BOOM! It sounded like D-Day as the picture opened up to a shot from inside of the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. “Adrenaline” played over the speakers as fireworks and pyro shot from the stage. The camera looked over the sold out German crowd in attendance for tonight’s Adrenaline Ninety-One. Slowly, the camera moved down the ramp, looking from left to right, taking in the entire scenery and zooming in on various signs held throughout the body of people. Yes, these signs are going to be in English because that’s the way Jesus would have wanted it.

As the camera gets close to the ring, fireworks shoot from the corner posts, lighting up the entire vicinity. Circling the ring, the camera closes in on the announcers booth where we find Steve Johnson and the REAL man of the hour, Vinny Vassa, ready to call tonight’s event.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Adrenaline Ninety-One! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and we’re coming to you live tonight from the Lanxess Arena across the world in Cologne, Germany!”
VASSA: ”And I’m you host, Vinny Vassa! Definitely no affiliation whatsoever with zee Germans.”
JOHNSON: ”Zee Germans?”
VASSA: ”Yes, zee Germans!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re in Germany tonight, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I know that and I just wanted to make it loud and clear that I am in no way, shape, or form associated with these people, zee Germans.”
JOHNSON: ”If you say so, big guy! We’re on our second stop in our world tour as we head into Fright Night just a month away. Two weeks ago, we were in Japan where we crowned our new 4CW Champion!”
VASSA: ”Indeed we did, Steve. Viduus Morta, also not associated with zee Germans, went in with the Pride Championship around his waist and walked out with the 4CW Championship on his shoulder. Boy oh boy, has that man been on quite the tear!”
JOHNSON: ”That he has and Fright Night is just around the corner where we have the Warzone as the feature main event.”
VASSA: ”Is it just the Warzone? Is it the Warzone of Horrors? Tell me something, Steve!”
JOHNSON: ”That much isn’t clear. Not much is known about this year’s Warzone other than we have three of possibly either seven or eight qualifying matches right here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Only three?”
JOHNSON: ”Correct.”
VASSA: ”Jesus fucking Christ who’s booking these cards, Boston?”
JOHNSON: ”As a matter of fact he has taken credit for it.”
JOHNSON: ”What’s wrong?”
VASSA: ”Anyone else notice how the ratings tanked from the last show, really since Boston has been in the position that he’s in?”
JOHNSON: ”The Adrenaline before Bad Company turned out rather nicely.”
VASSA: ”No thanks to him! That’s the hard work and effort of this roster we have. Someone needs to get Boston on a leach because my pretty face doesn’t stand a chance at bringing the ratings back up with that schmuck calling the shots.”
JOHNSON: ”Wow, tell us how you really feel.”
VASSA: ”I just did. Let’s cut to the back and get this over with. I need a stout drink to put up with the autism that man Boston possesses.”
VASSA: ”You fucking said it. Cut the camera to the back, we’re done here! We’ll be right back folks.”

The Scene comes up backstage in the hallways in Cologne, Germany. He’s wearing his ring gear as he starts to walk towards the ring to face off against Hannibal. Chris has become quiet on twitter for a reason and that reason being is because he had to make sure that all his time and efforts were on the match and not bantering with people. Chris has learned a lot in this business and it may not be the best…but it’s who he is and what he’s trying to do. Chris stops as he looks at the camera in front of him and he starts talking.
MATTHEWS: ”You know, I came to 4cw for a reason. You all can talk shit about me and who I am. But when it comes down to it…I’m a professional wrestler. Unlike everyone else, I don’t need to go into people personal life to drag them down, If I want to drag people down I’ll do it in the ring and in that ring, I fight. I bleed. I tough it out.”
MATTHEWS: ”Everyone who knows me knows that I’m not 100 percent for a reason. I hurt my leg during a match and yet here I am going into a match against Hannibal not because I want to…but because I have to. I have to prove I’m the better person and prove that I have what it takes to make it to the top. But there is one man that doesn’t deserve it and that is 3P. The man that I’ve beaten back in ECWF. The man that I put down to the ground because I saw him for the little worm he is.”
Chris chuckles as he continues to walk forward.
MATTHEWS: ”3P, I can’t wait to see you get your ass kicked tonight in the center of that ring. Will I get my ass kicked against Hannibal? Maybe? Maybe not? But the difference between you and me 3P is that I don’t run from a fight and I don’t run from a company. I guess we’ll see how long you last here.”
Chris just shakes his head and moves past the camera as the scene fades to the ring.


Chris just dropkicked Hannibal in his nose…. well where he’s supposed to have a nose at as Vassa wonders what made Hannibal go and overdose on plastic surgery until he ended up noseless just like Michael Jackson. Chris works Hannibal into the corner with that confidence overriding any nervousness he may have in this match as he continues building up a nice momentum and feels that he could have this match in the bag very soon. But Hannibal surprises him with hurriedly getting that eye poke in undetected and then fights his way out of the corner with punches aimed at Chris’ blind as if he’s trying to blind him. Chris is stumbling back and ends up falling to the mat after tripping over his own foot, rubbing his eyes lightly and blinking constantly from the irritation he’s feeling due to that sneaky eye poke. Hannibal is just loving it, eating it all up before he yanks Chris to his feet and purposely slams a fist into his right eye to try to prey on any weaknesses that he can find. Hannibal wasn’t sure what was more thrilling to him right at this moment, the fight or his opponent in agony as he continues the job well done of owning Chris.
The laughs didn’t begin until Hannibal gets Chris into that corner and works him until Chris falls down into a seated position. And that’s when Hannibal decided to back up…. only to come dashing forward for a Bronco Buster on Chris that had the audience cracking up at the sight. Even Vassa chuckled before calling Hannibal more derogatory terms and said that all the weirdos in 4CW got wrestlers signing up thinking it’s Halloweentown now. Chris didn’t appreciate Hannibal’s latest move but of course Hannibal doesn’t care what Chris doesn’t appreciate as he pulls Chris to his feet but Chris was quicker with throwing an impulse punch to display his anger and followed up with a second swing that was enough to get Hannibal to back up and give Chris some space between them. It was also enough for Chris to quickly move forward as he goes for a twist and shout to bring the upper of the match back home to his side. Chris doesn’t allow Hannibal to get to his feet as he knees him in the face to make Hannibal fall back onto the mat and straddles him to let off a few punches to the face as the audience counts along until a few drunk fans mess up the count with getting the numbers all jumbled up and effing the whole count up like tard tards.
Satisfied, Chris finally lets up on the punches rises with confidence in feeling that he’s conquered the match. Even though the audience has been acting like they were against both opponents, he still felt good from them counting along to the punches… until they messed it up in true Corners Four fashion. Feeling like it’s time to put this match to rest, Chris baits Hannibal into taking a swing so that he can duck and slip behind him to wrap his arms around him and throwing all his weight back for german suplex with that bridging pin as Chris risks it all for a hopeful three count victory. The referee slaps his hand down on the mat once and goes to do it a second time but Hannibal manages to break the pin before that hand touches the mat. The ever so professional Chris keeps his cool but it doesn’t stop his eyes from narrowing at Hannibal as he gets to his feet and bends down to reach for Hannibal’s hand when Hannibal throat punches Chris out of nowhere. As Chris gags and holds his throat, Hannibal is on his feet and taking Chris down with a clothesline to take back control of the match. Chris coughs continually from how hard Hannibal punched him in the throat while the careless Hannibal seems pleased with his work while giving Chris an assist to his feet by yanking him up to stand.
One minute and a Northern Lights Suplex Pin later, Hannibal taking the win for this match looks pretty promising…. that is until Chris broke the pin right after the ref got to 2. Hannibal is none too pleased about this and shows it by getting to his feet first before yanking Chris onto his in an aggressive manner like a dad ready to toughen up his soft son. Chris managed to escape from Hannibal’s clutches with a European Uppercut and a gut kick to help by him time in getting away from Hannibal so that he could catch his breath if even for a moment. When he feels he’s good to go, he rushes towards Hannibal and manages to hold his own while the Hannibal throws haymakers like he’s trying to take Chris out but without succeeding as Chris fights back and gets an opening to go in for an attack with USHIGOROSHI! Chris is going for the pin but Hannibal pokes him quickly in the eyes and punches Chris in the face before getting to his feet, the temporarily blinded Chris not knowing what was to come until he’s on the mat from Hannibal’s Late Term Abortion. Hannibal goes for a swift cover to get the three count win!
WINNER: Hannibal via Pinfall (7:51)

Backstage, the camera follows DA #TROLL GUY, Mariano Fernandez, dressed in his traditional leather jacket and faded blue jeans, as he enters the Lanxess Arena, looking concentrated as he starts walking down the hallway.
It didn’t take him long to reach the catering area where he spotted his upcoming opponent, Eden Connors. She was sitting, on her own, at one of the tables — scrolling through her phone. Rainbow coloured headphones covering both her ears, while she carelessly ate the salad in front of her. When spotting him she waved like a maniac, smiling. Manny smiles back, and comes over, standing at a fair distance.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo. How you doing, mang?”
It took her a moment to get rid of her headphones and turning down the volume. She looked up at him.
CONNORS: “I am doing good. Nervous as always. What about you?”
There was a brief pause.
CONNORS: “What a silly question. You probably wrestled a hundred more matches than I have.”
Mariano sighs, shaking his head.
FERNANDEZ: “And I’ve been nervous on JUST as many, chica. That’s just part of what being a wrestler is.”
He takes his hand to his chin, looking away for a split second.
FERNANDEZ: “Or perhaps that’s just a part of being me, mang.”
However, once he turns back to her, he goes back to his usual jovial expression.
FERNANDEZ: “But you ain’t got nothing to worry about, mang. It’s me. We’ll shake hands once we’re in there as you said, and after that, it’s just a match. Though that doesn’t mean… that I’m going to take it easy on you, mang. Because I know you won’t either, and that’s just the way things should be.”
Without hesitation she nodded her head, her eyes still focused on his face. It was hard to not grin back, but she understood what he tried to say. Or better, teach. Although he probably didn’t know it in that very moment.
CONNORS: “I think some people easily forget that this is a sport. Everything is always war. Maybe it will happen to me down the road, but right now I am just honoured to be a part of this industry, you know? I have watched so many great matches in the past years and hope that one day I have people say: She is one of the best.”
When looking down at the table she shoved her plate away.
CONNORS: “I meant what I said, every word of it. You are one hell of a competitor and I can respect the way you treat this business. No matter what people have to say about you. And if it isn’t for anything else, I wanna learn that.”
Manny nods at her, still smiling, though there is a grave manner in the slowness of his nod and the shutting of his eyes before looking at her again.
FERNANDEZ: “Aye. When I was a rookie, I felt just about the same. I still do, after all. For five years since my debut I’ve been blackballed from the business, and only three years ago did I manage to return. And even then, I felt the same then as you do now. And that’s what I came back to 4CW for as well, after Fright Night 2017. Sometimes it feels like I’m fighting against fate, mang.”
He clenches a fist, however, filled with determination.
FERNANDEZ: “But if being one of the best is something that it turns out to be denied me, I will at least make certain people will remember, chica. That someone at least had it in him to fight against fate.”
He waves it off, after that.
FERNANDEZ: “But that’s just me getting philosophical, mang. You don’t need to hear that. All you need to know is there are things I need to fix. It happens that you are my opponent, but had it been everyone else I would have said the same thing. Rookie or veteran, good or bad, champion or card-opener. You’re a fellow wrestler, just the same as I. And in the end, the best way we can talk is only one.”
He points with his thumb to the stage.
FERNANDEZ: “Inside the ring.”
A bright smile formed on her face when she got up from her chair. She put her phone on the table and put her hands to her hips.
CONNORS: “Quite the philosopher you are, Manny. But I know what you trying to say. We are fighters. We make our money by kicking other peoples asses. So why not enjoy what we are doing. I have found my passion in this business and I know you found yours too. Even though your path seems unclear at the moment.”
She took a step forward and took one of her bracelets off. It was yellow and purple. There was a small silver star on it. Without waiting for his response she put it in his hand.
CONNORS: “Every star has to leave its orbit at points. Why? To shine brighter than anyone else could have ever expected, Manny.”
Mariano closes his hand and nods at her once again.
FERNANDEZ: “My deepest appreciation for the present, chica. And as a matter of fact-”
He reaches into his leather jacket, producing a small plastic bottle, that he places in front of her at the table.
FERNANDEZ: “… I do seem to remember you wanted to know about the secret for my GLORIOUS soccer mom hair, right?”
He shakes his head, making his hair billow in the air, before stifling a chuckle in a “PFFFFFFTTCH!” sound.
FERNANDEZ: “Oh, and by the way – that pretzel and beer you mentioned, chica. My treat. You’re the new one in 4CW after all!”
The two of them share a laugh, exchanging salutations once more before Manny follows the way to his locker room.


Two former champions of WWH clash in the middle of a 4CW ring and show the world that they were too good for a place with delusional doctors and soft owners who shied away from responding to anyone who came at that pathetic company. They even copied a tournament after one of the 4CW owners and still are ranked low when it comes to the best wrestling companies in the world. But it wasn’t about that sobfest of a company right now, oh nooooo it was about big booty Alicia trying to mess up that pretty face of Finn’s as the two unleash on one another. Alicia quickly gains the upper hand with a few shoot kicks and then a roaring forearm when Alicia changed her attack strategy up a bit. Finn goes down but he’s back onto his feet as quickly as his back touches the mat as he fights fire with fire with a few kicks of his own, even kicking high enough for his foot to drive into Alicia’s chest in a way to force her back when she tries to come charging forward. Alicia was able to get out of the way of Finn’s kicks and fight back with a few quick jabs until Finn caught her in the face with a back elbow to regain the lead, a Michinoku Driver showing Alicia who was boss at least for this moment as Finn tells Alicia to give the fuck up.
Pretty boy Finn definitely has a temper that is not so pretty, having came so far from when he first ventured into the company with wanting to prove that he was belonged in this ring and wouldn’t allow wrestling in a place like WWH to define him. Cementing himself as a 4CW wrestler, he was going to make sure that if Alicia felt him tonight in this ring as he handles her well for the next few moments and easily counters any of her striking attacks. It wasn’t until Alicia had to switch up the game real quick and take a few steps back to put that space between then before making her move with charging forward suddenly when she made it seem like she was trying to retreat. Both collide as they grab a hold of the other and it turns into a battle of the strength until Alicia stomps on Finn’s foot and punches him right in the jaw with a follow up punch landing on the left side of his face. She then dropkicks him quickly when she feels he was about to make a grab for her and then slaps her ass as the men in the audience cat call with plenty of ‘OH YEAAAAAAH BABY’s while Vassa also can’t help himself but to comment on Alicia’s ass. Finn, of course isn’t fazed by Alicia’s jiggling ass and would rather see the cheeks on her face jiggle as he’s slamming her to the ground, that thought being more than enough motivation for him to hurry back onto his feet.
While Alicia has some men in the audience riled up in excitement, Finn is riled up to take her down and takes great pleasure in doing just that as he moves quickly and looks for an opening through their trading of blows back and forth but before he can act on it, Alicia is irish whipping him to the ropes. But this seems to work in Finn’s advantage as he bounces off the ropes and comes back with a spinning wheel kick that connects and sends Alicia to the mat. While Alicia is recuperating on the mat, Finn refuses to let her live as he jumps into the air and lands on her with a jumping knee drop, getting up and going for a second as he plans to have her in so much pain that it’ll make ending this match just that much easier. He was interested in draining the power of an opponent like most competitors aim for because he knew that an opponent in alot of pain also helped to do the trick in becoming victorious in a match just as well. Call it brutal but wrestling wasn’t really some soft kind of sport where you expected to feel no pain or take no losses, 4CW was the real deal and that’s why it remains open while all these other wrestling companies that glorify instathots and horrible wrestling families tend to fail and close after proclaiming to be the best. Finn pulls Alicia to her feet and is caught in the midsection with a kick out of nowhere as Alicia goes for a clothesline but Finn ducks and charges Alicia who spins around and…. FENIAN RISING! Finn quickly goes for the cover and scores that one, two, three pinfall!!!
WINNER: Finn Whelan via Pinfall (8:04)

Were backstage in the parking lot as a black limo approaches. The limo stops as the driver gets out of the limo. He walks to the back to open it as none other than Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, emerges out of the limo. He is wearing an expensive suit as always with a black tie as he looks on with a serious face. He smirks briefly as he makes his way into the arena. As he walks backstage, Hartman just so happens to be there. Hartman looks surprised to see Hollywood again as its been almost a month since Hollywood was last seen on Adrenaline with a seemingly plan in place as Hollywood put it. Hollywood sees Hartman and shakes his head as he approaches Hartman.
HARTMAN: ”Well, if it isn’t my good friend, Mr. Hollywood. How are you doing tonight, Brian?”
Hollywood stands his ground and shakes his head noticeably.
HOLLYWOOD: ”Whoa, hold up Hartman…first off we are NOT friends! Just because I gave you some extra cash a few weeks ago doesn’t make us friends! I have NO friends here in 4CW! 4CW is a toxic place right now because of the people who run this company! This company is not the same company I came back to! But I can assure you that will change!”
HARTMAN: ”What do you mean by that? I don’t see anything wrong with 4CW! Why all the threats? You haven’t even been around for a few weeks so what makes you think there is something wrong with 4CW?”
Hollywood just smirks and shakes his head in disbelief. He looks around backstage as he remains silent as he doesn’t immediately answer Hartman. Hartman remains poised as he goes deeper into his question.
HARTMAN: ”You haven’t answered my question. You said you had a plan already in motion and you came back bold and determined. I can personally recognize you from your past and I know that your back to your usual self. You said you were going to take over 4CW. I want to know HOW you’re going to do that.”
Hollywood lets out a methodical laugh as he adjusts his tie. Hollywood shakes his head at Hartman as if he knows he’s one dimensional.
HOLLYWOOD: ”Hartman…do you REALLY expect me to actually tell you my plans? That would ruin the fun! But you really don’t get it, Hartman. I mean just look at me…I’ve conquered every place I’ve been! I took over PWX, I took over HOW and HOW wasn’t even easy to take over but I did. Not only did I take power, on the very last episode I won ALL the titles in the company as I defeated the pathetic Darin Zion! It’s not about the titles though….at least not in the beginning. It takes patience and the right timing to execute everything. That’s what I’m going to do here in 4CW.”
Hollywood remains serious as Hartman doesn’t exactly know what to say.
HARTMAN: ”Seriously though….why are you back in 4CW? I understand you conquered HOW and PWX, but 4CW is different. This is a big company with some seriously good athletes. There’s no way you can bring 4CW down!”
Hollywood smirks again and I just laughs at Hartman’ one dimensional thinking.
HOLLYWOOD: ”You just don’t get it do you, Hartman?! I’m a man of POWER and MONEY and I ALWAYS get what I want! I understand 4CW is nothing but political biasness and I don’t really give a flying fuck! The political bullshit that goes on around here will soon end! I didn’t come back just to fuck around! There is nothing that can stop me from what I’m going to do! People around here may talk bullshit about me but they don’t realize the man I am! The EXECUTIVE is BACK!! NO ONE will know when I will strike but I assure you it will be very soon and 4CW will never be the same!”
HOLLYWOOD: ”Perry….I advise you to get more security because I’m about to turn this company upside down! I WILL own everything in 4CW and conquer everyone and everything just like I used to! The old brain dead Hollywood is gone and yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, is back! I promise all of you that the first strike is coming…..very very soon! The mind games that I will pour onto all of you will be so powerful that none of you will be able to escape the fate that will befall you! It is my DESTINY to rule EVERYTHING I touch! 4CW will be no different and every single authority figure will fall and bow to me! It’s only a matter of time!….a matter of time! 4CW….just like my own company and every company I’ve been in….will be mine! Let the doubters come forward because they will be the first ones to fall! Mr. Executive is here to stay and you never know when I’m going to strike…..just that a preemptive strike WILL occur……SOON! 4CW will never be the same and I will wash away the filth of this company one by one and seize every single title that this company has…all the while as I take CONTROL in my OWN authority and you can BET that as an EXECUTIVE PROMISE!…”
Hollywood looks around for a bit as he leaves Hartman confused with so many questions and not enough answers as mysterious confusion befalls on Hartman. Hollywood looks around one more time with a huge smile on his face as he exits the arena once again and gets back in his limo as the limo drives away from the arena as the show goes back to the ring.

SANCHEZ: “… ‘R and R’ they said… Take a few weeks off to calm your shit and refocus.– Said every road agent ever to be gainfully employed. It was pretty generic, flat-packed advice but I took it all the same. Why wouldn’t I? A little time to weave a more intricate web as I watch the flies from my vantage point. A little time to lick my wounds and learn a thing about underestimating unknown commodities. Rest and relaxation– I bit at the chance to brood heavily in the background intentionally of course… Only then can I come back like type-two herpes, ruining the gangbang with one fatal thrust.”
The scene pans out to show a small coconut resting atop a portable folding table. Inside of which lies a cocktail constructed ironically out of Malibu; a coconut flavoured spirit.
SANCHEZ: “There’s nothing wrong with coming in second place… You’re new here, that was a stellar performance Dave… Kaiser’s on fire right now, it was just the wrong time…. You could have won that just as easy as she did, shit you even outlasted the champ!”
A nondescript swimming pool, empty but for one occupant. In the background a hotel, or perhaps a country club of some kind dominates the horizon. It’s glass plated windows shimmer in the sun as Sanchez climbs out of the pool, his body glistening as he snatches a towel from a nearby stand and dabs his upper body dry before continuing on his tangent.
SANCHEZ: “Agents… they say things that I’m guessing sound like reassurance to them but by the time they hit my eardrums, man, the pleasantry is forgotten and all that remains is the facts. I was outperformed on the night by a wrestler who honestly deserves to be where she is… and there’s zero fuckin’ shame in that– Zilch. None. Nada.”
Taking a seat upon a plastic lounger, Sanchez sips from his cocktail once before tossing the tiny umbrella aside along with the straw and pouring the contents directly down his throat. Sure, he was a little drunk, but two years ago he’d have been unconscious in a bathroom stall with a needle sticking out of the gap between his two biggest toes. Progress was indeed being made here, of this he had no doubt.
SANCHEZ: “In 2016 I debuted here in a triple threat match against Mariano Fernandez and some random dude in drag. Mariano came out on top and frankly… I’ve not even let go of that little blip on my revenge radar, so where do you think that leaves you sweetheart?”
He smiles eventually– a rare exposure of emotion. It was more of a sneer really but teeth are showing at least. One of those shit-eating, ‘I know something you don’t know’ kind of grins that made people just want to lash out and ragdoll him across a room.
SANCHEZ: “The time for rest, relaxation, kittens and rainbows has come to an end now. There’s no such thing as a runner-up award in professional wrestling and that’s exactly how it should be. So don’t think I’m out here going full Maddox and just blaming the fuckin’ breeze for my own shortcomings– haha, that’s not my style. I fucked up with Mariano and now, in true form… I fucked up with Kaiser.”
Settling down, he grabs a pair of sunglasses from the table neighboring his deckchair. Almost whispering, he motions for the camera to come closer, closer and closer still. Finally, mere inches away from his mouth, not but a few words are heard.
SANCHEZ: “… I will not fail three times, not at this and not at anything else in life. I will have my name engraved on all the gold available to a man of my stature Mark my words 4CW… someday soon– It’s going to be me you’re overpaying for, it’s going to be me your kids are booing and i’s going to be my fuckin’ ugly ass mug on your cereal boxes. Get used to this fuckin’ face folks. I’m here to stay, see you all in Canada, eh.”


The Corners Four audience was actually behaving tonight with not confusing Manny tonight with singing any songs from the the early 2000s. Both competitors were getting cheered on from the crowd as they performed in the ring and showed why this company boasted the best roster in the wrestling world. Manny seemed very concentrated with no distractions and Eden kept her mind on the prize as the two spent the first half of the match feeling each other out with trying to see what the other had up their sleeves before just letting loose on one another. They fought like they had laid everything on the line tonight and the determination in their eyes seemed to help fuel them with never ending energy. Coming back strong from countering Eden attempting a fallaway slam, Manny went for a jump swing DDT and smiled that smile of his as he looked out from the ring towards the rolling cameras. Eden popped up from that mat and came for Manny like a woman on a mission, dipping underneath his swinging arm to make it to the back of him for a backbreaker. As Manny drops to the mat, Eden could have taken the perfect opportunity to get a good kicks in on that back to add to the pain and have something to target for the upper throughout the match but good gal Eden wasn’t about that as she instead works on his legs with targeting those.
While Johnson praises Eden, Vassa of course has to counter with a few rude remarks such as asking Johnson did he find Eden attractive because he felt like she had an okay face when she didn’t smile which seemed to irritate Johnson a bit and go on to ignore his partner and call the match. Once Manny is back on his feet, he decides to target Eden’s arm but since Eden can’t stop swinging on him, the former 4CW Champion just decides to wing it and go with the flow of just trying to put her down and possibly tire her out by going for some big moves such as The Stormcloak Elbow once she’s on the mat and even a shooting star press once he comes off strong from the turnbuckle post. Manny makes sure to use his size and strength against Eden to keep the upper hand for a bit as it works pretty well in his advantage while Eden tries to find a way to break through this defense of his so that she can take the lead. But Manny shows no signs of stopping as he’s on the go, not letting Eden even take a breath or bat an eyelash everytime he collects her from the mat just to plant her back into it. But Eden most certainly wasn’t the one you should be quick to count out as she manages to change things up a bit driving her elbow into Manny’s face the next time he pulls her onto her feet and it helps with buying her some time that she doesn’t take much of when she flies into action with a spinning neckbreaker.
The transition from Manny’s power moves to Eden kicking it up with displaying her speed helps better set the mood of the match as Eden makes a run for it towards the turnbuckle where she jumps on the post and quickly comes down with a missile dropkick that puts Manny down on his back and possibly seeing stars. But that doesn’t keep Manny down for long as he’s on his feet and Eden is off of hers, having made a second trip to the turnbuckle and is now attacking with a second missile dropkick that keeps Manny from not getting up as fast as he had done after the first one. The Eden fans rejoice as Eden gives out a slight small before her expression returns to being focused as she stalks Manny while he picks himself up from the mat. As soon as he’s on his feet, Eden is rushing forward to knock him back off his until Manny side steps out of the way to try to prevent any sudden attacks. Eden sticks to just battles Manny with a series of martial arts kicks that seem to do the trick while Manny works hard to try to evade them the best way that he possibly could but not being able to with the amount of speed Eden was displaying with coming closer whenever Manny tries to back away. Manny stops backing away and ends up catching Eden’s foot when she goes for another kick and goes for a dragon screw and then an arrow in the knee. Manny is readying himself as he watches Eden get back onto her feet but doesnt give her anymore time to herself as he quickly comes nearer and goes for the kill with the Dovahkiin Driver. Eden drops as so does Manny afterwards as he covers her and gets a successful three count.
WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (7:59)

It’s one of those days that Lord Raab finally had the chance to be on camera, despite doing his work of selling merchandise for the day as a way to get up close and personal with the fans. It was still happening even in his hometown, he had more fans with him than ever before and it was a chance for them to go on camera too.
RAAB: ”I’ve never been happier than I am as of late to wrestle in 4CW and certainly happier and motivated today because of getting the chance to wrestle in front of my home fans, basically where my wrestling career started all those years ago and my family or most of them since my twin brother Konrad wrestles elsewhere on Wednesdays.”
A lot of fans started to go where Lord Raab is as a way of interacting with the fans to give them a chance to go on camera as he needed to show everyone he was helping out and being the kind of guy who volunteers to help out.
RAAB: ”I know I said things last week about my past and why I got into the business, but I wasn’t going to be a weak coward anymore to hide my past and it almost killed me mentally when I hid it for all those years. I’ve not held back and hidden about my life anymore, unlike Dakota Smith who for some reason hides his past of why he kills defenceless animals like the time he killed a rat and ate it on camera like a weak pathetic human being he is, I know the stronger human being is me.”
It wasn’t something he was going to hold back on because it felt like it was more OK for someone to eat and kill defenceless animals than it was to tell the world about his rape and possibly his love for Samuel McPherson.
RAAB: ”You guys think it was fine for him to kill and eat rat on camera? No, it’s not and I’m calling him out for it because Dakota is a worthless man who can’t actually kill people who can fight back. Dakota will never change because he’s too scared to move on with his delusional life and evolve himself to be a wrestler without resorting to violence and weapons. I’ve moved away from that part of me because here in 4CW, unlike you, I want to be in uncomfortable situations of surrounding myself with fans and getting media attention I’ve never gotten before.”
Raab nods as since he opened doors to himself to the world, he had fans asking him questions, even encouraging men around the world to open up to the days of them being raped by women or even by other men.
RAAB: ”You’re just predictable with anything you do because you act like you’re incapable of being a human being when actually, you have emotions like everyone, just you pretend to hide it and it occurred to me that you underrated me in the match. That’s another sign of weakness to know I’ve beaten you in the past, you idiot. Just because you have beaten me many times before, doesn’t mean you will succeed again, especially when I’ve changed and only you’re stupid enough to not tell the differences.”
Of course, Raab did mention weak a lot to Dakota, but he never felt anything he did was a strength, despite calling Raab weak, but his point was a lot more valid than Dakota’s was, especially he had experience hiding his life from the world before. A quick camera shot was shown with his family and his husband sitting at ringside before the cameras go back to Lord Raab and speaks again.
RAAB: ”It’s OK, you can call me a joke because I will be the last person laughing when I beat you in the middle of the ring tonight because unlike you, I need to be in that Warzone match for many reasons not just to win the 4CW title which honestly, you’ve already won and don’t need another 4CW title reign, but also to prove to the world I can wrestle people in barbaric cage matches without resorting to using weapons and making someone bleed on purpose. If I can be positive to the world, you can, but scared Dakota has no chance in winning this match, heck not when I have fans behind me in my hometown to cheer me on.”
For the first time, Raab passes the microphone to the fans who say this in German.
FANS AT MERCHANDISE STANDS: ”Bereite dich darauf vor, von Raab Raabiniert zu werden.”
Raab continues to help sell merchandise as he does receive a ton of requests for autographs which he kindly gives for the fans and having pictures with the fans which the camera crew got a quick glimpse of what Lord Raab does on camera as the cameras then go back to ringside to see what happens next.

Arena lights go down allowing spotlights to take over. The start of “Nightmare” by Nyxx plays over the sound system. Interference soon interrupts the live video feed and transitions where one minute there’s the upper-levels of the crowd and the next is a shadowy woman walking down a dark and empty hall. Within seconds, the Alexis Mercer logo appears across screens. Once everything gets back to normal Alexis arrives in the arena wearing her ring gear and a Fright Night shirt in the audience before walking down the stairs heading toward the ring in a timely manner. Her eyes focused on the ring as she moved passed multiple hands from the audience in the arena Alexis reaches the barricade and stops. Her eyes survey her surroundings giving it one last glance while tightening her fingerless glove straps than with rather swift, Alexis Mercer hops over the barricade.
She starts circling the ring until stops instructing Powers to hand over the microphone. He extends his hand holding the microphone just as she snatches it away from him and then looks at the mic before wedges it between her belt and her pants. Alexis climbs to the apron and then hops on the ring ropes with her legs crossed, Alexis reaches down for the microphone while holding onto the top rope.
The cameraman positions himself in the ring for a zooming shot as Alexis Mercer lifts the microphone to her lips. She can hear that thundering roar coming off the Cologne crowd in the arena.
MERCER: “Who’s ready for some graps? I know I am.”
Loud cheers come from the crowd.
MERCER: “It’s been a while since I’ve had someone I have never been in a 4 Corner Wrestling ring. I mean I’ve only had Mariano since coming back, but while I enjoyed our bout nothing has me more excited than facing Bronx Valescence. The former 4CW Champion looking to regain something that he should have pushed harder to get. Maybe then we wouldn’t have the Halloween version of skinny Sir Topham Hatt getting his hands on the 4CW championship. He has to live with that fact for the rest of his career. This is more than just Anastasia failing to get the job he particularly handed her on a silver fucking platter.”
Alexis pauses.
MERCER: “You fucked up, Bronx. Whether you are looking to admit it to yourself or not. The burden is on you to bear. I understand your friendship with Anastasia Hayden is deep. I got your friendship with Ana has had its ups and downs recently. We all know. You made the grave mistake choosing to remove yourself at Ante Up and then by having the mistake getting yourself pinned by Tommy at Bad Company when the tag team titles were up for grabs in that tournament. I know, Bronx, you tout yourself as the greatest of all time. Even the greatest sometimes stumble and fall from grace. It’s only going to get worse from here on out. You see, I may have my step-sister by my side tonight in this handicap match, but don’t think I won’t enjoy the moment get my hands on you personally. Don’t think I won’t enjoy hearing that ref get down on his knees to count to three. You might be the Golden Boy but we will defeat you, and you’ll be the one left taking it out on Boston after losing to a couple of bitches. At the end of the day, your time in the spotlight will end and you’ll enjoy your…”
Lights throughout the arena go out leaving everyone in pitch dark. It seemingly lasts for a long time. A cameraman notices the arena glowing a tiny bit and turns around to discover the light source. On the big tron there is a moon with stringy clouds passing and suddenly words appear on the bottom left side of the moon in a smokey yet wavy effect saying Forever Night.

The picture feed cuts to the backstage area of the arena. Actually it cuts away even further than that as we find ourselves now in the private parking area for event staff just outside of the building. It’s dark outside, obviously this thing was pre-recorded given the time zone difference between Germany and America. But damnit you just pretend this is happening LIVE RIGHT NOW. Although the lights of the parking lot are on, there are still some dark places throughout the area, which one of many just so happen to be where this feed is coming from. A black figure is seen barely in the darkness, just the shape of a body at first glance. Stepping into a bit of light shining from above, Perry Wallace’s face appears. He doesn’t appear to be too comfortable out here all alone, in the dark, where we’ve seen bad things happen time and time again in various horror films throughout the years. He pulls a flask from the inside pocket of his jacket, taking a rather large drink to calm his nerves.
WALLACE: “Jesus fucking Christ, where is he? I’ve been out here for twenty minutes. Obviously us mortals are the only ones who can read a fucking watch.”
He fully steps out into the light, making his entire body visible. It isn’t much, but it seems to calm him down a little given the whereabouts of this feed.
WALLACE: “Oh no, we just couldn’t do this inside under the lights like normal people. Noooo… we had to come out here in the dark. Maybe I should have brought a security guard or two with me.”
A whisper comes from the shadows that startles Perry Wallace. When Perry turns around no one and nothing can be seen except for a box wrapped neatly with a red bow on it sitting on the ground.
WALLACE: “What the fuck?”
A severed Owl head lie in the back freshly bleeding. Perry dropped the box and took several steps back away from it as the Speaker appeared seemingly out of nowhere from the darkness with a smile on his face.
SPEAKER: “You too Perry? With the obsession of that one word?”
The Speaker scoffed but cut Perry off before he could even get a sound out of his mouth. He pulled the Pride Championship out from behind his back and handed it to Perry.
SPEAKER: “Just remember Perry, you’re forcing us to do this. This title still belongs to Viduus and Salvation and one day we will come to recollect that which is ours.”
WALLACE: “Wait, wait, wait… wait a second. I’m not forcing him or you guys to do anything. Rules are rules and he did win the 4CW Championship which is THE championship of ALL championships. However, any one of the other members of Salvation want to make a run for it, then that can be arranged if their performance justifies it.”
The Speaker grinned at Perry.
SPEAKER: “Your company. Your rules. It will be returned to us Mr. Wallace.”
He turned to leave before thinking twice and stopping glancing at Perry again.
SPEAKER: “Why don’t you tune in to the coronation of your new king tonight. I think you’ll be interested in what we have to say.”
With that The Speaker turned his back to Perry disappearing into the darkness.
Looking down at the championship in one hand, Perry reaches back into his jacket pocket and pulls out his flask. Taking another drink, he leans against the wall of the building, resting the back of his head against it.
WALLACE: “Just had to meet out here in the dark with fucking owl heads and shit, Jesus fucking Christ.”


Bronx has had a tough go of it recently. For instance, he almost passed away two weeks ago from injuries incurred while participating in a deathmatch with Bryan Laughlin. This week? A handicap match against Trish Newborn and Alexis Mercer. Despite the internet smarks writing off Newborn and Mercer as not good enough to put the former two time 4CW champion down for a three count, the fact remains that Mercer has come alive again recently in a big way, and Newborn is improving with every single passing day. In fact, Mercer and Newborn have taken exception to the taunting from the masses that suggests their two cannot defeat Bronx Valescence’s one. As the duo with aspirations of an upset began to approach the most celebrated wrestler in the world today, familiar music blasts over the PA and Boston strolls to the announce table to do color commentary during the match. This made Bronx visibly upset. He shook his head and jawed a bit at Boston as the bell rang. Mercer and Newborn took advantage of this right away, hitting double single leg dropkicks on the 4CW legend, knocking him into the turnbuckle. They then took turns each hitting single leg dropkicks on Valescence again, the final one from Newborn sending him out of the ring over the top rope.
The two continued to work as a cohesive team, executing an aggressive style of offense on the man Perry Wallace claims as his son. Newborn and Mercer took turns breaking the count while the free woman rotated between the ring apron and the guard rail as objects to slam Bronx into. A particularly sickening highlight was a reverse Frankensteiner to the concrete floor from Newborn, which busted Bronx’s forehead wide open for the second time in two weeks. The blood oozing from the former 4CW champion’s head acted as a stimulant for Valescence, who took firm control of the match at that point. He caught a charging Newborn in the air and executed a spinebuster right onto an approaching Mercer, laying both of his opponents out on the cold concrete. After breaking the count, Bronx hit a notable cannonball on each of his opponents simultaneously as they attempted to rise from the arena floor.
Finally, the action made its way back inside of the ring. Bronx attempted, “For Ana,” a series of rolling, bridging German Suplexes on Mercer, but Newborn was there to stop him after only one connection, as she speared him just after the second lift. She followed the momentum shifting maneuver with a pin attempt, to no avail. As Mercer slowly recovered, Trish pleaded with the referee to count faster, and both allowed Bronx to find his feet. Bronx caught Trish with an exploder suplex just before he caught Mercer with a belly to back suplex. He locked Newborn into a T-Bone suplex. Mercer fell victim to a fisherman’s suplex, which Bronx held onto for a pin attempt that Newborn broke up at the very last millisecond. The crowd is in an absolute frenzy! Bronx gathered his footing quickly after the pin attempt and managed to pull off a springboard blockbuster on Newborn right before he nailed a split legged moonsault on the still grounded Mercer! He goes for a pin and ALMOST gets it, but Newborn crashed down upon his back with NO time to spare!
It was at about this point when Boston took off the headphones and walked toward the ring with a confident smirk on his face. Bronx barely had time to notice the recent bane of his existence before he was rocked with a Newborn step-up enziguri! Newborn goes for a quick cover, but can only get two and a half. Mercer, back on her feet, scurried up to the top rope before handing Bronx a SHOOTING STAR DDT!!! The crowd is on their feet, counting along with the referee’s hand slapping the mat…

Bronx astonishes the crowd, the commentators, the referee, but most acutely his opponents! Frustrated, Mercer picked him up and held him as Newborn hit a springboard roundhouse kick from the middle rope, dropping the wrestling icon with her Air Trish maneuver! Newborn decided to forgo the pin attempt and lifted Valescence to his knees, while holding him by his curly, dirty blonde hair now caked with blood. The raucous crowd seemed to all gasp at once as Mercer unloaded on Bronx with her “20 Eyes” running bicycle kick to his gashed forehead! The 4CW ring was now spotted with crimson. Everywhere Valescence went left a trail of blood. Ringside, Boston jumped up and down, cheering Mercer and Newborn on with a broad, demented smile and look on his face. He motions his arms in a circular manner toward his torso, asking for, “MORE, MORE!!” Newborn lifted Bronx up, and together with Mercer, they set him up for Forever Night, but Bronx slid out of it, and delivered a kick to Mercer’s midsection and a punch to Newborn’s before he dug deep and landed a DESPERATION DOUBLE DDT! All three combatants laid nearly motionless on the mat! Boston screamed bloody murder for Mercer or Newborn to get up, but they only stirred hazily. The crowd cheered as Bronx found a knee, then two, then the ropes, and finally his feet. He looked at Mercer, and then at Newborn before he took to the turnbuckle. Before climbing, his eyes locked in on a pair of sunglasses beneath the bottom rope. He bent over and splattered the mat with his blood until he stood back upright and rocked his sunglasses. The action nearly made him lose his feet, he was so beaten and battered, but he persevered. The energy from the German crowd fueled his ascent up one rope…
Two ropes…
Valescence looked around at the crowd, while Mercer sat up on her elbows and scanned Valescence and then her partner. Grabbing the sunglasses may have proven to be a fatal mistake! Bronx took flight, attempting to land “True Lights Flight,” a diving corkscrew moonsault on both of his opponents that laid next to one another- but at the same time, Mercer scrambled over to her partner and pushed Newborn clear out of the way and Valescence finds nothing but a little bit of Mercer’s leg and a whole lot of canvas! Mercer finds a wristlock and dials in a pair of neckscissors on Valescence- a submission maneuver she calls, “Bloody Tears.” Newborn locks in a cloverleaf and extends it into body scissors in a submission maneuver she calls “No Regret!” Bronx is caught in two submission holds at once! He screams out in agony as his blood smears across Mercer’s legs! Boston smiles with glee, his eyes watering a bit at the sight of Bronx’s destruction. The referee checked Bronx, who could literally do nothing but scream. Alexis and Trish applied more and more pressure to their holds. And then?
Bronx passed out.
The referee called for the bell.
Alexis Mercer and Trish Newborn had done what most considered impossible. Together, they had beaten the legend, Bronx Valescence, in the prime of his career. Boston jumped for joy and ran circles around the ring as the crowd booed him. He slid beneath the bottom rope and rushed over to Alexis and Trish, raising their hands in victory. He might as well have been a kid on Christmas morning. He crashed down on his stomach and stuck his face just centimeters away from Valescence’s, screaming obscenities and declarations of victory, despite the fact that Bronx was only barely regaining consciousness. Mercer and Newborn celebrated their victory as the night moved on.
WINNER: Alexis Mercer & Trish Newborn via Technical Knockout (14:56)

American Tommy goes down on all fours and looks at Kimitsu Zombie’s feet as she looks at a German motorcycle magazine. She stops and looks down at him.
ZOMBIE: “What the hell are you doing?”
Tommy gets frustrated and shoves her feet up out of the way then reaches under the couch to feel around Kimitsu tries to pull them away.
TOMMY: ”Where is it?!”
Kimitsu lifts her legs up to look down at him.
ZOMBIE: ”What are you looking for? Tommy!”
TOMMY: ”I am looking that ugly Octane belt they made for me. I can’t go out there without the belt. I want to hold it up and shove it in Genie’s face. How dare she rip up my old belt. That one was way better. I actually miss the belt.”
ZOMBIE: “I think this one is cute. But, Tommy-“
TOMMY: “I don’t want cute. I want regal! I want fearsome. It is cute, but it isn’t handsome.”
ZOMBIE: ”Tommy!”
TOMMY: ”You know what? Screw it.”
American Tommy walks over to his luggage, and pulls out the pieces of his old cardboard championship belt.
TOMMY: “I’ll show you for ripping up my title…”
ZOMBIE: ”Why do you still have that?”
Tommy gets some tape and goes down on the floor to put the pieces of his belt back together.
TOMMY: ”This thing probably has more prestige than all of Genie’s titles put together.”
Tommy diligently concentrates on taping the pieces of his title back together. Kimitsu sighs and watches him work. She walks over to him as he finishes. Tommy holds the cardboard title up with a triumphant grin.
TOMMY: ”Champion!”
ZOMBIE: ”Alright, first of all, you don’t need that title to show everyone that you are better than them. Especially not the Carlsons. You always manage to pull out a victory at the end. It’s going to be the same tonight. We are going to get it together tonight as a team and we’ll get back that win at Bad Company. They want to just brush off their losses individually, so let’s show them where they really stand.”
TOMMY: ”You know this match doesn’t mean anything, right.”
ZOMBIE: “It’s for pride, I guess. Anyways, you have your fucking title around your waist.”
Tommy looks down as Kimitsu tugs at the Octane Championship belt sitting snugly around Tommy’s waist. Tommy drops his cardboard title and looks up at Kimitsu with a grin on his face.
TOMMY: ”I knew it was there the whole time! I was just keeping you sharp!”
ZOMBIE: ”Sure. Now you can do your whole thing right there in the ring.”
Tommy takes off the Octane belt and takes a look at it with a face of disgust. He shrugs and holds it up in the air.
TOMMY: “I guess I could get used to it.”
Kimitsu sits back down and watches as he poses with the title in front of her. She looks him over proudly then pauses and points at his pants.
ZOMBIE: ”Why are you so… excited right now?”
Tommy looks down and shrugs.
TOMMY: ”Main event, baby!”
He jumps on the couch and tackles Kimitsu, and they both laugh as the scene cuts.

Live outside of the Lanxess Arena, a very loud commotion is going on with the protest organized by Women Against Sexual Assaulters that was brought on not only by Boston’s antics against female wrestlers as of late but also his latest hire, Peter Preston Petrangelo, who doesn’t have the best reputation in the wrestling world. Branded a rapist due to comments he made to a woman months back, he has been judged and prosecuted by the public due to it. It doesn’t help that he has a careless attitude where he offers no apologies to things that he says and has that untouchable demeanor due to his ego. Now, one half of the owners has to deal with this protest concerning someone she can’t stand as she stands at the podium, allowing the women to continue venting out their frustrations through feminist chants. Sure, there could have been a spectacle with having the crowd arrested but Phoenix didn’t want to silence people for something that she was also against. Plus if she got behind the problem now to nip in the bud then she shouldnt expect anymore protests…. hopefully. Phoenix had a good talk with the founder of the WASA organization and even though the founder had been very skeptical at first, Phoenix was able to win her over. But in order to make sure that Phoenix wasn’t one of those public figures who tried to calm things down behind the scene with making the person believe they were for them but publicly not be for them at all, the founder had wanted Phoenix to make some statements live and Phoenix couldnt agree more. Even though the protesters were still feeling a type of way about the situation, the founder had made it seem like Phoenix was indeed on their side and what she would say live would make it known whether she really was or wasnt. Phoenix is ready to address the cameras now as she takes a deep breath and tries to keep a cool head and calm demeanor about it all.
PHOENIX: “I would just like to thank the Women Against Sexual Assaulters for having a firm belief in the safety of women. I know the many stereotypes that come with women… that we are viewed as the weaker side of man kind in comparison to men and usually people with that mindset have no problems trying to assert some type of authority or power over us. Well I am here today to let you know that as long as I am part owner of Four Corners Wrestling? That will NOT be going on within this company. I get the concerns, the worries about the dozens of female talents signed to my company with a Co GM who has more than enough times acted in a suspect sort of way with the way he communicates with the female talent, namely one Kaelan Laughlin that has had alot of women from WASA pouring in emails elaborated in concerns when it comes to the well being of Kaelan on 4CW grounds especially with the recent hire of Peter Preston Petrangelo, known as 3P, who has sprouted an outrage from women with his bad reputation that started from his very unsavory comments to a woman that people perceived as ‘rapey’ and inappropriate. I also know the drama from last week concerning a King’s Road employee only fueled the fire with a rumor that got started, and quickly shut down, that I would allow women in this company to be preyed upon by men in superior positions. Let me start by saying that if you truly believe you are not safe in this company then please leave. Otherwise you are begging for attention and will get it in the worse way dealing with me because nothing will stop my bag but I have zero problems stopping yours if you pose a problem to me or anyone that is considered a superior in this company. Now, I have had a recent staff meeting and there are a few talent in this company that we don’t see being a part of this company for long if they do not get it together.”
Phoenix takes a moment to pause dramatically as if allowing those words to sink in before continuing.
PHOENIX: “I want to say as a woman in a powerful position, I do not allow the power to go to my head. As someone who has poured so much money into this company from my own bank accounts with wanting the best for everyone, I am here to help not to harm. When it comes to the hire of 3P, trust me I was against him being hired from the start. He has no respect for authority and he acts like a spoiled child on a trust fund who thinks he deserves the finer things in life when he deserves to be rightfully disciplined. Am I surprised Boston hired him? Not at all, given that he would love nothing more to stick it to me I wasn’t surprised by the hiring. Do I support the hiring? Of course not, especially with someone who acts like he has never held an actual job in his life. I do NOT trust him around my female talent nor do I trust Boston around them. I have already put an order into place that Boston is not allowed to talk to any of my female talent alone because I do not trust that nor do they trust him. To the ones who laughed about the rape whistles, those symbolize empowerment to women. Take for example, my eldest daughter who is in her second year of college…”
A brief pause at the thought of Sindaya that causes a smile to slightly form on the face of Phoenix.
PHOENIX: “She lives on campus and in this day and time, college campuses can be a VERY dangerous place. Out of control frat parties are infamous for all types of violence and sexual assault to go down with the date rape drug being a staple concern when it comes to these teenagers wanting to have a good time but waking up the next morning without a memory of the night before and evidence of them being taken advantage of while unconscious. A scared woman feels some of her power coming back to her with a rape whistle in her possession because she knows if danger is near, all it takes is a long blow on that whistle for the nearest help to arrive. It’s like living alone in a house and keeping a licensed firearm in your residence giving you a sense of security. That’s what rape whistles do. Same as date rape coasters, its nothing to stick one of those in your drink if you feel uncomfortable and unsure if the drink is safe to drink or its laced. What angers me is the women who make up sexual assault claims to get attention when there are actual victims out there who have a voice but go unheard because no one believes anything happened to them. Well rest assure that is not a problem here at 4CW. If you bring concerns to me, I will have them researched and I will ensure your safety in this company.”
REPORTER: “You have mentioned hiring new security a few times over the past few weeks. Now is this actual security and not the kind of security that allowed Xavier Laroux to get attacked into a coma back at the now defunct Spirit of Pride Wrestling??”
PHOENIX: “Ohhh most certainly not, those men were basically rent a cops and were easily swayed with money by the enemy for them to not be able to properly do their job and go against a direct order. The new security I hired can be trusted because I do not play when it comes to the safety of people and just know if I am dropping dime on security, they will be top notch. When you want more, you spend more and in return? You receive more. It’s like shopping for clothes. If you buy a poorly made knock off then you are going to get poorly made results of the label falling off, the strap breaking asap and the purse just looking all worn and torn by the end of the weak. But if you invest in name brand? You are most certainly going to get your money’s worth. In a company battling issues with female talent fearing being taken advantage of when it comes to certain Co GMs and their hire, rest assure that the security is there for protection.”
REPORTER: “The Co General Manager Boston is currently on suspension. Do you believe that helps calm any of the women in the company that is uncomfortable with being around him?”
PHOENIX: “I believe that enforcing that consequence on him shows the talent that yes, Boston is considered to be their boss but I am also HIS boss and can handle him accordingly when the time calls for it. Boston is an example of someone who abuses their authority by harassing the the female talent and trolling the elite stars of this company. He is also someone who is NOT a team player with everything coming out of his mouth is him bragging about how he made this happen and this happened because of him, stripping away the rightful credit that should be going to our roster who works very hard to do their jobs in making this THEE best wrestling company. I will never take that away from the talent and I am always so proud of them so why not do everything that I possibly can to ensure their safety and make sure they are comfortable in the company they are employed in?”
REPORTER: “Is it true that Kaelan Laughlin is considered a King’s Road employee now? Isn’t she out of your jurisdiction within the company since she is not on Adrenaline?”
PHOENIX: ”So what you are saying is that I should not have taken Kaelan’s concerns to heart or seriously simply because she competes on King’s Road now? May I ask, what does it matter if she fights at a King’s Road show or on Adrenaline when it comes to her safety? King’s Road…. is a part of 4CW, therefore they are part of my protection too. Every.. single… person who is considered 4CW is part of my protection where I will enforce safety to be in place concerning them outside of the ring. No one in this company should be afraid to walk the halls or be in their locker room or ANY room for that matter at a 4CW show because they are afraid they could get sexually assaulted at any second. As long as any concerns that my employees may have are brought to me, going through me is the proper channel of getting the situation properly investigated and dealt with if there is plausible concern of a solid issue. I will state to please bring genuine concerns to me, making up things is a waste of my time and you will more than likely face consequences for it as well. Now… I must get inside to the show but thank you so much to WASA for being a voice for women who feel they are voiceless or unheard, please continue to fight the good fight and stand for the safety of all women, regardless of race, color or culture. Thank you very much and please be safe.”
Phoenix gives a mild head bow to the crowd and the cameras before she steps away from the podium as the security makes sure she has a clear path towards the building as she hears many speaking voices behind her of some of the WASA organization continuing their protest of promoting their movement while the reporters have turned their questions to the founder of the organization. Phoenix knew that this was not the end of her night…. Phoenix had said weeks ago that she would cut a promo live at Adrenaline 91 if Cass Baumer ducked out of competing like she had done once before and look here, she did so now I had to turn off my calm demeanor and turn on the savagery.


Raab and Dakota were no stranger to one another as they’ve face many times throughout the years here in 4CW. Their matches have always been brutal, each and every time. Will tonight be different now that Raab has a completely different mindset than he did in the past? We’re about to find out right here in his homeland of Germany for Adrenaline Ninety-One! Coming out to the ring to the tune of “Motivation” by Dope, Raab waved a German flag high above his head with pride. He was dressed a bit different than usual, sporting a shirt sponsored by REWE and the number thirteen stitched on the back. The hometown crowd welcomed him with open arms as he made his way to the ring with their flag, at least until Dakota took it upon himself to interrupt the party. Midway down the ramp, Raab was attacked from behind as Dakota raced down the entrance ramp, hitting him in the back of the head with a powerful forearm shot. Raab fell forward, crashing hard to the ramp, not sure of what was going on exactly. Dakota kicked Raab in the stomach a few times as he was down on all fours, keeping him grounded. Raab crawled towards the ring, leaving Dakota behind with the German flag at his feet. Looking down to it with a smile on his face, Dakota squatted down, grabbing it and holding it in both hands as he looked at it. Standing tall, Dakota began to wave the flag around in circles above his head, gaining a positive reaction from the crowd. That was until he decided to rip the flag in half right in front of them. The arena erupted with boos at the sight of Dakota tearing their flag to shreds, which only brought out a grin from him stretched across his face. Throwing one of the pieces of the flag to the ramp, Dakota spit on them before looking ahead at Raab crawling closer to the ring. The other piece he tucked into his waistband like a rag. He locked his sights on Raab, following behind him as the two approached the ring. Grabbing Raab by the head, Dakota pulled him up to his feet and then walked him to the ring before throwing him in underneath the bottom rope.
Once Dakota entered the ring our match finally officially began. The fans were furious at Dakota’s actions. Before you knew it, a chant echoed throughout the building. Over and over you heard words not even I understand but one that stood out and that being Raab’s name. While Dakota played to the crowd who were outraged, Raab had more than enough time to get to his feet and situated. With Dakota not paying him any mind, Raab quickly moved in and took advantage of the situation. Wrapping both arms around Dakota, Raab surprised him and you could tell as Dakota’s eyes light up like a deer in the headlights. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Raab slammed him to the mat with a powerful German suplex. The crowd popped at the sight. As Dakota climbed to his feet, Raab didn’t even give him a single second to prepare himself before charging in and nearly taking his head off with a running clothesline that flipped Dakota in mid air. Pulling Dakota up from the mat, Raab clocked him with back to back right hand across the forehead before following up with a left hook that spun Dakota around in place. Wrapping him up once more, Raab lifted Dakota into the air before dropping him with another German suplex that brought the entire arena to their feet. Raab didn’t release him while the two were down, instead he climbed back to his feet while pulling Dakota up as well. Lifting Dakota into the air once more, Raab went for another German suplex but as Dakota reached his highest point, he slipped out of Raab’s arms and rolled backwards, landing to his feet as Raab crashed to the mat empty handed.
Before Raab could even begin to get up, Dakota leaped into the air and came down with a knee onto Raab’s stomach. The impact alone cause Raab to sit straight up and a little bit of vomit even shot from his mouth, splashing onto Dakota. Dakota looked down to whatever it was stuck to his arm in disgust. Yes, you heard that right folks. Even Dakota was disgusted. His disgust quickly turned to anger as he swung with all of his might, connecting with a brutal right hand to Raab’s nose. Standing to his feet, Dakota then placed a foot across Raab’s throat and applied all of his weight to it, choking Raab in the center of the ring. The official quickly began his five count without even giving Dakota a warning before doing do. At the four mark, Dakota pulled his boot away from Raab’s throat and slowly backed away, holding up both hands and playing innocent. The crowd rained down on him with boos and in return, Dakota looked out over the arena, grabbing his crotch before spitting out into the front row. Turning back to Raab, he brushed by the official and marched towards him. He marched, like the Nazi’s and as he stood over Raab’s body, Dakota brought his hand to his chest before looking out over the crowd once more and giving them a Nazi salute.
Reaching down with his right hand, Dakota wraps it around Raab’s throat. Deadlifting Raab up from the mat and to his feet, he goes to chokeslam him but is caught off guard as Raab swings both arms in, chopping each side of Dakota’s neck and forcing him to release him. Wrapping both arms around Dakota, Raab lifts him into the air and throws him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Dakota crashes against the mat hard, rolling over to his side. Across the ring from him, Raab is back on his feet and furious at the amount of disrespect Dakota has shown here tonight for Adrenaline Ninety-One’s host. Holding his head with his left hand, Raab begins swinging down and connecting with multiple right hands to Dakota’s forehead. Pulling Dakota up from the mat, Raab sizes him up with a quick combination of boxing punches to the body before forcing him to buckle over with a swift uppercut to the stomach. Wrapping both arms around Dakota, Raab then lifts him into the air and into a crucifix. Taking a few steps, forward, Raab then throws him down to the canvas with a powerbomb. Dakota’s legs fold over his upper body and shortly after, Raab pulls them back into place and goes for the pinfall.

Throwing his arm into the air, Dakota popped his shoulder up from the mat. The German crowd wasn’t too pleased with that as the boos grew even louder than before. Paying his surrounding no mind, Raab quickly pushed himself up to his feet. He then grabbed Dakota by the arm, lifting him up from the mat. Dakota pushed Raab away and then swung for the fences. Throwing a wild right hook, Dakota missed Raab as he leaned back just enough to dodge the punch and follow up with a body blow that stopped Dakota in his tracks. Wrapping his hand around Dakota’s throat, Raab held him as tightly as he could. The entire arena lit up knowing that The Chokinator was coming. Dakota tried to pull Raab’s hand away from his throat but he couldn’t overpower Raab. Reaching down to his side, Dakota grabbed the other half of the flag he tucked under his waistband and then threw it in the face of the official nearby. The official was blinded and in the short moment of hesitation from Raab, Dakota kicked him right between the legs as hard as he could. Ducking down, Dakota then lifted Raab onto his shoulders before heading towards the corner where he then slammed Raab into it with the Dovah Death Drop (Twisting Samoan Drop)! By the time the official pulled the half of the flag from his face the damage had been done and unnoticed. Pulling Raab to his feet, Dakota then locked an arm around his head before hooking a leg. Lifting Raab into the air as if going for a Fisherman’s suplex, Dakota transitioned it and planted Raab to the canvas with a sit-out spinebuster! Tonght’s even may be in Germany but Raab is in Deadman Wonderland now and out of it. Rolling across Raab’s body, Dakota hooked a leg as he laid across Raab with his back against him for the pin.

WINNER: Dakota Smith via Pinfall (10:01)

Eyes, filled with victory and undertones of an erratic madness appear before the screen, as Dakota pushes himself through the curtain to the back. He clutches his tag-team championship close his heart with two hands, a wide crazed grin smeared across his sweat dripping face. There was a limp in his walk but he didn’t seem to mind it, as he pushes he was deeper into backstage area – a hoarse chuckle of excitement slipping in between heavy breaths. Finally the butcher stops pressing his back up against on the walls in the wide open hallway. He watches as staff members past him by, all dealing with the minor details that keeps Adrenaline running. Dakota locks as eyes with the camera as runs his hand up his forehead and through his hair, wiping away the sweat and bits of gore gathered from his match. With one final long deep breath, Dakota begins to speak, before cutting himself off. He pauses for a moment and lets out a very diabolical, almost super villain esque laugh that echoes throughout the hallway.
SMITH: ”Once a piggy, always a piggy. Whether you do the stickin or be sticked! Ain’t that right Raab? You all saw, witnessed the beating laid out BY THESE HANDS!”
As he screams those words Dakota puts his hands up to the camera with great intensity.
SMITH: ”It’s these hands that guide me to Fright Night! To the Warzone of Horror. For the third time! I will enter that structure of suffering! Because I am the most violent man on this roster, I am the end all be all when it comes to pain and suffering! All these so called monsters of the roster, men playing make believe! Well I am the only Dakota Smith. Not a monster, not some fairy tale you tell your children about to keep them from straying past the yard. NO! I am the thing you all see, the massacres, the bloodshed, the school shootings, the murders! I am reality, a conduit of violence and ill-intent… I am the Butcher… And you haven’t nothing yet!”
Once again Dakota runs his hands through his hair, before pushing off the wall and staggering down the hallways – that same manic laugh still shooting out of him every few seconds as the camera fucks off to ring side.


Jair and 3P try to tear each other heads off inside of the squared ring while Phoenix has joined Vassa and Johnson at the commentators table at ringside to take in the match up close. Jair treats this match as personal rather than professional as he makes 3P eat all the words he tweeted in an effort to try to downtalk anyone in his path while 3P fights back and wont allow Jair to try to treat him as a rookie.
VASSA: “So nice to have you joining us tonight, Boss as we watch your nephew send Peter Punkass back to ECWF. But enough about that, lets talk pay raises….”
PHOENIX: “I have already given you your raise for the year, which I mean I am pretty sure no other commentator gets paid like you two do at this point with the pay boost. I cant keep giving you raises, I mean how will you be able to look forward to holidays?”
VASSA: “Please dont let Perry be in charge of that shit, last year he gave us out of date coupons to shop at Kroger’s for Thanksgiving.”
PHOENIX: “Well this year you will have alot more to look forward to concerning Thanksgiving so dont fret.”
VASSA: “WOW I knew you were the best when you flashed them tiddies last year to distract Alessandro in that match…”
PHOENIX: “Woah now, lets get back on track here.”
3P makes it to the other side of the ring like he’s escaping a lion’s den from the way Jair stays on him like white on rice. 3P had managed to kick Jair really hard in the mouth in order to get Jair to chill out for a bit. By no means, 3P was no punk no matter what anyone said about him. He had heard the rumors of him, that he had only signed to 4CW just to have the infamous name attached to him to help boost his name up and make it seem like he was one of the savages on the roster even though people weren’t considering him as being 4CW. He would do all that he could tonight to make everyone see that he could hang with the best here in this company and he would destroy any and everyone in his path with no cares or worries about any consequences. 3P pulls Jair to his feet and targets that mouth with punches, just doing anything to make Jair’s pearly whites stained with blood but to no avail because Jair ended up putting a stop to that and sent a few haymaker punches of his own 3P’s way that had 3P taking a step back with every hit that landed. Both were out to prove a point tonight, with Jair wanting to make yet another example out of someone who disrespected his Aunt while 3P wanted to shed off that perception of him being some rookie that was a small fish swimming with the sharks. Jair grabs the back of 3P’s head and with a battle yell, he slams 3P’s head against the turnbuckle post repeatedly with showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.
JOHNSON: “Alot of aggression being showed out of Hopkins tonight as he aims to stay one step ahead of the competition tonight.”
PHOENIX: “Let’s just call this a friendly welcome into the best company in the world.”
VASSA: “I wouldnt hardly call that a friendly welcome… but I mean call it whatever you want, Boss. We support you no matter what, even if you did give up on the white man to marry a Korean.”
PHOENIX: “Look here…”
JOHNSON: “Hopkins is unleashing the animal inside of him tonight and he’s showing no mercy with that samoan drop. Jair seems to have gained brute strength from this anger he is exhibiting tonight.”
3P manages to fight back with trying to get Jair close enough to the ropes so that he can knock them over them but hadnt planned on going over with him as both opponents crash down to the ground below. Both are rising up on all fours but 3P moves a bit faster and slams his fist into Jair’s head twice before using the apron to help himself onto his feet so that he can kick Jair’s ribs brutally in an effort to keep him down while the referee is starting the out of ring count. 3P looks over at Phoenix with a smirk on his face, the disrespect evident in his face before he roughly grabs Jair by the wrist to pull him up to roll back into the ring. With a final sinister glance cast back at the commentators table, 3P returns to the ring and immediately resumes his assault on Jair while also trash talking the fans a bit once they start up a “3L” chant. But he tries to drown them out by putting them out of his mind so that he can focus on trying to damage Jair and show all the naysayers up by walking away with the victory tonight in his debut match against a former 4CW Champion. He knew the odds were against him and the stakes were even higher since Phoenix had refused to come off removing the stipulation that 3P had egotistically said Phoenix could fire him if he lost to Jair and not wanting to give up being a 4CW star just yet, he was fighting to save his 4CW career that had just started. But he had enough confidence in himself that he could pull it off tonight, especially by any means necessary since he had gotten Phoenix to agree that she wouldn’t try to stop the match for any reason and would allow it to go on until the bell signaled the end of the match.
JOHNSON: “You have to give 3P some credit here, not alot of people will enter a 4CW ring and he is showing that he will go as far as he can go to back up anything that he says. He could have just retired like Cass Baumer did to avoid stepping into the ring with a 4CW elite but 3P has alot of heart.”
PHOENIX: “Think he might have more mouth than heart though.”
Jair is back in control of the match as he charges at 3P and takes him down with a spear before rising up so that he can stomp the soul out of 3P for a while before kicking 3P in the face twice with that continued animosity. He then pulls him to his feet, counters the punches 3P tries to throw his way as Jair hems him up to show him who was boss. 3P of course fights back but Jair gets the better of him, going for a reverse neckbreaker to put him down before working him over again by stomping on his downed body once more. After Jair lets up on the stomping, 3P quickly rolls a few times to escape from Jair as he makes it to the ropes and uses those to help him to his feet. 3P then gets an idea and takes a few steps towards Jair before stepping to the side so that his back was to the referee. As soon as Jair charges him, 3P moves out of the way with a quickness and Jair accidentally knocks down the referee! While Jair is checking on the referee, 3P is on the other side of the ring laying down on the mat as he is reaching down to the side of the ring as if he’s trying to retrieve something. He then rises off the mat as Phoenix sees the brass knuckles and begins yelling at Jair to turn around and he does…. just not in time to stop 3P from slamming a set of brass knuckles into his face. Jair goes down and 3P quickly works to get the brass knuckles off of him to toss outside of the ring so that he can hurriedly pin Jair. The referee has no idea what has happened and as he is getting to his feet, he sees the pin and drops back down to go for the count that grants 3P the victory of winning his debut match in 4CW.
His music plays and the cocky wrestler stands to his feet so that the referee can hold his hand high into the air. Phoenix is pissed that he resorted to cheating to win especially since he talked all that trash that seemed to hold weight as if he can beat anyone clean up. She removes the headset to set on the commentators table and goes to retrieve a microphone so that she can enter the ring. 3P is milking it all up with the debut win having his ego grow to the size of the elephant man’s head as he laughs tauntingly at the booing crowd. He turns around to see Phoenix checking on Jair before she stands to her feet and glares at him. 3P says something to her that can’t be picked up by the cameras which causes Phoenix to snap at him as the two trade words back and forth before Phoenix finally raises the mic to her full lips.
PHOENIX: “Oh? So you still haven’t learned, eh? Nevermind that I had to deal with a protest earlier because of YOUR hiring but you’re still here being all smug running your mouth and acting untouchable? Never mind that you were so desperate to escape me enforcing that stipulation that you take the easy way out and CHEAT when you were supposed to be proving to us all that you can more than hang with the sharks. But since you still don’t get it and can’t stop with the disrespect? You’re FIRED.”
Phoenix made sure to put emphasis on fired so that 3P could comprehend quickly what just happened as he yells at her that she can’t do that while Phoenix looks 3P up and down while he exits the ring before she tends to Jair.
WINNER: 3P via Pinfall (8:36)

Alessandro is seen pacing back and forth, deep within the Lanxess Arena.
QUAGLIATERRE: “ok…ok…ok…ok…ok…OK!”
He continued to go back and forth
QUAGLIATERRE: “First off… Germany sucks!”
He received a loud boo for that comment, and he addressed the crowd out by ringside which he could hear backstage
QUAGLIATERRE: “Oh don’t boo me. Boo yourself. You guys were once cucked by Hitler!”
That infuriated the crowd even further.
QUAGLIATERRE: “So I’m going to go out there in a little while and do my thing against Bryan Laughlin. Who had everyone fooled he was gone to a better place… That better place being not death, but a cult”
He made over dramatic hand gestures and facial expressions.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Just remember that it was I, who did not believe this ruse from the offset. I’ve seen this behavior before, I know what Bryan Laughlin is capable of”
He clapped his hands together.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Inside of a wrestling ring. He’s as tough as nails and as good as they come. I know this. He know this. Everybody knows this. I’m in for a dogfight tonight, especially if I’ve got any chance of making it to Fright Night into the Warzone of Horrors Match”
Alessandro took a deep breath
QUAGLIATERRE: “I’m well aware that I’m an overwhelming underdog and Bryan is a lights out favorite to maul me. I however have never been one on believing predictions. Anything can happen in real time. The apocalypse for example has been predicted many a times, but it’s yet to happen.”
Alessandro did not believe in conspiracy theories.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I got a simple job to do, and that’s exactly what I’m going to get to stepping to do. Bryan wants a fight, he’s going to get one, he wants a war, he’s going to get one, and at the end of the bloodbath he may take a piece of me with him, but I’m going to take everything that he is with me. I’m leaving Cologne tonight a better place than what it once was. I’m leaving this piece of shit country better than when I had arrived, and how I do that is by doing something Bryan is very fond of. Pain, and testing the tolerance of his threshold to it’s very limit, to a borderline fetish. I’m sure he’ll enjoy that, but I won’t”
He shook his head
QUAGLIATERRE: “My only enjoyment will be from watching him bodied to the floor, a defeated man. But we are where we are, and we will see what is to come. Küss meinen Arsch Köln!”
Alessandro smiled and put up a peace sign, before walking off leaving the crowd enraged to their very core. The reason being because his parting comment in German translates to “Kiss My Ass Cologne” and the fine people of Cologne were not ass kissers, but in Alessandro’s estimation they very much were.

The picture cuts back to ringside where we find 4CW Owner, Perry Wallace, standing in the center of the ring. No big, flashy entrances. Just him and the 4CW Pride Championship tucked underneath his arm. In his other hand, he holds a microphone. After realizing the cameras are rolling and he’s the center of attention, he taps the microphone against the faceplate of the belt to make sure it’s on. Just to weeks ago he went on and on while the microphone was turned off. Not this time! He’s come prepared and ready to address the German crowd in attendance tonight, the hosts of Adrenaline Ninety-One.
WALLACE: “Germany, it’s been a pleasure. I want to thank you all for your hospitality tonight. For the first time ever 4CW has traveled to Germany. It’s been a long journey to get to this point but we finally made it. We finally hopped on that train and came straight into Germany for Adrenaline Ninety-One! Now while this train isn’t taking us straight to our deaths, it has brought us here tonight and we’re going to light this mother fucker up like a furnace!”
Just like two weeks ago, nothing but silence from the crowd. He even has the microphone on for crying out loud! No worries. He doesn’t let it slow him down. He turns to the camera instead, knowing that the people on the other side will understand him better than those in attendance.
WALLACE: “Just two weeks ago I came down to the ring in Japan and declared a number one contender for the 4CW Price Championship. At this time, I would like to invite said person down to the ring to join us.”
Turning to the entrance ramp, he looks upwards towards the stage as he approaches the ropes.
WALLACE: “Andre Holmes, come on down!”
The opening guitar riffs of “Relentless” by New Years Day takes over the silent environment igniting the Laxness Arena in a cheerful and energetic reaction. Andre walks out to his music officially going crazy and stands on the audience clapping his hands to soak in this moment. He points down to the ring then all around to the audience members before walking down the entrance path to get into the ring.
After Andre is settled in the ring, Perry walks over to him. Extending a hand, the two shake before Perry glances over to the camera, and then looks out over the crowd.
WALLACE: “At Adrenaline Ninety, I declared Andre Holmes the number one contender for the 4CW Pride Championship. Well…”
He looks over to Andre for a brief moment, shrugging his shoulders before looking back out to the crowd.
WALLACE: “A lot has changed since then. Later that night, we witnessed the Pride Champion at that time, Viduus Morta, claim the 4CW Championship as his own. With Viduus winning the 4CW Championship, that vacated the Pride Championship right then and there. And we just can’t have a number one contender with no one to challenge for the belt now, can we?”
He looks to Andre, waiting for an answer from him. Perry then reaches down into his pocket, pulling out another microphone. He tosses it to Andre.
WALLACE: “You might want to double check you turn that thing on properly. I for one know how tricky those little devices can be. So what do you think, Andre? You must have someone to face, right? We can’t just gift you a championship right here in this ring.”
Before speaking into the microphone, Germany takes the time to chant his name. Andre looks around to the rowdy crowd going insane for this particular moment and as they quiet down, he speaks into the microphone.
HOLMES: “And honestly, that’s fine. I’m not going to be one of these people in 4CW that gets handed a championship like you did with American Tommy and how easily that backfired on you. No, I’m going to do something different because it’s been a while since 4CW actually had an honorable wrestler earn his way into a championship match and being this could be my first very first champion in this promotion, I need to do it the old fashioned way.
Hence why there’s been a change in the scenery of 4CW. You said it yourself Perry. I’ve been on a roll and I’ve been proving that I can defeat anyone and everyone. I started out in 4CW slow and was losing back to back to some of the very best making the others in the back laugh at my career. Whose fault is that? Mine? But after Ante Up, I said fuck it. It’s time to get serious and show I am not some midcard afterthought. I deserve to be a champion.”

Perry nods his head in agreement with how Andre responds. Raising the microphone back to his lips, he speaks directly to Andre once more.
WALLACE: “I’d like to see what you have in mind, Andre. Who do you think deserves a shot at the Pride Championship as well? Who, over the course of the last few months do you feel has earned a chance to compete against for you the Pride Championship?”
Holmes strokes his chin and taps his finger on the microphone thinking. Cologne throws out some names and Andre smirks before looking at Perry.
HOLMES: “This is the Pride Championship and I made a promise to start repaying all the men and women who handed me a loss in 4CW. In addition, this man has also been bouncing back after making his return to 4CW. Enough with the subliminals, Mariano Fernandez! Get out here!”
At that point, “Trying to Find a Balance” by Atmosphere hits, and out comes Mariano Fernandez down the aisle, already with a mic in hand, to the crowd’s cheering. He waits for a moment before the crowd’s sound dies down.
FERNANDEZ: “Hey yo. How you doing, mang?”
The German crowd reacts with a huge pop for DA #TROLL GUY, but Mariano doesn’t waste time picking up the microphone again.
FERNANDEZ: “My name’s been called out, chicos, and I am here. Now I know y’all busy men, so I ain’t gonna take a whole lot of your time.”
He takes a deep breath before beginning to speak.
FERNANDEZ: “It’s no secret that things for me have been strikes and gutters, ups and downs, since coming back at RetroGrade, chicos. It’s also no secret that I wasn’t at Ante Up, or Bad Company. Hell, my latest Pay-Per-View appearance in this company was, coincidentally enough, against Andre at South Beach Brawl!”
A little hype from the crowd, but Mariano raises his hand.
FERNANDEZ: “So after Ante-Up, I got my ass to work to be the guy I KNEW I could be when I beat Bronx Valescence for the 4CW Title. What happened later be damned, here’s where I stand and there’s where I need to go. I knew I NEEDED, chicos, to get into Fright Night. Whether in the Warzone of Horrors or a simple match on the opening of the card, and of course, I was preparing for it in whatever way was possible.”
He takes his hand to his chin as the crowd murmurs, before resuming.
FERNANDEZ: “Now I don’t know what triggered this decision, mang. As of this moment, last I checked, I share the fourth place in the rankings with Bronx and Laughlin. But somehow, I am now here. And somehow, as of this moment, all I know is my road to Fright Night just came with a ticket.”
Manny smiles, after another small crowd pop.
FERNANDEZ: “So let me thank you, Wallace, for the opportunity. I don’t talk to management a whole lot, but now that it happened, it’s only the right thing to do. And Andre – Dogs of War or otherwise, Nords versus Thalmor otherwise, anything that happened between us at South Beach Brawl – it don’t matter no more, mang. This is a title match. And you and I are gonna fight accordingly.”
After this, his face shows that trademark Trollface grin.
FERNANDEZ: “But at 4CW Fright Night, in Mexico City on Halloween’s Day – Día de Brujas, chicos… I’ll be the one crying “Havoc!”
And with that, he turns around and walks away, as “Trying to Find a Balance” hits once again.

We join Tiphany Banks backstage in front of a locker room labelled C A P T A I N A M E R I C A J O H N N Y S T O R M in big bold letters taking up most of the door. There’s a line up of security waiting on standby near the door, and Tiph is standing next to a fairly embarrassed Unkle Sam.
BANKS: “I’m here to get a few words with Captain America Johnny Storm, but can’t get past his security detail, so instead I’m speaking with Johnny’s sister, and manager, Unkle Sam. Sam, what’s with the security?”
UNKLE SAM: “It’s for Johnny.”
BANKS: “Oh. Why, is something wrong?
Sam shakes her head, looking annoyed, scratching an eyebrow.
UNKLE SAM: “Can we move on to a different topic, please?”
Tiph is uncertain, but plods along.
BANKS: “Sure. It’s a big night. How does it feel to be the manager of a man who could be the Ignition Champion when the sun comes up tomorrow.
Unkle Sam visibly scoffs.
UNKLE SAM: “Well it’s a little early to be thinking like that, isn’t it Tiphany? Johnny could get lost on his way to the ring, he could accidentally lock himself in his locker, he could–”
BANKS: “Oh god, you didn’t. That’s why the security is here, isn’t it? You locked him in there?!”
Sam looks annoyed.
UNKLE SAM: “No, Tiphany, I didn’t do that. I am the very model of a supportive manager. Can you just forget the security for a second?”
Tiph is even more uncertain now.
BANKS: “Of course, it just seems weird, you don’t seem too excited for your brother’s challenge tonight.”
Sam puts on a great face.
UNKLE SAM: “Excited? I’m downright jubilant! Why wouldn’t I be? My brother, who has no lingering mental health defects whatsoever, no matter what you may have heard, he’s completely mentally sound, stable and able to wrestle, nothing wrong here, is challenging for a title belt tonight. Of course I’m happy he’s getting his shot. He–(she chokes it down) –deserves it. I’m happy as a clam to see him with a chance at donning title belt gold. It’ll go great with his–”
She looks really forced as she says this next bit.
UNKLE SAM: “–Rubber suit.”
BANKS: “Right…”
Tiphany is getting some mixed messages here. The security looks like it’s preparing for something. They’re speaking in to their walkie talkies.
BANKS: ”…you’re sure everything is alright?”
Sam whisks some hair behind her ear, she seems to give an exaggerated two blinks for no, but no one seems to notice.
UNKLE SAM: “Of course. Everything is fine! Captain America is fine. Nothing strange about any of this. No reason to be concerned.”
Sam gives a massive smile and two thumbs up. Security looks ready. And suddenly Johnny exits his locker room looking intense, like he’s Bill Goldberg. Tiphany Banks watches as Security steps in on either side of Johnny like an escort as he walks past Tiphany and Sam smacking his head grunt, and throwing massive uppercut air punches as his music “You Got the Touch” is playing.
Sam smiles sweetly at Tiph as they watch Johnny and his security detail striding down the hallway.
BANKS: Uhmn… His match isn’t happening yet. Where’s he going?”
Sam looks like she wants to say “thanks Captain Obvious.”
UNKLE SAM: “He just keeps doing this. Over and over again.”
She shakes her head, looking ever more embarrassed. Johnny bounces back to the dressing room with his security detail, giving them pointers.
JOHNNY STORM: “Okay. That was great. But next time I want you guys to look a little more serious. At least one of you didn’t look intense enough. I’m looking at you, guy.”
Johnny singles one of the security team out. Sam and Tiph watch as Johnny dances back to his dressing room, giving his security team their last minute pointers. They all acknowledge Johnny’s requests. Sam sighs loudly and looks to Tiph.
UNKLE SAM: “It’s just sad this entire entrance won’t make it to air.”
BANKS: ”Doesn’t he know that?”
Sam shrugs like she’s given up speaking sense to him. She leaves Tiph where she stands and moves to supervise the ridiculous entrance rehearsal.
BANKS: ”Well… good luck…”
Sam nods at her with a ‘yeah, thanks’ response.


It didn’t take long for things to pick up after the sound of the bell. Meeting in the center of the ring, the two circled each other for just a few moments before lunging towards each other to lock up. Catching Laughlin off guard, Alessandro pulled him into a knee to the gut, taking Laughlin’s breath away from the very start. Connecting with back to back left hands to the head, Alessandro then swung with his right, driving his fist into Laughlin’s chest with a heart punch! Locking onto his wrist, he then pulled Laughlin into another knee to the gut before slinging him towards the ropes with all of his strength. Upon Laughlin’s return, Alessandro lifted him off his feet before turning in place and planting him onto the canvas with a spinning spinebuster. Mounting himself on top of Laughlin, Alessandro begins firing away with rapid rights, connecting one after another as Laughlin fails to defend them.
Alessandro kept Laughlin grounded for a few minutes following the initial spinebuster, attacking him with various elbows and punches before transitioning his focus to working Laughlin’s neck. Finally back to his feet, Alessandro kicked him in the ribs, forcing Laughlin to roll over to his stomach. Leaning over Laughlin’s body, Alessandro began shouting down to him, taunting him. Pulling him up to his feet, he then lifted Laughlin into the air and onto his shoulders for a torture rack. Before Laughlin could get the move settled in, Laughlin slipped from his hold, dropping ho his feet behind Alessandro. Their backs were to each other and at the same time they spun around to face each other. Alessandro just wanted to lay eyes on him, but Laughlin wanted more. Throwing his arm into the air, Laughlin connected with a forearm shot to Alessandro’s forehead as he faced him. It wasn’t a difficult task by any means given the size of Alessandro’s forehead but effective nonetheless. Alessandro was stunned briefly, leaving his face exposed for Laughlin to follow up with even more forearms to the face. At a rapid fire rate, Laughlin connected over and over, slowly backing Alessandro across the ring until eventually his back was to the ropes. Realizing there was nowhere to go behind him, Alessandro lunged towards Laughlin to grab ahold of him, missing as Laughlin sidestepped him. Wrapping an arm around Alessandro’s throat, Laughlin quickly locked in a sleeper hold and using the momentum of Alessandro’s body, he began spinning them both in place. After a turn and a half, Laughlin then dropped Alessandro to the mat with a sleeper slam!
Laughlin immediately pops back to his feet as Alessandro slowly begins to push himself up in a daze. Running towards the ropes, Laughlin hits the set in front of Alessandro and upon his return he flips forward through the air, leaping over Alessandro and connecting with a blockbuster. Wasting no time at all, Laughlin quickly rises to his feet and turns to face Alessandro who is flat on his back. Leaping into the air as high as he can, Laughlin comes down and stomps onto Alessandro’s chest with both feet. Stepping down to the canvas, he pulls Alessandro up from the mat. Locking in a double underhook, Laughlin begins headbutting Alessandro over and over before lifting him off his feet and using all of his strength to throw him across the ring. Alessandro hits the mat, rolling a few times before pushing himself up to one knee. As he looks up, Laughlin is right there charging in and greeting him with a running knee to the face. Alessandro’s body falls backwards to the mat. He appears to be out of it, which Laughlin takes advantage by dropping down to his knees and then making the cover.

Alessandro pops a shoulder up from the mat, bringing the officials count to an abrupt end. Back on his feet, Laughlin stomps down onto Alessandro a few times before reaching down and pulling him up from the mat. Holding Alessandro’s head with his left hand, Laughlin fires with back to back right forearms, connecting to Alessandro’s face. Still holding onto the back of his head, he then walks Alessandro over to the corner and attempts to slam him face down onto the top turnbuckle. Grabbing the top ropes on each side of him, Alessandro stops his face from crashing onto the turnbuckle by mere inches. Laughlin then pulls his head back and give it another try, this time ending in the same result and Alessandro not eating turnbuckle. Throwing his arm back, Alessandro drives his elbow into Laughlin’s stomach. It’s not enough to force Laughlin to break his hold but that doesn’t stop Alessandro. Again and again, Alessandro hits him in the stomach with multiple elbows before eventually forcing Laughlin to release him. Turning to face Laughlin, Alessandro then grabs him by the head and slams Laughlin face first down onto the turnbuckle. Laughlin stumbles back a few steps in a daze, unaware as Alessandro rushes in, wraps him up, and lifts him off his feet before slamming him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. The two begin to climb to their feet, Alessandro standing long before Laughlin. Taking off for the ropes, Alessandro then comes back even faster, connecting with his Zidane Headbutt (Running Knockout Headbutt) just as Laughlin finally rises. What goes up must come down and that theory proved correct for Laughlin as his limp body crashed back to the canvas. Wasting no time, Alessandro immediately made the cover as the count shortly followed.

Kicking out with the officials hand within inches of slapping the mat a third time, this brought a look of shock to Alessandro’s face as he quickly shot his attention towards the official. He couldn’t believe it. This match was so close to being over with and him getting back on the right track only for things to stand still as the officials count was broken up. Finally, Alessandro snaps out of it, turning his attention back to Laughlin as he pushes himself up. Pulling him up from the mat, Alessandro then goes to whip Laughlin to the ropes but Laughlin reverses and sends Alessandro to the ropes instead. Laughlin is still groggy from the headbutt moments prior and remains in place as Alessandro hits the ropes and begins his return. Seeing this, once Alessandro is within range he leaps forward, going for a Lou Thesz prezz to Laughlin as he stands in place. Reacting quickly, Laughlin falls backwards as Alessandro nearly collides into him, wrapping both arms around him and pulling Alessandro down. Alessandro’s throat lands across the top rope, preventing him from going down as Laughlin hits the mat. Bouncing off, Alessandro falls backwards to his feet before tripping over them and crashing to the mat. He gasps for air as he rolls back and forth on his back. Meanwhile, Laughlin slowly climbs to his feet. Alessandro pushes himself up to a seated position, still holding a hand over his throat as he continues to fight for every breath he takes. Rushing in, Laughlin slides feet first to the mat, hitting Alessandro with a sliding clothesline that knocks him flat on his back. Standing tall, Laughlin the pulls Alessandro up from the mat before lifting him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Lifting Alessandro up, Laughlin spins his body and holds onto his shoulders as he falls to the mat, pulling Alessandro’s body straight down onto his knees with a double gut buster. GOOD MORNING AMERICA COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM GERMANY!!! Rolling Alessandro over to his back, Laughlin makes the cover as the official slides in beside them with the count.

WINNER: Bryan Laughlin via Pinfall (11:41)

Cologne, Germany. The arena was packed with fans from around the world but mostly the German locals who came out for Adrenaline. Two shows left until Fright Night but tonight, the Dogs of War are preparing for an amazing match against Salvation who they have challenged themselves. Mark Storm was stretching his right leg on an equipment box in the hallway of the backstage area. To his surprise, a hand touches him from behind and it is Andre wearing a scary mask with Mark turning around raising an eyebrow at him.
HOLMES: ”Mark. I have talked with the sisters of fate. I have foreseen our future and many of it’s alternative futures. Tonight, the sands of time have collapsed into the void of failure. Our battle shall soon begin as we step past the line of destiny and eradicate the rotting souls of salvation. We will emerge victorious in our satisfying humility as our strength has doubled to defeat not one but two heretics to the cause of the Dogs of War!”
Mark blinks a few times and Andre holds his fist up in a hero pose.
STORM: ”Why are you wearing that mask and talking like you’re in a superhero movie?!”
Andre takes off the mask, looks at it then throws it over his right shoulder.
HOLMES: ”Honestly, this Salvation talk isn’t that bad. It makes me feel like I’m the next Thanos but besides all that, tonight we’re going to kick some natural crazy people ass in front of Cologne, Germany. I was trying this new thing of being in the shoes of my opponent.”
STORM: ”And how’s that working for you?”
Andre looks into the camera.
HOLMES: ”…I see dead people.”
STORM: ”Oh my god! Just come on and let’s do this match!
Mark drags Andre by the ear down the hallway.
HOLMES: ”Ow! Ow! My ear! Ow! You have angered the GODS! Vengeance upon you! HELP ME SOMEONE!”


With both teams in their corners, they deliberate amongst themselves who will start out the match. Mark Holmes and Deimos seem to get the nod, as Andre holmes and Nemesis stand on the apron. With the bell ringing Deimos rushes Storm, trying to use his his size as intimidation. Storm on the other hand is quick on the draw, dropkicking Deimos in the knee, sending the big man down to one leg. Mark quickly gets back to his feet, spinning around and landing a smacking kick to the chest of Deimos sending him onto his back. Following this up with one fluid motion, Mark flips back with a moonsault and quickly hooks the leg for a pin. But before the ref can even get to one, Deimos all but throws Mark like a ragdoll off of him. As both men gets up to their feet, Mark tries to rush Deimos but is met with a stiff knee to the mid section that topples over your hero and mine. Deimos grabs ahold of Mark’s hair and gets him in a pump handle – lifting him up before twisting the much smaller man’s body so that his neck lands of Deimos’s knee. Deimos drags Mark by the arm over to his corner, as Nemesis slaps his back, making the tag. Deimos places his foot on Marks neck as Nemesis goes up to the top rope, wasting no time before leaping off with a swanton bomb directly to Storm’s midsection.
Nemesis continues to dominate storm for sometime, really driving in his shots to Storm’s midsection. Storm shows resilience however, kicking out of multiple pin attempts. Nemesis finally tags in Deimos and that is when things start to go array for Salvation. Mark slips underneath Deimos’s legs and gets the pin to Andre, who enters into the ring for the first time. And hitting a sickening spinning DDT onto Deimos, Andre quickly connects with an elbow to Nemesis knocking him off the apron. Andre quickly returns his attention to Deimos and begins to stomp on his arm before locking in a kimura! Deimos lets out a groan of agony before headbutting Andre and using his strength to toss his across the ring. The final omen plants his fists into the ground and makes his way up to his feet, countering an incoming Andre with a suplex, that brings the much smaller holmes high up into the air. Deimos then begins to run his wrist along the eyes of Andre, trying to blind the man before the ref breaks it up. Deimos gives the referee a death glare, and you can almost smell the shit running down the refs leg as he does so.
Deimos grabs Andre by the back of his head, lifting him up in a powerbomb posting before turning to Salvations corner. Deimos starts to run, going for the FALL OF MAN (Buckle Bomb) But Andre slips over Deimos’s head! As soon as Deimos turns around he is hit with one hell of a shotgun drop kick, sending the large man into the turnbuckle. Andre follows up this moment with a corner clothesline, dropping Deimos to a sitting position! Andre takes a few steps back and connects with a running knee directly to Deimos’s head. Deimos quickly grabs his head in agony as Andre gets a little cocky and celebrates. It’s at this time that Nemsis grabs him by the ankle and pulls him out of the ring. Before Andre can even get his bearings Nemesis sends him crashing into the barricade that separates the wrestlers from the fans. Nemesis follows this up by booting Holmes square in between the teeth, crushing his skull up against the barricade.
As Andre tries to crawl up to his feet, Nemesis toys with him a little bit, kicking his arms out from under him – causing him to stumble. He then grabs Andre by the back of the head and throws him underneath the bottom rope to a waiting Deimos. Deimos places himself on top of Andre and starts to crash down ground and pounding blows as Nemesis tags himself in via Deimos’s back. Deimos then hauls Andre up seemingly like deadweight as Nemesis goes for a springboard Lariat! But Andre ducks, cracking Deimos in the face with a pele kick before dragging himself over to his corner and tagging in Storm. Mark comes out of the gate swinging, hitting a slick hurricanrana onto Nemesis before knocking Deimos down to the ground. He grabs ahold of Nemesis and brings him up to his feet. Nemsis breaks the hold Storm has on him and stomps on his foot before lifting him up onto his shoulders, dropping his onto his knee! Mark’s body hits the floor with a limpness, but seemingly out of instinct he sits up only to be met with the loud, sickening smack of a penalty kick to the face (ENOCH) which echoes throughout the arena. Nemesis drops down, not even bothering to hook the leg as Mark Storm is clearly knocked the fuck out. And Salvation gets the one, two, three!
WINNER: Salvation via Pinfall (9:50)
Nemesis, Deimos, and Preacher celebrate in the ring, the Dogs of War at their feet. Nemesis looks confident, looking out into the audience as if he expected everything that had transpired. And Deimos stood behind, looking like a behemoth of a man. Intimidating even the toughest of viewer. Then from seemingly out of nowhere, Dakota and Cyrus slide in the ring, behind Salvation. As they drive their fists into the mat to push themselves up, Salvation takes notice. Nemesis and Deimos stand tall seemingly ready for a fight, but Dakota and Cyrus just stare right through them. It’s at this point that Salvation begins to backup, exiting the ring as Cyrus places a hand on Dakota’s shoulder and points to Andre. With a sickening smirk Dakota walks over to Andre, dragging his limp body up by the back of his neck and lifts him up in the air in a powerbomb position. Dakota spins in a circle before launching Andre at Cyrus, who smacks him once again, mid-air in the back of the head with the 4CW Tag Team Championship. The champs stand in the middle of the ring, both raising their belts into the air with one arm as they look into the camera,It’s then that their attention turns to the ramp. Their arms drop and like wolves who just smelled fresh blood, they exit the ring.

The scene opens up on Bryan Williams, standing backstage in what looks to be a shared office space. The makeshift office is visibly split down the middle, obviously the working area for Bryan and Boston as acting Co-GMs. One side appears neat, and tidy, everything in its right place for a suitable working environment. The other side is messy, and there appears to be a lot of pornography laying around on that side.
Bryan stands there, in the middle of the office, looking into the camera with a smile.
WILLIAMS: ”Hello folks!”
Bryan bows to the camera, and the audience watching at home.
WILLIAMS: ”I know things have been rough lately, 4CW seems to be at an impasse with how things are going. Boston has come into power in this company, and all of a sudden things go downhill. Ratings are plummeting, and morale backstage seems to be at an all-time low. I’ve been brought in, not as a fix, but as a stopgap for Boston. You see, it’s clear as to why these things are happening. It’s clear why female talent is afraid to walk the halls by themselves. It’s clear why we have somebody like 3P on the roster. It’s very clear why ratings are taking right now.”
Bryan pauses, sighing.
WILLIAMS: ”I hate that I have to be in this position, working alongside Boston. He touts his “accomplishments” every week, but he really doesn’t have many. I saw him smash the vending machine at 4CW Headquarters just last week, and that’s been the only time I’ve seen him there. It’s not a good look, and frankly I feel like he’s doing this on purpose.”
Bryan puts his hands up, to stop himself.
WILLIAMS: ”These are just my thoughts, I have no proof of this …yet. In the meantime, I hope you can all hang in there. Things are going to get better, it’s just going to take some time. Do not allow Boston to tear us apart. Do not allow him to bully you into something you don’t want to do. At the end of the day his actions will reflect on who he is. And he will have to face the consequences of them. In the meantime I’ll be more diligent in my work. You will see my influence, to counteract his.”
Bryan looks around the office, disgusted by the side that obviously belongs to Boston. He tiptoes to his area, looking around on the desk.
WILLIAMS: ”It’s stuff like this that makes our company look bad. How can we trust somebody with his kind of responsibility, when he treats his working environment like this?”
Bryan scoffs, going over to his desk. He reaches behind it, pulling out a giant garbage bag. Bryan opens up the bag, flapping it around in the air several times. Almost obnoxiously.
WILLIAMS: ”Who needs these many pre-workout containers?”
Bryan pushes a handful of items, and trash, into the bag. He clears the desk, sweeping everything and anything on top of Boston’s desk into the trash bag. Soon enough, the desk is empty. Clean, and clear, Bryan stands there proudly looking at his work. He takes the bag, closing it up and tossing it indiscriminately into the hallway without looking.
WILLIAMS: ”You see folks? With a little bit of work, and some determination, things can get better!”
Bryan’s nose begins to sniff in the air, he catches on something foul.
WILLIAMS: ”Ugh, I still have some more work to do here. There’s a lot of clown pornography here, like a lot. It’s almost crazy to think about, but I must stay focused. You all enjoy the rest of the show. And don’t worry, things are going to get better around here.”
Bryan smiles to the camera, giving it a wink.
WILLIAMS: ”I’m sure of it.”

The room is dark and dim as a single pot light from above faintly shines down on Preacher and 4CW Superstar Nemesis as they are in what one can only presume to be Salvation’s locker room. Preacher leans on his black and gold cane, a look resembling that of a fox who just crept into the hen house is upon his face. Nemesis towers over him on his right side and though he has just endured a match, the markings on his upper body and face aren’t worn out or faded in the slightest, somewhat going against those theorizing they are just simply body paint. Even though Nemesis and his partner Aiden Deimos were successful tonight, the killer instinct he’s shown so far in his 4CW tenure is still beaming from his eyes.
PREACHER: ”Tonight, Salvation gave the Dogs of War, as well as their followers, the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now, I call on all of those who walk amongst this earth to witness the consequences of the choice you all made. As the glory of victory reigns upon Salvation, the Dogs of War have been shown to be the scourge of the earth, nothing more than pebbles cast aside on the winding path of Salvation we all walk. Tonight is ours as the sun sets, just as tomorrow will be ours when the sun rises.”
Preacher laughs with sinister intent as Nemesis keeps his cold, hard stare towards the camera.
NEMESIS: ”While the majority of you do nothing but mock, we plot. While you all crack jokes, we crack skulls and break arms. I have grown weary of the immature, who prance about 4CW as if they are untouchable or even of ‘God-like’ status. I want you all to not only take in what we did tonight but also look at the broader picture, everything that has happened since my arrival. First, Ana is kicked in the head and brought back to reality, followed by us putting on arguably the most impressive showing next to Omerta at Bad Company. Then, in the same night, Jeb Fisher was put on the shelf permanently while Viduus was crowned 4CW Champion by defeating a woman who never got over her head being kicked in by us. Now, we stand before you, victorious once again over a stable some view as one of the more dominant in this industry and it seems the justification for all of the comedy, if you can call it that, some of you want to throw our way dwindles by the day.”
Nemesis continues his evil gaze into the viewer’s soul, as his face remains as still as stone while just as cold as it.
NEMESIS: ”I ask myself though, what must I do to prove my point either further? What hero that these fans idolize must I slay next? Shall I qualify for the WarZone to insure the 4CW Championship remains in Salvation? Do we seek revenge for our slip up against Omerta immediately now that we defeated the men who just beat them at Adrenaline Ninety? Should I hunt down Thomas of America to strip him of the only thing he loves more than his woman? Better yet, do I target Kimi herself who holds the bigger prize and I know has feared me for a long time, far beyond 4CW? So many questions…so many answers and yet, such little time.”
His face shifts to crack a smirk as his eyes now glow with elation at the thought of running through all of the Champions the 4CW faithful hold in high regard.
NEMESIS: ”I can already hear the creaking of all your necks as you begin to look over your shoulders simultaneously and it’s music to my ears. I am not here to have fun, nor am I here to indulge in the childish games so many of you like to play. I am here to carve out a legacy for Salvation and myself unlike any seen here before. So many factions or movements have started up or came through this company, only to fall by the wayside but like I said in Hawaii, we are far different and our imprint on 4CW will be made with the blood of you all. The time draws closer for each of you to fall at our feet and with every body we use as a stepping stone, the closer and closer we will get to achieving our ultimate goal; becoming the most feared and dominant force to grace the 4CW history books. Let the bloodbath commence.”
As Nemesis grins, Preacher once again leans forward on his cane with both hands now.
PREACHER: ”Glory be upon Salvation!”
The pot light above them flickers a few times and then finally goes out, turning the room pitch black as we cut to a commercial.


Sam, Johnny Storm’s sister, looked on at the two combatants in the ring with a hint of concern. Storm had been acting even more strange than usual- in fact, it was a different kind of strange altogether. She didn’t know if the darkness within him that she’d uncovered would hurt him or help him in this match against the incredibly formidable Ignition Champion, Artemis Kaiser. Artemis had mowed through most of her competition in 4CW thus far, and she didn’t plan on stopping any time soon. In fact, she has stated quite clearly on several occasions that her intention is to face and defeat the former two time 4CW Champion, Bronx Valescence. At any rate, the match started out typically, with each opponent attempting to direct its course toward their strengths. Artemis landed a couple of solid strikes, while Johnny was able to take her to the ground a couple of times. Storm continually chanted, “U-S-A” whenever he had a free moment to calculate his next maneuver- though obviously not calculating that he was in Gernany. Kaiser knocked Johnny senseless with a couple of Urakens, or spinning backfists that connected with Captain America’s head- the mask offered no shield from the sheer force of Artemis’ blows. Dazed, Storm stumbled and hunched forward, allowing Artemis to leap, catch his head beneath her arm and drive it into the mat with a jumping DDT. Artemis then sprung to her feet and stomped on Johnny’s head a couple of times, leaving him nearly senseless- not that he had much sense to begin with. Kaiser dropped down for a pin attempt, but she only managed a two count. The camera picked up Sam on the outside- she watched her brother getting beaten with fire in her eyes in between attempts to remain stoic.
Johnny would rally against Kaiser and the two would exchange the upper hand several times. Captain America won the crowd for a few moments by hitting three Freedomcanranas in a row. A pin attempt accompanied the final Freedomcanrana, but it only yielded a count of two and three quarters, as Artemis dramatically kicked out. Johnny then scaled the turnbuckle and clobbered Artemis with an American Elbow as she was attempting to find her footing. Sam cheered her brother on, though her countenance did not offer anything but a smoldering look. Anyway, that maneuver apparently only warranted a two and a half count. Johnny wasted no time getting to his feet and scurrying up the turnbuckle again- this time attempting the Freedom Cruise Missile Dropkick- but Artemis ducked and dove out of the way!
After the botched aerial attempt, Artemis had taken control of the match. With various strikes and suplexes, her attack was relentless. She tortured Storm with a Fujiwara armbar for two or three minutes, causing him to cry out, “America!” through the pain- but he did not submit. Kaiser continued to pummel Johnny with several soccer kicks to the ribs that were followed by a running knee drop. There were several pin attempts that amounted to very near falls, but no victory. Johnny stood dazed in the middle of the ring and fell victim to the “Hand of God,” a vicious Superman punch. Kaiser could have probably won the match if she had gone for the pin right away, but she took a moment to taunt Sam on the outside, pointing a finger gun at Johnny before pulling the trigger.
This casual taunt provoked Sam to become inexplicably, but absolutely irate! She jumped the ring apron and stuck her upper body through the top two ropes before the referee stopped her. Kaiser looked at Sam with curiosity that turned into humor. She laughed and repeated the taunt, finding Sam’s anger to be quite entertaining. Sam gathered herself together and dropped back down to the arena floor, though her nostrils still flared and her eyes still burned. This little interlude enabled Storm to collect his wits and turn the tables on Artemis once again.
Johnny threw Artemis in the corner and hit the Freedom Splash once…
Three times!!!
Artemis stumbled out from the corner and Storm set her up for the Freedom Driver, a fisherman suplex piledriver- but somehow, Artemis was able to kick her way out of the maneuver, as she rolled behind Storm, grabbed his head, finagled correct positioning, and hit Captain America with a DISGUSTING reverse neckbreaker, called “The Cure for Insomnia!” Artemis fell on Storm for the pin and the win, retaining her Ignition Championship for another two weeks.
WINNER: Artemis Kaiser via Pinfall (10:26)

It was a good night for Salvation, they had beaten the Dogs of War and walked away from the attack after by Omerta. Aidan Deimos, Nemesis, and The Preacher were making their way out of the arena, still plotting amongst themselves about the future of Salvation. SMACK! The loud sound of metal against skulls rings throughout the backstage area as Nemesis and Deimos and cracked from behind by the Tag-Team champions Omerta! Dakota Smith stands over Nemesis, salivating through his long cheshire grin. Preacher looks shocked, almost confused as he goes to run but is met by the large of Cyrus Riddle grabbing a hold of his shirt and pulling him forward, CRACK! Cyrus levels Preacher with a headbutt, leaving the man lying limp on the ground. Dakota and Cyrus turn their attention to Deimos, both grabbing the big man by the back of the head and lifting him up to his feet. Only to send him crashing into the cement walls of the arena with a loud thud.
Cyrus, with a smirk that just oozes machismo walks over to Nemesis. He crouches down, pressing his championship up against Nemesis’s face while letting out a deep, boisterous laugh. With evil intent in his eyes, Dakota tells Cyrus to pick him up! Cyrus grabs Nemesis by the back of his neck and drags him to his feet, locking in a modified abdominal stretch! Cyrus wraps his 4CW Tag Team Championship with the metal plates facing inward across Nemesis face. Dakota takes a few steps back before bolting forward, bring his foot up and hitting a sickening Yakuza kick! Driving the metal plates of the championship directly into Nemesis’s skull. Cyrus lets the limp body fall from his grasp as Omerta stands over the downed Salvation. They both seem pleased with their actions, Dakota’s eyes glowing with excitement.
SMITH: ”Hey Cyrus…”
RIDDLE: “Yes?”
SMITH: ”Don’t you have a match next?”
RIDDLE: “I do.”
SMITH: ”Any thoughts on that?”
RIDDLE: “Compared to Gresham… what these fuckers just got, and what the Dogs got earlier… will look like appetizers. Everyone is asking ‘why the fuck is all this happening?’ The answer is simple… because we can, and we will. Tonight is Omerta’s night, we are the deciding factor in everything here. Everything is going to die.”
Riddle and Dakota hit their forearms together as the Englishman walks backs out of camera view slowly, looking to their handiwork with a sinister pride before leaving Dakota standing at the wreckage.

The crowd was buzzing in anticipation of the Dermacus Gresham and Cyrus Riddle match that was due up next but the crowd was greeted by children’s voices echoing throughout the arena.

No music played yet but the lights in the arena dropped quickly allowing darkness to consume the Lanxess Arena.

The aisle and the ring were lined, no, filled with torches. Specifically, people hidden by red and black cloaks filled the aisles with their hands firmly grasped around their firey torches, raising them to the air.

It was unknown whether or not it was storming outside but it was plain as day that the sound of thunder rolled in the arena as well as a quick flash of light, the crack of lightning, and a brisk wind blew out the torches causing blackness once again.

A lone red spotlight lit up over the center of the ring highlighting none other than The Speaker.
SPEAKER: “Ladies…Gentleman…Mortals…”
While it wasn’t a word that he used often he knew that for some reason that word, “mortals”, irritated everyone in 4CW from the fans to the locker room that he couldn’t help but use it.
SPEAKER: “At Adrenaline Ninety, the landscape of 4CW had been changed. Could you feel it? CAN you feel it? The days of your plug and play 4CW champions has finally come to an end and a new king has risen! The days of the same song and dance from those in this company that believe themselves to be normal, those that believe themselves to be better than the likes of us, those that believe we have no place at the top have come to a sweet end. To those of you who believe…to those of you who don’t…to the entire locker room…I present to you…you’re king.”
The subtle drum beats from Viduus Morta’s music begans to blare throughout the arena sending this crowd into a frenzy of mostly boos. The red spotlight shifted his gaze to the top of the stage where a dark hole had opened up. The flames on the torches reignited causing celebratory shadows to dance on the wall and in the eyes of each spectator. A massive throne that was entirely black and ornately carved with spectacular designs had begun to rise from the floor.
As the throne became more and more visible, there was Viduus sitting in it like the king he claims to be with a crown of bones and thorns. His black coat draped down beneath him and just about blanketed the bottom of the massive chair. His 4CW title glistened on a pedestal built right next to the throne within a hand’s reach shined a crimson red from the spotlight above. Viduus grinned as he tapped his fingers upon the arm rest of his throne. His music cut off as the Speaker had more to say.
SPEAKER: “This man has been the most successful man in this business in the last year and in order to silence whatever doubters are left, in order to put down any dogs that continue to yap in our direction…”
Viduus put his hand up and The Speaker stopped immediately. Viduus rose slowly from his chair which prompted two cloaked men from behind the throne to hustle up and button the 4CW championship around the Champion’s waist. The camera had a full view of Viduus Morta who appeared larger than life from the camera angle that was being utilized.
VIDUUS: “Heavy lies the crown…”
He unbuckled the belt and raised it in the air before staring down into the camera.
VIDUUS: “Come take it from us if you so dare.”
His grin said he had something up his sleeve.
VIDUUS: “I’ll see all who wish to fail…in the Warzone.”
JOHNSON: “Did he just…?”
VASSA: “He did! That crazy son of a bitch just entered himself and the 4CW Championship into the Warzone!”
JOHNSON: “He has been on a roll lately but…”
VASSA: “But this is dumb as fuck. Why would he do that?”
JOHNSON: “I don’t know but I’m willing to bet that he and Salvation may have a plan but the show must go on and we need to get backstage.”

When the scene switched to wherever the fuck it was that Eli was sitting backstage, it was evident that he was by himself. Where Genie was was anyones guess. Eli probably knew but he wasn’t about to tell anyone. Instead he was happily munching away on tacos. Yes, actual tacos. Not the kind that Sativa and another dude would jerk it to while pretending each other had one. These were none other than specially made tacos from Chipotle of all places. And truth be told all Eli wanted was to be left alone to blissfully eat the food that he had in front of him. But things never worked that way. Why would they? This is a goddamn segment and it would be pretty stupid if it was just Eli sitting there eating food and not doing anything else. So, of course, some random person that Eli had never seen before came up to him. He was dressed like some sort of delivery person. Or at least it seemed that way because he held a box in his hands.
DELIVERY PERSON: “Hello, yes. I am looking for ze American Tommy.”
Briefly Eli paused his consumption of his scrumptuous tacos to look the man up and down before angrily shouting at the man, with little bits of corn salsa and black beans flying out from his mouth to collide with the delivery guys face.
E. CARLSON: ”Listen, do I look like a faggot that would dress up like Harry Potter and pretend to cast spells?”
DELIVERY PERSON: “Well. No I guess. Do you know where I can find him? I have a very special delivery for ze American Tommy.”
Curiously, Eli looked at the box that was in the man’s hands and began to wonder what exactly it was that was being delivered to him. He hoped it was anthrax, but he hadn’t gone to church enough to be that lucky.
E. CARLSON: ”What’s in the box?”
DELIVERY PERSON: “I’m very sorry, sir. I cannot tell you that.”
Hopping down off of the container he had been sitting on, Eli set his food aside and stepped towards the delivery man.
E. CARLSON: ”Listen. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can tell me what’s in the box, and I’ll tell you where Tommy is at. Or, you can keep that information to yourself and I’ll take your picture and put it on twitter that you’re Sativa’s biggest fan.”
E. CARLSON: ”Then tell me what’s in the box. Who is it from?”
The delivery driver looked a bit uneasy, but when Eli reached into his pocket to retrieve his phone, the man suddenly became much more willing to oblige.
DELIVERY PERSON: “It is from a woman named Amanda Cortez. But I don’t know what’s in there, I swear it!”
Snatching the box out of the drivers hands, Eli quickly tore through the packaging tape and pulled the flaps of the cardboard box open. Instantly he wished he hadn’t, shrieking as his eyes saw what was in the box before throwing it down to the ground. As he did so the contents spilled out onto the floor.
The camera’s swiveled from Eli to the floor to reveal that the box had contained a wax mold of a certain someone’s feet. At the same time the delivery man knelt down to stuff the object back into the box, Eli noticed there was a note attached to it.
E. CARLSON: ”What’s that say?”
Staring at the man intensely, Eli tapped his foot impatiently. Half a moment later the man began to read.
DELIVERY PERSON: “It says… To ze American Tommy… Don’t forget about me… Love, Amanda.”
E. CARLSON: ”NOPE! NOPE! NOOOOOPE! NO! Fuck this country. Fuck you. Fuck Tommy Paisano. I need to get the fuck out of here. I don’t have time for this. Jesus fucking Christ. BAAAAAAAABE!”
After shouting for his wife he began talking to himself like he had seen something horrendous, which he had, Eli then picked up his food and tossed it in the nearby trash can before heading off down the hallway in search of his wife. The sooner they could get the hell out of Germany, the better. Shouting for her again, at last she appeared with a look of annoyance on her face.
G. CARLSON: “Where’s the food?!”
E. CARLSON: ”I don’t want to talk about it.”
Their discussion would get much more heated, but that would happen off camera away from prying eyes.


Cyrus Riddle and DeMarcus Gresham, both with looks of determination on their face as they stand across the ring from one another. Both men understand what exactly is on the line, a shot at Fright Night, at the Warzone or Horrors. The bell rings and the two men lock up in center of the ring, DeMarcus being the bigger man gets the advantage – locking Cyrus up with a headlock. Cyrus isn’t in this long however, as he begins to drive his knuckles into the liver of DeMarcus, causing the Gifted one to cry out in anguish as he releases the hold. By the time DeMarcus turns around he is met with a stiff kick to the gut followed up by a quick DDT by Cyrus. Riddle goes to capitalize, but DeMarcus is quick! Taking him down with a double leg takedown before getting mount and raining down blows onto Cyrus’s face. Riddle does his best to block the blows until the referee has to step in, pulling DeMarcus off of the man. DeMarcus backs up, eyeing the rising Riddle, calculating his next move. As soon as Riddle hits his feet, DeMarcus is on the attack with quick flurry of jabs opening Cyrus up for the grab. DeMarcus Lift’s Cyrus high up into the air before bringing him back down on his knee with one hell of a backbreaker. DeMarcus goes for the pin.

Cyrus gets the shoulder up before the referee can bring his hand down for a second time. This doesn’t seem to deter DeMarcus however, as he quickly transitions into a chinlock. Marcus was trying to wear Cyrus down, really wrenching on his neck – torquing it in ways that necks are not supposed to go. This continues for about a minute, until it seems Cyrus has had enough – He brings his thumb up and gouges into DeMarcus’s eye! Sending the big man staggering backwards, giving Cyrus enough time to roll out of the ring and onto the floor to catch his breath. After a few moments Gresham of heavy blinking Gresham spots Cyrus on the outside, he exits the ring and goes to Attack. But Cyrus is ready for him! Driving his shoulder into Gresham’s gut and lifting him up into the air, bringing him down with a spinebuster against the apron! Gresham doesn’t go down though, and Cyrus is prepared for that, lockiing the big man up for a russian leg sweep, once against bashing Gresham’s spine off of the ring apron! Gresham is in a sitting position, as Cyrus quickly turns with a loud SMACK gives Gresham a penalty kick across the chest.
Cyrus grabs DeMarcus up by the hair and rolls him back into the ring. Riddle then climbs up to the apron and walks over to turnbuckle before climbing up to the top rope. He looks around the arena, and runs his thumb across his throat signaling that this just may be it. He then leaps off going for a picture perfect looking elbow drop! BUT DeMarcus SITS UP! Riddle crashes against the mat and DeMarcus is quick to try and lock in his version of the Camel Clutch(CHECKMATE) but Cyrus squirms his way out of it! Sliding beneath the bigger man’s legs and quickly getting up to his feet. The two men have a stare off as chants of this is awesome radiate throughout the arena.
The two go to square back up in the middle of the ring, DeMarcus gets the upper hand with his superior boxing strikes, backing Cyrus up into the corner. At one point Cyrus reverses the strikes, locking DeMarcus’s arms up and landing three solid headbutts before pushing Gresham back into the corner. Cyrus takes a few steps back before launching himself forward with a Yakuza kick which Gresham catches! Gresham throws Cyrus foot down and then lifts him up into the air and delivers an arena rumbling spinebuster(BLACK DIAMOND)! DeMarcus hooks the leg.

Gresham looks stunned, as he sits on his knees with his arms at his side. He looks down at Riddle who looks like he is staring off into la la land, little Aidan Carlisles circling his head like cartoon birds. It’s at this point where a grin forms on the chiseled face of Gresham, as he points to the side of his head signaling that he has a plan. He pushes himself up to his feet, giving Cyrus a few more stomps for good measure before lifting him up into his feet. Gresham then throws Cyrus into the ropes, as Cyrus rebounds back DeMarcus lifts him up going for a spinning side slam(THE ENLIGHTENMENT) but Cyrus Reverses it mid move! Wrapping his arms around DeMarcus’s neck with THE SILENT NIGHT! Cyrus drives his knee into the spine of Gresham bringing him down to the ground so that he can lock the move in, wrapping his feet around DeMarcus’s midsection! The referee asks Gresham if he would like to tap but the big man says no. The ropes are nowhere in site, with Cyrus having locked this in at the middle of the ring. You can see the light begin to fade from Gresham’s eyes. Causing the referee to pick up his arm up, it drops to the mat three times in a row and the referee calls it, Gresham has been choked unconscious, refusing to tap.
WINNER: Cyrus Riddle via Technical Knockout (12:49)

The cameras flicker on to a quiet part of the parking garage, to a white stretch limo inside. Also inside, talking through the open back window of said limo.
JOHNSON: “Wait a minute, what’s going on out there?”
VASSA: “I thought this was private parking! There’s a show going on and we have drug deals happening?”
The cameraman gets closer as the voices get more audible, and in German. A slightly elderly man in a business suit talks to another man, the voice slightly familiar but unrecognizable in the foreign tongue.
JOHNSON: “Do we have any form of live subtitle feed online? Please, can you bring it up? The audience in attendance can probably hear and understand this, but for our North American audiences, we need to know what’s going on!”
Eventually the feed activates with subtitles, and it starts to roughly translate what’s being said.
SUIT: “What was the agreed price again?”
UNKNOWN: “10,000, all in Euros. If you have it, the goods are yours. That is why you’re here, is it not?”
SUIT: “Yes sir, it is.”
The suit hands a briefcase through the window, and a gloved hand, clad in black leather, reaches through and takes it. The sound of money changing hands and packaging can be picked up on the microphone.
JOHNSON: “Wow, this might actually be a drug deal!”
VASSA: “And where’s my cut!? I’m sure I am involved somehow.”
JOHNSON: “Not the best thing to say on national television…”
The businessman is then handed a signed copy, signed by Boston, of a stock certificate, stating that the holder owns enough shares to own 10% of the business.
SUIT: “Thank you, Mr… What was your name again?
A face comes out and the fans cry out with disgust and booing at the sight of 3P’s face, all smiles, all about the money. Many chants of “GET OUT” and “CHOKE” echo throughout the building, including a fair share of German curses and swearing.
JOHNSON: ”What a dastardly little plot 3P has cooked up for the end of his night!”
VASSA: ”Yeah, and I wish I had thought of it first!”
3P: ”It was Mr. Carlson. And no need to thank me. Strong investors like you make this business grow. I hope it serves you well.”
The limo drives out into Cologne, and the feed enters the limo, with Robert counting the money.
ROBERT: ”I don’t know how you keep doing that, boss, but you keep messing with those old folks. Karma gonna get you.”
3P: ”Yeah well, it didn’t, and Jair Hopkins was merely the beginning. Next time 4CW sees my face, I’ll be whipping his partner the same way, and it’ll make the slave trade look like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
3P: “Now where’s my money?”
The camera stays on as 3P laughs, counting through the Euros one at a time as he leaves the scene. He heads towards the back, as the camera catches someone else coming out back. It looks to be Bryan Williams, who is trying to sneak a smoke in the backstage parking lot. He looks around, feeling like he’s gotten away with something. As he puts the cigarette to his mouth his smile starts to drop, as he sees the cameraman standing right in front of him.
WILLIAMS: “You guys saw all of that, didn’t you?”
The cameraman doesn’t answer, but we see the camera shot moving up and down. Bryan sighs, as he looks at the limo still in the parking lot. He sees a strange looking man sitting there, looking through some papers. The man says something in German, and looks to be frustrated.
WILLIAMS: “Is that Raab?”
Bryan moves in walking towards the man, who seems to notice him. The man begins to speak out to Bryan, in a language that he can’t quite comprehend.
WILLIAMS: “Slow down, I don’t know what you are saying. Comment ca va? Hola, mi amigo. Me llamo Bryan.”
The man just continues to yell, in German. He looks very upset, tossing the papers out of the window. Soon enough the limo peels off, as Bryan steps out of the way. He looks to be a bit annoyed but looks down at the papers. Reaching down to pick them up, Bryan begins to chuckle. He soon understands the frustration of the man in the limo. It’s clearly a terribly made contract, in MS Paint. The man has been swindled, and 3P is now ten thousand Euros richer, I guess?
Bryan looks into the camera, shrugging, as the scene cuts away.

Walking around in a slow pace in the middle of the ring is 4CW co-owner Phoenix who has had quite a night already with having to weather a brewing storm concerning the protest organized WASA at the beginning of the night and now here she was again, having to keep a promise with going savage mode if Cass Baumer reneged on her word of showing up at this Adrenaline show… in which she went Casper in the days leading up to the show, even being ghost before the card was dropped. And in the Corners Four, thats just something you dont do especially when you hyped yourself up like you were a category 5 hurricane and ended up being a slight breeze that wasnt strong enough to even lift a plastic bag. And now with Cass going back on her promise, Phoenix had to keep hers by speaking out against it.
PHOENIX: “I know you’ve been waiting for me to address Cass but just give me a second to get to that. I thought… i made it ABUNDANTLY clear that there is no way 3P is a shareholder concerning this company? But no no, he can’t help himself, right? He gets fired and is out in the back making some ‘deal’ that isnt even legit because he never was a shareholder for this company. I hope he asked that man for a job after being fired here tonight because he is no longer our problem. Now… moving onto Cass…”
A slow roll of her eyes with a shake of her head to follow.
PHOENIX: “How BAD does it have to be for you to retire just to escape stepping into a ring for Adrenaline? I mean I thought the usual thing nowadays was getting knocked up out of nowhere to get out of wrestling, but now we’re retiring after talking alllllll of that cash but went ghost to save that ass, huh? Is that what we’re doing now? What irritates me is she went hard pointing the finger at me, placing the blame on me as me being the cause of her problem with not being booked a long time ago for a match at Adrenaline. She long winded herself yip yapping a poorly made argument that it was my fault and none of hers, that i had been too lazy to book her until after I hurt her wittle little feelings, she offered me a full apology and admitted to her being the problem and it being no fault of my own. But what was her big speech? That at least SHE had the guts to step into a 4CW ring unlike anyone else. That SHE wasnt running and that SHE wouldnt flake…. talking a big game before… poof. She’s gone. That’s your solid proof, people. Dont say that you’re going to come to the Corners Four and then have nothing to show for after talking all of that big talk but didnt have the walk to go along with it.”
She gives a mild shrug, having no concern about Cass dipping out because of the obvious fear of facing off against a 4CW great.
PHOENIX: “I get it… 4CW isn’t like one of those indies that you seem to have it easier in. No rookie that’s only been wrestling for a few months can come in here and immediately become a triple champion. So you have to go to those places where you play big fish in such a small pond because swimming with sharks just sends chills down your spine. That you shiver at the very thought of being in this very ring right now standing across the ring one of my wonderful hardworking stars in the back who would love nothing more to humble you. I’ve seen people be scared to go to Adrenaline so they refused to sign to 4CW until King’s Road opened up and they were so quick to come scurrying to sign on that dotted line and scream, LOOK AT ME I AM A PART OF 4CW NOW. One thing I can say about Alicia Lukas is it doesnt matter how much shit she used to get in the past based on her personal life, at least she had the balls to come to Adrenaline. All these cheerleader loud girls didnt have the guts to do that. And anyone who runs to King’s Road is still going to get that ass mollywopped anyways because keep in mind, King’s Road is STILL 4CW and I do not view them as a lesser part of 4CW because they arent. Only thing lesser in 4CW is the cocklocke I fired earlier and a few annoying people in the company who we’re pretty much tired of at this point but make no mistake about it, I represent this company in full and I will never stop defending this company against the ones who complain that we’re bullies or that we’re too mean. Only thing toxic is you women dick hopping on other men while you have a severely injured man at home who can barely get out of bed, the ones who leak their own news for attention then boo hoo when the public tears you apart over it, the cheaters who DM slide then claim your significant other knew about it all along, the lesbians who switch relationships more than Khloe Kardashian switches men and of course, my personal favorite… the many relatives who pop out of nowhere and train at the shittiest gyms in the world before becoming 18th generation wrassling star, bahbay!”
The roaring laughing from the audience solicits a grin from the entertaining Phoenix.
PHOENIX: “I keep telling yall, if you claim to be the best then I am going to invite you to the best wrestling company in the world to prove that you are against the ones I view as the best in this business. But you know why we don’t have many one offs or guest matches? Because these people are frauds. They have it easy fighting 75 pound women but wont come here and put up or shut up against our elite. But it’s okay… I am seriously running that deathmatch tournament next year and I am going to see just how many alleged deathmatchers sign up for it. I wont hold my breath though, I am sure alot of surprise pregnancies will spring about or some might retire to avoid a good ol ass kicking just like Cass did or well…. I might get the many excuses of how they arent ready to be on that level yet when they have wrestled plenty of deathmatches. All I’m going to say is if you aren’t willing to step into the big leagues for the amount of money I am going to be putting up for the cash prize then you will forever get trolled for being a fraud. Learn from Cass, sugas. Better shut it up if ya can’t back it up.”
With that final wink to the camera and a sassy swing of her hair, Phoenix drops that mic in the middle of the ring and heads for the ropes as her music blasts in the background. She smiles at the cheers and is proud that she handled all of her obligations for the night, knowing that her words may upset alot of people but we all know that sometimes the truth hurts. Either you swallow it or you choke on it.


JOHNSON: ”Well folks, it’s main event time. And you know when I talk like this it’s time to hype up the match!”
VASSA: ”So these two teams met at Bad Company, and The Carlsons went on to win. Obviously The Asians had shocked everyone already, beating To The Wolves. Tonight, they get their chances to run it back. They get a chance to beat The Carlsons and prove that they’re the better couple team.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s a lot of pride on the line here tonight, and probably some implications for Fright Night.”
VASSA: ”Indeed so. After a few weeks of these two teams fighting, you know that they both want to come out on top here.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s still a killer matchup, you can feel that the crowd is ready to see these two teams go at it tonight.”
VASSA: ”No more waiting, let’s get right to it!”
”I don’t drink brass monkey
Like the beat funky
Nickname Easy E
Young 8-Ball Junkie”

Emerging first from the backstage area through the curtain is none other than the former 4CW Champion Elijah Carlson. After three matches it’s evident that the physical nature of what he and his wife have been through up to that point has taken its toll. And while he still carries himself with his usual swagger, there’s fatigue in his eyes and he comes to a pause at the top of the ramp, looking back over his shoulder as the sound of a record scratching cuts off “8-Ball” by N.W.A. as the lights around the arena go dark once more. It’s only half a moment before they burst to life and the music picks up once more.
”Ah ah ah yep yep yep
The baddest bitch is back,
I’m back part 2, part 2
I’m reloaded and I’m killin you hoes”

The familiar theme music for Genevie Carlson causes the chorus of boo’s to grow as she emerges from the backstage area as well to meet her husband.
POWERS: “Weighing in at a combined total of three hundred forty-five pounds, they are… THE CARLSON DDYYYYYNNAASSTTYY!!!”
The two share a brief kiss and continue their walk down to the ring, with Eli taking her hand and helping her up the steel ring steps, following after her a moment later as she sat on the middle rope and held it for him while he stepped into the ring. Shortly after she entered as well and the two moved to their corner immediately and began conversing, probably plotting out their strategy for the main event of the evening.
JOHNSON: ”The Carlsons are in the ring now, ready and waiting for their opponents. Obviously they didn’t fare well at Adrenaline Ninety, in singles competition.”
VASSA: ”Tommy and Kimitsu defended their titles, sure. But the Carlsons have the edge when it comes to tag team matches. They’ve already beaten them before, another win tonight could really give them that edge they need.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh for sure, this could be the deciding factor here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Or, it could be meaningless! Who really knows?!”
Number Girl’s Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.

Kimitsu Zombie calmly walks out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu and her belt on like a bandolier across her body. American Tommy soon follows her, and since he doesn’t have an entrance in his stats I’m assuming he comes out with a broom? Maybe one of those sorting hat things? We’ll just say for this show he looks like Ryan Fitzpatrick at a press conference.
POWERS: ”Their opponents, coming to the ring at this time, the team of American Tommy… Kimitsu Zombie, they are ZZEEE AAAAASSSSIIIAAANNSSSS!!!”
Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowd’s reaction of cheers and jeers. American Tommy follows her, kind of like a lost puppy. I really hate that I had to write this out though. Can you guys imagine that none of these teams had a team entrance ready? Or maybe they did, I didn’t really look and check. I just went over the stats in the forum, and didn’t bother checking out old results. Only writing this in for filler, because nobody really checks anyway. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music, while American Tommy chats up with the fans at ringside.

She takes a long chug of shochu and spits a shochu mist into the air then screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. Both American Tommy and Kimitsu hold their titles up for everyone to see, because I almost forgot about that.
JOHNSON: ”Alright, we’ve got both teams in the ring. It’s time for main event action tonight! No Boston here to ruin things, just pure and simple wrestling.”
VASSA: ”Just the way I like it!”
JOHNSON: ”Uh… what?”
VASSA: ”Nothing. Ring the bell.”

What was a round two match-up in Bad Company has now turned into the main event of Adrenaline. Both teams stand across from each other in the ring, Eli preparing himself as he’s going to start this match. Tommy looks over to Kimitsu, telling her that he’ll start off. The two start off a bit more seriously than last time, it appears that Tommy is giving this his full attention. Tommy tries for the collar-and-elbow tieup, but Eli quickly ducks the attempt. He shoots in, taking Tommy down to the ground. Tommy tries getting up to his feet, but Eli puts a stop to that with a hard shot to his ribs.
Tommy doubles over in pain, almost vomiting from the kick he received. Genie shakes her head at the sight and even Kimitsu just lets out a sigh, a repeat scene from the last time these two faced off. Tommy, however, stands his ground as he finally gets back up. He strikes, connecting with a European Uppercut that staggers Eli backwards. Eli grabs Tommy’s hair, the two fighting for position in the ring. Tommy goes for a Suplex, but Eli floats over and lands on his feet. Eli decides to run forward, trying to slam Tommy into the nearby corner. But Tommy jumps off at the last second, allowing Eli to hit hard as he slumps in the corner. Tommy, turning around, rushes over towards his opponent. However, Eli sees this coming and get his foot up at the last second, connecting with Tommy’s face! Tommy eats all of the foot, and while normally he’d be pretty happy about this, Eli just straight booted him in the face. Tommy goes down in a heap, stumbling towards his corner as he does.
JOHNSON: ”American Tommy has the right mindset here, he’s going on the attack. Can’t say that his execution is all that great though.”
VASSA: ”Come on, he’s facing Eli Carlson right now. Former 4CW Champion, it doesn’t get better in the ring than this guy.”
JOHNSON: ”Eli has certainly made it tough for him to get into this match.”
VASSA: ”Tommy’s in over his head right now if he thinks he’s going to win this way.”
Kimitsu calls out to Tommy, as Genie is calling for the tag. Tommy is telling Kimitsu he is fine, doing his best to get back up before Eli and Genie can take advantage. However, it’s too late, as Genie is tagged into the match. Tommy watches, and before he can spout out some kind of Harry Potter catchphrase that I know nothing about, Eli charges him and drives his shoulder into his with a strong shoulder block that knocks Tommy off his feet. Eli looks over to his wife, grabbing her and tossing her towards Tommy in an Assisted Dropkick! Tommy takes the brunt of the Dropkick, falling into his corner as Genie gets back to her feet. She doesn’t get much time to attack, though, as Tommy finally tags out of this match. Kimitsu steps in, and clobbers Genie with a Right Hook! Genie doesn’t fall, instead Kimitsu grabs her and takes her down with a Rolling Savate Kick! Genie is laid out in the middle of the ring, as Kimitsu goes for the quick cover in this match.

Tommy stays on the outside, recovering from the beating he’s taken in this match. Kimitsu knows she’s going to have to pull her weight, if she wants to get her team back into this contest. Genie gets back up, fighting with Kimitsu in the middle of the ring, Genie is able to get Kimitsu over to her corner where Eli grabs her arms. Tommy watches as Genie connects with a hard chop to Kimitsu’s chest, the sound reverberating throughout the arena. He shouts something at Eli, who smiles at him, as Genie delivers another hard chop to Kimi’s chest. It’s enough to finally get him involved, even if he hasn’t fully recovered yet. Tommy sprints into the ring, ducking the referee who tries to stop him. He charges in, jumping over Genie as he belts Eli with a Forearm that knocks him off of the apron! Genie goes to say something to Tommy, but Tommy smashes her with a Forearm too! The crowd cheers this display of man-on-woman violence, surely something created by Boston’s arrival as management. No doubt about it though, Tommy has swung the favor back onto his team’s side. He gets back to his corner, as Kimitsu gets up. It was the advantage she needed to recover.
JOHNSON: ”Tommy gets a cheap shot in, and now he’s gotten Kimitsu the time she needed to recover!”
VASSA: ”That’s real cheap, but it certainly was effective.”
JOHNSON: ”Kimitsu has Genie right in her sights now, and I think Eli might be hurt.”
VASSA: ”He’s collecting himself on the outside, I can’t imagine that this ends well for Tommy.”
In the blink of an eye the match changes, as Kimitsu begins to wear down Genie in the ring. She slams her elbow into Genie’s ribs, locking on an Octopus Stretch in the middle of the ring. Genie calls out for Eli to help, but he’s still out of it. Eli finally staggers up to his corner, having taken a hard shot from Tommy. Genie fights, trying to pull herself towards the ropes to get out of the hold. It’s rough going, as Kimitsu continues to batter her ribs with shot after shot. Kimitsu goes to adjust the hold, giving Genie the opportunity she needed to get out. She flips Kimitsu over, connecting with a quick Shining Wizard to keep her down for a moment. Genie looks over at Eli, who’s calling to be tagged into the match. Genie struggles, her ribs hurting as she gets up to her feet. Stunned, Kimitsu tries getting up as well, but doesn’t realize that Genie has finally tagged out of this match.
Eli is ready for Kimitsu, tagging back into this match to get their momentum back. Genie gets onto the apron, as Eli flies into the ring. His bell is still rung, but he goes right at Kimitsu. Genie watches as Eli connects with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the midsection of Kimitsu, payback for what she did to his wife. Eli grabs Kimitsu by the hair, picking her back up as he goes for an Implant DDT, Kimitsu swings out of it though as she connects with a Jumping DDT of her own. Tommy starts up a chant for Kimitsu as he slaps his hands on the top ropes to start a beat, as both competitors lay in the ring. Genie tries calling for Eli to get back up, the sound of the audience drowning her out. Eli looks frustrated, as Kimitsu gets back to her feet. She ducks a Right Kick attempt from Eli, and snags him with a Dragon Screw! Eli falls to the mat, clutching his leg for a moment. It’s not a lot of damage, but it certainly is scary, giving Kimitsu enough time to get back on her feet.
JOHNSON: ”Kimitsu Zombie controlling the action here, a Dragon Screw takes Eli down!”
VASSA: ”That didn’t look good, but I think Eli is okay. He’s gotta get his head back into this if he wants to win.”
JOHNSON: ”I think Eli is just frustrated with these two, they’ve been a pain in his side for a while now. This match isn’t going the way he wanted it to.”
VASSA: ”It’s about to get a whole lot worse, for Eli!”
Kimitsu looks on, grabbing Eli’s right leg as she pulls him over to her corner. Eli spins around, booting her in the face! Kimitsu falls to the mat, as Eli rushes over to tag Genie in. Kimitsu is about to sit up on the mat when Genie pushes Kimitsu back down. Genie mounts Kimitsu, raining down blows on her like she had just joined one of those MMA places. Kimitsu does her best to cover up, kicking Genie away from her. Now both women make it to their feet and collide, a double Clothesline knocking them for a loop. Both stand there, staggered, as Genie tries to collect herself. Kimitsu is able to get Genie into a headlock, she tries falling to the mat but Genie keeps her on her feet.. Genie clasps her hands together before ramming her elbow into Kimitsu’s mid section several times until the hold is broken and Genie is finally free. Genie grabs Kimitsu with both hands to yank her forward as Kimitsu grabs Genie’s wrists with a strong grip and rams her forehead into Genie’s with a strong headbutt. Genie falls backwards, but recovers enough to press onward. She grabs Kimitsu again, trying for a Back Suplex. Kimitsu is able to spin around, connecting with a Hard Elbow to Genie’s ribs.
Genie stumbles back a few steps away from Kimitsu, giving Kimitsu just enough time to recover. She looks at Genie, and lets out a battle cry. Kimitsu rushes forwards towards her opponent, but Genie has recovered enough to kick Kimitsu in the mid section to halt her from attacking so that Genie can go for an Alabama Slam. Genie lifts Kimitsu up, and snaps her hard to the mat. Kimitsu lands on her back, but appears to have softened the blow a little. She rolls backwards, getting to her feet as Genie’s Swinging DDT is waiting for her! Kimitsu looks out of it, but reverses another Alabama Slam attempt into an Implant DDT! Genie tries getting back up, as Kimitsu goes for the Standing Frankensteiner. Genie puts a quick stop to that, Powerbombing Kimitsu into the canvas instead, wow!
JOHNSON: ”Genie takes back control with a Powerbomb!”
VASSA: ”Did we do the reference, yet?”
JOHNSON: ”What do you mean?”
VASSA: ”You know what? Just, nevermind, forget it.”
Eli and Tommy look on, as they both have recovered enough to get into this match. They call for the tags, looking on as to who will get into the match first. Eli stares at Tommy, who stares right back at him. Both Genie and Kimitsu are slow to their corners, but they look to be making the same amount of progress. As soon as the tags are made, Tommy comes in wands a blazing as he jumps on Eli like he’s a golden snitch, but gets quickly tossed onto the mat. Tommy makes it to his feet rather quickly and tries to evade Eli, as Eli tries to take him down with a Spinning Back Kick. Tommy moves out of the way, hooking Eli for the YoYo Toss Salad! The Hip Toss doesn’t connect, as Eli lands on his feet. A stunning, and impressive display of athleticism from the former 4CW Champion. Tommy is too impressed to see what’s coming next, as Eli blasts him with The Prince’s Edict! The move puts Tommy down, he doesn’t move a muscle as Eli gets to his feet.
With his opponent down, Eli looks to finish this match off with a bang. Kimitsu is still too banged up to do much, as Eli grabs Tommy. He brings him over to the corner, saying a few harsh words that we can’t seem to hear. Eli backs up, looking to connect with the Red Light Special. This kick would put the match away, but Tommy seems to move at the last second! Eli goes crashing into the corner, falling down on his butt as Tommy spins him around. Seating Eli in the corner, Tommy goes for a corner move of his own. He steps backwards, and connects with the Broken Snitch! Nobody is quite sure what to make of his, but Eli is certainly out of it. Confused, upset, intrigued, we’ll never know to be quite sure. Tommy knows that he has to end this match though, as he connects with the YOYO SALAD TOSS OH MY GOD FOLKS HE HIT IT!! Eli looks to be in pain, the best Hip Toss in the business folks. It’s enough to keep Eli down, as Tommy goes to the top rope. With the crowd cheering him on, he looks to connect with the Gryffindor Stomp!
JOHNSON: ”Tommy is going up top! He wants to end this now!”
VASSA: ”Eli is in a bad spot here, I don’t know if this is a good idea!”
JOHNSON: ”Tommy is going for it!”
VASSA: ”Oh watch out! Eli moved!”
Tommy lands on his feet, rolling forward, as Eli moves out of the way! Tommy turns around, rushing Eli as he stands near the corner. Eli ducks, and Flapjacks him onto the Turnbuckle Post! Tommy smashes his face into the post, slumping in the corner as Eli takes a few steps backwards. Genie and Kimitsu both know what’s coming, as Eli connects with the Red Light Special! The crowd knows this match is over, as Eli goes to cover Tommy for the pin! Before he can, though, Kimitsu pulls him out of the ring as Genie looks on. Kimitsu lands a front kick, doubling Eli over, as she tries to Suplex him to the floor. Eli floats over, landing on his feet as he pushes Kimitsu face first into the turnbuckle post! Kimitsu hits hard, falling to the floor as Eli looks over at the announce table. With Genie, and the referee telling him to get back into the ring, Eli hesitates. He grabs Kimitsu, pulling her up to her feet, placing her into position for a powerbomb. Eli lifts her up, and SLAMS HER THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH A POWERBOMB!
JOHNSON: ”OH MY GOODNESS! Eli just put Kimitsu right through that table! I can’t believe it!”
VASSA: ”She’s out of it! Eli just took out Kimitsu, now Tommy is all alone in that ring!”
JOHNSON: ”Genie looks ready to pounce, Tommy doesn’t even know what’s going on right now!”
VASSA: ”He’s in a bad spot here!”
Before Tommy can get back up, and help, Genie is already right there. She drops him with a Dropkick to his knee, allowing her to go for the Stiletto Kiss! Tommy is planted hard into the mat, as Eli makes his way back into the ring. With Tommy down on the mat, it doesn’t take much effort to see what comes next, as Eli slides in and covers him for the pin!

VASSA: ”There you have it folks, Genie has secured the victory for The Carlson Dynasty!”
JOHNSON: ”Where the hell am I supposed to put my drink now?”
VASSA: ”Wait, what?”
“Killing You Hoes” hits the speakers as Genie rises to her feet. Joining her side, Eli congratulates her as the two share a moment of victory between each other. Ruining the moment, the official interrupts them, grabbing their arms and hoisting them into the air.
POWERS: ”Here are your winners, Genevie and Elijah Carlson… THE CARLSON DDYYNNAASSTTYY!!!”
The two snatch their arms away from the official, giving their undivided attention to one another. They then turn to look to the outside wreckage where Kimitsu is still laid out across pieces of the broken announcers booth. Sharing a laugh together, the soak in the moment.
JOHNSON: ”These two may have come up short two weeks ago in their separate championship matches but things are completely different here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Look at this shit! The booth is destroyed and we’re just stuck sitting here looking like schmucks with nowhere to put our drinks.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t have a drink.”
VASSA: ”Of course you don’t because it’s all over the floor!”
Eli then walks over to the ropes, leaning over it to take in a view from above of Kimi laid out in the wreckage. He then begins motioning his hands around his waist as if he were wearing a championship belt. Pointing to Kimi, he mouths off a few words before dipping through the ropes and walking over to the North American Championship lying on the floor.
JOHNSON: ”If you have a problem with the booth maybe you should take it up with that man.”
VASSA: ”Nah, I think I’m good.”
Picking up the North American Championship from the floor, Eli holds it in one hand while looking down to the faceplate. He then looks over to Kimi, still laid out. Walking over to her, he kneels beside her and lays the championship across her lifeless body.
JOHNSON: ”Eli challenged Kimi for the championship two weeks ago and although he didn’t win it, I think these two still have some unsettled business between them.”
VASSA: ”OH YOU THINK?! What could have given you that idea!? It surely couldn’t be the fact that he put her through the booth tonight and NOW I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING PLACE TO SET MY DRINK!”
Eli quickly looks up to Vassa yelling about the booth and his drink. Standing tall, Eli confronts him and without saying a single word, he slaps Vassa’s drink from his hand, knocking it to the floor. Shaking his head at Vassa, Eli then turns back to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope.
JOHNSON: ”You just had to keep going on and on about the booth, didn’t you?”
VASSA: ”I can’t believe Eric’s twin just did that! I’m talking to HR about this!”
Eli joins Genie in the center of the ring, taking her by the arm and lifting it into the air. The camera zooms in as Eli looks to it and says “put her in the damn Warzone”.
JOHNSON: ”Even her husband is telling management to put her in the Warzone.”
VASSA: ”Doesn’t everyone need to have a qualifier first?”
JOHNSON: ”Put her in a qualifier then!”
VASSA: ”Don’t look at me, I don’t book the cards. I’m sure Boston will botch this one up.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s clear that Genie wants in the Warzone as we’ve heard her say multiple times that she wants in. By what happened here tonight, Eli isn’t finished with Kimitsu. The Carlson’s have made quite the statement here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Not to mention spilled my goddamn drink!”
The two continue to celebrate for a few moments before finally calling it a night. They begin to head for the ropes but Eli grabs Genie by the arm, stopping them both in place. He walks back over to Tommy, kneels down beside him and lifts his head up from the mat. Squeezing his cheeks together with one hand, Eli makes Tommy’s mouth pucker as he calls for Genie to come over and let him kiss the bottom of her boot. Genie stands back, not wanting any part of that. You’d think they were on social media for a moment as they argued back and forth before Eli grew frustrated and just let Tommy be.
JOHNSON: ”Eli sure is something tonight, isn’t he?”
VASSA: ”What? He was just helping his bro, Tommy out and giving him the chance to kiss some feet. Not like Eli would have to force him anyway.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s disgusting.”
VASSA: ”About as disgusting as not having a goddamn table to set you drink on! Or about as disgusting as having someone slap your drink from your hand. On a scale of one to ten, how disgusting is it, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”I’d say about an eight.”
VASSA: ”WRONG!!! It’s a fucking ten, a travesty that Eli would ruin my night like this. Tonight was going so perfect too but nnnoooooo, Eli just had to come out here and tear shit up to prove a point! And on that note, I’m done. That’s a wrap folks!”
JOHNSON: ”Are you going full ‘Vossler Mode’ on us right now?”
VASSA: ”Fucking right I am. I’m going to the back and getting myself another drink and we’re going to forget any of this even happened.”
JOHNSON: ”You heard the man ladies and gentlemen. Vassa has went full diaper mode on us tonight and we’re going to call it a night. No worries. We’ll be back in two weeks and this time coming to you all live from Montreal, Canada, for Adrenaline Ninety-Two!”
VASSA: ”Canada? Are you fucking serious right now?”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t make this stuff up.”
VASSA: ”I fucking wish you could. Of course Boston would book a show in Canada so he can see his butt buddy Paul Knight before we head down to Mexico for the big donkey show at Fright Night. I’m done here. I’m going to drink myself into a coma and hopefully I won’t live to see the day we go to Canada.”
JOHNSON: ”There you have it folks. Thank you all for joining us here tonight. We’ll see you in two weeks as he get closer and closer to Fright Night. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Leck meinen Schwanz, Deutschland!”
The picture cuts to the ring where Eli and Genie still celebrate with one another, Eli obviously being smooth and making her forget about trying to let Tommy kiss her foot. The camera zooms in for one final shot as Eli and Genie raise their arms together, hand in hand, before the picture slowly begins to fade out and the credits start to roll.