OCTANE E07 (117)



All three men looked rather out of sorts in the match, clumsily working through strikes and counters and various wrestling maneuvers. Zion got an advantage on both men with a drop kick to Keegan that knocked him out of the ring. He followed that up by grabbing D-Praved and throwing him out of the ring as well, through the ropes and into Keegan. For whatever reason Zion ran and bounced off the ropes and went for a suicide dive over the top rope but instead accidentally caught his foot on the top rope, awkwardly tumbling down to the outside of the ring. As he fell his feet happened to catch both D-Praved and Keegan flush, knocking them both unconscious. Zion’s head smacked off the floor outside the ring as well knocking him out. Stunned at the turn of events, the referee made the decision to start a ten count, never expecting to make it there. But he soon found himself counting from nine to ten and signalling for the bell as the the crowd laughed and made their way to their seats.
DECISION: Triple Count Out (3:17)

The scene opens up to an inside shot from the ring at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina. As usual, the house is packed tonight as we head into our seventh episode of Octane. Scanning the crowd, the camera focuses in on various signs held throughout the mass of bodies.

Cutting to a shot directly in front of the announcers booth, our show begins as our trio of announcers take it away.
TAYLOR: ”Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the seventh episode of Octane and what a night we have in store for you.”
CAMPBELL: ”Yeah! This should have been an easy night. A simple night. A night where I didn’t have to put in any fucking effort.”
LAWSON: ”But…”
CAMPBELL: ”But Vossler is a fucking pussy ass cum guzzling Drew Stevensons asshole licking, Nirvana’s taint diddling, Miles Blake cum rag holding son of a BITCH!”
TAYLOR: ”Well that might be a bit over the top but the point is that we’re suddenly without a champion and a number one contender. Some people might say Jimmy and Perry should have seen this coming…”
LAWSON: ”Maybe but both Vossler and Cecilworth had been fairly solid members of the Octane roster.”
CAMPBELL: ”They’re about as solid as my shit after a night of binging on Indian food from a street vendor.”
TAYLOR: ”The point is that Octane finds itself in an unprecedented situation. Tonight, we begin the path to correcting that situation.”
LAWSON: ”Some might question whether any of the four competitors in the headline and main event tonight deserve their place.”
TAYLOR: ”What you can say about them is that they’re consistent and reliable, though. And you have to imagine that’s what they were looking for. Notice the names that are missing.”
LAWSON: ”And Jeb Fisher himself. Both must be feeling a bit slighted after the displays of talent they’ve put on since the inception of this program.”
TAYLOR: ”Slighted or not, at Fright Night a new Octane champion is going to be named and it will be either Seth Daniels, Zeel Park, Kaelan Quinn or Bryan Laughlin.”
LAWSON: ”My money is on Kaelan. She’s really been at the forefront of representing this brand. She’s come up short in a few big matches but I think tonight she takes one step closer to becoming the new Octane Champion.”
TAYLOR: ”All four are certainly capable. But those four will be narrowed down to two. And I think we’re all looking forward to seeing how that main event plays out.”
CAMPBELL: ”It’s no secret Jimmy hasn’t been happy that they’ve been putting themselves at risk in another company. I guess he decided if they enjoy violence, they’re going to make 4CW money doing so.”
LAWSON: ”Whatever the case is it’s going to make for one exciting main event.”
TAYLOR: ”That’s not all we have in store though. We’ve got a packed show for a packed house tonight. I can’t wait. So let’s get right to it shall we.”

The sign on the door says “Marksman” and just as the camera turns around Jay Mora is seen walking towards his dressing room. His brand new white wrestling tights and white kickpads over his boots seemingly shine under the lights backstage. His match is coming up next but his attention was focused on 4CW Pride champion, Amber Ryan. Jay immediately gets a smirk on his face.
MORA: “Well, well…isn’t it Ms. Ryan. And outside my door…to what do I owe this surprise?”
RYAN: ”Oh this is your door? Well that certainly does explain the odour of Axe body spray and excessive desperation. As for me? I’m simply enjoying the nights… colourful… production if you will, expanding my horizons a little..”
Marksman scoffs slightly.
MORA: ”Axe body spray? Jesus I’m not twelve. Yea… I’m sure you’re just enjoying the colorful production. If you didn’t bring me a homemade dinner why don’t you hit the bricks and get away from my door.”
With a rather coy smile, Amber leans back against the wall.
RYAN: ”Now who says I didn’t bring you anything. Such assumptions can get a man in trouble.”
The Marksman gets a coy smile on his face.
MORA: ”Oh really Amber? What might that be?”
Stepping off the door, Amber pauses momentarily as she feign biting her bottom lip.
RYAN: ”Now it wouldn’t be a surprise then, would it? Let’s just say, I decided to kindly return the favor after those more than…. generous… gifts you sent me on Adrenaline.”
Turning on a dime, Amber casually begins to saunter away, slowly trying to draw out the process complete with the knowledge that Jay hasn’t taken his eyes off her yet.
RYAN: ”Enjoy, I know I will.”
MORA: ”Not sure if I prefer seeing her coming or going…”
Jay turns to his locker room door to open it as he doesn’t want to wait until after his match for his surprise from Amber. As he opens the door he is greeted with a surprise that could not have been expected. His new white pants, his hair, his beard, his face and the floor around him are covered by a bucket of red paint carefully placed to pour out over his head as the door opens. In shock, Jay stands there as he wipes the red paint away from his eyes a few times as it coats his face over and over. He throws his hands down in order to fling the paint from them. As he turns around to face the camera, he looks down at his new red AND white ring gear now. If it wasn’t for the paint we would see The Marksman’s face becoming redder and redder as anger consumed him.
It was time for a match though and he knew it. He takes another wipe at his face with his hands before making his way to the entrance ramp for his match.



Jay Mora starts the match off with a standing dropkick to the chest of his larger opponent Jeb Fisher. Mora mounts Fisher and continues the offensive onslaught driving fist after fist into Fishers face and chest area. With a smile on his face Fisher continues to eat punch after punch asking Mora for more. Mora beginning to get frustrated with his opponents antics mixes in a few forearm, and elbow shots. After six more strikes Mora pushes himself back to his feet dragging Fisher up by his head along the way. Holding on to the back of Fishers head Mora drives a knee into the midsection of Fisher. Mora pushes Fisher back up against the turnbuckle grabbing onto the top rope he delivers a few strong kicks to Fishers stomach. Backing away from the corner Mora taunts the crowd giving them all the middle finger before spinning on his heel and sprinting across the ring toward Fisher. Leaping into the air he hits the BULLSEYE on Fisher into the turnbuckle.

Mora backs away from Fisher who is down on the mat and leans against the ropes. A fake yawn as he looks down at the downed Fisher. Fisher gingerly pulls himself to his feet favoring his ribs. Mora makes his way over to Fisher and gets greeted with a thrust to his throat. Staggering backwards he rubs his hands on his neck coughing loudly. Wasting no time Fisher grabs Mora and Irish whips him into the ropes. On the rebound Fisher drives an elbow right into the throat of Mora sending him collapsing onto the mat. Punching his fists together Fisher steps on Mora’s stomach and makes his way up to his chest. Jumping in the air Fisher drives both of his feet into the face of Mora looking out to the crowd as he did so.

Fisher wastes no time dragging Mora back up to his feet. Spinning him around Fisher locks in a full nelson. Shaking the smaller Mora around like a rag doll. Walking him over to the turnbuckle Fisher puts a foot into the back of Moras knee dropping him into a kneeling position in front of the turn buckle. Letting go of the full nelson Fisher takes a few steps and delivers a dropkick to the back for Moras head sending him bouncing face first off the middle turnbuckle. Fisher pulls Mora up to his feet, and flips him upside down holding Moras back against his stomach Fisher walks around the ring laughing as Mora is flailing wildly to break free. Jumping in the air Fisher hits Mora with ABANDON ALL HOPE. Dropping to a knee Fisher places his hand on the chest of Mora and notifies the referee to begin his count, securing the first and only pinfall before the buzzer.


WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall

? ? ?: “The night has finally arrived…”
The audio feed from backstage plays through the arena before the feed transitions to the locker room of Cyrus Riddle. The Englishman stands against the wall with his head resting against it. His focus shifts from the ceiling to straight ahead with the camera zooming in more, the only image seen being his face and heavily tattooed chest.
RIDDLE: “Tonight, I step into a 4CW ring again, to provide true hope and to send a message. Hope in the future of Octane. Hope in the form of purging the unwanted from the roster. And I single handedly can promise, that tonight, John Gabriel will get a proper send off.
Riddle comes off the wall and inches closer, shaking his head with a score.
RIDDLE: “It saddens me to think of the promise tonight could have brought. In what could have been a true clash of jaded good versus incorrigible evil, John Gabriel gave up before now. And that, slags and cocksuckers, is exactly my point about eradicating the unwanted. You don’t want to be here? You want to divert your efforts elsewhere? That’s fine, but I will give you something to remember me by in the process. Because I am not going to allow John Gabriel to dampen the celebration of my return by seeking pity for his lack of willpower. He witnessed what I was capable of and crumbled at the mental pressure. So go back to raking your leaves and being a house bitch, because that’s all you are good for!”
After a deep breath, a smile begins to show through the undeniable frustration.
RIDDLE: “The message… that is solely for Chris Madison. I didn’t show up to Adrenaline and throw down the challenge only to fail or renege on what I set out to do. From tonight forward, it’s a game of one upsmanship. I take care of Gabriel, and Chris, I want to see how you handle Bronx. Unfortunately the two levels of talent aren’t even close, but what’s in your heart as a competitor shouldn’t deter the need to show me what I know you are capable of.”
RIDDLE: “You are easily a future 4CW Champion, and that’s the Chris Madison I need to see. That’s the man I challenged and need to prove myself against. Everyone on the road to you, is a notch on my belt, like a prerequisite to the main. Once Walker sees my level of fight leaves my opponents in the shadows, the faith in my quest to see Chris Madison and anyone else on Adrenaline for that matter, won’t be denied. Just watch… listen to the pain in John’s voice, and see the agony in his core.”
Riddle begins to laugh silently.
RIDDLE: “Tonight… is the realization… that the Cyrus Riddle you all used to see and put on a pedestal… is back in form. Embrace your decay.”

As the show moves along, a ringside camera spots a young, athletic man sitting in the front row grinning from ear to ear. When he sees that the cameras are focused on him and he notices his own face on the tron, he smiles even broader and grabs the armpits of his 4CW tee shirt with his thumbs and pop it out, repping the company.
Gabriel Hartman finds the young man and walks over into camera view with a microphone.
HARTMAN: ”Folks it’s my pleasure to welcome the newest signee to the 4CW Octane Brand, stand up and introduce yourself, Brady!”
The young man stands up and shakes his head with his million dollar smile still flashing. His cheeks redden a bit.
SCHULTZ: ”Wow, it is so good to be here tonight sir!”
HARTMAN: ”What can you tell us about yourself?”
SCHULTZ: ”Well sir, my name is Brady Schultz. I’m from Huntsville, Alabama, I’m nineteen, and I’ve been wrestling as an amateur for about eight years as of now. My High School team won on the regional and state levels, and I came pretty darn close to capturing a national title. I was supposed to be in the 2015 Pan Am Games up in Toronto, but I had to withdraw due to a knee injury… that was one of the lowest points in life for me, as I just love having the chance to compete. Instead of trying to qualify for the Olympics, I decided the time was right to start a professional career, and 4CW was the only place I wanted to be!”
HARTMAN: ”And why is that, Brady? What about 4CW drew your attention, since you could have probably started anywhere?”
SCHULTZ: ”Well sir, I knew I wanted to go straight to the big time if I could. Athletics in general and wrestling particular definitely take a toll on your body. I didn’t want to risk more injury on independent tours or local circuits and wait my turn. I wanted to at least try to start out on the grand stage, and luckily for me Mister Wallace agreed to bring me on even with my total lack of professional experience.”
HARTMAN: ”What’s your goal on Octane?”
SCHULTZ: ”Well gosh sir… I think every competitor’s goal should always be to be the best, to be number one. I know I’m new, still wet behind the ears, and I haven’t even had my first match yet, but my goal while a part of the Octane roster is always going to be that Octane Championship. I feel that’s what I should focus on while on the Octane show, and maybe down the road I’ll move over and go after the 4CW Title itself. I’d be really honored if I ever had that chance.”

HARTMAN: ”Who are you here to see tonight?”
SCHULTZ: ”Shoot, I’m here to see them all! With two huge Octane Title contender matches going on between four incredible athletes, I wanted to make sure I had a front row seat for the action!”
HARTMAN: ”You said earlier this week on Twitter that you believed in Kaelan… do you have your eye on her in a purely professional manner, or was there a hint of attraction in that tweet?”
Brady reddens completely now, his entire face blushing as members of the audience whistle and make cat-calls. He hides his face in his hand for a moment before laughing and replying.
SCHULTZ: ”No sir! For one, it’s my understanding that Kaelan is in a relationship, and I would never disrespect a lady that way and approach her when I know she is with someone else. My grandmomma would be ashamed if I were to ever behave that way! I think Kaelan is an amazing competitor and I would not be surprised at all if she went all the way and captured the Octane Title, though her opponent tonight as well as both men in the other contender match are also highly skilled, highly capable athletes as well. My daddy though, God rest his soul, he told me when I was a boy to wait for the right girl, to wait for marriage, and that’s what I’ve done. So I need a girl who’s also held onto her purity and saved herself for marriage just like I have. No disrespect whatsoever to Kaelan, I just don’t think she and I could ever have that sort of a connection… so yes, I simply respect her professionally and would be thrilled if she were to win the Octane Title, and hopefully someday I’d get a chance to challenge for it myself.”
His attempt at some juicy gossip derailed, Hartman steers things back to wrestling.
HARTMAN: ”Brady, who do you think you’ll be facing first on Octane? When will we see you in this ring?”
SCHULTZ: ”Wow, there are so many great options! I hope you guys will get to see what I can do in two weeks at the very next Octane. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me who I face in the squared circle. I will always give my complete and total focus and attention toward the match at hand. I don’t believe that there is anyone on this Octane roster that can’t compete and can’t win, and I’m certainly not ever going to underestimate anyone. Whether it be a champion like Jair Hopkins or Jason Cashe, or someone like Sativa Nevaeh who’s maybe been in a little bit of a slump lately, I look at every challenge as something that I need to give my all to overcome, and that’s what I plan on doing every night in 4CW!”
Hartman smiles into the camera and points at Brady Schultz who is still standing there beaming like a kid on Christmas morning.
HARTMAN: ”Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Brady Schultz! Good luck to you young man!”
SCHULTZ: ”Thank you so much, sir! I can’t wait to get started! OC-TANE! OC-TANE! OC-TANE!”
The crowd picks up on Schultz’s lead, starting an arena-wide Octane chant as the camera fades.

American Tommy exits a locker room and before the door closes we see Kimitsu Zombie inside laughing her ass off. He shuts the door and smacks the walls a few times. He overturns a table with equipment on it then stops to think. He shakes his head and starts rushing down the halls. Tommy walks not paying attention to a soul. You would think he’s just aimlessly walking them if he wasn’t walking with a purpose. Finally, he reaches his destination. He opens the door sits down on the empty chair. The man turns around and is surprised to see who is sitting in front of him.

? ? ?: “Tommy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in here. What can I do for you.

TOMMY: “Doc, I think I’m sick and I need some help.”

The doctor turns around and grabs his stethoscope and checks Tommy’s heart. He goes from that to checking Tommy’s temperature and finally his pulse. He looks at American Tommy. He puts the stethoscope around his neck again and looks at a very sad Tommy.

DOCTOR: “Well, your vitals are fine. What’s going on?”

Tommy looks up at the doctor and his eyes are watery. He grabs a Kleenex and wipes his nose.

TOMMY: “My magic is gone, Doc.”

The doctor looks at Tommy and sighs. He scratches his right eyebrow and points to the door.

“Get out.”

Tommy looks up at the doctor with questioning eyes. Then ignores him.

TOMMY: “It was there yesterday. I woke up fine even today. I was feeling it, you know? I was the hottest thing in Hogwarts about to bully some Travis Blake’s like my name was Sirius. Now I got nothing. Like I’m running on empty. I tried a spell on my girl and she just walked away… Give it to me straight, Doc. Is it the WWH AIDS? ”

DOCTOR: “I said get out. I don’t have time for this.”

Tommy grabs the doctor’s stethoscope and snaps it with his hands, throwing it on the ground afterwards.

TOMMY: “I hope you die a painful death just like Dex Russey did.”

Tommy gets up and walks towards the door.

DOCTOR: “Dex Russey is still alive.”

Tommy heads for the door and throws it open. Before he leaves he turns back to the Doctor and points his wand at him.
TOMMY: “Avada Kedavra, bitch!”
Nothing. Tommy turns around and walks through the door slamming it shut. As he walks down the hall he knocks and kicks over everything in sight.



John Gabriel, showing a bit more aggressive of an attitude than he had in weeks past, begins the match with the early momentum after ducking under a right hand from Riddle, wrapping his arms around his neck and driving him down to the mat with a full nelson slam. Keeping up with the aggression, Gabriel unleashes a flurry of stomps to Riddles abdomen before dragging him back up to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. Rebounding, Riddle starts back towards Gabriel and eats a massive running clothesline from his opponent that turns him inside out. Holding his arms out wide, Gabriel lets a roar loose before leaping and dropping knee across the forehead of Cyrus Riddle, who looks completely overmatched early on. Still not wasting any time, Gabriel is quick to pull Riddle back up to his feet, driving right fists into his temple over and over again. Laughing a bit, Gabriel watches Riddle wobble on uneasy legs before scooping him up, running and slamming him down to the mat with a running power slam. Gabriel covers immediately after and manages to get a two count before Riddle kicks out. Smile growing wider, Gabriel stares down at Cyrus before leaning over to drive his forehead into Riddles over and over again. Once more Gabriel pulls him back to his feet, whipping him into the ropes. On the rebound Gabriel pounces, connecting with THE AVERAGE SHOULDER BLOCK, flattening Cyrus. Once more Gabriel dives across Cyrus’ body going for the pinfall but again Cy manages to get out at two.
Frustration begins to show in Gabriel’s face as he shouts at Cyrus to stay down. Of course, Cy does the exact opposite, working his way slowly back up to his feet. Gabriel helps him the rest of the way back up but as he stands Riddle up, Cyrus catches him with a European uppercut that stumbles him backward. Pressing the action, Cyrus connects with a second and then a third european uppercut that has Gabriel reeling, stumbling around the ring to try to give himself some space. When he finally stops he launches himself at Cy, trying to take his head off with a lariat. Cy quickly ducks under however, driving his knee into Gabriel’s stomach before hooking his right arm around Gabriel’s neck, smashing him down to the mat with a ddt. John rolls over onto his back which is probably the worst thing he could do as Cyrus leaps and drives not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six… but SEVEN knee drops to his fallen opponent before dropping and hooking the leg for the cover. Gabriel kicks out before the referee can get a two count in, shoving Riddle off of him and rolling over, pushing himself back up as Cyrus gets back up as well. The two stand toe to toe and Gabriel goes for a big right hand, which Riddle blocks, snapping off a brutal kick to Gabriel’s knee causing the heavier man to back off for just a moment.
Riddle closes the distance between them, kicking Gabriel in the stomach before wrapping an arm around his head once more. He then reaches down to pull Gabriel’s leg upward, looking for London Bridge, but Gabriel blocks the move, instead reversing it lifting Riddle high above his head. Riddle shifts, however, dropping down behind Gabriel before bouncing off the ropes. Before John can turn around Riddle unloads with a massive Lariat to the back of John’s head, which he calls DAYDREAMER! Gabriel stumbles forward clutching at the back of his head. Riddle, typically methodical, waits no longer and pounces on the big man, wrapping both arms around his neck from behind, locking in SILENT NIGHT! Gabriel fights against the submission hold but slowly the fight in him begins to give out. His arms begin to flail less and less until eventually he drops down to one knee. He continues to try and fight against the choke hold but with second after second passing and his air supply cut off the referee eventually steps in and checks for any kind of response. When he gets none he signals for the bell, ordering Riddle to let him go a moment later. Riddle obliges, a smile filling his face as the referee moves and raises his arm in the air as the announcer declares his victory.
WINNER: Cyrus Riddle via Submission (10:14)

We cut to show Sativa Nevaeh backstage with 4CW’s resident interviewer Gabriel Harman. Sativa is more interested in her phone than she is in Hartman. She stands there in a pair of Converse, her seemingly customary daisy duke shorts, and a cut off #CoolKids shirt. Just below the edge of her shirt is one of the many scars she has gotten in recent history. She completely ignores Hartman as he tries to start his interview.
HARTMAN: ”Thank you for taking time out of preparing for your match later tonight to answer a few questions.”
Sativa looks up at Hartman for a moment before going back to her phone. Her thumb is a blur as she types out a message. She sends whatever it was and puts the phone in her back pocket while looking back to Hartman.
NEVAEH: ”What are you waiting for Hartman? Get the fuck on with it!”
Sativa’s harsh reaction startles Hartman for a moment. Once he regains his composure he asks his first question.
HARTMAN: ”Well, first, let’s start with your match tonight. Any more thoughts on it?”
Sativa rolls her eyes and crosses her arms.
NEVAEH: ”What more do I honestly need to say about it Gabe? I said my piece a few days ago. This isn’t some multi-person match. Which, fun fact, aren’t my fucking strong suit in wrestling. No this is one on one. No distractions.”
Gabe nods as he listens to her reply.
HARTMAN: Alright, next question. With this war games…””
Sativa’s phone goes off and she pulls it out of her pocket. She looks at the message she received and holds up a finger, silencing Hartman. Her eyes dart back and forth as she is obviously reading a text. She grins and scrunches up her nose. Once again her thumb is a blur as she types out a response. She smiles once again as she sends it and puts her phone back in her pocket.
NEVAEH: ”You can continue.”
HARTMAN: ”Well, um, there is the war games match being discussed for Fright Night. You were vocal last week about being the only one willing to step up for it. Shortly after you made that claim Jeb Fisher stood up and threw the other gauntlet down about it. Thoughts?”
NEVAEH: ”Well, I dunno if he had that planned before I said my piece but if not, I’m honestly glad I lit a fire under someone’s ass! I’, sick and tired of these worthless fucks on the roster sitting back and trying to act tough yet back down from a chance to show it.”
HARTMAN: ”Final question, on Adrenaline we saw you and Lauryn Wolfe have a little confrontation backstage. After what you did to her at Bad Company, is this just the beginning of something between you two?”
Sativa grins and chuckles.
NEVAEH: ”Oh your damn right it is Gabe! These are just the opening salvos of the war to come. It won’t be quick. It won’t be pretty. But it will be necessary. Just keep your eyes open, Gabe. Lauryn and I are far from done.”
Once again her phone goes off and she pulls it back out of her pocket. She checks the message and she bites her lip slightly. She looks up at Hartman and scowls.
NEVAEH: ”Fuck off Hartman I got more interesting people to talk to,”
She turns on her heel and then heads off towards her locker room.

The cameras come to the locker room where Kaelan Quinn is seen pacing around. Her hands are fidgeting and she walks into the bathroom and leans over the sink.
QUINN: “you can do this… you got this… been preparing for two weeks… two matches down this week… both victories… one more… one more. You can do this.”
Her hands were gripping the sink. She looked up at the container of dark red paint she had sitting there. Kaelan picked it up her hands shaking
QUINN: “you know what you have to do… make it easier on yourself. B is right… you’ll never be able to do it otherwise…”
Kaelan’s eyes lifted from the sink as she bit her lip. Her eyes narrowed and she forcefully threw the container in the sink.
QUINN: “Fuck him. He’s wrong… I can do this… I don’t need a mask. I don’t need an alter ego. I can beat him… I can take him to his absolute limit and push him farther.”
Kaelan wasn’t paying attention to the camera. She was acting as if she didn’t even see it as she looked into the camera
QUINN: “You already have kaelan… he’s not going to break you… nobody is going to break you and I’m gonna make sure he knows I’m ready and I’m not afraid…”
She pushed away from the sink and turned around looking at the camera. Her hands went up shoving the camera out of her face.


Both men tie up in the middle of the ring with Travis getting the early advantage, muscling Tommy back into the corner until the referee steps in and separates them. After Travis backs off a few steps Tommy fires out of the corner and hits Travis with a knife edged chop. Travis winces and clutches at his chest but then returns fire with a stiff right hand that knocks Tommy back a few steps. Tommy steps forward and chops Travis again, drawing a few “WOOO’s” from the crowd. Again Travis delivers a right hand in response. The two continue the exchange for a few more strikes before Travis brings a knee up to Tommy’s stomach and then an elbow down to the back of Tommy’s head, flattening him on the mat. Travis follows up with an elbow drop to the same spot his elbow had just connected with the back of Tommy’s skull. Swinging his leg across Tommy’s back, Travis wraps both arms around Tommy neck and locks in a camel clutch, pulling back roughly on Tommy causing him to cry out in pain. The referee checks to see if Tommy wants to give in to the submission but he shouts at the man calling him a filthy muggle and tells him that wizards don’t quit ever.
A bit taken back by Tommy’s assertion, the referee stares at him for a moment before moving and taking Tommy’s wand that he had tucked away in the turnbuckle nearby. A shrill scream cuts through the noise of the crowd, causing a strange silence to fall over the crowd as Tommy begs the referee not to use his wand. A look of pure terror in his eyes as Travis torque’s harder on the submission hold. Using all his strength, fearful that the referee was going to use his wand against him or, worse, break it, Tommy muscles up to a standing position and then runs backward, driving Travis spine first into the turnbuckle pads not once, not twice, but three separate times before he finally lets go. Forgetting to pay attention to his opponent now that he was free, Tommy stomps across the ring to the referee and snatches his wand back, shouting at the man that muggles aren’t allowed to use magic wands, calling him an idiot before trying to make the referee levitate. Of course, it doesn’t happen, but the distraction is all that Travis needs to recover and move quickly across the ring, spinning Tommy back around, catching him in the stomach with a stiff kick. Travis then takes him by the wrist and whips him into the corner. He follows it up with STINGER X2, the big boot knocking Tommy up into the air and nearly all the way over the top rope. As soon as his feet hit the canvas he stumbles out of he corner, stumbling and barely able to stay upright.
With wand nowhere to be found, Tommy walks right into a waiting Travis who hooks him around the arm looking for a hip toss. The awareness of what Travis is about to try to do seems to snap Tommy out of the haze that he was in. He quickly blocks the maneuver and lets loose a terrible howl of rage. Quickly he flips sides and reverses, hitting Travis with the YOYO TOSS SALAD! Travis hits the mat but gets back up and comes right back up after Tommy again. But Tommy is ready for him hitting another YOYO TOSS SALAD! Again Travis hits the mat and gets back up again coming right back after Tommy. Over and over again back to back to back YOYO TOSS SALAD’s connect before finally Travis gets up wobbly. Tommy angrily tells Travis his mother was a squib before hitting him with one more YOYO TOSS SALAD and covering him for the pin. The referee slides in and counts the one, two and a slow three trying to give Travis all the time in the world to kick out but he just can’t do it after so many consecutive finishing hip tosses. Signalling for the bell, the referee gets up at the same time as Tommy who raises his arm and celebrates like he just won the Tri-Wizard Cup.
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (8:45)

The attention shifts to backstage of the Cabarrus Arena: Gabe Hartman standing by to interview Tornado Desencadenado. The Fundamental Elemental dressed to compete with the added accessories of several strips of kinesio tape strategically affixed to his left shoulder.
HARTMAN: “I’m here with Tornado Desencadenado, who is minutes away from his official return since being injured in August. How are you feeling, TD?”
DESENCADENADO: “Eager. Can’t wait to get back in the ring and remind everyone what I can do.”
The reporter tried clarifying his first question.

HARTMAN: “How’s your shoulder feeling?”
DESENCADENADO: “My shoulder’s fine.”
HARTMAN: “So no concern about your injury playing a role in your fight against Zoe Chaos?”
DESENCADENADO: “Nope; I’m good.”
There’s a moment where Gabe just stares at TD disbelievingly; not so much about the status of the wrestler’s shoulder but more the quality of his answers. As if he were expecting something more.
HARTMAN: “Well, good. I guess we’ll all see for ourselves soon. Back to you-“
DESENCADENADO: “Wait, uh, there is something else I wanted to say. Might not be the best time to do it; kind of looking ahead, but, yeah: I’m accepting the challenge Ana Hayden made during the last show.”
This gets Gabe’s interest. He elaborates for the viewer.
HARTMAN: “You’re referring to the Fate Division Champion’s call for two members of Octane’s roster to step up and compete on Adrenaline?”
DESENCADENADO: “Yes. I’m guessing it’s too late to be on the next episode, but Number 74? I can be there.”
Gabe nods, happy to have something to report on besides the usual stock answers wrestlers give before a match.
HARTMAN: “Do you have any idea the details of the challenge are? Ana was very vague when she made it.”
DESENCADENADO: “I don’t know; haven’t talked to her or anyone else about what she said. Might not even be legit. But if it is, I want in.”

HARTMAN: “That’s a risky move to take; especially for someone who is relatively new to the business.”
DESENCADENADO: “Maybe, but it’s not like I’m demanding something that wasn’t offered up. Hayden said she wanted the two of the best of Octane to come fight at Adrenaline. I think I qualify. If she or James Walker or Perry Wallace disagree; well… not much I can do about that. But I’ll go on record right now and say I’m willing to fight anyone in the locker room for one of those spots, if that’s what it takes to get them.”
HARTMAN: “So, in a way, you’re issuing your own challenge here tonight.”
TD smiles slightly.
DESENCADENADO: “If it comes to that, yeah. And honestly, Gabe; I hope it does. Everyone on the Octane brand should be tripping over themselves trying for this opportunity; to prove we’re not just 4CW’s B Show, and we deserve the respect of our peers and the fans following the product. That’s the goal of Fright Night, ultimately, but there’s no reason we can’t start early.”
HARTMAN: “True enough. Best of luck to you Tornado; tonight and moving forward.”
There’s a short nod of thanks from TD, the interview ends, and the show goes on.

The scene cuts to a different location backstage where Perry Wallace and Jimmy Walker as watching Octane as it happens on the television in front of them.
WALLACE: “There you go. Another potential person for the second Octane star we’re looking for to compete with Ana and two others from Adrenaline.”
WALKER: ”We already have Caroline obviously. But I was thinking Tommy for the second.”
WALLACE: “Well as you just saw, the man just said he wants in on the action. Hell, I’m still searching for a second Adrenaline star. We’ve been preparing Andre Holmes for this match with booking him against former Fate Champions.”
WALKER: ”So who’s your second going to be?”
WALLACE: “I don’t know yet, But I’m sure we’ll find out on Adrenaline. You have two guys to choose from now for your second.”
WALKER: ”Tornado and Tommy, hmm…”
WALLACE: “Hmm indeed.”
WALKER: ”We can settle this on the next Octane.”
WALLACE: “There you go! Make those big decisions!”
WALKER: ”Someone has to around here.”
WALLACE: ”The fuck?”


Starting the match Tornado uses the size difference to his advantage locking Zoe in a collar and elbow tie up driving her around the ring. Using his strength Tornado forces her down to a knee. Keeping her left arm hooked Tornado drops to a knee and slides behind Zoe. Keeping arm pinned behind her back during the transition. Wrapping his arms around her waist Tornado rolls to the side pushing Zoes shoulders to the mat bridging up for a pin attempt. She is easily able to kick out after a one count. As Tornado rolls back up to a knee he is greeted by a kick to the ribs from Zoe. Wasting little time she delivers four more kicks shifting from her right leg to her left leg. Trying to block the kicks Tornado makes his way back up to his feet. Zoe jumps forward with a stiff clothesline. Barely moving the larger Tornado he reaches down and with a quick shove sends her flying across the ring.
Rolling back up to her feet Zoe quickly rushes across the ring at Tornado. Throwing rights and lefts all of which are deflected by Tornado. Leaping forward Zoe goes for a teep kick Tornado grabs her leg , and falls forward. Driving her into the mat with his right hand. Zoe hits the mat with a loud thud. Pushing himself up to his feet Tornado drags Zoe to the center of the ring. Backing into the ropes Tornado rebounds forward and leaps into the air for a cannonball senton. At the last second Zoe sits up and Tornado crashes back first into the mat. Getting her wits about her Zoe makes her way back up to her feet. Tornado has now got himself back to one knee catching his breath. As Zoe reached Tornado she is met with a strong right hand sending her crashing back to the canvas. Tornado pulls Zoe back up to her feet, and hits her with the VERTIGONE. Hooking her leg he goes for the pin.
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (7:32)

Seth Daniels walks down the hall for the doors to the loading docks. He pulls out his pack of smokes and pushes against the door bar to open the door before him. He withdraws a cigarette and places it between his lips, digging into his pocket for a lighter.
VOICE: ”Mr. Daniels! We’d like to ask you a few–“
DANIELS: ”Motherfucker!”
Daniels exclaims without turning to look at the two men approaching him. He then turns to see two uniformed police officers approaching from his left. He lights the cigarette and takes a drag before turning to complain to no one in particular.
DANIELS: ”I need a new place to smoke. Seems like everybody looks for me out here now.”
OFFICER #1: ”We’d have come to see you inside but Mr. Walker politely informed us that, if we do not have a search warrant, we aren’t permitted in the building since the facility is treated as if 4 Corners Wrestling owns it while an event is ongoing.”
OFFICER #2: ”Y’know, I would love to get a search warrant for a 4CW show. All these…”
His voice trails off. Seth raises an eyebrow and leans his head forward slightly, as if encouraging him to continue.
DANIELS: ”These…”
OFFICER #2: ”Nothing. Nevermind.”
The first officer sighs and rolls his eyes at the second. The second officer recoils in response. Seth smirks and looks back to the first officer expectantly.
OFFICER #1: ”Sorry about that. We’ll have a discussion about those comments internally. More importantly, we’re here to see you. How have you been?”
Seth’s eyebrows travel north in surprise.
DANIELS: ”How have… What?”
OFFICER #1: ”Oh, my apologies. I’m Officer Greg Stallings and this is my partner, Kevin Robinson.”
The officers both offer their badges and identification for confirmation. Seth looks at them carefully, though his stance still expresses complete and utter apathy. The policemen, after they deem time to be sufficient enough to have clarified that matter, pull their badges and identification and store them.
STALLINGS: ”As you’ve heard by now from he himself, your former therapist Dr. Theodore Benson has been released from prison. We know that you reported him when he was arrested. We were concerned that he might seek vengeance for his incarceration. We wanted to be sure that you weren’t being threatened, coerced, or blackmailed in any way.”
Seth looks Stallings in the eye, a deadpan expression on his face.
STALLINGS: ”Listen, we’d like you to come down to the station and–“
Stallings looks blankly at Seth.
DANIELS: ”I have a match.”
STALLINGS: ”I… see. Listen, Seth, I know you don’t want him out on the streets and being completely honest with you, neither do we. We know that he’s up to some shady business and we want him locked up as much as you do.”
DANIELS: ”Is that right?”
STALLINGS: ”Absolutely. We want to get him back in court to answer for what he’s done.”
DANIELS: ”I left my legal degree at home so you’ll have to excuse me, but isn’t that considered double jeopardy?”
Stallings smiles a knowing smile.
STALLINGS: ”Sure, if we planned to bring him up on the same charges. He was in charge of more than just what he was accused of. We know it and you know it. It’s why you can help us help you.”
Seth does not answer. He simply stares at Officer Stallings, that same emotionless expression on his face. After a few moments without a response, Stallings sighs.
STALLINGS: ”Look, Seth, if we thought you’d agree to it, we’d offer you a place in witness protection. You could start a new life with a new name. It’s common knowledge you’re not too fond of being associated with your last name.”
This draws a laugh from Seth. He looks from Stallings to Robinson and back. He shakes his head as he continues to chuckle.
DANIELS: ”That’s your trump card? My dislike for my brother? Jesus Christ, you sound like these idiots back here trying to cut promos. Ever considered a wrestling career?”
STALLINGS: ”There’s more than that, obviously.”
DANIELS: ”Oh yeah? I have plenty of money as it is. What else is this protection supposed to do for me?”
STALLINGS: ”Well, it could put our officers that spend their time cutting off thugs trying to kill you back to work. Oh, and the added bonus for you of no one slipping past them.”
Seth froze for a moment. As the wheels turn, he narrows his eyes, the look in them intense and aggressive.
DANIELS: ”Was that a threat?”
Seth’s fists began to clench and unclench subconsciously. Officer Stallings notes the development and stores it away as he replies.
STALLINGS: ”Not a threat. We have a little more integrity than to just simply allow a crime to happen. We have no hard feelings toward you. After all, we’re here to help you. Why would we want to protect you from blackmail by blackmailing you ourselves?”
DANIELS: ”Because police badges might as well be collars. You’re a bunch of fucking dogs! Chief gives you a scent and you sprint off sniffing the air, maybe a few butts along the way. This… What the fuck do you call it… Diplomacy? This diplomacy is all just a routine for you. You think back to your interpersonal training and try all the same tactics you always try. For all the criminals in the world, police can be trusted about the same. Maybe less. So tell me again why the fuck I would help you?”
ROBINSON: ”We should just arrest him, force him to come down to the station for questioning. It would make this easier.”
DANIELS: ”Oh yeah? Please do. Pleeeeaaaaase do.”
Seth turns and puts his hands behind his back and wrists together. He motions them in the direction of Stallings who just looks at him, his stern cop face not showing anything.
STALLINGS: ”No. We cannot arrest him if he hasn’t committed a crime or isn’t a danger to others outside of…”
He gestures his hand toward the building to indicate the shenanigans within.
STALLINGS: ”… this.”
ROBINSON: ”Obstruction of justice? Disrespect of authority? Simple enough to come up with something.”
STALLINGS: ”Thicker skin, Officer. No need to get upset every time some John Doe calls you a name. It’s part of the job.”
Officer Robinson groans in response. Seth, giving up on the idea that they’ll attempt to arrest him, turns back around and faces Stallings.
DANIELS: ”So unless you’ve got something else…”
Stallings touches the brim of his hat and nods his head forward.
STALLINGS: ”Have yourself a wonderful evening.”
Stallings turns and gestures for Robinson to follow. He does so reluctantly and the two officers disappear into the night. Seth watches them go, his body still tensed and ready for a fight. Once they’re out of view however Seth relaxes and shakes his head. He looks down and takes a final drag from his cigarette before stomping it out. Before he can walk back into the building, however, his cell phone chirps. I pulls it from his pocket and looks down at the screen. The text message Seth received is coming from an unknown number. Seth opens the message.
UNKNOWN: ”You did well. Perhaps you are still an asset after all.”
Seth growls and stashes the phone away to head back inside as the camera fades.


For the second time, these two meet in this ring, but this time without a third wheel. Bursting straight out of the gate, Sativa storms Caroline, laying her out with a running shoulder block before she can exit her corner. With Caroline down, Sativa focus on her legs, attacking them with multiple kicks and stomping on Caroline’s knee. After pulling Carolina back to her feet, Sativa knocked her into the corner with a reverse elbow before climbing to the middle ropes and raining down with a full ten punches onto Caroline’s head. Back on her feet, Sativa lifted and sat Caroline onto the top of the corner before climbing up once more and flipping her off with a frankensteiner from the top! Going for a quick cover, Sativa was only able to manage a two count before Caroline kicked out. Not slowing down one bit, Sativa went back on the attack with more kicks to Caroline’s legs. Pulling Caroline up to her feet, Sativa went to throw her to the ropes but instead, Caroline reversed the throw and sent Sativa racing towards them instead. As Sativa came back on the return, Caroline met her in the center of the ring with a running European uppercut, instantly shifting the momentum in her favor.
It’s no secret that Caroline enjoys perfecting her craft as she put on a clinic for those in attendance tonight. After slamming Sativa’s face into the canvas with a headlock transitioned into a drop toe hold. As Sativa rose to her knees, Caroline hit the ropes and charged towards her. Leaping into the air feet first, Caroline leveled her with a running shotgun dropkick, knocking her flat on her back. The dropkick wasn’t enough to keep Sativa down as she slowly climbed back up to one knee. Just as she did, Caroline was right there with a boot to the head, knocking her back down with a step-up enzuigiri! Dropping to her knees, Caroline quickly covered Sativa but just as the official’s hand began to descend for the three count, Sativa managed to get a shoulder up from the mat. Although Sativa kicked out from the pin attempt, she remained down on the mat, showing obvious signs of fatigue. Climbing to the top of the nearest corner, Caroline squatted on top and waited patiently. Finally as Sativa stood tall, Caroline leaped in her direction with a missile dropkick. Stepping out of the way, Sativa grabbed Caroline’s head and dropped down onto it as Caroline crashed to the canvas.
The missed dropkick was just enough to shift the momentum back into Sativa’s favor. Pulling her up from the mat, Sativa locked an arm around her head and pulled her down to her torso with a side headlock .Dragging Caroline along, Sativa went to the corner, stepping up to the middle rope on one side and to the other. Leaping forward away from the corner, she dragged Caroline along for the ride, planting her face into the mat with a bulldog. Going to Caroline’s legs, Sativa quickly applied a figure four leg lock. Just as she settled in with the move, Caroline caught a break as the ropes were just within her reach. After having to release her hold, Sativa grew frustrated, stomping down onto Caroline’s chest over and over with no restraint. Walking away, Sativa paced the ring as Caroline slowly began to climb to her feet. Just as she stood, Sativa leaped to the ropes in front of her, planting both feet onto the middle rope and springboarding off. Turning in mid air, Sativa locked her arm around Caroline’s head and before you knew it, she planted her head directly into the canvas with a tornado DDT! Sativa rose to her feet, full of energy and excitement. Hitting the ropes, she came back, jumping through the air and landing an elbow drop across Caroline’s chest. She then pulled Caroline up to her feet before pulling her in and locking onto her head with a three-quarter facelock. As Sativa stepped forward to drop Caroline with her ‘Got Em!’, Caroline pushed her away, pulling her head out of Sativa’s arms. Sativa went forward two steps before she immediately turned around to face Caroline, eating a superkick to the mouth as she did. The kick spun her in the opposite direction and as it did, Caroline then jumped up and sat on Sativa’s shoulders. Wrapping her legs around her head and falling back, Caroline slammed her down to the mat with a poisoned frankensteiner! With the Impending Overthrow leaving Sativa laid out, Caroline then made the cover as the official swept in with the one, two, and the three!
WINNER: Caroline Burchill via Pinfall (12:49)

Cameras are seen following Kaelan as she walks the hallways looking for something, or someone. She turns a corner and runs smack into someone’s chest. She looks up and the camera zooms out to reveal Bryan Laughlin, standing in his distorted and disfigured clown mask.
PRICE: “Oi. There you are. I’ve been looking for you all fucking night.”
Bryan turns his head a bit, and Kaelan rolls her eyes. The silence was creepy and a few crew members walked around the two cautiously, never taking their eyes off the mask Laughlin wore. Kaelan reached up and ripped it off of his face holding it out to her side.
PRICE: “Cut the shite B. I’m not afraid of you, or this stupid mask. Been looking for you because I’ve felt like you needed to hear that. Personally. I’m not wearing face paint. I’m not going to put a mask on. It’s gonna be me out there against you and I’m gonna prove to you I’m fully capable of beating you. ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!”
Bryan remained a statue just staring at Kaelan. She pushed him and he stumbled backwards a half of a step before going back to his statue like state. She shook her head. Staring at him for a moment. She put her hands on her hips, and waited. The scene was so silent you could hear a pin drop. She stamped her foot and threw his mask back at him. Which Bryan put back on.
PRICE: “Fine. Don’t talk to me. Act like that. I don’t care. I said what I needed to. Just real nice you won’t even talk to me, over a stupid match. I’ll see you out there.”
Kaelan hung her head, clearly upset before walking away from Bryan and off camera. As she walked away Bryan slowly lifted the mask from his face as the camera zoomed in to see a look of remorse on his face as he watched Kaelan storm down the hallway.


Zeel starts the match off trying to get momentum and show off at the same time with a spinning back fist. As his arm swings around to connect with Seth’s jaw, Seth reaches up and catches Zeel’s wrist, stopping the momentum instantly. Shaking his head, Seth wags a finger before spinning Zeel towards him and blasting him with a standing clothesline. Daniels quickly bends down and pulls Zeel back up, connecting with hard rights and lefts to the body and then a forearm to the jaw that causes the crowd to wince and groan in response to it. Daniels then quickly whips Zeel into the corner, following close by only to eat turnbuckle pads himself as Zeel slides out of the way. Quick on his feet, Zeel jumps and uses the middle rope as a springboard when Seth stumbles back out of the corner. Turning in mid-air, Zeel wraps his arm around Seth’s head and drives him down to the mat with a bulldog. He quickly rolls Seth over onto his back and goes for the cover but Daniels gets his leg up on the rope. The referee spots it and points at his foot, waving off the pinfall attempt while he informs Zeel what’s going on. Pushing himself back up, Zeel takes off towards the ropes at a sprint, leaping once more and spring boarding off of them, flipping over in the air in a beautiful moonsault. Daniels gets both knees up, however, and Zeel lands stomach first across them, buckling and rolling off of Daniel’s two knees in pain.
Seth is quick to roll back to his feet, latching on to Zeel once more, landing a few european uppercuts before pushing him back into the corner. Two boots to the stomach later and Seth is quick to climb up to the middle rope where he holds his fist in the air. The crowd pops in anticipation and then counts along with ten consecutive punches to the forehead. After the tenth punch, Seth steps down and backs up, letting Zeel stumble out of the corner into his waiting embrace… errr… grasp. Definitely grasp. Wrapping his arms around Zeel’s waist, Seth lays back and tosses Zeel over head, driving him down with a german duplex which he bridges into a pinning maneuver. The referee slides in count the pinfall attempt but Zeel gets his shoulder up after a two count. The crowd cries in disappointment, thinking that Daniels had put Zeel away but no such luck. Instead, Seth rolls back to his feet and moves towards Zeel who smartly rolls toward the edge of the ring, away from his opponent, and all the way out to the floor where he takes a moment to regroup. Not one to go for any high flying moves, Daniels instead walks over toward the ropes and steps partially through them only to be caught by Zeel who uses a second wind to charge and catch Daniels with a forearm to the jaw that stuns the man. He then gets up onto the ring apron with Seth laying against the middle rope. Quickly Zeel dashes and connects with a knee to Seth’s temple, blasting him off of the ropes and down to the canvas. Flowing smoothly into his next maneuver, Zeel uses the top rope to launch himself over, dropping a leg right across Daniels sternum. Looking out into the audience, Zeel spots a group of fans holding up signs and gives them a thumbs up.

The group of fans holding the signs pop and go crazy in their section as soon as Zeel notices them. Loving the attention, Zeel starts to pose for the group, giving Daniels the time he needs to collect himself and pull himself back up to his feet. Unnoticed, Seth approaches Zeel from behind and spins him around. Park doesn’t stop when he gets turned to face Daniels, however, instead he keeps turning and launches himself into the air, catching Daniels with a spinning heel kick that knocks him back down to the mat. Pushing himself back up to his feet, Zeel stands over Seth and grabs his junk with one hand while giving him the finger with his other hand. As he stands there taunting his opponent, Seth reaches up and pulls him down, rolling him up into a small package pin. The referee slides in as the crowd explodes, hoping that Seth can hold on. Well, everyone except for those in the Broki Section.

Another disappointed cry erupts from the crowd as Park manages to wiggle his way out of the small package, breaking the pinning maneuver. Both men scramble back to their feet quickly. Zeel ducks under a hard right hand from Seth, grabbing him by the wrist before sending him into the corner with an Irish whip. Park quickly turns and runs toward the corner looking for the running corner lariat he calls MY BAD. As he moves towards Seth, however, before he can get there Daniels pushes himself out of the corner with Zeel lined up perfectly. LIGHTS OUT! The bottom of his boot connects with Zeel’s jaw perfectly and Park drops hard as the crowd nearly blows the roof off of the building with cheers. Daniels drops to his knees and throws himself across Zeel’s body as the referee slides in and counts the one, two, three. Naming Seth Daniels as the first of two contenders for the Octane Championship at Fright Night!
WINNER: Seth Daniels via Pinfall (15:39)

The camera cuts backstage where we find Perry Wallace and Jimmy Walker in the back office. Per usual, Perry has a glass of Scotch in hand and Jimmy, well Jimmy is Jimmy. The two are sitting in front of a flat screen television which happens to be playing recent clips from both Octane and Adrenaline. With the remote in his other hand not occupied with his usual drink, he points it at the television, pausing the action.
WALLACE: “That right there!”
On the screen is a still image from the exact moment Jeb Fisher laid out Bryan Williams with a pair of brass knuckles on the last episode of Octane.
WALLACE: “I mean damn, at first me mentioning a War Games match at Fright Night was just randomness and the liquor talking. But right here, there’s no turning back now.”
Turning his head and cocking an eyebrow at Jimmy, Perry takes a drink before continuing.
WALLACE: “I believe the man said fuck Adrenaline. He even went as far as spray painting Octane across Bryan’s body. I don’t even think we need to mention the fact that he gave Williams yet another goddamn concussion. But you saw the hit he took!”
Leaning forward in the chair he was sitting in, tipping his cowboy hat up just a hair, Jimmy shook his head.
WALKER: ”I’m still not sold on this War games shit Perry. We’ve got a War Zone. We’ve got War Titties. And now War Games? People say fuck Adrenaline and fuck Octane as much as people used to shout Fuck Boardwalk. I really think we should just book a fatal four way between two people from Adrenaline and two people from Octane.”
He keeps a straight face for a few seconds after before a grin appears and he chuckles to himself softly.
WALKER: ”Look, if this is what you want to do you know I’ll back it. But who else are we going to add to this match? It can’t just be Bryan Williams and Jeb Fisher. Nobody wants to see CTE versus Severe Orthodontic Damage. This isn’t C… nope can’t say that don’t want the dregs of society crawling out from whatever rocks they live under. But nobody is going to pay good money to watch Jeb try and give Bryan another concussion by gumming his head.”
Chuckling, Perry slowly shakes as he looks at Jimmy, amused with his response. Pressing a button on the remote, he fast forwards through some footage before pressing play. On the screen, footage from Bad Company begins playing. The event itself was huge, but there was one thing in particular that Perry wanted to show Jimmy. The footage from when Sativa Nevaeh turned on Lauryn Wolfe just so happens to be currently displayed on the television.
WALLACE: “Meet the second team members for Adrenaline and Octane.”
His smile goes away as he stares at the television before slowly turning his attention back to Jimmy.
WALLACE: “It’s a damn shame, isn’t it? These two had so much potential and very well could be our tag team champions today. But no. Leave it to fucking Sativa to steal a play from Williams’ playbook and go all ‘Buzz Killington’ on what could have been.”
Rubbing his chin while considering the two Wallace had offered, Jimmy stared at the picture on the television, speaking out loud in response.
WALKER: ”Wasn’t it Cashe who turned on Williams last year? Ha… Cashe… turned on Williams. Would make sense with Bryan being married to Tate.”
Chuckling to himself, Jimmy waved his hand in acceptance.
WALKER: ”That’s fine. Sativa has been wanting something important to do. But we need to make it clear those twitter lesbians she’s friends with aren’t welcome. Seriously. I would sign Miles Blake before I let either of them wrestle for this company. Let them choke each other with greasy ass dreadlocks in some other company. Who did you have in mind for the third members? Because I’ve got an idea for Octane’s fourth already.”
Raising an eyebrow, Perry looked over to Jimmy.
WALLACE: “A fourth? Jesus fucking Christ we haven’t even went over thirds!”
Downing his glass, he stands up from his chair and walks over to the bar across the room. After pouring himself another glass and taking a sip, he points the remote towards the television and presses fast forward. After a few short moments, he presses play and right there in the center of the screen is Chris Madison during his appearance at last week’s Adrenaline after officially re-signing with 4CW. Glancing over at Jimmy, Perry cracks a smirk before leaning back against the bar and taking another sip.
WALLACE: “How about that, Jimbo!?”
Then enters Cyrus Riddle into the picture as both he and Madison exchange words in what was hinting at a potential match for the two down the road. Jimmy then whips his head around in Wallace’s direction.
WALLACE: “Don’t even say it! But there you go, the third team members for both brands.”
WALKER: “That’s why I skipped to fourths because I figured your Jewish ass had already figured the thirds out. I’m just wondering why you’re so set on putting Adrenaline at a disadvantage. I mean Jeb Fisher is out of his fucking mind, Sativa has a chip on her shoulder and wants to prove herself.”
Laughing to himself staring at the pairings, he shook his head and shrugged before turning back to Wallace.
WALKER: “And you’re telling me a third of Omerta ends up on team Octane too? I know Jeb said fuck Adrenaline but I didn’t know you were going to go for the ass without lube. Christ sake. Who’s Adrenaline’s fourth?”
Silence fills the room as Perry looks on with a blank stare. Biting the inside of his cheek, he then finishes his glass before turning around and pouring another.
WALLACE: “That’s a good question, Jimmy. I’d ask you the same thing.”
Turning around, he then walks back over to his chair before dropping down and having a seat.
WALLACE: “I think some things should be left to a surprise. Wouldn’t you agree? And I also don’t have a fourth in mind, I don’t prematurely ejaculate like you apparently do!”
WALKER: “That’s not what Carmella told me.”
Looking down at his phone, Jimmy typed a few quick words in response to whatever had drawn his attention. Silence fell between them again, probably because Wallace was trying to think of some other way of calling him the alpha dick knowing that Perry only had three inches to hold in his hands while at full staff. A few moments later Jimmy tossed his phone over to Perry and pointed at it.
WALKER: “I’m not afraid of showing mine. That’s who Octane’s fourth is going to be. In fact, he just agreed to it. A contract with his signature on it is on its way right now. Better get your son out of that main event and put him on Team Adrenaline if you hope to have them even stand a chance.”
Looking down at the phone Perry he’s then began to shake from left to right.
WALLACE: “Mother fucker.”
Standing up from his chair, he then downs his drink before tossing the empty glass onto the desk, which happens to then slide to the other side and over to the floor. Looking across the desk for a short moment, he then waves his hands at it before turning around and leaving the room. As he takes his final step into the hallway, his voice is heard a final time before he disappears.
WALLACE: “Faggot!”
Tipping his hat down over his eyes, Jimmy kicked his feet up on the desk and slouched down in his chair. With the door still open, his voice was heard as the scene began to fade.
WALKER: “Someone get Zion in here to clean this shit up. And tell him if he talks I’ll have him clean REDD’s sweaty leotard again.”
End scene.



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following ma– um, deathmatch… is scheduled for one fall and will be for the remaining contender spot for the 4CW Octane Championship!”
The beginning beat to “Hang me High” begins to play as Kaelan Quinn appears from behind the curtain with a cheer to meet the ones coming from the crowd. In her hand is a wooden baseball bat covered from top to bottom with bottle caps from various beers glued onto it. She stands on the top of the ramp soaking up all the cheers before she begins to speed walk her way down the ramp. Slapping fans hands as she goes.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Belfast, Northern Ireland, KAELAN QUINN PPRRIICCEE!!!”

Kaelan stops at the bottom of the ramp and bounces on her feet before taking off at a run to slide under the ropes. Sliding into the ring and rising up off her knees, flipping her long hair back as she does. Walking to the ropes to lean over them and throw her hands in the air to pose before hopping off as the music fades out and she begins to pace and stretch getting ready for the match.

POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges with a disfigured clown mask covering his face, walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS… BRY– hmm… BROKEN MMCCLLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed he then smiles. The entire ring is surrounded with weapons stretched across the floor. Grabbing a box of Taylor Swift records, McLaughlin throws them over the ropes and into the ring, creating a mess of hot trash as they smack the canvas and spread. Near the announcers booth, a small table is set up with various Irish Whiskey’s and Solo cups. Grabbing a bottle, McLaughlin twists the top off before holding the bottle up and tilting it back, downing a big portion of the liquid. Pulling the bottle from his lips, he raises it above his head, pouring the remaining contents all over him and throwing the bottle backwards overhead and into the crowd.
Kicking over a trash can to its side, McLaughlin spills what’s inside across the floor, revealing a cheese grater, a shillelagh, and some shitty Notre Dame plaque made of metal and wood. Some of the other contents include a bag of thumbtacks, Lucky Charms with only Marshmallows, a DVD documentary of the IRA, and an assortment of Happy Meal toys. One by one, he picks the items up from the floor and tosses them into the ring before lifting the trashcan overhead and throwing it in as well. In the front row, an older gentleman barely stands on his own, supported only by the crutches underneath his arms. Ripping one of the crutches away from the man, McLaughlin slams it against his forehead before lifting it high into the air with one hand. As the man reaches for his crutch, McLaughlin jabs him in the throat with the arm rest, knocking him backwards and down into his seat. Turning around, he locks his eyes on Kaelan and before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would. Sliding underneath the bottom rope, he enters the ring and stands to his feet before pacing the ring, kicking the mess of contents out of his path as he steps forward.
CAMPBELL: ”I can’t believe this match is actually going to happen as advertised.”
LAWSON: ”What else did you expect? Neither of these two have refused to take part in what seems like a bad joke on part of management.”
TAYLOR: ”This is how every couple should work together to build a stronger relationship. Nothing says I love you more than pouring your significant others blood across a ring.”
LAWSON: ”There are all kinds of hazardous things at ringside tonight. Bryan has already cluttered the ring with a good bit.”
CAMPBELL: ”I think you mean Broken McLaughlin! It appears that Bryan is dead for the time being.”
TAYLOR: ”Oh my, look at that!”
LAWSON: ”Wait a second, is that…”
CAMPBELL: ”That’s a huge framed portrait of the 4CW Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder.”
LAWSON: ”They just had to include the glass cover and a large metal frame with pointed corners?”
TAYLOR: ”Absolutely! This is a deathmatch after all and the point of this is to kill the opponent… Right?”
CAMPBELL: ”I don’t know about kill but a shard of broken glass down the river could do the trick!”
LAWSON: ”That’s quite the display for our Extreme Champion. A huge portrait centered in between two large vanity mirrors.”
The camera then zooms in to a framed poster attached to the top of a ladder standing tall at ringside. The poster itself contains the team Wildlin, both Bryan Laughlin and Jett Wilder.
CAMPBELL: ”What a way to bring back bad memories and a reminder that he’ll never get that month of his life back.”
LAWSON: ”This wouldn’t be complete without bags and bags of thumbtacks placed all around the ring!”
TAYLOR: ”There’s all kinds of weapons here at ringside, just too many to name one by one. What’s important is that this match is for the second contender spot for the 4CW Octane Championship.”
CAMPBELL: ”That’s right! The winner here will go on to face Seth Daniels for the Octane Championship and this time, hopefully, we’ll crown an Octane Champion worthy of leading the brand.”
Before the official can even call for the bell, McLaughlin turns to Kaelan and takes off in her direction. Swinging the crutch for her head, he misses as she ducks underneath and avoids the deadly blow. The crutch slams down onto the top of the turnbuckle and bef0ore you know it, Kaelan slams the bottle cap covered baseball bat into McLaughlin’s ribs.

She slams it into his side again, this time knocking him forward into the corner. A bag of thumbtacks are at her feet and with the swing of the bat, she rips the bag open and scatters them across the floor. Stepping in beside McLaughlin, she holds the bat over him and presses it against his throat before falling back and dropping him, and her, back first onto the pile of thumbtacks! The two roll over to their sides in opposite directions, revealing their backs to be covered by thumbtacks piercing their flesh. Not feeling them due to the adrenaline rushing through her, Kaelan climbs back to her feet as McLaughlin remains down, propped on his side and elbow.
Pulling him to his feet, she drags him to the center of the ring before throwing him down and forward into the trash can on its side. Instantly, McLaughlin grabs the trash can before rising to his knees and launching it at Kaelan, hitting her in the side of the head and sending her stumbling backwards into the corner. He quickly pushes himself up and grabbing the bag of all marshmallow Lucky Charms. Ripping the bag apart with both hands, the covers the canvas with them before turning back to Kaelan and moving in. With his hand, he brushes away all of the tack from her back except for one. Pressing his thumb against the tack, he then pushes it in a little further, forcing her to yell as a release from the pain. Grabbing her fiery orange hair, he then pulls her head back and slams it forward, driving her face onto the top of the turnbuckle. As he attempts to slam her face down a second time, she throws an elbow back and plants it directly in his chest. Pulling herself away from him, she then spins around and slaps him open handed across the chest.

Turning her body and swinging it back around, she slaps him across the chest with a second open handed slap.

Throwing lefts and rights, she begins backing McLaughlin up to the center of the ring. Throwing a quick jab for his throat, her hand is then caught as McLaughlin wraps both arms around her forearm. Pulling her in, he throws a forearm right into her face, knocking her in a slight daze. Pulling her head down, he locks his arm around it before lifting her up with his other hand and slamming her onto her back with a snap suplex, on top of a mixture of Lucky Charms marshmallows and tacks. Grabbing an old McDonald’s Happy Meal toy, he holds it tightly as he begins pounding her in the forehead with it over and over until eventually breaking the plastic toy into pieces. Grabbing another one, he pounds at her forehead again, breaking a second toy. He then grabs a third one and slams it down as hard as he can onto her forehead, shattering it but this time drawing blood as he breaks the skin. Placing his palm down over her forehead, he then begins smearing her blood all over her face before standing to his feet and walking to the ropes, facing the crowd.
LAWSON: ”I know we haven’t been calling things at the booth long, but this is the first time I believe I’ve ever seen a McDonald’s toy used in a match.”
TAYLOR: ”There’s a first time for everything and this entire concept is a first for me.”
CAMPBELL: ”I’m shocked that the small toy could even draw blood.”
LAWSON: ”Anything can draw blood if you swing it hard enough.”
As McLaughlin looks over the blood thirsty crowd, Kaelan slowly gets back to her feet… with the shillelagh! Holding it and looking down at the object, she begins shaking her head in anger before turning to the closest camera and mouthing off “I’m saving this for you, Jimmy!” She then throws it out of the ring and this time reaches down and picks up the cheese grater. Running forward, she swings the cheese grater and slams it into the back of McLaughlin’s head, sending him forward into the ropes, flipping up and over before crashing down onto the apron. Kneeling down and reaching through the ropes, she presses the cheese grater down onto his chest with both hands before dragging it back and forth, ripping small portions of his flesh open and leaving a messy trails of red scratches. Placing the cheese grater on McLaughlin’s face, she then stands tall and grabs onto the top rope with both hands. Stepping onto the bottom rope, she begins bouncing up and down before pulling herself up and over the top. As she comes down on the other side, she slams her hand down on the grater, pulling it across his face and ripping pieces of his mask as her feet land on the floor.
She pulls him down from the apron and walks him over to the table set up with the assortment of whiskey’s. Slamming him down face first onto the table, Kaelan then grabs a bottle and cracks the top open. Downing a good bit of the liquid, the then pulls McLaughlin’s head up and pours it onto his mask, focusing on the parts that are ripped with lacerations underneath. She then tosses the bottle aside before pulling him away and throwing him backwards, sending him stumbling into the ringside steps that cause him to trip and topple over them. Pushing himself up to all fours, he crawls towards the announcers booth before using it to pull himself up to his feet. In the crowd there is a McDonald’s rep with a platter of McDouble’s handing them to multiple people in the surrounding area. Making a move for it, McLaughlin reaches over the barricade and pulls the tray from his hands. As he turns around, Kaelan is charging in but instead of attacking him, she receives a face full of burgers as he slams the tray into her head. The hit wipes her out and knocks her flat on her back. Grabbing a bag of tacks, he rips the top open before dumping all of them down onto Kaelan’s body. With her covered from head to toe in tacks, he then climbs up onto the announcers booth. With a McDouble in hand, he removes the wrapper and takes a bite. Chewing for a short bit, he then spits the particles of food into the air before leaping off the booth and coming down on her stomach with a double foot stomp, pressing the tacks underneath his boots into her flesh!
TAYLOR: ”I surely hope those rumors of her being pregnant aren’t true.”
CAMPBELL: ”If they are then I believe after that we can truly call this a deathmatch!”
LAWSON: ”That’s just wrong.”
TAYLOR: ”That would be an absolute trave–“
Holding a deep fryer in his hands, that just so happens to be plugged into an extension cord, McLaughlin stands over Kaelan. Raising it above his head, he lets out a maniacal laugh. Kicking her foot up, she plants it in his stomach, forcing him to release the deep fryer as he falls behind him. As it hits the floor, hot cooking oil spills across the floor, covering the entire area. She then kicks her foot up again, hitting him in the stomach a second time and forcing him to buckle over. Pushing herself up, She then hits him with a European uppercut, standing him straight up. Swinging forward, she slaps him across the chest with a backhand!

Swinging again and again, she slaps him across the chest, backing him up as the crowd reacts.



McLaughlin’s feet then step down onto the hot oil. He takes a swing and misses as she leans back but shifting of his body causes him to slip as his feet shoot out from under him. Falling flat on his back in the hot oil, he quickly rolls to get off of his back, now covering his front body with the hot liquid. Crawling through the oil in agony, he leaves Kaelan behind and heads to the other side of the rings corner. As he tries to get to his feet, he slips and slides across the floor, falling back to his hands and knees each time. Walking carefully behind him, Kaelan closes in and then pulls him up to his feet. Throwing him forward, she slams him against the steel barricade and upon impact, his feet slide out from under him and he goes down to a seated position with his back against the barricade. Looking to the side of McLaughlin, Kaelan shakes her head in disgust at the sight of Carmella Wilder’s portrait and vanity mirror setup. Grabbing the large picture frame, she holds it up and mouths off a few obscenities before turning back to McLaughlin. Turning the picture frame around in her hands, she then raises it high above her head before moving in and swinging down onto his head!

The glass instantly shatters as it collides with his head. His head breaks through the actual picture and through the other side. With the frame hanging around his neck, he wipes his hand across the tattered mask, knocking the glass shards from it that aren’t penetrating through both the mask and his skin. The mask is now saturated in blood and due to the damage it has taken thus face, is starting to resemble that of a crying clown. Kaelan lifts the picture frame from around his head and then begins slamming it over and over onto his shoulder. Eventually, the wood gives as the last hit causes the picture frame to finally break into two halves. Grabbing one of the mirrors, she then leans it against the side of the ring before grabbing the second and placing it beside the first one. Pulling McLaughlin up to his feet, she grabs ahold of his arm before pulling him in to whip him into the mirrors. Out of nowhere, McLaughlin reverses the throw and sends Kaelan crashing through not one, but both of the mirrors, snapping them in half as she collides into the and sending broken pieces of mirrors all over the ringside area.

Her body falls to the floor as do the multiple broken pieces of the mirrors frame. Holding his hand to his forehead, he rests it there for a moment before pulling it away and looking back to Kaelan crawling away from the mess. Before too long she finds the bottom step of the ladder in front of her face. Using the ladder, she pulls herself up with it and stands back to her feet. Noticing McLaughlin coming in from the side, she quickly begins climbing the ladder. Going to the opposite side of the ladder, McLaughlin then begins to climb as well. At the top, she grabs the framed Wildlin poster and then swings down with it, hitting McLaughlin over the back as he is a few steps below.

Glass falls to the floor, and even more finds itself lodged in his back. Still, he continues to climb to the top. Reaching over his shoulder and to his back, he pulls the poster off of his skin, tearing pieces that as stuck to the glass piercing his flesh. Holding it in front of his face, he drops his head and closes his eyes for a brief moment. From above, Kaelan leans over the top of the ladder and snatches the poster from his hand. As he looks up, she holds the poster with both hands, pulling it to make one edge straight and tight. The bottom half of his mask torn to shreds, with nothing but bloody skin showing of the lower half of his face. She presses the poster to both corners of his open mouth before swiping it to the right, giving him papercuts on both ends! The stinging sensation causes him to react quickly, reaching up with both hands and grabbing onto her head. Pulling her head down violently, he slams her face down onto the top of the ladder. he then climbs up another two steps before pulling Kaelan onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry hold.
LAWSON: ”Papercuts to the corners of his mouth! yuck1″
CAMPBELL: ”I’m concerned with his this match is going to affect their relationship moving forward.”
TAYLOR: ”I’m more concerned with what I think is going to happen next!”
McLaughlin then jumps backwards off the ladder and in mid air, he spins Kaelan on top of his shoulders and as they both come down to the floor, they crash horribly as he hits her with a double knee gut buster from off the ladder!
TAYLOR: ”I knew it!”
Barely able to even move, McLaughlin slowly crawls over Kaelan’s bloody body as the nearby official drops in beside them with the count.

TAYLOR: ”He wins it!”
CAMPBELL: ”We have our second contender for the Octane Championship and Bryan Laughlin or McLaughlin will face off against Seth Daniels!”
LAWSON: ”Jesus Christ they’ve destroyed this place. It looks like a hurricane has came straight through the Cabarrus Arena here tonight.”
Rolling off of Kaelan, McLaughlin rests on his back beside her as medical staff race down to ringside. Two pairs of groups begin assisting and caring for both parties.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and contender for the Octane Championship, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
After a few moments pass, the medical team removes what’s left from McLaughlin’s mask, showing the man underneath we all know as Bryan Laughlin. Beside them, Kaelan remains unconscious and bleeding from numerous spots all over her body. Bryan catches a glimpse in the corner of his eye, grabbing his full attention. He immediately shoves the medical team away from him before pushing the medical staff caring for Kaelan out of the way. He kneels down beside her, checking on her himself before the medical team pleads with him to let them take care of her. He can be heard apologizing to her, his hands coming up to his head as his face shows great concern.
TAYLOR: ”I believe it’s safe to say that Bryan Laughlin is now with us ladies and gentlemen.”
LAWSON: ”All it took was his split personality nearly killing his girlfriend!”
Rising to his feet Bryan shouts at the medical team to be careful with her as they help her out of the ring and onto a stretcher, stabilizing her head and neck as they do so. Laughlin shoves them out of the way to be near by but the medical crew quickly steps back in moving him out of the way.
CAMPBELL: ”She’s in bad shape, folks and he’s not in much better. He needs to let the medical team tend to both of them.”
He follows the crew up the ramp and continues to apologize to her frantically, though she shows no signs of responding to anything anyone is saying to her. As they wheel her through the curtain and into the back Bryan turns around one last time to survey the carnage and wreckage left behind. A moment later his attention turns back to the curtain where Kaelan was just wheeled through as a few of the medics stayed behind to tend to his injuries as well.
LAWSON: ”Well that’s one way of ending a show…”
TAYLOR: ”Chris said it best. Let the medical team care to their injuries pronto!”
CAMPBELL: ”While they figure that out, we need to call it a night.”
TAYLOR: ”We have our two competitors for the Octane Championship. Seth Daniels and Bryan Laughlin will go head to head for the belt at Fright Night from what I have been told.”
LAWSON: ”Fright Night is surely shaping up to be quite an event this year.”
TAYLOR: ”It really is.”
CAMPBELL: ”Anyways! I don’t know about you two, but after seeing that horrific bloodbath at ringside, I need to get some fresh air!”
LAWSON: ”And that’s our queue! We’ll see you all in two weeks for another edition of Octane.”
TAYLOR: ”Same place. Same channel. Goodnight everyone!”
LAWSON: ”Goodnight!”