Showing an increase in ratings compared to the 2,235,000 viewers that episode eleven had, Octane E12 brought in a total of 2,760,000 viewers worldwide.

Octane E12

Live from the PPG Paints Arena, 4CW aired with Adrenaline E77 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a no holds barred contest, Luke Jones and Dakota Smith opened the evening and set the tone early in the show. For the first time ever, Bryan Williams and Chris Madison went head to head in a long overdue 4CW matchup. Champion versus champion, Adrenaline E77 had it as the XTV Champion, Genevie Carlson, stepped in the ring with the 4CW Champion, Bronx Valescence. In a pay-per-view quality matchup, Anastasia Hayden and Persephone Marquis battled it out in the events headline match of the evening. Closing the night with the main event, Amber Ryan and Jair Hopkins went head to head with a common goal in mind – becoming the number one contender for the 4CW Pride Championship. Adrenaline E77 brought in a total of 3,415,000 viewers worldwide, showing an increase of 300,000 compared to E76 two weeks prior.

Adrenaline E77