sending him flying down from the apron and crashing down to the floor.
JOHNSON: ”Brody just took out his own partner!”
Shocked, the official turns to Brody who has now set his sights on Cashe still somewhat unaware of what exactly is happening. Shrugging his shoulders, Brody then pulls the case back for another swing and just as he begins to slam it forward, it is ripped from his hands from Jair behind him. Brody immediately turns around to face Jair before he begins running his mouth. Out of nowhere, Cashe hits Brody in the back of the head with a stiff striking elbow.
VASSA: ”It’s lights out for Brody!”
Jair then throws the briefcase in Wrigley’s direction on the outside as Cashe drops to his knees and covers Brody for the pin.

VASSA: ”They’ve done it! Worls$tar has won Bad Company!”
JOHNSON: ”One million dollars and the 4CW Tag Team Championships!”
VASSA: ”Thirty other teams competed for the same thing but in the end the former rivals were able to capture the prize!”
JOHNSON: ”Five 4CW Championship reigns between these two and now they share the Tag Team Championships.”

“Hit Em High” hits the speakers as Jair helps pull Cashe up to his feet. The two share some words before the official steps in between them and raise both of their arms into the air.
POWERS: ”Here are your winners of Bad Company Three, the Adrian Tanner Junior Memorial and one million dollars! They are your 4CW Tag Team Champions! Jason Cashe and Jair Hopkins… WWOORRLLDDSSTTAARR!!!”
The championships are then handed off to them from members of the ringside crew. Looking down at the belts, they then look to each other as a smile stretches across both of their faces. Rubbing their fingers together, they get excited at the though of the million dollars at stake before being pumped full of life once more. Racing to opposite corners, they then jumps onto the middle ropes, raising the belts high above their heads as the Tokyo crowd applauds them.
VASSA: ”This was a long journey for both of these guys but they finally made it.”
JOHNSON: ”We saw a lot of impressive teams enter this years tournament, making it the biggest to date.”
VASSA: ”Just imagine what next year holds in store for Bad Company.”
JOHNSON: ”I think I’d rather not, anything bigger than this and the next tournament if going to last forever.”
VASSA: ”At least these two can rest easy knowing that they will be paid their winnings, unlike joke tournaments in the past that failed to deliver their promised winnings.”
JOHNSON: ”Can they? We all know how tight Perry can be with money.”
VASSA: ”He’s be a dead man if he screwed these two out of their winnings.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, that’s it for Bad Company ladies and gentlemen. It was an exciting event from start to finish but the show must come to an end.”
VASSA: ”What’s next?”
JOHNSON: ”You know what’s next… FRIGHT NIGHT!!!”
VASSA: ”Of fuck yes and from what I’ve been hearing, this years is going to be the biggest to date as well.”
JOHNSON: ”Go big or go hard.”
VASSA: ”You know damn well you can’t get it up, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”WOAH!!! That’s not what I meant!”
VASSA: ”It’s alright, I can’t think of a better way to end this show other than a remark about your erectile dysfunction.”
JOHNSON: ”On that note, it’s been good folks! We’re going to call it a night. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now for Adrenaline where Mariano Fernandez will cash in on his prize of winning the Four Corners Frenzy and a shot at Bronx Valescence for the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”The train keeps rolling baby! We’re coming home! MURICA!!!”
JOHNSON: ”From everyone at 4CW, safe travels. We’ll see you in two weeks. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa… GOODNIGHT!!!”