KING’S ROAD C23 (159)

Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Moda Center, as we are live from Portland, Oregon. The fans here have filled out the Moda Center, desperate for some entertaining wrestling in this city. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.


Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa wait patiently before being given their queue to kick things off.
JOHNSON: ”Welcome everyone! We are here at the Moda Center, and we’re going to have another exciting night of King’s Road action! We’re only a couple of shows away from Chapter Twenty-Five, I can imagine the ramifications of tonight playing a huge factor into what happens then.”
VASSA: ”You better believe it, Steve! Hudson Hughes is going to get a top notch card set for us, no doubt about it.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, I’m sure that he’ll take the credit for whatever Gareth does. Good evening everyone, Steve Johnson here with Vinny Vassa. We want to take a moment, and pause, because we have lost an important member of the King’s Road roster.”
VASSA: ”Yeah, Redd Thunder passed away several days ago and we here at King’s Road would like to send our condolences to the Thunder family. May he forever rest in peace, amen.”
JOHNSON: ”Cartier, the new Internet Champion, will be tested tonight as she takes on Darryl Walker. Both seemed pretty upset on social media about the tragic passing, and both are keen on using his memory to fuel them to victory.”
VASSA: ”It’s an important match for the both of them, Cartier having just won the Internet title will need to come off with a win here. She doesn’t want to be walked all over as a new champion. On the flipside, Darryl Walker could make a lot of noise by beating the Internet Champion in a non-title match here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it will, but we’ll also have the King’s Road Champion in action. He teams with Aoki Zombie, as they go against Damien Miri and Ace Baldwin.”
VASSA: ”Such an odd match-up, considering how at odds The Conglomerate and Standard were just a few weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, they have no choice here tonight, as they have to work together if they want to win.”
VASSA: ”Surely just a power move made by Gareth Prescott, trying to undermine the success that Hudson Hughes has brought to this division.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, Gareth is the one who got King’s Road noticed by 4CW in the first place. I think that’s an awfully silly thing to say.”
VASSA: ”It’s the truth! Hudson was the piece missing from King’s Road, and now they have that piece. This whole thing is going along just smoothly, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, a lot of action here tonight, we’re going to get underway soon enough with our opening contest.”
VASSA: ”Future, Amazing, Great! Let’s go, Jett!”

After the opening the segment, the cameras transition to the narrow hallways backstage of the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. Filled with equipment crates and staff members, the show environment has been stellar but tonight holds a very special place for one individual who is looking to make his redemption and take his career seriously in 4CW. Marching down the hallway in his tight denim jeans, black and blue Jays, a plain black t-shirt sporting a gold chain and a Michael Korrs watch to complete the look.
Noris Cranley continues his march of redemption, his brown eyes narrowed and focused on one goal, defeating Jett Wilder to prove a point. He ignores everyone around him for this opportunity was bigger than them all. Suddenly, he got stopped by Hartman who approached him to the side holding a microphone under his chin. Noris couldn’t bother with the interview but he felt the need to get it off his chest after being ridiculed time and time again.
HARTMAN: ”Noris, tonight you’re going up against the former 4CW Pride Champion, Jett Wilder. First things first, you mentioned that tonight means a lot to you. What exactly is going on your mind right now?”
As he leaned the microphone closer to Noris, he chuckled then shrugged his shoulders.
CRANLEY: ”What’s on my mind? So much that even Jett wouldn’t comprehend. I’ve had to really go back and do some hard ass training, some soul searchin’ to the point where I had to look deep within my damn self to figure out how to handle this. I’ve had this shit done to me before G’ but never would I thought it would come back to haunt my ass. My own damn mind was on the choppin’ block for all the bullshit I allowed to happen in my damn life. I let these hatin’ ass niggas come into my world and try to fuck it up for the sake of laughs and shits. So yeah, what is going on with my mind? Hmm? What could the world care what’s on the mind of little ol’ Noris Cranley? The eighteen year old goody two shoes prancing around just happy to be here?! I’M FUCKING PISSED BITCH!”
Hartman jumped back from the sudden outburst and Noris didn’t care about the sudden shift of eyes from the rest of the staff working around him.
CRANLEY: ”All my life I’ve had to listen to mothafuckas telling me shit I could do and couldn’t do. People like Jett Wilder who pretend to be hard, who act like they really bout’ that life but be the first at the precinct snitching on niggas at the BBQ. The reason why Jett got me so damn heated, he reminded me of all those bitch ass niggas who couldn’t do shit when the heat got up. I ain’t throwing no shade, I’m saying this out loud to Jett and letting him know that I ain’t one the one to try. I don’t back down from a fight and he’ll go and say the same usual shit how I lost two matches in a row. Son, there’s always a silver lining and I’m about to bring the storm down on his dumb ass. That’s what I do best Hartman, I don’t play around for the sake of trying to stay on a popular trend or hop on the bandwagon or more popular people to stay relevant unlike his ass. Jett Wilder is nothing more than a D-list groupie who can barely keep up with his debt payments so he gotta come back to Kings Road and pretend the main event when he opening the match with me! A rookie, can you believe that Hartman?!”
Noris gestured for him to respond and Hartman pulled the microphone back trying to find the words to speak.
He grabbed the microphone, snatching it out of his hand.
CRANLEY: ”Exactly my point Hartman. Tonight on Kings Road, Imma finna’ do the thing I promised to do. I’m walking into that ring, beat the shit out of this bitch ass nigga and then walk out dragging his lifeless body to show everyone in 4CW that Noris Cranley is the future of this business!”
With that said, Noris shoved the microphone into the chest of Hartman and stormed off down the hallway.


From the very beginning, Jett was not impressed by Noris, but the rest of the crowd seemed to be. Jett tried to quickly roll Noris up at the bell when he threw the hoodie he wore for his entrance at him, but Noris kicked out at one and rolled Jett up with a sunset flip but Jett kicked out. The fans ate up the back and forth creative pin attempts including the cradle double leg float over pin that Jett thought he nailed as the smile on his face would tell us. But Noris bridged up and twisted managing to lock Jett into a reverse DDT, but Jett fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring. He was barking orders at the referee trying to explain to him that Noris obviously cheated and has something in his boots. Jett demands the referee check his opponent’s boots or he’s going straight to Hudson about this issue. The referee sighed and went to check the boots of Noris, who was clearly annoyed, but as he did Jett hopped to the apron and used the ropes to springboard in with a flying knee taking Noris out! Jett then followed that up with a series of impressive dropkicks, but got too cocky slapping the head of Noris and telling him that this is his yard. Noris chopped Jett with an open palm that widened Jett’s eyes and shocked him allowing Noris to hit a standing hurricanrana that sent Jett rolling to apron. Noris would follow looking for something ridiculously acrobatic, but Jett swept his legs as he scaled the corner and Noris fell to the apron where Jett used the ropes to hit a tornado ddt on the apron leaving Noris stiff as he rolled to the floor. Jett didn’t have time to capitalize because he was rolling around on the mat inside, probably thinking twice about ever doing an apron move again.
Noris would get back in the ring and with a series of open palm chops he wore Jett down, yet Jett ducked the last one and tried to use the ropes for momentum to strike Noris but he spun Jett in mid air and practically broke him in half with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Noris would get a near fall, but Jett would remain on the canvas long enough for Noris to scale the corner looking for a 450 splash. Jett moved, but the athletic Noris landed on his feet trying to catch his balance, unfortunately Jett was already coming in hot with a Gotcha bicycle kick that sent Noris off the ropes but he came back with a push kick to Jett’s chest that sent him into the ropes and on his way back Jett was in mid air quickly as Noris lifted him over his head holding onto his legs and walking to the corner trying to put Jett out with the Abandoned Alabama Slam into the turnbuckle. Jett was flailing and on his way up grabbed the referee to stop the momentum of his demise. Noris stumbled back as Jett managed to slide down his back and stack him up for a pin while Jett put his feet on the ropes and got the three count, but the referee didn’t see!
Jett swiftly leaves the ring and holds his hands up in the air as Noris protests to the referee.

We cut backstage to a close up of one half of the 4CW King’s Road Tag Team Champions, Truck Turner. His face is sweat-streaked and reddened with anguish and strain, his lips puckered and eyes bulging. The sound escaping his butthole lips is faint and indescribable.
Truck bears his grinding teeth, the faint sound building into a bear-like roar.
The camera pans out to reveal a prone Truck benching an Olympic barbell racked end to end with cartoonishly massive weights. The shadow of the gargantuan Vonn Richter, the second half of King’s Road’s Tag Team Champions, looms over Truck, spotting him. With heaving breaths, Truck shakily lowers the bar – then comes down a bit too quick toward his throat, but Vonn’s swoops in for the save, racking it for his partner. The Swole Patrol are doing what they pride themselves on doing the best, even during a live broadcast: lifting.
Truck kips up, rigid and vascular, and hulks through his own shirt. Swole Patrol high fives – Truck has to leap up to slap Vonn’s hand.
TURNER: ”Had to get a quick super-set in before my match, shout out to my boy Redd Thunder. Fuck a twenty-one gun salute, ’cause these guns are TWENTY-TWOS.”
Truck begins to pose and flex his muscular arms as Vonn steps back into frame, towering over his diminutive partner.
RICHTER: ”Gotta keep it one hunna, though; now that Fatass Lucha hoggin’ the big Smith Machine in the Sky, it should be abundantly clear who the strongest in King’s Road are.”
TURNER: ”The Unstoppable Force AND the Immovable Object.”
RICHTER: ”We’re lifting every day, every night, before our matches, after our matches–“
TURNER: ”–during our matches!”
RICHTER: ”Hell yeah. And even when we’re not in the gym or the ring, we always got at least ten pounds around our waists.”
Truck ducks out of frame, hoisting both King’s Road Tag Team Titles over his shoulders.
TURNER: ”Fuck ten pounds, SWOLE PATROL is carryin’ all of 4CW on our backs! Just this month, they had a whole tag team tournament to crown new Champions. Supposedly the best of the best, the greatest tag teams who ever hit the ropes, right? Yeah, fuck that shit, bro. You wanna tell me that competition was stiff when the two biggest champs in the whole company couldn’t turn some ‘will they or won’t they’ shit into gold? My DICK is fuckin’ stiffer. You wanna tell me that’s the standard of tag team wrestling today when fuckin’ Omerta won the whole thing? Gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me, bro.”
RICHTER: “Savage.”
TURNER: ”I’ll tell you what else–“
Truck raises his King’s Road Tag Team Championship – it hardly even reaches Vonn’s head.
TURNER: ”–back when King’s Road was some piddly Pacific Northwest indy, I was the motherfucker who put them on the map. Why? ’cause I associate myself with only the biggest and strongest power athletes in this sport. Not one inch of excess on me, except 4CW’s fat fuckin’ checks, BAYBEEEEEEEEEEE–
RICHTER: ”–we staked our claim at the King’s Road Tag Team Titles, and we took ’em with authority. Real shit. Grown man shit. Only the strong survive, and by the time the winter comes and goes, the Swole Patrol will be eatin’ chicken breasts and Insta-thot pussy while you all will have withered and starved.”
TURNER: –EEEEEEEE. You look at me and you see Adonis-made-flesh. You look at somebody like Astro Clyde, Big Vonn, what do you see?”
RICHTER: ”Oh shit, uhh… unaccompanied special needs child?”
TURNER: ”A FUCKIN’ VICTIM. Homeboy lucky he wearin’ a mask, ’cause he ain’t leavin’ the ring with the same face he came in with.”
At this point, Turner is still breathing heavy, sweat pouring over his entire body.
TURNER: ”Yo man, you got a towel or some shit?”
RICHTER: ”Uhh… wait!”
Without a moment’s hesitation, Vonn hulks through his own shirt, giving the tattered remains to Truck to wipe his face.
With that, this odd scene ends as we cut back to ringside for another match.


Mitsu Shimada has no time to waste on his opponent, he showed everyone how he thinks of Chris Matthews and now he’ll prove it in the ring tonight. Chris Matthews starts off the match on the attack, backing up Mitsu into the corner. Mitsu bides his time, taking the brunt of Chris’ attacks in the corner. Chris wallops him with a Running Clothesline in the corner, but Mitsu responds right back with a Rolling Kappu Kick! The kick knocks Chris down, he wasn’t expecting it at all. Mitsu quickly takes over from there, rapid fire palm strikes knock Chris Matthews back for a loop. Chris tries covering up, but he opens up his midsection as Mitsu takes full advantage. A well placed kick lands harshly, dropping Chris Matthews down to the canvas. It looks to be a Liver shot, as Chris Matthews stays on the ground in pain. The official comes rushing in, looking to check on Matthews but Mitsu Shimada has other ideas. He brings Chris back up to his feet, pulling his hair as he does. Lifting him back up, he lays into him with a series of Forearm Shots. Chris does his best to fight back, but he’s still clearly hurt, and cannot break away from Mitsu Shimada’s attacks. With Chris Matthews dazed, and hurt, he becomes easy target for Mitsu. He lines his opponent up, and drops him to the canvas with a Vision Express! The Reverse DDT drives Chris Matthews hard into the ring, finishing him off as Mitsu Shimada covers him for the victory here tonight!


Truck Turner may be too busy with trying to explain compound lifts to Astro Clyde at the start of this match. Astro, to be fair, had started off the contest asking Truck how he achieved such gains. Truck, naturally, began to explain his weekly process of working out. Beginning to go into details of his lifts, and his diet throughout the week. Halfway through his explanation, Astro Clyde strikes with a Running Dropkick to his face! What a distraction by Clyde, because it catches Turner off guard. Truck, trying to figure out why Astro would hit him in the middle of his explanation, has no answer for when Astro takes over the match. Astro flies around the ring, catching Truck with a variety of Lucha Libre holds and moves. Astro claims he learned these moves from Neptune, his home planet, but they look awfully familiar to stuff you’d see across the border. It’s okay though, because the crowd loves Astro Clyde! A Somersault Splash wows the crowd, and almost gets Astro the victory. Truck is able to power out, pushing Astro off of him. On the outside, Truck thinks he is safe, but Astro Clyde catches him with a Handspring Tope! It’s only here that things swing in Truck’s favor, as Vonn Richter catches Astro with a mean Clothesline.
With Astro down, Truck is able to take his time as he gets back into the match. He completes a series of lifting holds, including a Gorilla Press Slam to Astro Clyde. Truck moves to lift Astro into a Stalling Suplex, wanting to hold him up as long as possible. Truck gets to about the count of four, when Astro lands back down on his feet. Truck is confused, as Astro tries to roll him up for a pin. Truck maneuvers out of the pin attempt, and catches Astro with a BIG BOY DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! Y’all, it was really wild to see, but Astro still kicks out at the two-count. Truck poses for the crowd, Astro Clyde, and Steve Johnson. Astro tries getting up to his feet, but Truck knocks him down with a series of hard Karate style kicks to his chest. Astro gets to a knee, but Truck connects with the last Hardbody Karate kick! Astro goes down, like a sack of potatoes, which oddly enough I tried explaining to Astro what that means. He didn’t really understand the concept, nor did he understand the concept of a potato. It’s okay though, because Truck Turner is about to introduce him to the idea of squats. As in, Truck puts Astro onto his shoulders as he squats his bodyweight in the middle of the ring. The crowd gets bored after the twentieth one, and Truck finally slams him with a Samoan Drop. With his opponent dazed, Truck looks to finish him off. He sets him into position for a Chokeslam, but little did Truck Turner know …Astro Clyde cannot be chokeslammed! Somehow his body weight changes, he’s WAY heavier than before! Truck cannot believe it, as he’s been able to carry Astro Clyde this entire match. Astro smirks, saying something in Japanese that I don’t recognize. Astro runs to the ropes, rebounding and ducking a Lariat attempt from Truck. Astro catches Truck on his way back, and locks him in the Rings of Neptune! Truck has nowhere to go, as he quickly taps out to the hold!
As Truck Turner and Vonn Richter make their way to the back, Clyde is seen congregating with his alien foursome, who are eagerly counting through the generous amount of donations that were received during the match. With the piles upon piles of cash, it appears as though Clyde has had yet another successful night of out-earning what he normally would have made at his previous pay rate until Hudson Hughes put him on an hourly wage.
However, the thrill of the take would be put to an immediate halt. Hudson Hughes, with a thousand-yard stare, sets his sights directly on Clyde and his entourage at ringside. Brandishing a microphone, he quickly makes his way down the ramp and over towards them.

“No. No. No. No. NO. You’re not doing this again, you idiot.”
Meanwhile, a ringside crew member had already retrieved a talking stick and placed it into the hands of the Illegal Alien before Hughes came within striking distance. Oddly enough, this was without a prompt from Clyde: which may have a lot to do with his gesture last week as he’d “tipped out” members of the King’s Road production team from the proceeds he’d accumulated at that show.
HUGHES: “I thought I made it crystal fucking clear to you yesterday that you were under no circumstances NOT to collect tips from the audience.”
CLYDE: “You’re right, sir. Which is why these aren’t tips. They’re donations.”
HUGHES: “I don’t care if they’re tips, donations, charitable contributions or if you are standing outside of the arena strumming a fucking ukelele and panhandling! As my employee, you are not authorized to collect any additional compensation without my express permission! And guess what, dunce? YOU DON’T HAVE MY EXPRESS PERMISSION.”
The crowd at the Moda Center begins to express their anger towards Hudd’s treatment of the loveable loser, showering down boos. Clyde, feigning disappointment, shrugs his shoulders and looks around at the Portland faithful.
CLYDE: “I understand. People of Portland, Earth — I guess the only fair thing to do now is to go back to each of you, one by one, and reimburse you to the penny. Now, please be honest as to what you gave — even if it takes the rest of the night and we have to postpone the remainder of the evening’s action-packed lineup, I’m sure Mr. Hughes wants to ensure that you get a full refund. Right, sir?”
Hudd shakes his head, snatching the sack of cash from the hands of one of the men in the bodysuits.
HUGHES: “Right. All they need to do is send a letter to my office with a self-addressed stamped envelope requesting the refund, and I’ll make sure they receive it. Whenever I get around to it, that is. But don’t worry, everyone! Even though you are all stupid enough to actually give money to this dolt, my word is bond! You can trust me.”
A very loud, very clear “FUCK YOU” is picked up in the distance.
HUGHES: “Hey, thanks! Clyde…get out of my sight.”
Clyde again shrugs, shooting glances at his alien friends as well as some of the members of the crew operating the cameras and handling the security, all adorning 4CW STAFF shirts.
CLYDE: “Sorry, guys. I tried to make this beneficial for all of us, but I guess it’s not going to happen.”
Astro Clyde hands the microphone back to a crew member and the group begins to retreat. Hudson has a smug, satisfied look on his face as he watches the Space Sweetie hang his head low upon leaving the area. However, a slight flash of concern crosses his brow as he catches the hateful glances of the crew members upon his own walk back to his office, eyeing the cash he presently clutched tightly in his hand. Tucking the bag underneath his arm, Hughes stepped a little faster up the ramp and back through the curtain towards the safety of his temporary office.


Lisa Seldon is a woman possessed, she stares daggers into Trevor Miller as this grudge match gets underway. Trevor is a bit too cocky for this contest, touting his tag team victory over Lisa at Chapter Twenty-Two. This only enrages Lisa more, as she tackles Trevor Miller to the canvas! Trevor tries covering up, but it’s no use as Lisa claws at his face! Trevor screams in agony, as Lisa begins to tear his skin with her fingernails! The official has to step in, pulling Lisa away from Trevor Miller. She’s incessed, wanting to cause as much damage to Trevor here tonight as possible. Trevor tries getting up to his feet, but he insists that he’s been blinded by Lisa. Trevor complains to the referee, who doesn’t seem to care much. Lisa quickly takes over the match, since Trevor cannot see. She wrenches at his limbs, moving to his neck as she locks in a cravat? How in the hell does Lisa Seldon know what a cravat is? Anyway, Lisa quickly takes Trevor down with a Snapmare. Trevor tries getting back up, but a X-Factor Facebuster puts him down for the moment. Lisa kicks his side a bit, and finishes off with a stiff kick to the side of his head! Trevor looks legit concussed here, it’s ridiculous, because the official still hasn’t stepped in. Trevor tries getting up to his feet, as Lisa KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE DICK! Surely this would disqualify her from the contest, right? No? We’re still going? Wow, okay then. I guess Lisa paid off the referee tonight? Either way, Trevor is down, holding his testicles in pain. He begs Lisa to stop, and she looks like she will grant him mercy. Right after she connects with a Killa-cana-rama, spiking Trevor headfirst into the mat! With Trevor down it’s elementary for Lisa, she locks in a Hovering Butterfly, pinning Trevor to the mat and getting the victory!

The scene cuts backstage to Jay Gallagher finishing up lacing his boots when he notices the camera near him. He looks up at it and sighs as he shakes his head.
GALLAGHER: “So last week didn’t go as planned. While Graham and I made it to the semi-finals of that tag team tournament, it still wasn’t enough and we lost against Truck Turner and Vonn Richter. I’m not fuckin’ happy about it.”
Jay stands up fully and walks towards the camera.
GALLAGHER: “And tonight, Frederick Jameson and William Lyons are going to see how unhappy I am about it when I take it out on them. Frederick and I have had our paths cross quite often and to be honest? I’m sick of seeing his face but hey… I’ll beat him again and make sure that The Standard looks better than the Conglomerate once again, just like we have done, over and over again.”
He nods confidently.
GALLAGHER: “As for Lyons? I know he’s looking to add on to his win from a couple of weeks ago and keep his momentum going, but I’m not going to let that happen. You see, I’m not a fucking joke like Astro Clyde. I’m a part of The Standard, I’m a fucking second generation wrestler… I’m the real deal and Lyons has a much tougher road ahead of him against me than he did last week.”
Jay keeps his eyes glued to the camera as he steps forward, his confidence growing.
GALLAGHER: “Tonight, 4CW KING’S ROAD is going to once again see what The Standard and what Jay Gallagher are made of. Tonight, I walk out of this three way match a winner… Because it’s the standard everyone else and myself expects. It’s what I’m supposed to do and it’s what I will do. Count on it!”
Jay walks out of the picture frame and the scene cuts away.


Kenny Lovett is all smiles here today, getting a one on one match with Zeel Park. Zeel, doing his best not to fall under Kenny’s charms, starts off the match aggressively. He targets Kenny’s lower back, and swarms him in the opening part of the contest. Zeel connects with a beautiful Slingblade, that only puts Kenny down for a two-count. Kenny keeps his cool, as the fans stay behind him one hundred percent. He watches Zeel, understanding his movements and patterns, as he waits for his time to strike. Zeel, is relentless when it comes to his pace in this match. He pushes the tempo, really showing off in front of Kenny. It’s almost like he’s trying to make Kenny into his friend, by impressing him. Kenny stays focused, but does compliment Zeel on his attire tonight. Zeel takes a moment to pause, thanking Kenny for acknowledging his choice. It’s the opening that Kenny needed, trying for a quick roll-up victory here tonight! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, but it does put Zeel off of his guard for just a moment. Kenny comes storming back in, taking Zeel down with a Stalling Suplex and a Spinebuster.
Kenny takes control of the match, using his technical ability to put Zeel in harm’s way, and to wow the crowd. Not like he needed to, of course, but Kenny is just such a cool guy. Kenny ducks a Flying Crossbody attempt by Zeel, and quickly locks on a Camel Clutch. Zeel fights out of the hold, which Kenny reverses into a pinning situation! Zeel is able to kick out at two again, and catches Kenny with a Hook Kick! These two men are fighting their heart out, as Zeel lands a Running Enziguri and a Top Rope Double Stomp! Kenny is starting to lose control of this match, as Zeel connects with his Running Corner Lariat. The crowd is getting behind Kenny, trying to will him back into this match, but Zeel has a counter for everything he throws his way. Zeel ducks a Knee Strike attempt, and attempts a Spinning Backfist. Kenny dodges that, and goes to lift Zeel up for the Love Rocket, but Zeel fights his way out of it! Getting down to his feet, Zeel has the advantage, catching Kenny with a Spinning Backfist! With Kenny stunned, Zeel springs up to the middle turnbuckle and catches Kenny with the Brick Out! The Diving Spear drills Kenny into the mat, but he’s able to kick out before the three-count!
The crowd is on their feet, cheering for Kenny as he struggles to stay in this match. Both men are pouring their heart and soul into this contest, as things continue to heat up. Zeel catches Kenny with a Monkey Flip attempt, but Kenny lands on his feet! Zeel turns around, and catches a Knee Strike from Kenny! Kenny quickly follows that up with a STO, driving Zeel down onto the mat! With his opponent down, Kenny looks to climb to the top turnbuckle! He reaches the top, connecting with a Diving Headbutt to Zeel Park! Zeel takes the brunt of the Headbutt, and staggers up to his feet, right into The Love Machine DDT! The crowd is ecstatic, as Kenny has found his way back into this match. They clap for him, cheer his name, as he rises back up to his feet. With his opponent in trouble, Kenny lifts him up and gives him a big ol’ hug! He tells Zeel that “it’s okay, bud, don’t worry about this”. Zeel seems to be okay with what comes next, as Kenny lifts him up and drives him into the mat with the LOVE ROCKET!! Kenny Lovett covers Zeel, getting the three-count as this crowd celebrates his victory here tonight!

Backstage of the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, Cartier walks purposefully down a hallway with a cell phone to her ear, a pair of dark sunglasses on her face, and an open gym bag with two shining championship belts peeking from the zipper on her shoulder.
CARTIER: ”Hold up… you say he said what? He gon’ do what? To who? To ME? Child that bitch got no balls in his sack he just got a little black baggie wit’ nothin’ in it like a dog that been fixed, what he gon’ do to me? Wait a second wait a second CC I got that stank ass homeless mans comin’ up to me for another interview or some shit.”
Cartier says this as she peers over her shades and spies the seemingly omnipresent Gabe Hartman approaching her from what appears to be the men’s room doorway.
HARTMAN: “Cartier! There’s my boo!”
CARTIER: ”Bitch I ain’t no one’s boo especially not yours what you high on today, meth?”
HARTMAN: “No, not at the moment… but… I didn’t know you were single!”
CARTIER: ”I always been single, whatchu mean? Just because I gave Danny a li’l ass didn’t mean nothin’ he wasn’t my damn boyfriend or no shit like that so don’t be startin’ this TMZ drama.”
HARTMAN: ”No disrespect intended, Miss Cartier… I just wanted to get a word with you before you hit your Headline Match tonight against Darryl! How do you like your chances out there one on one with him?”
Cartier stops dead in her tracks and Hartman nearly trips over her bag as she drops it heavily to the concrete floor. Cartier pulls off her sunglasses with an annoyed sucking of her teeth and turns to Hartman quick enough for her extensions to smack him in the face.
CARTIER: ”First of all! You oughtta be sayin’ thank you every second you close enough to me to even be able to touch my damn hair. Second, how do I like my chances? The fuck that supposed to mean? You ain’t think I can win a match against Darryl? You sure you ain’t on no rocks you dumbass homeless bitch? You sure the dicks you sucked for cab money here ain’t been spiked with flakka or some shit? How the fuck you even keep getting to all these shows?”
HARTMAN: ”I usually hop trains…”
CARTIER: ”Shut the fuck up, bruh! I like my chances just fine against Darryl and against anybody. I got two reasons to like my chances right here!”
Cartier crouches down and comes back up with her two titles, the newly-won Liberty Pro US Championship and the 4CW King’s Road Internet Championship, holding them both up to Hartman’s face almost to the point of her nameplates pressing into his cheeks.
CARTIER: ”This shit right here says my chances is just fine! I had to beat two people at Chapter 22 to win this gold here in my left hand, includin’ Redd Thunder, rest in peace my big ass nigga, who beat Darryl himself a couple weeks before that. What the fuck you think my chances is? Y’all all the same in this bitch, always hatin’ on a bitch just because she ain’t been here for five years or whatever. That shit don’t mean I ain’t good it just mean you ain’t seen everything yet. I’m blessed as fuck to be the Internet Champion here in 4CW and I’m blessed to be a double champion after the other day in New York, but that don’t mean I’m stoppin’ here! I got opportunities out the ass because of my hard work and my successes speakin’ for theyselves, I don’t need no hobo ass panhandlin’ bitch tryin’ to doubt my abilities and shit backstage before a big match. Just because the title ain’t on the line don’t mean it ain’t important, and I know Darryl know that shit too. He lookin’ at me not only like a friend but like a opportunity too, because he know if he can get a win over a champion he can improve his status and put himself into championship contendership just like that! I ain’t about to be one of them lame ass champs who only put in the work when the title on the line, hell nah, every match important and I’mma fight for this win just like I would if Darryl was tryin’ to take this gold out my hand.”
HARTMAN: ”Well what are your thoughts on-”
CARTIER: ”Excuse you I wasn’t done. A lot of people might be satisfied already just bein’ able to say they held a 4CW title and all that shit. Most people never even get to say they did that and like I said I’m blessed for it, but I ain’t done all I can do yet. I want people thinkin’ of me in the future the way they think of people like Genie Carlson and Queen Phe now. I don’t wanna be no joke in 2019 because to me the goal is to be the best. So 2018 been like a dream come true so far but that don’t mean I don’t got to keep striving to be better and better and better, until I’m good as I can be. That’s how the real legends in this company did it and that’s how I’mma do it too. Y’all see. I’mma keep comin’ up just when y’all think I did all I can do. And every time one of y’all doubts me, like you is right now tonight, it just gonna make me more focused and more determined to overcome another backwards ass opinion some nobody shitted out they mouth. NOW you can go ahead and talk, because I’m out.”
HARTMAN: ”Great! Now Carti… wait… Cartier? CARTIER!”
But Hartman is left trying to talk to dead air as Cartier stomps off, mumbling a bunch of unsavory nicknames for Hartman into her cell phone as she heads away.


As Lauryn and Nik stood across the ring from one another Lauryn was cracking her knuckles like she usually does and Nik mockingly cracked his the same way and he even held up his index finger making sure Lauryn didn’t miss what happened next as Nik cracked his neck. As the bell rang the two took quite some time before actually locking into an elbow-collar tie up. Multiple attempts for one or the other to take the upper hand were thwarted and reversed until Nik grew impatient and kicked Wolfe’s knee out from under her allowing him to connect with a quick knee to her jaw as he backed up and immediately went for a Conglomerate Kick, but Wolfe ducked under and rolled Nik up for a quick one count. The two would exchange elbow collar tie ups again, first Wolfe getting the advantage and Nik using the ropes as a break, and then as Wolfe tried to do the same Nik chopped her hard across the chest and the old Lauryn 4CW grew to love was suddenly alive and charging at Nik with a reckless onslaught. Her combination of a jumping knee strike dropped Nik to his knees where she hit him with a snap ddt and as Nik laid on his back she dropped a knee on him for near fall. Nik bought some time on the outside of the ring as Lauryn howled life a wolf to the fans who returned the gesture as the momentum for the beginning of the match was on her side.
Nik would enter the ring again and use classic Conglomerate tactics to get the advantage. Lauryn tried a discus clothesline when the two were exchanging strikes, but Nik ducked and grabbed her by the hair pulling her down to the mat hard and holding on while he delivered thunderous kicks to her chest until the referee put a stop to it. With the advantage, Nik would operate multiple submission holds working on the shoulder of Lauryn trying to wear down the fan favorite. The fans would breathe a revival into her as she fought back with elbows eventually breaking the hold and backing Nik into a corner with a vicious combination of strikes that left him taking a seat against the bottom turnbuckle before she hit a senton cannonball and awaited Nik standing up looking for a running yakuza kick, but Nik evaded it and hit a Conglomerate Superkick stunning Lauryn as he lifted her up and ran across the ring in a powerslam he calls the One Hit Wonder! Lauryn struggled right as Nik looked to drop her and she slipped behind him and with a perfectly placed forearm to the back was able to lock in and nail the Fiery Impulse rolling cutter for the three count!


Before the bell even rang both Fred and Jay had made an agreement that Will has to be the one they target. For a brief time in the beginning of the match both Fred and Jay backed Will into a corner with stiff kicks and forearms that had the big man unable to predict what was coming next. Fred and Jay would then back up and use the adjacent corner for momentum as they flew in landing multiple attacks in the form of flying knees, flying forearms, and shoulder blocks trying to wear Will down. But Jay was the first to fall victim to Will’s earth shaking chops. As Jay flew in with a body splash he was stopped dead in his tracks as the fans reacted to the loudest chop they’ve heard in Portland. Fred panicked and took too long to go after Will and was promptly dealt with by being thrown up into the air and chopped on his way back down. Will stood in the middle of the ring and challenged the men again to get him and when they did the fate was similar. Will took kicks and forearms and yet still stood tall managing to chop each one of them back into opposite corners where he would take turns charging and splashing into them. The crowd was hot for the spot as Jay and Fred stumbled out of their corners and Will used the ropes looking for a dangerous lariat but as the two men ducked they forced Will over the top rope and to the outside. Jay wasted no time diving over the top rope with a crossbody but was met with a headbutt to his ribs. Fred was next and as he flew through the ropes with a suicide dive WIll caught him in a suplex and held Fred up in the air with one arm – using his other to pump up the crowd before dropping Fred hard to the canvas. Jay was on the apron holding his ribs waiting for Will and tried a flying knee, but Will caught him in mid air and threw him through the ropes and into the ring. Jay would get to his feet and try to unleash his arsenal using the ropes as a launching pad but was caught in mid air by a spear for a near fall broken up by Fred.
Will went to work on Fred backing him into the corner again with chops and shoulders to the midsection, but Jay was back up again and went coast to coast with a springboard dropkick but Will moved at the last second as Jay destroyed Fred. Will deadlifted Jay off the mat and hit a bridged german suplex for a nearfall before Jay left the ring to catch his breath. On the outside Jay would run into an unhappy Fred and the two of them had words before unleashing on one another with kicks and knees that ended as William god damn Lyons used the ropes to pull himself up and over crashing onto the two men ringside. The fans loved the non stop action as Will rolled Fred in, but only got a near fall when Jay broke it up. Jay latched onto Will with a sleeper hold locking his legs around the big man’s waist. Will struggled for a bit to get loose, but eventually fell to one knee as Jay kept the hold locked in. Will looked like the lights were about to go out as he fell to both knees, but Fred was there to grab a hold of Jay and lift him up in an atomic drop before completing the YIKES! Zig zag combination. Fred stood over Jay berating him for the dropkick for a little too long because when he finally remembered Will was in the match still the big man was ominously standing behind him after catching his breath. Will locked in the Lyon’s Roar pump handle powerslam completing the move on top of Jay as he pinned Freddy for the three count and the victory.

“Immigraniada” by Gogol Bordello plays over the loudspeaker, as Darryl walks out to the ring. He’s wearing a cut off sleeved military jacket, and has several cheap bracelets and rings on. His signature singlet, has been replaced with a white tank top and long tight slacks and traditional wrestling boots. His demeanor is loose and ready, but he has a focused look in his eye. He finally makes his way down the ramp, before hopping on the apron, and climbing into the ring. He crosses to the opposite side, and grabs a microphone. The music slowly fades out as Darryl lifts the microphone to his lips.
WALKER: “Ladies, Gentlemen, it’s been a wild ride to get here. You’ve seen me, as I made my way back from the fringes. I was on the outside looking in, but now I, Darryl, am back home in 4CW where I belong. My journey here has always seemed like one of unfortunate timing. I’d feel good, I’d feel ready, and some adversity would interfere, try to derail me, well here I am, back again, and I am going to fight to stay.”
The crowd begins to welcome darryl back with a smattering of chants, none able to get on the same page with the whole arena and it quickly dies out.
WALKER: “You may have noticed, that I’m sporting a different look tonight. Recent events, spurred my choice to embrace my history. So tonight and going forward, in honor of my best friend, Redd Thunder, and in honor of my heritage and long lost family, I will be embracing where I came from. Darryl Walker, will embrace Manfri Voinescu, as I was born.”
The crowd is silent as Darryl drones on about something they don’t care about.
WALKER: “I know, I know, boring and all that shit. Well let me just say one more thing, in regards to the death of my dear friend Redd Thunder. Then I will stop using this microphone as filler to give Cartier time to get her pants up over that ass she carries around.”
Darryl laughs and winks at the camera.
WALKER: “Just playin boo. For real though, you all know I lost my friend Redd over the past week, it was a tough pill to swallow. As much shit as I gave him, he was like a brother to me. That sort of vacancy will not be forgotten, and as long as I am in Kings Road, fighting under this banner, I will carry Redd with me. My victory is his victory, my defeat his. Redd has had my back from day one, and now he’s front seat with me ridin’ dirty.”
Darryl hands the microphone back, looks up at the ceiling, and points. An odd action for someone who doesn’t believe in heaven. Nevertheless, he retreats to his corner, prepared for his battle with queen booty.

Coming back from commercial break, we see Gareth Prescott in his office for the night. He sits at his desk, shuffling some paperwork around. A poster reading “LOOKOUT FOR THIS MAN” with Boston’s face on it is on the wall behind him.
PRESCOTT: ”Things are going well, and I finally have time to make a cup of tea. Couldn’t ask for a better night, cheers.”
Before Gareth can grab his teacup, and sip on the delicious content, a wild man bursts into his office. He’s bleeding, and his eye appears to be swollen shut. There are several medical officials following him into the room, as they try to treat him and get him back to the medical area.
PRESCOTT: ”What in heavens, what’s going on here?! Explain the meaning of this!”
Everyone finally gets a look at the man, as he raises his head towards Gareth and the camera. We see that it’s Trevor Miller, and he’s VERY upset right now! He’s sweating, and breathing heavy from his loss earlier in the night.
MILLER: ”I am very upset right now.”
Despite his outward appearance, Trevor’s cadence is very calm. He speaks in a almost soft tone, but loud enough for everyone in the room to hear him. He’s clear, and concise.
MILLER: ”Did you see what Lisa did to me, earlier tonight? I am very upset right now, about it.”
PRESCOTT: ”Yes, Trevor. I am well aware of what Lisa did to you. I’m a bit disturbed, to be quite honest. I’m not sure how she bribed the official either, I’m going to be looking into that-”
Trevor quickly cuts him off.
MILLER: ”I don’t care about that. Gareth, I want Lisa.”
PRESCOTT: ”Well, mate, we could all see that on Twitter earlier tonight.”
Several snickers in the room, very disconcerting as they come from the medical professionals. The same ones who should be doing their job right now, but they’re just extras for this segment.
MILLER: ”You know what I mean, Gareth. I want Lisa, in the ring, in a DEATHMATCH.”
Trevor’s voice suddenly rises, booming throughout the office. A head pokes into frame, and it’s Hudson Hughes. Probably to see what the commotion is all about, he quickly sees the situation, and promptly leaves as it would be more work for him later on.
MILLER: ”Not just any deathmatch, oh no. I want Lisa in an I-Quit Deathmatch! Loser Leaves Town! That’s right! Give me my match, Gareth! She tried pulling my EYEBALL out!”
Gareth raises his hands, trying to calm down the irate Trevor Miller.
PRESCOTT: ”Easy, mate-”
Trevor raises his right hand up, sticking a finger very close to Gareth’s face.
MILLER: ”Don’t you “mate” me. She’s had this a looong time coming, give me my match. Or what, are you trying to save your fellow countrywoman?”
Gareth looks very confused. Before he has a chance to speak, Trevor speaks up again.
MILLER: ”I want Lisa, at Chapter Twenty-Five. You have until the next show to answer me, Gareth.”
Trevor brushes past Gareth, but before he leaves he has one more thing to say. He leans in very close, almost too close, to Gareth’s ear. He whispers, and thankfully we can pick up what he says with the camera’s microphones.
MILLER: ”Don’t make me into an enemy, Gareth. You wouldn’t like me as your enemy…”
And with that, he’s gone. Leaving the office in a terrible shape, as Gareth Prescott is left to clean up the mess that’s been made here. Surely, now, he has no time to drink his tea. The real tragedy of this all.


This match wasted no time as Johnny and Gregg began by trading side headlock takedown headscissors escapes, Gregg Escaped first and when Johnny escaped he kipped up to his feet and instantly looked for a standing moonsault but Gregg rolled out of the way leaving Johnny landing on his feet but soon leaping again to land a double stomp to the chest of Gregg. Gregg immediately rolled out of the ring, but wasn’t safe for long as Johnny sent the attack to the outside with a tope suicida STILL landing on his feet igniting the crowd. Johnny fed off their energy, but as he went over to lift Gregg he pulled the trunks of Johnny in a schoolboy roll up fashion sending the back of his head off the steel steps. Gregg lifted Johnny up in a back suplex but instead opted to drop Johnny back first onto the steel steps again leaving Johnny writhing in pain. This culminated in a near fall when Gregg rolled him back into the ring, but the attack didn’t stop there. Gregg lifted Johnny to his feet and hit a leaping knee, forearm, combination finishing it with a belly to belly overhead suplex before letting the fans know that he did that for his son. Johnny tried to create separation, but Gregg kept to the attack deadlifting Johnny off the mat with a bridged german suplex near fall. Johnny struggled to his to his feet using the ropes in the corner, but he was aware enough to dodge an incoming splash from Gregg that dazed him long enough for Johnny to use the ropes as a springboard for a hurricarana. The momentum switched in that moment as Johnny’s adrenaline was firing on all levels as he hit a russian leg sweep and rolled through leaving Gregg on the ground to eat a leg drop and a near fall of his own.
Johnny took quite some time to recover waiting for Gregg to get up and met Gregg in the middle of the ring with an aerobatic backhandspring that resulted in nothing more than a massive SLAP to the face of Gregg that Johnny laughed off with the fans, but he didn’t realize that Gregg’s face turned from recovery ro rage. The two men exchanged forearms and chops in the middle of the ring for what seemed to be an eternity. The skin of both men’s chests turning bright red with welts. Gregg tried to sneak in another high knee but missed before Johnny tried one of his own to no impact. Gregg instantly locked Johnny in a german suplex but as he threw him over his head Johnny landed on his feet and went off the ropes and into the air with the Blank Point beautiful disaster kick and it lands PERFECTLY! Johnny still only gets a nearfall as Gregg refuses to go down. Johnny throws Gregg into the corner and with a wink and a finger gun towards his opponent’s direction he takes off across the ring for the Ama-Zing yakuza kick, but stopped halfway through as he saw both Freddy and Nik emerging through the crowd and over the barriers at ring side. He looks around in worry before noticing the fans pointing to the entrance ramp where Damien is slowly walking down with the steel chair in hand that looks exactly like the one from last week. Johnny looks towards the ramp and tells Damien to come get some. Unfortunately this was enough distraction for Gregg to recover and hit the reverse gory Makavelli Bomb in the middle of the ring for the three count and distracted victory.

The cameras are backstage in an area the cameras usually stay away from. Catering. Wrestlers don’t like their eating habits put out there for the public to see. Sitting at a table all by herself was Kaelan Laughlin. Her hair was pulled back, curled and her signature braids were neatly done up on the side of her head. Her makeup looked like pretty and girly warpaint. An empty plate sat in front of her as she sighed and shook her head.
LAUGHLIN: “I’m bored here. You know when I came to King’s Road I thought because it was under the 4CW banner that I would be thrilled and excited. That things would be different for me here. When I was on Octane more times than not I either earned my spot or just came up a little short and it wasn’t very often because of being fucked over. I thought King’s Road was going to be different. That they would hold the talent to a more respectable standard. Oi. Was I wrong.
Kaelan slapped her hand down on the table in clear frustration as she slid her empty plate across the table and away from her. A few people at tables nearby gave her a glance but then went about their own business.
LAUGHLIN: “No it turns out that King’s Road is no different than every other company I’ve been in. Just a bunch of slags and cunts trying to fuck each other over for their top at the spot. Ya can’t tell who’s actually talented because their too busy trying to throw the actual talent under the bus to get ahead. I’ve been screwed over by that lass Emva-who-really-gives-a-hoot. I have been made to look like an absolute fool, and like I’m some untalented lass. I will not stand for it any longer. I earned my place as the number one contender in my eyes for the 4CW King’s Road Championship but some people seem to believe I need to go through the chain again. That’s Fine.”
Kaelan stood up from the table and rolled her shoulders and neck as she took a proud stance, smoothing out the coat she wore overtop her ring gear for dramatic effect with her entrances.
LAUGHLIN: “I’ve fought my way through tougher conditions in the past. I’m a CWC United States Champion. The only one who ever really mattered, or people care to speak about. I didn’t walk a standard path as a champion. No. I carved my own, and I didn’t care what anyone thought of me when I did. I scratched and clawed my way through an entire tournament with some of the best stars in Wrestling from all over the world! For a Million Dollars and I didn’t care what anyone thought of me. All I cared about was representing my homeland to the best of my abilities because Ireland deserved that. So if you cunts think for a second that I’m just going to lie down and take this bullshite?! You’re in for a rude awakening.”
Kaelan smirked and crossed her arms over her chest.
LAUGHLIN: “The future is bright for me, and my end goal is clear. To be the King’s Road Champion. As far as I’m concerned any opponent between now and then? Is just an obstacle put in my path for me to overcome. I’ve climbed mountains to get where I am today and nothing, and no one will stand in my way. You’ll all see when I crush this English’s cunts hopes and dreams of starting out in King’s Road with a win. Watch closely Emevlas, because you’re looking at the lass who’s going to be the next number one contender. I will use you as a springboard to get to that Championship belt and when I win it? At least you can say you lost to the champ.”
Kaelan winked at the camera before picking up her empty plate off the table and walking over to dispose of it in a garbage can leaving the camera to fade out on her walking out of the catering area.


Dempshaw challenged Kaelan to a test of strength as the bell rang and Kaelan stubbornly agreed as they locked hand and began trying to out leverage each other. Dempshaw got the upperhand, but the crowd began to cheer Kaelan back to life. As she let loose a fiery yell she slowly got the advantage, but Dempshaw turned to his usual illegal tactics and headbutt Kaelan causing immediate blood to begin dripping from her nose as the referee checked in on her. He offered to stop the match, but Kaelan refused holding her face and as the referee called for the continuance of the match Dempshaw flew in with vicious knees to the mid section cornering Kaelan. Whenever it looked as if Kaelan was going to get the advantage, Dempshaw palmed her face and raked at her nose. Minutes went by as Dempshaw forearms to Kaelan in the corner, even turning his back to her and sandwiching her in the corner and throwing back elbows that had her down as he walked away. He just laughed and turned to Kaelan on the ground grabbing her hair, but she returned with a huge kick that sent Dempshaw in retreat. She got to her feet quickly and as she went in for a lariat Dempshaw caught her and planted her with a reverse STOP transitioned into a koji clutch. The referee checked in with Kaelan on the mat as her eyes started to flutter but she reached out for the ropes and found herself too far away. After lifting her arm and watching it drop two times the third time was almost the end of the match, but her arm shot back up and she rolled the hold over putting Reginald on his back for a near fall before he let go and Kaelan tried to recover. It seemed like this match was going to be a bullying beat down as Reginald charged in on Kaelan again, but she ducked and went of the ropes coming back with a headscissors take down that put Reginald into the corner as she charged now and hit double knees to his chest trapping him before she smiled to the fans and let loose a warrior cry before returning the favor of rapid fire forearms to the face of Dempshaw. Unfortunately she had gone for one too many warrior cries, as she leaned her head back for another and Dempshaw landed another headbutt followed by a DDT and guillotine choke transition.
Again, Kaelan found herself on the back end of a beatdown, while the choke was locked in Dempshaw used the heels of his feet to drive into Kaelan’s lower back. This strategy proved to be a poor choice as Kaelan pushed got her lowerhalf free and pushed off flipping over Dempshaw for a near fall and an escape. She walks directly into a urinage back breaker attempt, but escapes from that to lock in Dempshaw’s head and run towards the corner with the Price Paid contra code but Dempshaw instead ran her into the corner chest first. He set her up on the top rope for the Isle of Plight super german suplex spider lock, but Kaelan landed on her feet! She’s as surprised as anyone but she wastes no time running to the corner and working Dempshaw over with machine gun rapid forearms. He’s trying to pull himself back up using the ropes, but Kaelan is destroying him landing a headbutt of her own clean to the face of Dempshaw before hitting the From Belfast with Love corner stomp that she follows up with a cover and a come from behind three count victory
Kaelan celebrates her tough victory, leaping outside of the ring to celebrate with fans. She high-fives a couple at ringside, and enjoys her victory here tonight. After a few seconds of celebrating, Kaelan goes to turn to leave. As she does, a fan stands up and grabs her hair! The crowd is in shock, as Kaelan turns around and pushes the fan in the face. Knocking off the hat and glasses of the fan, it’s revealed to be Emevlas Stastias! Kaelan has no time to react, as Mevy pulls out PEPPER SPRAY! Kaelan is down, receiving a face-full of Pepper Spray from Emevlas! The crowd boos, as she jumps the barricade. She extends her middle finger towards the crowd, leaving the scene satisfied as her message is sent. Kaelan lays on the outside, as officials come down to check on her as we cut to backstage.

Ana Valentine sits on the bench in her locker room, a roll of tape beside her on the bench, already dressed in her ring gear, she fiddles with the laces on her boots, her fingers have individual rings of tape around them as opposed to the standard wrapping of the hands you would usually see, her long dark hair pulled back off her face and in a braid down her back, her expression is neutral but determined as she pulls at her laces before looking up at the camera.
VALENTINE: ”It’s been a minute since I stepped inside a ring, for the last couple of years, my career has been what could be called spotty at best. Despite finding early success in my younger years, time and injury have taken their toll. Time off for personal reasons, to have the boys, it’s all added up…”
She frowns slightly, drawing her hands back from her boots she sighs.
VALENTINE: ”A few years ago, I would have sat here cocksure and arrogant, running down my opponent and guaranteeing a win out there, I’d consider the idea of my welcome being a match with someone as mocked and… consistency challenged as Cass a joke, an ease in for me and a baptism of fire for her, but the simple fact is that isn’t the case anymore. As questionable as Cass may be when it comes to verbal back and forths, she may well be one of the few people in this world who has made more questionable decisions than I have… But none of that takes away from the fact that she has seen success in the ring over the last few months, she has held championships, competed in intense, hardcore matches. She has shown herself as capable when the bell rings and the bullshit is stripped away.”
Ana runs a hand over the top of her head with an easy smile.
VALENTINE: ”Me? I’ve become somewhat more of a gimmick attraction, thrown into matches I’ve had no place in, going to war for people I don’t care about. For causes that don’t concern me. Success or not, my overall impact since returning to the ring has been minimal at best. So you look at this, on paper and really… Cass couldn’t ask for a better starting match right? Of all the people in this company she could be standing across the ring from the first time that bell rings, you could almost say she’s lucky it’s me.”
Ana smirks slightly, cocking her head to the side.
Except, I didn’t come here to continue to rest off on what once was, I’m not here to have minimal impact, to simply accept my place as middling at best. I came here to prove that I am still capable, that despite a rocky start since my return, I can stand with the tallest, I can take whatever comes and make it mine. Cass has already shown that she greatly underestimates the mental side of all this, she throws out one liners, stupid quips, anything she can for a seconds attention all the while eroding away what little legitimacy she has, all the while making herself a non-entity in the match.
Every opponent I have ever had, I have taken seriously. No matter how cocky or arrogant I may have been leading into the match, my research was done. Whatever I needed to adjust was adjusted long before I stepped between the ropes and tonight is no difference. Baumer is a glorified show boater at best, she pulls on others, uses what she can from them to try and add some legitimacy to her honestly piss poor technical skill. Sizzle can be fantastic, it can draw eyes, keeps attention. It hold that spotlight on you until it burns, but if there’s no substance underneath? If you haven’t done your groundwork, if you don’t truly know what the fuck you’re doing out there? Then someone like me is going to pick you apart.”

Pushing up from the bench, she takes a moment to smooth out her shorts, that same smirk still on her lips.
VALENTINE: ”That’s what we have at Chapter Twenty-Four, experience versus showmanship. I’ll see you out there.”


Inside of the ring there’s a quick chant for Redd Thunder, as Darryl Walker pays tribute to his friend. He looks to be serious tonight, as he quickly locks up with Cartier. The Internet Champion looks to hold her own against Darryl, but his brute strength is just too much for her in the beginning of this match. Darryl whips her around the ring, tossing her back first into a nearby corner. Cartier fights back, catching Darryl with a Boot as he comes charging in. Cartier looks to keep her distance, not wanting to be caught by Darryl in any way. She moves around the ring, striking when she can, doing a great job of keeping Darryl away from her. Darryl tries shooting in for a Takedown, but Cartier steps back and clobbers Darryl with a Running Knee Strike! It’s not enough to hurt him, but it is enough to stun him for the moment. Darryl steps backwards, as Cartier catches him with a Running Front Dropkick! It’s Darryl’s turn to go crashing into the corner, as Cartier tries for a Cannonball Splash. Darryl is able to move at the last second, causing the Internet Champion to crash hard into the corner. It’s a break for him, as he’s able to get back on his feet and grab Cartier. Darryl drags her around the ring once again, slamming her to the mat with a Running Powerslam. The size difference is working in Darryl’s favor, as he tosses Cartier to the outside! The Internet Champion does her best to regroup, but Darryl cuts her off again. He runs into her with a Clothesline, knocking her down hard! The crowd boos Darryl, seeing that he’s taking his aggression out on Cartier tonight. Whether it’s from the loss of his friend, or wanting to send a message, Darryl Walker is a man on a mission.
Back on the outside, Cartier continues to try and hold her own. She sends Darryl face-first into the turnbuckle post, buying her some time to recover. Darryl doesn’t look very good, having cut his right eyebrow in the process. Blood begins to flow down his face, as the ringside officials come out to check him over. Meanwhile, Cartier takes a moment to recover, getting back into the ring. She sees Darryl’s position on the outside, and moves in to attack. Cartier runs towards the ropes, diving through them as she takes out Darryl AND THE RINGSIDE CREW WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! The crowd is definitely behind Cartier tonight, as she looks to send a message of her own. Unfortunately she’s unable to lift Darryl up, and get him back into the ring. Cartier has to settle for breaking the referee’s count, as she waits for Darryl to stagger back up. He finally does, and the time taken to recover helps him out. As they both get back into the ring, it’s Darryl who strikes first. He connects with a Running Shoulder Block that knocks Cartier silly. Both contestants lay in the middle of the ring, doing their best to get back up to their feet.
It’s been a brawl for both Cartier and Darryl, but Darryl has managed to get back up to his feet first. He takes back control, pummeling Cartier with vicious Forearm Blows. Again, he goes back to manhandling her, tossing her around the ring. Cartier finds herself trapped in a corner again, and this time Darryl has something in mind. He sets her up on the top turnbuckle, climbing up with her himself. Setting himself and her both up, Darryl puts her into position as he lifts her up in a SUPLEX! Darryl holds Cartier up, the fans watch in awe as Darryl holds in her place with ease. He even lets go, holding Cartier up with ONE HAND! Darryl quickly sends her crashing to the mat, a Delayed Superplex hurting the Internet Champion badly! Darryl goes to cover, but to his surprise Cartier is able to kick-out! Darryl can’t believe it, sure of himself getting the victory with that move. He looks over at Cartier, who’s still having trouble getting back up to her feet. Darryl looks to lift her back up, connecting with an Atomic Drop! The crowd boos, knowing exactly what Darryl wants to finish Cartier off with.
Darryl grabs Cartier, looking for the Dirty Driver, but Cartier is able to slip out before he can connect! Darryl turns around, as Cartier lays into him with some Forearms of her own! She back him up into the corner, and connects with the Running Cannonball! Darryl looks to be in trouble, as Cartier quickly takes over again. A Spear from the top turnbuckle sends Darryl crashing to the mat, as Cartier follows that up with a Running Codebreaker! A Senton Splash from the top lands perfectly on Darryl’s midsection, knocking the wind out of him for the moment. Cartier waits for her opponent to get back up, looking to connect with her Running Hip Attack. Darryl stands up, as Cartier connects with Eat This Ass! Perfectly described, because Darryl takes the full force of the attack! His head whips back violently, as he crashes down to the canvas. Cartier, still hurt, looks to capitalize on her current situation. Cartier readies herself for the Empire State of Mind, launching herself towards Darryl as he gets to a knee. HE DUCKS! Cartier tries to recover, as Darryl grabs her for the Dirty Driver! He lifts Cartier up for the Fisherman’s Suplex, but she manages to slip through. Darryl is confused, as he’s pulled back into a Sunset Flip Pin! Cartier puts all of her weight onto him, as she’s able to get the three-count!

Aokigahara Zombie is deep in thought. To the casual viewer it would be nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just a man being quiet and having some time to himself. For those few in the know this can be a very concerning time. What would that man be thinking about if not for something very violent to others, but fun for himself… t was this very view of himself that Aokigahara was wrestling with in his mind. The best mind wrestling for him is done while lying down. So he was sprawled out throwing darts into the air to let them fall back down where they may. The last one he threw came down right next to his ear.
ZOMBIE: “He called me a fucking edgelord. I have never been so insulted in my life. I like to think I do much better work than that.”
Aokigahara throws one up with a childish rage and it arcs down to fall right between his legs.
ZOMBIE: “I feel like you people here don’t really understand me at all. I’m only here for your benefit. See in other places they know what I’m capable of so I have to keep pushing the envelope. It’s only fair to keep them on their toes. I can’t just start out full tilt here. It’d be unseemly. So for now I’ll introduce myself. But tonight I got the main event… That’s different.”
He gets lost in thought as two darts come down right on his chest. They don’t register.
ZOMBIE: “Ok look guys. I’m all about pain, but not in the way that you might think. I do take pleasure in doling it out, but I also love receiving it. It’s not some sexual shit either but I would not… Well that’s another story. But, listen: In our society pain is something negative. We fighters use it as a weapon. We hope to take some people to that limit and make them submit. I am the opposite. When you fight me I will take you beyond your limit and I will help you overcome that fear. After you go past your limit, it becomes something else. It is a new feeling. That is something special. That is growth. I will help you go beyond what you thought you could take to build on what you already are.”
Aoki furls up his face and casually takes the darts out of his chest. He licks them and thinks.
ZOMBIE: “Now you’re going to try to resist. That’s normal for now. When I take you there you won’t know what to do or how to behave because you’ve never experienced such a thing. That’s something that’s ingrained in us as children, isn’t it? You fall down and your mom runs up and coddles you and says ‘Oh my baby! Are you ok?’ That’s all wrong. When a kid falls he doesn’t need anyone telling them, ‘Aw, you poor thing!’ No. He needs someone to help him overcome that moment of growth and overcome that fear. That’s my main objective with all of you. I’m the best teacher because I’ve seen the ultimate limit, and I’ve gone past it.”
Aokigahara gets up just before a dart falls right where his head was. He motions to his neck where the scars the rope made goes all the way around.
ZOMBIE: “I want to share with Damien MIri, Ace Baldwin, and even Malik Fox this vision that I have. I want to remake King’s Road in this image and save everyone from the rat race of just chasing gold and money. Those come as a consequence but they do not have to be the goal. The goal is to grow inside. After this match, and all of my matches, I want everyone involved to leave the ring a different person than who they entered as. Tonight we get the main stage. So I want to make it special. I don’t think anyone is ready for this, but I’ll bring them up to speed real quick. Let’s have some fun out there! OSS!”
Aokigahara points at the door and poses. He wipes the small dots of blood on his chest and licks his hand before going out to the ring.


Malik and Aoki had a mutual respect for one another and Malik allowed Aoki to start the match, on the other end of the ring Damien was trying to convince Ace to play rock paper scissors to see who would go first. Ace wasn’t having it and told Damien to start the match. Aoki challenges Damien to hit him first, putting his hands behind his head and Damien thinks it’s a trap and refuses to do so playing possum before chopping Aoki, but the Zombie shakes his head and laughs and tells him to try again. Damien would try two more times before finally trying to land a Conglomerate Kick but Zombie wasn’t allowing that as he ducked Damien and planted a headbutt that seemed to daze the leader of the Conglomerate. Damien stumbled back into the corner and tagged Ace who wasn’t impressed by Damien. Ace charged into the ring and was met with a clothesline from Zombie who came back for another off the ropes but got put down by a drop toe hold before Ace transitioned quickly into a side headlock. Ace made sure to tell Damien that this is how it’s done and Damien wasn’t interested. Aoki powered out of the side headlock and grabbed Ace’s head planting multiple kicks before Ace raked the eyes of Aoki and wrapped in a cobra clutch for the sake of a russian leg sweep. Ace then taunted Malik and told him to get into the ring and Malik ducked between the ropes which distracted the referee long enough for Damien to throw Aoki into the corner with Ace as the two of them stomped a mudhole in him. Damien took it from there cutting the ring in half with quick tags and surprisingly good team work with his partner for the night. In the midst of the teamwork, Ace hit his snapmare dropkick to the back while Damien superkicked Aoki at the same time, but AOki would kick out at two. Ace went back to the bag of tricks getting Malik to get into the ring again distracting the referee except when Ace turned around to work on Zombie with Damien he was met with a Conglomerate Kick from Damien. Damien stopped dead in his tracks as Aoki smiled from his last second evasion of the move. Aoki grabbed the head of Damien and sank his teeth into him, now Malik was purposefully distracting the referee allowing Aoki to now drag Damien’s face across the top rope before throwing him out. Aoki turned to Malik to make the tag and Ace dove into his corner for the tag, but Damien was on the outside holding his face.
Malik came in like a blitzing linebacker spearing Ace and standing tall over him for a moment until he looked up to see Damien charging towards him, but Damien was disposed of with a Samoan Drop. Malik deadlifted Ace off the mat and hit a release german suplex for a near fall as Ace kicked out. Malik smiled as he got his feet and let the fans know he’s blessed before leaving his feet with a big man standing moonsault but Ace got his knees up! It doesn’t matter Malik braced himself on the knees of Ace and landed on his feet! Malik grabs his legs and deadlifts him off the mat again except this time in a powerbomb as he lifts him in the air and stabilizes himself. What Malik doesn’t see is the reaching blind tag from Damien and as Malik plants Ace and tries to pin him the referee tells Malik that Ace isn’t the legal man. Malik turns to see who is and is met with two middle fingers from Damien and a Conglomerate Kick! Damien only gets a near fall as Zombie comes into the ring and breaks it up. Ace is on his feet and throws Zombie over the top rope to the outside following him out and throwing him into the barrier. Damien tells Ace to move out of the way, he uses the ropes for momentum and sprints across the ring with a suici- Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven! Malik pounced Damien as he ran towards the ropes! Malik drags Damien to the middle of the ring


Ace pulled the referee out! Ace throws the referee into the steel steps! Malik can’t figure out why he didn’t hear the hand hit the mat a third time and looks up to lock eyes with Ace on the outside waving. Suddenly the fans ERUPT with cheers as Jett Wilder, self proclaimed locker room leader and 4CW veteran is walking down the ramp with a shirt in his hand and he’s trying to put it on and everyone is confused as to why he’d be making another appearance tonight after his victo- oh my god it’s a referee shirt! Jett has on a referee shirt and now he’s in the ring and telling Malik he’s got this and that he should pin Damien again. Malik effortlessly pushes Jett aside, which Jett doesn’t take kindly and grabs the big man spinning him back around and pointing to his referee shirt telling him that he’s the locker room leader and he is taking control of this match. Malik backs Jett into a corner and tells him to never touch him like that aga-SPRINGBOARD HEEL KICK FROM ACE BALDWIN OUT OF NOWHERE! Malik goes down! WELCOME TO SEATTLE curb stomp from Damien! Damien drapes his arm across Malik as a real referee has sprinted down the entrance from the back. The cameras pan over to Aoki Zombie, who obviously would make the save, but standing over him is Graham Gosch with a steel chair in hand. The fans are irate and booing. Both the referee and Jett are in position.


The Standard celebrate in the ring, as Damien Miri quickly heads out to avoid any of the fallout here tonight. Jett looks on, confused, as Malik Fox is down. The fans are booing, as Ace Baldwin stands over Malik triumphantly. Ace calls for the King’s Road Championship to be handed to him, but the officials aren’t budging on that. Graham moves in, trying to take the belt, but Jett Wilder snatches it for himself! The fans cheer, as Jett books it up towards the ramp.
JOHNSON: ”I can’t believe what has happened here tonight! Jett Wilder just cost Malik Fox the match!”
VASSA: ”Hey, don’t blame Jett! If it wasn’t for him Ace Baldwin would be parading around with the King’s Road Championship! Jett is a saint, and Malik should be lucky that Jett came out here to save him!”
JOHNSON: ”Well it appears that Jett has caused more damage than good here tonight. Aoki Zombie is still being kept out of the ring.”
VASSA: ”He’s staring daggers into Graham Gosch right now. Malik Fox is still down, folks!”
Malik doesn’t move much, as The Standard stand in the ring. Aoki stays on the outside, plotting, as Jett watches from the ramp. He suddenly realizes what he has done, looking down at his hands. Holding the King’s Road Championship, he raises it up high for everyone to see! The crowd cheers for Jett, as he motions over his waist. Jett Wilder is making his intentions clear here tonight, folks! Ace Baldwin can only watch from the ring, angrily, as Jett walks away with the King’s Road Championship!
The last thing we see is Jett turning around, and winking, as King’s Road goes off the air!