KING’S ROAD C22 (157)

Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Oracle Arena, as we are live from Oakland, California. There’s a packed crowd tonight, mostly full of bandwagoning Golden State Warriors fans. It’s the first episode of King’s Road with the 4CW branding, certainly a big deal for some.

A S K . F M

Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa wait patiently before being given their queue to kick things off.
JOHNSON: ”Hello folks! Welcome to Chapter Twenty-Two of King’s Road! We’re here live at the Oracle Arena, in Oakland! What a night of action we have for you tonight!”
VASSA: ”Oh, you better believe it Steve. Hudson Hughes, having joined King’s Road right under Gareth Prescott’s nose, has already put together an amazing tournament here for us. Eight team, all trying to walk out with the King’s Road Tag Team Championships!”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, it’s certainly something alright. A nice little preview of what’s to come, with Bad Company just around the corner.”
VASSA: ”Definitely, if you like tag team wrestling then these next couple of weeks are for you. Obviously fans are thinking The Conglomerate will be leaving with the titles.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, a little bit of controversy there, as Hudson has put The Conglomerate up against Damien Mir in the first round! Damien, of course, the second leader of The Conglomerate.”
VASSA: ”Who was the first?”
JOHNSON: ”Oh, just some guy, I don’t remember.”
VASSA: ”Well, either way it’s going to be a tough task for The Conglomerate tonight. Hopefully they can keep it together, but there’s a lot of tough teams out there. You have The Standard, just waiting to get an opportunity to get those titles back. Lisa Seldon and Kenny Lovett, and don’t forget about Currently Employed!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m a little partial to Truck Turner and Vonn Richter, myself. That’s a team that could do a lot of damage in this tournament.”
VASSA: ”Well, Steve, that’s not all that we have for everybody tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh no, not by a longshot. We’ve got the Internet Championship on the line! Last week, Redd Thunder and Cartier both won contendership matches. They were set to face each other, but Caroline Clarke apparently stepped in.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, she wasn’t going to wait for anyone to step up. She was ready to defend her title, and she wanted to do it tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”We also have Jett Wilder, the FUTURE AMAZING GREAT, teaming up with the King’s Road Champion. This could be an interesting one, considering their opponents tonight.”
VASSA: ”Ace Baldwin has a been a thorn in Malik Fox’s side, and with the addition of Jett Wilder I think things could be even worse tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s an exciting night, Vinny, I don’t think we should make these people wait any longer!”
VASSA: ”Let’s get right into it!”

The screen in the arena as well as in the television sets at home display pre-taped video footage for the King’s Road audience. The voice of none other than Hudson Hughes, sitting at a grotesquely large and unnecessarily gaudy gold-plated desk, permeates through the office. It’s fashioned similarly to the study room from the movie Clue. Leaning forward, he smiles some kind of icy blue grin that can only reflect bad news for his visitor.
Astro Clyde, expressionless as only his mask allows, sits in a chair adjacent from him and is flanked by his muscle on his left and right. We can only assume that these are additional “security measures” for Hollywood Hudd as both grimace directly down at the Illegal Alien with a forceful hand gripping each of his shoulders to ensure he does not move. It appears that the footage has started at the close of this important business meeting, which can obviously only mean that we’ll never ever ever ever found out what was said prior to the cameras rolling, ever.
Additionally, it may be important to mention that Clyde is not currently in a comfortable office chair as you would expect from the extravagant business quarters of the managing partner of King’s Road. No. Instead, Clyde’s seat is actually a toilet that’s been glued onto a rolling dolly. A power move, no doubt: but it could also prove useful to Clyde as he may very well shit himself as a result of this meeting.
HUGHES: ”So now that you’ve officially signed your new contract, Clyde, it gives me all of the personal satisfaction in the world to say that you are now professional wrestling’s first hourly-waged employee! Your new pay rate will start against Will Lyons, and by my calculation, that match will last about three minutes, which means you’ll be making approximately sixty-three cents!”
Clyde just stares blankly back at Hughes, only periodically glancing at his name in ink on the contract that he’d just signed. Backed in a corner, he knew that it was the only thing he could have done in that situation. Now, with the guarantee of a lack of evidence to support any case he might have had, he contemplated the Taco Bell application still sitting in his apartment home in Juneau.
HUGHES: ”But don’t look at this like it’s necessarily a bad thing, pal! I’m going to promote the hell out of this. You’re going to be a real sell to the majority of our fans that buy the tickets. Think about it. A wrestler of well-below average intelligence not making a grandiose wrestler salary. You’re now a real working man, fully cognizant of the struggles of the average idiot! I’m going to sell a shit-ton of merch off this. Which of course, King’s Road will retain the profits from, as that’s also part of the contract you just signed, too!”
Clyde tries to pop up in defiance, but is instead hoisted up by his underarms by the two thugs.
HUGHES: ”Oh, don’t get testy with me, you sped. Boys, get this newly-impoverished person the fuck out of my office.”



Noris Cranley opens up the show, hoping to show off for this Oakland crowd. He wants to impress, but unfortunately he’s facing Reginald Dampshaw. Dampshaw is a ring veteran, and quickly puts the young buck in his place in the early going. Dampshaw looks a bit unhinged, as he takes it to Noris Cranley. He stretches him out, keeping him on the mat in the beginning of this match. Noris tries to crawl out of a Half Boston Crab, but Dampshaw puts him down with a hard Forearm shot. Noris hangs in there, though, showing flashes of brilliance as he takes Dampshaw down with a Dropsault, and a Brainbuster Suplex! Dampshaw looks to be in trouble, as Noris goes for the Sunrise Shooting Star, but Dampshaw manages to move out of the way at the last moment. Dampshaw follows this up with a Golden Buster, stunning Noris for the moment. This allows Dampshaw to lock in the Cracking the Throne, as Noris cannot hold on and is forced to give up!

We transition backstage only to find The Conglomerate posted up against a Kings Road Backdrop. Freddy Jameson cups his best friend trophy between his Giant arms and proudly sports his King’s Road tag team championship around his waist. Nik is in the back playing guitar on his title as Gregg squats down in awe of Thoreau’s air guitar technique. Damien Miri walks into the shot, rubbing his hands together with a giant shit-eating grin on his face as his boys all rise up and take a step further, staring into the camera.
MIRI: ”Boys. I have fiiiiinally figured out what’s going on.”
Jameson: “Hudson is trying to fuck us over for spending 15 grand on wings.”
MIRI: ”No no no no no.”
THOREAU: ”The Standard are shit.”
MIRI: ”No… Well, yes. But that’s not what I’m talking about..”
Gregg pulls his shirt up and reaches at the cold steel holstered in his pants. Before Gregg can reach for the gun, Nik Fred and Damien all stop him.
MIRI: ”Whoa there, buddy. Take it easy now. No one is coming to get you. You’re good. We got you.”
PEAKE: ”You guys…”
The Conglomerate all go in for a MANLY group hug before abruptly breaking it.
MIRI: ”What I was referring to… is that it’s all Gareth’s fault.”
THOREAU: ”No shit, Sherlock”
MIRI: ”Not only was is this GARETH’S fault, but guys… I think he’s actually trying to break us up.”
Nik and Fred’s eyes nearly pop out of their head as they stand their with two surprised looks on their faces. Gregg reaches out of the shot and tosses a black stool that he randomly picked up.
MIRI: ”But boys, what he doesn’t know that there are three things that you can’t escape in life. You’ve got death.”
Nik puts his hands around his neck and fake chokes himself, falling onto the floor and out of the shot before popping up to his feet.
MIRI: ”Then there’s taxes..”
MIRI: ”And last but certainly the most important, you’ve got the fact that The Conglomerate will Forever And Always be fine. So don’t worry boys, I’ve got a plan.”
THOREAU: ”You always do. Just make sure it involves Fred and I walking out with the titles in a little bit.”
The boys all pat Dame on the back before walking out of the shot together, the scene fading to the ringside area where we’re about to have a match.



Before the match Fred gave Damien a hug and seemed very emotional while Nik rolled his eyes in the corner holding his tag team championship belt over his head. Nik told Fred to start the match since he was already in the ring and Johnny hopped out of the ring with a smile on his face leaving Damien and Fred to start the match. Damien tried to put the pressure on Fred, but instead of him returning any offense to the leader of the Conglomerate Fred instead countered everything Damien threw at him with non-violent reversals. The crowd ate it up and Damien was slightly embarrassed while smiling through his frustration before tagging in Johnny. Fred’s face turned from remorse to hatred as Johnny entered and the two went right for each other exchanging strikes like it was the last round. Eventually Johnny would use his speed to get the upperhand on Fred. The momentum was quickly reversed as Nik got a hot tag after Johnny was trying to set up his AMA-ZING yakuza kick by shoving Fred out of the way and going back to his corner. Nik tried to ground the high flyer by attacking the leg of Johnny while he was stuck in the corner, even hitting the Conglomerate Superkick to the back of Johnny’s head for only a two count. The resilient Johnny kipped up to his feet right after with a limp and lunged at Damien to tag him in.
Damien was not thrilled as his eyes widened while he got into the ring, Nik wasn’t remorseful like Fred was, he took a striker’s pose and as Damien tried to smooth things over he went to town on him with a combination of kicks and elbows that left Dame stunned. When Nik lifted Damien up for the Cardiac Arrest fireman’s carry to kneebuster Damien used the ropes to get out of it and hit a bicycle kick to a standing Nik, then another one to Nik after he was down for a two count. Fred was covering his eyes the entire time and opting to look into the crowd instead of watching his brothers fight. Damien had a headlock in on Nik trying to wear him down, but the minute he saw Johnny back on the apron and recovered he released the hold and tagged him in with a stiff slap. Johnny wasn’t thrilled and as the two had words Damien sensed Nik coming and ducked allowing Nik to hit a flying forearm to the outside. Damien watched from the apron as Fred and Nik through Johnny all over the guardrails but when they rolled him in there was only a two count. Nik tagged in Fred and the two connected with multiple combination tag team moves as Damien watched on. They finally ended with a superkick brainbuster combo but STILL Johnny kicked out at two. Damien was frustrated and got in the ring yelling at Fred, now the legal man, and telling Nik to get back in here and finish Johnny off. Nik and Damien had words when Damien got on the apron next to Nik, all the while Fred tried to stop it but it wasn’t enough as Johnny dropkicked Fred from behind causing him to knock both Damien and Nik off onto the floor. Fred hit the corner chest first and Johnny capitalized with the Amazing Bomber snapmare driver for the three count AND THE WIN!

We jump backstage to meet backstage reporter person. I didn’t catch their name and it doesn’t really matter because Lisa Seldon barges into shot, steals their microphone and pushes them on the floor.
Does King’s Road even have such a person? Someone fill me in.
SELDON: ” The Conglomerate are shower of bastards. Every single one of them. Well, all of them except Fred. He’s a good guy who just fell in with a bad crowd. I’ve also heard nothing from Nik. Seems like a guy who’s just really into air guitar a bunch? I’ve got nothing on that. All the women ones are probably fine too. I don’t know what they do, but they keep to themselves while they’re doing it so whatever.”
She has a little shrug because we needed to fill this line.
SELDON: ” Really it’s just Damien. Gregg is a headcase, there’s clearly shit wrong with him and I don’t get why he’s allowed to raise a child. It’s obviously going to grow up feral and become some sort of trailerpark serial killer, slaughtering women who look like his mother with Gregg’s bear murdering sword. And where is she anyway? I bet her keeps her in a box and all three of them are into it.”
Lisa shivers.
SELDON: ” Anyway, he’s a level of nuts I can’t get too mad at. Damien meanwhile can go fuck himself. Shitty, wet-haired loser who can’t do anything on his own and has the personality of a shoe.”
She’s very mad about stuff because they keep jumping her from behind like dirty cheating dirty cheaters.
SELDON: ” Oz can get fucked as well. Spineless little passenger, not even brave enough to go it alone after the rest of them kicked his actual wife out and continue to treat her like shit. And hey, maybe she deserves it, but my God, either be man enough to get out there with her or cut the poor thing loose.”
She offers a sad little shake of the head.
SELDON: ” There’s also another two but they’re not doing anything to bother me. Inspired decision on their part. The rest are about to learn what a terrible decision it was to continually involve themselves in my business.”
It happened like four times, so I guess that’s fair.
SELDON: ” Tonight, I’m going to win this tournament, put a belt on that really good Kenny guy because he’s excellent and deserves it and make every fuck off Conglomerate tool that comes at me look like they just tried to wash their face with a blender.”
She’s not a fan.
SELDON: ” In conclusion, fuck the Conglomerate, dogs suck, cats rule, winswinswins and I’m out of here.”
Lisa tosses the microphone into the ground, shattering it into a half-dozen pieces and rendering the backstage whoever redundant.
That’s sad.



Kenny Lovett looks to be a crowd favorite, and honestly a favorite of everyone else in this match. Trevor Miller shakes his hand to start things out, and Zeel Park compliments his tights. Lisa stays on the apron, a bit upset she didn’t receive a compliment from Trevor or Zeel. Kenny keeps things competitive with Trevor, as the two go back and forth in the opening. Trevor puts Kenny down with a hard Scoop Slam, and tries following up with a Key Lock. Kenny manages to get out of the hold, kipping up to his feet much to the delight of everyone in the audience. He wows them with textbook Arm Drags, and a lovely looking Shoulder Tackle. Kenny is easily getting the advantage for his team, but he tags Lisa in to be polite. Lisa goes right after Trevor’s face, trying to rip it off with her hands. Trevor leaves quickly, tagging his partner in. Zeel wastes no time, he’s not playing around with Lisa. Zeel knocks her out with a hard left jab, almost getting his team the win! Luckily for Kenny, Lisa is able to kick out at two. Zeel continues to punish Lisa, planting her head-first into the mat with a Jumping Float Over DDT. Zeel tags Trevor in, as the two connect with a combination Backbreaker/Diving Knee Drop from the middle turnbuckle.
Lisa looks to be in trouble, as Trevor wears her down in the middle of the ring. Not just from wrestling moves, either, as he continues to ask for a copy of NBA 2K19. Lisa holds on, continuing to tell Trevor that she won’t buy it for him. The crowd begins to get behind Lisa, as she tries to fight out of a Surfboard Stretch. She gets to her feet, and begins kicking Trevor! Trevor tries to get her to stop, pleading with Lisa, but she won’t listen. Lisa is a woman on a mission, as she connects with a Sitout Jawbreaker! Lisa is able to get Trevor into position for the Horror Pop, but he manages to kick out at two! Lisa looks ready to end this match, as Zeel tries to tag back in. Kenny wants back in too, but Lisa is out for blood. She ignores her tag partner, and instead has him hold Trevor. Lisa tries blinding Trevor with the Wolfsbane, but Trevor moves and Lisa blinds Kenny instead! The crowd is not happy, and neither is Trevor. He legitimately looks upset that Lisa just did that. Trevor knocks Lisa down with a SPINNING BACKFIST, as he tags Zeel in! Zeel grabs Lisa, connecting with the The Queen’s Park, as Trevor checks in on Kenny. Zeel covers Lisa, while Trevor gets Kenny a towel to wipe off his eyes, and this one is over!



Truck and Vonn arm wrestled using the top turnbuckle in their respective corner to figure out who was going first, but the two were at a stalemate as the bell rang and in a showing of unity Kaelan and Mevy hit tandem dropkicks to the both of them sending them out to the floor. From there the two teams brawled until Truck and Vocc were able to simultaneously gorilla press their competition and throw them into each other in mid air. Truck and Kaelan started off the match with Truck using his power to deny Kaelan from multiple suplex attempts, making sure to show the fans that he thinks he’s the muscle of the team with his flexing. Finally Truck took control when Kaelan tried to use the ropes to propel her with a running knee lift, but Truck hit a flapjack and quickly transitioned into a deadlift german suplex that left the fans cheering and Kaelan crawling to her corner for a tag. Mevy flew in full of steam and unloaded with strikes that got Truck trapped in the corner. Mevy was relentless with her strikes as Truck repeatedly shoved her away and down to the mat trying to recover, but she kept flying back eventually hitting a jumping knee strike to the head of Truck following it up with a swinging neckbreaker and a near fall. Truck broke the pin up by pressing Mev up so high that she landed on her feet and stumbled back into the corner where Kaelan tagged herself in.
Truck got to his feet and told Von that he just did a hoss press, but Kaelan went after Truck quickly with a headscissors takedown into a headlock combination, but Truck showed off his strength standing up with the headlock still intact and lifting Kaelan off the ground running into his corner and sandwiching Kaelan as Von tagged himself in. Von followed up by splashing into the corner and sending repeated shoulder thrusts to the mid section of Kaelan before throwing her all over the ring displaying his power and flexing to Truck and the crowd. He locked in a bearhug that seemed to last for an eternity as the referee even checked Kaelan’s consciousness by lifting her arm three times, after nearly dropping the third time Kaelan shot her arm up and fought out of the hold before evading a massive lariat. Kaelan then grabbed the head of Von and ran towards the corner looking for her Price Paid contra code finish, but MEVY swatted her legs out from underneath her causing her to lose her balance on the climb and become racked on the top turnbuckle. Von easily handled Kaelan up into the air and dropped her in the middle of the ring with a massive Von Bomb release powerbomb. WOW a powerbomb! Von got the three count easily as Emevlas hopped down off of the apron and walked away up the ramp leaving Truck and Von to celebrate in the ring as they advance to the next round.

Backstage, the cameras transition over to a familiar face in 4CW. Two weeks removed from her return match for the company, Lauryn Wolfe seems to be beaming. Of course, she isn’t scheduled to compete for the night, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the events of the night. Cheers can be heard from the arena as Wolfe smiles.
WOLFE: “Whew. Man, I still can’t get over that I’m back. Is that weird to admit? I mean, it’s been a while since I had a match under the 4CW banner. Trust me, I was hella nervous. Being put in the opening match against a world-travelled competitor in Lisa Seldon? I had a lot to live up to…”
She chuckles.
WOLFE: “And I did just that. The butterflies that were in my stomach just left and everything that I ever knew about fighting just came back to me in an instant. God, the adrenaline rush I got after the match is a feeling I won’t ever forget. It feels so damn good to be back. ”
Her smile seems to widen as she nods her head, relieving those moments in her head.
WOLFE: “And I could say that forever and forever. Honestly, I really mean it. There’s no better feeling than stepping inside that ring and just fighting… though, I can’t do that tonight as I’m not booked. We’ve got the Hudson Hughes tag invitational in full swing tonight, so I guess I get to chill and relax a but before it’s one to the next one.”
WOLFE: “Oh, I remember being in a tournament like this… Bad Company 3 was the first tournament I participated in in my career. Almost made it to the finals too, but sadly it didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to be. Maybe it’s for the better that I’m not taking part in tonight’s festivities. Could’ve gotten paired up with another backstabbing bitch that would go on to become a Twitter lesbian.”
Lauryn physically cringes. She’s already been through that hell once before.
WOLFE: “Some people will say that tonight shouldn’t matter to me, but I’m not focusing on the tag team aspect of the competition. I’m looking ahead and thinking about the future. Of course, it may take some time before I reach where I need and want to be, but you can never plan too early. So, for all of you folks taking part in the tag team invitational…good luck. Just don’t rest too easy. Once it’s all said and done, things will be back to normal… and I can’t wait.”
And with a wink, Lauryn smirks and walks off.



Mitsu Shimada does not look impressed with his choice of a partner, as it seems that Hudson got Chris Matthews confused for Jack Tillman. Honest mistake here guys. Mitsu tries to be professional about it, as he squares off with Jay Gallagher. Jay cannot keep Mitsu down for long, as he clearly looks outclassed here. Jay calls for some help, and Graham quickly steps in to double team Mitsu with his partner. It’s a dirty chop block to Mitsu’s right leg, as Chris Matthews doesn’t seem to care much. Mitsu sees this, and promptly tags out, tending to himself on the outside. Chris Matthews tries to take both men on himself, but eventually the numbers get to him. He’s unable to keep them apart for too long, and both men power their way back into the match with several double-team moves. A Double Powerbomb puts Chris Matthews down hard, as Jay Gallagher is forced to go back to his corner. On the outside, Mitsu Shimada doesn’t appear too concerned for his partner. He stays outside of the ring, watching as Graham Gosch puts Chris down hard with a Running Powerslam, and an Apron DDT. The Standard are in control, as Graham Gosch finishes this match with a Goschlock, Chris Matthews has no choice to tap as his partner does nothing to help!

As the lights go on after the elaborate yet backyard-rate ring entrance by Astro Clyde, four figures emerge from under the ring. All of them are wearing spandex suits that cover their entire bodies (Green Men, a la It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and stand poised at each corner. Clyde calls for a microphone from the announcer and addresses the Oakland audience.
CLYDE: “PEOPLE OF EARTH! Thank you for your warm introduction, as I truly know that you come in peace. Your hospitality to me has been nothing short but SPACE-tacular…”
Clyde smiles, ensuring that the wordplay sinks in, which does illicit a few chuckles from the simpler section of the audience.
CLYDE: “See, that’s like spectacular, but I added ‘space’ to it. Get it? Of course you do, you’re all great! Anyway, as you all probably saw on the Intergalactic King’s Road Telescreen and Really Loud Audio Projector earlier, I am under a new contractual obligation to where I am paid by the hour as opposed to per match.”
There’s a pattering of boos at the mention of the events that took place with Hudson Hughes. Again, for some reason, people support this doofus, which will forever remain a mystery.
CLYDE: “This being said, I will no longer be able to afford the repairs on my space craft, and thus will have to enter the ring like a normal earth being unless I have your help! You see, although I now earn a meager wage, I refuse to let this stop me! I have spent my career fighting eighteen-plus feet tall foes, and I laugh…TEE-HEE…in the face of adversity! While I cannot contractually dispute my wage without extensive repercussions, I can take action that my Earth brothers and sisters do in the service industry. I can ask for tips. Tips for a job well-done. So, I will give my everything and my all tonight against Will Lyons. And while I may not persevere, I will fly and fight and flip and flail my Neptunian body to ensure that you get what you paid for and more. And hey, if I gave you more than your ticket price, anything you can contribute is very much appreciated! Thank you, and enjoy!”



Clyde looked at at the Raw Graps Gym mammoth Will Lyons and was moving his hands in an awkward manor trying to summon some sort of power. Will looked over at Carmen and the two couldn’t help but laugh as the bell rang and Clyde charges Will with a flying shoulder block, but when he hit he looked like a crash test dummy crumbling against the brick wall. Will picked Clyde up on his shoulders and walked him over to the corner letting him take a couple breaths and regroup before asking Clyde if he was okay. When Clyde agreed Will ambushed him with a Yakuza kick in the corner but Clyde ducked and as Will angrily tried to release himself from the corner Clyde was nearly celebrating. Unfortunately Will did escape and nearly ripped Clyde’s head off with a lariat that sent Clyde spinning in mid air. Will then lifted him off the mat and practically unleashed every move in his arsenal making it nearly impossible for Clyde to recover this time. Clyde did have one shining moment where he dropkicked Will’s legs out from under him and tried to Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse gouge the eyes of Will, but as he reached in Will, on his knees, let loose with a chop that sounded like a shotgun went off in the arena. The fans were nearly sickened with the impact as Will got to his feet and tried to rip the corny space suit off of Clyde’s body with multiple chops landing with the sickening thud of the previous. Will finally put Clyde away with the Lyon’s Road pump handle slam and one hand pressed onto the chest of Clyde for the three count.

As the packed house inside the Oracle Arena in Oakland waits impatiently between matches, the large Tron over the entrance ramp blinks to life, showing the smiling face of Cartier, one of the participants in the evening’s semi-main event for the 4CW King’s Road Internet Championship.
CARTIER: “Hey y’all!”
Cartier shouts, getting a pop from the bustling audience. The microphone floating in front of her face is held again by Gabe Hartman, the same hobo backstage interviewer as the last time Cartier appeared on 4CW television. However, instead of letting Hartman do his job, Cartier snatches the mic form out of his hand just as he starts to ask a question, then brushes him aside and steps closer to the camera.
CARTIER: “I bet y’all was thinkin’ I was just gonna sit back here and be quiet all night ‘til it was time for me to come out there and win my first ever singles title right here in front of all you people in Bump City.”
The crowd pops again for the cheap hometown heat, but Cartier continues without pausing to let it simmer down.
CARTIER: “But hell nah, that ain’t me. I ain’t the one to just keep my mouth shut when I got shit to say, and y’all know I got shit to say about errthang.”
Cartier cackles and claps her hands together, jingling the bangle bracelets around her wrists against the stem of the microphone.
CARTIER: “First of all, I wanted to say to all my fans who came out to see ya girl win tonight, that’s wassup! Y’all know it ain’t a party unless it got Carti, so here a bitch is! I ain’t never been to Cali before and it’s been real, but y’all gotta know I ain’t here on vacation, I came to put in the work and get the job done in the ring later on tonight against Redd Thunder and Caroline Clarke. So with that understood, I got a few things to get off my chest so y’all gotta gimme a minute while I speak on this.”
Cartier stares into the camera then with a purposeful expression on her face of pensive concentration. She waves a hand, fanning hair at herself to keep her cool as she holds the mic at her waist while the crowd continues to cheer for her. After a few seconds she brings the mic back up to her lips, scowls, and continues.
CARTIER: “Ain’t no one wanted to give me a chance when I started wrestlin’. Everyone thought I was jus’ some other nobody who come up off the streets. They said I was just some bitch who shook her ass for dollars and I wouldn’t never be nothin’ in this business and especially this company. When I won my first match they said it was a fluke. When I won the next one they said it was luck. But y’all, I ain’t got here by luck. I ain’t got here by no mistake neither. I got to 4CW because I been workin’ my ass off my whole life. I been on my hustle. On my grind. And you damn right I shook my ass when I needed to, because I’m the kinda bitch that do whatever she gotta do to get by. When I had to pull my titties out to keep the lights on at my house, I ain’t had no problem doin’ it. I ain’t ashamed of it either. Shit, why would I be? I got a nice ass and nice titties and I know it, why I’m gonna say no if niggas wanna make it rain on me? But y’all, all I wanted to do since the first time I seen this sport live and in person a couple years back was to be in that ring and be one of the best ever. All I been wantin’ to do since the day I first went pro was to someday be in 4CW and to someday hold a title over my head so I could say I really made it. And someday is today. I’m here. I’m in 4CW. I’m on King’s Road. I’m fightin’ for a title and I’m winnin’ that bitch, you can bet on it.”
The crowd’s cheering intensifies as Cartier pauses, seemingly caught up in her emotion. She takes a deep breath and wipes at her eyes which look to have tears welling up in them, then speaks once again.
CARTIER: “Redd… you a big ass man. You been doin’ this a lot longer than me. You beat a lot more people than me, but you also been beat more than me. I seen things you can do and I seen things you can’t do. I know you fast but I’m faster. I know you can take a beatin’ too but trust that I grew up in the Brooklyn streets and I know how to take a ass kickin’ if I need to. You an me Redd, we different as fuck but we can still be cool. I’m goin’ into tonight’s match knowin’ it’s my big shot and that it’s the moment I been waitin’ for since the first time I put on a pair of wrestlin’ boots… but it sure as hell ain’t my first fight, and I ain’t never gone into a fight expectin’ to lose. We cool like I said, Redd, but tonight I gotta beat yo Michelin Man lookin’ ass because you in the way.”
Cartier looks wide eyed into the camera as the audience laughs at her quip.
CARTIER: “And as for you, Caroline… I watched what you did against ya own partner the other night across the Bay. I seen you the real deal in the ring, which I already knew anyways since you walkin’ around holdin’ the title that I want. But girl, when you come at me later on tonight you best come correct. You come at me with some fuck shit like you did with Grimes last Wednesday you gonna get got, you feel me? You might as well just mind ya business and step aside while me and Redd figure out who gets to send you packin’, because everybody know you ain’t gonna be here week in and week out like me and Thunder. Everybody know you just a leftover from what King’s Road was before and that you ain’t no one who even wants to be in front of a 4CW crowd in a 4CW ring. You just a bitch who got a target on her back because she got somethin’ I want, and after I take it from you I can forget you ever existed… just like the rest of 4CW can too.”
Once again Cartier takes a pause and lets the crowd react, which they do with a long, collective “OOOOOOOH” at the disrespect that Cartier showed the King’s Road Internet Champion. Someone near a live house mic shouts “WORLDSTAAAAAAR” and the people around him burst into laughter as Cartier begins to talk again.
CARTIER: “I came to 4CW to fulfill a dream and to fulfill a promise I made to myself, that someday I’d be able to make my mama proud and pay her bills the way she always did for me when I was growin’ up, no matter what kinda trouble I got into. I kep the lights on and kept food on the plate by getting’ on the pole once, but now I’mma make sure that shit don’t never have to happen again because I’m makin’ it big. This my dream, y’all, and ain’t no one getting’ in my way. Not Redd Thunder, not Caroline Clarke… and sure as shit not no redheaded fake tan havin’ McBecky. You heard me bitch. Do somethin’ about it. Here.”
Cartier thumps the mic back into the chest of Gabe Hartman and then turns on her heel and struts off, whipping her ling extensions into the interviewer’s face as she leaves.
HARTMAN: ”Uh… thanks for joining me Cartier! Back to the action!”
The Tron fades down as the lights start to come up for the next match.




Jay and Von start the match and Jay had Von frustrated with his speed and aerial assault. Using his pele kick and running shooting star to try and quickly get the pin fall, but only a two count. Von pressed Jay up much like Truck did in their previous bout and Truck couldn’t have been happier seeing it. Jay eventually fell victim to Truck and Von quick tagging and cutting the ring in half using their strength and double team moves nearly finishing the match with a russian leg sweep lariat combo. Jay did manage to get under the legs of the massive Von and spring to Graham for the hot tag and Graham came in full of rage. The hoss of the Standard wasted no time going after both Von and Truck sending them to the outside. Jay, still hurting from the beating he took, risked his body by entering the ring and running directly at Graham to assisted him with a sky high back body drop that Jay turned into a tope suicida landing on the team of T and T on the outside. Graham rolled Von in and got a nearfall then wasted no time going to work with his catch style of wrestling manipulating the joints of Von to keep him grounded for a long time, much to the fans dislike as they started a boring chant and Graham let them know that this is real wrestling by yelling at them. Locking in a body scissors on Von and a sleeperhold Graham was sure that he was going to take the big man out, but Von managed to stand up as the fans clapped him to life, led by Truck, and he smashed Graham into the corner where Truck tagged in. Von kept Graham trapped into the corner long enough for Truck to get a running head start and a lariat as Von moved at the last second. Von then irish whipped his partner into the corner again for another lariat and as Graham stumbled out of the corner he was hit with the Hardbody Karate kick but only for a near fall. Graham recovered eventually managing to reverse Truck’s German Suplex and get the tag to Jay who immediately hit multiple sling blades on Truck trying to get the momentum back in their favor but Truck ducked the fourth slingblade attempt and Jay found himself on the mat too long as Truck tagged in Von and then charged towards the corner where Graham stood and took him out with a suicide spear leaving them both against the guard rails on the outside. Jay paid too much attention to the demise of his partner and as he turned around to go for an enzigurri Von caught him in mid air and forced him to submit to the Seismic Shock torture rack.

As we look backstage, we see Darryl sitting behind a makeshift table on a cardboard box. He has three cards lying face down on the table, and a crowd of people surrounding him.
WALKER: ”Name of the game is Find the Queen, place your bets and beat the gypsy, if you think you can.”
Darryl lays all three cards face up, as the first person lays down a ten dollar bill on the table. Darryl lays a ten dollar bill on top of it, and then flips each card over one by one, flipping the queen last. He then slowly begins shuffling the cards around, speeding up the shuffle as he goes. After twenty seconds, the cards are now moving so fast it’s hard to keep track. Finally Darryl stops the cards, the look on the guys face completely perplexed. He points down at the card to Darryl’s right. Darryl flips the card to reveal a ten of spades.
WALKER: ”Sorry bud, no luck this time, would you like to try again?”
The employee shakes his head and walks off, as Darryl collects the money.
WALKER: ”Alright, who’s next?”
One of the sound engineers walks up, and throws down a twenty dollar bill on the table. Darryl smiles, and throws a twenty on top of it.
WALKER: ”Here we go, we got a high roller in here, you understand the game? Good, then here we go. Round and round she goes, where she stops, no one knows. Queens on the run from the evil king, can she escape without being seen. One last turn around the bend, then a days ride till she comes to the end. Find the queen, good sir.”
The engineer points to the middle card, confident he’s found the queen. Darryl looks up at him with a smile.
WALKER: ”Are you sure that’s the card you want? You’re confident the queen is in the middle?”
The engineer thinks his decision over, and looks around at everyone. Finally he shakes off his decision and chooses the left card. Darryl flips it to reveal the King of Diamonds.
WALKER: ”Tough break, let’s see if you guessed right the first time?”
Darryl flips the middle card to reveal the Queen of Hearts.
WALKER: ”Man, that’s a bummer. You should have trusted your gut. You were right on. Want to try it again?”
The engineer lays down another twenty dollar bill, and watches more intently. Darryl flips through the cards again, reciting his rhyme. He stops with a smile, as the engineer points confidently at the right card. Darryl flips it, and it’s the King of Diamonds again.
WALKER: ”Well buddy, if we were playing find the king, you’d be stealing money from me. Unfortunately you didn’t find the queen. Third time’s a charm?”
The engineer steps away, as Darryl piles up the money and puts it in an envelope.
WALKER: ”Step right up, who wants the chance to win some money from the bad guy?”
As the next guy starts stepping forward, he’s shoved to the side by the massive Redd. Redd steps forward and drops a one hundred dollar bill on the table and smiles.
THUNDER: “Me got this, bubba.”
Darryl looks up at Redd with a smile, and sets a hundred dollars on top of Redd’s bill.
WALKER: ”Hey buddy, you know how to play this game?”
Redd looks down at the cards, and then back up at Darryl with a smile spread across his face.
THUNDER: ”Redd know how to play the game.”
Darryl nods, and begins mixing up the cards, singing his little song as he does. Finally he stops, and looks at Redd. Redd gets a big smile on his face and confidently points at the middle card.
WALKER: ”You sure that’s the…”
Redd cuts Darryl off.
THUNDER: ”Me sure this card is the queen. You can’t confused Redd.”
WALKER: ”Suit yourself.”
Darryl flips the card, to reveal the King of Diamonds.
WALKER: ”Tough luck buddy. Wanna try again?”
Redd throws down another hundred dollar bill, and smiles at Darryl. Darryl runs through the whole scene again, this time Redd chooses the left card. Darryl flips and again it’s the King of Diamonds. Redd gets an angry look on his face and throws another hundred down. Darryl flips all three cards, showing the queen before flipping and shuffling. Singing his tune as he does. Finally he stops, and Redd again chooses the left card. Darryl flips it to reveal the Ten of Spades. Redd begins breathing heavy, and throws another hundred down. Darryl goes through the motions two, three and four more times before finally bringing the game to an end.
WALKER: ”Alright buddy, just like the bartenders and the chinese ladies at the buffet, I have to put an end to this before you further embarrass yourself. It was a good effort, thanks for the money.”
Darryl slides the money into his pocket, and walks around to Redd, extending a hand.
WALKER: ”No hard feelings?”
Redd cautiously takes Darryl’s hand and Darryl pulls him in for a bro hug, patting his back, and at the same time sliding Redd’s keys off the carabiner on his belt loop.
WALKER: ”Good game…Mark.”
Darryl throws a verbal jab in at the end, and Redd looks confused.
THUNDER: ”Me name is Redd”
One of the stage hands standing around the scene leans in to Redd to explain to him that Darryl was essentially calling him a sucker. Redd’s face turns beet red and flips the table.

The lights dim in the arena once the focus goes back ringside and a couple moments pass as “Day ‘N Nite (Just A Gent Trap Remix)” by Kid Cudi hits to its mixed reaction. Out walks Malik Fox with the King’s Road Championship on his shoulder, sporting his ring gear, and he receives some cheers from the crowd along with some boos, but those boos quickly grow in volume once Smokey Mayfield walks out beside Malik. The manager has the biggest shit-eating grin on his face as he just soaks in the hatred and Smokey pats Malik on the shoulder before the two start making their way down to the ring.
Malik doesn’t interact or acknowledge the crowd much as he’s obviously in his zone heading into his match later in the night. On the other hand, Smokey is jawing to everyone he can find, making fun of their mothers, their grandmothers, and their ancestors even. Luckily, he’s got the big guy next to him to keep him from getting into any harm and the two finally make their way into the ring after Smokey’s attempts of inciting a riot. Much like before, Malik finds himself centered in the ring, finding his inner peace, and Smokey grabs a microphone from a ringside crew member.
MAYFIELD: ”My, my…we out here in Oakland, California! Out here for some California soul!”
A cheap pop from the crowd, but still plenty of vitriol from them.
MAYFIELD: ”Out here…in a city of BUMS! I mean, look at some of you…BUMS! You, you in the front row? BUM! Back a few rows? BUM! You, way out there, guess what? BUM! And you…”
After going from fan to fan, Smokey stops and turns right back to the main camera, looking right into it with a smirk creeping across his face yet again.
A loud laugh erupts from Smokey as he holds onto the ropes as if he’s just heard the funniest joke in existence, struggling to keep his feet underneath him from this laughter. After a few seconds of cracking up, Smokey regains his composure and stands in the center of the ring yet again.
MAYFIELD: ”But y’all watching ain’t the only bums around here. No, no. We got bums in the bang and we still got bums coming into King’s Road wanting this and that…they wanna make their names by being Twitter famous. They wanna step up because they got more tweets. But what don’t they have? They don’t have skill. They don’t have ability. Folks, they don’t have what it takes to last a second…A SECOND…doing what Malik and myself do.”
Smokey pauses to motion toward Malik then to himself, clearly having put in a lot of effort.
MAYFIELD: ”Malik is focusing on getting better every single day. That’s why he’s the King’s Road Champion. He’s the GREATEST here! Nobody in King’s Road can touch him. Oh, they can try, but they’re gonna need to show me a little more soul than that. They can try, but they’re gonna need to put in a little more effort. They can try…but they’ll all fail!”
Another short laugh from Smokey and he shakes his head.
MAYFIELD: ”And tonight? Tonight I hope some of the children running around this locker room understand that. As Malik Fox steps into the ring tonight, he’ll carry the team with Jett Wilder. He’ll carry Jett to greater heights than anyone ever could’ve imagined! We already know how Ace has done against Malik, so I don’t think it’s hard to imagine Alejandra, my future wife, suffering a similar fate.”
He winks toward the camera and points toward it, in hopes that Alejandra is watching.
MAYFIELD: ”Thank you all for trying, but…BUMS gonna be BUMS! And champions? Malik gonna stay…”
Finally, Malik breaks out of his trance-like state to step forward as Smokey steps to the side. Malik raises up the King’s Road Championship and looks around the arena to another mixed reaction as the two begin to head out of the ring. The camera follows the two up the ramp for a bit before cutting away elsewhere.

Johnny Amazing is found pacing back and forth backstage. He takes a deep breath and turns his head towards the camera.
AMAZING: ”Second match on the King’s Road and I have myself a title opportunity. That’s pretty impressive, you gotta admit.”
The huge grin that appears on Johnny’s smile to sell that is short-lived, fading only moments later with a humorless chuckle.
AMAZING: ”Nah, it’s not like that. I know that. This me and Damien Miri thing… it’s not legit. It’s an accident. It’s honestly a trainwreck waiting to happen. He and I have been down our own road together one too many times, kicked each other’s asses one too many times. It’s not funny anymore. It’s not even a thing anymore. Yet here we are.”
Johnny sighs and lowers her head, shaking it from side to side. He raises his newly won King’s Road Tag Team Championship up for the camera to see.
AMAZING: ”I put us into this mess with a simple joke. My bad. I get it. But it’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to pay for it. Because now I’m in the ring tonight with a partner that doesn’t like me very much. I’m the outsider. I’m all on my own. I’m the odd man out.”
Taking a deep breath, Johnny forces his head up.
AMAZING: ”But I’ll be damned if I don’t go down fighting. I’ve never thrown in the towel on a fight and I’ve never run from a fight, even if I probably should sometimes.”
He smirks and shrugs his shoulders.
AMAZING: ”Regardless of what Damien wants, Tonight we won the tag team championships, and there’s no way I’m going to let a selfish group of jealous ego maniacs ruin me holding gold in King’s Road. So if I have to do it myself then so be it. It’s not every single night that one man can be AH-MAY-ZING~!
Johnny starts to walk out of the frame, but stops. He looks back to the camera.
AMAZING: ”Or can he?”
He flashes his pearly whites in a sparkling smile that could close out a toothpaste commercial.




Damien refused to start the match and in fact looked completely disinterested in even holding the tag team championships as he threw it to the ground after making his entrance. Johnny, with a bit of a limp, went right after Trevor with jumping knees and elbow strikes. Trevor eventually exposed the injury of Johnny by taking out bad leg and landing repeated elbow drops to the damaged limb. Johnny continuously reached out for the tag, but Damien was showing little to no effort to get into the ring. Trevor grabbed Johnny’s looking to land more kicks but Johnny got to his other leg to balance himself and Trevor to backflip and break the hold but couldn’t stabilize on his bad leg and Trevor took notice with a quick discus elbow smash following it up with a near fall. Trevor and Zeel then worked on Johnny’s leg in the corner using the ropes to hold it up and as Zeel tagged in he propelled over the ropes and hit a double knee to the bad leg. Johnny was desperately reaching out trying anything to tag Damien in, but still he refused.
Zeel viciously attacked Johnny as he crawled to the corner for the tag with a double stomp and then leg drop to the back of the head getting a near fall of his own and the crowd was chanting to try and give Johnny any possible motivation he needed to do this on his own. Damien rolled his eyes and was pretending to nap leaning on the turnbuckle. With a burst of energy Johnny took advantage over Zeel as he got too cocky and managed to pull off a russian leg sweep and get back to his feet to combine it with a standing moonsault. Trevor broke up the pinfall at one and he and Zeel pulled Johnny back to the corner and managed to again expose the injury and using their speed to hit rapid fire running forearms leaving Johnny nearly lifeless – but he was playing possum and ducked one forearm from Trevor with a forward roll and dove for the tag to Damien, but Dame pulled his hand back again. Zeel laughed at Johnny as he looked hopeless on the mat before grabbing his junk towards Damien and telling him the The Cuntglomerate fucking sucks. The fans all laughed and as Zeel played it up Damien’s eyes widened and he finally reached out for Johnny’s hand and tagged in. Damien let loose with a flurry of superkicks to Zeel and Trevor never letting them get to their feet for more than a moment. Johnny managed one last time to dig deep and hit a shotgun dropkick sending Trevor outside of the ring through the ropes where he followed him with a springboard shooting star press. Zeel was all alone in the ring and every attack he attempted was blocked before Damien hit a bicycle knee and took time to flip Zeel a middle finger and scream ‘You Suck, Bitch’ before lifting him up with the Skyline Driver Vertical suplex Piledriver getting the win for his team.



There is excitement in the air for Aokigahara Zombie tonight, the fans chant his name as he makes his way out to the ring. Gregg Peake and Darryl Walker look on, in horror, at the man who stands in front of them. I guess that’s why they both attack him, starting this match off with a bang. Aoki Zombie stands his ground, and sends Gregg Peake out of the ring. Darryl squares off with him, as the two go back and forth for a moment. Aoki gets the better of him with a Headbutt, and then a Crossface Chickenwing Suplex. Aoki is not playing games tonight, but Gregg Peake catches him with a Jumping Knee Strike. Gregg sends Aoki out of the ring, as he tries to pin Darryl. Darryl kicks out before the three count, and eventually finds his way back to his feet. He reverses a Backbreaker attempt from Gregg, and counters with a Running Shoulder Block that knocks Gregg for a loop. Darryl has no time to recover, as Aoki is back in the ring. Aoki stuns him with a Palm Strike, and follows that up with a BITE TO DARRYL’S FOREHEAD! Gregg gets back into the ring, and quickly squares off with Aoki. The two battle for a moment, as Darryl stays away. Gregg sends a chop into Aoki’s chest that rattles the Oracle Arena! With Aoki hurt, Gregg connects with a Swinging Backbreaker!
Gregg Peake has taken control of the match, but Darryl Walker isn’t letting that stop him from trying to grab control. He fights Gregg on the outside, tossing Gregg hard into the railing. Both men have no chance to prepare themselves for Aoki, as he comes flying from between the ropes! A Suicide Dive knocks down all three men, for the moment, as this crowd is firmly behind Aoki Zombie! Eventually, the match makes its way back into the ring, as Aoki looks to end things on his terms. Gregg Peake avoids a Spinning Backfist from Aoki, but eats a stiff Forearm from Darryl. Darryl tries to follow up, but Aoki takes him down with a Backdrop Driver! Aoki sets his sights on Gregg, who tries to connect with The Snapback, but Aoki reverses the attempt. He blinds Gregg with the White Mist, sending Gregg out of the ring! Aoki attempts to turn his attention back to Darryl Walker, but he allowed him too much time to recover! Darryl gets up, and connects with an Atomic Drop! The move is quickly transitioned into a Dirty Driver, as Darryl sneaks out the victory here tonight!



Malik Fox, the King’s Road Champion, blesses us all here in Oakland tonight as he prepares to go up against Ace Baldwin yet again. Jett Wilder almost blinds us all with his entrance, I’m not even kidding here. Malik looks a little annoyed that he has to team with Jett, but that’s quickly out of the window when The Standard shows up. Ace Baldwin wastes no time, as he chooses to start off the match with Jett. There’s some back and forth action, as Jett tries to get revenge for Chapter Twenty-One. Jett tries a Double Stomp from the top, but Ace takes his head off with a HUGE Clothesline. Ace tags Alejandra in, as she gets to work on Jett. She works him over in the corner, finishing him off with a Running Back Elbow. Malik tries to get Jett to tag him in, but Jett is persistent. He actively chooses to stay in the match, like he has a point to prove or something. Malik can only watch on, as Jett gets control of the match a little, before it’s quickly pulled away from him by Ace or Alejandra. Jett misses a Splash from the top, allowing Alejandra to lock in a Muta Lock on him!
Jett hangs in there, though, because he is the Future Amazing Great afterall. He knows what he needs to do, and that’s to finally tag in the Champ. Malik waits patiently, as Jett slowly finds his opportunity to tag out. Okay, that’s a lie, because Jett never finds an opportunity. Instead he wastes them, choosing to attack Alejandra or Ace whenever he finally gets a chance. It’s only by pure luck that Malik gets into the match, after Jett is whipped into his corner. Malik slaps the bare back of Jett Wilder, hard, as he makes his way into the ring. Jett winces in the corner, a giant hand-print on his pasty white back. Ace Baldwin wants nothing to do with Malik, but still manages to eat a Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven from the Champ! Ace is knocked around the ring, as Malik takes over. Eventually, Ace is able to poke Malik’s eyes, and tag in Alejandra. He’s sending her to the wolves here tonight! She tries, really tries, to make an attempt to take down Malik Fox. It doesn’t work, as Malik drives her into the mat with Black Magic! The slam stops Alejandra in her tracks, but before Malik can do anything Ace attacks him with a chair! He sends it crashing into his back, as the referee signals for the bell! Jett Wilder stands there in shock, unable to do anything. Ace chases him away, chair in hand, as Jett looks on. Ace Baldwin stands tall over Malik Fox once again, and once again he used underhanded tactics to get the job done.



Caroline and Cartier formed somewhat of an agreement that if either one of them were going to have a chance at this that they’d have to eliminate Redd, and so they rushed him at the beginning of the match managing to get him out the ring through the ropes and then they immediately turned on one another using strikes and quick moves like Caroline managing a shining wizard only to get Cartier to her feet and eat a jawbreaker and hiptoss to a knee lift. Redd managed to get back onto the apron on multiple occasions, but was knocked down immediately as the truce always mattered more than the two of them going at one another. Caroline irish whipped Cartier into Redd and she hit a forearm that had Redd staggering before Caroline hit an enzigurri that put Redd down on the apron. Cartier followed up on the apron with a DDT to the HARD PART of the ring, but as she celebrated Caroline launched herself into Cartier sending her to the outside. This would prove to be a bad plan as Redd no longer would be cut off from the action and he demolished both women with massive lariats before sending them both into the steel steps. From there Redd controlled the match, making it look as if the Internet Championship could belong to nobody else but him.
Back in the ring the two women tried to work together again but as they got close enough for a pinfall the truce would fall apart and be dangerous to their health as it gave Redd time to recover, one time hitting a double german suplex on both women at the same time. He put them in opposite corners and cracked his knuckles in the middle of the ring before yelling out ‘PANCAKE PARTY’. Redd then sprinted, well his idea of a sprint, to each corner finishing the charge with a splash that was more athletic than you’d think it would be. After minutes of this game plan Redd slowed down in the middle of the ring and tried to take a time out because he was short of breath but this gave the women enough time to recover and they ran towards the middle of the ring and went for a double knee trying to decapitate the big man, but he pulled away in just enough time. Cartier rolled to the outside of the ring to recover, but before Caroline could Redd planted her with a club to the back of the neck and a one armed samoan drop for only a near fall. Cartier tried to get back into the ring but Redd elimintated her threat twice each time asking her loudly how it feels. Then reassuring her that it doesn’t feel too good and she deserves it. Caroline got to the apron on the opposite side of the ring once and hit a springboard forearm that sent Redd stumbling into the corner. She fed off the electricity of the crowd and went back to the apron on the other side and went for the kill shot on another springboard forearm but Redd caught her this time and hit a Final Flash powerbomb to Caroline for another near fall. Redd then let the fans know what’s coming next and screamed out Pulverizing Pancake and dragged Caroline into the corner for the Bonzai Drop but Cartier, just like last time, took her time to recover and scaled the corner on the outside where Redd climbed raking his eyes and pulling his mask to the side so his vision is impaired. Cartier then got into position and tucked Redd’s head before pushing off to hit her trademark Ca$h You Out Cold second rope piledriver landing directly onto Caroline! She manages to roll Redd’s massive body out of the ring and pin a flattened Caroline for the three count and we have a new champion!




Damien Miri and Johnny Amazing sent a message earlier in the night, knocking off the former champions, even if Damien didn’t want to. Johnny Amazing is doing everything he can to keep those titles, basically dragging Damien Miri to the finals. Vonn Richter and Truck Turner have been impressive, and Truck has finally found a partner that can keep up with him. The two teams meet in the center of the ring, as the bells rings for this match to start. Truck Turner fights with Damien, as Johnny battles with Vonn Richter. A Gorilla Press catches Damien by surprise, almost costing him the match in the early going. Truck certainly was looking to send a message to Hudson Hughes here tonight, as he continues to show off. Both men continue to beat down Johnny and Damien, as the two can’t fight back. Damien gets picked apart by Truck and Vonn in the corner, which sets off Johnny Amazing. He rushes forward, splashing both men as he breaks up the attack on his partner! Damien connects with a Low Dropkick, as Johnny follows up with a Running Knee to the side of Truck’s head! A Double Suplex attempt lifts Truck high into the air, but Vonn pulls his partner back down. He easily takes both members out, as the match turns back into their favor.
Truck takes Damien to the outside, as Johnny is left alone with Vonn Richter in the ring. He falls victim to a Sleeper Hold attempt from Johnny, quickly immobilizing him for the time being. On the outside, Damien sends Truck into the steel steps. Damien attacks his right leg as well, slowing Truck down tremendously. Truck Turner looks frustrated, as Damien gets the better of him on the outside. He continues to fight though, connecting with a chop that sends Damien over the barricade and into the crowd! Damien doesn’t stay down for long, as he throws several chairs at Truck! Meanwhile, inside of the ring, Johnny Amazing has been getting a beat down from Vonn Richter. He stays in the match, however, as he catches Vonn with a Running Dropkick to the face! Johnny heads to the outside, grabbing several weapons that could really turn this match in his favor.
Vonn takes a trash-can shot to the head, but it only gets Johnny a two count! Damien soon gets back into the ring, and despite not wanting to be here, begins to finally work with Johnny Amazing. The two work together, picking apart Vonn Richter as he tries to get back up. Damien connects with a Conglomerate Kick, as Johnny follows up with a Shooting Star Press. Unfortunately Truck is there to break up the pinfall, keeping this match going. With Vonn down, Dame and Johnny focus on Truck, who surprisingly holds his own. He lifts Johnny Amazing over his head, in a stunning display of strength, and tosses him out of the ring. Damien uses this to connect with Leon’s .22, catching Truck Turner out of nowhere!

The crowd can’t believe it, as they thought Damien had taken this match all by himself. Damien looks to the outside, to see where Johnny is, but he’s met with a Chairshot from Vonn Richter! He’s up, and angry, as he directs Truck out of the way. Vonn looks under the ring, pulling out two tables, sliding them back inside of the ring. Vonn wastes no time in tossing Johnny Amazing back inside of the ring, either. Truck gets up, and begins to go to work, as he sets up the tables in opposite corners. Damien, finally stirring, tries getting to his feet, as Truck grabs his waist. He lifts him up, deadlifting him off of the canvas and into a GERMAN SUPLEX!! Another impressive display of strength, but it seems both Truck and Vonn had forgotten about Johnny. Johnny heads to the top turnbuckle, leaping off as he catches both men with a Front Dropkick. One foot for each face, it seems. All four men lay in the ring, as the crowd tries to will the champions up to their feet.
Damien pulls himself up to his feet, as Johnny does the same. Both men look at each other, and nod, it seems they’re finally putting everything behind them now. Damien looks determined to win this match, and win this tournament. Johnny, finally knowing that he has a partner he can count on, works on finishing this match. Truck gets up, into a free corner, and immediately eats an Ama-ZING corner kick! Vonn Richter is now all alone, as Damien grabs a chair. He calls for Johnny to get him up, as Damien looks to crack him good. Johnny struggles, but finally gets Vonn up to his feet. Damien gives him a good shot to the stomach, causing him to fall to his knees. Damien directs Johnny to hold him there, as Damien steps back. The leader of the Conglomerate takes the chair, winding back and
The crowd is stunned, booing Damien Miri as he tosses the chair to the ground. Vonn Richter looks on, as Johnny Amazing looks to be laid out. Truck Turner gets back into the ring, confused, as Damien Miri steps through the ropes and heads to the back. He doesn’t even look on, as Johnny Amazing is picked up by Truck Turner. There’s no rest for him here, as Truck drives him through A TABLE WITH A RUNNING POWERSLAM! Johnny Amazing is out, but this attack isn’t over. Vonn lifts him up, walking him to the other table. A Vonn Bomb is all it takes to send Johnny into the corner, and through the table! The fans boo, as Truck Turner falls on Johnny Amazing for the cover!

Damien Miri is satisfied with himself, leaving Johnny Amazing in the ring as we have new champions tonight. Soon enough, we see The Conglomerate coming out to join Damien. Gregg, Fred, and Nikolas are all there. They look at Damien, surveying the damage done here tonight. Fred and Nik look disappointed, as Damien tries to show them that he got Johnny Amazing back. Slowly, one by one, they leave him there on the stage, and soon enough Damien Miri is all alone. The crowd boos the scene, they boo everything about this. They boo the new champions, as Truck Turner climbs the nearest turnbuckle to do some pelvic thrusts with his new title. They boo Damien Miri, who stands there, unsure if what he did was the right thing.
JOHNSON: ”Damien Miri just cost himself, The Conglomerate, and Johnny Amazing the King’s Road Tag Team Championships!”
VASSA: ”I know that he didn’t want to be teaming with Johnny Amazing, but this is destruction on a whole new level.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s going to be some definite fallout from this tonight, but kudos to our NEW Tag Team Champions, Vonn Richter and Truck Turner!”
VASSA: ”They got the job done here tonight, and they didn’t fight with each other once. King’s Road has a tag team they need to watch out for now.”
JOHNSON: ”It was an exciting night of action, Vinny, we’ve got new champions and new feuds. It seems like there’s going to be some hell to pay for some people.”
VASSA: ”Indeed there will, but we’ll worry about that later! I want to get the fuck out of here. I’m headed to the bar!”
JOHNSON: ”Alright, alright! I’m Steve Johnson, this is my partner Vinny Vassa, and this has been King’s Road! Thank you for watching, we will see you all next time!”
VASSA: ”Aidos, fuckers!”