OCTANE E09 (121)



As the fans start piling into their seats getting ready for Octane to go live, Devin Zebrak and Joseph Sullivan treated them to an early match that really most people didn’t pay to close of attention to, having no clue who Devin Zebrak is and knowing that Joseph Sullivan was on a longer losing streak than Zion. It went about as expected, with Zebrak showcasing his athleticism and talent while Sullivan did his best to hang on. After a few big, power moves and a running lariat that nearly decapitated Sullivan, Zebrak finally put the match away when he locked in an ankle lock and began telling jokes to Sullivan until he tapped out, a combination that Zebrak calls IMPROVISION. The fans who were paying attention clapped approvingly while also groaning at the awful jokes that Zebrak told.
WINNER: Devin Zebrak via Submission (4:19)

The ninth episode of Octane goes live with a quick shot inside the Cabarrus arena in Concord, North Carolina. As the music by Godsmack blares over the loudspeakers the scene shows us a packed house once more and the fans going crazy. With the fans going wild, and a whole section of the audience decked out in Wet For Jett t-shirts, the camera’s pick up on several signs in the audience.

After catching the signs, though, the camera’s focus on the ring where the 4CW President of Operations, Jimmy Walker, stands dressed in his usual suit and cowboy hat. Microphone in hand, Jimmy takes his hat off with his free hand and then brings the microphone up to his lips, clearing his throat and quieting the audience down.
WALKER: ”Ladies and Gentlemen. If you would please rise and remove your hats for the singing of our National Anthem.”
Looking just outside of the ring is a young woman, probably some local stripper that Jimmy met earlier in the day while waiting for it to be time for Octane to go live, whom Walker nods subtly. A moment later she begins to sing and as she does so, all around the arena in unison, the fans in attendance begin to sing along with her. It isn’t the best singing in the world but it’s clear they support the notion of standing and singing for the Anthem. As she concludes, Jimmy nods his thanks and clears his throat once more.
WALKER: ”Now that is the RIGHT way to kick off a show. See, you can criticize Perry and I all you want but we respect this country. We LOVE this country. And if you’re going to work for this company you’re going to stand for the National Anthem. You’re going to respect victims of senseless tragedies in this country. You’re not going to be like a certain couple who put together an entire fundraiser for the victims of these tragedies only to reveal that the true purpose behind it was to draw attention to their wedding. THATS NOT HOW WE’RE GOING TO DO THINGS HERE IN 4CW AND IT SURE AS SHIT ISN’T HOW WE’RE GOING TO DO THINGS ON OCTANE!”
Pacing back and forth a bit in the ring, Jimmy lets those words settle on the fans as they pop and applaud, showing their approval. After all who the hell would put together a charity event only to use it to let people know you had gotten married? Idiots. The only thing that could possibly make something like that worse would be if you put together a charity event and then catered it with great value food products and nail polish remover.
WALKER: ”Now, tonight is one of those special nights on Octane where our friends from the Adrenaline brand try to show us that we’re the B-Show. Or the J.V. Squad. Well I can assure you that when they leave here tonight they won’t be thinking that. Just like when things are all said and done at Fright Night it’s not the 4CW Championship that will be talked about. It’s not the Adrenaline roster that will be talked about. No, they’re going to be talking about the hell that Bryan Laughlin and Seth Daniels put each other through for our very own Octane Championship. They’ll be talking about how the new Fate Champion is a member of the Octane roster. Hell, they’ll be talking about how Cosmo Cooper, Jeb Fisher, Cyrus Riddle and Sativa Nevaeh made the Adrenaline squad their bitch.”
Smiling, Walker nods his head as the Octane fans get even louder than they already had been.
WALKER: ”But you know what, we won’t let them be caught unaware will we? Consider tonight the warning shot. When Brady Schultz sends Luke Jones back to Adrenaline with his tail tucked between his legs. When Zeel Park sends Brandon Banks not just back to Adrenaline, but all the way back to HKW where he belongs. And when Kaelan Price makes the Wet For Jett section dryer than the Sahara desert after she makes him tap in the middle of the ring.”
The section of fans wearing their Wet For Jett shirts explodes with boo’s, throwing things and just getting all out crazy. A chant of “Walker Sucks” echoes around the arena from that section alone as the Octane fans try to counter the chant with a “Let’s Go Jimmy” chant. Clearly loving the interaction with the fans, Jimmy allows it to go on just a bit longer before holding his hands up to quiet them all.
WALKER: ”Fright Night will be the true beginning of the Octane Era in 4CW. But tonight… tonight is the preview. It’s the foreshadowing. It’s the moment that, weeks and months from now, people will look back on and they’ll say ‘oh yeah, should’ve seen that coming.’ So let’s not wait any longer, shall we. Let’s get to it.”
Pointing to the commentary team, Jimmy tosses his mic out of the ring and begins to head backstage as the camera shot changes from the ring to focus on Rachel Taylor, Chris Campbell and Joe Lawson.
TAYLOR: ”Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got one HELL of a show planned for you this evening. You just heard Jimmy. It’s the go home show before the most popular pay per view of the year, Fright Night.”
CAMPBELL: ”We can worry about Fright Night later. We’re going to get to see REDD THUNDER kill Darin Zion here in just a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what happens the rest of the night. That alone should boost our ratings to the number one television program on Friday Nights.”
LAWSON: ”If you ask me I’m more excited for our main event, Chris. Kaelan Price threw down the gauntlet two weeks ago to Bronx Valescence. Tonight she has the opportunity to prove that she deserves to stand across the ring from Bronx by beating one of Adrenaline’s hottest young superstars.”
CAMPBELL: ”Nobody cares about that FAG, Joe. Not unless his mom and her big tiddies are around anyway.”
TAYLOR: ”A lot of people are talking about Zeel Park and Brandon Banks as well. Brandon has had difficulty finding his footing on Adrenaline. Following in his sisters footsteps hasn’t gone according to plan. Not yet anyway.”
LAWSON: ”It’s a different world in 4CW. Elsewhere in the wrestling industry it’s about wins and losses. Here in 4CW those are nice, but most of the roster would take a loss if it meant they could drag a knife across their opponents jugular.”
CAMPBELL: ”Zeel would be doing the world a favor if he did that to Banks, if you ask me.”
TAYLOR: ”We’ve got a couple of matches where Adrenaline superstars are facing off against each other as well. Alioth Starre, enigma that he is, faces off against THE ONE.”
CAMPBELL: ”Yeah fuck that guy.”
TAYLOR: ”Which one?”
CAMPBELL: ”THE ONE! What’s so special about him that we’ve been instructed to literally shout his name any time we talk about him?”
LAWSON: ”Just because it’s written in all capital letters on the card and the roster doesn’t mean you have to scream it, Chris.”
CAMPBELL: ”Oh…. well fuck you both for not telling me that.”
TAYLOR: ”Anyway… also in action tonight is Jett Wilders significant other, Tiffani Michaels. And what a win it would be for her if she could beat a veteran like Brian Hollywood right before she climbs into the Warzone of Horrors?”
CAMPBELL: ”Haha… that might have been a big deal five years ago. Hollywood is washed as fuck now.”
LAWSON: ”He was a man who positioned himself to potentially fight for the 4CW Championship a little over a year ago, Chris. Don’t count him out just yet.”
TAYLOR: ”Alright boys. Lastly we have two of our own facing each other. Jay Mora and Tornado Desencadenado. I have all the faith in the world that those two are really going to showcase what Octane is all about.”
CAMPBELL: ”How? By boring us into submission trying to pronounce Tornado’s last name? Or by piling up sexual harassment charges like Mora?”
LAWSON: ”I swear Chris, most of the time I’m not sure whether you actually like Octane or not.”
TAYLOR: ”Oh god… not this discussion again. Folks we’ve got a great show lined up for you. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.”


Starting the match off Thunder immediately rolled out of the ring and began rounding up all of the weapons he could. Zion cowered in his corner knees shaking afraid to go near the big monster. After Thunder had tossed every weapon inside the ring he climbed back up onto the apron and into the ring. Running toward Zion Thunder grabbed him and locked him in a monstrous bear hug. Zion began tapping out before Redd could even fully lock in the hold. Out of fear Zion made a mess in his pants.

Frustrated with having Zions bowel movement on his pants Thunder grabbed Zion by the back of his girly top knot and began rubbing the mess off of his leg. Seeing his opening Zion leaned in, and sunk his teeth into the inner thigh of Thunder. Wailing in pain Thunder did everything he could to break free from the attack. But Thunder was helpless against the skilled jaw muscles of Darin Zion. With no other option Redd Thunder was forced to tap out.

Standing up Zion licked his lips and looked over at his opponent. Thunder was growing overly irritated by Zions antics and quickly rushed over to him. Zion grabbed the referee and used him as a human shield against his much larger opponent. Falling to the mat in a heap the referee was out cold. The two men continued to go at it in the ring. Mostly playing a game of cat and mouse as Darin was doing everything he could to stay out of the grasp of Thunder.

With the clock ticking faster and faster and Thunder having spent seven minutes chasing his opponent he stopped for a break. Catching his breath Zion rolled him up for a school boy pin. Pushing his chin into the butt of his opponent for extra leverage. With no referee to count Zion let go of the pin attempt. Crawling over to the referee Zion began calling out to him to wake him up.

With less than 15 seconds to go the referee was not back up on his feet. Thunder still on the mat sucking wind Zion crawled over to him and began raining down on him with lefts and rights. Stomping his feet and flailing his arms around Thunder began to wildly tap out as the referee signaled for the end of the match.

Finally, Zion had broken his winless streak. Jumping to his feet celebrating, his joy quickly turned to anger as Mike Powers made the official announcement of the match being a non contest and both men being disqualified.
RESULT: No Contest


The second match of the night features a very uneventful start. With the one huddled in his corner staring across the ring, through a mask and hair, at his opponent Alioth Starre. Starting off the action Starre rushes The One and unloads a heavy barrage of lefts and rights. Standing there The One just eats every strike. Asking for more with each landed shot. Growing frustrated at the lack of offense from his opponent Starre delivers a strong kick to the stomach of his smaller opponent. Sending him doubling over. Lifting his leg Starre quicking drives a knee into the forehead of The One dropping him down to a knee.
After being peppered by and aggressive attack from Starre, The One finally makes his move. Jumping forward he delivers a strong throat thrust sending him staggering backwards in pain. The one continued his offensive focusing mainly on the throat and head area of his opponent Starre. Each strike landing with precision and aggression. Finally taking his opponent to the ground The One now moved the focus of his offense to the legs of Starre wanting to keep him grounded as long as possible.
Taking a step back to catch his breath The One just looked down at his opponent who was beginning to work himself back up to a knee. Breathing deeply The One took a step back onto the opposite corner. Watching. Waiting. Having given Starre enough of a break The One approached him again, but was quickly taken down with a chop block. Wasting no time Starre began to use his wrestling ability to keep The One grounded. With a steady mixture of submission attempts, and ground and pound.
Unable to finish his opponent off Starre pushed himself to his feet dragging The One with him. Backing into the ropes Starre used the rebound to push him toward The One extending his arm he went for a lariat. But no The One was able to duck under the strike. Quickly shifting behind his opponent The One leaped onto Starres back locking him in a rear naked choke. Wreching backwards he dropped Starre to the mat. With the hold fully locked in Starre had no choice but to submit before passing out.
WINNER: The One via Submission (11:17)

Heading backstage here at Octane we find ourselves looking on at one of the visitors from Adrenaline, Jett Wilder. Walking through the backstage area he is looking around as though it is some vastly different show when in reality it’s just a different arena, with mostly the same staff running around. That is why when Gabriel Hartman approaches Jett. Jett looks around a bit confused.
HARTMAN: ”Hey there Jett, can I get a quick word?”
JETT: “Umm are you Gabe’s brother or something?”
Confused by the question at first Hartman, shakes his head before realizing Jett doesn’t realize he works both shows.
HARTMAN: ”Well I mean, I work both shows Jett.”
JETT: “Oh you go both ways…”
Before Hartman can object though, Jett continues.
JETT: “Listen truth is I don’t really watch much of these shows, Gabriel. I am part of Adrenaline I don’t have the time. I usually just DVR and fast forward to my buddy Bryan’s match.”
HARTMAN: ”Speaking of, you are facing his significant other tonight. Have you two crossed paths yet?”
Shaking his head, Jett doesn’t seem to like the fact that Bryan was brought up.
JETT: “Listen he picked his side. He was my boy, a long time. I was there for him when nobody else was. But you know what? It’s fine, pick your side. This isn’t about that for me, this is about a whole lot more. I am coming to watch my girl win. And more importantly I am here to get myself a win over Kae. And when I beat her? I’ll have a front row seat for that Fright Night match with Manny and Bronx…”
Pointing to the future date with one hand.
JETT: “None of that matters if I lose tonight. So I am coming to beat Kae and when I do? The whole world will know I have hit a whole nother level. She called out the big dog she got it. And after this? It’s not the winner of Warzone of Horrors that is next in line, it is me.”
Pounding his chest as he pushes past Gabriel nearly knocking him off his footing, just as disrespected on this show as the next.

The action cuts back to the ring. Tornado Desencadenado, wearing an “Octane” tee-shirt over his gear, is standing awkwardly inside; fidgeting back and forth before drawing his mic too close to his mouth to speak.
The crowd gives the classic Pavlovian pop when their hometown is referenced. Some yell back at TD he’s too loud. Shame-faced, TD lowers the microphone before continuing his speech.
DESENCADENADO: “Uh, you’ve come on a special night. We’ve got stars from both Octane and Adrenaline here competing, in sort of a preview for the kind of action you can see Wednesday, October 25, at the Fright Night Pay Per View!”
More cheers. A small “Let’s Go Oc-Tane!” chant starts up, which is soon challenged by fans shouting “A-Dren-A-Line” in response. Once the duel runs its course Tornado continues.
DESENCADENADO: “That was great. Love to see you all are into the competition going on between the brands. And competition is why I’m out here to tonight. I want to give some of you the chance to test yourselves; to experience some of the things we do in this ring. That’s why tonight I’m issuing ‘The Vertigone Challenge’.”
TD pauses to let his statement sink in with the fans. It sinks alright: like a lead balloon. There’s little reaction from the people in attendance. Realizing further explanation is needed; Tornado rushes in to fill the void.
DESENCADENADO: “Right, so, haha, what that means is; I’m going to pick volunteers from the audience and give them an airplane spin.”
He pantomimes the move to demonstrate.
DESENCADENADO: “Twelve rotations, then you’ll get put down. If you can touch all four ring posts after without falling or touching the ropes you win.”
The people get a little more lively with the rules of the Challenge now clear. A few hold up their hands and call to TD, asking to be picked.
DESENCADENADO: “Those who can successfully complete the challenge within twenty seconds will earn a $200 credit to 4CW’s online store.”
More arms shoot up; the pleas to be selected increase. The Ring Revolutionary smiles and moves towards the apron to get a better look at those interested in taking part of the challenge.
DESENCADENADO: “Oookaaayyy, great. Lot of volunteers. That’s awesome. We’re going to pick three for tonight. Uhm, you sir. No, behind him. With the blue shirt. And the woman in the aisle seat. Annnnd- uh- yeah, him too.”
As Tornado points to the people he’s chosen, 4CW staff move to escort them from the seats and into the ring. After being navigated through the ropes the trio are lined up to face the hard camera. TD moves to speak with the first man picked.
DESENCADENADO: “Alright, very good. What’s your name, sir?”
CONTESTANT #1: “Bill.”
DESENCADENADO: “ Great. Thanks for volunteering to take part in ‘The Vertigone Challenge’, Bill. Are you a big 4CW fan?”
BILL: “Well, my kids are.”
DESENCADENADO: “Great! What are their names?”
BILL: “Michael and Ethan.”
He turns around and waves to his children sitting in the arena. The audience gives a polite cheer for Bill the Family Man. Tornado smiles and nods.
DESENCADENADO: “ Haha, very good. So you’re taking the Challenge for them? What do you think Michael and Ethan will want to buy with the $200?”
Bill gives a genial shrug.
BILL: “I don’t know. Maybe some shirts? Or that new videogame? Should I go and ask them?”
DESENCADENADO: “No, uh, that’s not necessary. Plenty of time for that later, Bill; if you win.”
BILL: “Oh, I’m gonna win!”
The crowd cheers Bill’s confidence. He plays to the crowd some, raising both fists high over his head in celebration of his imagined, imminent victory.
DESENCADENADO: “Hah, very good. Very good. So, let’s see if Bill’s right about his chances.”
Setting down his microphone, Tornado brings Bill forward; away from the other contestants. After some quick instructions TD herks the man up and sets him across his shoulder in the classic fireman’s carry position. He then spins himself and his passenger around a dozen times. The exercise seems effortless to the wrestler; Bill not so much; when he’s set on his feet Bill faceplants into the canvass after one step. The crowd begins to laugh derisively. Aghast, Tornado checks on Bill and helps him up. After some discussion the man nods his head affirming he is in fact ok. A pair of stagehands enter the ring to rush Bill off camera. TD, looking a little concerned, goes to pick up the microphone.
DESENCADENADO: “Okay, well, let’s give it up for Bill.”
There’s a smattering of applause from the fans, along with a few catcalls.
DESENCADENADO: “Alright, time for our next challenger. Your name is?”
Tornado approaches the female contestant and holds the mic out for her to speak into.
CONTESTANT #2: “Naomi Porter.”
DESENCADENADO: “Nice to meet you Miss Porter. Have you been enjoying the show?”
Naomi seems a bit out of sorts. Her eyes dart back and forth nervously as she answers TD’s question.
PORTER: “Um, it’s been good so far.”
DESENCADENADO: “Great. Super. And just imagine how much better the night will be if you can win the Vertigone Challenge!”
Miss Porter smiles weakly.
PORTER: “Yeah, well, I don’t know…. seeing it up close like this- you spin so fast-“
Naomi’s voice trails off. The crowd, sensing her doubts about going through with the airplane spin, turns on the young woman. A cacophony of clucks and squawks rains down on the ring, setting Tornado off momentarily.
DESENADENADO: “Hey, now! That’s inappropriate. Miss Porter, I totally understand if you don’t want to take part in the contest.”
But Naomi’s demeanor has changed. Angered by the attacks on her courage, she shakes her head and squares her shoulders.
PORTER: “No, I’m going to do it. Fuck those assholes calling me chicken. You can take me up, Tornado!”
The Fundamental Elemental obliges. Once Naomi is set down she makes an ungainly dash for the nearest ringpost. She slams headfirst into the top turnbuckle and collapses into a heap. Again the crowd laughs uproariously as TD and 4CW staff check on her. Eventually the woman is taken out under the bottom rope, and escorted to the back. During the crisis, the third contestant exits the ring as well; a fact Tornado is unaware of until he has gathered up his mic.
DESENCADENADO: “Ok, folks, Miss Porter is going to-um… where’s the final volunteer?”
The cameras find the last man as he power-walks, then runs towards the nearest exit, his shoulders hunched over as if the defensive posture will protect him from the boos directed towards him.
DESENCADENADO: “Sir, there’s no need to run! No one will think any less of you if you don’t want to compete. There’s plenty of action still to come tonight!”
The camera turns back to the exit just in time to see the door close. At this point a referee approaches TD and speaks to him off mic. He nods reluctantly, and then addresses the audience.
DESENCADENADO: “Yes, well, I’m afraid that’s it. The Challenge is over. I want to thank everyone who took part, and we’ll try it again at some point in the future. Maybe after some tweaking.”
It’s at this point Octane switches it’s attention backstage.

We cut backstage to find Zion getting carted off on a stretcher after tonight’s match with Redd Thunder. He continues to grunt and groan, completely knocked out. As the medical staff start loading him on the cart, Kerri Franco walks into the scene and pushes out the medical staff out of the way. She pulls a syringe out of her pants pocket and without thinking perfectly jabs it into Zion’s neck. Zion lets out a power scream before pulling the straps holding him down off the stretcher and gets in Kerri’s face.
Zion looks rather confused at Kerri almost like he woke up out of a nightmare. He keeps freaking out for a moment before he notices the rotten Red Velvet Pancake on his face. He rips if off and tosses it off to the side, holding his head as everything begins to throb. After a while the pain gets to him and Zion drops to his knees as the medical staff starts looking at Kerri rather oddly.
FRANCO: “Ibuprofen gents ladies and gents; calm down his brain was swollen for the last week. I got this; give the man some room.”
ZION: ”Yes, I need a few minutes to breathe. I don’t know exactly where I am at right now. All I fucking now is I need to open up Adrenaline and retain my Jobberweight Championship… ”
FRANCO: “Not important right now, man! You already had the match. Details aren’t important at this time. We need to get you to a medical facility right now. You’ve dealt with untreated brain trauma for the last week and we need to get you in tip top shape.”
Kerri begins to lift Zion off the ground and before Kerri can even get him back on the stretcher, Zion pushes her away and just looks at her for a moment. His eyes fix away from her, off into the vast space of nothing.
ZION: ”NO! Kerri! As a champion of the common people and holding the tin foild star of participation that represents their dull, dreadful, meaningless lives; I must give them hope in a loser just like them… ”
The crowd starts booing in the background of the segment as Zion pauses and laughs in the background for the live crowd. Zion grabs his head for a moment and stumbles, looking still like pain circulates throughout his body.
ZION: ”I don’t have a Fright Night match yet and I need on that card. I need to prove to this world that I…DARIN ZION…am a WORTHY Champion here in 4CW. I’ve already lasted longer than Vossler and I’m definitely going to continue to retain MY…JOBBERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WOOOOORLD and I need a spot on Fright Night. ”
FRANCO: “You idiot! You can’t get on the card! Perry and Jimmy Walker already booked a solid show and you were too busy acting like a big fat retarded lard of shit. You busted your head open and YOU FUCKING NEED MEDICAL TREATMENT! “
ZION: ”Kerri, I just survived death! IT’S A MIRACLE! I’m not going to fight on the card, no do I believe any of the 4CW fans deserve to have their ‘participation’ award defended on the BIGGEST show of the year. No, Kerri; I’m going to allow the roster to come to me and deem their worth! Who will Zion job to next? Who will Zion lose to in order to continue his streak of losses! I will pick the biggest loser on the cards to date and at the NEXT PPV…they will get the privilege to face Zion one on one for the JOBBERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP…OF THE WOOOOORLD. It’s going to be a big event! Kerri, just trust me. 4CW talent and roster members will LOVE IT! THEY LOVE ME! THEY ABSOLUTELY WANT ME TO JOB TO THEM ALL DAY LONG!. IT’S THE ZION WAY!”
Zion immediately falls back to his knees after he gets all passionate, and Kerri grabs him back up and loads him onto the stretcher and pushes him towards the ambulance. She rolls her eyes as she carts him off and acts like Zion’s talking out of his ass.
FRANCO: “Alright you loveable retard; time for you to get fixed up. You’re starting to go insane again and we wouldn’t want you to hear voices again…. “
ZION: ”But she’s…. ”
Zion lays down as Kerri and the medical staff immediately load him up on the ambulance as the scene fades to black.


As both men prepare to warm up Brady turns to wave at the fans, applauding them and genuinely seeming to enjoy being able to be out and compete in front of them. With his back to Luke, though, Jones dashes across the ring and drives a forearm to the back of Schultz, smashing him chest first into the turnbuckle pads. Spinning him around, Luke kicks Brady in the stomach and then hooks his arm around Brady’s neck, lifting him into the air and slamming him back down to the mat with a quick vertical duplex. Brady clutches his back while Luke spins back up to his feet, dragging Brady up by his hair before planting consecutive strikes to his opponents forehead. Stumbling back, Brady shakes his head trying to chase the stars away. Luke doesn’t give him the opportunity, however, moving forward to drive a knee into Brady’s abdomen before lifting him up and dropping him stomach first across his knee with a gut buster. After shoving Brady off of his knee and down to the mat, Luke stands and then hits three consecutive elbow drops. When the third one lands Luke reached down and hooked the leg of his opponent, looking to put Brady away early on in the match as the referee slid in to count the pinfall attempt.

Schultz gets his shoulder up at the last minute, bringing a smile to Luke’s face as he pats Brady on the cheek before standing and pulling the young superstar back up with him. Into the ropes Brady is whipped by Luke. On the rebound Brady returns and Luke telegraphs a back body drop, giving Brady the opportunity to halt his momentum and deliver a stiff kick to the chest of Luke Jones. Wincing in pain, Jones stands up straight and absorbs two straight forearms to the jaw followed by a kick to the stomach and then a swinging neck breaker. Both men stay down on the mat after the impact of the neck breaker. The fans in attendance begin to clap, trying to encourage Brady to get back up to his feet. In the meantime Luke also works his way back to his feet but the fans don’t seem as thrilled with that prospect. The two get back to a stable vertical base at the same time. Standing toe to toe, Luke swings first but has his left hand blocked by Brady, who counters by driving his head forward into Luke’s. Dazed by the headbutt, Luke takes a step back. Sensing opportunity, Brady comes close once more but Luke was baiting him, wrapping him up, lifting Brady into the air and planting him back first down onto the mat with a powerslam.
Rolling away, Brady tries to put distance between him and Luke but Luke is once more the aggressor. As he draws near Brady, Schultz reaches out to try and use Luke to pull himself back up. With a smirk, Luke waves at him beckoning him to stand up. Brady, however, has a different idea. Allowing Luke to mock him and taunt him for a few more moments, making it seem like he was trying to pull himself back up, Brady suddenly pulls Luke down into a small package roll up. As he does so the crowd explodes excitedly. Not expecting it, the referee takes a moment longer than he normally would have to slide in and count the pinfall. Desperately Luke tries to break free but Brady has the pinning maneuver locked in tightly and there’s no escape for Luke as the referee’s hand hits the mat three times giving Brady his second win in a row on Octane.
WINNER: Brady Schultz via Pinfall (9:29)


Brian Hollywood, looking to regain some footing in 4CW, starts out aggressively as soon as the bell rings by immediately moving to the center of the ring and swinging to take Tiffani’s head off. She’s having none of it, though, as she ducks under the attempted strike and takes off toward the ropes, leaping and spring boarding off of the center rope, flipping over in the air and catching Hollywood completely off guard with a springboard moonsault. The fans show their appreciation with oooh’s and aaah’s as she pushes herself back up to her feet with Hollywood down flat on his back. Wasting no time, Tiffani takes off towards the rope and springboards off of them once more, flipping over in the air and landing a second moonsault, this time directly across the exposed torso of Brian Hollywood. She covers and for a moment it seems as though Hollywood might be put away quickly in the match but he manages to get his shoulder off of the mat at the absolute last moment. Feeling momentum being fully in her favor, Tiffani gets back to her feet and looks to take advantage of the situation just as she had when she became the very first Queen of the Hill in 4CW.
Hollywood, for his part, just looks completely out of sorts. Whether it’s lack of preparation, age catching up to him or just too many distractions who can say. But Tiffani doesn’t let him have any room to breathe as she hits him with THE FACE LIFT face buster once he’s back to his feet. Once more Hollywood finds himself on his back in the middle of the ring. Unwilling to let him kick out of a pinfall attempt a second time, Tiff moves to the nearby corner and ascends to the top rope. Camera’s flash, fans buzz with excitement sensing a high risk maneuver coming. Steadying herself, Tiffani takes a deep breath and then leaps. For a moment everything seems to slow down as her body flips and twists before landing flush across Hollywood’s chest. THE SNAPSHOT! Tiffani quickly hooks the leg and the referee slides in and counts the one, two and three giving Tiffani a big victory that she could potentially use for momentum heading into the most violent and chaotic match 4CW puts on every year. The Warzone of Horror’s.
WINNER: Tiffani Michaels via Pinfall (5:45)


Mora begins the match with the early advantage, tying Tornado up before transitioning into a side headlock. Desencadenado backs up to the ropes and bounces off of them, trying to leverage Mora from the hold but Jay manages to keep the headlock cinched in, dragging Tornado down to the mat. Expertly, Tornado positions his body, twists and maneuvers himself to slip free from the hold and reverse it into Mora being the one tied up in the side headlock. Using his strength, Jay lifts Tornado up and then slams him over his shoulder down to the mat, forcing the hold to be broken. Both men scramble back to their feet with Mora getting there a moment earlier giving him the time he needs to meet Tornado with a boot to the stomach. Jay then scoops Tornado up into a Military Press and holds him high over his head for the world to see just how strong he is. Before he can finish the move, though, Tornado slips free and drops down behind him, wrapping his arms around Mora’s waist and lifting, heaving him overhead with a release german suplex. Tornado spins back to his feet as Mora rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up to his hands and knees, reaching out to pull himself up using the ropes. As Tornado approaches, Mora spins and connects with a brutal forearm right to Tornado’s jaw, stumbling the man backward. Launching himself into his opponent, Mora tackles Tornado and begins blasting him with hard rights and lefts before finally covering Tornado for a pinfall attempt. As the referee slides in, Tornado instinctively throws his shoulder up off the mat before a one count can even be made.

As Tornado kicks out of the pinning predicament, Jay looks at the referee feeling like he took too long to get into position to count the pinfall. As he does his eyes catch the sign in the crowd and his face goes a bit pale as he climbs back to his feet. Tornado, seeing that his opponent is distracted, pulls Mora down into a small package but Mora rolls through and both men are back to their feet at the same time. Jay charges at Desencadenado but eats a standing clothesline that flattens him. As soon as his back hits the mat he pops back up to his feet and charges at Tornado again only to eat a clothesline a second time. In similar fashion, Jay gets back up to his feet although this time a bit slower. But when he gets back to his feet this time Tornado lunges at him and takes him down with a third clothesline. With Mora down after the third clothesline, Tornado backs up to the ropes and uses them for leverage before stepping back toward Jay, leaping into the air and dropping a knee down to his chest. Pain shooting through his body, Mora convulses and rolls away clutching his chest until he rolls under the bottom rope and down out to the outside of the arena. Moving to the corner, Tornado climbs to the top rope and looks down at Jay for a brief moment before tapping his chest three times with a closed fist. With a deep breath, Tornado turns around and then leaps, flipping over in the air slowly as Jay pushes himself back up to his feet. By the time he stands, though, there’s no time to get out of the moonsaulting Tornado who crashes down into him leading the fans to erupt in cheers, chanting his name.

Although the big move hurt Mora, it hurt Tornado just as much who gets back to his feet but leans against the barrier as he does so, clutching at his knee which hit the thin protective mat around the ring awkwardly. Shrugging it off, he held a fist up in the air to acknowledge the fans chanting for him before pushing himself fully up to his feet, limping slightly as he moved towards Mora who wasn’t moving at all. As he pulls Mora back to his feet the referee begins to count both of them out, but neither man seems to pay any attention as Tornado attempts to whip Mora toward the turnbuckle post. At the last second, though, Jay reverses it and slings Mora into the steel post instead before crumbling to one knee, trying to shake off the effects of the moonsault he had been hit with moments earlier. Pushing himself up, Mora lines Tornado up as Desencadenado turns around and stumbles away from the post. When he faces Jay fully, Mora sprints at him and tries to connect with a spear but Desencadenado side steps and shoves Mora as he runs past, tumbling into the barricade. Fans boo the man, showing their disapproval of Jay Mora with thumbs down. One fan goes to the extent of dumping his popcorn on Jay while he lays there trying to recover. Glancing at the referee, Tornado recognizes that the count is up to eight so he moves and pulls Mora up to his feet, rolling him into the ring before following suit. Carefully, he moves across the ring as Jay seems completely out of it while getting back to his feet. Having him right where he wants him, Tornado gets ready for his finishing maneuver, even getting down into a three point football stance. When Jay fully gets back to his feet, Tornado sprints at him and throws himself toward Mora. As he does so, though, Mora, in desperation throws his foot up into the air. MARKED! A super kick out of desperation finds its mark and Tornado drops like a rock. Barely able to tell where he’s at, Jay drops to both knees and collapses across the chest of Tornado as the referee slides in and counts the one, two and three.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (11:51)

Kaelan Price is seen backstage warming up for her match up later that night against Jett Wilder. She seems focused on the task of stretching and almost completely misses Bryan Laughlin walk up to her. She finally notices him and smiles. Stopping her stretching.
LAUGHLIN: “You ready?”
PRICE: “Yes. Well. I’m a bit nervous I won’t lie. Jett has been proving himself just like I have been. He’s not a challenge I take lightly.”
She smiled and fidgeted with her hands. Bryan reached out and grabbed her hands. A gesture that seemed to catch Kaelan off guard.
LAUGHLIN: “Relax. You’re going to do great.”
She nodded her head and closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths, before opening her eyes and squeezing Bryan’s hands tighter.
PRICE: “You’re right. I am. I got this.”
She expected Bryan to be more tough love and harder on her, but he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead. Kaelan’s face lit up, and she looked at the camera out of the corner of her eye with a look of puzzled amusement. As most know Bryan wasn’t big on public displays of affection.
PRICE: “Are YOU feeling okay?”
LAUGHLIN: “Yeah. Just things are gonna get weird after tonight. I need you to understand…”
Kaelan frowned at Bryan and tilted her head but then she smiled and nodded. She then leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.
PRICE: “Okay. Do what you need to do, love. I’ll understand. I gotta go. I’ll see you later.”
Kaelan dropped Bryan’s hands and walked away the cameras watching her go before panning over to Laughlin’s face as he stood staring in the direction Kaelan had just gone erasing the look of remorse from his face, giving the camera a glance before heading the opposite direction of Kaelan.


As the bell sounded, both Banks and Zeel stood across from each other, just a few feet apart in the center of the ring. Making jokes at the current state of Banks’ 4CW career, Zeel went for some cheap heat but was quickly kicked in the knee, ending his fun and games. Following up the kick to the knee, Banks hooked his arm around Zeel’s head, setting up a snap DDT but was unable to execute. Pushing forward and driving Banks backwards, Zeel was able to pull his head away while pushing Banks backwards to the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes, Banks caught Zeel by surprise with a step-up enzuigiri! Dropping to the mat, Zeel fell instantly and hit with a thud. Racing to his feet, Zeel was able to rise to one knee before Banks swept in, slamming a knee to his chest and keeping him from getting up. The knee to his chest knocked his breath away as Zeel gasped for air. Pulling Zeel to his feet, Banks then positioned himself behind him, setting him up in a pump-handle position. Lifting Zeek into the air and upside down, executing the Michinoku Driver was the next course of action for Banks. As he went to drop Zeel on his head, Zeel had other plans in mind as he slipped from Banks’ hold and dropped down to his feet behind him.
Instantly spinning around and throwing an elbow for Zeel’s head, Banks swung and missed as Zeel ducked underneath and stepped forward, getting behind Banks. With their backs to one another, Banks then spun around again, throwing another wild elbow but missed just inches from connecting to the back of Zeel’s head. Feeling the air racing by the back of his head, Zeel then spun around, hitting Banks directly in the mouth with a spinning backfist. Stumbling backwards, Banks hit the ropes and came to a stop. Zeel then charged forward, looking to take Banks’ head off with a running clothesline. Ducking underneath the clothesline, Banks then stood up and used Zeel momentum to lift him up and over the top rope. Latching onto the top rope, Zeel swung around and turned his body before landing both feet to the apron. Just as Banks turned to face him, Zeel ducked down and pulled his upper body through the ropes, planting his shoulder into Banks’ midsection. Banks back stepped a couple feet while buckled over, giving Zeel just enough room for his next attack. Grabbing onto the top rope, Zeel then jumped up and planted his feet on the middle rope. Springboarding up and over the ropes and back into the ring, Zeel turned his body ninety degrees and came down on the back of Banks’ head with a leg drop, driving him face first into the mat!
The leg drop brought the crowd to their feet as Zeel gained their support. Feeling the energy in the arena, Zeel paced the ring, playing to the crowd while keeping his eyes secured on Banks. Walking back over to Banks, Zeel then jumped straight up, coming back down and planting both feet into the middle of Banks’ back with a standing double foot stomp. Banks appeared to be in a world of pain, holding his back as he rolled back and forth in agony. Backing up to the other side of the ring, Zeel patiently waited as he watched Banks slowly begin to climb to his feet. Once rising with his back turned to Zeel, Banks wobbled back and forth, never once taking his hand away from his lower back as he reached behind himself. Slowly turning around to face the ring, Banks’ eye lit up like a deer in the headlights as Zeel charged towards him, wiping him out with a diving spear! The Brick Out seemed to have put Banks down for good as he lied motionless on the mat. Crawling over him, Zeel made the nonchalant cover as the official dropped in beside them with the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Zeel Park via Pinfall (7:48)


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The beginning beat to “Hang me High” begins to play as Kaelan Quinn appears from behind the curtain with a cheer to meet the ones coming from the crowd. She stands on the top of the ramp soaking up all the cheers before she begins to speed walk her way down the ramp. Slapping fans hands as she goes.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring first from Belfast, Northern Ireland, KAELAN QUINN PPRRIICCEE!!!”
Kaelan stops at the bottom of the ramp and bounces on her feet before taking off at a run to slide under the ropes.

Sliding into the ring and rising up off her knees, flipping her long hair back as she does. Walking to the ropes to lean over them and throw her hands in the air to pose before hopping off as the music fades out and she begins to pace and stretch getting ready for the match.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The lights go dark as the beginning of “Blessings” by Big Sean hits the fans more then likely unhappy to hear the music playing. Out from the back dancing and wilding out is Jett Wilder. He’s dressed a bit different tonight for his entrance. Wearing a letterman’s jacket with the 4CW logo stitched on the front, Jett stands confident at the top of the ramp. Turning to face the entrance, he displays the back of his jacket to the crowd which happens to have an even larger Adrenaline logo stitched on it.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, weighing in at one hundred and forty five pounds and standing five feet, eight inches tall, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Turning to face the ring once more, Jett slowly makes his way down the ramp, interacting with the Concord crowd.

Climbing the steps, Jett then ascends the corner until standing at the top. Leaning his head back and extending his arms, he takes in the moment before lowering his head and looking across the ring to Kaelan. He then looks down at points at the 4CW logo stitched on the letterman’s jacket with a smirk across his face. Hopping down from the corner, he then removes the jacket before balling it up and throwing it out into the crowd for a lucky member to take home as a souvenir.
LAWSON: ”We’re less than a week away from Fright Night where we’ll see a WarGames match between team Octane and team Adrenaline.”
CAMPBELL: ”We’ve had three cross brand matches tonight so far Octane has won every single one of them.”
TAYLOR: ”This will be the final one of the night, our main event.”
LAWSON: ”Jett Wilder has been on a roll as of late and tonight he’ll face off against Kaelan Quinn Price who has done nothing but impress since her 4CW debut.”
CAMPBELL: ”She too has competed with members of both rosters in the same match. Remember the Frenzy? Kaelan finished quite well after being in the match for an extended period of time.”
TAYLOR: ”Not long ago we witnessed her and her boyfriend, Bryan Laughlin, put each other through hell for a chance to compete for the Octane Championship at Fright Night. She may have came up short, but she proved right then and there that she is capable of just about anything.”
LAWSON: ”Both of these will not be competing at Fright Night but that’s good for us because this gives us one hell of a main event here tonight!”
With both wrestlers ready to get things underway, the official quickly signals for the bell!

Bursting out of her corner like a firework, Kaelan rushes straight for Jett! As seen lately, Jett handles himself quite differently than past times, taking things more serious and this time no different. Jett rushes Kaelan as well, and the two collide in the center of the ring! Catching Kaelan with a knee to the gut, Jett flips her over to her back but she is fast to get back to her feet. Before Jett can attack again, Kaelan hits him across the chest with knife edge chops, back to back before locking onto his wrist and whipping him to the ropes. As Jett comes back on the return, Kaelan takes him down face first to the mat with a drop toe hold.
Jett’s head bounces off the mat and he pushes himself up in a fluid motion, standing up just a step after Kaelan who hits him in the chops with a forearm shot. She then connects with a quick kick to his stomach, forcing him to lunge over from the impact. Stepping in and locking her arm around his head. She grabs the back of his pants and quickly takes him up and over, dropping him to his back with a snap suplex! Fluidly, she rolls backwards, mounting herself on top of Jett and unloading with a fury of punches.
Standing tall, she then pulls Jett back to his feet before hitting him across the chest with another knife edge chop. Going for another kick to his gut, Kaelan doesn’t connect this time as Jett catches her foot just before impact. Jett then steps in and sweeps out her other leg, forcing her to fall backwards to the mat. With her foot still in his hands and her leg elevated, Jett then kicks her in the back of the knee before dropping down and hitting her with an elbow drop to the inside of her thigh. Pushing himself up, Jett then stomps on her leg multiple times before turning to the ropes and taking off for them. Coming back on the return, Jett runs straight for Kaelan’s head and connects with a baseball slide dropkick to the side of it!
Doing push-ups, Jett shows off right beside Kaelan as he surprisingly draws a negative reaction from the Octane crowd. After completing a set of ten push-ups, Jett stands to his feet and heads for the corner. Climbing to the top, he takes his time before reaching his destination. Turning to face Kaelan, he is forced to react quickly as she has stood up as well and is charging the corner as we speak. She lunges forward to hit the ropes and knock him off balance but Jett jumps away from the corner and over her head before landing back to the mat. Before he can turn around, Kaelan has bounces off from the corner and hits him in the back of the head with a lariat, knocking him face down to the mat!
LAWSON: ”Just when you think the kid is showing improvements he goes and showboats!”
CAMPBELL: ”Those push-ups may be good for his conditioning but he gave Kaelan way too much time to recover.”
TAYLOR: ”Let’s not forget that the last three he didn’t even fully go down, but that’s none of my business.”
With Jett face down to the mat, Kaelan begins kicking him in the ribs over and over before transitioning her attack to stomps across his lower back. Pulling Jett to his feet, she grabs ahold of his arm and then goes to throw him to the ropes. Before she can release, Jett reverses the throw and whips her to the ropes instead. Bouncing off and coming back with even more speed, Kaelan is then lifted off her feet as she closes in to Jett. Spinning her in the air, Jett goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but is taken off guard as Kaelan turns it into a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, flipping Jett across the ring before crashing hard to his back.
With Jett down and moaning loudly in place, Kaelan rises to her feet and hops over him, running to the ropes ahead. Leaping into the air, she plants both feet onto the middle rope and springboards off, flipping backwards and landing across Jett’s body with a moonsault. With Jett’s shoulders down to the mat, she quickly hooks his leg as the official slides in with the count.

Popping a shoulder up from the mat just after the two, Jett ends the officials count. Wasting no time whatsoever, Kaelan pops back to her feet and goes back to her assault, kicking Jett in the ribs before pulling him up to his feet. Wrapping both arms around him, she then lifts him off his feet and plants him to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. Mounting herself on top of him once again, she lays into him over and over with rights and lefts before pushing herself up. Pulling Jett up by the arm, she then pulls him in and knocks him back down with a short-arm clothesline. Dropping to her knees, she goes for the pin once more as the official drops in beside them.

Kicking out this time, Jett ends the count leaving Kaelan with nothing but a second two count over him. Pushing herself up to both knees, she then swings down at Jett for good measure, connecting with a vicious elbow shot to the eye! Jett’s head smacks the mat, knocking him somewhat in a daze. Kaelan then stands back up and heads for the nearby corner.
LAWSON: ”If that were Bryan Williams we’d have another concussion on our hands.”
CAMPBELL: ”You can say that again! Kaelan is fierce! She went head to head with her boyfriend weeks ago so putting his best friend down shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever.”
TAYLOR: ”She has two close counts thus far. Maybe the third time is the charm.”
With Jett still down on his back, Kaelan leaps away from the corner and takes to the skies. Flying through the air, she begins to travel downward, with a diving headbutt aimed for Jett’s head. As she is just about to connect, Jett quickly rolls to the side, leaving nothing to break her fall as her head collides with the canvas!
CAMPBELL: ”Jett set her up good for that one!”
Slow to his feet, Jett fin ally stands tall as Kaelan remains down but slowly coming to her senses. As she begins to push herself up, Jett takes position and patiently awaits. Just as she stands, Jett rushes in and hits her with a running lariat, dropping her flat on her back!
TAYLOR: ”If that crash landing head first to the mat didn’t have her seeing stars, that lariat definitely should!”
Popping back to his feet and not wasting any time, Jett rushes over to the nearby corner and leaps straight to the top, showing off his vertical for those wondering what he truly brings to the basketball court. Unlike the many times we’ve seen in the past, Jett doesn’t show off a single bit but remains focused. He then leaps straight into the air away from the corner before coming down and hitting kaelan with a Frog Splash!
LAWSON: ”And there’s the Swag Splash!”
Hooking Kaelan’s leg, Jett makes the cover as the official slides in with the count.

CAMPBELL: ”There you have it ladies and gentlemen!”
“Blessings” hits the speakers as Jett slowly rises to his feet. Savoring the moment for his brand, the Adrenaline brand, Jett surveys the damage done as the official steps in beside him and raises his arm into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, JETT WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Jett pulls his arm away from the official before walking to the furthest corner and climbing to the top.
TAYLOR: ”Octane just about had a clean sweep here tonight but Jett stole the show for Adrenaline in the main event here tonight folks.”
CAMPBELL: ”Three for Octane and one for Adrenaline. I’d say Octane still came out on top here tonight.”
LAWSON: ”This is just a small taste of what’s to come next week with WarGames!”
CAMPBELL: ”Speaking of which, I can’t wait!”
TAYLOR: ”Well that’s our show for the evening ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to tune in next week for Fright Night live from Chicago, Illinois.”
LAWSON: ”It’s going to be one hell of a show from start to finish, where we will open the night by crowning Octane’s new champion.”
TAYLOR: ”Hopefully whoever it is can do a better job representing Octane than the last person did.”
CAMPBELL: ”That shouldn’t be hard to do!”
TAYLOR: ”Well that’s it. Thank you for joining us everyone and we’ll see you next week!”
LAWSON: ”Goodnight!”
CAMPBELL: ”Adios!”
The camera cuts back to Jett who continues to celebrate his victory, motioning his hands as if a championship were around his waist. Looking to the camera just before the close, Jett continues his hand motions as his lips read “where’s my shot?” The scene then fades away before the Showtime logo comes into full focus.