OCTANE E12 (127)



Even before the bell sounded, things had turned ugly as the official had to force himself in between the two as they nearly broke out into a fight once both entered the ring. Finally gaining control of the ring for just a short moment, the official was able to call for the bell, getting things officially underway. Greene came out of his corner swinging, and swinging mighty hard a Bourne with everything he had. After taking a few blows to the face, Bourne countered with a chop to Greene’s throat, following it up with an STO put Green down hard. Just like his words leading into this match, Bourne’s actions in the ring towards Green showed zero respect. Kicking and stomping on Greene as he was down, Bourne even went as far as spitting on him. After lifting Greene onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and then dropping him onto his knee with a neck breaker, Bourne nearly had the match wrapped up but was completely stunned as Greene kicked out of the officials count milliseconds before the three. Pulling Greene back to his feet, Bourne whipped him to the ropes (not the kind of whipping you’d expect either given what was said leading into this match) and as he came back on the return, he charged towards him, swinging and missing with a running clothesline. The window of opportunity was small, but enough for Greene to capitalize and turn things around in his favor. Catching Bourne in the mouth with a headbutt as he turned around, Greene then unloaded into him with a brutal combination of boxing strikes, backing him into the corner. After a solid European uppercut, Green then caught him in the gut with a swift kick, knocking every bit of air from Bourne’s lungs. With Bourne seeing stars, Greene sealed the deal with a cradle DDT which then led to the three count as he made the cover, winning his 4CW debut match!
WINNER: Ric Greene via Pinfall (7:47)

From the start of the match, Reese ducked and dodged Matthews every single time he came within striking distance. Finding himself in the corner with nowhere to go, Reese braced himself as Matthews closed in, striking him from all directions with kicks and punches. Grabbing onto him, Reese was able to bring the attacks to a stop, and also blocked the officials view just enough to deliver a solid knee to Matthew’s crotch. The low blow turned Matthews face completely red as the feeling began to sink into his stomach, allowing Reese to then give him a Texas titty twister! Pulling Matthews away from the corner, Reese then planted Matthews head into the canvas with a DDT! Grabbing Matthews wrist, Reese put on quite the display as he gave Matthews one of the ugliest Indian burns you had ever seen. Grabbing ahold of the back of Matthews pants and underwear, Reese then lifted him up and back to his feet with a wedgie. Laughing hysterically, Reese continued to pull up on his pants and underwear until eventually ripping Matthews underwear completely off. Wrapping Matthews around the waist, Reese lifted him up and over, throwing him backwards to the mat with a German suplex in front of the corner. Rushing to the corner himself, Reese then climbed to the top where he then came down onto Matthews with a reverse Banzai Drop! Sitting on Matthews chest, Reese had him shoulders to the mat as the official slid in with the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: QT Reese via Pinfall (4:44)

As the match officially began, Miller locked in and focused on one thing and one thing only – eliminating Lavender from the match with haste. After a double leg takedown, Miller mounted himself on top of Lavender and unloaded with a series of elbows that knocked Lavender silly. Pulling him back to his feet, Miller then lifted him upside down before slamming him down with a shoulder breaker. Placing Lavender back to his feet and securing both arms in an underhook, Miller then lifted him up and over, slamming him to the canvas with a double underhook suplex. Miller probably could have finished him off sooner, but he didn’t. Wanting to make a big impact in his 4CW debut, Miller continued making light work of Lavender. Hitting him with two European uppercuts and knocking him into the ropes, Miller then charged as he bounced back towards him, jumping in the air and hitting him with a forearm smash to the face. The collision knocked Lavender back into the ropes but this time he hooked his arms over the top, holding himself in place. Lavender then charged Miller, taking a swing for his head but missing as Miller ducked and stepped behind him. As Lavender turned around, Miller then grabbed ahold of him and pulled him to the mat, locking in a Kimura with a body-lock as well. Lavender was stuck in Miller’s Crossing with nowhere to go, inevitably tapping out after just a few short seconds.
WINNER: Trevor Miller via Submission (5:12)

The camera passes through the open doorframe into the locker room of Adaya Duncan, who sits poised on the locker room bench already in her ring gear leaning forward gazing with interest at the backlit screen of her cellphone. She slides her thumb along the touchscreen, reading something the camera can’t see.
DUNCAN: “Oh man, he didn’t post that…”
She’s surprised, leaning forward to peer at the screen and swipe her fingers further down whatever she’s reading, seemingly oblivious to the presence of the camera.
DUNCAN: “On twitter? He wouldn’t! I don’t know what to believe anymore!”
Her disbelief deepens, reading with a fixated horror, her finger sliding along the touch screen delving ever deeper through what is presumably a timeline of surprising posts. She shakes her head, dismayed.
DUNCAN: “I can’t believe he’s still going. Anyone else would have shut up by now, but he hasn’t!”
Slowly she glances up from the screen finally to eye the camera, shaking her head at what she’s just been reading. She inhales steadily before straightening her back and smiling a welcoming smile.
DUNCAN: “Sorry. Just checking out the latest Trump tweets.”
Again, a shake of her head in consideration of the twitter timeline she just read and sets the phone down on the bench beside her before eyeing the camera matter-of-fact.
DUNCAN: “I bet you thought I was talking about you, Brandon Banks. I bet you think that a lot. Truth is, I’ve had my eyes on this match ever since it was booked, not, as you’d wrongly surmise, because I plan on making a name off you seeing as there isn’t much of a name left to be made, but because it’s how the booking went. You?
Another shake of her head, a roll of the eyes to emphasize it.
DUNCAN: “Banks, I’ve never seen someone cut a promo about the people in the matches he had weeks ago, then proceed to make everything else in his promo about him maintaining an unnatural inability to be self-aware, while focusing on what happens after his match rather than the match itself. Is it wrong of me to consistently see a man not keeping his head up when I look at you, Brandon? You’ve been in this sport long enough to know what happens to people who take their eyes off the proverbial ball, and what makes me annoyed is you don’t seem much bothered by it.”
Another disappointed shake of her head, her eyes cast down at her fingers sliding along the knuckles of each hand one after the other.
DUNCAN: “So you put your contract on the line against me, and I’m supposed to… what? Treat this as a career-boost? Let me tell you something, half-wit, you’ve singlehandedly turned what should have been a five-star match into a joke in the span of a promo and a few days worth of tweeting. This match is going to end being something I’m going to bury in my closet after I knock you out of 4CW and never bring up again. They’ll look at me and point in hushed whispers and I will overhear them through my cringe as they say, ‘That’s the chick that killed that dude who was already dead.’”
She facepalms a moment, sounding exasperated.
DUNCAN: “Thanks a lot, you dicklicker. How am I ever going to live this down? How am I gonna face the other ninjas backstage after I send you packing.”
Her eyes widen as she stops herself.
DUNCAN: “Oh my gosh… You see that? It’s already happening… I’m starting to THINK like Brandon Banks. They say that to defeat a man you must become them, and oh god no it’s already happening… I’m talking nonsense just like you… next I’ll be saying how much my heart is behind my words in spite of the evidence to the contrary… Oh god no…”
She stands looking ready to hit something. The camera tracks with her as she paces, her thoughts quickening as they tumble out of her mouth.
DUNCAN: “So I’m going to have to do something drastic. Seeing as you’ve basically ended your own career even before you had Perry Wallace add this ridiculous stipulation to this match I’m going to have make my name some other way, Banks.”
And then she stops in mid-eureka moment.
DUNCAN: “That’s it. I’m going to have to do exactly what Brandon Banks would do if the situation were reversed.”
She eyes the camera with a wide smile and a bright idea.
DUNCAN: “I’m going to put my career here in 4CW on the line against you Banks. If you win… I’ll go quietly. If I beat you? Then I’m the woman who saved her career from the walking sinking ship himself, Brandon Banks. And I, Adaya Duncan, will be a damn hero for not letting myself become you. You can bet on that.”
She steps past the camera and out the locker room, presumably to finalize this brand new, intense, and incredibly melodramatic contract stipulation with Perry Wallace, presumably.


The match begins quickly with Johnny Evil getting an early advantage of Christy by sprinting across the ring at the sound of the bell and connecting with a perfect spear, driving her down to he mat. Evil shifted his momentum upward after the spear to mount Christy and drive a number of elbows into her face before further transitioning, locking onto her arm as she tried to block one of his blows, pulling it out and swinging his legs upward, cinching in an arm bar that surely would have had Christy tapping if it hadn’t been for the fact that she was so close to the ropes and able to throw her leg up onto it to force Evil to break the submission hold. Johnny wasn’t about to slow down, or was it Dahlia? Whichever of his personalities it was didn’t really matter because he quickly stood and allowed her to get back to her feet only to crack her across the jaw with a back handed pimp slap, like one would do to Phoenix Quagliaterre when she starts to get mouthy and out of line. After slapping her across the mouth, Johnny grabs onto Christy and whips her across the ring and into the opposite corner where she slams against the turnbuckle pads. Quickly he moves to her, lifting her up and turning her upside down, dropping her into a tree of woe position before turning around, flipping over and connecting with a COATHANGER ABORTION, a pele kick to the groin region of Chaos. Moments later she falls from the ropes, hands instinctively going where his foot had just collided, as Johnny quickly goes for the cover, hooking her leg.


Forcing Johnny to back off, the referee sends him to his corner to give Christy a chance to recover. It takes a few moments and Johnny seems to be talking to himself as he waits. When she’s back up to her feet and ready to go again, however, he wastes no time in going right back after her. This time he swings with a hard right hand that she stops by getting her own arm up in time to block it. Evil is just too much for her, however, as he instantly follows up with a boot to the stomach that doubles her over. A smile forming on his lips, he quickly hooks double undercooks in before executing an impressive double undertook flip piledriver that he calls the J.E. DRIVER! Upon impact he once more hooks the leg and looks at the referee bobbing his head as the man’s hand slaps the mat once… twice… and then NO! Johnny purposefully pulls Christy’s shoulder up off the mat before the referee can hit three. It’s a bit of an inexcusable move but the smile on his face shows that he thinks he’s got everything perfectly under control, so much so that he could even go as far as wasting the opportunity for another pinfall to be up on the scoreboard.

Pulling Christy back up to her feet once more, really more like dragging her up to her feet by her hair, Johnny hooks in double undercooks once more and hits ANOTHER J.E. DRIVER! Once more he goes for the cover and YET AGAIN he pulls her shoulder up off the mat after the two count. Nearby at ringside Rachel Taylor especially can be heard lamenting the actions of Johnny Evil, who seems to be enjoying himself quite thoroughly. Pointing at the trio of commentators, Johnny tells all of them to watch what happens next. The crowd can sense what is coming and some of them even begin to cringe, having watched Johnny Evil completely dominate the majority of the ten minutes that have occurred up to this point. Lifting her up, Evil moves swiftly and soon enough the world knows there’s no coming back for Christy Chaos. FALL FROM SHANGRI LA! Evil hooks the leg after the move connects flush, pointing at the referee and telling him he can count now as the time on the clock ran down.


WINNER: Johnny Evil

We cut to the backstage area where we see that Vossler has just arrived, carrying a small bag. The crowd reaction is heavily mixed. But as he wants to pass through a door, he stops. He’s seen someone on the other side that made him turn back around. The door opens again to have Jolon Stevenson step through.
JOLON: ”Alright, wait already.”
Vossler doesn’t want to hear it and keeps walking towards another entrance to the arena.
JOLON: ”I said wait, dammit!”
Vossler stops, visually annoyed.
VOSSLER: ”What do you want?”
JOLON: ”I came here t–“
VOSSLER: ”Came here to fucking what, Jolon? Express how you feel? Apologize? Or passively tell me I need you again because alone I couldn’t climb through these rankings? Which is it?”
Jolon doesn’t answer, it seems that Vossler was right with one of those comments.
VOSSLER: ”You brought me back to the United States and I think you for that whole heartedly. You might have even saved my life. If you hadn’t come along I would’ve surely gone down a path that would lead to an abrupt end and I’ve expressed my gratitude at great length. To you, to your family. But just when I had hoped people would think of me, no one batted an eye. Yet suddenly I’m supposed to give a fuck about others now?”
JOLON: ”Look, I–“
VOSSLER: ”You’re just like every other person. You, too, think I have something to prove to you. That I have to show to you too that I am capable of making it. Everyone already puts me on blast on social media, in person… the only place I can prove people wrong is in that ring. I will prove people wrong that I do not need any underhanded tactics or bullshit methods to climb my way up. I’ve never had to and I never will. I will prove people wrong by showing them all I am the rightful Octane Champion. Tonight I have Tornado, one tough sonofabitch that’ll try to knock me down rungs I just climbed. Beyond him? Hell. I’ll have to go through many people.”
Vossler pauses, turning to Jolon to look him in dead in the eyes.
VOSSLER: ”And right now, you’re working towards becoming one of them.”
His manager nods, sighing.
JOLON: ”Good luck.”
They both turn, as Vossler does not respond and they’re on their way again.


Brandon Banks begins with the early advantage, looking to reestablish himself in 4CW after a rocky path up to this point. Adaya, seeking to prove herself and establish her presence on the roster, seems a bit overmatched by BB’s veteran ring presence as they tie up and he muscles her back into the nearby corner. Three knife edged chops later and the portion of skin on Adaya’s chest that isn’t covered shows red welts from where Brandon’s chops landed. Lowering his shoulder, Banks drives his shoulder into her abdomen, each blow knocking more and more of the wind out of her and making it difficult for her to breathe. Finally he backs away, letting her stumble forward a few steps before once more latching onto her, taking her fully down to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. The fans, for their part, pop, excited to see that Banks seems to have gotten his shit together and seems to be becoming the superstar they all had expected to see from the moment his first promo hyping his arrival had dropped so many months back. Still, Adaya shows fight as she doesn’t stay down after the neckbreaker but instead begins to work her way back up to her feet slowly. Momentum still fully in his favor, Brandon confidently approaches Adaya as a whole row of fans holds up signs that the camera catches just as he’s assisting Duncan the rest of the way back up to her feet.

Pushing her into the ropes, Banks then whips her across the ring. On the rebound Duncan comes back and full speed and leap frogs a telegraphed back body drop, bouncing off the other set of ropes before jumping and launching herself at Brandon, connecting with a flying forearm straight to his jaw knocking him down to the mat. Quickly back up to his feet, Brandon stands to face Adaya and eats a nasty kick to the inside of his leg but shakes it off rather easily. After all he’s not only a wrestler, but an undefeated mixed martial arts fighter as well. Duncan is relentless, however, snapping another kick off the outside of Brandon’s leg before stepping up and cracking him across the face with an enziguri kick. A loud snap reverberates around the Cabarrus Arena as the kick connects and Banks collapses to the ground, the crowd wincing in pain almost like they had absorbed the blow of the kick themselves. Keeping the pace of the match at an ultra fast pace, Adaya steps towards the downed Brandon Banks quickly and jumps into the air, slamming both feet down onto his chest with a double foot stomp. Tumbling down to the mat herself, Adaya kips back up and then lands an elbow drop to Brandon’s sternum, hooking the leg but only managing to get a two count out of the pinning attempt.
Smartly rolling away from Adaya as she sits up, looking at the referee a bit surprised she didn’t get a three count out of the rapid fire assault she had subjected Banks to, Banks uses the ropes to help him get back to his feet. Duncan quickly charges him but Brandon sidesteps and lets Adaya slam into the turnbuckle, wrapping his arm around her neck and dropping down nearly breaking her in half with a modified back breaker. Banks, himself, drops to a knee to try and gather himself, taking deeps breaths of air into his lungs, exhaling them heavily before standing back upright, waiting for Adaya to do the same. She does so on wobbly legs as Banks steps forward, thrusting his foot upward toward her jaw. BUT SHE DODGES AT THE LAST SECOND! Missing on the super kick, Banks catches the top rope between his legs and yelps in obvious pain. A moment later Adaya dashes toward him, leaping into the air and connecting with a drop kick that sends him tumbling to the mat. Quickly up to her feet, Duncan moves to the nearby corner and ascends to the top rope. There she steadies herself for just a moment before taking a death defying leap, flipping through the air…. GRAND ASSAULT! The shooting star senton lands perfectly and Adaya flips over, hooking the leg of Brandon Banks.

WINNER: Adaya Duncan via Pinfall (9:11)

Cutting to the back, the camera opens up to a seated Kaz Bonham on one of the production crates as she’s stitching together the last bits of her tragically 80s fanny packs, one featuring a K and the other with a Z. As the camera gets closer, she greets the audience with a warm smile.
BONHAM: “Don’t mind me, just puttin’ together some of the final touches on these beauties, y’all! I can’t tell y’all just how excited I am about this opportunity. Gettin’ to tag up with Zeel Park and goin’ out there for some graps! But here I am, still puttin’ together these fanny packs still. I reckon that’s pretty fittin’ too. May not seem like it, but, like, this is just like wrestlin’!”
As she says that, Kaz goes back to stitching up.
BONHAM: “Cause here I am, puttin’ this all together at the last minute. And like wrestlin’ you ‘ought always be workin’. Always tryin’ to be the best and never givin’ up no matter, like, how long it takes ya. Y’all, I want these fanny packs to be the best they can and I want to be the best wrestler that I can be in that ring too. And perfection ain’t that bad of a goal to have.”
Looking back up, Kaz puts the packs to the side, seemingly content with what she’s created.
BONHAM: “These packs? Shoot, to me, they won’t be perfect…but that’s alright. Cause I ain’t givin’ up. The next batch, I’m gonna try just as hard. I’m gonna do better. Each and every time. And that ain’t all different tonight, y’all. Like, I know Zeel thinks this match might be an easy one, but tonight’s a learnin’ experience I reckon. Another chance for me to, like, work on myself. One more match under my belt ain’t a bad thing…no matter how easy every else might think it is.”
Kaz shrugs her shoulders knowing what’s ahead of her, keeping her smile.
BONHAM: “And I can’t wait. I can’t wait because I’m bringin’ the same attitude, same mindset, and same fightin’ spirit that I’d bring against anyone. Just cause I beat Brian, just cause Zion ain’t won here…that don’t mean I’m takin’ this easy. If I gotta light a fire under Zeel to get a bit excited ‘bout this one? Y’all know I’m gonna give it my all. And maybe everyone’s right…maybe it’ll be easy.”
Grabbing her fanny pack with a K, Kaz clips it on around her waist, a slight smirk on her face.
BONHAM: “But maybe they ain’t. And y’all better be ready for that cause I am. I’m ready for whatever may come tonight. I’m, like, givin’ it my all! I know Zion will, I know Brian will, and I know Zeel will…or I’ll make him!”
And speaking of her partner, her smile widens as she holds up the fanny pack designed for Zeel.
BONHAM: “It’s time for LITTLE BIGFOOT and LITTLE ZEELFOOT to start up the Dixie Stampede! I hope Brian and Zion are ready! Cause it’s, like, gonna be wild, y’all! Let’s go!”
Kaz lets out her Bigfoot howl as she heads off, Zeel fanny pack in tow as the camera cuts elsewhere.

Octane shifts its attention back to the ring where Tornado Desencadenado patiently waits. He addresses the fans through his microphone.
DESENCADENADO: “Back in October I debuted a contest called ‘The Vertigone Challenge.’ The plan was to let people in the audience win a credit to 4CW’s online store if they could succeed in touching all four ringposts after being spun around airplane style. It, uh, didn’t quite work out. But I was given permission to try the ‘Challenge’ again, provided I tweaked it. So I did; to make the contest a little more fair, and well, safe, a wrestler will serve as proxy for the person taking part in the contest.
TD pauses to let the announcement sink in. Some in the arena applaud, a few more raise their hands to be picked for the ‘Challenge’. Wasting little time Tornado calls one man out from the seats to join him in the ring. The fellow, a stout twentysomething in a ‘Baelin Club’ jersey, shakes hands with the Spin Doctor.
DESENCADENADO: “What’s your name, sir?”
FAN: “Archie!”
Archie is smarky enough to know where the hard camera is, and plays to the people watching Octane at home by giving them the old double finger guns.
DESENCADENADO: “Alright, Archie. Let’s go over the rules again: to win ‘The Vertigone Challenge’ the person must be able to navigate their way across the ring and touch all four corners without falling or touching the ropes after being spun around twelve times on my shoulders. Instead of you doing it yourself you have your choice of any 4CW superstar in attendance tonight to represent you. Clear?”
Archie nods, but then leads toward TD to ask a relevant question.
ARCHIE: “Yeah, but like I can pick anyone? And they have to do it?”
The query makes TD break into a wide, but also anxious smile.
DESENCADENADO: “Hah, well, sure. Nobody in the back wants to disappoint one of their fans, or back down from a challenge. Just, um, keep in mind the broad spectrum of personalities that make up the Octane brand when you’re making your decision. Heh.”
Despite this bit of equivocation Archie is confident. He speaks into the mic TD has held out to him.
ARCHIE: “Yeah, I got the perfect choice for this. My proxy for ‘The Vertigone Challenge’ is-”
Suddenly, the melancholy opening synthesizer of George Michael’s “One More Try” begin to reverberate over the PA system. To further irritate the audience (of which 1% want to hear George Michael), the man behind the theme has tipped the sound guy at the Cabarrus Arena a $50 spot to play the song as loudly as possible.
Said human turd is then seen coming out from behind the curtain, taking his sweet time as he clutches his hand to his heart in salute of his own personal anthem. Clad in a Canadian tuxedo, the “Newfie Cutie” QT Reese makes his way down to the ringside area to approach Tornado Desencadenado and the young fan with a microphone already gripped in his free hand. Once within comfort range, he calls for a cut to the music as he begins to rudely interrupt Tornado’s proceedings.
REESE: “Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA there, Desencadenado.”
The crowd begins to rain down the warm assault within Concord as the pre-show sycophant decides to interject himself in what would otherwise be a fun segment for the Octane audience. Tornado, ever the patient leaf, crosses his arms and allows the pipsqueak to weigh in on his thoughts. (Perhaps giving him a pass for the PERFECT pronunciation of his name.)
REESE: “Before we let this fine specimen of wrestling knowledge select his pick, I just want to congratulate you on your inventiveness with this here Vertigone Challenge…”
Desencadenado shoots him a look of disbelief, as well as Archie and most other audience members familiar with Reese, as he’s not one to pay compliments virtually ever.
REESE: “No, no, no, no. I’m serious, people. You’ve taken the concept of the t-shirt cannon and actually made it into more than just cheaply-made merchandise being gifted to the audience. Why, it’s such a great idea, I for one want to steal I MEAN HELP YOU patent and market it to other promotions! Because god knows you and I sure as shit aren’t being paid enough for our brains in this place, am I right?”
Tornado stifles a dry laugh and shrugs his shoulders as QT continues.
REESE: “That said though, there’s just ONNNNNNNNNNNNE little problem. You see, offering 4CW store credit offers very little to no incentive to Archie to pick the RIGHT talent for this challenge. I’m pretty sure that goofy jersey he’s wearing is the only thing they carry in banquet tablecloth size, so it’s of no real value to him! No, what you need is to cut the malarkey, bub…and offer him cold hard cash. Twenty cold hard cashes, to be exact. Whaddya say?”
DESENCADENADO: “Well, that’s an interes…”
Reese the Piece cuts him off directly in mid-sentence.
REESE: “Only I get ten bucks of it since it’s my idea. Also, Archie picks me because I have the best balance of any wrestler ever.”
DESENCADENADO: “Um, well, QT…I guess I’m OK with that. But, it’s not really my call. Archie, what do you think? Sound like a sweet deal?”
TD passes the microphone back to Archie, who begins to ponder by scratching his very sub-par (some would call “shitty”) beard. After some mimicked thought, he nods his head and responds.
ARCHIE: “That’s fine…but I get fifteen, you only get five.”
REESE: “No.”
ARCHIE: “Okay then, my proxy for the Vertigone Challenge is Kae…”
ARCHIE: “…QT Reese!”
REESE: “That’s what I thought. By the way, I’m ruining your life on Twitter after I win this challenge for actually breaking out the ‘double guns’ would make you look cool on television, you dweeb.”
The deal having been struck, QT gives his mic over to a stagehand and slides into the ring. Tornado also palms off his microphone. He moves to stand by Reese, ready to hoist him up, only to halt when his impending passenger holds up a restraining hand. Reese then engages in some elaborate stretching exercises. The crowd grows impatient, and a few boos begin to be heard. Finally, after QT shakes out any remaining kinks in his arms and neck, he nods to let Tornado know he is ready.
TD bends down and drapes the smaller man across his shoulders. He stands straight and, with QT in the fireman’s carry position, begins to spin. He rotates a dozen times with the fans keeping track by counting each revolution. Then Tornado sets Reese down and steps back.
QT Reese, eyes glazed and face flushed, lurches towards the closest ringpost. He pirouettes inadvertently and backs into the corner, smashing into the turnbuckles. Stumbling away he attempts to cross the ring only to bounce off the ropes next to him, and collapse onto the canvass. Cabarrus Arena explodes with laughter once Reese is down. Tornado, looking slightly remorseful, goes to help QT back to his feet. However, Reese is completely overselling the fall, acting as though he’d been set on fire as he writhes around the ring and falls to the arena floor. It’s at this point Octane switches focus to what’s going on backstage.

Walking the halls of the Cabarrus Arena, it’s noone other than Perry Wallace. He walks alone, whistling to himself before stopping in front of a roped off room. Looking around, he doesn’t see anyone, no security, nothing. Stepping over the rope, he approaches the door. Without knocking, he just grabs the handle and turns, letting himself in.
WALLACE: ”Knock, knock, Jimbo!”
Jimmy, not expecting any visitors, had to quickly click off of the webpage that his laptop was on as it just so happened to be turned where someone walking in could see what he was looking at. Nudity. Full nudity in fact. Butt naked ladies. He then turned back to look at his unexpected guest.
WALKER: ”Jesus Christ, Perry. When’s the last time you took a shower? I can smell you all the way over here. Smells like Feets after he gets back from visiting Amanda.”
Raising his arm, Perry sniffs his armpit before turning back to Jimmy.
WALLACE: ”I smell fresh as fuck, so fuck you! That’s your long lost son by the way. Don’t you just hate it when the boss pops in unannounced?”
Shaking his head, Jimmy couldn’t help but laugh.
WALKER: ”Not really. Octane is doing remarkably well, considering the number of complete fuck ups we have on our roster. The brand is growing while Adrenaline… well… it’s starting to fall limp like Carmella said was an issue you had.”
Shrugging his shoulders, Perry proceeds into the office, taking a seat in front of Jimmy’s desk and getting nice and comfortable.
WALLACE: ”Amazing what women say when someone has moved on from them. As for fuck ups, it’s on every roster you look. Sometimes they can be good for ratings, good for laughs, and well just good for business on that rare occasion. And for Adrenaline, we all saw what happened with the WarGames match at Fright Night. Maybe you forgot.”
Of course he would bring up the WarGames match. That was the easiest retort to go to, but Jimmy brushed it off just as Wallace had brushed his little jab as well.
WALKER: ”I do. I also remember the Fate championship coming to Octane and the decision that was long overdue, to put that awful championship to rest, finally came to fruition. But you didn’t come here to talk about the fact that Octane has beaten Adrenaline head to head four out of the six times the brands have faced off. So what did you come here for? “
Rubbing his hands together, Perry leans forward.
WALLACE: ”No need to worry about Adrenaline, Jimbo. The time will come for both brands to go head to head again down the road. I’ve got some things working now with some potential signings. But the friendly competition is always good. As a matter of fact, I didn’t come here to talk about things that have happened in the past. I’ve come to talk about the future and a specific match that you have booked for later in the evening.”
Arching his eyebrow, Jimmy responded curiously.
WALKER: ”I’m not going to change Tommy’s match to a foot tickling match. So.. if that’s what you wanted I’m sorry to disappoint you. If it’s something else, though, you’ve got my attention. “
WALLACE: ”Tommy doesn’t need a match changed or a special stipulation to tickle someone’s feet. He’s going to try and do so regardless. We both know that.”
Pushing himself forward, Perry stands to his feet before slowly walking across the room and placing his hands in his pockets.
WALLACE: ”Later on tonight you have a match booked with Jay Mora and Kaelan Price taking on Jeb Fisher and the golden boy himself, Cosmo Cooper. Nice booking by the way. Putting rivals on the same teams and forcing them to work together if they want to win, and we know nobody around here likes going home with a L. So it’s this match that has my attention and I have a little proposition for you.”
Rolling his eyes, Jimmy was starting to grow impatient. He knew Perry liked to get long winded and eventually took up seventy five percent of the programs air time, but he had more important things to be doing.
WALKER: ”Stop teasing the tip, Perry. Get to the whole thing already.”
WALLACE: ”We all know you have a hard-on for Kaelan, it’s no secret. So here’s an opportunity to throw her a bone. With Winter Wasteland right around the corner, there is a certain match that Octane could come in earn you another victory over Adrenaline. We all thought it would be Worldstar challenging The Hostile Takeover for the Tag Team Championships but that may not be the case. Cashe is taking a little deserved time off after going over three years non-stop and Jair just so happens to be in a contender match next week that could result in him facing Kimitsu for the Pride Championship. So here is what I’m offering you. Holy Grail isn’t until January so neither team in this match is going to be settling their differences until then. So why not throw a curveball into the mix and give them an opportunity to work together, as enemies, for a shot at the 4CW Tag Team Championships. The winner here tonight will earn a shot at Winter Wasteland against The Hostile Takeover for the belts.”
He felt his eyelids drooping and his head starting to nod but when he heard the words “shot at the 4CW Tag Team Championships” Jimmy perked back up.
WALKER: ”First of all, Perry. I motivate my roster. I don’t have a hard on for any of them. Secondly… I think that either Kaelan and Jay, or Jeb and Cosmo would do well to become the best of friends. Especially by bringing the 4CW Tag Team Championships to Octane. It’d be good for them, you know? That’s what we do around here. We revive unwanted and neglected championships and make them relevant again. And we do it without needing a four thousand person tag team tournament to do so.”
Looking around the room, Perry then walks towards the door, speaking with his back turned to Jimmy.
WALLACE: ”That settles it. The winner later tonight will go on to face the champs at wasteland. And if your folks can bring the gold home, then we get to see if you can put something together for Holy Grail that tops the greatest tag team tournament in wrestling.”
WALKER: ”You mean aside from that two month tag match going on in Japan right now?”
Looking out into the hallway, Perry looks from left to right while responding.
WALLACE: ”May God himself have mercy on their souls.”
Perry then looks directly to the camera, moreso at the cameraman filming.
WALLACE: ”Beat it, we’re done here.”
Assisting the cameraman out of the office, Perry then closes the door, leaving it slightly cracked as his voice is heard in the final moments.
WALLACE: ”Don’t you ever fall asleep while I’m talking again. Rude as shit! Now clear the desk and chop this shit out. We’re going back to the Eighties.”


As the bell rings both teams converse over who is going to begin the match. Hollywood and Zion decide that Zion should kick things off for the team made up of two former High Octane Wrestling talents. Zeel and Kaz, on the other hand, decide that Kaz will be the one to start the match for them. As Kaz turns away from her partner, Zeel takes a moment to lean back and examine the backside of Kaz Bonham. Perhaps considering whether or not to take her out for a smoothie after the show. When the action begins, however, it’s Zion who takes full advantage early on in the match. It’s likely that nobody else has noticed, because it’s Zion, but he’s actually started to get his shit together as of late and has developed a bit of a mean streak. That mean streak reveals itself in the brutal punches he delivers to the side of Kaz’s head that back her up into the corner. It’s further revealed by the follow up stomps that he executes, almost like he’s a bald headed superstar that made millions of dollars off of a sacriligeous slogan mimicking John 3:16. But that’s a tale for another day. The point is that Zion stomps the shit out of Kaz until she’s in a seated position before pulling away and shouting at the crowd that he was going to prove that he is the best in the world. Naturally, the majority of the fans laugh at him. Some of them, however, boo him. Either way it just so happens to be enough of a break in the action for Kaz to quickly move and tag her Korean partner into the match. Or is he Chinese? Or Taiwanese? I can never tell the difference.
As soon as Zeel receives the tag from his partner he smoothly steps into the ring, acting like he’s the Asian Breakfast Club’s version of Bender. Don’t worry, Zeel. We won’t forget about you. And neither would Zion after Zeel informed him that his dick is smaller than Inderpreet Brar, Zion’s that is. But again that’s all side story that really doesn’t pertain to the action of the match. What does pertain to the match is the fact that, after insulting Zion, Zeel was able to use the other mans aggression against him and took him down with so many consecutive hip tosses that one has to wonder if Kimitsu Zombie might leave Tommy for the new flavor of asian persuasion. Grabbing at his crotch and thrusting it towards Zion, Zeel leaps into the air and drops a big knee across the sternum of his opponent. Park then backs away and allows Zion to get back to his feet. Zion isn’t all that fond of being ‘allowed’ to do anything and when he realizes what is happening he rolls over onto his knees and slams his fists down into the mat before standing up and moving to his own corner where he tags Hollywood into the match. As he exits the ring, Zion shouts at Hollywood to take care of his light work. When Hollywood steps into the ring, Zeel takes on a bit more of a serious attitude and the two meet in the middle of the ring, tying each other up. Park manages to leverage the grappling maneuver into a side headlock before taking Hollywood fully down to the mat, keeping him there while driving a closed fist into his forehead over and over again. Hollywood manages to work his way out of it a few moments later and the two spin back to their feet, with Park smiling and backing away to his own corner.
Hollywood bounces on his toes, waiting for Zeel to make a decision as to what is going to happen next. Park steps toward him like he’s going to charge to take him down but instead he stops and turns back, tagging his partner Kaz Bonham back into the ring. As Kaz steps through the ropes, Hollywood moves toward her but eats a stiff kick to the stomach. As he’s doubled over, Kaz laces another kick to the chest that stands Hollywood right back up vertically. She then kicks him in the stomach again, and then in chest as he’s doubled over again. The process repeats itself a third time before Kaz bounces off the ropes and comes back running at Hollywood full speed, smashing him with a running lariat that knocks him down to the ground. The playful country girl with an obsession for the eighties pumps her fists and paces around the ring like she’s just said her prayers and eaten her vitamins. Hollywood rolls over onto his back and as he does so Kaz’s attention snaps back to him. Quickly she moves toward him and then leaps into the air…DIXIE STAMPEDE! The tumbles to the ground after landing the standing double foot stomp, rolling over and diving across Hollywood’s body as the referee slides in to count. He gets to a two before Zion enters the ring and plants a vicious boot to the side of Kaz’s head. He then charges across the ring and crashes into Zeel with a forearm to the jaw. Around the arena the fans boo but Zion ignores them, turning back to Kaz who is laid out fully. Setting his sights on her, he steps toward her and then…. past her? Moving beyond Kaz, Zion hoists Hollywood up to his feet. He checks on him briefly, smacking him in the face to try to wake him up. When Hollywood’s eyes open barely, and he wobbles a bit on his own, Zion nods and takes a step back, looking down at the fallen body of Kaz Bonham. And then… THE EXECUTIVE PROMISE! ZION HITS HOLLYWOOD WITH HIS OWN FINISHER! Stunned, the crowd falls silent, unsure of how to react to what they’re witnessing as Zion grabs onto Kaz and drags her across the body of his tag team partner. Even the referee doesn’t seem to have any idea what the hell is going on, looking at Zion questioningly as he shouts at the referee to count the pinfall. Still uncertain, the referee drops down and slams his hand to the mat three times bringing the match to an end.
WINNER: Kaz Bonham & Zeel Park via Pinfall (6:34)

We go backstage to a locker room. The view shows Seth Daniels seated on the wooden bench in a locker room. He’s currently wrapping his fist with protective tape, a focused look on his face. His head then tilts to the side like an animal that hears a distant noise and he abruptly stops wrapping his fist. Off camera, the door to the locker room opens without a knock. Seth’s face twists with disgust and he speaks to the entrant without turning to face them.
DANIELS: ”Looking to die tonight, brother?”
VOICE: ”A bit dramatic, don’t you think?”
The camera zooms out to show the figure that Seth addressed, the very large figure of Seth’s brother, Keith Daniels. Seth reaches into his pocket, stands, and turns in a swift motion.
S. DANIELS: ”Oh, you think I’m kidding.”
From his pocket, Seth draws a small blade and points it toward his brother as he approaches, malice in his eyes. Keith’s demeanor remains relaxed as Seth approaches. As Seth lifts the knife however, Keith swings one of his massive mitts to knock the blade away. It clatters as it hits the floor and bounces across the room. Seth watches it bounce before turning back to his brother. Keith’s stance is no more threatening than it was prior to Seth’s approach.
K. DANIELS: ”You good? Got that out of your system?”
Seth’s eyes narrow as his lip curls up in a snarl.
S. DANIELS: ”The fuck do you want?”
K. DANIELS: ”I thought you could use some backup.”
Seth barks out a harsh laugh and leans forward, his hand on his stomach. Keith rolls his eyes at Seth’s performance. Seth looks back up, still laughing lightly.
K. DANIELS: ”Let me know when you’re finished.”
S. DANIELS: ”No, seriously, why are you here?”
K. DANIELS: ”You know what? I get it. It’s not like I’ve been the best big brother over the past several years. But now’s as good a time as any to fix that.”
S. DANIELS: ”Oh yeah? Like you did a couple of years ago when I was in Fight One, right?”
K. DANIELS: ”This is diff…”
Keith trailed off. He then began laughing to himself.
K. DANIELS: ”Yeah, you know what? You don’t have a good reason to believe me. Here’s how I see it. Everyone saw what American Jackass did last week to his opponent. There’s no reason to think he won’t do it again this week. That fatass with the retard strength? I’ll keep him occupied if he gets any ideas. Then you can focus on Tommy Pickles.”
S. DANIELS: ”I don’t need your help.”
Keith shakes his head in disappointment.
K. DANIELS: ”Come on, Seth. I get it, you’re prideful. At some point, you need to accept help when it’s offered. There aren’t any hidden price tags here. Let me be the brother I never was. Let me help you keep this a one-on-one fight. When it come down to that, you’re practically unstoppable.”
S. DANIELS: ”No hidden price tags… Right. I’m not a charity case, bruh. If Buffetman wants to get involved, I’ll lay them both out and I’ll do it alone.”
Keith raises his arms in an exasperated gesture. He goes to speak but stops and drops his arms. He sighs in resignation.
K. DANIELS: ”Fine. You want to be a tragic hero or something, you do you. Still, I want you to know that if you ever need backup, I’ll be there.”
S. DANIELS: ”Yeah? And which retirement home should I call to ask if you can come out to play?”
K. DANIELS: ”You funny guy you.”
Keith turns and walks toward the door. He stops just as he reaches it, turning his head slightly to the left.
K. DANIELS: ”I’m just a phone call away. You have my number.”
Seth just scoffs and returns to the bench to continue wrapping his fists. Keith walks out the door and closes it behind him. Once the door closes, Seth stops taping his fists and listens to the sound of Keith’s footsteps fading. He pulls out his phone and looks at it, pulling up his brother’s contact info. He ponders it for a moment before shaking his head and putting his phone away to continue to prepare for his match. The scene fades.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Welcome to the main event of the undercard. Or something. A match of epic proportions where a literal tornado takes on a dead man risen from the grave. ONE ON ONE LIVE ON OCTANE! VOSSLER CHRIST TAKES ON A TORNADO! WHO WINS?! Find out right now because as the bell rang Vossler came out of his corner cautiously, understanding that Tornado is a technical mastermind, not someone who spins around at high speeds destroying everything in his path. Instead he’s a literal whirlwind of letters that would make even the greatest scrabble player to ever walk the face of the earth nervous. Being cautious pays off for Vossler as he stuffs a single leg takedown attempt by Tornado and drives his elbow hard into the back of Tornado’s head. Good thing he’s not ACTUALLY a scrabble board because all those letters would have gone flying everywhere and anyone who has ever played that game knows how much of a bitch it is to clean those things up. Speaking of cleaning up, Vossler followed up his elbow by hooking his arm around Tornado’s neck and driving him down to the mat with a ddt. The resurrected Vossler apparently is not as kind and compassionate as the resurrected Jesus was, because Jesus never hit anyone with a DDT. Nor did he ever try to pin someone for a three count which is exactly what Vossler did next. But he only managed to get a two count. And we all know if Jesus had been the one pinning Tornado, he would’ve gotten the three.
Vossler smirks, shaking his head and knowing that he almost put Tornado away that quickly. Apparently the first Octane Champion, who is walking around with some Toys R Us Octane championship belt and claiming it’s actually the original one, still has something left in his tank. Unfortunately for him the squared circle is TORNADO ALLEY! Even though the actual Tornado Alley in the United States is over a thousand miles away from where they’re wrestling. Either way, Tornado gets back to his feet slowly and absorbs one punch from Vossler but blocks the second before driving his head harshly into Vosslers nose. It doesn’t break it or cause it to bleed, but it’s clear from the look on Vosslers face that he didn’t like that too much. He responds by trying to punch Tornado again, but Desencadenado steps inside the punch and wraps his arms around Vosslers waist, heaving him over head with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Vossler hits the mat hard and clutches at his back. Tornado pounces, dropping to the ground and tying Vossler up into a gator roll, doing everything he can to wear the former champion down by rolling him around the ring. Like he’s a horizontal tornado… or something. Shut up. ANYWAY. While that’s going on the camera’s spot a sign in the audience that is well worth reading.

When Tornado finally releases him, Vossler seems quite woozy. And who wouldn’t when you’ve just been spun around by a Tornado. I know, these awful dad jokes are getting old but deal with it. Just like Tornado dealt with it when he pulled Vossler up to his feet but took a thumb to the eyes that the referee was blocked from seeing. Dropping to a knee, Vossler took a deep breath and tried to summon the strength to put the match away. He moves toward Tornado and gives him a stiff kick to the stomach before standing him upright and taking his legs out from under him. He then bends down and pulls the man back up, hoisting him up onto his shoulders. Fans of Vossler recognize what’s happening and know that the end is near for Tornado if Vossler is able to follow through with the maneuver. But he’s not! Escaping the attempt at a modified death valley driver, Tornado drops down to his feet and pulls Vosslers legs out from under him. He then begins to airplane spin him and the crowd immediately comes to their feet in unison. That airplane spin is quickly transitioned into a leg trap one shoulder power bomb. WOW! A POWERBOMB CALLED VERTIGONE! Tornado covers and the referee dives in and counts the one, two and three.
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (10:51)

The camera goes backstage to show Kaelan Price in a locker room by herself. The sounds of Christmas Music can be heard playing from a small boom box. She has a Santa hat on her head as she hums along to the music. In front of her is a big giant whiteboard. She has written in Red Dry Erase Marker two columns. One saying Nice. One saying Naughty. The word OCTANE ROSTER is written really big in the center above that.
PRICE: “Hmm….Where to start. OH I KNOW!”
Kaelan doesn’t seem to notice the camera as she writes a name quickly into the Nice List. BRYAN LAUGHLIN. She then quickly goes to the Naughty List and writes BROKEN MCLAUGHLIN.
PRICE: “Broken is definitely at the top of the Naughty list this year. Sending me to the hospital. Who does that maggot think he is?!”
She shook her head and tapped the end of the marker against her lips before writing a few more names in the Naughty List. TOMMY, REDD THUNDER, COSMO COOPER, and JEB FISHER.
PRICE: “Cosmo for being rude and not wrestling with shoes on. Jeb because he was just really vulgar and gross and that is no way to talk to a Lady, let alone a PRINCESS like me.”
She rolled her eyes.
PRICE: “Redd and Tommy are just rude and have to cheat in order to beat B, and honestly I expect the Ignition champion to hold himself and his bodyguard to a better standard. Now who can I put on the NICE list that might help balance this out? OH! I know!”
Kaelan went to writing some names on the Nice side as well. KAZ BONHAM, ZEEL PARK, TORNADO…She paused and thought about how to spell his last name before settling for just writing a D with a period behind it. The last name she scribbled was SETH DANIELS.
PRICE: “Kaz seems like a nice enough lass. Zeel always been my broki and I don’t know if Tornado really has any malicious ill will towards much of anyone. Plus he’s a good wrestler. Seth got burned up in that fire so he deserves all the help he can get for Niceness.”
Kaelan looks over her list and sighs.
PRICE: “Honestly. This list is gonna be very one sided. Someone’s gotta do it though.”
Kaelan scribbled a few more names on the Naughty List. BRANDON BANKS, JASON BOURNE, CAROLINE BURCHILL, VOSSLER, and she hesitated on the last one before scribbling it in anyways JAY MORA. She sighed and shook her head.
PRICE: “Brandon you gotta get your head right before you can be on the nice list. Santa aint ever gonna know what he’s talking about to know if he’s good or bad. Just a really bad wrestler looks like. Jason said some pretty cringe things. So he was on the Nice list, but now he’s gotta earn his way back. So for now Naughty. Caroline tried to choke me to death and is rude, Vossler is walking around with a plastic replica of my lad B’s Championship like he owns the damn place.”
Kaelan rolled her eyes.
PRICE: “Jay is my partner tonight sure. That should get him on the Nice list. Maybe it will. Depends on what happens in our match tonight. If he plays along and we get a fair win. I’ll move him over. If we lose and he attacks me and makes himself more untrustworthy than the rest of these maggots than well. He stays on the Naughty list…Guess I should write the ones I’m not sure about yet.”
Kaelan writes Not Sure with a Question Mark and adds some names. CHRISTY CHAOS, ADAYA DUNCAN, JOHNNY EVIL, AND EVERYONE ELSE EXCEPT… Then she moves to the bottom and writes DARIN ZION and circles it. Draws Arrows and writes NOBODY CARES. She then seems pleased with her work and puts the cap back on her dry erase marker before gesturing to the board widely with her arms as she steps back, and for the first time acknowledges the camera.
PRICE: “Lads and Lasses. I present to you the Naughty and Nice List of the Octane Roster… Oh wait…I forgot a couple people.”
Kaelan quickly uncaps her marker and writes very big on the Nice Side, taking up the rest of the empty space KAELAN PRICE and draws a small crown over the K. She then goes to the Naughty Side and writes JIMMY WALKER with a mad sad face. She then steps back again.
PRICE: “As you can see this is highly accurate and all of you should plan your gift giving accordingly based off my calculations. As for the ones who don’t have a specific place? Well.. To be Continued… As for me? I got a match to get ready for and Jeb Fisher and Cosmo Cooper are going DOWN as LOSERS tonight. Merry Christmas Everyone. REMEMBER THE LIST!”
Kaelan sternly points to the list again that she made up before walking out of the room. Leaving the camera to zoom in and show the list before the scene faded to black.

In recent weeks, Cosmo Cooper has been locked in a deadly battle with Jeb Fisher. The post-battle war wounds was still evident for Cosmo has he sat backstage on stage equipment as he toyed with the protective face mask in his hand before he glanced up, pushing some hair from his face.
COOPER: “Yanno, it’s been a wild year for me. I’ve won a lot of matches, I’ve made a lot of friends. I’ve scrapped with some of the best and I’ve had to bring myself down to some of the worst…”
The scowl on his face would give away he was alluding to Jeb in that case.
COOPER: “And I get it. Tonight I’ve got to tag with him. Tonight, I’ve got to look at him in his eye and tag that man into a match if I want to beat the other two standing on the other side, and people may think I am not a tag team wrestler… what they don’t know is I broke into this business as a tag wrestler… I broke into wrestling with a friend. Someone I made towns with last year, and it didn’t end well. But 2017 ain’t over just yet…”
With a smile, Cosmo looked off screen and then stood up as someone approached. The camera got a shot from the legs up as it panned to see Trevor Miller standing with Cosmo as the two briefly snapped a quick handshake and pulled the other in for a quick hug.
COOPER: “Cause now? Now I got some help.”
Trevor nods, as he looks into the camera. Trevor is still wearing his gear, having wrestled earlier in the pre-show.
MILLER: ”I’ve watched Cosmo sore to epic proportions in this business, the dude is a natural. Unfortunately, skill and talent can only take you so far when you’re one man. When you’ve got everybody coming for your back, you can only do so much. I guess it was the only choice for me, to come here and continue my career. To watch my friend’s back.”
The two fist bump, as Trevor continues on.
MILLER: ”I see the envy, the people backstage that bleed green whenever Cosmo is around. It’s not hard to be, inside and outside of the ring this dude is a force. You’ve all messed up now though, because I’m here now. The two of us together will become an unstoppable force that will work its way all throughout Octane. Keep in mind, this is all on you.”
Cosmo slung one of his long arms onto Trevor’s near shoulder and propped himself up as he looked forward.
COOPER: “You know how they had to call up me for Octane? To come in and try and save the day versus Adrenaline? This is my call. This is my best friend, this is Trevor Miller and Octane? We’re not stopping there…”
Cooper smirked and then dropped his arm and motioned around his waist.
COOPER: “Better keep some tag titles nice and warm for us as well.”


The match bell rings and American Tommy is leaning against the front turnbuckle while Seth Daniels is loosening up his hands on the other side of the ring. Both men are staring at each other, but they haven’t stepped forward. Seth Daniels takes a step forward, but Tommy doesn’t even move and looks at him with a shit grin on his face. Daniels shrugs and starts walking towards Tommy when Tommy raises a finger in the air motioning for Daniels to stop. Tommy rolls himself out of the ring and bends down looking below it. He stands up and throws the ring curtain down in disgust as hard as you can throw a ring curtain down.
TAYLOR: “Um, what is he doing?”
LAWSON: “Who knows, it’s Tommy. He’s probably searching for his brother Eric.”
Not finding what he was looking for he walks towards the announcer’s table and grabs a microphone.
TOMMY: “Hold on a sec, mate. I’m looking for something.”
The referee is standing in front of Tommy, but in the ring, trying to get him back in. Tommy brushes him off and the referee continues his count.
TOMMY: “Yo, stop counting ya fuck! I’m busy here!”
The referee pretty much ignores American Tommy and continues to count. Tommy shrugs and rolls back into the ring and immediately rolls back out, resetting the count. Tommy looks under the backside of the ring and reaches in and pulls something out. He raises a potty training toilet high above his head.
CAMPBELL: “First of all, why is that even under there? And second, what is he doing with it?”
LAWSON: “I’m surprised to be honest. I was expecting him to pull out an electric tooth brush and some Dove body wash.”
Tommy, who is laughing, points at Seth Daniels and then the children’s toilet and walks up the steps towards the ring.
TOMMY: “Now, listen closely Seth. We need to have a talk.”
Tommy steps in between the ropes and back into the ring. He sets the toilet down on the ground in the opposite corner of where Daniels is standing and points at it.
TOMMY: “This is a toilet. Are we both in agreement with this?”
Seth, doesn’t say a word and is just watching American Tommy like everybody else in the arena.
TOMMY: “Now, Seth. I heard you like shitting in mailboxes and that is a social no no. How do you actually shit in a mailbox though? They are pretty high off the ground. Do you get a little step stool or something to do it? Shit in a bucket first and throw it in? Shit in your hand?”
Seth takes a step forward with that comment and Tommy puts his hand in the air.
TOMMY: “Woah, Woah, Woah. Settle down, bud. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this.”
Seth continues to come towards Tommy who grabs the toilet and rolls out of the ring again. Tommy walks over to the announcer’s table again, but this time he climbs up on top of it and sets the toilet down to the left of him. Seth is still in the ring having an aggravated discussion with the referee.
TOMMY: “Tonight, Seth. We ain’t only going to have a match here, but I’m going to teach you how to take a proper shit. No more mailboxes for you. You see, first you look into the toilet and see if there is anything in there.”
Tommy looks in the toilet has a shocked look on his face. He reaches in and pulls out a piece of paper.
TOMMY: “How did that get in there?”
Tommy looks down and reads it aloud.
TOMMY: “Brandon Banks’ career. What would that be doing at the bottom of a toilet? Anyways!”
Tommy throws the piece of paper over his shoulder and puts the toilet on the ground. The referee has stopped counting for whatever reason, probably because he is on strike cause Wallace pays him in buffet coupons.
TOMMY: “Since you’ve checked to make sure the toilet is clean now. It’s rather quite simple.”
Tommy sits on the toilet.
TOMMY: “You just squat and push. You can read something while you push, play with your phone, really, the possibilities are endless. Just don’t play with your shit, mate.”
Tommy stands up and grabs the toilet on his way up.
TOMMY: “You then wipe and flush, lad. That’s it. It’s that simple! Here, you try!”
Tommy throws the toilet into the ring and somehow it lands rightside up in the middle of the ring. Like it’s magic or something. Seth walks over to it and punts it out of the ring and onto the ramp. He turns towards Tommy and points for him to get into the ring.
TOMMY: “No need to be so hostile. I’m just teaching you some life skills.”
The referee starts counting again and American Tommy makes his way into the ring on the opposite side of where Seth Daniels is standing, because he isn’t an idiot. He looks over and the toilet on the ramp and sees that it’s broken.
TOMMY: “I was going to send that to Tara, you fucking animal!”
The referee takes the microphone away from American Tommy who isn’t happy about it and restores order, before stepping out from between the two competitors.
Finally, after the long delay, the match begins! Having grown irritated from Tommy’s antics, Seth wastes no time whatsoever and takes the fight to his front door step. Like a deer in the headlights, Tommy looks on as Seth charges towards him, hesitating and not really quite sure what to do. He fakes left, and then runs straight ahead, only to collide into Seth who hasn’t fallen for his fake. Slamming both hands into Tommy’s chest, Seth launches Tommy backwards into the air, slamming him into the corner. Tommy’s jaw drops to the floor in shock at what Seth did to him and before he knows it, Seth kicks his leg up from the mat and drives his foot into Tommy’s stomach. With Tommy buckled over, Seth begins hitting him over and over across the back with rapid forearms. Pulling him away and to the center of the ring, he wrapped him up before lifting him into the air and driving him into the canvas with a belly to belly suplex. The impact forced a scream from Tommy’s mouth, enough to bring a smile to Seth’s face as he mad the cover, only managing to score a two count.
Minutes went by as Seth remained in control of the match, tossing Tommy around the ring and striking him fiercely whenever the opportunity presented itself, which just so happened to be quite often. In brief moments before Seth would either hit him or slam him to the mat, Tommy would attempt to cast spells in Seth which resulted in nothing other than cheap laughs from the crowd and agonizing pain for Tommy. In desperation, Tommy threw a wild right at Seth’s head, failing miserably as Seth ducked underneath and delivered a powerful punch to Tommy’s stomach. Turning Tommy around, Seth wrapped him up before lifting him off his feet. With Tommy up in the air and moments away from being German suplexed to the mat, the self proclaimed wizard for one actually pulled off a magic trick. Rolling out of Seth’s arms, Tommy defied his fate of being slammed to the mat as he landed to his feet with Seth crashing down empty handed.
With Seth on his back, Tommy leaped into the air before falling straight down onto him. Throwing lefts and rights, Tommy connected with a few punches, although he missed way more. He then began to press Seth’s face with his fingers, pushing his cheeks inward and making his face look fat. Throwing his arm up, Seth connected with a blow to the side of Tommy’s head, knocking him off and over to the side of him. Seth was back to his feet before Tommy who was still down, holding the side of his head and massaging it. Pacing the ring, Seth kept a close eye on Tommy as he slowly began to climb to his feet. Once Tommy stood, Seth then rushed in, kicking his leg up from the mat and aiming it directly for Tommy’s skull. It was seconds away from Lights Out for Tommy as Seth’s foot inched in for the superkick. Out of nowhere, Tommy dropped to his knees as Seth’s foot passed over his head. The momentum from the kick caused Seth to move past Tommy but he wasn’t able to get far. Quickly, Tommy turned around and grabbed him by the back of the pants, pulling him backwards to the mat for a quick roll up. The official raced beside them, sliding in with the count. Seth’s feet kicked back and forth, but wasn’t enough to kick out of the pin before the official’s hand slapped the canvas three times!
Before the bell could even ring or the official could raise his arm, or even stand for that matter, Tommy quickly crawled to the ropes before rolling underneath them and dropping to the outside floor. Grabbing his Ignition Championship, he raced up the ramp, not looking back once as Seth angrily paced the ring.
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (9:59)

We cut to Jeb Fisher, who was laying down on a wooden bench, dressed in his wrestling gear. He was tossing a medicine ball up into the air and then catching it on the way down. He did this over and over again – a cigarette hanging out from between his lips. Every couple of seconds you would see smoke blowing out his nostrils as he continually threw the ball up, snatching it up every time right before it was about to hit him.
B. FISHER: ”The Hell are you doin’ boy! Don’t you know you ain’t suppose to smoke minutes before a match! Dumb ass child of mine, Get your head in the goddamn game!”
Those were the words Bob said as he hobbled his way into the room, Jeb let out a sigh before throwing the ball back up into the air one last time – as it comes back down he catches it, before swinging his body up and hurling the weighted ball just inches away from Bob’s head. It would have hit him, had Bob not ducked a second sooner. Bob gives Jeb the old stank eye, but Jeb just gets a real cocky demeanour about him. He places his hands on his knees and pushes himself up to his feet.
Jeb takes one last drag off of the smoke before letting it fall from his lips, down his chest and onto the floor. He then snuffs it out by stepping on it.
J. FISHER: ”You happy now?“
Rolling his eyes, Jeb starts to shadow box in front of Bob, showing the old man that he was indeed taking this seriously. Bob shakes off almost being beheaded and tries his best to make his way around to Jeb’s side – out of the way of the punching. After he reaches a good enough distance to not be caught in the cross fire he smacks his gums together and shakes his head.
B. FISHER: ”No god dammit, I ain’t happy. I ain’t gonna’ be happy until you get the goddamn respect you deserve! Which is why I want you to go out there and show everyone why you are better than Cosmo Cooper… Fuck winning the match, just take that pretty boy out.”
Jeb lets out a loud, brash laugh to the dismay of Bob.
J. FISHER: ”Fuck winning the match? Are you crazy old man? Smoke one to many crack rocks? I came here to win. Cosmo will get his when the right time fuckin’ comes. But as far as this match goes – I’m gonna put those two who-gives-a-fucks in the ground! Cosmo should be capable enough with having my back. I’m sure he wants to win just as much as I do. So no. I don’t think i’m going to take him out just yet.“
To the surprise of Jeb, Bob cuts past his defenses and grabs ahold of his ear – pulling his step son in close, spitting with every word.
B. FISHER: ”You listen to me you little shit and you listen good. Remember who got you this far, me! I’m the reason for everything you have, and the second you start falling out of place is the second shit hits the goddamn fan! That boy Cosmo should be as good as dead with you watching his back. I painted the target now fucking shoot!”
Jeb pushes Bob away, going to swing at the old man but he hesitates and just shakes his head. Spitting on the ground at Bob’s feet before lowering his fist and going back to shadow boxing, really trying to ignore the anger he felt inside of him at this moment.
J. FISHER: ”I’m not your fucking dog Bob! You could go get gang raped by clowns for all I give a fuck. You may have got me started on this – but it’s me driving now you wrinkly old fuck! So why don’t you sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up! Like a good little bitch!”
Bob goes to slap Jeb in the face but Jeb grabs his arm and throws it down before stomping up right into Bob’s face.
It’s at this moment a staff member peaks his head into the room, informing them that Jeb’s match is about to begin. Jeb loosens up and lets out a laugh before spitting on the ground at Bob’s feet once again. As Jeb goes to walk away Bob grabs ahold of his arm.
B. FISHER: ”Take him the fuck out son.”
Jeb violently pulls his arm free and exits the room, Bob at his back as we cut to the ring.


HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO SEE A MAGIC TRICK? BECAUSE TONIGHT IN THE HEADLINE MATCH OF OCTANE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOURE GOING TO SEE! Because at the very same time that Cosmo is wrestling in this tag team match, he’ll be wrestling somewhere else against the amazing and talented Blaise Fader. WATCH AS MAGIC UNFOLDS BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! That magic would begin right away as Cosmo Cooper starts off the match against Kaelan Price. Probably because if Jeb tried to start off the match with her he might attempt to rape her and she’s not sleeping in his garage so that is just not okay. Kae, however, is the toughest last this side of the i in the word OI! And so she’s not about to let Cosmo get the early advantage. Not when she’s determined to prove that she belongs, and that she’s not just a four piece chicken nugget snack for Broken to nibble on whenever he gets a little hungry. Brawling is her specialty and she takes that talent to Cosmo like she’s LeBron going to south beach. What that means? It means to start the match off Kaelan essentially handed Cosmo his ass on a silver platter with punches and kicks and knees and really anything she could do to make her presence felt. Shocked by the Irish Lasses aggression, Cosmo manages to get some distance and separation. Enough to make a tag to Jeb, as Kaelan grins happily and motions Jeb into the ring next. Unquestionably she was looking to beat the OI out of him.
Moving aggressively, Kaelan charges at Jeb at blasts him in the face with a forearm that only causes him to take a single step back and smile. That’s unsurprising from a neonazi like Jeb. There’s not much rattling around inside of that thick skull of his. And what is rattling around in there is probably bits and pieces of chewing tobacco lost when a backroom doctor fucked up his lobotomy. That’s not canon or anything, that’s just the narrator of this match guessing at why Jeb is such a dumb backwoods redneck cuck. After smiling at her, fans in the front row start singing that creepy ass song from O, Brother Where Art Thou. That seems to encourage Jeb to attack Kae and that’s exactly what he does, smacking her with a backhand before pulling her face down, cracking it off of his knee. Stumbling backwards she clutches at her mouth, checking for blood before glaring at Jeb and charging right back at him. As she swings to try to knock his head off of his shoulders, Jeb reaches out and grabs her with both hands around the throat, lifting her up in the air before planting her right down to the mat with a sit out spine buster. He tries to transition it into a pinning predicament but Kaelan kicks out and rolls away to her own corner where Jay Mora stood, waiting for his opportunity to get into the match. Kaelan reaches out to tag him in and, after a slight hesitation, Jay tags her hand and steps through the ropes as Kaelan rolls to the outside.
Jeb continues to try and be aggressive with Jay Mora but Mora is more his size and certainly not one to back down from a fight. So when Jeb reaches out to try and wrap his hands around Jay’s throat, Jay counters with an elbow to the jaw that wounds Fisher, causing him to take a few steps backward. He then steps forward and drives a knee into Jeb’s stomach, pulling his head down between his legs before flipping him up onto his shoulders. The crowd oooh’s and ahhh’s at Jay being able to lift Jeb up and then applauds when he slams him down to the mat with WOW A POWERBOMB! There’s been a few of those so far this evening but the one that Jay just hit Jeb with might bet he best one of the night. And do you know how you might come to know that? If you’ve learned how to read like Dakota obviously did when they gave him a shirt that says WOW… READING! Anyway, I digress. Jay continues to take the fight to Jeb until finally Jeb gets fed up with having his lunch handed to him and stumbles across the ring to force Cosmo to tag into the match.
Like a bullet shot out of a gun, Cosmo enters the ring like a barefoot… idk something fast and violent. He lands heavy kicks to Mora’s sides, his legs, and a kick to the side of his head that nearly knocked the big bearded bastard out. Growling as he stumbled backward near his corner, he suddenly felt a slap against his back as Kaelan tagged herself into the match. Surely with good intentions. A look of immense displeasure crosses Jay’s face as he stares at Kaelan who steps through the ropes. He mouths a few words at her but she focuses on Cosmo. That is until Jay says that she needs to fuck off and can finish the match by herself, exiting the ring and beginning to head up the ramp toward the backstage area. Stopping her movement toward Cosmo, she turns and goes after Jay. The two then begin to argue outside of the ring, shouting back and forth at each other as the referee begins a count upward toward ten. Cosmo, waiting patiently, begins to plead with the referee to slow down. At the same time, Jeb is shouting at him to hurry up. As he gets to an eight count, Kaelan seems to persuade Jay to come back to ringside. Quickly she rolls herself into the ring as Jay gets up on the ring apron. But as she stands, Jay slaps her on the back and tags himself right back into the match. Stepping back through the ropes, he motions for Kaelan to get out of the ring. Shooting him a nasty look, she steps back through the ropes to stand on the ring apron. Pleased that he, yet again, has gotten a woman in line where she belongs, Jay turns back to face Cosmo. As he does, Cosmo connects with a kick to the stomach, quickly scooping Jay up onto his shoulders. The fans know what’s coming and explode to their feet. CRATER MAKER! A JUMPING, SPINNING TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Cosmo quickly goes for the cover, with Jeb shouting obscenities at him. Meanwhile, Kaelan just shrugs and drops down to the outside of the ring, telling Jay that he can be the one to finish the match instead. The referee’s hand quickly falls three times to the mat before he signals for the bell and the conclusion of the headline bout. A final shot of Kaelan was shown shaking her head in disgust before heading backstage.
WINNER: Cosmo Cooper & Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (13:22)

Backstage in the parking lot; Darin Zion’s eyes burn with rage and fire. He rushes towards a parked car sitting awaiting his arrival carrying his backs and looking more determined than ever. Zion feverishly grabs the door handle before Gabriel Hartman jumps right in the way and shoves a microphone straight in his face.
HARTMAN: ”Darin Zion, your behavior as of the last few weeks seems erratic. Fifteen losses straight definitely has gotten the best of you. Last week you pushed Vossler down and this week you turned your back on a twelve year friendship with Brian Hollywood and viscously beat him down within an inch of his life leaving him for almost dead and…”
Immediately Darin Zion slams the car door down and tosses his bags on the ground. He rips the microphone straight out of Hartman’s hands and looks almost prepared to leave Hartman in a puddle of his own blood. Hartman grasps the hint and rushes away from him. Zion glares straight at the camera man just sitting for a moment processing everything that’s happened. Sinisterly smiling at the crowd he smirks and chuckles for a moment.
ZION: ”I didn’t turn my back on anyone. I cut the dead weight out of my life and buried the past in its grave.”
Zion nods for a moment completely pleased at his actions soaking it all in.
ZION: ”I let my past define me for too long. One year ago I came to 4CW to make an impact and leave my impression on every single doubter in my way like I’ve done in countless other organizations around the world. I spent time defining myself in proving every single person in my life wrong. I climb to the top of numerous organizations and won championship and built a pride for this business and look what it got me? A fucking joke of a career here that’s for sure. I’ve spent months and weeks letting everyone define my career…even embracing shit I wouldn’t do to win over the 4CW locker room’s affections because that’s who the fuck Darin Zion was. I wanted to be a fucking tool that left this…positive impression and be the good Samaritan that proceeded my reputation.”
Zion closes his eyes and shakes his head in disgust. His smile fades from his face and Zion easily lifts his head for the first time in nearly two years since struggling with his career. He takes a deep breath in and takes a look around him completely overjoyed.
ZION: ”You see that? That’s fuckin’ freedom right there! None of you fucking smarks know that feeling. You’re too busy getting on your Tweet machines and whacking off to burying someone’s career. But now…you fuckwads don’t hold anything over me. I took the last element of the past in Brian Hollywood and buried him. Now, I can embrace who Darin Zion really is.”
He pauses for a moment and just laughs.
ZION: ”A Certified Grade A Asshole who doesn’t give a fuck!”
Darin Zion resumes his departure, grabs his bags and starts humming Falling In Reverse’s “Just Like You” under his breath as he hops into the car and leaves the arena.

REDD Thunder is seen standing in a locker room. He is wearing bright furry red pants and a red jacket lined with white fur. He clothes his WAR MASK and his jacket is open loosely, showing off his incredible WAR TIDDIES. He puts on his war mask, then pulls the sash to his coat and puts on a Santa Cap, complete with little white puff ball on the end. He walks out of his locker room, making sure to grab a large brown bag on his way out. The throws the door open, and is greeted by a chorus of cheers from dozens of tiny little children. He laughs loudly and proclaims.
REDD begins passing out wrapped presents to all the children, who all graciously take them. After they all have a gift and have opened them, leaving behind wrapping paper and ribbons, the children cheer again for their hero, REDD Thunder.
The children cheer and laugh as they are escorted away, leaving Thunder all alone in the hallway. He throws off his Santa jacket and rips his tear away Santa pants off, revealing his ring gear. He does however leave the hat on.
Thunder flexes, to no one, and yells before punching the side panel of a nearby car, leaving a massive dent in the side before he heads to the ring.


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The Lights go dark and the arena is silent until the sound of an approaching storm is heard, Suddenly a thunderclap breaks the silence. All that Remains “The Thunder Rolls” starts to play and slowly, methodically, a mountain of man known as REDD THUNDER slowly makes from backstage. From head to toe, he’s dressed as Santa, carrying a large sack of goodies over his shoulder. He walks with authority, and it feels as if the arena shakes with each step.
POWERS: ”Entering the arena, at a weight of four hundred and five pounds, hailing from THE NORTH POLE!!! He is known by many names, by many people, but tonight we know him as REDD ‘SANTA BABY’ TTHHUUNNDDEERR!!!”
REDD THUNDER pulls his hood off his head, making his way to the side ring steps. He walks up the ring steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron before entering the ring. Reaching into the sack, he pulls out many wrapped gifts and tosses them out into the crowd. After dropping the sack to the outside of the ring in his corner, he removes the Santa outfit in which he’s wearing his normal wrestling gear underneath. He beats his chest and yells something, we aren’t exactly sure what, before grabbing the ring rope and stretching his arms.
LAWSON: ”Santa Claus is in the building ladies and gentlemen.”
TAYLOR: ”He knows if you’ve been naughty, and he knows if you’ve been nice.”
CAMPBELL: ”Guys, that’s just Redd dressed up as the fat man for the upcoming Holiday.”
LAWSON: ”Jesus, was to be a buzzkill.”
TAYLOR: ”I didn’t realize Bryan Williams was doing guest commentary here tonight.”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
He tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the OCTANE CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the Octane Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
TAYLOR: ”The Octane Champion is here and he’s come for revenge!”
CAMPBELL: ”Just two weeks ago he fell by the hands of our Ignition Champion, American Tommy, with a little help from the man standing across the ring from him tonight.”
LAWSON: ”There’s a score to be settled here tonight and considering who it’s with, it isn’t going to be easy.”
TAYLOR: ”The Monster King himself is literally standing across from a huge teddy bear disguised as a monster.”
CAMPBELL: ”Redd doesn’t look like a monster! He’s sweet and innocent!”
LAWSON: ”Is there something you’d like to share with us, Chris?”
TAYLOR: ”Yeah, is there? That sounded quite awkward to be honest.”
CAMPBELL: ”Let’s get on with the match!”
Before the official can even check in with each corner, both men charge the center of the ring. Leaping out of the way for safety, the official hits the mat as both men collide and begin exchanging blows. From his knees, the official quickly calls for the bell before crawling to the nearest corner and watching from a distance.

Laughlin throws a right hook but his arm is caught as Redd locks onto is with both arms. Pulling Laughlin in, Redd then lifts him into the air, pressing him high above his head. With thunderous steps, Redd walks across the ring and once he reaches the ropes, he throws Laughlin up and over into the air.
LAWSON: ”Oh shit, look out!”
TAYLOR: ”Brace yourselves!”

Laughlin crashes onto the top of the announcers booth, landing on his shoulder. The official begins his ten count from inside of the ring as Laughlin slowly comes to his senses. Climbing through the ropes, Redd steps out onto the apron before backing up to the end of one side. As Laughlin slowly pushes himself off the booth and down to his feet, Redd runs along the apron and then leaps off. Flying through the air, he collides into Laughlin with a splash, slamming his back into the announcers booth. Again, the official begins his ten count now that both men are on the outside of the ring. After ramming Laughlin into the side of the booth over and over, Redd then throws him in the opposite direction, shoulder first into the side of the ring! He then lifts Laughlin up from the floor and rolls him into the ring before climbing onto the apron and entering through himself, ending the officials count at nine.
Redd’s foot gets caught on the ropes, allowing Laughlin to pop back to his feet and rush in, hitting Redd in the face with a running elbow smash. With Redd backed against the ropes, Laughlin then unloads with rapid forearms to Redd’s face. As Laughlin draws back his arm for another blow, Redd then slams his head forward, hitting Laughlin in the mouth with a headbutt and knocking him backwards across the ring. Laughlin sets his feet in the center of the ring and as he looks up, Redd is right in front of him, closing in and leveling him with a running shoulder block. Laughlin’s back hits the mat and he bounces back to his feet, only to get hit with a right to the side of the head. With his left hand, Redd locks onto Laughlin’s wrist before pulling him in and knocking him flat on his back with a short-arm lariat.
LAWSON: ”Redd is going for the knockout blows here tonight.”
TAYLOR: ”After what he did two weeks ago, it would be wise of him to end this early before Laughlin finds his groove.”
CAMPBELL: ”He’s the Octane Champion for a reason and Redd rained on his parade.”
Pulling Laughlin to his feet, Redd lifts him off his feet and into the air before slamming him back down to the mat with a one armed Samoan drop. Rolling across the ring, Laughlin stops just in front of the corner where he slowly begins to pull himself to his feet using the ropes. before he stands completely, Redd is right there, jerking him up and off the ground. Laughlin drops back to his feet only to receive an open handed palm strike to the chest, slamming him against the corner. As Laughlin is backed to the corner with nowhere to go, Redd begins hitting him with multiple hammer blows to the head. After connecting with half a dozen, Redd takes a step back, planting his foot before bursting forward and throwing a thunderous right for Laughlin’s head. Ducking underneath and stepping behind Redd, Laughlin dodges the vicious potential match ending punch. Looking in the opposite direction, Laughlin readies himself as Redd quickly turns around to face him. Pivoting his foot, Laughlin spins around, kicking Redd in the stomach with a swift and precise blow. With his other foot, Laughlin kicks Redd in the side of the knee, forcing his leg to give out from under him. With Redd on one knee, Laughlin then takes a few steps forward before moving back in and connecting with a superkick to Redd’s face!
The BSKE stands Redd back to his feet as he wraps his arm around the top ropes to keep himself from falling over like a tree. Locking onto Redd’s wrist, Laughlin then pulls him away from the corner and whips him across the ring. NO! Reversing the throw, Redd sends Laughlin to the opposite corner instead before chasing closely behind him. Planting both hands on the top ropes at the corner, Laughlin pushes himself up into a handstand before pushing himself away from the corner. He clears over top of Redd as Redd slams into the corner before landing to his feet behind him. Spinning around and throwing a wild back fist, Redd misses as Laughlin leans back just enough to avoid contact to the face. Jumping up, Laughlin hits Redd underneath the chin with a jumping double knee, knocking him into the corner.
Laughlin steps out of the way, giving the big man some room as he falls face first to the mat. With his foot, Laughlin pushes and rolls Redd over to his back before looking to the corner. Climbing to the top, he stands high above the ring as the Cabarrus Arena grows louder and louder. Looking over the crowd, Laughlin takes a deep breath before bouncing up and down. On his second bounce, he leaps backwards and away from the corner, flipping backwards and coming down onto Redd’s chest with a moonsault!
Catching Laughlin with both hands, Redd then begins bench pressing him with ease before powering through and launching Laughlin into air! Laughlin flies backwards and over the ropes where the top one catches him right behind the knees. With Laughlin hanging upside down, Redd pops back to his feet and grabs ahold of Laughlin’s feet. Extending his arms, Laughlin grabs the sack of goodies Redd brought down to ringside as Redd begins pulling him back up and into the ring. Back stepping, Redd pulls Laughlin over the top rope before spinning his body and launching Laughlin through the air and to the center of the ring.
The sack of goodies hits the canvas, spilling presents out across the entire ring. Redd is furious at the sight and rushes towards Laughlin, leaping into the air and coming down on him with a running senton. The weight of Redd’s body nearly crushes Laughlin. Making the cover, Redd shoots his attention to the official, signaling him to hurry up with the count.

Popping a shoulder up from the mat, Laughlin breaks the officials count. Dumbfounded, Redd looks back and forth at Laughlin and the official before literally scratching his head and wondering to himself how exactly Laughlin was able to get a shoulder up. Snapping out of it, Redd looks to the empty sack that was once filled with Christmas gifts. Saddened, he pushes himself up and slowly walks over to his. He picks it up from the mat, as well as a few gifts, and then walks to the corner. Climbing to the middle ropes, Redd begins tossing presents into the crowd. With no more left to pass out, he then holds the empty sack high above his head with both hands.
Bursting to his feet, Laughlin then races to the corner, leaping up onto it from behind Redd. He then grabs the sack and pulls it down and over Redd’s face, blinding him completely. Redd begins to panic, not really sure of what’s happening but before he knows it, Laughlin wraps him up and slams him backwards to the mat with a German suplex from the top!

LAWSON: ”Holy shit! The ring!”
TAYLOR: ”The ring just completely collapsed!”
CAMPBELL: ”Next time Redd will pay more attention to detail when setting it up!”
The ring indeed has collapsed and before the dust has settled, Redd and Laughlin slowly begin climbing to their feet, Redd still completely blind to his surroundings due to the empty sack over his head. Across the ring, the official is slowly pulling himself up with the ropes, completely shocked that the ring collapsed. Looking to Redd as he tries to pull the sack off of his head, Laughlin sees an opportunity and he takes it! Rushing it, Laughlin hits Redd directly in the heart with a superkick!
Redd’s hand quickly cover his head but he still remains on his feet. Laughlin then moves in, lifting Redd up into the air and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. He then lifts Redd even higher and spins him around, holding onto Redd’s shoulders as he pulls him down into a double knee gut buster!
LAWSON: ”Laughlin just lifted Redd like it was nothing! Test the man for steroids!”
CAMPBELL: ”This might be it!”
With Redd having rolled over to his back, Laughlin then crawls over him as the official slides in beside them with the count.

“Out Of My mind” hits the speakers as Laughlin slowly rises to his feet. Stepping in beside him, the official raises his arm into the air as the final bell sounds.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
Looking over the wreckage, Laughlin then walks away from it all, stepping over the ropes that have halfway fallen down and out onto the floor. He picks up the Octane Championship, looking out over the crowd and then raising it high above his head.
LAWSON: ”And that’s how you get revenge!”
TAYLOR: ”They completely destroyed the ring here tonight.”
CAMPBELL: ”I guess it’s a good thing that this was the last match of the evening.”
LAWSON: ”Look it. Redd interfered in his affairs two weeks ago, and Laughlin gave him what he had coming. Everything else is just collateral damage, including the ring that Redd set up before the show.”
TAYLOR: ”My only question is who is going to step up and challenge Laughlin now that Seth has fallen to Tommy earlier in the night, after he seemed to be the clear cut one to claiming that spot.”
CAMPBELL: ”He’s still one of the names that comes to mind no doubt. Luckily for him, Tommy isn’t even thinking about the Octane Championship. We have some great talent on Octane that has showcased themselves over the recent weeks following Fright Night.”
LAWSON: ”We still have over a month and a half before Holy Grail. That’s plenty of time to decide who will be challenging Laughlin for the pride of joy of Octane.”
TAYLOR: ”Too bad there’s not plenty of time left for tonight’s broadcast.”
CAMPBELL: ”Way to lead into that!”
LAWSON: ”You head the lady folks. It’s time to call it a night.”
TAYLOR: ”We’ll see you all in two weeks for the thirteenth episode of Octane!”
CAMPBELL: ”Goodnight!”
Tossing the Octane Championship over his shoulder, Laughlin leaves it all behind, heading up the ramp as the scene slowly fades to black before transitioning to the closing credits.