In the seventeenth episode of Octane we traveled to the McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, Tennessee for a night which featured not one, but two contender matches playing into the upcoming pay-per-view, Carnivale. In the first contender match, which was for the Ignition Championship, we saw a triple threat between Kaelan Laughlin, Bristol King, and Dee Dee Summers. Our headline match would also determine who the winner of the Ignition Championship contender match would face at Carnivale as Jay Mora challenged the reigning Ignition Champion, American Tommy. Closing the night out we featured our second contender match between Adaya Duncan and Bryan Williams, this one to determine who would challenge Kaz Bonham for the Octane Championship at Carnivale. Dropping down a bit in ratings compared to E16 (2,650,000) two weeks prior, E17 brought in a total of 2,525,100 viewers worldwide.
Octane E17

At Adrenaline E81 a new look for 2018 was introduced as 4CW traveled to the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. It wasn’t your average night on Adrenaline as the stakes have been raised and the South Beach Brawl Cup officially kicked off with round one. The night featured eight round one matches between sixteen 4CW talents. Midway through the night Nurse Kinsley and Kimitsu Zombie went head to head in a no holds barred match that would determine who would face the XTV Champion, Cyrus Riddle, in two weeks at Adrenaline E82! Although he wasn’t booked for the evening, Jair Hopkins found himself in the crosshairs of someone gunning for his Pride Championship that he successfully defended two weeks prior at Retrograde. The main event of the evening was like no other as Bryan Laughlin challenged Bronx Valescence for the 4CW Championship in their round one bout of the South Beach Brawl Cup. Despite the kickoff of the South Beach Brawl Cup, Adrenaline E81 showed a slight decrease in ratings compared to E80 which took place before Retrograde. This was in no way related to the fact that Jett Wilder hasn’t been in active competition for quite sometime, regardless of what he may claim via social media. Compared to E80’s ratings of 3,080,000, Adrenaline E81 brought in a total of 2,890,000 viewers worldwide.
Adrenaline E81