KING’S ROAD C21 (155)

Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Orleans Arena, as we are live from Las Vegas, Nevada. There’s a packed crowd tonight, excited for 4CW to return to its hometown. It’s the first episode of King’s Road with the 4CW branding, certainly a big deal for some.









Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd.

Down at the announcers’ booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa wait patiently before being given their queue to kick things off.

JOHNSON: ”Hello everyone, and welcome to 4CW King’s Road! It’s me, Steve Johnson, as always, here live from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas!”

VASSA: ”And of course, I’m Vinny Vassa. Jett, we’re back home!”

JOHNSON: ”Yes indeed! 4CW has returned to Las Vegas, and we’re doing something a little bit interesting here. Perry Wallace has decided to go outside of his company, and bring in some fresh blood. King’s Road starts a new chapter tonight under the 4CW banner.”

VASSA: ”Yeah, normally we’d see Wallace come up with a new show and hire somebody from backwoods Mississippi to run it. He’s thinking a little differently now because we’ve got an Englishman running things now!”

JOHNSON: ”Well, Vinny, I don’t exactly know what his nationality has to do with anything. I do know that Gareth Prescott was able to transform King’s Road into a successful venture. He’s made enough noise to capture Perry Wallace’s attention, now let’s see how that translates to 4CW tonight.”

VASSA: ”Oh, they’ve definitely got the talent to make this transfer smoothly. A lot of their roster is coming back, as is their current champions. Internet Champion Caroline Clarke is back, although not scheduled here tonight. Of course, Malik Fox, the brand new King’s Road Champion, has signed on as well.”

JOHNSON: ”Indeed so, but don’t forget some other familiar faces within 4CW that have returned! Lauryn Wolfe, Redd Thunder, Darryl Walker have all come back to be apart of King’s Road! And of course, Jett Wilder folks!”

VASSA: ”I can’t wait for the kind of ‘Wet for Jett’ crowd we’ll get out here!”

JOHNSON: ”We have some new faces here tonight, as Cartier debuts for 4CW. Aokigahara Zombie, Mitsuo Shimada, Johnny Amazing, Kenny Lovett, we have a lot of new talent to show off to you tonight.”

VASSA: ”Well I don’t think we’ll have to wait very long, Steve. This show is about to get started!”

The camera quickly cuts to the ring, where Gareth Prescott is standing by! He looks excited to be here, happy to be back in a King’s Road ring. Although this time it does look a bit different, especially with the 4CW branding all over. Gareth looks out to the crowd, certainly bigger than what King’s Road had been performing for over the last few months.

He takes a deep breath in and indulges himself at the moment for a quick bit.

PRESCOTT: ”Good evening Las Vegas, and welcome to King’s Road!!”

The crowd cheers for a moment, soon enough breaking out into a “King’s Road” chant throughout the Orleans Arena. They take just a brief moment to die down, as Gareth begins to talk again.

PRESCOTT: ”I don’t want to waste a lot of your time here, you won’t be seeing thirty-minute segments to start off these shows. I know you’re all very excited, as am I. We’ve come a long way from our starting point, and I’m glad that we’ve made it here. Perry Wallace has swooped in, and bought us up.”

There is a mixture of jeering and applause from the crowd, Gareth chuckles to himself.

PRESCOTT: ”He wanted something like Octane, but not as shit. That’s where we come in. You’ve probably seen us work in the Pacific Northwest recently, and in the Rockies before. This iteration is going to be covering a …bigger area, if I could say. From this point on, King’s Road will be touring exclusively up and down the West Coast!”

The crowd is excited about this news, knowing that King’s Road will definitely be back in Las Vegas soon enough. Gareth continues on.

PRESCOTT: ”It’s a big project, and I’m actually not the only person in charge. I’ve been told that I’ll find out about that at a later date, but we’re not here to dwell on that tonight. We’re here to give you all a show! Do you want to see a show tonight?!”

Gareth asks the crowd, and they respond loudly. Gareth, satisfied with their response, answers them back.

PRESCOTT: ”Alright then! Well, let’s get on with the fucking show! Welcome everyone to King’s Road!”

And with that, “Fox on the Run” begins to play again, as Gareth takes a bow for the audience. They applaud again, as he leaves the ring and heads out towards the back. It doesn’t take long to get into the show, as we quickly cut to the backstage area.

The view crossfades from the last shot to a locker room. In this locker room sits an aging brunette woman upon a steel chair. There’s a mirror among the cubbies and lockers hanging that the woman is staring into, that mirror revealing Emevlas Stastias. You should just call her Mevy for short since that could actually be a nickname for someone with a normal name. It seems as though this is something Mevy normally does, even though it’s fucking weird that she has a mirror in the locker room.

STASTIAS: ”The guy who created Dragon’s Lair once said, “I wanna see what you’re going to do.” That’s the motto, isn’t it? I wanna see what someone who has never stepped foot in the largest and most recognizable professional wrestling promotion tries as they’re being thrown into the fire in their first match there. I wanna see what’s truly in store for someone who made their name in a shitty place like WWH, because we all know WWH was simply child’s play before this. I wanna see what an Irish rose, the likes of which the world over knows of, is truly capable of doling out, because hearing about how good someone is and seeing first-hand how great they can be are two different things. Is that too much to ask? Because for– oh, and there’s a French guy. I almost forgot because I’ve not seen heads nor tails of him.”

Mevy stands up and folds her hands together, locking all her fingers except for her thumbs, both of which she taps against each other.

STASTIAS: ”I wanna see what all three of you are going to do, hence why I’m here first. I’m midwest murder incarnate, but I’m also a believer in letting decent people have their own last rites. Be those last rites something as funny as “let me close everything I own and not tell anyone” or something as stupid as telling me to stop with my jokes. So speak now or hold your peace before we all four shatter it, because that peace is very fragile these days.”

She turns around and “reveals” herself, even though we could fucking see her reflection in the mirror that’s still weird for her to have.

STASTIAS: ”I know. Such an overly dramatic reveal. oOoh.”

An unamused look crosses Mevy’s face as she continues her ramble.

STASTIAS: ”I wanna see what Kaelan’s going to do as one of the supposed best in the world… you know, aside from mispronouncing my name hundreds of times, as that’s literally the worst thing she’s ever said about me. You all know the saying “the cream rises to the top.” So does the scum along with it, and there’s where I come in. I come in to show that no matter what you do, there’s always going to be some of the scum of the earth at the top. I’m a fucking terrible human being, as evidenced by how many people decide “OH GOOD LORD, FUCK THAT BITCH FOR SAYING SOMEONE WHO’S DEAD IS DEAD!” and block me on Twitter for something that I do literally every single day and they’re normally OK with. I wanna see how someone like Kae–“

Mevy looks at the match card, which she wrote down on an index card and stuck on her mirror.

STASTIAS: ”…oh fuck, she’s a Laughlin. You know what that means for me? She’s ready for A N Y T H I N G.”

There’s some video manipulation, which slows down Mevy saying the word anything, shows the video in black and white, and slowly zooms in on the upper right corner with the word “anything” fading in. After a couple seconds, the video returns to normal.

STASTIAS: Let’s see… yep, there’s someone I can talk about without completely getting my shit wrecked. Chris Matthews! Some people would consider you an underdog coming into this fatal four-way match with the likes of Kaelan and me being in it… and that French guy. Some would say it’s because you were basically the flagbearer for WWH for a while, some would say you just can’t keep up, to whom I say you’d also decide to disassociate with me because I reference a video, but that’s on their dumb asses. Mathematically, you’ve got just as much of a chance to win as anyone else here, but there are two problems with that logic: you’re in a ring with me, and you’re in a ring with Kaelan. That, buddy, is called a double whammy, and you ain’t overcoming it no matter what. I, as the Only WWH Champion Worth A Shit(tm), personally won’t let it happen. I don’t think you’re bad, with that said. You’ve hung with a couple people I’ve actually heard of, so it’s not like you don’t have a chance at all. You’re like the Detroit Lions. All you need is one more piece and you’re there. I could tell you that piece, but where’s the fun in that when I could beat that piece into you? Oh my, indeed.”

Mevy smirks as she gets to the final participant.

STASTIAS: ”And finally, Claude… something or other. I sincerely want you to kick everyone’s ass so I’ll actually recognize your name. You’re like that FCS college that a team like Wisconsin faces to start the season that no one’s ever heard of. The thing about that is, no one will ever hear about them again unless they actually beat Wisconsin. Tell me, Frenchy… are you Appalachian State, or are you Cumberland? Are you going to actually pull the upset and pin someone like Kaelan or me, or are you going to get blown out so badly that you’re never heard from again? I ask because Appalachian State pulled the upset on Michigan while Cumberland discontinued it’s football program after 1916. I REALLY want to see what you’re gonna do with that comparison.”

Remembering how she started the segment… which would be really weird if she had forgotten, Mevy wraps up very simply.

STASTIAS: ”I wanna see what you’re gonna do. Now get outta here.”

And away the camera goes to film the first match on hand tonight.



The ovation that Mrs. Worldwide Lisa Seldon received as her music hit was met with a wink back to the crowd as she made her way to the ring and it was obvious that she appreciated it until Lauryn’s music started and the fans were on their feet immediately. Finally the return to a 4CW ring for Lauryn and she was touched by the welcome, making sure to slap the hands of the fans ringside.

As the bell rang to begin the match the two locked up in the middle of the ring and drove each other back and forth from post to post with each of them exchanging the upperhand before the referee finally broke it up. The two then squared up and exchanged strikes, each of them landing at a rapid fire pace to the other before Lisa swung a high roundhouse and was promptly swept as Lauryn ducked under and quickly went for a pin that resulted in a 1 count. Both Lauryn and Lisa were all smiles towards each other obviously enjoying the competition and dueling chants in the crowd.

Another exchange of strikes was had and the crowd were loving every second of it before Lisa went for a roundhouse, but again missed high, only this time she scouted the sweep and leaped off her foot and double stomping the chest of Lauryn before getting her own one count pin. On their feet Lisa took the quick advantage that began with a tie up and ended with her backing Lauryn into the corner with vicious muay thai knees but as her rotated for a spinning back elbow Lauryn ducked and unleashed backhand chops that pinned Lisa into the corner and dropped her with a jumping knee strike. Lauryn took a second to wolf howl to the crowd before hitting a basement dropkick to Lisa, but still only received a two count.

Lauryn quickly followed up with a running knee drop, but Lisa was ready for it and as Laryn held her knee in recovery her face was nearly kicked off with a running penalty kick. Lisa didn’t slow down as he continued her momentum to the ropes and leaped off with a springboard leg drop to Lauryn before grabbing her leg and completing a “Funlay Roll” basement roll fireman’s carry pick up. Lisa spits a bit of mist into the air from the blood trickling as a result of the dropkick and hits a Death Valle- wait a minute Lauryn lands on her feet! Lauryn jumps up with a roundhouse kick and completes “The Territorial Mark” signature move with a bridging german suplex for the three count and the win. The referee raises her hand as Lisa is in disbelief having nearly kicked out before three. Lauryn is sent off through the curtain to “Welcome Back” chant.


A video package begins with a shot of Johnny Amazing with his head down, raising up to stare into the camera.

???: ”I am Johnny…”

A quick succession of shots air showing the self-proclaimed Amazing One making his way to the ring during various entrances.

AMAZING: : I haven’t been here since the beginning, as some have so delicately pointed out. But I’m here now…

The next handful of shots we are treated to are ones of Johnny performing spectacular high-flying moves that all connect with their marks.

AMAZING: : I’ve worked my way up from the bottom more times than I can count and I have no problems doing it again. I have no problems showing this Road exactly who I am…

The scene abruptly switches to gorilla where Johnny Amazing stands before the black curtain with a smirk on his face.

AMAZING: I’m Ah-Ma-Zing~!

He winks at the camera and flashes his pearly whites as his music hits the speakers. Turning around, he pushes through the curtain to the entrance stage.



Mitsuo and Johnny wasted no time getting into the action as Johnny displayed his speed and ability to evade Mitsuo’s offense which frustrated the Japanese star. Quick strikes and multiple school boy roll up’s had Mitsuo enraged as Johnny sprung off the ropes running with a body block and was met with a nice wad of spit directly into his face before Mitsuo ducked. Johnny wiped the spit from his eyes and quickly stood to his feet as the two exchanged words and Johnny ended the conversation with a slap that brought a smile to his opponent’s face. Mitsuo replied with a slap of his own that sent Johnny back into the ropes but he quickly sprung forward with a clothesline and followed it up with multiples leaving Mistuo unable to get to his feet for more than a second as Johnny ended the attack with a hurricanrana that left Mitsuo sliding underneath the bottom rope to the outside to regroup. Johnny wasn’t having it and sprinted towards the ropes nearest Mitsuo before using them to leap to the outside with a tope suicida!

Getting to his feet Johnny shot a quick wink and gun to the fans chanting his name before lifting Mitsuo to his feet, a move that would change momentum as Mitsuo shoved Johnny into the apron back first before delivering a belly to belly overhead suplex into the barricade! A move that even put a smile on his face as he briefly broke up the referee’s ten count before whipping Johnny into the steel steps, but Johnny jumped and landed on top of them before countering it with moonsaul-no! Mitsuo moved out of the way and charges Johnny with a massive clothesline turning him inside out before rolling him into the ring for a two count pin. Mitsuo immediately traps Johnny on the mat with a headlock trying to ground the aerial star. And for what seemed to be eternity tried to suck the life from Johnny until he found strength through the chanting of the crowd and got to his knee breaking the hold with elbows. Johnny hits a russian legsweep and rolls through to his feet before landing a standing moonsault for a two count near fall of his own.

Johnny quickly goes to the apron and yells at Mitsuo to get up waiting to hit a springboard body block but Mitsuo catches Johnny in mid air and connects with a massive flapjack transitioned into an ankle lock and again Mitsuo tries to ground the aerial superstar before Johnny turns and recoils his feet pushing Mitsuo into the corner and wasting no time kips up and hits the “Ama-ZING” Yakuza Kick! Mitsuo staggers out of the corner and Johnny is already into the ropes looking for the beautiful disaster kick he calls “Blank Point” but Mitsuo catches him in mid air and plants him with a modified “Destiny Calls” for the three count and the victory!


Backstage at King’s Road, events will never be the same. Mainly because of the exorbitant gobs of cash that the 4 Corners Wrestling bigwigs are now throwing at it. The catering looks as though the Aria buffet had been carbon copied and placed in the common area of the Orleans Arena. Actual STAFF are around to keep the show running instead of local kids that the promoter “hired” in exchange for 30 minutes of wrestling training prior to the show.

It’s a smorgasbord orgasboard orgasboard, as Paul Lynde playing Templeton the Rat once sang.

That’s why our focal point of this particular segment seems very out of place.

Some art school graduate may call it “abstract art.” For the rest of us, we see a cylindrical hive constructed entirely of copper. It stands about seven feet tall and is wide enough to fit two people inside. The door to this third-rate attempt at the thing where Jeff Goldblum was transformed into a fly, is at the bottom on the ground in the form of a small ramp leading to the opening.

A familiar face stands beside it, curiously inspecting the handiwork. Lisa Seldon, whose heart is also likely made of copper, is fresh off her match with Lauryn Wolfe and already fucking snooping around like she owns the god damn place.

Unbeknownst to her however, is a masked individual who is trying to sneak past without her noticing. He is doing a Dunston-like shuffle while holding a house plant in front of him, as if this would in effect make someone catch sight of him less. Without warning, he retrieves a blue stress ball from the back of his tights and rolls it to her feet, effectively catching her off guard from her inspection.

The masked blue buffoon seizes his opportunity to hop into the hive while Lisa isn’t looking. As soon as the thud of the precious metal is heard from his entrance, the man begins making a “WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA” noise. This draws Lisa’s attention back toward the apparatus, and a look of surprise spreads across her face.

SELDON: “Whoa. It’s really you! It’s Astro Clyde!”

Clyde beams. Unfortunately for Clyde, when he smiles, it still hurts a bit from the incident where a Neptunian wrestler named Gagger Vance once tried to permanently stretch his mouth out like his lips were real-life clown makeup, but the man still has emotions.

CLYDE: “Yes, it is me. Hello Earth Lisa.”

From the top of the structure, a black fedora is lowered down on top of Clyde’s head by way of fishing line.

CLYDE: “You look as ravishing as the purple starbursts illuminating the Milky Way’s night skies tonight.”

Lisa flashes Clyde a look as if she’d just smelled shit. Clyde feels the top of his head and angrily pulls the fedora off of it, stomping it into the floor.

CLYDE: “Sorry about that, I hate when that happens. Nice to see you, I mean.”

Lisa shrugs as though it’s completely normal for a fedora to appear out of nowhere to turn someone into a chill-inducing douche.

SELDON: “You too. So what is this thing anyway?”

CLYDE: “This puppy? Oh, it’s nothing. Just an intermolecular transport pod.”

SELDON: “An intermolecular transport pod?”

CLYDE: “Yes, an intermolecular transport pod. Mere seconds ago, I was purchasing my ensemble for this very important inaugural gala: the debut of King’s Road under the 4CW banner!”

Lisa scratches her head as Clyde performs a fashion runway pirouette to show off his slick duds. With the exception of his mask, Clyde’s wrestling costume was currently covered in a pair of sweatpants with “BIGDOG” on the ass and a black T-shirt displaying the canine caricature of “Bone Cold” Jett Pawstin very loudly on the front, reminding its readers that this shirt will fucking rock your shit “because Bone Cold said so.”

SELDON: “You went to Big Dogs?”

CLYDE: “Not just any Big Dogs. THE Big Dogs Wearhouse Outlet, at the home of Big Dogs in Big Dog, Indiana.”

Playing off of this like a true banter champ, Lisa feigns a look of surprise.

SELDON: “You mean the one off Exit 347?”

Clyde nods, crossing his arms with pride as if he’d just won a prestigious championship.

SELDON: “That’s amazing. But I have a question, Clyde. I assume that for your transporter to work, you have to have another transporter over off of Exit 347 in Big Dog, Indiana at the Big Dogs…”

Clyde corrects her abruptly.

CLYDE: “THE, Earth Lisa. THE.”

SELDON: “Right, sorry. THE Big Dogs Wearhouse Outlet.”

CLYDE: “Thank you. And yes, your assessment is correct. The other intermolecular transport pod is there.”

SELDON: “OK. Well, my question is, are you just planning on only ever transporting to THE Big Dogs Wearhouse outlet?”

CLYDE: “Of course not! The intermolecular transport pod can transport me anywhere I want to go, as long as there’s another intermolecular transport pod at that location.”

Lisa, who may be one of the few people who will ever be able to tolerate this idiot, is still trying to hold back threatening strangulation if he says “intermolecular transport pod” again. She takes a deep breath and finishes her thought.

SELDON: “Well, how are you going to get that pod back?”

CLYDE: “Simple. I’ll transport back to Big Dog, check it with the airline on a flight back to my temporary residence in Juneau, then use the intermolecular transport pod to come back to Vegas, check it with the airline on the flight back to Alaska, and voila! Easy peasy.”

SELDON: “Easy peasy indeed, I guess. You know, actually, no. It just seems like a lot of to-do just to make a trip to buy clothes for this one particular show. I hate arguing logistics here, but couldn’t you have just flown out to THE Big Dog Wearhouse before tonight and saved yourself the trouble?”

Clyde chuckles, but it’s that annoying chuckle to where it’s condescending and comes off like you’re the smartest person in the room. Which is highly ironic considering the person it’s coming from. He places a gentle hand on Lisa’s shoulder, then immediately draws it back before she snaps his fingers off for making such an unwelcoming gesture.

CLYDE: “Well, this may not be traditional knowledge to Earth, but Big Dogs is considered formal attire on Neptune. And I thought it only proper to ensure I had the freshest threads of said attire, chock full of that Big Dogs Factory scent. Go ahead. Take a whiff.”

The Illegal Alien offers up a corner of his shirt sleeve for Lisa to partake. She obliges, and feigns a reaction as though she’s frolicking in a field of daisies and other pleasant potpourri.

SELDON: “I stand corrected. There’s just one problem now, Clyde.”

CLYDE: “What’s that?”

SELDON: “Well, now that I’ve gotten to smell fresh Big Dogs right out of the kennel, I feel a little underdressed. I mean, look at me. You’re all dapper and debutante, and I’m ripped and ragged! But hey, since you already have the transport pod here that’ll take me right to it, do you mind if I jump in and make a little shopping trip myself?”

The smile on Clyde’s face promptly drops to a panicked frown at the suggestion.

CLYDE: “Uh well um uh I mean uh, sure.”

SELDON: “Great! I’ll just hop on in here and…”

CLYDE: “WAIT! I mean, what I meant to say was…”

Astro Clyde is struck with inspiration to cover his pack of lies, thankfully just in time.

CLYDE: “Don’t trouble yourself, Earth Lisa! You see, it can’t just be any Big Dogs apparel. I will go and select it for you, this way you aren’t suffering a repeat of the great Neptunian Sparkle Ball of Hell of 1375. Oh boy, did that guy have Ronocerous egg on his face!”

SELDON: “Good point. I certainly wouldn’t want the King’s Road Sparkle Ball of Hell 2018 to be like the Neptunian Sparkle Ball of Hell of 1375, now would I? Sure, Clyde. I’ll just watch you get into the transporter pod and disappear off to THE Wearhouse.”

Clyde nods, as he makes his way into the copper chamber and turns back around to face Lisa, who is patiently waiting for the matter transporter to actually work before her very eyes. Fortunately, Clyde had thought of yet another tall tale to cover his tracks.

CLYDE: “You’ll have to turn around and look the other way for it to work. The intermolecular transport pod is very shy.”

SELDON: “Oh. Sure, that makes sense.”

Lisa complies, turning her back to Clyde and the futuristic shit heap. Clyde instantly makes the “WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA” sound as he dashes out of the scene, accidentally tripping over the house plant as he makes his strategic exit. Seldon smiles, shaking her head as we cut back to the action.



The Conglomerate is in 4CW, folks! Damien Miri is absolutely the crowd favorite here, well known through his escapades in the CWC. He has arrived in 4CW though, bringing along his crew with him. Vonn Richter, however, doesn’t seem to be very impressed. In fact, he lets Damien know this pretty quickly. Vonn uses his size to bully Damien, early going in the match. Clotheslines, Power Slams, and Corner Tosses seem to brutalize Damien as the match progresses. Vonn connects with a Forearm Smash, and a Big Boot to take control of the match. He taunts the crowd, and Damien, as he lifts him up to his feet. He tosses Damien to the outside, taking his time to meet his opponent. The little break seems to help Damien, as he comes to life on the outside. Damien strikes back, knocking Vonn Richter for a loop with a Standing Enziguri kick. Damien battles with Vonn Richter, as the two begin to brawl around the ring. They’re mindful of the ten count, each man doing his best to break the count as they go back and forth on the outside. Damien looks to take control of the match with a Shining Wizard, but Vonn Richter blocks the attempt. Damien panics, as Vonn has a hold of his leg, tossing him over the barricade and into the crowd! This match is on pace to quickly lose control, as Vonn follows Damien into the crowd. Before he can do anything, though, he’s promptly kicked in the crotch by Damien! The referee cannot see, in the commotion, as Damien heads back to the ring. With the ten count in effect, Vonn Richter is down and in pain. He cannot make it back to the ring in time!


Backstage of the Orleans Arena the cameras catch the boisterous and outgoing Cartier as she makes her way to the dressing areas with her bags in tow. A haggard-looking Gabe Hartman, 4CW’s intrepid vagabond of a backstage interviewer, ambles up to the arriving star.

CARTIER: ”Naw, I ain’t got no spare change, bruh.”

HARTMAN: “Cartier! If I could get a second with you…”

When he says her name, Cartier stops in place and looks Gabe up and down, apparently realizing that he isn’t hitting her up for a dollar. At least not yet.

CARTIER: ”Who you is?”

HARTMAN: “I’m the guy who interviews people here in Kong’s… King’s Road. Can you just give me a few sound bites I’d really love it… the 4CW guys pay me in cheeseburgers, and I’m pretty hungry. Just tell me your biggest goal coming into 4CW King’s Road!”

CARTIER: ”Yo, I’m here to make my name shine like diamonds, na’m sayin’? This ain’t no one and done shit, this ain’t gonna have no shutdowns and no hiatuses or whatever. Cartier come to get in on the ground floor because I know this is the place to be. 4CW been the place to be. King’s Road gonna be right there, neck and neck with Octane and Adrenaline and we gonna take over the world. Why wouldn’t I wanna have my face all over that shit? Damn, anyone who here NOT to be the best they can be just wastin’ everyone else’s time. I’mma be the face of this brand ASAP, you can bet on that.”

HARTMAN: “Well you’re definitely on the right track, your first match is tonight and its prize is a big one – a shot at the brand new King’s Road Internet Title! What’s your strategy going into tonight’s fourway?”

CARTIER: ”Winnin’.”

Gabe looks expectantly at Cartier, who just continues to stare back at him with wide eyes and a sarcastic scowl.

HARTMAN: “Uh… right… but how? You’ve got three talents as hungry as you are in that ring with you. Truck, Kenny, Noris… what are you going to do to get past them?”

CARTIER: ”I’mma win, like I said. What, you think I’m scared of them? I ain’t ever been in a fight I ain’t expected to win, no matter what. I been on the streets fightin’ four, five, six niggas…”


CARTIER: ”What?”

HARTMAN: “That word…”

CARTIER: ”What word? Nigga?”

HARTMAN: “Yes! That’s not allowed on TV is it?”

CARTIER: ”Nigga please. I say what I wanna say. Y’all wanna bleep it out later than bleep that shit out, I don’t give a fuck. Anyways, I ain’t worried about no three on one, I been did that shit a hundred times, and I win more than I lose. These three punks ain’t getting’ in my way.”

HARTMAN: “Well I think Truck might have something to say about that…”

CARTIER: “So?!? Let him say that shit to my face then. That bitch socks his only girlfriends that’s why they so crispy and stiff. He ain’t change his draws in six weeks. Plus that nigga like four foot tall. I ain’t scared of no mans that’s my height, you feel me? I’ll fuck up white Spud Webb any damn day. You know he ain’t bald headed by choice right? Nigga like 30 and got a hairline retreatin’ like suburban soccer moms when Black Lives Matter show up at the Kroger. Y’all watch, after I run his ass out of 4CW an’ he go back to deliverin’ toilets or whatever to businesses that ain’t within 500 yards of a school, you gon’ see his ugly ass on TV. He gonna go viral when someone catch his ass tryin’a take upskirts at Disneyland or some shit. Bet. Shit you think I’m worried about that shaved bigfoot lookin’ ass you trippin’.”

HARTMAN: “Uh… okay. Well. Even if you think Truck isn’t a threat, you HAVE to be aware that you only have a 25% chance of winning this match here tonight. That’s just math.”

CARTIER: ”It’s bullshit is what it is. I got a 100% chance of winnin’ because I ain’t settlin’ nor nothin’ less. Who gonna stop me? Noris? Look, I like him, he cool, but he ain’t even been doin’ this thang as long as me! I only had my first match this January and I’m a vet compared to his ass AND that walkin’ thumb lookin’ motherfucker Truck. Noris a sweet boy but he ain’t ready for a bad bitch like me. I got friends just like Noris back home in Brooklyn, and trust me, ain’t none of them ever wanted none of me. I’ll pull a dude high top fade right off his head just like I would any other bitches with ten dollar lacefronts talkin’ shit in my face. We in the ring, we ain’t out at brunch or some shit. This a fight, and in a fight I got too much for him. We still cool though, we gon’ hang out after I beat his ass.”

Cartier laughs like a braying donkey and sticks her tongue out, clapping her hands together vigorously, which makes her long fake nails click together and her costume jewelry jangle.

HARTMAN: “Well Kenny’s not new.”

CARTIER: ”Well Kenny’s not shit. You right, he ain’t new. He ain’t better than ya girl, though. Bitch, I just beat a girl on my own that was fightin’ like ten niggas at a time and winnin’ like a week later! I went into SAP wet behind the ears like a puppy who ain’t know shit, and I won a battle royal on like my second day in. I know none of that count for shit here in 4CW, but unofficially speaking I know I got what it takes to get by people like Kenny, even if they got experience over me. Plus he too nice anyways. He like them little Mormon school boys who come in the hood thinkin’ they can talk to my mama about Jesus and then run off cryin’ with peepee pants when they see a bunch of real thugs walk up. He probably do yoga and say Namaste and shit. I bet if he had one sippa Hen he be pukin’ in my auntie’s begonias. He ain’t comin’ to no cookout at my house and he ain’t winnin’ this match here tonight. He real nice though I bet he like little purse dogs an’ buyin’ local sourced vegetables.”

HARTMAN: “What does THAT mean?”

CARTIER: ”What you think it mean? We done? I gots to go.”

HARTMAN: “Okay! Thanks for your time Cartier… do you think I did good enough to get a paying job here in 4CW?”

CARTIER: ”Well anything possible, they paid Cass Baumer before so you got a shot. You stank like shit though. BYE!”

Cartier snaps her fingers and heads off to her dressing room as Gabe smiles with pride.



This one is sure to be a … well a four way match. We start with Truck Turner flexing for the crowd and as he turned around he dared Kenny to flex and he does, but Truck laughs and comments on his school boy chest. He flexed his pecs and dared anyone to chop him. Kenny tried and grabbed his hand trying to pretend it didn’t hurt. He dared Cartier to chop him and she acts as if she couldn’t be bothered but she then turned to chop him and it didn’t effect the Undercover Hoss. The last competitor in this twisted chop game is Noris Cranley and when he chops he spun and followed it up with a forearm to Truck but still nothing! Truck laughed them off until the three of them combined with a triple dropkick to send him outside and it broke down from there with Noris pairing off with Truck on the outside and Cartier going after Kenny who tried to cover up in the corner as Cartier swung her fists wildly towards the kid.

Truck and Noris fought around the ring throwing each other into the barricade and apron every chance they could. Noris tried to suplex Truck but his low center of gravity prevented that and Truck easily lifted Noris into the air and held onto him with one arm while flexing with the other in a stalled suplex onto the outside floor. Truck then gave one last flex to the audience before he was met with a suicide dive from Kenny! It seemed like a daredevil tactic but in reality, he was trying to get away from Cartier who was bullying him with slaps. Cartier then went to the ringside where the three of them were recovering and the fans wanted her to dive next but she waved her finger in the air and told them ‘hell naw’ before sitting back and watching Truck and Kenny get to their feet briefly before Noris hit a running shooting star press off of the apron!

Cartier took advantage trying to roll Kenny in the ring but only got a near fall. Truck was next into the ring and before he could go after Cartier she was hit in mid air by Noris who again used his aerial skillset hitting a springboard forearm that sent her rolling to the outside. Noris was fired up for a moment but Truck quickly put a stop to it chopping Noris into the corner to deliver a thunderous hoss sized running lariat that was followed up by Kenny driving a running knee into Noris. Kenny grabbed a hold of Noris looking for a suplex, but Noris ducked under and behind locking in his own German Suple- wait a minute! Truck locked his arms around Noris – DOUBLE German Suplex! Truck hits another flex for the fans that’s interrupted by Cartier delivering her signature “Eat This Ass” rear view maneuver but Truck catches that as well and german suplexes her on top of of the two men laying on the mat. The fans begin chanting “HOSS-STYLE” at Truck as he tries to stack all three competitors and pin them simultaneously getting a 1 count. Cartier rolled out of the ring again leaving Noris and Kenny who decided to work together and take down Hoss with competitive mirror strikes. Kenny tries to hug Noris when Truck eventually falls to his knees because of how well they work together but Noris tells them it’s superkick party time. Kenny obliges, but not before apologizing to Truck for bullying him. The two put Truck out with a superkick and Kenny wants another hug, but instead ends up eating a superkick of his ow- wait Kenny ducks and his feelings appear to be hurt from the double cross. Noris unleashes his ‘A Jitsu” rapid fire chops on Kenny and spins for the back fist finisher but Kenny kicks him and delivers his “Love Machine DDT”. Kenny looks remorseful as he climbs the rope apologizing for having done this and even tells Noris they can be friends afterwa- Cartier pushes his legs out and Kenny is ‘groin racked’ on the top rope. Cartier intelligently waited out the opponents and as she sticks her tongue out to mock the fans she climbs the rope and tucks Kenny’s head delivering the “Ca$h You Out Cold” piledriver from the second rope! She pins Kenny for the three count and the win!


We go backstage to find CWC & King’s road tag team champions The Conglomerate just laid back and relaxing. Damien Miri alongside Frederick Jameson, Nikolas Thoreau & Gregg Peake with his son Makaveli sleeping on his chest are all sitting by in some brown leather La Z Boys, complimentary of Hudson Hughes, their agent and former boss.

MIRI: ”Guys, I just want to congratulate you for yet another successful month since the Conglomerate started. We went into War Games looking to finish this fight, and we came back out with our Tag Team titles.”

Nikolas Thoreau motions for Dame to stop before he starts to cry, but like a manly cry. Before he can, though, his partner quickly steps in.

JAMESON: ”The Conglomerate is only getting started, that not only will we continue to rule over CWC but we’re going to take over the whole entire 4CW!”

PEAKE: ”Yeah, and after that we’ll rule the world. We’ll start with small countries that we take over, before working our way to bigger countries through shadow organizations. After that nobody will be able to stop us, guys. We’ll be invincible.”

There is a quiet in the room as Damien fake coughs, waking Makaveli up in the process. Gregg has to get up from his La Z Boy chair, handing Makaveli over to one of the 4CW handlers in the backstage area. We see Gregg swiping the air in front of his nose, indicating that his son is very stinky at the moment.

Nikolas, so calmly and professionally, stands up from his chair. He unstraps the King’s Road Tag Team Championship from his waist. Ever so gently he begins to play it, like a guitar.

THOREAU: ”That’s nice and all, but Fred and I worked too damn hard to get these titles back. You better not even think about trying for these titles, at Chapter Twenty-Two.”

Nikolas points his title at Damien, who honestly looks a little bit hurt. Fred looks at Dame with a stare, as Damien sits there uncomfortably for a moment.

MIRI: ”Guys, Gareth forced me into this trash. If I had the power, I wouldn’t even be in this tag team gimmick in the first place. But since I am I have to make the best of it… BUT, I’d never face my own boys for a title that I already own.”

Gregg bursts back into the scene with a tray of food, catching his teammates by surprise.

PEAKE: ”Guys, I’m packing up lunch for the next week, but I’ll make sure Damien sleeps with the fishes if he tries any funny business.”

Dame, Nik & Fred stand there confused for a second, as they try to grasp just exactly what is happening right now.

PEAKE: ”I’m kidding …kind of.”

They all share an awkward laugh, almost lasting for way too long. Fred and Nik both elbow Gregg in the side, their facial expressions turning serious for a moment as they step away from Damien.

THOREAU: ”Boy Dame, it sure would be a shame if you died like Bryan & Bethany did.”

MIRI: ”Here’s the thing, I’m in perfect health. So there’s no way that’d I just up and die like that.”

There is a pause in the room, as Frederick looks over to Damien.

JAMESON: ”Yeah …so was Bethany.”

With that, they walk out of the locker room, leaving Damien to ponder the whole situation to himself. He stands there confused but quickly yells out to them before they leave.

MIRI: ”You’ve got nothing to worry about! We’re the best damn group here, you hear me?! There’s NO WAY IN HELL that Johnny Amazing and I are walking out tag team champs. NO WAY! …Oh they’ve already left.”

Damien stands there, pondering life itself as we cut to ringside.

Coming back to ringside, the buzz of the crowd fills the air before “Day ‘N Nite (Just A Gent Trap Remix)” by Kid Cudi takes over. There’s a fairly mixed reaction as the King’s Road Champion makes his way out, but Malik Fox isn’t alone, as his manager and agent Smokey Mayfield is walking right beside him. The two are dressed to the nines in suits; Malik in a black one and Smokey in a grey one. The presence of Smokey pulls out some more boos from the audience, but it doesn’t bother him or the champ. Malik rolls into the ring and stands up, raising the King’s Road Championship high above his head while Smokey grabs a microphone from a ringside crew member.

He paces back and forth a bit as Malik Fox stands stoic in the center of the ring; the championship resting on his shoulder. Finally, Smokey stops and looks dead center into the camera.

MAYFIELD: ”We made it! Oh, yes, we made it! And for those ignorant enough at home not to know who ‘we’ are…allow me to introduce the greatest athlete to ever come out of Ohio…he’s your King’s Road Champion…he is THE Malik Fox!”

Smokey steps aside real quick to allow Malik to take in the spotlight, but he doesn’t react with anything other than a simple nod of acknowledgment.

MAYFIELD: ”And me? I’m only the greatest agent in wrestling today. I manage stars; I manage champions. Malik Fox and Cosmo Cooper; two of the greatest names to ever step inside of a 4CW ring. And I helped bring them to you. You’re welcome. Because me? I’m all about excellence. Malik? He’s all about excellence. Everywhere we go? EXCELLENCE! That means tonight isn’t any different.”

A series of confident nods from Smokey as he perks up with a big smile.

MAYFIELD: ”I’m speaking on behalf of Malik tonight because he’s reserving his energy for just that very cause. Tonight, he’ll be watching and waiting to see which two names will rise up to our standard…to see which two names will be worthy of fighting it out for a chance at his King’s Road Championship. But I’ll tell y’all something, I look at these names…I don’t see that excellence we thrive for. Tell me, when I say Jett Wilder’s name…does that actually inspire any excitement?”

He steps forward, resting his arm on the top rope, and just staring into the camera with a deadpan look upon his fan. Smokey stays there for a moment before backing away and giving the audience a look of visible disgust.

MAYFIELD: ”Hell no. Of course not. And as Malik’s agent, it’s in my best interest to find him the best competition that 4CW and King’s Road can provide. If it’s Jett Wilder…the Scrappy Doo of professional wrestling? We’ve got some serious problems. And sure, we can talk about the man across from him, the man that Malik already beat…Ace Baldwin. Even with the help of The Standard, he couldn’t get the job done just because Malik Fox is on an entirely different level.”

The mention of Ace and The Standard get some boos from the crowd.

MAYFIELD: ”And I can talk about Claude or Matthews or Emevlas or Kaelan, but honestly, why bother? Why should I? Do I need to talk about Mr. Clean Claude Rousseau? No. Do I need to talk about potential school shooter Chris Matthews? No. Do I need to talk about…well…I don’t really know what to talk about with Emevlas Stastias, but the answer to that is no too. And finally, we got Kaelan Laughlin. KAE!”

As Kaelan Laughlin gets set to grace a 4CW screen yet again, the fans pop at the mention of her name, but Smokey isn’t impressed.

MAYFIELD: ”Ay, Kae, yo husband a punk and so are you.”

A loud, obnoxious laugh erupts out of Smokey. He settles down and shakes his head before looking back into the camera.

MAYFIELD: ”If these are the best names in King’s Road? Is how you’re gonna treat your top talent; the greatest King’s Road Champion?! No…no, no! But if you want Malik to wrestle these names? More importantly, if you want Malik to beat…to DESTROY these names? He’ll do just that. He’ll do that over and over and over again until you get him some competition worth fighting. In fact, why don’t you just pool all these midcard talents together and put them all against Malik all at once?”

He looks back at his client for a reaction, but again, there’s nothing. Smokey just smiles again and pats Malik on the shoulder.

MAYFIELD: ”And then when there’s no one left standing…maybe someone truly worth of Malik’s time will stand up. But until then? We’ll be waiting. Every wrestler that mouths off? We’ll be waiting. Every Twitter tryhard that wants to act tough? We’ll be waiting. Y’all can dominate the tweets, Malik and me will focus on dominating these streets! Because, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all we know how to do.”

The already wide smile of Smokey’s grows even wider.

MAYFIELD: ”Excellence reigns supreme.”

He mugs the camera for a few more seconds before dropping the microphone and backing up to stand alongside his client. Malik opens his eyes with a slight smirk on his face and he clasps his hands together in a praying fashion, nodding at the camera, and then the two make their exit from the ring as we get ready for our next match.



Astro Clyde somehow is the fan favorite in this match, I don’t know how though? The crowd seems to love him, despite the awful Trash Can Spaceship he carries around him. He even manages to trip and fall on it, crushing it slightly before the match. Astro looks a bit distraught as the match begins, allowing Alejandra to take full control early on. An Inside Cradle almost catches Astro Clyde off guard, but he responds with a Hurricanrana. Alejandra immediately fires back, taking him down with a Headscissors Takedown. She moves quickly around the ring, confusing Astro Clyde for a moment. A perfectly executed Shin Splints from Alejandra puts him down for the moment, slowing him significantly. Alejandra uses this to her advantage, working the right leg of Astro Clyde as the match moves on. She slaps on a Figure Four Leg Lock, which seems to do the trick for a moment. Astro is in pain, but he doesn’t give in. The crowd is behind him, they cheer him on as he looks to escape from the hold.

Alejandra is in no mood for games, as she knocks Astro Clyde back down to the mat after he escapes. A Springboard Crossbody takes down Astro Clyde, and impresses the crowd for a moment. It only seems to light a fire under Astro Clyde, as he begins to work his way back into the match. Astro connects with a Spinning Headscissors Takedown, getting the crowd back onto his side. They cheer him on, as he connects with a HANDSPRING TOPE TO THE OUTSIDE! His name is cheered throughout the arena, Astro Clyde meaning business here tonight. He looks to have Alejandra in trouble, as he sets himself up for the Out of Orbit. Alejandra moves, leaving the ring for a moment, but Astro Clyde isn’t messing around here. He leaps to the outside, connecting with the CLOSE ENCOUNTER! Alejandra doesn’t see it coming, as Astro quickly gets her back inside of the ring. HOWEVER, it isn’t enough to put her away for good. Astro gets himself ready, hoping to put this match away with the Out of Orbit! He steadies himself on the top turnbuckle, and leaps off, but Alejandra gets her knees up in time! With Astro in a world of hurt, she holds on and rolls his shoulders to the mat for a quick, and cheap, victory!


The cameras go backstage and find Kaelan Laughlin standing in her full gear ready to go for her headline match later in the evening. She’s bouncing on both of her heels with excitement and shaking out her nerves. She smiles at the camera.

LAUGHLIN: “Oi! It feels good to be back under the 4CW banner. It’s wild to me how this place has this magnetic pull. That they’ll always find a way to bring ya right back here! Even if you leave, it doesn’t seem 4CW ever leaves you and I am appreciative to have left under the circumstances I did so now that I can come back, and be seen so highly of in my return. A chance to go for the 4CW King’s Road Championship. To stand tall and represent the entire King’s Road brand. Only a select few were chosen for this, and I am glad that my hard work all over the entire world has been recognized and is being rewarded.”

Kaelan stopped moving and smoothed her hands over her jacket and looked down at the floor before back up at the camera. Her playful expression had changed in an instant as she now had a look of pure determination and fire in her eyes.

LAUGHLIN: “But Don’t think because of that I just expect things to be handed to me. No. I would rather earn them. I would rather not leave anyone to doubt what I’m capable of or how I got to the top and I will make it to the top of 4CW King’s Road and I will stand tall. I don’t care who gets put in front of me. It could be Ace Baldwin, Jett Wilder, because I would love to rectify the mistake of losing to him, and Malik Fox could all be in front of me and I will do whatever it takes to beat them and show EVERYONE here just who Kaelan Laughlin is.”

She clicks her tongue and shakes her head.

LAUGHLIN: “I’m well prepared for everyone to doubt me. For people to say that I’m the weaker link in 4CW compared to my husband. You guys love to say that to him now that I won a million dollars. As if you know our finances or how much money he brings in. Like it’s any of your business or has any weight on how well we do here in 4CW. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care what you people think. If you think my husband is better, or I’m better. This is about what I do here. I have every confidence that my husband and I will prove that we are high caliber talents on our respective shows. The same people who will make these comments are the same people who wouldn’t walk through the doors of 4CW before King’s Road. It’s the same people who have no achievements and no wins of note that will try to put down people who have been proving themselves all along. Well I won’t stand for it, and I realize the only thing to do is to show you all where your place rightfully is.”

Kaelan’s lips turned in a cocky smirk as she held her arms out to the side of her, leaving the camera to zoom out to get her full body in the frame.

LAUGHLIN: “And that’s underneath ME your future King’s Road Champion.”

Kaelan winked at the camera and shot a finger gun at the camera before walking out of the frame and leaving the scene to fade out.



Graham Gosch has a new partner in Jay Gallagher, but that doesn’t seem to deter the both of them tonight. Graham locks up with Trevor Miller, as the two go back and forth for a moment. It’s a showcase of mat-based wrestling, and both men are pushing the other to the limit. Zeel Park calls out for Trevor to be okay, supporting his tag partner. Trevor gets caught in a Hammerlock, though, as Graham punishes him with a Standing Powerslam. Things quickly go downhill from there, as The Standard break all the rules. Zeel doesn’t appreciate Graham manhandling Trevor like that, as he steps into the ring. Jay Gallagher quickly cuts him off, knocking him to the outside. Zeel lands hard, laying motionless on the outside. This upsets Trevor, who tries to lock in a Miller’s Crossing on Jay Gallagher! He succeeds in taking him down, but Graham Gosch quickly breaks it up. Graham and Trevor are still the legal men in the match, and now it’s two-on-one. Trevor can’t fight them both, and after a Superkick from Jay, Graham puts him down hard with a Goschlock! Trevor has no choice but to tap out!


As the camera cuts to backstage, we see Darryl conversing with a few members of the production team that he remembers from previous runs with 4CW owned properties. They’re joking and laughing, and carrying on.

WALKER: ”and then he walks in, pants at his knees, howling like a god damned dog.”

The crew and Darryl break out laughing in hysterics. They continue talking and telling stories for a moment, when Redd walks into the circle. Everyone stops talking, tension mounting, as Redd looks over at Darryl.

THUNDER: ”Ready to tear the roof off bubba?”

Darryl looks at Redd confused, then smiles.

WALKER: ”Sure, but hey, before we go out there, I got something for ya.”

Darryl reaches into his bag, and pulls out a prescription bottle, and a can of Monster Energy drink.

WALKER: ”Some lipitor, so you don’t die out there. I don’t want your death to be on my conscience. As for the Monster, just a little pick me up, maybe you’ll be able to keep up with me now. Besides, all the fatso’s you are trying to ‘help’ could use a role model who actually runs, and doesn’t just sit and eat pork rinds all day.

Redd’s face turns beat red, you can see the anger building in his eyes.

THUNDER: ”Me don’t even like Pork Rinds Bubba.”

Darryl smiles at Redd.

WALKER: ”I was talking about that rotten pussy you been burying your face into, BUBBA.”

Redd starts puffing up, ready to explode, as Darryl pats a few of the guys on the back and walks away. The crew quickly scatters, to avoid the wrath of Redd, who just glares daggers into the back of Darryl’s head as he walks past, trying to control his breathing.

THUNDER: ”Me want to hate him, but me know he just selling being bad for our match. It just business, me. It just business.”

Redd continues to repeat to himself that it’s just business, trying to convince himself that Darryl is only being mean to build emotion for the match. The attempt failed, as he looked at the prescription bottle and can of Monster, and hurl both at the wall, drink and pills flying everywhere, making a massive mess.

THUNDER: ”One of you guys should clean this up.”

Redd hollers towards any of the crew members still lingering around.



Darryl was out first and before Redd could make his way down the aisle to the ring during his entrance Darryl was outside and the two of them were immediately going shot for shot outside the ring. Redd struggled to get any separation from Darryl but as he tried to irish whip him into the steel steps Redd reversed it and send Darryl shoulder first into the steps. Redd then lifted Darryl, which is no small feat, and military pressed him into the ring to start the match where Redd immediately went for a running senton and smashed Darryl into the mat trying to get a quick pin, but only getting a one count. Redd threw vicious downward elbows to the top of Darryl’s head before trying to land a leg drop but Darryl rolled out of the way and immediately hit a leaping leg drop trying to get his own one count but before the referee’s hand could hit once Redd threw Darryl off his chest. Redd got to his feet and Darryl hit him with a clothesline, but he didn’t budge which send Darryl into the ropes a second time but that clothesline didn’t work either. Redd cracked his knuckles and yelled for Darryl to try harder as Darryl tries for the third time charm but Redd hit a one arm samoan drop on Darryl immediately applying a shoulder claw. Redd’s claw was painfully long for Darryl who eventually got to the ropes.

Redd powered Darryl for the majority of the match with multiple belly to belly suplexes, but he took too long to wait for Darryl to get up and as he went for a spinebuster Darryl grabbed his head and transitioned into a DDT planting Redd. He followed it up with the classic around the world stomp working the limbs of Redd before readying himself on the middle rope and leaping off with a clothesline as Redd stands up. Darryl asks Redd if he’s okay before driving a forearm across his face. Darryl backed up to deliver another forearm but as he approached Redd sat up like some sort of final level monster and looked at Darryl stopping him dead in his tracks. Redd got to his feet and delivered critical strikes to Darryl including kicks, elbows, and a barrage of hammerfists before a powerful body avalanche to Darryl sandwiching him in the corner. As Redd backed up for another body avalanche Darryl hit a drop toe hold sending Redd face first into the bottom turnbuckle before Darryl picked him up and hit his signature “Atomic Drop” following it up by playing to the crowd and trying to lock in the fisherman’s driver he calls the “Dirty Driver” but Redd hits his “Hyper Beam” spinning backfist that connected directly to Darryl’s nose and sending him to the mat holding his face. Redd hits a massive stomp to the back of the head and follows it up with a deadlift german suplex to complete the “Big Bang Attack” dragging Darryl into the corner and setting up the “Pulverizing Pancake” for the pinfall victory!




There is no love lost between any of the four contestants in this match. Kaelan is the clear fan favorite, as she starts off the match in her favor. Matched up with Emevlas Stastias, she quickly tosses her around the ring. Mevy tries her best to stand and grapple with Kaelan, but it just doesn’t work out well for her. Kaelan levels her with a Snap Neckbreaker, and a Belly to Belly Suplex. With her opponent on the mat, she tries for a Texas Cloverleaf. Mevy does her best to hold in there, quickly getting to the ropes before any damage is done. Before Kaelan can even realize it, Mevy switched out with Chris Matthews. Chris Matthews goes to work, wasting no time in attacking Kaelan. Kaelan trie to fight back, but Matthews puts her down with a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker! Kaelan rolls to a corner, hoping to recover for a moment. Before she can, however, somebody tells her to move out of the ring. It’s Claude Rousseau! Claude Rousseau steps into the match, as the crowd cheers for this showdown.

The FIRST King’s Road Pure Champion is in a 4CW ring, as he stares down Chris Matthews. Matthews doesn’t back down, as the two begin to square off. They both strike out with Elbows, and Forearms. Both men connecting with hard shots, but Claude seems to be getting the better of Chris Matthews. He drops him with a Stalling Suplex, sending Chris crashing into the ring. Emevlas has recovered, and hops into the match without warning. She climbs onto Claude’s back, attempting to lock in a Rear Naked Choke. Claude tosses her off of him, but is still caught with a Forearm by Mevy! It seems to stun him for the moment, as she connects with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Before she can continue, Kaelan is back into the ring, tossing Mevy to the outside! The chaos has died down, as Chris Matthews and Claude remain in the ring. The two go to battle again, fighting all around the ring. Mevy and Kaelan fight on the outside, as Mevy is able to toss Kaelan into the crowd! Inside of the ring, Claude looks to connect with the Coup D’etat, but Chris avoids the elbow. Instead, he connects with his Coup de Grace! A Wristlock turned into a Bicycle Knee!

The knee connects, dropping Claude Rousseau to the mat. On the outside, Kaelan and Mevy continue to battle each other throughout the crowd. Kaelan lifts Mevy up high, as she sends her crashing onto the pavement with a Stalling Suplex! Emevlas looks to be in trouble, as she tries to crawl away from Kaelan. Her attention is stolen, though, as Kaelan sees the commotion in the ring. Chris Matthews is trying to end this match, Kaelan quickly leaves to enter the ring again. She attacks Chris from behind! Kaelan begins to take the match back over, connecting with a Diving Headbutt and a From Belfast With Love! She looks to end the match now, but Claude Rousseau is back up! He connects with a Coup D’etat, as the elbow connects and sends Kaelan crashing to the canvas! Before anything else can happen, though, Emevlas drives Claude face first into the mat with a Cutter! The crowd can’t believe it, as she seemingly came out of nowhere! All four contestants take a moment to get back to their feet, as Emevlas connects with a Sheer Drop to Chris Matthews! Alongside of that, Kaelan lands a Price Paid on Claude! Both men are down, as Kaelan and Mevy cover their opponents! The crowd can’t believe it, as the three count is made! There is some confusion though, as another official comes out from the back. The referees discuss who had the pinfall first, but it doesn’t appear that the either of them did, this match is a draw!


Once again, we spill backstage for another break in the show. Great, it’s Astro Clyde once again. He is sans house plant this time, and the transporter pod is thankfully nowhere to be seen.

As he had to compete in a match earlier his evening with almost twenty minutes of prep work for his cheese-dick entrance, he is back in his Big Dogs attire running at a dead sprint in the direction of the women’s locker room. He clutches a white shirt in his hand as the camera tries to keep pace. Eventually, we reach the door which merely reads “LADIES PRESENT” on a piece of yellow legal paper taped at its center. Clyde raps on the door accordingly.


As he continues to knock, the door falls open, causing him to trip forward directly into his subject. It’s none other than Lisa S., or L. Seldon if you will.

SELDON: “Clyde! You’re back! I stood next to the transporter pod for the whole show waiting for you. What happened?”

The Milky Waif is panting as he composes himself, taking a half-step backward.

CLYDE: “Long lines. Big rush on Big Dog sailor hats or something more creative that I’ll think of later. I had to jump into my spacecraft to get back just in time for my match against Alejandra, then fly back there immediately after when the vast consumer traffic had died down.”

Lisa raises an eyebrow.

SELDON: “You flew your spacecraft there and back? If you could’ve taken it that fast, why would you need a transporter pod in the first place?”

Clyde scratches the top of his head in confusion.

CLYDE: “I don’t follow.”

SELDON: “Never mind. I see you have something for me, though!”

He smiles, wincing in pain. You know, because he got his mouth stretched out that one time.

CLYDE: “I sure do!”

Clyde presents Lisa her very own Big Dogs Formal…T-shirt. However, something isn’t quite right. Lisa examines the front of the shirt. There is just a printed picture of the movie jacket from Disney’s Beethoven glued to the front, and the words “If you can’t hang with the Big dog, don’t do it” scrawled in magic marker below the photo. The Dollar Store Starboy is of course oblivious to the fact that Lisa smells a rat.

CLYDE: “Ta-da!”

SELDON: “Yeah, there’s a big dog on it, all right. Hey, Clyde…”

CLYDE: “Yes, Earth Lisa?”

His smugness is irritating, but that look quickly evaporates once Lisa brings one glaring detail to his attention.

SELDON: “Isn’t the saying supposed to be: ‘if you can’t hang with the Big Dog, stay on the porch?’”

CLYDE: “Uh, um…”

He begins to panic.

CLYDE: “It’s the U.K. version. They don’t have porches in the U.K., so they use a different slogan.”

SELDON: “I’m from Scotland, Clyde. We definitely have porches in the U.K.”

CLYDE: “Uh, um…”

Sweat starts to drip down through his mask and into his mouth. It is the salty taste of fibbing and deceit.

CLYDE: “Not the Earth U.K. The U.K. as in Uranus Krang, which is a province on Pluto. Uranus invaded Pluto and took over the city of Krang. They don’t have porches there.”

SELDON: “Oh. Well, I guess that explains it. But Clyde, it DOESN’T explain the fact that the ‘D’ in ‘dog’ is lowercase, when ANYONE knows that Big Dogs, because they are BIG, is ALWAYS CAPITALIZED.”

CLYDE: “I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I uh, um…it’s a…rare misprint?”

Lisa crumples the shirt into a ball and tosses it “angrily” into Clyde’s face.

SELDON: “You’ve been dishonest with me, Clyde. Telling me you took your spacecraft back to Big Dog, Indiana when it was extremely obvious that it was smashed during your match tonight and no longer functional. Heck, you know what? I think your intermolecular transport pod is nothing more than a HUNK OF JUNK! And furthermore, everyone knows that the fine people of Big Dogs, Incorporated would never let a misprinted shirt make the sales floor!”

Clyde, obviously caught red-handed in the web that he himself had weaved, stared meekly into the spider’s eyes as it prepared to destroy him. He really hadn’t wanted to start his Earth career making a powerful enemy, despite the fact that the woman yelling at him was only having fun at his expense. In an act of desperation, he did the only thing he knew would get him out of this situation.

CLYDE: “Stay back! Don’t make me use this!”

Pointing the toy ray gun he’d retrieved from the pocket of his BIGDOG sweatpants, he aimed it directly at the heart of Lisa Seldon. She scoffs in defiance.

SELDON: “Oh, what are you gonna do with that? Make a whirring noise at me? You don’t…AUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH…”

In mid-sentence, Clyde pulled the trigger of the toy, which did in fact make a cool whirring sound. However, it may not have been just a toy after all, as Lisa collapses to the ground, clutching her chest in pain. She convulses on the floor of the dressing room, selling the effects of the deadly weapon like it were a film directed by Tommy Wiseau.

Clyde, meanwhile, makes a dead sprint as far away as possible. About twenty yards away, though, he trips over a house plant, sending him soaring and ultimately crashing face down into the concrete.

The bootleg Big Dogs shirt remained unscathed.

We come backstage and Ace Baldwin already is dressed in his ring gear. He’s hunched down as he lets his fingers slowly brush against the concrete of the backstage area. All we can see is a smirk underneath his hood as he speaks.

BALDWIN: “So this is the big time, huh? So this is what they consider the top of the mountain. And who do I get put against at the top of the mountain? Jett Wilder. A little boy who claims to be the best. A boy who pounds his chest, while his peers laugh at him. A boy who claimed rehab would be better than actually putting in the work on the main roster. A boy who doesn’t seem to care who I am or what I’ve done in this wrestling business. A boy who has never won a title worth picking up out of the closet. A boy who is going to get a rude awakening of who the “man” truly is.”

He rubbed his chin.

BALDWIN: “I’ve been all over the world. I’ve won titles in SCW. I’ve won titles in GIW. I’ve won titles in Kings Road. I’m not just some guy, I’m THE guy. I’ve been around before you were even thought into existence. But hey, I’m glad you finally found something more your speed. I know even Honor Wrestling was a bit too much for you. But if you think Kings Road is going to be easy… if you think it’s going to be easier than being on Adrenaline or on Octane? You’re wrong. And I’m going to show you why I was the top guy here before you even thought about signing on the dotted line. I’m going to show you why I am leader of The Standard. I’ll show you why I’ve been around the world and won titles everywhere.”

Ace pointed to himself.

BALDWIN: “Because I’m that good. I’ve beaten wrestlers you can’t step into the ring with. I’ve wrestled people who show more promise rolling their bags in the building than you do standing in the ring across from me. And don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to beat you and hear all of the excuses in the world. I run this shit. I am the illuminati. I am the one pulling the strings. You’re just playing my game, not the other way around.”

He made a motion with his fingers.

BALDWIN: “So go ahead, complain I’m not ‘tweeting’ enough about my match. Complain I’m not promoting my match. Because once I get a microphone in front of my face there isn’t a guy in the back or in the wrestling world that can stand toe to toe with me. Just like there isn’t a world where Jett Wilder can compete me with me inside of a wrestling ring. I may not have come into 4CW Kings Road as the champion, but I am focused on one thing. Leading The Standard as THE group in 4CW… so watch your back, Jett. Would be a shame if your pathetic little career ended tonight… or maybe a blessing in disguise…”

With that, he walked away.



Jett Wilder is a show-off, we see this by his elaborate entrance as he makes his way to the ring. It’s wild, and it seems to piss off Ace Baldwin. Ace doesn’t waste any time, he brutalizes Jett in the early going. Ace Baldwin traps Jett in the corner, pummeling his body with Right and Left hooks. He catches him in a nice side headlock, and transitions it into a Back Suplex. Jett soon responds, and connects with a Back Body Drop. Jett is looking very confident in the early goings of this match. Ace counters a Suplex, and connects with a European Uppercut that stuns Jett. Ace tries to mount something, but Jett counters with a Dropkick. Ace is taken by surprise with another nice dropkick, as he heads to the outside. Jett follows up with a dive, knocking Ace into the crowd! Jett doesn’t follow, mocking Ace as he stays in the ring. Ace looks very upset, having been shown up by Jett Wilder here tonight. The crowd is fully behind Jett, though. Jett stays in the ring, waiting for Ace to return.

Back in the ring, Ace tries to mount some offense. It’s shut down again by Jett, who connects with a Tornado DDT. Jett continues to mock Ace, as Ace finds an opening. He dodges an attack, sending Jett shoulder first into the ringpost! It’s a weak point for Jett now, one that Ace relentlessly takes advantage of. He targets the shoulder, as he tosses Jett back into the ringpost a second time! Jett tries for a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker, but Ace counters it! He slips through, and connects with a Double Underhook Backbreaker. The match continues to be controlled by Ace, as Jett is still in pain from his shoulder. He tries for a Jett Plane, but Ace scouts the move, rolling out of the way and rolling Jett up. Jett kicks out, allowing Ace to catch him by surprise with a Springboard Heel Kick! Again, Ace locks in another hold, trapping Jett and putting his shoulder in a bad way. Jett hangs on though, fighting as the fans continue to support him.

Jett does what he can to survive, as Ace picks him apart. His shoulder is still damaged, but Jett continues to fight. Jett tries getting to his feet, connecting with several Forearm Shots. Ace Baldwin does his best to cover up, trying to run away from the fight. Jett is hot on his tail, as he tries a Baseball Slide to the outside but misses! Jett takes a moment to recover, allowing some rest for himself. Jett tries getting back up, but Ace grabs him and sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. The match quickly swings into Ace’s favor, as he begins to work over the shoulder. The two end up back in the ring, Ace keeping Jett grounded in the ring. A simple Armlock keeps Jett on the ground. Jett has nowhere to go, as he looks to be in significant pain from the shoulder injury. The crowd continues to be behind him, cheering him on, and suddenly Jett looks to be back in this match. He gets to his feet, catching Ace off guard with a Rolling Wheel Kick!

Jett wastes no time now, instead he takes the fight to Ace. His shoulder is still banged up, but Jett isn’t holding back. Ace tries to take advantage, but Jett finds a way to counter everything he’s got. Jett does his best to continue to fight back, wanting to get back into this match. Jett tries for a Suplex, but Ace slips behind him. A Floating Neckbreaker connects, but Jett is still able to kick out in time! Ace looks to be getting upset, frustrated over how this match has been going. He stomps away at Jett’s shoulder, but Jett still has some fight left in him. He catches a boot, getting back up to his feet. Jett connects with a GOTCHA, rocking Ace for the moment. It’s enough of a delay to get Jett focused. Jett continues to fight, as he connects with ANOTHER GOTCHA! Ace is hurt badly, as Jett covers him to end this match!



Jett is looking tired, beat up from this match, but he’s not done yet. The crowd is still behind him, and he’s got Ace right where he wants him. Jett backs up, as Ace tries getting up to his feet. The crowd is ready for it, and Ace Baldwin is not, as he’s caught with a SWAG SPLASH! Ace takes the full brunt of the splash, as Jett celebrates in the ring. He’s right back to his old ways, taunting Ace as he lays in the ring. Jett looks to the turnbuckle, ready to hit another one! Jett takes his time, really rubbing it in as he stands at the top. Ace gets up, and pushes the ropes as Jett falls and crotches himself! Jett’s taunting has cost him dearly, as Ace drives him into the mat with a T.F.C! The crowd boos, as Ace covers Jett and takes this match!


Jett Wilder looks disappointed, having really put his all into this match here tonight. His fans in the Orleans Arena still cheer him, though. It seems the crowd had expected another half-assed performance, but Jett Wilder has certainly come back to handle business. Ace Baldwin stays on the outside of the ring, having stole this match here tonight. He laughs, laughing at Jett Wilder and everyone else.

Ace Baldwin celebrates on the ramp and motions around his waist, where he believes the title will inevitably be, but Gareth Prescott comes out from the back which brings the fans to their feet and puts a sour look on Baldwin’s face.

PRESCOTT: ”Wait a minute there, Ace. This is our debut show under the 4CW banner and we can’t have anyone thinking that this is how we do things around here. We reward competitors who fight hard, tooth and nail, with title shots”

The fans cheer realizing the implications of what Gareth has said, again the opposite reaction coming from Ace Baldwin who is irate at ringside kicking the barricade and yelling at the fans cheering.

PRESCOTT: ”We’ve might have lost a challenger for you tonight, but I don’t think you’ll be getting that Number One Contendership so easily. I saw plenty of hard working people out there that EASILY deserves a title shot, more so than you! I’m telling you right now that you won’t be getting anywhere near that King’s Road Championshi-”

Gareth is suddenly cut off as “Patriot” by CFO plays over the speakers, a theme song neither Gareth, the King’s Road faithful, nor 4CW fans recognize. As the arena holds their breath staring at the entrance HUDSON HUGHES appears with a massive grin on his face and shakes his head towards Gareth. The fans give off a mixed reaction of boos, cheers, and ‘who the fuck is that guys’. Even Jett asks the referee in the ring who Hudson is.

HUGHES ”Ladies, Gentleman, Gareth. My name is Hudson Hughes, but you already knew that. I have some breaking news that not even your loyal cargo shorts wearing leader is privy to. I have been brought in by Perry Wallace to partner with Gareth in running King’s Road.”

The fans buzz in confusement as Gareth shakes his head in anger. King’s Road is his creation and now he has to share his decisions with the guy who ran Hollywood Pro.

PRESCOTT: ”No, no way. Not you, anyone BUT you. Wallace said this would be discussed lat-”

HUGHES ”Shhh, yes it is. You should have read the fine print, Gareth. Mr. Wallace holds the right to make any leadership decisions regarding anything under his banner. So, with that being said I also have one more announcement. Ace Baldwin, congratulations. You will be the number one contender to the Kings Road Championship. I look forward to our partnership, Mr. Prescott. Thank you, and goodnight!”

The fans may have been confused on how they should react to Hudson, but now they all boo in disagreement with the decision. A smile grows on the face of Ace Baldwin as he claps in the direction of Hudson and clearly approves. Gareth can barely contain his rage as Hudson tries to shake his hand before leaving back through the curtain.