The picture opens to an outside shot of the Tokyo Dome as “Adrenaline” plays in the background. The camera view from above circles the building, taking in all the sights of the surrounding area. The sounds of explosions are then heard as the scene quickly transitions to the inside of the building. Fireworks and pyro shoot from the entrance stage as tonight’s event is just moments from beginning. Looking over the packed arena, the camera slowly begins to travel down the entrance ramp while taking in the scenery of the local crowd, and those who have traveled to be here tonight.

As the camera approaches the ring, fireworks shoot from the ring posts, igniting the crowd simultaneously. Circling the ring, the camera locks onto the announcers booth on the other side, slowly moving towards it as Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa take notice.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline Ninety! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and we’re coming live to you tonight from overseas in Tokyo, Japan!”
VASSA: ”Welcome to the show folks! I’m your other host, the better host, Vinny Vassa! It’s a pleasure to call tonight’s show from the Tokyo Dome, the home of last year’s Bad Company!”
JOHNSON: ”It was just a little over a year ago since we last visited this beautiful land. It feels good to be back after a year.”
VASSA: ”Speaking of Bad Company, that was just two weeks ago.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it was, Vinny. It was a long night in Honolulu where sixteen teams, including the 4CW Tag Team Champions, all came together to duke it out for the belts and the cash prize of one million dollars.”
VASSA: ”There were quite a few teams that made a good run but in the end there was only one remaining as Omerta won it all!”
JOHNSON: ”If you didn’t already know, now you do! Battle Born has finally been knocked off the top of the tag scene and we have new kings of the tag division in Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith.”
VASSA: ”A Hall of Famer… and Cyrus Riddle. That will never get old!”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s take a look at the tournament bracket from two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”Why? We were there. We already know what happened.”

JOHNSON: ”Now fast forward two weeks and here we are for Adrenaline Ninety with a card everyone would mistake for a pay-per-view.”
VASSA: ”Hell, I did when I first saw it! We have four singles championship on the line tonight as we begin our journey towards Fright Night in October.”
JOHNSON: ”The first one will feature DeMarcus Gresham as he challenges Artemis Kaiser for the Ignition Championship he lost just two weeks ago at Bad Company.”
VASSA: ”Then in our second championship match of the evening we have American Tommy defending his card board Octane Championship against a challenge that was promised weeks prior to Bad Company. No one knew who that challenger would be until the card was announced and Genevie Carlson was revealed!”
JOHNSON: ”Rumor has it there will be a brand new Octane Championship revealed tonight since a certain someone lost the original at a food stand of all places.”
VASSA: ”Hey man, shit happens. I feel for Tommy. I’ve lost a thing or two at a food truck in my time.”
JOHNSON: ”Of course you have. And moving on! In our third championship match of the evening we have Elijah Carlson challenging the North American Champion, Kimitsu Zombie, in her first defense since winning the XTV Championship at Ante Up before the belt transitioned into something more traditional with the North American.”
VASSA: ”We have the battle of America versus Japan for the North American Championship, right here in Japan! This shit doesn’t even make sense!”
JOHNSON: ”Believe it or not, it’s happening right here tonight!”
VASSA: ”The North American Championship being defended in Japan. Okay, Erik.”
JOHNSON: ”And in our final championship match of the evening, our Main Event, we feature the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”This will also be Ana’s first defense since winning the championship at Ante Up.”
JOHNSON: ”Due to Bad Company and our champions competing in the one night tag team event, we have a card packed with singles championship matches and close the night with the top one of them all.”
VASSA: ”I would ask why the Pride Championship isn’t being defended but I just remember that Viduus Morta, the Pride Champion, is in fact the one challenging Anastasia here tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”A Pride Champion challenging for the 4CW Championship is a first here in 4CW which makes tonight’s card even bigger than what you could even imagine.”
VASSA: ”From top to bottom this card is packed with something for everyone’s tastes. Name another place doing things this big. I’ll wait.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re going to be here a long time if we wait for a legitimate answer and with the size of tonight’s event, we don’t have time to spare.”
VASSA: ”I’m. Still. Waiting.”
JOHNSON: ”Good luck with that. While you wait, we’re going to go backstage for a few moments before we come back here to ringside for our opening match. Sit tight folks, we’ll be right back.”

The area was dark. It could have been a corner of an arena, it could be a boiler room, it could be nowhere near the arena at all. Salvation was gathered in a circle and the murmurs began to get clearer as did the picture.
SPEAKER: “We all know Bad Company didn’t go as we had scripted but tonight Nemesis, tonight Viduus…is a night for glory.”
PREACHER: “The greatness, the power, the supremacy, the splendor and the majesty is Salvation’s to be had, for after tonight dominion in Four Corners shall be ours once the 4CW Championship is claimed!”
Nothing would be greater than for Viduus to become victorious tonight. Nothing.
SPEAKER: “Ana will have Bronx in the back of her mind and we know how to get him if we need him. Tonight will be the greatest night for us to date but before the 4CW championship becomes ours….there are other matters, correct?”
NEMESIS: ”Everything is proceeding as we had foreseen, I expect our matters to unfold without the slightest of hiccups. Though, if any happen to rise, alternative plans are set in place.”
SPEAKER: “We trust he is here? We haven’t spoken since left with the Battalion titles…”
Nemesis nods.
NEMESIS: ”He has been waiting in the wings ever since. Tonight is no different. Our power shall strike down 4CW like a bolt of lightning from the heavens.”
The Speaker looks over at Viduus who gives a nod of confidence. It is Viduus who looks directly at Nemesis.
VIDUUS: “He will need to make a statement tonight friend. There is no time to waste. After tonight, the complacency of the 4CW “elite” will be swallowed by darkness and they will come for us. Each and every one of them will come for us with everything they have. Every one of us needs to be ready, there is no room for error.”
NEMESIS: ”He, like all of you, understand my disdain for failure and what consistently coming up short results in my brother. You are my right and I, your left, for we go hand in hand. If He or anyone else throws our order into disarray, measures will be taken like they always have.”
Viduus let’s a small smile creep over his face while The Speaker remains all business.
SPEAKER: “The incompetence of the past are gone. Perry Wallace may be a fool but he cares for 4CW as if it were his own child. We become public enemy number one when Viduus has his hand raised and whoever comes, whoever tries, we will put them all down..ALL of them.”
PREACHER: ”The walls that surround the inferior shall crumble around them, the weak shall then perish and with that, Salvation shall rise to heights never before attained!”
A laugh as sinister as it is creepy comes from Preacher as the camera angle switches to one that’s an over head shot and begins pulling away with Preacher’s laugh still ongoing as the scene fades off.


Alicia moved around the ring with all that ass as she tries to avoid getting hit by one of Eden’s martial arts kicks and ends up grabbing a foot to stop her in place before taking her down. Eden is quickly back onto her feet and going for the gold with relentlessly coming for Alicia, knowing that she couldn’t counter her hits for long and ends up surprising Alicia when she pulls back on the kicking for an european uppercut that does the trick with catching Alicia off guard. Eden makes sure she doesnt lose her balance against the highly touted Alicia and makes a break for it with rushing towards the ropes and bouncing off of it to go flying towards Alicia with a flying forearm that smashes into Alicia’s face who doesn’t move out of the way in time. That elicits a small smile from Eden as the audience cheer her on with being in her corner tonight, not really disliking Alicia but liking Eden alot more than her. Alicia swings but Eden ducks and quickly makes it behind her, deciding to focus on her back as she wraps an arm around Alicia’s neck from behind to pull her upper body slightly down a bit and then raises a knee to slam into Alicia’s back, doing it twice before letting go and watching Alicia fall to the mat writhing in pain.
Vassa comments on it with saying thicc Alicia better get up and handle her business while Johnson praises both of their athletic abilities and their determination of getting back up as soon as they hit the mat while Vassa tells Johnson that isnt really a reason to praise anyone just to be a dick per usual. Meanwhile in the ring, Alicia has gained the upper hand with her alternating between left and right punches as her fists drive into Eden’s face before Alicia takes two steps back to dropkick Eden in her right knee, bringing Eden down on it. Alicia smirks in the face of Eden being down on one knee and struts around on the mat, slapping her ass while Vassa comments on how nice it jiggles to the chagrin of an eye rolling Johnson. The pain lessens a bit in Eden’s right knee but she continues feigning being hurt while kneeling on that knee when Alicia turns around with a smirk at the seemingly injured opponent. She’s acting like that from a simple ol dropkick to the knee? This match might be ending in a few seconds, is what Alicia is thinking as she inches towards Eden, ready to do more damage when Eden surprises her by using that knee as a crutch to pop up and rams the top of her head into Alicia’s chin while coming up hard.
Eden doesn’t stop there though as she pulls Alicia and gets a good grip on her before Alicia begins pulling back trying to break out of Eden’s grasp and kicks her in the gut to try to get her to break the grip. When that doesn’t work, Alicia backhands Eden and then rushes her but is met with a swift dropkick to the face. Eden sticks close by as Alicia is getting up from the mat and as soon as she’s on her feet, Eden rushes her but Alicia veers a bit to the side so that she can whip around Eden as she hugs her from behind and uses all her might for a snap german suplex. Eden isn’t popping up quickly like she had been majority of this match, actually seeming to be in a slight daze as she rolls onto her side while Alicia looks every bit of smug. She watches closely as Eden slowly moves to getting to her feet with Alicia believing that she’s knocked the fire out of Eden, feeling a triumphant victory right around the corner as her eyes continue to stay on her target.
Eden is up and Alicia is rushing towards her with trying to knock Eden back off her feet, those girlish grunts leaving her mouth after each successful blow to Eden having Vassa focusing more on Alicia’s sounds while Johnson doesn’t break a sweat continuing on with the calling of the match. Eden ends up countering Alicia’s next punch and moves fast with pulling her towards her, hooking a leg and falling back with a fisherman’s suplex. Alicia struggles to get up afterwards for a moment while Eden keeps a good amount of distance between the two, watching Alicia make it to her knees before Eden makes her moves with sprinting forward The EC! Alicia goes down and Eden quickly scrambles over her to cover her for the pin, getting that one, two and three!!
WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (7:59)

We open up to inside Perry Wallace office, but Perry is nowhere to be found. Instead we have Dakota sitting behind the desk, and Riddle relieving himself into a fake plant in the corner of the room. The 4CW Tag-Team Championships are sprawled out on the desk, Dakota runs his hand down his as he gleams into the camera, with a smile as wide as Phe’s hips. He sits back in the chair and opens up one of the drawers on the desk. Pulling out a box of cigars and slamming it on top of the championships. As Cyrus makes his way over Dakota hands him a cigar before lighting his own. He blows circular clouds of smoke from his lips as he puffs on what one can assume is a very expensive piece of tobacco. Blowing out one more smoke ring, a chuckle escapes from the butchers lips.
SMITH: ”Do we even need to say anything? For months! The two of us have talked about a new age of violence, a new age of 4CW… And now, we have done just that. Not with some pack of Crooked individuals at our backs – but with the original two. Omerta in all of its glory!”
RIDDLE: “It was all a matter of proper timing. Just when others felt we should be counted out, we struck.”
Riddle flicks the lighter to illustrate the quickness of the flame rising.
RIDDLE: “When the field was plentiful, we made our mark. Blend in with the brackets, methodically pick them apart, and claim what’s ours. Masterful planning, and to us, the expected outcome. Just us, just Dakota and Cyrus, as it always has been. The two most fearsome, the most dangerous… the infinite.”
As another ring of smoke escapes from Dakota’s lips, he jerks his hand down, smashing down the cherry of the cigar onto the championship. Little orange balls of flames explode from the tip as Dakota laugh and laughs, in seeming disregard for the title, or any anything else in the room that may be flammable for that matter.
SMITH: ”Look at all of you maggots squirming, trying to latch on to our teat. How many other teams from Bad Company will continue their quest for these championships? How many more will risk life and body in order to just received a few moments of greatness! Dogs of War will try to withstand this new found age we have found ourselves in. An Age of Omerta! And The dogs of War will fall, just like all the other ants that will come marching our way. Two by two, they come. Trying to get out of the rain! Only to meet their imminent doom! ”
Riddle takes a long hit of the cigar, letting the flames exhale from his partly separated lips in an eerie ascension.
RIDDLE: “See, what we are about to do, is restructure the entire tag team division in 4CW. Defeat the existing, force the new, and cement ourselves as the only. It’s not too difficult to understand, yeah? There’s not one team in this business that we won’t welcome and send back on their way. They can be dogs, they can be Conglomerate, a Dynasty, Thorough, or seek to bring Salvation. In the end, just as in the beginning, there will only be Omerta.”
With that same wide grin, that gives off such uncomfortableness to those veiw, Dakota gives the camera wink. With two fingers he gives a salute to the camera as it pans over to Cyrus who licks his lips. We then fade away into some other sort of fuckery going on inside the arena.


Johnson shakes his head at Vassa because throughout this match, Vassa has repeatedly referred to Johnny as ‘Freedumb’ since he overdosed on using the word when it came to naming his moves as if he’s some real superhero. Johnny was giving Trish a run for her money though so it doesnt matter what he was being called at this moment, you couldn’t deny how determined he was when it came to wanting to win. Trish was a good athlete and at times she could really wow the fans but Johnny was definitely soaking up in the spotlight as he went to work on Trish in the turnbuckle corner. She twists and turns with struggling to try to get out of the corner but everytime she tries, her back meets the hardness of the turnbuckle post yet again. She ends up getting lucky once she gets an elbow up and catches Johnny in his left eye, the blow having the man stumbling backwards like a blind man that had lost his cane and had no assistance. Trish takes advantage of this and doesn’t wait for Johnny’s vision to clear as she hurries forward and deals him a hard blow to the head with a spinning wheel kick.
The two are locked in a power struggle with Johnny getting the better of Trish with a snap DDT when her defenses were low and then letting loose with a few freedomsaults that has some of the drunk fans becoming audible with frustration over him, probably because some of them heard Vassa taking shots at his love for putting freedom into his move names. But then the same drunk fans begin also talking down on Trish, basically willing to roast any and everyone tonight but their jeers go ignored by the two brawling wrestlers as the two competitors are busy focusing on one another. The American Spinning Powerslam had Trish on the mat rethinking life while Johnny was more than confident that he was going to find success tonight with winning the match. But the real winners were the drunk fans who were being disruptive and werent cheering either of the competitors while Trish’s fans and Johnny’s fans tried to drown out the hate.
Johnny gets Trish down on the mat and he makes her see all types of stars and stripes from the ground and pounding…. that was going on in a very non sexual manner for all you dirty minded idjits. He jumps up and gets all patriotic with the taunting and ends up flying forward once Trish is on her feet and attacking him from behind. She spins him around and pulls him in for a solid head lock as she applies the pressure while Johnny’s arms swing as signs of struggling. Trish ends up loosening the hold after a sharp elbow dig into the stomach and then Johnny takes the perfect opportunity with her being off guard to quickly go for the Freedom Bomb and then hurries to pin Trish with his fingers crossed that he gets the three count, in which he does. GOD BLESS AMERICAAAAAAAA.
WINNER: Johnny Storm via Pinfall (8:37)

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY, Mariano Fernandez, still dressed in his leather jacket and jeans, leans against a wall in a dimly lit backstage area of the Tokyo Dome. He seems to be meditating, his hand to his chin as the hoodie part of his jacket covers his hair. He breathes deeply, in silent tranquility, before opening his eyes.
FERNANDEZ: “Alexis Mercer has asked me if I remember, mang. And how could I not? I remember a lot of things, perhaps more than I should, maybe even more than I would EVER want to, mang. My head works like that. It frightens even me sometimes.”
FERNANDEZ: “I remember that Alexis Mercer was then Alexis Morrison, who sold herself like a violent, bloodthirsty killer concealed between a sweet pretty face. That’s the impression she WANTED to give, mang. Under an innocent young woman starting out there was someone who could assault someone from behind in the woods and leave them to their fate.”
He narrows his eyes, into a little smirk.
FERNANDEZ: “I mean, you want to remember things, chica, I can remember things too. I know you want to portray me in a negative light, you’re not the first one to have done so, nor certainly will you be the LAST, mang. But sometimes, unlike you and all you define yourself to be, there’s nothing hidden behind something good. There ain’t no tricks up my sleeve and there are no words I say that hide any lies, any secrets, any dark intentions about me. Sometimes things are just EXACTLY what they seem to be, mang, and I pride myself on being one of those.”
FERNANDEZ: “Hate me for it if you must. You’re not the first to have done so either, nor am I dumb enough to believe you will be the last, and at this point of my life I know, I’ve learned, there doesn’t HAVE to be a justification. If someone wants to hate me, they’ll always find a reason.”
He throws his hands, almost in quiet resignation.
FERNANDEZ: “But don’t blame me for how things have gone for you, mang. Don’t blame me for you choosing to divorce your then husband. Don’t blame me for hanging on to the lady you call “duckling”, and who kinda somewhat maybe, on-and-off, ‘cause neither I nor nobody else can keep track, handles your Twitter account, to an almost obsessive degree. For most of how your 4CW run has gone, mang, I was in another part of the card – and ever since that Fate Battle Royal in which you teamed with Jett specifically to take me out-”
He cuts mid-sentence, chuckling.
FERNANDEZ: “I KNOW I couldn’t ever pride myself on trying to paint something like that as an accomplishment, mang. I’d bear that shame forever, and I know I got plenty to bear already. But that painful attempt to get one over on me aside, I was in another place, having my own problems to deal with, while you tried so many ways, so many different times, to get people to buy into this terrible side of yours, mang.”
He looks square into the camera lens, with a little silent pause.
FERNANDEZ: “I wasn’t there when you had the brilliant idea to attempt to terrify Tara with a dead rat during her pregnancy. I wasn’t there either when you joined the mass of people antagonizing me on Twitter, after claiming you and Paige had a threesome with me together.”
He shakes his head no, his hoodie falling down with the intensity of his movements.
FERNANDEZ: “I wasn’t there for all the shit you tried on Andre Holmes, nor when you built your bad blood with Genie. All of those, chica? Those were your own choices, not mine. Your own misguided shock value attempts at getting some sliver of attention that ultimately backfired on you every single god damned time.”
He puts his hands to his hips, leaning into the camera.
FERNANDEZ: “But fear not, chica. You GOT my attention this time, my undivided attention, just for you. And unlike every other opponent that has done so much as to brush you aside, I DO care about you.”
FERNANDEZ: “So just like All or Nothing last year, this will be my way to show you. Because I SEE you as a threat, just like I did last time, as someone who wants to nip at my heels while the rest of the world is trying to put a foot on my head. And I see myself exactly as I was last time. Against the god damned wall waiting for the circling wolves to pounce.”
FERNANDEZ: “And again, exactly like I did last time, I FIGHT BACK, mang. Because I want to regain the momentum I lost to Jair. Because I want to be at god damned Fright Night. Because I can’t fathom, can’t god damned STAND the thought that YOU will be the one to beat me…”
He nods, decidedly.
FERNANDEZ: “… and because, above everything else, it’s time for me to prove that I CAN be taken seriously, once and for all.”
FERNANDEZ: “And I will, mang.”
Lowering his head down, his voice drops to a mutter, almost to himself.
FERNANDEZ: “By Talos, or Andraste, or the Maker or the god damned Emperor, I will.”
And with that, he turns around and walks away, the last shot of the camera at his back, before it fades out.

A big puff of smoke comes from a silhouetted figure as the cameras come back from commercial, shown on the big screen in the arena.
? ? ?: “4CW: you tried to hide yourselves from me, tried to hold me down, tried to force me out, but it’s not going to work. I look at all of you and I see cowards and sluts. The cowards I’ll beat into submission; the sluts I’ll beat off all over.”
? ? ?: “Nonetheless, they’ll all get what’s coming to them. It won’t matter what the authority figures here do, because the contract I just signed is ironclad; if you try to drop me, the money you require to so much as function, I will get to take with me to whatever flailing, failing federation I damn well please.”
? ? ?: “I’ll be retiring your champions left, right and center, showing all of you here what it is to BE champion and master of your domain. I was Triple Crown before it existed.”
? ? ?: “And sooner than later, your crowns will be on my head, and your titles will be around my waist.”
A big inhale, the glow of lit rolled paper and a last puff of smoke closes the scene, the big screen going black, not showing the man’s face.


Poor Raab…. such a brave man for overindulging and confessing to the world that a woman forced herself on him. Alot of fans were deeply disturbed to hear this because when you are watching videos of wrestlers trash talking your opponents, you are not expecting to hear things like…. that. Finn, on the other hand, held no sympathy for Raab and handled him just like he would handle anyone else. The fans were split in the middle, one half cheering for Raab and holding up signs for him that said things like, ‘ITS OK, RAAB’ while the other half makes jokes about him. But Raab tries to not let that get to his head while he focuses on Finn who is doing a great job with dominating the match. But Raab gets lucky with finding a blind spot and takes over with grabbing the upper, going for a sick spinebuster that even had his doubters oohing and aahing. But it didnt stop the greatest audience in the world from catcalling Raab and trying to humiliate him due to his oversharing about the sexual incident. He watches Finn get to his feet and take some steps back for space when he tries to block out the hecklers in the crowd that were trying to get under his skin but good ol Raab, he was going to tune them out because they werent as human as he was and he knew how to bounce back from traumatizing things.
Finn finds some of the fans’ negative reactions to Raab pretty comical but it doesnt break his focus from what he feels he needs to do as he lets off so many different kicks off at Raab that you would have thought Raab was getting pierced by bullets the way his body reacts to Finn’s foot hitting his body repeatedly. Everything is going just fine for Finn… until he decides to flick Raab off. Now anyone that knows Finn knows that he does this occasionally to opponents but Raab certainly didnt take it that way at all. He takes it a completely different way with thinking Finn is somewhat mocking the incident that Raab had publicly spoke about and it drives him into becoming really upset. Raab lets off a round of punches at Finn with some missing but the others connecting until he’s able to get into position for The Killerbuster. Raab goes for the pin and picks up the win.
WINNER: Lord Raab via Pinfall (8:02)

Our scene bursts to life backstage with Eli standing a few feet away from his wife with his arms folded across his chest. The look on Genie’s face isn’t exactly one that is pleased. But, of course, Eli is typically doing something completely fucking ridiculous that leads to her having that kind of scowl on her face.
G. CARLSON: “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
Perplexed, Eli tilted his head to the side slightly and looked at her with a confused expression. Yes, the same sort of look you’d get from a dog who was wondering what the fuck was going on.
E. CARLSON: “I don’t know. I turned the radio on in our hotel room while you were in the shower and I heard some fucking redneck retard shouting that at the top of his lungs. Must be some kind of weird radio anime or some shit.”
G. CARLSON: “You’re telling me. That you decided to listen to radio anime… instead of coming in the shower with me? YOU PICKED RETARD RADIO ANIME OVER SEX WITH ME?!”
Clearing his throat, Eli took a few nervous steps away from his wife.
E. CARLSON: “No. No. NO! I didn’t get in the shower and I didn’t have sex with you because you put me up for auction and Mya Denton’s relatives BID ON ME! AND YOU LET THEM WIN! So I listened to retard radio anime instead of having sex with my TRAITOR WIFE!”
G. CARLSON: “You’re going to give me your dick, Eli.”
He backed a few steps closer to the door and, as subtly as he could manage, reached for the door handle.
E. CARLSON: “Nope! NO! And you need to calm your big… gorgeous… scrumptuous…”
His gaze drifted downward from her face to her breasts as his words came out more slowly and he became more and more distracted. Clearly he was struggling with his self imposted abstinence as well. Snapping out of it a moment later, Eli cleared his throat.
Desperate to get away from the little slutty temptress that his wife was, Eli flung the door open and bolted out of it and disappeared out of sight, leaving Genie to shake her head in a strange mixture of bewilderment, amusement and annoyance as the scene faded elsewhere.

“People=Shit” by Slipknot sounds off on the P.A. system in the Tokyo Dome, and the boos already are raining down, because even though he hasn’t wrestled a match yet, Hannibal’s already earning a reputation for being a royal asshole. Asshole enough to admit to security they might need to tighten up things. It could get messy…
JOHNSON: ”Looks like the new guy, Hannibal about to make his initial appearance here, and the crowd at the sold out Tokyo Dome aren’t warming up to him.”
VASSA: ”Great, another mask wearing freak with a single word for a name. What the hell; do these guys think we’re giving out Halloween candy already?”
It gets worse; way, WAY worse…
He marches down the ramp, an uncommon move for him, since he usually prefers getting into it with fans in the stands, as long as he has enough disinfectant spray…..WEARING A GODDAMN CHINESE MILITARY OFFICER’S UNIFORM AND WAIVING AROUND THE FLAG OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA! And the hate rains down on him, considering both countries are a cunt hair away from a full blown war with each other.
JOHNSON: ”What the… is he trying to get 4CW involved in an international incident?! This crowd’s about to cut him to pieces! China and Japan aren’t exactly on friendly terms, you know.”
VASSA: ”I changed my mind about this guy; I like his style. Straight shitting on their rug as soon as he’s in the house. Still doesn’t change the fact we may need the U.S. Embassy to send in the Marines after this to save our asses, but that’s how you troll an entire country.”
Garbage and obscenities are hurled at H-Bomb, and security is barely containing this. He calmly walks up the steps to the ring, still waiving that flag around and laughing his ass off. Instead of getting pissed off, he’s making a trash angel, crowing into his mic.
HANNIBAL: ”Ahhhh, sweet, sweet, borderline too far heat! The gasoline that fuels my douchebag powers, and one of those amazing abilities is now being able to take you to the future, where the country that you once used to stab in the taint and take their lunch money on the regular is now running laps around you while eating General Tso’s chicken and mocking you for making cartoons featuring school girls getting molested by calamari. A future that is suspiciously what’s happening now where they’re advancing science, economics, becoming a juggernaut in the world scene.”
HANNIBAL: ”Bigger guns, faster trains, malls with beaches. They’re buying out companies, countries for that matter. They’re bankrolling my own stagnating sewer of a country; that says a lot about another gassed giant losing its grip. Hell, they got the bullets, bank, and the proverbial *grabs his dick* egg rolls to jump kick you in your Rape of Nanjing denying necks. And quite frankly, it’s your own damn faults pretty soon you all will have to be learning Cantonese and having to hide while you hotbox some underage girl’s panties, lest you want to end up making iPhones in a work-camp in Manchuria for the next twenty years.”
JOHNSON: ”Whoa… the place is rabid, even by our standards. God, this guy is trying to start a riot.”
VASSA: ”Even his translator’s getting pissed. This is great. Stoke those flames, beef jerky face. This’ll be so worth you getting stomped to death in the parking garage by angry, Skittle colored haired idiots for a moment like this.”
HANNIBAL: ”Hey, shit like happens when you aren’t on point anymore. Aren’t doing what you claim to do, not willing to actually make the world give a shit about you anymore besides scold you for your biggest exports these days; massive debt, billions of gallons of ocean water contaminated to the gills with Stronium 90, and some really shitty cartoons.”
VASSA: ”That’s right, stupid; turn that burner up. Anime was a mistake.”
JOHNSON: ”Vile, belligerent and disrespectful, sleazy, and borderline suicidal. I’m beginning to think he might be a long lost relative of yours, Vassa.”
VASSA: ”Don’t bring that spicy beef to my table, pal. I hear it in your voice. You don’t want any of this.”

Things are really starting to get out of hand; that’s when he stops chuckling and takes off the jacket, speaking in a more serious tone.
HANNIBAL: ”Point of Professor H-Bomb’s lecture for the class today is, well, I didn’t come out here to intentionally dick things up to raise the cheap heat thermostat; I’m doing something that honestly pisses people off. That’s tell truths. Hard, nasty, violate your beliefs and self perceptions altar boy in a confessional booth style chestnuts. If you don’t make the moves, no matter how nasty and unorthodox they are, you simply watch from the bleacher as another squad raises the trophy.”
HANNIBAL: ”4CW is a nexus; eventually, everybody comes through here. Green as grass rookies, self proclaimed multi-fed phenoms, some Perry High alumni coming back through the doors looking to make another ride to glory or redemption, or the fact management will give them a check and an alibi when the police come asking questions. And almost all of them think and bump their lips about how they’re going to be a player on the world stage. Yet, their mindsets and actions are small. Regurgitate the same lines, run the same game plan, lament about coming up short and sitting in the back with the maintenance crew making promises most of them will likely never fulfill. Not making big moves, especial off the bat, like…uh, let’s say…”
HANNIBAL: ”Coming out on stage, looking tens of thousands of cannibalistic, crack-piping, snarling dog 4CW and millions more across this shit world of ours fans in the eye and not only pissing on everybody’s shoes, but, I dunno; getting the pundits talking. Causing the Internet babies to shit their Huggies and getting outlets that wouldn’t normally give a fuck buzzing. Hell, probably get a bump in ratings just from knee jerk reactionist venting at us for how awful we are. Already paints a target on their back, already has people looking out the side of their eye what’s this dude’s hustle. Bringing something to the party a little different flavored, might end up becoming a craze. Maybe help change a culture and the pecking order with enough time”
HANNIBAL: ”Although, who’d be ballsy and brain damaged enough to make a move like that unless he’s either got a death wish, or he can somehow back it up…”
He has to stop himself, smiling with this disturbingly disingenuous sheepish grin.
HANNIBAL: ”Could be all of the above…”
HANNIBAL: ”I’m not here to make promises. Most of the time, promises aren’t worth the air expelled to utter them. All I’m telling everybody: fan, social media snowflake, wrestler, is what any history or biology teacher will explain…”
HANNIBAL: ”Sometimes, out of all the species and players that show up, truly invasive, nasty, and evolved predators show up to disrupt the environment. New company swallows up outdated competition, new regimes overthrow the old guard, and new hitters coming in and do dirt nobody else thought of or is willing to do. Again, I’m not the type to make promises, I’d just think if you see me putting up ‘Beware of Sharks’ signs on the beach, you might want to take the message into consideration.”
HANNIBAL: ”Complacency equals problems down the road. Just take a look at this latrine pit of a country. You used to be the shit. The big, bad, bully of the Pacific. But you got caught slippin’! Got way too comfortable. Now, there’s monsters across the sea dressed like me with some really sharp teeth looking to eat. I know that feeling…”
He slides out of the ring, simultaneously walking back up the ramp, enjoying the spectacle he created, and leaving one last line.
HANNIBAL: “Yes I does, indeed. I like this place already. Plenty of good eatin’s to be had.”

JOHNSON: ”Jesus. Folks, I apologize if any of you were actually offended by the content…”
VASSA: ”Change programs, then, princess. We don’t have a ‘TV MA’ rating because it’s a slick marketing ploy. Jeb’s already pissed off G.L.A.A.D to no end; why not have a whole country beefing with us? I like it; this guy came out raw. Got these nerds riled up, wanting some blood.”

JOHNSON: ”Maybe ours, if you haven’t thought about that. A bit of a break while we get this mess cleared up, then back to the action…”

American Tommy is seen walking the halls confidently as the cardboard Octane Championship sits on his hips at his waist. Tommy doesn’t have a care in the world even though he is defending against Genie Carlson later tonight, in a match that honestly is going to be harder than he would ever admit to anybody publicly. There is a few people in line in front of Perry Wallace’s door for probably no other reason than to give him a reach around while he smiles wide and moans Amanda Cortez’s name. Tommy walks right past them and into the office as Perry Wallace is sitting at his desk and on the phone. He looks down at the belt around Tommy’s waist and rolls his eyes before hanging up the phone. Tommy walks in smugly and shuts the door before he walks to the chairs in front of Perry’s desk and sits down. They stare at each other for a bit as the quiet tension surrounds them which is surprising, because these two fuckers never shut the fuck up otherwise.
WALLACE: “Hello Feets.”
Tommy glares at Perry before speaking.
TOMMY: “Hello Griffin.”
WALLACE: “You better watch out or he’s going to sue you for using his likeness.”
The cardboard Octane Championship catches Perry’s eye once more before he brings his attention to it.
WALLACE: “What the hell is this? Have you still not found the original Octane Championship? Jesus fucking Christ, Feets! I’m trying really hard here to be proud of you as a champion in 4CW but you honestly let me down every single chance you get.”
TOMMY: “For the 100th time, I didn’t lose the title, Perry. It got stolen and you should be thanking me. This new belt is 1000x better than the belt I had before and people are going to be lining up the door to take this piece of cardboard from around my waist. I mean, come on have you looked at it? Like, really looked at it? It’s going to be next to my HOF display some day.”
Perry bursts into laughter as he gives the custom cardboard championship one more look over. Shaking his head, he looks up to Tommy, unable to even keep a straight face.
WALLACE: “Are you kidding me? That belt looks like shit and you know it. Looks like some kid in slow classes made it in art class, probably spent an entire month crafting that eyesore. Shit, I bet he had his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth and everything. Don’t sit here and act like that belt is even worthy of being carried in the halls of a 4CW event. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you were the little autist that drew on that cardboard with the big, fat crayons they give you in kindergarten.”
WALLACE: “Jesus Christ…”
Perry looks down to the floor, underneath the desk for a brief moment before looking back up to Tommy.
WALLACE: “As a matter of fact I’m not, weirdo. However, what I do have here with me is something to at least give you an ounce of dignity as a champion in this company. You can’t be serious about carrying around that belt probably made out of the roof of some homeless persons cardboard house?”
Tommy looks at Wallace with a disgusted look on his face.
TOMMY: “I don’t want your ass crayon, mate.”
WALLACE: “Answer something for me seriously, please. Are you really mentally handicapped?”
TOMMY: “Of course I’m not. Is Eric your son? I see a lot of similarities.”
WALLACE: “You see a lot of similarities between you and him. That’s your brother! Don’t try to put that foot loving cuck on me, Feets!”
TOMMY: “Only you would no sell your children.”
WALLACE: “Only you would to pawn off your brother that you’re jealous of!”
Tommy looks at Wallace and shakes his head
TOMMY: “Serious question.”
WALLACE: “Eat my shit.”
TOMMY: “Shut up. Are we sure Eli isn’t related to Eric? They look an awful lot alike.”
Perry thinks to himself for a moment as his eyes drift upward towards the ceiling.
His eyes then cut back towards Tommy.
WALLACE: “I don’t give you much fucking credit so don’t tell a single soul I said this but I think you might actually be right for once. They do look very, very similar. If they aren’t related, Eli better watch out for a lawsuit from Eric for using his likeness and pretending to be him.”
Tommy nods in agreement.
TOMMY: “Eli gonna wish he got that WWH money when that lawsuit comes around.”
WALLACE: “Speaking of Eli, you have a match later on with his wife. I bet you won’t ask her during the match if Eric ever had the chance to get a turn.”
Tommy looks to the side and scratches the side of his head a bit. He looks back at Wallace and shrugs with a smirk.
TOMMY: “Why not? I got nothing to lose. You think Eli did that Parent Trap switch with Eric so he could get with Dove?”
WALLACE: “The old switch-a-roo. Actually, you do have something to lose later tonight against her.”
Reaching up underneath the desk, Perry pulls a duffle bag out and tosses it on top of the desk.
WALLACE: “That right there will be on the line later this evening. Go ahead, open it up and see what a real championship looks like.”
Tommy reaches into the duffle bag and pulls out a title and looks at it.

He studies the title a bit before putting it on the desk and looking at Perry.
TOMMY: “What is this shit? And why does it look like what Amanda did to Andre’s starfish before he licked her feet. That’s a true story too.”
WALLACE: “Does it make you jealous that he got to do all that with her before you?”
TOMMY: “Feet ain’t my kink, man. Winning and defending championships is.”
Giving a nod to Tommy, Perry leans back in his chair.
WALLACE: “Well tonight you get the first chance to defend the Octane Championship since winning it at Ante Up. Let me ask you. What have you been doing since then you lazy fuck?”
Tommy thought for a while.
TOMMY: “Not much, you know, just beat your son and father in a match with Kimi. You know, the usual.”
Leaning forward, Perry slams his palm down onto the top of the desk.
WALLACE: “If you ever disrespect my baby boy like that again I’ll slap the taste of Amanda’s feet out of your mouth!”
TOMMY: “I have nothing but respect for your son and father. I want to be at the level they are at some day before I retire to become a Harry Styles’ groupie.”
WALLACE: “Jesus Christ, Tommy. What the fuck? Whatever, we all have our dreams and whatnot. Well, if you want to be like them as you say, defending that belt tonight would be a good start.”
Tommy looks at Perry and scoffs.
TOMMY: “Defending championships is nothing that I’ve ever had a problem doing and tonight will be no different.”
WALLACE: “Well then you better get ready because if not we’ll sit here and talk the entire fucking night. Jett will probably cry about it taking up an hour of airtime and then we’ll be stuck in one of those freaky Japanese events that last longer than originally scheduled. Fuck that!”
TOMMY: “Are you talking about Fright Night last year when I wrestled for like 24 hours?”
WALLACE: “I’ve heard rumors of a legend in these parts that has wrestled entire month long matches. I’m not trying to be stuck at a show like that. I have more important shit to do.”
TOMMY: “Well, you better take that crayon outta your ass cause I don’t want to be here till 7pm tomorrow night either.”
WALLACE: “I don’t have any crayons up my ass or the patience to deal with you any longer. See yourself out, Feets. Don’t fucking lose that belt before your match!”
Tommy smiles at gets up and heads to the door.
WALLACE: “TOMMY! Grab the fucking Octane Championship off my desk.”
Tommy turns around and rolls his eyes and begins to speak while making quotation symbols with his hands.
TOMMY: “Fine, I’ll grab the ‘Octane Championship’ and put it on my shoulder for all to see.”
He picks up the championship and puts it over his shoulder and looks smugly at Perry once more.
TOMMY: “But I’m not taking the REAL Octane Championship off from around my waist.”
WALLACE: “That’s fine, find a trash can on your way to the ring to dump that piece of shit off in.”
Tommy walks towards the door as Perry goes back to calling someone on the phone. As he reaches the door he looks back and sees that Perry isn’t paying attention to him. He grabs the title off his shoulder and attempts to throw it in the trash can near the door. Perry looks up and slams his desk in a rage.
Tommy looks back and laughs at Perry and walks out of the office with both title belts in tow.


The Corners Four fans are back at it again with singing all sorts of classic songs during a Manny match while Manny shakes his head every now and then still not understanding the reason of them doing so. Alexis was moving as if she were trying to prove something and was even catching the attention of Vassa that was very short lived once Manny starts making her catch L’s quicker than a virgin busts a nut from watching internet porn. Alexis sticks close to Manny as if he’d slip out of her fingers or be out of her reach, wanting to be at least two steps ahead of him, something she was succeeding at for the moment because her Fisherman Neckbreakers were doing a great job with not keeping him on his feet for long. But one thing Manny doesnt believe in doing is giving up, I mean look at how long his doomed relationship with Paige lasts, this man has the heart to continue going on and not quitting. Alexis may have thought she was putting Manny in these tough spots but Manny had been in tougher matches and felt that he could take whatever Alexis threw at him.
Alexis on the other hand was always the butt of people’s jokes with no one seeming to really believe in her nor take her seriously, something she was very willing to try to change whenever she stepped into a ring. She felt she had the wrestling ability to really turn heads but she wasn’t sure just why she couldnt draw out that attention that alot of other wrestlers seemed to get. She had been surviving in the Corners Four for so long with so many people not making it past the first month or eventually quitting and not coming back because they couldnt hang so she felt that even if she didnt seem important in alot of people’s eyes, at least she was hanging in there. Just like she was hanging in there against Manny, even though the way he was evading her was beginning to get under her skin, her glares and frowns not going unnoticed by Manny. After Manny had countered a clothesline, Alexis gave him the bird out of frustration that had Manny smirking and doing his infamous ‘Problem??’ trolling taunt in response before charging her with a clothesline but she ducks just in time.
Alexis begins to kick it up a notch and tries to knock Manny over the ropes and to the outside but he hangs on tightly to the top rope and is able to pull himself up and get his footing onto the apron. He enters the ring with Alexis nowhere in sight until she makes her presence known by jumping off the turnbuckle and connecting with a hurricanrana. Alexis hurries for the pin and Manny kicks out right when the referee reaches two, prompting Alexis to push him back down for another pin but he kicks out before the referee can make it to one. Alexis isn’t pleased and Manny allows her to get caught up in her anger while he thinks of his next move, taking his time in getting to his feet and not rushing while keeping Alexis right in his sights. Alexis tries to swing the match back into her favor with a few impulsive punches and kicks but she was no match for the Dovahkiin Driver as she’s put down like a sick dog at the vet and pinned for Manny to get the three count victory.
WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (8:45)

The scene cuts in backstage with Eden Connors walking through the hallways, obviously a little intimidated by the size of the arena. She had changed out of her ring gear while now wearing jeans and a fluorescent rainbow colored tank top. Here and there she is caught cursing under her breath when taking the wrong way. When she finally finds her destination she takes a deep breath, and knocks gently on a wooden door. A few moments pass before none other than Alessandro Quagliaterre, opens the door. He ushers Eden in, and quickly closes the door, he walks over to the opposite wall and looks slightly surprised to see her.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Do you hear the voices Eden?”
Alessandro cups his ears by the walls, and encourages Eden to come over and do the same. She wonders what the point of this is, as she finds herself with her hand and ear against the wall, hearing nothing.
Before she can answer Alessandro responds.
QUAGLIATERRE: “My thoughts exactly!”
He nodded, as Eden was very confused.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Now tell me. What the bippity bop do you want? I got to go break a chocolate mop very soon…”
The chocolate mop was a reference to Jair. He had funny hair that made him look like a mop. Couldn’t catch a respectable fade like Alessandro had. Eden was giving him this typical bright smile when lifting her hand, stopping him from talking. He looked a little puzzled but stopped nonetheless.
CONNORS: “I am not here to take much of your time, Alessandro. I just wanted to wish you good luck for your match tonight.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “Luck? lUck? LuCk? I do not need to rely on luck. I rely on skill. I appreciate your support. You better be supporting me or I’ll cut you the fuck up. But Luck is not necessary.”
She was fully expecting his reaction. That didn’t change anything about her attitude. If anything, it made her more stubborn about the concept. Eden put a hand to her hip and looked at her mentor.
CONNORS: “I know we can’t always depend on luck, but sometimes it holds a little value too. I believe in you just like you have believed in me. I am not one of those tough gangster types and I am far from being a cunt. But you have been leading me through all of this so well, so I believe in giving back.”
He seemed ready to take the word but she wasn’t finished yet.
CONNORS: “I was scared from taking the next step, career wise, but you pushed me in the right direction. Win or Lose, I gave it my best. And I know that you will do exactly the same. You know why I admire you the most? You don’t give a … damn. It doesn’t matter to you what people think about you — or the way they address you. And that is the kind of wrestler I wanna be one day.
QUAGLIATERRE: “The world will bring you down. The world can also lift you up. But the moment you rely on others to do what you have to do, is the moment you give in to temptation. I have self value in myself, if I don’t, no one else will. This line of work we are in, professional wrestling, sure you can create friends, forge bonds, and connect with your peers, but at the end of the day, this is a dog eat dog world. You don’t look out for yourself first, you’ll be eaten alive. Figuratively speaking of course. I don’t support cannibalism. Unless you’re from a indigenous tribe and that’s your religion. That you Eden?”
CONNORS: “How am I supposed to answer that, Alessandro? My journey is just starting. I am not mad at the world. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone. No one done me wrong in my career. I want to learn from the best. I wanna fight the best. And one day I wanna be the best.”
QUAGLIATERRE: “You can learn from me. You can train with RAWGRAPS. The sky’s the limit for you, and there is plenty of potential. However at the end of the day, you’re dream of becoming the best, there is only one person stopping you from achieving that. Yourself!”
He pointed to her upper chest, NOT her boobs.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I get it you’re a gentle soul, and everyone has been good for you. But be careful Eden, that niceness of yours, and your genuine nature can be taken advantage of. You don’t want conflict, you chose an interesting career path where conflict is key, and it’s a daring move. I got you, you know I do. I wouldn’t back you otherwise. However, be careful, watch your back, you’re in a wide open ocean and while dolphins like yourself can survive, beware of the sharks, because there’s plenty of them, especially in this environment, especially in this company.”
CONNORS: “Oh, AQ. Watch some animal planet.. When in danger, dolphins can be feisty as f… hell. I will not be a victim, sir.”
When everything was said and done Eden looked for something in her pocket. Without hesitation she took his hand and opened his palm. She then winked before turning around, walking off — hopefully the same way she came. When AQ looked down he found one of those silly friend bracelets in his hand.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Is this bracelet edible?”
Eden shook her head that it was not. Alessandro looked disappointed. Eden then instructed him that it is meant to be worn. Alessandro was hesitant at first, but after Eden convinced him that it has a cat emblem on it, he wore it straight away. Alessandro loves kitties.

That old familiar tune, once used by Bronx Valescence, now employed by a man who is quickly becoming his arguable arch nemesis, “What You Know,” by T.I. blasts over the PA and the Japanese crowd erupts into a sea of polite boos. From the back, Boston emerges, Hollywood smile plastered across his face, while his arms are outstretched with air pistols attached at either end of them. He fires them off left and right into the crowd as they boo his descent toward the ring. Mocking Bronx, the handmade pistols continue to unload into the 4CW Faithful. Boston stops when he sees a sign saying, “QUEEN PHOENIX OWNS BOSTON.” He smirks and snatches it away from his detractor as he continues his march toward the ring. Once inside, he grabs a mic and addresses the 4CW fans.
BOSTON: “Folks.”
The fans rain down boos upon Boston for facetiously using one of Valescence’s age-old Twitter catchphrases. He just smiles and holds the newfound prop out to his left.
BOSTON: “I had quite a speech prepared tonight to bestow upon you all about Phoenix and that bitch’s refusal to pay me, but this sign kinda says it all- or, perhaps, it states the opposite of the truth. Phoenix can hold my checks- I have other ways of bringing in money. Her vile attempts to hurt me with a checkbook- or lack thereof- will do nothing to deter me from doing my job the best way I know how. Now, some of you may not like how I do it-”
A torrent of boos cuts the co-general manager off for a few moments.
BOSTON: “HOWEVER, you folks have been and will be witness to some of the best action this godforsaken company HAS EVER SEEN!! I do my ABSOLUTE best to bring you THE VERY best programming possible. Phoenix? She holds grudges. She sacrifices YOUR potential entertainment for her own selfish agenda. She wants desperately for 4CW to be a cult of personality, but folks? I. Will. Not. Let. That. Happen. I want to introduce you folks to a man that Phe tried to BLACKBALL from 4CW. A man that could revolutionize 4CW. A man that could easily become all of your favorite wrestler, if he’s given the chance. And folks-”
Boston pauses in order to tear up the poster he held in his hands.
BOSTON: “Phoenix’s selfish reign of terror is over. Ladies and gentleman-”
Boston points to the back with a brilliant smile painted across his face.
BOSTON: “Peter. Preston. Petrangelo!!!”
“Okay. Here we go.”

The opening lyric echoes in the arena as “The Whole World” by Outkast featuring Cadillac starts to play, the fans erupting in a chorus of boos. Coming out from behind the curtain, slowly and deliberately, comes the man of the hour: the man named Peter Preston Petrangelo, otherwise known as 3P.
Behind him, the monstrous mountain of muscle, otherwise known as Robert, follows close behind, dwarfing many of the existing talent on the roster. As 3P struts his way to the ramp, lit blunt in his mouth, Robert walks coolly and calmly, dressed in all black: tight t-shirt, cargo pants and combat boots.
3P was dressed in a full tuxedo, wearing a trench coat over his shoulders; he looked the part of a 1920s gangster. The only difference was the plethora of gold around his neck, each chain holding up a facsimile of every title he has won; the most recent ones were the ECWF’s world and “Nex*Gen” titles.
Robert moved in front of 3P as he blows smoke into the face of a booing kid, laughing as his father actually tries to take a swing; 3P laughs and flips the man off, moving back towards the apron. Being so tall, Robert reaches up and pulls down the bottom rope to let 3P into the ring, the newest Adrenaline acquisition walking up the steel steps and stepping through the ropes. Robert lets the rope go and stands, facing the ramp to stop any attempts at interruption.
3P claps and, after putting the blunt in his mouth, shakes Boston’s hand before receiving his microphone. Taking a deep breath on the burning marijuana cigarillo, he exhales a plume of smoke, heaving a deep sigh as the music fades out.
3P: ”It was a worthy attempt, Phoenix, to shut out one of the hottest and independently richest men in all of professional wrestling’s history, but when it comes to the power of the almighty dollar, all people, men and women, bow to it. So here I am, and upon my buck, Boston stays gainfully employed and Adrenaline gets a well-needed and well-deserved boost in precious liquid funding.”
The fans boo and start chanting Phoenix’s name. 3P reacts with a chuckle and a smile.
3P: ”Yes yes, cheer for the golden-brown beauty that is Phoenix Quaglia-stone cold bitch face. She is angrier than she is smart, right, Boston?”
3P turns to Boston, who laughs and shrugs with sarcasm.
3P: ”Because, quite frankly, who would turn me down? Only a woman without the business sense to truly head a company like this would do something so stupid! That is why you work with Carlson, right? You can’t be trusted to helm this ship all on your own. You talk about being the strongest woman here, and yet you still require the guidance of a man. That probably explains why she got a man who looks more like a prepubescent boy.”
The boos continue, and 3P loses his cool.
3P: ”How DARE you cheap little plebeians boo at me! I’m the best and strongest man here since… well… since this little piece of shit was wiped off the ass of its first owner, to be bought out by whomever came after! I will see a championship sooner and faster than anyone on the roster, past and present, and there is nothing you, Elijah or Phoenix McShitstain Fake Italian Name can do about it!”


Back to the ring we see Jeb Fisher already inside, awaiting his opponent for tonight’s match. He appears a bit impatient, more than likely still angry that Bad Company didn’t quite go as planned for him and his partner, Cosmo Cooper.
The arena goes dark as the opening chords of “El Phantasmo & The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” (Wine, Women & Song Mix) by White Zombie begins to surround the fans. The arena starts to flash a deep dark red then the lights slowly begin to rise to a dim setting. Nemesis can now be seen kneeling at the top of the ramp with a single red spotlight shining down on him while Preacher laughs methodically, leaning forward on his cane by his side as smoke pours upwards out of the entrance ramp as it sways around them. Noticeably different this time though is the addition of two Druids in black cloaks, one on each side of Nemesis.

POWERS: ”Hailing from Parts Unknown… Representing Salvation… THIS… IS… NNEEMMEESSIISS!!!”
Nemesis raises his lowered head, outstretches his arms, gets up to his feet and then proceeds forward slowly towards the ring with the lone red spotlight following Nemesis’ path accordingly as Preacher is walking by his side, laughing evilly to the crowd and devilishly pointing towards young children with his long, vampire-like fingernails. Nemesis walks by the fans not phased in the slightest by the cheers and chirps with his eyes solely focused on the ring before him as the Druids flank both him and Preacher. Nemesis approaches the ring steps and begins to walk up them with Preacher now trailing behind as the Druids follow. Nemesis stops at the final step, only to jump directly onto the top turnbuckle and raises his arms proudly as smoke begins to fill the ring. Nemesis now hops down into the ring, walking directly into the center of the squared circle where he falls to both knees and lowers his head similarly to how he was on the entrance ramp. Preacher again is leaning on his cane, standing by Nemesis’ side with his sinister laugh echoing even through the music playing while the Druids once again stand on either side of Nemesis in a calm demeanour with their hands folded in front of them. As the music continues, Nemesis simultaneously raises his head and outstretches his arms as the lights come on while the music begins to slowly fade off.
With no hesitation at all, giving Nemesis no time to ready himself, Jeb charges straight for him. Throwing his arm forward, Jeb connects with a forearm smash to Nemesis’ face, knocking him backwards into the corner. Nemesis bounces off the corner and lunges towards Jeb, Only to receive a knee to the gut as Jeb side steps him and pops his leg up. Nemesis buckles over and Jeb immediately clinches him, popping his leg up over and over, ramming multiple knees into Nemesis’ face. Lifting Nemesis off his feet, Jeb falls back, pulling him over his head and tossing Nemesis behind him to the mat. As Nemesis crashes to the mat, Jeb is already pushing himself back to his feet. Circling Nemesis, Jeb cracks his neck before moving in towards him. In the corner of his eye, one of the druids can be seen moving beside the ring as it trying to sneak in. Jeb quickly stops in place and shoots his attention towards the druid, stopping it from getting into the ring. Another one is on the opposite side of the ring, but Jeb remains somewhat calm, shifting his head from left to right to keep an eye on them. With them seeming at bay, Jeb then moves in towards Nemesis, cautiously pulling him up to his feet. The next few moments of the match showcase Jeb in full control, slowly wearing down Nemesis with vicious punches to the head and body.
Locked onto Nemesis’ wrist, Jeb whips him to the ropes and takes off behind him. Jumping through the air, Nemesis plants both feet on the middle rope before springboarding off. Spinning his body in mid air, Nemesis connects with a lariat as he turns to face Jeb, dropping him flat on his back. Climbing over Jeb’s body, Nemesis mounts himself into position as he begins raining down on Jeb’s head with rapid lefts and rights. Nemesis then begins smacking Jeb’s head, following it up with some trash talk of his own. You can’t hear what Nemesis is saying but you can clearly head Jeb screaming that he’s going to do things to him that you would only expect to hear from Jeb during a match. Whatever it is he’s screaming, it surely isn’t gay, it’s meant to be in a way to establish a dominance between the two. Anyways! Tired of hearing Jeb’s mouth, Nemesis fires and connects with a solid elbow to Jeb’s jaw, shutting him up instantly. Back on his feet, Nemesis kicks Jeb in the ribs a few times for good measure before pulling him up to his feet. Lifting Jeb onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Nemesis walks to the center of the ring before dropping Jeb to the mat with a Michinoku driver. He quickly goes for the pin but only scores a one count before Jeb pops his shoulder up from the mat.
The two remain on the ground for the time being, Nemesis in full control as he strikes Jeb with various pinpoint elbows to his temple. With Jeb in a daze, Nemesis climbs to his feet, along with lifting Jeb to his as well. Locking an arm around Jeb’s head and hooking a leg, Nemesis slams him to the mat with a fisherman’s suplex. Jeb is slow to get up as Nemesis stalks him, walking circles around his body while communicating with The Preacher and druids with eye contact and body signals. He then turns back to Jeb and assists him to his feet. Lifting Jeb onto his shoulders once more, Nemesis walks him over to the corner in a fireman’s carry before stepping up to the middle turnbuckle and jumping backwards, transitioning the move into a neckbreaker as they hit the mat. Covering Jeb for the pin, this time Nemesis scores a two count before Jeb kicks out. Nemesis doesn’t slow down a bit despite the kickout. He remains on top of Jeb and hits him with even more elbows to the face. On his feet, he locks onto Jeb’s wrist and goes to throw him to the ropes but before he can release, Jeb reverses and whips him to the ropes instead. As Nemesis hits the ropes and bounces forward, Jeb takes off straight for him. Leaping forward through the air, Jeb drives his shoulder directly into Nemesis’ taking him off his feet and putting him flat on his back with a shoulder block.
After a few short moments, Jeb finally stands back to his feet as Nemesis remains down, holding his shoulder in pain. Before Jeb can go on the attack again, he notices the druids moving on the outside of the ring again. He quickly begins looking back and forth, trying his best to keep both in his sights. Meanwhile, The Preacher climbs onto the apron behind Jeb. Whispers then fill the air, grabbing Jeb’s attention as he quickly spins around to see what’s behind him. The two stare at one another for a few short moments before Jeb begins firing off at the mouth. He slowly steps towards The Preacher who stands his ground, remaining on the apron. Across the ring, Nemesis slowly climbs to his feet. With Jeb distracted, he slowly sneaks in behind him. Sensing something behind him, Jeb swings his entire body around, throwing his arm up which nearly connects with Nemesis’ head had he not ducked. Lifting Jeb off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry for a third time, Nemesis then pushes Jeb’s body upward, spinning it and dropping him in front, face first onto his knee! Jeb immediately drops to one knee. Back stepping to the ropes, Nemesis bounces off and rushes in, kicking his right leg up and connecting with a penalty kick that wipes Jeb completely out. Making the cover, Nemesis hooks the leg as the official slides in with the count.

WINNER: Nemesis via Pinfall (8:49)
As the referee raises Nemesis’ hand in victory, he pulls it down and looks towards Preacher who signals one of the Druids to jump into the ring. The Druid pulls his cloak off revealing it to be longtime Salvation member Aiden Deimos! The fans begin raining down boos on the ring as the two now turn their attention to the downed Jeb Fisher. Nemesis nods to Aiden and the two men begin stomping a mudhole into a helpless Jeb Fisher.
JOHNSON: ”Aiden Deimos has shown up on Adrenaline, strengthening Salvation’s numbers!”
VASSA: ”Good luck with that Jeb.”
As the two men continuing stomping away, Preacher makes his way over to the ring announcer to grab the steel chair he’s seated on. As this is going on, Jeb manages to catch Aiden’s foot while swiping out Nemesis’ legs with a quick leg sweep. Jeb pushes Aiden back by his foot, gets up and lands a huge right and then a left to Deimos that sends him back into the ropes. Nemesis charges from behind but Jeb sees him coming, nailing Nemesis with a huge back elbow that sends him back up against the turnbuckle clutching his jaw. Aiden moves back in and starts exchanging rights and lefts with Fisher.
JOHNSON: ”Jeb Fisher is fighting back!”
As this is happening, Preacher, whose been waiting anxiously with folded chair in hand for the right moment to help out, sees the opportunity present itself and slides the chair into the ring at Nemesis feet. With Jeb now starting to get the advantage in his exchange with Deimos, Nemesis comes from behind…

Nemesis uses the chair to level Jeb in the back of the head that sends him face first to the mat. Nemesis goes ballistic with a few more nasty shots to the side of Jeb’s head and hands the chair over to Aiden. Deimos flips Jeb over onto his back, grabs the bottom and top of the chair simultaneously and starts driving the butt end of the chair’s backrest into Jeb’s face until he becomes a bloodied mess at the hands of the “Demon of Camden”.
JOHNSON: ”Nemesis battered Jeb Fisher with that chair and now Aiden Deimos has bloodied him!”
VASSA: ”Color me surprised. Just don’t use as much color as Salvation has given Jeb.”
Aiden and Nemesis lock eyes, as if they have something planned. Nemesis begins heading towards the nearest turnbuckle, while Aiden unfolds the chair and places it not too far away. Deimos now drags Jeb towards it and leads him forward over the seat. Nemesis is at the top now, awaiting for Aiden to do whatever it is he is doing. Aiden now takes both of Jeb’s arms and lays them out flat, elbows down, over the backrest of the chair. Aiden holds the arms by the wrists so that from the elbow down is being held out over the chair. He looks towards Nemesis and nods to which Nemesis proceeds to fly off of the top turnbuckle with a picture perfect Five Star Frog Splash that lands on Jeb’s forearms as Aiden let’s go and steps back…

Both of Jeb’s arms break in half as he falls sideways, down to the mat, screaming in complete agony for everyone in attendance. The crowd’s reaction says it all as you can hear a collective gasp followed by silence broken by Jeb yelling out in pain.
JOHNSON: Jesus Christ! Nemesis and Aiden Deimos look to have snapped his arms in half!”
VASSA: ”I guess he’s gonna have to learn to jerk off with his feet! Just don’t do it around American Tommy!”
4CW officials flood the ring to separate Nemesis and Aiden Deimos from Jeb Fisher whose very much down and out as EMTs head to ringside. Nemesis and Aiden Deimos leave the ring, satisfied with what they’ve done, not putting up much of a fuss as the EMTs begin to load Jeb up onto a stretcher.

The scene opens to a tight shot of the 4CW Championship and the fans cheer as it pulls wider to reveal Anastasia Hayden looking focused and the cheers only get louder as Bronx paces past the shot. Ana’s eyes follow him as he comes back across the shot pacing over and over again. Bronx is mumbling something about how this is all Boston’s fault, and Ana reaches her hand out and stops Bronx dead in his manic trance and he looks at her in the eyes. Not much needs to be said, they both know what they have to do tonight, especially after not emerging as the Tag Team Champions at Bad Company.
HAYDEN: ”Hey, you’ve beat him before. Why would tonight be any different?”
VALESCENCE: ”I don’t know Ana, maybe because the fucking guy wants to peel my skin off with barbed wire? Maybe because there’s a nutjob ringside who’s going to do nothing but cheer the both of us trying to kill each other.”
With his hands on his hips he postures an attitude with Ana as the seriousness of the situation finally comes across her face.
HAYDEN: ”So what? So what if he’s competed in a ring surrounded by fire or tried to kill my wife Kaelan. That’s all small details in the grand scheme. That’s your ring out there and you’re in his hea-“
A sudden crash of the door swinging open violently startles both of them. Ana pulls the championship off of her shoulders as both her and Bronx get into a defensive stance. Into the camera shot walks Bryan Laughlin as he promptly walks up Bronx and nearly stands chest to chest with him. The two men breathe heavily and snarl at one another as Ana, who was blocked from the camera walks in between them with her hand on Bronx’s chest creating space between the two.
Her eyes are locked on Bryan as she steps back and his eyes drop from Bronx and go to the 4CW Championship which brings a smile to Ana’s face before she slings it over her shoulder again and adjusts it confidently. Bryan then slowly moves his head back towards Bronx again.
LAUGHLIN: ”I need a moment to speak with Bronx, Ana. Could you excuse yourself?”
The uneasiness in Ana’s eyes is prevalent, after all she’s unsure just what Laughlin would want to speak with Bronx about before they go out to the ring and try to kill each other. Then, in true Ana fashion, she smiles and nods.
HAYDEN: ”Sure, what do you say I give you guys like…. Forty-nine seconds?”
Bronx tries to keep a straight face, but cracks immediately trying to use his face to hide his laugh. Laughlin’s head jerked to Ana after her wise crack but she put her hands up and slowly backed out of the scene and eventually the locker room.
LAUGHLIN: ”You think that’s funny?”
Bronx shrugs, but Bryan isn’t entertained by the pompous sarcasm oozing from the 4CW Champion. The two men share another stare into each other’s eyes, but finally Bronx has clearly had enough of the ominous monster act coming from his opponent.
VALESCENCE: ”What are you doing here, man? I know backstage attacks aren’t your thing. So if you’re here to ask me for painting tips, just get it over with.”
He holds his arms up daring Laughlin who has a smile growing on his face as he shakes his head.
LAUGHLIN: ”Your painting sucked.”
VALESCENCE: ”To each their own I suppo-“
LAUGHLIN: ”Look! Stop with this bullshit. I came to talk. All of this bullshit, you lying to the world telling them that you’re in my head and I obsess over your existence. You said some shit you can never take back.”
Bronx was drinking water and nearly spit it out just so he could get to what he has to say faster.
VALESCENCE: ”You literally said you’re going to kill me…”
The intense stare down is broken by Bryan nonverbally admitting that he did say that.
VALESCENCE: ”You want to cut the bullshit? Fine. You and I are only in this position because Boston is obsessed with us in some swimfan sort of way. The dude has always had a hard on for me, and now he has one for Kaelan.”
LAUGHLIN: ”Yeah, I know. But we have no other options than to go out there and just…”
Bryan is at a loss for words looking to Bronx for the answer.
LAUGHLIN: ”…kill Boston?”
That’s not exactly what Bronx had in mind, and he waves off the thought of it immediately.
VALESCENCE: ”Jesus, no. What is with you lately and killing? Seriously man, it’s fucking weird. Besides, we’d both be fired.”
He puts his hand on Bryan’s shoulder which is met with a laser stare from Bryan to his hand before Bronx slowly pulls away.
VALESCENCE: ”We go out there and show the world that we won’t let this separate us. There’s greater evils in this company than you or I. We’re not rivals. In the war of all this you and I are on the same side. So regardless of what happens tonight let’s keep it that way, and let’s make it very clear to Boston on OUR way to the ring.”
He raises an eyebrow and it’s returned by a smile from Bronx.
VALESCENCE: ”Yeah man… OUR.”
Bronx extends his hand to Laughlin for a handshake and after a few moments finally extends his hand, except instead of shaking hands like normal people do they grabbed each other’s forearms in a showing of honor and solidarity like ancient Roman gladiators did as the camera pulls close to the handshake and the scene fades.


It wasn’t that Alessandro wasn’t ready, it’s that Jair Hopkins was ready to take this match to a whole different level. Alessandro started off the match fair and square, looking to take down Jair and control him. Alessandro tried working over his arms, failing to do so. After several unsuccessful attempts at taking Jair Hopkins down again, Alessandro went back to what worked best for him. He began to pummel Jair, smothering him as the two moved around the ring. Whatever answer Jair thought he had, AQ had a counter for them. Landing a nice Spinebuster in the middle of the ring, Alessandro was ready to finish this match. A bit premature, and presumptuous, as Jair had no plans for that happening. Hopkins continued to fight back, finding his spots as the match went on. A Torture Rack attempt by Alessandro allowed Jair to get back on his feet, connecting with a Reverse Neckbreaker. Alessandro, aware of what was happening, did his best to stall and drag out the match. He attacked infrequently, instead taking his time around the ring as he began to avoid his opponent. The crowd did not like this, and neither did Jair Hopkins. Jair did his best to regain control of the match, and his opponent, but Alessandro was moving too much. Several times the match would head to the outside, only for Alessandro to get the better of Jair, heading back into the ring. AQ was hoping that Jair would tire from this, but he did not. Jair stayed close, and eventually waited for Alessandro make his mistake. Capitalizing on a Dreamcatcher attempt, Jair caught AQ with a Headbutt that stunned him. With AQ out of it, it wouldn’t take long for Jair to connect with the Bread N’ Butter, slamming Alessandro face-first into the mat. With his opponent down, it wouldn’t be long for Jair to head to the top. The crowd knew what was coming, as AQ was unable to move out of the way. OMFG connects, as Jair Hopkins covers him for the victory!
WINNER: Jair Hopkins via Pinfall (9:11)

A fire burned brightly. You would think that someone from the arena or perhaps even 4CW staff would acknowledge the smoke billowing out of some backstage area in the arena but no one was to be found. No one except the Speaker and Viduus Morta.
SPEAKER: “Everything went accordingly when it came to Aiden and the destruction of Jeb Fisher.”
Viduus nodded and grinned slightly. He was clutching his Pride Championship as if this would be the last time he held that belt.
SPEAKER: “All will go accordingly for you as well brother. Their awakening will be tonight. A target will be tattooed across your back with the 4CW title.”
Viduus patted the Speaker on his shoulder reassuringly.
VIDUUS: “Let them paint me however they wish. Tonight marks the night that I’ve done just another thing they all said I couldn’t. Tonight marks the night I not only compete for the 4CW championship but take it from the feeble grasp of Anastasia Hayden.”
Viduus looks at the screen the flames causing the shadows to dance around him.
VIDUUS: “4CW….your king has arrived.”

Tattoo Ari comes on and the whole Tokyo Dome sings along with Kimitsu Zombie as she walks to the ring. At first she is surprised but dives right in with the crowd, and even gives a few high fives to the people by the entrance. She grabs a mic and takes a look at her North American Championship on her shoulder while waiting for the cheers to die down.
ZOMBIE: “Konbanwa!”
She takes some time to take in the cheers.
ZOMBIE: “So tonight I’m going to answer the question of if I am a viable 4CW champion. My challenger tonight is none other than Elijah Carlson who has the same opinion anyone would have about me being a champion again. It seems to be the popular opinion that I only get these shots after I beat people who aren’t fit to be title holders in the first place. I wonder if that opinion will change if he beats me. If he has the chance to look back, will his storied career here include besting the dreaded Kimitsu Zombie? Nah… he isn’t the type of person to acknowledge those he believes to be his inferiors.”
Kimitsu looks into the camera and pulls at the ends of her eyes before continuing.
ZOMBIE: ”But Eli has something to prove as well. He came back to 4CW with the promise of a title on his lips. As it turns out he is coming for mine. I don’t blame him. This is a chance for him to make 4CW a better place and all that, but I’ve been doing that this whole time he’s been away. It’s easy for those on the outside looking in to just see the numbers and think that I am a easy win. Then you go and take a look at my matches and you see that most of those times that I fought against someone worthwhile it was always so damn close. All the others either burn out trying to beat me or die out shortly after. So, Eli, this match is going to be your test. Are you going to have what it takes to win gold once again? Are you even going to be able to keep up with my work ethic? Because I won’t stop. I will keep coming for what I deserve no matter what. That’s why I am a champion twice over. This time I’ll even prove you all wrong and defend my claim.”
Kimitsu pauses a moment before she blows up and paces back and forth.
ZOMBIE: ”So bring on Gojira. Bring on the storms. Bring on your nuclear fucking warheads. I’m home tonight, and I’m going to fight my damn heart out. Not so much for you people, but for me! I wasn’t really worth a damn to you as a punk kid, but now let’s see you cheer.”
Now she gets the mixed reactions she is used to, and she points out a few sections of the crowd with a smile.
ZOMBIE: ”There are my people. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been categorized as a failure and a loser . I’m used to that, but I know who I am. I still manage to get ahead. I got this title because I knew I deserved it. It was the same with the Pride win as well. Now I’m going to see if I did. That’s my test. All I’ve been hearing lately is everyone going ’Mediocre’ like they’re Immortan Joe or some shit. Well tonight, Tokyo… Witness me.”

Tommy is seen walking into the cafeteria and sitting down. Pam, his favorite worker, comes up to him with a glass of milk and they have a quick discussion of what he wants to eat. He takes a drink of the milk before looking into the camera.
TOMMY: “Let me clear something up for you Genie since you seem to have a memory problem. I’ve never been a member of the Adrenaline roster until the Octane arena burnt down and quite frankly I never saw myself wanting to be a member of it either, because I didn’t care to. I didn’t need to be on the “A” show in order to make a name for myself. So, let’s get something clear. I’ve never ran from Adrenaline.”
He rolls his eyes and continues.
TOMMY: “In fact, I’ve done quite the opposite. When the Battle Royal or whatever the fuck they named it that Manny would end up winning was happening I threw my name in the ring, because why not? I didn’t win. Didn’t come close to winning actually, but it was all experience that a rookie like myself needed. I went back down to Octane, because it was a one off, you know cause I was not a member of the Adrenaline roster. I kept winning on Octane, a lot actually and then at Fright Night last year I was pitted against your current 4CW champion and 3 other clowns for the Fate Championship. You want to talk about me not being able to hang with the best of them? That I’m out of my league? I walked out of Fright Night that night with Ana’s belt. I have a victory over your current 4CW championship. Laughlin? Beat him. Bronx and Ana together? Beat them. Kaz? Beat her twice. Cosmo? Beat him. TD? Beat him. Genie? Gonna beat her.”
Tommy pretends to take Genie’s name out of thin air and makes a throwing motion towards the trash can in the corner.
TOMMY: “You don’t even deserve to be listed with those names.”
He chuckles a bit as Pam comes out with a plate of food and puts it before him. He smiles at her and nods and then turns his attention back to the camera to continue.
TOMMY: “You say that you are ready for me because you know who you are stepping into the ring with, but your blatant lies about what I can do in that ring say otherwise. I’m going to stay true to my word and walk out of Adrenaline 90 still Octane Champion and there isn’t going to be a damn thing you can do about it and you know it. Ducking matches when you were running your mouth cause Fright Night qualifiers will be happening and you will be participating in those to qualify for a match? If you truly believed that you were going to beat me you wouldn’t be thinking about a match for a different title. You would have told her, “Sure, I’ll face you, no problem. I’ll roll right the fuck over you and then defend my title at Fright Night.” But nope, you didn’t. You know you’re fucking beat before we even step into the ring together. You’ve already lost. You are not going to devalue this title into something cheap like everything else you’ve done. You better be ready, Genie, or the slim chance that you have to beat me is going to disappear.”
Tommy looks down at his plate of food and smiles. There are two buttermilk pancakes, two sunny side up eggs, two bacon strips and two sausage links. On the side there are hashbrowns and toast. He points down at his food.
TOMMY: “By the way, this is a true Grand Slam, not whatever the fuck you were rambling on about on social media.”
He thinks for a bit and starts to laugh.
TOMMY: “Gatekeeper? HA. I’m about to walk right the fuck through that gate with ease. I think it’s about time you go on one of your tours again, because your comeback is going to be short lived here in 4CW. I’m going to prove that your victory over Kimi and I is a fluke and only happened because Eli was by your side making up for you dead weight.”
Tommy shrugs and smirks into the camera before starting in on his food.


It wouldn’t surprise anyone to find that Demarcus Gresham came into Adrenaline 90 focused and ready to take back the Ignition title that he had last at Bad Company to Artemis Kaiser. No more than it would surprise you to find that Artemis Kaiser had come into Adrenaline 90 focused on defending the Ignition Championship she had just won at Bad Company. One might argue that Artemis didn’t deserve to be the Ignition Champion, and that winning a battle royal was more a matter of luck than actual skill. Then again, one might also argue that a true champion manages to overcome any odds, regardless of how high they are stacked against them. The point being? Both champion and challenger had much to prove as the bell sounded and kicked off the singles competition. It’s Demarcus, using his size, who gets the advantage early by checking an early kick from Artemis designed to keep him at distance. Instantly, Gresham bullied the champion back into her own corner where he landed blows to the temple before shifting his weight and driving his boot directly into her abdomen. Pausing for just a moment, Demarcus then latched onto her arm and pulled her out of the corner to whip the champ across to the opposite turnbuckle. As Artemis ran and then turned, slamming back first into the turnbuckle padding, Gresham stayed in close pursuit, leaping into the air at the last moment for a body splash, only to have Kaiser move out of the way so that he slammed down into the empty corner.
As Gresham stumbled back away from the point of impact, Artemis swept around behind him, she then hopped up and latched her arms around his neck, dropping him down with a swift neckbreaker. The force of the neckbreaker seems to stun Demarcus just for a moment. The delay is long enough to let Artemis get back to her feet first and begin to prepare precision strikes to the inside and outside of Gresham’s knees. It’s clear her gameplan begins with taking Gresham’s base away from him by assaulting his legs viciously. Shooting in, she quickly snaps him down with a dragon screw takedown and transitions that into a kneebar that instantly has Gresham reaching for the ropes, trying to break the submission maneuver. Expertly, every time Demarcus would get anywhere close to reaching the ropes, Artemis would shift her ships and pull him back toward the center of the ring. Clearly being kept away from a rope break, Demarcus shifts his focus and pulls his free leg back, firing off a kick towards Artemis’ head which she narrowly dodges, but the distraction causes her to loosen her grip on the challengers knee and a few moments later Demarcus was free, though much worse for the wear than he had been.
With a brief pause in the action, Demarcus catches a glimpse of the Ignition Championship sitting over at the timekeepers table and though he was in pain, being able to see what he had held for some time only to have it slip away from him at Bad Company seemed to fuel him to press the action again. Artemis, for her part, ducked and dodged and did her best to keep her distance from him, staying just out of his reach and waiting for Gresham to get a bit too aggressive before making him pay with a snap kick to his tender knee, methodically trying to break him down. The pattern seemed to repeat itself with Demarcus getting a touch frustrated at not being able to connect with any substantial offense, and Artemis avoiding his reach with seeming ease. However, when he threw his next big punch and she side stepped looking to kick at his knee again, Gresham was ready and caught the kick. With brutal force he thrust his left fist forward, connecting with a jab that snapped Artemis head backward and clearly stunned her. Swooping in, Demarcus lifted her up and then dropped her down with a backbreaker before letting her body fall completely back down to the mat. Clearly starting to feel it, Gresham dropped down beside her and began doing push ups, showing off just a bit.
JOHNSON: “You would think after being on the defensive for most of the match that the former Ignition Champion wouldn’t be wasting time the way he is.”
VASSA: “Let the man have some fun, Steve. Jesus he just practically broke Artemis in half and that’s reason enough to celebrate if you ask me.”
JOHNSON: “You’re just scared of her, Vinny.”
VASSA: “I wouldn’t say I’m scared of her. I’m scared of Dakota. I’m scared of Viduus. I’m scared of spaghetti hair Nemesis. Artemis, though? She just gives me the creeps. Plus, you can never trust a lesbian.”
JOHNSON: “…. um?”
VASSA: “I mean, how does it even work? It’s like slapping two pancakes together over and over again. How is that fun? My rolls do that and it certainly doesn’t make me OH GOD in my fruit of the looms.”
JOHNSON: “Anyway, how about this match, eh Vinny?”
Through the midway point of the match, after Demarcus finished doing his pushups, things continued to go in his favor as he built momentum with each passing moment. Managing a nearfall after a massive running clothesline that turned Artemis inside out, Gresham pounded the mat in frustration as the commentators noted that perhaps he wasn’t able to put quite as much into the clothesline because of the effects of Artemis’ earlier work on his knee. Nevertheless it was an impressive clothesline that lead to him dragging the champion back up to her feet by her hair before whipping her into the corner. He then turned and quickened his pace to the opposite corner, settling in and lining her up before charging across the ring. With a loud CRACK! “Determination” connected flush with Kaiser’s jaw, the Yakuza kick stunning the champion and leaving her stumbling out of the corner. On wobbly legs she turned, trying to steady herself only to find the challenger waiting. With ease, Demarcus hoisted her up into the air and then planted her into the mat with his Black Diamond Spinebuster. Once more he positioned himself for a pin, hooking the champions leg while scowling at the referee hoping to make him start his count as quickly as possible.

Finding a burst of energy deep within her, Artemis somehow managed to shoot her shoulder up off the mat at the last second, much to dismay of her challenger. Shooting the referee a dirty look, Gresham quickly swung a leg over the torso of Artemis and then postured up into a full mount position where he began to reign violent punches down relentless. Hard lefts and rights battered the face of the Ignition Champion, her forearms becoming red as she did her best to deflect and absorb the strikes that were being levied against her. Eventually, Gresham would cease his assault for a moment and push himself back up to a standing position.
JOHNSON: “Jesus Christ someone stop the man.”
VASSA: “He’s got his eyes set on that Ignition Championship, Steve, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to let anything stop him.”
Indeed Gresham had fully seized control of the match and was gesturing to Artemis to stand up. Slowly she pushed herself up to a kneeling position, and then up to her feet fully. As she stood, Demarcus closed in on her and scooped her up once more, looking for a second Black Diamond Spinebuster. Instinctively, Artemis reacted by blasting him in the forehead with an elbow before using all of her strength to push herself free of his grip, landing on her feet and stumbling backwards a few steps as she did so. Gresham, slightly dazed, refused to let the moment slip from him and maintained his aggressiveness, charging forward toward his opponent before grabbing her by the arm and sending her into the nearby corner. Following up, Gresham charged at her but Artemis ducked out of the way once more. Halting himself before slamming into the turnbuckle, though, Demarcus smirks and taps at his temple saying he knew it was coming and then turned back to attack the champion. As he turned, though… HAND OF GOD SUPERMAN PUNCH!
Stumbling on legs that suddenly felt like jelly, Demarcus fought to maintain a standing position. THE FIRST CRUSADE! Artemis connects viciously with a rolling elbow and the challenger goes down as the crowd popped. Hooking the leg, Artemis looked at the referee who slid in and began to count.

WINNER: Artemis Kaiser via Pinfall (12:27)

The cameras are backstage to Genevie Carlson walking her way to the ring. She carries her head held high with a smirk.
CARLSON: “The time for talking. The time for dumb antics backstage is over. It’s time for me to become a Champion. Again.”
She kept walking down the hallway towards the ring as she continued to speak.
CARLSON: “It’s been almost nine months since I’ve been able to say I held a title in this company and in my opinion that’s nine months too long. I meant every word when I said I intend on bringing prestige back to the Octane Championship until I see fit to be done with it. Until I take the top prize of this company because after over TWO YEARS?! It’s my turn to be the face that runs this whole goddamn place. Instead of these frauds. Tonight. I send a message and it will be so loud not a single person that watches it? Will be able to say they didn’t hear me loud and clear.”
Genevie blew a kiss into the camera before shoving the cameraman away and leaving it to fade out on her walking away.


After being told to throw away the custom cardboard Octane Championship, Tommy thought it would be a good idea to wear it to the ring tonight for his first defense since winning it back in late July. Not only that but the foot loving idiot thought it was be an even better idea to wear it over the new Octane Championship he was presented with earlier in the evening. The camera zooms in, getting a closer look at the cardboard championship. In the top right corner it’s hard to make out exactly what he’s drawn on it. It looks like it could either be a foot or a penis, which wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone honestly. After his grand entrance, he finally made it to the ring where Genie didn’t appear to be too thrilled with his shenanigans. Before he could even remove the belts from his waist, Genie ripped the cardboard championship off herself. Tommy was furious, screaming for Genie to give it back as he stomped his feet against the mat. With a smile on her face, she then ripped the cardboard championship in half as Tommy watched, struggling to hold back the tears from his hard work being torn apart right before his eyes.
If Tommy wasn’t ready to smash Genie’s face in going into this match, he surely was after she broke his heart right in front of everyone watching worldwide. Leaping forward, Tommy extended his arms, spreading his fingers as he pressed his hands over Genie’s face. Rubbing his hands back and forth, he smeared her makeup while shouting at her, still angry for what she had done. Pulling her head away, Genie then cocked back and swung for the fences, slapping Tommy across the face as hard as she could. The sound of her hand slapping against his face was heard throughout the building as everyone watching went silent. Slowly turning his head back to look at Genie, Tommy didn’t say anything. In fact, he looked as if he were about to cry right there in the middle of the ring. Not waiting for him to make a move, Genie then spun around in place, connecting with a roundhouse kick that sent Tommy stumbling backwards to the ropes. Bouncing off, he fell forward into Genie’s arms where he was then lifted off his feet before being thrown down to his back with an Alabama slam!
Tommy laid on the mat in pain as Genie rubbed her hands together, satisfied with seeing him down and finally quiet after his temper tantrum. Climbing over him, she kneeled down, grabbing him by the head with one hand and holding it in place as she began pounding away at his forehead with rapid right hands. Standing tall, she pulled Tommy up from the mat and locked onto his wrist. Whipping him to the ropes, she waited patiently for a few short moments before charging straight for him as he bounced off and began his return. Throwing her arm forward while in stride, she went for a forearm smash as Tommy ducked underneath it and continued racing to the ropes ahead of him. As he bounced off the ropes again, Genie rushed towards him, this time going for a clothesline that missed its target as Tommy ducked once more. Hitting the ropes a third time, Tommy took a few steps forward before taking flight. Leaping through the air, he caught Genie by surprise as he kicked both feet into her chest with a dropkick!
Tommy quickly crawled on top of Genie, pressing his hands to her face once more as he began pushing her cheeks together. With both hands, Genie grabbed each of Tommy’s forearms, digging into them with her fingernails. Tommy immediately let go of her face but Genie didn’t return the favor. Instead, she keep her nails dug in, eventually drawing blood as she clawed down his arm. Unable to use his hands, Tommy slammed his head forward, hitting Genie with a headbutt. It appeared to have hurt Tommy more than Genie as he became woozy and fell over to his side as she released his forearms. The ten count shortly followed but before the official even got close to reaching the end, Genie was back on her feet and shaking off the cobwebs. Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Genie hit him with back to back right hands before kicking him in the gut and forcing him to bend over. Wrapping her arm around his head, she quickly fell backwards to the mat, pulling Tommy’s head down and planting it onto the canvas with a DDT. Rolling Tommy over to his back, Genie then made the cover as the official slid in with the count.

Surprisingly, Tommy kicked out before the official could even finish the full two count. Pushing herself up to her knees, Genie didn’t give Tommy a chance to even breath before she was laying back into his with rapid rights. Standing to her feet, she then began kicking him in the ribs a few times before transitioning into stomps across his stomach. Lifting her leg as high as she could, she then stomped down onto his stomach with all the force she could muster, forcing Tommy to lean up in the process as she air shot from his lungs. As he gasp for air, Genie lifted her foot into the air, placing the bottom of it across Tommy’s face and holding it there for a short moment. Tommy was too tired to even pull her foot away, or maybe it was because whether he wants to admit it or not, he loves feet and the idea of them being either on or in his mouth. He’s weird like that. What shocked everyone even more was the fact that he didn’t even try to take her boot off and get a sniff of her foot. Which was a good thing, because then this match would just turn into one foot fetish film and being where we are, more than likely a tentacle or two would penetrate Tommy to the point he blew a load in his pants like Jett Wilder sniffing his first piece of ass. Before things come to that point, Genie then kicks her leg straight, forcing Tommy to fall backwards and the back of his head to smack the canvas.
Rolling Tommy over to his stomach, Genie then stood over him with a foot planted to each of his sides. Reaching down, she grabbed one of his arms but before she could grab the other, Tommy pulled his arm away from her and immediately pushed himself backwards right between Genie’s legs. Once behind her, he pushed her in the back as he popped up to his feet, knocking her forward a few steps. Genie quickly shot around and rushed him. Reacting rather quickly, Tommy stepped into her, grabbing ahold of her before lifting her into the air and slamming her to the mat with his YoYo Toss Salad (hip toss). He didn’t even try to go for the pin this time, which he didn’t have the chance to because Genie pushed him off of her in no time. The two raced to their feet, both standing up at the same time. Genie lunged forward, connecting with a stiff right to his jaw. She then swung and connected with a leg. Alternating hands, she pounded away at Tommy’s head as she backed him across the ring. Spinning in place, Genie kicked her leg into the air, going for another roundhouse kick. Ducking down to avoid contact, Tommy stepped behind Genie and grabbed her by the back of her pants before going down to the mat and pulling her down as well in a quick rollup. As the official dropped down for the count on the other side, Tommy unnoticeably propped both feet on the nearby bottom rope for even more leverage as the count began.

Genie finally kicked out, but it was too late. The official had already counted to three without seeing what Tommy had done. Not wasting any time to hang around and chat, Tommy was already out of the ring and headed to the back with the real Octane Championship, and two halves of the cardboard version. Genie argued with the official but it was pointless. The damage had already been done and there was nothing going to change that right then and there.
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (9:59)

The Tokyo Dome, and honestly it was the arena to be at for tonight. The Dogs of War were minutes away from facing the 4CW Tag Team Champions, Omerta, and this match was crucial for them. The cameras shows Mark Storm fluffing on the Dogs of War jacket in the public locker room and his eyes share the same intensity of how bad he wants this win. Andre comes into the locker room with the hoodie over his head and slaps Mark on the back of his right shoulder gaining his attention.
HOLMES: ”You ready?”
Mark nodded and smirked as well after finishing his preparations.
STORM: ”Hell yeah! The Dogs of War came into 4CW to conquer and tonight, we do that by beating Omerta and show the tag team champions how pathetic they look against us.”
HOLMES: ”Facts! Ever since we teamed up, we’ve been getting a lot more opportunities and beating better competition. Two men who everyone ignored joined up and now we’re hitting radars we’ve never been on before. That is proof we don’t lie on our words and we hold our promises.”
Mark’s right arched up and Andre chuckled.
STORM: ”You know what? Since we’re in Tokyo, we should celebrate after tonight.”
Andre raised his hand up for a high five and Mark responded.
HOLMES: ”Cry Havoc-”
STORM: ”You’re paying.”
Mark tapped him on the shoulder and walked out leaving Andre stunned.
He marched out of the locker room following after him in a little tantrum.


The winners of Bad Company, and new 4CW Tag Team Champions walked into the match awfully confident. Especially considering their opponents, the Dogs of War, haven’t been all that impressive here in 4CW. Andre Holmes and Mark Storm weren’t going to let that get in the way of things, as they took it to the champions! Cyrus Riddle did his best to fight off Andre Holmes, almost putting him away early with a Stiff Lariat. Andre kept fighting though, looking to tag his partner in several times throughout the match. Mark Storm was seething with fury, looking to make a name for his group in this match. It wasn’t long before Mark stormed into the ring, a tag by Andre finally getting through. Cyrus could not handle Mark Storm, resulting in Dakota getting involved. Dakota Smith was able to keep Mark Storm quiet for a moment, taking control back of the match. Unfortunately, the egos of Omerta came back into play, as Dakota and Cyrus toyed with their opponents. This proved to be a fatal move, as it only enraged Mark Storm even more. With the crowd supporting him, and Andre Holmes having his back, Mark Storm fought his way back into the contest. Sending Dakota to tag-out, Cyrus Riddle looked to take back control of the match. Andre Holmes found his way back in, catching Cyrus with a Superkick, and Dakota with a Pele Kick. Andre’s next objective was to keep Dakota out of the ring, while Mark Storm focused in on Cyrus. With his opponent stunned, it was only a matter of time until Mark Storm cornered Cyrus. A missed Daydreamer put Cyrus in a bad spot, allowing Mark Storm to connect with the Storm Search! Certainly something pulled out of his hat, this desperation move allowed Mark Storm to pin Cyrus, while Dakota was tangled up with Andre Holmes on the outside!
WINNER: Dogs of War via Pinfall (11:58)


With another title match underway, this Tokyo crowd was ready for fireworks. Thankfully, they had Eli Carlson and Kimitsu Zombie standing in the ring. There was an air of anticipation, as both competitors squared off in the middle of the ring. Eli took the quick, and early, advantage, keeping Kimitsu locked up in the middle of the ring. He used his size advantage to make it rough for her, in the early going. A Stalling Suplex rattled the ring, hurting the North American Champion. Kimitsu held in there, connecting with a Tilt a Whirl Headscissors to send Eli out of the ring. These two weren’t done in any way, as the match continued on the outside. There, Eli saw himself on the defense, trying to do his best to get the match back into the ring. Kimitsu attempted a Running Dropkick, but Eli was able to dodge the attack, sending Kimitsu into the front row! The crowd quickly moved out of the way, as Eli set himself up. Sprinting towards Kimitsu, Eli dove over the barricade and into his opponent with a Cannonball Dive! The two crash into the chairs, sprawling out across the floor!
The crowd was certainly getting into this match, even as the action made its way back into the ring. Here, both competitors could not gain an advantage over each other. Eli connected with an Implant DDT, but Kimitsu soon fought back with a Jumping DDT of her own! It seemed like both were adamant on one-upping the other. Kimitsu connected with a Rolling Savate Kick, knocking Eli for a loop. With Eli stunned for the moment, Kimitsu looked to improve her standing in this match. Setting herself up for something big, Kimitsu steadied herself on the top turnbuckle, going for a Moonsault! Unfortunately, the risk would not pay off, as Eli would roll out of the way just in time! Kimitsu crashed hard into the mat, allowing for Eli to get right back into the contest. Before Kimitsu could even do anything about it, Eli was all over her. Eli drops her with a Swinging Neckbreaker, and a Russian Leg Sweep into the corner! With Kimitsu stunned it only became a matter of time until Eli connected with the The Prince’s Edict! Kimitsu is planted hard into the canvas, as Eli looks to cover her for the pin!

Eli is surprised, considering how much damage has been done to her throughout this match. Looking to inflict more damage, Eli picks Kimitsu up off of her feet, taunting her for a moment. Eli turns, looking to connect with Your Coronation, but Kimitsu moves out of the way! Eli lands hard, onto his stomach, as Kimitsu connects with a BANZAI GOD KICK! The Axe Kick comes out of nowhere, clipping Eli in the back of his head. Kimitsu falls down to the mat, as Eli stays still for a moment. It’s enough to get her back into the contest, as she puts Eli down with a Running Knee Strike before he can get back up. These two continue to go back and forth for a while, neither gaining an advantage as the match goes on. More and more damage is done, as Eli finally connects with Your Coronation! Kimitsu stumbles backwards, falling out of the ring! Eli is upset, as more work will need to be done to get Kimitsu back into the ring to make the pinfall. As Eli works towards that, Kimitsu bides her time as she recovers. Once on the outside, Kimitsu strikes, sending Eli face-first into a nearby set of stairs! Eli hits hard, as Kimitsu looks to end this match finally. She’s able to wait in the ring, as Eli gets back up to his feet. Frustrated, Eli charges back into the ring, looking to clobber Kimitsu with a Forearm. Kimitsu ducks, getting to Eli’s back as she goes for a Ballsplex! Eli thinks quickly, backflipping onto his feet to reverse the attempt! Kimitsu gets up, and barely misses a The Prince’s Edict attempt, putting Eli down on the mat back-first. Eli lands hard, as Kimitsu follows up with another Banzai God Kick attempt! Eli rolls out of the way, allowing Kimitsu to run up and quickly pin him with a roll-up attempt! Eli quickly gets out of the attempt, but has fallen trap to the Ballsplex! Kimitsu tosses him backwards, sending him hard into the nearby turnbuckle corner. As Eli steps out of the corner, Kimitsu lands a harsh kick to his leg, knocking him down to the mat. Eli tries getting back up, but Kimitsu finally puts him down with the Banzai God Kick! It lands square, right on the back of his head, as he collapses to the mat!

WINNER: Kimitsu Zombie via Pinfall (13:02)

The scene cuts back to ringside where we find Perry Wallace standing in the center of the ring by himself. He has a mic in hand as he slowly paces back and forth. Realizing the cameras are no on him and rolling, he stops in place, looking over the crowd before raising the microphone to his lips.
WALLACE: ”Herro Everywon!”
Nothing. Crickets from the crowd as Perry addresses them in a disrespectful manner.
Still nothing. Shrugging his shoulders Perry begins to walk around the ring.
WALLACE: ”Whatever, y’all probably can’t understand anything I’m saying anyway but there are a few who can.”
He stops in place, raising his other arm and pointing straight to the nearby camera the feed is coming from.
WALLACE: ”Yes, I’m talking about you, everyone across the world that ain’t here in Japan for tonight’s event. Now, I understand that we have had quite the show thus far and still have a few big matches in store so I’m going to cut straight to the point.”
He pauses for a brief moment as he looks over the crowd watching him in silence. Looking back to the camera, he locks his eyes on it and continues.
WALLACE: ”Fright Night.”
Raising both hands in front of him, he begins waving his fingers in a spooky like manner.
WALLACE: ”Fright Night is just around the corner and I’d like to address a few things in our first Adrenaline following Bad Company. Props to my boys in the back for winning it all. Omerta and all that… one love.”
He softly pounds his chest with his free hand.
WALLACE: ”Speaking of Omerta”, they actually had a match earlier tonight. Now things may not have went in their favor but for someone else it did. Ever since Ante Up there’s a certain someone who has been tearing it up on Adrenaline over the weeks leading up to Bad Company. A certain individual who won each and every match he had between Ante Up and Bad Company. That man just so happens to be one half of the 4CW version of Dogs of War. And please, don’t sue us for using that name here tonight Griffin fucking retard Hawkins. The fact I even mention you here tonight for your stupidity just makes me want to put a fucking bullet in my head and end it all. But then I wouldn’t be able to make this announcement.
His hand is raised to his head imitating a gun. He pulls his index finger away from his temple before walking closer to the ropes, and closer to the camera on the outside which the feed is coming from.
WALLACE: ”Andre Holmes! I’m talking about you sir. No need to come out here, I’m not going to be long at all. I just want to take a moment to name you the number one contender for the Pride Championship as of right now. You’ve earned it over the recent months with the hard work you’ve been putting in and you’re going to get your shot at Fright Night in October.”
Backing away from the ropes, he looks over the crowd once more and still nothing. I really think they may not understand him at all.
WALLACE: ”But the Pride Champion has a 4CW Championship match later tonight. Yes, you’re right, he does. So this could go one of two ways. Let’s say if Viduus is still the Pride Champion at the end of tonight’s show and the championship isn’t vacated, then you already know what you’re up against at Fright Night, Andre. And if he Viduus does pull off the unimaginable, well there won’t be a champion for you to challenge. Did I think that far ahead? Absolutely not. It doesn’t matter, because you and I both will work together to find you a suitable opponent to fight for the championship at Fright Night, if it is in fact vacated. That’s a huge ‘if’ though. The current 4CW Championship isn’t a pushover by any means and if I know my dad, she will put her body on the line to keep the 4CW Championship in her possession. So, there’s a couple different ways this could go but one thing is for sure. One way or another, Andre Holmes will be in the Pride Championship match at Fright Night!”
Perry looks over the crowd hoping for some sort of reaction but like before, nothing at all. Just silence as everyone watches as if they were showing respect and not interrupting Perry as he speaks. He shakes his head, disappointed with the lack of response from the crowd.
WALLACE: ”Tough crowd. Well if that doesn’t get you fired up, maybe this will. Let’s talk about the Warzone! And no, not the Warzone of Horrors, just the Warzone. There is no XTV or Extreme Championship anymore. That division died a while back along with Jason Cashe’s career!”
He even attempts to make a joke and still nothing. Are these people deaf? Possibly, or they could just be tuning Perry out because he’s delaying the show in only the terrible fashion that he’s very well experienced in.
Nothing. Although if someone would appreciate this it’s his son, Bronx, in the back who is probably the only one to get this reference.
WALLACE: ”With Fright Night that brings the Warzone. Eight people inside of a cage surrounding two rings side by side. Over the years we’ve seen a few variations of this match and this year’s will be just as exciting. Will the 4CW Championship be on the line? Will there be a contract for a 4CW Championship match at Winter Wasteland on the line instead? Those are very good questions that I’m sure you’re wondering. All I can say is time will tell. What I can tell you is this. Starting at the next Adrenaline, hopefully with a more energetic crowd, we will begin having qualifying matches to determine who the seven, or eight people are that will enter this clusterfuck of a match that brings out the worst in everyone. There aren’t going to be any free passes for anyone. All entrants must qualify for this HUGE match to give us the best of the best, putting their bodies on the line for one single thing… a chance at greatness. A chance to either become the 4CW Campion or to earn a chance at becoming the 4CW Champion. People are going to bleed for the opportunity to enter this match to bleed even more. There are no easy roads here in 4CW, only a road built for kings and queens to travel to greatness.”
Guess what. Still absolutely fucking nothing from the crowd. Ignoring them, Perry looks to the camera, speaking to those throughout the world who can understand the words that are coming out of his mouth.
WALLACE: ”And that just about wraps up my announcements for the evening. We have a number one contender for the Pride Championship in Andre Holmes. We have the most gruesome match in 4CW right around the corner approaching slowly, awaiting to take the pride of those who enter the Warzone. And it all takes place in Mexico City, kicking off the great Day of the Dead with a bang… on Halloween! Spooky!”
Looking over the crowd once more, Perry just shakes his head and the lack of response from them. Looking back to the camera close by, he winks before leaning over the ropes, getting even closer to it.
WALLACE: ”You guys out there understand me, and that’s all that matters!”
Pushing himself away from the ropes, Perry tosses the microphone over his head. It lands in the center of the ring with a light thud followed, but not heard throughout the entire arena. A confused look comes over Perry’s face as he turns to look at the microphone. Slowly walking over to it, he picks it up from the mat before looking at the on switch. His lips the read “wow” as he discovers that the microphone hasn’t even been one this entire time and the only people who heard him were those watching the feed as it was within range to pick up his voice.

Jumping to the back, we find the incumbent 4CW Champion, Anastasia Hayden. She stands in the center as per usual and is looking a bit away from the camera; as if she’s taking in the atmosphere of the night and understandably so given what matches follow. Ana takes in a deep breath before her view pans down to the camera and she looks into the lens.
HAYDEN: ”I’ve dedicated my life to nights like these; to matches like this one. Where I’m heading out there, ready for everything, but only expecting one result. For my career, I’ve preached that I don’t care what happens when the night is over, but I promise one thing…if I’m going down? I’m taking whoever stands across from me down as well. I’m either walking out of that ring on my own or I’m being stretchered out with my opponent. And tonight? I don’t expect anything different.”
A smirk forms on her face, but only for a moment as Ana’s bluntness takes back over. Her eyes narrow slightly.
HAYDEN: ”I’ve been knocked down, I’ve been beaten, I can’t deny that…but I’ve gotten back up every time. No one can keep me down. Not Bronx, not Laughlin, not Williams, and definitely not Viduus Morta. It doesn’t matter how big, how strong, or how terrifying these wrestlers pose themselves as…I don’t care who they are because they all fall down just the same. I took down three of the toughest men in 4CW history to get this belt and I’ll take down many more in the journey of keeping it.”
She nods confidently and takes a gander over at the 4CW Championship resting on her shoulder before looking back at the audience.
HAYDEN: ”Viduus and The Speaker can criticize everything I say like some English teacher, but they can’t criticize what I’ve done in my short time in 4CW. They can’t criticize the results I’ve delivered time and time again. I lose one match, I lose two matches…then I go on to win the 4CW Championship. I can do anything and everything in this company while Viduus clutches onto the Pride Championship because without it…he’d be another name lingering beneath me. And now he thinks we’re on even ground? Or that he’s above me?”
Ana scoffs at the thought.
HAYDEN: ”They’ve tried to pull out every card against me, but they’ve forgotten one thing…I’m simply better. On the mic or in the ring? I’m simply better. Everywhere I go? I’m better. And yeah, it’s arrogant, it’s egotistical to think like that…but I dare someone, anyone to prove me otherwise. Prove to me that when I lose, I don’t come back better than ever. Viduus can try to strike me down, but he’ll fail just like every other time. Just like when he holds onto these makeshift victories of his because it’s all he has to comfort himself as he steps into my domain once again.”
Her eyes narrow even more as she takes a step toward the camera, tilting her head slightly.
HAYDEN: ”See…I’ve called Viduus a coward, I’ve called him pathetic, weak, and everything else, but one thing that trumps all? He’s a hypocrite. At least I’ve got the self-respect to admit that I’m no different…but Viduus hides beneath it. Because he knows everything I’ve said about him? It’s true. And The Speaker protects him because he knows what will happen tonight. He knows that Viduus will just be another name when tonight is over. And if he’s lucky? He’ll avoid becoming a joke with Nemesis just like the Crooked Kingdom.”
A light laugh from Ana and her cocky grin pops back up; straightening out her look toward the audience.
HAYDEN: ”But I don’t care about jokes, what happens on Twitter, or anywhere else…I care about what happens inside a 4CW ring. And it’s in that 4CW ring where I won a Fate Championship, where I won Female Wrestler of the Year, where I won Breakout Star of the Year, where I won Feud of the Year, where I won the 4CW Championship…and where I’ll continue to keep wearing it.”
She pats the plate of the 4CW Championship proudly.
HAYDEN: ”I’m glad you’ve stepped up, Viduus.”
An actual genuine smile from Anastasia, but only temporary.
HAYDEN: ”But it’s time to put you right back down.”
Ana holds her glare into the camera as the silence build before slowly walking off frame and the scene would soon cut elsewhere in the arena.


As we pan down to ringside, we see the usuals for a death match. There’s a black sheet covering something at ringside. The ropes have been replaced with barbed wire and we pan in on the points of the wire. Weapons are scattered around ringside. We go to Johnson and Vassa. Boston makes his way out with a smirk on his face as he joins the ringside crew.
JOHNSON: “A match that has made me incredibly nervous waiting for it tonight… Bronx versus Laughlin. A death match. Vassa, you and I both know this isn’t in the ball court of Bronx Valescence.”
VASSA: “It isn’t. Laughlin is a killer. Bronx has killed dreams. Two separate type of psyche’s going into this match. I hope you brought your motion sickness pills for this one.”
We await music to hit, but it never does. Instead at the top of the ramp. Bryan Laughlin walks out onto the stage. He hears the crowd roar and then he turns to his side and Bronx Valescence walks out beside him. The two stand at the top of the ramp soaking it all in. The crowd is confused. These two are about to go to war. Bronx and Laughlin take one another’s hand and lifts it into the air. Bronx points over to BL and vice versa as they both look over to Boston as if to say, that’s for you.
JOHNSON: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in 4CW. Both of these men are coming to the ring TOGETHER before they beat the hell out of each other.”
VASSA: “Bronx and Laughlin looked over to the announce table, and I don’t think they were sending a message to anyone but you, Boston.”
Bronx isn’t wearing ring gear, he has on jeans. Laughlin is wearing a modification of his ring gear but he has on a shirt as well as jeans with a pair of gloves on. Bronx and Laughlin get into the ring. They shake hands one more time before they go to their corners. Bronx examines the ropes and shakes his head. Laughlin looks right at home. The referee signals for the bell and it sounds.

Bronx comes out of the corner and begins to circle Laughlin, he’s approaching it like a wrestling match. Laughlin watches him for a moment and then he comes out of the corner and swings at Bronx. Bronx ducks it and catches Laughlin with a few forearms to the side of the head but then Laughlin hauls off with a right hook and just puts Bronx on his ass, he follows it up with a stomp right to the side of the head. Bronx is addled early as Laughlin stomps away. Bronx tries to fight to his feet but Laughlin goes down to his knees and begins alternating which knee he catches Bronx with. Valescence goes to the outside as Laughlin sleeks underneath the barbed wire. He picks Bronx up on his shoulder and torpedoes him into the crowd! Bronx crashes and burns on his faithful fans as he tries to peel himself off the concrete.
JOHNSON: “And we’re already spilling into the crowd!”
VASSA: “The Tokyo Dome crowd is really into these two wrestlers. The best 4CW has to offer. Bronx tried to take this as a regular wrestling match. This isn’t going to win it no matter what he said.”
JOHNSON: “We see how much that comrade lasted between these two.”
As Bronx is getting to his feet, Laughlin is waiting for him to get him. He claps his hands a few times and when Bronx gets up. BL rushes him, leaps onto the barricade, he leaps off towards Bronx… BUT BROX CATCHES HIM ON HIS SHOULDER AND THROWS HIM INTO A ROW OF EMPTY CHAIRS! The crowd erupts as Bronx stands up and grabs Laughlin by the head and throws him back over the barricade. It’s Bronx’s turn to run, he leaps onto the barricade but as he does, Laughlin super kicks his leg out from under him and Bronx crashes onto the mat outside. He picks Bronx up and onto his shoulder and tosses him into the ring post! He then picks Bronx up right away and slams him onto the ring apron! Bronx is collecting himself on the outside as Laughlin follows him. With a malicious intent in his eye, he flips up the apron skirt and drops down to one knee and grabs a staple gun.
VASSA: “Oh fuck.”
JOHNSON: “Here we go.”
Trying to get away, Bronx crawls into the ring. Laughlin walks around ringside and notices a picture someone has brought of Bronx in hopes to get signed. He rips the sign away from the fan and rolls into the ring. He stands over Bronx as he is on all fours, grabs him around the neck, pulls his face up and then places the picture onto his forehead and STAPLES THE PICTURE INTO HIS HEAD!
Bronx rolls around in pain as the crowd groans. Laughlin continues to put staple after staple into Bronx’s face and forehead. Bronx rolls around in agony as Laughlin shoots a few staples off into the air. And then he brings one down into the back of Bronx’s head.
JOHNSON: “Laughlin with a message to Bronx about his vanity here.”
VASSA: “Good luck getting those out.”
Laughlin isn’t done. He lifts Bronx up and Irish whips him towards the ropes but Bronx holds up because they’re made of barbed wire. He turns around and Laughlin comes rushing in and Bronx moves, shoves Laughlin to the barbed wire back first! Laughlin winces as he looks over his shoulder. The camera pans in on the barbed wire literally ripping and pulling at Laughlin’s skin. But Laughlin just pulls away as hard as he can, his back now bleeding as he swings with another punch from Bronx, Bronx ducks and smacks Laughlin right across the face. Laughlin rushes at him and Bronx throws him head first into the barbed wire… but Bryan catches with his foot. Bronx doesn’t realize it as he grabs and rips the picture of himself off of his face. He turns around and Laughlin motions for him to bring it on. Bronx does and Laughlin drop toe holds him into the barbed wire ropes! Laughlin puts Bronx’s mouth of the wire and then grabs either side of the rope and begins pulling it back into Bronx’s mouth!
JOHNSON: “My God!”
VASSA: “Look at the blood gush from Bronx’s mouth!”
Bryan nods and pulls harder. The sides of Bronx’s mouth—the corners are bleeding and one of the spikes are digging into his tongue and his gums. Nobody has ever bothered to make a pin fall yet. Bronx kicks and tries to get away. Laughlin pulls him off and then puts his head onto the bottom rope and begins stomping his head into the barbed wire which rips Bronx’s face open even more. Laughlin grabs Bronx by his head, his face a crimson mask and then motions with a throat slit. He lifts Bronx onto his shoulders, spins him around but Bronx lands on his feet and hits an enziguri!
Laughlin lands into the corner and begins climbing to his feet. Bronx wipes his hand with his forehead and looks at the gushing blood. He then rushes forward and hits a bicycle knee right into the side of Laughlins head. BL falls to the ground and tries to pull himself up and Bronx hits him with another knee, he then pulls him up and hits a german suplex! Bryan rolls to his feet and Bronx stays on the attack. He runs forward with another knee but Laughlin moves, pulls Bronx into a full nelson SLAM!
Bryan stumbles into the corner as he stares down at Bronx who is trying to get to his feet.
JOHNSON: “Neither one of these men have ATTEMPTED a cover here.”
VASSA: “And that is by design. You don’t want to be the guy to win a death match by a fluke pin fall. You want to win it decisively.”
Laughlin shakes his head as he slides to the outside. He walks over to the black curtain and pulls it back. There’s cinderblocks. Laughlin then begins lifting them and sitting them on the ring apron. He stacks two rows of cinderblocks high and then throws a couple more in the ring. He turns to get back into the ring but Bronx is up! Bronx hits him with a forearm on the outside, and then another. Bronx then battles all the way to the apron. Laughlin steps over the cinderblocks and has his back to them. He kicks Bronx in the stomach and then puts Bronx between his legs and lifts him for a PILE DRIVER! But Bronx kicks away, he backs away from Laughlin, runs along the apron, leaps into the air…
Bronx gets every bit of it as Laughlin’s skull is split wide open between his eyes as he lies motionless on the outside, but it took a toil on Bronx too. He lands flat on the outside and a cinderblock topples from the apron onto his CHEST! He sputters and pushes it away as Laughlin lies motionless on the outside after taking the finish.
JOHNSON: “JESUS CHRIST! The apron is…”
VASSA: “ Hardest part of the ring… PLUS a few cinderblocks. There was no give there. Laughlin’s neck may be broken!”
Bronx crawls over to Laughlin and makes the first pin attempt of the match. He drapes one hand over his chest, that’s all he’s able to do. Bronx’s hair is matted with red blood at this point.

Laughlin gets a shoulder up. Bronx is shaking because of the blood loss. Again, he isn’t used to this like other wrestlers on the roster. His hand rests on the apron and we see him shaking as like a monster, Laughlin begins to rise even from taking Bronx’s finisher onto cinderblocks. Bronx leans on the apron and curses to Laughlin, he drops down and flips the skirt of the apron up to grab a huge silk bag. Getting on his knees in the middle of the ring, Bronx looks to Laughlin on the outside who tries to pull himself into the ring and he begins to pour shiny thumbtacks all over the middle of the ring as the crowd pops.
JOHNSON: “Oh no… Bronx is going where he said he wouldn’t go.”
VASSA: “Throw everything out the window in a death match.”
JOHNSON: “These two men walked to the ring together in solidarity!”
VASSA: “Nothing matters. Only beating one man until he cannot move.”
As BL slides into the ring, Bronx grabs him by the head and brings him over to the tacks. He hooks Laughlin around the neck and lifts him, he tries to drop him like a brain buster but Bryan knees him in the side of the head. The crowd is uneasy about which will go in. Laughlin drops down to one knee and gives Bronx a low blow! Bronx opens his mouth in pain. When it does, Laughlin takes a handful of the tacks and stuffs them into Bronx’s mouth! HE THEN DROPS BACK AND…
Tacks go flying from Bronx’s mouth as his head turns completely around. Tacks poke through his lips and cheeks as he lands on his back with his body at a different angle. Laughlin makes the cover!

Bronx kicks out so hard, Laughlin is on his back, looking up at the lights. Bronx slowly gets to one knee and Laughlin does as well. Laughlin slaps Bronx across the face with his gloves and Bronx slaps him back. They’re firing one another up! The slaps continue until they are forehead to forehead in the middle of the ring. Laughlin shoves Bronx on the shoulders and he goes flying into the ropes and Bronx’s back begins to shred much like Laughlin’s did! Bronx rips himself away but drops down to one knee in pain. He can’t handle it like Laughlin did. Laughlin then pulls Bronx up, pulls him into a belly to belly onto the tacks!
VASSA: “Jesus stay away from the tacks!”
JOHNSON:Bryan Laughlin is giving Bronx Valescence the tour of the death match right now. And he’s hitting every point, pun intended.”
Laughlin drops down and lifts Bronx’s face up and yells something at him. He then slams Bronx’s face down into the tacks. BL rolls out of the ring and goes underneath the ring. He pulls out light tubes which are bound together by rubber ropes. Laughlin lays three bundles on the ring apron before he gets into the ring. As Bronx is trying to get up. Laughlin boots him a few times and then places the light tubes in the corner at an angle. Laughlin then lifts Bronx up and tosses him head first towards them, but Bronx puts on the breaks, slides and stops. When Laughlin comes running towards him, Bronx kicks Laughlin right in the ribs doubling him over.
VASSA: “Whew! That was a close one.”
With Laughlin doubled over and his back to the light tubes, Bronx gathers himself in the middle of the ring, rushes at Laughlin, leaps over his back with a slingshot sunset flip. The tubes EXPLODE all over Laughlin and Bronx as Laughlin’s skin is sliced up with the tiny glass. The dust finally settles as Bronx stands up with tacks all over his back. Laughlin rolls over to his stomach and gets to his knees. The crowd, nor Bronx can’t believe it. He motions for Laughlin to bring it on. The crowd roars.
VASSA: “These two dudes are covered in blood, tacks, staples, glass. The ring is just completely covered. It’s going to take an hour to clean up for the main event.”
JOHNSON: “And we still got the main event!”
Bronx looks down at Laughlin like its a fucking horror show. He strikes Laughlin across the face but Laughlin just brings his other knee up. Then another, Bryan gets to his feet. Another and Laughlin screams in Bronx’s face and begins wailing him with rights and lefts. Bronx tries to cover up but it’s too much. Laughlin yells out and throws Bronx to the outside of the ring. He then goes back underneath the ring and pulls out a table, then he brings out a ladder. The crowd yells as Bryan pushes them both into the ring.
JOHNSON: “What else are these guys going to do? Enough is enough!”
VASSA: “We’ve seen a lot of blood in 4CW. We’ve seen guys get curbstomped. We’ve seen guys get set on fire. This has been gritty. It’s been a fight. It hasn’t been pretty.”
Laughlin looks to Bronx and picks him up. He drags him over to the ramp and lifts him and hits a brain buster! Bronx is out, and Laughlin looks to the ring, he throws a few chairs into the ring as well. Laughlin then begins to set up the monstrosity that he is trying to create. First he sets up the table. Then he grabs the chairs and sets them up. Then cinderblocks on top of the chairs, and then he grabs some more light tubes and places them at the top. The whole crowd watches in awe as he builds it and then sets up the ladder.
JOHNSON: “What is this dude planning right now?”
VASSA: “He’s going to literally bury Bronx in a death match. Look at all of this!”
Bronx is crawling towards the ring but he hasn’t got much left. Bryan meets him as he is trying to crawl into the ring. He grabs Bronx around the throat and begins choking him out. Bryan then lifts Bronx onto his shoulders and begins carrying him up the ladder. The crowd on their feet. Bryan gets to the top and looks around to the crowd and begins sizing Bronx up, he glances down to the monstrosity below, and that one glance is all it takes.
Valescence begins to fight out, he elbows Bryan a few times and goes to the other side of the ladder. The two begin exchanging rights and lefts. Whoever wins this battle may win the entire match. Laughlin hits rights and lefts and Bronx looks like he is about to let go when Laughlin steps up a wrung and then puts Bronx between his legs. He tries to lift him!
Bronx is able to hook his leg through a wrung and Laughlin can’t lift him. They both settle back to the top. Bronx sitting on top, Laughlin turns and tries to grab both of Bronx’s arms and lift him for a crucifix but Bronx fights out of this, hooks Bryan around the neck for a Valescence’s Victory but Laughlin punches him in the side. The two hang in the balance forever, they go back to trading shots. Neither of them wanting to die.
Right when it seems like one gets the upper hand the other punches back. And finally Laughlin’s head begins to doddle and Bronx slams his head repeatedly on the top of the ladder! He has a mad look in his eye as finally Laughlin lets go and Bronx tosses him to the side…

Bryan’s body lands awkwardly and the tower is so high he doesn’t break the table, only the light tubes which shatter. Bronx stands up on the top of the ladder and looks around at the crowd.
JOHNSON: “Oh no…”
VASSA: “Is he going to?”
JOHNSON: “This is high risk high reward!”
And Bronx leaps off the top of the ladder with the True Light’s Flight!

The table breaks and everything, the glass, the chairs, the cinderblocks collapse in on top of the two. The referee can barely just make out Bronx’s back pressing against the chest of Laughlin.

As soon as the bell sounds the ring crew comes out to begin to peel all of the wreckage off of Bronx and Laughlin. Nobody has their hand raised. The crowd is silent and murmuring as they watch.
JOHNSON: “Again, when you think you’ve seen it all. These men just took it to the next level.”
VASSA: “I know folks will say there’s been more brutal matches in 4CW before, but never in the career of Bronx Valescence. Bryan Laughlin may have taken years off of Bronx in this match.”
JOHNSON: “One turn of the body and this is Bryan’s match, instead, Bronx was the lucky one and landed to perfection.”
VASSA: “Anyone would be crazy to step into the ring with Laughlin after this display… wait a second.”
And the first one to move from the wreckage is Laughlin. Covered in cuts and blood he rises to his feet and stumbles over to the barbed wire ropes and stands up, leaving Bronx in the wreckage as he is still out and still losing blood. The crowd gives Laughlin a standing ovation as he stares down at Bronx. He gives the fallen wrestler a salute before he leaves the ring.
JOHNSON: “Bryan Laughlin is walking out of this ring under his own power!”
VASSA: “Another second and this match goes the other way. We all know it, and so does Laughlin.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know if Bronx will know anything for a while.”
It takes three officials to get Bronx out of the ring. He walks out with help. When he gets to the top of the ramp he weakly holds up a hand before disappearing.


VASSA: ”Goddamn it’s been one hell of a night!”
JOHNSON: ”You can say that again, Vinny!”
VASSA: ”Goddamn it’s be–“
JOHNSON: ”I didn’t mean literally.”
VASSA: ”Whatever! Tonight was been lit from the very beginning and it all comes to a close with our main event coming up next!”
JOHNSON: ”Normally you would see this type of main event at a pay-per-view but tonight here in Japan, we have the 4CW Championship on the line at Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”The Pride Champion challenging for the 4CW Championship! It doesn’t get any better than that.”
“Cry Little Sister” begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely, the Pride Championship draped over his shoulder as he looks left and right scanning the crowd.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at this time, from Parts Unknown, he is the 4CW Pride Champion, the challenger… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and licks his championship as he crawls to the middle of the ring. Viduus rises, licking the title once more before holding high for all to see.
JOHNSON: ”There he is ladies and gentlemen, your Pride Champion!”
VASSA: ”Viduus has been on quite the tear this year. As of right now, his name should be at the top of everyone’s list for wrestler of the year.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s undeniably earned that for himself. Match after match, he has been putting on great performances and surprising the critics left and right.”
VASSA: ”For the first time ever the Pride Champion will challenge the 4CW Champion. No other Pride Champion has done that in the past until Viduus.”
“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo. As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains, holding her 4CW Championship by its strap. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she starts to make her way down to the ring.
”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: ”And the champion, making her way to the ring, hailing from Steele, North Dakota…weighing in at one hundred twenty-eight pounds… she is the ‘GRAND DUCHESS’… and the current 4CW CHAMPION… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”
”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

The announcement of her name only draws more hatred from the crowd as she tosses the 4CW Championship into the ring before leaping up to the apron and climbing through the ropes. Lifting her championship off the canvas, she holds it up high for a few seconds before dragging it over to a free corner in the ring and dropping it back on the mat before she perches herself onto the top turnbuckle.
VASSA: ”The 4CW Champion is in the building folks!”
JOHNSON: ”Tonight is the first time Anastasia will defend the 4CW Championship since winning it over two months ago at Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”She had one hell of a fight to win the belt and her first defense, despite there only being one opponent, will be no different.”
JOHNSON: ”This will be the third time these two have met in the ring, one with Viduus scoring a win over her in a tag match and the other resulting in a draw when these two first went head to head after Ante Up.”
VASSA: ”If anyone has the momentum coming into this match it’s Ana.”
JOHNSON: ”While he may, Ana has a lot to prove not only to everyone else, but also herself. She isn’t going to go down without a fight!”
Grabbing the 4CW Championship from Ana, the official walks to the center of the ring before hoisting it high above his head to put on display for the Tokyo crowd. After presenting it to each side of the ring, he hands it to a member of the ringside crew on the outside before checking in with each wrestler. Getting the nod from both Ana and Viduus, the official then throws his hand into the air, signaling for the bell and officially beginning the match!

Both wrestlers slowly exit their corners and approach each other. Circling the center of the ring, neither is quick to make the first move, rather seeming a bit cautious of their opponent. The noise level in the building grows louder and louder as the anticipation rises. Finally, Viduus makes the first move, lunging towards Ana with both arms extended. He goes to grab her, but ends up empty handed as Ana side steps him before delivering a stiff kick to his ribs. The look on Viduus’ face is enough to tell the kick indeed hurt. Holding his side, he turns back to Ana who stands at a distance. Once more, the two circle the center of the ring with their eyes locked on the other. Making the first move again, Viduus lunges towards Ana, this time stepping in a swift kick to the stomach as Ana quickly reacts. Viduus’ body buckles over from the impact, leaving his head a target as Ana kicks her foot up again, aiming straight for it. Her foot collides into the side of his face, whipping his head to the side. Ana then kicks up her other leg, going for another kick to the opposite side of his face. To her surprise, Viduus throws his arms up, catching her foot between his hands. Standing tall, Viduus raises her foot into the air, elevating Ana’s entire leg. Thinking on her feet, or foot rather, Ana jumps into the air, turning her body as she whips her loose leg around, smacking Viduus in the face with it. He quickly releases her foot as she falls to the mat. Stumbling off balance, he crashes into the nearby corner.
Ana pops back to her feet and with Viduus leaning against the corner with both arms draped over the top ropes, she charges in full speed. Swinging upward with her right as she gets within range, Ana connects with a running European uppercut that forces Viduus to look up at the lights as spit flies from his mouth and into the air. With her right leg, she kicks him in the side before popping up her left and kicking him in his other side. Grabbing him by the arm, Ana locks onto his wrist before pulling him out of the corner and whipping him across the ring with all of her strength. As Viduus crashes into the opposite corner, Ana takes off straight for him. Leaping through the air feet first, she connects with a dropkick to his chest before Viduus even has a chance to think about moving out of the way. She quickly pushes herself to her feet as Viduus begins stumbling forward away from the corner. Ducking down and wrapping him up, she lifts him off his feet, up and over her head before slamming him to the mat with a Northern Lights suplex. She doesn’t release him either, she bridges it for the pin as the official quickly drops down beside them with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Viduus breaks the pin before the official can slap the mat a second time. Not wasting anytime at all, Ana pushes herself back to her feet before stomping down onto Viduus shoulder. She then jumps as high into the air as she can before coming straight down and stomping her foot onto his stomach. The impact alone forces Viduus to lean up to a seated position as the air escapes his lungs. She then positions herself behind Viduus and begins laying into his back with rapid fire kicks, each one ringing out loudly as they connect. After landing half a dozen, she then turns to the ropes behind her and takes off. Upon her return, she leaps into the air feet first, planting both onto the back of Viduus’ head with a dropkick! His body rolls forward and over a few times before coming to a stop on his back. Looking up at the lights, Viduus doesn’t expect what’s to come next as Ana rushes in, jumping into the air and coming straight down onto his face with a knee before fluidly rolling back up to her feet.
VASSA: ”So far the champ is off to a good start in her first defense.”
JOHNSON: ”We all know how these types of matches can change in the blink of an eye. With the roll that Viduus has been on lately, she needs to keep her eyes open because anything is bound to happen.”
VASSA: ”Like I said, she’s off to a good start. She gained control of the match early on and has maintained it. All she has to do now is just keep this up.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a lot easier said than done.”
Pulling Viduus to his feet, Ana holds him in place with one hand as she draws back with the other and swings to connects with a forearm to his face. Positioning herself beside him, she attempts to lift him off his feet but eats an elbow instead as Viduus swings his arm around. Ana doesn’t release him though. She goes to lift him again but is quickly stopped as Viduus smashes another elbow into her face, this time breaking himself free. Throwing his body to the side, his shoulder hits Ana’s chest, knocking her back a few steps and creating a bit of distance between the two. Viduus then swings his entire body around, throwing a power punch straight for her head. Ana immediately ducks underneath the punch, firing back with an elbow of her own to his stomach. Viduus’ body buckles over and Ana takes a few steps back before charging back in with a kick to his head. Her foot comes within inches of connecting to the side of his head before coming to an abrupt stop, caught between both of his hands. Pulling her leg in with his left hand, Viduus stands straight up, extending his right and wrapping it around Ana’s throat as she gets close enough. Squeezing her throat, Viduus then slams his head forward, hitting her with a vicious headbutt that stuns her. Lifting Ana off her feet, he then drops her across his knee with a backbreaker!
Viduus doesn’t release Ana as her body is bent across his knee. Instead he stands back up, lifting her into the air once more. Raising her as high as he can, he takes a step forward before slamming her back onto his knee with a second backbreaker. Placing his forearm across her throat, he presses down as hard as he can, forcing her head down and applying even more pressure to her bent back across his knee. Holding her with both hands again, he then stands to his feet, lifting her up once more but this time over his shoulder. Walking towards the corner of the ring, Viduus then throws Ana throw the air. Flying through the air with her arms out to her sides, Ana lands face first onto the top turnbuckle. Her head bounces up from the turnbuckle as her feet touch down to the mat. She’s clearly seeing stars as she stumbles backwards before slowly turning around. Once she faces Viduus, he kicks her in the stomach as hard as he can, forcing her to bend over immediately. Grabbing her by the head with both hands, he pulls it between his legs before wrapping both arms around her waist. Lifting Ana into the air, Viduus then takes a step forward and throws her back first into the corner with a powerbomb!
JOHNSON: ”Oh my god!”
VASSA: ”Ana started things off rather well but this has turned ugly in a matter of minutes.”
JOHNSON: ”Viduus by himself is a monster of a man to face but when you factor in the ring as a weapon, there’s only so much someone can do against someone like him.”
Ana tries to keep herself up with her arms over the top ropes of the corner but eventually slides down to a seated position with her back against it. Rushing in, Viduus plows into her with a running knee to the face. With Ana grounded in the corner, Viduus stands over her, swinging down and hitting her with back to back right hands. He then wraps his hand around her throat again and pulls her up to her feet. Dragging her to the center of the ring. Pulling her in close, he pops his knee up, driving it into her stomach. Locking an arm around her head, he then lifts her upside down into the air before dropping her back to the canvas with a brain buster. Rolling over, he lays across her for the pin as the official slides in beside them with the count.

The officials hand comes within inches of slapping the mat a second time before Ana kicks out, keeping the match very much alive. Pushing himself up to both knees with one hand planted on the mat, he swings down with his free are from the three point stance, crushing her face with a fierce right hand. Standing to his feet, Viduus circles Ana for a short moment before grabbing ahold of her and jerking her up to her feet. Whipping her to the ropes, Viduus positions himself in the center of the ring for her return. Lifting Ana off her feet, he spins her in mid air for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but before he even knew what happened, Ana locked her legs around his head, taking him off his feet and throwing him across the ring with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. The two raced to their feet, Viduus standing first as Ana was still feeling the damage of being thrown into the turnbuckle earlier. Moving in quickly, he raises both arms above his head and swings down with a double axe-handle. Bursting forward with her head down, Ana drives her shoulder into his stomach, preventing him from connecting with the double axe-handle. She drives him backwards across the ring until pressing his back against the ropes. Viduus begins slamming down onto her back with left and right forearms. Pushing through the attack, Ana reaches up and claws his face, raking his eyes and temporarily blinding him.
Viduus immediately brings both hands up to his face, covering his eyes while leaving his body exposed. Throwing both arms forward, alternating them, she hits him in the chest with multiple open palm strikes. Pulling him away from the ropes, Ana positions herself beside him before lifting him into the air and throwing him to the mat with a side suplex. Ana quickly pops up to her feet as Viduus slowly rolls over to his side and begins pushing himself up. Just as he raises to one knee, Ana hits the ropes behind her and sprints forward. Slowly looking up, Viduus spots Ana charging for him. There’s nothing he can do at this point but brace himself for what was to come. Closing in, Ana kicks her foot across Viduus’ face with an enziguri, spinning him in the opposite directing before he fell face first to the mat.
VASSA: ”Ana’s turned things back around in her favor!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a good thing too. For a moment there, I thought things might get out of hand with the devastating momentum Viduus was gaining.”
VASSA: ”You and me both! After being thrown into the corner with a powerbomb I thought for sure her back was broke and she caught the spinal stenosis.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s not how that works.”
VASSA: ”Tell that to the fucking retards who pretend to wrestle with it.”
JOHNSON: ”Um, okay…”
Ana pulls Viduus back to his feet, delivering two back to back right forearms to his face before kicking him with a stinging blow to the ribs. Taking a couple of steps back, Ana then kicks her foot up, smacking it across his face. She then kicks her other foot up, connecting with the other side of his face. Alternating legs, she begins kicking him in the face over and over, backing him up towards the ropes. Jumping into the air, she kicks both legs straight, planting them directly in his chest with a dropkick. Viduus stumbles backwards into the ropes, going up and over them. He grabs the top rope as he goes over, pulling himself towards the ring for a crash landing on the apron. Ana rises to her feet in no time as Viduus remains down on the apron for a few moments before even attempting to slowly begin pulling himself up with the ropes. Ana stands back and keeps a close eye on him, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Just when he finally pulls himself up to his feet, Ana charges straight for him. She lunges forward, throwing an elbow for his head but is quickly stopped in her tracks as Viduus reaches over the top rope, grabbing her by the throat.
VASSA: ”Viduus has a hand around her throat!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s she going to do?!”
Ana begins throwing her right arm, swinging it around and hitting Viduus in the side of the head. His grip doesn’t loosen though, it only tightens as she continues to strike him. He fight slowly begins to wear down until her punches only manage to land against his shoulder, not even really hard at all. Viduus then pulls her in to where their noses are only an inch from touching each other. He stares into her eyes for a brief moment before lifting her off her feet. He pulls her over the top rope before jumping down from the apron, throwing Ana down to the outside floor with a chokeslam!
JOHNSON: ”Viduus just pulled Ana from the ring and chokeslammed her to the floor!”
VASSA: ”This is fucking insane! How many more falls like that can she take?!”
Viduus didn’t land perfect on his way down, falling to the floor pretty hard but with Ana crashing even harder. With both on the outside, the official then begins the ten count.

JOHNSON: ”There’s the official beginning the double count out.”
VASSA: ”Double count out? This is a 4CW Championship match, we can’t have that!”
“Two! … Three!”

JOHNSON: ”If this thing ends in a draw here tonight Ana will retain her championship.”
VASSA: ”If this thing ends in a draw this place is going to erupt like a nuke dropping down on it from above.”
“Four! … Five!”

Viduus slowly begins pushing himself to his feet as Ana remains on her back with her arms spread out to her sides.
VASSA: ”Viduus is up, now all he has to do is get back in the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”It isn’t that easy. To win the 4CW Championship here tonight he must either pin Ana, or force her to submit.”
Viduus knows what must be done as he reaches down and begins lifting Ana to his feet.

Although Ana is completely drained and in a world of pain, she begins throwing punches at Viduus, hitting him as he lifts her but not quite hard enough to break herself free.
JOHNSON: ”Ana’s trying her best to get away from him but Viduus’ grip is just too tight.”
VASSA: ”I’m surprised she even has any fight in her at all after that nasty chokeslam from the apron.”

Viduus then begins to drag Ana towards the ring as she continues hitting him, not slowing him down a single step while she does.

He then throws her towards the apron, rolling her back into the ring.

Sliding in himself, Viduus enters the ring, beating the ten count and keeping the match going.
VASSA: ”And the beat goes on!”
JOHNSON: ”We now have both wrestlers back in the ring. No worries of a count out, the match will continue!”
Viduus rises to his feet as Ana crawls away in the opposite direction. Slowly stalking her, he follows behind her until she gets to the center of the ring. Reaching down and grabbing her foot, he stops her in place before rolling her over to her back. Ana’s other leg is free which she pulls her knee to her chest before kicking it straight. Her foot plows straight into Viduus’ face, knocking him back a few steps as he releases her other foot. Ana quickly begins to push herself up but not quick enough to keep Viduus from grabbing her before she rises. Holding onto her head with one hand, Viduus draws back with his other before swinging as hard as he can, connecting with a vicious right to Ana’s head. Turning Ana to face the opposite direction, Viduus then wraps both arms around her waist, Before he can lift her off her feet for a German suplex, Ana throws her arm back, hitting him in the face with a nasty elbow. She does it again and again until he eventually releases her. Throwing her arm back once more for good measure, Ana hits him right between the eyes with another elbow, this time stunning him in place. She then takes off for the ropes in front of her. Bouncing off and coming back on the return, Ana runs as fast as she can straight for him. She then leaps feet first into the air.
VASSA: ”Here it comes!”
Kicking her right leg forward, she drives her foot into Viduus face, connecting with her running single leg dropkick!
JOHNSON: ”Do you seriously have to do that each and every time she hits someone with that dropkick?”
Viduus wobbles back and forth, remaining on his feet as Ana drops to the mat. He appears to be dazed and off balance, but somehow he remains standing.
VASSA: ”Viduus isn’t going down!”
JOHNSON: ”After eating her She Was Only Seventeen he’s still on his feet!”
Ana looks up in shock at the sight of Viduus still on his feet. She rolls over to her stomach and then pushes herself up, leaving her back to him as she does so. As she pushes herself up from a three point stance, she runs straight for the ropes ahead of her once more, leaving Viduus in the center of the ring. Bouncing off and coming back towards him, she quickly has to rethink her next move as Viduus begins stepping towards her. Viduus takes a swing at her head, missing as she ducks underneath and continues trucking towards the opposite set of ropes. Viduus body spun the opposite direction after the swing and miss, and still in a bit of a daze, he was slow to even begin turning around to face her. Hitting the ropes again, Ana bounced off and shot straight for Viduus with his back turned to her. Leaping through the air, she kicked her leg forward for a second running drop kick, this one aimed for the back of his head.
VASSA: ”Here comes ano–“
Stepping out of the way, Viduus saved himself as Ana flew past him through the air. Before she could get out of reach, he quickly extended his arm, grabbing a handful of hair. Ana’s body came to a complete stop in mid air before she began to fall to the mat. Pulling down on her hair while dropping to one knee, Viduus threw her head to the mat as hard as he could.

Ana remains on her back, her vision probably blurry from the impact of her head against the canvas. Grabbing a handful of Ana’s hair, Viduus then began to rise to his feet, pulling Ana up from the mat. Once Ana was on her feet, he pulled her head back, forcing her to look upward towards the ceiling but the only thing she saw was Viduus’ eyes looking down into hers. Wrapping his arm over her face and around her head, He then lifted Ana up into the air like a reverse suplex. Holding her upside down for just a moment, Viduus then went to the mat, dropping Ana directly on her head!
VASSA: ”For Viduus maybe because Ana it’s lights out for Ana.”
Crawling over Ana’s body, Viduus covered her for the pin as the official raced over with the count.

JOHNSON: ”Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just witnessed Anastasia Hayden going down for the three count at the hands of Viduus Morta!”
VASSA: ”The Pride Champion has become the 4CW Champion!”
JOHNSON: ”This has never once been done inside of 4CW!”
“Cry Little Sister” begins playing throughout the arena as Viduus slowly begins to climb to his feet. The official goes to get the 4CW Championship from a member of the ringside crew but before he can grab it, The Speaker snatches it from the ringside crew members hands. Rolling into the ring, Speaker stands to his feet, walking slowly towards Viduus to present the championship himself. The official shrugs his shoulders and walks beside Viduus, grabbing him by the arm. As the Speaker gives the championship to Viduus, the official then hoists Viduus’ arm into the air, declaring him not only the winner but the new 4CW Champion. With his other arm, Viduus raises the 4CW Championship high above his head.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner and new 4CW Champion… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
Viduus steps forward, away from Speaker and the official, walking towards the ropes with both arms and the championship held in the air. He stopped at the ropes, overlooking the crowd in silence as his music continued to play throughout the arena. Speaker kneels down beside Ana, examining her as she remains motionless.
JOHNSON: ”What’s he doing to Ana?”
VASSA: ”Nothing, yet.”
JOHNSON: ”If something were to happen right now I highly doubt Bronx is going to be able to come down to her aid.”
VASSA: ”Nothing has even happened yet. The battle has been fought, the war is over. Viduus is our new 4CW Champion.”
Viduus slowly turns around, locking eyes with Speaker. Nothing is said between the two, only a slow nod from Viduus as he hoists the championship high above his head once more. Speaker looks down to Ana for a moment before looking away and rising to his feet. Leaving Ana’s side, Speaker joins Viduus at his side, congratulating the new champion.
VASSA: ”See, I told you!”
JOHNSON: ”Given what’s happened in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to take things even further and attack Ana while she was defenseless.”
VASSA: ”They’re not, everyone is chill. Calm down, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”I am calm, for now. I just don’t want to witness another massacre here at ringside.”
Leaving it all behind, Viduus and Speaker exit the ring. Throwing the 4CW Championship over his shoulder, Viduus leads the way as they head for the ramp.
JOHNSON: ”Thank Jesus, they’re not going to attack her any more.”
VASSA: ”They’re going to the back. You can rest easy, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”And that’s exactly what I intend to do because tonight’s event has finally come to an end.”
VASSA: ”It’s been good Japan. I always love coming to this country.”
JOHNSON: ”You’ve only been here one other time.”
VASSA: ”And I loved it then too! What’s your point?”
JOHNSON: ”Have you ever been to Germany?”
VASSA: ”Like Nazi Germany?”
JOHNSON: ”Well they aren’t exactly roaming the streets anymore but yes, the same Germany.”
VASSA: ”I have not and I don’t intend to.”
JOHNSON: ”You do realize that we’ll be in Germany in two weeks for Adrenaline Ninety-One, right?”
VASSA: ”Get the fuck out of here!”
JOHNSON: ”No, I’m serious. In two weeks we’ll be in Germany for Adrenaline.”
VASSA: ”Oh, well then.”
JOHNSON: ”You hear that folks?! Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we head to Germany for our next Adrenaline as we get closer and closer to Fright Night.”
VASSA: ”They aren’t going to bring us in on any trains are they?”
JOHNSON: ”You never know!”
VASSA: ”Fuck me.”
JOHNSON: ”No thanks, but I’m sure you can find some sleazy woman around here to help you with that.”
VASSA: ”Sleazy Ana?”
JOHNSON: ”You wish! Plus she’s a little out of it right now so that might not work too well for you.”
VASSA: ”You’re right. I’m not like Brandon Banks.”
VASSA: ”I said I wasn’t like him. No worries. I’m sure I can find a friend here with a tentacle or two.”
JOHNSON: ”Wait, what?”
VASSA: ”Nothing. Let’s go.”
JOHNSON: ”You said it! Alright folks, we’ll see you in two weeks for Adrenaline Ninety-One. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa. Good night and ching chang chong!”
The scene cuts back to the entrance ramp where Viduus and Speaker finally make their way to the top. Stopping in place and turning back to face the arena, Viduus raises the championship high above his head once more, overlooking the entire crowd. The picture then slowly begins to fade to black, Viduus being the last thing scene before the credits begin to roll.