The picture comes to life from within the Staple’s Center, live from Los Angeles, California! The entrance stage erupts, bursting flames into the air as “Adrenaline” plays over the speakers throughout the arena. Panning the crowd, the camera looks out into the sea of people in attendance for not only the eighty-sixth installment of Adrenaline, but also Octane Twenty-Two. In the mixture of people, signs can be seen throughout the entire landscape. Zooming in for a closer look, the camera focuses on a select few.

The cameras shift to ringside, where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit behind the booth. With a packed crowd behind them, the two take over as they open tonight’s show.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW’s Adrenaline! I’m Steve Johnson, and we’re coming to you live tonight from the Staples Center!”
VASSA: ”Right here in the fabulous Los Angeles, California! How ya doing folks, Vinny Vassa here and boy oh boy do we have quite a bit to talk about.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed we do and with only a little time to do so as tonight’s card is packed from top to bottom with not only Adrenaline, but Octane talent as well! Bringing all of 4CW together here tonight under one roof.”
VASSA: ”The reason being still burns in my head to this day, following the tragic event two weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: ”Nice choice of words there Vinny. For those of you who have been living under a rock, 4CW’s newest facility and Octane’s brand new home, The Elysian, was burned to the ground two weeks ago, during the live taping of Adrenaline Eighty-Five.”
VASSA: ”Normally we would have held Octane a few days ago but due to unfortunate circumstances the latest Octane card is being held here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”It was a terrible sight. Luckily nobody was injured.”
VASSA: ”Luckily it didn’t happen during Octane!”
JOHNSON: ”Bingo, exactly what I was thinking.”
VASSA: ”I guess for the time being we’re just stuck to hosting one show every two weeks. It’s a win-win here Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”How so?”
VASSA: ”The fans get to see all of 4CW’s top talent in one night, under one single roof. Plus we go back to getting a week off. It’s pretty convenient how this all turned out.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, real convenient… for you, maybe? Hmmm…”
VASSA: ”I know right. Terrible, terrible, terrible everything that happened. But on the bright side we get two shows combined into one.”
JOHNSON: ”If you weren’t sitting beside me calling last weeks show while it happened I’d ask where you were the night of.”
VASSA: ”Why?”
JOHNSON: ”Never mind, no reason at all Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Okay, if you say so! Top to bottom, the card is stacked! Tell me I’m wrong, Steve. Go ahead!”
JOHNSON: ”If you were wrong I’d tell you but I agree with you one hundred percent Vinny. Tonight’s card is a heck of lineup going into Ante Up in a few weeks.”
VASSA: ”Just imagine… this will be the first show that both brands share. There are names on both rosters that haven’t interacted with people from the other. Tonight we’re introducing these two together, for what could very well be a permanent thing, the possibilities of what the future could hold are endless!”
JOHNSON: ”You are very excited about this whole disaster aren’t you?”
VASSA: ”Well, I wouldn’t say excited. I’m just salvaging a shitty situation and making the best out of it. With what we have to work with here, I think we’re in for quite the show.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t doubt that one bit, Vinny. Both Adrenaline and Octane mixing things up has unlimited potential. I’m just pointing out that while this can in fact be good, you’re forgetting the unfortunate incident that put us in this position to begin with.”
VASSA: ”Forgetting about it? It happened just two weeks ago! We’ve been questioned by all kinds of suits and reporters all week about this. How could I forget?! This ain’t Riddle and his kids from two years ago that nobody has heard of since!”
JOHNSON: ”Well then… look at that! We’re going to take a short break from ringside for just a moment folks. Sit tight, we’ll be right back for our opening match shortly.”
VASSA: ”What the hell man?!”
JOHNSON: ”What Vinny? We have a packed card tonight and we’ve already gotten off track.”
VASSA: ”So! It won’t be any different than 4CW Radio!”

The camera feed transitions backstage, where Alessandro Quagliaterre, dressed in a custom made beige and vanilla suit, is ready to say something.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.”
Gazing into the reflection of the camera lens, Alessandro adjusted his tie to make sure he looked super presentable.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Tonight, you’re going to see a lot of really good wrestlers put on good matches. And at the end of the night, you’re going to see a great match, put on by me…”
He proudly pointed to himself as he was amazing. The grin he had on his face, became cheesier. He then facepalmed forgetting to give credit to the other two individuals in the main event.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Oh and Bryan Laughlin and Mariano Fernandez are going to be playing side cameos.”
A severe understatement of their talents.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”They’re going to be going for broke to get to Ante Up. As will I. Only difference is both Mariano and Bryan needs this to define their careers. They need this win tonight to validate that they belong.”
He gave them a round of applause.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”I don’t need shit from anyone. Win, lose, or draw I will continue to be amongst the elite of those at the very top of this sport, with or without my accolades. Mariano needs to win to go to Ante Up to prove his title win last year was not a fluke. Bryan needs to win for redemption for all the hurt and pain he’s suffered the last few months, not knowing when to call it enough, and to keep on coming back for one more match.”
He held up a finger.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”I don’t need to come back for one more match of my life like Bryan Laughlin. I put on the match of my life, every single time, that’s the standard I set. That’s the standard people like Anastasia Hayden, Bronx Valescence and Chris Madison set. Bryan or Mariano get to Ante Up. They’ll get chewed up by dog meat.”
He barked.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”I can’t allow, and I won’t allow them two idiots to make the fourth entry to the 60 minute ironman match for the 4CW Championship a joke. So comedy hour is over. Giggity goo giggles Alessandro, you’re not getting him tonight. What you’re getting is me as serious as you’re ever going to see.”
He stepped closer to the camera and breathed deeply into it’s aperture.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”This matters to me, this is not a joke. So I will go all out, and what will be, will be. If I win, I just confirm what I already know. That I’m going to Ante Up to compete for the 4CW Championship, and I’m not just going to participate… believe you me. If I lose, then I get the fuck back up, and I grind again like I always do. Bryan loses, he’ll go back to preventing his wife from buying a bat, and mocking me as a finger warrior in another fake retirement. Mariano loses, he’ll spin around in a circle, run into a wall, and then continue to denigrate his legacy happy to be 4CW’s village idiot.”
Alessandro did not have time for villagers.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Either way, the night ends the same way it’s starting right now.”
He winked his eyes in smug fashion.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”With me… Upping the Ante, because that’s what I bring to the equation. Every. Single. Time.”
He appeared to be walking away, but then returned.
With a thumbs up he then left to prepare for the night’s main event.



The bell rings and American Tommy and Terry Flare are standing across from each other in the ring. They start circling around the ring until Tommy points at his head and then to Flare’s headband. Tommy motions that he is going to take it and wipe his ass with it. Flare just shoots him a confused look and shrugs at him as Tommy smiles on. They both stalk each other a bit before heading towards the center of the ring. The clench up and American Tommy gets pushed back into the turnbuckle as the referee then pulls them apart. Flare takes a few steps back and Tommy smiles. While Flare is backing up and looking at the referee, Tommy rushes from the corner and drops Flare with a clothesline. Flare pops back up to his feet only for American Tommy to be waiting and hits him with a YOYO TOSS SALAD! Tommy immediately goes for the cover.

Flare pushes Tommy off of him aggressively before the referee can count to two. Tommy is looks at the referee and shakes his head while clapping his hands signaling that he needs to count faster. Flare takes this opportunity to get to his feet. Tommy looks up at Flare who is angry and gets to his feet as quick as he can. He points to his head indicating that you gotta think quicker than that if you are going to get a victory of American Tommy. They clinch again in the middle of the ring and Flare gets behind American Tommy and puts his arms around Tommy’s waist. In a fluid motion, Flare lifts Tommy up the ground and over his head and lands a german suplex on him. Not releasing, Flare rolls Tommy over and stands him up on his feet and hits another german suplex! Tommy is rolling around the mat holding his back and neck while Flare pops up smiling and gyrates his hips for everybody to see catching the attention of the very obese, bald man sitting in the front row who looks to be fangirling right now. Tommy sees this while he is trying to recover and points and laughs at the man and then at Flare before holding his back again. Terry walks over and jumps into the air and lands his knee right into the back of Tommy as Tommy groans in pain. Flare does a hair rake and flicks whatever product he has in his hair at the fallen American Tommy. Tommy slowly gets to his feet and Flare hits him with ROLL THE CREDITS! Tommy goes down like a sack of bricks and Flare jumps on him for the pin.

Tommy gets his foot on the ropes as Flare waits in anticipation for the three count, but it never comes. He looks at the referee who points to Tommy’s foot and Flare lets out a loud groan. He grows frustrated and lifts Tommy off the ground and whips him into a turnbuckle. He charges at Tommy, but Tommy falls to the ground at the last second and Flare runs full sprint into the turnbuckle. Tommy gets up as fast as his wobbly legs will allow him to and runs over to the opposite corner turnbuckle. Tommy pretends to pull a train whistle as Flare slowly turns around and rests back first against the turnbuckle. Tommy charges Flare and hits him with the OCTANE EXPRESS! Flare crumples to the ground against the bottom turnbuckle which has Tommy smiling. Tommy runs to the opposite corner turnbuckle again. He sets himself and runs towards the fallen Flare and hits him with the BROKEN SNITCH! Tommy pulls Flare away from the ropes and pins him.


Tommy has a cocky grin on his face has he goes over to the turnbuckle for a bit of a breather. Flare starts to regain a bit of strength instead of just lying down on the mat and Tommy goes back to work. He walks over to Flare and puts him into an ankle lock. Tommy twists and turns with all his might. Flare tries to reach for the ropes, but Tommy pulls him away from them. Flare twists and turns in agony, but manages to get himself onto his back and kicks Tommy in the face which sends Tommy to the ground and releasing the hold. Tommy sits up on the ground and shakes his head trying to get the cobwebs out while Flare pulls his hobbled self up with the helps of the ropes. Flare shakes his leg and ankle a bit to try and get some feeling back into it and before Tommy can get to his feet Flare is able to kick him in the side of the head sending Tommy back down to the mat. Flare pulls Tommy to the center of the ring and starts dropping elbow after elbow into the chest of Tommy, each with more intensity than the last. Before he finishes the last one he rakes his hair and flicks and drops down and delivers elbow number 10 of the ENCORE! Tommy struggles to get to his feet as Flare is ready and Flare hits Tommy with the CURTAIN CALL! Looking to see if Tommy is in the middle of the ring and not near any ropes he drops down for the pin count.


Tommy rolls towards the apron of the ring as Flare looks at the clock on the tron and notices that there is almost a full minute left to get another pinfall to break the tie against one of the best wrestlers 4CW has to offer. He quickly grabs Tommy from the ground and helps him to his feet. Flare jumps in the air for another CURTAIN CALL, but Tommy grabs hold of the ropes before Flare can hit it and Flare goes crashing down to the mat. With Flare down, Tommy looks at him and then the clock on the tron and sees there is only :20 seconds left in the match. Tommy grabs his wooden wand underneath the turnbuckle and struggles to climb the ropes. He manages to get to the top of the ropes and looks at the clock. It reads :10 seconds and Tommy casts a quick spell before jumping and hitting Flare with the GRYFFINDOR STOMP! Tommy quickly covers him as the clock reads :05.


Right after the referee’s hand hits the mat a buzzer sounds signifying the end of the match and Tommy lets out a huge sigh of relief. The sounds of “Best Song Ever” by One Direction fill the Staples Center and American Tommy climbs the top rope and raises his wand into the air as the crowd follows suit cheering loudly. He looks down at the fallen Flare and Tommy wipes the sweat off his forehead because this was closer than it should have been. He hops down and climbs out of the ring, slapping the hands of fans as he walks towards the back and through the curtain. Flare starts to come to and is a bit frustrated with how close he was. He stands up and the crowd gives him a round of applause and he makes his way to the back holding his head.
WINNER: American Tommy

Outside of a few tweets where Bryan lashed out here or there we haven’t heard much from the surprise third member of the main event tonight. He spoke through his usual metaphorical promos and typical harsh and direct words. But as the camera scene opens we see a shirtless Laughlin with a towel over his head leaning forward on a folding chair. The location is presumably his locker room.
LAUGHLIN: “I’ve been here all day. Los Angeles is my second home. As fate would have it, I happened to know the man who ran the talent entrance.”
Bryan doesn’t look up through the towel, he just keeps it over his head as it drips between his wrestling boots he already has tightened.
LAUGHLIN: “I’ve ran the steps. I’ve walked the perimeter of the arena from the viewpoint of the cheapseats all the way to ringside. It’s not every day you get to come back in your hometown. The place where they know you on the street so much so that they let you go by without asking for a picture. Just a casual headnod and wishes of good luck. And it was in the Staples arena where I would continuously pass the staff that work here. Ring Crew to camera guy. Ticket broker to security and do you know what they said to me? They said I hope you win tonight, Bryan. Because I don’t think the other two could handle it in there. Common people think the moment might be too big for either one of you to handle. They think you’ll fucking crumble. Frail framed little fuck boys.”
He stands up on quickly and throws the towel off of his head. His veins bulge from his neck as his lip turns up in a snarl.
LAUGHLIN: “They know it. I know it. And deep down inside you two feel it. You can feel reality setting it. You know that all of the words you threw at me are going to be returned to you and oh my god is it going to hurt. The one liners and cute little quips from Alessandro like he’s the fucking cool kid who sits in the back of class. The video game references and stories of the underdog rising up and winning the princess. Funny think about the cool kid in class, they usually run their mouth until someone shuts it for them. And the sad thing about the video game nerd who believes in underdog stories? Same guy who shut the class clown up kicks his books off his desk and makes him look stupid too.”
A small smirk escapes from his mouth as he shrugs and holds his hands in the air.
LAUGHLIN: “Me? I’m cool with being the bully. The world needs bullies. Bullies build character. And maybe, just maybe if you two take my advice I tried to give you while I hiked the mountains of Topanga Park and let this bullying tonight build your character…then one of you can tuck your tail and climb back down to the middle of Ante Up where you belong.”
Bryan shakes his head and bends over to pick up a bottle of water before dumping it over his head and shaking the excess off.
LAUGHLIN: “So now that we are all aware of what happens next, allow me to remind you all of what is at stake. An opportunity at immortality. One of the marquee events in this industry at Ante Up. Regardless of if you are a part of it, or you win it, you are forever remembered by the things you do during it. So bring your best, but remember tonight while we are in that ring that the whole world is watching. Everyone in the back. Everyone in our industry. Everyone you love. Let that sit inside of you and tell me how it feels. Are you nervous? You should be. Because it’s going to be a shame when you have to try and explain to them what happened.”
He looks around as if he’s got a secret to tell and Bryan leans into the camera.
LAUGHLIN: “Don’t worry. I’ll break it to them. Ales I’ll tell them you finally found someone tougher than the homeless you used to fight for scraps. Manny, I’ll tell them that you finally found a level that you can’t beat. Then you can both live content as ever. Content as you are now. Living off of nothing but your potential and social media flare. Congrats. This is your suicide warp pipe.”


Mark kept his eyes on every movement of Artemis’ because he knew what she was capable of. He wasnt Ash Scion, he knew exactly who she was as he followed her footsteps like a hyena stalking its prey while Artemis did exactly the same thing. They had already clashed a good many of times earlier in the match and it got to the point where the two were trying to psych the other out since they were doing such a fantastic job countering the other. Vassa was busy watching Artemis and wondering if she and her wife would like to get well acquainted with him while Johnson ignores Vassa religiously while commenting on how Mark seems to have something up his sleeve from the way he keeps sauntering towards Artemis only to quickly take a huge step back. Artemis grows tired up this and awaits for the next time Mark steps forward to suddenly charge him to put him down with a clothesline, winning the heart of the Artemis fans in attendance as they celebrate with loud cheers while the die hard fans of Mark’s booed as loud as they could at the action.
Rising to his feet, Mark’s eyes tell it all with him as he moves towards Artemis again while its looking like he is sticking to the earlier strategy that Artemis had interrupted until he suddenly rushes forward out of nowhere to serve Artemis those hands repeatedly before ending it with a spinning back kick. Mark was getting fancy as he didn’t even allow Artemis to remain on the mat for a millisecond before he’s reaching down to pull her back onto her feet, far from done with her and seemingly getting started on his destruction of Artemis. He wouldnt dare allow Artemis to defeat him on her debut night but her fine ass didnt care what a self proclaimed hero thought as she allows him to take the lead for the moment until she surprises him with a jumping DDT. Artemis was as slick and clever as they came and she was about to show the Corners Four just how bad she was as she went to work on Mark who would serve as the perfect example to the locker room tonight.
But did you think Mark was just going to take that?? Of course not and a power struggle ensued between the two as each tried to match the other’s strength and speed in a seemingly wrestling pissing contest as they paid more attention to the movements and even the breathing of the other, the cheers from the audience seeming so far away from them as they concentrated on one another. Mark went for a lariat that didnt connect and then Artemis moved like she was about to go for her foot up his ass as Mark tried to dodge Artemis but not as a sign of trying to run from her, just trying to avoid being taken down by her which was working well for a him for a while. But maaaaaaan when she went for that Tilt-A-Whirl Argentine Backbreaker though??? Mark’s face seemed like he was re-evaluating life from the pain that was bestowed on him from that move. Artemis took it as a victory in her eyes and even decided to go for a pinfall at that moment but was only granted a two count before Mark popped a shoulder up.
Some might say Artemis was going the correct path in making Mark her bitch tonight while others may argue that Mark was just catching some bad spots in the match which was pretty normal for any professional wrestler as he mentally strategized on how he was going to take Artemis down. Mark had gotten a good hold on Artemis but she managed to break free and after trading a few punches with him, she went for a half nelson backbreaker and points an imaginary gun down at the downed Mark before stepping closer to begin kicking him in the ribs like Mark was an enemy that had gotten caught slipping in the streets in the middle of the night. Mark’s pained yells did nothing to deter Artemis from this beatdown and the man had to roll away from Artemis’ foot just to be able to get away from her. But Artemis starts towards him and Mark ends up popping up from the mat quickly and European Uppercuts her to knock her off her game.
Mark had this glint in his eyes that seem to read that Artemis had fucked up as he stalks her slowly and doesnt rush her onto she turns around to lock eyes with him. Artemis is more than holding her own but Mark is moving in a way where she can’t connect any hits on him or get a good grasp as she keeps grabbing nothing but air from the way Mark is evading. He finally slows down so that he can try to work her over, getting temporarily blindsided from Artemis’ Death Valley Driver but choosing to get right back up and ignore the pain in his ribs as he goes blow for blow with her. The fight seems never ending as if it could go on for days, something the fans would love, but Mark ends up getting his big break once he goes for Heroes Ends and then the pinfall quickly after to secure that three count and become the victor of the match.
WINNER: Mark Storm via Pinfall (8:13)

The Adrenaline feed cuts backstage and we see the 4CW Champion, Chris Madison, pacing back and forth in his locker room, fully dressed for action with the 4CW Championship secured around his waist. Frankie Morrison stands with his hands on his hips, pushing his open suit jacket off to the side.
MORRISON: “The biggest key to tonight is escaping without any lasting effects that could play a role in your title defense at Ante Up.”
Chris stops pacing and turns his head towards his manager, shooting him an unpleasant glance.
MORRISON: “I’m not saying that we should have considered Viduus’s offer, but I think you need to expect the worst.”
MADISON: “Listen, I’m not goin’ to reward someone for doin’ their job. Viduus should carry his own weight out there. He should have some pride in bein’ the 4CW Pride Champion and should want to go out there to prove that he’s more than just a novelty act. If not, that’s on him. All I can do is go out there and focus on Bronx, Ana, Dakota, and Andre.”
A look of concern quickly overcomes Frankie Morrison as he reaches up and rubs his forehead.
MORRISON: “If only it were that simple.”
MADISON: “Why can’t it be?”
MORRISON: “I mean, you’re talking about taking on four of 4CW’s best on you own.”
MADISON: “It’s not like I have any other options. These are the cards I’m bein’ dealt and the most I could do is hope to live to see another day. Much like my Fatal Fourway Iron Man match at Ante Up, it’s all about survival!”
The feed cuts away as Frankie Morrison shakes his head, unhappy with the predicament that Madison finds himself in.


AWWWWWW LOOK AT QT PIE!!! He’s strutting around inside the ring like he owns it while giving a yawn every now and then to show how unenthused he is about his opponent of the night. But Magdalena doesnt sweat it though nor let it get to her as she works on trying to take QT down but he’s doing such a great job with evading her like she has the plague or something. QT’s idea of giving a valiant effort is to show up for his matches, other than that? He moves about as if he could be anywhere else but here and that being here with this person was such a waste of his precious time. Magdalena ends up hitting him so hard that he hears a ringing and ends up leaning back against the ropes as he focuses on trying to get the ringing to stop. While he’s doing that though, Magdalena is inching towards him for more, grabbing him by the wrist and yanking him from the ropes to irish whip him. QT uses alot of his speed to run for the ropes and bounces off to attack with a flying forearm to take Magdalena down.
QT then waits until Magdalena sits up before he grabs her by the hair and begins to drag her across the mat like she’s a sled, even taking off running to drag her even faster while an agitated Magdalena tries to get him to stop but is unable to reach him. To her luck though, QT ends up tripping over his own foot and goes down to the mat which has him releasing the tight grip on her hair and Magdalena massaging her stinging scalp while shooting daggers at QT. She wasn’t here for playtime but QT always was down to have some fun and didnt stop there as he gets onto his feet and moves slowly towards Magdalena as if she’s a pig he’s trying to capture in a pig pen for a good slaughter. He dives towards Magdalena and she ends up diving right out of the way and quickly makes her way back onto her feet to dropkick QT from the back just as he’s standing onto his feet. The sudden attack has QT’s face twisted up in a sour expression while Magdalena keeps her eyes on him.
Magdalena stays quick on her feet and tries to not be as impulsive as QT is, wanting to making sure that each action of hers does a good amount of damage onto him because although QT was lazy, he had plenty of energy to keep up with his tactics all night long. QT rushes her but is forced back when Magdalena also starts forward and ends up catching him with a swinging elbow to the face to make him fall flat on his ass. QT makes a face from how hard his butt hits the mat but he isnt able to dwell on it much longer because there is Magdalena running towards him and driving her knee into his face that sends him right back on his back. QT ends up just laying there for a moment as he tries to catch his breath while Magdalena debates if she should step closer but decides against it in case it’s a trap. But it was far from a trap because QT was actually taking a break right now in the middle of the match without a care in the world and was causing Magdalena to get even more agitated.
He finally sits up on the mat as if he’s finishing relaxing on the beach while Magdalena finally makes those sneaky steps towards him but ends up stepping back quickly with her face all twisted up. Everyone is in a state of confusion until Magdalena begins waving her hand in front of her face as if she smells something bad while QT shoots a toothy grin at him passing gas. This ends up throwing Magdalena off of her game and it works greatly for QT who is on his feet and jogging towards her before he jumps into the air to go for a hurricanrana that’s as sloppy as the sloppy joes that high schools serve for lunch. Impressed by himself, QT begins grabbing Magdalena by her feet to drag to the middle of the mat because this man really believes that hurricanrana was strong enough to put her away. Magdalena gets a foot free and ends up kicking QT so hard in the face that he falls down to the mat and instantly grabs for his nose to see if he’s bleeding and ends up thanking god that he’s not.
You can tell by the look on Magdalena’s face that she wishes she had made him bleed and if she had to stay in this match longer with him then she would make it her sole mission to make him bleed all over the mat. But she just wanted to be done with this at this point so she doubles up on her speed and punches the hell out of him in the face when he tries to give her a wedgie. QT begins swinging wildly on her and has Magdalena retreating to the point her back touches the ropes and she can’t move back any further. QT feels like he has her now as he turns around to run towards the opposite set of ropes while Magdalena takes two steps forward and watches as QT bounces off the ropes and comes sprinting towards her when she attacks with Eclipsis Lunae out of nowhere! QT goes down and Magdalena goes for the cover as the referee’s hand hits the mat three times and the bell rings to end the match.
WINNER: Magdalena Lockheart via Pinfall (7:40)

The cameras move backstage from the celebration at ringside to one of the hallways surrounding the Staples Center. Seated on a set of steel stairs, his elbows propped up on his legs as his arms dangled in between him, was Octane’s “emo kid”, Finn Whelan. As per true “emo” fashion, the Seattle Saint has a pair of earbuds locked within his ears and loud, metallic sounds can be heard even on the camera. The hood of his vest is up, and he has his eyes closed and his head bobbing to the music. But he pauses.
WHELAN: ”Opportunities. They come and go.”
His eyes slide open and he looks up at the camera with them alone, tilting his head to the side.
WHELAN: ”Sometimes we squander them. Sometimes, we think we’re better than everyone that we come up against, and become so arrogant and brash that we don’t even slightly imagine that there could be anything but ourselves standing tall at the end of the match. Sometimes . . . we have to be that way, just so people start listening to the fuckin’ words that come out of our mouths. Look at tonight’s co-headliner, straight from the burned halls of the Elysium.”
He taps his finger against his opposite arm, shaking his head slightly to the left and to the right.
WHELAN: Elysium. A play on words of the Elysian Fields in which the heroes of Greek Mythos were sent to live out their eternities after death in skies of blue and red roses too.”
Finn snickers at his own play-on-words, tilting his head to the opposite side as his eyes become half-lidded as he looks away. A moment later, his smile fades and he’s back to stoicism.
WHELAN: ”We didn’t expect it to become Tartarus. We didn’t expect it to rise up in flames, burned and destroyed by someone on this roster. No, but we didn’t also fall apart at the seams. We came to Adrenaline to not only prove we weren’t secondary but to continue our cause. Whatever it was. Fuck if I know — I’m just here to fight.”
A snort and a snicker fall from his mouth and he leans back finally, resting his elbows on the step behind him.
WHELAN: ”This co-headliner tonight, the former Main Event of the Octane 22 card . . . I know that we are all here to deliver on our promises. This Gauntlet match is going to be a test of all of our wills, of all of our trials. Some of us may fight one round, some of us may fight for three, but it is a test of determination and skill. Fisher has not let go of that championship for over two months now. Newborn found her footing within the halls of the company, and Gresham began his journey here with me on the same show.”
Another pause. But it wasn’t long. Not at all.
WHELAN: ”We’re all vying for a chance to place ourselves as the rightful owner of the Ignition title. There is nothing that is so successful in this sport as winning any 4CW championship — out in the other companies, there’s a healthy fear of the company itself, and an understanding that you just don’t fuck around with 4CW if you don’t want to get your head bashed in physically and your name defamed across all of Twitter. But those who hold gold, or have held company accolades . . . they are the respected ones.”
WHELAN: ”That’s all I’ve ever asked for. Respect. I come into companies now, and there are the few that know who I am. But in the end, I’m still looked at as the reject. I know it’s my associations at this point, but that’s what I’m here for. To break the stigma. To help push who I am, and who I will always be. A fighter. A competitor.”
Another pause.
WHELAN: ”A champion.”
An important declaration. Finn rises to his feet, setting his feet down hard on the cement.
WHELAN: ”Win or lose tonight, my goal remains the same: succeed. Break the stigma, the false perceptions. Bring home the accolade of being the MVP of the match at hand. Some of us have had a rough climb. Others in the match have skated by on the skin of their teeth and think they’ve become something special. Tough news: the only person special in this match is the one that walks out the survivor of the Gauntlet. I may be in the third to go, but I will not be considered the weak link of the night. No. Someone else can hold that accolade. For me? I will succeed. I’m bringing that gold home. And there is literally nothing that will keep me from ascending.”
He shoves his hands into his pockets and smiles at the camera.
WHELAN: ”Let the best fighter at the end of this Gauntlet be ignited.”
The camera pans down as Finn leaves the frame, his footsteps echoing strongly as he exits, before cutting away entirely and moving back to ringside.

As the fans settle down, “Lifted” by CL hits and Cosmo Cooper walks out onto the stage. He has a smile on his face but it seems a little half hearted. He wears a pair of flip flops to the ring in his jump suit as he has his 4CW Tag Championship over his shoulder like a bandolier. He gets to the apron and leaps over into the ring before he asks for a microphone. The crowd shows him love, but Cosmo doesn’t seem to want that as he holds up a finger.
COOPER: ”I appreciate it. I’m not used to this… I’m not used to coming out here and holding a microphone and looking at people, usually like… I like… I’m the one just fighting in the ring or I’m talking to a camera and not looking at you all so I ask you to bare with me. Over six months ago I was asked to sign with the 4CW Octane Brand. Honestly, the money was too much for me to pass up even if it did cut into my independent dates. But the thing is? Something has always felt off..”
The crowd buzzed as Cosmo paced back and forth.
COOPER: ”I thought that when I finally captured these 4CW Tag Titles and gave them the prestige that was needed in this company. I thought that would solve it. Having Jeb as a partner has been one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in wrestling—but I still wanted something more. I still felt like something was missing.”
Cosmo lowered his head.
COOPER: ” So you can imagine when I lost to American Tommy that I realized something needed to change. It’s nothing against the guy or anything, but it was a personal decision. I needed to own up to the losses I’ve faced—and hey. I can’t be like that druggy Brandon Banks and say I wasn’t trying—I was. I can’t say that I was scripted to lose or anything. I just lost. I look at the ever changing landscape of Octane and now Adrenaline all together on one show and I realize that I’ve got to find a place quick or I’m just going to be another face in the crowd on this brand, even with a tag title on my shoulder.”
He nodded.
COOPER: ” I don’t want to be known as just the tag guy. I want to have singles success. I want to be a ratings success for this company and not a band-aid like Shark is and like Banks has been in the past and like Minority State was for a few weeks. I want to be THE guy… and I can’t do that with a camera crew following me around. Because the people in the back don’t care… and something I don’t believe you care.”
The crowd booed and Cosmo shrugged.
COOPER: ”From now on I’m focusing on my training. I’m focusing on getting better every week and I’m not doing it with a camera shoved in my face. Either things change? Or I’ll walk out of this company. And I would have done so a failure.”
Cooper dropped the microphone and walked to the back with his hands on his hips and his head down. It almost looked like he wanted to stop and say something else but instead he kept walking.

The scene switches to the backstage area as the camera focuses upon one of the back doors in which the staff and wrestlers enter from. After a few seconds go by, the doors swing open and in comes James Shark looking like he is about to attend an award show. He’s dressed formally with a three piece suit that looks expensive enough to anger the viewers at home with jealousy as well as those in attendance. Along with the suit, he has on dark shades and a thick 24k gold karat chain.
SHARK: “Welcome to Adrenaline James Shark, witcho’ fine black ass…”
He chuckles and looks around the area, soaking in the atmosphere this brand has to offer. He can hear the crowd in the arena and it only adds to his excitement. As he walks forward, he notices some people backstage with their eyes on him. Some giving him strange looks while others watch him closely with a smile hoping the glasses indoors causes him to fall. He stops for a moment and gives everyone a look.
SHARK: “The fuck is y’all wearing? The disrespect. Ohhhhh the disrespect!”
Now everyone that is around him just looks confused.
SHARK: “It’s Cosmo Cooper’s funeral tonight y’all. How you idiots gonna show up like this? Damn. Check your fuckin’ memos.”
James shakes his head and walks forward. Behind him, some people can be seen scratching their head and checking their phones. James smirks, but the smirk is quickly gone as a mop goes flying across the screen and almost hits him. He stops in his tracks and blinks. He then turns to the direction in which the mop came from and quickly catches a small steel bucket that comes flying his direction as well. Now angry, he throws the bucket onto the floor and marches towards the culprit.
The camera pans over to reveal what appears to be a female, bent over and searching through a long storage bin. James removes his shades and approaches her.
SHARK: “HEY. Hey. Hey you little shit. You throwin’ random fuckin’ objects everywhere and them bitches almost hit me. On top of that, you don’t even have a nice ass. What gives???”
The female stops searching in the storage bin, she turns around revealing the woman doing the searching was Alexis Mercer. Alexis holds a lead pipe within inches from James Shark’s face looking like any moment that pipe would hit him. She adjusts her stance giving him a smirk in the process, tilting her head in line with her petite body.
MERCER: “What did you say?”
James had his eyes closed tight. All he saw was the pipe coming for him. He slowly opens one eye when he hears Alexis’s voice, recognizing it. He sees the pipe inches from his face and Alexis behind it, a devilish smirk across her face. His other eye opens and both his eyes nearly pop out of its socket with excitement.
He pushes the pipe away from his face and embraces her with a tight hug before looking around and notifying everybody around them.
SHARK: “Aye everybody, look, its me and Alexis, this not the openin’ scene to a BLACKED pornhub video, y’all already know what it is, UNDERDOGS in the building, the prelude to Cosmic Cooper and Korean Zombie gettin’ wiped out.”
As everything is going on Alexis has this disgusted look on her face unbeknownst to James who throughout has his body pressed against Alexis.
MERCER: “Word? Aw, boo, you have such confidence in me.”
James smile grows wider as he hears her call him ‘boo’, completely unaware that she is being sarcastic. He unwraps his arm from around her and takes a step back. Looking her up and down before looking back at the bin.
SHARK: “You already know, but shit, what the hell you doin’ emptyin’ that bin, you tryna put Zombie body in there or what??”
MERCER: “Look, Kimistu Zombie doesn’t exist. I really think you mean Ichiko Mori, the one that is too insecure she had to make an alternate persona because she was victiming. Honestly, I think stuffing in this bin is just too humane.”
She looks down at the bin and kicks it. Alexis tosses the weapon then looks back at James, her emerald eyes meet up with his, crossing her arms underneath her chest, she continues.
MERCER: “You know I’m not a humanitarian, James. I was looking for something for tonight. I want to bust her skull in and there wasn’t a whole lot in there.”
James nods his head slowly, rubbing his chin as he does so, taken back by everything that was said.
SHARK: “Not humanitarian right right, word yea, not a whole lot in there… true.”
He looks down at the floor around him, looking at the steel pipe she had tossed along with all the other steel items and tools. There was so much on the floor that could be used as a weapon but it looked as though she had much higher standards in mind to punish her opponent.
SHARK: “Crazy bitch”
He says muttering under his breath, Alexis barely hearing it but the camera picks it up. He scratches the back of his head and pauses.
SHARK: “Come to think of it…. I really despise the shit outta you right now. I wish I could use weapons in my match so I could really torture that long haired dork Cosmo. And yes, I keep attacking that nigga for his hair because I’m bald as fuck. It angers me. What typa shampoo you think he use? Prolly loreal right? Fuck outta here.”
James walks over to the bin and also gives it a kick just like Alexis had done prior.
SHARK: “If I lose to that lil high school jockstrap tonight?? Say goodbye. I’m prolly gonna catch another case. Shit, I’ll probably catch you in the same prison after you kill that sexy asian bitch. I mean damn, what weapon you lookin for?? There’s prolly a power drill in one of the back rooms.”
He points behind him.
MERCER: “I prefer something with a trigger. I mean, fuck, I might as well saves Feets from doing it from bedside while he talks to Amanda Cortez on the interwebs. I’m gangsta like that. Won’t be the first time I was locked away. Might as well go out this bitch with a bang.”
James cringes when he hears Amanda’s name. His whole body shivers in disgust. He had cringed so hard he zones out for a moment and doesn’t hear the rest of what Alexis had to say until the last word. He raises a brow and rubs his hands together.
SHARK: “What? You tryna bang after the show?”
Alexis squints her eyebrows together upon hearing that remark from Shark. Suddenly, she slaps him upside the head. The impact of the slap causes his face to turn the other direction and makes a loud noise, even causing him to drop his glasses that were in his hands.
MERCER: “No, stupid.”
He quickly drops to his knees and grabs his glasses, when he comes back up the camera focuses in on his shades which are now broken.
SHARK: “YOU IDIOT. What the hell. These things was like half a mill you fuc-”
Alexis bends over and picks up the pipe she was previously holding, James looks at the pipe in her hand then back at his glasses. He then looks around and then snaps his fingers, calling someone over. Alexis looks at the direction in which he’s notifying someone and the camera pans over to reveal a security guard coming their way. He’s a chubby looking senior man with glasses.
SHARK: “Stand right here my G.”
The guard looks confused as James positions him to stand in front of Alexis. James stands behind the guard now, rubbing the side of his face. With the guard now in front of him, James continues on.
SHARK: “My glasses was like half a mill you cunt goddamn. I wasn’t tryna hit anyways. I’m a loyal married man and was offended you would even ask me to. The nerve on you yo. And FYI, I put up money on Zombie woman. So shit, my money on her and I hope you lose highkey. As a matter of fact, Ima find her fine ass right now and tell her you lookin’ for weapons.”
Alexis points holding the pipe at the security guard and laughs.
MERCER: “You think this guard is going to protect you? That’s cute.”
She says tilting her head at Shark before leaning forward.
MERCER: “I wasn’t going to hurt you. Besides, why waste my energy on a pussy like you when I can start saving all my strength for KimiPoo. It would mean something and might even last a lot longer too. Here take the iron pipe.”
Alexis extends the hand holding the weapon out to James.
James yells out so loud his voice squeaks.
SHARK: “I aint scared I’m just not tryna ruin my suit like my shades. To hell with your pipe. You lucky I don’t shove it up your ass breh.”
Out of nowhere he then reaches forward and smacks her hand just as hard as she had slapped his face, causing the pipe to go flying across the floor. Alexis lunges forward but James quickly grabs the guard by the back of his uniform and moves him side to side, preventing Alexis from getting to him. The poor senior guard begins to yell out for help as Alexis is trying to get to claw her way to James who desperately tries to keep his suit intact.
SHARK: “STOP you crazy asshole, that’s somebody’s grandfather, fuck!”
A bunch of security guards come running towards them and help out their fellow co-worker. They get in between Alexis and James who now just keep bad mouthing one another. The senior guard looks traumatized. As James backs away glaring at Alexis, she gives him a huge smile and waves at him all cute like.

Although Jay Mora was dressed finely in a neatly pressed, fitted white shirt with perfectly fitting black slacks there was nothing fine about the expression on his face or the tone of his voice.
MORA: “What the fuck do you mean they want MORE? The offer was already pretty fucking ridiculous as if because I don’t want to waste my time in court for the next several years.”
Jay stood right near his locker room door as he was just about to change before receiving this disturbing phone call. His face was now visibly sweating and becoming redder by the second. Every time he tried to say another word it seemed as if the voice on the other line just delivered more and more bad news. Tonight, there were no ridiculous antics from Jay who was fresh out of the hospital and every fresher off of his arrest.
MORA: “I’m on my god damn way right now.”
Jay hurled his phone down the hallway as it smashed into pieces and slid down the hall. He turned his back to walk the other way and in his rage did not notice that he had just ran right into Terrance Carter. The men stared at each other for a moment before Jay delivered a kick to Carter’s gut and the battle was on.
Carter and Mora exchanged some lefts and rights before Mora was able to get the better of the exchange ramming Carter’s head right into the wall and dropping him to the ground.
MORA: “Motherfucker.”
Jay had to have been blinded by his anger as he took a knee over Carter and delivered three stiff right hands. He rose back to his feet breathing heavily before spotting the catering table a foot away.
MORA: “Told you I wouldn’t fucking miss.”
He lifted Carter to his feet before picking him up and delivering a powerbomb through the table. Carter is bent in half through the broken table and not moving. Jay wipes the sweat of his head and lets out a primal growl as Jay Mora disappears down the hallway.

Backstage we see Kimitsu tying her hair back to get ready for her match. She puts on the long bosozoku jacket with elaborate embroidered lettering and designs. She turns around with a stern look on her face.
ZOMBIE: “So here I am again with another try. My next chance to advance myself in this damned company. Last time you guys saw me I went into my shot at the 4CW Championship with all the confidence in the world. That came up against the reality of Bronx Valesence. I have to admit…”
She clenches her fist and looks away for a moment.
ZOMBIE: “I wasn’t ready for him. He went into the match without a care in the world about me or Andre. The only things on his mind were the ghosts of the Crooked Kingdom and getting them all back. This match was a foregone conclusion for him with that drive. I couldn’t match up and I took the pin. That shame is what I am bringing into this match tonight. This is what got me this shot at the Extreme Roulette. A consolation prize. I know what it is, but fuck it. I’ll take what I can in order to survive. That’s my life story anyway. I always do what I can to get ahead despite all the setbacks.”
She smirks and puts her hands on her waist.
ZOMBIE: “That is what Alexis Mercer is going to see. She likes to take little trips down memory lane but she always comes up with a face full of mud. Either she is dumb, trying to be a manipulative bitch, or just failing at life… but I am her reality. This is my chance at redemption so I am not going to downplay the importance this match has for me. The XTV title is in my sights once again, and it signifies something so important for me. Going after this and fighting Kinsley shook me to my core. To get that title would mean that I get back to being myself again.”
Kimitsu nods and pulls down her jacket from the lapels.
ZOMBIE: “This isn’t about who deserves it. It’s not about what Alexis chooses to believe about me. It’s not about who you people think is going to win this time. Fuck all of you, by the way. This match is about me showing you all who I really am. It can be extreme, or it can be pure. All I have to do is win. This is my way into Ante Up and a chance to get my feet back on that ladder. I have an obsession now and I’ll destroy myself to fulfill my need for success. That’s something you don’t get. I’m the only one in this company that can destroy Kimitsu Zombie. It’s not Kinsley, Bronx, Andre, Viduus, and it’s definitely not going to be Alexis Mercer. Pay attention. I’m going to show you people exactly why in just a little bit. See you soon Donavan.”
Kimitsu walks away leaving just a wave of her hand as the shot cuts.



Before the official can even call for the bell, both ladies go at it head to head as Kimitsu rushes her upon entering the ring. Kimitsu isn’t able to keep Alexis down as she pushed herself up. Wrapping up both of Kimitsu’s legs, Alexis lifted her off her feet and slammed her to the canvas. Mounting herself on top of Kimitsu, Alexis began raining down on her head with rapid lefts and rights. After connected with nearly a dozen, Alexis rolled Kimitsu over to her side before kneeing her in the spine over and over. Rolling underneath the nearby ropes, Alexis dropped down to the outside floor. She reached back into the ring and pulls Kimitsu onto the apron. With Kimitsu on her back, Alexis pulled her head over the edge of the apron, Lifting her arm straight into the air, Alexis slammed it down, driving her elbow into Kimitsu’s chest. Grabbing ahold of her, Alexis then snatched her from the apron, dragging her off and throwing her down to the floor. Pulling herself back onto the apron, Alexis backed all the way to the opposite end. She then took off along the apron, picking up speed with each step before leaping off and flipping forward through the air. Coming down, she landed across Kimitsu with a senton from the apron!
Things remained on the outside of the ring for the next several minutes. In control this entire time was Alexis, never once letting her stand to her feet on her own since being dragged to the outside of the ring. Locked onto Kimitsu’s arm, Alexis then went to throw her with all her might to the barricade at ringside. Before Alexis could release, Kimitsu reversed and threw Alexis back first into the barricade. Alexis pushed herself away from the barricade, blind to what was coming straight for her head. POW!!! Kimitsu connects with a stinging right kick to the side of Alexis’ head. Alexis fell backwards into the barricade, stretching her arms across the top to hold herself up. Taking a quick step in, Kimitsu kicked her in the stomach before reaching forward and locking both hands around Alexis’ head. Pulling her head down, Kimitsu slammed Alexis face down onto her knee as she popped it up. Keeping Alexis bent over, Kimitsu then dragged her away from the barricade before throwing her forward, head first into the ring steps! Alexis’ head slammed against the steps, the sound thundering over the Los Angeles crowd, before she dropped straight to the floor and the steps fell over. Rolling Alexis over to her back, Kimitsu quickly made the cover as the official was right behind her with the count.

Throwing her arm into the air, Alexis popped her shoulder up from the floor, ending the officials count right before the two count. Kimitsu went to pull Alexis up from the floor but instead received a jawbreaker out of nowhere as Alexis caught her off guard. Kimitsu fell backwards into the barricade, slamming against it before dropping to the floor. On her feet, Alexis slowly stalked Kimitsu as she crawled in the opposite direction. Running in from behind, Alexis hit Kimitsu in the back of the head with a dropkick, stopping her in her tracks. Pulling Kimitsu to her feet, Alexis held onto the back of her head before slamming her face first onto the top of the barricade. Turning her around, Alexis then pulled her by her head before throwing her forward, face first into the ring post. Kimitsu stumbled backwards in a daze, falling into Alexis’ arms who then dropped her to her back with a Russian leg sweep.
Looking up, Alexis stared directly into the nearby camera filming the ringside action. She approached, keeping her eyes locked on it before reaching forward. The camera shot began to shake before eventually being taken by Alexis. With the camera, Alexis began filming the ringside area, slowly walking around and filming Kimitsu as she was down on her back. Closer and closer the camera approached Kimitsu’s face as Alexis was heard in the background taunting Kimitsu. In one quick motion, the camera lens crashed into Kimitsu’s face, giving the fans at home an up close and personal shot of the action tonight. The camera view then shifted sideways looking out into the crowd before going up and down a few times. The camera shot changed to a different angle from another camera which showed Alexis attacking Kimitsu with the camera in hand. Alexis stopped attacking her for just a moment, long enough for Kimitsu to begin pushing herself up. As Kimitsu rose to one knee, Alexis rushed in, swinging the camera and slamming it against the side of Kimitsu’s head. Kimitsu dropped to the floor instantly and shortly after, Alexis was on top of her for the pin.

The officials hand came within inches of slapping the floor a third time but was brought to a halt as Kimitsu managed to kick out. Alexis was furious! She pushed herself up to both knees before going berserk and swinging down with rapid fire lefts and rights. Standing to her feet, Alexis pulled Kimitsu up to hers before lifting her into the air and dropping her across her knee with a backbreaker. Alexis then rolled Kimitsu back into the ring before grabbing a chair from ringside and sliding back into the ring with it. Alexis was back to her feet long before Kimitsu. With the chair held tightly in both hands, Alexis stood back, watching Kimitsu finally begin to push herself. Watching closely, Alexis waited patiently for the right moment to strike. Just as Kimitsu pushed herself up to her feet, Alexis charged in, taking a swing for Kimitsu’s head. Side stepping her, Kimitsu tripped her up with a drop toe hold, forcing Alexis to fall to the mat with the chair in front of her, slamming her face against it as she crashed to the mat.
Alexis released the chair but she didn’t stay down for long. She quickly pushed herself up although seeing stars and unaware of her surroundings. Rushing in, Kimitsu jumped straight into the air, wrapping her arm around Alexis’ head and dropping her flat on her head with a jumping DDT on the steel chair! Alexis was now even more dazed but surprisingly refusing to remain down. She slowly pushed herself up as Kimitsu paced the ring in front of her. Just as Alexis stood straight up, Kimitsu swept in and connected with a back kick to Alexis’ stomach, forcing her to buckle over. Backing up as quickly as she could, Kimitsu hit the ropes and bounced forward, coming back towards Alexis where she then connected with an axe kick to the back of Alexis’ head (Banzai God Kick)! Alexis fell to the mat motionless, smacking her face against the canvas. Dropping to her knees, Kimitsu rolled Alexis over to her back before making the cover.

WINNER: Kimitsu Zombie via Pinfall (9:22)

VALESCENCE: ”All eyes are on the main event and the upcoming main event of Ante Up. But what do I do? I always keep the eyes on MY matches. And I’ll do the same thing again tonight…”
Bronx walked from out of his shadows with his ring gear on as he adjusted his gloves. His long, flowing leather jacket dragging the floor gently behind him.
VALESCENCE: ”Crooked Kingdom? It was a failed experiment. It’s time to stop joking about “YawnNow” or whatever you want to call it. Gen Now was more successful as a group than Crooked Kingdom was. And Dakota, you should kill it with fire tonight. I’m coming to send a message tonight. A message to the rest of that pathetic little has-been group that I can take someone like Dakota to victory—when nobody else could. It’s a message to Chris Madison to let him know that we aren’t friends. It’s a message to Viduus to say I may owe you a debt, but the only thing I’m handing you tonight is a loss… it’s a message to Andre to let you know what you can never be. And it’s a message to Ana that…”
A smile.
VALESCENCE: ”This is the land of the wolves now.”
Adjusting his sunglasses, he walked off.

The cameras cut backstage where we find no one other than Perry Wallace walking the halls alone. Why is he alone? That’s probably because Phe is too busy taking up Antonia’s time because she wants to make his life as miserable as possible with a good cucking, time cucking that is and not of the sexual nature. Perry approaches a door at the end of the hallway, where two men in suits just so happen to be standing. Looking at them both, Perry just shakes his head before speaking up.
WALLACE: ”Jesus fucking Christ guys, you going to follow me everywhere I go? I get that I’m an informant and all that, but how about some privacy? HOW ABOUT FINDING THE SON OF A BITCH THAT SET THE OCTANE BUILDING ON FIRE?!”
The two men look to one another, remaining silent as Perry looks on, now with his hands on his hips. Shaking his head even more, Perry steps right between the two men, grabbing the door handle and pulling it open. He stops before entering, turning back once more to speak to the two gentlemen.
He then steps into the office, leaving the door cracked. The two men in suits look to one another, only communicating in nods., no eye contact whatsoever due to them wearing shades and looking like cheap imitation Men In Black. The two then go their separate ways off to do whatever it is they’re doing here tonight because catching whoever burnt down The Elysian isn’t the task at hand obviously since no one has been apprehended.
Perry’s voice then fills the airwaves once more from within the office.
WALLACE: ”Well, well, well… what do I owe the pleasure? I didn’t expect to see you here tonight. It’s past your girlfriends bedtime isn’t it?”
The camera peeks through the opening of the door cracked open. Inside we see Perry standing in front of his desk and behind it is Cyrus Riddle, looking rather comfortable as he sits in the leather chair with his feet kicked up on top of the desk. Riddle cracks a smile and nods at Wallace.
RIDDLE: ”First off, fuck you. Secondly, she goes to bed when I put that ass to sleep. Keep with your ways, and next time I am sitting in this chair, she will be in my lap and the door will be open for all to see me ruin your office. Anyway, what has you so bent out of shape? Lack of snatch?
Laughing, Perry just shook his head before heading over to the bar across the room and pouring himself a glass of Scotch.
WALLACE: ”Don’t even act like she would get dirty like that out in the open. And bent out of shape? You really have to ask me that? Where the hell have you been, living under a rock while Octane’s new facility was burned to the ground two weeks ago! Lack of snatch couldn’t even make me this angry if that even was the case but no sir, it is not. What me and the lovely Antonia do behind closed doors is none of your business!”
He finishes pouring his glass as he looks up to Cyrus across the room. The camera zooms in to read the motion of his lips as he quietly says “I eat that ass though!” Grabbing another glass, Perry then holds it up before speaking in a louder tone.
WALLACE: ”Drink?”
RIDDLE: ”Sure… i would never pass up something from that extensive bar.”
Riddle roots through the drawers of Perry’s desk, shuffling things around to find a lighter, flicking it.
RIDDLE: ”Is a shame about the building burning down. Was curious as to why that would happen, very random. Thing is, there’s nothing to do but push forward, collect the insurance, and call it a day.”
Holding his arm out to take the drink, Riddle removes himself from Perry’s desk and walks to the other side, taking a healthy sip from the glass.
WALLACE: ”You know… it’s funny that you say that. Ever since it happened I’ve been running through possible suspects in my head. First there was American Tommy just because he’s a complete moron and has a motive after me revealing his true love for Amanda Cortez. But it just didn’t seem right. Tommy may be retarded but he’s harmless when it comes to matters such as this. Then I remembered something that happened two years ago. There was this one guy who took it upon himself to burn someone’s personal vehicle down at a 4CW event. I couldn’t quite remember exactly who that was but seeing you with that lighter in your hand makes the vague images in my head appear crystal fucking clear.”
Perry squints his eyes, staring at Riddle as he raises the glass to his lips and takes a drink.
WALLACE: ”So you tell me. Why would something like this happen? For all I know it could have been a jealous ex-wife taking her revenge out on the company that employs her husband who just so happens to be with a younger piece of ass. But that doesn’t seem right, does it? You were at Adrenaline while everything was happening. So you tell me, what exactly am I supposed to be thinking right about now given recent events and now finding you here unexpectedly.”
RIDDLE: ”I don’t have rhyme or reason to harm your Octane facility. If I were to do it, I would make it an event. You know I like the theatrics of it all. But, with nothing to gain, and no interest in arson recently, you can write me off your list.”
Riddle mockingly shrugs, knowing full well he had nothing to do with it.
RIDDLE: ”I came here to discuss other business, mainly my business and failed ventures. Glad you see your faith is still fully restored in me.”
Taking a drink first, Perry then shrugged his shoulders before responding.
WALLACE: ”Well… I do know what you’re capable of when your head isn’t buried in the freshest piece of ass you can find. Just keep it away from that Becky whatever her last name is bitch. I’d hate to see catch aids or some shit man. But on a serious note. If you didn’t burn it down, then you must be here for something else. Spill it.”
Riddle takes a greater than average gulp before placing the glass down, smirking.
RIDDLE: ”I’m here to do something I don’t normally do. I wanted to ask for your advice. The Kingdom has fallen, short lived, and that leaves me in a bit of a quandary. I came back, started off well, took a bit of dive lately. With all of the shakeups, I wanted to know, where do you see me in the midst of these changes?”
WALLACE: ”As I said before, I know what you’re capable of when your vision isn’t clouded by pussy. With things happening the way they are now and both brands being on the same show for the time being or possibly long term, there’s a world of trouble you can get yourself into that doesn’t involve burning down buildings. The Kingdom falling isn’t the end of the world. I just relieved you guys of some unneeded weight. It’s no secret that a certain member had been holding the group back as a whole.”
Riddle contemplates Wallace’s words momentarily, thinking. Only when he finishes the glass does he speak.
RIDDLE: ”So free reign? Look, I know you have but so many hours in your day, and a company to look after. But, your current champion, I beat him, four decisions in one match. After that, I took your then number one contender, Ana, and defeated her. Point being, when this all merges and becomes chaos, I will prove my worth, and I expect my just due. I never signed here a few years ago to wank off at the bottom. I belong at the top, I’m not finished being at the top in any company.”
Finishing his drink, Perry then begins to poor himself another.
WALLACE: ”Check it out. Ante Up is pretty much set with all of the championships. However, there is one event, The Extreme Roulette, that just so happens to last all night that you could participate in if you wish. See what happens and climb back up the rankings from there maybe?”
RIDDLE: ”Alright, I’ll do that. But, if it’s anything like your barbed wire battle royal, have the medics on standby. I wouldn’t want more damage bills in your mail due to people forcing me to bleed them out.”
Cyrus pats the shoulder of Perry and gives him a single nod before walking toward the door.
RIDDLE: ”Oh, and by the way. I know it’s commonplace to judge my performance and correlate it to my lustful ways. However, what needs to be known, is that I’m my own greatest enemy, and nothing hurts what I do more than I do. I’m rectifying that as well. You’ll see in the Extreme Roulette, then we can discuss further opportunities.”
Holding his glass up, Perry nods before throwing it back and downing its entire contents.
WALLACE: ”Do me a favor and lay off the pyro, yeah? If you hear anything about who may be behind The Elysian fire call me, and don’t worry about it. It’s not snitching or being a rat, it’s just a little informing and nothing is wrong with that. The landscape is changing in 4CW, and now’s the perfect time for anyone to capitalize on that.”
Running his hand through his beard, Riddle smirks.
RIDDLE: ”I can do that. Then again, if you find an unconscious body laying at your doorstep, you’ll know what it means. We’ve had our rougher times, but overall, I’ve remained protective of this place as well in the face of adversity. Eyes open, ears listening, knife ready.”
Riddle laughs and exits, leaving Wallace to his own.
WALLACE: ”Knife? Jesus Christ no need for all that, at least not out in the open to just anyone. Look it, you have the night off. Take it easy and keep yourself out of trouble. Ante Up is in three weeks so there’s that to look forward to ad occupy your mind.”
Realizing that he’s been speaking to himself for the last little bit, Perry pours himself another glass, this one nowhere near as full as the ones prior. Downing everything in the glass, he then sets the glass aside before leaving the office himself.


Both athletes went at each other throughout the match as they transitioned from wrestling to getting down to the nitty gritty with some impressive MMA moves that the writer can not go into detail with because she doesnt know shit about MMA and she’ll be damned if yall make fun of her for messing up maneuver names because she’s light skinned sensitive. Anywho, James went for a light jabs towards Cosmo before trying to come at him with powerful hooks to try to rock Cosmo from side to side, steadily taking a step back and then to the right with trying to create a footwork that Cosmo wouldn’t be able to pick up on so that James could confuse him and continue on with those sharp hooks. But Cosmo wasn’t falling for it and paid more attention to James’ flying fists instead of his footwork while James eventually ended up getting distracted by Cosmo’s feet that were as bare as Jesus’ stepping onto the mainland. Cosmo definitely took advantage of James’ slight distraction and capitalized on it with getting some good shots in before going for a belly to belly overhead suplex.
But James wasnt about to take this physical abuse from the legendary Cosmo as he showed that he wasnt all bark with the large amount of trash talks he tends to do on a daily basis and reminded the world why his bite was sometimes much more vicious than his verbal lashings were. James swung on Cosmo, going for those boxing strikes once more before he allowed himself to hit Cosmo three times until he pulled back some with his fists raised and ready in case Cosmo wanted to throw some punches of his own. But those punches never came, instead Cosmo lunged forward to try to take James down and succeeded in doing so as he got James on the mat and begin to throttle him with punches than transitioned into slamming his knees into the back of James’ head as soon as James sat up on the mat. Right knee then left, right then left, James’ head was like a drum to Cosmo’s knees as he didnt let up for a while until finally stepping back as James fell back on the mat and appeared to be a bit dizzy.
But even in his dizzy state, James didnt want Cosmo to attempt to go for a pin as he quickly scoots back and uses the ropes to pull himself onto his feet but he shoots up too quickly and does nothing but makes himself alot more dizzier. Cosmo appears very amused by this and actually waits to see what James is going to do next before he begins to advance towards him for an attack. The dizzy James begins swinging fists and elbows, just anything to keep Cosmo at bay until the dizziness wore off and James could better function without the fear of getting his head taken off by the always ready Cosmo as he lucks up when three of those punches actually does keep Cosmo from coming closer. But Cosmo ends up sneaking in close rather quickly and catching James with an European Uppercut before gets a hold of him and goes for a release suplex. James seems to be moving alot better with him not being as dizzy anymore and it shows with his punches going back to being sharp rather than sloppy while Cosmo blocks majority of them.
So James tries a different approach as he baits Cosmo into coming closer to trade blows with him while James bobs and weaves around to try to avoid getting hit by Cosmo as he lands a great number of blows while doing alot of shit talking to go along with it. James runs that mouth of his and Cosmo ends up shutting it with a headbutt that has James stumbling back into the turnbuckle. From there, James throws his punches to try to keep Cosmo from coming closer so that James isn’t trapped against the turnbuckle taking an asswhupping while Cosmo focuses on trying to get closer to James. Cosmo succeeds as he ends up faking a step back that has James completely dropping his guard and it’s definitely enough for Cosmo to step in, hem James up and go to work on him with James not able to counter although he tried his damnedest to.
The two ended up going the MMA route for a few moments, trying to out maneuver the other before James started up his massive shit talking and ended up putting alot of space between himself and Cosmo while his mouth continued moving, insulting Cosmo to try to get into his head but it wasnt working because Cosmo simply shrugged off everything James was saying. James faked right before barreling towards Cosmo with a spear, taking him down and standing to his feet with a huge grin on his face while leaving himself open for Cosmo to stand up right behind him and go for a release german suplex. James definitely was feeling the effects from that german suplex but he was about to feel alot more as he played right into Cosmo’s clutches as Cosmo went for the Crater Maker before going for the cover to get that three count.
WINNER: Cosmo Cooper via Pinfall (9:42)

Fading to the back, we stumble across Kaz Bonham as she prepares for her match later on in the night. She greets the audience with a smile as she readjusts the Octane Championship on her shoulder. Despite not being in an Octane locker room anymore, Kaz seems to have adjusted well as she speaks with a lot of excitement in her voice.
BONHAM: ”It feels like it’s been forever, folks! But here we are…moments away from steppin’ right back into the ring where I belong. I gotta admit, y’all, it’s a bit bittersweet to walk away from Octane and step into Adrenaline…but that’s a new challenge. And I’m ready for that challenge. I’m proud to say I’m still enterin’ into Adrenaline as the Octane Champion and I’m gonna do everything to stay that way.”
Kaz gives a confident nod toward the camera.
BONHAM: ”With this bein’ my new home, let’s take a tour, y’all!”
And with that, Kaz starts walking with the camera, taking in the atmosphere.
BONHAM: ”We’re gonna see so many new faces and y’all know what that means…means new people to beat! But I know, I know…I’m gettin’ ahead of myself. It ain’t fair to Craig to start talkin’ bout everyone else because as it stands…Craig’s one of the best here. He was one of the best on Octane and ain’t a thing changed.”
Her smile brightens a bit at the mention of Craig’s in-ring ability.
BONHAM: ”Ever since that…that pest, I’ve been itchin’ for some real graps, y’all. And that’s what I’m gonna get against Craig tonight. He’s got all the talent, but maybe not the fortune he’s been lookin’ for. So I know that he’s gonna want to shoot out of the gates; lookin’ to take me down and well…I’m ready for it!”
Kaz looks to continue, but her smile fades away as she comes across a familiar face. Tommy is stuffing his face in catering after his victory against Terry Flare. He’s sitting by himself with multiple plates of random food that would feed a small family, but Tommy probably won’t even touch it. He’s too busy on his phone looking at Twitter.
TOMMY: “I gotta like and retweet that picture of Harry Styles!”
Tommy is grinning ear to ear. He reaches for a cookie that is on one of the plates when he notices Kaz Bonham walk into catering heading towards the refreshment table. She grabs a water while chatting with some of the staff in the kitchen. Smiling, she turns around to leave and Tommy is standing directly in her path.
TOMMY: “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the future Ex-Octane champion. What’s up, Champ?”
KAZ: ”Tommy, ain’t you a sight for sore eyes…but look, I don’t got the time to talk with you, I gotta go and get rea-”
TOMMY: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s nice and all, but did you hear the news?”
Tommy pulls out his phone and shows Kaz a tweet.
TOMMY: “I’m going to be ringside during your match tonight. Not only does that fat fuck expect me to wrestle, but now he wants me on commentary for your match. It’s a bunch of bullshit! Don’t worry, I’ll refrain from slow clapping, but only because you aren’t closing out the end of the show.”
KAZ: “You best start takin’ some notes then. Octane ain’t around anymore, but the Octane Champion will be. And don’t try anything stupid now, ya hear?”
There’s some silent tension between the two before Kaz bumps past Tommy; the first crack that he’s finally getting to her. Tommy smiles as he lets her walk a few steps. He reaches down and grabs a cup from the table and turns around and looks at the back of Kaz smugly.
TOMMY: “I don’t think I’m the one that needs to be taking notes, Kaz. The way I see it the score is 2-0. You know, because both times we have been in the ring I’ve been victorious. Which means you’ve lost both times ya L-7 Weenie!”
Kaz turns around and Tommy raises his glass in a toast like fashion and shoots her a smug smirk. The Octane Champion rolls her eyes at her future challenger.
KAZ: “I know you’re just startin’ to get the hang of this wrestlin’ thing, Tommy, but Ante Up? Guarantee that’s gonna be different. All that stuff is, like, is the past now…start lookin’ toward tomorrow, Tommy. I know I am.”
Kaz looks at Tommy for a bit; a more intense stare than usual before backing away and heading out of the frame. Tommy crinkles his nose and brushes off what Kaz just said. He takes a drink out of the glass and immediately spits it out.
Tommy shoots Pam a look who is laughing and she points down.
PAM: “That’s coffee, Tommy. The hot chocolate is the next one over!”
Tommy wipes his tongue off and chugs some water.
TOMMY: “The taste! It is still there!”
Suddenly a man comes into picture who has coffee all over his face and shirt and looks at Tommy who scratches his head. He grabs a napkin and tries to wipe a bit of it off to no avail.
TOMMY: “It was all Kaz, mate. Sorry.”
Tommy walks away leaving the man standing there just shaking his head.

American Tommy is seen walking the halls when he comes to Perry Wallace’s office holding a piece of paper. Without even checking to see if Perry Wallace is in there he just barges in and begins shouting.
In the middle of his sentence he looks around and notices that nobody is in the office. He shrugs and begins to look around at the things in Perry’s office. He walks over to Perry’s chair and gets a big whiff of the smell of ass.
TOMMY: “Did he shit his pants before he left?”
Tommy takes a sniff of the seat part of the chair and immediately starts to gag. He grabs some of the papers off Perry’s desk and puts them on the seat of the chair. He puts his feet up on the desk and starts rummaging through it. He pulls out a photograph of Perry and an old man that looks a lot like Gordy. Could Perry and Gordy be relatives? Is 4CW angled? Is Sativa racist? Is Brandon Banks baby fake? The answer to all those questions is obviously a triumphant YES. He puts the picture back in the desk, but finds a book of matches and pulls them out and starts to smile.
TOMMY: “Ahh ha!”
Tommy looks at the desk and sees an envelope with Alessandro’s name on it and he opens it up to reveal it’s his paycheck. Tommy lights one of the matches in the book and lights the check on fire. He throws the check into the trash basket next to the desk and looks at the desk and sees a bunch of envelopes with Adrenaline talent on it. He picks them all up and throws them in the trash. Tommy takes another match out and lights it, but instead of throwing it in the trash he lights the book of matches and throws them into the trash basket. As soon as the fire begins to grow a hick, feminine like voice is heard from the hallway. The office door opens and Perry Wallace walks into his office. He looks at his desk and sees a smiling Tommy sitting at his desk and is about to say something until he notices smoke filling up the room.
Rushing over to the fire, Perry begins swatting at it, failing miserably at extinguishing the flames, only making it burn even stronger with the incoming air being forced to the flame. As Perry tries to put out the fire, Tommy grabs random things from Perry’s desk and throws them into the trash basket to try and keep it ignited. There is a little wrestling match back and forth between the two as Perry is finally able to put the fire out after pouring out a nearly full bottle of liquor onto it. Tommy shrugs and knocks a football of his desk signed by some shitty Steeler and sits in the chair opposite the desk. Perry looks down at his chair and sees all the newspaper on it.
TOMMY: “I had to put that there cause you shit your pants.”
WALLACE:”I haven’t even sat in that chair all night so the joke’s on you, FEETS!”
TOMMY: “You are full of shit fatty!”
Perry, irritated already, just stares at Tommy who is smiling. He rearranges a bit of papers on his desk while ignoring Tommy who is growing irritated. Tommy knocks a vase off his desk which gets Perry to look at him. Tommy folds his arms and just stares at Perry who rolls his eyes.
WALLACE: ”What the hell are you doing in here Tommy? This isn’t Octane, THIS IS ADRENALINE! You can’t just come in here and start burning shit like some idiot.”
Tommy slams the invoice on the table with a sheepish grin on his face.
Perry grabs the invoice and looks it over shaking his head in disapproval.
WALLACE: ”Pay the tip of this dick with some saliva because this says Canada at the bottom of it! Going to start calling you Canadian Tommy from now on!”
Tommy’s eyes widen and he snatches the invoice back from a smirking Perry.
TOMMY: “Don’t fucking worry about what is at the bottom of the invoice, Mrs. Piggy!”
WALLACE: ”I WON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!!! What I will worry about is you in here trying to burn the goddamn building down! Let me ask you something Thomas. Where were you two weeks ago?”
Tommy stands up and points at Wallace.
TOMMY: “I was backstage Adrenaline drawing dicks on the side of production trucks! The proof is right outside in the parking lot! You got an anatomically correct micropenis drawn on the trousers of your picture and I got a big ol’ wanker drawn on mine!”
WALLACE: ”Anatomically correct to the person that drew it! Only you would be so stupid to draw dicks on everything you see. And I mean STUPID! The kind of retard to play with matches and accidentally burn a building down!”
Tommy sits down in the chair behind him raises his hands in a confused manner at Perry.
TOMMY: “Why in the hell would I burn down the house that I BUILT. Adrenaline was firmly in the shadows of Octane in ratings and everybody worldwide was beginning to notice the BETTER BRAND! WHERE WERE YOU TWO WEEKS AGO?!”
Shaking his head, Perry paces the office before heading straight over to the bar.
WALLACE: ”Where was I? I don’t know, maybe watching the building go down in flames. My whereabouts can be traced back to a live recording. What about yours? I mean damn Tommy, if it was an accident just say so before things get worse. Judges have a soft spot for retards. You’ll be fine, I promise.”
TOMMY: God damn it you buffoon! Sometimes I don’t know how you’ve managed to build 4CW into what it has become. Let me slow it down for you.
Tommy starts to speak really slowly. Mostly in part to just piss Wallace off.
TOMMY: “I had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t even in Las Vegas when it was going up! I was at Adrenaline supporting Kimi. I found out about the fire as it was unfolding on the television like everybody else that night!”
WALLACE: “You know, I find it really hard to believe that but then again, I also find it hard to believe that you could even burn a building like that down in a city like Las Vegas and get away with it. So aside from that Canadian invoice that you can use to wipe your ass later on, just what is it that I can help you with, Tommy?”
TOMMY: “I have a hard time you have an IQ that is higher than the average potato, but here we are! I’d like a stipulation added to the match of Kaz and I’s at Ante Up.”
WALLACE: ”A stipulation? Really? Jesus Tommy, I am NOT making it a tickle match. You can do that with your little girlfriend Amanda on your own time. Maybe eve invite you brother Eric and let him watch you a Dove. What the hell do you want?!”
TOMMY: “Don’t make me pull a strand of your hair and prove that you are the bastard father of that piece of shit. Yes, a stipulation! I’d like…uh, I’d like it to be whatever stipulation that the holy grail of wrestling promotions WWH is doing in their main event this week! Or, an IronMAN match!”
Looking at Tommy with a retarded look on his face, Perry scratches his head for a moment before replying.

WALLACE: ”Well I’d have to watch WWH to know what that is and even if I did they’d probably just change it once someone got their panties in a bunch. And no go on the Ironman stipulation. That’s the main event 4CW Championship match for one. And two, you’re not even a man!. Jesus fucking Christ, Tommy. Do you even pay attention to anything around here?”
WALLACE:”I answered that in my head before you could even respond. So no, you may not have an Ironman match at Ante Up. You scared of facing Kaz straight up?”
Tommy looks at Perry and laughs.
TOMMY: “Scared of Kaz? I’ve already beat “bigfoot” twice. I’m not scared of anything but yarn.
WALLACE: ”Yarn? What the fuck?”
Perry questions as he looks to Tommy with a puzzled look on his face.
WALLACE: ”What did yarn ever do to you other than cover Amanda’s feet?”
TOMMY: “That’s between me, a bottle of Jameson and a red ball of yarn on a late Saturday night five years ago.”
Tommy shudders at even the thought of it as Perry just looks at him.
WALLACE: ”Okay then! Well you have your answer. Is there anything else you want to bug me about? Maybe a confession for bringing Octane to nothing but a pile of ashes?”
TOMMY:“Yeah, there is.”
Tommy stands up and looks at Perry and reaches his hand out for what looks like a handshake. Perry moves just a bit. Tommy moves his hand out of distance from Perry and grabs his nut sack and shakes it a bit.
TOMMY:“Shake this.”
Tommy smiles and knocks as much as he can off Perry’s desk before Perry can cover the contents of his desk.
Looking at the desk and then everything scattered across the floor, Perry’s eyes shift to a juice box sitting on top of the desk.
WALLACE: ”Is that your juice box on my desk without a coaster!?”
Tommy looks at Perry like he is stupid.
TOMMY:“You are worried about a juice box on your desk when you shit in your chair before you left?”
WALLACE: ”I haven’t sat there all night thank you very much! I’m asking if that’s your juice box because if it is, I’d like to know where you got it from.”
WALLACE: ”Because I’d like one. Now if that’s yours, can you please tell me where you got it.”
TOMMY:“Yes, it’s mine. I got it from catering with the money I stole from AQ’s locker room.”
Reaching towards the desk, Perry grabbed the juicebox and with ugly form, he slam dunked it into the smoldering trash can beside his desk.
WALLACE:“Well fuck you, get another one!”
Tommy is irate and kicks the chair behind him, sending it into the wall. He points at Perry and just shakes his head because he is at a loss for words. As he is storming out of the office someone is coming in with a bottle of scotch. Tommy knocks it out of the dude’s hands and it crashes to the ground. Tommy doesn’t even pay attention and continues to storm out of the room.


The newly crowed XTV Champion came into tonight’s match on a roll, remaining undefeated and now a champion in only three matches since signing with 4CW. Although Eric was on a roll, Raab was determined to score his first victory since his return to a 4CW ring two weeks ago. The championship wasn’t on the line, so therefor tonight’s match would fall under standard ruling. After the bell sounded, the two locked up in the center of the ring, Raab overpowering Eric from the jump and driving him backwards into the corner. After two back to back chops across Eric’s chest, Raab then lit him up with a European uppercut that forced Eric to look directly up to the lights above. Locking onto Eric’s wrist, Raab ripped him away from the corner and whipped him across the ring to the opposite corner with all of his strength. Eric crashed into the corner before bouncing off and stumbling forward right into Raab’s arms. Lifting Eric off his feet, Raap spun around in place before driving him into the mat with a spinebuster! Mounting himself on top of Eric, Raab locked onto his head with both hands, elevating it from the mat before ramming him multiple times with headbutts. Raab unloaded everything he had on Eric while on top of him, beating him senseless with various strikes and knees to the body. This went on for a few minutes, Raab never once giving Eric an opportunity to retaliate.
Pleased with his handy work, Raab stood tall. He paced the ring, Adrenaline pumping full of excitement as the positive reaction from the crowd hit home with Raab. Pulling Eric up from the mat, Raab then lifted him into the air, holding him up in a crucifix position with a powerbomb incoming. Before Raab could throw Eric down to the mat, Eric managed to slip away from Raab’s hands, dropping to his feet behind Raab. Spinning around, Eric connected with an elbow shot to the back of Raab’s head, knocking him a few steps forward off balance. Swinging his body around, Raab threw a blind backhand for Eric’s head but swung and missed! Stepping in closer to Raab, Eric grabbed ahold of him quickly before dropping him to the mat with an STO. Raab didn’t stay down for long, he was up to his feet within a matter of seconds, but not before Eric. Jumping towards Raab, Eric slammed his head forward, hitting Raab right between the eyes with a headbutt. Ducking down, Eric lifted Raab off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Backing up to the center of the ring, Eric then dropped Raab on his head with a Death Valley Driver!
With Raab in no hurry to get back to his feet, Eric kicked and stomped on Raab’s legs before leaping into the air as high as he could and coming down with a knee drop to Raab’s knee. Before pushing himself off of Raab, Eric hit Raab with multiple forearm shots to the face before finally standing to his feet. Pulling Raab up by the arm, Eric then pulled him in only to knock him flat on his back with a short-arm clothesline. Raab rolled over and pushed himself up to all fours. Still down, he looked up and coming his way was Eric, rushing in and leveling him with a Yakuza kick to the face! Eric then raced to the nearby corner, shooting straight up to the top where he overlooked the entire ring. Lining up his shot, Eric then leaped through the air and down with an elbow drop that missed Raab but connected with nothing but empty canvas. Holding his arm, Eric rolled back and forth on the mat, giving Raab all the time in the world to get back to his feet. Taking a few steps in, Raab jumped up and came down with a leg drop across Eric’s throat, pinning his head to the mat as his feet shot into the air. Spreading his fingers, Raab grabbed Eric’s face with a claw, pulling him up to his feet as he stood as well. With his other hand, Raab then swung low and connected with a stiff body shot. Pulling Eric’s head down and between his legs, Raab then wrapped him up with both arms before lifting him upside down into the air and dropping him on his head with a piledriver! Crawling over Eric’s limp body, Raab hooked a leg for the pin as the official slid in beside them with the count.

The officials hand swung down, stopping just an inch before slapping the canvas a third time as Eric kicked out. Grabbing Eric’s head with both hands again, Raab raised it up and held it in place before hitting him with two more vicious headbutts, the second knocking Eric’s head back to the mat. Pulling Eric up from the mat, Raab then wrapped both arms around his upper body, lifting him into the air and squeezing him with a bearhug. Squeezing the life out of Eric, Raab violently shook him back and forth. Eric swung with both arms, hitting Raab multiple times to break free but each time making Raab shake him even more violently. Running forward with Eric in his arms, Raab headed straight for the corner, slamming Eric back first into it. Lifting him up even higher, Raab sat Eric on the top of the corner and climbed up to the middle ropes. Hooking an arm around Eric’s head and tossing Eric’s arm over his, Raab then lifted him off the corner, upside down before falling backwards and dropping Eric to the mat with a superplex! Rolling over and making the cover once again, Raab appeared confident as ever this time as the official raced over with the count.

The crowd erupted as Eric popped a shoulder up from the mat at the last possible split second. Raab on the other hand, he wasn’t feeling the same excitement as them. You could see the frustration in his eyes before he locked his sights on Eric and rained down onto his head with lightning fast right hands. Standing to his feet, Raab then squatted over Eric, a foot planted to the mat on each side of Eric’s body. Wrapping his hand around Eric’s throat, Raab deadlifted him up from the mat, standing him up to his feet. Tossing Eric’s arm over his own, Raab had him in place for The Chokinator (chokeslam), even choking him with his hand wrapped tightly around his throat. Just as Raab went to lift Eric into the air, Eric swung his arm to the side, slamming it against the side of Raab’s head. The first hit didn’t cause Raab to release his hold. Raab went to lift him again but just as before, Eric clocked him in the side of the head with an elbow strike, this one forcing Raab to release his grip around his throat. Grabbing Raab by the shoulders, Eric pulled him in, popping his knee up and planting it into Raab’s stomach. He then locked onto Raab’s head and before Raab even knew what hit him, Eric dropped him to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker.
Rolling Raab over to his stomach, Eric hooked his legs with Raab before reaching down and grabbing both of his arms. Raab was locked in a standing surfboard with nowhere to go as Eric pulled back on his arms, stretching Raab’s entire body. After a few moments of agony pass for Raab, Eric then unhooked his legs from Raab’s and placed a foot on the back of Raab’s head. Still holding Raab’s arms and elevating his upper body, Eric then released his arms as he kicked his foot down, driving Raab’s face into the mat with a curb stomp! The crowd went silent at the sight as Eric pulled his foot away from the back of Raab’s head. Pulling Raab up to his feet, Eric was completely taken off guard as Raab began swinging with both arms, connecting with body blows with each swing. Raab then swung upward, hitting Eric under the chin with a European uppercut. Eric stumbled backwards off balance and as he regained his footing, Raab was right there in his face, unloading with a combination of boxing strikes. A few to the body, a few to the head, Raab connected each punch with ease. Raab then went for the knockout blow, swinging his entire arm and body around with a right hook aimed for Eric’s head. Ducking underneath the shot to the head, Eric then grabbed ahold of Raab, pulling him in and wrapping him up. Lifting Raab off his feet, Eric then slammed him to the mat with his Black Dragon Suplex (gargoyle suplex).
Raab looked to be in quite a bit of pain after the crash landing to the canvas, but he wasn’t staying down for long. Raab slowly began climbing to his feet as Eric looked back, somewhat amazed that Raab was refusing to remain down despite the nasty fall to the mat. Eric sat back, looking on and waiting patiently as Raab pushed himself up. Finally standing tall, Raab took a deep breath but before he could exhale, Eric swept in and annihilated him with his Dragon Fang (superkick)! Raab didn’t fall to the mat at first. He remained on his feet, wobbling back and forth after the direct kick to the head. After a few seconds passed, Raab then fell backwards to the mat like a tree that had just been cut down. His back crashed against the mat and his arms stretched out to his sides. Dropping to his knees, Eric hooked Raab’s leg as he rolled across his body for the count.

WINNER: Eric Donavan via Pinfall (10:01)

Backstage, the cameras switch after the match between Lord Raab and Eric Donavan concluded to Gabriel Hartman standing in front of the usually interviewing backdrop in his best rental suit. Cameras pan back to find Trish Newborn, who stands beside the interviewer wearing a 4CW shirt over her ring gear. Fans start to cheer for their favorite Californian veteran. Hartman takes his time awkwardly smiling, nodding, milking this reaction before pressing the microphone close to his lips.
HARTMAN: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome one of the participants in this evening’s co-headline gauntlet match for the Ignition Championship, Trish Newborn.”
Fans once again react giving a louder pop. Trish isn’t smiling, but instead has a serious expression written on her face. It was a look of focus and determination. Trish lowers her head as Gabriel Hartman continues.
HARTMAN: “Now, Trish tonight you have an opportunity to capture the Ignition Championship, along with two other wrestlers by the names Finn Whelan and DeMarcus Gresham, what are thoughts heading into a match where the longer you remain in the ring becomes a major factor in who walks out holding the gold at the end of Adrenaline?”
Trish lifts her head up.
NEWBORN: “These type of matches can, like totally, take a lot out of a person. It can be taxing on the body to last as long as they can until the last competitor and the last pinfall or submission. It’s survival of the fittest. I’m in the ring against three guys that are looking to stamp their legacy by competing at their peak. Three guys that are each aggressive and ruthless. I mean, we’ve seen the force that Jeb Fisher has been doing each time he has to compete in the ring, he’s scary good, and he’s a Tag Team Champion. Both DeMarcus and Finn aren’t strangers to success either, both have what it takes to make it big in this company. I just have to trust my ability tonight.”
She pauses.
NEWBORN: “That’s all any of us can do.”
Fans once again show their support. Cameras present widen shot, watching as Trish Newborn walks away from the interviewer set leaving Hartman holding the microphone once more as our scene returns to ringside.


The crying and screaming women couldn’t get enough of Craig… even with him against the barricade as Kaz lays the whup ass on him outside of the ring. The women behind the barricade are leaning in and taking a great whiff of air to swoon from that honey baked smell emitting off of Craig who is busy trying to keep his head from being knocked off his shoulders. Kaz finally jerks him away from the barricade and sends him running towards the ring as he’s able to stop himself from running right into it. He ends up sliding into the ring while the referee continues the count up until Kaz too has returned to the ring. Craig takes the golden opportunity of Kaz rising to her feet from sliding into the ring to attack, realizing it was easy to catch her off guard especially with how big of a roll she had been on during this match while Craig was doing well himself against the Octane Champion. Suddenly, some crumpled up hot dog wrappers are being thrown in the ring from the direction of the commentators table.
VASSA: “TOMMY! What are you doing!”
TOMMY: “Don’t worry about me. I’m just cleaning up the place a little bit.”
VASSA: “Into the ring?”
TOMMY: “Yeah, it fits in with the trash already in it!”
The wrappers attract the attention of Kaz who slows up on her dismantling of Craig to see where the wrappers possibly could have came from. Her first thought was from the audience until she sees the way American Tommy is looking at her from the commentators’ table. Raising an eyebrow at him, Kaz resumes her assault on Craig who ends up getting a few good licks in himself with some vicious blows before going for an one armed swinging neckbreaker. Craig was officially hyped as he moved like he just took a bite out of an apple from the Garden of Eden or perhaps helped himself to some delicious McVities biscuits as he baited Kaz to come closer. He yelled out “LOVE ME SOME ARSE OVER TIT” before going for that handspring headscissor takedown like a boss and received cheers from his obsessed admirers in the audience.
Craig moved like a man on the mission while Kaz met him halfway and had to remind him why she was the Octane Champion as she countered the set of strikes he threw her way and even countered the kicks he tried to sneak in too. He thought he could get away with a hard elbow to the face but Kaz ate it with a slight stumble back but she made up for it with catching him in the face with a swinging elbow of her own that had Craig taking two staggering steps back. Craig provided enough room between them for Kaz to throw a few punches before going for a snap suplex. As soon as Craig is on his feet, Kaz is right there and ready for him as she trades a few punches with him before going for an excellent tilt a whirl backbreaker. The arena was loud with blatant cheers for the two fan favorites in the ring, hard to choose between the two so the Kaz fans tolerated Craig and the Craig fans did the same for Kaz, both sides agreeing that this was one hell of a match. Cheering until, a voice is heard over the loudspeakers.
TOMMY: “Yo, hot dog man. I’m a bit hungry let me get one.”
Steve Johnson grabs the microphone away from Tommy and shakes his head much to this dismay of Tommy.
JOHNSON: “You can’t do that Tommy.”
TOMMY: “I’m just trying to get a hot dog, man.”
VASSA: “You should be taking notes on Kaz for your impending match.”
Tommy brushes them off and buys a hot dog from the vendor that is standing behind the table.
TOMMY: “Gonna worry about eatin’ this dog. I already have Kaz’s number, mate.”
American Tommy on the microphone had distracted Kaz slightly to the point where Craig was able to go for Craigslist and then a Rich Tea-Bone Suplex, dropping onto Kaz for the pin but Kaz was already kicking out at one. Far from discouraged, the honorable Craig rises to his feet and pulls the great Kaz to hers as well, pulling her forward but not expecting Kaz to catch him with a punch to the face and not wasting any time in going for a belly to belly suplex. She goes on dominating the match and there was a point where Craig thought he was close to getting the upper hand but Kaz proved him wrong with a Northern Lights Suplex. Kaz let out that howl and everyone knew the end was most likely nearing that seemed to come faster than they expected when Kaz went for The Dixie Stampede and then followed through with a pin as her fans counted with the referee’s hand tapping the mat until they got to three, erupting into loud cheers of happiness as the bell rings and the Octane Champion’s theme fills the arena.
Kaz celebrates the victory over Craig as a ring hand walks over to grab the title belt to give to Kaz. Tommy hopes over the announcer’s table and grabs the title belt before he can get it. Kaz, watching from the ring, is pointing and trying to get the referee’s attention of what is happening outside the ring. Tommy looks down at the title and up at Kaz and then back down to the title again. He smiles and walks towards the ring and up the steps. Kaz, holding her head after the brutal match with Craig, tenses up and gets into a ready position in case Tommy were to do get a bit squirrely. Tommy stands on the apron and raises his palm up as if telling Kaz that she has nothing to worry about. He steps into the ring and stands in front of Kaz who looks like she’s ready for another fight. Tommy looks down at the title again before handing the title over to Kaz who snatches it quickly from the smiling Tommy. Tommy and Kaz have a few words with each other has tommy points to the belt and then points at himself. Kaz, shakes her head and points back at herself. Tommy shrugs and rolls himself out of the ring walking up the ramp backwards as Kaz Bonham’s music is playing over the loudspeakers. Kaz walks to the ropes and raises the title belt high above her head as Tommy stares her down with intent as the cameras fade out on the scene.
WINNER: Kaz Bonham via Pinfall (9:15)

The Staples Center home to Los Angeles, California transitions to the locker room where the camera shows a shorter than average individual cloaked under the hoodie of a black jacket hopping up and down. What stands out is the graphical design of the word ‘relentless’ in a ripped dripping blood format, his elbow pads, the left forearm sleeve with ‘Holmes’ spelled on it and the MMA gloves. Before you know it, it’s Andre Holmes, turning around practicing his boxing striking as he prepares for the headline triple threat tag team match ahead of him.
His hazel eyes divert to the locker room door opening to the dismay of Hartman, 4CW’s resident backstage interviewer, walking in with a microphone under his chin. His fake smile doesn’t match the frustration and annoyance Andre has for him at this very moment as the warm up to such a huge match is definitely the priority for now. However, he rolls his hazel eyes, rubs his neat beard and gestures for him to get on with it as he keeps up with his striking.
HARTMAN: ”I’m here with Andre Holmes and as we can see, you’re preparing for the headline match of the night which a triple threat tag team match against Dakota Smith and Bronx Valescence, Chris Madison and Viduus Morta but your partner is Anastasia Hayden. How are you feeling?”
HOLMES: ”How am I feeling? I feel amazing, no. I feel fucking ecstatic that I get to have a headline match with literally the best competition in all of 4CW. This is exactly the type of matches and competition I wanted to push myself from the very beginning. I don’t stick to simple shit, I want the absolute best to improve every time I get in the ring and have that chance to upset all the critics and nay sayers who talk shit behind my back. It’s for the simple reason I joined 4CW and yeah, everyone’s counting me to be the weak point, the guy to take the fall but it’s not going to happen.”
HOLMES: ”Everyone in this match who isn’t Andre Holmes is probably laughing at the fact I’m ‘lucky’ enough to be in this match or even be the partner of Anastasia Hayden. So they can all make their jokes, laugh behind my back because I’m going to use this match to send a strong message to everyone especially Viduus. At Ante Up, I’m walking out the new 4CW Pride Champion. I want him to see what I’m going to do to him and everybody in that gauntlet match who sees me as cannon fodder or has overlooked me as not even a threat.”
HOLMES: ”In the end Hartman, I always get what I fight for and the 4CW Pride Championship is only weeks away from coming around my waist. As for now, I have a tag team match to win and mouths to shut up so get out of my way!”
Hartman gets shoved aside by Andre who storms out of the room and the camera transitions back to ringside.


On quite the tear, Jeb Fisher entered tonight’s Ignition Championship Gauntlet first as defending champion, in what is undeniably his toughest defense to date. Starting things off with him is Trish Newborn, another fast rising name of the Octane brand since signing with 4CW a couple of months back. Jeb didn’t want to part ways with the championship, having a hard time just handing it over to the official before the start of the match. As the official held the championship high, presenting it to the Los Angeles crowd, Jeb decided to take matters into his own hands and start the match off on his terms – before the bell even sounded. Rushing past the official, Jeb quickly closed in on Trish, trapping her in the corner with nowhere to go. He swung directly for her head, only to miss as Trish swatted his arm away and fired back with a stiff punch to Jeb’s chest. Grabbing Jeb by the arm, Trish pulled him in and slammed Jeb into the corner before grabbing onto the top rope and using it for leverage as she began kicking Jeb in the stomach over and over. Eventually she kicked Jeb down to a seated position with his back to the corner before transitioning her kicks to stomps. She then pulled Jeb up to his feet before wrapping him up and lifting him into the air, throwing him back down to the mat with a scoop slam. Grabbing the top rope once more, she used it as leverage again as she continued stomping down onto Jeb’s body.
Jeb fought through the kicks crashing down onto him, pushing himself up to all fours. He went to push himself up to both knees and being the little helper that she is, Trish gave him a helping hand, or foot, as she kicked him in the face, knocking him up to his knees. Taking a few steps back, Trish lined up her next shot as Jeb shook away the cobwebs. Rushing in, the then leveled him with a step-up enzuigiri! Jeb was seeing stars after that kick and Trish knew it. She pulled him back to his feet, unloading across his chest with a series of backhand chops and backing him into the corner once more. Trish didn’t stop there, oh no. Swinging faster and faster, she continued chopping Jeb’s chest. Kicking for his stomach, Trish’s attack was brought to a screeching halt as Jeb caught her foot before impact. Stepping forward, he then wrapped her up before falling backwards and pulling her down face first onto the middle turnbuckle with a reverse Russian leg sweep. With Trish down, Jeb wasn’t giving her a single second to get her act together before he hooked an arm around her head and one underneath her knee, holding her in place as he began ramming multiple knees into her ribs.
Pulling Trish up from the mat, Jeb then planted both fists into Trish’s chest, knocking her backwards into the corner. Grabbing her by the head with both hands, he then pulled her head down, holding it in place as he began popping his knee up over and over, driving it into her face. Wrapping her up, he used all of his strength to lift her off her feet and throw her over his head. Trish hit the mat hard and the sound brought a smile to Jeb’s face. Turning around, he kicked her in the side as hard as he could, rolling her over to her stomach. Standing over her and kneeling with a leg on each side of her body, Jeb then grabbed her head and began cranking on her neck. Holding her head tightly, Jeb then slammed her face down onto the mat with all of his strength before dragging her face back and forth across the canvas. Standing to his feet, Jeb punched his fists together over and over before punching himself in the jaw. Pulling Trish to her feet, he positioned himself behind her before going to wrap both arms around her waist. Before he could lock his hands, Trish reached back, grabbing Jeb’s head before flipping him over his shoulder and throwing him to the mat with a snapmare.
Jeb pushed himself up to a crabwalk position but before he could rise, Trish stomped down onto his stomach, knocking him back to the mat. Over and over, she stomped down onto his abdomen, keeping Jeb down. She then focused on his legs, stomping them half a dozen time before coming down with an elbow drop to the inside of Jeb’s knee. Pulling Jeb to his feet, Trish then wrapped him up, locking both of his wrists before lifting him up and over, dropping him flat on his back with a bridging Northern Lights suplex! With Jeb’s shoulders pinned to the mat, the official quickly raced over with the count.

Kicking out just in time, Jeb kept himself in the match as the officials three count was cut short. Giving Jeb two punches to the face for good measure, Trish then stood to her feet before pulling Jeb up from the mat. As soon as Jeb stood up, he threw his arms forward, pushing Trish backwards a few steps to create some distance between the two. Lunging forward, he went for the homerun swing as he aimed his fist for Trish’s head. Ducking underneath the punch, Trish ran forward before leaping through the air. She planted both feet on the middle ropes before springboarding off and spinning through the air. Jeb turned to face Trish as she closed in with Air Trish (springboard roundhouse kick), catching her in mid air before she connected her foot to his temple. Her leg was trapped over his shoulder and before she could even begin to free herself, Jeb slammed her to the mat, driving his shoulder into her as her body came to a stop. Still holding onto her, he began to stand to his feet while pulling her up as well. Spinning her to face the opposite direction, he locked in a full nelson and in the blink of an eye, slammed her back to the mat with the Soap Drop (full nelson bomb)! If Trish wasn’t already in a world of pain before the Soap Drop, she was now after the fact. Climbing back to his feet, Jeb then pulled Trish up and her head between her legs. Wrapping both arms around her waist, he then lifted her upside down in the air before jumping up and coming back down, dropping her flat on her head with his Abandon All Hope (jumping piledriver)! Making the cover, he hooked her leg for good measure are the official wasn’t far behind with the count.


It wasn’t long after the official counted three that we heard “Into The Fire” by Asking Alexandria play throughout the arena. Coming out of the curtain was Finn Whelan, headed straight to the ring for his chance in the Ignition Championship Gauntlet. Finn didn’t waste anytime at all, sliding into the ring before Trish could roll out to exit. Before Finn could get to his feet, Jeb was already on him, kicking and stomping on his back. Pulling Finn up to his feet, Jeb connected with a left body blow, forcing Finn to buckle over from the impact. Swinging with his right, Jeb swung down, hitting Finn in the back of the head and knocking him down to all fours. Pulling Finn back to his feet, Jeb then forced his head down before wrapping him up. Instead of another jumping piledriver, Jeb lifted Finn into the air before taking a few steps to launch him into the air with a tossing powerbomb. As Jeb released Finn, Finn grabbed Jeb’s head with both hands, pulling him down to the mat with a facebuster! Jeb rolled over to his side, propping himself up with one arm as he rubbed his face with the hand from his other arm. On his feet, Finn then turned to the ropes and after coming back on the rebound, he slid feet first, connecting with a sliding forearm shot to Jeb’s face!
It was no secret what Jeb was capable of inside of the ring and Finn knew that. Keeping Jeb down on the mat was a much needed way to slowly wear down the monster of a man. After connecting with a jumping knee drop to Jeb’s chest, Finn mounted himself on top of Jeb before unloading with rapid fire elbow strikes to Jeb’s head. With Jeb seeming to be out of it and unaware of his surroundings, Finn eased up just for a moment, long enough to climb back to his feet. Walking to Jeb’s feet, Finn grabbed a single leg and began maneuvering it to set in a figure four leglock. Before he could fully apply it, Jeb pulled his free leg back, bringing his knee to his chest before kicking his leg straight with all of his strength. His foot crashed into Finn’s chest, knocking him backwards to the mat as he tripped over his own feet. The two rushed to their feet, Jeb standing first before rushing towards Finn. Just as Finn stood tall, Jeb dropped his shoulder and exploded forward, spearing him to the mat right where he stood. Jeb popped back to his feet, yelling as loudly as he possibly could before pulling Finn back to his feet as well.
Locking onto Finn’s wrist, Jeb then whipped him to the corner as hard as he could, even dropping to his knees after releasing Finn due to throwing all of his weight forward. Finn crashed into the corner before stumbling forward. Pushing himself up to a three point stance, Jeb then erupted to his feet, charging across the ring straight for Finn. He lowered his shoulder once more for what would be a second spear in less than a minute. As Jeb closed in, Finn side stepped him, locking his leg with Jeb’s and bringing him face first down onto the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Jeb’s head bounced up from the turnbuckle, the momentum even standing him up in one fluid motion. Jeb stumbled along the ring on his feet, completely unaware of his surroundings. Falling backwards, Jeb fell into Finn’s arms where he then found himself locked in a sleep hold. Finn cranked down on the pressure, cutting off Jeb’s oxygen supply. Jeb fought to free himself, failing to do so and even wearing himself out the more he fought. Spinning the two together, Finn then fell forward, pulling Jeb down backwards and slamming him to the mat with his Fenian Rising (spinning sit-out sleeper slam)! Jeb was motionless on his back, finally being put down after going through one opponent prior to Finn. Making the cover, Finn pinned him to the mat as the official slid in beside them with the count.


Just like before, the speakers came to life following the officials three count. This time, “Form Follows Function” by Lupe Fiasco drowns out the sounds of the Los Angeles crowd. Out from the back, DeMarcus Gresham walks out onto the entrance stage. He wastes no time as he heads down the ramp, headed straight for the ring. As he enters, Jeb finally rolls to the outside to be assisted by members of the ringside crew. Standing in the far corner of the ring, Finn looks on, giving DeMarcus a fair chance to get in the ring and situated. Before the two can even begin to wrestle, the sounds of Jeb yelling can be heard from ringside. He shoves a few members of the ringside crew, making it clear that he doesn’t need any of their help. If it hadn’t been for the ringside crew, Jeb would probably be back in the ring right now coming for Finn’s head but he isn’t. His attention is focused on exhibiting that he doesn’t need any help at all. Finally creating a path to exit, Jeb waves off the ringside crew before heading to the back, as if he forgot about the Ignition Championship being left behind.
This isn’t the first time either man left standing in the ring has been against the other. Both men were quite familiar with one another having faced months prior in their 4CW debuts. It was no time at all before the two found themselves locked up in the center of the ring. Using his size advantage, Gresham quickly overpowered Finn, driving him backwards until Finn’s back was at the ropes. Popping his knee up, Gresham found a nice landing spot for it which just so happened to be Finn’s stomach. Locking onto Finn’s arm, Gresham then pulled him away from the ropes before sending him racing across the ring to the opposite side. As Finn hit the ropes and bounced off, Gresham took off straight for him. Dropping his shoulder, Gresham speared Finn in the center of the ring, laying him out completely. Finn was one for three against the spear for the evening and now found himself looking up at the lights above. Pulling Finn up to his feet, Gresham unloaded with a quick three hit combo, two to the body and one to the side of the head. Lifting Finn into the air, Gresham then dropped him across his knee with a backbreaker. Not releasing Finn, Gresham stood back to both feet, still holding Finn in his arms. He then dropped Finn across his knee for a second backbreaker, still not releasing him as he stood back to his feet. Lifting Finn up even higher, Gresham held him over his shoulder before turning to the nearby corner.
Carrying Finn with ease, Gresham then went to launch him into the air towards the corner but before he could, Finn slipped from his hold and dropped to his feet behind him. Jumping as high as he could, Finn kicked both legs straight, planting his feet into Gresham’s back with a dropkick and sending him stumbling forward into the corner for a crash landing. Back to his feet, Finn rushed in, grabbing Gresham by the head with both hands and slamming him face down onto the top turnbuckle. Finn then pulled Gresham away from the corner before wrapping an arm around his head. Stepping up onto the middle rope, Finn turned his body and Gresham’s before leaping towards the center and bringing Gresham face down to the mat with a bulldog. With Gresham face down, Finn then positioned himself beside him, firing at will with rapid elbows to the side of Gresham’s head. Standing tall, Finn then pulled Gresham up to his feet. Out of nowhere, Gresham pushed Finn away, creating a few feet of distance between the two. Lunging forward and swinging with all of his might, Gresham went for Finn’s head but came up empty handed as Finn ducked and stepped in behind him. Locking in a full nelson, Finn the lifted Gresham off his feet before hitting him with a sit-out full nelson atomic drop! Crawling over Gresham, Finn went for the pin as the official raced in with the count.

Finn slapped the canvas in frustration before pushing himself back to his feet. Grabbing Gresham by the head, Finn pulled him up but before Gresham completely stood, Gresham grabbed Finn’s legs and took them right out from under him, dropping Finn to his back. Holding both of Finn’s legs elevated, Gresham then jumped up, extending his leg and dropping it across the inside of Finn’s knee. Gresham was up in no time, walking over to Finn’s upper body before pulling him up to his feet. Keeping Finn’s head down and body bent over, Gresham locked in a double underhook before lifting Finn up and over, slamming him to his back with a butterfly suplex! Rising to one knee, Gresham lifted Finn’s upper body, setting him in a seated position. With one arm Gresham applied a headlock, holding Finn’s head in place as he hammered down with multiple right hands to the top of Finn’s head. Standing up and pulling Finn to his feet as well, Gresham turned him around to face him before hooking one arm over his head and one under his knee. In one quick motion, Gresham dropped Finn to the mat with a fisherman’s neckbreaker!
Finn was slow to get back up after that neckbreaker, but Gresham surely wasn’t. Pacing the ring, Gresham kept his eyes glued on Finn as he began to push himself up. Just when Finn stood on both his feet, Gresham stormed across the ring, charging straight for Finn. Extending his arm, Gresham clotheslined Finn with every ounce of strength in his body, lifting Finn off his feet and flipping him in mid air before crashing to the mat. Turning to his right, Gresham hits the ropes again, this time bouncing off and with a few steps of speed, he jumped forward, extending his leg and landing across Finn’s throat with a running leg drop. Rolling over on top of Finn, Gresham went for the cover as the official dropped in with the count.

Kicking out just before the two count, Finn kept himself in the match. Pushing himself up to both knees, Gresham then swung down twice, connecting with back to back stiff punches to Finn’s dome. Pulling Finn to his feet, Gresham then put on a clinic of boxing styled punches, landing each and every single one to Finn’s body and head. After connecting with an uppercut that forced Finn to look straight up to the lights, Gresham then locked onto his wrist and whipped him across the ring to the ropes. Upon Finn’s return, Gresham lifted him off his feet before spinning around and planting Finn to the canvas with his Black Diamond (spinebuster)! Rolling off of Finn, Gresham did a few pushups before standing to his feet. Pulling Finn to his feet, Gresham then pulled his head between his legs. Wrapping both arms around Finn’s waist, Gresham then lifted him into the air for a powerbomb but what came next was a counter from Finn. Firing with rapid rights, Finn rained down punches onto Gresham’s head, stopping him from completing the powerbomb. Rolling backwards, Finn hooks his legs around Gresham’s head, lifting him off his feet and throwing him to the center of the ring with a Frankensteiner.
The two raced to their feet, Finn standing first and just as Gresham stood, Finn was right there to greet him with a swift kick to the stomach. The kick forced Gresham to lunge over, allowing Finn to hook one of his arms and wrap another arm around Gresham’s head. Lifting Gresham off his feet, Finn then dropped him on his head with his Titim Ceann (lifting underhook DDT). Finn exploded back to his feet as Gresham remained down seeing stars in his vision. Pulling Gresham to his feet, Finn then lifted him up with a pump-handle before slamming him back to the canvas with a reverse STO (Revelation 6:4). On his back, Gresham lied motionless with his arms stretched to his sides. Crawling over Gresham, Finn then hooked a leg for the pin as the count wasn’t too far behind.


WINNER: Finn Whelan (16:57)

Moments after his match we find Jeb Fisher walking through the curtain, making his way to the back. Before he can even get any resemblance of emotion out – He is blindsided by someone.
Jay drives his shoulder into Jeb’s gut, slamming him up against a wall before starting to wail on Jeb’s already damaged rib cage. Shot after shot he brutalizes the sides of Jeb, you see the rage build up inside of Fisher as he raises his arms up almost in Gorilla like fashion and slams down his closed fists on the back of Jay. This stuns the man for a few moments, enough time for Jeb to viciously smack him in the jaw with his knee, a loud sickening crack echoes throughout the backstage area as Jeb wastes no time before grabbing Jay by the back of the head and driving it directly into the wall. A crimson mask starts to pour down Jay’s face as he throws his elbow back catching Jeb square in the jaw. The 4CW wrestler takes a few steps back and that’s enough time for Jay to run in for the kill, almost superman punching Jeb’s jaw off.
JOHNSON: “These two are going to kill each other!”
VASSA: “Well that’s what happens when you threatens someones girl, you get got!”
With Jay now on top of Jeb reigning down blows, things don’t seem to be looking to good for our former Ignition champion. But that is when Jay gets cocky screaming in Jeb’s face.
MENTEZ: “You bent forward in C-block, didn’t you? Bitchnigga!”
Jeb uses this breif sense of dominance to overpower Jay – shoving his thumbs into the man’s eyes before giving him a swift, knuckle pointed out, shot to the kidney. Jay rolls off Jeb, but the barbaric one isn’t done as he rolls himself to his knees and in one barbaric motion starts to hammer fist down directly onto Jay’s sternum and stomach area- like a man pounding on a drum, one blow after another.
Jason feels the brunt of it everytime both fists land on his midsection. Air hissing out of him each time that is until Jeb starts mocking him. Jay takes what energy he has left and takes a strong right elbow right to the weak point in Jeb’s solar plexus making him pause and fold down for the first time since starting those gorilla type strikes. That giving Jay the opportunity to forgo his head especially considering the known damage done to it massively headbutting Jeb hitting the bridge of his nose giving him all the space Jay needed to crawl out from under Jeb and wobble to his feet. Jeb holds his nose while coming to his feet the blood tickle already showing past the palm of his hands. The rage in Jeb’s eyes intensifies at this moment as if that is even possible while Jay pulls his hands up getting loose as he approaches the behemoth. Jeb throws all that to the wind his bloody hands clenching seeing Jason still approaching him, he swings like a madman. The smaller Jason using movement to save his life cause Jeb hitting you is like a Mack truck hitting you, something he’s quickly come to learn. Jason’s sidestep comes with a jumping left elbow this time cracking Jeb in the jaw and making the man come only to a knee. Jason looks for the finish with his all black Timbs but Jeb is able to grab his leg before he extends and grabs him with a double leg takedown.
JOHNSON: “Did you expect to see a street fight tonight?!”
VASSA: “No, but this is great!!”
Jason hits the floor hard but uses the momentum against Jeb breaking his grip and scooting back as quickly as he can getting the space he needs. Jason gets to his feet faster Jeb doesn’t have enough time for the black Timb that lands along his neck, shoulder, and head. Jason is only able to get a few more stomps in before backing up and holding his head feeling the effects of the damage and heavy bleeding. Blood that reaches Jay’s mouth he spits to the side and looks down at the still rising Jeb getting to his feet. This making Jason more frustrated than he expected.
MENTEZ: “I see you fuckin hardheaded Popeye.”
FISHER: ”Bout to feel how hard my dick is! SPANKY!”
And with those words, Jeb pushes himself up and towards Jay, tackling him into a concession stand. Jeb then wastes no time as he starts to land strike after to strike to Jay’s already fucked up head. Blood dripping down from Jeb’s nose mixing in with Jays as he continues his punishment. Jay reaches out, grabbing for anything – and just as fate would have he grips a glass bottle of some unbranded alcohol and slams it across the face of Jeb. The bottle’s ass end shatters over Jeb’s face as he he rolls of off of Jeb and scratches at his eyes trying to remove the glass pieces. The two men slowly make their way up to their feet – a foot or two away from one another. Jay still holding onto the now serrated handle of the bottle as Jeb looks at him like a mad man. Jeb licks his lips, that shit eating grin that we have all come to accept washing over his face.
Just as Jay pulls back his arm and goes to release the full force of his strength into Jeb the security grabs him, and Santana steps in front of him begging him to calm down. Jeb was going to use this to his advantage when Cosmo Cooper hits the scene grabbing ahold of the raging animal and telling him to calm the fuck down. The two men share an exchange of hate speech before the camera fucks off into something else, leaving you all in a mystified state of what exactly just went down. Like a tornado in a trailer park, over before it even began.

Cutting elsewhere backstage, Anastasia Hayden is hanging around the back as the camera rolls up to her. She gives a look at the camera and acknowledges the audience with a slight smirk for a moment before adopting her usual stern glare.
HAYDEN: ”The WOLVES back on the prowl. But only in a sense…because tonight it’s not about the Wolves just yet. Don’t worry though, soon enough, but I can’t spoil anything. So instead, I’m here to talk about my partnership tonight with Andre Holmes. It’s truly an honor for Andre to get to team with me tonight. And even more so that he’ll get to win a match with his favorite wrestler, yours truly.”
Ana gives a not-so-humble shrug.
HAYDEN: ”And tonight’s about sending a message, right? Everyone is looking to say, ‘Hey, I’m going to win at Ante Up!’ with a big, emphatic victory, but let’s be real…what happens tonight doesn’t really matter. Win or lose, I’m still heading into Ante Up with the same goal and I’m planning on leaving the exact same way. Now, can I say the same for Andre? I don’t know, but it’s not really my business to care.”
A second shrug from Ana; this time one of simple disinterest.
HAYDEN: ”All Andre needs to do is just watch and do as little as possible not to fuck everything up. I know, that’s asking a lot out of him, but for the first time, I’m going to put a little bit of trust into Andre. He’s been swimming along with the current for so long, a win like tonight would be the first step to finding his stride. Not to mention, I’m sure he’d love to get a chance to beat Dakota and honestly? Who wouldn’t, right?”
She smirks; still entertained by the idea of a Crooked Kingdom member losing.
HAYDEN: ”So tonight, I’m going to help Andre win. I’m not letting Bronx, Dakota, Madison, or Viduus get in the way of that. I won’t even let Andre get in the way if he feels like fucking it up! It’s going to be the Anastasia Hayden Show featuring Andre Holmes as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care what any team in this match brings or how well they mesh…I don’t give a fuck. If you all want to fight amongst yourselves, then do it. If you want to work together for a big ol’ victory…then do it.”
Her grin dies down as she narrows her eyes, taking a step up toward the camera.
HAYDEN: ”But it’s not going to be easy. I won’t let it be easy. So try. Try as hard as you possibly can. You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work…but then again, they never accounted for a person of my ability. I don’t need Andre by my side, but I’ve got him, so you better believe that we’re going to walk out of Adrenaline tonight with a victory.”
Ana lets her last sentence hang for a bit before wrapping her message up.
HAYDEN: ”Try and stop us.”
Ana holds her glare and heads off as the camera goes elsewhere in the arena.

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez is just entering the arena, dressed in his usual leather jacket and faded jeans. Soon as he walks in, he is greeted by Alessandro Quagliaterre, who is giggling at his counterpart.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Nice of you to finally join the rest of us… Mariano. I don’t what you were so occupied with doing that it takes you hours to turn up to an event which you are the Main Event of… when you literally have nothing else going for. Real professional of you. Great job. Absolutely smashing.”
Alessandro clapped his hands together like a otter seal sarcastically, mocking the punctuality of Mariano’s arrival to the arena. Manny, on the other hand, looks at a wristwatch on his hand, then staring at Alessandro quizzically, throwing his hands as if he didn’t know.
FERNANDEZ: “Seems to me I arrived just in time, chico. What do you think I could be doing?” (He grins) “Playing Skyrim?”
Alessandro rubbed his chin, thinking. Mariano assumed he was going to give an answer.

Alessandro then rubbed his chin some more, maybe he was ready to speak?
Alessandro paused, and rubbed his chin again. Manny looks at him, somewhat quizzically.
FERNANDEZ: “There’s something on your face, mang?”
Alessandro pupils dilated in rage, as Mariano interrupted his train of thought.
QUAGLIATERRE: “How dare you? Does it look like I was finished. How would you like it if I interrupted you? Little piece of shit! Don’t ever cut me off.”
Alessandro then rubbed his chin again.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Right now, what was the question?”
Mariano was about to respond, but Alessandro quickly got in a retort before he could.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Psyche. I’m not an idiot. Made you twitch haha.”
Alessandro giggled.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Where I think you was, was all the places you shouldn’t have been for a night like tonight. You want this opportunity so bad, yet your preparations for it are so ill informed, it makes me wonder, it makes others wonder. How bad do you really want it? But then… that has always been the problem with you Mr. Fernandez. You are always concerned about the opinions of others. When you should be concerned with your own opinion. Fuck all of them. Except me. My opinion matters. Yours however… doesn’t.”
Alessandro took a breather, and it appeared as if he was going to rub his chin again!!!
QUAGLIATERRE: “Go on. Speak up. Cat got your tongue?!?”
He finally allowed Mariano to respond, who, hands on hips, looked away at times, as if he’d heard it all.
FERNANDEZ: “See, here’s the thing, mang. This is always something that repeats itself whenever I go. First people don’t take me seriously. They think I’m a god damned joke, and I can live with that. Hell, I DO IT ON PURPOSE, mang, because it sets me apart. If I cared THAT much about the opinions of others, why would I be doing this shit? But this is different, chico.”
He nods.
FERNANDEZ: “I don’t want to ride it out on last year ALL the time, ‘cause I’m not god damned Jason Cashe. But when I’ve done something few people can claim they have, and that perception HASN’T changed despite ALL evidence to the contrary, mang – I’m starting to have a problem.”
He narrows his eyes as his eyebrows furrow.
FERNANDEZ: “And I have a problem because I make it a POINT not to stoop to that god damned level, mang. I REFUSE to be like you, or Laughlin, or everyone else that’s been giving me shit ever before coming back. You hear what Ana said to me? She said I shouldn’t be here at all.”
After that, he scoffs.
FERNANDEZ: “That I’m past my peak, that I did it once and I can’t do it again. Comments like that, and you about how bad I want it, and Laughlin about a retard scoring a touchdown, mang – THAT’s what puts me here. THAT’s how bad I want it, because I want to reach a god damned HIGHER LEVEL!”
Somewhat exasperated, he raises his voice at that last statement.
FERNANDEZ: “And since I can’t STOP the god damned perception that not once (he counts) BUT twice it was all some dumb luck – ‘cause that’s the same shit I’ve been hearing since I debuted NINE YEARS AGO, I’m coming to BREAK that god damned stigma, mang. ‘Cause it’s just about god damned time.”
This time, his voice drops to a murmur, rising again as he follows.
FERNANDEZ: “I want to enter Ante Up through the BIG gate, not out of the god damned window. That means a 4CW Title shot contendership. That means winning this main event. And that-”
And after that, he points right at Alessandro’s face.
FERNANDEZ: “-means ripping you, and Laughlin, both apart. Not to make you change an opinion you won’t change – not to prove you wrong because I KNOW neither of you will admit to be proven wrong. No. This is for god damned VINDICATION, mang. To show that I finally did it IN SPITE of what everyone else believes, and I did so without compromising who I am.”
A small, tense silence after that.
FERNANDEZ: “THAT’s how bad I want it, mang. And I can’t give a shit what your opinion is.”
Alessandro placed his hand, over Mariano’s mouth, to stop him from talking.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Zip it. I’ve heard enough.”
Alessandro calmly kissed his teeth in response.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Oh Mariano. Living in the past… there is not future in it.”
He shook his head vigorously.
QUAGLIATERRE: “So Miss Hayden said some means words about you? Maybe I or Laughlin did as well.”
Alessandro held his hands up admittingly.
QUAGLIATERRE: “BOO FUCKING HOO. Get over yourself, chico.”
He gave him a too sweet hand gesture, and mocked his problem? what problem meme face.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words, cannot hurt you.”
He ever so slightly, flicked his finger on the edge of Mariano’s shoulders, bullying him.
QUAGLIATERRE: “You ever wondered why it repeats itself? We are creatures of habit Mariano. You claim difference, but I differ. You are no different to fall into the trap of this routine. Unless you change your behavior, alter your mindset, and switch on that fuse within you to realize when playtime is over. Then, and only then, will the perception you reflect to the world be altered. So yes, you do have a problem. A problem of failing to learn how to adapt to the situation.”
He then removed his hands from over Mariano’s mouth.
QUAGLIATERRE: “The only thing you will be ripping later, is not me or Bryan. You’ll be ripping yourself, you’ll be ripping your underwear, and you’ll be ripping farts in fear of how badly you’re going to get put to work.”
A small chuckle by Mariano, who lifts his hands.
FERNANDEZ: “Jason Cashe did that already. I ain’t following THAT example, mang.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Not following your own either. Guess that’s life huh?”
This time it’s Mariano who takes his hand to rub his chin.
FERNANDEZ: “Hang on, mang – what do you mean not following my own?”
As Alessandro tries to speak, it’s Manny who lifts his hands up now.
FERNANDEZ: “Wait- don’t answer that. Rhetorical question. I AM my own example, mang. Everything I do is because I want to be EXEMPLARY. From inside and out the ring, to work ethic, to methods, to god damned Twitter. I SET OUT to do this shit to be a god damned example of SUCCESS, despite overwhelming odds. Despite playing the game on the highest available difficulty…”
He lifts a hand up to ask for patience.
FERNANDEZ: “And yes, I know you don’t care about videogames, but when everyone makes it their point in their messages, because of course everyone has to ask other people to be original when they can’t put the effort themselves, well, I just have to answer them that way. I know when playtime is over, I’ve known it from the very moment I accepted the call to be back in 4CW.”
He balls his two hands into fists.
FERNANDEZ: “And as soon as I stepped into Retrograde, I KNEW I had to bring a different game. But EVEN besides that, and being better than last year, I still have to deal with the same shit. And yet I find myself here, once again, looking for that title shot again. I’ll see what happens if I cross that bridge, but I fight for my name, mang. I fight for respect. I fight so that people look at 4CW and say “MANNY” among the biggest names. And I know it’s possible, mang. It’s happened elsewhere I went. It has happened, here in 4CW, not once, but twice.”
He smiles, and gives him a wink.
FERNANDEZ: “… Why can’t it happen, nay, why SHOULDN’T it happen, a third time?”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Shut up. You talk so much nonsense.”
FERNANDEZ: “I get told that all the time, chico.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “What gave you the impression I don’t like video games?”
FERNANDEZ: “You may like them or not, mang, I meant you don’t want to hear it from my lips.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “You are absolutely right. I don’t want to hear anything from your lips. Infact the only time I want to hear a sound from you, is when you’re crying like a little bitch. I used to love video games when I was young, but then I found a purpose. I found a drive, far greater than a bit of self pleasure from getting repetitive strain injury on my wrists. You want to talk the part, look the part, and walk the part. Drop all this juvenile behaviour, and you’ll move mountains with what you could do Mariano.”
Mariano ponders to think, but shakes his head slowly.
FERNANDEZ: “I don’t cry. Neither when I started and was blackballed, nor do I now. I do what I do because it’s only who I am. Nothing else, and nothing less.”
He gives him a defiant look.
FERNANDEZ: “I don’t expect you, or anyone else, to understand. But I know I can do this shit, and as I said earlier… I’ll do it on my own terms.”
And with that, he proceeds to walk away.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Can’t believe he walked out on me. I was totally going to do that. Fucking cuck.”
Alessandro then disgruntled, paced away from the area, leaving the cameraman on his own with his thoughts and a blank picture.


Up next we have a triple threat tag team match featuring champions and their contenders. On one team we have the Pride Champion, Viduus Morta, teaming with the 4CW Champion, Chris Madison. On our second team we have Andre Holmes and Anastasia Hayden. On our third team we have Dakota Smith and Bronx Valescence. No team has a single person on the same page. Ana and Bronx, while on separate teams, will be challenging Chris Madison in three weeks at Ante Up for the 4CW Championship. Andre and Dakota will be challenging Viduus Morta for the Pride at Ante Up as well. It’s quite the cluster fuck if you ask me and if anyone questions the booking negatively, all blame shall be placed on the head of Jimmy Walker who is probably neck deep in Perry’s leftovers with a nose full of cocaine. Now that wasn’t off topic I don’t know what is.
Things started off with Andre, Bronx and Madison as the legal men and it wasn’t long before the three of them found themselves in the center of the ring exchanging punches with one another. Madison connected with a stiff right to the side of Bronx’s head, knocking him sideways into a roundhouse kick from Andre! Bronx quickly fell to the mat and before his body crashed against it, Andre turned to Madison and caught him off guard with dropkick to the chest. The dropkick knocked Madison backwards into the ropes and as he came forward, Andre popped up to his feet just in time to lift Madison off his feet before throwing him back to the mat with a powerslam! Bronx had begun to climb back to his feet and before he could even get to one knee, Andre was right there standing over him, slamming both arms down onto the back of Bronx’s shoulders with a double axe-handle. Grabbing Bronx by the head with both hands, Andre held it in place as he popped his knee up, ramming it directly into Bronx’s face and dropping him back to the mat.
With Andre focused on Bronx, this gave Madison more than enough time to get back to his feet. Grabbing Andre’s shoulder, Madison spun him around and delivered a series of lower leg kicks, backing Andre up across the ring before his back was against the ropes. Locking onto Andre’s arm, Madison whipped him to the ropes and as he came back on the rebound, Madison positioned himself in the center of the ring. Once Andre came within range, Madison wrapped him up in stride, lifting him off his feet and throwing him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Madison pushed himself up and into the direct path of Bronx’s foot, never once expecting the superkick that knocked him off his feet and flat on his back. Looking across the ring, Bronx locked his eyes on Andre who was almost to his feet. Taking off from stand still, Bronx rushed towards him before leaping through the air just as Andre stood, wiping him out with a crossbody! Andre fell backwards with Bronx on top of him. In position for the pin, Bronx went for it even though it was early in the match.

Bronx’s body slid off of Andre as Madison pulled him by the leg, breaking up the pin. With Bronx’s foot in hand, Madison then applied an ankle lock. Twisting and cranking down on the pressure as hard as he could, it was if Madison was trying to snap his ankle in half right then and there. Andre was down and the ropes were nowhere even close, leaving Bronx alone to fight through the pain and find a way out of this predicament. Now the two may not see eye to eye, but there was no way Dakota was going to stand back and watch Madison force Bronx to submit. Entering the ring, Dakota rushed in behind Madison, kicking him in the back of the head in full stride and knocking him down to the mat, forcing him to release Bronx’s ankle. Dakota jumped onto Madison’s back and began swinging down wildly, hitting him over and over in the back of the head without a single care in the world. Drawing back for one final blow, Dakota went to swing forward but his arm suddenly came to a stop as Viduus grabbed him by the wrist. Cutting his head to the side, Dakota looked up at Viduus in anger but before he could make a move, Viduus pulled Dakota off of Madison and dragged him across the ring by the arm before throwing him through the ropes and to the outside of the ring.
Keeping her cool and remembering the big picture, Ana remained on the apron, watching at the Pride Champion ejected one of his contenders from the ring. Now it was Andre who was back on his feet and with Viduus leaving the ring, there was no need to focus on him when both Madison and Bronx were both down on the mat. Pulling Bronx up from the mat, Andre spun him around to face the opposite direction before wrapping him up. Lifting him into the air, Andre dropped Bronx on his head with a German suplex before popping back up to his feet. He then turned to Madison who was slow to get up, just now getting to all fours. Jumping into the air, Andre extended his leg as he came down, laying it across the back of Madison’s head and slamming him face first to the mat with a leg drop. Pushing himself up, he then pulled Madison to his feet before whipping him towards the corner where his partner, Ana, stood on the apron. Madison crashed into the corner and right behind him was Andre, racing in with a running clothesline that nearly took Madison’s head off!
Andre quickly made the tag with Ana and before you knew it, she was in the ring full of energy and ready to get her hands on Madison. With Madison in the corner, Ana began hitting him in various spots with left and right kicks. She then aimed a little higher, connecting with a solid kick to the side of Madison’s head. Pulling Madison away from the corner, she then lifted him into the air before dropping him back down with a side slam backbreaker! Madison quickly shot up to an upright seated position, reaching behind him and rubbing his lower back. On her feet again, Ana then unloaded with multiple stinging kicks to Madison’s back. After connecting with her sixth kick to Madison’s spine, Ana rushed past him and headed straight for the ropes. Bouncing off and coming back even faster, the jumped into the air feet first, extending her legs and planting both feet in Madison’s chest with a drop kick that instantly knocked him backwards, crashing to the mat.
She heard foot steps behind her which caused her to quickly spin around in defensive mode. She lowered her guard at the sight of Bronx standing tall, backing towards his corner slowly where he then made the tag with Dakota. Dipping through the ropes, Dakota ran at Ana full speed and right into a spinning back kick stopping him in his tracks. She quickly wrapped an arm around his head and hooked one of his legs. What she had in mind next was a fisherman’s DDT but it clearly wasn’t what was on Dakota’s mind as he swung upward, connecting with a blunt blow to Ana’s stomach. He ripped his leg away from her grip before hooking her leg and then lifting her up into the air. With Ana at her highest point, Dakota then slammed her to the mat with his Deadman Wonderland (fisherman’s suplex into a sit-out powerbomb)! Dakota quickly made the cover and as the official dropped down for the count, Bronx dipped through the ropes.

Madison was climbing to his feet as well. At least he was until Bronx shoved him, knocking him backwards.

Madison tripped over Dakota’s legs, falling on top of Dakota and breaking up the pinfall. It was clear that Bronx was saving Ana from eating the pin, but this way he could say that it was Madison and not him, at least for the remainder of the match to prevent a possible meltdown between him and his partner Dakota that could potentially cost them the match. Grabbing Madison by the head, Dakota slammed it onto the mat a few times before turning back to Ana. Lifting her head up, he held it with one hand before licking his fingertip and then tracing the letters “XOXO” on her forehead. Pulling her to her feet, Dakota then threw her to the corner where Bronx stood on the apron. Dakota rushed in, leaping feet first through the air and planting them both into Ana’s chest with a drop kick. Ana dropped down to a seated position with her back against the corner while Dakota slowly pushed himself back to his feet. He turned to Bronx for the tag but Bronx was nowhere to be found. Bronx was now down on the floor, reaching over the barricade and signing a sign brought in by a fan which read “Cuck Kingdom”. Shaking his head, Dakota waved him off before turning back to Ana and stomping down onto her stomach over and over.
From behind, Madison clocked Dakota over the back of the head with a running forearm shot, stopping his attack on Ana instantly. Dakota spun around, throwing a wild backhand only to get his arm caught by Madison. Pulling Dakota in, Madison then lifted Dakota off his feet before throwing him over his head with a T-bone suplex. Dakota hit the mat and rolled fluidly up to a seated position. Running in behind Dakota, Madison connected with a bicycle kick to the back of his head, knocking Dakota forward and laying him completely out. Pulling Dakota to his feet, Madison then walked him over to his corner where Viduus stood on the apron. Holding Dakota in place, Madison pointed to Viduus and then to Dakota, asking Viduus if he wanted to get his hands on Dakota. Rubbing his hands together, Viduus nodded, signaling Madison to throw Dakota into the corner and make the tag.
Viduus slowly entered the ring as Madison exited to the apron. He placed a hand on Dakota’s shoulder but in the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Ana getting back to her feet. Turning his attention to her, Viduus then charged straight for her, kicking her in the face with a running big boot that sent her stumbling backwards into her corner. As she crashed against the corner, her arm flew over the top rope, connecting with Andre which was recognized as a tag by the official. Viduus didn’t notice it and neither did Andre at first. It was only after Viduus was standing over Ana and beating her senseless with lefts and rights that Andre realized he was tagged in. Viduus wasn’t letting up though. He continued punching down onto Ana’s face over and over like a mad man. Entering the ring, Bronx rushed across the ring to make the save. Pulling Viduus away from Ana, this made Viduus rather angry as he turned to look Bronx in the eyes. Viduus said a few words, more than likely reminding Bronx of the arrangement the two had made months prior. Whatever it was, Bronx didn’t take a swing at Viduus, he just listened.
From behind, Andre grabbed Viduus shoulder, spinning him away from Bronx and connecting with an open palm strike to Viduus’ face. Andre then grabbed Viduus by the head and pulled it down, throwing him through the ropes and onto the apron. Reaching over the top rope, Andre pulled Viduus to his feet. He hooked an arm around Viduus head and grabbed his waistband to lift him off his feet. Kicking his feet, Viduus managed to bring his weight back down and feet to the apron. Viduus then exploded with energy as he lifted Andre upside down into the air. Falling backwards off the apron himself, Viduus dropped Andre to the outside floor with a suplex! It was a rough landing for both as they remained on their backs in no hurry to get to their feet. Both being legal men in the match, the official was left with no choice but to begin his ten count.

Hearing the officials count cause both men to begin to stir as they started pushing themselves up to their feet. Viduus stood first but Andre wasn’t far behind him, only a step behind which just so happened to be all Viduus needed to attack him. One right, two rights, three rights, Viduus punched Andre in the back of the head over and over before throwing him into the barricade at their side.

Andre’s arms were stretched across the top of the barricade as he held himself up barely. Rushing in, Viduus clotheslined him over the top of the barricade, taking them both over the top and spilling out into crowd.

Inside of the ring, Dakota was on top of Ana, kicking her over and over while she was down. Pulling him away was Bronx which only angered Dakota. He understood that the wolves were back together but tonight Dakota and Bronx were partners, not Ana and Bronx.

The two partners yelled at one another until it all came to an abrupt stop as a drink flew through the air and smacked Bronx in the side of the head. Bronx looked in the direction of where it came from, locking his sights on Madison. Bronx then pointed to Madison and began calling him out and not being one to back down from a challenge, Madison entered the ring as well.

Madison and Bronx then began swinging on each other, both connecting with just as many punches as they received themselves. Dakota turned his attention to Ana, pulling her up from the mat and ramming her stomach over and over with knees.

Bronx swung at Madison’s head as hard as he could, missing barely as his body spun to face the opposite direction from the momentum. Ducking down, Madison placed his head between Bronx’s legs from behind before lifting him up into the air on his shoulders. Pushing Bronx up even further, Madison made him airborne and as Bronx began to fall back to the mat, Madison wrapped him up and slammed him to the mat with the End Game (Electric Chair German Suplex), minus the bridging pin attempt.

Andre and Viduus were tearing each other apart in the crowd without a single care in the world for the officials ten count. Back inside the ring, Dakota whipped Ana to the ropes and as she came back on the return, he exploded forward and went for a clothesline. Ducking underneath Dakota’s arm, Ana hit the next set of ropes before bouncing off. Running straight for Dakota just as he turned arounds to face her, Ana leaped feet first into the air, connecting with her She Was Only Seventeen (running single leg dropkick)!

Both Dakota and Bronx were down on the mat and not appearing to be going anywhere anytime soon. In the crowd, Andre and Viduus beat the living hell out of one another, using whatever they could get their hands on to hit the other. Both Madison and Ana were both on their feet with their backs turned to one another.

The two backed into each other, causing Madison to spin around instantly by instinct. Reaching around Ana with a rear waist lock, trapping one of her arms. Before she could even pull herself away from him, Madison jerked her arm as hard as he could, forcing her to spin around in place a complete three hundred and sixty degrees. As she spun, so did Madison and as soon as he was looking at the back of Ana, he connected with a rolling elbow strike to the back of her head, dropping her to her knees with his Comatosed.

Ana then fell forward, slamming her face against the mat as she dropped. With Viduus and Andre fighting their way through the crowd, Madison held his high as the bell sounded. Bronx, Ana, and Dakota were all down on the mat, leaving Madison as the only one standing in the ring other than the official. He raised both arms into the air in victory before dropping them to his sides instantly as the announcement of Bronx and Dakota being the victors due to Dakota being the legal man, and Andre and Viduus being counted out. This received mixed reactions from the crowd as Madison questioned the officials call. Unfortunately for him there wasn’t anything to questions, the call was right. Madison then waved them all off before exiting the ring and grabbing the 4CW Championship. He headed up the ramp, leaving the official standing alone in the ring without a conscious body between Bronx and Dakota to raise an arm.
WINNERS: Bronx Valescence & Dakota Smith via Countout (14:44)

Laid back in her office and definitely not in the mood was Phoenix Quagliaterre as she had her face up to the ceiling as if she were looking for Jesus even though she didn’t believe in him… unless it was Baby Jesus Valescence. A cool, wet cloth rested on her forehead and her eyes were closed as if she were concentrating but she was really just nursing a headache. Dr. Antonia Patton stands in front of the desk and has to remind herself that the cameraman is there shooting them so that means she has to be careful with the way she approaches Phoenix especially making sure to not say anything that she was told in confidence by her fire breathing client. Phoenix sighs dramatically and offers no words for a conversation to her therapist so per usual, Dr. Patton has to make due and provide it herself.
PATTON: ”So… Santana seemed rather upset by the way she bolted out of the arena like that. Aren’t you worried? I mean, she was alone and shouldn’t be out like that at this time of night.”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”She’s grown and trust me when I say that Santana has been in far much more situations in far worse places so she is fine. She was already not having the best day and I really dont think she wanted to be here tonight and I am pretty sure seeing Jeb and Jason get into it did nothing for her current emotional state. She probably is on her way back to New York at this moment with just wanting to get home. I dont agree with her just running off like that because I am sure Jason is worried about her and wondering where she is.”
But Phoenix couldn’t really be bothered with that right now because she already had her own issues to worry about… like her boyfriend wanting to kill her after details of Phoenix’s upcoming tv series being released and finding out that Jae-Yun Sun was going to play her boyfriend. Of course Phoenix didn’t think of the consequences about her boyfriend’s enemy engaging with her in a romantic manner on television in a drama series and you would have thought with that gigantic forehead of hers, it housed enough sense for her to know better. She had panicked so hard out of fear of facing her crazy ass boyfriend sometime this week that she had actually worked herself up into having a headache, not to mention the detective that was going around asking questions concerning Elysian getting set on fire. She certainly wasnt in the mood tonight and just wanted to be left alone.
PATTON: ”I think it would probably be best if you came in Friday for a session.”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”No can do, it’s football day. And before you inquire about tomorrow, I am taking my kids to the children’s museum and needing to spend plenty of time with them before they leave for Ales’ on Sunday and stay with him for a whole week. A WHOLE week… my nerves are all over the place just thinking about that. I wonder if he will be overwhelmed with having them for so long… it’s making me nauseous just thinking about it. Not because they’ll be with Ales’ but more of they’ll be gone so long. A week is pretty long to me especially since I am used to always having them. But.. I am sure they’ll have fun and enjoy themselves which is all that matters.”
PATTON: ”Well maybe you can get some much needed wind down time? You seem to be easily agitated nowadays and your temper has traveled to new heights with how quickly you get triggered.”
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Well its not my fault that the world is filled with dumbasses that should have got vacuumed out of their momma’s pussy in an abortion instead of existing to annoy us.”
PATTON: ”Now Phoenix, that is not nic-“
Dr. Patton’s words cut off when suddenly a pack of stickypads hit her bountiful chest from Phoenix launching them at her before Phoenix points to the door.
QUAGLIATERRE: ”Out… get out, I don’t have the patience to deal with your self righteousness right now. And put the word out that if you aren’t my girlfriend, friend or son walking through that door then they are fired.”
Dr. Patton starts to protest until Phoenix picks up a large electric pencil sharpener that is chalk full of pencil shavings, threatening to ruin Dr. Patton’s very nice white blouse if she doesn’t do as she says. Frustrated with her client but putting up a calm front for the cameras, Dr. Patton heads for the door as Phoenix fusses at the cameraman to get out too before he’s working at Dollar General.



After an entire show of segments, matches, the main event is next in line. The final qualifying match for the 4CW Championship and three amazing competitors are looking for a chance at that. Los Angeles, California will have a great main event consisting of Bryan Laughlin, Mariano Fernandez and Alessandro Quagliatierre. The cameras transition over to Johnson and Vassa sat behind the announce table ready to call the main event.
JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally reached our main event of the evening and it is a stacked match for the final chance at the 4CW Championship main event at Ante Up. Alessandro Quagliatierre, Bryan Laughlin and Mariano Fernandez will be the final three going at it for a shot at the biggest prize in professional wrestling.”
VASSA: ”So we have a guy who thinks he’s an online troll, the ex-husband of the superior Quagliatierre and a dude who is trying to be Pennywise’s cousin? Great choice, all fuckin’ terrific!”
JOHNSON: ”Unlike my partner, Mariano, Bryan and Alessandro are all looking for their chance to have the greatest glory one could ever achieve at Ante Up. To become 4CW Champion on the biggest PPV of the entire promotion will edge their names maybe in the Hall of Fame in the future. It’s an opportunity you have to sacrifice everything for and the reward is worth the risk!”
VASSA: ”Whatever! Names that are already in the match are Anastasia Hayden, Chris Madison and Bronx Valescence. If I don’t know who from this match is gonna have a fuckin’ chance, honestly, Imma’ choose Alessandro because he got some swag to it! Ya’ know what I mean?”
JOHNSON: ”Now and as a matter of fact, let’s take it over to Powers for the match introductions before I vomit.”
The camera transitions from the announce table to the interior of the ring. Powers stands in the center adjusting his tie then raises his microphone up to his lips.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, this match is our main event of the evening! It is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall and the winner will be the last qualified wrestler for the 4CW Championship main event at Ante Up!”

The lights dim out to an almost pitch black darkness. The crowd falls silent wondering what is happening. The sound of a woman screams.

The lights turn back on illuminating brightly around the arena. Music subtly preludes into the arena, with a continuous phonetic utterance echoing around the venue by the same female who was screaming.
“Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum
Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum
Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum
Bum bum be-dum, bum bum be-dum bum”

“Disturbia” by Rihanna then plays on the sound system, and the crowd immediately responded with a mixed reception. Alessandro Quagliaterre then bursts through the curtain full of energy. They are decisive in their indifference, not sure whether to love or hate him with the tension at a knife edge. He soaks in the atmosphere and poses at the top of the ramp with a couple of dabs. He elongates this action for a considerable length of time, and this pisses the crowd off.
“No more gas in the red
Can’t even get it started
Nothing heard, nothing said
Can’t even speak about it
All my life on my head
Don’t want to think about it
Feels like I’m going insane
“It’s a thief in the night
To come and grab you
It can creep up inside you
And consume you
A disease of the mind
It can control you
It’s too close for comfort”

He smiles back at the crowd, unaffected by their response, and then in his own time, he slowly walks down the ramp without a care in the world.
POWERS: ”Introducing from Alpine, New Jersey… weighing in at two hundred forty pounds… ALESSANDRO QQUUAAGGLLIIAATTEERRRREE!!!”
He really drags this on and extends the crowd patience to it fullest by taking as long as he wants. The audience gets frustrated throwing, even more, shade in the direction of Alessandro, but he brushes it off.
“Throw on your brake lights
We’re in the city of wonder
Ain’t gonna play nice
Watch out, you might just go under
Better think twice
Your train of thought will be altered
So if you must falter be wise
Your mind is in Disturbia”
“It’s like the darkness is the light
Am I scaring you tonight
Your mind is in Disturbia
Ain’t used to what you like

He then finally reaches the ring, and slowly walks up the steel steps, and poses some more on the turnbuckle, to really rub it into the crowd that he has arrived. He then flips down, waiting patiently by the corner of the ring, ready to unleash all types of hell on his opponent.
VASSA: ”Yep! That’s my pick! That’s my motherfucking gun! Alessandro Quagliatierre is the future of 4CW and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have their head slapped far up their ass! This is the dude to lead it on and change the 4CW Championship into the #QuagChampionship!”
The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.


POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida… ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”

The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, posing to the crowd going wild. He then beings striding decidedly and steadily to the ring.
“In the days of kings and queens I was a jester
Treat me like a god or they treat me like a leper
They see me move back and forth between both
I’m trying to find a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)

Once he climbs the apron and passes between the ropes, he raises his fist to the air, receiving a HUGE crowd pop!
“I’m trying to find a balance, I’m trying to build a balance
(“No reason or rhyme!”)”

As the music and the lights come back to normal, Mariano grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.
VASSA: ”Does he HAVE to scream that every time he comes down to the ring?! Holy shit! I think he busted my right ear drum!”
JOHNSON: ”Hate him all you want but he is a former 4CW Champion! He deserves his credit where credit is due and Los Angeles is also on his side. He wants a rematch for the 4CW Championship and if he wins, that rematch will be a major payoff for his career.”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed he then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
JOHNSON: ”And here is Bryan Laughlin, the former Octane Champion. This is his second chance at an opportunity due to him losing to Bronx Valescence in the South Beach Brawl Cup. He’s very hungry for the shot and some say he may be walking down a path of insanity. Either way, this match will be amazing!
VASSA: ”Okay, enough of the cliche happy go lucky hype. Time for some action so get this match fucking started!

The match begins with Alessandro leaving the ring then staying at ringside folding his arms. He has no intentions of wasting his energy so early in the match and Mariano turns around wondering why he won’t fight. Before he knows it, Laughlin rolls him down on the canvas for the pin attempt but Mariano kicks out just as the referee was about to make the count. He rolls backwards to his feet then Laughlin comes forward with Rapid Fire Forearm Blows into his head backing him up into the nearest corner behind him. Taking his right arm, he whips him into the opposing corner then charges into him for the European Uppercut!

JOHNSON: ”Right off the bat, Alessandro is keeping out of harm’s way using every trick in the book to gain an upper hand in the match. Laughlin has taken Manny by surprise and a vicious European Uppercut nearly took his head off!”
Manny leans against the turnbuckles rubbing his chin from the uppercut. Laughlin runs back into the ropes, rebounds and suddenly meets a running Fernandez taking him down to the canvas from a Flying Forearm into the forehead. As Laughlin lands down on the canvas, Manny helps him back up to his feet. He ducks under the right arm then takes him from behind before delivering the Dropkicksault into his spine. Bryan is forced into the ropes, rebounds back into Fernandez and gets taken down to the canvas from the Headscissors!

JOHNSON: ”Mariano Fernandez is back in the mix and he’s not wasting any time getting the match back in his favor. Here’s the pin attempt!”

Alessandro drags him out of the ring by pulling his ankle. He holds the back of Manny’s head then slaps his face across the apron edge. Manny leans against it covering his nose with his right hand until Alessandro pulls his hair back then slams his back against the barricade. He gets inside the ring and charges over to Laughlin who is back on his feet before ripping his arm across his chest from the Lariat! Laughlin gets put down on the canvas again and he drops on his chest hooking the leg up for the desperate pin attempt!

VASSA: ”Yes! That’s the game plan a winner uses! Fucking A! This is the way the 4CW Champion should act and look, smart and cunning! Here is the pin attempt!”

Bryan kicks out of the pin attempt and Alessandro drags him back up to his feet. He holds onto the right arm before whipping him into the ropes; Bryan ducks the thrown right arm upon the return, comes back after the rebound only to land that Jumping Double Knee Strike into the chest forcing him to rocket back against the turnbuckles. He runs back into Alessandro again and another Running European Uppercut blows his head back forcing Alessandro to walk out of the corner; In almost sheer bad luck, Mariano leaps from the top rope for the Springboard Missile Dropkick blasting him out of the ring!

VASSA: ”What the flying fuck?! Are you shitting me?! There ganging up on Alessandro because they both know they can’t equal up to him! This is some grade A bullshit!”
Mariano looks down at Alessandro at ringside and smirks before turning around to see Laughlin charging at him. Learning from his mistakes, he pulls down the top rope letting Laughlin crash all the way to the outside. Both men are trying to get up and Mariano holds onto the top rope with both hands. He leaps onto it, jumps into the air and a Springboard Shooting Star Press completely lays all three men in a giant carcass with Los Angeles getting off their seats to approve of that daredevil stunt!

JOHNSON: ”What the flying fuck?! Are you shitting me?! There ganging up on Alessandro because they both know they can’t equal up to him! This is some grade A bullshit!”
Fernandez gets on his feet, looks down to both of his opponents on the mat, shrugs his shoulders and drags Alessandro back into the ring. He helps him slowly but Quagliatierre breaks the hold off of him then plows Manny back with a High Knee Strike turning him around; Fernandez responds with a Pele Kick forcing Alessandro to fall back into the ropes. One great rebound gives him enough speed to charge into and hold him in his arms for the powerful Belly to Belly Suplex throwing him halfway across the ring!

VASSA: ”Wooooo! Belly to Belly Suplex and Alessandro isn’t done baby! He’s going to do something extremely crazy and I can’t wait for it!”
Damn right as Alessandro is in the corner, he’s punching his head repeatedly going into that mindset to let it all rip for the Zidane Headbutt. Seeing Manny trapped in the corner, he wastes no time exploding out of the corner in a sprint until Laughlin slides into the ring and catches him in the chain with a nasty Superkick blowing him down onto the canvas. The fans at ringside are in complete awe watching Alessandro just fall down to the canvas like a stick.

JOHNSON: ”The signature BTSE! The signature BTSE! Best Superkick Ever stopping him right in his tracks and it looks like he’s going for the pin but Manny has him in his grasp!”
Manny quickly catches him in his grasp as Johnson attempting the German Suplex but Laughlin overpowers him before spinning around to his backside. He tries the Full Nelson Suplex but Manny slips down before rolling him forward on the canvas. Laughlin stands up then Manny leaps behind him for the Reverse Frankensteiner spiking him on the back of his head! Standing on his knees, Fernandez runs to the ropes then rebounds for the signature Step-Up Enzuiguiri!

JOHNSON: ”The Gadfly! The Gadfly! The Gadlfy! Here is the pin attempt, Manny is gonna win this!”

No! Alessandro isn’t out of the equation as he shoves Manny off and drags him back up. He drags him across his shoulders in the Fireman’s Carry until Fernandez drops off behind him. He runs to the ropes behind him, rebounds back into Alessandro ducking under the thrown right arm. Suddenly, Fernandez gets onto the top rope in one jump then leaps mid-air but then Alessandro catches him with a the Zidane Headbutt forcing Manny to crash land on the canvas!

VASSA: ”The Zidane Headbutt! The Zidane Headbutt! Alessandro Quagliatierre has this motherfucking- NO! LAUGHLIN NO!”
Just as Alessandro was about to go for the pin, Laughlin takes him from behind and tosses him over the top rope to the outside ringside mat. He rushes over to the downed Fernandez, helps him back up on his feet before putting him across the shoulders. In the center of the ring, he spins around before spinning Mariano from off his shoulders into the finishing Double Knee Gutbuster in the center of the ring!



“Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead replays around the interior of the Staples Arena. Los, Angeles isn’t pleased but not as frustrated as Alessandro watching Laughlin get his arm raised by the referee from ringside. Laughlin walks over to the nearest corner and stands on the middle turnbuckle waving his hands around his waist. He also points down to the fans at ringside before pointing at Fernandez mouthing off how he will become 4CW Champion!
POWERS: ”Here is your winner by pinfall, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
Laughlin continues to celebrate as his music plays throughout the entire arena.
JOHNSON: ”There you have it ladies and gentlemen! We have our third challenger for the main event at Ante Up!”
VASSA: ”That’s right! We’ll be seeing Bryan Laughlin joining Anastasia Hayden and Bronx Valescence as they challenge Chris Madison for the 4CW Championship!”
JOHNSON: ”We also have our third challenger for the Pride Championship gauntlet match with Alessandro not eating the pin!”
VASSA: ”That’s one hell of a consolation prize for all three guys who didn’t pull it off in the 4CW Championship qualifiers, but kept themselves from being pinned. Now Alessandro will enter the gauntlet with Andre Holmes and Dakota Smith, challenging Viduus Morta for the Pride Championship!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been one heck of a night having both rosters on one show!”
VASSA: ”It sure has! Kimitsu Zombie will kick things off in the Extreme Roulette against Eric Donavan. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some Octane names coming after the XTV Championship since it will be on the line for the entire night leading up to the main event.”
JOHNSON: ”Ante Up is just three weeks away and it’s already looking to be one humungous card mixed with both Adrenaline and Octane!”
VASSA: ”Let’s just hope that no one decides to burn down the T-Mobile Arena before the big show. It’s a shame no one has been caught yet for burning down the Octane building two weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: ”As we’ve seen tonight, people are being questioned by Perry himself. We have some guys questioning people as well who appear to be detectives of some sort. Don’t worry Vinny. I have faith that someone will be brought to justice for ruining Octane’s one year anniversary show.”
VASSA: ”Cucked out of their one year anniversary!”
JOHNSON: ”Just like we’re cucked on time.”
VASSA: ”Ohh, nice one Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”I learn from the best.”
VASSA: ”Why thank you!”
JOHNSON: ”I meant the 4CW roster as a whole.”
VASSA: ”Well in that case, screw you I’m calling it a night.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both Vinny, you an me both. Folks, we’ll see you in three weeks for Ante Up as we travel to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!”
VASSA: ”The city that Octane burnt to the ground!”
JOHNSON: ”Actually Las Vegas itself didn’t burn down, just The Elysian.”
VASSA: ”Well then, speaking of Burn… he ain’t dead yo!”
JOHNSON: ”But our time slot will be shortly. From 4CW and the booth, we’ll see you all in three weeks at Ante Up. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
The cameras then focus on Laughlin once more as he continues celebrating his victory in the ring, as well as anticipating his big match coming up in three weeks. The picture then slowly begins to fade out as the credits begin to roll.