OCTANE E16 (137)


This is where the opening to tonight’s event would go, but we’re going to skip the theatrics and go straight to the signs because no one pays attention to this part anyway.

At the booth we have the Octane trio but you all aren’t watching to hear what they have to say. It’s the same thing each and every show, just insert a different name here, throw in a different name there. Blah blah blah. Let’s carry on, shall we?

The engine was still running on the Lincoln stretch limousine that graced our screens. The fans inside the building watched anxiously as the white door popped open. The clang of empty champagne, beer, and whiskey bottles could be heard hitting the floor. A shiny, black dress shoe touched the ground between the bottles as Jay “The Marksman” Mora stepped out of the car dressed in a fine white suit. His assistant exited from behind him as Jay was buttoning the lone button on his jacket. Jay took a whiff of fresh air before putting the bottle that was in his hands to his lips and downing the last of the brown liquid that remained.
Jay closed his eyes for a moment and appeared to sway slightly back and forth. His assistant and long time friend came up beside him with Jay’s bags. He looked at Jay and shook his head slightly. The swaying motion cause his friend some concern evidenced by the fact that he put his hand on Jay’s back.
FORREST: “Dude, you have a fucking match against Briz. And you’re supposed to be taking her out to dinner after the show.”
Jay opened just one eye and looked sideways at his friend before starting to laugh and allowing the other eye to open
MORA: “What the hell are you worried about? It’s a few drinks. She won’t even notice by the time dinner gets here.”
Forrest just shook his head.
FORREST: “You’re not main eventing here. You have a lot to prove at this place and you think it’s a fucking joke. What happened to getting serious?”
Jay scrunches his face and looks at his buddy.
MORA: “A joke? I think it’s a joke? Man…fuck you. You see me bust my ass in the gym every day. You see me hitting PR’s on the regular. Fuck you mean, what happened to serious?”
A serious case of slurring his words there didn’t help his case. Forrest searched around them as he closed the door to the limo.
MORA: “Fuck this suit looks good on me.”
Jay was clearly in his own world. Forrest grabbed him by the arms and led him over to a table where some vats of coffee were available.
FORREST: “Lose tonight and look like a fucking clown. Drink this. I got some other shit in the bag that will get you sobered up-ish.”
Jay sipped the coffee slowly, careful not to get any on his nice white suit.
MORA: “She is hot though.”
Forrest could do nothing more than roll his eyes. He grabbed Jay’s arm like he was a child and led him to find the locker room.



Things started off slow, despite the seconds counting down. Dee Dee kept her distance from Logan, moving in the opposite direction of whichever way he went. This went on for minutes, yes, literally minutes. Growing impatient, Logan charged straight for Dee Dee, faking one way and sending her to the corner before turning back and closing in on her, leaving her nowhere to escape. He lunged forward to grab ahold of her but she was quick on her feet, ducking underneath his arms as they passed overhead and stepping in behind him. Logan turned back to her and the chase began once more. You know what else happened? This went on for even more minutes, just Logan following Dee Dee around the ring as she tried her best to keep away from him.

The more Logan chased Dee Dee around the ring, the more he grew frustrated. With Dee Dee near the corner, Logan charged her once again. He stormed across the ring at Dee Dee who just stood there like a deer in the headlights. At least that’s what she wanted everyone to think. Just as Logan closed in, Dee Dee side stepped him, tripping him up and taking him down face first onto the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Logan’s face bounced off the turnbuckle and he pushed himself up to all fours before standing back to his feet. Although Logan was standing, he was in quite the daze after having his bell rung against the turnbuckle. This was the moment that Dee Dee decided to finally strike. Behind Logan, Dee Dee then hit him with a spinning heel kick to the back, knocking him forward into the corner.

Logan’s arms were draped over the top ropes of the corner, holding himself up. Running in behind him, Dee Dee went on the attack with rapid kicks to the back of his knees. Taking a few steps back, she then charged forward, jumping up and hitting him with a drop kick to his lower back. Logan pulled his arms away from the ropes and then began to fall backwards, right for Dee Dee who was down on the mat behind him. Looking up, it was as if a tree were falling down and heading straight for her. Rolling out of the way, she barely managed to dodge the impact as Logan crashed to the canvas.
She the popped to her feet before ascending to the top of the corner. Leaping through the air, she came down with a knee drop to Logan’s stomach, rolling forward and up to her feet fluidly. The impact to the stomach forced Logan to lean up to an upright seated position, gasping for every single breath he took. He slowly began to push himself up and as he did, Dee Dee turned to the ropes across the ring. Coming back on the rebound just as Logan stood, she jumped feet first into the air, wrapping her legs around Logan’s head and throwing him to the center of the ring with a head scissors takedown.
Logan wasn’t going to stay down that easily. Oh no, not by a long shot. He pushed himself up but what he didn’t see coming was Dee Dee racing across the ring. She leaped once more, crashing into him with a crossbody block! As Dee Dee hit the mat, Logan stumbled backwards across the ring before slamming against the corner. Popping to her feet, Dee Dee then ran right for him, jumping up and planting both feet onto his stomach while locking onto his head. Rolling back, Dee Dee then flipped Logan back to the center of the ring with a monkey flip. Out of nowhere, Logan’s leg connected with the official, sending him falling to the mat as well.

With the official lying face down to the mat, Dee Dee rushed over to her corner where her favorite weapon sat upon the apron. He grabbed her pink mirror, twirling it before squeezing it to stop the spin, only to look into it and adjust her hair. He then looked across the ring where Logan was slowly beginning to push himself up. He managed to get to one knee before Dee Dee raced over and swung for the fences.

Down goes Logan! Down goes Logan! the mirror shattered into hundreds of pieces as blood began to trickle down from Logan’s forehead. The blow to the head was enough to level Logan, leaving him flat on his back. With only a few seconds left on the clock, Dee Dee quickly shook the official to grab his attention before covering Logan for the pin.



WINNER: Dee Dee Summers


When the bell sounded Blaise charged across the ring like a bull ready to gore its next Victim. Unsurprisingly, QT let out a yelp of fear and dove through the ropes and down to the outside of the ring before Blaise could get her hands on him. In the ring Blaise just shook her head and motioned for him to get back in, even going to the extent of holding the ropes for him but QT held up his hands signaling that he needed a time out. Of course the referee didn’t give him a time out because just like crying in baseball, there’s no time outs in wrestling. But it buys QT enough time to snatch an insulated bag from a vendor nearby. Inside that bag are a large amount of hot dogs, waiting to be consumed by adoring Octane fans. Unfortunately for them, QT had another idea of what to do with those Hot Dogs which was to reach inside the bag and launch them, one at a time, at Blaise Fader. The first few hot dogs miss but QT finally zeroes in on her and wheels back, chucking two at once and both collide with the side of Blaise’s head. The referee, fed up with QT’s nonsense, decides to declare the hot dogs an illegal weapon and promptly disqualifies QT Reese from the match.
WINNER: Blaise Fader via Disqualification (2:13)


“OOOOOOOOOOOO”… is the sound that the crowd makes when Bristol drives that foot into a kneeling Jay’s face with a hard bicycle that sends Jay to the mat completely. Bristol steps from side to side, keeping her eyes locked onto her opponent like a target and hoping that if she had her way that she could keep the upper hand and hopefully dodge his attacks. But Jay could be at a bull sometimes…. relentless and unwilling to give up as he gets back onto his feet and steps forward, in which Bristol quickly sprints forward in thinking he was going to take another step and immediately thinks to take him down but ends up on her back from a surprise clothesline from the cunning Jay. Gesturing at her with his hand, he imaginary shoots at her and then blows the top of his finger before winking at her, taunting her a bit especially since she was holding her chest neck from Jay trying to take her head off moments earlier. Not taking Jay’s bull, Bristol charges Jay and the two end up going back and forth from the center of the ring all the way to the right side with trading blows before Bristol begins trying to duck Jay’s more powerful blows while she relies on her aerial skills to keep this a balanced fight, refusing to get overpowered by the stronger opponent.
The audience was a bit unsure on who to cheer for but that didn’t stop them from being in tune to the battling competitors trying to out move other. That over the knee backbreaker from Jay had Bristol off her game for a bit but she was able to get back into it with a successful Phoenixrana and then a dropkick to put down a rushing Jay. Bristol then stands to her feet and immediately takes a few steps back to make sure that she keeps him in her sights, not wanting anymore surprises but Jay wasn’t as patient and didn’t have time to play a waiting game during a wrestling match as he rushes her again but this time, she quickly moves out of the way instead of panicking and sticks her foot out to trip him. Jay falls down onto all fours and with a cheshire grin, Bristol runs for the ropes and bounces off before jumping high into the air right when Jay is raising up as Bristol’s feet drive into Jay’s back and is forced back to the mat with that mushroom kick.
That grants Bristol a great load of confidence to the point that she walks over to her fallen opponent and begins to dust her hands off his body with a smirk on her face. Not amused by this one bit, Jay quickly reaches for her ankles to take her down but she jumps as if trying to avoid a jump rope and kicks him in the face. Bristol then begins to back up, knowing she can’t stay too close to Jay and keep attacking like that on the off chance that he’ll finally get a hold of her and overpower her. She dashes for the turnbuckle as Jay quickly and stealthily also gets to his feet and runs after her. Once Bristol jumps onto the turnbuckle, she turns around and is surprised by Jay being there to make the grab to pull her off of it. Keeping her hoisted into the air, he finally puts her down with a spinebuster that made him seem like the match was over. As Jay is about to cover her, Bristol quickly elbows him in the face and crawls away to make the escape from an almost pin but Jay isn’t letting it go that easily. He watches as Bristol pulls herself to her feet using the ropes as a crutch and once she’s standing upright and turns around….. BULLSEYE!!! Bristol is out of it and Jay covers her to be granted that three count to win the watch.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (7:36)


Kaelan has Adaya in the corner and is working her over with a series of punches and kicks that transition from one to the other perfectly with keeping Adaya trapped inside that corner and having to take the hits. Greene looks on from his side of the ring, having the urge to step in and intervene but the ref seemed to have eyes in the back of his head because one movement off the apron and his head would shoot like a rubber band to shoot that glare. While the ref was keeping his head on a swivel and catching Greene everytime it seemed like he was going to inch his way down the apron towards the turnbuckle to assist his tag partner with the save, Laughlin seems rather proud of Kaelan holding her weight inside of the ring, especially since he had tagged her in about eight minutes ago and she was still going rather strong. After serving them hands to Adaya in the corner, she backs up but ends up stumbling back when Adaya drives the hell out of her foot into Kaelan’s abdomen. The sassy latina moves swiftly towards Kaelan and serves her a roundhouse kick that forces Kaelan back even more, close enough to where she could make the tag to Laughlin but Adaya quickly foreseen that and grabbed Kaelan by the wrist to pull her forward. Wagging her index finger in her face and saying ‘ah ah ah’, Adaya smirks at Kaelan thinking she was going to get out of this. Kaelan punches Adaya with her free hand and an irritated Adaya quickly knees Kaelan in the gut and snatches back that upper hand with a wrist lock clothesline that cements Adaya from keeping Laughlin from being tagged in. Meanwhile, Greene is in a good mood from Adaya having the upper hand and even slightly cheers her on as she puts Kaelan down quickly with a float over DDT when the Irish stunner begins to furiously fight back. Adaya happens to look over at Laughlin concentrating on the match and she brushes her shoulder with a sly smirk in a provoking taunt but Laughlin refuses to fall prey to her games to enter the ring. He had faith in Kaelan and wasn’t about to risk being stopped by the ref so that Greene could get his little slick cheap shots in. He was privy to what they may have had planned and he wasn’t going to allow one wrong move to be a downfall that cost Baelin Club the match.
Adaya goes for a hurricanrana but Kaelan counters and slams her to the mat then leans on the ropes for a moment before making her way over to tag in Laughlin. While Kaelan is dipping under the ropes to exit, Laughlin’s entering and his eyes tell it all about how Adaya was gonna end up a broken mess in the center of that ring messing around with him. But Adaya puts on that brave face and that half grin she gives him invites him to come get this beat down. Laughlin quickly makes Adaya regret her decision to not tag out and shows her what her bravery gets her after a few moments of trying to break her down and prove to be the dominant one between the two. It wasn’t until the jumping Tornado DDT that seemed to knock the wind out of her that some of the men in the crowd begin to panic and became very vocal with wanting that sexy mamaciiiiiiitttttaaaaaaa to get out of the ring with that monster. Greene appears worried because Laughlin got long stamina and it takes alot for him to get to that worse for wear stage so if Laughlin wanted to get created and break every limb of Adaya’s one by one, he would. Greene is looking like he might enter the ring any moment to help his partner but luckily he doesn’t have to because Adaya catches Laughlin off guard with a spinning backfist and it helps her to be able to hurry as fast as she could over to her side of the ring to tag in Greene. Greene enters and first helps Adaya through the ropes onto the apron before he turns to get ready to tangle with a waiting Laughlin. And then it’s on with a break out fight between the two males over dominance as the two trade blows back and forth, trying to knock the other off their feet until Laughlin changes strategy and abandons the fist fight to bring his two knees up to send Greene back and show him who was boss. Let’s be real, Laughlin is built like the terminator in comparison to Greene so the smaller man knew that he had to be careful in his movements and that he couldn’t get sloppy when facing off against a beast like Laughlin. Greene shows he has heart in the next few moments as he continually tries to evade Laughlin and even gets lucky when he counters some of Laughlin’s quick incoming moves. But soon enough, that building confidence of Greene’s slowly begins to deplete when he’s treated to one of Laughlin’s brutal headbutts. Adaya is slapping her hands on the ropes, trying to help build up that momentum so that Greene can take charge while Kaelan cheers on Laughlin trying to destroy yet another opponent in the Corners Four.
Greene manages to fight Laughlin down with a few boxing left and rights aimed at his chin and jaw before he dips low to charge forward to spear Laughlin to the mat. Quickly getting back onto his feet, Greene makes sure each move is precise and meticulous with not wanting to get to eager in which it would cause his own problems. Laughlin ends up hitting Greene so hard that you would have thought he had seen the second coming of Christ and Adaya definitely wasn’t here for it as she watches Greene fight back as hard as he can, getting lucky in some spots until Laughlin sends him back packing to the mat. Adaya begins to climb the turnbuckle and Kaelan immediately tries to enter the ring to try to rush over and knock Adaya off but the ref stops Kaelan and lectures her while a grinning Adaya is ready to make a move. But Laughlin had seen her out of the corner of his eye and turns to look up at Adaya, catching her off guard especially since she thought she was being very sneaky. Laughlin is amused that she really thought she could pull one over him, climbing slowly down the turnbuckle with her eyes trained on him. Laughlin goes back to facing off against Greene and ends up irish whipped into the ropes moments later in which Adaya acts quickly and roundhouse kicks at the same time Laughlin bounces against the ropes as her foot connects to the back of his head. Laughlin only stumbles slightly but it’s enough for Greene to quickly take action with the Cherry Hill Thrill and go for the cover as fast as he can. Kaelan enters the ring as soon as the ref lifts his hand to begin the count and ends up breaking the pin before Adaya can get to her to stop her. Irritated, Adaya gets into an argument with Kaelan in which the ref has to break up and order them to their respectful corners. Greene’s eye is on the distracted ref as he removes the turnbuckle cover and then turns in time to duck Laughlin’s incoming clothesline. Kaelan is clapping her hands, trying to cheer her husband on while Adaya has walked around the ring to make her way behind Kaelan, who senses her presence and turns around. Kaelan hops down the apron and it catches the ref’s attention as he looks over right when Greene notices and realizes there’s a short window for anything to go unnoticed. He is feeling that body shot that Laughlin gifted him with two minutes ago but tries to shake it off so he can concentrate on the task at hand with trying to get the win. Greene ends up countering the attacking Laughlin and elbowing him in the face before forcing him toward the turnbuckle to slam his head against the unprotected post but ends up taking a few steps back once Laughlin elbows him in the chest. Laughlin shakes off the slight daze from the turnbuckle and turns around to be met with a dropkick to the face. Greene quickly goes for the pin and this time Adaya is in the ring just in time to stop Kaelan from breaking the pin, getting that three count for Minority State to win.
WINNERS: Adaya Duncan & Ric Greene via Pinfall (9:57)

Inside the ring Tornado Desencadenado is pacing back and forth. He’s not yet dressed to compete; wearing instead jeans and a tee-shirt advertising 4CW’s upcoming “Retrograde” pay per view. He glares up at the ramp, and then to the timekeeper’s table. Rolling outside he fetches a microphone for himself and then re-enters the squared circle to speak.
DESENCADENADO: “Well, it looks like I’ve been stood up. This was the time during Octane where I was going to be given a polygraph test about the Vertigone Challenge. Only QT Reese, the person who demanded the test in the first place, isn’t here. I mean, he’s here, or he was; we all saw him earlier tonight get the snot kicked out of him by Blaise Fader-”
The crowd cheers at the mention of Fader and her educated footwork on Reese.
DESENCADENADO: “-but now he’s nowhere to be found. Not in the trainer’s room. Not in the locker room. Just vanished.”
TD pauses and rubs his jaw.
DESENCADENADO: “I’m sure, wherever Quarterman is, he’s having a big laugh right now. He’s congratulating himself for getting one over on me, even if it’s over something as petty as not showing up. That’s because QT Reese has the mind of a child and the spine of a jellyfish. See, Reese is scared. He knew that once I was strapped into that lie detector the game was over. It would prove everything I’ve said was the truth: that the Challenge was not rigged, and that he was wasting everyone’s time with his stupid conspiracy theory. He knew this, and in order to save face he’s gone into hiding. Which I should have expected. Reese is willing to let down Kaz Bonham; one of the few people on this planet willing to put up his his crap. If he can do that to his friend, I should have known he’d have no problem leaving me high and dry. I don’t doubt at some point later in the show the little weasel will pop out of whatever hole he’s in and gloat about how he got me to stand out here and apologize for doing to you what he’s done to me the past month: waste your time. And I do apologize. You’re here at Octane to watch some of the best wrestlers in the world compete in this ring, not pull pranks on one another. So I’m going to keep this short and to the point.”
He turns and looks directly to the hard camera,
DESENCADENADO: “Reese, we are done. This will be the last chance you get to make a fool out of me. There’s not going to be a polygraph test. Not tonight; not ever. As far as I’m concerned unless I have to face you in the ring again you don’t even exist. And that shouldn’t be true for just me. Everyone, EVERYONE, else in Four Corners should feel the exact same way.”
And with that Tornado climbs out of the ring, returns the microphone to the timekeeper, and stomps up the ramp to the back.

The cameras start rolling and they open to Kaz Bonham leaning against a concrete wall. The Octane Championship is slung over her leather jacket and her bleach blonde hair partly tied back. Her once neon gear has been toned down to really appreciate the ratty, tacky grunge look. Kaz doesn’t acknowledge the camera, looking ahead at the empty space in front of her.
BONHAM: “Wrestlin’ is supposed to be an escape. An escape for outcasts like me. Like the Laughlins. A sport where we’re bound together by blood. Where we’re supposed to be a family. And every family fights, but to spill blood like y’all did? To be like Cain? That is unforgivable. You spilled blood, not out of sport, but out of jealousy. These scars created by the Laughlins, they’ll heal, they’ll fade…but the memories never will. Your time is comin’ and the revenge that’ll be dealt upon you will be…unforgivable.”
She turns her head, part of her face masked by Kaz’s hair.
BONHAM: “But tonight is about Bryan Williams. A wrestler that I admire and respect, but the way he carried himself into Octane…he didn’t show that same respect I show him. He didn’t show the respect this brand warrants. Community is what makes us strong, we do everything to differentiate ourselves from Adrenaline…and Bryan…Bryan, you waltzed in here, usin’ your star power from Adrenaline…thinkin’ that matters here.”
Kaz lets out a soft chuckle, gently shaking her head before looking back into the camera.
BONHAM: “It doesn’t. But the man I know…I know that he’ll learn from his mistake…and I know you’ll grow stronger, Bryan. Might not happen next week, maybe not even next month…but it will happen. You’ve got a lot of doubters, Bryan, here won’t really be any different. Add in the stigma of bein’ attached to Adrenaline…but in time, you’ll belong here. Tonight’s your chance to start strong right out the gate; you said as much yourself…I’m honored.”
She nods her head, a hint of a grin showing before fading away, and Kaz looks back away from the camera.
BONHAM: “Many have fallen before you, Bryan, that’s true…but just as many have stepped over you on their way to success. A success you’ve come so close to, but never reached. A success I’ve started…one that you doubt. You see me as not ‘ready’ to be Octane Champion, but you’ll find out that I’m ‘ready’ to beat you tonight. You’ll find out that a lot of folks here are ‘ready’ to beat you. I just hope you’re ‘ready’, Bryan.”
A scoff from Kaz before turning back to the camera, glaring right into it.
BONHAM: “I hope you find what you’re searchin’ for here, I really do. But it won’t be against me. I’ve got a greater task at hand and I need to do everything in my power to accomplish that, Bryan. Lettin’ you walk all over me? That ain’t part of the plan. Do yourself a favor and savor that first moment you stepped through those curtains, soak in the cheers from the crowd…”
Despite the glare from Kaz, she does put on a smile.
BONHAM: “And do everything to forget what comes after that because I ain’t lookin’ for forgiveness tonight.”
The smile holds for a few seconds before vanishing and Kaz keeps her glare until walking away from the scene as the camera cuts elsewhere.


Minority State had a big opportunity to make a statement in tag team action by claiming a victory over the reigning 4CW Champions. Would they be able to pull it off? Let’s find out. Both team spend a moment in their corners deciding who would start things off for their respective teams before finally settling on it being Jeb Fisher and Seth Daniels. The fans “oooo” and “ahhh” as things kick off between the two with both men throwing haymakers, unwilling to back down, right in the center of the ring. Jeb gets the advantage when he sneaks a thumb in to the eye of Seth Daniels before bringing his knee up straight into Seths abdomen, shoving him back into the corner before demanding that he tag in his “faggot bitch boy” partner. Vanilla Rice slaps Seth on the shoulder and dips into the ring casually, not appearing to be intimidated at all. Walking directly up to Jeb, Zeel slaps him right across the cheek with an open palmed slap. From the corner of Fisher and Cooper the camera’s pick up Cosmo shaking his head while saying “you shouldn’t have done that. Laughing to himself, Zeel gives Cosmo the finger and then goes for another bitch slap across Jeb’s face but Jeb blocks it and then grabs Zeel by the throat, lifts him up into the air, and then slams him down to the canvas with a sit out spine buster. Pushing himself up to his feet, Jeb rolled back to his corner where he tagged Cosmo into the match. Zeel, for his part, rolled as quick as he could over to his own corner where Seth bent down and slapped him on the shoulder, tagging back into the match.
Rocketing across the ring, Cosmo looked to catch Seth off guard as he got into the ring but Seth managed to catch him and drop him down with a big side slam. Quickly the two got back to their feet with Seth looking for an irish whip, but Cosmo reversing it sending Seth into the ropes. Bouncing off, Seth quickly retaliated with a shoulder block that knocked Cosmo back down flat, but he kipped up quickly and launched himself into the body of Daniels with a spinning heel kick, but Daniels caught him, lifted him high up onto his shoulders, and then slammed him to the mat with WOW………. A POWERBOMB! Quickly Seth went for the cover after the big powerbomb connected but only managed a two count before Cosmo kicked out. In his corner Jeb didn’t even look remotely concerned that Cosmo might not kick out. Dragging Cosmo back to his feet, Seth quickly whipped him into his teams corner and began to work him over with a series of stomps until Cosmo was down in a seated position. Before Seth could do anymore work, however, Zeel tagged himself back into the match and told Seth that he’s got this. For a long moment Seth stares at him before shrugging and telling Zeel to have at it as he exited the ring.
Confidently Zeel pulled Cosmo out of the corner but as he stood Cosmo up straight, Cooper retaliated with a knife edged chop to Zeels chest that sent him stumbling backward, clutching where Cosmo’s hand had connected. Taking a moment to shake his head and clear his mind, Cosmo allowed his characteristic smile to former on his lips as he engaged Zeel once more. Park swings and misses and Cosmo quickly hits a connecting gut wrench suplex. And then a second one. And then a third one. And then a fourth one before finally releasing him. Woozily Zeel stands and stumbles as Cosmo confidently gets back to his feet. Park turns right into a boot to the midsection from Cosmo, and then in a flash Cooper hits Crater Maker and goes for the cover. Jeb springs into action, entering the ring quickly to cut off Seth Daniels as the referee slides in and counts the one, two and three.
WINNERS: Cosmo Cooper & Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (13:33)

We cut to the backstage area, where “Flightwave” is playing in the background. We see Bryan Williams standing by, dressed for his upcoming match. He’s here because he request the time, I guess.
Bryan looks into the camera, smiling.
WILLIAMS: ”It’s been fun, Kaz. This whole back and forth, you’ve really tried this time and I commend you for that. I’m honor to have brought out this fighting spirit in you, because you’re going to need it.”
Bryan looks around the hallway, deep backstage in the Thompson-Boling Arena. Bryan knocks on the wall, as he looks back into the camera.
WILLIAMS: ”In just a few short moments we will be stepping into the ring. My first official match on Octane, as an Octane star. I got the champ to welcome me, but the pressure isn’t on me. I can tell, everybody can tell, that Kaz is under the gun right now. She needs to perform, if not now then definitely in a few days when Retrograde rolls around. She’s gotta kick it up a notch, and honestly I’m happy to help here.”
Bryan pauses again.
WILLIAMS: ”It doesn’t bug me what you’ve said, and what you think about my arrival to Octane. You and everyone else here needs the competition, and that’s just the fact. I’m here to raise the bar, and to increase the talent around me. I’m here to bring out the absolute best of Kaz Bonham, and so far I’m liking what I’ve seen. But it doesn’t just stop there, Kaz. Fancy promo production and some tough words will only get you so far. You need to do more, and quite frankly everyone else here needs to do more.”
Bryan pauses again, allowing himself the chance to finish up his thought.
WILLIAMS: ”That will come in time. I didn’t just come to Adrenaline to get away. I came here to get in on the ground floor, because I see the potential. I see what this show can be, and what we can all offer to this company. I’ve been in the ring with some of the top talent on this show, and I like what I see. I’m here to make you all better. I’m here to make this show better.”
Bryan stops, still looking into the camera.
WILLIAMS: ”I’m here to lead the way.”
He smiles, continuing on yet again.
WILLIAMS: ”So, Kaz, keep watch. Open your eyes and pay attention to what I have to show you. You may be the champ, and you may have a tough road ahead of you, but you need to see this. See what I can teach you, see what I can offer you. Because you will be better for it. Mark my words. I don’t have if I have to drag you along, kicking and screaming.”
Bryan stops for a moment, looking past the camera.
WILLIAMS: ”I guess it’s about that time. I’ll be seeing you out there, Kaz. As for the rest of you, I’ll be seeing you all soon enough.”
With a wink, Bryan walks past the camera and down the hallway. The camera turns, following him as we see that he definitely wasn’t talking to a brick wall. Bryan turns a corner, as the music fades, and we cut to ringside.


Making his Octane debut-oh wait, he’s been here before. Making his Twenty-Eighteen Octane debut, Bryan Williams has come down from Adrenaline to be with the fine folk here in Tennessee. You couldn’t ask for more of a welcome party than being thrown into the ring with the current Octane Champion, a woman with a lot of anger inside after watching her significant other assaulted two weeks ago, we’re talking about Kaz Bonham ladies and gentlemen! Bryan is no stranger to high card matches, but things are a bit different on Octane. The talent is raw and the bellies are hungry. What Bryan didn’t expect was the warm welcome brought against his face as Kaz force fed him an elbow smash. It wasn’t just one folks. Bryan was treated to a four course meal of elbows one after the other. Seeing that he wasn’t hungry for anymore, Kaz then took matter into her own hands in making some room in his stomach as she kicked her foot directly into it. If Bryan literally ate elbows, those elbows would be covering the canvas at this point but instead, he puked every bit of air in his lungs out. Lifting him off his feet, Kaz then threw him back down with a scoop slam, dropping him flat on his back. Backing up to the ropes, she bounced forward and after three steps, jumped up and came down with a leg drop that pinned his head to the mat and shot his feet straight into the air.
Pulling Bryan up from the mat, Kaz ducked her head underneath his arm to set up a Northern Lights Suplex but Bryan wasn’t having any part of than. Locking his leg with hers, he prevented her from lifting him off his feet. Bryan then hit her over the back with two forearm shots before unhooking his leg and planting her head first into the canvas with a DDT. Kaz pushed herself up in a daze, only to get taken by surprise as Bryan was right there to hit her with a European uppercut, whipping her head back and forcing her to look up to the lights above. Lifting her onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry, Bryan then dropped her across his knee with a neckbreaker. We went for the cover but was only able to get a two count before Kaz popped a shoulder up from the mat. Bryan didn’t waste anytime, standing back to his feet and pulling Kaz up as well. After being treated to a meal of elbows earlier, Bryan felt it was necessary to return the favor as he fed Kaz a meal consisting of forearm smashes to the mouth. Knocking her back a step with the last one, Bryan hit her in the stomach with a mini superkick. Taking a couple of steps back, he then swept in, hitting her with another kick, this one to the knee, forcing her leg to give out from under her as she dropped to that same knee. He then backup up once more before sweeping in and hitting her with a superkick to the face, lifting her back to her feet and standing her fully erect, which he loved!
Stepping in, he wrapped her with both arms before lifting her up and throwing her over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Kaz hit the mat but rolled to her feet. From behind, Williams rushed in, wrapping both arms around her waist. What he was planning next was a German suplex, but plans didn’t always go accordingly. Raising her foot up before Bryan could make his next move, Kaz slammed it down, stomping onto Bryan’s foot. He eased up on his hold, allowing her to break away from his arms as she ran straight for the ropes. Bouncing off and coming back on the return, she leaped forward, hitting him directly in the face with a front dropkick. Bryan fall backwards to the mat, slamming the back of his head against it which would lead to concussion protocol later but that was a story for another time. He slowly climbed to his feet, rising to one knee and as he looked up, Kaz was charging straight for him only to wipe him out with a shining wizard! Pulling Bryan up from the mat, she then lifted him up onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. She had him right where she needed him. Over and over she spun in circles as the crowd even counted along with each full revolution. She hit ten and kept going. She hit fifteen and kept going. Then twenty, twenty-five, and although was wobbling she managed to reach thirty before leaning over and throwing him down to his back! Fast Times at Bonham High left Kaz dizzy as she stumbled across the ring and to the ropes. Bouncing off, she saw three Bryan’s ahead and aiming for the one in the middle, she jumped straight up, coming down and connecting with The Dixie Stampede, which just so happened to be a standing double foot stomp! Making the cover, she had him shoulders to the mat with nowhere to go as the official slid in beside them with the count.

WINNER: Kaz Bonham via Pinfall (14:49)


POWERS: “Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our main event! This match is for the 4CW Ignition Championship! Coming out first, the challenger; from Metairie, Louisiana, and weighing two hundred thirty-five pounds… TORNADO DDEESSEENNCCAADDEENNAADDOO!!!”
The guitar riff to “Blow Me Away” cues up on the venue’s speakers. Tornado walks out from behind the curtain and does several “chain-breaker” warm ups. Afterwards he bounds back and forth across the stage; encouraging the fans to cheer louder. Tornado then jogs down the ramp, slapping any offered hands. When he reaches the ring apron he rolls inside, pops to his feet, and does a couple of spins around the center of the ring with his arms outstretched. Finally, he takes his right fist and thumps the left side of his chest three times.
LAWSON: “Tornado Desencadenado came close to earning a shot at the Ignition Title last month. Now, after a statement win against Cosmo Cooper at Octane Fifteen, he has been given an opportunity to finally capture 4CW Gold.”
CAMPBELL: “Calling it a gift is an understatement! No way should this guy be given yet another title shot; not since he’s pissed away past chances.”
POWERS: “And his opponent-“
“Best Song Ever” by One Direction blares from the arena speakers as the crowd jumps to their feet in excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and Golden Snitches drop from the ceiling. American Tommy makes his way through the curtain and stands in the middle of the ramp smiling. He waves to the crowd. As he makes his way down to the ring he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it.
POWERS: ”Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, IL! The Ignition Champion, AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers he begins pointing and yelling. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again.
TOMMY: ”Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right or I’ll curse you, muggle!”
Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head. American Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs and starts speaking again.
POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for the grand wizard of them all. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Hogwarts, USA! HARRY PPOOTTTTEERR!!!”
American Tommy jumps up in glee, clapping his hands. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the ring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises his wand to the crowd as they do the same to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and places his trusty wand underneath it. He then hands Ignition Title off to the referee.
TAYLOR: “While I may not entirely agree with Chris about whether Tornado is a deserving contender, I do feel it is unfair having American Tommy defend his championship in three straight matches.”
CAMPBELL: “That just shows how much respect General Manager James Walker has for Tommy.”
LAWSON: “Or how badly he wants to get the title off him.”
The official holds the Ignition belt up over his head to remind the fans what the stakes are in the fight. He then goes over to the apron so the title can be taken from him and placed on the timekeeper’s table. Meanwhile, TD and Tommy have moved to the center of the ring. As they silently size one another up the referee returns and goes over the rules of the match. When he’s finished both men nod at him then to one another. The official motions for the bell to be run and we’re off! Well, kinda. American Tommy is pointing his finger in the face of Tornado and yelling stuff at him.
TOMMY: “You better of got your stuff in order, because I’m breaking your back!”
DESENCADENADO: “Secret weapon, Tommy.”
TD smiles and makes the basketball hand signal for traveling: passing one fist over the other in a circular motion.

At last, the pair lock up. Tornado immediately gains the upper hand, going behind Tommy and flinging him to the mat with a waist lock takedown. Still holding on to his smaller opponent he deadlifts him, pivots, and sends him crashing to the canvass once again. When he tries to do it a third time however Tommy is able to drive his elbow into the side of Tornado’s head, forcing him to let him go. As TD stumbles back the would-be wizard leaps and hits a chop block, putting him on the ground. He then connects with an elbow drop to the small of Tornado’s back. Scrambling, he sits atop his prone foe and starts slapping his ears and scalp. Tornado is able to buck him off and move to a vertical base. He goes after Tommy, but the Ignition Champion ducks under his clothesline. Hitting the ropes, Tornado turns and caroms back towards Tommy attempting another clothesline. Again Tommy dodges, and this time is able to catch the Ring Revolutionary in a crucifix pin.

Tornado kicks out! He lurches to his feet, clearly stunned Tommy caught him like that. The Ignition Champion seems surprised as well, and begins to celebrate wildly even though the move wasn’t enough to win the match. He climbs the nearest ringpost and begins playing to the crowd. Tornado gives his opponent a moment to interact with the fans, but when it stretches out to several moments he grows impatient. He stomps over to yank Tommy down only to get a boot to the face as a reward. As Tornado stumbles away Tommy jumps down and gives chase. He clubs at Tornado’s back repeatedly, and then spins him around so he can knee him in the gut. After taking several strikes TD pushes him away. Tommy uses the separation to try for a drop kick, but now it’s Tornado who dodges. With Tommy flat on his back TD hits a spinning elbow drop onto his midsection, then applies a seated chin lock.
LAWSON: “This is not a good position for Tommy to be in. Tornado is stronger with much better mat skills. If he can keep Tommy grounded, he has a definite advantage.”
TAYLOR: “Almost every challenger American Tommy has faced has had him beat in power or skill. Hasn’t kept him from being the most dominant wrestler on Octane.”
As Tornado works on twisting Tommy’s head off his shoulders, the Ignition Champ has been trying to work his way to his feet. Slowly, he is able to stand. He drives his elbows into Tornado’s ribs. Then, in a fit of desperation, he throws his head back, striking Tornado square in the mouth. When Tornado finally lets go Tommy hits a dropkick that sends his opponent staggering to the ropes. Groggily Tommy stands and moves towards TD, who charges him. They juke out of the way of each others’ clotheslines and then rebound off the opposite ropes. Only this time when they meet on the comeback Tornado catches Tommy and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover.

Tommy kicks out. Tornado herks him up and throws him with a gutwrench suplex. Tommy flops over onto his stomach and tries to rise. When he’s on his hands and knees Tornado jumps and puts him in an Oklahoma Roll pin.

LAWSON: “This is it! New Champion!”
The Ignition Champ shoots an arm up. Tornado again drags him to his feet, but whatever he planned to do next is halted by a bell clap from Tommy. The foul-mouthed magician starts wildly chopping at TD’s chest forcing him back into the corner. Once he has him there he climbs up onto the first rope and punches at the top of TD’s head. The referee warns him to back off, but Tommy pays him no heed. Finally at the tenth strike the official pulls him down. Incensed, Tommy goes to his corner to look for his wand. Picking it up, he marches back to the ref, who is checking on TD. He gesticulates at the official, and says some ‘magic words’. The referee no-sells whatever incantation Tommy expected to cast, and Tornado, sufficiently recovered, launches himself at Tommy and hits him with a discus double backhand chop. The impact forces Tommy to drop his wand and Tornado kicks it out of the ring. When Tommy attempts to go after it Tornado grabs him from behind and executes a rolling German suplex with a bridge pin.

TAYLOR: “American Tommy’s antics might have finally caught up with him!”
Not quite, as Tommy gets a shoulder up. Tornado, shaking his head, grabs the Ignition Champion and sets him on his shoulders in the fireman’s carry position. He then begins to spin. He keeps Tommy up there for a dozen rotations. Suddenly, Tommy shifts his weight, pivots, and brings Tornado down with a DDT!. He hops up to his feet and taps his temple in the universal pantomime for ‘That was some quick thinking by me, folks!’ before being overcome by vertigo and face-planting onto the mat. For a while neither man really moves except for Tommy as he shoots a crotch chop towards the fallen Tornado and yells to him that his airplane spin “Eats more ass than Perry Wallace does at a strip club full of geriatric women!” The official begins to count them both out.
CAMPBELL: “What a counter by the Ignition Champion! Can he capitalize though?!”
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four!”

Slowly, Tommy crawls over to the prone Tornado. He rolls him over and drapes his arm across his chest. The referee drops down to make the count.

Tornado kicks out. Tommy is dumbstruck. He yells at the official about the pace of the count and then slowly drags Tornado to his feet. As Tornado is standing there wobbling on his feet and trying to regain his composure, American Tommy is yelling at some stage hands around the ring to hand him a microphone. Yes, instead of taking advantage of an in a daze Tornado, one of the best talents Octane has to offer Tommy is grabbing a microphone instead. This is what can you expect when you let someone like Jimmy Walker run the asylum. American Tommy waits for Tornado do get his bearings straight and begins to speak.
TOMMY: “Listen here, TD. I don’t give a shit how you are doing it, but your Vertigone Challenge is a lie and it’s the only thing I’ll ever agree with QT Reese on.”
DESENCADENADO: “Are we really doing this right now?”
TOMMY: “Your airplane spin is inferior to mine and I’m going to prove it now! Let’s do it, Tarzan!”
LAWSON: “I can’t believe Tommy’s doing this. He should be pressing his advantage right now, not giving Tornado time to recover from that DDT.”
TAYLOR: “Better question would be why is Tornado is going along?”
CAMPBELL: “Because he’s a rube. A rube that’s about to get played by the trickiest sonofabitch in the Octane locker room.”
Tornado does as Tommy wishes and puts him on his shoulders executing a perfect airplane spin. He sets Tommy down on the ground after spinning around multiple times and watches as Tommy tries to gain his footing. That dumb motherfucker looks like a newborn baby deer, but he’s still talking shit into the microphone.
LAWSON: “The champ doesn’t look so smart now, Chris.”
CAMPBELL: “Shut up. He’s just stringing Tornado along. You’ll see.”
TOMMY: “I’m not dizzy! WEAK!”
DESENCADENADO: “You look like you’re going to throw up, Tommy. “
Tommy grabs the ropes to stop the room from spinning for a bit before he begins talking again. He shakes his head to get the cobwebs out and walks slowly towards the middle of the ring.
TOMMY: ”My turn!”
Tornado nods and walks over and stands next to Tommy who just looks at him like he is stupid.
TOMMY: “What are you doing?”
DESENCADENADO: “You said it was your turn.”
Tommy just looks at him and shakes his head and points over towards the corner of the ring. He is telling TD to go stand somewhere over there and away from him. Tornado shrugs and does what he is told as American Tommy stands in the middle of the ring straight up and down. He takes a deep breath in and releases it before he raises his arms and stretches them out beside his body forming the letter “T”. Then, looking like a spinning top, American Tommy starts to turn around in a circle as fast as he can looking as much like an airplane as he can. The crowd laughs and Tornado looks at the crowd just shaking his head, but he is smiling. While his eyes aren’t on Tommy, Tommy loses his footing and spins right into Tornado knocking him into the turnbuckle and incapacitates him. Tommy, shakes his head a few times to release the cobwebs and hits it a few times before he realizes what he’s done. He runs to the other side of the ring as fast as he can and heads towards the fallen TD on the other side hitting him with a Hogwarts’ Express! Then, when TD is slumped over he adds insult to injury with the Broken Snitch! He drags Tornado out of the corner and hooks his leg for the cover.
CAMPBELL: “Ha! Told you! The man had a plan and it’s worked to perfection!”

Tornado barely kicks out. Tommy sits up wearily and clutches his head in disbelief as he throws the microphone out of the ring. He looks out past the apron to where his wand is. Then he looks to the nearest ringpost. He staggers to his feet and goes to the corner. Climbing to the top turnbuckle. He turns, says some more magic words, and attempts a Gryffindor Stomp. Only TD rolls out of the way! The Ignition Champ crashes and burns. He begins clutching at his left leg, writhing in agony. Tornado, seeing his foe has injured himself, scrambles over and drops an elbow onto Tommy’s tweaked knee. Then he sets him up in a kind of a figure four leg lock, except once it’s applied he begins to tumble around the ring, dragging Tommy with him.
LAWSON: “That’s- is that? That’s got to be the Kiwi Roll! The move Tornado said would be his secret weapon his match against Tommy!”
CAMPBELL: “It looks goofy.”
TAYLOR: “Who cares how it looks! It’s working!”
Tommy and TD continue trundling across the canvass. Flailing his arms wildly with each turn, the Ignition Champ is finally able to grab onto the bottom rope. The referee immediately drops down and shakes Tornado’s shoulder. After getting the Fundamental Elemental’s attention, he points out what Tommy has done. TD is flummoxed. Slowly, reluctantly, he unfolds his legs and releases the hold.
CAMPBELL: “Ha! Some secret weapon.”
TAYLOR: “Unfortunately for Tornado Desencadenado, the path of his Kiwi Roll brought Tommy too close to the ropes, and the Ignition Champ took advantage.”
Tommy, clearly still feeling the effects of the submission, pulls himself up and limps over to a tired and frustrated TD. The two match glares. Keeping his eyes squarely on his opponent the Ignition Champion reaches out and calls once again for the mic. Once the official gives it to him Tommy speaks-
TOMMY: “That was- AHHH!!”
Without warning Tornado takes American Tommy down with a Tiger Spin Drop Toe Hold. With Tommy grounded he puts him in the Kiwi Roll a second time. Tommy begins screaming into the microphone as he flops around the ring.
TOMMY: “AHHHHH!!! Fucker! You can’t! Ow! You can’t do this twice! AHH! Ref! Ref! DQ him! AHHHHH!!”
Tommy’s demands are ignored by both the official and TD, who has wised up enough to keep his course far from the ring apron. Tommy gives up on trying to convince either man to see how unfair his situation is and instead throws the microphone at Tornado. It bounces harmlessly off his chest. After a few more circuits the pair stop rolling, though TD keeps the leg lock snugly applied to his opponent.
LAWSON: “This is it! This is it! American Tommy is trapped in the middle of the ring, helpless to escape the Kiwi Leg Roll!”
TAYLOR: “We finally may see a new Ignition Champion crowned tonight! It took- what? Who’s that?!”
The Newfie Cutie has indeed clambered over the barricade behind the time keeper, a large box shaped machine tucked under his arm.
TAYLOR: “What’s he doing here?!”
With surprising speed he rushes the ring. Sliding inside, he rises to his feet and, holding the item high over his head, sends it crashing down onto Tornado’s head!
LAWSON: “Reese just attacked Tornado Desencadenado with some piece of equipment. I think it’s one of those polygraphs!”
The assault knocks Tornado out cold. He falls backward, releasing Tommy. The official calls for the bell and Reese, after wiping his hands, rolls out of the ring and escapes through the crowd.

TAYLOR: “I don’t believe this.”
The official is now checking on Tornado. Tommy, too, is crouched down beside his downed opponent. Mike Powers has entered the ring and confers with both men. He then addresses the crowd.
POWERS: “By referee’s decision, TORNADO DESENCADENADO has been declared the winner of this match through disqualification.”
LAWSON: “As well he should be.”
POWERS: “However, since a title cannot change hands through disqualification or count out, American Tommy will remain Ignition Champion!”
Powers hands a confused Tommy the Ignition Title.
LAWSON: “This is unfair! Tornado had Tommy dead to rights! That belt should be his!”
CAMPBELL: “You don’t know that, Joe. Tommy could have escaped the hold. If anything Tornado is lucky he was given the victory. If I was the ref I would have thrown the whole match out.”
At this point a couple of members of the medical staff have entered the ring and are examining TD. The Whirlwind Wunderkind’s eyes are open now, and is mumbling responses to their questions. Meanwhile Tommy, the official, and Powers look on.
TAYLOR: “Whether it was fair or not, what we can say is that QT Reese ruined a hell of a match, leaving no one happy about the outcome but Reese himself.”
LAWSON: “There needs to be repercussions for this. Reese should be punished! Tornado deserves a rematch!”
CAMPBELL: “Why, because he got outsmarted by a punk like Reese? I say chalk this up as a learning experience for Tornado and send him to the back of the line!”
TAYLOR: “Whatever the final decision is it won’t be made tonight. We are out of time. To those of you watching, good night, and we’ll see you at Octane Seventeen!”