OCTANE E13 (129)


The scene opens up to an overhead shot from inside of the Cabarrus arena in Concord, North Carolina. “1000hp” by Godsmack blares throughout the building as the camera pans the arena, focusing on various signs held throughout the mixture of people.

Things take a different turn tonight, instead of cutting to announcers booth, the camera stops and focuses on one last sign.

The camera feed then transitions away from the main part of the arena, and cuts backstage immediately.

The 4CW cameras take us to the plentiful backstage area of the Cabarrus Arena for the first time this evening. Amidst the boxes and various venue acoutremon stands a colorful cast of characters, conveniently coalescing courteously. Within the entourage, Kaz Bonham sports the same pink bowler, peacoat, and monocle getup we’d seen last week. QT Reese at her flank is also dressed in his Detective Bests with a matching accessory in his left hand: a novelty-sized magnifying glass specifically for finding “big clues.”
Joining them is none other than Vape Hut manager Archie, whom Reese had made good on his bargain by actually getting him in the back with the talent he’d only had seen from the front row of previous Octane shows. Being onboarded to the Newfie Cutie’s “investigation team” had definitely had its perks, or so he hoped: thus far, Reese had placed a gag order that he was NOT to associate with anyone else on the roster.
REESE: “They’re all suspects. We can’t trust ANYONE, because I find it hard to believe that Tornado is acting on his own. That wholesome schtick isn’t fooling me.”
ARCHIE: “Oh, come on. Do you really think that someone’s actually helping him fix the Vertigone Challenge just to ‘cheat’ us out of twenty dollars that wasn’t even his idea to offer up in the first place?”
BONHAM: “ELEMENTARY, my dear Archie! Elementary!”
Reese shoots Kaz a biting look.
REESE: “Now’s not the TIME for comedic pandering, Kaz. And Archie, to answer your stupid fucking question, NO — I don’t think that someONE is helping him fix the challenge. I KNOW that someONES are helping him fix the challenge. Do you realize how many dicks retreated back into their pelvises when it was announced that I’d be working here? Do you realize how many GIRLS’ PRIVATES closed themselves up when they heard that Reese the Piece would be placing his boots in that squared circle? With my good looks and natural athletic ability, their well just got a lot of anthrax and POO thrown down it, and their meal ticket is just months away from expiration. Everyone’s out to get me.”
QT points to Lil’ Bigfoot after that statement, but thinks better of that accusation, waving it off.
REESE: “Except Kaz. She’s too…what’s the word…”
BONHAM: “Nice? Sweet? Innocent?”
REESE: “Stupid. That’s the word. She’s too stupid to try and sabotage me.”
BONHAM: “Aww, don’t be mean, Watson!”
REESE: “Shut up. Anyway, Archie, as I was say…WAIT WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING?”
Reese and Kaz, too engaged in banter, had apparently not noticed that Archie had taken their blind eye to make a run for it on a quest to try and mingle with some of the better known professional wrestlers in the backstage area. About to start after him, Reese was instead grinded to an abrupt halt by the appearance of one of those said roster members…only not a normal face in the Concord-based sector of 4CW.
Time moved slowly for dramatic effect and to build the suspense. A mocha colored individual dressed in a classic suit to perfection, with a black single-breasted blazer, a custom fitted Oxford shirt, and dark charcoal single-pleated trousers appeared infront of Kaz and Reese. Kaz found herself biting her lip in ooglement getting hot and bothered at the sight of the individual. It was a look to flatter his style, toned to the man himself, appearing as a suave gentleman. He looked the part, and he dressed the part. That is until he spoke
QUAGLIATERRE: “Miss Bonham. Mr Reese. Allow me to extend my pleasantries at meeting your acquaintances for the very first time. Now before we get to the subject matter at hand I have to say Mr. Reese. Your choice of language is appalling. Are you unaware that Miss Bonham is present? You should know better than to be dropping F Bomb. LANGUAGE MR. REESE! You should be appreciative that Miss Bonham appears to have gone mind blank not to remind you to slow down on your offensive tone. Now while I would do this myself shoving a bar of soap down your mouth to clean it out. I am not here for a confrontation at this present time. This is a monumental moment for Octane, the first coming of the greatest man that ever lived ALESSANDRO QUAGLIATERRE. I’m so enthralled that this moment can only be encapsulated with three words. Boom… Baby… BOOM!”
REESE: “How about you ‘slider’ on out of my way. I’ve got a worthless-yet-valuable member of my crack team to catch. Despite the fact that he’s overweight and fairly easy to catch, time is of the essence.”
Alessandro extends a palm as a queue to hear him out. Meanwhile, Kaz has slowly slipped the giant magnifying glass from Reese’s hands, out to “investigate” a cool-looking stain shaped like a crop circle on one of the wooden crates nearby.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Hold up. Now, do you really think some guy who runs a smoke store is gonna be any real value to your search for the truth? Or do you want someone who’s not just using you to fulfill his wet dreams of actually touching a pro wrestler’s shoulder without receiving a punch or a restraining order for his troubles?”
REESE: “He’s not USING me! He wants his money back just as much as I do! Besides, he’s the only one I asked that told me they would help me and didn’t tell me to insert a painful object into my ass hole that is not typically intended for placement in said ass hole.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Well, while I and the rest of the world would agree with that sentiment, it’s your lucky day. ‘Cause I’m here to help. You see, I believe you, Mr. Reese. Not just because we’re in an exclusive club with the letter ‘Q’ as an initial, either.”
Reese eases his shoulders and loosens up at this revelation. He briefly scratches his head, pondering whether or not this is a sincere sentiment, or if he’s just being set up.
REESE: “So you think Tornado’s a dirty rotten scoundrel, too?”
Alessandro mulled over the direct nature of his enquiry.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I wouldn’t go that far in exasperation. Senor Desencadenado certainly does have a bundle of Cajones. And I accept that he may be a little preoccupied tonight with wait lies ahead for him with a chance to be Octane Champion. It is perfectly reasonable that he would stand you up. But do you know what is not perfectably reasonable standing me up.”
REESE: “Stop deflecting. You didn’t answer my question”
QUAGLIATERRE: “I see brain smarts is something you have the ability to possess. Fascinating Mr. Reese. Well then to be more formal in my response. Of course I do. You see, at first I thought you were just completely full of cow dung. That is until I myself was reached out to by El Tornado to participate in the Vertigone Challenge. Everything is booked, planned, signed, sealed and ready to deliver. Only when I start travelling here am I told through a SMS text message where Desencadenado told me no. He didn’t even have the decency to ring me up and tell me in person, that he was ‘too busy preparing for his title shot’ to hold it this week. And that got me thinking. Maybe he IS fixing the Vertigone Challenge, and maybe since YOU’VE caught wind of it, he’s gotta go back to the drawing board to make it less obvious! Fooling one individual is straightforward. However when the numbers are doubled, fooling an individual who is articulate as myself, is by no means an easy feat”
REESE: “By gum, THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! But wait…why did he even want you to do that stupid challenge in the first place? You’re on Adrenaline.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Isn’t it obvious. Who wouldn’t want me on any Challenge or Show that they host. Senor Desencadenado needed someone with the star power that I possess to give his Challenge, himself, and this whole show some much needed exposure. I boost ratings through the roof wherever I go. And more so contrary to popular belief, I’m not that much of an Asshole as it’s painted out to be. You be good to me, I be good to you. I only choose to be a prick to people whom I want to provoke or evoke a reaction from. Sometimes to do that you have to stoop to levels of parlor tricks and carny faeces to build character relevance and hype now that everyone has a Twitter account and it’s no longer as easy as it was several years ago to stand out.”
Reese and Quagliaterre both turn to acknowledge the 4CW camera crew, delivering a wide and knowing smile.
REESE: “Amen. Well, I guess I can trust you. After all, we both have a common interest aside from hating greasy-haired Tornado: we also both feel, SCIENTIFICALLY, that Kimitsu Zombie would serve better as a human toilet.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Not quite sure what would give you that type of Jason Bourne thought. Seems like you have been watching an excessive JAV smut with tentacles and excrement snowballing connoisseur to come to that assumption. I don’t think I’d go as far as that…but yeah. Besides, if you’re onto something about this being a conspiracy that extends beyond Tornado Desencadenado, you can’t just limit it to Octane. There’s PLENTY of people on Adrenaline’s roster who would love to have twenty dollars, too. Obviously not me, I’m loaded to the hills as a Billionaire, money is not a motivating factor. I could do this for free and still be amazing. It’s all about pride and a competitive edge for me.”
QT nods knowingly, a sly grin creeping on his face to reveal his not-so-aligned grille. He had certainly struck gold with the offered assistance of another apparent idiot who actually thought that Tornado would rig his own fun competition.
REESE: “…you’re so right. Well, Alessandro, welcome aboard. Now let’s go plan our next step: someone where no one connected to 4CW would have any business being at. Let’s go to J-Crew!”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Um, okay…but don’t you have a match here later?”
REESE: “Huh?”


Before the match even began, Jeb and Cosmo went back and forth with a few choice words and then all hell broke loose. Jeb took a swing for Cosmo, his partner he’s teaming with to contend for the 4CW Tag Team Championships at Winter Wasteland, but missed by not even an inch. As Jeb drew back for another swing, Trevor caught his arm from behind, spinning him around and catching Jeb with a punch to the face of his own. Laughing at the sight, Cosmo took it upon himself to finally call for the bell, officially beginning the match and the next Ten Minutes of Mayhem!

Catching Jeb off guard, it was easy for Trevor to get the upper hand at the sound of the bell. After multiple punches and backing Jeb up against the ropes, Trevor locked onto his wrist, pulling him into a forearm smash to the face! Trevor pushed him back to the ropes and as he hit them, pulled him back in, this time into a knee to the stomach. Whipping Jeb to the ropes across the ring, Trevor charged towards him as he came back on the rebound, connecting with a running headbutt and knocking Jeb flat on his back.
Immediately, Bob jumped onto the apron. Well, he didn’t technically jump, it took the old timer a bit to climb his big body up onto it but nonetheless, the old timer made it. Cussing from the apron, he grabbed Cosmo’s attention who reacted by only playing his part, calmly walking over and asking Bob to step down. Bob wasn’t having it. Louder and louder, he continued yelling at Cosmo, giving him a shower in saliva as the spit shot from his lips every time he said the next word. Forcing himself in between the two, Trevor shoved Bob away, knocking him backwards off the apron. The old man didn’t crash to the floor, not yet anyway, but managed to land on his feet, smoothly playing it off.

While Cosmo and Trevor looked down at Bob from inside of the ring, Jeb quietly climbed to his feet unnoticed. Sneaking in, Jeb then threw his arm around from the side, catching Trevor in the back of the head with a vicious elbow. Falling forward, Trevor hit the ropes and bounced off, falling backwards into Jeb’s arms. Hooking Trevor underneath both arms, Jeb managed to lock in a full nelson before dragging Trevor backwards away from the ropes and to the center of the ring. Lifting Trevor off his feet, Jeb then threw him straight down to the mat with a full nelson slam!
Kicking Trevor over and over in the ribs, Jeb eventually rolled him over to his stomach. Stepping onto the back of Trevor’s head, Jeb applied all of his weight to it, pressing Trevor’s face into the canvas. He then stepped down before kneeling down beside Trevor’s head. Locking onto his head with both hands, Jeb pushed down with all of his strength, pressing Trevor’s face into the canvas again and this time dragging it back and forth, giving him a nasty rug burn across his forehead.
Back on his feet, Jeb pulled Trevor up from the mat and finally went to work, for real this time, no more playing and treating Trevor as if he were the new fish in the tank. Jeb made it look easy he threw Trevor around the ring, slammed him various times with ease. To top it off, Jeb knew he was in complete control. Keeping a close eye on Cosmo, Jeb made it a point to look over to him with a grin as he hurt his friend.

Lifting Trevor into the air for a powerbomb, Jeb was taken by surprise as Trevor unloaded onto his head with rapid rights. Still holding Trevor in the air, Jeb began stumbling backwards until it hit the ropes. With Trevor’s weight up high, it causes Jeb to flip backwards over the top rope. The back of Jeb’s knees caught the top rope, causing his to stop just before his head slammed to the apron. Trevor went down to the apron, landing in a seated position. Dropping down to the floor, Trevor turned back to Jeb as he hung upside down. He was defenseless with nowhere to go. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Trevor then began striking Jeb’s face and chest with lefts and rights.
Eventually Trevor pulled Jeb down, dropping him head first onto the apron and then rolling him underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring. Back on the apron, Trevor climbed to the top of the nearest corner. Lining up his shot with Jeb lying on his back not far away, Trevor stood tall. Before he could jump off the top of the corner, Bob came out of nowhere, climbing onto the apron and throwing all of his weight down onto the top rope, causing Trevor to lose his balance. Jumping off the corner awkwardly, Trevor went for a diving headbutt but ate nothing but canvas as Jeb rolled out of the way, causing him to land face first to the mat!

Back on his feet, Jeb unleashed everything he had onto Trevor as he remained face down to the mat. Kicking and stomping on his lower back, Jeb then jumped down onto him. Grabbing Trevor by the head with both hands, he began slamming his face down into the mat over and over. If that had been Bryan Williams, he would have had at least two concussions by this time. Nonetheless, Jeb made sure to get Trevor very acquainted with the mat. Dragging Trevor over to the ropes, Jeb lifted his head up and stuck it through the ropes, placing his throat across the bottom rope. Sitting on Trevor’s back, Jeb pulled up on the bottom rope, using it to choke Trevor as he couldn’t escape with Jeb on his back. Cosmo rushed over, immediately demanding Jeb release the illegal hold. Laughing it off, Jeb continued to choke Trevor, forcing Cosmo to turn to the standard five count, playing everything by the book.
Just as Cosmo began to say five, Jeb released the bottom rope and stood tall, taking his weight off of Trevor’s back. Laughing in Cosmo’s face, Jeb then dropped back down onto Trevor, grabbing the bottom rope and pulling it up once again, choking Trevor just as he did moments ago. Without any warning whatsoever, Cosmo went to the five count and just as before, Jeb used every last split second of it up before standing tall and stepping away from Trevor.

Cosmo rushed Jeb, slamming into him chest to chest and knocking him backwards into the ropes. The two then began to yell at one another, Cosmo letting him know that he will disqualify him if he breaks one more rule. Laughing it off, Jeb began mocking Cosmo, causing his anger to grow even more. As the two continued arguing, Bob climbed his fat ass back onto the apron again, for the third time. This is the most exercise he’s done all year and the year is just about over. But that’s a story for a different time.
Ganging up on Cosmo, Jeb and Bob didn’t give him a single chance to even respond. As one stopped to catch their breath, the other would jump right in, picking up where their family member left off. This went on for nearly half a minute. Out of nowhere, Trevor rushed in behind Jeb, pushing him forward and knocking him into Bob. Flying backwards off the apron, Bob crashed to the floor without the graceful landing as earlier. Bouncing off the ropes, Jeb fell backwards into Trevor where he was then pulled to the mat with a quick roll up. Trevor had Jeb shoulders to the mat unexpectedly but the pin was in place. Dropping down for the count, Cosmo played everything by the book. He didn’t count fast, he didn’t count slow. He counted at a normal pace, all while looking Jeb in the eyes until his hand slapped the canvas for the third time.

Jeb finally managed to kick out, only a split second too late. The force of his legs kicking out sent Trevor falling backwards to the mat, rolling across the ring. The two raced to their feet, Jeb standing first and he quickly took off straight for Trevor. Lunging forward, Jeb went to grab ahold of Trevor but missed as Trevor dropped down, pulling down on the top rope. Jeb his the ropes chest first, flipping up and over them before falling to the mat just as the final seconds ticked down.

WINNER: Trevor Miller

The scene opens up backstage with Johnny Evil sitting in the locker room, getting ready for his match. He seems a bit on edge and almost reluctant to be there. Lately Johnny has been a mere vessel upon this transition and it’s quite noticeable in his stress filled features. He spits down upon the ground as he focuses in on the camera.
EVIL: ”Ya know, week after week I see myself fighting people that don’t bring out the best in me. The rest of 4CW knows exactly what happened when I felt this way before. I had to open some people’s eyes. I’ve tried to be the nice guy and wait to see where the cards would land. If it’s going to take me doing something malevolent and outrageous to open up people’s eyes and put the spotlight back on me then so fucking be it!
Johnny shrugs and looks down at the floor for a moment, before reaching up and wiping the sweat from his forehead.
EVIL: ”I won’t be held accountable for what I am about to do, because what I’m about to do must be done!”
Johnny looks down at the floor again. Suddenly a soft wicked laugh is heard as he looks back up into the camera.
BLACK: ”To hell with that, take accountability for everything you are about to do. For every unreasonable and irrational decision you are about to make, own that shit. After all, it’s what you had to do to open people’s eyes in the first place!”
Johnny closes his eyes and takes a breath of frustration and exhaustion all at once. He uses his fingers to rub them upon his temples before opening his eyes once more. Shaking his head in anger feeling a bit let down, he speaks again.
EVIL: ”Maybe you’re right. I should own it and love every fucking second of it. It’s time to make this company my fucking playground once more. If I offend some people along the way, then good! I didn’t come here to make friends, the only true friend I had in this fucking company is dead and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a piece of me died along with him. It made this shit no fun for me anymore…”
EVIL: ”But I promise you… All of that is about to change and I’m going to make you all hate me!”


After turning on his longtime friend and making a statement later in the show at the twelfth episode of Octane, Zion carried that momentum with him into episode thirteen. It was no secret that Jason Osbourne’s comments weeks ago left quite a few people angry and if being beaten by the man they were made against wasn’t enough, he had to endure Zion picking up where Ric Greene left off – kicking his ass all over the Octane ring! Zion had been on quite the losing streak but tonight it’s as if all his frustrations had finally burst. In the first few minutes following the bell, Zion was on Bourne like a rabid dog. His strike’s landed hard, and his slams landed Bourne to the canvas even harder. With Bourne on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Zion charged the corner, flipping him off his shoulders and back first into the turnbuckle. Bourne hit the mat head first and his body folded over, his legs open with one on each side of his head. With Bourne’s face exposed, Zion began stomping down onto it over and over before grabbing his feet and pulling him away from the corner, dragging him to the center of the ring.
As Bourne remained down on his stomach, Zion lifted his legs up, hooking his feet underneath his arm pits as he squatted. Standing up, he lifted Bourne’s legs and began to spin, dragging him across the mat before eventually lifting his whole body up with an old school airplane spin – but with Bourne upside down facing the mat. With each revolution, the crowd counted along until Zion reached the twenty mark. Off balance, Zion released Bourne while in spin, sending him flying across the ring and crashing face first with the middle turnbuckle. Dizzy, Zion stumbled backwards before falling into the opposite corner. With both men down, the official began the ten count and as he shouted “nine” at the top of his lungs, Zion finally managed to pull himself up to his feet. Across the ring, Bourne began slowly pulling himself up to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up further and further. Holding his ground, Zion looked on while regaining his sense of direction. In a daze from the head on collision with the turnbuckle, Bourne stumbled away from the corner like a drunk redneck on the way home to lay hands on his wife after an all nighter with the local hicks. Charging across the ring, Zion wiped him out with a Lou Thez Press, dropping him flat on his back in the center of the ring.
Bursting to his feet, Zion shouted at the top of his lungs. Circling Bourne’s body, Zion hyped himself up. Pulling Bourne up from the mat, Zion turned him to face the opposite direction where he then locked in a full nelson. Lifting Bourne off his feet, Zion then transitioned the full nelson slam into a three-quarter facelock front face bulldog cutter! Bourne was out cold from the Real-Time Inertia and rising to his knees with excitement, Zion realized he was literally seconds away from capturing his first 4CW victory. He lunged him body over Bourne, making the pin as the official slid in beside them. One… Two… There was a pause. The official wasn’t sure what to do next given that it was Zion. Shrugging his shoulders, the official then slapped the canvas for the three!
WINNER: Zion via Pinfall (6:11)
Full of excitement and jumping up and down in the ring, Zion expressed how happy he was to finally score a victory in 4CW. At this point, the excitement may have been a little too much for him to handle. Exiting the ring, he approached the nearest cameraman. Ripping the cord from the camera, Zion then slid back into the ring. The crowd went silent at what he did next. Tying the cord around Bourne’s throat, Zion then pulled him across the ring like a dog on a leash. Pulling Bourne to his feet, Zion then threw him into the ropes, sending him up and over the top. With the other end of the cord wrapped around his hand, Zion braced himself and as the slack tightened, Bourne’s feet stopped just inches away from touching the floor. A gasp quickly followed from the crowd at the sight of Zion literally lynching Bourne at ringside, when keeping it real goes wrong. The camera feed quickly cut as the ringside crew rushed in to rescue Bourne.

The soft playing of a guitar could be heard as a black stretch limousine with the top open is pulling up to the arena.
“This is the end
Beauitful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end.”

This is the end by The Doors blares from within the limo. The music almost gets louder as the door pops open. All the can be seen is a long pair of slender legs in high heels followed by another pair of legs in boots, and another pair in different heels, and another and another and another. The woman stand outside of the stretch limo and stand there waiting as the music plays on.
“No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes, again”

As if the women weren’t a dead giveaway as to who would emerge from the limo the black alligator skinned shoes and neatly pressed slacks were. Jay “The Marksman” Mora emerged from the limo to a smattering of cheers from some of the audience.
MORA:“This is the end……his only friend…the end. This is the end…of that fuck…voss-a-ler.”
Jay sang his own version of the Doors song entertaining himself and the talent around him. One of the woman slammed the door shut. Jay continued humming the song now rather than singing it as he buttoned the top button on his black, velvet blazer. He extended his arms for a woman to hold on to each and took one step before abruptly stopping. Jay pulled his glasses down to the bridge of his nose and looked into the camera.
MORA: “Concord North Carolina…”
Jay smirked as he looked right and left before looking down at the camera again.
MORA: “Tonight I end him….Vossler…”
Jay smiles as one of the women push his glasses back on for him. Jay goes to deliver his patented line while the crowd joins in with him.
MORA: “You’ve been marked…and I’m not missing.”

The cameras go backstage to Kaelan Price back in front of her dry erase board. The same one she had last Octane. The Nice and Naughty list. Kaelan is in her full wrestling gear, with the added bonus of a red Santa hat. She taps the dry erase marker on her chin and casually turns towards the camera.
PRICE: “I’ve been thinking about this list. Checkin it twice. Since Christmas is just around the corner. I think I got it right. I just need to make ONE slight adjustment.”
Kaelan takes her hand and erases Adaya’s name from the Unsure list at the bottom. She then takes the dry erase marker and at the bottom of the NAUGHTY list she writes ADAYA. She steps back satisfied with her work. Capping the marker and turning back to the camera.
PRICE: “That’s better. Now I know what you guys are thinking. Kaelan that might be a bit biased. You’re facing her and now she’s bad. Really that isn’t on me. This one is on Adaya. When you think it’s a good thing to paint a picture about a baby monkey being burned with its mother and the awful analogy that came with it of springboarding off of me. I don’t know. I was really bored, and also depressed that you thought it had anything to do with me and you facing here tonight. So there you are on the Naughty List. To make sure it sticks…”
Kaelan tossed the marker over her head and it flew somewhere where she didn’t intend to go find it.
PRICE: “The funny thing about you Adaya, is that you seem to think Bryan used me to springboard his career. He didn’t. You don’t call a number one contendership match a springboard match. A springboard to a career would be more like if you found some way to beat me here tonight. I’m more respected and well known on this roster. When people beat me they get noticed. Bryan didn’t have to beat me to get noticed. He’s a former 4CW Champion. His career was springboarded long before I walked into his life and set it on fire…. But like in a good way.”
Kaelan paused for a moment thinking about what she just said and then shrugged before continuing.
PRICE: “You don’t see me as important because all you look at is a win and a loss record. You don’t look at the substance or the material within all those matches. The same thing I’ve been holding this entire roster accountable for. Getting hung up on the last few seconds of a match. You won’t beat me because you don’t care to take me serious enough. Your ego is too high. You changed your whole outlook after beating Banks and now you’re trying to come at me like a hard ass, and you know why Adaya? Because you know I’m better than you. Because you know I’m gonna force you to dig down deep. You can claim you are already injured going into this match. That if I beat you, you weren’t at one hundred percent. Let me tell you the reality of that claim Adaya? The only person who will still be at fault for that? Is you. You knew the risks and you came out to face me, and you will have lost. All because of that ego.”
She smirked and adjusted the hat on her head, before sighing.
PRICE: “I see right through this act though. If I win. You’ll say I didn’t beat you at your best. If I lose you’ll say I couldn’t even beat you when you were hurt. It’s supposed to set me up for a lose lose situation. It’s clever. Really, but nobody is going to care when I win about those details. All they are gonna see is another Win in the record books for me and another loss for you. I’ve learned in this business you can have all the sympathy in the world for people, but I think at the end of the day if someone steps in the ring knowing they aren’t one hundred percent. They deserve whatever they get. So I will not go easy on you. You don’t deserve that. I said you deserve my best, and I’m giving you that. Just when it’s all said and done I won’t make excuses if I fail. I won’t blame the assault I suffered to my eyes from Cass Baumer two days ago. Merry Christmas Adaya. Now let me show you how a springboard to the top is really done.”
Kaelan did her signature wink before walking off camera leaving the camera to zoom in on ADAYA written on the Naughty list as the scene went to black.


The match begins quickly at the bell with Freddie and Johnny… or is it Dahlia… tying up in the middle of the ring. If it’s Dahlia it’s a good thing that she’s not self conscious about all that facial hair and the dangly bits and all that. But then again, maybe she doesn’t look. Either way, whether Johnny Evil or Dahlia, the advantage goes to Freddie Styles early on as he quickly backs Johnny into the corner and laces a few knife edged chops to the chest. Evil shoves him away and steps free from the corner, meeting Styles with a kick to the stomach which Freddie absorbs but then retaliates with a hard right hand of his own before executing a quick snap suplex that takes Johnny down. For whatever reason, perhaps just super excited about hitting a suplex (you don’t know, some people have fetishes for that kind of shit), he goes for the pin right after but Johnny kicks out and quickly rolls back to his feet. He then misses on a lariat and Styles counters quickly into a DDT. Another quick cover gets him a near fall but not the victory he seemed to be looking for rather early on.
Evil gets back to his feet a bit more slowly and eats a few hard strikes to the face before blocking a kick and catching Freddie, taking him down with a belly to belly suplex. Johnny wastes no time mounting Styles fallen body, laying into him with hard rights and lefts before standing and dropping an elbow right to the sternum of Freddie Styles. Rolling away, Styles tries to put some distance between him and the suddenly lively Johnny Evil but it’s to no avail as Johnny quickly picks him up, whips him into the ropes, and then takes him down with a sidewalk slam. There he goes for a pinfall attempt of his own but Styles kicks out just after the two count. Once more Johnny gets back to his feet and drags Styles up with him, lifting him up into the air and dropping him down across in knee with an atomic drop that he quickly follows up with a clothesline that knocks styles right back down to the mat. As Freddie lays there writhing in pain, the Dahlia side of Johnny Evil emerges at least briefly as she curtsies and then skips around the ring a bit playfully. No doubt most of the fans in attendance were watching and wondering what the fuck was going on. But that didn’t stop Dahlia from having her fun.
What does stop Dahlia from having fun is Styles kipping up and blasting him/her in the face with a super kick and then diving across the suddenly not so energetic body of Johnny Evil, hooking the leg for the pin. Evil manages to kick out in the nick of time, however, but Styles is quickly back to work on him. Down and struggling to get back up, Johnny rolls back and forth clutching his face. Why, you ask? Because he just got fucking kicked in it that’s why. Can you imagine what being kicked in the face feels like? Being punched in the face is bad enough. But to know that someone was able to bring their foot off of the ground and smash it into your face has to hurt not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. To know that you’re a professional athlete and couldn’t stop someones smelly ass shoe that probably has gum stuck to the bottom of it and god only knows what else given that this show is happening in north carolina, from hitting you in the face. Like, damn. How does nobody ever stop and think about this shit? Anyway. As Evil finally begins to recover he rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up to his hands and knees which just happens to be the position that Freddie Styles wants him in for the ATL Stomp. Unfortunately Dahlia has some kind of magical voodoo powers. Or maybe Johnny was just really lucky and timed it perfectly but he managed to get out of the way at the last second and then pop up to his feet quickly. FALL FROM SHANGRI LA! Oh man the tide of the match rapidly swung back into Evil’s favor like the swing of a pendulum and Johnny wasn’t about to let it go on any longer, dropping and covering Styles for the three count and victory.
WINNER: Johnny Evil via Pinfall (9:15)

The locker room door for Adaya Duncan is currently open. Some say it’s to encourage intruders, as Adaya likes to maintain combat readiness, while others say she forgets to close the door, still others say she opens it 5 minutes before her match to allow for interviews or other industry-related necessities that might pop up.
She is still new here, and thus fans and interviewers have showed a passing interest in her, who would sooner seek out more recognized faces on the roster before hers. Unperturbed by the general lack of Adaya awareness, she sits on the bench contemplating her upcoming match with Kaelan Price as part of what has become her pre-match ritual of sitting calmly and quietly gaining mental preparedness.
Into the doorframe steps a shadowy man in a suit.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Adaya Duncan.”
She looks up to regard the man who speaks in a deadpan tone with difficult to discern features with a frown.
DUNCAN: ”Yes…?”
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”I’m with the CWC.”
Adaya blinks.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”The Coalition for Wrestler Commitment. May we have a word with you?”
He flashes a badge she can’t quite make out. It glints under the light like a testament to how official this all is.
DUNCAN: ”Oh. Sure.”
The shadowy man closes the door behind him, fixing the lapels of his neatly pressed suit. Standing as he is, Adaya has a hard time making out his face. He continues speaking briskly, leaving little room to breathe between his words and Adaya’s.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”There’s been some concerns raised recently regarding your commitment to the company you’re currently contracted to.”
DUNCAN: ”You mean 4CW?”
The man lifts his hand where Adaya notices a clipboard with a piece of paper set under its clip. The shadowy man reads a moment before,
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Yes, that’s correct.”
Adaya watches with her frown remaining intact.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Can you confirm that you have, in fact, only wrestled three matches for this company?”
DUNCAN: ”Uh… well, I’m about to wrestle my fourth actually.”
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: “Just answer the question.”
Adaya’s momentarily taken aback but recovers.
DUNCAN: ”Uh, well, yeah, I guess I have. Sure.”
Adaya detects a sense of smug confirmation emanating from the man as he clicks the end of his pen and checks a box on the paper she can’t see attached to his clipboard.
DUNCAN: ”What’s going on, what’s this about exactly?”
The shadowy man proceeds, not seeming to look at her.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Can you testify to your intent to remain in this company for a bare minimum of eight matches?”
DUNCAN: ”What?”
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Answer the question.”
Startled and taken off-guard, Adaya stutters momentarily.
DUNCAN: ”I-I guess. Sure. I mean I intend to. I am under contract. But there could be an earthquake or tornado or forest fire. I could wake up dead tomorrow. What’s the point of these questions?”
The shadowy man’s eyes feel like they’re hanging on her with scrutiny a few moments before,
With an almost audible ‘tsk’ he ticks another box. Adaya is growing agitated.
DUNCAN: ”What exactly—”
The man cuts in promptly.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Would you call yourself a ‘tourist’ in this company, Ms Duncan?”
She blinks, refusing to sit down for this anymore she stands.
DUNCAN: ”What the hell does that even mean?”
The man continues with no visible shift in tone or demeanor.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Would you call yourself a “struggling artist” in 4CW, willing to stick it out no matter what, much like your upcoming opponent Kaelan Price has?”
DUNCAN: ”I—what? I don’t even think that makes sense.”
A sigh from the man coupled with another barely audible ‘tsk’.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”I see. I think we’re done here.”
He grips his clipboard to his side and turns to exit. Adaya clutches his elbow and tugs at him to face her. The man is unimpressed.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”Ms. Duncan, without clear intent to remain in the federation you are currently employed with, my organization has trouble guaranteeing your commitment and therefore you will no longer be covered by our coalition.”
DUNCAN: ”You can’t guarantee any of that, though. What the hell was the point of any of this?”
Adaya watches as the shadowy man tugs his arm away and makes it to the door. Stopping in the open doorway to look back at her with the same deadpan delivery.
SHADOWY MAN IN A SUIT: ”That’s exactly the point, Ms. Duncan. That’s exactly the point.”
And with that he exits. Adaya finds herself standing there as confused as when he entered. She scratches the back of her neck, shrugs, and gets ready to enter the ring.


Adaya lays Kaelan down with a Float Over DDT and wastes no time getting the Irish fan favorite to her feet as she ties up with her, trying to see who can make the first move out of this. Kaelan ends up being the successor with a knee to Adaya’s abdomen that has the latina stumbling backwards into the ropes as Kaelan dashes forward and her knees lifts into the air to collide with Adaya’s jaw that has Adaya falling through the top and middle ropes onto the apron. Kaelan reaches across the ropes to grab Adaya as soon as she stands on the apron but Adaya draws her arm back and nails Kaelan in the face with a sharp elbow that causes Kaelan to take a few steps back, giving Adaya the opportunity to re-enter the ring. A bold right punch to the face by Adaya as she tries to go for a second one but Kaelan blocks it, quickly wrapping her arms around Adaya to take her down with a snap suplex before taking a step back out of Adaya’s reach once she grabs for Kaelan’s ankles while trying to sit up on the mat.
Kaelan bounces off the ropes as soon as Adaya makes it back onto her feet and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown comes into play that takes Adaya down to the mat once more. Adaya looks around to see how close she is to a turnbuckle while Kaelan’s eyes stay locked onto Adaya like a target, trying to time her next move so that she can be ready. Adaya is up and Kaelan is sprinting forward, something Adaya had baited her to do as she ducks at the last minute and drives her elbow into Kaelan’s back, causing Kaelan to run into the turnbuckle. Kaelan turns around and a boot to the right side of her face from Adaya’s enzuigiri that sends Kaelan to the mat. Adaya’s eyes look to the turnbuckle again but Kaelan pulling herself to her feet catches her attention and has Adaya swinging on her but Kaelan counters and wraps her arms around Adaya so tightly that it looks like a warm embrace as Kaelan lays her down with a belly to belly suplex. Kaelan sounds off that battle cry to the audience but Adaya catches her by surprise when she drives her foot into her gut to shut her up, spinning her around to position herself behind her as Adaya tries to lock in a headlock but is shoved backwards when Kaelan uses all of her weight to get her off of her.
Adaya swings, Kaelan ducks and grabs the back of Adaya’s head to make her head bounce off the turnbuckle ring post she had been eying too much that causes Adaya to get in a slight daze but not bad enough since she’s able to counter Kaelan’s next attack and lay her out with a spinning backfist. The audience’s positive reaction to the match is drawing alot of energy and adrenaline for the brawling women inside the ring as they trade countless punches and throw each other into the ring post to try to tire the other out. Once Adaya goes over the ropes and fall outside of the ring, Kaelan quickly slides out to assist her opponent… by irish whipping her into the barricade. Adaya’s painful howl is no match for the Kaelan battle cry as the Irish wrestler pulls Adaya to her feet to irish whip her towards the ring but Adaya stands her ground, instead irish whipping Kaelan into the turnbuckle instead. Adaya climbs up on the barricade and steadies herself before leaping into the air and wrapping her legs around Kaelan’s neck to send her down with a diving hurricanrana.
The crowd is definitely revved up as Adaya readies herself for Kaelan to get back to her feet, only Kaelan to catch her in the abdomen with an elbow while she gets back to her feet and pulls Adaya towards the ring so that she can roll her back inside. Kaelan watches carefully for Adaya as she slides into the ring and is satisfied when Adaya isn’t getting up as fast as she expected her to. Pulling Adaya by her ankles with the Texas Cloverleaf in mind, Kaelan is suddenly sent toppling backwards once Adaya uses both of her feet to shove Kaelan away from the submission attempt and scurry to her feet with blazing eyes. Adaya still feels the pain from the barricade attack but she tries to focus as Kaelan tackles her down to the mat and mounts her to rain down a flurry of punches on the latina who is finally able to get her arms up to protect her face from the punches. Kaelan stands to pull Adaya to her feet and goes to quickly wrap her arms around her but Adaya roundhouse kicks her to the face to get out of her grasp and moves to the back of her to grab on tight for a wheelbarrow facebuster. With Kaelan down and making sure she’s on her back, Adaya looks at the turnbuckle and finally has the opportunity to climb up. Hoping that Kaelan doesn’t move, Adaya quickly leaps off with a Grand Assault and is lucky when the shooting star senton is successful as she rolls over to cover Kaelan with a pin.

WINNER: Adaya Duncan via Pinfall (9:48)

American Tommy is seen browsing the catering table backstage when he looks down and sees a plate of Christmas cookies shaped like penises on the table. He laughs and looks at the cook named Pam.
TOMMY: “Who did you make these for?”
PAM: “Perry Wallace requests these every Octane and Adrenaline.”
Tommy looks down at the cookies and sees the elaborate detail that went into frosting these cookies. Every cookie has four ball hairs on each testicle and a large vein running down the middle of the shaft. What looks like frosting ejaculation is at the tip of the cookie penis.
PAM: “The detail I put into these is exhausting, but it’s what the man wants. He even asked for Christmas colored ball hairs this time.”
TOMMY: “Does he ask you in person?”
PAM: “Nah, it’s always a letter in blue sharpie that gets passed to me. I imagine he’s probably a bit embarrassed to look me in the eye with a ridiculous request like this. I wonder why he always requests dicks?”
TOMMY: “He probably tries to shove them up his ass.”
PAM: “I imagine he performs fellatio on each and every cookie.”
TOMMY: “Probably both. You think Perry swallows?”
Pam stands up straight and ponders this thought.
PAM: “He definitely spits.”
TOMMY: “Agreed. He’s a definite power bottom too.”
Pam laughs and looks to shake her head in agreement with Tommy’s ponder. Tommy points to the cookies and when he does you can notice blue sharpie on the inside of his index finger. Before Pam can see it, Tommy drops his hand down to his side.
TOMMY: “You should probably have someone take those cookies to Perry before he gets angry.”
Pam nods and puts her hand on Tommy’s shoulder before she walks away. Tommy stands there looking down at the cookies and busts out laughing. He looks over the table and grabs an apple. He tosses it into the air without a care in the world, catching it and takes a bite out of it.
TOMMY: “Merry Christmas, fucker.”



Despite recent events on social media over the recent weeks, Vossler put his frustrations aside and focused on the match at hand. As big as Vossler talked himself up, it was only seconds before Mora shoved his foot in his mouth, silencing him inside of the ring with a series of kicks that ended with one square to the lips. Vossler fell back into the ropes, only to bounce back into Mora’s arms as he was then lifted into the air and driven into the canvas with a spinebuster. Mounting himself on Vossler, Mora unloaded with rapid lefts and rights, beating him senseless and forcing tears from his eyes as Vossler cried out for mercy. Mora came to work tonight with one thing on his mind and that being to put Vossler in his place once and for all.
After having his way with Vossler, and not in the way we can only assume Vossler would prefer being a bottom, Mora pulled him to his feet and then launched him towards the ropes. Hitting the ropes head on, Vossler flipped up and over them, flying down like a ragdoll and splashing out onto the outside floor. Being that there were no rules, there was no countouts either. Taking his time, Mora slowly exited the ring as Vossler crawled on all fours in the opposite direction. Following him, stalking even, Mora trailed Vossler just a few steps behind. As Vossler pushed himself up to his feet, Mora then took it upon himself to go back to work, rushing Vossler from behind and driving an elbow to the back of his empty skull. Vossler fell forward, catching himself on the barricade and remaining on his feet.
Mora appeared to be growing bored with the amount of effort Vossler was putting into this match, hoping that he would put even a quarter of the effort into it that he does burying himself on social media. Shrugging his shoulders, Mora then rushed Vossler once again, grabbing him by the back of the head and slamming him face first down onto the top of the barricade over, and over, and over. It was as if Mora had snapped, or maybe he just saw Vossler for the pussy that he was and decided that he needed to be fucked. After over a dozen blows to the face from the barricade, Mora pulled Vossler’s head back slowly, revealing a crimson mask watered down from the amount of tears Vossler was shedding from his eyes. With all of his strength, Mora then slammed Vossler’s head down one last time, planting it directly on top of the barricade. Grabbing Vossler by the back of the pants, Mora then lifted him up and flipped him over the barricade, spilling him out into the front row.
Walking away from the bloodied barricade, Mora was then drawn to a pair of voluptuous brunettes not far away in the front row. Realizing his chances with them were greater than getting a fight out of Vossler, Mora approached them, even opening with a cheesy pickup line that more than likely landed them both in his bed later in the evening. Vossler on the other hand, the sight was shameful. As he climbed to his feet, he noticed a fan recording him with their phone. Snatching the phone from the fans hands, Vossler hopped over the barricade and quickly began swiping his fingers which then transitioned into him typing at a rapid pace. The camera changed views to a shot from behind him and as it got closer, it zoomed in over his shoulder, focusing on the screen of the phone which happened capture Vossler in the middle of posting another Twitlonger. The tears poured from his eyes as he cried while typing out his rage and frustrations, but before he could finish, Mora was standing directly in front of him.
Mora snatched the phone from Vossler’s hand, looking down to the screen and having a good laugh at Vossler’s expense. Drawing his fist back, Mora then punched Vossler in the eye with the phone, breaking the device into pieces and cutting Vossler’s eye. He then grabbed onto Vossler and threw him head first into the ringside steps, barely even moving them as Vossler’s head connected. Mora then rolled him over to his back and pulled him up, leaning him against the side of the ring. Holding him in place with one hand, Mora began hitting him over and over with the other. The cries for help from Vossler grew louder and louder as a puddle began to form around him. It was no wonder how Vossler picked up the nickname “Pissler” after seeing it firsthand. With one final swing, Mora connected to Vossler’s temple, knocking him over to the side and unconscious. With his foot, Mora kicked him over to his back before stepping down onto his chest for a three count from the official.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (8:49)
And after leaving Vossler in a pool of his own urine, Mora was escorted up the ramp and to the back by the same two brunettes.


Starting the match off, Redd and Greene entered the ring first. Despite the huge difference in size between the two, Greene held his own fairly well. Always one step ahead of Redd, Greene tagged him with jabs and hooks whenever Redd would either miss him or was too slow to turn and face him. Catching Redd with back to back European uppercuts, Greene then kicked at his stomach. His boot made perfect contact, but Redd didn’t react as expected. Looking down at Greene’s boot still on his stomach, Redd swatted it away and then lunged forward, hitting Greene with a lariat and flipping him off his feet. Redd backed up until hitting the ropes and bouncing off. Leaping forward into the air, he came down with a splash, just not onto Greene. As Greene rolled out of the way, Redd hit the mat, smacking his head against it. On his feet, Greene began stomping onto the back of Redd’s shoulder before turning his attack into repeating elbow drops to the back of Redd’s head. Each elbow drop to the back of the head slammed Redd’s face down into the mat. Pulling Redd to his feet, Greene dragged him across the ring before throwing him into the corner and making the tag with Reese.
Even though Redd was out of it, Reese was a little intimidated with entering the ring as him being the legal man on the opposing team. After a quick pep talk from Greene, Reese finally entered and went straight to work. With Redd against the corner, Reese hit him with three rights in a row. On the fourth, he spun around, making it all fancy and whatnot before connecting with a discus punch. Seeing that Redd wasn’t putting up much of a fight, Reese then pinched his nipple, squeezing it tightly and locking in a Texas Titty Twister. Pulling Redd away from the corner by the nipple, Reese miraculously threw him forward and down to the mat. Jumping onto Redd, Reese then locked in a sick Indian Burn, giving it everything he had with a smile on his face that resembled a retarded child coloring. You know the smile. That smile where the tongue sticks halfway out on one side of the mouth while giving his full undivided attention to the task at hand. Yeah, that smile.
Redd began to climb to his feet, but Reese didn’t let up on the Indian Burn. Keeping it fully applied, he went to work on Redd’s wrist but it just wasn’t enough. Swinging his arm to the side, Redd launched Reese into the air, sending him crashing into the corner where Tommy stood on the outside apron. Licking his finger, Tommy then stuck it inside of Reese’s ear, giving him a Wet Willy. The sound of thunder then echoed throughout the arena as Redd charged forward. Looking up, Tommy immediately ran to the other side of the apron, just in time to get away from the collision as Redd slammed into Reese, squashing him against the corner. Rushing over, Tommy wanted in on the action. Looking at him awkwardly, Redd wouldn’t make the tag. He just focused back on Reese and began laying into his body with lefts and rights. Tommy shouted from the apron for Redd’s attention. He was eager to get into the ring but Redd was hogging it all for himself. Stomping his feet and screaming at Redd, Tommy grabbed his attention again. Before Redd could look away and be distracted, Tommy extended his arm over the ropes, waving it in Redd’s face. Redd then gave Tommy a high five, or what he thought was a high five but was really Tommy setting him up to make a tag he was unaware of.
Tommy quickly climbed into the ring as Redd looked on, confused at what just happened. It took a moment for Tommy to explain what had happened before Redd finally exited the ring, with his bottom lip stuck out and playing the sad card which earned him some sympathy from the fans in the front row. Taunting Reese, Tommy did everything he could to bully Reese, much like he himself gets bullied for having a secret foot fetish for one special lady who won’t be named, but we all know who she is. Anyone got a toothbrush? As Tommy continued to taunt Reese, Redd began clapping his hands at the sight, even jumping up and down on the apron as his frowned turned upside down. Redd then reached over the ropes and gave Tommy a pat on the back, which the official recognized as a tag and brought Tommy’s fun and games to a screeching halt. Tommy began yelling at Redd, frustrated that he made a tag not even thirty seconds after he finally got to enter the ring. Redd entered the ring, still unsure of what exactly was happening but Tommy didn’t care. Being the frustrated little man who can’t work a wand that he is, he began belittling Redd. As Reese remained out of it in the corner, Tommy continued to make fun of Redd and fuss at him for doing what he did.
Redd’s bottom lip began to quiver at the words Tommy was shouting at him. A tear even formed in the corner of his eye before slowly rolling down his cheek, but Tommy didn’t care. No, Tommy was dead set on making Redd feel bad for what he did. Having had enough, Redd waved it off and exited the ring. Leaving it all behind, Redd made his way up the ramp, leaving it all behind. As the legal man, Redd wasn’t supposed to do that, but he didn’t know any better. Tommy was his best good friend. And even I know that ain’t something you can find just around the corner. The official began his ten count, but it didn’t matter. Redd continued up the ramp, upset with the mean things Tommy had said to him. Tommy on the other hand, his tone changed on the drop of a dime. No longer was he fussing at Redd, he was screaming and begging for him to come back to the ring. He didn’t. Before you knew it, Redd was gone and shortly following, the official reached ten, officially counting Redd out and declaring Reese and Greene the winners.
WINNERS: QT Reese & Ric Greene via Countout (7:44)

Heading backstage, the camera picks up with Kaz Bonham’s bright smile greeting everyone at home.
BONHAM: “This is it, y’all. This is the biggest, raddest match of my career so far and I reckon y’all are gonna hear me say that a lot more headin’ forward. If you don’t, then I ain’t doin’ my job. But for tonight, here on Octane 13, I mean it. I’m goin’ against not one, but two championship contenders…y’all might be askin’ if Kaz Bonham, like, can stand her ground. And I don’t know if I got an honest answer for you.”
Her grin, if only for a moment, dampers, but Kaz shrugs through it and picks right back up with her over the top smile.
BONHAM: “Because it’s so hard to predict what’s next. Anyone who says otherwise, well, they’re lyin’ to y’all. So I can’t say if I’m goin’ to win, shoot, I can’t even say if I belong to share the ring with these two great wrestlers, but you know I can say? I can say what’s true in my heart. I can say that when that bell sounds, I’m gonna give everything I got, not to show that I can stand my ground…but to show that I can do better than that.”
A confident nod from Kaz; knowing all too well what others think of her on Octane.
BONHAM: “It’s totally gnarly that I get to be here, but that’s not enough, y’all. Seth Daniels didn’t fight through injury after injury for me to just give him enough energy for a fight. Zeel Park didn’t rise up from obscurity to make his name just for me to, like, only give enough to win. They’re my opponents, but I can’t be disrespectin’ them.”
Kaz shakes her head, losing her smile in the process, as she stares away from the camera for a few seconds before picking her head back up.
BONHAM: “I can’t disrespect anyone here. Y’all, I came into Octane with anyone barely knowin’ me. I don’t have the same prestige that comes with Cosmo’s name, but I want to get there. And I can’t unless I win tonight. I can’t unless I, like, pour my heart out into the ring every single week. Just being good ain’t enough. I don’t give anything less than a hundred percent when I hunt for Bigfoot, so when I step into that ring? I’ve got to go above and beyond.”
Another confident nod; confidence ringing through her voice as her fire intensifies.
BONHAM: “I’m gonna prove that to Zeel. To Seth. And to everyone out there watchin’, rootin’ for me. Or even those who wanna see me fail…I’m out to prove them wrong. Tonight…tonight is not about me. It’s about everything everyone in my life has done for me. To show them that their, like, time invested in me was worth it. And I promise y’all…tonight’s gonna be rad.”
A sly smirk appears on Kaz’s face before evolving into a full blown smile.
BONHAM: “I’m ready for graps. I’m ready to give it my all. And most of all…I’m ready to win! So let’s get it, y’all!”
She lets out her signature Bigfoot-esque howl and fist pumps before bouncing out of scene as the camera cuts elsewhere.


Well would you look at this. A singles match with more than two people that ISN’T A FATAL FOUR WAY! Is it possible that Jimmy Walker and Perry Wallace are becoming more creative after killing creativity in a creativity deathmatch? Probably not. It’s more likely they’re still hoarding all the creativity points that have been sapped from the brilliant speeches since Octane first came into existence. But, alas. This isn’t about them. This is about the sweet country girl Kaz. The Kpop smoothie making machine Zeel. And a man who treats his older brother like shit even though that older brother is supposed to be six feet under and not walking around. You’d think that Seth would show the poor guy some love. But, that’s family right? Just like Octane is a family. And just like Seth Daniels family, Octanes family sometimes fights and that’s what is about to happen here in this extraordinary headline match. Also, please bear with me. The narrator is tired and just drove a total of sixteen hours to Florida. BUT AS THE MATCH BEGINS the trio meet in the middle of the ring with Zeel getting the early advantage, shoving Kaz out of the way and launching himself into Seth Daniels with a spinning heel kick that knocks him down to the mat. Rather ambitiously Zeel goes for the cover after the spinning heel kick and not so surprisingly Seth Daniels kicked out. Maybe he was just hoping to end things quickly so he could get his smoothie drinking on faster.
Park then turned his attention to Kaz Bonham, but did so a second too late as she met him with a running knee to the jaw just as he was getting up. For such a sweet little country bumpkin she certainly seemed to be trying to hit Zeel in the mouth hard enough to where he’d have to drink everything through a straw and not just his beloved smoothies. Pulling him back up to his feet, she whipped Zeel into the corner and then turned back to fight Seth Daniels who also was getting back up to his feet. As she moved toward him Seth quickly kicked her in the stomach and then hoisted her up onto his shoulders, lifting her high into the air before slamming her back down to the mat. WOW! A POWERBOMB! For whatever reason the crowd in Concord, North Carolina pops for the maneuver. Who knows why. It’s probably because they spend their lives selling tractor tires to rednecks with no teeth. But, alas, that’s getting away from the match again. Seth, after the powerbomb, went for the cover but Zeel dove across Seth’s back and broke up the pinfall attempt. Our favorite drug, or the only drug we’ll ever need… or whatever the exact drug reference is that indicates we all want Seth Daniels wang up our noses, the point is that even though Zeel dove across his back to break up the pinning predicament it does little to deter his momentum. Snapping up to his feet quickly, Seth punched Zeel so hard in his mouth his ancestors considered surrendering in Vietnam instead of killing fucking Bubba those goddamn bastards.
He continues to lay into Zeel until Kaz works her way back up to her feet and makes her way over to Seth, pulling him away from Park before leaping and taking Seth down with a hurricanrana. Reaching back she hooks both of Daniels legs but before the referee can make a count, Zeel comes flying across the ring and launches himself into Kaz, connecting with the BRICK OUT, breaking up the pinning attempt and leaving him in a position to make one of his own. Park tries, but only gets a two count before being pulled away by Seth Daniels who Irish Whips him into the ropes. BAM! OVERDOSE! The ddt connects and daniels quickly ties him up into the dragon sleeper but before Zeel can tap out a desperate Kaz Bonham dives across and breaks up the submission maneuver. Quickly getting back to her feet she sees that Seth is getting up a bit slower and connects with an up kick to the jaw that flips him over onto his back. Looking at both Zeel Park and Seth Daniels down in the ring, Kaz has a decision to make. Thinking quickly she leaps into the air and adjusts, slamming both of her feet down into the chest of Zeel Park. DIXIE STAMPEDE! A moment later she finds herself standing over the body of Seth Daniels and leaps in much the same manner but before both of her feet can come down, Seth rolls out of the way and quickly pops up to his feet. As Kaz lands and tries to adjust she’s left completely defenseless and eats a LIGHTS OUT super kick that sends her tumbling across the ring. Seth wastes no time trying to drag her away from the ropes, however, and instead covers Zeel for a three count.
Winner: Seth Daniels via Pinfall (13:29)


POWERS: ”And now ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
The guitar riff to “Blow Me Away” cues up on the venue’s speakers. Tornado walks out from behind the curtain and does several “chain-breaker” warm ups. Afterwards he bounds back and forth across the stage; encouraging the fans to cheer louder. Tornado then jogs down the ramp, slapping any offered hands.
POWERS: ”From Metairie, Louisiana, and weighing two hundred thirty-five pounds… TORNADO DDEESSEENNCCAADDEENNAADDOO!!!”
When he reaches the ring apron he rolls inside, pops to his feet, and does a couple of spins around the center of the ring with his arms outstretched. Finally, he takes his right fist and thumps the left side of his chest three times. The audience thrust up their BROKEN MCLAUGHLIN signs with heavy anticipation as they await for the arrival of the dangerous Octane Champion, not having to wait any longer as that familiar music hits and all the women in the crowd start screaming and ovulating from excitement. The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the OCTANE CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the Octane Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
TAYLOR: ”Our Octane Champion has the face of a champion tonight.”
CAMPBELL: ”Hope you brought some feminine wipes to wipe up any mess you make tonight. And Despadipshit really has his chest puffed out like he can take down Laughlin tonight.”
LAWSON: ”There’s absolutely wrong to have confidence when challenging for a championship.”

The referee lowers his hand after gesturing for the bell to be rang to start off the event while Laughlin focuses on his prey of the night heading towards him from the other side of the ring. The audience is lit up with excitement, especially at the blank expression on Laughlin’s face as he stares at Tornado gesturing to his midsection towards the audience that he would walk out of here as the newly crowned Octane Champion. Laughlin doesn’t seem worried though nor seems to care much about Tornado’s blossoming courage as he quickly ducks Tornado charging him with a swinging right arm, Tomado showing off that excellent athleticism as he bounces beautifully off the ropes and is met with a devastating boot to the face from a ready Laughlin. Tornado collects himself immediately as he gets to his feet and both wrestlers collide with trying to take down the other while the hyper audience cheers and chants, the adrenaline at a full-time high inside of the arena.
TAYLOR: ”The fans are hoping for a Broken McLaughlin appearance tonight it seems.”
LAWSON: ”You mean YOU are hoping for– AND a counter by Tornado with a Tornado DDT! The challenger is trying his hardest to walk out the champion tonight?”
CAMPBELL: ”You call that his hardest? Even viagra wouldnt make Despadingdong hard, thats how soft he is.”
TAYLOR: ”A beautiful bicycle kick by Bryan as he takes down Tornado. Tornado looks lost after that devastating hit.”
CAMPBELL: ”Doesnt he always look like that?”
Cameras cut back to the ring where Laughlin is working Tornado over against the turnbuckle while Tornado tries to block the attacks, looking like a mouse cornered by its predator. He gives a valiant effort to try to fight Laughlin off but to no avail as Laughlin doesnt let up on the knee thrusts to the midsection that is winding Tornado down. Even when Tornado finally catches Laughlin in the right jaw with his fist to get Laughlin to back away so he can escape the corner, Laughlin catches him in the face as he sprints forward and jumps to drive his knees into his face that has Tornado going down faster than a WWH diva in the backstage locker room.
TAYLOR: ”Did you see that?! Do you see that our Octane Champion is on fire tonight!?”
CAMPBELL: ”I wish you’d shut up and stop playing with yourself over there.”
LAWSON: ”And a smooth getaway from Tornado as he doubles back and gets a hold of Laughlin, taking him down with a hip toss.”
CAMPBELL: ”I will never get the Corners Four’s fascination with fucking hip tosses.”
A spin-out powerbomb into a sit down pin that doesnt even get a one count as Laughlin pops up off the mat faster than a man trying to escape the bed after his one night stand finally falls asleep. Tornado doesn’t give up though as he goes through an assortment of swinging side slams and snap powerslams in hopes of keeping the big bad down but Laughlin isn’t having it and as soon as he makes it back to his feet…… a Full Nelson Suplex into the turnbuckle and Tornado is back in the corner like a disobedient stepchild seeing stars and possibly even hockey masks.
CAMPBELL: ”Really hoping for this match to end in case he goes retard clown on us all-”
All the attention is on Laughlin backing away from Tornado who has crawled up onto his knees and seems to be in a daze, Taylor imagining she was in Tornado’s position with him being on his knees before the Octane Champion. Laughlin backs up enough before he juts forward and…. BSKE! Down goes Tornado as Laughlin drops to the mat to cover him, the referee getting into position as he raises his hand to slap against the mat.

LAWSON: ”Ohhh and a KICKOUT by Tornado!”
Tornado makes it slowly to his feet as Laughlin holds him in his gaze, taking note of the way Tornado holds his side from the brutal attack on his ribs he sustained from Laughlin all those times he was sent to the corner. Laughlin eyes what he believes to be Tornado’s most injured part of his body and swiftly moves across the ring towards Tornado, those spirit fingers coming into play as he grabs the back of Tornado’s neck to force him to the mat on all fours like the handler of our favorite foreheaded feline as Laughlin begins kicking the shit out of Tornado’s ribs since The Best Superkick Ever didnt get the job done. Tornado can’t hold up on all fours so he ends up in the fetal position on the mat while Laughlin keeps up with the assault, going long and strong with the brutal kicks until Tornado finally decides to roll away as fast as he can away from those active kicks and rolls underneath the ropes as he falls out of the ring. The referee is looking on and begins that ten second count out while Laughlin watches from the center of the ring. The referee gets to six and Tornado finally manages to get enough strength to roll himself back into the ring, using the ropes as a clutch to hoist and help him onto his feet so that he doesn’t fall prey to one of Laughlin’s sudden attacks… In which he does anyways because Tornado notices too late that Laughlin is on the turnbuckle and as soon as Tornado makes it back to his feet, Laughlin shoots through the air and has Tornado on his back from how strong of an impact that missile dropkick was.
LAWSON: ”And this could be it tonight, people as the Octane Champion has the challenger on the mat and can’t seem to sit up right now..”
TAYLOR: ”I really wish that McLaughlin would make an appearance tonight.”
CAMPBELL: ”I really wish that you would shut your whore mouth.”
TAYLOR: ”Someone seems jealous down there.”
CAMPBELL: ”Every hooker in the red light district uses that line.”
LAWSON: ”GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!! This might be it after that, folks because Tornado doesn’t seem to be getting up.”
CAMPBELL: ”Told you he was soft. And he got Desperado bleeding from the mouth, probably as wet as our co commentator down there who has an interest in autistic clowns.”
Tornado is barely moving as the camera pans in on his face to try to catch his expression while Laughlin covers Tornado as the referee gets low to make the count.

The bell rings as ‘Out Of My Mind’ begins to fill the arena the referee raises Laughlin’s hand high in the air before presenting him with his Octane Championship.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner, and STILL 4CW Octane Champion… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
Tornado lays on the mat, breathing heavily with his eyes closed from the beating Laughlin had put on him to retain his championship and once again solidify himself as our rightful Octane Champion.
TAYLOR: ”Well there you have it folks, Bryan Laughlin has retained in his first ever Octane Championship defense.”
CAMPBELL: ”He was on point from start to finish here tonight, backing up his claims to being the King of Octane.”
LAWSON: ”Tornado is no easy opponent by any means and this is a huge defense for Bryan here tonight.”
TAYLOR: ”So what’s next in line for the champ?”
CAMPBELL: ”Only time will tell. We have one more Octane before we head to Holy Grail. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the next card is full of matches that have Holy grail implications.”
LAWSON: ”So looking forward to a card full of fourways! I can’t wait!”
TAYLOR: ”I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?”
CAMPBELL: ”Ya’ll can hand around for the announcement, I’m calling it a night.”
LAWSON: ”It is about that time, isn’t it?”
TAYLOR: ”Indeed it is. You head ’em folks, that’s all the time we have for tonight’s Octane.”
CAMPBELL: ”Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we finalize things for Holy Grail and hopefully get some big matches established on top of what we already have in the works.”
LAWSON: ”You all take care and have a Merry Christmas!”
CAMPBELL: ”Ho, ho, ho… we’ll see you all in two week!”
TAYLOR: ”From 4CW and the family, wishing you all a Happy Holiday season and we’ll see you next year!”