I got some pipin’ hot tea I’m needing to spill because just got the news that something went down and even though investigation is still ongoing, I can tell y’all what I know so far. It’s been reported that officers were called to the vacation home of Cyrus and Elena Riddle concerning their child and before y’all jump to conclusions about DV, that definitely ain’t the case here. According to what I learned, their daughter had a red balloon tied around her wrist and when asked where did she receive it and from whom, she only would say that she was given the balloon by her friend in the garden.
No names were dropped about who that ‘friend’ could be and it’s been reported that Cyrus is enraged about it all and forced his wife to leave the premises for what we can all suspect to be for safety reasons. As we all know, Cyrus is part of the controversial Crooked Kingdom that first surfaced at Retrograde as the team had a hand in attacking Bronx Valescence and Anastasia Hayden after their high profile 4CW Championship match. Ever since their formation, the faction has left a bad taste in numerous people’s mouths so to say it might be difficult to figure out who was behind this incident earlier tonight at their vacation residence is clearly an understatement.