The picture opens up to a shot from inside of the Pepsi Arena, overlooking the Denver crowd. The house is packed tonight as we’re fresh off of South Beach Brawl and pressing on to Ante Up right around the corner. Panning the arena, the camera focuses on various signs held throughout the sea of bodies down below.
@ ME

Running along the outside of the ring, the camera approaches the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit, ready to get things underway.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline Eighty-Four! We’re coming to you live tonight from the Pepsi Arena, right here in Denver, Colorado! I’m your host, Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Welcome to the house that Vassa built!”
JOHNSON: ”Hold up now, I’m not so sure about that!”
VASSA: ”Sucks to be you! I’m just happy to be back home in our home territory, right here in the land where it all began. THE MOTHER FUCKING SOUTH…………..WEST!!!”
JOHNSON: ”And you know what that must mean! Ante Up is upon us and the journey to it all begins right here.”
VASSA: ”Just two weeks ago at South Beach Brawl Adrenaline entered the night with three champions and only two walked away still holding onto the championship they claim as their own. We watched as Nurse Kinsley gave it everything she had to retain the XTV Championship against Cyrus Riddle and Kimitsu Zombie in a Saltwater Deathmatch!”
JOHNSON: ”You said only two walked away still as champion. Unfortunately for Jair Hopkins he was not one of those two! In a last minute change in the match stipulation, Jair Hopkins lost the Pride CHampionship to Viduus Morta in a dog collar match!”
VASSA: ”Viduus has really been on a tear over the last few months. It’s a shame that Hopkins ran into him at South Beach Brawl.”
JOHNSON: ”And in our main event, the finale of the South Beach Brawl Cup, Chris Madison defended and retained the 4CW Championship against a former 4CW Champion himself, Dakota Smith!”
VASSA: ”Losing his first South Beach Brawl match ever, Dakota came up short in a match that he has been featured in and won in the past. Putting Dakota down is no easy task, and putting him down in a last man standing match at South Beach Brawl is unheard of, but Chris Madison did it!”
JOHNSON: ”That he did, Vinny, that he did. And now he has a Fatal Fourway Sixty Minute Iron Man match to look forward two in two months at Ante Up!”
VASSA: ”It all starts tonight! Later on in the evening we have our first of three qualifiers to earn a spot in the big match at the pay-per-view. We’ve seen some crazy things over the years when it comes to these matches and I expect this year to be no different.”
JOHNSON: ”It all happens in our headline match of the evening folks. But you don’t have to wait long for the non-stop action to kickoff!”
VASSA: ”That’s right because we have an entire lineup for you all tonight that will keep you on the edge of your seats!”
JOHNSON: ”You have to be patient though. Just a little bit longer at least. Because after we take a short break and go backstage, we’ll be right back here at ringside with our opening match.”
VASSA: ”Don’t fucking move! We’ll be right back!”

Adrenaline is just barely underway when the cameras shift their attention backstage, focused on a hallway just off from the catering arena. Several employees and wrestlers are milling about within, taking advantage of the brief pause to refresh their coffee or grab a bite before getting back to work. Off in that aforementioned hallway watching the goings-on with a calm, impassive expression, is one of 4CW’s newer signees, Eric Donavan. There’s a bit of a murmur from the fans out in the arena as the camera centers on him, his arms folded across his chest as he continues to observe in silence, already dressed for his match with Rylo Switzer, set to take place in mere moments. Coming up behind him, her arm snaking around his waist, is his wife, manager and partner, Lyra LeVeux-Donavan. She casts her gaze out in the same direction as her husband, speaking quietly.
LEVEUX-DONAVAN: ”…did you forget that you have a match, or are you that bored?”
Of course, the snark is all for show. Lyra likes getting a rise out of her man. And truth told, Eric enjoys the back-and-forth. She challenges him. It keeps things interesting.
DONAVAN: ”Look at them.”
DONAVAN: ”Them. All of them.”
Gesturing toward the entire group of people sipping their beverages and conversing, some out in the open and some in quiet corners, all quite expressive in their storytelling be it through tone or simple body language. Lyra looks at them again, more scrupulously this time, then shrugs a little.
LEVEUX-DONAVAN: ”What should I be seeing?”
DONAVAN: ”The future. I’m willing to bet you right now that 75% of them have no idea who I am or where I’ve been. They know what they’ve seen on YouTube and read on Twitter… but that’s it. And that’s only half the story.”
LEVEUX-DONAVAN: ”You sound like someone who’s plotting something wicked. Do tell.”
Nothing like a little plot to spice things up, eh? Eric, though, chuckles quietly and shakes his head.
DONAVAN: ”I’m just reveling in the anticipation. And this isn’t even the cream of the crop we’re looking at right now, mo gra. Those people, the Marianos and the Bronxys, the Cashes and Mortas, the Haydens, Zombies and Kinsleys… they’re lurking around here somewhere while their names are up in the lights. Each of them have a ritual, a gameplan. You say their names and ears perk up, eyes widen. Those are the ones I’m looking forward to facing.”
LEVEUX-DONAVAN: ”And you will. One at a time you’ll tear through the opponents they put in front of you. Soon, those on high will take notice. A literal fire under your ass has a way of opening the eyes, after all, and as you scale the ivory tower spewing flame with every inch…”
DONAVAN: ”No fair getting poetic on me seconds before match time, baby. Save that for after Switzer and I do our dance in front of these screaming fans.”
Mock-pouting, Lyra slides her other arm around the Irish Dragon’s waist and rests her head on his shoulder.
LEVEUX-DONAVAN: ”Not fair to make a lady wait!”
DONAVAN: ”Not fair to tease a dragon with treasure.”
He turns in her arms, wrapping his around her, but they stop short of PDA and just take a moment to stare into one another’s eyes, black staring into bright green. Both let out a smirk after a few moments.
LEVEUX-DONAVAN: ”Shall we, then?”
DONAVAN: ”Absolutely. Dreams can wait. It’s time to deal with reality.”
Separating, the two head off towards the curtains leading to the stage and ramp…


While Vassa was busy fussing to Johnson about whether Rylo’s name was really Rylo or Ryannon, Eric was using Ryannon’s head as a punching bag as he let off a round of punches with a few kicks to follow along with as he worked the rookie with no problem. Ryannon went to swing but Eric was dodging the punches with easy, stepping back finally out of Ryannon’s reach before Eric quickly steps forward with a lean to swing at Ryannon and easily catches him on the side of his jaw. Eric seemed to treat the first few minutes of the match as a sparring match, warming up with vicious strikes that seemed to drive Ryannon back anytime he tried to take a step forward. Eric had the support of the audience as they cheered him on and watching him in action as he finally decided to stop with the intense striking and go for the good stuff, aiming for the big moves. Writhing on the mat from a spinebuster, Ryannon was already feeling it but Eric was just getting started as he pulled Ryannon onto his feet without any hesitation and elbowed him in the side of his neck once Ryannon tried to break free from Eric’s strong hold on him.
Ryannon was able to finally get a few shots in once he kneed Eric in the gut and quickly stepped backwards in case of any sudden movements or grabbing from Eric before Ryannon charges forward with a clothesline. Eric pops right back up onto his feet as soon as he hits the mat and Ryannon rushes forward with another clothesline that connects, leaning down to pull Eric onto his feet and is forced back by a sudden punch from Eric as he goes for a snap DDT soon after. Ryannon is getting up off the mat and sees Eric close to a turnbuckle which causes him to focus on trying to get him against it, quickly moving as fast as he could to avoid being punched, kicked or grabbed by the unrelenting Eric before he finally made his move with a dropkick that caused Eric to stumble back two steps which was enough for his back to bump against the turnbuckle. Ryannon uses the turnbuckle as a crutch of keeping Eric cornered as Ryannon served multiple kicks to Eric and a few punches before, feeling better than he had been feeling since the bell had started.
Eric hadn’t taken it easy on him at all and Ryannon was only returning the favor, only stepping off just to rush forward with a lifting knee to a slightly leaning over Eric. Ryannon seems quite pleased and although the audience doesn’t boo him, they don’t really show him any love either. Ryannon couldn’t dwell on it that much though because he had a match to win tonight and he returned to working more on Eric in the corner. Ryannon was getting his and he spared no energy driving his fists into Eric repeatedly before yanking him out of the corner and going for a swinging backbreaker, feeling the adrenaline coursing through his veins and loving that he finally had the upper hand right now. As soon as Eric gets onto his feet, he’s swinging and he does manage to catch Ryannon twice in the face but the punches don’t slow Ryannon down that much as he steps up the speed to begin side stepping the next few punches before getting a handle on Eric and feeling the confidence brewing even more after a sidewalk slam.
Ryannon has Eric in a sleeper hold that is short lived when Eric breaks out of it with a few elbow drives into the chest and then an Irish Uppercut that had the audience hyped up. Eric was back to being on fire and Ryannon was back to being the recipient of an Irish Dragon beat down as Eric yells out a battle cry after a death valley driver while Ryannon takes a bit of time to getting back onto his feet. Eric backs up until his leaning against the turnbuckle and seems to be waiting intently as he watches Ryannon finally get fully onto his feet with no idea of what’s about to happen next. All it takes is Ryannon turning around and…. DRAGON FANG TO THE FACE! Ryannon drops to the mat and Eric falls on top for the cover to get the three count to end the match.
WINNER: Eric Donavan via Pinfall (7:24)

There was a cloudy haze within the backstage area of the Pepsi Center. The arena had a baked atmosphere, fully living up to its notoriety of a state that has legalized marijuana. In one of the backstage offices of the building. A mock court room was set up for Wrestler’s Court between Alessandro Quagliaterre and Tornado Desencadenado. It appeared to be a locker room that had been transformed into a room with a big mahogany desk at the front of the room, for the honorable judge Bronx Valescence to sit and preside over to listen to the bunch of nonsense from both wrestlers. For legitimacy there was even a gavel, and judge gown prepared for Bronx to put on. There was a stand for both wrestlers to plead their case, and a backbench of extremely lucky members of the audience as spectators who had won a sweepstakes contest to be apart of the drama. To organize everything that was happening, a strong security presence and a usher were in place to coordinate where everyone needed to go.
As the usher ordered the crowd to silence. Tornado Desencadenado made his entrance into the room first. Not sure exactly how to dress for Wrestler’s Court Tornado Desencadenado has played it safe, eschewing his traditional tee shirt and jeans for an off the rack Oxford that’s too snug in the chest and too short in the arms, a navy tie, and pressed slacks. He chooses to ignore the specially designated seat for him, and instead sits alone atop one of 4CW’s travel crates, shuffling through the index cards that detail the argument he will be making.
Alessandro was then next to arrive in to the room. Taking as long as humanly possible, Alessandro walked extremely slowly from the entrance of the court room, to his seated position. This riled up the crowd in the backbench, and the Usher had to remind them all that this was a court room and not ringside where they could create a theater room. Security then urged Alessandro to hurry up as he was delaying proceedings. Alessandro then quoted a long legal document which he had pre memorized which argued that he could take as long as he wants. After about ten minutes. Alessandro finally sat down.
Bronx was then expected to arrive as the judge for Wrestler’s Court, but due to unknown reasons, he was not in attendance. Instead a replacement was called in. A man from Denver who may have been a judge named Randy Marsh. No relation to the geologist from South Park. Though he looked exactly like him.
MARSH: “Alright I was called in as a last minute replacement. And I’m wearing good pants that are really tight so let me make this quick. I still can’t believe this Tornado guy and Alewohfowfowohfwohfrando are still doing this bit.”
Alessandro was about to switch at the replacement judge Randy Marsh.
MARSH: “Sorry Alessandro I have uncontrollable tics I suffer from Tourette’s.”
See no relation to the guy from South Park. He never had tourette’s.
MARSH: “Anyways. Jason Cashe promised me some really good product to jam with, so I will make this quick as I want to get high. Here is how this will go. Tornado you state your case first, then Alewohfowfowohfwohfrando you state yours. Then I will deliberate a verdict on your case.”
Alessandro surprisingly did not flip off as he was not going to mock a Tourette’s suffering person in a court.
TD rises and makes his way to stand in front of the judge’s bench. He looks around questioningly, then raises his right hand.
DESENCADENADO: “I, uh, Tornado Desencadenado, do solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth during these proceedings.”
After making his oath, he lowers his arm. He grins sheepishly, satisfied that he did not violate any expected decorum with his declaration. Then he begins his rehearsed speech.
DESENCADENADO: “First of all, I would like to thank everyone, even the defendant, from taking time from their schedules to attend this proceeding. I know a lot of people might see the idea of a ‘Wrestler’s Court’ as something frivolous, but there is nothing frivolous about honoring the rules and traditions of this sport. And that’s what this is ultimately about. I have asked my quarrel with Alessandro Quagliaterre be adjudicated in this way because I feel that he has wronged me professionally, and that his actions deserve censure. My intention today is to prove the defendant went above and beyond the accepted methods of retribution when he had me arrested for attacking him at Adrenaline 83, and that as a consequence for this unnecessary escalation of our disagreement he should be forced to have a match against me. This concludes my opening statement. Thank you.”
Satisfied, Tornado looks from Marsh, to Alessandro, to the gallery, to the usher, then back to Marsh.
DESENCADENADO: “Uh, what now? Should I go on, or is it his turn, or what?”
At this point the usher approaches the Spin Doctor and speaks to him quietly. As they converse TD’s expression changes to confusion to embarrassment. He thanks the usher and, once the man moves away, resumes addressing the court.
DESENCADENADO: “Ok, so, if we’re going to keep it informal, I’ll just move on and give my, ahm, argument, then. I apologize for wasting the court’s time. Alright, so, this all started at Octane 18, when Alessandro headbutted me because he was upset over his finishing time in the Vertigone Challenge. I decided after the fact I would get my receipt at Adrenaline 83, where I approached him and kicked him in the face. I also told him that if he wanted to continue this he could face me in a match. So, that’s what I expected, but instead what he did was call the authorities. He waited until the next Octane and, while berating me via satellite, the police came down to the ring, this was during the show, and had me arrested. I would later post bail, but right now I’m still facing charges. Fortunately for me 4CW doesn’t consider the incident a fireable or suspendable offense, so for now I can keep working.”
Tornado stops speaking, and again looks to where Quagliaterre is sitting. Then, he moves on with his statement.
DESENCADENADO: “The arrest, the charges, they are what they are. I can’t make them go away until I have my day in court. And when that day comes I’ll accept responsibility for my actions. But what bothered me, or would eventually bother me, was what happened at the last Octane, when the defendant sent a legal representative with an offer: I admit that we got the time wrong on how long it took Alessandro to complete the Vertigone Challenge and he would have the charges dropped.”
There’s another pause. TD holds his arms out in disbelief.
DESENCADENADO: “Who does this?! What kind of wrestler, no, what kind of person goes to these lengths just to satisfy his weird, warped ego over a silly contest that’s meant to make the fans happy? I mean, I would have taken my medicine if I thought Quagliaterre had called the cops on me to prove some kind of point. My mother reminded me he’s a dad, and maybe this was about showing his kids the difference between right and wrong and following the rule of law, so part of me was kind of sympathetic, but then he goes and just blows that theory out of the water by sending in some lawyer who asks me to lie in order to save me the cost of a trial. No.”
He shakes his head for emphasis.
DESENCADENADO: “No. I’m not going to do it. The Vertigone Challenge is NOT rigged. I already spent months having to deal with QT Reese proving that. I’m not going to lie now just to make my life easier. I’ll take the hit, but I still demand satisfaction. Alessandro is wrong for what he did, and everyone should know it, and I should deserve a chance to fight him in the ring as recompense. That’s all. Thank you.”
Finished, Tornado nods to Bronx and then walks back to his assigned seat. The backbench of spectators clap and applaud Tornado. The usher to remind them to keep decorum. After hearing all of that, Alessandro smirks, and chuckles finding everything Tornado had to say extremely amusing. The usher asked what Alessandro found so funny, and as he slowly moved up to the stand, he explained.
QUAGLIATERRE: “For real. This guy. Does this look like a man you can trust?”
Alessandro eyeballs Tornado Desencadenado. Tornado shrugs back at him, with Alessandro fixated at the sight of Tornado trying to startle him with his stare. Members of the backbench then murmur amongst themselves, and nod, agreeing that Tornado is a trustworthy individual after hearing everything he had to say. The usher then has to remind them for the umpteenth time, to respect the rules of the room.
QUAGLIATERRE: “It was a rhetorical question. We all know the answer is you cannot trust Tornado Desencadenado.”
The general consensus of the people on the backbench of the room was not in agreement, but Alessandro snubbed their opinions.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I mean like seriously. Look at this dork. With his off the rack shirt, and amateur slacks. He has no style. How can you take the word of a guy who has no style? He’s not a real man. He’s a boy. I however I’m a real man. You look at me, you see success. You see honest. You see legitimacy. What you do not see is a BIG FAT LIAR like TORNADO DESENCADENADO.”
Alessandro got worked up. He was reminded not to shout in the court room.
QUAGLIATERRE: “His version of events is such a dramatization of what actually happened. He wants to gain your sympathy by falsely enticing all of you. Do not be fooled, do not allow this con artist to deceive all of you”
Alessandro did not want the room to be mesmerized by Tornado’s falsehood.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Allow me to tell you all… accurately. What really happened!.”
A wide cheeky grin grew on the face of Alessandro, before he deliberated his argument.
QUAGLIATERRE: “This whole issue between me and him has been blown out of proportion. All Tornado needs to do, is be true to himself, be true to me, and true to all of you. All he needs to liberate himself, and find salvation, is admit the truth. He lied to me about the time of my appearance on the Vertigone Challenge. He then had the nerve to give me a look of intimidation, and I rightfully defended myself by connecting my head, onto his body. In an act of self defence and gave Tornado what he had coming to him.”
Alessandro believed he was very sincere and convincing in his argument.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Tornado then being the spiteful, despicable, and disgusting human being that he is… could not take the fact that he got put in his place. So what does he do in retaliation? He attacks me on Adrenaline 83… out of nowhere… he commits assault, a known criminal offence, and then has the audacity to claim to all of you… that I wronged him professionally? I wronged him when justice was served and he got arrested on Octane 19, for the acts he commited. Everything that has happened since is fully justified. Tornado needs to take responsibility for his actions, and ownership for all the wrongs that not I committed, but that he committed. For I am a saint. He was in the wrong. I was right. I’m always right.”
That was the gospel of truth for Alessandro.
QUAGLIATERRE: “It’s like when I’m right… I’m right. When I’m wrong wrong I could have been right, so I’m still right cause I could have been wrong… You know… and I’m sorry cause I could be wrong right now… I could be wrong… but I’m not. I am right.”
The usher and the backbench then enquired if Alessandro just quoted a person who looks like Anthony Bailey from a very popular motion picture released in 2005. Alessandro changed the subject by reminding everyone he had far more than 50 cent in his pocket. Infact he couldn’t even remember the last time he had loose change lower than a stack of one hundred dollar bills. Everyone wondered what this had to do with Wrestler’s Court.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I rest my case.”
Alessandro then took all the time in the world, moving away from the stand, back to his seat.
MARSH: “Well. That was a lot to consider. Some interesting points from both Tornado and Alewohfowfowohfwohfrando. However I feel informed enough to make a decision.”
Judge Randy Marsh then took a few minutes to review his notes that he had made from everything that was said by both Alessandro and Tornado.
MARSH: “OK. From how I see it, I decree that everything Tornado did was in line with the integrity of the sport of wrestling. And everything Alessandro has done goes against the moral ethics of the unwritten rule book of wrestling. As a result Alessandro you should apologize to Tornado for all that you have done.”
Alessandro quickly responded.
QUAGLIATERRE: “You’ve got a better chance of me fucking Alex Jones’s sister. Not happening. I’m not apologizing for shit, and you’re a retarded judge.”
Judge Randy Marsh banged his gavel, as a great hubbub began from the spectators in the background.
MARSH: “Well then, seeing as you did not want to do this the easy and respectable way. Looks like you want to be this hard way, and give a much better resolution which I am sure Tornado will be rather pleased with. Tornado said something which struck out to me. That whatever differences you have as wrestlers, you settle that in the ring. Now Alewohfowfowohfwohfrando, while you feel you may have done that at Octane 19 at the Vertigone Challenge, in actual fact you did not. If anything Tornado should have you arrested, but he is a honorable man. And in the name of Honor, he deserves a match against you one on one at Adrenaline 85. That is my decree.”
Alessandro looked shocked.
MARSH: “Pending of course, management approval. I cannot book matches without the consent of Perry Wallace. Hopefully I can meet him later tonight, and he’ll agree with my verdict, when me and my future best friend for life Jason Cashe blaze up.”
Tornado Desencadenado, clearly pleased by the verdict, thanked the judge, the usher, and the fans in attendance for their support. He then turned towards Alessandro, a broad grin on his face.
DESENCADENADO: “See you in two weeks.”
He then began to walk out of the makeshift courtroom. Alessandro went up to the judge and said he was going to make an appeal to the decision. He was reminded it was not a real court and that he couldn’t do that, so he went and headbutted a wall in the room out of anger, knocking himself out. But he would be cleared to compete later tonight for he had powerful levels of recovery.


Brenden brought the power and Kimitsu seemed to bring the speed by the way she stayed on her toes with being on the go while Brenden tried to grab ahold of Kimitsu a few failed times to go for a couple of slams. Both were putting in the work and working up a nice sweat inside the four cornered ring but Kimitsu seemed to be getting the drop on Brenden constantly as she watched as Brenden came towards her strong fresh off the ropes but she was out of the way as soon as Brenden attacked. He turns around and is greeted with a high kick to the face and then a jumping DDT as the icing on the cake because he should have been paying better attention but i mean if we could all foresee the future in the ring then we wouldn’t be catching no Ls like that. One thing you can say about Brenden is that he definitely wasnt a quitter and it would take much more to put him down but Kimitsu had no qualms making bigger guys fall to their knees to her. The way she maneuvers around the ring, you can tell she was determined to not get defeated tonight while Brenden’s eyes told that he wasn’t just going to take Kimitsu’s shit but it wasn’t an intense gaze he gives off because Brenden is a goody good and the old ladies in the audience wished he’d meet their granddaughters.
The next time Kimitsu sends Brenden to the mat, she begins to stomp him all over his body without a care in the word and is granted a mixed reaction from the crowd. Brenden’s body holds up to it but you can tell that the more that the stomping goes on, the more Brenden is slowly beginning to really feel it. He’s glad once he no longer feels her foot driving into him but Kimitsu isn’t done giving him the foot work as she does let up and back off but out of sight isn’t the more comfortable thing when you can’t see your opponent in your peripheral. Brenden is up onto his feet and Kimitsu is rushing towards him like the speed of lighting to drop kick him in his right leg, sending Brenden down onto one knee as Kimitsu backs up a bit to again rush forward and this time dropkick Brenden in the head. Brenden goes down and Kimitsu is on him faster than Tommy was once she gave him the greenlight to touch her as the referee starts the count but stops at two due to Brenden kicking out. Kimitsu frowns slightly but she just takes it for what it is and begins to pull Brenden onto his feet.
Brenden doesn’t exactly handle Kimitsu with care but he isn’t coming at her all aggressive like a lot of men she’s faced, instead he’s remaining focused on trying to target any weak spots he may find and try to find some sort of achilles heel in this match to try to cut down Kimitsu’s speed by half because it definitely was helping her when it came to Brenden trying to make reaches for her in order to use his power against her with his arsenal of suplexes. He does get lucky with a full nelson slam that was so nice that the man does it twice and before he assists with helping Kimitsu onto her feet only to go for a belly to belly next as Kimitsu is launched into the air but Brenden is smart enough to not even attempt a pin after that, Kimitsu has probably been through three deathmatchs in a night, that over the head suplex aint enough to keep her down. Kimitsu soldiers on with getting onto her feet, keeping her game face on and shows Brenden that he hasn’t slowed her down yet as she went for a hurricanrana but doesn’t go for the pin right after like she normally would have down.
Instead she gets down on the mat with him and gets him into a choke hold that has Brenden near the ropes and definitely stretching out until he’s able to grab onto the bottom one. Kimitsu releases the hold and seems satisfied by the way that Brenden rubs his neck but Brenden caught Kimitsu slipping because as soon as he got up one knee, he pushed off of it to charge at Kimitsu out of nowhere and put her on her back with a spear. Brenden is already swinging punches as soon as Kimitsu rises to her feet and she does her best to evade them until she’s able to duck down and then get close enough to pop up and go for a jumping DDT and didn’t give him time to make a move as she attacks him with kicks as soon as he’s on his feet and avoids his clothesline like the plague. Kimitsu was getting that feeling that the end was near and she begins to smile sweetly at Brenden while continuing to attack him anywhere and everywhere while bouncing from foot to foot, side stepping and just keeping out of swinging distance so that he wouldn’t catch her off guard again. It was all over for Brenden once Kimitsu kicked him in the kisser and then went for Trip To The Grave and then the pin to get the three fall.
WINNER: Kimitsu Zombie via Pinfall (9:58)

CASHE: “See this?”
You can’t see him at first. All you see it a fine waxed floor somewhere backstage. Cashe steps into the scene, kneeling down and slapping something to the ground. As he moves aside so the camera can see, its a large gold star with a name written across it. Bronx Valescence.
CASHE: “You have finally made it! With this gold star, you are officially accepted as a 4CW name!! Congratulations is most definitely in order and well earned if I do say so myself!”
Getting off his knee and rising back to standing. The camera rises with him. He gives the star another stare as more comes spewing from his mouth.
CASHE: “Is validation really required? Was what you’ve done in this company not enough for you that you need a literal gold star for you to believe you are among those who have carried this company to what it has become? Run on sentence. Can you tell I am annoyed?”
CASHE: “See Bronx. Tonight doesn’t do anything for you if you win. You and Madison are suppose to win right? At least in the minds of those you speak for who want me to retire? The what, six or eight of them out there? I could name names but its not hard to see the trail of crumbs that you leave and that others feed off of. They are but voices of few and heard by the same. This isn’t CWC where most of them need to be while they seek to cry and complain about things they could not compete with.”
CASHE: “But with you? It’s not personal. It’s not a beef I have sought after not because you scare me because you don’t. You are a god to some, a label I too gave you because of what you have done. Yet you bleed, therefore can die just as a man.”
CASHE: “You asked me almost directly why you weren’t asked to be apart of this little ‘club’ and I know deep down you already know that answer. The thought of you and I aligning almost feels like deja vu doesn’t it? Still, I want to give you an answer regardless of the sarcasm behind you wondering. Regardless of the times played as if you were a member on twitter after the debut. Why? Why would we?”
CASHE: “Crooked Kingdom was put together not to trend. It wasn’t something that was going to be a continuing narrative because this business isn’t something that continues with one given way for too long. We wanted to steal spotlights. We wanted to raid and pillage, not pretend to hold court like some trash ass Royal Family. We weren’t trying to be some pointless gathering of super friends like you were apart of before that. What we want, what we still seek is simple and it has not changed. We seek to just be crooked! We seek to cause problems.”
CASHE: “Get people yapping because like I am adopting right here and now, it’s become a thing to just talk. Backstage, in the ring, on social media as if THAT is selling a story being told. As if talking showcases a true rivalry in this business! If you were asking me, the only feud or rivalry seen in this company as of the last year or so has been Hopkins and Viduus. You and Ana? That was at best foreplay between two people who want the heavens but have sat idle by while others take action and have done NOTHING to stop it.”
Arms wide out at each side of him. He lets them fall back to his sides. Cashe shook his head, letting his stare move from camera to his feet.
CASHE: “So you want recognition? It’s yours. It isn’t on level with Chris Madison but understand the history between him and I. Understand the investment of both admiration and friendship that we had for one another dating back to 2003? 2004? Yet you no less have it. You ARE 4CW! The face of it, the name people pay highest respect too. The fact is Bronx? You have been given that respect the moment you returned because if nothing else you being here means some hate us for your loyalty. Because you made yourself bleed for this company and in due time just as it did with me and many others, you will struggle with the question of why you have bothered.”
CASHE: “Is it worth the investment you’ve given? When and if everyone begins to crave something new, something different and you are no longer the name people want to see most. You can say it won’t happen but every trend has it’s expiration date. I am no longer the trend and now your people want me gone. I don’t want you gone Bronx.. Not unless I am the one sending you packing. The warrior’s way. Not just signing out and taking my tucked tail elsewhere but being defeated to where you cannot continue moving forward. That is how, if at all I would want you gone!”
CASHE: “You had the spotlight we wanted to take. On more than one occasion now I have as you mentioned appeared during your matches. It sure as shit wasn’t during something Genie had done because nobody noticed her dim spotlights. See I don’t scratch a back just to have mine scratched in return. I don’t give praise or due credit for that same return either. So stealing your spotlight like the others we have stolen? That creates an opportunity for a bigger one to later be earned. Opportunity knocks but also at times of more physical fucking nature, it kicks in the door and robs someone of it.”
CASHE: “Those who dislike CK or just me in general? Most of them have but ONE thing in common. They were seen and heard weeks before their DEPARTURE talking about wanting to become Champion. Wanting to engrave their names as part of this company JUST the same as you wish to have yours. The difference is YOU are the only among them who have. Are they mad because I talked some shit? Because we stole some celebration time? It’s not like we COST anyone any title matches or losses because we SURE as shit weren’t taking spotlights DURING a match! See the majority of your “Wolf Pup” fucks think if its not constant praise then its insulting and yet its YOU who makes claim that we are providing handjobs to one another. That’s funny! It’s why basic bitches bite then show love when that fake ass praise returns among them. It’s why relationships can and have caused strife between you and Williams at one time or another. I’d rather look and come off as fucking down syndrome than to be as fake as some of the people that sit and praise one another these days.”
CASHE: “I expected more from you Bronx. I expected this huge amount of shots to be fired but in your promo.. It felt bare. It felt half assed. Maybe you overlooked, maybe you didn’t even try but if you did?”
CASHE: “You will need your friends, your wolves. I assure you that you might be smarter. You might be better liked but none of that will matter because the seeds we have planted are growing roots. We are not running to colonies and cock sucking ‘callums’ so it is not us that can be seen as the fading spotlight. It is you and yours that are slowly coming to a fade.. At least in 4CW. The one number and two letters that have DEFINED this business before and after you, me, us, we, them… So hate. Rain down the boos and insults and complaints because we have taken Ls and remained. How about those on your side? Cuck this dick, to you and yours we stand against.”
Moving to leave, Cashe snaps back and grabs the camera with both hands as if he were to plant a big wet kiss to its lense. Yet as he leaned in, it wasn’t affection given.
CASHE: “Fuuuuck the Patriots!”
Giving a reference to Bronx’s promo. A comparison the former Champion gave to those in Crooked Kingdom as Jason Cashe laughs whispering “That fucking shit!” before leaving the scene.

The cameras zoom in on the stage as “War Machine” by Kiss begins to play over the arena’s sound system. Chris Madison slowly steps out from the backstage area, already dressed for his tag team match later in the night. He takes a few steps out, clutching the 4CW Championship to his chest as he soaks in the standing ovation that the live audience is giving him. Frankie Morrison follows him out and stands slightly off to the side, applauding his client, before the pair make their way down to the ring. Madison stops at the foot of the entrance way and looks around as the fans break out into a chant.
“You deserve it! You deserve it! You deserve it!”

Frankie Morrison enters the ring first and quickly walks over to one of the ringside crew members, signaling for a microphone. Chris Madison makes his way up the steel steps and stops on the ring apron, grinning towards the crowd before stepping through. He meets Frankie in the center of the ring and the two talk a bit back and forth before Morrison hands over the microphone to his client. Chris raises the microphone up to his mouth but the chants grow even louder.
“You deserve it! You deserve it! You deserve it!”

MADISON: “Thank you! You have no idea how much it means to me, standin’ here in front of all of you as the 4CW Champion!”
Madison raises the 4CW Championship high above his head, garnering a roar from the crowd. Once again, the crowd breaks out into a chant.
“Mad-i-son! Mad-i-son! Mad-i-son!”

Chris walks over to the ropes and leans onto the top rope, staring out at the main camera that filmed from behind the first few rows of the audience.
MADISON: “Now I should be out here to talk about how big of a win my Last Man Standin’ match against Dakota Smith at South Beach Brawl was. I should be out here to talk about how my focus has now shifted to Ante Up, and the qualifier matches for the Sixty Minute Fatal Fourway Iron Match that awaits me. But I can’t. I can’t because tonight isn’t about the 4CW Championship…”
Frankie Morrison steps over to Madison and is handed the 4CW Championship. Frankie graciously takes the title and then takes a few steps back before proudly placing it over his shoulder.
MADISON: “After I went through an absolute war, one of the few people in this industry that I would actually consider a friend, once again made it perfectly clear that he’s got his sights set on me, and not the 4CW Championship!”
The crowd pulled a quick one-eighty and began to boo as Madison made a reference to Jason Cashe.
MADISON: “Cashe took that 4CW Championship and tossed it into the crowd as if it was nothin’ but a piece of trash… Not because he doesn’t respect that belt and what it stands for, but because he doesn’t respect me! Somewhere along the road, Cashe and I apparently split paths. He can claim that it’s because I didn’t take the time to help him figure out what was goin’ wrong for him all he wants, but this stems from somethin’ deeper… At least tonight, I get some kind of retribution when I get my hands on him in tonight’s main event!”
Once again, the crowd roared…
MADISON: “Given the circumstances, Bronx and I may actually have the odds stacked against us. Cashe and Hopkins, there may not be a duo that knows each other better. And well, Bronx and I have never tagged together. Some might think, that tonight, would be the perfect opportunity for Bronx to get a little retribution of his own, against me for beatin’ him and takin’ the 4CW Championship off of his hands. The thing is, against a team like Worldstar, I have to go into this main event, trustin’ that Bronx wants to get his hands on Crooked Kingdom just as badly as I do. Because as Cashe has made it obviously clear, there’s more to this business than championships…”
Chris lowered the microphone for a moment and tongued the corner of his mouth.
MADISON: “That first Adrenaline after the four of you ambushed Bronx and Ana followin’ their Retrograde main event title match, you and I bumped into each other Cashe… And in that brief conversation, it was evident that I have become nothin’ more than an afterthought. We’re not brothers… We’re not friends… No, that was sealed with a chair shot. What we are, are two guys who want to tear each other’s hearts out! Tonight, you get the fight that you wanted Cashe. May not be one on one, but this tag match is more your speed. Regardless, I’m goin’ to leave you layin’…”
Madison takes a few steps back to the center of the ring and points down.
MADISON: “…right here! And just remember, you brought this on yourself! Hopkins, hell… Even Dakota and Cyrus… They can’t save you Cashe. No one can save you… For once in your life, your antics have cornered you into a fight that your mouth can’t get you out of!”
Chris takes a few steps towards the ropes and pauses as he is about to climb through.
MADISON: “Oh… Knox, if you’re watchin’… I’m sorry for what I’m about to do to your tag team partner!”
Madison flips the microphone out of his hand, bouncing it off of the mat before stepping through the ropes. Frankie Morrison follows him and hands back the 4CW Championship as the two stand on the arena floor. “War Machine” by Kiss plays over the arena’s sound system once more as the 4CW Champion makes his way back up the ramp.

Cameras go backstage to see a man standing in front of a camera, being quite excited about the next Adrenaline show coming up as it’s a very special landmark for 4CW to almost reach their one hundred and fifty shows as it means a big deal to him as he begins to speak to the crowd and even wrestlers in the back.
LORD RAAB: ”It’s almost here. It’s almost one hundred and fifty shows and I’m so excited to come back and face against the top wrestlers again. Ever since I came back at Retrograde, I know I’ve not gone into much if any details about my life. I will discuss those another time, but there’s been a lot of changes to me since I made that appearance that I’m really excited and hyped to face the greats like Cashe, Marino, Madison, Hopkins, Smith, many others I’ve not even faced before in a match or in person. I’m really excited to see many matches here tonight to see exciting fights for the upcoming PPV of Ante up.”
There are a few reminders Lord Raab wanted to bring up about his return and his goals of being in 4CW.
LORD RAAB: ”All of you are aware the monster side of me is dead because I’m going to act more of a human being and being someone that wrestlers won’t be afraid to make friends with me because trust me, I always feel bad about not having one single friend to talk to and that’s because I was scared, scared of being close to somebody and being stabbed in the back like it’s happened on more than one occasion. Can I say it’s been my fault? Yes, but I refuse to go back to how I was because I’d be somebody else again and I’m terrified of being that monster again which honestly, got me nowhere with my career in 4CW.”
He smiles due to how happy he is with everything going on and he continues.
LORD RAAB: ”I did turn down the tournament for South Beach Brawl because I want to remind everyone I’m going to start from the bottom, working all the way to the top of the ladder to earn everything instead of bitching and demanding things that send me down the wrong path. That’s not happening anymore and I’m so god damn excited to know that I’m officially going to wrestle my first match right here on Adrenaline in two weeks time because I wouldn’t miss 4CW’s one hundred and fifty show for the entire world as I will make sure whoever I’m gonna be facing, I’ll be more than ready to show the entire world this guy is coming in with no nicknames, nothing other than me showing my full potential each time I’m in that 4CW and try to win my matches. The Lord Raabinator returns to 4CW next week and you better tune in for that.”
The crowd were going crazy, almost exploded when Lord Raab announced he was going to wrestle on 4CW Adrenaline next show and cameras go back at ringside for the triple threat match between Terrence Carter, Cyrus Riddle and Andre Holmes match.


Terrence was most likely wondering why was he thrown into a triple threat with being the only man of color involved and would probably blame it on Perry discriminating against him while Cyrus just wondered why was he here in the ring with two men when he would rather come face to face to the person he blamed for giving his little girl a balloon. Andre was ready for anything per usual, and his actions showed that once the bell rang and he attacked Cyrus first while Terrence had been sizing up the competition. Andre went at Cyrus like he had something to prove when in reality, he probably didn’t when it came to this match while Terrence watched on in amusement and decided to let these two tire themselves out so he could get the drop on them eventually. Cyrus attacks with a short arm clothesline and as soon as Andre hurries to his feet, he’s instantly put them with a DDT. Cyrus suddenly becoming the controller of the match is short lived as Terrence reminds them of his presence with a back body drop and then he catches Andre with a shotgun dropkick when Andre tries to come for him. Cyrus begins clobbering Terrence from behind with attacking the back of his head and then sends Terrence for the ropes so that he can come for Andre with a spinebuster and a reverse DDT.
Cyrus figures he has a lot of frustration to take out and nothing was going to stop him from doing it tonight, using this match as the perfect outlet for it as he steps back until he can catch both opponents within his sights. Both Andre and Terrence advance towards Cyrus with thinking two is better than one in a match and although Terrence wanted to knock Andre’s teeth down his throat, he didn’t mind attacking Cyrus the same time that Andre did. But Cyrus had other plans as he turned the tables on them when he grabbed each by the throat and gave a tight squeeze, going for a double chokeslam when both men beginning swinging and kicks at Cyrus in an effort to stop him and hopefully be released from his grasp. It takes a lot for Cyrus to loosen his grip on the two but Andre ended up catching Cyrus in the eye three times with a right punch and it helped to loosen the grip a bit but it was enough for Terrence to begin getting in on the action as both men didn’t let up on struggling or throwing punches until Cyrus finally let go of them completely. As soon as he did, Terrence went for a vertical suplex and then was attacked with a snap DDT once he turned around and then a sit out powerbomb before Andre turned his attention towards Cyrus.
Andre’s move arsenal is longer than the Encyclopedia and the man begin to pull out all the stops to try to survive in this triple threat match with two opponents who were definitely hell bent on beating ass to get the win, especially when it came to the aggressive Cyrus. Terrence was picking his spots and being smart about making his moves, knowing he wasn’t as well versed in the ring as the other two opponents but he be damned if he took an L tonight against two men who had faces that he felt deserved to be kicked in. Andre’s eyes went on Terrence and that’s when Cyrus attacks with a swinging neckbreaker that had Terrence taking a step back especially when Cyrus’ attention turned to Terrence. But Terrence wasn’t no little bitch, okay? He didn’t care how much pigs blood that Cyrus sacrificed in his rituals to Satan and there was no fear in his heart when Cyrus coldly glared at him while taking his steps forward towards him. The two went blow for blow until Cyrus got a handle on Terrence’s arms and begins to headbutt Terrence repeatedly as if it were nothing to the bigger man. It got to the point where Terrence thought he heard Al Sharpton’s voice, that’s how hard Cyrus’ head was colliding into his and once Cyrus threw him down like a piece of meat, Terrence was smart enough to not get back up but he did get the hell out of dodge by rolling away and decided to try to kick Cryus’ head off if he dared to come near.
But of course Cyrus dared to come here as he stalked the dizzy Terrence and even lifted him up over his head until while Andre appeared behind Cyrus suddenly and dropkicked him in his back that had Cyrus going into the ropes and poor Terrence finding himself on the ground outside of the ring. Andre finessed a bit as he served some hard ones to Cyrus’ face with a few punches and then attacks Cyrus’ midsection with some kicks and knee strikes before he was ducking and dodging Cyrus’ defensive swings that probably would have had Andre off his feet immediately if either of those punches had connected. Andre was showing the hell out with using almost every single neckbreaker and slam that he knew (and believe me, the man knows PLEEEEEENTY of them) while also staying on top of trying to avoid getting hit by Cyrus. After putting Cyrus down with a pumphandle slam, Andre is looking around for Terrence with wanting to make sure he isn’t taken from behind but he sees Terrence is still outside of the ring, although he was now making his way to his feet so Andre knew it was a matter of time before Terrence was re-entering the ring as the referee continues the out of ring count down. So Andre decides to act quick, knowing that the odds were currently evened right now with it being one on one between Cyrus and himself as he goes back to working on Cyrus but with a lot more focus on trying to weaken Cyrus down a lot more. He finds his opening once Cyrus is on his knees and Andre wastes no time in going for the Thrust Kick and then hurries for the pin as he sees Terrence is on the apron now. Terrence moves a lot quicker once he sees Andre pinning Cyrus and by the time Terrence has his hands on Andre and is yanking him by the ankles off of Cyrus, the referee has already reached three and the bell is ringing to signal the end of the match.
WINNER: Andre Holmes via Pinfall (10:46)

Following the conclusion of the previous match up, three individuals were spotted talking to Alessandro Quagliaterre. It is difficult for the camera to get a visual on the three individuals as the back of Alessandro’s broad forehead was blocking the view.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”What do you guys want?”
The camera got a shot of the three individuals from another angle. It was the former octane play by play commentator Rachael Taylor and former colour commentators Chris Campbell and Joe Lawson.
TAYLOR: ”We need jobs.”
Alessandro rubbed his chin deep in thought.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”So you decided to come to me moments before my match with Mariano Fernandez?”
CAMPBELL: ”We understand the timing may not be ideal.”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”You think?”
Alessandro shook his head.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”This is not the time nor the place. If you are serious about wanting jobs we can set up a meeting and discuss the options. But for now stand back I’ve got some things I need to say.”
LAWSON: ”Thank you we appreciate that. Sorry for disturbing you.”
The three then stood back, as Alessandro kicked off a rant.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Well. Things got messy there and Andre managed to pull off the win.”
Alessandro looked over a monitor, assessing what happened ringside between Andre Holmes, Cyrus Riddle, and Terrence Carter.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Sometimes, I think people don’t actually pay attention to what happens in 4CW. I mean I’d expect that from a rookie, trying to get into the swings of things. But for an experienced guy like Andre. I’d expect better.”
Alessandro shook his head, not impressed.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”What am I talking about you must be wondering. Well I’ll tell you. See Andre did good just now, I’ll give him that. But when he was talking earlier last week in his Odds promo. He seems to believe that when Cyrus Riddle won the XTV championship at Retrograde. He did it against Genevie Carlson???”
Alessandro’s eyes got blinkered.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Uhh. Cyrus did it against Aidan Carlisle. But I can forgive Andre. Mistakes happen. None of us are perfect. But then Manny went ahead and did the same thing.”
Alessandro smacked his hand over his forehead in a serious facepalm.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”I don’t know where to start. Should I mention how he thought I beat Aidan Carlisle, when I didn’t. Should I mention how Manny believed I’ve never had a title opportunity, when moments after he had announced his return at Retrograde, I was facing Jair Hopkins for the Pride Championship and lost. Or what about how he thought I had a daughter with the President of Operations. When it was a beautiful baby boy, and on-top of that I have three lovely daughters. Don’t worry about the specifics I’ll be here all day explaining that.”
It was complicated.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Then I thought maybe Mariano didn’t notice any of that, because it wasn’t memorable enough. Or maybe, and this is the more accurate representation of what happened. Mariano, being the idiot who loves his video games, flirting with every girl and having fantasies of buttplugs up his ass and then denying his intentions because he doesn’t want to appear like a cuck when he is. Maybe after doing all that. Manny doesn’t know all of that, because he doesn’t pay attention to the finer details.”
Alessandro throw his fist against the wall, in disgust.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Well if Mariano likes to forget, it will give me great pride after what I do tonight, Mariano will never forget. He will always remember. That is, unless I beat him so bad up and down that ring that he gets a brain haemorrhage. That would be delightful.”
Alessandro’s eyes dilated with excitement.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”However first I have a show to put on, so a show is what the people of Denver will get. Not as if they deserve one, but it’ll give them a real buzz better than any kush they could ever blaze up. My work is hot, and it brings attention. However I am not a fool.”
Eventhough he appears as one.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Despite saying all that. I am well aware, that Mariano could beat me. He has an annoying habit of winning when nothing is expected of him. But this is not about winning, this is about pride. If I were to lose against Mariano. It would be an embarrassment. So I’m going to go out there right now and make sure the only one being embarrassed is Mariano Fernandez.”
Alessandro raised his hand above his shoulder.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Watch this space. It’s about to get lit.”
Alessandro then walked off, ready for the action to begin.

“I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
If you come around here, I make ’em all day
I get one down in a second if you wait”

The eccentric, entrancing beat of “Paper Planes” starts to blare out over the Pepsi Arena, the audience goes into an almost instant uproar as Jeb Fisher and Cosmo Cooper step out onto the ramp. Both men have their Tag-Team Championships on their shoulders, Jeb with a snarl on his face and Cosmo looking a bit more motivated than usual. The two skip the the theatrics and make a beeline down to the ring, Jeb rolling underneath the ropes while Cosmo walks up the steps. Once inside the ring Jeb yells out for some microphones, an eager staff member is all to quick in handing them to the men. Jeb instantly brings the microphone up to his lips, veins popping out the side of his neck as he screams.
The music shuts off as Jeb smacks Cosmo in the chest, trying to rile him. Which seemingly works as Cosmo raises his championship up in the air as Jeb continues to speak.
FISHER: ”Battleborn has been your Tag-Team Champions for one hundred and twenty-nine days! And in that time we have proven to be the most dominant mother fuckers to ever grace this ring! We’re better than Hostile Takeover, We’re better than Black Listed, and we are most fucking definitely better than Gold Standard! All of those names, now gone from this company! All of these teams, proved to be nothing more than lackluster cocksuckers – who couldn’t hold a god damn candle to me and Cosmo.”
Jeb loosens up a bit, chuckling to himself as his signature shit eating grin grows on his face. He brings his arm up and rests his elbow on Cosmo’s shoulder in a sign of unity.
FISHER: ”Shootcamp, Dogs of War, The Outliers… All teams claiming to be the best in the world… But They’re not here? Do you see them anywhere Cosmo? These little fuckin’ cunts actin’ tough… But they don’t got the balls to step in the ring with us? I call that pussy shit! Bend you over in the shower shit! Droppin’ the soap and letting your pussy lips go a-flappin’ shit! There isn’t a tag-team alive that has what it takes to take these belts from us.”
Cosmo nodded over to Jeb as he held the microphone up to his lips. Adjusting the 4CW Tag Championship.
COOPER: ”If you don’t want to like, believe what Jeb is saying… just look at our track record. This division–this company got down on its hands and knees when Jair and Cashe tagged up as WORLDSTAR and they let every one of you down. But they also let these tag championships and the division down as well. You see, for me and Jeb? These aren’t just trophies. They’re spoils from the battles we’ve had. Any of team would have folded in that triple threat we had. Any other team would have turned their nose up in defending those titles the very next show. We’ve beaten every team put in front of us when these are on the line, and we’ve even beat up each other for them.”
Cosmo laughed as he nudged Jeb.
COOPER: ”For too long the tag division here has been Bad Company and that is IT! And what did Jeb and I do? We hitched up the wagons, grabbed our lunch pails and we went to work. We put this division on notice. We put this division on the FUCKING map. It would be a farce if any other team in this company held these titles because we’ve proven what they can’t. The most dominant force in tag team wrestling for YEARS in 4CW. Therefore? We’re laying down the fucking gauntlet.
He glanced over to Jeb.
Cosmo and Jeb drop their microphones before in unison giving every single Tag-Team on the planet a good ol’ crotch chop. “Paper Planes” Starts to blare over the speakers once more as your 4CW Tag-Team Champions exit the ring.


Denver, Colorado is in for a very special treat tonight. Alessandro Quagliaterre versus Mariano Fernandez on the 84th episode of Adrenaline is underway live in the Pepsi Arena! The two men circle the ring and obviously the audience are edging for Mariano to put on a great show and get the win. The two competitors lock up in the center of the ring in which case Alessandro shoves him halfway across having Manny roll back up to his feet in an unoccupied corner. Quagliaterre motions him to try that ‘shit’ again sparking a huge reaction of boos. Manny rolls his eyes then nods for the two to circle the ring again.
The two lock up and Alessandro applies the Side Headlock implementing the size advantage in his favor before just tossing him down on the canvas face first. He yanks Manny back up due to the large handful of hair then strikes him hard with a knee into the ribs. His opponent falls down onto his right knee before picking him up onto his right shoulder for a Back Suplex. Manny’s body bounces off the canvas and he goes for the pin attempt which ends up at a one-count.
Both men are back up and Fernandez is slammed into the nearest corner where his back becomes glued to the turnbuckles. Alessandro runs then slams his chest with a Clothesline before running to the ropes behind him; Upon the rebound, Manny bursts out of the corner then delivers a Running Dropkick blasting Alessandro down into the mat. Alessandro rolls backwards into the ropes where he gets Clotheslined over the top rope all the way down to the bottom. The moment he stands up, he sees his opponent producing a Springboard Moonsault from the top rope to ringside crashing down on him creating a highlight moment of the match!
The referee begins his count and Manny rolls Alessandro into the ring at the count of six. He stands on the apron preparing for Alessandro to stand and when he does, a Springboard Crossbody lands perfectly on top of him with the pin attempt made! No, Alessandro kicks out at two and Fernandez gets on top of him delivering strong Forearm Blows into the arms protecting his opponent’s face. The official demands Manny to get off, which he does, thus Manny runs to the ropes, rebounds and delivers a strong Basement Dropkick to a seated Quagliatierre!
One! Two! He kicks out again and Manny helps him back up to his feet. He’s trying for a Suplex but Alessandro keeps his ground thus Manny can’t get it up. Instead, Alessandro lifts him up in the Vertical Suplex but he drop behind him then clocks him in the skull with an Enguiziri Kick! Quagliaterre is pacing back and forth giving Manny enough time to use the ropes until running into Alessandro who lifts him up, turns around for the Twisting Spinebuster! His body just collapses down on the mat but to make matters worse, Alessandro transitions straight into the Boston Crab!
Manny’s struggling as Alessandro puts his entire weight down on his back. He reels back with the legs in his grasp putting him in more excruciating pain. It comes to a point where the referee asks Manny if he wants to quit and he denies it so he starts dragging their combined weight to the ropes. Alessandro reacts by dragging him back to the center of the ring and twisting him back into the original position going for a Sharpshooter instead! Manny pulls him down for the Small Package which results in a two-count! Both men get off and get up but Fernandez gets clapped from a High Knee Strike which turns him around then he responds with a Pele Kick out of nowhere!
Both men are down on the mat still trying to figure out where they’re at. The referee starts the count but luckily for both of them, they get up at seven. Manny starts unloading with back to back Forearm Shots driving Alessandro into the ropes before whipping into the opposite ones. Upon the rebound, he eats a Dropkicksault knocking him down to the mat but before he can even stand on his legs, a quick Hurricanrana rolls him down onto his back again. There, Fernandez stands on the top rope and completes a Second-Rope Elbow Drop on his chest before the pin attempt is made!
One! Two! No! Alessandro kicks out again and Manny stands him up again before whipping him into an unoccupied corner. His back gets slammed against the turnbuckles then Manny tries to go for a Running Clothesline but Quagliaterre lifts him up then slams him down on his back from a Shoulder Powerslam! He stands up then backs off into a corner punching his head repeatedly getting into that psycho-mode of his. Measuring Manny, he charges across the ring and Manny ducks under his right arm for a German Suplex which has Alessandro standing on his knees before eating the Step-Up Enzuigiri signature, “The Gadfly!”
One! Two! Thr-! He’s surprised when he kicks out; Sitting up brushing the back of his hair but knows he has to put an end to this. So, he drags up Alessandro up to his feet trying to lift him in the Vertical Suplex but Alessandro breaks out of it then counters with a Spinning Back Fist! Mariano is wobbling on his legs before his opponent lifts him upside down behind him before slamming his back in the corner from the signature Alabama Slam! Fernandez bounces off the turnbuckles, walks forward into Alessandro who lifts him up across his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry then dropping him forward into his right knee for the finishing Go To Sleep better known as “Bedtime”!
One! Two! Three! The pin attempt is a success and the Denver audience boos the fuck out of Alessandro who stands on his feet and gets his arm raised. He dabs over the body of Manny then walks over to the nearest corner standing on the middle turnbuckle mouthing off cockily to the fans at ringside celebrating his victory.
WINNER: Alessandro Quagliaterre via Pinfall (12:02)

Cutting to the back, the camera is greeted with a lackadaisical look from Anastasia Hayden, still sporting her broken sunglasses and denim jacket look. She sighs a bit before starting to speak.
HAYDEN: ”It’s such a heavy burden to carry…the burden of always being right that is. If you’re heading into a war, it’s never a wise tactic to telegraph every step you make along the way. You can try masking it, but subtlety has never been your strong suit, Dakota. I at least applaud Mark for trying to stick out and stand his ground like a true hero, but every hero dies. And when the dust settles, when all the chaos is over…there’s only one person standing.”
Ana breaks from her unimpressed look with a cocky smirk and her index finger pointed up for a moment.
HAYDEN: ”That’s me by the way. And that’s just how this story goes. Trying to be something you’re not will only take you so far in life before everyone starts to see the cracks in the foundation of your lie. No fraud ever gets away clean. And it’s up to me to expose you for those lies. It doesn’t matter how badly you believe that you’re The Butcher or that you’re the people’s hero…because deep down? You both know you’ll never live up to the hype.”
She shrugs not-so-humbly and keeps her smirk.
HAYDEN: ”But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe The Butcher will make me bleed and eat my face off…maybe The Hero will stand tall for the people and give them something to look forward too…that’s being hopeful. Unfortunately, Anastasia Hayden only works in absolutes. It’s fine to dream, it’s real cute, but we’ve got to get settled in reality. The reality that says I’m walking right into the 4CW Championship match at Ante up.”
A strong, confident nod from Anastasia as her smirk fades away.
HAYDEN: ”The reality that says I’m going to give everything I’ve got in order to make sure that it doesn’t read Dakota Smith or Mark Storm at the end of the night. I refuse to let that happen. I can’t let it happen. I had a dream of defeating Bronx and I became a hypocrite. I became what I hated, but I’m still standing here, I’m learning from my mistakes, and I’m not letting anything or any one hold me back tonight.”
Ana shakes her head and her eyes narrow.
HAYDEN: ”I will meet Chris Madison once more. It won’t be one-on-one, but that’s alright…we can have our rematch after I take the 4CW Championship from him. Until then? I’m pretty content with beating Dakota and Mark tonight. I’m happy with this warm up and I’ll be happy with whatever comes next. I hope I get to face the absolute best at Ante Up…I hope I get to face the absolute best tonight!”
She thumps her chest, hyping herself up.
HAYDEN: ”Either bring me everything you’ve got or don’t bother giving me anything at all. I walked my way into round two of the South Beach Brawl Cup and I got too comfortable. Don’t make me comfortable. Show me that you’re not just nicknames, catchphrases, and cheap marketing tactics…show me that you’re some of the best wrestlers in the world. Prove to me and to Chris Madison that you deserve to be at Ante Up.”
Another stiff thump to her chest.
HAYDEN: ”Because the moment you don’t…the moment you take your foot off the pedal for even half a second? I’ll be ready. I’m not interested in stories or anything else. I’m interested in wrestling. I’m interested in being the best at what I do. I don’t need tricks or any other bullshit. I just need me.”
Like that, her arrogance reappears with a grin.
HAYDEN: ”And that’s more than enough.”
She keeps up the grin for a moment before it fades and transitions into a more tense glare. Ana holds it for a moment then walks off as the cameras cut elsewhere in the arena.


The champion versus champion showcase is right off the bat. Both Nurse Kinsley and Viduus Morta may not be loved by the 4CW fan base but when a champion versus champion showcase is on, they can’t help but to see how well these two competitors will do against each other. The two circle the ring and try to get the upper hand on another until Kinsley backs off to the ropes using the referee to bait in Viduus whose impatience follows afterwards. The moment the 4CW Pride Champion gets close, Kinsley kicks him in the ribs then shoves him against the turnbuckles in the corner beside her.
She starts unloading kicks into his exposed ribs until the referee shoves her off. Kinsley demands the official to stay out of her way then she marches back into Viduus who grabs her by the shoulders then throws her into the corner back first against the turnbuckles. The XTV Champion eats some powerful Clotheslines repeatedly bashing deep into her chest; Viduus holds onto her before launching her into the air where she flies halfway across the ring. She lands down on the mat then rolls over to her feet completely unaware of her surroundings. She turns around and gets completely put down on the canvas from a powerful Running Shoulder Barge from Viduus!
A quick pin attempt ends up at a one count and Viduus continues the onslaught. He helps her up then puts her down again from a quick Scoop Slam! The offense on this man doesn’t stop as a few stomps are pummeling straight down on her body. She tries to crawl away but he drags her back into the center of the ring before deadlifting her up in the Vertical Suplex position for a Stalling Suplex displaying his power! Nurse Kinsley sits up trying to nurse her own back (pun intended) yet she gets dragged down onto the canvas again for another pin attempt that ends up at one. Viduus slaps the mat then stands up again patiently stalking Nurse Kinsley.
The moment she stands up and turns around, he bursts into her direction but Kinsley falls back into the ropes and pulls down the top rope allowing Viduus Morta to crash all the way to ringside. She gets up in the center of the ring, looks to the audience then takes off into the ropes, rebounds and gets enough speed on her side to commit the Suicide Dive with enough force to have them both crash into the barricade. The Pepsi Arena of Denver, Colorado applaud Nurse Kinsley for taking a strong risk that paid off with a great reward. Now that the momentum has changed, she helps Viduus up before treating his body as a battering ram against steel steps forcing it to rip away from one another.
She barely manages to roll him inside the ring and follow up afterwards. Viduus sits up then eats a strong Soccer Kick down his spine before she runs to the ropes ahead of him, rebounds then blasts his face with a Running Basement Dropkick! Viduus snaps back onto the canvas; She drops on top of him with the right leg hooked for a pin attempt! One! Two! No! He kicked out and she stands up before kicking his head repeatedly down on the canvas. Thankfully again, the referee warns her that if she keeps this up, he will disqualify her. Nurse Kinsley reaches down for Viduus’ head then slowly helps him up again but Morta takes her across his shoulders and snaps back to the mat for a Samoan Drop!
Nurse Kinsley kicks out of the pin attempt at two but Viduus doesn’t end the pain there. He slowly drags her up by having the right arm in his grasp before pulling her into him for a Uranage Backbreaker! She lies across his right knee then he pulls her up again for another Uranage Backbreaker implementing the great strength advantage. Just when the Denver audience thinks he’s done, he lifts her off the canvas and falls backward tossing her body over him for the display of power in the Fallaway Slam! Her body rolls across the mat and Viduus makes it in time for the pin attempt but she kicks out at two again.
He’s had enough and decides to hold her up in the Reverse DDT trying to end the match early but Kinsley shoots her knee up clocking him in the jaw hard enough for him to release the hold on her. She spins out of it then leaps up for the Leaping Yakuza Kick into the chin pushing him back into the corner. Kinsley charges into him in the corner for a Running Corner Dropkick planting her feet into his chest; She flips off the impact then stands up with his arm in his grasp attempting to whip him into the opposing corner. Using his power, he spins around then ensures she’s glued to the turnbuckles before charging in full speed ahead. Kinsley then ducks under the right arm and does a Reverse STO into the middle turnbuckle allowing his face to eat it completely.
Viduus bounces back away from the landing still on his feet but Kinsley manages to get to the apron before leaping on the top rope then taking off into the air for the Springboard DDT! Viduus is spiked right on top of his head allowing Kinsley to score a pin attempt resulting in a two-count! She’s trying her best to keep the pace and momentum on her side as Denver is enjoying this match more and more! Kinsley helps him up one more time before shoving his head into the DDT position but then out of nowhere, Viduus transitions into lifting up to a Vertical Suplex before spiking her on the back of her head with a Brainbustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
The entire interior of the Pepsi Arena is now filled with fans screaming in awe or agony on how devastating that Brainbuster was for Viduus. He attempts the pin again and she kicks out before the three was made. Morta gets up, walks over to the nearest corner then bows down measuring for his opponent to rise. She gets up and he sprints out of the corner going for the Gore but Kinsley stops him in his tracks after delivering a Running Yakuza Kick to the chin. She runs behind to the ropes, rebounds and Viduus pops her up in the air for a Pop-Up Powerbomb! The pin is made again and she kicks out showing how tough she can be.
If she won’t be able to take a hit on the ground, let’s see how she can take it from the top turnbuckle. Having that idea in his head put a smile on Viduus’ face. He slowly dragged her nearly lifeless body over to a corner and sat her on the top turnbuckle before climbing up for the Superplex- NO! Nurse Kinsley ripped the hold on her body, threw a crazy amount of Elbow Shots into his head before pushing him off from the middle turnbuckle down to the canvas. One great leap from the top rope and the signature High Angle Senton is made where she lands spine first across his chest before hooking the leg up! One! Two! Thr-
No! Viduus kicks out and Kinsley can’t believe it! She’s had enough and tries to help him back up to his feet but he pushes her away then she rebounds off the ropes attempting to get more speed; Viduus leaps off his knees and Spears her straight down into the canvas using all that weight behind him! He doesn’t hesitiate to quickly yank her up having her in that Reverse DDT position before lifting her upside down in the air for the finishing Reverse Bloody Sunday, “Awakening”, as he calls it! The pin attempt is made; One! Two! Three! Viduus Morta successfully wins!
WINNER: Viduus Morta via Pinfall (14:38)

Turning a corner backstage, the 4CW camera picks up some commotion. People were gathered around the opening of a locker room door. Shouting, curses and fists thrown and pumped can be witnessed as the camera approaches. Dick the Clown was bouncing in place, hooting as he stretches his neck like a giraffe trying to seeing over and around the swell of people filling the doorway.
HOPKINS: “Yoooo! What the hell is going on?”
Those who could hear his voice stop their clamoring over whatever events were taking place deeper in the locker room. You can see as names like Dick, Nevaeh and Jobber Prospects and local talent who came to the show trying to get a job. They all turn to see Jair Hopkins approach.
HOPKINS: “Whats going down?”
Peeking up to notion wanting to see what the fuss was about. Hopkins wasn’t near tall enough to see over heads. He looks to move in closer as the voice of one familiar to him is heard from within the room.
CASHE: “Let’s get it. 5 thousand for anyone who steps up.. Come get it!”
Jair Hopkins hurried to the thick of the crowded people. The congestion of bodies almost plugging the doorway alone and Hopkins was pulling bodies out of his way to breach through. Finally getting inside, the camera follows and inside you see a surrounding. The room opened up as every piece of furniture or personal belongings were stacked or press back against the walls. Some were shoved into lockers themselves. Hopkins stands eyes wide with a sight of surprise on his face.
HOPKINS: “What the fu–”
Before he could question. The opening of the room collapses around Jason Cashe who stands at the center. He is rushed from all angles. Bob directly in front of him, Freedumb and Gordy working close together come up at either side of him. Falling back Cashe crashes an elbow into Gordy’s face. He springs forward clashing a fist into Bob’s cheekbone. It was Freedumb who got him a piece as he clubs down into Cashe around his shoulder area.
Twisting around Cashe lets the attack leave his thought as he slaps Freedumb across his face. His fat cheeks roll with the slap almost in slow motion does his fatty face jiggle. Bob rises as Forrest comes in adding his name to the numbers. Together they unload on Cashe. Launching him up back first against the far wall. That’s when Hopkins sprung into action.
Stomping down on the back of Bob’s knee, Hopkins puts the man down in a kneel. Cashe pushes up coughing but with a laughter that mixes together. The second that Forrest turns to get a glimpse of Hopkins, Cashe dives forward and blasts Forrest to the jaw with a Mark of JASON that loosens his jaw as if it disattached from the rest of his face. He crumbles as Hopkins just shoves Bob to the ground from his kneeled position. Questioning his Tag partner as his arms shows the confusion. They shrug and lift as he gives suspicion.
HOPKINS: “What are you doing? You know we have a match tonight right? Are you trying to give Bronxitis and Mad Dog Madison even more of an advantage?”
Before responding. The whole free for all seems to be over. The doorway empties, everyone begins to go about their business as Gordy rises from the ground holding his mouth where the back elbow had split his lip. Cashe steps forward applying a proper “Mark” to his face, catching him more to the orbital bone than his jaw. Same result, the jobber fell unconscious or at the very least, a severe pain in his face. Cashe shrugs back to Hopkins.
CASHE: “Who? Ohh! Haaa! Nah, no advantage. Can I not keep myself warmed up? Do you want me to stretch like I have a vagina or get the blood flowing in nature of the business we participate in? You know.. Fighting? This is practice. This is–”
HOPKINS: “You ever hear of a punching bag or heavy bags? Maybe work some gloves and combinations? That’s more of the current measure of keeping warm.. Why risk them gaining an upper hand or injury even?
CASHE: “This is the real thing. Keeps me on my toes. I’m fine! Heart isn’t even at rapid speed.. My butt crack is dry, no moist!”
HOPKINS: “Umm.. Yeah, no.. All this is risk.”
CASHE: “Without it there is no chance of real reward. I got this. Plus it gives people out there something to accuse me of.. Providing excuse for an eventual loss right? I’m ready. Trust me.”
Looking around. Seeing the damage he had done to a few of those still lingered to the ground. Then seeing how Cashe looked just as rough but he always looked that way. He appeared one fix away from an OD. He looked like he rolled to the right in bed and landed in shit. Rolled to the left and landed in throw up. That was just Cashe. He didn’t need to wear a flashy suit to hold onto some rep.
HOPKINS: “It’s World$tar all day! Crooked in thy Kingdom we stay..”
CASHE: “I think Riddle has been sneaking onto my Short Bus. I keep finding skittles on the floor. I know it’s him!”
There was a serious tone in his voice but that tone wasn’t share in the laugher that Hopkins responded with.
CASHE: “Round two? Look man, I’m use to my Openers. I made that shit look nice but I’m antsy, ready to go and need to release. I’m not fucking Nevaeh so my options are what? Should I go and steal spotlight from the Headliner? Maybe put Ecstasy in Wallace’s baby wipes? Ya boy was just getting started.. I’m a junkie and my fix don’t come til the Main Event. I needs me a taste!”
Everyone turned their eyes to both members of Crooked Kingdom. Was the fun going to continue? Hopkins glare was unsure at first but the fire to fight was already ignited in Cashe. He was ready for SOMETHING to feed his thirst.
HOPKINS: “Well shit, go and do you man.. I’ma go.. Finish getting ready. I’ll see you before bell time.”
Nodding as Hopkins leaves the scene. Cashe understood their differences in preparation. Waving in the small crowd still hanging about, Cashe prepared them for another go.
CASHE: “If you want to get paid, we must continue the warm up! Who’s up?”
As three of the remaining jobbers who either aren’t still on the ground or haven’t left begin to enclose around Cashe. He let’s out a howling phrase, one that has set his motivation on high.

For the first time in a few weeks we hear the Stranger Thing intro begin to play and Bronx Valescence comes through the curtain. He looks over to his shoulder and goes to adjust his championship per usual but then he smiles when the title isn’t there. He throws his hands up and goes down the ramp slapping hands with the fans. He looks as if he would be more comfortable at a beach bash the way he is dressed with a pink tank top and a pair of teal shorts. Ladies, I have no clue if that matches but he’s rocking it.
Bronx gets into the ring and soaks up the adulation as he nods from side to side as his music fades. He paces around the ring with a tap on the chin.
VALESCENCE: ”I could come out here and say a lot, but let’s be honest unless Jason Cashe himself is saying it he’ll just call it a boring monologue because his vocabulary won’t allow him to know what the word diatribe means. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to come out here and beat a dead horse about Crooked Kingdom. The pressure is on them, right? It’s on Chris Madison to preform as champion, right? I mean… nobody expects me to carry the teams anymore. Nobody expects me to lead anyone to victory…”
There was a smirk there. But he wasn’t going to go full Chris Madison and say he sucked or anything. Even if he did lose the tag match tonight.
VALESCENCE: ”Life is funny. Jason Cashe is all about singing my praises when I am facing Marquis, but as soon as that match is over and it isn’t convenient anymore he begins taking shots. It’s quite amazing. It’s quite amazing that Jair will back up everything Cashe says. Guys, I’m serious. Jair Hopkins lacks the nuts to stand up to anyone or anything. He’ll white knight his ass off until he is pressed and then he will back off. He is a coward or he would have never joined up with Crooked Kingdom. But let’s face it… if Cashe came out and said what Kanye said. Jair would fucking nod his head and agree with him because Cashe has his hand so far up his ass he’s controlling him like a puppet.”
Bronx paced back and forth.
VALESCENCE: ”And that’s the thing. I get it now. That’s why I didn’t get an invite to Crooked Kingdom. Jason Cashe sees himself as an alpha. So he had to get a bunch of beta’s to put around him to control. We’ve already established Jair. Cy Riddle barely shows up. Dakota Smith hasn’t won a big match since 2012. It makes sense. It’s like Unstable. Jason needed a bunch of fucking retards so he can boss around…”
He shrugs.
VALESCENCE: ”But I want the message to be clear tonight. Not just to WORLDLDLDLLDLDLSRAESRSRRRRRR. I still can’t believe grown adults would call themselves that, by the way. Are you a 35 year old cool dad or something? I’m sending a message to Chris Madison and I’m sending a message to everyone who qualifies for that Ante Up qualifier.”
Bronx stared forward.
VALESCENCE: ”We are not friends, Maddy. I respect you. I respect you for not losing to Dakota and sending this company in a fucking tail spin if a failed serial killer turned dad turned back serial killer was a champion here. But I don’t like you because you have what I made into the most prestigious belt in the world. I’m coming after it. I’m EARNING my shot back. Notice that, by the way, Cashe. EARNING. My way back into the main event scene. And I will be a three time 4CW Champion… take it to the bank. And good luck tonight, WOLRLERRDDSTAR. For the love of God I would hope the two of you can actually pull off a win in the main event instead of just coming out to jerk yourselves off during. Toodles. ”
Bronx tossed the microphone up and left.


The sickening sounds of a head being slammed up against a wall over and over opens up this little peek inside the distorted psyche of one Dakota Smith. He was somewhere in the back, hard to tell when all the focus is on the man himself. He was dressed ready for his match, but he still wore a mask made up of flesh to look like his own face. And over, and over again he smashes his forehead up against the wall, almost in rhythmic motion. His mouth is moving but no words are coming out, with each smack of the head you can see the veins in his neck and shoulders tighten. Finally mumbles can be heard coming from deep inside the butcher, they are incoherent.

His hands grip the wall as best as they can as he continues this violent onslaught on himself, just then someone else comes into the scene. The staff member is keeping his distance, doing his best to remind Dakota that it’s about time for his match. As soon as The Butcher hears those words his head snaps over to the man. He brings his arm up and flings the mask off of his face, his forehead almost rubbed raw. Their is a sickening, wide grin on peeking out behind his beard.
The camera cuts to ringside.



Things kicked off with Ana and Mark circling one another in the center of the ring as Dakota remained in his corner looking on. They tied up, Ana instantly pinning his arm behind his back as she positioned herself behind him. Mark threw multiple elbows back trying to connect with Ana but missing with every single one. Their attention was focused between the two, making it easy for Dakota to rush in with a running forearm smash to Mark’s face, knocking him to the ground along with Ana. Pushing Mark off of her, Ana quickly pushed herself to her feet but it wasn’t quick enough because just as she stood, Dakota had already closed in, locking onto her. Pulling Ana up from her knee and keeping her bent over, Dakota began hitting her chest over and over with multiple lifting knees. It seemed as if each knee that landed caused Dakota’s speed of attack to increase. Ana was helpless as Dakota held her upper body bent over. After connecting with a vicious knee to Ana’s chest that caused her to gasp for air, Dakota then began slamming his right fist into her ribs. He looked possessed, determined to literally hurt Ana for good right then and there.
With his attention focused solely on Ana, Dakota didn’t notice Mark climbing to his feet beside him. As Dakota swung in with one final blow to Ana’s ribs, his hand stopped just inches before making contact. Holding Dakota’s arm in both hands, Mark then swung Dakota’s arm to the side before swinging in and hitting him in the mouth with an open palm strike. The blow caused Dakota to release Ana as he stumbled a couple of steps back. As his feet settled, Dakota shook off the cobwebs and whipped his neck to the side, the cracking being heard by the camera closeby, staring straight ahead at Mark. Licking his lips, Dakota then roared as he lunged towards Mark, taking a massive swing with his right. Mark swatted Dakota’s hand away as it closed in, giving him just the room he needed to connect with a European uppercut to Dakota’s jaw. Turning Dakota to face the opposite direction, Mark then locked in a half nelson before lifting Dakota off his feet and suplexing him straight down on his head!
While Dakota was down, Storm turned to Ana, keeping her down on the mat before she could even get up. Pulling her up from the mat, Mark lifted her quickly and threw her down to her back with a scoop slam. Turning to the ropes behind him, he took off as quickly as he could and as he came back on the rebound, he came down onto her chest with a rolling knee, rolling to her feet fluidly after connecting. He never once broke stride, not once. He ran to the corner ahead, leaping up to the middle ropes before instantly climbing to the very top. As he turned around to face the ring, his foot slipped causing him to lose his balance. It was the opening that Ana needed as she popped up to her feet. She rushed the corner but Mark saw her in the corner of his eye. After regaining his balance, he leaped from the corner, wrapping his legs around Ana’s head as he landed on her shoulders. Falling backwards, he lifted her off her feet and tossed her over the top rope with a head scissors takedown. Ana grabbed the ropes, using them to guide herself to a crash landing on the apron.
She pulled herself up, but not before Mark. Jumping towards the ropes, Mark kicked both legs straight, driving his feet through the ropes and into Ana’s chest, knocking her from the apron. She fell to the floor backwards, landing on her feet but tripping over them before falling backwards to the floor. Rolling completely over, Ana stood to her feet before falling backwards again and crashing into the barricade at ringside. She then stumbled forward, just as Mark stood to his feet on the inside. Dipping through the ropes, Mark jogged along the apron before leaping off forward and flipping backwards through the air. As Ana stumbled forward, Mark collided into her with a shooting star press from the apron, wiping her completely out. A ten count followed shortly after as Mark stood on the outside of the ring. As the official reached five, Mark pulled Ana to her feet and dragged her over to the side of the ring before rolling her in underneath the bottom rope. The official reached seven before Mark finally slid in himself, ending the officials ten count.
As Mark entered the ring, Dakota was on him instantly, stomping down onto him before he could push himself up from the mat. Dakota then kicked into Mark’s ribs as hard as he could, rolling him over to his back. Reaching down, Dakota wrapped his hand around Mark’s throat before deadlifting him from the mat and raising him as high as he could. Taking a few steps forward, Dakota then threw Mark back to the mat with a chokeslam. Hopping over Storm, Dakota shot for the ropes and upon his return, he flipped through the air before coming down with a running senton across Mark’s body. Dakota continuously rolled up to his feet before whipping his head to the side and locking his eyes on Ana. She was pushing herself up from the mat but before she could stand completely, Dakota rushed in and grabbed ahold of her, jerking her up to her feet. Holding her in place with his left hand, Dakota began pounding into her chest with forearms from his right. After connecting with half a dozen, he then grabbed her by the head with both hands before pulling it in and slamming his head forward, hitting her right between the eyes with a headbutt.
Dakota then spun her around and locked both arms around her waist. Lifting her off the mat, he was going for a German suplex but what happened next was unexpected as Ana rolled out of his arms and over his head. Hooking her arm over Dakota’s face, she locked onto his head before falling back and dropping him to the mat with a reverse DDT! When she pushed herself back to her feet, standing across from her was Mark. The two lunged at one another, locking up. Gaining momentum from the start, Ana began pushing Mark backwards while hitting him in the sides with rapid right knees. She backed him completely across the ring and against the ropes. With nowhere to go, Mark braced himself as best he could as Ana continued firing away with knees to his sides. Releasing Mark, Ana ducked down and reached around him, grabbing the ropes behind him before pulling herself forward and driving her shoulder into his midsection. She then lifted him off his feet, up and over, dropping him to his back with a Northern Lights Suplex. Bridging for the pin, Ana had him shoulders to the mat as the official slid in beside them with the count.

As soon as the officials hand slapped them mat for the second time, Mark popped his shoulder up from the mat, ending his count abruptly. The two raced to their feet, Ana standing first as Mark was slower after being slammed to the mat moments earlier. She quickly closed in on him, hitting him over the back with a double axe-handle and knocking him back down to all fours. Taking a step back, Ana then stepped in and delivered a stinging kick to the side of Mark’s head. The kick wasn’t enough to knock him completely down, but enough to ring his bell. She then swung her other leg around and connected with a second kick to the side of his head, this one knocking him shoulder first to the mat. She heard foot steps behind her as Dakota was rushing in. Spinning around at just the right time, she planted her foot in Dakota’s stomach as he lunged towards her, stopping him in his tracks and buckling him over. With her other foot, she kicked him in the side of the thigh, following it up with a kick from her other that landed across the side of his face. The last kick whipped Dakota around in the opposite direction, nearly knocking him to the mat but Dakota pushed himself back up to standing with one arm. He turned to face Ana and as soon as he did, Ana leaped as high as she could in the air, kicking both legs out and planting her feet into his chest with a high angled dropkick.
Dakota stumbled backwards, crashing into the corner. His arms draped over the top ropes, holding himself up. Rushing in at full speed, Ana kicked her foot up, planting it directly underneath Dakota’s chin with a Yakuza kick! Dakota dropped to a seated position with his back against the corner. Popping to her feet, Ana looked across the ring to Mark who was slowly climbing back to his feet. She raced in behind him, hitting him in the back of the head with a running lariat, knocking him face first down to the mat. Turning back to Dakota, Ana caught him in the middle of slowly pulling himself up with the ropes. She quickly raced in, headed straight for him like a laser. Jumping into the air feet first, she went to end it all with her She Was Only Seventeen (running single leg dropkick). Side stepping her, Dakota grabbed her in mid air, lifting her legs even higher to clear the ropes before slamming her upside down and back first into the corner.
Before Dakota could even look away from Ana at his feet, Mark rushed in from behind, wrapping both arms around his waist. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Mark slammed him to the mat with a German suplex! Dakota refused to stay down, pushing himself up although showing signs of pain from the suplex. Storm was already on his feet, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to strike. That moment finally presented itself as Dakota stand completely, his arms hanging to his sides. Stepping in, Mark then hit him directly in the chest with a high kick, knocking Dakota backwards and down to the mat. Dakota held both hands to his chest, rolling back and forth while gasping for air. Turning to face the opposite direction, Mark then jumped up, flipping backwards before landing across Dakota with a standing moonsault. Mark was up once again, pacing the ring while watching Dakota closely. Dakota still wasn’t staying down as he began pushing himself up. As he rose to one knee, Mark rushed in, swinging with his right and connecting with a power punch to Dakota’s shoulders. Mark then swung with his left, his right again, and then his left again, connecting with all three high intensity punches. Each one backed Dakota up a step and with his back against the ropes now, Mark then spun around and leveled him with a spinning back kick. Dakota was lifted off his feet, going up and over the top rope before crashing down onto the apron.
With Mark currently distracted, Ana closed in for the attack. She tried to grab him from behind but Mark quickly ducked down, pulling himself away from Ana and throwing her to the ropes a few feet away. As Ana bounced off the ropes, Mark wrapped her up, lifting her into the air as he spun in place, driving her into the mat with a spinebuster. Standing to his feet, he pealed Ana up from the canvas before lifting her completely off her feet. Holding her horizontally, he then dropped her across his knee with a backbreaker. Still holding onto her, Mark then stood back up while lifting her in both arms as high as he could. He then stepped forward and dropped her across his knee with a gutbuster! On his feet once more, Mark then pulled Ana up to hers before lifting her up and turning her completely to where he was holding her upside down. He had her right where he wanted her, in his arms with a tombstone piledriver in her foreseeable future. Out of nowhere, Dakota dipped through the ropes and rushed them both, colliding into Ana’s back and tackling both her and Mark to the mat.
JOHNSON: ”Mark Storm had her dead to rights for a tombstone piledriver!”
VASSA: ”The key word there being almost. Dakota put an end to that real quick.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s the thing about these matches where someone has more than one opponent. Just when you think things are going your way, someone comes out of nowhere and ruins the party.”
VASSA: ”This is only a triple threat match! At Ante Up, the winner of this match will be competing in the sixty minute Iron Man… FATAL FOURWAY!!!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s going to make it even more difficult than being up against two opponents. Instead of having to worry about where the other opponent is, they’re going to have to worry about where the other two opponents are!”
Ana wasn’t moving much, but Dakota and Storm were racing to their feet. They both stood up at the same exact time. Mark was first to make a move though as he lunged towards Dakota. Ducking down, Dakota lifted Mark off his feet and onto his shoulders. Twisting his body around, Dakota then slammed Mark to the canvas with a Samoan drop!
Dakota was back on his feet, growling to where the camera close by could pick up the sound. He pulled Mark to his feet, locking an arm around his head as he hooked Mark’s leg with the other. Lifting Mark into the air with a fisherman’s suplex, his midsection was exposed as he transitioned Mark’s position to drop him with a sit-out spinebuster.
VASSA: ”Here it comes…”
JOHNSON: ”Deadman Wonder–“
Before Dakota could slam Mark to the mat, Ana was back on her feet, sneaking in unnoticed and kicking Dakota in the stomach as hard as she could. The impact was enough to force Dakota to release Mark, dropping him to the mat instead of executing the Deadman Wonderland. He was stunned, just long enough for Ana to fire upside his head with another kick, dropping Dakota to both knees. Turning to the ropes, Ana took off towards them and as she came back on the rebound, she slid feet first to the mat, connecting with a forearm smash to Dakota’s face!
JOHNSON: ”Human Target Practice!”
VASSA: ”I don’t know if I’d consider Dakota to be human, with the Butcher being back and all.”
Dakota was in a world of pain and agony as he rolled back and forth on the mat. Not far from him was Storm who was slow to even attempt at getting back up but as he finally did, Ana was already on her feet. Storm rose to one knee and as he did, Ana raced in as fast as she could, connecting with the running single leg drop kick in her second attempt.
VASSA: ”With the body of a seventeen year old boy!”
JOHNSON: ”Wait, what?”
VASSA: ”You heard me!”
With Dakota still down and Mark laid out from the kick to the face, Ana covered Mark for the pin as the official rushed in with the count.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and advancing to the main event at Ante Up… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”
WINNER: Anastasia Hayden via Pinfall (16:22)


POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!”
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low!”

Stepping out from the back first is “The Smooth One” William D. Williams! Suit top class and expensive as he comes to a stop where the stage meets the aisle ramp. Turning back to the entrance as the lyrics of the first verse spills out from the speaker system.
”Goin’ straight through the hole
You ain’t got no game
I’m breakin’ ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin’ all control
You can’t get none of this, we’re runnin’ this
Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin’ this
Get out the lane, I’m comin’ through
And if you don’t wanna move then I’m comin’ right through you”

The crowd gets loud and hype as Jair Hopkins leaps out going “high” as Jason Cashe almost creeps out in a squatted “low” playing to the theme song. Both greet “The Smooth One” as the three of them turn to the ring. Hopkins and Cashe color coordinated but keeps their own style about their attire. Hopkins slaps a few hands as he gets a head of the team. Cashe couldn’t care less to interact as William D. Williams moves down the center of the aisle way.
”We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can’t take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
In the game we take you to war (war!)
You ain’t seen nothin’ like this before
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low
If I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high
And you hit ’em low, hit ’em low, hit ’em low “

As the team gets to ringside, Cashe and Hopkins go separate directions. “Smooth One” reaches the steel stairs and climbs up onto the ring apron. As Hopkins slides in under the bottom ropes and Cashe dips in through the middle on opposite sides, the two pass the other by, they clap slap hands three times rapidly. Hopkins pulling his shirt off, Cashe already ready to go as William D. Williams remains on the ring apron outside the ropes for introductions.
POWERS: ”One comes to us from Los Angeles, California by way of Brooklyn, New York! A former TWO Time 4CW Champion! JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
The crowd erupts. A fan favorite, a name that helped make the 4CW brand. Stepping up on the turnbuckles, leaning against the top buckle, Hopkins throws his arms up. Feeding on the audience as they pour him with their love and support.
POWERS: ”The other comes from Houston, Texas by way of DeCatur, Georgia! He is a THREE Time 4CW Champion and a Two time XTV Champion! The ‘Troubled One’ JASON CCAASSHHEE!!!”
Slowly he turns to see every section in the arena. Some cheering, more booing and he doesn’t react much at all. Finally staring back at the Announcer, wanting him to hurry along. He gets the the final part of their introduction.
POWERS: ”Accompanying them and presenting them as a Manager, ‘The Smooth One’ William D. Williams! THEY… ARE… WWOORRLLDDSSTTAARR!!!”
The fans echo out the name along with Powers. More cheers and howls of their name are heard as they stand ready to fight.
POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
The “Stranger Things” intro starts to kick over the house speakers as the fans give their initial pop when smoke begins to fill the stage. As the remix to “Starboy” kicks in, Bronx slowly makes his way out on stage. Pausing in the middle of the stage, he turns sideways and points a finger gun towards the ring before he pulls the trigger and gives a loud, audible laugh before he continues down the ramp, a smug grin on his face as he slaps hands with hands on either side of the ramp.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds! He is a former TWO time 4CW Champion… BRONX VVAALLEESSCCEENNCCEE!!!”
When Bronx gets down to the end of the ramp, he uses one leap onto the ring apron, and then spins around, holding onto the ropes before rising his feet on the apron and walking over to his corner and using the ropes to vault into the ring. Opening his arms out to either side he spins until he bounces into the ropes and poses one time for the fans before smirking and removing his ring jacket and sunglasses, neatly placing them underneath his corner turnbuckle before leaping onto the top turnbuckle to sit.
POWERS: ”And his partner!”
The arena’s lights dim to black as the opening guitar riffs to “War Machine” by KISS begin to screech over the P.A. system. The video screen lights up with visual static noise. Suddenly in the center of the screen a black handprint begins pulsating to the beat of the drum that has began to play. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and we see Chris Madison standing with his head bowed under a black towel, wearing an official licensed t-shirt that says, “Always Ready For War,” across the chest, with the 4CW Championship secured around his waist. He nods his head to the music and as the chorus breaks he rips the towel from his head and tosses it into the live audience, starting his way down the ramp toward, the ring.
“Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine
Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall… He is the reigning 4CW CHAMPION, ‘Mayhem’ CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison makes it to the base of the steps and places one foot down before scoping out the fans directly behind him by peering over his shoulder. He smirks as the live audience sings along to the entrance music and then marches up the steps and climbs through the ropes. He immediately leaps up onto the middle rope and faces out towards the crowd. He brings his fists up to his face and punches his jaw with each hand before shooting his arms out horizontally with his hands wide open, welcoming whatever challenge is coming his way. Madison hops backwards while unfastening the 4CW Championship, bouncing off of his feet and turns towards the center of the ring, raising his prized possession proudly over his head!
VASSA: ”Alright, alright! Now this is a match that has been long overdue!”
JOHNSON: ”Crooked Kingdom has made it a point to interfere in pay-per-view main events, involving both men at different times. They’ve attacked Bronx and Anastasia as their match concluded at Retrograde. Cashe has attacked Madison backstage after a win in the South Beach Brawl Cup. Cashe even came down to ringside at South Beach Brawl to throw the 4CW Championship into the crowd after Madison retained against Dakota.”
VASSA: ”I know a lot of people have been getting annoyed at seeing Crooked Kingdom inserting themselves into these spotlights. Tonight, they don’t have to insert themselves. They are in the main event!”
JOHNSON: ”People have been wondering when will Bronx, or Ana, or even Madison will retaliate. Wait no longer ladies and gentlemen, it all goes down tonight!”
VASSA: ”Everyone isn’t involved though. Dakota and Cyrus aren’t in this match, both suffering tough losses here tonight. Ana isn’t in this match although she has a one way ticket to the main event at Ante Up. We have just a few select pieces of the puzzle in the ring for tonight’s main event.”
JOHNSON: ”I already know that Madison is dying to get his hands on Cashe. Bronx too! Jair scored one up on Bronx not too long ago and we’ve seen Bronx’s track record against Cashe in singles. Despite all of that, I’m finding this team of Bronx and Madison to be a powerhouse.”
VASSA: ”They are, no doubt about it. Let’s not forget about World$tar. Now these guys may be in a bit of a slump as of late, but less than a year ago those two entered Bad Company and left as winners, winning over fifteen teams in one night!”
JOHNSON: ”Thirty-one if you want to count the qualifiers that were held to determine which sixteen teams would enter the final night.”
VASSA: ”And these weren’t just any teams, they weren’t even all 4CW teams. Last year’s Bad Company saw teams from outside 4CW enter, making it the toughest to date. World$tar may be in a slump in singles competition, but I wouldn’t count these two out for a second as a team!”
The two teams talk amongst themselves in their respective corners. After brief discussions of a game plan, Madison and Hopkins both exit to the apron, leaving Bronx and Cashe to kick things off. The official checked in with both corners and after getting the okay from both, he then threw his hand into the air and signaled for the bell.

Cashe seemed somewhat disappointed to see Bronx starting the match with him and not Madison. He and Bronx had history though, which had always favored Cashe in the past so he didn’t complain. He welcomed it with open arms. The two circled the ring, sizing each other up while exchanging a few words between each other, some playful and others hateful. They then approached each other until standing within range to lock up. As soon as they did, Cashe ducked and stepped in behind Bronx, pinning his arm behind his back. Slamming his head forward, Cashe hit Bronx in the back of the head with a headbutt, knocking him forward as he released him. Bronx whipped the hair from his face before turning back to Cashe with a smirk. He then slowly clapped his hands together, imitating Cashe and his main event appearances over the last few months. The two then locked up once again, and Cashe did exactly the same as before, he stepped in behind Bronx and pinned his arm behind his back. Wrapping his free arm around Bronx’s waist, Cashe then lifted him off his feet before dropping him to the mat with a suplex.
On his feet, Cashe stomped down onto Bronx’s hand as he remained down to the mat. He then took to the skies as he jumped up and came down with a headbutt to Bronx’s forehead. Climbing on top of Bronx, Cashe then unloaded with rapid right hands before his attack transitioned to gorilla styled fists from both hands as he swung down. Bronx held his arm up in an attempt to defend himself but Cashe continued connecting with left and right clubs. With his hand wide open, Bronx pressed it against Cashe’s face, pushing him back while still being hit with lefts and rights. Cashe pulled his head back, causing Bronx’s hand to slide down and his index finger to catch on Cashe’s bottom teeth. It was like a Christmas gift hand delivered from Santa himself as Cashe realized where Bronx’s finger was. Whether or not Bronx washed his hands before the match didn’t even cross his mind. Not once. Cashe then bit down as hard as he could, bringing his swinging arms to rest. Bronx didn’t yell, scream, kick, or even react whatsoever to Cashe biting down on him. Luckily for him, Cashe was missing his two front teeth, preventing his bite from really having any bite at all. Bronx pulled his finger away from Cashe’s mouth and shoved it in Cashe’s ear, giving him a wet willy! Bronx then swung upwards with his other hand, connecting with a stiff left to the side of his head, knocking Cashe off of him.
Before Bronx even began to climb to his feet, he wiped Cashe’s spit from his finger. The two then stood at the same time, Cashe stepping in and taking the first swing. Bronx leaned back just enough to dodge the fist closing in on his face. He then fired back with a European uppercut, knocking Cashe a few steps backwards off balance. As Cashe settled his feet, Bronx leaped through the air, wrapping his arm around Cashe’s head. Bronx was going for a DDT but Cashe immediately wrapped him up with both arms, holding him up and not allowing him to fall back to the mat. Holding Bronx in the air, Cashe then charged across the ring, slamming Bronx back first into the nearest corner. Taking a step back, Cashe then powered down and lifted Bronx up even more, throwing him over his head with a belly to belly suplex!
VASSA: ”This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for and just like in the past, Cashe is one step ahead of Bronx.”
JOHNSON: ”They had quite a few matches when Bronx was first in 4CW trying to find his groove. The only thing missing now is the ETV Title!”
VASSA: ”It’s actually the XTV…”
Cashe circled Bronx for a short moment before raining down on him with stomps and kicks to his legs. Pulling Bronx to his feet, Cashe kept his head pushed down, bending him over. Holding his head in place, Cashe then popped his leg up, driving his knee into Bronx’s face. Locking both of Bronx’s arms in a double underhook, Cashe then lifted him upside down into the air before dropping him on his head with a brainbuster. Although Cashe was in full control of the match, he knew putting Bronx down for good now is a completely different story than it was two years ago. He quickly made the cover as the official dropped in beside them with the count.

Bronx kicked out just before the full two count. His partner, Madison, looked on from the outside, having enough confidence in his partner to where he didn’t think it was necessary to break the pin up himself. Cashe pushed himself up to both knees before shrugging his shoulders and then swinging down and connecting with a vicious right to Bronx’s dome. He then stood to his feet and shortly after he pulled Bronx up from the mat as well. Locking onto Bronx’s arm, Cashe then whipped him across the ring to the ropes. As Bronx hit the ropes, Cashe braced himself for his return where he then lifted Bronx into the air for his Trouble Maker (Pop up sit-out spinebuster). Quick to react while in the air, Bronx wrapped his legs around Cashe’s head before falling back and throwing Cashe across the ring with a head scissors takedown. Cashe hit the mat with a thud and Bronx began crawling to his corner towards Madison who was eager to get in on the action. It was only a head scissors takedown, nothing too serious. Cashe quickly climbed back to his feet only to look across the ring at Bronx crawling towards his corner and Madison leaning over the top rope with his arm fully extended. Cashe raced over to stop Bronx but before he could, Bronx pushed himself up and leaped forward, slapping hands with Madison before Cashe could even come close.
Madison dipped through the ropes and rushed straight towards Cashe. He threw a right which was blocked by Cashe. He threw a left with was also blocked by Cashe. Madison then faked as if he were throwing a punch, causing Cashe to throw his hands up to block. Madison then switched things up and kicked Cashe in the ribs as hard as he could. Pulling Cashe in, Madison wrapped him up before lifting him off his feet and throwing him to the mat with a T-bone suplex! Cashe refused to stay down, pushing himself back up as Madison was already standing. He lunged towards Madison, throwing a right hook and completely missing as Madison ducked underneath it and fired back with a stiff punch to the stomach. Cashe buckled over from the blow to the gut and Madison then turned him around to face the opposite direction. Lifting Cashe into the air with a pump-handle, Madison then slammed him to the mat as hard as he could, causing the entire ring to rattle upon impact.
VASSA: ”Cashe and Madison have been friends for a very long time and for some reason, Cashe took it upon himself to attack Madison after coming off a fresh win during the South Beach Brawl Cup.”
JOHNSON: ”It wasn’t the ideal situation for Madison to find himself in after a big matchup, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it as Cashe attacked him relentlessly with chair shots.”
VASSA: ”You never know what’s going through Cashe’s head–“
JOHNSON: ”I DO! It’s Madison’s fist!”
Swinging downward, Madison put all of his power behind his arm as he connected with a hard right, slamming the back of Cashe’s head against the canvas. Madison then swung down and hit Cashe across the nose with a forearm before standing to his feet. Circling Cashe, Madison motioned for him to get up and fight him but Cashe was still seeing stars from the hard blow to the head. He then grabbed Cashe with both hands, jerking him up to his feet. Out of nowhere, Cashe slammed his head forward, hitting Madison with a headbutt and knocking him off. Extending both arms, Cashe then swung them in together, hitting Madison across both ears simultaneously with a double ear slap, or bell clap as Cashe liked to call it. Lifting Madison off his feet Cashe then dropped him back to the mat with a swinging shoulder slam!
VASSA: ”He’s nifty too. Just when you think you have Cashe where you want him, he surprises you with an attack that most of the time even hurts himself.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s an act of survival. Cashe didn’t accomplish everything that he has by not surviving by any means necessary.”
Pulling Madison up from the mat, Cashe held onto the back of his head as he walked him across the ring and to the corner where Hopkins was standing outside on the apron. Throwing Madison into the corner, Cashe then rushed in a few steps, hitting him in the mouth with a running elbow. Cashe looked to Hopkins and before you knew it, the two slapped hands making the tag. Pulling Madison away from the corner and turning him around to face the corner, Cashe then stepped to the side as Hopkins made his way to the top of said corner. Leaping through the air, Hopkins collided into Madison with a diving crossbody, taking him down to the mat as he landed on top of him. With Madison’s shoulders to the mat, Hopkins quickly hooked his leg as the official slid in beside them with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Madison ended the count which then resulted to Cashe screaming in the officials ear as he was still in the ring. The official turned his attention to Cashe as he stood, yelling for him to exit the ring which he did. On his feet, Jair stomped down onto Madison’s chest a few times before jumping as high as he could and coming down with a leg drop across Madison’s throat. His leg pinned Madison’s head to the mat as Madison’s feet shot straight up into the air. Rolling backwards, Hopkins pushed himself up to a hand stand before falling back to his feet. Without any hesitation at all, Jair then leaped into the air once more, this time coming down with an elbow drop to Madison’s chest. Pulling Madison to his feet, Jair then whipped him to a corner that wasn’t taken by either teams member. Just as Madison slammed against the corner, Jair raced across the ring, leaping through the air as he got within range. Planting both feet in Madison’s midsection, Jair then grabbed the back of his head with both hands before rolling backwards to the mat. He hit the mat, pulling Madison down as he then kicked his legs straight, flipping Madison to the center of the ring with a monkey flip. On his feet in no time, Jair then rushed over to the corner across the same apron. He leaped all the way up to the top rope, overlooking the crowd as he threw up the Dying Breed hand gesture. Turning to face the ring, Jair stood patiently at the top as Madison slowly climbed back to his feet. Leaping off the top of the corner and flipping backwards, Jair locked his arm around Madison’s head as he completely flipped.
JOHNSON: ”Hail Mary!”
As Hopkins fell back and pulled Madison along with him, Madison wrapped him up around the waist with both arms, stopping and holding Jair just inches away from the mat. Madison then drove his feet through the mat as he powered through, standing straight up and raising Hopkins as well. He saved himself from the shooting star DDT. Turning to face the corner with Bronx on the apron, Madison then carried Jair as he quickly walked towards it. His steps grew faster and faster until he was eventually in a slow jog. Closing in on the corner, Madison slammed Jair back first into it, forcing him to release his head as his arms draped over the top ropes at each side. Madison then slapped hands with Bronx, making the tag and bringing in the fresh man.
Bronx wasted no time at all as he dipped through the ropes and then unloaded on Jair’s stomach with lefts and rights as he was propped up against the corner. Bronx then took a few steps back before coming in and going for Jair’s head with a superkick. Ducking underneath the kick, Jair stepped in behind Bronx as his leg shot over the top rope. Wrapping Bronx up from behind, Jair dragged him away from the corner and as he attempted to lift Bronx off his feet, Bronx threw his arm back and connected with an elbow shot to Jair’s temple. Spinning around and positioning himself behind Jair, Bronx then wrapped him up before lifting him off his feet and slamming him to the mat with a German suplex. Bronx then rolled Jair over to his back as he stood tall, planting a foot on each side of Jair’s body. Digging his hands underneath Jair’s body, Bronx then locked his together before deadlifting Jair from the canvas and throwing him back to the mat with a gut-wrench suplex! Covering Jair for the pin, Bronx hooked his leg as the official shortly followed.

Rushing in from behind, Cashe leaped down onto Bronx, hitting him across the back of his shoulders with a double axe-handle. As Cashe pushed himself up to his feet, he was tackled from the side as Madison rushed him. The two went through the ropes, falling onto the apron before rolling off and spilling out onto the ringside floor. The two rolled across the floor, fighting with one another but no one clearly getting the advantage over the other. Inside the ring, Bronx was on his feet, watching the fight on the outside as Jair remained down at his feet. Pulling Jair up from the mat, Bronx hit him with a right, and then another right before spinning around and connecting with a spinning back fist to Jair’s face! Jair stumbled backwards across the ring until hitting the ropes and ricocheting off. Falling forward, Jair fell into a leg lariat from Bronx, knocking him straight to the mat.
Bronx quickly pushed himself and raced over to the nearby corner, climbing straight to the top without losing a step. Just as he turned to face the ring, Jair was on his feet, coming straight for him. Jair lunged forward, throwing his arms over the ropes to knock Bronx off balance. It didn’t matter, Bronx was already in the air as he jumped from the corner over his head. Jair head Bronx’s feet hit the mat behind him so he quickly spun around and kicked his foot straight into Bronx’s stomach. Lifting Bronx onto his shoulders, Jair then dropped him to the mat with a Samoan drop. Bronx was quick to get back up, but not quicker than Jair as he was already standing. Rushing in, Jair hit Bronx with back to back right hands before lifting him off his feet and throwing him to the mat with a scoop slam.
Bronx immediately pushed himself up and before he could make his next move, Jair was all over him. Left, right, left, right, Jair kicked Bronx from all angles before locking onto his wrist and whipping him across the ring to the corner. As Bronx hit the corner, Jair took off from his position and ran towards Bronx as fast as he could. Leaping through the air, Jair crashed into Bronx with a splash. Dropping down to his feet, Jair stepped to the side as he pulled Bronx away from the corner and positioned himself beside him. In the blink of an eye, Jair took front face first to the mat with a front face slam! Rolling Bronx over to his back, Jair then made the cover as the official rushed onto the scene with the count.

VASSA: ”Close call for Bronx right there as Jair is on a bit of a roll.”
JOHNSON: ”And look to the outside! Cashe and Madison are still throwing down at ringside!”
Madison backs Cashe against the barricade at ringside, hitting him with various punches and kicks to his midsection and legs. Throwing a right at Cashe’s head, Madison misses as Cashe leans to the side to dodge it. Grabbing Madison by the head with both hands, Cashe then slams him down face first onto the top of the barricade. He then slams Madison shoulder first into it before unloading with a combination of kicks and punches of his own, in no way resembling anything you’d see in an MMA. It was sloppy, but the hits landed were quite effective. Swinging down to Madison’s head, Cashe suddenly gets taken off his feet as Madison lifts him into the air. Holding Cashe up, Madison takes a few steps towards the ring before slamming Cashe down onto his back on top of the ringside steps. Cashe swung up and clocked Cashe upside the head with a right, knocking him over to the side as the two then rolled down the steps before spilling out onto the ringside floor again.
As the fight continued on the outside, Jair pulled Bronx to his feet after controlling the match this entire time since cutting to the brawl at ringside. He locked an arm around Bronx’s head before hooking his leg. He went to lift Bronx for a fisherman’s suplex but Bronx fired away with a stinging right into Jair’s ribs. Bronx hit him again and again, before eventually pulling his head away from Jair’s arm and kicking him in the stomach. Bronx then hooked his arm around Jair’s head before hooking his leg and then lifting him straight into the air before dropping him with a fisherman’s buster! The fight on the outside had finally calmed down after members from the ringside crew separated Cashe and Madison. Looking to his corner, Madison was just climbing up onto the apron. Bronx pulled Jair up from the mat and then walked him to the center of the ring before launching him as hard as he could straight for the corner. Jair crashed chest first into the corner before falling back into Bronx’s arms. Wrapping Jair up, Bronx then lifted him off his feet before driving forward and slamming Jair frontwards into the corner.
Bronx quickly made the tag with Madison and before you knew it, the 4CW Champion was back inside of the ring in no time. He pointed across the ring to Cashe on the apron before turning to Jair and firing at will with rapid lefts and rights into Jair’s body. Pulling Jair away from the corner, Madison lifted him up and threw him to the center of the ring. Hopkins up to his feet and as he looked ahead, Madison was charging straight for him. Taking a swing for the fences, Madison went for a powerful clothesline but came up short as Jair ducked at the last possible split second. Madison’s stopped in his tracks just in front of the corner as Cashe lunged over the top rope and slapped him across the face. Madison shook his head before cutting his attention to Cashe snickering from the apron. He went for Cashe, but from behind Jair planted both feet into his back with a dropkick, knocking him forward into the corner. From the apron, Cashe began raining down onto Madison’s back and head with lefts and rights as the champ had his arms draped over the top ropes.
Hopkins the screams “WorldStar” immediately grabbing Cashe’s attention. Without even being asked, Hopkins extended his arm, opening up his palm for a tag from Cashe that came next. Hopping up and pulling himself over the top rope, Cashe entered the ring with excitement. He grabbed Madison’s head and pulled it away from the corner before slamming it down face first onto the turnbuckle. Over and over, Cashe slammed Madison’s face down onto the turnbuckle. With Madison in a daze, Cashe pulled him away from the corner and then slung him to the center of the ring. As Madison came to a stop, Cashe raced past him, running for the ropes in front of the two. Hitting the ropes, Cashe came back with a clothesline that knocked Madison flat on his back. Madison quickly pushed himself back up but right there in front of him was Cashe putting him back down with another clothesline. This went on for a good minute, Madison would climb back to his feet and Cashe would be right there to put him back down with a clothesline. With each clothesline, Cashe grew slower and slower as he was showing signs of exhaustion. Madison was slowly pushing himself up once more, this time a lot slower than previous attempts. As Cashe looked on, catching his breath, the crowd began to stir at the top of the ramp.
JOHNSON: ”Wait a second. What’s this?!”
VASSA: ”Here’s comes Caaaaaaaaaaaaa–he’s already in the ring!”
JOHNSON: ”Caught you there.”
VASSA: ”It was my first reaction given recent events!”
JOHNSON: ”Who is that?”
VASSA: ”Is that…”
JOHNSON: ”It’s…”
Walking out from the back is Anastasia Hayden, still dressed in her gear following her match that took place in the before tonight’s main event. She wears a bandana with her hair pulled up underneath it as she walks as if she were imitating a caveman. Yelling out nonsense, she walks down the ramp, waving her arms in the air for attention. The camera cuts to a close shot of her. She notices and stops in front of the camera before looking to it with the biggest smile. She wears a black mouthpiece with teeth painted on it. Just like the man in the ring, her mouthpiece is painted with both front upper teeth missing. She then turns back to the ring and begins waving and yelling as she approaches. She finally catches Cashe’s attention on the inside of the ring. Madison is still down on one knee, struggling to get to his feet. Cashe walks to the ropes facing the bottom of the ramp where Ana stands. He scratches his head as he looks on.
JOHNSON: ”Well this is quite different.”
VASSA: ”I wouldn’t have been wrong if I said it was Cashe coming down to the ring tonight. Ana’s doing her best impression of him right now!”
JOHNSON: ”She even has a mouthpiece painted to match Cashe’s teeth, and those missing as well.”
Jair hops down from the apron and rushes across the ring to investigate. Ana continues yelling nonsense and waving her arms at the camera and crowd as if begging to be seen. Jair then pushes into Ana, breaking up the scene. Immediately Bronx leaps from the apron and runs over, pushing Jair as he closes in. The two then begin shoving each other back and forth as Ana forces herself between them as if trying to break things up. Inside the ring, Cashe ducks down and goes head first through the ropes but before he can step onto the apron, Madison grabs his waistband from behind and pulls him back into the ring. Cashe kicks his leg back, knocking Madison away. He then spins around and throws a stiff elbow for Madison’s head.
VASSA: ”Mark of Ja–“
Madison swings and pounds his fist into Cashe’s ribs, stopping his swing. Jumping up, Madison then plants his knee directly underneath Cashe’s chin, knocking him into the ropes. Cashe hooked his arms over the top rope, keeping himself on his feet as he was seeing stars. Pulling Cashe away from the ropes, Madison turns him around before wrapping him up with a rear waist lock, trapping one of Cashe’s arms. He then pulls Cashe’s arm and forces him to spin around. Cashe spins a complete circle and as he turns his back to Madison, Madison connects with a rolling elbow strike to the back of his head!
Cashe drops down to both knees, remaining upright for only a moment as he swayed back and forth. He then fell face down to the mat with a thud. Rolling Cashe over to his back, Madison then made the cover as the shoving contest continued on the outside.

VASSA: ”Madison pins him! He pinned Cashe!”
JOHNSON: ”A little payback against Crooked Kingdom!”
Madison slowly pushes himself up as Bronx and Jair continue pushing each other with Ana in between them. The official then calls for the bell.

The shoving contest comes to an end as the bell echoes throughout the entire arena. Jair cuts his attention to the ring to see Madison standing to his feet and Cashe laid out on his back. He then steps away from Bronx and Ana before turning to the ring. Before he can get too far, Bronx grabs Jair by the shoulder, spinning him around. As Hopkins turns to face Bronx, Ana then levels him with a superkick to the face, laying Jair out at ringside!
JOHNSON: ”She just annihilated Jair with that superkick!”
Ana then begins to slow clap as loudly as she can, imitating Cashe once again. She applauds Jair at her feet. She applauds Cashe in the ring out cold. She claps and claps doing her best Jason Cashe impression. She then pulls the bandana from her head and tosses it to the floor. Reaching in her mouth, she pulls out the mouthpiece and throws it onto Jair. Looking in the ring, she then locks eyes with Madison and points to him. The two stare at one another for a brief moment before Ana turns her back to it all and heads up the ramp.
VASSA: ”She may not be coming for you tonight Madison, but Ana has a date with you at Ante Up!”
Bronx then slides into the ring to congratulate Chris. Stepping in between them, the official then takes an arm from each man and hoists them high above his head.
The official then lowers their arms. Bronx and Cashe look to one another for a moment before ending things with a nod. Bronx then exits the ring and heads up the ramp, leaving Madison in the ring and World$tar out of commission.
JOHNSON: ”Even though they managed to score the win here tonight, I highly doubt that things have been settled between them and Crooked Kingdom.”
VASSA: ”I’m waiting for Madison to grab and chair and go to town on Cashe right now!”
JOHNSON: ”The damage has already been done here tonight. Madison and Bronx have both proven why they are two of today’s top talents in all of wrestling.”
VASSA: ”Now is the perfect time for Madison to get some revenge. He has a huge date ahead of him at Ante Up. He can eliminate this threat right here and now, saving himself from future attacks in the future.”
JOHNSON: ”That isn’t who Chris Madison is. That isn’t who our 4CW Champion is. There’s a time and a place for everything. He knows that”
VASSA: ”Fuck that noise! He needs to terminate his pests right now! He can’t be worrying about them with one of 4CW’s biggest matches right around the corner!”
Madison paces the ring, keeping his eyes locked on Cashe as he holds the 4CW Championship over his shoulder. It’s as if he’s thinking to himself whether or not he should give into temptation and attack Crooked Kingdom while they’re down. He stops in place, staring down before finally snapping out of it. Squatting down beside Cashe, Madison leans over and says a few words that aren’t picked up by the close camera shot. He then stands tall and exits the ring, passing by Jair coming to his senses on the floor before heading up the ramp.
JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it folks! We’re one Adrenaline into the Ante Up cycle and things are already starting to heat up.”
VASSA: ”Anastasia Hayden will be our first of three entering the Ante Up main event to challenge Chris for the 4CW Championship. One match down and two to go!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right, we have two more qualifying matches to go before all three challengers are chosen and we have our main event. With that said, it appears we’re out of time folks.”
VASSA: ”Time to go out on the town tonight! Four-twenty, weed, baybay!”
JOHNSON: ”Woah now calm down sweetie.”
VASSA: ”Fuck you!”
JOHNSON: ”Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we head to Phoenix, Arizona for Adrenaline Eighty-Five!”
VASSA: ”Where our second qualifying match for the Ante Up main event will take place at the Talking Stick Resort Arena!”
JOHNSON: ”From 4CW, we’re signing off. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
The camera then cuts to a shot from the top of the stage as Madison approaches. He stops at the top of the ramp, turning to look over the arena with the 4CW Championship draped over his shoulder. Leaning his head back, he takes in a deep breath before looking the arena over once more. Turning his back to the camera, he then exits through the curtain as the scene slowly fades out and the credits begin to roll.