Coming off of the recent pay-per-view, Fright Night, the tenth episode of Octane returned to Showtime November 10th! The tension between Jeb Fisher and the newly signed, Cosmo Cooper, remained on course following WarGames and kicking the show off in the opening Ten Minutes of Mayhem contest. A new championship was revealed to the Octane roster after American Tommy’s big win for the brand at Fright Night. Squaring off for the first time on Octane in the main event, Tornado Desencadenado and Zeel Park closed the show in what many consider to be a contender match of sorts given their recent success and records. Overall, it was a good show following the PPV, bringing in a total of 2,145,000 viewers worldwide.
Octane E10

With Fright Night in the books and a completely new landscape in terms of champions, Adrenaline E75 invaded Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. From top to bottom, as always, the card was stacked. Kicking the evening off, Dakota Smith and Alioth Starre were featured in the opening match with no holds barred! The Extreme Division transitioned once again, going back to its roots in 4CW as the XTV Championship was reinstated. Episode Seventy-Five featured not one, but two headline matches! In one, Anastasia Hayden faced off against the new Pride Champion, Kimitsu Zombie. In the other, Jett Wilder put his money where his mouth is against the new and two time 4CW Champion, Bronx Valescence! In the main event, a match that should have happened a very long time ago, Jair Hopkins and Chris Madison collided one on one for the first time right here on Adrenaline! With unfinished business following Fright Night, Cyrus Riddle closed the show with a huge statement. Showing a significant increase in ratings, E75 brought in a total of 3,100,000 viewers worldwide compared to the 2,840,000 of E74.
Adrenaline E75