The scene opens to a shot outside of the arena, taken from the street as the Talking Stick Resort Arena is in full view. Moving closer and closer to the arena, the camera captures the outside festivities taking place before transitioning to a shot from the inside. Overlooking the entire arena from within, the camera pans the arena revealing a full house in attendance for tonight’s event. Switching to a shot from inside of the ring, the camera looks over the entire crowd, zooming into various signs held throughout the crowd.

The picture then changes to a shot from directly in front of the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit, ready to jump right into the action for Adrenaline Eighty-Five!
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW’s Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and we’re coming to you live tonight from the Talking Stick Resort Arena right here in Phoenix, Arizona!”
VASSA: ”Thank you for the wonderful introduction! Luckily for you, I don’t need you to introduce me because everyone knows exactly who I am. I’m the man they all came to listen to here tonight, the whole fucking show, Vinny Vassa!”
JOHNSON: ”I wouldn’t go that far but thank you for joining us here this evening, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”No, no, no, no… thank YOU fir joining us here tonight at the booth with me, the host with the most!”
JOHNSON: ”Whatever, I’m not going to sit here and argue with you tonight. We have a big lineup for the evening and fussing with you is only going to delay the fans watching us live right now from seeing the live action they tuned in for!”
VASSA: ”Suit yourself, I would have murdered you in an argument and we both know that. It’s like I always say, what comes around is all around!”
JOHNSON: ”Anyways! Ladies and gents, we have a great card for you tonight as we get closer and closer to 4CW’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, Ante Up!”
VASSA: ”Thank you Steve! Thank you for leading into exactly what I was going to talk about. Ante Up baby and you know what that means. We have a HUGE main event, a Fatal Fourway Sixty minute Iron Man match for the 4CW Championship! It doesn’t get any bigger than that.”
JOHNSON: ”As much as you like to argue, you’re not going to get an argument from me with that statement right there. We have a 4CW staple right around the corner and one of the challengers have already been determined!”
VASSA: ”You damned right she has! Anastasia Hayden went into the lion’s den two weeks ago and walked out with a golden ticket to the big match. After being cucked in the South Beach Brawl Cup by the champ, she gets her chance to get her hands on him once again and right that wrong.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know if I would call it a cucking.”
VASSA: ”I damn sure would! Ana wanted nothing more than to advance to the next round and face off against Bronx for the 4CW Championship. Well, let’s just say things didn’t go as planned because Madison cucked her right then and there and took her spot in the big dance. If that isn’t cucking then I don’t know what is.”
JOHNSON: ”If you say so, Vinny. And with Ana being one of the three to enter the big match, that leaves two spots left, one which will be determined tonight in our headline match of the evening.”
VASSA: ”OH YEAH!!! Later tonight we’re going to see kimeeeeeeeeeeeeetsu Zombie, Andre Holmes, and the golden boy himself, Bronx Valescence, going head to head with the second entry on the line!”
JOHNSON: ”And if that wasn’t enough for you folks, we have an XTV Championship match which takes place before featuring Eric Donavan challenging the reigning XTV Champion, Nurse Kinsley!”
VASSA: ”Eric Donavan has quickly impressed since debuting not long ago, earning himself an XTV Championship match right here on Adrenaline Eighty-Five!”
JOHNSON: ”Then to close the show, we have another Champions Showcase match, this time featuring the Pride Champion and the 4CW Champion.”
VASSA: ”Viduus Morta and Chris Madison, squaring off to decide who is the dominant champion on Adrenaline.”
JOHNSON: ”Just two weeks ago we saw a similar match between Viduus and Nurse Kinsley. In the end, Viduus proved that the Pride Championship was the dominating championship. Tonight, he’ll have the chance to do the same but against the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”Hell, if Viduus wins it here tonight, should we maybe switch things around and feature the Pride Championship in the main event at Ante Up?”
JOHNSON: ”It would be deserving, I won’t even deny that. But I can go ahead and tell you that’s more than likely going to be a big negative as the 4CW Championship has been featured in this match since its inception.”
VASSA: ”Doesn’t hurt to ask!”
JOHNSON: ”And it doesn’t hurt to take a short break before diving head first into the 4CW action here tonight. What do you say, Vinny?”

As things wrap up at the booth, the scene transitions backstage to the halls where we find no one other than 4CW’s longest tenured resident backstage interviewer, Gabriel Hartman. No one is with him, not even a mic in hand in preparation to interview anyone at the particular moment. Gabriel appears to be in search of something, or maybe even someone as he looks to every door he passes, scanning the nameplates attached.
HARTMAN: ”The cameras won’t be necessary boys. I don’t have an interview lined up at the moment. I’ll give you a ring when the time comes.”
He waves off the camera before stopping in his tracks and glancing at one final door. The camera turns to the door and zooms in where the name “Perry Wallace” is written on the piece of paper in the clear plastic holder. He looks to the camera once more, clearing his throat before addressing the cameraman.
HARTMAN: ”That’s enough right there, fellas. Now if you’ll exc–“
Stopping him in mid-sentence, the door swings open, drawing the cameras attention. On the other side, Perry Wallace stands side by side with a very special woman he’s grown close to over the months, Antonia Patton, 4CW’s resident mental health therapist.
WALLACE: ”Well, well, well… if it isn’t my good buddy, Gabe! How are you doing tonight? I see you have the cameras with you. Are you about to interview us?”
Gabriel goes to answer but stops before saying anything. He then turns to the camera again and waves it away.
HARTMAN: ”You can turn it off now.”
Stepping forward, Perry holds his arm out, waving his hand at the camera before speaking over Hartman.
WALLACE: ”Turn it off? I thought you brought the camera here to either interview myself or this lovely woman at my side. What’s exactly going on here?”
HARTMAN: ”I came to speak to you but not with the cameras rolling. Do you have a minute?”
Perry thinks to himself for a short moment before answering.
WALLACE: ”That’s down right rude if you ask me. Here I was thinking that you were looking for an exclusive one on one with either of us, maybe even both, catching us off guard to create an interview raw and unprepared.”
Looking down to his feet, Hartman just shakes his head before slowly looking to the camera with an angry look on his face. He then turns to Perry and shrugs his shoulders.
HARTMAN: ”You know what? That may actually be a good idea. Let’s give it a shot, shall we! To be honest with you, I actually wanted to speak to you tonight about compensation.”
WALLACE: ”Yeah, what about it?”
Perry answers before looking to the camera with a puzzled look on his face.
HARTMAN: ”Well… a little pay with the gig would be nice. I love my job but I just can’t keep doing this for fre–“
Stepping closer to Gabriel, Perry pats him on the back before placing a hand on his shoulder.
WALLACE: ”You look to be pretty taken care of if I’m being totally honest. All travel is covered. All room and board is covered. Meals are covered, and I know that bank account just has to be looking pretty nice right about now. Heh…”
Perry looks to Antonia with a chuckle before turning to the camera and then back to Gabriel.
WALLACE: ”I don’t get it. Why are you bringing a camera crew to bombard me acting as if you aren’t paid handsomely?”
HARTMAN: ”Well, techni–“
WALLACE: ”Technically you’re standing here attempting to make an asshole out of me as if the jokes and funny rumors about you being homeless are true. I don’t appreciate this, Gabe. What gives?!”
HARTMAN: ”It isn’t like that, Perry. I just think that I should be compensated for my services.”
Shaking his head in disappointment, Perry stares a hole through Gabriel as the anger becomes apparent. Stepping in behind him, Antonia places his hand on his back to calm him and surprisingly it works. His facial expression quickly changes from anger to excitement.
WALLACE: ”You want compensation? I’ll give you compensation in the form of an important announcement I was planning on making later in the evening. You hear it here first folks, right here with Gabriel Hartman!”
Gabriel looks quite confused by the sudden on the spot interview that wasn’t planned at all in his attempt to talk one on one with 4CW’s owner in private.
WALLACE: ”You just cleared up my evening to spend some quality time with this beautiful woman right here. I can’t thank you enough for that, Gabe.”
HARTMAN: ”This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
Waving his hands from side to side and shaking his head, Perry insists.
WALLACE: ”Me either but here we are and here everyone else awaits for this important announcement I want to make regarding the Pride Championship at Ante Up!”
Gabriel’s eyes light up at the sound of Pride Championship and 4CW’s upcoming pay-per-view, Ante Up.
WALLACE: ”That seemed to get your greedy little mind off of money, didn’t it?! Now let’s do this!”
Turning completely to the camera, Perry stares into the lens and out into the millions of viewers watching worldwide.
WALLACE: ”Three years ag–“
His cell phone begins to ring, bringing the announcement to an abrupt stop. Quickly he reaches into his pocket and after pressing multiple buttons, he finally silences the ring.
WALLACE: ”Now where was I? Oh yeah, three years ago! You see, three years ago at Ante Up the Pride Championship was defended in a gauntlet match featuring the champion and three challengers. When the upcoming One Year Anniversary Octane card went live, the main event really caught my eye, reminding me of this one match in particular. It’s no secret that Viduus has been running down opponents left and right and I thought to myself. This sort of match for the Pride Championship at Ante Up like three years ago would be the perfect opportunity for him to solidify himself as the type of cham–“
The cell phone rings again, irritating Perry as soon as he hears it coming from his pocket. He quickly reaches down into his pocket and begins pressing his fingers blindly until finally silences the device.
WALLACE: ”The type of champion that anyone holding the Pride Championship should aspire to be. And with the qualifying matches taking places for the main event match, the Pride Championship could be overlooked. After all, we do have the return of the Extreme Roulette taking place all night and then to cap it all off we have a Sixty Minute Fatal Fourway Iron Man Match extravaganza. This is Ante Up we’re talking about and what better place could there be to raise the stakes for 4CW’s biggest and very first pay-per-view ever!”
Although he wasn’t expecting to conduct an interview this early in the show, Gabriel surely wasn’t complaining as his demeanor completely changed since the cameras first caught up with him earlier.
HARTMAN: ”So let me get this straight. You’re telling me, and everyone watching worldwide, that the Pride Championship will in fact be defended in a gauntlet match like three years ago? Let me ask you a question if I may. Who exactly did you have in mind to challenge the champion?”
WALLACE: ”That’s easy! I was thinking that we cou–“
There it is again, the ringing cell phone in his pocket cutting him off in mid-sentence. Perry tilts his head back and mumbles a few words in frustration under his breath before digging into his pocket and silences it once more. Exhaling slowly, he calms himself down before answering Gabriel’s question.
WALLACE: ”Sorry about that. As I was saying, we have three qualifying matches to determine who will challenge Chris Madison for the 4CW Championship in Ante Up’s main event. Three winners who will climb into the ring with the champ and fight for sixty whole minutes. Three. On the other hand, we also have three people who will get pinned in these qualifying matches. That brings me to this gauntlet match. We will also see three people in these qualifying matches who do not get pinned, but also don’t find themselves in the main event at Ante Up. Call it a consolation prize, call it whatever you like. I like to look at it as giving these three people the opportunity to ante up and go double or nothing. I want to see the three individuals who don’t get pinned but also don’t make it to the big match get a shot at redemption. And that right there is where we get our three challengers to enter this gauntlet match for the Pride Championship against the defending champion, Viduus Morta.”
Gabriel takes a short moment to think over everything Perry had just said before responding.
HARTMAN: ”So the three people from the three qualifying matches who do not get pinned will get a second chance at Ante Up to challenge for a different championship, the Pride Championship?”
WALLACE: ”Jesus Christ, Gabriel, that’s what I just said. Get you mind off of weaseling me out of money and pay atten–“
Cutting Perry off for the fourth time, the cell phone in his pocket begins to ring. Balling his fists, Perry takes a deep breath before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the cell phone. Looking down at the screen, he doesn’t recognize the number but presses his thumb against the screen to answer anyway, putting the call on speaker phone. A deep, creepy and distorted voice then fills the air singing.
“Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Octane…”

WALLACE: ”The fuck?”
“Happy Birthday to You.”

The singing then stops as the call comes to an end. Holding the phone in the palm of his hand, Perry stares down at the screen, a little creeped out by the voice that was on the other end. Silence fills the air for a short moment before Gabriel speaks up.
HARTMAN: ”Happy birthday to Octane with their one year anniversary show right around the corner! Is there anything you would like to say to the fans about Octane’s success? Maybe even bonuses for us all?”
Snapping out of it, Perry looks to Hartman with an irritated look on his face.
WALLACE: ”I just gave you gold and you still want to reach into my pockets, Gabe? This interview is over.”
Perry then looks to his side at Antonia.
WALLACE: ”You ready, dear?”
PATTON: ”Of course.”
The two then begin to walk away from the camera and Gabriel, heading down the hall. In an act of desperation, Gabriel yells down the hall.
HARTMAN: ”So, what’s it? Chat after the show about the other thing?”
The two come to a stop as Antonia turns one last time to answer Gabriel.
PATTON: ”I believe this interview is over. Thank you.”
She then turns around and the two continue down the hall, locking arms as Gabriel looks on in disappointment.
HARTMAN: ”Well, that didn’t exactly go as planned…”


Cyrus was throwing hands with good guy Raab while Alexis was returning to the ring after being tossed out by a vicious Cyrus. Raab seemed to be bobbing and weaving as if imitating a highly skilled professional boxer as he tried to evade Cyrus’ powerful punches as best as he could. Alexis made her presence known when she dived off the turnbuckle to take down both men. Raab is on his feet first and irish whips Alexis away while refocusing his attention onto Cyrus as he comes at Cyrus harder than a man gulping down Viagra and manages to get a hold of him as Alexis watches and tries to decide when to make her move while Raab is busy having his hands full with Cyrus at the moment and goes into a release german suplex after finally chilling Cyrus’ out with a few punches to the face. But as soon as Raab turns around, Alexis is in his face like a Jehovah’s Witness and went quickly for a snap DDT to get Raab on the mat so that she could try to keep an eye out for a lurking Cyrus so she wouldnt get easily blindsided. Her eyes land on Cyrus who is approaching her but Raab grabs a hold of her first, wanting a piece of her as he spinebusters her and then meets Cyrus halfway so that he can get Cyrus to focus on him and not Alexis. The two men go back at it again and Alexis doesnt appreciate being ignored or left feeling that the men dont view her as formidable as she glares at both of them before coolly interrupting their punching with an elbow to the back of Cyrus’ head first and then one to the back of Raab’s.
She then takes control as she allows Cyrus to shove her back because the space between her gives her the opportunity to sprint forward and go for a tilt a while headscissors takedown. Raab is swift with getting onto his feet but Alexis is quicker as she begins raining punches towards him as soon as he rises to stand steadily onto his feet. He does nothing really to block the blows, instead trying to dodge them while looking to find some sort of opening so that he could attack. Alexis’ punches dont seem to be ending anytime soon on her terms but thats okay because Cyrus suddenly appears behind her and lifted her off her feet. Alexis is wildly struggling to try to break free and she does but Cyrus isn’t too far behind as he makes a grab for her yet again while Raab comes rushing from the side out of nowhere and is dealt a vicious blow to the face by a smirking Cyrus who then reassumes trying to make a grab for Alexis. He finally gets his hands on Alexis and the pendulum backbreaker does nothing to quell the confidence Alexis is feeling tonight with thinking she’s going to take the two men down tonight in a very non sexual manner, of course. She stands to her feet and is greeted with a big boot to the face by Cyrus that rattles her teeth and has her rethinking that last thought as Raab attacks Cyrus with a European Uppercut and tries to layeth the smackethdown on him. Moments pass where Alexis doesn’t try to intervene on the two brawling men and things get a bit rough on Cyrus’ end and Raab had to lay him out with The Killerbuster to chill Cyrus out for a while.
Cyrus is taking way too long to get up so Raab turns his attention to Alexis and begins trying to give her the treatment that he had just given Cyrus but Alexis wasnt going for it and it took her a few snap DDTs plus a fisherman neckbreaker to slow down the winded up Raab just a tab. Alexis wasted no time making a run for it towards the turnbuckle and hopping on to dive with a moonsault and immediately returns to the turnbuckle where she spends the next few minutes on her Jeff Hardy and lands a variety of moonsaults on the downed Raab. Alexis was getting way too comfortable in her aerial zone and this time when she dived off, Raab wasnt there as he rolled out of the way and Alexis’ body landed on the mat hard. Raab’s face shows a bit of sympathy but he knew that these things happened inside of a wrestling ring and as kind hearted as he was outside of it, he couldnt afford to be too sympathetic when he had a match to win. Alexis is breathing heavily as she rolls onto her back just in time for Raab to fall on her with an elbow drop that had her eyes nearly popping out of her sockets and feels herself being dragged before she’s trapped in the sharpshooter and desperately trying to see if she can reach the ropes while Raab keeps the submission locked in tightly. Alexis wiggles and struggles, trying to use the power in her arms to pull herself closer to the ropes as Raab feels this is the end and that she will tap out at any moment…. until the ref is speaking to him and telling him to let go of the hold.
Raab had been too caught up in the moment so he was confused to why he needed to do so until he checked over his shoulder and saw Alexis’ left hand tightly gripping the bottom rope. Raab lets go of Alexis’ legs and steps away from her as her legs hit the mat. Alexis begins to stretch out her legs, knowing it wouldnt rid that aching feeling shooting throughout her legs and starts to get up but Raab is already pulling her to her feet from behind. Alexis thanks him with a quick elbow to the face and goes for a short armed clothesline. The two seems to have forgotten about Cyrus who is laying by the turnbuckle and seems to be out of it while the two pay him no mind. Alexis is rising up to her knees and ends up eating a knee to the face by Raab who rolls her over and goes for the cover as soon as her body hits the mat.

Raab’s expression remains relaxed even after the kickout and the Corners Four audience admires how well behaved Raab is in comparison to the unruly wrestlers who’d throw a fit at a kickout. They swear Raab is an angel from above while Alexis appears to be sick of him and a bit worried that nothing she may do tonight would be enough to put down Raab. Alexis rushes Raab but he stops her in place once his right hand wraps around Alexis’ throat and she is lifted into the air before slammed down with The Chokinator! Vassa is being a total asshole right now and roasting the move’s name while Raab starts to pin Alexis but she begins swinging at him until he gets off of her. Alexis then irish whips him towards the ropes and runs behind him, catching him by surprised once he bounces off the ropes just to meet the bottom of Alexis’ boots crashing into his face. It sends Raab tumbling over the ropes and hitting the apron before he finds himself on the ground below. Alexis starts to go after him but she gets another idea as she turns her attention to Cyrus who is finally on his feet, Alexis wastes no time in rushing towards him and hits him with the 20 Eyes before quickly going for the pin.

Raab’s eyes widen as soon as he hears the dinging of the bell, knowing good and well he wasnt out of the ring for ten seconds already as he stands to his feet and sees Alexis rising up from covering Cyrus as the referee raises her hand high in the air and her theme music blasts throughout the arena.
WINNER: Alexis Mercer via Pinfall (9:58)

? ? ?: “The needle tears a hole”
Cutting to black those lyrics are sung in a familiar, hoarse voice. Upon the screen before flashes of violent imagery appear, war, murder, decapitation. All one after another, a grainy video fo a child crying in a white room, tubes inserted it as tests are being done. Then what is known as a ratking, deep within the sewers – dozens of rats tails twisted together all pulling for dominance, tearing at their own flesh to be free.
? ? ?: “The old familiar song”
Once again the camera cuts to a different scene, this time a hanging of five women, in a grainy, black and white quality that would make you think this was a long time ago. Then after that you see a man in an interrogation room, he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a gun, puts it in his mouth and pulls the trigger. His brains and blood splatter against the grey walls.
? ? ?: “Try to kill it all away”
Monsters, creatures with distorted features stitched together with human body parts and hung on display inside a hall, the camera grazes over their dead eyes before clicking to black screen this stays on for a few seconds followed by the screams of numerous people overlapping one another. On the screen shows people smashing rats with baseball bats, once again blood splattering everywhere before the camera cuts to a static screen.
? ? ?: “ But I remember everything…”
Sitting on a wooden chair, that looks as if used to be used in some medieval medical experiment sits in the middle of a circular stone room on a mound of dirt. Dakota Smith sits on said chair. The room would be pitch black if it wasn’t for the sewer bars up a good distance above Dakota, letting the light pierce through the shadows. It would appear that he is in the center of some underground tunnel system, as their are large hallways leading in various directions in the stone walls. Dakota’s lips split apart into a wide, almost cheshire grin as the camera gets closer to him.
SMITH: “ Everything dies, those words have been synonymous with my career, my story. Like a scar etched into my skin, that phrase rings throughout my ears – infecting everything I touch. Like a cancer, joked about until it happens to you. And when it does happen to you, all you feel is grief. You look back on your life and wonder what you could of did different. You think about grudges and watch as they slip out of your heart. Because death is the finale, that we all strive for. We live, so that someday we can die with our head helds high. We live, so that we can die knowing that we made some sort of impact on this world.”
A brief, coarse laugh escapes from behinds Dakota’s wicked smile, echoing throughout the room. Rats and insects scurry across the dirt at Dakota’s feet but he pays them no attention, instead giving all of his intensity to the camera.
SMITH: “ But I don’t want to make an impact, more of an infection. A wound on this life that we all share that will never be healed. No stitches will stop the bleeding, no amount of disinfect will cure the festering. I want the world to suffer, because I have to. Because happiness, and comfortability is not something i’m allowed. I am cursed, and I plan to spread that curse to all of you. I want you to rot from the inside out, like roadkill in the hot sun on the side of the road. I will be the end of everything, just as I will be the end… Of Mark Storm.”
His laughter turns sour and brash. The stone walls of the room echoing the cackle out into the hallways. Dakota smacks his knee and leans forward before lashing out with a bark and going still. The grin returns to his lips, this one more perverted and twisted than before as starts to rock back and forth in his chair- the kind of way you may see someone in a straight jacket rock.
SMITH: “ Your Hero is about to die, dead! Dead! Because he has done nothing but let down his own name since coming to 4CW. He has done nothing but tainted all those who touch him with mediocrity! It’s really something when his biggest claim to fame in this company is being the reason Chris Madison’s streak ended. But that’s okay, because after tonight… You will no longer see the pathetic whelp known as Mark Storm grace these halls, you won’t see his name on any cards. Because I am going to feast upon him like the slaughtered cattle he is. He will be the first of many….Nothing to lose, but everything to gain. My fame! Rests inside the guts on a man who glorifies cowardice, and I will dig it out of him! I will find purpose in his demise, meaning in his twisted screams of horror as I rip him limb from limb! I will find…Something?”
The camera cuts to black.

Backstage at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, cameras find the Irish Dragon seated on a bench in the locker room applying an extra layer of black tape around each hand. Typically he is at the very least amiable and approachable backstage before and after matches but tonight something is a little different. Perhaps it’s the opponent, maybe the type of match… but most likely it is the fact that there is a title on the line that has Eric in such an intense state. Leaned upon one of the lockers, Lyra LeVeux-Donavan is scrolling through something on her phone. A smile tugs at her black lips but other than that she shares Eric’s focused state of mind. The sound of the door opening and closing prompts Eric to look up, seeing a 4CW camera approaching. Only when it gets close, though, does it dawn on them that it might be a bad time.
CAMERAMAN: “Time for a few words before your match tonight against Nurse Kinsley, Eric?”
Glancing toward Lyra, then back to the camera, Eric shrugs and rises to his feet, ripping the remains of the tape loose with his teeth and tossing the roll aside.
DONAVAN: ”Sure, why not?”
Looking on, not disguising her sigh of relief, Lyra keeps to her phone while the person behind the camera poses their question.
CAMERAMAN: “Tonight, you’ve got a big opportunity before you as you face Nurse Kinsley in a No Holds Barred Match for the XTV Championship. That in itself is a tall task considering Kinsley’s skill and reputation, but I have little doubt that you have seen the odds according to the fans of your coming out of this match with the title. What are your thoughts?”
Harsh words, but true, and Eric appears to appreciate the interviewer’s candor. Smirking just a little, he runs a hand through his hair and starts to answer but before he can the door to the locker room bursts open and slams against the wall. Jay “The Marksman” Mora dressed in one of his finest black suits, carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels with him interrupts.
MORA: “Why the fuck are you talking to this dumb shit when I’m in the building? Did you not see my most recent win on Octane? I think that momentum might have me declaring for the extreme roulette match!”
He pats Eric on the chest as he swings straight from the bottle swaying ever so slightly as he does so. Eric looks at the hand, then the man attached to it and finally the bottle dangling in his hand precariously. Shaking his head, Eric retorts calmly.
DONAVAN: “Who are you again?”
That was either a shot or an honest query. Lyra, a few taps of her phone later, comes over and whispers in Eric’s ear, leading to a look of understanding a moment later.
DONAVAN: “Jay Mora… that’s right. Saw the fight in question. Big win, fella. Good on you. But what’re you doing on Adrenaline? Invading? Jumping ship? Trying to make the locker room recoil with the smell of cheap swill?”
Jay completely ignored Eric for a moment as he peered around him at Lyra.
MORA: “Oh. My. Goodness. Forget who I am for a moment… why don’t you introduce me to this little smokeshow you’re hiding back here?”
Jay was completely oblivious to the fact that he was staring down Donavan’s wife.
LEVEUX-DONAVAN: “Because I’m out of your league, peau de zob.
Eric’s brow goes up and he literally winces at… whatever Lyra just called Jay. Rest assured that it was both colorful and nasty at the same time.
DONAVAN: “I don’t think my wife cares much for you, Mora, and my opinion is getting lower by the moment. You got a reason for interrupting this interview or what?”
Rejected but never down on himself the ever confident Mora takes a step back and looks Donavan in the eyes with the biggest shit eating grin you’ll ever see on a man. He also had no choice because he had no idea what the chick just said.
MORA: “Well, number one I see you got a shot at the title after a cup of coffee on the show, also it smelled like someone had their period in here… so must be her… maybe you.”
His mouth was drying so Jay took another drink allowing Donavan to cut him off before he could start speaking again.
DONAVAN: “Sounds like sour grapes to me, kid. Someone upstairs liked what they saw in me, so here I am challenging for the gold. No more, no less. If you got a problem with that, maybe you should put the bottle down and step up your game. You might find yourself in the same spot someday. As to the other comment? Well…”
Glancing toward Lyra again, Eric swiftly returns to staring at Mora.
DONAVAN: “…you need to show some respect when you’re addressing a lady. Especially MY lady. Understand?”
Jay smirked and threw the bottle down shattering it in the corner of the room. He puffed up his chest a bit.
MORA: “Get your Irish ass out of here. Don’t you worry you potato-eating fuck… at Ante Up it don’t matter who has that belt, ‘cause it’s coming home with me. And uh…”
He once again glanced over at Lyra.
MORA: “Maybe I’ll show her what a proper pint is really all about if you got me…”
At once, Eric grabs Mora by the lapel, pulling him in close despite the stench of cheap whiskey on his breath. He glares down at Jay for a moment but, thinking better of it, he simply shoves the Marksman back.
DONAVAN: “Take a walk, kid, before you do or say something you’ll regret.”
The shove puts Mora off-balance briefly, while the lack of a punch to the face emboldens him… though the alcohol also helps with that last part. He cocks back with his right hand balled into a fist, swinging at Eric. Donavan sidesteps and Mora goes stumbling forward and through a nearby table, sending the contents scattering and overturning the table itself. Eric turns back to the interviewer with an apologetic shrug.
DONAVAN: “So much for the questions… sorry about that.”
The camera follows as Eric, grabbing his ring jacket from over the bench, heads out of the locker room with Lyra in tow. She puts away the phone and falls into step with the Irish Dragon, linking her arm with his. They don’t get far down the hallway, though, before another someone speaks up, drawing Eric’s attention.
? ? ?: “Can’t believe I missed that prick Mora. He disrespected The Blast. I’ll knock him out if we ever are face to face I tell you.”
Eric was clueless to what the individual was muttering on about. He was lost in his own world. It was Alessandro Quagliaterre.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Well… Well. I believe we have not been introduced. Hello Mr. Donavan. Pleased to meet you”
Alessandro being the gentleman that he is greeted Eric with a firm handshake. He even shook the handshake of his wife to make her feel important. Both Eric and Lyra accept the gesture.
DONAVAN: ”Pleasure’s mine, Mr. Quagliaterre. I don’t think you’ll have trouble catching Mora if you really want him, though. He’s still passed out on the table.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Now with the pleasantries out of the way. I have just one question for you? Are you ready?”
Lifting a brow, Eric chuckles in a low tone.
DONAVAN: ”Always. Kinsley has a reputation but matches like this… I have a certain fondness for them.”
Alessandro did a crotch chop over his clothed body.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Certainly. The same way you go in, will not be the same way you go out. However Championship pedigree is something which you are
well experienced in. I am aware of what you did in a Colony elsewhere. Tell Hudd I’m still mad I wasn’t invited.”

DONAVAN: ”A momentary lapse on his part, I’m sure.”

QUAGLIATERRE: “Tonight is the one though Mr. Donovan. You haven’t been apart of 4CW for that long, and your rise has certainly been emphatic. You could underline that with a statement tonight.”
Alessandro gripped his fists.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Just as I will underline a statement against Tornado Desencadenado and end this bitter rivalry that has been boiling over for month between him and I. He very well could join the list of people I have put in a Coma amongst my vegetable collection of destruction. From a Tornado to a Tomato.”
DONAVAN: ”You two have been at it for a while. I don’t think either of you will properly move on until one is put down fiercely and with finality. The question is whether either of you have the insides to go as far as is necessary. Now, I’m not questioning your guts or drive, of course… but when it comes to settling things, going above and beyond barely scratches the surface of what must be done. Some people…”
Eric stares past Alessandro for a moment, down the hall toward something only he can see. Lyra, noticing this look, tenses slightly.
DONAVAN: ”…some people make you put them down for good.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “What do you mean SOME People?”
Before Eric could respond, Alessandro continued.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Never mind not important. You bring a valid point. However I totally disagree with everything you just said. Tornado was wrong, I was right. End of story. But let’s not waste our time going into swings and roundabout. Or who has the possession of a Talking Stick in a totally not named after Native Indians Heritage Arena. You do you. I do me. Sooner than later. Who knows? Our paths could collide. And should they do? I won’t be as friendly as I am to you right now.”
DONAVAN: ”Not could… will. I intend to rise to the top in 4CW, and considering you’re already damn close to that point, well… we’ll have our battles. Perhaps sooner rather than later.”
Alessandro gave a cheeky smile towards Eric, and put his thumbs up.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Good day to you Sir.”
Alessandro then left abruptly. Eric, smirking, gestured Lyra back to his side, she linking her arm with his as they continue down the hall in the opposite direction.


That Mariano was a fast one and Brenden was trying his hardest to keep up with him but Mariano was all over the place inside that ring like he had just eaten a whole storage box of pixie sticks. Mariano seemed to be in a rather great mood tonight but to be fair, when wasn’t he as he swished that glorioooooous soccer mom in the air like some old fashioned model catching wind in her face for a photo shoot. Brenden went at Mariano with a few punches and tried to get some slams in, succeeding only twice, before he watched Mariano run towards him and then leap into the air for a hurricanrana. Mariano was on fire until Brenden caught him slipping and put them flames out with a full nelson slam and then jackhammer suplex as soon as he had assisted Mariano back onto his feet from the mat. Sure Mariano could have traded punches with the brawler and went back and forth with him until one of them got the upper but Mariano wasnt in that sort of mood tonight, sticking to his speed especially since it was working out so nicely for him.

The hell, was the Corners Four crowd drunk??? They begin singing as they cheered Mariano on with that old school classic that grabbed Mariano’s attention as he mouthed, ‘Cooler Kids??’ before Brenden punched him dead in the mouth for being off his game. The audience continued singing though and it was one hell of a distraction but Mariano tried to tune them out a bit as Vassa called them all sorts of vile names for the song choice as Johnson ran down the match of Brenden trying to beat Mariano black and blue from one side of the ring to the next. But Mariano held his ground and begin to lift his arms to cover his face so the blows could be blocked before suddenly dropping his arms and catching Brenden off guard with a high kick that sent Brenden two steps back. Mariano appreciated the room between them because he felt smothered when Brenden was so close trying to knock his head off but didnt have time to dwell on it once he had to act quick and duck the clothesline that Brenden thought would for sure take Mariano down. Brenden doesn’t back off though and surprises Mariano with a second clothesline that connects successfully this time.
A smile is produced on Brenden’s concentrated face but he doesn’t celebrate because he knows this match is far from over and he cant attempt to start slowing down, putting in the same amount of work he had started this match off with. Brenden lifted Mariano high into the air but Mariano drove his fists into the sides of Brenden’s head and once he felt that grip on his loosen some, Mariano dropped back so that he could fall and wrapped his legs around Brenden’s neck to take him down with a hurricanrana. This caused the audience to erupt into loud cheers before resuming their singing which had became an octave louder. It might seem like the crowd was trolling Mariano but they were genuinely showing their love, having gotten a fetish lately to sing songs during matches in support. Yup, they were probably drunk. They even continued their singing as Brenden got a hold of Mariano and tried to choke the poor man out, something Jeb probably did alot to his victims in prison as Mariano struggles with trying to break free. He tries to pry Brenden’s arm from being cinched around his neck until he finally got an idea once he saw how close he was to the turnbuckle.

Mariano lifted his legs into the air and bent them before suddenly kicking them against the turnbuckle to use it to push back against Brenden with such great force. This catches Brenden off guard as the two go down to the mat with Mariano taking Brenden’s arm from around his neck and turning around to straddle Brenden to begin working his face over while Brenden tried to get Mariano off of him. Mariano got some good shots in until Brenden shoved Mariano off him so hard that Mariano tumbled backwards. Vassa begin complaining that Mariano was being extra now and called the tumble a theatric while of course Johnson ignored him and paid attention to the match. Brenden went for Exiled but Mariano countered it and ducked Brenden’s swinging arm when he tried to clobber him. Brenden swung his other arm and caught Mariano as he stumbled a few steps backwards and a geared up Brenden suddenly charges at Mariano who immediately dives out of the way and looks back just in time to see Brenden crash into the turnbuckle.
Brenden’s right shoulder had drove into the turnbuckle hard from that attempted spear and it had Brenden holding his shoulder while leaning against the turnbuckle for a moment. Mariano felt bad for him but not bad enough as he watched him with those eagle eyes of his for any sudden tricks while Brenden kept glancing over at Mariano with wanting to keep him in his sights. He watches as Mariano begins to take a few slow steps forward before Mariano takes a hurried step forward that has Brenden jumping into action with thinking Mariano is about to charge him when Mariano actually tricks him into thinking so. It causes Brenden to lunge forward impulsively and Mariano drives his foot right in Brenden’s gut to halt him before going for the Dovahkiin Driver and then a quick cover as soon as Brenden hits the mat.

WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (7:42)

The feed starts in total darkness with only the rustling of small flames teasing the audio.
GIRL: “When she comes, there’s nothing but destruction in her wake.”
A kick finds its mark underneath the chin of a fallen victim. They fall back onto the mat, knocked senseless by whoever dealt the blow. Everything is in sepia with a grain filter accompanying it. The vignette depicts violence in slow motion. Minimal frames forces the viewers to see the contorting effect of elbows to the jaw, crowbar shots to the chest, and other varieties of the matter.
GIRL: “Her anger is unrivaled, an endless fuel for what misery she makes.”
A shadowy figure walks the hallways with posters of 4CW’s top stars in their biggest highlights. As she walks past them, she glides her finger over them, sparking a flame among each of them. Bronx Valescence, Chris Madison, Anastasia Hayden, Jair Hopkins, and many others burn away by the woman’s touch until she reaches a light. Her face becomes illuminated. Artemis Kaiser stands there with a gaze towards the camera, scowling and brimming with the undying rage that she is known for.
GIRL: “She is the angry god that holds our fate in her hands.”
The video showcases Artemis’ penance for bloodshed throughout her different federations. She holds the HKW Bloodlust Championship, dragging the blood of the fallen Ashlyn de Luca over it. Another shot shows her cradling her sister, Sophie El, in her lap, bloodied and broken by her older sister. Artemis’ sinister glare at the camera fills the camera. Finally, the video erupts into a fast-paced montage of her career, bloody and brutal, as it can be.
GIRL: “Artemis is here…”
Artemis steps out of the hallway into the light, where the sepia peels off. As she steps into the fully colored world, the sounds of many clips from 4CW’s history play.
VASSA: “Holy shit, Dakota wins it! Jair is still out cold!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s no denying it now I don’t think. Bronx Valescence is the greatest 4CW Champion this company has ever seen.”
As the words die out, Artemis simply continues out of frame, leaving behind a burning hallway of those she would want to be here next victims.


Things started off rather slowly between the two as the opening bell sounded. Circling the center of the ring, the two studied each others movements, neither man rushing into anything from the jump. The two were just in a match together two weeks ago but with a third person being involved, neither knew what to expect from the other going into this thing with no other distractions. Finally locking up in the center of the ring, Dakota quickly overpowered Storm as he pushed him backwards across the ring, which he appeared to do so with ease. Closing in on the corner, Storm pulled Dakota in as he pushed forward, moving his body to the side and pulling himself away from Dakota’s arms as he then tripped Dakota up with a drop-toe hold, bringing his head crashing down onto the middle turnbuckle. Dakota didn’t stay down long even after having his bell rung. He was back to his feet in no time, but not before Storm who was up and ready to strike. Hitting Dakota from the side with back to back rights, Storm then spun around in place, connecting with a roundhouse kick that lifted Dakota off his feet and knocked him into the corner. With Dakota’s arms draped over the top ropes holding himself up, his midsection was exposed, a huge target for Storm who quickly began swinging with lefts and rights, pounding away at Dakota’s body rapidly.
Locking onto Dakota’s wrist, Mark pulled him away from the corner as he whipped him across the ring, putting all of his weight behind the throw. Crashing into the corner across the ring, Dakota bounced off and stumbled forward, falling right into a running dropkick from Mark as he kicked both feet straight into his chest. Dakota dropped backwards to the mat crashing against it. Popping to his feet, Storm stomped on Dakota’s shoulder a few time before grabbing ahold him and lifting him up to his feet. Pushing Mark away, Dakota then took a swing for his head but missed as Mark ducked underneath and stepped in behind him. Locking in a half nelson, Mark lifted Dakota off his feet before slamming him to the mat with a half nelson suplex! Rolling over on top of Dakota, Storm mounted himself in position as he began raining down on Dakota’s head with rapid right hands. The punches then transitioned into forearm strikes and after half a dozen of those, Mark swung for the fences and connected with a vicious elbow to the side of Dakota’s skull. Rolling Dakota over to his stomach, Storm planted a foot to the mat on each side of Dakota’s body before squatting down and wrapping both arms underneath Dakota’s body. Deadlifting Dakota from the canvas, Mark lifted him into the air before slamming him back down with a gutwrench sit-out powerbomb. Hooking Dakota’s leg, Storm rolled over Dakota’s body for the pin as the official raced in with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Dakota kept the match alive after a two count. Storm stood to his feet and shortly following, he pulled Dakota up to his as well. Throwing both arms forward, Dakota slammed his fists into Mark’s chest, knocking him back a few steps to create some distance between the two. Planting his back foot, Mark sprung forward, retaliating with a quick right that landed against Dakota’s jaw. Swinging with his left, Mark connected with another punch, this one to Dakota’s ribs. The crowd was then ignited as Mark went on the attack, hitting Dakota with multiple lefts and rights, each one landing perfectly with no defense from Dakota whatsoever. In the blink of an eye, Mark spun around and went for a spinning back kick. His foot came within inches of Dakota’s stomach before being caught in between both of Dakota’s hands. Holding Mark’s foot in place and keeping his leg elevated, Dakota spit in Mark’s face before pulling him in and dropping him to the mat with a cutthroat neckbreaker! Rolling over to all fours, Dakota crawled on top of Storm and began hitting him over and over in the face with forearm shots. Reaching down, he wrapped his hand around Mark’s throat before standing to his feet. Deadlifting Mark from the canvas, Dakota raised him into the air as high as he could before taking a step forward and throwing him back down to the mat as hard as he could with a chokeslam. Turning to the ropes to his right, Dakota rushed straight for them and as he came back on the return, he leaped through the air, coming down onto Mark’s chest with a double foot stomp!
Pacing the ring, Dakota’s demeanor resembled that of The Butcher. He whipped his head to the side, cracking his neck before looking to Mark’s fallen body in the center of the ring. Rushing in, Dakota kicked him in the ribs with all of his strength, forcing Mark to roll over to his stomach upon impact. He wasn’t finished yet, not by a long shot. Dakota locked his sights on Mark’s ribs as he kicked him numerous time, grunting each time as he put all of his power into each and every kick. Lifting his foot up from the mat, Dakota then stomped straight down onto Mark’s wrist. Mark’s voice has heard as he moaned in agony. Pulling at his arm, he attempted to free himself but had no luck as Dakota had his wrist pinned between the mat and his foot. Squatting down beside Mark while stepping down onto his wrist, Dakota grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head back, forcing Mark to look up to his dead in the eyes. Laughing hysterically in Mark’s face, Dakota then slammed his head down, driving his face into the canvas. Standing tall and removing his foot from Mark’s wrist, Dakota pushed him over to his back before stepping across his throat and applying all of his weight to the single leg. Shortly following, the official began his five count as the choke was in fact illegal.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“

Pulling his foot away from Mark’s throat at the last possible split second, Dakota ended the officials account but was then bombarded with warnings as the official closed in on him. Backing away from Mark, Dakota heard every word that the official was saying. Whether or not he was listening was an entirely different story. Whipping his head to the side, Dakota looks the official in the eye with a grin on his face before walking by the official, nudging him to the side as their shoulders come in contact. He heads straight for Mark who is on all fours, gasping for air. Grabbing Mark’s head with both hands, Dakota held it in place as he began popping his knee up and smashing it into Mark’s face over and over. Pulling Mark to his feet, Dakota then grabbed ahold of his arm and threw him to the corner with every ounce of strength he possessed. Mark crashed into the corner and Dakota was right there, rushing in and nearly taking his head off with a clothesline! Mark’s feet lifted up from the mat and as Dakota stepped away from him, they finally touched back down before sliding forward as Mark dropped down to a seated position with his back against the corner. Grabbing the top rope to his right with both hands, Dakota used it for leverage as he began stomping down onto Mark’s chest over and over. Placing his foot underneath Mark’s chin and pressing it against his throat, Dakota then used the ropes for leverage as he began choking Mark once again. Immediately, the official was in his ear, demanding him to release the illegal choke before beginning another five count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“

Using every bit of the five count as he could, Dakota finally pulled his foot away from Mark’s throat. The official attempted to pull Dakota away from the corner but was shrugged off as Dakota went back in for more. Wrapping both hands around Mark’s throat, Dakota lifted him up to his feet before slamming him backwards into the corner. Turning Mark around, Dakota pulled his head over the top rope, resting Mark’s throat upon it before reaching up under the the rope and grabbing onto Mark’s head. Pulling Mark’s head down, Dakota began choking him with the top rope as the official shouted in his ear with a third five count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Fi–“

Dakota released Mark’s head as he stepped away, laughing at the sight of Mark barely even able to stand on his own two feet. He backed to the center of the ring where the official confronted him with another warning, in fact Dakota’s final warning of the evening before he would be disqualified for any further illegal activity during the match. The official stands his position between Dakota and Mark, blocking off Dakota’s path to attack while giving Mark more than enough time to get himself situated. As the official stepped to the side, Dakota brushed past him, rushing full speed at Mark who even though he was standing, he wasn’t completely aware of his surroundings. Leaping into the air, Dakota slammed his head forward, hitting Mark in the mouth with a vicious headbutt and sending him crashing into the corner once more. Blood began to pour from his mouth as he held himself up with his arms draped over the top ropes. Placing his hand over Mark’s mouth and wrapping his fingers around the side of his head, Dakota held Mark’s head in place as he leaned in, touching noses as he looked Mark in the eyes. Taking a step back and pulling his hand away from Mark’s mouth, Dakota rubbed Mark’s blood across his face before stepping back in and planting his foot in Mark’s stomach. The kick forced Mark to lunge over and as he did, Dakota squatted and then lifted Mark off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Twisting his body around, Dakota fell backwards to the mat, dropping Mark to the canvas with the Dovah Death Drop (Twisting Samoan Drop).
Standing to his feet, Dakota paced the ring as the blood smeared across his face touched his lips. Dakota licked his lips, tasting the blood for himself as a grin stretched across his face. Looking back to Mark, Dakota slowly approached as if he were stalking his prey. Standing over him, Dakota look down into Mark’s eyes which were more than likely seeing stars after the Dovah Death Drop. Squatting down, Dakota wrapped his hand around Mark’s throat and then deadlifted him up to his feet. Turning Mark around, Dakota then locked in a half nelson before lifting him into the air and dropping him down into a knee strike to the back of his head! Mark’s limp body fell to the mat from the Gorewhore and shortly after, Dakota was on top of him with the cover as the official slid in beside them with the count.

WINNER: Dakota Smith via Pinfall (9:39)
Following the officials count, Dakota pushed himself up to both knees. With blood still coming from Mark’s mouth, Dakota reached down, covering the tip of his finger with it. Pressing his bloody index finger against Mark’s forehead, Dakota then drew the letters “XOXO” in blood, marking him as things came to an end.

The cameras cut backstage to the halls where we find Antonia Patton and Perry Wallace walking side by side, enjoying each others company. They’re in the same hall as previously seen earlier in the night. In fact, they’re in the same exact spot as the two come to a stop in front of the door to their office.
WALLACE: ”I still can’t get over the fact that Hartman had the nerve to try and shake me down with the cameras rolling.”
PATTON: ”I thought you were over that. I don’t believe it was intentional. He didn’t seem to happy himself to have the cameras there. I truly believe he wanted to speak with you privately.”
WALLACE: ”He knew exactly what he was doing. I can’t believe that people actually believe he doesn’t get paid for his efforts. He’s been with 4CW for years and if he weren’t being compensated, why would he continue showing up each and every show ready to work?”
PATTON: ”Maybe he feels that he deserves a raise for his efforts.”
WALLACE: ”A raise? I don’t even know what he’s being paid for his time. I do know that he has room reservations, paid travel, and expenses covered. I do remember signing off on those. I sign off on his expensables every week.”
PATTON: ”How do you not know what he’s being paid?”
WALLACE: ”I didn’t set up his salary. I had Barb in the office handle that… at least I think it was her. Someone did. Someone set up salaries for all of the event staff and I don’t hear any other complaints coming from anyone else.”
PATTON: ”I think you may want to check into that, Perry. Like I said a moment ago, I do think he was truly being sincere.”
Perry tilts his head back and signs before placing his hand on the door knob.
WALLACE: ”Now that little weasel is cutting into our time.”
Antonia gives Perry a stern look as she crosses her arms. Pulling his hand away from the door, Perry turns to her and responds.
WALLACE: ”Alright. I’ll look into it first thing tomorrow morning.”
PATTON: ”Thank you. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”
WALLACE: ”I suppose not.”
Perry then grabs the door knob and gives it a turn before opening the door.
WALLACE: ”After you, dear.”
Antonia enters the office, shortly followed by Perry, and not far behind the camera is right there behind them. Antonia takes a seat on the sofa across the room as Perry slowly walks towards the desk, his attention fully focused on a box sitting on top covered in birthday wrapping paper.
WALLACE: ”What the hell is this?”
PATTON: ”What is what?”
Antonia answers as she turns to look across the room at Perry standing in front of the desk, staring at the mysterious box resting upon it which resembles a birthday gift.
WALLACE: ”There’s a box sitting here. It sort of looks like a birthday gift with this cheesy wrapping paper covering it.”
This draws concern from Antonia as she stands up and slowly walks over to Perry, standing behind him and placing a hand on his shoulder as she peaks over it.
PATTON: ”That explains the weird call earlier.”
WALLACE: ”Damn right it does. The only thing is, it’s not Octane’s birthday until next week.”
PATTON: ”Are you going to open it?”
Before she even finishes asking Perry has began to pull the paper from the box, exposing just a blank brown cardboard box underneath.
PATTON: ”I’m not so sure about this.”
WALLACE: ”What do you mean? It’s just a birthday gift. If I had to guess I’d put my money on Tommy being behind this. Only he would be dumb enough to make a phone call like earlier. It’s probably some foot lotion or something. There’s really no tell–“
He stops in mid-sentence as he opens the top of the box, looking inside.
PATTON: ”Well, what is it?”
WALLACE: ”It’s not anything foot related, that’s for sure!”
Perry reaches down into the box and pulls out a single book of matches.
PATTON: ”Is that a book of matches?”
Turning around to face Antonia, Perry answers her.
WALLACE: ”Yeah, it is and a pretty shitty birthday present if I’m being totally honest.”
She grabs the book of matches from his hand and examines it closely. Opening the flap, her eyes begin to focus closely on it for a short moment.
PATTON: ”There’s a message.”
WALLACE: ”A message?”
PATTON: ”Yes.”
WALLACE: ”Well, what does it say?”
She then hands the book of matches to Perry. Holding it in his hand, he raises it to eye level and reads the message written on the inside of the cover.
WALLACE: ”Congratulations on one year. Happy birthday…”
PATTON: ”Something seems odd about this.”
WALLACE: ”You’re right about that! Whoever decided to give this as a gift clearly has crappy taste!”
She backs away from Perry before turning for the door. Standing at the doorway, she leans outward into the hall, looking from left to right but there isn’t a single soul in sight.
PATTON: ”Something isn’t right…”
Her final words before the scene slowly begins to fade out.



Live from the Talking Stick Resort Arena is another episode of Adrenaline. Phoenix, Arizona will be in for a special treat tonight as the 4CW XTV Championship is on the line. Nurse Kinsley will defend against Eric Donovan in a No Holds Barred match so why not get this match underway? Both competitors exit their corners and the audience is in tune for such an upcoming brutal match. They circle the ring and Kinsley is the one who is at a physical disadvantage so her game plan has to play smart. When they enter into the center, Donovan tries for a lock up but Kinsley backs off and rolls out of the ring.
She paces back and forth wagging her finger to the growling fans at ringside until seeing Eric trying to leave the ring. Grabbing his right ankle, he trips him face first down on the apron edge before he falls down to the canvas. Constant stomps are purposely battering down on his body until helping him up just to use his body as an impromptu battering ram collapsing the steel steps from one another. Eric crawls to the apron but a Basement Dropkick to his spine forces him down on the ringside mat yet again. Phoenix doesn’t appreciate Kinsley being a bitch but when the XTV Championship is on the line, why bother? She walks over to the commentary table, grabs the nearest steel chair, folds it then walks back to Eric.
Crack! The chair digs into the ribs of Eric when he stands up forcing him to bend over then she cracks the steel chair over his back. Her opponent collapses onto his chest then she slides the chair into the ring then rolls in Eric. She start to look under the ring for more items and that’s when she pulls out a trash. With every item in the ring, Kinsley enters then charges over to Eric who springs off his feet for a Snap Twisting Powerslam! Kinsley’s back is destroyed in the center of the ring and he immediately goes for the first pin attempt of the match! One, Tw-! No! She kicks out of the pin attempt then he gets on top of her delivering punches, forearms, and elbows straight into her head. He just continues with the onslaught until getting off of her.
Having her back up on her feet, a huge boot into her midsection keeps her groggy and she’s unfortunately thrown into the nearest corner with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Nurse Kinsley crashes all the way to the corner where she stands up with her back glued to it. A Running Clothesline into the chest forces her to walk into the center of the ring like a deer struck by headlights. Eric runs ahead of her, rebounds and a Jumping Yakuza Kick to the skull turns her inside out making the Phoenix audience jump out of their seats! He doesn’t hesitate to get on top of her chest and hook her leg up for a pin attempt which only results in a two-count!
Eric’s feeling it. The momentum is on his side and he slowly helps Kinsley back up who suddenly rakes his eyes out. The audience boos and Eric needs a moment to recover from temporarily going blind; She ducks under his right arm then goes for a Arm-Trap Neckbreaker! He sits up holding the back of his head while Kinsley wedges the trash can in between the turnbuckles of the nearest corner. She walks back over to him, kicks him dead in the chest then drags him up for a couple of strong knees into his midsection. Having him bent over, she runs to the ropes at her right side, rebounds and a Scissors Kick nearly implodes his head into pieces! A pin attempt is made and he kicks out at two.
Kinsley’s had enough. She storms over with every intention to murder Donovan who’s struggling to get back on his feet. Dragging him up with an arm in his grasp, she tries to whip him head first into the trash can but he stops mid-way. He turns around and boots Kinsley away a few steps but then she explodes into another rage-purpose sprint towards him. He sidesteps then she goes head first into the trash can crushing the hard material with her own skull and lays in between the turnbuckles. Pulling her back by her tights, he turns her around and commits the signature Capture Suplex into the center of the ring which Phoenix knows better as the “Red Dragon Suplex!”
Eric paces back and forth, getting himself riled up and going absolutely crazy. Both hands holding each sides of the top rope, stomping his life before emitting to the primal scream. The war cry sounds off with Phoenix cheering for the ages as well. Kinsley stands on her knees then he sidesteps over to her before she grabs the nearest chair and throws it into his face. He collapses down on his hands and knees then she walks over to him gently holding his up head but to her surprise, he screams in her face. A quick push back and he stands up to Superkick her in between the eyes knocking her out completely. The finishing Superkick, “Dragon Fang”, lands perfectly enough for him to score the winning pin attempt!
Eric Donovan has captured the XTV Championship and his entrance music replays around along with cheers of Phoenix enjoying his deserved championship win. He slowly gets up and gets handed the XTV Championship belt while also the referee raising his arm up!
WINNER: Eric Donovan via Pinfall (11:45)

Cutting backstage, we’re greeted with Anastasia Hayden looking into the camera with a slight smirk upon her face. The smirk on her face battles the look of hate in her eyes; the tone already set before a word is uttered.
HAYDEN: ”The Crooked Kingdom…what a joke. And look, I get it, making fun of these four clowns? It’s nothing new. It’s nothing original. Honestly? That’s a tragedy too. These guys could’ve been something great, but they went and fucked things up to the point where we barely have had any time to joke about their demise. Now it just looks like they’re going to be stuck on life support, wasting away until they fade into the background and six months from now, no one even remembers them other than a stain to this company.”
Ana’s eyes narrow and her already weak smirk starts to slowly fade.
HAYDEN: ”That’s why I’ve taken such great pleasure in taking every opportunity I can get to thrash these four. For a long time, I walked around these locker rooms without really caring about anyone one way or another because at the end of the night? I’m the only one I can count on, the only one I can truly trust to make me the greatest in the world. But now I can’t help and smile every time I watch these four get embarrassed. South Beach Brawl was a godsend for me.”
But like that, Ana’s smirk picks right back up and we even get a slight chuckle out of her as she reminisces on the past.
HAYDEN: ”I even got to participate myself when I destroyed Dakota Smith’s dreams of chasing after his HEART for the thousandth time. Tonight won’t be any different when I get to beat Jair Hopkins for a second time. When I get to take this two-time 4CW Champion and make him a two-time loser to Anastasia Hayden? Believe me when I say nothing will make me happier tonight. This Hall of Famer being cut down to his knees…what a sight to behold.”
She looks up away from the camera; truly in awe of the sight in her imagination until she comes back down to reality with a renewed hatred in her eyes, muddied with an expression of disappointment.
HAYDEN: ”It’s no secret that nobody wants to see Jair in association with these fools, but here we are, folks. This is the reality we live in, the reality that Jair wants to be part of, and he can keep relying on his ‘loyalty’ for his flawed reasoning, but we know the truth. You can get drunk on Twitter and defend your ‘boys’, but we’ve been waiting on you to sober up for some time now. Just doesn’t seem like that day is coming and that’s fine.”
A convincing shrug from Ana.
HAYDEN: ”That’s fine because it’s my job here in 4CW to remove trash like you. You can choose to drink to blind yourself by this truth or you can just keep living in denial, at this point? I really don’t give a fuck, Jair. I’m not going to solve your problems, but I’m going to try and solve everybody else’s. I’m going to fix this problem, I’m going to Ante up, I’m going to win the 4CW Championship, and there’s nothing you, Jair, or the rest of the Crooked Kingdom can do about it.”
Reaffirming her point with the shake of her head, Ana offers one deep look into the camera.
HAYDEN: ”All kingdoms fall. You won’t be any different.”
She holds the look for one more second before putting up an arrogant grin once more and walking off as the camera goes elsewhere in the arena.

Kimitsu Zombie paces back and forth in the backstage area thinking to herself. She repeatedly opens and closes the red and yellow butterfly knife Tommy gave her when their thing started. She draws some looks but they are only momentary after she meets them with a soft scowl. Everyone sulks away giving her the space they think she wants. Everyone but the camera. She stops and stares into it as the thoughts of her match clash in her head. She points at it with the knife so it backs away but she grabs onto the lens.
ZOMBIE: “Wait, wait. You’re here for something, right? You’re hungry for some words? Well listen the fuck up. This is one of those moments where I’m facing something that’s supposedly bigger than I am. It’s a great opportunity and everyone wants to see how far I will dare to fall this time. It’s a giant leap to go from XTV challenger to the 4CW Championship, and I will make that jump. I know Bronx Valescence and Andre Holmes believe that I don’t deserve this shot. Hell nobody does, but fuck ‘em. I’ve come back from my little debacle with the Nurse to show that I AM a contender. People tend to forget that since they need to downplay my wins to feel special. It doesn’t matter anyway. For a while now I haven’t been fighting for more notoriety, or bragging rights, or money. I’ve been fighting to prove something to myself. I’ve gotten complacent with people telling me I’m not worthy of facing them. They see this young girl stepping up to them, and they see an easy victory. They just see the confusion and anger and think that I can’t handle the pressure. I’ve gotten used to it myself and sometimes I got close to believing it. Then it all washes away in a haze.”
Kimitsu closes the knife and smiles.
ZOMBIE: “I tried to stuff the anger in me down so that I can react smarter to the situations around me. I tried to be all about that Zen. Then in moments like this when the nervousness comes on right before a match and I think about my opponents and their taunts it comes bubbling up and erases everything. So it’s time to stop bottling it up. It’s time to just be honest and let it all out. I’ll fight blind with anger if it gets me what I want. This way hasn’t let me down yet. Andre Holmes may believe that he is better than me because he is this honorable warrior, but that’s all grandstanding to make himself feel better about losing. At least he did it with a conscience, right? If Bronx isn’t going to get the hero worship he desires this time. I don’t care about his title wins or his many defenses. I don’t even care about carrying this company. I’m going into this match for one thing only. I’m fighting for me. I’m going to get this contendership for my legacy not anything else. He desires the devotion he gets just as much as he says he hates it, so fuck that. He is 4CW and he is something to conquer. It’s going to be no burden on my shoulders if I go on to win this title. I’m going to try for the 4CW Championship in order to make the few people that believe in me proud. At any given moment anyone in this company can be taken out. So now I’m up for the big one and I’m not letting it go to waste. I’m not here to have a good showing or to display my warrior’s way. I’m here to win.”


After a great XTV Championship match, the next match features Alessandro Quagliatierre versus Tornado Desencadenado in a traditional singles match. Phoenix, Arizona of the Talking Stick Resort Arena is excited to see these two go at it and when the bell sounds off, they can’t wait. Both competitors exit their corners then start circling the ring before the two meet each other for a quick lock up. Both men struggle back and forth in the lock up yet Alessandro transitions into the Side Headlock. Squeezing down on the head of his opponent, Tornado pulls back forcing his opponent to fall back into the ropes with him. The rebound forces him to throw Alessandro into the ropes ahead of him, rebound and a Shoulder Barge knocks Tornado to the mat.
Alessandro waits for him to stand after rolling back on his feet. He ducks under a thrown right arm and catches it from behind applying the Hammerlock submission. Tornado tells the the referee he won’t give up so easily as he smacks a Back Elbow Strike into his opponent forcing the submission to break. He turns around and whips Quagliatierre into the nearest corner where his back gets slammed into the turnbuckles. A huge Splash into the corner immediately makes his opponent walk out in a daze until getting lifted and spun around into a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Phoenix applauds Tornado for his incredible power and the first pin attempt is made! A two-count is the result and he gets throwing his arms side to side for the Pendulum Elbow Drop into the chest!
Alessandro shoots his body up before rolling down under the bottom rope to the apron. There, Tornado follows him and tries to help him up but Quagliatierre has a handful of his hair before stunning him over the top rope. He takes a few steps back holding his throat after almost being choked on the top rope. The fans at ringside boo the hell out of Alessandro who gets back in the ring then nearly takes off Tornado’s head with a Running Bicycle Kick straight into his eyes! Tornado gets blown through the ropes crashing down to ringside and Alessandro doesn’t hesitate to follow him out. The referee starts the outside count but the fans groan in complete disgust watching Alessandro stomp down on his opponent’s head. Adding insult to injury, he helps Tornado only to slap his face off the apron edge then toss him spine first into the barricade!
He drags Tornado into the ring at the count of seven then the moment Tornado gets on his knee, a quick Running High Knee almost turns him inside out. The pin attempt is made again and Alessandro only gets a two-count from the result. He demands the referee to count faster but what can you do? Taking the right arm in his grasp, he sits on his back and applies the Fujiwara Armbar. Hell, Alessandro even goes that far of twisting the fingers back or even using his own arm to dab to the booing audience. Tornado shakes his head then starts to rise putting Alessandro across his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry!
A rapid Death Valley Driver nearly stuns Alessandro who sits up on the canvas confused and dazed as hell. Tornado on the other hand, he takes longer to get up but gets up in time to start driving Alessandro down to the mat with back to back clotheslines. The momentum is on his side and so is Phoenix after Alessandro gets thrown across the canvas from a Gutwrench Suplex! The sheer power of the move and the raging loyal fans are telling him to go all out. So, he walks over to Alessandro and tries to get him in the Powerbomb position until he gets lifted into the Alabama Slam position where Quagliatierre runs and produces the move into the corner!
His back and neck are slammed into the turnbuckles from the signature, Alabama Slam, where Tornado rebounds back into Alessandro who picks him up into the Fireman’s Carry. Standing in the center of the ring holding a nearly lifeless Tornado, he throws him overhead then lifts his right knee for the finishing Go To Sleep, better known as “Bedtime”. Pinning him in the center of the ring, One! Two! Three! Alessandro Quagliatierre gets the win and his entrance music being replayed cannot compete with the level of intense boos but he doesn’t care. He gets his arm raised then mouths off to the fans at ringside why he deserved this win!
WINNER: Alessandro Quagliaterre via Pinfall (10:21)

We hear the intro to Kanye West’s “Wolves” play in the background as we see Bronx Valescence walk up. The screen glitches, almost like we are viewing the footage through a VCR. Every now and again we see gold flashes of wolves in the background tearing apart their enemies or just racing forward and growling. Bronx has on his black leather jacket and sunglasses. More of his “old school” look in 4CW. He takes a look at the camera as he comes to a stop.
VALESCENCE: “A few months ago, a wonderful story was supposed to come to an end. It was a story that dated back two years ago. It was a story about two friends who was driven by the same thing. But there could only be one. I climbed to the top of the ladder inside of a cage and I pulled down the championship. And I had to look down at Ana Hayden who just fought her guts out but came up short. That was supposed to be it. It was supposed to be over… but then we all know what happened after that.”
He cleared his throat.
VALESCENCE: “But then I realized something after that piss poor attempt as a group. Why does the story have to come to an end? Why do I have to keep fighting in this company without anyone on my side. For far too long I’ve taken people with me and when the going got tough. I tossed them aside. Look at Generation Now. When it got difficult I bailed. And since then I’ve been fighting on my own. But now I realize I don’t have to do that…”
We hear the beat of the song get louder.
VALESCENCE: “To the Wolves started when I jumped the barricade in Monarchy Wrestling to stand beside Anastasia Hayden. Why? I agreed with her message. I agreed with her ability. I realized she had her back against the wall against fools in this game who didn’t believe the same things she did. And I stand beside her for the same reasons now. This wasn’t a decision. It was forced. It was something we had to do and therefore?.”
Bronx paused and behind him walked Ana Hayden with a smirk on her face. Bronx looked up and nodded. We cut to black.


Following the events of Adrenaline two weeks prior, Jair had a score to settle after having his jaw rocked with a vicious kick from Ana during the main event. With the bell sounding, the two jumped straight into the action as they collided in the center of the ring in an exchange of blows. Connecting with a European uppercut, Jair knocked Ana off balance before following things up by taking her off her feet and throwing her to the mat with a scoop slam. Jumping into the air as high as he possibly could, Jair stretched his legs forward as he came down, dropping his leg across Ana’s throat with a leg drop. Rolling backwards and pushing himself up to a hand stand, he dropped down to his feet before slapping his hands together with a clap and then jumping straight into the air once more. This time, he came down with an elbow drop to Ana’s chest! Rolling over to his stomach, he quickly pushed himself up before side stepping to position himself beside Ana with his back turned to her. Going aerial, Jair flipped backwards through the air while twisting his body before coming down with a corkscrew moonsault. At least that’s what he had in mind originally before crashing to the canvas as Ana quickly rolled out of the way.
Jair rolled along the mat in pain as Ana slowly pushed herself back to her feet. With Jair down, Ana went on the attack, not giving him the opportunity to get back to his feet. Jair looked up to the lights before Ana came into view, leaping into the air and coming down on his head with a high knee drop! She rolled forward after connecting, continuously rising to her feet. Pulling Jair up from the mat, Ana held him in place with one hand as she fired away with the other, connecting with back to back right hands to Jair’s face. Ducking down, she wrapped him up before lifting him up and over, slamming him to his back with a northern lights suplex. Ana popped to her feet as Jair slowly raised up to a seated position. Running past him, Ana hit the ropes in front of him before coming back with even more speed and hitting him in the chest with a running dropkick. Jair’s body flew backwards before crashing against the mat and shortly after, Ana was on top of him to make the cover.

The officials hand swung downward towards the mat, stopping just an inch away from making the two count before Jair kicked out. Ana pushed herself up to her knees before reaching her hand underneath the back of Jair’s head and lifting it up from the mat. Swinging with her other arm, she connected with a stiff right to his face before standing to her feet and pulling Jair up as well. Locking onto Jair’s wrist, Ana then went to whip him to the far corner but before she could release, Jair reversed the throw and sent her racing to the corner instead. Crashing against the corner, Ana looked ahead like a deer in the headlights as Jair was airborne and flying straight at her. Connecting with a body splash, Jair then dropped to his feet before gabbing ahold of Ana’s arm and pulling her away from the corner. He whipped her across the ring and sent her racing to the opposite corner and just as she crashed into it, he took off once more. Running across the ring and gaining speed with each step, Jair then leaped through the air before planting both feet into Ana’s stomach. Grabbing onto her head with both hands, he then rolled backwards, pulling her down with him, and as his back hit the mat, he sent Ana straight into the air with a monkey flip. And landed on her back in the center of the ring with a thud as the Phoenix crowd begin to grow louder and louder.
Ana slowly pushed herself up but before she could stand, Jair was there with a double axe-handle to the back, knocking her flat on her stomach. Pulling Ana to her feet, Jair connected with one, the two, and then three open hand strikes to the face before spinning in place and throwing his arm up as he wiped her out with a spinning lariat takedown. Pushing himself up from the mat, he hopped over Ana’s body and ran to the nearby ropes. Jumping through the air, he planted both feet on the middle rope before springboarding off and flipping backwards through the air. Landing across Ana’s body, Jair connected with the springboard moonsault and hooked her leg for the pin with the official on standby.

Popping her shoulder up from the mat, Ana escaped the pinfall attempt just before the two count. Not giving her a single second to catch a breather, Jair swung down and connected with a palm strike to her face before rolling her over to her stomach. Wrapping his arm around her throat, Jair locked in a sleeper hold as he stood to his feet and dragged Ana up from the mat. She grabbed his forearm with both hands, pulling at it as hard as she could in an attempt to pry herself from the sleeper hold. She tried, but wasn’t too successful as Jair had the sleeper locked in tight. Moments passed as Ana’s struggle eased up, slowly being worn down due to the lack of oxygen. Her legs gave out from under her as she fell to a seated position on the mat. Jair continued cutting off her oxygen supply before eventually Ana showed no signs of movement. Kneeling beside them, the official grabbed Ana’s arm and slowly raised it into the air. Holding it up for a short moment, he then released it. Her arm dropped straight down to her side. Grabbing her arm again, the official raised it a second time, holding it up for just a few seconds before releasing it. Again, her arm dropped down by her side as Jair continued squeezing tightly with the sleeper hold. Grabbing Ana’s arm and raising it a final time, the official held it up for a few seconds before releasing it. Ana’s arm dropped to her side, stopping just before her hand came in contact with the mat. She then shot her arm straight into the air as her eyes opened wide.
Jair was shocked at the sight but kept the sleeper hold locked in while standing behind him. Using Jair for leverage, Ana fought her way upwards, standing to her feet while still being choked by Jair. Turning her body just enough while being held, she then swung her arm inward towards Jair, hitting him in the stomach with an elbow. She swung her arm a second time, hitting him with another elbow and then a third, finally forcing Jair to release his hold. Jair took a step back, struggling for breath after having the air knocked from his lungs. Kicking her leg up from the ground, Ana then spun in place, whipping her leg around and connecting with a hook kick to Jair’s head! Jair fell backwards before tripping over his feet and crashing to the mat. Before Jair could find his way back to his feet, Ana rushed in, leveling him with an enzuigiri as he rose to one knee right there on the spot! Making the cover, she went for the pin as the official dropped in beside them with the count.

Kicking out just before the three, Jair not only shocked the crowd but also Ana as well. She stood to her feet and paced the ring for a short moment before moving in and pulling Jair up from the mat. Swatting Ana’s hands away and breaking her hold, Jair then kicked her in the stomach as hard as he could, forcing her to buckle over from the impact. Grabbing ahold of her head with both hands, Jair then jumped up and came down, pulling Ana along with him and smashing her face into the canvas with a sit-out facebuster. Rolling over to her back, Ana held both hands over her face before finally fighting through the pair and pushing herself up. Stepping in as she stood, Jair slapped her across the chest with back to back knife edge chops before positioning himself beside her and slamming her face to the canvas once again with a front face slam. Ana still wasn’t going down without a fight as she forced herself back to her feet, struggling to do so. As she looked up, Jair was right there, leaping into the air and wrapping both legs around her head. Falling backwards, Jair lifted her off her feet before throwing her across the ring with a hurricanrana! Ana’s back smacked the mat and she rolled forward up to her feet. From across the ring, Jair rushed her but before he could connect with a clothesline, Ana spun around and planted her foot into his stomach with a spinning back kick, stopping him in his tracks. The kick forced Jair to lunge over as the air escaped his lungs.
Now came the time when Ana put on a clinic and lived up to her social media handle, Anakicks! Kicking upward, she kissed his face with a kick that stood him completely upright. Dropping her foot back to the ground, Ana then kicked her other leg up, connecting with a solid kick to the side of Jair’s head. After lowering that leg, she then kicked her other one up and swung around as hard as she could, using her momentum to bring stars to Jair’s vision as she connected with a third kick. Jumping into the air, she planted both feet into his chest with a high angle dropkick, sending him stumbling backwards and crashing into the corner. Ana quickly pushed herself back to her feet and once standing, she charged towards the corner where Jair was propped against it. Leaping into the air feet first, Ana drove a single foot into Jair’s face with her She Was Only Seventeen (running single leg dropkick)! She dropped to the mat and not far behind, Jair stumbled forward in a daze, tripping over her body and falling face first to the mat. Sliding his legs off of her, Ana rolled Jair to his back before making the cover.

WINNER: Anastasia Hayden via Pinfall (14:34)

The Adrenaline feed cuts backstage and we open up to the 4CW Champion, Chris Madison, standing in one of the rear corridors of the Talking Stick Resort Arena. His head was slightly bowed and he listened intently as his manager, Frankie Morrison, spoke about his upcoming match against the 4CW Pride Champion, Viduus Morta. Madison clutched the 4CW Championship tightly to his chest and lifted his head.
MADISON: “Frankie, I appreciate the little pep talk, but you don’t have to worry – I got this.”
Frankie smirked as he placed his hands on his hips, brushing the bottom of his suit jacket off to the sides.
MORRISON: “I know you do. I just want to make sure he’s not overlooked. Ante Up isn’t all that far off. Anastasia Hayden punched her ticket, and later tonight either Bronx, Andre Holmes, or Kimitsu Zombie will be joining you two. Retaining in a Sixty Minute Fatal Fourway Iron Match is going to seem near impossible and instinctively you might want to shift your focus in that direction. But if you slip up against Viduus, you might not make it to Ante Up. This isn’t like dealing with Crooked Kingdom; he’s a completely different animal.”
Madison reach across and placed his hand on his manager’s shoulder.
MADISON: “I seem to be the king of bein’ overlooked lately. I know how much that can fuel a man. Trust me, you don’t have to worry about me takin’ this championship showcase lightly. Tonight, Viduus gets to learn firsthand what makes me different than anyone he’s ever had to face before!”
Frankie nods his head and turns his attention to the buzzing cell phone that he pulls from his breast pocket.
MORRISON: “I’ve got to take this. This conversation isn’t over. I’ll be back in a few.”
Frankie begins to walk away, turning around the first corner on his right. As he steps away, Madison’s eye widen, narrowly staring down the hall. The camera slowly pans over and Bronx Valescence steps into the picture.
VALESCENCE: “Heh, don’t worry. Totally not the guy who is trying to force himself into the main event scene every chance he gets. Just the guy trying to earn his way there like the rest of them…”
Bronx walked up and nodded to Madison.
VALESCENCE: “Hell of a run so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re made out of against Viduus tonight. I seem to… owe him a little something another and he won’t let me live it down…”
He made a motion with his hand.
VALESCENCE: “I just want you to know… if Crooked Kingdom is stupid enough to wobble down to the ring again tonight to mess with anything going on? I just want you to know that more than one person has your back. I know you got a big match tonight, and I know you got eyes on my match… but I want you to know what you already know. I want that title back. But I’m going to come at you like a man, not like a pussy. Not the Crooked Kingdom way.”
MADISON: “We hit them with a cripplin’ blow two weeks ago – literally and figuratively. There’s barely air left in those lungs. I don’t think they’re dumb enough to keep lookin’ for a fight that they can’t win. But, same goes for you. The only thing you have to worry about tonight is beatin’ Andre and Kimitsu. While you’re out there, leave Crooked Kingdom to me.”
Madison shrugged his shoulder and Bronx’s eyes shifted towards the 4CW Championship as it bounced.
MADISON: “You carried this company on your shoulders long enough, if you want a rematch you don’t have to jump through hoops to get it. You’ve already earned it. But I completely respect the fact that you want to take the same road as everyone else. I hope you win tonight. I hope you get to Ante Up. If I’m goin’ to make a run as 4CW Champion, I can’t leave any question marks out there – that includes you.”
Bronx nodded as he extended a hand to Madison.
VALESCENCE: “You’re a hell of a man, and a hell of a champion. I need to beat you just as bad as you need to beat me. That’s what it’s all about. Good luck tonight, and for the sake of Crooked Kingdom, I hope I don’t have to see you out there.”
Madison punched his hand out and shook Bronx’s. The two nodded their heads and released their grips before Bronx took one final glance at the 4CW Championship as the feed cut away.

The Talking Stick Resort Arena was hosting the eighty-fifth edition of 4CW Adrenaline. A lot of great matches were on the card including the XTV Championship on the line but the match a certain individual was looking forward to was the headline match. To face off for a chance to main event Ante Up with the 4CW Championship on the line was an opportunity but that opportunity had to be earned by beating both Bronx Valescence and Kimitsu Zombie in the triple threat match. Many would say it was impossible but to one man, he knew he could do it.
The scene opens to Andre Holmes dressed in his in-ring attire with the leather jacket hoodie over his head. The camera shows him in the locker room throwing some boxing combinations with the focus in his hazel eyes detailing just how much he wants this. One final hook being thrown, he slowly turns around to face the camera; Sweat dripping down his face, gloves to the side and heavy breathing to show how hard his warm up is.
HOLMES: ”I understand everyone. This match I’m going into next seems extremely crazy but understand that I am a man who fights against the odds when they’re at their worst. I don’t take a match and think everything is going to be fine especially when my opponents are two of the best professional wrestlers here on Adrenaline. Bronx Valescence and Kimitsu Zombie are deemed as my biggest match because they have achieved championships before I have yet here we all are together in this match fighting for the opportunity to main event 4CW’s biggest PPV, Ante Up.”
HOLMES: ”Know why? Because opportunities are knocking on the door for me. I don’t intend to lose this match knowing what the prize and rewards are. I’ll bring the fucking fight to them both because I am sick of staying in the under card being shuffled around a placeholder when I am more valuable than that. I deserves some recognition, I deserve respect for the work I put in and I don’t want to be considered as the guy you need when a spot needs to be filled.”
HOLMES: ”I want to have the main event, the 4CW Championship around my waist and be sitting on the throne for all eternity in 4CW. It is something I worked for ever since I stepped foot into the promotion. I know Bronx and Kimitsu think I don’t deserve it but I could care less. This is my time to rise and my damn time to get to the top of the food chain even if it means I have to kill two birds with one fucking stone!”
He slaps the camera aside then storms out of the locker room. The camera watches him slam the door and he marches out huffing and puffing before transitioning over to the ring.



The headline of this edition of 4CW’s Adrenaline features three competitors who earned their spot into the 4CW Championship qualifier in the main event of Ante Up. A Triple Threat Match where it’s all a first time competing against each other; Bronx Valescence versus Kimitsu Zombie versus Andre Holmes and each competitor is wanting this shot more than ever now. With all three in their corners, the Phoenix crowd is definitely tuned in for this headline match of the card. The Talking Stick Resort Arena better prepare because this match is underway!
As soon as the bell rings, Kimitsu Zombie immediately leaves the ring and the audience doesn’t appreciate this. She tells both men to continue the match as she’s just spectating and Andre turns his back to Kimitsu demanding her to get back in the ring and fight. Unfortunately for Holmes, Bronx swoops in behind him for the roll-up but he kicks out at one rolling back up to his feet; He gets caught in the Side Headlock before Valescence sweeps him over down onto the mat then Andre reels his legs back around his throat catching him in the Scissors Choke. Valescence does a handstand, kicks back onto his feet and tries for a Roundhouse Kick but Holmes swoops his body back then kips up. He also attempts the Roundhouse Kick and Bronx ducks before both men do a Dropkick then stands up in a stalemate.
Phoenix, Arizona stands on their feet applauding them as this is the first time they are facing each other. Kimitsu also applauds at ringside pretending to be one of the fans and the two men inside the ring circle the ring. They lock up together in the center and now Andre applies the Side Headlock to Bronx. Valescence takes a moment before swooping his head out and standing behind him with the Hammerlock; Andre falls down to his knees, Snapmares him down onto his ass before clocking his spine with a Roundhouse Kick! The sound echoes across the interior of the Talking Stick Resort Arena. He runs forward and the moment he gets the rebound, Kimitsu trips Andre face first on the canvas before pulling him out of the ring. His back eats the barricade and Zombie unloads a flurry of Forearm Shots into his chest until both of them watch Bronx athletically leap over the top rope for a Tope Con Hilo crashing onto Zombie and Holmes!
Phoenix, Arizona goes wild again cheering for the beloved Bronx Valescence. He drags Kimitsu into the ring then stands her up before kicking her in the midsection. A strong Snap Suplex plants her down on the canvas and he floats over for a pin attempt. She kicks out at One yet he doesn’t let up on the action. Slowly getting up with her, he whips her into the nearest corner where her back eats the turnbuckles. He charges over to her but she steps out of the corner and Arm Drags him over where Bronx’ back eats into the turnbuckles of the corner. The audience boos and Kimitsu slowly stands up mouthing off at Valescence down on the canvas before Holmes appears behind her Belly-to-Back Suplex dropping her in the center of the ring from behind!
She lands down on the canvas before rolling under the bottom rope to the apron for safety. Andre marches over to Bronx who is trying to get up on his feet before landing a Spinning Back Kick into the ribs hunching him over for Holmes to run towards the ropes, rebound and a Basement Dropkick knocks Bronx down to the mat. A pin attempt is made and Bronx kicks out at two. He needs to keep the action going so Andre tries for a Sharpshooter until he sees Kimitsu leaping off the top rope for a Missile Dropkick into Andre’s chest! He gets blown back into the canvas where he stands up on his knees. Getting in range, back to back Roundhouse Kicks are fired in his chest before he ducks under the final one. He springs up for a Rolling Elbow clocking her in the chin forcing her to stop long enough for him to run to the ropes behind him. She runs to the ropes in his direction too and rebounds behind Holmes where he turns around only to eat a Slingblade into the mat! Her pin attempt is made and it’s a two count!
When she stands up, she marches over to Bronx slowly helping him up to his feet. A couple of brutal Forearm Blows are delivered into his chin where she attempts a Brainbuster but Bronx keeps his weight on the mat. He breaks hold from the position, steps back and goes for a Superkick but Kimitsu ducks letting Andre take the full blow knocking him down again. Bronx turns around and Kimitsu catches him with a Jumping DDT spiking him on top of his head! She turns him over onto his back and hooks the leg up for a pin attempt but he kicks out at two from before. If she can’t do it on the ground, maybe the living hell from above will do it. Kimitsu exits the ropes, climbs all the way to the top turnbuckle and sees Bronx in her sights. Out of nowhere, Andre runs across the apron and delivers a Gamengiri Kick to the back of her head before climbing all the way to the top rope for a Superplex- No! Bronx suddenly gets the energy to get up and go under them both for the Powerbomb position which completes the tower of doom!
All bodies are laid out on the canvas and Phoenix gets off their feet cheering for each competitor giving their all tonight. Bronx gets over to Kimitsu for the pin attempt which results in a two-count and when he tries for Andre, the same is a two-count as well. Nothing is working and Bronx slowly helps Andre get back up to his feet. A couple of Forearm Shots stun the man and he turns around attempting to run to the ropes before Holmes holds onto the tights trying for a Backdrop Driver; Bronx flips over then lifts him off the mat from behind for the Blue Thunder Bomb! Holding him down in the center of the ring, the pin attempt is made again and Holmes kicks out at two.
He slaps his hand on the mat then and applies the Single Leg Boston Crab. All of his weight down on his back with the referee checking carefully on the situation. Andre refuses to tap out and he’s reaching his hand out for the ropes dragging their weight down towards the ropes. Bronx pulls him back into the center of the ring long enough for Kimitsu to get up and jump onto Bronx applying the Guillotine Choke. Now Andre is stuck in the Single Leg Boston Crab with Kimitsu applying the Guillotine Choke on Bronx who lets go of Andre; He’s still standing on his feet and counters her submission by lifting her up into the Vertical Suplex position but she drops behind him for the signature, Ballsplex! Landing right on the back of his head, she bridges up doing the pin addition but the referee says it was almost a three-count!
Kimitsu stands up and watches Andre limp a little on his right leg then runs over for a Ballsplex on him! Another signature Ballsplex and he lands on the back of his neck too! She attempts the pin and Andre kicks out but Bronx rolls out of the ring to get some recovery time. Kimitsu helps Andre up, slaps him a few times then he basically leaps out of nowhere with a Bicycle Knee Strike into her chin knocking her onto her knees. He doesn’t like being slapped so he slaps her continously with multiple Roundhouse Kicks into the chest with the crowd chanting ‘Yes, yes, yes’ for each kick! Upon the final one, he steps back and goes for the Tornado Kick but she ducks under it then knocks him back into the ropes from the Rolling Savate Kick counter! Andre springs off the ropes into a sprint, ducks under the thrown right arm from Kimitsu before running to the ropes where Bronx is at and diving through the middle and bottom one Spearing Bronx into the barricade from the trademarked, “Heat Seeking Missile”.
He lands on his feet, hops on the apron, stops a running Kimitsu with a Gamengiri Kick again knocking her back before leaping onto the top rope then taking off into the air with a Springboard Elbow Stike into her skull almost turning her inside out. He lands down on the canvas then gets on his feet before backing up into the corner turnbuckles waiting for Kimitsu to rise. The moment she does, he charges across the ring and blows her head off with a Running Yakuza Kick into the corner. She falls down to the canvas as he leans into the turnbuckles just in time for Bronx to get into the ring and complete the Chaos Theory signature German Suplex, better known as “For Ana!” Bronx bridges up for the pin attempt and Andre kicks out just as the hand almost touched the mat at three!
Valescence sits up on the canvas wondering what he has to do get this match under a victory. He slowly stands up then walks over to Holmes who is crawling on his hands and knees. Slowly dragging him up to his feet, he’s attempting for the Brainbuster until Andre lifts him onto his shoulders for the trademarked, “Holmes on the Range”, which is the Death Valley Driver onto his right knee. Bronx falls off and sits up leaving for Holmes to produce the Tornado Kick into the chin of Valescence knocking him down to the mat! He goes for the pin attempt yet Kimitsu grabs him before it can be even done and throws him into the nearest corner. Now, she gets on top of Bronx for the pin attempt! One! Two! Three-No! Andre stops the pin from the diving Phoenix Splash on both of them completing his signature, “Deadline Trap”, move!
Kimitsu, Bronx and Andre might be at their limit and the pain coursing through their bodies are too much to bear. He slowly stands up using the ropes to get back up and Andre stands by the corner stomping his foot down on the mat. He sees Bronx trying to stand up and he slaps his hands on the mat before releasing that primal scream. Andre sidesteps over to Bronx attempting but Bronx catches onto the right leg which gives him enough time for the Small Package Driver! The pin is made again and Andre kicks out before the three was made. Bronx doesn’t hesitate to get back up and drag Holmes back up to his feet before a Spinning Back Kick to the ribs forces Andre to hunch over. Bronx runs to the ropes behind him, rebounds only for Kimitsu to stop him with a Rolling Savate Kick catching him in the jaw! She grabs Andre and tossing him out of the ring but to Kimitsu, Bronx fell back into the ropes, rebound and grabbed her head for the Jumping Front Flip DDT finishing blow! The “Valescence’s Victory” is made!
One! Two! Three! Bronx Valescence has won the Triple Threat Match and is going to the main event of Ante Up! His music plays again and he stands up in the center of the ring with the referee’s help and gets his arm raised towards his adoring fans. A great match between all three but it ends with Bronx standing on the middle turnbuckle in an unoccupied corner happy to win the match and head to Ante Up with another chance to become 4CW Champion!
WINNER: Bronx Valescence via Pinfall (18:11)

The picture transitions into something out of the ordinary as a news feed is airing live on the scene in Las Vegas at 4CW’s newest facility, home of Octane and the Sin City Sabres practice facility, The Elysian. Things look quite differently than what is pictured on Octane as the building is burning wildly with multiple fire trucks on site fighting the blaze. After a few short flickers in the picture, the scene quickly changes to 4CW correspondent, Tiphany Banks Carisi, stands in front of the action, live on the scene.

Tiphany is taking in the damages while dialing Phoenix’s number for the umpteenth time tonight frantically while looking back to the burning building.
CARISI: ”Shit…”
She didn’t realize the cameras were rolling as she surveyed the damage and glanced over to see the cameraman shooting. She immediately straightens up and tries to plaster a phony smile across her face even though it was hard to be in an okay mood with everything going on.
CARISI: ”Tiphany here and as you can see, The Elysian on fire worse than a prostitute who caught a bad case of the crabs. The firefighters are doing their best with trying to calm the fire down but whoever did this petty shit must have prayed to God and asked the man upstairs himself to lay punishment upon this building. Boy, is you crying???”
Tiphany pauses and shoots the sniffling cameraman an incredulous look before continuing on.
CARISI: ”This real messed up the way this got carried, y’all and whoever did this, y’all gotta be the most miserable person alive and i hope y’all knew what y’all was doing too. Y’all know the person who put stacks into this building is crazy ass hell, she gonna be on y’all ass.”
One of the firefighters bumped into Tiphany from behind as he tried to evade a fiery object falling from above. Tiphany turned around and shoved the man with attitude.
CARISI: ”You supposed to be runnin TOWARDS the fire, not away from it! What is you, a rookie? Get outta here if all you gonna do is cower like you need ya momma titty to suck.”
She snapped on him as the firefighter hurried away from her. Abandoning the cameraman, Tiphany turned her attention back to her phone and tried to call Phoenix once again.
CARISI: ”Goddamn she gonna lose her shit over this.”
The camera shot view then transitions to a shot from inside of the Talking Stick Resort Arena where the Las Vegas scene is pictured on a large television in what appears to be a lobby area of sorts. Rushing down a set of stairs in a hurry to see the events unfold on the television for himself, Perry’s voice fills the area.
WALLACE: ”Woah! What the fuck is happening right now! This can’t be rea–“
Once again Perry is stopped in mid-sentence as the camera turns to the stairway, capturing him as his footing slips! He falls backwards, crashing against the steps as he then slides down the remaining five before rolling out onto the floor below. He’s slow to get back to his feet, remaining on his back for a short moment as he stares at the ceiling in shock. Slowly, he pushes himself off and as best he can, he attempts to play off the slip but there’s isn’t anything he can do to take away from the fact that the camera caught him slipping to a messy fall. As he stands, wild laughter consumes the airwaves, bringing a shade of red to Perry’s face from what can only be embarrassment.
WALLACE: ”Jesus fucking Christ! Put the goddamn camera away for two fucking minutes!”
The laughter in the background grows louder and louder, grabbing Perry’s full attention.
WALLACE: ”You think this is fucking funny!”
The camera turns a complete one-eighty where no one other than 4CW Hall of Famer, Jason Cashe laughs uncontrollably at the magnificent fall he had been wishing to happen for years.
Perry storms across the open floorplan and heads straight for Cashe whose laughter hasn’t slowed down a single bit.
WALLACE: ”You think that’s funny?! With everything else happening at this exact moment you can’t find anything better to do than laugh at me?!”
Raising his arm as he marches across the floor, Perry extends his index finger and points forward
Still laughing, Cashe watches as Perry gets closer and closer, still not easing up one bit as he enjoys every single second of this moment.
WALLACE: ”You’re fucking done! Gone like the fucking wind, services no longer required!”
Perry stops just a few feet in front of Cashe who still continues laughing hysterically at the slip down the steps.
WALLACE: ”You fucking hear me?! You’re fucking fired! Get the fuck out of here! Laugh that up you fucking toothless piece of shit!”
Shrugging his shoulders, Cashe looks Wallace directly in the eyes as he replies.
CASHE: ”Bout time.”
Dumbfounded, Wallace blinks his eyes several times at the response.
WALLACE: ”About time? That’s it? I fucking said you’re fired! SECURITY GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!”
As security rush onto the scene, Cashe laughs once more in Perry’s face before throwing up two fingers.
CASHE: ”Deuces!”
Giving Cashe a double take, Wallace then yells before moving towards Cashe and kicking for his crotch. As his foot inches in, Cashe hops backwards. Swing and a miss, Wallace’s foot goes straight into the air and his other foot slips, causing him to fall backwards and crash to the floor once more.
He screams as loudly as he can while lying on his back. Security then closes in on Cashe, grabbing him by the arms and subduing him. Perry pushes himself up to an upright seated position as he stares ahead at Cashe with anger in his eyes.
WALLACE: ”Throw his ass out of the building! Escort him off of the property! He isn’t even booked tonight! Make sure he doesn’t interfere in ANOTHER FUCKING MAIN EVENT!”
Security then begin to pull Cashe backwards, keeping his arms pinned behind his back while doing so. They eventually escort Cashe out of the picture as Wallace leans forward with his elbows to his knees and places his face down in the palms of his hands. Rushing onto the scene, Antonia kneels down beside Perry to check on him.
PATTON: ”Perry, are you okay?!”
Pulling his head up from the palms of his hands, he looks up to her.
WALLACE: ”No, I’m not alright. Is this really happening?”
PATTON: ”Well let’s get you out of here, nothing can be done but relying on the firefighters to do their jobs and allowing the police to control the scene.”
She continues to comfort him as she stares at the television, watching the Octane arena burn wildly. The live footage consumes the entire feed once more as firefighters continue to fight the blaze in an attempt to extinguish it. The picture comes from an aerial shot from a local news station filming the incident. Zooming into the blaze, burning letters become visible on the rooftop. The helicopter circles the burning building and zooms in for a closer shot to reveal the letters reading “Happy Birthday.”


VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit, Steve! Was that real?”
JOHNSON: ”Yes, Vinny, it appears so. The brand new building made to host Octane and also the Sin City Sabres practices is up in flames.”
VASSA: ”That wasn’t any accident either. Someone put in a lot of effort to get the words Happy Birthday written in fire on the rooftop!”
JOHNSON: ”This is devastating news to say the least. The phone call to Perry and the gift waiting for him in his office make perfect sense now. This was orchestrated!”
VASSA: ”No fucking shit, Sherlock! Any idiot can see that.”
JOHNSON: ”With Octane’s One Year Anniversary show just a little over a week away, they have no home to host it! This is a travesty!”
VASSA: ”Perry was so pissed off that he fired Cashe right on the spot for laughing at him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that mad.”
JOHNSON: ”Look on the bright side, at least we can enjoy a main event without any interruptions at all. Without anyone sticking their nose in the middle of things and applauding himself.”
VASSA: ”Damn, Steve! Octane’s new home is burning to the ground and you’re sitting over here happy that Cashe has been terminated here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m just saying that we can have a main event from start to finish without him coming out here with a hard on for Madison. The show must go on!”
VASSA: ”And if there’s one person in this upcoming match that I would consider a suspect it would be Viduus Morta. We’ve seen him use fire to his advantage multiple times. And look on the television right now live from Las Vegas, 4CW’s Elysian is on fire!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m getting word from the back that we must move on with the show due to time restrictions. Sit tight ladies and gentlemen, we’ll keep you updated on the situation as more information becomes available.”
“Cry Little Sister begins to play as the lights drop in the arena.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following Champions Showcase Main Event is scheduled for one fall!”
Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

VASSA: ”Fire, fire, fire! There’s your suspect!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh calm down! It’s impossible for him to be in two places at once.”
The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely, the 4CW Pride Championship draped over his shoulder as he looks left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Parts Unknown! He is your 4CW Pride Champion… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and licks his championship as he crawls to the middle of the ring. Viduus rises, licking the title once more before holding high for all to see.
POWERS: ”And the opponent!”
The arena’s lights dim to black as the opening guitar riffs to “War Machine” by KISS begin to screech over the P.A. system. The video screen lights up with visual static noise. Suddenly in the center of the screen a black handprint begins pulsating to the beat of the drum that has began to play. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and we see Chris Madison standing with his head bowed under a black towel, wearing an official licensed t-shirt that says, “Always Ready For War,” across the chest, with the 4CW Championship secured around his waist. He nods his head to the music and as the chorus breaks he rips the towel from his head and tosses it into the live audience, starting his way down the ramp toward, the ring.
“Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine
Better watch out ’cause I’m a war machine”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Long Island, New York, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds and standing six feet tall… He is the reigning 4CW Champion, ‘Mayhem’ CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison makes it to the base of the steps and places one foot down before scoping out the fans directly behind him by peering over his shoulder. He smirks as the live audience sings along to the entrance music and then marches up the steps and climbs through the ropes. He immediately leaps up onto the middle rope and faces out towards the crowd. He brings his fists up to his face and punches his jaw with each hand before shooting his arms out horizontally with his hands wide open, welcoming whatever challenge is coming his way. Madison hops backwards while unfastening the 4CW Championship, bouncing off of his feet and turns towards the center of the ring, raising his prized possession proudly over his head!
JOHNSON: ”And there you have it folks, the Pride Champion and 4CW Champion in the ring standing at opposite corners for tonight’s main event.”
VASSA: ”All while the new 4CW facility goes up in flames with my number one suspect standing in the ring as if nothing is even happening.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh stop it you! I’ve had enough of this. Look, I understand that something tragic may be going down at the moment but we have a huge main event on our hands and the show MUST GO ON!”
VASSA: ”If you say so. Luckily I love these Champions Showcase matches and this tonight’s tops the one from two weeks ago between Viduus and our former XTV Champion, Nurse Kinsley.”
JOHNSON: ”Now that was one heck of a match! In the end, we watched as the Pride Championship outshined the XTV Championship.”
VASSA: ”And tonight we get to watch the showdown between 4CW’s two most prestigious championships.”
JOHNSON: ”These two men have both been on quite the roll as of late but unfortunately for one of them, the momentum will come to an end concluding tonight’s show.”
VASSA: ”There’s no shame in that! These two men are arguably Adrenaline’s two hottest wrestlers in the rankings right now.”
JOHNSON: ”Both with huge matches ahead of them at Ante Up. Each man will have to defend their championship against three separate challengers.”
VASSA: ”Madison has by far the toughest match in all of 4CW on his plate. A sixty minute fatal fourway iron man match with Anastasia Hayden and Bronx Valescence already slated to compete And Viduus…”
JOHNSON: ”He has a gauntlet match on his hands against three people and presumably going to be the one to start things off in the first match. So far he has Dakota Smith and Andre Holmes on the books to challenge for the Pride Championship.”
VASSA: ”Two HUGE matches, one for each and these men and they’re going to need all the momentum they can get going into Ante Up.”
After the introductions, both men stand in their corners ready to get things underway and prove who the dominant champion in 4CW is. In the middle of them both, the official stands and checks in with each corner. After getting the okay from both men, he then throws his hand into the air and calls for the bell.

The official quickly hurries out of the way as both men exit their corners and approach each other in the center of the ring. They circle the center for a short moment, sizing each other up before Madison goes all in and shoots for Viduus’ legs. Wrapping him up, Madison takes Viduus down to the mat with a single leg takedown before mounting himself on top of the Pride Champion. Madison draws back and takes a powerful swing down at Viduus’ head. His fists stops within an inch of driving into Viduus’ face as Viduus caught his arm between both hands. Pulling Madison’s arm, he pulled Madison’s upper body down as he popped his head up from the mat and hit Madison with a headbutt. Rolling Madison off of him and to the side, Viduus quickly pushed himself up to his feet. Madison wasn’t staying down either as he was up to one knee. Grabbing Madison by the head, Viduus held it in place before delivering two back to back knee shots to Madison’s face. Pulling Madison to his feet, Viduus then lifted him up horizontally before dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker.
With Madison down on the mat, Viduus held him in place as he began ramming his knee into Madison’s shoulder repeatedly. Standing tall, Viduus backed up to the ropes and as he bounced off, he jogged forward before jumping into the air and coming down with all of his weight for a stomp onto Madison’s chest. Pulling Madison up from the canvas, Viduus locked one his arm and pulled him into a lifting knee to the stomach. The knee to the stomach forced Madison to buckle over and as he did, Viduus locked an arm around his head and grabbed his waistband. Lifting Madison upside down into the air, Viduus had a brain buster on the mind but Madison Madison wasn’t having any part of it. Slipping from Viduus’ hold, Madison dropped to his feet behind Viduus. Reaching around Viduus, Madison grabbed ahold of his wrist as he locked in a rear waist lock. Using all of his strength, Madison pulled his arm towards him, pulling Viduus’ wrist and forcing him to spin around in place.
JOHNSON: ”Here comes the Comatosed only minu–“
Instead of spinning a complete three hundred and sixty degrees, Viduus threw as arm into the air and connected with a lariat as he turned to face Madison. The two fell to the mat, Madison on his back and Viduus dropping to both knees from putting all of his weight into the lariat. Crawling on top of Madison, Viduus reached down and locked a hand on each side of Madison’s head. Lifting his head up inches away from the canvas, Viduus began slamming the back of his head onto the mat over and over. Viduus’ hands then found their way around Madison’s throat as he stood to his feet, lifting Madison up to his in the process. Choking Madison, Viduus dragged him towards the corner before throwing him into the air towards it. Madison’s back slammed against the corner and not long after, Viduus was right there, rushing in and connecting with a powerful clothesline. Ducking down, Viduus wrapped Madison’s upper legs up before lifting him off his feet and sitting him on top of the corner. Climbing to the middle rope, Viduus held Madison’s head in place with one hand as he began swinging down with his other, the crowd counting along as each punch collided into his skull!
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Sev–“

Swinging upward, Madison connected with a stiff right to Viduus’ jaw, stopping him from connecting with a seventh punch. Wrapping Viduus up with both arms, Madison then lifted him before jumping away from the corner and planting Viduus into the mat with a sit-out spinebuster from the top of the corner! Hooking a leg, Madison rolled over Viduus’ body for the cover as the official wasn’t far behind with the count.

VASSA: ”Tw–“
JOHNSON: ”Viduus kicks out!”
VASSA: ”HOW?!?! Madison dropped him to the mat from the top of the corner with a sit-out spinebuster!”
JOHNSON: ”Where there’s a will there’s a way and Viduus has been proving that ever since he returned to 4CW.”
Even Madison was in disbelief after Viduus kicked out from the pinfall attempt just before a full two count. It didn’t stop him though as he positioned himself beside Viduus. Locking an arm around Viduus’ head and another hooking a single leg, Madison cradled Viduus before firing at will with rapid knee strikes to his ribcage. Standing tall, Madison locked onto Viduus wrist and pulled him up to his feet and then into a short-arm clothesline that dropped him flat on his back. Madison still kept a firm grip on Viduus’ wrist, pulling him up from the mat once again. Pulling Viduus in, Madison then wrapped both arms around his body before lifting him off his feet and throwing him over his head with a belly to belly suplex! The two began to climb to their feet, Madison standing long before Viduus who was struggling to gain footing after being thrown across the ring. Pacing the ring, Madison kept a close eye on Viduus, watching his every move until finally standing up. Rushing in, Madison went straight for Viduus and as Viduus stood completely upright, Madison wiped him out with a Lou Thesz Press! Falling on top of Viduus, Madison mounted himself in position before swinging madly. After connecting with nearly a dozen elbow strikes to Viduus head, Madison then pulled his arm back once more before taking a swing harder than the rest. This time Viduus wasn’t able to catch Madison’s arm in time before Madison’s fist slammed into Viduus’ jaw, whipping his head to the side.
Madison pushed himself up, grabbing Viduus’ arm and pulling him up as he stood. Locking onto Viduus’ wrist, Madison then went to throw him to the ropes but Viduus reversed the throw and sent Madison running to the ropes instead. Bouncing off the ropes, Madison came back at Viduus who was charging straight for him. Dropping his shoulder while in stride, Viduus then exploded forward, driving his shoulder into Madison’s stomach and spearing him in the center of the ring! Viduus immediately rolled over completely before pushing himself up to his feet. He looked down to Madison with shock as Madison was in the middle of pushing himself up as well. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, Viduus backed across the ring and waited in position in front of the corner. Just as Madison stood to his feet, Viduus then charged forward, leveling him with a second spear in the center of the ring. On his feet, Viduus stomped down onto Madison’s shoulder a couple of time before pulling him off the mat and standing him up. Lifting Madison into the air and holding him over his shoulder, Viduus carried him towards the corner before throwing him forward and launching him into the air. Madison flew threw the air towards the corner before crashing down face first against the top turnbuckle. Stumbling backwards, Madison fell straight into Viduus’ arms before being lifted off his feet and dropped on his head with a German suplex. Bridging the German suplex, Viduus had Madison shoulders to the mat as the official slid in beside them with the count.

Madison popped a shoulder up from the mat, bringing the officials count to a screeching halt before slapping the canvas a second time. Viduus immediately shot his attention to the official, giving him an intimidating look before pushing himself up to his feet. Walking around to Madison’s legs, Viduus lifted them both up, cradling them against the side of his body as his arms were hooked around them. Dragging Madison across the ring, Viduus positioned himself with his back towards the nearby corner. Holding onto Madison’s legs, Viduus then fell backwards to the mat and as his back hit the canvas, Madison’s upper body lifted off the mat before he was launched into the air. Flying towards the corner, Madison’s head fell down onto the top turnbuckle as his arms fell over the top ropes. If it weren’t for his arms being draped over the top ropes, Madison would more than likely be lying on the mat right about now but lucky for him that simply wasn’t the case. Standing tall, Viduus slowly stalked Madison as he crept in from behind. Grabbing onto Madison’s head with both hands, Viduus then lifted his chin off the turnbuckle before slamming him down face first onto the turnbuckle. Over and over Viduus slammed Madison’s head onto the turnbuckle as the crowd counted along.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! .. Six! … Seven! … Eight! … Nine! … TEN!!!”

Locking in a full nelson, Viduus then dragged Madison away from the corner before lifting him off his feet and slamming him to the mat with a full nelson suplex! Rolling over, Viduus crawled over Madison and made the cover as the official dropped down beside them with the count.

VASSA: ”That was close! It was closer than his previous attempt but still not close enough in putting the 4CW Champion away for the three count.”
JOHNSON: ”These two knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task coming into that match and their actions speak louder than words here tonight.”
VASSA: ”They’re giving each other hell, everything they can give to put the other away. They need to remember they have big matches at the end of next month at Ante Up. It would be wise to save a little something in the tank for the big date.”
Viduus pushed himself up to both knees, placing his hands on his hips as he looked down to Madison. Standing to his feet, Viduus focused on the same shoulder he attacked earlier, stomping down onto it a few times before lifting Madison up from the mat. Keeping Madison’s head pushed down and his body bent over, Viduus pulled him to the center of the ring before pulling Madison’s head between his legs. He then wrapped both arms around Madison’s waist. Going to lift him up for a powerbomb, Viduus struggled as Madison began kicking his legs and keeping his weight down until eventually Viduus eased up and his feet fell back to the mat. Giving it another go, Viduus powered down to lift Madison up and lifted his feet off the mat. Kicking his legs once again, Madison was able to bring his lift to a stop as Viduus dropped him back down once again. You could see the frustration in Viduus’ eyes before he went to give it another go. Before he could lift Madison off his feet, Madison wrapped his arms around Viduus’ upper legs and lifted him up as he began to stand. Viduus was taken completely off guard but there was nothing he could do as Madison continued lifting him. Standing straight up, Madison threw Viduus over his head, flipping him over as he fell to his back behind him with a thud.
Viduus leaned up to an upright seated position, reaching around him and rubbing his lower back. Madison walked forward to the ropes, placing his hands on the top rope as he caught his breath. Pushing himself up slowly, Viduus began to rise to his feet. Turning his head, Madison caught a glimpse in the corner of his eye before turning completely around and locking both eyes on Viduus. As Viduus pushed himself up to his feet, Madison then charged in full speed and put him back down to the mat with a running clothesline. Hitting the mat, Viduus quickly popped back up to his feet. Running towards him again was Madison, delivering a second running clothesline harder than the first the sent Viduus crashing to the mat. Viduus refused to stay down as he rolled over to his stomach and pushed himself up. Standing tall, his eyes lit up as Madison was right there again, this time charging in and popping his leg into the air, driving his foot into Viduus’ face with a running yakuza kick! Viduus stumbled backwards, his arms waving wildly before eventually crashing into the corner back first. Viduus bounced off the corner and fell forward into a series of lower leg kicks from Madison. After hitting him in each leg multiple times, Madison then jumped forward, raising his knee and hitting Viduus directly in the face with a flying knee strike! Viduus fell back once again, this time into the nearby ropes and stopping himself as he hooked both arms over the top rope. Rushing in, Madison quickly grabbed ahold of Viduus, locking onto his with a Muay Thai clinch. Pressing Viduus’ backside against the ropes, Madison then began hitting him over and over with rapid knee strikes before dragging him away from the ropes and throwing him towards the center of the ring to the canvas.
VASSA: ”Viduus better watch out because it appears that Madison has went full MMA mode!”
JOHNSON: ”Things seemed to be going in Viduus’ favor until Madison countered his powerbomb attempt. From that point on Madison has been going for the knockout blow.”
VASSA: ”Viduus isn’t down yet. Just think about it. If he can endure all of this and still come out on top, he would have beaten someone who is at the top of the food chain, the toughest competitor in 4CW this very moment!”
JOHNSON: ”He still has a long way to go as it seems Madison has found his second wind and is on a roll right now.”
Madison moved in as Viduus began slowly pushing himself up from the mat. Lunging forward as Viduus finally stood, Madison went to grab ahold of him but was stopped in his tracks as Viduus reached forward and wrapped his hand around Madison’s throat.
VASSA: ”Oh wait a second! What’s this?!”
Viduus began squeezing tightly around Madison’s throat, forcing his face to begin turning red from cutting off his air supply. Madison threw his right arm around and hit Viduus in the side of the shoulder, failing to break Viduus’ hold. He then threw his left arm around and this time hit Viduus in the side of the head with a stiff blow. Again, the punch failed for make Viduus release his hold, not even easing up on his grip a little. Pulling Madison in, Viduus looked him dead in the eyes before tossing Madison’s arm over his and planting a hand on Madison’s back. Lifting Madison off his feet, Viduus held Madison in the air as he took a step forward and threw him to his back with a chokeslam! Viduus dropped to both knees as he planted Madison into the canvas. Madison was laid out, both arms stretched outward at his sides. Releasing his grip around Madison’s throat, Viduus stood to his feet and began pacing the ring.
JOHNSON: ”And just like that, Viduus has completely turned things around right before our eyes.”
VASSA: ”I thought any second we were going to see Madison put him away for good but nope! Viduus caught him completely by surprise and spiked him straight down to the canvas.”
Madison finally began to show signs of life and before you knew it he began pushing himself up from the mat. Viduus stood back, looking on from across the ring and out of sight as he was behind Madison. With Madison finally standing to his feet and somewhat unaware of his surroundings, Viduus crept in behind him. Grabbing Madison’s head from behind, Viduus pulled it back, forcing Madison to look straight up and into his eyes as he leaned over his head. Pulling Madison’s head underneath his arm, Viduus locked it tightly as he held him in place for a short moment.
VASSA: ”Oh no, this can’t be good!”
JOHNSON: ”It surely isn’t! Viduus has Madison in position for the Awakening with nowhere to go!”
With his other hand, Viduus grabs onto Madison’s waistband before driving his feet into the mat and lifting Madison into the air completely upside down. Using the momentum from his feet swinging upward, Madison slipped his head away from Viduus’ hold and pushed himself off of Viduus’ shoulders, dropping to his feet behind him.
VASSA: ”Madison broke away!”
JOHNSON: ”In the clutches of the Awakening, Madison looked death right in the eyes and spit in his face!”
Squatting down quickly, Madison placed his head between Viduus’ legs before lifting him up onto his shoulders to where he was now sitting.
VASSA: ”Holy shit! Holy shit! Steve, look!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny! I’m watching the same match you are! I’m right here beside you!”
VASSA: ”BUT CAN YOU SEE?! I know those eyes are older than dirt!”
Viduus was completely taken off guard and before he could even react, Madison pushed him into the air with all of his strength. Viduus then fell backwards and on his way down, Madison wrapped him up around the waist before driving him into the canvas with a German suplex!
VASSA: ”And there’s the pin!”
Bridging the German suplex, Madison held Viduus in place with his shoulders to the mat as the official slid in beside them with the count.

JOHNSON: ”Indeed he does! The 4CW Champion reigns supreme!”
“War Machine” begins playing throughout the arena as Madison slowly rises to his feet. Looking down at Viduus for a short moment, he then looks out over the Phoenix crowd. Stepping in beside Madison, the official wakes him by the arm before hoisting it into the air and declaring him victorious.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, the 4CW Champion… CHRIS MMAADDIISSOONN!!!”
Madison pulled his arm away from the official before walking over to the ropes where a member from the ringside crew was waiting to hand him the 4CW Championship. Taking the championship into his possession, Madison then climbed the corner and pointed to the belt with his other hand before hoisting it high above his head.
VASSA: ”Talk about keeping you on the edge of your seat! This match was a perfect example of the expression.”
JOHNSON: ”This was a tough contest for both men and even though Viduus didn’t score the win here tonight, there’s nothing negative to take from his performance.”
VASSA: ”This is a huge singles win for Madison heading into Ante Up weeks away. Just one more Adrenaline to go before the big night. Can he keep the momentum up and carry it into Ante Up for what could be considered his biggest 4CW match to date?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a tough one to predict as we’ve seen throughout the years that anyone can win on any given night inside of a 4CW ring.”
VASSA: ”You know what I can predict?”
JOHNSON: ”What’s that, Vinny?”
VASSA: ”That Cashe won’t be out here anytime soon to disrupt anymore main events or anything involving Chris Madison.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a pretty bold prediction but given what happened earlier in the night, I think it’s safe to say that we won’t being seeing Cashe around here for a very, very long time.”
VASSA: ”He did it to himself I suppose. At least he got to see Wallace take a fall down the stairs as a parting gift.”
Madison hops down from the corner and walks to the opposite side of the ring before climbing to the top of the corner. Raising the championship high above his head, he shows off the biggest trophy in the business.
JOHNSON: ”Hold on a second folks. I’m getting word that firefighters are still fighting the blaze in Las Vegas. We’re going to cut away from ringside and show the live feed to you all.”
Multiple fire trucks and police cars surround 4CW’s Elysian as the fire continues to destroy the building.
VASSA: ”Jesus! How long does it take to put out a fire?!”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t your typical accidental fire. Given all of the circumstances it’s clear that this was done purposely.”
VASSA: ”But who would do such a thing?! That’s a brand new building on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Who would be that stupid to do something like this?”
JOHNSON: ”Your guess is as good as mine. We need to find who was behind the phone call to Perry earlier in the night and who delivered that package to Perry’s office.”
VASSA: ”That isn’t even his real office. If they were smart, they would have taken down the 4CW home office.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a lot of unknowns here. What we do know is that this was clearly orchestrated but the question is who.”
VASSA: ”Orchestrated? I’m pointing a finger at Bush! Only Jet fuel can burn that strong!”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t 911!”
VASSA: ”Tony Stewart then! He purposely killed a man and got away with it!”
JOHNSON: ”Whoever it was, it’s clear that they have their sights set on Perry Wallace and 4CW.”
VASSA: ”Perry? That could literally be anyone.”
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, given the circumstances, we’re going to go ahead and call it a night. You can catch the live feed on local news stations and I’m sure there will be a press release from the 4CW office in the next day or two. May god have mercy on us all. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Burn bright and goodnight!”
The footage continues to play as the commentary comes to an end. The message burning on top of the roof is no longer visible as flames have covered the entire roof. As the fire is still being battled, the scene slowly begins to fade out before the ending credits begin to roll.