OCTANE E20 (147)



The picture opens up to a crowd of people standing outside in front of an unknown building. The camera turns a complete circle, taking in the sights which instantly give away the location as being Las Vegas, Nevada. In front of nothing but glass windows and a large set of glass doors, a podium stands at the top of a set of steps. A 4CW blue rope blocks off the top of the steps, closing off the area behind the podium to those without access. Who does have access? That would be our hosts for this grand event. Sepping up to the podium, Perry Wallace is welcomed with clapping. More than likely they weren’t applauding him, but the nature of this special event. After clearing his throat, Perry leans in, addressing the Las Vegas crowd.
WALLACE: ”I want to thank you all for joining us here today for the grand opening of 4CW’s newest facility. The home of Octane and also the practice facility for the hometown team, the Sin City Sabres.”
The cheering from the crowd grows louder as there are both 4CW and LFL fans throughout the mixture of people.
WALLACE: ”Las Vegas is a very special city to 4CW. We come here each and every summer for Ante Up. Las Vegas is home to 4CW Headquarters as well as the Sin City Sabres. It only felt right with making the decision to move Octane out here on a permanent basis. This city has welcomed 4CW and myself with open arms and it is a pleasure to stand here today for this grand opening of Elysian.”
He pauses for a moment, giving the crowd a moment to applaud before slowly turning and directing everyone’s attention to a blue ribbon stretched from one end of the area to the other behind the podium.
WALLACE: ”Today we cut the ribbon, officially opening Elysian for business. And there’s only one person that comes to mind when I think of the ribbon cutting.”
Stepping towards the podium with a cocky step, Phoenix Quagliaterre swoops her hair over her shoulders and stands beside Perry to beam at the cameras with a proud smile as she turns to look the building up and down with her smile stretching out even more before she turns to address the many people she hoped didn’t liter on her property.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”I came bearing changes when I first signed onto the company and I have been delivering. Look at this….. GORGEOUS building that will house not only the Sin City Sabres but my lovely Octane stars as well. Just.. look at it”
Phoenix becomes so caught up in checking out the building again that she gets distracted over admiring it too much to the point that Dr. Patton clears her throat rather loudly off camera and off to the side to get Phoenix to snap out of her trance. With a brief roll of her eyes, Phoenix gives the cameramen and the people in attendance her full attention again.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”With the back, i wanted a coliseum feel and i feel that my fellow Sabres will really enjoy the field that’s out in the back. I honestly feel like I’m at home now just being here and I haven’t even stepped inside yet. I can’t wait for my lovely superstars to see the inside of it… I worked so hard with even making sure their locker rooms had their own personal feel to it.”
Giving her a round of applause, Perry steps up to the podium and turns his attention to Phe..
WALLACE: ”I would also like to take this time to wish someone a very special happy birthday. I told you that I had a gift for you. Well, I’m going to let you do the honors and announce the number one contender for the Octane Championship and who will challenge Kaz Bonham at Ante Up right here in Las Vegas!”
The crowd cheers before Perry quickly interrupts them.
WALLACE: ”Not exactly right here, but in Las Vegas, at a different venue. A larger venue of course.”
Snapping his fingers, Perry looks to Phe and cocks his head to the side.
Phoenix cuts her eyes at him, still holding onto that grudge of going a whole ten days without therapy.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Look here, don’t make me cause a scene… Now back to you lovely people who probably love this building as much as I do! Perry and I had a few choices on who would be next to face our extraordinary Octane Champion who has definitely been making me proud with representing the company so well. To call her a great champion is an understatement, Kaz is truly one of the best. Now the person we decided to go with has been working endlessly to continue moving forward after they lost their championship a while back and had made us proud with the many title defenses that they were able to have. Someone I believe deserves the opportunity and although Perry likes to be an ass to them, he had also thrown his name into the hat as well so it was easy to agree upon him. And so with that being said, the number one contender for the Octane Championship is…. Americaaaan Tommy!!!”
Perry yells as he claps his hands wildly, drawing a bit of a concerned look from those in attendance.
WALLACE: ”American Tommy and Kaz Bonham at Ante Up for the Octane Championship. Tell ‘em Phe! Right here in Las Vegas. Woo!”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Call him Feets one more time and see what happens….”
WALLACE: ”Thomas Paisano. Now, are you ready to cut this ribbon and officially open this place up for business?”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Yes and then I’m going to talk to my therapist about how she needs to have those Thursday bible study nights with Rev.”
Flicks hair sarcastically before turning to take the huge pair of scissors being handed to her as her eyes light up with excitement that it was finally about to happen, inching a bit closer and slowly cuts the ribbon as the crowd becomes audible with loud screams and cheers.

Fans are heard cheering as the picture opens to nothing but darkness. A drum is then heard slowly echoing throughout the arena over and over until the pace picks up and guitars begin to sound as well. “Spit Out The Bone” by Metallica plays over the black screen as blue lasers begin to travel across the picture. The lights then come to life to what is a full house in Octane’s new home featured in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sounds of the crowd rise as the guitars thrash, bringing everything to life as fire erupts from the ring posts. The camera pans the crowd, taking in the sights of Octane’s new home, as well as some of the signs held throughout the mixture of people.

The camera then circles the ring, stopping at a clear shot of the announcers booth where another surprise awaits. Behind the booth is no one other than Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa, 4CW’s veteran commentary team. Typically folks would have to tune into Adrenaline or a pay-per-view to listen to these two talk all night but changes were promised with Octane’s move and rebranding.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW’s Octane! I’m your host, well new host, Steve Johnson and I believe you all know the man sitting beside me.”
VASSA: ”It damn sure isn’t Joe Lawson, that’s for sure!”
JOHNSON: ”No it is not. Vinny Vassa ladies and gentlemen!”
VASSA: ”Although I wouldn’t mind Rachel Taylor being at ringside with me instead of you Steve, but they never ask me what I want.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s it for introductions. Now I know a lot of you watching are thinking to yourself, asking yourself what exactly are we doing here. Yes, it is Friday night and we are here live tonight for Octane in Las Vegas, Nevada. As you all ma–“
VASSA: ”Look it folks! Let’s just say that the former team just weren’t up to snuff. So they sent in the A-Team to give you all watching from home the same experience at the booth that Adrenaline is known for. Plus it was a free trip to Vegas every other week and I just couldn’t turn down that offer. So here we are.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not completely wrong, you all will be seeing more of us in the future.”
VASSA: ”Both on Adrenaline and Octane from here on out.”
JOHNSON: ”As you all may have noticed, Octane has a new home now. A new facility to feature the Octane action each and every show.”
VASSA: ”You can also find the Sin City Sabres here throughout the week practicing. Another reason why I even agreed to taking on even more of a workload.”
JOHNSON: ”Okay… So, you ready to jump into the lineup for the evening?”
VASSA: ”That’s a big negative. I have no idea what the hell has been going on down here.”
JOHNSON: ”Well alrighty then and on that note, there’s no need in us even wasting the time. Let’s get right down to it!”
VASSA: ”Drinks are on me!”



Rey was already bursting with energy by the time the bell rang and took off so fast that you’d think she had wings embedded into her back. Magdalena wasn’t ready when Rey laid that shotgun dropkick on her that had Magdalena’s head snap back while she fell to the mat. Magdalena stands to her feet and here Rey goes with another quick dropkick to knock her back down. Far fro discouraged. Magdalena just brushes herself right off and stands to her feet, quick to take a few steps back and then to the side to avoid a third dropkick that never came. The two met half way and begin throwing punches that had the audience all hyped up and rooting them on as if they were watching an epic fight video on Worldstar. These weren’t none of those girly punches that females who were more slappers than punchers threw, nah, they were really throwing hands and trying to take the other person’s head off with how much they were really putting power behind the punches like they were on a mission to KO the other. Rey ends up forcing Magdalena back with a quick swift right and then stepping forwards rapidly for an attack until Magdalena stopped her with a sudden kick to the abdomen.
And that’s when Magdalena returned backing to swinging, making sure that each punch struck Rey hard to any part of her face that her fists landed at while Rey trying to meet blow to blow but ended up having to raise her arms to block the punches. But Magdalena wasn’t backing down and Rey had to take alot of steps back to put room between her and Magdalena and then when Magdalena tried to rush forward, Rey’s arms reach out to grab Magdalena out of nowhere for a sitout jawbreaker. Magdalena rises and Rey is running forward and has Magdalena taste her elbow from the back elbow smash that Magdalena is met with and Rey watches as Magdalena quickly gets control over her footing so that she doesn’t go down to the mat. Four minutes easily go by with Rey endlessly putting the paws on Magdalena until Magdalena’s head finds the turnbuckle post from a Running Wrap-Around Waistlock Toss in which Rey quickly goes for the pin once Magdalena touches the mat.


Rey is definitely pleased to be getting the first pin fall and is hopeful that she will be getting the only pin falls in the match. But if push comes to shove and Magdalena ends up pinning her, Rey’s goal would be to make sure that she got at least one more pin over Magdalena to be declared the winner once the timer runs out. Magdalena definitely wasn’t pleased over the pin and it shows in her actions where she doesn’t get too wild but she does strike alot quicker and harder than she had initially at the start of the match. Rey yearned to make Magdalena eat defeat and tried to move as fast as Magdalena was doing but Magdalena’s foot steps suddenly turned a bit unorthodox to the point where Rey couldn’t get a read on where Magdalena would step or go next. Magdalena used that to her advantage with faking left and then taking a quick step back only to lunge forward with an forearm strike that sent Rey a few steps back. Magdalena went for the unorthodox footwork a second time, trying to confuse Rey again but this time Rey didn’t spend too much time trying to figure out where Magdalena would go and instead focused on where she was going to make her end up… on the mat as Rey throws a few lethal blows aiming everywhere and making it difficult for Magdalena to avoid the wild strikes that she ends up eventually caught up in.
Magdalena steps back until her back touches the ropes and pressing against them, she springs forward towards Rey who also sprints forward and ends up attacking first with a bicycle knee. Magdalena begins throwing those hands again and Rey begins to do the same until Rey’s punches break through and start catching Magdalena to the face to the point Magdalena blocks the blows for a bit and then rushes forward to flip Rey over with a take down. Magdalena stands and Rey rises onto her knees and begins targeting Magdalena’s abdomen with a few well placed blows before Rey jolts up onto her feet with an uppercut to go along with it as if she were Ryu and Magdalena was Akuma. Just like that, Rey was back in business and no longer taking Magdalena’s ish as she went for a stiff bridging suplex and was slightly annoyed at the way Magdalena squirmed to the point where Rey lost her grip on her afterwards. Thinking she was out of the woods, Magdalena took one step and that was all she was allowed to take when Rey attacked with a vengeance and wouldn’t allow Magdalena to get one single blow in. Lights out once Rey was able to go for the TGR and she looks for the referee before pinning Magdalena, hoping for another successful pinfall.


With two pins under her belt and knowing that the time was ticking down closer and closer to the end of the match, Rey already knew she had to of had this in the bag. Although anything could happen and Magdalena could very well get a few over on her in an instant with some roll up pins, Rey just had a feeling that tonight would be her night and Magdalena wouldn’t be so lucky. Magdalena struck Rey’s face and when going for a second strike, Magdalena faked it and instead grabbed Rey’s wrist to irish whip her to the ropes. Magdalena really didn’t have a gameplan at this moment but that she was determined to win and although it showed in her actions as she went for bigger moves to try to put down Rey harder to try to get a good pin, Rey just wasn’t going for it and was able to kick out at two during the pin Magdalena was finally able to get her down for. Both knew that the time was drawing to an end and they really kicked it up into gear with Magdalena going even harder with knowing that she had no pin falls currently but unfortunately for her, there was just not enough time left to get one.


WINNER: Rey Loko

The cameras pan a bit before finding their target in a chair bound “Gifted” DeMarcus Gresham who has begun his pre match ritual in the middle of the backstage area of the new Las Vegas facility. No, he’s not in the middle of the hall or anything. Just odd to see a man to the side just about full gear other than his boots playing…chess. As the camera zooms in if your wondering where is his opposition, there’s none present. He’s playing…against himself. The whole setup up, travel set, the two folding chairs, even the timekeeper he clicks on the side before moving to the other chair and playing the other side. Stagehands and others walk past him looking at him like he’s completely lost his mind but he’s so entranced in the current battle against himself he doesn’t care. Although his eyebrows jump slightly seeing the camera approaching he sighs before clicking the time and getting up toward the other side.
GRESHAM: “There’s something to say about a man willing to allow his woman to speak for him. Do not get me wrong I am all for women’s empowerment and the movement. We all come from woman. The seed of life is in woman.”
He clicks the timer before moving to the other side thinking a while this time looking at the chessboard.
GRESHAM: “Yet, there are times where it is said ‘Boys will be boys’ or ‘Allow a man to be a man.’ My opponent after numerous times of addressing others without fail allows a woman to address me as if I am beneath him. As if, I have even lesser value than those around me. That…just will not do.”
He seems to touch a bishop but doesn’t play on it pausing and looking back at the board, analyzing.
GRESHAM: “This random woman who I am sure young Marksman will place importance on just for this week. I think he tweeted publicist right? Perhaps this bottom bit—”
He abruptly sighs to himself heavily disappointed. Turning to the side Gresham struggles a bit before he pulls a $100 dollar bill from his sportsman’s jacket and looking up at the sky while raising it in the air.
GRESHAM: “My apologies father, I will add it to the swear jar.”
He places the bill in his shoe before focusing back on his personal chess match.
GRESHAM: “Perhaps this loyal employee has the keys to this mindset. She spoke as if she truly knows Gifted. Allow me to enlighten her just before I enlighten her boss about how this truly plays out. A bit more about who I am for they have it far and away misconstrued. I am a smart man yes. A gifted man. An enlightened man. Yet, never have I played the part of Icarus. I simply know who I am and I am quite comfortable within it. A trait many have shown jealousy toward. Case and point, this repetitive thought of this being my last match. Interesting considering I have no inkling or need to leave the place where I will be challenged. Nor will a loss eradicate me. This is a true warriors pit of professional wrestling. Why would a determined man such as I tuck tail and run once I’ve found the promised land? Such rubbish, completely unfounded. What was her name — Claudia?”
He finally makes his move. Click. The frontal view of the camera suiting well with all his movement making it easy for him to stay in view constantly.
GRESHAM: “How about this since you speak for the claptrap boozehound — how about you come wrestle for him especially considering he should be about 4 bottles and 3 lines in right about now? Give him the time to sober up while I’m making light work of you. Then he can come on down as the next contestant of ‘The Price of Enlightenment’ because I know how much you enjoy my tagline — and he can get his head kicked in as well? All for equal opportunity.”
Makes his move finally before rising up but this time not heading to the other chair. He keeps his body in front of the camera as the view quickly zooms out due to his large frame.
GRESHAM: “KWI closed like a factory in Detroit. Walk to the entrance and the chains were on the doors. A training school — hear that right before you speak again woman, training school needs funding it no longer had it. When I leave Pride Pro it changes — constantly, and NOT for the better — closed up and was bought out by another. White men strike again I suppose. HKW, well in due time. Ironically only a matter of months AFTER I leave. Where is the blame game when once I leave the climate changes immensely? I am a foundational piece of these puzzles if anything else — that’s value — but I said to him lady bimbo, align your sights, correct your narrative…come join your John in the pool of Enlightenment if you wish. I’ll be waiting and the water is always bright.”
A slight cocky smirk crosses his features before he turns around and focuses on the game.
GRESHAM: “Almost a dead position board. I always challenge myself better than others.”
Fades as he starts packing up the pieces on the board.


Bristol had just landed on Trish with a hard mushroom stomp that had the audience acting all extra with a series of OHHHs that hyped of Bristol’s head as the camera panned on the distorted expression on Trish’s face before she painfully reached back for her back. Bristol had her all the way messed up, acting like this was Mario Brothers and was going around stomping on her back. Trish rose up slowly, determined to show Bristol that this was no game of Nintendo and there was no magical mushrooms in sight to help her out. Bristol went for a bicycle kick but Trish was quickly out of the way, still feeling that pain in her back but pushing forward as she dodged another one of Bristol’s incoming attacks. Trish couldnt dodge forever though because as soon as she dodged a fifth time and decided to go in for an attack, Bristol had beat her to it with stepping forward for a hip toss, feeling victorious and confident that she would win this match sooner rather than later. Bristol kept on her toes, using speed to try to duck out of the way for Trish’s grabs when Trish was finally able to get a handle on her and went for a headlock with pulling Bristol in even more before executing a takedown. The audience begin to cheer Trish on, those cheers quickly transitioning into booes once Bristol rose to her feet and snuck Trish with an elbow to the eye. The boos were deafening and Bristol rolled her eyes and dusted off her hands before turning to pull Trish closer by her hair with malice, swinging hard and catching Trish with a strong forearm that had Trish stumbling back a few steps.
Bristol mistook the stumbling as retreating from battle, causing Bristol to take a bold step forward and ended up served a backhand chop from the defensive Trish who inched even closer to attack with reaching forward, going for a Double Wristlock Bridging North Lights Suplex, a move that is almost as long as Alessandro’s full name. Bristol was slow on the get up at first but she ended up snapping out of it and sprinting forward towards Trish, who instantly ducked down and as soon as she felt Bristol over her, Trish quickly springs up with tossing Bristol over the ropes. Trish turns to see Bristol on the ground holding her arm while the referee begins the count. Trish starts to head out of the ring but decides against it, knowing how sly Bristol was and knowing that even if slightly injured, Bristol will still find any way to get one over on her opponent. Being outside of the ring made it easy to find blind spots to attack illegally and Trish wasn’t trying to fall prey into that. Instead, she watches Bristol get to her feet on her own and begin making her way to the ring as the referee continues counting until Bristol has returned to the ring where a waiting Trish immediately is on the go, rushing forward with a flying headscissors before pulling back a bit to take a few slow steps away from Bristol’s peripheral. Trish ignores the pain in her back from her leaning in too fast and instead focuses on Bristol, making sure to attack good and sudden as she goes for the Californian Kiss and then the pin to get the three.
WINNER: Trish Newborn via Pinfall (8:54)

Octane’s focus shifts backstage. An unknown voice speaks.
? ? ?: “Anthony Mazara?”
The camera pans over to a man in a business suit appearing on the Octron in 4CW’s newest facility. He hands a piece of paper over to Tornado Desencadenado. The crowd go wild with a really loud ovation at the sight of one of their favorite Octane superstars. Tornado nods at the man, who hands him over the paper.
? ? ?: “My name is Asher Weinstein. I am a legal representative of Alessandro Quagliaterre.”
The crowd loudly jeer at the mere mention of Alessandro’s name.
WEINSTEIN: “What you see before you is a affidavit which states you knowingly and purposely used malfunctioned technology with the stopwatch that recorded Alessandro’s appearance on your Vertigone Challenge at sixteen seconds. Sign to admit you set him up, and as a gesture of good will for you admitting the truth. Alessandro will allow bygones to be bygones, and drop all charges pending your vicious and despicable attack you carried out on him, on the previous edition of Adrenaline”.
Following this long verbiage and explanation. Tornado found himself staring at the paper, with a choice.
WEINSTEIN:“What will it be Mr. Mazara? Do you want this ordeal you find yourself in with Mr. Quagliaterre to end or do you want this to continue?”
Clearly shocked by this turn of events, Tornado is at a loss as for what to do. He scans the paper handed to him, glances to the camera, and then turns his attention to the lawyer.
DESENCADENADO: “I, uh, this is all very sudden. Where is Alessandro? I need to speak with him directly before I can decide on this.”
WEINSTEIN: “Oh I understand you may have been expecting Alessandro’s presence here tonight. But honestly Mr. Mazara he has better things to do than to attend to a criminal like you. I know you may disappointed but he has good reason not to be in Las Vegas. For one, he is attending to his children in Los Angeles as the family prepares for a very big family event tomorrow with his now ex wife. Your boss might I add. For second, he is also appearing right now, live via hologram in Philadelphia for a LFL game apart of his duties with Toronto. See, Mr. Quagliaterre is pressed for his time, he works on his own schedule. Not yours Mr. Mazara.”
As Weinstein runs TD down while simultaneously explaining exactly why his client can’t be here to settle these matters in person the Fundamental Elemental’s expression hardens.
DESENCADENADO: “Fine, here’s my answer. No. As I’ve said time and time and time again, the Vertigone Challenge is NOT rigged. I’m not going to lie about it now, even if it means getting these charges dropped. I did what I did and I’ll accept whatever consequences the law decides on.”
He hands the papers back to Asher.
DESENCADENADO: “One other thing. When you talk to Alessandro you tell him he might win this case against me, but that there are other courts with other jurisdictions we have to answer to.”
The attorney grins unctuously.
WEINSTEIN: “Is that your way of telling me your planning a counter-suit? In civil court perhaps? Mister Mazara, I am fully prepared to defend my client in whatever venue you propose.”
This information doesn’t seem to impress TD much. He gives the lawyer a brusque nod.
DESENCADENADO: “Then get out your working boots, because I’m taking Alessandro to Wrestler’s Court.”
There is a pop among those in the crowd smarky enough to recognize the name of the institution and its suggested significance. Weinstein doesn’t get the reference, so Tornado exposits some more.
DESENCADENADO: “I’m accusing Alessandro Quagliaterre of ignoring long held wrestling beliefs and involving outside authorities to settle a matter that should be resolved in the ring. I’m going to demand he face me in a match just I can have my own personal restitution.”
The lawyer is amused by Tornado’s earnest yet seemingly impotent declaration. He chuckles while stuffing the papers he brought inside his blazer.
WEINSTEIN: “You do that, Mister Mazara. Just keep in mind my client is under no obligation to accept the ruling of such a, ah, deliberative body.”
DESENCADENADO: “If he’s any kind of real wrestler he will.”
The sight of Bronx Valescene’s beautiful face graces the screen, and the crowd go wild for the Two Time 4CW Champion. That is until there is a slight aura of dejection, when it is noticed, that it is not Bronx in the flesh, but a cardboard cutout of Bronx that appears strikingly lifelike.
Asher Weinstein receives a phone call, as the theme of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ blasts out on his phone. A very out of character and urban phone setting, for a legitimate businessman. He was receiving a phone call from his client, Alessandro Quagliaterre. Asher steps away for a moment, and is heard inaudibly talking to Alessandro and then relaying the message to Tornado, and the cutout.
WEINSTEIN: “Well Mr. Mazara, my client is not very pleased that you did not agree to our reasonable terms. And for Bronx’s cardboard he told me to slap his face, but I am not a physical man in stature, so that will not be happening. But if my client were to ask, that is what happened.”
Asher Weinstein then informs Alessandro of Tornado’s, Wrestler’s Court idea. Persistent chuckling is heard coming from the phone.
WEINSTEIN: “My client finds your proposal extremely amusing Mr. Mazara.”
Some more words were exchanged over the phone, and then Asher Weinstein relays the message once again.
WEINSTEIN: “My client informs me that as you have no legal documentation, or jurisdiction over this Wrestler’s Court concept, as I said moments ago my client also being the astute and smart businessman that he is says to let you know that he is under no legal obligation to attend your and I quote. ‘Pretend Court’. LOL”
The conversation continues over the phone with Asher Weinstein and Alessandro.
WEINSTEIN: “However…”
There seems to be a breakthrough.
WEINSTEIN: “The mere audacity of you to suggest such a notion. My client appreciates that level of tenacity and boldness that you have displayed. So even though he feels that you are still a dirty rotten criminal and should rot in jail. He will entertain this ‘Wrestler’s Court’ idea of yours, on one condition. It happens on the following Adrenaline, and it only happens with the following condition being met. One moment-”
There was a long pause as Asher tried to get to grips with the condition Alessandro wanted him to inform Tornado about.
It doesn’t take long–well actually it does for the real Bronx Valescence to come striding into frame. He has a plate of what looks like Subway from catering. He glances around the room for a second before she shoves some of his sub in his mouth before he walks off and tosses the cardboard cut out to the side and looks upon the two.
VALESCENCE: “Okay, carry on.”
Asher then informs Alessandro over the phone that the real Bronx Valescence had arrived. Several expletives could be heard coming out of the phone. Asher Weinstein then interprets the message slightly differently.
WEINSTEIN: “My client is surprised by your actual presence.”
The phone call then disconnects. Almost instantly, his phone begins buzzing again, but this time it is Alessandro facetiming Asher Weinstein. Asher accepts the call, and a very stern looking Alessandro in a LFL hat, and a baby throw over his shoulder, addresses both Tornado and Bronx, via the Phone Camera.
Asher seems confused which Bronx to direct the phone at, the removed cardboard cutout that had been tossed away, or the real Bronx Valescence. In his panic, he ends up pointing the phone on the floor to all their feet.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I didn’t say point me to American Tommy.”
DESENCADENADO: “Alessandro, if we take this to Wrestler’s Court, I promise to abide by whatever ruling it chooses to make. Will you?”
WEINSTEIN: “My client does not need to answer that. Alessandro. Do not answer that.”
Alessandro rubs his chin through the video screen of the phone.
QUAGLIATERRE: “What kind of pussy takes a man to court? Admit it you used a dodgy stopwatch on the Vertigone Challenge and we can be done with this.”
WEINSTEIN: “I told you not to answer that. It’s not a real court. It’s pretend”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Pretend like how. What state backing does it have? Under what laws would this Wrestler’s court take place?”
WEINSTEIN: “None. It’s a fictional court”
Alessandro burst out into laughter. After taking several moments to compose himself, he responded.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Sure Tornado. I’ll attend your barbeque.”
WEINSTEIN: “It’s not a barbeque.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Whatever fam. It’s not a real court either. I got to go my son just shat his diaper.”
Quagliaterre dropped the phone call to go attend to a diaper emergency.
WEINSTEIN: “Well Mr. Mazara. It appears you have your answer.”
Tornado beams. He turns to Bronx who has been standing nearby quietly watching the exchange.
DESENCADENADO: “Well, that’s that. Our fate is in your hands. Thanks again for agreeing to hear our case.”
Asher Weinstein then hands out his business card to both Tornado Desencadenado and Bronx Valescence should they ever need any legal advice. The three men then dispersed away, as Bronx continued to eat away at his Sub, while Tornado went to make his final pregame match preparations.


The match had been going on for a few moments now and The Enlightened One was trying to light up that ass when DeMarcus put hands on Jay but Jay wasn’t just going to take them shots to the face like a bitch as he begin throwing haymakers back to show DeMarcus he was about that life. Jay more came with it, even putting power behind the way he grabbed DeMarcus and he had the nerve to grin into the camera when he had DeMarcus’ body slamming down onto his knee with an over the knee backbreaker. As DeMarcus collected himself with getting steadily onto his feet, Jay flexed a bit for the camera before returning his focus on trying to dismantle his opponent as he roughly pulled DeMarcus onto his feet and went for a spinebuster. Jay’s goal was to make DeMarcus body hit the mat as soon as he gets up and it proved to be an effective strategy until DeMarcus caught Jay in the eye with a left hook and attacked with an arm drag takedown. Now with DeMarcus with the upper hand, he showed no signs of slowing down as he pulled Jay onto his feet and went for a backbreaker of his own with added power to try to outdo Jay’s earlier backbreaker. DeMarcus moved with so much force and precision, even going as far as to make sure his butterfly suplex was perfect as he reminded himself to not get impulsive because that’s when he’ll become sloppy.
Jay, however, had no problem with being impulsive so when DeMarcus pulled him onto his feet, he acted without thought with a turn and then a snapmare out of nowhere to catch DeMarcus off guard and as soon as DeMarcus’ back hit the mat, Jay was laying into him with a fury of punches. The relentless Jay pounds into DeMarcus with his fists until he was satisfied enough and let up on the assault. As soon as Jay stood to his feet, he drops back down with an elbow drop and allowed his impulsive actions to control the match and continued to beat down his opponent. Jay’s fan girls were in the audience screaming and creaming, probably even flashing with excitement that suddenly melted away once DeMarcus made it onto his feet and went blow for blow with Jay until he gained the upper and went for a vertebreaker. DeMarcus then drops down on the mat and begins doing push ups while staring directly at the rising Jay with taunting eyes before DeMarcus is quick to get back onto his feet and charges Jay with a clothesline that Jay ducks but DeMarcus doubles back for another, catching Jay that second time around with a quickness. DeMarcus was on fire but Jay quickly put out them flames as soon as Jay got onto his feet and immediately charged DeMarcus, who turns around just in time to find the mat from a flying forarm.
Jay smirks down at DeMarcus before he leans down to begin to pull him to his feet, slamming his fist into the back of his head to make sure DeMarcus doesn’t try to put up a fight with breaking the hold. Jay is rough as hell with how he handles DeMarcus and the next few moments show Jay in full dominating mode as he puts DeMarcus down with a spear and goes for the cover. But DeMarcus kicks out right at two with a quickness to the chagrin of Jay, the scowl on his face more than evident at this point as Jay is up and yanking DeMarcus right onto his feet. A european uppercut out of nowhere from DeMarcus catches Jay off guard and a strong shoulder block puts Jay on the mat but only temporarily because he begins pulling himself onto his feet as soon as he hits the mat, trying to ignore the pain in his chest. DeMarcus wastes no time making a grab for Jay to quickly go for The Enlightenment and then the pin to secure the three count to win the match.
WINNER: DeMarcus Gresham via Pinfall (10:37)

We find Jeb Fisher in what looks to be the locker room area, there are people moving around him but he his kneeled down – seemingly focused on what is in front of him – his Ignition championship. It’s laid out on the ground, plates up so that it is staring back at Jeb, who is already dressed for his match. His face wasn’t emotionless, but his glare was that of passion as he admired his championship. He then, almost in a change of nature raises his arm up and smacks it down on the center plate, gripping it in his hand and tearing it up from the floor. Jeb pops up and turns to the camera, an intimidating, yet cocky as all fuck grin on his pock marked face.
FISHER: ”You listen the fuck up boy and you listen good! You see this championship right here? You ain’t ever gonna fucking get it! Not you Ric, nor any other little bitch made cunt! Who tries to come at me! I will hold this belt, defend this belt every single week until I trade it in for something better! I will bring the fuckin prestige to this championship, that it hasn’t seen in a long fuckin time. You Ric? You ain’t shit! You would do nothing for this! Probably win it, pick up your bag and leave! Because we all know that’s the kind of breed you are! A coward among fighters, a little fish… among sharks.”
Jeb places his belt over his shoulder and strips out of the sweat pants, revealing his ring gear underneath. He glares through the camera, as if he was trying to speak to each and every individual watching through it.
FISHER: ”I’m the baddest mother fucker on this roster, second to none! When I say jump, you say how high! Battle born! Tag-Team Champion! Ignition Champion! There ain’t a single thing any of you little fuckin’ prags can do to stop me! I will continue my reign of dominance tonight, I will continue putting little bitches in their place as I conquer the land of Octane! You all don’t have shit on me! And the only one who comes close? Well we got each others backs. Don’t think I ain’t forget about Cosmo…”
Jeb takes a few steps back and snatches ups his other Championship off a bench, the 4CW Tag-Team Championship. He places it on his free shoulder and laughs into the camera – his arrogance almost seeping through the screen.
FISHER: ”At Ante Up… Battle Born is going to have to walk through another tag-team, we are going to have to defend our belts! But the only problem with that is… I don’t see any fuckin’ competition! No one wants to step up! You see lists all the time, talking about the best tag-teams in the world… And the face that me and pretty boy ain’t on none of em? Well it’s a damn fuckin’ shame! BECAUSE NO ONE! NO ONE! HAS STEPPED UP AND TRIED TO TAKE THESE FROM US! You want to call yourself the best tag-team in the world? Well here’s an open challenge to all you circle jerking fucks! You ain’t nothin’ a five dollar blowjob until you take on us! You ain’t’t the best! Until you’ve beaten the two guys, who have yet to be beaten for our belts! You want to be the best? Well then step the fuck on up!”
Jeb hoists both his Ignition, and his Tag-Team Championship up into the air as the camera slowly fucks off into someone else’s business.


The audience were busy affectionately singing ‘Despacito’ to show their love for Tornado even though they had gotten around to finally learning how to say his name, they had gotten used to singing the song whenever it came to Tornado. Finn was showing everyone that he was far from a fluke especially with the wins he had been accumulating ever since his arrival to the Corners Four. He was determined to walk away with his 3rd win on Octane tonight and although Tornado had gotten finished hammering away at Finn against the turnbuckle corner, Finn had eventually broken free from the assault with a swift kick to the mid section and when Tornado stumbled back a step, Finn was able to dart past him. Tornado turned around and caught an elbow to the face that forced him back into the corner and braced himself for the approaching Finn who attacked with an assortment of chops to the chest. Eventually, Tornado was able to block the last hit and hem Finn up, taking a few steps forward with Finn still in his grasp before going for a gutwrench suplex. The audience was animated with their reactions throughout the entire match, cheering on Tornado while also showing admiration for Finn as Tornado was able to take Finn down with a strong clothesline after Finn had done a great job evading him for the past two minutes. Tornado pulled Finn onto his feet and Finn moved with a quickness, driving his foot into Tornado’s midsection so hard that Tornado’s knees buckled.
But Tornado didn’t go down, instead taking a few deep breaths as he stepped away from Finn for a moment and then rushed him with great athleticism, showing that he wasn’t about to allow anything to slow him down. Finn quickly sidestepped out of the way and Tornado ended up going into the ropes, bouncing off and rushing towards Finn only to be taken down by a flying forearm smash. Tornado stands to his feet and ends up catching Finn in the air after his leap off the turnbuckle and gets a good handle on him before going into a snap powerbomb. Finn scrambles to his feet a few seconds after Tornado gets to his and when Tornado reaches for him, Finn instantly pushes Tornado’s head down so that he can blast him in the face with his lifting knee and then another knee blast for good measure that had Tornado taking a knee from the impact. Finn springs into action and takes a few quick steps back to rush forward for a shining wizard to completely put Tornado down before disappearing from Tornado’s sight. Tornado touches his face a few times before standing to his feet and gets taken down by a diving crossbody from Finn who attacks immediately, not giving Tornado a chance at all to find stable footing while again stepping out of Tornado’s sight for another pending sneak attack.
Rising up onto all fours, Tornado takes a breath and suddenly tells him to quickly move out of the way and it’s a good thing that he did because Finn had attacked with a sudden Seattle Terror and the way his foot slammed into the mat made Tornado fans glad it wasn’t their hero’s head. Finn thought he actually had Tornado and is shocked that he moved out of the way but he doesn’t dwell on it as he moves to attack but Tornado is impulsively faster with getting his hands on the speedy Finn and retaliating with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Both are back onto their feet as Tornado throws punches while Finn goes for a variety of kicks, each trying to take the other out before Tornado making a sudden move to pull Finn in and although Finn struggles, Tornado just gets a bit aggressive to the point he can go for a spinning neckbreaker and doesn’t stop there with pulling Finn back onto his feet as soon as he had left them. Trying to hoist Finn into the air, Finn fights Tornado like hell and Tornado has to again show that strength of his with getting Finn in order before the Vertigone is in motion from start to finish, Tornado immediately going for the pin as soon as Finn’s body touches the ground to get the three count.
WINNER: Tornado Desencadenado via Pinfall (9:43)

A black car pulls into parking garage of the new home of Octane. The window rolls down and Tommy sticks his body halfway and looks around not very sure if he is in the right place or not. Perry already sent him to an abandoned warehouse a few days before so he is a bit leery. He looks to his right and sees production trucks and figures he is finally in the right spot.
TOMMY: “That fuck ain’t gonna be fooling me this time.”
Tommy hops out of the car and smiles carrying his bags with him. Greg Hartman runs up to American Tommy immediately and shoves a microphone near his mouth.
HARTMAN: “Tommy, you know your match is almost up, right? Where you been?”
Tommy grabs the top of the microphone and lowers it a bit.
TOMMY: “Hartman, when have I ever talked to you?”
Hartman looks up to the sky and racks his brain around that question. He seems to have come up with an answer and looks Tommy in the eyes.
HARTMAN: “Honestly? I don’t ever remember you ever giving me an interview on the record.”
Tommy nods at Hartman and looks at him blankly. Hartman gets the hint and walks away leaving Tommy in the middle of the parking lot. A door to the arena slams and Kimitsu walks into the picture.
ZOMBIE: “Where the fuck you been Tommy?”
TOMMY: “I didn’t trust the address. I got sent to Gordy’s house last time.”
Tommy looks at her weird and then looks down at his phone and shrugs.
TOMMY: “Maybe he got a hold of your phone somewhere!”
Kimitsu slaps Tommy across the side of the head.
ZOMBIE: “Get out of your head boy! You have an important match tonight.”
TOMMY: “I know, I know. I know. I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime since I’ve lost my title. This match against Kaz and QT is just as important as my match with just Kaz. This match will prove that the first wasn’t a fluke. People can question this match all they’d like, but Kaz and QT are a formidable challange. They defeated the current tag team champions and this isn’t going to be a cake walk. Kaz has done great things for Octane and made that Championship worth having after Vossler basically shit on it. And QT, well, honestly. Fuck QT. But Kaz and QT together? They work really well together and are one of the strongest tag teams 4CW has to offer.”
Zombie nods and Tommy continues.
TOMMY: “I respect Kaz, but she isn’t the best Octane has to offer and I’ll prove that once again tonight. I’m not a rookie any longer and this young buck finally got his footing underneath him. With us teaming up, Kaz and QT don’t stand much of a chance.”
Tommy kisses Zombie on the cheek and walks towards the arena.


Off to a quick start, Cosmo shot in for a single leg takedown but instead of taking Craig down to the mat instantly, Cosmo lifted him as high as he could before taking a few steps forward and slamming Craig down to his back. Mounting himself on top of Craig, Cosmo unloaded with a series of forearms to Craig’s face, stunning him after half a dozen. Positioning himself by Craig’s shoulder, Cosmo then pushed himself upwards to a hand stand before coming straight back down and driving his knee into Craig’s shoulder. Cosmo pushed himself up and while Craig remained down on his back, Cosmo shot for the ropes and upon his return, he planted both feet into the side of Craig’s head with a sliding dropkick. The force from the dropkick sent Craig rolling over to his stomach where although he was in a daze, he quickly pushed himself back up to his feet. Cosmo quickly popped up from the canvas and raced in behind Craig. He grabbed Craig by the shoulder and spun him around, getting taken completely off guard as Craig swung around and popped his knee up and into Cosmo’s stomach. Spinning in place, Craig connected with a spinning heel kick, taking Cosmo off his feet and dropping him flat on his back. Craig stumbled over to the side from the momentum of his body as he lost balance, but it wasn’t long before he was back on his feet and closing in on Cosmo.
Craig kept Cosmo on the canvas for a couple of minutes, attacking his limbs with various strikes. Cosmo threw a punch towards Craig’s head, only to have his arm caught and trapped as Craig pulled him up from the mat and rammed him right between the eyes with a headbutt. Standing tall, Craig pulled Cosmo up from the mat before whipping him into the far corner. With Cosmo leaned against the corner, Craig raced in and connected with a running clothesline. Stepping to the side, Craig pulled Cosmo away from the corner and slung him a few feet towards the center of the ring. Cosmo quickly turned to face Craig but instead, he turned right into a superkick from Craig. Kicks Out For Harambe spun Cosmo in place to face the opposite direction and before Cosmo could even get his feet settled, Craig leaped up onto his shoulders from behind and took him straight down head first into the mat with a reverse Frankensteiner! Craig went for the cover but only came away with a two count before Cosmo popped a shoulder up from the mat.
These two were very familiar with each other in the ring and Craig knew that if he was going to one up Cosmo, he couldn’t afford to give Cosmo any breaks. Craig went back to work, attacking Cosmo’s arms and legs with various knee and elbow strikes. Leaving Cosmo down on the mat, Craig went to the corner. After climbing to the top, he took to the skies. Coming down to connect with the splash, Craig landed on top of both of Cosmo’s knee, bouncing off and flipping over to his back. After a ten count that was ended short, Cosmo was back to his feet as Craig remained down, rolling back and forth across the mat out of breath. On his feet, Cosmo pulled Craig up to his before backing him into the corner with multiple rights to the head. Swinging upward, Cosmo connected with a European uppercut that took Craig off his feet a few inches. Lifting Craig and sitting him down on top of the corner, Cosmo climbed to the middle ropes and pulled Craig to an upright positon before wrapping both arms around him. Lifting Craig up, Cosmo fell back and threw him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Going for the quick cover, Cosmo thought he had this one in the bag but was only able to come up with a two count as Craig kicked out just a split second before the three.
For the next few minutes Cosmo remained in full control of the match, slowly wearing down Craig little by little. Bringing the entire crowd to their feet, Cosmo connected with three gutwrench suplexes, throwing Craig across the ring with the final one. Although exhausted, Cosmo was excited after putting Craig down with his signature. Pulling Craig up from the mat, Cosmo pulled his head between his legs before wrapping him up around the waist. The Crater Maker was to come next and everyone in the entire building knew it. Just as Cosmo went to lift Craig upside down, Craig took him off his feet as he lifted Cosmo up while standing straight. Craig tossed him over his head, dropping Cosmo flat on his back behind him. Cosmo quickly rolled over and popped up to his feet, only to be taken off his feet with another superkick to the face. The crowd shouted “Kicks Out For Harambe” before Cosmo even hit the mat. Cosmo pushed himself up in a daze. Blindly, he took a swing for Craig’s head but missed as Craig ducked underneath it and stepped in behind him. Pulling Cosmo’s head back, Craig wrapped an arm around it before lifting him and swinging him around head first into the mat with an inverted DDT! Cosmo was out cold after the Zig-A-Zig-Ah and right on queue Craig was covering him for the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Craig Anderson via Pinfall (14:58)

Going to the back, we find Kaz Bonham walking around, enjoying the scenery of the new building. It’s not much longer before she spots the camera and flashes a smile as bright as the glare off the Octane Championship.
BONHAM: ”I ain’t ever been to Vegas before, y’all, but it’s, like, so bright and excitin’! But let me tell y’all that all the lights and sounds ain’t as excitin’ as tonight’s main event! Not often do you get someone from Adrenaline comin’ on down here to test us out, but here we are. Kimitsu Zombie made the journey all the way out here to help Tommy wrestle lil ol’ me. Truly an honor, folks. And best of all? I’m gettin’ to team with my best friend QT Reese!”
She nearly jumps out of her skin in excitement at the mention of said best friend.
BONHAM: ”The only way it gets better is when QT and myself top the night off with a victory. It ain’t gonna be easy and I ain’t expectin’ it to be. I said it before, but I’ll repeat myself because everyone needs to know it. It don’t matter how much you win or how much you lose…when you come on down to Octane? You’re steppin’ into a new world. There ain’t a status quo here. Some folks might see Tommy and me as top dogs, but if I’ve learned anything durin’ my time here, that can change in an instant.”
Kaz’s excitement is curbed a bit.
BONHAM: ”I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and I haven’t looked back once. I’m runnin’ with it for as long as these legs can keep up. I’m keepin’ this Octane Championship for as long as I can. And I’m goin’ to defend Octane from these invaders for as long as I can. I sent Williams away and we’re gonna do the same to Kimi tonight. I’m real honored to have you here, but this ain’t your home. And what kind of champion would I be lettin’ you waltz in and takin’ it over?”
Shaking her head, Kaz adjusts the Octane Championship on her shoulder to send some kind of message.
BONHAM: ”As for Tommy? I look forward to us hopefully meetin’ one day again. This tag match ain’t gonna settle anything between us, but heck, it’ll sure be fun, won’t it? But despite all those past shenanigans, I’m still pretty darn excited to, like, step back in the ring with you, Tommy. Cheatin’ ways or not, you’re still one of the best here, and I’m always lookin’ to beat the best.”
She smirks a bit.
BONHAM: ”So let’s get to it then, folks! Let’s see what Kimi and Tommy got! We’re in Vegas and we gotta outdo everyone else! We gotta give these folks a show of a lifetime and that’s just what QT and me intend on doin’. I’m sure we’ll laugh and joke in the match, but regardless of all that, one team is walkin’ to the back in defeat and if it’s gonna be us? Know that we ain’t goin’ down without a fight. Can you two say the same?”
Her smile widens after her question.
BONHAM: ”Hope y’all can keep up.”
A wink for the camera and Little Bigfoot walks off to explore more of the building before we cut elsewhere.


Jeb went into this thing swinging, before the bell had even sounded. He was in Ric’s face in no time, swinging with lefts and rights to his body. Ric was a fighter as well. After blocking a blow to the body, Ric swatted Jeb’s hand away as he took as swing. Drawing back, Ric swung and connected with a punch of his own, knocking Jeb away and creating a bit of distance between the two. Jeb quickly shook off the hit to the head before lunging forward at Ric. Lowering his head, Ric burst forward, hitting Jeb in the face with a headbutt as he closed in. Grabbing Jeb by the shoulders, Ric pulled him down and began hitting him over and over in the stomach with lifting knees. Locking an arm around Jeb’s head, Ric then lifted him off his feet before dropping him to his back instantly with a snap suplex. Pulling Jeb to his feet, Ric then whipped him to the ropes and as he came back on the return, Ric lifted him off his feet before dropping him to the mat with a sidewalk slam.
Back on his feet, Ric kicked Jeb a few times in the ribs before going to town with elbow drops one after the other. Pulling Jeb to his feet, Ric clinched onto his before pounding away at his body with dirty boxing styled attacks. As Ric swung away, Jeb muscled down and lifted Ric into the air before slamming him down to the mat and falling on top of him. Swinging down with all of his strength, Jeb slammed his elbow into Ric’s face, knocking the back of his head against the canvas. Rolling Ric over to his stomach, Jeb pressed his face against the mat before dragging it back and forth, smearing it against the mat. Jeb stood up as he pulled Ric with him. Positioning himself beside Ric, Jeb quickly dropped him with a reverse Russian leg sweep. Rolling over and grabbing ahold of Ric, Jeb held him in place as he began ramming rapid knees into his ribs. He stood up again, pulling Ric to his feet before clinching him and hitting him with multiple knee strikes to the face. Wrapping his arms around him completely, Jeb then lifted him up before throwing him over his head and dropping to his knees afterwards.
Jeb’s instincts took over as he paced the ring with cockiness. Pulling Ric to his feet, Jeb kept him bent over as he pulled his head between his legs. Wrapping him up, Jeb then lifted him into the air but before he could toss him with a powerbomb, Ric squirmed out of his grip. Falling to the mat, Ric grabbed ahold of Jeb’s head, pulling him down face first to the mat with a sit-out facebuster! Ric immediately rolled Jeb over to his back to make the cover which didn’t even make it to a full two count. Delivering two back to back forearm shots to Jeb’s head, Ric then stood to his feet and stepped over by Jeb’s head. He extended his leg and fell down, landing across Jeb’s throat with a leg drop. Ric then stood to his feet again and connected with another standing leg drop. On his feet once more, Ric then began moving his hand in a gesture that resembled masturbation. After emptying the imaginary load on Jeb’s face, Ric then stepped across his throat. Pulling his other foot away from the mat, Ric had all of his weight on that single foot choking Jeb with it. He then stepped off with a grin on his face before raising a single fist into the air.
Putting on a boxing clinic, Ric tore into Jeb with series after series of punches. He went for the head. He went for the body. When Jeb thought he knew what was coming next, Ric would surprise him with a vicious punch to an unprotected body part. Kicking Jeb in the stomach with a powerful boot, Ric then shot for the ropes and as he came back full speed, he wiped Jeb completely out with a high impact running boot to the face as Jeb looked up from a lunged over position. Ric went for the cover again and as the officials hand came within inches of slapping the mat a third time, Jeb popped his shoulder up from the mat, keeping the match alive. In no time Ric was back on his feet and back on the attack, keeping Jeb grounded as he rained down on him above with kicks and stomps. Ric then pulled Jeb up from the mat and with all of his strength, he whipped Jeb across the ring to the far corner. Jeb slammed into the corner and bounced forward. Just ahead, Ric was charging towards him at full speed. Leaping feet first into the air, Ric aimed for Jeb’s head with a high impact running single leg dropkick. Stepping out of the way and avoiding the Dropcuck, Jeb grabbed Ric and assisted him with his crash landing into the corner.
The Dropcuck could have ended it all, but instead it ended up with Ric dropping on his head as he crashed against the corner. Ric’s legs folded over him and with nowhere to go, Ric could only brace himself as Jeb began stomping on him wildly. Jeb pulled Ric to his feet before turning him around to face the ropes. Pressing Ric’s face against the top rope, Jeb dragged him from one end of the ring to the other, giving him a rope burn across the face in the process. Stopping at the corner, Jeb then pulled Ric’s head away from the rope before slamming him down face first onto the turnbuckle. Pulling Ric away from the corner, Jeb then lifted him up and slammed him back down with a the Soap Drop (Full Nelson Bomb). Ric was immediately feeling the damage as he looked up to the lights from his back down to the mat. Standing over him, Jeb stared into his eyes momentarily before pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Ric upside down into the air, Jeb then dropped him flat on his head with a jumping piledriver! ABANDON ALL HOPE because this one is over after Jeb made the cover and scored the one, two, and three!
WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (15:29)


After all the theatrics and entrances, all four competitors stand in the ring, one team in a separate corner standing across from each other. The two pairs talk amongst themselves in preparation. As expected, while standing on opposite ends of the ring, Tommy and QT both do the exact thing. They pay no attention whatsoever to their partner discussing a game plan. They nod their heads as if listening but they don’t know what’s being said. QT is probably thinking about his next get rich quick scheme and Tommy, well we all know what Tommy is thinking about.
Just a few feet from both teams while standing in the center of the ring, the official gets things moving along as he yells for everyone’s attention. Each lady gives their partner a nod, as if the person supposedly listening to them has any idea what was discussed. They then exit the ring, leaving Tommy and QT to start the match. They circle each other in the center of the ring. Round and round they go, just walking in circles as they stare ahead at the man standing in front of them. QT then lunges forward to lock up with Tommy but misses as Tommy hops backwards before yelling that he wasn’t ready. Tommy continues fussing at QT until QT swings as hard as he can and punches him directly in the side of the arm. Tommy quickly pulls his hand to his arm where contact was made and begins rubbing it while fussing at QT some more. Tommy then takes a swing for QT’s head but misses as QT side steps him and trips Tommy up as he passes by. Tommy falls forward into the official, knocking him backwards and turning him in the opposite direction. QT sees an opportunity and rushes in, hitting Tommy with a low blow from behind. Kimitsu and even Kaz begin yelling at QT after witnessing the dirty act. Tommy’s now down on both knees in a world of pain. Stepping in front of him, QT wraps his arm around his head but before he knows it, Tommy hits him right between the legs with another low blow unnoticed by the official. Tommy then quickly pulls his head away from QT’s arm before falling back to the mat and rolling out of the ring.
Tommy begins to look for something as QT Reese is becoming impatient in the ring after the pain in his stomach finally goes away. He walks over to the ropes and puts his hand underneath his armpit and lets out a large fart noise. Tommy hits his head on the bottom of the ring as he’s coming out and QT is pointing and laughing at him.
Tommy quickly stands up and puts his “My Kind of Snort” T-Shirt on much to the dismay of QT Reese who is irate in the ring.
QT Reese then slides out of the ring and begins to look for something under the ring and Tommy walks over to the ropes and puffs up his cheeks really big. He takes his hands and puts them on his cheeks and pushes in really quickly releasing a large fart noise. QT Reese scampers out from under the ring as quickly as he went in there forgetting what he was trying to grab.
TOMMY: “Check your fucking pants!”
QT Reese quickly slides into the ring and stands nose to nose with American Tommy who is laughing up a storm. QT Reese puts his hand underneath the pit of his leg and starts making fart noises hopping a circling around Tommy. Tommy shakes his head in disbelief and puts his hand underneath his armpit and doing fart noises of his own. They are circling each other doing this childish display as Kimitsu and Kaz are standing on the apron just looking at the boys in awe. This goes on for a good minute before Kaz and Kimitsu enter the ring and slap Tommy and QT on the side of their respective heads. The two immediately stop and point at each other.
Kimitsu and Kaz just look at each other and shake their heads as they both head to their respective corners and climb through the ropes and onto the apron. Tommy and QT are yelling stuff at each other in the ring until they finally clench up again. QT pinches down onto Tommy’s nipple as Tommy screams as loudly as he can. The Texas titty twister brings Tommy to his knees as QT laughs hysterically. Tommy then begins yelling out random words which alarm QT because he thinks Tommy is casting a spell on him. Jake releases Tommy’s nipple and jumps back as he holds both hands up yelling for Tommy to stop. Tommy continues to shout at QT until QT runs forward, yelling as loud as he can and swinging both arms wildly. Tommy ducks down and lifts QT into the air as he gets close enough. With QT now on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Tommy begins spinning in place over and over. After about five revolutions, QT slips out of the airplane spin and lands to his feet before stumbling backwards. Luckily for QT he was headed straight for his own corner. QT crashed into his corner and immediately Kaz slapped his hand as his arm slung over the top rope.
Kaz quickly shot into the ring as Tommy backed away from her. With each step he took backwards, Tommy bragged about beating her in singles competition two weeks ago. Kaz didn’t let it bother her. Slowly, she stepped towards Tommy, backing him across the ring. Before Tommy even knew it, he was backed into his corner. Spinning around, he tagged Kimitsu in, even surprising her as he did so. She was surprised, but that didn’t keep her from dipping through the ropes and stepping up to Kaz. The two circled the ring before locking up. There aren’t many times in 4CW where Kimitsu has had a size advantage and tonight was one of those nights. Kimitsu overpowered Kaz, pulling her head down into a side headlock. Hitting Kaz on top of the head with back to back punches, Kimitsu then took a few steps forward before dropping Kaz face first with a bulldog.
Kaz pushed herself up to her feet and straight into a series of kicks from Kimitsu. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, Kimitsu kicked at Kaz’s legs, connecting with each solid kick. Kicking her right foot up once more, Kimitsu planted it into Kaz’s stomach, forcing her to buckle over from the impact. Jumping straight into the air, Kimitsu wrapped her arm around Kaz’s head and dropped her head first onto the mat with a jumping DDT! Kimitsu made the cover and just as the officials hand slapped the mat a second time, QT was there to break up the pin with a running boot to the back of Kimitsu’s head. This brought Tommy into the ring shortly after which then led to a shoving contest between the two as they shouted furiously at one another. The official eventually broke the two up, forcing both men to exit the ring and get back to their corners. Had QT never entered the ring in the first place, Kimitsu could have continued wearing down Kaz but instead Kaz was back to her feet standing across the ring from Kimitsu.
VASSA: ”I swear those two act just like some damn children!”
JOHNSON: ”You’re one to talk.”
VASSA: ”What the hell is that supposed to mean, Steve?!”
JOHNSON: ”I think you know exactly what that means. You act just as childish as those two shouting at each other in the ring.”
VASSA: ”Look now you need to check your tone at the door. I’m the new voice of Octane! This is my show now!”
It wasn’t long before Kaz and Kimitsu were tied up in the center of the ring again. This time Kaz took full control as she pulled Kimitsu into a knee to the stomach. Lifting Kimitsu off her feet, Kaz threw her down to her back with a scoop powerslam. One on knee over Kimitsu, Kaz held her head with one hand and began hitting her with rapid punches from the other. Standing to her feet, Kaz then lifted Kimitsu up from the mat before locking onto her wrist and whipping her to the ropes. As Kimitsu came back on the return, Kaz lifted her off her feet before spinning her in the air and dropping her across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Kaz grabbed Kimitsu’s legs and just as she locked in a Texas Cloverleaf, Tommy entered the ring and raced over. He licked both of his palms before pressing them against Kaz’s cheeks and mushing her cheeks together. Kaz was disgusted by the act and immediately released Kimitsu so she could back away and wipe her face. Every Cloverleaf Has Its Thorn, but not this one as Kimitsu was saved in odd form.
VASSA: ”Can you believe this? Tommy gets named the number one contender for the Octane Championship and then he does that?”
JOHNSON: ”It wasn’t the prettiest. I’ll give you that.”
VASSA: ”This guy could very well be our next Octane Champion. Are we really sure we want someone that acts like him as the face of this brand?”
JOHNSON: ”I take it that you’re unaware of his impressive reign as Ignition Champion?”
VASSA: ”You mean the Women’s Championship?”
Kaz then went after Tommy, chasing him around the ring until he stopped in front of the corner where QT stood on the apron. Tommy hesitated, allowing Kaz to shoot in for him. Tommy side stepped her, tripping her up with a drop toe hold. Kaz fell into the ropes and her arms flew over, hitting QT on the apron which was recognized as a tag by the official. QT was outraged! He stomped his feet on the apron as his face grew red. It was obvious that he didn’t want to get back in the ring, or at least wasn’t planning to anytime in the near future. He had no choice though. He was the legal man and as much as he hated it, he wasn’t going to let Kaz down. Who am I kidding? QT refused to get in the ring as Kaz looked on from within. The two bickered amongst each other for a few moments before Kimitsu pushed Kaz aside and grabbed ahold of QT. She pulled him up and over the top rope, back into the ring by force.
Kaz had no choice but to exit the ring as the official was already up to four counting towards both her and Tommy. Kimitsu and QT were the only two in the ring now, if we’re not counting the official. Kimitsu kept QT on his toes as she attacked him with swift kicks to the lower legs. Kimitsu then grabbed QT by the balls which was shortly followed by a howl heard throughout the entire arena. She had him right by the balls, literally, and there was nothing that QT could do about it. Sure, Tommy probably enjoyed seeing her with a handful of another dudes balls. He is Eric Paisano’s brother after all. Turning QT around, Kimitsu positioned herself behind him while still reaching around with her one arm and holding onto his crotch. Reaching around with her other arm, she grabbed onto his balls, or ball, whatever was hanging out from her other hand. Lifting him up, Kimitsu then slammed him to the mat with the Ballsplex!
QT rolls back and forth on the mat, squirming in pain as he held onto himself with both hands. Meanwhile, Kimitsu went over to her corner and made the tag with Tommy. Climbing the outside of the corner, Tommy ascended to the top where he then looked out over the entire landscape. Locking eyes with Kaz, Tommy pointed to QT before giggling. Leaping straight into the air, Tommy came down with a diving double foot stomp. NO! Rolling out of the way, QT dodged a bullet as Tommy landed on his feet to the mat. QT slowly pushed himself up with one hand while holding onto himself with his other. He wasn’t removing that hand from his crotch. He swung at Tommy with a half-assed punch, missing as Tommy side stepped him and pulled him into a hip toss! YOYO TOSS SALAD BAYBAY!!! Making the cover in a hurry, Tommy was in the right position to maneuver his feet onto the bottom rope without being seen by the official.

Entering the ring, Kaz raced across the ring as quickly as she could before leaping forward to break the pin.

Just as the officials hand slapped the mat a third time, Tommy rolled off of QT and out of the ring, leaving nothing but QT to break Kaz’s fall as she finally came down.
JOHNSON: ”Tommy pulls off another cheap win against Kaz!”
VASSA: ”Another? They didn’t have a different match earlier tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Not tonight you idiot! Two weeks ago when Kaz and Tommy faced off one on one.”
VASSA: ”How am I supposed to know that happened? Tonight is my first night on the job!”
JOHNSON: ”Jesus Christ…”
Tommy quickly joins Kimitsu as she drops down to the outside floor. Tommy quickly embraces her as he looks inside of the ring and points to Kaz. Inside of the ring, Kaz pushes herself up to both knees as she looks around the ring with nothing but disappointment in her eyes.
JOHNSON: ”Tommy earned himself a title shot by beating Kaz two weeks ago in dirty fashion. Now he’s scored another win over Kaz with the same tactics. He’s coming for her belt and he’s only playing by his rules.”
VASSA: ”I live by this rule. If it isn’t seen by the officials then it’s perfectly legal.”
“Best Song Ever” begins playing throughout the building as the official exits the ring to join Tommy and Kimitsu. Standing between them, he raises both of their arms into the air as the final bell sounds.

Kimitsu doesn’t look pleased one bit with how the match ended. She isn’t afraid to let Tommy know it but he doesn’t let it ruin the moment for him. Tommy makes sure to rub it in Kaz’s face as she looks on from inside of the ring. Kimitsu then grabs Tommy by the arm, stopping him from proceeding any further with his poor sportsmanship. The two then head up the ramp, Kimitsu leading the way as Tommy defends his actions this evening.
JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Another disappointing loss for the Octane Champion as she’s now been cheated twice in back to back shows by the former Ignition Champion, American Tommy.”
VASSA: ”Whatever you say buddy! I’m starting from scratch so Octane’s history as far as I’m concerned begins tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”That isn’t how that works.”
VASSA: ”It’s how I’m working though! Tonight I witnessed Tommy snatch all hope away from Kaz and I can’t help but ask myself why. Why would you do such a thing Tommy? You were literally just named the number one contender for the Octane Championship and you ruin the mood by treating Kaz foul. You should be ashamed of yourself!”
JOHNSON: ”You know what? Let’s just go with it. There’s nothing that I can say that’s going to change your mindset.”
VASSA: ”And it’s about damn time you realized this, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”ANYWAYS! That’s our show for the evening ladies and gentlemen. I’d say that the grand opening event was a success. Things are only going to get even better as we head closer and closer to Ante Up just around the corner where both Adrenaline AND Octane will be featured.”
VASSA: ”And you can now catch us every other Friday night right here, live from Las Vegas!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ll see you all in two weeks for Octane Twenty-One! I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Viva Las Vegas!”
The camera then focuses on Kaz as she looks on at Tommy and Kimitsu walking up the ramp. Slowly getting to his feet, QT rubs his head as he steps in beside her. Noticing something is up with Kaz, QT asks her “what’s wrong” and only gets a blank stare in return before she turns away and exits the ring. The ring then gets further and further away as the camera zooms out, taking in one final shot of the new Octane arena before the picture slowly fades to black.
Roll the credits.
See you again in two weeks.