Just in time for the holiday season, 4 Corners Wrestling releases its second installment of the 4CW video game franchise, 4CW 2K18! Developed by Rockstar North, 2K18 is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. 4CW 2K18 throws users head first into the leading in-ring action that has made 4CW the powerhouse that it is today. Bringing the most authentic 4CW experience directly to your fingers, 2K18 includes a wide array of features.

Take control of 4CW in the most extensive story feature to date! Franchise mode allows you to take control of one of three unique paths of playability.

  • Owner Mode: Take control of both the Adrenaline and Octane rosters. Book cards, and set feuds for the 4CW roster. In this feature, you are able to play through the cards and feuds in which you book.

  • GM Mode: You have the option to take over either the Adrenaline or Octane rosters. Set up feuds and cards to play through those situations.

  • Player Mode: Take control of your favorite 4CW superstar or created player, and play through a full thirty years of 4CW action. This mode features unique storylines that take you over many twists and turns in your journey to becoming a legend!

Compete against your friends online with the Online Franchise Mode. Create your own unique league that allows players to compete between brands in the task of leading 4CW’s television ratings!

Exhibition mode lets you take control of the 4CW roster in a single or multiplayer environment with up to eight users online. This quick play option allows you to compete against the system or your friends in a wide variety of matches, including WarGames as featured in this year’s Fright Night, and many unique 4CW staples!

  • 10 Minutes Of Mayhem

  • 4 Corners Frenzy

  • 4 Corners Tag Team Match

  • 60 Minute Ironman Fatal Four-Way

  • 7 Panes Of Glass

  • Caged Ladder Match

  • Extreme Roulette (Available in Franchise Mode.)

  • Hangman’s Match

  • Ladder In A Cell

  • Prison Escape Match

  • Tag Team Dysfunction

  • WarZone (Original)

  • WarZone Of Horrors

  • Winter’s Hell

  • And many more!

2K18 allows you to take full creative control with an extensive creation option. Create your own superstar with thousands of unique items for both male and female, to fully customize their appearance and truly make them your very own. Have a specific move in mind that you’re never seen used before? Users are be able to create their own custom movesets, as well as signature and finisher moves. To capture the entire experience, users can create their own ring entrance including pyrotechnics, lighting, crowd engagement, signs, and upload an entrance song just for you. It doesn’t stop there! Users also have the option to create their own unique arenas, pay-per-views, championships, and much more.

Wrestle in all of the venues that 4CW has visited throughout it’s entire existence. Every championship will be available, along with past designs and names used throughout the years.

2K18 will feature talents from both Adrenaline and Octane, as well as downloadable content that will be released both the day of release, and in the upcoming months to follow. Preloaded with 37 talents, users can take full control of their favorite superstars including:

  • Aidan Carlisle

  • Alexis Morrison

  • Amber Ryan

  • American Tommy

  • Anastasia Hayden

  • Andre Holmes

  • Brian Hollywood

  • Brody Lee Prince

  • Bronx Valescence

  • Bryan Laughlin

  • Bryan Williams

  • Carmella Wilder

  • Caroline Burchill

  • Chris Madison

  • Cosmo Cooper

  • Cyrus Riddle

  • Dakota Smith

  • Genevie Carlson

  • Jair Hopkins

  • Jason Cashe

  • Jay Mora

  • Jeb Fisher

  • Jett Wilder

  • Johnny Evil

  • Kaelan Price

  • Kimitsu Zombie

  • Lauryn Wolfe

  • Luke Jones

  • Magnus Brutus

  • Mariano Fernandez

  • Persephone Marquis

  • Redd Thunder

  • Seth Daniels

  • Scott Stevens

  • Tornado Desencadenado

  • Viduus Morta

  • Zeel Park

DLC will be available throughout the upcoming months and deep into 2018. There are two confirmed packs available the day of 2K18’s release, and many more to follow!

JOBBER PACK – Available October 31st free of charge.

  • Dick

  • Freedumb

  • Jim Bob

  • Joseph Sullivan

  • Leroy Forrest

  • Zion

NEW SIGNEES PACK – Available October 31st free of charge.
From the moment of release, newer 4CW talent signees will be available to download and use in Exhibition Mode, Online Mode, and added into any current ongoing Franchise Mode.

  • Adaya Duncan

  • Alessandro Quagliaterre

  • Alioth Starre

  • Boston

  • Brady Schultz

  • Brandon Banks

  • Christy Chaos

  • Devin Zebrak

  • June Kolby

  • Kaz Bonham

  • Kris

  • Sebachian Shaw

  • The Eagle

  • The One