The scene opens up to an inside view of the Bell Centre up above the ring. Overlooking the entire crowd, the camera slowly shifts from lift to right, taking in all of the scenery. Denim. Yes you heard that right. Denim as far as the eye can see. People from across the great white north have all gathered here tonight in their finest Canadian tuxedos for tonight’s Adrenaline. There’s also an odd sighting as a steel cage hangs high above the ring. Getting closer and closer to the ring, the camera zooms in on various signs held throughout the sea of blue denim.

Pyro erupts from the entrance stage, lighting up the entire vicinity. At a quick pace, the camera cruises down the entrance ramp, headed for the ring. From the ring posts, even more pyro shoots into the air. The camera looks up to the cage once more, zooming in on the structure as it hangs in the shadows above. Going around the outside edge of the ring, the camera moves towards the announcers booth where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa await patiently to begin tonight’s show.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson!”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! We have a lot in store for Adrenaline Ninety-Two right here in Montreal, Canada!”
JOHNSON: ”We sure to. Coming to you live from the Bell Centre, we’re going to determine the other half of the playing field for the Warzone at Fright Night in three weeks.”
VASSA: ”Two weeks ago the first three were determined as Dakota Smith, Cyrus Riddle, and Bryan Laughlin all won their qualifying matches.”
JOHNSON: ”Then we also found out that this year’s event will feature the 4CW Championship when Viduus Morta entered himself into the mix.”
VASSA: ”We haven’t had the 4CW Championship in this thing since Twenty-Fifteen when Dakota Smith hung poor Felicity Banks from the top of the ladder and claimed the championship for himself.”
JOHNSON: ”This year it’s back. No contracts hanging high above the ring. It will be the 4CW Championship, the businesses top championship at the top of the Warzone.”
VASSA: ”So there’s our first four who will be featured in tonight’s main event. The other four will be determined right here in OOHHHHH CAN-A-DAHHH!!!”
JOHNSON: ”First up we have Finn Whelan and Alexis Mercer competing for the firth spot. Then we have Hannibal and the former 4CW Champion, Anastasia Hayden, competing for the sixth spot.”
VASSA: ”Then for the seventh we’ll be introducing the Ignition Championship into the mix as Artemis Kaiser not only defends the belt against Mark Storm tonight, but there’s also a spot in the Warzone on the line!”
JOHNSON: ”In our fourth qualifier of the evening, Genevie Carlson and Jair Hopkins will compete for the eighth and final spot in the Warzone.”
VASSA: ”The first four named made this thing unbelievable. With who we have in the mix tonight for the other four spots, this thing is going to be stacked by the time it’s all said and done.”
JOHNSON: ”That will give us our eight for the big night in three weeks on Halloween.”
VASSA: ”Ohhh, spooky!”
JOHNSON: ”Not to mention we’ll be traveling down to Mexico for things to kick off their annual Day of the Dead festival.”
VASSA: ”Wait, wait, wait, you mean to tell me there’s going to be dead people there? Like zombies and not the wrestling kind?”
JOHNSON: ”Absolutely and they’re going to eat your brains!”
VASSA: ”Fuck that, I’m out.”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, I’m only kidding. You’d have to actually have brains for that to even happen.”
VASSA: ”Wow, Steve. Really?”
JOHNSON: ”I kid, I kid.”
VASSA: ”Whatever. Cut the cameras. Go backstage. I’m done here right now.”
JOHNSON: ”But we’re only getting started!”
JOHNSON: ”Wait a damn second, Vinny! Hold on!”
VASSA: ”No, you hold on! I’m done here!”
JOHNSON: ”Are you seriously going to not say anything about that structure hanging high above the ring tonight?”
VASSA: ”What structure.”
JOHNSON: ”Look up for Christ’s sake!”
VASSA: ”Hold shit, there’s a cage up there. What’s a cage doing all the way up there? Do we have a cage match on the card tonight?”
JOHNSON: ”Not that I’m aware of. I have nothing on my sheets here about a cage match being booked for this show.”
VASSA: ”That’s odd.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s very odd.”
VASSA: ”Maybe it’s some sort of Canadian thing?”
JOHNSON: ”A Canadian thing?”
VASSA: ”Yeah, you know how those people are.”
JOHNSON: ”No, I don’t know how those people are.”
VASSA: ”Those people?!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s what you just said!”
VASSA: ”Forget about it. I didn’t mean anything by it. Let’s go backstage before I get myself into some trouble here at the booth tonight.”

Backstage we find ourselves drawn to focus on the cold concrete floor of a corridor which was likely lined with locker rooms and other such normalities. For a second or two it seems as though some lazy cameraman may have fallen asleep on the job until suddenly the scuffed ground turns to gold as we see a small, child-sized crown lying randomly on the ground like so many scattered popcorn kernels and plastic cups before it. As we look a little closer some writing becomes barely visible. Only one word is there to be read… and really, it’s not a word at all, but a name:

This seems a tad too convenient to be coincidental now, given the billed opening match for the evening. It was becoming rather obvious in fact that this was going to be some introductory piece to hype the debuting King Konstantine ahead of his first match under the 4CW flag. As we wait and watch nothing really happens for about an entire minute. The crown just sits there and the show goes on in suspense. Then suddenly a giant boot stomps the tiny crown into a million pieces, sending shards of gold painted plastic flying around the hallway. The audience gasps given how startling and sudden this had all come about, but as they catch their collective breath another word comes into view, this too a name stitched into the side of a black wrestling boot:

A boo now sweeps the stands as the realization sets in that this had all been a game orchestrated by the very same South American who is now revealed to be the owner of said boot as the camera zooms out to normal focus, making him less of a giant but still a very dangerous looking specimen to behold. He stands still for a moment or two and laughs to himself, licking his lips with a smug sense of satisfaction stamped across his face.
SANCHEZ: ”That really said it all to be quite honest… I’m going to gut this fuckin’ goober like a practice pig at a butcher’s shop.”
He stalls for a second and begins to kick several of the tiny plastic crown pieces aside. Lately he’d started to despise clutter and mess in the same way he seemed to loathe everything else on this planet.
SANCHEZ: ”So yeah… don’t worry I’m not going to waste my breath on hyping this match when I’m already going to the charitable lengths of wasting my talent competing in it.”
Again he pauses, but this time he seems to be suggesting the ‘your welcome’ gestures as though the audience should be thankful that he’s lowering himself to such depths as the upcoming match.
SANCHEZ: ”No, no, no… I’m already over that trauma. What I’m not over however, is this…”
David Sanchez digs inside the front of his black wrestling trunks where he’d rather creepily been storing a crumpled yet still flattering picture of 4CW Ignition Champion, Artemis Kaiser.
SANCHEZ: ”I don’t know if you watch my fuckin’ work in-and-outside of the ring but if you’re not familiar with who I am and what I’m about then I suggest you start to do your homework in a sharp manner young lady because I for one am not a gracious loser. Especially when I didn’t even get pinned or forced to submit in order to lose in the first place.”
Referring back to the Ignition Championship Battle Royal from Bad Company where Sanchez had come in Second to reigning champion Artemis Kaiser, David drones on in a monotonic fashion. Clearly he was just out here wasting valuable camera-time to moan about his shortcomings from last month.
SANCHEZ: ”Fuck this skinny slag and her stupid belt, they should be beneath me. Further down than that little costume crown I just stepped on to make a point. But yet here I am, a month later unable to get her out of my mind. She’s in there like a tic and just like a bug must be removed, she too must be squeezed, twisted and ripped from the flesh of my memory before I can get back to what I was originally doing…”
Getting a little lost in his own spiel Sanchez soon gets to the point, remembering he has a bodybag to unzip and prepare before the next match.
SANCHEZ: ”So… in light of my slipping over the ropes at Bad Company and gifting her the belt she likes to think belongs to her– I think it’s only fair that I be given the chance to prove that her winning that embarrassment of a contest was nothing more than a fluke. In fact… I’m SO charitable, I’ll even pityfuck that stupid title too. Never know, maybe I can make it mean something more than it does in your tiny, girly hands.”
Smiling as he looks at his own hands; those of a large and powerful man of two hundred and thirty-something pounds he quickly wraps up his little vignette.
SANCHEZ: ”I think you get the point, but in case I’m being just a smidge too coy this isn’t me asking if you have the fuckin’ Tinder or whatever you millennial cunts are using to swap VD these days. No, this is a challenge. Anywhere you want, I’ll fight you in a fuckin’ Target if you’re down for it love, you look cheap as fuck so we might as well reflect that somehow. None of the setting or the stage means a thing to me– I just want to fight you because I know I can beat you. Not out of some Midas complex driving me towards gold and the validation it brings. Not because I’m bigger and indeed stronger than your dainty little self, no. I’m going to turn you into a footnote in the pages of this company’s history books simply because a the end of the day…”
Pausing for effect, Sanchez whispers the last two words, blows a kiss and makes off towards the ring still very much a stranger from a strange place in everybody’s eyes but his own.


Konstantine had gotten a bit of the advantage earlier in the match when he had used his weight against Sanchez, opting for powerslams and just any type of move that would make Sanchez break down and bend before him. But Sanchez wasn’t the type of man to go down so easy and he certainly wasnt about to allow Konstantine try to punk him out just because Sanchez was 35 pounds lighter than the heavier man. Sure Konstantine had his moments in the ring when he was hoisting Sanchez into the air as if threatening to launch him, that taunting smile playing on his lips as if he were royalty and everyone was made to bow to him. His focus on Sanchez’ back as he tried to break it with using little speed and relying more on power to try to get the job done tonight. But Sanchez wasn’t having it as he eventually wised up and decided to use his speed against the bigger man, those quick out of nowhere clotheslines and jumping knees that slam into Konstantine’s body doing the trick for Sanchez for a while before he changed up strategy and stuck to counter moves when Konstantine begin fighting back ferociously. Konstantine had an aggressive demeanor about him and seemed to carry a bad temper with him, lashing out with merciless attacks aimed to destroy and damage his opponent. But his opponent for tonight had a prevention plan for that not to happen to him as Sanchez, moved quick and worked fast when stepping in to get a few shots in on Konstantine just to step back and away when Konstantine tried to throw a few hits Sanchez’ way. But Sanchez proved to be the better man tonight with the Medusa’s Touch that had Konstantine on the mat afterwards and Sanchez wasting no time in going for that cover to secure the three count.
WINNER: David Sanchez via Pinfall (6:23)

Backstage, the cameras continued to roll through, the audience really started to come alive within the Bell Centre in Montreal with excitement as we find Alexis Mercer, dressed in her wrestling gear, sitting on the floor of the arena with a strong look of determination written across her face as she glared into the camera, with the lighting dimmed around her. She takes her time in thought before saying what was on her mind heading into perhaps the defining moment in her whole career in 4CW. Entering the Warzone match.
MERCER: “When I returned to active in-ring action. I told everyone I was out to make something more for myself than being everyone’s favorite new punching bag, that I was going to be righting the wrongs of past mistakes I had made. Many choose not to believe me. Many went out of their way their way to laugh at my face when I was determined to prove them all very wrong.”
She looks at the ground.
MERCER: “It might have taken a while, but I’m here. I might have had a few opportunities that didn’t pan out before that made people question my worth to this company. All that is about to change. Finn Whelan likes to pretend like he wants to be here in 4 Corner Wrestling but as I mentioned before he would rather take to twitter than be focused on facing his opponent. I won’t let another chance like this slip through my fingers again and continue to be everyone’s joke to point to every time they need a laugh. He might not be taking this match serious enough. I am. I have been since the moment this thing was announced two weeks ago. He comes out with a promo basically saying he’s tired of his placement on the roster well I’ve been tired a lot longer than him.”
The camera pans around this empty section of the Bell Centre. All the doors were locked shut and some of the lights were turned off in most parts of the hallways, Alexis lifts her face meeting the camera lens, as cameras transition back to her.
MERCER: ”I’ve been tired for nearly a year. I had to sit back and watch as others grab their opportunity to change their career. People like Bronx Valescence, Mariano Fernandez, Anastasia Hayden, Chris Madison, and Viduus Morta. All of them running around with opportunities I could only dream about in my current state. I needed to change so I took to training hard every day. It might not seem like a long time to someone like Finn. However, it felt like a lifetime for me. See, Finn Whelan thinks I am going into this qualifying as I have been in the past. He doesn’t know what awaits him when his music cuts and we stand opposite of each other. I’m not the same person that got beat by everyone and anyone. I’m not a whore named Alicia Lukas. I’m actually the one looking to change their future.”
With that said, the cameras zoom closer ending up with an extreme close up of Alexis Mercer’s focused eyes.


Alicia had the men cat calling her and all that ass tonight as she slaps her ass after a successful snap german suplex. Trish is back onto her feet and the women collided near the turnbuckle as Trish tries to irish whip Alicia into the turnbuckle but Alicia ends up yanking Trish closer before laying her out with a clothesline. Alicia catches an elbow to the face by Trish quickly getting to her feet and attacking immediately, watching as the attack has Alicia taking two big steps back which proved good enough for Trish as she charges forward and takes to the air for a flying headscissors. The audience was still against Trish over that handicap match she and Alexis Mercer had against Bronx even though that had been booked by madman co GM Boston but the world loved Bronx so much that he had about 12 birthdays a year so his enemies were the fans’ enemies. Trish ignores the boos to focus on her target of the night, laying it on thick with the hits as soon as Alicia rises to her feet and quickly knocks Alicia back down with a strong backhand chop. But all hell broke loose once Alicia got to her feet, rushing Trish like she was out for blood and taking her down to the mat before mounting her and raining down punches of that pretty face of Trish’s. Alicia was whooping Trish’s ass like she was fluent in it, Trish covering her face with her arms not being fast enough for Alicia’s rapid fire punches. Finally, Alicia lets up on the swinging and rises to her feet… only for Trish to leg sweep Alicia’s feet to bring her down to the mat.
Trish wastes no time getting on top of Alicia and Vassa wastes no time having his mind get dirty on him as he imagine things in his head that are definitely not going in the ring between the two women while he gets ignored by his competent commentator partner who would rather focus on doing his job. A belly to back suplex from Trish has her going for the cover to pin Alicia and only getting a two count for her efforts that doesn’t deter Trish from her intended goal of getting a successful pin on Alicia sometime during this match. That pin had Alicia realizing just how close she came to taking an L tonight and it pumped more adrenaline into her to not have her shoulders down on the mat for that long, guaranteeing to herself that Trish wouldn’t get a second pin on her tonight. Filled with determination, Alicia goes at Trish fast with hard hits that has Trish’s head snapping back as she moves with a force that has Trish unable to move out of Alicia’s swings. Alicia is quick on the bounce back with having to rely on a dropkick to stop Alicia in her tracks then hurries back to her feet to pull Alicia to hers for a snap DDT that wasn’t as strong but would do the trick all the same of continuing to put a stop to Alicia. Trish is back on her feet and trying to rally the fans behind her with support but the audience is split between the two opponents at this moment with Trish receiving a few cheers while the other half of the audience rains down boos on the baby face competitor.
Not understanding why but not dwelling on it either, Trish just focuses on the match with keeping Alicia down by any means necessary. When Alicia moves fast, Trish just moves as fast with trying to stay a step ahead of her and doing a great job at first until Alicia catches Trish with an european uppercut to throw her off and then rushes quickly to attack with a cross body. Alicia is on fire as she puts those forearms and shoot kicks to great use and fights down Trish’s attacks. While Trish had been wanting to wear Alicia down, Alicia was just in it to win it at this point and didn’t care if Trish walked out of the ring afterwards or crawled after the pin. Alicia dropkicks Trish in the knee and causes her to wobble and while Trish tries to regain her balance, Alicia is already going for the kill as she keeps coming at her with attack after attack until she gets the opportunity to lock in the Lioness Bite as Trish eventually ends up submitting to the lock.
WINNER: Alicia Lukas via Submission (7:35)

Adrenaline Co GM Boston displays a cocky smile that everything would go well tonight as he sizes up the production crew walking by him and has the urge to order them to do something. Wielding the power as an authority figure, it made Boston feel pretty good especially in knowing he could be the cause of so much wrong when it came to anybody on the roster trying to come at him. He was over them with being in charge and they either would fall in line or fail constantly in their careers at 4CW if he had any say about it. He was already doing such a great job with his tactics against Bronx, booking him in these matches to prove a point that he owned him and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. But even still… with all of this power, it seemed to have a restriction on it. Because there was that thorn in his side that REFUSED to go away and would try to undermine any and everything that he did. A thorn with a great body but a horrible attitude as she shoots off glares through those cold green eyes of hers and orders Boston around in that thick accent of hers…
PHOENIX: “Booostooon… ohhh Booostooonn…”
Oh god, it was like he spoke the devil into existence as he heard her voice behind him that gets louder with every step that she takes towards him in that sing song voice of hers as if she’s about to lead him to his death. He takes a few deep breaths, ready to snap with already being pushed close to the edge over her but he takes that one big inhale in and finds a sense of calm before turning around with a fake smile plastered on his handsome face.
BOSTON: “Yes… Phe?”
PHOENIX: “You are not where you are supposed to be..”
BOSTON: “Jesus Christ, I am the GM of this show, I wasn’t paid to slop around cheese on stale chips, Phoenix! I am not fucking kidding, this isn’t funny.”
PHOENIX: “Oh it’s not funny.. yet. You haven’t even seen your uniform for the night. Now let’s go, you’ve already wasted enough of my time and you WILL follow my orders this time.”
BOSTON: “Or else what? I’m not 3P and you know it… unlike him, I actually fight fire with fire.”
PHOENIX: “And you know that I do not take threats lightly and you have already dug yourself a deep enough hole to land your ass in China.”
BOSTON: “Of course you would use China as an example.”
PHOENIX: “What did you just say to me?”
BOSTON: “What does your Asian fiance think about you always finding ways to bother me? Starting to think you’re attracted to me.”
Phoenix rolls her eyes at Boston’s arrogance.
PHOENIX: “Oh please, I’m over wearing the pants in relationships and making grown ass men cry in bed, I’d have you whimpering into a corner messing around with me now let’s GO. You need to use all of that talking to be greeting people at the concession stand and I swear to god you better be nice.”
BOSTON: “I’m not joking, Phe this ISNT funny and I’m NOT doing thi-”
Phoenix snaps at him with that order in spanish, her piercing green eyes boring holes into him as Boston could imagine all sorts of threats she was ready to bark at him. With a defeated and aggravated sigh, Boston follows her down the hallway as he braces himself for the worse to come.

We cut backstage to find Alicia Lukas sitting on a bench backstage breathing deep as she unwraps the tape from her wrist. Her long blonde hair still wet with she looks to decompress from her match earlier in the night. She leans back against the wall and closes her eyes with a wry smile.
CONNORS: ”Hello, Miss Lukas. Long time no see.”
It was the voice of Eden Connors finding Alicia’s ear. Of course that was a joke since they had just fought tooth and nail a few weeks ago. The young girl looked down at her, smiling wide.
LUKAS: ”Funny…”
Alicia smiled back and got to her feet lifting her bag onto the bench. She pulled out a shirt sliding it over her wrestling gear looking Eden up and down. The young Scottish kept smiled, obviously excited for her upcoming match.
LUKAS: ”You been rather impressive since signing with the place, Eden. Very impressive. I know sometimes in promo’s before matches competitors say some heavy things. You took them, used them as fuel. You done it with me, Manny and DeMarcus…”
For a long moment Eden looked at her before taking a step forward. From anyone else that could have been seen as aggressive, but not her. Instead she wrapped her arms quickly around Alicia, giving her a brief hug.
CONNORS: ”I think it is part of the business to try and push buttons, Ali. We all do it in our own way. You’re a rather mouthy person and I say that without offense. And therefore I didn’t think of anything you had to say as an insult. You made some points, or better said stated some facts. I don’t have the years that most of the people in 4CW have, including you. But I am on my way catching up. And you girl have kicked some serious butt, win or loss.”
Eden laughed sweetly.
CONNORS: ”No one expected me to last two minutes against you. No one expected Manny to break a sweat. And just like that, no one will see me coming when I go against DeMarcus. We all have our supporters for sure, but you taught me a valuable lesson. And I hope with every match I will get better. But fact is, I am pretty green behind the ears. Yet green is my favourite colour. So this might be my turn to say thank you. You have pushed me with your words and actions. And in the end we are here to steal the show, right?”
Alicia smiled and shook her head.
LUKAS: ”You damn right. Look, I know you have your routines and training style but if you ever want to come train with myself. My friend Hailey, Lara Chambers. We’d like that. And if you ever want another match. You can count me in…”
Alicia held her hand out with a small grin.
CONNORS: ”You know what is damn funny? You are trained by one Chambers sister, while I am trained by the other. And I know Hailey, that beast. She is a part of the same gym. So as always I am rambling, but I am certain that would be fun. Getting more bruises and being kicked by Charlie’s death angels.”
Without further hesitation she took the blonde’s hand, shaking it. A little too excited maybe.
CONNORS: ”And about that match, Miss Lukas? We both know it is going to happen. So I have my hopes up. And you never know, one day we gonna main event. My first. Your hundreds. But our first in 4cw.”
LUKAS: ”And who knows?….maybe the result will be different…. And good luck out there, Eden.”
They both laughed as Alicia threw her bag over her shoulder. She lightly tapped Eden on the back with a wink as a sign of respect as we cut back to the ring.


Finn doesn’t have that usual spark he normally has and seems a bit off, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by the Corners Four fans. Alexis begins breaking Finn down like a fraction, trying to get into his head and doing the most with just trying to stay in the lead. But just because Finn wasn’t moving like his usual self didn’t mean he wasnt making Alexis drop like a bag of Granny Smith apples. Alexis begins overplaying her hand with sticking to the same routines to the point where it became her downfall to allowing Finn to catch onto her strategy and end up a step ahead of her. Finn laid into Alexis with the kicks, a high kick having Alexis catch a foot to the side of her head that made it feel like her head had explode. Alexis drops to the mat and Finn takes full advantage with dropping down right after her. Finn slams those elbows of his into Alexis’ head repeatedly until he stands to his feet and Alexis is left on the mat with an aching head and blurred vision. Finn pulls Alexis to her feet and when she swings on him, Finn ducks under her arm and ends up behind her where he wraps and arm around her neck into a secure lock. With the sleeper hold locked in, Finn tries to choke the struggling Alexis out and while she stretches forward with her arm to try to reach for the top rope, Finn takes a few steps back to keep her from reaching that goal. He applies pressure and Alexis realizes that she has to do what she can to fight back and ends up stomping on Finn’s right foot repeatedly until Finn’s hold weakens and then she drives an elbow back into him for good measure. Alexis keeps at it, never giving up and staying on her toes with not letting Finn get a hit in before finally being able to go for Forever Night to seal the deal for a three count pin.
WINNER: Alexis Mercer via Pinfall (8:31)

Heading elsewhere in the backstage area, the camera opens up with a disappointed Anastasia Hayden looking into the lens. Nothing really needs to be said heading into her match with Hannibal and it’s evident by her posturing that doesn’t need to be there, but there’s still a message that the world needs to hear.
HAYDEN: ”This ain’t it. This isn’t the comeback win I quite imagined myself getting tonight, but I guess I’ll take it. Of course, anything can happen, but I’ve been saying it all week, this match has already been decided. I’ve already crowned myself the winner and I’m already preparing for Warzone of Horrors. Am I jumping the gun a bit? Maybe. But I’m a realist. And I really can’t see Hannibal taking the next step to even come close to my level. Hell, to begin with, is there anyone who thought Hannibal stood a chance in the first place?”
Ana pans her head side-to-side as if speaking to a crowd where an objection would be heard, but there’s nothing.
HAYDEN: ”Of course not. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t wrestled in nearly a month or nearly a decade, I’ll take my chances of winning over someone like Hannibal’s every single time. I’m ready for whatever may come tonight, whatever will happen, but the one guarantee for tonight is me winning. You can write that down. And you know when I win tonight where I’m heading next and you know what I’m getting next.”
A nod of confidence from the former 4CW Champion.
HAYDEN: ”When the night is over? You’ll know why I’m the only credible wrestler in the Warzone of Horrors match. I’ll start with dismantling Hannibal and then I’ll come for everyone who wants to step in my way. The 4CW Championship will be mine again and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me. And it certainly won’t be Hannibal tonight. That’s something you can fucking count on.”
Yet another strong nod as Anastasia’s eyes narrow.
HAYDEN: ”Tonight is about setting big things in motion. Hannibal has the prilveage of helping me kick that off. I’m closing out 2018 with a fucking bang. I’ve done nothing, but get angrier with every passing day and I’ve trained harder because of it. I’m ready for what comes next. And I sure hope that everyone in the Warzone of Horrors match is fucking ready and I pray that everyone backstage is ready too.”
She flashes a slight grin, but it’s wiped away as soon as it appears.
HAYDEN: ”I’m taking my 4CW Championship with the month’s done and I’m taking down Salvation when the year’s over. That’s my promise to the world. Anastasia Hayden is back.”
There’s no stare down with the audience, Hannibal, or anyone else to follow her closing statement. As soon as Ana drops her line, she heads right off the scene to get ready for her match, and the camera cuts elsewhere in the arena.


Eden was tiny compared to DeMarcus who stood over a foot taller than her and outweighed her by one hundred pounds plus. It didn’t matter. She wasn’t backing down one bit. Instead, she brought the fight to his front doorstep from the moment the opening bell sounded. Lunging to grab ahold of her, DeMarcus missed as she side stepped him and positioned herself behind him. Kicking him in the back of the knee, she forced his leg to give out from under him as he dropped down to that knee. Running to the ropes ahead of them, she quickly returned before he had a chance to get back to his feet. Out of nowhere, DeMarcus exploded to his feet, lunged towards Eden and swinging his arm in her direction for a clothesline. Immediately, she ducked underneath it and as DeMarcus turned to face her, she caught him by surprise with an enzuigiri! Backing up to the ropes, she bounced off once more, this time returning to leap through the air and come down with a knee drop to Demarcus’ shoulder.
Eden knew with the huge size difference between the two she was going to have to keep him grounded to keep things in her favor, and she did just that. Focusing on his shoulder, she attacked it with stiff punches and elbows. Locking in a Rings of Saturn, she gave it everything she had to make the big man submit. He didn’t though. Fighting through the pain, Demarcus went through nearly a minute of torture before finally freeing himself as he ripped his arm away from Eden’s hold. Eden was up to her feet in no time, going back on the attack, this time focusing on his legs with multiple knee drops. Pulling him up from the mat, she lit him up with back to back kicks to the body before locking onto his wrist and whipping him to the corner across the ring. Just as DeMarcus crashed against the corner, Eden took off and charged straight for him. Leaping through the air, she planted both feet onto his mid section. Grabbing ahold of his shoulders, she had a monkey flip in mind for her next attack but DeMarcus had other plans. Wrapping both arms around Eden, he took a few steps away from the corner while holding her up before throwing her to the mat with a sit-out spinebuster!
Rolling back and forth on the mat, Eden was in tremendous pain and in no hurry to even attempt getting back to her feet. That’s where DeMarcus came in as he assisted her up from the mat. He’s a gentleman after all, until his true intentions became known to everyone watching. Lifting Eden into the air, he dropped her across his knee with a backbreaker. Not releasing her, he stood back to his feet while holding her up. He then dropped her across his knee for a second backbreaker! This time he released her, allowing her to roll off his knee and fall face first to the mat. Rolling to her back, she looked up to the lights as the pain traveled throughout her entire body. On feet, DeMarcus backed up to the ropes and as he bounced forward, he picked up his speed a little before jumping forward through the air and coming down with a leg drop across Eden’s throat. With her head pinned down to the mat, her feet shot straight into the air as the entire ring rattled from the impact of his body landing onto the canvas.
Pulling Eden to her feet, DeMarcus wrapped an arm around her head before hooking a leg. As his body went to turn for what was a Fisherman Neckbreaker, Eden stopped him in his motion as she took his break away with a solid elbow shot to his ribs. Hitting him with a second, and then a third shot to the ribs, she finally pulled her head away from him. Swinging upward, she connects with a European uppercut that knocks the big man off balance. Rushing towards him, she leaps into the air and takes him off his feet with a leg lariat. Popping back to her feet, she raced to the nearby corner, climbing to the top with ease. As she turned to face DeMarcus in the ring, there he was, already back to his feet and looking right at her. Leaping from the top of the corner, she flew towards him with a flying crossbody but wasn’t expecting to be caught in mid air. As he caught her, he immediately spun the opposite direction, planting her to the canvas with a powerslam! Hooking a leg, DeMarcus went to end it right then and there as the official slid in beside them with the count.

Surprised by the kickout, you could even say that he was impressed. Pushing himself to his feet, he circled Eden a few times before pulling her up to her feet. Lifting her into the air and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Demarcus walked to the center of the ring but out of nowhere, Eden slipped from his hold and dropped to her feet behind him. Jumping into the air, she grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him down into a double knee backbreaker as she went down to the mat. Eden pulled him back to his feet but in the blink of an eye DeMarcus positioned himself behind her, pulling her to the mat and covering her with a schoolboy pin.

Eden kicked out just after the one, knocking DeMarcus a few steps back on his feet. He charged back in towards her to grab ahold of her but as he closed in, Eden kicked both legs straight planting her feet into his stomach. Rolling backwards, Eden pushed herself up to a handstand before coming down to her feet. Falling backwards into the ropes, she bounced forward towards DeMarcus and connected with The EC (shining wizard)! DeMarcus wasn’t down just yet, oh no. He dropped down to one knee, seeing stars all around him from the blow to the head. Taking a few steps back, Eden then charged in once more, connecting with The EC for a second time! DeMarcus fell flat on his back with his arms stretched out to his sides. Making the cover, Eden hooked a leg as she rolled across his body for the pin.

WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (9:48)

We cut to the backstage area where we see Bryan Williams standing by. Bryan is dressed in a very nice light blue suit, probably something his new fiance (or still girlfriend? I don’t know the situation there, I’m just a narrator) picked out for him. Unlike the last time we saw Bryan, cracking jokes and he fixed a retard’s segment for him, Bryan appears to be in a very serious mood. A serious mood for a serious man, folks.
Bryan stands there in front of the camera, waiting for his cue to speak. After a few seconds, he clears his throat, and begins to talk.
WILLIAMS: ”Good evening, folks. It’s your Co-GM, Bryan Williams here to speak to you all once again. I know I was here last time, speaking about how things would be getting better. So far, it certainly seems like things are just getting worse. Every week it gets worse, every show the ratings fall faster and faster. We all know the reason, because we can see it in our product. We see it on social media, there’s only one man to blame for all of this.”
Bryan sighs, as he begins to talk again.
WILLIAMS: ”Me. I am the man to blame for all of this.”
Bryan’s hands become exaggerated as he speaks, which he quickly does again.
WILLIAMS: ”I knew that getting into this role would be harder than I thought. It was going to be a tough task, considering the damage that Boston has caused. Yes, I know that you all thought I was talking about him. But to be honest I haven’t done a very good job of policing him. I haven’t done a good job of getting into his way, and for that I apologize. You see, I’ve been an annoyance to him. I’ve basically just stood in his way, taunting him like a small child. I need to do more, I need to make sure that the 4CW product isn’t affected by his actions.”
A pause from Bryan.
WILLIAMS: ”Just over the last few weeks it has been chaos. A hire by Boston shook this whole company to its core, and not in a good way. We were infiltrated by complete idiocy on the highest levels. Boston allowed for scum to be entered into this company, and this scum was given free reign. This person was allowed to be a complete moron, because of Boston. Thankfully the rest of management stepped up, and along with my help we were able to rid 4CW of this man. Boston can no longer be allowed to have this kind of power. Boston can no longer be allowed to speak the way he does to the roster. It’s crazy to think about, somebody in management like that speaking to people who he’s supposed to look out for. Come on people, he threatened Phe’s unborn baby on Twitter just a few hours ago!”
Bryan’s plea with the audience seems to hit a nerve, as they boo Boston and his actions as of late.
WILLIAMS: ”I’m stepping in to stop this, I’m going to be doing what I can. I’ve worked with Wallace, and we both decided that it’s time to counteract Boston. If he’s allowed to make these hires, I can be too. I have been granted the ability to bring somebody back, somebody that could definitely shake things up around here. Somebody that would easily become a thorn in Boston’s side.”
A backstage worker comes running through the shot, grabbing Bryan’s attention. Bryan reaches out, grabbing the guy by his arm. Stopping him for the moment, Bryan doesn’t look upset that he’s interrupting his segment. Instead, he seems to have a question for the worker.
WILLIAMS: ”Right on time, hey! Listen, you guys have got everything set up, correct? You know what will happen if you don’t, right?”
The worker is sweating, and already knew what Bryan was asking before he even opened his mouth. While shaking his head up and down, the worker speaks.
WORKER: ”Oh god, yes. I know what can happen, we’re almost done. I swear. They said the delivery was here, but I can’t find them. Oh christ, what do I do?!”
Bryan smiles, patting the worker on the back.
WILLIAMS: ”Don’t worry about it, I made some calls and a second delivery is on the way. You just make sure those bagels are in catering, alright?”
The worker nods, Bryan lets him go as he scurries off.
WILLIAMS: ”Folks, I implore you. Things are looking up, things are going to get better. I swear, if I have to step down from this position to make it work, I will. Give me some time, and if I can’t get the job done here I’ll damn sure do it in that ring. Boston’s job won’t last much longer. His incompetence cannot be ignored, and it will not be forgotten. The sins of his actions will be felt by him for years to come. I will make sure of it.”
Bryan smirks, as the camera cuts back to the ringside area.

Meanwhile at the concession stand, Boston is working the booth while plotting away angrily in his head. Phoenix had been dead serious about this food worker bullshit and it really had Boston ready to do away with her. The fans at the counter right now are being obnoxious and making Boston’s job alot harder by ordering things they see are not on the menu. Boston is ready to lose it but he knows he’s under surveillance when he notices the cameramen are filming him from a distance so he sucks it up and keeps that fake smile stretched out on his face. He addresses the pimpled faced 15 year old boy with a green mohawk and a Bronx shirt who keeps asking for a chalupa and a fish taco.
BOSTON: “Kid, I already TOLD you that we don’t sell those. Hit up a Taco Bell or a Long John Silvers for that.”
The teenager has been trying to make Boston lose it but Boston holds onto the small amount of patience that he has left so the teen boy grows bored and throws a balled up napkin in Boston’s face before walking off. He goes to make a woman and her young daughter two slushies while wiping at his dry pale red lips that he had furiously scrubbed the red lipstick off that Phoenix had made him put on. Now he had this big red stain all on his lips and around his mouth from the lipstick and he was really trying to hold himself together and not snap as he overhears the daughter asking her mother as they depart with their slushies if Boston was wearing make up. Leaning against the counter, he hopes to hell he doesn’t get anymore customers as he watches the time with having something to tend to really soon that he had been waiting for and he wasn’t about to allow his night to be ruined by…. he stops his thought as he hears that familiar voice laughing as they come nearer and nearer. He silently curses himself in wondering does she always pop up whenever he thinks about her in a negative light. Boston can tell she is carrying on a conversation with someone as Boston turns around to see Phoenix heading towards the concession stand with the leader of The Conglomerate, Damien Miri. Boston narrows his eyes at Phoenix as she smiles triumphantly at him before she leans on the counter while he stares her down over it.
PHOENIX: “Now now, that is not good customer service non verbals. You are supposed to greet with a friendly smile and kind eyes. Get a look at his uniform, Dame. He’s a regular stunner, huh?”
The camera zooms in on the apron Boston is wearing that is saying, ‘Phe is the best boss ever & I suck’ before moving on to film his chef hat that has the number and letter, ‘3B’ etched into it. While Damien and Phoenix laugh, Boston growls under breath and tries to keep his composure even though he was close to exploding.
PHOENIX: “Now make me my nachos and popcorn that I asked for.”
Planning the ultimate revenge against her, Boston does as she says with slight reluctance as he loads a container up with nachos and dumps a huge spoonful of melted cheese over them. She was lucky she was watching him or he would have spit in them and more.
MIRI: “I checked out that one toy store you showed me a picture of, by the way but have no idea where it is.”
PHOENIX: “No worries, we can hit it up together sometime this week or next.”
Damien starts to respond when Boston interrupts their conversation as he slams the bag of popcorn on the counter between them and starts to do the nachos the same way when Phoenix glares at him
PHOENIX: “Hey now, you will clean this entire counter with your TONGUE if you make a mess of my snacks.”
Boston slowly places the container of nachos down on the counter as Phoenix grabs the nachos while Damien grabs the popcorn.
PHOENIX: “Be back to check on you later. Be a good boy and play nice, okay? And no matter what bad you do, remember that the Corners Four is fine.”
Flashing him a victorious smirk with those taunting eyes, Phoenix turns her back on Boston and leads a chuckling Damien away from the counter as Boston glares at her departing back, vowing revenge.


Ana Hayden and Hannibal are standing at separate sides of the ring with the red looking retard puffing on a cigarette that one can only hope gives him Stage 5 lung cancer by the time this match ends. Ana is just standing there stone faced while this idiot is doing this and out of the blue he flicks his cigarette towards her and it lands at her feet. Being a concerned citizen and a Smokey the Bear fan, Ana puts the cigarette out with her foot and starts giving him a stern lecture that veers to how September 11th was an inside job. Ana grabs the cigarette from the ground and walks over to Hannibal and puts him into a headlock. While Hannibal is gasping for air, Ana sticks the cigarette in his mouth and holds it shut as Hannibal starts coughing. She starts pinching his cheeks and slapping him in the face and the mother fucker pulls a move that he probably learned from James Ceno and bites her without consent. This just pisses Ana off and she pops him right in the fucking mouth which dazes Hannibal and gives Ana time to get behind him and put him in a sleeper hold. Ana is just toying with this dumb motherfucker by slapping him in the face while she grips it in tighter and tighter until she pulls off one of the most dastardly moves in wrestling history. She reaches up towards Hannibal’s face and grabs his fucking nose. HIS NOSE! She pushes him away and puts her hand that presumably has the nose high in the air. She points at Hannibal and laughs. “I GOT YOUR NOSE, BITCH!”
Hannibal wide eyed gets on his knees and pleads with Ana to give him back his nose to which she throws the “nose” into the crowd. Hannibal looks completely rejected, not remembering he don’t have a nose to begin with and gets up distraught and for some reason turning his back to Ana. Ana shrugs as she’s getting tired of fucking around with this piece of shit and grabs him and throws him towards the ropes. She runs towards the ropes on the opposite end and when they meet in the middle she hits him in the face with a She Was Only Seventeen.
Pins him.
Three count.
WINNER: Anastasia Hayden via Pinfall (5:05)

We cut backstage where Kimitsu Zombie is walking up to catering, and she looks over the selections offered. She spies a box of donuts where there is only one left. As she reaches for it another hand comes in to take it, and her hand bumps into it. Elijah Carlson shows up next to her, and frown at each other then shrug with big grins on their faces. The shot freezes, and Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” comes on.
A montage starts up. Eli and Kimi walk up to a staff member on a golf cart. They cross their arms in front of him, then they are riding in it. Kimitsu sits next to Eli as he drives forcing others to get out of their way as Kimitsu points people out while Eli tries to crash into them.
They play a game of checkers. Kimitsu points to somewhere behind Eli. He turns around, and Kimitsu rearranges some of the pieces. When he turns around, she jumps a bunch of his pieces as he looks on dumbfounded.
Then they both grin at the camera again. Kimitsu tries to reach for something high up on a shelf when Eli walks up. He sees the problem, and lifts Kimitsu up on his shoulders so she can reach the box. She opens it up, and hands him some brass knuckles. They turn to the camera with some exaggerated thumbs up.
Eli is is having some problems opening a jar of pickles. He tries hard to open it, then bangs the lid on the side of the table. Kimitsu walks up, and takes the jar from it to open it with ease, then they smile again with those cheshire grins.
Now Kimitsu sits next to Eli with some game controllers in their hands. Eli furiously mashes on the buttons while Kimitsu holds the controller up daintily patting the buttons with one finger. Kimitsu watches Eli, then tries to smack the controller from his hands. Eli dodges this, and shoves her sideways so that her controller slips from her hands. She crosses her arms in frustration and pouts with a comical frown until Eli hands her his controller. They both raise their arms in celebration as the television flashes in bright colors.
Kimitsu and Eli look at a large book with ‘4CW Records’ written in large bold sharpie on the cover. They turn the pages frantically and see all the Champions listed. It has pictures of all kinds of championships with their pictures at the bottom. One picture shows Eli’s name on it with the words under it blacked out. One of Kimitsu’s pictures has her frowning with the Pride Championship, then she looks happier in the picture under the North American championship listing. They grow frown in confusion as they flip through as if looking for something. Under the None category they see the heading reading Andre Holmes with a picture of Immortan Joe under it. The word MEDIOCRE sprouts out from a speech bubble next to it. Kimi and Eli have a big laugh, then they stare blankly into the camera.
The song dies out as Kimitsu and Eli sit on a crate. Kimi is looking into her phone while Eli looks around absentmindedly
ZOMBIE: “So that was fun, right?”
CARLSON: “I guess so. Fuck it.”

It was a big night feel in Montreal tonight. A lot was on the line. You had the 4CW Champion Viduus Morta and Bryan Laughlin looking to match an upset against 4CW Tag Champs Omerta in the Main Event. There was Deimos facing off against Bronx and filtered throughout the night were WarZone Qualifier matches with one being for the Ignition Championship that Artemis Kaiser held. Mark Storm was looking to create an upset of his own. But within those qualifiers, there lied a definite sleeper and that was Genevie Carlson facing off against Jair Hopkins.
Jair was sporting shades in a heavily lit area, dressed in his attire already, it seemed he was primed and ready to make another person’s life a living hell instead of his own. There was history, despite this being the first match-up between the two but the involvement, the war of words from past mixed with current, there was no better way to hush someone up for good than ending a streak. The undeniable Gabriel Hartman popped into view, gaining Jair’s attention as Jair took out his airpods, putting them in his pocket.
HARTMAN: ”Sir, I know its been sort of a rough time and I appreciate you always for giving me the time of day to get a few words from you. I have to know, what is going through your head as you’re about to go out there and fight for a spot into the Warzone against one, the only, Genevie Carlson. I understand between you two these couple weeks… this is a first? What’s up?”
Jair slowly nodded his head, adjusting his shades.
HOPKINS: ”I really wasn’t in the mood for interviews as I was trying to focus to the Carter 5. I’m not about the hype shit tonight, Gabe. Usually, I’d be looking to hype the match up more than it already is but hell with that tonight. It’s rare that I grant wishes to kids over 13 but this child, she’s been begging for a gift. She’s been rambling about how she wants an older version of me. She’s a fan of vintage things and she just continued babbling for it, so you know what, Gabe?”
HARTMAN: ”What’s that?”
HOPKINS: ”I’m going to grant her wish. How could I let a child and her hopeful wish down? Especially on a night like this. She’s going to get an older, more stable version of me. My only hope for her is that she understands the danger of what she has asked for. Asking for something she can’t handle. Greedy for gifts. You know how kids are, Gabe. They always picky, always needy, and forever greedy. Genevie is a child who hasn’t matured as much as I thought she has. She more focused on other facets than what she should be focused on.”
Hartman held his hand up, pausing Hopkins from going further.
HARTMAN: ”You do understand why, right? Last Adrenaline was the worst that even I seen you as. You are usually sharp, crisp but you allowed a weakling to get one over you and that was a cause for concern. If I was her, I’d honestly have questions too. Genevie has a lot of momentum on her side tonight. She’s been through this ordeal now three times, advancing twice. Are you one hundred percent heading into this match?”
HOPKINS: ”Absolutely and that’s no bold-faced lie. I understand the situation and where Genie is at mentally. She’s looking to cash in two things tonight. A third entry into the WarZone and a 2nd consecutive victory over a Hall Of Famer. She gloated much about defeating Dakota Smith and is eager to put me down but has she learned from my mistake of putting her foot in her mouth and puking up? She has momentum, but will she be able to use it to suceed past me? I’m going to stop her from wasting another opportunity. She had the opportunity twice and failed to be a savage.”
Hopkins shook his head.
HOPKINS: ”I’m glad she got the letter, even happier she tore it up in disgust, clearly overlooking it but it’s okay, I expected her not to. I’m sure Eli has given her tips to get at me and I admit, I have grown less aggressive than I used to be. No one remains the same, it’s impossible. Dakota went through some changes before he found himself again. I’ve had my biggest moments and I’ve had my worst. Genie is gonna get a sneak-preview to Fright Night as she’s going to be in my world for a bit and when I’m done tonight, Gabe … Genie will not be the same. Going to fuck up what little amount of career is left of hers. She asked, she receives…Class is in session!”
Jair reaches in his pocket, grabbing at his airpods and re-inserting them in his ears before pulling out his iPhone and hitting resume before walking off from Gabriel Hartman, only giving him the Peace Sign.


The “Stranger Things” intro starts to kick over the house speakers as the fans give their initial pop when smoke begins to fill the stage. As the remix to “Starboy” kicks in, Bronx slowly makes his way out on stage. Pausing in the middle of the stage, he turns sideways and points a finger gun towards the ring before he pulls the trigger and gives a loud, audible laugh before he continues down the ramp, a smug grin on his face as he slaps hands with hands on either side of the ramp.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… He is BRONX VVAALLEESSCCEENNCCEE!!!”
When Bronx gets down to the end of the ramp, he uses one leap onto the ring apron, and then spins around, holding onto the ropes before rising his feet on the apron and walking over to his corner and using the ropes to vault into the ring. Opening his arms out to either side he spins until he bounces into the ropes and poses one time for the fans before smirking and removing his ring jacket and sunglasses, neatly placing them underneath his corner turnbuckle before leaping onto the top turnbuckle to sit.
The crowd popped with incendiary energy for the former, two time 4CW champion. Bronx looks relaxed and eager at the same time, displaying supreme confidence heading into his match with the newest member of Salvation. The PA is quiet for nearly a minute. The crowd stirs in anticipation, as does Bronx, who motions for Deimos to, “come on.” The PA kicks on, but it isn’t Deimos’ music that blares.
“Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?
Ay, don’t you know I got key by the three
When I chirp shawty chirp back
Louie knapsack where I’m holding all the work at
What you know about that?
What you know about that?”

“What You Know” by T.I. courses into the ear drums of the 4CW faithful as Bronx rolls his eyes and throws up his hands before placing them on his hips in a show of annoyed defiance. His old theme song, adopted by Boston – the bane of Bronx’s existence lately – is enough to throw the future Hall of Famer slightly off of his game. The man Boston sarcastically refers to as Champ looks toward the arena entrance and yells, “WHAT?! WHAT NOW?!” Boston finally shows his face, and on it is a countenance that displayed a state of both mischief and mirth. His sandy blonde hair is propped up in his signature man-bun, and his piercing turquoise eyes are surveying the crowd with a hint of anticipation. With a microphone in his hand, he approaches his nemesis with a brilliant smile. It should also be noted that he has ditched the apron Phoenix made for him.
BOSTON: “Champ-”
The crowd cuts him off with a ridiculous torrent of boos and negative energy. He laughs and takes a step back.
BOSTON: “Whoaaa, whoaaaaa, relaaaax. Don’t be mad because I spit in all of your double grande nachos and your shit beer.”
The boos continue.
BOSTON: “Community service wasn’t all that bad. I got to look at each and every one of you and folks-”
The boos surge louder.
BOSTON: “Sit down, I’m allowed to say the word, ‘folks.’ Anyway, it felt good to look deep into each and every one of your eyes and feel exponentially better about myself. I became grateful. I’m the best looking motherfucker out right now. I’m stronger, I’m more intelligent, and I’m god damned bold. I take action. Like, right now, for instance.”
Boston slowly creeps down the ramp.
BOSTON: “Bronx, you beat me once a long time ago. If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t forgotten about that. I’ve spent the better part of my fucking LIFE since then just ruminating on that loss. I should have beaten you. I’m SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER THAN YOU.”
Bronx smirks and shakes his head no. He puts his hands on the top of his head and mouths, “what the fuck, dude?!” Then, “what the fuck is wrong with you?!”
BOSTON: “What’s wrong with me? WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME, CHAMP?!”
Boston rolls his shoulders back and twists his head around before putting a relatively sinister smile on his face.
BOSTON: “Nothing. But I’m about to show you what’s wrong with you. See, the handicap match last Adrenaline was such a hit, we’re gonna do it again. It’s still you versus Deimos…”
The bright light glistens off of Boston’s perfectly straight, pearly white teeth.

BOSTON: “But, champ, that’s not enough of a challenge for the GREATEST WRESTLER IN 4CW HISTORY, is it? Nope. So it’s you versus Deimos, and it’s also you versus the best 4CW rookie we’ve seen since, well, ME…Nemesis!”
The Co-GM dances around on the ramp enthusiastically, doing some sort of Irish jig, as the crowd lays into him with disapproval. Meanwhile, Bronx rolls his eyes and marches over toward the far right turnbuckle, demanding a microphone.
VALESCENCE: “Listen you creepy, stalkery, weird motherfuck-”
The extremely handsome man rips at his hair, his man bun coming a bit unraveled, as he stomps up and down on the ramp. He rushes over to the guardrail and kicks it repeatedly before he grabs a nearby member of the ring security crew, punches him in the face, kicks him in the gut, and DDTs him with his head wrapped up beneath his “bad arm.” The maneuver emits a loud SMACK that reverberated throughout the arena. Boston cracks up laughing at the now bloodied security guard who has lost consciousness. Bronx looks slightly baffled, at first. Then, he sprang into action, but he’s stopped halfway through the ropes by Boston’s voice.
Bronx reels backward in shock. He brings the mic to his lips after several seconds and simply says…
VALESCENCE: “Fine, Boston. Fine. I can take whatever the fuck you got.”
Boston laughs heartily.
BOSTON: “You can, huh? Y’know, I don’t think you can. And I’m probably not the only one. Ana might not think you can handle it. Phoenix might not think you can handle it. Bryan Williams- well, you get it. So, to make sure that there’s no ILLEGAL outside interference…this little handicap match will ALSO be…”
He twirls around whimsically.
The crowd pops huge, though their reactions are mixed.
Boston motions to the back.


After Boston makes the announcement, the arena goes dark as drums kick in, followed by the guitars of “Judith” by A Perfect Circle. As the song’s vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark blood red spotlight with smoke seeping out of it, as well as the ramp.

“You’re such an inspiration for the ways
That I’ll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you (Fuck your God)”

From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis with Viduus Morta directly by his right side, Aiden Deimos by his left side while both Preacher and The Speaker trail behind the three as that singular blood red spotlight now lights them all up. The five of them stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with Preacher evilly playing to the crowd, showing off his long fingernails and signature laugh, while Nemesis, Viduus, Deimos and The Speaker walk to the ring in a straightforward manner with the spotlight staying on them.

POWERS: ”On their way to the ring…Nemesis, Viduus Morta and Aiden Deimos… this is SSAALLVVAATTIIOONN!!!”

Viduus slides in under the ropes as Aiden Deimos uses the apron to jump onto and then enters the ring, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring with The Speaker and Preacher following the same route behind him. The Speaker and Preacher head to the corner of the ring, while Nemesis stands in the middle of the ring with Viduus and Aiden by his side as Nemesis begins stretching his arms outwards while leaning his head back as the singular blood red spotlight remains on all of them as the ring fills with smoke. Nemesis brings his head forward and the lights begins to come on as Preacher and The Speaker slowly exit the ring while the three men stare down an irritated Bronx Valescence.
The cage begins to lower around the ring as Salvation look to be salivating at the chance to get their hands on Bronx who finds himself in this precarious position. As soon as the cage lowers around the ring and is secured, Bronx doesn’t hesitate, charging in towards all members of Salvation who seemed to be more concerned whether the cage was finally in place. He leaps and throws his body, crossbodying all men at once. Viduus stumbles back up against the ropes and Nemesis into the corner against the turnbuckle while Deimos takes the brunt of the impact.

Bronx mounts Aiden and starts delivering rights and lefts at a furious pace that has Aiden caught off guard as he gets his arms up, trying to block the attempts. Bronx hops up and starts stomping with vicious right boots to Deimos’ chest. Bronx quickly notices Viduus trying to move in and backs him off with a stiff elbow to the Champ’s jaw. Nemesis comes in with a double axe handle attempt but Bronx manages to kick him in the gut and throws him back towards the turnbuckle. Bronx looks like he’s going to charge in towards Nemesis and as he picks up steam, Viduus leaps in out of nowhere with a thunderous lariat that causes Bronx to do a backflip and land on his stomach hard to the mat.

Like a pack of hungry wolves, Nemesis, Viduus and Aiden rush in and begin laying hard boots into every body part of Valescence. The momentum Bronx had seems to be out the window as Salvation is now fully in control. They bring Bronx up to his feet and each man grabs a hold of Bronx’s hair, they then run and throw him by the hair, face first into the cage which sends him flying back into the ring after impact. Nemesis moves in a drops an elbow to the chest of Bronx, Viduus immediately does the same after Nemesis makes impact and then after Viduus rolls off, Aiden comes down with an elbow drop of his own, showing off the chemistry these men have. The three men do the same thing one more time, then pick him up and Nemesis points towards the cage. They drag Bronx over to the ropes, where Viduus and Deimos hold Bronx’s face against the cage between the second and third rope as Nemesis backs up and comes running in, nailing a massive bicycle knee strike to the side of Bronx’s face as it bounces off of the cage.

They aren’t done though as Nemesis and Aiden bring Bronx back up and each one holds an arm of his, standing him right in front of the ropes. Viduus bounces off of the opposite ropes and comes running in to deliver a huge Soul Reaper that causes Bronx to fly backwards into the cage, once again bouncing off of it. They are just toying with him at this point. As Bronx writhes in pain on the mat, Nemesis makes his way over to the turnbuckle and unties the top one, removing it to expose the metal underneath. Nemesis signals to Aiden who picks Bronx back up and hoists him up into a powerbomb position. Viduus and Nemesis each grab a side of Bronx as the three men run towards the exposed turnbuckle, crumbling Bronx with a nasty looking triple turnbuckle powerbonb, a spruced up version of Deimos’ signature Fall of Man.

Bronx is out of it. Nemesis and Viduus both make throat-cutting motions and move in once more, this time for the kill. Nemesis and Viduus each grab an arm and bring Bronx to his knees. Nemesis and Viduus then proceed to nearly decapitate Bronx with their Double Team Double Wrist-Lock Knee Strikes that they took Anastasia Hayden out with during Nemesis’ debut. Bronx collapses down to the mat, barel conscious, if he even is. All three members of Salvation look at each other with sick smirks on their face, then each member places a single boot on Bronx’s chest making it so that each one of them pins Bronx as the referee makes the count as the crowd boos their brains out.


The three members continue to look down at the broken and fallen Bronx Valescence, happy with the harm they’ve inflicted upon him. The fans continue to fill the arena with boos as Salvation seems to feed off of it. Their music kicks in and the cage begins to raise as the Speaker and Preacher enter the ring to celebrate with their stable mates. Boston appears back at the top of the ramp, clapping emphatically with sheer glee stamped across his face as the camera feed fades into the next portion of Adrenaline 92.
WINNERS: Salvation via Pinfall (9:51)

The sound of heels clicking against the ground peeks up the attention of the nearby workers, who look up with wide eyes at the coming tornado. They move out the way quickly, in a scramble like roaches, and some even move against the wall to stay out of the way of trouble as it walks.
Brilliant camera work doesn’t reveal who it is just yet, as the heels are captured now walking; black against the floor and stepping with a purpose before stopping in front of a table. A pan up reveals an equally black dress, someone looking to be the slut of a funeral with brown hair going just a little farther than her shoulders. The catering table, as it’s shown to be, is filled with bagels and one is taken delicately into the manicured hands of the woman.
We don’t see that a bite is taken, but we know for sure as the camera finally shows the unsatisfied face of Persephone Marquis! And she doesn’t look too happy about the bagels either. She swallows and looks around, the only worker left in the hall sweating while she gives him a glare.
MARQUIS: ”These bagels are trash, my kid. Who set this up?”
WORKER: ”Well, we set up the catering. The bagels came in last minute and we had to rush to get them ready and-”
And there’s no sign of “we,” just the worker and, thus, Persephone shakes her head and even cuts him off when he goes to further explain.
MARQUIS: ”I don’t want to hear any excuses. You must be new, or else you would already know that.”
She throws the bagel away and pauses for a second, wiping her hands as she does so; a thought crossing her mind.
MARQUIS: ”Or maybe everyone has just forgotten, but that’s okay because I’m back to remind them. Go away now.”
She waves her hand and the worker scurries along, right before she turns to the camera to give a dazzling, almost condescending, smile.
MARQUIS: ”That’s right 4CW, I’m back. And I could go on a long tangent listing off my goals in bullet point form, but that’s the easiest way to crash on a comeback. And yes, you can call this a comeback.”
She begins to walk again, the camera following her as she continues to speak.
MARQUIS: ”I’ve been gone for a while now, so -as it goes in 4CW- the climate has changed but the bullshit stays the same. I’ve been listening, I’ve been watching the shit you guys have let through the doors and, honestly, it kind of made me nostalgic for this place. Gone for a few months, and I started to miss it. I started to miss kicking the ass of everyone who pretends to be above all in a place that is constantly evolving.”
Persephone stops in front of a door, an office.
MARQUIS: ”So, when Bryan asked if I wanted to come back, just to fuck with Boston because the dude is losing his goddamn mind or already has lost it, I jumped at the opportunity. Just like every other story of an athlete who won’t quit, I’m right back into the fold – headfirst into chaos because this is where I belong, this is what makes me happy. And I didn’t have the best run last time, everyone and their grandmother is going to try and throw that in my face.”
She stops and loses her smile, another pause, trying not to ramble like an idiot or insane person because 4CW has probably had enough of that the last few weeks. She takes a deep breath.
MARQUIS: ”I’m not going to say this time around will be better, that I’ll kick everyone’s ass and take titles and headline shows. I’m not going to say that I will claw my way to the top and sit on the throne of this company and bitch slap anyone who stands in my way.”
The smile returns, much in the same way that she has – suddenly.
MARQUIS: ”No, I’m just going to show you all instead.”
With that, she opens the door to the office and walks in – the scene fading to black, or whatever the fuck happens when a segment ends.

Boston has made his way backstage with a huge shit eating grin on his face that falters as soon as he sees a pissed off Phoenix waiting for him with two of the elite security guards. If Phoenix was going to throw him out of the arena then he didn’t care because he had already gotten what he wanted concerning Salvation handling Bronx so far as he was concerned, his job was done for the night.
PHOENIX: “What have I told you about messing with my golden boy? You were supposed to be cleaning the ice cream machine out but here you are, going out and causing trouble. You just won’t listen, will you? It seems that I have to make you LEARN to listen…”
BOSTON: “Phe, just go ahead and use that same tired threat of withholding my paycheck and kick me out of the arena so I can go about my night. I did your stupid punishment of serving undeserving fans food and you better be lucky I didn’t stop after a half an hour like I said I would.”
PHOENIX: “Oh, I had better be lucky, huh?”
Phoenix takes a step closer with those glaring eyes and balled up fists, so tired of Boston fucking with Bronx and more than ready to continue teaching him lessons until he finally learned his place.
PHOENIX: “You will not be leaving… not just yet. You will be staying here until the show is over… maybe even a bit later after the show has ended.”
Boston definitely hadn’t been expecting that as he becomes a bit curious, wondering what was going on.
BOSTON: “Oh yeah?”
PHOENIX: “Yeah…. because I have added ANOTHER job description to your agenda tonight.”
Turning to the guard on the right, Phoenix takes the clothes from his hands to thrust into Boston’s as Boston holds up a tan one piece shorts outfit with the shorts looking questionably too short. He then looks at the matching hat as the cameras zoom in to see what the front of the hat says while a pissed Boston yells it out loud.
BOSTON: “’BRONX’S BITCH?!’ You’re out of your damn mind! I hope you aren’t expecting me to put these on EVER-”
PHOENIX: “Oh you’ll be putting them on… now. Because I am taking you off concession stand duty…”
Turning to the left guard, Phoenix gestures to him as the guard steps forward and shoves a mop in a mop bucket towards Boston before stepping back as Boston looks down at it.
PHOENIX: “You are hereby on janitorial duty-“
PHOENIX: “The men bathroom in corridor 3 have stopped up toilets. Apparently you put way too much cheese and chili on some of the fans’ nachos so it became a shit fest in there. Also… in the family bathroom in hallway e, a kid threw up in there and had a bit of the runs. God, Boston.. I ask you to do one thing and you practically POISON the fans with the food.”
BOSTON: “I am NOT cleaning the toilets or vomit or any of that! I wasnt hired to do any of that and I won’t!”
PHOENIX: “You do it or you’re fired. And you better wear that too while doing so. You know how I get when I am upset, Boston… you saw what happened to 3P. Now try me if you want to.”
Phoenix points at the outfit and hat in Boston’s hand.
PHOENIX: “Put those on.”
She then turns away from him and walks away, flanked by the two security guards as Boston curses under his breath and promises to make her pay for this before looking down at the outfit and groaning out in frustration. He heads off in the opposite direction while dragging that mop bucket behind him.



Things started off with a simple lockup, at least for just a slight moment before Storm gained control at the start by pinning Artemis’ arm behind her back. At least Storm thought he gained control but Aretmis had something to say about that. No words needed, she just threw her arm back, connecting with multiple elbows to Mark’s face before spinning around and planting her foot in his gut. Locking onto his arm, she went to whip him to the ropes but Mark reversed! Before Mark could release her and send her on her way, Artemis reversed it and then pulled him straight into another kick to the stomach. Jumping straight into the air, she locked an arm around his head and as she fell back to the mat, she pulled him down head first with a jumping DDT! Mark’s head bounced off the mat and he popped back to his feet fluidly. Artemis was up in no time, quickly moving in to strike with a swift elbow to the chest before he even knew what hit him. Locking onto his arm once more, she went to throw him to the ropes but Mark reversed it again, this time whipping her to the ropes. As she came back on the return, he leaped as high as he could into the air as she went underneath continuing towards the opposite ropes. Coming back a second time, Artemis went underneath Mark again as he leap frogged her. Hitting the ropes and coming back a third time, Artemis ran straight into a drop kick that knocked her backwards. Stumbling into the ropes, she bounced forward and as soon as Mark stood back to his feet, he took her down face first to the mat with a drop-toe hold.
Things weren’t look too good for the Ignition Champion lying on the mat. They began to look even worse when Mark went on a relentless assault from above with stomps and kicks to her limbs. Pulling her up from the mat, he delivered back to back knees to her side before transitioning his attack to palm strikes. Spinning in place, he kicked his foot high into the air, connecting with a roundhouse kick that sent her falling backwards into the nearby corner. Rushing towards the corner, he leaped through the air at Artemis. She was quick on her feet though. Rolling out of the way, she left nothing but an empty corner for Mark to crash into. He bounced off the corner, stumbling backwards and into a half nelson from Aretmis which she quickly turned into a backbreaker. Popping back to her feet, Artemis stomped down onto Mark’s face before hopping over his body and running towards the ropes. Upon her return, she jumped through the air, coming down with a knee drop to his chest. She fluidly rolled forward up to her feet. Turning around in place, she then drew her leg back and kicked Mark directly in the ribs with a soccer kick. Rushing over to the nearby corner, she shot straight up to the top. With her back facing the inside of the ring, she looked over the crowd for just a short moment before leaping into the air, flipping backwards, and landing across Mark with a moonsault! Hooking his leg, she had him shoulders to the mat as the official slid in beside them with the count.

Kicking out just before the two count, Mark was still in it. Although he probably wished he wasn’t after when Artemis began laying multiple forearm shots to his face. The Ignition Champion wasn’t holding back either. She knew what was in store for the winner of tonight’s match and beating Mark was her ticket to the big match. Standing to her feet, she stomped down onto Mark’s shoulder a few times before stomping down one last time onto his face. Pulling him up from the mat, she lifted him onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Backing up to the center of the ring, she then dropped him to the canvas with a Death Valley Drop! Looking over beside her, she knew there was still work to be done seeing that Mark was still showing signs of life and slowly beginning to push himself up. Standing first, she grabbed him by the head, pulling him up to his knees and holding his head in place before she began ramming rapids knees into his face. Pulling him to his feet, she then whipped him to the ropes and as he came back into her arms, she lifted him into the air and over her back before hitting him with a tilt-a-whirl argentine backbreaker. He was in a lot of pain, but he wasn’t out of it, not just quite yet at least. She rose to her feet, slowly circling Mark on the mat as he slowly began climbing to his feet. Once he was standing, she rushed in, connecting with her Hand of God (Superman punch). Marking began stumbling backwards to the ropes off balance. As he bounced off, Artemis moved in, ducking down and placing her head between his legs. Wrapping his legs up, she lifted him into the air. Mark’s upper body was hanging over her back as she held onto his legs. Swinging his body around to put his head at her side, she locked an arm around it before dropping to one knee and connecting with her Cure For Insomnia (reverse neckbreaker). He was out of it now, showing no signs of life at all. Artemis leaned her back over his body, hooking a single leg as the official raced over with the count.

WINNER: Artemis Kaiser via Pinfall (9:44)

The match was near and time was counting down. Each second was in the past but at this very present moment, two men were standing in front of a camera in the narrow hallway of a backstage area. Andre Holmes, in his in-ring attire but cloaked under the shadows of his leather black hoodie draped over his head, sat down on an equipment box in the back leaning forward with his head down. Likewise is Mariano, standing next to him, likewise in his ring attire, but his traditional leather jacket still draped over his shoulders, pacing restlessly back and forth, almost as a dog chasing its own tail.
HOLMES: “All the talking is about to be thrown to the side, all the meaningless threats and pointless words to be forgotten. We had our chances of spewing the truth but what Eli and Kimi gave us was nothing short of a radio station saying the same shit over and over.”
FERNANDEZ: “Most of what Eli and Kimitsu have said, particularly about me, I’ve heard it all before, mang. That I have to be liked. That I need to be a hero. That I do anything to fit in.”
He rolls his eyes, sighing and throwing his hands in a show of infinite patience, looking up in different directions as he starts talking. Andre lifted his head and had his eyebrow raised at him taking the lead.
FERNANDEZ: “I mean I COULD talk about the fact that I’m one of the few people in this company trying to be nice because everybody else can’t FIND it in themselves to be anything other than a pathological shit-talking wreck. Works for them, right? I could point that out, but nobody has the patience to hear that shit. That’s fine by me, mang, and that’s why I do what I do. Because I’m not some broken down act trying to overcompensate by shouting how great I am from the mountaintops. I act the same, no matter the results, no matter the outcome. No matter when, and where, or what I do. I’m the same, every god damned time. I could talk about that.”
He turns back to the camera, lifting up a hand, staying silent for some seconds, as if asking people to stay with him.
HOLMES: ”But to everyone else, a sign of honesty, poetic kindness or even a small measure of peace is automatically regarded as weakness Manny. Our opponents don’t care about that stuff, they just want a fight or at least that’s what we thought. What we from them was absolute childish behavior as they disregarded us as mere people they could beat. Funny for them, they lost the match before it even began!”
FERNANDEZ: “And god damned right you are, chico. Still, as I said, ain’t no one here patient enough to hear, so I’m going to talk about something that makes me lose my own patience, mang.”
This time, his face turns stony, his voice loses all pretense of niceness.
FERNANDEZ: “I’m going to talk about how Elijah Carlson and Kimitsu Zombie spend the whole time bickering between themselves as if they were each other’s own partners. And I’M the one that gets the cuck jokes, mang, but that’s beside the point.”
He makes a slash motion with his fingers as if he’s heard enough.
FERNANDEZ: “What REALLY matters right now, is that I’ve had ENOUGH of that shit. I’m not some god damned side show, something to be brushed aside and then talked as an accomplishment. That’s what I’ve been working ALL this time against, all this single god damned time. I remember, god damned if I don’t, all the times I’ve been in a ring together with Eli. I’m coming to this match with the intention of setting things RIGHT. I’ve said that, I’ve stated my motivations of realizing things from the VERY god damned time the card was up, and I personally had to wait an ENTIRE week to hear anything both from him OR Kimitsu. And what happens when they dare show their faces?”
He shakes his head, perhaps in frustration, or annoyance, and perhaps some measure of rage.
FERNANDEZ: “All we’ve got is the same exact disses I’ve heard, and CAME BACK from, before, mang. Yes, I play god damned Dragon Age. Guess how many people are playing it now thanks to me, mang? Guess how the fuck I started bouncing back after a bumpy year until Ante Up? By playing videogames, mang. By being who I am despite ALL shitty-ass contrarian takes like yours. I mean, people care now, right? Guess how many people are paying attention to what I do JUST because I decide to play a videogame? Newsflash, that includes your own wife. THAT’s a lesson in promoting for you, but apparently asking people to think is a little too god damned much.”
Cocking his head to the side, he lets the message sink in before talking again.
FERNANDEZ: “Is that TOO god damned hard to understand, Kimitsu? What the fuck do people think I have inside my head? Why do you think I am the way I am? Because otherwise I’d have to be an edgy, mopey, can’t-decide-what-line-to-cross pseudo-badass like you are, mang. Hell, you didn’t even have enough to come at me that you just HAD to go to Trixie, mang. At least I didn’t HAVE to knock your people to come at you, mang. At least I didn’t NEED to mount a show bickering with my partner at how we need to get along.”
He points at himself.
FERNANDEZ: “Because I’M the one coming at this shit direct, mang. Andre and I? We will be facing. We have faced before. We have worked together before. And here we are, working together again, being a better oiled machine than you will ever be. And you’re two people, at least for my part, that I hold important enough to beat, knowing that I have a title belt to be competing with the show after. I thought it’d have been CLEAR enough the day after the god damned card was up, but again…”
He throws his hands one more time.
FERNANDEZ: “… asking people to think seems to be a little too much, so I guess we’ll have to hammer the message into those thick skulls of yours. For my part, I’m tired of passing references. I’m tired of the same old broken record arguments. And I’m tired of you not taking this shit any more seriously than I.”
FERNANDEZ: ”This is something you’re gonna get. This is something you’re gonna finally understand. But I’m afraid, chicos, that some of the most important lessons in life aren’t the nicest to learn, and leave you with a very bitter feeling once learned. After this match, it will be turn for the both of you to feel it…”
He gives a final stare at the camera, slamming his fists together.
FERNANDEZ: “… and it’s gonna be called disappointment.”
Andre’s eyes were almost locked on Manny’s savage mode being activated. Nothing but silence and admiration for #DaTrollGuy taking lead on this final words of war as he watched him storm down the hallway in a march of determination and focus. The camera narrowed on Holmes who looked back at it and said weakly.
HOLMES: “…Yeah. What he said.”
He immediately hopped off the equipment box and followed Manny from behind at a safe distance before everything faded to black.


Eli and Kimitsu were already in the ring while Mariano and Andre Holmes were taking their time on the outside, too long for Eli and Kimi because they hit the ropes and hit Mariano and Andre with simultaneous suicide dives! Kimi and Eli popped up rather quickly not taking any time to celebrate at all and threw the men into the ring with Eli taking Mariano to a corner and Kimi taking Andre to the other. They were about to start punching the two men in the head so the crowd could count along but both Andre and Mariano slid down and out of the ring. The referee finally gained control of this match, rang the bell and started us off with Eli and Andre starting the match off. Eli successfully landed a few take downs and trapped Andre with a hammerlock. Holmes delivered a couple vicious elbows to his head causing Eli to let go and allow Andre to hit the ropes and nail Eli with a sit down clothesline. Holmes hopped up on one knee and extended his arms out very proud of his reversal and execution. Grabbing Eli by the hair he tagged in Mariano executing a double suplex.
Mariano works Eli over for a bit with a chin lock and allowing his GLORIOUS soccer mom stupid fucking haircut to stay that way because if this is how Manny was going to work all match he wouldn’t even break a sweat but Eli had other ideas. He turned his body into Mariano’s and delivered elbow strikes right to Manny’s midsection. Manny had no choice but to let go and tried to deliver a thunderous clothesline but Eli ducked under and nailed Manny’s big ass chin with a superkick out of nowhere. Both men were down as Kimi was looking anxiously to get involved in the match stretching her hand as far as she could. Manny began to crawl towards Andre but Eli got the tag which allow Kimitsu to deliver a springboard leg drop to the back of Mariano’s head. Vassa made a horrible joke about Manny’s hair taking the brunt of the blow that nobody laughed at. Kimitsu was firmly in control of things showing Manny who is boss.
Mariano was getting the short end of the stick here but decided enough was enough. Kimitsu had a headlock applied but Mariano back her into the ropes, dropped down making Kimi jump over him Mariano leapfrogged her, lied down on his back and extended his legs throwing Kimi with his legs into the ropes on the other side of the ring! Mariano tried shaking the cobwebs out of his hair and as he went to Kimi up Andre Holmes tagged himself into the match. Manny and he exchanged a glare before he exited the ring allowing Andre to grab Kimitsu by the hair and deliver a couple vicious forearms that have her staggering. Holmes shouts something at Mariano who brushes it off with his hand but holmes should have been focused on Kimistu because her foot was about to connect with his head as she hit a step up enziguri! Holmes and Kimitsu are down closer to Holmes’ corner and Kimi needs to make a tag!
Mariano reaches over and tags himself in. He hops in the ring in a hurry grabbing Kimi’s ankle to prevent her from reaching Eli. Kimi, however, rolls through sending Mariano right into Eli’s awaiting right hand. The shot rocks Mariano and Kimi gives him a shot gun dropkick right into their corner. Kimi tags Eli in who backs her up and sends her flying into Mariano with splash she put all of her little Asian weight behind. Vassa mentions something about penis size that would probably earn him a fine later on that night if Phe were to hear what was coming out of his mouth. Eli was in there punishing Mariano with kicks and stomps in full control of this matchup right now. Pulling Mariano to his feet, Eli slapped him across the chest with back to back open palm strikes before locking on his wrist. He went to throw Mariano to the corner but before Eli could release him, Mariano reversed the throw and sent Eli running towards the corner where Andre stood on the outside apron.
Running across the ring full speed, Mariano leaped forward into the air as high as he could, flying towards Eli and connecting with a huge body splash. Out of nowhere, Andre slapped Mariano across the back of the shoulder, tagging himself in. Andre didn’t hold back with the slap as the sound of flesh on flesh slapping cut through the noise level of the crowd. Turning to him, Mariano then slapped Andre across the chest with a chop. Was that considered a tag? Returning the favor, Andre slapped Mariano across the chest open handed. Was that a tag? The two went back and forth with one another until eventually Andre dipped through the ropes. The two exchanged slaps back and forth, turning each others chests bright red. Leaping into the air, Andre then connected with a drop kick that sent Manny stumbling backwards into the ropes. Up and over, Manny crashed to the outside floor. There was no count from the official, assuming the only legal tag that was made was when Andre slapped Mariano from the apron the first time and anything after that never counted since Mariano had never stepped outside of the ring. It was a confusing moment I guess you could say, one that Eli took full advantage of. As Andre stood by the ropes looking to the outside at Mariano, Eli rushed in and blind sided him with the Red Light Special. With Mariano on the outside, there was no one to break things up as Eli made the cover.

WINNERS: Kimitsu Zombie & Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (11:59)

RIDDLE: “Omerta is 4CW, 4CW is Omerta.”
Cameras are located backstage where Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith are standing side by side, each man with a mannequin head chained around their necks.
RIDDLE: “Tonight, that statement will become emphatic as we collect the heads of Bryan Laughlin and Viduus Morta here at the final stop before Fright Night. The pieces are in place, and now, we strike as only we can.”
SMITH: ”i stated it few days ago, and ill state it again. Tonight shapes Fright Night. Tonight we put into action a plan that is long over do! Omerta taking its rightful place at the top of this company, one way or another. We already decimated the tag division, now it’s time to pick apart the rest.”
Riddle holds the head up from his chest.
RIDDLE: “We only hope our opponents feel worthy of the fight so they can fall. Bryan Laughlin didn’t utter a word, what does that tell you? Viduus, he never speaks for himself. Face to face, they just won’t measure up. Our names are synonymous with aeverything everyone is trying to mimic. We are the originals, the realest, the embodiment of horror. This is our fucking night. We will show the 4CW Champion that his last night on top is at Fright Night.”
Dakota pulls the skull up, staring into it.
SMITH: ”They call us the ones who are out of date, our time has passed us by. But i heard Viduus’s word, only a single second in the lead as 4CW champion…. And he’s already cracking… the venom of doubt seeping into his veins.
RIDDLE: “Because he sees the greater forces at his doorstep, and we don’t fucking knock. This is an invasion, a revolution of the mind and body never before felt through 4CW. One by one, everyone dies. All you can do is embrace your decay.”
Licking the mannequins head before letting it drop back to his chest, a wide grin forms on the face of the butcher.
SMITH: ”Step Three…watch, enjoy, and expect the same in the future.. We will destroy this company, and rebuild it… in our image.”
RIDDLE: “No cult, no salvation… just twisted enlightenment.”

The cameras are backstage to find Genevie Carlson looking into a mirror set up on some boxes. She runs her fingers through her hair, smoothing it out before turning to see the camera and rolling her eyes.
CARLSON: “Don’t you people have anything better to do?!”
She pushes the camera man back and the frame shakes as he stumbles backwards. Once the frame stops shaking she crosses her arms over her chest and scoffs in disgust.
CARLSON: “No of course you don’t.”
She sighs and tosses her hands to her sides.
CARLSON: “I don’t know what else I could possibly say about my match tonight. It’s a huge opportunity and only one of us will go on to the Warzone of Horrors. I’m determined to do everything in my power to make sure I’m the one who goes. Being the first competitor in 4CW history to compete in THREE Warzone of Horrors matches in a row.”
She smirks at the camera and shrugs.
CARLSON: “But don’t take my word for it. Just watch. Jair Hopkins will be the next 4CW Hall of Famer to fall at the hands of Genevie Carlson.”
She lets out a laugh before waving to the camera and walking out of the frame for the scene to fade to black.


Genie and Jair stared each other down for a brief moment before Jair took a slap to the face from Genie that rang throughout the arena. He wasn’t too happy about it and tried to throw a right hand of his own but Genie ducked under it and delivered a right hand of her own. Rather than attempting to punch her in the face again Jair took to his technical background, wrapping his hands around Genies waist and took her down to her stomach. Hopkins tried taking advantage of his speed dropping an elbow but Genie rolled out of the way and rose to her feet. It seemed that Genie might be a step ahead tonight but just as the two went for a lock up Jair once again ducked under and delivered an elbow to the back of her head this time and started to take control and kept Genie grounded with different rest holds. Vassa wasn’t too pleased with the rest holds as he found them extremely boring but Jair was here to win a match and advance to the Warzone not entertain Vassa. Jair seemed to grow annoyed with Vassa letting go of Genie to stand up and shoot Vassa a look that would kill that is if looks could kill.
Big mistake. Genie was up and hit Jair with a forearm that dropped him. Jair rose to his feet quickly but Genie bounced off the ropes once more to drop Jair with another forearm. Jair once again rose to his feet quickly only to be hit with a picturesque dropkick. Genie looked to end this quickly as she hit the ropes and went for the Stilleto Kiss but Jair was a step ahead of her this time as he quickly moved out of the way, grabbed Genie from behind because honestly who wouldn’t want to grab Genie from behind, and hit her with a release german suplex. Jair grabbed Genie by her hair, pulled her over to the corner and hit a tornado DDT. Genie was almost out cold but in a seated position. Jair felt completely in control delivering a kick to the side of her head causing her to lay motionless in the center of the ring. Jair looked around at the crowd and starting to get them amped up looking for his finisher perhaps.
That’s exactly what Jair was doing as he springboarded off the middle rope looking for the OMFG! But Genie had rolled out of the way and Jair landed on his feet grabbing his knee. Vassa, with his expert analysis, let the people watching on Showtime know that Jair may have jammed his knee but that didn’t stop Genie from spring boarding off the ropes near Jair and delivering a kick right to the side of the head dropping him. Genie held her arms out proud of herself while Vassa made lewd comments about staying on top of her opponent. Jair was rising to his feet but Genie looked to have him measured up for the #Bowdown. Genie rushed in but upon attempt to grab Jair’s head he pulled up and pushed Genie sending her crashing into the corner. Jair looked to take advantage pulling her to the middle of the ring for a pin…

Vassa made some dumbass comment about it not being that easy to qualify for the Warzone that anyone watching could have made but for some reason 4CW pays this guy money to announce. After some back and forth action where Jair and Genie exchanged a number of quick strikes they each attempted a dropkick at the same time only to miss. Both competitors quickly get to their feet as Jair catches Genie with a knee to the gut and whips Genie into the corner and quickly follows with a stinger splash that has her stumbling out of the corner. Jair looking to take advantage of his high flying ability climbs to the top as Vassa explains that Jair is looking to pull off a move that he rarely attempts to use. Jair is looking for his shooting star DDT that he calls the Hail Mary as Genie turns around! Jair leaps and Genie ducks out of the way sending Jair crashing to his knees which gives Genie the opportunity to hit the STILLETO KISS! She falls on top of Jair….

WINNER: Genevie Carlson via Pinfall (10:47)


JOHNSON: ”We’re back at ringside ladies and gentlemen and up next we have our main event!”
VASSA: ”For the second show in a row we’re ending things on Adrenaline with a tag match! What is this world coming to?!”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t just any tag team match, tonight’s features four of the eight competitors to enter the Warzone at Fright Night, and one of them being the 4CW Champion!”
VASSA: ”At the time this was booked they were the only four competitors names. And then tonight happened! We have a full list of participants that will rip each other apart for the highest, more prized championship in he business.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a little difficult to book all the competitors now when the other half of the field was yet to be determined two weeks ago.”
VASSA: ”Well no fucking shit, really?!”
VASSA: ”In one corner we have the 4CW Champion, Viduus Morta, and Bryan Laughlin teaming together.”
JOHNSON: ”In the other we have Dakota Smith and Cyrus Riddle, the 4CW Tag Team Champions!”
VASSA: ”Omerta is in the house ladies and gentlemen and things are going to get messy just as Cyrus prefers!”
JOHNSON: ”Oh, we’re back on that? Nope! No, no, no, no!”
VASSA: ”We’re just weeks away from the most gruesome match in 4CW, you’re goddamn right things are going to get bloody! Messy! Cyrus is probably backstage with a hard on right now as we speak!”
JOHNSON: ”I didn’t need that visual, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I didn’t tell you to picture it in your head. You did that on your own but since you’re already there, just imagine it covered in strawberry syrup.”
JOHNSON: ”And on that note we’re going to go ahead and get this thing underway.”
VASSA: ”Of course you want him to hurry up and come out now. Maybe if you hit Aidan up she’ll send you some pictures of it.”
JOHNSON: ”Jesus Christ!”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait for me DM’s to blow up with one hundred messages in a span of fifty seconds.”
“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward
Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both
For a wounded man will shall say to his assailant
“If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven”
Such is the rule of honor”

“Omerta” by Lamb of God begins playing throughout the arena as Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith slowly walk through the curtain and out onto the stage. They stand side by side with the 4CW Tag Team Championships over their shoulders for a short moment before proceeding down the ramp.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at this time, they are the 4CW Tag Team Champion… Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith… OOMMEERRTTAA!!!”
Once at ringside, Dakota slowly climbs up the steps as Cyrus slides in underneath the bottom rope. Climbing up the outside of the corner, Dakota stands overlooking the ring before hoisting his championship high above his head. Across the ring, Riddle climbs the opposite corner, looking over the crowd as he slaps the face of the championship across his shoulder.

POWERS: ”And the opponents!”
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed he then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
“Cry Little Sister begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely, the 4CW Championship draped over his shoulder as he looks left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring at this time, the 4CW Champion… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and licks his championship as he crawls to the middle of the ring. Viduus rises, licking the title once more before holding high for all to see.
VASSA: ”And there they are, the first four named to enter the Warzone at Fright Night!”
JOHNSON: ”I can only imagine what the four of them alone would do in a match like that. Add in the other half of the playing field decided earlier tonight, I don’t even know where to begin.”
VASSA: ”It’s going to be one hell of a match and tonight is just a small sample of the carnage that lies ahead.”

It didn’t take long for things to get underway as Cyrus and Viduus started things off. Circling each other in the center of the ring, Cyrus made the first move, lunging towards Viduus in an attempt to catch him off guard. Viduus was ready for him, grabbing Cyrus by the throat when he came within arms reach and lifting him off his feet before slamming him to the canvas with a choke slam! Cyrus didn’t know what hit him and before he knew it, Viduus was kneeled over him, raining down onto his head with rapid right hands. Pulling Cyrus up from the mat, Viduus kept his head pushed down with both hands. Holding it in place, he began ramming multiple knees upwards into Cyrus’ face. Pulling Cyrus’ head between his legs, Viduus quickly wrapped him up with both arms before lifting him high into the air for a powerbomb. Before he could throw Cyrus to the mat, Cyrus caught him off guard with rapid right hands to the top of the head, stalling Viduus. As each hit landed, Viduus took a step backwards until eventually losing balance as Cyrus hit him with one right between the eyes. Falling backwards to the mat, Viduus crashed with a thud and on top of him, Cyrus landed in position to fire at will at Viduus’ exposed, defenseless head.
Cyrus was back on his feet as Viduus remained on the mat, seeing stars after a powerbomb gone wrong. Pulling him up from the mat, Cyrus dragged him across the ring before throwing him into the corner where Dakota stood on the outside. Kicking his leg through the ropes, Dakota drove his foot into Viduus’ back as he crashed against the corner. Rushing in, Cyrus connected with a European uppercut. He then swung and connected with a second, and then a third, forcing Viduus to look up at the lights. Looking to Dakota, Cyrus quickly tagged in his partner before pulling Viduus away from the corner and turning him to face Dakota climbing the corner. Holding Viduus’ arms behind his back, Cyrus held him in place as Dakota leaped from the corner, coming down and connecting with a double axe-handle to Viduus’ face. As Cyrus exited to the apron, Dakota held Viduus in place, looking him in the eyes as he shouted at the top of his lungs. Grabbing Viduus by the head with both hands, Dakota slammed his head forward, hitting Viduus with a headbutt. Wrapping him up, Dakota then lifted him off his feet and threw him against the turnbuckle with a belly to belly suplex!
Dakota wasn’t giving Viduus the chance to get back to his feet. He’s seen what can happen when he does given their history extending back to last year’s Fright Night. With Viduus in the corner, Dakota began stomping down onto him, keeping him grounded and focusing on various limbs of the 4CW Champion. Dropping to his knees, Dakota transitioned his attacked to punches. Grabbing Viduus by the arm, he pulled his hand in before taking a bite and sinking his teeth into Viduus hand. With the official behind them, Dakota’s body blocked the view before it was noticed. Back on his feet, Dakota pulled Viduus up from the mat and slammed him back first into the corner. After back to back kicks to Viduus’ stomach, Dakota then dragged him a few feet closer to the center of the ring before hitting him with a European uppercut of his own and spinning Viduus to face the opposite direction. Locking in a half nelson, Dakota then lifted Viduus off his feet before throwing him to the mat with a suplex! Crawling over Viduus for the cover, Dakota hooked a leg as the official slid in beside them with the count.

As the officials hand came within inches of slapping the canvas a second time, the pin was abruptly broken up as Laughlin appeared out of nowhere, driving his foot into the back of Dakota’s head.
JOHNSON: ”Laughlin wasn’t having any part of that!”
VASSA: ”We’ll see if he’s feeling the same way in three weeks when Viduus is an opponent and not a partner like tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Neither person has anything to gain from a win here tonight.”
VASSA: ”Exactly. If I were Laughlin, I’d sit back and watch Omerta do as much damage to the 4CW Champion as possible going into the big match at the pay-per-view.”
JOHNSON: ”It wouldn’t be the worst idea.”
Dakota shakes off the boot to the back of the head before looking across the ring at the sight of Laughlin heading towards his corner. Slamming his fist to the mat, Dakota pushes himself up and heads right for him. He doesn’t make it over in time before Laughlin exits onto the apron but Dakota immediately gets his attention as he begins mouthing off from inside of the ring. The two go back and forth, shouting at one another. Meanwhile, Viduus slowly climbs back to his feet. Sneaking in behind Dakota, Viduus grabs him by the hair, pulling his head back and looking down into Dakota’s eyes. Viduus goes to wrap an arm over his head but before he can, Dakota pulls his head away and takes a few steps forward into the corner. He didn’t even see it coming. Laughlin swung over the top rope, connecting with a vicious right hand to the side of Dakota’s head and knocking him off balance. Stumbling backwards, Dakota feel into Viduus arms who quickly locked in a full nelson. Walking Dakota over to the corner, Viduus then slammed Dakota’s head down, smashing his face against the top turnbuckle. Over and over, Viduus slammed Dakota’s face onto the turnbuckle before finally shoving him into the corner. He looked to Laughlin and without the two sharing a single word, he tagged him in.
Laughlin was eager to get into the action and you could tell by the way he immediately entered the ring and went straight to work. As Dakota laid against the corner with his arms draped over the top ropes, Laughlin began laying into his ribs with powerful lefts and rights. After connecting with a half dozen blows to each side, he wrapped an arm around Dakota’s throat and locked in a sleeper hold. Dragging Dakota away from the corner, Laughlin lifted him off his feet while spinning him. Jumping into the air, he planted Dakota straight to the mat with a front sleeper hold slam. Dakota was groggy, slowly pushing himself up to an upright seated position. Hitting the ropes in front of Dakota, Laughlin came back on the rebound, flipping forward over Dakota while grabbing ahold of his head and connecting with a blockbuster. Rolling over to all fours, Laughlin quickly crawled over Dakota and made the cover as the official dropped in with the count.

Popping a shoulder up from the mat, Dakota broke the pin count. On the outside apron, Cyrus looked on, confident in his partners ability to keep things alive without him getting involved to break the count. Pushing himself up to one knee, Laughlin lifted Dakota’s head up from underneath with his left hand only to draw back and swing down with his right, driving his fist into Dakota’s face. Standing to his feet, he stomped on Dakota’s shoulder a couple of times before taking a step back. Leaping into the air, Laughlin then came down with a double foot stomp to Dakota’s chest! Pulling Dakota up from the mat, Laughlin connected with back to back right hands before locking onto Dakota’s wrist and whipping him to the ropes. He stood back for only a moment, waiting for Dakota to bounce off the ropes before charging straight for him. Once in range, Laughlin swung with a European uppercut, only to get taken by surprise as Dakota lowered his shoulder and tackled him to the ground.
VASSA: ”Bryan didn’t see that coming!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think anyone did, not even Dakota. That was out of nowhere and more than likely desperation if anything.”
VASSA: ”Desperation or not, it worked and saved him from having his bell rung by the Bang man.”
Both men were slow to even begin getting to their feet. The ten count from the official had began and finally reaching the five mark, both men were just now starting to rise. Dakota crawled towards his corner where Cyrus leaned over the top rope, extending his arm into the ring as far as he could. The count came to an end as Laughlin stood to his feet. Looking across the ring at Dakota, he limped his way towards him, following behind. Grabbing Dakota by the foot, Laughlin stopped him from moving any further. Stretching his body as far as he could, Dakota reached out in a last ditch effort. Stretching as far as he could from the apron, Cyrus managed to slap Dakota’s hand, initiating the tag. As Cyrus entered the ring, Dakota rolled over to his back as Laughlin held onto his feet. Pulling the knee of his other leg to his chest, Dakota then kicked his leg straight, planting the bottom of his boot to Laughlin’s face. Laughlin stumbled backwards a few steps before settling his feet. When he looked up, Cyrus was right there, rushing in to put him flat on his back with a clothesline.
No giving Laughlin a chance to get back up, Cyrus began laying into him with repeated knee drops to the ribs. Pulling Laughlin to his feet by the arm, Cyrus then pulled him into a short-arm clothesline, putting him back down to the mat. Still holding onto Laughlin’s wrist, Cyrus pulled him to his feet once more. Jerking Laughlin in by the arm, this time Cyrus pulled him into a knee to the gut. Laughlin buckled over from the blow, allowing Cyrus to then lock onto his head before taking him back to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Climbing on top of Laughlin, Cyrus mounted himself into position to fire at will with rapid right hands to Laughlin’s head. Satisfied with the damage that had been done, he stood to his feet, towering over Laughlin’s body on the mat. Pulling him up to his feet, Cyrus positioned himself beside him before dropping him with a Russian leg sweep. Cyrus couldn’t make up his mind apparently. Up on his feet or down on his back, he couldn’t decide what to do with Laughlin exactly. Whatever was running through his mind was working though. He was slowly tearing Laughlin down bit by bit with move after move.
Lifting Laughlin to his feet, he then lifted him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. A neckbreaker onto the knee is what Cyrus had in mind. Unfortunately Laughlin didn’t see that happening in his future. Slipping from Cyrus’ hold, Laughlin dropped to his feet behind him. Wrapping both arms around Cyrus’ body, Laughlin went to lift him off his feet for a German suplex but Cyrus immediately locked his leg with his own. Throwing an elbow back, Cyrus connected with a shot to Laughlin’s temple, stunning him. Pulling Laughlin’s hands apart, Cyrus spun around him, positioning himself behind Laughlin. Now it was Cyrus who had his arms wrapped around Laughlin’s waist. Cyrus was going for a German suplex of his own but before he could, Laughlin started driving him backwards and into the nearby corner, which just so happened to be the corner where Viduus was. Cyrus put a foot on the turnbuckle, using it to push himself and Laughlin forward away from the corner. Turning his body, Cyrus swung Laughlin around to face the opposite direction. Laughlin and Viduus quickly made a tag out of nowhere. The only thing is the official didn’t quite see it from across the ring and their bodies blocking the view.
JOHNSON: ”There’s the tag from Laughlin.”
VASSA: ”And here comes the champ!”
Dakota didn’t see the tag either, but when he saw Viduus entering the ring, he couldn’t help but enter himself. Cyrus quickly released Laughlin and went to swinging at Viduus as he entered the ring. The official tried to break things up before they got out of hand but it was too late, Cyrus and Viduus were exchanging blows back and forth. Rushing in from across the ring, Dakota blindsided Laughlin with a right elbow to the side of the head. Laughlin returned the favor as he swung his entire body around, connecting with a solid shot to Dakota’s jaw. Ducking down, Laughlin exploded forward, tackling Dakota through the ropes! The two spilled out onto the outside floor, Dakota hitting the floor first and breaking the fall for Laughlin. The official then locked his sights on Laughlin, watching as he began raining down onto Dakota’s head with forearm shots. Then a count followed.

VASSA: ”One?”

JOHNSON: ”What’s with the count? Viduus and Cyrus are both the legal men.”

VASSA: ”What’s he counting?”

JOHNSON: ”I have no clue, Vinny. Cyrus and Viduus are legal.”

VASSA: ”Five?!?!”

VASSA: ”Hold on a damn second! Is he counting Laughlin out?”

JOHNSON: ”I believe he just may be.”
VASSA: ”But he made the tag with Viduus!”
JOHNSON: ”I can only assume that he didn’t see it given his position in the ring at the time?”

Laughlin continues swinging away and pulverizing Dakota with every blow, unaware of the ten count in progress. Inside of the ring, Cyrus and Viduus continue beating the life out of one another, paying no mind to anything other than the man standing in front of them.
VASSA: ”I don’t think anyone in or out of the ring knows what’s going on!”

JOHNSON: ”It’s pretty obvious that the official didn’t see the tag made by Laughlin and Viduus.”
VASSA: ”They don’t even know it! No one is paying attention to the ref right now and it’s going to cost them the match.”

JOHNSON: ”And there it is. I think Laughlin just may have been counted out.”
VASSA: ”Talk about being screwed over by the official. Even Jett doesn’t know the true feeling of what that means.”
With the ten count now complete, the official then calls for the bell.

The bell sounds, but the fighting continues, both inside and outside of the ring. An official announcement isn’t made at first, even Mike Powers stands by confused.
VASSA: ”Not even Mike!”
While the two pairs continue to pound away at one another, the official walks over to the ropes, leaning over to tell Mike the official ruling. Mike Powers can’t even believe it by the look on his face. As the carnage continues, the official calls for the bell once more.

The official points to Powers to make the announcement.
POWERS: ”Um… here are your winners, by countout… OOMMEERRTTAA!!!”
“Omerta” begins playing throughout the arena as the fighting from everyone abruptly comes to an end. With his arm drawn back, Laughlin quickly turns his head to the ring, locking eyes on the official. Shocked is the only word to describe the look on his face. As he sits on top of Dakota motionless, Laughlin doesn’t even see the incoming punch from Dakota that lands against the back of his head, knocking him off. Pushing himself to his feet, Dakota kicks Laughlin in the ribs once with his left foot before kicking as hard as he can with his right and planting it across the side of Laughlin’s head.
Inside the ring, the official finally manages to separate Viduus and Cyrus. Viduus begins to argue with the official, pleading his case that a tag was made and Laughlin wasn’t even the legal man. Not seeing it himself, there was nothing the official could do but stand his ground. Entering the ring, Dakota joined Cyrus at his side.
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen some bad calls throughout the years and this one falls into that category.”
VASSA: ”Viduus and Laughlin were robbed! Robbed I tell you!”
JOHNSON: ”What’s done is done. Luckily the outcome of this match determines nothing going into Fright Night.”
VASSA: ”I beg to differ. With a cheap win over them, I see Viduus and Laughlin coming into the Warzone with a target on both Dakota and Cyrus’ heads.”
Slowly climbing to his feet on the outside, Laughlin finally stands. He slides into the ring, confronting the official from the other side as Viduus continues to argue the call. Standing back and watching, Cyrus and Dakota laugh amongst themselves at the sight.
VASSA: ”Soak it up boys. Enjoy it while it lasts. There isn’t going to be any of this nonsense in three weeks at Fright Night.”
JOHNSON: ”At the end of the day, a win is a win and I’m sure Omerta doesn’t care how they scored it here tonight.”
As Laughlin and Viduus continue arguing with the official, Dakota and Cyrus exit the ring. Grabbing their championships, the two slowly walk around the ring, still joking about the argument taking place inside of it.
VASSA: ”Laugh it up, guys. I bet we won’t see any laughs in the Warzone.”
JOHNSON: ”I bet you won’t say that to Dakota if he were standing right here face to face.”
VASSA: ”Goddamn right I wouldn’t!”
While Dakota and Cyrus make their way up the ramp, the entire crowd explodes as Laughlin does the unthinkable and levels the official with a superkick!
VASSA: ”Laughlin just laid the official out with a superkick!”
JOHNSON: ”The Best Superkick Ever!”
Furious, Laughlin marches around the ring, looking up the ramp and mouthing off as he points to Dakota and Cyrus. Omerta stops in place, looking back at Laughlin and taunting him as they continue to celebrate the win. This only angers Laughlin even more. Standing at the ropes, Laughlin motions for them to come back to the ring. Shrugging their shoulders, Omerta then begins to slowly make their way back to the ring.
VASSA: ”Here we go! Let’s settle this the right way!”
JOHNSON: ”It won’t change the official outcome of the match but it will clear up somethings amongst men.”
VASSA: ”The Warzone is going to be star–“
From behind, Viduus grabs Laughlin by the head. He locks an arm around it and before Laughlin can escape, Viduus lifts him into the air like a reverse suplex. At it’s highest point, Viduus transitions the maneuver and drops Laughlin on his head with a brainbuster!
VASSA: ”Viduus may have just laid him out with The Awakening but it’s nighty night for Laughlin!”
Omerta bursts into even more laughter at the sight of Viduus putting Laughlin down. Back on his feet, Viduus looks up the ramp, locking his eyes on Omerta. The three have themselves a little stare down for a few moments before Dakota waves his hand. Looking to Cyrus, the two then turn their backs to Viduus and the ring before heading back up the ramp.
JOHNSON: ”I think that’s it for tonight.”
VASSA: ”GREAT because I don’t know how much longer my bladder can wait!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a little too much information, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I’ve had to piss like a two dick race horse midway through the match but I didn’t want to leave ringside and miss the action.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s a good thing you didn’t because you would have missed all of this.”
VASSA: ”I know right?! Now we can leave this shithole Canada and travel on down to America’s toilet.”
JOHNSON: ”Wow, really?”
VASSA: ”It’s time to go down to Mexico, baby! ARRIBA!!!”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not lying folks. Now with Adrenaline Ninety-Two in the books, it’s time to head on down to Mexico for Fright Night. It’s been a pleasure calling tonight’s show for you all at home. Be sure to tune in three weeks from now for Fright Night. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
The cameras lock onto Viduus once more as he continues to stand in place in the ring, never once taking his eyes off of Omerta as they make their way to the back. The official and Laughlin remain down and out on the mat. With a smirk on his face, Viduus stares at Omerta before they vanish through the curtain. And that’s about it, folks. The picture slowly begins to fade as the credits begin to roll.