OCTANE E18 (143)


It’s Friday night and we visit a new city, and a new venue for Octane. The picture opens up, panning the Prime F. Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Florida. The house is packed tonight as Octane returns after coming off its most recent pay-per-view, Carnivale. Zooming in to the crowd, the camera focuses on various signs held throughout the mixture of people.

Cutting to a shot from inside of the ring, the camera turns, taking in the arena in its entirety before slowly transitioning to the back.

The cameras catch view of a wrestling geared up and ready DeMarcus Gresham closing the door of his locker room adjusting his leather jacket a bit strolling to his upcoming debut. Coming to a stop he glances left to right as if he’s not been through this before. A rookie straight out of the minors. He’s been through this of course but this time around his nervous nature starts to show. He adjusts his collar and takes a deep breath giving himself time to calm. After his slow exhale he looks around again and smirks at the camera his confidence coming back full fold.
GRESHAM: ”The path begins. I will make sure Octane is never the same. The foundation is to be laid. Not much but…but soon…all will find enlightenment. As the currents say, ‘let’s get it’ yes?”
Gresham moves forward with the camera staying still watching his back as the “Gifted” shows on the back of his jacket heading toward the gorilla position with the camera cutting as the lights cut inside the Prime F. Osborn II Convention Center.



The opening battle that pits the calculating DeMarcus against the ticking time bomb Finn proved to be a crowd pleaser from start to finish as the two put on a great match with trying to outmatch the other. Finn worked vigorously to put down the bigger man and DeMarcus made sure to use his strength against Finn while each other the men played to their strengths while trying to find the other’s weaknesses. After DeMarcus bested Finn with a few slams and backbreakers, Finn bounced back with a few assortment of chops here and there before going for the kill with a german suplex that was a bit sloppy due to the struggling DeMarcus but it still got the job done. Finn twisted and turned his body to avoid DeMarcus whenever he’d try to make a grab for him until the Gifted one changed up strategy and caught Finn with a knee lift followed by a Fisherman Neckbreaker. Finn comes at DeMarcus hard, using his speed while also using his feet and as soon as he gets DeMarcus down on the mat, Finn decides to just try for a Figure Four Leg Lock to switch things up a bit.
DeMarcus struggles against the submission for what seemed like two long minutes and to the disappointment of Finn, the lock was broken when DeMarcus refused to tap and instead utilized his time with trying to break the lock. Before DeMarcus can get onto his feet, Finn rushes him and takes him down as he begins swinging on him as DeMarcus catches a few blows to the face before Finn sets him up for the Border City Stretch that DeMarcus quickly breaks out of before Finn can get it locked in and it sets Finn off as he begins to kick at DeMarcus’ side several times before stopping himself and suddenly backing off. DeMarcus is rising on all fours when suddenly, Seattle Terror out of nowhere when Finn strikes and sends DeMarcus’ head SLAMMING against the mat as he quickly scrambles to cover him for the three count.

Time is sure ticking and Finn has finally successfully gotten the first pinfall tonight and DeMarcus sure doesn’t look happy about it, showing it through his actions as Vertebreaker wasn’t enough to break Finn but it was sure enough to put him down for a moment. DeMarcus’ attacks seemed to be too concentrated and well versed to the point that Finn begin to wonder if DeMarcus used the time the opponent was getting off the mat from slams to go into thinking even more about his next move without trying to be impulsive and that’s when Finn decided to use the turnbuckle alot more to aide him in this battle against DeMarcus. After getting lucky with an Enzuigiri, Finn has already hopped the turnbuckle while DeMarcus is getting to his feet from the attack and as soon as he turns around… Finn is in the air heading for DeMarcus and attacks with a Frankensteiner that receives a few positive pops from the entrance audience. Up onto the same turnbuckle Finn goes again and once DeMarcus is on his feet, he comes off with a diving crossbody to take DeMarcus down with. Finn’s head shoots towards another turnbuckle but he quickly decides against it. DeMarcus is first onto his feet while Finn catches his breath before getting onto this. Making his way to his feet, the wind is practically knocked out of Finn when DeMarcus spears him out of nowhere, seeming to kick it up a notch with acting alot more quicker rather than taking alot of time to think out his next move.

Mounting Finn, DeMarcus begins to clobber him with his fists while Finn moves to try to block the blows raining down on him. DeMarcus eventually lets up finally but the destruction continues on once Finn makes it onto his feet and DeMarcus gets ahold of him. A few knee drives into the gut had Finn not struggling as much against DeMarcus as the larger man was able to do whatever he pleased and did so in a timely fashion so that Finn couldn’t break out of the backbreaker and then the butterfly suplex that followed right afterwards. DeMarcus was dominating the match and was showing off his great athleticism in his debut that had even the fans that were against him looking on with interest. Finn finally catches DeMarcus in the face with an elbow but it’s not enough to stop DeMarcus as he lays him out with The Enlightenment and goes for the cover, getting a successful three count.

Tied at one, neither is definitely trying to end up with a draw as the two are faced with now stepping it up a bit to try to get at least one more fall before the time runs out on them. DeMarcus is working Finn over in the corner with a few strong punches as he tries to rock his body to the point where he weakens Finn who tries to fight back as best as he can before he begins blocking the blows, finding out that was more effective than leaving himself unguarded for the hits to land. Finn is able to finally swing and hits DeMarcus in the face which causes DeMarcus to back up but before Finn can try to escape out of the turnbuckle corner, DeMarcus forces him back into it with a shoulder thrust that shuts down Finn’s plan of escaping. Finn ends up elbowing DeMarcus in the face and it saves him because as soon as DeMarcus stumbles back, Finn bolts from that turnbuckle corner and attacks from behind with a one handed bulldog. As soon as DeMarcus is back onto his feet, the two trade blows and go back and forth until DeMarcus hits Finn so hard that he spins and DeMarcus takes advantage by quickly rolling him up into a school boy but Finn kicks out right at two. The determined DeMarcus does not get deterred and charges Finn but Finn evades the clothesline and comes for DeMarcus’ kneecaps with his low kicks before going for a short arm clothesline. Both are on their feet at the same time and both of them are still at one pin fall each as the two clash once more but DeMarcus ends up with the upper hand only momentarily until Finn kicks DeMarcus in the gut then knees him in the face. DeMarcus forces Finn back with a sharp right hook to the face that has Finn turning a little and that’s when DeMarcus grabs him from behind but Finn immediately begins driving his elbow back into DeMarcus. DeMarcus eventually loosens his hold on Finn and it creates the perfect opportunity for Finn but DeMarcus elbows him in the back so it looks as if it can go either way until Finn drives a final elbow into DeMarcus and goes for the ScRM then quickly goes for the cover afterwards to get a second pinfall and just in time for the clock to run out.

WINNER: Finn Whelan

The match between DeMarcus Gresham and Finn Whelan had just concluded while cameras transition to the backstage area of the arena. We find Trish looking standing in front of a dark curtain wearing her ring gear. She looked into the camera lens as they zoom in close enough to see the wrinkles forming across her brow.
NEWBORN: “Mr. Greene seemed to have been confused again going back watching what he had to say. What I discovered is exactly what I thought he was, personally. He attempted to shift focus away from the fact that Mr. Greene can’t do anything without someone else in the room with him while recording his message. He tried to make it seem being the best is a dirty word. Like I am totally clinging to the past to make myself relevant by holding my past accomplishes to speak for me.”
She turned away, and then returned to cameras.
NEWBORN: “I would never hold a championship that I won years ago over someone’s head. It’s not in my nature. What gain would I get for attempting such a thing other than show I’m arrogant. That’s not the message I want to be telling people at home. That isn’t the message that I want my seven-year-olds hearing from their mom.”
Trish continues on.
NEWBORN: “Being the Best of the Best can be misinterpreted in so many different ways. I understood that the second I said that a few weeks back at Carnivale. He wants to throw his own spin on the meaning. Go ahead and try. Being the Best of the Best isn’t something to be ashamed about because if you’re not striving to be that way, then why are here in a competitive sport? Where if you want to move forward with anything that you do. Things have to be at the next level. You have to elevate your game. At least I’m trying to go out there without the aid of someone like Tony Chu feeding into my ego and helping me along the way.”
Cameras follow her as she moved and propped herself leaning.
NEWBORN: “He might be doing his job, but I don’t need everyone and anyone showing up in my promos helping me talk about my opponents. When I do something I’m all about speaking for myself. Tonight we will be wrestling against each other. There will be no children. There will be no Tony Chu coming down to save you. When all Ric Greene has done is proved everything I said about him to be telling the truth. Tonight Redd Thunder won’t be across the opposite side of the ring. I will.”
Cameras fade.


Bouncing off the ropes seemed to pass off a sweet aroma from his body as a few ladies in the crowd fainted with a smile from the honey baked biscuits smell radiating off the fired up Craig as he takes down Matt with a clothesline. But the Rogue One was back onto his feet in no time and rushing Craig as he got his hands on him and got his revenge with a vertical suplex DDT that had the Mendez female fans screaming out with excitement. Good ol Octane, complete with thirsty females and their orgasmic cheers. Matt strong arms Craig into the corner and traps him against the turnbuckle with an assortment of high and mid kicks, building up a rhythm while Craig tries to escape but to no avail. Matt throws a few punches into the mix that land but after a while, Craig has finally had enough and waits for that one opportunity when Matt is drawing back his fist to ready for yet another punch that Craig finally makes his move, kneeing Matt right in the midsection and getting his freedom as he’s able to step away from the turnbuckle once Matt stumbles back and then doubles over. Matt finally straightens himself out and turns just in time to catch a back elbow to the face that has him falling back into the ropes right when Craig bum rushes him and the two end up going over the ropes and landing on the ground to the outside.
The referee begins the count as Craig gets to his feet right when Matt and the two begin elbowing one another while heading for the ring to try to get the other out of the way when Craig accidentally trips over Matt’s foot and falls down. Listening to the referee getting closer and closer in counting, Matt quickly darts forward to slide into the ring while Craig is getting to his feet and finally makes it back into the ring once the referee had reached those last two seconds. The wrassling resumes as the two superstars clash and continued to unknowingly excite the Corners Four women with their quick movements as Craig went for the Craigslist and was hotter than piping hot tea with how on fire he was with the upper hand. But Matt eventually laid that all out to rest with a Yakuza kick and then goes for the pin only for Craig to pop a shoulder up at two. Far from discouraged, Matt pulls Craig to his feet and goes to work with turning the ring into a DDT Dungeon with how many different DDTs he begins to lay Craig out with. There were so many that the crowd actually starts counting each time Craig’s body touched the mat.
BUT ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH AND IT WAS TIME FOR CHANGE as Craig has had enough of this and ends up breaking free from Matt and when Matt comes charging towards him, KICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE!!!! A standing shooting star press to the laid out Matt as Craig goes for the pin and a kick out at two stops Craig from claiming victory as he’s pulling Matt onto his feet and gets completely caught off guard with a discus elbow smash and then hoisted into the air and them slammed back onto the mat with a spinebuster that seemed to signal the possible end to the match but before Matt could go for a pin, Craig is already rolling away out of his reach to stand slowly to his feet with a slight pained expression. Matt makes a beeline for Craig as the two begin throwing blows until Craig’s prove to be slightly powerful when the last punch makes Matt take a step back and Craig immediately takes the match by the reins and goes for the Zig-A-Zig-Ah, a quick cover afterwards as he’s granted the three count to win the match.
WINNER: Craig Anderson via Pinfall (9:18)

Backstage we find Perry Wallace walking the hall all by himself. He has a drink in hand and a big smile on his face. Therapy must really be working. A cellphone is then heard ringing as Perry comes to a stop. Digging in his pocket, he pulls out his phone and looks at the screen. Laughing to himself, Perry just shakes his head before pressing answer and then speaker on the screen.
WALLACE: ”Well, look who it is. How nice of you to come to work tonight.”
? ? ?: ”I had some… some stuff come up and just wasn’t able to get out there today.”
A sniffing sound then comes from the phone, followed by a slapping flesh on flesh sound.
WALLACE: ”Jesus fucking Christ…”
Perry says before raising his glass to his mouth and taking a drink.
WALLACE: ”You just did a rail off of her ass, didn’t you Jimmy?”
WALKER: ”Ye–No, I didn’t. I have a cold.”
WALLACE: ”Mother fucker I just heard you slap some ass. Jesus Jimmy, get a hold of yourself man.”
WALKER: ”I’m alright, there’s nothing to worry about.”
WALLACE: ”Nothing to worry about at all, like actually showing up for work. This isn’t the first show you’ve skipped out on lately. And for what, to play with the trash?”
a muffled voice is heard in the background on the other end, that of displeasure at probably what Perry just said.
WALKER: ”It’s not li–“
WALLACE: ”Save it for later. Check it out, Jimmy. You need to take some official time off and get your act together. Maybe get yourself into a program. Come see me next week and we can sort out the details. If you’ll excuse me, I have some matters to attend to.”
WALKER: ”Hold on, wait a sec–“
And just like that, Perry pressed end on the screen and slid his phone back into his pocket. Finishing then finished off his glass before continuing down the hall, to whatever destination was ahead.
WALLACE: ”Gonna stick your ass at a desk job in the basement. Got bigger plans for this brand just up ahead, but first, I think I’m in need of a therapy session.”

We cut back to ringside, where the PA is in mid-tune to George Michael’s ballad “One More Try.” QT Reese is already standing in the squared circle, and the crowd in Jacksonville is already letting him have it as the song dies down. Loud chants of “PUKE” rain down on him. However, Reese seems unfazed by the banter. Dressed in a blue pinstripe three-piece suit and looking more dapper than we’ve ever seen him, he begins to speak to the audience both here and at home.
REESE: “Before I get started, I just want to address the elephant in the room. And I’m not talking about you, sweetheart.”
Pacing forward, QT leans over the top rope and points directly at Rachel Taylor. Rachel, who is essentially the antithesis of a fat joke waiting to happen, fires back a dirty look as Campbell stifles a chuckle in the background.
REESE: “No. I want to talk about what happened at Carnivale. It was quite honestly one of the most awful moments in my ILLUSTRIOUS career. Never have I been more embarrassed or more disappointed. I have spent my entire life wrestling: from beating the stuffing out of stuffed animals, to a bean bag chair, to wimps on the playground, and to actually get paid to do it in a ring — and I’m certainly man enough to admit that I’ve taken lumps on the chin! Heck, the first time I tried a moonsault on my trampoline and accidentally knocked the wind out of myself, the bean bag chair actually bounced and landed right on top of me for a sneaky victory. But that match at Carnivale? That was a heartbreaker, folks.”
The audience, a little surprised at the fact that QT is expressing actual humility, has dimmed to only a barely audible roar.
REESE: “And I’m sure you all were crushed too. Because it’s not everyday that a ‘talent’ like Blaise Fader loses to a journeyman in clown makeup.”
And, the barely audible roar begins to magnify to jeers as Reese fakes a frown, pirouetting on his heel to reinforce his own turn down a completely different direction. Naturally, it’s only wishful thinking that he would actually acknowledge his own defeat.
REESE: “As all of you loyal fans who stalk my Wikipedia page know, I just recently had my nineteenth birthday. However, last year, I underwent some changes that every man goes through at such a tender age. Weird sensations and thoughts peppered my mind, and hair began to grow in places that I never thought it could before! And I discovered something on the Internet that really intrigued me.”
QT sighs, as if he were sitting in a circle with a support group.
REESE: “You see, I’ve had sexual intercourse now with well over three-thousand women. Once or twice, I even took my pants all the way off for it! But the Internet led me down a path that you don’t just have to rub your crotch against another woman’s crotch for pleasure or procreation. I discovered…that sometimes the woman can even use her FOOT to make babies!”
Laughter begins to tremble all across the Osborn Convention Center. Reese smiles and nods, totally unaware that they’re laughing at HIM, not a startling revelation that just seems too good to be true.
REESE: “So, I met a woman online, and after I paid her…I mean paid for her dinner…we went back to my hotel room and I asked her if she could perform this strange yet oddly alluring act. While I had found it EXTREMELY sensual watching it on the World Wide Web, the fact of the matter is that the actual experience didn’t quite live up to the build-up in my own mind.”
QT looks down at his shoes, almost as if he were contemplating the meaning of life itself.
REESE: “And after what happened at Carnivale, I think it’s safe to say that Blaise is the footjob of professional wrestling.”
Annnnnnnd back to the heat. A Mountain Dew bottle can be seen flying through the air, nearly striking QT from behind. Thankfully, security is on top of it to prevent the ring from being a very large garbage can before things get out of hand.
REESE: “Yes, yes I know. You all feel justified in booing her. The simple-minded apes that you are only understand when YOU are hurt. That’s why I’m out here to do the right thing, people. We shouldn’t feel any ill will towards Blaise Fader’s cowardice, and we certainly shouldn’t lash out at her for packing her bags and going back to Fog Country where she came from!”
Reese wags a finger at the audience, shaming them for something they aren’t even guilty of.
REESE: “We should examine the POSITIVES, everyone! Since Blaise decided to run away in fear of talents like myself, it’s started a chain reaction! Stupid Bryan Williams is gone! That pigment-deficient witch and her juiced up Michael Rapaport lookalike is gone! Osiris Blackheart left WITHOUT A FORUM SIGNATURE, for the Lord’s sake!”
QT takes a slight pause and makes his way towards the side of the ring closest to the entrance curtain. Extending his arm, he gives a beckoning motion as he continues.
REESE: “But before I get to the promised tribute to our fallen soldiers, I want to bring out a few people who really deserve the most praise. While it was certainly just one man responsible for driving the final nail into the coffin of Blaise’s 4CW career, I’m positive that the sequence of events he started will inevitably lead to another: an opportunity for he and his friends to rise from the bowels of the curtain jerk all the way up to the curtain call. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the NEXT BIG THINGS in both Octane and Adrenaline: please welcome DICK, FREEDUMB, and the tag team of SOUTHERN TWANG!”
“Billy Crystal” by Yelawolf begins to play over the PA system, which in turn immediately brings out the aforementioned jobbers. That said, the music is cut short abruptly due to Reese’s interruption.
REESE: “No no no no no. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here. Actual entrance music is still at least five or six months down the road. C’mon to the ring fellas and enjoy the moment. We don’t have time for any fucking theatrics right now.”
The band of half-assed grapplers, now not as excited as they first appeared, quickly lumber to the ring and begin to assemble around Reese while he continues his spiel.

“Now that the party’s here, let’s get to brass tax. If you dummies in the crowd will turn your attention to the big fucking television over there…”
The lights in the Osborn Center slightly dim, and the cameras all focus on a wide shot of the ‘Tane Screen. A black background with white Comic Sans MS font introduces us to the sloppily-produced PowerPoint reading as follows:
With this, the accompanying piano to “I Will Remember You” is queued. However, instead of the soothing voice of Sarah McLachlan, QT Reese decides to serenade us with his own rendition.
It sounds like kittens being slowly stepped on with knife-soled boots.
The title slide slowly fizzles out, and is replaced with a still shot of Reese pelting Blaise Fader with hot dogs.
Sadly, no amount of cursing and screaming from literally everyone within a five mile radius is able to drown out QT’s awful crooning as he practically shoves the microphone in his mouth. The next part of the slideshow appears, which is of course not very complimentary: a photo of Reese trying to “sunburn” Kaelin Laughlin with a tanning bulb while locking in a fairly weak sleeper hold.
The next slide is oddly enough not a photo. Instead, it is right back to the black background with the awful font. It reads “(PHOTO OF QT MURDERING LAUGHLIN)” — so likely either a placeholder for a photo that doesn’t exist, or Reese’s own way of trying to fill a gap in his otherwise empty resume.
Following that, a very crude and junior high-esque drawing of a blonde man with unrealistic muscles and a gigantic bulge in the front of his pants takes up half of the screen. We can only assume by the fact that the words “QT REESE” with an arrow pointing down at the beefcake that this is an artist’s rendering of QT Reese. The gross exaggeration is bent over at the waist. Two women: one blonde and one redhead are eagerly puckering up to kiss his butt cheeks. There is also a render of Charlie Brown in the far corner, and he appears to be doing something very naughty while tears flow out of his eyes as he watches the others in a humiliating pose.
The next slide is simply a repeat of Reese throwing hot dogs at a confused Blaise Fader…
…and the next one is the exact same photo of QT putting Kaelan Laughlin in the Sunburn Submission. It’s now becoming clear that Reese’s tribute is only four slides long, and who knows how long he intends to repeat the same opening verse from this song again?
Jobbers are a funny sort. Most barely draw a fly, much less a living wage. However, like Halley’s Comet, once every 75 years even the enhancement talent gets their moment to shine in the sun. An instance where the combined pops for Bronx Valescence and Manny Fernandez merge together into one giant explosion.
Today was Freedumb’s, Dick’s, Jim Bob’s and Leroy’s cosmic alignment. As Southern Twang grabbed Reese by the arms, Dick proceeds to deliver several painful blows to QT’s dick, because let’s not try to get fucking fancy at this point. Weakening him to the point of dropping the microphone, Jim Bob and Leroy carry him over to the ropes. With assistance from Dick, they proceed to tie his arms Christ-style into the springy cables. And then, the unthinkable happens.
Freedumb, whose oral hygiene makes Bill Walkowitz look like the official spokesperson for Aquafresh, gets directly in the exposed face of Reese. Wrapping his lips around QT’s nose, he then proceeds to MOUTHBREATHE directly into his nasal cavity.
Reese reacts in turn does the only thing he seems to be good at lately. He projectile vomits, just BARELY missing Freedumb and the gang. While a small portion of the audience can’t help but be appalled, most are overjoyed and doubled over in laughter.
“Billy Crystal” by Yelawolf then starts back up from where it had originally left off, and the foursome begin to celebrate as we quickly cut backstage.

Since he’d found out recently during the Retrograde PPV that 4CW had another show, today was a good day for Lord Raab to check the Octane brand out. He made a promise that he’ll at least check it out to make a decision where to go to, although there was a rumour he needed to clear the air with and get to details a bit. Of course, he was looking forward to addressing the crowd for the second time since his preview return and things had been changing a lot with Lord Raab with him being unmasked for the first time in a long time. He didn’t want to waste any more time as he begins to speak.
LORD RAAB: ”Wow, how I only found out about the show when I showed up for Retrograde that 4CW went to open up a new brand called Octane. I knew Bryan Williams before he left and Bryan Laughlin before getting injured from what I heard, but the only other names I’ve heard of on the brand are Finn Whelan obviously from facing my twin brother a week ago I believe in another company, Seth Daniels from facing and working with him elsewhere in another company, Craig Anderson and Trish Newborn are well-known names from other companies too. I think Octane has a lot of potential to be on par with Adrenaline to produce fantastic shows that the Octane GM has done to grow the brand as fast as it has.”
He didn’t know much about Octane other than what he heard as he did watch a few matches from Carnivale PPV Octane has put on as he sees a lot of stars that could in the future grow to be stars of Adrenaline possibly in the future.
LORD RAAB: ”I think it’s great to see two shows produced for Octane and I’m glad to be here. Regarding from what I saw, I’m still undecided which is the best move for me to be here or staying at Adrenaline. I know for sure I’d love to be apart of both shows because I like to see this brand continuing to grow as well as working for Adrenaline to show the entire world how committed I am to stick around 4CW when I come back on 4CW’s one hundred and fiftieth show when I’d love to wrestle once again and I’m nearly ready to come back more than I was before because I missed 4CW a lot and I always wanted to come back, regardless.”
Of course, there was a rumour he had to address when it came towards the tournament that happened in 4CW lately and comes out with it.
LORD RAAB: ”It’s no lie when I say this. I did get offered to be in the South Beach Brawl Cup, but I turned it down because I don’t want to raise to face the best so quickly, especially I don’t deserve to be there. I told Perry that I want to work my way from the bottom right until I reach the top and why? Because my other biggest mistake I made was me demanding things too soon and it wasn’t the way to do it. So while I do want to win titles, I work for them as hard as I can until I’ve earned it because I won’t ask or demand stuff to get there. I’m gonna be the hardest worker on both brands I aim to be on because I want to compete against the top 4CW wrestlers when I return and I don’t care who I’m going up against.”
Cheers from the crowd on Lord Raab’s dedication to working harder than before to reach his goals as it was shown on his chest with the 4CW logo tattooed on his chest a while ago that wasn’t going away.
LORD RAAB: ”Getting back to Octane, if Perry tells me I should or suggest I start here, I would be fine with that because I will show how competitive 4CW is by competing on both brands, especially wanting to be the first vet 4CW wrestler to work for both brands because I don’t think it’s happened yet and put in extra work to show my dedication and pride I have for 4CW and seeing a whole new Lord Raab even doing more than just wrestle on both shows. You will find out very soon what I mean by that and you better be ready for me to return cos I never felt happier than I am right now. See you all very soon.”
That’s what Lord Raab had to say on stating his thoughts on Octane brand and the rumoured about being asked to be in the cup tournament which he turned down as he wonders off backstage to continue watching the show as the cameras go to ringside for the next match to take place on Octane.


After Ric sits up from getting taken down by a flying headscissors and grumbles, ‘gymnastic bitch’ underneath his breath before he gets to his feet and is having to dodge an incoming forearm smash from the persistent Trish who is ready to take Ric down again. Ric feels as if he’s fighting a superhero from the way she’s carrying on like this and promises himself that if she leaps like that towards him again, she was catching all types of bows to the face as if he were rapping Southern Hospitality. The ever so energetic Trish had Ric cornered by the ropes and he had to European Uppercut his way out before she did something spontaneous like flipped his ass over the ropes. Five minutes pass and Ric was now wondering if Trish was hopped up on one of those Bang drinks that seemed to be pretty popular in the world nowadays. He is able to put her down with a few snap suplexes but she just keeps springing back up and coming at him, making sure she’s all extra with the theatrics after every other move as she tries to play up the crowd’s cheers. Having enough, Ric ends up countering Trish once she’s leaped into the air and seems to be going for a hurricanrana but Ric quickly grabs her before she can drop back after her legs wrap around his neck. He lifts her up while she struggles and he ends up dropping her right on her head for all the showboating she had been doing.
He definitely seems satisfied with the action and doesnt care about the booes from the disapproving crowd as he allows himself to fall down onto her several times with elbow drops to her body before he lets up and tries a different approach. Pulling her to her feet, Ric gets ready to attack but Trish moves quicker and backhand chops him to drive him a few steps back. Not taking that, Ric charges and she catches him in the throat with another chop that has him grabbing his throat and retreating from Trish who allows him to take three steps back before she starts forward. Ric ends up headbutting her impulsively and it does the trick as it sends her walking away from him rather than towards as he begins to cough a few times and gets himself together before facing off against the person he feels is a power ranger. He wants this W but Trish rushes forward with aching head but her eyes state that she wants this win just as badly as Ric does as the two meet half way and begin trying to out move the other. The Double Wristlock Bridging North Lights Suplex had Ric feeling like Trish was doing the most now with these moves and he felt that he could keep it simple to defeat her because in his mind, she would tire herself out on her own.
Ric is holding his own but once he gets on the ground, its a wrap as Trish tries her best to deplete his energy with going for a chin lock first that is eventually broken by Ric. She goes for a single leg Boston Crab and then an Inverted Sharpshooter but Ric struggles enough to get out of both submissions one after the other to point that Trish just stands to her feet and begins stomping on him. She goes for his abdomen but catches his right side instead, no complaints coming from her as she just continues to attack that spot. She then stops and while helping him to his feet, Ric elbows her in the midsection and gets her with the Cherry Hill Thrill. As Ric contemplates going for the pin or not, he doesnt want to risk it and instead pulls a groggy Trish onto her feet. Trish surprisingly is able to duck his clothesline as she grabs his wrist and irish whips him away towards the ropes. Ric bounces off and comes sprinting back with catching Trish by surprise with the Dropcuck and that was all he wrote as he goes for that pin to get his victory and bragging rights.
WINNER: Ric Greene via Pinfall (7:57)

Backstage Bristol King sits on a production box, swinging her legs back and forth she appears to be in her own little world, settings strung about her fingers as she plays Cats Cradle whilst she hums to herself, occasionally she looks up and off down the hall as though she’s waiting for someone, then goes back to playing the game with her hands, all tangled up in a knotted mess.
? ? ?: “Tryna tell me something?”
With a laugh, Jay Sinclair appears in frame, smiling at Bristol before looking to her tangled hands.
SINCLAIR: “Tie ups…”
She looks up at him with a smile and inclines her head.
KING: “Ain’t so good at… Oh.”
Her smile turns to a smirk as she shakes her head and waggles her free finger at him.
KING: “Don’t be naughty! It’s a concentration exercise, yeah? Looks like playground shit but if you think about it some, you can reckon that it’s about focus… At first, it all looks like a right mess, don’t it?”
She turns her hands over and pulls them slightly, when she does all the threads connect and pull into place making what looks like a small baby cradle between her hands.
KING: “But it all comes together in the end.”
Jay appears impressed, plucking at the strings with his finger.
SINCLAIR: “More power to you, I don’t think I have the patience for it, I’m too hyped most the time. Is this like, a pre-match ritual?”
She smiles and nods, looking at his hands.
KING: “Something like that, I ain’t all about that hyped up shit, you know? My energy is just my energy like, whenever or whatever. How you get me is how they get me… with a couple of exceptions yeah?”
She slides her hands out of the strings and balls it up, pushing it into her pocket.
KING: “Two cups, that’s a ritual too. I got some weird shit that keeps me calm, so you better be double cupping tonight or I ain’t gonna be best impressed with you and considering I’m looking to make sure you get your money’s worth instead of a smack or two, humor me?”
Brizzie smiles again, shaking her head as she looks back up at him breaking out into a laugh.
KING: “Still can’t fuckin believe you bought a ticket for real though.”
Jay proudly pulls a stub from his pocket, holding it up.
SINCLAIR: “It’s a souvenir. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the one of the reasons people buy them someday.”
He shrugs.
SINCLAIR: “Either way, I’m taking home the best of the show tonight… Brizzie Kizz, double cups.”
She lifts her brows for a second at his first comment but lets it pass, reaching out to grab the stub she studies it for a minute then hands in back.
KING: “Sooooo, if I get my ass handed to me we’re gonna burn that fucking thing, get me?”
She nods assertively, swinging her legs again as she chews at the inside of her cheek.
KING: “Double cups… Gonna need all the fucking luck I can get yeah? Or not, ain’t decided if I’m feeling cocky about this one yet.”
SINCLAIR: “Best thing to do is get cocky when you get out there if ya gonna. Just go out there and do what it does, you got the momentum, just rock that shit, baby.”
And with a surprising motion, Jay smacks her on the ass. Brizzie jumps slightly and reaches to swat him round the back of the head with a soft growl.
KING: “Watch the fucking hands, here I’m trying not to smack you and you gotta get all cocky yourself.”
Rolling her eyes in a playful manner she slips off the box and stands up and dusts herself off.
KING: “Fine then, I ain’t gonna get cocky and you ain’t gonna get handsy, reckon you can handle that til you’re not paying to be in my presence no more, cause something about that just feels… pay to play.”
Jay smirks, waving his finger.
SINCLAIR: “Nah uh… I’m paying for a wrestling show, the handsy part is earned by my charismatic charm and infinite style.”
She grabs his finger and pushes up on her toes to sneer in his face.
KING: “Something like that.”
Releasing his finger she drops back on her heels and turns on them to skip off down the hall, pausing to look back.
KING: “Go find your seat Mistah Charisma and Style and remember, Double. Fuckin. Cups!”
SINCLAIR: “Double cups and salute to you, girl! Kill it!”
Jay nods at a passing stagehand before walking off, leaving the fade.


Seeing how Jay Mora has been living as of late, it was no surprise that his lifestyle eventually found itself interfering in his career. His movements seemed a bit sluggish, not nearly as quick as he normally is. This was the perfect opportunity for QT to take advantage of the situation, just as he would any other when given the upper hand. After dodging Jay lunging towards him, QT countered with a discus punch that sent Jay stumbling across the ring like a drunk before eventually crashing into the corner. Rushing in on him, QT quickly followed up with a series of slaps to Jay’s chest before following it up with a swift kick to the stomach. Locking his arm around Jay’s head, QT gave him a crucial noogie for good measure before pulling him away from the corner and smashing Jay’s face into the canvas with a bulldog. If seeing American Tommy going for the pin after a simple hip toss wasn’t enough, QT topped it off by immediately going for the pin following the noogie bulldog combination. Unfortunately for him, it just wasn’t enough.
For a few minutes QT kept a firm grip on controlling the match with an assault straight off the playground. And before you ask, Alan Pebler was NOT at this playground or anywhere remotely close to it. If he was, then that would explain the rage that flowed through QT’s veins as he had a pretty sick indian burn locked on Jay’s wrist in the center of the ring. Surprisingly, and I don’t know how it was even possible, but Jay somehow managed to counter QT’s indian burn with a short-arm clothesline, laying QT flat on his back. It was only a clothesline, but for some reason this raised QT’s blood pressure even more as he shot up from the mat and immediately argued to the official that what Jay did was unfair. There wasn’t anything illegal about it, but try telling QT that. Instead of arguing with him, Jay took it upon himself to strike QT from behind with an elbow to the back of the head. Even the official seemed relieved that Jay brought QT’s argument to an abrupt end.
Pushing himself away from the ropes, QT spun around and began wildly swinging in Jay’s direction. Had Jay been within range to begin with, QT might have actually connected with some of the blind punches he threw wildly. Jay wasn’t anywhere close to him, oh no, he was watching QT get closer and closer to him before eventually hitting QT with a dropkick to the chest. Falling back, QT hit the ropes and as he bounced off, Jay quickly stood back to his feet, lifting QT in the air and driving him into the canvas with a spinebuster. As Jay went to stand, QT threw his arm up, pinching his fingers onto Jay’s nipple and giving him a Texas titty twister. Jay yelled slightly, before swatting QT’s hand away and then clocking him with a solid right to the head. Pushing himself to his feet, Jay paced the ring, keeping a close eye on QT as he slowly began to rise. Once QT stood tall, Jay rushed in and leveled him with a spear! It was a Bullseye and there was nothing that QT could do about it. Pulling QT up from the mat, Jay was caught off guard as QT had just a little fight left in him, enough to push himself away before tripping over his feet and falling backwards. Hitting the ropes, QT then bounced forward, right into a superkick from Jay! Not only did QT drop to the canvas, but he was also Marked for good. Dropping to his knees, Jay made the cover which resulted in an uncontested one, two, and three!
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (8:37)

Gabriel Hartman walks uneventfully down the corridor backstage before he hears,
? ? ?: ”GABE!”
Gabe cringes. HE knows that voice. He turns an about face to see if he’s right. He is. It’s Adaya Duncan, smiling as she waves him over to her dressing room.
DUNCAN: ”You’re just the man with the critical eye I’ve been looking for.”
Gabe keeps cringing even as he makes his way back to Adaya who stands in the doorway to her darkened dressing room. In his mind Gabe wonders what he’s about to get himself into, already running down the past encounters he’s had with this unpredictable member of the Octane Roster.
DUNCAN: ”Come in! Come in, little fly, to my parlor. MUHAAHAHAHAHAHA.”
She laughs ghoulishly, closing the door behind Gabe leaving them both in dakrness with only the bright glare of a television screen to illuminate them. Gabe keeps cringing.
HARTMAN: ”What’s this about, Adaya?”
You can sense his apprehension as Adaya smiles widely from him, to the television screen. Gabe’s sure something ominous is about to happen.
DUNCAN: ”I need someone to test screen the new promo for the Minority State cartoon I’m working on.”
HARTMAN: ”Cartoon?”
Gabe can’t help but snicker. Adaya stares at him seriously.
DUNCAN: ”Yes. That’s right. Cartoon. Sit down. Watch the promo and tell me what you think. I expect detailed notes.”
She barely gives him the option. Sliding up an uncomfortable chair for Gabe to sit in, and ushers him into it. With the other hand she holds a remote. She stares at Gabe with that wide smile as she pushes play. And soon, Gabe is frowning as the screen comes to life with a vibrant cartoon world already in the midst of action.
There’s an animated Adaya, and Ric, and Seth and a talking Llama for some reason standing in at the back of a parked van in the dead of a well-drawn animated night scene.
ANIMATED ADAYA: ”At last! We stopped that evil truck that was smuggling Mexicans across the border!”
ANIMATED SETH DANIELS: ”And we caught the driver!”
Animated Seth and Animated Ric Greene bring forth an animated hoodlum they have in their clutches and remove the bag from his face to reveal his identity!
ZEEBO THE TALKING LLAMA: ”mwaaaaaaaa but it can’t be! He’s a friend to all of us minorities!”
They all smile at the Llama who is clearly their cutest teammate! But the team is visibly shaken at this turn of events as Seth and Ric grip the animated Cosmo’s arms as Adaya and the animated Llama stand before him amazed at the wrap-up of this mystery.
ANIMATED RIC GREENE: ”Wait a minute! This guy’s wearing a mask!”
The team is shocked. In unison! Ric grunts and removes the mask from what used to be Cosmo Cooper to reveal
And he does. The team laughs then gets serious.
ANIMATED ADAYA: ”Perry Wallace is the smuggler?!”
ANIMATED SETH: ”It all adds up!”
The animated Perry struggles to no avail against animated Ric and Seth.
ANIMATED PERRY WALLACE: ”And I would have gotten away with it too! But the Minority State Mystery Team cucked me! YOU’VE ALL CUCKED ME!”
ANIMATED SETH: ”Not yet we haven’t.”
ANIMATED RIC: ”Wait till prison.”
And the team all laughs in unison. Cue awesome theme song and then the logo rolls!

The lights come on in Adaya’s dressing room. She looks at him expectantly as Gabe just stares at the screen on pause.
HARTMAN: ”… ‘Zeebo the Talking Llama’…?”
DUNCAN: ”I know, right?! Isn’t it great? He tests really well with the demographic. What do you think?”
Gabe’s speechlessness wears off slowly.
HARTMAN: ”Well… your character–“
DUNCAN: ”Didn’t they do a great job rendering my likeness?”
HARTMAN: ”…well, no. That’s clearly Dora the Explorer. And Ric Greene looks like Luke Cage from–“
DUNCAN: “Shhh, Gabe. We’re not so much focusing on the delivery here as we are the content. We had a shoestring budget, and I think we did alright for ourselves!”
HARTMAN: ”You’ve used other drawings to represent the team, and added a llama for some reason.”
DUNCAN: ”Zeebo.”
Adaya corrects him. Gabe acknowledges his mistake with a nod.
HARTMAN: ”Right. Zeebo. I guess maybe kids cartoons are not my best format on which to make any judgments, you know? I mean… this show isn’t something I’d watch with my kids–“
DUNCAN: ”It’s educational! At this critical moment in the world’s history, Gabe, we feel it’s the right time to bring awareness to the underreported issues to the kids.”
HARTMAN: ”But this is a kids show.”
DUNCAN: ”You gotta get them while they’re young, Gabe. Some call it brainwashing, we call it informational television.”
HARTMAN: ”I don’t think you’re sending a positive message. And I don’t think Perry Wallace is smuggling Mexicans across the border into the United States.”
DUNCAN: ”But he could be. See? That’s the genius of it. All of this COULD happen. I’m not saying it is happening. It’s a cartoon, silly.”
Gabe can only frown as he pulls himself up from the chair.
HARTMAN: ”Yes, well… it’s a bit derivative.”
Adaya rolls her eyes.
DUNCAN: ”That’s what sells ad slots, Gabe. The kids love things that are just like other things. Imitation. Familiarity. That’s what sells. We don’t want to push any envelopes here by doing anything different than anyone else. That’d be scary.”
Gabe clears his throat.
HARTMAN: ”I think it’s great, Adaya. I’m glad you’re getting your stable’s name out there.”
He fixes his tie and makes for the exit.
DUNCAN: ”Today this cartoon, tomorrow… the world, Gabe.”
Gabe glances back at her as he happily makes his way for the door.
HARTMAN: ”That’s great. And good luck with your match tonight.”
DUNCAN: ”It’s the big one, Gabe! Whooop whooop! Cosmo Cooper. One of the best to ever do it. Been looking forward to it since the match was announced.”
She pumps her fist, looking ready. Gabe looks blankly at the paused television screen, then smiles back at her and awkwardly leaves.

The Octane action shifts from backstage to in-ring where we see Tornado Desencadenado and a fan. TD speaks to the audience through his microphone.
DESENCADENADO: “It’s time for the Vertigone Challenge!”
The fans in the Prime F Osborn Convention Center cheer at the mention of the returning test of equilibrium, though maybe not as long as marks for the Fundamental Elemental would have liked.
DESENCADENADO: “With me tonight is Wyatt Sanger. Wyatt earned the opportunity to be part of the Challenge by winning a Four Corners Wrestling trivia contest held by Jacksonville’s WFXJ 930 AM. Big thanks to them and especially Seth Harp of ‘Harp on Sports’, who organized the event.”
TD tucks the microphone under his arm and applauds the local radio announcer. A few fans in attendance join in. Afterwards he resumes speaking, while moving closer to the Challenge contestant in order to bring him into the conversation..
DESENCADENADO: “How hard was the trivia contest for you, Wyatt?”
The young man shrugs and speaks into the mic TD holds out for him.
SANGER: “Not too hard. I’ve been a fan of 4CW since it started.”
He stretches out the front of his Red Pioneer tee to better display it, feeling ownership of said shirt established his Four Corners Fanatic bonafides. Tornado, impressed, nods approvingly.
DESENCADENADO: “That’s great. Any idea what merchandise you’d like to buy if you win the $200 4CW.com Online Store Credit?”
SANGER: “I don’t know; most of it I already own.”
There is some laughter from the people in the arena when Wyatt confesses his completist nature towards all things 4CW.
DESENCADENADO: “Ha ha, very good. Well, I think for sure you might want to consider buying something that belongs to the wrestler you’ve chosen to be your proxy for the Vertigone Challenge. Not that he needs the money, heh heh.”
Wyatt laughs and nods as well.
SANGER: “True. But I do. That’s why I picked him”
The comment causes TD to laugh again.
DESENCADENADO: “Hah hah hah! That’s right. It certainly makes sense to pick a wrestler you know can successfully complete the Challenge because he’s done it before.”
This comment is enough evidence for the smarkier fans in attendance to realize who is scheduled to compete in the Vertigone Challenge. Their reaction to the impending official revelation is decidedly mixed. Cheers and boos echo throughout the auditorium. TD takes note.
DESENCADENADO: “Sounds like Jacksonville has figured out who Wyatt’s proxy is going to be tonight, so let’s not waste any more time. Come on out: Alessandro Quagliaterre!!”
The camera’s focus shifted to the rampway expecting Alessandro’s music to hit and his imminent arrival. Instead there was a loud noise coming from amongst the crowd, as Alessandro appeared amidst the audience. He was dressed in a grey hoodie and sweatpants. He casually hopped over the barricade, and slid into the ring, being passed a microphone over from a stagehand ringside.
He nodded at Tornado and the fan Wyatt Sanger.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Where’s Janice?”
TD, already confused at the way Alessandro chose to enter the ring, becomes even more flummoxed.
QUAGLIATERRE: “You know Janice. The lady who was here last time I was on the Vertigone Challenge!”
DESENCADENADO: “Alessandro, it’s a new Challenge so we have a new contestant: Wyatt here.”
He points to Sanger.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Yes I know how the Challenge works you cuck. Bring BACK JANICE!”
At this point TD knows something is wrong. He covers the mic and speaks to the Adrenaline star so whatever it is can’t be picked up. Apparently Alessandro doesn’t hear him either, or more likely chooses to ignore what was said.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Alright I guess we’re going to have to make this work. Have no faith in this pop n’ fresh doughboy Wyatt, but it’ll have to do. Hope you’re ready to lose Mr. Sanger.”
Tornado’s expression hardens. He brings the microphone back up to his mouth to speak so everyone can hear.
DESENCADENADO: “Alessandro, I don’t think this is a good idea. You’re acting unprofessionally right now. I don’t understand why you even agreed to take part in the contest if you’re approaching it with this negative attitude.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Why am I here? Well for one the last time I was here QT Reese and Blaise Fader totally messed up my record setting appearance, and then you got embroiled in a grudge with QT that went on forever. So I am here to have a retake, to finish what I started almost two months ago. You’re a dweeby little man Tornado, but this challenge here is something quite neat you’ve setup. I’ve come here to smash records for the Vertigone Challenge. And send a fan home happy. Something which I normally would never do, but I guess donut waist here has caught me in a good mood today.”
He pointed at Wyatt Sanger, and his lack of athletic ability around the gut. The crowd “oooooooos!” at the putdowns of both Tornado and Wyatt. The fan appears embarrassed and more than a little frightened. Tornado, meanwhile, addresses Quagliaterre again; this time more sternly.
DESENCADENADO: “You’re mad because you had to wait for another chance to take part in the Challenge? That’s crazy. I had business to settle with Reese. He was slandering my name and messing with my matches. He cost me the Ignition Title. Of course Reese was going to take precedence over you assuaging your hurt ego. I can’t imagine why’d you would think otherwise.”
Alessandro’s jaw dropped down to the floor in shock at what Tornado just said to him. He couldn’t believe the nerve of Desencadenado.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Woah Tornado has a voice? Where the fuck has this man been all this time. I thought you were a scrub fam. You finally grew a pair of balls. You got any other truths you want to get off your chest while we’re at it. Liberate yourself. Go on. Tell me what you really think about me before we get this challenge underway.”
Sanger tried to interject.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Zip it Tubs… Grown Men are talking here.”
Alessandro smirked cheekily at Tornado, allowing him to speak freely. TD glared at Quagliaterre, mouth opening to speak. Then, catching himself, he shook his head.
DESENCADENADO: “No. We’ve already spent too much time making it about us. Let’s just move on. Ready to take the Vertigone Challenge, Alessandro?”
It was almost as if Alessandro wasn’t paying attention, withdrawn from the situation, and then suddenly he remembered where he was.
Tornado, surprised and relieved that the situation has de-escalated, nods and hands his microphone over to Wyatt. He in turn is escorted out of the ring by a stagehand. The fans cheer tepidly as the contest begins; obviously more than a few of them would have rather seen the two 4CW stars at each others’ throats then the Challenge. Still, the contest goes on: Tornado lifts up Alessandro into a fireman’s carry, spins him, then sets him down.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Feeling great. Not dizzy at all. Going to do this in eight seconds or under. Just wait.”
Quagliaterre unaware that the timer is already rolling, then has to make up for lost time. As he moves like a bullet dashing to the first corner, stinging the edge of the first turnbuckle pad like a bee.

He then ricochets like lightning, flying to the next corner again tapping it with the edge of his fingertips as if he were floating like a bee.

Alessandro then bounces with momentum and drive in his body, straight to the third corner, with the same stinging jab off the edge of his fingertips

Before anyone could even blink, Alessandro then reaches the final turnbuckle, diving into with his head and hands, clamoring down onto it. Alessandro had done it with ease. Another successful completion of the Vertigone Challenge. This time it would officially count, compared to the debacle that happened on Octane 14.

The audience is left shook, and even though they cannot stand the man, they give a rapturous round of applause and admiration for how quick Alessandro had completed the challenge with great efficiency.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Can do that with my eyes closed fam. Let me know my record setting time. Five seconds? Four seconds? No… I did it in three seconds right. Tell them Tornado. Tell them how quick I did it.”
Looking mighty proud of himself, Alessandro awaited Tornado telling him the good news, that would have surely broken like a world record. TD, who has taken the stopwatch from one of the ringside crew, examines it’s reading.
DESENCADENADO: Well, you know, Alessandro, any time you set here will be the official record, since you have been the only one to complete the Challenge successfully. Which you have done- in sixteen seconds.”
He tucks the mic away to applaud AQ and then walks towards him, hand extended.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Sixteen seconds?”
Alessandro giggles.
His laughs become louder.
QUAGLIATERRE: “You’re telling me. After being the only one to be on this show and actually take your challenge. Twice now. Once which I set an unofficial time of eight seconds. Now you are telling me that my official attempt is sixteen seconds.”
Alessandro kept laughing, as Tornado nodded with his hand still extended waiting for a handshake back.
QUAGLIATERRE: “That is hilarious Tornado. So Hilarious. That I just want to say…”
Alessandro stopped laughing, he then looked at Tornado’s hand, and it appeared he was going to shake his hand and whisper something in his ear. But instead… Alessandro HEADBUTTS Tornado square in the face, and Tornado goes flying out of the ring from the force of his head.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Tell me I did that in sixteen seconds now Tornado? TELL ME NOW!”
Tornado obviously was not going to respond, he was out cold by ringside. Alessandro then got frustrated by not receiving a response. He then addressed the crowd, and Wyatt Sanger who had just seen Tornado get decked.
The crowd then responded with a thunderous amount of jeers that deafened throughout the arena. Alessandro dropped the microphone down, and walked out the ring. Looking back at the fallen Tornado who had EMTs rushing toward him to check he was ok. The crowd began pelting foreign objects at AQ, which he evaded because his reflexes were great. He then slowly made his way up the walkaway to behind the curtain in disgust at what had just transpired. At this point Octane cuts to another backstage segment.

It didn’t take Cosmo Cooper much to unpack backstage. While wrestlers rolled in bags of equipment. He only carried a backpack and he was already in a lone hallway where we usually went to gather his thoughts before his match. No fancy photoshop advertisements. Nothing else, just his fists and his gear. He nodded a few times as he looked in the direction of where the camera was but not directly at it.
COOPER: “Adaya made me think this week. She made me think about all of the mistakes I’ve made over my career. She made me think that… maybe I’ve lost my way. Maybe—like… maybe I need to evolve too. Since my career began I’ve had this camera following me around on the chances I turn into something great… just the chance. I’ll never like… feel that I’ve done enough to warrant that. I mean, yeah I’m a 4CW Tag Champion. Yeah I was asked to come in here and fight for Octane when I had never stepped into the ring in 4CW before besides a short stint in Bad Company.”
He paused.
COOPER: “Maybe it’s more complicated than Adaya makes it seem, but to me… wrestling is win or lose you shake your opponents hand, you get in your car and you head to the next town… and yes you catch some waffle house along the way.”
Cosmo chuckled.
COOPER: “But Adaya wants to discredit me because I posted my thoughts on social media for people to see—because I want to use my voice for something greater. Whether you want to admit it or not, Cosmo Cooper is a name that in his rookie year carried more clout than some veterans. My thing is—I don’t want that buzz to go away. So what can I be doing—what MORE can I be doing to get to that level. To where I’m still on the lists of people who want to wrestle me. That people are knocking down my door to go wrestle for their company. To us, Adaya and I. We differ fundamentally but we are the same. We both come in with hype… we both haven’t lived up up to it.”
The camera panned in on the 4CW Tag Championship that sat just over to his right, but Cosmo didn’t look at it.
COOPER: “So I guess I am announcing my intentions here. Sure, I’m a tag champion. But if Jeb can go for the Ignition—if that’s what Battle Born is going to be. A group but not just defined by the tag team record… then I’m game. It starts with Adaya tonight, win or lose. I want to defend those 4CW tag titles with everything in me, but I want something more. I want to prove myself to be more. And so I have to fulfill my destiny. Like I have in every company I’ve stepped foot in…”
Cosmo looked up.
COOPER: “The Octane Championship. Kaz Bonham has proved to me that she is better than me. She pinned me. And I won’t forgot that. Battle Born isn’t going anywhere… but Adaya said that I’m one loss away from being “her”.
This time a smirk.
COOPER: “But we both know that isn’t true. Because she won’t go on to defend the tag titles at South Beach Brawl. She won’t be tearing up the scene outside of 4CW… no, I’m not one loss away from Adaya… but I am one win away from leaving Adaya in the dust. And I know she makes fun of me for showing my respect to my opponents after the match, but that just shows she has never been in REAL competition. I’ve said things on the football field, in a wrestling match, on a basketball court that I don’t mean but at the end of the game. Win or lose. I’m willing to shake hands and be a man about it.”
Cosmo nodded.
COOPER: “Minority State seems like they’d be about that. Let’s see if Adaya can practice what she preaches when I stick the proverbial hand out at the end of the night.”
Cosmo snagged his 4CW tag belt and walked away.


Off to a quick start, Cosmo met Adaya in the middle of the ring with a headbutt to set the tone early in the matchup. Swing after swing, he backed her across the ring with open hand chops until eventually pressing her against the ropes. After two quick knees to the ribs, Cosmo then locked onto her arm and whipped her to the ropes across the ring. As she came back on the return, he met her in the center of the ring once more, this time with a jumping leg lariat that wiped her completely out. Positioning himself at her head, Cosmo began to hit her over and over with knees to the head. He then followed up the little assault by popping himself up into a handstand before coming back down and connecting with a knee to Adaya’s shoulder. Pulling her up from the mat, he hit her with back to back stiff forearms to the face before wrapping her up and throwing her over his head with a belly to belly suplex. On his feet, he hit the ropes to his side and as he raced across the ring, he hopped over Adaya before leaping forward. Landing both feet to the middle ropes, he springboarded off into the air with a backflip, landing across Adaya with a springboard moonsault. Hooking her leg, he went for the pin but was only able to come away with a two count before Adaya forced her shoulder up from the mat.
On his feet, Cosmo quickly had Adaya on hers as well. Positioning himself behind her, he wrapped her up for a German suplex but before he could lift her, Adaya slammed her arm back, driving her elbow into Cosmo’s face. This allowed to pull herself away from his arms as he was briefly stunned from the blow. Spinning around, Adaya connected with a roundhouse kick that lifted Cosmo off his feet and knocked him through the air before crashing into the corner. With Cosmo propped up against the corner, Adaya rushed in, doing a handspring herself before smashing Cosmo’s face with a back elbow. She then pulled Cosmo away from the corner before climbing up the top. With Cosmo wobbling on his feet, Adaya waited until he turned around to face her before leaping through the air and wrapping an arm around Cosmo’s head. Swinging her body around, she lifted Cosmo off his feet before planting the top of his head directly onto the canvas with a tornado DDT! Cosmo bounced off his head before flipping over and landing to a seated position in the middle of the ring. Pushing herself up, Adaya then raced right by Cosmo, hitting the ropes in front of him before returning and sliding feet first, nearly taking Cosmo’s head off with a sliding clothesline. With Cosmo on his back, Adaya quickly made the cover and just as she thought she had him down for good, Cosmo kicked out just before the three.
Knowing hos close she was, Adaya didn’t waste any time whatsoever. She couldn’t have Cosmo resting any if she was going to put him away. Pulling him to his feet, now she was positioned behind him. Lifting him off his feet as if going for a simple suplex, she then changed the direction of Cosmo’s movement as she slammed him forward, face first into the canvas with a wheel barrow facebuster. Cosmo was loopy after that, seeing stars even. He wasn’t staying down, not by a long shot. He slowly pushed himself up, struggling at times, before eventually standing. Unfortunately for him, Adaya was already standing and right there in his face as soon as he looked up. Greeting Cosmo with a spinning backfist, she knocked him off balance as he stumbled backwards. Turning the opposite direction, she charged the ropes and as she came back towards Cosmo, she raced by him again. Leaping into the air, she planted both feet to the ropes and springboarded off. Turning around in mid air, she went her a superman punch. It was if an alarm went off in Cosmo’s head as he quickly side stepped her, barely avoiding being hit. He then locked onto her arm and pulled her straight down to the mat. Instead of being hit with Aggravated Assault, Cosmo turned it into a Cross Armbreaker. The more Adaya squirmed to get free, the more she found herself trapped with nowhere to go. After resisting and fighting through the pain for nearly half a minute, Adaya eventually had no choice but to tap as Cosmo had her perfectly in place with nowhere to go.
WINNER: Cosmo Cooper via Submission (10:11)

We go backstage to the locker room of Seth Daniels as he prepares for his match. He’s taping his fists, his ring gear all set and ready to go. He walks to the door and opens it.
K. DANIELS: ”Little brother.”
Seth looks up and stands face-to-face, so to speak, with his big brother Keith. Keith smiles down at him. Seth, for his part, glares up at his brother with contempt. When he opens his mouth, you can hear the disgust in his voice.
S. DANIELS: ”What?”
K. DANIELS: ”Oh, y’know, just passing through. I figured I’d stop by and say hey, see how you’ve been, and ask when exactly you became a minority.”
Seth rolls his eyes in response. Keith presses on.
K. DANIELS: ”Well, now I can assure people I’m not racist because my brother’s… What?”
S. DANIELS: ”About to rip your throat out?”
Keith puts his hands up and takes a step back, feigning submission.
K. DANIELS: ”Whoa! I’m just rufflin’ your feathers there, big guy. No need to get all feisty.”
S. DANIELS: ”If you’ve got a point, make it.”
Keith looks at his little brother in contemplation for a moment. His face turns serious, shows concern.
K. DANIELS: ”Listen, buddy, I just see you out there and… Well, you just haven’t seemed like yourself lately. I guess you’re trying to make friends or something – I know you’ve always been a bit awkward with people – but this hasn’t been the little brother I’m used to seeing. All that reckless abandon, strikes that would crush a brick wall, it’s all gone. Listen, if this is about the missed championship opportunities–“
S. DANIELS: ”Point. Make.”
Keith sighs in resignation.
K. DANIELS: ”Fine. You’re not you out there anymore. I want to know if I can help.”
S. DANIELS: ”Just how in the dry fuck are you going to help me?”
K. DANIELS: ”How about this: what if I get on the horn with Shane Clemmens. He’s been teammates of both of us. You can join up with him–“
S. DANIELS: ”Clemmens? In a 4CW ring again? I imagine he’d rather swallow a spiked, lit firecracker.”
K. DANIELS: ”Shane or Perry?”
S. DANIELS: ”Yes.”
K. DANIELS: ”Ok, so Shane is a bad idea. Look, you know Tony Chu is growing a little sour on you, right? He said as much publicly, that maybe he should blame that tag loss on you. Minority State isn’t going to be a lasting part of your future. You know that, right?”
S. DANIELS: ”I get it. You, like everyone else, think we’re a joke. Nothing I haven’t heard before, nothing I won’t hear again. Anything else?”
K. DANIELS: ”I just don’t want you to get mixed up with the wrong…”
Keith trails off, realizing the trap he’s hopping into. Seth raises an eyebrow.
S. DANIELS: ”The wrong… What?”
Keith shakes his head but Seth presses the issue.
S. DANIELS: ”What? Black people? Hispanic people? Asian people?”
K. DANIELS: ”Alright, kid. I’ll back off for now. Just know I’m a text or a phone call away. When… If this Minority State things gets flushed, don’t let it affect you. And…”
Keith looks down for a moment before looking back at his brother.
K. DANIELS: ”Beat some bitches’ asses for me.”
With that, Keith turns and walks away from Seth. Seth watches him walk away with suspicion. Once he turns the corner and is out of sight, Seth looks at the floor. Suddenly, he starts to smack himself to ‘hype up’ before closing his locker room door and storming off in the other direction, purpose in his stride. The scene fades.


The ignorant crowd is chanting the lyrics to ‘Despacito’ along with watching the match as they watch Tornado try to evade the quick Bristol who hasnt allowed Tornado to even take an exhale after going for him right when the bell had sounded moments ago. Bristol was all over the place, her strategy was to keep him guessing as she attacked when he least expected her to and jumped back from his reach whenever he felt she was going to attack and lunge. They kept on like this for a while, liking a wrestling version of Tom and Jerry until Tornado finally caught onto her and made a grab for her once she least expected and tightened his arms around her as she squirmed to get free. A few stomps on his foot seemed to do the trick as his hold on her loosens and she’s able to break free but all that does is just fuel him up to make a grab for her again but this time he doesn’t hold her, he lets a gutwrench suplex do the talking for him instead and it seems to produce a satisfactory smile from him. Not having the greatest start to the match, Tornado was now the controller of it as he used his power against Bristol once she tries to use her speed once more to get the upper hand but this time failing because Tornado was only interested with slamming her down on her back now.
The slams are able to slow Bristol down for a while and she ends up rolling out of the ring to get that much needed recoup as she tries to catch her breath and relax a bit. But Tornado is not having any of that as he slides out of the ring to bring her back in…. only for her to quickly slide back in herself once his feet has touched the ground. Not having time for her games, Tornado slides into the ring and Bristol suddenly attacks with a mushroom stomp to his back that flattens him onto the mat like a pancake. She quickly goes for the pin and frowns when she gets only a mere one count because Tornado kicks out soon after the referee’s hand had left the mat. They get onto their feet and Bristol is the first to make a move forward with a few good kicks until Tornado eventually grabs her foot and counters with a dragon screw leg whip that had the audience cheering and pleased. Tornado leans down to grab Bristol’s foot and she drives that foot right into his face and hurriedly gets to her feet to attack again with a running forearm that isn’t strong enough to put him down so she doubles up with a strong kick to the gut that has him hunching over.
She finds herself quickly dashing forward and leaping over him with a dive for a sunset flip as she then holds him into a pin but the referee isn’t even able to get to one before Tornado breaks it. Even with two failed pin attempts, Bristol is feeling it and has all the confidence in the world she’s going to be the winner of this match as she gets ready to attack again, being cautious because she doesn’t want to get trapped up in one of Tornado’s power moves that might end all for her in this match tonight with an L she’ll have to accept and eat. But in her mind, the only one eating defeat tonight was her opponent as she bossed up on him with bicycle kick that he never saw coming and fought against Bristol using types of kicks and chops to try to put a stop to Tornado’s increasing momentum. Tornado has finally managed to break through to grab her but Bristol has a trick up her sleeve and catches him with Round T’Corner that looks to be a sealed deal but Tornado ends up getting onto his feet, not as fast as he normally would but enough to show Bristol he might have been down but he wasn’t out yet. Tornado counters Bristol’s blows and when she tries to irish whip him, he grabs onto her wrist and begins to spin her around to throw her off as he makes his move and kills Bristol’s hopes for the match win with Vertigone. He pins her and is granted the one, two and three to pull off the victory.
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (8:04)

Going to the back, the cameras catch up with the Octane Champion Kaz Bonham, who greets them with a smile nearly as bright as the shine off her championship. There’s some excitement in the air for Kaz and she nearly yells out as she begins to speak
BONHAM: ”Seth! Boy, am I glad you showed up. I’ll admit, I was nervous, I didn’t think you’d be ready for this Octane…but you proved me wrong. You had that fight that I knew was buried deep down inside you. I’m proud! And I’m eager to prove myself one more time against you. Against someone I know who is more than capable of beatin’ me and anyone else on this roster. We get our thrills from competition and fightin’…and that’s what you’re bringin’ to me. I, like, totally thank you, dude!”
Her smile grows even wider somehow; growing increasingly optimistic for her match with Seth Daniels.
BONHAM: ”Fightin’ the absolute best that 4CW and Octane has to offer is what I thrive on. I ain’t interested in wrestlin’ folks who hold themselves back. I want the best from everyone every single time I step into that ring! I do this for the fans, for Octane, and for myself. We deserve only the best and we may never be perfect, Seth…but we’ll fight to get there. We fight because that’s all we know.”
A somewhat serious look from Kaz to accompany a nod.
BONHAM: ”And every night, we go out there to prove who the best is. I know you can do that, Seth, I just need to see it again. Like you said, this ain’t bout the Octane Championship or Minority State. It’s just you, me, and that ring. We got all the time in the world to show who is the best. I beat you once before, but we’ve changed since then. We’ve gotten better and, like, we’ve only gotten stronger.”
Kaz breaks right back out with a smirk.
BONHAM: ”When I step out from that curtain, I just got one thing on my mind. And that’s beatin’ you, of course, but I also wanna bring out the best in you, Seth. I wanna see if you ain’t just tryin’ to talk me up now. I wanna see if you can back up everything you’re sayin’. You wanna fight me, you wanna beat me, you wanna show me how corrupt and happy-go-lucky my view of the world is…the floor’s yours, Seth.”
Motioning in front of her, Kaz more than welcomes Seth to step up to her.
BONHAM: ”Put up or shut up, right?”
A playful wink from Kaz before continuing.
BONHAM: ”This is our home and maybe you don’t see it that way, but these are our people. So let’s give them a show. Hell, let’s steal the show, Seth! Step up, punch me as hard as you can, and get ready for another fight of your life. Get ready for the Graps Goddess, baby! Get ready because I am! I’m always ready! I’m always up for a fight and I’ll always be ready to show why I’m helpin’ lead Octane into the future!”
As she says this, Kaz pats the faceplate of the Octane Championship on her shoulder.
BONHAM: ”See you out there, Seth.”
With a tip of an imaginary cowboy hat, Kaz flashes one more smile for the camera before heading off as the scene jumps elsewhere.

The scene cuts ringside where we find Perry Wallace and the apple of his eye, Antonia Patton, who is also 4CW’s official Anger management Therapist. The two stand side by side, united in the center of the ring. With only one mic between the two, Perry takes lead, addressing the Octane crowd in attendance.
WALLACE: ”Good evening folks, I hope you all have enjoyed tonight’s show thus far. Thank you all who decided to take the time out of their lives to spend it here with us tonight, right here on 4CW Octane. Now, contrary to the rumors about me getting long winded in these appearances, I’m going to cut straight to the point. As you all may have noticed over the recent weeks, hell even a month or so, Octane has lacked leadership at the management level. I partly blame myself for this.”
He lowers the mic as he talks softly to himself as if no one can hear him.
WALLACE: ”Blame myself for introducing the most worthless free agent into your life Jimmy.”
Antonia quickly gives Perry a stiff nudge in the side of his arm with her elbow as the microphone just picked up everything he had just said. Shrugging his shoulders, Perry raised the microphone back to his lips.
WALLACE: ”I meant every word of it.”
He says before looking away from Antonia and back out onto the crowd.
WALLACE: ”But we have lacked a leadership presence in the form of a management figure, or something like that. And by that, I apologize to those of you in the back and to those of you watching around the world tonight. Tonight I’m here to officially announce that all comes to an end, right here, right now. Anything you would like to say dear before we call her out?”
Turning back to Antonia, Perry extends his arm, handing her the microphone as she smiles sweetly at Perry before addressing the crowd.
PATTON: ”I would just like to say that I really hope that you all enjoyed the show tonight and we appreciate each and every one of you for coming. We love all of the fans and always remember to never try any of these wrestling moves at home to avoid causing severe damage to others and even yourself. I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter a few days ago and continue trying to uplift each other as best as you can-“
Suddenly “Trick Or Treat” by Grace blasts through the speaker and fills the arena, rudely cutting off Dr. Patton trying to channel her inner Reverend Thomass as the hot headed Phoenix Quagliaterre makes her way with shoving open the curtains to head to the stage. She gets received well even with the irritated expression on her face as she slaps a few fan hands while walking down the ramp to at least try to be nice to the fans. I mean it wasn’t their fault the Sin City Sabres lost today and Phoenix had to eat all her words after shit talking her protege who was on the team that the Sabres lost to today. Rolling into the ring with her own mic in hand, she hops onto her feet and approaches the lovely couple standing in the middle of the ring. Perry doesn’t look too pleased that Phoenix interrupted his God fearing woman and although Dr. Patton appears a bit agitated, she smiles at Phoenix to show that she is forgiven. The music finally begins to fade out as the audience gets louder with shouting different things that ranged from PG to Rated R but all that could be taken as nice compliments.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”LOOK HERE, I wasn’t about to sit back there and listen to her try to be Joel Osteen especially after the long day I had. It’s my cheat day today and I want nothing more than to head back to my suite and order off everything on the room service menu then take my ass to BED.”
The audience roars at the loud fan’s words while Phoenix can only just wave her hand as if brushing him off.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Now now, we’re having none of that tonight.”
She turns her attention back to the couple with an innocent smile like she never rudely interrupted Dr. Patton. Perry looks to Phe, then looks to Antonia, and then back to Phe once more.
WALLACE: ”Well hello there sweetie! Before we move forward, I’d like to say two things. One, I think you owe Antonia here an apology for the rude interruption. And two, would you like me to call my son and tell him to head to the hotel and wait for you?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Oh no no no, we can call this even from you liking to taunt me on social media with how you’re going to eat her ass and she doesn’t stop you, i don’t appreciate being bullied. You run people off twitter enough, you should be more like me…. I dont do any of that dragging stuff you tend to do. And also, I can’t believe you are acting as if he isn’t being pursued by a beautiful woman who happens to be nicely thick. Also… she’s quite flexible too, if she’d stop being shy then she can show him positions that’s probably unheard of.”
Innocently bats eyelashes at him.
WALLACE: ”WELL EXCUSE YOU! I have never said anything about eating her ass on Twitter. Not once.”
Perry’s eyes bulge as he stares directly across to Phe, slowly pointing his head to Antonia at his side as if he were trying to hint something.
WALLACE: ”I wish you would stop being so mean after I was right the whole time about Mr. Potato Head!”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I THOUGHT we agreed that his name was banned! That includes nicknames too. I can’t believe you’re trying to bully me after the long day I had, you’re supposed to be announcing how I’m going to be making ring gear for one of my favorite companies in the whole world!”
WALLACE: ”Well I’m sorry I thought brain dead retard might have been a little too rude for television. Hold up… ring gear?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”YES it’s obvious that you want me to bless the company with my great ring gear creations, right? Let me find out you want me to be on face painting duty cause I did such a great job at Carnivale and I swear to God–“
WALLACE: ”I actually had the dunking booth in mind but it appears the circus has left town.”
Phoenix cuts her emerald eyes at him and steps back to lean against the ropes while eying him.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I am trying to get fed and fuc- I mean, fed and go to sleep right afterwards but here you are got me out here to be mean to me in front of my therapist. If this ain’t emotional abuse.”
Shaking his head Perry looks to his feet for a moment. He thinks to himself before looking back to Phe.
WALLACE: ”Look, it ain’t like that, not at all. You did start it though but that’s not the point. I wanted to speak–we wanted to speak with you here tonight for a very good reason. Something a little bigger than ring gear.”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Yes… I will be the flower woman at your wedding but I am not wearing lavender, I don’t think that color should be involved in any wedding.”
WALLACE: ”Ummm…”
Looking back and forth between the two ladies, Perry stalls for a moment before continuing.
WALLACE: ”That’s not exactly what this is about. This is about taking notice to some things that you have done recently in sort of a promoting manner. This isn’t about ring gear or face painting. You think you would be ready for something like that on the big stage?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”After promoting this company for the past two years, you finally want to pay me for it? Awwwwww that’s so sweet but it’s okay, I just love this place, that’s all. It’s always felt like home to me.”
WALLACE: ”Oh, you got jokes now? Finally going to pay you for it. Stop bullying me, you’re my daughter in-law. Back to the point though, there are some changes actually taking place. Actually right now as we speak, right here specifically on Octane.”
Phoenix face falls a bit.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I really liked Jimmy, he was actually entertaining unlike these other stick in the muds who try to appear tough with running businesses but aren’t taken seriously. Heard he got lost in the sauce though, I can’t blame him because guys are never the same after getting lost in mine. Don’t that make yall Eskimo brothers or whatever considering whose sauce he’s lost up in??”
WALLACE: ”Heh, did you just compare your sauce to hers? “
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”HELL no, you got some of her sauce and you got cool on her, i have actually had guys want to trap me with babies after sliding up in this.”
WALLACE: ”Have someone try to trap you in a Twitter marriage and then come talk to me.”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Alessandro knocked me up like two weeks after taking my v card, I think I have you beat.”
WALLACE: ”He was here earlier tonight. Anyways! Back to the point here. I asked you a question earlier. Do you think you would be ready for something like that on the big stage?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Of course I would, this is me we’re talking about here.”
She smirks with that ever so present cockiness sparkling in her eyes.
WALLACE: ”Okay, well here it is. I asked you to come here tonight to to offer you this exact thing.”
Holding his arm out, he turns to look at the crowd before looking back to Phe.
WALLACE: ”You ready for this?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Yes…. whatever this is and it better not be anything embarrassing either.”
WALLACE: ”I would never do anything to embarrass you. Plus check it out. Your therapist works here so that should make things a little easier to have your sessions without interrupting my time after working hours, sweetie.”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”SEE I fucking knew there was a catch-“
One look from Dr. Patton and Phoenix rolls her eyes and tries to chill out.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I got tricked into thinking I was doing ring gear designing so I doubt it’s going to be anything better than that.”
WALLACE: ”Better than that?! You done bumped your head. I’m standing here offering you the keys to promoting Octane and overseeing things. Lord have mercy child!”
Phoenix wasn’t sure she heard him clearly and she definitely wasn’t sure she believed him either as she looks at him, trying to process whether he was pulling her leg or actually being sincere in his statement.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I have a headache after the game we had today and seeing how big this forehead is, it’s like two damn migraines in one.”
She actually begins massaging her temple while reflecting some more on his words then dawns on her that he definitely wouldn’t pull this in front of her therapist as her mouth drops open when she finally believes him.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”HOLY SHIT you aren’t fuckin with me about this, are you??”
Slowly, he shakes his head back and forth while looking across to Phe. Stepping forward, he raises the microphone back to his mouth before answering.
WALLACE: ”Negative. No, I am not fucking with you about this. I’m serious. It’s time to really see your potential at this level. Plus she thinks it might just do you some good.”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I… fuck, I honestly dont know what to say right now…”
She taps her forehead lightly, trying to come up with something but is honestly too speechless to even think of something.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Wow, this is… I would say I wonder what the haters are gonna say but nobody really cares about them. I definitely think we’re in need of a more in depth conversation concerning everything but I would be a fool to pass this up.”
Nodding in agreement, Perry then turns to Antonia for a short moment before directing his attention back to Phe.
WALLACE: ”We can talk about all the details tomorrow over lunch. But before that, and I assume you’re on board, is there anything you would like to say officially? Anything at all to these people here tonight and also watching from around the world?”
She’s too choked up at the moment and not in the way she’d like either as she racks her brain for something to say and just goes with what she’s feeling.
WALLACE: ”There you have it folks.”
Taking a couple of steps back, Perry takes a spot right beside Antonia as he now looks to her.
WALLACE: ”I think this could be good for her. What do you think, dear?”
PATTON: ”Of course, she is going to be kind to all of the employees and I am hoping that she even cuts down on her use of profanity while on camera.”
Phoenix gives her a look to indicate that Dr. Patton must didn’t know who she was if she thought she was going to definitely do the last thing. Meanwhile, Perry snickered at that last comment.
WALLACE: ”You heard it here folks. Phe is going to cut down on her profanity while on camera, right here on Octane! Maybe in two weeks after we shake things up a little bit she may just have something more to say that ‘oh my gosh I can’t believe it’ or whatever that was.”
The mocking didn’t get Perry any good looks from either Phe or Antonia. And with that, we end this with Perry being the asshole which is totally not the case in anything ever no matter how things appear.

The cameras take us outside the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center. The clouds had kept the sun at bay for most of the evening around Florida. The sound of passing cars is heard in the audio, as cameras welcome us to River City Drive just twenty-seven miles away from the arena near a bunch of local stores are seen. A fairly medium size line is formed as Trish is sitting down signing autographs to the people that had come out to the location. With every autograph signing, she makes a habit of lifting her head up before smiling at them and handing them their signed picture while promoting Octane.
NEWBORN: “Here you are, Thomas. Are you going to be at tonight’s show at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center? We’ve got a lot of great talent wrestling from American Tommy defending his Ignition Championship to Cosmo Copper, Tornado Desencadenado and Kaz Bonham in action as well. It’s a jam-packed show.”
THOMAS: “Oh yes, ma’am. I’ve been waiting to see this live ever since it was announced.”
NEWBORN: “Well, I hope you have yourself a good time tonight.”
She grins again, and then hands him his autograph as the next person standing in line comes up to the table. She looks down readying her pen pressing down against the laminated surface. Trish looks up.
WOMAN FAN: “Hey Trish. May I get a quick picture with you real quick before you sign anything? I’ve been a fan for a number of years ever since your days in the independent wrestling scene. You’re so empowering with your strength and never giving up attitude. It’s an honor to meet you in person since I have always been busy whenever you were wrestling in other promotions.”
Trish puts down the pen before standing up.
NEWBORN: “Aw, that’s sweet. Thank you. Um, yeah. We can totally do that. I don’t mind at all.”
We start to fade away from this scene as Trish puts her arm around the woman fan while someone else from the line takes the picture of them together using the woman’s phone.


This wasn’t the first time these two have met in the ring. At the first Octane of the year, these two met head to head in the ring with the number one contendership for the Octane Championship on the line. Seth would go on to face the Octane Champion shortly after, while Kaz would get back on track, racking up the wins but always seeing that single loss on her record at the hands of Seth. Although this match wasn’t for a championship or any special prize, the two of them had a lot riding on this match. Seth could remain the one person that Kaz hasn’t defeated. And Kaz, well she could get that win back over him. They both had their personal reasons for wanting to win this match and they didn’t take long at all to get right to it. Seth came out of his corner on fire, attacking Kaz quickly and effectively with rapid punches and kicks that left her no time to react to. After connecting with a solid right, Seth then stepped in beside her before lifting her into the air and slamming her to the mat with a side suplex. Climbing on top of Kaz, Seth unloaded with a series of lefts and rights, keeping her grounded as he went crazy with a ground and pound. Pulling her to her feet, Seth then lifted her up once more before dropping her across his knee with a backbreaker. Not letting her fall to the mat, Seth lifted her up as he raised to his feet. Turning her around, he then lifted her up and over, dropping her on her head with a German suplex. He went for an early pin, but came up short as Kaz refused to remain down longer than two seconds.
A few minutes went by as Seth remained in control of the match, at least until Kaz turned things around. Pulling Kaz’s head down with a side headlock, Seth almost took her down to the mat until Kaz countered and lifted him into the air, dropping him to his back with a supelx. Crawling over Seth, Kaz went on the attack, hitting him with multiple forearm strikes across the face. Pushing herself up, she howled into the air before hopping over him and jogging to the ropes. As she came back on the rebound, she jumped up and as she came down, she laid her leg across Seth’s throat, pinning his head to the mat as his feet shot straight into the air from the legdrop. She didn’t stop there, not by a long shot. Back on her feet, it was if we were watching a reply as she hit Seth with a second legdrop. Still not finished, she was on her feet once more. There were no replays this time. Bouncing off the ropes, she then flipped through the air before landing across Seth’s body with a senton. Rolling over, she hooked Seth’s leg but was only able to get a two count as Seth kicked out a split second after the officials hand slapped the mat. With the history between these two, it was going to take way more than a couple leg drops and a senton to finish someone off, or a German suplex for that matter. Now maybe if it was the infamous dropkick of doom it would be a different story, but it wasn’t.
Pulling Seth up from the mat, Kaz locked an arm around his head before running forward and dragging Seth along for the ride. Leaping forward, Kaz slammed Seth’s face into the canvas with a running bulldog. For the next few minutes in the match, Kaz would find herself in full control, slowly working away at Seth with various moves that combined really did a number on him. After a few clubs to Seth’s head, Kad then whipped him to the ropes behind her. As he came back, he fell into her arms where she then lifted him off his feet. Spinning Seth in mid air and going for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Kaz was taken completely off guard as Seth counted with a tilt-a-whirl DDT! It wasn’t enough to keep her down, but it was more than enough to allow Seth to get back on his feet to catch a second wind without worry of Kaz interrupting. Once semi-charged, Seth lifted her up from the mat and drove her backwards, slamming her into the corner. Climbing the corner over her, Seth then rained down with repeated punches to her head, one by one the crowd counting along until finally reaching ten. Stepping down, Seth then pulled her away from the corner before ducking down and wrapping her up. Lifting Kaz off her feet, Seth flipped her over to her back with a northern lights suplex, even bridging it with a pin! One… Two… Thr–NO! Just as the officials hand came within an inch of the mat, Kaz was able to kick out at the last possible split second, keeping the match alive.
Seth was beginning to show signs of irritation. Not letting her get to her feet, Seth stomped down onto her legs over and over before eventually pulling her up to her feet. Kicking her in the stomach and forcing her to buckle over, Seth the lifted her up and over, dropping her quickly to the mat with a snap suplex. Pushing himself up, he paced the ring, keeping his sights set on Kaz as she slowly came to her senses. As she stood while still bent over, Seth rushed in, hitting her over the back with a forearm club. He hit her again and again, but still couldn’t knock her back down. Swinging upward, Kaz went for his head, missing as she lunged forward. Ducking down, Seth stepped in behind her and planted his foot before pivoting. Kicking his other foot up, he went high as things seemed to turn to slow motion. Turning around to face him, Kaz had no idea what was coming straight for her head. The camera zoomed in to her face as her eyes lit up at the sight of Seth’s foot inching towards her. Things then went back to regular speed as Kaz ducked down and lifted Seth off his feet and onto her shoulders with a fireman’s carry. The crowd erupted as Kaz stoof tall and fluidly began spinning in place. In circles, she spun over and over as the noice level grew louder and louder. Eventually she let him go, allowing him to fall from her shoulders and crash to the mat from the airplane spin. Dizzy, Kaz howled for her fans in attendance and those watching as she stumbled to the ropes in front of her. Bouncing off, she stumbled closer and closer to Seth before leaping straight into the air and coming down with a double foot stomp onto his chest! After trampling Seth with The Dixie Stampede, Kaz made the cover and before you knew it, this one was over after a three count from the official.
WINNER: Kaz Bonham via Pinfall (15:56)

American Tommy is headed towards the curtain because his match is the next one up on the card. He has the Ignition Championship around his waist and for going against a man that is much larger than he is has a very confident look on his face. He gets there and looks around for something and gets angry because it’s obviously not there.
TOMMY: “God damn it! They knew I needed this year at this exact time! Doesn’t matter, I’ve proven that I can stand in that ring and get a victory against anybody they set forth night in and night out. Hell, I even caught a body since Kae has now rode off into the sunset and into the bowels of hell to CWC.”
Tommy looks into the camera.
TOMMY: “I’ve never been anymore ready than I am tonight, Jeb. Throw our little fairy jabs and anything else you want at me, but know that nothing you have said has had any effect on me. When I crush your championship momentum like I did with Laughlin you will have nobody else to blame but your own failed ambitions.”
Tommy’s face lights up when he looks off into a distance, but he turns his attention back to camera quickly.
TOMMY: “I’m the champion killer, mate. Hope you’ve enjoyed your ride outta Cosmo Cooper’s shadow for the short time you got it.”
Tommy turns his attention to people off screen.
TOMMY: “Perfect! I’ll call you for y’all in a bit!”
Best Song Ever is heard coming from the behind the curtain and American Tommy rolls his neck a few times before heading through the curtain.


With a championship on the line for the upcoming match, Jeb marched to the ring with a level of excitement we haven’t seen from him before. With a championship already around his waist, I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that he could be a double champion by the end of the night. But then again, knowing Jeb, there’s really no telling why he was excited. He waited in the ring, growing impatient as Tommy made his slow entrance, demanding to be called the right name as he typically does even though he isn’t Harry Potter. By the time Tommy made it inside of the ring, it was on. Attacking Tommy before he could stand, Jeb jumped him out of nowhere, like a new fish in the showers. Before the bell even rang, Jeb was on Tommy like stink on feet, something Tommy also has a very acquired taste for. Snatching the Ignition Championship away from Tommy, Jeb raised it high above his head before the official ripped it from his hands. This made Jeb angry, very angry as he cornered the official mouthing off at him and establishing a dominance through means of intimidation.
As soon as the bell rings, Tommy rolls himself out of the ring. He grabs a microphone from one of the crew members that is outside. With his patented cocky grin on his face, American Tommy begins to address Jeb Fisher who is still arguing at the official.
TOMMY: “Big Bad Jeb Fisher made it clear that I should be afraid of him, because he was in prison and he’s going to defeat me basically because of it. Laughlin thought the same thing and he looks tougher than you! You look like you’ve gone a bit soft and I’m not just talking about your gut! Boys! Bring it out!”
Jeb’s attention was now focused solely on Tommy. As American Tommy finishes off his little rant because the man doesn’t know how to shut the fuck up a few crew members start wheeling down a basketball hoop down to the ring much to Tommy’s pleasure. A man in a referee outfit follows as well. Jeb Fisher gets an amused grin on his face, if not one that reeked on pandering as he crossed his arms and cocked his head to the side. American Tommy tosses a microphone into the ring that bounces off Jeb’s chest. Jeb looks down and chuckles a little bit before reaching down and grabbing the microphone.
TOMMY: “Whatta say, mate? A little one on one? First to three!”
JEB: “Ponyboy you ain’t fuckin’ want none. Get that ass in the ring. ”
TOMMY: “Gordy wouldn’t turn this down. Did you see him make a fool of Wallace this weekend? CHECKED!”
JEB: “Prison Rules?”
TOMMY: “I don’t care about the fucking rules! You don’t stand a chance! I’ll show you how we do it here in the streets!”
Jeb gets a little frustrated, not really wanting to entertain Tommy’s theatrics, but he knows that Tommy isn’t going to do a damn thing before he appeases him. He slides out of the ring and looks Tommy up and down before blowing him a little kiss. Tommy seems unfazed even though Jeb is probably a good 5” taller than him and that pudgy mother fucker probably has a good 100 pounds on him. Ok, probably 50 pounds, but try telling that to Tommy.
JEB:”Bout to get this dick fairy boy, ain’t no fuckin’ little spell gonna’ help you here.”
Jeb lowers his microphone down to the ground and Tommy doesn’t like a word that he just said as he’s in front of Jeb with a scrunched up face and just shaking his head. Tommy tries to palm the ball from the ground and it’s just not working. Jeb bends down and easily palms it and smiles at American Tommy who is pissed.
Tommy sets the microphone down and motions for Jeb to bring it and Jeb just does that. The referee blows his whistle to start it off. Jeb starts dribbling and pretty much runs right through Tommy. Tommy is sent to the deck and Jeb Fisher gets an easy basket. Tommy scampers back to the microphone and begins talking from a seated position as Jeb make his way back to the starting position.
Jeb shakes his head at Tommy and bends down to get his microphone.
TOMMY: “WHAT THE FUCK! Fine! Let’s go again!”
Tommy aggressively puts the microphone down to the ground as he gets up and stands in front of Jeb to guard him. Jeb puts his microphone down smiling. The referee blows his whistle to start point #2. Jeb starts to dribble and turns his back towards Tommy. Tommy pushes Jeb a little bit, but it doesn’t do much. Jeb keeps backing Tommy down closer to the hoop until he spins around and catches Tommy in the face with an elbow that looked completely intentional. Tommy falls to the ground and Jeb looks down at Tommy smiling before putting the basketball through the hoop. Tommy again scampers to the microphone.
Jeb raises his hands up acknowledging that he may have went a bit overboard and tosses the ball to Tommy who is still sitting on the ground. Tommy’s face lights up and looks at Jeb Fisher and smiles.
TOMMY: “You just made a big mistake you stupid prison bitch!”
American Tommy hops up and stands in front of Jeb Fisher and the referee blows the whistle. Tommy starts dribbling and actually is able to crossover Jeb. Jeb stumbles a bit and Tommy has a clear patch to the hoop. Tommy takes off running and there isn’t anything Jeb could do so he just stands there. Tommy, not satisfied with just making the basket, jumps up for a slam dunk. Sadly, Tommy don’t got the hops of a basketball player and he jumps himself straight into the pole of the basketball hoop and crumples to the ground while Jeb is laughing in the background. Not being an idiot, Jeb grabs American Tommy and puts him on his shoulders and throws him into the ring. Jeb walks the steps and to the ropes to get into the ring just as Tommy gets to his feet and is shaking the cobwebs outta his head. He looks at Fisher and smiles.
TOMMY: “I told you I’d beat you in basketball!”
Jeb just stares at Tommy, because it’s obvious he didn’t win, but whatever. Maybe Tommy’s brain is starting to resemble that of a Bryan Williams? Who knows? Jeb shakes it off though and walks towards Tommy to lock up so they can actually start this match. Pulling himself away from Jeb, Tommy back stepped quickly. Jeb then lunged at him, only to miss as Tommy side stepped him. Jeb however then collided into the official. It wasn’t like the official did anything wrong, but Jeb was determined to blame the official for this mishap. Belittling the official, Jeb argued in his face, more than like dropping a could words that would get someone suspended on social media. As this went on, Tommy had an idea. Sneaking in behind Jeb, Tommy caught him by surprise as he ended Jeb’s conversation with the official by pulling him down to the canvas with a rollup. The official dropped to the mat with the count, only slapping the mat two times before Jeb overpowered Tommy and kicked out.
Back on his feet, Jeb was even more angry as he now set his sights on Tommy, giving him his undivided attention. Lunging forward at Tommy, Jeb swung for his head but came up empty handed as Tommy ducked down and countered with a jab to the stomach using his elbow. Lifting Jeb off his feet, Tommy dropped him with an inverted atomic drop, sending him falling backwards into the ropes close by. As Jeb bounced off and fell forward into Tommy’s arms, Tommy lifted him up and over, throwing him to his back with a hip toss! It was the YoYo Toss Salad and after serving a prison sentence, tossing salad was the last thing on Jeb’s mind. Going for the pin, Tommy made the cover but was only able to score a one count before Jeb bench pressed him and threw him off to the side. The two raced to their feet, Jeb actually standing to his first. As he went to grab Tommy, Tommy wrapped one of Jeb’s legs up, lifting him into the air and up onto his shoulders. Spinning in place, it was if we had just seen this move finish off someone not too long ago, but here it was again. Only getting two full revolutions, Tommy couldn’t keep a hold on Jeb as Jeb slipped out of his hands and dropped to his feet behind Tommy. As Tommy turned to face him, Jeb swung with a right hook, aiming to take off Tommy’s head. Swing and a miss! Ducking at the last possible moment, Tommy rammed his shoulder forward, planting it into Jeb’s midsection. Popping straight up, Tommy grabs Jeb and pulled him in, lifting him off his feet and flipping him over to his back with another hip toss! The YoYo Toss Salad was a success for the second time, and still the last thing on Jeb’s mind after serving a bid. One… Tw–KICKOUT! Jeb ended the count after a kickout, leaving Tommy in a world of displeasure as he shot to his feet and immediately cornered the official, arguing the speed of the count as if he were cheated. He wasn’t cheated of course, but that didn’t matter. Tommy was going to argue until he was blue in the face.
As Tommy argued with the official, Jeb slowly rose to his feet. Shaking his head in displeasure as he watched Tommy argue with the official from behind, Jeb decided to make his move. Sneaking in behind Tommy, Jeb hit him in the back of the knee with a dropkick, forcing Tommy’s leg to give out from under him as he dropped to that same knee and fell forward into the ropes. Back on his feet, Jeb then went on a full on assault as Tommy laid across the middle rope. Jerking him up from the ropes, Jeb dragged Tommy to the center of the ring where he then pulled Tommy’s head down, holding it in place as he began to pop his leg up, ramming Tommy in the face with multiple knees one after the other until knocking Tommy senseless. Spinning Tommy around, Jeb then locked in a full nelson. Using all of his strength, Leg lifted Tommy up, taking his feet off the mat by inches before running towards and corner and slamming Tommy against the turnbuckle chest first. With both hands behind Tommy’s head, Jeb then began to slam his head down, smashing Tommy’s face onto the turnbuckle over and over. Taking a few steps back and pulling Tommy away from the corner, Jeb then spun his body around, dragging Tommy before releasing him and launching him into the air. Hitting the mat on his side, Tommy rolled over and up to an upright seated position. Running in behind him, Jeb connected with a running big boot to the back of Tommy’s head, knocking him forward and face down onto the mat right between his spread legs. Kneeling down beside Tommy, Jeb placed both hands on the back of Tommy’s head before pressing it down, dragging Tommy’s face back and forth across the canvas with a face smear. After a few moments of Tommy squealing like a pig, Jeb then lifted his head up as far as he could without standing before slamming it back down and driving Tommy’s face even further into the mat. Rolling Tommy over to his back, Jeb then went to end it all as the official dropped in beside them with the count. One… Two… Thr–ABRACADABRA! And just like magic, Tommy somehow was able to slow down time, allowing himself to kickout just before the three. Maybe it wasn’t magic, but who are we to take away the one thing Tommy believes in with all of his little heart.
Shocked, Jeb pushed himself up to his knees and just stared down at Tommy for a few moments. The fish in prison might go down that easy but Tommy isn’t going down as easy. He’s a gentlemen, you have to at least take him out for dinner first. Pulling Tommy to his feet, Jeb held him by the head with both hands as he leaned in closer to Tommy. Staring straight into Tommy’s eyes, Jeb began mouthing off. We couldn’t hear what was being said, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Jeb called Tommy a faggot or at least something to that nature. throwing his hand in Jeb’s face, Tommy began wiggling his fingers as he shouted a few words that sounded like gibberish. Although the official didn’t see it, the camera did as one of Tommy’s fingers found its way into Jeb’s eye. Jerking his head back and take a step backwards, Jeb tripped over his own feet and fell backwards to the mat. Amazed at the sight, Tommy jumped with glee as he thought he had just casted a spell onto Jeb, and he didn’t even need his wand! Pulling it out from between his waistband for good measure, Tommy then began twirling it in Jeb’s direction, shouting nonsense once again and casting what he believed to be a spell. Back to his feet with one eye closed and the other locked on Tommy, Jeb looked at him momentarily before cocking his head to the side and mouthing to himself “what the fuck.” If causing Jeb to be confused was the spell then it was successful but the effects didn’t last for long. Snapping out of it, Jeb stepped up to Tommy and snatched the wand from his hand and with both hands, Jeb snapped it in half. Tommy was outraged as he stomped his feet at the sight of Jeb now holding both halves of the wand. Dropping the pieces to the mat, Jeb then lunged at Tommy with a right punch but found himself being lifted off his feet as Tommy flipped him to his back with a third hip toss! This was now the third time that Jeb has been served YoYo Toss Salad for dinner, and still the last thing Jeb wanted on his mind after you know, prison and all that jazz. Tommy seemed more pleased with this last hip toss, even appearing to be more confident as he nonchalantly laid over Jeb for the pin. One… Two… DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Jeb broke up the pin.
“WHAT?!” Tommy screamed as he shot his head up and locked eyes with the official. Exploding to his feet, Tommy began shouting at the official, calling the official all sorts of names, and even making silly faces at the official. Standing his ground, the official justified his count which only resulted in Tommy growing more and more angry until throwing a temper tantrum. Turning to look and point at Jeb, Tommy continued arguing with the official that he’s still down and that was indeed a three count. Tommy then waved the official off and rushed over to Jeb, kicking him on the side of the thigh. Pulling Jeb to his feet, Tommy stuck his tongue out at him before pulling him in and going for a fourth hip toss. Before Tommy could lift Jeb off his feet, Jeb wrapped him up and lifted Tommy into the air, dropping him directly on top of his head with a suplex. Jeb wasn’t finished by a long shot. He stood tall and lifted Tommy up from the mat. Holding Tommy in place, Jeb shouted as loudly as he could into Tommy’s face, probably calling him a faggot at least three times before taking a breath. Jeb then turned Tommy around and locked him in another full nelson. Dragging Tommy over to the corner, Jeb then slammed Tommy’s head down onto the turnbuckle at least six times before pulling him away and leveling him with a full nelson bomb. It was the Soap Drop and if these two were in a shower together, well you get the picture because Jeb was in prison not to long ago as I’m sure you are aware of. Slapping himself in the head over and over, Jeb then pulled Tommy’s lifeless body up from the mat and then his head between his legs. Wrapping both arms around Tommy’s midsection, Jeb then lifted him upside down before jumping up and dropping Tommy straight on the top of his head with a piledriver. There wasn’t a magic spell in the book that could prevent the lingering effects of Jeb’s Abandon All Hope. Making the cover, Jeb counted along with the official with the one, the two, and the three! If Tommy was awake right now he would be proud, Jeb finally learned how to count.
WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (18:22)
“Seven Enemies” by Hatebreed hit the speakers as Jeb erupted to his feet. After grabbing his half of the Tag team Championships, Jeb was greeted in the ring by the official who presented him with the Ignition Championship. With both belts, one in each hand, Jeb lifted them high above his head, seizing the biggest moment in his career as he had just became a double champion. As Jeb celebrated, the team at the booth went down the events of tonight before the show finally came to an end.
Rolling the credits.
The End.
See you in two weeks.