OCTANE E11 (125)


The picture opens up inside of the Cabarrus Arena as “1000hp” plays over the speakers. Per usual, the house is packed as we head into another night of 4CW’s Octane! Throughout the crowd, various signs have been brought in by the fans.

The picture then cuts to a shot directly in front of the booth where our trio at ringside await to open the show.
LAWSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Octane!”
CAMPBELL: ”We’re here tonight for the eleventh episode and the second following Fright Night.”
TAYLOR: ”Things have changed quite a bit since Fright Night.”
LAWSON: ”They sure have. As you all saw two weeks ago, Octane now has its very own second championship, the Ignition Championship.”
CAMPBELL: ”I like it. It’s now a belt for Octane, by Octane!”
TAYLOR: ”Speaking of belts, we have a wonderful main event scheduled for tonight as both wrestlers with belts on Octane will clash head to head in this ring!”
LAWSON: ”That’s right we do! The Ignition Champion, American Tommy, will step inside of the ring with the newly crowd Octane Champion, Bryan Laughlin!”
CAMPBELL: ”I can’t think of a better main event to close tonight’s show. I absolutely love champion versus champion matches.”
TAYLOR: ”We see them all the time on Adrenaline and now with two belts on Octane, we finally get to see one here.”
LAWSON: ”In our headline match of the evening, we have Seth Daniels and Tornado Desencadenado in what many people would consider to be the match that decides who will challenge Laughlin for the Octane Championship.”
CAMPBELL: ”Tornado has been on a roll as of late and Daniels too, despite coming up short at Fright Night against Laughlin. If Tornado can continue his hot streak here tonight, there’s no denying that he would rightfully deserve to be the one to challenge Laughlin at Holy Grail.”
TAYLOR: ”You guys are looking too far ahead! Up first we have Kaz Bonham in her first Ten minutes of Mayhem match against the former Adrenaline star, Brian Hollywood.”
LAWSON: ”This whole night is going to be exciting with the matches we have on the card.”
CAMPBELL: ”You can say that again!”
TAYLOR: ”Don’t. Let’s go backstage for a moment before we return and kick things off with our opening match.”

The cameras catch up with Kaz Bonham as she’s getting prepared for her upcoming match against Brian Hollywood. She’s seated on a production crate, lacing up her boots, and she acknowledges the camera with a bright smile
BONHAM: “Howdy folks! What a show, right? Got, like, so much to see and do! But I gotta stay focused on what’s in front of me before I get too riled up. I get to see Adaya, Cosmo, and everyone else wrestle! But right now…literally like minutes away…I gotta go and wrestle Brian Hollywood!”
Kaz’s smile somehow manages to get wider as she finishes lacing her boots and hops up off the crate.
BONHAM: “I’ve got ten minutes to go out there and show what I’ve got. All of that trainin’, makin’ sure I could withstand at least 10 minutes of Dollywood coasters…I don’t wanna make any, like, predictions…but I’m likin’ my odds, y’all. But I know Brian’s trained just as hard. It’s our job to go out there and get all these fans rowdy…but we know only one of us can win.”
She holds a finger up for the camera to focus on before dropping her hand back down and adopting a semi-serious face.
BONHAM: “And Brian, he can get a three to zero lead up on me…but I ain’t givin’ up. I don’t care how down I get or what my odds are, I’m not letttin’ these folks down. My Bonham Care Bears came out to see me, I got people that I need to, like, make proud, and I’ve gotta entertain. What you’ve done in your career is, like, totally rad, Brian, but I ain’t gonna let you get in my way.”
Still semi-serious, Kaz shakes her head.
BONHAM: “Sure, call me selfish…call me whatever you want, but I ain’t a quitter. I ain’t stayin’ down. When I go out there, I’m ready to fight…I’m ready to give it my all. To pour, like, my entire heart and soul into everything I do! I got fans lookin’ up to me, I got an opponent lookin’ for my best…and I’m not about to disappoint. So let’s go! I’m ready to roll, I’m ready to fight! But most of all…I’m ready to win!”
Kaz’s smile returns, but with a slight twist of cockiness planted into it. In the distance, “Jump” by Van Halen plays and her eyes are lit with excitement.
BONHAM: “Brian…I reckon you won’t hear this, but, like…good luck! Now if y’all will excuse me…I reckon I gotta get goin’ and win this match.”
She waves at the camera before heading off to go and make her entrance.



Off to a hot start, Hollywood cornered Kaz with a series of kicks to the legs, trapping her with nowhere to go. Ending the swift combo of kicks, he caught her with an uppercut, knocking her back against the corner. Climbing over her to the middle ropes, he then began raining down on her head with rapid rights as the crowd counted along with each landing blow. After ten solid punches to Kaz’s head, he then stepped down before lifting her up and sitting her on the top of the corner. Climbing back up, he then lifted her up and over, dropping her to the canvas with a superplex. Moments later, he nearly took Kaz’s head off with a running big boot as she climbed to one knee. Standing beside her, he flipped backwards, landing across her with a standing moonsault which then results in a three count as he made the cover.

After scoring a pinfall, Hollywood didn’t let up a single second. Pulling Kaz back to her feet, and spinning her around to face the opposite direction. Wrapping both arms around her waist, he then lifted her off her feet and fell backwards for a German suplex. Rolling out of his arms as she reached her highest point, Kaz landed both feet to the mat as Hollywood crashed empty handed. She back stepped towards the ropes and as Hollywood climbed to one knee, Kaz charged in, wiping him out with a running leg lariat. The leg to the head stunned Hollywood. Pulling him back to his feet, Kaz then threw him back down with a scoop slam. She then rolled over his midsection with a senton and as she stood to her feet, she jumped up and flipped backwards, landing across Hollywood with a senton of her own! Hooking his leg, she had him down as the official slid in beside them with the three count!

With things now tied up, both wrestlers circled the ring, sizing each other up and calculating their next move. Shooting in first, Kaz locked both arms around Hollywood’s leg. Unable to take him down to the mat, she then drove him backwards as he hopped on one foot until eventually slamming him back first into the corner. Hitting him with back to back elbow smashes, Kaz then took a few steps back before rushing back in and jumping into the air. Aiming for his head with a drop kick, she missed as Hollywood rolled out of the way. Pushing herself up, Kaz was vulnerable as Hollywood rushed in and hit her with a running knee to the face. With Kax laid out in front of the corner, Hollywood grabbed ahold of the top rope and used it for leverage as he began stomping on her over and over. Pulling Kaz away from the corner, Hollywood then dropped her in the center of the ring with a neckbreaker.
Backing up to one corner, he patiently waited as Kaz slowly began to come to her senses and climb to her feet. Just as she stood up, Hollywood then rushed in for the Executive Promise! His foot came within inches before Kaz ducked underneath and avoided the potential match ending superkick. Grabbing ahold of Hollywood, she then lifted him up into the air and onto her shoulders. Spinning in circles, Kaz held Hollywood on her shoulders for nearly a minute before dropping him with the airplane spin. With Hollywood down on his back and in a dizzy state, Kaz then jumped straight into the air as high as she could, coming down on Hollywood with a double foot stomp! After hitting him with The Dixie Stampede, Kaz then made the cover in the final seconds of the match.







WINNER: Kaz Bonham

Backstage at the Cabarrus Arena we see Tornado Desencadenado. Wearing his gear and a bemused expression, he speaks to the camera filming him.
DESENCADENADO: “Most of what I had planned to say about my match with Seth Daniels tonight doesn’t really seem to apply much anymore, so bear with me while I wing it. Tonight Seth and I face for the second time. The first was during the fir-inaugural ‘Ten Minutes of Mayhem Match’ where I barely outlasted him and two other wrestlers. Now, we face off one on one, and while the conditions of this match are less dangerous- it’s your standard fight with the normal rules all applying- the stakes are much higher.”
The Ring Revolutionary leans against the wall behind him.
DESENCADENADO: “If Seth wins tonight, he gets to even his record against me and possibly keep his name in the Octane Title picture. If I win, I show I’m capable of beating the best talent Octane has to offer, and it continue my journey towards a championship opportunity.”
Folding his arms across his chest, TD goes on to handicap the match.
DESENCADENADO: “It’s going to be a tough task to master. Seth Daniels is an accomplished wrestler. He’s succeeded in every promotion he’s been a part of, and it is only a matter of time he succeeds here… in the sense that he wins a title. He’s experienced, unpredictable, and quite capable of adapting on the fly. But that’s what I want. I want, I need, Seth’s best tonight, because beating him at his best makes my victory matter more.”
Switching gears he addresses his opponent directly.
DESENCADENADO: “Seth, you may have been burned in your Inferno Match, but I see that that time in the fire served as a crucible that strengthened your will and competitive spirit. You might be my toughest challenge since joining 4CW. Regardless, this fight is going to be a good one that the fans will be talking about in the weeks to come. I look forward to facing you again tonight, and showing them which of us is the better man.”
As Tornado concludes his impromptu promo the camera slowly moves in to get a close up of the young man’s determined face. Then the scene fades out.


The match began with the two locked up in the center of the ring. After a short struggle between both men, Zion pulled Vossler’s head down to his side and applied a side headlock. Lifting Zion into the air, Vossler quickly escaped the headlock as he dropped Zion to the mat with a suplex. Both men quickly popped back to their feet before locking up a second time. Pulling Zion in, Vossler took his breath away as he popped his knee up, driving it into Zion’s stomach. He then took Zion down with an STO, delivering a good bit of damage to Zion. From that point, Vossler took control of the match. Slowly wearing Zion down with various suplexes and kicks to the body. Going for a powerbomb, Vossler slipped up, giving Zion a small window of opportunity to counter and drive Vossler’s head into the canvas with a DDT!
The sound of Vossler’s head crashing into the canvas seemed to have been all Zion needed to hear. With a newfound energy, Zion began pounding away at Vossler’s head as he mounted himself on top of him. Pulling Vossler to his feet, Zion whipped him to the ropes and as he came back on the rebound, Zion wiped him out with a Lou Thez Press in the center of the ring, unloading even more punches on his unprotected head. On his feet, Zion circled Vossler until he finally stood back to his feet. Rushing in, Zion planted his foot into Vossler’s face with a running big boot, knocking him backwards and into the nearby corner. Picking Vossler up and sitting him on top of the corner, Zion then climbed the corner as well. Lifting Vossler even higher, he placed him over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry before falling back from the corner and slamming him to the mat with a Samoan drop from the top!
Zion didn’t stop there. He continued to attack Vossler as he was down with kicks and stomps to the midsection. Propping Vossler’s leg onto the bottom rope, Zion then climbed the corner to the middle before leaping off and landing on top of his knee with a leg drop. He then lifted Vossler up from the mat and held him upside down. Hooking Vossler’s legs underneath the top rope in the corner, Zion hung him upside down. Backing up to the center of the ring, Zion then charged forward. Closing in, he kicked his foot up and aimed for Vossler’s stomach. At the last possible second, Vossler pulled himself through the ropes and to the apron as Zion’s foot went through the ropes and his crotch crashed into the turnbuckle. Zion pulled himself away from the corner, slowly back stepping away from it as Vossler pulled himself up on the outside apron. Jumping up and pulling himself up to the top rope, Vossler springboarded off and flew in Zion’s direction, kicking him square in the back of the head. Keeping his foot planted firmly on the back of Zion’s head, he forced it down before slamming Zion face first to the mat with a curb stomp! With Zion down and out from the Orbital Exenteration, Vossler made the cover as the official swept in with the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Vossler via Pinfall (8:44)
Moments after Vossler’s celebration for his victorious return, Zion finally began to come to his senses. Assisting him to his feet, Vossler then raised Zion’s arm into the air as well. Confused by the gesture, the crowd looked on in silence. Jerking his arm away from Vossler, Zion began screaming at him, showing no respect at all. Out of nowhere, he then slammed both fists into Vossler’s chest, sending him falling backward to the mat. Before Vossler could even get back to his feet, Zion had left the ring, screaming obscenities to the fans as he made his way up the ramp and to the back, leaving Vossler scratching his head as he looked on.

The scene opens up with a big booth backstage. American Flags with Tommy’s picture are on each side of the table. The table itself has a big box on it w/ buttons scattered around it that read “Vote for Tommy.” American Tommy is seen sitting at the table with his feet up on it as men in suits are on each side of him. A person walks up to the booth and picks up a button.
MAN: “What’s the fine print on this button say?”
The man brings the button closer to his face to read the fine print.
MAN: “Together we will bring Perry and his son Eric back into each other’s lives!”
The man smiles and puts the button down. He grabs a pen and a piece of paper and puts a checkmark next to a name and slips it in the box.
TOMMY: “Who did you vote for?”
MAN: “I can’t tell you who I voted for.”
TOMMY: “Oh?”
Tommy grabs the box and opens it up.
MAN: “You can’t do that.”
Tommy looks at him and laughs.
TOMMY: “I’ll do whatever I damn well please.”
He reaches into the box and pulls out two slips of paper. He opens the first one and it’s his vote so he puts it back in. He opens the other and the checkmark is next to Bryan Laughlin. Tommy crumples it up and promptly throws it away. The guy looks at him and Tommy points in the other direction.
TOMMY: “Get to walking.”
The guy does so and Tommy goes back to playing Pokemon GO on his phone when another person comes up. Tommy briefly looks up from his phone and points in the other direction.
TOMMY: “You have a stupid haircut.”
The guy starts to say something, but he looks to the right and Redd Thunder is standing right beside him. The guy grabs a button and walks away quickly.
TOMMY: “Redd my man! Have a vote!”
Tommy hands REDD a voting slip and a pen. Redd looks down at the paper studying it as Tommy looks on. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Redd makes his checkmark and stuffs it into the box. Tommy smiles on and shakes his hand.
TOMMY: “Thanks Redd! Have a button!”
He hands Redd a button who promptly buttons it on his singlet. Tommy smiles and gives Redd a thumbs up.
TOMMY: “I got this in the bag!”
Tommy stands up and takes the box with him. Redd and him walk off smiling and laughing.


Starting things off at the sound of the bell, The One used his smaller size and quickness to duck and dodge Redd, slowly wearing him down in the early moments of the match. Springboarding off the ropes, The One flew directly into Redd’s arms which then led to him being driven into the canvas with a massive powerslam. Mounting himself on top of The One, Redd lit him up with striking elbows to the dome. Back on his feet, Redd continued the assault, giving The One no time whatsoever to recover.
After a series of stiff kicks to The One’s legs, Redd grabbed ahold of him, driving him backwards and slamming him into the corner. Swinging with all of his might, Redd connected with thunderous hammer blows to The One’s head. Jerking him away from the corner and wrapping him up, Redd then brought everyone in the crowd to their feet as he threw The One over his head and three-quarters of the way across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex.
The One looked pitiful, unable to get any offense in as Redd continued tossing him around the ring like a ragdoll with ease. After sending The One to the ropes, Redd lifted him off his feet as he returned, rotating completely around and driving him into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster that nearly caused the entire ring to collapse. Pulling The One up from the mat, Redd then lifted him into the air before dropping him back to the mat with a pup-up powerbomb in front of the corner. Climbing to the middle ropes of the corner, Redd then bounced up and down before finishing him off with the Galaxy Breaker – a banzai drop that nearly crushed The One’s chest cavity. Sitting on top of The One and pinning his shoulders to the canvas, it was game over as the official raced in with the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Redd Thunder via Pinfall (6:36)

It’s the same scene we saw the last Octane show with Cosmo Cooper, he gets out of the back of the car. He’s wearing his finest suit that he could find, he has his sunglasses on, and he’s still wearing the smug smile he was wearing when he left the arena after defeating THE ONE. The roll along bag clanged beside him as he tilted his head back as he spoke.
COOPER: “I think the entirety of the Octane and 4CW roster will thank me after tonight, maybe… just maybe Brandon Banks will decide to hang it up for good when I bust his ass like everyone else has in this company. How many times we gonna have to hear, ‘BRUH U SAY I AM TRASH BUT WHY U WANNA FACE ME?’ because logic isn’t really that dude’s strong suit huh? I can say what I want to about him. We both know that dude just showing up, gettin’ a pay check and then leaving. He’ll never know what I said. Dude doesn’t care bout championships anymore because he sure as fuck ain’t winnin them.”
As he walked along, Cosmo got to the threshold of the arena, he checked in with security, but the outside corridor shortened into a tunnel, with a door headed into the back of the arena. There stood someone against the wall that Cosmo was very familiar with.
Jeb Fisher.
FISHER: ”Lookie what we got here, If it isn’t sexy pants.”
Cosmo continued to walk, not about to be shook by his rival on Octane. He halted a couple of steps away from Fisher, it was almost as if Fisher was giving him a free pass, but Cosmo didn’t buy into it.
COOPER: “What do you even want? Another lesson? Let’s see. I taught you math the last time we met, maybe a little history this time? What I’ve done in the past? What you saw me do here on Octane?”
Stepping forward, Cosmo more or less challenged Fisher by stepping into the corridor.
FISHER: ”You ain’t teach me shit boy, the only thing you’ve done these past few weeks is prove that this roster is fuckin’ trash. Duckin’ me every chance you fuckin’ get.”
Cosmo nodded and dropped his bag and kicked it to the side as he stepped toward Fisher, this time they were alone. The first time they had faced off without supervision.
COOPER: “If you’re so hard, why don’t you fucking do something about it, JEB! Nobody around now to hold me back from you, go ahead, swing, I dare you.”
With that, Cosmo shoved into Jeb and that’s all it took. Jeb swung, but in the close quarters, Cosmo was able to duck and quickly go behind Jeb. As he stood up, Jeb glanced over his shoulder with a simple smirk, and before Cosmo could do anything, he quickly slammed his head back into Cosmo’s face. A sickening thud was heard as Cosmo immediately let go with the back of his head snapping against the wall as well. Blood poured from his nose as he sank down to his backside. Before Jeb could move in, security came flooding into the back to pull Jeb away and to check on Cosmo who wasn’t even trying to get to his feet because he was so utterly stunned. Jeb was still standing over Cosmo, almost in a gorilla like stance with his chest pumped, and his veins popping. He beat on his chest like a tribal declaration of war.
Jeb raised his arms up into air letting out a war cry, as if he had just won a match. A cocky, rage filled smirk smeared across his face as the security ushered him away.


It’s no secret that Christy Chaos isn’t happy with how things have gone for her in 4CW up to this point and so, in an effort to change that, she starts the match off aggressively. Unfortunately for her it doesn’t pay off when Adaya draws her in and then cracks a nasty kick off the outside of Christy’s knee. A moment later Adaya swoops in and lifts her up off of both feet, running a few steps forward before driving her down into the mat with a double leg takedown. Pressing upward quickly, Adaya mounts Christy and blasts her with hard rights and lefts over and over and over again. Christy tries to cover up but she just keeps absorbing punches to the head over and over again. After nearly thirty seconds of absorbing the pound side of ground and pound, Christy catches a break as Adaya relents, a smile on her face. The reprieve is only short-lived, however, as Adaya pulls Christy back up to her feet. In a daze, Christy does her best to stay upright on both feet. Duncan has other ideas, though, as she takes off toward the ropes and leaps, spring boarding off of them as she turns her body to face Christy, cracking her across the jaw with a superman punch that buckles Christy’s already unstable base from underneath her. AGGRAVATED ASSAULT! Wasting little time, Adaya jumps on Christy and locks in the straight jacket crossface submission hold that she calls COMMITTED! The pain is so intense that Christy taps out almost immediately after Adaya applies the hold.
WINNER: Adaya Duncan via Submission (2:15)

The cameras come backstage to Kaelan Price standing next to Gabriel Hartman. She’s in full ring gear and you can faintly hear the fans cheering at just the sight of Kaelan. She nods her head and gives Gabriel a smile.
HARTMAN: “As you all can clearly see I am standing next to what is arguably one of Octane’s biggest stars, Kaelan Price. Now Kaelan since joining Octane you’ve had your fair share of ups and downs. This week you face Jay Mora, a lot of harsh words have passed between you two is this personal?”
She shook her head but the smile didn’t fade from her face.
PRICE: “Gabriel. It’s good to see ya lad. Let me first start by saying it always feels great to be back here in North Carolina. It’s my second home, and I love the loyalty that the 4CW fans show every single Octane. It’s truly an honor and I love performing for them each and every show.”
HARTMAN: “That’s lovely Kaelan but that’s not what I asked. I ask-”
Kaelan frowned at Gabriel but let out a giggle before patting Gabriel on the back and shaking her head.
PRICE: “Relax Gabe. I’m getting to it lad. Is this personal between us? Well I would say at this point for Jay it is very personal. It tried to make it personal long before I ever did. Making a point to go to B and apologize for what he claims he’s about to do to me. Jay doesn’t bother me particularly too much because at the end of the day this is another match, another opportunity for me to prove myself and that’s what I’m going to do. I didn’t make it personal between Jett. Had a lovely Thanksgiving with him in fact. Jay wants so bad to make this match about something it isn’t though. That’s on him. ”
She put her hands on her hips as Hartman scratched his head before nodding and then speaking again.
HARTMAN: “Do you think this match will affect your relationship with Bryan Laughlin?”
PRICE: “No. I don’t. Bryan understands this business better than anyone. Whether I win or lose he’s still going to be my lad. I’m sure he will still be friends with Jay Mora and that’s fine with me. I’m not in the business of trying to tell B who he can be friends with and who he can’t. I’m sure Jay would love to blame me for why B doesn’t hang out with him as much as he used to but, I’m not the one responsible for that. He’s so jealous and bitter about B he’s done nothing but try to make the match about him, when he needs to focus on the challenge that’s in front of him. Me.”
HARTMAN: “Do you think Jay Mora is underestimating you because you’re a woman, or do you think he’s just using that as a way to get under your skin.
Kaelan clicked her tongue on her teeth and stared off down the hallway, and off camera. She sighed and looked down at the floor before back up at Gabriel and then the microphone before speaking again.
PRICE: “Look. Every week, people say things for the specific reason of getting under my skin. Now I’m not gonna go on a feminazi rant, but let’s be honest. Men still don’t hold woman at the same level as they do other men in this business. I think that’s just something we will always have to deal with. It irritates me, but it doesn’t crush me. It doesn’t change the way I approach this match with Jay. The sad thing is? When I win? Jay still wont have anymore respect for women. I thought he might, but honestly he’s more of a lost cause at this point. I don’t need him to respect me to beat him. I’ll beat him by simply being better in the ring.”
HARTMAN: “So Kaelan, do you have any idea about where you want to go from this point forward. We now have two championships here on Octane. The Octane Championship of course, and now the Ignition Championship. With Bryan holding the Octane Championship and in light of what happened the last time you guys faced off, I would think you aren’t looking to fight him again. Where do you see yourself going from this point forward?”
Kaelan nodded her head listening to Gabriel’s words. She tapped her chin pretending to think about it before grinning and giving Hartman a questioning look.
PRICE: “What makes you think that I don’t want to face B again? Well.. first off I am more focused on what’s right in front of me now. That’s Jay Mora but, if I have to look to the future than yes, the Octane Championship is still in my sights. I want to be the best. I want to stand at the top of this company. To do that I’d have to go through Bryan Laughlin, and I think there is nobody else I’d rather prove myself against. I lost our first encounter but that still doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance of winning if we were to face again. I’m gonna get through Jay Mora and then keep fighting my way through whoever Jimmy wants to place in front of me until I earn my shot to fight for the Octane Championship. There are plenty of deserving talents don’t get me wrong, but I know I can beat them and earn my spot at the top. Like I said, tonight though? I’m focused on Jay Mora, and I’m gonna show him that this woman is just as good in that ring, as she is in the kitchen. Thank you Gabe. It’s always a pleasure to see you.”
Kaelan patted Gabriel on the head and smiled before smoothing her hands down her coat and walking past him, moving off camera as Hartman was left there standing holding his mic and looking after her, frowning as he touched the top of his head where Kaelan had just patted shaking his head and walking in the opposite direction as the camera faded out on the scene.


Making his official singles debut on Octane, Cosmo was welcomed by the Concord crowd with open arms. His opponent on the other hand wasn’t digging it as much. Starting the match off with a bang, Banks set up Cosmo with a fake attempt at locking up, only to catch him by surprise with a swift kick to the face. The kick stunned him momentarily, just enough for Banks to then step in and lock an arm around his head before driving it into the canvas with a snap DDT. With Cosmo slowly getting up, Banks then rushed in, hitting him with a step-up Enzuigiri and putting him back down. Running to the ropes, Banks bounced back and returned with a rolling Frog Splash across Cosmo’s body. Hooking the leg, the was only able to get a two count before Cosmo popped a shoulder up from the mat, ending the officials count.
Pulling Cosmo up from the mat, Banks was completely taken off guard as Cosmo erupted to his feet, hitting him right between the eyes with a headbutt. After three open hand chops across the chest, Cosmo locked onto his arm and whipped him to the ropes. With Banks closing in from the rebound, Cosmo then took him off his feet in the blink of an eye with a spinning wheel kick. Dropping down to his hands in a handstand, Cosmo walked his way over to the side of Banks before dropping down with a knee into his shoulder. Clutching Banks head, Cosmo then began driving knees repeatedly into Banks head. Pushing himself back to a handstand, Cosmo then flipped over Banks body and rushed to the ropes ahead. Coming back, he slid feet first, driving both bare feet into Banks face with a sliding dropkick. The bare feet to the face disgusted banks as he wildly began wiping at his face with both hands. Pushing himself up, Banks looked forward and his eyes lit up at the sight of Cosmo charging straight for him. Leaping forward, Cosmo went for a leg lariat but missed as Banks dropped stomach down to the mat. Before Cosmo could get back up, Banks has already risen to his feet and rushed in, delivering a leg lariat of his own! Popping back to his feet with a kip-up, Banks circled Cosmo momentarily as he still wiped at his face following the bare feet contact.
After methodically striking various limbs of Cosmo’s, Banks dragged him to the corner where he then slammed him against it with a German suplex. In an upright position, Cosmo leaned against the corner, barely moving at all. On his feet, Banks began stomping on his stomach over and over, using the ropes for leverage as he stomped Cosmo completely down to the mat. Dragging Cosmo away from the corner, Banks laid him in front of the corner before climbing to the top. Looking out over the crowd, he positioned himself for a moonsault but before he could jump, Cosmo popped back to his feet. Lunging to the corner, Cosmo went for the ropes to knock Banks off balance but was too late as Banks leaped away with a backflip over Cosmo. Landing behind Cosmo, Banks then hit him with a knee to the kidney, forcing him to buckle over.
Setting him up for a pump-handle, Banks then lifted Cosmo off his feet for a Michinoku driver. Sliding out of Banks’ hold, Cosmo dropped down behind him. Wrapping him up around the waist, Cosmo then lifted him off his feet before slamming him down with a release German suplex. Both men climbed to their feet, Cosmo standing first. Stepping in, he hit Banks in the chops with a European uppercut, knocking his head back and forcing him to look up at the lights. Hitting Banks with back to back forearms, Cosmo worked him to the center of the ring before kicking him in the gut and forcing him to buckle over. Wrapping him around the waist with both arms, Cosmo then lifted him up and over, throwing him down to the mat with a gutwrench suplex. With his hold still in tact, Cosmo climbed to his feet while pulling Banks up as well. Lifting him up and over again, Cosmo slammed him down with a second gutwrench suplex. Still holding his by the wiast, Cosmo slowly climbed back to his feet, pulling Banks up as well. Lifting him up again, he threw Banks with a third gutwrench suplex! The triple gutwrench suplexes took a lot from Banks as he was unable to get back up on his own. Assisting him, Cosmo pulled him up and then lifted him off his feet, spinning him upside down. Holding him in place, Cosmo then slowly began to spin in place before jumping up while still spinning and dropping him on his head with a tombstone piledriver! The Crater Maker left Banks lifeless as Cosmo made the cover with the official following behind with the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Cosmo Cooper via Pinfall (10:41)

The lights in the arena dim, causing the usual uproar from the audience. The buzzing from hardware is heard over the audio system, followed by the clicking of shoes on a wooden board. The titantron is clearly playing a video, but the room the video is recorded in is completely dark. The footsteps suddenly don’t follow their usual pattern. They’ve stopped.
? ? ?: “Hmpf.”
A scoff is heard, giving zero indication on who the person might be that we’re following. Then a flick of a switch, and the turn of a knob that ticks quickly. The lights turn on in an office, dusty as all hell. There are some cabinets made of a dark metal to the left. Bookcases to the right. In the center of this office is an unconventional yet familiar looking desk.
On the desk itself stand a few items. A desk light, a laptop, and on solely one side stand what seems like a championship belt on a platform to hold it and a few pictures next to it. The man slowly steps into the frame but his identity is unknown due to his clothing covering his head.
? ? ?: “Not every king’s reign ends in triumph and death. Not every reign is passed on by natural causes. And not every natural cause is preventable. Some things are just forced upon you. And they become so impeding, all the things you held in the palm of your hand suddenly fall. You drop everything that was rightfully yours.”
The man stands in front of the desk and seemingly grabs something to turn it his way. He seems to have blown the dust off something as the motions seen from behind suggest he’s cleaning the object.
? ? ?: “My departure was none of those things. I simply have to face that fact. The results were the same, but my causes were entirely self inflicted. I had control over my destiny. And I dropped that. And all the things I held in the palm of my hand suddenly fell. I had to drop everything that was rightfully mine. Everything I had worked for. Everything I deserved.”
The man stands aside as it appears to be a championship. It is the 4CW Octane Championship belt! The name plate reads ‘Vossler’! The man has moved to show his side to the camera.
? ? ?: “I never required anyone’s support to reach the top. I don’t require it now. You’re either with me. Or you’re against me.”
The hood is taken off, and the man finally turns to the camera to reveal himself.
VOSSLER: “The fallen king will rise once again.”
The video distorts with zoomed in close-ups of the wicked smirk on Vossler’s face as well as close-ups of the nameplate on the championship belt.
It cuts, as the lights go back on and the crowd erupts into mixed reactions after this video.


Kaelan kicks the match off quickly by taking it too the bigger man, tearing across the ring and driving multiple forearms into his jaw, backing him into the corner. In an effort to reverse the momentum, Jay grabs Kaelan by her bright orange hair and switches their positions, slamming her into the turnbuckle pads. The impact seems to knock the wind from Kae’s lungs for just a second but it doesn’t phase her as she brings a knee up into Jay’s stomach and then slaps him across the chest with a knife edged chop. As Mora grabs his chest, recoiling, a bit shocked at the impact of the chop, Kaelan grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him downward, smashing his face off of her knee before letting him fall to the mat. As Jay crumbles to his back clutching his nose, Kaelan lets a loud warriors yell loose to which the fans respond positively. Moving to the corner, Kae bounces up to the middle rope and then thrusts her legs backward, floating through the air for a second before crashing down across Jay’s body. She quickly hooks the leg but Jay almost instantly gets his shoulder up off of the mat. Swinging a leg over Jay’s stomach, Kaelan mounts her opponent and continues to show off her aggressive side, willing to fight anyone anywhere, blasting him with hard rights and lefts. Trying to cover up, Mora suddenly gets an idea and eats a few more strikes as he places his hands on her hips and slips her backside down a bit lower on his body so that she’s sitting right over his groin. As she pulls back to hit him again, Jay smirks and blows her a kiss, thrusting his hips up slightly.
Mortified, Kaelan’s closed fist opens and swings to strike him with an open handed slap but Jay manages to catch Kaelan’s arm and swiftly swings her off of him and onto her back. As he stands he touches his jaw and then brings his fingertips up to a lip that is starting to swell, touching it gently before looking at his hand and seeing a few drops of blood. While Kaelan rolls over onto her stomach and pulls herself back up to her feet, Jay bounces off the ropes and comes back at full speed in her direction. As she stands she turns only to nearly have her head taken off her shoulders as Jay slams her down to the mat with a sit down clothesline. He swings his body over to cover her and the referee gets to a two before Kaelan kicks out, twisting to get her shoulder up off the mat. Shifting, Jay wraps an arm around Kaelan’s head and keeps her grounded with a headlock. After a few moments Kaelan managed to work her way back to a kneeling position and began to get back up but Jay quickly brought her back down to the mat, keeping the headlock locked in while shaking his head no. Yet Kaelan doesn’t stop working, once more slowly working her way back up to her feet. As Jay tried to bring her back down yet again, Kae managed to get her head free, shoving him forward into the ropes. When Jay rebounds he walks right into a standing dropkick from Kaelan that levels him.
Momentum swinging back in her favor, Kaelan starts pumping her fists and stomping around the ring. As Mora gets back to his feet she has herself positioned behind him, spinning him around and bringing him into an arm trap position looking for GOING OUT IN STYLE! Before she even try and execute her signature move on him, though, he drives his elbow into her temple and halts the maneuver. Stumbling away holding her head, Kaelan turns back in a daze to meet Jay Mora who has lined her up and lowered his shoulder. BULLSEYE! The Spear connects cleanly and nearly snaps Kaelan in half. Once more Jay dives across Kae’s fallen body and the referee slides in for the one, two… NO! Kaelan, at the last second, gets her shoulder up off the mat. Stunned, Mora looks at the referee with three fingers held up in the air but the referee waves him off, telling him it was only a two count. Jay then glances back at Kaelan and shakes his head in disbelief before pushing himself back up. As he does so he bends down and grabs a handful of Kaelan’s hair, dragging her upward until she was at waist height. Those in the front row overhear him asking her if she “sees something she wants.” The words seem to snap Kaelan out of the daze. Looking up at him sweetly, Mora smirks and says “that’s right,” only for Kaelan to, one second later, bring her forearm up viciously between his legs right in front of the referee. Mora’s eyes go crossed as he drops to his own knees while Kaelan stands up. The crowd erupts, cheering the woman on clearly not being pleased with Mora’s attitude. At the same time the referee signals for the bell, ending the match. Meanwhile, Kaelan shoves Mora down to his feet and screams at him asking him how the final three seconds of the match felt to him while the referee steps in to separate them, pointing to the ramp and escorting her out of the ring while Jay laid in the middle of the ring, clutching his family jewels.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Disqualification (9:19)

We catch Cosmo Cooper backstage on a trainers table. He looks pretty bad off, his body is red and blotchy from his match with Brandon Banks, and he has a cold rag to his nose with his head tilted back after he took a headbutt from Jeb when he arrived at the arena. Cosmo glances exhaustedly at the camera, an annoyed look on his face. He lowers his head and shakes his head, his wet, stringy hair falling into his face.
Before he can say anything he holds up a hand and brings a towel over his head and spits into a trash can beside him to get all of the blood from his throat as he pulls the towel away, his nose and mouth still bloodied from his earlier encounter.
COOPER: “He caught me, like… he got me. I’m not afraid to admit that. I didn’t think the skin head had it in him, but apparently he does, and apparently he packs, uh… packs a punch. But I won’t forget about this. Every day I get in the gym, I’ll fuckin’ see your face… Jeb.”
He spat the name out like he spat more blood out. He tilted his head back and looked at the ceiling as he tried to get his nose to stop bleeding. The trainer came in, the camera continued to watch as he shined a dull light into Cosmo’s eyes and made him look in differences of places.
COOPER: “I’m fine… dude, promise I am fine.”
Cooper tried to brush him away, but the trainer was persistent and probably more so than Cosmo because he gave in and let the trainer do his job. When the door was thrown open, Cosmo was immediately on his guard, he thought maybe Jeb was coming back for more, instead Leela Watts came in with a grimace on her face as she made her way over and grabbed Cosmo’s hand as the trainer worked.
COOPER: “I just want you guys to like, go find Jeb. Let him know that I’m comin’, and when I get my hands on him? I’ll send his ass packing like when Vossler left, except I won’t let him come back. I’m sick of him, I’m sick of his stupid face, I’m sick of his stupid… ARRG..”
Frustratedly, Cosmo hit the table with his free hand. Leela pet the back of his hand with her own as the trainer walked away and then came back with a protective mask. Cosmo looked at Leela and then looked at the trainer.
COOPER: “Oh hell no.”
Leela clicked her tongue and looked at the trainer.
WATTS: “Told you so.”
Before Cosmo could utter another word, more security lackeys came piling into the room. Cosmo looked at them, to the mask, and then to Leela who was looking away. Cosmo huffed a sigh and looked over to them.
COOPER: “What do you guys want?”
Leela bit her bottom lip.
WATTS: “To escort you, because of the whole… Jeb thing.”
Leela was the only thing keeping him sane. He looked to the trainer and shook his head before he fit the mask to his face and tightened it up and then showed the doc where the tightest fit as. The trainer went off to get one. Cosmo leaned himself, this time forehead first against the wall as Leela pet his back.


From the very start Jeb’s father, Bob Fisher, was a distraction to not only Zeel, but the official and even Jeb. Climbing onto the apron as soon as the official called for the opening bell, Bob began calling Zeel out, screaming racial slurs and even spitting at him. Having had enough, Zeel connected with a roundhouse kick to the side of Bob’s head, sending him flying off the apron and crashing to the outside floor. Before he even knew what hit him, Jeb rushed in, driving a monstrous right into the side of Zeel’s jaw and sending him stumbling backwards into the corner. Swinging with lefts and rights, Jeb struck Zeel’s midsection before pulling him away from the corner and turning him completely around. Over and over, Jeb slammed Zeel’s face down onto the top turnbuckle before pressing his face against the top rope and dragging him from one end to the other, giving him a nasty rope burn across the face. Slamming Zeel’s face onto the top turnbuckle once more, Jeb then pulled Zeel a few feet away from the corner. Stepping in beside him and grabbing ahold of Zeel, Jeb then took him down forward, face first onto the bottom turnbuckle with a reverse Russian leg sweep!
With Zeel back on his feet, Jeb kept him in the corner, continuing to pound away at his body with vicious lefts and rights. On the outside, Bob had finally come to his senses. Looking for payback, he climbed onto the apron as Jeb continued laying in Zeel. Limping along the apron, Bob took a swing for Zeel’s head, only to hit his son instead as Zeel grabbed Jeb by the head and pulled it into Bob’s fist. Pushing Jeb to the side, Zeel sent him stumbling into the ropes, colliding with Bob and sending him falling from the apron once again. Jumping straight up, Zeel hit Jeb in the shoulder with a dropkick, sending him up and over the top rope and crashing down onto the apron. Jeb quickly began pulling himself self up with the ropes as Zeel turned to the corner and raced to the top. As Jeb stood, Zeel then leaped in his direction, locking an arm around his head and pulling his throat down onto the top rope! As Zeel’s body continued to fall to the floor, he pulled Jeb over the top rope and flipped him over his head and back into the ring.
Zeel popped to his feet with excitement as Jeb rolled up to a seated position still wondering what hit him. Pushing himself up, Jeb shot his eyes to Zeel before charging at him full speed. Taking a swing for the fences, Jeb aimed for Zeel’s head only to swing and miss! Ducking underneath, Zeel hooked his arm under Jeb’s and jumped up, rolling around his shoulders and back to his other side before planting his head into the canvas with a float over DDT! Jeb remained on his back, seeing stars as Zeel then rolled backwards and pushed himself up with a handstand before dropping back to his feet. Taking a few steps forward, Zeel then jumped straight up before coming down on Jeb’s stomach with a double foot stomp. The blow to the stomach forced Jeb to sit upright. Stepping off of him, Zeel then ran to the ropes in front of him. Bouncing off and coming on the return, Zeel hit Jeb square in the mouth with a running knee, knocking him flat on his back.
The crowd was behind Zeel with each swift move he made against Jeb. With the entire building roaring, Zeel knew it was time to give the fans what they wanted. Waiting patiently in the corner, he watched as Jeb slowly began to push himself up. Just as Jeb stood tall, Zeel charged forward, running straight at him full speed. Diving forward, Zeel went for the Brick Out but instead, he received a mouthful of Jeb’s knee as he countered the spear. Before Zeel could fall down to the mat, Jeb wrapped both arms around his waist and held him in place as he began driving multiple knees upward into Zeel’s face. Jumping up, Jeb dropped all his weight onto Zeel’s back, forcing him to fall straight down, face first to the canvas. Pressing Zeel’s head with both hands, Jeb smeared it back and forth across the mat before delivering a stiff knee to the temple. Standing tall, Jeb lifted Zeel up from the mat before pulling his head between his legs. Wrapping him up around the waist once more, Jeb then lifted him upside down into the air. Jumping onto the apron, Bob yelled for Jeb to finish him with his Abandon All Hope. Jeb then jumped up and as he came down, he dropped Zeel directly on top of his head with a jumping puiledriver. On the apron, Bob jumped up and down with excitement as Jeb made the cover. Sliding in beside them with the count, the officials hand slapped the canvas three times without Zeel moving whatsoever, declaring Jeb the winner.
WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (10:51)


Tornado starts the match off strong with solid strikes that back Daniels into the ropes. Whipping him across the ring, Seth comes back on the rebound and leap frogs a telegraphed back body drop, bouncing off the opposite ropes. Tornado turns quickly only to have Seth kick him in the stomach and then wrap his arms around his head, twisting him and taking him down to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Both men get back to their feet almost immediately with, Tornado ducking under a Lariat attempt, sweeping around behind Seth, and then wrapping his arms around Daniels waist before tossing him overhead with a release german suplex. Daniels crashes to the mat hard but uses the ropes to help pull himself back up in time to catch a running kick with both of his hands. After a moments pause, Daniels tossed Tornado’s foot back down to the mat and then nearly took his head off with a standing clothesline. Looking for a quick cover and the end to the headline match, Daniels hooks the leg but Tornado kicks out before the referee can begin his count. Both men quickly spin back to their feet to the applause of the crowd, nodding at each other briefly as a show of respect before engaging in a tie up in the middle of the ring.
Daniels quickly gets the advantage, pulling Tornado down into a side headlock. The hold is only applied for a few seconds as Tornado backs up into the ropes and then shoves Seth forward, pulling his head out of the hold and sending him running across the ring. Tornado catches Seth on the rebound, looking for a hip toss but Daniels halts it and flips around the front of Desencadenado, instead connecting with a hip toss of his own. Tornado hits the mat and lays there for a second, baiting Daniels into looking for an elbow drop which Desencadenado rolls out of the way off, pushing himself back up to his feet. Seth gets back up a moment to slow and when he does Tornado scoops him up and presses him high above his head before releasing him and stepping forward, allowing Daniels to crash stomach first down to the mat. Quickly, Tornado moves across the ring to the closest corner and positions himself in a three point stance that would make any NFL defensive lineman proud. All over the Cabarrus arena the fans start to buzz, recognizing the trademark position that Tornado put himself in before looking for his finishing maneuver. As Daniels gets back to his feet and stumbles around, eventually turning back towards his opponent, he manages to sidestep Desencadenado at the last second, leaving him to go hurling past him and crash into the opposite corner.
The impact of him crashing into the turnbuckle sends him stumbling backwards out of the corner and into the waiting arms of Seth Daniels, who steps up beside him and tucks his leg around the front of his opponent taking him down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Daniels is quick to mount up, unloading with hard rights and lefts onto Tornado’s face. Desencadenado manages to catch an arm and toss Daniels off of him, switching positions and employing some ground and pound of his own. After bludgeoning Daniels face for a few moments, Tornado stands up and moves across the ring, positioning himself for the Vertigone just like he had before. Patiently he waits for Seth to rise back to his feet. Once Seth does so he takes off at full speed across the ring. Just as he’s about to launch himself at Daniels, Seth moves as quick as lightning. CRACK! LIGHTS OUT! Tornado drops and Seth quickly covers, hooking the leg and holding his right hand up in the air to count along with the referee.

WINNER: Seth Daniels via Pinfall (12:14)


POWERS:”The following contest is a non-title match and is scheduled for one fall..”
“Best Song Ever” by One Direction blares from the arena speakers as the crowd jumps to their feet in excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and Golden Snitches drop from the ceiling. American Tommy makes his way through the curtain and stands in the middle of the ramp smiling as Redd Thunder emerges behind him. Redd Thunder is carrying the voting box. Tommy raises the Ignition Championship high in the air as the crowd roars. He puts the title on his shoulder and starts his walk down to the crowd as he waves to them. As he makes his way down to the ring he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it.
POWERS: “Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois! The FIRST EVER 4CW IGNITION CHAMPION…. AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers he begins pointing and yelling. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again.
TOMMY: ”Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right or I’ll curse you, muggle!”
Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head. American Tommy, with REDD scowling at Powers, sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs and starts speaking again.
POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for the grand wizard of them all. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Hogwarts, USA! HARRY PPOOTTTTEERR!!!”
American Tommy jumps up in glee, clapping his hands. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the ring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises his wand in one hand and the title in the other to the crowd as they do the same to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and places his trusty wand underneath the ring post. Redd Thunder climbs into the ring and smiles.
TAYLOR: “Well here we go, folks. The first ever champion verses champion match on Octane.”
LAWSON: “And Tommy with his new, trusty friend here at ringside for this big moment in Octane’s history.”
CAMPBELL: “I bet REDD doesn’t get involved in the match at all. Whatsoever.”
TOMMY: “Before we get along with this match we have some business we need to finish. As you saw earlier we were collecting votes to see who everybody thought should be the leader of Octane and we will reveal the results now.”
Tommy motions to Redd to open the box and he does. He pulls out two slips of paper and hands them to Tommy who holds them high above his head.
TOMMY: “Only two votes? Well, I mean we did everything to get people to vote. Blame Jimmy Walker for the shitty turnout. Nobody was shied away and everybody got a vote that wanted it. I swear!”
Tommy smiles and shrugs as Redd Thunder laughs.
TOMMY: “Without further ado, the votes are as followed.”
Tommy opens up the first piece of paper and shows it to the camera smiling ear to ear.
TOMMY: “One vote for the good guy. Me!”
Tommy opens up the other piece of paper and looks down at it. His smile is no longer there and he seems to be studying it a bit longer than he needs to be. He turns towards Redd and throws the piece of paper at him.
TOMMY: “God damn it, Redd! Who did you vote for?”
Redd picks up the piece of paper and the camera catches Bryan Laughlin’s name checked and he throws it into his mouth trying to hide the evidence.
Tommy blankly stares at him and shakes his head. He raises his index finger to him and mouths something at him. He tries to kick the box out of the ring, but it hits the ropes and doesn’t fall out. Tommy angrily walks over and tosses it into the crowd rather aggressively. He walks over and grabs his wand and motions for Redd to get out of the ring, which he does. Tommy leans against a back turnbuckle waiting for Laughlin’s music to start shaking his head.
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the OCTANE CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the Octane Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
TAYLOR: “Ugh, Broken McLaughlin makes my loins throb.”
LAWSON: “Aren’t you the one usually lamenting the fact that there aren’t enough women in the championship picture?”
CAMPBELL: “That’s only when she’s getting laid and apparently it’s been a few hours, Joe. Lets just hope she can make it through this match without throwing herself at the retard clown.”

Tommy starts the match off by baiting Bryan, shouting all kinds of obscenities at the monster king to the point that Bellatrix LeStrange would have been proud of him. Finally egged on, Laughlin storms across the ring with one mission. Kill American Tommy. Unfortunately for him, Tommy seems to have that idea well scouted and scoots out of the way at the last second, using Laughlin’s momentum to send him tumbling through the middle and top rope out to the outside of the ring where he crashes into the back of REDD THUNDER who just so happens to be presenting a dandelion to a little girl in the front row. Stumbling forward half a step, REDD turns around to look at the body of Bryan Laughlin, which had crashed down to the floor after colliding with his back. Cocking his head like a dog hearing a high pitched noise, REDD “quietly” tells Laughlin that he’ll help him get back into the ring by picking him up and hurling him over the top rope. Even Tommy looks surprised at the fact that REDD was able to do such a thing but he gives the big man a thumbs up before turning his attention back to Laughlin.
Bryan pushes himself up to the feet but eats a nasty kick to the ribs from Tommy who drags him back up to his feet a second later by his hair. Breaking free of American Tommy’s hold, Bryan grabs Tommy by the ears and then drives his head forward into Tommy’s nose. The pain almost instantly flattens the Ignition Champion, who falls to his backside and beings to scoot away across the ring. Slowly Laughlin stalks Tommy across the ring as he tries to put distance between them. With a sadistic grin, Laughlin suddenly rushes forward, catching Tommy right under the chin with a brutal kick. Most others would have gone for the pin right at that very second but Laughlin doesn’t seem to be thinking that way whatsoever. Pulling Tommy back up to his feet, Bryan launches him into the nearby corner and then steps in closer where he begins delivering vicious punches to the abdomen, specifically focusing on the ribs of the Ignition Champion. Outside the ring, REDD seems to be paying no attention to what is going on inside the ring whatsoever. But the little girl he had been paying attention to at the start of the match was now playing patty cake with him.
Another nasty strike to the ribs causes Tommy to howl out in pain and double over while Laughlin tosses him down to the mat, looking down at him derisively. Holding his arms out to his side, Laughlin slowly spins, playing to the fans like he’s got all the time in the world. Desperately, Tommy rolls out of the ring trying to give himself the opportunity to get back into the match. After all…. he knows all it will take is a few… million YoYo Toss Salad’s to keep the Octane Champion down and they’ve got all night. As long as Bryan Laughlin doesn’t turn him into a McDouble and eat his face. Or something like that. Inside the ring, Laughlin rolls his eyes and moves to go out after Tommy, but it’s at that very moment that something else catches Laughlin’s eye as he glances over at REDD who is now no longer paying attention to the little girl.

Inside the ring Bryan Laughlin lets loose a loud wail, clutching at his head and falling to his knees. Outside the ring, Tommy looks on bewildered and begins to back away. Scrambling around the outside of the ring, Tommy eventually gets to his corner and wraps his hands around his trusty wand. From outside of the ring he points it at Laughlin and shouts a few separate curses and charms only to find nothing happens. A slew of words beginning with “MC” can be heard chained together from inside the ring as Tommy looks at REDD desperate for some kind of advice.
TAYLOR: “Mmmm yessss. I’d eat his Big Mac all day long..”
LAWSON: “Tommy doesn’t seem to have any interest in getting back in the ring with Laughlin… errr.. McLaughlin at this point..”
CAMPBELL: “Good thing I was sarcastic when I talked about REDD earlier, right?”
Conversing together, REDD and Tommy discuss strategy. Or, rather, Tommy encourages REDD to get into the ring and fight his battle for him. REDD doesn’t seem to be too fond of that idea, though, knowing that that would be against the rules and get him put in time out and the THUNDER does not like to be put into timeout. Really I’m just looking to fill space here right now because I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing with this match. So if you’re actually reading this and you get to this point, I applaud you. Don’t worry, though. The end is coming soon. Probably like two more paragraphs. Anyway, eventually Tommy gives in and rolls himself back in the ring. As he does so he comes face to face with Broken himself.
Immediately American Tommy regrets the decision to ever get back into the ring. Trying to get away, McLaughlin has none of that. Instead he ties Tommy up in a full nelson and then suplexes him overhead and down to the mat. DUMP’D! Tommy’s body bounces off the mat and sprawls across the ring. As McLaughlin turns back toward him, Tommy slowly pushes himself back up to his feet. Looking for his patented hip toss as he gets back up in a haze, McLauglin has McNone of it and blocks the hip toss, grabbing Tommy by the hair and the back of his pants, launching him toward the corner. It just so happens, however, that as he launches him toward the corner he essentially throws Tommy right into the referee in a perfect spear motion, nearly breaking the zebra striped official in half.
TAYLOR: “I’m so turned on right now…”
LAWSON: “….. you’re turned on and our Ignition Champion might be dead..”
CAMPBELL: “I wish the former Octane Champion was still dead.”
Outside the ring, REDD looks on as McLaughlin moves toward Tommy and scoops him up into a fireman’s carry position. The arena watches, mortified, as McLaughlin spins him around and brings him down onto two knees for a gut buster that surely knocked any and all magic Tommy might have had in him right out of his body. The THUNDER doesn’t like that, though, and rolls climbs up onto the ring apron shouting at McLaughlin that that was mean. Laughlin, smirking and looking down at Tommy’s lifeless body, calls Thunder a McFATASS. In response, REDD climbs over the top rope and into the ring, exposing the war titties before bellowing at McLaughlin. Unafraid, because obviously a monster isn’t afraid of anything, McLaughlin charges at REDD only to be nearly consumed by the THUNDER who swings his big meaty arm and nearly knocks McLaughlin’s head off of his shoulders. A second later, REDD scoops McLaughlin up off the mat and hits a perfectly executed hip toss. It was done well enough that Tommy would later likely dub it worthy of being called a YOYO TOSS SALAD. With McLaughlin down, REDD drags Tommy’s body across McLaughlins, rousing the referee a moment later who crawls over in misery and counts.

“Best Song Ever” hits the speakers as REDD begins jumping up and down in excitement. The entire ring shakes, causing the official to lose his balance as he stands, falling to his side and through the ropes.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner, AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
REDD lifts Tommy up from the mat, holding him up and then raising his arm into the air.
TAYLOR: ”Well, that wasn’t quite what I was hoping for tonight.”
CAMPBELL: ”Good thing we didn’t actually bet on REDD not getting involved here tonight.”
LAWSON: ”I should have taken you up on that bet. Could have paid my bar tab later on.”
CAMPBELL: ”Well then, as you can all see, American Tommy pulls off the ‘hard earned’ victory here tonight.”
LAWSON: ”Hard earned?”
TAYLOR: ”Up until REDD got involved you could say it was somewhat hard earned, or at least hard fought.”
CAMPBELL: ”Call it what you will but this is an upset. Not the actual result but the way this whole match ended.”
LAWSON: ”Talk about a fucking doozie!”
CAMPBELL: ”It wasn’t that bad.”
LAWSON: ”We need to see these two go at it again with REDD barred from ringside.”
CAMPBELL: ”I would definitely be down for that!”
TAYLOR: ”Well folks, that’s all the time we have for tonight. Things are starting to heat up as we get closer to Holy Grail. Hopefully Jeb and Cosmo can make it till then without killing each other.”
LAWSON: ”Seth Daniels also pulled off a big bounce back win here tonight over the man who was climbing the ranks and getting himself into the Octane Championship spotlight.”
CAMPBELL: ”We still have a ways to go before Holy Grail and anything is bound to happen.”
TAYLOR: ”Until next show, let’s call it a night.”
LAWSON: ”About fucking time…”
CAMPBELL: ”Thank you for joining us ladies and gents. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now for another episode of Octane and maybe some more light will be shed on who exactly will be challenging Laughlin for the Octane Championship.”
TAYLOR: ”I hope next week we see REDD and Laughlin in a match to settle the score here tonight!”
LAWSON: ”That would be a good one. Just as long as Tommy can keep his toes out of it.”
CAMPBELL: ”Thank you all for watching and good night!”
TAYLOR: ”See you in two weeks!”
LAWSON: ”Whatever, I guess.”