Overall, the ratings from the last four episodes of Octane seem to have stabilized around 2.5 million.
Dropping just over 100,00 viewers compared to E14’s 2,565,000, Octane E15 brought in a total of 2,460,000 viewers worldwide.
Octane E15
Showing an increase of 190,000 viewers, Octane E16 brought in a total of 2,650,000 viewers worldwide.
Octane E16

Following Adrenaline E79, the third highest in ratings overall in 4CW, E80 dropped nearly half a million compared to E79’s 3,520,000. Live from The Pit in Albuquerque, Adrenaline E80 brought in a total of 3,080,000 viewers worldwide.
Adrenaline E80