The picture opens to an inside shot of the Neal S. Blaisbell Center as “Bad Company” plays over the speakers. Explosions of fireworks go off at the entrance stage where the camera takes in the shot dead center of it all. Moving down the aisle, the camera looks from left to right, focusing in on various signs held throughout the body of people.

Circling the ring, the camera then focuses on the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa await to open tonight’s event.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this year’s Bad Company, coming to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii!”
VASSA: ”It’s been nothing but sand in my toes since we got here and I can’t wait to finally get tonight kicked off.”
JOHNSON: ”Sand in your toes?”
VASSA: ”That’s what I said, sand in my toes. I had to stand on the beach a few days ago and fight off a hurricane, saving this island from Hurricane Lane and securing a safety bubble for local MMA gyms in the area.”
JOHNSON: ”Okay…”
VASSA: ”True story, I shit you not. Look it up.”
JOHNSON: ”I would love to, I really would, but we have a huge lineup for tonight with little room to spare.”
VASSA: ”Damn right we do! Four rounds of Tag Team madness where the winners will not only be the 4CW Tag Team Champions, but they’ll also receive a hefty cash prize of ONE MILLLLLLLLLLLLLION DOLLLLLLARS!!!”
JOHNSON: ”And a nice Ignition Championship match to boot! Now before you go getting long winded on us, let’s take a quick look at the bracket for tonight’s tournament.”

VASSA: ”We have 4CW teams, we have Carnage Wrestling teams, and we even have teams coming together representing no one other than themselves. Hell, we even have some Dogs in this fight! I didn’t know Michael Vick was going to be in the building tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”I might not be up to date with the times and current ‘memes’ as they’re called, but I do know that’s way beyond outdated.”
VASSA: ”You’re one to talk Father Time?”
JOHNSON: ”When I’m right I’m ri–“
The audience erupts in an uproar of boos and cheers as “Paper Planes” blares out through the speak system. After a few moments to build up anticipation, Battle Born makes their way through the curtain and onto stage. Jeb holds his championship belt up in the air with two hands as Cosmo unlatches his from around his waist and holds it up as well. The champs stand there for a few moments before making their way down to the ring. Cosmo interacts with the crowd as Jeb talks down to them.
As they reach the ring, Jeb rolls in underneath as Cosmo takes off his flip-flops and walks up the steps. The two meet in the center of the ring after Jeb barks at some skinny prick to hand him two microphones. Jeb hands over one of the microphones to Cosmo as the two of them lay their championships down on the mat. They look at the entrance ramp, before Jeb speaks up.
FISHER: ”See now, I want to make this short and sweet. Because Honestly all these words we been having with you faggots out there in the back. All of you sittin’ around, waiting to have your shot at our belts? Well say come one, come all. It don’t matter what you have done, or what you are willing to do! None of that bullshit is going to matter, when you step in the ring. With the Greatest tag-team in 4CW history! We been waiting for this, preparing and if you think you got the balls? Well here we are. And we gonna’ be here all night kickin’ all of your fuckin’ asses!”
Jeb had gotten himself worked up, his face sweating and turning a bit red with intensity as he looks over to Cosmo. Who has that award winning, take you home to meet your parents smile on his face.
COOPER: ”Come get some!”
The two drop their microphones, waiting for their opponents. Instead of going back to the booth, the cameras cut backstage before Vinny and Steve can delay the opening match any further.

The sounds of thunder boom followed shortly by a bright, cackling sound of lightning. The pitter patter of rain echoes.
VOICEOVER: “All that stands between humanity and the very threat of our existence has arrived.”
The waves on the screen begin to rise and crash back into the ocean as the scene shifts to a harbor full of boats.
VOICEOVER: “First, it was Union Battleground. Conquered by one, followed by others, and brought to its knees by the collective group.”
The boats are rattled against the sides of the harbor and consumed by the waves that crash down upon them. The thunder and lightning grows louder and louder as the patter of the rain becomes heavier and heavier.
VOICEOVER: “Elysium fell to its knees faster than a crooked kingdom burned to the ground when Kelly Godless found the light.”
The rain began to clear. The beastly waves of the ocean settled into a rhythmic, relaxing wake. The skies began to clear as the sun painted a glare onto the screen. The glare blocked the figures enough but two seemed to appear out of the stormy waters to walk towards the screen.
VOICEOVER: “His arrival was met without any fanfare and with absolutely no resistance.”
Viduus Morta’s face quickly flashes across the screen. If you blinked you would have missed it because the screen returned back to the glaring sun blocking our view of the figures.
VOICEOVER: “The other’s arrival was met with disdain and the masks of denial.”
A frontal view Nemesis and the markings that litter his body full flashes across the screen just as quickly as the face of Viduus did before once again returning to the shadowy figures which are becoming larger and larger as they approach a clearer, closer view.
VOICEOVER: “One has reduced the shouts to whispers. The other raised the whispers back to shouts. Together, they started a movement…Individually…they are met with ridicule.”
The figures, as presumed, were none other than the two most prominent members of Salvation, Nemesis and Viduus Morta. Nemesis snarled while Viduus had a grin.
VIDUUS: “Tonight 4CW….you will all see….”
NEMESIS: “The joke…is on you.”
The two men both crack the most devious of smiles as the screen instantly turns black.



Bad Company IV officially kicked off with the 4CW Tag Team Championships on the line to start the evening. Battle Born’s first opponents were Kristopher Ryans and Mikah Green, the team of Reckless Elite. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking. Why didn’t Perry just give the champs a first round bye? There are no bye rounds in Bad Company. Why didn’t Perry deny Reckless Elite’s registration and save the spot for a team that would actually take this tournament seriously? He’s a nice guy, but the only thing denied was better judgement on Perry’s behalf. Feel free to say I told you so next time you see him. Now although Battle Born were booked against an actual team in the first round, you might as well consider this thing a bye because while there were bodies in the ring standing across from the champions, Reckless Elite might as well have not have even shown up tonight! Things started off with Cosmo Cooper and Kristopher Ryans, or whatever name he is wrestling under these days, and it didn’t take long at all for Cosmo to establish an early dominance in tonight’s opening match. Firing at will with a series of kicks to Kris’ body, Cosmo aimed the last one even higher, connecting with a bare foot across Kris’ face and spinning him in the opposite direction. Wrapping him up with both arms, Cosmo lifted him off his feet and planted him onto the canvas with a German suplex.
Tagging Jeb in, Cosmo circled the inside of the ring for a moment, keeping a close eye on Mikah who didn’t seem interested whatsoever in getting involved. While Jeb went to work stomping away at Kris, Cosmo exited out onto the apron, leaving his partner in crime to do as he pleased. Now Jeb, well he’s Jeb. His attacks on Kris weren’t the most orthodox, but they were effective on an opponent who couldn’t even give the tiniest bit of effort to defend himself. Lifting Kris up from the mat, Jeb raised him to his shoulders in an electric chair position. Pointing to Cosmo on the apron, Jeb nodded for him to enter. Now in the ring, Cosmo waited patiently as Jeb turned to face the opposite side of the ring, winking and blowing a kiss in Mikah’s direction. Jeb then flipped Kris backwards over his head and into Cosmo’s arms, where he was caught and then dropped straight onto his head with a sit-out piledriver. There was no movement from Kris after being wiped out with Battle Born’s War Stories. Crawling over Kris’ lifeless body, Jeb made a nonchalant cover as Mikah, from the apron, watched the officials hand slap the canvas for the one, the two, and the three!
WINNER: Battle Born via Pinfall (5:55)

The night was a big one and not just for the tourney itself or the future winner of the tournament. It was a big one for two of the best in regards to their status. The fusing of Jason Mentez and Jair Hopkins, long-time friends, now a brotherhood, looking to do something epic, despite the many different levels of competitors in this tournament. Last year it was Hopkins and the now exiled Jason Cashe taking it a step further to grab and maintain the titles to the finish. This year, he was even more hyped. To now not only represent the alliance of their family, but to represent where they came from, it was a unique opportunity to shake the foundation.
They walked in rhythm, step for step, same expression on their faces as they held nothing but a promising, bright smile…a trademark for them, showcasing it. It was sometime since the team-up of Gabriel Hartman and Jair Hopkins was seen. Hartman wasn’t about to let this moment evade him. He came up from leaning off the wall as he walked towards the duo, readying for their matchup soon against Bronx Valescence and Anastasia Hayden, aka “To The Wolves”.
HARTMAN: ”Long time no see, Jair. It’s been a while. You and Jason got a huge task tonight with going against Bronx and Ana.”
Hopkins dapped up Hartman before choosing to comment.
HOPKINS: ”One of the best interviewers in the business you are Hartman. It has been a while but thats okay, gonna make up for that missed time. This is probably the most I’ve been excited for man. These opportunities are rare, to team up with the homie, one you consider a sibling, I love it. We get another huge test, Gabe. First it was Battleborn, our very first action as a tag and look at what we did? We put boots to asses in Jeb and Cosmo. There was all that hype with them. They are the best, they are this and that. I don’t care because it was a non-title match. They failed to back up their promise of putting us down. Now here we are…again.”
HARTMAN: ”Again it is but in a different light, your battles with both Bronx and Ana have a lot of depth. Many say you got lucky against Bronx. You’ve struggled against Hayden besides giving an excellent fight, you never accomplished that feat yet, single-wise. But again, tonight is all about the fundamentals and chemistry.”
Hopkins nodded.
HOPKINS: ”You are right with those two but also “heart”. Heart matters a lot in these battles. Yeah single-wise, my luck hasn’t fared well against Ana. I still have her mouthpiece she tossed at me that night she attacked me and Cashe. I still feel that superkick. It’s alright though. Payback’s a bitch, they said. Sure, we may be new to the tag scene but don’t doubt our ability to wreck shit and cause complete havok. I mentioned heart as one of the three factors. You looking at two who relies on that word … (beats chest) and we are hard to put down for good. This is our showcase. By the end of the night, folks that questioned our place will understand.”
Hartman glances over to Jason Mentez, looking to be done with this interview it seemed and just wanting to go put in the work.
HARTMAN: ”As I turn to you, Jason Mentez, you are like the wildcard. The Joker in a deck of playing cards. This isn’t new to you, but here, most are only going off of the battle against Battleborn. By the end of night, what will folks be saying about Jason Mentez?”
MENTEZ: ”Dat I’m for real n dat WE can stand wit the best of em. I know being a wildcard puts a aura of unknown on me. Thing is even once you do know me, see my skill, n how I get down I’m still dat wildcard. It aint on purpose either everybody got a plan till dey catch one. Most cases, I just turn loose gameplans be damned.”
HARTMAN: ”The fire, the passion is what is needed more in this tag division. There are alot of underdogs in this tournament. You two have to be the favorite of them all.”
MENTEZ: ”I wouldn’t know bout favorites. Niggas quick to tell you one thing then switch it up later. I never paid attention to odds, if I did I wouldn’t be among yall. Never woulda made it outta indy. Never woulda had Hall of Fame to my name. Rite now I see Wolves. Wanting to tear flesh and rip ass… (He sighs) No Jeb dat aint a cue for your headass. We gotta look at who in front of us. End of. Start trying to look beyond dat and who puttin money on who, dats just a L waiting for you.”
HOPKINS: ”Exactly! We can’t worry about anyone else and who we stand a chance against. All we have in front of us is Bronx and Ana. When you get chances, you need to cash it in. Its rare to get more than two, but the script remains the same. We are not here just to represent, we are here to insert ourselves even further into history books. We aren’t just glad to be here, we want to kick the super-confident smugs off these assholes faces and give these fans a show, but it all starts back at one, like Brian McKnight sang. Like I said, this will be tough, but in the end of it all if we remain focused, we’ll be holdin’ all the Luchini. Bronx and Ana, I know they are ready, but do they have the answer to solve this difficult puzzle, that’s the question, Gabe. Guess we’ll see if they do. If not, at least they tried.”
HARTMAN: ”Keepin’ it thoro as the name goes, one hundred. I appreciate the time guys. Looking forward to you two making moves tonight. Good luck! Back to you guys, Vassa and Johnson!”

Going elsewhere in the back, we find one half of To The Wolves and the current 4CW Champion, Anastasia Hayden, standing with her championship around her shoulder. There’s a subtle smirk on her face, but there’s also the noticeable absence of her tag team partner, Bronx Valescence. Despite that, Anastasia begins to speak.
HAYDEN: ”The greatest tag team tournament in the world…you’ve got teams from all over trying to step in on my turf to earn the right to call themselves the greatest. And honestly? That just never sat right with me. I stood on the sidelines last year to watch these teams step up and I watched them fall one after the other. I saw them fall and I saw them break apart, only there to check off a box…”
Anastasia mimics checking off a box and shakes her head. Her smirk is wiped clean and replaced with her usual cold glare; expressionless face as she begins to speak again.
HAYDEN: ”But I’m not interested in checking off a box. Being in Bad Company isn’t a bucket list for me. Winning Bad Company is an objective for me. I entered this tournament with one goal in mind and if we fail? To The Wolves isn’t going anywhere like all of these other makeshift teams. We’ll be in it next year and the year after that. We’ll defend our honor every single year because we do it individually every week.”
With her last sentence, Ana emphasises every word and lets some silence build up before continuing.
HAYDEN: ”I said it before, I don’t care how long you’ve teamed, how strong your bond is, if you’re best friends, siblings, loved ones…it doesn’t fucking matter because Bronx and I? We’ve gone to hell and back to be able to stand together in Bad Company. This isn’t a one time thing. This is stronger than any bond anyone in this tournament has with their partner. We’re not interested in stagnating as a team; we push each other to reach the top of the mountain and it never fucking stops.”
Another shake of the head, but much more assertive this go around.
HAYDEN: ”You’re only as strong as the partner you pick…and I’ve got the greatest wrestler in the world on my side. And Bronx would tell you the exact same thing. But we’re not satisfied until the 4CW Tag Team Championships are in our hands. We’ll go through Thoro Boroughs then we’ll go through whoever comes after that until we find ourselves against whatever makeshift champions stand in the finale…and then it’ll only be To…The…Wolves.”
More silence takes over as Anastasia’s smile comes back; arrogance written all over her face.
HAYDEN: ”You can try…but don’t. Accept your fate. Like Bronx said, we sealed it the moment we shook hands. The moment we pushed our bodies to their breaking points and continued fighting through it. I became 4CW Champion because of it. And now? We’re going to be 4CW Tag Team Champions because of it. Bad Company?”
Ana creates a pause just long enough for Bronx Valescence to step into the frame; dressed ready for the upcoming war. He leaves his sunglasses on, but it’s easy to tell he’s staring right through the camera similar to Anastasia.
VALESCENCE: ”It’s ours.”
And his tone is as cold and as serious as Anastasia’s. The two-time 4CW Champion doesn’t say anything else as their music hits in the background. The sound pops a half grin on Bronx’s face as he daps Ana on her shoulder.
VALESCENCE: ”The wolves are calling.”
She nods, holding her intense stare at the camera for a few seconds as Bronx heads off and she follows shortly after; the two heading for the curtain as the camera gets ready to go back to ringside for the upcoming match.


Up next we have ourselves quite the match involving three former 4CW Champions, one former Bad Company winner, and two individuals who defeated the current 4CW Tag Team Champions not too long ago. Why is this match so low on the card? I can’t even begin to explain that but let’s not waste too much time and jump right into the action. Wanting a little payback for their singles match not that long ago, Bronx made sure things began with both he and Jair to kick things off. After a quick tie up, Bronx found himself positioned behind Jair, arms wrapped around him and lifting him into the air for a German suplex. Rolling out of Bronx’s arms at his highest point, Jair dropped to his feet as Bronx hit the mat empty handed. As Bronx quickly pushed himself up to his feet, Jair hit the ropes in front of him and connected with a superkick that send Bronx flying through the air before crashing back down to the canvas. Jair remained in control of the match for the next couple of minutes before a window of opportunity presented itself to Bronx. On Jair’s shoulders and a Samoan drop incoming, Bronx managed to slipped from Jair’s hands, dropping down behind him. Jair immediately spun around, throwing a wild arm for Bronx’s head but missed as Bronx ducked underneath it and fired back with a quick jab to Jair’s stomach. Hooking an arm around Jair’s head, Bronx hooked a single leg before lifting Jair into the air and slamming him back down to the mat with a fisherman’s buster. After a few moments of working Jair with the ground game, and no not like that you pervert, Bronx brought Jair to his corner where he then introduced Ana into the fold with a tag.
Living up to her name, Ana put on a clinic of various kicks to Jair’s body and head. Ducking in and wrapping him up, she then lifted him off his feet before taking him over her head and dropping him to the mat with a Northern Lights suplex. Bridging it for the pin, Ana was only able to score a two count before Jair forced a shoulder up from the mat, ending the officials count abruptly. After pulling Jair back to his feet, Ana locked up with Jair which turned out to be a mistake as Jair as able to gain leverage, pinning Ana’s arm behind her back before lifting her off her feet and throwing her to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Bringing a fresh body into the mix, Jair made the quick tag with his partner, Jason, while Ana was still down on the mat. Entering the ring with levels of high energy, Jason went straight to work on the 4CW champ, hitting her with multiple leg drops across the head and jumping elbow drops to the shoulder. Pulling her to her feet, he almost lost control of things as Ana pushed him away but focused on the task at hand, he immediately kicked her in the stomach which then led to a sit-out facebuster in the center of the ring. Going for the quick pinfall attempt on the biggest dog in the yard, Jason made the cover getting nothing but a two count before Ana kicked out.
Things continued between Ana and Jason for a few minutes, going back and forth with one another. Attempting to behead Jason in front of the Honolulu crowd, Ana kicked for his head but missed as he ducked underneath at the last possible second. Ana’s momentum caused her to turn completely around and face the opposite direction. Wrapping an arm around her head, Jason then took a few steps forward, dragging her along for a bulldog that was to follow. Pulling her head away from Jason’s arm and pushing him forward into the corner, Ana sent him straight towards his partner Jair where a tag was quickly made. Pulling himself to the top rope and springboarding off, Jair entered the ring with style as he flew towards Ana and wiped her out with a flying clothesline. Jair went for the cover but only managed a one and a half count before Bronx broke up the pin. This resulted in Jason entering the ring illegally as well where he found himself going toe to toe with the former two time 4CW Champion. The official quickly broke things up, sending each man to their corners as Jair and Ana rose to their feet. Locking up, Ana delivered a stiff knee to Jair’s stomach before whipping him to the corner where Bronx was still inside of the ring. Hearing the footsteps approaching, Bronx quickly turned around to spot Jair, tripping him up with a drop-toe hold and taking him down face first to the turnbuckle. Rolling out of the ring, Bronx was now on the apron, leaving only Ana and Jair. Jair was slow to get up but when he eventually did and turned to face Ana, she was flying straight for him, connecting with her She Was Only Seventeen (running single leg dropkick)! Ana quickly made the cover and before Jason could break things up, Bronx cut him off, buying just enough time for Ana to secure the three count.
WINNER: To The Wolves via Pinfall (8:59)

Kimitsu paces back and forth backstage, flexing her hand into a fist and opening it back up again. She takes a few glances at the screen with a feed towards the ring to wait for the go ahead to begin. American Tommy walks into their locker room, with some earphones on, singing
TOMMY: “There’s a devil in your smile, it’s chasing me. And every time I turn around, it’s only gaining speed. There’s a moment when you finally realize. There’s no way you can change the rolling tiyieeeeh!”
Tommy screams when Kimitsu throws a plate that shatters on the wall behind him. He takes our his ear phones, and looks at her in shock. Kimitsu stands in front of him, then realizes what’s she’s done, and backs away to sit on the armrest of a couch. She sighs and shuts her eyes tight.
ZOMBIE: “Sorry… fuck.”
TOMMY: “What’s up?”
Tommy sits on the couch and turns Kimitsu over to stand in front of him. She places her hands on his shoulders and just breathes for a moment.
ZOMBIE: “It’s nothing. I just keep getting shit from people over what Zeel said about me and Aokigahara. Did you see that fucking little shit? That is the last time I tell him anything. Did you know I got a call from one of those Baumer people? If they run this I’m going after them.”
Tommy gets serious, and then places his hands on her waists to lean back, and very carefully asks
TOMMY: “Did you?”
ZOMBIE: “Did I what?”
TOMMY: “Before you knew. When he was training with you, or when you were traveling around as a tag team? I know how he is.”
ZOMBIE: “Hell no! He never fucking touched me. He’s a pervert and a bit of a psycho, but he’s not that fucking depraved. I would never anyway. Fuck.”
TOMMY: “Ok, then who the fuck cares? Anyway you can forget all that. People will say whatever to get into your head before a match. You know how many times I’ve had to listen to people call me Feets or talk about a foot fetish? That’s literally all they can say about me to try and get to me because all I do is fucking win. It’s exhausting, but you can’t let it get to you. We got them first so he went at you. It’s all they got ‘cause they can’t beat us in the ring. Don’t let anyone but me into your head.”
ZOMBIE: “Oh I’ll let them in. They’ll find out that is not where the fuck they want to be. Park just fucked up royally by saying that shit and then he thinks it’s going to be all cool afterwards? That’s going to depend on how much of a beating I can lay on him tonight. I’ll decide after the match if the debt is paid. And Trevor Miller is just being led to the slaughter by his friend. I’m going to fuck both of them up for that shit. If I get one more question about it, then one of them is going to the hospital. I swear to God!”
Tommy watches for a second to let her fume. Then he laughs. She pushes him back, but he holds her closer.
TOMMY: “Don’t worry about it. Well, yeah stay pissed, but don’t’ lose your focus. People are always going to write us off based on whatever little defects they can find. Do you think I care about what people think about me… well I do a little, but it doesn’t affect what I do in the ring. People always shut the fuck up after a match when I beat them. They always ask how this skinny guy with the musical tastes of a young adolescent girl, and the voice of an angel, beat them. Me? I already forgot about them the second I leave the ring to move on to the next one. That’s what we’re going to have to do tonight.”
Kimitsu considers his words for a second and scoffs.
ZOMBIE: “Look at you being the voice of reason, for once… but fuck it. I’m only going to be satisfied when we beat those unemployed fucks. I want it all. People talk too fucking much. Too freely. If they don’t want to see me for what I am then I’ll open their eyes tonight. We didn’t just get these championships by beating some random assholes. If it’s so easy to get a 4CW Championship, then why the fuck haven’t one of them done it? No, instead they turned and ran away from Octane. Your fucking show… We’re going through with this tag thing to add more prestige to our names. I’m going to get another championship in my records. Then let’s see what they have to say.”
Tommy laughs.
TOMMY: “Out here? They’ll keep going. The only way to shut them up is in the ring.”
Kimitsu grabs a tuft of his hair to pull his head back. Tommy keeps humming his song with a smile on his face. She smiles back at him and pushes his head back before moving away. The scene fades as they grab their respective championship belts with Tommy’s still being a belt made of cardboard, and prepare to make their way to the ring.


In our third first-round match for the evening, The Asians took on Currently Employed. Both teams went to shake each other hands, a sign of mutual sportsmanship. However, the pleasantries didn’t last long. Riding high off of the momentum they’ve gathered for themselves, Trevor and Zeel wasted no time in bringing the fight to Tommy and Kimitsu. Trevor takes Kimitsu down with a quick belly-to-back suplex while Tommy gets overwhelmed by the wild punches thrown at him cortousey of Zeel. The North American champ gets dumped outside, and that’s when all of the trouble began for Tommy. Zeel laid in frantic boots and never held back in the punches department. With heightened urgency and the need to finish the match off quickly, Zeel and Trevor keep working Tommy over in their corner. Trevor would be tagged in a maintained a serie of grounded holds – from waistlocks to headlocks – to drain some of Tommy’s energy. However, the former Ignition champion was able to roll himself out of a precarious-looking single-legged Boston Crab and even turn the tides on Trevor with an ankle lock! Trevor managed to escape the hold, but Tommy was able to overwhelm the catch wrestler with his speed. A series of sharp kicks and a swinging neckbreaker garners him a two-count. He goes in for a leg drop trifecta, but as he hit the ropes into the wrong direction, Zeel manages to clips him from behind, dazing Tommy and making him get hit with a vicious Spinning Backfist! However, that would only give him a two-count.
Kimitsu recovered and is in her corner; her eyes lit with a fire to them as she encourages Tommy to get up! Zeel made the tag as the Octane champ recovered in the enemy’s territory. Zeel rushed in, looking to take Tommy out with his signature Corner Lariat, but Tommy had the wherewithal to roll out of the way! Zeel actually hit Trevor instead!
Your bad indeed, Zeel. Your bad.
Zeel is pissed and looked to take the wizard’s head off clean, but once he turned around he was met with a hellacious shotgun dropkick courtesy of Kimitsu Zombie! She grabbed him by the hair and stuck her tongue out at him, all while laughing. Rapid-fire slaps to the face and a rolling savate kick brought Park down. She went for the pin, but Trevor slides in just in the nick of time to keep the match going! However, that would only irate Little Yokai as she stalked him and takes Miller down with a Ballsplex! With Trevor out now, Zeel looked to catch Kimitsu by surprise with one hell of a punch, but she ducked underneath and hit another Ballsplex, this time over at her corner! Zeel’s neck definitely was hurting from the awkward landing, but the Asians weren’t done just yet. Kimitsu tagged Tommy and he scaled the top rope. With one leap, he came crashing down hard with the Gryffindor Stomp! One…two…three! The Asians advance!
WINNER: The Asians via Pinfall (9:32)

The scene opens backstage. Victor and Cassie Mason are standing next to each other with a black backdrop being in the only thing that is in the background. Victor steps slightly forward indicating that he wishes to speak first.
V. MASON: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Tonight, Mason Consolidated takes a single step towards the tag team championships. It would only be fair to address one half of the Paragon’s… the third edition. The luck of the draw didn’t decree that we face the other version of the Paragons. Only can focus on what is in front of us. White Tiger is an example that experience doesn’t always breed excellence. I avoided speaking as if I knew anything about him. All I know is of footage I was able to secure. Our dear Paragon went on the assuming route. You mistook our independant status to mean my sister and I competed in smaller venues. Even if that were the case, the independent scene these days is the hottest it has ever been. No need to discourage the indie scene Mr. Paragon.”
Victor shakes his head.
V. MASON: “Oh no. Alas, you were wrong. This isn’t the first time we competed on the big stage. I am a former tag team champion myself, competed in Chimera. I also was on the Supreme Championship Wrestling stage, an establishment that has been around for fifteen years. Cassandra, she has been on the IWC stage and the Femme Fatale Wrestling stage, both huge companies. The bright lights o 4CW aren’t intimidating to us, at all. If we do fall to you and Mr. Adams it won’t be due to a lack of experience on the big stage. Besides, we’re Mason’s, go big or go home is our motto. Mr. Tiger, if you and Adams are walking into this match believing we are intimidated by a bigger stage, think again. I want to experience the rush of the crowd one more time… ”
Cassie Mason cuts in.
C. MASON: “And I am here to shut down the party for all of you.”
Cassie steps forward. Victor steps back. Cassie smirks.
C. MASON: “The only GOOD thing about being in Hawaii is the weather is nice. Going on the beach is as GOOD as advertised. Hawaiians know how to party. Be thankful for that. After me and my brother are done with the feild, you can leave the arena. Find the beach. Look at the ocean waves. That is the closest you are getting to paradise. I admire my brother for being modest. He’s a great guy. Respects most people. Even those who don’t deserve it, like Paper Tiger of the the third version of the Paragon’s. You aren’t even good enough to be Paragon #1. Why you guys need eight teams in this tournament anyway? Scared one set of your firing squad can’t get the job done. If it was possible we would clean sweep your entire operation. That would be fun. It really is insulting. Sending a veteran of a billion years and his protegee into this tournament? The least 4CW could have done is give us the A-List version of The Paragons. Oh well, we’ll settle for the JV Squad. Then the sky is the limit. Mason Consolidated will show that “The Mason Clan is not to be taken likely. Say it with me people.”
Cassie pauses.
C. MASON: “The. Party. Is. Ovvvvvvvvvvvvvvver.”
Cassie takes a bow. Her and Victor walk off camera as the scene fades.


This match starts off with Salvation rushing The Hellcat Spangled Death Squad before the bell rings. Nemesis and Viduus throw Craig Anderson out of the ring, and single Lisa Seldon out. They attack her savagely and try to end the match early. Nemesis gets her in a Camel Clutch. Viduus bounces off the ropes and runs at them to hit Seldon with a punt kick to the chest. Nemesis then rolls Seldon up in a Gedo Clutch. Anderson suddenly pops up and springboards over Viduus to hit Nemesis with dropkick and break the pin! Anderson barrels into Viduus to take him out of the ring through the second ropes. Seldon is left with the towering demon of Nemesis. Seldon regains her composure and asks for a test of strength. Nemesis laughs and raises his arms. When he does, Seldon proceeds to kick him repeatedly on the side. Nemesis actually starts to back away from her into the corner. Before he hits the turnbuckles, Nemesis runs at Seldon with a huge lariat. Seldon ducks under his clubbing blow to hit a Back Brain Kick. She then scrambles up the ropes to hit a Springboard Dropkick. Nemesis takes it on the face and falls like a big evil demonic tree. Seldon covers, but Nemesis throws her off him at the one count.
Seldon tags out to Anderson who makes a point to knock Viduus off the apron again, before engaging with Nemesis. Anderson hits a running back elbow on a rising Nemesis. Nemesis attempts to get off the mat, but each time he does, Anderson is there to knock him back down again. Nemesis rolls out of the ring when Anderson hits The Bee’s Knees ( Meteora). Nemesis regroups with Viduus on the outside. Seldon climbs up to the top turnbuckle as Anderson runs the ropes. Seldon flies and twirls with the Spaceman Plancha to take out Nemesis as Anderson flips and dives onto Viduus with the Sasuke Special. The crowd roars as Anderson, and Seldon kick Salvation down, then enter the ring to wait for the countout. Instead of entering the ring, Nemesis and Viduus reach into the ring to pull Seldon and Anderson out under the bottom ropes like monsters pulling their prey under the bed. A huge brawl ensues. At one point, Seldon tries to go for a Hurricanrana, but it is stuffed by Viduus. He swings her into the barricade. Nemesis lifts Anderson up, to throw him against the edge of the ring apron with a Crucifix Powerbomb.
Seldon is thrown into the ring where Salvation stalks her. Nemesis smacks her head while yelling obscenities at her (evil curses, of course) before Viduus drills her with a Spear. Nemesis places a foot on her chest, but she kicks out. Anderson groggily gets back to the apron to ask for a tag, but Nemesis cuts Seldon off with by stomping on her hand. He picks her up, but Seldon jumps to grab Nemesis’s head and knee him in his face. Seldon lifts Nemesis onto her shoulders with great effort and hits the The Evil Dead 2 (Dead by Dawn) (Angle Slam lift to Fisherman’s Driver). She jumps to tag Anderson in. Anderson runs to Viduus, but Viduus uses the ropes to fly into the ring. Anderson hits him in mid air with a flash Spinning Heel Kick. Anderson goes to the top. He dives to hit Nemesis with the Viennese Roll (Corkscrew shooting star press, but Nemesis grabs him on the ground and locks in a Dragon Sleeper with Bodyscissors. Seldon tries to run in, but Viduus picks her up and slams her down with a double chokeslam. Viduus locks in a crossface so that she is facing Anderson. Salvation has on their submissions as Seldon and Anderson reach for each other. Seldon screams for Anderson while trying to claw at Viduus. The referee checks on Anderson until the fight leaves him, and he goes to sleep.
WINNER: Salvation via Technical Knockout (9:22)

The scene fades into a locker room in the bowels of the Neals S. Blaisdell Center here tonight. First we see ‘The Blast’ Jack Michaels from behind, in his full wrestling gear, stretching his muscles in preparation for his match here tonight. Just to the side of him, Kyra Johnson, dressed in her trademark sweatpants and orange crop top, seated on a bench tying her shoes. Alessandro walked in to the room, wondering if his ‘parents’ had been up to any funny business. He was humming “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp)” by Allan Sherman in his head. He was already dressed in his ring gear which consisted of a Tapout tank top, brown khaki pants, and his custom colored Timberland Boots. He looked ecstatic to see both Kyra and Jack. Jack turned and looked at him, and went straight into midsentence.
MICHAELS: “You know Ales… I remember when you were an 18 year old kid whose sister bought him into my wrestling school. I remember how much of a smartass you were who always had a comment for everything I had to say. You were brash, you were cocky and you were somebody I didn’t want in my building.”
Alessandro stays quiet as Jack turns to Kyra.
MICHAELS: “Did you know he once bought up my school and my assets from under me? Used me to become his manager. Shaved my goddamn mustache. Forced me to find him a potato phone.”
Kyra looks confused.
JOHNSON: “A what?”
Jack shakes his head.
MICHAELS: “Don’t ask. The point is, this man right here tried to make a mockery of who I am…”
Jack narrows his gaze back at Alessandro.
MICHAELS: “… Until he began to use what I taught him. He became a man who had passion and a desire to be more than his money and his pride. He became the best at what he could do and he started to make the world notice that he was as good as he always claimed he was. He made me proud of the man he became and I do consider him one of my kids. He spoke the truth whether people wanted to hear or not and frankly… When he said that I had a failed invasion of 4CW and that I was… Doubtful of myself? He was 100 Percent correct. I was not ready yet… But I did find that fire in my own soul. I became the man I was in Carnage and now I am back to beat the hell out of anyone who stands in my way…”
Jack smiles lightly.
MICHAELS: “Even if it’s my own son.”
Alessandro turns to his ‘mother’ Kyra Johnson.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Mom do something… Dad’s really cranky right now.”
He begins blowing bubbles out of his mouth. He waits for a response. But received none. It was possible Kyra was releasing some tensions privately before their match. But this was mere speculation. She was out of the camera shot, so Alessandro continued.
QUAGLIATERRE: “As loud as my mouth is. And as much trash as I talk. The one thing I value more than that, and what I thrive on is competition.”
He took a breath to pause and mull over his thoughts.
QUAGLIATERRE: “When the brackets were released for Bad Company, and I found out that it was you and Kyra I would have to face along with my partner Finn Whelan. I was devastated.”
He sighed.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I don’t want to beat the shit out of you, or Kyra. I have nothing but love for the two of you. As strange as it may sound and seem. But God Damn It!”
He banged his fist against the wall which startled his parents.
QUAGLIATERRE: “This isn’t personal. This is business. And if I have to slap the tits off my mother, or rip that stupid mustache off your fucking face again. I’ll do it. I’m sorry but I will do it without a second thought, and if you want me to be absolutely real with you. I’m going to enjoy it.”
He gritted his teeth
QUAGLIATERRE: “It’s not something I want to do. It’s something I’ll have to do. I’m telling you that straight up Jack. Can’t speak for Kyra… but I know you’re old school, and as twisted and vindictive that my words can be, you can appreciate better than anyone man to man, someone coming to you as a man and telling you exactly what they are going to do. Whether it be your enemy, your friend, or even me.”
Alessandro smiled smugly at Jack and Kyra.
JOHNSON: “I can respect that.”
Kyra finally said, rising to her feet and moving in beside Jack.
JOHNSON: “There’s nothing I respect more than someone who doesn’t beat around the bush. Someone who lets you know what their intentions are.. So let me tell you mine… Son. I’m going to do everything within my power to stop you. You might not know much about your ‘mother’, but I guess you’re going to get a crash course here tonight.”
She smirked and shrugged her shoulders.
JOHNSON: “I’m sure we all would have preferred to face other people here tonight, but the hand didn’t quite go our way, hmmm? Especially on the night when your father finally gets to introduce you to your mother.”
The moment appeared to be turning to a rather emotional one, and to diffuse the emotions fluttering in the air… Alessandro as usual had something smart to say to damper it.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Did you get me my presents I asked for, to make up for 25 years of not having my mother?!?”
Alessandro looked at her with googly eyes, wondering if he was going to be showered with gifts from a neglectful parent. Kyra chuckles and elbows Jack in the side.
JOHNSON: “Are you going to give your kid his gift or what?”
Jack smirked and pulled a box out of his pocket, handing it over to Alessandro.
MICHAELS: “Here ya go, kid.”
Alessandro takes the box, stares at it, and then places it on the floor.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Just one gift? I asked for twenty five. What the fuck were you so busy with?”
Alessandro shook his head
QUAGLIATERRE: “Fuck both of you. I’ll see you two in the ring, this disrespect is not going to go unnoticed. Wait till I tell Finn what happened. If I can find him. I ask one thing of you. And you two can’t even do that right. Soft ass bitches.”
Alessandro continued to mouth off, and stormed out of the room in disgust, leaving Jack and Kyra standing there in shock.
JOHNSON: “Jesus.. He never even gave us the chance to get the other shit out of the closet.”
The two shake their heads and go back to their match prep as the scene fades to black.

Once more we’re taken backstage where Genevie Carlson stands with an annoyed expression on her face with her hands placed firmly on her hips. It’s the sort of look that you could imagine she’s probably given Eli an innumerable amount of times in the course of their, nearly, two years of marriage. More to the point, it’s one she’s absolutely given every single person on the roster at some point while interacting with them on twitter. All the same, she stands on the hallway side of a door that’s labeled “Mens Restroom.” Finally, after she taps her foot impatiently a few times she huffs and shouts at the door.
A displeased grunt is heard in response, before a loud thud reverberates from the other side of the door, concealed from the sight of the audience.
Suddenly the door cracked open and Eli stuck his head out to meet his wifes own displeased gaze with his own.
G. CARLSON: ”This. Is. Serious. Our first match is up soon.”
E. CARLSON: “Listen. I’m not going out there to beat those two fucking retards without wiping my ass first. No way in hell I’m going out there with an itchy asshole.”
Folding her arms across her large, perky bosom, her expression said that she clearly was not in the mood for his nonsense.
G. CARLSON: ”Remember what I said?”
E. CARLSON: “You can’t be serious.”
G. CARLSON: ”Serious as a heart attack…”
Under his breath Eli muttered something about wishing Perry would have a heart attack and that the company would close soon.
E. CARLSON: “Listen. Babe. Fine. I’ll be out in a minute. But it’s no big deal. It’s just Andre Holmes and Mark Storm of all people. It’s not like it’s Bronx and Ana. Hell, it’s not even…. Who else is on our side of the bracket?”
Shutting the door in her face, a few moments pass where random noises are heard from the other side of the door, followed by the sound of a toilet flushing and then the sound of a sink running. Eventually the door swung open fully as Eli finished drying his hands, tossing a wad of paper towels that probably took seven thousand trees to make into the garbage bin.

Completely caught off guard Eli absorbs a nasty smack to the face from his wife that snaps his head to the left and leaves a handprint on his cheek.
Genie smirked as she saw rage flash in Eli’s eyes. Obviously that was what she was hoping to get going in him.
G. CARLSON: ”Are you mad?”
G. CARLSON: ”Are you pissed off?”
G. CARLSON: ”So mad you could hurt someone?”
E. CARLSON: “YE-…. Oh you sneaky bitch.”
Smirking, she brushed passed him, blowing him a kiss as she did so.
G. CARLSON: ”I’ve got two people you can take it out on.”
Laughing to himself as Genie walked out of camera shot, he rubbed his cheek gently, a mixture of pride and irritation etched into his expression as the scene faded elsewhere.


Jack Michaels stays in the ring standing tall with Kyra Johnson going on the apron behind him. Alessandro Quagliaterre and Finn Whelan speak for a moment before they agree that Whelan will be the one to start for their team. Michaels and Whelan lock up and jockey for position. The more robust Michaels throws Whelan down into the mat. When Whelan gets up he has to immediately cover up as Michaels rushes at him with fists flying. Michaels backs Whelan up into a neutral corner with the punching combination. Whelan blocks most of the strikes to the face allowing Michaels to hurt him with blows to the body. Michaels rips Whelan out of the corner to hit a Vertical Suplex. Then Michaels keeps Whelan on the mat and works a series of holds that put more pressure on Whelan’s abdomen and head. Whelan gets out by elbowing Michaels in the head and tries to tag Quagliaterre in. Michaels stops him with an elbow drop. He drags Whelan back to his corner where he tags Johnson in. She jumps onto the ropes and dives down onto Whelan with a double foot stomp. Whelan attempts to get up, but Johnson throws him around the ring with a series of arm drags and finally sends him out of the ring with a Hurricanrana. Johnson goes to the top ropes, but Quagliaterre runs over to knock her down to the outside of the ring.
Whelan slams Johnson into the barricades, then throws her back into the ring. When she rises, he kicks her on the chest many times. Then Whelan bounces off the ropes to hit Johnson with a Shining Wizard. He pins, but she kicks out at two. Whelan whips her into the turnbuckles, and tags Quagliaterre in. Alessandro goes to work on Johnson with Back Elbows and chops in the corner. He picks her up onto his back, then goes over to stand in front of Michaels as he puts Johnson in a Torture Rack. Michaels is livid, but gets warned by the ref not to enter the ring. Johnson refuses to give up, so Quagliaterre drops her in front of him to hit a Belly to Belly Suplex. Quagliaterre then locks in a Half Boston Crab positioning himself to that he can stare right at Michaels. He doesn’t notice Johnson getting up on her arms. When Quagliaterre reels back to tighten the hold, Johnson rolls forward to pull him back. Quagliaterre stumbles into the ropes and walks into a Running Superkick from Johnson. She limps over to tag Michaels in.
Michaels meets Quagliaterre in the middle of the ring and grabs him up in a full nelson. Quagliaterre drops down to slip out of it, and tries to hook Michaels’ arms in a pin. Michaels kicks out and punches Quagliaterre with an uppercut then hits a Snap DDT. Quagliaterre stands up and hits a Spinning Backfist when Michaels approaches. Quagliaterre runs at Michaels, but Michaels lifts him up and drops him neck first into the top rope with a Stungun. Both men are down. The divided crowd rally behind them as they try to make a tag to their partners. Quagliaterre tags out to Whelan and Michaels makes the tag to Johnson.
Whelan and Johnson come to blows as well in the middle of the ring. Finally Whelan kicks Johnson back full on in the chest. Johnson bounces off the ropes and comes back at him with a Lou Thesz Press. She hits Whelan with elbows. Whelan pushes her back with his legs and locks in a Gogoplata. Johnson struggles in the hold, but doesn’t tap out. She pushes forward and gets into a headstand on Whelan until she forcefully stands to get out of it. Whelan stands into a Dropkick to his back forcing him off the ropes then into a Backstabber. Johnson sizes him up and goes for the Blackout (Curb Stomp) only for Whelan to spin out and hit the ScRM (Asai DDT). Then Whelan grabs her up to hit the Revelation 6:4 (The Bitter End). Quagliaterre cuts Michaels off as the ref counts the pin. One! … Two! … Three!
WINNER: Outcasts via Pinfall (8:38)

Bad Company was minutes away for two individuals making their debut in the tournament. Two men who were representing the Dogs of War making its debut in the tournament as well and were anxious but not as excited for it. Andre Holmes was in the locker room of the Neal S. Bladdell Center and he’s currently in his ring attire practicing his striking as a warm up for their upcoming match. He’s constantly throwing boxing combinations then does a little stretching until hearing knocking on his door.
HOLMES: ”Come in!”
And on cue, the door swung open and Mark walked into the fray of the camera’s view. Andre stopped his stretching and shook his hand; Storm looked at him with a smirk on his face ready to go into this tournament with his own partner.
STORM: ”How you feeling?”
Andre exhaled and smirked back at him.
HOLMES: ”I feel great man. You know I had a lot of people telling me not to join the Dogs of War but to get out when we can in addition to everyone making their little jokes on social media. I ignored all of that because it was my decision and I stand with my decisions. The Dogs of War have never been in 4CW until now and ever since then, things have been changing. We’ve been catching more eyes, more dubs and tonight won’t be any different Mark.”
Mark tried to say something but Andre paced back and forth throwing little jabs. He just was too excited and ready for this upcoming bout with the rest of the teams in the tournament. He stood where he was again and said passionately.
HOLMES: ”I don’t care what anyone else says out there. When we defeated Zombie and Feets, we proved exactly where we are standing. We defeated two champions in our debut match as a team and we are going to beat The Carlson Dynasty and damn sure any other team who gets in our way then the million dollar prize and 4CW Tag Team Championships will be in our grasps. Once again, the Dogs of War walks into a promotion, takes what they want and leave nothing in return. I’m fucking ready for this!”
Andre slapped the hell out of a metal locker door then slapped Mark in the chest who had to breathe for a bit out of pure excitement.
He stormed out of the locker room leaving Mark to walk after him.
STORM: ”Andre wait, there’s something I have to give you!”
And in the last view before the camera faded to black, Andre was storming down the hallway screaming, jumping up and down and shoving anyone out of his way with Mark trying to catch up to him.


Victor Mason starts off the match for his team. Tries to get a handshake from White Tiger, but Tiger just stares at him. They lock up and try to get a position on each other. The veteran Tiger gets Victor down with a drop toe hold then locks in a headlock. Victor tries to power out of the hold, but Tiger just drops an elbow onto his back. They grapple on the ground with both men exchanging favorable positions. Tiger spins over Victor’s back, then laughs as he taps Victor’s head and backs off. Victor tags TJ Adams in who wastes no time in taking it to Victor. They exchange chops, then Adams stops one of his right before it hits to poke Victor in the eyes. Adams then proceeds to kick Victor in the chest and head. He grabs Victor by the head to throw him down in front of Cassie. Cassie tags herself in, and chops Adams immediately. He wipes his chest and acts like it doesn’t hurt so she chops him in the face. Cassie runs the ropes and hits a lariat that turns Adams inside out. She kicks at him on his back until he is at his corner and she calls White Tiger into the ring.
White Tiger laughs, but tags himself in. He immediately attacks when he enters, rushing at Cassie with an elbow. He picks her up and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Tiger then goes for a Figure Four, but Cassie struggles to deny him the hold. She manages to turn onto her back, and kick Tiger off. Cassie jumps up to hit him with a facebuster. Cassie tags Victor in. They both stand on either side of Tiger and both of them hit superkicks to either side of his head. Victor then hits a snap suplex. He pins, but Tiger kicks out. When he does Cassie crashes into him with a springboard plancha. She gets off and tackles Adams through the second ropes. Victor picks Tiger up to hit him with the devastating Victor Mason Finishing Move (Canadian Destroyer). Tiger is laid out in the middle of the ring. Victor pins, but Tiger surprisingly kicks out at two. Victor picks Tiger up, when Tiger hits a Short Arm Clothesline. Tiger picks Victor up into a Float over Suplex into a pin. Cassie runs in to make the save. Adams runs in and decks Cassie with a Missile Dropkick. Tiger picks Victor up and hits the Payne Killer (Death Valley Driver). Adams then jumps on Victor with a 450. Tiger pins but Victor kicks out at two.
Victor kicks at Tiger, who catches it allowing Victor to hit an enzuigiri. He tries to tag Cassie in, but is stopped when Adams crashes down into him from the air again with a Mushroom Stomp. Adams picks Victor up and whips him to Tiger who pushes him harder into the turnbuckle. When Victor bounces off, TIger hits a diving clothesline. Tiger tags out to Adams who once again stops Victor from getting a tag. Victor gets up defiantly and tries to chop at Adams’ chest. Adams chops back and then kicks Victor in the face. Victor turns around with the momentum and hits a discus lariat on Adams. Victor inches closer to Cassie. He is just about to tag when she is ripped off the Apron by White Tiger. He laughs in Victor’s face before Victor turns right into Adams who hits the Adamsdriver II. He pins for the win. One! … Two! … Three!
WINNER: Paragon #3 via Pinfall (7:44)

Holmes has his head down. He’s looking down at his boots, moments away from his massive opportunity. He shuts his eyes and looks as if he’d doing some sort of prayer or pre-match ritual, it’s one or the other.
STORM: ”You almost forgot this.”
Your Hero and Mine emerges onto the scene.
A jacket is being offered to Andre, who opens his eyes and looks at it for a moment, before looking back up at Storm. It’s an official Dogs of War jacket, one that only the members of the faction own. He takes it with pride, nodding his head in appreciation with the two bumping fists afterwards.
STORM: ”You ready for this?”
A smirk lays upon the lips of Andre.
HOLMES: ”Born ready.”
They share a smile before being queued on for action.


The match begins with Elijah Carlson and Andre Holmes sizing one another up. Eli’s offer for a handshake looks as if it was genuine, but Andre is too aware of what the arrogant former 4CW champion is capable of. He goes for the handshake, but transitions into his signature taunt, roaring in the face of Elijah Carlson. Eli responds by prodding the inside of his cheek with his tongue and shaking his head dismissingly. The two then lock up on a fair level. The struggle for power starts to head into Andre’s favor until Elijah delivers some in-close forearms to the jawline and shoves Andre into the couple’s corner. Genie tags herself in and puts the boots to Andre. Once the man is low enough, she decides to switch to punches before the referee has to get involved. She raises her hand up in defense and mouths off to the referee, leading to Eli tagging himself back in. He resets the count actively and Genie takes liberty in stomping out the Dogs of War member in the best way possible: as a family. Genie exits the ring as Eli brings Andre to a vertical base. He puts in a headlock, but Andre pushes him closer to his corner. Mark holds his hand out, but to no avail. Eli just smirks at Mark and drops Andre with a headlock takeover.
He tries to lock in a dragon sleeper, but Andre fights out of it. Once seperate, Eli runs into a spinning back kick to the gut, followed by an up kick. Andre concludes the combo with a standing dropkick that sends Eli into the Dogs of War corner. Andre runs over and hits a corner knee. Mark follows the attack by tagging himself in. He slingshots around and catches Eli with a dropkick to the chest. Mark rolls backward onto his feet and hurries back in with a running knee strike that rocks Eli. Mark drags him away from the ropes and goes for the cover, only to be broken up at one by Genevie. Mark gets up, glaring at the intruder, but that moment of distraction leads to a roll-up attempt by Eli. Mark counters the roll until he’s able to tag Andre back in. Andre hits the ring with a deadlift Gutwrench Suplex to the rising Eli. Mark stops Genevie from interfering by rushing her down and hurling her out of the ring. With her removed, Mark directs traffic by bringing Eli up and cracking him with some open-handed strikes. He goes for the spinning back kick, but Eli ducks underneath it and shoves Mark forward. Andre, however, doesn’t let Eli escape and cracks him in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick. Mark recovers fast enough to hit the first Bicycle Knee of 2 Shots, One Knee! Andre is the one who delivers the second and Mark hits the ropes and dives out towards Genie with an springboard moonsault. Andre, meanwhile, hits a standing Shooting Star Press! He hooks the leg.
Genie, on the outside, sees Mark coming down and evades it at the last second. Seeing his man in danger, she reaches in and drags his leg onto the bottom, prompting the rope break. Storm, having collided with the outside mat hard, tries his hardest to recover, knowing the stakes of the match. His resilience plays to his benefit until Genevie uses the ring apron to springboard off and catches him with a devasting kick. She further does damage by picking Storm up and sending him towards the ringkeep’s area, where metal and equipment meet him in a painful way. Genie rushes back to her corner, where she sees Elijah being picked up and sent into the turnbuckle with Bad Landing! Eli doesn’t have a chance to come out as Andre stacks the damage on with Deadline Trap! The Yakuza kick sends Eli to the mat, and Andre ascends the top rope, preparing for the Phoenix Splash portion of the combo. Just then, he hears Genevie screaming at the referee as she tries to interfere again. Andre disregards it, but it was far too late. Eli bounces up and hits the rope, causing Andre to crumble onto his groin.
Eli simply yanks Andre off the rope by his leg, causing a nasty collison on the mat. He then gets to the top rope, saying that it was time to show Andre how to do a fucking Phoenix Splash. Yet, as he prepares himself, Mark Storm returns to the mat, jumping up to catch him with a springboard Hurricanrana to the inside. The desperate action takes its course on Storm as he wallows around on the mat, slowly drawing himself close to the ring apron. The referee turns his attention back to the in-ring action, which gives Genevie the opening she needs to come through and hit an apron Stilleto Kiss, driving Mark’s head into the most unforgiving part of the ring. The damage isn’t lost on her as she limps close to the barricade.
Andre is the first to get up, still holding his groin. Eli gets up to his feet, but Andre sees blood in the water. He gathers Eli into his grip and onto his shoulder. Holmes on the Range, but Elijah flips onto his feet. It’s only a simple fall to let Elijah clock Andre with Your Coronation. Eli rushes off the ropes and comes back to the kneeling Andre Holmes and blasts him the Red Light Special! He goes for the cover and gets the hard-earned three count!
WINNER: The Carlson Dynasty via Pinfall (11:11)

Entering into the locker room area, we happen to come across one half of Omerta chatting it up backstage with a rather voluptuous backstage worker. She laughs and giggles at the charismatic brit’s banter, playing with her hair ever so innocently as Cyrus fills her mind with sweet nothings. Then, from out of nowhere a loung BANG! Makes the women jump, Cyrus on the other hand just smirks as Dakota Smith boots his way into the room. Dakota had what some would call a perverted grin on his face as he walked up to the two.
SMITH: ”Why what do we have here! And who might you be pretty young thing?”
Dakota licks his lips as he eyes the obviously nervous girl and down, she goes to speak her name but Dakota cuts her off as he slams his fist up against the wall behind her, just barely missing her head.
The butcher barks his orders at the girl, making her squeal in fright before high tailing it the fuck out of there. Cyrus this whole time has been looking on in amusement. Dakota turns to him and slightly shrugs.
SMITH: ”What?”
Cyrus lets out a small sigh before looking down at the ground and chuckling.
RIDDLE: ”Was that necessary?”
SMITH: ”Yes.”
Another chuckle, this time from Dakota as the pair look towards the camera, both glaring into it with salivating grins on their face.
SMITH: ”Bad…Company. In just a few minutes you will see Dakota Smith and Cyrus walk down that ramp. You will see Omerta carve it’s first notch in this tournament filled with men and women who are just as hungry as we are. There is no denying that, they hunger for greatness! They hunger to be on top. But that hunger…That they feel now? For this tournament? Is a hunger that Omerta lives with every single day. It’s a hunger that never goes away, it’s never satisfied! Always wanting, more and more and more! And we will feed that everlasting hunger tonight. We will carve our way through these starving men and women. And then? We will keep going, because this… Is just step one.”
RIDDLE: ”Step one in what is set to go down in history as a modern day genocide of professional wrestling, carried out by the two premier, authentic, original harbingers of the sadistic. From Paragon one to five hundred… Battleborn… To The Wolves… the Carlsons… you see talent, you see promise, but what you don’t see is Omerta. Because not one team is greater than or equal to Dakota and I. We are taking over Hawaii tonight, and the red that flows through the streets won’t be lava, it will be what’s left of the rest of the field in Bad Company.”
Walking past a young man taking a coffee break, Riddle knocks the cup into his face and presses his head against the wall.
RIDDLE: ”Isn’t that right? The tension is building, the time is drawing near. I can smell the fear, the money, the gold. Nobody is safe tonight… not one man or woman..”
As a few onlookers begin to walk up, Riddle tosses the guy into them, taking the four out at once.
RIDDLE: ”Chaos follows whether it’s back here or in the ring. From the first round to the bloody finals, we are claiming what’s ours.”
Dakota lets out a exuberant hyena like fit of laughter as the pair of men head toward the ring, leaving nothing but chaos in their wake.


The match starts with Omerta and Paragon standing there looking each other over, with Dakota and Riddle standing there exuding confidence. Eli Goode and Christy Chaos don’t seem to be phased at all with the fact that they are standing across from two of 4CW’s premier talents. When the faceoff ends, Eli and Dakota are the two left standing in the ring to start that match off and it honestly looks as if Dakota is about to fight a child with the height difference between the two. Dakota instantly tries to take advantage of this by trying to grapple with him, but Eli uses his speed advantage and quickly delivers some kicks to the legs of Dakota before just barely getting out of the reach of Dakota. This goes on for a bit before Dakota manages to deliver a quick, boot to the knee of his own with such force that it buckles the leg and sends Eli to the ground and holding that leg. With Eli on the ground, Christy tries to distract Dakota, but he pays her no attention and works over the knee with some kicks and some knees before placing him in a single leg crab all while laughing at Eli who is in excruciating pain. Eli is able to get to the ropes, but Dakota simply stands up and pulls him away from the ropes and off the mat, landing with a loud thud in the center of the ring. Dakota lifts Eli off the ground and attempts to go for a snap powerbomb, but Eli in pure desperation, reverses it into a hurricanrana sending Dakota into the the nearest corner of the ring, which just happens to be Eli’s. It’s like somebody purposely wrote it to happen like that. It’s magic. As they both attempt to get to their feet, Christy knees Dakota into the rib cage as he is getting up, which promptly drops Dakota back to his ass in the corner. This allows Eli to get up and delivers a running knee to the side of Dakota’s head. Christy uses this opportunity to tag herself in and slingshots herself against the ropes and back towards Dakota and delivers a dropkick right to his chest. She looks at Riddle and runs toward him delivering a dropkick to him that sends him off the apron. Dakota is slowly getting to his feet as Christy turns her attention towards him and runs at him, attempting a shining wizard, but it caught by the much bigger and stronger Dakota. In desperation, Dakota promptly delivers a monster tilt a whirl power slam. He crawls towards his corner to an awaiting, angry and fresh Riddle and makes the tag.
Riddle quickly makes his way over to Christy, but sidesteps her and delivers a straight right hand to Eli’s face and it sends him off the apron and to the floor. He walks over to Christy and helps her up like a gentleman would which is weird, because rumor has it he’s kinda a ho. Ok, I lied. Riddle is a ho. Christy takes this opportunity to kick him in the gut, which sends him to his knee and attempts a suplex. Problem? Riddle is 6’3” 230. And Christy? Well, isn’t. Anyways, Riddle reverses it and delivers a reverse vertical suplex of his own. Riddle gets to his feet with swagger and puts two fingers in the air while looking into the crowd. While looking into the crowd he is distracted by a sign that reads, “I’m Pregnant, Riddle.” Riddle gets a bit worried, but starts laughing when he realizes that he doesn’t even know that girl. He reaches down to pick Christy off the ground, but she’s and time to recover and was playing possum and gives Riddle a thumb to the eye, which sends him down to one knee while he rubs his eye. Christy quickly gets to her feet and delivers a DDT to a kneeling Riddle. She looks down at the fallen Riddle and delivers a standing moonsault and attempts a pin.

Riddle almost gets himself CHECKED, but kicks out. The DDT doesn’t keep Riddle down long, but as he’s trying to get up, Chirsty hits him with a shining wizard that sends him right back down to the ground. She then grabs Riddle’s leg and puts him into a half boston crab. A stunned Riddle is still a strong as fuck Riddle and he’s able to roll over to his back and kick Chirsty off with such force that she goes tumbling out of the ring. Nobody said Riddle was smart. Dakota takes this opportunity to hop down off the apron and run around and clothesline the knees of Eli out from under him, sending him crashing onto the apron and then onto the ground. He picks up Eli and throws him over the announcer’s table and walks over to Christy and attempts to throw her in. She sees him coming and drop toe holds a walking Dakota’s face onto the steel steps. Riddle rolls out of the ring, grabs her, and throws her over the top rope and into the ring. As Riddle climbs up and enters the ring, Star Strike (Double Underhook DDT), but Riddle being the freshest man in the ring lifts her her up and drives her straight down into the mat. He gets up and runs his throat across his neck. He picks up Christy with ease and delivers a Darkness Falls (Dominator into a Sit Down Piledriver) and goes for the pin.

Eli gets to his feet and slides into the ring.

Eli runs towards Riddle and Chirsty to break up the the pin, but a gassed and still a bit dazed Dakota is able to make it into the ring and tackle him before he gets there.

Riddle stands up and holds his arms out to his sides, waiting to be revered by the crowd after Omerta’s hard fought victory. He helps Dakota up and they hug. A bro hug. Nothing more, nothing less. The referee gets in between them and raises their hands as ” Omerta ” – Lamb of God is heard throughout the speakers. They look for the camera and start talking barely audible shit into it towards Battle Born, who easily defeated Reckless Elite earlier and will be their opponents in the next round with the Tag Titles on the line. They pat each other on the back and leave the ring to their music as Eli Goode crawls over to the fallen Christy to check on her as the camera fades to black.
WINNER: Omertà via Pinfall (8:49)

The screen crackles and cuts to a beautiful summers day. The birds are singing, a light breeze is making the trees sway. Children play, families seem happy. And as the camera pans sideways a small graphic in the corner reads Atlanta, Georgia. We then stop and come to a woman sitting and watching two young boys playing with an older man, she smiles and turns her head revealing herself to be Alicia Lukas.
LUKAS: ”Well, I think hell froze over.”
Her long blonde hair is loose and down her back and shoulders under a black and red snapback. Her soft pink lips stay curled into a smirk as she moves her legs onto the seat and balances her elbows on the points of her knees.
LUKAS: ”Who would have ever thought I’d put pen to paper and sign with 4CW?. Not because of any other reason than most people believe. And I mean really believe that I would fail here. See there’s a common misconception that I wouldn’t want to be in a place where it’s filled with sharks. That I was content being a big fish in a tiny pond.”
She pushed off the picnic table and landed on the grass folding her arms over her faded black Killswitch engage shirt.
LUKAS: ”But, I’m not some pussy bitch who is going to whine and piss and moan about how things are done. Although, I also understand with my name and what I have done in the past comes a certain stigma. And trust me, I’m here to change….minds…not results….”
She winks at the camera.
LUKAS: ”I want to test myself against the best 4CW has to offer. I want to prove I’m more than just a pretty face and a name from a piece of shit company that I foolishly believed could be better. However, I also know there will be whispers, not everyone will want me here. Not everyone will want to deal with me. Some will probably want to degrade me, talk shit. But honestly?, I was married to Chris Cane, I was in a relationship with Travis Blake. What more can be done to degrade me?. Ladies and Gentlemen of 4CW, my name is Alicia Lukas…and I am not a member of the 4CW roster.”
She turned back to the park and sighed happily as we fade out.



Just two weeks ago these two teams met in the ring at Adrenaline, in which the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Cosmo Cooper and Jeb Fisher, fell to the team of Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith, also known as Omerta. The championships weren’t on the line then, but tonight they are as these two teams go head to head in round two of tonight’s tournament. After the way their previous meeting ended, Jeb starts things off, demanding Dakota as well in which be obliges. We can just go ahead and toss wrestling out of the window for the time being as that was the last thing on either man’s mind. Instead these two relied on their fists as they literally beat each other senseless in the center of the ring to kick things off. Catching Dakota with a stiff right to the side of the head, Jeb knocked him off balance, opening up an opportunity to wrap Dakota up with both arms before driving him backwards across the ring and slamming him into the corner. Swinging wildly with lefts and rights, Jeb pounded away at Dakota’s ribs. Meanwhile, Dakota swung down onto Jeb’s exposed back, hitting him over and over. With each swing Dakota took from above, the impact was weaker and weaker as Jeb continuously wore him down with his brutal assault. Delivering one last blow to Dakota’s ribs with his left, Jeb stepped back and popped straight up, swinging upward and connecting with a vicious uppercut to Dakota’s jaw, forcing his head to whip back as he looked up at the lights.
Grabbing ahold of Dakota, Jeb positioned himself beside him just long enough to pull him down to the mat face first with a reverse Russian leg sweep. Rolling over to his side, Jeb clocked Dakota with quick blow to the face for good measure before standing to his feet. He then pulled Dakota up from the mat before dragging him across the ring and throwing him into the corner where his partner Cosmo awaited on the apron. Cosmo began to climb the corner from the outside as Jeb unloaded with a series of lefts and rights into Dakota’s stomach. Pulling Dakota from the corner and turning him, Jeb stepped out of the way as Cosmo took to the skies, flying through the air from the top of the corner and headed straight for Dakota with a double axe-handle. Reacting rather quickly, Dakota threw his arm up and lunged forward, slamming his forearm into Cosmo’s stomach and stopping him in mid air. Cosmo dropped to his feet and before he could retaliate, Dakota kicked him in the side of the knee, forcing Cosmo’s leg to give out from under him. Jeb wanted to assist his partner but couldn’t do a single thing but leave the ring as the officials count was up to four. Grabbing onto both of Cosmo’s shoulders, Dakota began ramming multiple knees into Cosmo’s chest. Over and over he hit Cosmo in the chest as if her knee were battering ram and Cosmo’s chest was a lock door between the police and illegal activity. Pulling his knee back as far as he could, Dakota then thrusted it forward with all of his strength, driving his knee straight into Cosmo’s face.
Cosmo was seeing stars and giving no resistance to Dakota. Jerking Cosmo to his feet, Dakota then dragged him across the ring before slinging him forward into his corner where Cyrus stood on the outside apron. Cyrus stuck his knee through the ropes, planting it into Cosmo’s back as he crashed into the corner. Running straight ahead full speed, Dakota closed in with a clothesline that lifted Cosmo off his feet. Looking to Cyrus, he quickly tagged his partner in and unlike Cosmo moments earlier, Cyrus wasted no time and dipped through the ropes before Cosmo could even begin to recover. Standing straight in front of Cosmo, Cyrus swung upward, connecting with a European uppercut. He then swung a second time, and even a third, connecting with three uppercuts to Cosmo’s chops. Locking onto Cosmo’s arm, Cyrus then pulled him away from the corner and directly into a short-arm clothesline that left Cosmo flat on his back. Grabbing the top rope close by, Cyrus used it as leverage as he began stomping down onto Cosmo’s stomach over and over. Pulling Cosmo to his feet, Cyrus then went to whip him to the ropes but Cosmo reversed the throw, sending Cyrus straight for the corner where Jeb was. With Cyrus approaching the corner, Jeb was anxious to attack him upon his arrival, and Cyrus could see it. Stopping his momentum, Cyrus came to a halt just a few feet from the corner, raising his hand in the air and waving his finger at Jeb. From behind, Cosmo rushed in, hitting Cyrus in the back of the head with a lariat and knocking him forward towards the corner. Drawing his fist back, Jeb then lunged over the top rope to throw a punch, planting his fist into Cyrus’ face. Jumping into the air, Cosmo then hit Cyrus in the back with a dropkick, sending him crashing chest first into the corner.
Pulling Cyrus away from the corner and positioning him not far from it, Cosmo looked to Jeb and began to lean in for a tag. Reaching over the top rope, Jeb went for Cosmo’s had but as their two hands came within inches of making contact, everything came to a sudden stop as Cyrus grabbed two handfuls of Cosmo’s hair, jerking him away from the corner and throwing him to his back to the mat. Jeb was fired up, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Doing what Jeb does, he began shouting at Cyrus, things that would get people suspended on social media for saying. Ignoring the shouts, Cyrus turned to Cosmo and rushed in as he pushed himself up to his knees. Lifting his leg up as he closed in, Cyrus hit Cosmo in the face with a running knee, knocking him to his back. Grabbing another handful of hair, Cyrus then dragged Cosmo across the mat and to the corner where Dakota was eager to get back in on the action. Slapping hands with Dakota, Cyrus held tightly on Cosmo’s hair, keeping him down on the mat. Moving to the other side of the corner, Dakota then grabbed the tops rope before leaping over them and flipping forward through the air, landing across Cosmo’s body and then rolling up to his feet fluidly. Turning to face Cosmo and jumping straight into the air, Dakota came down across Cosmo’s throat with a leg drop, pinning his head to the mat as Cosmo’s feet shot straight up into the air. Popping to his feet, Dakota then lifted Cosmo up and then onto his shoulders before dropping him to the mat with his Dovah Death Drop (Twisting Samoan Drop)! Dakota then slowly began to make the cover, cutting his eyes across to the ring as Jeb who watched. As the official finally began to count, Cosmo Jeb dipped through the ropes and raced across the ring, leaping into the air as the officials hand slapped the canvas a second time. Rolling out of the way, Dakota set Jeb up for a crash landing onto his own partner. Jeb and Dakota shot up to their feet and as Jeb lunged towards Dakota, Cyrus ran down the apron, extending his arm over the ropes and leveling Jeb with a clothesline. Dropping to the floor, Cyrus then dragged Jeb out of the ring as Dakota turned back to Cosmo. Pulling Cosmo to his feet, Jeb then wrapped an arm around his head before hooking a leg. Lifting Cosmo into the air for a fisherman’s suplex, Dakota then transitioned it into a sit-out spinebuster! It was Deadman Wonderland and Cosmo was seeing nothing but darkness. Rolling over his body, Dakota hooked Cosmo’s leg as the official slid in beside them with the count. One! Two! Three!
WINNER: Omertà via Pinfall (11:39)

As the cameras head further backstage of the Neal S Blaisdell Center resounding boos hit every corner as the frame shows 4CW Ignition Champion, DeMarcus Gresham, within his ritual warm up before the Headline battle royal this evening. The title sits upon his broad shoulder as he looks upon the chess game before him setting it up already in such a way that makes escape for his King highly improbable.
He rubs upon the faceplate of his title absentmindedly focused on the situation in front of him making a move and leaning back a bit analyzing. Soon he gets up from that chair and moving to the chair across from him and the chess board taking a seat. Analyzing from the other side preparing the best opposing move.
At that moment a hand jolts out to make the move for him. Rook to H4. The camera pans up to reveal Artemis Kaiser standing there. DeMarcus meets her gaze, a glimmer of a smile dawning on his refined features.
GRESHAM: ”It’s been quite some time indeed God of Anger. Can’t say I’m surprised at all.”
KAISER: ”You know that the day that we both signed here, this moment would happen. This time, there isn’t a Scarlet Flint or a…a–“
Artemis ponders on the person that DeMarcus teamed with back in HKW. She takes the appropriate amount of time, but then she shrugs it away.
KAISER: ”Whatever that failure’s name was. It’s only us. You and I and this championship right here.”
She pauses again.
KAISER: ”And how many other people want to step into the ring to get eliminated. That’s the issue here, really. Other people. They say that Hell is other people, you know.”
Another beat of contemplation.
KAISER: ”I don’t like other people.”
The young Kaiser takes a seat in front of him, resting her elbows on her knees.
KAISER: “There’s a lot of circumstances getting in the way of our fated battle, but it’s fine. You might have heard my words. I said that I will make this battle royal a singles match and leave bodies lying out for everyone to understand. Then I plan to take that belt from you.”
DeMarcus keeps his eyes directly on the smaller Artemis sitting in front of him. He just stares, not in a rude fashion but almost in the same nature he once was staring at his chessboard. Then as it comes to mind he does look down at his chessboard yet to have made his opposing move. While analyzing he does take a moment to peer up at history coming around to bite once again in a small fire package..
GRESHAM: ”I rather not invest into the subject of the wretched bespawler as there are many who still to this day believe I have personally caused harm to his body and left him to die. Such stories. Heheh. Plans are fickle Young Goddess. Do. If I am going to leave Honolulu without the Ignition Title it better be by your hand or you have failed the moment as have I in losing the belt in general.”
He calmly moves the chess piece giving all his attention to that moment and then returns giving Artemis his undivided attention.
GRESHAM: ”You do not like other people meanwhile I have no choice but to embrace the circumstances. The thing is even in the midst of improbable odds…there’s always a way. My goal is to find exactly where it is and utilize it accordingly. In a mass of mayhem it will be a challenge. You alone is enough of said challenge. I advise you to not let your desire to even the score take your focus off of those…other people. The choices available for the field as a whole seem rather, how do the currents say…grimey in nature. Yet, I do agree the harshest yet quickest travel to Hades possible is best for all. That way we can settle as it should be.”
He comes to a stand realizing with her in the opposite chair it does disrupt his pattern of looking at the board from the opposing viewpoint before making a move. Realizing that he moves the 4CW Ignition belt from one shoulder to the other making sure Artemis gets a good view of it.
GRESHAM: ”I am still in need of my full preparation Young Goddess.”
Artemis reflects on his words and offers him a somewhat derisive laugh.
KAISER: ”It’s my desire that’ll push me past of all them, Gresham. You’re Enlightened enough to know that my fangs can reach anyone. I do understand your plight, though. I just wanted you to see me personally before we see each other in the ring. The only time for reprieve before I turn my monstrous gaze on everything you have.”
She takes up her Queen and places it in front of his King, no matter what other pieces got in the way. They were merely pawns to her as she smacks them off the board.
KAISER: ”As long as I get to the King, then no one else matters.”
Artemis leaves him, giving a careful look to the championship. The camera leaves itself on DeMarcus, who eyes the demolished structure of his chessboard. He takes another look at his championship and lets out a wanton sigh as the camera goes elsewhere.


The match started out with American Tommy facing off with Bronx Valescence. Bronx took Tommy down with a double leg, and maneuvered himself into position to lock in a headlock, which Tommy battled out of only to take Bronx down with a hip toss. Bronx pops up and leveled Tommy with a shoulder block, but Tommy kips up. Another shoulder block. Tommy kips up. Another shoulder block, Tommy kips up. This time, Bronx grabs a hold of Tommy’s arms and drives shoulder after shoulder after shoulder into Tommy, before pulling him in and tossing him away, with a belly to belly suplex. Tommy sat up and attempted to reach his feet, but Bronx dove in with a missile dropkick, flooring Feets McGee. Bronx lifted Tommy to his feet and sent him toward his corner with an Irish Whip, but Tommy jumped in his hurry and nailed Ana with a flying forearm, sending her down to the ring apron.
Tommy turned back around in time just to be hit with a mediocre spear from Bronx, which served to merely put Tommy off balance in the corner. Bronx backed up and charged once again, only to be met with a big boot and a sunset flip for a kickout at one. Bronx reached his feet and speared Tommy once again. He bounced off the turnbuckle and stumbled forward, his feet less than sure. He took an errant step the wrong way and he found himself victim to a small package from the two-time Four Corners Wrestling Champion. Kick-out at two. Bronx rushed to the ropes and hit a backward springboard leg drop, followed by a lionsault, before going for another pin. Tommy kicked out at two and a half. Bronx made a tag to Ana who grabbed ahold of the top rope and attempted a springboard clothesline, just to be hit with a desperation stunner from Tommy.
The two laid prone in the center of the ring, until Tommy got his bearings and was able to make the tag to Kimi. Kimi entered the ring and rushed toward the slowly stirring 4CW Champion, connecting with her face with a brutal punt. Spit and sweat flew backward toward her partner, as Ana collapsed down to the mat, face first, once again. Kimi then lambasted her opponent with a series of quick foot stomps that parlayed into about a dozen head slams into the mat. She found her feet and rolled the 4CW Champion over onto her stomach, at which point she began pulling Hayden’s hair like there was no tomorrow. Ana was able to reverse momentum by clipping one of Kimi’s legs from beneath her, sending her to her ass. Ana found her feet and hopped on top of Kimi, railing her with a series of open palm strikes, further contributing this battle not being a wrestling match, but more a brawl.
After several minutes of punishment, Kimi and Ana trade a series of more technical maneuvers. A highlight was when Kimi instinctively went for a desperation ballsplex, which led Ana to be able to rock her with a switchblade kick. A two count later, and Ana opted to tag back in her To The Wolves partner, Bronx. Bronx seemingly went for another spear against the rising Zombie, but stopped short of pushing through his victim, instead stringing together a series of three Northern Lights Suplexes, attempting a pin with the final one, to no avail. Slightly winded by the execution of the maneuvers, Bronx took a moment to catch his breath and played victim to a finally successful Ballsplex from Kimi. Able to finally breathe for a moment, Kimi rushed to tag back in American Tommy.
Tommy put the boots to the ailing Bronx. He sets him up in the corner and then hits the Broken Snitch, before he pulled Bronx away from the turnbuckle and locked him into a Scorpion Cross Lock, putting Bronx into a world of hurt. Kimi entered the ring and rushed toward her opponent, screaming in agony, ultimately landing a HUGE stomp to his upper back, smacking his face down against the mat with a sickening thud! Kimi then bounces to her feet and dives toward the approaching 4CW champion, effectively impeding her advance. Tommy made the cover and put Bronx down for three, as the Asians advance.
WINNER: The Asians via Pinfall (9:02)


Match starts off with Nemesis beckoning Alessandro to come get this work while Alessandro makes disrespectful remarks about Nemesis with an insolent tone that doesn’t seem to faze Nemesis one bit. After Nemesis fights Alessandro’s loud trash talk with silence, the two finally get into it with Nemesis taking it upon himself to pop Alessandro right in the mouth but ends up backing into the ropes once Alessandro meets his painted chin with two good punches. Alessandro lets those fists fly while Finn watches intently from his corner and a calm Viduus looks onto the brawl as well with Alessandro easily staying in the lead with throwing those impulsive punches any and everywhere aiming for Nemesis’ face, throat and even his shoulder. Nemesis catches Alessandro off guard with an elbow to the face, knocking Alessandro around all around the match as if he were his own personal pet mortal. Grabbing him up, Nemesis moves his head from side to side to evade Alessandro’s attempted headbutts until Alessandro finally gets a good hit in and although that forehead was powerful to make Nemesis loosen his grasp on Alessandro, it wasn’t enough to make Nemesis stagger back or go down. Alessandro charges Nemesis with that forehead ready to be used as a weapon when Nemesis sides steps to the right and sticks his foot out to trip Alessandro. Nemesis wastes no time driving his foot hard into the back of the rising Alessandro and would have done it a second time if Alessandro hadn’t quickly rolled out of the way. Alessandro quickly begins to crawl a couple of paces before he’s able to get to his feet and leap over with a fresh tag to the awaiting Finn who immediately enters the ring ready to rumble.
Viduus smirks while watching Alessandro exit the ring to step onto the apron before reaching back to touch his aching back as Finn dropkicks an advancing Nemesis to stop him in place. Finn looks over to this partner to see if he is okay before focusing on the intended target of the moment as Nemesis rises on some Michael Myers shit and looks at Finn with what satanic worshippers would call ‘soulless eyes’. Finn’s next defense is coming at Nemesis with a series of kick variations to try to force him back but to no avail as Nemesis grabs a leg and uses it to shove Finn back, his eyes seeming to light up with delight once Finn’s ass finds the mat. But the ever so persistent and determined Finn is right back to his feet and this time he makes sure he comes alot harder with the kicks, aiming for Nemesis’ shin before driving a foot into Nemesis’ thigh to help make Nemesis lose his balance. Finn drops to his knees and lets his elbows do the talking for him as the right side of Nemesis’ head catches all the blows before a final elbow blow to the forehead has Nemesis giving his head a slight shake like he may have acquired a headache. Finn raises his arm for another attack but Nemesis moves fast with hurriedly rising so that his head purposely slams into Finn’s chin and then proceeds to fully get up as he heads over to tag in Viduus. He moves with confidence, his pace slowed with the feeling of having no reason to hurry because Finn had nowhere to run as Finn is massaging his chin but shows signs of being ready to throw down if Viduus got any closer to him.
For someone with a current calm demeanor, his actions proved to be the exact opposite once Viduus laid hands on Finn and let out his aggression with even launching Finn straight into the air like some madman and didn’t flinch as Finn’s body hit the mat while the audience oohed in reaction, wondering if Finn was alright. But being the trooper he was, Finn tries to focus more on getting at Viduus instead of the pain he was currently feeling as he sprints towards Viduus and fakes left once Viduus swings on him. Finn makes it to the back of Viduus and puts him down with a one-handed bulldog before moving a few steps away as he watches Viduus almost on the rise and quickly bolts forward to grab Viduus’ head and plants him with a facebuster. Alessandro seal claps at the great job that his partner is doing until Viduus powerslams Finn so hard that Alessandro feels a type of way about it. Viduus is about to cover Finn when Alessandro quickly enters the ring and clobbers Viduus over the head before the pin attempt. Viduus shoves Alessandro so hard that he trips over his own foot and lands on his ass while the referee looks to Alessandro with wanting him out of the ring since he isn’t one of the legal man to be in the ring. So Alessandro angrily gets out of the ring and when Viduus irish whips Finn into the ropes, Alessandro quickly slaps Finn’s back to tag himself in but not before Finn slaps his hand to tag himself back in with having second thoughts after stepping onto the apron.
But Alessandro is too distracted with getting his hands on Viduus as he rushes his opponent with that heavy forehead of his. Viduus reaches out and grabs Alessandro by the throat to halt him in place before taking his free hand and flicking Alessandro’s forehead with his fingers before kneeing him in the stomach. Finn, being the legal man, rushes Viduus while his attention is on the kneeled over Alessandro and grants Finn the opportunity to catch Viduus off guard with a flying forearm smash. As soon as Viduus hits the mat, Finn is kicking the living shit out of him as if he’s Jeepers Creepers and he’s trying to see if he’s finally dead while Alessandro is on his feet and telling Finn that he’s supposed to be out of the ring while the referee is instead directing Alessandro to the apron since the referee had caught when Finn had quickly tagged Alessandro back to be the legal man. Alessandro is INSISTING he’s the legal man while Finn is busy now straddling Viduus and getting some good shots in on that nicely painted face of his. While getting up, Finn begins crawling off of Viduus and knees him really hard in the face for good measure in case those punches of his hadn’t been powerful enough. Rising to his feet, Finn seems ready to finish this up as he reaches down to pull Viduus onto his feet and gets met with resistance when Viduus seems to want to stay on the mat and begins pulling away from Finn, confusing Finn a bit before Viduus makes his intentions known when he suddenly stops resisting and Finn wins the tug of war with getting Viduus on his feet…. only for Finn to go down when Viduus’ boot meets his face. Viduus circles around Finn and waits for the right time to attack with Awakening while Alessandro is being pulled off the apron by Nemesis so Viduus can go for the pin without any interruptions to secure that three count for the win.
WINNER: Salvation via Pinfall (8:32)


Excellent work from Good Guy Eli….. oh no no, not Paragon Eli Goode but the only Eli with the oiled abs that matters so that no one gets confused. Eli works on White Tiger with letting the old man know that this was his kingdom and the old man was nothing more than a guest who had more than overstayed his welcome. His beach boy partner observes from the sidelines while Genevie keeps her eyes on the match but also makes sure to watch the young boy out the corner of her eye. You know these outsiders to the company couldnt be trusted, hell they had signed up to the tournament to try to take the very tag titles that belong to the company so any small move could easily turn into a big disadvantage for the opposing side. And The Carlsons weren’t about to get beat by the third tier of Paragon, some of the 4CWers already thinking it was hilarious that the entire stable had entered this tournament with three sets of tag teams in order to better their chances of taking the titles. But the way Eli was manhandling White Tiger, there was no way in hell he was allowing it to happen with these two as his actions greatly showed what he felt. Vassa was talking so much shit that he got tongue tied as he both trash talked and praised Eli, also being on board with wanting the titles to be in possession of a team from the company’s roster as he and Johnson both watch White Tiger furiously fight back. White Tiger got two punches in before Eli bossed up on him with a brainbuster which causes TJ to begin stretching his arm out from over the ropes and waving his hand out with ready to be tagged in.
But White Tiger had finally gotten the upper on Eli and wasnt about to break his stride by tagging in his partner just yet as he works on Eli with wanting to tire him out real good so that Eli would be too weak to keep countering White Tiger. After putting Eli down with a scoop slam, White Tiger is feeling it with the match seeming to very much be in Paragon’s favor now. Being the only Paragon team in the tournament now and especially being the tag team of the stable that no one really didn’t think stood the chance the most, White Tiger confidently gets down to drive his knee into Eli’s back and then leans in to pull Eli’s head back with his hands clasped underneath Eli’s chin with not holding back in trying to find ways to tire Eli out. TJ is cheering White Tiger on like crazy like they might have this in the bag after all but Genevie is showing signs that if Eli doesn’t break out of this soon that she’s going to take it upon herself to break the hold herself. TJ is eying her like he’s daring her to make a move and Genevie shoots him a look right back like she won’t take his head off if he tried to step to her and stop her. Fortunately for Eli, who had been reaching for the ropes, he was close enough to grab onto the middle rope to the chagrin of White Tiger who eventually breaks the hold and shows his frustration by hitting Eli in the back of the head with his forearm. White Tiger throws his arms up in the air but ends up getting booed by the audience while Genevie is yelling at Eli to tag her in because she’s had enough of the old skeezer. Eli really wants to get to his feet and beat the breaks off White Tiger but decides to tag in Genevie as he steps out and Genevie steps in. White Tiger turns around and sees that a partner change has taken place but it doesnt matter to White Tiger because in his eyes, Paragon was the superior team.
White Tiger walks up on Genevie and gets the spit slapped out of him before Genevie leaps into action with kicking him in the gut and then kneeing him in the face. White Tiger falls back on the mat with blurred vision from that knee catching him right between the eyes as he scoots back on the mat with following TJ’s voice until White Tiger’s back hits the ropes and he hears TJ’s voice above him telling him to tag him in. White Tiger waves his hand around in the air with trying to find TJ’s until he felt skin when TJ’s palm slapped his hand and he enters the ring quickly just as Genevie was getting ready to grab White Tiger by the legs to drag him away from his corner. Seeing new blood in the ring, Genevie readies herself while TJ does the same with acting impulsively, not sure if from the excitement of finally being able to represent for the team tonight or because he didnt want to think of a gameplan to handle Genevie as he smacks her hands out of the way when Genevie begins throwing punches and he spears into her, wrapping his arms around her middle as he takes her down to the mat. The two tussle on the mat for a bit with both trying to get one over on the other until TJ’s elbow accidentally hits Genevie in the face but he takes that accident as a blessing in disguise and stands up while pulling Genevie up onto her feet with him. He goes for a DDT and then yanks her right back to her feet as he irish whips her into the ropes, dodges her when she comes running back with a swinging arm to attack him and turns around to catch her off guard with a quick short armed clothesline.
White Tiger’s vision has cleared up and he’s watching this match with that growing confidence that Paragon has this in the bag while Eli begs to differ from him seeming to be waiting for Genevie to finally put TJ on his ass but the young boy was full of energy and he wanted to use it all up defeating the power couple tonight. TJ is pulling Genevie from the mat again and ends up with a surprise when Genevie’s punches slam into his face and has him wanting to swing back but Genevie’s punches seem neverending and it causes him to take a step back after every other punch. TJ manages to finally get his hands up and counters, even going for a swing of his own but Genevie ducks and ends up behind in as she grabs him from behind and goes for a backstabber. With him on the mat, she knows what time it is as she wastes none of it while Vassa is yelling at the top of his lungs that Genevie has Killing You Hoes locked in on TJ. White Tiger gets into the ring but makes it two steps before Eli is spearing him out of the way from trying to break the submission while TJ finally gives in and taps out for The Carlson Dynasty to take another successful win for the night.
WINNER: The Carlson Dynasty via Submission (9:56)



After ending the eight month championship reign of Battle Born’s in the second round, Dakota and Cyrus didn’t have much time to celebrate as they were up again, this time defending the championship against the team of Salvation. Cyrus Riddle started things off for Omerta as Nemesis was the starting man for Salvation. It wasn’t long before both men found themselves locked up in the center of the ring. Ramming a knee upward into Nemesis’ stomach, Cyrus then locked one hand around Nemesis’ wrist before pushing him backwards with his other. Nearly giving Nemesis whiplash, Cyrus jerked him back in for a short-arm clothesline which connected with nothing as Nemesis ducked and stepped behind Cyrus, pulling his arm around the front of his body. Wrapping him up with his free arm, Nemesis then lifted Cyrus off his feet before slamming him to the canvas with a belly to back suplex. For the next few moments Nemesis held a firm hold on the control of the match, working Cyrus with his ground game and striking various joints and limbs. Back on his feet, Nemesis took a few steps backwards before charging in, kicking Cyrus in the face with everything he had. Cyrus rolled over to his stomach and before he knew it, Nemesis was standing over him. Squatting down, Nemesis dug his arms underneath Cyrus’ body, locking his hands once wrapping him up. Deadlifting Cyrus up from the mat, Nemesis then planted him in the center of the ring with a German suplex. Cyrus attempted to get back to his feet but was quickly stopped as Nemesis kicked him while he was down, keeping him there until he pulled him to his feet himself. After dragging Cyrus to the corner, Nemesis and Viduus made the tag, introducing Viduus into the championship match for the first time.
The Pride Champion had been dominate as of late, carrying his momentum through the tournament thus far and into the third round match. Wasting no time, he went straight to work on Cyrus in the corner, keeping him trapped in as he chipped away at him little by little with methodical strikes to Cyrus’ limbs. Pulling Cyrus away from the corner, Viduus held him in place as he delivered back to back right hands to Cyrus’ face. Pulling Cyrus’ head between his legs, Viduus then lifts him up for a powerbomb but what followed was unexpected. Before Viduus could throw him back down to the mat, Cyrus began pounding away at Viduus head with rapid right hands, causing Viduus to take small steps backwards as each punch landed. Delivering one final blow to Viduus’ head, Cyrus was able to knock him off balance as Viduus fell to the mat, crashing with Cyrus landing on top of him. Still in position to continue his assault, Cyrus continued punching Viduus over and over as he was mounted on top of him. Standing to his feet, Cyrus pulled Viduus up to his and then walked him across the ring before slinging him into the corner where Dakota awaited. Hitting the corner, Viduus bounced off and lunged towards Cyrus, locking up with him. The two struggled with one another momentarily before Cyrus finally gained control and slammed Viduus into the corner, face first onto the middle turnbuckle with an STO! With Viduus down on the mat, Cyrus slowly rose to his feet where he turned his attention to his partner, The Butcher, who was outside on the apron and dying to get a piece of the action. The tag happened quick and before Viduus even knew what hit him, Dakota was inside of the ring and stomping away at him.
It’s been a while since Dakota and Viduus have been in the ring against each other. The last time resulted in Viduus defeating Dakota in a Seven Panes of Glass match back at Retrograde in February. Many would say this win catapulted Viduus’ career in 4CW following as he claimed the 4CW Pride Championship, and just recently scored a win over the 4CW Champion Anastasia Hayden. Maybe Dakota was bitter about that, then again Dakota hates just about anything that breathes and Viduus fell into that category. Leaping down onto Viduus, Dakota began smashing forearms into his face. The forearms then turned to elbows which eventually led to Dakota grabbing Viduus by the head with both hands and slamming his head repeatedly into the canvas. Throwing his head down, Dakota hit Viduus right between the eyes with a headbutt before drawing his arm back and going for a vicious punch to Viduus’ face. There it was again. In his mind Dakota anted to punch Viduus but it was if his body gave up on his as all he could do is move his shoulder forward, failing to swing his entire arm around. A look of annoyance came over Dakota’s face as he slammed his other fist into his shoulder before standing to his feet. Pacing the ring, Dakota slowly began rolling his shoulder before finally looking back to Viduus, who was still down. Running across the ring, Dakota jumped feet first through the air, planting both feet into the side of Viduus’ head with a dropkick.
Pulling Viduus to his feet, he wrapped his hand around Viduus throat before walking him to the center of the ring. Dakota went to lift him into the air for a chokeslam but Viduus’ feet didn’t leave the mat. Dakota tried it a second time and it was the same result. Going for a third, Dakota was taken off guard as Viduus swung his arm around, smashing his elbow into the side of Dakota’s head. Dakota didn’t pull his hand away from Viduus’ throat, at least not until Viduus smashed a second elbow into the side of his head. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Viduus then dropped him across his knee with a backbreaker. Viduus didn’t release him, instead he stood straight up with Dakota still in his arms before dropping him across his knee with a second backbreaker. Standing tall and placing Dakota on his feet, Viduus then pulled Dakota’s head between his legs before wrapping both arms around his waist. Lifting Dakota up into the air, Viduus then ran towards the corner where Nemesis stood on the outside, throwing Dakota through the air and into the corner with a powerbomb! Dakota’s back crashed against the corner and his body slid down to a seated position. Rushing in, Viduus kicked his foot up as he closed in, driving it straight into Dakota’s face. Looking to his partner, Viduus extended his hand in which Nemesis slapped with no hesitation, bringing himself back into the match.
Viduus grabbed Dakota by the feet, dragging him out of the corner as Nemesis shot up the corner from the outside. After positioning Dakota in place, Viduus then began to leave the ring as Nemesis leaped into the air. Flipping through the air, Nemesis landed across Dakota’s body with a swanton. Making the cover, Nemesis went for the pin but just as the officials hand slapped the mat for the first time, he spotted Dakota’s foot on the bottom rope in the corner of his eye. Wasting no time to argue the call, Nemesis quickly climbed to his feet before stomping onto Dakota’s shoulder a few times, the same shoulder that has been going out on him as of late. Pulling Dakota to his feet, Nemesis his him with a quick one-two combo to the stomach before locking onto his arm and whipping him to the ropes. As Dakota hit the ropes and began his return, Nemesis ran to the adjacent ropes and leaped onto the middle rope. Springboarding off, Nemesis spun around and connected with a leg lariat that knocked Dakota completely off his feet, taking him back first to the mat. As Nemesis stood to his feet, Dakota slowly began to push himself up, refusing to stay down. As Dakota rose to one knee, Nemesis rushed in, kicking him across the chest. Wrapping his arm around Dakota’s head, Nemesis then pulled Dakota to his feet before grabbing him by the back of his pants with his other hand. Lifting him up into the air, Nemesis spun around before driving Dakota’s head into the canvas with his 3:30 (spinning implant DDT). Making the cover, Nemesis hooked Dakota’s leg for good measure as the official slid in beside them with the count. One! … Two! … Thr–NO! Racing across the ring, Cyrus stomped on the back of Nemesis’ head, breaking up the pin. Viduus immediately followed as both him and Cyrus then began throwing wild punches towards one another. The two illegal men from both teams fought and fought, eventually finding themselves close to the ropes where Viduus managed to throw Cyrus through and to the outside, giving himself just enough time to exit himself before the officials five count.
Dakota and Nemesis were slow to even begin getting back to their feet but eventually they began the climb. On the outside, Viduus and Cyrus continued beating each other senseless, giving the fans even more than what they bargained for. Both men in the ring finally stood tall, Nemesis seeming to have a little more life to him than Dakota. Rushing in towards Dakota, Nemesis jumped through the air, hitting Dakota in the chest with a dropkick that sent him stumbling backwards into the corner. Before Dakota could even come to his senses, Nemesis was already within arms length, delivering even more blows to Dakota’s stomach. On the outside, Cyrus managed to throw Viduus into the barricade before turning to the ring to see his partner in trouble. Their position in the ring was a benefit in Cyrus’ eyes as he immediately climbed onto the apron and rushed over. Nemesis had Dakota in his own corner, pulverizing him with crushing blows. Cyrus then yelled at Dakota from behind, even grabbing Nemesis’ attention. The short moment of lost focus was all Dakota needed to capitalize. Reaching up with both hands, he locked them around Nemesis’ head as Cyrus slapped Dakota on the back of the shoulder, initiating a tag. Dropping to a seated position, Dakota pulled Nemesis’ head over him, slamming his face into the turnbuckle. Nemesis stumbled backwards a few steps, seeing stars as Cyrus immediately entered the ring. Viduus quickly rushed towards the ring from the outside and as he attempted to slide in, he found his head locked between Dakota’s legs. Viduus feet were still on the outside floor, giving him the footing to pull his body away from the ring, which also pulled Dakota through the ropes and to the outside as Dakota had his head locked between his legs. With them occupied on the outside of the ring, it was the perfect moment for Cyrus to strike, and he did just that! Kicking Nemesis in the stomach and forcing him to buckle over, Cyrus then lifted him upside down into the air before dropping him to the mat with his Darkness Falls (Dominator into sit-out piledriver). With no one in sight to break up the pin due to Viduus still having his head trapped between Dakota’s legs on the outside, Cyrus quickly went for the cover. One! … Two! … Three!
WINNER: Omertà via Pinfall (15:51)

Bad Company grinds screeching to a halt as the screen that has already shown so much action first fades to black before opening back up on a picture of an anonymous man in his early forties, balding slightly, bespectacled and really rocking that neckbeard. No explanation is given, nor does a solitary soul in Honolulu give him so much as a tepid applause. Underneath what looks to have been this man’s Facebook profile picture reads a small caption that paints a very grim picture: ‘Mark Jacobs 1976-2018.’
A depressing brand of elevator music accompanies his photograph for a few moments before it fades into nothingness, only to be replaced by another picture of an equally unknown man around the same age. This particular photo shows a man of similar, unfortunately inadequate appearance traits, tanned skin and thinning side-parting scraped across his wrinkled brow. Beneath it reads the next obituary: ‘Grant Young 1973-2018.’
Four more men aged between forty and fifty are shown in all of their glory, each accompanied by their name, birth year and the year of their demise. After the sixth and final slide fades: an unflattering angle cast upon an obese gentleman by the name of Alexander Arnett. The only thing that remains is a sense of wonder and confusion. Who were these fallen men? And furthermore, why were they being shown to the viewer at this time?
SANCHEZ: “Brave men, all of them… Such a waste of human life…”
When the screen recovers from a lengthy blackout this time we are backstage in the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in front of a giant graphic banner advertising the Bad Company event. Standing front and center, head wrapped in his iron mask as was customary when making a scene stands David Sanchez– hot off of his second attempt at a 4CW debut. This one has so far been more successful than the last with Adrenaline 89 having brought a victory over Alessandro Quagliaterre.
SANCHEZ: “I notice there’s no standing ovations to be heard. No two minute silences are to be upheld. Not even ten chimes of the damn ring bell for these poor, dead goobers…”
The confusion continues until finally Sanchez reveals the big secret. His voice heavily muffled by the metal in front of his mouth.
SANCHEZ: “Disgusting… the world we live in. Where you have to be famous before a single tear is shed for your death. Allow me to educate and inform the masses. See, those men, they weren’t much in life but what little they were was still worth something to somebody somewhere and yet there’s never going to be any shrines built in their honor. Nobody is about to erect the fuckin’ ‘Grant Young Memorial Interstate.’ But really, why would they? I mean… these six dead idiots were only pyrotechnic engineers and their fathers before them were probably only janitors or salesmen.”
There it was, he was showing the viewer a series of dead special effects nerds. But still, the question remained as to why?
SANCHEZ: “Six lives have been lost this year already to this monster we feed already, and that’s just in America. Six fairly insignificant lives, yes. But six lives nonetheless. Sports entertainment is a disease that has spread through the SPORT of professional wrestling and stripped the meat back to the bone– these six are just the most recent casualties of today’s need to have fuckin’ fireworks displays in entrances and frills on your wristbands. Can you not see the damage that’s already been done?”
He unfolds his arms and shakes his head slowly from side to side. Revealing the slogan on his black tee which reads: ‘Sports Entertainment Stole My Shoes.’
SANCHEZ: “Those guys are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you know how many guys my age on the independent circuit have had to retire in the last five years since a fuckin’ requirement of this craft became having a motheruckin’ Twitter handle? It’s a soul destroying figure, believe me. That’s why tonight, I’d like to dedicate my convincing victory in the Ignition Championship Battle Royal not only to those six dead probable arsonists… but to every WRESTLER everywhere who has hung up their spandex due to their world being so hideously changed around them.”
He lifts the metal mask from off of his skull now and smiles at the camera before uttering one last overconfident barrage of words.
SANCHEZ: “Furthermore… rest assured that when I win this most clustered of fucks and walk out as the new Ignition Champion I am going to forbid the use of any pyrotechnics for theatrical purposes in any of my sure to be endless, successful title defenses. It’s just my way of honoring the dead…”
The scene fades on Sanchez and his obviously artificial empathy in grief.


Big power couple event of the night with the two teams making it past the others and onto round three of the night but unfortunately, one team would have to be put down for the night as the other advances on to face Omerta for the 4CW Tag Team Championships. Currently, Tommy was on Eli’s back being loud with a battle yell while an aggravated Eli was trying to get him off while Tommy clung onto him like one of those kids trying to beat up the bad guy in a kids movie. Genevie shakes her head at the sight and even Kimitsu just lets out a slight sigh while Tommy talks in another language, possibly yelling out spells before Eli decides to run backwards at full speed in an effort to slam Tommy into the turnbuckle to force Tommy to get off. But Tommy jumps off at the last second as Eli’s back slams into the turnbuckle post and Tommy flips over the ropes from jumping too far out and ends up tumbling over and landing down below. Kimitsu jumps off the apron to go tend to Tommy while Genevie looks over with concerned at her husband holding his back and calls out to him to check on him. Tommy is telling Kimitsu he is fine, limping slightly towards the apron to climb up on after landing hard on his right leg while Eli looks behind him to see Tommy re-entering the ring. Before Tommy can say blink or even say ‘Expelliarmus’, Eli charges him and drives his shoulder into his with a strong shoulder block that knocks Tommy off his feet.
Poor Tommy is rubbing his chest in pain while Kimitsu looks a bit concerned and is ready to be tagged in now as Tommy begins pulling himself to his feet with his eyes focused solely on Eli so he doesn’t see his girlfriend beckoning him with her ready hand to get tagged in. Tommy knows he can’t just charge Eli, especially with Eli being the more powerful out of the two so he tries to think up a clever plan that he will have him and Kimitsu by God’s grace beat the Carlson Dynasty and advance on to whoop Omerta to snatch up the tag belts. But Tommy kept drawing a blank or getting mixed up when thinking of a long thought out plan so he decided to think of a shorter, much simpler plan which was to avoid taking hits like that again like that shoulder block that almost knocked out his soul. Eli wasnt for the waiting around and lacked patience as he forces Tommy to make a decision about what should he do with a sharp hook right to the jaw that had Tommy taking two steps backwards. Those two steps though had brought him closer to Kimitsu to where he could see her hand wanting to be tagged in so he quickly slaps it and steps out of the ring so he could finally go back to thinking about that strategy in peace without getting slapped around with his concentration getting broken.
Eli is ready for Kimitsu but sees that his wife has been ready so he heads over to their side and Genevie gets the tag in but Kimitsu doesnt wait until Genevie is fully in the ring when she attacks her while she’s dipping underneath the ropes to enter. Genevie almost falls through the ropes as Eli assists his wife with helping her upright from the outside of the ropes while Kimitsu smirks with a daring glare in her eyes for Genevie to approach her. Genevie does just that though as she quickly covers the space between the two and her fist goes flying in the air but doesnt connect when Kimitsu swiftly moves out of the way, throwing a few punches of her own before going for a jumping DDT. Genevie is on her feet and the two have a brawl for the ages as their arms continually swing on one another with neither backing down and even deciding to try to outpunch the other. Tommy starts up a chant for Kimitsu as he slaps his hands on the top ropes to start a beat while Eli shakes his head over at Tommy before returning to focusing on the match. Genevie doubles up on her punches and has Kimitsu taking the punches more than being able to throw them back before switching it up and going for a roundhouse kick when Kimitsu can finally swing back.
Kimitsu is about to sit up on the mat when Genevie pushes Kimitsu on her back to climb on top of her to start up an assault on Kimitsu’s face until Kimitsu backslaps Genevie hard enough for her to roll off of her. Now both women make it to their feet and collide when they both rush forward and try to take the other down. Kimitsu is able to get Genevie into a headlock and piles on the pressure with a few punches to the head every few seconds while Genevie struggles against Kimitsu with trying to break loose. Genevie clasps her hands together before ramming her elbow into Kimitsu’s mid section several times until the hold is broken and Genevie is finally free. Genevie grabs Kimitsu with both hands to yank her forward as Kimitsu grabs Genevie’s wrists with a strong grip and rams her forehead into Genevie’s with a strong headbutt. That’s enough for Genevie to stumble back a few steps away from Kimitsu but once Kimitsu takes two rushed steps forward, Genevie has recovered enough to kick Kimitsu in the mid section to halt her from attacking so that Genevie can go for an Alabama Slam. The next few moments that follow are the two women fighting for control of the match between slamming one another and getting several licks in with some good punches until they finally manage to get the best of the other. Genevie’s swinging DDT and then follow up implant DDT has Kimitsu not moving as fast as she originally was and Kimitsu’s back to back backbreakers has also slowed down Genevie a little.
The significant others take great notice of this and instantly want in the match, knowing that it can go either way now and definitely not wanting the other side to win. As soon as the tags are made, Tommy comes in wands a blazing as he jumps on Eli like a killer squirrel and gets thrown off of Eli and onto the mat. Tommy makes it to his feet rather quickly and tries to evade Eli who refuses to put any space between the two which forces Tommy to go for a spinning heel kick to get that space he desires so badly. Knowing that any slip up in this match was crucial, Tommy didnt even want Eli that close to him to kill any chances of Eli getting quick one overs on him and he doesnt even think about how in a wrestling match you HAVE to be close to your opponent in order to wrestle them. But Tommy wasnt about the logical thinking right now, he was more so preparing on how he and Kimitsu were going to take down Omerta given the chance as soon as they won this match. But Eli quickly reminded Tommy that he needed to get through him first with a running lariat that snapped Tommy out of planning for The Asians’ supposed match against Omerta for him to remind himself that he had to take care of Eli first. But Eli was doing such a great job of taking care of Tommy, not letting him get far even after Tommy had went for a swinging neck breaker that didnt keep Eli down for long. Tommy is on the mat, he’s rising up with that determination in his spirit that he can do this… that he can beat Eli for him and Kimitsu to win round three but Eli has other plans as he allows Tommy to get to his feet before charging him, connecting with the Red Light Special as that boot has Tommy on the mat and Eli going for the pin. The referee begins the count and both Genevie and Kimitsu have entered the ring with Genevie getting to Kimitsu and keeping her at bay with a couple of punches until Kimitsu knees Genevie in the stomach. Kimitsu is only able to take one step after the attack on Genevie before the bell is ringing to end the match over Eli successfully pinning Tommy.
WINNER: The Carlson Dynasty via Pinfall (10:59)

The scene transitions backstage where we find powers that be, Perry Wallace and Phoenix Quagliaterre, and their new third leg, Boston. Walking the halls, the three talk amongst themselves, well at least two do most of the talking as Boston trails behind barely even able to get a word in.
WALLACE: “Well you two seem to be getting along quite well.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Haaaa… I mean I guesssss.”
WALLACE: “”Now if Boston could just his behavior under control a bit…
QUAGLIATERRE: “It’s fine, I’ve been enjoying withholding his paychecks. Someone has to put him in his place when he gets out of it, guess that’ll be me.”
BOSTON: “You’re just joking!”
WALLACE: “Oh yeah, is that so?”
BOSTON: “She can’t do that, can she?”
WALLACE: “She does have the authority. Something has to be done. You can’t just come in on your first night and start trying to make my son’s life a living hell! I didn’t bring you on board for that.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Well what did you hire this retard for? He’s been claiming to have blackmailed you at first and now he’s saying that your purchased an entire company before just for him.”
WALLACE: “Goddamnit, I told y’all I thought I was buying a KFC franchise! JESUS!”
Shaking his head, Perry sighs as they continue their journey to wherever it is they’re traveling to.
WALLACE: “Don’t start with me. I’d hate for you to work your voodoo magic on others and interfere in relationships that don’t involve you! Plus all this negative energy can’t be good for the baby, WHICH I AM HAPPY ABOUT!”
QUAGLIATERRE: “I wouldnt give a hot diggity DAMN if you were happy about me being pregnant or not, I aint fucking you. And your girlfriend being on vacation has nothing to do with me, she’s a grown woman. Maybe you men need to stop pissing off your significant others to the point they want to take vacations to get far away from yall.”
BOSTON: “I don’t know what you two are talking about. I think I’ve done a damn fine job since my first day. You saw the ratings.”
Perry and Phe stop dead in their tracks, in which Boston bumps into the back of Perry not expecting it.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Listen here you assh–”
WALLACE: “Woah, woah, woah! Wait just a damn second! I got this.”
Turning around, Perry looks to Boston with an annoyed look on his face.
WALLACE: “I thank the roster for that. We thank the roster for that. But it’s cool though. Keep thinking that. We have a surprise for you.”
BOSTON: “A surprise?”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Absolutely sweetie.”
WALLACE: “And it’s right behind this door right here, door number one. Go ahead, open it up.”
Boston doesn’t appear to be too eager to open the door they’re standing in front of. In fact, he doesn’t appear to trust either of them at all right about now.
BOSTON: “I don’t know. I don’t think I deserve any surprises just yet.”
WALLACE: “I don’t have time for this, there’s a certain woman who needs my attention and I intend to give it to her.”
Cutting his eyes up, Perry looks to Phe.
WALLACE: “That’s if someone didn’t decide to make her disappear.”
Crossing her arms, Phe doesn’t reply, she just looks on shaking her head.
WALLACE: “Now if you will, Boston.”
Hesitantly, Boston places his hand on the doorknob, resting it there for a few moments. After receiving a nudge in the shoulder from Perry, he then turns the doorknob and swings it open. A confused look comes across his face as he looks into the room.
BOSTON: “What’s he doing here?”
The camera looks into the room where no one other than Bryan Williams sits in a chair, looking to be bored out of his mind.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I thought it would be a good idea to get the two Co-GM’s of Adrenaline together for a chat.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Are you deaf? Now, step inside, please.”
With a smile on her face, Phe enters the room first, followed by Perry as Boston remains standing in the hall.
WILLIAMS: “Wow, I thought you two had forgotten I was even in here. I’ve been waiting since the beginning of round one.”
Perry and Phe then take a seat in the only other chairs in the room that aren’t occupied. Still in the hall, Boston looks on confused for a few moments before his attention is grabbed by Phe.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Any day now, Boston.”
WILLIAMS: “No shit, you’re telling me.”
Perry elbows Williams in the shoulder for the comment. With no other choice, Boston then enters the room, left to stand as the other three sit comfortably.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Now…. lets get started because unlike the other boss, I wont be sleeping alone tonight. Whoops sorry… I was hacked.”
Playfully winks at Perry before gesturing for the cameraman to leave the four to it so that business can get discussed.


Sounds of thunder and lightning cast out, setting the atmosphere of the incoming Conqueror. The lights in the arena die out to allow for the spontaneous bursts of light that reflect the internalized storm. Smoke congregates on the entrance stage. As the silence takes hold, the startling opening guitar screech of Rammstein’s “Sonne” overtakes everything. It is followed by the infamous countdown.

Rammstein’s “Sonne” explodes into the arena with its thrashing instrumentals. From the back, Artemis Kaiser comes through, outfitted in her militant attire. Embroidered with many shimmering designs, Artemis’s military trench coat lightly moves as she rises onto the stage with her arms outspread. Bearing fangs fashioned onto a facemask and her eyes hidden behind shining red shades, Artemis steps down from the platform and into the smoke. It glistens dully in the red light, a momentary visualization of the constant blood flow associated with her matches. The red mark across her nose flashes slightly in the light as well. She scans the arena with the serious nature that couples with her reputation and starts down the ramp.
POWERS: ”Making her way down to the ring…weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds…fighting out of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada…she is the ‘LAST EMPRESS’, ARTEMIS KKAAIISSEERR!!!”
Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. Showing her finesse, Artemis dips over the top with a rope-assisted backflip. She lands on her feet, giving the audience another pensive glare.
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Sie ist der hellste Stern von allen!
Hier kommt die Sonne!”

After which, she hits the mat again, rolling backward onto a knee. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.
Lights out in the arena.
After a couple of moments, giving time for the smoke machines to do their thing, the opening notes of Carl Orff’s legendary piece of music ‘O Fortuna’ begins to rattle out over the arena. A single spotlight hits the stage and standing there in a full body skeleton suit complete with a full skull mask is the man known as Doctor Stranglepoli or simply Doctor Vice. Standing next to him is Mr. Wrigley, the duo begin to make their way towards the ring. Wrigley standing in front with his arms crossed in front of him clutching that silver briefcase making sure the fans do not touch him with their dirty hands.
POWERS: ”Making his way down the aisle, accompanied by his manager Christoper J. Wrigley, hailing from Strangri-La, California, standing in at six feet and weighing in at one hundred ninety five pounds… he is ‘Doctor Vice’, VICTOR SSTTRRAANNGGLLEEPPOOLLII!!!”
Slowly, the duo begin to make their way towards the ring as the song about the end of the world being brought upon by the moon continues the 4CW jumbo-a-tron shows the images of the moon changing through all of its phases, including the red bloodmoon which then switches over to the skull mask face of Doctor Vice.
The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd are perplexed at first until the screen does the legwork in identifying who is coming to the ring by showing highlights from the career of David Sanchez’ various matches and misdeeds.
“How did it feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel when he came alive and took you?”

The song plays on as the audience erupts into a sea of hateful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears center stage, his face hidden behind a mask of solid iron. Dressed in his simple wrestling gear apart from this: black trunks and pads; all donning a tiny blue ‘DS.’ He soaks it all in for a second. Stopping halfway down the ramp and staring vacantly at the camera; the creepy metal mask sending shivers down the viewers spine.
POWERS: ”Introducing now– coming to us from his ‘beautiful’ hometown of Bogota in the Republic of Colombia. He weighs in at two hundred thirty-five pounds and stands at six feet, three inches tall. Please welcome, the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’… DAVID SSAANNCCHHEEZZ!!!”
No pyrotechnics are launched, nor do the lights flicker. He believed simplicity was more intimidating than flashing strobes, smoke and fireworks. The mask was enough now’ he thought. As he walks he removes the mask slowly by unfastening the hinge at the base of the skull. Once revealed, he smiles and high fives the three or four fans who let him. Once he slides into the ring he turns his back to the stage, awaiting his opponent whilst stretching out his limbs in a warm-up. He acts as though the arena is empty, as if this was simply a practice run. A slightly troubling smile still stretched across his face, Sanchez carefully places the iron mask under a far turnbuckle in a way so that the eyeholes can watch the match.
The lights dim to full darkness.
“They say form follows function….And if you just function properly then things will form themselves”

At that moment a spotlight hits the stage with DeMarcus Gresham standing there with the Ignition Championship belt hanging from his shoulder. He dusts off the clear shoulder of his black jacket then a couple rolls of the shoulders as he stands there looking left to right calmly as the crowd boos immensely. He lowers his head down and he moves in a slow 360 on the stage for a moment allowing the fans to view all of him and his championship. He nods his head upward after that in a very ‘above all’ fashion and starts walking forward. He takes his steps down the rampway each time he steps on a new panel piece of the floor white pryos shoot up in the air illuminating the area. As he walks down he sneers at the people around him dissatisfied by their presence. The fans show their hatred for him in return. He stands ringside for a moment before he jumps from the floor to the ring apron impressively keeping the belt with him.
POWERS: ”On his way to the ring from Seattle, Washington. He is your shepherd to Enlightenment. The ender of empires, destroyer of dynasty, and the surcease of sovereign. Your 4CW IGNITION Champion ‘Gifted’ DEMARCUS GGRREESSHHAAMM!!!”
He bends into the ring where he slowly takes off his jacket and in a ceremonious fashion lays the jacket on the nearest turnbuckle with the ‘Gifted’ laid out for all to see. He then takes the Ignition belt and in the same ceremonious fashion places the belt on top of the folded jacket. Turning around he smirks before pointing at the jacket letting it be known exactly who he is and also tells the ref they are not to touch his belt until giving clearance to do so.
The combatants size one another up, ready to engage in battle, while the timekeeper goes to hit the bell when the crowd suddenly unleashes a cavalcade of boos the moment “What You Know,” Boston’s theme song, begins blaring over the PA system. The much maligned 4CW Adrenaline General Manager, Boston, begins making his way toward the ring from the Gorilla position, but stops short at the top of the ramp. Rocking a turquoise blue suit with a vanilla unbuttoned button down beneath, Boston also wears a Hollywood smile, grinning from ear to ear as he soaks up the hateful chorus of boos, while staring down all four of the glaring participants that stand ready and unamused in the ring. Microphone in hand, Boston lifts it to his lips to speak.
BOSTON: “Well, folks, this was billed for the last two weeks as anj open challenge Battle Royale for the Ignition Title. Only problem is, there were only a couple of folks willing to sign up to face the red-hot Demarcus Gresham. Now, I could give a shit about what you fans think, but I do care about what I think. And what I think is that a four man battle royale would suck dick. I don’t want my name on that, so what I’m gonna do is have some old friends and some new friends join us for this over the top rope break-from-tag-team-wrestling battle royale. Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, 4CW’s brightest and finest…”
The Bad Company theme music plays, and a throng of jobbers are paraded out onto the top of the ramp. The four wrestlers in the ring appear dumbfounded at their impromptu added competition. Leading the charge, of course, is Freedumb, but behind him are some rather peculiarly familiar looking superstars. Boston emcees their walk to the ring.
BOSTON: “FIRST, weighing in at a slovenly sleek three hundred and sixty pounds, standing at five feet, seven inches tall, your favorite resident, dog loving, retarded, paradoxically overweight crystal meth addict…FREEDUMMMBBB!!!!”
The crowd laughs, almost in unison.
BOSTON: “The man who has the unquestionably awful task of following the chubby dog-fucker to the ring is a man who needs, no introduction, nor to be asked twice if he’d like to put five of Amanda Cortez’s toes in his mouth at once, Eric Parmesano!”
A man with a beard and one shoe, dressed like American Tommy, stumbles his way to the ring behind Freedumb. He appears to be drunk and homeless, if not eager to be included in the upcoming match. Following him is an Asian, female midget with athletic tape wrapped around her head.
BOSTON: “Next up, back in action for the first time in about a month or so, Bryan Williams, ladies and gentlemen. Bryan Williams. The very respectable, very loved, Bryan Williams.”
Bringing up the rear is a man dressed in assless chaps and a noose around his neck. He has a sandy blonde perm and two replica 4CW championship belts draped over either shoulder.
BOSTON: “Finally, last but not least, my personal favorite, all the way from Portland, Maine, Bronx Valescence’s long-lost brother, SPANX VALESCENCE! SPANX VALESCENCE, EVERYBODY!”
The crowd laughs, cheers, and boos in about equal shares. The four men are marched up the ramp by the Adrenaline General Manager before they respectively enter, getting this eight man battle royale underway. Boston makes his way to the back as the bell rings. “Bryan Williams” charges toward Demarcus Gresham, who grabs ahold of her by the back of her tiny neck and rolls her over his torso, kicking her out, up into the air and over the top rope, sending her flying into the third row of seats with a monkey flip. In just two seconds, the first elimination of the night takes place.
Freedumb, looking terrified, falls to his side and curls up in the fetal position immediately. Retarded or not, he knows that when he’s inside the ring, he gets hurt very badly. Meanwhile, Eric Parmesano is hoisted above Stranglepolie’s head and tossed into the first row of the crowd, eliminating him. Sanchez and Artemis Kaiser team up momentarily to lift Freedumb to his feet. Artemis lands a vicious knee strike into the poor meth addicts’ crotch as Sanchez smokes him with a spinning backfist. Freedumb begins to cry extremely real, non-kayfabe tears while he sobs uncontrollably. Sanchez and Kaiser lift Freedumb to his feet before tossing him over the top rope, eliminating him from the match. The last jobber left in the match, Spanx Valescence, is supremely aware that all eyes in the match are on him now. He grabs two handfuls of his own, permed hair and tosses himself over the top rope.
The scene fades and reopens on the battle royale still in process. Stranglepoli and Gresham are tied up in one corner, with Gresham attempting to force Victor over the top rope, while Kaiser and Sanchez are trading strikes in the other far corner. Stranglepoli has one leg hooked beneath the top rope, foiling Gresham’s continued advances to eliminate the strange doctor. Kaiser and David keep battling back and forth. Kaiser goes to hit a flying sidekick but is caught midair by Sanchez, who dumps her over the top rope behind him. Luckily for Artemis, she stuck out a blind arm and somehow it locked itself in with the top rope, forcing her down to the ring apron with ferocity, but without elimination. Sanchez falls to his knees, winded, thinking he has just eliminated Artemis, but soon finds that he was mistaken when his face is driven into the mat HARD after Kaiser connected with a springboard leg drop! With Sanchez lying on the mat, almost motionless, Kaiser dashes over to Gresham and Stranglepoli and begins assisting Gresham in his efforts to eliminate the good doctor. Gresham and Kaiser synch up their efforts and with one big push, they free Stranglepoli from his lock on the top rope, sending him flying into the air vertically, but in neither horizontal direction. Upon his descent, he locks his legs around Gresham’s neck and throws him into Artemis with a spinning headscissors.
The scene fades out and fades back in again, several more minutes into the match. Gresham and Kaiser are on their knees, struggling to find their footing, as Sanchez leans his head against the ropes, presumably taking a moment to catch his wind. Stranglepoli stands on the top rope, taking quite a high risk. He dives off, hitting a rolling senton across the back of the already reeling Artemis Kaiser. Stranglepoli rolls all the way through the move and lands on his feet, his momentum taking him a few steps forward. Sanchez, however, doesn’t allow this momentum to slow, as with a running start, he is able to grab ahold of Stranglepoli and send him flying high over the top rope, ending in the first real elimination of the night! Sanchez falls to his knees, as Stranglepoli curses himself on the outside. Sanchez isn’t granted a moment of reprieve however, as Gresham rushes in and lands a stiff missile dropkick to the man in the Iron masks’ shoulder, which he grips in agonizing pain.
The scene fades out and fades back in again to find Kaiser and Sanchez working on Gresham, who has legs locked beneath the top rope, straddling the turnbuckle, facing elimination. The two can’t seem to eliminate the champion, no matter how hard they try, until they adopt a new strategy. Kaiser takes off for the far ropes. She bounces off and returns the way she came, and at the last second, Sanchez hits the deck, fashioning himself as a makeshift launch pad, which enables Artemis to step on his back and take off into the air, landing a STIFF flying knee uppercut to Gresham’s stomach, causing him to fly into the air, landing him on the apron. Sanchez gets to his feet and nails the Ignition champion with a Pele kick, sending him crashing down to the unforgiving concrete below, eliminating him.
As Sanchez slowly returns to his feet, Artemis locks in a gator roll that turns into subsequent knee strikes. Sanchez counters with a shot to her gut, doubling her over, and he capitalizes with a perfectly timed mafia kick. The two trade shots like these back and forth for about another minute, before Sanchez sends Artemis toward the ropes and instantaneously gives chase. Instead of allowing the ropes to catch and reject Artemis, she grabs ahold of the top rope and kicks her legs out, making her body dead weight, dragging the ropes down toward the mat with her. Sanchez’s quick pursuit proved to be his downfall, as he flew over the top rope and landed on the unforgiving concrete in a heap, making Artemis Kaiser 4CW’s new Ignition Champion.
WINNER: Artemis Kaiser (12:05)



POWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the 4CW Tag Team Championships and ONE… MILLION… DOLLARS! Introducing first… the challengers…”
”I don’t drink brass monkey
Like the beat funky
Nickname Easy E
Young 8-Ball Junkie”

Emerging first from the backstage area through the curtain is none other than the former 4CW Champion Elijah Carlson. After three matches it’s evident that the physical nature of what he and his wife have been through up to that point has taken its toll. And while he still carries himself with his usual swagger, there’s fatigue in his eyes and he comes to a pause at the top of the ramp, looking back over his shoulder as the sound of a record scratching cuts off “8-Ball” by N.W.A. as the lights around the arena go dark once more. It’s only half a moment before they burst to life and the music picks up once more.
”Ah ah ah yep yep yep
The baddest bitch is back,
I’m back part 2, part 2
I’m reloaded and I’m killin you hoes”

The familiar theme music for Genevie Carlson causes the chorus of boo’s to grow as she emerges from the backstage area as well to meet her husband. The two share a brief kiss and continue their walk down to the ring, with Eli taking her hand and helping her up the steel ring steps, following after her a moment later as she sat on the middle rope and held it for him while he stepped into the ring. Shortly after she entered as well and the two moved to their corner immediately and began conversing, probably plotting out their strategy for the main event of the evening.
POWERS: “Weighing in at a combined total of three hundred forty-five pounds, they are… THE CARLSON DYNASTY!!! And introducing their opponents…”
Once more the arena goes dark and the music by Trina is suddenly overtaken by “Omerta” as performed by Lamb of God. From the backstage area Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith emerge, having been through hellacious battles with Paragon #2, the former tag team champions Battleborn, and the duo of Viduus Morta and Nemesis who called themselves Salvation, with the tag team championships draped over their shoulders. The same boo’s that had reigned down on both Genie and Eli now return to fall upon Cyrus and Dakota. Whatever the outcome of the main event it’s clear that the fans aren’t going to like it. But as the champions make their way down toward the ring, Vinny Vassa and Steve Johnson take over on commentary.
JOHNSON: ”Ladies and Gentlemen it’s the moment we all wait for once a year. The conclusion of BAD COMPANY! And you couldn’t ask for a better matchup than this.”
VASSA: ”Agreed, Steve. I think we both might have predicted that Omerta could end up here if they managed to get past Battleborn.. But out of the other half of the bracket it seemed like it was anyones ball game.”
JOHNSON: ”With teams like Thoro Boroughs and To The Wolves, it certainly appeared to be an uphill battle for two well established singles superstars who, I think they both would admit, haven’t had a whole lot of success up to this point in tag action.”
VASSA: ”I know they’re not done yet but The Carlson Dynasty has already made a statement tonight, establishing themselves as a tag team to be reckoned with. Can you imagine if they manage to overcome one of the most storied alliances this company has ever seen in Dakota Smith and Cyrus Riddle? It would be the fairytale ending.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think the fans would agree, but you know that’s what the Carlson’s are shooting for. And that’s what Dakota and Cyrus are looking to prevent. Everything Dies, they say. And maybe that’s exactly what will happen to the Carlson’s hopes and dreams for tag team glory tonight.”
VASSA: ”Only one way to find out and that’s to get this match under way.”
Rolling into the ring simultaneously as they reached the bottom of the entrance ramp, Riddle and Dakota stood and raised the tag team championships high into the air as Powers finished introducing them.
POWERS: ”Weighing in at a combined total of four hundred seventy pounds… they are the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD! OMERTA!!!”
A few moments pass where Dakota and Cyrus hand the tag team championships over to the referee, who then presents them to Eli and Genie to see before handing them out through the ropes to the time keeper. After the rules of the match are explained, along with the prize that awaits the victorious tea, the referee signalled for the bell and the match quickly got under way with Genie and Dakota kicking things off between the two teams.

JOHNSON: ”Couldn’t ask for a better way to kick things off than these two squaring off in the ring. I don’t think they like each other inside of the ring, outside of the ring, or anywhere for that matter.”
VASSA: ”Maybe not but you know Dakota is going to be looking for a little bit of revenge after coming up short in his quest to win back the now retired Extreme Championship.”
Picking up right where they had left off the last time the two of them had faced one another, the match began with Genie cracking Dakota right in jaw with a hard right hand that snapped Dakota’s head to the side. Bringing his hand up to his jaw to touch where she had made contact, Dakota smirked and turned back toward her, grabbing a handful of her hair before bringing a knee up into her stomach. As she doubled over, Dakota maintained the grasp he had on her long dark locks of hair, pulling her over to the turnbuckle where he attempted to slam her face forward into the pad. At the last moment she managed to stop him, bringing an elbow up into his ribs before grabbing him by the wrist, looking to irish whip him into the corner.
Smartly, Dakota reversed and sent her into her own corner as well. Charging to follow up, he didn’t catch Eli slapping his hand off his wife’s back with a blind tag, and as Genie scooted out of the way of the large frame of Dakota Smith, Eli swung his right foot up over the top rope and caught Dakota right across the temple with his boot, stumbling the big man backwards. Genie quickly then stepped in and dropped him down flat on his back with a russian leg sweep, with Eli then once more leaping from the ring apron, this time over the top rope and into the ring where he dropped a slingshot leg drop across the throat of Dakota Smith as Genie dipped through the ropes to find her place on the apron once more.
JOHNSON: ”Good teamwork early on from Eli and Genie.”
As he pushed himself back up to his feet, Eli pulled Dakota back up as well and laced a few knife edged chops to the Butchers chest. As Eli went to snap another one, Dakota caught him by the wrist at the last second, a wide, sadistic grin forming on the bigger man’s face as he looked Eli squarely in the eyes and shouted “EVERYTHING DIES” at him. A moment of panic filled Eli’s expression before a wave of arrogance chased it away and he responded with “YOU FIRST” swinging with his free hand looking to take Dakotas head off. Smith, deftly, ducked under before hoisting Eli up into the air, spinning him around, and bringing him down violently across his knee with a back breaker. Immediately Eli’s hand went to the small of his back where contact had been made as Dakota dropped and hooked the leg, looking for the pinfall early on.

Before the count could get any further, Genie slipped into the ring and spiked her boot off the back of Dakota’s head, breaking up the pinning predicament and drawing the referee’s attention. As he escorted Genie back to the corner and out onto the ring apron, Dakota pulled Eli back up to his feet and whipped him over to the corner of Omerta. And then fuckery happened. As Genie began to point out to the referee that he needed to pay attention to the match, Dakota made his way over and escalated the argument all the while Riddle, smartly, used the tag rope to wrap around Eli’s throat, choking the life out of him slowly but surely.
Naturally, Genie’s cries went from that of annoyance to desperation as she tried to get the referee to turn around and see what she was pointing out to him. But by the time things finally settled down and the referee returned his attention to the match, Riddle had innocently let the rope fall to the side as though nothing had happened. But the damage was done. Laughing to himself, Dakota made his way across the ring and casually tagged Cyrus in. Smith then pointed across the ring at Genie and told her to watch what they were going to do to her husband. At that moment the punishment truly began as both members of Omerta began to stomp the ever living shit out of Elijah Carlson. Over and over their boots collided with his abdomen and chest as they stomped him down to a seated position.
Trying to get involved, Genie slipped through the ropes and into the ring but before she could get across the ring and break up their stomps, the referee turned from trying to get Dakota to exit the ring to, once again, forcing Genie back to her own corner. Of course the team of Omerta used that to their advantage as the both, simultaneously, placed their boots to Eli’s throat, once more cutting off his supply of oxygen. And while he fought desperately to stop them, it was clear it was a losing battle. Finally, having no other choice, Genie stepped back out of the ring and shouted at the referee to do his job. He shot her a warning look before turning back to the action, hustling over and reaching a four count before Dakota finally stepped out of the ring.
VASSA: ”Just a veteran tag team exploiting the referee. And Eli is in bad shape now because of it.”
Having clearly done his research, Riddle went to work on the surgically repaired shoulder that had left him out of actions for nearly six months, and away from 4CW in ring competition for over a year. Pulling Eli out of the corner, Riddle quickly applied an uncomfortable hold to Eli’s shoulder, torquing it in an unnatural direction and causing the former 4CW Champion to cry out in pain resulting in the referee checking if he wanted to give up, to which Eli adamantly shook his head no. Slowly, but surely, he managed to work his way up to a knee, and then up to a standing position where he rammed his elbow into Riddle’s stomach violently, causing the man to hunch over and take a step back.
Just as Eli started to step away and head toward his corner to make a tag, Riddle latched onto his wrist, pulled him back in and hoisted him up onto his own shoulders before dropping Eli down, his right shoulder colliding onto Riddles thigh as he knelt to inflict direct damage on that same shoulder. As Eli writhed on the mat in pain, Riddle stood with a sadistic grin on his face, allowing Eli to crawl toward his wife, reaching out with his left hand as far as he could. Just before he could reach her, though, Riddle grabbed him by his foot and dragged him back across the ring, preventing the tag from being made.
With Riddle holding onto one foot, Eli steadied himself on his other and twisted, looking to catch his opponent across the temple with a stiff kick, but Cyrus managed to duck under at the last moment. Hoisting Eli back up yet again, Riddle latched onto him, hooked his leg, and snapped off a picture perfect London Bridge, his signature bridging fishermans suplex, with the referee sliding in to count the pin attempt again.

JOHNSON: ”OH Vinny I thought they had it there. But Eli managed to kick out just in time and you can see the look of relief written all over his wife’s face.”
Both members of Omerta stare at the referee in disbelief, having been certain that the match was over and done with right then and there. Dakota, incensed, shouts to his partner to finish him and Riddle seems intent to oblige. Pushing himself up to his feet, Riddle drags Eli up with him, lifting him up onto his shoulders and everyone in the whole building knows exactly what is moments away from happening. With Eli positioned in a firemans carry position on Riddles shoulders, “The Impaler” tosses Eli up into the air expecting him to come tumbling directly down into his knee but at the last moment Eli manages to shift his weight and avoid the knee of his opponent by a whisker. Instinctively Eli spins and leaps, thrusting his right foot overhead.

Unexpected the fans erupt with cheers at the sound of Eli’s boot making contact with the side of Cyrus’ skull. Loudly they implore him to get to the corner, to make the tag. And as Eli pushes himself up to his hands and knees he spots his wife desperately reaching out to him, but the sound of fans cheering for the two of them seems to confuse him as he looks dazed and in disbelief. Still, he crawls.
And he crawls.
And crawls some more.
And then in the same moment Riddle pushes himself up to his hands and knees and reaches out for his partner, tagging Dakota into the match. The sound of the hands slapping seems to spark life into Eli as he launches himself with all the energy he can muster in Genie’s direction…. AND HE MAKES THE TAG!
Stepping into the ring swiftly, Genie sets her sights on the approaching Dakota and ducks under an attempted clothesline, sprinting towards Cyrus who had not yet gotten out of the ring and still found himself on his hands and knees. In one fluid motion Genie leaps, she presses her boot to the back of Riddle’s skull and…. STILETTO KISS! He bounces face first off the mat and flips over onto his back, but instinctively rolls himself out of the ring not being the legal man and trying to spare himself any further damage. As Genie turns back to direct her attention to Dakota the sight stops her in her tracks.
There she spots the Butcher himself down on one knee, suddenly unable to muster any strength to go on, as though his body has completely given out on him and can go no further. Like a predator who has spotted the weak member of the herd, Genie launches herself into a relentless assault against Dakota Smith. Though Dakota nearly doubles her weight, Genie’s strikes crack precisely into old and battered joints that have seen miles and miles of wear and tear on them. And each punch, and each kick, leaves the fans wondering if the infamous butcher has reached the end of the line.
Bouncing off the ropes, Genie lines up a drop kick to the back of Dakota’s right knee, buckling him down to a kneeling position. Quickly back to her feet, she bounces off the ropes in front of him and places a drop kick to the inside of Dakota’s left knee, dropping him to his hands and knees. Resilient, Dakota finds the strength to push himself back up so that he’s kneeling on both knees in front of her. Once more Genie sprints to the ropes, bounces off of them and comes running back toward him from behind. As she approaches she wraps both of her arms around the back of his neck and flips over. #BOWDOWN! Smith bounces face first off the mat and Genie quickly rolls him over, hooking his leg and counting along with the referee and the fans who were, more and more, getting behind the Carlson duo.

JOHNSON: ”Cyrus just pulled her out of the ring at the last possible moment.”
Furious, Genie shouts at Riddle and Riddle responds by looking for lariat that would have knocked her head clean off her shoulders. Genie managed to duck under and step through and as Cyrus stumbled forward off balance, Eli threw himself off of the ring apron and flattened Riddle down to the floor with a flying cross body. Slipping back into the ring, Genie catches Dakota as he is getting up with a boot to the stomach. Before she can progress further with her assault, however, Dakota manages to reverse out of in, swooping around behind her and locking her into a full nelson position. Quickly he lifts her into the air but at the last moment she manages to break free from his grasp and press her back into her own corner where Eli has once again returned, making a blind tag.
Dakota charges at Genie, but she smartly throws her foot up and catches him in the jaw while Eli, at the same time, stepped through the ropes and into the ring, rocketing across and rebounding off of the far ring ropes. Dakota, having been caught flush in the jaw with Genie’s boot, turned and looked to be lined up for a perfect Red Light Special. Eli leapt, throwing his right foot out in front of him and he launched himself toward Dakota, only for Smith to step out of the way at the last second and then disaster struck for The Carlson Dynasty. Catching Genie squarely on the jaw with the kick, his wife tumbled through the ropes and down to the outside.
VASSA: ”OH NO! Eli just hit his own wife with his finisher! And not the same kind of finisher he’d hit on her in the bedroom!
In shock, Eli pushed himself up and looked over the top rope down at his wifes fallen body, shouting at her to check and see if she was okay. At the same time, Cyrus had made his way back to his own corner and received a tag from Smith. As Eli turned around, having no clue what was going on behind him, he was met with a stiff boot to his stomach from Dakota, who quickly lifted him up onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position. Spinning, Dakota tossed him in the direction of his tag team partner, Cyrus Riddle, who was waiting with a massive lariat to the back of Eli’s head. THE LONG GOODNIGHT! Riddle drops and covers Eli, and with Genie down and out on the outside of the ring, there’s no one to stop the refere as he slides in and counts.

At the sound of the bell there’s no instantaneous celebration. But rather two sighs of relief from the retaining champions as they realize just how close they were to letting their freshly won championships slip away in the same evening. While Powers announced the decision, Eli rolled to the outside of the ring and found his way over to his wife, who was just coming back to her own.
POWERS: “Your winners of Bad Company 2018 and STILL 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… OMERTA!!!”
Sitting on the ground outside the ring, Eli watched on frustratedly as the tag team championships were handed to the referee and presented back to Cyrus and Dakota, who held them over their heads proudly. At the same time Genie began to realize what had happened and the disappointment and frustration of coming so close to walking away victorious from the tournament began to set in. No words were expressed between the husband and wife combo, but as the scene switched back to the two commentators, the expression on their faces indicated that things weren’t over between The Carlson Dynasty and Omerta, not be any means. But Riddle and Dakota both responded with looks that said the husband and wife duo was welcome to come give them their best shot any time they wanted.
VASSA: ”Holy fucking shit! What a finish to this year’s Bad Company!”
JOHNSON: ”Fifteen matches from start to finish! And that’s not included the Ignition Championship Battle Royal we featured right before this main event.”
VASSA: ”Both of these teams fought hard all night long, advancing round after round until there was no other rounds except the finals. I don’t even know how those four were even able to make it to the final bell. I’d be exhausted and dead!”
JOHNSON: ”You’d be on your back dying for air after two minutes of any kind of physical activity.”
VASSA: ”You’re rig– hey screw you, Steve! That wasn’t nice!”
JOHNSON: ”It isn’t about being nice and from the looks on The Carlson’s face, I wouldn’t plan on them being nice following tonight’s tag team extravaganza.”
VASSA: ”They don’t seem too pleased with the way things ended here tonight and why should they! They nearly won it all! I hope to God this isn’t the last we’ve seen between those two and our 4CW Tag Team Champions.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of the champions, they had a tough night on their plate. After advancing to round two, they immediately had to go back out there and go up against the reigning team of Battle Born. Back to back matches with no breaks in between. And not only that, they won and then had to defend the championships a few matches afterwards.”
VASSA: ”Lucky for them they at least had some sort of intermission between round three and the finals with the Ignition Championship Battle Royal. Which I must say, our new Ignition Champion is quite the eye catcher.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh here we go!”
VASSA: ”I meant with her skills in the ring! But she isn’t that bad looking either.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure you got those last two lines mixed up with the order you presented them.”
VASSA: ”You can’t prove that.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t need to. We all know how you are.”
VASSA: ”And how is that?”
JOHNSON: ”We don’t have the time to go into this. It’s been a long night as it is and it’s time to call it a night.”
VASSA: ”So where are we headed next?”
JOHNSON: ”Japan.”
VASSA: ”Japan?”
JOHNSON: ”Straight to Tokyo for Adrenaline Ninety!”
VASSA: ”It seems like we were just there a year ago.”
JOHNSON: ”We were, for this same tournament in fact!”
VASSA: ”Well, what a coincidence.”
JOHNSON: ”Anyway! It was a pleasure hosting tonight’s Bad Company Four for all you viewers out there. We’ve had a packed event from start to finish with sixteen matches total and it’s time to bring this party to an end.”
VASSA: ”That’s because the real party is about to start!”
JOHNSON: ”For you, maybe. I’m going to bed.”
VASSA: ”May you have peaceful sleep forever.”
JOHNSON: ”I’m not Bryan Williams.”
VASSA: ”Thank fucking God!”
JOHNSON: ”And on that note we’re going to call it a night. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now for Adrenaline Ninety as we travel across the Pacific and head straight to Japan. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
The picture then cuts back to the ring where Cyrus and Dakota continue their celebration after a long night of multiple matches, and a little more money in their pockets. Still displeased with the outcome of the finale, Genie and Eli group together, keeping a close eye on the new 4CW Tag Team Champions, and quite possibly their new targets. Taking in one final shot of the champs, the picture slowly begins to fade out as Cyrus and Dakota hoist the championships high above their heads.