OCTANE E08 (119)



Making his 4CW debut, The One went head to head with long time veteran, Joseph Sullivan. The masked man was lightning fast with his attacks, cornering Sullivan with rapid palm strikes and snap kicks before eventually knocking him into the corner with a roundhouse kick! The unknown didn’t show any grappling skills whatsoever, but stayed true to his game and slowly, but surely, worked down Sullivan with strikes from all angles. After flipping Sullivan over to his back with a kitchen sink, The One raced to the ropes. As he returned, Sullivan had rose to an upright seated position and from behind, The One nailed him with a running drop kick to the back of the head! Locking in a rear naked choke, it was game over for Sullivan at that point as he had no other choice but to slap his hand against the canvas over and over, submitting once and for all.
WINNER: The One via Submission (6:55)

We see Sativa in her locker room pulling on one of her gloves. She flexes her fingers letting them adjust the way the gloves sits on her hand. She then pulls on the other one and repeats the process. She moves over to the mirror in the bathroom. She pulls her hair back with a hair tie and opens her make up case. As soon as she finishes putting on the pale foundation her phone vibrates and lights up a split second before the ringtone kicks in.
“Ah, now I don’t hardly know her
But I think I can love her
Crimson and clover”

Sativa smiles and presses the button on her Bluetooth with her pinkie.
NEVAEH: ”Well isn’t this a surprise! What’s up, Quinn?”
Sativa picks up the fine liner pen and starts to do the outlines around her eyes.
NEVAEH: ”Yeah you just caught me in my locker room. Putting on my make up and then I gotta head out to the ring. You gonna watch the match?”
Sativa continues to do her make up, adding in the green shading around her eyes. She picks up a little tool and uses it to pick up one of the small green gems she uses.
NEVAEH: ”Thank you! Sam and I both wanted the match so I’m sure it’s gonna be a challenge. Totally enjoyed coffee on Monday. How has your week gone since?”
Genuinely wanting to know Sativa used the question to buy her enough time to put on her lipstick. Once she is done she turns her head from side to side making sure everything looks good.
NEVAEH: ”That’s great sweetie. I’m super glad you’ve had a decent week. Totally can’t wait to come see you Monday.”
Sativa stands up and walks to her bag. She grabs the mask she wears during her entrance and picks up her phone.
NEVAEH: ”What? Sure I guess I can send you a pic. Hang on a sec.”
Sativa unlocks her phone and opens the front camera. She poses for a few moments before snapping a picture. She then proceeds to send it via text.
NEVAEH: ”There you go Sweetie. Now as much as I hate to I have to let you go. Got some teeth to go kick in. Talk to you later sweetie. Bye.”
Sativa smiles and nods her head. She tosses her phone and Bluetooth into her bag. She puts her mask on and exits her locker room to head to the ring.


The match begins with both ladies shooting out of their corners and charging each other until locking up in the center of the ring. Ducking underneath Sativa’s arm, Sam positions herself behind her and wraps both arms around her waist. Lifting her off her feet, she slams her to the mat with a German suplex right out of the gate! That move alone isn’t enough to keep Sativa down for long. After the two get back to their feet, Sam hits her with a stiff kick to the ribs, followed up with a forearm shot to the mouth. Whipping Sativa to the furthest corner, Sam collides into her with a clothesline that rocks her jaw! Like a machine gun on full blast, Sam lays into Sativa with rapid knife-edge chops until eventually breaking Sativa down into a seated position with a few kicks to the gut. On the rampage, Sam continues her relentless assault on Sativa, not giving her a single opportunity to get in any offense. After dropping her head first to the mat with a snap DDT, Sam went to the top of the corner where she then came down, landing across Sativa with a moonsault and putting her down for a three count.

For nearly a minute, Sam continued her attack on Sativa until a small window of opportunity presented itself. With Sativa on her shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Sam was taken by surprise when Sativa managed to slip out of her grasp and drop down behind her. On her way down, Sativa pulled Sam down as well, pinning her shoulders to the mat with a quick roll-up which resulted in a quickly earned pinfall, tying up the contest.

Looking on and calling things down the middle, Lauryn watched from a distance. Both ladies quickly rushed to their feet, Sativa standing first and closing in with a knee to Sam’s face before she could get up from one knee. With a lightning fast combo, Sativa backed Sam across the ring with kicks and chops until stopping her at the ropes. With a quick kick to the stomach, Sativa then latched onto her arm and whipped her to the ropes far across the ring. As Sam came back on the return, Sativa met her halfway but was taken by surprise as Sam went for a clothesline. Ducking underneath it, Sativa came to an abrupt stop as Sam continued on and hit the ropes again. As Sam came back on the return again, Sativa then did a back flip, connecting with a pele kick to Sam’s head and leveling her with what she likes to call ‘Nerf This!’ With Sam down on her back, Sativa made the cover and managed to score a second pinfall, even with the possibility of a slow count from Lauryn.

Popping back to her feet, Sativa took a short moment to taunt Sam as she was down. Noticing the boos from the Concord crowd, Sativa then turned to them, yelling obscenities to various members in the crowd. Slowly coming to her senses, Sam looked up at Sativa’s back as she paid her no mind whatsoever. Realizing that she was down a pinfall, Sam then reached up and wrapped her arm around Sativa’s leg, pulling her backwards to the mat and rolling her up, shoulders to the mat. Racing over, Lauryn dropped in and delivered the three count, tying up the contest once again with a smile on her face.

With the score now even, both ladies scrambled to get back to their feet, knowing that there wasn’t much time left on the clock at all. Sativa lunges at her, but was quickly taken off guard as Sam countered her attack and too her down to the mat with an arm drag. Frustrated, Sativa popped back to her feet, this time lunging at Sam and locking onto her with both arms. Using Sativa’s momentum against her, Sam pulled her down into a side headlock before flipping her off her feet and over her body as she slammed her down to the mat. Growing even more frustrated, Sativa then erupts to her feet and charged at Sam with no restraint. Catching Sam in the side of the head with a right hook, Sativa then slammed an elbow to Sam’s mouth, knocking her backwards across the ring. Sam hit the ropes and bounces forward, going on the offensive and taking a shot at Sativa’s head with a clothesline. Again, Sativa ducked the clothesline as Sam continued to the opposite set of ropes. Turning around, Sativa then rushed forward in Sam’s direction, only to fall face first to the mat after tripping over Lauryn’s foot. Sativa quickly pushed herself up but by then, Sam had made her return on the rebound, hitting Sativa in the face with a running knee. Pulling Sativa up from the mat, Sam pulled her head between her legs and then reached down, wrapping her arms over Sativa’s and hooking them behind her knees. Lifting Sativa upside down into the air, Sam then slammed her down with a sit-out trapper keeper bomb, or as she likes to call it, the Victory Drop Alpha! Making the cover, Sam breathed life into the crowd and not far behind, Lauryn dropped down to her knees with the count and only a few seconds left on the clock.


WINNER: Sam Tolson


The match begins with Brady Schultz getting the momentum early on. The young rookie wrestler shows surprisingly quickness and agility to avoid two strikes from Dante before driving his forearm into his opponents face, backing him up a few steps. Underwood presses forward after absorbing the blows, trying to connect with a kick that Brady catches. He smiles contently and tosses his opponents leg down before leaping into the air and connecting with a standing drop kick. Brady quickly covers but Underwood but Dante kicks out before the referee could even get a one count. Both men get back to their feet quickly with Underwood sprinting to the ropes and rebounding, coming back towards Brady who counters quickly with a back body drop at the last second. Underwood crashes to the mat and Brady quickly picks up where he left off, leaping and dropping a knee right to the sternum of Underwood. After the move hits he bends down and pulls Underwood back to his feet, planting a boot to Dante’s stomach, locking in under hooks, and planting him back down to the ground with a butterfly suplex. Again, Brady goes for the cover and this time the referee manages to slide in and get a count in.

At the last second Underwood managed to get his shoulder up, with Schultz sitting back on his knees staring at him in disbelief. Shaking his head, Brady gets up and applauds Underwood briefly before pulling him back up to his feet yet again. Quickly Schultz whips Underwood into the ropes and then turns and bounces off the opposite set. The two men run at full speed toward each other with Brady leaping into the air and knocking Underwood down with a running knee. Underwood pops back up and eats a knife edge chop from Schultz who quickly boots Dante in the stomach. In the blink of an eye the fans pop loudly as Schultz hits CRIMSON TIDE! The referee slides in but Underwoods foot happens to be touching the bottom rope. Unlucky! Rolling Underwood away, Schultz climbs back to his feet and drags Underwood back up. He hits another kick to the stomach and then boom! LIONS PRIDE! Brady keeps the pinfall locked in as the referee once more slides in and counts the one, two and three.
WINNER: Brady Schultz via Pinfall (6:49)

The cameras switch to the ring where Kaelan Price is already seen standing in the ring holding a microphone. Her theme music “Hang ‘Em High” by the Dropkick Murphys slowly fades out as she smiles and waits patiently for the cheers from the crowd to settle down. The music is silent and the crowd slowly dies down. She holds the microphone up to her lips to speak and the crowd livens up again cheering for her. She shakes her head with a grin.
PRICE: “You guys are lively tonight! Enjoying the show?!”
“OI. OI. OI. OI. OI. OI.”

Kaelan shook her head as the crowd continued to chant “Oi.” She waited for the cheers to die down before putting the microphone back up to her lips.
PRICE: “You’re wild. I love each and every one of you. Really your support means the world to me. I may not be wrestling here tonight, but I had to come out here anyways. I’ve spoke with the doctors and they’ve assured me the next Octane I will be healthy and ready to go.”
The fans cheer loudly and Kaelan hangs her head in the ring. Her body still shows obvious signs of the Deathmatch against Bryan Laughlin the last Octane. The scrapes and bruises are still visible all over her body.
PRICE: “It’s bittersweet you know that I lost. For more than one reason. You see the Octane before my match against B we had what was supposed to be the most high profile main event on Octane to date. Vossler was supposed to face Bronx. That would have been a great match but Vossler decided to be a whiny cunt and disappear because he couldn’t handle some competition. Instead of Bronx burying Vossler in the dirt he had quite the speech. That speech has stuck with me for weeks.”
Kaelan looked back up from the mat and towards the camera.
PRICE: “I wasn’t lying when I said I had a lot to prove against Bryan in our deathmatch. There was so much more that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to be the one to go on to being the Octane Championship because I wanted Bronx to come back to Octane and face me in the best main event Octane would ever see. Champion versus Champion. Since then Bronx has lost his title and I’ve failed to make it to the Octane Championship match.
But make no mistake, I have every faith that this is just bumps in the road for the both of us. We both will bounce back and that’s why I’ve decided to come out here and personally ask and invite Bronx back to Octane to face ME. Sure I’m not the Octane Champion or even the number one contender, but even Seth Daniels didn’t go through a quarter of what I did to earn the right to fight for the belt. I’ve stepped up every time I’ve had a match. Nobody on Octane has fought like me. Been as impressive as me with everything they’ve done since they walked through the door. I was stepping up, before Bronx told people to step up, and even after me and Bryan showed everyone that the bar is set pretty high in regards to competition. So tell me. After everything you’ve seen from me?! You guys want to see Kaelan Quinn Price versus Bronx Valesence?!”
Kaelan threw her arms up in the air and listened as the crowd cheered loudly. Back to their chants
“OI. OI. OI. OI. OI. OI. OI…”

They erupted into cheers and Kaelan stopped with a grin on her face, waving to the fans before putting the mic up to her lips. The crowd dying down as she went to speak again. Pacing around the ring.
PRICE: “I think the fans want to see it Bronx. Now I understand you’re a busy man right now. I’ll wait as long as I need to for you to take care of what you need to. Hell you don’t even have to accept this challenge. I won’t have any hard feelings. I won’t make a big deal and say you’re a pussy who is ducking me. I won’t cry and bitch about it like some people who feel they deserve everything handed to them on a silver platter even though they can’t even win half their matches.”
She shook her head and rolled her eyes. She stopped pacing and looked directly in the camera.
PRICE: “People can argue that in comparison to you Bronx I’m a nobody. But I made a promise to myself when I came back to wrestling I was going to make the most of it. I sacrificed so much to be back here. Lost everything I feel like for this career. I won’t waste any chance or opportunity to face the absolute best this business has to offer. So you name what you want Bronx? I’ll deliver it to you. All I ask for is one match. I want nothing but just the opportunity to beat you. If you’re the 4CW Champion? I’m not gonna ask for a title shot, win or lose. It’s not about the belt. It’s about you. You want an Outback gift card? I’ll buy you SIX! Wait…No. Fuck that. I’ll make them cater the whole bloody event. Whatever your terms are Bronx? I’ll make it happen. I look forward to hearing your response. Thank you.”
Kaelan dropped the mic in the ring with a smirk as “Hang ‘Em High” by Dropkick Murphys begins playing and she leaves the ring, walking up the ramp and slapping hands with some of the fans as she goes. Stopping even to take a picture with one of them before walking the rest of the way up the ramp, turning around to throw her arms in the air to cheers as she disappears behind the curtain and the scene fades out.


Things kick off with both men getting some good action in early on. Travis avoided a strike and quickly tied up Zion, working him over into a side headlock before taking him down fully to the mat, keeping the headlock locked in. Zion managed to slowly work his way back to his feet planting his elbow into Travis’s stomach multiple times before shoving Blake off of him and into the ropes. Travis held onto the ropes instead of rebounding, leaving an expectant Zion to leap into the air for a dropkick but find nobody to make contact with. Travis quickly moved towards Zion as he was getting back to his feet but Zion quickly dropped Blake down to the mat face first with a drop toe hold. Spinning around Blake’s back, Zion wraps his arms around Blake’s neck and uses a gator roll back and forth across the ring to try and wear his opponent down. Lifting Travis back up moments later, Blake breaks free of his opponent and responds by lowering his shoulder and driving Zion back into the corner.
Travis ascends to the middle rope and raises his fist in the air before driving it down into Zion’s face time after time up to the count of nine. Before he can connect with the tenth punch, though, Zion life him fully up onto his shoulders with a second burst of energy and takes a few steps toward the center of the ring before slamming Travis down to the mat with a powerbomb.
WOW . . .

Zion flips over, bridging the power bomb into a pin but Travis wiggles free as the referee tries to get himself into better position to make the count. Slamming his hands down on the mat in frustration, Zion gets up and drives a boot into Blake’s abdomen, placing him in a pump handle position a second later. Zion nails THE LAST LAUGH! Stunned, the fans watch on as Zion drags Blake back up to his feet before placing him in the same pump handle position. He prepares to unload a second last laugh but after lifting Travis up and flipping him around, Blake manages to land on his feet deftly instead of absorbing the maneuver.
Seizing momentum, Travis pulls Zion back up after he had hit the mat awkwardly on his back. He quickly whips Zion into the corner and then moves to the opposite. Waiting just a half second, Travis dashes across the ring and lifts his boot up in the air, cracking Zion across the mouth with STINGER X2. Dazed, Zion stumbles out of the corner as Travis backs away, watching his opponent carefully. Zion drops to his knees and Blake doesn’t wait any longer. Stepping towards him at a quick pace, Blake aims and CRACK! THE FINAL DELETION! ZION GOES DOWN AND TRAVIS COVERS AS THE REFEREE SLIDES IN! ONE! TWO! THREE!
WINNER: Travis Blake via Pinfall (9:11)

We get an establishing shot of 4CW interviewer Gabriel Hartman standing backstage with Tornado Desencadenado. Gabe goes ahead and tells us what we already know.
HARTMAN: “I’m here with wrestling’s Whirlwind Wunderkind, Tornado Desencadenado, who later tonight will be competing in a match against fellow Octane superstar American Tommy. The stakes for this contest are high, with the winner getting the opportunity to represent Octane at Fright Night in a gauntlet match for the 4CW Fate Championship. Tornado, is it safe to say this upcoming fight is the biggest in your short Four Corners’ career?”
Tornado gives the reporter a solemn nod.
DESENCADENADO: “I think you’re right, Gabe. Last month I said I wanted to be involved in Fright Night; to help prove Octane has just as talented a roster as Adrenaline does. But what Tommy and I are fighting for now is more than just a chance to secure bragging rights between brands. Octane can change the landscape of 4CW if we’re able to win that gauntlet match and bring the Fate Title home to Octane. It’s a huge opportunity, and responsibility.”
Piggy-backing off of the wrestler’s assertion, Gabe moves to address an important wrinkle in his and Tommy’s upcoming match.
HARTMAN: “It will also be a huge undertaking, as not only will there be two challengers from Adrenaline fighting to win the Fate Championship, but the Champion herself, Anastasia Hayden, is one of the hottest talents in all the sport. Ana Hayden is scheduled to be at ringside during yours and American Tommy’s match. Any concerns about her presence?”
For a moment TD doesn’t reply, as he considers the most innocuous way to address the issue of the “Grand Duchess”.
DESENCADENADO: “It is strange. Ana and Tommy go back and forth on social media, trading insults, trying to get under each other’s skin. Odds are management requested she be there, the idea being her at ringside makes our match more of a draw than if it was just Tommy and I fighting it out. I’m a little insulted by the decision, but I’ll get over it.”
HARTMAN: “But do you think Ana Hayden might try to influence the outcome of the match?”
DESENCADENADO: “No… I mean, I saw her do some sleazy stuff back in Alpha Wrestling- you know: beatdowns, ambushes- but it was always after the fight was over. I don’t recall Ana cheating or helping others to cheat. Doesn’t seem to be part of whatever code she has. Also, I think she wants the best man to win between me and Tommy, because she wants to face the best possible competition in that gauntlet match. It would be Ana’s way of making the Fate Title, which she thinks she’s above, worth her time. If I’m right about that, then her interfering one way or the other would work against her plan.”
HARTMAN: “You’re assuming a lot there.”
Tornado gives Gabe, and the viewers, a sheepish grin.
DESNCADENADO: “Maybe. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. I’ll have to pay some attention to what Ana Hayden is up to during the match. Most of my focus, though, has to be on Tommy. He’s what can keep me from achieving my goal. He is my target for tonight. And he better feel the same way towards me. Because if he doesn’t, and he lets himself get distracted by Ana’s ‘mind games’, I’ll tear him to pieces.”
It is with these last words the Ring Revolutionary’s expression hardens. As he continues to look into the camera, eyes filled with a steely resolve, the segment ends, and Octane moves on.


At the start of the match Mora comes out swinging. Landing shot after shot to the head and neck area of his opponent Cyrus Riddle. Lunging in Mora wrapped the legs of Riddle and lifted him high in the air. Spinning around Mora was able to drive Riddle into the mat with a beautifully timed spinebuster. Pushing himself up to his feet Mora looked down at Riddle shooting him the middle finger. Crouching down Mora slapped Riddle across the face a few times before going back on to the offensive. He stomped away at Riddle. Rolling over Cyrus locked onto the bottom ropes forcing Mora to back off as he pushed his way back up to his feet.
Shaking the cobwebs out of his head Cyrus spun around and delivered a beautiful haymaker to the chin of Mora sending him staggering backwards. Grabbing his arm Riddle Irish whipped Mora across the ring. Sprinting after him Riddle went of a big splash in the corner, but Mora was able to quickly slide out of the way sending Riddle crashing chest first into the turnbuckle. Mora dropped down and rolled Cyrus into a pin attempt. Hooking the pants leg Mora was almost able to secure the three count. Pushing himself to his feet Mora slapped his hands together three times while looking at the referee. Spinning around Mora was met with a Yakuza kick. Circling his downed opponent Cyrus began stomping away.
Cyrus drug Mora back to his feet, and continued the strong offense. Spinning Mora around Riddle locked in a Full Nelson. Shaking him around wildly Cyrus leaned back lifting Mora high into the air before dropping him onto the mat. Riddle was able to synch in a Keylock on the downed Mora. Applying as much pressure as he could. Not able to break free Mora had no option but to submit.
WINNER: Cyrus Riddle via Submission (6:09)

A door opens and American Tommy skips out of it. He’s wearing a full blown hazmat suit and he’s carrying a black sharpie. He has a pair of earbuds in his ears and he smiles. He pulls out his phone and scrolls past many songs before he lands on one and presses it. Immediately, his face turns to a smile as his ears are hearing the sounds of one of his favorite songs, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” by One Direction. He plays air guitar until the chorus hits.
Tommy turns down the hallway dancing when he sees a table with a stack of papers on it and flips it over. He does a spin and points down the hall.
He struts down the hall a little bit further before he stops and pretends he is looking for somebody.
Tommy turns around and sees a poster of Ana Hayden hanging on the wall. He smiles and pulls out the black sharpie and draws a Hitler mustache onto her. He looks stares a bit at it isn’t impressed. He proceeds to draw a penis entering Ana’s mouth. He starts to giggle and admires his work of art. Giving the thumbs up of approval Tommy continues down the hall dancing until he is standing in front of Perry Wallace’s office.
He kicks the door and it doesn’t budge and this doesn’t make Tommy happy. He’s more embarrassed than anything, because he kicked that door really fucking hard. He turns the handle and flings the door open and Perry is sitting at his desk just staring at the door while American Tommy opens his arms wide smiling.
He turns off his music and looks at the name tag that is next to the office door. It reads “Perry Wallace” and Tommy doesn’t like it. In bold letters here writes over top of it, “FEETS” as Perry Wallace is sitting there just staring at him and Tommy is just beaming with joy.
WALLACE: ”Mother fucker, shaking my goddamn head at you FEETS!”
TOMMY: “This is false advertising, Perry. You can get sued for this and I’m just looking out for you. I’ve seen your birth certificate, Feets Paisano.”
WALLACE: “Fuck you, that’s your twin brother!”
Tommy completely ignores everything that Wallace is saying and starts walking around his office. He pretends to start taking measurements of the room. He grabs a piece of paper and starts jotting stuff down on it.
WALLACE: “Now what in the hell do you want? You come here to cry about having contracted AIDS from fathering Eric’s son?”
TOMMY: “I’m looking at where I’m going to put my things when they fire you.”
Tommy walks to the chair in front of Perry’s desk and struggles to sit down in his hazmat suit. He hands Perry the piece of paper and it simply reads, “Fuck You.” Perry crumples it up and throws it back at Tommy’s face. Tommy points and laughs at Wallace.
TOMMY: “I’m wearing a hazmat suit you idiot. I’m not risking you giving me anything else. It’s bad enough that you gave me WWH AIDS. Have you told Jett’s mom that you have AIDS? DOES SHE HAVE AIDS NOW TOO?!
WALLACE: “You didn’t get that shit from me! I don’t fucks with that clogged up toilet.”
Tommy grabs at the candy dish in front of him and starts throwing them towards his mouth knowing that they are just going to bounce off the hazmat suit mask and onto the floor. He looks at Perry who is sitting there shaking his head.
TOMMY: “What you want some?”
Tommy tosses one up for Perry to catch in his mouth, but it lands in Perry’s lap. He does it again and Perry catches it. He picks the one up out of his lap and dumps both of them in the trash. Tommy blankly stares at Perry.
TOMMY: “So, listen here, mate. It’s got to be against some rules or code of ethics to give someone AIDS. Like, that’s some serious shit. You took my fucking magic! I have a proposition for you though. I’ll let you keep your job if you ban Ana from ringside during my match. I really don’t want to have to take your job even though I could do better. This works out better for the both of us. So, what do you say, pal?”
Chuckling, Perry leans back in his chair as Tommy just looks on smiling.
WALLACE: “Ban her from ringside? You’re kidding me, right?”
Tommy isn’t smiling anymore, but Perry is.
TOMMY: “Come on, Wallace! She is going to fuck with me the entire match cause she scared to fight me at Fright Night! This is fucking bullshit!”
WALLACE: “No, she isn’t going to fuck you with you the entire match. She’s probably too busy fucking your bi–”
American Tommy quickly stands up and kicks over the chair that he was sitting in. He points irately at Perry Wallace who is sitting there smiling, which irritates Tommy even more.
TOMMY: You think this is funny, Wallace?”
American Tommy walks out of Wallace’s office and returns standing in front of the door with two garbage pins. He picks them up one by one and starts dumping them outside of Perry Wallace’s office door. After he gets done dumping them out he throws the trash cans into the office and they bounce off the front of Perry’s desk Wallace is sitting there laughing at the scene that Tommy is making.
TOMMY: “I hope when you get back to your hotel room tonight Drew Stevenson is there dressed up as a fucking clown and nobody is there to help you. While that is happening, I’ll be taking Kimi back to my hotel room and hopefully reaching second base while you are getting fucked in the ass! I can’t believe you tricked me into staying here for another two fucking years you piece of shit!”
Tommy looks down the hall and notices some security guards coming his way. He quickly kicks some of the garbage into Perry’s office. Tommy dashes out of sight before the guards can get to him.

The camera goes backstage to an all too familiar rear door to the loading docks. As expected, Seth Daniels approached, a pack of cigarettes in hand. He reached for the bar to push the door open but stopped. The camera zoomed in on his face as he smiled knowingly and shook his head.
DANIELS: ”Nope. Not happening.”
VOICE: ”What’s not happening?”
DANIELS: ”Jesus!”
Seth jumped and wheeled around. Standing behind him was his former psychiatrist Theodore Benson. Despite the scare, Seth barely managed to keep his grip on the pack of cigarettes he withdrew. He looked around in exasperation.
DANIELS: ”How’d you get in here?”
BENSON: ”As your agent and representation, I have all the clearance I need to be backstage here at Octane. The real bitch is getting backstage at Adrenaline, you know, since you don’t compete there.”
Seth stared at Benson in astonishment, his mouth agape.
DANIELS: ”My what and what now?”
Theodore Benson simply laughed in response.
BENSON: ”Stuck on the first thing you hear, huh? Of course you are. Yes, your agent and representation. Your records show that you have no representation on file, no buffer. Say something happens to you or your deal with 4CW needs to be renegotiated, whether initiated by you or the company. The company can wrap you up in bureaucratic language and take you for less than you’re worth. If something were to happen to you, their legal team could hold you liable for your own care and not claim any responsibility.”
Seth opened his mouth to speak but Benson lifted a hand to interrupt.
BENSON: ”Are you a lawyer? How many contracts have you negotiated after the initial signing?”
Seth rolled his eyes in response. Benson nodded, apparently satisfied that his point was made.
BENSON: ”Yes, I may have been a doctor but I’ve had to wear many hats in my career. Some of your contracts were negotiated by me, if you’ll remember. Of course, your 4CW contract was negotiated last year by that hack of an agent, Tony Chu…”
DANIELS: ”Is there a point you’re getting to?”
BENSON: ”Oh, my apologies, Mr. Hot Shot. I was just trying to help you understand why I’m here since you seemed so clueless.”
DANIELS: ”Why are you here, in one hundred and forty characters or less?”
BENSON: ”Sure you can count that high?”
Seth begins to count in his head. After a few moments, he nods.
DANIELS: ”That’s twenty-nine. One hundred and eleven to go.”
BENSON: ”This isn’t Twit… Oh, fine. I’m here to offer you advice.”
DANIELS: ”Decline.”
Theodore Benson continues on, ignoring Seth’s remark.
BENSON: ”You’ve been in title matches before. You’ve won plenty. But this one, this match is big. Not only that, but you can win before the match even begins.”
Seth feigned a look of innocent wonder. When he spoke, his voice dripped with mocking sarcasm.
DANIELS: ”Oh my gosh, really? Please, sensei, tell me more!”
Benson, undeterred by Seth’s mockery, continued his thought.
BENSON: ”Bryan Laughlin is a broken, weakened man. What 4CW did to him was interesting, putting him against his love in a Deathmatch to determine one of the contenders for the Octane Championship. What happened in that match was…”
Benson whistled.
BENSON: ”It was difficult to watch for those light of heart. Now, however, it’s your advantage to exploit. Drag he and his relationship through the mud, push it deep into his mind that he doesn’t have anything left worth fighting for, demoralize him to the point that, by defeating him at Fright Night, you will end everything about him.”
Benson blinked.
BENSON: ”And why not?”
DANIELS: ”Because it’s classless as fuck. What he’s going through isn’t his fault. Kaelen is… Well, she’s a sweet girl and a fighter. They deserved better than the hand they were dealt. I mean, c’mon, a deathmatch? That’s too much. It’s not worth it to care about individuals in this business. That’s when shit like that happens.”
Benson appears taken aback by Seth’s comments on the events of the previous Octane. He shakes his head as if to shrug off an unpleasant feeling.
BENSON: ”I’m asleep. That’s the only explanation. Seth Daniels calling an aspect of psychological warfare classless… It’s either that or the coming apocalypse.”
DANIELS: ”I’m not that heartless.”
Benson studied Seth Daniels for a moment. As he did so, a slow smile crept onto his lips.
BENSON: ”When’s the last time you’ve been with a woman?”
For the first time in the conversation, Seth was silent. He looked away, trying just a little too hard to remove all emotion from it. Benson’s smile grew wider.
BENSON: ”It was Lyza Reyes, wasn’t it?”
Though he tried to hide it, Seth winced very briefly. Benson didn’t miss the expression and narrowed his eyes, the smile still spread from ear to ear.
BENSON: ”Are you in love with dear, sweet Lyza?”
At this Seth returned his gaze to Benson’s, his face blank with confusion. After a few moments, he barked out a loud laugh.
DANIELS: ”Love? I don’t think anyone who saw the things we did would’ve called it anything close to love.”
Seth lifted his hands, seemingly both as a gesture to calm his laughter and to illustrate that he was going to get to the point.
DANIELS: ”Let’s pretend for a moment that what happened between Lyza and I was at all your business. Hatred and desire aren’t clearly separated. You should understand that, right, Mr. Therapist? Lyza and I were rivals, even bitter at times. At the same time, we were stuck in fucking Massachusetts for most of the year. While I wouldn’t say we hated each other, we were both very competitive. That aggression we showed in the ring had an unexplainable quality to it. So there were a couple of nights where we saw each other outside of that filthy warehouse and we competed with that same aggression. Shit, it probably looked like we were having a match if anyone was watching.”
Benson listen pensively as Seth explained. He put his hand up to halt the thought.
DANIELS: ”Simplified, we’re competitors. We wanted to see which of us could fuck the other hardest.”
BENSON: ”And who won?”
DANIELS: ”You’re a goddamn pervert. Get my naked ass out of your fucking mind!”
At that, Seth turned and walked away making sure that his shoulder pushed through Benson’s in the process. Benson watched him walk away, a smirk having replaced the smile that faded during Seth’s explanation. He shook his head and chuckled quietly to himself.
BENSON: ”Go figure, Jett Wilder is getting laid more often than Seth Daniels. Now that’s funny.”
Benson stepped forward and pushed the door to the loading dock open, stepping out. The door closed behind him as the scene ended.


Before the match had even began, it was quickly filled with various items ranging from tables, chairs, mirrors, a stop sign, tacks, a Celine Dion inflatable doll, and a few other things that didn’t quite belong, including Bob Fisher. With the match booked with no rules, Bob was able to be inside of the ring, although it annoyed Jeb beyond all measures. Despite the old man’s age, REDD didn’t care one bit. Throwing hands with the old man, Bob and REDD beat the living hell out of one another until REDD lifted the old geezer above his head, pressing him to the sky. Running to the edge of the ring, REDD threw him over the top rope and through the air. The crowd caught Bob and before you knew it, he had disappeared from the picture as he crowd surfed to the back of the arena. With a prison shank in hand, Jeb decided to strike while REDD wasn’t paying attention, coming within inches of slamming the sharpened object into the side of REDD’s head. As he missed, REDD slapped the shank from Jeb’s hand, sending it sliding across the ring and out onto the floor. REDD then struck Jeb’s chest with the strength of God himself, knocking him backwards through the air and crashing to the mat in the center of the ring. Jeb raced to get to his feet but it was too late. REDD was standing over him to deliver a stomp across his crusty face. Pulling Jeb up from the mat, REDD then whipped him to the ropes and as he came back on the return, REDD lifted him into the air and planted him across a glass mirror with a spinning spinebuster, sending shards of glass across the mat. Making the cover, REDD was only able to get a two count before Jeb smashed an old Sega Genesis into the side of his head, shattering it upon impact.
Rolling the huge man off of him, Jeb stood to his feet with another mirror in hand. As REDD rose to one knee, Jeb swung down onto his head with the mirror, shattering it over his skull into hundreds of pieces. REDD’s head was instantly covered in blood and as he remained on one knee, Jeb grabbed the Celine Dion inflatable doll and began thrusting his crotch against the face of it, directly in REDD’s line of sight. REDD immediately erupted to his feet, taking a swing for the fences and connecting with a vicious right hook to Jeb’s temple. Staggering backwards, Jeb hit the ropes and bounced forward into REDD’s arms. Lifting Jeb off his feet and onto his shoulders, REDD then laid him across the stop sign with a Samoan drop. Back on his feet, REDD then set up one of the tables in the nearby corner. Before he could even turn around to face Jeb, Jeb was right behind him with a chair shot to the back of the head. REDD fell forward onto the table. His feet remained on the floor but his upper body was laid across the table with his head hanging over the other side. Climbing the corner, Jeb then leaped down and laid his leg across the back of REDD’s head with a leg drop, forcing the weight of his entire body to demolish the table beneath him. The entire ring shook, nearly collapsing as REDD’s body crashed to the mat.
Eventually the ring was a mess, resembling a landfill full of trash and debris. Covered in blood, both men limped across the ring until meeting in the center once more in an exchange of punches. Wrapping Jeb up with both arms, REDD attempted to lift him for a belly to belly but instead, Jeb rammed his head forward, hitting REDD across the bridge of his nose with a headbutt and breaking his hold. Locking onto REDD’s arm, Jeb went to throw him to the ropes but REDD reversed and whipped him to the ropes instead. As Jeb returned, REDD took him down face first onto a set up chair with a drop toe hold. The impact of Jeb’s head caused the chair to fold instantly over his head. Stacking mirror on top of mirror on top of mirror, REDD made a tower of mirrors in front of the corner. He then pulled the chair from Jeb’s head and dragged him over to the tower before laying his head over the top. Climbing the corner, REDD then leaped into the air and came down with a leg drop… but not on Jeb’s head, instead, his leg crushed through each glass mirror one by one as Jeb had rolled out of the way. With shards of glass stuck in his leg, REDD roared as loudly as he could. His entire leg was now covered in blood but still, he stood to his feet. Running towards Jeb, REDD kicked his bloody leg into the air and went for a running big boot. Ducking underneath REDD’s leg, Jeb then fired back with a stiff punch to REDD’s crotch. Beneath the red mask and red blood covering his face, REDD’s skin turned red as well as that painful feeling began to settle in his stomach. Dragging his feet along the mat, Jeb made a pile of tacks. He then pulled REDD over to it and lifted him upside down into the air before dropping him head first onto the tacks with a jumping piledriver. After suffering Jeb’s Abandon All Hope and his head not a pin cushion, REDD laid across the canvas unable to move. Making the cover, Jeb managed to secure the one, two, and the three!
WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (11:48)



Tommy notices the sign as the bell signals for the match to begin and the pain in his eyes is evident. WWH Aids has stolen his magic and that is even more disconcerting to him than the fact that the FATE champion, Anastasia Hayden, is at ringside. For Tornado’s part he’s all business as he moves toward the middle of the ring. Tommy, meanwhile, pulls his wand out of his pants and looks at it sadly. It’s a stiff piece of wood, barely thicker than a mechanical pencil, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that now he’s firing blanks. Sighing, he stuffs his wand back into his pants and moves to the center of the ring as well where Tornado ties him up and quickly transitions to a rear wrist lock. He lifts Tommy up, wrenching his arm uncomfortably in the process, before slamming Tommy down to the mat face first. Spinning around Tommy quickly, Tornado rolls him up into a pinning predicament as the referee slides in quickly to count the early pinfall attempt.

Tommy, at the last second, manages to kick out as Ana applauds Tornado for the closeness of the attempt. Tommy, frustrated, climbs back to his feet at the same time as Tornado and charges across the ring but Tornado counters with a hip toss. As he does so an audible “oh shit” reverberates around the arena. Tommy’s eyes go wide the moment his back connects with the mat. By the way he reacts you’d think someone had shot him as he grasps at his back, crying out in pain. Scrambling across the ring he pulls himself back up to his feet and takes off toward Tornado, who again counters with a hip toss. The crowd is torn, typically loving Tornado and his good guy persona but also feeling sympathetic for Tommy after he lost his magic. Tommy rolls out of the ring but as he does so Ana stands and pulls out a wand of her own, pointing it at Tommy. Tommy stares at her in amazement that she even has a wand, shouting at her that Squibs aren’t allowed to have magical items like a want. Clinching his fists, Tommy pulls out his wand once more and vigorously rubs it with his hands, trying anything to get the magic to come back. He then quickly points it at Ana who watches in amusement as the crowd grows silent watching the duel before them.

Nothing happens, naturally. But Ana’s face contorts at the notion that Tommy actually tried to cast a killing curse at her. Stomping towards him she grabs him by the back of his head and tosses him back into the ring to a waiting Tornado Desencadenado. In a defensive lineman stance, Tornado takes off as Tommy gets back to his feet looking to connect with CYCLONE SMASH, but Tommy dodges and the last second and leaves Tornado to slam between the middle and top ropes, his shoulder driving into the steel turnbuckle post. Tommy, quickly, drags him out of the corner and plants him down on the mat with the YOYO TOSS SALAD! Instead of going for the pin, though, Tommy smartly moves to the corner and climbs to the top rope, lining Tornado up for a moment before leaping and connecting with the GRYFFINDOR STOMP! He covers and the referee slides in and counts the one, two and three. Ana, outside the ring, nods and watches on as Tommy has his arm raised in the air in victory.
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (11:13)

WALLACE: ”Alright, let’s go out there and make this huge announcement.”
Perry’s voice is heard as the scene cuts backstage where he and Jimmy Walker are found at the catering tables.
WALKER: ”Right now?”
With a plate in hand, Perry turns his full attention to Jimmy, annoyed slightly by the question.
WALLACE: ”Yes right fucking now! You have a fourth member for team Octane to announce if my memory serves me correct.”
Shrugging his shoulders, Jimmy begins grabbing various things from the buffet of food set up.
WALKER: ”Eh, I do?”
WALLACE: ”Jesus fucking Christ!”
Perry says before setting his plate down at the edge of the table.
WALKER: ”Was that tonight?”
WALLACE: ”Mother fucker stop playing games! You already have your fourth. I know who it is. You were supposed to make the big announcement tonight.”
WALKER: ”But who’s the fourth for Adrenaline?”
WALLACE: ”Don’t worry about that right now.”
Shaking his head, Jimmy grabs a chicken wing from the buffet but instead of setting it on his plate, he takes a bite before looking to Wallace.
WALKER: ”You still don’t have a fucking clue, do you?”
Looking down to the floor, Perry begins breathing heavy as his blood pressure begins to rise.
WALLACE: ”That’s not important right now!”
He yells before looking up to Jimmy.
WALKER: ”I think it is. Plus, I’d rather make the announcement at Adrenaline next week when the other teams fourth is announced. We might as well do it together. That is, if you can find someone.”
WALLACE: ”I already have someone in mind and planned to make an announcement next week!”
WALKER: ”Stop bullshitting me. If you did you wouldn’t be keeping it a secret. Good luck topping the fourth we have for team Octane.”
Rubbing his forehead with both hands, Perry speaks softly.
WALLACE: ”Just you wait, Jimmy. This announcement is going to be so fucking huge your head will explode!”
WALKER: ”Yeah, okay. If you say so, boss. Want me to make some calls and help Adrenaline out?”
WALLACE: ”Mother fu–“
Swinging his hands down and away from his face, his hand smacks the corner of his plate hanging over the edge. Instantly, the entire plate flips over, throwing the food all over Perry and his custom tailored suit.
Snickering, Jimmy steps over the food on the floor before piling more food onto his plate.
WALKER: ”The big announcement next week. I have mine. I can’t wait to hear yours.”


A former Octane number one contender facing a current Octane number one contender has fans around the Cabarrus arena buzzing from before the bell was even sounded to begin the match. Daniels and Caroline wasted no time giving the fans what they wanted as Daniels hit Caroline with a punch that snapped her head sideways and sent her stumbling. Before Seth can pounce, though, Caroline manages to get her wits about her and respond with a stiff kick to the outside of Seth’s knee. It’s no secret that Seth’s relative, Keith, had trouble with his knees late in his 4CW tenure and Caroline seems to want to focus on that area as well as she shoots in on the knee she had just kicked and drives Seth down with a single leg takedown. She pushes herself back up to her feet, hanging on the Seth’s left leg, before stomping on the inside of his knee and then leaping, bringing both of her knees down flush in the same location. She then ties him up in a leg lock, torquing on the joint as Seth cries out in pain, trying to use his strength to fight out of the submission maneuver. Meanwhile, the referee steps in to ask Seth if he wants to submit but he waves the man off, irritation mixed with agony on his face.

Caroline wrenches on the hold even harder as Seth spots the sign in the crowd. As if to spite the few fans Caroline has, Seth holds his hand up and extends his middle finger before breaking free of the leg lock. As Caroline climbs back to her feet and tries to resume her assault on Seth, she eats a brutal boot to the face that stumbles her back into the ropes. She bounces off of them as Seth gets back up to his feet gingerly, looking to retaliate with a strike of her own only to be caught by Seth as he stands, planting her down to the mat with a power slam before dropping down to one knee, clutching at the leg that Caroline had spent the most of the early portion of the match focused on. Slowly, Seth stands back up again stepping towards a dazed Caroline. Looking to kick her in the face, Seth throws his good leg up at her but she side steps and sweeps around behind Daniels, grabbing him around the neck. CONQUEROR! She spikes the back of his head off of her knee and quickly covers as the referee slides in, the crowd standing in anticipation of Caroline’s victory.

Shock fills Carolines expression as Daniels kicks out. She slams her hands down on the mat, shouting at the referee that he counted too slowly. Standing up, she corners the referee, berating him for doing a piss poor job in her opinion. It’s not the smartest move in the world as it gives Daniels the time he needs to recover from the move that Caroline had hit him with moments earlier. Struggling back to his feet the crowd begins to buzz for their drug of choice. When Caroline turns around she finds Seth Daniels waiting for her. He steps towards her and thrusts a super kick in her direction but she manages to side step it and shove him, spinning him around. Once more she grabs him around the neck, looking for Conqueror, only to have Seth spin out of the move and shove her into the ropes. When she rebounds the loud CRACK from Daniels foot finding its mark echoes around the arena. LIGHTS OUT! Caroline drops to the mat and Daniels dives across her for the cover as the referee counts the pinfall one, two and three.
WINNER: Seth Daniels via Pinfall (13:15)


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights in the arena go dark for a few seconds before “I’m Not Sorry,” starts up; white strobe lights following different intensities flashing to the beat before a sudden spotlight is put upon the figure onstage. Head down, letterman jacket, snapback covering his features as one hand is clasped over a fist hanging down. With the first word of the song, the figure brings his head up with a large smile, the lights coming back up as the strobes die down.
He looks around at the crowd for a moment, shaking his head before looking at the camera with a smirk. With one sift motion, just as the song picks up, he slaps the camera to a jerk and begins to head down the ramp, the visual shaky for a moment before it focuses again.
POWERS: ”Coming in from Queen’s New York, wanting me to let you all know that he’s still new and doesn’t have any real nicknames lined up, standing five foot nine, weighing in at one hundred fifty-six pounds… ZEEL PPAARRKK!!!”
The way down is a quick strip, losing the hat and throwing it into the crowd before taking off his jacket. Bottom of the ramp, he shrugs into the camera with a laugh; a water bottle in his hand for some reason, out of thin air, that he uses to throw a bit of water at the referee once he enters the ring. He laughs when the referee yells at him and puts both hands up, jacket still in his hands, which he realizes. He throws the bottle to the outside and hands his jacket off as if it’s a title.
Finally, Zeel takes a seat on a turn buckle, reaching out to accept yet another water bottle handed to him by someone not in the shit. He takes a drink and then smiles for the pictures, waiting for the match to begin
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed he then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
LAWSON: ”Just two weeks ago we witnessed a brutal match between Laughlin and his girlfriend, Kaelan Price, with a contender spot for the Octane Championship on the line.”
CAMPBELL: ”Those two literally tried to kill each other right before our eyes but in the end, Laughlin was able to capitalize and he’ll compete against Seth Daniels at Fright Night for the Octane Championship.”
TAYLOR: ”I still have images from that match popping in my head. How can two people who love each other do that to one another?”
CAMPBELL: ”Easy! Put a championship between two people and literally anyone will turn against close one’s.”
TAYLOR: ”If you say so. I’ve seen some rough relationships in my time but nothing that went through what those two put each other through for one night inside of a wrestling ring.”
LAWSON: ”Speaking on contender matches, Zeel was also in one!”
CAMPBELL: ”He was and up against Seth Daniels no less. Things didn’t quite work out in his favor as Seth Daniels will advance to Fright Night for a shot at the championship, but he can at least redeem himself and get back on track tonight.”
TAYLOR: ”It was a tough match up between those men and only one was able to advance. Unfortunately for Zeel, that person just so happened to be Seth.”
LAWSON: ”Well… it appears our official is ready to get things underway. Let’s hush up for a moment and let the excitement unfold right before our eyes.”
CAMPBELL: ”Hopefully we won’t have the clown visit us tonight and destroy the entire ringside area.”
In the center of the ring, the official checks in with both corners before throwing his hand into the air and signaling for the bell.

Off to a quick start, both Laughlin and Zeel exit their corners and circle each other in the center of the ring with quick, gliding steps. They both lunge towards the other, locking up and quick to get the upperhand, Laughlin pulls Zeel into a knee to the gut. Zeel lunges over from the blow to the stomach and from above, Laughlin fires away with rapid forearm shots to the back of his head before eventually knocking him down to all fours. Grabbing ahold of Zeel, Laughlin holds him in place as he then begins to drive multiple knees into Zeel’s shoulder.
Pulling Zeel up to his feet, Laughlin Laughlin then lifts him into the air for a shoulder breaker. Squirming out of Laughlin’s hold, Zeel manages to drop down behind him, landing his feet down to the mat. Zeel then grabs onto Laughlin’s shoulder to spin him around and after he does, he kicks his foot up for Laughlin’s stomach. Catching Zeel’s foot before it makes contact, Laughlin then pulls him in and levels him with a clothesline! Jumping high into the air, Laughlin comes down with both feet aimed for Zeel’s chest. Rolling out of the way, Zeel dodges the jumping double foot stomp. He then spins his body around, catching Laughlin behind the knee with his feet and dropping him to his back with a leg sweep.
Both men rush to their feet, Zeel a couple steps ahead of Laughlin. As Laughlin gets to one knee, Zeel rushes in and hits him underneath the jaw with a knee lift, standing him straight up to his feet in the process! Turning to the ropes behind him, Zeel takes off and as he comes back on the return, he hits Laughlin with a kitchen sink, flipping him completely over and back down to the mat. Turning to the adjacent ropes, Zeel bounces off and as he returns, he jumps forward and lands down across Laughlin’s throat with a leg drop, pinning his head to the mat as Laughlin’s feet shoot straight into the air. Crawling over Laughlin, Zeel makes the cover as the official slides in beside them with the count.

Before even a two count, Laughlin kicks out from the pin attempt. Positioning himself on top of Laughlin, Zeel then begins raining down onto him with mounted punches, connecting with right after right after right. Standing to his feet, he then grabs ahold of Laughlin and pulls him up to his before whipping him to the nearby corner. Just as Laughlin crashes into the corner, Zeel takes off towards him. Leaping into the air, Zeel plants both feet into Laughlin’s stomach while grabbing onto his shoulders. Falling back, Zeel pulls Laughlin along with him and as his back hits the mat, Zeel extends both legs, shooting Laughlin into the air with a monkey flip! Popping back to his feet, Zeel rushes towards Laughlin, leaping up and over him. Landing on the other side of Laughlin, Zeel then does a backflip and comes down with a moonsault!
CAMPBELL: ”There’s Zeel with the moonsau–“
LAWSON: ”Bryan manages to roll out of the way!”
With Laughlin no longer underneath him, Zeel lands down to the mat, smacking his face against it as he lands. Pushing himself up to his feet, Laughlin quickly moves in as Zeel remains down and briefly stunned from the blunt impact to the head. Pulling Zeel to his feet, Laughlin pulls him closely and applies a double underhook body lock. Holding Zeel in place, Laughlin, like a mad man, begins slamming his head forward over and over, hitting Zeel with repeated headbutts. After nearly half a dozen headbutts, Laughlin then lifts him off his feet and slams him back first to the mat. Already on top of Zeel, Laughlin then hooks his leg as the official races over for the count.

LAWSON: ”Zeel kicks out!”
Pushing himself up with Zeel still underneath him, Laughlin holds his head in place before hitting Zeel in the face with two back to back forearm shots. Standing up, Laughlin lifts Zeel from the mat and wraps both arms around him, lifting him into the air. Running across the ring, Laughlin slams Zeel back first into the corner. As Laughlin releases Zeel, Zeel falls down to the mat, but hooks both arms over the top ropes to keep himself elevated. Grabbing onto the top rope, Laughlin then uses it as leverage as he begins ramming multiple knees into Zeel’s stomach. Lifting Zeel into the air again, Laughlin sets him down on top of the corner this time before stepping up to the middle ropes. Holding Zeel’s head in place with his left hand, Laughlin begins hitting Zeel again in the face with rapid forearm shots. After landing ten with the crowd counting along, Laughlin the wraps both arms around Zeel. Lifting Zeel up, Laughlin falls back and away from the corner, throwing Zeel overhead and across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex.
Rolling back and forth in the center of the ring, Zeel can be heard grunting loudly as the pain begins to settle in from the fall. Pushing himself up, Laughlin patiently waits in the corner, never once taking his eyes off of Zeel. Slowly, Zeel begins to push himself to his feet and once standing, Laughlin makes his move. Rushing in, Laughlin kicks his foot up from the mat and aims straight for Zeel’s head.
CAMPBELL: ”Here it comes!”
TAYLOR: ”B-S-K-E!!!”
Just as his foot comes within an inch of his head, Zeel ducks down and avoids the superkick. Popping back straight up, Zeel then spins around in place, hitting Laughlin in the face with a spinning back fist. He then grabs ahold of Laughlin and throws him into the nearby corner. Backing up to the middle of the ring, Zeel then charges in full speed. Closing in, Zeel hits Laughlin with a running lariat, lifting his feet up from the mat and almost flipping him up and over the top rope.
LAWSON: ”And Bryan didn’t even see it coming!”
As Laughlin’s feet touch back down, he stumbles forward, slowly making his way to the center of the ring. Running past him, Zeel hits the ropes in front of him and as he comes back on the rebound, he jumps up, wraps both legs around Laughlin’s head and takes him down to the mat with a head scissors!
CAMPBELL: ”Zeel really did a number on Bryan with that running corner lariat.”
TAYLOR: ”For a second there I thought he was about to eject him from the ring with that move.”
LAWSON: ”Good thing he didn’t, because he has Bryan right where he needs him.”
Circling Laughlin and walking alongside the ropes, Zeel gains the support from the Concord crowd as the noise level and energy in the arena begin to rise. Slowly moving around on the mat, Laughlin rolls over to his stomach before slowly pushing himself up to all fours. Waiting patiently, Zeel continues to look on from a distance behind Laughlin. Second by second passes as Laughlin climbs to his feet and just as he stands, Zeel takes off and races right by him. Hitting the ropes hard in front of Laughlin, Zeel bounces off and comes back with even more speed. Leaping forward, Zeel drives his shoulder into Laughlin’s stomach and wipes him out completely with a diving spear!
TAYLOR: ”And Laughlin is down and out!”
Hooking Laughlin’s leg, Zeel rolls over his, leaning over him with his back. Racing from across the ring, the official slides in beside them with the count.

CAMPBELL: ”There it is! Zeel Park has defeated Bryan Laughlin!”
LAWSON: ”Coming off a huge, bloody win just two weeks ago, Laughlin was unable to keep his momentum rolling into Fright Night.”
TAYLOR: ”But Zeel gets things back on track with this win tonight.”
LAWSON: ”Too bad he doesn’t have anything on the books for Fright Night.”
TAYLOR: ”A hell of a way to go into the next pay-per-view cycle leading into Winter Wasteland.”
“I’m Not Sorry” hits the speakers as Zeel rises to his feet with a cocky grin across his face. Stepping in beside him, the official raises his arm into the air as the final bell sounds.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall… ZEEL PPAARRKK!!!”
Pulling his arm away from the official, Zeel walks alongside the ropes as the Concord crowd cheers for an encore. Dipping through the ropes, Zeel then drops down to the floor before leaving the ring behind and heading up towards the ramp. The camera cuts back to inside of the ring where Laughlin has finally come to his senses, up on both knees in the center of the ring.
LAWSON: ”In three weeks that man right there will face off against Seth Daniels at Fright Night for the Octane Championship.”
TAYLOR: ”Tonight was a tough break for him. On the other hand, Seth has a lot of momentum going into this match. Those two are going to tear the roof and put Octane on the map with what they’re able to dish out.”
CAMPBELL: ”It’s going to be one hell of a match, that’s for sure. Unfortunately we have to wait another three weeks before we officially crown the true king of Octane.”
TAYLOR: ”Well, that’s our show ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to tune into Adrenaline next week as the remaining War Games members for both Adrenaline and Octane will be announced.”
CAMPBELL: ”We’ll also find out who the fourth challenger for the Fate Gauntlet will be. We already have Caroline Burchill, Andre Holmes, and as of tonight, American Tommy.”
LAWSON: ”Octane is going to be representing big time at Fright Night to show that we’re not just the ‘B’ show.”
TAYLOR: ”We may even bring another title home to our brand when it’s all said and done.”
CAMPBELL: ”Welp… that’s it! I’m calling it a night. Goodnight folks.”
LAWSON: ”You heard the man, good night everyone.”
TAYLOR: ”From Octane and the crew, we’ll see you in three weeks. Goodnight!”