The scene opens up to a shot of the steel structure hanging above the double rings as “Boots And Blood” by Five Finger Death Punch plays throughout the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Flames and pyro ignite from the entrance stage as the camera changes views to the entrance ramp looking up at it. Turning slowly, the camera scans over the crowd where various signs are focused on throughout the sea of people

Changing views to a shot from inside of the ring, the camera pans the entire arena a second time before slowly focusing on the announcers booth at ringside.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Fright Night!”
VASSA: ”Welcome, come one, come all! This is the fourth installment of this pay-per-view and I couldn’t think of a better place than the home of the football team who should be starting their fourth string quarterback!”
JOHNSON: ”Um, okay?”
VASSA: ”Shut up, Steve! I’m already lit like the fourth of July!”
JOHNSON: ”I can already tell it’s going to be a fun night, just full of excitement and things you’re going to regret saying tomorrow.”
VASSA: ”And you wouldn’t have it any other way, Sweetie!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re coming to you live tonight from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois!”
VASSA: ”And boy oh boy, do we have a big night ahead of us!”
JOHNSON: ”We sure do. Kicking things off, we have Seth Daniels and Bryan Laughlin going head to head in an Inferno Championship where the winner will be crowned the new Octane Champion.”
VASSA: ”Whoever it is, hopefully they end up being better than that last piece of shit we had holding the belt before running away like a little biatch!”
JOHNSON: ”Octane will then make another appearance as Anastasia Hayden defends the Fate Championship against Adrenaline’s Alexis Mercer and Andre Holmes, and also against Octane’s Caroline Burchill and the one and only, American Tommy!”
JOHNSON: ”Ana made a challenge out to both brands and she gets it here tonight at Fright Night!”
VASSA: ”Following that, we have the Tag Team Championships on the line as World Dollar Sign tar defends them against The Hostile Takeover.”
JOHNSON: ”These two teams were in the finals where World$tar pulled off the win against them, becoming the new champions.”
VASSA: ”Tonight they’ll have round two, fresh bodies and all, right here in that cage with the championships hanging from the top of the cage!”
JOHNSON: ”Up next we have some WarGames action between Adrenaline and Octane. Jeb Fisher, Sativa Nevaeh, Cyrus Riddle, and Cosmo Cooper will be representing Team Octane.”
VASSA: ”And for Team Adrenaline we have Bryan Williams, Lauryn Wolfe, Chris Madison, and Aidan Carlisle!”
JOHNSON: ”Both new signees and returning stars clashing in this WarGames match tonight and it’s guaranteed to be a barn burner!”
VASSA: ”After nearly being strangled to death by the hands of Kimitsu Zombie, Amber Ryan will square off with her tonight with the Pride Championship on the line!”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t going to be any regular match. This is going to be a submission match.”
VASSA: ”No pinfalls, knockouts, no nothing! Whoever wants to win this match is going to have to force the other to submit!”
JOHNSON: ”Then for the big match you’ve all been waiting for. The match that gets voted match of the year each and every year. We have the Warzone of Horrors!”
VASSA: ”Eight people are lined up to enter this thing. We have a guaranteed 4CW Championship match contract hanging high above the cage. We also have Carmella Wilder defending the Extreme Championship!”
JOHNSON: ”You all know the rules. The Extreme Championship is up for grabs the entire time and can change hands multiple times until the contract is pulled down from above the cage, thus ending the match.”
VASSA: ”We have a nice list of competitors this year also! We have Tiffani Michaels, Erron Wilder, Genevie Carlson, Viduus Morta, Persephone Marquis, Johnny Evil, Dakota Smith, and as I mentioned moments ago, the Extreme Champion, Carmella Wilder!”
JOHNSON: ”This is going to be a mess and if that isn’t enough, it isn’t even our main event!”
VASSA: ”Oh not it isn’t! After the Warzone, we have the 4CW Championship match between Bronx Valescence and the defending champion, Mariano Fernandez.”
JOHNSON: ”A rematch if you will. At Adrenaline Seventy-Two, Mariano defeated Bronx to become the champion. Tonight they have their rematch in an ‘I Quit’ match!”
VASSA: ”No pins. No submissions. No knockouts. Someone must literally say the words ‘I Quit’ in order for a winner to be decided. It’s going to be nuts.”
JOHNSON: ”And that’s our lineup for the evening ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: ”And if that isn’t enough, tonight’s pay-per-view is sponsored by none other than the 4CW Video Game scheduled to release next week.”
JOHNSON: ”You heard it ladies and gentlemen. The second Installment of 4CW’s video game franchise releases on Halloween next week, October Thirty-First.”
VASSA: ”This is going to be tits. You can play with your favorite superstars of 4CW, both past and present when certain DLC becomes available.”
JOHNSON: ”I have no idea what DLC is, but it’s a video game ladies and gentlemen. Mariano I’m sure is thrilled.”
JOHNSON: ”Be sure to get your copy next week when it hits shelves. From what I hear it’s some of the most realistic action you can have on a video game.”
VASSA: ”I’m getting it! Now who else is going to so I can beat that ass online!?”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to go backstage momentarily before jumping into our opening match. Sit tight folks.”
VASSA: ”Sit tight and get online to reserve your copy of 4CW 2K18 right now!”

The cameras quickly switch from ringside to backstage where the raucuous crowd can be heard anticipating the opening match as the ring announcers tells us all it’s going to be an Inferno Match. All we see is Bryan Laughlin leaning over a sink staring into a mirror. His eyes squinted inquisitively as if he was searching for something in his reflection.
The sound of a door wildly swinging open and hitting the wall behind it doesn’t even get him to break the staring contest he is hacing with himself in the mirror
The cameras show Kaelan is in the room behind Bryan and it causes him to reluctantly break his focus.
PRICE: ”Broken McLaughlin…. Broken-“
Vigorously shaking his head Bryan tries to put his hand over Kaelan’s mouth but she pushes his hands away
PRICE: ”McLaughlin…. Broken….”
They both pause and look at each other and Bryan shamefully breaks eye contact before Kaelan grabs him by his face and plants a deeply passionate kiss on him and whispers into his ear
PRICE: ”Just promise me you’ll come back… win or lose…. Promise me.”
LAUGHLIN: ”….I promise.”
Kaelan nods knowing damn well what she’s about to do.
She raises her voice to the point that it crashes off the walls of the locker room and surrounds Bryan, but the strength of it begins to trail off as he leaves her presence. He doesnt want her to be scared of him again. Bryan’s chest visibly moves with each of his violently deep breaths as he throws the door open and makes his way towards the entrance
PRICE: ”…I love you, B”

Tommy fist bumps him and starts walking towards the arena when he sees a smiling picture of Anastasia Hayden on the side of a production truck. Tommy walks into the production truck and the people inside are startled. Tommy looks around for a sharpie. He sees one up front so he walks up and grabs it. He looks over at everybody and notices someone talking into a headset to someone and so he walks over to the man and sits down on the table next to him. Looking down at the man he smiles.
TOMMY: “What you doing?”
PRODUCER: “I’m talking with Perry Wallace.”
Tommy grabs the headset off the dude’s head and puts the mouthpiece up to his face.
TOMMY: “Feets, you a cuck mate and everybody in the back knows it you fat bastard.”
Yelling can be heard from the headset and Tommy drops it to the floor and walks away.
WALLACE: ”You’re Feets and you jerked off thinking about Dove and some other dumb ho!”
A loose apple is sitting one of the tables he passes on his way out of the truck and he grabs it. Back out in the parking lot Tommy looks up at the picture Ana Hayden and takes a bite out of his apple.
TOMMY: “I don’t like this.”
Tommy looks around the garage and finds a single chair sitting next to a pole. He grabs it and slides it over next to the truck. He steps up on it and takes the lid off the marker. He proceeds to draw a large penis on the picture of Ana. He takes the time to add a few veins in it and getting it quite detailed. He throws the marker over his shoulder and steps off the chair. He takes a few steps back to admire his work while taking a bite out of the apple.
TOMMY: “That’s better.”
Tommy picks up his bags next to him and walks into the arena.

The scene opens to a zoomed in shot of two masks. These masks are known universally as Comedy, the face filled with laughter, and Tragedy, the mask bound by tears. Hands are seen holding one mask in each hand. As the view zooms out, the hands are seen as belonging to one of the combatants in tonight’s Inferno Match for the Octane Championship in Seth Daniels. His brow is furrowed in concentration as he ponders each mask for a few seconds.
DANIELS: ”Laughter. Tears. There’s a time for all things.”
Seth lowered the mask of Tragedy and eyed Comedy.
DANIELS: ”You were right, Bryan. We share a… Well, a bond of sorts. I mean, I don’t think we’re going to share a dessert anytime soon but we are now connected in a way. We’re scumbags that this world, this society shit out and flushed. They want to forget us but much to their chagrin, we came right back, ready for retribution.”
Seth turned and began to walk down the hall as he continued to hold Comedy up so that it was visible to the camera. The camera began to move backward, continuing to track Seth’s movements. His eyes now focused on the camera. On you.
DANIELS: ”You were right, Bryan. The path of the lone wolf is beaten and ablaze. It’s been travelled by many before us and will be travelled by many after. It’s not a new concept. It’s not creative. That’s not why we do what we do, is it? We don’t do it because we want admiration. We don’t do it for sympathy. We do this because it’s what we know. It’s all we know. Hunt. Kill. Eat. Survive. Such is the way of the wolf. You were right when you said that there can only be one hunter.”
Suddenly, Seth tosses the Comedy mask to the side and it rattles around and disappears to the bottom of a trash can resting against the wall.
DANIELS: ”Your assessment of the hunter is wrong, Bryan.”
Seth lifts the mask of tears, of Tragedy, into view.
DANIELS: ”A true hunter does not stop when he or she reaches the apex as you plan to do, Mad King. A true hunter does not sit upon a throne. The hunter continues to hunt, continues to kill, continues to eat. Tonight, a target gets painted on one of our backs while the other’s is coated in flame. I embrace the target. I embrace the thought of a horde of competitors looking for a fight with me. And when the fight is over and the Octane Championship is mine, the entirety of Octane and each individual will become my new target.”
Seth’s lips curl up in disgust.
DANIELS: ”But you would put the hunt aside and opt for status instead? You are a walking contradiction. Perhaps the voices in your head can’t keep your story straight.”
Seth tosses the other to the right as he continues to walk, it bouncing off of the brick wall and into another garbage can.
DANIELS: ”I don’t do this for recognition or respect. If you believe that, you haven’t been paying attention. I do this because it’s what I do. You want a kingdom to rule. I’m built to destroy. You need this to shake the lingering disappointment that all of your failures have proven you to be. I need this to bring out the gritty, dirty, nasty fight that will separate Octane from that other show. You cannot hide any longer, not behind the facade of a monster, a hunter, or a mad king.”
Without warning, Seth grabs the camera and pulls it to his face.
DANIELS: ”There’s a time for all things. For now, it’s time to take off the masks. Now, it’s time to fucking fight!”
Seth pushes his arms forcibly forward. As a result, the camera falls and lands on the tile floor with a loud clatter. The lense on the camera is cracked which results in a line through the image. It stays live long enough, however, to watch as Seth Daniels stalks down the hallway toward the curtain that no doubt leads to Fright Night proper. The camera slowly shifts to static and the image fades.



JOHNSON: ”Hell of a way to kick off the show tonight, folks! We got ourselves a title match for you all!”
VASSA: ”Not just any title match, Octane will be looking for a new champion to lead the way. Somebody preferably not a crybaby, and somebody who doesn’t like twitlongers.”
JOHNSON: ”Seth Daniels and Bryan Laughlin both earned their shot here tonight, they have emerged as the top two contenders on Octane.”
VASSA: ”It’s going to be hard to pick between these two, but when you add in the element of fire it makes everything else unpredictable. Can you even gameplan for something like that?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not entirely too sure, but I know either man won’t be backing down from this challenge. They both want to represent Octane, and bring some prestige to this title.”
VASSA: ”I guess it’s all going to come down to who doesn’t want to get lit on fire.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, basically.”
VASSA: ”Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers.
POWERS: ”The following Inferno Match will be for the Octane Championship!”
A slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed he then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
JOHNSON: ”Bryan Laughlin is a monster, and there’s no good way of putting that lately. He’s just been on a tear over in Octane. He seems unstoppable as of late.”
VASSA: ”Fitting that he feels kin to Jason Voorhees lately, I don’t think this is a Halloween bit. Dude has really stepped up his game, Seth Daniels is going to have to bring a lot to put him down.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe he can be his Tommy Jarvis?”
VASSA: ”Oooh, good reference there Steve!”
“Light’s Out” by Hollywood Undead hits the speakers. Seth Daniels steps out from behind the curtain and looks around at the crowd before focusing on the ring. There’s no flash nor flare, no fancy lights or videos. Clearly, Seth doesn’t need a ton of frills in his parade. He begins his determined walk to the ring.
POWERS: ”Now approaching the ring, from Phoenix, Arizona and weighing in this morning at two hundred and thirty-two pounds. He is ‘Your Drug Of Choice’… SETH DDAANNIIEELLSS!!!”
Daniels smirks at the raucous cheers he’s receiving from the crowd before he climbs the ring steps and steps between the ropes. He turns around abruptly and climbs the turnbuckle looking out to the crowd. He lifts one fist and incites the crowd into a frenzy. He hops down and cracks his knuckles in anticipation.
JOHNSON: ”Seth Daniels has been a fan favorite since joining Octane, and has really made a name for himself here.”
VASSA: ”He’s not wasting his opportunities, a clear sign that somebody is ready for this championship match.”
JOHNSON: ”Well we can see the fire being lit around the ring, in those controlled troughs. It’s going to be hard to back out of this now.”
VASSA: ”Trial by fire, Steve. This is the perfect way to find a new Octane Champion! Let’s do this!”

With the bell ringing, this match starts! Laughlin and Daniels don’t waste any time, meeting in the middle of the ring immediately. Daniels strikes first, hammering right hands drive Bryan backwards near the ropes. Bryan reverses the attempt, sending Daniels running to the ropes. With the flames surrounding the ring, Daniels quickly puts the brakes on to keep from running into anything dangerous. He turns around, and eats a stiff shot from Bryan Laughlin! Daniels staggers backwards, the fans anticipating something early here! You can hear the collective calm in their voice, as Seth Daniels regains his footing.
The two circle each other, for a moment, before attempting to lock up in the center of the ring. Bryan gets a quick knee up, staggering Daniels for a moment. He brings a massive forearm down onto the back of Daniels’’ neck, putting him down to the mat. Daniels tries getting up, and eats a massive Running Boot from Bryan Laughlin! Daniels hits the ground hard, as Bryan watches his opponent for any sudden movements. Suddenly, Daniels springs back up to his feet, motioning for Laughlin to bring more on. Bryan smiles, cracking his neck.
JOHNSON: ”Bryan Laughlin looks ready for this challenge.”
VASSA: ”He’s just egging Seth Daniels on. He wants more of it!”
Bryan charges at Daniels, attempting to knock him down with a shoulder tackle, but Daniels moves! He sends Bryan running towards the ropes, and the fire wall on the outside of it. Laughlin has to stop himself in his tracks, as the nearby ring crew look to get ready. Bryan turns around, and eats a Dropkick from Seth Daniels! The crowd cheers, as Daniels looks to take control of this match. He shoves Laughlin to the nearby corner, driving his shoulder deep into Bryan’s stomach. The two are already sweating, such close proximity to the fire. Daniels lashes out with a clubbing shot, following that up with a forearm to the face of Bryan Laughlin! Laughlin laughs, as Daniels connects with a stiff chop to his chest!
The shot rings out, almost taking Laughlin’s breath away, but he recovers quickly. Daniels looks to connect with another strike, but Bryan ducks out of the way. He connects with a right hand, sending Daniels into the corner. Bryan Laughlin begins his assault, beating down Seth Daniels as Patrick Murphy has to step in. He starts a count, backing Bryan Laughlin up for a moment. It doesn’t take long for him to attack again, but Daniels ducks! He clobbers Bryan with a hard elbow strike that sends him into the corner! The crowd comes to life, as Daniels unloads a flurry of rights again on Bryan Laughlin! Bryan tries to fight back, but Daniels levels him with a European Uppercut! Bryan’s head snaps backwards, as Daniels clobbers him with another uppercut!
JOHNSON: ”Seth Daniels will not be intimidated! He’s just laying into Laughlin right now!”
VASSA: ”This what he needs to do, smother him. Give him no chance to recover.”
JOHNSON: ”You got to wonder how long he can keep this up though.”
VASSA: ”Well for his sake it would be long enough to toss Laughlin into that fire.”
Daniels drags his opponent out of the corner, looking to connect with a Belly to Belly Suplex. He lifts Laughlin up off of his feet, but Laughlin is able to block the attempt. A series of rapid fire forearms connect, putting Daniels down to a knee! Seth tries getting back up, but Bryan Laughlin connects with a knee to the side of his head!
Daniels hits the mat hard, he rolls backwards as he pops back up to his feet. Bryan gets back to his, grabbing Daniels and throwing him towards the ropes! The flames die out just in time, as Daniels hits the ropes without much of an issue. Bryan catches him on the rebound, lifting him high into the air as he presses him over his head! He slams Daniels down to the mat, as the flames begin to creep back up again. Bryan, looking happy with himself, picks his opponent off of the mat. He slams Daniels with a Jumping Front Sleeperhold Sideslam, rattling the ring!
JOHNSON: ”Holy hell!”
VASSA: ”Did you see the ring shake?! Bryan Laughlin is a man possessed right now, goddamn!”
Bryan looks to be in control, as he drags Daniels towards the ring ropes! Daniels presses the heel of his boot into the back of Bryan’s hand, slipping out of his grip. Bryan, frustrated with Daniels, quickly picks him up to his feet. Daniels attempts to strike Bryan, but Laughlin catches his hand. Quickly trapping his other arm, Bryan devastates him with a Headbutt! Seth’s head snaps backwards, Bryan quickly follows up with another headbutt! Another one lands, as Bryan Laughlin begins to go to town on Seth Daniels! Headbutt after headbutt lands, as Laughlin lets Daniels drop to the mat.
Bryan, starting to look a bit beat up from that attack, collects his bearing while Daniels recovers. He looks towards the fire at ringside, debating on how to end this match. Seth, trying to get to his feet, is quickly overwhelmed again by Laughlin. Seth tries fighting back. A European Uppercut slams into Bryan Laughlin, sending him stumbling backwards near the corner. Seth charges at Bryan, almost taking his head clean off with a running Clothesline! Seth Daniels looks completely fired up, as he lifts Bryan Laughlin up onto the top turnbuckle. Seth stands to climb up, but Bryan catches him with a foot to the face! The flames seem to have subsided again, as Laughlin stays on the turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: ”Bit of a lucky break there, those flames are going to be nipping on their heels at any moment!”
VASSA: ”I think they’ve noticed a pattern or something, either way they need to move fast.”
JOHNSON: ”Laughlin seems to be setting up for something, I don’t think he cares about the fire!”
VASSA: ”Oh shit, watch out Daniels!”
Seth Daniels tries to collect himself, getting to his feet as Laughlin watches. Bryan smirks, his opponent turning around right into a Missile Dropkick! Daniels catches all of it, bouncing backwards! The fans gasp as he gets close to the flames, but luckily he is able to move out of the way in time.
Laughlin watches as Daniels tries to get back up, he quickly lifts him to his feet and into a bearhug! Daniels’ eyes grow wide, as Bryan Laughlin begins to squeeze his body with every ounce of strength he has. Seth Daniels tries to escape, but Bryan Laughlin only seems to wrap the hold tighter. Daniels yells out in pain, his ribs beginning to feel the pressure being applied by the hold. Laughlin whips Daniels around, slamming him hard to the mat with ease! Seth grabs his sides, as Laughlin stands above him menacingly.
JOHNSON: ”Bryan Laughlin is just inflicting as much punishment as he can tonight. How much more can Seth Daniels take?”
VASSA: ”This is getting bad.”
Bryan focused on doing as much damage, as Daniels tries his best to get back up to his feet. He pulls himself up to his feet, just as Bryan pulls him up into another Bearhug! Daniels yells out in pain again, as Bryan Laughlin picks him up off of the mat. Seth tries fighting his way out of the hold, right hand connect to Bryan Laughlin’s exposed face! With no way to protect himself, he eats shot after shot. It looks like Bryan is about to let go, when he lets out a roar. Bryan presses forward and DRIVES SETH DANIELS INTO THE CORNER!
JOHNSON: ”He almost snapped a turnbuckle with that!”
VASSA: ”Seth Daniels is in real trouble here!”
Daniels groans, as he lays on the mat in pain. Laughlin gets to a knee, waiting to see what Seth Daniels will do. Daniels grits his teeth, as he stands back up. Laughlin quickly meets him, as the two come face to face in the middle of the ring. Daniels strikes first, connecting with a right hand. Laughlin quickly follows up with one of his one, stumbling Seth Daniels backwards. The crowd cheers as Daniels connects again, knocking Bryan Laughlin backwards. Laughlin tries for another strike, but Daniels beats him to it! He starts to gain momentum, rights and lefts land flush as Bryan Laughlin looks to be in trouble! Daniels goes to knock him down, but Bryan ducks and connects with a SUPERKICK! Daniels looks to be out, as he stumbles backwards. Before he can fall into the ropes, and the fire, he falls to a knee!
Bryan looks to take advantage, but Seth pops up to his feet and connects with the LIGHTS OUT. The crowd roars as Laughlin is taken off of his feet, never seeing the kick coming! Seth Daniels lets out a roar of his own, ready to take this match! Laughlin tries getting up, but Daniels sends a right fist cracking into the side of his head, sending Laughlin back down to the mat! Laughlin tries getting back up again, but Daniels smashes him with a forearm shot this time. It stuns Bryan for a moment, allowing Seth to connect with the OVERDOSE! The crowd explodes into cheers, as the DDT connects!
JOHNSON: ”Seth Daniels is fighting his way back! He’s got Laughlin in trouble with that DDT!”
VASSA: ”This is what he needs to do! He’s got to pour it on!”
Both men lay on the canvas, not moving as the crowd desperately tries to cheer Seth Daniels on. Sweat pours from their bodies, from the heat of the flames surrounding them at ringside. It doesn’t seem that it’s left them with much else, as Daniels tries to get back to his feet. Laughlin doesn’t move, he watches as Seth Daniels struggles to get back to his feet. He gets to a knee, as Bryan IMMEDIATELY SITS BACK UP! Like something out of a horror movie, Laughlin is still coming for Seth Daniels! Daniels only has a few moments to react, he connects with another Lights Out!
The Superkick connects! Bryan Laughlin looks to be out of it, his eyes rolling into the back of his head! He stands there, barely able to stand, as Seth Daniels prepares himself. Another kick strikes out, knocking Laughlin back even more. Bryan doesn’t want to fall, but it seems to be knocking him backwards. Seth Daniels looks on, as Bryan is closer to that wall of fire than ever before!
JOHNSON: ”Seth Daniels is ready to end this!”
VASSA: ”He’s backing him up!”
Another kick lands! Bryan steps back even more, he’s teetering on the edge at this point!
JOHNSON: ”Another Lights Out lands! Daniels has got him on the edge!”
VASSA: ”I think one more can finish this!”
Seth Daniels hypes himself up, another kick would send Bryan right into the ropes and the fire! He steps back, and throws another Light Out!
The crowd gasps, as Bryan Laughlin CATCHES HIS KICK! Daniels looks to be in shock, doing whatever he can to get his foot free. Bryan sends an elbow down, crashing into Seth’s leg! He looks to be in pain, as Bryan Laughlin grabs him into a Full Nelson Suplex! Seth Daniels is tossed into the corner, and just BARELY misses the flames! He rolls to the middle of the ring, trying to recover before Laughlin can catch up to him.
Laughlin staggers towards his opponent, still feeling the effects of those kicks. Daniels is able to get back up, grabbing at Laughlin. One last attempt to put him down for good, but Bryan blocks the Overdose attempt! He lifts Daniels up into the air, sending him crashing to the mat face first! Daniels gets back up, but Laughlin connects with a BSKE! The kick sends Daniels straight into the fire AND OUT OF THE RING!

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… AND NEW OCTANE CHAMPION… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
VASSA: ”I can’t believe it, Bryan Laughlin took everything that Seth Daniels had. All of his shots, and spit it right back into this face!”
The bell rings, as “Out of My Mind” begins to play. Daniels rolls around on the outside, his gear having caught fire on the way out of the ring! Ringside aide quickly rushes to him, putting him out with a fire extinguisher. Bryan Laughlin is given the Octane Championship, which he looks at for a moment. He stands there, stoically, as he slowly raises the title up and over his head.
JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it, a NEW Octane Champion has been crowned. These men went through a trial by fire, but in the end it was Bryan Laughlin who came up victorious.”
VASSA: ”Octane has a monster to worry about now folks, mark my words.”

In the back, Anastasia Hayden is seen picking up her Fate Championship off one of the production boxes and turning around just in time to face the cameras. A disinterested look upon her face as she looks at the belt and then back at the audience.
HAYDEN: “Big night, right? I’m supposed to go out here in just a bit and defend my Fate Championship over and over again until I’m the last one standing. But honestly?”
A simple shrug of the shoulders from Ana.
HAYDEN: “I don’t give a fuck. But if you’ve been paying attention long enough, you already know that. So when I see Tommy, Caroline, Andre, and Alexis all spouting off about how badly they want to be the Fate Champion…I can’t help, but laugh. All I see are a mob of fools hungry for something they don’t quite understand. And that’s alright. That’s what my goal is tonight. To show them what their common sense lacks.”
She rolls her eyes and shakes her head; ashamed for her opponents and their complete absence of self-awareness.
HAYDEN: “Everyone always wants to fight over a piece of gold…why? Do they honestly think that it’ll help them in anyway? This Fate Championship has done nothing, but to hinder me. It’s held me back, so Fright Night? It’s a blessing for me. I’ve got four chances to lose this burden. But I have to trust four fuck ups to do so. I’m putting this belt on a silver platter…but it’s up to you four to actually do something in your meaningless careers.”
Another shrug before Ana takes the Fate Championship from off her shoulders and holds it by the strap.
HAYDEN: “And when the pressure is at it’s highest…you’ll all fail. That’s just expected of you. Tommy and Caroline, you have the safety net of Octane to fall back on. No one is expecting you two to step in here and do anything worthwhile. You should just be grateful that you’re actually here. It’s a shame that you fail to see yourselves as anything other than cannon fodder, but here you are. Must be so proud. To rise up from the trash, given an opportunity of a lifetime…only to squander it.”
A disappointed scoff.
HAYDEN: “So prove me wrong tonight. We’ve already seen Alexis Mercer fuck up time and time again. Be different. Be better than Andre Holmes who won what seems like only one match and now he gets a championship opportunity. Act like you don’t belong on Octane. And most importantly, and this goes to all of you, act like you stand a chance.”
Her attention turns back to her belt as she holds it up; inspecting it before holding it right up in the camera lens.
HAYDEN: “If you want to be called the Fate Champion…this is your night. I’m laying the belt down and if you’re all too scared of the big bad wolf to pick it up…that’s fine too. But do me a favor and give me a fight. Pretend like you’ve all earned the right to be here at Fright Night. Bow down and thank me for this. I’m ready for your failures. Shut me up. Tell me I’m wrong.”
The Fate Championship drops to the floor and the camera refocuses on the glare Ana’s projecting; a look of disgust on her face.
HAYDEN: “Don’t disappoint.”
Her face remains the same as she lifts the Fate Championship back up and walks off, dragging it behind her as the camera jumps elsewhere in the arena.

In the backstage area of the United Airlines Center live in Chicago, Illinois, 4CW presenting Fright Night takes hold in the locker room area. Standing in the locker room with the black hoodie over his head with the words ‘Relentless’ imprinted in a blood red design is Andre Holmes warming up for the match. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that means everything to him and he slowly turns around before removing the hoodie over his head. His rugged beard plus those hazel eyes all being unique features of his body but the best thing about him is his keen spirit.
HOLMES: ”Tonight, 4CW is live in Chicago, Illinois and we are coming with the greatest match on the card. The Fate Gauntlet for the 4CW Fate Championship. Everyone in this match has been put in for a reason but who will win will earn the opportunity to lead the fate division into a better or worse future. Honestly, there’s nobody else I see holding that belt with honor and prestige than me in my eyes.
For so long I have scouted the world searching for competition and the fate division is my treasure in that search. That championship will be mine and I will do everything in my power to ensure it comes around my waist. Whether by defeating one or by defeat all, I’m walking out the new 4CW Fate Champion and there isn’t a damn thing Fate can do about it.”
With those final words, he slaps the camera away as he passes by. The frame of the camera turns around to face his metal locker that has the words, ‘Andre Holmes, engraved on the plaque then it slowly fades away over to the ringside interior of the arena.



The United Center in Chicago Illinois has been sold out for the annual PPV best known as Fright Night. 4CW has been leading the events in the professional wrestling industry but this Halloween themed PPV is always one of the best events known to mankind. With the 4CW Fate Championship on the line, five world renowned competitive athletes will all compete in one ring to become the 4CW Fate Champion. The cameras cut over to Johnson and Vassa sitting behind the announce table ready to call the action for the night.
JOHNSON ”Welcome everyone back to Fright Night and we have a very special attraction for our next match. The 4CW Fate Championship will be on the line as Anastasia Hayden will defend her belt against a series of opponents in a gauntlet match. Let’s explain the rules. Eliminations can be done by pin falls or submissions until the final person remaining in the ring becomes the 4CW Fate Champion.”
VASSA: ”Alright old guy. We get the idea. Anastasia Hayden is being forced to defend her belt against people who don’t deserve the shot. Andre Holmes, Alexis Mercer, Caroline O’ Burchill and American Tommy? None of these fuckin’ losers are on her level. It will be a cake walk for the champion as she proves herself to be the most dominant woman in 4CW ever.”
JOHNSON: ”The entire odds seem to be against her. Caroline, Tommy, Holmes and Mercer want what Anastasia has. Anyone and literally anything can happen in this match. It’s a matter of wills, determination and how much you can push the human body.”
VASSA: ”Okay enough of the yappy-dappy shit. It’s time for the action. The 4CW Fate Championship gauntlet match begins now!”
The cameras turn over to Powers standing in the center of the ring wearing his signature suit. He has a microphone under his chin as he receives the cue from production to begin with the match introductions.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, this is a gauntlet match scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW Fate Championship! The rules of this match are as follows. Two competitors will start in the ring and eliminations are by pin falls and submissions. The last competitor remaining after all eliminations is the winner and the 4CW Fate Champion!”

“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo. As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains, holding her 4CW Fate Championship by its strap. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she starts to make her way down to the ring.

”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: ”Introducing the first participant! Hailing from Steele, North Dakota! At five feet, six inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-eight pounds. She is the 4CW Fate Champion, ‘The Grand Duchess’… ANASTASIA HAYDEN!!!”
”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

JOHNSON: ”Ever since her win against Alexis Mercer, Hayden has been on a roll of defining victories in her career. Her biggest win of recent performance was against former 4CW World Champion, Bronx Valesquence and now she finds herself against four other competitors. How she will defend her title is for her to know and the world to find out.”
The announcement of her name only draws more hatred from the crowd as she tosses the 4CW Fate Championship into the ring before leaping up to the apron and climbing through the ropes. Lifting her championship off the canvas, she holds it up high for a few seconds before dragging it over to a free corner in the ring and dropping it back on the mat before she perches herself onto the top turnbuckle.
VASSA: ”My baby girl lookin’ amazing. Body on point, hair on point and the ass is on point too. Our champion is gonna dominate, leave and party with me in my hotel room! Please marry me Ana!”
“Stronger” by Through Fire plays over the sound system while crane cameras get glimpses of the upper-level seats as the crowd pops.

Moments into this transitions to ‘The Anti-Starlet’ Alexis Mercer’s entrance video. After a few seconds, Alexis appears in the audience walking down the first set of arena stairs as fans are there to greet her while security makes room for her path.
POWERS: ”Hailing from Salem, New York! At five feet, four inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds. She is ‘The Anti-Starlet’… ALEXIS MMEERRCCEERR!!!”
Reaching the bottom level. Alexis Mercer stops to take the energy from the crowd. She surveys everything in front of her then with a swift motion hops over the barricade. Alexis circles ringside halfway before pulling herself onto the apron entering the ring and heads to her respected corner taking off her leather jacket and grabbing both sides of the corner ropes, leaning forward looking at the opponent.
VASSA: ”The former 4CW Fate Champion, Alexis Mercer, is back in the title picture and getting her rematch. How fuckin’ ironic that these two women are the one to start the match off. Alexis wants revenge for Anastasia Hayden’s defeated over her and she’s also wanting blood. A crazy woman with no limitations on how brutal she can be in the ring.”
Anastasia Hayden removes the championship belt from around her waist and hands it over to the referee while the ring announcer leaves the ring. While raising the championship above his head, both Ana and Alexis are warming up in their corners as the two have history with each other. He hands the belt to a ringside crew member and signals to the bell-keeper to ring it.
JOHNSON: ”This is it ladies and gentlemen! 4CW Presents: Fright Night! The Gauntler for the 4CW Fate Championship begins now!”

Both of the women starting off in the match meet in the center of the ring and have a long hard stare down. Looking straight into each other’s eyes, the atmosphere becomes thick with tension until Hayden slaps the taste out of Mercer’s mouth. Her faced turned away with the imprint of her hand on her left cheek. Ana mouths off until she gets slapped back in the face. Forehead to forehead, the two start brawling with forearms and fists ino each others’ skull.

VASSA: ”Holy shit! They are going at each other!”
These two warriors won’t give up as they bang it on until Ana blacks a thrown knife edge chop to counter with a roundhouse kick to the face. Alexis backs up into the ropes after taking the blow where Hayden follows her; Leaning her against the ropes and taking her right arm, the champion steps back before whipping Alexis to the ropes behind her. Upon the return, Mercer ducks under a right arm thrown before rebounding back into her to dropkick Ana out of the ring!

JOHNSON: ”Running Dropkick by Alexis Mercer! She took a Roundhouse Kick from the champion but came back with some vicious momentum. Now Anastasia is out by ringside and she’s looking to fly real quick!”
Anastasia Hayden flew through the top and middle ropes then crashed down to the ringside mat. She managed to land on her back cushioning the blow for now; Getting up by the ring apron, she turns around to see Alexis Mercer running to the ropes before launching herself in between them to crash into Hayden. Both girls are down at ringside which made the Chicago audience explode out of their seats! She couldn’t hesitate. Alexis rolls Anastasia into the ring as quickly as she can!

JOHNSON: ”The Suicide Dive by Alexis Mercer! She’s not wasting any time! If she can eliminate the current 4CW Fate Champion, we’re guaranteed a new one. She’s already on the apron and Hayden is in the ring on her back!”
Alexis climbs onto the apron and stands on it holding the top rope with both hands. Whipping her blonde hair behind her, she leaps onto the top rope then springboards into the air producing a 630 degree flipping motion. Landing spine first across Ana’s ribs, the champion’s legs kicks out from the impact of the landing. Alexis leans her back against her chest, hooks her leg up as the referee drops down to count the first pin attempt of the match.

VASSA: ”Springboard six-thirty degree Senton by Alexis! She’s going to eliminate Anastasia Hayden!”

No! Ana kicks out as soon the as hand tapped the mat twice. Alexis got back on her feet and helped the champion up as well. Using her right arm, Hayden is thrown into the nearest unoccupied corner where her back slams into the turnbuckles. Glued to them; Alexis charges into Hayden but the champion explodes out of the corner and slaps her right arm across Mercer’s chest turning her inside out from the wicked lariat!

VASSA: ”Sick Lariat by my baby girl! Alexis Mercer never knew what hit her!”
Couldn’t be said any better. Alexis has trouble standing after nearly landing on top of her head. Both hands latched around her head, Ana drags her opponent back up to her feet. A sick spinning back fist strikes Mercer in her right temple temporarily dazing her before flooring her into the canvas with a northern lights suplex. It’s too much of an opportunity to pass when she gets up and notices Alexis sitting up on the canvas.

JOHNSON: ”Spinning Back Fist followed by a Northern Lights Suplex!”
The champion doesn’t take kindly to being upstaged. She repeatedly soccer kicks Alexis down her spine while throwing expletive insults in the air. Breaking off from the striking; Ana charges into the ropes and rebounds back down to the seated Alexis before sliding down on her right leg using the velocity momentum to clap Mercer in the face with a Forearm Smash! Alexis’ head snaps back and her body nearly goes limp!


No! Alexis kicks out and now it is Ana back on her feet stalking her wounded prey. She has her arms ready as Alexis turns over onto my hands and knees. Right back on her feet, Anastasia holds onto her shoulders from behind and leaps up only for Mercer to duck her body. Landing right in front of her and reacting quickly, the fate champion shoots out a back hook kick striking Mercer in the face again rocking her on wobbly legs. She runs to the ropes in front of her, rebounds into her opponent but Alexis explodes in a sprint and floors her with a bicycle kick!


Another kick out and Alexis Mercer slaps her hand on the canvas in complete frustration. It’s time to put the champion to sleep as she quickly grabs a handful of her hair then forces Hayden back onto her feet. Slinging her back across her shoulders, Ana recognizes the position she’s in and manages to land a few blows to slip off in front of her. Unfortunately for the champion, Alexis locks in a sleeper hold submission trying to cut off her air supply.

VASSA: ”She has my baby in a sleeper hold! Don’t put her to sleep yet bitch! That’s my job with this dick!”
Anastasia is struggling to break the submission hold and as each second passes by, her breath gets shorter. Using all the strength in her body, she runs into the nearest corner and ducks down letting Alexis’ face hitting the top turnbuckle full force. The recoil of the blow makes her walk backwards and she covers her forehead with both hands. Ana turns around, flips her off then charges out of the corner before kicking her in the nose with a running single leg dropkick!



Anastasia Hayden gets up from the successful pin fall made and the referee waves his hand signalling Alexis is the first competitor out of the match. Not even given the time to get up, Ana kicks her finished opponent under the bottom rope to ringside. She walks around the ring nodding her head and teasing the audience who are infuriated that she managed to defeat one of their favorites.
Alexis walks back up the entrance path slowly with her back turned to the champion waving her goodbye with a giant smirk on her face. “Relentless” by New Years Day immediately takes over the environment sparking the entire arena with loud cheers from the audience. Marching out of the backstage area is Andre Holmes who walks down the entrance path with a passion. He slows down to eyeball Alexis as they pass by before sprinting down to the ring.
POWERS: ”Introducing the next participant! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds. He is ‘Relentless’ ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”
He quickly slides under the bottom rope and gets on his feet before ducking under a thrown right arm from the champion. Continuing the velocity of his momentum, he runs into the ropes then rebounds back into Hayden ducking under yet another thrown right arm. The final rebound off the ropes, Andre leaps off the mat and nearly takes off Anastasia’s face with a Busaiku Knee Strike! Anastasia flips over onto her chest and Holmes rolls her over not for the pin but to mount her and begins to rain down elbows on her head!

JOHNSON: ”Busaiku Knee Strike! Andre Holmes wasting no time to get an elimination on the champion and mounting her for the ground and pound! He has been waiting for his chance at the 4CW Fate Championship and he’s not wasting any moment!”
Anastasia Hayden finds herself in a bad predicament as the relentless athlete continues to batter her forearms protecting her skull with elbows. He quickly switches the offense by taking the right arm in between her legs and locking a traditional arm bar. Quickly reacting to the dangers of the submission, she rolls over onto her knees thus pinning Andre Holmes on top of his shoulders for the quick pin attempt!

He kicks out and rolls backwards onto his feet. Both of them get up and Hayden catches him with an enzuigiri kick to the skull. Paused on his feet, she gets back up and whips him into the nearest corner but Andre springs over the top rope to land feet first on the apron. Ana charges back into him only to eat a Gamengiri to the head forcing her to step back. He leaps up onto the top rope, springboards across and catches her head before spinning down to the mat to spike her with a tornado ddt!

VASSA: ”Tornado DDT after the Gamengiri! This man Andre Holmes is a sick twisted motherfucker with anger issues! Here comes the pin attempt! Kick out baby girl, please!”

No! The champion kicks out again refusing to lose her belt. Andre gets back up on his feet and leans back against the corner turnbuckles watching Ana in the opposing corner get up. He quickly explodes out of the corner with every intention to murder her; Lifting up his right leg for the Yakuza Kick, she ducks under it letting Andre’s right leg be caught on the top rope. Anastasia sneaks up behind him, holds his arms from behind in a full nelson before planting him on the back of his head with a bridging dragon suplex!

JOHNSON: ”Bridging Dragon Suplex by Anastasia Hayden! Here comes the pin attempt!”

No! Andre Holmes kicks out yet again and takes a moment to sit up on the canvas to rub his head. In perfect vision, he sees Hayden rebounding off the ropes in return to him. She snaps down on her back and lands a seated dropkick in between the eyes of her opponent. However, she knows that’s not enough. Stalking him from behind again, Andre gets on his feet until she leaps backwards in the air wrapping her legs around his neck before flipping him backwards into a reverse frankensteiner!


No! Anastasia sits up and demands the referee to call the match right. She gets back on her feet and backs up into her the corner where she stalks him. Waiting patiently for him to rise only for him to take a fall. Andre stands up and looks at him finally on feet. She takes off ready for the single leg dropkick until Andre delivers a superkick into her chin. Before she falls, Holmes shoves her head in between his legs, underhooks her arms and legs before lifting her upside down. A quick wink into the camera and the champion eats a package piledriver!

VASSA: ”Package Piledriver!”
Holmes quickly rolls over onto his feet and helps Anastasia back on her feet as well. He repeats the same position but this time flips her up on her shoulders seated in a powerbomb position. Running into the nearest corner, he slaps her back against the turnbuckles with a corner powerbomb. Hayden falls down onto her knees then slowly timbers down onto her face before Andre quickly goes down the mat to roll her over for the pin attempt!


No way! With her right shoulder bulging upwards, the pin attempt is broken. Andre sits up completely aware of what to do and he sees her lying down on her back. Getting back on his feet, going into the nearest corner and climbing all the way up to the top; He nods his head and leaps backwards corkscrewing into a 450 flip. On the way down, Ana rolls out of the way but he lands on his feet before taking a quick forward roll from the momentum. Andre turns around and eats a running single leg dropkick to the face turning him inside out!



Getting right off his body, Anastasia Hayden takes a moment to recover. She is temporarily on her knees holding onto the back of her head before using the ropes to help her up and keep balance on her feet. Andre rolls out of the ring and gets escorted to the backstage area by a ringside crew member. The Chicago audience continue to boo Hayden who limps a little but flips the fans at ringside off and mouths off that she’s still the best in the world.
“Changed It” by Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne takes over the entire arena and sparks a numerous amount of boos to the stage as Caroline O’ Burchill walks out with a mission in mind. Hayden stands in the center of the ring trying her best to recover as much energy as possible. Both competitors are eyeing each other down and Caroline has been waiting for redemption ever since her loss in the inaugural Octane Championship match.
POWERS: ”Introducing the next participant! Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia! At five feet, four inches tall, weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds. She Is CAROLINE O’HARA BBUURRCCHHIILLLL!!!”
Caroline doesn’t waste any time and sprints down the entrance path. Unfortunately for her, Anastasia Hayden let Andre did it and it nearly cost her the chance to retain her belt. The moment she slides under the bottom rope, Hayden floors the back of her head with a high knee drop as soon as Caroline got in. She doesn’t waste any time trying to eliminate her; Stomping down on her back repeatedly while the referee is screaming at Hayden to knock it off!

VASSA: ”Anastasia Hayden has had enough of these peasants trying to take her throne! No more disrespect and she’s going to end Caroline once and for all!”
The referee pulls Anastasia Hayden off of Caroline. Hayden shoves the referee back and warns him to never put his disgusting hands on her again. She bolts off to the side and uppercuts her right forearm under the chin of Caroline when she stands up thus putting her down on the canvas again. Ana kicks her in the side and outstretches her arms to the booing Chicago audience rubbing how dominant she can be in a professional wrestling ring.

She slowly reaches down and grabs a handful of Caroline’s hair. Upon pulling her up onto her feet, Caroline leaps right off the mat securing Anastasia’s right arm between her legs and flipping her over down on her back with a flying armbar. In the center of the ring, the submission is supplied and Caroline pulls back on the elbow joint torquing and cranking as much as she can. Ana is screaming in agony but she repeats the same counter she did before; Rolling Caroline onto her shoulders for the pin attempt by standing on her knees.

JOHNSON: ”Flying Armbar Submission! She had her in the center of the ring but the champion being smart on the spot is pinning her to prevent a potential tap out!”

Unfortunately for the champion, Caroline rolls her over down onto her chest and sits on top of her with the right arm upright in between her legs. She transitions over to the Fujiwara Armbar leaning back to put more pressure on the shoulder. Anastasia Hayden drags their combined weight, screaming at the top of her voice which competes with Caroline’s laughter as she bends the fingers backwards. Outstretching her right ankle on the bottom rope, the rope break is made.

JOHNSON: ”Fast paced action! You can’t blink your eyes and Caroline was this close to submitting Anastasia Hayden but it looks like she has other things in mind!”
Caroline picks up Anastasia from behind and holds her in that reverse ddt position. She’s ready to end the match until Anastasia Hayden spins out from the hold and nearly knocks her down with a high angled dropkick into her chest. Burchill is pushed back into the ropes where she rebounds and gets kicked in the gut. Hooking the right arm around her neck and also the leg, she lifts her up before spiking her on her head with a fisherman ddt!

JOHNSON: ”Fisherman DDT! Fisherman DDT after the High Angled Dropkick! Anastasia Hayden isn’t going anywhere and she’s looking to end this early! She’s waiting in the corner and Caroline is getting back up!”
Anastasia Hayden is waiting for Caroline to get back up on her feet. Caroline does and she takes off having enough of these contenders getting the offense. Burchill ducks under her right arm and holds her from behind attempting to german suplex her. It’s not until Anastasia Hayden spins around hugging her from behind before running her into the ropes. They both rebounds before they roll backwards with Ana on top ready to deadlift her over!

When Anastasia Hayden is on top, she goes for the german suplex but Caroline holds tightly on the weight therefore rolling her over again. Now she sits on top of Anastasia Hayden with her shoulders down and the referee drops down to the mat to count the pin!



A mini-second after the referee’s hand hits the mat for the third time. Anastasia Hayden kicks out thus pushing Caroline onto her knees. Everyone’s face is in shock but Burchill is smiling and laughing at what she accomplished. Ana looks at the referee like she’s seen a ghost, begging that the call was bogus but what she hears next confirms her worst fear.
She’s livid. She can’t believe it as she gets onto her feet and tries to go for Caroline but is held back by the referee. Ana leaves the ring and kicks the nearest steel steps off before walking up the entrance ramp completely about to blow a fuse. “Best Song Ever” by One Direction plays and Hayden stops in her track to see American Tommy skipping out ready for this match. Upon walking down the entrance path, he stops beside Anastasia waving his hands around his waist that he is the next 4CW Fate Champion.
POWERS: ”Introducing the final participant! Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! At five feet, eleven inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds. He is Ameri-!”
Ana headbutts American Tommy that nearly knocks him off his feet before grabbing the back of his head. She runs him into the barricade and smashes the side of his head into it. Infuriated about her loss, Ana tosses him into the ring where he rolls before Caroline’s feet and she’s gone. Caroline looks down at Tommy who sits up, rubs his head then realizes where he is. He raises his hands up in surrender but Caroline grabs onto his fingers before snapping them!

JOHNSON: ”Anastasia Hayden has been eliminated and we still can’t believe it! Octane fully now has control of the 4CW Fate Championship as it will be decided between American Tommy and Caroline O’ Burchill! As it looks right now, American Tommy is in a lot of trouble!”
Quickly taking his right arm, she helps him back up to his feet before delivering a headbutt of her own into American Tommy. Caroline quickly latches her hands around his neck before swinging their bodies around into a cravate neckbreaker. She stands up and then starts walking around his body; Stomping every limb while ensuring he suffers each aching moment of it while the audience boo’s the vicious lady.

JOHNSON: ”This cunt is enjoying every moment of it! She’s enjoying hurting American Tommy more than anyone else in the world right now!”
As Tommy stands on his hands and knees, she backs up in the corner. Caroline sprints out of the corner ready to unleash that right leg but Tommy moves out of the way. He gets up and leaps off the mat to deliver a dropkick into her chest. She slaps against the turnbuckles of a corner before sitting down on the bottom turnbuckle. Tommy gets up, runs down into her and leaps with his legs spread to make her face go straight into her crotch with the humiliating bronco buster!”

VASSA: ”That is just wrong. The Bronco Buster signature move better known as the Broken Snitch! I hate this Harry Potter reference dude!”
Caroline rolls out of the corner coughing and nearly puking from having American Tommy’s crotch rubbed against her face for ten seconds flat. While she’s trying to get the taste out of her mouth, American Tommy is already on the top rope ready to end it all until he hears a fan at ringside yell at him.
While perched on the top rope, his head snaps down to the fan at ringside. It’s a fat and ugly sweaty fan wearing Anastasia Hayden merchandise from hat, t-shirt, pants, socks and shoes. He stands off his chair and raises his white cardboard sign above his bald head showing his nearly ocean-drenched armpits. American Tommy chuckles before it evolves into obnoxious laughter than nods his head as he reads the sign, “Feets=Cuck”.
TOMMY: ”You right mate! Perry is a CUCK!”
The fan responds loudly.

Tommy’s right eye twitches before he climbs down from the top rope all the way to ringside in record time. He walks over to the barricade and stands in front of the man with his face turning red from his blood boiling. His voice is the same volume as Professor Dumbledore expanding his voice in the Tri-Wizard games.
FAN: ”YES. IT. IS!!!”
American Tommy grabs the man by the collar but releases it as his hands are covered in sweat. He quickly winds his right fist up for a good shot until turning around to see Caroline O’ Burchill leaping off from the apron to missile dropkick Tommy into the barricade. He flies back first against it before ricocheting down onto the ringside mat. Caroline rushes over then rolls him into the ring before following afterwards. As Tommy crawls on his knees, he eats a running penalty kick into his temple nearly knocking him out!


No! Caroline sits up and slaps her hands on the mat in anger. She can’t waste any time. Picking him up and dragging him into the corner, she manages to lift him seated on the top rope before pulling him upside down in the tree of woe. There, Caroline leaves to the apron and climbs up on the top rope looking down at the trapped American Tommy. As the referee gets close to inspect, Tommy pulls on his collar trying to buy him time until the referee rips away from his grasp. That moment the referee turns his back, using his good hand, he pulls out his wand in the back of his tights and pokes her in the left eye with it.

While Caroline perches on the top rope covering her left eye, American Tommy pulls himself up and removes his legs from over the top rope. He manages to stand on the middle rope and underhooks her right arm. With a good look into the camera, the audience and back to Caroline, American Tommy leaps off the middle rope thus flipping Caroline off the top rope. Both men land down in the center of the ring as American Tommy lands an avalanche version of the hip toss finishing move.



VASSA: ”My fucking God…”
“Best Song Ever” by One Direction replays around the arena and the match is finally over. Getting back on his feet and jumping around like a little kid is the new 4CW Fate Champion, American Tommy. He rips the championship belt from the referee and runs to the nearest corner. Hopping onto the middle rope, he raises the belt high above his head in both hands screaming at the top of his lungs.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner and the NEW 4CW Fate Champion, AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
Caroline gets checked on by the referee while Tommy leaves the ring. To the old fat guy who disrespected him earlier, he raises the belt in his face then takes a victory lap around the ring. Tommy even hops onto the announce table and holds the belt high above his head to the ear-shattering booing crowd of Chicago, Illinois.
JOHNSON: ”After everything that has happened in this match, American Tommy has done it. Successfully representing Octane and after months of being ridiculed and looked as an afterthought, he holds the biggest prize and the throne to the 4CW Fate Division. What happens in the future is up to him but congratulations to the new 4CW Fate Champion, American Tommy!”
VASSA: ”So does this mean he’s taking the belt with him to Octane?”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it does!”
VASSA: ”Well holy fucking shit! There’s going to be so many feet rubbed all over that belt. It’s going to be disgusting.”
JOHNSON: ”Well that’s our Fate Championship match for the evening ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be right back here at ringside after a quick break.”
VASSA: ”Thank fucking God! I need a drink after seeing that Tommy is our new Fate Champion. A fucking foot fetish man!”

The backstage footage opens up in the arenas boiler room, with the camera lens steamed up from small cracks in various spots of the old piping. A playful whistling and hum can be heard in the corner as the camera focuses in and the playful but cynical voice becomes distinguishable…
EVIL: “Genie, are you ready??”
Johnny Evil is sitting on the floor like a damsel in the same shredded wedding dress he wore when he attacked Dean Judas. With a piece of sidewalk chalk in one hand he draws a circle upon the floor…
EVIL: “Carmella, are you ready??”
He digs the sidewalk chalk into the concrete floor and begins to retrace the circle over and over again until he stops and looks up, batting his eyes.
EVIL: “Dakota, are you??”
He begins to inlay a star inside the circle, drawing a pentagram…
EVIL: “Queef, Tiffani, Viduus, Erron??”
He continues tracing over the star before snapping the chalk upon the concrete due to excessive force. As some of the chalk crumbles upon his hand, leaving lingering remnants at his fingertips, he wipes it down his face.
EVIL: “Johnny’s going to kill each and every one of you. Tonight you all will curse this arena as a black cloud forms over Chicago, but in the end only one person will reach up to the sky and retrieve that contract. Blood will be spilt, bodies will be broken, confidences will be shattered, loyalties will be tested, and most of all… false promises will be wasted.”
Johnny grips at his knees, digging his fingers into them as sits Indian style, rocking back and forth from left to right.
EVIL: “It’s lies that you tell yourselves. Each and every one of you think that you are prepared for tonight? You think that you’re prepared for Hell On Earth??”
With a shrill and ear damaging scream, Johnny reaches up and grips his hair with his hands, tugging upon it and shaking his head back and forth as he rips strands of hair from it.
EVIL: “For all the times that you left him for dead and sold him short… tonight is the night he gets to brutalize you all. This is his hour, this is my hour… consider this the witching hour!”

The camera panned up to Cosmo Cooper who wore some of his own merch as he bounced back and forth in the corner of a hallway, trying to get a sweat going before his match.
COOPER: “A lot of folks on Team Octane? They already want an excuse. I’m sure you all, like, saw Sativa make a big deal about her already walking into her doom tonight. Nobody knows where Cy Riddle is or where he stands. Jeb is more concerned with talking about like, his thug gang days than competing in the match. People like me? Superior athletes? We don’t look for excuses.”
Cosmo shrugged, he turned the flat bill he wore around backwards.
COOPER: “Yo, I don’t like Bryan Williams. This dude kicked me out of Generation Now, but uh, he has a point. The rest of the Octane roster? You’re going to have to worry about me now. But you see, I’ve always been a part of winning teams. I’m a state champion in wrestling. A state champion in basketball. A state champion in football. I made all conference in baseball. You seein’ a trend here? I’m a winner. I was born a winner. It’s in my blood, to like, be a winner. I think everyone on this team with me? It’s useless. It sucks. But I knew the situation I was was walking into.”
Giving a cheesy grin, Cosmo pointed to the side of his head.
COOPER: “Some call it, like, uhhh noble. Some call it crazy. Some say I’m stupid. I call it being a team player, being a winner. Because I’m callin’ myself team captain right now, and it pisses people off. Who is gonna’ be there to take the blame if there is a losing situation? Hmm?”
Cosmo raised his eyebrows.
COOPER: “You think Cy Riddle will man up and step up and claim responsibility? You think Sativa got the balls? Nope. She’s already writing her own obituary and trying to get sympathy from her lesbian lovers on the internet. Jeb? NOPE. Prolly not. That’s what these fucking nerds don’t understand on my team. There’s two sides of the coin. Everyone can be madddd that Cosmo Cooper has declared himself the captain, but wait and see. They’ll be the first to point the finger at me if things go the wrong way.”
He raised both of his arms back.
COOPER: “Team Adrenaline knows what Octane will know soon enough. There’s a reason I go places and people talk. There’s a reason I’ve racked up over 30 wins and championships to my name in my rookie here. There’s a reason.. I’m Cosmo Cooper, and I’m better than each and every person in that ring tonight. Bad Company was just testing the waters. War Games is diving in head first, Octane?”
Cosmo scoffed.
COOPER: “See what happens when there’s nothin’ holdin’ be back or weighin’ me down. I’ll see a lot of you, very, very soon.”
Turning his head to the side, Cosmo dropped the smirk and then walked away with a determined look.

It was different to walk into a 4CW arena without carrying his own bag of wrestling gear with him, and to not truly be a part of the circus and the madness that went on on nights like this. A year ago he had truly started his climb to the top of what was one of, if not the, greatest wrestling company in the world. Nobody had believed in him, apart from perhaps Genie, but even that support system hadn’t been there at the time. Instead they had been playing up a break up that hadn’t actually occurred. Truth be told he was happy that that madness had gone. It was dead. Those days were over with and while it had forced he and his wife to adjust and to grow, often painfully, they had managed to survive where so many others had failed.
A year ago, though, he wasn’t supposed to win. It was supposed to be Jason P. Davidson’s moment. He and Tara had held the 4CW Tag Team Championships and had seemingly been unconquerable. But it was his moment to move away from the confines of the tag team division, and the extreme division, to the top of the mountain in 4CW. He was supposed to be the one to take the reigns of the blossoming faction that called themselves the Royal Family. Eli’s moment would come later. He’d already won the Primetime Championship on Uprising. He’d fought in some prominent matches. He was coming to his own but the general consensus had been that it just wasn’t quite his time yet.
Oh, how the world had turned on its head since then. How rapidly things had changed. How quickly he had climbed to the top of the mountain by beating Jair, defending his title against Scott Stevens, and then how quickly he had fallen, losing the title to the hottest superstar that 4CW had to offer today in Bronx Valescence. It was a different vibe this year. He didn’t have as much to prove, in spite of what some might say. He’d moved on to different companies, looking to test himself against different competition. But some things didn’t change. Some things stayed the same. And that much he knew just by looking at his wife. She was focused. She was ready. The time for shit talk was past.
E. CARLSON: “Is it too late for me to talk you out of this match? Not because I don’t think you can win. I know you’re going to win. But, this match changes lives and not always for the better. Look at what Jason and Tara have gone through over the last year. This night changed everything for them. And us.”
Genevie stopped stretching. The look on Eli’s face was one of puzzles concern. Not only for her physical well being but she knew it was for her mental well being and their relationship. She took his hands and smiled as she shook her head and leaned over kissing her husband on the lips, before moving to his cheek and giving him a kiss there.
G. CARLSON: “Babe. You don’t have to worry about me or us. We are going to be fine. I’m not going to blast our friends but JPD and Tara made it clear their problems ran much deeper than facing each other in the Warzone.”
Eli went to speak and she gently put her fingers over his lips, silencing him for a moment with a smirk.
G. CARLSON: “We have our issues. All relationships do. We have been through so much in this year I don’t think there is anything that can tear us apart. If your success last year from the Warzone, if losing a baby, if stupid shit on Twitter hasn’t torn us apart? I don’t see how this would or could. You’re gonna go to HKW and you are going to be running their. I’ll still be here in 4CW because where you have done what you wanted to do here? I haven’t. I need to see myself with the 4CW Championship, and not just as the Champion. I need to show that I can keep it and create my own legacy. I don’t know why you’re so worried.”
Shrugging his shoulders he pulled her fully onto his lap, his hands slipping around her waist with ease.
E. CARLSON: ”Knowing you’re going to win doesn’t mean I don’t cringe at the thought of what you have to go through to get there. You and I made it through the Warzone relatively unscathed last year because we were watching each other’s backs. We had Tara and Jace out there with us too. This year it’s just you, on your own, without anyone in that match to watch your back. It’s not so much worry as it is helplessness I guess. Regardless of what happens there’s nothing that I can do to help. When you win, I can’t be out there to celebrate with you. If someone sticks their nose where it doesn’t belong, though, I just have to sit back and watch.”
A smile formed slowly on his lips as his hands slid up to toy with the cords on her top.
E. CARLSON: ”And we both know I’ve never been good at just sitting back and watching.”
Genevie grinned and began to play with Eli’s hair, running her fingertips through it before sighing.
G. CARLSON: “I understand what you mean. I really am on my own but, I’ve been in plenty of situations before much more dangerous on my own and I came out the other side of things. This will be no different. I’m going to win, and when I come back through the curtain? That’s when I’ll celebrate with you.”
E. CARLSON: ”Good. All of the trash talk, all of the mud slinging. None of that matters now. It’s over. It’s done with. It’s in the past. Now it’s just you and seven other people standing between you and what you’ve been working so hard to get. All the hours in the gym. All of the frustrations being put against people to see if they could prove themselves against a former Fate champion. Now it’s your turn. It’s your turn to prove yourself against other former champions. Words are done. Talent is what speaks on nights like these and there is no one who believes in you more than I do. Bring home a contract, or a championship. I’m gonna fuck you on top of one, or both, of them before we go to bed tonight.
Genevie kissed her husband. He was good at motivating her and supporting her. They had their moments where they tore each other down but they meant nothing in moments like this. She pulled away and stood up, still holding his hand before pulling him up and pressing her body against him. Her arms went around his neck.
G. CARLSON: “That’s what we did last year babe. Probably my favorite part of the whole evening. But really I am ready. Nobody is taking tonight from me. I’m going to be a winner one way, or another. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win. Might even surprise you on what I’m capable of.
She leaned forward and stepped up onto her tip toes to plant a kiss on her husbands lips. A moment later the door to the locker room opened, followed by a disgusted sound made by the person who had opened the door.
S. CARLSON: ”Ugh. Gag. Get a room you two.”
Rolling their eyes, Genie and Eli separated themselves from one another as the scene came to a close.



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following ladder match will be for the 4CW Tag Team Championships!”
The opening notes of “Young Men Dead” by the Black Angels begins to play out over the arena. A simulated sundown on the video board plays as the lights of the arena begin to slowly fade to black, all that remains is the sound of guitar is heard. As the song kicks into gear out from the back steps through the curtain Brody Lee Prince first, followed by Magnus Brutus with his girlfriend Phoebe and they are all followed by none other than Christopher Wrigley. Wasting little time, Brody Lee and Magnus begin to make their way towards the ring while Phoebe stands behind her man and Wrigley holds his briefcase tightly making sure that none of the fans come close to him.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty-one pounds! Lead to the ring by their manager, Phoebe, and their attorney, Christopher Wrigley… BRODY LEE PRINCE AND MAGNUS BRUTUS… THE HOSTILE TTAAKKEEOOVVEERR!!!”
Brody Lee enters the cage and ring first as Magnus stops to get a last minute smooch from the darling redheaded Phoebe before walking inside and leaving her outside of the cage. Brody Lee stands on the middle ropes and tosses his chaw to the floor as Magnus climbs up onto the ring apron and sneers in everyone’s direction. Wrigley has a huge grin on his face as he points directly into a camera and says ‘It’s time for a takeover’ a couple of times. He then tells the camera to get out of his face before he sues him.
POWERS: ”And the champions!”

“If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low!”

Stepping out from the back first is “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! Suit top class and expensive as he comes to a stop where the stage meets the aisle ramp. Turning back to the entrance as the lyrics of the first verse spills out from the speaker system.
”Goin’ straight through the hole
You ain’t got no game
I’m breakin’ ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin’ all control
You can’t get none of this, we’re runnin’ this
Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin’ this
Get out the lane, I’m comin’ through
And if you don’t wanna move then I’m comin’ right through you”

The crowd gets loud and hype as Jair Hopkins leaps out going “high” as Jason Cashe almost creeps out in a squatted “low” playing to the theme song. Both greet “The Smooth One” as the three of them turn to the ring. Hopkins and Cashe color coordinated but keeps their own style about their attire. Hopkins slaps a few hands as he gets a head of the team. Cashe couldn’t care less to interact as William D. Williams moves down the center of the aisle way.
”We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can’t take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
In the game we take you to war (war!)
You ain’t seen nothin’ like this before (all)
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low “

As the team gets to ringside, Cashe and Hopkins go separate directions, circling the cage before finally entering. As Hopkins slides in under the bottom ropes and Cashe dips in through the middle on opposite sides, the two pass the other by, they clap slap hands three times rapidly. Hopkins pulling his shirt off, Cashe already ready to go.
POWERS: ”One comes to us from Los Angeles, California by way of Brooklyn, New York! A former TWO Time 4CW Champion! JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
The crowd erupts. A fan favorite, a name that helped make the 4CW brand. Stepping up on the turnbuckles, leaning against the top buckle, Hopkins throws his arms up. Feeding on the audience as they pour him with their love and support.
POWERS: ”The other comes from Houston, Texas by way of DeCatur, Georgia! He is a THREE Time 4CW Champion and a Two time Extreme Champion! The ‘tRoUbLeD1’ JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Slowly he turns to see every section in the arena. Some cheering, more booing and he doesn’t react much at all. Finally staring back at the Announcer, wanting him to hurry along. He gets the the final part of their introduction.
POWERS: ”Accompanying them and presenting them as a Manager, ‘The Smooth One William D. Williams! They are the 4CW Tag Team Champions… WWOORRLLDDSSTTAARR!!!”
The fans echo out the name along with Powers. More cheers and howls of their name are heard as they stand ready to fight.
JOHNSON: ”Up next folks we have the 4CW Tag Team Championships on the line in a ladder match inside of the cell!”
VASSA: ”That’s right! The championships are going to be secured to the ceiling of the cage and the only way to retrieve them will be to climb a ladder all the way to the top.”
JOHNSON: ”These two teams met in the finals at Bad Company where Worldstar pulled off the win, not only winning the championships but also winning one million dollars.”
VASSA: ”That’s a lot of money for one night’s work.”
JOHNSON: ”Technically it was two if you count the qualifying round but yes, that is a lot of money for two people to win in a huge one night only tournament.”
VASSA: ”Eiher team could have won it that night, but there was only one whose pockets got a little bit fatter.”
JOHNSON: ”And it didn’t end there. For weeks following Bad COmpany, these two teams have been at each other’s throats, mostly due to their Lawyer, Christopher Wrigley.”
VASSA: ”He is a little trouble starter, isn’t he?”
JOHNSON: ”Watch out now! He can sue you for that!”
VASSA: ”Sue this dick…”
JOHNSON: ”Well okay, let’s carry one and get right to the match.”
With the cage now locked around them the teams of Wold$tar and Hostile Takeover stared at each other from the separate rings set up for WarGames and the Warzone later tonight. Each of the teams focused on one another not entirely sure how to handle themselves inside the cage. Brody and Magnus growing tired of the waiting game, each climbed out of their ring on opposite sides. Cashe and Hopkins offered each other a high five before nodding their heads. Cashe heading towards Brody, and Hopkins heading towards Magnus. The floor around the ring was littered with weapons. Setting up a ladder in the center of the ring, the official climbs to the top with the championships before securing them to the ceiling. He then steps down, before folding the ladder and sliding it out of the ring and down to the outside floor.
JOHNSON: ”The championships are now in place and it looks like we have ourselves a brawl brewing, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”About fucking time! Why couldn’t World Dollar Sign Tar not come out here with the belts? Why couldn’t the belts already be hanging above the ring before now? Why are we having to wait for this shit?!”
JOHNSON: ”Well wait no more because everything is set up and this thing is ready to begin.”
VASSA: ”About fucking time!”
In the center of the ring, the official stands in place as he checks in with each corner. With both teams ready to get things underway, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

Picking up a baseball bat Jair continued towards Magnus who was already wielding a kendo stick. Spinning the bat around with his wrist Jair stopped a few steps away from his opponent. Resting the bat on his shoulder he sized up his opponent before cocking back and swinging for the head of Magnus. Reacting quickly Magnus lifted his kendo stick to block the shot. The two men continued swinging for the fences. With loud cracks the two of them continued to twist, and move battering the weapons from one another. It resembled that of a medieval sword fight. Neither one gaining any ground on the other. Until one solid shot from the baseball bat caused the kendo stick to splinter into a hundred pieces. Using his quickness Jair gave Magnus a quick shot to the stomach with the bat. Doubling his opponent over, Jair stuck the handle of the bat through the cage extending the barrel out straight. Grabbing magnus by the back of the head he slammed him face first into the barrel of the bat four times before spinning him around, and launching him into the ring post.
JOHNSON: ”Are we sure this isn’t the Warzone we’re watching right now?!”
VASSA: ”You know, I was thinking the same thing.”
JOHNSON: ”These guys are starting right out of the gate like this is a riot.”
VASSA: ”Blame Wrigley and then sue the fuck out of him!”
Across on the other side of the ring. Brody was dragging Cashes face across the chain linked fence. Back and forth. Grinding away at the skin. With a kick Brody was able to knock Cashe’s feet out from underneath him dropping him to his knees. Grabbing onto the links above him Brody pressed his right foot into the back of Cashes head. Pulling with his arms, and pushing down with his leg as if he wanted to send Jason’s head right through the cage. From behind Jair leaped through the ropes and drove Brody into the cage with a strong right shoulder. Both men collapsing down onto Jason’s back.
JOHNSON: ”There’s a suicide dive from Jair!”
VASSA: ”Mister Flippy Man himself, doing what he does best!”
JOHNSON: ”With their being a cage and a ladder involved, we should have known rules would have been thrown out of the window.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know about that, but the official is allowing it. Hell, it’s Fright Night after all.”
JOHNSON: ”It is and Brody is doing quite a number on Cashe right now.”
VASSA: ”it’s not that bad. He’s only trying to pretty him up.”
All three men are now beginning to stir. Cashe checking his face, and mouth making sure he still has all body parts, and teeth, he came into the ring with. Jair used the ring apron to pull himself up to a standing position rotating the kinks out of his right arm. Brody leaned against the cage looking up at his opponent Magnus who was now ready to enter the action again. Dropping down onto the floor the four competitors once again faced off in a stare down with one another. Rushing each other with fists flying the four men were engaged in an all out brawl. World$tar hitting Hostile Takeover. Hostile Takeover hitting World$tar, and every combination of fists hitting faces you can think of. Blood. Sweat. Spit. Hair. Flying out of the ball of fists from the four men.
JOHNSON: ”These men are literally beating the life out of one other right before our very eyes.”
VASSA: ”This thing should have just taken place in the parking lot!”
Stepping back Cashe reached down, and grabbed a football helmet that happened to be laying on the ground. Sliding it on over his head he crouched down in a three point stance, and called out a cadence. On the seventh hut, he broke off in a sprint, and speared both Magnus and Brody. Driving them back first into the cage with a loud clanking sound as his helmet bounced off the steel. Standing over the two men Cashe pointed down at the two of them shouting a few inaudible taunts before removing the helmet and discarding it to the side. Hopkins leap-frogged over Cashe and crouched his legs, and extended coming down across the bodies of Magnus and Brody with a sort of modified Frog Splash.
VASSA: ”These men are using any and everything at their disposal.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a big night and a big match. Expect things to get a little innovative before it’s all said and done.”
VASSA: ”I just hope Cashe doesn’t end up shitting himself.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t forget the pee!”
VASSA: ”Where’s Wrigley with the tazer?”
As Jair rolled off of Magnus and Brody he was greeted with a loud high five from Cashe. Tapping Jair on the back Cashe pointed in the air, and then down Hostile Takeover. Nodding Jair hunched down a bit as Cashe took a few steps backwards before running forward and using Jair as a springboard this time. Not as elegant in the air Cashe bounced off of the cage before coming down on top of his opponents. It must just be Cashe’s luck, first getting stuck in Japan for seventy three thousand years waiting for his match to finally be aired, and then coming to 4CW to defend his tag titles.
Pulling them both up to their feet, Cashe deposited Magnus into the corner near by and turned his attention to Brody, whom he took and tossed head first into the side of the cell. A loud thud reverberates around the arena as Cashe continues his assault of Brody, dragging him back up to his feet after he had fallen down, smacking his head off the fencing of the cage over and over again before shoving his face fully into it, jumping and throwing his feet forward to dropkick him in the back, squashing him between himself and the cell.
VASSA: ”A lot of people think that Cashe is a jokester, but people forget the violent side to him. These are the kinds of chaotic matches where he truly thrives, where rules don’t matter.”
JOHNSON: ”And sanitary practices are forgotten.”
VASSA: ”Anything goes in this modified caged ladder match. World Dollar Sign Tar wants to retain those titles at all costs.”
JOHNSON: ”And Hostile Takeover, with all of their fuckery, wants to make sure a repeat of the finals of Bad Company Three is not on the books for tonight.”
With Magnus resting in the corner, Hopkins wastes no time sprinting across the ring, leaping into the air and connecting with a picturesque body splash. Fired up, he pulls Magnus out of the corner and throws him down to the ground, tossing his arms in the air and shouting loudly getting the fans fired up as well. Deciding he was going to try and make the most of the opportunity that was now before him, with Cashe having wiped out Brody, and Magnus momentarily subdued, Jair makes sure the ladder is set up exactly where he wants it and starts to climb it slowly. Cashe catches a glimpse of Jair ascending the ladder and puts another boot to the side of Brody’s head, flattening him.
JOHNSON: ”Jair is making the climb. He’s going for the belts!”
VASSA: ”That’s the point, Steve! Tell us something we don’t already know or aren’t watching ourselves!”
As Hopkins gets halfway up the ladder, Cashe continues to keep Brody down with multiple boots to the back of the head. Back on his feet, Magnus rolls back into the ring before popping up. Rushing to the ladder as Hopkins gets near the top, Brody sneaks past Cashe and throws both hands onto the sides, gripping the ladder tightly. Rocking the ladder back and forth, Magnus begins to tip t over as Hopkins holds on tightly. With one last push, Magnus sends the ladder over to its side.Leaping from the ladder, Hopkins flies to the nearby ropes, planting both feet onto the top one. Springboarding off, Hopkins flies backwards through the air before turning around to hit Magnus with a clothesline. NO! Magnus catches Hopkins as he closes in, using his momentum to whip in the opposite direction while holding Hopkins and powerslams him into the mat!
VASSA: ”No, not yet Steve. Not yet.”
The sound of Hopkins being slammed to the mat grabs Cashe’s attention and as he turns around, his eyes light up like the Fourth of July as the ladder bounces up from the ropes and ricochets back at him, clocking him right between the eyes! The hit to the head sends Cashe stumbling backwards and crashing into the corner. With his arms stretched across the top ropes, Cashe holds himself up as Brody slowly climbs back to his feet. Looking over to Cashe, Brody wink at him before charging forward and plowing into him with a running knee to the gut. Grabbing Cashe by the head with both hands, Brody then presses his face against the top rope before dragging it from one end to the other, giving him a nasty rope burn. Reaching the other corner, Brody then pulls Cashe’s head back before slamming it forward, ramming his face into the turnbuckle. Pulling Cashe away and taking a step back, Brody then wraps him up and lifts him into the air before dropping him with a side suplex.
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ! Brody is going to knock Cashe into next year!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s showing no restraint whatsoever! This is an all out brawl and these guys are looking to literally dismember their opponents.”
Across the ring, Magnus lifts the ladder up from the mat before setting it up in the center of the ring. Turning back to Hopkins, Magnus stomps on him over and over before pulling him up from the mat. Wrapping both arms around Hopkins, Magnus lifts him in the air and squeezes the life out of him with a bearhug. Spinning around, Magnus then throws Hopkins away, launching him across the ring and into the corner, slamming his shoulder against it. Magnus then points to Brody who is standing over Cashe and then points to the ladder. With a nod, Brody then rushes to the ladder and takes his first step. Slowly, he climbs the ladder a few steps before Cashe and Hopkins slowly begin to come to their senses at the same time. As Cashe stands first, Magnus charges him, sandwiching him against the corner. Although in a world of pain, Cashe grabs ahold of Magnus’ mutton chops and holds him in place before opening wide and sinking the remaining teeth he has into Magnus’ shoulder. Not letting Magnus pull away, Cashe keeps his teeth sunk in, allowing Hopkins to limp over to the ladder. Climbing the opposite side, Hopkins slowly travels upward a few steps behind Brody.
Reaching a couple steps below the top of the ladder, Brody reaches for the championships but comes up short. He extends his arm even further but still, comes up inches short. Placing both hands onto the top of the ladder, Brody then goes to take another step upward until he feels Hopkins slam his hands on top of his! Looking down in shock, Brody yelps before Hopkins pulls himself up and slams the top of his head underneath Brody’s chin. Grabbing ahold of Brody, Hopkins leans against the ladder as he lifts Brody onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Falling backwards, Hopkins slams Brody onto the mat with a Samoan drop from the top of the ladder! Ripping his shoulder away from Cashe’s mouth, Magnus loses a chunk of his flesh as the bloody piece dangles in Cashe’s mouth. Slamming his head forward, Magnus hits Cashe with a massive headbutt, knocking his head backwards and into the turnbuckle. Pulling Cashe away from the ladder, Magnus then lifts him up and throws him forward into the air, slamming Cashe into the side of the ladder and knocking it over once again.
JOHNSON: ”I did, Vinny. Cashe just ripped a hunk of Magnus’ shoulder away with a single bite.”
VASSA: ”Just like a rabid dog. That was disgusting.”
JOHNSON: ”I believe Magnus may want to get a tetanus shot after tonight is said and done.”
Hopkins quickly pops up to his feet, Just in time to duck a meat hook thrown for his head from Magnus. Magnus then throws another, and another, missing with each one as Hopkins is always one step ahead of him. With each missed punch thrown, Magnus grows slower and slower. Throwing one last punch for Hopkins, Magnus misses again as Hopkins counters and drives his foot into his stomach, Forcing him to buckle over. Grabbing Magnus by the head with both hands, Hopkins then takes him down face first to the canvas with a sit-out face buster.
VASSA: ”Jair just took the big man down!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think it was enough to keep him down.”
As Hopkins rises to his feet, he looks down at Magnus who is also pushing himself up and his face away from the canvas. Shaking hi head, Hopkins begins hitting him over the back with forearms before transitioning the attack into double axe-handles. The attack isn’t enough. Magnus continue to push himself up to one knee. Turning around, Hopkins then takes off for the ropes and as he comes back on the rebound, Magnus explodes upward from a three point stance, plowing into Hopkins stomach with his shoulder.
Falling backwards, Hopkins hits the ropes again, this time hooking his arms over the top rope to hold himself in place. Releasing the rope with one arm, Hopkins cradles his stomach as he gasps for air. Picking the ladder up from the mat, Magnus holds it with both hands at the middle. He then charges towards Hopkins and takes a swing, turning his entire body in the process. The top of the ladder hits Hopkins upside the head, knocking him up and over the ropes and spilling out into the ring beside them. At the same time, the back end of the ladder catches Brody in the back of the head as he pushes himself up from his knees, knocking him back to the mat instantly, face first!
JOHNSON: ”Oh no, Magnus not only took out Jair with the ladder but he also took out his partner Brody!”
VASSA: ”Poor Brody, I swear he never catches a break.”
With Jair down in the other ring and his partner down behind him, Magnus slams the ladder down in anger. Hearing a snicker from across the ring, Magnus quickly whips around and locks his eyes on Cashe as he looks on from the other side of the ring leaning against the ropes. Roaring loudly, Magnus then charges straight for Cashe like a bull. Lowering his shoulder, he closes in on Cashe but is then taken by surprise as Cashe drops down to a seated position while pulling down the top rope. Magnus hits the ropes and instantly flips up and over it before crashing down to the outside floor.
Climbing up to the top rope, the crowd starts to buzz wondering if they’re going to see Cashe perform one of his infamous moonsaults. It’s the sort of high impact move that could put Brody out of the match for good and leave he and Hopkins in the position of being able to single Magnus out. Steadying himself, Cashe hesitates and it’s exactly the moment that Magnus needs as he’s outside the ring. Hopping up onto the ring apron, he considers shoving Cashe forward but instead grabs onto the back of his pants and jerks him backward. Flying back of the top rope, Cashe bashes his head off the corner of the cage as he falls all the way down awkwardly to the floor outside of the ring.
At the same time, Brody and Hopkins begin to stir in the ring. Magnus climbs back into the ring himself, scooping up the ladder into his arms where he stands and waits for Hopkins to get up. When Jair stands, Magnus twists with the ladder in his arms and cracks Jair in the side with the ladder. Not stopping, Magnus continues to spin, wiping out Brody as well. Continuing to spin with the ladder, he catches Hopkins in the temple with the ladder, knocking him out cold. Jair’s body collapses to the mat as Magnus spin finally slows to a halt. Dropping the ladder down, Brutus stumbles back into the ropes and then falls down to his backside, dizziness having taken its toll
Looking back and forth at the carnage around the ring, Brody climbs back up even though he had been taken out with the ladder by his own partner just a few seconds earlier. On wobbly legs, Brody lifts the ladder up and opens it, standing it up straight. Shaking his head, Magnus tries to pull himself back up once but falls back down. Brody positions the ladder at the same time directly under the tag titles hanging down from the top of the cell. As he begins to climb, Brutus tries to stand up again, this time doing so slowly. As he finally makes it all the way back up he makes his way over to Jair, who is starting to stir as well. Scooping Jair up into his arms, Magnus carries him across the ring while Brody continues to climb the ladder at a snails pace, the intensity of the match obviously wearing on him.
Making it over to the corner where Magnus had just pulled Cashe off the top rope of moments earlier, he lifts Jair high over his head and tosses him over the rope and down into the fallen body of Cashe, while Brody climbs the final few rungs of the ladder and reaches up. He tugs on the tag team titles once but they don’t budge. Annoyance crossing his face, he reaches the rest of the way up and unhooks the from the hooks they dangled from before tumbling down to the mat with the titles in hand, finally giving into the exhaustion.
VASSA: ”We have new Tag Team Champions!”
JOHNSON: ”Dang right we do! The Hostile Takeover has just grabbed the belts!”
The official then calls for the bell as Magnus limps over to check on Brody.

“Young Men Dead” begins playing over the speakers as Magnus pulls Brody up from the mat before grabbing one of the belts and holding it across his forearm. As the two talk amongst themselves, the official steps in between them and raises an arm of each.
Brody then then drops down to his knees and pulls the championship to his chest as he begins to celebrate. From a distance, it appears he is shedding a few tears in joy as he savors the moment. Agitated already, Magnus raises his foot from the mat before planting it onto Brody’s shoulder and tipping him over to his side as he continues his eyes continue to water themselves.
VASSA: ”Well there we have it, so far we’re three for three on new champions tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”This match may not have one million dollars on the line but the championships were and as you can see folks, we have a new set of champions in town.”
VASSA: ”It wasn’t as easy battle, but in the end they were able to pull it off.”
JOHNSON: ”Worldstar didn’t go down without a fight and I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last The Hostile Takeover hears from them.”

The cameras cut to a general staging ground backstage for the equipment used in the show. The camera slowly pans over to reveal Bryan Williams, and standing with him are his partners for the night; Aidan Carlisle, Chris Madison, and Lauryn Wolfe.
All four seem to be ready for their match, all in their ring gear. All of them seem to be antsy for what’s about to come. Bryan looks around for a moment, reaching under his t-shirt to pull out what looks to be a laminated piece of paper. The group groans, Aidan rolls her eyes as Bryan looks on in confusion.
WILLIAMS: ”What are y’all groaning about? This is the gameplan, come on now. Let’s just go over this one more time…”
The rest of the group groans.
CARLISLE: “Negative.”
Aidan takes the sheet from Bryan and tosses it as far down the hall as she can get it to sail.
WILLIAMS: ”Okay, bit of an overreaction there, but okay. I get it, you all know what’s going on. You all understand what is at stake here tonight. I’ve got to tell you, we’re looking good.”
Madison and Lauryn nod their heads, as Aidan looks on while stretching out her shoulders.
WILLIAMS: ”I feel good, I know you guys are feeling good. I can already sense the dissonance over there, they’re not in sync. They’re not a team, there’s nobody in that group that is looking out for somebody else. They don’t care, and they’re going to pay for that.”
Bryan pauses for a moment, before speaking up again.
WILLIAMS: ”This whole thing, it’s a damn dick measuring contest between Wallace and Walker. That doesn’t mean we can half ass it. We’re going to go out there and show these four what they’re missing out on. We’re going to show them what a goddamn team looks like, and then we’re going to run right through them. We’re going to get in their faces. I want to see violence out there. I want to see speed, and I want to see momentum.”
An awkward vibe hangs in the air for a few moments before Aidan snickers.
CARLISLE: “What movie did you rip that inspirational speech from, coach?”
Madison stared at the laminated handout given to him by Williams and smirked at Aidan’s not-so subtle jab. He holds it into the air as he breaks his silence.
MADISON: “Tonight isn’t about havin’ the right game plan; It’s more than Wallace and Walker. We’re all invested in this WarGames match in some fashion: Riddle challengin’ me, Jeb attackin’ you Bryan, Sativa’s turn on you Lauryn, and your big return Aidan. What’s goin’ to separate us from them tonight is the fact that we know we can lean on each other out there and are willin’ to put our personal agendas aside for the sake of a victory.”
CARLISLE: “That’s right. One thing we’ve got that they don’t–well, one of many–is an actual team. We know that no one is getting left to fend for themselves. We’re going to make sure we don’t let them isolate anyone.”
Lauryn, having her head down, doesn’t seem all that ecstatic. Something is clearly weighing on her conscious, though she remains silent as her other teammates talk. Madison raises an eyebrow to Lauryn’s unenthusiastic demeanor and shoots a glance at the rest of the foursome.
MADISON: “Thanks to Lauryn pinnin’ Sativa durin’ our tag match, any of us gettin’ isolated is goin’ to be a difficult task to pull off. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m through talkin’ about it; I’m ready for war!”
Aidan nods, closing the distance to the rest of the team.
CARLISLE: “Agreed.”
Bryan looks on for a moment, looking at Aidan and Chris. His attention turns towards Lauryn, who has stayed quiet. Lingering on her for a moment, he nods. His attention turns back towards the rest of the group, as he speaks up again.
WILLIAMS: ”Okay then, good. We’re all ready, now let’s go get this win.”
The four exchange a series of fist bumps, Aidan and Bryan even going back to their old routine from when they were in Art of War. The four leave together, ready for the upcoming War Games match.

Opening to a zoom in on the Pride title propped up on some boxes of sound equipment, it can only be assumed that the champion probably should be nearby somewhere- as the camera zooms out it seems she’s pacing back and forth down the corridor with fists taped, swinging her arms back and forth preparing for the Submission match defense.
Cool, calm and laser focused. Amber ‘Distorted Angel’ Ryan seems surprisingly nonplussed about finally getting her hands on Kimitsu Zombie.
? ? ?: “I- uh, was gonna sneak up on you, but your flailing elbows and also trying my best not to be real creepy stopped me. Ha! Anyway, hello, Amber. It’s been a long time. It’s good to see you.
It generally takes a lot to surprise the redhead, a glimmer of familiarity and an expression of confusion crosses her features.
RYAN:“Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.”
It’s been awhile since Boston had last been seen in a 4CW ring, although perhaps not the most familiar face particularly to more of the newer audience. Amber stops pacing, still vaguely confused although the faint smirk is unmistakable as they stop an arms length from each other. It’s awkward admittedly, however it doesn’t seem to scare either of them off.
RYAN:”Can’t imagine you showed up just to raid the march table though.”
BOSTON:“Well, it’s a little bit about that, to be honest, but no, it’s not all about sustenance. I’ve been cleared to return for the first time in like 10 years…well, actually, it was that I finally allowed them to clear me- whatever, you don’t need to know about all that. Yeah, whatever, I’m back.”
An awkward silence falls between the pair, both of them kind of stalling in the moment as conversation quickly runs dry.
RYAN:”Well good luck with all that I guess…”
Preparing to return to warming up, Amber goes to step away however Boston finds his conversational second wind.
BOSTON ”Hey, listen, I’m finally back, so I have reason to celebrate. You’re about to successfully defend your title- congratulations, by the way- so you’ll have reason to celebrate. We should do it together. Celebrate, I mean. We should celebrate together. If you lose, we can get blackout drunk to drown your sorrows together. Regardless, we should booze a little bit together, tonight. “
Scratching the side of her face awkwardly, she pauses in polite contemplation.
RYAN:”Look I appreciate the offer, I really do… but I have to take off early tomorrow for Baltimore, you know… Work and shit”
Whether it was entirely truth or not was irrelevant as Boston’s hopeful expression kinda falls a bit, managing to catch it just before it drops right off his face.
BOSTON:”Baltimore, of course- fuck me, what was I thinking? You haven’t been overworked since we were basically running the place in New Mexico. That’s fine, there’s always next time.
RYAN:”Yeah, something like that.”
Boston goes to leave as Amber perhaps finally finds a semblance of empathy, or pity at least.
RYAN:”It’s good to see you back. Really.”
Reaching her quota of polite comments for the month, Amber transitions back into preparation mode, resuming her pacing and shadow boxing. As he walks away, Boston retorts with a slight touch of hidden frustration.
BOSTON: “I’ll bet. Good to see you too, Amber. Just like always.”

PERSEPHONE: “This is it, I’m very excited”
Persephone Marquis is, for once, actually dressed early for her match. The anticipation is driving her insane, is has been for a while since her final promo had dropped. The sinking feeling of anxiety flowing through her as a comfortable and settling adrenaline in her blood.
Her fingers shake from it, the camera watching as she stands in the hall backstage: dollar in her hands as she struggles to insert her money into the vending machine.
PERSEPHONE: “You see, last year, I wasn’t part of the Warzone of Horrors match. I’ve already explored this, but it is something to be talked about now as well. I missed out, I know I did. What the fuck?!”
Persephone yells out on frustration as her dollar gets thrown back at her from the vending machine. She curses below her breath, putting it back in only to have it slide out to her once again in rejection.
She huffs, taking the dollar as she begins to straighten it out against the machine.
PERSEPHONE: “This is the match that stole the entire fucking year, and this time I’m part of it. We’re going to take the entire goddamn decade away from matches before and ahead of us. We’re going to make history, this is going to be a bloodbath and Erron Wilder is going to be sacrificed for the good of it all as we hang his corpse from the cage.”
Persephone smiles to herself despite her struggle. A light-hearted and sweet pull of the lips that greatly contrasted with the fact that she was ready to rip out someone’s throat with her teeth.
She gives the vending machine her dollar once again and sighs to herself when it’s finally accepted. She frowns in thought, trying to decide what she wants before she settles on a cheap bag of chips, absolutely starving. She loves pouring literal shit into her body.
PERSEPHONE: “Tonight isn’t about my life and what it’s become. It’s not about petty little bitches playing victim because their life has never worked out and I’m the best thing to ever walk into it. This is about the doubt when it comes to me, this isn’t about the fragility of my ego or how easily I can feel a slump forming below me.”
The cheap bag of chips get stuck in the vending machine. Fucking great. Persephone smacks her hand against the machine and wishes, for a second, that Wallace would fucking choke for this cheap fucking bullshit. Honestly, whenever something goes wrong, she blames Wallace.
With a kick to the machine, she continues speaking.
PERSEPHONE: “This match is about none of those things. This match is about me, showing everyone what I’m capable of. Proving to myself once again, as I’ve done a hundred times before, that I belong here. That I’m a fucking scary bitch.
She’s fucking this vending machine up, shaking it with repeated hits as some members of staff watch on from afar.
PERSEPHONE: “Should’ve made this segment themed, some spooky shit. Anything, really. This is Fright Night, but take away the aesthetics and the pathetic attempt at putting fear into others that everyone is trying their hand at – take that all away, this is just all the same shit.”
The chips fall. Thank God. She teaches down and takes it from the opening o the machine, looking down at the chips with Pride.
PERSEPHONE: “This is me, getting what I want. This match will be me, on my knees with the contract in my hands while the rest of you question why you weren’t good enough.”
Persephone opens the bad of chips, tipping some into her mouth because if there is one thing you learn after wasting a year on a white trash cuck, it’s how to eat like a fucking disgusting piece of shit. She chews and speaks, crumbs leaving her mouth as she gets it together.
PERSEPHONE: “Viduus, Genie, Miss Piggy, Dakota, and those other dudes I can’t remember right at this moment?”
She closes her mouth to continue chewing, covering her mouth as she does so. She empties the contents into her stomach, smacking her lips a few times. She nods.
PERSEPHONE: “You guys are going to get crushed, but let’s put on something legendary until that comes to be.”
Persephone continues eating her chips, finishing them quickly before she suddenly remembers something, reaching down into the vending machine and getting her change. She smiles at herself and shakes her head, opening her palm and showing off two shining pennies.
PERSEPHONE: “Think I’m going to keep these two cents for myself. See you Goobers in the ring.”
And she crumples up her bag of chips, tossing it to the floor as she begins to walk away straight into a fade.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following WarGames match between Octane and Adrenaline is scheduled for one fall and will be decided when someone from either team either submits, surrenders, or is knocked unconscious!”
Lights within the arena are killed as static fills the sound system and “Alpha and Omega” by King 810 begins to play subsequently.
“Welcome to the truth
God made me in his image
Who the fuck made you?
You want my voice from me?
You can have it, just know
I sound like this because the Devil has my throat.”

From behind the curtain, Cyrus Riddle emerges. With a black bandana wrapped around his face and a Kylla custom hooded leather vest decorated in blood splatter with two switchblades going through his initials designed on the back, he stands firm and examines the crowd with all to be seen on his face being his gaze. He holds up two fingers to the crowd with his arms outstretched before making his walk to the ring.
POWERS: “Making his way to the ring. He weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds and hails from New York City by way of London, England. He is the ‘Archetype’, ‘The Impaler’… CYRUS RRIIDDDDLLEE!!!”
Cyrus approaches the ring with a confidence in his steps, accompanied only by the subtle hints of methodical approach as if to be zeroed in on a victim.
“Bitch! I am the powers that be!
I am Christ crucified on the T!
I am the alphaaaaa!
And the omegaaaaa!”

Cyrus’ ascends the middle outside turnbuckle as the chorus begins to play, pulling the bandana from his face and throwing the hood backward only to mouth the next part in imitation of the lyrics.
“I’m the Messiah, the gnashing of teeth
No one meets death until they see me!
I am the Alphaaaaa! And the Omegaaaaa!”

His trademark smirk followed by a tongue glide along his bottom lip can be seen as he looks around the arena and jumps down to climb between the top and middle ropes. In the middle of the ring, he removes his vest slowly to reveal his heavily tattooed body and physique, not without that always evident bit of arrogance.
The Loud and Melodic guitar chords of “Lake of Fire” by Nirvana strum out throughout the arena.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring next, JEB FFIISSHHEERR!!!”
After a few moments Jeb Fisher pushes his way out through the black curtains, a shark like smile on his face – he violently shakes his head. Slapping himself in the side of the skull a few times before turning his attention to Bob Fisher who was hobbling his way out of the back. Bob was shouting off random shit talking and hyping up his boy Jeb. Jeb’s tongue flicks out of his mouth before he sets his sights on the ramp pointing to it and marching down the ramp.
JOHNSON: “Fisher is not waiting here at all.”
The lights go out and bright green static comes up on the video screen. “Get Jinxed” by Djerv starts up as green lasers shoot up and wave around the entrance area.
“Wanna join me, come and play
But I might shoot you, in your face
Bombs and bullets will, do the trick
What we need here, is a little bit of panic!”

As the singing picks up, shapes start to take form in the static on the screen. The silhouette of a petite woman, a cross, a pot leaf, and a skull. They fade in and out, making you wonder if you actually saw them.
“Do you ever wanna catch me?
Right now I’m feeling ignored!
So can you try a little harder?
I’m really getting bored!”

As the first line of the second verse the entrance area lights up and Sativa Nevaeh comes out from the back. She stands at the top of the ramp and looks over the crowd. Despite wearing a mask, you can tell she is smirking. The crowd rains down hate on her for her actions. She starts to make her way towards the ring.
POWERS: “Coming to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, Standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is ‘Darth Ganja’, SATIVA NNEEVVAAEEHH!!!”
“Come on, shoot faster
Just a little bit of energy!
I wanna try something fun right now
I guess some people call it anarchy!”

She makes it to ringside and slides under the bottom rope head first. She crawls over to the nearest turnbuckles and climbs them. She perches atop the ring post, resting one knee upon the top turnbuckle facing inward toward the ring. She throws her head back and takes off the mask, throwing her arms out in a ‘welcome the doves’ pose. The crowd continues their hatred at her and she just smiles.
“Let’s blow this city to ashes
And see what Pow-Pow thinks
It’s such pathetic neatness
But not for long cause it’ll get jinxed!”


“Lifted” by CL hits as the crowd pops. As the song picks up, Cosmo Cooper walks out with a cocky smile on his face, wearing his flat bill hat and a t-shirt. He looks around to either side of the stage and then drops down to one knee with his arms out as he soaks in the cheers before nodding his head to the beat and standing up, walking down the ramp and slapping hands.
POWERS: “ ”Making his way to the ring, from Santa Rosa, California. Weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds… He is… COSMO CCOOOOPPEERR!!!”
Cosmo pauses on the ring steps where he slips off his shoes and then tosses his t-shirt and flat bill into the front row before he joins the rest of his team around the side of the cage. They stand there waiting for Team Adrenaline. All four of them eyeing the double cage in front of them.
JOHNSON: “Looks like Team Octane has opted to come out one at a time here tonight.”
VASSA: “Not too much of a team if you ask me. We’re going to mop the floor with them here tonight.”
“Bulls on Parade” hits the sound system, bringing the cheers of the crowd to a fever pitch. The lights dim down until only a single spotlight illuminates a currently vacant swath of the entrance stage.
POWERS: “Introducing to the ring, representing Adrenaline for this WarGames match, the team of CHRIS ‘MAYHEM’ MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison appears from the back, striding out to stand in the spotlight. His manager, Frankie Morrison accompanies him, standing to Chris’ left, just past the edge of the spotlight.
Lauryn steps out and joins Madison in the bright spot on the stage. After a few moments the two share a glance and then hold their fists out together in front of them.
Williams comes to a stop on Lauryn’s right, lifting his own fist to join the other two. All three have their gaze laser-focused on the pair of rings at the end of the ramp.
Aidan rounds on the group on the far right, adding her own closed fist to the group before all four lift them high in the air and shout as one.

Moving together, Team Adrenaline heads purposefully down the ramp, the spotlight following their path until they stop just outside the cage.
JOHNSON:“Team Adrenaline lead by captain Chris Madison, which means he will be the last one to enter the cage on their side. The others were all determined before they came out here earlier tonight. One member from each team will start and then after five minutes a member of Team Adrenaline will enter the cage. We will go on from there.”
VASSA: “Until we have all eight participants in the ring and we have reached the match beyond! The match beyond, Stevie. The name alone means something awesome is going to happen.”
JOHNSON: “It’ll be Jeb Fisher starting things off for Team Octane and Bryan Williams starting things off for Team Adrenaline. Which of course kicked this whole thing off on the September the Ninth when Jeb got himself DQ’d in a match against Bryan Williams… which turned into a vicious assault of Williams.”
VASSA: “Not to mention another concussion as well. Dude is walking CTE.”
JOHNSON: “Either way, Williams is going to be looking for a little payback, because he’s got Fisher for the first five minutes. Alone.”
VASSA: “Fisher’s going to have to move fast then, because after the first five minutes, Williams will be joined by another member of Team Adrenaline.”
JOHNSON: “They won the tag match two weeks ago and will be on the advantage.”

JOHNSON: “…and here we go!!”
Williams wastes no time as the cage door closes and charges in with a running strike catching Fisher off guard and rocking him back up against the ropes! Williams begins to unload with right hand after right hand, each shot given enough pause in between so that Fisher is aware that Williams is taking his pound of flesh. Williams takes Fisher by the back of the head and attempts to take him coast to coast, but as he goes to slam Fisher face first into the steel chain fence Jeb puts on the breaks and fires a back elbow of his own! Fisher then begins to unload with strikes of his own staggering Williams long enough to connect with a spinning backfist which sends Williams falling into the corner turnbuckle. With Williams in trouble, Fisher raises both hands and charges in for a double axehandle smash…

…but at the last moment Williams raises up foot and catches Fisher in the face with a stiff kick! Williams hops up onto the middle ropes waiting for Fisher to turn around and leaps from the middle ropes going for a flying version of a knee strike…

…but Fisher sidesteps that move and in the same motion uses both hands to shove Williams slamming into the mat. Fisher stands over the of Bryan Williams and begins to unload with heavy rights and lefts into the lower back of his opponent as he talks some shit with the other members of Team Adrenaline around the ring.
JOHNSON: “Jeb Fisher is one of the most brutal men on the Octane roster, and we’re certainly seeing what he’s capable of right now!”
VASSA: “Octane? He’s one of the most brutal men in all of 4CW! That’s a man you don’t want to cross and right now he’s repeating history with what he did do Bryan Williams on Octane already. Only problem is, there’s no DQ’s this time around!”
JOHNSON: “You’re exactly right Vinny, there is no stopping this man from doing what he wants to do right now.”
After a couple of more shots to Williams back Jeb switches to putting the boots to it as well. He then steps down on Williams’ lower back and pulls both of his arms backwards towards him, stretching Williams as much as possible. Jeb Fisher gives a sadistic smile towards the crowd as Williams screams out in pain! After a few moments and just when it seems like FIsher is about to tear the arms from the sockets, he lets go and stomps around in the ring… taunting the crowd and Team Adrenaline some more.
Fisher then finds the hard camera and screams “I’m going to tear his face off now!” loudly. He scoops Williams up by the back of his hair and pulls him to standing position, that’s when he winds up and goes coast to coast looking to throw him as hard as possible into the steel cage!

At the last moment, Williams spins out of the way and uses Fisher’s momentum to send Jeb backfirst into the cage wall first!! Fisher stumbles off the ropes as well, and right into a spinning backfist by Williams!! He then charges forwards and connects with a running bicycle kick sending Jeb crashing into the cage wall a second time!!
JOHNSON: “Raging Demon from Bryan Williams! We know when he hits that, he’s starting to feel it.”
VASSA: “The possible effects of another concussion?”
JOHNSON: “No, that the end is near for his opponent!”
As Jeb stumbles off the cage for a second time, Williams nails him with a boot to the gut! He quickly lifts him up by the head, the crowd knows exactly what’s up at this point, and dropping him Jeb by the top of his head right down onto his knee!!
VASSA: “But there’s no pinfalls in this match, this doesn’t mean anything…”
JOHNSON: “I think Bryan Williams knows he can’t win by pinfall in this match, but I doubt he cares! He’s getting a piece of Jeb Fisher right now, Vinny. Payback.”
Williams gets right up to his feet after hitting Jeb right on the sweet spot, he points towards Team Octane in a taunting manner. He heads right back over towards Jeb and starts to pull him up once again with a handful of hair, about halfway up, though Jeb fires with an uppercut right between the legs of Williams! Williams doubles over in pain, while Jeb still tries to get back up to his feet still showing the effects of that CTE and stumbles a little bit in the ring. This gives Williams a chance to catch his breath and to make sure his boys are still good.
VASSA: “Check your yam bag, Bryan.”
JOHNSON: “We’re getting close here, to the five minutes and very soon the next member of Team Adrenaline will be entering their side of the cage.”
That little opening gives Jeb the opening he needs, and just as Williams gets back up Jeb unloads with a running forearm right into the side of his head. Williams stumbles a bit from the first shot, Jeb unloads a second shot and then a third shot. Fisher backs up after the third shot and grabs Williams with a hand full of hair launching Williams…


…twice face first into the steel cage wall! After the first time, he went for a second time and after Williams stumbles backwards and falls onto his back in the middle of the ring. It is at this point the buzzer goes off and all the attention of everyone in the building turns towards the side of the cage that has Team Adrenaline standing there.

JOHNSON: “There’s the buzzer and the first five minutes are up… who’s it going to be for Team Adrenaline?”
VASSA: “Well, holy shi–”
The referees swing the cage door open and Aidan Carlisle climbs up onto the ring apron and ducks into the far ring. The crowd seems to be warming up to the idea that the Art of War has just had a reunion.
JOHNSON: “The Art of War are back!”
VASSA: “No. God.”
JOHNSON: “One of the most dominating tag teams in the history of 4CW have just returned to the ring. This is one of those things we thought would never have happened again, but here it comes.”
As soon as she dives through the ropes, Jeb Fisher charges over from the other ring towards her. This of course gives Aidan the time to duck under his charging attack as she charges underneath him and leaps up onto the middle rope and flings herself into the air as Jeb recovers…

…huge pop as Aidan leaps over Fisher and connects with a springboard inverted DDT!! Fisher crashes hard on the mat as Aidan rolls back up to a vertical base. Fisher begins to get back up to his feet which allows for Aidan to follow up with a couple of right hands which backs him up against the ring ropes in an attempt to cover up.
JOHNSON: “Aidan coming into this match like a house of fire, she’s got Fisher up against the ropes now.”
VASSA: “She’s only got about thirty seconds left here before Team Octane is going to get a shot in the arm.”
Aidan leans Fisher back and then sends him across the ring with a hard Irish whip, however, before Jeb hits the ropes Bryan Williams leaps up on the top ropes of the other ring leaps over the other set of ropes and…

…connects with flying forearm to the charging Jeb Fisher!! Fisher nearly flips from the contact and now the Art of War stand together in a 4CW for the first time in a long time. Fisher slowly rolls back to up his feet, but instead of righting himself up he dips between the ropes of that ring and the second one.
JOHNSON: “Incredible team work here shown by Team Adrenaline and Jeb Fisher is in a lot of trouble right now.”
VASSA: “Speaking of trouble, we’re about to see who is the next member of Team Octane to get into that ring.”

JOHNSON: “And there’s the buzzer… which means another member of Team Octane is about to even up the odds here for another two minutes.”
VASSA: “Whomever it is going to be, they’re already fighting against a disadvantage right off the start.”
The referees open up the cage and from Team Octane, Sativa Nevaeh steps up into the ring and ducks into the cage. Williams and Carlisle make their way towards that ring and where Nevaeh is headed, however, just as Carlisle steps through Jeb Fisher is able to reach up and grab her by the leg which causes her to stop and at the same time Nevaeh charges in at Williams and is able to duck under his attempt at a shot. She slings herself off the ring ropes and connects with a leaping kick!! Carlisle turns around just in time and to catch a forearm from Nevaeh as well. Sativa and Aidan begin to exchange right jabs until Sativa is able to duck under a big haymaker right attempt by Carlisle…

…Sativa hits a leaping back Peele kick right into the face of Aidan which sends her stumbling backwards right into the corner turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: “Vicious kick by Sativa and she’s hit the ring like a house of fire as well.”
VASSA: “We know that as the Nerf This, and we’ve seen it a lot… oddly a little too much on Adrenaline. Just like we’ve seen a little too much Sativa on Adrenaline lately.”
Sativa gets back up to her feet and goes to charge into the corner where she just sent Carlisle, however, Bryan Williams is waiting for her and unloads…

…with a superkick right to her jaw! Williams then turns around himself just in time and catches a boot to the midsection by Jeb Fisher. Jeb then scoops up Williams and hits a release powerbomb which he tosses Williams nearly halfway across the ring in the process. Carlisle charges out of the corner at this point and waffles Fisher with a couple of running elbow shots, she attempts to send Fisher into the ropes, but Fisher counters and really winds up as he sends Aidan up and…

…crashing into side of the cage! Aidan stumbles from the cage and unfortunately for her right into the awaiting arms of Jeb Fisher, hooking on a standing full nelson hold Jeb lifts Carlisle high into the air, like really high and then drives her down onto the mat with a full nelson bomb!! Aidan bounces tailbone first off of the mat and lays down, Fisher then rolls over to where her feet are and holds them down just as Sativa rights herself on the top ropes. She leaps high into the air flipping around…

…connecting with a phoenix splash!!
JOHNSON: “Leaf on the Wind! Incredible move there by Sativa and Team Octane has just taken Team Adrenaline out back to the woodshed right about now!”
VASSA: “The tides have quickly turned, but we’re getting really close for Team Adrenaline to get back on the advantage here.”
Sativa gets right back up to her feet as does Jeb Fisher and the two head over towards to where Bryan Williams has managed to pull himself back up to his feet with the use of the top ropes. Sativa and Fisher begin to unload with a flurry of punches, and then send Williams into the far ropes, on the rebound the both of them hit a couple of shoulder blocks dropping Williams to the mat with a heavy thud. Sativa picks up Aidan and tosses her between the ropes into the other ring while Jeb goes after Williams in the other ring.
JOHNSON: “We’re getting close here to the next buzzer, and hopefully that will help out Team Adrenaline here as they are getting the bad side of a beating right now.”

VASSA: “Well, here we go. There’s only two of them left and the captain goes last… so that only means one thing is possible. Sativa is about to have herself another former tag team in the ring with her.”
JOHNSON: “Lauryn Wolfe is headed into the ring, she just pushed past the referees and kicked in the cage door! Lauryn Wolfe charging into the ring and she’s going to get some revenge on Sativa Nevaeh! Sativa turning on Wolfe after their loss at Bad Company and Lauryn is finally now able to get her hands on her former partner!!”
Wolfe doesn’t even give Sativa a chance to get her hands up into the air for a defense as she unloads with a couple of right hands. She backs Sativa up against the ropes and cage wall with a couple of more forearms, Sativa is able to somehow duck under the second attempt but then out of nowhere Lauryn leaps up…

…and connects with a leaping kick right to the side of Sativa’s head! Sativa drops to the mat, but instead of laying there she begins to scramble for the cage door that Lauryn just burst through a couple of moments ago. The referees try to close the door on her face, but Sativa is able to push them out of the way and she begins to crawl her way out of the cage and away from Lauryn Wolfe. Wolfe, however, is just a little bit quicker and grabs Sativa by the leg and holds her from leaving the ring completely.
JOHNSON: “Lauryn Wolfe is not going to let Sativa get out of her grasp here tonight!!”
VASSA: “Not at all, Stevie. And maybe she’ll hit Sativa so hard she’ll keep her off of Adrenaline for a long time.”
JOHNSON: “We could only hope.”
VASSA: “That’s my line.”
On the other side of the ring Jeb Fisher continues to hit Bryan Williams with a couple of hard right hands and attempts to send him across the ring with a whip, out of nowhere Aidan Carlisle leaps up and connects with a hurricanrana which drives Jeb Fisher head first into the mat!! Williams rebounds off of the ropes and leaps up just as Fisher is able to get into a full kneeling position…

…connecting with a double dropkick right into Jeb Fisher’s face!! Fisher flips over and lays out in the middle of the ring. Carlisle and Williams give each other a simple look and then the two head to opposite sides of the ring and begin to climb to the top ropes.
VASSA: “Uh oh. This isn’t going to end well.”
JOHNSON: “The Art of War headed to the top ropes!”
Aidan Carlisle leaps from the top rope at about the exact same moment that Bryan Williams does right towards Jeb Fisher.


…Carlisle connects with a top rope leg drop and Bryan Williams connects with a body splash at about the exact same time!! The crowd pops as the duo splash down onto the body of Jeb Fisher! Carlisle rolls off as does Williams. On the other side of the ring Lauryn Wolfe has pulled Sativa back towards the middle of the ring and has locked in an ankle lock, twisting it about as far as possible without snapping it from the rest of her leg. Sativa screams in pain, but since there is no referee in the ring all of her slapping the mat won’t stop the hold.

JOHNSON: “There’s the buzzer!! And now Team Octane will be joined by Cyrus Riddle! The numbers are even, but right now Team Octane is on the receiving end of everything that Adrenaline has got to give.”
VASSA: “Hopefully Cyrus can keep Octane alive here.”
JOHNSON: “The door opens and in comes Cyrus Riddle and he’s going right after the Art of War. Riddle attacking Williams from behind and now going back and forth between the two with a flurry of rights and lefts.”
Sure enough, Riddle grabs a stunned Bryan Williams from behind and whips him through the corner turnbuckle shoulder first into the post and his head banging off of the steel cage wall. Riddle then turns around just as Aidan gets back up to her feet Riddle charges in and connects with a vicious mafia kick which flips Aidan upside down onto the ring hard! Meanwhile, in the other ring Lauryn has pulled Sativa up to her feet and sends her into the corner turnbuckle of the ring. Lauryn backs up and charges into the corner, but at the last moment Sativa moves out of the way causing Lauryn to crash knee first into the turnbuckle! As Wolfe stumbles out of the corner…

…right into a DDT by Sativa!! Sativa hobbles around on that ankle that was in the lock, but slowly she begins to climb with her back to the ring up into the corner. However, just as it looks as if Sativa is about to leap backwards with a moonsault from the top Lauryn is able to charge up from behind and nail her with a running forearm to the back! Sativa falls into the cage in front of her as Wolfe continues to hammer away with forearm shots to her back, then Wolfe wraps her arms around her former tag team partner and falls backwards…

…driving her from the top ropes to the mat below with a belly to back superplex!! The ring shakes from the impact as Sativa hits, bounces and rolls over onto her stomach!
JOHNSON: “Incredible move there by Lauryn Wolfe! Sativa’s feet were high enough to scrape the top of the cage before she came crashing down onto the mat!”
VASSA: “Well, knowing Sativa she was higher than that… but the crash is much worse.”
Back on the other side of the ring, Cyrus RIddle has done all that he can possibly do to keep on going back and forth between Bryan Williams and Aidan Carlisle trying to keep the Art of War on the defensive as Jeb Fisher continues to try and shake the cobwebs from being the first in this match. Eventually, Jeb is able to take Carlisle as Riddle points him in that direction as he heads over to where Williams is in the corner, unfortunately for Riddle that’s all the opening that WIlliams needed and as soon as Riddle turns in his direction Williams unloads with a stiff kick right to Riddle’s jaw!
Fisher, on the other hand, has a little better luck as attacks Aidan and tosses her out between the ropes dumping her into the other ring! Fisher waits like a bull as Aidan slowly gets back up to her feet, he then backs up and charges towards the ring ropes like a wild bull leaping over the top ropes…

…right into a facebuster by Lauryn Wolfe!! Wolfe comes out of nowhere to hit that move as Aidan moves out of the way in the process.
JOHNSON: “Lauryn Wolfe laying out everyone right now in the ring!”
VASSA: “She’s right now the MVP of this War Games match for Team Adrenaline, Stevie.”
Aidan uses the opening to charge off of the ring ropes and connect with a running knee strike to the side of Fisher’s head just as he starts to get back up to his knees! However, before both can recover from their moves, Sativa hooks both of their heads from their kneeling position and drives them both down…


…hitting a pair of DDTs at the same time!!
JOHNSON: “Incredible action as the battle spills from one ring to the other ring. Lots of room, and lots of bodies, and in only a couple of more seconds we’re going to be joined by one more body from Team Adrenaline.”
VASSA: “No guessing this time! It’s the captain. The former Pride champion, the man with the longest win streak in the history of 4CW… Chris Madison.”

The cage door is opened and in steps the last member of 4CW, none other than Chris Madison himself. He dips into the ring and right away begins to go right after Sativa with a series of rights which back her up against the ring cage quickly. Sativa is still hobbling on that right ankle and does her best to give ground and cover up in the process. He grabs her by the hair and waist in a single motion spins…

…sending her flying into the cage wall with a t-bone suplex! Madison then looks across the ring to where Cyrus Riddle and Bryan Williams are exchanging right hands and begins to make his path that way. Just as Madison ducks under the top and middle ropes Jeb Fisher is there to stop him with a clubbing blow to the back of the head! Fisher follows up with a couple of more elbow strikes across the former Pride champion’s head. FIsher turns his attention away as Madison falls into the other ring, and moves to the next member of Team Adrenaline that is about to get back up to her feet, and that’s Lauryn Wolfe. Meanwhile, Bryan Williams eats a neckbreaker as Cyrus Riddle ducks a big haymaker shot and counters it. RIddle sees Madison and he goes right after the Adrenaline captain.
JOHNSON: “It’s more or less just a riot inside the ring right now. Fisher going after anything that moves, Riddle going after his long time rival and everyone else still managing to get some shots in here and there.”
VASSA: “Jeb Fisher is the MVP of War Games, Stevie.”
JOHNSON: “I thought you had Lauryn Wolfe as the MVP.”
VASSA: “Things change really fast around here. Got to keep up.”
Riddle pulls Madison back up to his feet, but Madison fires first with an uppercut catching him off guard. Riddle stumbles backwards, which allows Madison to pull him back by the arm spinning him around in the process and then unloading with a ripcord rolling elbow!! Riddle hits the mat with a heavy thud, nearly comatosed as a result of that impact.
JOHNSON: “What a vicious shot there! We’ve got action spilling out just about everywhere as we are only a few moments away from the last entrant into this hellacious match so far!”
VASSA: “And when Cooper hits the ring, it’s going to be time for… the match beyond! I have waited forever to say those words, Stevie.”
JOHNSON: “That’s right, these war games will turn into the match beyond at that point.”
Aidan Carlisle unloads with a standing spin kick to Jeb Fisher which causes him to stumble backwards right into the awaiting Lauryn Wolfe who follows that up with a forward Russian legsweep! A fraction of a second later, Sativa takes the of Aidan Carlisle and throws her face first into the turnbuckle pad! She follows that up with a second and then a third for good measure! As Lauryn gets back up from taking down Fisher, Sativa turns around and attempts a running knee strike, but Wolfe rolls out of the way and…

…Sativa delivers the running to cage wall instead!
VASSA: “That’s a buzzkiller right there. That’ll bring you down.”
JOHNSON: “Sativa taking on the cage with those knees, but the cage won!”
Here comes Bryan Williams onto the other side of the ring as well, he is followed by Chris Madison who chases Cyrus Riddle into the one ring and the massive attack is on by Team Adrenaline! All three members of Team Octane are on the ground and getting attacked by the four members of Adrenaline. An old fashioned ass kicking taking place and then, the buzzer sounds again.

…and all four members of Team Adrenaline stop as the door on the far side of the other ring opens up and in steps the last member of Team Octane, and of course the captain of Team Octane, Cosmo Cooper. Cooper sheepishly steps into the ring as standing across from him in the other cage the four members of Adrenaline stand tall.
VASSA: “Not a way you want to enter a match, Stevie.”
JOHNSON: “Cosmo Cooper has done the math and anyway you slice it, that’s nothing but an ass kicking waiting for you on the other side of those ropes.”
Cooper counts out each member of Team Adrenaline as they stand there waiting, however, the standoff is broken up as Jeb Fisher charges and hits Chris Madison in the back with a running knee strike. Aidan and Williams turn and attack Fisher, which allows Riddle to get in some shots on both members of the Art of War. Sativa pulls Wolfe by an arm and the brawl is on. Cooper puts in the mouthpiece and charges across the ring in response, he leaps up…

…flinging his body up and over the top ropes and crashing down onto pretty much everyone in the other ring!
VASSA: “The ultimate stage dive!”
JOHNSON: “Cosmo Cooper making his presence felt right off the bat in this match and as my partner alluded to earlier, we are now at the match beyond, the point where the only way that this war is going to come to a conclusion is only when a member of either team either submits, surrenders, or is knocked unconscious.”
CAMPBELL: “And we just know that Team Octane is going to be the team that wins!”
VASSA: “What the hell?”
CAMPBELL: “Surprise, Vinny! We’re calling this match too.
LAWSON: “Yes indeed, Tasha and I have been allowed to make this match… memorable.”
JOHNSON: “Glad to have you aboard, Amanda and Tasha. I don’t think Vinny’s too happy about it.”
The members of both teams have begun to pull themselves back up to their feet, Cosmo Cooper is the first up and he takes to the attack on Aidan Carlisle who just happens to be the closest to him. Wisely, Cooper tosses her through the ropes into the empty ring in an attempt to get away from the rest of the bodies. Chris Madison and Cyrus RIddle have found themselves again exchanging chops, while Jeb Fisher and Bryan Williams, who both started this match continue to stay near each other. Sativa is near the cage door as Lauryn Wolfe begins to make her way towards her. Sativa instead turns towards the cage door and with a couple of well placed kicks knocks it open much to the shock of the referees on the outside!
JOHNSON: “Sativa kicking the door open of the cage and now she’s headed to the outside.”
VASSA: “Doing what she does best, running.”
LAWSON: “She might have a strategy here, Vinny. Just wait and see.”
CAMPBELL: “We know Vinny’s not good at waiting for anything.”
JOHNSON: “Sativa to the outside of the ring… Lauryn following her as well! Both are to the floor and Sativa takes the opening she’s got…

The crowd recoils as Sativa slams the cage door right into the face of Lauryn Wolfe! Sativa with a wicked smirk as the chain bounces off of her face. Sativa opens up the door and pulls her former tag team partner out through the ropes and to the concrete floor. Blood has already started to pour from Wolfe’s forehead as a result of the shot. Sativa points to the referee and tells him to check on her.
JOHNSON: “Is Lauryn Wolfe unconscious? If she is this match is over and Team Octane will have won.”
LAWSON: “And the referee is going to check on her right now, is Lauryn still with it?”
VASSA: “I don’t know, with the amount of time Sativa has been on Adrenaline… I think it should count as a victory for us.”
CAMPBELL: “Too bad she’s officially signed to the Octane roster or you would have just made an actual valid point. And that would have been horrific.”
JOHNSON: “It looks as if Lauryn is still up as she slaps the hand of the referee out of her face.”
Sativa doesn’t waste any time and drives a knee right into the side of her head in response. Back inside the ring, Bryan Williams takes the big man Jeb Fisher by the head and tosses him face first into the cage!! If that’s not bad enough, Williams then backs off and charges in for a second time…

…connecting with a double dropkick right to the back of Jeb Fisher’s head which crashes into the ring cage! Jeb collapses to the ground, he too has been busted open. In the other ring, Chris Madison has Cyrus Riddle in one of the ring corners, while Cosmo Cooper has Aidan in the opposite side, at the same time the two go for a whip on their opponents…

…Aidan Carlisle leaps up and connects with a spinning heel kick to the face of Cyrus Riddle who couldn’t stop his momentum right into her. Madison seems a little shocked, but he and Cooper go right after each other in the process. Madison goes for an armbar on Cooper, but Cooper turns it into a gutwrench suplex!! Cooper doesn’t let go and picks Madison up for a second one and slams him to the mat, and sure enough where there were two, Cooper picks up Madison with the gutwrench and….

…connects with a third gutwrench suplex!! Madison is flung with the last one and rolls towards the middle of the rings. Cooper gets up to his feet, but then out of nowhere a charging Aidan Carlisle leaps up hooking onto his head…

…and driving him into the mat with a spinning sit-out sleeper slam!
LAWSON: “Cooper taking out the captain of Team Adrenaline with an amazing sequence of gutwrench suplexes, but Aidan Carlisle just stopped all of that with one of her signature moves.”
VASSA: “Got to keep your head on a swivel in a match like this, just too many bodies flying around to ever think you’re safe.”
CAMPBELL: “Speaking of which Cyrus Riddle is back to his feet.”
Just as Aidan gets back up to her feet, there’s Cyrus Riddle. Riddle charges in and connects with a vicious lariat right to the back of her head! The Daydreamer sends Aidan falling to the mat with a heavy thud. Riddle looks around and demands that a referee gets in there and counts her out. However, just as he does that…

….Bryan Williams connects with a tope over the top rope from the one ring connecting back first with Cyrus Riddle in the other! Williams rolls to his feet just as he hits the mat. But, just then Cosmo Cooper charges at Williams…

…sending Bryan Williams into the closed cage door with a torpedo headbutt! Williams hits and falls through the ropes and slouches up against the cage door. From behind, Sativa pushes the referees out of the way and opens the door causing Bryan to fall out and to the floor below!
JOHNSON: “Sativa, who has been on the outside of the ring for a while now, has just given Bryan Williams the trapdoor treatment!”
VASSA: “And that might be another concussion for Bryan Williams!”
CAMPBELL: “We’re up to fifteen, at least.”
Sativa seems proud of herself standing over the body of Williams on the outside of the ring, but from behind and without warning a recovering Lauryn Wolfe swings a folded metal chair.

…right into the side of the head of Sativa Nevaeh!! Sativa’s head bounces off the chair and into the cage door as she collapses into a heap on the outside of the ring. Lauryn screams at the referee to check to see if Sativa is still awake.
JOHNSON: “Sativa Nevaeh just got waffled with one of the damndest chair shots I’ve ever seen! Lauryn Wolfe getting some measure of revenge there, but now the referee is checking to see if Sativa is even still awake.”
LAWSON: “I think she’s still awake Stevie, barely, but she’s waving off the referee.”
VASSA: “Hit her again!”
Lauryn raises up the chair a second time standing right over the body of Sativa, just as it looks like she is going to get the killing blow in Cyrus Riddle uses the top rope and slings himself through the ropes connecting with a dropkick to the back of the head of Lauryn Wolfe!! Wolfe stumbles forward and hits the barrier with a heavy thud. Riddle follows after her, meanwhile Sativa begins to pull herself up, but Bryan Williams picks her up and tosses her back into the ring just to be a nice guy. Back on the other side of the ring Aidan and Jeb continue to hammer away at each other, while Cosmo Cooper battles Chris Madison. Cooper, getting the upper hand with an uppercut, sends Madison into the ropes with an Irish whip, but on the rebound Madison leaps up and wraps himself around Cooper.
JOHNSON: “Flying armbar! Madison hooking on an armbar on Cooper in mid air., he’s got that locked in tightly.”
LAWSON: “You can see Cooper is showing off his own MMA background as he’s doing his best to try to get into a seated position and fighting off the full effects of that armbar.”
Madison and Cooper fight for position on the hold, however, just as it looks as Madison is about to really get the hold locked in Jeb Fisher nails him with a couple of big time stomps! Madison breaks the hold and Cooper rolls to safety. Fisher continues his attack on the Adrenaline team captain, that is until Aidan Carlisle hits Fisher square in the chest with a double barreled dropkick of her own! Fisher falls into the cage wall and rebounds in the process right back towards Aidan who leaps up in a floatover position…

..driving Jeb Fisher head first into the mat with a floatover piledriver! Jeb bounces off the mat and into a face down position from the impact.
LAWSON: “Litost! Aidan Carlisle with an impressive move driving Jeb Fisher’s skull right into the mat. I think Jeb Fisher went limp too, referee’s might want to check on him… he might be out.”
VASSA: “Team Adrenaline is’ going to win this… and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but it was all thanks to the MVP Aidan Carlisle.”
JOHNSON: “I thought you had Lauryn Wolfe.”
VASSA: “Things change.”
CAMPBELL: “Speaking of which, things for Aidan are about to change.”
Cosmo Cooper spins Aidan Carlisle around in the ring, like a record baby, and nails her with a vicious boot to the gut. He quickly flips her up into vertical position with her head facing the mat and her legs facing the sky as he leaps into the air spinning…

…connecting with a leaping tombstone piledriver of his own!!
JOHNSON: “And now, both Aidan Carlisle and Jeb Fisher lie on the mat in the ring, which one can the referee say which one is more unconscious? Is that even a thing?”
LAWSON: “I don’t think he can… honestly, Stevie.”
VASSA: “Let’s hope there isn’t a cop out here. We better not have a draw.”
Cooper stands over Aidan Carlisle pointing towards the referee and motioning for him to come in and check on her, however, before the referee can get into the ring to check on Aidan or Jeb for that matter, Chris Madison wraps his arms around the waist and lifts Cooper high up into the air on his shoulders… Cooper tries to grab the cage’s roof to prevent himself from falling backwards, but Madison overpowers him…

…nailing a falling electric chair drop!! Cooper bounces off the mat from the impact as Madison lets go but gets back up to his feet quickly looking for someone else to attack.
JOHNSON: “Madison hits the End Game!”
VASSA: “Incredible move there, did I mention I think Chris Madison is the obvious choice for MVP of this match?”
CAMPBELL: “Wait. What the hell?”
JOHNSON: “Just nod and smile, nod and smile.”
Jeb Fisher is back up to his feet, and Madison goes right after him with a couple of big right hands, followed by some combination punches. Fisher, showing the effects of being in this match the longest, covers up as much as possible giving ground with each of the Madison combos. Backed up against the cage, however, Fisher digs down deep and nails Madison with a cheap uppercut right to his throat! A stunned Madison stumbles backwards and Fisher goes on the attack with a flurry of rights of his own. Fisher reaches back and unloads with a massive overhand right and then takes Madison by the head and tosses him…

..face first into the steel cage! Fisher hits the former Pride champion in the gut with a boot and locks in a standing scissors lock, he scoops up Madison and leaps upwards…

…connecting with a leaping piledriver!! Jeb Fisher stands over the bodies of Chris Madison, Cosmo Cooper and Aidan Carlisle. He drops to a knee holding his head as well, as the effects from this match are visible on the faces of every single person in the ring. Slowly, Jeb looks up above him and that’s when the crowd pops because Bryan Williams and Cyrus Riddle have made their way on top of the cages!!
LAWSON: “Fisher hitting an Abandon all Hope piledriver on Team Adrenaline captain Chris Madison! But that’s not the biggest turn of events here, Bryan Williams and Cyrus Riddle have battled their way to the top of the cage.”
CAMPBELL: “They’re standing only ten feet above where the carnage inside the ring is taking. This is incredible, this is…”
VASSA: “The match beyond, baby!”
CAMPBELL: “I was going to say that.”
Back and forth Bryan and Cyrus hammer away at each other with rights. Each time they step a little closer to the edge the crowd begins to stand waiting for one of them to fall, somehow they manage to step back towards the middle each time. Back in the other side of the cage news, Sativa has pulled herself nearly to a standing position, but as soon as she does Lauryn Wolfe begins to chase her with the steel chair that she has brought into the ring.
JOHNSON: “Lauryn Wolfe bringing the heavy hitter into the ring with her. There are no rules, so this is perfectly fine… probably.”
CAMPBELL: “Not that anyone is going to stop her at this point, right?”
VASSA: “Match beyond.”
CAMPBELL: “We got it, Vinny.”
Sativa does her best run, limp, walk away from Wolfe as she chases after with the steel chair. Sativa hits the ropes to the other ring and is able to duck under a swing from Lauryn as she falls into the second ring. Lauryn goes to follow, but is caught by Jeb Fisher who wraps his hand around the throat of Lauryn and drags her up and over the top ropes flinging her into an already full ring. Aidan greets Sativa as she falls through the ropes and tosses her into the nearest corner. Madison has been able to lock up with Cosmo Cooper near the other corner. On top of the cage, Bryan Williams has Cyrus Riddle reeling with a series of right hands, Riddle stumbles towards the edge of the cage once again.
JOHNSON: “Things are certainly chaotic right now, but you’ve got to wonder what is it going to take for one of these eight individuals to say no more, for them to not answer the bell here.”
VASSA: “I’d say a fall from the top of that cage right now, might do it.”
LAWSON: “That could definitely end it. The punishment that everyone of these wrestlers has taken tonight in this match is going to shorter their careers, no doubt about it.”
CAMPBELL: “Speaking of falls, if they fall they’re going to hit here.”
Bryan Williams goes for one final massive haymaker right that would knock RIddle from the top of the cage, but RIddle is able to sidestep the shot which causes Williams to stumble and just as it looks like he’s about to take the plunge Riddle scoops him up over his shoulder and…

…drives Williams head first onto the steel cage roof with a sit-down piledriver! Williams bounces towards the middle of the cage and lays there. Back inside the ring underneath where Bryan Williams is lying, Aidan Carlisle throws Sativa crashing into the cage wall, on the rebound Aidan pulls back the hair of Sativa and…

…drops her to the mat with a split legged bulldog!
JOHNSON: “Coup de Grace from Aidan…”
CAMPBELL: “Pinning does nothing here, but still an impressive move!”
Just as she gets back up to her feet…

…Aidan is greeted by a chair shot from Jeb Fisher!! The impact causes Aidan to fall through the ring ropes between the two rings. Jeb drops the chair and goes to grab her by the hair once again possibly looking to drive her skull through the chair to try and end it. However, just as Jeb scoops Aidan up looking for the piledriver he is smacked from behind by Chris Madison! Madison grabs Fisher and tosses him through the ropes as well to the other ring.
JOHNSON: “Big save there by the Team Adrenaline captain! That could have been disaster for Aidan.”
LAWSON: “We know Jeb Fisher well and giving that man a chair is never a good idea.”
However, just as Madison turns around Cosmo Cooper leaps in and unloads with a series of elbow strikes that back up Madison, Cooper then leaps up using the ropes and locks in a standing armbar which causes he and Madison to tumble over the ropes into the other ring. Cooper and Madison fight for positioning trying to get the better armbar position on the other man.
Sativa is the next to get a hold of the chair, she looks like she wants to do some damage with it, however, just as she goes to raise it and waffle Aidan with it Lauryn Wolfe grabs her from behind and bends her neck around… twisting her around…

…and driving her to the mat with a rolling cutter!
JOHNSON: “FIERY IMPULSE! Lauryn Wolfe connecting with that impressive move and she dropped Sativa right on her skull in the ring.”
CAMPBELL: “Too bad, pinfalls don’t count because Sativa would easily stay down for the three count here.”
VASSA: “Drop her again on that chair!”
LAWSON: “No… she’s… she’s… what the hell?”
Lauryn Wolfe hooks her legs around the neck of Sativa and rolls through and to the shock of just about everyone in the building is able to pull of Chris Madison’s Peruvian Necktie!! Wolfe has Sativa twisted like a pretzel in the ring and the referee moves in looking to see if she’s about to tap Jeb Fisher goes for the save, but Aidan is able to hold him back by the feet…
JOHNSON: “I don’t know how much more Sativa can take, her hand starting to go up into the air.”
LAWSON: “Cyrus Riddle moving about as fast as he can down the cage looking to try to get into the ring and break things up, Cosmo Cooper and Chris Madison are still trying to rip each others arms off.”
CAMPBELL: “Watch out, Cyrus!”
Just as Riddle hits the floor, from the top part of the cage Bryan Williams using the top of the cage to help him leaps from the ten foot height and takes out Riddle and himself on the outside of the ring with a fall from the top which gets the crowd standing on their feet.
JOHNSON: “Bryan Williams with a leap of faith from the top of the cage!!”
VASSA: “Did I mention Bryan Williams is my MVP?”
LAWSON: “Nobody’s coming to save Sativa… “
Sativa’s hand goes up, fading fast… finally she taps to Lauryn Wolfe! The crowd explodes as the referee calls for the bell

VASSA: “Yes! Yes! Adrenaline rules planet Earth!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a stretch, don’t you think?”
VASSA: ”Shut up, Adrenaline won!”
JOHNSON: ”They did! Each member of Team Adrenaline will receive twenty-five thousand dollars and a match of their choice against whoever they would like to challenge for the time period of one full year starting tonight.”
VASSA: ”So basically until next year’s Fright Night?”
JOHNSON: ”Bingo! They can’t challenge for a championship, but they could very well make a match that could possibly put them in the running for a championship.”
VASSA: ”The possibilities are endless!”
The members of Team Adrenaline celebrate in the ring as “Bulls On Parade” hits the speakers. All standing side by side, they raise their arms in unison as the official announcement is made.
POWERS: ”Here are your winners of the WarGames match between Octane and Adrenaline… TEAM AADDRREENNAALLIINNEE!!!”
JOHNSON: ”And with that, we’re going to go backstage momentarily before we come back with the Pride Championship match featuring Kimitsu Zombie and the champion, Amber Ryan!”

? ? ?: “ Hello my child. “
The scene was dark, as if this was some forgotten backroom inside the United Center. Viduus Morta stood in the center of the camera, his back turned away from all those watching. He glaring into the darkness, where the words you heard previously had just been spoken from. Above head a singular light flicks on and off, giving just split second glimpses of the figure in the darkness.
SMITH: ”The world is changing Viduus, and after tonight…The landscape within 4CW will be altered in a way that it can not come back from. The maggots are festering at our feet and they beg to be put back in their place. One soldier has already abandoned the cause, one more life taken by the unspeakable bond that I string together. GIve me your hand Viduus. Take the pact and be remembered for an eternity as the man who set the right piece into motion. Be remembered as the cog that drove the machine into its destiny. Take…My…Hand.”
Viduus doesn’t move but instead title his head inquisitively at Dakota. His head still covered by the mask and his voice still a deep growl with each word he utters his breathe seemingly can be seen.
MORTA: “Dakota Smith, we know you. We have seen your family. We have been summoned here for one purpose Mr. Smith but this…this request is one that intrigues us.”
Stepping out from the shadows the Speaker cautiously walks in front of Viduus staring at him with plenty of fear still in his eye.
SPEAKER: “Um…Dakota…Viduus…he’s..ahh..umm…maybe just nevermind him until Fright Night is over. But this partnership….the hand you extend….we would be quite interested in the Smith family circle.”
The Speaker takes a step back behind Viduus almost flinching as he does so. Viduus hasn’t moved yet. Dakota on the other hand lets out a sinister, yet somehow childlike giggle as he takes a few steps forward, closer to the masked man. He raises his hand up and with his thumb he spells out the letters DS over the man’s forehead, not actually touching the man – but his thumb only an inch or two away.
SMITH: ”You call this a request, but it’s more of a call to arms Viduus. It’s your time to rise up and take what’s yours. Take the power that has been right there in front of you the entire time. Aren’t you tired of getting the short end of the stick, aren’t you tired of being mocked? Let these maggots burn, and put your faith in me.”
As the two men are standing face to face The Speaker slides to the side of them holding up a finger.
SPEAKER: “Faith…faith is a funny thing Dakota. A complete trust in you is something that hasn’t gotten many very far and yet here we stand in front of you ready to take up your call to arms as you put it. Dakota….let’s try this on for size. You watch his back tonight and he watches yours and perhaps faith will come a little easier. There are many who claim they want to watch this place burn down but only few that are willing to light the match. The Warzone awaits both of you as does your heart or perhaps his crown…but we both know, all three of us, actually, know tonight is not the night for friends, family or faith. Tonight is a night for violence and perhaps together…you and Viduus could make this Fright Night the bloodiest one of all.”
The Speaker slides back behind Viduus who continues to stare back at Dakota.
SMITH: ”I’ve said my piece, The offer is on the table, I didn’t come here to compromise, to bargain. The speaker speaks, but the mind listens. Viduus, you either accept the warm embrace that I offer, or i’ll leave you to boil the blood of the many.”
The light cuts out, and the scene goes dark. When it turns back on all three men are gone, leaving nothing but emptiness.

The door opens from the trainer’s room and American Tommy runs out of it like a bat out of hell. He takes off down the hall yelling and screaming with his title held high over his head before Kimitsu Zombie can even take a foot out of the trainers room.
Tommy doesn’t hear her, because he is half way down the hallway already and has a pair of earphones on. Running down the hallway he goes and tries to find one of his favorite people in the world. He runs into the concession area for the wrestlers and jumps onto a table. He holds the title high above his head with one hand.
TOMMY: “Nancy! Where you at?! Look what I did!”
Nancy, comes out of the kitchen wearing a cooking apron that is much to small. She waddles out of the kitchen holding a red velvet cake, Tommy’s favorite. It reads, “Congratulations!” She puts it on the table below Tommy’s feet and his eyes widen.
TOMMY: “You know what this means?!”
NANCY: “You’re Fate Champion, Tommy!”
Tommy brushes that off as it doesn’t seem that important to him.
TOMMY: “I don’t care about that, Nancy. That’s trivial information. She giving up the goods, Nancy. My wait is finally over! Is that my favorite cake?”
Nancy holds up a fork and Tommy reaches for it. He bends down and takes a fork full of the cake and tastes it. His facial expression makes it look like he is in Heaven.
TOMMY: “This cake is delicious!”
NANCY: “It’s not the only cake you gonna be eating tonight.”
Tommy stops what he is doing and stands up sharp and fast. He looks down at Nancy and shakes his head no while wagging his finger.
TOMMY: “I don’t partake in that, Nancy. It’s against my religion.”
Nancy laughs and gives Tommy a wink.
NANCY: “Whatever you say, kid.”
Tommy is about ready to say something back when he catches a glimpse of Kimitsu in the corner of his eye. She comes up to him slowly with a smirk and whispers something in his ear. He is frozen and opens his eyes wide at whatever she is telling him. She steps away and dips a finger in the frosting of the cake and tastes it before walking out of the room.
Tommy slowly turns to a very uncomfortable looking Nancy.
TOMMY: “YEEAAAHH!! I’m taking this cake with me also.”
He yells as he raises the title up in victory smiling as wide as can be. He hops off the table, grabbing the cake and goes out the door as Nancy just stands there laughing.



JOHNSON: ”Another title match, folks, and this should be a good one.”
VASSA: ”Amber Ryan has her first title defense tonight, after beatin Bryan Williams at Ante Up. Kimitsu Zombie earned her spot a few weeks ago, these two have been going at it on Twitter lately.”
JOHNSON: ”On Adrenaline too, Kimitsu almost made sure that Amber Ryan didn’t walk into this match.”
VASSA: ”Hanging somebody is an effective way of putting them down, thankfully we’re going to see this match here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Do you think this submission match works in Amber’s favor, or will Kimitsu be able to rise to the occasion?”
VASSA: ”I think we’re going to see more of a fight than a wrestling clinic, these two are going to batter each other until somebody gives up.”
Number Girl’s Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following submission match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the 4CW Pride Championship!”

Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu.
POWERS:”Now, weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds and hailing from Kimitsu, Japan, it’s the ‘Little Yokai’, KIMITSU ZZOOMMBBIIEE!!!”
Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowds reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and where she climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.

She takes a long chug of shochu and screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring to wait while sipping from her shochu bottle.
JOHNSON: ”No hesitation from Kimitsu here tonight, she’s ready to take that title away from Amber Ryan.”
VASSA: ”She’s made it very clear how she feels about Amber, winning tonight would be the absolute top of humiliation for her.”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve heard rumblings to that Kimitsu looked to former Pride Champion Bryan Williams for help. You’ve got to wonder how that will play out in this match.”
VASSA: ”I can’t imagine it doing much, we all saw what happened when Bryan stepped in the ring with Amber last time.”
It’s the tinkling of the eerie music box that brings the lights down, the crowd murmuring with anticipation, as slowly and silently the big screens seems to crack one by one. Shadows lurk curiously, distorted by the cracks as an almost mechanical synth leads into the stutter of heavy guitar.
Red lights pulse in time as the lights flicker erratically casting light and dark chaotically, the mechanical synth returns as a female silhouette almost materializes atop the aisle drawing a mixed reaction from the crowd. With her back to the ring, the reflection of the Pride Championship reflects the erratic lights as it drapes over the back of her shoulder. Walking backwards, she finally turns around halfway down the ramp with the title slung over the back of her shoulder, holding the edge of the strap as she deliberately takes her time.
“Baby go ahead
I’ll be your hatred and your pain
This is killing us all
I don’t care if I fall
We’re the dying, we are the damned”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at this time, she is the 4CW Pride Champion… AMBER RRYYAANN!!!”
A few fans extend hands trying to get a touch of the belt as it bounces against her back. Circling the ring, messing with whichever ring crew and staff that happen to be within vicinity, she slips the belt off her shoulder and slides it haphazardly beneath the rope before methodically and deliberately sliding beneath the bottom rope after it.
“I know I don’t belong in this scene
Sex metal barbie, homicidal queen.”

Scooping the title up along her path, allowing it to drape back over the back of her shoulder she climbs the turnbuckle left handed before turning and giving the crowd her back and a cheeky smirk over her opposite shoulder. Taking a seat upon the top turnbuckle, she pulls the title belt back to the front of her shoulder allowing her elbows to rest on her knees. That familiar Distorted Angel smirk ever present across her features.
JOHNSON: ”These two look ready to go, let’s not waste any more time!”
VASSA: ”Let’s do it!”

Laroy Jones gets a nod from both competitors and this match is underway! Kimitsu comes racing towards Amber Ryan. Amber ducks under the clothesline attempt, taking Kimitsu down to the mat. Kimitsu doesn’t stay down for long, she pushes Amber off of her and gets to her feet. Kimi quickly grabs Amber, tossing her to the corner. Amber whips her around at the last second, using Kimitsu’s momentum against her. Amber pushes Kimitsu into the corner, stunning her with a stiff forearm shot. Amber connects with another, and follows up with a knife-edge chop to the chest of Kimitsu Zombie.
Amber grabs hold of Kimitsu’s arm, whipping her to the other side of the ring. Kimitsu lands hard, as Amber looks to follow up. She charges in for a clothesline attempt, but Kimi is ready for it. She stops in her tracks and lays into Amber with a elbow, knocking Amber Ryan backwards. Amber rolls backwards to catch herself. Kimitsu quickly charges again at Ryan, who ducks under and grabs the top rope. Kimitsu Zombie spills to the outside below! With Kimitsu momentarily stunned, Amber rushes to the other side of the ring. She bounces off of the ropes, using her momentum to rush to the other side of the ring. She slips through the middle and bottom rope, connecting with a suicide dive to Kimitsu Zombie!
JOHNSON: ”Amber Ryan hot out the gate!”
VASSA: ”I think you’re right, this is going to be a fight more than anything. Amber’s already looking to brutalize her opponent.”
Kimitsu stumbles backwards, hitting the barricade. The two lay on the outside, for a moment. Kimi having taken the worst of the dive, stays on the ground as Amber gets to her feet. She taunts the crowd a bit, feeling good about the match so far. Lifting Kimitsu up to her feet, she’s surprised to see her opponent ready to go! Kimitsu grabs Amber, pulling her into a bodyslam onto the outside! Amber lands with a sick thud. Laroy Jones calls for the two to get back into the ring.
Kimi takes her time, as Amber Ryan tries to get back to her feet. Laroy Jones looks on, as Kimitsu picks Amber Ryan back up to her feet. She quickly lifts her off of her feet, dropping her throat first onto the barricade! Amber doesn’t fall down, so Kimitsu grabs her again and delivers another bodyslam!
JOHNSON: ”Big slams by Kimitsu right now, those will definitely kill Amber’s back.”
VASSA: ”Not only that, looks like Amber might have landed awkwardly there.”
JOHNSON: ”She doesn’t seem to be enjoying this at all, Kimitsu is going to have to keep wearing her down if she wants this win.”
Amber yells out in pain, having landed awkwardly on her right side. She cries out, grabbing at her shoulder. Kimitsu seems to notice, a smirk as she waits for Amber Ryan to get back up. A thought crosses her mind, and Kimitsu rushes over towards the ring. She tosses the apron curtain aside, and starts digging under the ring for whatever she might find.
A rope is slid out from under the ring, as well as a kendo stick. Kimitsu looks to grab more, but Amber Ryan is back up! She grabs the legs of Kimitsu Zombie, pulling her out from underneath the ring. Amber steps on the lower back of Kimi, causing her to drop the stick. Grabbing the stick for herself, Amber begins to beat the holy hell out of Kimitsu! Kimi winces with every shot, doing her best to get up and out of the way.
JOHNSON: ”She’s favoriting that right arm right now, but she’s absolutely laying into Kimitsu. No hesitation, Amber is focused on retaining this title tonight!”
VASSA: ”Look at her go!”
A smile comes over the Amber’s face, as she brings the weapon down hard over the back of Kimitsu Zombie! The sound snaps through the air, as Kimitsu cries out in pain. Again, Amber Ryan drives the weapon down across the back of Kimitsu. Kimitsu tries to crawl back up, but Ryan smashes the weapon again over her back! These blows stop any progress of getting out of the way that Kimi hopes for. Amber is taking her time on the outside, trying to cause the most amount of damage possible to end this match.
Kimitsu tries to get away, kicking at Ryan as she scrambles into the ring. Amber drops the stick, chasing after Kimi as she enters the ring. Kimitsu hobbles up to her feet, but quickly sprints to the ropes as she catches Amber with a Sling Blade! Amber pops back up to her feet, trading moves with Kimi. Amber catches Kimitsu with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker, drilling her hard into the mat. Kimitsu stands up, clutching at her neck for a moment. Amber rushes towards her, but Kimi sends her running to the ropes. Kimitsu runs the opposite way, catching Amber with a Headscissors, transitioning it into a Fujiwara Armbar!
JOHNSON: ”Beautiful transition by Kimitsu, and she goes right after that right arm of Amber Ryan!”
VASSA: ”Well played by Kimitsu, she’s really playing this smart.”
Kimi locks onto Amber’s left arm, as she wrenches back on the hold. Amber looks to be in discomfort, but is generally alright for the moment. She stays calm, eventually being able to roll over as she breaks the hold. Kimi gets up to her feet, catching Amber with a forearm shot. Amber responds with a low kick to Kimitsu’s right leg, which almost seems to buckle it! The crowd responds, as Kimi gets back up and eats another brutal leg kick.
Amber quickly grabs Kimitsu’s leg, twisting her to the mat with a hard Dragon Screw. She quickly follows up, locking Kimi in a deep Single Leg Crab. Kimi cries out in pain, but still has enough energy to fight through the hold. Amber tries to put the hold in a bit tighter, but Kimitsu is able to slip her leg out as she adjusts. Amber tries to apply the hold again, but Kimitsu catches her with a kick to her stomach. Amber doubles over, as Kimitsu gets to her feet. She quickly moves in, planting Amber with a DDT!
JOHNSON: ”Big DDT by Kimitsu, and she’s definitely in control right now.”
VASSA: ”Those kicks hurt her, but she’s staying with her gameplan. Cause as much damage as possible.”
With her opponent down, Kimitsu looks to the outside of the ring. She smiles again, sliding under the bottom rope as she delves back under the ring. The rope from before lays on the outside, Kimi makes a rush towards the item as Amber recovers. Hobbled, but not out, Kimitsu gets back into the ring with the rope in hand. She holds it high for the crowd to see, they wait in anticipation for what is about to happen next!
Amber is slow to get back up, but Kimitsu is able to catch her in time. Kimitsu wraps the rope around Amber’s neck, catching her by surprise! Amber tries clawing her way out of the hold, grabbing onto the rope. She’s able to create some space, slipping her hand into it to keep away from her neck. Kimi lets go, battering Amber from behind with a hard Forearm shot. The Pride Champion falls to the mat, as Kimitsu again tries to choke her with the rope.
JOHNSON: ”Oh no!”
VASSA: ”Kimitsu is looking to choke her out again!”
JOHNSON: ”This is by no means illegal in this match, you have to wonder if she’ll be setting Amber up to quit.”
VASSA: ”She better if she doesn’t want to get hanged again!”
Amber quickly takes her by surprised, reaching down between her legs to trip up Kimitsu! Kimi falls to the mat, dropping the rope as she is taken down. Amber wastes no time, she grabs the rope for herself and wraps it around Kimitsu’s neck! The crowd cheers, as Amber levels her with a series of forearm shots! Using the rope, Amber swings Kimi towards the ropes, yanking it back to level her with another Forearm! Kimitsu Zombie drops to the mat in a heap, but Amber Ryan does not look finished yet. She looks out to the crowd, and grabs onto the rope yet again. Wrapped around her opponent’s neck, Amber drags Kimitsu over to the rope and dumps her over the top WITH THE ROPE STILL AROUND HER NECK!
The crowd can’t believe it, as Kimi is being hanged by Amber Ryan! Laroy Jones tries to step in, but Kimi has already been able to slip out. She lands hard on the mat below, as Amber has to climb out to continue her assault. Kimi stays on the ground, doing her best to fight for air. Amber is right on top of her though, picking her up off of the ground. She grabs Kimitsu, and tosses her over the barricade and into the crowd!
Kimitsu is barely able to stand, as Amber hops over the barricade and into the crowd. Following her opponent, the two begin to work through the crowd as they try to fight each other. Kimitsu blocks an elbow attempt, but Amber is able to follow that up with a right hand. She lands a couple of body blows, stopping Kimi in her tracks. Kimitsu tries to toss Amber into a row of seats, but Amber is able to stop that before it starts. She pulls Kimitsu right into an elbow, and then drops her with the ORIGINAL SIN!
JOHNSON: ”Original Sin connects! If this was a regular match she’d have her beat!”
VASSA: ”Too bad they’re so far away from the ring, this is going to cost Amber.”
The crowd cheers around them, as Kimitsu Zombie is laid out on the outside. Unfortunately for Amber this match won’t end, she needs to get her opponent back into the ring and get her to submit. Laroy Jones makes his way from the ring, heading out towards the two. He tries getting security to get the crowd out of the way, but Amber is already ahead of him. She picks Kimitsu back up to her feet, dragging her along as the two make their way back towards the ring. Barely able to stand, it’s Amber that basically has to drag her opponent along. Finally, they get to the barricade, where Amber dumps her up and over back onto the mat.
Amber hops over the barricade, waiting for Kimitsu to get back to her feet. There is an opportunity to create more damage, inflict more punishment on her opponent. Amber is doing everything she can to end this match. She lifts Kimitsu up to her feet, standing her in front of the turnbuckle post. Amber takes a few steps backwards, readying herself for a charge at her opponent!

VASSA: ”I think Amber is really hurt here, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Amber just ran into the ring post shoulder first, she looks to be in a bad way right now.”
VASSA: ”This is it, this is Kimitsu’s chance to take this match!”
The fans react wildly, as Kimitsu recovers just in time to toss Amber Ryan into the turnbuckle shoulder first! Amber hits hard, smashing her right shoulder into the ring post! She quickly collapses to the ground, severely hurt!
Kimitsu looks on, as Amber does her best to get back up to her feet. Amber grabs at her right arm, but she doesn’t look ready to quit. She strikes first, connecting with a Forearm that rocks Kimitsu Zombie! Stumbling her backwards, Amber strikes out with a leg kick that sends her falling to the mat! Kimi grabs her right knee, as Amber uses her good hand to pick her back up. She slams Kimitsu’s head into the ring apron, doing her best to shove her back into the ring. Nearby, Amber notices something. The kendo stick from earlier, a thought crosses her mind as she reaches down for it.
JOHNSON: ”Amber Ryan has got bad intentions right now.”
VASSA: ”She’s looking to cause some damage, Steve. Kimitsu needs to watch out here!”
Back inside the ring, Kimi doesn’t have much time to cover up as Amber goes on the attack. Her one good arm swings down, bringing the kendo stick across Kimitsu’s right leg! She tries to fight back, but Amber seems to land shot after shot on the leg. Over and over again, we can see it bruising already from the kicks earlier. Kimitsu finally gets to a knee, as Amber smashes the stick over the back of her head! She crumbles to the mat in a heap, as Amber asks Laroy Jones to she if she gives up yet.
Kimitsu doesn’t want to stay down, hobbling up to her feet as she looks out of it. Amber holds her right arm, ready to end this once and for all. She throws out a kick to Kimi’s right leg, but she’s able to catch the kick! Amber looks shocked, thinking that Kimi was out of it. Kimitsu throws Amber to the mat, quickly mounting on top of her! Kimi is raining down punches, as Laroy Jones steps in to see if Amber is ready to submit! She yells out in pain, as Kimi targets her right shoulder. Not wasting any more time, Kimi looks to lock in something as she transitions off of Amber. She quickly ties her up into an ARM TRIANGLE! Amber looks to be in severe pain, as Kimitsu has locked it in on her right side!
VASSA: ”I don’t think Amber can defend this one! She’s stuck!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh she has to be in a lot of pain right now, Kimitsu is targeting that right side perfectly!”
VASSA: ”She won’t have to worry about any pain much longer with that hold locked in, Kimitsu is trying to put her to sleep!”
There’s no escape, as Kimitsu has the hold locked in tight! With no other option, Amber is forced to tap out!

“Tattoo Ari” begins to play, as Kimitsu gets up off of the mat. Looking down at her opponent, who is holding her shoulder in pain, she begins to realize what has happened. Laroy Jones quickly raises Kimitsu’s hand in victory. The crowd begins to cheer, as he gives her the Pride Championship.
JOHNSON: ”Can you believe it, Vinny? WOW!”
VASSA: ”I was not expecting that, holy shit. I don’t think Amber saw that one coming either. Kimitsu went right after that shoulder, and gave Amber a choice. Go to sleep, or tap out.”
JOHNSON: ”We have a NEW Pride Champion, I cannot believe it! What a win by Kimitsu Zombie here tonight!”

ZION: ”Good evening peasants and peons; people like me….LOSERS!”
The camera fades into Zion holding a brand new 4CW Jobberweight Championship around his shoulder and doesn’t smile, displaying a dead panned face across the camera. He’s putting his hands together tapping his fingers together just in complete silence, something different for Zion for a change. He shakes his head for a moment before looking ahead.
ZION: ”I planned on showing up tonight on Fright Night to challenge some at the next PPV to gift a Jobberweight Championship title shot to someone random…someone I thought would be worth it, but unfortunately, I have some unfinished business with a certain Octane star after he decided to not unleash the inner beast….I’m talking about you Redd Thunder… “
Zion stands up and paces back and forth for a moment just holding his damaged and bandaged head. He takes a deep breath in not even taking a second thought at it. He glares angrily at the camera shaking his head in disappointment.
ZION: ”Let’s be frank. You didn’t bring your A game. You’re just like the rest of 4CW thinking my new found legacy as a loser means absolutely nothing. You want to shut me up and end it. You’re tired about me being like each and every one of these pathetic LOOOOSERS in 4CW trying to flounder around at their pathetic jobs, making excuses, trying to change the rules. Oh you have big ideas and you’re SUPPOSED to push pencils…fuck that. I’m just like each and every one of those loser trying to define themselves as the good worker but their just like me….JOBBERS! But you Redd don’t want me to relate to the peasants in the audience. You think I’m more retarded than your stupid ‘oden’ talk and your retarded act you play. You want MY GLORY at holding my PRECIOUS…JOBBERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP……OF THE WOOOOOOOORLD!”
Zion’s eyes begin to bloodshot for a moment as he continues clinching his title, rocking back and forth almost like he wants to put on a tin foil hat, underwear, and hide from the aliens type creeped out. He keeps kissing the Jobberweight Championship as he talks and bobs his head around.
ZION: ”But you cannot have the PRECIOUS! You cannot ruin the greatest streak in Zion’s illustrious career. I’m still oh and twelve. I still etching my legacy here on Octane before I go to the big leagues. And Redd Thunder….I won’t accept another tie for a loss. That’s why I am challenging on Octane Ten to a match where we will both have a disadvantage: a LADDER MATCH!”
Zion immediately smiles deviously as he pulls a ladder out of the corner and puts hit around his neck.
ZION: ”This time Redd, there’s no running from the win you want! Sure, you’re fat and need to make sure to not break the God damn ladder after downing 50 gajillion cheeseburgers from McDonalds…but you can squish tiny Zion and murder him. You’re the man that gravity remembers and wishes would die because it’s tired of holding your lard ass up. Hell I’ll carry your fat ass up the ladder if need be! But point is, while I’m gunna give you excercise like Richard Simmons would…you have no excuses. You can win! Or you’re tired fat, old ass will be the man FOREVER beaten by the world’s biggest jobber. And I’m not sure your bloated fucking heart can handle that. So no masks…no tricks…no fucking bullshit now Redd. It’s time to show the world how damn good you are and kill the Zion.”
Zion looks on disappointed as the camera fades to black.



JOHNSON: ”Welcome back folks! The Warzone of Horrors is coming up next!”
VASSA: ”HELL YES!!! And this isn’t even the main event of the evening.”
JOHNSON: ”No sir it isn’t! After this brutal bloodbath we still have the 4CW Championship match between Bronx and Mariano.”
VASSA: ”This match plays a big role with whoever walks away with the 4CW Championship later tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Just like last year, a contract for a guaranteed 4CW Championship match will hang above the steel structure enclosing two rings side by side.”
VASSA: ”Look at that monster! I get a hard on every time we hold one of these contests. We have two rings filled and surrounding on the outside with weapons. Things have stepped up a tad this year with the foreign objects. The ropes of one ring are even wrapped in barbed wire!”
JOHNSON: ”If that wasn’t enough, we have a steel cage surrounding it all where to ultimately win this match someone must climb to the top of the cage where a ladder is secured to the roof.”
VASSA: ”That’s the best part. This is like a ladder match in the clouds and one false move could end in a disastrous landing.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen people hanged from the ladder. We’ve seen people thrown off the cage.”
VASSA: ”Hell, we’ve even seen people hit their finishers on others from the top of the cage and all the way down to this very booth.”
JOHNSON: ”It wasn’t this booth in particular but yes Vinny, you are indeed correct.”
VASSA: ”No worries Steve. If by some chance this booth gets destroyed tonight, I made sure to have Perry have a backup for us to continue the show.”
JOHNSON: ”Well that was thoughtful of you.”
VASSA: ”Damn right! My fat ass isn’t standing for the rest of the night calling the main event.”
JOHNSON: ”But you have a chair?”
VASSA: ”And where am I supposed to put my drink?!”
JOHNSON: ”Good point, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Damn right it is!”

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be for the Extreme Championship and also for a contract which guarantees a 4CW Championship match at 4CW’s next pay-per-view… Winter Wasteland!”
The entire arena comes to life as Mike Powers’ voice echoes throughout the building.
The noise level continues to rise as the building begins to rumble.
Still rising, the noise level grows louder and louder.
The lights in the arena go dark as the beginnings of a gregorian chant begin to sound in the arena. One blood red spotlight shines towards the top of the arena as the chants become louder and louder. Viduus Morta covered in his mask, shirtless, with blank pants and boots descends from a white platform that is slowly being lowered into the ground at the top of the stage. The Chant becomes louder and louder as Viduus reaches the stage, he has not moved.
POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentleman, making his way down to the ring… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
The beginning drum beats of “Cry Little Sister” begin to play as Viduus’s breath can be scene blowing from his nostrils. A low fog covers the ground and ramp leading to the ring. Viduus lifts his head to look up to the ring and tilts sideways as he appears to float towards ringside.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

Just as Viduus reaches the Warzone of Horrors he takes one step toward the cage before letting out a bone chilling scream as he flexes his arms, chest, shoulders, and abs in a show of bravado.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

VASSA: ”Viduus or whatever form Viduus has taken just screamed like the caged animal he’s about to become.”
JOHNSON: ”Vinny, did you see his last promo? Dude was possessed by a demon or something. Even his own brother was scared of him.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think anyone is going to be intimidated by him tonight though. Let’s get this going already!”
Viduus steps into the cage, slowly making his way up the steps and into the ring.
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

The beginning beat of “Killing You Hoes” by Trina begins to play as the lights dim, only white and pink lights shine move out over the crowd.
“Ah ah ah yep yep yep
The baddest bitch is back,
I’m back part 2, part 2
I’m reloaded and I’m killin you hoes”

Genevie appears from behind the curtain with a smirk on her face as she looks around the crowd, drinking in the boos as she does her signature stripper dance, twirling around as she shakes her ass. She completes a rotation as she bites her lip and winks at the crowd making her way down the ramp.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at one hundred and thirty-six pounds! She is ‘The Boston Genie’… GENEVIE CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
“I don’t care what a bitch think or how a hoe feel
Cause ain’t nann one of you hoes payin my bills
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina buy me a crib
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina get me a whip
I know I must make a lot of ya’ll hoes sick
And all I can tell you hoes, get used to it bitch!”

Genevie carries her head high as she walks down the ramp with confidence, with slow and steady steps. As the song plays she walks around to the side of the cage, entering through the doorway and then hopping up on the apron of the ring. She adjusts her SnapBack as she blows the fans a kiss, listening to the boos get louder. This only makes her smirk grow wider as she climbs through the middle ropes, and standing up in the ring as she runs her hands down her body.
“And don’t you cross that line cause I get hot quick
And if you do it’s gonna be me & u up in this bitch
And I’m gonna show you why they call me the baddest bitch”

She does one final twirl to show off her ASSETS, rolling her eyes at the jealous fans as she goes over to the ropes and leans against them, checking her nails as the referee comes over and she dismisses him to get away from her because he is a peasant and she is The Princess. He backs off and she just continues to smirk as the music dies down.
A Punjabi tremor rings around the arena, steadily building towards an explosive crescendo that gives way to “Blood, Milk and Sky” by White Zombie. The instant mixed reactions from the live viewers and their vulgar signs hoisted in the air acknowledge the man behind the thundering echoes—’Dead End Wilder’, ‘Come Claim Me’, and ‘You’re sh!t out of Luck.’ It was clear who they invited in, albeit everything around had dimmed to a thick black except for fluorescent strobes of light spiraling around clockwork, searching the inside of the arena. Heads continuing to turn in the dark at every available direction in the search for roguish twenty-five year-old, it’s then up in a particular staircase that the shadowed contour of Erron Wilder slowly trudges down the cold steps at his own leisure.
“The siren sings a lonely song
Of all the wants and hungers
The lust of love, a brute desire
The ledge of life goes under”

As the lyrics pursue, his surly pout emerging through the touch of light. He swings his arms loosely to their sides with a hint of cockiness in his movement. This is Wilder, soaked up with an aggressive form of confidence in the midst of a crowd reaching for him on his way down. Both of his shriveled up, glacial blue eyes remaining fixated with the ring, and never turning away to give care to those calling out to him. He quickly slides over the barricade upon contact, scoffing at everyone and everything with a saucy grunt before entering the cage and rolling his leather jacket-clad heap inside the ring.
POWERS: ”Introducing at this time, by way of the Blind Alley and weighing in at two hundred and twenty-nine pounds! He is the ‘Stuntman’, ERRON WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Pacing around the mat in evident restlessness, Erron rolls his wrists and jerks his head sideways in last second preparation. A jittery smile ripping over his shady mug provided a closing gesture of how anxious he is to start swinging.
The big screen begins to flicker as “Blood, Sweat, Dust” by Lacuna Coil begins to rip through the speakers. As the fog machine starts filtering fog upon the stage, Johnny Evil steps out onto the stage to a huge reaction from the crowd in Chicago. Wearing a Billy The Puppet Mask along with a shredded Tuxedo top and a pair of full tights and kickpads plastered with Anarchy signs and Ouija board planchette’s. He pulls the mask from his face as he smirks and nods his head to the music looking around the arena for a moment. Down his face, crimson trails of paint run just from below the eyes to signify tears of blood.
VASSA: ”Johnny Evil… this guy is a creep, running around in wedding dresses thinking he’s his dead fiancee, Dahlia Black!!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Vinny!”
VASSA: ”Whatever it is, he’s fucking creepy!”
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds, ‘The American Horror Story’… JOHNNY EEVVIILL!!!”
He drops the mask to the side of him and then begins making his walk down the ramp through the eerie fog, looking from left to right. Once he gets to the cell, he walks around it extending his hand outward and running his fingers along the chain link. With a twisted smirk, he nods his head and pulls upon the chain link a couple times before entering through the cell door.
The music begins to distort and fade as the lighting returns to its original state while he slides into the ring through the bottom rope.
The lights fade out inside of the arena as “Swish Swish” begins to play and Tiffani Michaels steps out from behind the curtain. She is dressed in her ring gear with a short fitted leather jacket that she is holding with the tips of her fingertips as she looks out at the crowd of people greeting her with a mixed reaction of cat calls and cheers. She tosses her head back, letting her blonde hair fall across her shoulders, before she walks down along the ramp where some of the fans reach out attempting to brush up against her for a brief moment.
POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California… TIFFANI MMIICCHHAAEELLSS!!!”
Tiffani approaches closer to the structure before she enters. She makes her way up the steel steps, pausing for a brief moment as she looks out towards the crowd, before she steps up onto the apron and carefully makes her way through the ropes. She walks towards the middle of the ring as she removes her leather jacket handing it off to someone standing outside of the ring. The lights come back inside of the arena as she walks around the ring stretching her arms out in preparation for her match.
“These voices in my head are telling me you have to die
I obeyed their every wish
I’ll fuck your body infront of your kids
Cannibalism, I serve you up to the cult
You’re my latest dish
Picking human meat out of my teeth like Albert Fish
I’m a sick fuck pissed at the fact that I still exist”

“Welcome to Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light throughout the arena. Dakota Smith pushes his way out of the curtain, a look of disgust, and anger on his scarred face. He doesn’t take anytime to stop at the top of the stage instead just marching down the ramp like a man on a mission. His face twitches in an annoyed fashion as he mumbles to himself under his breath. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he comes to a complete halt, standing motionless with his face turned to the ground. The butcher breaths start becoming heavy, and erratic – his whole body moving with each and every breath. Then right when he seemingly gets to his breaking point he lets out a blood curdling roar, slamming his fist across his chest and walking closer to the ring. He slams his fist down on the mat and distorts his head to the side, looking out over the audience like a psychopath waiting to see who stares him in the eyes.
POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds and stands six feet, six inches tall! He is ‘The Butcher’, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
He walks along the edge of the metal cage, running his fingers across the links before stopping in front of the door. Entering the cage, he then walks to the ring before rolling in under the bottom rope Dakota plants his fists into the mat and pushes himself, the deranged almost animalistic snarl still firmly on his face. The butcher stalks back and forth in the ring, peering out into the audience once again until it sickens him. He jerks his face away from the audience and stares down the ref for a few moments, a devilish smile forming on his lips as he intimidates the official. A few soft chuckles slip out of Dakota as he slowly slinks back into his corner, his tongue slipping out of from behind his lips as he takes a seat in said corner.
“Loyal” by Chris Brown hits the speakers as Persephone makes her way onto the stage; a large and almost condescending smile on her face as she heads down the ramp.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Upper Eastside Manhattan, weighing in at one hundred twenty-one pounds and the same height as every other bitch in this place, which is five feet, seven inches tall! She is a former Fate Champion, ‘The Queefster’, ‘Marky Mark’, ‘The Ass Eater Extraordinaire’. ‘Mr. Brightside herself’… PERSEPHONE MMAARRQQUUIISS!!!”
She had been waiting for Powers to finish announcing her, hands on her hips as she stares at him incredulously while still standing on the ramp. She shakes her head and sighs, continuing down the ramp. Some men in the audience extend money toward her in an attempt to get her attention, while others even go as far as yelling their impressive occupations and positions to her. At some points, she pretends to be interested before continuing on; snatching some man’s waving money and not giving him the time of the day.
Folding the cash and stuffing it into her wrestling top.
“These hoes ain’t loyal!”

She enters the cage and then the ring, and regards the referee with a smile and a friendly greeting, before turning to her corner with an eye roll and an almost disgusted expression. She waits in her corner for the match to start, sitting on the turnbuckle with her legs crossed; back to her patronizing smirk.
The sounds of Katy Perry’s “Roar” hits as a song generally made to pump people up. Instead leads to some boos as from the back comes Carmella Wilder, the mother of Jett Wilder. Wearing some yoga pants, a sports bra, and normal sneakers her workout gear from her spin classes. Now her in ring gear as she walks out, with tons of energy. Smiling as she walks from one side of the ring, waving to the other. Walking down towards the ring with the 4CW Extreme Championship around her waist.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Los Angeles, California! Weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds and standing five feet, four inches tall! She is the MILF of everyone’s dreams and one day going to catch this di– I mean she is the 4CW Extreme Champion, CARMELLA WWIILLDDEERR!!!”
Turning up the steel steps is where it seems to get real for her, as she starts to slow down. The smile now gone as she steps through the two bottom ropes. Trying to do her best acting job by throwing up both arms in the air to seem confident. But seeming less ready to roar, more ready to meow. As she backs into the corner figuratively and literally waiting on her opponent.
JOHNSON: ”There we have it, everyone has now entered the Warzone of Horrors structure.”
VASSA: ”We have Omerta in this thing together. We have Carmella and Tiffani. Two pairs that could easily team here tonight to get an advantage for themselves.”
JOHNSON: ”We also have Persephone Marquis, Johnny Evil, Viduus Morta, and Genevie Carlson. I’d bet that those four won’t allow that to happen.”
VASSA: ”Anything is possible here tonight. The stakes are huge!”
JOHNSON: ”Just look inside of that cage. There are weapons everywhere!”
VASSA: ”There’s too much to go over. Half the stuff I can’t even make out what they are from here.”
JOHNSON: ”Alright folks, so to start things out, all eight competitors will battle inside of the double ringed structure. Two rings, one with barbed wire ropes and the other with regular ropes. The object is to survive the inside of the cage that is filled with weapons, hence this being called the Warzone of Horrors.”
VASSA: ”The Extreme Championship is on the line from start to finish. Meaning, that it can change hands via pinfall or submission without the current holder having to be the one to take the fall. This belt is on the line and can change multiple hands until the match comes to an end by someone grabbing the contract high above the cage.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s where things get risky!”
VASSA: ”Once they’ve had enough of tearing each other apart inside of the cage, then the real challenge comes into play. They must climb the side of the cage and make their way to the top.”
JOHNSON: ”It isn’t as easy as it sounds folks. This year there have even been a few tables placed around the perimeter of the cage, all wood except for one made with a pane of glass in the corner by the entrance ramp.”
VASSA: ”This is fucking insane! With all these tables here, they better NOT come near this one. This is our booth goddamnit! Break something else you selfish fucks!”
JOHNSON: ”Once someone, anyone, is at the top of the cage, there is a ladder that has been bolted down and secured to the roof. That ladder isn’t going to tip over, shift, or anything. It’s going to remain in place where a contract hangs above it.”
VASSA: ”Realistically the cage is the highest climb but from what I’ve been told, climbing the cage is like a walk in the park compared to making it to the top of that ladder.”
JOHNSON: ”Of course it is! It’s a chance of a lifetime hanging just within reach from the top of the ladder. The people in this match will literally kill for what hangs above this structure.”
VASSA: ”As we’ve seen attempted numerous times in past Warzone’s.”
JOHNSON: ”That ladder doesn’t give. It will and has been used in the past as a weapon to slam people against. Hitting that thing is like running into a brick wall.”
VASSA: ”And with it being bolted down to the top, it won’t tip over. We’ve literally had someone, Dakota, hang another competitor over the side with piano wire wrapped around their throats, strangling them!”
JOHNSON: ”There are no rules in this insane creation. Anything is bound to happen and more than likely will!”
VASSA: ”And we wouldn’t have it any other way.”
The door to the cage is then closed. Bringing a surprise element to the mix, members of the ringside crew wrap a chain around the posts before placing a lock through the links. Unlike before, the door to the cage is locked, enclosing everyone inside and locking them there.
VASSA: ”Well this is new.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, Vinny. The door to the cage has been locked ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”How the hell are they supposed to exit the cage and climb to the top where the contract is hanging?”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know, this is diff–“
VASSA: ”Hold on a second. What the hell is that?”
JOHNSON: ”What’s what?”
VASSA: ”If my eyes are seeing this correctly, I believe that’s a pair of bolt cutters attached to the cage above the corner on the opposite side of the ring with barbed wire ropes.”
The camera view changes angles to an outside shot of said corner. Looking up, a pair of bolt cutters come into focus, hanging above the corner by a fishing line.
JOHNSON: ”Wow, this is different, bringing a new twist to this. No more easy exiting the Warzone. Now someone will have to grab those bolt cutters and remove that chain from the doorway.”
VASSA: ”If there weren’t enough weapons already scatted across the landscape. Now we have a pair of bolt cutters that can be used to bash someone’s head in.”
JOHNSON: ”It is the Warzone after all. The more weapons the merrier, right?”
VASSA: ”You goddamn right!”
With everyone in the steel structure and the door secured and locked, one of the officials stands in the center of the ring without barbed wire ropes. On the outside of both rings, we have an official on each side, as well as another official on the outside of the cage. With eight people involved and unlimited pinfalls before the match ends, there must be more than one set of eyes on the action at all times.
In one ring, we have Marquis, Viduus, Tiffani, and Carmella. In the other ring, the one with barbed wire wrapped around the ropes, we have Evil, Erron, Genie, and Dakota. The head official, Larry Collins, stands in the center of the ring without the barbed wire ropes. Not even bothering to check in with each person as the answer is obvious just by them being here, he throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

VASSA: ”It’s play time!”
JOHNSON: ”And it looks like the pairings mentioned earlier are starting in the same rings together.”
In the ring with barbed wire on the ropes, Erron and Dakota join each other’s side as they stand in the center, staring across at Genie and Evil. As Omerta stares them down, Evil and Genie slowly side step towards one another until uniting and standing their ground against the opposing team. The two talk back and forth amongst each other as Dakota and Erron look on in amusement. A loud thud is heard from the other ring, grabbing their attention as Viduus slams Tiffani to the canvas. Catching everyone off guard completely, Dakota then turns to Erron and clocks him upside the head with a vicious right, sending him stumbling to the side and into the ropes. The barbed wire catches on his attire, holding him in place as Dakota then swings and connects with a right to Evil’s mouth, knocking him down to one knee.
As Dakota turns to Genie to attack, Genie quickly reacts first and kicks him in the gut, forcing him to buckle over. She then raises both arms above her head, locking her hands before slamming both down and hitting Dakota over the back with a double axe-handle. Dakota drops to one knee but instantly, he pops back up and wraps Genie around the waist, lifting her into the air and charging forward. Running towards the ropes, Dakota aims Genie’s back straight for the barbed wire wrapped around them. As they close in, Genie digs deep into his skull with her fingernails, drawing blood on the sides of his head but still unable to prevent the inevitable. Slamming Genie back first into the ropes, Dakota begins jerking her body from left to right, scratching her back in multiple places and drawing blood from the barbs.
VASSA: ”This match has only just begun and Dakota is already showing Genie why they call him ‘The Butcher’!”
JOHNSON: ”It was only a matter of time before that barbed wire was used as a meat grinder.”
VASSA: ”I prefer sooner rather than later. Luckily for Genie it was her back against the ropes and not her front. Silicone and barbed wire don’t work together very well. Or at least I’m told.”
From behind, Evil kicks Dakota in the back of the knee, forcing him to drop down to that knee as he releases Genie against the ropes. Placing a hand on top of Dakota’s head, Evil tilts his head back and looks down at Dakota in the eyes before swinging down with his other hand and punching Dakota in the mouth. Dakota falls forward to all fours with a mouthful of blood that pours out onto the canvas. Evil then begins pounding away onto Dakota’s back with left and right fists. Pulling herself from the ropes, Genie joins in the madness and begins kicking Dakota in the stomach. With both Genie and Evil working together and attacking Dakota from top and bottom, the camera angle then transitions to a shot of the other ring where Viduus has Tiffani backed into the corner.
From behind, Marquis throws Carmella into him, sandwiching Viduus between Carmella and Tiffani. Marquis then pulls Carmella aside and throws her down to the mat before grabbing onto Viduus and spinning him around. Before she can attack, Viduus quickly throws his hand up and a mysterious cloud of dust engulfs Marquis’ face. Swinging mightily, Viduus connects with a right, and then a left, backing Marquis up to the center of the ring. Lifting Marquis into the air, he then drops her down across his knee with a backbreaker! As Viduus stands, Tiffani races in behind him and strikes him in the back of the head with a forearm shot. She then steps in beside him and locks onto him before taking him down with a forward Russian leg sweep. From below, Marquis pops her leg up, smashing it into Viduus’ face as he comes down with Tiffani.
JOHNSON: ”There’s no telling what lurks behind you in this match!”
VASSA: ”With eight people, there’s always someone to attack you from behind and Tiffani showed us that just now.”
JOHNSON: ”I doubt that was planned, but great teamwork from Marquis and Tiffani with that combo on Viduus.”
VASSA: ”A forward Russian leg sweep onto an elevated knee. Talk about a rude awakening!”
In the other ring, Erron remains glued to the barbed wire wrapped around the ropes as Genie stands in front of him, laying into him with a heavy combination of kicks and punches. After landing near a dozen brutal blows to Erron, Genie then spins around and connects with a roundhouse kick to his jaw, sending Erron up and over the top rope. His clothing rips from his body as pieces remain stuck to the barbs, but his body isn’t so lucky as it crash lands to the floor below. Carefully, Genie steps through the ropes and onto the apron. Walking to the far end, she looks on as Erron slowly begins climbing to his feet. Taking off, she runs along the apron and leaps into the air just as Erron stands, wiping him out with a diving crossbody.
Inside of the ring, Evil has both hands locked onto Dakota’s head with his face pressed against the top rope. From one end to the other, Evil drags Dakota’s face along the top rope, over the barbed wire wrapped around it, slicing his flesh with small cuts as the barbed pierce into his face. They reach the corner as Evil pulls Dakota’s bloody face away from the ropes and forces Dakota to look up at the lights. Evil stares down into Dakota’s eyes, yelling with a battle cry. With a smile on his face, although a complete mess, Dakota reaches up with both hands and locks them together on top of Evil’s head. Dropping down to a seated position, Dakota pulls Evil’s head down and slams his chin on top of his own head, hitting him with a jawbreaker. Evil pops backwards into the air before crashing to his back against the mat.
Pushing himself back to his feet, Dakota then begins to unwrap the barbed wire from a top rope. Once he has a line separated from the ropes, Dakota then wraps the barbed wire around his fist and forearm. His face looks as if it’s been through am meat grinder but his yellow teeth are visible as he smiles devilishly. Evil is groggy, slow to get back to his feet. Dakota assists him, pulling him up to his feet with his clean hand. Holding Evil in place, Dakota then begins punching Evil over and over in the face with his fist wrapped in barbed wire. After three solid punches, Dakota then wraps both of his hands around Evil’s throat and jerks him down to the mat onto his knee. Stepping behind Evil, Dakota then uses his forearm wrapped in barbed wire to give Evil a gruesome crossface, violently grinding his arm back and forth like a saw against Evil’s face.
VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit this is straight out of a horror film!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s the Warzone of Horrors! It might as well be called a slasher this year with the new elements added to the mix.”
VASSA: ”In one ring we have a crimson canvas and in the other, we have a clean one.”
JOHNSON: ”These two rings are completely opposite of one another. It’s like Heaven and Hell.”
Backing towards the ropes, Dakota pays no mind to the barbed wire as he leans back against them. His body then is hit from behind as Marquis throws Tiffani to the ropes in the other ring and into Dakota’s back. Instantly, Dakota whips around and grabs ahold of Tiffani. He pulls her up and over the top rope, which conveniently for her has no barbed wire wrapped around it as Dakota has it wrapped around his arm. As he throws her down to the mat, he looks up just in time to see Marquis’ fist closing in and connecting with his mouth. Marquis then grabs Dakota and pulls him over the top rope and into her ring. Pulling Dakota up from the mat now, she isn’t paying any attention to her surroundings and before you know it, Viduus jerks her away from Dakota by a handful of hair. Throwing Marquis to the center of the ring, Viduus then turns his attention to Dakota who is on all fours and begins attacking him madly.
With Marquis down on her back, Carmella out of nowhere leaps on top of her and goes for a pin.
VASSA: ”Carmella is going for the fir–“
JOHNSON: ”She’s already the current holder of the Extreme Championship! This pin is useless!”

The official counts, even though it is pointless, but before reaching a two count, Tiffani climbs back through the ropes and breaks up the pin with a kick to the back of Carmella’s head. The kick isn’t enough to hurt Carmella, but it was enough to stop the count. Carmella then races to her feet before unleashing a furious tongue lashing at Tiffani, who just so happens to be dating her son, Jett. The two women bicker back and forth, ignoring Marquis who is slowly getting up beside them. Carmella grows louder and louder, stepping closer towards Tiffani and getting close to her face. Having had enough of Carmella now and also coddling Jett in the past, Tiffani draws back before laying a heavy slap across Carmella’s face! Carmella’s head whips to the side as she is then caught by Marquis and taken down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker.
Leaping onto Carmella, Tiffani then begins slapping her with left and right hands across the face before locking onto her head with both hands. Raising Carmella’s head up a few inches from the mat, Tiffani then slams it down, driving the back of her skull into the canvas, stunning her. Raising her head again, Tiffani slams it down a second time, and then a third time! The three blunt blows to Carmella’s head has Carmella seeing stars as she remains motionless on the mat. Placing a hand on each of Carmella’s shoulders, Tiffani presses them down to the canvas as the official slides in beside them with the count. Meanwhile, Marquis watches with joy at the sight.

Noticing that Carmella was about to get a shoulder up, Marquis then leans over Tiffani and drops her weight on her back, making sure to keep Carmella’s shoulders down to the mat with the extra added weight.

JOHNSON: ”Tiffani Michaels is now the current holder of the Extreme Championship!”
VASSA: ”That was awesome! I can’t wait to see what Jett has to say about this!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s bad enough that his girlfriend pinned his own mother but was also aided by someone he calls a friend.”
VASSA: ”This is the Warzone of Horrors, Steve! Inside of that cage, and on top, anything and everything can happen. Past alliances and relationships go out the window when the madness consumes those rings.”
And with that, Marquis then turns on Tiffani, having only helped her for a brief moment in putting Carmella down. Dragging Tiffani off of Carmella by the hair, Marquis drags her across the ring and to the nearest corner. By the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, Viduus pulls Dakota up from the mat. As Dakota gets to his feet but bend over, he wraps his arms around Viduus’ legs and then stands straight up, lifting Viduus up and over his back, tossing him over the ropes and into the other ring that looks like a murder scene. Dakota then charges towards the corner where Marquis is assaulting Tiffani while still down on the mat.
Back to the outside of the ring, Genie has Erron up against the cage, pounding away at his ribcage with rapid rights. Turning Erron around, Genie presses his face against the cage and then drags him from one side to the other, across each individual link in the chain fence structure. Pulling Erron away from the cage, Genie then turns him around once more before throwing him forward, head first into the ringside steps! Erron’s head connects with a thud as his limp body rolls over to his back. Kneeling down beside the ring, Genie lifts the curtain of the apron up and begins searching underneath the ring. She then pulls out a bed of nails from under the ring and drags it halfway between the ring and the cage. Walking back over to Erron, she pulls him up to his feet and then drags him over to the homemade contraption. Lifting Erron off his feet, Genie then body slams Erron, throwing him down back first onto the bed of nails!
From the inside, Evil runs to the ropes and leaps through them, flying through the air and colliding into Genie with a suicide dive! Genie stumbles back and crashes hard into the cage before dropping down to a seated position with her back against it. Evil on the other hand, he falls backwards before tripping over Erron and falling onto him, pressing him down even harder onto the bed of nails he is currently laying on. Luckily for Evil, Erron breaks his fall and he is able to quickly get back to his feet. Running to Genie as she leans against the cage, Evil connects with an enziguri. Genie doesn’t go down, she doesn’t fall to the side, instead she remains seated upright, leaned against the cage. Pushing himself up, Evil glances behind him where Erron remains down on the bed of nails, motionless. Turning his back to Genie, Evil then walks over and makes the cover as an outside official races over for the count.

VASSA: ”We have a new Extreme Championship holder!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right we do! Johnny Evil just pinned Erron Wilder for it, making him the official holder for the time being.”
VASSA: ”Damn, Tiffani didn’t have it for very long.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure that’s the least of her worries. I believe she was just more concerned with stripping Carmella of the championship.”
On the outside, Evil stands to his feet with a huge bag of tacks in his hands. Ripping open the top, he begins pouring them onto the floor while walking from one side of the apron to the other. He covers the entire area from corner to corner before finally emptying the bag completely. He then turns back to Genie across the other side before making his way over to her.
Inside of one ring and all by himself, Viduus climbs the corner beneath the hanging bolt cutters. Once at the top, he extends his arm as far as he can but comes up nearly a foot short. He even tries jumping, but still comes up inches short. Ignoring everything that surrounds him, Viduus focuses on those hanging bolt cutters above his head. Across the ring, Carmella enters carefully through the barbed wire covered ropes. She spots Viduus in the distance, still trying to grab ahold of the bolt cutters dangling above the corner. Racing over to the corner, Carmella throws both hands up into the air, slamming them into Viduus’ backside and pushing him away from and off of the top of the corner. Viduus flies through the air before crashing head first into the steel cage, and then sliding down and slamming against the floor covered in thumbtacks.
VASSA: ”Ouch!”
JOHNSON: ”Talk about a rough landing.”
Viduus rolls over to his side, revealing his back to be pierced in multiple places with tacks and covered in blood.
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ! I hope the clean up crew is on standby because we still have one more match after this!”
Back to the ring with barbed wire covered ropes, Carmella looks down to the outside, surveying the bloody mess at ringside from one end of the apron to the other. On the floor at one end, Evil has Genie’s head held tightly against his body with a side headlock. Racing over to that corner, Carmella begins cheering him on, clapping her hands and yelling loudly with excitement. As she jumps up and down cheering for Evil, Dakota creeps back into the same ring, leaving Marquis and Tiffani going head to head alone in the other. Step by step, Dakota gets closer to Carmella until be stands behind her just a few inches away. Raising his arm up, he taps against her shoulder with his blood soaked finger. After a huge gulp, Carmella slowly turns around, worried of what exactly may be standing behind her.
The sight of Dakota spooks her and instantly, she drops down to the mat and rolls underneath the bottom rope, catching her top on the barbed wire before she makes it out to the apron. Carmella pulls and pulls at her top, trying to free herself. Crouching down beside her, Dakota watches as he licks the blood from his lips. Extending his arm, he drags his blood covered fingers across Carmella’s face, smearing a trail of blood across her cheek. Frightened, Carmella tugs at her top even harder, finally freeing herself as the barbed rips her top down the middle but not completely in half.
Once on her feet on the outside, Carmella looks left to right, surveying the bloodied mess at her feet. Beside her, Erron stands back to his feet and she quickly runs away from him. She bumps into Evil, forcing him to release Genie and turn to her but Carmella quickly runs in the opposite direction, giving Genie a chance to take a shot at Evil and connect with an elbow to the jaw. Tripping over the various items laid out across the floor, Carmella falls to her hands and knees. Crawling, she hurries away from everyone behind her, planting her hands and knees on tacks in the process but not slowing down one bit… until she’s forced to as two feet stand in her sight. She slowly looks up and suddenly her eyes light up as she makes direct eye contact with Viduus. Standing over Carmella covered in tacks and blood, Viduus reaches down and grabs her by the hair, jerking her up to her feet.
JOHNSON: ”You can run but you can’t hide!”
VASSA: ”Carmella looked exactly like one of those dumb blondes you see in a horror movie crawling away from her inevitable end.”
In the clean ring, Tiffani ducks a right from Marquis before locking onto her wrist and whipping her to the ropes. As Marquis bounces off and returns, Tiffani takes her down face first to the mat with a drop toe hold. Marquis head bounces up from the mat before falling back down to it. Pushing herself up, Tiffani then jumps straight into the air before coming down on Marquis’ back with a double foot stomp. Stepping down from Marquis, she then runs to the ropes and as she comes back on the rebound, she hits Marquis directly in the center of the back with a running knee drop.
Realizing that the bolt cutters are too high above the corner to reach, Dakota scans the outside floor before locking his sights on a ladder. A light bulb turns on in his head as he realizes why the ladder is there. Dropping back first to the mat and rolling underneath the rope, he exits to the outside floor. Picking the ladder up, he slides it back into the ring. Before entering, he looks on the adjacent side of the ring where Evil and Genie do a number on Erron, and Viduus has Carmella backed against the cage choking the life out of her. Laughing, he waves them all off before sliding back into the ring. On his feet, he stands the ladder up in front of the corner before climbing to the top. Unfastening the bolt cutters, Dakota finally has them in his hands before laughing even louder. His laughter then comes to an abrupt stop as Genie quickly slides back into the ring and pushes the ladder, tipping it over to its side. The ladder falls towards the ropes and with no other choice, Dakota leaps from the top and goes for the apron. On the way down, his pants catch the barbed wire, holding his leg in place as the rest of his upper body falls down, slamming back first into the apron while hanging upside down. The bolt cutters fall to the floor instantly.
VASSA: ”God damn, just when you think you’re in the clear barbed wire has its way of ruining things!”
JOHNSON: ”Being on that side of the ladder, Dakota had no choice but to jump to the outside of the ring.”
VASSA: ”He almost made it to his destination but as you can see, things are now turned upside down for him!”
Tiffani lifts Marquis up from the mat and whips her to the ropes again, this time the set between both rings. Hitting the ropes awkwardly chest first, Marquis flips up and over them, spilling over onto the blood covered canvas of the other ring. The impact of Marquis body grabs Genie’s attention and she quickly turns to her before heading right over. With Genie getting closer and closer to the ropes, Tiffani takes off in the other ring and leaps into the air, jumping up to the top rope and springboarding off. Flying through the air, Tiffani catches Genie by surprise and wipes her out with a flying clothesline! With her arm wrapped around Genie’s head, Tiffani holds it in place before unloading with rapid punches from her other. Popping back to her feet, Tiffani then turns to Marquis who is slowly pulling herself up with the ropes.
Rushing towards Marquis, Tiffani lunges at her but instead she receives a shoulder to the stomach as Marquis bursts forward and wraps both arms around her waist. Lifting Tiffani into the air, Marquis continues driving forward before she slams Tiffani down to the mat with a spinebuster! Marquis stands tall and looks to the outside where Erron throws Evil head first into the ring post by a set of ringside steps. Taking off from standstill, Marquis runs towards the corner where she then jumps up to the very top. With Evil down on one knee, Erron slowly steps in beside him, pulling him up to his feet. Jumping down from the top of the corner, Marquis splits the middle, wrapping an arm around both Erron’s and Evil’s heads before slamming them face first to the tack covered floor with a double bulldog.
JOHNSON: ”Oh my, Persephone just took them both out with a double bulldog from the top!”
VASSA: ”A two for one special! Hope you enjoy gentlemen!”
Wrapping up Carmella from behind, Viduus then lifts her up from her feet before dropping her with a German suplex on a mess of tacks scattered on the floor. He stands back up, this time grabbing a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire and takes a swing right for Carmella’s head. The chair slams against the floor as Carmella rolls out of the way. Viduus then takes another swing, and misses again as Carmella rolls out of the way. As he pulls the chair back up, Carmella then kicks her leg straight, planting her foot into the chair and driving it backwards into Viduus face! Viduus stumbles backwards, still holding the chair in his hands, and giving Carmella ample time to quickly climb back to her feet. She then grabs a kendo stick from the floor and begins swinging wildly at Viduus. Using the chair as a shield, Viduus blocks each swing that Carmella takes with the chair. As she grips it tightly with both hands, Carmella raises it above her head, leaving an opening for Viduus to ram the top of the chair into her stomach. He then drops the chair to the floor before swatting the kendo stick out of Carmella’s hand and pulling her in. Turning her around, he pulls her head back and wraps his arm over her face, locking her head tightly. With his other hand, he then lifts her upside down into the air before transitioning the move and dropping Carmella on her head, on the barbed wire covered chair, with a brainbuster variation!
VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit!”
JOHNSON: ”Viduus just dropped Carmella head first onto a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire with the Awakening!”
VASSA: ”It’s called the awakening but it’s nighty-night for her!”
Crawling over Carmella’s lifeless body, Viduus makes the cover as an official races over with the count.

VASSA: ”We have a new Extreme Champion for the time being!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right we do! Viduus Morta just pinned Carmella Wilder after brutally putting her away for the three count!”
With everyone else currently occupied at the moment, Dakota has finally freed himself from the barbed wire which was holding him upside down at ringside. With the bolt cutters in hand once again, he flies under everyone’s radar and walks over to the door to the cage, the one and only entrance that was been chained and secured closed. Using the bolt cutters, he snaps the chain, causing it to slide out of the links of the cage and drop to the floor. Kicking the door open, Dakota takes a step forward only to come to a stop as Genie leaps down from the apron behind him and onto his back. Dakota stumbles to the side, slamming his shoulder against the door frame of the entrance. Reaching over his head, he grabs ahold of Genie with both hands before jerking his body forward and bending over, pulling Genie off his back and throwing her down to her back in the doorway.
Growling and looking down into Genie’s eyes with the bolt cutters still in his hand, Dakota raises them high above his head before swinging down. Stopping his downward swing, Tiffani jumps from the apron as well and throws her body into the side of Dakota, Knocking him in the other direction and slamming his shoulder into the other side of the doorway. The impact forces the bolt cutters to fall from his hand. Dakota then turns to Tiffani and grabs onto her while half of his body remains in the doorway. Pushing herself back to her feet, Genie then grabs the door with both hands before using all of her strength the swing it and slam it into Dakota. In the last split second, Dakota jerks Tiffani as he steps away from the door, pulling her towards it and before you know it, Tiffani’s forearm is slammed between the door and the frame!

A look of concern comes over Genie’s face as Tiffani screams in agony, just momentarily before it disappears and is overtaken by rage. Genie pulls the door away from Tiffani’s arm as Tiffani holds onto the other side of the cage with her hand, keeping her arm in place as Genie slams the door shut a second time!

Tiffani screams again, this time louder than before as Dakota looks on in amusement. Pulling the door open, Genie then finishes Tiffani off as she slams the door shut a third time!

Tiffani finally releases the cage as Dakota releases her. She drops down to the floor, holding her forearm close to her body while securing it with her other hand.
JOHNSON: ”I can’t believe it. Genie had to of just broken Tiffani’s arm with those multiple shots from the door.”
VASSA: ”There’s no doubt about it. Her arm is broken for sure. It had to break with the first slam of the steel cage door.”
Genie then goes to close the door but before she can completely, Dakota kicks it back open, slamming the door into her face and knocking her backwards. Genie crashes into the barricade at ringside, holding herself up with both arms stretched across the top. Stepping through to the other side, Dakota approaches Genie and kicks her in the stomach over and over as she holds herself up. He then grabs her by the hair and drags her towards the other end of the cage where the announcers booth is.
Rolling back and forth on the floor and holding her arm, Tiffani appears to be done for the night. She slowly climbs to her feet before rolling back into the clean ring. On her back, he cradles her arm closely to her body as the medical staff race out from the back.
VASSA: ”Yep, she’s done for the night!”
Entering the Warzone, the medical team rush to Tiffani to assist her.
To the other side of the Warzone, Marquis has Erron clutches tightly as he’s on his knees. Over and over, she slams her knee into his face as Evil slips away from them. Walking around the rings, Evil picks up a different steel chair wrapped in barbed wire before going for the door. Stopping in the doorway, he picks up the chain that was used to locked the Warzone shut. Behind him, Viduus hits him in the back with chair used to dismantle Carmella. Stumbling forward outside of the cage, Evil falls to the floor, dropping everything in his hands. Taking another shot with the chair, Viduus slams it over the top of Evil’s back, this time knocking him down completely.
Yelling is heard from around the corner of the cage where Dakota slams Genie over and over against the side of the announcers booth.
JOHNSON: ”Things are getting up close and personal for us here at ringside, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!!! There are multiple tables around this cage. Break those and not the booth you fucks!”
Dakota quickly looks over to Vassa, growling and just like that, Vassa doesn’t say another word. From behind, Viduus cracks Dakota over the back with the chair, knocking him to the side of Genie and his upper body over the top of the booth. Viduus then directs his attention to Genie but before he can attack, Evil rushes back into the picture and cracks him over the top of the head with his chair wrapped in barbed wire. Viduus flops forward, falling into Genie. She struggles for a few moments to free herself from Viduus before finally pushing him over to the side.
While struggling to free herself from Viduus, Genie has a wardrobe malfunction as her top slides upward, over her breasts. Evil’s eyes lock onto the sight, like a deer in the headlights. Realizing what has happened, Genie then plays into it, shaking them back and forth to keep Evil distracted as Marquis rushes in from behind. Jumping into the air, Marquis plants both feet into Evil’s back with a dropkick, knocking him forward into the booth as Genie quickly climbs on top and crawls out of the way. With her breasts swaying from left to right, Vassa is then heard giggling before he grabs Johnson by the back of the head and slams him face first between them! Keeping Johnson’s face planted firmly between them, Vassa then begins shaking Johnson’s head back and forth as he laughs hysterically!
VASSA: ”You motorboating son of a bitch!”
Genie pulls herself away from Johnson before turning to Vassa and slapping him across the face!
VASSA: ”What the fuck?!”
After adjusting her top and covering herself, Genie then gets down from the booth and stands to her feet on the floor. Grabbing her by the back of the head, Dakota then slams Genie down face first onto the top of the booth.
JOHNSON: ”What the heck just happened!”
VASSA: ”You know damn well what just happened you old geezer!”
JOHNSON: ”Wow, it still does work.”
VASSA: ”Wait, what?”
JOHNSON: ”I haven’t had any feeling down there in a long time.”
VASSA: ”Jesus fucking Christ, Steve has wood ladies and gentlemen! The blood is flowing!”
Pulling Genie away from the table, Dakota lifts her into the air and onto his shoulders. Leaving the announcers booth area, he heads for a table set up on the adjacent side of the cage. As he approaches, he drops Genie down onto it with a twisting Samoan drop. The force of Genie’s body hitting the table top causes it to break in half as both her and Dakota go through it and to the floor.
VASSA: ”There you go! Break those tables!”
JOHNSON: ”He just did by putting Genie through it with the Dovah Death Drop.”
Crawling over Genie, Dakota goes for the pin as the official drops beside them with the count.

By the foot, Evil snatches Dakota off of Genie, breaking the officials count just before the three. Dakota instantly pushes himself up and takes a swing at Evil’s head with his barbed wire covered fist. Leaning back just enough, Evil dodges the direct blow to the head by inches. Countering Dakota’s punch, Evil hits him in the gut with a right, forcing Dakota to buckle over from the impact. Jumping up, Evil locks his arm around Dakota’s head as he comes down, planting his head into the floor and broken pieces of the table with a jumping DDT! Evil then crawls over to Genie and covers her for the pin as the official begins the count once more.

VASSA: ”Johnny said fuck your pin Dakota, he’s taking it for himself!”
JOHNSON: ”The championship has shifted yet again. Now Evil has taken it back.”
VASSA: ”No one has even tried to climb the cage yet. I guarantee we haven’t seen the last change of hands regarding the Extreme Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”And look at that, the two Wilder’s have finally exited the Warzone!”
Grabbing ahold of Carmella, Erron throws her forward into the barricade. He then charges for her, dropping his shoulder and aiming it for her stomach. Rolling out of the way, Carmella escapes, leaving nothing but the barricade itself to take the blunt impact of Erron’s shoulder. As Erron slowly pulls himself up using the barricade, Carmella begins hitting him on top of his back with left and right clubs. The punches don’t seem to be working as Erron continues rising to his feet. He then stands up completely before reaching out and grabbing Carmella by the throat. From behind, Marquis hits Erron in the back with the steel chair wrapped in barbed wire that Viduus dropped by the announcers booth.
Erron releases Carmella and to make his night even worse, Carmella then kicks her foot upward, planting it right between his legs. Erron’s face turns completely red as he drops down to his knee. Drawing back, Carmella then slaps him across the face as hard as she can, whipping his body over to the side before his head slams against the floor. Carmella then reaches out and snatches the chair from Marquis’ hands. She draws back to take a swing at Marquis but Marquis has other things in mind. Balling her fist, Marquis throws a stiff right, punching Carmella in the nose and knocking her backwards, but not before Marquis snatches the chair from her hands.
Grabbing Marquis from behind, Viduus spins her around and like earlier, he throws a mysterious cloud of dust in her face, blinding her. He then snatches the chair from her hands and draws back before taking a swing for the fences. The chair slams in the side of Marquis’ shoulder, knocking her to the side and into the barricade where she holds herself up with her other arm. With the chair in hand, Viduus then begins slamming it down, ramming the top of the chair onto Erron’s throat over and over. Dropping to his knees, Viduus then covers Erron as an official comes in beside them with the count.

VASSA: ”I told you, Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”That you did! The Extreme Championship now has another new holder for the time being!”
On the other side of the cage, Evil stands tall as Genie and Dakota roll beneath him in a pile of broken wood. He then sets his sights on the action taking place across the cage and heads straight for it.
Slowly, both Genie and Dakota begin climbing to their feet. Standing first, Dakota heads for the cage and grabs onto it with both hands. Pulling himself up, he then begins climbing the cage as Genie finally stands to her feet. With Dakota just out of arms reach, Genie then begins to climb the cage as well behind him. About mid-way up, Genie catches Dakota and grabs onto his foot. She pulls down on it, stopping him from climbing any further. Jerking his foot out of her hands, Dakota then turns his body to the side before raising his knee. Kicking down, he plants his foot into Genie’s face, using her for his next step as he then continues to climb the cage. Right behind him, Genie begins climbing as well, trailing behind Dakota. Growing irritated, Dakota then pushes himself away from the cage before letting go. As he drops over Genie, he grabs her by the shoulders from behind, pulling her away and down from the cage as well. The two then crash to the floor, Dakota landing on top of Genie but both still taking quite a big bump.
On the other side of the cage, Evil rushes onto the scene, catching Viduus off guard with a forearm to the back of the head. He then pushes Viduus out of the way and takes a shot at Marquis as she stands. Hitting her with a solid blow to the jaw, Evil then moves in even closer before taking her down with a reverse STO facebuster!
VASSA: ”Wait a second, did he–“
JOHNSON: ”YES HE DID!!! Evil just hit Marquis with The Revolver!”
VASSA: ”We haven’t seen that since Adrian Tanner, rest his soul.”
JOHNSON: ”Well it made it’s return tonight and what tribute to his fallen partner.”
Evil then walks to the other side of the cage and pulls two wooden tables side by side. Lifting one up, he sets it up on top of the other. As a few continue fighting, and a few remain down on the floor, Evil then heads for the entrance to the Warzone and goes back inside of the cage. Walking to the far end of the rings, he grabs the bed of nails and then drags it all the way back to the entrance before pulling it outside of the cage. From around the corner, Dakota pulls Genie by the hair before throwing her down to the floor, against the barricade. Dakota then looks over to Evil and throws an elbow back, hitting him in the temple. Dakota then kicks Evil in the gut, forcing him to lunge over. Stepping in, Dakota locks an arm around his head before hooking Evil’s leg with the other. Lifting Evil upside down into the air, Dakota transitions the fisherman’s suplex into a sit-out spinebuster, slamming Evil down onto the bed of nails!
JOHNSON: ”Deadman Wonderland on the bed of nails! JESUS!!!”
JOHNSON: ”These two have a history involving nails, Dakota having put a few through Evil’s hand a while back.”
VASSA: ”And now he’s put a few in Evil’s back like a pin cushion.”
As Dakota stands, Viduus grabs him by the shoulder, spinning him around and then headbutting him right between the eyes. Locking onto Dakota’s wrist, Viduus then whips him in the opposite direction, directly into Genie’s arms as she lifts him up and hits him with a reverse atomic drop! Dakota stumbles backwards and this time, falls back into Viduus’ arms. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Viduus then drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. Slowly, Dakota rolls off of Viduus’ knee before dropping to the floor.
Just as Viduus stands, Genie lunges forward, digging her claws into his face and giving him a nasty eye rake. Over and over, Genie hits Viduus in the face with multiple forearm shots before slamming him back first into the side of the cage. Grabbing onto his head, she then begins ramming it over and over into the cage. With a mouthful of blood, Viduus then spits it out onto Genie’s face, blinding her momentarily. He then pushes her away and goes for a clothesline, but misses! Genie instantly turns around, barely able to see but enough to aim a kick to the back of Viduus’ knee, taking his leg out from under him as he falls forward to all fours. Wiping the excess blood from her face, she then backs all the way up to the cage before running forward. Flipping forward over Viduus, she locks her arm around his head and slams him face first to the floor.
VASSA: ”Just like you bowed down to those tig ‘ole bitties earlier!”
Genie then rolls Viduus over to his back before making the cover and hooking his leg.

VASSA: ”Genie is now in control of the Extreme Championship!”
JOHNSON: ”Once again it’s changed hands!”
On her feet, Carmella looks on, horrified of everything taking place right before her eyes. She then hears grunting from behind and as she turns around to see who it is, she screams in fear as it’s Dakota standing face to face with her. She instantly turns in the opposite direction and takes off running around the corner of the cage. Dakota chases her, a few steps behind her. Carmella runs to the double stacked tables that Evil had set up earlier. Circling them over and over, she continues running as Dakota gives chase. With the tables separating them, Carmella then climbs up them and to the top one, out of Dakota’s reach. As Dakota goes to climb the tables, Erron rushes him from behind, hitting him in the back with one of the steel chairs wrapped in barbed wire.
Dakota instantly whips around and to his amusement, sees that is no one other than his partner in crime and brother in Omerta. Ramming his head forward, Dakota hits Erron in the mouth with a headbutt, drawing blood. He then snatches the chair from Erron’s hands and jabs him in the stomach with it. Raising the chair high above his head, Dakota then swings down with it, cracking Erron over the back and knocking him to all fours. Slowly, Dakota begins unwrapping the barbed wire from the chair. He wraps one end of it around his hand a few times before taking the other end and wrapping it around Erron’s throat a few times. Turning to the cage, Dakota then walks over to it, dragging Erron behind him on all fours. Stopping just before the cage, Dakota looks back to Erron as the camera zooms in to read his lips “come on, we’re going for a ride, boy.” Dakota then begins to climb the cage, pulling Erron behind him and leaving him no other choice but to climb as well.
On her feet, Marquis looks through the cage to the other side at the sight of Dakota climbing the cage and pulling Erron behind him. Beside her, Genie watches as well and then the two look to one another. Instead of throwing down right then and there, both ladies rush to the cage and begin climbing towards the top. Both Evil and Viduus slowly come to their senses as they push themselves up. Seeing that everyone, except for Carmella, is climbing the cage, they run over to it and begin their climb as well.
JOHNSON: ”We have six people now climbing to the top of the Warzone.”
VASSA: ”Five by their own will, and the other is being pulled along like a puppy on a leash.”
JOHNSON: ”With Tiffani out of the match, that only leaves Carmella.”
VASSA: ”By the looks of it, I don’t think she’s going to make the climb. She is the defending Extreme Champion. She’s made it clear that she plans to retain. We all know once everyone is up there the bodies will begin to fall from the top.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe this is her game plan. Wait for others to crash from the top and then move in for a pin.”
VASSA: ”Exactly! She may act dumb, but that broad knows what she’s doing.”
The camera transitions to a shot of Carmella standing on top of the double stacked table with her arms crossed. Looking to the camera, she says “I’m not climbing that thing. Let them fall down to me!”
Reaching the top of the cage, Dakota rolls over and takes a short moment to catch his breath before a tug at his arm grabs his attention. Looking down to his side, he remembers Erron not far behind him. Standing tall, Dakota crouches down, wrapping the barbed wire even more around his fist. Using all of his strength, he then begins pulling Erron up the side of the cage, forcing him to hurry with his climb. Although Erron is taking steps upward, it appears Dakota is doing all of the heavy lifting.
On the other side of the cage, Genie and Marquis finally make it to the top. They remain down for a few short moments to catch their breaths before climbing to their feet. Not far behind them, Viduus and Evil finally make it to the top as well. With Carmella still down on top of the double stacked table, that gives us six total people on top of the Warzone.
JOHNSON: ”Six people stand on top of the cage with only one more thing left to do.”
VASSA: ”What’s that?”
JOHNSON: ”Grabbing the contract above the ladder you idiot!”
Unwrapping the barbed wire from his fist, Dakota then begins to wrap it all tightly around Erron’s throat. He then pulls Erron to his feet and holds him in place. With his other hand that was been wrapped for almost the entire night, Dakota then begins bashing Erron in the face over and over, not letting him fall after each hit connects drawing even more blood. Dragging Erron to the adjacent side of the cage, Dakota looks down to the floor where the glass table stands, still unused during this entire massacre. The camera then zooms in to Dakota’s face as he wraps his hand around Erron’s throat covered in barbed wire. “Everything dies!” Dakota yells in his face before squeezing Erron’s throat even harder. The barbs pierce his neck, drawing blood as it seeps between the lines of barbed wire. With his other hand, Dakota bashes Erron in the face a few more times before lifting him off his feet and holding him into the air. Positioning himself at the side of the cage, Dakota then launches Erron over the side with a choke slam! Everything then goes as if in slow motion as Erron falls from the top of the cage before crashing through the pane of glass!

JOHNSON: ”Dakota just threw Erron off the top of the cage and down through a glass table on the floor!”
VASSA: ”This is insane!”
Running from one end to the other, Evil races to the edge of the cage before leaping off! Flying through the air, he flips before coming down and crashing into Carmella with a senton bomb! The two bodies shatter the top table before falling down and crashing through the bottom table. As their bodies spill onto the floor, the roll in opposite directions. While Carmella appears to have taken the blunt of the impact, Evil doesn’t look to be in any better shape having fallen through not one, but two tables from the top of the cage.

JOHNSON: ”It appears that Carmella’s plan has backfired!”
VASSA: ”What the hell was she doing on top of the tables anyway? Wait on the floor woman!”
JOHNSON: ”She’s on the floor, along with Evil! Neither look to be in any condition to continue at this time.”
VASSA: ”Neither of them are moving! We have Carmella and Evil laid out. We have Erron deader than fuck on the other side of the corner.”
By the ladder, Genie and Marquis exchange blows, connecting with lefts and rights as they beat each other senseless! Blocking a right, Marquis then counters with a kick to Genie’s stomach before grabbing her by the head and slamming her face into the side of the ladder. Marquis then begins slamming Genie’s head into the ladder over and over until Dakota pulls her away. Throwing Genie down to the floor, Dakota then takes a swing for Marquis and connects with a right. He then hits Marquis in the mouth with a European uppercut, tilting her head back and forcing her to look up at the lights. Wrapping his hand around Marquis’ throat, Dakota then lifts her off her feet and throws her backwards into the ladder with a one-handed choke toss. The ladder doesn’t give an inch, but Marquis bounces off and falls to her side.
From behind, Viduus strikes Dakota between the shoulder blades with a double axe-handle. He then turns Dakota around and chops his throat before forcing Dakota’s head down and pulling it between his legs. Wrapping Dakota up around the waist, Viduus then takes a few steps forward before throwing him down to the cage top with a powerbomb! Dakota’s body bounced off the metal as the entire cage shakes. Pulling Dakota up from the cage, Viduus then hits him with back with back rights before pulling his head down between his legs again. Wrapping Dakota up around the waist, Viduus then lifts him into the air for a second powerbomb. Before Viduus can throw him down, Dakota begins firing away on Viduus’ head with rapid rights. Step by step, Viduus backs away from where he was standing originally, onto a separate section of the cage roof. Pushing through the blows Dakota rains down on him with, Viduus then steps forward and throws Dakota back down with all of his strength! Viduus powerbombs Dakota onto the same section of the roof as before but this time, the unthinkable happens as that piece of the roof breaks away from the frame of the steel structure.
The section of the roof that breaks swings downward, still attached at one side as Dakota falls down to the rings below. Hitting the ropes where the two rings connect, Dakota breaks them away from the corners one by one on his way down to finally crash landing.

Some of the ropes were wrapped in barbed wire, leaving Dakota in an even more bloodier mess as he lays on his back, motionless with his arms stretched to the sides.
VASSA: ”Is Dakota alright?!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure his well being is definitely on your mind right now.”
VASSA: ”I need to know if it’s safe to sleep at night!”
As Viduus looks down through the opening in the top of the cage, Genie rushes in beside him and begins wailing on him with lefts and rights. Turning to face her, Viduus grabs her by the hair before yanking her in towards him and throwing her to the edge of the cage. Genie hits the cage top before rolling over the side of the cage in front of the announcers booth. Instead of falling to her death, she grabs onto the top corner of the cage, holding on with both hands for dear life. Viduus steps to the edge of the cage before kneeling down in front of where Genie hangs.
VASSA: ”She was better off just letting herself fall.”
JOHNSON: ”No she has nowhere to go but down. Viduus has her in a bad place at the moment.”
In the blink of an eye, Genie pulls herself up and pulls a hand away from the cage, reaching up to Viduus and grabbing him by the arm. As her body falls back down, she pulls Viduus with her, pulling him off the cage and sending him over her head as he falls off. Hanging by one hand, she watches as Viduus flies through the air and down towards the floor.
Both Johnson and Vassa take off running in opposite directions as Viduus falls in their direction. Getting out of the way in just the niche of time, the avoid any collisions as Viduus crashes through the announces booth.

VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, are you okay Steve?!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m good. Too bad I can’t say the same for Viduus.”
VASSA: ”MOTHER FUCKERS!!! With all these tables at ringside you just had to fuck up the announcers booth! All these GODDAMN tables at ringside and you fucks still want to fuck up my drink holder!”
JOHNSON: ”Vinny, calm down! You said there was a backup in the back just in case this were to happen.”
VASSA: ”There is! I came prepared but that isn’t the point. Can’t have anything fucking nice around here without YOU PEOPLE fucking it up!”
Pulling herself back to the top of the cage, Genie looks ahead where Marquis has risen to her feet after being down for a good bit due to the beating Dakota put on her moments before. Grabbing the ladder, Marquis takes her first step up. Genie then pushes herself up and races over, grabbing Marquis by the shoulder and pulling her back down to the cage top. Swinging around, Marquis throws an elbow for Genie’s head but comes up short as Genie ducks underneath it and fires back with a solid shot to the ribs. Genie then wraps Marquis around the legs with both arms before lifting her up into the air. Taking a step away from the ladder, Genie then throws Marquis down to the cage top with an Alabama slam!
While all of this continues, everyone else in the match remains where they have fallen from the top of the cage. Medical staff come out from the back to assist them as the last two ladies fight for domination at the top of the cage.
Before Genie can lean straight up, Marquis grabs her by the hair and pulls her down to her side. The two then begin rolling back and forth across the top of the cage punching, slapping, kneeing, and even scratching one another. Genie rolls Marquis down to her back while on top and then connects with a fierce elbow shot to the forehead. With Marquis in a daze, Genie then pushes away as she stands to her feet. Turning to the ladder, Genie limps over to it, slowly with each step she takes. Grabbing the ladder, Genie then takes a step up, and then a second step in her climb to the top.
JOHNSON: ”Genie is making the climb for the contract!”
VASSA: ”Good for her! I hope that bitch falls through her own table at home so she can’t have anywhere to place her drink!”
JOHNSON: ”Your drink is gone, Vinny.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re welcome! Back to the match, Genie is already the current holder of the Extreme Championship and by the looks of things, I don’t think any of the others are in a position to make a pinfall anytime soon.”
VASSA: ”If she can grab that contract above the ladder, she’ll leave here tonight as both the Extreme Champion and number one contender for the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Marquis is back up and I doubt she’s going to let her get it that easily.”
Rushing over to the ladder, Marquis grabs Genie from behind and pulls her down, throwing her to her back as she lands on the top of the cage. Mounting herself on Genie, Marquis then unloads with multiple punches, pounding Genie’s face and forcing her to bleed from her mouth and nose. Standing up, she then rolls Genie over to her stomach before stepping onto her lower back. Step by step, Marquis walks up Genie’s back until reaching her head. With one last step, Marquis presses her foot down on top of Genie’s head, pressing her face against the cold steel.
Pulling Genie up from the cage top, Marquis then locks her arm around her head before lifting her up and over, dropping her back to the metal with a suplex. With Genie on her back (like always), Marquis then backs up to the edge of the cage. Taking off from stand still, she runs at Genie before sliding feet first, planting them both into the side of Genie’s head! Standing tall, Marquis then goes towards the ladder but somehow, her movement comes to a stop as Genie reaches out and grabs her by the ankle. Marquis quickly turns around and kicks her foot at Genie’s head, missing just barely as Genie rolls over to her back.
Marquis then grabs Genie and then pulls her up to her feet. With a second wind, Genie wraps Marquis up and drives her backwards, slamming her back into the ladder that again, doesn’t budge a single inch. Kneeing Marquis in the stomach, Genie then grabs her head and rams it into the side of the ladder again. Marquis drops down to her knees instantly. Not satisfied with the result Genie then drags Marquis to the front part of the ladder where the steps are. Turning Marquis so that she faces the ladder, Genie then places her head against one of the steps. Standing behind her, Genie then grabs Marquis arms and pulls them back while placing her foot behind Marquis’ head.
VASSA: ”Holy crap she isn’t about to do what I think she is, is she?”
JOHNSON: ”It appears that she is going for her Stiletto Kiss, a curb stomp but one the step of the ladder.”
VASSA: ”Fuck me! This is wrestling! When did this become about killing the other person?”
JOHNSON: ”This is the Warzone of Horrors, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I know, and I’m loving every fucking minute of it!”
Genie then pulls Marquis back and away from the ladder, with her foot still planted firmly against the back of her head. The entire arena goes silent as they watch on in anticipation. Genie then goes for the kill shot, kicking her leg straight and slamming Marquis’ head into the step of the ladder!
VASSA: ”I can’t watch!”
The entire arena gasps as Marquis manages to pull her head away from Genie’s foot. Genie’s leg straightens and her kick sends her leg straight through the opening between the steps. With Genie’s leg stuck in the ladder, Marquis pulls herself away from her and stands to her feet. Taking a few steps back, she then runs towards Genie, jumping up and kicking her in the side of the head with a shining wizard!
JOHNSON: ”Spring Deity!”
The kick knocks Genie’s head into the ladder before she falls back and then to the mat as he leg slips back through the ladder. Pushing herself up, Marquis looks up at the contract hanging above her head. She then notices signs of life as Genie begins slowly climbing back to her feet in a daze. Backing away from the ladder, Marquis waits patiently and just as Genie stands, she goes in for the kill. Running forward, Marquis jumps up and steps onto the ladder before pushing herself off in Genie’s direction. Flying through the air, she wraps an arm around Genie’s head before spinning head around and driving her head first into the top of the cage with a tornado DDT!
VASSA: ”Where’s he at?!”
JOHNSON: ”Not him, that’s the name of that springboard tornado DDT!”
VASSA: ”Well that’s good. They broke up and that would just be awkward. Talk about radio silence if that were to happen.”
Pushing herself up, Marquis looks down at Genie and then surveys the entire landscape, realizing that she’s the only person not down. Looking back up at the contract, she then begins to climb the ladder, slowly, step by step making her way to the top. At the very top, she then extends her body, reaching upwards until her fingers pinch the contract hanging above. With a quick tug, she rips the corner of the contract, releasing it from the hook before pulling it down and holding it in front of her with both hands.
VASSA: ”We have a winner!”
JOHNSON: ”Persephone Marquis will get her 4CW Championship match at Winter Wasteland in December!”
VASSA: ”She’s done it! Queef has won the Warzone of Horrors!”
Looking down at the contract, a smile comes to Marquis’ face as she positions herself to sit on top of the ladder. Beneath her, bodies remain down after fallen from the top of the cage. The medical team attends to each and every other person at the bottom as Genie remains down on top of the cage.
JOHNSON: ”Not only will Persephone challenge for the 4CW Championship, but Genevie Carlson is your new Extreme Champion ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: ”Now let’s see if she can top the sexy reign that Carmella had before he. Both of those ladies are smoking hot! Ain’t that right, Steve?!”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s just say that he’s still standing tall if you catch my drift.”
VASSA: ”You dirty old geezer!”
“Loyal” hits the speakers as Marquis remains at the top of the ladder with the contract in hand. Standing tall, she raises the piece of paper above her head before celebrating herself.

POWERS: ”Here are your winners… And NEW 4CW Extreme Champion, GENEVIE CCAARRLLSSOONN!!! And the ultimate winner of the Warzone of Horrors who will receive a shot at the 4CW Championship… PERSEPHONE MMAARRQQUUIISS!!!”
As the announcement is made, the crowd pops at who is declared the winner.
“These Hoes Ain’t Loyal!”

While the medical team below assists the six fallen competitors, Marquis looks down on them all before looking at Genie who is still down, but a runner up in this huge 4CW event.
JOHNSON: ”And there you have it. Genevie Carlson is our new Extreme Champion ladies and gentlemen. And as for our new number one contender for the 4CW Championship, look no further than that lady right there at the top of the ladder.”
JOHNSON: ”We only have one more match for the evening folks. Next up ere have the 4CW Championship match between Bronx Valescence and the champion, Mariano Fernandez.”
VASSA: ”Whoever wins this main event will go on to face Queef at Winter Wasteland.”
JOHNSON: ”You are correct sir. So far we’ve had one heck of a night. This main event is just icing on the cake.”
VASSA: ”Alright, well let’s get this shit cleaned up so we can have our main event. REDD, WHERE YOU AT BIG BOY?!?!”
JOHNSON: ”As we get things cleaned up here at ringside folks, we’re going to go backstage briefly before returning to ringside for our main event. Sit tight!”
VASSA: ”Where else would these fucking marks go! This is the best thing going on in wrestling today!”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t argue with you there!”
VASSA: ”Now REDD, get your ass out here and clean up this mess! Bring me the backup announcers booth because there bullies won’t let me have anything nice around here!”

Kimitsu Zombie sits on a crate backstage with her hair slicked back but still in her ring gear. She looks dazed staring at her hands but focuses when she notices the camera watching her. She shakes her head.
ZOMBIE: “Never a moment of peace, huh? Well after tonight let’s say the same applies to everyone else back here…”
She flexes her hands and balls them into fists.
ZOMBIE: “This morning I was dead scared of what would happen. I didn’t believe the people that say they are more afraid of succeeding than they are of failing but I think I know now. The ultimate goal for today was to make a statement. I want to establish myself as one of the people in 4CW that you get apprehensive about facing. You know you will get a challenge and you better step up your game if you want to defeat me. This is a serpent’s nest and some people will try to check you but those people are weeded out quickly. Only the strong remain. I think I made that statement today. I did what I did because it was time to stop playing games and act. I made Amber Ryan feel tonight. No matter what she said in the past we all know that she is human. I made that soul get sucked right back into that body and it expressed itself in her screams. It was giving life back to an abortion.”
Kimitsu looks to the side where the hum of the audience can be heard.
ZOMBIE: “Now you all know that I am not an imitation of the best we have here. I am the best we have here. I am only saying it now after the fact that I showed it in the ring. Comparing me to the others will have you coming up short. 4CW is all about divides anyways. Young and old. Adrenaline or Octane. We all fit in our own little categories but it is all the same. I came here to conquer it all and it starts tonight. I am not going to let any previous setbacks keep me down. Fuck all that. When I go out there my goal will be to win over all the crowd by any means necessary. Erasing Amber was the method I used tonight to show that I will do whatever it takes. If she’s worth a damn she’ll be back and I’ll just do it again.”
She gets up and steps into the camera.
ZOMBIE: “So now we are going to determine the future of the 4CW Championship and the Extreme title. I bet the memory of the Pride Title is already fading from their minds. Well I’m not going to let that happen. I was given this opportunity, my first big one in 4CW, and I am not going to let it go to waste. I gave everything in that ring and I left it all in there. My spirit is now tied with that belt. My name will forever be linked to the title no matter what. This is my purpose now. I will make the title relevant again and I will gain challengers until I have to push them away. The Pride Championship will have the following it deserves and one day it will be sought after and respected. I am at the top of the list and it was my doing. Just remember what happened to Amber when they put her in front of me. If you want the Pride Championship, and you will, look at my match and know what it is going to take to win it”
She gets up and awkwardly bows to the camera and walks off.

? ? ?: “Boston, Boston, do you have a moment?”
The sound of thudding Timberlands pounding concrete ceases, as does the foward movement of the gray hoodied, dirty jeaned, blonde man-bunned ghost of 4CW past- all of which having been aimed in a direction of uncertainty, anyway. He turns around to show his face, worn and scarred for the wiser from the harsh life lessons learned during his time in the business, and arguably moreso his time away from it. His irises are still the most sparkling of turquoise, largely due to his normally stabilizing pupils being the size of pinholes. Surrounding his ocular swimming pools, where ovals of powdery, almost pure white color used to be, a cloudier, bone colored hue now resides. He reaches up to scratch the sides of his head, his dirty blonde hair clustered toward the back of his crown bobbing back and forth, flakes of dandruff fluttering softly to rest upon his thankfully camouflaging gray sweatshirt. His smirk is feigned, a far cry from the former bright, full-toothed, dimpled, All-American beam he used to provide on command. His light blue, seemingly translucent eyes stared through Gabrial Hartman, 4CW’s senior backstage reporter.
BOSTON: “Suuurrre there, Gabe.”
Hartman, sensing his new subject’s annoyance, takes a step back. He had met the man standing just feet away from him before, but he had never felt this sort of negative energy from the young man.
HARTMAN: “Thank you, sir. Boston, you haven’t been seen by anyone- anyone in the business since you were taken out a little more than a year and a half ago on the inaugural show of 4CW Uprising, a brand with which you re-entered 4CW representing as its champion. Then, a devastating injury occurred, you were sidelined- it’s been a long time since then, Boston, does your appearance here at Fright Night mean that you’re…back?”
His smirk morphs into a slight frown, as his lower teeth reach north to latch upon his upper lip- quickly covered by the lower one. He shrugs and shakes his head.
BOSTON: “I’m here, Gabe.”
Hartman nods and motions for Boston to continue, only to be met with a raised left eyebrow that gave way to a furrowed counterpart.
BOSTON: “What do you want, Gabe? You see me here, Gabe. I’m fuckin’ here, Gabe.”
Hartman nods, perplexed.
HARTMAN: “So, you’re back?”
Eyes darting to the right with frustration a hard scowl set over his visage.
BOSTON: “I guess, Gabe. I’m back, Gabe.”
Gabriel retreats several inches, before he continues to do his investigative duty.
HARTMAN: “Have you returned for any reason in particular?”
Boston’s grimace deepens and he throws his arms out perpendicular to his shoulders.
BOSTON: “To get my Chivalry Title back.”
Hartman leans in, eyes squinted, about to inform Boston about just how misinformed the former rising star was.
BOSTON: “Relax, I’m fucking with you. To avenge the first and last loss I had in 4CW- a match I should have won- against Bronx Valescence.”
Hartman’s eyes get wide at the severity of ridiculousness this man’s sense of gall must contain.
BOSTON: “Don’t be a douche bag, Gabe. I know, I know, he’s contending for the 4CW title, and Wallace has made it clear that I’m coming back into this game at the back of the line- despite leaving a champion a year and a half ago-”
Hartman interjects.
HARTMAN: “But you never had a defense of that championship in 4CW-”
BOSTON: “What, are you Wallace’s fucking defense attorney? Fuck you Gabriel, that wasn’t my fault. Objection. I object, Gabrial.”
Unfazed, Gabrial continued to list off reasons why Boston wasn’t worth a shit.
HARTMAN: “And Uprising wasn’t a flagship show and the Chivalry Title didn’t garner anywhere near the prestige of a 4CW Title or even a Pride Title.”
BOSTON: “And if my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.”
Hartman stands back, confusion infiltrating his professional demeanor.
BOSTON: “I don’t know what that means either, Gabe. The saying didn’t really fit in this exchange. Whatever man, we have differing opinions, but the only opinion that fuckin’ matters anyway is Wallace’s. So, that said, listen. I just want to go watch some friends beat the piss out of each other and other folks I don’t really know. I have nothing left, Gabe.”
He licks his lips and grits his teeth for a moment.
BOSTON: “Nothing. I just need some familiarity. I want to see Cyrus Riddle in the same ring with Aidan Carlisle and Bryan Williams again, like back when things were goin’ good. When the future was bright, ya know? I want to watch two of my favorites, Jason Cashe and Jair Hopkins on the same side, crushing competition and doing their part to keep things interesting. I want to see how far Persephone Marquis has come since our time in Canada. I want to watch Bronx Valescence reclaim the 4CW title again, just so I can remember how close I was to beating him two years ago- and fucking revel in the fact that, even if the near entirety of anyone and everyone related to and-or who follows the promotion scoffs at the notion- other talent, insiders, fans, Perry Wallace himself- I want to revel in the fact that there’s one other person that knows how close our match was, too- Bronx, himself.”
Gabriel squints his eyes a touch and raises an eyebrow, slightly judgmentally. Boston chuckles to himself, looking toward his scuffed and worn Timberlands.
BOSTON: “Yeah…that’s what I figured. And Gabe, I want to watch Amber Ryan- who, among all of the folks I’ve met in the industry, I adore the most- I want to watch that Distorted Angel make somebody tap the fuck out.”
An off putting smile comes over his mouth, as Boston’s eyes fill with emotion.
BOSTON: “Then, I want to kill them all.”
Hartman steps forward.
HARTMAN: “Excuse me? KILL- wait- all- all- kill them- did I hear you correctly? That sounds nothing like you.”
Boston shrugs, scratches his face and neck, then places his hands on top of his head
BOSTON: “Did you know that my 4CW in-ring debut was at Fright Night two years ago? Seems like decades ago.”
Turquoise eyes dance off into the distance for several moments, before he continues.
BOSTON: “Life…time….they change people, Gabe- though they don’t necessarily change hyperbole…christ. I’m just saying that I’ve got nothing to lose, and as we know from movies like, ‘Man on Fire,’ that’s a dangerous entity to have standing in anyone’s way- just like I’ll undoubtedly find myself standing in some of their ways. And no this isn’t a movie. Yes, this is kinda real life, but there’s an unrelenting truth to the fact that a man who feels there is nothing left to lose in this world is a very, very dangerous one. Most times, he turns inward and destroys himself from the inside out, which is what I’ve done for the last year. But, what if he decides to fuck up everyone else’s life, instead? What if he made a promise to his mother, the day before she and his father passed away, that he would make a name for himself and be successful at what he does best? What if she meant wrestling was his greatest talent- and what if he knew that title, wrestling shared with fucking up people’s lives. After everything is gone, and he’s decided to keep this promise to a woman deceased- what’s left to keep him on the level? A relationship with God? What if his relationship with God has been so irreparably damaged to a point where each of their existences have been all but denied by one another. What happens to the man then, if he has nothing else?”
Boston rolls his eyes, shakes his head, smirks, and shrugs backward, as if to release that line of questioning. He was getting far too deep for his first interview back with the company- and too far removed from the character his old fans had come to know and love.
BOSTON: “Whatever, I need to shut the fuck up. Anyway, so, hyperbole, no hyperbole, yeah, all of them- with the exception of Amber, probably- all of them are in my sights. Tonight is about soaking in the past. Tonight is about basking in familiarity. Tomorrow is about…detouring a lot of folks’ futures.”
Covering his eyes with a laugh, Boston continues.

BOSTON: “Listen, I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying. That’s a conversation for another time, Gabrial.”
Reaching out with his right hand, Boston curls four dirty fingernails into his palm before reaching out and gently striking Hartman on the shoulder. He extends a curt smile and glances to his left and right, though his eyes ultimately land on the backstage reporter again. Though his attitude and focus may have changed over the course of his absence, his penchant for awkward moments had yet to escape him.
BOSTON: “I know I’d usually be the one to walk off and end the interview at this point, Gabe, but I don’t know where the fuck I’m going, pal. This place might as well have a fucking minotaur roaming around selling cold Coors Lights. If you could just walk away while I get my shit together, that’d be fuckin’ amazing.”
HARTMAN: “Thank you for your time. I’ll just, um-”
Hartman inches backward, as his eyes frantically search for a new destination.
BOSTON: “Great.”
Boston nods as Hartman saunters off, confused.
BOSTON: “That’s fantastic, Gabe, thank you.”

It was dark wherever he sat. As he usually did, Bronx Valescence sat backstage and reflected before the big match ahead. Only a camera was postponed just lower than where he sat. The sights and sounds of the arena was nothing more than a dull white noise as he stared forward.
VALESCENCE: “Many people have asked me, if I lose tonight… what comes next? Where do I go from there. I’ll tell them like I’ve always told myself. Losing is not an option, but it does happen. I’d be unrealistic to say I am going to win this match after I said that last time and got defeated. I’d be lying if I said I won’t say I quit, because everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the mouth.”
Nodding, Bronx recalled when he was punched in the mouth just a little over a month ago, which led to the next rematch with Manny.
VALESCENCE: “You know, it’s funny. I’m sure Manny had a plan when he became champion as well. I’m sure he wanted to defend it with honor, justice, I’m sure he wanted to be a stand-up guy. That didn’t happen though did it? And what does Manny do? He blames me. Blames me for his short comings. Blames me because he can’t enjoy himself on social media or enjoy his championship because of me. Because I’m trying to turn the world against him.”
Bronx chuckled.
VALESCENCE: “The dude didn’t even show up to work two weeks ago, and he’s the champion. The fact is, people like Manny are always going to be complacent with a tiny bit of success. Not me. I am not happy with just a win. I am not happy with just my name being written in the history books. I want to be the greatest 4CW has ever seen and Manny KNOWS he cannot be that. He’s already seen what happens when he is champ. Nobody gives a shit, nobody gives him credit and nobody will ever respect him no matter how much people try and spin his narrative of how far he’s come or how good he really is.”
A roll of the eyes.
VALESCENCE: “Will my career be over if I lose this? It might be. Will I just continue to be the star each and every month like I have for 4CW with or without a title? Maybe. I’ll know a lot more when I step through that curtain, but one thing is for sure. No matter what that man does, it will never be enough. He will never be respected. And I will always and forever be the champion and the wrestler this company deserves, and this company needs. I promise you that.”
Hopping down, Bronx fixed his ring jacket and then placed his gloves on his hands. Staring down at his boots for his second, he had one final moment alone before he disappeared and eventually the sound of his footsteps died away.



POWERS: ”The following contest is for the 4CW Championship and will be held under I QUIT RULES!”
The cameras pan around the arena to show the carnage that still remained from the Warzone of Horrors that saw Persephone Marquis claim the 4CW Championship Contract, and Genevieve Carlson become the new Extreme Champion. The fans continue to buzz in anticipation for the much awaited rematch between Bronx Valescence and Mariano Fernandez as the cameras focus in on Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa at the commentary table.
JOHNSON: ”After everything we’ve been through tonight, Vinny, I can’t believe we still have one more match to go and it’s the biggest match of the night.”
VASSA: ”I’m not sure that my heart can handle it to be honest. I can’t imagine what these two are going to do to each other.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen a man set on fire, we’ve seen a young woman get her arm broken. And I can only imagine what these two men, who have been at each others throats for over a month now, have in store for each other.”
VASSA: ”This is what we’ve been waiting for, though. It’s the 4CW Championship, Steve, goddamnit. And if you can’t get excited for that, what can you get excited for?”
JOHNSON: ”For sure, Vinny. And we’ve seen violent matches in 4CW before. We’ve seen Dakota Smith hang people. We’ve seen Johnny Evil and Sativa Nevaeh try to kill each other. We watched Jair Hopkins set Dakota on fire last year at this very pay per view. But I think Manny and Bronx are about to take things up a notch higher.”
VASSA: ”Lives are changed under the kind of stipulation that Perry and Jimmy decided for this contest. An I quit match. You literally have to do so much damage to your opponent that they will speak the words I quit into a microphone for the world to hear.”
JOHNSON: ”Can you imagine getting either of these two to do that? Quitting goes against everything that both of them stand for.”
VASSA: ”It’s going to be a scene right out of a horror movie. It’s going to be like when Michael Myers takes an ice skate to that kids face in Halloween H20.”
JOHNSON: ”Well…. maybe not that far, Vinny.”
JOHNSON: ”All I know is that whoever comes out of this match, they better hope there’s still some of them left to make it to Winter Wasteland. Because if not, Marquis is going to have a field day with them.”
VASSA: ”We’ll get there when the time comes, Steve. BRING US THE CHALLENGER!”
The “Stranger Things” intro starts to kick over the house speakers as the fans give their initial pop when smoke begins to fill the stage. As the remix to “Starboy” kicks in, Bronx slowly makes his way out on stage. Pausing in the middle of the stage, he turns sideways and points a finger gun towards the ring before he pulls the trigger and gives a loud, audible laugh before he continues down the ramp, a smug grin on his face as he slaps hands with hands on either side of the ramp.
POWERS: Making his way to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… he is… BRONX VVAALLEESSCCEENNCCEE!!!
When Bronx gets down to the end of the ramp, he uses one leap onto the ring apron, and then spins around, holding onto the ropes before rising his feet on the apron and walking over to his corner and using the ropes to vault into the ring. Opening his arms out to either side he spins until he bounces into the ropes and poses one time for the fans before smirking and removing his ring jacket and sunglasses, neatly placing them underneath his corner turnbuckle before leaping onto the top turnbuckle to sit.
VASSA: ”Classic Bronx with the sunglasses but make no mistake about it, he’s all business.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed he is. Going to the extent of cutting himself off from social media, and we know how much he loves to stir the pot on twitter.”
VASSA: ”Losing to Manny really did a number on him emotionally. We all saw the letters he penned to each of the former 4CW Champions. Wins and losses happen in this business, Steve, but Bronx took this loss hard.”
JOHNSON: ”Even the best of the best have off nights and slumps. All that Bronx has shown us is that he’s still human, in spite of the fact that we all look at him like he’s Superman so often.”
VASSA: ”You’re right. But tonight, I’m betting that he finds that cape and puts it back on.”
JOHNSON: ”He just might… but I guarantee you if he does it he’s not going to accomplish it without one hell of a fight from our champion.”
The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.

“Many folks they never heard of me
So i’ma introduce myself by using some hyperboles
I am that voice that talks a ton but no one chatters back
They rather act like blatters act and spaz on rappers, matter fact”

POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida… ‘THE GADFLY’ and 4CW CHAMPION… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”
“… Waiting for the day I’ll get the silence I deserve
So I ain’t talking oxen when I say, I just want to be heard!”

The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, the 4CW Championship belt wrapped around his waist, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.
“It seems like everywhere I gooooooooo
Everybody, they’re trying to steal the shoooooooow
(AHA!) So I’m here with my plan
I got to let’em hear who I am!

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!
“I wanna show that NOW’S MY TIME, TODAY’S MY DAY!

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.
JOHNSON: ”There he is. The champion under siege. Never before have we seen a man, or woman, hold that belt and be so vilified.”
VASSA: ”It’s always interesting to see attitudes shift as careers progress. There was a time when Manny was beloved by pretty much everyone backstage. Now I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would even be willing to stand within twenty feet of him.”
JOHNSON: ”And yet here he stands. Unafraid. Undeterred. A champion ready to defend his title with every ounce of his being.”
VASSA: ”The question that will be answered tonight, however, is if Manny is just a blind squirrel who found a nut once in his life. Or is he a legitimate threat and a contender that we’ve all overlooked because of his… eccentricities?”
JOHNSON: ”There’s always been more fight in Manny than he’s been given credit for. But I think he really did shock the world not only when he won the frenzy, but when he capitalized on it.”
VASSA: ”Being the unknown, or the under appreciated, is always easy. But when you win the 4CW Championship there’s a target that is immediately placed on your back. It doesn’t matter how unknown or under appreciated you may have been in the past. That title means people start coming for your throat.”
JOHNSON: ”And many are able to get there, but not keep their place at the top of the hill. Jair Hopkins and Jason Cashe are both men who found themselves with short lived title reigns.”
VASSA: ”They both have a body of work that establishes them among the best of the best, though.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed they do. The point though, Vinny, is that the climb is so often easier than staying at the peak.”
VASSA: ”As true as that is, Steve, tonight isn’t about staying on top of the mountain. It’s about bringing the mountain down on the man standing across from you.”
Calmly, Mariano takes the 4CW Championship off from around his waist and passes it off to the referee. Bouncing on his toes he stares across the ring at Bronx, who doesn’t move but stares intently at Manny as he hands the belt off. A moment later, standing in the middle of the ring, the referee lifts the 4CW Championship up high in the air and then rotates ninety degrees, and then continues the same process until he’s made a complete circle, having put the championship belt on display or the audience in attendance and watching at home to see. Once done, he folds the straps of the belt under and moves over to the ropes, handing the belt out of the ring to a stage hand who takes it over to the timekeepers table.
The buzz that had begun to pickup as the entrances were completed had grown to a shouts, screams, bellows and hollers that had reached a fever pitch. The fans were ready. And as the referee checked with both men one last time, getting the affirmative that they were both ready, he waved his arms in the air and pointed to the time keeper, signaling for the bell and the start of the match.

As the bell sounds the two men continue to stare across the ring at each other, motionless. The crowd continues to cheer for a few moments longer before quieting down, wondering what’s going on. Finally, Bronx makes the first move, stepping slowly to the center of the ring with a smirk on his face. As he gets there he nods his head up and down as the fans begin to cheer louder and louder until finally he raises both of his arms in the air. The moment he does that the fans erupt, nearly blowing the roof off of the building. For once, though, it’s not all cheers. In fact there’s a substantial amount of boo’s mixed in with the loud cheers. Laughing to himself, Bronx slowly lowers both of his arms so that they’re parallel to the mat, pointed in Manny’s direction. With his grin growing wider, both of Bronx’s middle fingers extend, his curly hair bobbing as he laughs at the disrespect he showed toward the reigning champion. In response, the fans begin a back and forth chant that bounces all over the arena.

JOHNSON: ”I don’t think it would surprise anyone to find that Bronx Valescence doesn’t respect Mariano Fernandez.”
Manny shrugs and leans through the ropes, asking for a microphone, before getting fully back into the ring. He waits a few moments letting the chants go on before stepping to the middle of the ring himself. Once he’s just a few feet away from Bronx he holds the microphone up into the air, as the back and forth chants get louder and louder. Bobbing his head along to the rhythm of the chanting, Manny smiles at Bronx and slowly lowers the microphone to his lips. As he does so he lets the chants continue on, waiting for the right moment to shout along with the rest of the fans who were chanting…
Instead of tossing the microphone, Manny flips it around in his head and smashes it straight into the curls of the challenger. Not expecting Manny to fire off the first shot like that, Bronx stumbles back into the corner clutching at his head. Manny quickly pursue’s him, throwing the microphone at his opponent which connects with a loud THUD before tumbling to the ground. Fernandez kicks it out of the ring just before he leaps and squashes Bronx in the corner. Landing after his leap with both feet on the middle rope, Manny holds up a fist and begins blasting Bronx in the forehead over and over with hard right hands. Emotion gets the best of him and those rights become rights and lefts with the crowd going wild at the sudden blitzkrieg of action.
Finally, Bronx is able to get his hands up and shove manny down off the middle rope, but Fernandez doesn’t relent, charging back at Bronx and leaping into the air, connecting with a drop kick that knocks Bronxy down to a seated position in the corner. As Bronx sits there, Manny quickly reaches and unties the cords keeping the top turnbuckle pad on. Once he had finished untying the cords, Manny ripped the pad off of the turnbuckle and held it in the air briefly, getting a loud roar from his fans, before smashing it down into Bronx’s face. As it hits the pad explodes with feathers and foam going everywhere. The crowd oooooh’s at the sight. Manny, however, isn’t anywhere close to done and bends down through the cloud of feathers to pull his opponent back up only to catch a quick thumb to the eye from Bronx, leaving manny clutching where Bronx’s thumb had connected as he backed away with his suddenly impaired vision.
JOHNSON: ”Jesus Christ it looks like when Randy Johnson hit that bird with is fastball. There’s feathers all over the ring now!”
VASSA: ”More importantly, though, Bronx bought himself a much needed breather with that thumb to the eye. And it’s all perfectly legal.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right, Vinny, anything goes all the way up to the point where someone says they just don’t want to go anymore.”
Pulling himself up to his feet using the ropes, Bronx immediately takes off across the ring and leaps into the air, throwing both of his feet out in front of him, catching Manny with a drop kick right to the chest that sends him tumbling across the ring, through the ropes, and down to the floor outside the ring. Spying out Manny’s condition, Bronx decides to take a risk and turns, taking off at full speed into the opposite ropes which he bounces off of. As his speed picks up and he nears the ropes on the other side of the ring where Manny is just getting back to his feet, Bronx leaps and throws himself over the top rope where he crashes down into Manny, slamming him into the barricade. Immediately Bronxy pops back up to his feet, shouting excitedly as he did so. He wastes no time flipping the ring apron up to begin searching under the ring for a weapon of his own. Moments later he finds what he’s looking for, pulling out a steel chair which he tosses down beside him.
VASSA: ”Here we go, Bronx Valescence finding his own toys to play with now.”
Manny, recovering, starts to pull himself up using the barricade separating him from the horde of fans on the other side. Before he can get all the way up, though, Bronx picks the chair up, raises it high above his head, and then slams it down violently into Mariano’s back.

Manny drops down to his knees as the fans wince, pulling himself back up a moment later using the barricade once more. Bronx, undeterred, raises the steel chair high above his head once more. He holds it there for a long moment, building the suspense, before bringing it down over and over again in rapid succession.

The third consecutive strike with the steel chair drops Manny to his hands and knees, with one hand reaching around to soothe the sharp pain radiating throughout his entire back. Flipping the chair around, Bronx holds it so that it’s perpindicular to the ground and spikes it down into Manny’s back, flattening him out on the floor completely. Spitting down at him in disgust, Bronx tosses the chair down and goes stomping off in search of a microphone. The timekeeper holds one out for him to retrieve, which he does and then returns to the work he had been doing on Manny. Fernandez, for his own part, continues to push himself up after taking the few moments reprieve Bronx had given him to collect himself a bit. It isn’t enough time, though as Bronx places his foot in the middle of Manny’s back, forcing him down to being flat on his belly. Returning the favor from the start of the match, Bronx hammers the microphone down into Manny’s head before shoving it into his face. The camera’s pick up Bronx shouting at Manny to “TELL THE WORLD YOU QUIT.” But Manny refuses, shaking his head no and shouting into the microphone.
VASSA: ”Oh for Christ’s sake Manny don’t say that! That’s only going to piss Bronx off more.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe that’s his strategy. Maybe he wants to get Bronx so riled up he loses focus and makes a mistake.”
VASSA: ”Look at Bronx. Does he look anything less than pissed? Tell me how many mistakes he’s made so far tonight.”
Incensed that Manny didn’t just give up right then and there, Bronx tosses the microphone down to the ground and pulls Manny up by his long soccer mom hair. He then drives a few punches into Fernandez’s skull before picking him up and dropping him stomach first across the barricade. The sound of flesh smacking against the barricade causes the fans close by to cringe, but Bronx is just getting started. He quickly hops up onto the nearby ring spring and then leaps off, driving his knees into the back of the champion, smashing him between his knees and the top of the barricade. After impact both men tumble awkwardly over the barrier and out into the first row of fans. Popping back up to his feet, the fans around him cheer and begin slapping him on the back as he bends down to pull Mariano back up to his feet. Security quickly clears the fans out of the way, giving the men room to fight. Bronx takes advantage of the room he’s given, grabbing Manny around his head, lifting him up and tossing him into the empty chairs that had just been cleared out.
Like a bowling ball, Mariano crashes into them. Some of them simply get knocked out of the way but a good number of them he hits with full force bending them and twisting them in directions they weren’t meant to go. Not wanting to get too far out into the crowd, at least not yet, Bronx weaves his way through the destruction and pulls Manny back up to his feet using his hair to lift him up once more. Keeping one hand locked onto the back of Manny’s head, Bronx runs and takes Mariano with him, tossing him into the opposite side of the barricade. Manny tumbles and slams into it back first, breaking through on impact leaving a gaping hole in the barricade. While Fernandez lays there, Bronx choses to hop over a portion of the barricade that is still standing and move back toward the ring where he once more tosses the apron up in search of more weapons. It’s at that point that he just starts pulling everything he can out from underneath the ring.
JOHNSON: ”There’s a kendo stick!”
VASSA: ”And a few more chairs. Some barbed wire that was used to wrap around the ropes before the War Zone match. Oh boy that could really inflict some pain.”
JOHNSON: ”Never can go wrong with that table that Bronxy is pulling out from underneath the ring, either.”
VASSA: ”I think Bronx might be turning into a real life version of Dexter right before our very eyes. Except instead of killing other serial killers, he’s killing video game enthusiasts.”
JOHNSON: ”Maybe… but… what’s in that bag that he just found? Look at the look on his face, Vin. That can’t be good. Not for manny anyway.”
Peeking into the bag he had found once more, Bronx just smiles and tosses it over by his sunglasses, which still rest untouched in his corner. Looking back at where his opponent was laying a look of momentary disbelief crosses Bronx’s face as he finds Manny yet again pushing himself up to his feet, refusing to stay down. Rushing over toward him, bronx stands him up with a knee and then yet again grabs him by his hair, dragging him along the barricade, around to the far side of the two rings, to where Vinny Vassa and Steven Johnson are sitting. With his free hand Bronx quickly scatters the papers and other things both men have setting on the new commentary table that had been replaced in between the War Zone and the start of this match. Valescence then takes Manny’s head and smacks it off of the commentary table.
The former 4CW Champion pays no attention to the older commentator who shouted at him and instead picked Manny up and slammed him down onto the commentary table in response. Once more Bronx stepped away from Manny, climbing up onto the ring apron for a brief moment before leaping off and landing a perfect splash across the chest of Mariano Fernandez. The look on Bronx’s face when he hit the move and the table didn’t break, though, was one of pure rage. Sliding off of his opponent, Bronx stands once more and begins blasting Manny in the face over and over again with hard right hands. Once he grew tired of that he let a loud shout of frustration loose before moving back over to the mess of objects he had left scattered around the side of the ring. Soon after he returned with a kendo stick in hand to find that Mariano had rolled off of the commentators table and was standing woozily, leaning up against the table instead.
Frustration setting in even further, with Bronx beginning to wonder what the hell he would have to do to keep Manny down for more than a few seconds, he unloaded on the champions abdomen with the kendo stick, doubling him over. Lifting the kendo stick high above his head, Bronx snaps it down across Manny’s back. Fernandez stands upright, clutching his back, pain evident in is face. Pretending to be Babe Ruth, Bronx holds the kendo stick like a baseball bat and points out to “call his shot” before pulling it back and swinging it full force like it was a baseball bat, connecting with Manny’s exposed abdomen once more. As expected it causes Manny to double over, clutching at his stomach all over again. There’s no slowing down the pace of the match though as Bronx once more grabs onto Manny’s hair and continues to drag him around the ring, this time over to the timekeepers table.
Bronx looks back and forth between Manny and the bell that set on the table, considering his options for a moment before observing the 4CW Championship as well. Seeing Manny’s name engraved upon the metal seems to set Bronx off once more. With his hand still gripping Mariano’s hair firmly, Bronx smacks his head down off the bell. It rings but the pitch is much lower than it usually is.

A wide grin appears on Bronx’s face as a thought dances through his mind. Chuckling to himself, Bronx pulls Manny back up and then slams him back down three more times as quickly as he can manage.

Letting Manny slouch down to the ground, Bronx grabs the title and holds it high above his head, pointing at his own chest before shouting down at Manny that he never deserved to be the 4CW Champion and that it should have been Bronx’s the whole time. He proceeds to call Manny a fraud before dropping the belt down across Mariano’s chest. Bronxy follows up quickly with an elbow drop right across the belt with Manny’s name on it, smashing the title down into Manny’s upper torso.
JOHNSON: ”Folks, someone is going to need to step in here soon. This is starting to get out of hand.”
VASSA: ”Bronx is just doing exactly what he said he was going to do. He was going to prove that he was the rightful champion all along. Manny put himself in this position. Let this be an example for everyone watching at home.”
JOHNSON: ”You might be right, Vinny, but there has to be someone who is going to think about his long term health. Someone who can step in and throw in the towel for him if he’s not going to do so on his own.”
VASSA: ”He’s not smart enough to do so on his own. Look at him, he just keeps getting back to his feet. STAY DOWN MANNY! YOU’RE BEATEN!”
JOHNSON: ”Leading up to this match he said he would rather die than quit. Mariano I hate to tell you but you just might get your wish.”
Sure enough, Mariano had crawled his way over to the ring apron and slowly pulled himself back up to where he was standing again. Shaking his head in dismay, Bronx shouts at him to just give up but Manny shakes his head no and beckons him on, putting up both fists and trying to step toward Bronx to continue the fight. Sidestepping Manny with ease, Bronx shoved him into the barricade yet again before swinging and connecting with a stiff right punch of his own that sent Manny stumbling and staggering away from him. Yet he didn’t go down. Instead he steadied himself all over again, using the barricade this time, and turned to face Bronx once more. Annoyed, Bronx met him with a hard kick to the stomach before grabbing him and rolling him into the ring. Slipping back into the ring himself, Bronx’s attention was caught by the bag that he had deposited in his own corner next to his sunglasses. Hurrying, Bronx rushed across the ring and grabbed the bag before turning around and holding it up in the air while Manny lay there, barely moving. As the crowd watched on, Bronx turned the bag upside down, depositing tiny little metal tacks all over the canvas of the ring.
Smiling maniacally as he looks down at the tacks all over the ring, Bronx nods his head and then shouts at Manny to get back up. Of course, Mariano was already in the process of obliging him, still refusing to stay down in spite of the beating he had taken up to this point in the match. Patiently Bronx waited, with his hands on his knees, for Manny to get all the way up. When he did, Fernandez stumbled toward Bronx on unsteady legs. As if to assist him, Bronx stepped in his direction and caught him. In any other circumstance it might have been a kind and helpful gesture, but instead Bronx caught him, scooped him up, spun and planted him directly down into the middle of the pile of tacks with a big powerslam. For the first time Mariano finally cries out in immense pain, scooting away from the tacks and eventually rolling out of the ring, metal objects falling haphazardly everywhere.
As Manny desperately tries to knock free as many tacks as he can manage, Bronx pushes himself back up to his feet and pulls a few tacks out of his own skin. Moving over toward the ropes, Bronx dropped to his back and rolled himself out of the ring. Once standing he picked up his pace to a jog and then a full sprint, turning the corner and lowering his shoulder right into Manny, slamming him back first into the barricade and digging some of the remaining tacks even further into his skin. The howl that echoed from Fernandez lips immediately afterward was heard all throughout the arena which fell silent momentarily, recognizing it as being a cry of terrible pain.
Playing to the crowd, Bronx backs off of Manny and then pushes himself up onto the barricade where he stands and poses for the fans and cameras that were on him. As he stands there and scans the audience he sees something that catches his attention somewhere out in the crowd up toward the top of the entrance ramp. Jumping down, Bronx returns his attention to his opponent whom he takes by the hair and begins dragging him up the entrance ramp toward the top of the stage.
VASSA: ”Where the hell do these two think they’re going?!”
Continuing to drag Manny up the ramp, the two eventually arrive where Bronx wanted them to go. Looking off the side of the stage, Bronx spots the table stacked with equipment that he had seen when he had been standing on the barricade a few moments earlier. Manny, unsteadily, swings once at Bronx and misses badly. Valescence returns the favor by connecting on two quick right hands. He then latches onto Manny’s arm and whips him toward the edge of the stage. BUT NO! At the last second Manny reverses the Irish Whip and instead sends Bronx rushing at full speed toward the edge of the stage. There’s nothing that Bronx can do to stop his momentum though he tries desperately. Right at the edge of the stage he nearly accomplishes it but his own weight and momentum keeps carrying him forward, sending him tumbling off the edge of the stage and down through the table that was full of various gear and electronics that had been set aside.

From the top of the stage Mariano stumbles over and leans against the structure holding up the big screens, surveying the damage that has been done. Bronx lays in a heap of cords, equipment, and pieces of wood that had broken from the table when he went through it. For the first time all match the action slows down to a snails pace as Manny tries to recover from the beating Bronx had put on him up to that point, and Bronx remained motionless, lying where he was. All around the arena fans stared on in shock with their hands on their heads, wondering what could possibly be next after all the two had already put each other through. Shaking his head, Manny seems to acknowledge the question and pushes himself away from the structure, standing up straight. Cautiously he walks over to the edge of the stage and looks down at the nearly ten foot drop down to where his opponent lies. The bravery of the champion undeniable, he takes a deep breath to steady his nerves as he backs up a few steps.
VASSA: ”What’s Mariano thinking? Steve? WHAT’S HE GOING TO DO?”
JOHNSON: ”Surely he’s not… oh god.. he’s going to.. Manny no! NO NO NO DONT DO IT!”
Opposite of what the commentators were pleading with him, Manny in fact does do “it” as he takes a few quick steps forward and leaps off the edge of the stage, pulling his knees and feet upward briefly before descending and crashing down onto his opponent and the wreckage around him with a double foot stomp. Once more the crowd explodes with cheers, amazed by the things they were witnessing unfold right before their very eyes. For his part Manny’s assault doesn’t stop with the double foot stomp, he immediately twists and rolls over, wrapping his left arm around Bronx’s head and using his right fist to pummel the challengers face. The face of the champion is a terrifying mix of rage and coagulated blood from the abuse he had suffered earlier in the match, having his head smacked off the timekeepers bell over and over again. But it doesn’t stop him from continuing the fight and now momentum has seemingly swung, against all odds, back in his favor.
VASSA: ”At what point have these two gone too far? We’ve seen all kinds of madness already tonight. I mean… Bryan Laughlin set Seth Daniels on fire. We’ve seen people try to hurt each other, and even maim each other. But these two… I think they’re trying to kill each other!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s the name of the game tonight, Vinny. That’s what they both wanted. It’s supposed to be an I Quit match but when was the last time either of them have asked the other if he quits? Has Manny even offered Bronx the chance, yet?”
VASSA: ”I don’t think so. But how much more can either of them go through, really? We’ve had kendo sticks, steel chairs, our new commentary table, the timekeepers bell, tacks, and a man being thrown off the side of the stage not just through a table but a table that has all kinds of heavy equipment on it! WHAT ELSE IS LEFT TO DO?”
Pushing himself back up, Manny kicks Bronx in the ribs a few times before dragging him up to his feet. He leaves Bronx to stand on wobbly legs with a glazed over look in his eyes, just for a moment. The break in the fight is only to give him time to put distance between them. Not because he didn’t want to fight, but because he needed room to build up steam. A moment later Manny breaks into a full sprint toward Bronx, lowering his shoulder at the last possible moment, driving it into the challengers abdomen. The shoulder tackle nearly breaks Bronx in half but Manny doesn’t let him fall, instead he picks him right up and keeps on running, full speed, until he spears Bronx into the side of the stage. Valescence’s whole body snaps back, the back of his head cracking off the side of the stage as well before he falls down to the floor in a seated position. Nearby, Manny finds a steel chair and folds it back up nicely, once more putting distance between him and Bronx.
Again, Manny gives himself a moment to catch his breath, steady his nerves, and recover a bit from the earlier assault he had endured. It’s only a few moments pause though as suspension around the arena builds, with the fans waiting to see just what Manny has in store next. They wouldn’t be disappointed. Once more, at a full out sprint, Manny runs toward Bronx, this time with a steel chair in hand. When he’s close enough Manny jumps, throwing the chair out in front of him as well as his feet. Time seems to slow down as Manny and the chair float through the air. His feet make contact with the chair just a matter of a few inches away from the seated body of the challenger, and then they kick the chair directly into the face of the challenger. As the chair falls, a large gash in the forehead of Bronx is revealed to the cameras, blood streaking down the sides of his face and his nose. For his part, Manny stands back up and finally begins to look for a microphone. The fans express their shock and what they believe may be a very real possibility through a unified chant.
“YOU KILLED BRONXY! *clap clap clapclapclap* YOU KILLED BRONXY *clap clap clapclapclap*”

Microphone in hand, Manny starts to walk toward Bronx who is in a world of hurt, blood masking his face as he rests in a seated position against the side of a cage, seemingly with the fight completely taken out of him. Fernandez kneels down and brings the mic up to his lips but doesn’t say anything. He hesitates, looking at Bronx some more, and then opens his mouth to speak. But as he does so, again, he hesitates. Shaking his head he tosses the microphone off to the side and instead grabs a handful of Bronx’s hair and pulls him back up to his feet. Slowly he drags Bronx along the side of the stage and over to the ramp, rolling him up onto the entrance ramp and following suit shortly afterward. Again, Manny pulls Bronx back up off his feet, making sure to drag him up the entrance ramp, smacking his face off the structure holding up the screens, leaving blood stains on the metal as he does so, before tossing Bronx back through the curtain. Mariano disappears through it immediately after and a camera crew quickly gives chase.
VASSA: ”I don’t even want to know what Manny has planned now. This could be over. He could have asked Bronx right then if he gave up and this all could have been done with.”
JOHNSON: ”Mariano Fernandez might have snapped, folks. The weeks and months of public humiliation on social media have apparently taken their toll.”
VASSA: ”I just… someone needs to step in. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THIS STEVE!”
The camera crew catches up just in time to see Bronx, fighting with whatever he has left in him, reverse an attempt by Manny to throw him into a door. Mariano absorbs the impact and, after half a moment of his mind processing the pain radiating throughout his body, he lunges away from the door and drives a fist hard into Bronx’s bloody forehead. It takes some precision to do so because Bronx’s forehead is not the size of the great wall of china like Phe’s is. But that’s beside the point. Manny continues to punch Bronx in the head before slamming him into the wall, grabbing him by his curly hair, and bashing the back of his head off of it. Valescence stumbles away, one hand brushing the seemingly endless stream of blood out of his eyes, the other grabbing the back of his head to check and see if it was in as bad of shape as his forehead was. Mariano’s pursuit continues, following Bronx further down the hall and into the depths of the backstage area. As the two men approach a group of people backstage the bystanders scatter as Manny shouts at them. It wasn’t a dragon shout or anything like that. But he got his point across clear enough.
Turning his attention back to Bronx, however, he is caught off guard as Bronx turns back toward him, fire extinguisher in hand, and unleashes the white foamy contents from the extinguisher at Manny. It’s enough to obscure the champions vision, leaving him wiping at his eyes and trying to see through the foamy cloud. Unfortunately for him, though, it wasn’t quick enough as Bronx charged at him with the fire extinguisher, turning the base of the canister upward, thrusting it at Mariano’s head.

The impact of the fire extinguisher with his forehead buckles Manny to one knee. Bronx charges at him and blasts him in the face with once more, laying Mariano out. Tossing the fire extinguisher down, Bronx looks around and sees an abandoned concession stand with bags of popcorn prepared and ready for anyone to take. Strutting over to the stand calmly, Bronx picks up one of the bags of popcorn and pops a few kernels of the buttery food item into his mouth. A second later his face contorts in disgust as the popcorn has gone cold and soggy. Angry that his snack has been ruined, Bronx takes the bag over to where Mariano was laying, writhing in pain, and dumps the remained of the contents over him before stomping on him over and over and over again.
He follows his words up with one more boot to the side before bending down to help Manny get back up to his feet. Dragging Manny along down the hall, Bronx spots something off camera. The excellent production crew quickly gets an angle on what Bronx is looking at. Coming into focus is a long limousine that was parked backstage. Likely the one that Jimmy Walker had arrived in earlier in the evening. Slamming a few hard shots in to Mariano’s head, Bronx then pulls him farther backstage and smacks his head off of the hood of the limousine. He leaves Manny lying there for a moment, moving around to the side of the vehicle where he opens one of the doors and sticks his head inside. A scuffle is heard, and the high pitched scream from a female cuts through the silence backstage. Another voice, with a heavy southern accent attached to it, shouts demanding to know what the hell this is all about. Backing out from inside the limo, Bronx holds one hand up apologetically, and in his other hand he has an unopened bottle of champagne.
VALESCENCE: ”Sorry, Jimmy. Sorry. She seems like a nice girl. Make an honest woman out of her, yeah? Talk to you later!”
As Bronx backs away the camera crew manages to catch a shot of Jimmy looking over the shoulder of a woman, whose back was uncovered, with rather tan skin and long dark hair that fell down to his shoulders.. He shouts at Bronx to get the hell out of there, which Bronx obliges, slamming the door to the limousine shut. The last words heard from inside the limo are “calm down, I’m sure nobody you know is watching.” Shaking his head, Bronx turns his attention back toward his opponent. Manny, for his part, had pushed himself up off the hood and had started to make his way around the side of the car to resume the fight against Bronx. As the two moved toward each other they met near the front passenger side door, with Bronx raising the bottle of champagne in the air to smack into Manny’s head. Sensing the danger, Manny instinctively retaliates by kicking Bronx in the stomach, causing him to drop the expensive bottle. It tumbles to the ground, shattering and spilling the contents everywhere. Manny, at the same time, grabbed Bronx by the back of the head and slammed him face first into the front passenger side window of the limo. What happened next seemed to surprise even Manny as the window completely shattered, with tiny bits of glass digging into Bronx’s face and falling down all around both of them.
VASSA: ”Mariano Fernandez just put Bronx Valescence THROUGH the window of a car. This isn’t wrestling, folks. This is attempted murder. This is sanctioned, attempted murder.”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t see how either of these men are going to walk out of this building tonight.”
VASSA: ”I’ve seen careers ended over things smaller, and less severe, than what these two are doing to each other right now.”
A moment of remorse flashes across Mariano’s face as he looks at Bronx before pulling him out of the window of the limo. Bits of glass scrape off the car and fall loosely to the ground while Manny shakes his head, looking at the shape Bronx is now in. And then Manny’s eyes catch sight of a dumpster and that seems to erase all thoughts of showing mercy from his mind. Dragging Bronx over to the dumpster he slams him side first into the dumpster before tossing the lid up and over, opening the big steel crate up. Fernandez wastes no time lifting Bronx up and heaving him into the dumpster, shouting at him saying “WHO IS TRASH NOW?” before moving around the get the lid and slam it back shut. As he does so, Bronx instinctively pulls himself up and tries to get out but he isn’t fast enough to do so before Manny slams the lid down on his head. His eyes then begin to search for the next thing to assault his opponent with. Nearby, Mariano spots one of the backstage workers and approaches him, asking a question that is barely audible.
VASSA: ”Did you hear that, Steve? What did he say? Did he ask for a gas can? I swear that’s what he said.”
JOHNSON: ”You don’t think he’s…”
VASSA: ”How many times have people said that Manny’s career is a dumpster fire? Oh the symbolism. I bet he’s about to pull a Jair Hopkins!”
Thankfully the backstage worker shakes his head no, saying that he doesn’t know. Annoyed, Manny lets the man go and returns to the large dumpster where he had deposited Bronx. As he gets close by the lid suddenly opens up and two handfuls of rotting, stinking trash are tossed right in Mariano’s face as Bronx shoves the lid the rest of the way open and then pulls himself up and onto the edge of the container. With Manny wiping foul, disgusting garbage from his face and body, Bronx leaps off of the side of the dumpster and takes Manny down, blasting him with hard rights and lefts for a few moments before Manny manages to fight him off. The two men then begin to roll around the backstage area, throwing punches, knees, elbows. Pulling hair, head butting each other, raking at each others eyes. It breaks down into an all out brawl as both men eventually get back to their feet. Swinging at one another, slamming each other into walls and doors, they progress without any sense of direction throughout the entirety of the backstage area.
JOHNSON: ”Are they… I think they’re… are they coming back out here?”
Moments later Mariano and Bronx emerge through the curtain and back out into the arena, the two trading blows at the top of the stage. The spotlights hit them both and the hell that they’ve put each other through is evident. Blood is crusted onto both of their faces. Bronx has pieces of glass sticking out of him. There are still thumb tacks sticking into the flesh of Manny, who has bits of trash clinging to his long hair that had been made greasy by the white foam from the fire extinguisher. It’s been an absolute war between the two men up to this point and it’s entirely evident. Yet they still fight on. Bronx throws a punch. Manny returns the punch with one of his own. Like tennis players in the middle of a long rally, they trade blows as they make their way down the entrance ramp, each one swinging to take the others head off and just not quite being able to do it.
When they get to the bottom of the entrance ramp Mariano brings a knee up into the stomach of his opponent, doubling him over. Dragging Bronx along by his hair, Manny stands him up with a hard knife edged chop along the side of the two rings. Locking onto Bronx’s arm, Mariano attempts to irish whip Bronx into the steel turnbuckle post of the second ring but Bronx reverses and throws Mariano into it as well.

Dropping to a knee, Bronx takes a moment to rest and recover, plucking pieces of glass that were bothering him from his flesh before standing back up and moving toward his opponent. Fatigue beginning to show, Bronx pulls Manny away from the turnbuckle post and rolls him into the ring, sighing heavily and rolling in after him. Slowly Bronx climbs back to his feet, staring down at Mariano, clearly wondering what he’s going to have to do to get the man to give up and reclaim the championship that he so desperately wants to have for himself once more. Taking a deep breath of air into his lungs, Bronx shakes his head and then bends down, pulling Manny up partially before shoving his head down between his legs. Extending both arms out, Bronx shouts at the crowd “IT ME!” before reaching down and pulling Mariano upward, heaving him up onto his shoulders and slamming him down to the mat with a beautiful power bomb. Surely it had to have taken all of his energy to execute it.
JOHNSON: ”WAIT! He’s not done. He’s going for another one!”
Sure enough, Bronx held on to Manny and what strength he had left to lift Manny back up into the air and slam him back down to the mat with a second power bomb.
JOHNSON: ”No… not two…”
Yet again Bronx heaved Manny up onto his shoulders, slamming him back down to the mat with a third consecutive power bomb.
VASSA: ”Not one… not two…. NOT THREE?!”
Sure enough, Bronx once more heaved Manny up onto his shoulders, this time holding him there for a brief moment before lifting him up even higher into the air. With all the might that he could muster, Bronx slammed Mariano down towards the canvas.
Standing in the ring, staring down at the hole right in the middle where Manny’s body had gone through, Bronx seems shocked by what had just happened. Frozen in the moment, he stares down at Manny’s body with his hands on his hips, his chest rising and falling with each heavy, deep breath he takes. Certain that there was no way that Mariano wouldn’t give up now, Bronx finally moves, dropping to his back to roll out of the ring and retrieve one of the microphones that had been used earlier. Taking his time, Bronx twirls the microphone between his fingers, rolling himself back into the ring and then crawling down into the small canyon that Manny’s body has made. Unsurprisingly, Manny isn’t just laying there, he’s trying to will himself back up to his feet and out of the hole he had been power bombed into. Bronx is having none of it blasting Manny in the head with the microphone before shouting at him to give up and quit. Shaking his head, Manny speaks into the microphone with a tired smile on his face. His words ring out loudly over the speakers through the entire arena.
FERNANDEZ: “I’ll never quit. WE. FIGHT. TO. THE. DEATH!”
The crowd erupts approvingly but Bronx is having none of it. Waylaying Manny with more punches and elbows, determined to beat the fight and the will to go on out of him. But with each strike Manny’s smile only grows wider as the crowd cheers approvingly and begins to chant at Bronx.

Slamming his fists down angrily, Bronx pulls himself out of the canyon in the center of the second ring and rolls himself down, dropping to the outside where weapons lay scattered all over the place. He looks at a roll of barbed wire and for a moment seems to consider using that. Instead, though, he spots the table that he had pulled out from under the ring earlier and decides that’s more what he’s looking for. Bending down, he winces in pain before lifting the table up, carrying it over to the first ring where he slides it under the bottom rope. Rolling himself into the first ring, Bronx then picks up the table and takes a moment to set it up in the corner. Content with its placement, Bronx quickly switches rings and drops down to pull Manny out of the hole he had been power bombed into. Fernandez, as he’s pulled up, drops down to a knee, his legs unable to support his own weight for the moment.
Sighing, Bronx hoists him fully up onto his shoulders and carries him over, out of the second ring and into the first ring, tossing his body down against the table that he had set up in the corner only moments earlier. Manny, in a completely dazed state, leans back and forth, his head rolling from left to right, his eyes blinking trying to get some clarity back but it’s obvious he’s not in good shape at all. Bronx, meanwhile, positions himself across the ring. All other stops have been pulled out up to this point, and so out of desperation Bronx takes off at a full sprint and throws his body forward, at the spot where Manny was leaning against the table, looking to spear him through the wooden object.

Whether by sheer, dumb luck or intent, Mariano managed to slip off of the table at the last second and roll away, leaving Bronx to go crashing through his second table of the night. Both men once again find themselves down, motionless, and completely out of it. The entire arena turned into a battlefield and the wreckage from their war evident everywhere. There’s still tacks scattered about the ring. Blood stains the canvas both men, and from others earlier in the evening. The scene is one of pure carnage and the fans are loving every single second of it. It’s like watching two gladiators go toe to toe in the middle of the Roman Coliseum. Only it seems like Bronx and Manny were trying to make those battles look like children games.
JOHNSON: ”Someone get the paramedics out here!”
VASSA: ”As much as I want to agree, Steve, the match isn’t over yet. Neither one of these men have quit, yet.”
JOHNSON: ”And they won’t until their heart stops beating. Bronx has gone through a car window and two tables. Mariano has been powerbombed through the ring and absorbed countless blows to the head with various weapons, not to mention all those tacks. They’ve both lost an immense amount of blood. Neither man is thinking clearly right now, Vinny. Someone has to step in for them.”
VASSA: ”They knew what they were getting into when they signed their names on the contract, Steve. It’s carnage, but clearly both men knew what to expect coming in.”
JOHNSON: ”I’ve just… truly… never seen anything like this. I didn’t think I would ever see anything more violent than what Johnny Evil and Sativa did to each other last year.”
VASSA: ”Yet here we are. The main event of an evening filled with match of the year potential bouts. And they’re putting the cherry on top of it all.”
JOHNSON: ”How can you enjoy watching this, Vinny? Neither man has moved in the last two minutes. I can’t even tell if they’re both still breathing!”
Mariano is the first to start to move, pulling himself partially up using the bottom rope before giving up and dropping back down to the canvas where he rolls himself out of the ring and down to the outside. As Manny drops to the outside of the ring, Bronx begins to move, pulling himself out of the rubble of broken table. He manages to stand for a moment and spots Manny outside of the ring. Pursuing the champion, Bronx drops down and rolls out of the ring as well only to catch a european uppercut straight to the jaw as soon as his feet hit the floor. The force of the blow surprises him and torques his head to the side, his whole body twisting as he dropped down to one knee. Manny, steadying himself against the side of the ring, moves toward Bronx. At the same time Bronx’s hand searches under the ring and latches on to something. Spinning back toward Manny, Bronx pulls the object upward and swings with all of his might, cracking Mariano right in the temple with it as he did so. The impact of the blow knocks Manny down to his back and once again opens up the wound that had clotted earlier in the match.
JOHNSON: ”Are those bolt cutters?! Where the hell are they finding this stuff?!”
VASSA: ”Those must be the same bolt cutters used during the Warzone to cut the chain from the cage.”
Scowling down at the fallen body of Mariano Fernandez, Bronx then turns his attention upward toward the roof of the building where the cell that had been used for the tag team match and the war zone still hangs, suspended above the ring. Leaving Manny where he was, for the first time all night not trying to get back to his feet, Bronx moves around the rings to the timekeepers table and starts barking orders at them. When they shrug and tell him they don’t know whats going on he snorts derisively at the people before moving over to the commentary booth, shouting at Vinny and Steve.
VALESCENCE: ”Tell them to lower the cage!”
VASSA: ”Lower the? WHAT?!”
JOHNSON: ”Bronx we can’t do that. We don’t control that stuff.”
Holding their hands up in the air unsure of what to do, the two commentators look dumbfounded. A moment later, though, someone on the other end of their headsets must have had the authority to give Bronx what he wanted as the cell begins to lower down slowly. Happy to be getting his way, Bronx moved back around the ring to where Manny was still lying, his hands pulled up to his head as the cell lowered down closer and closer to him. Finally, the fans began to realize what was going on and began to shout at Manny, pleading with him to move. But the battle he had been through had worn him down and left him struggling to move at all. Inch by inch the cell crept closer and closer down to the ground until finally the base of it pressed down against Manny. Discomfort twisted the expression of Fernandez as the weight of the cell pressed down upon him, pinning him there with nowhere to go. Kneeling down, Bronx picked up a microphone that was nearby and shoved it into Manny’s face, demanding that he quit.
Unhinged, Bronx stands and kicks at the barricade near by, shouting at the fans before turning to pick up a steel chair that was laying at ringside. With the chair in his hands, Bronx turned toward Mariano and slammed the weapon down onto his face. Groaning, some of the fans nearby turned away from the sight but Bronx was undeterred. Over and over again he smashed the steel chair down onto Mariano’s face. Once more, Bronx grabbed the microphone and shoved it into Mariano’s face
A wry smile crossed the battered face of Mariano as he shook his head no. Angrily, Bronx tossed the microphone down to the ground. It came to rest a few inches away from Manny’s head. Once more Bronx retrieved the chair he had been using and lifted it high above his head. Just as he was about to slam the chair back down all over again, Manny’s head tilted to the side as his eyes closed, bracing for the impact from the chair. And yet… his words halted the assault of Bronx Valescence in their place. Though they were barely above a whisper, the microphone picked up on them loud and clear.
FERNANDEZ: “I…. quit….”

JOHNSON: ”Thank god… it’s finally over….”
Bronx drops the chair down to the ground and stumbles backward, fatigue fully setting in as his back rests against the barricade and he slips down to a seated position. His eyes stare at Mariano as the cell is raised back up. From the backstage area medical personnel sprint down to ringside to check on both men but Bronx shoves them away from himself, still staring directly at Mariano. His jaw drops slightly as Manny, without the assistance of the medics who want to check on him, begins to sit back up. The referee who had been following the two men around throughout the entirety of the match finally brings the 4CW Championship over to Bronx, handing it to him but Bronx doesn’t move. He just stares ahead as Powers announces the result of the match.
There’s little reaction from the crowd at the announcement of the victory, and no reaction from Bronx who watches Mariano, dumbfounded that the man can even get back to his feet. As Manny rolls himself back into the ring he hears the announcement of his defeat and gets up to his feet, but his head is hanging in disappointment. He’s battered, he’s bloodied, he’s wounded and he’s no longer 4CW Champion. It’s a somber mood that the man with undoubtedly the biggest heart in all of 4CW has as he stands before the fans whom he has constantly fought for and remained unchanged even when the world turned on him to mock and belittle him. Shaking his head in dismay, Manny looks upward at the fans, sadness in his eyes.
For his part, Bronx finally pushes himself up off of the floor, wincing and groaning a bit as he does so, shifting the 4CW title so that it rests on his shoulder. A moment later he and Mariano make eye contact and the two men remain frozen for what seems like an eternity, staring at each other. Finally, Bronx nods his head, seemingly seeing manny for the first time as an actual human being. Out of respect, Bronx doesn’t celebrate. He doesn’t play to the fans. Instead he limps slowly towards the ramp and begins to back up it, leaving Manny to have his moment, clearly feeling that the now former 4CW Champion had earned his respect. The fans agree as their chants pick up once more, this time fully in support of Mariano Fernandez.

JOHNSON: ”I think the fans are saying it best right now don’t you. Bronx Valescence might be the new 4CW Champion, but Mariano Fernandez has earned and established himself as one who was deserving of that title.”
VASSA: ”I just don’t know how he’s still standing. I don’t know how Bronx is still standing. What a match. What an unbelievable fucking war.”
JOHNSON: ”What an unbelievable show, to be honest. Every single title that was up for grabs tonight has a new owner. I’m not sure we’ve ever had a show where that’s the case, can you remember any, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”Octane and Adrenaline went back and forth tonight, battling for brand supremacy and I have to admit the Octane roster kicked things off right with that Inferno match between Seth Daniels and Bryan Laughlin.”
JOHNSON: ”Who knew then that the night would only get crazier AFTER Bryan Laughlin was no longer on air? Congratulations to him though on a well earned victory but that clown bit needs to go.”
VASSA: ”Indeed, and Octane kept up the momentum in what was surely the biggest shock moment of the evening when American Tommy emerged from the Fate Championship gauntlet match as the new Fate champion.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think anyone picked him to win. I don’t think anyone picked anyone besides Ana to win, really. Not with the roll she’s been on lately. You know she’s got to be disappointed but I think bigger and better things await her here in 4CW”
VASSA: ”Adrenaline fired back, though with one hell of a match between Hostile Takeover and the now former champions, World$tar.”
JOHNSON: ”It was our very first ever tag team caged ladder match and it was an unforgettable one for sure. And for the first time ever I don’t think Wrigley will be wanting to sue anyone tonight.”
VASSA: ”Maybe not, but that win and that tag match really swung the momentum back in favor of the Adrenaline brand and boy, our roster would really spend the rest of the evening proving just why Adrenaline is the envy of the wrestling world.”
JOHNSON: ”You know some of Team Octane has to be feeling a bit disappointed after their showing in the War Games match but lets be honest. They were at each others throats in the build up to this match and what we watched unfold is exactly what I think all of us probably expected.”
VASSA: ”Going against what many of us expected, though, was the Pride Championship match. Kimitsu Zombie is a hell of a talent but I don’t think anyone really, truly believed that tonight was her moment. I think most expected it to be a learning experience for her against the veteran Amber Ryan.”
JOHNSON: ”Certainly. Amber Ryan is a proven, grizzled veteran of the wrestling ring and held the Pride Championship with honor. You have to imagine she’ll be invoking her rematch clause at Winter Wasteland, right?”
VASSA: ”You never know what to expect in 4CW and I’ll tell you what, Steve. The Warzone proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt once again. I think for the fourth straight year you’ll see this match being named the match of the year.”
JOHNSON: ”Last year so many people said that this was going to be Jason P. Davidsons crowning moment and he came up short. This year a number of people said it was going to be either Persephone Marquis or Genevie Carlson’s crowning moment. Who could have guessed it would be both?”
VASSA: ”Finally. Finally the world will get to see Marquis in the 4CW Championship picture, having won the contract. But goddamn if Genie didn’t establish herself as truly the baddest, most violent bitch in 4CW. She broke her best friends sisters arm.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen her do a number before on Synnum De La Cruz and Mya Denton-King. She’s proved she’s ruthless in the past. Now she’s got the championship to go along with that insane level of bloodlust that she displays at times.”
VASSA: ”And then there was the main event…”
JOHNSON: ”What did you say Vinny? The main event?”
VASSA: ”Jesus these fans are getting loud. I can hardly hear myself think. Let’s just sign off.”
Unable to do their signature sign off, Vassa and Johnson fall quiet as the fans chanting becomes so loud that the duo can’t even hear themselves talk. Inside the ring, Manny stands and absorbs the moment. He raises his right fist in the air in appreciation of the fans support with tears in his eyes. Slowly the scene begins to fade, the 4CW logo flashing over the screen and nothing but the sounds of the 4CW fans chanting over and over again three simple words.