Off to a quick start, Kris caught Stevens upside the head with a spinning back kick, sending him falling back into the corner in a daze. Unloading with a fury of lefts and rights, Kris slowly made the longtime veteran and former contender for the 4CW Championship drop down to a seated position with his back against the corner. Back stepping to the center of the ring, Kris then charged forward before leaping into the air and planting both feet into Stevens’ face with a drop kick. Pulling Stevens back to his feet, Kris sent him crashing backwards into the corner once again after hitting him with a sit-down jawbreaker. Seeing stars, Stevens appeared to be unaware of his surroundings and completely out of his realm. Turning the veteran around, Kris began ramming his face down onto the top of the turnbuckle, ten times in fact, before pulling him away and throwing him down to his back. Climbing to the top of the corner, Kris then flipped frontward off and into the air, landing down on Stevens with a front-flipping leg drop across the throat. Having executed The Light perfectly, Kris made the cover and put him away for good with the three count!
WINNER: Kris via Pinfall (7:27)

With “Bulls On Parade” playing in the background, the scene opens up to a clear shot of the inside of the Bankers Field Lifehouse. Inside of the ring, the camera spins in a circle, displaying the crowded house tonight as we rev things up for Adrenaline E74. Once making a full revolution, the camera then begins zooming in to various signs held in the sea of people.

The scene then transitions to a shot from in front of the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit, ready to get things underway.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Adrenaline!”
VASSA: ”Welcome back!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re coming to you live tonight from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.”
VASSA: ”We have an action packed night ahead of us before we head into Fright Night just two more weeks away.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s almost that time of the year folks. And as for tonight, we have a few matches on the card that have implications leading into one of 4CW’s biggest events of the year.”
VASSA: ”That’s right! We have a match between Christy Chaos and Alexis Mercer that will decide the fourth and final person to challenge Anastasia Hayden at Fright Night for the Fate Championship in a gauntlet match.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m looking forward to this match. We already have Andre Holmes from Adrenaline scheduled to be in this gauntlet match. As for Octane, we have Caroline Burchill and American Tommy. Both brands stepping up to the plate and giving Ana the challenge she’s hungry for.”
VASSA: ”And it doesn’t stop there, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh no it doesn’t! Then we have a tag team match between members of Team Adrenaline and Team Octane to decide who gets the advantage in the Wargames match.”
VASSA: ”Sativa and Cyrus Riddle will team up against Lauryn Wolfe and Chris Madison. This thing is going to be off the charts.”
JOHNSON: ”This is a huge match regarding the Wargames brawl for these teams. The actual Wargames match will start with someone from each team but the winning team tonight, will have their second, third, and fourth enter before the opposing team. The outcome of this tag team match tonight could very well play a huge factor in the outcome of Wargames.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of Wargames, we’re also going to find out exactly who the fourth team mebers will be for Octane and Adrenaline.”
JOHNSON: ”Jimmy Walker has made it clear he has his fourth in line. The question is… does Perry have one yet for Adrenaline?”
VASSA: ”I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Knowing him, he probably doesn’t have anyone and will just randomly throw someone in to fill the spot, but pretend like it was his master plan all along.”
JOHNSON: ”Aside from that, we also have some big matches in store for you all tonight. Opening the night we have Brandon Banks taking on Jason Cashe. Then later on we have Matthias Barrows returning from his suspension and stepping in the ring with the man who defeated the 4CW Champion two weeks ago, Jett Wilder!”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget about this main event in store! Bryan Williams is in for one hell of a fight!”
JOHNSON: ”That he is as he’ll be taking on the reigning Fate Champion, Anastasia Hayden!”
VASSA: ”That’s if there’s even a ring left! Because right before that we have Omerta and The Hostile Takeover scheduled and knowing them, they could very well destroy the entire ringside area before their match is said and done.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s very true! But there you have it folks, not only do we have these big matches in store, but we also have more that will keep you on the edge of your seats and the Adrenaline racing! But first, we need to take a small break before we jump into our opening match.”
VASSA: ”Time to pour myself a drink and prepare for a long night 4CW Action!”
JOHNSON: ”Sit tight folks, we’re going to go backstage momentarily before returning here at ringside!”

We see 4CW’s (in)famous reporter Gabriel Hartman. He is standing with Sativa Nevaeh, who is rubbing the knuckles of her right hand as she stares at nothing.
HARTMAN: ”Thank you for joining me Sativa.”
Sativa just nods absently.
HARTMAN: ”Well, first off, with the losing streak you’ve been on lately, what are your thoughts going into this tag match later with others already confirmed for War Games at Fright Night?”
Sativa rolls her head on her shoulder, trying to crack her neck. Her lip curls into a sneer at Hartman’s question. She turns her gaze, now burning with barely contained rage, at Hartman.
NEVAEH: ”Shit happens Gabe. Friday on Octane against Tolson? That was Lauryn costing me the match. Like I said in my promotional work, had an actual ref been in that match it would have gone the other way, no doubt in my mind. But it is what it is Gabe. Can’t dwell on that. I’m look at tonight and then on to Fright Night. This time of year was always good to me.”
She pulls her eyes away from Hartman and slowly resumes her stare into nothing.
HARTMAN: ”Speaking of Lauryn, what actually happened between you two?”
NEVAEH: ”Nothing really. I was always the odd ball in Gen Now. Everyone saw it. I didn’t fit. I wasn’t from the same mold as Manny, Bry, Lauryn, or Bronx. I’m damaged. After my near death at South Beach Brawl an idea bloomed while I laid in the hospital. Where none of them visited me. Not one of them. In a perfect world Bad Company would have seen Lauryn and I beating Manny’s team in the semi-finals then Sadboiz in the finals. Then, with the Tag Titles back around my waist I would have bashed Lauryn’s skull in. After that I would have gone and kicked in Bronx’s teeth. That didn’t happen. Now I have to improvise.”
She finally looks at Hartman with a devilish grin.
HARTMAN: ”At Fright Night in the War Games match you actually get a chance to face not only Lauryn, again after tonight, but also Bryan Williams. Anything you want to say about that?”
Sativa nods.
NEVAEH: ”Well, actually Gabe, I do. You see…”
Sativa is interrupted as Lauryn Wolfe walks up to them with a grin.
WOLFE: ”Well, if it isn’t the female Zion. Ready to get your ass kicked, again, tonight?”
Lauryn looks at Sativa with a smirk. Sativa takes a deep breath while rolling her eyes. She closes them for a moment as she exhales. She opens her eyes and stares at Lauryn.
NEVAEH: ”I bet you are just so proud of yourself after Friday aren’t you? Funny how you are coming at me like this when you were in almost the exact same position last year. That was before you got taken out of action for a while.”
A chuckle comes from Lauryn.
WOLFE: ”Too bad someone hasn’t taken you out, permanently. Yet.”
NEVAEH: ”Oh, and you think you can do it? Sweetie, better people than you have tried. And they have all failed. Maybe I will just finish what Barrows started?”
WOLFE: ”Yeah? And you’ve just been a dead woman walking since Viduus almost killed you!”
At that the two women lunge at each other and start brawling. They evenly trade blows before Lauryn manages to shove Sativa against the nearby wall. Hartman is quick to vacate the scene. Lauryn stalks towards Sativa but is caught off guard and is slammed into the wall as repayment. They once again trade blows and Security flood the scene with Hartman visible in the background. They are able to separate the two women who both struggle to break free and attack the other again.
NEVAEH: ”I ain’t done with you yet bitch. Just wait until we get into that ring later!”
WOLFE: ”And what? You going to impress me with how bad you get beat?”
Sativa doubles her effort to break free but is unsuccessful. Lauryn, however, laughs.
WOLFE: ”What a sad ass bitch.”
Once again, Sativa tried to come at Lauryn, but the security personnel were not playing around. The two remain separated and are escorted to their respective locker rooms by security.


JOHNSON: ”We’re back here at ringside ladies and gentlemen for our opening match of the evening.”
VASSA: ”Brandon Banks and Jason Cashe, finally going head to head inside of the ring!”
The arena rests in a soft gradient of the rising sun, shifting away from the usual lighting fixture.
“One day, Simba… The sun will set on my time here, and will rise through you as the new king.
And this will all be mine?
Everything the light touches…
…Everything the lights touches.”

As the legendary speech given in the Lion King fades away, a loud siren drones over the PA system. “Hero” by Nas starts to blurt out, blasting the entire arena heavily.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights ditch from the peaceful settings to a torrent of flashing colors. Blue and white cycle rapidly as the beat truly picks up. The audience gets on their feet for the arrival of Killah B. A jet of smoke comes out the stage, shrouding the entrance way.
“Chain gleaming, switching lanes, two-seater
Hate him or love him for the same reason
Can’t leave it, the game needs him
Plus the people need someone to believe in
So in God’s Son we trust
Cause they know I’m gonna give em what they want
They looking for a hero, I guess that makes me a hero”

Brandon Banks makes his way out suddenly, absorbing the initial pop that he gets. He stares out to the audience for a moment. A smile dawns on his face, before he starts to nod his head. He mouths that he does deserve the reaction. He turns his back on them literally and throws his arms out. He walks backward down the ring ramp, begging for more of a reaction. When he gets it, he turns around and the first thing he does and tells the fans off. Despite the verbal abuse and him almost smacking a fan.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring… Proudly representing HIS CITY of New Jersey… He is the ONE… THE ONLY… BRANDON BBAANNKKSS!!!”
Yet, his showboating comes to an end as he draws focus on what comes ahead. He tucks his head, and methodically makes his way up the ring steps. When he stops, he raises his head slowly only to give a serious look to the camera. He enters the ring and heads straight for the middle. His arms goes up, getting another pop from the hot crowd. He follows this by climbing the top rope and sending up the ‘roc’ with his hands. He descends down with a shadow looming over his features. Just as his feet touch the mat, Banks drops to his knees, and proceeds to lean back against the corner in typical form, waiting for the match to begin.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The arena goes into a brief silence before Jason Cashe comes out from the back with one of the 4CW Tag Team Championships around his waist and a smile on his face as he hears the place give him either jeers and cheers. Depending on the opponent more one than the other but he takes it all in, deeply inhaling the air with his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the edge of where the stage meets the entrance ramp
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Houston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds and standing six feet tall! He is the former three time 4CW Champion, former two time Extreme Champion, and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Troubled One’, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Patting the championship around his waist, he takes two quick puffs from an “Air Joint”, Cashe rips the belt off and throws his arms up above his head holding his championship high. He shows it to those watching at home before slapping the camera away. He begins to head to the ring. A few fans holding out their own titles, Cashe “high fives” his belt to theirs as he makes his way down to ringside. He rounds the corner of the ring and jogs the steel stairs, getting up on the ring apron.
Dipping through the middle ropes, he enters the ring. Walking to the opposite side, he raises the Tag Team Championship, leaning against the ropes, he roars out, getting hyped up over the upcoming match. On the outside, a fan holds a sign in the front row, catching Cashe’s attention.

Dropping down, he puts his back into a nearby corner and awaits the bell.
VASSA: ”Here’s to hoping tonight’s match goes better than two weeks ago when Banks faced off against Ana.”
JOHNSON: ”Last show was definitely a doozie as the official was forced to stop the match, thus giving Ana the victory over Brandon.”
VASSA: ”Things aren’t any easier for him this week as he’ll be going head to head with a former three time 4CW Champion, a former two time Extreme Champion, and currently one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions.”
JOHNSON: ”He definitely has his work cut out for him tonight with Cashe. Some offense at the start could very well be what he needs to avoid a repeat of his last match.”
VASSA: ”A win over Cashe could be HUGE for Banks, and what he needs to turn things off in what has turned out to be a rough start to his 4CW tenure.”
In the center of the ring, the official checks in with each former, getting the nod from both men. With both parties ready to go, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

Both men stand across from each other in the center of the ring, slowly circling as they go over strategy in their heads, studying the others movements. Shooting in first, Cashe lunges for Banks with both arms extended. Side stepping Cashe, Banks then grabs ahold of his shoulder, spinning him around to face him. Kicking Cashe in the side of the knee, he forces Cashe’s leg to give out from under him. Banks then wraps Cashe’s head up and goes for a snap DDT, but hits the canvas empty handed as Cashe jerks his head free.
Banks then rushes to push himself up, but before he does, Cashe steps in and plants a foot across his face as he kicks his leg forward. Banks falls back down to the mat and begins dragging himself backwards away from Cashe. Rushing in behind him, Cashe reaches down to grab ahold of him but instead receives a boot to the stomach. Popping back to his feet, Banks then pushes Cashe a few steps back. With Cashe still out of breath from the foot to the gut, Banks then moves in quickly and hits him across the face with a step-up enzuigiri, dropping him to the mat.
Cashe rolls to his side, pushing himself up on one arm while holding his head with his other hand. Grabbing ahold of his arm, Banks then lifts Cashe to his feet before whipping him to the far ropes across the ring. As Cashe hits the ropes and bounces off, Banks charges straight for him. Leaping forwards into the air, he wipes Cashe out with a leg lariat. In kick up fashion, Banks pops back to his feet before pacing the ring momentarily with Cashe still down on the mat.
JOHNSON: ”That’s what I was talking about. If Banks can keep this up and establish a dominance early on in this match, Cashe isn’t invincible.”
VASSA: ”Oh hell, he’s the furthest thing from it. I’ve seen him take all kinds of bumps and bruises along the way but you’re right, Steve. Keeping Cashe down and staying ahead of him one step the entire time is how you defeat someone with the ring knowledge that the Troubled One possesses.”
By this time, Cashe has rolled across the ring, stopping just at the ropes. On his feet, Banks walks back and forth with his eyes locked Cashe the entire time. In the blink of an eye, he makes his move, running across the ring and leaping over Cashe. He grabs onto the top rope, pushing his body upward and raising his legs even higher in the air. Gravity then takes hold and his descent begins. Kicking his foot down, Banks drives it onto Cashe’s throat! Not letting go of the ropes, he then uses them for leverage as he applies all of his weight to that single leg, pressing his foot against Cashe’s throat even longer. Immediately, the official begins a five count, yelling for Banks to release the illegal move.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“

Letting up at just the last possible split second, Banks avoids a disqualification but is then quickly backed across the ring and into the corner as the official lays into his with a verbal warning. This gives Cashe time to slowly pull himself to his feet using the ropes like a ladder, one by one until finally standing tall. The official then steps out of the way, allowing Banks to continue now that Cashe has risen. He quickly moves in, creeping in behind Cashe hoping to catch him with the element of surprise. Looking to the outside, Cashe takes notice to the fans in the front row watching Banks as their eyes come closer and closer to where Cashe is standing. Just as Banks is behind him, Cashe spins around and wildly throws his arm, connecting it to Banks’ shoulder and knocking him a couple steps away from the ropes. Jumping up onto the bottom rope, Cashe bounces off like it was a trampoline, throwing himself into the air. As his body glides away from the ropes, Cashe spins around and right there in front of him is Banks. With both arms extended to his sides, Cashe then swings them in together, hitting banks across both ears with a double ear slap!
VASSA: ”Oh shit, the Bell Clap! Gets them every time!”
JOHNSON: ”One of these days he’s going to actually bust someone’s eardrum.”
VASSA: ”Wouldn’t be surprised one bit to learn that is Cashe’s true intentions each time he delivers that painful move.”
With Banks on his toes, Cashe then begins laying into him with boxing style jabs. After landing half a dozen blows to Banks grill, Cashe then spins around in place and as he faces Banks again, he levels him with a discus clothesline! With Banks on his back staring up at the lights, Cashe then jumps straight up and comes down with a headbutt aimed directly for Banks’ head.

Cashe’s head collides with nothing but the canvas as Banks rolls out from under him. Bringing both hands over his forehead, Cashe then rolls over to his back as Banks slowly climbs back to his feet. Catching his breath, Banks looks on as Cashe slowly begins to push himself up to all fours. Cashe then rises up on both knees and as he does, Banks is right there, charging in and putting him back down to the mat with a running Yakuza kick to the face! The kick seems to have stunned Cashe fairly bad as he rolls back and forth, not even attempting to get back to his feet. On his though, Banks then hops over Cashe and darts for the ropes ahead. Coming back on the rebound, Banks then rolls forward before shooting himself straight into the air and coming down with a frog splash! Hooking Cashe’s leg, Banks goes to put him away as the official begins the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Cashe abruptly ends the officials count. Pushing himself up and not wasting a single second, Banks then stomps on Cashe’s shoulder multiple times before pulling him up to his feet. He then whips Cashe to the corner across the ring and as Cashe crashes against it, Banks takes off for him at full speed. Going for a corner clothesline, Banks catches an elbow to the mouth as Cashe reacts just as Banks is about to close in. The elbow whips Banks around to face the opposite direction. Cashe then grabs Banks from behind, wrapping him up with both arms. Throwing an elbow of his own back, Banks connects with it across Cashe’s nose. He then pulls Cashe’s hands apart and spins around, positioning himself behind Cashe. Wrapping both arms around Cashe’s waist, Banks pushes Cashe forward a couple of steps before lifting him off his feet and falling back, throwing him overhead with a German suplex in the corner.
JOHNSON: ”A move right out of Cashe’s playb–“
Cashe continues rolling backwards as Banks releases him, landing both feet on the top rope and standing straight up. As Banks hits the mat empty handed, Cashe then jumps straight down, landing an elbow drop in the center of Banks chest!
JOHNSON: ”That was remarkable!”
VASSA: ”NO! That was foul!”
Making the cover, Cashe goes for the pin as the official slides in beside them with the count.

Kicking out just as the officials hand slaps the mat a second time, Banks breaks up the pin, leaving Cashe somewhat disappointed after executing the beautiful counter. He then stands to his feet and pulls Banks up right after. Reaching overhead and locking both hands together on top of Cashe’s, Banks then drops to both knees, pulling Cashe’s head down and slamming his jaw on top of his own head. The jawbreaker sends Cashe flying backwards into the corner. With both arms spread across the top ropes on each side of the corner, Cashe holds himself up, seeing stars as well. Bursting up to his feet, Banks then shoots forward, hitting Cashe with the clothesline in the corner he was robbed of earlier.
Banks then drags him away from the corner and to the center of the ring. Turning Cashe around, Banks sets him up for a pump-handle before lifting him upside down into the air. Slipping out of Banks hold before he can finish with the Michinoku Driver, Cashe drops down to his feet behind Banks. Grabbing him by the shoulder, Cashe spins Banks around before lunging forward and pushing him with both fists to the chest. Banks stumbles back and hits the ropes. As he rebound, Cashe lifts him and pops him straight up into the air.
VASSA: ”Here comes the Trouble Maker!”
Instead of coming straight down and into the spinebuster to finish the move, Banks pushes away from Cashe, forcing himself to create some distance between the two before landing. Quick on his feet, Cashe then lunges forward and throws his first arm, connecting with a stiff striking elbow to Banks’ face as soon as his head drops down low enough for contact.
Banks falls forward, hitting the mat face first with a thud. If the impact from Cashe’s elbow wasn’t enough, the impact from his head crashing against the canvas appeared to hurt even more. Dazed, Banks slowly pushes himself to his feet, unaware of his surroundings and by the looks of it, unaware of what is exactly going on at the moment. Cashe then sprints right past him and hits the ropes. Coming back full speed on the rebound, Cashe leaps forward just as Banks turns around to face him, connecting with a second stiff striking elbow to the head.
JOHNSON: ”There’s a second Mark of Jason!”
With Banks down and out cold, Cashe crawls over top of him and nonchalantly makes the cover.

JOHNSON: ”There we have it, Jason Cashe wins it ladies and gents.”
VASSA: ”And with back to back Mark of Jason’s! We might need to verify with Bryan Williams on whether or not there was a concussion involved.”
Standing to his feet, Cashe looks down at his defeated opponent before the official steps in beside him and raises his arm into the sky.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Pulling his arm away from the official, Cashe then heads to the ropes and climbs through to the other side before dropping down to the floor. Picking his Tag Team Championship up from the floor, he then circles the ring before heading up the ramp, leaving it all behind him and moving on to the next challenge that awaits him at Fright Night.

The scene cuts backstage outside of the makeshift office currently occupied by a familiar face. No, not that one, not the one you were expecting. It was a different face. It was Jimmy Walker, sitting behind the desk where we would normally find Perry Wallace in these quick cut-to scenes behind a desk. He leans back in the chair, his foot propped up on top of the desk, looking down at his cell phone in hand. An irritated look appears to be on his face as he stares down at the scene below.
Knock! Knock!

His attention is quickly drawn to the door where we see no one other than the one expected to be sitting behind the desk in the first place… Perry Wallace. Letting himself in, Perry has a pep in his step and a grin from ear to ear.
WALLACE: ”Jimmy, why the long face?”
WALKER: ”There’s been a bit of a mix up, nothing major.”
WALLACE: ”Well, that’s good then, I guess. So, you ready to make this big announcement you’ve been making me keep a secret for weeks now?”
WALKER: ”Are you ready to make yours? Hell, do you even have one for that matter?”
Cocking his head to the side, Perry holds out his arms before slowly shrugging his shoulders.
WALLACE: ”You bet your ass I do… and it’s going to be fucking huge! Now, where’s he at.”
WALKER: ”That’s the mix up.”
WALLACE: ”Wait, what?”
Perry questions as a look of concern comes over his face.
WALKER: ”There was a slight mix up with scheduling and what not. Truth be told, he isn’t here tonight.”
WALLACE: ”Hold on, hold on, wait a damn second. You mean to tell me that you’ve signed him to Octane and was supposed to announce him for Team Octane tonight and he’s not here?”
A long pause takes place as a silence fills the room.
WALLACE: ”He is at least signed, right?”
Jimmy nods his head before pulling his foot down from the desk and leaning up in the chair.
WALKER: ”All that is square. He’s just unable to appear tonight due to previous obligations.”
WALLACE: ”Mother fucker, you mean to tell me that you’ve signed Cosmo Cooper to Octane and he’s the fourth team member but he isn’t here for the big announcement.”
WALKER: ”That’s exactly what I’m saying. But don’t worry, you just made the announcement yourself.”
Pointing behind Perry, Jimmy points out the camera catching every bit of footage and conversation between the two. Slowly, Perry turns around, locking eyes with the camera.
WALLACE: ”So much for big announcements.”
WALKER: ”Can’t argue with you there. We could have made other arrangements to do this at the final Octane before Fright Night next week.”
WALLACE: ”It’s a little too late for that, don’t you think?”
WALKER: ”My thoughts exactly. So, since you’ve announced who the fourth member of Team Octane is and the newest signee to the Octane brand, you care to fill us all in on who the fourth Adrenaline team member is while we have a camera on standby rolling live?”
Thinking to himself, Perry pauses for a short moment before holding his hand up and extending his index finger.
WALLACE: ”That will be a big negative, Jimbo. Sorry folks, you’ll just have to wait until later on tonight when they introduce themselves.”
Turning back to Jimmy, Perry crosses his arms while tapping his foot on the floor.
WALLACE: ”A little heads up would have been nice.”
WALKER: ”I know better than to interrupt the boss when he’s speaking. I didn’t even have a chance to stop you.”
Backing towards the door, Perry stops in the middle of the doorway.
WALLACE: ”That’s fine. I’ll play the role of my son and ruin the surprise for everyone. It’s in our genetics after all. One week. Bring him to Octane next week and build some hype man. This is a big deal and a big signing for Octane.”
Before Jimmy can reply, Perry holds his hand up once more, extending his index finger again.
WALLACE: ”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a big announcement to orchestrate. Watch and learn, kiddo.”
Not even giving Jimmy a chance to reply, Perry then backs out of the doorway before disappearing down the hall, leaving Jimmy alone in the office as the scene slowly comes to a close.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The lights blackened in the arena, the only sign of life, little flickers of cellphone screens illuminated like stars in the night. Thaiko drums bang as a curtain is raised over the stage only to be swamped under with the circling of red and yellow lights, falling like a thin veil to reveal the Emperor on his throne.
POWERS: ”Introducing first, from London, England… ALIOTH SSTTAARRRREE!!!”
Starre sits on a dark, wooden thrown with black cushioning. The stile risen almost five feet over him with a carved A in the splat, a crown carved into the crest rail. He steps down from his throne, his black coat heavy and follows behind over his shoulders. As he makes his way to the ring, he stops right at the threshold of aisle and ringside to sling the coat over one shoulder and onto the floor, then toss the crown of thorns out to the crowd as he then goes to the steps and ropes into the ring.
Starr ascends the second rope, hands folded behind his back, body leaned forward against the third rope and observes his subjects around him with an apathetic, knowing glance.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
“Break You” by Lamb of God begins playing throughout the arena as Luke Jones steps out from the back and proceeds down the entrance ramp.
POWERS: ”Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky… he is LUKE JJOONNEESS!!!”
Luke climbs the top turnbuckle and poses for the crowd before climbing back down and preparing himself.
JOHNSON: ”Up next, we have two gentlemen who are no stranger to one another.”
VASSA: ”We have a man who has defied the odds and spit directly in the face of being handicapped. Someone who has once bound to a wheel chair but now, like Forrest Gump, has magic legs!”
JOHNSON: ”What are you even talking about right now?”
VASSA: ”I’m talking about Alioth Starre, the man who will be going head to head with the fuckboy himself, Luke Jones.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know if you can call Luke that anymore. Ever since the 4 Corners Frenzy where he did remarkably well, Luke has been more focused and serious with his career within 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy. That’s what I say! This match features the former physically handicapped going toe to toe with the mentally handicapped. It doesn’t get anymore entertaining than this!”
JOHNSON: ”Jesus Christ, Vinny! What is wrong with you? You know what… let’s just get on with the match before you get yourself in trouble with the network for speaking about folks like that.”

As the bell sounds, Luke and Alioth circle one another in the center of the ring momentarily before Luke lunges forward to grab ahold of Alioth. Quick to react, Alioth hits Luke directly in the chest with a heart punch, stopping him in his tracks. Luke quickly pulls his hand to his chest, out of breath and unable to counter. Running past him, Alioth hits the ropes and as he comes back on the short return, he ducks down and jumps forward, chop blocking Luke from behind and taking him down to the mat. With Luke on his back, Alioth grabs his foot but before he can do anything with it, Luke draws back his other leg, pulling the knee to his chest before kicking it straight and planting his foot in Alioth’s face. Alioth stumbles back as he releases Luke’s foot, giving Luke just enough time to quickly push himself to his feet.
The chop block from before appears to have hurt Luke’s knee as he doesn’t apply all of his weight to it. Rushing in, Alioth throws another straight forward punch for Luke’s heart, this time missing as Luke catches his arm and flips him over to the mat with an arm drag. Swinging downward, Luke hits Alioth over the head with an elbow shot before standing to his feet and pulling Alioth up as well. Hitting Alioth with back to back forearm strikes, Luke knocks him into the ropes and as Alioth bounces off, Luke lifts him into the air and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Backing away from the ropes, Luke then transitions the hold while dropping Alioth to the mat with a neckbreaker.
Back on his feet, Luke stomps on Alioth’s chest over and over before jumping straight up and coming down with an elbow drop to the same area. He rolls Alioth over to his back and sits over him, grabbing a single leg and going for a single leg Boston Crab. Before he can finally get it locked in and settled, Alioth kicks his leg straight, throwing Luke off of him. The two race to their feet, Alioth standing first. Charging Luke, Alioth then throws another straight forward punch, this one a little harder than before, hitting Luke in the chest with a second heart punch just as he stands. Instantly, Luke drops down to both knees. With rapid kicks, Alioth plants his foot into Luke’s shoulder a few times before pulling him up again. Whipping Luke to the ropes, Alioth stands back and as Luke rebounds, Alioth makes his move. With Luke closing in, Alioth steps forward and then kicks his foot up, clotheslining Luke with a superkick and knocking him flat on his back. Quickly, Alioth makes the cover as the official rushes in with the count.

VASSA: ”That kick is sure to give him whiplash in the morning but right now, it just isn’t enough to keep Luke down for the three count.”
Not wasting any time, Alioth climbs to his feet. Positioning himself beside Luke, Alioth then begins attacking the same knee from before with multiple knee drops. He then steps over Luke and goes to the corner, climbing slowly to the top while Luke remains down on the mat. Once standing tall above everything else, Alioth then leaps forward, flying through the air and coming down with another knee drop.

At the last possible second, Luke rolls out of the way, leaving nothing to break Alioth’s fall as he crashes knee first to the canvas. Appearing to have played possum, Luke climbs to his feet quickly with a smile on his face as he taps his temple with his index finger. Running forward, he kicks Alioth in the side of the head, rolling him over to his stomach. Stepping over Alioth with a foot planted on each side of his body, Luke then squats down and reaches both arms around Alioth, locking hands underneath his stomach. Using all of his strength, Luke then deadlifts Alioth from the mat before falling back and dropping him on his head with a deadlift German suplex. Maintaining the bridge, Luke has Alioth’s shoulders to the mat as the official slides in beside them with the count.

Kicking out just before the two count, Alioth buys himself some more time and denies Luke the pinfall. Frustrated, Luke quickly rises to his feet and attacks Alioth before he can even begin to get up. Pushing through the attack, Alioth manages to get to one knee before Luke brings his climb to a halt. Drawing back and turning his body, Luke then swings forward while twisting, connecting to Alioth’s temple with an elbow shot. The blow stuns Alioth, but doesn’t put him down. Luke then back steps quickly and hits the ropes. Bouncing off, he picks up some pep in his step before leveling Alioth with a shining wizard! Pulling Alioth to his feet, Luke then hooks his leg and lifts him into the air in belly to back suplex fashion. Transitioning Alioth over his shoulder, Luke then drops him directly on his head with a piledriver!
JOHNSON: ”Luke just dropped Alioth with the Annihilation!”
VASSA: ”A move like that can easily put someone in a wheel chair… or back into one!”
Making the cover, Luke hooks Alioth’s leg as the official drops in beside them with the count.

JOHNSON: ”There you have it folks! Luke Jones has won it here tonight over Alioth Starre.”
“Break You” hits the speakers as Luke stands to his feet. Stepping in beside him, the official grabs his arm and raises it into the air, but only momentarily before Luke rips it away.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, LUKE JJOONNEESS!!!”
Looking down at Alioth in disappointment, Luke shakes his head for a short moment before turning his back to Alioth and the official. Dipping through the ropes, he drops down to the floor before heading straight up the ramp and to the back as if on a mission.

The two doll like beings that followed Viduus around during his promo have found their way to Adrenaline. The camera man finds them wandering around backstage, walking as slowly as possible but quite reasonably spaced apart. Their blue floral pattern dresses would have you believe they are normal little girls until their doll like heads are seen.
Carmella Wilder had just crossed the path of one that was walking in a square pattern up ahead. Carmella tried to remain as quiet as possible in order to sneak past the first one but the creature stopped, lifted it’s head up and turned slowly around. As the thing begin to turn Carmella stopped on her tracks as the creature sets it’s black eyes on here.
Carmella would have screamed if she could but no sounds would come. The creature pointed at her and let out a yell or maybe an alarm. It sounded as if the creature was breathing air in yet howling at the same time. Carmella immediately ran as fast as she could only for the second Doll thing to do the same as she crossed it’s path.
Carmella ran so frantically that she had not noticed she ran right into Viduus. She fell backwards on her butt as Viduus stood over her with a smile on his face.
MORTA: “Beautiful, aren’t they Carmella?”
Now, Carmella was slowly trying to back up but the two doll creatures stood on each side of her. She could feel her skin crawl judging by her face but Viduus extended his hand to pull her up.
MORTA: “They just believe you to be beautiful as well. I mean you no harm Carmella…”
Unsure, she allowed Viduus to pull her up to her feet as the creatures were biting the clothing that Carmella wore and then licking their lips nodding excitedly to each other.
MORTA: “Go on Carmella….they won’t hurt you either.”
Carmella made a b-line for the next nearest hallway with people in it as Viduus and his creatures looked on. Viduus let out his sinister laugh knowing well that he intends much harm for Carmella in a few weeks time.

The seventy-fourth episode of Adrenaline now casts over to the backstage area of the Bankers Field Lifehouse arena showing a narrow passage hallway filled with equipment crates, tables and staff of security, make-up, workers etc. However, coming into the full frame of the camera is Andre Holmes wearing a full grey suit with a white tie to complete the look. He’s walking confidently especially after his victory last week on Adrenaline that a big a white smile comes across his face.
HOLMES: “Feels good to be back on track.”
The whisper escaping his lips exemplifying a tone of pride and comfort. It doesn’t take too long for the relentless athlete to stop him his tracks as his eyes divert to his west. The camera turns around and there is Alexis Mercer warming up for the match by stretching her right leg on the edge of an equipment crate.
HOLMES: “Time to be the better man…for once.”
A quick sigh of reluctance is released into the atmosphere and he walks through it to accompany Alexis who whips her blonde hair back to see who defeated her last week. She stands upright and Andre clears his voice while having his right hand in between them presenting a gesture of peace and truce.
HOLMES: “Hey. No hard feelings? We had a great match and anytime you want a rematch, I’ll happily give it to you. So what ya’ say we shake hands and look forward to Fright Night huh?”
Andre was definitely genuine in his approach to Alexis Mercer who looks down at his right hand in between them and then back up to his eyes. An awkward smile comes on his face; Forced due to not being the type of person to see his opponents so quick but sometimes he has to be a man about it.
Alexis on the other hand, she returns the smile and slowly her right hand reaches up to his but at the last second they were about to touch, she withdraws. Her smile is gone in a flash of a heartbeat and she spins on her feet with her blonde her smacking him in the chin. She walks away and Andre rubs his chin watching Alexis strut her stuff. Right there, his smile turns into a frown but one of anger for the disrespect.
HOLMES: “Bitch…”
He says lowly under his tongue and rolls his eyes. There he walks off from the camera view and Adrenaline returns back to ringside.


“Stronger” by Through Fire plays over the sound system while crane cameras get glimpses of the upper-level seats as the crowd pops. Moments into this transitions to ‘The Anti-Starlet’ Alexis Mercer’s entrance video. After a few seconds, Alexis appears in the audience walking down the first set of arena stairs as fans are there to greet her while security makes room for her path.
POWERS: ”From Salem, New York, weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds, she is the ‘Anti-Starlet’, ALEXIS MMEERRCCEERR!!!”
Reaching the bottom level. Alexis Mercer stops to take the energy from the crowd. She surveys everything in front of her then with a swift motion hops over the barricade. Alexis circles ringside halfway before pulling herself onto the apron entering the ring and heads to her respected corner taking off her leather jacket and grabbing both sides of the corner ropes, leaning forward looking at the opponent.
“Cold and black inside this coffin”
“‘Cause you all try to keep me down”
“How it feels to be FORGOTTEN”

Skillet’s “Back From The Dead” continues over the sound system as Christy parts the curtains, getting a pop from the fans. Slowly walking to the center of the stage she removes the hood of her hoodie and makes a quick glance over to the crowd, that continues to pop in a mixed reaction.
POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring… Hailing from Laughlin, Nevada… ‘The Star Struck Princess’… CHRISTY CCHHAAOOSS!!!”
Christy smirks rubbing her chin before continuing her way down the ramp. Stopping at the steps, she removes her hoodie and tosses it back-handed into the crowd as she walks up the steps. Wiping her feet on the apron, she steps through the ropes and into the ring. She brushes her hands through her hair before holding both arms out and making a quick circle around the ring with a smirk on her face. After that Christy leans in the corner and begins warming up.

The match started with a flurry as the two women stood in the center of the ring going blow for blow with one another. Neither one of them willing to give their opponent an inch. Punch after punch hair flew all around the ring. Attempting to gain some ground Christy went for an arm drag takedown sending Alexis flipping back first onto the ground. Christy kept Alexis arm locked as she pushed down hard on her shoulder squeezing with all her might. Alexis grimaced in pain each time Christy pushed down. Stepping around to the front of her opponent Christy delivered a few strong kicks to the chest of Alexis before letting her fall backwards onto them mat.

JOHNSON: ”Early pin attempt there from Christy.”
VASSA: ”Might’ve been a little too early. Christy needed to continue the offense there. “
JOHNSON: ”Let’s see how it works out here..”
Alexis was easily able to kick out from the pin, and quickly rolled herself back up to her feet. Popping up to her feet Christy began a sprint towards Alexis. Both women extending their arms for a clothesline. With a loud thud the collided in the center of the ring each of them staggering backwards a few steps. Pushing off from the bottom rope Christy once again went for the clothesline. This time it was successful in putting Alexis onto the mat. Wasting no time Christy dropped down, and locked Alexis in an arm bar. Pushing her hips up to the ceiling just behind the elbow.
VASSA: ”The ARMBAR is locked in here… This could be it.”
JOHNSON: ”If Christy gets herself in the right position here she could snap Alexis’ arm right in half. This does not look good..”
VASSA: ”Not at all peckerman .. do you see how her arm is bending?”
Alexis was just barely able to latch onto the bottom rope. Christy broke the hold and made her way back up to her feet. Breathing deeply Alexis too pushed herself back up to her feet. Violently shaking the arm which Christy just had locked in the armbar. Still favoring her arm as she stepped up to her opponent Alexis delivered a beautiful spinning heel kick to the forehead of Christy pushing her back a few steps. Dropping to one knee Christy brought her right hand up to her head checking for blood. None. Seeing her opening Alexis ran toward Christy and began a slide just before she reached her wrapping her head up and dropping it to the mat with a DDT.
JOHNSON: ”Perfectly timed DDT..”
VASSA: ”Not the move I would’ve picked in that situation. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt her too bad going forward.”
JOHNSON: ”Wha-… wait, what match are you watching?”
VASSA: ”Listen, I’m not a professional wrestler but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. And that DDT is not the move I would’ve used there.”
With a smile Alexis pulled Christy up to her feet by her right arm. Holding onto the arm Alexis climbed up to the top rope, and turned her back to the ring. Balancing herself Alexis walked her way out to the center of the ring. Leaping backwards Alexis did a backwards somersault pinning the head of Christy between her arm, and ribs after the flip her momentum carried her backwards driving Christy’s head into the mat with a unique moonsault reverse DDT combo. Leaning back Alexis locked Christy’s leg for a pin.
VASSA: ”Wow, did you see how graceful she was there?”
JOHNSON: ”I did it reminded me of a Celine Dion concert I was at one time.”
VASSA: ”Your man card is being revoked.”

VASSA: ”Another quick kickout there.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh come on that three count was about as close as Ben Rothlesberger was to throwing a Steelers touchdown this week.”
Unable to get the pin Alexis sat up looking over toward the referee. Shaking her head, she pushed herself back up to her feet. The second she was on her feet she was quickly drug back down to the mat in a small package pin attempt from Christy.

JOHNSON: ”Now that was close.”
VASSA: ”What are you doing playing favorites?”
Gasping for breath Alexis pushed herself back up to her feet this time not taking her eyes off of Christy. With both women on their feet they begin circling one another. Neither one of them willing to break eye contact. Christy dove in wrapping both of her arms around Alexis head in a sleeper hold. Pushing her chin into the side of Alexis head for some extra discomfort she was able to maneuver her around the ring wherever she wanted to go.
VASSA: ”This could be nite-nite time right here.”
JOHNSON: ”I think Alexis is starting to work herself free.”
Alexis was able to wiggle a little free from Christys hold. Clenching her hands together she began to drive her right elbow into the mid-section of Christy. Once. Twice. Three. On the fourth strike Chrissy broke her grip around Alexis head. Doubled over holding onto her stomach Christy took a few steps backwards taking in as much air as she could. Alexis to the couple second break she had to work the kinks out of her neck before running toward Christy, and spinning her down to the mat with a Tilt-A-Whirl Head scissors.
VASSA: ”Christy’s head just got to talking with the mat..”
JOHNSON: ”Did you hear that thud?”
Wasting no time Alexis kipped back up to her feet and made her way over to the turnbuckle. Climbing up the tope rope Alexis turned her head and looked at Chrissy who was slowly beginning to move. Spinning her head back around with her arms extended to the sides, and middle fingers up, Alexis leaped off the top rope. Twisting and twirling through the air landing across the chest and stomach area of Christy Chaos with a Phoenix Splash. Hooking her leg Alexis went for the pin.

JOHNSON: ”There you go! Alexis Mercer will advance to Fright Night as the fourth person to challenge Anastasia Hayden in the gauntlet match for the Fate Championship!”
VASSA: ”It wasn’t an easy win here tonight, nor will the championship match at Fright Night. But she’ll have two weeks to rest and prepare for the battle that awaits her.”
“Stronger” hits the speakers as Alexis stands to her feet, having her arm raised high into the air shortly after by the official.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner, ALEXIS MMEERRCCEERR!!!”

HARTMAN: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Gabriel Hartman and I am here waiting for a word with the ONE, the ONLY! James Shark!”
The fans even at ringside could be heard backstage as the camera switches to show the big screen where the in house crowd was seeing the backstage segment. People are going nuts! Would the HKW Star really appear for 4CW? Their cheers and excitement turn to a gloomy boo as Jason Cashe appears on screen next to Hartman. Smile on his face, Cashe was wearing an HKW T-Shirt.
HARTMAN: ”He made me say Shark’s name and with his shirt it would seem you have somethings to say?”
Cameras cutting back to a live perspective, right in front of both Gabriel Hartman and Jason Cashe. The question asked opened the door to speak but it was as if Cashe hadn’t decided on what exactly he wanted to say.
CASHE: ”I’m leaving 4CW… Joining HKW, it’s where the best go to tangle right? All the big names. I mean, we aren’t seeing this “Banks Family Legacy” HERE so I kind of wonder. If I join there would I see it? With their hands in the cookie jar, with their names like the mentioned James Shark be at his best if I went there?”
HARTMAN: ”Are you asking me?”
Nodding, Cashe probably wasn’t ASKING him but now it was a thing. A bit but this wasn’t on social media. It was backstage and at LEAST consisted of WRESTLING based information.
CASHE: ”Yes, I am interviewing you now. Gimmie that mic!”
Snatching it from the long time 4CW Interviewer, the long time 4CW Roster member becomes the interview. The interviewer now the interviewee.
CASHE: ”So Hartman. I have a few questions for you. Let’s go for ten, a Ten Spot if you will!”
Giving the camera a long stare as if this were a Ferris Bueller movie. Starting the interview, Cashe stood straighter up. Took on the role as if he were being paid for it.
CASHE: ”If you were on Death Row. What would your last meal be?”
HARTMAN: ”Ummm.. I guess if I had to pick something… Wait, why am I on death row?”
Cashe heads falls back as he grunts at the detail needed by some. Breaking shit down was useful but god DAMN if it didn’t get annoying at times.
CASHE: ”My questions, your answers. Should I repeat the question?”
HARTMAN: ”No, no, I got it.. Last meal? Food Truck. Nacho Mamma’s if we’re in Indianapolis!”
The audience again is heard. A cheap pop which makes Hartman smile but Cashe was staring blankly at him as he shook his head slightly from right to left, disappointed some.
CASHE: ”Srrious? Cheap pops? Sooo basic..”
Hand out, palm almost pressed into Hartman’s face. Cashe interrupted him.
CASHE: ”No.. Hell no! Next question before I loose my nerve.. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate The Banks Family Legacy?”
HARTMAN: ”Personally? I’m unmoved by it. Not that in their circles it isn’t impressive or promoted but.. That’s just it! It’s forced on people and has been for some time now but does that equal a legacy? If shit sits on the side of the road for months and becomes a stain on the road. Should we label it a landmark?”
HARTMAN: ”This isn’t on camera is it? Ohh wait, yeah it is..”
Turning and bending as Cashe laughs, he is having him not just a regular “lol” but a “LMAO” moment, all caps! It was a serious laugh! As he regains his composure, Cashe goes back to trying to be a serious interviewer. Gabriel Hartman beginning to fall into the role of being the tough interviewee.
CASHE: ”Third question. If you could smell the sticky part of ANY female on the roster, who would it be and what do you think they smell like? Two parter.”
HARTMAN: ”Ohhh good one! I like it! I’m gonna have to go wi–“
Hartman spins around instantly losing his rising tough feeling he was gaining being on the other side of the interview. He returned to the “homeless” and harmless Gabriel Hartman. Cashe steps passed Hartman as if to protect him as Freedumb steps into the scene.
CASHE: ”We have enough brainless acthletes here tonight, you have no reason to be in this segment right now..”
Saying “acthlete” was a new one for Cashe but it described the very fabric of how he felt and viewed certain wrestlers. HKW to be a few of them. Freedumb and a few others in 4CW as well but it was never something everyone agreed on. Helped the disses go back and forth with the variety of opinions and Cashe truly appreciated it as he does with most beefs. Bigger slices or small bites.
FREEDUMB: ”Cute. ‘Acthletes’ but maybe a little too witty for the likes of you, wouldn’t you agree Hartman?”
Looking passed Cashe and directly Hartman knowing it was Freedumb and nobody was ACTUALLY scared of this guy. Hartman scoffs and blows even answering him off because Freedumb DOESN’T matter.
CASHE: ”Don’t you have a Dog park to visit? Get some treats and scout for potential suitors? Fuck outta here..”
FREEDUMB: ”Do you want to fight me Cashe? You don’t even believe in Holidays, how can you think to go Man to Man with me?”
CASHE: ”Heh.. Man to Man.. Look pimpin’.. You might JUST be a bigger jobber than Zion but check it. Hartman and I have this little rap we put together and we wanna drop it on you, cool? Check it. Ready Hartman?”
HARTMAN: ”Word to ya Muffa!”
His arms crossing as if portraying a nineties White Rapper as Hartman hugs himself. Now with a baseball hat on his head, spun around to add in the “cool effect” he was surely ready. The question people might have is if one or both Cashe and Hartman are high? Maybe? Who really knows?
FREEDUMB: ”Whaaat the FUCK does this have to do with Wrestling!?”
CASHE: ”An OG is what I”
CASHE: ”Trouble is what I”
CASHE: ”That good good is what I”
CASHE: ”And YOU can’t see”
HARTMAN: ”ME.. Him? Us? I forgot that one, sorry..”
Arms flailing up, Cashe looks so upset that their bit had been ruined. Imploded from within as Freedumb just stood there stuck. His mouth open, jaw dropped. He had no idea what to say, or what to do next. Cashe with his head dropped finally picks it up and pats Hartman who looks even more distraught by the events that unfolded. Hartman might be crying.
FREEDUMB: ”I’m out of here.. This.. this is too much!”
Leaving Cashe and Hartman to rethink their professions, Freedumb had better places to be. Like an Animal Shelter or Trailer out in the Desert. SOMETHING!


The show pans back to ringside for the start of the next match.
JOHNSON: ”We’re about ready to start this next match and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I’m not really sure what we’re going to expect.”
VASSA: ”Oh you mean between Kimitsu Zombie and my man, Brian Hollywood? Yea….I love Hollywood, but what the fuck is up with him lately? It’s like the guy lost his mojo or something, but it’s pretty depressing and hard to watch. Feel for the guy.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s not the only problem, Vinnie. Hollywood just hasn’t been “showing up” to matches, not checking himself in if you know what I mean.”
VASSA: ”That’s not the Hollywood I remember. Are we sure this isn’t a doppelganger and not an imposter Hollywood? Because this isn’t the guy that I remember from 4CW’s dominance. I just got one question for you, Mr. Hollywood….where are you and what happened to you? Where did you go?…”

POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
Number Girl’s Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.

Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu.
POWERS: ”Now, weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds and hailing from Kimitsu, Japan. It’s the ‘Little Yokai’, KIMITSU ZZOOMMBBIIEE!!!”
Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowds reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and where she climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.

She takes a long chug of shochu and screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring to wait while sipping from her shochu
JOHNSON: ”Well Zombie looks ready already. I don’t think she’s in any hurry tonight. It almost looks as if she’s expecting to wait on Hollywood.”
VASSA: ”See this is where this has gotten just sad. Where 4CW superstars are already coming to already expect this behavior out of Hollywood. Makes me sick, Steve. Out of all the bizarre sides of Hollywood we’ve seen, I think this one takes the cake…by far!”
Zombie stands by in the ring after a little time in the arena goes by. Finally, even the fans start to boo as they start to grow impatient with Hollywood’s arrival. There is a lot of anxiety and awkwardness at the awaiting of Hollywood’s music to hit.
JOHNSON: ”Ok now this is just getting ridiculous! Are we getting a Hollywood match tonight or not? This has grown tiresome and gone far enough! Mr. Wallace needs to do something about Hollywood, and make a decision fast!”
VASSA: ”I…I don’t get it, Steve! Even I am perplexed by this whole Hollywood no show thing. It just doesn’t fit Hollywood at all, let alone his in ring performances as late.”
Zombie now starts to grow impatient as the entire arena fills with boos. Unrest sets in as the show is literally being delayed…and delayed…but suddenly, “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits as a mixed but steady reaction continues as Brian Hollywood slowly walks from backstage. Hollywood continues his slow trek down the ramp as a continued look of uncertainty crosses his face. There isn’t any confidence on his face and a troubled, worrisome expression now rests on his face as he makes his way towards the ring.
POWERS: ”And making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California… BRIAN HHOOLLLLYYWWOOOODD!!!”
Hollywood stops at the end of the steel ring steps before slowly, but cautiously proceeding into the ring with an hesitated entrance into the ring. Zombie already looks irritated that she had to wait, along with the crowd but some show concern for the lowly Mr. Executive.
JOHNSON: ”How can Mr. Hollywood not feel all that heat from the crowd and Zombie tonight? I’d be embarrassed about borderline not showing up tonight.”
VASSA: ”Hollywood isn’t looking too good. Let’s just give him credit for showing up, but this match doesn’t look favorable for Hollywood at all. Zombie is going to run all over Hollywood, especially in his current state. I don’t know if this match should go on here…”

But it does as the referee calls for the bell. Zombie immediately charges at Hollywood, but a very frightful Hollywood doesn’t waste any time as he rolls out of the ring. Hollywood tries to gather himself as the crowd start to boo. Hollywood start to stroke his beard as he concerningly looks at Zombie trying to decide if he should undertake this match. Doubt and fear both cross his face much to the unknown and shock to everyone else.
JOHNSON: ”What the hell is going on here?! Get back in the ring and FIGHT, Hollywood!”
VASSA: ”Man….this is getting too much, even for me!”
Hollywood shakes his head and slowly climbs back into the ring once more as the referee finally gets him back into the ring. Zombie once again charges at Hollywood, with Hollywood again quickly rolling to the outside with fear on his face. The booing now persists as Hollywood shakes his head and starts to pace around the ring. Unrest and unrule starts to become the atmosphere at the unbelievable attraction everyone is witnessing right now. Hollywood makes his slow approach around the ring for the the second time as Zombie has had enough. She rolls out of the ring and goes after Hollywood as Hollywood turns around and sees Zombie in pursuit. This shocks Hollywood as he starts to run around the ring with Zombie chasing after him.
Hollywood runs around a couple times and at one point, loses Zombie’s pursuit. Hollywood turns around to see where she’s at and by the time Hollywood turns around, he runs straight into the ring post, almost knocking himself out. Zombie stops as the crowd boos at the pure dumbfounded move Hollywood just made as she looks down at him with a shameful look. Zombie slowly shakes her head as she grabs Hollywood and rolls him into the ring.
JOHNSON: ”This is….this is just utter…I don’t even know what to say folks. I don’t even know what I’m watching right now….”
VASSA: ”What I want to know is what happened to that man? There had to have been something that happened to him which can tell us what’s going on with Hollywood right now because even I’m embarrassed at what I’m watching right now. This is just……humiliating.”
Hollywood begins to slowly come to as he regains consciousness but Zombie isn’t waiting around any longer to find out what Hollywood does next as she grabs him and delivers, without any hesitation, a Trip to the Grave. Zombie hooks the unconscious leg of Hollywood as the referee goes for the count.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, KIMITSU ZZOOMMBBIIEE!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Wow….just wow…”
VASSA: ”That has got to be…you know what, I’m not even going to say it. Kimitsu Zombie is your winners, folks.”
Zombie’s hand is raised in victory as she rolls out of the ring and shakes her head in disgust and leaves up the ramp as her music fades leaving Hollywood alone in the ring, No music, not even a murmur from the crowd as Hollywood comes to and gets to his feet slowly. He looks about the disappointed arena and shakes his head in sadness as a tear trickles down his face. A scarred Hollywood looks on as disbelief fills Hollywood and the arena as he slowly makes his way out of the ring and to the back with no music or any sign of life as the show pans backstage.

The scene opens up backstage with camera footage outside of a closed locker room door. Some clanging and ruffling around is heard inside the locker room as Johnny Evil’s angered tone rings through the door while something gets tossed against the wall.
EVIL: “I’m going to put Judas out of his fucking misery tonight!”
The tone of a second voice, a more calming and soft tone is heard…
? ? ?: “Let me take care of this for you, it’ll be like the good ol’ days.”
The sound of a fist beating upon the wall is heard as Johnny replies.
EVIL: “I can’t let you do this, I won’t! I have to handle this myself!!”
? ? ?: “You need me now more than ever. You are fragmented…”
EVIL: “I’m not fragmented, I’m perfectly fine!!”
? ? ?: “But if you only knew what I know sweetheart…”
The sound of contents from a locker being flung off of the shelf and scattered upon the floor comes from behind the door as the camera pans over to see Perry Wallace approaching the door. Hearing the ruckus, Perry gives a quick knock to the door. A startled reaction behind the door along with shuffling is heard before the door pops open and Evil peeks his head out to see Wallace standing there.
WALLACE: “Catch you at a bad time?”
Evil turns his head a bit, looking behind him back into the locker room. Evil awkwardly looks back at Wallace with no response. Wallace looks at him confused for a minute and then decides to answer his own question.
WALLACE: “I guess so? Just wanted to see if you still wanted that match at Fright Night because I think I have something right up your alley.”
Evil looks down each end of the hallway, giving a quick glance from left to right.
EVIL: “You know I do, Wallace! You said even I could crawl my ass here, I’d get it… I’m here…”
WALLACE: “Alright, that’s all I needed to know. Carry on with your damn temper tantrum then!”
Wallace begins to walk away as Evil closes the locker room door shut. After taking a couple steps away from the locker room door, Wallace looks back and gives a concerning shake of the head.


As “Cry Little Sister” begins its slow pace the lights in the arena drop. Fire outlines the stage and ramp entrance way to the ring, only to get attacked from behind, by Dean Judas…
Judas begins to pummel Viduus on the ramp as the official pleads for them to enter the ring. Judas pulls Viduus to his feet and smashes him back first into the guardrail before pushing him back down the ramp and causing him to do a couple rolls to ringside.
JOHNSON: ”Judas has been acting pretty cowardly as of late!”
VASSA: “What do you expect, he’s trying to make a statement!”
JOHNSON: “Yeah, but this is just making him more enemies and making him a target?”
VASSA: “Do you really think he cares about all of that?”
Judas stalks his prey, grabbing Viduus by his dreads and pulling him to standing position. He smashes Viduus face first against the ring apron before whipping him against the steel ring steps. At this point the official rolls out of the ring and blocks Judas off, separating him from Viduus.
Arguing with the official, Judas, rips away from his clutches and reaches down to grab Viduus, only to get nailed in the face with an elbow. Viduus pulls himself up and shakes the attack off, kicking Judas in the stomach before rolling him back into the ring and following directly behind him.
The official enters the ring and calls for the bell to officially get this match underway.

Viduus walks over and reaches down to grab Judas, but Judas reaches upward and rakes him upon the eyes, blinding him for a second. He then tosses Viduus into the corner and begins a barrage of shoulder blocks. He backs up allowing Viduus to come out of the corner and then locks him up in a belly to belly suplex, twirling in air and slamming him to the mat. Judas stands up and starts with the trash talk, getting tremendous heat from the audience.
VASSA: ”I’m really liking this aggressiveness from Judas!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s definitely trying to give no breathing room to Viduus Morta!”
Judas quickly reaches down and grabs Viduus to his feet, giving him a chop across the chest and sending him back into the corner. He runs forward, but Viduus lifts a knee, catching Judas in the ribs. With Judas buckled, Viduus gives him an axehandle smash across the back. Viduus grabs Judas by the wrist and goes to Irish whip him into the ropes, but Judas stops it, pulling him forward and clotheslining him to the mat.
JOHNSON: “Judas can thank his pre-match antics for having the advantage over Viduus!”
VASSA: ”Oh, come on, will you get over it?!”
Judas rips Viduus to his feet and locks him up for a suplex, but still in a groggy state, Viduus manages to push him away. Judas fires an elbow forward, only to have it ducked, by Morta. Morta kicks Judas in the stomach and then tosses him down becoming aggressive and smashing the back of his head against the ring mat, repeatedly before standing.
JOHNSON: “There we go Viduus! Enough is enough!!”
Viduus Morta reaches down and pulls Judas to standing position, locking him up in a fisherman’s suplex, which is viciously fought off. Judas tries to counteract with a kick, but Viduus swats it away and kicks him in the ribs. Reaching forward, he lifts Judas into the air and drills him to the canvas with a spinebuster.
VASSA: “Well, I guess Viduus has weathered the storm? That sucks!!”
Viduus stalks behind Judas as he comes to a stand. Judas gets to his feet and as he does he gets locked up from behind in a reverse DDT position. He tries to fight it off but Viduus uses his free arm to deliver a couple elbows upon his chest to wear him down some more. Viduus lifts Judas up and drops him to the mat headfirst with The Awakening, instantly hooking the leg for a pin.

POWERS: “The winner of this match, VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
Viduus looks down at Judas as the official raises his hand in victory. Dropping his arm freely, Viduus takes a couple paces around before starting to exit the ring while Judas rolls onto his back and takes a breather.
Viduus then makes his way up the ramp and backstage as a silent crowd watches Judas pull himself to a knee a bit frustrated, wiping the sweat from his brow. The presence in the area begins to take an eerie turn when the lights dim and change to a deep purple glow. Fog begins to lift around the ramp and at ringside while Johnny Evil’s laugh plays across the speakers, but slowly progresses into a more high pitched and wicked laughter before cutting into “Blood, Sweat, Dust” by Lacuna Coil as the name Dahlia Black emerges upon the screen.
JOHNSON: “Dahlia Black, but isn’t that…”
VASSA: “Yeah, she’s dead, that’s the name of Johnny Evil’s dead fiance!”
Judas quickly climbs up, shaking his arms and trying to get himself back into rhythm for a fight. He paces around looking from left to right in a panic.
VASSA: “What the hell is going on?”
JOHNSON: “Judas is about to eat boot, that’s what’s going on!”
VASSA: “Look at the stage, Steve!”
A group of brides in shredded wedding dresses with veils over their faces begin making their way upon the stage, moving in almost contorted motions as if they’re mannequins. While Judas is preoccupied with the bizarre events on the stage, somebody repels down from the rafters in the same attire. The fog and lighting make it hard to distinguish who it is, only a body build is distinguishable and it’s clear that it’s no female.
After quickly unhooking the harness, the unknown person dressed in bride attire reaches out and grips Dean Judas by the shoulders, pulling him back and driving both knees into his back with a backstabber before rolling over him and locking him in a crossface submission.
The brides from the stage now make their way down to ringside revealing weapons in their hands and their movement changes from their mannequin like motions to that which could only be described as a rabid pack of wolves. In the ring, the submission continues to be cranked in on Judas as he screams out in pain, trying to fight it off.
The brides enter the ring as the submission is released. They all begin to pounce upon Judas and reign a barrage of blows and kicks upon, some even whipping him with steel chains. The unknown bride who initiated the attack pulls the veil from their face to reveal Johnny Evil with mascara bleeding down his face from the areas around his eyes. The crowd quickly goes into a frenzy.
JOHNSON: “It’s Johnny Evil, but then who was talking to in his locker room earlier?!”
VASSA: “Beats the hell out of me, Johnson… but doesn’t he look good in a wedding dress!”
JOHNSON: “I can’t believe you would make jokes like that, Vassa!”
The onslaught stops as Johnny Evil lifts Judas to his feet, choking him around the neck as he does. He looks Judas in the eyes and lets off a scream as he kicks him in the groin and then places him between his legs. Evil lifts Judas into the air and powerbombs him back upon his knees, delivering a Fall From Shangri’La.
Hopping back up, he rolls Judas onto his stomach and then crawls onto him. In a seductive motion he rubs his hand upon Dean’s face and then reaches up, rubbing mascara from his own face, using it to reach back down and draw an upside down cross upon Judas’s own face.
WALLACE: “Wait, hold up a damn minute!”
Wallace peels the curtain back and steps out onto the stage, glancing down at Johnny Evil in the ring, who is still hovered over a bloodied Dean Judas.
WALLACE: “I know this is what you want. I know you want Judas at Fright Night. You two have been beating the dog piss out of each other all month long. Blood has boiled, you’re wearing a dress, which I don’t know why in the fuck you would do it, but hey this sick twisted shit is the type of thing that Fright Night is all about! It’s Halloween after all!”
Johnny looks at Wallace with confusion, the expression is almost as if he’s trying to distinguish if Wallace is addressing him or not… how odd, of course.
WALLACE: “My first initial thought was to toss the both of you in Warzone Of Horrors and let you beat the living shit out of one another…”
Wallace pauses as the arena goes berserk. Wallace quickly holds his hand into the air, causing the crowd to silence enough for him to continue his thoughts…
WALLACE: “Like I said, that would have been my first initial thought. However, seeing what Judas did to you last week, and after tonight, seeing Judas blindside Viduus on the entryway, I realized that Judas needs to learn his place in 4CW. I mean, why should others have to bite the bullet for him? Why should I reward him for trying to put all my workers on the shelf?”
Wallace looks around the arena as he pauses for a second.
WALLACE: “Judas is going to learn his place, sitting on a couch at home without pay…”
Evil pulls himself up from Judas and Judas rolls onto his stomach. Almost ready to reach for the ropes and exit the ring in an attempt to charge after Wallace, feeling like he’s wrong. Wallace extends his hand out again and stops him in his tracks as if to say, let me finish.
WALLACE: “Let me finish for a damn second!”
Wallace looks around and straightens out his jacket before continuing.
WALLACE: “I said you would have a match at Fright Night, and what better way to make Judas learn than to have to sit at home and watch you still compete in a match that the both of you could have been in.”
Cheers ignite from the audience.
WALLACE: “That’s right, Evil… I wanna’ see you step into the Warzone Of Horrors for your first time. I know you’re durable as fuck. These fans know you’re durable as fuck. Take that frustration you would have used and bring it to Fright Night. Use it in a match where the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been for you instead of some sick twisted vendetta! Who knows, maybe you’ll just enjoy it a little too much you sick fuck!”
Stepping forward, Wallace begins heading down the entrance ramp, headed straight for the ring. Once there, he turns for the steps and one by one, he climbs the steps, ascending to the apron. Dipping through the ropes, Wallace walks over beside Judas, looking down at him and shaking his head from left to right. With his foot, he lightly nudges Judas with it, drawing no reaction whatsoever.
WALLACE: “Now, that’s a damn shame. It is what it is. His misfortune opens a door for you, Evil. The seventh person to be named for the Warzone of Horrors at Fright Night. As I said, I had originally thought of adding both of you to the big match to settle your differences and possibly even kill each other. Not just one, but two, seventh and eighth. But that just isn’t going to happen now, is it?”
Shrugging his shoulders, Perry steps over Dean’s body and heads to the ropes across the ring.
WALLACE: “It’s all good, everything is going to be okay. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to come up with a solution on the fly. There’s one more spot open for the Warzone and truth be told, I believe I know just who that spot should go to. Counting you…”
Perry turns around and looks to Evil.
WALLACE: “We have seven out of eight people. You, Evil along with Viduus Morta and the Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder. We also have Persephone Marquis, Genevie Carlson, Eron Wilder, and The Butcher himself, Dakota Smith. Seven people who I know can take this opportunity and give these fans one Hell of a match. But that still leaves the eighth spot.”
Turning away from Evil, Perry walks to the ropes, overlooking the crowd.
WALLACE: “There’s one person who has caught my eye. This person has shown true potential ever since signing with 4CW. That person is our Queen of the Hill, yes, it’s a she. The eighth person to compete in the Warzone is no one other than… Tiffani Michaels! Who we will see in action coming right up in our next scheduled match of the evening against the Pride Champion.”
The announcement draws mixed reactions from the crowd as things at the booth begin to chatter.
VASSA: “Holy shit, he just gave the last spot in the Warzone to Tiffani! The spot in a match that could earn a shot at the 4CW Championship… a belt that her boyfriend Jett has made loud and clear that he wants a shot at after defeating the 4CW Champion two weeks ago!”
JOHNSON: “Not only that, but Tiffani’s boyfriend’s mother, Carmella, is also in this match!”
VASSA: “What is Perry thinking?!”
JOHNSON: “He’s always been one to throw certain people in matches that could very well affect things outside of their wrestling careers.”
VASSA: “This is going to cause quite a bit of drama!”
Slowly, Perry turns back to Evil before cutting his eyes down at Judas and cringing. Snapping out of it, he looks back to the crowd.
WALLACE: “And there you have it! Not one, not two, nor three, nor four… five, six, or seven… BUT EIGHT!!! There’s your eight for the Warzone of Horrors and who will become the new number one contender for the 4CW Championship and who could also become the new, or AND STILL, Extreme Champion of 4CW.”
Standing in place, Perry looks over the crowd, as if he’s forgotten something. A couple of minutes pass as he thinks to himself. His eyes then light up as he quickly raises the microphone back to his lips.
WALLACE: “And how could I forget?! Wargames! We all heard what Jimmy had to say and who the fourth member of Team Octane is… and new member of the Octane roster. Cosmo Cooper! Impressive to say the least. And here we are, still waiting on me to reveal who the fourth member of Team Adrenaline is. All I can say at this moment is in due time. It’s going to be big, I’ve been excited all night to say the least. But what everyone wants to know is what are these teams even fighting for? It seems that Jimmy and I randomly put this thing together and started plugging in names. While that may or may not be true…”
Looking directly to the camera, Perry winks.
WALLACE: “What exactly are these teams fighting for other than bragging rights? Sure, bragging rights are something worth fighting for to some, but then there are people who fight for something of value. That right there, is something that I am happy to provide. So let me make this clear right here, and right now. For the winning team of Wargames, each member will receive a nice payday of twenty-five grand each and…”
He pauses momentarily, leaving the crowd and those watching backstage in suspense. After a short silence, he then continues.
WALLACE: “AND… each member of the winning team will receive one match of their choice against an opponent of their choosing to be claimed anytime for a time period of one full year. That excludes championship matches, but could very well be used to push one’s self into title contention given the right opportunity. Any match, any opponent, anytime, and for any purpose they see fit. Hell, we might even throw some participation trophies in the mix as well for shits and giggles. Now… if you’ll excuse me, I have some paperwork backstage that needs my attention to finalize a few things. Bless…”
And with that, he lowers the microphone from hi lips before tossing it to a member of the ringside crew on the outside. Dipping through the ropes, Perry then proceeds up the ramp, headed straight for the back.
VASSA: “Wow! Big shit poppin’, Big announcements all at once!”
JOHNSON: “Two interesting people added to Warzone Of Horrors and now each member of the winning team gets twenty-five grand, and a match of their choosing in the time limit of a whole year!”
VASSA: “As Wallace said, that could put someone in the right position for a big pay day!”

We cut backstage to show Sativa Nevaeh walking the halls. She has her phone up to her ear and is chatting away to someone.
NEVAEH: ”Yeah, still have a bit before my match… no just left catering and headed back to my locker room to get ready.”
She laughs and grins at whatever was said to her over the phone.
NEVAEH: ”Just want to get this match over with to be honest. Already had people in my face tonight… yeah I’m fine, you should know it takes more than that.”
As she makes her way towards her locker room a couple of fans with VIP ‘backstage’ passes walk past her. They stop and turn back to face Sativa, trying to get her attention. One reaches out and puts a hand on her shoulder.
FAN: ”Hey Sativa, don’t worry about your losing streak, things will get better.”
The guy chuckles a bit. Sativa stops and takes a deep breath.
NEVAEH: ”Hey Sweetie, I have to let you go. I have some ‘fans’ I have to deal with.”
Sativa hangs up her phone and puts it in her back pocket.
NEVAEH: ”Oh yeah? You think?”
She speaks to the fan without looking at him. In the blink of an eye Sativa kicks out behind her catching the fan in the stomach, doubling him over. Before his hand leaves her shoulder Sativa grabs it and puts the fan’s arm under her’s and applies a standing arm bar.
She pulls up violently on the guys arm. He screams out in pain as his buddy calls out for help.
Security turn a corner and start rushing towards the altercation. They try to pull Sativa off of the fan without hurting him more. Sativa finally gets pulled off but not before a sickening pop echoes through the hall. Security slam her into the wall as more people flood onto the scene. Sativa looks around bewildered before she realizes what she did. She looks from the fan clutching his probably dislocated shoulder to her hands. She then looks around before pushing away from the one security guard standing in front of her and takes off down the hall.

WALLACE: ”Enter!”
The scene opens up in Perry’s office, he seems to be doing his best to finish some paperwork at this time. The door opens up, revealing Bryan Williams, once again. Bryan looks halfway through getting ready for his match, but less annoyed with having to see Perry Wallace a second show in a row. This seems to be all business, as Bryan enters the room.
WILLIAMS: ”What’s up? You wanted to see me?”
Perry looks at the papers on his desk, and sighs, knocking them away so he can kick his feet up and relax. He has a smug look on his face, certain about something.
WALLACE: ”Alright Notebook, listen up-”
Bryan looks on, mouthing “what the fuck” to himself as Wallace continues to speak.
WALLACE: ”As you know Octane’s announced their fourth for this War Games match. Great selection and signing if I’m being honest, but I ain’t sweating it, because I got mine. Thought I should let you know first, you are about to go meet Lauryn and Madison, right?”
Bryan nods, Wallace smiles again while holding an index finger up and moving his hands from left to right, paying close attention to Bryan’s eye movements.
WALLACE: ”Fan-FUCKIN-tastic! The concussion seems to have gotten better… excellent! Now, check this shit out. What’s the one person you could think of that I would get on my team?”
Bryan thinks for a minute, relegating to a shrug. Wallace scoffs, kicking his feet off of the desk.
WALLACE: ”Come on man, think! Who would I get that nobody would expect in a million years?”
Bryan thinks again, a sour look coming onto his face.
WILLIAMS: ”Look man, I ain’t teaming with CJ O-”
Perry quickly interrupts him.
WALLACE: ”Be quiet, Buzzkill. Goddamn. I’m not fucking desperate!”
The door to Wallace’s office slams shut behind Bryan, ruffling the papers on Perry’s desk and knocking a participation trophy off of one of the shelves. Bryan wheels around. His body blocks the camera from being able to see who is standing just inside the door.
WILLIAMS: ”You have to be shitting me!”
Wallace laughs, the camera keeping whoever the mystery fourth is out of frame.
WALLACE: ”I shit you not! It’s a new day for a new Perry Wallace! Told y’all motherfuckers I would come through in the end. Adrenaline has a team now, fuck Octane… well, not literally. That is a part of 4CW, but you get the point I was trying to make.”
? ? ?: “He’s not full of shit, for once.”
Bryan stands there, almost dumbfounded as he looks on. He rubs the back of his neck, grinning.
WILLIAMS: ”Yeah, that you did Perry. We definitely have a team now. In fact, I think Madison and Wolfe will be thrilled to see who their new partner is.”
? ? ?: “Want to go deliver the news?”
Bryan nods, this person still not in camera view.
WILLIAMS: ”I think it’s time, you know this changes a lot of things. I have to redo all of my adjustments now.”
? ? ?: “I have a feeling you’ll manage.”
The door to Wallace’s office opens again, and all the camera manages to catch is a black jacket and jeans before Perry’s final pick is gone from the room.
WALLACE: “Change that fucking haircut more like it!”
Slapping his hands together, he rubs his palms before reaching down and opening the desk drawer.
WALLACE: “This calls for a celebration and I think the forecast calls for snow.”


The lights fade out inside of the arena as “Swish Swish” begins to play and Tiffani Michaels steps out from behind the curtain. She is dressed in her ring gear with a short fitted leather jacket that she is holding with the tips of her fingertips as she looks out at the crowd of people greeting her with a mixed reaction of cat calls and cheers. She tosses her head back, letting her blonde hair fall across her shoulders, before she walks down along the ramp where some of the fans reach out attempting to brush up against her for a brief moment.
POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California… TIFFANI MMIICCHHAAEELLSS!!!”
Tiffani approaches closer to the ring as she makes her way up the steel steps, pausing for a brief moment as she looks out towards the crowd, before she steps up onto the apron and carefully makes her way through the ropes. She walks towards the middle of the ring as she removes her leather jacket handing it off to someone standing outside of the ring. The lights come back inside of the arena as she walks around the ring stretching her arms out in preparation for her match.
VASSA: ”I have to believe that Tiffani is going to pull out the victory here tonight, Steve. Even against someone as talented as Amber Ryan.”
JOHNSON: ”Why do you say that?”
VASSA: ”Because she’s already done the impossible. She managed to get Jett Wilder to last long enough to lose his virginity. Nothing could possibly be more difficult than that.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not sure what that has to do with in ring ability, Vinny, but whatever you say.”
It’s the tinkling of the eerie music box that brings the lights down, the crowd murmuring with anticipation, as slowly and silently the big screens seems to crack one by one. Shadows lurk curiously, distorted by the cracks as an almost mechanical synth leads into the stutter of heavy guitar.
Red lights pulse in time as the lights flicker erratically casting light and dark chaotically, the mechanical synth returns as a female silhouette almost materializes atop the aisle drawing a mixed reaction from the crowd. With her back to the ring, the reflection of the title belt reflects the erratic lights as it drapes over the back of her shoulder. Walking backwards, she finally turns around halfway down the ramp with the title slung over the back of her shoulder, holding the edge of the strap as she deliberately takes her time.
“Baby go ahead
I’ll be your hatred and your pain
This is killing us all
I don’t care if I fall
We’re the dying, we are the damned”

POWERS: ”Introducing second… by way of the former home of the shittiest wrestling company to ever exist, Atlantic City, New Jersey… say it with me people…”
Powers holds up a microphone from the DJ booth and the entire audience shouts in unison along with Powers.

A few fans extend hands trying to get a touch of the belt as it bounces against her back. Circling the ring, messing with whichever ring crew and staff that happen to be within vicinity, she slips the belt off her shoulder and slides it haphazardly beneath the rope before methodically and deliberately sliding beneath the bottom rope after it.
“I know I don’t belong in this scene
Sex metal barbie, homicidal queen.”

Scooping the title up along her path, allowing it to drape back over the back of her shoulder she climbs the turnbuckle left handed before turning and giving the crowd her back and a cheeky smirk over her opposite shoulder. Taking a seat upon the top turnbuckle, she pulls the title belt back to the front of her shoulder allowing her elbows to rest on her knees. That familiar Distorted Angel smirk ever present across her features.
VASSA: ”Say what you want to, Steve, but I really do think Tiffani has the edge here.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you’d be hard pressed to make a case for anyone having the edge over our current Pride Champion. Maybe it’s even, though.”
VASSA: ”There’s things called intangibles, Steve..”
JOHNSON: ”And Amber has them. You don’t beat someone like Bryan Williams in a championship match if you don’t have the IT factor.”
VASSA: ”Can’t believe you’re going to be sexist like this on national television.”
JOHNSON: ”What the fu-… you know what. I’m just going to leave it at that as our match is about to get under way.”

Amber and Tiffani lock up in the middle of the ring with Tiffani tying her up in a side headlock. Amber shoves her off into the ropes but Tiff grabs onto the top rope and stops her momentum from rebounding her back toward her opponent. Expecting Tiffani to return toward her, Amber leapt into the air looking for a standing drop kick only to find nothing but air before falling back down to the mat awkwardly. She rolls herself away from Tiff quickly, sliding under the bottom rope and out to the outside of the ring as Tiffani stands near the ropes, motioning for her to come back in. Amber takes a moment to recover, shouting at the referee to get Tiffani to back off, which he does. As Amber starts to make her way back into the ring, Tiffani steps back toward her but Amber scouts it and leaps up, grabbing Tiffani with both hands around her neck, guillotining her throat against the top rope. Stunned, clutching at her throat, Tiffani stumbles backward as Amber rolls under the bottom rope and back into the ring.
As Tiffani tries to get her breath back, Amber charges at her and takes her down with a clothesline. Tiffani gets back up to her feet quickly, still clutching at her throat, only to be taken back down by another clothesline. She gets up a second time only to be taken back down a third. Her hands instinctively more from her throat to her back, rolling to her side to try and put some distance between her and her opponent. Amber is aggressive, though, pulling Tiff back up to her feet where she then drives numerous closed fists into Tiffani’s forehead. The blonde stumbles away in a daze only to turn back toward Amber and eat a boot to the stomach and a quick snap DDT. Ryan rolls Tiffani over for the cover and the referee slides in to count the pinfall attempt

Tiffani manages to kick out in the knick of time. When Amber stands and bends down to drag her back up to her feet, though, Tiffani meets her with a stiff kick to the teeth that sends Amber reeling backwards. The blonde quickly pops back up to her feet and drops Amber as she steps back toward her with a spinning heel kick. Ryan quickly gets back up, as does Tiffani, only to be taken down with a hip toss that would have made American Tommy proud. Ryan gets back up to her feet again, this time swinging wildly for Tiffani’s head but Michaels ducks underneath and then reaches back, dropping Ryan with a neck breaker. Tiff quickly rolls over onto her stomach, latching on to Amber’s neck again while dragging her back up to her feet, slinging her overhead with a snap suplex. Tiff doesn’t let go, though, this time holding onto Amber and rolling through, dragging her back to her feet again to hit another snap suplex. Tiffani repeats the process one more time, hitting a third consecutive snap suplex before finally letting Amber go. Pulling herself up to a seated position, the camera spots a sign in the crowd.


VASSA: ”Ugh… that sign is worse than when Jason Cashe literally shit himself in the ring and had his opponents swimming in it.”
JOHNSON: ”Rumor has it Roxy and all her cotton is going to be coming to 4CW to face Phoenix Quagliatelsfalelretastsgasdteerre.”
VASSA: ”No way. Roxy is gonna duck that match harder than Ally Morrow ducked Genie. She’s gonna duck that match harder than Wallace ducks child support.”
JOHNSON: ”I get your point but none of this has to do with the match at hand and these ladies deserve our attention.”
VASSA: ”Gonna duck that match harder than Dakota Smith ducks rape charges. Gonna duck that match harder tha-… WHAT THE HELL?!”
Kimitsu Zombie comes down the entrance and waves at Amber, who has just gotten back to her feet, and Tiffani then claps.
JOHNSON: “It’s Kimitsu Zombie! What the hell is she doing here?!”
VASSA: “Well she is the number one contender for Ryan’s Pride Championship. She’s here to scout the competition!”
JOHNSON: “Yea, sure.”
Amber comes up to the ropes and Kimitsu brushes her off and jumps the barricade. She comes up to a mother and daughter and lifts the little girl up to sit in her chair and put her on her knee. The mother holds her purse to her chest and is about to get up but Kimitsu forces her down. She looks at the ring and points at Tiffani to make Amber Ryan get back into the match. When Amber turns to face her opponent, Tiffani meets her with a boot to the stomach and then hits a face buster. THE FACE LIFT! Amber’s body goes limp as she bounces off the mat, Tiffani quickly hooks the leg, pressing down as hard as she can on Amber’s shoulders as the referee slides in.

The crowd groans in disappointment, thinking that Tiffani had for sure put the match away with her signature maneuver. Outside the ring Kimi smirks, shaking her head as the events continue to unfold in the ring. Looking to put the match away fully, Tiffani waits for Amber to get back up to her feet, woozy though she is. As soon as Amber is up, Tiffani runs towards the nearest set of ropes and leaps, spring boarding off the middle rope and flying back in Ambers direction. CALIFORNIA DRE-NO! Amber ducks under at the last second and takes off toward the opposite ropes. Rebounding, she sprints back at Tiffani and launches herself at the blonde girl, driving her shoulder into Tiff’s, flattening the girl.
Michaels slowly gets back to her feet as a waiting Amber Ryan latches onto her arm and irish whips her into the corner. Ryan charges and leaps for a body splash only to have Tiffani move out of the way at the last second. Michaels quickly swoops in behind Ryan as she crashes into the empty turnbuckles, pulling her down into a roll up pinning predicament. But Amber manages to roll through and get back up to her feet quickly. Tiffani is just half a step slower and catches a boot for being just slightly more tardy. Ryan quickly locks in double undercooks. ORIGINAL SIN! The crowd groans as the kickout ddt clearly knocks the lights out of Tiffani Michaels. Rolling her opponent over onto her back, Amber Ryan goes for the cover.

JOHNSON: ”There you have it folks. A hotly contested back and forth match. Amber Ryan gave it her all and, in spite of the ringside distraction, managed to pull out the victory.”
Moving towards Amber, the referee helps her back up and raises her arm in victory as Powers makes the announcement.

POWERS: “Here is your winner by pinfall… ‘THE DISTORTED ANGEL’… AMBER RRYYAANN!!!”
As Tiffani rolls herself out of the ring and heads back up the entrance ramp, disappointment painted on her face, Kimitsu jumps over the barricade and slides into the ring.
VASSA: “Called it.”
JOHNSON: “No you didn’t.”
VASSA: “Someone must have.”
She gets in Amber Ryan’s face and they exchange some words until Amber just smiles at her. The ref hands her the Pride Championship and she holds it above Kimitsu’s head shutting her up. Amber backs away but before she can get through the ropes Kimitsu knees her in the gut and pulls her back in the ring. Amber stands but Kimitsu tackles her down. She has the leather strap from the audience member’s purse wrapped around her hands. She punches Amber in the head as the ref tries to pull her off. She stands as Amber ries to collect herself. She spits blood out onto the mat. She gets up using the ropes and as she looks over at Kimitsu she laughs. Kimitsu screams and pushes the ref aside.
JOHNSON: “That did it.”
She rushes at Amber who falls and pulls the top rope down. Kimitsu tumbles over onto the apron but lands on her feet. She comes up with an elbow. She grabs Amber by the hair and hurls her head first into the top turnbuckle. She enters the ring and elbows Amber in the back of the head and picks her up to seat her on the top rope facing the audience. Ryan falls into a tree of woe and Kimitsu runs to the opposite corner then nails Amber with a low dropkick to the face. Amber crumples down to the mat and Kimitsu nudges her onto the apron. She bends down and wraps the leather strap around Ryan’s neck. She pulls her up and gets on the second rope. As Zombie pulls Amber to the side she brings her feet over the ropes. With a sudden jerk to the side Amber falls from the apron with Kimitsu using the ringpost to support herself and choke her. Kimitsu screams obscenities at Amber as she flails her arms and legs in mid air.
JOHNSON: “She is being hung by Kimitsu!”
VASSA: “Someone should go stand under her.”
The referee comes over to try and get Kimitsu to release her and when she does Amber falls with a thud. Kimitsu stands and looks down at Amber as she tries to recover as the scene fades backstage.

The Adrenaline feed cuts backstage and we find Chris Madison, fully dressed for action, shadow boxing as he dances around his manager, Frankie Morrison, in an attempt to stay loose before his upcoming tag team match against Cyrus Riddle and Sativa Nevaeh. Chris stops throwing punches and bounces from side to side on the balls of his feet while shaking out his arms as the camera slowly pans out, revealing Lauryn Wolfe closing in on the duo.
MORRISON: “Ms. Wolfe…”
As Morrison calls out, Madison stops bouncing and slowly turns towards his approaching tag team partner.
WOLFE: “Hello, Morrison. Sup, Chris?”
Lauryn smiles and nods toward both men.
MORRISON: “Well, I’m sure the two of you have some catching up to do. So, I’ll just leave you to it.”
Frankie embraces Lauryn with a gentlemanly handshake and then pats Madison on the back before heading off. Madison nods his head while being left alone with his tag team partner.
MADISON: “How ya feelin’? I know you’ve been dyin’ to get your hands on Sativa.”
With the mention of Sativa’s name, Lauryn couldn’t help but to roll her eyes.
WOLFE: “Ugh. Just want to beat that ass already. Once we get that out of the way, then I’ll be feeling much better. What about you? I know you and Cyrus have some stuff to work out.”
Madison nonchalantly shrugs his shoulders.
MADISON: “I guess… Think it’s more like Riddle has got some stuff to work out. For whatever reason he sees me as a bridge back to what he once was, when in reality he’s a shell of his former self. This tag match makes sense, you and Sativa, me and Riddle; but we can’t let these personal beefs blind us from what’s on the line. That advantage, it means everythin’ goin’ into this War Games match. Four years ago I was in one with the advantage of havin’ a teammate join in first. Those periods of two on one, three on two, and four on three definitely wore out the other team. If you have a shot to finish Riddle take, take it! There will be plenty of time to settle up at Fright Night!”
WOLFE: “Yeah, you’re right. That War Games match is going to be the big one for us… but of course, kicking these bitches’ asses tonight will be a lot as well.”
With a nod, Lauryn laughs lightly. However, there’s some commotion behind the two, as they turn to look as to what is going on. Their expressions are one of relief, as the crowd soon enough gets to see what is happening. Bryan, having come from Wallace’s office, has finally found the two. Madison gives Bryan a nod, as Lauryn smiles.
WILLIAMS: ”Alright, good, you’re both here. Didn’t take me long to find you, which is good. I have good news.”
The two look on, unsure about what Bryan seems to be talking about.
WILLIAMS: ”We all know that Octane has their four, but they still don’t know about us. They don’t know about our full team, I just found out myself a few moments ago. Are you guys ready to see who our fourth is?”
WOLFE: ”Wait. Are they actually here?”
Bryan nods, as Madison and Wolfe suddenly look all business. They seem to be ready, as the crowd cheers.
WILLIAMS: ”It was certainly a surprise for me, I’ll tell you that. I think we’re in good company though…”
Bryan looks off camera, whoever he had brought seems to be waiting. With a sharp whistle, he motions for their partner to show up. Chris Madison and Lauryn Wolfe get the first look, a mixture of shock and delight on their faces.
? ? ?: “Miss me?”
Appearing from down the hall was the last person anyone expected to see: Aidan Carlisle.
Bryan says, waving his hand back in forth like his feelings were in the middle. Aidan promptly slugs him in the shoulder.
WILLIAMS: ”Seriously though guys, what do you think?”
Lauryn, wide-eyed and all, just stood there as she sees Aidan.
WOLFE: “Holy shit. I never thought I’d see the day…”
MADISON: “I think this is more surprising than my return to the company.”
Madison joked, letting out a chuckle of his own.
MADISON: “It kills me to have to give Wallace any kind of credit, but he put together one hell of a team for this War Games match. It might make things a little more fair if we just let Octane have the man advantage at this point!”
Aidan snickers at the comment, coming to a stop next to Bryan.
CARLISLE: “Probably, but I don’t think either of you are feeling that generous.”
WOLFE: “Eh. Don’t have time for that kind of stuff in wrestling.”
With the four finally together, it seems that they are all ready to go. The team is there, and now everyone knows what Adrenaline is bringing to Fright Night. Bryan looks around, nodding his head.
WILLIAMS: ”Okay then, so everyone is good. I have some adjustments to make to a gameplan I had in mind, but it shouldn’t be too hard. We’ll need to get together and go over it.”
Bryan goes quiet for a moment, as his three teammates look at him.
WILLIAMS: ”I know that I didn’t really want to be apart of this, but I’m glad that I’m here now. We all have something to prove in this match, something on the line for all of us. I think if we work together we’ll get what we want out of this.”
MADISON: “I think it’s safe to say that none of us want to do Wallace’s dirty work. At Fright Night, when we’re all locked in that cage in the midst of a war, it’ll only be about survival. I’m not sure if any of you have been apart of one of these before, at the end of the day, personal beefs, agendas, have no business in that cage. And the only thing we’re goin’ to have to rely on is each other.”
CARLISLE: “I wasn’t honestly sure exactly what I was walking into, and I’m sure as hell not doing this for Wallace. That being said, I don’t think I could have ended up with a better team. I’ve had a few… tiny differences in the past, but this is only us versus them.”
WOLFE: ”Yeah, you’re all right. Even if it this whole concept is weird, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win. Y’all know that’s how I roll…”
Lauryn then glances over to Aidan and chuckles.
WOLFE: “…Well, maybe not you, Aidan, but soon enough you will.”
With that, Lauryn grins and brings her fist down to the center of the huddle.
WOLFE: “So, I guess this is the part where we all shout out ‘Team!’ and make it known that we’re all cool, right?”
Madison matches Lauryn and places his fist right next to hers.
MADISON: “We could shout ‘fuck Wallace’ in unison…”
CARLISLE: “Now that is a motto I can get behind.”
Aidan smirks as she adds her fist to Madison and Lauryn’s.
WILLIAMS: ”Yeah, alright, but don’t lose focus tonight. One goal right now, and that’s to get an advantage for us. They can’t take us on one at a time, they certainly couldn’t handle us all grouped together. Get out there and win y’alls match.”
Bryan gives Madison a smack on his back, following up with a fist bump to his former Gen Now partner. Madison and Lauryn depart from the group, walking down the corridor towards the entrance way as their match against Cyrus Riddle and Sativa Nevaeh draws closer.

Don’t adjust your television, computer screens, tablets or smart phones. As the cameras cut backstage the lights are non existent. It was so black that Donald Trump would support anything opposing it. Yet in the blindness of black you can hear a whispered voice.
? ? ?: ”Pain, numb, pain, numb, pain, numb.. I’m high as fuck so the words comingeth from my mouth could make sense or not be worth a single cent.”
You could tell a few ways as to who the voice belonged too. One, he was high. Eliminates say.. Ganja if you will. Plenty toked but being known by one of few things was a given to describing only a couple in 4CW. The second thing was when he said “comingeth” as if being stoopid was an art form, the voice belonged to one Jason Cashe.
CASHE: ”When there is pain in your life, you know you are living it. So when I am sitting comfortably, happy about everything around me. I know then that something is wrong because that is the ONLY direction being happy and comfortable can go. Down. I’ve said it before that I can be a good friend or your most hated and disgusted enemy. I don’t keep my distance and stay staying salty like you sucking on salt rocks. From feds to foes, I stay hungry so a meal is simply waiting for me at any direction I turn to grab a bite. You want to bite back? Fun. Let’s get at it!”
Going quiet, you couldn’t even seen the movements he was making if he was making any at all. The picture just stayed filled with a darkness.
CASHE: ”I don’t have the.. Words. The vocabulary that some of ya’ll folks out here spewing. I ain’t trying to fake it to make it, I do me and keep to mines as my only way. That’s what I do and at one time I did it at a well placed level. Now something my Cousin said the other week, when we had that tag match. He said that if I thought about it. If I stopped playing with myself I would see that I wanted to be where I started in 4CW. At the top. Setting the bar up on it’s first, second, and third eras. Now the talent is flooding in like it was a Hurricane and Galveston got hit direct. Oh, fuck your whole life Callum. Just keeping it real..”
CASHE: ”But listen.. You know what? Fuck it, hit em up! Nail in the coffin because right now? In today’s BUSINESS? It’s all take and no give so let me give a few some mentions, some attention because that is what is needed. Call this a bomb but I half expect it to explode in my face. Loaded clip. Ready for it?”
That’s when the first set of knocks came from somewhere consumed by darkness.
CASHE: ”GO AWAY! I’m busy…”
The holler of his first words followed with a much quieter, probably not heard by anyone outside of the door where the knock apparently came from. Cashe was hidden in darkness and you couldn’t know what exactly he was doing. Probably twirling his thumbs right?
CASHE: ”It’s not like I’m trying to off myself. I HAVE NO BLADES OR PILLS IN HERE!”
Awaiting a response to his scream, he hears nothing.
CASHE: ”I do have a gun though. I am loading the clip as we speak and single shots to heads and chests is where I will aim. Open shots being given and you can see this and take it as me going postal and maybe I have! Maybe I have FINALLY SPLIT A FUCKING NERVE.. and lost it completely..”
Silence befalls the room.
CASHE: ”Conversate with me. Speak direct. This ain’t subtweets and subtle jabs, I’m here and now ready to put that BURN in your existence. The flesh as it opens and burns with each bullet that scatters along your frame.”
Suddenly the lights come on. Cashe had a gun but it was filled with water and cheap like it came from the Dollar store. A squirt gun. Hardly the proper equipment to go postal. Standing at the door was Jair Hopkins. Without his half of the Tag Titles but Cashe’s title was also nowhere to be found. In his hand was a much bigger Squirt Gun. Somewhere in this is a stereotype being played about caaawks but I won’t do all the work for those that can’t see the hidden “ha ha’s” I sometimes have. I laughed. *Shrugs*
HOPKINS: ”Hands Up! Found you..”
CASHE: ”Where you get that? Why you’re gun bigger than mine? I’m bothered!”
Now it was Hopkins giving the camera a Ferris Bueller, crooked head, wide eyed stare. Shaking his head and the referencing off, Hops wasn’t touching the topic but still snickered knowing Cashe’s random referencing. Sometimes people won’t even GET it but as far as Cashe knows, he gets it so it works. Getting up from the chair, Cashe quickly aims his gun. Now there was a Mexican stand off between partners.
CASHE: ”It’s not the size of the gun but the POW of the kick that does the job..”
HOPKINS: ”Sure…”
As if in slow motion, their guns shoot and a stream of water travels across the locker room at one another. Hopkins’ stream was MUCH longer. Cashe could not argue this as his above average stream aimed well. It would have hit Hopkins if he stood still but he disappears from sight back into the hallways. Their game of seemingly Water Gun Shoot Out was on the move. Cashe takes chase but stops and turns back to the camera.
CASHE: ”I don’t even remember why I requested Camera time. Ummm… FUCK Boardwalk? Wooooooorld$taaaaaar! Come get it..”
Then he too was gone. Giving chase to his Tag Team partner and World$tar member. The two of them finding ways to kill some time. He waved, respectful at least in that sense, saying bye.


JOHNSON: ”Up next, we have two Wargames participants from each team fighting to see who will have the advantage going into the big match at Fright Night.”
VASSA: ”This is a crucial match and must win for both teams. That advantage is really a game changer.”
JOHNSON: ”From what I have been told, this will be a traditional WarGames match. The match will start with two people, a member from each team, and they will go head to head for five minutes. And then after that, a member from each team will come out, alternating from the team who wins tonight to the other team, in two minute intervals. The only way to win is to make a member of the opposing team either submit, surrender, or be knocked unconscious.”
VASSA: ”Three separate opportunities where there’s a one up advantage? Two minutes can seem like a life time.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s very crucial, which is why I can’t express how important this match here is tonight.”
With the opening instruments of the French Montana and Kodak Black song “Lockjaw” blaring out through the arena, the lights go off and there is a momentary darkness that fills the place. As the hard hip-hop beats come in with full force and the hook plays, a lone light shines down on the center of the stage. It won’t be soon before Lauryn Wolfe emerges and stands in the light, having most of her face covered up with a handkerchief. Bouncing lightly in place, only her eyes are seen and the camera zooms in on them, capturing the hardened look of her brown eyes as she looks on.
POWERS: ”From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at a hundred and twenty-seven pounds, she is ‘The Reckless One’, LAURYN WWOOLLFFEE!!!”
With the announcement of her name, Lauryn breaks out of her intense gaze and gets hyped up, slamming the palms of her hands down to the ground and jumps as all of the lights now come back on, flashing accordingly to the beat of the song.
“It be hard to watch the cash when the bands keep droppin’
Got the big 40 on me so my pants keep fallin’
It be hard to understand me ’cause my jaw keep lockin'”

The brazen brawler has her arms outstretched and she shouts as she walks briskly down the ramp, coming close to the ring. As she draws near, Lauryn’s pace then switches as she runs and leaps, sliding underneath the bottom rope before she gets to one knee. She takes the time to look at the entire arena from that position before she gets up, scales the closest turnbuckle near her, and rips the handkerchief off of her face. A sly grin is seen on her face before she throws her head back and lets out her signature howl; with the crowd, proceeding to do so as well.
“Bite down, bite down
It be hard to understand me ’cause my jaw keep lockin'”

Lauryn hops down and crouches down in her corner and smirks, looking like a predator ready to hunt for some prey as she waits for the match to get underway.
The arena’s lights dim to black as the opening guitar riffs to “War Machine” by KISS begin to screech over the P.A. system. The video screen lights up with visual static noise. Suddenly in the center of the screen a black handprint begins pulsating to the beat of the drum that has began to play. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and we see Chris Madison standing with his head bowed under a black towel, wearing an official licensed t-shirt that says, “Always Ready For War,” across the chest. He nods his head to the music and as the chorus breaks he rips the towel from his head and tosses it into the live audience, starting his way down the ramp toward, the ring.
“Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine
Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine”

POWERS: ”And her partner… from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall, “Mayhem” CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison makes it to the base of the steps and places one foot down before scoping out the fans directly behind him by peering over his shoulder. He smirks as the live audience sings along to the entrance music and then marches up the steps and climbs through the ropes. He immediately leaps up onto the middle rope and faces out towards the crowd. He brings his fists up to his face and punches his jaw with each hand before shooting his arms out horizontally with his hands wide open, welcoming whatever challenge is coming his way. Madison hops backwards, bouncing off of his feet and turns towards the center of the ring, snarling and ready to go…
JOHNSON: ”In the ring first, we have the who I believe has been named the captain of Team Adrenaline, Chris Madison.”
VASSA: ”And his partner, the foul mouthed, Lauryn Wolfe.”
JOHNSON: ”These two have no prior experience wrestling together as a team so tonight will be their first time in each other’s corner.”
VASSA: ”There’s always a first. For all we know, these two could end up being a deadly tag team moving on in the future after Fright Night.”
Lights within the arena are killed as static fills the sound system and “Alpha and Omega” by King 810 begins to play subsequently.
“Welcome to the truth
God made me in his image
Who the fuck made you?
You want my voice from me?
You can have it, just know
I sound like this because the Devil has my throat.”

From behind the curtain, Cyrus Riddle emerges. With a black bandana wrapped around his face and a Kylla custom hooded leather vest decorated in blood splatter with two switchblades going through his initials designed on the back, he stands firm and examines the crowd with all to be seen on his face being his gaze. He holds up two fingers to the crowd with his arms outstretched before making his walk to the ring.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring. He weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds and hails from New York City by way of London, England. He is the ‘Archetype!’ ‘The Impaler!’ CYRUS RRIIDDDDLLEE!!!”
Cyrus approaches the ring with a confidence in his steps, accompanied only by the subtle hints of methodical approach as if to be zeroed in on a victim.
“Bitch! I am the powers that be!
I am Christ crucified on the T!
I am the alphaaaaa!
And the omegaaaaa!”

Cyrus’ ascends the middle outside turnbuckle as the chorus begins to play, pulling the bandana from his face and throwing the hood backward only to mouth the next part in imitation of the lyrics.
“I’m the Messiah, the gnashing of teeth
No one meets death until they see me!
I am the Alphaaaaa! And the Omegaaaaa!”

His trademark smirk followed by a tongue glide along his bottom lip can be seen as he looks around the arena and jumps down to climb between the top and middle ropes. In the middle of the ring, he removes his vest slowly to reveal his heavily tattooed body and physique, not without that always evident bit of arrogance. He tosses the jacket over to the ring attendant and stands in the corner calmly, awaiting.
The lights go out and bright green static comes up on the video screen. “Get Jinxed” by Djerv starts up as green lasers shoot up and wave around the entrance area.
“Wanna join me, come and play
But I might shoot you, in your face
Bombs and bullets will, do the trick
What we need here, is a little bit of panic!”

As the singing picks up, shapes start to take form in the static on the screen. The silhouette of a petite woman, a cross, a pot leaf, and a skull. They fade in and out, making you wonder if you actually saw them.
“Do you ever wanna catch me?
Right now I’m feeling ignored!
So can you try a little harder?
I’m really getting bored!”

As the first line of the second verse the entrance area lights up and Sativa Nevaeh comes out from the back. She stands at the top of the ramp and looks over the crowd. Despite wearing a mask, you can tell she is smirking. The crowd rains down hate on her for her actions. She starts to make her way towards the ring.
POWERS: “And his partner… from Los Angeles, California, Standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is ‘Darth Ganja’, SATIVA NNEEVVAAEEHH!!!”
“Come on, shoot faster
Just a little bit of energy!
I wanna try something fun right now
I guess some people call it anarchy!”

She makes it to ringside and slides under the bottom rope head first. She crawls over to the nearest turnbuckles and climbs them. She perches atop the ring post, resting one knee upon the top turnbuckle facing inward toward the ring. She throws her head back and takes off the mask, throwing her arms out in a ‘welcome the doves’ pose. The crowd continues their hatred at her and she just smiles.
“Let’s blow this city to ashes
And see what Pow-Pow thinks
It’s such pathetic neatness
But not for long cause it’ll get jinxed!”

Sativa grabs the ropes and jumps down as the word ‘jinxed’ is sung. She then heads to her corner and waits for the match to start.
JOHNSON: ”As for Team Octane, we have another pair that has zero experience together as a tag team.”
VASSA: ”That should even things out with Team Adrenaline, right?”

Riddle and Madison start off this match, the two locking up in the middle of the ring. Madison attempts to quickly take Riddle down, who stops that attempt. Madison tries to turn it around, but Cyrus pushes him down and presses on him as Laroy Jones steps in to break the two of them up. Cyrus doesn’t look like he’s going to break the hold, but eventually does. Not without giving Madison a quick forearm rub across the face, for good measure. Cyrus steps backwards, laughing at his opponent.
Madison gets back to his feet, and shoot for a double leg takedown! The two crash to the mat, as Cyrus does his best to get out of the ring! Rolling to the outside, Cyrus looks on as Madison calls for him to get back into the ring. Cyrus slaps the ring apron, sliding back into the ring. Madison looks for another lock up, but Cyrus blasts him with a right hand. Madison staggers backwards, as Cyrus pulls him into a Suplex. Cyrus slams him into the mat with authority, as he stands back up.
JOHNSON: ”Ever since returning this last time, Cyrus Riddle seems like a new man, possessed!”
VASSA: ”He’s definitely been bringing his ‘A Game’, something we haven’t seen for a long time.”
Madison gets back up, quickly laying into Cyrus with another takedown. Cyrus avoids this again, but Madison sees it coming. He shoots behind him, dropping him to the mat with a Half Nelson Suplex! Cyrus scurries across the ring, tagging in Sativa just as Madison tries to follow up. Sativa steps into the match, cocky as ever as she steps up to Madison. He quickly throws his hand into her face, pushing her down to the canvas!
Madison look to continue his fight with Riddle, who dodges a right hand from him. Riddle grabs onto Madison, leaping up into a knee that connects! Madison stumbles backwards, into the waiting arms of Sativa who quickly rolls him up into a pin!

Madison is able to kick out, shoving Sativa off of him as he gets back to his feet. A wristlock from Sativa catches him off guard, as she tries to work his arm over. Chris Madison grimaces for a moment. He swings backwards, his free elbow connecting right into Sativa’s face! She stumbles back, breaking the hold as Madison looks on. Lauryn Wolfe calls out to her partner, who smirks. Madison rushes past Sativa, tagging in Lauryn Wolfe! The crowd cheers, as these two begin to stare each other down.
JOHNSON: ”Now this is the fight that we’ve all been waiting to see, ever since Sativa turned her back on Lauryn at Bad Company.”
VASSA: ”Knowing the bad blood between these two, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they didn’t make it to Fright Night before killing each other.”
Lauryn strikes first, connecting with a Running Dropkick to Sativa! This knocks her backwards, but not down. Sativa responds, connecting with a Dropkick of her own! The two exchange hands, the fighting between the two intensifying with each punch landed. Sativa looks to get the upper hand, connecting with a combo that staggers Lauryn. Sativa lifts herself up onto Lauryn, drilling her into the mat with a Tornado DDT! Proud of her work, she taunts the crowd who immediately begin to boo her. Lauryn stays down on the mat, as Sativa stands over her.
Cyrus calls for a tag, while Madison tries to coach Lauryn back to her feet. Sativa ignores Riddle, standing on her opponent’s stomach for a few seconds! Lauryn looks to be in pain, as Sativa hops off of her. With Lauryn down on the ground, Sativa looks to capitalize some more. She quickly wraps her up, locking her into a deep Dragon Sleeper. Madison calls out to Lauryn, trying to get her to move. Lauryn screams in pain, as Sativa laughs. Lauryn hangs in there though, doing her best to get closer and closer to the ropes. Eventually she begins to move, getting close enough to break the hold with her foot! Laroy Jones steps in, calling for Sativa to break the hold. She does, reluctantly.
JOHNSON: ”Lauryn managed to catch a break right there with the ropes within range.”
VASSA: ”Sativa had her trapped with no where to go. It’s a surprise Lauryn lasted so long without submitting.”
JOHNSON: ”I think before it got to that point, Madison would have at least entered the ring and broke it up.”
VASSA: ”You never know. This is a good opportunity for these four to learn about their own teammates strengths and weaknesses.”
Sativa tries to drag Lauryn back to the middle of the ring, but Lauryn fights her off. She connects with a kick, knocking the sense out of Sativa for a moment. Sativa almost falls backwards through the ropes, but catches herself at the last minute. Lauryn turns to tag her partner back in, but Sativa recovers just in time. She grabs Lauryn by the hair, pulling her back into a Northern Lights Suplex. Sativa keeps the bridge as she goes for a pin!

Madison scurries into the ring, and breaks it up. Sativa tries complaining to the ref, but Madison boots her in the face for good measure! The crowd cheers, as Madison heads back to his corner. He calls out for Lauryn to make the tag again, as she starts to move towards him. Riddle can only look on, as Sativa lays there on the mat. Lauryn finally tags herself out of the match, the crowd cheering as Madison steps into the ring! He picks Sativa up, tossing her back down to the mat with a Belly to Belly Suplex! A T-Bone Suplex follows, as Sativa is tossed halfway across the ring! The crowd cheers with each move, as Madison finishes this off with a Sit Out Spinebuster!
The ring shakes, as Sativa is slammed into the mat. Riddle calls out for his partner, trying to get back into the match. Madison looks on, grabbing Sativa as he tosses her over to their corner. Slumped over, Cyrus reaches down and tags himself into the match!
The two quickly shoot back towards each other, fighting it out in the middle of the ring. Madison blocks a forearm shot, and responds with one of his own. Cyrus eats it, and connects with a strong right hand. Madison tries another one, but Cyrus grabs his arm. He tries it with his free hand, and Cyrus wraps that arm up as well! Trapped, Madison can only look on as Cyrus connects with a series of Headbutts! After a few, Cyrus lets Madison go. Staggered, he leaves him in perfect position for a DAYDREAMER! The lariat connects to the back of Madison’s head, as Cyrus quickly covers him for the pin!

Wolfe looked like she was about to break it up, but Madison kicks out in time. Cyrus doesn’t waste any time, knowing what Chris Madison can do. He picks him back up, getting him up to his feet. Cyrus grabs Madison, and drills him deep into the mat with a brutal Spinebuster. The move seems to have taken all of the air out of Madison’s lungs. A knee drop follows, targeting the mid-section of Chris Madison. Cyrus doesn’t give him a chance to breathe, he’s all over him. Kicking and stomping away, Laroy Jones has to step in to get Cyrus off of him.
JOHNSON: ”Cyrus isn’t holding back!”
VASSA: ”And why should he?! Madison is most ineffective when down like that and someone else is in charge offensively.”
Cyrus steps back, as Madison tries getting back up to his knee. Cyrus immediately rushes him, connecting with a Running Knee to the side of his head! The crowd boos, as Cyrus quickly pins him again.

Cyrus stands there, thinking about his best option here. He wants to end this match early, and quickly. Madison hasn’t recovered yet, as Cyrus moves in for the kill. He steps behind Madison, attempting to lock him into the Silent Night! Cyrus locks him into the submission, but Madison is able to throw Cyrus forward! The toss breaks the hold, sending Cyrus over to his corner. Sativa tries to tag herself back in, but Cyrus doesn’t let her. He charges towards Madison, who dodges and sends him shoulder first into the nearby turnbuckle post!
JOHNSON: ”Oh no! Madison countered!”
VASSA: ”Maybe Cyrus should have made that tag while he had the chance.”
The crowd cheers, as Lauryn calls for Madison to make the tag. He does, as Wolfe climbs up to the top rope. With Cyrus in perfect position, Lauryn looks to strike. Suddenly, Sativa runs into the ring and slams into Madison with a Double Axe Handle smash! Madison falls into the corner, knocking his partner down! Madison turns around, see Sativa ready to charge him again. Madison quickly ducks, and sends Sativa flying to the outside! Madison brings his partner down off the turnbuckle, helping her out. Sativa, frustrated, goes back to her corner and screams for Riddle to make the tag.
Cyrus shoves Madison out of the ring, and turns towards the still staggered Lauryn Wolfe. Wolfe fights back, striking out as she connects with a Headbutt! Lauryn follows him across the ring, striking out with rights and lefts. Cyrus stumbles backwards, as Sativa tags herself back into the match. Madison, getting back to his feet, watches as Sativa prepares herself to get back into the ring. He calls it out to Lauryn, who easily sees it. Wolfe rushes forward, knocking Riddle back out of the ring. Madison rushes over towards him, tossing him into the nearby Steel Steps for good measure!
JOHNSON: ”That isn’t quite legal, but in the actual WarGames match, there will be NO RULES!”
VASSA: ”It’s going to be an all out battlefield with chaos reaching every corner of that steel structure.”
Lauryn is able to dodge Sativa, connecting with a Spinning Backfist! Sativa stands there, stunned for the moment. Lauryn quickly drops her with a FIERY IMPULSE OUT OF NOWHERE! The cutter drills Sativa into the mat, Lauryn calls out for Madison to get into the ring. He does, picking Sativa up off the mat. Putting her into a Ripcord position, he connects with COMATOSED! The elbow almost sends Sativa crumbling to the mat, but Lauryn is out for blood. She grabs Sativa into a Ripcord position as well, pulling her into a Rolling Kappu Kick!
JOHNSON: ”These two are relentless!”
VASSA: ”Talk about a team effort! They just annihilated Sativa.”
Madison flies out of the ring, landing on Cyrus Riddle as he tried to get back up! With their opponents down, Lauryn quickly makes the pin!

VASSA: ”There you have it folks, Team Adrenaline wins it here tonight and will have the advantage going into WarGames at Fright Night.”
JOHNSON: ”If this match here tonight was a sample of what is ahead for both teams at Fright Night, this WarGames match is going to insane!”
“lockjaw” hits the speakers as Lauryn slowly rises to her feet. Sliding back into the ring, Madison joins her at her side. Stepping in between them, the official raises both of their hands into the air.

Heading backstage we find ourselves with a very focused Jett Wilder standing alongside Gabriel Hartman. Not up to his usual pre-match antics of horsing around in catering, not off with his beloved girlfriend, or helping his mom hide from other competitors. Instead supremely focused on the task at hand. Hartman enjoying the fact that Jett isn’t late or not caring about his interview.
HARTMAN: ”I am here with Jett Wilder who last week defeated Mariano Fernandez in a one on one singles match. That was a huge win for you Jett, one could say your biggest in awhile. How did that feel?”
Looking over at Hartman still holding disdain for him, but more focused than ever on what is ahead of him.
WILDER: “It was a big win Gabriel, you are right. My biggest ever? Not by a long shot. He may be the champion but it won’t be for long. That win? That win should put me right up there in title contention. As far as I am concerned? No matter who wins between Bronx or Manny, I want next.”
Gabriel seems to have a sour taste in his mouth picturing how big a head Jett would get if he ever won the top belt.
HARTMAN: ”But tonight? You have a match with Matthias Barrows who attacked you after your match last Adrenaline. You two have had issues for a long, surely this one is a big one for you.”
WILDER: “If I lose to Matthias? I won’t get any title shot. Barrows is the type of guy if you lose to, you have a long road back up. So I won’t lose to him. Because I am ready to take that top spot around here. For too long, we have had this guy and then that guy, over and over again. Time for someone that is in their prime, who has grown up in 4CW to take that belt. I hate Matthias so tonight will be fun to take him down, beating Manny and then Matthias back to back? A year ago? That would have been enough to satisfy me.”
Jett looks over his shoulder, as if looking back at his younger self before turning back and pointing at the ground.
WILDER: “Now though? I want that belt and I want to be the 4CW Champion. So if I got to beat Matthias? I will. If I got to go and beat up my best friends girls on Octane? So be it. I am going to do whatever it takes, because it’s time we have a champion we can be proud of… and one that won’t fall short in a match that was supposed to be a gimme. I am the champion this company needs. And soon? I’ll be the one to take it to new heights.”
Pushing away from Gabriel, Jett can be seen even doing a few arm stretches. Warming up a rare sight for the young man, who seems ready to face another rival here on Adrenaline.

The camera cuts backstage to show the outside of Matthias Barrows’ locker room. From the inside, voices can be heard.
BARROWS: “Hit me!”
A loud slap can be heard from outside. A few seconds later, the door flies open and out steps Matthias Barrows with Gary and Kodiak in tow. Plastered on his face is a big, red, hand-shaped mark, and a stare of a thousand yards. Suddenly, Gabriel Hartman approaches.
HARTMAN: “Matthias Barrows, you’re about to compete for the first time in three months against…”
BARROWS: “Jett Wilder.”
Barrows gives a death glare at Hartman, well aware of who his opponent is and how long it’s been since he’s competed.
BARROWS: “I’ve been made a fool of, Gabriel, and Jett Wilder has been instrumental in doing that. Take a good look into my eyes, Gabriel, and you’ll see the stuff mass shootings are made of. Tonight, I beat Jett Wilder and take back some of my dignity. If not, then I try again, and again, and again, and AGAIN! This does not stop until Jett Wilder PAYS for what he’s done to me. I’ll haunt Jett Wilder until the day he fucking DIES if I have to! Tonight, Jett Wilder is getting hurt, BAD, and I’m getting back on the horse. And I DON’T mean his mother.”
GARY: “Yeah, that’s what I plan to get on.”
HARTMAN: “But Matthias, Perry Wallace has banned Kodiak Winters from…”
That’s as far as he gets, as the imposing Kodiak Winters shoots a hand out and grabs Hartman by the throat.
WINTERS: “If Wallace wants me to leave, he can waddle his chunky ass down to the ring and MAKE me leave! I’m not going anywhere. Got it?”
Kodiak releases Hartman, shoving him away before kneeling down. Matthias gets on his shoulders, and Kodiak effortlessly straightens up.
BARROWS: “Gary, send in the color guard.”
GARY: “You got it.”
Gary pulls out a walkie-talkie and says something into it as the three of them head for the stage.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

Suddenly, as the pipe organ hits it’s dramatic note, the lights go out. Pyro then begins to envelop the stage for 10 seconds. When it subsides, the final tier of Dancing Mad is playing throughout the arena. Nine seconds in, the lights shoot back on to show Matthias Barrows sitting on the shoulders of Kodiak Winters, his bodyguard and lover, with his arms straight back and his fists at the side of his ribs. Gary the Assassin then comes through the curtain as Kodiak begins walking down the ramp.

POWERS: “Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by some idiot named Kodiak and Gary the Gay Midget, from Reno, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred and forty-one pounds of dog shit… ‘PISSBOY’… MATTHIAS BBAARRRROOWWSS!!!”

When they get to the bottom of the ramp, Matthias grabs the top ring rope and climbs off of Kodiak’s shoulders onto the ring apron. Kodiak then reaches up, pinching Matthias’ buttocks. Turning back to Kodiak, Matthias smiles and before you know it, his facial expression completely changes at the sight of a sign in the front row.


Stomping his feet upon the apron like a mad little girl, Barrows sheds a tear as Kodiak comforts him with a soft tough on the behind. Barrows then steps through the ropes and walks over to his corner, crossing his arms and pouting like a child.

The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder. He quickly takes notice to Kodiak and Gary down at ringside as an angry look comes over him. Storming down the aisle, Jett heads straight for them.

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California accompanied to the ring by Carmella Wilder and Luiz Cavalcante, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall! He is the originator and mastermind behind the one and only 4 Corners Frenzy… JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”

Kodiak and Gary begin talking amongst themselves, appearing as if they’re ready to attack Jett as he gets closer. Pointing to them, Jett then points to the entrance way, yelling at them as Gary quickly hides behind Kodiak. The camera zooms in to Jett’s face as his lips read “You two aren’t supposed to be at ringside. Get out of my sight!” Stepping forward, Kodiak mouths off to Jett, towering over him. Not standing down, Jett then reaches up and grabs Kodiak by the ear. Pulling his head down, Jett then walks him a few feet up the ramp before pushing him forward and sending him running away in fear. Gary then follows behind, trying to sneak by Jett unnoticed but fails miserably. Taking a couple steps forward to close the gap between him and Gary, Jett then kicks his leg forward, catching Gary under the butt and punting him forward up the ramp. Dusting his hands clean of the mess, Jett then turns to the ring and points at Matthias, striking fear in him instantly.

JOHNSON: ”It was made clear that no one would be allowed to be at ringside here tonight for this match between Jett and Matthias.”

VASSA: ”It brings a tear to my eye to see Jett enforce this. Our little champ has grown into a young man.”

JOHNSON: ”He’s no longer the scared little kid that we first met years ago.”

VASSA: ”He’s a fucking man! And Tiffani can attest to that!”

Jett then slides into the ring, walking along the ropes and keeping his sights on Matthias. Balling his fist, Jett then slams it into the palm of his other hand, causing Matthias to flinch each time he hears the slapping sound. Backing into his corner, Jett continues pounding his fist into his palm as the official checks in with each corner. After nearly FIVE MINUTES to Matthias trying to back out of the match, the official has finally had enough and calls for the bell, despite him being scared to compete.


Walking to the center of the ring, Jett continues punching his fist into his palm as Matthias quivers in the corner. A chant then breaks out amongst the crowd, bringing joy to the F.A.G.


Looking to the crowd, Jett locks his eyes on the multiple signs in plain sight held by members of the crowd.




Nodding in agreement, Jett then looks back to Matthias before approaching him as he remains in the corner, in fear for his life. Standing just a foot away, Jett then begins mouthing off at him, making jokes, and eventually causing a puddle to begin forming at Matthias’ feet as he pisses himself.

VASSA: ”Jesus fucking Christ! Matthias really is wet for Jett!”

JOHNSON: ”This is embarrassing. He acted like he wanted this match but now that he has it, it turns out he’s all talk. The man is a fraud and probably stole the Frenzy idea from somewhere else.”

VASSA: ”Attention clean up crew. We have a spill on aisle seven. I repeat, we have a spill on aisle seven.”

Minutes pass and Jett continues belittling Matthias, drawing no reaction from him other than fear. Growing irritated and bored after coming out to actually compete tonight, Jett grabs Matthias by the back of the head and drags him to the center of the ring. Dropping to his knees, Matthias begins grabbing Jett’s arms, begging for his life as the future of the business looks down at him, feeling nothing but sadness for how pitiful Matthias has become. Holding his hands up, Matthias screams, BEGGING for mercy. Eventually, Jett waves his hands and shakes his head in disappointment. He then turns away and heads to the ropes, showing mercy for the scared little man. Just as he gets to the ropes, Jett quickly leans into them, bouncing off turning around to face Matthias. Breaking into full stride, Jett then charges him before leaping into the air and annihilating him with a bicycle kick!


VASSA: ”There you go Jett! Don’t let him off easy after weeks and weeks of talking trash to you and ducking you every moment he got.”

JOHNSON: ”But he was suspended, remember?”

VASSA: ”Suspended? People have done far worse in 4CW and haven’t missed a single day. Matthias just used that excuse to cover the fact that he was scared of facing Jett in the ring, man to ma– crybaby!”

Full of excitement and energy, Jett bounces around the ring, pumping the crowd up as Matthias slowly rolls around on the mat, covered in his own piss. Jett then climbs the corner. As he stands at the top, he stops to think to himself for a moment. Looking down at his swag, Jett motions his hand in front of his throat as his lips read “Nah, I ain’t messing up these clothes.” He then hops down and walks over to Matthias. Looking over him, Jett takes nearly a minute to find a spot of his chest that isn’t covered in the piss he has rolled around in. Placing the toe of his shoe on that tiny area of dry skin, Jett has Matthias shoulders down to the mat. Carefully, the official drops down to his knees, making sure not to get any piss on himself before making the count.



JOHNSON: ”WOW! Jett has won this thing with ease!”

VASSA: ”I can’t believe he made him piss himself! OH MY GOD!!!”

“Blessings” hits the speakers as Jett laughs at the sight of Matthias. The official then grabs his hand, raising it high into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and the true mastermind behind the 4 CORNERS FRENZY, the man who just made Matthias literally piss himself… JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”

Jett then pulls his arm away from the official before squatting beside Matthias and mouthing off once more. Looking up to Jett, Matthias has tears balling from his eyes. The camera zooms in on Jett’s mouth as he speaks his final words. “Get out of my ring and don’t ever come back. I don’t even want to see your dumb face on social media ever again.”

Crawling away from Jett, Matthias leaves a trail of his piss across the ring before rolling underneath the ropes and dropping down to the floor. He then takes off running backstage as Jett looks on, laughing at the pitiful sight. As Matthias disappears into the back, the cleaning crew burst through the curtain and race down to ringside to clean up Matthias’ shame.


It’s backstage time and in one of the many corridors of the arena, Gabriel Hartman stands by looking rather nervous as though someone threatened to throw his suitcase in a puddle cause he doesn’t know how to swim. Perhaps it’s due to a fuming redhead Pride Champion pacing impatiently in the background.
HARTMAN: .“Earlier tonight Amber, the challenger to the Pride title, Kimitsu Zombie, made a statement of-”
Halting just beyond arm’s length, Amber cuts off Hartman with a terse wave.
RYAN: “Political correctness be fucked Hartman, tell the people that someone who preaches respect and transparency came out and tried to hang me and be done with it.”
Amber’s abrupt and rather to the point response does little to ease Hartman’s nerves as he tries to avoid looking at the darkened red mark lined across the Distorted Angel’s throat.
RYAN: “See, now this would usually be the part where I admit that I probably deserved it for something horrendous I’d done… However I think I’ve been pretty fucking well behaved recently. Maybe a little too much, depending on who you ask. However, this wasn’t for some past debt owed, revenge or even just because fuck it, why not. This is about trying to get a reaction, if Kimi wanted a reaction then she should have gone and kicked a puppy before posting the video on social media, or made a sex tape with magic boy proving that he really does have a little Hufflepuff in his Slytherin after all.”
Unconsciously, Amber rubs her throat with faint cough.
RYAN: “What she did however was try and hang me. Literally. Not the first course of action I would have taken, but who am I to judge others homicidal tendencies. Thing is though, I warned her on social media- just as I warn her now- keep digging, keep pushing buttons but don’t be surprised when the whole foolish enterprise explodes in your face.”
ZOMBIE: “There she is, although obviously didn’t do a good enough job cause you’re still running your mouth..”
Entering the corridor with a accomplished smile, Kimitsu Zombie approaches. As one could anticipate neither of the women take long to seize upon the opportunity and rush at each other, colliding in a flurry of fists and name calling. No one seems to get the upperhand though as Hartman scampers away, leaving security to flood the corridor and try to separate the women – the threats being lobbed as they’re dragged apart kicking and flailing wildly.
Amber spits on the floor disdainfully as she stops struggling, taking a step backwards as security slowly relinquish their hold whilst remaining as a barrier between the pair.
RYAN: “Yeah, I see what you did there… For future reference though, if you’re gonna do a job – you’ll wanna consider actually finishing the fucking thing. Be less likely to bite you in the ass then…“
Kimitsu meanwhile fights security as they try to drag her in the opposite direction, clearly getting more angry by the moment as she realizes that the redhead has stopped actively trying to get back at her and instead stands idly behind a wall of security with a half smirk on her features.
ZOMBIE: “You keep smiling Amber! Soon there’ll be nothing between us to let you be so smug. No security! Soon it’ll just be you and me in the ring and you will see what a fight really is… Is that it? Have you been a champion so long you forget what it means to struggle? I only wanted to give you a taste tonight.”
RYAN: “That’s what you think? Better luck next time darl, I really do hope you have something better than that at Fright Night, you know really make it worth my while.”
ZOMBIE: ”I’ll show you something! I’m just starting and if you think I’m angry now you don’t want to see me come Fright Night. Don’t you see! This is more about the title now. When I take your Pride Title, I’m going to take your soul! Do you see what you earned? I’m going to take everything from you and bleed you dry. I’m going to make you give a fuck!”
With a nonplussed shrug, Amber turns her back knowingly and walks away. Quietly seething, Amber gives her a one finger salute back over her shoulder as Kimitsu tries to unsuccessfully rile the redhead further, becoming even more angered by the gesture and more so by the active dismissal by the champ.

“Starboy” the Stranger Things remix hits, and the fans all know what that means as they all get to their feet as Bronx Valescence makes his way out onto the stage. Doing a slow walk, he appears at the top of the ramp. The fans pop loudly for the former 4CW Champion as he holds up his hand and then disappears back through the curtains. The fans listen to the music continue to play as they buzz. Finally, Bronx reappears with a large cardboard cut-out under one arm and what appears to be a pizza box in the other. He continues to walk down the ramp and finally he slides the pizza box and cut-out in the ring. Then Bronx slides in himself. He pulls a microphone from the pocket of his jeans and pops it a few times to make sure it’s live.
VALESCENCE: “It seems I’ve been here a lot in the last couple of months. Without a match before the big show—but I can’t complain. Because that means I’ve been in the 4CW Championship match. Last week? Last week was one of the biggest matches in 4CW. I knocked of Chris Madison, but that’s in the past. My eyes? My focus? It’s on Fright Night. It’s on Manny Fernandez. But I can’t say his focus is the same…”
The crowd laughed as Bronx pulled up the cardboard cut-out of Manny Fernandez. He has the 4CW Championship over his shoulder and a really stupid look on his face. But when doesn’t he? Bronx propped it up in the corner and grabbed the microphone.
VALESCENCE: “You see. Manny had the chance to come out here tonight and face me. Yet you don’t see him anywhere. Manny had the chance to hype this match with me.. where is he? Is Matthias Barrows back there for him to jerk off? Is Jason Cashe pulling him in front of a camera so they can fart for thirty minutes? Does Red Thunder want to beat him up again for something that didn’t even happen in 4CW? Did Rowen Kito post another selfie to Twitter for him to like within seconds? Whatever it is. It isn’t doing his fucking job… so I figured I would do it for him. Because this man right here?”
Bronx walked over to the cut-out and looked at it for a moment, squaring up towards it.
VALESCENCE: “This is exactly what this “champion” is. He’s a cardboard cut-out. Actually, this fucking cut-out has more charisma than the real thing. He’s something anyone in the back can just pick up and take with them when they need something accomplish. They use him for anything and everything. He can’t say no, because he isn’t a man, he’s a cut-out. He’s a background prop, and he’s a champion that NOBODY is proud of. How long? How long can someone like this dude rest on the laurels of defeating me one time? We’re about to find out. Because instead of coming out here and interrupting me? He’s sitting back there on Twitter, not giving a damn about any of you. Not giving a damn about the roster. He’s more concerned with tweeting about video games and keeping the same bits alive that wasn’t funny when he introduced them a year ago…”
Pacing around, Bronx spoke directly to the cut-out as the crowd gave mixed reactions to what he was saying.
VALESCENCE: “You know what HE’D rather talk about? You know what HE’D rather come on television and talk about?”
Dropping the microphone for a moment, Bronx picked up the pizza box and opened it up, revealing a pineapple pizza pie. Bronx looked down at it.
VALESCENCE: “YUP! He’d rather talk about pineapple pizza. He’d rather do an argument that is basically a Nickleback meme at this point. Just fucking UNREAL!”
When Bronx screamed he tossed the entire pizza box at Manny. Pineapple Pizza went flying everywhere as Bronx grabbed the cut out and tossed it to the ground and grabbed a slice and smashed it into the cardboard cutout’s face. Bronx raised back up and looked around to the crowd.
VALESCENCE: “It’s sad that someone on Octane can make something more interesting than you, Manny. It’s sad I still have people calling me out down there because they know I’M the measuring stick on Adrenaline. And with that being said…”
Slowly, he looked up to hard camera.
VALESCENCE: “Kaelan Price… she knows how to create a buzz, Manny. Maybe you should take notes. The title isn’t always going to be on the line bud. You’re not always going to be the marquee match. You’ve got to MAKE it the biggest match on the card. And Price? She knows how to do that. You said it, Kaelan. You know how busy I’ve been trying to carry this show because the champion can’t. Right now? My focus is on getting that title back. But if you want to prove yourself against the best. If you want to be the one Octane sends to me because Vossler couldn’t get the job done?”
Nodding, he looked up. The crowd popped.
VALESCENCE: “I’m your huckleberry. I have people knocking on the door. I have people wanting a shot at me without a belt. Nobody wants you as champion, Manny. Nobody wants you in 4CW, Manny. But everyone is just too nice to say otherwise. Fright Night? I’m going to do the only thing I can do. I’m going to take my title back. I’m going to send you back into the middling mid-card where you were before you had this little hot streak. I’m going to make sure you NEVER EVER get another shot at the 4CW Championship.”
Bronx looked down.
VALESCENCE: “I let everyone down the last time. That isn’t going to happen this time. I promise.”
Dropping the microphone, Bronx took one last glance at the cut-out and pizza and then rolled out of the ring and headed towards the back.

Jumping to the back, Anastasia Hayden can be seen rolling her neck and doing various pre-match stretches. As the camera gets closer, she acknowledges it, and lifts her Fate Championship up onto her shoulder, looking at it for a brief second before turning her attention to her audience.
HAYDEN: ”I should be looking forward to what happens next to my Fate Championship, but I’m not. When Fright Night comes, that’s the opportunity where someone can finally take this godawful thing from me. But I have something more pressing to focus on tonight. I’ve got a cancerous tumor that I’ve been trying to remove for months, but it insists on staying attached to me. This is my Mariano. Too long Bryan Williams has been trying to leech off of me like he does to everyone else. And tonight I’m going to change that.”
A smirk appears on Ana’s face, but just for a second, quickly replacing it with her stern, cold approach.
HAYDEN: ”I’m either going to break his jaw in hopes that he’ll be able to go one week without putting my name in his mouth. Or I’ll snap his fingers so he won’t have to give us an hour by hour update about what he’s doing. Regardless of what happens, I’ll be doing the world a favor. In no universe is Bryan on the same level as me, never forget that. He got lucky in Japan…he barely got me then. So let’s see if Bryan’s improved at all. If he can truly put me away.”
There’s almost a sound of hope in Ana’s voice; as if she really wants to see a change, but that mood is deflated in a hurry.
HAYDEN: ”But he won’t. He never will. He could go out there, pin me in three seconds, but he’ll never be better than me. He’ll never improve. Me? I’m the new benchmark in 4CW. I pushed Bronx out of the way and he pushed Madison down. I’m the last one standing. I’ve been here less than a year and I’ve done more than Bryan has in his entire career. Tonight’s just about tying the bow and putting an end to all of this.”
Ana nods in agreement with her own words; never breaking eye contact and barely even blinking. Wanting to make sure every word of her message gets across.
HAYDEN: ”Though, we know that whatever happens tonight…nothing changes. I’ll continue being the best and Bryan can continue being a leech. I’ll keep being the greatest champion in 4CW and Bryan will continue floundering in the tag division. That’s just how life goes. We’re all stuck in a constant loop, but I get better each rotation. I’ll throw this Fate Championship into the garbage, I’ll give it to someone like fucking American Tommy…and I’ll still be better than Bryan Williams.”
She holds up the Fate Championship for the camera to see before she promptly drops it to the floor. Her eyes narrow and the pacing of her words slows.
HAYDEN: ”And the Grand Duchess will never die.”
Picking her Fate Championship back up, Ana doesn’t even bother looking back at the camera before she heads off for her match.


POWERS: ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward
Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both
For a wounded man will shall say to his assailant
If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven
Such is the rule of honor”

“Omerta” By Lamb of God plays over the sound system as the lights go out in the arena. After a few moments a search light focuses in on the top of stage. There stands Dakota Smith and Erron Wilder, Dakota with a shit-eating grin and Erron looking as wild as ever. The spotlight follows the pair as they make their way down the ramp. Both seemingly caring very little for the negative reaction that the fans are spilling out onto them.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at this time, at a combined weight of four hundred sixty-nine pounds! ‘The Stuntman’ Erron Wilder… ‘The Butcher’ Dakota Smith… they are, OOMMEERRTTAA!!!”
As the two reach the ring Erron climbs up the stairs and Dakota rolls in under the bottom rope. Dakota pulls himself up using the ropes as Erron climbs in through the middle. Dakota stands in the middle of the ring, smirking to himself as Erron climbs up one of the ropes and taunts the fans. After a few moments the men fall back into their corner.
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
The opening notes of “Young Men Dead” by the Black Angels begins to play out over the arena. A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard. As the song kicks into gear out from the back steps through the curtain Brody Lee Prince first, followed by Magnus Brutus with his girlfriend Phoebe and they are all followed by none other than Christopher Wrigley. Wasting little time, Brody Lee and Magnus begin to make their way towards the ring while Phoebe stands behind her man and Wrigley holds his briefcase tightly making sure that none of the fans come close to him.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty one pounds and lead to the ring by their manager Phoebe and their attorney Christopher Wrigley. Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus, they are THE HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”
Brody Lee hits the ring first as Magnus stops to get a last minute smooch from the darling redheaded Phoebe. Brody Lee stands on the middle ropes and tosses his chaw to the floor as Magnus climbs up onto the ring apron and sneers in everyone’s direction. Wrigley has a huge grin on his face as he points directly into a camera and says ‘It’s time for a takeover’ a couple of times. He then tells the camera to get out of his face before he sues him.
VASSA: ”Although Omerta came up short in Bad Company, they’re coming into tonight’s match with some momentum after scoring a win over the Tag Team Champions, World Dollar Sign-Tar!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s World$tar and both teams are coming into this match with some momentum having won their last tag team bouts.”
VASSA: ”This will be the ultimate test for The Hostile Takeover before they head into their championship match at Fright Night.”
JOHNSON: ”All four of these men have dates at Fright Night. The Hostile Takeover in the tag match and Omerta in the Warzone or Horrors.”
VASSA: ”Big matches for all of them. That Warzone of Horrors has shaped up to be pretty lit.”
JOHNSON: ”The entire lineup for Fright Night is stacked from top to bottom.”
VASSA: ”Well let’s just hope these men don’t kill each other before the pay-per-view.”
JOHNSON: ”Definitely, that would be a dis–“
VASSA: ”Spoke too soon!”
Before the official can even check with each team and a legal man has been decided, both Erron and Dakota erupt from their corner and charge across the ring right for The Hostile Takeover. Locking arms, Dakota and Erron go for a clothesline on Brutus, who happens to be standing in front of Brody and the only target they have a clear shot on. Ducking underneath, Brutus avoids the double clothesline, but his partner on the other hand, does not. Erron and Dakota collide into Brody, knocking him against the ropes and eventually flipping him up and over. Dakota and Erron share a laugh at the sight of Brody laid out on the outside floor. From behind, Brutus clocks Dakota in the back of the head with a massive right hand, knocking him forward into the rope, causing him to flip over them as well as a result of a blindsided meat hook. With Brutus and Erron the only two men left standing in the ring, the official immediately calls for the bell and officially gets this match underway.

Grabbing Erron’s shoulder with his left hand, Brutus spins him around and greets him with a powerful right hand to the jaw, knocking him into the corner with another meat hook. Grabbing ahold of him before he can react, Brutus holds Erron in place before slamming his head forward and ramming Erron’s with a headbutt. Not releasing his hold, Brutus continues to hold him in place as he slams his head forward over and over, hitting Erron with repeated headbutts until eventually knocking him in somewhat of a dazed state. Pulling Erron away from the corner, Brutus swaps places with him before pulling him in and his head down. Throwing Erron forward, Brutus sends him head first into the turnbuckle. Latching onto the ropes, Erron remains on his feet, but barely. Grabbing him from behind and pulling him in, Brutus then lifts him off his feet before falling back and dropping him to the mat with a belly to back suplex!
Back on his feet, Brutus grabs onto the nearby ropes and uses them for leverage as he steps down onto Erron’s throat and begins choking him with his boot. The official quickly begins the five count and just before completing it, Brutus pulls his foot away from Erron’s throat. The official then backs him across the ring before warning him for the illegal move. Meanwhile, Erron slowly begins to climb to his feet, using the ropes to assist him along the way. Shoving the official out of the way, Brutus charges him and takes a swing for the fences as he closes in with another right handed meat hook. Stepping out of the way and interlocking his foot with Brutus’, Erron takes him down face first to the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold!
On the outside of the ring, both Brody and Dakota have found their way to their corners, awaiting on the apron and looking on. On his feet, Erron then takes a shot and swings at Brody with a sucker punch. Holding onto the top rope with both hands, Brody leans back as far as he possibly can, avoiding the punch thrown for his head. He then pulls himself back up to the ropes and once standing straight up, Brody swings over the top rope, hitting Erron in the mouth with a punch of his own. Erron then lunges at Brody and the two lock onto one another. With the ropes in between them, they can only do but so much as both arms are occupied holding the other. Climbing onto the apron, Wrigley begins prying himself in between the two and just as he pulls Brody away from Erron’s hold, Erron slams his palm forward, hitting Wrigley with it in the shoulder and knocking him down to the floor.
Before Erron can turn his attention back to Brody, Brutus has risen to his feet behind him. Wrapping both arms around Erron’s waist, Brutus then lifts him into the air with ease before falling back and launching him across the ring over his head with what appears to be a German suplex of sorts. With Brody eager to jump into the mix, he reaches over the top rope and waves his hand in Brutus’ face as he climbs to his feet. Slapping hands with his partner, Brutus tags Brody in and exits onto the apron as Brody enters the ring. As Erron pushes himself up to one knee, Brody rushes in, hitting him under the chin with a running knee lift and knocking him over to his back. Erron’s arms spread out to the sides and with a smile on his face, Brody then raises his knee as high as he can, lifting his foot up before slamming it down and stomping on Erron’s fingers. Pulling Erron up from the mat, Brody then wraps him up before lifting him up again and dropping him with an atomic drop. Erron’s body stiffens as he takes backwards baby steps. Pushing himself up from one knee, Brody then stands tall but to his surprise, Erron charges forward and wipes him out with a running STO.
VASSA: ”Holy shit! Out of nowhere, Erron catches Brody off guard with a running STO!”
JOHNSON: ”It was perfect timing too. Just when Brody thought he had him with that atomic drop, Erron changes things up and completely takes him by surprise.”
VASSA: ”It looks like Erron just had enough in the tank for that one move because not only is Brody down on the mat, but Erron is down right beside him.”
The official then begins his ten count but as he reaches the four mark, Erron has crawled halfway to his corner and pushes himself back to his feet. Taking the tag with Dakota, the crowd pops with cheers as The Butcher has officially entered legal competition. Quickly entering the ring, Dakota stalks Brody, following close behind as he crawls to his corner where Brutus awaits. Cheering him on, Brutus gives him words of encouragement before it quickly turns into a warning as to what lurks behind him. Grabbing a handful of Brody’s hair, Dakota stops him in his tracks before pulling his head back and forcing him to look up, right into his eyes as he looks down from above. Lifting Brody up from the mat, Dakota then wraps his hand around Brody’s throat before holding him in place and kicking him in the stomach. Lifting Brody off his feet, Dakota then throws him down to his back with a one handed choke slam!
Stepping over Brody and standing over him, Dakota leans over and slaps him across the face. Dakota then jumps straight up and come down, slamming both feet onto Brody’s chest with a double foot stomp. Stepping down and placing a foot on each side of Brody, Dakota then reaches down and wraps his hand around Brody’s throat again. Deadlifting Brody up from the canvas, Dakota then takes a step forward while holding him up in the air before dropping to one knee and slamming Brody to his back with a another chokeslam, this time even going as far as to drive his hand into his windpipe as impact is made against the mat. With Brody down and both shoulders to the mat, Dakota lays both hands over Brody’s chest, making a nonchalant cover as the official slides in with the count.

From behind, Brutus rams his large boot into the back of Dakota’s head, knocking him over Brody and breaking up the pin. Immediately, Erron dips through the ropes and charges at him full speed. With no idea what’s coming, Brutus gets taken by storm as Erron hits him over the back of the head with a forearm shot. Brutus stumbles to the ropes and as he catches them to hold himself up, Erron is right there behind him to flip him up and over with a running clothesline to the back of the head. The entire arena begins to stir as Erron and Dakota are now in the ring alone with Brody. Jumping onto the apron, Wrigley begins screaming for the official to do something. The only thing to be done is a five count which he begins. Those five seconds seem to last a lifetime as Erron and Dakota viciously attack Brody while he’s down. Leaving the ring just before the five, Erron steps back onto the apron as Dakota pulls Brody to his feet.
Dragging Brody to the corner, Dakota makes the tag with Erron before positioning himself behind Brody. As Erron enters, Dakota then lifts him into the air and falls back for a backdrop suplex. Grabbing onto Brody’s head, Erron hits him with a neckbreaker on the way down! Rolling underneath the bottom rope, Dakota exits to the apron before the official even has a chance to start a five count. On his feet, Erron then climbs the corner and makes his way up to the top. Leaping off, he flies through the air before coming down on Brody’s chest with an elbow drop! Rising to his feet once more, Erron then drags Brody to the center of the ring before pulling him up to his feet.
Hooking his arm around Brody’s head, Erron then grabs the back of his pants before lifting him upside down into the air. With Brody set up for a brainbuster that’s next to come, Erron holds him up a few seconds, delaying the inevitable drop. Squirming out of Erron’s hold, Brody drops down to his feet behind Erron. Lifting Erron into the air from behind, Brody drops him with a reverse atomic drop. Erron’s body stiffens once more as this time he takes baby steps forward, towards the corner where Brutus looks on from. Rushing in and slamming both fists into Erron’s back, Brody pushes him forward, crashing into the corner where Brutus also connects with his signature meat hook, a vicious right to the jaw. The two then make the tag and as Brutus enters the ring, Brody lifts him into the air and drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. From above, Brutus looks down at Erron hanging on Brody’s elevated knee. He then drops down to his knees, slamming an elbow drop across Erron’s throat and knocking him off Brody’s knee and to the floor.
VASSA: ”Hot damn! Erron could have easily been decapitated right there!”
JOHNSON: ”Magnus is a big boy and with all that weight he just forced into his elbow before dropping it onto Erron could have snapped his neck!”
VASSA: ”This has been a vicious match thus far as expected. I’m still not going to be happy unless they destroy the entire ring before it’s all said and done.”
At that moment, the crowd begins to stir and as the camera aims to where everyone’s attention is, we see the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Jason Cashe and Jair Hopkins, walking out from the back and onto the entrance stage. Everyone in the ring is unaware of what’s going on. The only person who takes notice is Wrigley from the floor below. A nervous look comes over his face as he grips onto his brief case tightly. World$tar then begin to slowly proceed down the ramp as Brutus does a number on Erron inside of the ring with you guess it, more right handed meat hooks. As the champs get to ringside, Dakota takes notice from the apron, but stands his ground as World$tar pays him no mind. Going their separate ways, Cash and Hopkins walk around opposite sides of the ring, in an attempt to close Wrigley in.
JOHNSON: ”The champs are here and after their run in two weeks ago, I think I know where this is headed.”
VASSA: ”Poor Wrigley…”
Cashe and Hopkins then begin running around the ring.
JOHNSON: ”here they come!”
Quickly, Wrigley climbs onto the apron. Both Brody and Brutus look to him as to why and then in the corners of their vision, World$tar appears from both sides on the outside of the ring. Seeing an opportunity, Dakota enters the ring and rushes Hostile Takeover from behind, hitting them both in the backs with an arm as he clotheslines them into the ropes. Wrigley then enters the ring, frightened out of his mind. Sliding in, World$tar has now entered as well. Each team collects themselves and stands a good distance from the other teams. In the center of it all, Wrigley latches onto the official, holding him directly in the path leading World$tar to him. Shrugging his shoulders, Dakota then charges Hostile Takeover, only to get wrapped up by both men as he gets within arms reach. Wrigley then shoves the ref forward into Jair’s arms as Cashe races by and charges for him. Turning to the ropes, Wrigley makes a run for it but is quickly stopped as Cashe grabs onto the back of his jacket. With the briefcase in hand, Wrigley turns around and takes a swing for Cashe’s head… MISSING!
Cashe then pulls him in and throws him to the side, sending Wrigley in Erron’s directing and as he least expects it, Erron receives an accidental briefcase to the face from Wrigley. The official sees none of it. Dropping the briefcase, Wrigley then crawls to the ropes and rolls under them, dropping down to the floor. He then takes off up the ramp and not far behind, both Cashe and Hopkins follow suit. Brody and Brutus pound away at Dakota with lefts and rights, headbutts and bites, before backing him up to the ropes. The two then works together to lift Dakota up and over the top rope, dropping him down to the floor below. With only them in the ring, accompanied by the official and an unconscious Erron Wilder, Brody then slaps Brutus across the chest and points to Erron.
With no one around to break up the pin, Brutus then drops to his knees and covers Erron as the official drops down for the count and Brody keeps a close eye on Dakota.

Jumping for joy, Brody begins celebrating as Phoebe enters the ring as well. She assists Brutus to his feet as “Young Men Dead” begins playing throughout the arena. The three share a short moment of joy before the official interrupts and grabs both men by the arm, lifting them into the air.

The two pulls their arms away from the official as Brody looks to the outside once more to make sure Dakota is still down and not a threat. Lifting Phoebe into the air with both hands around her petite waist, Brutus locks lips with her. Brody then begins tapping on Brutus’ shoulder before picking Wrigley’s briefcase up from the mat. The two begin to question his whereabouts before they both turn to look up the ramp at the same time. The three then exit the ring and rush up the ramp, in search for Wrigley and to make sure World$tar hasn’t wiped him completely from the face of the earth.

Backstage, Brian Hollywood is seen getting tended to by medical as the back of his head is iced.
MEDIC: ”Apply that ice to the back of your head, and I’ll reevaluate you here in another fifteen minutes.”
HOLLYWOOD: ”I’m fine…I appreciate you checking, but I’m not staying.”
MEDIC: ”You’re not going anywhere, Mr. Hollywood! Per order of Perry Wallace, you’re not going anywhere into your cleared here tonight!”
HOLLYWOOD: ”FUCK Perry and his god damn orders, and FUCK you! I’m getting the fuck out of this god forsaken, miserable fucking dump of a fuck!”
Hollywood throws the ice pack down on the ground and proceeds to march out of the medical unit as the medic grabs Hollywood. This doesn’t go fine with Hollywood.
MEDIC: ”You’re staying right here!”
The medic tuffles with Hollywood before Hollywood shoves him down to the ground as Hollywood yells at the medic with a mad, defiant outcry.
The medic struggles to get to his feet as Hollywood exits the area, slamming the door behind him. Hollywood still looks like shit and hasn’t shaken the awkward feelings of earlier away as he shakes his head and heads down the hall. He doesn’t get very far before he is found in the crosshairs of Hartman. Hartman stops him, but Hollywood never looks at him.
HARTMAN: ”Mr. Hollywood…I don’t mean to bother you, but could you enlighten all of us what happened out there with you earlier tonight?”
Hollywood starts to breathe heavier but doesn’t say a word. He slowly looks up at Hartman and again, silence takes control of the scene. Finally, Hollywood seems to find the words he’s looking for, as doubt and uncertainty cross Hollywood’s face.
HOLLYWOOD: ”……Something’s gotta give….obviously something needs to change and change now….but what do you care Hartman? Honestly, what do you or anyone here in 4CW for that matter, hell including myself, fucking care?…….I stopped caring, Hartman, and by the looks of it, so has everybody else…..
Hollywood shakes his head in disappointment and he proceeds alone down the hallway, walking slowly and further in defeat and purposefulness as we see Hollywood head for the exit of the arena and leave without looking back as the show returns to ringside.


JOHNSON: ”Well folks, it’s main event time! We’ve had a crazy night here, for sure. I think this match will just put the cherry on top of everything. How excited are you for this, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Anastasia Hayden is one of those special talents we see every once in a while. For her to be in the main event like this, against Bryan Williams is …well, I don’t think anybody is going to be looking away.”
JOHNSON: ”The history is there, and we could feel the bitterness between the two in their promos. This is going to be a devastating outcome for either competitor here tonight.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think a loss hurts either one of them in the standings, but you’re right. I don’t know how the fallout from this will play out, it’s going to be brutal.”
JOHNSON: ”Bryan Williams seems to be up to the challenge though.”
VASSA: ”He is, but nobody is going to be counting Ana out of this one. If anything I’d say that Bryan is the underdog in this one. Look at the list of people that Ana has run through already! It’s insane!”
JOHNSON: ”She’ll be looking to add another one here tonight, and get some revenge I’d say.”
VASSA: ”For certain. I’d hate to be in Bryan’s shoes right now.”
The strong backing sound of the drums fills the arena, as “Lions Below” begins to play. With the song beginning it’s melodic tune, the crowd cheers for the arrival of Bryan Williams. The song quickly kicks in, the backing sample playing over and over as the lights turn down. Strobes going along to the beat of the song, the crowd quickly gets into the song as they wait for Bryan’s arrival. The song continues to play for a few more moments, the beat settling out into a flat section.
“Glad you’re gone
You’ll never hear me say
That I’ll need you here to watch me
Watch me walk away…”

The song quickly picks up again, as Bryan walks out from the back head held down low. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his right hand and extends his pointer finger. He holds it up momentarily, eventually beginning to walk down to the ring as the song continues.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and ninety eight pounds! BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”
Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting into the ring, walking up the steel steps and climbing in through the top and middle rope. With a serious look on his face, Bryan stands in the ring waiting for his opponent.
JOHNSON: ”A little change there, from Powers. As we heard Bryan has recently changed up his scenery. By the looks of it he’s changed a lot of things.”
VASSA: ”Not a fan of the hair, but sometimes you need change to move forward. Maybe this is what Bryan needed to get back to his old self.”
JOHNSON: ”Very progressive of you, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Eh, I have my moments.”
“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo. As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains with her mouth guard hanging out. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she pops the mouth guard back in and starts making her way down to the ring.
”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, hailing from Steele, North Dakota…weighing in at one hundred twenty-eight pounds…she is the ‘GRAND DUCHESS’… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”
”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

The announcement of her name only draws out more boos toward Ana. She brushes them off as she leaps up to the apron and climbs through the ropes into the ring. Ana finds a free corner in the ring and walks toward it, perching herself on the top turnbuckle, and popping her mouth guard out again as she waits for the match to begin.
JOHNSON: ”Ana isn’t looking like she’s ready to play any games here tonight. All business, ready to kill.”
VASSA: ”Do you have goosebumps? I do, this is fun!”

The bell rings, and the two waste no time getting into it! Ana runs across the ring, as Bryan meets her in the middle! The two immediately lock up, exchange forearm shots and elbows. Neither one wanting to back down, Ana lets out a roar and lays into Bryan with a brutal elbow shot. Suddenly, Ana strikes out again and slaps Bryan across the face, leaving him stunned. Ana reached back for another elbow, but Bryan kicks her arm away. She spins around, as Bryan connects with an elbow shot of his own! Ana staggers backwards, as Bryan delivers a hard slap across her face!

The audible slap sends a chill throughout the audience, they react loudly as Bryan grapples Ana. He wastes no time with rest holds, instead he wraps up Ana Hayden and tosses her to the mat! Ana lands hard, on her neck and shoulders, quickly rolling out of the ring to escape from anymore punishment. She stays on the outside, catching her breath as Bryan quickly follows. Bryan drops down, rolling underneath the bottom rope as Ana catches him with a Hook Kick. Bryan stumbles backwards, hitting the steel steps awkwardly.
JOHNSON: ”A rough landing for Bryan Williams!”
VASSA: ”Hasn’t been a great start for him so far, Ana is just laying into him right now!”
He holds the back of his head, as Ana moves in and kicks him hard in the ribs. She drives her heel into his throat, using the apron for support as she stands up. All of her body weight is being driven into Bryan’s throat, who manages to wriggle free from the hold. Bryan quickly scurries under the ring, being pulled out by Ana. She tries to pull him back out, but he connects with a kick that pushes her away! Bryan scurries under the ring, while Ana recovers, popping up on the other side of the ring. He quickly slides into the ring, rushing across the ring to DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE! He collides into Ana, sending them both crashing into the barricade!
Ana crawls around on the outside, trying to get her bearings as Williams is back to his feet. A running kick to the side of Ana’s head stops her, momentarily. Bryan tosses the apron curtain aside, Larry Collins calling for the two to get back into the ring. Bryan ignores him, instead opting to get Ana back up to her feet. He hits her with a European Uppercut, before tossing her back into the ring. Ana does her best to get back up, but she’s still dazed from the spill on the outside. She stands up, only to be caught with a Rolling Release Suplex! Bryan tosses her through the air, sending her crashing hard into the mat! Ana doesn’t have a chance to recover, as Bryan quickly covers her for the pin!

Ana staggers up, as Bryan get to his feet. She ducks a right hand, catching Bryan with an open hand slap to his chest. She grabs his right arm, putting her right foot under his chin. Throwing herself down towards the mat, her foot shoots into his jaw, causing him to fall backwards! Ana uses this moment to recover, she looks to get enough momentum for this next move. A Running Kick to the ribs of Bryan sends him rolling back out of the ring. Bryan stays on the outside for a moment, as Ana looks on. She shoots towards the opposite side of the ring, running at the ropes with full speed and fury. She bounces off, coming back towards her original side. Bryan slowly gets up to his feet, as Ana Hayden launches herself between the top and middle ropes. Bryan looks up, and sees Ana crashing into him at full SPEED!
The two crash back into the barricade yet again, Bryan taking the brunt of the fall this time. He leans against the barricade, appearing to be in agony as Ana lays on the mat. Ana tries to get her bearings, wanting to get back up to her feet quickly. Bryan hasn’t recovered yet though, as he falls down to the mat. Larry Collins looks on again, starting a count as these two stay on the outside!
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Bryan is finally getting up, as Ana does, the two locking eyes for a moment. Bryan swings at her, but she ducks again and connects with a low dropkick to his right knee. His leg buckles out, sending him crashing face first into the ring steps! Bryan’s head jerks back, as he holds his face.
“Five! … Six! … Seven!”

There is blood, but Ana doesn’t pay attention to it. The count has hers, as she cuts it off for the moment. She rolls inside of the ring, getting a well deserved break for the moment. Bryan stays on the outside, checking the damage. It seems to be a cut on his nose, he quickly moves on from it. Looking around, he tests himself to see if he can get up. Larry Collins again calls for him to move, giving him time before he starts another count.
JOHNSON: ”Bryan’s busted open already, doesn’t seem to be hindering him at all.”
VASSA: ”You think Ana was wanting to draw blood? How do you date somebody like that? Anyway, crazy.”
Ana looks on in disbelief as Bryan gets back up to his feet, slowly sliding back into the ring. He looks across the ring at Ana, who’s waiting on him to make his move. The crowd is cheering, as these two begin to pace around the ring. One waiting for the other to do something.
Ana rushes out towards Bryan, attempting to take him down with a Headscissors. He stops the move completely, swinging Ana back around and into a Backbreaker! The backbreaker connects, flush, Bryan wastes little time on getting Ana back up to her feet. He wraps her up, almost in a Fireman’s Carry position, floating her over into a Neckbreaker over his knee! Ana rolls in pain, but Bryan is relentless, he picks Ana Hayden up and tosses her to the mat with a Sleeperhold Suplex! The crowd is awed by Bryan’s sudden conviction of violence towards his opponent. Ana looks up at the lights, completely dazed.
JOHNSON: ”A flurry of offense from Bryan Williams! He’s just gotten himself back into this match!”
VASSA: ”And then some, Ana looks to be out of it right now.”
Bryan takes his time, walking back over to his downed opponent. Ana still seems a bit out of it, she turns to her stomach and tries to crawl back to her feet. Bryan quickly wraps her up, his hands around her waist. He pulls her up and into a Deadlift German Suplex! Almost in slow motion, the suplex drills Ana Hayden into the mat! Keeping the bridge, Larry Collins drops down to make the count!

Bryan lets go of the bridge, almost looking annoyed that he wasn’t able to put Ana away with that. Backing off, he decides instead to use this time to his advantage. With Ana still down on the mat, Bryan takes a breather. It’s precious time he can use to recover, as his opponent is still dazed. After a few moments he looks over, seeing the Ana is getting back up to her feet. Bryan moves over to her, just as Ana is back to her feet. Bryan quickly settles that with a superkick! The snap kick catches Ana fully, dropping her back down to the mat again. Bryan looks on, as Ana lays there on the mat. Once again he drops to his knees, covering her for the pin!

Bryan rolls off of Ana, almost expecting that she would kick out. Much to his surprise, and everyone else’s, Ana Hayden is getting up. She stays on one knee, as Bryan approaches her again. She lashes out, a kick catching Bryan right in the stomach. He doubles over, giving Ana the few seconds she needs to get back up. Ana grins, as Bryan eats a Running Knee from Ana. She took his punishment, now it seems that it is her turn to dish it out. Bryan lays on the mat, as Ana starts walking around him in circles.
JOHNSON: ”Ana has taken back control, these two aren’t holding anything back right now.”
VASSA: ”Every shot, every move seems to have just a little bit extra behind it tonight. They’re both sending each other a clear message right now.”
Bryan tries getting back up, pushing Ana away from him. He receives a boot to the side of his head from her. Dropping to the mat, Ana follows that up with a Sliding Dropkick to the side of Bryan’s head. This causes Bryan to roll back to the outside, yet again, clutching at his head. Ana looks on, wondering about her options for the moment. Bryan doesn’t look to waste any time on the outside, as he grabs for the ring apron. Ana sees this, and quickly makes her move. Both competitors reach the apron, Ana pulling Bryan right into an elbow shot. She lands another hard shot, before trying for a third. Bryan ducks, pulling Ana into a T-BONE SUPLEX ONTO THE APRON!

Both competitors crash to the ground, Ana having taken the full brunt of the suplex. Bryan lays on the outside, still feeling the effects of Ana’s attacks. Larry Collins moves to their side, checking on the both of them. Bryan motions for him to move, as he gets back up to his feet. He wastes no time in picking up his opponent, shoving her back into the ring. Ana doesn’t move, but Bryan doesn’t look to pin her just yet.
Grabbing Ana, Bryan quickly lifts her up onto her feet. He scoop slams her hard onto the canvas, lifting her back up again. Lifting Ana off of her feet, Bryan drives his knee into her back, with a backbreaker! Ana looks to be in pain, as Bryan keeps her bent in an awkward position over his knee! Using his arms to push down on her throat and legs, he creates a focal point for the pain. Larry Collins quickly steps in, checking on Ana. He asks her if she wants to give up, but Ana responds with a knee to the side of Bryan’s head!
JOHNSON: ”What a counter there!”
VASSA: ”Brilliant escape from Ana Hayden!”
The hold breaks, allowing Ana her freedom once again. Ana lays on the mat, clutching her lower back after that bit. Bryan tries getting back up, but Ana beats him to it. She grabs Bryan, pulling him right into a Snap DDT! The move plants Bryan head first into the mat, allowing Ana another chance to catch her breath and recover. Bryan isn’t looking well, the knee and DDT certainly stopping anything he was hoping to accomplish. He pulls himself to the nearest turnbuckle, as he tries to get back up to his feet.
Ana easily lands an Enziguri, as Bryan slumps back into the corner. He sits there on the mat, as Ana brings her boot across his face. She does it once, and then does it again. Another scrape for good measure, as the crowd can see the Facewash coming up. Ana steps backwards, getting a nice running start. She hits the ropes, exploding towards her opponent as she connects with a brutal Facewash! Ana almost slips through the ropes, with how fast she was going! Bryan doesn’t fare very well, the cut from his nose re-opening yet again.
JOHNSON: ”Facewash to Bryan Williams!”
VASSA: ”She’s really going for broke here tonight.”
Ana doesn’t waste time, looking to do the most amount of damage she can. Bryan tries getting back up, but Ana clips his right knee from behind. The move is effective, as Bryan crumbles to the mat in a heap. He grabs at his right knee, a history of problems with it that Ana was fully aware of. Locking his right leg up, Ana twists her body and drops BOTH of her knees onto his leg! Added damage now, Ana finally has something to wear down.
Bryan tries crawling away from Ana, but he has no luck. She easily pulls him into a Leg Lock. The move done to weaken his right knee more, but not completely submit him just yet. Ana stares at Bryan, as he shouts out in pain. She smirks, wrenching the hold even tighter. Bryan lets out a yelp, rolling to his side as he is able to get to the ropes. Ana quickly lets go, stepping back to connect with another knee to the side of his head! Bryan slumps down to the mat, as Ana covers him for the pin!

The crowd “oohs” as they thought Ana had quickly taken this match. Bryan is in a world of trouble now. Ana Hayden takes a break, trying to collect herself as she decides on what to do next. Her opponent is hobbling now, doing his best to recover. Ana looks on, stepping in with a kick to his leg. The outside kick almost drops Bryan, as he falls into the ring ropes. Ana steps in again, delivering another harsh kick to his right leg! She’s yelling something at him, and isn’t letting up any time soon! Ana step back again, Bryan side stepping out of the way just in time. Ana bounces off of the ropes, and right into a Rolling Elbow from Bryan!
JOHNSON: ”What an elbow!”
VASSA: ”A shoutout to Adalynn Duncan, I’m sure!”
Ana, stunned, staggers around the ring for a moment as Bryan looks on. Almost like he’s waiting for her to fall. Ana falls backwards into the nearby ropes, but it seems to have been an act! She springs off of the ropes with fury, catching Bryan with a Running Blockbuster! The crowd reacts appropriately, as Bryan is drilled into the mat! Ana quickly moves in for the cover!

Ana doesn’t seemed all that surprised, Bryan doing what he can to kick out. Ana uses this chance to get him up, shoving him to the outside. Ana rolls out of the ring, as Bryan is dumped to the outside. Larry Collins calls for her to get back in the ring again, she quickly ignores him. Ana directs Bryan towards the barricade, leaning him against it. Bryan stands there, as Ana takes a few steps backwards. She readies herself, running towards him as she throws her body into his! Bryan crashes hard into the barricade, a Crossbody sending him into it. It was well executed by Ana, who seems to have taken no damage from it. Larry Collins, annoyed, begins counting.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Ana, looking up at Larry, rolls her eyes as she moves towards the ring. She gets up onto the apron, speaking with the ringside official. We can’t hear what she’s saying, but it seems she has issue with him trying to count them out. Ana argues her case, fighting with Larry Collins as Bryan stays on the outside. It seems to be that Ana is winning the argument though, as Larry raises his arms up in frustration. The crowd cheers as he backs off! Satisfied, Ana returns to where Bryan was laying down.

The sound reverbs through the arena, a Superkick catching Ana completely off guard! Ana falls to the mat, as Bryan crumbles as well. He holds onto his right knee, very much in pain. Ana doesn’t seem to move, as Larry Collins looks on. Bryan and Ana have taken a lot of damage in this match, they lay on the ringside as once again Larry Collins begins to count. The crowd certainly doesn’t seem to appreciate it.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Bryan and Ana aren’t moving, the crowd starts to become worried as Larry Collins continues to count!
“Five! … Six!”

There is a buzz in the crowd, as neither competitor is moving! Larry Collins doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon!

Relief, as Bryan tries getting back up to his feet. Ana is moving as well, but she hasn’t gotten back up yet. Bryan looks to the ring, as he takes another breath.

Using his willpower, Bryan tries walking to the ring but his right leg seems to give out! He falls, gripping onto the ring apron for support! Behind him is Ana, as she gets to a knee.

The crowd is yelling for both competitors to get up, at this point. They don’t want to see a draw. Bryan grabs the bottom rope, pulling himself up and into the ring! The crowd cheers, and Ana isn’t far behind. Both competitors lay in the ring, doing what they can to recover as the crowd gives them a round of applause!
Bryan and Ana finally start to move, Ana slow to get back up to her feet. She lets out a roar, from anger and pain and charges her opponent. A forearm shot catches Bryan, but he responds with one of his own! Ana and Bryan go back and forth, forearm for forearm! Ana lunges at Bryan, but he ducks and catches her with a Bicycle Kick! Ana stumbles back, but steps in with a Hook Kick of her own! It catches Bryan, just as he’s about to try another elbow shot! Bryan stumbles forward, falling to one knee. Ana quickly latches onto him, putting him into a deep Guillotine Choke!
JOHNSON: ”Look out! She’s got him!”
VASSA: ”Oh man, Bryan looks to be in trouble with this one!”
Wrapping her legs around her opponent, Ana squeezes as Bryan tries to defend the choke. It’s in tight, as Bryan tries to reach out for the ropes. He’s able to grab the middle rope, as Larry Collins steps in. Ana lets out another roar, ignoring his instructions to let go! The crowd boos, as Larry begins to count. With each count, getting closer to five, it doesn’t seem that Ana wants to let go! Suddenly, Bryan stands to his feet! Letting go of the middle rope, he rushes forward and spikes Ana into the nearby turnbuckle!
Ana Hayden lets go of Bryan, leaning backwards into the middle turnbuckle. The damage to her back enough to give Bryan an edge. She winces in pain, as Bryan steps backwards. He charges towards her, looking to end this right now!

It was a trick! Ana moves, and drop toe holds Bryan face first into the middle turnbuckle! His head snaps backwards, allowing Ana to connect with a Hurricanrana Driver! Bryan is planted face first into the mat, as Ana quickly covers him for the pin!

To her surprise, and everyone else, Bryan Williams kicks out. Ana looks on, as Bryan does his best to get up. Ana knows that she needs to pile the pressure on, as Bryan is still dazed. Ana springs back up to her feet, trying to get Bryan to his. Bryan starts getting up, but Ana throws a kick into his ribs! He yells out in pain, allowing Ana ample time to think up her next move. Ana hurries to the apron, an attempt at a springboard move would definitely keep Bryan down. But just as quick as she heads to the apron, Bryan has followed her. She jumps onto the top rope, just as Bryan knocks her OFF AND SENDS HER CRASHING INTO THE BARRICADE ON THE OUTSIDE!!

The crowd is on their feet, Bryan taking a breather as Ana Hayden is laid out on the outside. Ana didn’t have much time to cover up, doing her best as she slammed into the barricade. Bryan doesn’t even bother getting up, as Larry Collins looks to the outside. Bryan watches on, as he begins his count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Ana stirs a bit, but looks to be in pain as she tries to get up. Bryan, on a knee, holds onto the nearby ropes for support.
“Five! … Six!”

Ana is on a knee now, surprising most people in the audience and Bryan Williams. He watches, as Ana slowly rises to her feet. She takes a step, but then collapses in pain! She reaches for her lower back, clearly hurt by the barricade!

Ana doesn’t want to stay down, willing herself to try and get back up. Again she rises to a knee, trying to get back into the ring before the count!

The crowd is stunned, as Ana stands up and slides into the ring! She beat the count easily, but looks to have paid a huge price.
Bryan looks on, as Ana writhes around on the mat in pain. He isn’t quite sure how to follow up, as he’s still recovering himself. Bryan looks to her positioning, and then the nearby turnbuckle. Without much hesitation, he begins to make his way towards it. Slowly, he walks over to the turnbuckle and begins to climb. Ana doesn’t move, she’s in a bad spot as Bryan gets to the top. He looks down at her, and leaps!
BRYAN CONNECTS WITH A DOUBLE STOMP FROM THE TOP! He quickly cover her for the pin!

Bryan and the crowd cannot believe it, he looks to be in shock as Ana Hayden was able to kick out at the last moment. They’re already chanting, enjoying the show but Bryan is stunned. He appears to be in pain still, his right leg still not fully healed yet. Ana tries to roll to the outside, but stays on the ring apron instead.
JOHNSON: ”What’s Ana thinking of here? She just took a bad spill to the outside!”
VASSA: ”I’m not sure she’s thinking, she’s just doing.”
Bryan gets to a knee, summoning the energy needed to walk over to his opponent. He grits his teeth, standing up as he slowly makes his way towards her. He reaches through the top and middle rope, beginning to get Ana up to her feet. Transitioning his grip, Bryan is now reaching over the top rope. He looks to bring her back into the ring with a suplex! Ana, however, has other ideas. She quickly snaps down to the ring apron, catching Bryan Williams throat first on the top rope!
Bryan, falling back to the mat, gives Ana enough time to get back into the ring. She hops onto his shoulders, driving him head first into the mat with a Reverse Frankensteiner! She quickly follows that up with a Sliding Forearm Smash, before he can even get back to his feet! Ana looks back to the top rope, quickly making her way up it. She wastes no time, delivering a DOUBLE STOMP OF HER OWN!! As she covers him, Larry Collins begins the count, the crowd counting in unison!

As Bryan tries to crawl back up to his feet, Ana Hayden looks to finish this match. She seethes with anger, almost daring him to get up. Bryan, on wobbly legs, doesn’t see Ana preparing herself to finish the match. Bryan finally gets up, turning around…
The kick connects fully! Bryan spins around, landing flat on his back as Ana quickly rushes over to cover him!

Ana Hayden is shocked, as most of the people in the audience are too. She’s slow to her feet, Bryan Williams not moving much at all. Ana looks down, trying to psyche herself up to finish the match. He claws at her gear, trying to pull himself back up, as Ana kicks him away. Ana steps backwards, as Bryan stays there on his knees. Ana thinks of something, as Bryan desperately tries to get back up to his feet. She shoots over to the ropes, meeting Bryan in the middle of the ring with a FRONT FLIP DDT!! Bryan is spiked head first into the mat, the crowd reacting with what they’ve just seen!

Ana struggles to get back to her feet, so she can pin Bryan. He lays too far away, as she slowly crawls towards him. There are those in the crowd who cheer her on, and there are those who boo as she gets closer and closer! What seems like ages finally ends, as Ana pulls herself on top of Bryan, as she covers him for the pin!

Everybody is STUNNED! Ana’s attempt at her version of the Valescence’s Victory has not worked! She cannot believe that Bryan will not stay down, as a look of furious anger comes over her. Ana rises to her feet, getting Bryan back up to his. Suddenly, Bryan springs to life and connects with a SPINNING BACKFIST! Ana looks to be out! Bryan wraps her up, driver her towards the ropes. The two hit, Bryan uses the momentum to roll backwards and into a CHAOS THEORY! HE’S USED ANA’S OWN MOVE AGAINST HER!
With Ana down Bryan looks to finish this match! He grabs her by the hair, pulling her up to her feet. In one swift motion he lifts her up for the CTE, BUT ANA REVERSES IT INTO A STUNNER! The move staggers Bryan, allowing Ana to connect with a Hook Kick! Bryan falls to a knee, not wanting to go down! Fired up, Ana rushes to the rope and connects with HER KICK! SHE WAS ONLY SEVENTEEN LANDS FLUSH, TURNING BRYAN INSIDE OUT! Ana scrambles to her feet, rushing to cover Bryan for the pinfall!

The fans are on their feet, as these two lay on the mat, completely exhausted. They’ve thrown everything at each other, and nothing seems to work! Ana gets to her knee, frustrated by the situation. She lets out a roar, grabbing Bryan by his hair. She boots him in the face with her foot, kicking him over and over again! After a few kicks she stops, as Bryan leans backwards on his knees. He looks groggy, but he slowly raises an arm. With a smile on his face, he asks her to do it again.
JOHNSON: ”Bryan Williams is calling for everything Ana has got!”
VASSA: ”He’s daring her to end him!”
The fans react loudly, as Ana looks furious. She steps backwards, to deliver a Superkick that misses! Bryan moves out of the way, pulling Ana into a School Boy pin! Ana rolls backwards, rushing to the ropes. She tries for She Was Only Seventeen again, but Bryan MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Ana goes crashing to the mat, allowing Bryan to pick her up again INTO THE CTE! THE MOVE LANDS FLUSH, AS ANA COMES CRASHING DOWN HEAD FIRST ONTO BRYAN’S KNEE!! Bryan slowly crawls over to Ana, draping his arm over her for the pin!

The fans can’t believe it, and Bryan especially cannot believe it! He looks down at Ana, who’s trying to claw her way back to her feet. She’s definitely out of it, as she grabs onto Bryan’s boot to try and pull herself back up. Bryan looks down, as Ana is on her knees. He steps backwards, looking down at the canvas for a moment. Ana doesn’t move, as she knows what is coming.
JOHNSON: ”Ana’s in trouble here!!”
VASSA: ”Don’t do this Bryan!”
Bryan quickly picks her up again, and drills her with ANOTHER CTE! Ana’s head bounces off of his knee, as Bryan doesn’t stop there. He lifts her back up to her feet, AND DOES A THIRD CTE! Ana lays on the mat, as Bryan quickly covers her for the pin!!

“Lions Below” begins to play, the crowd on their feet for what they’ve just seen tonight. Bryan leans against the ropes, his arm being raised high by Larry Collins. The crowd seems to be split for chanting about Bryan and Ana, showing their appreciation for these two. Bryan looks to be in pain, and Ana is already stirring.
Ana moves to get up to her feet, still out of it from the match. Bryan hobbles away from the ropes, helping her up as the crowd cheers. The two stand there, facing each other for a moment as Bryan’s music continues to play. There is a look of pain on both of their faces.
JOHNSON: ”What an amazing match we’ve just seen here tonight! Ana and Bryan put their bodies on the line to get the win! It’s a damn shame that only one could walk away as the victor.”
VASSA: ”Damn shame for Ana, I was rooting for her! I can’t believe Bryan was able to pull that one out!”
Bryan’s hand slowly extends out, towards Ana as he offers a handshake. The crowd cheers more, in support for the reunion. Ana looks at the crowd for a moment, unsure of what to do. She looks at Bryan, and then down to his hand. A look of resignation comes onto her face, as her hand comes down and slaps it away!
JOHNSON: ”Ana slaps his hand away!”
VASSA: ”Did he really think that would work?!”
The crowd boos, as Ana steps back and spits into Bryan’s face! He stands there stunned, as Ana heads out of the ring and to the back.
JOHNSON: ”Oh no!”
VASSA: ”Talk about disrespect!”
JOHNSON: ”Talk about a nasty way to end tonight’s show.”
VASSA: ”Damn, it is that time, isn’t it?”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny. We have our WarGames teams set for Fright Night. We have a huge lineup in store for the event in just two weeks. I think this match here just about wraps things up.”
VASSA: ”We still have one more Octane to go before the big night, but two weeks will pass in no time.”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s just hope everyone doesn’t kill each other before then.”
VASSA: ”Where’s the fun in that? Don’t be a buzz kill like that man left standing in the ring right now, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Call him what you will but the man scored a huge and very impressive win here tonight over the Fate Champion, Anastasia Hayden.”
VASSA: ”That he did, can’t argue there.”
JOHNSON: ”And that will conclude our show here tonight. From everyone here at 4CW and myself, I’m Steve Johnson and we’ll see you in two weeks at Fright Night.”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Be sure to tune in to Octane next week. We won’t be there, but a bunch of familiar faces will be! Good Night!”