Round three of the South Beach Brawl Cup was held at Adrenaline E83, live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. With four people left in the tournament that originally consisted of sixteen people, two tournament matches were on the books for late in the evening. In the headline match, Andre Holmes and Dakota Smith competed in one of two tournament matches. In the other tournament match, we saw Chris Madison versus Bronx Valescence for the 4CW Championship in the main event. Which two gentlemen received their ticket to South Beach Brawl to compete in the final round of the tournament? Showing a decrease in ratings compared to E82’s 3,180,000, Adrenaline E83 brought in a total of 2,600,000 viewers worldwide. Not only was this a big drop compared to E82, but Adrenaline E83 also brought in less viewers than Octane E18’s 2,620,000 which aired less than a week prior.
Adrenaline E83