OCTANE E17 (139)


Dee Dee Summers sits on one of the locker room benches in the backstage area of the McKenzie Arena, her long blonde hair is not the object of envy from the expensive styling rather just a simple pulled back in a tail job. The skirt that she wears to the ring, while normally black, now as patterns of red, white and blue on it as they match her new boots and top. She sits there thinking on the bench rubbing her eyes with her one hand while the other rests on the handle of her small pink mirror.
WIthout even looking up or taking her hand away from her eyes she begins to speak towards someone that is not seen by the camera.
SUMMERS: “I feel you watching me. Don’t play coy, you can step out of the shadows and show yourself. I have no fear of you at all.”
SUMMERS: ”Or should I say, I have no fear of any of you anymore.”
With that, Dee Dee drops her hand from her face and with the other hand she sntaches up the pink mirror into her grasp and stares into it.
SUMMERS: “Hello? Are you now going to go back to hiding again? Figures. Three, you were always the one to point out how my schemes, as you called them, worked better from the shadows. Funny, now that I am keeping a constant light on all three of you I can see how true that was. Really hard to conspire with the other mice when the cat is on guard, no?”
SUMMERS: ”And don’t you worry, now that I’m in charge, we’re going to have such a better time around these parts starting with tonight. You see, tonight after I take Lucky Charms and Tea and Crumpets out of the picture I will begin my ascent towards the throne. These people are going to cheer my name tonight, but soon they will throw roses at my feet and worship the ground I walk upon.”
SUMMERS: ”Because, I am America’s Swee–”
Just then Dee Dee stops mid word and looks directly into the mirror. Slowly, her eyes look grow wide in shock as her red lips curl back and her white teeth sparkle through. After a second or two her finger comes up and picks something from her teeth away. Her face completely relaxes to normal.
SUMMERS: “Whoops, had something in my teeth there. Can’t go out there and be America’s Sweetheart with something in my teeth. Awkward, right?”
SUMMERS: ”Wait, did you just move the mirror?”
This time she checks the mirror and looks around the room. After a brief moment of looking away from the mirror, she rolls her eyes back towards the reflection.
SUMMERS: “Nah, that was the wind. Or is that you, Four? You must really trying hard right now to break through. I’m almost impressed, almost. Save your rage Four, save it for when I need you and when the moment is right I’ll let you out of your cage. Just not tonight.”
SUMMERS: ”So, back to the cage with you.”
SUMMERS: ”It’s America’s Sweetheart time.”
With that, Dee Dee places the mirror back down on the bench face down and away from her reach as she stands up and begins to stretch before her match tonight.



With little time on the clock, the match starts off with a bang as Tornado strikes as soon as the bell sounds. Rushing Greene head on, Tornado corners him and lays heavily into his with open hand chops across the chest. After a swift kick to Greene’s stomach, Tornado then flips him over to his back with snapmare. As Greene climbs back to his feet, Tornado climbs up the corner backwards to the middle rope. Waiting patiently, he looks on until Greene finally stands to his feet. Just as Greene slowly turns to face him, Tornado jumps from the corner and locks an arm around his head, spinning him around and planting his head into the canvas with a tornado DDT. Greene remains face down as Tornado gets back to his feet.
Pulling Greene up to his feet, Tornado then positions himself behind him before locking both arms around his waist. Greene throws an elbow back, hitting Tornado in the face with it, breaking his hold. Immediately, Greene spins around to face him and as he does, Tornado pops his leg up with a kick to the stomach. Catching Tornado’s foot, Greene then pulls him in by the leg and knocks him flat on his back with a clothesline. Tornado quickly pushes himself up only to get attacked by Greene as he throws forearms over his back, slowing him down. Standing Tornado up completely, Greene then hits him in the chops with a European uppercut, knocking him into a daze and backwards into the corner. Rushing in, Greene hits Tornado head on with a running headbutt. Pulling him away from the corner, he then bends Tornado over before wrapping him up and lifting him into the air to slam him back down with a gutwrench suplex. Tornado begins to push himself up once more as Greene looks on for a moment. Backing across the ring, Greene then waits until the perfect moment to strike – right when Tornado stands. Racing across the ring, Greene levels him with a spear.
Pulling Tornado up from the mat, Greene then lifts him into the air before slamming him back down with a sit-out powerbomb! After connecting with Flipadelphia, Greene transitions the powerbomb into a pin as the official slides in with the one, two, and three!

Tornado manages to kick out, but only a split second too late as the official has already made the three count. Back on his feet, Green pulls Tornado to his feet and lays into him with back to back right hands, backing him up completely across the ring. As Tornado’s back presses against the ropes, Greene locks onto his arm and then whips him to the ropes across the ring. With Tornado bouncing off and coming back on the return, Greene takes off and charges straight for him, leaping into the air feet first and going for a single leg dropkick. Sliding to the mat feet first, Tornado dodges the Dropcuck as Greene connects with nothing before crashing to the mat. The two race to their feet, Greene standing first. He charges Tornado as he stands, only to get lifted off his feet and spun in mid air before being slammed down onto Tornado’s knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
The momentum has completely shifted in Tornado’s favor. After connecting with snap powerslam followed up with a swinging side slam, Tornado goes to the corner once more where he ascends to the top. Once he gets himself adjusted, Greene pops up to his feet, catching Tornado by surprise. Tornado jumps down and ducks a clothesline from Greene as he lands. As Greene turns to face him, Greene kicks for Tornado’s stomach only to have his foot caught. In the blink of an eye, Tornado takes him down to the mat with a dragon screw leg whip. Greene pops back up and as Tornado lunges in, Greene ducks and hits him with an elbow to the stomach. Whipping Tornado to the ropes, Greene waits for him to come back on the return and when he does, he lifts him off his feet with a tilt-a-whirl. Slipping out of Greene’s hold, Tornado slides over Greene’s shoulder and drops down to his feet behind him. Wrapping both arms around Greene’s waist, Tornado then drives him forward, slamming him frontwards into the corner. They bounce off the corner and roll backwards, and back to their feet fluidly. Lifting Green off his feet, Tornado then slams him backwards to the mat, completing the rolling German suplex and topping it off with a bridging pin. The official slides in beside them as Greene’s arms wave in all directions but with his shoulders pinned to the mat, the official easily counts one, two, and three!

Greene kicks out just after the official slaps the canvas a third time. Tornado stands to his feet and realizes there’s little time on the clock. He grabs ahold of Greene, pulling him up to his feet. He then lifts Greene onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and begins to spin. After a few revolutions, Greene slips out of his hold and falls behind him, at least what was behind him at that moment before Tornado spun some more. Stumbling backwards, Greene hit the ropes and bounced off. Quick on his feet, Greene then leaped into the air feet first and just as Tornado turned to face him, he connected with a high impact running single leg drop kick. The second attempt at the Dropcuck was a success as Tornado dropped to the mat and crashed with a thud. With only seconds left on the clock, Greene quickly crawled over him and hooked the leg as the official slid in beside them with the count.



WINNER: Ric Greene

With the Ignition championship on the line tonight one would think that The Marksman would be in tip top shape and ready for the challenge that lies ahead tonight. Instead, a busty blonde girl is lacing up his boots as Jay drinks something from a red solo cup at his locker.
MORA: “Tighter. And when I win the Ignition championship tonight you’re the first one that can wear it while you’re riding me.”
The blonde giggled as she finished up his boot. She then sat on his lap and gently carressed his cheek.
BLONDE: “I can’t wait Markie. I’ve got the key to your ignition…”
Jay frowns and pushes her off.
MORA: “First, that song is fucking terrible. Second, that was dumber than Tommy teaching a class full of America’s future idiots. Beat it, see you after the show.”
Looking quite hurt and pouting, the blond scampers away like a baby deer in her high heels. Jay rolls his eyes and shakes his head as she walks off screen. He finally catches a glimpse of the camera.
MORA: “Oh fuck me…hang on.”
Jay takes another sip from the solo cup before “hiding” it from the camera in his locker.
MORA: “I’ve got a few things to say to Tommy before we jump in the ring tonight. You’ve been a hell of a champion Tommy. You came after me with some things that others haven’t tried and you hit the nail on the head with all of ‘em. I can respect that. I think…maybe…I can respect you just a tiny bit.”
Jay furrows his brow slightly as if he is confused by what he just said.
MORA: “Im not going to come out here tonight and tell you all the cliche things someone like Tornado would say. I’m not going to come out here and give you this promo about how I hate this town or the people smell or that you’re beneath me like…say…a Seth Daniels or whatever that guy’s name is would do.”
MORA: ”I’m just out here to tell you one simple thing. “
Jay leans forward resting his elbows on his knees.
MORA: “It’s not that you’re marked, we have been over that. It’s that you’re looking at the new Ignition champion and that’s a fact for one reason.”
Jay smiles slightly before the intensity in his eyes picks up or perhaps it was just the booze.
MORA: “Your arms are just too damn short to box with GOD.”
Jay points his index finger at himself, his breathing picking up to an intense pace. Is Jay Mora hammered? Did he just call himself a god or was that a metaphor? In a few moments, the world will find out exactly how highly of a function alcoholic Markie is.


The match kicks off quickly with the CWC US Champion being set upon by both Bristol and Dee Dee who back her up into the corner and stomp her down to a seated position. As Dee Dee turned to head back across the ring, however, Bristol quickly turned on her and slammed her down to the canvas with a running bull dog. Rolling Summers over onto her back, Bristol covered looking for a quick victory but Dee Dee kicked out before the two could even fall. A smile on the girl from Bristol’s face, she murmured something to the referee that he couldn’t understand and it was probable that nobody else would understand a damn thing she said either. Pulling herself up out of the corner using the ropes, Kaelan swiftly moves toward Bristol and cracks her across the jaw with a hard right hand, telling her to shut the fuck up. Bristol fires back with a shot of her own asking her a question in her own thick accent. Kaelan responds likewise with an OI and then something else, weighed down by the weight of her irish accent that really only people in Ireland and probably Bristol would have been able to understand. The two women begin shouting at each other back and forth and nobody has any idea what the fuck they’re saying but the crowd starts to chant “OI GET PROPER!” at them until Dee Dee ruins the party by kipping up and then taking both of them down with a double clothesline.
Kaelan gets back up first but Dee Dee is quick to take her down with a firemans carry takeover. Bristol is back up to her feet next and Dee Dee quickly drops her onto her face, side stepping a punch from Briz, with a drop toe hold. Popping back up to her feet Dee Dee bounces off the near by ropes and leaps into the air, dropping a big knee across the back of King before rolling back up to her feet to stomp on the extremities of Kaelan Laughlin, starting with her fingertips, the her ankles and feet, and then back up to her other hand to stomp on her fingertips before finishing it off with a snap kick to the face. In full control, Dee Dee then turned back to Bristol and pulled her up to her feet. Breaking free of Summers grasp, Bristol locked onto her wrist and twisted it into a wrist lock, soon bending the arm around and behind Summers back. Eventually she shoved Dee Dee away from her and then bounced off the ropes. When Dee Dee turned around, Bristol caught her with Round T’Corner and took her down to the mat, rolling over quickly to make the cover and hook the leg. Sliding into position, the referee’s hand slapped the mat twice but the bright orange hair of Kaelan Laughlin flying into the picture as she slammed into the back of King broke up the pinfall.
Dragging Bristol back to her feet, Kaelan tossed her into the corner and then charged, lowering her shoulder and driving it into Bristols abdomen like a battering ram. Backing off, Kaelan allowed Bristol to stumble out of the corner but as she did so she walked right into Kae’s grasp and before she knew what was happening Kaelan had wrapped her up and tossed her over head with Going Out In Style, the arm trap exploder suplex executed perfectly. Rolling back to her feet, Kaelan looked to spot Dee Dee but Summers had already worked her way back up to her feet and caught Kaelan around the neck. It’s a Twister! It’s a Twi-! No! Kaelan manages to shove Dee Dee off of her before she could be brought down by the Tornado DDT. Before Summers can Spin back around Kaelan latches onto her, runs forward toward the corner, and flips over. PRICE PAID! Bristol King is back on her feet a moment later and smartly Kaelan doesn’t go for the cover but hooks onto her as well, running toward the opposite corner and flipping! PRICE PAID AGAIN! Quickly Kaelan swings and covers Bristol, hooking her leg and looking at the referee with a scowl and a shout to hurry up as the man slid in and counted the one, two and three.
WINNER: Kaelan Laughlin via Pinfall (10:08)

We cut to the backstage area, where we see Bryan Williams (of all people) arriving to the arena! The McKenzie Arena seems glad to see him, giving him a nice reception from the crowd. Bryan isn’t even close to being ready yet, having arrived in a Persephone Marquis t-shirt and black basketball shorts. I guess James Walker doesn’t have a backstage dress code or anything, weird. Anyway, Bryan is already flagged down by backstage reporter, and homeless man, Gabriel Hartman!
Bryan doesn’t seem surprised, rolling his eyes slightly as Gabriel hurries up to him. Bryan sighs, putting his phone in his pocket. He already seems annoyed, to be honest.
WILLIAMS: ”Hartman, you son of a bitch, Persephone was texting me about her new Sims. I swear to god, this better be important. Also, I don’t have any sandwiches for you this time.”
HARTMAN: ”Son of a bitch!”
Gabriel looks annoyed for a moment, but then quickly remembers why he is here. It’s because Bryan requested the interview time, so he can’t go anywhere until some questions are answered at least.
HARTMAN: ”Bah! That doesn’t matter now! Adaya gave me a bagel earlier, it was scrumptious. I also got a shower, if you didn’t notice.”
Bryan rolls his eyes, maybe at the sound of his opponent’s name?
WILLIAMS: ”No Gabriel, I didn’t. Because you still smell like SHIT.”
Bryan coughs, clearing his throat as the scene quickly grows silent.
WILLIAMS: ”Still, you brought up my opponent, so you know why we’re here. Might as well get on with it, right?”
HARTMAN: ”Right.”
The two nod, several times in a row, almost to the point of ridiculousness. It quickly becomes odd, and then slightly funny as they keep nodding. Eventually though, Gabriel stops, as he asks Bryan a question.
HARTMAN: ”Bryan! Do you happen to knowww … What the ramifications of this match tonight will be for you?”
Bryan looks at Gabriel, blankly, for a moment.
WILLIAMS: ”Hartman, you cuck, do you even understand the words that you speak sometimes? Boy I swear, I wish I could just…”
Bryan groans in anger, as he probably thinks about strangling Gabe. But he doesn’t, because deep down he doesn’t really mind him.
WILLIAMS: ”I know what this match entails, I know what is at stake here. Kaz Bonham and I stepped into that ring on the last show, and she beat me. She’s the champion, and she’s been showing everyone lately exactly why she deserves to be Octane Champion. So I don’t feel bad about losing, I needed that kind of welcome. I needed to be tested, I needed to see where I stand here with the champion.”
Bryan smirks, as he pauses for a moment.
WILLIAMS: ”Despite the loss, I still feel like I stand pretty well here. I think with some time, and some adjustment, I could do great things. And I have my first chance, Gabe. Tonight I face Adaya Duncan, with the winner going on to face Kaz at Carnivale for that Octane Championship. This is my chance, Gabe. This is my time to figure it out, and take my shot.”
Gabriel nods, as he thinks for a moment.
HARTMAN: ”Indeed, the stakes are high. Adaya and you have already had your war of words, do you think that her group might affect the outcome of the match?”
Bryan thinks, quickly speaking up.
WILLIAMS: ”I don’t think it will, Gabe. I know that Adaya wants this shot, she wants to prove herself tonight. She’s already wasted a couple of opportunities, allowing her friends to win this for her would just continue that trend. It would show the world that she can’t get it done when it matters most, and she would quickly find that out. So tonight, I’ll do her a favor. I will take that weight, and carry it for her. I will get my shot at Kaz, and I’ll be the one to carry this show to the next level.”
Bryan winks, patting Gabriel on the back. He goes to leave, but Gabe quickly stops him. Bryan looks at his hand, resting on his shoulder. He looks confused, but Gabe speaks up.
HARTMAN: ”Bryan, you should know, before you leave…”
Bryan stops in his tracks, turning back to face Gabe.
HARTMAN: ”When Adaya was force feeding me that bagel earlier, I heard some things. I think she’s planning something nefarious, I think she’s trying to do something before your match tonight. Just, watch your back, and look into it.”
Bryan thinks for a moment, before giving Gabe a nod. He turns to leave, finally, walking away from the homeless man that has a heart of gold.

As Octane continues attention is shifted back to the ring. Tornado Desencadenado, wearing the wounds of his earlier match and a tee shirt advertising the upcoming Octane Pay Per View ‘Carnivale’, is inside waiting patiently.
CAMPBELL: “Well, despite seeing Tornado Desencadenado earlier in action tonight against Ric Greene, it looks like he’s joining us in the ring to address a little business.”
TAYLOR: “And it may be a certain ‘little business’ that a lot of us are itching for him to take care of.”
LAWSON: “Hey, after the results of last week’s lie detector test, Tornado’s got no one to blame but himself over his shortcomings.”
TAYLOR: “What test? Reese bashed him over the head from behind and ran off scared! By the way, QT, I read your Twitter feed, and YOU better watch what YOU say.
CAMPBELL: “Strong words from Rachel Taylor! Let’s hear a few more from the Spin Doctor!”
A stagehand delivers a mic to TD so he can address the crowd.
DESENCADENADO: “I’m guessing a lot of you are upset I didn’t make good on my promise to beat up QT Reese before the show.”
He guessed right, as many in attendance begin booing the fact the aforementioned assault did not take place. Tornado lets them vent before explaining himself.
DESENCADENADO: “Can’t fault you for that. The little pisher deserves it, for all the stunts he’s pulled. But I had my reasons. First, if I had gone through with it I’d be locked up right now, which means you wouldn’t have gotten that amazing Ten Minutes of Mayhem match between me and Ric Greene.”
There is a muted pop of appreciation for the show’s opening. Tornado tucks the microphone under his armpit and claps for his and Greene’s earlier performance. He then resumes speaking.
DESENCADENADO: “Second, if I bushwhacked Reese, he’d be in the hospital, not here, causing you to miss out on Cosmo and Jeb Fisher caving his skull in later tonight!”
More cheers as Tornado namedrops the members of Battle Born.
DESENCADENADO: “And finally, the third reason. And this one’s a bit more complicated. See, when QT Reese started his smear campaign against me; when he accused me of rigging the Vertigone Challenge and wanted me to take a polygraph, I just though it was his way of getting attention for himself; his own annoying version of the ‘mind games’ some wrestlers play in order to one up the competition. But now, I’m not sure. Earlier this week I was given some footage that raises a lot of questions about Quarterman’s actions. I think- well, I don’t know what to think.”
TD has a genuinely bemused expression as he speaks of what he has apparently learned about his nemesis.
DESENCADENADO: “I have this new information, and I don’t know how to fully process it. What does it really say about Reese? Who is he really? Is there more to him than meets the eye? Should I even trust what I saw?”
Another pause. Tornado looks to the camera and implores everyone watching.
DESENCADENADO: “Maybe you could help me out? The footage is cued up on the Tron. We could, if you want, show it, and then you guys can form your own opinions. What do you say?”
The fans in the McKenzie Arena, their collective curiosity piqued, cheer and applaud. A ‘Play the Foot-age!’ chant starts up. TD smiles slightly and rubs his chin.
DESENCADENADO: “Ok, then. Let’s roll it.”

The audience directs their attention towards the ‘Tane Screen, with the television viewers being treated to the full picture. A crudely-shot yet clear scene (thanks, new iPhone!) is displayed despite a jaunty angle: it’s inside the MODEST apartment dwelling of one QT Reese. He is currently topless in a folding chair with various wires taped to his arms and chest, all linking to a polygraph that sits on a small end table to his left.
We also welcome the reappearance of Archie from the Vape Hut, who was last seen several episodes ago abandoning Reese’s crusade in lieu of rubbing elbows with some of the more popular stars of Octane. Ensuring that the lie detector test is up to par and in working condition, he observes the various switches and buttons by fiddling them as if it were a sex doll.
REESE: “Are you SURE you were able to modify it?”
ARCHIE: “Please. I’ve taken apart and rebuilt computers more complicated than this.”
REESE: “Good. With your technical genius and my everything else genius, we’re going to make Tornado look like a fool! That fart-inhaler won’t know WHAT to think when this baby tells the world that he’s a LIAR due to a little pre-test machine rigging!”
ARCHIE: “Heh. It’s a lying lie detector.”
QT chuckles, albeit way too hard at the worst joke of all time.
REESE: “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s put it to work. Ask me a question! Go on, ask me, ask me.”
ARCHIE: “Okay. Let’s see…um…are you from Canada?”
REESE: “Yes.”
A loud “BZZZZZZZZZRT” is heard from the polygraph test as a red indicator lights up to inform its subjects that the statement was a lie. Of course, it’s NOT a lie, which excites both Archie and QT as it appears as though the tweaks to the machine were a success!
REESE: “It fucking WORKED! Keep going!”
ARCHIE: “All right. Uh, is your father a grocer?”
REESE: “Um, no. He is in fact the GREATEST grocer in all of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.”
The machine again provides a loud “BZZZZZZZZZZRT,” indicating this very true statement was a bold-faced lie. QT laughs with glee, still pleased with the results.
REESE: “Incredible. But I think the machine hesitated a little bit, because it seemed like it took longer for it to buzz this time. Maybe we need to get it used to some TOUGH questions just in case?”
ARCHIE: “Well, QT, it’s a mechanical device designed to register your heart rate when you answer questions to determine whether or not it’s a lie — it doesn’t actually think about your answer before it decides if it’s true or false.”

“Whatever, nerd. Ask me a harder question.”
There is a bit of frustration on the face of Archie, as he’s had to undergo quite a bit of verbal abuse at the hands of this little shit. However, a look of bemusement begins to peek out as he carefully considers Reese’s demand.
ARCHIE: “OK, QT. You want a more thought-provoking question? How about this: have you ever considered taking the approach to where you’re a little more nice to the audience?”
REESE: “Huh? What the hell?”
ARCHIE: “Answer the question. Do you use your attitude as a ‘mask’ to your true identity, and have a secret desire to be beloved by wrestling fans, or maybe reinvent your persona altogether?”
QT shoots a hateful look to Archie as a follow-up, but then turns his eyes back down to the polygraph. That said, there is no buzz to indicate a lie: which means his answer was a lie. Shocked, he shouts at the machine as if it is capable of understanding him.
There is still no buzz. Archie merely shrugs. Reese starts to calm a bit, sighing.
REESE: “Maybe that was just a glitch. That question was obviously too complex for the technology. Go back to the easy ones, and I’ll just stick to that next week.”
ARCHIE: “Sure, why not? Let me give you another one.”
Archie smiles confidently. He loads the musket in, raises the barrel, and pulls the trigger.
ARCHIE: “Do you consider Kaz Bonham more than a friend?”
A question that he’s no stranger to, QT immediately recites his answer.
REESE: “No.”
There is no buzzer sound.
REESE: “Well, I mean, technically she’s more than a friend, because she’s a business colleague. But no more than that.”
Again, no buzzer. A small sweat starts to form on his brow, and there is a slight bit of hesitation and panic in his voice.
REESE: “Look, I GUESS I think of her like a brother would a sister, okay? A PLATONIC LOVE.”
The buzzer fails to go off. The panic naturally turns into a blind rage, as Reese proceeds to rip off the sensors on his chest and stand to his feet, screaming as he walks out of view of the hidden camera.

The feed stops and we cut back to ringside. Tornado shakes his head at the appearance of QT Reese, who bounds from backstage in full temper tantrum mode. He clumsily gets caught in the curtain and attempts to rip it down, but only makes the situation more comical by his inability to pull it free. Giving up, he storms to the ring and demands a microphone: still keeping his distance from the man who would want nothing more than to rip him to shreds like a curtain, but with heat in his eyes nonetheless. Tornado stands his ground with a clenched fist just in case Reese wanted to sneak in a cheap shot, though realizing it’s unlikely due to the Newfie’s cowardly nature.
REESE: “FIRST OF ALL, nice try, you LIAR. ANYONE can see that the QT Reese look-alike you hired for that independent and historically INACCURATE short film isn’t really me. I am much more handsome.”
DESENCADENADO: “Quarterman, even if that weren’t one of your typical ridiculous accusations, then how do you explain how we got in your apartment without you being there?”
QT pauses, as that’s obviously something he didn’t contemplate…and immediately vomits his words.
DESENCADENADO: “So you’re saying this WAS in fact you?”
QT stomps his feet, flustered and unable to come up with any sort of defense. He opts instead to switch gears.

“You know what? I’m sick of this shit. For MONTHS, I’ve worked tirelessly to out the fact that YOUR Vertigone Challenge is rigged only to be BACKSTABBED by an e-cigarette shop owner, Alessandro Quagliterre, Manny, Moe, AND JACK! All of this time, effort, and most importantly Kaz’s money have been wasted. And you…YOU are gonna pay, Tornado.”
He points a threatening index finger in TD’s direction. Mind you, still the farthest distance away from him in the ring as possible.
REESE: “YOU are gonna pay me MY FIVE DOLLARS.”
Desencadenado nods in response, calmly responding to QT’s request.
DESENCADENADO: “Listen. If all you wanted was five dollars for this to go away, I would have handed it to you a long time ago. But QT, you’ve gone past the point where this is going to end with civility. You’ve dragged my name through the mud and you’ve cost me several opportunities to further my own career, so if you want your money at this point, you’re going to have to beat me to get it.”
Reese puts the microphone back to his lips, but he is cut short.
DESENCADENADO: “I’m not finished. After seeing that footage, Quarterman, I think it’s apparent that your issues go a lot deeper than the cost of a value meal. But it’s not just the hidden camera that tells me this. I went back and scoured highlights from your short wrestling career, and one thing seems consistent: when you get taken to the limit, there’s a different QT Reese that begins to peek out. I think that’s the guy you actually are. The guy who drops the humor when he’s fighting for something…or fighting for someone.”
QT shoots Tornado a sharp look, not sure what he’s angling at.
DESENCADENADO: “And that’s the QT Reese I want to show the world, so that maybe it’ll sink in that your tiresome antics won’t make you rich and famous…but your work ethic will. So not only are you going to have to beat me to get your money…you’re going to have to have the hell beaten out of you in the process, because this match will be no holds barred.”
A little startled, Reese brings his fist to his chin in contemplation. After a bit of deliberation, he begins to nod his head much to the delight of the crowd.
REESE: “I really didn’t pay attention to anything you said until that last part. I want my FUCKING money, and I want it NOW. Or at Carnivale, since that ends up being the next logical step.”
Stepping forward to clear the rubble of the fourth wall, QT continues.
REESE: “BUT, if you want this to be anything goes, I don’t trust your ability to reach into your wallet right after I’ve KILLED YOU to collect what is rightfully mine. So, you’ll get your no holds barred match, but this thing is gonna be a FDIC-Insured match.”
Tornado shoots him a look of confusion.
DESENCADENADO: “I think you’ll have to clarify that. Not just for me, but for everyone who has ever seen professional wrestling.”
REESE: “SHUT UP I’M GETTING TO IT. You see, uh…this match will take place in a BANK, yeah…”
DESENCADENADO: “Are you just making this up right now as you go along?”
Reese flips the bird to TD defensively.
REESE: “NO. We did these matches all the time in Newfoundland. See, the match is in a bank, and um…you can pin or make the opponent submit any…NO, psyche! You have to uh…”
QT stops in mid-sentence, absolutely verifying Tornado’s claim that he is just making this up on the fly.

“…have to…LOCK YOUR OPPONENT IN THE VAULT! Yeah! The winner is the first one to lock the loser in the bank’s vault!”
Tornado continues with the quizzical look for a few moments, but slowly starts to nod his head.
DESENCADENADO: “I…wow, I actually like it.”
REESE: “Of course you do, it’s only the best match I’ve ever created.”
DESENCADENADO: “I thought you said this type of match happens all the time in Newfoundland?”
REESE: “I NEVER SAID THAT. So what do you say? You and me settle this. Carnivale. Duluth, Georgia…because god forbid this stupid company actually hold an event INSIDE a major city instead of a suburb of it…and when I lock your stupid ass in that safe, you better have a check payable to Quarterman Testaverde Reese already filled out and signed. ‘Cause I am endorsing that amount due FUCKING tender in your blood.”
Tornado begins to approach QT. Reese tries to cower back, but is already right up against the ropes, so this only pushes him forward towards Desencadenado. He’s somewhat relieved to see that TD is merely extending his hand to seal the deal, however. Reese, ever the gentleman, simply fist-bumps Tornado’s open hand and walks past him, exiting the ring. And we cut!

In the Locker room area we find your current 4CW Tag-Team Champions, Jeb Fisher and Cosmo Cooper sitting on two metal folding chairs stationed in front of TV. They both of have Nintendo Switch controllers in their hand and from what’s on the TV it would appear that they are playing Mario Kart. The screen was split, Jeb on top – Cosmo on bottom, Cosmo was playing as Mario while Jeb had chosen Wario. The two looked to be pretty intently focused on the screen, not looking at one another as they spoke.
FISHER: ”This is fucking bullshit!”
Jeb was getting frustrated, as Cosmo had been kicking his ass in this game for a little while now. You could see his grip tighten, as he pushed the analog stick forward with some force, as if it would make him go faster in the game.
COOPER: ”Like… It’s just a game bro. Calm down, no need to get all shook.”
FISHER: ”Fuck you! You’re just a fucking game!”
Cosmo chuckle a bits, removing a few strands of hair from his. Jeb mocks Cosmo’s laughter as he scoots up in his seat – getting closer to the tv.
FISHER: ”Shouldn’t even be playing this bullshit right now! We got the Octane Champion later tonight.”
COOPER: ”Don’t forget about QT.”
FISHER: ”Fuck that faggot! A glorified mascot, but he’s not entertaining. Just a walking joke! He and Kaz both can go fuck themselves!”
COOPER: ”I don’t know about all that man, like, I like Kaz. She’s a hell of an athlete, worked her ass off to get where she is. That’s something to be proud of ya’ know?”
It was at that moment that Cosmo hit Jeb with a red shell in the game, causing Jeb to spin out – ensuring Cosmo’s victory.
FISHER: ”Fuck this stupid game!”
Jeb says as he slams the controller on the ground and hauls himself up to his feet, he turns to Cosmo and points at him.
FISHER: ”That’s your problem pretty boy! You out here throwing around respect to these little fuckers like it’s candy on halloween.”
A wide smirk on his face Cosmo passes the finish line in the game and sets the controller on the floor, laying back in the chair and stretching his arms above his head.
COOPER: ” I think that’s what, you know makes us work dude. I tell them like how great I think they are, and you basically call them nothing but a bunch of bitches. It’s a good dynamic, know what I mean? It works.”
Jeb once again mocks Cosmo as he talked, still annoyed at the fact he lost the game. He wipes the sweat from his forehead and stares at the tv for a few moments.
FISHER: ”Fuck you and your logic!”
COOPER: ”Do you really have to say fuck so much?”
Jeb’s head shoots over to Cosmo, who was still smirking. He enjoyed antagonizing Jeb, it was all fun and games.
FISHER: ”Fuck yes I fucking do!”
Turning his back to the TV Jeb walks over to their gym bags, which are places in the corner of the room. He reaches down and pulls out his Tag-Team Championship, grabbing Cosmo’s as well. Jeb then walks over to Cosmo and throws him his belt – The athlete in Cosmo caught it with perfection.
FISHER: ”Cosmo Cooper and Jeb Fisher, Battle Born! You could almost see the entire arena shit themselves when we retained these at Retrograde. When we proved to the world why we are the most dominant team on the planet! Invictus had traveled all around the world racking up victories here and there… Kinda like you Cosmo. But then when they were put against us? They just couldn’t keep up.”
Cosmo stares down at his championship, a look of pride on his face as took in its glory. He then looked back up at Jeb, confidence in his voice.
COOPER: ”Right? Like, so what it was Boston who took the pin. A loss is still a loss, and we are still the 4CW Tag-Team Champions. I proved to not only you, and all of these people that I deserved this belt. But I proved to myself that I deserved it, that you made the right choice. Now, like no one can doubt that as equals we stand high above the landscape. I see no challengers. Kaz and QT aren’t a real team, I mean… They are, but not really. It’s not like they are going to be getting an actual shot at these anytime soon. But, man… When I look around I don’t see any competition, I don’t see like, anyone who could step up and stop us.”
Jeb’s tongue poked out from behind his gold teeth as a wide smile grew on his face. He nodded at Cosmo, agreeing with every word that he said.
FISHER: ”You are god damn right! You see all these teams claiming to be the best, but why aren’t they here? If you want to call yourself the best, then you have to beat the best! And well, I don’t see anyone beating us anytime soon! I don’t see any fish coming into my yard and taking these from us! I wish one of these fuckin’ twitter teams you boasting about how great they are, I fuckin’ wish they’d come here! Cause they can get this fuckin’ dick!”
Walking back over to the chair Jeb takes a seat, he lays out his championship on the ground and picks up the switch controller.
FISHER: ”Let’s fuckin’ do this.”
With a soft hearted chuckle, Cosmo slowly shakes his head and picks up his controller.
COOPER: ”Whatever you say dude.”
As they pick out their characters the camera cuts to whatever the fuck else happens after this.


Seth was busy licking his lips and looking at Blaise as if she were a piece if Bubble Yum whenever these two weren’t tying up or trading blows. The match had started off pretty smoothly with Seth acting right and actually trying to focus on the match instead of the beautiful bountiful woman he was fighting against, which was proving successful at first without any distractions. Blaise had the audience behind her in this battle as they cheered her on and even went as far as to stomp their feet to give motivation whenever Seth had the upper hand to guide her to trying to get the better of Seth. It wasn’t until one of the Tests of Strength did Seth’s focus seem to take a complete turn and he started giving Blaise those eyes that probably had Tony Chu in the locker room slapping his forehead with aggravation at how Seth had been so close to staying focused on the task at hand. But now Seth was doing some flexing and handling Blaise in a way to say “I’m going to beat you but I wouldn’t mind grabbing dinner later” way that had the audience booing and wanting this man out of the ring with the thicc goddess. Blaise, forever the beacon of good sportsmanship, noticed what was up but continued pressing on with staying completely focused on the match and not entertaining any of Seth’s shenanigans.
Seth knew that alot of his moves wouldn’t be able to work on the bigger opponent so he went for strike moves and set up ones to try and get the job done. He went for a dropkick, thinking he could get lucky like his buddy Ric Greene did and he ended up sadly disappointed when Blaise didn’t go down at all, the only impact was being forced a half of a step back. Seth smirks at Blaise as his eyes frame her body, definitely getting alot of mental images in his mind that he wouldn’t mind acting out if she gave him a chance. Blaise doesn’t even hesitate or stop for a moment to ponder the situation, she keeps on chucking on with picking up the pace and making the first move whenever Seth gets distracted and then Seth finally begins to get his head back into the game. Seth’s new strategy deals with finding ways to get behind Blaise in order to use back attacks on her in which he thinks will be more with making an impact in helping him to beat her. He then goes for the legs with a few leg sweeps and take downs before hurrying back to his feet, his mind constantly moving at a fast pace with trying to test out all possible strategies that will have him snatching up the W, just possibly any way to get her to become tired so that he can lock in something big.
He then makes her work for trying to get her hands on him as he baits her in then ducks and dodges in the last second to get out of her grasp and even slides under her legs while the audience booes Seth like crazy. Moments later, he feels that he can finally put this to rest as he ends up jumping on her back and wrapping his arm around her neck to get her in a sleeper hold. He locks it in tight while Blaise swings and tries to fight him off, refusing to go down without a fight while Seth continually piles on the pressure. After a while, Blaise ends up taking a knee then another as the audience becomes extremely loud with the claps and stomping to try to motivate her to fighting through this. Seth finally lets go of the hold and takes only a few steps back before LIGHTS OUT to the back of her head! Blaise falls forward and Seth quickly drops to the mat to roll her on her back to get the three count.
WINNER: Seth Daniels via Pinfall (8:41)

Backstage, the cameras catch up to Octane Champion, Kaz Bonham, as she appears to be searching for someone…or perhaps just hunting Bigfoot in the arena. She huffs and she puffs, blowing strands of her blue hair out of her face, and putting her hands on her hips.
BONHAM: ”Where is QT?!”
She keeps searching, but lets out a frustrated sigh as she turns to the camera with a faint smile on her face.
BONHAM: ”Oh, howdy, y’all! As y’all might see…I’ve been tryin’ to find QT for our match, but I just can’t seem to find him anywhere…I hope he didn’t fall asleep watchin’ that Cool Cat movie again…I’m sure he’s fine. I know I can count on QT to show up in tonight’s match to be by my side…”
Kaz’s sentence trails off a bit as her smile fades momentarily, but remembering she’s on camera, she perks back up with a sense of false confidence!
BONHAM: ”And when we, both QT and me, walk down to the ring…y’all best believe we’re gonna be ready for Cosmo Cooper and Jeb Fisher! What a match, folks. You got, like, the best tag team in 4CW and across from them is the Octane Champion and my good bud QT Reese! How could it not be totally rad?! I’ve been itchin’ to wrestle Cosmo for some time and now that I’ve got my chance, I couldn’t be any happier.”
The false confidence starts to fade away as it turns into a genuine look of excitement for the upcoming contest.
BONHAM: ”In a way, Cosmo and I have kinda been connected. I started runnin’ with him, we took our different paths for a bit, but I had a hunch sooner or later we’d wind up in the same place again. And sure enough, here we are! I’m still lookin’ forward to a gnarly match with Cosmo one-on-one, but tonight? I can more than settle for this tag match. Cosmo ain’t a slouch and Jeb?”
Her smile turns into a half-smirk.
BONHAM: ”Well…y’all know my feelin’s toward him. He’s tough, he’s mean, and I don’t expect anything, but a heavy fight from him…but that all bein’ said, I’m keepin’ my eyes on Cosmo. I know that I can trust QT to watch my back against Jeb…I think…no, no…I definitely can.”
She sighs.
BONHAM: ”Probably.”
Another sigh, this one a bit more soul draining, but Kaz turns it around into another smile; this time a nervous one.
BONHAM: ”…well, folks, would y’all look at the time!? It’s almost match time! I just gotta go get QT from the locker room…or catering…or the parking lot…or…I’ll find him, I’m sure of it. But, uh, I hope Cosmo and Jeb can find the time they need to prepare for this one, y’all, cause it’s gonna be one heck of a match! And I promise y’all that I – we – will be leavin’ with our hands held high. Now…if you’ll excuse me…”
Kaz flashes a big grin before trying to tip-toe away before eventually breaking out into a mall walking pace to try and track QT down.

The Chattanooga crowd in the McKenzie Arena continues to keep the decibels high awaiting the next piece of action for the night. What they aren’t expecting is a piano entrance with a saxophone adding in as “Form Follows Function” by Lupe Fiasco begins to play. There’s a few in the crowd who begin to boo soon as the realization hits them. It doesn’t take long after that as out from the back walks a tall staured man of African American descent with a very calm and stylish way about him. The ones that know of him boo even louder at his presence which he shows no reaction to on his face. Pulling the mic from the deep pocket of his North Face jacket he waits as his music fades and he looks about the faces within the McKenzie Arena. The disdain on his face clear as day.
? ? ?: “Pathetic.”
The crowd beings to join in more with the boos of a few after hearing that. Turning around he looks at the stage area around him. His expression changes slightly at the quality of the design, lights, etc. Turning back around toward the fans he takes a few steps forward toward the rampway leading to the ring. Getting a closer look at some of the fans he frowns but takes in the atmosphere of the show.
? ? ?: “Introductions. They do become so mundane at times. Frustrating in fact. Especially when you must do it time and time again. This company dies. That company closes. That company is chopped full of lies and deception. Tiresome indeed. A continuous reek similar in description what I’ve smelled since arriving within this abhorrent city limits.”
The boos start up shortly after which causes him to speak over the growing boos.
? ? ?: “Allow me to work quickly please? Thank you. Thank–THANK you. Thank you. My name is DeMarcus Gresham. Octane has received quite a gift. The goal, 4CW…is to become a part of something that will not close, adjust, or kill it’s bottom line in a matter of months and then perhaps I will be able to show my skill in full. In a time where many may fear stepping here, I very much look forward to preparing for challenge. A marvelous evening to you all. Stay enlightened.”
“Form Follows Function” begins again this time with many more boos available for the new 4CW Octane signee, “Gifted” DeMarcus Gresham. He stands tall almost showering himself with the small amount of disdain before giving a respectful-like nod and turning his back walking away as calmly as he came.

Cameras cut to the front row audience near the ring, where Trish Newborn is spotted with friends. She smiles, standing up to wave to the Chattanooga crowd, as Gabriel Hartman takes this opportunity to enter the frame holding a microphone within his grip before bringing it to his mouth for an impromptu interview.
HARTMAN: “Everyone by now knows about you being the latest member of Championship Wrestling Coalition to be pulling double duty and signed a non-exclusive contract to compete in Octane. Trish, what do you think about tonight’s event so far here in Chattanooga?”
NEWBORN: “I’m loving it.”
HARTMAN: “Is there anyone on the roster you have your eyes on as a future opponent?”
She puts her hands on her hips with a pleasant smile.
NEWBORN: “Gee, like I don’t know there is a lot of great talent on Octane right now. Um, If I had to pick I wouldn’t mind a match or two against Blaise Fader. Everything I have seen from her has been outstanding. I think if we were to square off in a friendly match, things would get very interesting. It’d definitely give fans a show.”
Gabriel puts the microphone near his mouth.
HARTMAN: “Looking at your resume, Trish. It speaks for itself. You’ve competed against some of the best wrestlers in the world. You’ve held multiple championships in both singles and tag team competition. What can the Octane audience expect from you now that you’ve officially signed a contract?”
NEWBORN: “Fans are going to get the absolute best performance out of me. I am going to try my very best each and every I walk through the backstage curtains after leaving the fans with smiles on their faces.”
HARTMAN: “Well Trish, I’m going to let you get back to watching the rest of the show. Hope you have an excellent night and welcome to the Four Corners Wrestling family.”
NEWBORN: “Thank you.”
As our scene comes to a close, Trish looks around the arena and then gives everyone in the McKenzie Arena one final wave adding a big smile across her face before returning to her seat. She looks over and talks with her friends as cameras return to the ring.


Kaz and Jeb continue to trade blows moments into the match, the two starting opponents adamant that their team was going to win and the strong confidence showing with each swing and maneuver they served against one another. The cocky Jeb is on fire after putting Kaz down with an Everest German Suplex as doesn’t give her time to get onto her feet on her own when he leans down to grab her by the wrist and yank her roughly onto her feet. He shrugs at his behavior, feeling that the big bad Octane Champion can certainly take it as he goes for her midsection and as soon as his arms wrap around her, Kaz drives an elbow into the back of Jeb’s head in which he juts down but manages to not fall. Two more elbows to the back of his head and Jeb finds himself on his knees until he quickly pushes up off of them and plays right into Kaz’s clutches of being pulled into a snap suplex. QT is beside himself with cheering on his tag partner and best friend while Cosmo keeps his eyes trained on the match so that he’s ready for anything. QT’s entire demeanor changes as Jeb gains the upper hand when he catches Kaz off guard with a quick kick to the midsection and sends her flying with a tossing powerbomb. Jeb’s attention is caught by QT swearing at him from the apron in which Jeb sneers and taunts him by saying, ‘you can come get some too, bitch boy.’ Turning his attention to the Octane Champion, Jeb walks over to her to pull her onto her feet with thinking Kaz is already injured but is surprised to find that he’s been had as Kaz shoves him backwards and sprints forward with an european uppercut, quickly dodging Jeb swinging back in retaliation and ends up behind him as she goes for a bulldog. Finding himself near his corner, Jeb ends up tagging in Cosmo who enters the ring ready for action. A respectable nod between Cosmo and Kaz before the two superstars collide that has Cosmo quickly going for a belly to belly and then wasting no time with going for a front face lock before Kaz can even attempt to get up from the mat.
QT throws a tantrum on the apron and even threatens to come into the ring as Jeb mocks him from across the ring and dares him to so he can come in and stomp him out. It take a while but Kaz finally breaks the lock and rolls away before the swift Cosmo can try to attack while Jeb keeps his eyes on QT for any sneaky behavior. Cosmo waits until he’s close enough to Kaz before he lunges and gets kicked in the face before Kaz uses Cosmo’s shoulders as a crutch for her hurricanrana that gains an applause from the always extra QT. Kaz irish whips Cosmo towards the ropes in which he quickly goes for a clothesline on his way back. A power struggle ensues between the two for the next few moments until two back to back elbow smashes to the face forces Cosmo back in which Kaz hurriedly moves into action with going for a DDT that Cosmo quickly counters and sends Kaz into her corner with an aggressive headbutt. QT takes it upon himself to slap Kaz’s back to tag himself in as he enters the ring while Kaz just looks at him because she wasn’t finished with Cosmo. She finally exits the ring as QT starts towards Cosmo as he scratches his balls and gives a half smile before quickly going low with trying to low blow Cosmo. But Cosmo had been expecting that and jumps back before stepping forward to smash his knee into QT’s face. QT has to shake his head a few times after the rough blow to the face before he charges for Cosmo and reaches for his nipples in which he’s met with a few elbows an an open hand chop to send him back. Already a rough start in the match, QT tries to get it together as he somewhat gets serious with straightening up and fights Cosmo head up in which Cosmo still manages to keep the upper hand. Finally getting lucky with a few blows to the face to catch Cosmo off guard, QT quickly jumps on the turnbuckle and jumps off with a missile dropkick that finally takes Cosmo down. Grabbing a fistful of Cosmo’s hair, QT begins to yank just for the hell of it before beginning to pull him to his feet. He goes for a hurricanrana but ends up on his back when Cosmo counters it into a powerslam as soon as QT is in the air.
Jeb starts saying how he wants some of QT so Cosmo tags him in and steps out while a smirking Jeb enters the ring. QT has no idea about the tag and when he stands to turn around, he is surprised to find Jeb looking at him. Shaking it off, QT takes a step back to put some space between he and Jeb to avoid any sudden attacks while Jeb strikes with a few abdomen shots to knock the wind out of QT. QT doubles over and Jeb immediately goes for the ribs in an effort to weaken him down and create a weak spot for a later downfall. Jeb continues attacking the ribs and QT finally has had enough as he begins swinging wildly and ends up poking Jeb in the eyes. Stumbling back blindly, Jeb ends up falling back against the ropes while the referee is trying to see what had happened since QT’s wild man desperate swings masked the quick eye poke. Holding his ribs, QT goes to tag in Kaz while Jeb tags in Cosmo so he can step out onto the apron and get his vision together while calling QT all types of cowardly bitches. Cosmo works Kaz back and makes sure his movements are shifty to easily evade her, helping him out as he’s able to counter her suplexes and surprise her with a swinging neckbreaker. Kaz is down but not out as she’s quick to get to her feet in which she sprints towards Cosmo, ducks his swinging hand to bounce off the ropes and take him down with a running crossbody. Cosmo sits up off the mat but Kaz is already in the air for THE DIXIE STAMPEDE! Going for the quick cover, the referee gets into position and QT quickly enters the ring to attack Jeb from breaking up the pin.

WINNER: Kaz Bonham & QT Reese via Pinfall (8:53)

Chris Cuckleson and Ronnie Beasley are sitting in a production truck when they hear the familiar sound of banging on the side of the truck. They look at each other and sigh. Cuckleson walks to the door and opens it and it’s what he expected. American Tommy is again throwing dildos at the side of the truck, but he’s wearing gloves this time. Ronnie looks over his shoulder, because he doesn’t want to get hit with a dildo again.
TOMMY: “How you doing, boys?”
CUCKLESON: “Tommy, what are you doing? Jay Mora isn’t even on this truck. It’s Perry’s fat, ugly face.”
TOMMY: “I know that, but Mora doesn’t have a truck, because he isn’t important enough.”
Tommy reaches into his bag and throws dildo of a random color. He’s got them all in his bag. Green, blue, red, purple dildos, Tommy has them all. He has a rainbow assortment of dildos in the bag. Lots and lots of dildos. I’m trying to see how many times I can write dildos in this segment, because I made a bet against someone I could get over five and I just got five in this paragraph. But, enough about that, we need to get back to the scene!
CUCKLESON: “Where did you get them all?”
TOMMY: “It’s Gummy Gordy’s collection.”
Tommy pulls out a big dildo and it’s fucking massive and shows signs of wear and tear.
TOMMY: “This one must have been his favorite!”
He throws it at the truck and hits the photo of Perry right in the kisser!
TOMMY: “You’ve just been checked!”
Chris Cuckleson started amused, but now he doesn’t know why he’s still standing there watching this scene. I also don’t know why I’m still writing this scene. We are both very confused and don’t know where this is going.
CUCKLESON: “You know you have a match coming up soon, right? You know, for your Ignition Championship?”
Tommy just looks at him dead ass.
TOMMY: “Of course I fucking do. Is it against the law to throw some dildos at Perry before I hit the curtain?”
CUCKLESON: “Ain’t gonna lie, but there probably is, Tommy.”
TOMMY: “Well, shit. I can’t get arrested before my match with Mora. He’d probably like that, because the only way he is going to defeat me inside that squared circle tonight is if I don’t show up. Week after week they line them up and I knock ‘em down and at 4CW: Carny Pro I don’t give a fuck if it’s Kae. Her fate is already sealed, because I’m walking out of that match victorious as well. I’m the star of this show and my shine isn’t fading away yet.”
Tommy looks over to his right and sees a police officer walking in their direction. He throws the bag of remaining dildos at Chris and Ronnie before running away.
The cop gets towards the and looks at all the dildos on the ground and then Chris and Ronnie and then back down at the dildos.
COP: “I see Vossler has been here.”
He walks away.

The opening of “Lady Venom” by Swollen Members swells onto the speakers and there’s a modest pop as out from the back struts a confidently smirking Adaya Duncan clad in a black long coat, underneath which she’s all ready in her ring gear, and she’s not alone. As she strides down the ramp toward the ring, her eyes skimming the crowd and her smirk growing into a Cheshire grin, behind her is a trail of modestly dressed women, 12 in all, striding with her down to the ring. The fans are interested now as the cavalcade of women climbs the ring steps and one-by-one file into the ring to stand behind her as a microphone is handed to her, and the crowd slowly dies down.
DUNCAN: ”Greetings all you Octane-ites!”
There’s a small pop. Adaya frowns with consideration.
DUNCAN:”Octane Knights? Octa-nites? Octa–Octa… gonites… Octa…go-nites… whatever. Whatever you folks want to call yourselves as a collective whole, I salute you, and greet you by that name.”
Another pop. Adaya smirks that knowing smirk of a woman with a plan.
DUNCAN: We salute you.”
She motions to the 12 women standing behind her looking on, and the crowd pops.
DUNCAN: ”You see, tonight, I’m not down here in my official capacity as a representative of the Minority State.”
A mild pop of recognition from the crowd.
DUNCAN: ”No, tonight… I’m down here as a representative of another community I represent. And that community… is women.”
There’s a pop from the crowd, some catcalls and hollers. Adaya keeps smirking.
DUNCAN: ”I see you’ve heard of us.”
Another pop. Some of the women in the ring applaud.
DUNCAN: ”But, let me tell you, with the bombshell I’m about to drop you may as well just ASSUME I’m representing Minority State tonight, too, because even though women make up over half the population of these United States, we are still treated, in many cases, as less than men. Less than human sometimes! In spite of our demographical superiority, women are still outnumbered by men everywhere except twitter, and even there it’s questionable. But we’ve had ENOUGH! Hashtag… TIME’S UP.”
A pop, mixed with some boos from those folks hesitant to support a witch hunt. Some women behind Adaya clap.
DUNCAN: ”Tonight… I am set to face a man many of you know… some of you respect… while still others have confused with a news anchor of a similar, yet differently spelled name, for the right to face Kaz Bonham for her Octane Championship.”
Another pop.
DUNCAN: ”Oh, you’ve heard of it?”
Another pop.
DUNCAN: ”You’d pop at just about anything I said right now, so long as I included you folks, would you?”
There’s another pop. Adaya’s Cheshire grin widens to the point of impossibility.
DUNCAN: ”Well… would you guys cheer… if I told you… that Mr. Bryan Williams is a serial harasser the likes of which not seen since Harvey Weinstein?!”
There’s a din of confusion now washing over the crowd.
DUNCAN: ”That’s right! Each of these women, BRAVE WOMEN at that, have all agreed to come out here to tell their stories about Mr. Busy Hands, as they prefer to call him. Each of them have come forward with accusations that BRYAN WILLIAMS sexually harassed them!”
There’s a small, but urgent chorus of boos drumming up from the crowd. Adaya’s eyes narrow.
DUNCAN: ”How can I come out here tonight to face a man accused of treating women so badly, OUTSIDE OF WEDLOCK MIND YOU, and not agree to not only be the guiding light for these women in their time of grief, but also stand up as THEIR CHAMPION AGAINST THIS VILE MONSTER TO DEFEAT HIM! WITH YOUR SUPPORT!”
The crowd is easing its way to seeing the severity of the accusations.
DUNCAN: ”This man is not only unfit and unqualified to be your Octane Champion, let alone the number one contender for the belt… he’s unfit to WRESTLE FOR THIS COMPANY!”
There’s a much louder chorus of boos. Adaya shakes her head in dismay, stalking the ring furiously.
DUNCAN: ”I’ve compiled this video package, fans… with a warning to the younger fans among us that some of these images, and the truth, may be disturbing, I believed in Bryan too, friends. But.. .well… just watch… and know the truth.”
Cut to the big screen as the lights go dark.
Creepy music starts. A slow motion shot of Bryan Williams walking out the front door of his apartment.
VOICEOVER GUY: ”2-Time Pride Champion Bryan Williams has accomplished a lot in his career. But did you know he’s also accomplished… SEXUAL HARASSMENT and rampant peeping tommery under a name we like to call… Rowdy Roddy… PEEPER!”
The music is creepier as slow-motion Bryan digs deep into his pocket to get his car keys, his eyes slowly look at the camera. Then a freeze-frame close-up of Bryan looking creepily into the camera.
VOICEOVER GUY: ”Is this the face of a man YOU want near your kids, let alone carrying the Octane Championship as the face of this brand?”
The creepy music is too much. Someone in the crowd can be heard to remark, “oh man… listen to this music? Bryan’s clearly evil!”
The lights come back on and Adaya nods with shame for her peer, Bryan, who has clearly suffered a tremendous setback for his P.R.
Then “TEARS” by HEALTH comes onto the speakers, Bryan Williams’ theme music, and those who have sat through Adaya’s presentation who recognize it IMMEDIATELY boo!
WILLIAMS: “Wait just a moment, folks. I know it looks bad, but give me a second to say my piece at least.”
Another loud pop of boos as Bryan Williams comes out from the back to stand at the top of the ramp. Boos rain on him for a moment as Bryan glares into the ring at Adaya who glares back, mouthing so many obscenities, and who could blame her?! The boos die down.
WILLIAMS: “Adaya, I thought you would be better than this. I respect your talent in the ring, and I knew you would give me a fight in it. I never thought you’d stoop to this level outside of it, though. These accusations, this slander, are clearly done to placate the crowd, and turn them on me.”
A chorus of boos meets Bryan. The crowd has already made up their minds about Bryan.
DUNCAN: ”Don’t you dare come out here and talk to me about slander, you serial molester.”
The crowd pops. It’s like the most epic battle of good versus evil. Bryan shakes his head, disappointed and annoyed.
WILLIAMS: “I am disappointed. I didn’t want it to come to this, I thought you would have been better than this. Unfortunately, now, I must play my hand…”
DUNCAN: ”If it’s anything but RESIGN from this company, Bryan… nobody wants to HEAR IT!”
Bryan glares at her.
WILLIAMS: “Guys, come on out!”
Bryan stands there as a line up of 12 men file in behind him to stand at the top of the ramp. Several downtrodden men walk out from the backstage area, standing behind Bryan. They look tired, sad, and definitely don’t look at Adaya in the eye. Everyone is confused, Adaya looks on angrily.
WILLIAMS: “You have your “claims”? I’ve never seen any of those women in my life! But you, Adaya, you have some explaining to do! These men, these brave men standing behind me all say that you have done heinous things to them! You call me a monster? No, Adaya, it is YOU who is the monster!”
The crowd POPS as Adaya looks on in shock! The women behind her don’t know what to think.
DUNCAN: ”What? I never…”
WILLIAMS: : “Really? You would never? Roll the footage, Gary!”
The arena darkens, and footage appears on the big screen. Grainy, amateurish footage taken from a voyeur’s cellphone as Adaya Duncan sits in the green room backstage and a man who’s face we can’t see fixes a light bulb.
DUNCAN: ”Why — don’t — you — take off — your — pants?”
Adaya’s words look horribly cut and pasted together from different moments in the recording, but made to look like it’s one cohesive whole!
UNSEEN MAN: ”Uh, Ms. Duncan, I’m afraid that could be considered sexual harassment. I’m just trying to change a light bulb.”
DUNCAN: ”Wouldn’t — it be — easier — to — change it — with your — pants — off?”
Adaya is clearly shifting seating positions unnaturally through the footage, yet it is cut fairly seamlessly.
UNSEEN MAN: ”Uhhhh, this is kinda awkward, Ms. Duncan. I think I should go!”
The lights come back on, Bryan smirking down at the ring where Adaya looks shocked. Everyone’s look at her like they don’t know what to think!
DUNCAN: ”That out-of-context footage has been cobbled together worse than your career, Bryan! That wasn’t me!!”
The footage is still rolling. On screen, Adaya smirks,
DUNCAN: ”Come on — I’m Adaya Duncan — take off your pants.”
The footage clearly looks off, but Adaya in the ring looks shocked as the footage stops. The crowd is in an uproar. Bryan glares back at Adaya, the two are locked in a staredown.
WILLIAMS: “How dare me? How dare YOU! Marquis is the light of my life, how dare you try and tarnish our beautiful relationship! THAT IS TREASURED, DAMN YOU!”
DUNCAN: ”I’m gonna fight you right now! You stole my bit you fucker! THAT IS DOCTORED FOOTAGE!”
Adaya is ready to storm out of the ring, tossing her jacket off but the women in the ring hold her back! Bryan Williams is doing the same, the men behind him restrain Bryan and the two are half rabid, trying to get at one another! Adaya and Bryan wrestle free of their groups of 12 and meet each other halfway along the ramp and begin to exchange blows before, once more, the 12 women, and the 12 men, pull their respective representatives away! Adaya and Bryan clawing and reaching at one another violently!
We cut away as the commotion is cleared up and the two are separated to settle this later in the main event.

The big screen lights up to show a beach scene. The water crashes against the beach sending foamy water up, soaking the sand and as soon as it reaches its peak, it retreats backwards. Birds call, the wind caresses nearby trees, it’s an idyllic scene. Soon, there’s a voice over.
CHU: ”Oh wouldn’t this be nice? Take a break from the cold weather, step away from the confines of this arena and step into something better? Can you smell it? I smell it, it’s salt water and coconuts. It’s great. It’s so good that the mere thought of it gives me a semi. This perfect environment, free from distractions, free from worry, free from the stressors of the world. Wow. I want to go there.”
Just as the bass from Tony’s smooth and amazingly sexy voice dissipates, in the distance there’s a bright flash followed by a plume of angry fire and smoke as what appears to be a mushroom cloud rises from the blast. Moments pass before the blast wave of the explosion hits the beach, pushing over the trees and vaporizing the camera. The big screen goes black and the arena is captured by the darkness.
GREENE: ”Wouldn’t that be nice? Yeah, let’s pretend the world doesn’t even exist. Let’s pull a Trump and worry about what ‘Alex’ Baldwin is up to while Putin’s threatening the world with Nuclear weapons the likes of which we’ve never seen. Yeah, better than half of that mother fucker’s country is suffering from starvation and he’s worried about who has the biggest and shiniest cock. Dude, you win. Fuck. Before I was even born the United States and Russia had enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world multiple times. Who gives a fuck anymore?”
The screen lights back up and this time we’re looking at scenes depicting riots, protests, Trump speeches, Applebees commercials, and police brutality.
GREENE: ”Tornado man said Minority State doesn’t stand for anything and I asked that that mother fucker what he stood for and he didn’t have fuck-all to say about it. Accuse us of not standing for anything and then look into a mirror and you’ll see a fucking hypocrite. Got me? We don’t stand for anything because y’all got those blinders on. You’re more concerned about what plastic piece of shit you’re going to buy next than you are about the rights of the man who could be standing right beside you. Y’all act like you can’t control the things going on around you like a fat guy eating cake says he can’t control his diabetes. Wake up. Open your eyes. Make a difference. Fuck, even if it’s just ruffling the feathers of these blind cock-suckers who can’t see what’s going on in the world. WAKE UP!”
CHU: ”How did that Applebees commercial get in there?”
The next scene shows American Tommy being, well, American Tommy. He’s walking around in skinny jeans, looking useless and kind of slimy, like he hasn’t showered and has product caked in his hair. It’s a mess, but shortly after that, it shows a dude hanging himself and we call this ‘wishful thinking’.
GREENE: ”So y’all can keep ignoring us. Keep turning the other cheek, that’s fine. Do your thing. Me? I’m doing this voice over shit because I want to call out this mother fucker right here. American Tommy. This guy represents nearly everything wrong with this world. I don’t care if it’s for a title or not. Bragging rights? Whatever. I want another shot at this dude and it’ll take more than two moves or a drop kick to settle it this time. So give me what I want. Give Minority State the credit we deserve and hand over American Tommy. It’s about he took the beating America has coming. Worse than ‘Nam, Nine-Eleven, and the Winter Olympics combined.”
CHU: ”Also, don’t forget to buy some merchandise. Seriously, I’m making zero money r-n.”
With that said, the lights return to normal as the big screen shuts off.


After a close call and interruption, American Tommy enters tonight’s match still the Ignition Champion, which is good considering that this is an Ignition Championship match. There’s no sorcery from Tommy’s end, this is the real deal, much like his love and taste for feet. Ignition Champion by day, foot lover and connoisseur by night. Back to the topic, coming up next we have an Ignition Championship match where the reigning champion, American Tommy, goes head to head against the challenger, Jay Mora. Did I say head to head? More like foot to head as Jay kicked things off with a running big boot to Tommy’s face at the opening bell. It looked quite painful, but through the pain and agony, there was a smile from Tommy which leads us back to what it is that got us off topic to begin with. Let’s fast forward a bit, yeah?
After the pleasantries of foot to face contact have worn off, Tommy finds himself still down on the mat with Jay on top of him. Raining down onto Tommy’s head with lefts and rights, Jay beats the brakes off Tommy who is defenseless underneath him. The Ignition Champion shouts mysterious words in an attempt to cast a spell on Jay but nothing happens. Well something does happen, if that spell happened to be forcing a fist to be lodged into his cranium. Jay grows tired with the lack of fight from Tommy so he stands to his feet, pacing the ring and giving Tommy time to get back up. Time, and lots of it. He wasn’t in any particular hurry. As a matter of fact, Tommy was so slow to get back to his feet, Jay even grew tired of waiting for that and decided to assist him. Jerking Tommy up from the mat, he pulled him into back to back knees to the ribs before lifting him up and dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker.
Nearly a minute passes as Jay taunts Tommy while he’s down on the mat. Tommy crawls on all fours to get away from Jay, but a step or two behind him is Jay as he follows him slowly. Jay finally pulls Tommy up from the mat. He goes to throw Tommy to the ropes but Tommy reverses the throw and whips Jay to the ropes instead. As Jay bounces off and comes back on the return, Tommy hits him with a drop kick to the knee, taking his leg out from under him and dropping him down to the canvas. Before Jay can get up, Tommy leaps on top of him and begins mashing his face with his hand, pushing his cheeks in and other shenanigans to force Jay to make funny faces. Jay grows irritated with Tommy’s antics, throwing a wild right upwards and clocking Tommy upside the head with it. Tommy falls over to the side, holding the side of his face as he shouts to the official acting as if Jay did something illegal.
The two finally climb to their feet at the same time. Tommy continues arguing at the official, giving Jay the opportunity to strike from behind. Maybe it was magic. Maybe it was just dumb luck. But with jay closing in, Tommy spun around and connected with an elbow to Jay’s temple, dropping him to the mat. Even Tommy was surprised after he realized what had just happened. Jay pushed himself back up and went straight for Tommy’s head. He swung with a left and missed. He swung with a right and missed. He swung with a left and a right combo and missed as Tommy ducked down and then countered with an inverted atomic drop. The move sent pain racing up Jay’s spine as it forced him to stand completely straight up. Rushing in, Tommy then took him by surprise with a knee to the gut followed with a hip toss that brought the entire arena to their feet. YOYO TOSS SALAD! Covering Jay for the pin, Tommy shouted to the official to hurry over for the count which he did.

Before the officials hand could slap the mat a second time, Jay popped his shoulder up from the mat. Tommy was furious as he stood tall and cornered the official, complaining about the count being slow. Standing his ground, the official shouted back, which eventually led to Tommy turning around with his head held low after being checked and treated by the official. With his head held low, Tommy noticed something in front of him. He saw a pair of feet. Any other time he would water at the mouth but this was different. He realized that the feet belonged to Jay Mora and that Jay was standing in front of him. After a long gulp, Tommy looked up like a deer in the headlights. BAM!!! Jay planted his fist directly into Tommy’s face, knocking him backwards and into the corner. Tommy hit the corner and bounced forward, right into the arms of Jay as he lifted Tommy off his feet and drove him into the mat with a spinebuster! Jay hooks Tommy’s leg, going for a pin as the official slides in beside them.

Kicking out at the last possible split second, Tommy broke the officials count. Jay was shocked. It wasn’t a finisher, but he slammed Tommy with all of his strength with that spinebuster. It’s Tommy after all. There’s only so much he can take but apparently he’s not thrown the towel in just yet. Rising back to his feet, Jay backed across the ring and patiently waited in his ready position as Tommy slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, climbed back to his feet. Just as he stood, Jay took off and charged straight for him. Dropping his shoulder and throwing his entire body forward, Jay looked as if he was Ryan Shazier about to kill someone in the middle of the hole. Catching a glimpse of what was incoming, Tommy leaped out of the way and again, Jay looked just like Ryan Shazier as he went through the ropes of the corner head first into the ring post.

Jay’s entire body goes limp as his movement comes to an abrupt stop. He hangs on the middle ropes for a few moments as Tommy finally climbs back to his feet. Scratching his head, Tommy looks on for a moment before finally grabbing Jay’s foot. He held his foot with both hands for a short moment, looking down at it with a smile on his face before snapping out of it and dragging Jay back into the ring. Rolling Jay over to his back, Tommy then made the cover as the official raced over with the count.

WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (13:47)


“Lady Venom” by Swollen members kicks in with the stuttering intro. Once the beat kicks in Adaya Duncan strides out with a smirk on her face stopping at the top of the ramp to eye the fans.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring hailing from New York City, New York… ADAYA DDUUNNCCAANN!!!”
And then down the ramp she walks, eyeing the fans along the way before stepping up the ring steps and sauntering towards the center of the apron maintaining her smirk before gingerly stepping into the ring and warming up in her corner.
TAYLOR: “It’s always good to see women getting opportunities in this male dominated business. Already tonight Kaelan beat two other women to become the new contender for the Ignition title. And now, yet again, a woman is in position to challenge for the Octane Championship.”
CAMPBELL: “Jesus, Rachel. You must be really taking Walker’s whole dick and balls for him to let you out here spewing that feminist horse shit all over the place.”
LAWSON: “I think it just shows how far women have come in this business. They’ve shed the belief that just because they might give up a little bit of height and weight, that they can’t compete with the men. Hell, our champion a nice, sweet southern girl has twice beaten the monster of Octane.”
TAYLOR: “Thank you, Joe.”
“HEALTH” by TEARS begins to play. The song takes everyone by surprise, almost immediately a heavy drum track is what everyone hears. An unusual synth tone mixed in with it, it carries for a moment before a few long, and drawn out keys are added to the mix. It’s lumbering, carrying along before some vocals are heard.
”Love, save us once
We’re far from where we fall
Love, save us once
Beware what you want”

There isn’t that long of a pause before the song continues, the lights have already dimmed, strobe lights flashing along to the beat of the song. The voice comes in again, singing the next verse.
”Trust us now
It’s time to let me go
Give up on us
Follow what you want
Trust us now
It’s time to let me go
Give up
Give our soul away”

The song continues on, but a light shines at the entranceway. We see Bryan Williams standing there as Bryan walks out from the back head held down low. The song continues to play, as Bryan stands on the top of the ramp. With his head down, Bryan holds up his right hand and extends his pointer finger. He holds it up momentarily, eventually beginning to walk down to the ring as the song continues.
POWERS: Coming to the ring with the same entrance music as Vossler, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-four pounds! BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”
Bryan makes his way to the ring, walking at a brisk pace towards the ring. He doesn’t waste much time getting into the ring, walking up the steel steps and climbing in through the top and middle rope. With a serious look on his face, Bryan stands in the ring waiting for his opponent.
LAWSON: “That’s not to say that Adaya is necessarily going to win his match. But I think the playing field is a lot more level than people want to believe it is.”
TAYLOR: “You should’ve stopped while you were ahead.”
CAMPBELL: “Objective as always until it comes to your whole ‘women can do more than cook and be pregnant’ bullshit, Rachel. Adaya Duncan, good as she is, is facing one of the most recognizable and established faces on the 4CW roster in Bryan Williams. You can’t actually expect her to win..”
TAYLOR: “Of course I expect her to win. She’s a talented, gifted, independent woman and she doesn’t need any MAN, or anyone else really, to be successful. Just wait and see.”
The two competitors stare each other down while the referee reviews with them the rules for the match and what is on the line. The winner walks out of Octane with an opportunity to face Kaz Bonham at Carnivale for the Octane Championship. Understanding the gravity of the match and what’s on the line, both competitors nod their head that they’re ready to go when the referee asks, and then a moment later the man signals for the bell and things kick off.

Though the world calls him B1, the resume he submitted to 4CW that is currently on file actually is dated later than that of Bryan Laughlin, so is it possible that he should actually be called B2? Find out next time on Unsolved Mysteries. Or something. Whatever number you might ascribe to him, he certainly had Adaya’s in the early going as their back and forth strikes at the start of the match quickly shifted to Williams gaining the advantage. A firemans carry takedown quickly transitioned into an armbar that had Adaya scrambling and reaching for the ropes almost immediately. And while she got there and seemingly without too much effort, a message was sent right away. Her opponent was a game one and he wasn’t going to hold back on her. Circling the ring the two quickly tied up in the center of the ring, after the referee had forced a break and both back to standing positions, but once more Williams gained the advantage, this time wrapping around behind Duncan and heaving her overhead with a release german suplex.
CAMPBELL: ”HAHA! How’s that for your feminism, Rachel!”
The impact from the maneuver leaves Adaya clutching her back and Williams aggressive on the offense. Running and bouncing off the ropes he came back and hit a baseball slide right to Adaya’s face before popping up to his feet, bending down swiftly to pull her back up, and then snapping off a quick snap suplex. As focused as he’s ever been, the offense from Bryan Williams continues in rapid succession with him hauling her back up to a vertical base once more and then whipping her into the corner. Instead of the usual chops that one might perform in the corner, Williams instead decided to go for a series of kicks to the stomach. That was probably a smart idea because god only knows how Persephone Marquis might have responded to Williams hands coming anywhere near touching Adaya’s chest. She might laugh it off and then talk about Kris Wu for a bit, or she might stab him in the throat with a pencil. Really it was a crap shoot with her but she doesn’t even work for 4CW anymore so really that’s not relevant to the match at hand. What is relevant is the fact that Williams connected with the kicks to the point that Adaya was doubled over, holding her abdomen in pain.
Backing off, Williams let Duncan come forward out of the corner a few steps before connecting with a big european uppercut that sent her flying back into the corner. Hitting the turnbuckles, Adaya tumbled forward back towards Williams right into his line of fire. A spinning back fist connected and snapped her head to the side, leaving her unable to defend or even prepare for the big bicycle knee that followed after! Raging Demon connects and Adaya crumbles to the mat on her back where Williams dives and covers, pressing down on her shoulders trying to keep her from kicking out.

Despite Williams best efforts, Adaya still managed to shift her weight and force her shoulders off of the mat. With a bit of a smirk on his face, Williams shakes his head and then gets up, bringing Adaya back to a standing position with him before whipping her into the ropes. On the rebound, Bryan pops her up into the air, looking for a big knee strike, but Adaya counters with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown into an armbar of her own! Yankee Clipper has Bryan Williams caught right in the middle of the ring and suddenly the confidence that had radiated through his entire being was gone. Panic and pain set in as she wrenched on his arm violently, trying to force a flash submission out of him. Using his legs to drag him, and the weight of Adaya Duncan, toward the ropes he stretches his foot out to try to drop it onto the bottom rope but before he can get it there she pulls him back toward the middle of the ring and locks it in even more deeply, torquing and bending his arm in a direction that it surely wasn’t made to go.
LAWSON: ”I think Adaya might have him, guys! I think Bryan Williams is going to tap!”
CAMPBELL: ”The fuck does that even mean?”
Just when it looks like Williams is about to tap he manages to roll over and then get up onto his knees. Using pure strength, and probably with the help of some adrenaline (not the shitty 4CW show kind, but the kind that gives people retard strength…. actually wait… no never mind), Williams stands and pulls Adaya up into a powerbomb position. Just when it’s about to be WOW… A POWERBOMB! Adaya lets go of Williams arm and pushes herself away, landing a bit awkwardly and tumbling over the top rope before catching herself and landing on the ring apron. Williams, smartly, picked up his aggressiveness and charged at her but at the same time she hopped up and used the top rope as a springboard, flying at Williams. AGGRAVATED ASSAULT! The superman punch connects cleanly and Williams goes down hard with Adaya scrambling toward him quickly to make the cover as the referee slides in.

CAMPBELL: ”He did his job, Rachel. For Christ sake.”
Pulling Williams back up to his feet, Adaya quickly sent him into the ropes and connected with a elbow to his jaw on his return. As he grasped at his face, Adaya then snapped off a hard kick to his knee, to his ribs, and then a big kick to the side of his head that knocked him flat on his back. Moving to the ropes nearby, Adaya pulled herself up to the top to a chorus of boo’s. They knew what was coming and it wasn’t what they wanted to see, or how they wanted for this match to end. And so when she made her leap from the top rope the usual camera flashes and cheers and slack jawed awe that would follow wasn’t there. Instead the fans eyes turned expectantly to Bryan Williams, imploring him to move. And it happens. Just before Grand Assault, Adaya’s shooting star senton, can land, Bryan Williams rolls out of the way and Duncan slams into the mat violently.
LAWSON: ”Chris, why are you pumping your hands up and down like that? Stop it.”
TAYLOR: ”Because he’s a misogynistic piece of shit that’s why. So I say NO! NO! NO! NO!”
LAWSON: ”Rachel… come on. It’s not like he missed a field goal. Stop doing that with YOUR arms. You two are ridiculous.”
Unfortunately for Rachel, and really more importantly for Adaya, Bryan Williams has made his way back to his feet and is waiting, beckoning, his opponent to get back to her feet. Slowly she did so, clutching her back in pain as she stood with her back to Williams. Slowly she turned, stumbling into his grasp and as he did so he popped her up high into the air, catching her with a big knee strike before following it up with a roaring elbow! SHOTGUN MOUTHWASH! ADAYA GOES DOWN! WILLIAMS COVERS!

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and NEW contender for the Octane Championship… BRYAN WWIILLLLIIAAMMSS!!!”
Getting back to his feet, Williams allowed his arm to be raised as the victor as the fans went wild. At the commentary table Chris Campbell has tossed his headset into the crowd and is standing on top of it throwing his arms up into the air over and over again, shouting YES! joyously. Rachel Taylor has her head buried in the sleeve of Joe Lawson’s suit, crying and devestated that a man has beaten a woman. She’ll probably put out a tweet about MeToo or something later on. Well she would if she had twitter but she doesn’t even have a bio on the 4CW page let alone any other social media account so you’re all shit out of luck!
And with that, our show comes to an end. Next up, we have Carnivale in two weeks. The picture slowly fades, the credits slowly begin to roll, and you can all go home because there’s nothing left to see here anymore. Good night.