OCTANE E21 (149)




The two were on the go with a quickness as they begin throwing punches with none of them landing because they kept ducking the other person’s swings. Tornado wised up though and broke away from the fist fest to go for a swinging side slam, making sure to pull Trish right back onto her feet for a snap powerbomb. Tornado had studied Trish long enough to know that she put alot into her speed when it came to try to create distance between her and her opponents so she could double up suddenly with some attack out of nowhere but Tornado wasnt going for it and was more than ready to let Trish know her strategies wouldnt work on him tonight. Trish refused to allow anything to deter her and stepped it up though with especially showing Tornado who was the boss with a double knee backbreaker. Afterwards, Trish confidently stands to her feet as she tries to rally the fans behind her for support but the fans weren’t on the mother’s side tonight as they showed their support for Tornado by crooning Despacito. Trish wasn’t sure how to take this and she didn’t have time to form a reaction when Tornado spins her around for a gutwrench suplex that elicits cheers from the audience.
Trish tries to remain focus and decide to show the audience along with anyone who has ever doubted her what she was about as she sits up with the thoughts of sole purposing breaking down Tornado tonight and is met with a cannonball senton that knocks her right down on her back. One could say that’s the probably the position that helped Trish turn into a mother but we’re all mature adults and children of God so we would never in our lives say nor think something like that. Trish stand to her feet and begins to get her blow back though with a few backhand chops against Tornado’s chest that seemed to be made out of steel and had no effect whatsoever on him so Trish knew she had to try a different approach and seemed to succeed alot better with a Double Wristlock Bridging North Lights Suplex and then made sure to attack his legs with a few stomps to try to kill some of that energy in him and maybe weaken at least one of his limps to slow down the powerful man. But Tornado quickly showed Trish that he didn’t only have power in his legs as he stood up and went for a tilt a whirl backbreaker when he was given the opportunity for it when Trish was caught slipping.


The audience sings as a smile escapes Tornado as he appreciates the support before he goes back to handling Trish who ended up catching him with a flying forearm smash and as soon as Tornado went down on the mat, Trish started back on attacking his legs. She tries to go for an inverted sharpshooter but Tornado messed that up before she could even lock it in but it didn’t stop Trish for going for alot kinds of submissions in an effort to deplete some of Tornado’s energy. But Tornado wasn’t going for it and he put up a good fight to the point Trish had to abandon her plans for locking in submissions and just went back to trying to take him down with suplexes, even going for snap suplexes to help put him down alot faster and it was starting to prove rather effective. Although Tornado did mess up her attempt at going for a belly to back suplex, she focuses on smashing her fists into his face every chance that she was given to before quickly moving in closer after every few punches to try to make a grab for him to take him up top and slam him to the mat. But Tornado had about 100 plus pounds on him so this big power moves she was going for wasn’t really doing her justice especially since she wasn’t able to even lift him up like she wanted to. But Tornado showed her he could do it without ease as he went for a second gutwrench suplex to show her how to do it. He goes for the pin and the referee is ready as he drops to the mat to begin the count.


Yikes, so close too! Ever the professional, Tornado doesn’t throw a fit but instead remains positive that he’ll get her next time and begins to pull Trish onto her feet. But Trish reacts quickly and swings, catching Tornado in the face with an elbow that helps loosen his grasp he has on her as she quickly goes for a russian leg sweep. All of Trish’s efforts to get Tornado down on the ground were paying off as she wasted no time going to work with attacking Tornado’s legs again and went for a single leg boston crab with beginning successful in getting that locked in. Trish tightens the hold and applies more pressure, hoping to mess up Tornado’s leg for the match and after a few moments when she sees that although it is causing harm to Tornado, it’s just not causing harm enough to the point where it’ll drastically change the way he moves during the match. So she breaks off he hold and instead decides to target his head with a chin lock. She locks it in really tight as the camera zooms in on Trish’s distorted face from her applying as much pressure as she could while Tornado’s face appears more concentrated as he tries to keep himself calm and level headed enough to try to break out of the hold. Trish ends up abandoning that hold to and gets up onto her feet in which Tornado mistakes that as her feeling defeated and he instantly stands up when Trish suddenly attacks him and goes for the Californian Kiss. Trish covers Tornado as soon as he hits the mat and tries to be positive that she’ll get a successful three count.


Trish finally got the first pinfall of the night and she was hopeful that she would get more as Tornado moved and worked her like there was no doubt in his mind that he’d be able to get two falls over her to be in the lead and win the match. That pinfall definitely seemed to boost Trish up with confidence because she seemed to move alot faster than she had initially when the match had first started and Tornado took note of that and decided to try to kick things up into high gear himself with wanting Trish to feel nothing but air and mat throughout the duration of the rest of this match. But Trish was just way too quick for him and she had an idea that Tornado would try to dismantle her if it meant securing pinfalls over her but she wasn’t going. Forever the good guy, Tornado stuck to fighting clean up and didn’t try any underhanded tactics in order to try to bring Trish down for a pinfall while Trish fought hard on the defensive side with throwing punches and kicks, trying to keep Tornado at bay and from coming close enough to where he could put her down with one of his power moves.
The striking did keep Tornado from getting closer to Tornado but he was definitely eating them up like the best seafood buffet ever from not going down since the punching and kicking didn’t seem to really have that big of an impact on him and if there were any heat coming from the punches they definitely weren’t enough to give him sunburn. Trish switched up yet again on her strategy and ended up throwing him off when she went for a headscissors out of nowhere. Now she was finally getting somewhere and she stayed on her toes with bouncing off the ropes and attacking him like that, even getting out of dodge as soon as he would make a grab for her. Trish didn’t even think to try to avoid Tornado the rest of the match in a way to try to run down the clock, instead fighting like a trooper and having the upper hand the rest of the match in which her efforts were greatly awarded when the time finally ticked down to the last second.


WINNER: Trish Newborn


Jack evaded Magdalena as best as he could but there was no escaping her as she kept an eagle eye on him, even when he had slid out of the ring trying to escape her peripheral. Magdalena allowed him to bide his time especially when the referee being the count out and she knew he’d be right back in the ring in her line of fire. Jack hesitates but finally ends up sliding in as soon as the referee gets to nine and he’s quick on his feet with thinking Magdalena is going to attack but she has yet to move a muscle, watching him with amused eyes at him trying to escape her before she’s even had time to put hands on him yet. The two are finally able to clash and Jack is only able to get the upper in the tie up because he suddenly brings a raised knee up to Magdalena’s midsection and then falls down on his knees in a jawbreaker. Magdalena’s head whips back from the impact and Jack follows it up with a few jabs to the midsection and then an european uppercut as he enjoyed continuing to catch her off guard. A snap suplex followed behind and right when Jack thought he had Magdalena right where he wanted her, Magdalena surprises him with a jab into a midsection and then a swift sharp right hook to the jaw that had Jack stumbling back a step before falling down on his back from a running forearm.
Magdalena dashed forward and dove at Jack, wrapping her arms around his waist to take him down on the mat and begins to to straddle him to let off a few fierce punches to his face while also trying to knock his arms out of the way for when he’d block every now and then as she repeatedly targeted his face until he caught her off guard with a sudden elbow to the face to stun her so that he could shove her off of him. Magdalena gets to her feet first and as soon as Jack is beginning to get to his knees to rise in full, Magdalena kicks him dead in the face to put him back down. Magdalena then turns from him as she brushes stray hairs away from her face and takes a few steps back away from him. Jack mistakes this for retreating until he’s on his feet and Magdalena is sprinting towards with trying to knock him off his feet with a flying forearm. Jack has had enough but Magdalena sure hasn’t as the look of agitation on Jack’s face doesn’t go unnoticed with his telling eyes seeming to threaten to break Magdalena in half tonight while Magdalena shows no worries on her expression before gesturing for him to bring it. Jack charges towards her and Magdalena drops down to her knees to drive a swinging elbow into Jack’s midsection and pushes up off her knees to get back onto her feet to go for a DDT. She watches Jack begin to push up onto his hands and knees as Magdalena takes advantage of the position and sends him back to the mat with a Lacrimosa out of nowhere, hurrying to go for the pin as she smiles broadly once the bell rings after the referee gets to three and her theme music begins to play.
WINNER: Magdalena Lockheart via Pinfall (5:16)


Rey Loko is already in the ring and stretching in wait for her opponent as she gears herself up for a match she is sure is hers for the taking. Confidence twinkles in her eyes as she has the full undivided attention from the crowd until Jay Mora’s theme blasts and he staggers through the swirling curtain with a huge grin and what appears to be a flask resting in his right hand. He takes a few steps towards the ramp as Rey looks on suspiciously with thinking Jay is trying to throw her off with this charade of pretending drunk while the audience had a feeling that this was far from a pretense. Jay’s steps were unbalance and sloppy as he made his way down the apron and started to take the steps when he felt that would be way too much work and decided to just slide into the ring instead. Rey shook her head as she watched her opponent slow roll underneath the rolls and into the ring with that same grin on his face while the referee wasn’t sure how to take this one bit. Due to the general manager having a thirteen person gauntlet she went through two and a half days ago and then her stupidly playing in the Sabres football game while injured today, she was knocked out on painkillers at home and not here to reprimand Jay’s condition. Jay stands to his feet and teeters with trying to maintain balance while drunkenly telling the referee to call for the bell to begin the match. The referee tries to protest but Jay yells at the referee to just do it before turning his attention to Rey and flashing her a shit-eating grin as he gets his way and the bell is suddenly ringing to begin the match. Rey puts her dukes up, more than ready to knock Jay’s head off his shoulders as he goes ‘how YOU doin’ in that charming Joey from Friends way while Rey tries to wave him off with showing her disinterest. But Jay appears to be in an overly friendly mode and even offers her his flask so she could get a sip of the good good. As soon as Rey declines, Jay strikes like lightening with Marked as Rey goes down immediately and Jay isn’t too far behind her as he stumbles to the side twice before drunkenly falling on her and laying there. The referee sees this as a pin and immediately begins the count as the audience doesn’t know how to take Jay getting the three count like this. Jay doesn’t move or well he attempts to but to no avail as the referee tries to pull the man up but is having no luck whatsoever. He takes four backstage workers to exit from the back and come to the ring to retrieve Jay, assisting with getting him out of the ring and carrying him backstage while the referee focuses on Rey beginning to stir.
WINNER: Jay Mora via Pinfall (1:38)


As soon as QT got to the ring he immediately began fussing at the official about Finn. It wasn’t clear what he was exactly fussing about but whatever it was, it was enough to make him go on and on non stop. The official began to tune QT out but it didn’t work. QT would just fuss louder in an attempt to get the officials undivided attention. Too bad for QT it didn’t seem to be working. Interrupting QT in mid sentence, the officials called for the bell, which resulted in QT getting even more angrier and raising his voice even louder. This went on for a few minutes, way too long if we’re being honest. Although QT may have been wrong, there was no convincing him that. QT had the official backed into the corner with his back turned to Finn. While QT apparently came out here to argue, Finn came to do what he signed up for in the first place. Walking across the ring, Finn tapped on QT’s shoulder to get his attention but didn’t receive even a single look. Instead QT just raised his voice even louder. Again, Finn tapped on his shoulder and just like before, QT raised his voice even more which literally turned into shouting. Crossing his arms, Finn looked on, even tapping his foot on the mat as he grew impatient. Giving it one last go, Finn tapped on QT’s shoulder, finally getting his attention as QT whipped around and screamed “what” at the top of his lungs. He then threw a swing for Finn’s head but missed and before he knew it, Finn fired away with multiple backhand chops across QT’s chest, backing him into the corner.
Despite the bell ringing several minutes prior, our match has finally begun. With QT against the corner, Finn unloaded with rapid chops across his chest. QT threw his arms up in defense but it didn’t help. Finn swung between his attempts at blocking and connected each and every time. Out of desperation, QT lunged forward, throwing his hands up and eye raking Finn. The attack from Finn came to an end, but shortly following the official was right in QT’s face and the warnings began. QT immediately began pleading his case, claiming that it was purely self defense and if anyone should be getting warned it should be Finn. He tried, it didn’t quite seem to go as planned though. The official stood firm on his call, making it clear that QT was the one at fault here. All this did was make QT even angrier. Brushing past the official, QT charged Finn and leveled him with a rather impressive clothesline, dropping Finn flat on his back. The momentum of his swing even caused QT to drop down to both knees after connecting. QT grabbed Finn’s arm with both hands, gripping on as tightly as he could. He then began to give Finn the sickest Indian burn of the evening. Whether or not it was the only Indian burn of the evening isn’t the point. It was magnificent though. Finn tried pulling his arm away but it was locked in QT’s grasp. Putting all of his efforts into it, QT’s tongue even stuck out the side of his mouth he was so focused on it. It wasn’t the best of moves to use in a wrestling match but it was effective nonetheless.
Although the Indian burn was locked in, Finn began climbing to his feet while QT continued twisting his wrists back and forth. As he stood tall, Finn swung his free arm around, connecting with a stiff punch to the side of QT’s head, knocking him backwards as he released the Indian burn. QT rushed back in, locking onto the same arm as before. QT began to go to work with the indian burn but before he knew it, Finn pulled him in with his arm and knocked him to his back with a short-arm clothesline. QT raced to his feet again, rising to his feet and stepping right into a heart punch, knocking him backwards. QT tripped over his own feet before falling to the mat. He quickly pushed himself up to one knee but as he looked up, Finn was right there rushing in and connecting with an enzuigiri! He pulled QT to his feet and spun him around, locking in a full nelson from behind. Lifting QT in the air, Finn dropped him with a sit-out full nelson atomic drop. QT bounced to his feet and stumbled forward. He then began to stumble backwards and into Finn’s arms as he pushed himself up from the mat. Wrapping both arms around QT’s waist, Finn then lifted him up and slammed him into the corner with a German suplex! Although QT was in a world of pain, he got back up to his feet. In a daze, he wobbled back and forth, barely able to stand on his own two feet. Swinging blindly, he went at Finn but missed with every single swing. Taking one last swing as hard as he could, QT missed as Finn ducked underneath and stepped in behind him. Wrapping his arm around QT’s throat, Finny locked in a sleeper hold. He then spun around, lifting QT off his feet before slamming him to the mat with his Fenian Rising (spinning sit-out sleeper slam). Making the cover, Finn had him shoulders to the mat with nowhere to go as the official slid in beside them with the count. One! Two! Three!
WINNER: Finn Whelan via Pinfall (9:40)

With the camera cutting the backstage area, we find Jeb Fisher. He is standing in front of a backdrop of the Octane logo and he holds both of his championships on his shoulders. He has an arrogant smile, the one that is usually referred to as “shit eating grin”. He extends his tognue in an almost sexual manner before hydrating his lips and letting out a boyish chuckle. Jeb is dressed in his ring gear, and he’s looking ready for his match later on in the night with Craig Anderson, his fellow ginger. As he runs his hand up his Ignition championship he begins to speak.
FISHER: ”When it comes to Octane, I am the end all, be all… I’ve done everything, I’ve come from the very bottom and now with both of these championships I am at the very top! And after I beat Craig Anderson, that little high flying piece of shit on my boot! I will have proven that I am the greatest champion in all of Octane history. I will I have prove that I’ve made the Ignition championship mean more than that hunk of metal Kaz holds! But most importantly… I will have proven that I am the very best up and coming wrestler that this industry has ever seen! In little under a year, I have skyrocketed to the top! Doing things that fish don’t even dream of doing! But even though i’m at the top? Still i’m gonna fuckin climb. Climb to new heights, new goals, new accomplishments! Battle Born will be the definitive name in Tag-Team wrestling! Jeb Fisher will be the most dominate man in this sports history! And it all begins after I put this little grass fairy twink fuck down in the dirt. So Craig, you better get that ass ready! Cause Jebby coming is coming inside!”
Jeb lets out another laugh, this time more arrogant with a mix of Intimidation – almost jumping at the camera. A sly smirk creeps across his lips as he looks down at both championships before looking back up into the camera. Slowly but surely the camera cuts to black and you are left having just read all of that like some sort of nerd.


Things kicked off rather quickly between these two following the opening bell as Shark went on the attack with one of the most beautiful boxing combinations 4CW has ever seen. Topping off the combination with an uppercut than sent Gresham stumbling backwards into the corner, Shark then rushed in and added another finishing touch as he swung with all his might, connecting with a right hook that brought stars to Gresham’s vision. Shark then pulled Gresham’s head down and locked in a front headlock. Gresham then burst with energy, pushing towards Shark and driving him backwards while in the headlock. As the two made it to the center of the ring, Shark began to pop his knee up, driving it over and over into Gresham’s body. Gresham had no choice but to take the knees to the body as Shark wasn’t letting up one bit. Finally catching Shark’s leg with both arms, Gresham then powered down and lifted Shark into the air before taking a few steps forward and slamming him to the mat. Mounting himself on top of Shark, Gresham then unloaded with lefts and rights, raining down onto Shark with a fury of punches.
On his feet, Gresham then stomped down onto Shark a few times before pulling him to his feet and then lifting him into the air once more. This time he threw Shark to the mat with a back suplex side slam, causing the entire ring to rattle upon impact. Shark went to grab Gresham while both were on the mat but fully aware of Shark’s capabilities, Gresham slipped from his hands and pushed himself to his feet. Not far behind, Shark was on his feet as well and with no delay whatsoever, both men locked up in the center of the ring. Pulling Shark’s head down, Gresham slammed Shark’s face down onto his knee before pulling his head between his legs and wrapping both arms around his waist. Lifting Shark into the air, Gresham then threw him back to the mat with a sit-out powerbomb. Rolling over to his stomach, Gresham did a few pushups before finally standing tall once more.
Backing up to the ropes, Gresham bounced off of them before taking a few steps forward and jumping into the air. Coming down, he extended his leg, coming down across Shark’s throat with a leg drop. With his head pinned to the mat, Shark’s feet shot straight into the air. Pulling Shark up from the mat, Gresham then lifted him up for just a short moment before dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker. Still holding Shark, Gresham stood back to his feet before setting Shark back to his feet. Grabbing ahold of Shark’s head with both hands, Gresham then slammed his head forward, hitting Shark with a headbutt. Swatting Gresham’s hands away from his head, Shark then threw his head forward and hit Gresham with a headbutt of his own. Swinging upward, Shark connects with an elbow uppercut, forcing Gresham to look up to the lights. Wrapping Gresham up, Shark quickly lifted him off his feet and slammed him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.
With Gresham on the ground beneath him, this was where Shark found himself at home as he went on the attack with various MMA strikes and holds. Minutes passed as Shark slowly wore Gresham down move by move. Rolling Gresham over to his stomach, Shark then pulls his upper body up before wrapping an arm over Gresham’s throat and locking in a rear naked choke. Rolling backwards to the mat, Shark pulled Gresham on top of him where he then wrapped both legs around Gresham’s torso and squeezed as tightly as he could. Gresham was in a bad place as Shark choked the life out of him. Pulling at Shark’s arm with both hands, Gresham tried to pull it away from his throat to loosen the choke hold. He tried at least, although he wasn’t very successful. Rocking his body back and forth, Gresham finally gained enough momentum to roll the two over to their sides where he then extended an arm and grabbed onto the nearby ropes, forcing Shark to release his hold.
Finally free, Gresham was given enough time to get back to his feet. Once on his feet, Shark was free to go right back to it. He swept in, hitting Gresham from both sides with left and right kicks to the legs and ribs. Swinging his body completely around, Shark connected with a spinning back kick to Gresham’s stomach, knocking the air from his lungs and forcing him to buckle over. Wrapping an arm around Gresham’s head, Shark then dropped him on his head with a DDT, which was shortly followed up with a pin. One… Two… KICKOUT!!! The words “mother fucker” rang out over the sounds of the crowd as Shark yelled as loudly as he could. Pulling Gresham to his feet, Shark then threw him head first into the corner and through the ropes, causing Gresham’s body to go through and his shoulder to slam against the ring post. Pulling Gresham completely back into the ring, Shark turned him around and set him back first against the corner in a seated position. Grabbing onto the top rope with both hands, Shark then used it as leverage as he placed his foot across Gresham’s throat and began choking him. The official was quickly on the scene with the five count, making it all the way to four before Shark pulled his foot away from Gresham’s throat. Yelling a few choice words of trash talk down to Gresham, Shark then gave him two middle fingers to the face before he turned his back to Gresham and threw both arms into the air.
After getting back to his feet, Gresham shook it off and stepped away from the corner ready to dive head first back into the action. The two circled the center of the ring, sizing each other up before Shark made the first move and swung for Gresham’s head. Leaning back just barely enough, Gresham dodges a blow to the face before throwing one of his own. Swatting Gresham’s arm to the side as his fist closed in, Shark then countered with a series of jabs that connected each and every time. While Shark hit Gresham with jab after jab, he looked out to the crowd, playing to them while connecting with punches and not even looking at his target. After hitting Gresham with a left jab, shark then swung and missed with a right hook as Gresham ducked underneath it. Putting all of his power behind a single punch, Gresham slammed his fist into Shark’s ribcage, causing him to lean to that side as the body blow did quite a bit of damage. With his other hand, Gresham connected with another shot to Shark’s ribs before swinging upward and connecting with an uppercut that nearly caused Shark’s legs to give out from under him. Turning to the ropes, Gresham hit them and came back with full speed, exploding forward and driving his shoulder into Shark’s stomach as he speared him in the center of the ring.
Exploding back to his feet with a second wind, Gresham paced the ring as Shark slowly began to climb back to his feet. As Shark rose to one knee, Gresham pointed his index finger to his temple before charging in and leveling Shark with his Determination (yakuza kick). Shark hit the mat back first and slowly began rocking back and forth before struggling to begin pushing himself back up. Gresham was already back to his feet and not about to give Shark a single second to catch his breath and regain some energy. Pulling Shark to his feet, Gresham then threw him to the ropes. Stumbling back, Shark fell into Gresham’s arms before being lifted into the air and driven into the mat with Gresham’s The Enlightenment (spinning side slam)! Both men were exhausted but only one was able to make the cover and that was Gresham. Sliding in beside them with the count, the officials hand went in motion as he slapped the canvas for the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: DeMarcus Gresham via Pinfall (13:01)

The back of American Tommy is shown and he spins around with his familiar ear to ear smile on his face.
TOMMY: “Tonight, I face Cosmo Cooper. The same Cosmo Cooper that has been tossing his name into the ring for a spot at a single’s championship here in 4CW even though he’s done nothing to deserve it. The same Cosmo Cooper that says he doesn’t care about American Tommy, but respects the hell out of Kaz. You’d think that he’d actually pay attention to a match that a respected peer of his was in…”
American Tommy smirks into the camera.
TOMMY: “But, it’s clear that he doesn’t care about Kaz. He just knows how to say the right things to make everybody adore him. A new Cosmo Cooper has unleashed though. Watch out, guys! He’s been holding back the entire time that he’s been here in 4CW! That’s why he going to win this match against me. The lion is here! We should all be afraid even though he doesn’t even know what the fuck is going on with the show that he wrestles on.”
Tommy rolls his eyes and shakes his head.
TOMMY: “Cosmo, this match isn’t going to be your shining moment. This match, is where you are going to realize that what you think you deserve and what you actually deserve here in 4CW are two COMPLETELY different things. I’m going to beat you tonight and then I’m going to go on to the PPV to face your friend Kaz and come out victorious there as well. You? You’re going to go off and continue to ride the coattails of your tag team partner.”
Tommy tapes something up on the back wall before turning back towards the camera.
TOMMY: “Fuck you, Cosmo Cooper. Fuck you and the silver spoon in your mouth.”
Tommy walks away leaving the camera looking at picture of Perry Wallace’s head taped on another body and Amanda Cortez out on a dinner date slurping up the same string of spaghetti like some autistic Lady and the Tramp shit taped to the wall.


Things start off with Jeb and Craig standing toe to toe in the center of the ring. They exchange a few words amongst themselves, mostly Jeb doing the talking as he threatens Craig in only a manner in which Jeb is expected to. Out of nowhere a soccer ball flies through the air and smacks Jeb upside the head. Jeb whips his entire body around and looks out into the crowd in the direction the ball came from. He begins shouting threats before picking the soccer ball up and then punting it back into the crowd all while Craig looks on from a distance with a smirk on his face. Spinning around instantly, Jeb then charges straight towards Craig. Dropping his shoulder, Jeb goes to tackle Craig to the mat but instead gets tripped up with a drop toe hold, falling face first onto the middle turnbuckle. Jeb quickly pushed himself up, shaking off the blow to the head and shooting his sights to Craig who looks on. Slapping himself in the side of the head multiple times, Jeb pumps himself up before pointing to Craig and threatening to turn the ring into a shower scene straight out of a prison movie. The two finally lock up, Jeb overpowering Craig from the jump and forcing his head down, bending him over. Over and over, Jeb begins popping his knee up and driving it into Craig’s chest before wrapping him up and spinning around to toss Craig to the center of the ring.
Craig pushes himself up and coming right at him in Jeb. Jeb lunges at Craig but Craig ducks and steps behind him. Spinning around, Craig connects with a heel kick to the back of Jeb’s head, sending him stumbling across the ring and to the corner. Jeb grabs the top ropes with both hands, preventing himself from crashing into the corner. Although he may have saved himself from the collision, he had no idea what was coming at him next. Rushing in, Craig leaps feet first into the air and plants them both into Jeb’s back, slamming him into the corner with a dropkick. Jeb leans against the corner with his arms draped over the top ropes holding himself up. On his feet, Craig wraps Jeb up and pulls him away from the corner before lifting him off his feet and dropping him to the mat with a suplex. Craig pops up and then turns to the ropes, running full speed and as he comes back on the return, he does a backflip through the air and lands across Jeb with a shooting star press. Going for the quick pinfall, Craig hooks a leg as the official slides in beside them with the count. One… Tw–NO!!!
With Jeb down on the mat, Craig used it to his advantage mounted himself on top of Jeb and began hitting him with rapid rights to the skull. In his last punch thrown, Jeb catches his arm and pulls him down while popping his upper body up and hitting Craig with a headbutt right between the eyes. Jeb rolls Craig off of him and over to his back. Mounting himself on top of Craig, Jeb had a look in his eye which was probably one that he had a lot while incarcerated. Hitting Craig in the face with back to back forearms, Jeb then locks onto his head with both hands and begins pounding it into the canvas over and over. Rolling Craig over to his stomach, Jeb then presses Craig’s face against the mat before dragging it back and forth relentlessly. Lifting Craig’s upper body up from the mat, Jeb then applies a neck crank, securing it tightly as Craig tries his best to pull himself away. Jeb keeps the maneuver locked in for a good thirty seconds before standing to his feet and pulling Craig up as well. Lifting Craig up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Jeb begins pounding away at Craig’s head with multiple punches. He then lifts Craig up and over his head before dropping him across his knee with a gutbuster.
Jeb remains in control of the match for the next several minutes, keeping Craig off his feet and attacking his legs with various strikes. Stepping onto the back of Craig’s head, Jeb puts all of his weight on the single leg, smashing Craig’s face against the mat. After stepping off, he pulls Craig up from the mat and then locks onto his arm. Whipping Craig to the ropes, Jeb braces himself upon Craig’s return. He lifts Craig into the air and spins him for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but out of nowhere Craig counters with a tilt-a-whirl DDT! The top of Jeb’s head bounces off the mat and his body rotates in mid air until he lands to a seated position on the mat. Craig slowly gets to his feet and as he does, he races to the ropes. Coming back on the return, Craig whips past Jeb and hits the ropes in front of him. Bouncing off and coming back with even more speed, Craig slides feet first to the mat and extends his arm, leveling Jeb with a sliding clothesline!
Craig pulls Jeb up from the mat and holds him in place with one hand as he hits Jeb with punches over and over with the other. Jeb blocks one and then fires back with a right hook of his own. He swings and misses, spinning around to face the opposite direction. Placing both hands on Jeb’s shoulders, Craig jumps and pulls himself up to sit on Jeb’s shoulders. With his legs wrapped around Jeb’s head, Craig flips backwards, lifting Jeb off his feet and driving his head into the mat with a reverse Frankensteiner! Seeing stars, Jeb slowly pushes himself up, barely even able to stand on his own. Locking onto Jeb’s head with one arm, Craig then drops him back to the mat with a one-armed swinging neckbreaker. With Craig going for the pinfall once again, the official drops in beside them with the count. One… Two… Thr–NO!!!
It wasn’t a three count, but it was closer to being one than his first attempt. As Craig pushes himself up to his feet, Jeb rolls across the ring and exits underneath the ropes to the outside. He walks to the announcers booth and grabs the Ignition Championship.
JOHNSON: ”Where you going with that? This match isn’t over!”
VASSA: ”I believe he knows that, Steve. He’s taking it back in the ring with him.”
Jeb slides back into the ring with the championship and immediately the official confronts him and grabs ahold of it. He tries to rip it from Jeb’s hands but that’s a lot easier said than done. As Jeb jerks the championship away from the officials hands, it slips from his hands as well and flies across the ring before sliding out onto the apron.
VASSA: ”I hope he has a couple of phonebooks taped to his waist because he’s gonna get himself shanked going at Jeb like that.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh god no! That would just be terrible!”
Jeb corners the official, using means of intimidation to establish just who the alpha is in the ring. It wasn’t the official that Jeb should be focused on. That would be Craig and luckily for Craig, it was if Jeb had completely forgotten he was in the ring as well. Grabbing Jeb’s shoulder from behind, Craig spun him around and then planted a foot in his stomach. Jeb buckled over and before he even knew what hit him, Craig dropped him to the mat with another DDT! Rolling Jeb over to his back, Craig then stood to his feet and rushed over to the nearby corner. Climbing to the top, Craig positioned himself just perfectly for what was inevitably to follow, his Viennese Whirl (corkscrew shooting star press). Popping up to his feet, Jeb rushed the corner. Quick to react, Craig leaped from the top straight for Jeb. Side stepping Craig, Jeb gave Craig a good push in the back as he landed to his feet, sending him colliding into the official. The two fell down, the official breaking the fall as Craig fell on top of him.
JOHNSON: ”The official is down!”
VASSA: ”Look what you did Craig!”
JOHNSON: ”it wasn’t intentional! It was Jeb’s fault!”
Craig checks on the official who is in a daze. With a look of concern on his face, Craig tends to the official.
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ Craig stop feeling him up.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not feeling him up. He’s just che–“
Rushing in from behind with the Ignition Championship held with both hands, Jeb cracks Craig in the back of the head with it!

Tossing the belt to the outside of the ring, Jeb then kneels beside the official and shakes him a few times before eventually bringing the official to his senses. With the official now aware of his surroundings, Jeb helps him to his feet before turning his attention to Craig. Lifting Craig up from the mat, Jeb forces Craig’s head in between his legs and wraps both arms around his waist. Lifting Craig upside down in the air, Jeb then jumps up and comes down, dropping Craig flat on his head with his Abandon All Hope (jumping piledriver).
VASSA: ”And there’s the cover!”
Jeb crawls over Craig and makes the cover as the official slowly gets down to all fours with the count.

WINNER: Jeb Fisher via Pinfall (13:58)


Already standing in the ring, we find our reigning Octane Champion, Kaz Bonham.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!”
“Lifted” by CL hits as the crowd pops. As the song picks up, Cosmo Cooper walks out with a cocky smile on his face, wearing his flat bill hat and a t-shirt. He looks around to either side of the stage and then drops down to one knee with his arms out as he soaks in the cheers before nodding his head to the beat and standing up, walking down the ramp and slapping hands.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring first, from Santa Rosa, California. Weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds… He is… COSMO CCOOOOPPEERR!!!”
Cosmo pauses on the ring steps where he slips off his shoes and then tosses his t-shirt and flat bill into the front row before he hops into the ring over the top rope and then does a small sideways trot around the ring before he stops in his corner and leans in it to wait on the bell to sound.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
“Best Song Ever” by One Direction blares from the arena speakers as the crowd jumps to their feet in excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and Golden Snitches drop from the ceiling. American Tommy makes his way through the curtain and stands in the middle of the ramp smiling. He waves to the crowd. As he makes his way down to the ring he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it.
POWERS: ”Standing five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred seventy-five pounds. He hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers he begins pointing and yelling. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from 4CW personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again.
TOMMY: ”Damn it, Powers! Every damn week! Say it right or I’ll curse you, muggle!”
Powers stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head. American Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Powers who sighs and starts speaking again.
POWERS: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for the grand wizard of them all. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Hogwarts, USA! HARRY PPOOTTTTEERR!!!”
American Tommy jumps up in glee, clapping his hands. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the wring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises his wand to the crowd as they do the same to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle and places his trusty wand underneath it.
POWERS: *cough! cough!* ”Feets!”
Tommy turns to our special guest referee of the evening, Kaz, and begins motioning his hands around his waist as if he were wearing a championship belt.
VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit!”
JOHNSON: ”What?!”
VASSA: ”I just realized that Cosmo isn’t wearing any shoes and we all know how much Tommy loves feet.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think I need to remind you what happened the last time someone focused on Cosmo’s feet in a match.”
VASSA: ”Cosmo ended Brandon Banks’ night, babby!”
With both men in the ring and ready to get things underway, Kaz throws her hand into the air and signals for the bell.

The two lock up to start things off, going back and forth between the two as they fight for leverage over the other. Ducking down and stepping behind Cosmo, Tommy grabs Cosmo’s wrist and locks in a wrist lock. Extending Cosmo’s arm completely, Tommy then slams an elbow down onto Cosmo’s elbow. Turning Cosmo around, Tommy goes for an early finish as he pulls Cosmo in and goes for a hip toss. Cosmo keeps his feet down to the mat, overpowering Tommy as he wraps him up and lifts him into the air, dropping him to the mat with a side suplex. Immediately Tommy pops up to his feet and looks to Kaz, pretending to pull hair is he had any and claiming that Cosmo pulled his. Shaking her head, Kaz pays him no mind which results in Tommy yelling a few unclear words and motioning his hands as if casting a spell on her. He then looks to Cosmo and holds his hand up, extending his index finger and moving it from left to right. The two then circle each other in the center of the ring before lunging towards one another at the same time and locking up once again. Tommy pulls Cosmo’s head down and pulls it in against his body with a side headlock. With his hand on Tommy’s back, Cosmo drives him forward a few steps before pushing him off and sending him to the ropes. Tommy hits the ropes and as he comes back on the rebound, Cosmo runs forward, leaping through the air and connecting with a torpedo headbutt! Tommy falls backwards into the ropes and as he bounces off, he falls face first onto the mat. On his feet, Cosmo circles Tommy and before you know it, Tommy reaches up and grabs the back of his waistband, pulling Cosmo backwards to the mat with a rollup. Kaz drops down for the count but before she even begins, she looks to Tommy’s hand, still pulling on Cosmo’s pants. She doesn’t count which makes Tommy look to her as he yells for her to do her job. Kaz just shakes her head and stands back to her feet, making Tommy even more furious.
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen Tommy time and time again put opponents away by pulling on tights and putting his feet on the ropes. I’m glad that Kaz is on top of things tonight.”
VASSA: ”Come on Tommy! If you’re going to cheat you have to disguise it better than that.”
Tommy gets back to his feet and begins complaining to Kaz for the lack of counting. She stands her ground, pointing out the fact that he was pulling on Cosmo’s pants for leverage but Tommy argues that he wasn’t. This goes on for a good bit, giving Cosmo all the time in the world to get back to his feet. He spins Tommy around and slaps him across the chest with an open hand chop. Tommy yells as loudly as he can from the stinging sensation felt upon his chest. Cosmo then slaps him again and again across the chest with open hand chops, backing Tommy up to the ropes. Locking onto Tommy’s wrist, Cosmo then pulls him away from the ropes and whips him across the ring. As Tommy comes back on the return, Cosmo runs straight for him, jumping into the air and this time wiping him out with a leg lariat. Cosmo quickly locks in an arm bar, forcing Tommy to scream for help. Cosmo cranks down on the pressure as Tommy’s calls for help are unanswered. Extending his other arm, Tommy reaches for the ropes, only to come up inches short of grabbing them. After nearly a minute of being locked in the arm bar, Tommy extends his other arm once more, giving it his all until eventually getting a finger hooked around the bottom rope. Kaz pats Cosmo on the back of the shoulder and like the gentlemen he is, Cosmo releases the hold, respecting the officials call.
Pulling himself to his feet, Tommy complains to Kaz about that arm bar being illegal, which it wasn’t and Kaz knows it. Realizing that he’s getting nowhere with this argument, Tommy turns his attention back to Cosmo who waits patiently. The two then circle the center of the ring once more, locking up for a third time. Turning Tommy around to face the opposite direction, Cosmo wraps him up and lifts him off his feet, throwing him over his head with a release German suplex. Tommy’s back hits the mat and he rolls completely over to all fours before pushing himself back to his feet. On his feet already we see Cosmo and just as Tommy stands, Cosmo moves in quickly. Cosmo lunges at Tommy but Tommy ducks and steps in, lifting Cosmo off his feet and bringing him back down with an inverted atomic drop. Cosmo slowly turns to face the other side of the ring, taking slow steps away from Tommy. Running up from behind, Tommy wraps an arm around Cosmo’s head and takes a few steps forward before jumping into the air and bringing Cosmo face down to the mat with a bulldog.
Cosmo doesn’t stay down for long, he stands back to his feet but long after Tommy is already on his. Moving in, Tommy hits Cosmo with back to back rights before locking onto Cosmo’s wrist and whipping him to the ropes. As Cosmo comes back on the rebound, Tommy ducks down and just as Cosmo gets close enough, Tommy lifts him off his feet and flips him over his head with a back body drop. Cosmo rolls over to his stomach and before you know it, Tommy grabs ahold of his right foot, lifting it up from the mat and applying an ankle lock. Cosmo tries to pull his foot away from Tommy but we all know Tommy isn’t letting go of a foot that easily. Tommy cranks down on the pressure as Cosmo squirms to break free. The camera zooms in to Tommy’s face where we see his eyes slowly shift to looking down at Cosmo’s bare foot in his hands. Although he was in the middle of trying to make Cosmo submit to an ankle lock, you could see it in Tommy’s eyes that something else was on his mind.
JOHNSON: ”Tommy has Cosmo right where he wants him with that ankle lock.”
VASSA: ”I couldn’t have said it better myself. I swear if Tommy licks his barefoot I’m puking right here at the booth.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh stop it you! Tommy isn’t going to lick his foot.”
VASSA: ”Look it, Steve. You don’t have a Twitter account. You have no idea how much Tommy loves feet just like his brother Eric Paisano.”
JOHNSON: ”Now that’s a lie!”
VASSA: ”Want to bet?!”
Eventually Cosmo manages to roll over to his back even though Tommy doesn’t release his foot. Pulling his other legs knee to his chest, Cosmo then kicks his leg straight, planting his barefoot to Tommy’s mouth and knocking him backwards to the mat as well.
JOHNSON: ”No he didn’t! Cosmo kicked him in the mouth.”
VASSA: ”Tommy had every chance to close his mouth before contact but he didn’t. Explain that, Steve!”
The two race to their feet, Cosmo standing first as Tommy focuses more on wiping his mouth rapidly. Shooting his attention to Cosmo with anger in his eyes, Tommy rushes straight for him but runs right into a European uppercut, stopping him in his tracks. Wrapping both arms around Tommy, Cosmo lifts him off his feet and throws him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Tommy crashes to the mat but immediately pops back to his feet. He rushes Cosmo and runs into another European uppercut stopping him instantly. Cosmo then wraps him up a second time and throws him up and over with another overhead belly to belly suplex. Tommy hits the mat shoulder first and this time is slow to get back to his feet. Just as he stands, Cosmo wraps him up a third time before lifting him up and throwing him to the mat with a third belly to belly suplex. Popping to his feet with a kip-up, Cosmo runs to the ropes and as he comes back, he leaps forward and flips through the air, coming down onto Tommy with a senton. Rolling back up to his feet fluidly, Cosmo continues running to the ropes and this time as he comes back on the return, he slides barefeet first to the mat and plants them both into the side of Tommy’s head with a sliding dropkick!
VASSA: ”Now Cosmo may think he’s doing a number on Tommy with that sliding dropkick to the head but all he’s really doing is feeding Tommy’s foot fetish.”
JOHNSON: ”I can guarantee that isn’t the case. Not one bit.”
VASSA: ”I cAn GuArAnTeE… shut it! Yes it is!”
Cosmo then crawls over to make the cover as Kaz isn’t far behind with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Tommy brings Kaz’s count to a screeching halt. Cosmo pushes himself up to both knees before swinging down and clocking Tommy with a stiff forearm to the face. He then stands tall and pulls Tommy to his feet as well. Holding Tommy in place, Cosmo then pops his leg up from the mat and drives his knee into Tommy’s stomach, forcing him to buckle over from the impact. Wrapping him up, Cosmo then lifts him up and over, slamming him to the mat with a gutwrench suplex. Cosmo keeps tommy secured as he climbs back to his feet, pulling Tommy up as well. Lifting him up and over again, Cosmo slams Tommy to the mat with a second gutwrench suplex. Still going, Cosmo maintains his hold on Tommy as he stands to his feet and pulls Tommy up. Lifting Tommy off his feet a third time, Cosmo lifts him up and puts him back down with a third gutwrench suplex. The crowd goes wild as Cosmo keeps going just like the Energizer bunny. Pulling Tommy to his feet once more, Cosmo then lifts him up and over, throwing him across the ring this time with a final gutwrench suplex! Looking to the nearby corner, Cosmo quickly rushes over to it, climbing to the top in no time. Standing tall and overlooking the entire landscape, Cosmo then lines up his shot before leaping forward away from the corner while flipping backwards through the air. As gravity takes over, Cosmo descends down with a shooting star press!
VASSA: ”Shooting sta–“
At the last possible split second, Tommy curls his legs and pulls his knees up, leaving a nice landing spot for Cosmo as he crashes down onto them. Cosmo bounces off and flips over, crashing to his back. Rolling over, Tommy then crawls over Cosmo and makes the cover, but not without propping his feet on the bottom rope not far away. Kaz drops down to all fours and raises a single hand to begin her count and as she swings downward, she stops just an inch before slapping the mat. Looking to the ropes, she spots Tommy’s foot propped up on the bottom one. Tommy looks to Kaz in frustration as to why she stopped her count. She then points to the ropes and Tommy becomes screams at the top of his lungs, furious as he stands to his feet.
VASSA: ”Well, well, well, it looks like Feets McGee got caught with his feet in the cookie jar.”
JOHNSON: ”Kaz is on point tonight, catching both illegal pins before it was too late.”
VASSA: ”Given recent events, Tommy should have known that she was going to be onto his game. He has to do a better job at hiding these tactics if he’s going to pull one over Kaz.”
JOHNSON: ”He should know that she’s going look for this. He is after all the number one contender for the Octane Championship and gunning for her title. She’s going to have to deal with this herself eventually.”
VASSA: ”TIGHTEN UP THOMAS!!! What comes around is all around!”
JOHNSON: ”What the…”
Tommy turns his attention back to Cosmo who is still down on his back and gasping for air after having his breath knocked completely from his lungs. He rushes to the ropes and quickly climbs to the top. He waits patiently as Cosmo slowly begins to push himself up to all fours. Pointing to Kaz, Tommy’s lips read “let’s do this your way” before he leaps straight into the air and comes down with his Gryffindor Stomp (diving double foot stomp) to the back of Cosmo’s head!
VASSA: ”Ha! Do you even know what that is?”
JOHNSON: ”To be honest with you I do not, but I do know what a pin is and Tommy’s making the cover for one right now.”
Rolling Cosmo over to his back, Tommy makes the cover and points to Kaz before yelling for her to get down and make the count. With nothing illegal whatsoever, Kaz drops to all fours with the count.

VASSA: ”Oh damn, Tommy just beat Cosmo!”
JOHNSON: ”And it was clean!”
“Best Song Ever” hits the speakers as Tommy rises to his feet with a cocky grin on his face. He looks to Kaz and holds his arm out, presenting it to her to raise into the air. Taking Tommy by the arm, Kaz then lifts it high into air as the final bell sounds.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
Tommy and Kaz exchange a few words between each other before Tommy begins gloating. He moves his head along with the tune playing over the arena, soaking in every bit of his big win here tonight on Octane.
JOHNSON: ”Well there you have it folks. American Tommy has proven once again that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with inside of that ring.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know if Kaz realizes it or not but she’s going to have her hands full at Ante Up when she faces off against him with the Octane Championship on the line.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s well aware what Tommy is capable of. Some people may still not take Tommy serious but his reign as Ignition Champion is proof that he is a handful in the ring. I’m sure Kaz is well aware of this.”
VASSA: ”She better be because he’s coming for her title.”
JOHNSON: ”And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! That’s our show for tonight. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now for Octane Twenty-Two as he continue on our path to Ante Up next month right here in Las Vegas. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
Still in the ring, Tommy continues gloating in Kaz’s face and again motioning his hands around his waist as if he were wearing Kaz’s Octane Championship. Kaz then goes to assist Cosmo as Tommy exits the ring and heads to the back. Roll those credits. That’s all folks!