Heading into the second round of the South Beach Brawl Cup, we traveled to Columbia, South Carolina for the Eighty-Second episode of Adrenaline. Down to eight people left in the tournament, the Colonial Life Arena was home to four big second round matches with everything on the line for those involved. In his first championship match since winning the XTV Championship at Retrograde, Cyrus Riddle was scheduled to defend against Nurse Kinsley, who earned her opportunity two weeks prior after defeating Kimitsu Zombie. In the headline match of the evening, Chris Madison and Anastasia Hayden climbed inside of a 4CW ring competing against each other for the first time. Closing the night, not only was this a second round match of the tournament, but it was also a second round match between Genevie Carlson and Bronx Valescence individually. Showing an increase in ratings compared to E81’s 2,890,000, Adrenaline E82 brought in a total of 3,180,000 viewers worldwide.
Adrenaline E82