OCTANE E10 (123)


The picture opens from inside of the ring as “1000hp” by Godsmack blares throughout the Cabarrus arena. The house is packed as everyone has gathered here tonight the tenth episode of 4CW’s Octane. Scanning over the crowd, the camera focuses on various signs held throughout the mixture of people.

Changing views, we cut to a shot in front of the announcers booth where our team of commentators are ready to get things underway.
LAWSON: ”Good evening everyone and welcome to 4CW Octane!”
TAYLOR: ”We come to you live tonight from the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina.”
CAMPBELL: ”For the tenth Octane to date!”
TAYLOR: ”We’ve had some pretty exciting things happen over the recent weeks leading up to and after Fright Night just two weeks ago.”
CAMPBELL: ”Damn right we do! We now have a new Octane Champion and I’m crossing my fingers that this one doesn’t end up being like the former.”
LAWSON: ”Just two weeks ago in an inferno match, Bryan Laughlin defeated Seth Daniels, claiming the championship for his own and taking the thrown to Octane.”
TAYLOR: ”He basically went through hell to get to this, even putting his own girlfriend down in a deathmatch to earn a spot in the championship bout.”
CAMPBELL: ”Not only that, we also have a second championship that has made its way over to the Octane brand!”
TAYLOR: ”That’s right! American Tommy is now the Fate Champion, after defeating Andre Holmes, Alexis Mercer, Caroline Burchill, and former Fate Champion, Anastasia Hayden, in a gauntlet match.”
LAWSON: ”It wasn’t an easy match for anyone involved, but this is a proud moment for Octane as American Tommy is now the new Women’s Champion.”
CAMPBELL: ”Women’s Champion?”
LAWSON: ”Excuse me, I mean Fate Champion!”
TAYLOR: ”I think you had it right the first time.”
LAWSON: ”Oh my, this is embarrassing.”
TAYLOR: ”And now we venture into the journey to the next upcoming pay-per-view, Holy Grail, as you’ve seen advertised as of late.”
CAMPBELL: ”I saw that. And it looks like we’re heading to Tennessee eventually.”
TAYLOR: ”It appears so.”
LAWSON: ”Guys, I’m really sorry for calling the Fate Championship the Women’s Championship.”
CAMPBELL: ”It’s alright, don’t sweat it. We have a stacked card this evening and by the time the show is over, no one will even remember.”
LAWSON: ”I sure do hope you’re right…”
TAYLOR: ”Let’s not drag it out any further. Losing WarGames to Adrenaline was bad enough, but that could easily be blamed on a particular person, no names, that is no longer signed with the company anymore.”
CAMPBELL: ”Oh… the shade.”
LAWSON: ”Before we dig ourselves into an even deeper hole, let’s cut back to ringside and get on with tonight’s event.”

The scene opens with a nice car pulling up to the arena. The words EARLIER TODAY appears at the bottom of the screen. The driver gets out and opens the door and it’s none other than Cosmo Cooper. He’s carrying himself like a star. He has the John Lennon sunglasses on with a nice suit and tie. He grabs his bag and begins to roll towards the entrance with a confident smile on his face. Tossing his hair he hams it up for the camera as it comes towards him. The cameraman speaks trying to get a soundbite from Cooper as he wheels his things in.
CAMERA MAN: “Cosmo, can we get a word about your match tonight? How are you feeling going against THE ONE.”
Cosmo kept the smirk on his face as he walked, looking ahead.
COOPER: “Do I look like a guy who is going to sign up with all of this hype and then lose? Especially to some guy, like, The ONE? What is the one? Is he an alien? I don’t believe in them. A ghost? Don’t believe in them. A Demon. Nahhh, dude. I like, don’t believe in all of that stuff. What I believe in is being superior to the competition as I have been my entire life. Let’s see this guy catch a football on an out-route. Let’ see this guy shoot a jump shot. Let’s see this guy take someone down. He’s a, dude, it’s like a gimmick, okay? Cosmo Cooper isn’t a gimmick, Cosmo Cooper is going to be the man here on Octane, and you’ll see.”
He continued to walk with a smile.
CAMERA MAN: “What about the special guest referee, Jeb Fisher.”
Suddenly Cosmo came to a stop and looked right into the camera. Gone was the playful smirk or laugh. He took his glasses off and stared directly into the camera.
COOPER: “Listen, if he fucks with this match? If he gets involved? He’s going to wish he hadn’t okay? I’m not messing around. I don’t like him. I know he can’t count to three, so I’ll pin The One plenty of times so he can get used to it, okay? I’m warning him, I’m warning you. I’m warning the rest of the roster by proving a point to Jeb. Stay out of my fucking way, Jeb. It would be a shame for your career as a referee to end, in turn ending your wrestling career.”
And just like that. Cosmo flipped his glasses back on and the smile returned. He walked away to get ready for his match.



With their recent bad blood, Cosmo and the official mouth off to one another before the sound of the bell. For this match in particular we have a special guest referee which happens to be Jeb Fisher, who just two weeks ago was on the same team with Cosmo representing Octane at Fright Night against Adrenaline. With Cosmo distracted, The One makes his move, racing in behind Cosmo as he directs his attention to Jeb, hitting him in the back of the head with a running forearm. Falling into the corner, The One begins attacking Cosmo with palm strikes and kicks to the lower legs as Jeb cheers him on. Grabbing Cosmo by the arm, The One whips him out of the corner and towards the one opposite of it where Jeb stands directly in his path. Stepping out of the way to avoid contact, Jeb “accidentally” trips Cosmo, forcing him to go down face first to the canvas. As Cosmo pushed himself up, The One put him back down face first into the mat with a running drop kick to the back of the head! Rolling Cosmo over to his back, The One went for the pin as Jeb quickly dropped down beside them with a fast count. Just as Jeb’s hand was about to slap the mat a third time, Cosmo forced a shoulder up from the mat, breaking up the count which causes Jeb to shake his head in frustration.

After a short stare between The One and Jeb, The One pushed himself back to his feet and went back to work. Stomping on Cosmo while down, The One aimed his attack for Cosmo’s neck and shoulders. Pulling Cosmo up to his feet, The One began hitting him with rapid kicks, backing him all the way to the corner. Catching The One’s foot, Cosmo then pushed him backwards, sending him stumbling back and into Jeb. With all of his strength, Jeb pushed The One forward and back into Cosmo with an elbow shot to the face. With Jeb’s help there, The One quickly gained control of the situation once more and began kicking and stomping on Cosmo’s stomach until eventually breaking him down into a seated position with his back to the corner. Backing up to the center of the ring, The One then charged the corner at Cosmo, leaping feet first into the air and planting them both into his face with a drop kick. Jeb demanded The One to go for the pin, which he did. Dropping down for the count a second time, Jeb counted even faster than before but still only managed to get a two count as Cosmo kicked out just before the three.

Coming up short a second time, despite the back to back quick counts, The One began growing frustrated himself as he pushed himself back to his feet. Behind him, Jeb began yelling at him, showing signs of irritation that The One hasn’t been able to score a single pinfall with the help provided. Ignoring Jeb, The One focused on Cosmo, pulling him up from the mat and then lifting him into the air and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry hold. Slipping out of The One’s arms, Cosmo dropped down behind him and quickly took advantage as he landed a vicious headbutt to the back of The One’s head. The One fell forward, hitting the ropes with his chest and bouncing off and back into Cosmo’s arms. Wrapping The One up around the waist with both arms, Cosmo lifted him off his feet and planted him to the mat with a German suplex. Bridging for the pin, Cosmo had The One down shoulders to the mat as Jeb slowly, dropped down to one knee and then the other before beginning his count. What seemed like a lifetime, only amounted to a two and a half count from Jeb as The One managed to kick out from the pin.

Knowing the count was slow, Cosmo quickly popped to his feet and jumped in Jeb’s face as the two began arguing back and forth amongst each other. With his index finger, Jeb poked Cosmo in the chest, throwing his weight around and temporary power he held as the special referee for the match. Daring Cosmo to hit him and get himself disqualified, Jeb continued taunting Cosmo. Tempted to do just that, Cosmo’s fists were ready to strike but something held him back. During this whole time, The One had climbed back to his feet behind Cosmo, looking on and wondering what was about to pop off between he and Jeb. Seeing that Cosmo wasn’t going to attack Jeb, The One took it upon himself to attack Cosmo from behind, kicking him in the back of the knee and forcing his leg to give out from under him as he dropped to one knee. Running to the ropes ahead, The One bounced off and came back on the rebound with even more speed, hitting Cosmo in the face with a running knee! Making the cover, The One hooked Cosmo’s leg as Jeb quickly dropped to his knees for the fast count. With a smile from ear to ear, Jeb’s hand came within an inch of slapping the canvas a third time but no! Cosmo kicked out just a split second before Jeb count make the three count.

As The One stood tall, Cosmo popped up to his feet and shoved him to the side, sending him down to the mat. Ignoring The One, Cosmo rushed Jeb, slamming into him chest first and knocking him back a step. The two then jumped in each other’s face, butting heads as they argued at one another. Gritting his teeth, Cosmo shoved Jeb back by forcing his forehead against his. He then turned back to The One as he got back to one knee. Rushing in, Cosmo kicked him directly in the chest, fully extending his leg and sending The One crashing to his back. Pulling The One up from the mat, Cosmo knew he had less than a minute and a half to make something happen. After landing a series of open handed chops across The One’s chest, Cosmo then wrapped him up before throwing him to the canvas with an overhead belly to belly suplex. As The One stood, Cosmo then raced in, hitting him in the chops with a European uppercut, rocking his jaw and forcing him to look up at the lights. Two stiff forearms followed, backing The One to the ropes where Cosmo then latched onto his arm and whipped him to the ropes across the ring. Meeting The One in the center of the ring, Cosmo laid him out with a leg lariat. The two slowly climbed to their feet, Cosmo standing up first and as The One stood facing the opposite direction, Cosmo hit him in the back of the head with a rolling elbow. With Jeb watching in disbelief, Cosmo smiled at him before turning back to The One. Lifting The One up from the mat, Cosmo then lifted him upside down into the air before jumping up and spinning, dropping The One on his head with a spinning tombstone piledriver!

With The One out cold from the Crater Maker, Cosmo made the cover, pointing down beside for Jeb to get down and make the count. Slowly, Jeb dropped to one knee, and then the other. In a slow motion, he slammed his hand down, slapping the mat the first time before giving Cosmo the middle finger. Raising his hand up slowly, Jeb then swung it down in slow motion, slapping the canvas a second time. Once again, he gave Cosmo the middle finger, this time even pressing it against Cosmo’s face. With no other choice but to do his job, Jeb then slowly raises his hand into the air, inch by inch. This last second seemed to last twenty as Jeb’s hand inched closer and closer to the mat before finally tapping it for the three count as the final seconds of the clock ran out.

With a cocky grin, Cosmo stood to his feet. Angry, Jeb began yelling and instead of raising Cosmo’s arm into the air for the victory, he waved him off and turned his back to Cosmo. Dipping through the ropes, Jeb left Cosmo alone in the ring to celebrate his moment as he headed to the back hotter than hell.
WINNER: Cosmo Cooper

The Octane broadcast switches backstage, where we see Tornado Desencadenado sitting cross-legged atop a moving crate bearing the 4CW logo. He’s dressed to compete, but right now his focus is on the over-sized laptop balanced precariously on his shins.
HARTMAN: “Tornado, you have a minute?”
Four Corners’ interviewer Gabe Hartman walks into frame. TD looks up and nods. He closes the laptop and sets it aside before hopping to his feet.
DESENCADENADO: “Sure, Gabe, what you got for me?”
HARTMAN: “Just a couple quick questions. First, I wanted to know if you had gotten any feedback on the Vertigone Challenge?”
The Spin Doctor smiles uneasily. The Challenge was something he had tried at the last Octane show.
DESENCADENADO: “No real feedback, but it’s safe to say the Challenge didn’t go according to plan. That’s my fault though. I think I made it too hard for people. But I am going try it again at some point in the future, after some adjusting. I also need to work out any liability issues, you know, so the company is covered in case someone gets, well- has a mishap. That’s what you caught me working on.”
He jerks his thumb over his shoulder to where the laptop rests. Hartman is nonplussed.
HARTMAN: “You’re doing this… personally?”
DESENCADENADO: “Through Legal Zoom, yeah.”
Awkward pause.
DESENCADENADO: “Lawyers are expensive, Gabe.”
Hartman appears unconvinced that TD’s plan is sound, but nods before moving on to his next question.
HARTMAN: “Despite recent setbacks in the ring, you find yourself in the main event tonight, facing one of Octane’s top competitors. How do you like your chances against Zeel Park?”
The young wrestler gathers his thoughts, as he internally rehearses his planned address of a matter that came up more and more during his Four Corners’ tenure.
DESENCADENADO: “They’re good. Zeel is a great fighter. He’s made a strong case that he deserves a shot at the Octane Championship. But I think he’s coming into this fight underestimating me. I’ve proven I can beat top tier talent when I pinned Caroline Burchill. I’ve demonstrated I can thrive outside my comfort zone in the first Ten Minutes of Mayhem. It’s true I might not be as, ah, operatic about how I do my business compared to others in the locker room. I’ll cop to being as dull as a beige room out of the ring. And people can put the ‘nice guy’ tag on me too, if they want; I’d rather that than one labeling me as ‘damaged goods’, because my personal disposition means nothing between the bells. Between the bells is when I go to work; and I’m on the clock no one should mistake my kindness for weakness, or comity for complacency. I’m just as driven to succeed as Zeel Park or anyone else on this roster, and I’m just as willing to bust heads in that ring to get where I want to go.”
HARTMAN: “So you’re predicting victory tonight?”
The Whirlwind Wunderkind breaks into a broad smile.
DESENCADENADO: “Well, sure! I predict victory every night, Gabe; if you don’t go into a fight thinking you’re going to win you’ve already lost. Me versus Zeel Park is going to be a great match, worthy of the main event. Zeel’s going to push me as hard as I ever been. However, I know how Octane is going to end: with me having my hand raised.”
With these words (and a lingering shot at the grinning Tornado), the camera cuts back to show what’s going on in the ring.


Exploding out of her corner as the bell sounded, Adaya held nothing back in her 4CW debut as she charged across the ring, connecting with a running knee to Kaz’s stomach as she failed to move out of the way in time. With Kaz trapped in the corner, Adaya fired away with a punching combination, slowly wearing her down before transitioning to kicks and working on Kaz’s base. Going for a spinning backfist, Adaya gave Kaz the small sliver or opportunity she needed to capitalize and turn things around. Ducking the fist to the face, Kaz countered with an elbow smash to Adaya’s face as she stood tall. Kicking Adaya in the stomach, she then lifted her off her feet before throwing her to her back with a scoop slam. Backing towards the corner, Kaz slowly climbed up it backwards, keeping her eyes on Adaya as she made it to the middle ropes. Waiting patiently, Kaz watched as Adaya slowly climbed back to her feet and as she did, Kaz made her move. Leaping from the corner, Kaz wiped Adaya out with a diving crossbody, taking her completely down and pinning her shoulders to the mat. The official slid in beside them with the count, only managing to get a one and a half before Adaya kicked out as his hand nearly slapped the mat a second time.
The match continued between the two, no one clearly having an advantage over the other as it went back and forth. At least not until Adaya countered a powerbomb attempt from Kaz, turning it into a hurricanarana and launching her across the ring in mid-air. Kaz was quick to get back to her feet, but not quick enough to dodge the handspring elbow that Adaya planted in her jaw! With Kaz backed against the ropes and her arms draped across the top holding herself up, Adaya sent her up and over the top rope with a roundhouse kick to the chops. The official began the ten count, reaching five as Kaz slowly rose to her feet. Just before counting to six, Adaya raced past him, leaping into the air and onto the top rope with both feet. Springboarding off, Adaya dove in Kaz’s direction, colliding into her and knocking her backwards into the barricade at ringside. Restarting his count, the official began to count them both out but Adaya was quick to get back to her feet after the high impact aerial move. Pulling Kaz to her feet, Adaya hit her over the back with multiple forearm shots before locking onto her wrist and whipping her into the side of the ring. After following up with a chop across the chest, Adaya then rolled Kaz back into the ring before following behind her, ending the official’s count at nine.
Minute passed as Adaya remained in control of the match, hitting Kaz with everything she had and then some! As Kaz remained on her back, Adaya went to the corner before ascending to the top. Looking out over the North Carolina crowd, Adaya then leaped backwards, flipping in mid-air and coming down on Kaz with a moonsau–NO!!! Curling both legs and raising her knees into the air, Kaz provided a stiff landing spot as Adaya crashed over her knees before flipping over to her back. Pulling Adaya to her feet, Kaz held her in place as she fired away and connected with back to back elbow smashes to the face. Ducking down, she wrapped Adaya up before lifting her up and over, slamming her to the canvas with a northern lights suplex. Back on her feet, Kaz jerked Adaya up from the mat before whipping her to the ropes. As Adaya came back on the return, Kaz lifted her off her feet and spun her in mid-air for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Adaya had something else in mind as she counted it and planted Kaz’s head into the canvas with a DDT! The impact of Kaz’s head to the mat seemed to knock her into quite the daze.
Seeing an opportunity, Adaya then went to the corner and quickly climbed to the top. Looking over the ring and Kaz on her back, she positioned herself for her shooting star senton. Out of nowhere, the country girl popped to her feet after playing possum. Racing to the corner, she caught Adaya off guard before she could even react. Grabbing ahold of her, Kaz pulled her off of the corner and over her head onto her shoulders. Walking to the center of the ring, Kaz then began to spin in circles, over and over for nearly a minute as she held Adaya in an airplane spin. Dizzy, Kaz dropped Adaya to her back after the Fast Times at Bonham High. As Kaz regained her balance, she stood back in the corner while Adaya slowly climbed to her feet, struggling as her balance was off even more. As Adaya stood tall, Kaz then charged towards her before leaping into the air and planting both feet into her chest, driving her backwards and down to the mat with a standing double foot stomp! The Dixie Stampede laid Adaya out and seeing her arms stretched to her sides, Kaz quickly made the cover as the official swept in beside them with the one, two, and three!
WINNER: Kaz Bonham via Pinfall (13:56)



With the unofficial Jobberweight Championship hanging high above the ring, the crowd looked to one another in confusion – unsure of exactly what was happening before their very eyes. On quite the winless streak, Zion had a custom championship made for his lack of accomplishments. Tonight it finally was on the line for the first time, and hopefully the last.
The man may be playful on social media, but inside of the ring, Redd Thunder is a completely different man. You could even say he was a monster, the good kind, when fully focused on the task at hand. As soon as the bell sounded, Redd went straight for Zion. After nearly two minutes of running around in circles chasing Zion around the ring, Redd finally grabbed ahold of him, stopping him in his tracks. As he turned Zion around to face him, he was taken by an unpleasant surprise as Zion delivered a solid knee right between the legs. Redd went back a step, but remained on his feet as he then pounded his chest with both hands. Zion then kicked him between the legs a second time, still not taking him down. Turning to the ropes, Zion bounced back and rushed towards Redd. Out of nowhere, Redd dropped down to a three-point stance and then erupted up, driving his shoulder into Zion’s chest and knocking him completely across the ring and into the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes a second time, Zion fell into Redd’s arms before being lifted off his feet and driven into the canvas with a powerslam!
For minutes, Redd mounted himself on top of Zion, hitting him over and over with rights as he screamed for Zion to fight back. Back on his feet, Redd exited the ring and went outside to grab the ladder not too far away by the announcers booth. Throwing it over the ropes and into the ring, Redd then slowly pulled himself up onto the apron. Before he could enter through the ropes, Zion was back on his feet with the ladder in his hands. Charging across the ring, Zion slammed it into Redd’s stomach. Holding onto the ropes, Redd kept himself from falling back, but left his mid-section open as Zion slammed the ladder into him over and over. After half a dozen blows to the stomach, Redd finally grabbed the ladder and jerked it towards him, pulling Zion close. Ripping the ladder from Zion’s hands, Redd then swung it around at his head but missed as Zion ducked underneath and delivered an elbow shot to Redd’s crotch. Redd released the ladder as it fell to the floor between the two. Picking it up, Zion then hit Redd in the head with it, knocking him into a daze but not off the apron as his body just leaned over the top rope.
Setting the ladder up in the center of the ring, Zion then began to climb towards the top. Halfway up, his foot slipped, causing his chin to drop down directly onto the top of a step. Shaking it off, Zion continued climbing to the top without a care in the world and only one thing on his mind – grabbing that Jobberweight Championship. As he reached the top, footsteps were heard from below and when he looked down, there was Redd at the bottom of the ladder. With Zion up top, Redd wrapped his arms around the ladder and lifted it up from the mat. Grabbing the ladder and holding it for balance, Zion began to appear worried as he was helpless at the top. Redd then walked towards the ropes, gaining momentum with each thunderous step. He then hit the ropes with the ladder, forcing Zion to launch off the top. Flying through the air, Zion crash landed onto the barricade at ringside before flipping over and spilling over into the crowd. Walking back to the center of the ring, Redd set the ladder up and cautiously began to climb to the top. Each step bent as he applied his weight to it. Once finally reaching the top, he stood tall as he reached his hand up even further, pulling the championship down. Before he could even celebrate with the championship, the legs of the ladder gave out from underneath and he crashed to the mat. With pieces of ladder covering his body, his arm then burst through the wreckage, holding the championship up tightly in his grasp.
WINNER: Redd Thunder (9:11)

Kaelan paces back and forth backstage. She mutters to herself, and throws some punches in the air. She seems to be trying to get herself in the right mindset for her match later tonight against Caroline. She glances up and sees the camera and continues her pacing.
PRICE: “I’ve had a lot on my mind the past few weeks. I’ve let a lot of shit get to me that I shouldn’t have. I held onto things I shouldn’t have. I acknowledge that. I know I’m the only one to blame for my failures here in 4CW. Blaming other people for my failures in my mind has gotten me nowhere, in fact it’s just hindered me. Well no more.”
She stops her pacing and her hands ball up into fists at her sides, as her eyes narrow and she stares intensely into the camera.
PRICE: “I’m making sure that I hold myself accountable for every mistake I make. Caroline won’t be able to say the same thing. She’s so worried about the past, and those failures she’s not looking forward. She’s not looking at me. She’s still bitter Tommy beat her. I’m not still bitter about Jett. In fact I’m learning. Caroline you’ll be an obnoxious mess whether you win or lose tonight. We all know that. Win or Lose I’m gonna find a way to hold my head high. Tonight is a new beginning. Tonight is the start of something great for one of us. I just have a feeling. Who wants it more Caroline?”
Kaelan walked off from the camera, leaving in silence before walking back into the frame her eyes still filled with the same level of intensity as before.
PRICE: “I do.”
With that Kaelan disappeared from the camera view again and left the scene to fade out and back to the ring.

Knock! Knock!

A door opens slightly as the camera looks on from the inside of an office. A familiar face pops his head into view, peaking into the room. With a smile on his face, Perry Wallace fully opens the door before stepping into the office with a duffle bag in hand.
WALLACE: ”Knock, knock…”
Across the room, Jimmy Walker sits behind a desk as live footage from tonight’s event is displayed by a television on the wall.
WALKER: ”You know, typically people wait for someone to answer after they knock on a door.”
Shrugging his shoulders, Perry continues towards the desk. Stopping in front of it, he raises the duffle bag and extends his arm outward before dropping the bag down onto the top of the desk.
WALLACE: ”I don’t give a shit what people typically do when I’m floating the goddamn bill.”
Sitting down across from Jimmy, Perry leans back in the leather chair, kicking his feet up onto the desk.
WALKER: ”Whatever you say. So… is that it?”
WALLACE: ”Oh you mean that?”
WALKER: ”Yes! I’ve been waiting for this all day.”
With a slight nod, Perry scans the room before locking his eyes onto a small bar in the corner of the room.
WALLACE: ”I told you I had it under control. I wanted to come here and personally deliver it myself.”
Jimmy grabs the bag, pulling it over to his lap as Perry stands up from his chair and heads towards the bar.
WALKER: ”Could have given me a heads up. I didn’t expect to see you here tonight.”
WALLACE: ”Oh what, someone hiding in the closet you don’t want me to know about? Please…”
Grabbing a glass, Perry holds it in hand as he looks upon the display of cheap liquor. With a disappointed look on his face, he grabs a bottle of whiskey and pours himself a full glass.
WALKER: ”That’s no–“
Opening the bag and looking inside, Jimmy smiles from ear to ear before looking up to Wallace who has a disgusted look on his face after taking a drink from his glass.
WALKER: ”Holy fucking shit man!”
WALLACE: ”Fucking tell me about it! What the fuck is this cheap shit?!”
WALKER: ”No, I meant this.”
Turning back to look at Jimmy, Perry nods after realizing he meant what’s in the bag.
WALLACE: ”No biggie. We need something new around here. I do have one favor.”
WALKER: ”What’s that?”
Perry raises the glass to take another drink but as soon as the scent hits his nose, he shakes his head before placing the glass back onto the bar. Walking over to the desk, he stands in front of it, looking down at Jimmy.
WALLACE: ”Deliver it yourself. I’m not going anywhere near that foot fetish son of a bitch.”
WALKER: ”What are you talking about?”
WALLACE: ”I have a restraining order against that creep. Read some shit about him the other day messing around with some dude’s wife as he watched and jerked off. Crazy shit you can find on the interwebs.”
WALKER: ”You sure that was him?”
WALLACE: ”Feets fucking McGee himself!”
WALKER: ”That’s crazy.”
Glancing around the room once more in one last attempt to find something to drink that isn’t awful, Perry is soon to be disappointed at finding nothing.
WALLACE: ”Indeed. Anyway! I’m just here to spectate and enjoy the show. I wanted to bring you that personally and the deed has been done. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find something decent to drink in this place.”
Perry then turns away and exits the room. With the duffle bag still in his lap, Jimmy looks back down into it with wonder in his eyes as the scene slowly fades out.

Scene opens as the camera zooms in on the massive calves of none other than The Walking Disaster, REDD Thunder. REDD is seen throwing a ball against a wall, and as the ball makes its soft thuds ever so often and is caught in his massive hands, REDD is heard singing in a wonderfully soulful baritone voice.
THUNDER: “Lonely ,I’m so lonely, I have nobody
To call my own, I’m so lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody, To call my own
I’m so lonely”

REDD continues to sing, his masked face drooping more so than his famous War Tiddies. American Tommy, with a pair of headphones in his ear is singing his own song, but it’s a happy tune. While eating a vanilla/chocolate Snack Pack, Tommy is moving and grooving to the beat of what magical music is coming from his phone.
Tommy, paying no attention to anything or anybody, accidently bumps into the mopping Redd while he is grooving to his song. He takes out his headphones and looks up at Redd.
TOMMY: “What’s going on big guy?”
REDD flexes and bounces his War Tiddies.They are mesmorizing. Tommy looks at Redd again before smiling and slapping Redd on the side of the arm. Smiling, he begins to speak.
TOMMY: ”I don’t think you have to worry about Penny mate, cause I’m 99.3% sure that he has a blue waffle in his nether regions. Also, fuck Darryl for taking you TGIFridays in the first place. I’m headed to Dave & Buster’s after I get done here and you can hitch a ride with me. Not even on the fucking card and I get summoned to come to Octane. This is some fucking bullshit!, bud.”
Tommy extends his hand out towards Redd and they shake hands. Tommy pats him on the shoulder and smiles.
TOMMY: “I think this is the beginning of a new friendship, pal.”
REDD puts his arms around Tommy, and lifts him off the ground.


Full of energy and excitement, the rookie shot out from his corner at the sound of the bell, headed straight for Jay who stood in his corner. With each step, Brady gained speed until leaping forward and flying in Jay’s direction. Bursting from the corner, Jay drove his shoulder into Brady’s stomach while in flight, wrapping him up and then slamming him straight down onto the canvas with a spinebuster! On top of Brady, Jay unloaded with multiple right hands, clocking Brady over and over as he failed to block a single punch thrown at him. After nearly ten brutal blows to Brady’s face, Jay pushed himself up before stepping over his body and looking out to the crowd. In the front row, a group of beautiful women cheered him on before all lifting their tops together and showing Jay the goods. With a wink of the eye, he then blew them a kiss before looking back to Brady as his pleasurable facial expression faded away.
Lifting Brady up from the mat, Jay slammed him back first into the corner with all of his strength. Holding onto the ropes for leverage, Jay rammed multiple knees into Brady’s stomach, forcing the air out of his lungs. Pulling him away from the corner, he then lifted him up into the air and onto his shoulder. Stepping towards the corner, Jay them slammed Brady down onto the top of the turnbuckle, driving his shoulder into it. Still holding him into the air, Jay began slamming him over and over shoulder first onto the corner before taking a few steps back. Dropping down to one knee, Jay slammed Brady over his elevated knee with a backbreaker!
With a cocky grin, Jay paced the ring, playing to the crowd, more importantly to the ladies in the mixture. Slowly, Brady began climbing back to his feet, favoring his shoulder and struggling to rise. Just as he finally stood tall, Jay charged in, wiping him out with a superkick to the jaw! With Brady now Marked and flat on his back, Jay dropped to his knees before making the nonchalant cover and scoring the one, two, and three! After officially winning the match, Jay wasted no time for celebration as he then pulled Brady up from the mat. Lifting the small rookie above his head, he then threw him up and over the top rope to the outside. Brady landed rough, dropping to the floor on the same shoulder Jay targeted earlier. Eventually the official gained control of things as the medical staff rushed to ringside to assist Brady.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (4:44)


The match begins by showcasing the skillsets of both women, Kaelan looking to turn it into a brawl and Caroline doing her best to display the pinpoint precision in attacking limbs and joints. Connecting with a hard right hand, Kaelan stuns Caroline first but is hobbled by a brutal kick to the outside of her left knee that buckles it and drops her to a kneeling position. The two women nod at each other, showing a bit of respect and the aggressiveness each showed from the start. Shaking off the pain from the initial strikes, both women loosen up and engaged in a tie up in the center of the ring. Price, showing a technical side, swoops around behind Caroline and heaves her overhead with a release german suplex. Caroline quickly kips up after the impact but as she stands she’s met by a wicked lariat that completely unfolds her and flattens her. Not letting any momentum shift, Kaelan quickly pounces on Caroline, mounting her and driving hard rights and lefts down into Burhill’s face. The former Octane Championship number one contender absorbs the blows, her face showing evidence of the strikes, before she finally manages to catch one of Kaelan’s strikes, sweeping her legs upward and and quickly locking in a triangle choke. Panic flashes across Kaelan’s face as she suddenly recognizes the predicament she’s in, her air supply cut of by her opponents choke hold. Using her thick, beefy thighs, Kaelan pushes herself up, pulling Caroline up as well, hoisting her up onto her shoulders and slamming her down to the mat with a power bomb. WOW!
But someone Caroline doesn’t relinquish the hold and hold cinches it in tighter. Slowly Kaelan’s legs start to give out, her body slouching slightly and Caroline stares her straight in the eyes, imploring her to just tap out. The verbal encouragement seems to spark just enough life back into Kaelan’s limbs for her to contort her body and get a leg up onto the rope. The referee steps in and tells Caroline to break the hold but she only deepens it, forcing the referee to count to four and, nearly, five before she breaks the hold just before she could be disqualified. When she finally breaks the hold it’s clear the extra few seconds of keeping the maneuver in place have taken their toll. Kaelan, barely able to get to her feet, finds herself vulnerable to brutally stiff kicks to the side from Caroline as she tries to push herself back up to her feet. Over and over kicks to Kaelan’s side land as anger and frustration grows more and more apparent on the face of Caroline Burchill. Knocking Kaelan fully down to the mat, Caroline begins to stomp at Kae’s extremities until the orange haired lass rolls herself away, pushing herself up to a kneeling position. It doesn’t do her much good as she’s immediately greeted with two kicks to the chest followed by a roundhouse kick to the head that flattens her back down down onto the mat once more.

With a smirk on her face Burchill catches a glimpse of the sign which makes the grin disappear. In response Caroline leans down and slaps Kaelan in the back of the head a few times tauntingly. She then takes a handful of the Irish woman’s bright hair and drags her back up to her feet. On wobbly legs, Kaelan stands there and motions for Caroline to bring more on which Caroline gladly does, slapping her across the cheek with an open palmed slap. Mockingly, Caroline makes a pouting face and brings both fists up to her eyes to imitate Kaelan crying. Caroline then thrusts her right foot upward, looking to kick Kae in the side but Kaelan catches the kick and, with a burst of energy, pulls Caroline closer and tosses her overhead. GOING OUT IN STYLE! The crowd pops at Kaelan’s signature exploder suplex and gets even louder as she lets loose a war cry, feeling momentum shift suddenly in her favor. Getting back to her feet, Caroline moves toward Kaelan but once more is caught when she tries to kick the orange haired lass. Much like the last time Kaelan follows through with another GOING OUT IN STYLE exploder suplex. This time Caroline doesn’t get back up and Kaelan is quick to pounce on the woman while she’s down. Grabbing onto Carolines legs, Kaelan ties her up in the center of the ring with the IRISH ROSE leg lock. Pain is immediately evident on Carolines face as she howls out, trying to claw her way toward the ropes. Just as she’s about to make it there, Kaelan drags her back to the center of the ring and locks the submission maneuver in deeper. In the end, Caroline has no choice left but to tap out. And while the referee signals for the bell, Kaelan locks it in just a bit longer seemingly seeking payback for Caroline keeping the choke hold locked in after the referee had ordered it to be broken. The referee moves and begs Kaelan to let it go but she shakes her head no and locks it in even farther. Caroline’s cries echo throughout the arena until finally Kaelan lets go, tossing Caroline’s legs down with the rest of her body before curtsying in the middle of the ring while the announcer announces her victory.
WINNER: Kaelan Price via Submission (12:24)

B. FISHER: ”Listen here shit bricks, I didn’t put my ass on the line for you to be a referee! If that limp dick mother fucker walker thinks he can just toss aside Jebediah Fisher like some sort of afterthought… The boys got another thing coming. First he lets that prick Cosmo take over your team! Which we all saw how fuckin’ well that went. And then he tries to force you to get down on your hands and knees and count for that hippie scum. You ain’t fuckin’ standing for this Jebediah… You gotta’ do more than you did tonight!.”
Bob was still ranting, his words almost becoming incomprehensible as he limps back and forth in front of Jeb, who was sat on the hood of a red Oldsmobile. They were in the parking lot, getting ready to head out – Jeb had a lit cigarette in between his lips and pissed off look on acne scarred face. Jeb snatches the cigarette out of his mouth and points at Bob.
J. FISHER: ”Shut your goddamn mouth old man. I know what I gotta’ do. I don’t need your septum tank of a cocksucker telling me shit. I learned a long time ago if you want respect you gotta’ take it! And that’s exactly what i’m gonna do. Because apparently these little fucks still think of me as some sort of novelty act, a damn joke to be chuckled and applauded at. Ooooo, look at Jeb Fisher what’s the maniac gonna do next. FUCK THAT! I’m no one’s sideshow, not a god damn filler!”
It’s around this time that Gabriel Hartman slinks into the picture, he was a little bit cautious in his approach – not wanting to be on the wrong side of an ass kicking. When Bob notices Gabriel approaching he lets out a scoffing noise before muttering under his breath. “What does this pig fucker want?” Gabe stands a few feet away from the men, backing up in cowardly fashion as Jeb pushes himself to his feet.
J. FISHER: ”Ya know what? I was just thinking i could go for some head. You ready to open wide Gabey boy?”
Hartman, who was clearly shaken by the comment , decides to be professional. He adjusts his tie and takes a step towards Jeb.
HARTMAN: ”Actually Jeb I had some questions for you about Cosmo Cooper. After trying your best at screwing him over tonight, he still walked away the winner. It was your hand no less that counted the one, two, three.”
J. FISHER: ”My best? Motherfucker you’ve never seen my best! But if you don’t get on your knees right now boy and start suckin’, ima show you my worst.”
Jeb swings out his hand and snatches up Hartman by the collar of his shirt, pulling the poor interviewer towards him so that they are chest to chest. Jeb then lightly smacks Gabe’s face a few times – a love tap if you will. The look on Gabe’s face was that of fear and uncomfortableness, even more so as Jeb runs his thumb over the interviewer’s lips. Then a wide grin forms on Jeb’s face as he pushes Gabe away with some force.
J. FISHER: ”Run on home rabbit.”
Gabe does as commanded, scurrying off out of the parking garage. Jeb then nonchalantly looks over and into the camera, with the same unnerving looking smile plastered on his face. Flicking his cigarette off to the side of the screen ,Jeb rub his hands together, His bottom jaw swinging back and forth as his head starts to slight nod.
J. FISHER: ”Pretty boy… I know you’re watching this right now. You think I tried to screw you over? Nawh son… If I wanted to screw you over I would of dropped you right on that pretty little head of yours. When your back was turned I would’ve shoved a shank right in between your ribs and then fuck the wound! The fact that you got your arm raised is proof I didn’t screw you over. Then again, it’s not like anyone though ol’ bitch boy one was going to walk out with the win.”
“NO! Because you’re Cosmo fucking Cooper! The goddamn golden boy of Octane and you haven’t even been here two months. The way Walker, the way these fans eat your shit up like it was fruity god damn pebbles. You’d think that little prick of yours was untouchable. Well let me tell you something Cosmo, next time we meet I ain’t gonna be wearin’ no bullshit striped shirt. I won’t be forced to put you over!”
”Nawh, next time you see Jeb Fisher… Shit hits the fucking fan.”
Jeb grabs ahold of the lens of the camera, pushing it away in the same manor as Hartman, before we switch over to another part of the building.

Switching from backstage to ringside we find Jimmy Walker already in the ring with a microphone in hand. It has been a busy few weeks for him with the success that Octane had had in going head to head with Adrenaline, outside of the actual War Games match but that was another discussion for another day. Seth Daniels and Bryan Laughlin had nearly killed each other and stolen the show to kick off Fright Night. American Tommy, to the shock of everyone including Tommy himself, brought the Fate title home to Octane. And on the last episode of Octane leading into Fright Night the Octane roster had put on an impressive display, winning all but one of their head to head matches with Adrenaline roster members. With those thoughts in mind the question on many of the fans minds now was, what next?
WALKER: “Well what do you think ladies and gentlemen? It’s been one hell of a show, hasn’t it? Now I know some of you are disappointed not to see Seth Daniels or Bryan Laughlin here live, tonight. And that’s understandable. But after what the two of them went through at Fright Night I’d say they both earned the night off. So what do we do here on Octane? Instead of whining and crying about it, it’s next man up and we’ve seen that on display tonight. Whether it’s REDD THUNDER displaying his dominance once again, or if it’s two new roster members putting on a show for you all in Kaz Bonham and Adaya Duncan. The fact of the matter is, regardless of what the shitty marks and their opinions are, Octane is the brand to be on. Octane is the place to be.”
He pauses to let the crowd pop in support of the brand that was in their hometown every two weeks. A bit of a relationship had been developed between 4CW and those in the area surrounding the Cabarrus arena.
WALKER:”And because Octane is the place to be it gives us the opportunity to grow, and to do bigger and better things. And that’s why, I’m pleased to announce, for the very first time… the Octane Brand will be travelling to the promised land of wrestling in January. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. We’re heading to Memphis, Tennessee. Baseball players dream of playing in storied venues like Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park. Professional Wrestlers dream of getting to wrestle in Memphis, Tennessee. And this isn’t going to be any Beast of Beale Street one off tournament. We’re going to be the talk of the town when Octane goes live on pay per view, from Minglewood Hall, for the aptly named Holy Grail! Not only will you see the Octane Championship defended, but you’ll also see the newly minted championship stolen freshly from Adrenaline.”
Jimmy is about to go on before he pauses, an idea striking him in that moment that causes him to reconsider the direction he was going to go. After a few moments of consideration, he goes through with it.
WALKER:”Speaking of. Why do you go ahead and send our new champion out here. I’ve got a gift for good ole Feets that I’m sure he’s going to love. So come on, American Tommy. Come on down like it’s the price of right. We don’t need any of that entrance music. Just get off your ass backstage and present yourself here, in the middle of this ring. And.. you know what. Bring your championship belt with you.”
Waiting for a few moments, Jimmy’s request is eventually met. The sound of One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” fills the arena and the crowd immediately hops out of their seats. Tommy though, hasn’t come out on his usual note to the song and the crowd is looking around. Eventually, he walks out to an eruption. His arm is stretched out as far as it can go and he is holding the title with his thumb and pointer finger. He is shaking his head back and forth with a look of disgust on his face. He walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. He sets the title on the ground in front of Jimmy and walks over to the side of the ring, grabbing a microphone from a stage hand. He walks over and stands in front of Walker at points down at the Fate Championship that is sitting between both their feet.
TOMMY:”Nope, not happening. You can take that right back to where you got it. I’ve washed that belt in the dishwasher multiple times and I can’t get the smell of flowers and an odd, disgusting fishy like odor from the leather of that title. Honestly, that belt is what I imagine Perry’s vagina would smell like.”
Tommy is adamantly moving his arms like a referee would do to signal a missed field goal. Jimmy shakes his head, unable to keep himself from smiling.
WALKER:”Listen, you silly simplistic bastard. Calm your tits and get your foot fetish under control. I’ve got a present for you and it isn’t a feather from Amanda Cortez. You see, I’ve heard about how people call the Fate Championship the Women’s title. I know its history and its origin. And while some impressive names have held it, if you ask me, we can do better can’t we?”
Motioning to the timekeepers table a bag is slid into the ring. Jimmy moves over and picks up the bag, holding it up before Tommy.
WALKER:”In fact, I know we can do better. So as of this moment the Fate Championship is officially defunct. It’s tenure has reached its conclusion. And because you finally did something right, and finally accomplished something worthwhile, I present to you Octane’s brand new championship, with it’s brand new name. Congratulations, Tommy. You are Octane’s very first Ignition Champion.”
Reaching into the bag, Walker pulls out the new championship belt and holds it high above his head before offering it to Tommy in exchange for the old Fate title.

WALKER:”Give that old thing to me and we’ll put it in the trash where it belongs, okay? There we go. That’s a good boy. Now, without any further delay. Ladies and Gentlemen… YOUR… IGNITION… CHAMPION!!!”
Walker stands back and claps for Tommy momentarily before dipping out of the ring, letting the new champion have his moment to fully address the fans as he so desires. Tommy puts the Ignition Championship on his shoulder and looks down at the Fate Championship lying on the mat before his feet. He picks it up and tosses it into the bag the Ignition Championship came in and tosses it to the timekeeper.
TOMMY: “Find the dumpster that currently holds Andre Holmes’ career and toss it in there, mate.”
The crowd laughs and Tommy takes a moment to take everything in. He looks down at the title on his shoulder and runs his hand across his nameplate. He looks up and at the crowd and shrugs.
TOMMY: “I’m going to make this short, because the Hallmark Channel is already putting Christmas movies on their station and I’m all for that shit. Give me some hot chocolate, a little Bailey’s and Hallmark Christmas movies and you have found the way to my heart, but anyways. I know exactly what you are all thinking in the back. Each and every one of you were licking your chops when I pinned Caroline for this championship. Not because I brought another title over for you to compete for here EXCLUSIVELY on Octane, but because you see an easy target.”
Tommy turns his attention to the ramp and walks towards the ropes, pointing towards the back.
TOMMY: “None of you thought I could do it and you now think because I was the one that walked away it that you all have an easier path to get to your first championship reign on Octane. The “kid” that tries to finish people with a hip toss is going to be a piece of cake. I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count the lot of you that have walked up to Walker and greedily asked for a match against me. I welcome on all challengers and am looking forward to proving you wrong time and time again. Line them up Walker so I can knock them right back down and show them why I’m not the joke that everybody thinks I am. I’ll watch each challenger’s dream shatter in front of my very own eyes.”
Tommy holds the title in the air triumphantly.
TOMMY: “All eyes are on me now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get lost in my shadow, Laughlin.”
Tommy sets the microphone on the ground gently, because he isn’t a savage and knows how much they cost, but mainly cause he knows how cheap 4CW is and they will garnish his wages. He raises the title above his head again as “Best Song Ever” is playing around the arena again. He bows to the crowd and waves, before exiting the ring and walking to the back.


The lights in the arena go dark for a few seconds before “I’m Not Sorry,” starts up; white strobe lights following different intensities flashing to the beat before a sudden spotlight is put upon the figure onstage. Head down, letterman jacket, snapback covering his features as one hand is clasped over a fist hanging down. With the first word of the song, the figure brings his head up with a large smile, the lights coming back up as the strobes die down.
He looks around at the crowd for a moment, shaking his head before looking at the camera with a smirk. With one sift motion, just as the song picks up, he slaps the camera to a jerk and begins to head down the ramp, the visual shaky for a moment before it focuses again.
POWERS: “Coming in from Queen’s New York, wanting me to let you all know that he’s still new and doesn’t have any real nicknames lined up, standing five foot nine, weighing in at one hundred fifty-six pounds, ZEEL PPAARRKK!!!”
The way down is a quick strip, losing the hat and throwing it into the crowd before taking off his jacket. Bottom of the ramp, he shrugs into the camera with a laugh; a water bottle in his hand for some reason, out of thin air, that he uses to throw a bit of water at the referee once he enters the ring. He laughs when the referee yells at him and puts both hands up, jacket still in his hands, which he realizes. He throws the bottle to the outside and hands his jacket off as if it’s a title.
Finally, Zeel takes a seat on a turn buckle, reaching out to accept yet another water bottle handed to him by someone not in the shit. He takes a drink and then smiles for the pictures, waiting for the match to begin.
POWERS: “From Metairie, Louisiana, and weighing two hundred thirty-five pounds… TORNADO DDEESSEENNCCAADDEENNAADDOO!!!”
The guitar riff to “Blow Me Away” cues up on the venue’s speakers. Tornado walks out from behind the curtain and does several “chain-breaker” warm ups. Afterwards he bounds back and forth across the stage; encouraging the fans to cheer louder. Tornado then jogs down the ramp, slapping any offered hands. When he reaches the ring apron he rolls inside, pops to his feet, and does a couple of spins around the center of the ring with his arms outstretched. Finally, he takes his right fist and thumps the left side of his chest three times.
TAYLOR: “Here we go ladies and gentlemen. The main event of the evening. Vanilla Rice verses Spanish Rice. Or Mexican Rice. Or I guess it would be Cajan Rice since he’s from Louisiana.”
CAMPBELL: “Solid commentary there, Rachel. I guess if it’s not two women competing against each other you don’t really know much about our competitors do you?”
LAWSON: “Now hang on just a second Chris. I don’t think that’s true. Zeel and Tornado have both been members of the Octane Roster for quite some time now. How much more can we really say about them?”
TAYLOR: “Yeah, Chris. Since you have so much to go off of and say, why don’t you enlighten us.””
CAMPBELL:”Well thanks for asking. Lets start with Zeel Park shall we. Park grew up in New York with both parents. Having been disciplined with this never-ending guilt toward their sacrifices, Park spent most of his childhood and middle school career helping with their store or bullshit and whatever get rich endeavor his father dragged him along with.”

CAMPBELL: “However, with age came a newfound interest for girls and with girls came bravado and rebellion. Rebellion came with fights and it didn’t take him long to realize he can take a punch. High school was interesting and he found himself on the couches of many of his friends and coming home in a scramble to make up for the slight disappointment he was becoming. “
TAYLOR: “Oh Jesus Christ…”
Speaking of Zeel Park, he starts the match of early on with the advantage, slapping a chop across the chest of Tornado before locking onto his arm and whipping him into the ropes. When Desencadenado comes back, Park leaps into the air and connects with a standing drop kick that knocks Tornado down to the mat. Tornado is quick to get back to his feet, though, ducking underneath a hard right hand, swooping around behind Zeel before bending down and grabbing him by the ankles, pulling them out from underneath Park leaving him to fall forward face first, smacking his face off of the mat. Rolling over onto his back, Zeel is ready as Tornado comes close to pull him back up, catching him with a stiff kick right to the sternum before getting back to his own feet.
The fast paced action continues as Zeel hurriedly stands up, using the ropes for momentum before throwing himself into the air, blasting Tornado with a double axe handle that stumbles the technically precise wrestler backwards. Grabbing his junk, Zeel thrusts his hips towards Tornado before once more using the ropes, this time for a springboard, flying through the air to connect with a kick to the jaw that Tornado scouted well enough to only have it graze him. Deftly, Zeel lands on his feet and as Tornado closes the distance between them he flips over and nails Tornado with an overhead kick that lays Tornado out. Scrambling quickly over, Zeel dives across Tornado in hopes of scoring a pinfall early on. Tornado has none of it though, slipping his foot up onto the rope before the referee can even get a count of one in.
Frustrated, Zeel shoves Tornado’s leg down so that his foot isn’t resting on the rope, covering him once more quickly, but again Desencadenado slips his foot up onto the rope before the referee can start his count. Sitting up on his knees, Zeel looks at Tornado and flips him the bird before standing, pulling Tornado up by his hair as he stood. Using his strength, Tornado breaks free of Zeels grasp and drives a boot into Parks stomach, doubling him over before latching onto his head and twisting, taking Park down with a swinging neck breaker. On impact both men stay down, barely starting to roll over onto their sides.
CAMPBELL: “Wanting to keep his parents happy and make them proud wasn’t enough for him to actually get through high school. With the abandonment of the name he was given at birth in exchange for the nickname Zeel, he didn’t take in any of the culture from the homeland of his parents. Instead, he sucked up his surroundings and became the stereotypical first generation American piece of shit. Fast forward to a few fights, few or twenty shady thing here and there, his mother beating the shit out of him, and going from job to job – Zeel Park was definitely a deadbeat of son. “
LAWSON: “ANYWAY! Solid back and forth action here between Zeel and Tornado early on with neither man really able to gain any sustained advantage over the other.”
TAYLOR: “Every time he gets in the ring, though, you see improvement with Zeel. Some would say he’s the kind of stand up man that a nice girl like Kaelan Price needs. Not a physically abusive bastard like Bryan Laughlin.”
CAMPBELL: “EXCUSE ME! We’re not talking about Zeel’s love life. We’re talking about a young asian boy who had the odds stacked against him and the path he took to make it big here on Octane. Please do not interrupt me again.”
Those watching at home were privy to the audible sigh and roll of the eyes from Lawson and Taylor while Tornado and Zeel both fought to use the ropes to pull themselves back up. As both men steady themselves, they come together in the middle of the ring. Tornado connects with a good right hand and Zeel responds with a kick to the stomach which Tornado accepts willingly to crack Zeel across the jaw with a left hook. Stumbling back Zeel smartly welcomes Tornado to come closer. When Tornado obliges, Zeel slips to the side and drops Tornado down face first with a drop toe hold. Speedily, Zeel pulls Tornado right back up and this time whips him into the corner where Tornado crashes and then rests with his back against the turnbuckle pads. Flicking his fingers in Tornado’s direction, Zeel then dashes across the ring at full speed, landing a running corner lariat to perfection before resting there, smirking and posing for the crowd while backing up just half a step.
CAMPBELL: “That running corner lariat Zeel calls My Bad! And do you know how he learned that? He took to training in wrestling (because shit was cheap as fuck). He wants to build a legacy, and he’s convinced 4CW is the best place for him to start, especially since he heard that they hire anyone these days.”
TAYLOR: “We get it Chris. Jesus Christ. We get it.”
CAMPBELL: “Well alright. But it’s only fair now to move on to Tornado.”
LAWSON: “Dear God why did I ever think I should take this job? I could be making twenty billion dollars a year doing commentary for World Wrestling Headquarters.”
Bending down, Zeel uses all the strength he can muster to try to hoist Tornado up onto the top rope. It doesn’t happen and instead Tornado drives a forearm down across Zeels back, dropping him to one knee. Still, Zeel is relentless, grabbing Tornado’s legs and lifting once more this time getting him all the way up to the top rope where he sits him, climbing up to the middle rope himself. Just to be certain he slaps two knife edged chops across Tornado’s chest and then leaps up, wrapping his legs around Tornado’s head looking for the Avalanche Frankensteiner he calls Overzeelous. Before he can execute it fully, though, Tornado doesn’t budge. Instead he catches Zeel and then hoists him up onto his shoulders, leaping off the top rope hitting a top rope sit out power bomb. Somehow he manages to transition it into a pinning predicament, using his feet to keep Zeel’s shoulders pressed down to the mat. The referee slides in to count the pinfall.

The crowd cries out in shock, thinking for sure that Tornado had put the match away with that massive power bomb but no such luck. Both men again stay down, recovering from the physical exertion of the match up to that point.
CAMPBELL: “See. I bet you thought Tornado would have won the match there. And I don’t blame you because Tornado comes from an upper middle class family living in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana. His paternal grandfather was middleweight boxing champion from Mexico who moved to the United States in the 1960s. Despite combat sports being part of the family history, his parents do not approve of his chosen profession, but have helped him over the years financially. He has trained nearly a decade to compete; but only recently started appearing in large scale notable promotions. Formerly a part time wrestler for Union Battleground and the developmental fed West Coast Genesis, TD has made the decision to work exclusively with 4CW’s “Octane” show for the money and exposure.”
TAYLOR: “Thank you for reading that directly from his wikipedia page. You are truly the top of the mountain when it comes to color commentators.”
CAMPBELL: “Thanks Rachel. I’m glad you finally recognize that. Most importantly I’m better than Joe.”
LAWSON: “Hey. What the hell?!”
Both men get back to their feet about the same time. Zeel strikes first, though, moving toward Tornado and kicking him in the leg. The man winces but he quickly hoists Zeel up onto his shoulders. Trying to fight out of it, Zeel delivers solid elbows to the temple of Tornado but the man begins to spin. Quickly the airplane spin is executed. And the fans pop as they recognize what is coming next. VERTIGONE! The maneuver hits flush and Tornado is quick to cover. As he does so the referee slides in as the fans count along.

“Blow Me Away” hits the speakers as Tornado rises to his feet and has his arm raises by the official shortly after. Pacing the ring, he takes the moment in, a big win for him tonight over a name that has been rising quickly up the rankings.
LAWSON: ”And there you have it! Tornado dish detergent has won it ladies and gentlemen. This match could very well determine who steps up to challenge Laughlin for the Octane Championship at Holy Grail.”
CAMPBELL: ”Calm down. That’s still over two months away and a lot can happen in that time span.”
TAYLOR: ”Regardless of what you think it may or may not mean, this is a big win for Tornado and a huge bounce back for him after his recent loss.”
CAMPBELL: ”His record speaks for himself. He’s a hard worker and it shows each and every time he steps inside of the ring.”
LAWSON: ”And what about the new Ignition Championship?”
TAYLOR: ”Oh, you mean the Women’s Championship?”
LAWSON: ”NO! That’s not what I meant! I said Ignition Championship loud and clear!”
CAMPBELL: ”Calm down, for real. Like I said earlier. Holy Grail is over two months away and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw both championship defended before then.”
LAWSON: ”Exactly!”
CAMPBELL: ”A long time. No need in us discussing it tonight when the show is over. I’m headed to the hotel bar and meeting someone desperate for a good time to take back to the room. If you’ll excuse me…”
TAYLOR: ”Well… alrighty then! That’s our show for tonight ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now for Octane Eleven and hopefully, Jeb Fisher and Cosmo Cooper don’t kill each other before then.”
LAWSON: ”That’s an interesting one to keep an eye on, that’s for sure!”
TAYLOR: ”From 4Cw and the booth at Octane, Goodnight everyone!”
LAWSON: ”We’ll see you in two weeks!”