OCTANE E06 (115)


The scene opens up to an inside shot from the ring at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina. As usual, the house is packed tonight as we head into our sixth episode of Octane. Scanning the crowd, the camera focuses in on various signs held throughout the mass of bodies.

Cutting to a shot directly in front of the announcers booth, our show begins as our trio of announcers take it away.
TAYLOR: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Octane!”
CAMPBELL: ”We’re coming to you as always, live from the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina!”
LAWSON: ”And boy oh boy do we have an exciting lineup in store for you all tonight.”
TAYLOR: ”We sure do! For the first time yet, we have stars from Adrenaline crossing over and mixing things up with the Octane talents tonight.”
CAMPBELL: ”Not only that, but we have a full lineup of Octane that is guaranteed to rev your engines into high gear.”
LAWSON: ”From Adrenaline, we have Hubert Smalls, Christy Chaos, Kimitsu Zombie, Jason Cashe and Bryan Williams!”
TAYLOR: ”It doesn’t stop there. We also have the Fate Champion, Anastasia Hayden, climbing into the ring with a longtime rival, Ms. Caroline Burchill.”
CAMPBELL: ”For our main event we have the Octane Champion and the 4CW Champion going head to head!”
LAWSON: ”That’s right folks! Octane’s own, Vossler, will clash inside of that ring tonight with Adrenaline’s top dog, Bronx Valescence!”
TAYLOR: ”And those are just the cross matches we have in store for you all tonight. We’ll also see our Octane Championship number one contender, Cecilworth Farthington, step inside of the ring with a rising star, Zeel Park.”
CAMPBELL: ”Let’s just hope for Cecil’s sake that things don’t end up like they did two weeks ago when he stepped into the ring with Jeb Fisher.”
LAWSON: ”Nope! We’ll see Bryan Williams get that treatment as he’ll more than likely pile on yet another concussion to the long list!”
TAYLOR: ”Well let’s jump right into it.”
CAMPBELL: ”Up first, as always, we have a Ten Minutes of Mayhem match featuring Adrenaline’s Hubert Smalls and the man everyone loves to pick on, Zion!”
LAWSON: ”Is it mean if I say that Hubert is probably the most intelligent person in this match up?”



The match begins quickly with the fans cheering for Hubert as he waves at them and the booing Zion as loudly as they possibly can when he raises his arms in the air. The exchange goes back and forth for a good minute and a half before Hubert claps happily and then offers his hand to Zion to shake. Zion slaps it away which causes Hubert to frown. He doesn’t attack Zion though until Zion tries to hit him and then quite seamlessly Hubert takes Zion down to the mat with a single leg takedown. Locking his arms around Zions chest, Hubert then executes a flawless gator roll over and over again before finally getting up and clapping happily, waving at the fans again. Zion stands, frustrated, and charges at Hubert but Hubert moves and leaves Zion to crash into the corner turnbuckle pads. Crouching down like a cat, Hubert crawls towards Zion who storms out of the corner only to have Hubert leap up into the air and pounce on him, tackling him to the mat and transitioning into a mounted position where he waylays Zion over and over again before pulling him up to his feet. Whipping Zion into the ropes, he waits patiently as Zion rebounds and comes back and then takes him down with an arm drag. And another arm drag and arm drag. AND ARM DRAG AND ARM DRAG AND ARM DRAG until finally he reaches ten consecutive arm drag takedowns. Completely out of it, Zion lays in the middle of the ring motionless as Hubert covers for the one, two three gaining the first fall of the match.

The referee forces Hubert back to his corner to give Zion time to recover. Shrugging his shoulders he innocently looks to Zion, seemingly curious to see if his opponent was okay. After all, it doesn’t matter how many followers one has but how many FREAINDS one has, at least according to Hubert anyway. Zion, after recovering and loosening up again, looks to take the momentum back by sprinting across the ring, shoving Hubert back into his own corner. When Zion tries to tie him up, though, Hubert side steps and shoves him into the corner instead. Being nice, Hubert gives him a moment to get out of the corner which Zion uses to try and kick Hubert in the stomach. But Hubert catches it, pulls Zion in, and then connects with a leg hook belly to belly suplex. Pushing himself back up to his feet again, Zion walks into a waiting Hubert who whips him into the ropes and then once more crouches down into a catlike position. On the rebound he pounces and connects with a cross body block, knocking Zion down with the T.E. TRIBUTE! Wasting little time as the clock begins to run down to the final fifteen seconds, Hubert scoops Zion up and connects with MOON PIE! Rolling him over for the cover and the one, two three. A few moments later the timer expires.

WINNER: Hubert Smalls

We open backstage, but instead of on Bronx we open up on a familiar scene from Emergence just a few weeks ago. It’s Vossler and Bronx. The two share a conversation. It seems Vossler is trying to be a bit more confrontational than Bronx is, but being the classy champion he is, he steers the conversation elsewhere. Bronx told Vossler that he would respect the champion no matter what. That echoed throughout for a second before we fade back on Bronx sitting backstage by himself. His head his down, ring gear on with the 4CW Championship over his shoulder.
VALESCENCE: “Weeks ago. I looked a man in the eye and I told him that no matter what I would respect the result of the championship match. Weeks ago, I sat here and looked a man in the face and I told him how much I would respect the Octane belt and how it would be on par with the 4CW championship. Weeks ago, I’m here to tell you I lied. Because now I don’t look into the eyes of a man, I look into the face of a perpetual cry baby who thinks he has lost before he even steps into the ring with me.”
The champion raised his hand.
VALESCENCE: “But don’t let that fool you. Vossler wants sympathy. He wants people to think I am unbeatable because of who I am and not because of what I do in the wrestling ring. Vossler wants you to let him walk in the underdog. Vossler wants to make excuses for himself. Imagine being that much of a pussy that you can’t face what is coming head on, and accept whatever happens like a man. Imagine that being your… OCTANE champion…”
Bronx shook his head, disgusted.
VALESCENCE: “Vossler wants you to think he’s gone. Wants you to think that he is broken but you know damn good and well he’s going to show up here tonight. He’ll probably head to the ring and talk about himself and put himself over, because that’s the only person putting Vossler over—himself. He’ll probably give a sob story about how he isn’t going anywhere, and how he’s going to stick it out and how he’s going to accept this result no matter what. But what about after this match? Hmm? When is his next blow up going to come? When is the next time he’s going to shit his fucking diaper?”
Sighing, Bronx looked over at the title on his shoulder.
VALESCENCE: “But I’m fine with the tantrums. I’m fine with Vossler not accepting losses like a man because he is mentally a 13 year old. I know that no matter what happens. No matter what he says, people are ALWAYS going to respect me more than Vossler—and there’s nothing he can do to change that. You’ve always shown what type of BOY you are as champion, and you’ve already shown your hand at what type of leader you’re going to be. And so you don’t misconstrue my words like you’re SO good at doing. I’ll say it here. WIN OR LOSE, I’LL ACCEPT THE RESULT. NO CONSPIRACY. NO CRYING. NO BITCHING. And maybe, just maybe you can learn from a real champion… a real man…. Bronx FUCKING Valescence, bitch.”
Shaking his head, Bronx walked away into the darkness.


Firing on all cylinders, the two ladies of Chaos kicked things off with a bang! Connecting with a clothesline, Zoe set the tone early on as she put Christy on her back. After two kicks to the inside of Christy’s elevated leg she was holding, Zoe then pulled her to her feet and sent her crashing into the corner. Racing in, Zoe planted both feet into her stomach before falling back and sending her flying across the ring with a monkey flip. Christy bounced up to her feet upon impact, catching Zoe off guard as she did so. After a quick lockup, Christy then took Zoe down with an armdrag takedown. As Zoe stood back up, Christy hit her with a quick kick to the gut before lifting her up and over with a snap suplex. The suplex wasn’t enough to keep Zoe down as she popped back to her feet only to have Christy kick for her stomach once again. Catching her foot in mid air, Zoe then pulled her in closely before locking onto her head and hitting her with a jawbreaker in the center of the ring. After a cover and two count, Zoe hit the ropes and as Christy stood tall, she dropped her with a running lariat to the back of the head. Climbing the corner, Zoe went big as she flipped backwards through the air and came down with a moonsault. NO!!! Rolling out of the way, Christy left her with nothing but canvas to break her fall as she crashed down. After hitting Zoe with her Charismatic Crush, a facebuster, Christy had her right where she needed her as she then took to the corner and ascended to the top. Flipping backwards but forward high above the ring, she came down and perfectly executed the shooting star press, sealing the deal her Star Struck. Making the cover, Christy hooked the leg as the official counted one, two, and three!
WINNER: Christy Chaos via Pinfall (6:50)


Making his 4CW debut, D-Praved came out swinging for the fences, catching Jay off guard with back to back lefts that knocked him into the ropes with force. As he came back on the rebound, D-Praved planted him directly into the canvas with a spinebuster. Going for an early pin, D-Praved only managed to score a one count. Laying into Mora with overhead rights while still down, D-Praved maintained control for the time being before pulling him up from the mat and sending him to the ropes once more. With Jay coming back full speed, the big man went for his head with a big boot which resulted in a miss and an opportunity for Jay to capitalize. Planting both feet into D’s back with a dropkick, Jay sent him crashing chest first into the corner, knocking his breath away. Rushing in, Jay hit him with another drop, this time in the back of the head, knocking him face down onto the turnbuckle. Back on his feet, Jay dragged him away from the corner before lifting him up and dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker. Not done completely, the big man slowly stood to his feet but before he knew it, Jay was right there in front of him, rushing in and taking his head off with a sit-down clothesline. After climbing to the top of the nearby corner, Jay took to the skies with an elbow drop crashing down onto D’s chest. Waiting patiently in the corner for D-Praved to get back up, Jay locked his sights on the target and when the big man pushed himself up to one knee, Jay rushed in with his target marked and leveled him with a superkick. With D-Praved knocked out cold, Jay made a nonchalant cover for the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (5:55)

We go backstage to Kimitsu Zombie getting ready for her match. Gabriel Hartman approaches the small dressing room for an interview but stops when he spots American Tommy watching her from the side. He is looking a little different as his head has now been shaved as penance thanks to Kimi.
ZOMBIE: “What are you staring at? Why the fuck are you even in here?”
TOMMY: “I’m here to help you with your match like I said I would. I’m a man of my word.”
ZOMBIE: “I’m fine on my own. I don’t need your help, anyway. I think Niobe Martin is a good competitor but she is in over her head now. The talent curve in 4CW passed her by a long time ago. I got this.”
TOMMY: ”The only reason you are ready is because I shared some of my knowledge with you. Remember, I’ve already beaten her and listening to me would actually be beneficial. I would start by working on your hip toss.”
ZOMBIE: “Don’t fucking start. I need to focus on my own game plan. This is no holds barred and it’ll be different. I need to get into a certain mindset. This match is important. I can’t get into a pattern of winning and losing. This is going to be the start of a streak. She may be weaker than before but she is still a multiple time champion. This is the one that will get me attention. Get me more followers.”
Tommy scratches his head as he watches her finish wrapping her hands.
TOMMY: ”When did you start to care what the fans wanted?”
Kimitsu is silent for a second and glances at him surprised that it was a genuine question and not a pick up line.
ZOMBIE: “Oh. It’s what we do. The Zombies fight and succeed for the fans. It’s what we’re supposed to do anyway. The more followers we get the more people we lead away from bad influences. I do things a certain way, though. I’m told I don’t get the right ‘type’ of fan but I don’t care. As long as I got my kind of people cheering for me then fuck what anyone says.”
TOMMY: ”Well, I’ve been a fan since day one. Remember, we’ve ran in the same circles for many years.”
He gets up and comes up to her and hands her a small case with a bow on it.
ZOMBIE: “Fuck off. What?”
TOMMY: ”That’s fucking rude. I got this for you.”
Kimitsu opes the case and gasps a little. She takes out a balisong knife and opens it to twirl it around. The handle and the blade shine in red with yellow accents. She looks at him in surprise.
TOMMY: “I’m not blind ya know. I know more about you than you think I do. I remember you looking at these online and got them for you. For good luck. Microtech Tachyon III right? Now, these are not to be used on me, because that’s not my kink. Now, I think this stipulation is stupid and I don’t want to wait that long. We all know, I’m eventually going to win a championship title, because my hip toss is superior to anyone. It’s only a matter of time. Listen, I li…”
She suddenly grabs his head and kisses him. He puts one hand on her waist and she breaks off looking at him in shock. As soon as a smile starts curling up on his lips she headbutts him and he falls. She straddles him and delivers two more cracking head butts to his face. She gets up and wipes her forehead when she notices Hartman and the camera. Her face contorts into a mixture of embarrassment and rage and she walks by shoving Hartman back into the wall. He checks on Tommy who smiles through a bloody mouth and black eye. He raises his hand in a victorious thumbs up before we fade.

Walking through the backstage halls of the arena John Gabriel is taking it all in as if it is the first time he has been there. He notices that a boy in a wheelchair and his mother are coming through a special handicap entrance. The kid is all excited about being backstage and John goes to greet him.
GABRIEL: “How are you guys doing tonight?”
MOM: “We are doing good thanks, and you are?”
GABRIEL: “Name’s John Gabriel.”
John pulls off his shirt and hands it to the kid who is super excited now. John catches movement out of the corner of his eye and looks in that direction to find Seth Daniels staring at him.
GABRIEL: “Can I help you?”
DANIELS: “Oh, no. Don’t mind me. I’m just enjoying the charade.”
Seth gestures for John to continue with his fan interaction. John squints his eyes a little as he shakes his head at Seth.
GABRIEL: “Think what you want man. Not everyone acts like they care, some people like myself actually do. Why don’t you sign something for the kid? You like to pretend to be a good person so pretend now.”
John puts his hand out to give a sharpie to Seth. Seth looks hesitantly at the marker.
Seth looks over at the kid in the wheelchair.
DANIELS: “Do you even want my autograph?”
The boy looks at Seth with innocent eyes and nods. Seth looks down at the sharpie and lets out a long breath. He accepts the sharpie from John and maneuvers over to where the boy is sitting. He takes the 4CW program in his lap and signs it in the bottom left corner. He hands the sharpie back to John.
GABRIEL: “That wasn’t so bad was it? You made the kids day and all it took you was a few minutes of your time. In that moment you truly were a good guy.”
John takes back his sharpie with a smile on his face and extends his hand for a handshake. Seth looks down at his hand and his eyes narrow. The mother pushes the boy away as they continue on their adventure.
DANIELS: “I’m not trying to be anyone, John. I am who I am, period. That’s where the problem lies for you though, isn’t it? You’re trying so hard to be…”
Seth gestures at John with uncertainty.
DANIELS: “… Something. I’m not quite sure what. Some kind of hero maybe? I’m not disillusioned by that shit. Nobody cares about me and I understand that. Nobody cares about you and you don’t seem to get it.”
Seth leans in to mock-whisper.
DANIELS: “They didn’t even know who you are.”
Seth stood back up again and looked John in the eye.
GABRIEL: “I try hard to be a good person that’s all. You’re wrong about nobody caring. There is plenty of people who care about you and I. It may be that you just can’t see it. If you can’t find somebody who cares, be somebody who cares. We are going to be friends you just don’t know it yet. I’ll see you in the ring.”
John pats Seth on the shoulder and turns to leave. Seth opens his mouth to say something but closes it again as he watches John walk away. He looks down in thought.
DANIELS: “Friends?”
He shudders involuntarily and walks away in a different direction as the camera fades.

We cut back to ringside with a wide shot of the fans and the entrance area. Suddenly the arena is filled with the intro to “Get Jinxed” by Djerv. The die hard fans that follow every 4CW wrestler on Twitter recognize the music and know who is coming out. They are faintly heard sporadically around the arena booing. After a few moments Sativa Nevaeh steps out from the back. Upon seeing her the rest of the gathered crowd start to rain down the hate on her. She stands there, just smiling. Not being scheduled to compete tonight she is wearing a cut/ripped up #CoolKids shirt, a pair of daisy dukes, and a pair of Converse All Star trainers.
She heads down to the ring smiling at the fans as they boo her. She blows a few kisses out to the fans as she makes her way to the ring steps. She climbs them and enters the ring. She walks over to the far side of the ring and receives a mic from a member of the ring crew. She moves to the center of the ring and raises the mic to her mouth. She lowers it back down, smiles, and shakes her head as the crowd cranks up the volume of hate.
She smirks and chuckles as the crowd continues to hate her.
NEVAEH: ”I can only imagine you are wondering why I did what I did at Bad Company. Well, it’s simple. I’m a fucking bitch. I always have been and I always will be. I was planning and plotting from the beginning. Sure, after my match with Viduus I was questioning a lot of things. But my head was right as soon as they let me go home. Then I got the idea to fuck with Lauryn. That’s all that good girl shit was about.”
Sativa starts to pace around the ring.
NEVAEH: ”I figured I could use Lauryn. Help build up her confidence, team with her for Bad Company. Get those tag titles back. My original plan was to smash one of the Tag Team titles across the back of her skull. Sadly that was not the case. So I had to adjust on the fly. From the time the match ended until I swung my elbow for her head I was thinking. Could I milk this for something more? Sure, I probably could have politiced to get a tag title shot. They didn’t beat us fair. We could play the sympathy card. But that wouldn’t work. The facade was starting to crack. I couldn’t handle trying to be nice much longer. So I called the audible and gave her skull an introduction to my elbow.”
She stops and grins out at the crowd as they momentarily rain hatred down on her.
NEVAEH: ”And I must say, it is so much nicer actually being myself. I can be the bitch that I so love to be. But look what happened from dropping the facade. Through Twitter I was able to get the match that I’ve wanted for a long time. Next Wednesday I step into the lions den and face off against Jair-bear. I love how the roster for Adrenaline talk all this shit about us here on Octane. We are trash, second string, JV. Yet when they send their ranks ‘down’ to us how many have they sent? Six. Five of which are in matches against the Octane roster. Cool, lets make this shit happen yeah? Was waiting for that Adrenaline line up. I knew I was gonna be there, but I was lowkey excited to see who else was gonna step up.”
Sativa lets her hand fall and deadpan stares into the camera for a few moments.
NEVAEH: ”Oh, just me. That’s cool too I guess. One of the most hated from Octane, and 4CW in general. The ‘joke’ that is Sativa Nevaeh. She alone stands deep behind enemy lines. The lone warrior, unafraid to face off against any and everyone. It’s fine. I’ve done this before. The rest of you in the back don’t worry. I’ll be the one to stand up. But don’t get it twisted. I’m not doing it because its noble. I don’t take pride in representing any of you worthless fucks in the back. I do it simply because it sounds fun.”
She shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head slightly.
NEVAEH: ”That’s all. Fun. I’m still that little ball of violence and rage that I have been since coming back to 4CW. I will stand up to who ever Wallace wants to put in front of me. I don’t care if its Jair-bear, Zion, or Bronx. I will still come down to this ring and fuck them up. I just want everyone from Octane sitting in the back and those not scheduled to be here sitting at home watching. Remember that I, the person no one here likes, stood up. You can all hang your heads and mumble shitty excuse after shitty excuse. You don’t anyone here, you aren’t that type of person. Blah, blah, blah. I hate everyone on both rosters, minus about a handful between them. Yet here I am.”
Her arms flop to her sides as she sighs with exasperation.
NEVAEH: ”Remember that fact when it comes down to Adrenaline versus Octane War Games match. Remember that when you are forced to be on a team with me. Remember that the worthless stoner bitch stood up when you were too fucking pussy hurt to.”
Sativa shakes her head once again.
NEVAEH: ”You know what, Get Fucked!”
She drops the mic as her music starts back up. The crowd scream their hatred of her and she just smiles sweetly back at them as she heads to the back.

Jumping to the back, the camera catches up with Anastasia Hayden, the Fate Champion, as she looks around the backstage with a look of disgust on her face. Her obvious disdain for being on Octane made apparent. She clenches her jaw and rolls her eyes before noticing the camera; she looks into it and her disgusted look doesn’t change once she acknowledges it.
HAYDEN: ”I thought I’d be so lucky to never have to step foot onto an Octane show, but here I am. I’m being forced to share a locker room with these Octane children. The ones who like to pretend they’re on the same level as me. The ones who get real riled up on Twitter and challenge someone on Adrenaline, but realize that they’d have to step out of their comfort zone to accept a real challenge. Because no one wants to be here. Even when these Octane losers challenge someone, they always say they’ll face them on Adrenaline. What’s that say about Octane?”
Ana sighs as she glares into the camera; the look of disgust slowly transitioning into that of annoyance.
HAYDEN: ”And yet, you’ll hear someone from Octane say that they’re on the same level as Adrenaline. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some pathetic fucks up on Adrenaline who deserve to be sent to this hell, but Adrenaline and Octane will never, ever, EVER…be the same. It’s bad enough I’ve got an idiot like Andre Holmes trying to come after me. But hey, I’ve got an idea. An offer. An exclusive and first come, first serve offer because I’m not about charity. So if you’re listening, send the ‘best’ two wrestlers from Octane to come and hang with the big kids. I’m getting tired of all the talk and no action, so if you want to keep running your mouth…I’ll be waiting to shut it.”
No smirk or anything resembling that from Ana, she keeps a stern appearance, ready for whatever challenge may come. Ana pulls a hair tie from off of her wrist and lowers her head as she starts putting her hair up into a ponytail.
HAYDEN: ”Now, the reason I’m here is simple. I’ve got to go out there and beat Caroline O’Hara Burchill for the third straight time. I have to go out there and pretend like Caroline is on the same level as me. That went out the window the moment she started surrounding herself with Dex. It went out the moment she saw my name on Adrenaline and got scared…so she decided to come on down and settle for this dump. There was a time I respected Caroline and thought maybe I could help her out. I get she’s real arrogant and narcissistic, who isn’t in our industry? But I didn’t realize she was a complete fucking idiot too…funny how that plays out.”
She finishes putting her hair up just in time to look at the camera and a genuine display of disappointment can be seen in her eyes. But just for a moment as Ana returns to her cold stare.
HAYDEN: ”And Caroline can say whatever about our past. The fact is…it’s written pretty clearly. She beat me then I went on to win a belt she couldn’t get. Then I beat her twice. It doesn’t matter who I lost to or what I didn’t win…all I care about is that I beat you two times, Caroline. All that matters is that I’m better than you. Everything you try to? I actually go out and do it. Tonight, you’ll try to beat me…but what am I going to do?”
The question is left hanging and is accompanied with a shrug of the shoulders.
HAYDEN: ”But really, beating you for a third time isn’t even the best part about tonight, Caroline. The best part is that when the night is through…I get to go back to the real show. I get to leave this shithole called Octane! You? You have to stay here and settle for being second best…but I’m being generous calling this second best. Caroline, you’re on the participation trophy show! You might win, you might even beat Vossler for the Octane Championship…but you’ll never be me. Nothing about you will ever resemble anything of a successful career. You’ll never be good enough. And that’s the story of Caroline O’Hara Burchill, isn’t it?”
Ana tilts her head and her eyes narrow. As she speaks, her volume picks up and the pacing of her words slow down, making sure everything she says gets across clearly.
HAYDEN: ”The only thing the Killer Queen has killed…is her own career. But she can’t even do that right! You dragged me down to Octane and I’m going to do you a fucking favor.”
There’s more silence from Anastasia. It almost appears as if the realization of what Ana has to do is bothering her, but she brushes it off for one last sentence.
HAYDEN: ”I’m here to put you out of your misery, Caroline.”
And just like that, the look of pure disgust returns to Ana’s face. She readjusts the Fate Championship on her shoulder and walks off as the camera cuts to elsewhere in the arena.


Standing across the ring from the old hag of 4CW, Kimitsu points her index finger at her opponent and then turns her thumb downward, showing just what she thinks of the opponent that has been chosen for her. A moment later the bell rings as the commentators can be heard running down the list of accomplishments that both Kimitsu and Niobe have achieved throughout their entire careers. Looking to seize the early advantage, Kimitsu ties Niobe up but immediately loses the advantage and is taken down with a side headlock takedown, which Niobe keeps locked in. She maintains the hold for a few long moments before Kimitsu is able to push herself back up to her feet, deliver a few elbows into Niobe’s abdomen, and then shove her off into the ropes. When Niobe rebounds, Zombie leap frogs her leaving her to bounce off the ropes once more. On the second rebound Zombie turns and cracks a standing dropkick that flattens Niobe. Zombie is quick to pounce on her fallen opponent, delivering clubbing blows to the face before standing, leaping, and dropping a leg drop right across Niobe’s voluptuous chest, saggy though it might be becoming. Pleased with herself, Zombie stands and scans the crowd but as she does she’s distracted by a sign in the audience.

Shaking her head in disgust, Zombie turns back around and is quickly rolled up into a small package pinning predicament. The referee slides in and reaches a two count but Zombie manages to break free and kick out before the three can fall. Quickly Niobe gets back to her feet, meeting Zombie at the same time where the two begin to exchange blows in the middle of the ring. The actions quickly picks up its pace as the two go on to exchange counters and reversals back and forth, neither able to one up the other until Niobe breaks free and snaps a hard knife edged chop across Kimitsu’s chest. A red welt begins to show as Zombie clutches her chest in pain until Niobe places a hand against her to stand her up straight and snap another knife edge chop off her chest. Martin follows up quickly by wrapping her arm around Zombies neck, driving her face first down to the mat with a quick ddt. She covers, hooking the leg, but again only manages to get a two before Kimitsu kicks out. Thinking she might have had the match put away with that DDT, Niobe pauses to collect herself, pushing herself up to her feet slowly while looking down at her opponent. She then drives a few knees down into Zombies sides before pulling her up and whipping her into the nearby corner. Martin steps up to the middle rope and begins to drive her fist down onto Zombies face over and over as the fans count along, but Zombie counters by lifting Martin up onto her shoulders and running forward, powerbombing her into the middle of the ring. About midway up the arena an entire row of fans suddenly hold up a long line of signs that read..

Kimitsu is quick to go for the cover but the count is cut off before the referee can get to three when he spots Niobe’s foot on the ropes. She wastes little time after that, pulling Niobe back up and backing her up into the corner where she unleashes rapid fire strikes to Niobe’s face and abdomen. Kimitsu looks for her patented swinging fisherman’s neck breaker but Niobe slips free and catches Kimitsu in the temple with an enziguri kick that drops her to her knees. Quickly back to her own corner, Niobe lines Zombie up and then charges out of the corner, looking to take her head off with a running shin strike but Zombie leans back, allowing Niobe’s leg to pass within inches of hers without making contact. As Martin flies by, Zombie leaps up to her feet, grabbing Niobe by her hair and slamming her down to the mat, the back of Martins head bouncing off the canvas violently. Zombie is quick to capitalize on the opportunity, pulling Niobe back up to her feet and tying her up. Once in the position the fans come to their feet as TRIP TO THE GRAVE! connects perfectly. Zombie covers quickly and the referee slides in to count the final pinfall. One, two and three!!
WINNER: Kimitsu Zombie by Pinfall (9:15)

The camera shows the doors to the loading dock. Seth Daniels, withdrawing a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, approaches the doors. He pulls single cigarette from the pack and stuffs the pack back into his pocket. He pushes the door open and turns. He takes a few steps before he freezes in his tracks.
VOICE: “Need a light?”
The sound of metal scraping against flint to ignite a lighter is heard. The camera pans to show a man in a nice suit with a lighter extended toward Seth. The man, Dr. Theodore Benson, is notable for his presence in Seth Daniels’ wrestling career prior to 4CW. Seth’s eyes narrow in response to his surprise appearance.
BENSON: “Oh, we’re doing awkward silences now. Fair enough.”
Seth leans forward and lights his cigarette from the flame. Dr. Benson smiles in response. Suddenly, Seth swats the lighter from his hand and across the loading dock. Benson doesn’t flinch though his smile fades slightly as he looks after his relinquished lighter.
BENSON: “Eh, I have other lighters.”
DANIELS: “Mind telling me what in the fuck you’re doing here?”
Dr. Benson laughs.
BENSON: “Oh, please, Seth. Are you really going to tell me you didn’t see this coming?”
DANIELS: “I was being optimistic?”
BENSON: “Go figure. I go to jail for a few months and come back out to Seth Daniels, the optimist. Oh, how life has changed.”
DANIELS: “Last time I saw you, you were finally getting tied back to some shady shit. Why would they let you go free?”
BENSON: “Good behavior?”
Seth’s face twists in confusion but Benton only smiles in response.
BENSON: “I was really good.”
DANIELS: “Didn’t realize your cellmates could make that call.”
BENSON: “Well played. Still, I was a model prisoner and, lo and behold, none of the charges stuck. I’m an innocent man.”
Seth’s face falls to exasperation. His brain seems to be tripping over itself as his mouth moves but no sound accompanies it.
BENSON: “That was clever of you, you know, pointing the authorities to that warehouse. I would say that snitches get stitches but…”
His smile grows wider as he holds out his arms to present himself.
BENSON: “Here I am, an innocent man. I would have to be guilty of the accused crimes for you to be sufficiently snitchy.”
DANIELS: “So, what, you’re here to finish the job? Here to kill me, yeah?”
BENSON: “Oh, to the contrary. You are still a worthwhile investment to me. True, I don’t have my usual system of contacts. People get all jumpy when talking to someone fresh out of prison after all. They think the person is now a hired snitch per terms of their release. But of course, I would need to have some criminal empire that I was part of before my incarceration, which I clearly do not.”
Benson winks. Seth looks as if he’s about to be sick.
DANIELS: “And why would I do anything at all to benefit you? You have no hold on me. Your licenses are suspended. Hell, you’re just Teddy now.”
BENSON: “Your actions certainly crippled me in that regard but I still have importantly-placed connections. Remember how you fled 4CW before? Do you remember why?”
Seth’s mouth twists in a snarl but he says nothing.
BENSON: “Yes, of course you do. Without my protection, you had some certain individuals on your tail, individuals looking to kill you. I, meanwhile, have been keeping track of their movements, even from my cell. I have been able to keep them at bay despite your attempts at self sabotage.”
DANIELS: “I’m not living in some fantasy. I know I’ll die young. Why the fuck would I care about your protection?”
BENSON: “Remember what I just said about how you ran? You clearly have some desire for self preservation. You can play the tragic victim all you like but you don’t want to die. You don’t fool me.”
Seth takes another drag from his cigarette.
DANIELS: “What now then?”
BENSON: “Now, we get back to turning you into the star of the show. It’s so good to be back.”
Seth looks down at the floor dejected as Benson pats him on the back, looking off into the middle distance. The camera fades.


In what started out as a joke at the hands of the web team and meant for no one to take serious, Chris Callum and Jason Cashe turned this into the real thing. Making his 4CW debut, Chris Callum set the Cabarrus Arena on fire with his grand entrance. His opponent, returned the favor as he made his Octane debut, drawing the same reaction from the fans in attendance. Bursting straight out of the gate, Cashe rushed Callum, throwing lefts and rights for his head, but missing each time as Callum was one step ahead of him the entire time. Missing a right, Cashe was met with an elbow to the mouth which knocked him off balance. Locking onto his wrist, Callum then pulled him into a short-arm clothesline, knocking him flat on his back. Not releasing his wrist, Callum pulled him back to his feet before throwing him to the ropes. As Cashe came back on the return, Callum lifted him into the air before spinning around and planting him into the canvas with a spinebuster. With Cashe laid out beneath him, Callum didn’t even attempt to go for the pin, he stood tall and circled the ring before turning his sights back to Cashe.
Pulling Cashe back to his feet, Callum locked an arm around his head and hooked a leg but before he could lift him off his foot for the fisherman’s suplex, Cashe connected with a shot to the kidney that the official was unable to see due to his positioning in the ring. Pulling his head away, Cashe then slammed it forward, hitting Callum directly between the eyes with a headbutt. Stepping in close, Cashe then wrapped him up before lifting him up and slamming him back down with a side belly to belly suplex. Mounting himself on top of Callum, Cashe began throwing closed fists down at Callum, hitting him gorilla style until eventually Callum covered himself with both arms. Grabbing one of Callum’s arms, Cashe then pulled his hand close to his mouth before biting down on his knuckles. The official raced in, pulling Cashe away and warning him for the illegal bite, giving Callum plenty of time to get back to his feet. Rushing in as he stood, Cashe him him with a one-two combo before spinning around and going for a discus clothesline. Ducking underneath his arm as it passed overhead, Callum dodged a bullet as Cashe fell to his knees from the momentum.
Hitting Cashe in the back of the head with a frearm shot as he stood up, Callum sent him stumbling to the ropes. Hitting the ropes chest first and bouncing backwards, Callum grabbed ahold of him, applying a pump-handle and lifting him into the air before dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker. Standing to his feet, Callum circled Cashe with cockiness pouring from his demeanor. Pulling him up to his knees, Callum then slapped him in the back of the head, and then began to mock him. Lifting Cashe off the mat and onto his shoulders with a torture rack. In the center of the ring, Callum pulled at Cashe’s leg and head, applying pressure to his back as he bounced up and down. After nearly a minute, Cashe hasn’t submitted. Callum then spins Cashe around and goes for a neckbreaker but ends up having his head planted into the mat as Cashe used his momentum and hooked his arm around his head, dropping him with a DDT!
The two are slow to get back to their feet, using up nine seconds of the officials ten count. Standing first, Cashe rushes Callum and hits him with a running clothesline, knocking him back to the mat. As Callum rises, Cashe continues in stride and hits the ropes a second time, coming back as Callum fully stands and putting him down with a second clothesline. Still in stride, Cashe hits the ropes a third time and as he rushes Callum who stands, he goes for a third clothesline. Ducking underneath the clothesline, Cashe takes a few jogging steps forward before leaping forward and planting both feet onto the middle rope as Cashe turns around. Springboarding off, Callum flies backwards and goes for a springboard stunner only to receive a Mark of Jason instead, a stiff striking elbow to the back of the head. The elbow isn’t enough to put Callum down for good, but enough to leave him seeing stars as he slowly begins to push himself up. Rushing in as he stands, Cashe then drops him with a back to back cutter, putting him down and out with the UTI. Making the cover, the official slides in beside them as Cashe gets the one, two, and the three!
WINNER: Jason Cashe via Pinfall (14:44)

Through the curtain, entering the backstage area after his match was Jason Cashe. A smile on his face breaking as he spots Gabriel Hartman standing by, waiting for a word from the Adrenaline Triple Crown Champion.
HARTMAN: ”Can I have a word Jason?”
CASHE: ”Did you see that out there? Yeah, I’m perfectly fine. Light work. What’s up?”
Snatching a hand towel from the back of a chair. Cashe wipes his face and chest. The sweat between wrestlers was a disgusting situation post match. More so when it was Callum’s, to Cashe it smelled like Galveston. Like ass.
HARTMAN: ”Your first time appearing on Octane. Do you feel this is a B Brand even with the branding of it being an equal brand?”
CASHE: ”Is that really what you want to ask me? With ERRRYTHING that has happened. All the news and reports saying my business from relations to being broke? To getting stooopid fucked up at a party, for a Holiday I don’t celebrate to waking up MARRIED? To a stripper no less? But no, let’s talk about fucking Octane!”
Cashe wasn’t being rude, he wasn’t being hateful. A smart ass, yes but he found the idea funny. Hartman of all people. The guy who THRIVES to know all the inner details of people, who asks all the question not for just one show but two now. THE Voice for backstage interviews of 4CW.
CASHE: ”Octane looks alright. Vossler is a different name to see at the top given his troubles with Management. Ganja is running around here somewhere, you have that weird fucking Fisher guy too. The roster has it’s perks. Is it the B Show? Sure because it’s new, it’s younger and in this business youth and new come hungry. Like a baby wanting the nipple, wanting its bottle, not wanting its veggies but wanting a cookie until they grown up wanting the nookie. That is how shit goes and Octane is no different. They real hungry..”
HARTMAN: ”Now if I may, how is the Married life?”
CASHE: ”Funny. I’m here on Octane to take care of trash who shouldn’t even BE in a 4CW ring. He can yap his yapper at the Owner but it wasn’t the OWNER of this company who was out there busting you in that deep throat. Anything else Hartman?”
HARTMAN: ”You seem to be refocused as of late. Inside the ring I mean. What has changed?”
CASHE: ”The reflection. The acceptance of who I am without having the fear of the pain that always comes for us all. I am a FOUL son of a bitch and when this DICK comes swinging through, it causes some trouble. Everything else is side noise, this, here… This is my first Love. This is the marriage I have had over everything and anyone else this business has given me. Married to the Game, that ring is my Housewife.. Come sit down with me at the table and have some fucking Beef. I’ll do the carving..”
Walking to the side to pass Gabriel Hartman, Jason Cashe disappears out of scene. Hartman has that look in his eyes like he was seeing a ghost. He knew him longer than so many.. He was seeing something he hadn’t seen for a long time.


Octane then shifts its focus back to the ring. Journeyman talent Lincoln Cutler waits for the arrival of the returning 4CW wrestler he has been chosen to face in this bonus exhibition match. There is a fair to middling pop from the crowd as the opening chords to Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow Me Away” thrum through the arena’s speakers, letting everyone in attendance know that TORNADO DESENCADENADO is back! As he makes his entrance the Octane announce team makes the viewers at home aware the rookie TD had been inactive due to rehabbing an injury, but has been cleared to return and is now exclusively signed to Four Corners Wrestling.

After taking a moment to acknowledge those in the crowd who appreciated his arrival, Tornado readies himself for his match against Cutler. The bell is rung. The pair lock up, and immediately the Spin Doctor gets the upper hand; floating behind his opponent and flinging him hard to the mat with a waistlock takedown. He repeats the move several times; rag-dolling Cutler with little effort. Transitioning the hold to a front head chancery, TD herks Cutler to his feet while kneeing him repeatedly in the stomach. In desperation, Cutler breaks free and connects with a forearm to TD’s face. The yeoman jobber stumbles away to gather his bearings, but Tornado pursues. He puts Cutler in a side headlock and then drops him hard with a tiger spin drop toe hold. Straddling his prone opponent, Tornado then applies an armbar; keeping Cutler grounded while he smiles for the camera. The returning wrestler breaks the hold and flips forward; applying another facelock on Cutler as he does. He then gator rolls Cutler back and forth across the ring, stopping when they are in the center to bound to his feet and play to the fans again; thumping his left pectoral three times with his closed fist and nodding triumphantly.
Tornado turns his attention back to Cutler, who has managed to stumble to his feet. TD hits Cutler hard with an elbow to the jaw, and then lifts him so that he’s draped across his shoulders. Once he has Cutler in position The Ring Revolutionary begins to spin. Ten times he rotates as the crowd keeps track; more and more of the Cabarrus Arena joining in on the count with each turn. Finally, TD sets Cutler down. The older wrestler, clearly disoriented, wobbles about until Tornado hooks him at the back of his knee and lifts him up over his head. Then, something goes wrong; Tornado’s face turns pale and stricken. His legs buckle. Instead of slamming Cutler to the ground TD just drops him, clutching his left shoulder as he does. Lincoln, who by now has recovered from his vertigo, lands on his feet. Sensing weakness, he pushes aside the referee who has moved in to check on Tornado and then kicks the apparent source of his agony. TD stumbles and falls. Cutler stays on the attack, stomping on his foe’s upper arm and shoulder mercilessly, refusing to stop even when Tornado crawls over to the ropes. The referee admonishes Cutler, pulling him away from the turtled up TD. Cutler then changes tactics; he rolls outside, grabs Tornado’s afflicted arm, and bends it awkwardly over the bottom rope to put pressure on the attached joint. Fed up with Cutler’s disregard for the rules, the ref begins a DQ count.
Cutler releases the hold right before the referee reaches five. He pulls himself back into the ring and slingshots over the top rope, stomping again on Tornado’s left side. Dragging TD to the center of the ring, he lifts him up for a shoulder breaker and then goes for the pin. One! Two! Tornado kicks out. Angry, Cutler sits TD up and applies a nerve hold. He screams at Tornado to submit. Tornado refuses, shaking his head while desperately clawing at Cutler’s grip. Slowly, with the crowd’s encouragement, Tornado is able to push himself to a vertical base and pivot out of the nerve hold. With his left arm hanging limply at his side he avoids a lunging clothesline from Cutler. Taking advantage of the opening, Tornado drops Cutler to his hands and knees with a roundhouse kick, and catches him in an Oklahoma Roll Pin. One! Two! Cutler raises an arm. With a heavy sigh, the Whirlwind Wunderkind tries to pull Cutler up to his feet, though his bum shoulder again fails him. Cutler muscles his way free and pushes TD towards the ropes. Hoping to catch his foe on the rebound Cutler tries for a dropkick, but whiffs as Tornado manages to halt his own momentum by holding onto the cables. With Cutler down TD shoots the ropes under his own power, using his right arm to cream the rising Cutler on the comebuck with a sloppy (but effective) CYCLONE SMASH. Tornado crawls to Cutler and covers him. One! Two! Three! The bell is rung. Fans tepidly cheer for TD as his music is played. The traditional raising of the victor’s hand is wisely forgone by the referee, since Tornado is cradling his left arm with the right. As the broadcasters congratulate TD (while also speculating on the extent of his injured shoulder), the show goes to check on the action backstage.
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (8:37)

The cameras cut backstage to see Bryan Williams walking through the hallway of the Cabarrus Arena. He looks to have just arrived, with his luggage in tow. From the distance he spots something, concern growing over his face.
WILLIAMS: ”Oh no…”
Bryan tries to hide his face, bringing his luggage up to cover it as he walks faster. Whoever he is trying to avoid still seems to spot him, Bryan sighing loudly as he slows down.
HARTMAN: ”There you are!”
Gabriel Hartman enters the frame, as Bryan comes to a complete standstill. He’s annoyed, knowing exactly what is in store for him now.
HARTMAN: ”Bryan! My friend! Welcome to Octane! I just had to get the exclusive interview with you, considering your match tonight with Jeb Fisher.”
WILLIAMS: ”Yeah, about that, I need to get to my locker room to prepare. Tough match ahead, so if you’d just let me…”
Bryan tries to walk past Gabriel, who immediately cuts him off. Bryan looks annoyed, cursing under his breath as he has to stand there.
HARTMAN: ”Look, Bryan, you know the deal here. No interview, no pay. Come on, help me out here.”
Again, Bryan sighs. He drops his luggage to the floor.
His response is curt, and annoyed. Yet he stands still, ready for another interview with Gabriel Hartman.
WILLIAMS: ”You may go ahead.”
Gabriel fist pumps, quickly settling down so he can get to business.
HARTMAN: ”Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing here with the former two time 4CW Pride Champion. Bryan Williams! Let me be the first to welcome you to Octane, how are you feeling here?”
Bryan grimaces, unsure of what to really say.
WILLIAMS: ”Uh, I mean, it’s cool I guess? The people here are nice, and the arena is in better shape than I thought it would be. They sell funnel cake here, so you guys have that going for you…”
Gabriel laughs, clearly not the answer he was expecting.
HARTMAN: ”Talent-wise though, how are you feeling about these people in the locker room? Do you think they stand up to that of Adrenaline’s?”
Bryan looks confused, unsure of what Gabriel is trying to ask here.
WILLIAMS: ”What? What are you trying to push here, Gabe?”
HARTMAN: ”Nothing! What do you mean? I’m just asking you some questions!”
Bryan, annoyed, looks at Gabe as he grabs his bag.
WILLIAMS: ”Look, there’s some weird resentment thing going on here and I don’t get it. I see it on Twitter, and I’m starting to see it in the shows. I said my peace about coming here, it’s whatever. I’m here to perform, I don’t care about starting a war or any of that shit. Octane, you do your thing, normally I’d be doing my thing on Adrenaline …well, tonight you’re about to see me do my thing on your show. Enjoy it, because you are all in for a treat.”
And with that, Bryan shoves Gabriel out of the way. He walks away, as Gabriel stammers. Trying to find a question that would keep Bryan in place. Nothing comes out, and Bryan walks away off camera, leaving Gabriel to leave the scene dejected.


From the sound of the bell, this match began as a brawl between both John and Seth. Colliding in the center of the ring, the two exchanged punches momentarily before John connected with a big right hand, knocking Seth backwards and into the ropes. Bouncing off, Seth fell into Gabriel’s arms as he lifted him off his feet and ran across the ring with him, driving him into the canvas with a power slam! Kicking Seth over and over as he stood back to his feet, John then rolled him over with a running kick to the ribs. Hopping over him and going to the ropes, Gabriel came back with another running kick, this time one to the back of the head. Pulling Seth up from the mat, Gabriel then lifted him up and slammed him back down with a powerbomb! Making the cover, John was only able to get a two count before Seth kicked out.
A few minutes pass as John maintains control of the match but a turning point was just ahead. Lifting him over his head with a military press, Seth slipped from his hands and dropped down behind him. Dropping down and spinning around, he took John’s legs right out from under him with a leg sweep. Pulling him back up, Seth pulled his head down in a side headlock before unloading with rapid punches to the top of his head. Twisting his body, he lifted John off his feet and over his own body, slamming him down to his back with a headlock takedown. With the headlock still in tact, Seth fired with more rapid punches to John’s head before finally releasing his hold and climbing back to his feet. Walking circles around John, Seth then pulls him up before positioning himself behind him and locking in a sleeper hold. Using his size to his advantage, John began to back step towards the corner before eventually squashing Seth against it.
With Seth barely even able to hold himself up in the corner, John whipped his body around and began landing solid blows to Seth’s body. Left, right, left right, John pounded at him as if he were a punching bag. He then lifted Seth up and sat him onto the top of the corner before climbing to the middle rope and locking an arm around his head. Grabbing onto the back of Seth’s pants, John was just about to go for a superplex before Seth brought his movements to a stop with a stiff strike to the ribs. Ripping his head away from John’s hold, Seth then clocked him with an elbow shot to the mouth, knocking him backwards off of the corner. As John landed to his feet, Seth then leaped forward, hitting him with a diving clothesline and laying him out. Back on his feet, Seth waited patiently just a few feet away as John slowly pulled himself up with the ropes. Once standing, John then turned to face Seth only to get his head nearly taken off with a superkick! After dropping John with the Lights Out, Seth made the cover which resulted in the one, two, and the three!
WINNER: Seth Daniels via Pinfall (7:44)


Just two weeks ago, Cecilworth Farthington was beaten to a bloody pulp by the hands of Jeb Fisher. Fast forward to tonight, his face is still a complete wreck, bruised and swollen all over. His entrance wasn’t the prettiest as he came to the ring with a limp in his step, still feeling the lingering effects of the beat down given to him two weeks prior. Nonetheless, Cecil came to Octane as scheduled to appear. His opponent on the other hand, Zeel Park, was the complete opposite. Full of life and energy, the rising star quickly took charge as the bell sounded. Throwing a slow punch at Zeel as he rushed in, Cecil missed only to then have his leg taken out from under him by a knee clip from Zeel. With Cecil on his back, Zeel closed in on him, stomping down onto his chest and stomach before finishing off the brutal attack with a stomp right between the legs! Immediately, the official pulled Zeel away from Cecil, scolding him for the illegal move. With Cecil back on his feet, finally, Zeel zipped by the official and charged straight for him. Crashing into the side of Cecil, Zeel knocked him into the corner close by. Jumping up onto the middle ropes, Zeel brought the fans to their feet as he rained punches down onto Cecil’s head, one after the other until knocking him senseless with a tenth. Jumping down from the ropes, Zeel grabbed the back of Cecil’s head, pulling it down with him. As his foot dropped to the mat, Zeel slammed Cecil’s face down onto his elevated knee, knocking him backwards and spinning chest first into the corner. Bouncing off, Cecil fell into Zeel’s arms which then led to him being dropped on his head with a German suplex. Climbing the corner, Zeel stood high above the ring as he watched Cecil down below slowly begin to move around. After nearly a minute of painful struggle, Cecil stood tall and as he did, Zeel leaped straight for him, driving his shoulder into his chest with a diving spear! The Brick Out laid Cecil flat on his back and unable to move or continue any further. Hooking his leg, Zeel had Cecil shoulders to the mat as the official swept in for the three count!
WINNER: Zeel Park via Pinfall (6:39)
Cocky, the young rising star stood to his feet, disappointed with the fight brought to the ring from his opponent. Waving off the official as he approached him, Zeel dipped through the ropes and made his way up the ramp, disappointed more than the fans in the performance tonight of Cecilworth.


Gaining control of the match early on, Caroline pulled Ana down and applied a side headlock before transitioning it into drop toe hold, slamming Ana’s face against the canvas. Transitioning from that point, Caroline locked in an ankle lock, cranking down on Ana’s ankle momentarily before she managed to reach the ropes, forcing her to break the hold. Back on their feet, the two locked up in the center of the ring, this time Ana taking lead after an eye rake that brought Caroline’s fight to a sudden halt. Kicking her right leg up, Ana planted it in the side of Caroline’s thigh and then followed up with a left kick to her ribs. Spinning around, Ana then leveled her with a roundhouse kick, knocking her flat on her back. Caroline rushed back to her feet, only to get caught off guard with a high angle drop kick as she stood tall. Falling back into the corner, Caroline’s arms stretched across the top ropes, holding herself up. Pushing herself up and backing across the ring, Ana then charged forward, closing the distance between her and Caroline and hitting her with a Yakuza kick!
Living up to her social media handle, Ana went to town on Caroline with kicks from all angles. With Caroline in an upright seated position, Ana laid into her with kicks to her back. After half a dozen stinging kicks, Ana then ran right by her and hits the ropes in front. Coming back on the return, Ana then hit her head on with a running dropkick to the face, knocking her backwards to the mat. Crawling over her, Ana went for the pin but only managed a two count before Caroline popped a shoulder up from the mat. Not wasting any time, Ana pushed herself up and then pulled Caroline to her feet as well. Ducking down and wrapping Caroline up for a Northern Lights Suplex, Ana was then taken off guard as Caroline reversed it and dropped her flat on her head with a DDT! Locking in a triangle choke, Caroline then began slamming elbows to the exposed part of Ana’s head. Back on her feet, she then stomped on Ana’s legs for a short moment before pulling her up to her knees. With two kicks to Ana’s chest, Caroline then spun around and connected with a roundhouse kick to Ana’s head, knocking her in a daze and down to her back.
Climbing the corner, Caroline squatted on top as Ana slowly began climbing to her feet. Once she stood, Caroline then leaped into the air, planting both feet into Ana with a missile dropkick and sending her rolling across the ring as she hit the canvas. Pulling herself up with the ropes in the corner, Ana looked up as Caroline raced in. Hitting her with a shoulder block, Caroline slammed her against the corner. She then lifted her up and sat her on top of the corner before back stepping to the center of the ring. Running in, she jumped up and planted her foot on the top before turning her body and going for a step-up enziguri. Ducking underneath her foot as it passed over head, Ana avoided the brutal blow to the head as Caroline crashed down to the mat below. Pushing herself up, Caroline then looked up as Ana flew through the air towards her, wiping her out with a diving crossbody. With Caroline shoulders down to the mat, Ana had her for the pin as the official dropped in with the count. Kicking out at the two, Caroline broke up the count as Ana immediately pushed herself back to her feet.
With both ladies back on their feet, Ana rushed in, hitting Caroline with a running European uppercut, and knocking her back a step. Ana then turned around and darted for the ropes and as she came back, she leaped into the air feet first, aimed straight for Caroline’s head with a single leg dropkick. Dropping to the mat, Caroline dodged the ‘She Was Only Seventeen’, a move that could have easily ended her night. The two raced to their feet and once standing, Caroline went for it a second time, finally connecting with the step-up enziguri! The kick didn’t drop Ana to the mat, but instead whipped her around to face the opposite direction. Back on her feet, Caroline then leaped up onto Ana’s shoulders before falling backwards and taking her down with her Impending Overthrow — a Poisoned Frankensteiner! Hooking Ana’s leg, Caroline put her away for good as the official raced in with the three count!
WINNER: Caroline Burchill via Pinfall (16:53)

As Powers stands in the center of the ring, ready to announce the competitors of the next match, the lights in the Cabarrus Arena go out.
TAYLOR: ”What just happened?”
LAWSON: ”I don’t know. There’s no word from the back. Apologies, ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be having some technical difficulties.”
CAMPBELL: ”Yeah, because that explains the video screen going static, right?”
All three announcers fall silent as the static picture fills the video screen. Within seconds, flash images of a grotesque nature begin to show. Maggots… a snake slithering through the mouth and eye socket of a skull… the silhouette of multiple figures within a fog… then, a deformed face shaking rapidly with the accompanying sounds of faint laughter.
TAYLOR: ”What the hell is this?”
Suddenly, a bow pitch black screen begins to fill with splattered blood, followed by the sounds of King 810’s opening to “Alpha and Omega.”
LAWSON: ”No, no way. Only one man in 4CW has used this song.”
Then, the figure of a man appears from behind the curtain, with a Kylla Custom rock hoodie covering his head. A single spotlight of red shines on him.
CAMPBELL: ”I’ll be goddamned.”
As the man flips the hood back, he reveals himself to be none other than “The Impaler” himself, Cyrus Riddle.
“Welcome to the truth
God made me in his image
Who the fuck made you?
You want my voice from me?
You can have it, just know
I sound like this because the Devil has my throat.”

TAYLOR: ”Oh my God!”
LAWSON: ”Cyrus Riddle in Octane!”
His familiar, sadistic smirk, shows as he surveys the crowd full of mixed reactions.
CAMPBELL: ”Oh good! He’s come to Octane to disappoint like he did on Adrenaline.”
TAYLOR: ”Give the man a fair chance, Chris! He’s been gone for months and has had ample time to collect himself.”
CAMPBELL: ”Hope that qualifies you for a punch mark on your Riddle Club card.”
Rachel Taylor ignores the snide remark as Cyrus has already begun his confident, yet brooding, walk to the ring, taking in the polarizing reception by taunting a few extra hateful fans at ringside with his infamous two finger salute inches from their faces.
CAMPBELL: ”Such an endearing man.”
Cyrus walks away, up the steel steps, and then ascends the middle outside turnbuckle as the chorus begins to play.
“I’m the Messiah, the gnashing of teeth
No one meets death until they see me!
I am the Alphaaaaa! And the Omegaaaaa!”

His trademark smirk followed by a tongue glide along his bottom lip can be seen as he looks around the arena and jumps down to climb between the top and middle ropes. He stands firmly in the center of the ring and holds his hand out. After realizing his cue, Powers walks over and hands the microphone to the Englishman. The lights come on again, as the North Carolina crowd continues their mixed reaction.
RIDDLE: ”I’m not going to stand here and kowtow to any one of you. I’m not going to stick my flag in the center in this ring and declare that I have returned. The reality of this moment, and in an effort to settle the speculation, is that I have personally requested to come to Octane.”
Riddle pauses, slowly walking from one side of the ring to another, gazing into the crowd.
RIDDLE: ”As I look around, I see disconnection, I see faith dwindling at a rapid rate. A little over a month ago, I listened to Erron Wilder state that Invictus Fight Club would have difficulty in thwarting Omerta because there wasn’t a Cyrus Riddle to go over on.”
Cyrus looks to the mat and laughs.
RIDDLE: ”If it wasn’t so true, it would be even funnier. But, it was at that very moment the spark began that ignited the flame, and with that flame, an inferno manifested within me. Now, I come to you skunts and wankers, a man looking to redefine his presence in 4CW. Because you know you’re struggling as a show when you get your draws from booking Adrenaline talent. Hell, tonight, the reason you’re here is to watch Bronx annihilate that no dick, crybaby cunt that sadly holds the Octane Championship.”
Cyrus turned his attention to the entryway, nodding his head and arrogantly smiling.
RIDDLE: ”I said it. Vossler, a champion that makes the very title he holds, look less valuable than a chocolate coin you pay a quarter for at the shop. And where I come from, in this business, you are not worthy of what you have. Under my reign in Octane, guys like you will cease to fucking exist.”
The crowd reactions shifts slightly in response to Cyrus’ words in a favorable manner.
RIDDLE: ”Moving forward, we are starting bloody fresh. I’m reclaiming what I once believe I was in this business. I’m using my previous failures as power, the blood that Dakota spilled as enlightenment, and my new hunger to prove as a catalyst for each and every roster member’s individual and specialized destruction. Frankly, I’m here for the body count, I’m here to take Octane to a new level, and I’m going to maim.
In two weeks time, I will step foot in this ring again. And what you will see before you is a man who has been reborn. I will personally lead this fucking show to a promise land it would never see otherwise. One after another, they all will fall, and as the opportunity presents itself, you will see what a real championship reign is supposed to look like.
The time for redemption has arrived, and in style that stays true to the man himself, I will ensure the grounds leading to my mecca, are landscaped into the most magnificent fields of misery and death than any of you could even conjure in your mind. Let… the true purge… commence.”
Cyrus drops the mic and holds his arms out while circling the ring. “Alpha and Omega” by King 810 begins to play again as he exists and makes his way to the back.
TAYLOR: ”Now that is a statement, guys.”
CAMPBELL: ”Actions speak louder.”
LAWSON: ”Two weeks until action, Chris, that’s all you have to wait.”

The scene cuts backstage where we find Jimmy Walker by himself in the back office with his cell phone in hand. Carrying on a conversation with someone on a video call, he leans back in the leather chair, his cowboy hat tilted towards the front. On the screen of Jimmy’s phone, is the face of no one other than Perry Wallace, a drunken smirk stretched from ear to ear.
WALLACE: ”Mother fucker I told you, I’m out here in Vegas making some moves for Octane.”
WALKER: ”Moves? You sure you aren’t drinking away all of your recent troubles?”
Thinking to himself, Perry runs his fingers through his curly hair before cutting his eyes back at Jimmy through the screen.
WALLACE: ”Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Maybe, I’m out on official business since the home office is here. Can’t even remember the last time I was here. I think it was when I hired you!”
WALKER: ”Okay, I hear you. You’re certainly dressed for the occasion it looks. I have to ask though, what’s up with the tan? Have you been to a tanning bed?”
WALLACE: ”That’s another maybe, you country inbred mother fucker! It’s hard to look this good.”
Shaking his head, Jimmy laughs to himself.
WALKER: ”So what exactly are you doing for Octane out there? The show is taking place right here tonight in North Caroline.”
WALLACE: ”I know it is. I wished my son good luck in his match tonight with that crybaby Vossler.”
WALKER: ”Don’t even get me started.”
Laughing, Perry then takes a drink as the camera focuses on Jimmy and the phone in his hand.
WALLACE: ”Get you started? Shit, don’t get me started. Making 4CW look bad with his crying on Twitter. Not only that, now we don’t even have a number one contender for the Octane Championship, let alone an actual champion we can be proud of.”
WALKER: ”I have to agree with you there. Cecil looked rough out there tonight. It’s obvious that Jeb did a number on him and after the beating he received tonight, I don’t think it’s even safe for us to place him in the ring with the stakes raised and a championship on the line. It will be easy pickings for someone to finish the job that Jeb started on him.”
WALLACE: ”That’s the truth.”
WALKER: ”Amen.”
WALLACE: ”Look, my dinner is getting cold and I only called you because my phone was either hacked or I pocket dialed you. I’m sitting across from someone right now who is looking to make her return after a short hiatus. Someone who can bring a little ass, class, and sass back to Octane.”
WALKER: ”Oh is that so?”
WALLACE: ”Hell yes that’s so! Check it out.”
Turning his phone, Perry positions the camera to view a familiar face that hasn’t been seen in the recent weeks. Sitting across from him is no one other than Felix Hartley.
WALKER: ”Hey, that’s one of my talents.”
Perry then positions his phone once more to view his bright beautiful face in full focus.
WALLACE: ”You goddamn right it is and she’ll be back to Octane in no time!”
WALKER: ”Don’t fuck it up. I know you’re not in the most stable condition right now.”
WALLACE: ”The fuck is that supposed to mean? You’re one to talk.”
WALKER: ”Nothing. Just take care of yourself out there and touch base tomorrow.”
WALLACE: ”Okay, gotta go, bye!”
Without even giving Jimmy a chance to respond, Perry ends the phone call. Leaning up in his chair, Jimmy then places his phone onto the desk before standing to his feet and waving for the cameraman to exit the room.


Picking up where he left off two weeks ago with Cecilworth, Jeb brought a war to Bryan’s front doorstep. Cracking his jaw with a right hook, Jeb when nearly brought Bryan to his knees with a left to the ribs. Stepping in beside Bryan, Jeb then fed him a mouthful of canvas as he dropped him face first with a reverse Russian leg sweep. With Bryan down, Jeb focused on Bryan’s ribs, kicking him over and over in them with rapid right kicks. Pulling Bryan to his feet, Jeb held his head down, hitting him in the face with clinched knee strikes before lifting him overhead and tossing him across the ring. Pushing himself up, Bryan wasn’t down long. With Jeb sweeping in behind him and going for a Full Nelson, Bryan threw an elbow back, planting it directly into his jaw. Spinning around, Bryan hit him with a spinning backfist, followed up by a bicycle knee and putting Jeb on the mat with the Raging Demon. Making the cover, Bryan was only able to score a two count before Jeb kicked out in a rage.
After back to back forearm smashes to the face, Bryan whipped Jeb to the ropes and upon his return, he drove his foot into his stomach with a superkick variation. Lifting Jeb off his feet and onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry, Bryan then dropped him back to the mat with a neckbreaker that even made Bob cringe as he watched on the outside. Pulling Jeb back to his feet, Bryan positioned himself behind him, wrapping him up around the waist and lifting him into the air and dropping him with a German suplex. Jeb refused to stay down, pushing himself up to his knees as Bryan looked on a few feet away. Once Jeb stood, Bryan stepped in behind him and spun around, hitting him in the back of the head with a discus lariat. Pulling Jeb up to his feet, Bryan then locked an arm around his head before grabbing onto his pants and going for the CTE. As he lifted Jeb upside down into the air, Jeb slipped out of his hold and dropped down to his feet behind Bryan. Acting on instinct, Bryan instantly spun around and connected with a right hook to Jeb’s cranium, knocking him down to his knees beside the official.
Grabbing onto the official, Jeb used him to pull himself to his feet and as he did, Bryan took off to the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes, Bryan took one step forward before tripping face first to the mat, with some help from Bob on the outside. The arena filled with boos as Bob interfered. Backing away and acting innocent, Bob walked to the adjacent side before screaming for Jeb’s attention. Once getting it, he pointed at Bryan who was now beginning to push himself up. Just as Bryan stood, Jeb hit him in the back of his previously injured knee with a dropkick, taking his leg out from under him. Bryan was in tremendous pain, holding his knee while on his back. Stepping over him, Jeb then grabbed Bryan with his left hand, holding him in place as he slammed his right fist down over and over, clocking Bryan with powerful fists. After nearly a dozen unblocked punches knocking Bryan into a daze, Jeb then pulled him up to his feet and forced his head between his legs. Wrapping him up around the waist, Jeb then went to lift him for his jumping piledriver but instead, Bryan stood straight up, lifting Jeb over his head and flipping him over to his back. From the outside, Bob slid in a pair of brass knuckles to Jeb who picked them up with Bryan and the official not noticing. As Bryan pulled him up to his feet, Jeb slid them over his fingers and then cracked him upside the head with them, clear as day in the officials view! Immediately, the official called for the bell, resulting in a disqualification.
WINNER: Bryan Williams via Disqualification (14:28)
Jeb held Bryan up with his other hand while continuing to hit Bryan with the brass knuckles over and over. He then pulled his head down and between his legs. Wrapping him up around the waist, Jeb then lifted him upside down into the air before jumping up and dropping Bryan on his head with a piledriver, spiking him into the canvas with Abandon All Hope! With Bryan on his back unconscious, he then began to attack Bryan even more while he was down and out. After minutes of an all out slaughter, Bob entered the ring with a can of spray paint in hand. Handing it to Jeb, the old geezer then pulled Bryan’s arms away from his chest, exposing his bare torso. Looking into the camera with a shit eating grin, Jeb spoke to those listening from Adrenaline.
J. FISHER: ”I’ve been hearing rumors of War between Octane and Adrenaline. Consider this your declaration of war!”
With the can of spray paint in hand, Jeb then painted the word “Octane” across Bryan’s body. He then threw the can into the crowd before walking to the ropes, grabbing the camera as the cameraman stood on the apron, and pulling it close to his face.


“Starboy” mixed with Stranger Things hits and fog begins to fill the stage as lights flash on and off as Bronx Valescence, the 4CW Champion makes his way out onto the stage. The champion looks into the camera and points a finger gun before pulling it and making a “pow” motion with his lips as he walks down the ramp. He pulls his long ring jacket back to reveal the title around his waist. He banters with the camera all the way down the ramp before he gets to ringside. Bronx makes his way up the steps and wipes his feet on the apron before he bounds through the ropes and pulls the belt off of his waist and holds it up for the hard camera and nods. He curls the jacket up as he pulls it off and slides it under the apron with his sunglasses and then bounces around waiting for Vossler.
And he waits. Bronx turns his head from side to side as he motions for the ramp for Vossler to come on. Vossler doesn’t come. Bronx bounces around and turns his head to the side as he waits.
Still no Vossler.
Finally a referee comes running from the back. He has the Octane Championship in his hands. The referee in the ring leans through the ropes. Bronx looks concerned, he glances behind him to make sure he isn’t going to get attacked from behind. He tries to listen to the conversation. The referee in the ring takes the belt. The crowd boos as he walks over to Bronx, he waves his hands off. Bronx steps to the referee. An argument ensues. The other referee steps in. The crowd is confused.
Bronx rips the belt away from the referee as the crowd pops loudly. Bronx motions that he wants a microphone. He hits the top of it to make sure it’s live and then looks around, annoyed. Bronx takes the 4CW title over his shoulder and sits it up on the turnbuckle. He keeps the Octane belt as he walks into the middle of the ring.
VALESCENCE: “No… no. Tonight does NOT end like that. It does NOT end in being handed a win. It doesn’t end in—“
The crowd was confused, Bronx looked up from the belt in his hands and he slung it over his shoulder.
VALESCENCE: “I was just told that Vossler arrived here tonight. After repeatedly trying to get out of the match tonight. Officials went backstage and Vossler’s locker room was cleared out, and all that was left besides his full diaper was the Octane Championship…”
A harsh boo broke out from the crowd as Bronx looked over at the belt on his shoulder again.
VALESCENCE: “Yeah. Yeah, it pisses me off too. It pisses me off because I know how hard people in that locker room worked to get a shot at this. I know how many people have been frustrated and how many people continued to strive to be the best version of themselves even though they didn’t get a shot. I know how many people were on the verge of walking out, but they just kept going. That’s what pisses me off, because Vossler up and left this all behind because he cracked under the minuscule amount of adversity. Because he couldn’t last through ONE match with me. ONE MATCH! A tag match sent him over the edge, and instead of coming out here and accepting the result of this match like a man. He walked out, because he’s a scared little child.”
The crowd cheered, but there was a stillness in the arena as Bronx spoke, he knew the entire Octane locker room was back there listening to him.
VALESCENCE: “This isn’t just a spit in the face to me. It’s a spit in the face of Caroline who could have easily been standing across the ring from me tonight and beat me. It’s a spit in the face to the entire Octane Roster, because now everyone will have the talking point of the Octane Champion ran from the 4CW Champion. It’s a spit in the face of 4CW, it’s a spit in the face of every 4CW Champion that has come before me and it’s a spit in the face to professional wrestling as a whole. And you know what the bad thing is?”
Pausing, Bronx dropped the microphone away from his lips for a moment as he continued to pace around.
VALESCENCE: “The bad this is that he will eventually pop up again. He will eventually find someone else to leech off of like he did Manny Fernandez. Vossler will eventually find another home, and then the cycle starts again. Something won’t go his way. People will get tired of him dominating conversations and shows with his constant droning about how great he is, and he will run from there as well. But I’ll tell you this… I was supposed to come to Octane and I was supposed to get a challenge from their best. It’s obvious that Vossler wasn’t the best—I could have told you that from the second he opened his mouth. Now I look back there, and I can feel every eye upon me. I tell you this…”
Bronx held up the Octane Championship with one hand as he faced the ramp.
VALESCENCE: “When I do come back. I don’t care if I have the 4CW Championship or not. I want your best. Someone back there step up. Someone back there take the reigns and someone wear this championship with pride. Someone wear it with a vision. Someone wear it who can elevate it. Don’t be a Vossler. Tonight, Octane took two steps back, after taking two giant leaps forward after their first super-show. Someone take the ball that has been dropped, flattened and pissed on… someone step up… and someone.”
Folding up the title, Bronx sat it in the middle of the ring. He grabbed the 4CW championship and looked down at the Octane belt.
VALESCENCE: “Someone bring me your best.”
“Starboy” hit again and Bronx rolled out of the ring. He didn’t look back at the Octane Championship sitting in the middle of the ring.
LAWSON: ”Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, we are left here tonight without a champion to represent the Octane brand!”
CAMPBELL: ”This is down right embarrassing. After weeks and weeks of everyone busting their asses for that belt, Vossler leaves it behinds and runs away like a little child. Such a shame!”
TAYLOR: ”I for one didn’t see this happening tonight, even after the childish temper tantrum on social media.”
LAWSON: ”Good riddance! Octane already has a better vibe to it now without him here polluting the place with his filth!”
CAMPBELL: ”So what are we to do now?”
TAYLOR: ”We’re without a champion and a contender, but have a full locker room capable of leading Octane.”
LAWSON: ”Who is going to step up though? Cecilworth has blown his opportunity with back to back piss poor showings.”
CAMPBELL: ”We’re out of time tonight but I’m sure this matter will be addressed in the next upcoming days.”
TAYLOR: ”It damn well better be addressed! This is an outrage!”
LAWSON: ”It surely isn’t ideal, but something we now have to deal with it because it’s the reality of things.”
CAMPBELL: ”I hope everyone is ready for some more fatal four ways!”
TAYLOR: ”But I thought fatal fourway season was over?”
LAWSON: ”It’s hurricane season now! But anyways… we’re out of time folks. Tune in two weeks from now for another edition of Octane where hopefully we will have some answers to the many questions that have risen here tonight.”
CAMPBELL: ”We wish you all the best and we’ll see you in two weeks.”
TAYLOR: ”Good night!”