Kicking things off before the cameras are rolling, we have a pre-show matchup between two newcomers to the 4CW landscape. Of the two newcomers, Eric Donavan stood out the most as he dominated LBJ from the start of the match. After hitting LBJ with a boxing combination of lefts and rights, Donavan lifted him up and over, slamming him to the mat with a northern lights suplex. It wasn’t enough to keep LBJ down, but it was a start. Locking onto LBJ, Donavan kneed him in the side before pulling his head back and slamming it forward, crushing LBJ with a headbutt. He then slammed LBJ into the corner with an STO which seemed to do the trick. LBJ wasn’t giving him much of a fight at this point. He eventually found himself on Donavan’s shoulders before being dropped on his head with a Death Valley Driver. Maneuvering himself on the mat with LBJ, Donavan locks in an Anaconda Choke, and it was no time at all before LBJ was tapping out from the Dracophobia.
WINNER: Eric Donavan via Submission (7:22)


Our next pre-show match of the evening featured two more new signees to 4CW and they didn’t wait long at all to dive into the action head first. Locking up in the center of the ring, Ryannon took an early lead as he pulled Terrence into a knee to the gut. Lifting Terrence off his feet, Ryannon then dropped him to the mat with a sidewalk slam. The two fought for a brief moment while down on the mat before Ryannon stood to his feet. Attacking Terrence before he could get back up, Ryannon hit him head on with a running Yakuza kick that knocked him to his back. Terrence hit the mat and bounced back up, rolling over and pushing himself to his knees. Running in behind him, Ryannon locked an arm around his head before planting his face into the canvas with a running bulldog. Ryannon went for the pin but only came away with a two count before Terrence kicked out.
Still in control of the match, Ryannon slowly worked on Terrence’s legs with knees and kicks. Lifting him up and over, Ryannon dropped him to the mat with a fisherman’s suplex, even bridging it for the pin but again, he was only about to score a two count before Terrence kicked out. Pulling Terrence back to his feet, Rynnon turned him around and then wrapped an arm across his throat, locking in a sleeper hold. Terrence squirmed to break free but was unable to. Resorting to another option, Terrence began pushing himself backwards and eventually slammed Ryannon into the corner. It was enough for Terrence to pull himself away from Ryannon. Terrence walked to the center of the ring and as he turned around, Ryannon was charging straight for him. Ducking down, Terrence then lifted Ryannon off his feet as he closed in, flipping him through the air before crashing to the mat from the back body drop.
Ryannon pushed himself to his feet and as he stood, Terrence met him with a standing drop kick that knocked him across the ring and into the corner. Terrence rushed towards the corner thinking it was going to be an open shot on Ryannon. Bursting away from the corner, Ryannon caught Terrence off guard as he lifted him into the air and hit him with a pop-up cutter. Climbing the corner, Ryannon then leaped through the air and came down with a corkscrew shooting star press! NOPE! Rolling out of the way, Terrence dodged a bullet as Ryannon crashed onto the mat. Terrence stood to his feet and shortly after Ryannon did as well. Stepping in, Terrence slapped Ryannon across the cheek like a pimp. “Your name is Toby” he said following. Ryannon then charged at him but fell into Terrence’s arm as he was then lifted off his feet and slammed to the mat with a uranage. After being wiped out with Terrence’s Snatch Yo Chain, Terrence made the cover which was followed up with the one, two, and three!
WINNER: Terrence Carter via Pinfall (9:01)

The picture opens up to a shot from the skies and down below is Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida. “Pursuit of Happiness” plays throughout the park as the camera scans the entire area before transitioning to a shot from the top of the entrance stage. The park is packed as one huge party is taking place before tonight’s event. Looking through the mixture of people, the camera focuses into various signs throughout the park.

The camera then focuses on a stage not far from the ring. Underneath the roof of the stage is the announcers booth and at the booth, we find Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to South Beach Brawl! I’m your host, Steve Johnson and we’re coming to you live tonight from Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida!”
VASSA: ”Welcome to the party that’s been going on all day and won’t end until the sun rises tomorrow morning! Vinny Vassa here and thank you all for joining us here tonight for this delightful event we have in store.”
JOHNSON: ”Delightful indeed. We have a packed card from top to bottom for you all watching from home. Kicking things off, we have Jason Cashe taking on a mystery opponent.”
VASSA: ”I’m eager to see who this mystery opponent is. There are a few names on my radar giving the current booking and I’m dying to see if it’s who I think it is.”
JOHNSON: ”We have three championship all on the line tonight. First, we have Nurse Kinsley defending the XTV Championship against not one, but two different opponents!”
VASSA: ”Kimitsu Zombie and Cyrus Riddle will fight for the belt in what is being called a Salt Waterfront Deathmatch.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t even know what that means if I’m being honest.”
VASSA: ”You and me both Steve, you and me both.”
JOHNSON: ”In our headline match of the evening we have Viduus Morta challenging Jair Hopkins for the Pride Championship.”
VASSA: ”This is one that I’ve really been looking forward to. Over the weeks it’s been a game of cat and mouse between these two and it all comes to an end as they square off face to face right there in that ring.”
JOHNSON: ”And finally coming to an end, the final round of the South Beach Brawl Cup will take place in our main event to cap off the show.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago we witnessed the end to a reign and the beginning of another as Chris Madison defeated Bronx Valescence for the 4CW Championship in the third round.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a long time coming but Chris Madison is now your 4CW Champion folks, at least up until the main event where anything is bound to happen.”
VASSA: ”Although it’s been quite a journey for Madison to get to this point in his 4CW career, it’s been a journey for Dakota Smith as well to find himself in this position that he’s in tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Dakota brings his game when it comes to South Beach Brawl as proven time and time again over the years. Tonight is what could arguably be his toughest South Beach Brawl opponent to date.”
VASSA: ”With everything that’s on the line and given the circumstances, I’d say right here and right now that Chris Madison is his toughest South Beach Brawl opponent EVER.”
JOHNSON: ”Everything that’s on the line? You mean like the toughest South Beach Brawl Cup to date, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and the 4CW Championship?”
JOHNSON: ”And that right there along with who the two opponents are is exactly why this main event tonight is going to be talked about for years to come!”
VASSA: ”I’m sure we’ll find a way to top it off next year, we always do!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know about that. This is a match that should have happened with that belt on the line a very, very long time ago.”
VASSA: ”It has been a tough tournament for everyone who was involved. I’m sure the main event would have been just as exciting with any of the sixteen entrants involved.”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t argue with you there really. Let’s take a quick look at the bracket before he take a short break and come back with out opening match of the evening.”
VASSA: ”Time for shots!”

The scene goes backstage where the picture opens to a shot of a row of trailers, one standing out more than the other with its size and fancy upgrades. The camera zooms closer and closer to the trailer, more so the door where it begins to focus on a nametag in the center. The nametag reads “Perry Wallace” and before you know it, the door swings open. No fancy entrances, no theatrics, just him opening the door as if expecting the camera to be on the other side. He steps out into the Park , taking in all of the scenery and life pumping throughout the entire area. Taking a deep breath, he turns to the camera.
WALLACE: ”Now this is what I call one hell of a party. It’s been like this for the entire day leading up to this point. We’re just moments away from our opening match kicking things off in what will lead to the conclusion of the South Beach Brawl Cup in our main event.”
He begins to walk away from the trailer, headed towards a private area of the park that is sectioned off from all of the fans in attendance.
WALLACE: ”Tonight we crown the winner of this year’s South Beach Brawl Cup. And what happens here tonight will lead us even further on our journey to what lies ahead in the desert.”
Walking up to a bar with no line, no crowd whatsoever, he signals with his hand a gesture to the bartender.
WALLACE: ”The desert. You heard me right. That’s a completely different atmosphere than what consumes us all tonight. Because after tonight, Ante Up awaits us and you all know what that means. The 4CW Championship. Four people, one ring and sixty minutes on the clock. Whoever can score the most pinfalls within that time frame will walk away with it all, the winnings in what is arguably the biggest match in 4CW.”
He looks to the camera, holding four fingers up on one hand.
WALLACE: ”Four people, and one of those just happen to be the man who leaves here tonight with the 4CW Championship.”
He folds one finger down, now holding up only three and begins wiggling them.
WALLACE: ”That leaves three others to be named as challengers in 4CW’s Fatal Four Sixty Minute Ironman Match. The roller coaster never stops here in 4CW. Show after show we put out pay-per-view quality product and the road leading us to Ante Up will be no different. In just two weeks we will begin deciding who will be competing in this MEGA MATCH! Three people to be determined via a qualifying match until all of the chips are in place.”
Holding up two hands, one has all five fingers extended and the other only one.
WALLACE: ”Sixty minutes. And that’s just what awaits us following tonight. We still have an event to put on for you all tonight. We still have three championships on the line and a winner of the South Beach Brawl Cup to be crowned right here in Bayfront Park. I may be looking ahead, but tonight’s main event is going to play a key factor into the next challenge ahead.
The bartender then brings two drinks to the bar. Nodding to the bartender, Perry then pulls out a few bills before sliding them across the bar. With a drink in each hand, he then turns to the camera once more.
WALLACE: ”Enjoy the show, folks. It’s going to be one hell of a party.”
He then turns his head and looks across the backstage area where Antonia Patton isn’t too far away. Leaving the camera behind, he heads her way as the scene comes to an end.


Just two weeks ago Jason Cashe was making open challenges to anyone who dared accept, which then led to some words between him and Perry Wallace, resulting in a mystery opponent match being booked. With a few names not booked on the card, there are quite a few possibilities as to who this mystery opponent could in fact be. Had Aidan Carlisle really taken a leave of absence? Could Jett Wilder possibly be making his grand return tonight? Is there the slightest possibility that a former ex or her boyfriend, a longtime foe, be returning tonight for their revenge? For the first time in a very long time Bronx Valescence wasn’t booked on the card after his long reign as 4CW Champion came to an end. Jason Cashe and Bronx Valescence have had quite a few matches years ago, Cashe always coming out on top each time they met. Could this be the night that Bronx scored one over Cashe? Those are the questions that have been running through everyone’s minds since this match was announced. Who in fact will be stepping inside of the ring with Jason Cashe tonight?
It was neither of them.
His opponent for the night would be someone who first came to a 4CW event on account of him. Coming out of retirement, James Shark has finally inked a deal with 4CW! Weeks ago we saw a video of him at 4CW offices but it was later said that a deal had not been reached between he and Perry. Well, things aren’t as they seem. Surprised by his mystery opponent, Cashe doesn’t believe it to be real at first. For all he knew this could be some kind of distraction for the real mystery opponent to get the upper hand. He went to greet Shark, he even smelled him to see if it was in fact real. It was very real indeed. Not sure how to take this gesture from Cashe similar to that of a dog when meeting a new dog, Shark swung on him before the match even officially began. Now it may have been a while since James Shark competed in a wrestling match, but it wasn’t that long ago that he was competing in MMA. His punches were flawless, rocking Cashe’s skull from both directions as he fired at will. As the two reached the center of the ring, Shark swung his arm upwards, hitting Cashe under the chin with an elbow uppercut. The elbow brought stars to Cashe’s vision and before he knew it, Shark moved in to wrap him up. Lifting Cashe off his feet, Shark slammed him to his back with a belly to belly suplex, which didn’t look bad at all for someone who hadn’t wrestled in a while.
Being on the ground with Cashe was like being inside of the cage. It was all instinct as Shark applied various arm and leg locks, slowly wearing Cashe down one limb at a time. Before Cashe knew it, he found himself victim to an ankle lock. Cranking down on the pressure as if trying to break Cashe’s ankle, Shark wasn’t taking it easy on him whatsoever. It was the complete opposite. Forcing his first opponent to tap in a matter of minutes would make for one hell of a debut, especially in a 4CW ring with the opponent he was up against. It was only a matter of time before Cashe would be forced to tap out. There was only so much a man could take given the position he was in. He dug down deep, dragging himself and Shark as he crawled with his arms. Shark cranked down even more, literally trying to snap Cashe’s ankle right then and there. Cashe reached to the ropes, stretching as far as he could before eventually grabbing onto the bottom one and forcing Shark to release the hold. Before Shark could rise up and back away, Cashe quickly rolled over to his back where he then kicked his foot straight up into Shark’s face.
That led to them throwing hands inside of the ring. It wasn’t the prettiest fight by any means. Cashe’s form wasn’t perfect and some of his punches thrown were ugly, but it was effective nonetheless. Going toe to toe with an MMA competitor and standing your own as Cashe did was impressive. Then came the attacks from Cashe that weren’t quite orthodox. After connecting with a bell clap to Shark’s ears, Cashe lifted him off his feet and drove him straight down into the canvas with a shoulder slam. Now it was Cashe’s turn for some groundwork. Mounting himself on Shark, Cashe swung down with wild gorilla styled fist attacks. All he could hit was Shark’s body as he covered his head with his arms. Grabbing Shark’s hand, Cashe pulled it away from Shark’s head that was being covered. Opening wide and showing off those two missing front teeth, Cashe then bit down with the teeth he still had, pinching Shark’s index finger between them. Shark yelled as loud as he could and racing over, the official pulled Cashe away from Shark, breaking things up after the illegal biting on Cashe’s behalf. In the corner of Cashe’s eye as he listed to the official, he spotted Shark laying his hand to the mat. Twisting in place, Cashe lifted his foot into the air before stomping down onto the very same finger he had bitten second prior. In a physical manner, the official then pulled Cashe away from Shark and backed him into the corner, giving Shark time to get situated.
With the two back on their feet and separated, it was as if the match had restarted, except for the fact that they were equally tired. Circling each other in the middle of the ring, Shark shot in and wrapped Cashe’s right leg, lifting him into the air before slamming him to the canvas. He then swung down at Cashe’s face only to have his arm caught. Cashe pulled him down even further while popping his head up from the mat and hitting Shark with a headbutt to the mouth. Pushing Shark off of him, Cashe quickly stood to his feet and right behind him was Shark standing to his. The two locked up this time, Cashe overpowering him at first and driving Shark backwards across the ring. Just as Shark’s back touched the ropes, he lifted his leg up, slamming his knee into Cashe’s stomach. Pulling Cashe in and pressing him against the ropes, Shark then whipped him across the ring to the other side. When Cashe’s back hit the set of ropes across the ring, Shark then charged straight for him at full speed. Meeting Cashe in the center of the ring, Shark collided into him with a shoulder block, knocking Cashe flat on his back to the mat. Cashe immediately popped back to his feet and he then slapped Shark across the chest before pointing to the ropes to their right. Shark then took off for the ropes and as he came back, he plowed into Cashe who was waiting for him, knocking him to his back a second time with another running shoulder block. Cashe yelled out before standing again. Now with both hands, he slammed his palms against Shark’s chest before pointing to the ropes and telling him to do it again. After having knocked Cashe flat on his back twice already, a third time shouldn’t be a worry. Shark ran to the ropes but this time as he hit them, Cashe yelled out “RAWR LIGHT THAT SHIT UP” before charging straight for Shark. Leaping forward, Cashe went in like a missile, ramming his shoulder into Shark’s like a joust and wiping him completely out.
Shark’s shoulder looked to be bothering him after the head on collision with Cashe. He was slow to get to his feet but when he finally stood, Cashe was rushing right in front and knocking him back down with a running clothesline. Shark went to get back up and as he did, Cashe would rush in once again, knocking him to the mat with a clothesline. This went on several times until Cashe’s footsteps grew slower and slower. With Shark rising to his feet in front of a corner, Cashe waited until the perfect time before rushing in straight at him. Shark knew what was coming and this time he had a plan for it. As Cashe closed in at just the perfect time, Shark side stepped him and tripped him up with a drop toe hold, causing him to fall face down onto the middle turnbuckle. Cashe’s head popped up from the turnbuckle, the force alone was enough to knock him back to his feet and in the opposite direction. Holding his face with one hand, Cashe stumbled away from the corner before coming to a stop not quite as far as the center. Pushing himself up, Shark then stepped up the corner backwards, climbing up to the top while never once taking his eyes off Cashe. Once standing above it all, Shark then leaped off towards Cashe. As is he were waiting for this moment the entire time, Cashe spun around and threw his arm forward, perfectly connecting with a stiff striking elbow to the side of his head!
JOHNSON: ”Mark of Jason!”
VASSA: ”The champ goes down! The champ goes down!”
Shark instantly drops to the mat after Cashe connects with the Mark of Jason. Dropping to his knees, Cashe quickly made the cover as the official raced in beside them with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat at the last possible split second, Shark broke the officials count and kept himself in the matchup. Wasting no time at all, Cashe was back to his feet in no time and kicking Shark as he remained down on the mat. Hopping over him, Cashe went to the ropes and as he came back on the return, he landed a rolling senton across Shark. Pulling Shark to his feet, Cashe then put on a display of his boxing skills as he began hitting Shark with jabs as if showing off. Throwing a hook, Cashe swung and missed as Shark ducked underneath it and delivered a crushing blow to Cashe’s body. Shark then locks onto Cashe’s head and pulls it down while he begins popping his knee up over and over, striking Cashe in the face with it. After connecting with nearly ten knees to Cashe’s face, Shark releases Cashe who stumbles backwards in a daze. Leaping forward, Shark hits Cashe with a superman punch and knocks him to the mat.
JOHNSON: ”The Swag Out!”
VASSA: ”What’s coming up next, the Swag Splash?!”
Barely even able to stand on his own, Shark drops to his knees right beside Cashe before laying over him and making the cover.

JOHNSON: ”And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, our mystery opponent has delivered just as promised!”
VASSA: ”Not a bad first impression for someone coming into their first 4CW match.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s been around the block to say the least and after a short break to take some time to himself, James Shark is back in action folks!”
WINNER: James Shark via Pinfall (14:33)

The crackling sound of static fills up the screen before total darkness emerges the camera. From out of that Darkness walks Dakota Smith, he is slow clapping – another call back to his cousin Jason Cashe. But just as soon as Dakota comes into frame he quits clapping, taking a more serious tone as he glares into the camera.
SMITH: “For so very long, I have been the outsider, the snake in the grass. The one who holds the whole world in his hand, but is ever so lonely out here among the galaxies. Tonight however, I go into this match against Chris Madison, knowing that I am not alone. Knowing that even through the darkness, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Tara Michaels, Crooked Kingdom…Peyton Smith… I am so far removed from being that outsider, adapting to that loneliness. That this title match?… It’s nothing more than another chance to prove that I am who I say I am. To prove that I am one of the best wrestlers on this planet! It’s what my goal was way back when, when I was just a child! And now it is all the more relevant than ever.”
Dakota looks down at the ground, a sinisterly sweet grin coming across his face as he lets out a chuckle underneath his breath.
SMITH: “I am better than Chris Madison! I can beat! Chris Madison! And by the end of the night, the ring will be smeared in the blood…. Of Chris Madison. Chris, this match has been such a long time coming, we’ve waiting so long to go to war – that we are both just chomping at the bit! To tear each others head off. But at the end of our war, at the end of our blood feud, I will have proved to the world that Dakota Smith? Is the greatest 4CW wrestler of all time. I will have done it all, proved it all. And not even that lucky little bitch named Bronx Valescene will be able to overshadow my greatness. The era of the hero is dead… Villainy rises at South Beach Brawl…. Crooked be thy Kingdom!”
Dakota steps back into the darkness, disappearing right before we cut to ringside.


Without a moment to lose, the two women clashed as soon as that bell rang and wasted no time getting their hands on one another. Rorie quickly gains the upper hand and sends Alexis for the rope with an irish whip but ends up running behind her and dropping Alexis with a dropkick to the back before Alexis’ body can even touch the ropes. The audience was split on who to cheer for and Vassa was definitely showing his support for Rorie from the way he talked her up just to put Alexis down. Standing to her feet after taking Alexis down with a spinning headscissors, Rorie begins to taunt the downed Alexis and verbally insulting while Alexis gets onto her feet and immediately shuts Rorie up with pele kick. And just like that, Alexis is giving Rorie her just do as she knees Rorie in the spine as soon as Rorie sits up and then begins pulling her onto her feet. Alexis wasn’t sure if Rorie was slacking or if Alexis was just too hyped on adrenaline but whatever it may be, Alexis feels as if she had greatly overestimated this match and her opponent. She didn’t feel as if she had much of a challenge on her hands but even with that in mind, that still didn’t stop her from trying to brutalize Rorie. Thinking that maybe this will be an easy and fast match, Alexis quickly pins Rorie after putting her down with a cradle piledriver and hopes for the best as the referee begins the count.
Alexis could very well come off with the fastest won match of the night…. until Rorie kicks out after the referee gets to two. Alexis covers Rorie again and doesn’t even get a one count before Rorie is again kicking out. That’s when Alexis decides to just focus on trying to dismantle Rorie as she pulls Rorie to her feet but ends up getting kicked into the abdomen and then hitting the mat after Rorie implant DDTs her. Rorie feels as if she’s bounced back already as she smirks down at Alexis before straddling her to grab the sides of her head so that she can slam the back of Alexis’ head into the mat repeatedly. Vassa is enjoying this while also commenting that Alexis probably will have a headache and that it won’t be long until Rorie pins her for the win. Rorie finally stops with the head slamming and rises while simpering, watching Alexis hold her head as she seems to be in a daze and trying to snap out of it. Showing no mercy, Rorie grabs a fistful of Alexis’ hair and yanks her to her feet as Alexis’ vision becomes blurry from the added pain due to the hair tugging and is unable to see when Rorie comes rushing her with a clothesline. Alexis refuses to take a breather and even though she was trying to get her vision to clear all the way through, she stood to her feet instead of staying on the mat and ends up getting knocked back down by a laughing Rorie.
Alexis is back onto her feet and Rorie is wasting no time lunging at her but Alexis quickly side steps so that Rorie ends up running into the turnbuckle. Now with a clear vision and a taste for revenge, Alexis waits for Rorie to turn around before she swings on her and sends Rorie falling back into the turnbuckle as the punch lands on her jaw. Alexis swings again but narrowly misses once Rorie hurriedly moves a bit to the left to avoid the punch. Rorie then knees Alexis in the abdomen to try to escape the corner but is thrown back into it from a rough shove by the scowling Alexis. Alexis wraps her hands around Rorie’s neck and begins to choke her before she takes a step back and with a grip on Rorie’s neck, Alexis ends up launching her when she tosses her as hard as she can. As soon as Rorie’s body touches the mat, Alexis is on her and driving her fists into Rorie’s face repeatedly until Rorie begins to block the hits by using her arms as a shield to cover her face against Alexis’ pummeling that doesn’t let up. Alexis stands up after getting tired of no longer being able to get a punch in and leans down to grab Rorie’s arm but Rorie quickly drives an elbow into Alexis’ midsection to get Alexis to step off and back away from her. As soon as Alexis has taken those two steps back, Rorie is on her feet and slaps the taste out of Alexis. It causes Alexis to spin and a smirking Rorie takes the opportunity with Alexis’ back being to her to go for a bulldog as Vassa claps gleefully at the way Rorie’s breasts bounce when she lands.
Rorie feels she has this one in the bag and you can tell by her expression that is ever so confident, or cocky… you be the judge of that, that this match is drawing close to an end and soon she will be the victor with her arm raised into the air. Rorie watches as Alexis gets to her feet and as soon as Alexis turns around….. Rorie is speeding towards her but Alexis DIVES out of the way and Rorie spears into the turnbuckle instead of her opponent. You can tell Rorie is in pain and let’s be honest, who in the hell wouldn’t be off of that? Hell, if i speared into that shit I’d probably just lay there as if I were dead or something. Alexis doesn’t feel sorry for Rorie nor takes it easy on her as she bends down to grab her by the arm and roughly pulls Rorie onto her feet. While Johnson is singing his praises over both opponents, Vassa is a bit peeved over Rorie being injured and feeling disdain towards Alexis who is definitely working over Rorie and taking advantage of how that spear into the turnbuckle has slowed Rorie down tremendously. Alexis hits Forever Night and that’s all she wrote as she goes for the pin right after and is granted that three count to win the match, much to the chagrin of a glaring Vassa who calls the win,’bullshit’ while Johnson is talking up Alexis and commending her on a great job. Vassa insults Alexis over and over again until the cameras finally fade out to go backstage.
WINNER: Alexis Mercer via Pinfall (8:46)

Cameras leaves ringside as the action heads inside one of the trailers where Jair Hopkins was seen, in a really chilled state until time called for his demeanor to change. It was him along with his friends who stared at the television screen, taking in the matches that had gone down so far. For Jair, he was sitting in the back portion of the somewhat lengthy trailer, in a chair as he had a cloth in his hands, slowly in a circular-form, ‘polishing’ up the 4CW PRIDE Title for maximum shine. It was another big night for his homies but just another business trip for Jair. Leaving the title on his lap as he looked up. Boogie and Darron went back to their intense game of Blackjack as Darron was up.
DARRON: “Flip me another!”
Boogie carefully slid the top card to Darron as he grabbed it and flipped it. He had a Queen of Hearts, a 3 of Spades and now a 4 of Clubs. 17 was the total, and then he pondered while looking over at Boogie who was smirking the whole time.
BOOGIE: “Look on your face says you close to the edge!”
Darron lightly shook his head as he kept his face straight. Boogie was near the corner himself, holding a 15 with two cards, a Club King and a 5 Spade. He twinkled his fingers before taking the risk and grabbing another card. Now a 3 of Hearts had given him 18. He kept his face straight as well.
DARRON: “What you got?”
Boogie threw his cards down onto the makeshift table that was in the middle of the door and the kitchen area, with a loud smack as Darron’s eyes rolled, placing down his cards. By one point, Boogie got the upper hand of that round and Boogie began doing a choppy ‘Cabbage Patch’ dance in the chair.
BOOGIE: “Put it right on that ass!”
DARRON: “You make no sense man, I swear! 18 to my 17!”
Darron couldn’t believe it and got up from his seat. Boogie laughed it up as he got one over him. Jair steady was in his spot, staying low-key until time. Boogie got up and started pointing his hands and arms to himself ala Randy Moss taunt. That was until a shock filled the trailer and a shock neither were ready for or wanted at this point. A shock that made Jair’s calm sense raise as he stood up. Viduus Morta appeared inside of the trailer, freezing the three in their stance.
MORTA: “Fools! Your pride is the first thing I will take from you. The death of your lack luster reign with the title is at hand.”
Jair, leaving his slight-frozen stance walked slowly over to Morta, standing inches from him as he looked him up and down, placing the title right in his face.
HOPKINS: “Only death that happens tonight is yours and no one will feel sorrow for you. Trust me on that!”
Viduus, a cold stare and a touch of a cackle as Boogie and Darron stood behind Jair, providing backup. Hopkins remained in that stare only to see Viduus Morta disappear just like that. Jair didn’t even flinch. Just lowered his title and nodded his head before turning his head around to his buddies.
HOPKINS: “He want to do magic tricks? I got a nice little trick under my sleeve too!”
The three nodded, a smirk on Hopkins face as the title rested on his shoulder. The scene transferred back to ringside area, where all the raucous fans were yelling under the dark purple skies and bright stars, anticipating what was going to come next.


Mariano Fernandez against Andre Holmes is one of the official under-card matches of the South Beach Brawl PPV. Both competitors and friends are eager to get this match started so after the bell rings, they circle the ring until going into a lock up. It’s a temporary stalemate due to their matching physicality and athleticism. The sequences began when Fernandez applied a Side Headlock then transitioned to applying the move on the ground. Andre, as usual, used his technical wrestling to turn the sides back on his court when locking him in a Scissors Lock.
Fernandez used his strength to get back up to his feet thus the two went at it again. Holmes threw Manny into the ropes where he returned to eat a strong a Shoulder Barge. With him on the canvas, Andre ran to the ropes, rebounded and hopped over his body making another spring off the ropes again. He came back only for Manny to Arm Drag him into the canvas; Holmes kips up again, gets Arm Dragged not once but twice until he stays down on the arm applying a hold on it in the center of the ring. Andre says no to the referee, uses his strength to get back up and clap Fernandez in the jaw with a Back Elbow strike to break the hold off of him.
However, when he charges to the ropes, Manny cuts him off with a Running Dropkick that sends his opponent out of the ring. Andre crashes to the ringside mat but gets up in the nick of time only to turn around to Fernandez surprising the Miami audience with an Asai Moonsault on top of him. Miami loves it and Manny continues to show off to the fans garnering their attention. He rolls Andre inside of the ring and gets the first two count pin attempt of the match due to Holmes kicking out; He controls the pacing of the match as well. Manny helps Andre up to deliver a few strong Forearm Shots before putting him down with a Snap Suplex before floating over for a pin attempt. He kicked out at two and knew he had to step up the game.
Coming around to helping Holmes up again, Andre gets thrown into a corner and stayed there. Manny charged in delivering a Running Clothesine where Holmes walked out of the corner in a daze. Fernandez ran to the ropes, rebound and Andre sprung back into the action putting his opponent down on the back of his head with a Michinoku Driver II! He pinned his shoulders and Manny kicked out at two. Now the crowd got a little tense watching the Relentless athlete go into the mount position raining down hammer fists, elbows and punches in the Ground and Pound. When Fernandez was covering up, he took his right arm in his grasp for the traditional Armbar!
Manny struggles around trying to find an escape until stacking Andre on top of his shoulders for the pin attempt which he kicked out at two. Now both men are back on their feet; A Spinning Back Kick to the ribs of Fernandez halts him in his step. A Soccer Kick to the shoulder blades stands him upright followed by an Enguiziri Kick knocking him down onto his right knee. To finish it all, Holmes runs to the ropes behind him, rebounds and clocks him down to the canvas yet again with a strong Shining Wizard! The pin attempt is made again and Fernandez kicks at two leaving Holmes to sit up looking hella’ frustrated.
If he can’t manage to get the pin attempt again, he applies the legendary Sharpshooter. Manny’s feeling his spine nearly snap into two due to the weight on his back. He drags the combined weight of both competitors to the bottom rope but mid-way, Holmes switches into the Muta Lock. Fingertips away from the bottom rope, the referee is asking what does Manny want and Miami is begging for him not to tap. Rope-break! The rope-break is made when Manny grabs the bottom rope then Andre releases the submission to roll under the ropes towards the apron. Manny rises up in the center of the ring for Andre to attempt a Springboard Lariat until eating a Rolling Koppu Kick that catches him mid-air!
Now this is where the heat turns up. The Koppu-Kick leaves him nearly disoriented but Manny fights through the pain. Both men are up and Andre is suffering from back-to-back clotheslines putting him down on the canvas repeatedly. He ducks under the final clothesline and tries to go for a Rolling Elbow but Manny catches the right arm then puts him down with a Falcon Arrow for the pin! Andre kicks out at two and stands up where Manny stops him with a kick to the midsection then throws him into the nearest corner. A quick Bicycle Knee Strike uppercuts his chin then he plants him face first with a Running Bulldog!
The pin attempt is made again and Andre kicks out. Suddenly, he waits for Andre to rise up in the corner building some momentum from the audience. The moment Andre rises, he charges across the ring only to eat an Exploder Suplex into the turnbuckles. Manny hangs upside down until being dropping down then getting lifted over for a Backdrop Driver! The bridge is made and Manny kicks out just before the three is made. So now, Andre helps Manny back up to his feet and sits him on the top turnbuckle then climbs up all the way to the middle turnbuckle. He tries for a Superplex but Manny slips behind him and has him on his shoulders for the Running Ligerbomb in the center of the ring!
The referee counts the pin attempt and Andre kicks out yet again just before the three is made. Both men are down on the mat and the referee starts counting until they get back up at the count of nine. Back and forth, they start trading blows until Manny stops him with a Roundhouse Kick to the head then Andre snaps back into him with a Superkick that puts him down to his knees. Back-to-back Roundhouse Kicks are being slapped into Fernandez’s chest over and over again. At the last kick, he steps back and shoots into Manny for the Tornado Kick but Manny ducks under it and catches him with a Reverse Frankensteiner! With Holmes on his knees, the final blow is made with the signature Step-Up Enzuigiri Kick better known as “The Gadfly”!
Nobody expected it, not even Manny himself, but Holmes kicks out at two leaving Manny puzzled. He knows he has to end the match so he slowly walks over to the ropes and gets on the apron; With one great leap, Andre kips up on his feet and charges to Manny kicking him off to ringside with a Yakuza Kick! Manny crashes down to the ringside mat in front of his fans. When he gets up, he eats the trademark “Heat Seeking Missile” which is a Suicide Dive through the middle and top rope spearing Manny down. Andre quickly throws Manny in the ring and follows after him before lifting him up in that Powerbomb position for the signature, “Bad Landing”, Buckle Bomb!
Now Andre can’t believe it and Mariano Fernandez has kicked out of the pin attempt before the referee’s hand touched the mat for the third time. He’s frustrated, pissed and has to end it NOW! Standing in the corner, he stomps down on the mat watching Manny stand on his knees; A slap on the mat, primal scream and he sidesteps for the Thrust Kick. Mariano ducks under it then claps Andre on the had with a Pele Kick temporarily forcing him to stand on his right knee. With Manny on the apron, the Miami audience yells, “FOR THE EMPIRE!”, then Andre gets turned inside out from the finishing Springboard Phenomenal Forearm better known as “The Warhammer!” He goes for the pin and Manny wins it!
After the match is over, Manny celebrates from getting a victory at the South Beach Brawl while Andre Holmes gets up due to the referee’s assistance. The two friends stare at each other until Andre and Manny shakes hands with Manny raising his arm up in the air. It ends with the two celebrating together and Andre showing the world that Manny is not a thalmor.
WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (18:34)

Cutting backstage, the camera opens up to Anastasia Hayden with a sincere look upon her face. Her signature glare isn’t there and instead, Ana almost looks vulnerable as she stares into the camera before speaking.
HAYDEN: ”Tonight is about admitting I failed. Tonight’s about admitting that I should be there at the top and not Chris Madison, but I failed. I’m not here looking for a story of redemption or forgiveness for my failures…I’m just here to admit that I could’ve done better. That I should’ve done better. I made a promise to myself, to Bronx, to everyone who wanted to see our rematch…and I made a liar of myself. And that’s something I can’t allow. So tonight, when I promise you that I’m going to get everything started again…I mean that.”
And as Anastasia’s sentence trails off, something snaps and her signature glare appears as her eyes narrow and her tone becomes colder.
HAYDEN: ”And I will prove it against Genie Carlson. And after that, I will be back on my path to the top. To taking down Dakota Smith or Chris Madison or whoever the fuck is holding that 4CW Championship when it’s all said and done. I’ve earned chance after chance, but I’ve fucked it up and I can’t do that anymore. I can’t become this parody of a wrestler who only makes so far before it all falls apart. I refuse to let anyone run their mouths about me and let it be heard as a truth…I define my legacy, I tell my story, and I won’t let anyone else tell it for me.”
She taps her chest along with her statements.
HAYDEN: ”South Beach Brawl was meant to be my legacy and it’s not, so I’m going to remedy that tonight. I’m setting out to give Genie the match of her life and to walk out with my hand raised high. I don’t care for winning or losing, but I do care about being right. I care about my brand because that’s what’s gotten me here and that’s what’s going to keep me here. I’m not going to sell out and take the easy route to getting what I want. I’m going to earn it.”
An earnest nod from Ana; the intensity in her voice starting to pick up.
HAYDEN: ”Beating Mariano was great, beating Genie will be great too, but that’s not enough and I’m going to keep fucking working until it is enough. I’m not interested in reaching the top and coasting. I’m interested in reaching the top and still fucking going until there is nothing left in me to give! Because that’s what I do best. I’m not satisfied with just good enough. I need more. And I’ll earn every opportunity along the way. 2017 was the year of Bronx Valescence and I’m determined to make this year about the wolves. That starts tonight.”
She smirks for the first time; arrogance conveyed through every feature of her face.
HAYDEN: ”Nothing will stop us.”
The smirk fades away and all that’s left to replace it is Anastasia’s intense glare before the camera cuts away elsewhere.


Alessandro is currently portraying a bull right now that’s seen red and Brenden appears to be that red target as Alessandro chases him around the ring trying to headbutt him to oblivion but to no avail because Brenden isn’t letting Alessandro catch him. Brenden finally cuts quickly to the right and Alessandro spear heads on ahead and goes right over the ropes. The audience bursts out laughing as Alessandro dusts himself off with a glare and looks to the ring to stare down Brenden while pointing to him and shouting out loudly that he was a dead man before sprinting forward to slide into the ropes. As soon as he bounces onto his feet, Brenden is there to deliver a few punches to Alessandro before grabbing him for an over the head belly to belly suplex. Alessandro goes FLYING for the second time in this match and lands hard on the mat but he’s most likely taken a million falls since popping out of the womb so I’m pretty sure he’s just fine. Alessandro was sick of Brenden already but his opponent was just getting started as he baited Alessandro into chasing him again and notices how quickly Alessandro gives in and gives chase. At this point Vassa wants to say something smart aleck so bad about Alessandro but thinks against it, not wanting to deal with Alessandro’s crazy self again. Vassa does, however, have strong urges to bad mouth Alessandro throughout the match but fights the urge and bites his tongue on it while Johnson pays more attention to the match.
JOHNSON: ”Alessandro always seems to be chalk full of energy and has no problems using it all everytime he steps into a ring.”
VASSA: ”That reta- uhhh… Brenden seems to have some energy to him too and why are these two idiots running around like they’re third graders at recess?! This is a WRESTLING match for crying out loud!”
JOHNSON: ”Brenden is thinking smart with trying to confuse Alessandro.”
VASSA: ”That idiot…. uh… I mean, it definitely doesn’t take much for Alessandro to become confused.”
Brenden rushes towards Alessandro but Alessandro ducks the clothesline and Brenden continues on until he hits the ropes to bounce back, charging towards Alessandro but is knocked off his feet automatically from Alessandro’s lariat that comes out of nowhere. Psyched that he finally has the upper hand after a bad start to the match, Alessandro becomes hyped and shows his excitement before remembering his opponent and turns to give him his attention as he watches Brenden picks himself up from the mat. Brenden makes it onto his feet only to be take down again by another lariat as Alessandro is fired up and stomps around the ring as if he’s just made a touchdown on the field. His celebration is cut short though as he turns around and is taken down by a spear from the awaiting Brenden. As Brenden pulls Alessandro to his feet, Alessandro thanks him before delivering a headbutt so hard that Brenden was probably mentally knocked back into the future. Brenden’s hand immediately flies to his forehead as he touches it, his eyes widen as if he’s in shock as he tries to stand but ends up falling back down into a seated position. Alessandro wonders if he’s given the poor man a concussion and instead of checking on his opponent, he swiftly plants a hand into his chest to shove him down on the mat and quickly goes for the cover with a kool aid smile on his face that the match was already over.

But unfortunately for Alessandro, Brenden wasn’t THAT out of it that he couldn’t kick out as the referee is only able to get to two. Frowning, Alessandro begins to pull on Brenden’s legs and seems so concentrated that he gives it away that he’s trying to go for a submission… he just can’t seem to decide on which one though and that gives Brenden the opportunity to sweep Alessandro’s feet so that he goes crashing to the mat while Brenden quickly gets to his feet. Brenden leans down to grab one of Alessandro’s feet and Alessandro begins kicking his feet like crazy, looking like a toddler throwing the most embarrassing tantrum in Wal-Mart ever. The wild kicking causing Brenden to lose his grip on Alessandro’s foot and goes stumbling back a few steps before he charges forward just in time for Alessandro to get to his feet. Alessandro is startled by Brenden rushing towards him and swings his arm in a panic, hitting Brenden in the face and causing him to go falling to the mat. Alessandro seems to be impressed by his defense skills when in a panic and reminds himself that he has a match to win so he snaps out of it and goes back to focusing on his opponent as he watches Brenden slowly getting to his feet. The two meet half way and begin throwing punches until Brenden gets the better of Alessandro and moves in for a jackhammer suplex. It’s starting to look good for Brenden in his head and his confidence grows even more as his eyes stay locked onto Alessandro, watching him get up and Brenden is only able to take but one step until Alessandro attacks out of nowhere with a kick to the gut. Hoisting him up on his shoulders, Alessandro takes a deep breath before dropping Brenden down onto his raised knee with Bedtime and goes for the cover immediately.

JOHNSON: ”Oooooooo SO CLOSE but Brenden has enough fight in him to withstand all that Alessandro has been throwing at him tonight.”
VASSA: ”Like that freakishly large fore- I mean, right, you’re right, Steve. Brenden is hanging in there and refusing to give up.”
JOHNSON: ”People call Alessandro many things but one thing that is definite about him is that he is relentless.”
Alessandro was a bit irritated that he’s pinned Brenden twice and he’s kicked out both times right at two. He promises himself that the next time he knocks his forehead into him that he’s sending him to Fred Flintstone’s doorstep. The aggravation begins to show in Alessandro’s movements and actions as he roughly jerks Brenden onto his feet and shoves him backwards in anger before going for a clothesline but Brenden ducks Alessandro’s arm and grabs him from behind with a quick full nelson slam that has Alessandro wondering what’s going on until it’s too late. Alessandro hits the mat and Brenden goes down with an elbow drop that Alessandro tries to roll away from but moves too late as Brenden’s elbow drives into his chest. Brenden goes for another elbow drop that is successful and finally satisfied, Brenden gives the crowd two thumbs up with a bright smile as his opponent glares at him from mat while starting to rise up to get onto his feet. Brenden believes he’s ready for the B-More Bomb but catches an elbow to the face from the advancing Alessandro who then goes for a spinebuster with a strong urge to pin Brenden afterwards but he decides against it.
Alessandro looks at the closest camera and does a dap with a smile and then does another, showboating it up before turning to start walking towards Brenden with a growing cocky smirk. He makes a grab for Brenden who struggles against Alessandro before he’s able to get out of his hold and pushes Brenden back enough to catch him off guard before Brenden jumps and dropkicks Alessandro right in the chest. Alessandro goes down and Brenden feels this match is his when he feels Alessandro touch his chest, confusing it for Alessandro being in pain when in fact Alessandro was touching his chest in shock that he actually dropkicked him. Triggered for some reason, Alessandro rises seething in anger and charges towards Brenden to take him down with a shoulder block. As soon as Brenden hits the mat, Alessandro begins stomping him repeatedly and mouthing off to him while the wide eyed referee watches on from the side. Alessandro finally ceases with the stomping as he walks away to pace back and forth while Brenden is struggling to get to his feet. Alessandro sees Brenden on his feet and impulsively charges him but Brenden dives right out of harms way in the nick of time.
VASSA: ”AQ definitely must have spent some time in the loony bin.”
JOHNSON: ”Alessandro seems to be acting out more impulsively now and no telling if this will help him secure the win or it will prove to aid in his downfall.”
VASSA: ”What you think, Stevie? You think ol money bags with a forehead the size of Thailand ever spent some time in the crazy house? I mean, I’ve always wondered but now I’m curious. What do you think?”
JOHNSON: ”Just because some wrestlers are a bit off does not mean that they have done time in an asylum, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Aw come on, saying he’s a bit off is a damn understatement and you know it.”
Of course Johnson ignores his partner and resumes his focus onto calling the match while a demented Alessandro is swinging on an evading Brenden but one of the punches finally catches Brenden right in the side of the face and causes him to stumble. Alessandro charges immediately once he sees Brenden stumble but Brenden ends up lifting a knee and catching Alessandro right in the midsection with it. But Alessandro is like the killer Roman Bridger in Scream 3 who keeps charging forward even while being shot at multiple times but doesn’t seem to go down. Brenden gives Alessandro more knees to the gut and even a couple of punches to the face but Alessandro has completely snapped or something because he won’t go down or even double over. At this point, Brenden feels that the best option at the moment is to simply get Alessandro away from him and he irish whips him towards the turnbuckle. He feels he is sort of out of the woods and notices that Alessandro is leaning into the turnbuckle and not moving so Brenden decides to make his move by heading over to grab for Alessandro’s arm to turn him around and pull him towards him. But Alessandro proves to have been faking and lunges for Brenden who ducks underneath his arms and runs for the ropes to bounce off of them and then ZIDANE HEADBUTT OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Brenden immediately goes down from the hard impact and isn’t moving as Alessandro covers Brenden for the third time tonight in hopes that this will be the final.

WINNER: Alessandro Quagliaterre via Pinfall (10:47)

Backstage Terrence Carter, whose match with Rylo Switzer earlier in the evening went unseen by all but the thirty or forty fans who were paying attention at the time, had his phone in his hands pointing it at the program that he had managed to purchase from one of the vendors after his match was over. While others might just sit back in their trailers and not talk to anyone, Terrence had decided to be a man of the people. Of course that might have been because they told him to change in the bathroom and didn’t give him his own personal space to relax in like all the white folk on the roster but that was another argument for another day.
CARTER: “You see this shit? They ain’t a damn black man or woman on commentary. Ain’t a damn black official either. Oh sure they say Laroy an official but has anyone ever actually seen that nigga? I bet this fat white bitch Perry Wallace probably just jacked that picture of Marlow right off of the website for The Wire. Don’t believe for one damn minute that a real person. Shit.”
Snapping a couple of pictures, Terrence continued to flip through the program casually.
CARTER: “Then they got Tiph back here runnin around sayin YESSA MASSA I’S BE HERE TA INTERVIEW ALL MY WHITE MASSA’S! YESSA! Man fuck all that noise. They got that nigga Mike Powers out there at the DJ booth. Shiiiiiiit. Wallace white ass probably think he Ice Cube. Ya feel me? This shit is out of hand. He be back here thinkin he doin something for the black man and the black woman because he give us a damn pay check.”
Rolling his eyes, he continued to flip through the program until he came to the page where Phoenix Quagliaterre’s picture is.
CARTER: “Phe ‘posed to be the one in the best position to make sure shit happen for folk like me but she think a damn gift basket with some bullshit in it all she gotta do. Don’t get me wrong when she done messin with that Korean piggly wiggly dick she can come get her back broke by ya boy, ya feel me? But till then she ain’t got shit for me neither ya know? Might as well just call her Phoenix Rooney Rule Quagliaterre.”
Walking past a garbage can he finally came to the close of the program, tossing it into the trash before continuing down the hallway.
CARTER: “Ain’t even got ya boy in that whole damn program but they sure as shit got Gordy. Wallace out here callin’ Bronx his son but you don’t even have to look that closely to see that Gordy look like Perry before he got that gastric bypass bullshit done. Can’t be puttin too many black folk in them shits though. Get above five percent and all them sponsors start gettin’ uncomfortable.”
Laughing to himself, Terrence shook his head.
CARTER: “Shit gonna get real uncomfortable soon. Phe can tow the line. Jair can be that nigga in Song of the South with the damn bluebird dancin around on his shoulders as he whistles on his break from pickin’ cotton. Powers can keep bein the shit version of Doctor Dre. But ya boy TC… he gon’ be out here preachin the truth. And they ain’t gonna be puttin a nigga in a dark match no more. This face gonna be on programs. It’s gonna be on them souvenir cups. Gonna be all over this damn company. Bet your ass.”
Shoving past the camera crew, Terrence continued along and out of sight as the scene cut elsewhere.

Due to technical difficulties and a PR mix-up, Alessandro Quagliaterre’s publicity team did not allow 4CW cameras full uncensored access to what happened in the tented VIP park area which was the supposed backstage area of the open air, Bayfront Park.
Following his victory over Brendan Morganson. Yes Brendan mOrGanSon NOT Brenden Morganson because that is an autistic way of pronouncing it.
Luckily a eye witness of a fan who snuck backstage reported the following claims that happened in the censored version of the shenanigans that occurred.
Alessandro got on the microphone and ranted about Tornado and his release from his imprisonment three days after Octane and how the law system is a farce. He went on to mention something about #BlackLivesMatter though this is merely speculation and cannot be confirmed due to 4CW cameras not having access to what occurred.
Alessandro then allegedly split a tree branch off a tree, and did some sort of metaphor that virtually no one got. Maybe he was a anti tree hugger, or he thought the tree looked like Torando Desencadenado. Who knows??? Some fans who could peer into the tented area were then heard shouting if Alessandro had dropped his last name yet as the petition now had even more signatures than before. Alessandro took great offence to this remark, and almost got into a altercation with the fans, before security intervened and brought him coffee. Alessandro then spat the coffee out when he realized it was a iced coffee. Alessandro only likes hot coffee. Alessandro then thought he saw Tornado at the back of his eye, got shook at the possible presence of El Tornado and ran away with the tree branch, straight into a tree like George of The Jungle. Minus a swinging rope and his lucky pants made out of shrubs and jungle leaves.
Many found this amusing, while EMTs rushed to check if Alessandro was alive. Luckily his massive forehead cushioned his fall, and took the brunt of the damage and Alessandro would live to fight another day.
Again this is all merely speculation, don’t take 4CW’s word for it, the fan was most likely drunk, and high. Something something 4:20 Gucci Gang. Peace.


Ana transitions from right leg to left as she lets off a barrage of kicks into Genie’s frame, backing her up as each kick causes Genie to take a step back until her back is against the ropes. Genie ends up catching the next kick but Ana jumps into the air as her free foot comes sailing through the air and catches Genie on the side of her skull. Genie ends up dropping Ana’s foot and Ana returns to her kicking assault until that final kick sends Genie to the mat. But as quickly as her butt touched the mat, she was back onto her feet in no time and side stepping Ana’s sudden rush forward before Genie starts up an assault of her own with punches leveled at Ana’s face. She ends up getting a few good hits in until Ana changes up the game and kicks Genie in the midsection to throw her off so that she could go for that fisherman DDT without any delay. Genie is quick with getting back onto her feet but Ana is quicker as bounces on the balls of her feet to take to the air to dropkick the advancing Genie.
Even Vassa agrees with Johnson that this is a hell of a match as they watch the two women battle it out until Genie gets the upper by going for a roundhouse kick and then following it up with an Alabama Slam that would have made Hardcore Holly proud. Oozing with confidence right now, Genie makes sure to stick to her strengths as she swings her fists again with making sure she’s packing more power behind them than before. Genie is getting the better of Ana and makes sure to step off to the side from time to time while striking to avoid any of Ana’s kicks, proving to be an effective strategy until Ana ends up dipping low to avoid a punch and drives an elbow into Genie’s stomach. The audience is deeply engrossed into the match as they watched the opponents trade blows once more until Ana put a pause on the kicking to go for a side slam backbreaker. Ana is leaning down to pull Genie by the arm when Genie gets to her knees and suddenly guns forward with driving her shoulder into Ana’s midsection and then rises up slightly only to grab Ana’s head and fall back to drive both of her knees into Ana’s face.
Ana’s on the mat and Genie is feeling it as she blows a kiss at the audience and shoots off a satisfied smile. She then focuses her attention on pulling Ana onto her feet and sending her to the ropes as Ana reaches back to hold onto the ropes once her back touches them, much to the chagrin of Genie who had a plan once Ana was supposed to come sprinting back towards her. Ana had a concentrated look about her as she kept her eyes on Genie and made sure to duck when Genie comes barreling towards her and ends up flipping over the top ropes. Genie holds onto the ropes tightly and is finding her footing with stepping back onto the apron but as soon as she does, here comes Ana with a dropkick that sends Genie off of the apron and down below to the ground. The referee starts up the count immediately as Ana jumps onto the turnbuckle and is about to float down with a diving crossbody but Genie is already sliding back into the ring. Ana just shrugs and instead takes to the air from there as she goes for the diving crossbody but Genie army rolls away and Ana catches nothing but air before hitting the mat.
Triumphantly, Genie stands to her feet and dusts herself off before heading towards the rising Ana who immediately goes for Genie’s shins with swift low kicks until Genie ended up stumbling backwards to avoid going down. Ana advances forward and catches Genie in the chin with a strong European Uppercut and then attacks Genie’s shins again until she falls down onto one knee. A glint appears in Ana’s eyes as she rushes forward for the Wolf Down and the way Genie’s head hits the mat has Ana going for the cover. Genie proves that the Wolf Down wasnt going to be her ending as her shoulder pops up at two and Ana rises to her feet. Genie stands to her feet just as Ana has came back from bouncing against the ropes and down goes Genie from a tilt-a-whirl headscissors as the always sprightly Ana was back on her feet in no time and ready to go. Ana takes off again as soon as Genie gets onto her feet but Genie is ready for her this time as she rushes forward herself and brings Ana down with flying clothesline. With no time to spare, Genie is on Ana and rocking her with punches that go on for a bit until Ana catches Genie in the face with an elbow to stop her assault.
After Genie has gotten off Ana and touches on her face where Ana’s elbow got her at, Ana begins to rise and is on all fours as Genie sees the perfect opportunity to strike. Genie’s sprinting forward and leaping into the air with that boot ready to drive into Ana’s skull with the Stiletto Kiss but Ana hurriedly was out of the way at the last second and quickly gets onto her feet. The match goes on as the two vigorously go at it as Genie is able to get in an eye rake in a split second when the referee isn’t able to see. Genie’s right leg goes flying in the air but Ana stops the roundhouse kick from happening by suddenly grabbing ahold of her active leg. Ana uses that leg to shove Genie back and dashes forward to take her down with a lariat as Genie goes down but certainly isn’t out as she begins to make it back onto her feet. Ana ducks Genie’s incoming clothesline and as soon as Genie turns around, Ana wastes no time going for a Northern Lights Suplex and when she decides she’s going to go for a pin, Genie is already rolling away but showing signs of not being as speedy as she had been earlier in the match. Ana bides her time and as soon as Genie is on her feet…. Ana’s sprinting forward and takes Genie down with She Was Only Seventeen and goes for the pin immediately afterwards to secure that one, two and three victory!
WINNER: Anastasia Hayden via Pinfall (10:35)

The shot cuts backstage where Kimitsu Zombie stands in her locker room alone. She stares at her door.
ZOMBIE: “In a few moments I’m going to go through this door and face off against one of my biggest challenges to date. The prize is the XTV Championship. I haven’t coveted this title for long but it means so much for me now. Winning it would mean validation and my chance to make my mark on 4CW once again. I have been on such a weird path here. I started out and quickly reached the top only to fall. Hard. This is my return into the big time. I talk a big game, but I know it has no real effect on people. So few believe in me after all the greats in 4CW defeated me. I still proved to myself what I am after I got right back up for the next one.”
Kimitsu walks up and pats the door.
ZOMBIE: “This is going to be one of the most brutal matches of my career because they can’t let me win. On one side we’ve got a birthday boy who has a lot to prove, just like me. There is a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Cyrus Riddle wants to be the devil incarnate. He tries to seduce the people to his cause by claiming to be the mind numbing innovator of violence. He is also a part of the Crooked Kingdom and they are looking to him to complete their domination of 4CW. He had big dreams for the belt and they got dashed when he lost it. Oh, and it was me that caused him to lose it. The other bitch in this match would like you all to think this was all her doing. She thinks she knows me so well.”
Kimitsu slams a fist on the door.
ZOMBIE: “OK… so Nurse Kinsley really did turn my life upside down and made me question what the fuck I really was. I found out in the end that I’m only a slave to my emotions and they drive me to act out. I did so when I slammed that chair onto Riddle’s head. Lucky for her, right? She hoped to unnerve Riddle as well and show him just how human he really is by messing with his daughter. He hasn’t acted on that yet. She wants to play like this big puppet master, but she doesn’t realize that I’m doing whatever the fuck I can to get close to her.
ZOMBIE: “I’m only a slave to my emotions. It started out with shame. Maybe she was right about everything I had being a sham only received through pity and cowardice. I went through it still and came out intact. I earned this name. Then after I burned through that in a couple of nights of abusing my mind with chemicals and alcohol there was only one thing left. It is the thing that has pushed me on and keeps me standing up after each and every failure. It is what has gotten me all my victories too. That is what Nurse Kinsley fails to calculate in her monstrous little mind. In the end, people always win over monsters because of their rage. That is what I will use to win this match and prove to everyone that I am still a force in this company. This has pissed me off and it is exactly what Kinsley wants. I will give them both a whole lot more than she bargained for. Fuck your mission, fuck your plans, fuck your cunt. There is only my rage and it will boil over into this match and I will be the next XTV Champion.”
Kimitsu opens the door and looks back into the camera.
ZOMBIE: “Not Riddle. Not Kinsley. Only Zombie.”



Changing scenery, the cameras cut across the park to the waterfront area where our next match will take place. Underneath the bright lights an abundance of delights await the upcoming match. We have some of the usual items such as barbed wire covered tables, light tubes, thumbtacks, a pane of glass, the typical things one would expect to see in this type of matchup. There’s also a plastic tub full of jellyfish and even a bed of jagged seashells. Those are what stick out the most at least. If there are any other goodies, we’ll find out as we go along, yeah? Not far at all from the display of misery, we find our combatants. Standing off on his own, Cyrus Riddle looks on from a shadow beneath a palm tree. Kimitsu Zombie not far from him awaits the beginning as she keeps her sights set on the XTV Champion. With the championship across her shoulder, Nurse Kinsley surveys the buffet of carnage. After the opening theatrics and hype for this ridiculous match, things finally begin to get underway.
Not long after the start, Kinsley stands in the middle of it all, welcoming both challengers with lights tubes in her hands. The night was finally here. Kimitsu Zombie would get the chance at revenge against Kinsley. Without any delay whatsoever, Kimitsu was rushing straight for her like a freight train. Once she is in range, Kinsley takes a swing at her head with one of the light tubes, only to hit nothing as Kimitsu ducks underneath it and steps in behind her. Spinning around, Kinsley throws her other arm up, aiming the second light tube at her head. One step ahead of Kinsley, Kimitsu ducks once again, stepping behind her. After two swings and both hitting nothing, Kinsley screams in frustration before spinning once more. She doesn’t take a blind swing this time, instead she faces Kimitsu completely before throwing both arms out to her side. Swinging in, she swings both light tubes towards Kimitsu’s head with all of her strength. Just when things look bad for Kimitsu, the light tubes explode into a cloud of broken pieces and dust. In the middle of it all, is Riddle’s head as Kimitsu dodged another bullet. Behind Kinsley now, Kimitsu hits her in the back with an elbow before wiping her out with a roundhouse to the back of the head. Kinsley goes down and in front of where she lays is Riddle, who is in a bit of a daze after the two light tubes. Leaping over Kinsley, Kimitsu locks her arm around Riddle’s head before turning to the side and falling back, driving Riddle’s head into the ground with a jumping DDT right beside Kinsley.
A few moments pass with Kimitsu unloading on Riddle with lightning fast lefts and rights. From behind, Kinsley hits her across the top of her back with a surfboard. Yes, a surfboard for all the huge waves right here in the bay. Regardless of the surfboard being out of place, it’s enough to knock Kimitsu off of Riddle and over to her side. Raising the surfboard up with both hands, she swings it awkwardly, probably because it’s bigger than she it, but connects with a shot to Kimitsu’s head as she rises to a knee. The blow to the head isn’t quite enough to put Kimitsu completely down, so Kinsley takes another awkward swing, cracking Kimitsu right across the side of the face with it and knocking her flat on her back. To her right, Kinsley notices Riddle slowly pushing himself up and as he fully stands, she steps in and jabs him in the stomach with the end of the board. Riddle lunges over and Kinsley drops the surfboard to the ground in front of him. Locking onto Riddle’s head with both hands, Kinsley drops down and slams him face first onto the surfboard with a sit-out facebuster. Riddle’s head bounces up from the board and knocks him up to his feet. He turns in the opposite direction and stumbles off, holding his face.
Back on her feet, Kinsley rushes in behind him, hitting him with a jumping Yakuza kick to the middle of his shoulder blades. Riddle stumbles forward even more before slamming stomach first into the side of a barbed wire covered table. Before he can even catch his breath, Kinsley is right behind him, grabbing his head and slamming him face down onto the barbed wire. As soon as his flesh touches the metal barbed, blood begins pouring from his forehead. Kinsley then slams his head down onto it once more before rolling him up onto the table. She quickly climbs to the top of the table before pulling Riddle’s bloodied body up from the barbed wire. Pulling his head between her legs, she wraps him around the waist as it setting up for a piledriver. As she goes to lift him up, Riddle digs down deep and lifts her up as he stands tall. With his arms wrapped around her thighs, he then slams her down onto the barbed wire and through the table with a spinebuster! Piece of wood fly in all directions as moans of agony shortly follow. Kinsley lies beneath Riddle, covered in barbed wire as well as her blood and Riddle’s.
As Riddle pushes himself up from the bloody mess beneath him, Kimitsu comes back into the picture, attacking him from behind with a quick punch to the back of the head. She then hits him again and again until knocking him into a bit of a daze and pulling him to his feet. Locked onto his head she drags him away from Kinsley and throws him forward, chest first into a palm tree. From behind she then kicks him in the ribs with her right foot, and then again to his opposite ribs with a left foot. Grabbing onto his head, she then slams it forward into the tree before spinning Riddle. As he spins around, Kimitsu swings for his head, throwing all of her weight behind it and missing as Riddle steps in behind her. She quickly spins around only to have Riddle’s foot coming straight for her stomach. Catch his leg before contact is made, Kimitsu then pulls him in and slams him into the tree with a dragon screw. Kimitsu then drags Riddle away from the tree by the foot before stopping at a pile of light tubes. She releases him and goes sorting through the pile for the perfect one. As she does, Riddle takes notice and after eating a mouth full of light tube earlier, he quickly pushed himself up to his feet. he hit Kimitsu over the back with a double axe-handle, forcing her to drop the light tube she had finally chosen. Grabbing ahold of her and locking in a full nelson, Riddle lifts her off her feet and throws her down onto the pile of light tubes with a full nelson slam!
The lights explode as shards of glass covered the area and a white cloud slowly dissipates. On her stomach, Kimitsu drags herself through the pile of broken glass, cutting herself while doing so. Walking behind her, slowly as if he were stalking her, Riddle keeps a close eye on Kimitsu as she crawls to what she feels as safety. Stepping down onto her ankle, Riddle stops her from crawling any further. He then reaches down and grabs ahold of her, pulling her towards him. As he begins lifting her up from the ground, he hears foot steps through the broken glass behind him. Before he can react, Kinsley is right behind him, hitting him over and over with rapid forearms and elbows. He releases Kimitsu and begins to turn to face Kinsley as she continues pounding away at him. He lunges forward, Grabbing ahold of Kinsley as she swings violently trying to keep him off of her. Just when Riddle thinks he has a firm hold on her, Kimitsu grabs his head, digging her fingernails into his flesh before dropping to her knees and pulling his head down into a jawbreaker! Riddle stands straight up after the impact and whips completely around. He stumbles in the opposite direction, seeing stars as Kinsley slowly gets back to her feet.
VASSA: ”I hope he didn’t bite his tongue off right there!”
JOHNSON: ”Well, I don’t see any blood or signs that he has.”
VASSA: ”Don’t see any blood?!?!”
JOHNSON: ”Coming from his mouth…”
VASSA: ”I was about to say! There’s blood smeared across the ground all over the place out there. Are you blind?!”
Riddle doesn’t get far before Kinsley is right there, grabbing his head from behind and walking him forward. Not far ahead of them sit the pane of glass and bed of crushed, jagged seashells. Stopping in front of the bed of shells, she steps in front of him before grabbing his head and dropping to one knee. Pulling him over her shoulder, she flips him to his back on top of the bed of seashells with a snapmare.
VASSA: ”I don’t even like walking on the beach barefoot. I can’t imagine the world of pain that Riddle’s in right now.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s definitely different, creative if you will. Still has no place being involved in a wrestling match but what do I know!”
Riddle grunts loudly in discomfort. Walking over to the pane of glass, she lifts one end up before dragging it over to a nearby steel barricade. Propping the end of the glass pane on top of the barricade, she elevates it for a terrible disaster that is almost guaranteed to follow at some point.
VASSA: ”What about that, Steve? Does a pane of glass belong in a wrestling match?”
JOHNSON: ”Absolutely not! I’m still having nightmares from watching the very first Seven Panes of Glass match in Twenty-Fifteen.”
Walking back over to Riddle, Kinsley stops at the side of the bed of seashells. She then begins stomping down onto Riddle over and over, each kick causing more and more discomfort to his back being pierced by the sharp edges of seashell. Rushing in out of nowhere, Kimitsu flies through the air, locking her arm around Kinsley’s head from behind. She pulls Kinsley body down onto Riddle, crushing him even more into the seashells before slamming her face onto the ground with a bulldog.
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, he’s going to have pieces of seashell embedded in his flesh after this thing is said and done.”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t even get me started on this being in a wrestling match.”
VASSA: ”It isn’t that bad. What’s the issue?”
JOHNSON: ”How much time you got buddy?”
Kimitsu then rolls Kinsley off of Riddle before dragging his bloody body across the seashells and off the bed completely. He rolls over to his stomach, exposing his multiple wounds and lacerations on his back. Pulling him up from the ground, Kimitsu then grabs him over to the waters edge before throwing him forward into the salty mixture. The salt on the fresh wounds doesn’t appear to be too comfortable for Riddle as he pushes himself up from the knee deep water. Kinsley is already back over to where Kimtsu is, pulling her up to one knee. Holding Kimitsu’s head with one hand, Kinsley swings down with her other, hitting Kimitsu over and over with quick punches. Pulling Kimitsu to her feet, Kinsley hits her once more for good measure before walking her over to the glass pane propped up on the barricade. Positioning herself and Kimitsu beside the glass pane, Kinsley bends kimitsu over and wraps both arms around her waist. Out of the water, Riddle rushes into the scene, hitting Kinsley over the top of the back with a forearm. He then steps in beside Kinsley and pulls her away from Kimitsu. Locking onto her, Riddle then drops Kinsley onto the top of the glass pane with a Russian leg sweep. The thick glass remains in tact, supporting both of their weights.
Back to his feet, Riddle then grabs Kimitsu and stands her up straight. As he holds onto Kimitsu, Kinsley pushes herself up from the table and grabs ahold of his shoulder, spinning him around to face her. She kicks him in the stomach as hard as she can, forcing him to buckle over. Stepping in to one side, Kinsley grabs ahold of him and on the other, Kimitsu grabs him. Working together, Kinsley and Kimitsu both lift Riddle up and over, dropping him down and through the glass table with a suplex! After breaking through the glass, Riddle crash lands to the hard ground beneath him that doesn’t give a bit. Kimitsu and Kinsley both race to their feet, standing at the same time. They look to Riddle who is down on the ground, covered in his blood and glass covering the ground all around them. It only takes a second for them to realize there’s someone else to worry about in this match. They quickly look to each other and before you know it, they’re throwing hands and going at it. While fighting with one another, they travel further and further away from the mess of glass covering the ground, leaving Riddle on the ground consumed in it.
Another barbed wire covered table comes into play as Kimitsu and Kinsley stumble into it while fighting amongst each other. Connecting with an elbow to Kinsley’s mouth, Kimitsu knocks her into a daze. She then grabs Kinsley and pulls her into two back to back knees to the stomach. Rolling Kinsley onto the top of the table and barbed wire, Kimitsu then begins dragging her back and forth across the top of the table. The barbed wire cuts into Kinsley’s flesh, which brings nothing but a huge smile to Kimitsu’s face. She knew she would get her revenge at one point or another, and this was a good start to accomplishing that. Climbing onto the table, Kimitsu then stands to her feet and pulls Kinsley up from the barbed wire. Lifting Kinsley onto her shoulders, Kimitsu then drops her onto the barbed wire and exploding through the table with a Samoan drop. The two lay there for a moment in a blood mess before Kimitsu rolls over and throws an arm across Kinsley’s body. Rushing in beside them as careful as possible, the official drops in with the count.

NO!!! Kinsley pops a shoulder up from the pile of debris, keeping the match alive. Kimitsu can’t believe it. She appears shocked for a few moments before finally snapping out of it. Standing to her feet, she begins stomping onto Kinsley. Kinsley tries her best to defend herself, but she more she moves, the more the barbs dig into her flesh. Pulling Kinsley up from the barbed wire pile of debris, Kimitsu locks in a side headlock and begins throwing fists into Kinsley’s head. Over and over, Kimitsu hits her, eventually knocking her down to her knees. Just when you though he was dead, Riddle stumbles into the picture, pulling Kimitsu away from Kinsley and pushing her away. Kimitsu regains her footing and as she looks back to Riddle, her eyes light up as he’s rushed in. Dropping his shoulder, he rams Kimitsu in the chest, knocking her backwards to the ground. Kimitsu rolls across the ground and Riddle follows. He passes by a bag of thumbtacks that somehow has made it this far into the match without being used. Grabbing the bag, he carries it with him over to where kimitsu has stopped. He begins pouring the thumbtacks onto the ground. Just when he turns his back to Kimitsu, she pops up from the ground and punches him in the kidney from behind. Riddle stumbles forward as his arms shoot out. He pours the other half of the bag of thumbtacks into the shallow tub filled with jellyfish. Lucky for him, he didn’t fall down into the nightmare below. Kimitsu then grabs his shoulder from behind, spinning him around. As he spins, Riddle throws his arm up and aims his elbow for her head. She ducks underneath it, stepping in behind him and now closest to the tub of jellyfish. Before Riddle can even turn around, Kimitsu grabs his groin from behind! Pulling Riddle in, she then grabs it with her other hand. Using all of her strength, she then lifts him off his feet and suplexes him into the tub of jellyfish and thumbtacks.
JOHNSON: ”The Ballsplex! Kimitsu just Ballsplexed Cyrus into a small tub filled with jellyfish!”
Riddle begins rolling back and forth quickly as the jellyfish sting him. He quickly crawls out of the tub, moaning and in a world of pain. A few thumbtacks are pierced into his flesh. At this point, the groin may be the least of his worries. Before Kimitsu can get to her feet, Kinsley is above her, kneeing her in the side of the head. She pulls kimitsu up and then pushes her to step into the tub of jellyfish. Kimitsu doesn’t fall down in the disaster below. She remains on her feet and spins around, throwing her arm wildly, hitting Kinsley across the cheek. Grabbing Kinsley, Kimitsu turns her around and then wraps both arms around her waist. Before kimitsu can lift her, Kinsley throws her arm back, smashing her elbow into Kimitsu’s face. Pulling Kimitsu’s arms from around her waist, she then reaches up with one arm and hooks Kimitsu’s head. Jumping up and flipping backwards over Kimitsu, Kinsley drops her with a sit-out Shiranui into the tub of jelly fish!
VASSA: ”This is just disgusting! Goddamn jellyfish!”
Kinsley then drags Kimitsu out of the tub and lays her against the ground. Before she can go for the pin, Riddle interrupts and slams both arms into Kinsley’s back. He then grabs her from behind and begins kneeing her sides over and over. While Riddle attacks, Kinsley doesn’t pull herself away from him. Instead she sneaks her arm up as Riddle continues assaulting her. Without him even knowing it she has him right where she wants him. Locking onto his head from underneath, She pops off her feet and into the air. Flipping backwards over Riddle, Kinsley then drops him onto a concrete walkway with another sit-out Shiranui!
VASSA: ”There it is again!”
JOHNSON: ”Another Sobredosis from Harlow!”
Rolling Riddle to his back, Kinsley makes the cover as the official rushes in with the count.

WINNER: Nurse Kinsley via Pinfall (17:51)

Views cut from the ringside after that match to go backstage where cameras catch Jair and his crew in motion behind the stage for tonight’s event. Serious expressions on all three faces as they turn a couple corners and make their way down the main stretch where trailers are seen before. One trailer larger than the rest sits off to the side which is where the trio are headed. Hopkins stopped and paused, as if taking a quick breath before stepping through the door, without a knock. Perry was behind his desk as he was in the middle of lighting one up since his significant other was nowhere to be seen in sight. He didn’t let their lack of discipline and interruption stop him. He steady worked to get it lit as he glared at the three.
WALLACE: “As you can see I am busy but what can I do for you Jahhh-Eaarrrrr!”
Jair rolled his eyes as he was in no mood for those games. Jair didn’t laugh as usual when his name got playfully botched. It forced Perry to take his interruption a bit more serious.
HOPKINS: “I’m not here for the games, Perry. I need a favor from you ASAP!”
Hopkins crept up more, placing his hands on the office desk.
WALLACE: “A favor you say? Well it isn’t the day of my daughters wedding but what can I do you for Jair? Anything for my Pride champ.”
Hopkins head lowered as Perry was still seeing this as a game. Hopkins turned around to his buddies, giving himself a quick refresh before turning back to Perry.
HOPKINS: “No, actually I need a match change. I know I’m up next but this won’t take long. I need you to make this a Dog Collar Match! I need you to get that in ASAP, Cool?”
Perry began laughing at Hops’ request for a match change, shaking his head.
WALLACE: “A dog collar match? Interesting. The Pride Championship has always been about showcasing pure wrestling at its finest.”
HOPKINS: “C’mon P! I never have asked for a favor since I been here. Literally my first. I don’t need this fool trying to play disappearing acts in the midst of getting his ass whipped. I need for this to be attached. Nowhere to run!”
Perry just shook his head, failing to give Hops what he want.
HOPKINS: “Fine!”
Jair dug into his pocket, pulling out his wallet before reaching in and pulling out a thick bundle of cash held with a rubber band, tossing it on the desk at Perry.
HOPKINS: “That’s three grand of favors right there! Dog Collar Match ASAP. Don’t act like you don’t want that fresh roll there.”
Perry examined the roll, stripping off the rubberband before casually scrolling through the 100 dollar bills that made up the three grand. Perry smirked before finally nodding.
WALLACE: “Typically I would turn down this request but given everything that you and Viduus have been through over the last couple of months, I would say that there is a lot of pride at stake in this match later tonight. What better way to take a man’s pride than putting a dog collar on him. I can dig it.”
Hopkins hearing Wallace’s response cause a wide smile as he nodded with thanks to his Boss for making the decision for the match to be changed. Hopkins turned and made his way out. Boogie instead was slow to follow back with Darron and Jair as he watched Perry continue in his smoke session.
BOOGIE: “Aye Bossman, you mind if I get like one puff of that right there? Yea? … No? That look on your face says a “No!” Okay, apologies!”
Darron had noticed and went back to snatch Boogie right at the doorway. Sitting back in his chair, Perry looks on for a moment before speaking to himself as things were taken to ringside.
WALLACE: “This shit ain’t even mine. Just found it on the ground behind the stage. Who am I to say no? Oh well, his loss.”

The South Beach Brawl feed cuts backstage and Gabriel Hartman greets the camera with a smile that stretches from ear to ear. The long tenured 4CW backstage reporter can barely contain his excitement, staring into the camera with the innocent joy of a child. He holds the microphone chest high and almost stutters on his words as he addresses the 4CW fans watching the feed.
HARTMAN: “Ladies and gentlemen… It is an absolute honor and privilege to introduce my guest at this time, the 4CW Champion, CHRIS MADISON!!”
The live audience at the Bayfront Park roars, breaking out a “Mad-i-son” chant that echoes loud enough for the feed to pick up the audio. Chris Madison steps into the picture, dressed for action, with Frankie Morrison standing by his side. Chris places his hands on the top of the main plate of the 4CW Championship that sat securely around his waist and grins as they give the fans their moment to be heard.
HARTMAN: “I still can’t believe it, Chris Madison, 4CW Champion!”
MADISON: “I know. Feels like it’s been a long time comin’.”
MORRISON: “It shouldn’t be all that surprising. As long as Chris has been in 4CW, he has been one of, if not, the best wrestler competing out there in that ring! This South Beach Brawl Cup tournament has been an uphill battle for Chris, coming off of some of his worst performances 4CW has witnessed. Yet, he persevered. He pushed himself and overcame some stiff competition, including perhaps two of the best 4CW has in Anastasia Hayden and former champion Bronx Valescence.”
HARTMAN: “A feat worth celebrating on its own. But there hasn’t been time to celebrate… Just two weeks removed from beating Bronx for the 4CW Championship in the semi-finals of the tournament and here you are, ready to defend against Dakota Smith in a Last Man Standing match!”
Chris smirks as he nods his head.
HARTMAN: “I know Retrograde was about two months ago, but it feels like we’ve taken a few steps backwards with this main event, revisiting a rivalry from almost two years ago!”
MADISON: “It’s really somethin’, isn’t it? With all of the talent this company has seen come through the doors since Omertà and Unstable, with Bronx practically keepin’ this place on lockdown, here we are… Dakota Smith and Chris Madison for the 4CW Championship… A couple of old dogs who just won’t go away.”
HARTMAN: “It’s a testament of who the two of you are as competitors! Last Man Standing, South Beach Brawl, this has really been Dakota’s stage. How do you feel you two match up and what should we expect out there?”
Morrison rolls his eyes, speaking loud and clear about what his client may be up against in his first title defense. Madison, on the other hand, casually answered the question as if it wasn’t all that big of a deal.
MADISON: “I know exactly what to expect when I go out there tonight. Dakota is a sick and twisted individual who’ll do anythin’ necessary to get the job done – and tonight, the rules allow it. Dakota always seems to run with a pack… There’s always extra hands layin’ around, ready and willin’ to help do his dirty work for him. Whether it’s soldiers followin’ their orders or brass protectin’ their investment, numbers are almost always in his favor. Tonight’s no different. Sure, I’ve got Mark to watch my back, but he’s one man… And there’s three other members of Crooked Kingdom who’d love for Dakota to walk out of Miami a two time 4CW Champion.”
HARTMAN: “So you think Crooked Kingdom will be a factor out there tonight?”
MADISON: “Call it a hunch… But the last we faced one on one, I said that Perry Wallace wasn’t goin’ to let it just play out. Low and behold, he found his way to the ring and tried to protect his golden boy… Might not be Wallace this time around, but for sure, Dakota won’t fight this battle alone – he knows it’s a battle he can’t win!”
As Hartman brought the microphone up to his mouth, Frankie Morrison interjected.
MORRISON: “If you don’t mind Gabe, I’m going to cut this interview short so that my client, the supposed golden boy of 4CW, can get himself mentally prepared to fight three hall of famers and Cyrus Riddle.”
Morrison places his arm around the back of Chris Madison and ushers him off screen as the feed cuts away.



After so many matches that left the audience of Bayfront Park in awe, it has come to the headliner. The 4CW Pride Champion, Jair Hopkins, will defend the belt against the former 4CW Extreme Champion, Viduus Morta, in what was announced earlier as a Dog Collar Match. This rivalry has been boiling out of the pot and its about a spill over Miami, Florida so the audience better prepare as the cameras kick over to Johnson and Vassa sat behind the announce table.
JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our headline match of the evening! The reigning, defending and hall of fame 4CW Pride Champion, Jair Hopkins, will defend the 4CW Pride Championship against Viduus Morta. To make it even more interesting, the match has been announced as a dog-collar match. The rules are simple. No disqualifications, no count-outs, falls must be in the ring but the two men will be chained together with dog collars around their necks.”
VASSA: ”This is hands down the most weirdest fucked up match in all of 4CW. What’s next? We gon’ have Anastasia Hayden and Kimitsu Zombie in a BDSM match? On the other hand, let me fucking beat my dick to that!”
JOHNSON: ”When it comes to Viduus Morta, he brings the absolute worst nightmares to the fight. Both men have been at each other’s throats week in and week out but the time for talk is over. Who will deep digger to prove that they can be just as ruthless and cruel to the other?! Because in this match, you need to unleash the inner demons if you want to walk out the next 4CW Pride Champion!”
VASSA: ”Spoken like a true old piece of shit! Let’s take it over to Powers for the match introductions!”
The camera transitions over to Powers who stands in the center of the ring with a microphone under his chin. He smiles and nods to the camera as production cues him to begin with it.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Headline Match of the evening! It is a Dog-Collar Match and it is for the 4CW Pride Championship!”

“Cry Little Sister” by G Tom Mac is the first entrance music to play around Bayfront Park indicating the challenger for the 4CW Pride Championship has arrived. A line of fire blazes across the stage for a mere moment until it disperses. Viduus Morta is seen on the stage center staring out to the fans who are booing him relentlessly as they are truly showing their love for Jair instead. The emotionless expression on his face sends an obvious message. Viduus didn’t come here for the fans in Miami, he came here to be the next 4CW Pride Champion as he marches down to the ring.

He continues his walk to the ring as his entrance music kicks up in tempo. The fans behind the barricades are persistent in their negative reactions but as before, Morta doesn’t break his tunnel vision. He knows the 4CW Pride Championship is the only thing that matters right now. Standing before the northern apron of the ring, the camera gets a close up on his face and a more detailed perspective of that emotionless facial gesture is seen to the entire world watching.
POWERS: ”Introducing first-”
Powers’ introduction stops as the camera zooms out showing Jair Hopkins appearing behind him before strapping the dog-collar around his neck from behind. The lights return to normal, the entrance music fades away letting the Miami audience explode in an extremely loud raucous cheers to see the Pride Champion ragdoll Viduus against the barricades. Jair runs into him sat down with his back against the barricade delivering a strong Knee Strike nearly busting his nose open.
The fans at ringside are enjoying Jair’s dastardly deeds. Viduus can’t even get a moment to recover as Jair drags him around the ring with the dog chain nearly choking Morta at ringside. The moment Morta stands up, Jair kicks him right in the ribs hunching him over then has a tight hold on the back of his head. He runs with Viduus in his grasp before turning his human flesh into an improvised battering ram forcing his opponent to collide into the steel steps causing it to tear off from each other.

JOHNSON: ”Jair Hopkins jumping Viduus Morta from behind and strapping the dog-collar on! This is exactly the type of action Jair told Viduus he was going to do. He warned Viduus that he would do absolutely ANYTHING to ensure he walks out of Miami still the 4CW Pride Champion and judging how he sent Viduus through the steel steps, he’s not lying!”

Jair slowly rolls Viduus into the ring before following in afterwards. He catches Viduus in his grasp before slapping his head a few times with some strong Forearm Shots to the head. A quick Twisting Neckbreaker causes Viduus to sit up coughing his lungs out due to the pressure of the dog collar chain around his neck. Jair floats over on top of his chest then goes for the first pin attempt of the match!

He kicks out and Viduus crawls down over to the nearest corner with Jair trailing behind him. He stands up and leans back on the turnbuckles before Jair unleashes with a Running Flying Forearm Smash blowing his head back completely. Before Viduus can react, he gets Snapmared onto the canvas due to Jair using the dog-collar chain to his advantage. Sat in front of the Pride Champion, Hopkins sits up on the top rope forcing Viduus to get back up before delivering a beautiful Missile Dropkick into his spine forcing him down on the canvas again!

VASSA: ”Missile Dropkick right down to Viduus’ back! This is fucking incredible! I’ve never seen Jair so pissed off that he legitimately is treating Viduus like complete dog-shit! Pun intended! Here is the pin attempt!”

Viduus slowly tries to roll out of the ring until he’s yanked on the apron. Jair follows after him then tries to pick him up from over the top rope until Morta wraps the chain around his fist then clocks Hopkins knocking him to the canvas. He enters the ring following him and as Hopkins stands up again, Morta takes the Pride Champion in his clutches then nearly blows his back out with a Half-Nelson Backbreaker! The champion tries crawling away on his hands and knees then suddenly, he gets whipped from the chain across his back!

VASSA: ”I fucking take it back! That psychotic mothafucka Viduus is enjoying this! I think the Dog-Collar Match made him more horny for destruction than ever.”
Viduus doesn’t go for the pin but he smiles watching Jair flop around like a fish. He rolls up the chain again and smacks him down in the back letting Jair try and roll out of the ring which he allows. Viduus and Jair are now at ringside where he slaps his opponent’s face off the announce table edge. Jair is trying to fight back but Viduus lands a strong Big Boot into the chin throwing him against the announce table. Pulling him with the chin, he just flips Jair into the collection of steel chairs letting his body become a battering ram returning the favor!

JOHNSON: ”Viduus Morta is showing exactly what he loves to do. This is a man who has risen from the ashes of pain, lived on hellbent destruction. The dog-collar match as some would say would probably give him the home field advantage. With the 4CW Pride Championship on the line, lets say he’s not going to stop until he gets the belt!”
Viduus starts walking around ringside dragging Jair who is tugging on the chain to not choke to death. He manages to roll Jair inside but hang his neck over the bottom rope then tug tighter on the chain legitimately trying to choke Hopkins to death before releasing him. Looking under the ring, he pulls out a steel chair and sets up a table in between the announce table and the apron then rolls into the ring with the steel chair in hand.

VASSA: ”Viduus is a sick fuck! I don’t see how a man who get off on pain unless he taking that long BDSM beating from a sexy ass hoe. Hey, do whatever makes you happy but it seems Jair is about to eat steel to fucking flesh!”
Viduus is slamming the steel chair on the canvas repeatedly and Miami is trying to warn Jair to be careful. Suddenly, Viduus charges into Jair who retaliates back with a Running Superkick into the steel chair knocking Viduus back who is dazed. Before Morta can get back into the match, Jair pulls him back into him using the dog chain then lifts him across his shoulders for a Samoan Drop in the center of the ring! He quickly lies on top of him and goes for the pin attempt!

JOHNSON: ”Running Superkick into the Steel Chair followed by a Samoan Drop! Jair Hopkins may be in a fight for his life but he’s using all the tools he has to win. Here is the pin attempt from the 4CW Pride Champion!”

Jair sits up and sees the chair beside him. He gets an idea so he takes the chair in his grasp, walks to the nearest corner and lodges the chair in between the turnbuckles. Viduus is standing on his right knee until eating a Shining Wizard putting him down on the canvas again. Now with Viduus crawling across the ring, Jair sits down on his back applying the Camel Clutch but pulling the chain inside his mouth. Miami gets off their feet cheering for the Pride Champion yanking the chain back with all his might!

JOHNSON: ”The Camel Clutch is applied and Jair is using that chain to his advantage. He’s not going to stop until Viduus taps out!”
Jair keeps pulling back as hard as he can and the referee leans in closer to see what will Viduus do. Morta manages to get on his hands and knees before lifting Jair on his back. He squashes Jair into the turnbuckles then walks forward into the center of the ring; Hopkins charges going for another attack until eating a powerful Lariat turning him inside out. He sees an opportunity then backs up into the opposing corner preparing for the Gore!

VASSA: ”Lariatoooooooooooooooooooooooo! The fucking Lariat and Jair nearly got broken in half! It’s incredible man! But now Viduus is in charge and he’s getting ready for the Soul Reaper!”
Jair slowly gets back up on his feet barely and Viduus bursts out the corner. At the last second, Hopkins skips to the side and pulls on the chain building more momentum for Viduus to dive head first through the steel chair bashing it out of the wedging. Laying there in between the turnbuckles like roadkill, Hopkins runs over to Viduus and pulls him into the center of the ring in the Suplex position before lifting him vertically upside down, spinning down to the canvas then slamming his face into the canvas with the signature, “Bread N’ Butter”, Spinning Reverse Facebuster!


Viduus kicks out at the very last second and Jair can’t believe it. He sits up on the mat clutching his head but he notices Morta rolling under the bottom rope to the apron. An opportunity arises as just when Jair manages to follow him, Viduus rolls onto the table and Jair looks to the left at the turnbuckles beside him. Miami is on their feet begging him to end the match and he marches over to the turnbuckles!

VASSA: ”Jair Hopkins must be out of his fucking mind if he thinks he’s gonna to commit to that! No, he’s actually going to do it! We’re going to see the OMFG!”
Just as he gets to the top turnbuckle, he positions himself carefully. Out of nowhere, Viduus slowly gets off the table and holds tightly on the chain as Jair stands tall upon the top rope. With all of his might, he pulls him back by the collar and Hopkins gets yanked down falling from the top rope crashing through the table at ringside. His body explodes the table into absolute pieces with wood flying everywhere; Miami screams in fear and awe as Viduus leans against the announce table cackling under his breath!

Viduus doesn’t waste any time dragging Jair who seems lifeless. He slowly has both himself and Jair in the ring before standing him up in the center. Having him back in the Reverse DDT with all the chain wrapped around Jair’s neck, he lifts him upside down before dropping backwards to complete the Reverse Bloody Sunday finishing move! In other words, Viduus Morta has successfully hit the Awakening before pinning Jair in the center of the ring!


“Cry Little Sister” by Tom G Mac officially replays around the arena as the Miami audience is left in awe. Viduus slowly gets up due to the referee’s assistance and removes the dog collar from around his neck. He receives the 4CW Pride Championship belt then raises it high in the air while slicing his thumb across his neck.

The camera focuses on a door of a trailer with a piece of lined paper taped onto it that has some writing on it. As the shot zooms in the writing can be clearly seen as “JAMES SHARK” scribbled in blue marker. The door then swings open and out comes James Shark himself on some crutches. Aside from hoping out of his trailer with the help of the crutches, he seems to be in pain in his facial expressions alone. On the side of his face there is a small bandage covering a cut that is bleeding over it. Once he notices the 4CW camera in front of him he changes his entire facial expression and flashes a huge smile.
SHARK: “Oh shit y’all can’t wait for me to say I told you so huh? I’d happily give all my haters the finger right now but then I’d fall on my side. That’s tough.”
James lets out a chuckle, though he is completely serious with his statement, he was really depending on these crutches to get out of the arena right now. His manager Olivia Quinzel comes out of the trailer behind him holding his stuff. As the cameraman follows the two of them, they don’t get far before a reporter with backstage credentials finds them.
QUINZEL: “Oh no..”
SHARK: “Oh yes.”
Olivia lets out an annoyed groan whereas James was all too excited to see the man approach them as he had a lot to say.
REPORTER: “James, hard earned victory earlier this evening in your 4cw debut against one of the oldest names in the company, Jason Cashe. What a surprise as you emerge as his mystery opponent and make your presence known here. First things first, how are you feeling?”
James looks at the reporter and raises his eyebrows.
SHARK: “How’s it look like I’m doin’ my guy? I can barely walk. I feel like Cashe mighta left his boot up my ass. Better yet, I think he broke his foot off in there. That nigga tough as shit. I’m feelin’ how I’m supposed to feel facing a dude like him. Whoooooooooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee that nigga serious.”
Shark shakes his head.
SHARK: “Mans need more credit. I don’t think it’s given to be honest. I know he smell worse than a mountain pile of my kid’s diapers and he look like he drink motor oil every morning, but shit. That’s a whole killer. I had to really dig deep in there. To be 100 with y’all, I wasn’t happy when I got the call to be his opponent, I wanted to avoid a war like this for my debut, I wanted to flatline him but I knew he was gonna make me question myself in there. I didn’t think my ass was ready, boy was I wrong. What you think? I was ready huh? Truth is I needed this. I needed him. It’s only gonna make me better next time. That’s scary for my next opponent. Might as well change their nickname to Sharkbait. Now what? He deserves more credit but y’all needa gimme mines. I don’t want to hear no shit from nobody.”
Now intensity flicker in Shark’s eyes as he looks down the end of the path like he’s got tunnel vision.
He yells out from the top of his lungs, gripping on the handle of the crutches hard. He’s fired up and despite the pain he’s feeling, he feels like turning around, going back to his trailer, resting for a bit and then getting back into the ring with anyone else.
REPORTER: “Anyone you’d like to face next?”
SHARK: “Everyone. Line em up one by one. Adrenaline, Octane, the jobbers, the Champions, I don’t give a fuck bruh. I’m comin’ for everybody head. James Shark is back. All these motherfuckers is in trouble. They in deep waters and they can’t swim. These pussies all pissing out blood now, you don’t bleed in Shark infested waters less you tryna die. I told Cashe if it was anyone else they’d have two choices. Which coffin they want and which cemetery they wanna be buried in. It’s time all these motherfuckers make that decision.”
Before the reporter could ask anything else, Olivia steps forward and puts her hand right on the lens, shoving the camera away from the two of them otherwise James would talk until he lost his voice.
QUINZEL: “Thank you!”
The two of them turn the corner and exit the park, the reporter turns towards the camera and lets out a short smile, shrugging his shoulders as the scene fades to black.



JOHNSON: ”Welcome back to ringside folks for our upcoming main event!”
VASSA: ”This isn’t just any old main event. This is THE main event at South Beach Brawl! This is the main event for the South Beach Brawl Cup! This is the main event with the 4CW Championship and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the line!”
JOHNSON: ”There is a lot at stake tonight for both the 4CW Champion, Chris Madison, and his first challenger, Dakota Smith. The 4CW Championship, two hundred and fifty large, and bragging rights for surviving this entire tournament which originally started with sixteen people.”
VASSA: ”Something about being out here in the open, underneath all of these lights and the scent of the ocean in the air just makes this experience complete. We’ve seen some wild things over the years at South Beach Brawl, tonight included, and I’m sure this main event will be no less.”
JOHNSON: ”With this being the finals of The Cup, I expect both Madison and Dakota to bring nothing less than one hundred and fifty percent!”
“Blood underneath my nails, I think I’m losing it
Dead hooker to my left, an upside down crucifix
Get my fix from fucking dead hoes and these opiates
Killin’ ’em all, I’ll never fall
I get a rush from stalking bad bitches
Collecting teeth and fingernails to add to my shrine
These voices in my head are telling me you have to die”

“Welcome to Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights in the park go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light throughout the area.
POWERS: ”LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! The following final South Beach Brawl Cup contest will be for the 4CW Championship and contested under Last Man Standing Rules!”
Dakota Smith pushes his way out of the curtain, a look of disgust, and anger on his scarred face. He doesn’t take anytime to stop at the top of the stage instead just marching down the ramp like a man on a mission. His face twitches in an annoyed fashion as he mumbles to himself under his breath. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he comes to a complete halt, standing motionless with his face turned to the ground. Dakota’s breaths start becoming heavy, and erratic – his whole body moving with each and every breath. Then right when he seemingly gets to his breaking point he lets out a blood curdling roar, slamming his fist across his chest and walking closer to the ring. He slams his fist down on the mat and distorts his head to the side, looking out over the audience like a psychopath waiting to see who stares him in the eyes.
POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring first, from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
Rolling in under the bottom rope Dakota plants his fists into the mat and pushes himself, the deranged almost animalistic snarl still firmly on his face. Dakota stalks back and forth in the ring, peering out into the audience once again until it sickens him. He jerks his face away from the audience and stares down the ref for a few moments, a devilish smile forming on his lips as he intimidates the official. A few soft chuckles slip out of Dakota as he slowly slinks back into his corner, his tongue slipping out of from behind his lips as he takes a seat in said corner.
POWERS: ”And the champion!”
The park’s lights dim to black as the opening guitar riffs to “War Machine” by KISS begin to screech over the P.A. system. The video screen lights up with visual static noise. Suddenly in the center of the screen a black handprint begins pulsating to the beat of the drum that has began to play. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and we see Chris Madison standing with his head bowed under a black towel, wearing an official licensed t-shirt that says, “Always Ready For War,” across the chest, with the 4CW Championship secured around his waist. He nods his head to the music and as the chorus breaks he rips the towel from his head and tosses it into the live audience, starting his way down the ramp toward the ring.
“Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine
Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall… He is the reigning 4CW Champion, ‘Mayhem’ CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison makes it to the base of the steps and places one foot down before scoping out the fans directly behind him by peering over his shoulder. He smirks as the live audience sings along to the entrance music and then marches up the steps and climbs through the ropes. He immediately leaps up onto the middle rope and faces out towards the crowd. He brings his fists up to his face and punches his jaw with each hand before shooting his arms out horizontally with his hands wide open, welcoming whatever challenge is coming his way. Madison hops backwards while unfastening the 4CW Championship, bouncing off of his feet and turns towards the center of the ring, raising his prized possession proudly over his head!
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a long journey for Madison to get into this position but I for one am stoked to have him as our 4CW Champion.”
VASSA: ”He had the streak in in his first run in 4CW, while the man standing across from him held the championship. This is a match that should have happened with the belt on the line a very long time ago.”
JOHNSON: ”Things just never seemed to line up right for Chris. Some people would blame that on Perry Wallace keeping him away from the 4CW Championship. They did meet in the ring once in singles competition, Dakota was the champion and Chris defeated him then.”
VASSA: ”Not long after Perry Wallace decided to stick his nose in the middle of things. Will we see Perry interfere tonight and help his old Omerta ally?”
JOHNSON: ”Don’t quote me on this but Perry Wallace is the least of anyone’s worries.”
VASSA: ”You’re probably right. More than likely he’s giving his undivided attention to his beautiful girlfriend, 4CW’s very own therapist.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s not why! There are bigger things to worry about than Perry Wallace. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but Crooked Kingdom has made it a point to interfere in the last couple pay-per-view main events. They’ve clearly set their sights on Chris Madison, as well as others. If there’s someone to worry about interfering, I’d say it’s the other three members that make up Crooked Kingdom alongside Dakota.”
VASSA: ”How long do you expect we have to wait until someone comes to assist Dakota? After all, this match is Last Man Standing and in my experience calling these things over the recent years, there haven’t been much in regards to rules.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s my point exactly! They can come to Dakota’s assistance without costing Dakota the match. This is exactly what they want!”
VASSA: ”It’s been a tough night for Crooked Kingdom. This is their last chance at earing a single win out of the four here tonight. That alone should have Chris looking over his shoulder at all times.”
As the official goes to Chris to take the 4CW Championship from him, Dakota has had enough and can no longer wait. Rushing in and shoving the official to the side, Dakota rips the championship from Chris’ hands before cracking him in the side of the head with it. Chris stumbles back and falls through the ropes, hitting the apron before rolling off and falling to the outside of the ring.
JOHNSON: ”So much for formalities…”
VASSA: ”What did you expect?! Dakota is hungry and this is his chance to get the one thing back that meant so much to him! HIS HEART!!!”
With a devilish grin on his face, Dakota turns to the official and hands him the 4CW Championship. The camera zooms in to read his lips as he says “I’ll be coming back for this later on.” The official then calls for the bell as Dakota dips through the ropes.

Madison pulls himself up using the side of the ring, the side of his head already covered in blood at the very start of the match. Just when Dakota drops down to the ground beside him, Chris unloads with a vicious right, clocking Dakota in the jaw and whipping his head to the side. Dakota swings his body back around, throwing a right hook for Madison’s head but swings and misses! Ducking underneath the haymaker, Madison shoots in and wraps Dakota’s legs up with both arms. Lifting him off his feet, Madison turns toward the canopy and stage where the announce team sits. Carry Dakota in the air, Madison slams him back first into the side of the stage before dropping him to his feet and unloading once again with rapid lefts and rights to Dakota’s body.
VASSA: ”I thought before we already had the best seat in the house being elevated on this stage but Madison just brought the action right to our doorstep!”
After hitting Dakota with half a dozen body blows, Madison locks onto Dakota’s arm and rips him away from the stage. He throws Dakota to the corner of the ring, head first into the outside of the ring post. Madison rushes in behind him and as Dakota’s head bounces off the ring post, he swings his body around and throws a right hook into Madison’s temple! The punch causes Madison to stagger backwards but as he regains his footing, Dakota is right there closing in. As Dakota lunges towards him, Madison ducks down and drives his shoulder into Dakota’s stomach. Wrapping him up, Madison lifts Dakota off his feet before slamming him down to his back. On top of Dakota, Madison swings down and connects with back to back rights. He then positions himself beside Dakota, grabbing ahold of him and holding him in place as he then begins ramming multiple knees into Dakota’s ribs.
JOHNSON: ”Throw wrestling out of the window! We have a brawl on our hands!”
Leaving Dakota in a world of pain, Madison stands to his feet and catches his breath for a short moment. He then pulls Dakota up from the ground and rolls him into the ring. Sliding in underneath the ropes, Madison enters the ring as well and stands to his feet. Crawling in the opposite direction, Dakota begins pushing himself up to his feet. Before he can stand, Madison is right there behind him. Grabbing Dakota by the head, Madison steps to the side of him and then delivers a solid knee to Dakota’s face, rolling him over and knocking him to his back. He quickly shakes it off and goes to get up only to have Madison grab ahold of him and assist him to his feet.
Turning Dakota around, Madison sets him up for a pump-handle slam and lifts him into the air. Slipping out of Madison’s hold, Dakota drops down to his feet. He grabs Madison’s shoulders from behind and pulls him down, slamming the middle of Madison’s back down onto his knee. Madison bounces off his knee and rolls off before falling face down to the ground. Taking a couple steps back, Dakota then steps in, kicking his foot forward as hard as he can and planting it into Madison’s ribcage. The force of the kick rolls him over to his back and before he can even think about his next move, Dakota steps down onto his throat. Dakota applies all of his weight onto that one leg, choking Madison. Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t be allowed but given the match stipulations, it’s fair game.
Madison’s face grows red from the lack of oxygen and just when you think he’s about to fade, Dakota pulls his foot away, allowing him to take a breath. Positioning himself beside Madison, Dakota squats down and wraps his hand around Madison’s throat. He begins choking him once again. Madison locks both hands on Dakota’s forearm, fighting to pry his hand away from his throat but it’s useless. Dakota’s grip never slips. He stares Madison in the eyes as his fight dies down by the second. Using all of his strength, Dakota then deadlifts Madison up from the ground as he stands tall. Taking a step forward, Dakota then chokeslams Madison in the center of the ring!
VASSA: ”I’ve always wondered what it’s like to look death in the eye as it has its hand wrapped around your throat.”
JOHNSON: ”Go ahead and make a joke about Dakota. I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.”
Jumping into the air, Dakota comes down on Madison’s chest with a double foot stomp. Bouncing off of Madison, Dakota runs to the ropes ahead of him. Bouncing off, he races back to the center of the ring before leaping forward and flipping through the air. He lands across Madison’s body with a senton and fluidly rolls back up to his feet. He continues running, hitting the opposite set of ropes and this time as he comes back, he slides feet first, planting both feet into the side of Madison’s head. After pushing himself to his feet, Dakota pulls Madison up from the mat and locks onto his head. Walking Madison to the edge of the ring, Dakota throws him forward and through the ropes. Grabbing the middle rope, Madison uses it to guide himself to landing on the apron. Madison begins pulling himself up using the ropes and just as he gets to one knee, Dakota leaps through the ropes and tackles Madison off of the apron and to the outside.
Madison absorbs the majority of the impact from the crash landing as Dakota rolls off of him and to his side. Standing tall, Dakota kicks Madison over and over in the ribs before locking onto his arm and pulling him to his feet. Still locked onto Madison’s wrist, Dakota then pulls him in and knocks him to his back with a short-arm clothesline. He still keeps a firm grip on Madison’s wrist, pulling him back to his feet once more. Now locking onto Madison’s head, Dakota drags him back over to the announcers booth stage and throws him head first into on of the posts holding up the roof.
Dakota then spots a camera filming nearby and looks directly into it. He quickly squats down and before you know it, the video feed cuts to nothing but static. The camera shot changes to that of another camera and in his hands, Dakota holds the cord from the camera that is no longer functioning. From behind, Dakota wraps the cord around Madison’s throat and begins choking him with it. While choking him, he slams Madison’s head forward into the post over and over. Now with the cord wrapped around Madison’s throat like a leash, Dakota wraps the other end around his fist before talking to the back of the stage. The structure holding up the roof is made of tubes of metal, which serve as a ladder for Dakota to begin climbing to the top.
VASSA: ”I can’t see what’s going on right now but it sounds like Dakota is climbing to the top.”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t the first time we’ve had someone on top of this thing during a match, and I’m sure it won’t be the last either.”
As Dakota climbs higher and higher, he pulls Madison behind him, leaving him no choice but to follow behind and climb as well. Now on top of the roof, Dakota stands by the edge, pulling up on the cord now with both hands. The cord tightens around Madison’s throat, leaving him no choice but to continue climbing higher and higher to create some slack in the cord to allow him to breath. Madison then grabs the top with both hands but before he can pull himself up, Dakota stomps down onto his right hand. Madison quickly pulls his hand away, not hanging from one hand. Looking to the other hand with a smile on his face, Dakota then stomps down onto it. Madison snatches his other hand away and falls from the side of the stage roof. Suddenly his descent comes to an abrupt stop as the cord tightens! Swinging back and forth, Madison hangs by his throat. He digs his fingers between the cord and his throat, pulling it as hard as he can to loosen the makeshift noose. Dakota then begins pulling up, one hand after the other, shortening the distance between he and Madison as he pulls Madison up.
Giving it one last pull, Dakota pulls Madison onto the top of the roof before falling backwards and releasing the cord. Rolling to his back, Madison pulls the cord from around his throat and breathes heavily for every breath of air. As he remains on his back, Dakota is now back on his feet. Slowly, Dakota walks back and forth, keeping a close eye on Madison and enjoying the sight of his struggling to breathe. He then pulls Madison up but as Madison gets to one knee, Dakota is completely taken off guard. Pushing forward, Madison drives his shoulder into Dakota’s stomach and begins pumping his feet, pushing Dakota backwards as it pushing a sled on the football field. They travel across the roof of the stage getting closer and closer to the edge on the other side. Dakota plants his foot just as the edge, using it to stop his backwards movement. Raising both hands into the air as high as he can, Dakota then swings down onto Madison’s back with a double axe-handle, knocking Madison back down to one knee. Madison begins swinging both arms, hitting Dakota in the sides with lefts and rights. Meanwhile, Dakota pulls him to his feet and then shoves Madison backwards a couple of steps. Dakota swings for Madison’s head, only to miss as Madison ducks and steps in behind him. Grabbing Dakota’s shoulder, Madison spins him around and locks onto his arm. Looking Dakota dead in the eye, Madison then pulls him in with all of his strength before stepping to the side and launching Dakota from the top of the roof.
VASSA: ”Holy shit, there goes Dakota!”
Dakota flies through the air and into the ring before hitting the mat on his shoulder and rolling a few times before coming to a stop.
JOHNSON: ”Oh my! Dakota could have broken his collar bone with that fall!”
VASSA: ”Lucky for him the ring isn’t too far from the stage or else a landing on the ground could have been a lot worse.”
Dakota slowly begins pushing himself up, struggling with every movement as the effects from the fall begin to settle in. Giving one last push, Dakota finally stands to his feet and at that same exact moment, the entire park begins to roar. Running along the top of the roof, Madison leaps off the edge, spinning around and flipping backwards through the air. The noise level completely dies as everyone watches in what now seems to be in slow motion. As gravity does its thing, Madison begins to descend but hits his mark, crashing into Dakota with a high jump moonsault from the top of the stage roof!
JOHNSON: ”Very rare do we see Madison go airborne but tonight he does in huge fashion, connecting with a moonsault from up above!”
Dakota slams against the canvas as Madison absorbs the crash as well, rolling to Dakota’s side. The two remain side by side on the mat for just a moment before Madison raises his arm into the air, as if signaling the crowd to erupt seeing that he is okay. Madison then pushes himself up to his feet, struggling to stand on his own two feel before falling into ropes that now support him. Dakota is out of it and so, the official begins the ten count.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

Still not moving, Dakota remains down as the official continues the count.
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

Looking on, Madison wraps his arm around his midsection which seems to be in pain from the fall from above.
“Seven! … Eight! … Nine!”

Just when you think this one is in the bag, Dakota awakens, rising up from the mat to an upright seated position. The park goes silent as Dakota proves once again that it is impossible to keep him down for good.

Before the official can finish the count, Dakota slams his fists into the mat and pushes himself up to his feet.
JOHNSON: ”Somehow… someway… Dakota is back to his feet ladies and gentlemen.”
VASSA: ”He’s proven time and time again that it is damn near impossible to put him down and keep him down.”
Although he’s up to his feet, he’s taken quite a bit of damage from the first initial fall from the top of the roof and then the impact from Madison crashing into him from up above. His body leans to the right, his right leg looking as if it were to give out on him at any moment. Like Madison, he holds his arm around his stomach and side. Pushing himself away from the ropes, Madison goes right back to work ,heading straight for Dakota. Grabbing Dakota’s head with his left hand, Madison then hits him with two back to back rights to the face, each forcing Dakota to take a step backwards. Lowering his arm, Madison then swings upward with all of his strength, hitting Dakota under the jaw with a European uppercut. Dakota’s body whips around and he stumbles forward before falling through the ropes and crashing to the ground outside of the ring.
In the ring, Madison keeps a close eye on Dakota, never once looking away from him. Dakota crawls away from the ring a few feet before forcing himself to stand. As he turns to face the ring, his eyes light up at the sight of Madison rushing towards the ropes and leaping through them. Flying through the air, Madison collides into Dakota with a suicide dive, taking them both to the ground. With Madison landing on top of him, Dakota absorbs all of the crash landing. Mounting himself on top of Dakota, Madison then begins unloading with right after right after right, slamming his fist into Dakota’s head. Standing to his feet, Madison then pulls Dakota up from the ground as well. Holding onto the back of Dakota’s head, Madison walks him around the ring before throwing him into the ring steps. Dakota crashes into them, knocking them over in the process. Pushing himself up to all fours, Dakota crawls away, pushing himself up while doing so.
Following behind, Madison then grabs Dakota and pulls him up. Keeping Dakota bent over, Madison then walks him close to the fans in the front row before throwing him forward into the steel barricade. Dakota turns his body, slamming his back against the barricade as he drapes his arms over the top of the barricade, keeping himself from falling back to the floor. Madison then charges in with a lifting knee aimed for Dakota’s face. Pulling his arms away from the barricade, Dakota drops to the ground just in time to dodge Madison’s knee, leaving nothing but steel barricade for his knee to slam against. Madison’s leg almost gives out from under him as he sets his foot down. He takes all of the weight off of it for a moment but while doing so, he gives Dakota just the right amount of time he needed to climb back to his feet. On the spot, Madison swings at Dakota’s head and almost falls as his leg nearly gives out from under him. Dakota ducks underneath it and counters with a low blow! Again, in this certain situation, the low blow is perfectly legal. Dakota then turns Madison around to face the ring. Wrapping him up from behind, Dakota then lifts Madison off his feet before slamming him into the barricade with a German suplex!
JOHNSON: ”There isn’t going to be anything left of either of them when this thing is all said and done!”
VASSA: ”This is for The Cup, two hundred and fifty grand, and the 4CW Championship. Do you really expect anything less?”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t and would never ask for less in a million years.”
VASSA: ”I don’t think you have another million left in you. You’re already old as dirt!”
Dakota pulls Madison up from ground and holds him up with both hands. Slamming his head forward, Dakota hits Madison right between the eyes with a headbutt that nearly knocks him unconscious. If it weren’t for Dakota still holding him, Madison would fall to the ground. Lifting Madison up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Dakota looks out over the crowd with hatred in his eyes. He then does the unthinkable and drops Madison back first onto the top of the barricade with a twisting Samoan drop!
JOHNSON: ”The Dovah Death Drop!”
VASSA: ”Jesus fucking Christ just break his back will you!”
Madison drops down from the barricade, smacking his face against the ground as he lands beside Dakota. Sitting upright, Dakota places his arms across his knees as he looks over to Madison with a grin from ear to ear. He then stands tall and shortly following, the official begins another ten count, this one against Madison.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

Dakota paces back and forth, twitching as he does. It’s almost as if The Butcher inside was eager to come out and play after being buried deep inside for so long.
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

Madison then begins to show signs of life as he raises his head. Dakota continues watching as Madison then begins to attempt pushing himself up.
“Seven! … Eight! … Ni–“

Realizing that Madison wasn’t going to stay down, Dakota stepped in and grabbed ahold of him, jerking him up from the ground and saving him from what could possibly have been a ten count.
JOHNSON: ”What is he doing?!”
VASSA: ”Madison was clearly getting up before the ten. No need in dragging it out any longer.”
Throwing Madison into the barricade, Dakota sent him up and over, rolling him into the crowd on the other side. The fans close by spread out, leaving the area open as Madison began to crawl away from the barricade. Climbing over the barricade, Dakota slowly followed behind Madison, keeping a safe distance between the two. As Madison continued to crawl, the crowd opened up a pathway which happened to lead to a concession stand not far away. Rushing in, Dakota pulled Madison up from the ground and then dragged him towards the concession standing. Slinging Madison forward as hard as he could, Dakota sent him crashing head first into the side of the concession stand. Kneeling beside him, Dakota then grabbed Madison’s head and began ramming it over and over into the side of the stand, leaving a huge dent where the impact was made. Pulling Madison up to his feet, Dakota then lifts him up and slammed him down onto the top of the stand. From one end to the other, Dakota dragged Madison across the top of the stand, over various hot items of food before sliding him over the side and down to the ground.
Madison rolled over to his back and shortly after, Dakota leaped over him, planting a foot on each side of his body. Swinging down with both arms wildly, Dakota began pounding away at Madison with vicious lefts and rights, some aimed at his head and others aimed at his body. He then pulled Madison to his feet once more but this time as Madison stood, he locked onto Dakota’s head with both hands and pulled it straight down onto his knee while popping it up. Dakota’s head bounced off Madison’s knee, standing him straight up. Ducking down, Madison wrapped Dakota up around the waist and then began driving him backwards a few steps before slamming his back into the concession stand. Positioning himself behind Dakota, Madison then turned him around to face him. Wrapping him up, Madison lifted Dakota off his feet before throwing him overhead with a T-bone suplex onto the top of the concession stand. Dakota rolled off to the other side, crashing once again to the ground.
Walking around the concession stand, Madison was looking for Dakota but to his surprise, Dakota was nowhere to be seen. He quickly began scanning the area, looking in every direction for Dakota. All of a sudden, Dakota popped up on the other side of the concession stand, unnoticed by Madison. He grabbed the stand and began rocking it back and forth, still unnoticed by Madison who was scanning the crowd looking for him. With one last push, Dakota tipped the stand over which then fell into Madison from behind. Luckily for Madison it didn’t fall completely on top of him but instead knocked him forward to the ground. Walking over to Madison, Dakota then pulled him up to his feet. Holding him in place, Dakota hit him with back to back headbutts before wrapping both arms around him. Powering down, Dakota lifted him off his feet and threw him over head with a belly to belly suplex on top of the fallen concession stand.
JOHNSON: ”I hope you weren’t planning on getting anything from there afterwards.”
VASSA: ”As a matter of fact I was because I found out that is the exact booth to get the most chili on a hotdog out of this entire park.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s unfortunate, it really is.”
Madison remained on his back on top of the concession stand. On his feet again, Dakota walked around to the other side and grabbed one of Madison’s feet. He then dragged Madison down from the concession stand and to the ground. Pulling Madison to his feet, Dakota kept him bent over while holding onto his head. He then headed straight for the ring, dragging Madison along for the ride. As the two approached the barricade, Dakota threw him forward, stomach first into it which caused Madison to flip over the top and spill out onto the other side. Madison crawled towards the ring as Dakota slowly climbed over the barricade. Just as he reached the halfway point, Madison’s movement came to a stop as Dakota grabbed his foot. Rolling over to his back, Madison pulled his knee from his other leg to his chest before kicking his leg straight and driving his foot into Dakota’s stomach. The force of the kick caused Dakota to release his foot as he fell backwards and crashed into the barricade.
Madison quickly began pushing himself up but it wasn’t long before Dakota was right back for more. With rapid right hands, Dakota rained down onto Madison’s head with punches. He then pulled Madison to his feet before lifting him up into the air. Stepping forward, Dakota slammed Madison’s back into the side of the ring before turning to the side and dropping Madison to his back with a sit-out spinebuster. Rolling away, Dakota pushed himself up as Madison remained down and the official began another ten count.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

Madison wasn’t moving much as the official continued and Dakota stood close by.
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

It was an unbelievable sight as Madison planted his hands on the ground and began to attempt pushing himself up.
“Seven! … Eight! … Nine!”

This time Dakota didn’t assist him. Instead he stood back, watching as the official counted closer to the ten mark.

Rising to his feet, Madison stood just a split second before the official shouted ten completely. Dakota then released a howling battle cry before running in and hitting Madison with a knee to the stomach. Grabbing him by the head, Dakota then rolled Madison back into the ring. Dakota then walked to the corner of the ring and climbed onto the apron before making his way to the top of the corner. Once at the top, Dakota stood over everything and watched as Madison slowly began to work his way back up to his feet. As Madison stood, he slowly turned to face the same corner where Dakota was. Leaping from the corner, Dakota flew through the air and into Madison with a crossbody! Madison didn’t go down, though. He caught Dakota in mid air before dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker!
JOHNSON: ”Madison’s still in it folks!”
VASSA: ”HOW?! He’s been pulverized nonstop up unto this point.”
As Dakota rolls off his knee and down to the mat, Madison falls backwards to the mat himself. He remains there for a few moments before rising back to his feet. Dakota rolls along the mat, holding his back before stopping at the ropes and using them to pull himself up. Rushing in, Madison takes a swing for Dakota but barely misses as Dakota ducks and steps away from the ropes. Dakota wraps both arms around his waist as if going for a German suplex but Madison quickly breaks his hold and spins completely around, positioning himself behind Dakota. Madison grabs ahold of Dakota with a rear waist lock, trapping one of his arms while doing so. Pulling Dakota by the wrist with all of his might, Madison spins Dakota around a complete circle before leveling him with a rolling elbow to the back of the head.
JOHNSON: ”And down goes Dakota!”
Dakota falls forward chest first into the corner before bouncing off and falling backwards to the mat. He lies motionless and right on queue, the official begins another ten count.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

VASSA: ”This isn’t me talking shit or making any kind of joke whatsoever but there’s no way that Dakota is getting up from that.”
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

JOHNSON: ”I mean really, how much more can either of these men withstand?”
“Seven! … Eight! … Ni–“

The entire park goes nuts as Dakota stretches his arm to the side and grabs ahold of the ropes. He then does the unthinkable and begins pulling himself up from the mat.
VASSA: ”You have your answer right there, Steve. Dakota just simply will not stay down.”
Madison can’t even believe his eyes as he watches Dakota rise from the dead. Madison limps over to Dakota and as he lunges towards him, Dakota counters and pulls him into a knee to the stomach instead. Holding onto Madison, Dakota gives him another headbutt, this time across the bridge of his nose! Blood begins pouring from Madison’s nose as he wobbles back and forth, only still standing because of Dakota holding him up. Dakota then hit him with back to back European uppercuts before lifting Madison off his feet and over one shoulder. Walking towards the corner, Dakota throws Madison forward, dropping him face first down onto the top turnbuckle. Madison stumbles backwards into Dakota’s arms. Wrapping Madison up from behind, Dakota then pulls Madison with him as he completely turns his body to where his back is facing the corner. Lifting Madison off his feet, Dakota then slams him into the corner with a German suplex.
Madison drops down to his head as his legs fold over him. On his feet again, Dakota paces back and forth. His body still twitches, his head whipping from side to side as he cracks his neck. The Butcher was at the door, pounding away at it to be set free. Dakota then went back at it, pulling Madison up from the mat and lifting him up to sit him on top of the corner. Climbing the corner, Dakota stood over Madison and began raining down with punch after punch while the crowd counted along with each one that landed.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven! … Eight! … Nine! … Ten!”

After connecting with the tenth punch, Dakota then grabbed Madison’s head with both hands. He squeezed as tightly as he could while holding it in place and bending over. Spreading his jaws, Dakota then bit down onto the top of Madison’s head, really sinking his teeth in and drawing blood. He kept his teeth pressed against Madison’s head for a few moments before ripping his mouth away. He spit a mouthful of blood out into the crowd as a grin stretched across his face from ear to ear. Blood covered the surrounding area of his mouth. The look in his eye was one that we haven’t seen in quite a while, it was that of The Butcher.
VASSA: ”I’ve seen that look time and time again and it never ends well for whoever is at the mercy of Dakota.”
JOHNSON: ”He has the look in his eye of The Butcher!”
VASSA: ”The look in his eye and now the taste of blood on his tongue!”
Dakota licks his lips, even tilting his head back as it savoring the blood on his taste buds. Ruining the moment for Dakota, Madison swings his right arm up, connecting with a stiff punch to Dakota’s jaw. He then swings again and again, hitting Dakota with back to back punches and bringing him back to reality. Before Dakota could even react, Madison then wraps both hands around Dakota’s head before pushing himself up to standing. He falls to the side over the ropes, pulling Dakota with him over the top as he curls his knees to his chest. As they fall to the outside, Madison’s back crashes against the apron, stopping his fall. Madison then pulls Dakota down face first onto his knees!
VASSA: ”We haven’t seen him pull that one out in a very long time!”
Dakota falls down to the ground below, crashing against it with a thud. On his back, Madison then slowly rolls off the apron and down to his feet to the ground. Dakota was out cold, or at least appeared that way. You never know when it comes to him. Either way, the official then began another ten count.
“One! … Two! … Three!”

JOHNSON: ”Chris Madison has pulled out all the stops here tonight. Is this last attempt going to be enough at putting Dakota down for good?”
“Four! … Five! … Six!”

VASSA: ”We’ve seen him use that Chaos Theory time and time again, but never off the top of the corner like that! He seriously put himself at risk just as much as Dakota.”
“Seven! … Eight! … Nine!”

JOHNSON: ”Still no movement from Dakota whatsoever.”
VASSA: ”Don’t count him out just yet!”

VASSA: ”Well then, never mind.”
Hearing the official reach ten, Madison then drops to his knees, unable to stand anymore. The official then calls for the bell are the entire crowd in Bayfront Park roar.

VASSA: ”And there you have it, our winner of the South Beach Brawl Cup!”
JOHNSON: ”The 4CW Championship… Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars… all his for the taking!”
The official steps in beside Madison and helps him up to his feet. Supporting most of Madison’s weight, the official then grabs his arm and raises it high into the air as the crowd grows even louder.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner of the South Beach Brawl Cup, AND STILL 4CW CHAMPION… CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
As soon as his name is heard throughout the park, Madison drops to his knees once again. Before he can even celebrate, things begin to stir in the crowd by the announcers stage.
VASSA: ”What the hell is that?!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know but something is taking place in the crowd to our lefts.”
Making his way through the crowd, Jason Cashe hops the barricade.
VASSA: ”It’s Jason Cashe!”
VASSA: ”Madison is in no condition to fight him right now. He’s going to get annihilated, at least what’s left of him after this war with Dakota.”
Security quickly rush down to ringside, creating a wall between Cashe and Madison who is still down beside Dakota. Cashe doesn’t attempt to bust through the barrier they created, instead he walks over to the stage and steps up onto it, beside the booth.
Shaking his head at Johnson who is yelling at him, Cashe turns his head and locks his sights on the 4CW Championship resting at the end of the booth. Before Steve can grab it, Cashe snatches it from the booth and then hops down from the stage. Hearing the commotion, Madison forces himself to his feet, only to see what’s going on. He was out of gas before this but after seeing it with his own eyes, he was now running on a full tank. He tried to break through the barrier of security but had no luck. Looking on, Cashe snickered at the sight. He then held up the championship and looked to it and then back to Madison. That’s when the toothless grin became visible as he smiled from ear to ear. Taking a few steps forward, Cashe then threw the championship as hard as he could out into the crowd of people. Immediately, members of security went after it. Dusting his hands, Cashe then pointed one last time to Madison before waving goodbye and hopping the barricade once more to only disappear in the sea of people. It wasn’t a good night for Crooked Kingdom. They didn’t come away with a single win, but this could be considered a small victory for them at least.
VASSA: ”He just threw the championship into the crowd.”
VASSA: ”Once again he has ruined another ending to a remarkable match in a pay-per-view main event.”
JOHNSON: ”This is growing old real quick. 4CW needs to band together and stand up to these men!”
Madison is furious, fighting to break through the barrier of security and go after Cashe. Unfortunately for him he’s outnumbered and having no luck whatsoever. After a few moments, a member of security returns from the crowd after retrieving the 4CW Championship. He hands it to Madison which seems to calm him down slightly, but no where near extinguishing the rage flowing throughout him.
JOHNSON: ”At least the 4CW Championship has made it back into the hands of its rightful owner.”
VASSA: ”Madison fought hard to earn that belt, and even harder to retain here tonight. It would have been a shame if that belt was lost forever.”
JOHNSON: ”I meant what I said. The locker room needs to unite and stand against Crooked Kingdom or this is never going to end.”
Holding the championship snug against his chest, Madison finally takes a moment to savor the hard fought victory. With things seeming to have calmed down at ringside, a chant then breaks out through the crowd.

He finally hoists the championship high above his head, showing off his prize to the Miami crowd. “War Machine” then begins playing over the park as Madison embraces the cheers from the crowd, taking in every single second of this moment.
JOHNSON: ”And there you have it, the South Beach Brawl Cup has finally come to an end.”
VASSA: ”It was a wild ride for all of those involved but in the end, only one of sixteen people were destined to live in this moment. Chris Madison worked hard to get here after his return began with a rocky start.”
JOHNSON: ”From round one to tonight, we showed us all exactly why he deserves to hold that championship. It’s been a long time coming, but he’s finally here.”
VASSA: ”And we all know what happens next!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s that?”
VASSA: ”Ante Up, his next defense that towers the one here tonight. Three other men and himself inside of the ring for sixty minutes, most pinfalls win!”
JOHNSON: ”Ante Up is right around the corner and now that South Beach Brawl is over with, our journey to Las Vegas begins for 4CW’s biggest show of the year!”
VASSA: ”The level of competition in 4CW is superior by far. There’s no doubt about that. I for one can’t wait to see who advances from the qualifying rounds and meets that man right there in the Ante Up main event.”
JOHNSON: ”And that’s our show ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a wild night but the fun and games have finally come to an end.”
JOHNSON: ”More like it’s time to go to bed.”
VASSA: ”Maybe for you old timer but I’m about to get wild here tonight. The after party never fails following South Beach Brawl. We’re gonna be out here partying until the sun rises!”
JOHNSON: ”So there you have it folks, we’ll see you in two weeks at Adrenaline as we head back to our home territory for Adrenaline Eighty-Four, live from the Pepsi Arena in Denver, Colorado!”
VASSA: ”I’m gonna smoke so much weed there you folks are gonna think I’m sweetie!”
JOHNSON: ”Okay… Anyways! Thank you all for joining us here tonight. It’s always a pleasure to be able to call the best action in a wrestling ring for you fans. From 4Cw, we’ll see you all in two weeks. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! LET’s PARTY!!!”
Despite the interruption not long ago, Madison is in another world now as he soaks in the cheers and celebration from the crowd. With the 4CW Championship held over his shoulder, he raises his other arm above his head. The chants continue as Madison embraces it, the camera focuses on his as the picture slowly begins to fade out.