OCTANE E15 (135)


The picture opens to an overhead shot from inside the Ryman Auditorium as “1000hp” by Godsmack blares throughout the building. Panning the crowd, the camera focuses on various signs held by the Tennessee folk.

The music then comes to an abrupt end as the building is left in nothing but silence. A few moments pass before the crowd begins to stir, wondering exactly what is going on.
“Odd Look” by Kavinsky/The Weeknd hits as the lights in the arena go out. The music continues to thump, but once it’s to the chorus, lights pierce the darkness and center on the ring where The Unfuckwithable Mr. Greene is standing. In his fist is a microphone, and that fist raised to the heavens and his head is hanging low. The big screen lights up with videos of alt right matches, police brutality, Donald Trump speaking, and cuts to rioting. The fans are mostly fat and redneck as fuck so they don’t really get it, but they’re already considering boycotting Octane because freedom of speech is on display.
How dare he.
The music dies away as the lighting returns to normal. Ric raises his head and pulls the microphone to his lips.
GREENE: ”Change is cyclical. The shit goes back and forth. We were in a better place than we are today, nearly a year ago. Each and every day I wake up and go to the news, I see more fucked up shit. It’s so bizarre that the Onion is getting ready to file chapter eleven because they can’t compete with the ridiculous headlines we’re seeing I-R-L. All you complacent mother fuckers don’t seem to realize that we’re all swirling the same toilet bowl. We’re all in this together, but you don’t seem to, or seem to want to make a difference. You’re worshiping the shit you can buy and you’re ignoring the price hikes on the shit, daily. You blind fucks couldn’t afford a tank of gas, yet you’re thinking about the Lambo. Hell, half y’all biscuits and gravy eating cousin-fuckers couldn’t pack your big ass into a Lambo.”
Ric shakes his head.
GREENE: You’re programmed. Wake the fuck up. Me? I’m never going to get over in this fucking place because I’ll be held down. I’m fine with that. You can throw me to the wolves in an opening match, but you can’t take my voice away. Y’all going to hear it, whether you like it or not. The President can’t stop me, no matter how fast that fat fuck thumb types. None of you can stop me.”
Ric Greene is interrupted as Seth Daniels steps through the entrance with microphone in hand.
DANIELS: ”Woah woah woah, Greene.”
Seth makes his way down the ramp to the ring and climbs the ring steps and joins Ric in the ring.
DANIELS: ”Where the fuck do you get off thinking you can come out here and say the shit you’re saying? Do you really think these people want to hear this?”
GREENE: ”Of course they don’t. None of y’all want to hear it.”
Ric and Seth are nearly face to face in the center of the ring.
DANIELS: ”It’s perfectly acceptable for the alt right to march with hardware store bought tiki torches, but as soon as you step out into the spotlight and start saying the shit you’re saying, people turn the channel.”
GREENE: ”Of course they do. They don’t want to hear the truth. They want to sit back and pretend that NASCAR doesn’t burn fossil fuels we don’t have and further pollutes the environment. They don’t want to think about that nuclear power plant in Japan leaking gallons of nuclear waste into the sea right now, polluting their McFish or whatever the fuck they’re gobbling down at McDonalds. They just want to fill their stomachs with garbage and their homes with meaningless belongings. Mindless fucking sheep.”
DANIELS: ”Well you’re out of your fucking mind if you think it’s alright for you to come out here and spout off about all this shit alone. Completely out of your mind, if you think you’re doing this… Alone.”
Ric turns his attention back to the fans who are now listening because there’s a man out there with a similar flesh tone. That token white boy.
GREENE: ”There’s a new culture ready to take off at the Four Corners. Octane will be our platform to turn the volume up on the voice of this minority state.”
Seth addresses the fat, sweaty and disgruntled crowd.
DANIELS: ”I get it. I’ve got a different viewpoint than all those rich white people in Washington. Did you know that only two states, Maine and Vermont, do not infringe upon your right to vote depending upon incarceration? Did you know that the US makes up about five percent of the world’s population, but accounts for twenty-one percent of the world’s prisoners? And did you know that just north of fifty percent of prisoners in the US are African American and Hispanic? Look at you toothless fucking bumpkins! Of course you didn’t. And you don’t care. I’ve spent chunks of my life incarcerated and in rehab. I’ve met some good people too. Guy named Javier I talked to, he had this great vision for a way to improve homeless shelters to make them more like hotels than mess halls. I think it might’ve worked too, if he hadn’t been beaten to death by a white guard one night for ‘looking at him funny.’ Oh, and in my state of Arizona, I can’t vote while incarcerated, while on probation, or in rehab, and then once my time is done, I still have to say pretty please. Minorities are prosecuted more harshly than people with my skin color. I know what they’re going through and it’s fucking disgusting. All you fucking hillbillies in the crowd don’t give a shit. I’m sure plenty more in that dressing room are right there with ya. But now, we’re going to make you care. You’re out of your fucking mind, Ric, if you think you’re doing this alone. Consider this me adding my token white voice.”
Seth stands beside Ric and puts his hand on Ric’s shoulder. Ric raises his fist, holding the mic, one more time. The gesture is reminiscent of Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long placing his hand on safety Malcolm Jenkins’ shoulder during pregame protests.
GREENE: ”We aren’t doing this alone. To put it in terms y’all hicks can understand, we’re circling the wagons.”
The fans are triggered now as a full 60oz cup of sugared diabetes causing soda zips right over Ric’s shoulder, peppering his jacket with liquid.
A man steps out of the crowd and over the guardrail. It’s Zeel Park. He’s wearing a medical mask over his nose and mouth, either because he can’t stand breathing southern air, or he’s still getting over the flu. Either way. Stinks in here.
Zeel enters the ring and confronts both Ric and Seth.
PARK: ”I stole that soda from that fat dude over there with the MAGA hat.”
Both Seth and Ric look into the crowd and say, simultaneously:
GREENE: ”Which one?”
DANIELS: ”Which one?”
PARK: ”The one with no legs in the scooter. He’s crying right now, I think. I didn’t throw the soda at you to make a point, though. Just seemed like the thing to do, to be honest. Would have had more of a specialized kind of impact if it were a smoothie, but these people don’t drink shit that can be healthy, my guys.”
DANIELS: ”Wait, are we going to lecture them on healthier living?”
PARK: ”Nah, I don’t wanna lose the crowd completely. But as you can see, I’m here and I’ll stand with you guys. I’ve got nothing else going on and lets be real, it’s kind of boring around here either way”
GREENE: ”You stand with us; you stand against the nation. You ready for that?”
Park shrugs; pulling down his mask, a smile on his face as he begins to put his own word out; more unsure with his direction the more he moves on.
PARK: ”I’m going to be honest, I don’t watch the fucking news and I never voted once in my entire life. I don’t know anything about statistics, and I couldn’t tell you shit that has been going on in the world except for a few Hollywood stars being called out as diddlers.”
Zeel’s eyes narrows in thought as he rubs at his chin.
PARK: ”Matter of fact, I think some people out there are kneeling as a form of protest for the visibility of African American lives affected by the modern lack of racial equality. However, those events and displays aren’t directly linked with the industry in which I decided to waste my time, so with it’s lack of direct significance, I’ve actively chosen not to pay attention.”
And everyone seems surprised by Zeel’s words and etiquette, Greene looking as if he’s going to argue that Zeel’s purposely turned blind eye is part of the overall problem. Zeel’s waves them all off though.
PARK: ”But come on, though, broki. I gots fucking bills to pay and I can’t be getting wrinkles over every little thing. That was a joke, I’m asian. We don’t get our wrinkles until we’re ghosts. Fun fact.”
Zeel grins and shakes his head, looking to get back on track.
PARK: ”So, I’m not out here to lecture anyone. I’m a New York deadbeat; that’s just trailer trash for the east coast, honestly. Nah, I’m out here because there’s nothing I like better than a squad of people trying to bring down the man. I’m going to pretend that I didn’t understand shit yall was saying earlier, and just say that I know for sure there’s going to be some deep fights with this shit.”
Zeel brings Daniels and Greene close with a pull of both hands.
PARK: ”Ya boy has been waiting for it to get interesting, so you can count me in for sure. Real quick, come here, hold me up, bros.”
Zeel jumps up, using the taller men as leverage to get his feet off of the ground and bring them both in for a comrades embrace. They both roll their eyes as Zeel looks around.
PARK: ”So, this is what it’s like to be tall. Crazy shit. Alright.”
Zeel jumps down, stepping back to look at the both of them.
PARK: ”Did you see that? That’s what we call teamwork. We’re on the same page alright, good shit.”
Before anyone can say another word, “Lady Venom” by Swollen Members hits the PA system like a ton of bricks and out steps Adaya Duncan. All three men in the ring turn their collective attention to her as the music dies away, Adaya holds her mic to her lips.
DUNCAN: ”Don’t the three of you make an adorable trio. I’ve been watching in the backstage area and I couldn’t help but want to come out…”
Zeel interrupts.
PARK: ”Should I know who that is?”
Seth whispers through the mic.
DANIELS: ”Adaya Duncan”
Zeel furrows his brow, still not sure who it is.
GREENE: ”You wanted to come out here and…what?”
DUNCAN: ”What do you think you’ll accomplish by saying words most of these people don’t understand?”
GREENE: ”They’re forced to pay attention thanks to Daniels. He’s established and let’s be real, he’s white. No offense, bruh.”
DANIELS: ”None taken.”
GREENE: ”Park makes us unpredictable.”
PARK: ”I do? I mean… Yeah, yeah I do. All of the unpredictable, broki.”
DUNCAN: ”Oh yeah? Well, what does Mr. Greene bring to the group?”
GREENE: ”Me? Fuck. I’m just the one who’s very-very pissed off.”
DUNCAN: ”Sounds like you have a rough outline. Maybe you’ll need someone to smooth the edges.”
DANIELS: ”We’re going to need all the help we can get.”
DUNCAN: ”Your level of confidence has me wet right now.”
Duncan cocks her head to the side as she considers it…
DUNCAN: ”I’m in.”
PARK: ”Wait a fucking second, we’re just going to ignore the fact that she said she wet right now? Or was that sarcastic? Either way, I’m not down anymore guys, I have this Dominican chick back at home and she doesn’t want me around any ho-”
Greene cuts Zeel off.
GREENE: ”We’re the minority state.”
DUNCAN: ”Strength through unity. Unity through Faith… blah blah blah. I’ll leave that type of talk to Trump’s teleprompter. What we have here is a pretty solid idea, and ideas, my boys, are bulletproof, or something. Minorities of 4CW… Unite!”
Adaya makes her way down to the ring as Ric turns his attention back to the crowd who is booing quite loudly.
GREENE: ”Octane’s our platform and you’ve got no choice but to listen. Some of you are going to get it; some of you won’t. Doesn’t matter. Minority State will change your mind, or knock you the fuck out. Your choice.”
With that said, the four stand together in the ring. United. The camera cuts to black, right before a logo flashes on the screen:

Opening up to the back, the camera shines on the Octane Champion herself, Kaz Bonham. There’s a huge, beaming smile on her face as she takes a look at the championship resting on her shoulder. As she looks at the belt, Kaz pinches herself just to make sure she isn’t dreaming before looking back at the audience.
BONHAM: “The Octane Championship. Still doesn’t feel real, y’all. Even after lookin’ at the belt and holdin’ it in my hands. Winnin’ this belt back at Holy Grail goes to show that hard work pays off. If you chase a dream long enough, you’ll get it. You hear that, Bigfoot?! I’ll find you next!”
Kaz shakes her fist in the air before realizing where she’s at and what she’s doing; turning back to the camera with an embarrassed smile.
BONHAM: “Ahem…as I was sayin’, the Octane Championship proves to me that no challenge is too difficult. When I was steppin’ into that cage, I thought I didn’t have a chance, but I knew I’d fight until there was nothing left. I made a promise to my Bonham Care Bears that I wouldn’t give up. And, like, it totally worked! I had the match of my life against one of the biggest, baddest monsters I’ve ever seen…and I came out holdin’ his Octane Championship.”
On cue, Kaz readjusts the championship on her shoulder to bring attention to it.
BONHAM: “Which is now my rad Octane Championship! But it ain’t over yet. Because Retrograde is just around the corner and I’ll be meetin’ Laughlin one more time for this belt. I have no doubt in my mind that this rematch is going to be just as brutal as the first. Heck, it’s probably going to be worse! But I’ll be ready for it. I’ve taken down this monster before…and I’ll do whatever it takes to do it again, y’all.”
A confident nod and smile from the champ.
BONHAM: “Which makes tonight super important! Not only to I get to team up with my absolute best friend QT Reese…I’m facin’ Bryan and Kaelan Laughlin. It’s almost surreal that I’ll be wrestlin’ Kaelan tonight! How gnarly is that? Watchin’ her fight and fight despite bein’ knocked down…that was the inspiration I took headin’ into Holy Grail. That was the inspiration that made me want to come to Octane in the first place.”
Kaz is all smiles as she shows the utmost respect for Kaelan.
BONHAM: “Kaelan showed me that no fight was too big or too difficult…I figured if she could keep risin’ up after bein’ knocked down…shoot, I could too. But as much as I’d love to just have a normal match with you…I know that ain’t the case. This ain’t just graps…it’s personal. It’s, like, easy to say I hope you don’t hold it against me for takin’ the Octane Championship from your husband, but…I’m sure that ain’t the case. But that’s alright…comes with the territory.”
A nonchalant shrug; all too aware of what’s going to come tonight.
BONHAM: “So it’s just another challenge that we need to overcome. Because I know if I beat Bryan again, I reckon you’ll be on that shortlist of names comin’ at me next. And I know that you’re gonna come out swingin’ tonight. And that’s rad! Honestly, it’s that fire that made me respect you so much in the first place! So I hope there’s no true bad blood between us, but if there is…let’s settle it the only way we know how.”
Kaz’s smile widens at the mention of the main event graps.
BONHAM: “And Bryan? I guess the same goes to you. I know you’re gonna do the same as Kaelan and I know it’s going to be, like, a billion times worse with you! I know you’re gonna want to take me down early so you can start inchin’ your way back toward the Octane Championship…but I ain’t lettin’ that happen. Regardless of what happens tonight? Nothing changes headin’ into Retrograde. Cause at the end of the night?”
She gets unusually serious for a moment as Kaz looks into the camera with a fire burning in her eyes.
BONHAM: “I’m still the Graps Goddess that went into the Devil’s den and beat the Monster King! And when it’s time for Retrograde? I’ll do everything in my power to do it again! Tonight’s just our first dance, y;all. I’m gonna get QT as ready as he can be…and we’re headin’ out there with just one goal in mind.”
BONHAM: “Survive.”
There’s no returning smile to leave everyone with. There’s just a stare knowing she’s stepping into the ring with a king and queen; hoping that QT and her will be enough to bring them down as the camera cuts elsewhere in the building.



Coming out of her corner like a barrel chested sherman Tank Blaise Fader smashed Greene into his corner, absolutely destroying him, catching him off guard. Blaise throws up the V for Victory sign before bending over and wrapping her arms around the midsection of Greene, deadlifting him into the air and delivering one hell of a german suplex. Blaise goes for the pin, but Greene gets his arm up before the referee could even think of counting. This doesn’t discourage Blaise however, he cheeky smile enough to brighten up even the darkest of rooms. She lifts Ric up to one knee, but Greene starts to fight back. Backing up the BBW with a few jabs to her midsection. As Greene gets up to his feet, the onslaught doesn’t stop he keep striking – this time mixing things up a bit, going back and forth between face shots and body blows. He does this until he back Blaise up into the corner, Greene backs up to the middle of the ring for a running start and charges at Blaise, going for a clothesline! But Blaise counters! Grabbing his arm and pushing it back before following up with a rather impressive looking headbutt. She brushes her hair out of her face before charging forward and jumping into the air! Greene’s back hits the mat as Blaise delivers a lou thez press, following up with multiple strikes to the face before until the referee pulls her off of him. As Ric goes to make it up to his feet Blaise sees this as her opportunity bouncing off the ropes and hitting a barely standing Greene with a running big boot, EXOCET! Blaise goes for the cover


Greene gets his shoulder up just at the last second, this discourages Blaise a little bit as she stands up to her feet, reaching down and picking Greene up to his feet. She lifts him up for a body slam, but Greene wiggles out, that slippery bastard. He lands behind Blaise, and when the lady turns around she eats a face full of his fist! Greene socking her with a picture perfect haymaker. He follows it up by booting the lady in the gut, before lifting her up and dropping her with a sidewalk slam. Greene makes sure to push himself up, using Blaise’s body as a base. But not more than a second after he make sit to his feet he drops down with a elbow drop – and repeats the process, not once, not twice, not even three times but four times! Four Elbow drops onto the chest of Blaise Fader. On the last elbow drop he transitions it to a headlock, really sinking it in. The referee asks if Blaise would like to give up, but that girl has no quit she screams out no as she places her hand on the ground and pushes herself up. Greene doesn’t let go of the hold, but to his surprise as Blaise is standing up she grabs ahold of him and lifts him up into the air, slamming him on his back! The two lay there for a few moments, recovering from the war that has gone on in this opening match. They then start to make it up to their feet, Greene makes it up to his feet first, giving him the opportunity to go bolting a Blaise, nearly knocking her pretty little head off with a big boot of his own, Green hooks the leg


Greene, obviously getting frustrated slams his fist down into the mat, before smacking around the face of Blaise Fader a few times. He grabs ahold of her hair and tell her to stay down! He drags her up to her feet by her hair before staring at the staggering behemoth before him, He gives her one good jab to the jaw before sticking her head in between his legs and lifting her up for a powerbomb! But no! Blaise hammer punches his forehead and Greene falls backwards, all of Blaise’s weight landing right on his chest! As Blaise gets to her feet, Greene holds his chest in agony. Fader takes a few moments to catch her breath, staring down at her still recovering opponent. She looks around the arena which bursts with cheers and applause! Blaise points down to Greene, signaling the end. With ease she flips him over on his stomach and pulls him up by his hips deadlifting him up in the air, but that slippery Greene is up to his old tricks again, Striking Blaise in the Jaw, giving him just enough time to slip out of her hold and duck in between her cankles! He quickly gets back up to her feet, by the time Blaise turns around she has already been kicked in in midsection! Ric lifts her up and plants her in the ground with a sit-out powerbomb, FLIPADELPHIA! He keeps the hold, going for the pin.


WINNER: Ric Greene


It’s an interesting matchup for the second bout of the evening between two people who literally nobody has any idea what the hell they’re saying whenever they talk. Perhaps mercifully, Zion kept his damn mouth shut in the build up to Bristol Kings first match. But it’s clear from the get go that this isn’t the Zion that’s capable of beating anyone. This is the Zion that would lose to Darryl Walker, and that’s a dude that literally couldn’t even beat a broom but he sure as shit knew whenever Genie was saying anything about him. Hell, he had her name in his mouth even when she wasn’t shitting all over his pathetic existence. What does that have to do with this match? Nothing really other than to emphasize the point that this wasn’t the tolerable version of Zion, but the one who had a habit of getting his ass handed to him all over whatever brand of Four Corners Wrestling he was working for. Bristol, looking to make an impression in her first match on Octane, wasn’t about to let the opportunity to show off slip past her. The problem is, on her resume that she sent in to 4CW describing what kind of moves she was good at, nobody knows what the fuck any of them are. So suffice it to say that she bitch slapped Zion and then beat his ass for a few minutes around the ring.
With Zion down on the ground, cowering and convulsing from the ass kicking he’s taken up to that point, Bristol hits him with a mushroom stomp. Again, nobody knows what the fuck that is but I’m guessing that means that Bristol was stomping on his mushroom tip. Not sure that she’d actually be able to find it but lets just roll with it so we can get through this yeah? Dragging Zion back up to his feet after being lectured by the referee, Bristol whipped him into the ropes and then rebounded off the other ropes. On the return she leapt into the air and caught him with Round T’Corner. A quick cover only got her a two count but that’s because Zion coughed really hard from hitting the mat and his shoulder just happened to come up at the right time. Otherwise it would have been a three. Ready to put the match away, Bristol positioned him exactly where she needed him to be and then wrapped things up with GET PROPER, covering as the referee slid in and counted the one, two and three.
WINNER: Bristol King via Pinfall (7:13)


“Seven Enemies” By Hatebreed blares over the speaker system, as the audience erupts in a sea of boos. From out of the back comes Jeb Fisher, Bob not at his side. But what he did have was both of the 4CW Tag-Team Championships. One was around his waist and the other was set on his shoulder. Jeb stood on top of the ramp, the cockiest of grins on his face as he looked around the arena. He let his tongue extend out over his bottom lip as his grin tightened, being very amused by the way the audience was reacting to him. He slightly shakes his head before confidently strutting down the ramp.

Jeb makes his way to the ring and slides the belt on his shoulder into the ring before rolling in himself. He grips his belt and stands back up to his feet, almost instantly holding it up and into the air. He unbuckles the other belt form his waist and holds it up to as he stands in the middle of the ring – showing off his trophies for the world to see. His smile was now wide, showing off his gold plated teeth. He holds them up in the air for a good while, turning to different sides of the audience – making sure that everyone in attendance sees. Finally Jeb brings down his arms, letting the belts rest on his shoulders as he walks over to the corner of the ring – leaning over it and asking for a microphone, his music beginning to die down. With a microphone now in hand he returns to the center of the ring and begins to speak.
FISHER: ” Some of you dipshit fucks may have noticed that Bob Fisher isn’t out here with me tonight. So im gonna start this off by sayin’ you ain’t gonna be seeing that old piece of shit around anymore. Bitch boy seemed to get pretty offended that I socked him in the fucking Jaw at Holy Grail. And honestly? I couldn’t give a fuck. I don’t need anyone saying that Jeb Fisher can’t get the job done without Bob… I can do this shit all on my own, prove that shit later on tonight. ”
The fans give him a little bit of a cheer after hearing about Bob’s departure. But Jeb wasn’t looking for cheers, instead he just looked at them in disgust.
FISHER: ”Y’all can knock it the fuck off with that shit right now. I’m not your friend, not your buddy, not your guy.… I’m not the hero of this shitfest. I didn’t do it for the love of you! No! You people out there haven’t given me jack all!! You haven’t supported me in any way shape or form since I showed up. So I definitely don’t need that faggot ass shit now. Unlike some people, you’re cheers and boos don’t drive me! What drive me is being better than I was yesterday! I’m on a mission to be the very best wrestler, not only on Octane. But in the entirety of 4CW!! Don’t need any of you fools to do that. ”
Jeb adjusts the championships on his shoulders, letting out a slight bit of laughter as the audience turns on him once again.
FISHER: ” Now… I’ve come out here tonight, because there is someone I wanted to talk to and the shit I have to say to him? I need to say it face to face. So Cosmo! Get your pretty boy ass out here right now!”
It takes a bit, but eventually “Lifted” begins to play. Cosmo emerges out on stage, as to not one up Jeb. He isn’t as elaborate on his entrance as usual. He slaps hands with a few fans before he walks up the steps, he wipes his flip flops on the apron before stepping into the ring. The music dies down and there’s a buzz from the crowd as Cosmo steps in front of the man who humbled him, Cosmo gives him a quick nod.
Looking at the man who had gone to war with over the better part of the past three months, Jeb couldn’t help but to smile. Not because at Holy Grail he proved to the world he was better, but because this was the man that pushed him to where he needed to be. Jeb brought the microphone back up to his lips at the audience died down, sitting on the edge of their seats.
FISHER: ” Cosmo Cooper, The hollister terminator! The sungrap kid himself. Last time I seen you, you were laying in the middle of this very ring. I was standing over you holding MY tag-team championships up high in the sky!”
Jeb can’t help but to let out a little bit of laughter, as Cosmo seemingly gets frustrated, going to say something but Jeb cuts him, clearing his throat of laughter and getting back to why he brought Cosmo out here in the first place.
FISHER: ” Calm the fuck down guy, I’m just having a little fun. Me and you? We been through hell and back – We’ve gone to war with each other in both sense of the terms. On opposite sides of the ring, and on the same side. We have single handedly brought back the credibility of Octane, that we lost at Fright Night. Every man, women, faggot, tranny, crackhead, scrub in the world has been talking about the shit we have done inside this ring! Kaz and Laughlin may have been the main event at Holy Grail. But you and me Cosmo? We were like those free dinner rolls hem fancy restaurants give out. Everyone done filled up on us so much so that they could barely even look at their main course. …. Their appetite had been spoiled.
Jeb pauses for a moment, before leaning back and looking over his shoulder
FISHER: ” Someone get this fucking guy a microphone.”
One of the crew members is quick to scramble into the ring, handing Cosmo a microphone before getting the fuck out of there.
COOPER: ”I’m… not gonna lie man. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, and you were the first guy that I felt like I couldn’t put down, like… man… no matter what I did. You were just… better. I’m not gonna’ sit here and lie and say that I’m happy bout it. But yanno, I think I can look back at the end of my career and be happy about what we did with those tag belts, Jeb… I think I really can… And I want everyone in this arena to know. I know how to win, and I know how to lose as well. Jeb Fisher deserves more than he gets here on Octane, and he deserves those tag titles.”
Cosmo puts the mic under his arm and claps for a moment, some of the fans join in, some are still a bit weary of Jeb. Cosmo nods towards him once again. Jeb was eating it up, he had a cocky grin on his face as he adjusted the belts on his arm. He waited for the crowd to die down, which he didn’t have to wait long.
FISHER: ” That’s the thing though Cosmo… Why I brought you out here. Ya’ see pretty boy… When this little pow-wow of ours first got started. These belts weren’t even on my mind, they didn’t mean fuck all when it concerned me and you. I wanted to face you because I knew you was the best…. But I knew I was better. Becoming sole owner of these goddamn belts, shit son that was just a bonus! I appreciate you coming out here and sayin’ all those kind things, but I didn’t call you out here to suck my cock Cosmo. I called you out here to tell you that after Holy Grail, you may not have walked out tag-team champion. But you did walk out with my respect.”
With a loud bang Jeb drops the microphone down to the mat, before turning his head to the belt on his left shoulder. He removes it and holds it in his hand for a few moments, staring into it’s reflective metal. His eyes, then look up to Cosmo, and with just a touch of hesitation he extends his arm – offering the belt to Cosmo.
Cosmo looks at the belt and then looks around at the crowd, he shakes his head for a moment as if he can’t take the belt as the crowd cheers him on, wanting him to take the title from Jeb.
COOPER: ”I can’t do that man… I….”
Before he can say anything else, Cosmo looks around at the crowd. He then looks back at Jeb and a smile comes over his face as he nods a few times.
COOPER: ”You know, Jeb. I’ve never wanted anything handed to me in this business. I’ve worked for everything… but I worked my ass off to get your respect… and you got mine. I’ll go to war with you anytime, Jeb Fisher.”
Cosmo takes the title and nods as he offers his hand to Jeb, who accepts. The two shake hands in the middle of the ring and Jeb raises Cosmo’s hand up into the air. This lasts for a good few moments, leaving the fan in a mix of cheers and boos. Jeb lets go of Cosmo’s wrist and reaches down for his microphone, bringing it up to his lips as he looks at the ramp
FISHER: ”Now that we have gotten that shit taken care of… I want every fairy ass tag-team in the world watching to know one thing. If you try and take these from us? You’re gonna’ get dropped on your fucking head!!
Jeb drops the microphone and glares down the ramp as if he expecting someone to come out, but no one does. The cameras slowly fade away, drifting off into some other bullshit.

We see Tornado Desencadenado backstage. He’s still in his civilian clothes, a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and wherever he’s going he’s headed there at a very brisk pace. A voice from off camera calls to him.
VOICE: “So THERE you are!”
Tornado ceases his power walk and looks to his right. The camera that has been tracking his movement pans in that direction, revealing the person responsible for the earlier declaration: QT Reese. The grappling gadfly has a look that is both smug and accusatory. He taps at his watch.
REESE: “You’re late!”
The Spin Doctor, his face flush with embarrassment, nods apologetically.
DESENCADENADO: “I know. I’m sorry.”
With a chuckle Reese saunters over to his nemesis. He pats his shoulder, as if trying to console him.
REESE: “Care to tell us why?”
DESENCADENADO: “I was stuck in traffic.”
The statement amuses Quarterman. He repeats the excuse.
REESE: “Stuck in traffic. Tut tut tut. Such a SHAME. Guess your GPS wasn’t working, huh, good bud?”
The Newfie Cutie shakes his head in disbelief at Tornado’s supposed bad fortune. Then, his expression changes. His smile vanishes, and his eyes blaze with accusatory fervor.
Tornado, who had guessed this was coming, glares back at Reese.
DESENCADENADO: “There was an accident. You can check-“
But Reese was having none of it. He stepped closer to Tornado and jammed his finger into his chest.
REESE: “Liar. You are a liar. You came in late to avoid the test that I put together at great personal expense that would PROVE you are a liar.”
Chastened more by the fact he has no one to blame but himself to be in this situation than any actual guilt, the Ring Revolutionary makes an offer he hopes will appease his critic who, for the moment, has rightfully seized the moral high ground.
DESENCADENADO: “Look, Reese. I’m sorry I’m late. I will reimburse you for the cost of the lie detector, uh, stuff. But I’m not lying. There was an accident. That’s why I came in late. I’m not ducking you, or your test. Next Octane, I promise, we can get it done.”
For a long time QT doesn’t speak. He folds his arms judgmentally and simply stares at Tornado, who matches his gaze. Finally, he gives his ruling.
REESE: “Five thousand dollars.”
Tornado’s eyes widen and he sets down his bag.
DESENCADENADO: “Five thousand-?!? That’s how much it cost for you set this up!?”
REESE: “I’m adding in a penalty for the inconvenience. You let a lot of people down tonight, Tornado: me, James Walker, the Octane locker room, my father the finest grocer in Newfoundland, the Washington Generals, Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Boney Bob, Cliff, me. So pay up, buttercup.”
The Whirlwind Wunderkind’s eyes narrow, and he looks as though he’d rather punch QT in the face then acquiesce, but once again, he realizes it is his own fault for being in this situation. He reluctantly nods.
DESENCADENADO: “Fine. See me after the show.”
REESE: “Alright, but I will only accept cash. No way I’m taking a check from someone with your reputation.”
Tornado’s expression turns nearly apoplectic. He doesn’t respond, however. He bends down to snatch up his duffel bag and stomps out of the camera shot to change for his upcoming match. Reese, still on screen, waits for Descencadenado to completely leave earshot, and then calmly retrieves his phone out of his pocket. He scrolls down to dial and places the iPhone to his ear.
REESE: ”Buddy from Little White Lie Detectors? QT Reese here. Just calling to confirm the delivery on the sixteenth at the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.”
QT pauses, a frown forming on his face.
REESE: ”Look, I’m SORRY I falsely blamed you today on Twitter. I had to have an out in case my little traffic stunt went south. Trust me, none of my followers are in the market for one of these things, so I severely doubt I’m going to hurt your business.”
He pauses again for a few moments as Buddy responds inaudibly on the other end of the line.
REESE: ”FINE! I’ll throw in an extra hundred bucks. How’s that sound?”
Reese delivers a shit-smeared grin to the camera as he crosses his fingers in plain view, and we fade.


Bourne was getting manhandled all around the ring by Jay like a fresh meat inmate trying to fight for his life in prison, finally getting the upper hand with a desperate dropkick to the face that sent Jay to the mat. Smiling as if he had gotten out of harm’s way, that mini celebration was short lived when Jay sits up on some Michael Myers ish and looks at Bourne as if he couldn’t believe a mere dropkick was going to keep him down. Rising to his feet, Jay doesn’t even get the chance to attack back when Bourne charges him with a big boot and Jay grabs a hold of his foot as he pulls him in closer to lift him into the air and slams him down with a spinebuster. Bourne was on the mat looking like he was born again while Jay kindly assists Bourne onto his feet and sends him running for the ropes with an irish whip. But Bourne quickly grabs onto the ropes to stop himself from bouncing off, grinning at Jay who just shrugs and starts towards him to show him that there are other ways he can do damage to him. Bourne ducks Jay trying to clothesline him over the ropes and instantly elbows Jay in the back of his head to make him fall over the ropes instead. Jay goes over but lands on the apron, pulling himself to his feet when Bourne swings on him and causes Jay to bob and weave out of the way and then knee him in the abdomen through the ropes. Bourne doubles over and stumbles back in which unintentionally giving Jay the opportunity to re-enter the ring.
Charging him like a freight train, Jay takes Bourne down with a shoulder block that probably had all of Jay’s women wet in the panties watching him do massive work in the ring. Bourne begins rolling out of the way on the mat, just rolling anywhere that was the farthest from Jay so that he could actually get onto his feet and be able to make a move without Jay putting him down as soon as he got back up. Jay starts towards Bourne and thats when Bourne quickly dashes forward and lays Jay down with a clothesline. Jay is back onto his feet and back down he goes when Bourne again clotheslines him, trying to play the keep the opponent on the mat card in a way so that Jay wouldn’t get up and try to destroy him. He goes for a third clothesline but ends up tumbling back when Jay dropkicks Bourne right in the face, stopping Bourne’s defense and far from impressed with it too. Bourne is on his feet and is knocked down with a flying arm before being pulled back onto his feet as Jay does his gun taunt right in his face with no remorse, knowing that he had this match in the bag especially since Bourne seemed to be going for desperation techniques instead of just fighting him straight up.
Bourne begins forcing Jay back with a series of punches and kicks, even running for the ropes to bounce back and come speeding back to Jay when Bourne ends up getting Marked and laid out for it like a prostitute ready to make that nightly bankroll. Bourne begins to try to roll away but Jay wasn’t having it as he drags him to the middle of the ring to cover him and is actually surprised when Bourne quickly kicks out a second before the ref can get to three. Rising up, Jay then looks down at Bourne with a cocky grin that Bourne wasn’t saved just yet from a lucky kickout as he grabs for his legs and locks in the sharpshooter. Bourne yelling out in pain seemed to bring such joy to Jay as that cocky grin never leaves his face as his ears beg to hear Bourne pounding the mat like a woman finally using the safe word in bed. Just to ensure Bourne that there was no way he was going to withstand this any longer, he applies much more pressure and Bourne’s hand wavers up and down in the air trying to fight through it but he has no choice but to tap out once the pain becomes too much for him.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Submission (6:35)

Everything is dark except for the sound of the muffled breathing of Adaya Duncan.
DUNCAN: ”Okay! Hold up! Take it off! I can’t breathe in this thing!”
And then there’s light as something is taken off Adaya Duncan’s head. The shot pulls out to a wide to see her standing in an elaborate rigging system standing in the torso of a Xenomorph Alien suit costume from the popular sci-fi franchise Aliens, only with her head, and not the alien head, which one of the many assistants encircling her stands with off to the side having just removed it. She breathes in and out heavily, frustrated.
DUNCAN: ”Dammit. This won’t work. I can’t move my arms, either.”
She demonstrates. Urging the assistants to watch as she tries to move her arm in the xenomorph suit. The black arm barely moves.
DUNCAN: ”See? I can’t fight in this. Get me out.”
It’s disappointment that her assistants carry with them as they begin to remove the rubber tail from her xenomorph costume.
Into this steps Gabriel Hartman who has stopped dead
HARTMAN: ”Uhhhh…”
Adaya turns to see her and gives a grin. Waving her Xenomorph at him, but barely.
DUNCAN: ”Hey Gabe!”
HARTMAN: ”What are you doing?”
DUNCAN: ”Was working on my gimmick before my match. I don’t think this is gonna click with the fans.”
HARTMAN: ”You were going to wrestle in that?”
DUNCAN: ”Key word being ‘was’, Gabe. Technically I was intending to climb up the walls to the ceiling, covered in darkness and hiss at my opponent before scoring the crucial head bite to end the match, and potentially Dee Dee’s career. No big deal.”
They remove the costume suit arms, and legs, letting Adaya step freely with just the Xenomorph torso on as she moves to converse with Gabe.
HARTMAN: ”Still working on your gimmick?”
DUNCAN: ”Yeah. Really thought I had something there. We have assembled in this federation, across two brands, one of the most eclectic assemblages of talents ever witnessed in the wrestling industry and then there’s me. I don’t stand out. So, I thought I could break new ground for 4CW by fighting under the guise of an alien.”
HARTMAN: ”Why are you even bothering? You just formed what looked to be some kind of stable with Seth Daniels, Zeel Park and Ric Greene. “
DUNCAN: ”What? That? The Minority State isn’t a gimmick, Gabe. It’s a state of mind.”
The assistants remove the torso, leaving Adaya in her ring gear as they reassemble the Xenomorph suit back onto it’s display.
HARTMAN: ”It sounds like it’s it’s going to be a stable that gathers some key talent from the Octane brand together in one place and create a force to be reckoned with. I mean, later tonight Seth Daniels could very well defeat American Tommy for the Ignition Championship. And you could defeat Dee Dee Summers in just a few short moments to orient yourself towards success, as well.”
She blushed, dismissing him playfully with her hand.
DUNCAN: ”Oh, stop!”
HARTMAN: ”It’s true. It’s always interesting to see new groups and teams form. And you’ve just signed on with what promises to be a premier assembly of Octane badasses. Why bother with this search for a new gimmick?”
She frowns thoughtfully.
DUNCAN: ”These things you’re saying, Gabe? I hadn’t thought of them. But now that I have, maybe you’re right. I mean who knows what the Minority State can accomplish? And I’m one of the founding members. That’s a pretty good gimmick.”
She considered once more.
DUNCAN: ”Until I find an even more interesting one…”
Gabe threw his hands up.
HARTMAN: ”I give up. Good luck on your match, Adaya.”
And he storms out of the room leaving Adaya to turn and admire her would-be Xenomorph costume and gimmick.


Adaya and Dee Dee trade blows back and forth, trying to put more force and power behind their punches to take the other down. Dee Dee ends up getting the upper hand with sneaking in a low kick aimed at Adaya’s shin to throw her off before throwing a punch that has Adaya stumbling backwards and grabbing for her stinging nose. Adaya then charges Dee Dee and takes her down with a captivating headscissors takedown that has Dee Dee on the mat slightly dizzy and wondering if thats how Dorothy felt when she found out she was no longer in Kansas anymore. Adaya gives Dee Dee and assist onto her feet and as soon as Dee Dee starts to swing, Adaya is faster with a roundhouse kick that has Dee Dee taking a step backwards and then back onto the mat she goes with a enzuigiri from Adaya. Realizing that she needed to change up her game plan, Dee Dee gets onto her feet and baits Adaya into making the first move as Dee Dee acts as if she’s going to swing. Adaya falls for it as she swings and Dee Dee blocks the punch, kicking Adaya in the midsection and grabbing her wrist to pull her closer for a fireman’s carry takeover.
Smiling to herself, Dee Dee takes a moment to begin checking over her nails while the audience boos her before she steps forward to lean down and pulls Adaya to her feet to irish whip her. Dee Dee thought she was ready for Adaya as she watches the latina bounce off the ropes and come running back towards her but Adaya surprises her when she uses Dee Dee’s shoulders as a crutch to leap up into the air and wrap her legs around Dee Dee’s neck for what she thought would be a successful hurricanrana but Dee Dee had other plans as she keeps a hold onto Adaya and actually dumps her over the ropes, almost falling right over with her. Adaya falls to the outside and Dee Dee takes that as a victory, hoping the fall was enough to injure Adaya enough so that this match could be over a lot quicker. Dee Dee doesn’t slide out of the ring at all to cause further damage on her opponent, instead she begins running her fingers through her hair to make sure that she didn’t look a hot mess on live television. She even spots one of the closer cameras and walks over to that side of the ring, leaning over the ropes so that she can get really close to the camera and play a kiss at it.
Unfortunately for her, she seems to forget all about her opponent for a moment but trust Adaya hadn’t forgotten about Dee Dee for a second as she slides into the ring angrily and holds her slightly injured right arm that had hit the ground first from being dropped outside of the ring. She sees Dee Dee being superficial in her own little world and she decides to bring her back to reality as she creeps towards the unsuspecting Dee Dee and grabs her from behind, lifting her into the air and slamming her down with such great force with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Dee Dee weakly tries to roll onto her side while Adaya heads for the turnbuckle, jumping onto it and looks to see that Dee Dee is slowly rolling over from her side so she waits for her to finally be flat on her back before she takes to the air for the Grand Assault on the alleged America’s Sweetheart. Adaya goes for the cover and gets that three count that ends the match and makes her the victor.
WINNER: Adaya Duncan via Pinfall (7:21)

We hear footsteps walking forward, the camera is ground level like it usually is when we see Cosmo Cooper backstage. He drops down upon his hunches and holds one of the 4CW Tag Championships in his hands. He is silent, he looks down at it as he lays it in front of him and puts a hand in the middle of the plate and runs his fingers across it as he nods gently.
COOPER: “I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve to be a champion, because I lost to Jeb. He was the better man. I’ve admitted it, but for me it’s hard to move on from that… and I promise I won’t stop until I earn it and make it up to Jeb. It may be at Retro Grade, it may be tonight… but one way or another I will prove to him that he made the right decision.”
With that. Cosmo stood up and tossed the title over his shoulder. He didn’t wear this one as confidently as he had worn his other championships—usually strapped across his chest and swung over onto his back, or the other way around. He wrapped this one around his waist and then buckled it in.
COOPER: “That being said, like. I… I know what Tornado can bring to the squared circle. I know he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world… tonight I have to prove myself and that is possible in victory and in defeat. In 2017, I was pegged as one of the best up-and-coming wrestlers in the world, but it’s not my rookie season anymore, yanno? It’s time I back up those claims, it’s time I go upon that path that was laid for me, and since I lost to Jeb? Tornado, I hate to say that I have a point to prove against you. I have to make an example… and just know I respect you.”
He nodded a few times, looking down before looking back to the camera.
COOPER: “I said some shitty things out of anger, and I can’t take those words back. Tonight I fight with honor. Tonight… I try and win back the dignity that I’ve felt like I’ve lost. Tonight I learn how to win again, or I fall deeper down into a hole that I never thought I would fall into… either way? I’ve gotta bounce back… I’ve gotta keep going. Because I don’t like what I am becoming.”
A grim smile went upon his lips before he stood up and walked off frame.


Starting the match off with a bang, Jeb erupted from his corner before the sound of the bell, charging straight across the ring and headed for Logan. Swinging with his right arm, Jeb threw a forearm for Logan’s head but missed as Logan stepped underneath it and behind Jeb. Pushing off of the corner, Jeb spun around before taking Logan’s leg out from under him with a dropkick to the knee. Jeb was still riding the wave of momentum after winning the Tag Team Championships all to himself. He leaped onto Logan, firing away with lefts and rights, hitting him with quick shots from both sides that Logan was unable to block due to the rate at which they were fired. Drawing back with his right, Jeb then slammed his arm down, hitting Logan across the face with a forearm shot that knocked the back of Logan’s head against the canvas.
As Jeb stood to his feet, he pulled Logan up as well only to be caught off guard as Logan wrapped his legs up with both arms, lifting Jeb off his feet and slamming his back against the corner close by. The men were similar in size so it wasn’t hard for Logan to hold him up, taking a step backwards and then slamming Jeb’s back into the corner over, and over, and over again. After nearly half a dozen slams into the corner, Logan backed away from it, still holding Jeb in his arms. Swinging Jeb’s body around, Logan then dropped him across his knee with a swinging side slam backbreaker. The backbreaker wasn’t quite enough to keep Jeb down, but what followed seemed to do the trick as Logan hooked his leg and head, holding Jeb in place as he rammed multiple knees into Jeb’s ribs. Rolling Jeb over to his stomach, Logan then stood over him before reaching down and digging both hands underneath Jeb’s body. With both arms wrapped around Jeb, Logan then lifted him off the mat before falling back with him and driving him into the mat with a German suplex.
From that point on, Logan gained full control of the match as he slowly wore Jeb down with various slams and power moves, leaving imprints of his body in the mat. After dropping Jeb with a military press slam, Logan was shocked to see Jeb climb back to his feet so quickly, despite not exactly showing any signs of knowing where he was. Rushing towards Jeb, Logan knocked him on his back with a jumping knee. Pacing the ring, Logan stopped in his tracks as he looked to Jeb to see him pushing himself back to his feet. Walking in closer, Logan patiently waited until Jeb finally stood before knocking him back down with a discus clothesline. That still wasn’t enough to keep Jeb down. Jeb blinded lunged towards Logan only to miss as Logan side stepped him. Falling into the ropes, Jeb bounced off and into Logan’s arms as he charged him. Lifting Jeb into the air, Logan then planted him into the mat with a spinning spinebuster. That move kept Jeb on his back and after seeing so, Logan went for the cover but was only able to score a two count as Jeb kicked out just before the officials hand could slap the mat a third time.
Although he didn’t score the pinfall, Logan went back to work, pounding away at Jeb’s head with right forearms. He then stood tall before pulling Jeb up to his knees. Logan went for the kill shot, or at least attempted to with his Revelation as he pulled Jeb to his feet. Jeb had something else in mind as he grabbed Logan’s legs and ripped them out from under him, dropping him flat on his back. Holding both of Logan’s feet in the air and elevating his leg, Jeb then jumped up and as he came down, he stretched his leg out and laid it across Logan’s crotch when he came down. Crawling over Logan’s body, Jeb grabbed ahold of his head with both hands before raising it up and then slamming it back into the mat. Over and over, Jeb slammed Logan’s head into the mat, knocking him more and more senseless each time. Rolling Logan to his stomach, Jeb locked onto his head again and pressed it down, pressing Logan’s face into the canvas. Back and forth, Jeb dragged his face across the mat. Lifting Logan’s head up, with all his force Jeb slammed him face down into the mat. Standing tall, Jeb stared down at Logan between his legs before walking around to his head. Pulling Logan up from the mat, Jeb pulled his head between his legs and then wrapped him around the waist. Lifting Logan upside down into the air, Jeb then spiked his head into the mat with a jumping piledriver! Logan was out cold after feeling the effects of Jeb’s Abandon All Hope. Covering Logan’s lifeless body, Jeb had him right where he wanted him as the official slid in with the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (9:22)

Tommy is seen walking down the hallway carrying a small sandwich paper bag with a balloon attached to it. His arm is stretched out away from his body and he is wearing a clothespin on his nose. Walking down the hall he has a large dildo flopping around in his back pocket.
TOMMY: “Tonight, I face Seth Daniels and defend my Ignition Championship in a match that I’m sure to win.”
As Tommy continues to walk down the hall, the people that he passes by in the hall either plug their nose or wave their hands in front of their face. They are absolutely disgusted, but they don’t say anything.
TOMMY: “You see, Seth Daniels is like this paper bag here. Generic, bland and content with being mediocre as fuck. Needed at times, but other things chosen would be far superior.”
Tommy reaches a door that reads Jimmy Walker and sets the bag down in front of the door and places a card in front of it.
TOMMY: “But on the inside he is nothing but a pile of shit. A pile of shit that is waiting for someone to finally flush down the toilet. Well, tonight on Octane, he will get his wish when I defeat him once again and flush 4CW of the mediocrity named Seth Daniels.”
Tommy slams the dildo onto the door, sticking it about eye line high and walks down the hallway. The door opens and almost gets hit in the face with the dildo that is sticking to the door. He notices a smell lingering and looks down to see a card next to a bag and grabs the card. He opens up the card and it reads, “Use that dildo and go fuck yourself.-Tommy.” Walker rolls his eyes and picks up the bag and immediately regrets it. His face turns a bit sour and he dry heaves a little bit. He opens the flap of the brown bag and in big letters is “EAT SHIT!” Inside the bag, you guessed it, is a pile of shit. Probably dog shit, but knowing Tommy you can never be for certain. Walker immediately drops it and is disgusted.
TOMMY: “Fuck you, buddy!”
Walker looks down the hall and sees Tommy.
WALKER: “Goddamn it, Tommy! What the FUCK!?”
TOMMY: “I know you had something to do with that stupid trophy ya dick!”
WALKER: “Why do you have so many dildos?”
TOMMY: “I stole them from Perry Wallace’s office.”
Walker nods his head in agreement and goes back into his office, slamming the door in the process.


There they were, two warriors of a plethora of companies standing across the ring, the love of the fans pouring down upon them both as they prepared to do battle on Octane. Cosmo bounced back and forth on his toes while Tornado nodded his head and pounded a fist into the palm of his other hands while a “Let’s Go Cosmo! Let’s Go ‘Nado” chant bounced back and forth around the Ryman Auditorium. When the bell sounded the two men fired out of their corners with Cosmo stuffing a takedown attempt by Tornado with a quick knee, snapping a hard kick off the outside of Tornado’s knee before leaping into the air and drop kicking him, knocking him down flat on the mat. Of course Tornado doesn’t stay down for long, getting back up to his feet and charging at Cosmo, who side steps him and then gives him a little boost as he goes running past, sending Desencadenado into the corner turnbuckle pads. Cosmo then turns and charges in Tornado’s direction but before he can get any kind of move off, Tornado fires out of the corner with an elbow to Cosmo’s face, stunning the multi-time champion and causing him to stumble back a few paces.
Shaking his head and touching his lip, Cosmo glances at Tornado and beckons him to come on out of the corner. Desencadenado obliges, but does so cautiously. The two men circle the ring slowly before tying up in the center of the ring, with Tornado quickly twisting Cosmo’s arm into a wrist lock, transitioning to a rear wrist lock a split second later. After a moment of thought, and discomfort, Cosmo contorted his body and managed to reverse the wrist lock, torquing on it for a moment before releasing it, taking a step back, and dropping a chop block to the back of Tornado’s knee. Pushing himself back up to his feet, Cosmo quickly jumped and folded his legs up underneath him, dropping the weight of his body across the sternum. Immediately Cosmo was back upright again, running toward the ropes where he rebounds and then hits a sliding dropkick to the downed Desencadenado. It’s there that Cosmo stops for just a moment and pushes himself up to one knee, holding both of his arms out as his sides and tossing his head back, the fans mimicking the gesture with their own hands held out right and their heads tossed back.
The break is enough to allow Tornado to roll away from Cosmo and begin using the ropes to pull himself back up. As Cosmo stands, he then begins to close in on Tornado who fires another elbow right into Cosmo’s jaw. Again, Cosmo stumbles back and then stops, reversing momentum, and charges back at Tornado who drops down just in time and then raises up to tosses Cosmo high over the top rope. Shifting his body weight, Cosmo drops down deftly onto the ring apron and then blocks a punch from Tornado, cracking him with a left hand in response. Cosmo then drops down and rams his shoulder into Tornado’s abdomen, stepping back into the ring as Tornado stumbled backward. Picking up the pace, Cosmo charges at Tornado, who ducks under Cosmo’s attempted clothesline and then takes off toward the opposite ropes. Both men rebound off their respective set of ropes and come firing back at each other but it’s Tornado who catches Cosmo off guard this time, cracking him with the CYCLONE SMASH! Cosmo goes down and the fans stand, jaws gaping, as Tornado suddenly swings the pendulum of momentum rapidly in his favor, diving across Cosmo’s body and hooking the leg as the referee slid in and counted the one, two and three.
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (16:27)

TAYLOR: ”A fantastic night of action so far guys, how about that Cosmo Cooper and Tornado Desencadenado match? What a performance!”
CAMPBELL: ”Just another reason why Octane is becoming the hottest brand in this company. The action, the talent you will see in this ring is off the charts!”
LAWSON: ”Well, we still have plenty more action coming up. Seth Daniels taking on American Tommy for the Ignition Championship. I feel like that’s going to steal the show here tonight.”
TAYLOR: ”Don’t forget about our main event! Kaz Bonham teams with her best friend, QT Reese! They take on Kaelan and Bryan Laughlin, the Baelin Club! Such a stacked show already, I can’t wait!”
CAMPBELL: ”I can’t either, especially after Holy Grail. Bryan Laughlin is going to be looking for some retribution.”
LAWSON: ”What better way than that, a tag team main event -”

There is an interruption, as the screen goes to static. White noise appearing on everything in the arena. Confusion, as the crowd is unsure of what’s going on.
CAMPBELL: ”What the hell is going on?!”
TAYLOR: ”Folks, it appears that we’re having some kind of technical difficulty here tonight.”
A familiar song begins to start playing, “HEALTH” by TEARS.
The song takes everyone by surprise, almost immediately a heavy drum track is what everyone hears. An unusual synth tone mixed in with it, it carries for a moment before a few long, and drawn out keys are added into the mix. It’s lumbering, carrying along before some vocals are heard.
”Love, save us once
We’re far from where we fall
Love, save us once
Beware what you want”

There isn’t that long of a pause before the song continues, the lights have already dimmed, strobe lights flashing along to the beat of the song. The voice comes in again, singing the next verse.
”Trust us now
It’s time to let me go
Give up on us
Follow what you want
Trust us now
It’s time to let me go
Give up
Give our soul away”

The song continues on, but a light shines at the entranceway. We see Bryan Williams standing there, the crowd cheering for the unexpected arrival of the former Pride Champion!
TAYLOR: ”Oh my goodness!”
CAMPBELL: ”Bryan Williams is here!”
LAWSON: ”Wait, WHY is he here?! Fright Night was months ago! You won, get off of our show!”
TAYLOR: ”More importantly, why is he coming out here to the same exact song as Vossler? The concussions are seriously getting to him.”
The song quickly picks up again, as Bryan walks out from the back head held down low. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his right hand and extends his pointer finger. He holds it up momentarily, eventually beginning to walk down to the ring as the song continues.
Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting into the ring, walking up the steel steps and climbing in through the top and middle rope. He looks around, adjusting his suit jacket as he stands in the ring. With a microphone in hand, Bryan takes a moment. The crowd definitely seems happy to see him, despite the last time in context. They take a moment to settle in, as Bryan begins to speak.
WILLIAMS: ”Don’t worry, I’m not here to start another Adrenaline versus Octane war.”
There seems to be an appreciation for that, the crowd giving out a quick cheer.
WILLIAMS: ”No, I have something better in mind. Last year was one of the best years I’ve had in my professional wrestling career. I did a lot, I went to a lot of places, and I fought a lot of people. I crossed some names off of my list, and won some important championships. It was a real good time, and I watched myself grow and improve as a competitor.”
Bryan pauses, the crowd waiting on him to speak up again.
WILLIAMS: ”I’ve had an alright record here in this company, and I’ve certainly faced some tough competition. Lately though, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been on Adrenaline for a long time, and I’ve pretty much faced everyone I wanted to face there. I’ve been through some tough battles, but I’ve felt a bit …unchallenged as of late. Losing to Ana was bound to happen, and I honestly don’t see myself getting back into that 4CW Championship contention any time soon.”
The crowd boos that notion, but Bryan continues.
WILLIAMS: ”Teaming with Persephone is great! It’s been fun, even if we’re not the most successful tag team of all time. But I know that isn’t what she wants, not here at least. So I had a few choices, I needed to do something with myself. I needed a new challenge, a new environment to be in. I could either quit, and go somewhere else-”
Boos pour in from the crowd, as Bryan chuckles. He continues on.
WILLIAMS: ”Or I could come to Octane. So, I’m here to say that tonight I’ve decided to choose the latter.”
The crowd quickly changes their tune, excited to hear this news!
WILLIAMS: ”I have officially signed with Octane, from this moment forward I will put all of my effort into helping this brand grow. I will face all of the wonderful talent on this brand. I will promote it, and I will make it better. Cosmo Cooper…”
The crowd cheers, the notion of a Bryan Williams and Cosmo Cooper match high on their interests.
WILLIAMS: ”…Blaise Fader…”
Bryan smirks, as the crowd cheers again.
WILLIAMS: ”…Kaelan and Bryan Laughlin…”
Even more cheers for that thought.
WILLIAMS: ”Kaz Bonham…”
The loudest cheers for Kaz, the crowd is excited at the thought of these matchups. Bryan stands in the ring, smiling, as he continues to speak.
WILLIAMS: ”I’ll face them all, I’ll give you all everything I have. When it’s all said and done this brand will be mine. You’re about to witness the rise of the new face of Octane.”
With that Bryan drops his microphone, as “TEARS” begins to start playing again. The camera lingers on Bryan for a moment, as we cut away to another segment or match. Whatever.


The reigning Ignition Champion was full of himself tonight as he made sure to have the very last word before the match even began. Shouting out things that left everyone scratching their heads and making faces that would get him slapped on a playground full of children with no sign of Miles Blake in the area, Tommy did everything he could to get under Seth’s skin. It worked, but not in Tommy’s favor. Before the bell sounded to officially start the match, Seth cornered Tommy only to slap him across the face, whipping Tommy’s head to the side and leaving his whole handprint across his cheek. Tommy didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how to react. He just shot his attention back to Seth with what looked to be a tear in his eye. Maybe it was a tear. It could have been lent from Amanda’s sock but that’s a story for another time. With Seth having made the first strike against Tommy, the official finally called for the bell, and then it was really time for the fun and games.
Grabbing Tommy by a single ear, Seth dragged him away from the corner and across the ring before throwing him down to the mat. In a crab walk position, Tommy crawled backwards across the ring to the opposite corner, which turned out not to be a smart move as he had nowhere to go with Seth charging straight for him. Rushing in, Seth lifted his leg up from the mat before kicking it straight out and planting his foot directly into Tommy’s face! It wasn’t a tap or anything like that either. Seth dug his boot right into Tommy’s grill, turning his head to the side in the process and driving it straight into the turnbuckle. It could have been the boot to the mouth, or maybe it was the impact to his head that made him slightly unaware of what was happening, whatever it was brought a smile to Tommy’s face. Seth didn’t stop there, oh no. Grabbing onto the top ropes on each side of the corner, Seth used them for leverage as he began stomping down onto Tommy’s chest over and over. Delivering the final blow, Seth popped his knee up as high as it would go before slamming his foot down and driving it back onto Tommy’s face.
Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Seth then lifted him up and sat him on top of the corner. Tommy could barely keep himself from tipping over, but he remained upright long enough for Seth to climb to the middle ropes. Holding Tommy’s head with one hand, Seth began firing away with punches from the other. With each punch landed the crowd counted along, reaching “nine” before Tommy delivered a thumb to Seth’s eye out of desperation. Who would have thought one thumb could do so much damage and bring everything to a stop but it did. Maybe his thumb is magic? He must be getting Kimitsu off somehow, right? Whatever it was, it gave Tommy enough time to stand up and pull Seth’s head down in a side headlock. Walking along the middle rope, Tommy put himself in position to then bring the entire crowd to their feet as he slammed Seth down to the mat with a hip toss from the rope and it was YOYO TOSS SALAD out of nowhere! Tommy immediately went for the pin but it wasn’t enough to keep Seth down, not nearly as Seth popped a shoulder up from the mat just before the two count.
Tommy was outraged as he popped to his feet and began yelling at the official and blaming him for a slow count. Forgetting that he even had an opponent in the ring, Tommy continued to argue with the official, slapping his hands together as it showing the official how he is supposed to count. The arguing wasn’t the smartest thing for him to do as it allowed Seth to get back to his feet and situated. Seth moved in, grabbing Tommy from behind but somehow found his head wrapped up again before Tommy flipped him over to his back with another YoYo Toss Salad! Again, Tommy went for the pin even though it was a hip toss and the second move he has connected with so far. The officials hand slapped the mat a second time and right behind it, Seth’s shoulder popped up from the mat. If you thought Tommy was outraged before, the temper tantrum that followed this second pin attempt was ten times worse. Tommy was stomping his feet and shouting at the official as loud as he could. You could hear him in the parking lot if you listened close enough. Just like before, this led to Seth being able to get back to his feet unnoticed.
Walking behind Tommy, Seth tapped on his right shoulder before stepping to his left. Tommy immediately turned to his right to grab Seth but no one was there. Seth was now directly behind him and in the perfect position to lift Tommy off his feet and drop him across his knee with a backbreaker. Climbing over top of Tommy, Seth assaulted him with a ground and pound as Tommy screamed words of magic into the air that did absolutely nothing at all. Growing bored with the ground and pound Seth stood to his feet. Pulling Tommy up, Seth then hit him with a series of moves to crush any ounce of hope Tommy might have. He hit him with a Northern Lights Suplex, then a belly to back suplex, then a German suplex, before topping it off with a belly to belly suplex that he even dropped all of his weight onto Tommy while driving him into the mat. Tommy was out of it and Seth knew it so he covered him for the pin.

The officials hand stopped just before slapping the mat a third time. Seth looked at the official wondering what was going on. Tommy didn’t get a shoulder up, and he definitely didn’t kick out. However, Tommy did manage to prop a foot up on the bottom rope, probably learning the trick from having the same exact thing done to his face all the time. It served its purpose and the count was forced to come to an end before the final three. Seth was furious. Instead of climbing to his feet, he went back on the attack with a ground and pound, knocking Tommy senseless with each punch or elbow landed against his head. The cries from Tommy grew louder and louder as Seth beat him against the head. Standing to his feet, Seth stood over Tommy, almost laughing at the sight. Tommy then shouted “abracadabra” but nothing happened. Waving him off, Seth turned to walk away as he laughed to himself. An opportunity presented itself and Tommy went for it. Pushing himself up, he grabbed the back of Seth’s pants, pulling him backwards and down to the mat with a roll up. As the official dropped down for the count, Tommy then positioned his body beside the official where he then propped his feet on the rope for leverage. Maybe he did cast a spell of invisibility or something because the official was oblivious to the fact as he began slapping his hand to the mat with the count.

As the officials hand slapped the mat for the three, Tommy immediately released Seth and rolled underneath the ropes and to the outside before the official could catch on to what had just happened. Snatching The Ignition from the announcers booth, Tommy then rushed to the back, leaving Seth alone in the ring with the official complaining about the lack of officiating and obvious screw job that went unnoticed. The bell shortly followed but before Mike powers could make the official announcement, Tommy was no where to be seen. Still in the ring, Seth argued with the official but it was pointless. it was over with and at this point, there was nothing he could do to change the decision no matter how wrong it was.
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (13:36)


The double bass drum pounds rhythmically pounds out the intro to “Die Trying” by Art of Dying before a silence that ends abruptly with heavy guitar as Kaelan emerges from behind the curtains first with a face full of smiles and throws up the ‘rawkfist’ towards the fans who answer it back. Behind her Bryan walks with a slightly different facial expression of happiness than his other half. They meet in the middle of the stage and Bryan extends his hand locking fingers into hers as the two make their way down the entrance ramp and to the apron
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Horrorwood Los Angeles, California; Bryan and Kaelan Laughlin. They are BAELIN CCLLUUBB!!!”
Bryan flashes a wink to Kaelan as they now stand on opposite ring posts and address the crowd, each of them posing for the admiration cheers.
“Jump” by Van Halen starts to play and the crowd begin to buzz with excitement. The synth picks up and Kaz Bonham steps out from the black curtain with the Octane Championship around her shoulder.Kaz throws some scrunchies into the crowd and waves at various fans. As QT Reese walks out a few moments later trying not to draw attention to himself as Kaz soaks in the admiration from the fans. She’s got a big smile on her face as she walks down to the ring, jumping along with the music, and slapping the hands of every fan she can.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring, hailing from Watertown, Tennessee she is the Octane Champion… ‘LITTLE BIGFOOT’… KAZ BBOONNHHAAMM, and her tag team partner from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada Q-TEE RREEEESSEE!!!”
Jumping up to the ring apron, she wipes her boots on the mat before climbing through the ropes. Kaz runs up to the turnbuckle and holds her Octane Championship up high as the crowd keeps cheering her on. QT Reese just climbs in the ring and claps his hands together and poses with the Tanning Lamp he currently holds in his hand. Kaz hops down from the turnbuckle and turns toward the center of the ring. Removing her jean vest, Kaz places it down in the corner and turns back, jumping in place as she gets ready for the match to begin and QT points from the lamp to Kaelan on the other side of the ring.

The two teams are in their respective corners figuring out who’s going to start the match. QT Reese has what looks like a Tanning Lamp with him and Kaz and the ref are both trying to explain he can’t have it for the match.
CAMPBELL: “Oh Come on Ref! Let him have it. I wanna see where he’s going with this. I mean you can’t expect him to get in the ring with either of the Laughlins without a weapon!
LAWSON: “Do you even hear yourself when you talk? This isn’t an extreme rules match.”
CAMPBELL: “And this isn’t a Two on Five match either but you have to expect Laughlin’s personalities to show up and that’s an unfair advantage. One that QT Reese should be able to equalize with that weapon.”
TAYLOR: “It doesn’t matter. Kaz has convinced her partner to let the lamp go and he will start the match for his team, and it looks like Kaelan will start for her team.”
Kaelan and QT Reese start the match and Kaelan circles around the ring and QT follows. She keeps going and QT yells “STOP IT. YOU’RE MAKING ME DIZZY.” Kaelan shrugs and smiles before running at QT hitting him with a clothesline that he pops up from quickly. She bounces off the ropes and hits him with another clothesline. QT gets back up and holds a finger up for Kaelan to wait, she shakes her head and bounces off the ropes jumping up to hit QT with a forearm to the face knocking him backwards and he stumbles to the ground holding his face.
TAYLOR: “Kaelan Laughlin looking impressive from the start, especially after coming off two big matches back to back in Japan.”
CAMPBELL: “Look. Nobody cares. If anything she’s just stupid for letting herself be booked like that and she has NOBODY to blame but herself if she’s tired.”
LAWSON: “She’s not letting up on QT at all, and I think it’s a very sound strategy.”
QT tries to crawl towards Kaz and Kaz is reaching for him trying to slap the turnbuckle to get the crowd to urge him forward to tag in. Kaelan wags a finger no at Kaz and grabs QT dragging him backwards. QT kicks like a madman and lands a few good shots in on Kaelan’s midsection and legs, causing her to double over and gives him the recovery time he needs. He jumps up to his feet and thanks Kaz for the boost from the crowd with a thumbs up. He then goes forward to Kaelan and grabs her hair and slams her face first into the mat. Getting a lock of her orange hair in the process and holds it up proud of himself. Bryan is pacing in his corner after this move as Kaelan grabs her head on the mat, kicking her legs a bit.
TAYLOR: “I don’t think Bryan was too happy about that one…”
LAWSON: “No I don’t think so either, but he’s not the legal man and there’s not much he can do about it right now.”
CAMPBELL: “He’s just mad he’s not the one who pulled her hair out and left her laid out on the mat.”
TAYLOR: “Anyways..QT looks to be back on the assault of Kaelan.”
QT walks over to Kaelan and starts throwing kicks to her much like a child would kick the ground for not getting their way. Kaelan takes the full brunt of it and lays on the mat clutching her midsection. He pulls her to the center of the ring and walks over grabbing his lamp turning it on before walking over to Kaelan as the ref yells for him to get rid of it. He then wraps Kaelan up in a sleeper hold and shines the light right in her face with the tanning lamp. Locking in a “Sunburn Submission.”
LAWSON: “What the hell is he doing? Is this even legal?!”
TAYLOR: “The referee seems just as confused, and well…technically no it’s not a weapon.”
CAMPBELL: “It’s a Sunburn Submission you idiots! Irish Redhead? This man is a Genius!”
TAYLOR: “Uhh…I don’t think that’s how that works.”
LAWSON: “This match may be over already…Kaelan Laughlin is fading fast. Come on Kaelan don’t be taken out by this ridiculous idiot.”
The referee asks if Kaelan gives up and she shakes her head no, but she’s tired and seems to be fading out, but Bryan Laughlin has seen enough and he rushes the ring and kicks QT right in the head causing him to let go of Kaelan and he falls to the mat, as does his lamp. The ref kicks it out of the ring and yells at Bryan to get back to his corner.
TAYLOR:“Bryan looks like he had seen enough of that.”
LAWSON: “He’s not the legal man and needs to get back to his corner before he costs this match for him and his wife.”
Both QT and Kaelan are laid out on the mat and starting to make a crawl towards their corners and partners. Kaz is bouncing enthusiastically ready to get in this match. Bryan is focused on Kaelan and encouraging her to crawl as he extends his hand out towards her. Kaz jumps up and down and QT makes it to her first and slaps her hand to get her in, but Kaelan makes a quick last crawl and tags Bryan in pulling herself up in the corner as Kaz and Bryan fly out to meet each other.
TAYLOR: “Here we go folks! The former Octane Champion and the Current Octane Champion! This is about to get a lot more interesting!”
Kaz dropkicks Bryan backwards, stopping his momentum for coming at her. Kaelan rushes her trying to buy Bryan some time and gets a running European Uppercut for her troubles, sending her down to the mat and rolling towards the apron to recover. The fans cheer loudly as Kaz wastes no time running to the ropes and bouncing off as Bryan makes it to his feet and Kaz leaps he catches her and sets her up in a powerbomb position but she delivers a flurry of punches and counters it with a Tornado DDT jumping up and giving a Bigfoot Howl to the delight of the fans before dropping back down and making the cover on Bryan.

Bryan Kicks out straight after the two, but the fans are still behind Kaz as they begin the champ

LAWSON: “The Octane Champ is Cleaning house tonight!
TAYLOR: “That was an impressive display by Kaz Bonham and the Octane crowd loved every second of it!”
CAMPBELL: “Bigfoot isn’t real. This is trash.”
TAYLOR: “Good on QT and Kaz trying to put Baelin Club away here early. Smart move.”
Bryan is getting up to his feet and shaking off the cobwebs as Kaelan is in the corner recovered and encouraging him onwards. QT Yelling at Kaz about Bryan “HE’S RIGHT THERE. GET HIM” It distracts Kaz for a half second too long and Bryan wraps his hands around her waist and delivers a powerful german suplex that sends Kaz flying across the ring and her neck bouncing off the bottom rope. He goes back over and wastes no time picking her up again and repeating the process sending her bouncing to the other side of the ring the same way.
TAYLOR: “The distraction from Kaz own partner has allowed Bryan to capitalize and use his power to throw Kaz around this ring like a little ragdoll.”
LAWSON: “This doesn’t look good for Kaz.”
Bryan walks over and delivers numerous double foot stomps to Kaz legs and she yells out in pain. Kaelan is smirking in the corner as Bryan looks over at her. She nods her head and holds her hand out and he tags her into the match. Bryan knocks QT off his corner with a punch before being sent out of the ring, and Kaelan wastes no time climbing in the ring and hooking Kaz leg around the bottom rope as the ref is distracted and delivers a powerful kick to Bonham’s leg. The crowd boos loudly.
LAWSON: “What the hell has gotten into Kaelan here tonight?”
TAYLOR: “She said she was out here for vengeance on Kaz. I would say that’s what’s gotten into her.”
CAMPBELL: “Maybe she’s figuring out it’s just best to do whatever you have to do to win, and fuck the rules. I can respect that.”
Once the ref is focused back on the match Kaelan drags Kaz to the center of the ring and wraps her up in the IRISH ROSE. Wrenching her legs in the hold as Kaz screams out in pain. Bryan and Kaelan clearly had targeted her legs for this exact reason. The ref is asking if she gives up and she shakes her head no reaching for the ropes or anywhere she can really to try and twist or get away from Kaelan but the hold is locked in.
TAYLOR: “She said Vengeance….I like to think that would be Vengeance. Great work from her and her husband Bryan being on the same page and targeting the legs of Bonham. She’s weakened and I don’t know if she can break out of this.”
CAMPBELL: “Can’t believe I am rooting for the Irish traffic cone right now, but go Irish Trash!”
LAWSON: “Stop saying everything is trash.”
CAMPBELL: “I call it like I see it.”
TAYLOR: “Wait a minute guys…Kaz might be doing something here.”
Back in the ring QT managed to make it back to his corner, holding his face and glaring across the ring at Bryan before turning his attention to Kaz urging her not to tap. As if he gets an idea he holds up a finger and starts clapping his hands together and urging the fans to do it too. Give Kaz the encouragement she had gave him earlier it seems to help as Kaz nods her head and slowly starts dragging herself towards QT in the corner, taking Kaelan with her. Kaelan tries to pull her back, and for a while it’s a struggle between the two women but the hold never breaks.
TAYLOR: “These Women are both showing impressive amounts of strength right now. Neither one is letting up, but Kaelan has the advantage because the hold is still locked in!”
LAWSON: “I’m in awe right now of Bonham being able to still hold on. Kaelan is unforgiving with that hold.”
Eventually Kaz gets the upper hand and she pulls Kaelan all the way to her corner for QT to tag her hand. Kaelan releases the hold as Bonham lays on the mat for a moment. QT delivers a powerful kick to Kaelan’s sternum knocking her down before picking her up off the mat and whipping her into the corner. He then goes over to Kaz and tries to pick her up. He tries to pick her up numerous times but he’s a weak bitch and can’t do it. Kaz gets up eventually limping on her legs a bit.
LAWSON: “What was QT trying to do there?”
TAYLOR: “I have no idea, but how impressive of Bonham to drag Kaelan all the way to her corner to make the tag to QT.”
LAWSON: “Very Impressive. She’s proving exactly why she’s the Octane Champion. She showed that same never give up spirit against Kaelan’s husband at Holy Grail.”
CAMPBELL: “Would you two shut up, I’m trying to watch QT save this match.”
Kaz gets to her feet and QT indicates to her what he meant to do with her. Making a battering ram motion towards Kaelan. Kaz nods her head and in one fluid motion she picks QT up and he goes charging at Kaelan in the corner, but she calculates it and moves out of the way in time for QT to eat the turnbuckle. Kaz apologizes and Kaelan rushes to her corner and tags Bryan in as Kaz is backed out of the ring. He grabs QT and sends him flying to the other side of the ring to slam chest first into the turnbuckle on that side of the ring. He wastes no time and picks up QT and hits the DUMP’D on him sending him into the corner and down to the mat hard. Going for the cover.

QT manages to kick out before the ref can make the three. Bryan picks him up and tosses him to his corner where Kaz waits. He points at her.
LAWSON: “I think Bryan wants Kaz.”
TAYLOR: “I’m not sure this would be a smart move on Kaz part. She hasn’t had much time to recover from that assault from Bryan and Kaelan on her legs.”
CAMPBELL: “She needs to stop being a bitch and just get in there.”
LAWSON: “Anybody else noticing Bryan hasn’t called upon the dark forces inside of him for this match?”
CAMPBELL: “Don’t remind me. I’m disgusted with him for it at the moment.”
TAYLOR: “Well he has Kaelan in his corner, maybe that has something to do with it.”
CAMPBELL: “And just like that I want the Irish Traffic Cone to get her face busted in all over again.”
Kaz locks eyes with Bryan and tags QT shoulder and Bryan backs up giving her room to get into the ring. Showing no fear as her and Bryan stand in the ring eyes locked on each other before the blows start being traded and the fans start cheering for Kaz. Kaz knocks Bryan back and delivers a leg strikes to his calf that causes them both pain. It doesn’t stop her from dropping Bryan back down to his knees by kicking his other calf. She winces in pain but the fans are behind her and she draws the strength from The Little Bigfoot Section.
TAYLOR: “The courage of Kaz Bonham here tonight folks..”
LAWSON: “I think those strikes are causing her just as much pain as they are Bryan. She’s got to do something big here.”
CAMPBELL: “Yeah and then get QT back in there. He’s entertaining.”
Kaz goes to the top rope, but it takes her a while to make the climb and as she does so Bryan is rising to his feet. She goes for a Diving Crossbody but Bryan catches her and shakes his head no, slamming Kaz back down on his bent knee causing her to scream out in pain. He does it once more before tossing Kaz down to the mat. Kaelan is happily cheering him on in her corner. Kaz grabs her back and starts using the ropes to try to pick herself back up off the mat. Bryan grabs her and lifts her in a powerbomb position once again, Kaz wraps her legs around his head at the last second and delivers a hurricanrana that sends Bryan down to the mat. Kaz wastes no time though as she gets to her feet and delivers THE DIXIE STAMPEDE to Bryan, but her legs give out and she’s on the mat unable to capitalize. Bryan is closer to his corner than Kaz and he manages to pull himself to Kaelan who’s encouraging him to get to her. He tags her in.
TAYLOR: “Here we go again! Kaz and Kae! There’s no denying these women are two of the most impressive stars Octane has.”
LAWSON: “No doubt about that, but Kae is on a mission and doesn’t seem to care about the rules tonight. Let’s hope that doesn’t cost her like it did last month against Jay Mora.”
CAMPBELL: “Wake me up when QT is back in the ring.”
Kaz was crawling towards QT and as Kaelan walked to her and grabbed her foot to pull her away Kaz stretches out and QT leans so far over the ropes he’s barely on the other apron and he makes the unbelievable tag to his partner. He climbs the ropes as Kaelan drops Kaz leg and goes for the BROWN STAR PRESS and…Kaelan hits him with a Superkick just as he’s coming towards her and he flops down onto the mat.
LAWSON: “BSKE. Kaelan hit the BSKE on QT striking him from the air.”
TAYLOR: “Impressive use of her husband’s signature move.”
Kaelan dropped down and made the cover on QT.

The bell rings and Kaelan jumps up quickly from the mat with a smirk on her face and she looks over at Bryan who enters the ring and grabbing her face and giving her a proud kiss on the lips before pulling away and the two look at QT starting to stir on the mat, and then at Kaz climbing into the ring to check on her partner.
POWERS: “Here are your winners, BAELIN CCLLUUBB!!!”
TAYLOR: “What a fantastic match from all competitors involved. Baelin Club proved to be the better team here tonight. Husband and Wife reign supreme.”
LAWSON: “I wonder what this means going forward. Kaz still has to defend her title against Bryan at Retrograde. This win over the champ is important.”
CAMPBELL: “Good for him, but what that Irish bitch did to QT was wrong and I demand action be taken against that wench!”
TAYLOR: “Uh…Guys…I’m not sure they are done.”
Bryan looks at Kaelan and she nods her head, sliding out of the ring and grabbing QT Reese’s tanning lamp as Kaz limps and helps QT up off the mat. Bryan stands in the ring blocking them from leaving as Kaelan slides back in the ring with the tanning lamp.
LAWSON: “Uh…QT…Kaz. I’d get out of there if I were you. This isn’t looking good.”
TAYLOR: “No it’s not. Baelin Club is looking hungry to send a message here, and I’m not sure that bodes well for Kaz and Reese.”
Kaz and QT back up for a second before looking at each other and nodding deciding to try to battle their way out of this, but QT goes to throw a punch on Kaelan and she smashes the lamp into his face as it shatters and sends QT to the mat.

Bryan ducks Kaz punch and backs up enough to deliver his own BSKE to Kaz knocking her to the mat. Kaelan drops down to the mat and continues her assault on QT as Bryan yanks Kaz head up and makes her watch the attack. Letting her know that was what he had planned for her future.
LAWSON: “I have to wonder what is happening to Kaelan here tonight. This isn’t the Kaelan we know.”
TAYLOR: “Love can change things I guess.”
CAMPBELL: “OH SHUT UP! She’s just fed up with being pushed around. I can get behind this kind of Kaelan, just aim those strikes at the Bigfoot bitch! Not QT!”
Kaelan and Bryan are eventually ripped off of QT and Kaz and they leave QT on the mat being checked on by a very wounded Kaz Bonham as she glares up at the two as Kaelan jumps up into Bryan’s arms, wrapped around his side as she waves at Kaz and kisses Bryan on the cheek and he raises his free arm in the air, glaring back at Kaz with a smirk.
CAMPBELL: ”I can’t believe they forced Kaz to watch what Kaelan did to QT.”
TAYLOR: ”That came out of nowhere. Kaelan has always been a well liked young lady but her actions tonight were uncalled for.”
LAWSON: ”Being with Laughlin the self proclaimed ‘Monster King’ is turning her into a monster as well.”
Kaelan and Laughlin leave the ring as Kaz continues to check on QT despite being hurt herself. Walking up the ramp, Kaelan and Bryan laugh at the sight as a wave of boos from the crowd crash onto them.

CAMPBELL: ”It’s already been announced that Bryan will get his rematch with Kaz for the Octane Championship at Retrograde. Tonight was just about making a statement.”
TAYLOR: ”Bryan will have a chance to answer for his actions but what about Kaelan? Will she have to answer for her vicious assault on QT?”
LAWSON: ”We’re just coming off Holy Grail with the first Octane and there’s plenty of time to see how this unfolds before Octane’s next pay-per-view.”
At the top of the ramp, Bryan and Kaelan stop to look back at the wreckage in the ring, and still the boos fill the building.

CAMPBELL: ”The only thing we can do now is see how this plays out.”
TAYLOR: ”Luckily we won’t have to wait long either. I’m getting word that we’re out of time folks but be sure to tune in two weeks for now where we’ll hopefully get some answers at the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.”
LAWSON: ”I have a feeling we’ll hear from Baelin Club before then on social media.”
CAMPBELL: ”It’s always a pleasure. We’ll see you in two weeks!”
TAYLOR: ”Good night everyone!”
LAWSON: ”Ditto.”

Leaving it all behind, Kaelan and Bryan then turn their backs to the ring before disappearing into the back. Slowly, the picture begins to fade as the sounds of the crowd are still heard loud and clear before the credits begin to roll.