The sounds of guitars fill the airwaves as the picture slowly begins to open with a shot of the entrance stage. Tonight’s opening is bit different from the norm, as there’s an opening act coming to an end as they play their final song for the night before things get underway with Octane’s pay-per-view, Holy Grail. Three men are scattered across the stage with guitars in hand, one behind them all on the sticks behind a set of drums. Front and center, we have the lead singer of Holy Grail singing as “My Last Attack” blares throughout the arena.
Is it a coincidence that the band shares the same name and even logo as tonight’s event? This is Octane’s first event outside of Concord, North Carolina and Jimmy Walker has taken it upon himself to give the fans in attendance a real pre-show, not the previously booked one in which that match has been moved to the undercard. While the metal continues playing over the Memphis crowd, the camera begins to pan the fans in attendance for tonight’s event, most importantly, the signs that come into full focus.


As the song comes to a close, the fans ignite with cheers as their set has been completed. The lights then darken over the stage as the band heads to the back and the event staff begins clearing the stage. The picture then cuts to ringside and high above the ring the steel cage wrapped in barbed wire hangs, awaiting its use later in the evening for Holy Grail’s main event.
TAYLOR: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Octane’s special pay-per-view event tonight, Holy Grail!”
LAWSON: ”We’re coming to you live tonight from Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee for an action packed lineup from top to bottom!”
CAMPBELL: ”For those of you watching at home, you missed the opening act for the night as the band, Holy Grail, played a set here tonight to kick things off with a bang!”
TAYLOR: ”That was as odd selection of music considering where we’re a tonight, don’t you think?”
LAWSON: ”Not at all. If this show started off with a country concert we’d have half the crowd asleep and the other half sleeping with their relatives by now. This is the perfect opening for tonight’s pay-per-view!”
CAMPBELL: ”It set the tone for sure. I thought the logo for tonight’s event looked familiar and after seeing who opened tonight’s show, it all makes sense.”
TAYLOR: ”It was an interesting selection of music, I’ll say that much. My ears are still ringing and it’s quite uncomfortable.”
LAWSON: ”Oh suck it up buttercup. We have a big night ahead and things are just getting started!”
CAMPBELL: ”That’s right we do! We have two, well three championships on the line for everyone watching both here in the building and at home.”
TAYLOR: ”Starting things off, we have our signature opening match, Ten minutes of Mayhem, and stepping into the ring will be Freddie Styles taking on Adaya Duncan.”
LAWSON: ”We’ll see matches such as Zion versus Johnny Evil, Jason Bourne versus Tornado Desencadenado, QT Reese versus Seth Daniels, and Dee Dee Summers versus Blaise Fader.”
CAMPBELL: ”After those three, the final showdown between Kaelan Price and Jay Mora will go down. Things have been rather heated between those two and tonight they can finally settle the score one on one.”
TAYLOR: ”Then in our first championship match of the evening we have a rather odd one. Jeb Fisher and Cosmo Cooper won the 4CW Tag Team Championships at Winter Wasteland a few weeks ago, after defeating The Hostile Takeover from Adrenaline.”
LAWSON: ”That’s another championship Octane has ripped from Adrenaline’s hands like taking candy from a baby!”
CAMPBELL: ”The circumstances leading to that championship match are what leads to tonight’s match. These two have been rivals since Cosmo signed with 4CW before Fright Night. This match gets lined up but then they find themselves in the Tag Team Championship match and walk away with the belts in their possession.”
TAYLOR: ”Well tonight their scheduled match will still take place, but it will be for sole ownership of the belts.”
LAWSON: ”I knew this tag team was too good to be true!”
CAMPBELL: ”Then after that we have American Tommy, who was the first to bring a belt over from Adrenaline, defending the Ignition Championship against Ric Greene.”
TAYLOR: ”This is his first defense with that used to be the Fate Championship. I’m highly intrigued to see how Tommy performs under the big lights defending the belt.”
LAWSON: ”Then to close out the show we have what could very well be a match of the year, at least the first to get placed in the voting category.”
CAMPBELL: ”Bryan Laughlin has already successfully defended the Octane Championship once. Tonight he will put it on the line for the second time against Kaz Bonham who has turned quite a few heads since signing with 4CW.”
TAYLOR: ”This isn’t your typical match. These two are walking into a nightmare as this match will be held within a steel caged wrapped in barbed wire!”
LAWSON: ”He calls himself The Monster King and tonight Kaz steps into his lair with her eyes on what is his.”
CAMPBELL: ”May God have mercy on their souls.”
TAYLOR: ”And that’s our lineup! Now enough with the small talk, let’s get right down to it and get this party started!”
LAWSON: ”The party started two hours ago when the band took the stage and I’m already half lit.”
TAYLOR: ”I can tell. You haven’t been able to keep your hands off of me all night.”
CAMPBELL: ”Jesus Christ would you two get a room!”
LAWSON: ”You’re a real asshole, Chris! We’re just having fun is all.”
CAMPBELL: ”We’re at work, here to do a job. Please act accordingly.”
LAWSON: ”Listen here you son–“
TAYLOR: ”We’re going to cut backstage momentarily before starting things off with our opening match. We’ll be right back!”

Gabriel Hartman stood alone in the corridor backstage in Minglewood Hall enjoying a moment of downtime when,
? ? ?: ”Psssssst.”
He glanced over to where the summon came from and immediately sighed.
HARTMAN: ”Oh no.”
Adaya Duncan stepped away from the corner she was hiding behind, glanced around to ensure she wasn’t seen and approached him with a man in tow.
DUNCAN: ”Gabe. I don’t have time for your bullshit. This is my FBI X-File partner Fox Mulder. We’re solving a mystery and you’re going to help us.”
Gabriel regarded the man who, he supposed, made a pretty reasonable stand-in for David Duchovny than eyed the Adaya, standing there in her ring gear, who had but one show earlier nearly gotten him arrested by the Center for Disease Control under the suspicion of a Gremlin outbreak.
HARTMAN: ”No, I’m not.”
Adaya pouted.
DUNCAN: ”Rude, Gabe. Rude. Hey, you wanna hear something weird?”
HARTMAN: ”No, I do not.”
Gabe turned away from her with a cold shoulder. Adaya looked to “Mulder” then quickly stepped back into Gabe’s line of sight.
DUNCAN: ”Sure you do. Listen, my partner and I–“
HARTMAN: ”Your “partner”? What are you even doing now?”
DUNCAN: ”Roleplaying, Gabe. And investigating the walking X-File that is my upcoming opponent tonight.”
HARTMAN: ”Freddie Sty–“
MULDER: ”Shhhh.”
Gabe glared in confusion at Mulder.
MULDER: ”We have reason to believe that if you speak his name he goes back to his dimension never to be seen again and that he is an alien. Possibly a Grey.”
Gabe’s eyes shifted back to Adaya now set upon with a frown. Adaya wagged her eyebrows suggestively.
DUNCAN: ”Pretty big league stuff we got going on, Gabe. Peep this: Did you know that my opponent made an appearance at the CWF Main Event title match 6 nights ago?”
Gabe looked confused and nonplussed.
DUNCAN: ”Pretty interesting, no? Here we are, me and this guy named Freddie, supposed to be opening the show tonight, squaring off in the lead-off match that should unequivocally set the tone for all other competitors to follow in their respective matches and not only can my opponent not even be bothered to say a few words to hype the match, he’s actually gone and prioritized an entirely different event in a different federation. Can you believe it, Gabe?”
MULDER: ”He wants to believe, Scully.”
Gabe once more looks confused to “Mulder” than back to Adaya.
HARTMAN: ”Scully?”
DUNCAN: ”It’s this stupid gimmick I’m running. Try and keep up, Gabe. After my unfortunate loss against Ric Greene I have redoubled my efforts. I have trained harder than I have ever trained. Prepared more than I have ever prepared in my life, just to prove that I am a fearsome competitor and after all of that effort the best my opponent can muster is losing a title match for a some big time wrestling federation whose home landing page is a WIX site. Don’t you think that’s strange?”
HARTMAN: ”Which part?”
DUNCAN: ”Exactly. Mark my words, Gabe. Mark them. I’m not offended by my booking, I’m offended by the guy they booked me against. I’m offended that I am about to go out there and work my ass off, carrying the weight of the show against a damned fool and I wasted half my exclusive contract money hiring this guy to pretend to be Fox Mulder–“
MULDER: ”The truth is–“
DUNCAN: ”Yeah, yeah, we know. And now I have absolutely no way to segue this stupid gimmick beyond this show, Gabe. I paid for this guy for like two months cause I thought I’d get more mileage out of this. What am I supposed to do, Gabe?”
HARTMAN: ”Uhhh….”
Adaya considers seriously before,
DUNCAN: ”I gotta make some more changes. Streamline my approach. Maybe hook up with like-minded individuals and form a gang and/or squad. But first I gotta go open this show and set the tone.”
She glares at Gabe and storms past him towards the ring leaving Gabe with the actor playing David Duchovny as Fox Mulder who sniffs a little. Gabe and he share a look and a shrug. And we cut back to ringside.



Making her first 4CW pay-per-view debut, Adaya came to Memphis with nothing but focus on this match and it showed from the very moment the bell sounded. Going straight to work, Adaya brought the fight to Freddie’s doorstep as she charged him with a fury of kicks and punches, backing him into the corner with nowhere to go. Freddie attempted to make a break for it, stepping away from the corner only to get knocked back into it with force as Adaya connected with a roundhouse kick directly to his face. The kick left Freddie in quite a daze as Adaya ripped him away from the corner and whipped him in the opposite direction as hard as she could. Slamming into the corner chest first, Freddie bounced backwards, turning in the process, and right there in front of him was Adaya charging in. Leaping into the air, she wrapped both legs around his head before spinning her body and driving him head first into the turnbuckle with a head scissors. His body hit the canvas with a thud as he remained motionless, long enough for Adaya to drag him away from the rope and cover him for a three count.

Knowing very well the stipulations of this particular match, Adaya wasted no time as she went straight back to work, pounding away at Freddie on the canvas with rapid elbow shots. Lifting him on his feet, she connected with two back to back rights to his face before planting a quick right kick into his stomach, forcing him to buckle over upon impact. Turning to the ropes, she ran towards them and as she came back on the rebound, she planted a lifting knee into Freddie’s face, standing him straight up upon impact. He back stepped towards the ropes before stopping with his back against them. As Adaya moves in, Freddie swung with a wild, blind punch and missed as she side stepped him and planted a knee into his midsection, forcing him to lunge over. Before she could make her next move, Freddie wrapped her up around the legs, lifting her high into the air. He stalled for a moment, and that was all the time Adaya needed to counter and plant his head into the canvas with a DDT! Rolling Freddie over to his back, Adaya mad the cover as the official swept in with the one, the two, and the three!

With a two point lead and plenty of time left on the clock, Adaya knew this one just wasn’t going to be over until the final bell rang and the clock struck zero. Freddie on the other hand, he was completely out of it, drooling on himself while more than likely dreaming about jugs. Not just any jugs, but BIG jugs. If he would just wake up he could lay his eyes on two beauties leaning over him but no, he would rather stay completely out of it and drool on himself like QT Reese when he’s in deep thought. She tried to wake him up, slapped him across the face a few times but he wasn’t waking up. He wasn’t standing up for that matter but with a little assistance, anything is possible. Assistance is what he got as Adaya pulled him up from the mat. Had she known he wouldn’t have helped any, she might have left him down there but here we are, Adaya holding Freddie up as if this were weekend at Bernie’s. After finally realizing that Freddie wasn’t snapping out of it, or waking up for that matter, she let go, allowing him to drop to the mat instantly. As he rolled to his back, Adaya glanced up at the clock which still had some time remaining. Slowly, she walked over to the corner before climbing to the top and playing to the crowd for just a short moment. As the last fifteen seconds began to count down, she then leaped from the corner, landing across Freddie with a shooting star senton – Grand Assault! Making the cover, she scored a final pinfall for a clean sweep as the final seconds came to a close.

WINNERR: Adaya Duncan

Gabriel Hartman is standing backstage with Johnny Evil who is still in street clothes as it looks like he has just arrived to the arena.
HARTMAN: “Johnny, tonight at Holy Grail you go one on one with Darin Zion. I know this isn’t exactly your ideal match, but could you give the 4CW viewers and audience in attendance a couple quick thoughts?”
Johnny quickly holds his hand into the air as if to say ‘pause’. He looks around momentarily and then replies…
EVIL: “First, let me ask you a question if I could, Hartman?”
Kinda taken back by Evil’s reply, Hartman’s eyebrow raises with curiosity.
HARTMAN: “Well usually I’m the one asking the questions Johnny, but sure… ask away.”
EVIL: “How long have you been with this company?”
Feeling kinda confused it takes a second for Hartman to answer the question…
HARTMAN: “I’ve been with 4CW since the beginning.”
Evil shakes his head in agreement as now it’s almost as if he’s the one conducting the interview.
EVIL: “Okay, another question if I could??”
Hartman looks around with a puzzled look trying to see if there is anyone who could interject before Evil asks a possible ‘off the wall’ question.
EVIL: “Now that 4CW runs two brands and you are the interviewer for both. You must be well compensated as far as travel goes, am I right?”
HARTMAN: “Actually I ride with the equipment to each show.”
Johnny leans forward with a smile and pats Gabriel on the back almost giving him encouragement.
EVIL: “So, it must be nice riding on a plane with very few people each show…”
At first, Hartman doesn’t know how to answer this question. He takes a moment to think and then answers Johnny’s question.
HARTMAN: “Well actually it’s kind of cramped, but the travel expense is paid for if that’s what you’re asking?”
Johnny leans forward and looks to the floor giggling for a moment. As he looks back up he stares directly at Hartman now batting his eyes as Dahlia has taken over.
BLACK: “Poor Gabbie, I guess it’s safe to say you are an outsider?”
She chuckles again, but Hartman cuts her off.
HARTMAN: “I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but either way… what are you getting at?”
Feeling a bit angered that Hartman would cut her off, She places her finger to his lips, shushing him.
BLACK: Gabbie, wake up… You and Johnny are both part of the few here in 4CW that are mistreated. You are 4CW’s interviewer and you have to travel back and forth to both shows. You pull overtime and the most they can do is fly you to every show with the equipment. Pretty cheap if you ask me!”
His free hand balls up into a closed fist as his body trembles. Evil closes his eyes and takes a deep breath trying to keep his composure before speaking again.
EVIL: “Either way Hartman, this goes back to the question you asked me. You asked if there were any thoughts that I could give the 4CW viewers about competing against Darin Zion at Holy Grail? Truth is…”
Evil gets directly in Hartman’s face and shouts almost causing him to stumble back as he does…
EVIL: “You see Hartman, I’m about one concussion away from having the IQ of Redd Thunder and I still competed in Fright Night. I’m the man who had two nails driven through my fucking hand and manned the fuck up and competed in a main event on Adrenaline because I’m that damn tough and devoted to the grind here in 4CW…”
Raising his hand, Johnny stops his thought as he feels the need to fully explain the logic.
EVIL: “Make no mistake about it though, when I say I’m devoted to the grind I damn sure ain’t a fucking slave to it. 4CW isn’t going to feed me horse shit and expect me to treat it like Filet Mignon… no sir! In fact, fuck this match with Zion. There is a reason why I’m not dressed in wrestling attire tonight and that’s because I refuse to take part in a manslaughter that really has no solidification behind it!”
Grinding his teeth, Evil’s eyes roll back in his head. He reaches up with his free hand and rubs his temples before the whites of his eyes begin to show pupils again. With a happy go lucky smirk, she replies…
BLACK: “That’s right, tonight my darling is going to sit back here and watch Holy Grail go to hell…”
WALKER: “Hold on Evil, did I just hear you say you refuse to compete?”
James Walker who happened to be passing through the backstage area heard enough of the conversation to interject himself into it. Biting her lip, Dahlia shakes her head. It’s almost as if she has a quick spasm and Evil emerges once more responding to the question that he was asked.
EVIL: “Well, I don’t believe I stuttered? Did I stutter Hartman??”
Evil looks at Hartman, but Hartman obviously doesn’t want to give an answer due to conflict and takes a step back. Evil shakes his head feeling disappointed in Hartman…
EVIL: “Dahlia, did I stutter???”
The reoccuring light switch happens again…
BLACK: “I don’t believe you did, Johnny?”
James Walker grows a look of frustration on his face and then points at Evil beginning to lay down the law.
WALKER: “Evil, your contract requires you to compete and compete you will, because if you don’t compete you think fighting Darin Zion tonight is bad, just think of a year worth of Darin Zion versus Johnny Evil for 2018. No title shots, no top tier highlight matches, no bizarre ultra violent prison matches… Just you and Zion!”
Shaking in rage, the feet begin stomping and kicking for Dahlia is upset…
BLACK: “…But you can’t do this!”
WALKER: “Bet me!”
Just as quick as Walker said this, Dahlia cowers away and stands down. That was Dahlia’s mindstate though. Almost just as quick as she cowered, Evil snapped back.
EVIL: “Fine if this is what you want, you got it! I won’t apologize for my actions later tonight though!!”
Evil begins to walk off angered as he goes to get ready for his match with Darin Zion later in the night while James Walker looks over at Hartman and just shakes his head before the camera cuts back to the ring.


Ever since American Tommy bullied Redd Thunder and forced him to cry and leave a match, Redd just hasn’t been the same. The Thunder was no longer the beast of a storm that he once was. He was more of a light drizzle, one that you would find kids playing in on a summer afternoon. He was no longer the severe thunder storm that would cause an annoying interruption in the middle of your favorite song while jamming out to the radio. You know the one. That high pitched cluster fuck that sounds very similar to dial up. Quiet as usual, no thunder from down under, Redd stood in the ring looking like a helpless child higher up the spectrum than QT Reese. He wasn’t as far up there as CJ O’Donnell but that’s a hard task to accomplish for anyone. Logan Traeger on the other hand, he was looking to make an impact in his first official 4CW match. Who is Logan Traeger you ask? He’s the new guy, the one that hit Redd square in the mouth before the opening bell even sounded.
Whether it was Redd not caring or Redd just being unable to defend himself, Redd looked like an innocent kitten thrown into a blender. That doesn’t even make sense but it doesn’t have to because we’re talking about Redd here. Logan was a brawler and he showed that as he beat Redd’s face in over and over and over and over, like the goddamn Energizer Battery Bunny. Beating Redd in a brawl wasn’t enough, Logan had to make an impact, although it being against Redd made it debatable. Lifting Redd up in the center of the ring, Logan dropped him to the mat with a military press slam. You hear me? Redd weights like five hundred pounds and there isn’t a single spot on his body to get a good grip without your hand being smothered by rolls upon rolls upon even more rolls, and not the kind that Redd stuffs his fat face with either.
The Military Press Slam wasn’t enough, Logan had to make even more of an impact and that he did. Wrapping Redd around the waist while he was face down to the mat, he positioned himself with a leg planted on each side of his body. This took a minute or two because digging your hands underneath Redd’s massive body isn’t an easy task at all, and Logan might as well have been doing the splits as he stood over Redd with a leg on each side of his body, but I digress. Anyway, moving on. Logan lifted Redd up from the mat before falling back, and making sure to not let Redd fall on him, as he slammed him to the mat with a German suplex. Can you imagine the mess that would have made if Redd squashed Logan with all of his weight? It’d be horrific!
Fast forward a little bit, Logan remained in complete and total control of Redd as he displayed his strength by throwing Redd to the canvas with a various assortment of moves. Somehow, some way, use your imagination if you will, but Logan locked Redd in an Anaconda Choke. Redd didn’t give him much fight. Why would he? He hasn’t done anything this entire match but take up half the ring. Although he didn’t give any fight, he also didn’t tap. After choking Redd for nearly a minute, he finally passed out but even the ref didn’t noticed which enabled Logan to keep the choke hold locked in for another minute or so. Finally noticing that Redd was out cold with his head lying in a pool of his own drool, the official called for the bell, declaring Logan the winner in his official 4CW debut.
WINNER: Logan Traeger via Submission (7:55)

Cutting now to a shot of one QT Reese, who appears to be watching the final parts of the Redd Thunder versus Logan Traeger that just recently wrapped. Enjoying a snack-sized box of Sun Maid raisins, he laughs out loud at the monitor, causing the dried grape spittle to come shooting out at all directions. As the camera pans to his point of view, we see that he is actually NOT watching the show, but is rather engaged in the emotional episode of Home Improvement when they thought JTT’s character Randy Taylor had cancer.
CAMPBELL: “Well, folks, according to my sheet we’re supposed to have a match right now, but as you all can see, we’ve been joined by the Newfie Cutie instead.”
TAYLOR: “What a treat. I’m sure this will be completely relevant to everyone’s interest and accomplish a lot.”
LAWSON: “Don’t take that tone, Rachel! This man is a Canadian treasure, and just look at that smile!”
TAYLOR: “I thought he said he was getting braces to have that mosh-mouth fixed?”
LAWSON: “Uh, apparently you haven’t heard of Invisalign yet, my uppity colleague.”
Turning to “notice” the camera amidst a dull disapproving roar from the Memphis audience, Reese raises the microphone to his lips and begins to address the Octane fans.
REESE: “Hello friends. The 4CW staff has paid me an extra thirty bucks to deliver the news that tonight’s contest against Zeel Park and Trevor Miller is cancelled. However, while they told me to tell you that they both came down with the flu epidemic, I REFUSE to take part in the ongoing conspiracy that Tornado Desencadenado is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain of Octane’s day to day operations: this being yet another piece in a complex puzzle that I will ultimately expose. My guess? They’re both dead.”
QT raises a finger in the air abruptly, clarifying his point.
REESE: “And I don’t just mean their careers, either. It doesn’t take crack detective work to figure that one out. No folks, I mean real dead. Digested by sea anemone dead. Stuffed in the trunk of an old 1983 Ford Fairlane that was lit ablaze and pushed off a canyon dead. American Tommy’s penis if there aren’t any women’s shoes pressed up against his nose dead.”
To further emphasize, Reese holds a thumb against his neck and slices. An action that most of us wish would actually happen with a knife, but beggars can’t be choosy.
REESE: “Thankfully, with the gaping hole in tonight’s programming schedule, it’s freed up an opportunity for me to discuss more important matters, particularly the lack of action taken by this dog shit organization and the North Carolina Professional Wrestling Commission after my INFALLIBLE PROOF last episode that the Vertigone Challenge is a false flag operation. Despite my valiant effort and tireless energy, and despite the COLD HARD EVIDENCE that I have presented, Jimmy Walker and Perry Wallace continue to ignore my phone calls, e-mails, faxes, impromptu home visits, threats of kidnapping their pets, and singing telegrams. But hey, I read them loud and clear: if you don’t have luscious tits, multiple personalities, or star in a stupid fucking podcast THAT CAN’T EVEN DO SPONSOR READS CORRECTLY, you’re low on the totem pole REGARDLESS of your immense talent and charm. I, however, am from Newfoundland — and if it’s one thing us Newfoundlanders don’t do is give up after just a couple of months. No, I have AT LEAST another season in me to make sure my voice is heard over EVERYONE ELSE’S, and I plan on doing just that until I’m given my just desserts!”

While the crowd began to grumble at the thought of a full winter and spring of more of this nonsense, the tide turned a bit as none other than Tornado Desencadenado bounds into view, walking directly up to Reese and standing uncomfortably close to the Piece.
REESE: “And speak of the Illuminati himself…”
The Spin Doctor for his part says nothing. Instead he slaps QT hard on the left side of the face, staggering the smaller man. Then, driving his forearm into Quarterman’s throat, the grim-faced Tornado pushes him back into a nearby wall and pins him there.
DESENCADENADO: “Attack my character all you want, but if you ever blindside me again like you did last Octane and I’ll twist your head off. Okay?”
REESE: “Urghhennn SGHURT merst BORTERG smurt.”
Tornado slowly eases of the pressure, allowing Reese to grip his voice box in pain and collect himself. Staying a couple of paces away from the unusually less-than-complacent Desencadenado, he responds.
REESE: “That didn’t hurt, by the way, I just have a sore throat.”
QT sneers and raises an eyebrow, taking Tornado’s frustration as an opening to capitalize like any classic wrestling villain normally would.
REESE: “What’s the matter, Desencadenado? Did I finally scratch the itch? Listen up, Supercuts regular. If I’d have known that braining you with a weapon would have gotten you this heated, I would have smashed that skull long ago. But I’ll make you a deal, pal. We can end this all right now: but you know what you’ve got to do.”
Tornado rolls his eyes, knowing exactly what Reese’s angle is.
DESENCADENADO: “As badly as I want you to leave me alone, I will not give you even a glimpse of satisfaction in even falsely admitting that the Challenge is fixed. It’s not going to happen, QT.”
REESE: “You’ve got me all wrong, my good bud. I’m way past giving you the satisfaction of an admission. I’ve proved it time and time again that this contest is R-I-G-G-E-D RIGGED.”
Desencadenado shakes his head, throwing up his arms in submission.

“Fine. What do you want, then? Enlighten us all.”
REESE: “At this point, I want the validation of SCIENTIFIC evidence. So, if you want all of this to go away, all you have to do is submit to a little thing I call a lie-detector test. Because you see, I don’t want you to admit a thing, Tornado. I want you to feel the complete and utter humiliation of being CAUGHT RED HANDED by my investigative prowess. And once that’s done? I’ll move on. Do we have ourselves a deal?”
Tornado chuckles out loud, fully willing to comply to yet another ridiculous notion in hopes that he can move past this idiot.
DESENCADENADO: “Deal. I take the test, and you leave me alone. No more attacks. No more questions. No more of your ‘investigative prowess.’ I’ll see you next Octane, but for now, I have a match to prepare for.”
REESE: “It’s a date.”
Desencadenado nods and walks off camera satisfied. As QT watches him leave, he waits until his nemesis is out of earshot before delivering a wink to the camera.
REESE: “Sucker.”

The 4CW tag-team championships, in just about an hour so it will be on the line. We are taken to the backstage area, where Jeb is already dressed in his ring gear, minus the tape around his fingers. He is stretching, his legs spread out and his torso leaned down forward. He was showing off quite the display of flexibility, not something he did to often as he was usually more focused on his strength. In front of him, also on the floor was his Tag Team Championship belt. The plating was facing him, and Jeb’s eyes where solely focused on it.
He didn’t notice his step-father drag ass into the room. Bob watched his step-son for a few moments, as if he wasn’t trying to let Jeb be aware of his presence. That was all broken up though, as Jeb, without looking away from this championship speaks.
J. FISHER: ”What do you want Bob?”
Bob was a little surprised that Jeb had noticed him, he was sure his cat like stealthiness had won the day. Bob scuffs his shoes into the ground a little bit, looking down at his feet, as if he was hesitant to say what he was about to say. Scratching at the back of his neck, the nervousness was almost leaking out of Bob. But finally after a few moments, he puffs his chest out.
B. FISHER: ”Stand up for a second now boy.”
Jeb ignores what Bob says, continuing his stretching – keeping his mind focused on the task at hand. And that was beating Cosmo Cooper. After waiting a few moments Bob realizes that Jeb wasn’t going to listen to him.
B. FISHER: ”I just wanted to say… That win, lose, or draw… I’m proud of you. ”
Jeb stops what he is doing as a silence comes across the room. He slowly turns his head, looking over his shoulder at Bob. Jeb then pushes himself up to his feet and stands face to face with Bob, his eyes darting all over Bob’s face – as if he was seeing if he was serious. Bob gives a smile, it was awkwards – but you could tell that he wasn’t trying to make it be. That’s when Jeb just slowly started to shake his head.
J. FISHER: ”You know what? That’s pretty fucking funny!”
Bursting out in laughter, Jeb seems to have offended Bob
B. FISHER: ”The fuck you laughin at Jeb!”
There was a scowl growing on Bob’s lips as Jeb tried his best to contain his laughter in order to get out words.
J. FISHER: ”You think! You think that I actually give a fuck if you are proud of me or not? That I actually need your respect?”
The laughter stops and Jeb’s face turns to anger as he presses his forehead against Bobs, spitting in his face with every word.
J. FISHER: ”I don’t give a damn what you fuckin’ think! COSMO COOPER! Has done more for the career of Jeb Fisher than your shit talking ass.. Now that it’s all the line you wanna’ walk up in here like you give a shit? You don’t fucking care Bob. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. You used me to get what you want, you use me so your not some worthless slave to Dakota Smith, or Dybbuk or whatever the fuck! ”
Bob’s face goes cold at the mention of his time served under Dybbuk, Jeb picks up on this and gets a shit-eating smirk on his face. He takes a step back, and pushes bob in the shoulder before letting out another laugh.
J. FISHER: ”Yeah, we all remember how you where his little cocking sucking slave Bob. So don’t tell me you’re proud of me. Because I couldn’t give two shits! The only thing that matters is me walking out of that ring with that belt around my waist! You understand me? Now get the fuck out!”
Jeb points to the door only once, before turning his back on the old man, sitting back down on the floor and continuing his stretching. Bob looked heartbroken, defeated! Instead of leaving the room he decides to sit down on a bench, not far from where Jeb was. He just watched his step son as the camera went to ring side.


In the opening moments of the match, it’s apparent Evil has upper hand laying elbows across Zion’s back and driving knees into his ribcage to weaken him. Evil eventually takes Zion to the mat locking him in an armbar before Zion kicks and fights his way to the ropes. Once Evil stands he waits for Zion to get to his feet and then begins the trash talk. This makes Zion angry as he rushes forward to attempt a clothesline only to have it ducked. Evil comes off of the adjacent rope as Zion turns around and gets caught with a dropkick, sending him to the mat and rolling out of the ring. Feeling disrespected, Zion finally decides it’s not worth it and looks as if he’s going to make a break for the entrance ramp and take a count out loss.
FUCK THAT!! Evil rushes forward and does suicide dive over the top rope crashing upon Zion and knocking him onto the ringside floor. At this point, the frustrations of Dahlia become apparent and bleed through. Dahlia grips Zion’s face and begins rubbing his face upon the ringside floor and slapping at his face before lifting him to his feet and rolling him back into the ring. Zion starts to stand as Dahlia slides in after him. Dahlia reaches out to grab Zion and pull him to his feet, but Zion grips the back of her head and drives her down with a sitout jawbreaker. As she stumbles back Zion starts to unload his first amount of offense all match. He delivers a couple kicks to Dahlia’s ribs and then slaps her the face. This only triggers Evil to come back to life.
From this point on a disrespected Johnny Evil tackles Darin Zion down and begins to pummel his head with a barrage of blows before climbing to his feet. Evil steps back and waits for Zion to stand. As Zion stands Evil rushes forward and connects a flying knee knocking him to the mat. As it looks like Evil’s going to go for a pin, he arrogantly lifts Zion off the mat after the one count and hops back to his feet. He hoists Zion into the air for a powerbomb and it looks as if he’s going to connect a Fall From Shangri La, but Zion rolls behind and sunset flips him for a pin. Evil obviously kicks out taking very little damage this match.
The match continues with Zion and Evil exchanging blows as Evil blocks off a boot from Zion he spins him around and connects a backstabber looking to lock in a Detroit Death Clutch, but Zion fights his way to ropes quickly feeling that the end is near. As Evil paces over to Zion, Zion comes to his feet and rakes Evil in the eyes blinding him momentarily before rolling out of the ring. Zion quickly reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides back into the ring and hits Evil in the back with it, but this doesn’t cause Evil to drop only stagger. As Evil spins around Zion swings for the fences only to have Evil grip the chair and pull it from Zion’s hands.

WINNER: Johnny Evil via Disqualification (8:37)
Evil kicks Zion in the nuts causing him to grip them and howl in pain. Buckled forward Evil raises the chair over his head and smashes it down across Zion’s back causing him to fall to the canvas. Evil tosses the chair to the side and shakes his head at Zion’s stupidity.
Reaching down, he lifts Zion to his feet and hoists him up in powerbomb position and drills him down upon both knees with a Fall From Shangri La. As Zion rolls out of the ring and to the floor, Evil aggressively asks one of the ringside to crew to grab him a microphone. Looking around Evil walks around the ring feeling annoyed AF, folks…
EVIL: “Is this what in the fuck Octane is all about??”
Shaking his head, Evil looks down and in an instant begins to stomp his feet while beginning to have a fit. Looking back up Dahlia comments…
BLACK: “Ya know, Johnny wasn’t going to come out here but this is what you wanted isn’t it, James?”
Dahlia looks down and slowly looks over, raising her head to see Zion pulling himself to standing position using the ring apron as a crutch. She closes her eyes and shakes her head in disappointment. As Evil’s eyes open, he is now enraged.
Dropping the microphone to the canvas he walks over to Zion and reaches through the middle rope, gripping his hair and pulling him aggressively back into the ring. Tossing Zion to the mat Evil begins to choke him with both hands causing Zion to kick around and swing his arms gasping for breath.
Johnny continues to choke Zion until he’s almost unconscious before releasing his grip. After pulling himself to his feet, Evil grabs the microphone and drops back down onto Zion continuously smashing it across his forehead. A wound opens up the top of Zion’s head and blood begins to leak down his scalp, staining the canvas. After feeling like he’s done enough damage, Evil stands up and walks around the ring.
EVIL: “This place has become nothing more than a fucking circus. What in the fuck ever happened to true competition? You got people using Wet Willy’s and Indian Burn’s at legitimate moves, you got an Ignition Championship match that’s going to happen later tonight where both men competing only know how to properly execute one move a piece… It’s fucking bonkers!!”
EVIL: “To make it worse, my first Octane Pay Per View match you give me Darin Zion”
Evil looks down at Zion and stomps him a few time before kicking him over to the apron out of the ring through the bottom rope.
EVIL: “… A guy who doesn’t even an eighth of the amount of talent that my fucking pinky has?”
Evil looks down shaking his head as a silent Minglewood Hall watches on.
EVIL: “If this is the search for the Holy Grail, fuck it… I don’t need this shit!”
EVIL: “Fuck this place, I’m going home!!”
Evil drops the microphone to the ring mat and looks around as Blood, Sweat, Dust by Lacuna Coil begins to play. After walking around the ring in a state of frustration, Johnny exits the ring as the camera cuts to the backstage area.

The camera is tight to two hands with their fingers interlocked swinging back and forth and as the camera pulls wider it reveals the bright red hair that always showcases the large smile of Kaelan Laughlin and her husband of eighteen days Bryan with a bit of a smirk on his face as well. Slung over each of their shoulders are championships. Bryan’s, obviously, the 4CW Octane Championship. Kaelan’s is the newly won no more than twenty four hours ago [redacted] United States Championship. Kaelan stares at Bryan over her big smile before he shoots her back a wink, but the movie montage of BaelinClub is soon interrupted by Gabriel Hartman with a microphone and the look of a reporter who is getting the exclusive.
HARTMAN: ”First of all allow me to be the first to offer you two congratulations from 4CW.”
Kaelan holds her finger up and purses her lips.
PRICE: ”Actually Gabe, Ana facetimed us and…”
HARTMAN: ”Well then, allow me to be the first to congratulate you in perso-“
Bryan reaches out and slaps Gabe in his chest and shakes his head with an apologetic look on his face.
LAUGHLIN: ”Sorry bud, parking lot guy did that, but I appreciate you taking a special trip from wherever Adrenaline is this week to wish us that.”
With an unsure look on his face Gabriel Hartman looks at Kaelan who shakes her head slightly embarrassed.
HARTMAN: ”I do backstage interviews here too, Mr. Laughlin.”
LAUGHLIN: ”Really?! They do backstage interviews he- no way??! I wouldn’t know…”
He shrugs his shoulders and slaps Gabriel on the back trying to make an escape but is stopped by Kaelan who looks at Bryan sternly almost as if to say you know you have to do this. A heavy eye roll is followed by a clear throat as Bryan turns towards Gabriel and adjusts the Octane Championship on his shoulder.
LAUGHLIN: ”What do you want? You want me to claim that I am going to win? Than Kaelan is going to beat my longest friend in this business? You want to try and drive a wedge between either Kaelan and I or Jay and I? You want to tweet this interview with a meme of that black guy who shakes his head when someone is wrong if Kaz manages to beat me tonight? No thanks. Since the first day I sat on this throne I’ve ruled like no other. I fight my own battles and start my own wars. So Kaz can bring her neon slap bracelets and ride her unicorn in on a rainbow because she’s going to find her way into the lair of the Monster King….and she’ll make her way out broken.”
A wink into the camera and a firm regrip around the hand of Kaelan were the last things we saw as #BAELINCLUB leaves the scene.

We go backstage at the Minglewood Hall here in Memphis.
For some unknown yet reason a small portion of the locker room area has a rounded Melanie Magnolia Round Flower Rug which is pink and in the shape of a magnolia flower if you haven’t figured that out yet. Sitting on the rug is Dee Dee Summers who puts on the last of her ring gear for the evening by fastening the last parts of her long black knee high boot. Her eyes are closed, her long blonde hair pulled back and held in place with a headband, her mouth begins to mouth something.
SUMMERS: “Twas brillig, and the slithy toves. Did gyre an–”
Something catches her attention and stops her odd talking, she then holds up a pink handheld mirror to her face and speaks directly towards it. Her eyes opening in the process.
SUMMERS: “We knew that would get our attention, Two.”
The camera changes to the view inside the mirror where a second Dee Dee, who looks completely the same, she stares back in an icy colder demeanor.
SUMMERS: “What do you want?”
We go back to the Dee Dee who is looking into the mirror.
SUMMERS: “Still not a part of the group, yet? Huh, Two? Still not wanting to be on the team with the rest of us? That’s a shame really, because we plan on going out there tonight and showing these undeserving fans who the best wrestler on the planet is. Us. Pity, we’d really love to have the whole team pulling on the same side of the rope.”
And now back to the Dee Dee in the mirror, who looks even more and more ticked off.
SUMMERS: “Oh stop that! Stop that right now! You’re just using that psychobabble-horse-poop-nonsense that the doctor tried on One all those years ago. I’m not falling for that again and don’t even try the Jabberwocky thing, I’ll bore your fingers deep into your ears before you get through the first verse!”
To which the Dee Dee sitting on the pink magnolia rug responds.
SUMMERS: “Why Two, is something bothering us suddenly? Did we lose our support in an attempt to take something over?”
The Dee Dee in the mirror is not too amused.
SUMMERS: “Fine. We’ll join back with the team, but only under one condition. If we lose tonight, if Blasie Fader beats us in that ring, we take over. We’re in charge. If we don’t lose tonight we’re back on the same side of the rope one hundred percent no questions asked.

The Dee Dee sitting on the rug thinks about it for a moment, she is holding up her index finger of her free hand and stares at the one condition.
SUMMERS: “Sounds good to us.”
She places down the mirror and stares at that one finger for a moment before cracking a sly smirk and giving a menacing looking grin. We fade to black.


Bourne and Tornado tie up for the third time in this match up after Tornado had successfully countered Bourne’s spinebuster after losing the upper hand he had started with in this match earlier when Bourne had went full blown powerhouse on him. Tornado proves to be stronger in the tie up and pulls Bourne in closer to lock in a headlock while the audience watches on. It wasn’t a piss break match but the audience felt that the two didn’t hate each other so there would be no crazy violence probably not happening that would ignite the blood hungry corners four crowd. Bourne struggles against Tornado’s hold just like he most likely struggled to get into those circulation cut off tights before he finally drives an elbow into Tornado’s chest which only causes Tornado to apply more pressure on the hold before pulling Bourne a few steps away to surprise him with a swinging side slam. Bourne pops up onto his feet in a flash but Tornado is faster as he immediately sprints forward toward Bourne and knocks him down with a Discus Double Backhand Chop. Bourne isn’t liking the way the match is going on and instead of popping up onto his feet like Tornado had expected him to, he rolls away before getting up so that he is a good distance away from the fired up Tornado. Keeping his eyes on Tornado, Bourne tries to come up with a strategy while ducking Tornado’s clothesline and actually wraps his arms around him and lifts him in the air as he bearhugs him. But Tornado isn’t some scrawny little man and instead brawny and certainly won’t be falling out like sleeping beauty in some bear hug, in which Bourne figures out once Tornado breaks out of the hold but is quickly grabbed up by the panicking Bourne and powerbombed to the mat.
But that Tornado Despacito, he’s a fiery one, ain’t he? Got more bounce than a hydraulics as he bounces to his feet and evades the charging Bourne. But Bourne hasn’t given up, he eyes the witty Tornado and reminds himself that he has strength on his side. And vows that he will be the victor of this match, that confidence causing Bourne to move close to the ropes to bait Tornado to come closer and then suddenly move out of the way once Tornado barrels towards him and assists in knocking Tornado over the ropes. The audience’s reactions are audible on camera as Tornado’s body lands on the ground with a sickening thud. With a smirk plastered across his face, Bourne slowly makes his way out of the ring in an attempt to throw Tornado into the barricade but is knocked back into the apron when Tornado drives his elbow into Bourne’s face. Now it’s Tornado’s turn to assist Bourne as he rolls him back into the ring and takes a moment to tend to his right shoulder that seemed to hurt the most from his fall to the outside of the ring. Once Bourne makes the attempts to return to his feet is when Tornado tries to ignore his shoulder to focus on his target so that Bourne can’t get the one up on him again. Tornado swings on Bourne and gets a good shot in before Bourne counters the second and irish whips Tornado, his right leg lifting into the air in what he thought would be a successful big boot to Tornado’s face but the dashing Tornado instead jumps back as if he had seen the hit coming. Tornado takes down Bourne and goes for the turnbuckle, jumping on the post as his feet quickly pushes off to send him into the air in a moonsault but Bourne isn’t there as he rolls out of the way. Tornado feels it as he winces from the pain that shoots up his mid section while Bourne pulls Tornado to his feet to take the advantage he is given.
SPINE BUSTER as Bourne covers the downed Tornado with a smirk, that confidence bubbling in his eyes while the ref makes the count, but is it over? And NOOOOO it’s not as Tornado kicks out at two and boyyyyyy is Bourne piiiiiiiiissed! He sits up faster than a guilty married man in bed with a sleeping hooker as Tornado keeps his eyes trained on the upset Bourne who is on his feet and advancing quickly towards Tornado who tries to strategize his next move. The two begin trading punches back and forth to the point they are actually trying to knock the other off of their feet until Bourne hits Tornado so hard, he actually might be slightly dizzy then takes advantage by grabbing him. But Bourne has a fight on his hands as Tornado struggles within his hold to the point Bourne attempts to slam him and fails when Tornado escape the hold. Bourne makes a grab for Tornado once more and he had a gutwrench powerbomb in mind but Tornado surprises him with a punch to the face and then a dropkick to knock Bourne right off of his feet. An outraged Bourne gets to his feet, playing right into Tornado’s clutches and VERTIGONE! Bourne is down, Tornado covers and it’s a three count success, BAYBAH!!
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (8:43)

Gabriel Hartman is standing around the back with a microphone in hand. The first person he sees is none other than “The Marksman” Jay Mora. A white flannel suit, a silver shirt, and a gold tie screamed Great Gatsby as Jay entered the picture still wearing his sunglasses as well. Hartman goes to speak but Jay cuts him off quickly.
MORA: “I normally don’t do this very often Russ but I felt the need to…let’s say…educate this Irish “queen” of ours on Octane. You see…she compared me to Jay Gatsby but I’m almost positive that Kaelan has no idea what the character really was.”
HARTMAN: “My name though is Ga-“
MORA: No one cares what your name is Greg. Shut your mouth and let me finish.”
Jay took a quick moment to slap Gabriel Hartman in the back of the head. Hartman scratched the back of his head and continued holding the microphone for Jay Mora.
MORA: “Jay Gatsby was completely and hopelessly in love with Daisy, Kaelan. He knew all she wanted was all the wealth she could have. This is why she was with Tom even after he stepped out on her. Following?”
Jay smiled.
MORA: “Good. Jay amassed as much wealth as he could, hoping to win Daisy over, sweep her off her feet and marry his true love. He threw this parties that he never attended but watched from a distance in hopes of meeting this young woman. In the end though, that cunt couldn’t step out of her comfort zone and leave her cheating, rich husband. So you see Kae…Jay Gatsby isn’t a bad man at all. The next time you want to compare people to a character in American literature do your homework.”
Jay took his sunglasses off and tucked them into his suit jacket.
MORA: “And this is the problem with you Kaelan. You say I don’t pay attention to your accomplishments outside of this company while you vomit up meaningless and baseless insults my way. When you look in the mirror, you see someone stuck in the middle? I’ll tell you what the world sees when we look at you Kae. We see a sniveling, try-to-hard, underachieving ginger. We see an annoying sideshow that will NEVER make it here in 4CW. You can talk about your blood baths and Slaughterhouse and whatever other shit you want to taut but the world knows that you will never amount to anything in this company. And tonight?”
Jay shakes his head and gives a quick smirk.
MORA: “Tonight, you’ve been marked…and I will…Put. You. Down.”
With a last intense stare to the camera, Jay walks off.


Is QT Reese the biggest, flaming faggot on the face of the entire universe? Yes, he is. It’s a shame to think that he and Hubert Smalls, the nicest guy in the world, have similar origins. Thankfully QT happened to be facing Seth Daniels, a former number one contender for the Octane Championship and a man looking to get back into prime position to fight for that title again in the future. As such, Seth started out by imposing his will on QT. If you thought the big move he took from Blaise two weeks ago was bad, the beating he took from Seth Daniels to start off the match was ten times worse. From a clothesline to a snap suplex to a german suplex to a spine buster to WOW A POWERBOMB! Seth Daniels fully seized control of the match in the early going, with the fans getting behind him and showing their support for him. Ain’t nobody got time for a QT Pie anyway. A super kick to the jaw flattened QT and left him wide open for a cover from Daniels but before the referee’s hand could fall a third and final time, QT managed to get his foot up on the rope. That bastard. He waited till the absolute last moment to work his way out of that just like Genie waited to the absolute last moment to work her way out of her situation with Seth’s brother, Keith, nearly a year and a half ago.
When Seth went to pull QT back up to his feet, however, QT turned and blocked the referee’s view before grabbing Seth by the titty and twisting it as hard as he can giving him the ole purple purple. Recoiling in shock and slapping QT’s hand away, Seth’s face contorts in rage as he soon steps forward with the intention of killing (or at least severely harming) QT Reese. But, unfortunately, QT is good at thinking on his feet. Sometimes. Or maybe he just got lucky this time as he side stepped Seth and stuck his foot out, tripping Daniels like they were walking down the middle school hallway. Laughing to himself, QT pointed at Seth who managed to catch himself on the ropes and turn back to look at Reese with an even more outraged glare than he had before. Moving towards his opponent, Seth quickly scooped him up and slammed QT down to the mat, quickly mounting him. Instead of trying to defend himself against the blows from the bottom position (and everyone knows QT is pretty familiar with being in the bottom position), Reese instead decides to try and tickle Seth Daniels. Not shocking anyone, well anyone except QT, Seth doesn’t laugh. In despair QT lets loose a loud “OH COME ON!” as Seth straightens himself upright and prepares to blast his opponent in the face with a big haymaker. Holding his hands up in defense, QT begs for mercy and when the blow doesn’t fall heaves a heavy sigh of relief and says thank you to Seth…. before reaching up and honking his nose with his right hand.
Before Seth can retaliate, QT shoves his fingers into Seth’s mouth and immediately the ref steps in as Seth falls backward into a seated position. Pushing himself back up to his feet, QT turns his back to Seth and before Daniels can get back up himself, QT bends over and farts directly into Seth’s face. In a flash Daniels gets back up to his feet as QT is busy standing back up, turning around and scratching his balls. As Daniels prepares to unleash a flurry of strikes upon him QT shouts “WAAAAAAAIT!” at Daniels and, for whatever reason, Seth once again pauses to give QT the time he asked for. With an innocent expression on his face, QT held out his hand right under Seth’s nose and asked him to “tell me who I fucked last night,” barking a loud laugh at his own childish joke. Seth, however, doesn’t take to kindly to that and takes one step back away from QT before quickly stepping back in his direction, his foot rapidly moving upward towards QT’s face. LIGHTS OUT! The super kick connects. QT goes down. And Daniels covers, the referee quickly sliding in and counting the one, two and three bringing an end to this absolute shit show of a match. God bless you, QT.
WINNER: Seth Daniels via Pinfall (11:46)

Outside in the parking lot the camera pans through the sea of cars. Close by the doors sits a limo. The engine is running and ya currently idling waiting for whoever it belongs to when they are done with Holy Grail. The back door opens and out leans Kaelan. She smiles widely as she holds her new pug and beckons the camera to come inside the limo, even sliding over for the cameraman to fit himself and the camera in the limo.
PRICE: “You guy’s know me well. You know at this point what I’m about. I’m all for finding out who my opponents are. Putting myself in their shoes. Gotta get in their mindset to win right? Well… I found Jay Mora’s limo sitting outside and I thought I would just see what it was like. Never been in a limo. Not once. So this is an exciting and new experience for me.”
She smiles at her dog and scratches the pup behind her ears with a smile on her face.
PRICE: “I gotta say the leather seats are nice and you got bottles of champagne in here Jay. I’m sure you plan on celebrating here tonight. I’m sorry to say you’ll be using this champagne to drown your sorrows instead. I’m going to beat you tonight and end this once and for all. People will see who the truly better talent of Octane is between us two. I told you this wasn’t about My relationship with Bryan and the fact we are married doesn’t change that. Don’t cop out now and say you can’t face me. You’re going to give me your best whether you like it or not. Maybe some mutual respect can be reached. I don’t know. I’m exhausted with holding grudges at this point.”
Kaelan sighed and put her dog down on the seat next to her.
PRICE: “At this point Jay you can try to counter me calling you Gatsby but the more you drone on about it only further proves your insecurity on how accurate and right I was in the first place. At the end of the day though your insecurities about who you are and how you will end up don’t matter. I’ve had two tag matches with you in the past few weeks and your own abilities couldn’t pull a win off for your team either time. I gave you your only win against me but tonight? I’m going to take the joy of another win away from you. I may be mediocre to you but the more you push down my abilities the sweeter my victory will be because you got beat, by your classification, a mediocre talent.”
She grinned and shrugged her shoulders, before continuing on.
PRICE: “I’m one of the best talents this brand has. Win or Lose? Everyone recognizes me and my name when it comes to Octane. I shine, whereas you are still fishing for attention and the recognition that I already have and I don’t need to post about my wealth to do it. I just impress in the ring. I can’t say what the future holds for me on Octane after this match, but wherever it is? I’m going to give my all and continue being the Kaelan you all know and love. I’ll rise like Fawkes from the ashes and I’m going to soar. Just you wait and see.”
A noise that sounds like liquid being dumped on the leather seat distracts Kae and she looks over to see her dog squatting in the seat next to her and peeing. She jumps far away from it but realizes what her dog is doing but still lets her finish before picking her up looking shocked from the camera to the now wet leather seat in the limo.
PRICE: “….And that’s all we have time for folks. Stay tuned. I’m gonna crush Jay Mora. Bad girl! We do not pee on nice leather seats!”
Kaelan scolds her dog as she climbs out of the limo and the camera just stays focused on the seat that Kae left behind. Not even cleaning up the mess her dog made.


The lights go down in the arena, save for the spotlight over the entrance ramp. With each crescendo of bass-y reverb before the music begins, the stage lights flash, separated by the sped-up vocal sample of “House Train”. It’s when the beat picks up and Stormzy starts rapping that the stage erupts in a flurry of smoke and pyrotechnics, revealing nothing just yet. There is a bit of confusion in the ring as Mike Powers stands in the ring to do his thing.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, from Coventry, England, weighing in at seventeen stone: BLAISE FFAADDEERR!!!”
Except no one is currently making their way down to the ring, the music continues to roll for a couple of moments as there is a bit more confusion to exactly where Blaise Fader might be.
LAWSON: “Well, we’re waiting.”
TAYLOR: “Something seems to be holding up Blaise Fader here tonight, what that is, could be anyone’s guess at this point.”
CAMPBELL: “I know she is here though, I saw her backstage earlier on today and she was looking forward to getting some revenge against Dee Dee Summers tonight.”
TAYLOR: “I’m being told right now that we’ve got something going on in the backstage area, let’s go back there and find out what’s happening!”
A camera crew goes to the backstage area not far from the gorilla position of the stage, in fact you can still hear the music playing in the background. It doesn’t take long until the camera picks up a small herd of backstage security personal standing over the body of Fader, she is writhing on the ground in pain and there is just a mess of blood pouring from her forehead. Some of the blood has been smeared on the ground, some has been smeared across Blaise’s ring gear and even more covers her hands.
TAYLOR: “Blaise Fader’s been attacked near the entrance ramp, no less.”
CAMPBELL: “I can think of only one person who is responsible for this one.”
The medical staff pulls her hands away slowly from her face, there is a small piece of a mirror glass stuck in there. From the looks of it, it appears that Blaise has managed to pull a couple other pieces of glass from her face onto the ground which is now what most of the staff are stepping on. The camera swings around to find none other than Dee Dee Summers standing there with a broken handheld mirror in her hands and a sinister smile across her face.
TAYLOR: “Looks as if Dee Dee Summers got to Blaise before she could even get into the ring and for the second time in as many shows she has smashed a mirror over Fader’s face!”
LAWSON: “That’s at least fourteen years of bad luck by my calculations.”
Security stands between Dee Dee and where Blaise is being helped back up to her feet, Dee Dee doesn’t attempt to move forward instead she just stands there for a couple of seconds before tossing what remains of the shattered mirror to the ground and calmly escorted off. Meanwhile, Blaise has been propped up to her feet and is being led by a number of medical personal towards the nearest ambulance.
TAYLOR: “Dee Dee is being escorted away from this scene, someone is going to have to figure out what medical attention Blaise Fader is going to need for tonight.”
CAMPBELL: “I don’t think she’s going to be able to compete tonight, that cut looked deep and the amount of blood loss, that’s an instant trip to the hospital.”
LAWSON: “So, we’re not having a match then?”
TAYLOR: “No Joe, we’re not having this match most likely. We’ll keep you informed if anything changes though!”

Chris Cuckleson and Ronnie Beasley are sitting in the production truck watching over the show and making everything runs smoothly. It’s a big trick with many monitors in it so they can watch over all different camera angles that are being simultaneously shot during the broadcast.
CUCKLESON: “Why do they even let this dude be in front of a camera?”
Beasley wakes up from his slumber and looks around.
Chris Cuckleson laughs and leans back in his chair.
CUCKLESON: “My thoughts exactly.”
Out of nowhere they hear a bang against the side of the truck. They notice it, but don’t think anything of it. Then another one followed quickly by another one and then they get up to investigate. Chris Cuckleson opens the door and as he does a purple dildo flies past is face and onto the desk behind him, knocking stuff over. He scratches his head and peers outside and sees American Tommy standing off in the distance with a bag on the ground next to him.
CUCKLESON: “What the hell you doing, Tommy.”
Tommy wave him off and reaches into the bag and pulls out another dildo. He throws it against the trailer and yells angrily when it doesn’t stick. Ronnie looks at the production trailer and notices it has two giant faces on this side of it. It has American Tommy’s beautiful mug on end and then the ugly Ric Greene at the other.
TOMMY: “I’m throwing dildos at Ric Greene and trying to get them to stick to his face. What the fuck you think I’m doing?”
Tommy stares at the both of them and raises his hands and just shakes his head at them. I mean, it’s quite obvious what he is doing. Isn’t it? Tommy continues to throw them until he finally gets one to stick. He starts pointing and laughing. Chris and Ronnie lean over so they can see and they start chuckling as well.
TOMMY: “It looks like he has a penis for a horn!”
CUCKLESON: “A unicorn!”
TOMMY: “A retarded looking unicorn!”
Tommy sets the bag of dildos down and scratches his head.
TOMMY: “Ironic, though. Just like a unicorn is a mythical creature, Ric Greene getting a victory over me tonight runs in the same vein as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and even a unicorn. It’s a myth, a goddamn fable. It isn’t going to happen. I will walk out of Holy Grail with the title around my waist.”
Tommy picks up some more dildos and starts throwing them at Cuckleson and Beasley with one even slapping the side of the face of Beasley. The shut the door behind them.
BEASLEY: “What an asshole!”
CUCKLESON: “Settle down, it’s not like you’ve never had penis shaped things slap you across the side of the mouth before.”


A match that once looked like it was going to be one of the bloodiest, most viscious battles that Octane had seen to date began in the exact opposite manner. Mora, for his part, looked a bit hesitant about engaging the woman who it had been revealed earlier in the day was married to one of his longtime friends. For her part, Kaelan looked a bit sluggish coming out of the gate after a massive triple threat match where she had become a champion for a company that shall remain unnamed. A few errant and uneasy jabs forward from both Kaelan and Jay resulted in nothing and the fans expressed their disapproval at the slow and tedious pace in the early going of the match. A nasty slap open handed slap to Jay’s face seemed to snap both of them out of their lethargic pace as Jay touched his cheek. Bouncing on her toes and shaking her arms loose, Kaelan nodded her head and then beckoned him on with both of her hands. As soon as Jay moved toward her she side stepped and took him down to the mat with a drop toe hold, showing that she was at least a little bit more than an angry irish girl that liked to brawl. Of course she didn’t maintain that perception for very long as she quickly followed the drop toe hold up with a forearm to the back of Jay’s head, trying to lock in a cross face submission maneuver next.
Jay, thinking quickly, jerked his arm free of her grasp and then neatly swung Kaelan over onto her back where the two competitors twisted back to their feet, both raising their fists at the same time with things coming to a brief stalemate. The quickened pace seemed to alleviate the boo birds who had started to make themselves known. Nodding at one another, perhaps a show of respect or perhaps simply an acknowledgement that the two of them were finally starting to get into a rhythm, both squared up and met in the middle of the ring. Kaelan was quick to go for a hard right hand which Jay ducked under and then took off past her, rebounding off the ropes as Kaelan spun to face him. When she did, though, she turned right into BULLSEYE! Mora nearly breaks her in half as the spear connects, driving her down to the canvas with as much force as he can muster. Hooking her leg quickly, Mora pressed down on her shoulders and looked at the referee, nodding his head as the officials hand slapped the mat once, then twice and then… Kaelan kicked out!! Growling in frustration, Mora swore at her as he pushed himself back up to a vertical base. Moving around her as she writhed, clutching her abdomen with her right hand and arm, Jay grabbed her left arm and flattened her hand out on the mat before leaping and stomping hard on her left hand. Perhaps a stomp more directed toward her left ring finger than anything else? Who could say?
Well, maybe someone could say when he followed the first stomp up with a second and then a third before Kaelan finally managed to roll far enough away to prevent him from trying to do any more damage to her hand. But it was good strategy. What better gameplay could one come up with against a brawler than to take away a brawlers two most important weapons? Their fists. While Kaelan did her best to guard her left hand and arm, Jay then turned his attention to her right arm which he aimed a stiff kick to before latching onto it, cinching in an arm bar on her right arm. With teeth gritted, Kaelan bore the pain of the submission hold with as much grit as she could muster, not wanting to give Jay the satisfaction of making her cry out in pain. And while the two struggled back and forth, with Kae trying to break free and Jay trying to get her arm to fully extend so that she would have no choice but to tap out, Kae eventually would get her foot over onto the bottom rope and leave the referee with no choice but to step in and force Mora to break the hold. Even after the referee stepped in, however, Jay didn’t let go immediately. Instead he took full advantage of the five count that the referee gave him, using up four and a half long, strenuous seconds before finally letting Kaelan’s arm go.
Separating himself from Kaelan, Jay stood and backed up a few steps to give the referee the space he demanded. But once the official was out of the way, Jay set upon her again. This time he latched onto her left arm and bent it at the elbow before continuing his strategy by stomping hard onto her arm, causing it to bend in an odd direction. Finally, without any choice left, Kaelan howled out in pain as she did her best to roll away. Both of her arms were in bad shape, though, having taken the directed assault of Jay Mora for minutes upon minutes now. Meanwhile Jay stood, a smirk on his face, as Kaelan rolled to her knees, pain written all over her face as she sat upright on her knees. Arrogantly, Jay extended his right hand in her direction and aimed a finger gun at her. For a few long moments the two remained in that position until Jay “fired” and added to the theatrics by saying the word “bang” along with it. In one fluid motion afterward he stepped towards her and thrust his boot toward her face, looking for the super kick that he calls Marked! Instinctively Kaelan rolled to her left, avoiding the kick as Jay went by but as she threw her arm out to brace herself from falling all the way to the mat pain shot through the entire limb and she buckled down to the mat.
Slowly Kae was able to crawl to the ropes and pull herself up as Jay slammed on the brakes and turned his attention toward the pray that had narrowly missed a finishing super kick. As Kae painfully pulled herself up using the middle rope, Mora moved to help her the rest of the way up. With the orange headed newlywed steadied herself, Mora latched onto her left arm and moved to irish whip her into the corner but Kaelan quickly reversed and sent Jay running there instead. Still, the force required to change the momentum of the whip, and then actually whip him, caused Kaelan to pause from the pain. Shaking her head and chasing it from her mind, she charged across the ring looking for a body splash but instead ate a brutal elbow to the nose from her opponent. Mora quickly reversed their positions, slamming Kaelan into the corner instead but Kae fired out with a boot to the midsection, wrapping her arms around Mora’s head before stepping up the corner. PRICE PAID! But she doesn’t go for the cover. Shaking her head, Kaelan lets loose the cry of a celtic warrior before bending down and grabbing Jay by the legs. IRISH ROSE! The clover submission locked in, Jay cries out in pain but he’s got nowhere to go and the fans are going wild. He fights it with everything he has, struggling to get to the ropes but every time he does Kaelan just deepens the move and pulls him back toward the center of the ring. And then, finally, his hand slaps the mat repeatedly giving in to the pain!
WINNER: Kaelan Price via Submission (19:22)

COOPER: “I didn’t want it to come to this.”
In a dark hallway, Cosmo Cooper prepares himself for a war that he doesn’t know if he is ready for just yet. He has an orange beanie pulled over his hair which is tied back, his ring gear on as he stretches against the wall, his camera crew watches him from a distance as he speaks.
COOPER: “I’m an athlete. I compete. I like when the team is huddled around me and we need a last second touchdown or a basket to win. I like looking over to my opponent and knowing as they look me in the eye that they can’t hold a candle to me. I like having that, and there hasn’t been one time I’ve stepped in the ring in the last year, that I’ve not seen that from my opponent.”
Slowly his head came up.
COOPER: “Until I looked into the eyes of Jeb Fisher. He doesn’t care how good I am, he doesn’t care what I’ve done in AWE or [redacted] or anywhere in between—no. Jeb cares about one thing. Proving a point. He cares about hurting me. He cares about war. And as an impressive of a debut run I’ve had here in 4CW, I’ve like… man… I’ve never faced anyone who is just out to maim, to hurt, to… to kill. Jeb gave me everything he had when he helped win those tag titles. But now? I have to pay for that. I have to look him in the eye and I somehow have to put away this smile and bring the intensity. Because I know I walk out of his match a changed man.”
From beside him, he pulled out the 4CW Tag Championship and laid it in front of him on the ground as he looked over at it, running his fingers across it.
COOPER: “I’ve never looked across the ring at another man and wanted to kill him. I’ve just wanted to be better than he is, that’s what I’ve fought with. But I’ve fought with a burden on my back that Fisher has too. Keeping someone else up, their livelihood depends on how well you fight. I have nothing against Fisher, and he’s kicked my ass more than I’ve kicked his, but now this may be the final chapter. Since War Games I’ve had nothing but contempt for this man, and now it call comes to a head and I am sitting here wondering… can I do it?”
A chuckle left his lips as he picked up the 4CW Tag Title and placed it around his shoulders, strapping it on his chest.
COOPER: “My biggest test in pro wrestling is tonight, in a 4CW ring. Win or lose. I’m going to make sure Jeb Fisher looks at me as an equal tonight. Nothing more, nothing less. Sipping on your cup till it runneth over… Holy Grail.”
With a couple of bounces, Cooper tossed on his game face and headphones and made his way towards the arena.



Despite being Tag Team Champions and partners, there was a hatred between these two that formed the moment Cosmo Cooper came to 4CW and was named team captain for Octane in the WarGames match against Adrenaline. Take that rivalry and add in the antics from Jeb’s deranged father Bob, well you have the ingredients for what could very well be match of the night even not as the main event which just so happens to be a barbed wire steel cage match for the Octane Championship.
From the very start of the match, Jeb unleashed all of his anger and frustrations on Cosmo. He rushed him, head on and although Cosmo tried to knock him off course with a roundhouse kick, Jeb stayed on track which resulted in him wrapping Cosmo up and driving him backwards, slamming him against the corner with maximum impact. With the force of the punches Jeb threw at Cosmo, you would think it was Cosmo who picked on Jeb for being a soulless ginger as a child growing up. Slamming his fists into Comso’s body with breath taking blows, Jeb put on a display that resembled Rocky Balboa in the meat locker pounding away at a freshly cleaned body of meat hanging by a hook. One final blow to the side forced Cosmo to buckle to his side as Jeb’s fist plowed into his ribcage. Grabbing Cosmo by the head and turning him around, Jeb then began slamming Cosmo face first onto the turnbuckle over and over before dragging him away and positioning himself beside him. Holding Cosmo from the side, Jeb then took him down with a reverse Russian leg sweep, ramming his face into the lower turnbuckle on the way down. He wasn’t done there. Rolling Cosmo to his back, Jeb then mounted himself on top and began wailing down on him with multiple right hands as his father Bob jumped for joy at the sight looking on from the outside. Grabbing Cosmo by the head with both hands, Jeb raised it up before slamming his head downward, nailing Cosmo right across the bridge of the nose with a headbutt! Cosmo’s head slammed against the mat, knocking him into a daze as Jeb then followed up and made the cover.

Cosmo was able to get a shoulder up before the full two count, which was shortly followed angry words from Bob on the outside echoing throughout the building. Jeb on the other hand, he remained calm and cool, which wasn’t very considering who it us we’re talking about. He pushed himself to his feet and then grabbed a handful of Cosmo’s glorious hair, jerking him up from the mat and to his feet. As Cosmo stood, he threw both arms up, grabbing Jeb by the sides of the head and locking onto it. Before Jeb could react, Cosmo then pulled his head in while slamming his forward, hitting Jeb across the nose with a headbutt of his own and drawing blood. It wasn’t a little bit or blood either, it was like a water fountain malfunctioning and spewing gallows, but not water, it was blood. Had Roxy Cotton been on her period when she squirts, you can bet your ass it looked just like that would, just a lot nastier considering the source this comparison is referenced to. Back to the match at hand, let’s not get off topic.
The headbutt was enough to give Cosmo the break he needed as he knocked Jeb back a few steps. With an open hand, Cosmo began laying into Jeb’s chest with multiple chops, backing Jeb up across the ring with each stinging slap that echoed louder than the crowd in attendance. With Jeb finally against the ropes, Cosmo then transitioned his attack and threw a fierce elbow, catching Jeb in the mouth with it and whipping his head to the side. Locking onto Jeb’s wrist, Cosmo then pulled him away from the ropes before whipping him across the ring. As Jeb hit the ropes and bounced off, Cosmo took off and charged straight for him, colliding with him head to head in the center of the ring and laying him out with a torpedo headbutt. Jeb rolled from side to side on his back, holding his head with both hands as the pain began to settle in. Jumping into the air, Cosmo flipped and landed across Jeb’s body with a senton, rolling fluidly back up to his feet. He then raced to the nearest corner, leaping all the way up to the top. Hopping into the air barely, he spun around and just as he lined up his shot, he leaped forward off the corner while flipping backwards. The crowd went silent as if everything went in slow motion and as Cosmo came down and fully flipped, he landed across Jeb with a shooting star press! Hooking Jeb’s leg, Cosmo shouted for the ref to make the count but before he could even finish his sentence, the official wads already beside them.

A look of relief came over Bob’s face as he watched from the outside. Shortly after, he was back to his normal self and throwing every name in the book in Cosmo’s direction. Looking up at him, Cosmo just shook his head before blowing him off and focusing back on Jeb. He stood to his feet but as he did, there was Bob again in his ear like a gnat. Bob’s voice traveled across the ring, which seemed a little louder to Cosmo than Bob’s been all night. As he turned to face Bob and tell him to kindly be quiet, Bob was standing on the apron. The old man spit across the ring, landing a mouthful of spit across Cosmo’s chest. That was enough for Cosmo to focus all of his attention on Bob as he stormed across the ring. Quick on his feet, the official raced over, cutting Cosmo off and creating a barrier between him and Bob. That wasn’t enough though, Bob reached over the officials shoulder and grabbed a handful of Cosmo’s hair, pulling him towards the ropes and knocking the official down in the process. Cosmo then locked onto Bob, and Bob locked onto Cosmo with both hands. The two violently shook each other, more so Cosmo having his way with the old timer, but Bob stood his ground. With the official not looking at them, Bob then spit in Cosmo’s eye before slamming his head across the ropes and hitting Cosmo with a headbutt. It wasn’t as effective as Jeb’s headbutt, but we can see where Jeb got it from. Cosmo then drew his arm back, squeezed his fist together tightly but before he could swing, Jeb hooked his arm and pulled Cosmo away. Cosmo and Jeb were now standing eye to eye and on the outside, Bob was joyful and quickly began egging Jeb on to put him down. Cosmo and Jeb stared into each others eyes momentarily as the tension grew between the two. Jeb then threw a punch, but not at Cosmo, he threw it at Bob. The old man was caught by surprise as Jeb’s fist crashed into his jaw, knocking him off the apron and sending him flying backwards through the air until crashing against the floor.
Bob was out cold and Jeb believe it or not was rather happy. He seemed to be a peace somewhat. Across from him, Cosmo looked on, shocked at what he just witnessed right before his eyes. Slowly, Jeb turned his full attention to Cosmo and as he spoke, the camera zoomed in to read his lips. “This ain’t over” Jeb said before throwing a punch at Cosmo’s head only to have it blocked. Cosmo followed up swift kick to Jeb’s stomach which forced him to lunge over. Squatting down, Cosmo then bursts upwards, connecting with a powerful European uppercut and knocking Jeb backwards a few feet. Rushing forward, Cosmo jumped in the air, connecting with a leg lariat that dropped Jeb flat on his back. The two raced to their feet, Cosmo standing first as Jeb only made it to one knee. Moving in, Cosmo locked onto Jeb’s head, holding it in place as he hit Jeb in the face with back to back lifting knees. Pulling Jed up, Cosmo then wrapped him up with both arms before lifting him off his feet and throwing him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Jeb rolled up to an upright seated position before pushing himself up completely. Right behind him was Cosmo wrapping him up and this time putting him back down with a release German suplex. Cosmo popped back to his feet, ecstatic as the Memphis crowd rallied up behind him. He pulled Jeb up to one knee before holding his head in place and raining down onto him with rapids punches as the crowd counted along with each landing one reaching a full ten before Cosmo pulled Jeb to his feet. Pulling Jeb’s head between his legs, Cosmo then wrapped him up around the waist, setting him up for the kill shot which happened to be the Crater Maker: a jumping, spinning tombstone piledriver.
Just as Cosmo went to lift Jeb up, Jeb lifted him first instead. Raising Cosmo high above his head, Jeb held Cosmo by the legs before taking a few steps forward and throwing Cosmo down to the mat with a very impactful Alabama slam! The back of Cosmo’s head slammed against the canvas with a thud as Jeb stood over him rolling his neck. Slowly, Cosmo began to push himself up, refusing to stay down despite the ringing in his ears. He didn’t look good, something Bryan Williams is very familiar with after suffering one hundred concussions last year. Stepping behind Cosmo, Jeb assisted him and pulled him all the way to his feet before locking in a full nelson and then dropping Cosmo with the Soap Drop: A full nelson bomb! As if suffering a concussion wasn’t bad enough, now Cosmo had to deal with the after effects the Soap Drop brought on. Jeb on the other hand, he was feeling like a million bucks. Pulling Cosmo to his feet, Jeb then pulled his head between his legs and wrapped him up around the waist. This looks familiar. Just moments ago it was Cosmo who had Jeb in this position but the tables have turned. Lifting Cosmo into the air upside down, Jeb then jumped up and as he came down, he dropped Cosmo flat on his head with a jumping piledriver! Cosmo’s body rolled over to the side as he was motionless after falling victim to Jeb’s Abandon All Hope. Pushing Cosmo over to his back, Jeb then made the cover as the official slid in beside them with the count.

Jeb did it, he defeated Cosmo Cooper after a rivalry that dates back before Fright Night in October when Cosmo was elected team captain for Octane in WarGames. These two were rivals and then not only tag team partners, but also 4CW Tag Team Champions. That all came to an end tonight as Jeb defeated Cosmo, taking sole ownership of both championships and declaring himself the one and only 4CW Tag Team Champion. After the music and theatrics, Jeb stood in the ring with both championships, raising them high above his head as he took in the moment, the biggest moment of his short career. In times like this it’s nice to have family there to celebrate with you. Jeb was alone though, no one in his corner or at his side to hare this moment with. Bob was still on the outside, knocked out but Jeb didn’t care. He did this for himself, not his father.
WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (14:59)

Again we go to backstage area at Minglewood Hall in Memphis.
Again we see the pink Melanie Magnolia Round Flower Rug laying in a small part of the locker room area. Standing there this time is none other than Dee Dee Summers, who is still in her ring gear, lifting her suitcase up onto the chair she was sitting on before and begins to search through it. For those in the know, that’s a gray pattern Monili spinner wheeled carry-on suitcase from none other than Brunello Cucinelli. Yes, Brunello Cucinelli. It doesn’t take too long for Dee Dee find what she was looking for, another pink handheld mirror. Before she even speaks there is a smile ear to ear on her face.
SUMMERS: “Well, Two? We’re not about to starting naming names, but one of us just lost a bet…”
She trails off because of the laughter which also trails off as she holds up the mirror. The reflection does not look all that amused.
SUMMERS:You didn’t win.”
To which the Dee Dee standing there responds.
SUMMERS: “The deal was and in our own words we quote, if we don’t lose tonight we’re back on the same side of the rope. A deal is a deal, time for us all to get on the same side of the rope again and start pulling towards our goals.”
The Dee Dee in the mirror is still not amused in the least. Her face scrunches up as she thinks about it for a few moments.
SUMMERS: “Fine. We’ll get back in line. But we’re not pulling on any stupid rope together and we’re not going to be happy with how you tricked us.”
The Dee Dee standing on the rug shrugs her shoulders.
SUMMERS: “Are you saying we win then?”
The Dee Dee in the mirror eyes begin to narrow, she says nothing much like a bratty child who has been scolded. The Dee Dee in the locker room smirks towards the mirror the obvious victory in this battle of wills.
SUMMERS: “Silence is golden, silence is grand. Silence means you understand.”
Her taunts echo off the walls of the locker room, the Dee Dee in the mirror looks as if she’s about to explode into a rage.
But before she can finish the word, the Dee Dee in the locker room covers up her mouth with a look of shock and horror on her face. She stands there for a moment and then drops the mirror on the ground causing it to shatter as her second hand covers her mouth.
SUMMERS: “No! We do not use those words. Never ever! Or else Mommy will come and wash our mouth out with soap, we can’t have that.”
Her words are spoken like a ten year old was speaking them.

‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen hits and from the entrance, steps Ric Greene, with Tony Chu right by his side. They stroll down to the ring, side by side as the music continues to play. The fans don’t seem to really respond, but it doesn’t seem to matter to Ric. Tony though, he looks a bit choked.
They reach the ring and both enter the ring and make their way straight to the center of the ring. The music dies down. Tony pulls a mic out of the pocket of his Brooks Brothers custom jacket pocket.
CHU: ”Your entrance music is so somber. Don’t you think you should come out to some hip hop or something?”
Greene snatches the mic out of Tony’s hand.
GREENE: ”Who gives a fuck about my entrance music?”
Greene turns his attention to the fans.
GREENE: ”All y’all out here still don’t know what the fuck to think when you see me and it’s because nobody’s told you. Shit. Especially down here in Tennessee. Y’all can’t make your minds up without someone telling you what the fuck to think. Y’all being programed by Haslam into believing that you aren’t constantly bending over to get fucked. Me? I speak truth and the majority of you fools want to color it like lies, just like this Ignition Champion.”
Needless to say, the fans boo Greene like they just took a look at Lena Dunham naked. It’s bad.
GREENE: ”Glad I could make your minds up for you. This fuckin American Tommy isn’t your friend. He’s as self absorbed as the rest of you millenials with the best phones and your folks footing the bill. None of y’all know what it’s like to support yourselves, neither does he. He’s been handed everything he’s got and it’s got him feeling entitled. It’s just that simple. Remember that. Tonight’s just as much my night as it is his. We’re both going to step into this ring together shortly and one man’s coming out with the Championship and the other gets to start over again. Does it fucking matter who? Not really. What matters is what’s starting tonight.”
The fans are still booing like Amy Schumer just cracked a joke.
GREENE: ”Tonight, y’all dumbass mother fuckers have to take a good look at Ric Greene. I’m beyond that opening card bullshit. I’m beyond that label KKKuck tried to slap on me. I’ve stepped past dudes like QT, Tornado, Johnny Evil, and the rest of those bozos with dumbassed names. I’m at the front of this fucking line now. Me. Ric Fucking Greene. This is my time and soon, y’all going to see something bigger. You boo me now, but in a month, y’all going to be wearing my fucking t-shirts and talking about how ‘i liked him first’ and all that other faggot shit you fanboys argue about. Get the fuck out my face with that.”
Ok so a couple fans cheer, now already arguing over ‘who liked him first’.
GREENE: ”As for you, American Tommy, you’ve been running for a long time, but now? For good or for ill, you have to step into the ring with this dude you’ve been marginalizing for weeks. Regardless of what you think about me, you’re going toe to toe with me. You might weasel your way out of this shit and live to fight another day, but either way, you’re going to be face to face with this shell shock and it’s something you’ll be carrying around with you for the rest of your days. Think about that you little punk mother fucker.”
Ric hands the mic to Tony and holds his fist up in the air. The crowd boos, wondering whether or not the National Anthem is playing. Ric shakes his head, disgusted, and pulls his fist back down deliberately. He then immediately walks to the ropes and exits the ring. Tony looks at the mic, and then the fans, and smiles like the Cheshire Cat.
CHU: ”I’ve been the Agent to the Stars for a while now. There was a period of time where I was the Agent to the Flakes. I’ll admit it. Poor Tony. Just when he thought he had a cash cow, they would disappear into the night. That’s changed now. Look at Ric Greene. Look at how pissed off he is? He’s a realist, though. Isn’t that grand? He’s a realist. He knows he’s not invincible, but he will settle for getting his hands on American Tommy. The Championship belt isn’t important to him. What he wants to do is show all of you what the world should look like, if you weren’t all mindless drones.”
They boo.
CHU: ”His words, not mine! I think you’re all lovely people with your mouths not completely full of teeth. It’s cute! It’s real! This is America! The Great Again America. I’m sure deodorant sales are at an all time high whilst you all ‘make America great again’ in your own special way. Me? I like Trump. I like Haslam. I think your Governor is great. I don’t like gay people either. I love guns. I don’t think you’re really a person if you make less than one hundred thousand dollars a year. I agree with you all for voting for him. Good job! Yay rich white straight people! I love this state. Gives me a chubby.”
They don’t really boo or cheer. They’re thinking. Tony is a thought-provoking guy. By now, Ric Greene has already left the ringside area.
CHU: ”Now that Ric’s gone, I can give you a sneak peek at what’s coming. Four of the hottest Octane stars are going to come together. They’re going to make their presence known on the next episode and it’s going to be outstanding. You will want to buy the t-shirts. I promise. What’s the most exciting part? I’ll be at the helm of this little group and I’ll be the one you get to listen to go on and on about how great they, you, and America is! I love it! I’m so excited too, to have a client who isn’t already looking for an exit.”
‘Les Os’ by The Unicorn hits as Tony exits the ring and makes his way to the exit.

Cutting elsewhere in the back, we come across Kaz Bonham putting on the last part of her makeup. She acknowledges the camera with a weak smile, looking at it in the mirror. Tonight, she’s looking more over-the-top 80s than usual. Her hair? Big. Her scrunches? Neon colored. Her makeup in progress? 100% Bowie-fied. The biggest match of her career and she more than looked the part.
BONHAM: “You know, y’all, I had this big speech in mind. I was gonna stand here and tell y’all that I’m ready for this match…that I’m ready to go out there and beat Laughlin. But shoot, the moment y’all rolled up…my mind went blank. Those butterflies? They came rushin’ right back and now I’m just waitin’ until my music hits. I’m waitin’ for the biggest match of my career. The most violent match of my career.”
A nervous laugh from Kaz.
BONHAM: “I don’t know what’s gonna happen when my music does hit…I just hope I’m ready to move. Because I know Laughlin won’t be waitin’ for me. All my Bonham Care Bears…my family and friends, they ain’t gonna wait for me. They’ll want me at my absolute best and time is startin’ to wind down, y’all. Like, it’s go time! I came to this arena ready to fight and right now? I’m ready. As ready as one can be headin’ into something like this, but…I’m ready.”
Almost on cue, Kaz finishes what’s left of her paint before turning around and greeting the camera with a bigger smile this time.
BONHAM: “I’d say I hope Laughlin is ready too, but I know he is. He’s ready to rip me to shreds, y’all. And honestly, can you blame him? This match ain’t designed for me. It ain’t some rad match where we’ll be doin’ aerobics or something. No…it’s a barbed wire steel cage match, y’all! You can’t stand there and tell me that I’ve got any odds in my favor…and you know? Despite all that, despite how terrifyin’ this match is…I reckon I’m gonna be alright.”
Kaz nods; trying to look as confident as one can be given the situation.
BONHAM: “I had weeks to be scared, but not anymore. Nervous? Yeah. Anxious? You betcha. But scared? That ain’t me. And y’all can call me a fool otherwise. Y’all can think that I’m walkin’ right into my own death, but as long as my pulse is still beatin’, as long as I got a fire still burnin’ inside me…I ain’t givin’ up. See, my fight don’t end until that bell rings and shoot…it might not even end there tonight. When I joined Octane, I made a promise to myself.”
Her smile fades away for a moment as a look of determination replaces it.
BONHAM: “A promise sayin’ that I wasn’t gonna let anyone stop me. The only person tonight who says when this match is over? Is me. I ain’t gonna make this easy on Laughlin, he knows that. He may not wanna admit that some hillbilly Bigfoot huntin’ valley girl is gonna test his limits…but that’s, like, the truth! I’m steppin’ out to that cage abomination with just one goal in mind, y’all…”
A slight smirk forms on her face as she holds up her index finger.
BONHAM: “The Octane Championship. That’s why we’re all here. That’s what we’re fightin’ for. Tonight’s the night to not only show why we’re the best in 4cw…but tonight’s the night to show why we’re the best in ALL of wrestlin’! I’m honored and blessed to be where I am tonight. And I ain’t gonna disappoint. I promise that. Y’all have put this much faith into me so far, I ain’t gonna let y’all down. I certainly ain’t lettin’ Laughlin down either.”
She shakes her head and stares into the camera.
BONHAM: “So let’s go out there and do what we do best. Graps, baby! We’re gonna go out there, we’re gonna bleed for that Octane Championship, and it’s gonna be rad! And only one of us is gonna walk out that cage…well, maybe. But one of us is leavin’ with the Octane Championship…and here in my home state of Tennessee? I got a lot of people out there hootin’ and hollerin’ for me, Laughlin. Tonight’s about them. Winnin’ the Octane Championship tonight? It’s for them. And y’all? I like my odds.
Despite everything going against her favor, Kaz does sport a genuine smile and look of confidence.
BONHAM: “Let’s get it!”
She fist pumps before arching back for her Bigfoot howl and walks off the frame as the scene fades to elsewhere in the building.


TAYLOR: “It’s finally time for the Feets Champion to defend his title, well aren’t we in for a treat.”
LAWSON: “Well I can certainly sense the sarcasm in that, have some respect. Playing with Amanda Cortez’s feet takes… great dedication and a strong stomach.”
CAMPBELL: “Don’t make me lose my lunch right now, that’s a horrible visual.”
POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IGNITION Championship! On his way to the ring and hailing from Philadelphia, P-A… this issssss RIC GGRREEEENNEE!!!”
“Hallelujah” hits as, without much fanfare or theatrics, Ric Greene walks out of the entrance. He’s wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled down, just about completely shadowing his face. He walks down to the ring slowly as Leonard Cohen puts the fans to sleep.
CAMPBELL: “Are we not entertained right now?”
LAWSON: “I really hope that’s sarcasm right now.”
Ric makes his way to the ring and slowly climbs the ring steps. Before entering the ring, he pulls off his hoodie and tosses it to the side, careful to not let a fan catch it, because that goddamn hoodie is his favorite. He slides through the middle and top ring rope and goes to his corner. The music slowly fades away and the fans wake up while Mr. Greene stretches in the corner, careful to not give a fuck.
TAYLOR: “Sooo generic… at least American Tommy will bring some life out here.”
LAWSON: “There is nothing more satisfying than watching him fail at doing a spell.”
“Best Song Ever” by One Direction blares from the arena speakers which sends the audience into a hysteria of excitement at the unique wrestler making his way out. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and Golden Snitches drop from the ceiling as our savior of wizardry pushes through the curtains and walks out like he’s just captured the golden snitch while he raises that Ignition Championship into the air with great pride. That satisfaction that glistens in his eyes as he starts down the ramp before he reaches the middle of it to stand there with a bright smile. He waves to the crowd and as he makes his way down to the ring, he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it. He’s happy, he’s in a great mood… and then that damn Powers takes it ALL away with those next set of words.
POWERS: “Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois! The FIRST EVER 4CW IGNITION CHAMPION…. AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
Oh HELL no… American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers with the intent to harm, he begins pointing and yelling at the confused announcer who should KNOW better by now but YOOOOLLOOOOO. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from a 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again. He REFUSES to take another step until this is made right.
TOMMY: “Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right or I’ll curse you, muggle!”
Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head, not believing this was a constant thing with them. American Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs almost dramatically and starts speaking again.
POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for the grand wizard of them all. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Hogwarts, USA! HARRY PPOOTTTTEERR!!!”
American Tommy jumps up in glee, clapping his hands. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the ring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises his wand in one hand and the title in the other to the crowd as they do the same to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and places his trusty wand underneath the ring post while Ric Greene just shakes his head at the Ignition Champion and is tempted to call him the Estrogen Champ while the bell sounds to get this match started.

CAMPBELL: “And look at them go! American Tommy is on fire tonight and is looking to retain with that powerful hip toss to Ric Greene.”
TAYLOR: “Seriously? The hip toss has became the Dawn Marie slap of wrestling nowadays.”
LAWSON: “Pretty sure Tommy would rather be viewed as Sable over Dawn Marie. Maybe even Torrie Wilson.”
CAMPBELL: “Umm.. let’s get back on track here, shall we? Anyways, Ric with the spear to take Tommy down and look at Tommy already reaching for his wand.”
American Tommy is cursing up a storm that would make the late Mad-Eye Moody proud as he tries to claw his way towards the turnbuckle for his wind while Greene grabs his ankles and pulls him away. For some reason, this causes Tommy to lose his mind as he begins kicking his legs like crazy at Greene until he finally catches Greene off guard with a foot to the chin which has him losing his grip on Tommy. While Greene stumbles backwards, Tommy scrambles to his feet with a satisfied smile on his face…… until he forgets what he even put in all of that effort to do. Racking his brain, not remembering that he was supposed to go for his wand, he just focuses on dropkicking a charging Greene instead. He pulls Greene to his feet aaaannnnndddd AIRPLANE SPIN! Not sure if Greene is enjoying this though because there is a rumor that he isn’t too fond of heights. Tommy finally puts Greene down but then up he goes again to be put down with an inverted atomic drop. Tommy is grinning from having the upper hand and even shows his delight by grinning into one of the cameras zooming in on his handsome face. Ohhhh you fancy, huh???
TAYLOR: “SOMEONE’S excited tonight.”
LAWSON: “That’s because Amanda bought him a new toothbrush to try on her toes.”
CAMPBELL: “Seriously, I hope Zombie has both of your heads for this. Greene is looking to take Tommy out sidewalk slam and then those stomps to keep Tommy down.”
LAWSON: “Or tire him out. American Tommy is like one of those overly anxious amish women who just had her first kiss with Billy Joe out in the cornfield with how excited he gets.”
CAMPBELL: “That’s errr…. pretty descriptive.”
Greene has successfully injured Tommy with one of those repetitive kicks to the ribs as the poor downed Wizard is now scooting across the ring in an attempt to get away from Greene and to recharge as if he’s a character in a video game. Poor Tommy, there are no magical mushrooms here and you certainly are not Mario. Greene makes it over to Tommy and pulls him to his feet so that he can work him out with those hard strikes to the face and the chest. Snap suplex that puts Tommy down and Greene is feeling it as he punches a fist into the air but doesnt celebrate for long as he puts his game face back on and goes back to taking care of business. But Tommy has had enough and begins to violently fight back, being rewarded a headbutt from Greene to make him calm down but to no avail because AMERICAN TOMMY IS NOT LOSING HIS TITLE TO NOOOOOBOOOODYYYYY, OKAAAAYYYYY???
Greene socks Tommy in the face in an effort to calm him down and then punches him again just because he was ready to end his title reign tonight. Greene quickly remembers Tommy’s injury and begins to work Tommy’s side with a kick to the ribs that has Tommy falling on his knees like every demented Harry Potter fanatic does at night to an American Tommy shrine with his statue dressed up in his fancy schmancy Hogwarts robes. Tommy is crawling away from Greene who grabs for those ankles again but it seems he hasn’t learned his lesson yet from what happened earlier in the match as Tommy begin doing those crazy, wild PLEASE DONT SPANK ME, MOMMY kicks that ends up making Greene stumble back.
TAYLOR: “American Tommy is looking a bit desperate out here tonight.”
LAWSON: “Says the Broken McLaughlin stalker. ”
CAMPBELL: “Tommy might be done for if he doesn’t get it together tonight and Ric Greene is starting to realize that.”
American Tommy goes stumbling back from Ric Greene’s european uppercut and falls into the turnbuckle before pushing himself back fully onto his feet. Tommy is angry, he is fed up as he finally looks around for his wand and grabs it, pointing it at Greene and yelling at him. Greene looks irritated and feels that Tommy is playing games right now because TITLE MATCHES ARE SERIOUS BIDNESS!! Tommy continues trying to curse Greene before becoming fed up, slapping his wand against his leg to see why it wasn’t working before pointing it at Greene again. He yells out another curse annnnnddddd….. nothing happens. Greene is ready to drop Tommy on his head at this point while wondering just HOW many times was Tommy dropped as a baby. Greene advances towards Tommy and comes closer when Tommy decides to use mind tricks since his ‘magical wand’ wasn’t working. He begins pointing at the turnbuckle at Greene and trying to bait him into getting on the turnbuckle, saying he heard a rumor that he’s scared to fly.
Greene believes this to be childish but actually finds himself pulled into an argument with Tommy as the two battle it out verbally on whether or not is Greene afraid of heights. Greene tries to explain to Tommy that he simply can’t do aerial moves off the turnbuckle before realizing that this whole argument was utterly stupid and charges Tommy, who had actually been calculating this and using that argument to draw up a strategy in his head. He ducks and dodges Greene’s swings before waiting for the right moment and… HOGWARTS EXPRESS! BUT OH NO, TOMMY ISN’T DONE, Y’ALL!!!! HE REFUSES to win this day…. and instead gets Greene to his feet and works his specialty on him…. A YOYO TOSS SALAD!!!! He quickly drops onto Greene for the cover.

The bell rings as the RELIEVED American Tommy pulls himself to his feet as the referee holds his hand up high into the air.
CAMPBELL: “He did it! American Tommy successfully retained tonight and is still our 4CW Ignition Champion!”
LAWSON: “Love our female competitors, they have so much spirit.”
POWERS: “Here is your winner and STILLLLLL 4CW Ignition Champion, AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”



TAYLOR: “And now we have come to the main event of tonight’s show, we’re finally getting a look at this barbed wire steel cage and I have to say… well, the only word that comes to mind is insane.”
CAMPBELL: “I don’t know who came up with the phrase barbed wire steel cage, but there’s more barbed wire than cage. That thing is only designed with one purpose… to shorten careers.”
LAWSON: “Rows and rows of barbed wire wrapped around a cage structure. I’d say that if you only have your career shorten tonight, you’re lucky.”
TAYLOR: “Kaz Bonham gets her shot at the Octane Championship in this cage against none other than someone who will shorten your career regardlessly, Bryan Laughlin.”
“Jump” by Van Halen starts to play and the crowd begin to buzz with excitement. The synth picks up and Kaz Bonham steps out from the black curtain with her arms raised up high. Kaz throws some scrunchies into the crowd and waves at various fans. She’s got a big smile on her face as she walks down to the ring, jumping along with the music, and slapping the hands of every fan she can.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, hailing from Watertown, Tennessee… weighing in at one hundred thirty-two pounds… ‘LITTLE BIGFOOT’… KAZ BBOONNHHAAMM!!!”
While normally she would jump into the ring and do all that stuff with the ring ropes, Kaz stops at the entrance to the barbed wire cage looking up at the rows and rows of barbed wire and slowly makes her way to the inside of the ring. She carefully hops up onto the corner turnbuckle trying not to grab the cage wall in the process. Removing her jean vest, Kaz places it down in the corner and turns back, jumping in place as she gets ready for the match to begin.
CAMPBELL: “I think right about now you can tell that Kaz is thinking to herself maybe she should have let Seth Daniels win the number one contender match.”
LAWSON: “How could you not think that?”
TAYLOR: “Kaz isn’t thinking that, enough.”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the OCTANE CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LAUGHLIN!!!”
As he reaches the edge of the ring, the champion hands the Octane championship title to the referee on the outside of the ring. Slowly, Laughlin steps through the door and into the ring waits for the music to fade and staring a hole through his opponent across the ring. Laughlin gives one glance towards the structure and waits to strike.
TAYLOR: “Only two ways to win this match, pinfall or submission. Once that door closes, it will be locked and these two will find out who is the champion of Octane.”
CAMPBELL: “And which one wins a trip to the hospital.”
LAWSON: “All expenses paid. Well, probably.”
TAYLOR: “That door has now been locked, just the challenger and the champion in the ring now.”
LAWSON: “Don’t forget about Larry Collins in there too, guy has got to be getting hazard pay for this job.”
TAYLOR: “There’s the bell!”

Laughlin doesn’t even wait until the third ding of the bell before coming across the ring and unloading on an unsuspecting Kaz Bonham! The Octane champion quickly turning the attack into a beat down as he clubs her across the back with a series of double axe handle smashes each one causing Little Bigfoot to slam against the mat and try to get back up to a vertical position. After the fourth clubbing axe handle, Laughlin backs up and unloads with a kick to Kaz’s midsection causing her to flip over onto her back clutching her ribs in pain. The champion steps back and leaps up stomping down again on those ribs with a double footed stomp!
TAYLOR: “The champion not playing around here, he’s on the attack and already has the challenger reeling.”
CAMPBELL: “But there’s nowhere to reel to.”
LAWSON: “She could always try to escape through the barbed wire like a North Korean deserter.”
TAYLOR: “Wow, that was uncalled for.”
Kaz tries to roll back up to her feet, grabbing for the ring ropes on the inside of the cage wall to try and pull herself back up. Laughlin isn’t having any of that and quickly charges in connecting with a stiff kick right across the shoulder of Kaz! He follows that up with a couple of more stomps which causes Kaz to break her hold on the ropes. Just as soon as she does, Laughlin drops to both of his knees and continues to hammer down upon her with more double axe handle shots. The champion then gets up to his feet and looks towards the barbed wire cage wall, slowly he reaches out grabbing a hold of it and smirks.
CAMPBELL: “Evil thoughts are creeping into the champ’s head right now.”
TAYLOR: “I can only think of what is in store for Kaz at this point. A vicious attack by the champion and now he’s got her in that hellish cage pretty much as his disposal. Think about that, think about being at the disposal of Bryan Laughlin.”
LAWSON: “All you need is a plastic bag and you’ve got one of his nights with Kaelan. Am I right?”
The champion pulls Kaz back up to her feet with little effort he grabs the back of her head and tries his best to smash her face first into the barbed wire cage wall, but to the surprise of the Memphis crowd she is able to put the breaks on by putting her boot on the wall instead! She fires a back elbow into the champ’s midsection which stuns him long enough for her swing behind him…

…dropping the Octane champ to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker! Kaz rolls right back up to her feet as does the champion, she leaps up immediately and connects with a dropkick which causes Laughlin to backup a couple of steps towards the cage wall. Kaz gets right back up and does it again, and again each time bringing the champion closer and closer to going back first into the barbed wire. The crowd buzzing in anticipation as Kaz gets up for a fourth time and charges in at the champion…

…only to have her face, arms and upper body sent flying into the wire cage wall as Laughlin side steps a running knee strike and shoves her from behind! Kaz covers up as she peels herself off of the cage wall.
TAYLOR: “That’s not the way you want to do that!”
CAMPBELL: “The champion suckering in the challenger and just giving her the bullfighter treatment into the cage!”
LAWSON: “She stuck for at least a good five seconds there. That’s some decent barbed wire we’ve got.”
Bonham stumbles around in the ring for only a moment or two before she’s met by the champion once again, this time he hooks her from behind into a full nelson lock. Kaz does all she can to try and escape, and as Laughlin goes to dump her into the corner she is able to slip out and does a forward victory roll with Laughlin!! The referee dives in as she goes for the pin off the counter…

TAYLOR: “Kaz with an incredible counter, but not even getting the two count on the champion before Laughlin powers out of that pin attempt.”
LAWSON: “Normally when a girl sits on my face like that, I give her more than two seconds.”
CAMPBELL: “Give this man a raise, folks!”
Kaz is pushed off and stumbles across the ring into the opposite corner as Laughlin gets back up his feet and charges in after her. Kaz, however, leaps up onto the middle turnbuckle as Bryan approaches and dives off catching him by the neck as the two twist around…

…driving the champion into the mat with a Tornado DDT! Kaz springs up to her feet once again as Laughlin again rolls to a seated position, Kaz charges in and connects with a stiff double dropkick right to the champion’s face!! She goes for the pin attempt, but even before the referee moves to make the count, the champion grabs the bottom ropes.
CAMPBELL: “Great awareness there by the champion, sure he just got punted in the face but he is still able to understand where he’s at and grab the bottom ropes.”
TAYLOR: “The momentum has been fully reversed here, early on we thought that Laughlin was just going to beat the challenger into submission and now its the challenger getting the better of the champion.”
LAWSON: “She’s still got to pin Laughlin or make him submit, I don’t think that’s possible. Especially in a match like this.”
TAYLOR: “We’ll see!”
Just as Rachel says that Kaz pulls Laughlin out of the ropes as she grapevines the legs and quickly flips the champion on over as she locks in a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold!! Laughlin’s arms scramble for the ropes as Kaz sits down as far as possible in the hold. The referee goes to check on Laughlin and the champion shakes him off a couple of times. Laughlin then fires down his arms and pushes himself up as if he was about to attempt an impossible push-up. After a couple of struggles the champion rolls through which breaks the hold from the challenger. Laughlin tries to get back up to his feet, but can hardly stand due to the hold.
TAYLOR: “The champion escaping from Kaz’s Every Cloverleaf Has Its Thorn, but at what price?”
CAMPBELL: “The pressure that hold placed on his legs and back, I’m surprised he can even stand right now.”
TAYLOR: “The challenger nearly falling into the cage wall, but she was able to catch herself before that happened. Regardless, Kaz has been able to weather the storm here so far from the Octane champion.”
Kaz gets back up to her feet just as Laughlin begins to turn around, she charges in at him again leaping up into the air and connecting with a pair of double knees…

…into the cage! Again the champion is able to sucker her in and throws her into the cage again, this time Kaz gets stuck for a moment before she pulls herself off of the barbed wire and stumbles right into a boot to the midsection by the champ! He doubles Kaz over and lifts her up into the air as he charges towards the cage…

…bombing Kaz backfirst into the barbed wire wall!! Kaz sticks this time and unfortunately for her falls between the ropes and the barbed wire! Her back scrapes down the side to the ring as she screams out in pain from the impact and metal slicing her flesh.
LAWSON: “…and Laughlin has a boner.”
TAYLOR: “Oh god.”
LAWSON: “Yeah, yeah… he just mouthed that.”
CAMPBELL: “Kaz Bonham might be trapped between the cage and the ropes!”
Laughlin charges in and unloads with a running knee strike which smooshes Kaz up against the cage wall and digging the barbs deeper into her back. Kaz yells out in pain as blood drips from her back, Laughlin pulls her through the ropes which causes some her hair to be stuck and ripped out in the wiring of the cage. Laughlin pulls her right back up to her feet and lifts her up into a fireman’s carry position.
TAYLOR: “We know what this means…”
The Memphis crowd begins to buzz because they know what it means too. Laughlin goes for the spin, but Kaz is able to grab a hold of the cage wall with both hands and as Laughlin slings her she leaps up on the cage to safety. The Octane champion looks a little confused as Kaz begins to climb upwards and away from him.
TAYLOR: “With each rung she’s grabbing onto that barbed wire is digging into the palm of her hands. But Kaz is trying to get some separation between her and the champion right now.”
CAMPBELL: “The damage being done to her hands is nothing compared to what already has been done to her back.”
TAYLOR: “Any comment from you, Joe?”
LAWSON: “I’m letting the scene paint a picture for me right now.”
Bryan goes to grab Kaz by her feet, but the challenger is able to avoid his grasp and that forces Laughlin to go up and after her as well. Laughlin squeezes his hands around the barbed wire wrapped cage and goes up and after her. The two make their way up the side of the cage carefully placing their hands and feet on the rails that make up the support structure of the cage, Laughlin tries to grab at her again, but Kaz fights him off with a couple of kicks until the two are equally up on the side of the cage. Kaz let’s go with one of her hands and begins to punch towards the champion, Laughlin does the same. The crowd begins to stand up in anticipation.
TAYLOR: “We knew this match had a good chance of injuring one of these two, and now it looks like we are about to witness the moment when that happens here! Kaz Bonham and Bryan Laughlin find themselves high above the ring dangling from a barbed wire cage trading shots back and forth.”
LAWSON: “Oddly enough, this was like my last trip to Mexico.”
CAMPBELL: “One of them is going to take the fall here, this cannot last much longer.”
The Tennessee native, Kaz, begins to look like she’s about to slip but then she grabs a string of the barbed wire from atop of the cage and yanks it outwards wrapping it around her fist. A couple of shots to Laughlin’s face follows this up which cuts him open there on top of the cage, Kaz then grinds the barbed wire into his eyes which causes him to let go…

…dropping from the cage to the mat below!! The crowd goes nuts as Kaz unwraps her hand from that wiring and begins to climb down after the champion.
CAMPBELL: “Yeah, but she’s got to climb down this structure to do that and right now that’s nearly impossible.”
LAWSON: “Oh just jump already.”
Kaz lines up the champion from her position on the cage and looks out towards the Memphis crowd who all cheer her on, she leaps outwards from the cage getting from all the barbed wire and points the elbow outwards as she falls towards the mat and the champ…

…who moves out of the way of Kaz’s elbow drop!! Through the blood covering his face, Bryan Laughlin still was able to move out of the way and Kaz elbow drops the canvas! Both challenger and champion lay there motionless for a couple of moments.
TAYLOR: “Kaz went for the elbow drop and the champion moves out of the way!!”
CAMPBELL: “Just running on instinct at this point, I’d imagine. These two have put each other through the ringer and now they’re just running on fumes.”
LAWSON: “Speaking of which, this is a good time to remind the kids at home not to eat Tide pods.”
Slowly Bonham pulls herself up using the ring ropes, her back is bloodied as are her hands but yet she presses on after missing that elbow drop. Laughlin is equally bloody, mostly from his face, as he begins to just will himself back up to his feet before Kaz can fully get back up to her feet. Just as she turns towards back where he is standing Laughlin charges forward with a running boot…

…which Kaz moves out of the way of!! Laughlin’s momentum carries his leg through the barbed wire cage in the process!! The Memphis crowd gives a huge gasp as Laughlin pulls his leg back out through the wire cage wall in great pain and agony. From behind Kaz rips a piece of the barbed wire loosened by that misplaced kicked and spins Laughlin around wrapping it around his neck!!
TAYLOR: “Oh my! She’s hanging the Octane champion with that barbed wire!! This match has certainly started to get out of hand.”
LAWSON: “You never know, Laughlin could have requested this.”
TAYLOR: “Kaz Bonham wrapping that wire around the champion’s throat, you can see where it is just digging on the skin of his neck.”
CAMPBELL: “This is going to shorten a career, no doubt about it.”
With Laughlin standing there stuck and nearly strung up by the barbed wire tied around his neck. As he struggles to get it free, Kaz backs up and charges towards the cage wall, she leaps up..

…connecting with a double footed dropkick right to the chest of the Octane champion which pushes him up further against the barbed wire in the process!! Cuts on his back begin to spill blood as Kaz backs up for a second time and charges in again, this time she throws her whole body towards Laughlin.

…smashing into the Octane champion and he in turn smashing into the barbed wire cage for a second time!! Laughlin nearly goes limp in the process, his body that is, as he springs off the cage and the barbed wire digs deep on his throat. Kaz snaps the wire off and Laughlin stumbles forward, falling to his knees near the middle of the ring.
TAYLOR: “Kaz Bonham showing a vicious side here.”
CAMPBELL: “When you’re trapped in a barbed wire cage with Bryan Laughlin, you’re going to need a vicious side or else you’ll end up at the bottom of a well having to put lotion from a basket on for the rest of your days.”
LAWSON: “The man has a point.”
Kaz waits for Laughlin to stand back up and boots him right in the midsection and hooks the champion into a standing headscissors lock, this gets the crowd to their feet as they know that something big’s about to happen. Kaz looks to lift up the champ, but Laughlin blocks it by dropping to a knee in defense, Kaz lifts for a second time, but this time Laughlin counters with a double leg takedown!! The Octane champion then rolls backwards and catapults Kaz…

…right into the barbed wire cage! She stumbles off the spring and right into a massive right hand by the champion knocking her to the mat. A very bloody Bryan Laughlin limps over towards the cage wall and grabs a hold of one of the loose strands of barbed wire, which he then proceeds to wrap around his hand!!
LAWSON: “Uh oh. Someone got a bad idea.”
TAYLOR: “The champion is dangerous enough, but now add to the fact that he’s got a strand of barbed wire around his fist and he’s downright deadly.”
CAMPBELL: “This right here is what they based the entire Saw movie franchise on.”
He finishes wrapping his hand tight just in time as Kaz stands back up in the ring and as she turns around he unloads with a haymaker right hand which just rips rip through her forehead!! He follows this up with another shot which drops the challenger to the mat, her face already sliced open from the first blast begins to bleed profusely. Laughlin backs up a couple of steps and climbs up into the corner, the Memphis fans know this one well, Laughlin leaps from the corner…

…dropping the barbed wire wrapped fist across her face from the second ropes!! Laughlin rolls the leg and pushes the wrapped fist down across her face for the cover, the referee slides in and makes the count.

TAYLOR: “The challenger gets the shoulder up at the last moment! Kaz is showing some pure will to keep on going here tonight. After all those shots to the face, wow.”
LAWSON: “If you want to be the champ, you’ve got to survive nights like this.”
TAYLOR: “That’s the first non-smart ass comment you’ve made in about two months Joe.”
Laughlin doesn’t seem too happy that she kicked out, and instead of following up with an attack he takes a moment and unwraps the wire from his hand as he attempts to wipe some of the blood from his eyes. Kaz, in the meantime, slowly begins to get back up to her feet, unfortunately for her Bryan Laughlin has been waiting for her to do this and the moment she turns around he shuffles his feet…

…and unloads with a superkick right to her jaw!!
LAWSON: “The Best Superkick Ever!”
TAYLOR: “Right square to the jaw.”
CAMPBELL: “Laughlin needs to cover her up, go for the pin here.”
Laughlin rolls over the body of Kaz Bonham and sits on her back as he hooks the arms and pulls her head back up right into a camel clutch!! If this isn’t enough, Laughlin pulls even further back as he turns the clutch right into a dragon sleeper hold!! The crowd pops because they know that this the end.
TAYLOR: “Stretchem! This move has ended many of matches over the career of Bryan Laughlin!”
CAMPBELL: “Not good, not good at all if you’re a Bonham fan.”
The referee checks in on Bonham, but she yells no as she also screams out in pain. Laughlin just continues to rock further back into the hold. Bonham tries to scramble for the ropes and the two fight for position, but Laughlin never breaks the hold and Bonham begins to fade out. First, her arms slow down fighting the hold, then she stops screaming.
TAYLOR: “The challenger refusing to give up here, she’s continuing to fight here.”
CAMPBELL: “How many title shots do you get? Not many, and when they come by you’ve got to give everything you’ve got to try and capture that gold. Pain? You’ve got to put that in the back of your mind, you’ve got to fight as long as there is life in your body.”
LAWSON: “All this and more in Chris’ new book How to survive barbed wire bukkake’ coming out this spring.”
TAYLOR: “Kaz is fading fast here, those arms are going motionless and the referee is going to have to check on her now.”
The referee holds up the one arm of Kaz and drops it, he turns and counts ONE loudly! He then lifts up her arm a second time and drops it which then prompts him to count TWO towards the crowd. The Memphis crowd stands waiting for the third attempt and sure enough the referee goes to lift up Kaz’s arm for a third time, but this time she uses the discarded piece of barbed wire in the ring and uses it to scrape directly down the face of Laughlin!! From the pain he lets go of the dragon sleeper and covers up in pain.
TAYLOR: “What a counter! Kaz Bonham got Laughlin in the face with that barbed wire and he breaks the hold!”
CAMPBELL: “She got him in the eyes! Laughlin’s been blinded!”
LAWSON: “Revved up like a deuce!”
Laughlin stumbles around the ring for a little bit as Kaz pulls herself back up to her feet trying to suck in as much wind as possible and getting her skin back to a normal color, other than the blood covering it. Laughlin continues to cover his eyes, which gives Kaz the opening she needs and she unloads with a dropkick across Laughlin’s back which sends him into the barbed wire once again. This time, however, Kaz charges in from behind and hooks on her own dragon sleeper hold!! The two tumble backwards and to the mat as Kaz grapevines her legs around the Octane champion’s waist!
TAYLOR: “Sasquatch Sleeper!!”
CAMPBELL: “She’s got it locked in tight with nowhere to go for the champion!”
TAYLOR: “Could we be witnessing a dethroning of the Octane champion here tonight?”
Laughlin screams out in pain, his face covered in blood which continues to drip from his face as Kaz wrenches back on the sleeper hold. The referee checks on Laughlin, he shakes his head no over and over again as he tries to free himself as well. The two begin to slide towards the ring ropes, Laughlin’s face just continuing to leave a trail of blood behind.
LAWSON: “Redd’s going to hate cleaning that much blood up.”
CAMPBELL: “Laughlin going for the ropes, but Kaz is fighting back.”
Just as Laughlin’s fingers reach for the ropes, Kaz is able to pull him back just enough and Laughlin hits the mat. Slowly, Laughlin cannot seem to move his arms around much, his head begins to drop down as the fight leaves his body. The referee picks up his arm once and drop its, and counts ONE loudly! The crowd begins to count along. He picks up the champ’s arm a second time and drops it, counting TWO loudly! The referee goes to lift up his arm for a third time and…

As Laughlin’s arm hits the mat again the crowd screams “three”. The referee calls for the bell as Kaz breaks the hold.

CAMPBELL: “Laughlin never tapped, he passed out from the blood and the sleeper.”
TAYLOR: “What an incredible ending to this insane match, Kaz Bonham gets Bryan Laughlin to pass out and she is the now the Octane champion.”
“Jump” by Van Halen begins to play out over Minglewood Hall here in Memphis as a bloody and tired Kaz Bonham drops to both her knees in complete and utter disbelief as the referee raises her hands up in victory! The crowd pops as she tries to get back up to her feet, but there isn’t enough strength left for her to do so, however, the door to the cage opens up and another referee hands the Octane championship title belt over to the new champ.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner and new 4CW Octane Champion… KAZ BBOONNHHAAMM!!!”
LAWSON: ”There you have it ladies and gentlemen, that’s it for Holy Grail!”
TAYLOR: ”This was a nasty match from start to finish and believe it or not, we have a new Octane Champion folks!”
CAMPBELL: ”This entire night was exciting and I’m really looking forward to the events to follow.”
LAWSON: ”I’m looking forward to getting away from the Cabarrus Arena for a change and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”
TAYLOR: ”You heard it here. Tonight’s stop in Tennessee wasn’t just a one time deal. We’re going to be traveling the state in the upcoming shows, bringing the Octane action outside of North Carolina.”
CAMPBELL: ”I’m looking forward to it all but I don’t know how much country music I can handle.”
LAWSON: ”Suck it up Chris! It’s time to go to the bar and get smashed while listening to inbred’s awfully sing karaoke.”
TAYLOR: ”This sounds… fantastic!”
CAMPBELL: ”For you maybe, but not me. Let’s call it a night and get this over with.”
LAWSON: ”You heard the man. Be sure to catch us in two weeks at Octane folks. We’ll see you then!”
TAYLOR: ”Goodnight and thanks for joining us.”
CAMPBELL: ”Signing off!”