OCTANE E14 (131)


The scene opens up to an overhead shot from inside of the Cabarrus arena in Concord, North Carolina. “1000hp” by Godsmack blares throughout the building as the camera pans the arena, focusing on various signs held throughout the mixture of people.
GAVE MY 2017

The commentators, knowing how difficult their job is going to be in the main event, apparently decide to just send it right backstage and so the scene cuts away from the crowd to the backstage area.

Something seems to be bothering Cosmo Cooper as we open in the back. The camera isn’t hidden, but it’s put down to the floor and isn’t trained on Cosmo as we are used to. He paces backstage with the 4CW Tag belt tossed over his shoulder. We see that he’s pacing in front of the locker room of Jeb Fisher, he tag partner and also mortal enemy. Cosmo goes to knock on the door and then he stops himself and shakes his head. It seems he thinks about it one more time before he walks off again, this time only glancing back towards the door before he disappears down the hall to prepare for the tag match.



IT’S A ROWDY NIGHT HERE IN BUTT FUCKING COLD ASS NORTH CAROLINA WHERE PEOPLE START THEIR FIREPLACES WHEN IT’S STILL FIFTY FUCKING DEGREES OUTSIDE! WOOOOOOOOOOO! OHHHHHHHHH! THAT ONES FOR YOU ANDRE! Now most people were probably sitting in their seats thinking, self, Kaelan and Jay have been bickering for a while. And Jeb and Cosmo have been bickering for a while. So it would only make sense if Jay and Kae, or Cosmo and Jeb, started the match out in the ring, right? WRONG BITCH! The match gets underway with Jay Mora and Cosmo Cooper in the ring together. Yes, once again Jay passed every test necessary to be medically cleared for this match. How that’s possible with the bleeding, crusty ass vaginal sluts he buries himself in I can’t be sure. Jesus must be on his side. Unfortunately for Jay to start the match off Jesus wasn’t on his side, he chose Cosmo, probably because they have similar hair. Pummeling Jay back into the corner with some fancy ass mixed martial arts shit better than anything Brandon Banks could ever do, Cosmo finishes the series of strikes by wrapping his arms around Jay’s waist. Now, yes, Cosmo is a nice guy. But he wasn’t trying to get fresh with Jay. He’s got a lovely lady back home named Leela Watts. I’m pretty sure they sleep with one of those dividers in their bed like it’s 1776 and they don’t want anyone thinking they’re having any inappropriate relations with one another. Grandma would be disappointed if they were, surely. That’s a question to be answered at another time, though, as Cosmo tossed Jay overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Instead of going for the pin, Cosmo circled around his opponent and then tagged Kaelan into the match for the first time. Not having any of that, Jay scooted away on his backside and tagged Jeb into the match as well.
JEB & JAY: 0

As Jeb enters the ring he looks across it at the fiery red head with lust in his eyes. None of his cousins look anything like Kaelan does. She’s got a full set of teeth, after all. And she showers more than twice a year. It’s no wonder that Jeb seemed to be so infatuated with her, or at least getting her on his dick. Or maybe that was just anyone who had more than two pairs of overalls in their closet. Not backing down from him, though, Kaelan decided to take the fight to him right off the bat, throwing quick punches to his face. When Kae connected with the shots and it dazed Jeb a bit she surely had to be thinking that he was a massive pussy. Those kind of punches were the sort that lead to Laughlin and his personalities dragging Kae down to the basement of their home. Unfortunately for Kaelan, Jeb didn’t stay dazed and quickly returned fire with a series of punches and a side slam that planted her down into the mat. Laughing, Jeb moved to stand with both feet over Kaelan’s head and slowly started lowering himself down like he was going to tea bag her. Before he could manage it, though, Jay Mora tagged himself back into the match by slapping Jeb across the back. Standing up straight, Jeb turned around and he and Jay started arguing, which lead to there being enough time for Kaelan to roll over onto her hands and knees and quickly crawl across the ring where she dove and tagged Cosmo back into the match.

BOY OH BOY THINGS WERE REALLY COMING DOWN TO THE WIRE NOW. Almost like one of those disney movies where you think that Belle and Beast are going to fall in love and kiss and do all that sappy shit before the last petal of that rose falls. But then Gaston gets totally fucked out of what was rightfully his because they do? Yeah, it’s sort of like that. Tale as old as fucking time. Almost as old as Cosmo dashing into the ring looking to seize the momentum of the match only for Jay to hit him with a spear right off the bat that nearly broke him in half. Who knew he’d be able to shove Jeb out of the way and launch such a swift and timely attack. He went for the cover soon after but Kaelan had expected it and quickly had climbed to the top rope, dove off, and dropped a leg drop right across the back of Jay Mora’s head. Now everybody knows in tag team matches some kind of fuckery has to happen, someone trips over their shoelaces or gets a hangnail on their big toe or something that distracts them and then their partner gets pinned. Needless to say as the end of the match drew near Cosmo tagged Kaelan back in, Jay tagged Jeb back in. And as the clock showed ten seconds left as Jay got out of the ring, hoping Jeb would pull off some massive shit, a big tittied bitch in the front row named Desiree Drake lifted her shirt to show off her big floppy tits. What Jay didn’t know was that they were no where near as big and floppy as her pussy. But they were enough to distract him and not see Jeb get caught with a roll up as the referee slid in to count.

JEB & JAY: 0

WINNERS: Cosmo Cooper & Kaelan Price

American Tommy is seen sitting at a table with a box of markers next to him as he is looking down at a piece of paper probably drawing a fucking masterpiece. You can tell he is concentrating because you can see his tongue a bit. Probably in the zone like some Michael Jordan type shit.
TOMMY: “Making a tournament for my title is as pointless as this stupid segment I’m doing is. Adaya, Greene, Park, QT, Miller, Zion, Evil, or TD? Bring me them all and I’ll hip toss every single one of them into their goddamn grave.”
Tommy stops drawing and looks down at the picture and nods his head in agreement with whatever he is drawing. He’s a selfish prick, because you can’t see his picture. He likes to work without an audience.
TOMMY: “Fuck you all. I’ll see one of you twat waffles at Holy Grail.”
Tommy grabs his title off the chair beside him and walks out of the room as the camera zooms in on his photo.


Is Zion a fucking retard? Well thats not like one of those tootsie pop questions where the world will never know. The answer is, quite clearly, yes. But even retards have moments where they can gain that crazy retard strength and go absolutely fucking wonkey on someone. Who would have ever though that Zion might be booked in not one, but TWO, matches in one evening. Want to know why? Not because anyone intentionally did that. But because Wallace is a fucking retard and meant to put Freddie Styles in this match and he got confused. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Wallace got the name Zion confused with Freddie Styles. For fucks sake. Sorry about that Freddie. But anyway, back to the whole retard strength thing. As much as that happens from time to time, usually when someone takes their donut or smiles at the other fucking special olympics prom princess, it didn’t kick in for Zion at the start of his match against Trevor Miller who took absolute full control of the match with a single leg take down and then spent a good five minutes focusing on the left arm of Zion. Now, keep in mind, this match is being presented to you from one angle. The next time you see Zion tonight that match will be presented to you from another angle. Almost like it’s from an entirely different point of view. Which it is. So when Zions shit is getting worked over by Trevor in this match don’t expect that to follow up later on when Zion is in that six man tag match. Know why? Because continuity is a fucking lie. Just ask Marquis.
So this is an ignition qualifier. It means whoever wins this match is going to be in another match later in the evening. So, in reality, you could actually see Zion three times in action tonight. THREE FUCKING TIMES! Darin Zion, double headline machine. If that were to happen, Jett Wilder would no longer be able to call himself the FAG. So will it happen? Well, you’ll just have to keep on reading. Err.. watching. Or you can just fast forward to the end like ninety percent of people do whenever these shows go live. Which is a shame because what happens when you hit the fast forward button is you miss seeing Zion get back into the match by irish whipping Trevor into the ropes. His arm that Trevor had focused on didn’t like that to much but on the rebound, as Trevor came back toward him, Zion smartly (haha… those two words have never been used together before ever. Ever ever.) leapt into the air and connected with a drop kick that knocked Trevor down on his back. Now, Zion isn’t the first person to do what he did next. It happens all the time for some fucking reason. He went for the cover and only got a two count. That’s never really been something that anyone has explained. Why, when finishers are the only thing that ever really finishes a match, does going for a pin after a basic move happen? Because pulling your shoulder off a mat makes you tired? If that shit makes you tired you need to get on the treadmill more.
After the two count, Zion pulled Trevor back up to his feet and sent him running back into the ropes again. Miller quickly rebounded and came back at full speed toward Zion but Zion leapfrogged over him. What he didn’t realize was that Trevor had stopped in his tracks and as soon as Zion landed, Miller reached back and dropped him down with a wicked neck breaker. As Zion got back up to his feet slowly, Trevor was there faster. THROUGH THE WIRE! OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL REBOUND RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Now remember how Trevor focused on Zion’s arm early in the match? See, continuity isn’t always going to be a lie. Sensing opportunity, Trevor pounced and quickly locked in MILLERS CROSSING! A kimura with a full body lock. The damage that Miller had done earlier in the match was enough now to put Zion in a position to tap out from the pain of the submission hold. And tap he did, sending Trevor Miller onto the headline match to face the winners of the next three qualifying matches COMING UP NEXT!
WINNER: Trevor Miller by Submission (9:19)

The camera cuts to backstage footage of Johnny Evil sitting in his locker room. His back is turned away from the camera, but he’s holding something and for the love of everything that is holy, nobody can make out what it is, until the camera focuses in and pans around him…
BLACK: “It’s a Treasure Troll!”
Dahlia eyes open wide glaring upon the disgusting rubber doll.
In all honesty, everything about it was unattractive. The hair needed some fucking relaxer, it looked as if the doll itself had come alive and stuck a damn fork in an electrical socket. The stomach looked a bit bloated, but nothing was as bad as those big half dollar sized eyes. Oh lord, those eyes… Nah… chill, bruh!
In an instant, that look of amazement that Dahlia had quickly turned to the look you give when a fat hippopotamus lookin’ chick tries to hit on you at a party.
Yeah, you know that look…
EVIL: “What the fuck? No, get that hideous looking thing out of my face!”
Evil quick tosses the doll on the locker room floor. After going into a bit of a tantrum, causing his eyes to blink rapidly a sour expression chisels across his features.
BLACK: “… but it could have been good luck tonight?”
Looking up, he closes his eyes and begins to grind his teeth. Evil laughs this one off as he tunes himself back in.
EVIL: “Trust me, nothing that fucking ugly is good luck!”
He stopped talking for a moment, but quickly continued giving no thought about what came next.
EVIL: “Look I don’t need luck tonight… at least not in the qualifiers, I don’t. A man who needs luck is Zeel Park. He’s going to have his head in the right place and hopefully that can help him understand what bringing his A game is truly all about?”
Evil waves it off and then gives a gesture as if he’s masterbating…
EVIL: “Too bad all he has is a mouth…”
EVIL: “Yeah, I heard what he said…”
Evil kicks back and lays upon the bench in the bench in the locker room. Feeling unimpressed. He glared to the side of him, staring at the floor for a moment. Good lord, could someone please do us all a favor and get this ugly ass treasure troll off of 4CW television?
EVIL: “For the most part, I couldn’t agree more, Zeel. I’ve already told these people that I haven’t been the same since Tanner died. When I first formed a tag team with Tanner I told everyone here one of my strong points was tag team wrestling and I proved just that. Let me ask you something though…”
EVIL: “Do you think that I fear your words?”
EVIL: “Do you think that I get intimidated by anything you say??”
You know, because some people thought they were hot shit…
EVIL: “The Billy Badass act on camera is only half of the battle. Ironically enough, even with all that you had to say about me at no point did you make me doubt whether or not I had this qualifier match in the bag! Truthfully… I expected more…”
Johnny gave a wink toward the camera as he sat back up on the bench. He shook his head as if some people were just too damn to understand the process… especially when they themselves were going through it… By they obviously he meant Zeel.
EVIL: “Trust me, I never fell off. I just hit a rut that was all. I’m not like some people… You know, the ones who have lost to me and Tanner and had to take a short recess to reevaluate life goals. When I fell off the bike, I hopped right the fuck back on and kept pedaling through the trails all year long. Will you do the same after this?? Will you become another person that Johnny Evil made take some time to figure out what in the fuck they did wrong… because like it or not, I’m notorious for doing that. Still, I’ll give you that I always write big checks when I speak and hell some of them bitches bounce, but you my friend… after this, you might just wanna bounce that fugly ass of 4CW!!”
Really, the nerve of some people…
EVIL: “You speak in the softest of tones… almost like a pussy fart.”
Johnny just shook his head, slapping his hand upon his knee and inched his face closer to the camera.
EVIL: “No wonder people don’t fear you, but isn’t that the funny thing about people, Zeel?”
EVIL: “We are all truly different. Some men on this roster don’t have enough bass in their voice to even make it sound convincing, while some females on the other hand speak in a deeper tone than Barry fucking White and it makes you question whether or not they have a little something more tucked away in their thong??”
Yuck, could you fucking imagine. I bet if that Treasure Troll on the locker room floor could talk that thing would have a deep voice too… yup, deep as fuck, broki. The gender of that doll on the floor was already a mystery, because you know how Treasure Trolls are made.
EVIL: “Tonight, I’m going to whoop your ass because I can! After all, I’m not the one who started this shit, but I’m ending it!!”
EVIL: “I’m going to be the man walking out of the match to enter that four way. That is one thing that I can ensure you of, Zeel.”
Shrugs his shoulders with the next comment…
EVIL: “After that… well, I’m going to be the man to fight American Tommy at Holy Grail for the Ignition Championship. If not…”
EVIL: “If somebody else finds a way to bring the fight harder than me…”
EVIL: “So be it, 2018 is just getting started and I’m not done yet…”
Johnny raises his finger as he stops the thought in his tracks.
EVIL: “Who am I kidding, I’m winning this whole damn thing. After this, Dahlia and I already got the Backpage escorts lined up… because who never wanted to dabble with lesbian twins, right??”
Giving off one more final smirk, Evil blows a kiss to the camera. This isn’t the doing of Dahlia however, this is more directed toward Zeel Park… because you know, he’s such a sweet and lovable person in 4CW. Basically a forthcoming as if to say ‘kiss your ass goodbye, bitch.’

Octane shifts its attention back to the ring. Two figures stand between the ropes: Tornado Desencadenado, wearing a “Holy Grail” PPV tee shirt over his wrestling gear, and as yet unidentified thirty-something woman with a blonde ‘pageboy’ haircut, a peasant blouse, and skinny jeans. TD immediately speaks into his microphone.
DESENCADENADO: “Alright, thank you. Thank you everyone who’s come out tonight. It is now time for someone to take the Vertigone Challenge!”
The Ring Revolutionary pauses in anticipation of some manner of pop when the name of the contest is announced. He gets one; a very small one. Smiling gamely, he bulls on ahead with the exposition.
DESENCADENADO: “The way the Challenge works is a wrestler, acting as a proxy for a fan, in this case Janice here-”
He points the mic to the woman in the ring with him. Janice smiles and waves. The fans at Cabarrus Arena respond with applause and some wolf-whistles. TD, nervous about losing the crowd, hurries through the contest rules.
DESENCADENADO: “-the wrestler will be put up in a twelve revolution airplane spin and then given twenty seconds to touch all four ring posts without falling or coming into contact with the ropes in any way. Everyone understand? Janice?”
He holds the microphone out to Janice, who nods, then realizes she’s expected to say something.
JANICE: “Yes, I understand.”
DESENCADENADO: “What do you think you’ll do with the $200 credit to 4CWShop.com if you win, Janice?”
JANICE: “Probably buy some things for my boyfriend. He’s a huge wrestling fan. Hi Ethan!”
Janice waves to some unknown figure in the seats behind the announce desk. The crowd reacts negatively when they realize that Janice is A: spoken for, and B: not a true mark. Tornado gives an awkward chuckle and again makes an attempt to move the bit along.
DESENCADENADO: “Fantastic. Just great. Ok, then, without further ado, let’s bring out the man who will be representing you in the Vertigone Challenge. He’s one of the most recognized names in the sport; just recently signed to the Adrenaline brand: Alessandro Quagliaterre!”
The lights dim out to an almost pitch black darkness. The crowd falls silent wondering what is happening. The sound of a woman screams.

The lights turn back on illuminating brightly around the arena. Music subtly preludes into the arena, with a continuous phonetic utterance echoing around the venue by the same female who was screaming.
“Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum
Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum
Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum
Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum”

“Disturbia” by Rihanna then plays on the sound system, and the crowd immediately responded with a mixed reception. Alessandro Quagliaterre then bursts through the curtain full of energy. They are decisive in their indifference, not sure whether to love or hate him with the tension at a knife edge. He soaks in the atmosphere and poses at the top of the ramp with a couple of dabs. He elongates this action for a considerable length of time, and this pisses the crowd off.
“No more gas in the red
Can’t even get it started
Nothing heard, nothing said
Can’t even speak about it
All my life on my head
Don’t want to think about it
Feels like I’m going insane

“It’s a thief in the night
To come and grab you
It can creep up inside you
And consume you
A disease of the mind
It can control you
It’s too close for comfort”

He smiles back at the crowd, unaffected by their response, and then in his own time, he slowly walks down the ramp without a care in the world.
He really drags this on and extends the crowd patience to it fullest by taking as long as he wants. The audience gets frustrated throwing, even more, shade in the direction of Alessandro, but he brushes it off.
“Throw on your brake lights
We’re in the city of wonder
Ain’t gonna play nice
Watch out, you might just go under
Better think twice
Your train of thought will be altered
So if you must falter be wise
Your mind is in Disturbia”

“It’s like the darkness is the light
Am I scaring you tonight
Your mind is in Disturbia
Ain’t used to what you like

He then finally reaches the ring, and slowly walks up the steel steps, and poses some more on the turnbuckle, to really rub it into the crowd that he has arrived. He then flips down, and looks over to Janice and Tornado. He completely ignores Tornado and goes straight to greeting Janice with a handshake and then a hug, even though they just met. He instantly cosies up to Janice and she reciprocate finding herself blushing to the adonis of Alessandro Quagliaterre despite being spoken for. Tornado then interjects between the two and mouths something inaudible to Alessandro. This triggers him, as he grabs a microphone from a stage hand by the ropes and addresses Desencadenado.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Hold Up. Hold Up. Hold Up.”
He held his hand up signifying to Tornado and Janice that they could speak to it because he was not going to listen to them, while he was talking.
QUAGLIATERRE: “There was a reason I didn’t greet you Señor Desencadenado, and went straight to introducing myself to the honorable madam named Janice. See Tornado, I believe in manners. Ladies first and all. Additionally I still got a gripe with you when all those weeks ago you were in search of a participant for the Vertigone Challenge. I instantly snapped up to your request and was willing to come down to Octane when I don’t have any contractual obligations to be here. I went out of my way to do the Vertigone Challenge. And what do you do in response?”
Tornado attempted to respond, but Alessandro did not allow him to get in a word as he raised his hand towards him.
QUAGLIATERRE: “First I find out that QT Reese is going to interject on my appearance on your challenge. An unexpected twist but honestly I had no problem with that. See on Octane 12 I saw Mr. Reese appear on the Vertigone Challenge and him make a complete ass out of himself. Which is why I was eager to come do your challenge for Octane 13. However you then cancel on me, on the day of the show? When I was already travelling towards it by a TEXT Message? Are you fucking serious?”
Alessandro’s blood boiled as he cringed with his face going red in anger.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I can accept that you may have been preoccupied due to your chance at super stardom against Bryan Laughlin. However do you know what I cannot accept? You mugging me the fuck off by your piss poor communication to not have the decency to tell me that shit ain’t going to happen? You owe me a apology.”
Alessandro awaits Tornado’s response. The Ring Revolutionary for his part looks confused. He rubs the back of his neck in consternation. He looks to Janice, then the crowd, then to Quagliaterre.
DESENCADENADO: “I apologize.”
Alessandro gets stunned by Tornado’s response. He was expecting resistance not agreement. He then snubs Tornado’s sincerity.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I don’t accept your apology. You’re only apologizing because I told you too. God Forbid you ever use your own initiative Tornado. You are lucky that a respectable lady like Janice is here to allow me to let bygones be bygones. Despite you and your lack of etiquette Tornado, I am still willing to do your stupid fucking challenge. And I guarantee you this I’m going to do it in eight seconds. Get It. Got It. GOOD!”
Alessandro shakes off his anger and starts doing a quick warm up routine getting ready to smash this challenge out of the park. Janice appears eager to do the challenge alongside Alessandro. Everything is set, Tornado gets his stopwatch ready and sets them on their marks…
REESE: “Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA WHOA WHOA whoa…whoa.”
Unfortunately, the Octane audience would not be able to get past this segment without the appearance of the Newfie Cutie, who parades out from behind the curtain dressed in a standard referee getup. Boos begin to rain down throughout the Carrabus Arena as he pauses to deliver a sneer before continuing his interruption.
REESE: “Quag, I couldn’t help but hear your little diatribe in the back, pal. I THOUGHT we had a mutual understanding, but I guess you’ve had a change of heart. I THOUGHT you were with me in my crusade to prove that this was challenge was third-rate merchandise that even the Wal-Mart on Exit 36 of I-77 wouldn’t carry…that you’d have to skip down the block to Ollie’s to find. But suddenly, you seem pretty damn confident you’re not only going to complete it, but you’re going to do this in eight seconds, HUH?”
Alessandro gives a spry smile in the direction of Reese and nods his head. Tornado in turn expresses a similar sentiment as the fans, realizing that AQ’s play from last Octane was simply a charade to cement the opportunity to take the challenge. However, QT does not seemed too miffed by the development as he continues.
REESE: “Fine by me. I always knew you weren’t REAL gumshoe material, and you can once again go into the sorting bin of the unenlightened along with EVERYONE ELSE. But you know what, fellas? I’m in a pretty good mood tonight. After all, once I dance my way to an Ignition championship shot, I’ll be a COOL seventy-five grand richer once American Tommy comes face to face with the most devastating move in professional wrestling history in the Brown Star Press. And since I’m in a good mood, I’m gonna make you both a grand offer out of the kindness of my BIG FAT HEART.”
QT motions down towards his getup, making note of the black trousers and black Nike Decades (Heaven’s Gate edition) that accompany his ref shirt.
REESE: “ Alessandro, I’m going to give you a chance to try and make good on that guarantee. And Tornado, I’m gonna give you a chance to prove me wrong about the Challenge — all you have to do is agree to let ME officiate it…along with my special guest timekeeper. Whaddya say? If the Vertigone Challenge is TRULY a legitimate contest, then you should have no problem accepting my terms!”
DESENCADENADO: “Like I’ve said now almost a hundred times, QT, I know this is not a rigged carnival game. So sure. If allowing you officiate is what it takes to drop this ridiculous accusation, I’m all for it.”
The crowd roars with glee, most of whom are sick of Reese’s horse shit. However, Alessandro, concerned, places the mic up to his face.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Look, I’m fine with you having a hawk’s eye on this thing as long as it’s from outside the ring…”
Reese nods in response, giving a thumbs up.
QUAGLIATERRE: “…but I’m not so sure about this special guest timekeeper. I’m going to require that information before I agree to ANY of it.”
REESE: “Fair enough, FUCKER. You want credentials? You want LEGITIMACY? Well, you’re talking to REESE THE PIECE, and ‘straight shooter’ is the name of the bar I used to sneak into when I was a teenager all the time! Allow me to introduce my SPECIAL GUEST TIMEKEEPER for the Vertigone Challenge. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…BLAISE FADER!”
The anticipatory intro sequence of “Big For Your Boots” by Stormzy begins to kick in, and the entire city of Concord begins to rumble as if the event were being held right on the track during the Coca-Cola 600. As Stormzy begins to spit, Blaise Fader steps out to a tremendous ovation. Naturally, QT tries to steal the spotlight and lifts his arms in victory before wrapping them around her. Fader, soaking it all in with adulation, still manages to snake away from his grasp, and the two make their way down to ringside (with Reese trying to follow suit with her fan high-fives and being denied repeatedly.)
Meanwhile, Quagliaterre and Tornado are going through the motions in the ring, with Desencadenado shrugging his shoulders and Alessandro nodding in acceptance. Both are in a bit of shock that Reese has actually chosen someone with a fairly flawless reputation as his timekeeper. As all seem to be in mutual agreement, Tornado hands the stopwatch to Blaise outside of the ring and the music cuts.
Tornado lifts up Alessandro and sets him across his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Then he begins to spin. The Ring Revolutionary makes a dozen rotations, then fans counting each one. Tornado then stops and sets his passenger down. Nodding to Blaise to start the timer, Tornado puts Alessandro on the clock. The Vertigone Challenge officially begins!
What results next is as if it were Quagliaterre had barely been spun around 90 degrees, as he wastes no time in dashing to the first corner, barely grazing the first turnbuckle pad with his finger in order to conserve time.

As if rocket-propelled, he immediately darts for the second corner, left arm extended and hand closed into a fist.

With a stutter-step, Alessandro turns and hustles to the third corner, again with the same arm extension methodology as he taps the third corner and motors off to try and wrap it up in an even quicker pace than eight seconds…

…and with a loud SLAP of the fourth and final turnbuckle, Alessandro has done it. Exactly what he had set out to do, it was as if the Vertigone Challenge was like riding a bicycle with training wheels.

The audience is stunned, but still erupt in applause and joy as despite any fishiness that could have taken place, Alessandro Quagliaterre had SUCCESSFULLY completed the Vertigone Challenge, and at a lightning-fast pace! Reese, still holding the microphone after unsuccessfully shouting “DON’T FALL DON’T FALL” loudly during the past six seconds to distract AQ, has turned ghost white. Janice, nearby, is also elated, as she’d just made her boyfriend $200 richer in 4CW merchandise. Reese turns to look at her and back up to the ring where Tornado has re-entered and is congratulating the victor on a job well done. Defeated, he speaks into the microphone with a much meeker tone than we’re used to.
REESE: “Wha…what’s the time, Blaise…”
Meanwhile, Blaise Fader has a similar pale-faced look on her face as she stares at the watch in disbelief.
REESE: “Time please…”
Collecting herself, she eases up to the PA mic and admits her expression and body language.
FADER: “I…I think something might be wrong with the watch…it didn’t start when I pressed the button…”
The applause immediately cuts to a very dull roar of disbelief. Tornado and Alessandro both clamor, Quagliaterre specifically frustrated by this news. However, one person in the Cabarrus Arena’s spirits are immediately lifted, as he purses his lips and addresses the situation.
REESE: “Well, um…I guess since by way of timekeeper error that the Challenge didn’t start…”
He pauses, turning toward the audience and delivering an Alfalfa from Little Rascals double brow-raise coupled with a shit-eating grin.
REESE: “…as the official, I have no choice but to DECLARE THIS A NO-CONTEST!”
Laughing as if he had just heard a Mitch Hedberg punchline for the first time, QT begins to unload a dump truck full of salt in the wounds of the three: Tornado, who realizes he’d only added more fuel to the neverending distraction of this twerp; Blaise, who had ruined what she thought would only be a harmless first appearance in front of a 4CW audience on a legitimate mistake; and Alessandro, who was FUMING with anger. QT directed his attention directly in the face of Janice before picking on random audience members Oprah-style.
REESE: “YOU get nothing, and YOU get nothing, and YOU get nothing, and YOU get nothing, and…”
Desencadenado tries his best to reason with Alessandro, offering him another chance, but Quagliaterre’s rage blocks out all logic — trying to determine whether or not to either wring the neck of Reese or bash his head repeatedly into the steel post. However, despite that desire, he attempts to collect himself and instead opts to storm out of the ring and toward the back. Tornado, ever the consummate gentleman, continues to shout out to him.
Meanwhile, in the midst of QT’s showboating, he catches Quagliaterre heading to the showers. Most importantly, though, he catches Tornado Desencadenado’s back to him while in the ring. Still holding the microphone, he quietly rolls underneath the bottom rope and like the lil’ bastard he is, proceeds to BLUDGEON him in the back of the head repeatedly with it, knocking him down to the canvas! Sitting directly on his head and mushing his face into the mat, Reese beats the mic into Tornado’s crown, hopeful to put him out of commission for their match later in the evening.
Blaise Fader, who had been somewhat distracted to this point in trying to figure out the stopwatch malfunction, is queued by the crowd booing and the sound of a banging over the PA system. She is lightning fast in her dash to save the day, however, as she violently jerks QT off of Tornado and flips the audience switch to cheers. Reese, now pissed off, squares his shoulders and attempts to push Blaise with all of his might away from the carnage.
It moves the Best-Beater-Upper in Britain maaaaaaaaybe a quarter of an inch, if an eighth. She responds in turn by grabbing him by the hair, delivering a knee to his stomach and hoisting his much smaller frame up on her shoulders for a SHATTERING Coventry Blitz. The force behind the move was likely enough to leave a sweat imprint on the canvas. The fans are raucous and “Big For Your Bootz” then begins to play — of course, this is not a time for her to celebrate as she immediately rushes to check on the welfare of Tornado, and we cut backstage to Adaya Duncan!

Gabriel Hartman is alone in the corridor backstage of the Cabarrus Arena enjoying a moment’s peace before at the refreshment table. He dips a carrot stick into the ranch dressing before,
Gabriel Hartman turns still wielding his carrot stick tipped with creamy ranch and there she is, Adaya Duncan, looking a little in a hurry.
DUNCAN: ”Sorry I’m late, big man!”
HARTMAN: ”Late?”
She eyes the carrot stick then back at him with a smirk.
DUNCAN: ”Yeah. Started without me, I see. Naughty boy.”
She pretends to swat his shoulder. Gabriel frowns.
HARTMAN: ”Late for what?”
DUNCAN: ”For our interview, silly.”
Gabe’s brow furrows, expressing his confusion. He didn’t have a scheduled interview slot at this time.
DUNCAN: ”Hey! Don’t fret. It’s all good. I’m okay. Had some trouble at my place. I think it’s all sorted out now. So I’m ready for the interview.”
DUNCAN: ”Exactly. Since this upcoming match with Ric Greene was announced and I neglected to adequately address the man I would be facing in the time leading up tonight the fans want to know what I think of this guy who I wish was Tyrese.”
DUNCAN: ”Say no more, Gabe. The problem is, everything I could say about this guy he already said about me. He’s talented. He’s fresh. He has all the tools necessary to make it on the Octane Brand, except with one little five foot six inch problem standing in his way and that’s me. And I have no intention of rolling over and playing dead here, Gabe. That’s just not in my nature.”
Gabriel Hartman has eased into working with this impromptu interview, even turning his microphone the right side up.
HARTMAN: ”Some might say that your focus hasn’t been on your immediate match with Ric Greene, instead on opponents you might be facing only if you make it past Ric tonight.”
DUNCAN: ”And that’s probably true, to be honest. Truth is, Gabe, sometimes you get distracted from your original goal. Sometimes you run out of room, or time, or some other measurement that hinders your entire plan working out. And you know what, Gabe? Sometimes, well… life’s just that thing that happens when you’re making other plans, you know? Sometimes? Life… finds a way. But don’t let that lack of a mention fool you into thinking I’m not one hundred percent committed to the match in my immediate future. In fact. I’m one hundred and ten percent committed. I am literally MISS ONE HUNDRED AND TEN PERCENT, cause that’s how much I give even when it looks like I’m not.”
? ? ?: ”Adaya Duncan?”
A man in a suit interrupts them.
? ? ?: ”I’m Special Agent Barry Larkin.”
Adaya blinks at him.
DUNCAN: ”Wasn’t there a baseball player by the name of ‘Barry Larkin’?”
Gabriel Hartman’s eyes light up, eyeing the man hopefully.
SPECIAL AGENT BARRY LARKIN: ”I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m with the CDC.”
Gabe is disappointed. The Special Agent holds up the badge contained within his wallet.
SPECIAL AGENT BARRY LARKIN: ”The Center for Disease Control. I’m looking for Adaya Duncan. Is that you?”
Adaya awkwardly diverts her eyes.
DUNCAN: ”Uh…. That’s him, officer.”
She motions to Gabe.
HARTMAN: ”What?!”
The Special Agent narrows his eyes at Gabe.
SPECIAL AGENT BARRY LARKIN: ”We have concerns that an infestation of VR Gremlins currently loose in a borough in New York City originated from your apartment, Adaya.”
HARTMAN: ”My name’s not–”
Adaya awkwardly eyes Gabe accusingly.
DUNCAN: ”Adaya, how could you!?”
SPECIAL AGENT BARRY LARKIN: ”Adaya, would you mind coming with us? We need to ask you a few questions.”
DUNCAN: ”Somebody’s in trouble.”
Adaya sings. Gabe glares at her.
SPECIAL AGENT BARRY LARKIN: ”It’ll only take a moment.”
Adaya innocently shrugs. Special Agent Barry Larkin clutches Gabe’s elbow and tugs him off with Gabe glaring back at her.
DUNCAN: ”Sorry, Gabe! I can’t help you. I’m Miss One Hundred and Ten Percent.”
She turns back to the camera, the cameraman working it undoubtedly glaring at her too after she threw Gabriel Hartman under the bus. Adaya smiles sweetly.
DUNCAN: ”And right now I am One Hundred and Ten Percent committed to my match with Ric Greene.”
And she exits.


We have the Smoothie King facing off against “The American Horror Story” as Johnny Evil tries to break out of the headlock Zeel Park has him in and is almost successful until Zeel’s knee raises into the air to connect with Johnny’s face before letting go of him. Johnny takes a step back as he holds his throbbing face while Zeel seems to get spooked and wonder if we’re about to see the infamous Dahlia come out right now during the match. Zeel seems to want no points of that due to his expression as he charges Johnny, using the thought process that if he keeps building momentum and keeping the upper hand then it’ll keep Dahlia from appearing. Johnny mistakes Zeel’s anxiousness as him maybe consuming WAAAAAAAY too many smoothies before the match and is able to get the upper hand once Zeel gets sloppy in his movements as Johnny ducks a clothesline and Superkicks Zeel right in the back of that head of his to get him to chill out. The crowd is engrossed into this match, wondering with heavily curiosity if they are going to see a curtsying or skipping Johnny this time around if Dahlia decides to emerge. Zeel isn’t appreciating getting manhandled by the aggressive Johnny, especially when the Smoothie King happens to glance towards the audience while Johnny is transitioning between double foot stomps and driving his forearm into Zeel’s face and sees the women fans tuning in to watching him get his ass beat. That pumps him up with motivation soon enough as he quickly rolls out of the way right when Johnny is about to stomp on him again and hurriedly grabs behind him for the ropes to pull himself to his feet.
Zeel wants to be one of the contenders for the Ignition Championship Qualifier tonight and he refuses to allow Johnny to take that away from him and plans to serve him that L tonight. But Johnny has other plans as he counters Zeel’s jumping headscissors and slams Zeel so hard into the mat that Zeel’s soul probably left his body and drifted around for a moment before coming back. The audience’s ooh’s dramatically at that as if they felt the back pain themselves while the camera zooms in on Zeel’s twisted up face while the merciless Johnny approaches his opponent to finish the job. He pulls the hurt Zeel to his feet and kicks him in the gut so Zeel can bow down and he can push his head between his legs. He lifts him up and the audience knows the end is near if Johnny is successful in this. FALL FROM SHANGRI-LA–NO! ZEEL COUNTERS WITH TWO QUICK PUNCHES TO JOHNNY’S HEAD AND HEADSCISSORS TO THE MAT! The audience reacts just because they really thought Zeel was a goner but Zeel refused to go out so easily. You can tell by Johnny’s face that he thought he really had Zeel and his eyes cutting into the Smoothie King shows his irritation while Zeel mistakes the glare as the transitioning into Dahlia and has him losing his edge a bit and getting distracted that Johnny was about to start the weirdness. Wanting no parts of this and ready to immediately finish this match now, Zeel charges at Johnny and the two lock up with wanting to outpower the other. Zeel stomps on Johnny’s foot accidentally when he tried to put more weight down to stand his ground but it actually works to his advantage because Johnny’s hold on him loosens and it grants Zeel the upper hand in which the Float Over DDT comes into play.
Zeel is feeling confident, he’s feeling that he has this match in the bag but Johnny has other plans for him as Zeel gets him to his feet but is surprised by that swift European Uppercut that has Zeel falling back into the ropes. Johnny wastes no time and capitalizes on the opportunity with a Superman Punch when Zeel bounces from the ropes towards him. Johnny falls down to the mat for the cover and only gets a two before Zeel kicks out waits for Johnny to rise to his feet so that Zeel could clip him when he swept his feet and quickly crawls over to him, rolling him around onto his back so that he can mount him and try to tire him out with punches to the face. He didn’t even care at this point if he knocked him so hard that Dahlia appeared or hell, even Satan himself, he had grown tired of Johnny getting the upper hand over him. Once he felt Johnny was weakened a bit, he ended the assault and rose to his feet to quickly dash to the turnbuckle and climb it. He waits for Johnny to stand and think he’s about to have it in the bag with the Brick Out but Johnny moves out the way and Zeel gets a face full of mat instead. Johnny wastes no time and pulls Zeel to his feet by his head and gets him in position before lifting him into the air. Will Zeel sabotage it this time or will Johnny be successful as the audience look on intently once Zeel reaches the air to see what the verdict will be. FALL FROM SHANGRI-LA!! Johnny cheekily covers Zeel for the pin and receives the three count as the bell rings, becoming the second Ignition Contender of the night.
WINNER: Johnny Evil via Pinfall (8:45)

The camera goes backstage. Seth Daniels is walking down the hall in street clothes, apparently making his way to his locker room upon arriving at the building. His duffel bag strap is secured over his shoulder as he walks. He passes by an alcove in the hall and glances in before continuing down the hall. He stops suddenly, however, and steps backward to the alcove. He looks in to verify what he thought he saw.
DANIELS: ”Wait, I know you…”
The camera pans to look into the alcove to find Alessandro Quagliaterre. He turns to face the voice.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Hello Mr. Daniels, pleasure to meet you.”
Alessandro shakes the hand of Seth Daniels to greet him.
DANIELS: ”You’re the… Uh… Pride Champ on Adrenaline, right?”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Don’t know what brain-damaged show you have been watching. But holding Championship prestige at the moment is none of my concern nor need. While I could excuse your blatant insinuation that because Jair Hopkins is a person of color and so am I, that your suggestion is we look alike. I will put down this Jason Bourne moment of idiocy down to drinking the wrong Kool-Aid.”
Seth finds himself lost for words, so he took a moment to respond. He looks around, as if searching for a hidden camera.
DANIELS: ”I’m confused… Is the national anthem playing? Should I take a knee?”
Alessandro, unfazed by Seth’s remark, speaks as if Seth hadn’t said anything.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Another big opportunity for you tonight. Don’t flake again. The past seems to bite you in the ass more often than not recently. Laughlin. Tommy. Blips possibly, you immediately bounce back after, only to slip and fall following these events. Consistency that’s been haunting you recently.”
He wagged his finger at Seth. As if he had all the answers. Seth barks out a laugh in response.
DANIELS: ”Didn’t realize we were counting wins and losses, but that’s alright. It’s typical. Yeah, I lost to Laughlin and it taught me a few important lessons. That’s what we do when we lose, Alessandro: we learn from it, get better, and try again. It’s all we can do. And sure, I slipped against Tommy but he didn’t prove anything to anybody, unless he proved something to you I suppose.”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”It’s not about counting wins or losses. It’s about what you are trying to achieve as a whole in the grander scheme of things. Do you want to be remembered as the guy who flipped and flopped his whole life. Or do you want to be remembered as the guy who could strive for more than what was possible yesterday, to have a prosperous tomorrow, or in this case… Today. So be careful not to get too ahead of yourself Seth. You beat Zeel Park on the last Octane, but it was by no means definitive. Kaz knocks out Zeel with the Dixie Stampede. She’s geared up to do the same to you, your evasiness and quick thinking is on point, you roll out of the way and LIGHTS OUT!”
Alessandro claps his hand attempting to recreate the sickening thud Miss Bonham’s face must have felt when she ate Seth’s boot via his Superkick.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”She’s out, and then you go ahead and pin Zeel. Which left that element of doubt upon everyone’s mind. That is why you find yourself in a match with Miss Bonham. To find out what could have happened had the element of a Game Mr. Park been removed from the equation. Which leaves the question out there. What is your response going to be tonight?”
DANIELS: ”Hmm… Well, I’m not arrogant enough to believe you’d have tuned in to what I said to Kaz this week where I covered basically everything you just said, but hey, I’ll revisit it. I’m not disillusioned by how that match ended. I know there are question marks aplenty and a bunch of ‘it could’ve gone this way’ regarding it but here’s the thing: I’m facing one of the best fighters in this entire fucking company tonight and I relish in the opportunity to do so.”
Alessandro scoffed at the thought of Daniels suggesting he was too ignorant to not be enamored by what happens on Octane
QUAGLIATERRE: ”This is where you find yourself sorely mistake Mr. Daniels. See Me, I’m not like the majority of the Adrenaline Roster who look down on the Octane Roster as second class citizens. Sure you guys may have lesser known names but they are by no means incapable of hanging with us over on Adrenaline. I recognize talent when I see it. And as a dispopular of a opinion as it may be. Octane has it in abundance, maybe not as much as Adrenaline, but it still exists. As for not seeing what you would say to Kaz, I find that comment offensive. Just be aware, that even though I may not be apart of this brand. I am always watching everything that happens that pertains to 4CW business. You have to be aware of your surroundings, because who know if one day, our paths could cross. That is the difference between hope and reality? IS IT NOT?”
DANIELS: ”Wow… Touchy tonight, aren’t we? Did someone steal your sweetroll or something?”
Daniels laughs to himself.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”I don’t play Skyrim.”
DANIELS: ”Yet you understood the reference? Eh, not important. I neither hope nor fear facing anyone from Adrenaline. If I do, then I do. I’m concerned about what happens on Octane. I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize most of the Adrenaline roster. I don’t prepare to fight everybody all the time. Seriously, who does that? I focus on who I’m facing on any given show. I do my training then. I don’t need to know who Jason Cashe farted on this week or who Anastasia Hayden just killed. If I find myself against one of you, then I’ll prepare accordingly. Otherwise, I don’t follow Adrenaline very closely, no.”
Alessandro blood boiled in anger, and he seethed fumes out of his mouth. Somehow, someway Seth Daniels managed to struck a nerve. As Alessandro already had a strict no contact clause in his contract outside a scheduled match due to his fascination of starting unnecessary fights with practically anybody who ticked him off, he found himself going through several breathing exercises to calm himself down. Just before his temper fully quelled down, he gave Seth a deathly stare, uttering only a singular word.
Alessandro then left in a huff.
DANIELS: ”Wait!”
Seth dove into his gym bag and pulled out a Snickers bar. He looked up hopefully.
DANIELS: ”Have a Snick…”
But Alessandro was long gone, possibly to never be seen ever again on Octane. We hoped.
DANIELS: ”Damnit! Well, at least I tried.”
Seth put the Snickers bar away and zipped up his gym bag. He walked off in the opposite direction as the scene faded.


We move onto the third qualifying match of the night for the Ignition Championship Contendership as Adaya Duncan is seen ducking under Ric’s arm and elbowing him in the back of his head to put room between the two. You can see the pure determination in her eyes because she wants this but not as much as Ric does as he charges her once more and comes to a quick stop before her when he fakes a clothesline to throw her off and uses her confusion to irish whip her towards the ropes. He looks ready for her once he watches her bounce off the ropes but not as ready as he thinks as a sudden right punch to the face throws him off his game and completely catches him off guard as Adaya follows it up with a left punch then a kick to the mid section. Ric quickly backs away to escape the attack, knowing he doesn’t have much time strategize against the swift Adaya as he decides on his next move and charges her, only to be met with a roundhouse kick that forces him back into the turnbuckle to rethink about his next actions. Adaya quickly rushes Ric and gets a face full of elbow when Ric quickly acts to avoid whatever Adaya had up her sleeve. With Adaya off balance and clutching her face, Ric takes her down with a shoulder tackle and quickly makes his way to his feet. When Ric sees her trying to roll away, he stops her with a leg drop and uses a few elbow drops to try to weaken the agile latina down. Feeling that it was working, he grabs her wrist to begin pulling her onto her feet and lifts her into the air only to get the tables turned on him once she counters at the right moment with a hurricanrana.
Ric is far from impressed, especially since he had been so confident that he had this match in the bag with a possibly quick win but Adaya is showing him why she is a challenge and that if he plans to earn his win tonight, he better come with alot more than what he’s been throwing at her all night, like one of those internet hook ups gone wrong when you find out the guy who boasted about being so great in bed on Tinder uses his words to overcompensate for having a small wang and is inexperienced as hell. But Ric was down to show Adaya he wasnt one of those punks and was all man tonight when he scored the win over her and using a European Uppercut to stop her in her tracks so he can regain the advantage again. He even looks to the turnbuckle as if he were looking for God at the gates of Heaven knowing his name wasnt on the list to get in but he quickly dismisses that notion of climbing the turnbuckle once he remembers that he “can’t fly” and sticks to his strengths with slowing Adaya down again with a boot to the abdomen. Another kick to the stomach and Adaya is doubling over and trying to breathe before falling to her knees as Ric mugs her in the forehead so that she can fully fall down onto the mat. He gets down on his knees and pulls her more towards him as he sits on the mat and wraps his arm around her neck to lock her in, putting pressure on her in that headlock in hopes of weakening her even more or if her was lucky, to get her tap miraculously tap out.
The referee watches closely as the struggling Adaya’s right hand wavers in the air while she tries to stretch out for the ropes that is unfortunately not close enough to be within her grasp. She fights through it though as she refuses to tap, that hand in the air that refuses to tap onto the mat. Trying to see how she can get out of this, Adaya realizes something and immediately takes advantage of it once she drills her elbow into Ric’s chest several times until he loosens the grip on her. She quickly scoots away from him so that she can ease up onto her feet, massaging her neck and quickly stopping him with a spinning backfist once Ric tries to charge her. Ric is on his knees and holding the side of his face while Adaya is surprised at the impact of the hit but satisfied about it as she makes her way towards him… but Ric was faking it, pretending to be more hurt than he actually was as he suddenly makes his move once she’s gotten close to him and plays right into Ric’s hands once he grabs a hold of her. He wastes no time and delivers a powerful Cradle DDT and quickly goes for the cover in hopes of it being over and is ecstatic once he gets that three count that ends the match.
WINNER: Ric Greene via Pinfall (9:27)

Going to the back, the camera opens to Kaz bonham, decked out in her brightest of neon gear and white headband with her hair tied up. Despite looking like the poster for the upcoming Adrenaline PPV, Kaz is all serious as she looks into the camera, bouncing a bit in place. A quick roll of the shoulders and a deep breath seems to settle Kaz’s nerves before she speaks.
BONHAM: “The biggest opportunity of my career is right in front of me, y’all. I want to be standin’ here, bein’ all joyous and what not, but honestly…like, I got some serious butterflies in my stomach. I’m bein’ tasked with goin’ out there and havin’ to beat Seth Daniels in order to move onto Bryan Laughlin…that’s a tall order, y’all! Like, it’s rad bein’ here, but…yikes. Goin’ from one war to another, but I can’t be thinkin’ that far ahead. That’s dangerous game.”
A knowing nod from Kaz and another big breath before speaking again.
BONHAM: “And shoot, y’all…I guess that makes me a big game hunter tonight! Seth Daniels is one of the most dangerous here on Octane. I’ve been preparin’ for this fight all week long, but y’all know how it goes…once that bell rings; all that adrenaline catches up with you and, like, everything goes out the window! I know that all the gnarly plannin’ I did…it won’t matter. Seth’s gonna be something new, but y’all know what? I ain’t scared.”
Kaz musters up all of her confidence to get that last statement out and the intensity starting to beam through her eyes backs the claim up.
BONHAM: “I don’t have any reason to be scared, y’all. This is one of the biggest…if the not, like, THE biggest match of my life…and I ain’t scared. Nervous? Heck yeah. But scared? Nah, y’all. I mean, I go huntin’ for Bigfoot! And tonight…Seth is my Bigfoot. I’m lyin’ in wait and when I see my chance…I’m takin’ it y’all. I love the graps, they’re rad…and I love winni’ with my graps, that’s even radder. Seth’s a real nice fella, but even someone like me knows that can only take you so far.”
A slight frown forms on Kaz’s face over the reality at hand.
BONHAM: “So, Seth, I sure like ya a heck of a bunch, but…we can’t be friends tonight. But after our match? Heck yeah! I’ll even make a fanny pack!”
She perks up and jumps up with a smile, but it’s quickly is replaced with her semi-serious expression.
BONHAM: “But…only after. This…this is gonna be, like, the match of my life, y’all. This is gonna be the greatest match of my life! How freakin’ rad is that?! And on top of it all, there’s that Octane Championship shot at the end of the tunnel…so there’s a lot on the line here tonight, Seth. And I reckon for sure you want it all too. Shoot and I know you’re gonna do just that. When you set your mind to it, Seth, you’re one of the absolute bests here.”
Another nod, the challenge just getting larger and larger with each passing line for Kaz.
BONHAM: “So I gotta be better. I gotta go a step above you. I’m all about the graps…I know you are too. So we’re gonna go out there and give the people what they want I suppose…but I’m gonna get what I came for too. I fell short at the last Octane, Seth, and I can’t tonight. I can’t because I know I got my Bonham Care Bears out there, hootin’ and hollerin’ for me. I got folks like Cosmo and Blaise here supportin’ me…I can’t let them down, Seth.”
Kaz shakes her head; all the names and all of the fans starting to rally her up.
BONHAM: “I’m apologizin’ in advance because, well, it’s gonna be, like, gnarly out there…and not in a good way I reckon. But I look forward to it, Seth. I know this challenge is gonna be unlike anything I’ve had in my life…and I’ve powerwalked through some big malls, y’all. So win or lose…I’m excited for what’s gonna happen tonight, but honestly?”
Her signature smile starts to peek through and Kaz starts shaking her fist in excitement.
BONHAM: “I ain’t losin’ tonight, Seth! The GRAPS GODDESS IS HERE, Y’ALL! And she’s comin’ for that Octane Championship!”
The confidence in Kaz’s voice carries out before letting out her Bigfoot howl and a excited nod before skipping off camera as we cut elsewhere in the arena.


When the final qualifying match for the Ignition Championship Contendership match later in the evening finally begins, Tornado Desencadenado is not in the best shape. Why, you ask? Because QT Reese decided that tonight he was not going to be a QT Pie but rather be a QT Douchebag, and so Tornado begins the match feeling the after effects of having nearly had his skull caved in with a microphone, not to mention having his head sat on and nearly having his nose smushed up into his skull. Oh how those kind of actions make a person long for the days where Hubert Smalls was spreading love and happiness all around the world. ALAS, Tornado is a man with a warriors heart and he’s not about to let some pretty rough bumps and bruises keep him down. With the way the match starts off, though, you might be wondering if may he should have as QT takes full advantage of Tornado’s state. And it’s not like QT is in the best shape either, having been the victim of a sick wrestling move from the thicccccc and beautiful Blaise Fader. All the same, he’s in better shape than Tornado and as each punch lands it’s evident that the fan favorite might be in for a bit of a long night. The fans, however, show their support by cheering him on as loudly as they can and booing QT as heartily as they can, while Reese traps Tornado in the corner and stomps him down to a seated position.
When it just looks like things can’t get any worse, you have to remember that this is 4CW and they can. Turning his back to Tornado to start to walk away to the opposite corner where he was going to look to hit something. Probably that dumb as shit bronco buster move. Thank god he never gets to that because Tornado reaches up and grabs him by the back of his wrestling trunks, trying to pull himself up. Remember how just a few moments ago it was mentioned that you have to remember things can always get worse in 4CW. Well, here’s where that happens. As Tornado reaches out and grabs the back of QT’s trunks to pull him up, the inevitable happens and QT’s trunks go down with the weight of Tornado’s body tugging at them. In a panic, QT bends down and grabs his trunks but as he does his aviator sunglasses fall forward. It’s a complete disaster of a situation as QT stumbles forward and steps right on them, snapping them in half. A whimper of sadness escapes from QT as he squirms away from Tornado’s grasp and pulls his trunks the rest of the way back up before scampering over to the corner where he happened to have a bag full of back up sunglasses waiting to be placed over his face JUST IN CASE.
Of course, in the meantime, Tornado has pulled himself back up to his feet and is waiting patiently for QT to turn around. The crowd around the entire arena buzzes in anticipation of what’s going to happen next. Shaking his limbs to loosen up a bit, still feeling the after effects of the pre-match assault, Tornado drops down to a three point football stance and waits for QT to turn out of the corner. As he does so, Tornado takes off at him in a full sprint. CYCLONE SMASH! The maneuver levels QT and normally TD would go for the pin right away. But there’s a measure of revenge he needs to exact after what QT had subjected him to earlier. Standing back up, Tornado begins to put QT into an airplane spin and the buzz of the crowd reaches a deafening roar. They know whats coming. VERTIGONE! DOWN GOES QT! TORNADO DROPS AND COVERS! The referee slides in and it’s all elementary from there. One, two and three. Tornado moves on to the Ignition Championship Contender match.
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (10:14)

We go backstage at the Cabarrus Arena.
Standing by with backstage reporter Gabriel Hartman is newly signed member of the Octane roster, Blaise Fader. Blaise gives off a casual vibe in jeans and a black T-shirt (pushin’ her Best Beater-Upper in Britain merch, baybeeeee), a pair of headphones draped around the nape of her neck and a pair of thick-rimmed eyeglasses on her face. Blowing a wayward tuft of blonde hair out her face, she smiles and winks to the camera.
HARTMAN: “Let me be the first to welcome you to 4CW, Bla–”
That’s when the microphone is grabbed cutting off Gabriel mid welcoming sentence. And who is the person that grabbed the microphone? Why it’s the other newly signed member of Octane, Dee Dee Summers. America’s Sweetheart herself is wearing a well put together pinstripe jacket, complete with light blue underneath shirt. The blonde haired beauty does not look all that happy as she pulls the microphone towards her mouth and lets go.
SUMMERS: “Stop! Stop everything right this moment.”
She waves her hands in front of both Blaise and Gabriel making sure to get their full attention.
SUMMERS: “Stop. No. Just, no.”
There’s a twitch by her neck and then she stops for a moment taking a deep breath seemingly to collect her thoughts. Her lips move, but nothing seems to come out which causes both Gabriel and Blaise wonder what is going, then Dee Dee speaks up.
SUMMERS: “No, this is not happening to us again. Sorry, just need a moment there to collect our thoughts.”
Dee Dee holds up her finger and wags it into the face of Hartman first. She rarely even turns to acknowledge Blaise’s presence.
SUMMERS: “All week long everyone has been buzzing about the fact that Blaise Fader has joined 4CW. We turn on social media and there it is too, everyone’s just going off about Blaise Fader this and Blaise Fader that and so on… over and over. Within minutes she’s trending on Twitter, and what about us? Nothing. Nada. Not a single peep or tweet or whatever.
And that is unacceptable. Why is the world talking about you? Why? They should be talking about us. They should be talking about the fact that Dee Dee Summers has joined Octane’s roster as well, but nobody did. No. They just went on and on about you. You? Look at you… “
Dee Dee points with her finger towards Blasie as a sneer grows upon her face. Finally, Dee Dee turns towards her and moves her finger up and down in the air with a wicked look on her face. Is she going there? Already?
SUMMERS: “What do you have that we do not? Better clothes? That outfit couldn’t have been cost you more than thirty five dollars tops. Those shoes? What are they even? We’ve seen better shoes on homeless people. Look at what I’m wearing right now, these Christian Louboutin pumps that are totally to die for. So, we ask… what makes you so special?”
Blaise’s rebuttal is a taken aback stare, a couple of blinks, and an incredulous glance back at Gabriel.
FADER: “Right, well, welcome to 4CW too.”
Before Dee Dee can protest further, Blaise extends a welcoming hand. The look on Dee Dee’s face redefines disgust.
FADER: “Listen, lovely, I can’t speak for the warm reception I got comin’ here. I knew some of this lot a bit ‘fore I got in, but I guess I’m just as surprised as you are that they rolled out the welcomin’ committee fer lil ol’ me. I mean, maybe a wee bit less surprised than you, but…”
Dee Dee reaches to snatch the mic again, but Blaise steps forward; Dee Dee draws back.
FADER: “… you don’t need to ask what makes me so special, ‘cos darling, I think you already know. I think you were well aware even if you hadn’t heard of me before all this, an’ if ya weren’t… well, I’m sure we’ll figger it out soon enough.”
The two stare each other down for a brief moment, and poor Gabriel is looking more like DJ Akademiks with Migos. Blaise raises a hand… and offers it to Dee Dee once again.
FADER: “Nice to meet ya. Cheers.”
The fakest of fake smiles grows on the lips of Dee Dee Summers as she looks down towards the hand of Blaise. Reluctantly she reaches out and the took shake hands, after about as sad as that handshake was Dee Dee lets go which allows for Blaise to turn her back.
SUMMERS: “One more thing…”
Dee Dee reaches back with both hands producing a pink mirror from her waistband behind her jacket. As Blaise turns back around Dee Dee rears back and unloads.

…SHATTERING THE MIRROR OVER THE TOP OF BLAISE’S SKULL!! Pieces going flying everywhere and causing her to hit the deck from the impact. Hartman too hits the deck, not from getting hurt but probably from the loud sound of the glass breaking. Dee Dee stands over her body and in the calmest manner possible looks at what remains of the pink mirror she once had.
SUMMERS: “Oh pooh, need to go buy another one of these.”
And with that she walks off.


The bell rings and immediately Zion, Redd, and Bourne are on the same page. They rush Bryan, and its a brawl from the start. Bryan tries to fight back but they eventually bring him to his knees, beaten down. The ref yells for two men to get out of the ring and Redd and Zion get out at the request of Jason Bourne. He punches Bryan in the face and as he does Laughlin’s facial expression changes to a creepy smile. Bourne is confused as he reaches back and tags in Redd. Redd runs in and punches Laughlin in the face. Once again Laughlin’s face changes. This time to one of anger. Redd reaches back and tags Zion in. Zion runs in and punches Laughlin, and again his facial expression changes and he lets out a maniacal laugh. One might say it was fit for a Burger Overlord. The three men repeat this process and it Laughlin’s facial expressions change again this time in a different order. Zion gets in and delivers another punch getting the same results, Zion didn’t tag his partners in after this. He takes a run for the ropes and comes flying back at Laughlin knocking him to the ground with a powerful dropkick. He doesn’t have enough time to go to the top of the turnbuckle so he uses the ropes to springboard himself to deliver an elbow drop and goes for a cover. He gets to 2 and Laughlin uses his power to throw him completely off of him. Zion lands close to his corner, and pulls himself up. He’s ready to keep going at Laughlin. The look is all over his face, but it’s only to have Bourne tag himself into the match. Zion isn’t happy about it and he let’s Bourne hear it as the two argue before Bourne gets in the ring and waves off Zion
Laughlin is up to his feet and back in what’s considered his corner. He slaps his own shoulder and his facial expression goes back to the look of pure madness that most could associate with the appearance of Broken McLaughlin. Broken bolts out of the corner towards Bourne and the two exchange punches. Broken gets the upper hand pushing Bourne into the ropes the ref tries to back him off but Broken just grabs Bourne by the face and pulls him forward while delivering headbutt after headbutt. Everyone knows Broken is all about inflicting pain and not caring about the body of Bryan in the process. Eventually he has to stop the headbutts. Bourne and Broken are both dazed in the ring but it doesn’t stop Bourne from swinging at Broken, getting lucky and connecting into Broken with a powerful european uppercut. His partners beckon him to the corner to get out of the match now that Broken is down on the ground. He ignores them and elects to deliver kicks over and over to Broken who just lays on the ground laughing. Eventually grabbing Bourne’s leg and twisting it causing him to yell out in pain. He’s a rather tall individual so as Broken is on the ground wrenching his leg he reaches to tag his partner in Redd extends his hand out enough to catch the tag.
Redd comes barreling into the ring and Broken lets go of Bourne’s leg and kips up. Redd comes running and gets caught instead by Broken hits him with a BSKE that stops Redd in his tracks and he falls to the mat. Broken shakes his head still reeling from his own headbutts and heads to his corner and tags himself on the shoulder. Laughlin’s head shakes and a cool and collected smile creeps over his face. Redd is struggling to get his fat self up off the mat and is rolling around like a turtle on its shell. Zion is reaching towards him trying to get Redd to come to him. Zion has been fired up the entire time he’s been on the ropes. The only person on his team putting up the most offense against Laughlin. Bourne seems irritated by this and yells at Zion who yells back. They argue on the turnbuckles, not noticing Laughlin coming over. By the time they realize Laughlin is grabbing them and slamming their heads together. Bourne falls to the outside but Zion stays up and delivers a punch to Laughlin’s jaw. His head jerks back, but he smirks and turns back to Zion only to take another punch to the mouth. He distracts Laughlin long enough for Redd to get to his feet. Redd yells out and runs again at Laughlin. This didn’t work last time, and it doesn’t work this time as Laughlin ducks out of the way and lets Redd run into the turnbuckle his big fat arms swinging so widely that he knocks Zion’s head into the ropes and he falls from the corner to the mat below.
Laughlin gets behind Redd, stalking him and waiting for him to turn around. Redd stomps around and turns around and gets hit with the DUMP’D right into his own corner. Laughlin rises to his feet and just as he’s about to grab Redd he stops and his head tilts and he winces. He speaks “Fine. Finish it.” He walks back to his corner and reaches out his hand, before tagging himself again into the match. It’s clear now that the Octane Champion Bryan is back in the match and he walks over to Redd pulling the heavy and fat as fuck “wrestler” to his feet. He struggles but eventually Bryan manages to lift Redd onto his shoulders. The crowd is amazed as Bryan manages to land a GOOD MORNING AMERICA on Redd. He wastes no time and immediately locks in the STRETCHEM. Redd screams out in pain. Zion stirs on the outside, Bourne starts to as well. Zion realizes what is happening and reaches for Redd trying to pull him towards the ropes to not tap. Bryan sees this and just wrenches back harder on Redd. Zion is just fingertips away but can’t make the save and Redd taps the mat rapidly in the end. Bryan doesn’t release the hold until the final sounds of the bell ringing signaling the conclusion of the match ring out. Zion slams his fists into the mat on the outside and Bourne just shakes his head as Bryan stands up and is handed his Octane Championship.
WINNERS: Bryan Laughlin and Personalities via Submission (15:24)

Bob was outside in the cold, curled up in his army jacket, a white booth in front of him. On the booth was burned DVD’s of the match that had just taken place not to long ago. Jeb, who was walking out from inside the arena, with his 4CW Tag-Team championship around his waist, looks confused by this. He presses a cigarette in between his lips, lighting it up before making his way over to Bob.
J. FISHER: ” The fuck are you doin’ old man?“
B. FISHER: ” The hell does it look like boy! I’m sellin’ your match. ”
Jeb couldn’t stop himself from laughing, the cigarette falling down from his lips – Jeb scrambling to grab it. He catches it just as it was about to hit the snow. Hauling his body back up so that he was standing straight he stares at Bob for a few moments, his eyes squinting – rubbing his hands up and down his arms to keep the chill off.
J. FISHER: ” You know that’s now how it fuckin’ works right? You sell the match beforehand… What you’re doing is just illegal.“
Bob scoffs at the remark, adjusting his jacket around his old wrinkly neck flap. He looks at Jeb, and then back at his burned DVDs.
B. FISHER: ” Fuck do you care what I do boy? Don’t you got a boyfriend to go patch things up with. ”
Normally these kind of remarks would get to Jeb, but not tonight. He had his championship and that was all that mattered. He rubs hands hands over the ice cold metal. It gave him some weird sense of satisfaction, or was it pleasure? Either way like a man who has just had enough of another mans shit, he lets out a laugh.
J. FISHER: ” Sure thing Bob, hope you get fucking pneumonia and die – piece of shit. “
Jeb spits on the ground at Bob’s feet, as the old man mumbles some terrible shit underneath his breath. Jeb then turns his back on the old man, taking one more drag off of his smoke before flicking it off into the snow. Bob goes back to trying to sell his bootleg DVD and Jeb re enters the building.
He looks into the camera, with a cocky, overconfident grin on his face. His hands grasping the top of championship that was still wrapped around his waist.
J. FISHER: ” I don’t have a care in the world, Kaelan Price, Jay Mora… They are old news! Well maybe not so old, seeing how i’m sure next week we’ll be matched up in some other type of fucked up bullshit. But you see, I don’t really care. The only thing I care about is this title right here! This is what is going to make me money, this is what is going to launch Jeb Fisher as the next big thing. See everyone already knows about Cosmo Cooper, from here to Japan they cup his balls while they deep throat his pretty boy cock. But at Holy Grail when I show the world, who really is the better man between the two of us… I’ll have bitches slobbin’ on my knob. I know i’m better than Cosmo, but I also know that Cosmo is one of the best there’s ever been. With every word, every ounce of sweat the man personifies potential! But let’s all remember who dragged his beaten body over the finish line at Winter Wasteland. Since day one I have been killing this shit, and twenty eighteen is going to be my year! I am going to make every man and woman on this roster my little fuckin’ bitch. Gonna’ drop all these faggots right on there fuckin’ heads. I’m ready to snap necks, I’m ready to be the best tag-team champion there’s ever been! But who is to say i’ll stop there? “
Jeb gives a little wink to the camera as he begins down the hall, a real sense of accomplishment or swagger if you will in his steps. You could hardly tell that he had a match earlier, he was on top of the world – the 4CW Tag-Team Championship his rose. The camera stays in place as Jeb walks away, turning a corner as the camera cuts to something else.


IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!! AMERICAN FEETS CHALLENGER FOR HOLY GRAIL IS JUST ABOUT TO BE DECIDED! ARE YOU FUCKING EXCITED BECAUSE IM FUCKING EXCITED! Lets get things underway, shall we. After Trevor Miller overcame Zion, Ric Greene beat Adaya Duncan, Johnny Evil defeated the Smoothie King Zeel Park and Tornado Desencadenado pulled out a hard fought victory over the QT PIE himself QT Reese, we have our final four challengers. Only one man can walk away. Only one can survive. WHO WILL IT BE? Well that’s what we’re about to find out. The four men pair of into two’s with Tornado and Trevor coming to blows. Across the ring Johnny Evil bats flirty eyes at Ric Greene which leads everyone in the arena to understand that it’s not Johnny Evil thats in control right now. It’s Dahlia. Biting his lip he seductively beckons Ric Green toward him and then flattens him when he obliges with a clothesline. At the same time Tornado Desencadenado picks up Trevor Miller and slams him down to the mat violently with a powerslam. Massive moves to begin the match and let me tell you something people the fans are loving it. Especially Tornado’s fans as they begin to serenade him in unison.
“DEEESSSSPPPPPAAAAAACITO! Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito. Deja que te diga cosas al oído. Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo”

See. Aren’t fatal four ways exciting? You know what Octane needs more of? Fatal Four Ways? You know what Tornado Desencadenado needed more of? The offense that he unleashed against Trevor Miller to kick things off because after he laid out Miller, Dahlia Evil. Or Johnny Evil. Whichever. You know who the fuck is meant. Anyway. Johnny took Tornado’s legs out from under him and dropped a hard forearm right to the back of Tornado’s skull. Ric was about to get up and pull Johnny off when he was intercepted by Trevor Miller who took him down with a single leg takedown and then locked in a leg lock, torquing on the knee of Greene. In the meantime Johnny continued to waylay Tornado over and over again, drawing him some heat from the crowd because they wanted to keep singing and it didn’t seem like they were going to be able to do so anytime soon. Nearby, Ric reached out for the rope but was unable to reach it. When his hand missed the rope the referee turned his attention back to Johnny and Tornado, hearing Johnny shriek and giggle loudly which seemed to catch the referee off guard. Half a second later Ric managed to get his hand to the rope for just a split second before Trevor pulled him back to the ring. The referee never saw it and so he didn’t force a break in the submission hold. Moments later a sign popped up on camera for the world to see.

Desperately trying to get out of the submission, Ric brings his free leg up and boots Trevor in the face violently before pushing himself back up slowly. As he starts to walk towards Trevor’s fallen body it’s obvious that he’s walking with a limp. And not for the same reason that Cashe and Knox try to claim they walk with a limp. Tornado, nearby, frees himself from the grasp of Johnny Evil and meets him with a kick to the stomach before scooping him up high above his head and slamming him down to the mat with WOW… A POWERBOMB! In the meantime Ric pulls Trevor back up to his feet and tries to whip him toward the corner but Trevor quickly reverses and sends Ric sprinting right at Tornado, who nearly decapitates him with a massive lariat. The crowd erupts as Trevor and Tornado stare one another down before exploding into action, trading hard rights and lefts. Trevor misses with a punch and Tornado ducks underneath it, bouncing off the opposite ropes and rebounding. What happens next happens in the blink of an eye. CYCLONE SMASH! MILLER GOES DOWN! THE CROWD GOES WILD SINGING ONCE MORE!
“Desssssspppppaaaaaacito. Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito. Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto. Y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un MANUSCRITOOO–!!!!!!”

Cutting the fans off as Tornado dropped to his knees was Ric Greene climbing back up to his feet. He spins Tornado around, back up to his feet, and then kicks him in the stomach. JACK KNIFE POWERBOMB WITH ALL KINDS OF THEATRICS! WOW A POWERBOMB! WOW A POWERBOMB! WOWWWWWWWW A POWERBOMB! As Tornado hits the mat, Ric spits at him and then drops down to cover the closer fallen opponent, Trevor Miller, for the one, two and three.
WINNER: Ric Greene by Pinfall (18:02)


CAMPBELL: ”Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!”
TAYLOR: ”Up next we have our main event for the Octane Championship number one contendership.”
LAWSON: ”Just two weeks ago we saw Kaz Bonham and Seth Daniels in the same match, a triple threat with Zeel Park, where Seth Daniels walked away victorious.”
CAMPBELL: ”Seth Daniels has steadily been on the rise after falling short against Bryan Laughlin for the Octane Championship at Fright Night.”
TAYLOR: ”Kaz Bonham has been steadily climbing the ranks as well since signing with 4CW not long ago. She has become a fan favorite and while she may not have won the last contest between these two, she wasn’t pinned or at fault whatsoever.”
LAWSON: ”She wasn’t at fault?”
CAMPBELL: ”That’s what she said.”
TAYLOR: ”What I meant wa–“
LAWSON: ”She didn’t break up the pin on Zeel either so technically she is at fault.”
CAMPBELL: ”Anyways, moving on! The powers that be thought she deserved a shot one on one against Seth and what better prize to dangle in front of them than a shot at the Octane Championship.”
TAYLOR: ”Listen up, Joe. Why are you always twisting things said? What’s your problem?”
LAWSON: ”Nobody is twisting anything. You clearly said that she wasn’t at fault for losing a match just because she didn’t get pinned. Why does everyone say that? It’s stupid to think that.”
TAYLOR: ”And now you’re calling me stupid? You know wha–“
LAWSON: ”I didn’t call you stupid. I said to think like that is stupid. Women, I swear. They only hear what they want.”
TAYLOR: ”Excuse you?”
LAWSON: ”Case and point.”
TAYLOR: ”I’ve had about enough of your bullsh–“
Joe and Rachel stop bickering as silence fills the air. After nearly thirty seconds pass, Chris looks back and forth between the two, noticing their anger boiling.
CAMPBELL: ”Hey Mike, how about we queue the music buddy.”
“Jump” by Van Halen starts to play and the crowd begin to buzz with excitement.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will determine the number one contender for the 4CW Octane Championship!”
The synth picks up and Kaz Bonham steps out from the black curtain with her arms raised up high. Kaz throws some scrunchies into the crowd and waves at various fans. She’s got a big smile on her face as she walks down to the ring, jumping along with the music, and slapping the hands of every fan she can.
POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, hailing from Watertown, Tennessee… weighing in at one hundred thirty-two pounds… ‘LITTLE BIGFOOT’… KAZ BBOONNHHAAMM!!!”
Jumping up to the ring apron, she wipes her boots on the mat before climbing through the ropes. Kaz runs up to the turnbuckle and holds her arms up high again as the crowd keeps cheering her on. She hops down from the turnbuckle and turns toward the center of the ring. Removing her jean vest, Kaz places it down in the corner and turns back, jumping in place as she gets ready for the match to begin.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
“Light’s Out” by Hollywood Undead hits the speakers. Seth Daniels steps out from behind the curtain and looks around at the crowd before focusing on the ring. There’s no flash nor flare, no fancy lights or videos. Clearly, Seth doesn’t need a ton of frills in his parade. He begins his determined walk to the ring.
POWERS: ”Now approaching the ring, from Phoenix Arizona and weighing in this morning at two hundred thirty-two pounds. He is ‘Your Drug Of Choice’… SETH DDAANNIIEELLSS!!!”
Daniels smirks at the raucous cheers he’s receiving from the crowd before he climbs the ring steps and steps between the ropes. He turns around abruptly and climbs the turnbuckle looking out to the crowd. He lifts one fist and incites the crowd into a frenzy. He hops down and cracks his knuckles in anticipation.
CAMPBELL: ”There we have it folks. Both competitors have now entered the ring and the one who leaves here tonight victorious will receive a shot at the Octane Championship in two weeks at Holy Grail.”
TAYLOR: ”This isn’t going to be an easy contest for Kaz by any means. Seth outweighs her by one hundred pounds.”
LAWSON: ”That’s cute. Did you need a calculator to figure out that math?”
TAYLOR: ”I am quite good at math, Joe.”
LAWSON: ”Pfft, yeah right!”
As if right on time, the bell sounded.

Circling one another in the center of the ring, Seth makes the first move, lunging forward and locking up with Kaz. Almost instantly, he pulls her down, wrapping his arm around her head and pulling her in close with a side headlock. As he attempts to pivot and take her down to the canvas, Kaz manages to pull her head out of his hold, pushing him away and breaking free. Rushing behind him, she wraps both arms around his waist, locking her hands as Seth grabs ahold of them, prying to pull them apart. Throwing an elbow back, Seth clocks her in the forehead with it, breaking her grip and allowing himself to spin out of her hold, positioning himself behind her. Now wrapping his arms around her waist, Seth then lifts her off her feet before slamming her to the canvas with a German suplex.
Quickly rolling over to all fours, Seth crawls on top of Kaz, mounting himself on top of her before unloading with lefts and rights. Throwing a stiff right, he gets his arm caught by Kaz before she rolls over, pulling him down to her side. The two race to their feet, Seth making it to his first as he hits Kaz over the back with a double axe-handle, keeping her down to one knee. Grabbing her by the arm, he pulls her up to her feet and then into a short-arm clothesline that misses! Ducking underneath the clothesline, Kaz steps in behind Seth, reaching up and locking onto his head before taking him down with a neckbreaker!
The neckbreaker leaves Seth on his back, holding his neck with both hands as he rolls back and forth. Standing to her feet, Kaz begins waving her hand over her head, working the crowd as she watches Seth slowly pushing himself up. Hitting the ropes behind Seth, Kaz bounces back just as he stands, leaping forward and taking him down face first with a running bulldog. Rolling Seth over to his back, she quickly makes the cover as the official slides in beside them with the count.

LAWSON: ”And a kickout!”
CAMPBELL: ”Kaz caught Seth off guard with a counter to his short-arm clothesline but unfortunately wasn’t able to capitalize after the bulldog.”
Pushing herself up, Kaz backs up across the ring and hits the ropes before coming back and landing a leg drop across Seth’s throat, pinning his head to the mat as his feet shoot straight into the air. Standing tall, Kaz begins waving her hand in circles above her head once more, working the crowd and raising the noise level throughout the building. Pulling Seth to his feet, Kaz locks onto his arm before whipping him to the ropes. As he comes back on the rebound, she braces herself as he gets closer and closer. Lifting him off his feet, she spins him in the air for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but instead receives a DDT as Seth counters and catches her off guard.
The reversal was just what Seth needed to pump life back into him and turn things around on the drop of a dime. Kaz crawled in the opposite direction, in a daze from the head on collision with the canvas. Kaz begins to push herself up and as she does, Seth races past her, hitting the ropes ahead and coming back with a sliding clothesline that wipes her out. Seth pops back to his feet with excitement as Kaz rolls back and forth in a world of pain. Pulling Kaz to her feet, Seth lifts her up underneath the armpits, driving her backwards and slamming her into the nearby corner. Lifting her up, he sits her on top before climbing to the middle rope. With the crowd counting along, Seth begins wailing on her with rights.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven! … Eig–“

Swinging upwards, Kaz connects with a European uppercut, bringing Seth’s attack and the crowd countdown to an abrupt end. Kaz goes to stand up but before she can, Seth shoves her back down and hits her with another right.

Hitting her harder than before, Seth knocks her into a bit of a daze as a smirk appears across his face. Drawing back he then finishes what he began.
“Nine! … Ten!”

After connecting with the tenth punch, Seth then pulls Kaz to her feet. Wrapping her up around the waist, he then lifts her up and falls back, turning in the process and driving her down into the mat with a belly to belly suplex! Hooking Kaz’s leg, Seth goes for the pin as the official rushes over with the count.

TAYLOR: ”Thr–“
LAWSON: ”Nope! Wrong again! What else is new?”
CAMPBELL: ”Oh here we go again…”
TAYLOR: ”You’re really starting to get on my nerves tonight, Joe.”
LAWSON: ”Maybe you should do us both a favor and be quiet then. Okay?”
TAYLOR: ”I’m just trying to do my job. Maybe YOU should learn to be a little more respectful.”
LAWSON: ”I am respectful. I respect you, right Chris?”
CAMPBELL: ”Leave me out of this…”
TAYLOR: ”So this is because I am a woman?”
LAWSON: ”Bingo.”
On his feet, paces the ring for a short moment before turning his attention back to Kaz. Pulling her up from the mat, he pulls her in to whip her to the ropes but gets caught by surprise as Kaz plants her foot, pulling him instead and hitting him with a shoulder block. Kicking him in the stomach, she forces him to buckle over before lifting him up and throwing him back down to the mat with a scoop slam. Hopping over his body, she runs to the ropes across the ring and as she returns, she flips forward, landing across his body with a senton. Rolling to her feet in a fluid motion, Kaz slightly turns to the nearby corner, jumping up to the middle rope and climbing to the top. Overlooking the crowd, she does her “Bigfoot Howl” before flipping backwards off the corner and landing across Seth’s body with a moonsault!
Back to her feet, she stomps on his right knee, over and over before pulling him to his feet as well. Ducking and going in for a Northern Lights setup, she is quickly met with a knee to the face instead, knocking her back a couple steps. She then lunges forward, only to fall into his arms as he lifts her up and drops her across his knee with a gutbuster. As she bounces off his knee, Seth stumbles backwards into the corner. He rushes back in to Kaz who is down on all fours. Pulling Kaz up, Seth gets taken by surprise as she lifts him up onto her shoulders as she stands. With Seth in a fireman’s carry, she backs to the center of the ring and begins to spin in circles. Over and over, and over and over, and over some more. She spins for nearly an entire minute with Seth on her shoulders and no where to go. Getting dizzy herself, she releases him from the airplane spin, sending him flying to the mat as she stumbles and trips over her own feet.
CAMPBELL: ”Fast Times at Bonham High!”
LAWSON: ”‘Round and ’round they go!”
Still dizzy and off balance, Kaz managed to push herself to her feet. Looking ahead at Seth, or more than likely three Seth’s on the mat, she made her move. Looking as if she were drunk, swaying from left to right with each step forward, she then jumped and aimed for the Seth in the middle, planting both feet into his chest with a standing double foot stomp!
TAYLOR: ”The Dixie Stampede!”
Falling backwards, she landed on Seth back first. Reaching out, she grabbed his leg, hooking it with her back against his body as the official slid in beside them with the count.

TAYLOR: ”Kaz Bonham has done it folks! Take that, Joe!”
LAWSON: ”Take what?”
CAMPBELL: ”I think she may be referring to the sexist remarks from earlier.”
TAYLOR: ”You’re damned right I am!”
LAWSON: ”Oh give me a break…”
“Jump” hits the speakers as Kaz slowly begins to climb to her feet, with a little assistance from the official. Once standing, but not on her own, the official raises her arm into the air while Kaz wobbles back and forth.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and new number one contender for the Octane Championship, KAZ BBOONNHHAAMM!!!”
The sound of the of Mike Powers’ voice catches Kaz by surprise, causing her to lose balance and fall backwards to the mat as the room spins.
CAMPBELL: ”There we have it, we have our new number one contender for the Octane Championship and she will get her chance in two weeks at Holy Grail.”
TAYLOR: ”Score one for the ladies!”
LAWSON: ”This is a proud moment for you, isn’t it?”
TAYLOR: ”After hearing you belittle me because I am a woman, I want you to look in the ring and see what sex just won the match.”
LAWSON: ”It was a woman. There’s nothing to argue here. You need to calm down.”
TAYLOR: ”I need to calm down? So now I’m overreacting, right?”
LAWSON: ”I didn’t say that. I was ju–“
TAYLOR: ”Shut your mouth, Joe! “
CAMPBELL: ”ALRIGHTY THEN!!! There you have it ladies and gents, you new number one contender!”
TAYLOR: ”Who just so happens to be… a woman!”
LAWSON: ”Ric Greene also became the number one contender for the Ignition Championship but I don’t see you wanting to throw him a parade.”
CAMPBELL: ”Jesus Christ, can you two just shut up! I’ve had enough of this bickering between you two!”
TAYLOR: ”Wow Chris, that was rude.”
LAWSON: ”Very rude indeed.”
CAMPBELL: ”So now I’m the bad guy after you two have literally been at each other the entire night?”
TAYLOR: ”Way to ruin the moment. I think that’s our queue.”
LAWSON: ”I think you’re right, Rachel. You want to call it a night and get a drink?”
TAYLOR: ”I would love to, Joe.”
And with that, both Joe and Rachel stand up from the booth and leave the scene side by side.
CAMPBELL: ”What the hell just happened?! You know what? Cut it, just cut it. That’s a wrap folks. We’ll see you in two weeks at Holy Grail. It’s been my pleasure. Goodnight!”
Confused by what just happened right before his eyes, Campbell watches as Joe and Rachel walk up the ramp, rather enjoying one another’s company. Shaking his head, he looks up to the camera as the scene slowly fades out.