OCTANE E19 (145)


The picture opens inside of the Orange County Convention Center where we find ourselves tonight for the nineteenth episode of Octane, live from Orlando Florida! It isn’t sold out by any means, but for an Octane event it’s a bit crowded. The camera pans the crowd, zooming into the various signs held by those in attendance.
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Same thing, week in and week out. I hear changes are on the horizon, too bad we wont be seeing any tonight but look on the bright side. We have a full lineup tonight to keep you all on the edge of your seats. So let’s move on, shall we?

We fade in, a smile on the face of Cosmo Cooper as he opens his arms up and poses with the 4CW Tag Team Championship.
COOPER: ”There’s a lot of question marks coming into tonight. With so many people, like… exiting Octane. Who is going to step up and be the faces of the brand. If Jimmy did one thing, I think he called upon me to do exactly that. I think he called upon me to anchor this brand. That’s why he called me to be in the War Games match—and by the way Jeb and I one of the few people still standing from that match. I want to take the lead that I was given. I want to climb to the top… even though I think as of right now? The 4CW Tag Team Championships are the most prestigious belts in all of 4CW.“
Cosmo winked.
COOPER: ”As for these tag titles? I’m steamed we aren’t defending ‘em at South Beach Brawl. Like, dude. I get it. There’s not many tag teams, but if you want Jeb and I to go out there and beat the hell out of each other AGAIN for the belts? Then I’m willing to do it. That’s how much they mean to me. That’s how much they mean to Jeb. I know WorldStar or Crooked Kingdom are coming. I know they want these belts—but I’ve yet to see them make a move. We’ll be waiting for them when they do.“
Cooper shifted the belt.
COOPER: ”As for tonight? QT Reese. It could be one of the most defining losses in my career. When I lost to Kaz and QT I could shake it off because Kaz was on the other side—but I couldn’t shake off taking a loss to QT. And if I lose here tonight? I’ll have some serious doubts on whether I can get this done in Octane. But what I will do? I’ll dust myself off. I’ll get back up. And I’ll begin the climb again. Because that’s how Cosmo Cooper deals with failure. That’s how I deal with adversity… I’m leaning about this wrestling business as I go. I jumped in head first. There’s bound to be trouble along the way… I just hope I’ve already had that trouble… and I’m moving past it.“
He began to walk off.
COOPER: ”Ten minutes. Ten minutes of my very best.“



Cosmo powers through QT, using his fancy footwork to attack QT from sides he never expected while QT used HIS fancy footwork to try to avoid Cosmo alot but it proved to be impossible because Cosmo was impossible. He was like a beast and the ring was his cave, once you were trapped inside it was most likely a wrap. QT was getting his shots in though and using his peripheral to always see where the ref was so that he could go for those lows, staying true to himself with pulling out any and every stop to try to get the upper. Those open hand chops that Cosmo was putting to QT seemed to cause QT to open his eyes wider whenever a chop struck, giving a deer caught in the headlights a run for its money as QT reached out and once his fingers touched his nipples, Cosmo was taking a step back and shaking his head that QT was really trying to stoop that low to titty twisters.
Our lord and barefoot savior wasn’t bothered though as he charges forward but QT quickly sidesteps and wraps his arm around Cosmo’s neck to pull him in quickly and closely to give him a noogie before Cosmo shoves him backwards. He had already grew tired of this and while QT was adjusting his trunks, Cosmo is on the move and headbutts him so hard that I bet QT did see waffles floating about and singing around his head as he went down hard on the mat. Cosmo immediately goes for QT’s right arm like a shark smelling blood in the ocean and locks in that cross arm breaker tightly, daring to continue applying pressure until he finally realizes him. QT wanted to tap so badly but his free arm had actually fallen asleep and while he was trying to wake it up by shaking it out, he was swinging his other arm wildly at Cosmo, showing that he would continue to fight on regardless until the speedy Cosmo attacked with a swinging neckbreaker and instantly went for the cover, getting the three and the first fall of the night.

That first win Cosmo had over QT seemed to fire him up in a way that QT threw his little tantrum as soon as he made it onto his feet and then raised his fists, baiting Cosmo to come closer as he told Cosmo to put them up. Cosmo showed pure amusement as he put his fists up and the two circled around for a few seconds before QT rushed forward and tried to low blow Cosmo but he had predicted that might happen as he stepped back and swung, catching QT in the ear. QT didn’t seem to like that Cosmo had turned their ‘fist fight’ into a slap box as he went back to avoiding Cosmo until he ended up elbowing him in the face and jumping high into the air, wrapping those legs around his neck to take him down with a hurricanrana. Proud of what he had done, QT dares to try to stomp on Cosmo’s fingers as he’s getting up from the mat and misses them by a half an inch.
He does, however, shove Cosmos head down and knees him in the side of the head before retreating over to the closest turnbuckle as if Cosmo was about to Hulk out and obliterate him or something. Cosmo is on his feet and quickly right back off of them as a desperate QT leaps off the turnbuckle to attack with a missile dropkick. The fans were pissed off and showing their outrage in chants and yells as QT didn’t seem fazed by the Corners Four audience and continued trying to stay with the upper hand for what he hoped the rest of the match. QT felt he had this in the bag, he would score a pinfall on Cosmo but quickly realized that would put them at a tie so he planned to go for two falls. It was probably not such a great idea to be thinking this hard while trying to attack Cosmo because he definitely wasn’t ready for when Cosmo attacked, QT acting as if Crater Maker killed him as Cosmo goes for the cover and gains the three count, putting Cosmo 2 to QT’s zilch.

QT begin to fight as if there were a few seconds on the clock, attacking Cosmo wildly before finally getting lucky with a discus punch. QT manages to get Cosmo backed into the corner and begins throwing a fury of punches at him before going for knee strikes to the midsection and of course, trying to bang his head against the ring post as he thinks he has a good thing going for a bit with switching of the attacking strategy until Cosmo grabs a hold of QT and switches their positions when he throws QT into the turnbuckle. He shows him how its done as those chops land and QT’s body definitely aren’t forgiving to them as a cameraman, who is petty as hell, zooms in on QT’s face to catch the distorted expression on his face everytime those chops land. QT manages to elbow Cosmo in the face and then knees him in the stomach for good measure to get him away from him and has to knee him a few times for Cosmo to finally back up. Once Cosmo is at bay, QT turns to look at the cameraman who had gotten closer to zoom in on him and had also laughed, flicking him off before turning his focus back on Cosmo. He really wanted some pinfalls and everytime he got Cosmo on the mat, even for something as little as tripping him, QT would immediately go for the pin but would get nothing but Cosmo kicking out before the referee got to one each and everytime he tried to pin him. He was growing frustrated and another tantrum was on the horizon as QT is pulling Cosmo onto his feet when Cosmo quickly attacks, going for a belly to belly overhead suplex when QT doesn’t move fast enough. Cosmo takes two steps towards QT when suddenly the timer runs out and the bell is rang, calling for the end of the match with Cosmo as the victor!

WINNER: Cosmo Cooper

The feed cuts immediately to the backstage area where there is what appears to be some sort of dressing area set up. To the right of the frame is a television monitor on a short delay just now playing what is the end of the Ten Minutes of Mayhem match between QT Reese and Cosmo Cooper. To the left, a short, slender, silver-haired girl faces a mirror. She appears to be fixing her makeup, tracing her lips with a deep cherry red stick, and dabbing her cheeks and forehead with some sort of powdery foundation. As she is applying mascara to her eyelashes, she looks up into the mirror to see another female standing behind her. The camera pans over to see Octane interviewer Tiphany Banks, her arms folded across her chest and a microphone clutched in her right hand.
BANKS: ”Well hello there Missy. Mind if I get a few words with you?”
GIRL: ”Sure thing. Just give me oonnee second… okay?”
The young woman glances over at the monitor to check the result. She turns back to the mirror to finish up her lashes. After a brief inspection of her work, she nods her head and stuffs all of the makeup into her handbag. She then spins on her toes to face Tiphany, noticing immediately that there is a camera present, which changes her demeanor slightly, her smiling lips straighten out into a more serious look.
GIRL: ”Alright, shoot.”
BANKS: ”Well firstly, my name is Tiphany Banks…”
GIRL: ”Magdalena… Magdalena Lockheart.”
The two women shake hands.
BANKS: ”It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
LOCKHEART: ”Likewise Miss Banks.”
BANKS: ”I was hoping that I could ask you a couple of questions real quick. I promise that I won’t take up much of your time. But I heard rumors that there would be some new recruits showing up here on Octane, and I was just wondering if you may be one of those signees…”
LOCKHEART: ”Guilty.”
BANKS: ”Oh, so that’s why you’re here. I see. You… must have been checking up on the competition then.”
LOCKHEART: ”Yeah, uhh. That’s true. Hah. You caught me checking out Q-T and uhh, what was it? Cooper? Yeah, the action is really intense here. I like it. I like what I see already.”
BANKS: ”Is it true that you’re coming over from another promotion?”
LOCKHEART: ”I guess you could say that, yeah.”
BANKS: ”…and you were a champion there?”
LOCKHEART: ”Yeahhhh. But- Miss Banks is it? I’m not coming into 4CW with my eyes on the past. That’s not me… That’s not my style. I am here tonight to put a really close eye on the competition but when I make my debut soon I know that no one is going to give a damn about my past. I want to come into 4CW as anyone else would. I’m looking to pay my dues and climb the ladder the right way. Octane is filled with some of the world’s best talent in the fighting industry and honestly I’m looking forward to the challenge.”
BANKS: ”That is a good way of looking at it. What did you think of the Ten Minutes of Mayhem?”
LOCKHEART: ”It was good. Solid. I’ve got to give those two credit. It was… Interesting. But if you think that was something, you just wait until you see me get out there and mix it up. Just remember one thing Miss Banks… Looks can be deceiving. So if the new management is looking for the spark that Octane needs, then they need not look any further. I plan on going out there next week, next show, whatever, and showing them what the Future of the wrestling industry looks like. The best things do come in the tiniest of packages…”
BANKS: ”I see.”
LOCKHEART: ”I may more look like a lover, but I promise you I can fight. I guess you’re just going to have to wait and see. But when the time comes and the fans out there are on the edge of their seats, I only have one thing to say to you. Look at what you made me do.”
BANKS: ”Well, I must say Magdalena that I for one am excited to see what you have to bring to the table here in the near future. Thank you so much, and now we’ll send it back to the guys at ringside. Guys…”


An iffy start to the match with there being no controller of the match at first given that these two kept one upping each other right after the other. Bristol relied heavily on her speed while DeMarcus stuck to his ring smarts and move calculating, making sure each timing was precise and no where near sloppy. DeMarcus was rising from the mat and getting himself together after Bristol’s mushroom stomp, still feeling where she had planted her feet into his back when she had came down on him hard. Bristol rushes him and DeMarcus stops her and leans forward to stop her with a shoulder block that has her falling down to the mat and the 4CW audience booing him intensely. Although the 4CW universe weren’t fans of Bristol, there certainly wasn’t any love lost either when it came to DeMarcus. DeMarcus brushes his shoulder rather arrogantly as his smirks down at his opponent while watching her slowly begin to get onto her feet. He reaches for her but she quickly takes a step back out of his reach while glaring at him, sweeping her hair out of her face and stepping to the side while keeping her eyes locked onto him. DeMarcus steps towards her but Bristol doesn’t flinch back, no fear in her eyes as DeMarcus smiles with amusement but still far from being impressed. They move around the ring for a few seconds before finally clashing, both fighting to try to gain the upper hand as Bristol gains it with a snapdown takedown.
But as quickly as she was in the lead, it had been taken away from a sudden rough spear by DeMarcus that had him pinning her instead up rising. The referee’s hand slaps the mat only twice before Bristol is kicking out, breathing heavily as if DeMarcus had knocked all of the oxygen out of her body. DeMarcus had thought the spear would be enough to do the trick with him having a much smaller opponent for the night but Bristol proves that she has enough energy in her to keep fighting on. DeMarcus pulls Bristol onto her feet and when she tries to struggle and escape out of his grasp, DeMarcus lifts a knee and drives it into her abdomen to get her to settle down as the audience booes him heavily next when he goes for a backbreaker. Bristol yelps out in pain and ends up rolling away so that she can get away from her opponent and get onto her feet while DeMarcus marches towards her and grabs her by the arm to pull her close to him. If Jay was watching right now then he might suspect it might be getting messy at this point with the intensity in DeMarcus’ eyes and the way he’s so motivated with breaking Bristol for a win tonight. DeMarcus didn’t seem to mind the booes from the audience because people usually disapproved against the people they simply didn’t understand so DeMarcus decided the only thing they would comprehend were the wins he would soon enough begin stacking up around here.
DeMarcus began his planned dismantling of Bristol, taking her to town with fisherman neckbreaker and putting her down with a back suplex side slam that rocked the ring and had DeMarcus lowering himself down for a pin but caught an elbow in the face by Bristol and then caught another one as she threw bows to the face as her form of defense to fight DeMarcus off of her. DeMarcus rises and he quickly meets the mat again from a Round T’Corner out of nowhere! Bristol goes for the pin but DeMarcus kicks out right before the referee could make it to one which causes Bristol to frown but she understood that she had to bring DeMarcus down even harder if she was expecting to get a successful three count over him. She stands to her feet and begins dusting her hands over DeMarcus’ body before walking away to climb up the turnbuckle. But DeMarcus is quickly on his feet and rushing towards her to toss her off the turnbuckle and then has the nerve to smirk while he watches her body hit the mat. He pulls her to her feet and catches an assortment of slaps and punches to the face as she fights back to the point DeMarcus actually grabs ahold of her and gives her a nice shake before going for The Enlightenment, slowly going for the cover as if he knows she’s not going to kick out this time anyways. The referee starts the count and DeMarcus gets the one, two, three to pick up his first win in the Corners Four.
WINNER: DeMarcus Gresham via Pinfall (8:32)

Gabriel Hartman, who looks as if he has been sleeping outside the arena walks up to Jeb Fisher in the parking lot. Jeb has his tag-team championship strapped to the bar of his luggage, that he is dragging behind him. And his Ignition championship is proudly displayed upon his right shoulder. As Hartman approaches the champion, who is dressed in a white wife beater and blue jeans – Jeb repositons his belt making sure the camera gets a good angle at it.
As soon as the word “Jebediah” Exits Hartman’s lips Jeb gets a little tense, stopping in his track and turning to Gabriel. He grabs him by the collar of the shirt and pull him in close.
FISHER: “Is your name fucking Bob? No? Then don’t you dare call me fucking Jebediah!”
Jeb lets go of Hartman, he wipes off his shirt a little bit – trying to make him look presentable after the manhandling he just put him through.
FISHER: “Now… What the fuck did you want?”
HARTMAN: “I was just wondering, as Octane’s Ignition champion if you had any words, or messages for the rest of the roster. ”
The bigger of the two men laugh, Jeb was cocky in his laughter, making sure that the camera caught the glare off his golden teeth as he brought the championship from his shoulder to his hand. He held the belt up to the camera, as if toying with someone to come and get it. After another laugh, the shit-eating grin that we all have come to loathe from Jeb smears across his face.
FISHER: “Words for the roster? Now what do I look like? The boastful champ? American Tommy? Always wanting to camera of him with his little jokes and shenanigans? Nawh, that isn’t me. I don’t need to to put the roster on notice, becauce each and every one of them know, that if I wanted to? I’d have them face down in the pillow thinking’ of their mommys! While I dominate that ass. I’m Jeb fuckin’ Fisher. Tag-Team Champion, one half of Battle Born and your Ignition champion! If these faggots wnt to try me? They feelin’ froggy? Well jump on the lilypad motherfucker!”
Jeb makes a boastful motion as Gabriel tries to compose himself.
HARTMAN: “Well you’re facing Jay Mora for that Ignition championship tonight, any word on him? ”
You could already tell Jeb was getting tired of this interview as he started to walk towards the doors on the arena as he talked.
FISHER: “Jay is a pussy, a little bitch who for some reason keeps getting booked. He doesn’t have the drive, or the mental fortitude to hold this belt. Defend it every week? That bitch ass fish would clam up on day two! He’s a joke of a wrestler, jsut some rich dude who owned a bunch of gyms and thought he could hang with the talent. Well heads up Jay, you’ll be lucky if you walk out of our match.”
Jeb pushes the doors open to the arena and Gabriel tries to follow him, but is stopped by the extended arm of our Ignition champion.
FISHER: “You know where Santana is?”
HARTMAN: “Ummm.. No?”
FISHER: “Then you are fucking useless!”
Jeb grabs ahold of Gabe’s face and pushes back, out of the door frame. The camera slowly fades away into the next scene with Jeb walking down the hallway.


The Corners Four audience was pretty sure that Trish was seeing Carrie White’s mother from how hard Adaya’s elbow had slammed into Trish’s face from that handspring back elbow but Trish shook it off and kept pushing forward as she hadn’t allowed any of Adaya’s attacks slow her down since the match had started earlier, instead using every successful move that Adaya made against her as motivation to bounce back even harder. Trish vowed that as soon as she got the upper in the match, Adaya was gonna feel it but that time just didnt seem to be right now as Adaya kept giving it to her so good that Trish was beginning to lose her footing from catching them hands so hard. Trish put her hands up and tries to block the punches in which Adaya ended up catching her in the side of her head with a high kick that had Trish dropping her hand and catching a foot to the face that forced her a few steps back before she fell into a seated position. The smirk on Adaya’s face say it all as some men in the audience begin to catcall for her, fantasizing about the latina in their heads and definitely popping a boner seeing her handle business inside of the ring. Trish ends up getting onto her feet and strong arming Adaya though, trying to handle her like a rag doll before serving a few backhand chops before she catches a roundhouse kick by Adaya. Refusing to allow the kicks to force her back, Trish has a hold on Adaya’s wrist and ends up shoving her backwards to avoid anymore flying kicks. Rushing forward, Trish attacks with a headscissors to send them both to the mat and Trish is quicker with getting back onto her feet.
The commentators are split on the match as they look on and call it, Vassa making a few remarks about Adaya’s looks and of course putting her up while trashing Trish while Johnson somewhat defends Trish against his partner. The camera cuts back to the ring from the pair just in time to catch Adaya in the middle of a float over DDT to Trish and then once Trish gets the upper for a moment and hoists Adaya up, Adaya counters with a hurricanrana and lays a few elbow drops on Trish since anytime Adaya tries to go for a submission, Trish will quickly scoot back from her reach. Trish finally makes it back onto her feet and the two women throw punches until Adaya rushes her and Trish dodges out of the way but quickly makes a grab for Adaya for a double knee backbreaker that gives Trish the confidence that it could be over right now. She tries her luck with going for the cover and gets a one count before Adaya pops a shoulder up. That doesn’t get Trish down though as she rises to her feet and turns her attention to the fans, extending her arms into the air as they cheer her and send her those positive vibes to help boost her motivation and the support really does hype Trish up a bit. Trish turns around and…. AGGRAVATED ASSAULT OUT OF NOWHERE! Down goes Frazier and there’s Adaya with the pin as Trish kicks out a second before the referee could get to three. Vassa remarks how that was such a close call and seems a bit agitated that Adaya didn’t get the three and of course does one of this favorite things which was comment on thinking that the referee counted ‘too slow’.
Johnson puts him in check before returning to calling the match as Adaya is working Trish against the ropes before irish whipping her into the other set of ropes and waits until Trish’s back hits the ropes before Adaya sprints forward and leaps with a headscissors takedown. Glancing down at her opponent, Adaya rolls her eyes before reaching to grab Trish’s wrist in which Trish jerks her arm away. So Adaya shrugs her shoulders and instead grabs a fistful of Trish’s hair to pull her up and get her steady on her feet while the audience stomps their feet with trying to send positivity Trish’s way but it doesn’t seem to take once once Adaya is able to go for a gutwrench suplex and has Trish making a friend with the mat once more. The Trish fans were worried as they watched Adaya continue handling Trish in the ring until Trish was able to counter one of Adaya’s high kicks, grabbing onto her leg and holding onto it before using it to shove Adaya back and didn’t take a step forward until Adaya hit the mat. And that’s when she took that opportunity to go for Adaya, knowing she had to be quick as Vassa begins cursing as soon as Trish gets No Regret good and locked in. Vassa has confidence that Adaya will tap out as Adaya fights through it for a while until she has no choice but to tap.
WINNER: Trish Newborn via Submission (9:57)

Octane’s focus returns to the ring where we see Tornado Desencadenado. He’s not dressed to compete, as his scheduled match with Craig Anderson has been postponed due to a travelling issue. Instead he has on a tee shirt bearing the show’s logo and a pair of jeans. Taking up the microphone a stagehand gives him, he begins to speak.
DESENCADENADO: “I was told that I’d have a surprise waiting for me if I came out here tonight. I was also told I didn’t need my gear, which makes me think the surprise isn’t what I hoped it would be: that Alessandro Quagliettere has taken me up on my offer to settle our differences in the ring here tonight.”
The fans boo slightly when they realize what they might have been able to see tonight. TD nods in agreement.
DESENCADENADO: “I’m with you guys. There is nothing I’d like more than to have a match with Alessandro, and not just because he headbutted me at the last Octane. I’d like to face him because he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world, and to fight him, and beat him here in Orlando, Florida-”
Cue cheap pop for referring to the hometown.
DESENCADENADO: “-would be a great way to start my weekend! But it looks like that’s not the case. So, whoever is coordinating this, why don’t you go ahead and tell us what you got for me. What’s the big surprise?”
A voice comes from the direction of the big screen
? ? ?: “Hello Muppetman”
It was Alessandro Quagliaterre. The sight of him on screen results in a wave of jeers for the Adrenaline superstar.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Sorry… that was rude of me Tornado… let’s try that again…”
He clears his throat
QUAGLIATERRE: “Hola Senor Desencadenado! You doing good? Of course you’re doing good? How am I doing? Not so good.”
He grimaced.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Last Adrenaline. You blindsided me with a vicious roundhouse kick that dropped me like a stone. I can still feel your boot on the side of my head. It imprinted hard.”
Tornado attempted to speak, but Alessandro did not let him get in a word edgeway.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Now… I don’t know what messages you got told. Or who has been feeding you information. But there seems to be a misunderstanding. Contrary to popular belief… I am indeed here tonight in Florida. And even better for you. I am here to COMPETE”
A commotion grew within the Orlando crowd. Was it really true, was Alessandro somewhere backstage at Octane?
QUAGLIATERRE: “Would Orlando like to see Alessandro Quagliaterre versus Tornado Desencadenado ?!? Are you ready for that? Because I sure as hell am ready. Right here. Right now. How about it?”
The crowd cheer going nuts. They want to see an impromptu match after Tornado’s scheduled match got cancelled due to Craig Anderson unable to get a flight out of Britain. Alessandro was hyped, while Tornado remained still. Sensing something fishy about Alessandro’s surroundings, Tornado’s suspicions were confirmed when a sound of a toddler gurgling behind Alessandro was clearly audible. Alessandro instantly gets redfaced with embarassment. As that would indicate that he is not in the building as he just claimed.
QUAGLIATERRE: “AJ! I know the sight of Tornado Desencadenado’s ugly face makes you want to bawl out. You’ve been such a good sport… Don’t worry Daddy will be finished soon and then it will be all better. Okay SON!”
In the middle of his conversation with comforting his child, he was then interrupted by two young eight year old girls who looked exactly alike.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Cheri! Celina! You’re going to blow my cover here. Whatever it is that you want, the answer is Yes!”
It was his twin daughters. Which strongly indicates that Alessandro is nowhere near Orlando for Octane, but merely appearing live via satellite from his home.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Say your prayers Tornado. I’m coming out to end you.”
Tornado was not stupid, and called Alessandro out on his bluff.
DESENCADENADO: “Is this some sort of hoax? You’re not here tonight.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Oh Yeah??? How can you be so sure?”
DESENCADENADO: “You literally just talked to your kids. On air.”
Alessandro dropped the charade of pretending to be at the arena.
QUAGLIATERRE: “No one likes a tattletale Tornado. Don’t be a sour puss.”
He then came clean.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Kudos for calling my bluff. You’re absolutely right… I am not in Orlando. That city is a dump.”
This generated a large negative response from the Octane audience.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I may not be there. But a few of my friends are. Tornado now would be a good time to turn around.”
Tornado turned to look what was behind him, and as he turned around he was greeted by a pack of police officers.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Now I told you Tornado. After you attacked me on Adrenaline in a heinous, despicable and unprovoked attack. I warned you that repercussions were to be had. But you ignored me. Now you can ignore me. But you cannot ignore the law. These fine men of the law, have something they would like to tell you.”
The police officers then began reciting the MIRANDA RIGHTS to Tornado Desencadenado, as he was UNDER ARREST for assaulting Alessandro Quagliaterre at Adrenaline 83. To his credit Tornado did not resist arrest, and was very amicable and respectful of the police officers doing their job. The crowd started a loud bullshit chant at what they were seeing, and everytime Alessandro appeared on the screen a deafening ASSHOLE chant followed. The police officers then escorted Tornado up the walkway, and a smiling Alessandro on the caused Tornado to twitch begrudgingly.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Enjoy prison Tornado. I hope you use the time that you are locked up to reflect on your actions. The squeaky clean Tornado, now has a blemish on his permanent record.”
Alessandro cackled like a madman, clapping his hands proudly. He was so thrilled at the sight of Tornado’s predicament. Tornado was helpless, as he was taken to the back by the police officers and probably into a police car to be treated like the criminal that he was. Alessandro disappeared off the big screen as his son just shat his diaper, and he was on clean up duty.


Following a quick lockup after the sound of the bell, Finn positioned himself behind Seth and locked in a sleeper hold. Seth didn’t even see it coming so soon in the match. Struggling to break free, his face grew red and his resistance slowed down with each passing second. Finn wasn’t letting up one bit. Just when he thought Seth was about to go down, Finn was completely taken off guard as Seth locked onto Finn’s forearm before driving himself backwards until eventually slamming Finn into the corner. The crash landing was enough to force Finn to release his hold around Seth’s throat. Stepping away from the corner, Seth was out of breath and in no rush to attack his opponent. Instead, Finn rushed in behind him once more, this time locking in a full nelson before lifting Seth off his feet and dropping him with a sit-out atomic drop. With Seth down on the mat, Finn went straight to work, attacking him from above with rapid elbow shots to the head. This went on for at least a good minute before Finn finally pulled Seth back to his feet only to introduce him to the canvas once more with a cradle piledriver.
Climbing to the top of the corner, Finn took to the skies as he leaped through the air and came down with a senton bomb. Unfortunately for Finn, Seth rolled out of the way long before Finn came down, leaving nothing but empty canvas for him to crash onto. It was just the break that Seth needed after Finn had controlled the matchup for several minutes. As Finn rose to one knee, Seth hit the ropes and came back, leveling him with a running clothesline. Seth threw all of his weight behind the clothesline, even dropping to his knees as he connected with Finn. Since he was on his knees with Finn laid out beneath him, Seth unloaded with a ground and pound attack. Back to his feet, he pulled Finn up and after two knees to Finn’s stomach, Seth wrapped him up and lifted him off his feet with a Northern Lights suplex. Bridging the maneuver, Seth had Finn shoulders to the mat as the official slid in with only a two count before Finn kicked out. Pushing himself up to his knees, clocked Finn with a stiff right before grabbing ahold of his arm and locking in an arm bar. Finn’s voice traveled across the landscape as Seth cranked down on the pressure of the hold. Just when he thought he had Finn on the verge of tapping out, Finn just so happened to reach out and grab ahold of the bottom rope, forcing Seth to release his hold.
Both men were back to their feet as if starting things all over, minus the fatigue factor. Lunging towards Finn, Seth missed as Finn ducked underneath him and stepped behind him. Turning quickly to face Finn, Seth received a mouthful of fist as Finn perfectly timed a back fist. Spinning around, Finn slapped Seth across the chest with an open hand chop before locking onto his arm and pulling him into a short-arm clothesline. Seth popped back to his feet and as he did, Finn hit the ropes beside them, bouncing off and jumping into the air. He planted his knee directly under Seth’s chin, lifting him off his feet and knocking him flat on his back. Rolling Seth over to his stomach, Finn grabbed both of his arms, pulling his upper body up from the mat while placing his foot against the back of Seth’s head. The entire building went silent as Finn then curb stomped Seth face down into the canvas. Seth was nearly out cold and Finn knew it wouldn’t take much to seal the deal. Lifting Seth up to his feet, Finn positioned himself behind Seth again, hopefully for the last time tonight, before lifting him up and slamming him down with a pumphandle reverse STO. Seth was now old cold after falling to the Revelation 6:4 and after Finn made the cover, the official slid in beside them with the one, two, and three!
WINNER: Finn Whelan via Pinfall (10:48)

American Tommy walks into the cafeteria backstage on Octane looking a bit disgruntled. He looks at the table full of food and grows even more angry!
TOMMY: “PAM! Where are Perry’s anatomically correct two inch penis cookies!”
Pam comes walking out from the kitchen and smiles at Tommy. She knows that he has been a bit on edge since he lost his Ignition Championship the show before. She puts her hand on his shoulder and he looks up at her and smiles.
PAM: “They are already delivered to Perry’s office, Tommy. I knew you had other things on your mind like Kaz.”
TOMMY: “Who?”
Tommy continues to look off into the distance.
PAM: “Kaz, you know. Octane Champion Kaz. The person you have a chance to make huge waves with if you defeat her tonight. You can’t be serious, Tommy.”
Tommy looks at Pam while grabbing a biscuit off the table.
TOMMY: “Oh right, Kaz. I’m sorry, my mind is a bit everywhere today. This is a match that I’ve been waiting a long time for and it’s probably the biggest match of my career apart from the Ignition Championship match I won at Fright Night. If I beat Kaz tonight there isn’t anybody on the roster that can say they are more worthy of being #1 Contender than me. Let them talk all the shit they want, but it’s a new time coming. Tommy Time!”
Pam just shakes her head at Tommy.
PAM: “Never say that again.”
TOMMY: “What?”
PAM: “Tommy Time.”
TOMMY: “I thought that was pretty clever, Pam!”
PAM: “No.”
TOMMY: “Tommy Time!”
Pam just shakes her head and starts walking around picking up some of the plates that some UNGRATEFUL OCTANE FUCKS left at the table like a bunch of animals! Poor Pam! Cleaning up after grown adults!
TOMMY: “What color did you make the ball hairs this time on the cookies?”
PAM: “Rainbow.”
TOMMY: “He’s probably shoving them up his ass as we speak.”
PAM: “Probably. I’d hate to have to clean up that office when he leaves.”
TOMMY: “Probably got one in his mouth as well to be honest.”
PAM: “Maybe.”
TOMMY: “He’s probably getting a train run on him right now by…”
Pam cuts Tommy off before he can finish.
PAM: “You have a match you need to go prepare for. Go out there and show everybody who American Tommy really is!”
Tommy stands up quickly and salutes her and walks off rambling a bunch of nonsense just like this entire segment.

The scene cuts back to ringside after the short break where we find no one other than 4CW’s very own, Gabriel Hartman, standing in the center of the ring.
HARTMAN: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Gabriel Hartman here at ringside where we’re going to get some answers to the many questions following the huge announcement two weeks ago regarding 4CW’s new President of Operations, Phoenix Quagliaterre. Nothing has been made official as of yet, but I’ve heard many rumors about some upcoming changes to the Octane brand. We’re going to get to the bottom of it tonight.”
Turning to the entrance, Gabriel looks up the ramp at the entrance way before continuing.
HARTMAN: ”Ms. Phoenix, could you please come and join myself and the Octane faithful.”
The lights suddenly go dark in the arena as Phoenix’s theme fills the arena as it takes her a moment because she’s busy cursing someone out on the phone before she puts her phone away and pushes through the curtains to walk out towards the stage as the spotlight follows her. She doesn’t seem to want to be bothered with her usual entrance lightening and all of the works tonight as she turns around to begin making the cut throat motion a few times until the backstage staff finally catches on and cuts the lights back on.
A grim faced Phoenix is heading down the ramp, still seeming to be in the same pissed off mood she had been in all day but making an effort to at least try and connect with the fans as she extends an arm so that she can slap hands on the right side of the barricades while making her way closer and closer towards the ring. Gripping her mic tightly, she goes for sliding into the ring instead of taking the stairs as she pops up onto her feet and makes sure that the cameras continue to zoom in on The Conglomerate shirt she is wearing tonight. Phoenix turns her attention to Gabriel, giving him a half smile and a nod of her head to signal that he can speak.
HARTMAN: ”Thank you for joining us tonight. It’s a pleasure to be standing here with 4CW’s new President of Operations. Congrats on the new position by the way, and welcome to 4CW officially… finally.”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I have to say that it was certainly a long time coming. I definitely never expected that I would be here like this in such a high standing position that I currently have but definitely no complaints here.”
HARTMAN: ”Just two weeks ago your hiring and new position here in 4CW was announced. I’ve been hearing rumors of some upcoming changes in things right here on Octane. I’ve tried to contact Perry multiple times throughout the week but haven’t been able to get ahold of him. From my understanding, he isn’t here tonight but on a vacation of sorts, as is your one and only therapist, Ms. Patton. Well, I suppose we should say 4CW’s therapist. But anywho, it seems that you’ve been handed the keys from the very start. What exactly is going through your mind right now?”
Phoenix glares at the part about her therapist, having to endure an entire week without therapy sessions which pointed to the intense attitude Phoenix had been showcasing all day. Trying to focus on the last part of what Gabriel had said, Phoenix switches her attention.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Ever since I was granted the power to do it, I have just been wanting to spruce Octane up a bit as far as trying to improve it. I already worked on the pay and everyone received a pay raise and the health plan is still being hammered out until I feel that it’s the best for the company and that the roster will definitely like it. But i wasn’t stopping at Octane… once I’m finished making improvements here, I was going to start on Adrenaline a little bit down the road. I know it must seem selfish that I am only working on 4CW but I am not one of those biblical characters out of the bible, I don’t work for the world. If you want me to do health plans, put me on your payroll and pay me for it.”
Nodding his head as he listens to her, Gabriel slowly raised his hand for a moment before speaking.
HARTMAN: ”Speaking of this health plan, your comments two week sago seemed to spark an industry wide discussion in regards to the healthcare wrestlers in the business receive today. You could even say that there was a certain someone who seemed to try and take your idea, making it one of their own. How do you feel in regards to the incident I am referring to?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Well, honestly…. I was pretty pissed. Too many times people try to steal my spotlight or seek me out for attention so that the public can notice them so I snap automatically when I feel that’s happening. Ty? He’s harmless when it comes to me because we are close. He even has it in his VPW contact that he will fight everyone on the roster EXCEPT for me… but enough of me bragging. At the time, i felt he was being selfish. Here I am trying to do what is right for 4CW and it becomes basically, ‘fuck the Corners Four, lets focus on these other miscellaneous companies that you do NOT work for, Phoenix.’ 4CW already has quite a reputation to the point titty babies always blame us for shit especially at times when we are innocent and didn’t cause any of the issues. So excuse me if I’m defensive as hell about this company. We house a huge talented roster and people be scared to come here to catch these hands with them in one offs.”
Again, Gabriel nods in agreement with Phe as she finishes up her statement. Looking around the arena, it appears the fans agree as well.
HARTMAN: ”I once heard someone say if you’re not 4CW, you’re trash. And with these raises and health plans in place, I wonder if I’m trash. I have yet to receive a raise or any healthcare. Hell, some people think I live in a box and travel from show to show just for the free ride. Am I trash?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Now now, don’t think like that. I am catering to the superstars first and then I will putting into effect raises for staff as well. I was once told that 4CW is like boot camp and that the roster and staff are like drill sergeants. Sounds like something a softie would say though.”
HARTMAN: ”Okay, I want to ask you three questions. Let’s get down to the good stuff, the eye opening news.”
Gabriel thinks to himself for moment. You’d think he would have prepared himself for this but it appears not. Stalling for a moment, one question finally comes to mind as his eyes light up with excitement.
HARTMAN: ”First questions. Now you’ve already made huge steps since your arrival in the company. What can we expect to see next in the future for Octane? I’ve heard rumors of a warehouse out west. Can you shed any light on this at all?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Well… I decided that we needed a bit of a change of scenery as far as the home office goes coupled up with the fact that the Sabres also need a new practice field. So why not have the Octane headquarters stationed in Las Vegas and sharing the facility with the Sabres? I know, I know… it sounds like it’ll be costly and require alot of space but you know I am real charitable about my money. Nothing but the best for our company and I am going to continue making sure that everyone is well taken care of.”
Pleased with her response, Gabriel looks over to the crowd who are also pleased as well. He then stalls again as his second question is due next.
HARTMAN: ”With the success Octane has had over the last year and also the Sabres, I believe putting the funds into a facility for both would pay for itself in the long run. So we’re moving? When can we expect this move? I haven’t seen anything on the books for our next Octane event.”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”We have got a couple of dates picked out and are trying to settle on one but I am pushing for the move to be as soon as possible. The location and facility have been secured but I want it to be one hundred percent set up so that we can officially call it home.”
HARTMAN: ”With a move right around the corner, it appears there are big things in store for Octane’s future. Especially considering the impact you made in the first week being here with the pay for Octane’s talents. Now that you’re overseeing the brand, what can we expect in regards to the next challenger for the Octane Championship?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Well we certainly have a few selections in mind but the show tonight will help us to narrow our choices down to give Kaz a formidable opponent to fight her for her championship. Given as I am the only one in charge of both brands until Perry comes back from vacation, I have been sure to keep an eye on everything that is ongoing. I guarantee you that by the time I have boarded my jet at the end of tonight that I would have made my choice on who the next challenger will be.”
HARTMAN: ”Okay, very nice. Well, that’s three questions as promised but I still have one final question. It’s time to put you on the spot for everyone watching tonight. Aside from Octane, it’s no secret that you’re a busy woman, Phoenix. There’s only one way to go and that’s up with Octane and it’s growing presence. Are you ready for what I’m about to ask next?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Of course.. I’m always ready. Let me warn you though, if it’s any questions that Perry put you up to then you’re going to pay… so be careful.”
HARTMAN: ”When will we see you exclusive to 4CW and its operations?”
Phoenix instantly laughs and for the first time today, she actually smiles. She shakes her head slightly with that same smile plastered across her face.
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”I want to suspect Perry is behind that because he’s been pushing me to leave SAP one hundred percent. I can say that it will probably be a while for that. Although I have taken a HUGE step back away from SAP to the point where I might not be saving stuff over there as much as I used to, I am still VPW’s Hardcore Champion and fight on a biweekly basis. But I assure you, 4CW is definitely high on my list of priorities and one of my top focuses.”
HARTMAN: ”There you have it folks! Before we wrap things up here, is there anything that you would like to say directly to the fans and those in the back?”
THE ‘SUPERIOR’ QUAGLIATERRE: ”Just one… simple thing. I know there’s a big hysteria going around concerning red balloons in this company and that only thing I am saying on that is I do not forget threats. I don’t mind taking apologies and misunderstandings but I am warning you to not try me.”
She stares directly into the closest camera, raising an eyebrow with that message obviously directed at Cyrus Riddle. And with that, the interview comes to an end. The two talk amongst themselves before the camera cuts away. Gabriel seems to be doing most of the talking and what he doesn’t realize is that his mic is still on.
HARTMAN: ”Off the record, what are you going to do for therapy when Perry makes a baby with your therapist? AND BETTER YET, I AM FOR REAL ABOUT PAY AND HEALTHCARE! THEY DON’T PAY ME SHIT AND TIPHANY WALKS INTO A GUARANTEED CONTRACT!!!”
Finally the feed at ringside comes to an end before Gabriel says anything else that isn’t meant for the public to hear.

In the back, the camera shows Kaz Bonham, the Octane Champion, and she greets everyone at home with a big smile on her face. There’s some extra juice running through Kaz as she’s practically bouncing with energy, beyond excited for tonight’s anticipated match up between the two pillars of Octane.
BONHAM: ”Are y’all ready?! Cause I sure am! It seems like every other week, I’m sayin’ I’m facin’ my biggest challenge yet and, folks, that’s true! Because every week, the competition steps up, and they know how to knock it out of the park unlike any other! Whether it’s Laughlin, Williams, Cosmo, Seth, or, like, American Tommy! It just doesn’t get any better than Octane, y’all. And tonight might be one of the biggest main events yet. The longest reigning Ignition Champion takin’ on the longest reignin’ Octane Champion! I mean, if that isn’t totally gnarly, what is?”
Another wide smile from Kaz at the thought of it.
BONHAM: ”Everyone wants to poke fun at Tommy and that’s fine, but you can’t discredit what he’s done, y’all. You can’t ignore the fact that he’s one of the greatest champions not just in Octane, but in all of 4CW! And that makes it a huge honor for me to get to step into the ring against him tonight. We might see alike on a lot of things or…really anything, but, like, that’s what makes us, us! I respect that and I hope that after tonight, I hope that Tommy can maybe respect me a bit too.”
A genuine, hopeful nod.
BONHAM: ”But if not? Shoot, y’all, that’s alright too. You don’t reach the top in this business if you ain’t makin’ some enemies along the way. Pains me to even say that, y’all, but that’s how it, like, goes! So if I can’t be Tommy’s friend, then I’m pretty content bein’ the toughest challenge he’s faced in all of 4CW! I’m content earnin’ the respect of all the Bonham Care Bears out there when I step out through that curtain with one goal in my mind…and that’s winnin’!”
There’s confidence booming in Kaz’s voice and she even gives a small fist pump in anticipation.
BONHAM: ”So let’s give’em a show to remember, Tommy! Let’s make this a night that goes down in 4CW history! Let’s get the world talkin’ ’bout Octane again and let’s see if you are ready to bounce back from losin’ to Jeb. Let’s see what you got! Cause I’ve got nothing, but the best for you, Tommy! When that bell rings, the Graps Goddess comes alive, and American Tommy better be ready because there ain’t any brakes on this train! See y’all out there!”
She gives a tip of her imaginary cowboy hat before skipping off the scene as we cut elsewhere.


The newly crowned Ignition Champion exploded from his corner at the sound of the bell, cornering Mora before he even knew it. Jeb threw a hard right to the side of Mora’s face, followed up with a left to the ribs. The camera didn’t pick up the audio but you more than likely this was followed by Jeb yelling that he was going to either rape Jay or that he was a faggot. I’m willing to bet that it was a combination of the two. Pulling Jay’s upper body down, Jeb held him in place as he began to hit him over and over to the face with knee strikes. Pulling Jay’s head between his legs, Jeb then lifted him up into the air before throwing him back first into the corner with a powerbomb. The bell sounded not too long ago and it was already beginning to look like a massacre in the ring. Jay hasn’t been at the top of his game lately, both in or out of the ring, and it was definitely showing to have caught up with him in the early stages of the match. With Jay seated against the corner, Jeb began kicking and stomping down onto his chest and stomach over and over. Taking a few steps back, Jeb then charged forward and lifted his leg into the air, ramming his foot straight into Jay’s face as if it were a battering ram.
Jeb continued his assault on Jay, never once giving him the opportunity to fight back, or even defend himself. After slamming Jay face down to the mat with a reverse Russian leg sweep, Jeb began slamming Jay’s head down against the canvas over and over. Pulling Jay to his feet, Jeb went to lift him off his feet but before he knew it, Jay laid a solid elbow shot to Jeb’s ear. Stumbling back, Jeb quickly shook off the blow to the head and as he looked up, Jay was airborne, planting both feet into Jeb’s chest and knocking him across the ring with a dropkick. Jeb fell back and hit the ropes, bouncing forward where Jay quickly popped back up. As Jeb fell into him, Jay lifted him off his feet and threw him down to the mat with a powerslam that shook the entire ring upon impact. Jeb wasn’t nearly as fierce as he was at the start of the match. He slowly pushed himself up and before he could push himself up from one knee to stand, Jay rushed in, taking his head off with a sit-down clothesline. Making the cover, Jay was only able to come away with a two count before Jeb forced his shoulder up from the mat. Pulling his hand back, Jay then swung and connected with a backhand across Jeb’s mouth, knocking the back of his head against the mat.
Hitting the ropes, Jay charged towards Jeb before jumping into the air and coming down with both knees onto Jeb’s chest. Rolling off Jeb and up to his feet in a fluid motion, Jay continued to the opposite set of ropes. Bouncing off, he then leaped forward, landing an elbow drop straight down onto Jeb’s throat. Jay went for a cover once again and this time he was close, but still no cigar as Jeb kicked out just after the two. Grabbing Jeb’s head again, Jay slammed it over and over into the mat before standing to his feet. Rushing over to the nearest corner, Jay climbed to the top where he then showed off his flying skills before coming down with a leg drop across Jeb’s throat. Jeb’s head was pinned to the mat as his feet shot straight into the air. Making the cover for a third time, Jay knew he had this one in the bag but to his surprise, Jeb still managed to kick out right after the two count. Frustrated, Jay pulled Jeb to his feet before locking onto his arm and whipping him to the ropes. Jeb was hurting and his running motion wasn’t anything pretty by any means. As he bounced off the ropes and went forward, Jay was right there to wipe him completely out with a spear. Jay landed his mark directly on the Bullseye. On his feet he paced the ring while Jeb slowly began to climb to his feet. Once Jeb stood tall, Jay moved in and went for his head with a superkick. Dropping to his back and dodging the kick to the face, Jeb immediately rolled underneath the rope and to the outside of the ring.
Reaching back into the ring, Jeb grabbed ahold of Jay’s foot and pulled his leg out from under him. With jay down, Jeb quickly rolled back into the ring but before he could stand tall, Jay was already back on his feet. Jay then went for another superkick, missing his Marked target once again as Jeb caught his foot in mid air. Jeb threw Jay’s leg to the side, forcing him to spin completely around. Locking in a full nelson, Jeb then lifted him up and dropped him with the Soap Drop. Grabbing Jay’s head, Jeb pressed his face into the mat before dragging it back and forth across the canvas. Standing to his feet, Jeb then stomped down onto the back of Jay’s head before pulling him up from the mat. Lifting him upside down, Jeb then jumped up himself, only to come down and drop Jay directly on his head with a jumping piledriver. There was no coming back from Jeb’s Abandon All Hopem, at least that’s what Jeb was thinking as he made the cover. Rushing in beside them with the count, the officials hand slapped the mat not one, not twice, but three times to end the match once and for all. And what do you know? Jeb was right after all. There was no coming back from Abandon All Hope, at least not for Jay tonight as Jeb’s first Ignition Championship defense was a success.
WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (12:38)


Tonight we finally get to see a match that the people have wanted to see in a 4CW ring for a very long time. The former Ignition Champion taking on the current Octane Champion. Due to having to defend the Ignition Championship at each and every show, this match was never able to happen with Kaz reigning at the top of Octane. It was long overdue but tonight it finally happens!
The two met in the center of the ring for the pleasantries and all that jazz. Kaz even extended her hand for a handshake. Tommy on the other hand, he saw an opportunity as he grabbed her arm and pulled her in while squatting down. He lifted her off her feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Laughing hysterically, Tommy then began to spin. This looked rather familiar, something we’ve seen Kaz do time and time again. Being that this is a move she uses herself, it took little effort on her end to slip out of his hold and escape the airplane spin. Even without holding Kaz on his shoulders, Tommy continued to spin in place until he found himself dizzy. Hitting Tommy with back to back rights to the head, Kaz then wrapped him up and lifted him off his feet before slamming him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.
American Tommy is on the mat and he rolls himself out of the ring. He holds his head with one hand while staring and waving his finger like Dikembe Mutombo at Kaz who is looking on smiling. Tommy walks over to the announcer’s booth grabs a microphone and hops up on the table. Should a referee be starting a ten count on Tommy right now? Yes, they should, but this is 4CW and the referee looks like he could be Gordy’s brother, but somehow even more retarded looking. Somebody is trying to get Tommy’s attention from the crowd and Tommy turns to look and it’s a fan wearing a Kaz Bonham shirt. Tommy dismisses the nerd until he starts yelling at Tommy.
FAN: “Not only is Kaz going to beat you tonight, but she’d also beat you in a DANCE BATTLE!”
Tommy is now very offended at this. Why? It’s Tommy. He turns around to the fan and points at him.
TOMMY: “There is no way she would beat me in a dance battle!”
Kaz is watching this all unfold with a giant smile on her face. She walks over to the nearest ropes where Tommy is standing and yells at him.
KAZ: “Prove it!”
Tommy’s head shoots from the fan to Kaz and he smiles.
TOMMY: “You want none of this, Kaz. Trust!”
Kaz backs up in the ring and motions for Tommy to “bring it” and Tommy hops down from the table and slides himself into the ring. Tommy stands up and looks at Kaz and shrugs.
TOMMY: “It’s your funeral! Play ‘Best Song Ever’ by One Direction!”
The music starts playing and for some reason Tommy decides he’s going to attempt to pop and lock…and well it’s very Tommy-esque. Tommy is popping and locking, but it looks more like a Parkinson’s pop and lock than it does anything remotely good. Regardless, the crowd cheers and laughs as Tommy ends it with a Michael Jackson kick and the music ends. What does a Michael Jackson kick have to do with popping and locking? Nothing. Tommy leans against the top turnbuckle looking cocky, but mostly because busting a move has got him a bit tired. He shrugs his hands and points to Kaz.
KAZ: “Hit it!”
On her cue, “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springteen plays and the crowd has to wonder how many songs they have in the queue and why, but none of that matters once Kaz takes center stage, ready to bust out the absolute worst of the 80s. She starts off with some mixture of Springteen’s dancing and Carlton Banks. Out comes the Electric Slide, the Circle Slide, the Cabbage Patch, but most of all, the Moonwalk! But as Kaz keeps moonwalking, she transitions into The Worm! It’s impressive, but further shows white people have no rhythm as none of the dancing matches up to the song, but the fans go wild nonetheless! Kaz pops her headband before pointing back toward Tommy. Tommy, still leaning against the turnbuckle is not very happy, because Kaz just killed her dance solo. Tommy aggressively walks towards the middle of the ring.
TOMMY: “Play ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain right now!!!”
The music starts playing and immediately Tommy starts to Cabbage Patch to the song and surprisingly well as he looks at Kaz who is actually nodding in approval. He then changes into a Running Man. The crowd is actually really enjoying this dance battle and then Tommy stops dancing and bends over to catch his breath while holding a finger up telling everybody to wait. He really has to learn to work on his cardio. Kaz laughs as does the crowd and that doesn’t make Tommy very happy. He immediately busts out The Sprinkler for like fifteen seconds before telling them to cut the music in a very lethargic voice. He looks at Kaz and with his hands pretends to explode a bomb.
Kaz gears up for her round two when suddenly the lights in the arena dim and “Time of my Life” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack starts to play. And just when it looks like we’re going to get some wrestling in this match, when Tommy and Kaz go for a lock-up…they start to dance along to the music instead! Naturally, they don’t have four minutes to dedicate to the entire dance routine and the only part anyone remembers is coming up anyways! It’s some gender role reversal as Kaz prepares herself to catch Tommy and he comes running right at her! And in one swift motion, Kaz uses all her strength to lift Tommy up and he poses! The crowd goes absolutely bonkers…until Tommy floats over and rolls Kaz up for a pin!

Slamming his fist down to the mat, Tommy’s shoots his attention to the official. We all know what was to follow. Pushing himself up, Tommy began arguing to the official about the speed of the count, fighting his case that it was slow and this match should be over and done. As this went on, Kaz slowly got back to her feet. She moved in behind Tommy and grabbed his shoulder. Tommy then spun in the opposite direction, catching Kaz by surprise as he pulled her in and threw her to the mat with a hip toss! YOYO TOSS SALAD BABY and we ain’t talking about the tossed salad that Jeb is familiar with from his time incarcerated. Right on queue, Tommy went for the pin.

Kaz kicked out just before the two, which caused Tommy to immediately throw a fit as he rose to his feet and began arguing with the official once more. Just like last time, Tommy completely forgot about his opponent in the ring, giving Kaz all the time in the world to get back to her feet. Rushing in behind him, Kaz clocked Tommy in the back of the head with a running elbow smash, knocking him into the corner as the official leaped out of the way. Tommy crashed into the corner chest first before bouncing off and falling into Kaz’s arms. Wrapping him up around the waist, she then lifted him off his feet before throwing him over her head with a German suplex. Tommy crash landed on his back before rolling completely over to his stomach. He pushed himself up and as he looked up, his eyes lit up at the sight of Kaz charging straight for him. Jumping up, she put him back down with a leg lariat to the head.
Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Kaz then threw him to the ropes across the ring. After bouncing off and coming back on the rebound, Tommy ran straight into Kaz’s arms as she lifted him off his feet, spun him around and laid him across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Tommy rolled back and forth across the mat, holding his back and screaming at the top of his lungs. Kaz on the other hand, she kept a short distance from Tommy, watching his every move and waiting for her time to strike. Tommy began to climb to his feet and once he stood, Kaz rushed in, leaping into the air and wrapping her legs around his head before flipping him across the ring with a headscissors. Tommy rolled back to his feet. It wasn’t on purpose, just by the momentum of his body after rolling across the mat. He played it off though, acting as if he meant to do that when we all know damn well that Tommy isn’t that smooth.
His act was shortly ended as Kaz interrupted it. After back to back elbow smashes into his face, Kaz then locked onto Tommy’s arm to whip him to the ropes. Out of nowhere, Tommy reversed the throw and sent Kaz to the ropes instead. Rushing towards her as she came back on the rebound, he hit her in the face with a drop kick that sent her stumbling into the corner. As she hit the corner, she dropped to a seated position with her back against the corner. Back on his feet, Tommy then charged the corner and landed a perfectly executed bronco buster on Kaz. I’m talking bout full crotch in her face, grinding, all that stuff. Enough to make Kimitsu want to come out and beat Tommy within an inch of his life. Lucky for him she wasn’t around, at least not at ringside. There was no interrupting the Broken Snitch, not unless Gordy were to come down to ringside and show Tommy the meaning of snitches get stitches.
As he stood back to his feet and stepped out of the way, Kaz fell over to her side. And to make matters even worse, Tommy then began to poke at her face and mess up her hair, just teasing her if you will. With both hands, he pressed her cheeks in, bunching her face together and having a good time, at least Tommy was. Kaz on the other hand, she wasn’t having any of it. In one swing upward, she clocked him upside the head and knocked him over to his side. Before tommy could stand, Kaz was already on her feet. Grabbing onto his head with one hand, she released a Bigfoot howl that the entire arena heard loud and clear. Then she went to town, pounding away at Tommy’s head with punches and elbow smashes. Pulling Tommy to his feet completely, she then lifted him onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. She had him right where she wanted him and Fast Times At Bonham High was soon to follow. As she began to spin, Tommy slipped from her grasp, falling to the mat behind her where he pulled her down with a quick rollup. As the official dropped in beside them for the count, he pulled her tights and propped his feet on the bottom rope for good measure.

After coming off a tough loss and end to his Ignition Championship reign, Tommy erupted to his feet in excitement after pulling off what many would call an upset here tonight. As he celebrated, Kaz rose to both knees, looking on with nothing but disappointment in her eyes. Being the swell guy that he is, Tommy even rubbed it in as he began to mock Kaz. She stood to her feet, just to get up, but Tommy bolted and quickly exited the ring for safety.
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (14:49)
As the two looked to one another, Tommy from the outside and Kaz from the inside of the ring, the commentators began to hype a rematch between these two, possibly with the championship on the line. With Octane headed in a new direction, there was no telling what would be in store from the very beginning as we now venture off to new territory following tonight’s event.
And that’s a wrap.
Queue the music.
Roll the closing credits.