As the night is set to begin, we cut to earlier in the day with a camera following Anastasia Hayden entering the arena with her luggage in tow. Entering the building, she takes her sunglasses off, and stops just shy of the locker room, turning toward the camera to address the audience for the first time tonight.
HAYDEN: ”The spookiest night of the year is upon us, eh? Everyone’s gonna come in tonight and lay it on thick with just how scary tonight is going to be. In case you weren’t aware, it’s not just Fright Night…it’s Halloween! Day of the Dead! And whatever else everyone is dragging out to make sure you know how haunted tonight is. We get it everyone. Chill the fuck out. But for some of my opponents tonight? That’s asking a lot out of them.”
A slight smirk appears on the face of the former 4CW Champion.
HAYDEN: ”We’ll be spoiled with some creepy treats tonight, so enjoy the normalcy while you can because I don’t need to rely on tricks to achieve what I’ve set out to do tonight. I’m not a smoke and mirrors act; I’m crystal fucking clear. I’m here for the 4CW Championship.”
Ana holds a bit of silence for a moment before continuing on.
HAYDEN: ”I’m not some spooky voodoo man or serial killer, I’m simply Anastasia Hayden and that’s pretty fucking spooky on its own. And I’m heading into tonight’s Warzone of Horrors with that goal in mind. I’m doing what needs to be done tonight to make sure I walk out with the 4CW Championship. I’m not interested in the Ignition Championship because even thinking about it means I’m considering second place. And I’m not a runner up. I’m leading the fucking pack.”
She nods confidently and taps her chest, a visual indication of just who she is.
HAYDEN: ”Viduus isn’t leaving tonight with the 4CW Championship. That I can guarantee. He can hide behind The Speaker’s words, but the fallout of his reign says it all. Nobody cares. Nobody takes him or Salvation seriously. You can keep winning, keep pretending to be a threat, but everyone is still laughing. And they’ll continue to laugh. From inside and outside of the company. Call me weak, say my reign was a fluke, but at least no one was laughing at me, Viduus.”
One more smirk, but only for a moment as Anastasia sobers back up and glares right at the camera.
HAYDEN: ”Jokes. That’s all you are, Viduus. But you’re not alone. Dakota, Alexis, and Cyrus? All part of the same field. And when everyone tunes in for the main event, they’ll see why. They’ll continue laughing. Well I’m not here to laugh. I’m here to win. And while you’re busy trying to provoke fear out of me, I’m going to focus on what needs to be done. I’m not here for idle threats and false promises that Genie and Laughlin deliver.”
A genuine sigh comes out and a soft shake of the head.
HAYDEN: ”I’m not sitting around and waiting for anyone to realize their potential tonight. People like Genie and Laughlin have had their chances. They’ve shown flashes, but have never capitalized on it. I have. I’ve reached the mountain you two have been chasing ages before me. And young Artemis? You can keep waiting until you start packing some punch. When you show that your bark has some bite behind it.”
She winks at the camera and then returns to form with her stern appearance. Her eyes narrow a bit.
HAYDEN: ”I’ll be the alpha. I’ll bring 4CW back to the heights where it belongs. No sneak attacks. No return promos. No false crownings. Just the best of the best. Nothing else. And that’s what I reestablish tonight.”
Ana holds her glare for as long as she can until a new yet familiar face enters the scene from the locker room. The face of another former 4CW Champion. And that is Bronx Valescence.
VALESCENCE: ”About time.”
This gets a roll of the eyes from Ana as Bronx mugs it up on the scene; obviously in a bit more jovial mood than Anastasia.
VALESCENCE: ”Oh, thanks for Biggie’s new chew toy by the way.”
HAYDEN: ”New chew toy?”
He looks at Ana, waiting for her to joke, but it doesn’t happen.
VALESCENCE: ”Yeah, the doll hanging outside your locker. Thought it was kind of ugly, but a nice gift.”
HAYDEN: ”Bronx, I didn’t get you a gift.”
An awkward silence between the two.
HAYDEN: ”Whatever, I hate this fucking night. I’ve got to get ready to win this belt back.”
Ana picks her luggage back up and pushes through the locker room door with Bronx following. The camera zooms out just to show in the background Biggie Smalls chewing on the “chew toy”; specifically the one that Viduus Morta had spoken to. The camera holds on Bronx’s dog before fading away.

There was a bit of joyful commotion going on backstage with a few of the younger fans being let into the back in their costumes for a special meet and greet with the 4CW talent and staff. The camera focuses on 4CW co-owner Phoenix being bearhugged by a pre teen girl as her mother tries to pry the emotional girl off. Phoenix kneels down in her Kitana costume and comforts the sobbing girl with a bright smile on her face while admiring the “Hurricane Phe Wiped Out Jason Jackson” shirt that the girl wore. The night was starting off just right and it made Phoenix happy to be around kids especially since this was the first Halloween she was missing with her own kids. Last year, she had gotten lucky because after she had defended her Hardcore Title against Owen Gonsalves a day before Halloween, she had attended her Quagliaween party with battle scars and all but the biggest thing was being able to spend it with her children.
But this year? She was in Mexico and the children were in New York City with family and friends to spend Halloween with so she was missing taking them trick or treating and even the Halloween party. She sighs softly but gives the fans wanting her attention a smile and focuses on them as she asks them who are their favorite wrestlers and would they like to meet them tonight. Phoenix had thought it would be sweet if a raffle was held during the weeks leading up to Fright Night with a few lucky fans getting the chance to come backstage for a meet and greet, wanting to do alot of positive things to make up for all the negative shit that Phoenix had to deal with concerning dilemmas within company. Boston was definitely the main person who had been the cause of so many issues and although everyone had survived the short lived era of 3P, Phoenix knew that Boston would continue making bone headed decisions that would land himself into hot water.
Not wanting to dwell on Boston and his bullshit tonight, Phoenix talks to some of the backstage personnel and instructs them to make sure that the fans are able to meet their favorite wrestlers before Phoenix excuses herself to head for her office to return text messages. Both her fiance and her children’s father had taken the children out trick or treating together and given that these two hated each other’s guts and were arch enemies, Phoenix needed to check on the status of things to make sure that they were still holding that temporary truce in place for the sake of the children.


Buzz was on fire tonight and was a man on a mission from the way he kept going at Marquis, dodging a few of her swings and sneaking to the back of her to attack from behind. But your kid wasn’t going down so easily and you know she didn’t have any qualms with fighting fire with fire. Buzz got some lucky shots in at the beginning but he ended up falling into a pattern with trying to find her weakness to take her down alot quicker and it ended up being his downfall as Marquis caught him with an elbow to the face then kicks upon kicks, my kid!! While some of the fans joked with chanting ‘Buzz Lightyear’, Buzz definitely did have that Toy Story energy as he takes to the air and knocks Marquis down with a springboard forearm. Marquis is quick with getting back onto her feet but Buzz moves alot quicker and knocks her down again but this time with a running forearm. Vassa asks Johnson why the Corners Four isn’t having some sexy Halloween Costume with the women on the roster and Johnson reminds him that this is a wrestling event, not a Halloween party. Vassa seems disappointed and just looks forward to what the women that are wrestling tonight will be wearing, hoping for alot of exposed cleavage and oiled buns hanging out of coochie cutters. Johnson’s focus remains on the match while is partner allows his imagination to run wild as Marquis is serving Buzz those hands with backing him into the turnbuckle corner. She works him over good in the corner with a series of punches and a few kicks to the gut until she’s satisfied and steps off of him. Buzz is thinking she’s letting her guard down and immediately rushes forward in a charge to take Marquis down but she suddenly steps out of the way and sticks out her foot to trip him to send him stumbling and crashing down to the mat.
The audience finds this hilarious and the always entertaining Marquis bows comically before returning her attention back to her opponent. Buzz decides it’s time to stop focusing on the aerial moves and just begins attacking Marquis with putting her down with a clothesline and then pulling her back onto her feet to irish whip her into the ropes. He watches as Marquis bounces off the ropes and is ready for her when she comes running back as he aims high when kicking and ends up kicking her in the chest. Buzz was playing no games tonight and nothing was off limits to him as he gets in real close but is forced to take a step back when Marquis punches him in the jaw so he dropkicks her right knee to fuck up her balance and then dropkicks her to take her fully down. While Marquis is rising up on all fours, Buzz slaps her in the back of her head and that really triggers Marquis into becoming very irritated, seeing that as a sign of disrespect. She rises to her feet and all hell breaks loose as Marquis charges him with fiery blows to the face that has Buzz unable to block them. The kid is not taking Buzz’s bullshit and begins bitch slapping him all around the ring for slapping her in the back of her head. You didn’t make Marquis your bitch, she made you hers and she was showing Buzz how she could go from 0 to 100 REAL fast. Buzz ends up using that trusty elbow again to hit her in the face so he could put some space between himself and her wild ass, catching his breath for a minute and ready to go for something big that would not only take her down but keep her down so that he could get the pin and win the match. He jumps up into the air with a rising knee while pushing Marquis’ head down so that her face could connect with it as the blow makes her go down to the mat.
Buzz is feeling hopeful now that this match was his and things were now back in his favor and as he looks towards the turnbuckle, he decides to smash his foot down onto Marquis’ right hand before he takes off for it. Marquis howls out in pain and even curses from Buzz stepping on her fingers as if they were worms as she holds her aching hand but then tries to focus on trying to get up rather than her hurt hand. Buzz has climbed the turnbuckle as the cameras zoom in on him for a moment to catch the devilish expression on his face with that confidence radiating in his eyes that this was over. He was about to put an end to the match and pick up his first ever Fright Night win tonight while sending home Marquis disappointed he readies himself but is thrown off when suddenly Marquis comes rushing quickly towards the turnbuckle and begins attacking him with blows to attempt to knock him off the turnbuckle. But Buzz doesn’t go down so the impulsive Marquis gets an idea out of nowhere and decides to wing it. Hell, she might fuck it up but trying is better than not trying at all. As Buzz tries to maintain his balance on the post, Marquis makes her way up with her feet on the middle ropes and uses them to bounce up into the air and goes back as if she’s backflipping as her legs lock around Buzz’ neck and she ends up hurricanrana’ing him off of the turnbuckle! The audience is definitely impressed and as a surprised Buzz is on the mat trying to collect himself but Marquis isn’t really in a patient mood as she drops down to put Buzz in the Pending Payment, giving him no choice but to tap out as the ref calls for the bell to end the match.
WINNER: Persephone Marquis via Submission (7:59)

We cut backstage to find one of the hallways in the Arena Mexico, the site of tonight’s Fright Night Pay Per View. The hallway is dark with the lights off, only a faint green one coming from under a door. It slowly opens and smoke billows out. But instead of finding a Jason Cashe or Ganja return(thank fuck) we see Alicia Lukas, her long blond hair messed up as a small trickle of blood seems to drip from her bottom lip. She tilts her head at the camera and lets out a shrill scream before her eyes roll back in her head and she, laughs?
LUKAS: ”Sorry, I couldn’t keep that up much longer. Corny right?.”
She reaches over flipping a light switch causing the white neon’s above to flicker and hum on. Alicia dabs her mouth moving the fake blood from her face, a black and pink bandana being tied around her head as she seems to be in her wrestling gear. Her hands grabbing the sides of her black and red leather jacket.
LUKAS: ”I just thought I’d give it a shot since that’s what a lot of people seem to be going for these days. Now, I want Aiden Deimos to be watching this. See somewhere in this huge arena he’s sitting getting ready for our match. Probably talking about sacrificing children with the rest of salvation. Or maybe claiming that others don’t belong here while not even being in the company a month. I dunno. Or shit, maybe, just maybe Deimos is going to sit there and claim he’s making 4CW relevant. It makes me laugh actually…”
Alicia pauses for a moment and starts walking. Her hands still clutching her jacket as she turns a corner and moves around past a few of the production crew.
LUKAS: ”I was going to let a few of his comments slide here but I feel the need to point out that people like him can’t be taken seriously. A lackey, riding around on someone else’s coattails who has technically been in 4CW less than me but thinks he can not only speak for the rest of the 4CW roster but the fans too. Aiden Deimos has been in 4CW a month and says that he has helped take 4CW to even bigger heights and that I, that I don’t belong.”
She can’t help but laugh before almost tripping over a power cord left on the floor. She shakes her head as one of the production assistants grabs it pulling it away.
LUKAS: ”See, ladies and gentlemen the word of the day is “Delusional”. That’s what Aiden is, delusional. Here’s a guy being sarcastic about me beating Trish Newborn thinking that it hurt my feelings. Kinda funny he wants to paint it like I didn’t already say in my own pre-match promo that Trish Newborn ain’t shit. I mean, Deimos basically replied to everything else I said, it’s oddly convenient his dumb ass didn’t hear that part and actually thinks his comments would get under my skin. But, I just can’t stand people like him. He walks around jerking off the guy who holds the 4CW championship and thinks because he catches his cum he can open his mouth and have an opinion….”
She pauses again and leans against a wall folding her arms.
LUKAS: ”I’m lower on the ladder here, oh wait sorry, mountain. Right, Aiden?. I’m down at the base right now. And maybe, maybe one day I’ll be able to get a piece of 4CW gold and show that I am one of the best professional wrestlers on earth. That’s why I’m here. I’m not here to make friends, I’m not here to throw my success in other places at others and think it means something. Nah, I’m here to get to the same levels as people like Ana Hayden and Bronx, Levels that you have and with that attitude WILL NEVER reach. You’re a side thought Deimos. A name to have on a list to fill a spot while Viduus defends his title and feels good about himself. You need to be humbled and I’m going to love doing it.”
Alicia pushes off the white brick wall and confidently struts around a corner before stopping again.
LUKAS: ”Wait…where the hell am I?”


Riley had better be careful with Raab on account that he hasn’t always had the best experiences with women judging by his oversharing from a while back where he opened up about being sexually assaulted by a female. Vassa is quick to bring that up as he laughs his ass off at the commentator’s stand over it, saying that Raab has to be a virgin because there is no way that something like that can happen but then Johnson is quick to say that things go both ways. That women can sexually assault men as well in which Vassa waves that off as complete baloney and calls men who really believe that, ‘soft and scared of the puss.’ Johnson tells Vassa that he had better respect Raab because he is a veteran of the Corners Four which has Vassa laughing even harder and saying that the only thing Raab is a veteran of is crying and serving corn dogs backstage at the concession stands. Raab is known as the kindest soul in sports entertainment but we could all agree that he wasnt as kind in the ring while wrestling because let’s be real, when have you ever seen a gentle release german suplex?? Judging by the way Riley is looking from feeling the effects of it, I would say that Raab is a completely different person inside of the ring where he leaves his kindness backstage.
But the great rookie wasn’t going to allow herself to be bested by Raab tonight and even though she hasn’t won a title in the Corners Four yet, Riley is no stranger to holding gold and kicking ass. She came up really strong and fast in the budding beginning stages of her wrestling career where she begin racking up titles like the Godfather used to rack up hoes back in those WWF days. Many could say that this company would eat her up whole and spit out her skeleton but Riley was a hard worker who aimed to prove others wrong and show that she earned everything that she worked hard for. Which is why she wasn’t going to allow Raab to get the better of her and she was going to show that in some rookie versus veteran matches, that sometimes the rookie could take down the veteran. But Raab wasn’t about to allow that to happen as he scoop slam piledrivered Riley into the mat and even tried going for the pin to only be granted a one count with Riley quickly kicking out. Riley wasn’t sure if Raab was trying to end the match quickly because he was worried that Riley would eventually get the upper again or if Raab truly believed that he could beat Riley but she wasn’t going for it and it showed in her actions as Raab pulls her onto her feet only for Riley to surprise him with a buzzsaw kick.
Riley continues moving quickly with attacking Raab with different variations of kicks as Raab tries to evade them but to no avail as Riley keeps them coming and makes sure that there isn’t alot of space between them so that the kicks connect every time. Raab has had enough and rushes forward to hit Riley with a strong shoulder block to take her down and as soon as Riley is on her feet, Raab wraps his arms around her from behind and gets her into a strong bear hug. Riley struggles with all her might but Raab does nothing but continue applying the pressure while the audience wonders if this will be the end of the match from the way Raab has this bear hug locked in tight. Riley’s foot brushes against Raab’s accidentally but the accident suddenly gives Riley an idea as she suddenly begins stomping down hard on Raab’s foot. Raab’s arms loosen around Riley but he doesn’t let go so Riley stomps on his foot a second time and Raab suddenly lets go. Riley quickly spins around and hurries to the back of Raab to wrap her arm around his neck and goes for The Crowning! She quickly covers Raab to get the one, two, three count to win the match!
WINNER: Riley Sweet via Pinfall (5:46)

Backstage, the cameras fade to the locker room area as Alexis Mercer entered the room carrying her gym bag. She walks over to her locker finding a voodoo doll that resembles her sitting by her locker. Alexis doesn’t seem impressed. She snatches the voodoo doll into her hands holding for a moment and then decides to toss the voodoo doll in the trash can.
MERCER: “Fucking Viduus.”
With that said, Alexis goes back to her locker and puts her gym bag inside. Cameras continue rolling until Alexis shuts her locker room door and then leaves out of the room to the unknown.


Deimos has that killer look in his eyes as he watches Alicia pick herself up from the mat. The Salvation member stalks her, coming closer but quickly taking a step back once Alicia springs onto her feet and takes a step towards him. He keeps up with this cat and mouse game, taking a step forward just to quickly take one back whenever Alicia moves forward. Alicia finally grows tired of the games and straight lunges at him with a few jabs before socking him really hard on the right side of his face. The two go at it with Deimos becoming more violent and aggressive with his hits, wanting to knock Alicia into another dimension from how hard the hits came coming and how she was taking them. Alicia’s back hits the ropes and when Deimos comes charging at her, Alicia quickly grabs onto the top rope and falls down to pull the rope down and makes Deimos go over it. Deimos hits the apron but quickly grabs hold of the ropes so that he doesn’t go crashing down to the ground while Alicia has been walked away and assumes that he’s hit the ground. Alicia gets the audience all riled up and winks at the crowd, causing the thirsty Alicia male fans to lose their minds which is starting to become a norm at the shows now. Alicia welcomes the attention and doesn’t mind giving it especially thinking she has time with thinking Deimos is still picking himself up from the ground outside of the ring when he’s actually entering the ring now.
Being stealthy and careful, Deimos inches closer and closer to the unsuspecting Alicia and he would have gotten away with it if she suddenly hadn’t started feeling weird and ended up spinning around to face Deimos before he could attack from behind. But Alicia is still thrown off by seeing Deimos suddenly so he is still able to attack her quickly with going for a discus clothesline and then mudhole stomping her as soon as she hits the ground. Vassa, of course, is not a fan of this and argues that Deimos is manhandling a woman with Johnson having to remind his partner that this is a wrestling match and also chimes in that Vassa doesn’t seem to get this upset for other inter-gender matches. Vassa waves off Johnson’s claims and says that he does, Johnson just doesnt pay that much attention to him while Johnson shakes his head at his partner being so full of shit before returning to commentating on the match. Alicia has managed to roll away finally from Deimo’s hard stomps and when Deimos approaches her and grabs a handful of her hair ready to yank her onto her feet, Alicia digs her elbow into his gut before slamming it into his gut twice to get him to let go of her hair and pushing up on her foot, she comes up from the mat with a strong European Uppercut that even elicits a loud reaction from the audience. Deimos goes stumbling back and that gives Alicia alot of room to breathe with him not being so close to her.
But the space doesn’t last long as Deimos is speeding towards her once more and takes her down with a flying lariat before she can even manage to attack first. Deimos then grabs Alicia by the wrist and pulls her roughly to her feet, twisting her arm as if he’s trying to break it as Alicia screams out in pain and fights to try to break his grip on her wrist. But the sinister Deimos twists it even more and now Alicia is worried that he might break it so she begins swinging her other arm at him, Deimos moves his head back from Alicia’s swinging hand but ends up getting punched in the eye after the fifth swing but that does nothing in making him loosen the grip on her arm. So she continues swinging her hand until she repeatedly hits Deimos’ same eye again to the point that he finally ends up letting go of Alicia. A pissed Alicia ends up dropkicking Deimos’ in the knee and once he goes down, Alicia backs up a bit and sprints forward to knee him hard in the face to make him go down on the mat. It’s all fun and games until Deimos finds himself locked into the Lioness Bites as he struggles to not submit while Alicia’s anger fuels her to continue applying more and more pressure until she was certain Deimos would tap. He doesn’t so she comes up with something else and lets go of the hold. She allows Deimos to think that she’s given up with feeling defeated, as if he’s unbeatable and Deimos does think that… until Alicia catches him off guard with a surprise superkick to the face. Alicia quickly drops on him for the cover and scores the three count fall!
WINNER: Alicia Lukas via Pinfall (8:14)

The camera cuts to the backstage area. Various staff members are seen walking around as the camera pans to a locker room that has a sign on it that reads, “MADDOX AYRES’ LOCKER ROOM”. Not but a second later, the door swings open. Maddox and his girlfriend, Kaytlyn Parsons, walk out. Both Maddox and Kaytlyn have masks that are on top of their head. Maddox is wearing a suit while Kaytlyn has on a white dress with beige heels. They both look startled to see the camera.
AYRES: “Well, this is awkward.”
Kaytlyn is seen fixing her hair quickly. The camera looks down on Maddox then back up.
CAMERAMAN: “Uh, Mr. Ayres, your zipper is down…”
You hear Kaytlyn slightly chuckle while Maddox zips his pants up.
AYRES: “Yeah… so we just did some spooky stuff in there. Guess we didn’t expect a camera to be in front of my locker room as I walk out.”
CAMERAMAN: “Now that you’re in 4CW, we’ll probably be doing this randomly.”
AYRES: “Fair enough, so what’s the purpose of this right now?”
Nothing is said on either end for a few seconds before Maddox gets a look on his face as if he answered his own question without saying anything.
AYRES: “Right, the new guy introduces himself to everyone and makes a statement. The typical introduction. To sum things up for everyone, I’m Maddox Ayres. This gorgeous lady right next to me is Kaytlyn Parsons. We’ve been dating for a good bit now and things are—”
Kaytlyn interrupts Maddox before he can finish his sentence.
PARSONS: “Excuse me? Exactly how long?”
AYRES: “Babe, you know I know how long, I’m trying to shorten this up so we can get back to other things.”
PARSONS: “How long have we been dating, Mad?”
AYRES: “Five months.”
A smile forms on her face as Maddox rolls his eyes.
AYRES: “She knows I love her, just likes to play games like this with me. Excuse her for that.”
She nods at the camera, still with the smile on her face.
AYRES: “So yeah, I’ve been around since November of last year. Went through a lot prior to wrestling, got into wrestling, worked with a shitty company where I did my thing. Went to a different company where I won my debut then realized how shitty that place was. Recently went to DIVISION to stop some chump from taking control, just for the place to close. Here I am now. 4CW has been a top interest of mine since I started training for wrestling. Knowing I wasn’t even close to ready, I decided to try and work my way up into this which is why I’m here now. This place is loaded with such talented wrestlers, it’s ridiculous. To be able to step into an established company and work with the talent 4CW has, it’s an honor, really. All I can say is I’ll do everything in me to put on the best performance possible each and every time I’m in the ring. If I fail, depending on the circumstance, I will give my respect and figure out where I went wrong, so that next time I step into the ring, that outcome will have changed.”
Maddox stops for a second to turn and kiss Kaytlyn before looking at the camera again. He puts his arm around her and brings her close.
AYRES: “With my lady beside me, I know that I can accomplish anything. She’s been a huge moral support and never sugarcoats anything. Honestly I couldn’t ask for anything different from her. She has wrestling in the background of her family and a couple of those family members have become like mentors to me. Can’t thank them enough for that. That’s really all you guys need to know right here. I’m excited to be here and can’t wait to get started. I’m enjoying the show so far and anxious to see who I’m up against in my debut. You’ll hear from me again soon, so until then, enjoy the show and definitely don’t just show up without me knowing. You never know what you’ll see…”
AYRES: “Well, I’m not lying.”
Kaytlyn shrugs and both chuckle as they walk away. The camera sits still to show them turn a corner and then fades to black.

The camera opens up to a tight shot of a muscle bound back that is glistening in the light. It moves, slightly expanding, with each breath. As the camera pulls wider the man spins around but before he spun the identifying ink of his tattoos grouped with his physique gave away who it was. Bryan faced the camera now in complete silence and a brick wall behind him. His head tilting to each side as his each eyebrow raised.
LAUGHLIN: “…you hear that?”
He points behind the camera referencing the fans that have been nothing but loud from the beginning of tonights broadcast.
LAUGHLIN: “…tonight they’ll chant. They’ll chant names, they’ll chant holy shit, they’ll chant anything really if you give them the chance.”
Bryan laughs to himself and shakes his head slowly before he uses the same finger to point to himself
LAUGHLIN: “…but at the end of the night when bodies lay around the ring they’ll be chanting one thing. They’ll be chanting the one phrase I live my life to hear. IT pierces my skin like a needle and feeds straight into my veins. The chant injects me with life, with purpose. They’ll chant ‘YOU. DE. SERVE. IT’ over… and over… and over.”
Now he paces back and forth within camera frame.
LAUGHLIN: “…and they’ll be chanting that because after years of being in 4CW and standing toe to toe with legends only to walk away with them at my feet I will finally holds the greatest gift this industry has ever seen. The 4CW Championship.”
His hands extend as if he was holding it now. Bryan looks down at his hands and they begin to shake and a small smile perks in the corner of his lips.
LAUGHLIN: “I’ll hold it right here; and in it’s reflection will be the face that represents what being 4CW truly means. It means grinding out the bad times. It means never giving up and never refusing to change the path you walk regardless of how tired your legs are. Regardless of the little knives digging into your throat that make each passing breath hurt a little more each time. Regardless of how many times everyone else has told you that you don’t stand a chance.”
Bryan looks up into the camera as his arms fold across his chest.
LAUGHLIN: “Tonight the sacrifices I’ve made are all worth it. Time away from my wife. Time away from friends. Secluding myself in the woods. Tonight I prove that giving up is never an option. Especially when you’re at war. So put your helmets on and grab the warpaint ladies and gentleman…. Because before the fans chant I deserve it….”
Walking uncomfortably close to the camera lens his face, and more importantly his great mustache, is all we see.
LAUGHLIN: “they’ll be chanting… You. Sick. Fuck.”
Bryan bends down and picks up his white jacket with the gold scorpion on the back and throws it on before popping the collar and walking out of the room.


An interesting guest match-up, as AJ Morales takes on Damien Miri. Damien didn’t come alone, bringing the Conglomerate with him from King’s Road. AJ looks on, watching out at ringside as every member of the Conglomerate stands around the ring. It almost looks like a Lumberjack match, except everyone here is out for AJ Morales’ head. Also, Bethany Driver is definitely not in the Conglomerate anymore, despite her wanting to be apart of a popular bit. They’d probably beat her up too. Poor Oz, anyway. AJ stays cautious in the opening of the match, doing his best to keep away from the ringside area. He knows that one false move would end things for him. Damien takes control early, beating down AJ into the corner. He works over his right shoulder, snapping him to the mat with a Second Rope Arm drag.
The brutality doesn’t end there, as Damien unloads with right hands on AJ Morales. Damien is looking to take control, making sure that AJ gets dumped to the outside. Damien does his best to distract the referee, while the Conglomerate get involved. Unfortunately for Damien, this official is too smart for him. He knows Damien’s tricks, and immediately has the Conglomerate BANNED from ringside! Damien tries to plead his case, knowing that AJ is still hurt. It’s too late, though, as the Conglomerate has to go to the back. Damien looks on, as AJ gets back up and makes his way into the ring. Damien attacks, connecting with a Stalling Suplex and a Dropkick that almost gets him the win! AJ holds on, though, fighting back with an Axe Kick, followed by a Northern Lights Suplex. AJ has started to get the match back in his favor, attacking the lower back of Damien Miri. A Bow and Arrow hold traps his opponent, but Damien is able to find his way out of the hold. He slips out, and immediately connects with a Shining Wizard! Damien piles on the action here, catching AJ with a Spinebuster, Spinning Backfist, and a Ushigoroshi for good measure! It’s not enough to put AJ Morales away, though, as he’s able to kick out of every pinfall attempt.
Damien looks frustrated, wanting to end this match as quickly as possible. Without the Conglomerate around to help, he’s running out of ideas quick. The match goes to the outside, where Damien sends AJ into the steel steps. AJ lands hard, but fights off an attempt to be driven through the announce table. Back inside of the ring, AJ catches Damien with a Superkick, stunning him for a moment. AJ knows he’s in trouble, and looks to finish the match with his Superman Punch finisher. Damien is able to avoid the move, but still gets caught with a Golden Goal! The Pele Kick lands flush, but AJ is surprised to be caught with a Superkick by Damien! These two go back and forth, trading blows and moves as they both try to end this match. Damien lands with Leon’s .22, and looks to follow that up with Welcome to Seattle! AJ moves in time, but again Damien ducks the Liberator! As Damien turns around, AJ tries for the Lethal Protector, but Damien blocks the Slingblade attempt. AJ has no choice, jumping over Damien as he tries a Sunset Flip pin attempt! Damien’s shoulders are pinned to the mat, kicking out just as the referee counts three! It appears that this match is over!
WINNER: A.J. Morales via Pinfall (8:23)

American Tommy is seen roaming the halls in his Daredevil costume with a bag in his hand.
TOMMY: “This is bullshit. I should be trick or treating right now with my sisters, but no, here I am at Fright Night because I gotta beat this fucking bum that thinks he’s accomplished more in 2 months than I have since I’ve arrived here.”
He walks into Perry Wallace’s office without even knocking and walks towards Perry’s desk. Perry is there, on the phone, and a bit bewildered at the moment.
WALLACE: “What the fuck, Tommy.”
Tommy doesn’t even acknowledge him, but grabs the dish of candy off his desk and dumps it into his bag before throwing it to the floor and leaving his office.
TOMMY: “History class is over, mate. Your luck is about to run out, Nemesis, and there is nothing that Salvation can do about it. You don’t believe that I’m one of the best here? Well, everybody is entitled to whatever they want to believe and hell, you might even be right. But make no mistake about it, I’m better than you. I will walk out of Fright Night champion like I did last year.”
Tommy opens the door into Bryan Williams’ empty office and looks around but finds no candy.
TOMMY: “What the fuck, BW! No fucking candy?! Fuck, man!”
He leaves BW’s office and looks into the answer.
TOMMY: “Fright Night? Fright Night is where your luck runs out ya spooky fuck.”
Tommy is seen walking into his Phoenix’s office.
TOMMY: “Mom! That fuck BW didn’t have any candy!”
Screen fades to black.

Tattoo Ari blares on around the arena, and Kimitsu Zombie comes out with her North American Championship and her Union Battleground’s Trench Warfare in one hand dragging both on the ground. She has on a zombie girl mask and shuffles about like a member of the walking dead. Then she stops, and rips the mask off to sprit a mist of shochu into the air. She puts a titles on her shoulders, and walks into the ring normally. She immediately grabs a mic.
ZOMBIE: ”Órale, Mexico! Now, I know most of you know what I’m all about. Most of you have been with me since the very beginning. Like many people here, I have found success in other companies… oh by the way the Trench Warfare challenge stands for anyone watching.”
She winks at the camera.
ZOMBIE: ”But anyway tonight it’s about the success I have here in 4CW. Most of my opponents in the back seem to believe that I am just as good as my competition. That’s the running theme I hear before these people go right into that role they railed against. Eli Carlson has done it once and he looks like he got comfortable in that role because he is looking to do it again. I’ve heard the same old shit. I want to make one thing clear.”
Kimitsu looks at her 4CW title.
ZOMBIE: ”I am here because I am better than those I have fought against. It could have been their time. If there is anything that is true in 4CW is that nothing is predictable. Anyone can surprise you. I walked into every match knowing this after I suffered more than a few surprises of my own. Now I don’t count anyone out. I treat everyone like a threat and I destroy them accordingly. You were surprised when I beat you, Eli, and that is the problem. Even in defeat you carry yourself like you’re hot. Like I’m beneath you. I’m going to stomp your fire out for a second time, and I’ll light a candle dia de los muertos.”
ZOMBIE: ”This isn’t a gimmick, Eli. This isn’t Poe you are dealing with. You don’t have to go digging in one of Mercer’s shallow holes. You don’t have to look far to see who I am. I am Kimitsu Zombie. Warrior. Champion. Just look at this title on my shoulder. The only way that you’ll be able to get anywhere close to it is if you change your twitter profile back to my name. Then maybe you’ll avoid being the punchline to this joke of a rematch. I hope putting me through that table was worth it. It’s time to repay you for all that. I’ve been busy collecting so many debts lately. When I hold up my title tonight after the match, yours will finally be repaid. For everything. Then all I’ll have to say to you is sayonara and arigato, asshole.”
Kimitsu throws the mic down and celebrates to the cheers of her fans.

The backstage area was alive with various workers from catering to event staff to security. The garage door was open and beneath it stood Viduus Morta and The Speaker side by side looking up at the stars.
SPEAKER: “Tonight, Viduus Morta cements his legacy as one of the greatest world champions in the history of this world.”
Viduus lowered his view and whispered something to the Speaker who turned to look up at him.
SPEAKER: “Yes, all of them are present and several have received them already. Predictable reactions for most part.”
Viduus smiled before turning to look at the camera as well.
VIDUUS: “Tonight, I solidify my crown. I cement the roots of foundation deep within 4CW. Tonight you all bow to your king.”
He unsnapped the belt from around his waist and raised high in the air.


Zverev Urvan and Jair Hopkins, one, a man with a hard to pronounce name. The other? A name you don’t need to spell out when it comes to 4CW. The two men circle the ring, in a odd turn of events Jair almost towers over the much smaller opponent. Urvan goes in for a double leg takedown, but Jair quickly snuffs that, catching the young man with a knee directly to his fuckin’ dome piece. Urvan is stunned, stumbling backwards holding his head – Jair pounces on the man with a quick kick to the gut, before implanting him into the ground with a DDT. Urvan looks out, his body was motionless – but Jair had something to prove in this match. Having missed his opportunity to make it into the Warzone, Jair was hungry. His eyes are locked on Urvan, as he grabs a handful of hair and lifts the almost limp body up to a standing position. Jair goes in for an attack but Urvan shows a little life, stopping the blow and pushing Jair back – that however was not the best course of actions. Jair uses the momentum from the push to springboard off of the ropes, he grabs Urvan by the hand and plants him once again with a DDT! Urvan goes flipping over himself as Jair yells out something concerning to whom should be in the warzone. He stops for a moment and looks up at the cage overhead, a mix of anger and disappointment washes over him as he slowly shakes his head.
Blood has now began to pour down the face of Urvan from all the strikes to the head. As jair takes notice of this he almost goes into a frenzy, ashe stalks closer to the drowned man. Urvan shows signs of life once again as he grabs onto Jair’s ankles, using his legs to pull himself up. Jair grabs the back of Urvan’s head and cocks back, before landing strike after strike onto the crimson mask that Urvan wore. The referee warns Jair to back off and he does so, as Urvan body falls backwards to the mat with a thump. With Urvan’s blood now splattered on Jair’s body, the 4CW hall of famer begins to stomp his foot on the ground – over and over again before leaping onto the ropes and springboard backwards with a moonsault! He drives his feet directly into the gut of Urvan, OMFG! Jair gives the cage above him one last look before he covers Urvan for the one, two, three.
WINNER: Jair Hopkins via Pinfall (5:19)
Jair calls for a microphone as his theme dies down after getting a victory over the newcomer in such violent fashion.
Hopkins points towards his defeated opponent in a pretty unsettling fashion as he was terribly upset, having to settle for this than a better opponent to waste his time on. Jair angrily paced the ring.
HOPKINS: ”I had to put my homies on duties to make the party instead since I had to fucking fight a Russian Pussy. Now it’s bloody, needing of air. I WANTED TO BE OFF. Why couldn’t I be left off? This is the result of a bad choice. I could’ve been in New York, having a ball with my Nephew at the Halloween Party! I’m out here testing Russia’s best or … sort of. Thank you for this consolidation prize for not being in the Warzone.”
Hopkins looked back over to the busted up “victim”, Urzvan.
Dropping the microphone, Jair exits the ring, completely unhinged, angry at having to be a trash man, sweeping up. He was not that type of person. He just held his head down as the EMTs came out dashing past him to take over the “sweeping” duties, caring for the victim inside the ring.

The 4CW cameras were busy catching the action backstage while the show was up and running. The fans heard in the background still ecstatic from the previous match. Cheering on their favourite wrestlers.
Eden Connors was once again found strolling around the hallways, soaking in the atmosphere. By now she knew most of the crew members, stopping here and there to have a small chat. They were mostly friendly and easier to talk to than some of her fellow coworkers. She was sipping from her coffee while nodding her head.
CONNORS: “You have done a great job setting up the scene…”
She had no chance to finish the sentence when seeing a certain someone walking past the corner. A heat wave crashed through her body while she felt her whole face burning. Her opposite looked over their shoulder, not quite sure what to think of it. Eden apologetic raised her hands and already had started moving.
CONNORS: “We definitely have to continue that talk one day.”
It wasn’t clear if the other person had heard her, but at this point, she didn’t care. She had to get away and she had to be quick. Around five minutes later she had found a perfect spot, leaning against one of the storage boxes. The coffee in her hand had cooled down to a point where you could call it iced coffee. But she was safe.
CONNORS: “Peyton would laugh his ass off. I am just not ready…”
She mumbled to herself while calming down her breathing. The camera moved around to catch sight of the person that Eden decided to hide from. It was none other than one of the seven people heading in the Warzone of Horrors and the current Ignition Champion, Artemis Kaiser. Her focus seemed to be on a doll in her hand, one that looked like her, complete with an Ignition Championship.
Suddenly, she threw the doll right above Eden’s head without giving the target a glance. When the doll hit the floor, Artemis turned her head to where Eden was hiding. The two’s collective auras clashed against one another. Artemis, not resonating anything beyond her inherent bloodlust, continued to study Eden silently until she decided to break said quietness.
KAISER: “Any reason why you’re hiding from me? You didn’t make it hard to find you.”
Busted, that was the first thought that ran through Eden’s head. It very much was a Throwback to her teenage years, whenever her mother caught her doing silly stuff. Eden took another deep breath before picking up the little doll. She looked at it from every angle before she finally looked at Artemis. It was hard to read her, if not impossible.
CONNORS: “I am not…well I am…but…no, not really.”
She was embarrassed at her own stuttering. Once more she heard Peyton laugh in the back of her mind. Eden straightened her shoulders.
CONNORS: “Okay. Yes, I was hiding. You’re maybe the sister of my boyfriend, but man are you intimidating.”
Eden still fumbled with the little doll. Artemis’ expression didn’t change in response. Her eyes followed Eden’s fumbling.
KAISER: “Intimidating?”
Artemis shrugged.
KAISER: “To each their own, I guess. If you’re my brother’s girlfriend, I think that is something you’re going to have to get used to.”
She adjusted the Ignition Championship on her shoulder before she decided to take it off. Hanging in front of Eden’s face, Artemis’ stare persisted.
KAISER: “Tonight, you’re facing for a chance to fight for this. If I’m intimidating, do you hope that I don’t walk out of Warzone with this?”
Eden looked at the title for a very long moment, then she smiled. She crossed her arms in front of her chest.
CONNORS: “Quite the opposite actually, but I didn’t expect you to realise that, Miss Kaiser. Because of the fact that you’re intimidating, I really hope you remain champion. I wouldn’t wanna face just anyone in my first title match.”
Eden rolled her neck a few times.
CONNORS: “But in order to make that happen…there are knees to break, right?”
Artemis repositioned her championship back onto her shoulder, turning her head away from Eden.
KAISER: “Don’t hold your breath. I don’t expect to walk out of her with nothing but the 4CW Championship. If I do happen to walk out with the Ignition Championship…”
She paused.
KAISER: “God’s will need to save everyone that decides to stand in my way.”
With a warning to Eden and every ambitious person in 4CW, she began to walk away. With Artemis’s back turned on her, Eden once again smiled wide.
CONNORS: “Hey Champ, I almost forgot…”
Eden started walking towards the still moving female, grabbing her hand. Artemis’ demeanor showed a brief inkling of change, mostly towards the feeling in her hand. When letting go of her hand again, a little shiny thing rested in the Ignition Champion’s palm.
CONNORS: “Good luck out there, Artemis Kaiser.”
Artemis continued on her path, observing what appeared to be a friendship bracelet, fashioned with a wolf on it. Her eyes narrowed, but she put it on if only to free her hand.

The camera finds focus on the flicker of a flame creeping upwards, incinerating the fine fabric of a woman’s D-cup bra. As one particularly flattering and frilly strap is burnt the other remains held out in some sort of demonstration by a metal-masked male with his back to the viewer. Elasticated pink material soon becomes ash and smoke in the hands of an uncharacteristically shy David Sanchez, whose reluctance to face the camera cannot hide his identity.
SANCHEZ: “Down with oppression and all that shit.”
After a moment or two of stalling for suspense and staring at the flames of the soon-to-be cinders lingerie in his extended right hand he grows bored of the charade and simply drops the bra to linolelum coated corridor floor. Removing the heavy iron mask he wears during his entrance Sanchez steps forward and smothers the fire underfoot, laughing at some unknown joke to himself before re-addressing the camera.
SANCHEZ: “Eden Connors ladies and gentlemen… FINALLY!!!… Finally somebody sees the real reason I’m here. It only took her four aneurysms, a Private Investigator and the fact that I never hid it to begin with in order to crack the case but hey! At least she got there. Who am I to judge your detective skills, right? Haha.”
Dressed in his wrestling gear in anticipation of his upcoming match with the aforementioned Eden Connors, Sanchez casts an intimidating shadow. He was a large man who had aged gracefully in terms of physique and stood at six foot three and two thirty two as of this morning’s weigh-in.
SANCHEZ: “You got it lass… you were right about everything. I’m a woman-hater. I hate chicks. Not all women, all the time– no, shit, I don’t give a fuck if I’m served at Sizzlers by John or Jane. Just the ones that’re here in my fuckin’ place of work, keeping jobs away from hard working men who’ve. I’m an old school guy, you know? Fuckin’ chicks came in and made this whole industry a motherfuckin’ soap-opera-esque mess instead of a fight between men. Lots of good dudes… famous fuckin’ names, you know? Serious talent. They all had to go in order to make room for what? Fuckin’ Eden Connors? Artemis Kaiser? Haha. What kind of a trade is that?”
Pacing now David continues on his rant. Making sure to thoroughly trample what little remains of the faux-feminist statement he’d tried to open with into the ground.
SANCHEZ: “How is that fair in any way? Nah man, fuckin’ change will wash away this flood of fuckin’ suffragettes in spandex from within. And I? Well, I’m just a simple agent of change sent here to weed out the problem from the inside. Starting tonight with you– some skippy Scottish slag who got triggered and dropped the whole innocence act for three minutes to demand that I should be fuckin’ frightened because she ripped the heads off of her barbies once or whatever… yeah, I’ll get right on that hun. Right after I Google ‘girl brainbustered to death’ to see if I can set some kind of domestic abuse record or something when I get done smacking you around for your fuckin’ lip.”
Smiling at the camera now he stops, leans in and winks– as was usually his parting sentiment.
SANCHEZ: “Then it’s on to Artemis and this stupid ‘way too much effort needed’ belt I’m told I’ll get by proxy when I’m done ragdolling that dyke in distress. And then… who knows? They’re fuckin’ everywhere here– like a fuckin’ infestation. But make no mistake about it ladies…. I’m coming to send you ALL back to the kitchen sink to scrub pots. Right where you will ALWAYS, ALWAYS… belong.”


The two competitors circle the ring in their own particular way. Eden bounces on her heels, keeping the speed in her steps. Sanchez moves around the ring with his sense of authority seeping out his pores. Instead of locking up, Eden decides to go low with some kicks to the thighs, sending a pop noise throughout the audience. Sanchez shakes his head in both disapproval and pain until Eden hits him with an European Uppercut. Sanchez stumbles a bit back, but he returns his offense by taking her roughly by the hair and blasting her with a stiff elbow shot. He expects her to fall, but she relays back with a forearm shot, then a kick to the leg, and followed by a kick to the chest. Eden’s opponent falls back into the ropes, hanging on them with a head nod. When he came to return the offense again, Eden lights him up with a flurry of karate kicks before springing up and attempting an Enziguiri. Sanchez ducks quickly and hits the rising Eden with a single knee to the face. It caught her square in the mouth, sending her to the mat. Sanchez fell on her, going for the three count, but she kicked out at one, much to his dissatisfaction.
Sanchez drags Eden back to her feet, hitting her with a few more short arm elbows. Once she was shaken enough by the blows, Sanchez brought her into a German Suplex hold and sent her backward, but Eden landed on her feet. Still wobbly, she fell back into the turnbuckle. Sanchez got up and chased her down but only got a reversal in return. His chest hit the turnbuckle and Eden’s foot struck the back of his head. The enziguiri made him slump on the ropes nearby. She then ran off the ropes and caught Sanchez in the side of the head with a single leg dropkick. When he fell, Eden went for the cover for him to power at one himself. Eden, however, followed his recovery, hitting him with kicks until she got caught and brought to the mat with a Dragon Screw. He began to stomp at her leg until he decided to hit her with another Dragon Screw. After that, he secured a Sambo side leglock. Eden refused to tap but she was unable to crawl away from the man’s weight. He smirked, knowing that he had it secured but the small amount of hubris as Eden made room for herself.
Once she had enough room, Eden pushed off her back and delivered a smack to the side of Sanchez’s head. The one hand bell clap came before another smack to the jawline. Sanchez resisted and tried to deepen the hold but Eden found some space to slide her leg out. However, it was worse for wear. Sanchez got to his feet, going for a chop block. Eden hopped over him and ran for the ropes, flying off the ropes for a springboard armdrag. Sanchez fell into the mat, recovering into a front flip DDT. The spike gave Eden a close two count but the match was still on. Eden hurried Sanchez to his feet, weathering the pain in her leg. She tried to push Sanchez down into an Inverted DDT. Sanchez tried to fight out of it but Eden brought her knee up into the back of his head and slammed him down.
Going to the well once again, Eden ran for the ropes and tried for a springboard Swanton Bomb, turning in mid-air. The impressive move was met with a tragic ending as Sanchez pushed himself out of the way. Eden collided with the ground, smacking the back of her head on the mat. She, nevertheless, forced herself back on her feet. Sanchez nodded, inviting her into his grasp. He brought Eden down into the M-99 (Rear Naked Choke). Drawing the life out of her, Sanchez felt his win in reach, but Eden planted her foot on the turnbuckle and shoved herself back, getting his shoulders to the mat.
A close two count!
Eden fell back, trying to get up. She was faster than Sanchez, who got up with a hint of shock lingering. She went for the EC (Shining Wizard), but Sanchez threw out a punch to the leg, knowing it was damaged. Eden stumbled backward and Sanchez hit her with Tramadol Nights (Shinbreaker Lift Brainbuster)! Knowing that it might not be enough, Sanchez saw his chance and spiked Eden with the Railway Spike Piledriver! The three count came and Sanchez got his chance at the Ignition Championship locked.
WINNER: David Sanchez via Pinfall (8:12)

Rats squeak and water drips from a leaky pipe, each drop echoing as they hit the puddle below the leak. The camera seems to have opened up in the deeper bowels of the Arena Mexico. Steam suddenly shoots out of various pipes, leading to a fog-like mist resting throughout this gloomy, concrete room. The lighting is poor, making shadows seem as if they are moving creatures and the sources of multiple creaks and clangs go unseen.
Finally, we come upon Nemesis along with his manager and confidant Preacher. Nemesis looks even more intimidating than ever, as if that’s even possible on this All Hallow’s Eve in Mexico. The monsters creep and crawl along his body, looking for a way to escape and consume more than just his body. Preacher leans forward on his cane, his mouth wide with a grin like he just stole all of the Halloween candy from the neighborhood children.
PREACHER: ”Those who sanctify and purify themselves will be led down the path towards Salvation, while those who eat the flesh of swine, slither like the snake in the grass and scavenge for scraps like the rat will come to an end altogether!”
Just then, one of the rats that was heard squeaking when the scene opened up scurries by the front of the feet of Preacher and then as it moves past Nemesis…

After the loud thud of his foot hitting the ground, Nemesis looks to have the rats tail trapped under his right foot as it squeaks in both terror and pain.
NEMESIS: ”Such a feeble little creature…reminiscent of you Thomas. Trapped beneath me, it’s fate in my hands and it’s pleas for freedom filling the air, much like you will be as I place your face to the Inferno tonight.”
Nemesis now reaches down, grabbing the rat by the tail and lifting it up so it’s level with his eyes as he tilts his head to the right and left, examining it as the rat tries to break free from Nemesis’ grasp.
NEMESIS: ”Like this rodent that struggles for its existence in my grip, you too are in for the fight of your life tonight Thomas. I have grown weary of your games and Court Jester-like nonsense on the Social Media waves that you do to try and gain a meaningless laugh from the worthless that follow you. With every passing moment I grow eager to wipe that smile off of that adolescent looking face while hushing all of those like Lisa Seldon who are rooting for you to do the impossible…stop me.”
Suddenly, the body of the rat combusts into flames while Nemesis remains holding it, miraculously unaffected by the fire in his hands as the squeaks of the rat have now turned into shrieks.
NEMESIS: ”Like rats need extermination, so does your Octane Championship reign Thomas and much like this rodent in my hand, tonight you will burn so that your screams shall reverberate through the arena until the hairs on the bodies of everyone in attendance stand on their ends.”
Nemesis drops the charred body of the rat to the ground, only to step on it for good measure.
NEMESIS: ”Fright Night will be remembered as the night Salvation reigned supreme and the hope that we will be stopped in 4CW dwindled even further…its starts with us Thomas and the time is now upon us.”
With that, Nemesis and Preacher begin to walk off as the shot stands still, fading out not too long after they exit the frame.



Before the match begins, Nemesis and American Tommy pace around the ring checking out the flames that surround the very ring that the two men stand in. Nemesis looks like it has very little effect on him, but Tommy isn’t as confident as the man that stands across from him. He studies the flames a bit before turning back towards Nemesis who is already walking towards him and he catches an off guard Tommy with a right hand to the face that sends Tommy into the turnbuckle where Nemesis unloads a barrage of punches towards Tommy as they make their way along the ropes and to another turnbuckle where the pummeling continues until Tommy is eventually able to slip away until Nemesis mows him over with a huge clothesline. Tommy lands on the back of his neck and quickly back crawls towards the bottom of a turnbuckle to catch a breath, forgetting there was fire behind him, but not for long. Almost immediately Tommy could feel the warmth and jumps to his feet and checks his pants to make sure that he wasn’t on fire because of his stupidity. He wasn’t and he lets out a sigh of relief while shooting Nemesis a smile. Nemesis runs to charge at Tommy, but Tommy moves at the last second sending Nemesis into the turnbuckle. Tommy quickly tries to kick Nemesis feet towards the flames, but Nemesis clocks him with a back elbow before Tommy is able to accomplish his goal and then drops him with a spinning DDT.
Nemesis works some ground and pound on Tommy for longer than normal, like he is trying to punch a history lesson into him. Tommy, being one that never liked History, sure as fuck ain’t gonna remember whatever he’s trying to teach him. Nemesis gets off of him and picks Tommy up by his hair just to down him again with a Fisherman’s Suplex which has Tommy grabbing his back in pain as he is being outmuscled by the larger man. While Tommy is trying to recover Nemesis gets behind him and lifts him off the ground hitting him with a Deadlift German Suplex. Nemesis picks a dazed Tommy off the ground and continues his relentless beating by clubbing him in the face, sending Tommy into the ropes and back towards him where Nemesis hits him with a spear that makes everybody in the crowd wince in unison. Nemesis looks down at the fallen Tommy and starts lightly kicking him with his boot while talking a lot of shit. To his surprise, Tommy isn’t backing down and begins smiling and talking shit right back to him. Nemesis delivers a forearm to Tommy’s head to shut him up before taunting the crowd with the fact that he is dismantling their hero before their very own eyes.
Nemesis delivers some boots to the head before locking Tommy in a figure four leg lock. Tommy is riving in pain as Nemesis seems to lock it in deeper and deeper. Twisting and turning, Tommy is able to roll over and reverse the move! Nemesis surprised, but smart, quickly manages to get out of the hold. Nemesis immediately goes for a sleeper on the ground before Tommy can get up further than a knee. Tommy slowly is able to get to his feet and pushes Nemesis towards the ropes and delivers a Yoyo Toss Salad to the running Nemesis. Nemesis, ashamed, runs towards Tommy again, but is hit with another YoYo Toss Salad! Another attempt to charge Tommy is hit with a another YoYo Toss Salad which keeps Nemesis on the ground long enough for Tommy to climb to the top ropes. Tommy jumps onto Nemesis shoulders and then sends Nemesis to the ground with a hurricanrana. Tommy runs to the top ropes again and jumps off again delivering an Octane Stomp to the fallen Nemesis and goes to pin him, but there isn’t any pins in this kind of match folks!
Tommy stands up over the fallen Nemesis and looks around at the ring surrounded in fire. Taking it in? Probably not. More like scared as fuck. Tommy walks over to Nemesis and delivers a few boots to the head while he thinks of a plan of action, because fuck him right? Tommy grabs the top ropes and tries to force Nemesis into the fire with his feet, but Nemesis is able to get away and into the middle of the ring just as his body was starting to get nice and warm. Tommy locks a sleeper hold of his own onto Nemesis and falls to his back locking it in. Nemesis is reaching for anything he can, but there is nothing to grab so he has to rely on brute strength. He is able to get to his feet and delivers a back body drop breaking up the hold. Lifting up the barely there Tommy, Nemesis easily hits him with a 3:30. He then picks Tommy up and lifts him up on his shoulders in a possible attempt to hit the Enoch, but Tommy grabs the ropes before he is able to do and slides down his back. Before Tommy can get free though, Nemesis locks his arm around Tommy’s legs and hits a sidewalk slam. The two of them regain a bit of energy, before making it to their feet, with Tommy using the ropes up. Nemesis charges and Tommy drops the top rope sending Nemesis over it and to the ground below. Real fucking smart, buddy.
Tommy looks down at Nemesis and Nemesis looks down at him. Tommy starts laughing and smiling and taunting Nemesis who is trying to get into the ring, but the flames are making it impossible for him to do so. Tommy is enjoying every minute of it as he is sitting criss cross applesauce in the middle of the ring laughing. Nemesis climbs as far as he can on the steps and as he gets closer the flames get higher. He points and yells at Tommy and Tommy does nothing but sends a barrage of insults his way. What is he supposed to do? Nemesis, frustrated, walks over to one of the referees on the outside and starts bickering with him. Tommy stands up and looks down and realizes he has an opening. He runs into the opposite side of the ring’s ropes and then back towards the two and launches himself at them through the middle ropes, hitting them with a suicide dive.
Tommy gets up and looks at the ring and realizes there ain’t no getting back in there. Nemesis, while Tommy was distracted, is able to get a chair within his grasps. Tommy sees a fire extinguisher just chillin’ by the announcer’s table and grabs it with a smile on his face. As he picks it up and turns around Nemesis clocks him with that chair over the head, sending Tommy towards the flames around the ring. At the last second, Tommy smartly, or just pure luck, pulls the trigger on the fire extinguisher and puts out the flames on the spot that he lands on. Tommy yells in pain and takes his forearm off the fire mechanism before it starts up again revealing a nasty looking burn on his arm, but he never caught fire. Frustrated, Nemesis goes to grab him, but Tommy uses the fire extinguisher on him and it blinds him. Nemesis starts scratching and clawing at his eyes, but Tommy quickly pushes him into the flames and Nemesis’ arm sleeve goes up in flames!

WINNER: American Tommy (14:57)
Medical has rushed to Nemesis, who must not have learned to stop drop and roll in spooky land and puts him out with blankets as American Tommy falls to the ground in relief that this match is over. “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco! Is heard throughout the arena as the referee helps Tommy to his feet, hands him the belt, and raises his arm high in the air. Tommy looks at the burn on his arm and grimaces a bit, before turning back towards the announcer table. He grabs a small box from underneath it and reveals it to be nothing more than supplies for S’Mores. Tommy, proceeds to pull up a chair and cook himself a S’More like he said he would as medical still attends to Nemesis on the ground.

E. CARLSON: ”It’s been two years since one of the crowning moments of my career. Some might call it the biggest victory I’ve ever achieved since choosing this business as my lifeblood.”
Yes, that’s right, this was going to be one of those segments. Not one of those like Jason Cashe used to have where he’d crawl through the vents of an arena in the hopes of sniffing a fart or two without being seen. Odd how someone whose “cawk” was allegedly so heavy that it caused him to walk with a limp could manage to crawl through ductwork without plummeting to a much awaited death. But those were thoughts for another time, and Eli quickly continued on.
E. CARLSON: ”Two years ago that moment, standing at the top of the Warzone with a contract in my hand, was about establishing myself as a force to be reckoned with in this company. Tonight is similar, yet different. It’s not about establishing myself, but rather re-asserting my authority on this roster. It’s about establishing something new, and respectable, rather than continuing with the status quo.”
The camera crew picks up on Eli pushing himself up from the seated position that he had been in, his eyes finding the lens of the camera with ease, as though he’s done it hundreds of times. Which he had.
E. CARLSON: ”As long as Kimitsu Zombie holds onto the North American Championship it will be tainted with the stench of the former Home Depot XTV Extreme Superhardcore Maximum Ultra Violence championship. Instead of something new and fresh, it’s got ties to Sweetiva and Alpha Elite Aidan Carlisle. That championship deserves better, and I intend to deliver on that tonight. I intend to give 4CW a champion of North America that doesn’t hesitate. A champion that doesn’t wait for its challenger to take the lead. As 4CW Champion I was at the forefront of leading this company into the golden era that exists today. As North American champion, I’ll deliver on that once more. I’ll lead the charge instead of clinging tightly to that shiny belt while lurking in the shadows hoping no one pays me any attention. Instead of the North American championship being viewed as something lesser, I’ll raise it to heights untold. Instead of a roster bogged down in forty man 4CW Championship matches once every three months, I’ll provide a fresh alternative. A new challenge. And yet again I will be responsible for taking this company and dragging it by its boot straps to heights never before known.”
Silence falls over the scene for just a moment before Warzone of Horrors participant and wife of the North American championship challenger, Genevie, enters. The look in her eye is one that could melt even the most stout of hearts and it’s clear her resolve is stronger than ever.
G. CARLSON: ”This company that I have shed sweat, blood and tears for over the past three years has found itself anchored down by the likes of Viduus Morta at its helm. Every single person in the Warzone has had their successes and their failures. Every single one of us has had our flaws pointed out. But nobody in this match bleeds 4CW blue like I do. Some have made their names elsewhere, like Artemis. Some have turned themselves into caricatures, like Bryan Laughlin. Some have spent years tripping and falling over the sharp edge they try to lord over, like Dakota and Viduus. Some have walked in the shadow of Bronx Valescence for the entirety of their career. But only one of us, only one, flashes to the forefront of peoples minds when they hear 4-C-W. And that’s me. I’ve done it all. I’ve held tag team championships. I brought respectability to the XTV Championship. This is the moment, the cherry, on top of an indisputable hall of fame career. Tonight, in the Warzone of Horrors, the nightmares of seven other people and fans all around the world come true when I leave with the 4CW Championship around my waist.”
Laughing to himself and nodding his head, Eli smiled.
E. CARLSON: ”The Golden Era of 4CW, lead by The Carlson Dynasty. Could anything be more fitting? In a world where all of you have tried to tear the two of us down, individually and jointly, we still rise to the top. Try your best to stop it. We dare you.”

Arena Mexico City lights go down allowing spotlights to take over. The start of “Nightmare” by Nyxx plays, filling the entire arena with its eerie beginnings, the cameras show the Warzone structure hanging above the ring from upper deck, some crowd members stand after spotting the crane camera and wave their hands, just as interference interrupts the live feed and transitions to the music video. Within a few seconds, the Alexis Mercer logo appears on the screens shimmering. At the one minute and twelve second mark, instantly we are transported back to the Arena Mexico City, where the crane cameras are stationed at the upper deck exit, as Alexis Mercer appears in her ring gear, wearing a straight face and taking a moment to look at the Warzone cage before walking down the steps. Her eyes focused on the two rings passing the audience reaching for her before in no time Alexis reaches the bottom barricade and stops.
Her eyes then survey her surroundings giving it one last glance while tightening her fingerless glove straps than with rather swift, Alexis Mercer hops over the barricade. She starts circling the two rings until stops instructing Powers to hand over the microphone. He extends his hand holding the microphone just as she snatches it away from him and then looks at the mic before wedges it between her belt and her pants. Alexis climbs to the apron and then hops on the ring ropes with her legs crossed, Alexis slides her top half underneath the top rope, and then enters the ring fully walking around the second ring. Alexis reaches down for the microphone.
Her theme song fades away, just for the noise of the crowd to take over. She looks directly above her once more at the Warzone above her now. Alexis takes a moment to soak everything in about what she’s about to take part of in Fright Night soon. It was the devil’s playground. It was Dakota’s territory. Alexis looks at the hard camera with no fear, bringing the mic to her lips.
MERCER: “The Thirty-First of October will go down in history for 4 Corners Wrestling. It would mark the second time the 4CW Title changed hands in this very match. Things find a way of repeating themselves. Just like Felicity Banks when she walked inside this demonic match she never came back out holding the championship. For weeks I have heard seven of my opponents talk about why this night will belong to them. You had Viduus trying to intimidate the only way he knows how by using freaky parlor tricks to make himself seem like he’s supernatural something. Anastasia over here trying to convince herself she deserves to be champion after letting the title slip from her fingers last time. You had Dakota telling people that he doesn’t have a heart anymore. Good, then it won’t hurt when I stop the match grabbing the 4CW Championship while some of you are playing Russian roulette.”
Alexis glances out to the thousands in the audience.

MERCER: “You had Genevie still acting like an arrogant cunt who thinks this match is already won by her and there shouldn’t be a Warzone match as if Perry Wallace should give the championship to her.”
She lowers the mic, as the Arena Mexico City erupt with some boos directed at Mrs. Warzone of Horrors. Alexis acknowledges this response by nodding her head in agreement with them, not surprisingly. She smirks, lifting the microphone back up.
MERCER: “And then you have the nobodies. Those that everyone in this arena, as well as those in the locker room, don’t expect to barely walk away holding the 4CW Championship much less leave standing. While most might be compliant with being where they might be, I’m not and I won’t be satisfied until I’m wearing the top championship in this company. I am determined than almost anyone in this Warzone. I am more driven to remove myself from everyone else and climb to the top. Tonight isn’t about getting candy. It isn’t about dressing up as their favorite superheroes. It isn’t even about celebrating my birth. It’s about me stepping up to the plate and restore what used to be a prestigious title back to the glory it once was before being a joke.”
Cameras get a medium shot of Alexis standing the ring.
MERCER: “What I’m going to do here tonight is without a question going to challenge me. It’s going to push me to the very limit to survive. Honestly, I’ve never been inside a match like the Warzone before in my career. It is indeed a monster itself that can be just as violent as the other seven competing. The barbed-wire might cut chunks of my flesh from my body. The weapons could end up bruising me internally. I didn’t come with a prepared written speech for when I win the 4CW Championship thanking everyone like a fucking emotional sap. Those days are fast asleep. See, everyone in this match has only themselves to blame for what happens next. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you are inside these rings, you become my target and I will take you down. Because Warzone made Dakota step up his game to capture the championship, this time it is going to be me standing tall.”
The chorus of her theme song starts playing as Alexis lets the microphone drop from her hand. It lands with a thud on the wrestling mat while Alexis Mercer exits the ring to return to the crowd, fluffing her hair, she looks at those in attendance before Alexis walks to the back. With each step having a bit of an attitude to her movement. Cameras transition to black.

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez, already in his wrestling gear, with his leather jacket hoodie covering his face, is sitting on top of a stack of equipment boxes, looking down with a thoughtful air about him.
FERNANDEZ: “And so we come to this, mang. Fright Night, the site of the greatest failures I’ve ever suffered in 4CW. Both the wedgie from the Warzone of Horrors in my first ever Pay-Per-View in this company, and then the time I lost the 4CW Title to Bronx Valescence.”
Lifting his head up, he pulls his jacket hood back, his hair fluttering for a brief second, and his eyes made of steel as he stares directly to the camera.
FERNANDEZ: “Here I am in this Pay-Per-View again, having been handpicked by Andre Holmes to be his rival for the vacant Pride Title. And as I look at Andre and think about the things he’s had to say, I should probably be angry. I should perhaps be as furious as he claims to be, or hell, I should be INDIGNANT that he wants to pay me and my attitude as a nice guy act. But I CHOOSE not to do that, mang.”
Very slowly, he shakes his head no.
FERNANDEZ: “I CHOOSE not to do that, because no matter HOW much he keeps repeating himself and putting this self-righteous façade, I KNOW Andre Holmes wants this as badly as I do. I know that just like myself, he’s endured hardships untold in his time in 4CW. Therefore it’s only natural that he’d be hellbent on throwing it all on the line for the Pride Title. It’s also natural that he’d try to vent his frustrations on me. I’m no stranger to that. I too am human, I also know that feeling, very intimately so. I KNOW that, mang.”
FERNANDEZ: “Hell, I’ve known it, and publicly stated it, before you even GRABBED the mic to go out of your way to repeat you’ve ONLY DID WHAT YOU HAD TO DO. I know, Andre, they know. We all know, mang.”
He nods, raising his hands as if to ask for Andre to calm down.
FERNANDEZ: ”What I DON’T know, however, is if you’ve actually THOUGHT this through, mang. You WANT, you DESPERATELY need to paint me as DA BAD GUY, but here you are tearing your own robes, pounding your chest about how I ain’t “forsaking it all” for the sake of one match. You even had the nerve to bring your OWN GOD DAMNED FAMILY into this, mang, playing a pity party about how it’s gonna be MY fault if I win for you letting them down, for making your wife’s husband, and your children’s father a liar.”
FERNANDEZ: “So let me ask you, mang. Let me honestly ask you.”
He takes a deep breath, exhaling somewhat wearily.
FERNANDEZ: ”What’s gonna happen when YOU lose, mang? Are you gonna blame me for coming into this the same way I always have? Are you gonna blame me for having the SAME exact motivation as you did? Or will you be god damned RESPONSIBLE for yourself as I am every single god damned show, mang?”
As he resumes speaking next, he pounds his heart with his fist.
FERNANDEZ: ”I get it, mang, not EVERYONE has the god damned mental strength, or spiritual strength if you believe in that shit, to stay true to oneself no matter WHO stands in front and what opportunities are on the line. Time and FUCKING time again, in every promotion I’ve been and every fellow wrestler I’ve met, friend or foe, keeps telling me to be something else. I have to be HUNGRY like everybody is. I have to be as SAVAGE, or as petty, as the next guy or lady in order to get somewhere – and ALWAYS their words fall into deaf ears.”
FERNANDEZ: “YOU might want to choose to listen, mang, because you’ve already chosen to forsake yourself by joining the Dogs of War.”
He gives a small, wry smile.
FERNANDEZ: ”But Andre, if you REALLY know me personally, you should know that I’M NOT. AN. ACT.”
The smile vanishes, and Mariano’s expression turns to stone again.
FERNANDEZ: ”You and the REST of the god damned world should already know by now that if there’s SOMETHING I don’t do, something I NEVER will, is compromise who or what I am. But after all this time, and having been through the exact shit as you have been, I CAN choose to do something else, mang. In my own unique special god damned way.”
He nods decidedly.
FERNANDEZ: ”For starters, I CHOOSE to remain myself. I CHOOSE to stay on the path that I’ve tread since the first match after Ante Up. I CHOOSE to represent a concept WORTHY of the name of the title we’re fighting against tonight. And as I’ve said at the beginning, I CHOOSE from now on to right every past god damned wrong.”
He slams his hand against his fist, his head tilting cautiously to the side.
FERNANDEZ: ”But before that may happen, I CHOOSE to be the better, Andre. And I choose to be the guy that has to bear the burden of being your biggest fear, at this Fright Night, to night. The fear of your words of disappointment coming true, indelible, etched in your god damned mind from this time forevermore.”
FERNANDEZ: “This I choose to do, Andre.”
Hopping from the equipment box, he directs a final look at the camera.
FERNANDEZ: ”Because THAT’s gonna be my source of pride.”
And with that, having said all that was needed to say, he turns around and walks away, before the camera fades to black.

Cheerful laughter fills the air as Phoenix walks down an abandoned but nicely lit hallway of the less busy side of the arena to get some privacy. Not that Phoenix didn’t want to be around the busyness and excitement in the more active side of the arena and wouldn’t mind being around any Fright Night fiascos but right now? She had went on break from her owner duties and was focusing on her favorite role of being a mother as she spoke to her 8 year old twins on Facetime. The loud, active environment from the video could be heard in the hallway and when a cameraman finally finds her and veers towards the wall to shoot her from the side, Phoenix pays him no mind as her daughters have her full attention.
CHERI: “Mommy, mommy! Can you see us?!”
The social butterfly of the twins asks rather loudly as she giddy holds the phone out so that both her and the shy twin, Celina can both be seen on the screen by Phoenix. Phoenix nods her head happily as she stops in the middle of the hallway to focus on the call. The cameraman disappears around the corner and Phoenix chalks it up to him being on the hunt with possibly finding some of the talent brawling backstage and shrugs before her attention goes back to the Facetime call. The girls have now dumped all of their candy on the living room floor and are showing her what all they’ve gotten from trick or treating.
CHERI: “Can you tell big brudda Tommy that we got him candy too with his trick or treat bag?”
Cheri is heard asking while Phoenix enters the next hallway which looks very different from the hallway she had just turned from with having dim lighting that gives off that eerie look. Phoenix chuckles to herself about how the hallway goes perfectly with the holiday before she hears a loud gasp from the phone and quickly looks back at the screen to see what happened when Cheri bursts out excitedly.
Phoenix raises an eyebrow and looks around to see that the cameraman from the last hallway had actually set up shop with deciding to film in this hallway. Dude must be really have nothing to do for him to be filming the owner having a conversation on the phone with her daughters but I guess, Phoenix thinks to herself with a shrug before ignoring the camera to focus back on her call. She continues walking slowly down the hallway as her daughters scramble around on the screen with showing her the candy from their trick or treat baskets. Everything is going pretty well and even the cameraman is smiling at the mother and daughters moment when suddenly, Phoenix hears a creak and happens to look up before diving out of the way quickly with widened eyes as her phone hits the floor and slides away from her. The cameraman jumps back from being spooked when the large crate slams into the floor seconds after Phoenix had successfully dived out of the way. The cameraman could have continued shooting but he knew that it would look bad on his part and he knew how Phoenix had been on a roll with firing people the last few months so he quickly fumbles with the camera to cut it off so that he could go check on Phoenix before radioing for help.


We get the rematch we’ve all been anticipating, as these two competitors get ready to lock up once more for the North American Championship. Eli gets caught slipping, as Kimitsu takes advantage in the early get going due to Carlson caught up with mocking her and Zombie laying into him with a devastating kicking combination. Kimi manages to get Eli in a headlock as he tries to push her off causing her to tighten her grip. Zombie now feeds a few punches into Eli’s face while he still in the headlock, she then bounces off of the near ropes and comes back with a picture perfect Hurricanrana that she tries to follow up with a quick pin by wrapping Eli’s legs under her arms.

Kimitsu tries to get back in there to follow up by grabbing Eli’s head to bring him up to his feet but he manages to nail her with an athletic flick kick over his own head and into her face as he still lays on the mat. Zombie stumbles back, so Eli gets to his feet and when he moves in she once again tries to catch him off guard with a kicking combination but Eli is prepared and on the defense as he blocks her first three attempts before catching her right leg on the fourth and driving his elbow down on top of her knee and then dragon screwing the leg, all in one swift motion. Eli looks to keep her down, so he follows up with a running senton that awes the crowd with his athleticism on display. Kimi at a disadvantage now, makes her way to the outside, as Eli is quick to follow her. The two meet by the barricade and after exchanging rights and lefts, Eli once again gets the upper hand and sends Zombie hard into the barricade.
With Kimi slumped up against the barricade, Eli rushes in and delivers and stiff knee that crumbles her down to the mat. After a few kicks to Zombie while she’s down, eventually Eli gets her back into the ring and makes his way over to the turnbuckle hoping to keep momentum on his side. As he crouches down, waiting for Kimitsu, she makes her way to her feet and Eli soars off the top turnbuckle with a diving crossbody. Eli stays on top of Kimitsu, hooking the leg for the cover.

Eli manages to stay in control for a few more minutes, digging deep into his arsenal of suplexes by keeping Zombie down and out with multiple variations. With Kimitsu in a bad way, Eli starts to feel himself and begins taking liberties. Eventually it bites him as he leans over her and shouts down at Kimi. He then goes to slap her around a bit and she grabs him by the wrist, bring him down into an armbar. Eli tries to scramble towards the ropes but Kimitsu has it locked in deep as she rears back on it. Carlson makes it to the bottom ropes finally after a minute or two of struggling and agony causing Kimi to break the hold, much to her dismay. Eli starts to get up and Zombie uses the second turnbuckle to springboard off of, nailing Carlson with a massive jumping DDT that now has him stunned. The fans are beginning to rumble a bit as the desperation to win is starting to show from both of these fighters. Eli is still down, so Kimi sees an opportunity to keep it that way by moving in with some quick stomps until eventually her rage takes over and she gets in a mount position beginning to drive right and left forearms as hard as she can into Eli’s face, clearly she’s had enough.
Kimi rolls Eli over onto his stomach, stomps on his back, sits down on it and grabs his chin after putting his arms over her legs to lock him in a Camel Clutch for a few moments. Zombie has applied the hold in kind of a sloppy manner which she takes notice to, realizing she won’t be able to keep Eli in it much longer so she releases it, grabs his head and starts smashing it face first into the mat. Eli’s head bounces off of the mat violently numerous times before she lets go and his head falls like deadweight back down. Zombie reaches down and pulls Eli back to his feet as he looks dazed and confused. She whips him into the turnbuckle and he manages to turn so his back takes the brunt end of the impact. Little does he know that as soon as he was whipped, Kimi began running in behind him and as he turns, she leaps and almost caves in his chest with jumping double knees to the corner. Eli falls down to the mat, ass first and as he sits leaning up against the bottom turnbuckle trying to shake the cobwebs, Kimi grabs onto the top turnbuckle, leaps up, continues holding on and drives both of her boots into Eli’s face on the way down that causes him to fall to his side.
Zombie slides out of the ring, goes to the post, grabs Eli by the legs and lines him up with it, then pulls him into the bottom of the ring post crotch first! The collective groans of all the men in the crowd can be heard as they surely felt that in spirit! Kimitsu isn’t done with the post though, as Eli lies there grabbing his crown jewels, Zombie grabs his legs once more, ties them up, hops up and applies a figure four leglock as she hangs backwards on the outside to apply a crazy amount of pressure while Eli sits up out of pain, grabbing at his legs, looking for some kind of relief. After a few minutes but what seems like forever for Eli, Kimitsu breaks the hold. Eli rolls around the ring clutching his right leg as Kimitsu makes her way back into the ring. Zombie waits, stalking Carlson as he uses the ropes to help him up, hobbling a bit on his leg. Kimi moves in from behind, locks him in a groin claw and suplexes Eli over her heads to complete the Ballsplex! Zombie with the pin!

Kimitsu is frustrated she didn’t get the fall and jumps onto a grounded Eli, beginning to try and choke the life out of him. The referee moves in and tries to give her a five count but she doesn’t break. Instead of disqualifying her, knowing it probably wouldn’t get the best reaction from the fans, the referee gets in there and pulls Kimi off of Eli. Kimi pushes him aside and Eli is starting to sit up as she runs in and keeps him down with a nasty looking front dropkick that snaps his head back down to the canvas in a hard way. Zombie goes back to that weakened right leg, grabs it and looks to flip Eli over into a Half Boston Crab but Eli fights it as hard as he can, knowing that might be the end of him due to the damage done earlier by the figure four leglock around the ring post. Zombie keeps struggling, attempting to roll him over until finally, Eli uses his left leg to kick her in the chest and off of him causing her to step back. Kimitsu tries to move back in but is met with an elbow to the gut as Eli looks to be getting back up.
Carlson is to his feet and Zombie comes in with a right that he manages to block. He grabs her by the wrist and sends Kimi into the ropes, as he bounces off of the opposite ropes. Zombie attempts a lariat that Carlson ducks and then both bounce off of the opposing ropes once more and Kimitsu is nailed with a huge slingblade! The Prince’s Edict! Zombie is down and so is Eli, whichever gets to their feet first will clearly have the advantage and it’s Carlson! The two meet in the middle once more and begin exchanging blows that show just how tired each one of them is as their punches seem to be lacking the mustard they had earlier in this match. Eli throws a left that Kimi sidesteps and then she drops to the mat with another front dropkick, this time to the side of Eli’s damaged right knee, which causes it to buckle.
As Eli tries to get back up, Zombie comes in fast, jumping up and looking for a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors, but as her legs wrap around Eli’s head and she begins to title down, Eli manages to break her headscissors and powerbomb her in one, thunderous motion. Zombie lands with a thud and looks to be hurt. Eli looks down at her and sees his chance. Kimitsu starts to move and gets up onto all fours. Eli hits the ropes and as he comes off, Zombie is to her feet and he cracks her in the jaw with the Red Light Special that twists her around and sees her flat onto the mat, face first. Eli clutches his leg for a moment as he used the damaged one for the move, then he rolls her over and makes the cover.

WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (15:32)

So much is going on as the now broken crate is being tended to by the hired hands of the 4CW backstage workers. Alongside some of the wooden parts were dozens of big rocks that had also been inside of the crate for added impact if the crate would have fallen on Phoenix. Speaking of… Phoenix is currently leaning against the wall while clutching her chest with one hand as she struggles to breathe and her other hand resting on her slightly pudged stomach. Her eyes resemble the ones of a deer caught in the headlights as two medics are trying to speak to her but she is unable to reply because she’s stuck in a trance. Persephone stands right next to her as she has Phoenix pulled into her arms and is comforting her with still not believing that this actually happened. One of the backstage employees walks over to the four and informs them that while he couldn’t locate Perry’s whereabouts, Bryan has been informed of the incident and at the mention of his Co-GM partner, Boston finally steps from around the corner, having been eavesdropping this entire time.
BOSTON: “Wow. Crate fell? Weird. Full moon, tonight? Lots of crazy shit happens when the moon’s full.”
Boston doesn’t seem concerned at the slightest, though, as a hint of condescension is noted in his voice while he displays a wicked smirk. That doesn’t go unnoticed by Persephone as she excuses herself from Phoenix and the medics to step to the center of the hallway towards Boston.
Her hands are tightly gripped into a fist, an attempt to keep her cool. It’s only her second show back into the company, and already she seemed to be in the mix of chaos. Having stumbled upon Phoenix and all the commotion on her way to the catering table, Persephone stood by one of her closest friends in an attempt to comfort and calm her, all while trying to figure out what happened. Her heart had been pounding out of her chest, the thought of what could have been the worst case for this scenario going through her mind.
But with Boston standing right there, with his shit eating smile, she’s pretty sure she has a good idea and all of that apparent fear and adrenaline turns into anger as she addresses him.She stands between him and the medics, keeping him away from Phoenix in the process.
MARQUIS: “And what’s so funny, Boston?”
Boston attempts to walk past Persephone, to ignore her. Probably because he knows she hates it more than anything else. But in the same way he knows how to push her buttons, he knows when her demand for answers will not go unnoticed – especially when she steps up to him directly, stopping him in his place. She looks him in the eyes, a scowl in place and glare growing.
MARQUIS: “Come on, Boston. Tell me, because I fucking love to laugh. What’s so funny?”
Boston arches his eyebrows and casually runs a hand through his hair. His smirk softens just a bit, before he licks his lips and looks toward Phoenix, pointing a finger in her direction as well.
BOSTON: “Nothing. There’s nothing funny about that. I assume that crate almost crushed her? She could have died. Folks need to be more careful around here. Crates fall all the time. The world is an imperfect place.”
His glance finds Persephone once again. She’s fuming. He bites his lip and squints his eyes.
BOSTON: “You are absolutely the worst person on the planet, but god damn, you are so fucking pretty. You be careful too, okay? Jungle around here.”
Persephone could laugh over how casual he is, if she weren’t so angry. She can feel her patience running out, her nails digging into her palm. She eases up and takes a deep breath, pointing a single finger at him.
MARQUIS: “Shut up. Stop with your constant stream of bullshit, Boston.”
This is the first time in a while that her and Boston interacted in person, and she doesn’t remember him being this frustrating. Or, well, no. He was frustrating back then too, but there’s an edge to him now. Of course there is, he’s fucking insane now.
MARQUIS: “I know you had something to do with this, I’m not fucking stupid. You can’t talk your way out of this one, slithering back to the scene of the crime like the sociopath you are. Just admit it and take the consequences on the chin, like a man. Unless you don’t remember what it’s like to be one, then I guess you can move along.”
She’s trying to push his buttons back, trying to start some sort of confrontation more than anything else at this point over her certainty. Him and Phoenix have never seen eye to eye, he’s threatened her on multiple occasions, then this happens and he shows up? Persephone can’t let him walk away without doing something.
BOSTON: “First of all, I had nothing to do with whatever-”
He extends his arm a bit and moves it in a circular motion toward Phoenix and the medics.
BOSTON: “- this is. I think the most plausible explanation is that karma’s catching up with her for being an awful fucking person – and listen – you of all people shouldn’t be accusing anyone of being a sociopath. That’s some pot and kettle shit. We’re all sociopaths in this business, Persephone. Every. Single. One of us.”
He licks his lips and narrows his eyes, his crooked smirk already in its place.
BOSTON: “Then you have the nerve to question my manhood, acting like you didn’t want me when we were stuck up in Canada; acting like I haven’t beaten you every single time we’ve stepped into the ring on opposite sides; acting like you’re not attracted to me right now, shit. Behind all that anger in your eyes, there’s a little bit of lust. It ain’t hard to tell. You know damn well I’m a man, so you also know damn well that I would take credit for an attempt on Phoenix if I was behind it. I’m an open fucking book, Persephone. You know that.”
The Adrenaline General Manager reaches his arm, as well as his index finger, out and grazes the edge of Persephone’s perfect skin.
BOSTON: “It’s a shame that you have to be so god fucking awful all the time. Based on looks alone, we should be together.”
Persephone boils with rage, but before she can speak, Boston covers her mouth, MUCH to her rage-fueled chagrin. Before Marquis can act and try to remove his hand, Boston quickly turns his attention to Phoenix.
BOSTON: “Phoenix, I hope you feel better. You should be more careful. I know it’s not in your nature to be a good person or remotely motherly, but please, try to watch your step so that that life inside of you doesn’t get extinguished. As you’re well aware, it’s quite the most heartbreaking, precious thing to lose.”
Persephone finally pushes Boston’s hand from her mouth. Everything happens quickly from there; the shove to Boston’s shoulder sends him back, even if just a step or so. It’s enough room for Persephone to act, a strong right hook meeting Boston right in the jaw!
It sends him stumbling back, but he doesn’t fall. He stands his ground and eats it up, chuckling to himself and shaking his head, maybe with slight amusement or disbelief. Or maybe both. We’re not going to pretend to know Boston’s mind. He rubs at his jaw and looks into the wild eyes of Persephone.
MARQUIS: “Don’t fucking touch me, and don’t say anything to her. She doesn’t need you piling onto her stress, or rubbing what just happened in her face. This is a warning, stay away from her because I know you had something to do with this.”
Persephone is nearly calm, the punch blowing off some steam. Still, her glare is very much in place as she continues to speak.
MARQUIS: “Her fiance is on a jet, getting here as quickly as he could. I’m taking her away from here as soon as the medics clear her, just so whatever else you have ready to fall doesn’t do so on her.”
She turns to walk away, back to her friend. But she stops, another thought crossing her mind. She walks right back up to Boston, looking at his smirking expression.
MARQUIS: “You know, everyone here is probably a sociopath. Especially the both of us, we know that of each other. But you’ve changed. Whoever you were in Canada is gone, and now you’re just a fucking coward. You’re the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Whatever happened to you, whatever you did to yourself since then, I almost feel sorry. But either way, Boston, with all the dumb stupid shit that comes out of your mouth, you’re right about something. Karma does catch up with people. So, I would watch out if I were you. ”
Persephone turns away then, making her way back to Phoenix. Boston rolls his eyes and clutches his jaw. He leans to his left to get a better peak at a 4CW owner in crisis.
BOSTON: “So ominous, Persephone. Thanks for the advice. I’d say you should take those words to heart as well, but you won’t. It’s not in your nature to be anything but reckless and self destructive. I’m the same way. The difference between us is, though: I’m gonna be just fine. Look what happened to your megalomaniac friend. I’m sure it was just a freak accident, but I hope she realizes that 4CW is not where she belongs. I hope she knows that it could have been much worse. Anyway, I’ve got shit to do. Good luck taking care of all that.”
With that, Boston walks away, leaving an ailing owner and a renewed rival to re-evaluate their lives behind their grimaces and disdainful eyes.

There isn’t any lack of word or expression to describe what Andre must be feeling. Sitting alone in the public locker room moments away from potentially the most meaningful and biggest match of his career in 4CW so far. The sounds of the audience cheering or the noise in the hallway were flooded out as he reflected on everything he’s done to make it to this point in his life. A camera crew rolls in to capture this moment. His large white hands clasped together with his arms resting down on his thighs, cloaked under the hoodie of his leather black jacket. His hazel eyes just staring ahead and his breathing was heavy.
HOLMES: ”It’s time. It never comes into play how heavy the world can get but when that one moment comes into your life, you suddenly feel it. Everything around you slowly dissipates and before you is the dream you had all your life. This moment is the one time I can say whether my work has paid off and have I truly did everything I could to deserve the honor of becoming 4CW Pride Champion. Because this is just more than a match, it’s literally the boiling point of my battle with the world. The battle where everyone has doubted me and told me that I would have never ever made it this far which I even believed for a moment.”
HOLMES: ”For my story is out in the open. Every big match or title opportunity I had in 4CW, I blew it and to the point it would forever leave a disdain on my record. It was truly heartbreaking to just sit there and be called a failure. A father of four children being labelled as the world’s greatest failure and they took the opportunity to make sure every living human being remembered that. So if you ask me what I’m feeling, it’s nothing but the will to take everything they’ve done to me and show them that no matter what they say or do, I’ll still be here fighting to the top!”
Holmes slowly stands up from his seat on the wooden bench and looks right into the camera lens with his hazel eyes being narrowed. The audience has never seen Holmes this fired up but when the 4CW Pride Championships is on the line, he’s ready to sacrifice it all for the sake of becoming champion in 4CW.
HOLMES: ”There’s no point in me wasting my breath when I did it already. I have absolute respect for Mariano as a competitor and a person but I don’t see him as those things. No, I see him as someone who wants to get in my way and send me back to square one which is why I cannot allow such travesty to happen as it did multiple times in the past. I have to remind myself that through this very night, there’s only one man that matters and it’s me. I have to be ready for the biggest battle of my career which is yet to come but I can promise everyone that I will not walk out empty handed.”
HOLMES: ”I’m leaving tonight with a prize that I can say will be mine forever. The 4CW Pride Championship is my ticket to a higher calling in this company. I need this. I want this. I can’t allow this to slip away again and I will prove to you all just exactly why they call me relentless.”
His right hand shoved the camera out of his way and the last scene before the 4CW Pride Championship is Andre Holmes storming out to prepare for his match.


The headliner of the night has finally come and it was going to be an amazing match. Two men who knew each other very well both inside and outside the ring where the top two contenders for the vacant Pride Championship! Andre Holmes and Mariano Fernandez were both staying in their respective corners while they were being introduced; Each one ready to give it their all in this match which could make their careers go higher than before. Equal on paper but tonight, everything could be decided.
JOHNSON: ”This is it! We’ve reached our headline match for the evening of Fright Night! Mariano Fernandez and Andre Holmes will both face each other to crown a brand new 4CW Pride Champion! What makes this match special is it will be who has the bigger will and the stronger spirit to give it everything they have as these two men have clawed their way back up to this opportunity!”
VASSA: ”Oh enough of the ‘honorable’ bullshit Johnson! People don’t pay to see friends fight, they pay to see blood, sweat and fucking violence! Controversy is what pay the bills and neither of these men are controversial except when they’re busy saying dumb shit on Twitter.”
JOHNSON: ”Well Vassa, I didn’t know you were so passionate about their social media.”
VASSA: ”Fuck no! I’m not! I’m just saying it-, whatever.”
JOHNSON: ”No more time to be wasted. The introductions are finished and the people of the Arena Mexico are ready. The 4CW Pride Championship will have a new champion tonight and it’s decided now as the match is underway!”

Mariano and Andre stay in their corners warming up for the mere moment and neither men breaks eye contact. Holmes immediately gets into his southpaw stance showcasing his mixed martial arts background and Manny just patiently waits; Finally, the two leave their corners and circle the ring. Andre is utilizing that boxing footwork while his opponent side steps to keep the distance equal until the two meet in the center applying for a simple collar and elbow tie up. It ends with a stalemate, neither men moves back and forth so they break off and create more equal distance still keeping the eye contact.
VASSA: ”Could the fans get any worse with their chants?! Their accents are terrible, no wonder Trump is building a damn wall!”
The audience is loving every bit of their stare down and neither competitor is showing any signs of weakness. The two, once again, retreat into a pace around before executing the same lockup sequence again. Mariano applies the Side Headlock putting pressure down on his opponent’s head and Holmes backs up into the ropes using the rebound to try and push him off but Fernandez kneels onto his right knee keeping the hold more tighter. Andre instead slips behind him with the right arm for the Hammerlock submission and Manny slaps his shoulders a few times. He then falls down to his right knee again landing a beautiful Snapmare Takedown then tries for a Roundhouse Kick into the spine until Holmes leans his body back letting the kick miss and kips up on his feet next to Mariano.
JOHNSON: ”That was too close to call! Mariano wanted to throw a kick into Andre’s spine but he ducked and kipped up too?! He’s trying to get inside his head to prove he’s one step ahead of his opponent.”
VASSA: ”Oh so he’s more of a showoff than Manny is. Great, I’l add it to the list of things I hate!”
Fans at ringside are leaning forward to this sequential showmanship between these two. Andre asks Manny for a test of strength feeling confident and he agrees. It takes a moment for them to lock hands with each other but they do and try to impose their will upon another. Andre placed his right leg behind Manny’s ankle before pushing him down to the mat bending him backwards in a bridge for his shoulders to be pinned down.

He lifts his right arm up preventing the pin attempt but Andre shoves right arm down again reinstating the pin.

Manny lifts his left shoulder off the mat preventing the pin attempt yet again. Andre’s face makes an annoyed expression so he hops his body on top of his opponent’s trying to push him down for the pin but Fernandez instead puts his feet to kick him off. Their hands are still interlocked which makes Manny kip up from off the mat to his knees to Monkey Flip him over forcing Andre away from him. The moment Holmes stands up and turns around, Manny yells “FUS DO RAH!!!” catching him off guard and the entire audience falls to the canvas on his ass looking at him with a frustrated look.
VASSA: ”Hahahahaha! And that’s how you embarrass him! Ten points goes to Manny’s thu’um!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re already seeing the test of intelligence and psychological awareness. They’re trying to get in each other’s heads but neither man will give up that instantly.”
While Andre is still on his knee, Manny looks to the audience and then back to him throwing his arms up while the entire arena screams “Problem?”. Holmes gets back up and walks over to slap him in the face causing the audience to groan in awe then tells him to do the same again. This results in Mariano returning the slap that makes Andre step back a bit and the two go forehead to forehead mouthing off to each other. Out of nowhere, they suddenly start trading blows back and forth. Holmes firing Elbow Shots and Manny firing Forearm Blows into each other’s skull with neither man giving up!
VASSA: ”Andre Holmes is an asshole, he can’t take a fucking joke!”
JOHNSON: ”Mariano Fernandez and Andre Holmes are trading shots with each other! The pace of this match being more faster than before!”
Due to Mariano getting the better of Holmes all the way to the ropes, he leans him against it then tosses him towards the opposing one. Upon the return, Holmes Shoulder Barges him down onto his back then runs off to the ropes at his side; Coming back, Fernandez turns over onto his chest letting Holmes hop over. He returns into Manny who leapfrogs over his body and upon the final return, a strong Dropkick plants Andre down on the canvas long enough for Manny to help him up then toss him into the corner. Holmes’ back slams against the turnbuckles to the point he’s unable to move and income Mariano chasing towards him for the Corner Clothesline which makes him walk out into the center of the ring before being put on his back again from the Snap Suplex!
JOHNSON: ”A Snap Suplex followed from the Corner Clothesline! Mariano Fernandez has taken the match in his favor and his momentum is shifting. Andre Holmes needs to put a stop to it because when Mariano gets going, there’s no stopping him.”
VASSA: ”You wanna’ stop Mariano?! All you need to do is put a Warhammer game and he’ll freeze up like a bitch!”
He doesn’t go for the pin attempt but instead helps him back up to his feet. A couple of Forearm Blows render Holmes useless long enough for Manny to try a Suplex attempt but Andre falls down on his feet behind him. When Manny turns around, a powerful Spinning Back Kick into his ribs forces him to be bent over. A Soccer Kick into the right shoulder blade stands him up than Holmes finished the combination with an Exploder Suplex tossing Fernandez over him with his body landing on the canvas that he rolls out of the ring collapsing down to the ringside mat!
JOHNSON: ”Exploder Suplex that sent Mariano Fernandez all the way to the ringside! Andre’s ability to change the tide in an instant while mixing his style together is truly remarkable and he’s looking to fly as well!”
VASSA: ”I hope he lands on his neck and breaks it so he can die!”
The audience is building momentum by stomping their feet, clapping their hands and screaming at the top of their lungs. Holmes bursts into a run with the added acceleration from the ropes and dives through the middle and bottom rope going for an impromptu Spear into Manny’s chest but Manny manages to hold him in his place and attempt to throw him into the barricade. Unfortunately, Holmes spins around throwing Manny into the barricade but he hops on top of it then leaps back for a Moonsault; Holmes catches him on his right shoulder then drops him face first against the edge of the steel steps for the Snake Eyes!
JOHNSON: ”Oh my God! Manny’s face was almost broken in half from the landing! Holmes is using everything around him to his advantage and won’t spare any energy!”
VASSA: ”Damn, that made me cringe!”
He rolls in Fernandez by the count of six but keeps his head exposed for the Axe Kick striking down the back of his head. The impact makes Mariano roll in to the center of the ring and Andre climbs up to get back inside before taking him down with a Shining Wizard straight into the face. He goes on top of him and hooks the leg for the pin attempt!

No! He kicks out and Andre gets back on his feet to continue the offense. He slowly helps Manny up again then throws him into the corner allowing his back to eat the turnbuckles. Wasting no time, Andre charges into Manny delivering his own Corner Clothesline allowing him to sit down until he runs to the turnbuckles behind him, rebounds and charges into his opponent. Out of nowhere, Fernandez pops up and kicks Holmes away back into the center of the ring and as he recollects himself, he flips over from the Running Hurricanrana from Fernandez planting him down on his ass again!
VASSA: ”Thank you Manny! I’m sick and tired of seeing that stupid ass combo!”
JOHNSON: ”Andre attempted his trademarked, “Trapped in the Corner, combination but Mariano knows him all too well. The Running Hurricanrana was the perfect way to counter it and he’s not done!”
Mexico watches intently as Andre gets up to his feet from the momentum of the roll. He turns around into an Enzuigiri Kick clapping Holmes in the temple which makes him stagger back and forth. Manny then comes behind him for the Back Suplex planting him down on his back again but as he gets back up, he runs to the ropes and rebounds to leap on the middle rope and complete the Lionsault slamming his body weight on top of his ribs before secure the pin attempt!
JOHNSON: ”Lionsault! Lionsault! Here’s the pin attempt!”

Holmes kicks right out of the pin attempt again. Mariano decides to try something and new and that’s take the legs of Andre before applying the Boston Crab in the center. With the added weight on his back, Andre starts screaming and telling the referee not to call it. He’s holding onto his head and starts dragging their weight down to the ropes trying to grab onto it which he does eventually causing a rope break. Andre keeps himself steady on the apron before having to meet Mariano who is before him dragging him back up to his feet. Manny tries for a Suplex but Holmes stops himself and catches him with a Gamengiri Kick to the temple. The worse happens when he shocks the fans at ringside with a Piledriver on the apron!
VASSA: ”Holy fucking balls! Andre Holmes with a Piledriver on the apron edge! He could have broken his fucking neck right there!”
JOHNSON: ”The level changes in this match is incredible ladies and gentlemen! Neither man wants to give up and they can taste the belt. The 4CW Pride Championships is on the line and they are not giving up!”
Andre rolls him back into the ring and then crawls over going for the pin but instead wants payback. He takes Manny by the legs and applies the Sharpshooter in the center of the ring. With the added weight now on Manny’s back, it makes things difficult as he’s trying not to tap out. Manny starts dragging their weight near to the ropes and then Andre transitions from the Sharpshooter straight into the Muta Lock making it even harder for his opponent to move yet Manny’s undying spirit still makes him go to the ropes. Just in the nick of time, he grabs the bottom rope and forces the rope break causing Andre to let go.
JOHNSON: ”The Sharpshooter transitioned into the Muta Lock has gotten put a massive pain on Mariano’s spine right now. I’ve never seen him in such extraordinary pain than from his I Quit Match!”
VASSA: ”And Andre’s loving every minute of it because he’s a sadistic fuck!”
While Manny crawls into the center, the moment he stands on his knees, Andre starts delivering back-to-back Roundhouse Kicks into the chest. Each kick makes the crowd chant ‘SI’ until from the last kick, he steps back going for the Tornado Kick but Mariano ducks under it and catches him with a Jumping Swing DDT spiking him right on top of his head! Holmes rolls forward and gets up only to be taken down multiple times from Manny hitting Running Clotheslines for each time he stands up. He backs Holmes all the way to the ropes and then makes him fly to the opposing ones and upon the rebound, a Rolling Koppu Kick knocks Holmes through the ropes all the way to ringside!
VASSA: ”Who the fuck snuck steriods into Manny’s drink?!”
JOHNSON: ”Better question is, can Andre even retaliate from this fast paced action from Manny’s offense?!”
Of course not. Andre turns around and an Asai Moonsault from Manny drops his entire body weight upon Holmes who collapses down to ringside. He doesn’t hesitate to get him back in the ring and Holmes rests up in the corner trying to buy him some time but when he stands up, he sees Mariano charging for the signature “THE GADFLY” Step-Up Enziguiri Kick clapping him in the chain that makes the fans at ringside explode. Holmes simply walks out of the corner almost falling to his knees until he gets hugged from behind for the Snap German Suplex planting him on the back of his neck with Manny’s body bridging up for the pin attempt!
JOHNSON: ”Mariano has hit The GADFLY signature on Andre Holmes! We may have a new champion already!”

No! Holmes kicks out of the pin attempt and Mariano rolls under the bottom rope to stand on the apron. He slowly waits for Andre who can barely stand at this point before attempting a Springboard lift but Holmes quickly runs over, pushes his ankles to catch him right onto his shoulders. He runs into the center for the Samoan Drop slamming Manny’s back down on the canvas but quickly stands up for the Standing Shooting Star Press crushing his weight on top of his opponent for the trademark Shooting Star Samoan move out of nowhere!
VASSA: ”God dammit! I hate that trademark move even more! It’s so fucking unnecessary and extremely dangerous!”
Holmes gets up on his feet again and grabs Mariano by a handful of hair before helping him back up to his feet. Two Elbow Shots followed by a Spinning Back Kick into the ribs forces him to be bent over again. An Axe Kick to the back of his head leaves him standing upright until the Tornado Kick into the skull makes him fall all the way onto his knees against the ropes long enough for him to run to the ropes behind him, rebound and then deliver a running Bicycle Knee Strike into the head of Manny making him fall down onto the mat!
JOHNSON: ”Andre Holmes’ mixed martial arts background was always utilized especially in his striking! That combination ending with the Bicycle Knee Strike has Mariano in the corner where you never want to be in this type of situation!”
And as rightfully so, Andre is in the opposing corner away from Mariano looking to put this all to an end. He charges across the ring the moment he sees him standing up and a beautiful Yakuza Kick nearly tears half of his face off. Watching him crumble down onto his back gave Andre the power to climb up all the way to the top rope then shoot his body backwards in the air for the diving Phoenix Splash landing down on top of him before he hooked the leg up!
VASSA: ”Deadline Trap! Deadline Trap! No, anyone but him!”

No! Manny kicks out and Andre sits up on the canvas pleading with the referee to call it. He rolls under the bottom rope and takes his time to climb up all the way to the top rope going for another high risk move until Manny gets up on his feet, runs to the corner and leaps up on the middle rope. He tries to set up for a Superplex but Andre Headbutts him forcing him to fall down on his feet. A sudden Pele Kick by Manny clasps his foot down on the head making his opponent stay seated on the top rope which gives him enough time to do something out of pure desperation. Both men standing on the top turnbuckle and the entire arena explodes when the Superplex from the top turnbuckle all the way down to the ringside mat is done!
JOHNSON: ”Mariano Fernandez just took out Andre Holmes with a Superplex from the top rope all the way down to the ringside mat! Their bodies must be broken and it’s completely going insane how they could even continue!”
The referee starts the count and neither man moves until the count of five. Both men crawl to the apron and struggle to even stand right up until they make it nine before the referee could even make the ten. The Arena Mexico is enjoying this match and they see how much they are putting into it all. Both men stand up again and turn around trying their best to get one up on the other until Andre clobbers him with a Rolling Elbow turning Mariano around again that he attempts the Pele Kick but Holmes catches him on his shoulders. Manny knows what this is for he gets behind him and the Reverse Frankensteiner immediately slams him down on the back of his head!
The Reverse Frankensteiner has done it but Holmes marches on his feet yelling at the top of his lungs. He grabs Mariano from behind with both arms for the Half and Half Suplex slamming him down on his neck. Now Mariano is also up trying to channel his inner fury and go for the Dovahkiin Driver but Holmes vertically lifts him up for the Sheerdrop Brainbuster spiking him down on the head. It’s come to a point where Mariano Fernandez is down on his back without moving and Holmes rolls all the way to the corner standing up in it where he begins stomping his foot down!
Slowly watching Mariano, his stomps get faster and faster. When Mariano stands up on his feet barely, Andre slaps his hands on the canvas and emits that primal scream. He sidesteps for the Thrust Kick but Mariano ducks under it, gets on his feet, runs to the ropes, rebounds and the Running Basement Dropkick blows Andre’s right leg out of proportion as he flips over it from the impact being turned inside out!
Andre’s currently rolling along the canvas clutching on his right leg. This is different, he seems to be in a lot of pain to the point the referee almost waves his arms but Andre grabs onto him letting him know he isn’t out of it yet. Mariano rolls under the bottom rope and stands on the apron before holding onto the top rope with both hands and points down at Andre.
He cups his hands before his mouth and screams out “FOR THE EMPEROR!”. Andre limps on his right leg barely standing and Mariano leaps onto the top rope for the Springboard Forearm until being caught across Holmes’ shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry until the Death Valley Driver onto his right knee nearly destroys his neck forcing him to remain seated on the canvas.
And with Manny in the perfect position, he fights through the pain barely enough to land the finishing Thrust Kick to the back of his head putting him down with Andre falling on his chest for the pin.

“Relentless” by New Years Day immediately plays from the surround systems of the Arena Mexico but doesn’t come close to the massive array of cheers. Andre Holmes slowly leans up from his chest and stands on his knees looking completely astounded but in cheerful joy as the referee hands him the 4CW Pride Championship before he stands up, still limping, to have his arm raised along with the 4CW Pride Championship belt in his grasp.
Andre leans against the ropes clutching the belt in his arms and buries his face into the plate. He limps around carrying the belt in his right hand just raising it and being grateful for the fans.
JOHNSON: ”His journey to this moment was full of ups and downs and many thought this day was nothing but an imagination. Andre Holmes can truly say that he is a 4CW Pride Champion after coming up so short on so many occasions but this night is his. A great showing by Mariano Fernandez who has nothing to be ashamed of. He gave it all and helped make this moment even mattered more!”
While Andre continues to celebrate, he watched Mariano on his right knee look a little disappointed. The music fades when Andre has the belt over his shoulder and both men stand before each other face to face with Holmes putting his hand out for a handshake. Manny takes the hand and shakes it before Andre raises his arm in the center of the ring leaving the audience to chant his name and applaud him for his efforts. It ends with Manny leaving Andre to celebrate as Holmes raises the belt above his head officially becoming the new 4CW Pride Champion!
WINNER: Andre Holmes via Pinfall (16:06)

Cut to the backstage area, where we see a very familiar face. One that doesn’t look as stressed out, calmer than we’ve seen him over the last few shows. Bryan Williams stands there, dressed very casually tonight. Bryan isn’t here in an administrative role any longer, Bryan is here as a fan.
He stands there, in front of the camera, as he rubs the inside of his right hand. Looking down at the ground, it’s almost as if he’s looking for the right words to start with. His eyes cast a gaze at the ground, fixed there as the words finally spill out of his mouth.
WILLIAMS: ”90 Days.”
Bryan finally looks up, his cold gaze meeting with the camera lens.
WILLIAMS: ”Time is a funny thing, just almost three months ago I told everyone I needed a break. My body had taken on some damage, and I needed to stop before doing anything worse to myself. You look at me over the years, and the little things start to add up. A concussion here or there, a shoulder injury, you start adding that all together and eventually it gets to be too much. I had to step away while I could.”
The topic certainly seems tough on Bryan, an uneasy subject to speak about. His career in limbo over the course of the year, 2018 hasn’t been exactly up to Bryan’s standards.
WILLIAMS: ”I wasn’t gone from everyone’s eye, though. I made sure to stick around, I couldn’t just be forgotten like that.”
Bryan takes a pause, before moving on.
WILLIAMS: ”You see it was just a year ago that I was at Fright Night, ready to help Team Adrenaline beat Octane and become the top brand in this company. I did my job, and I helped Team Adrenaline become victorious on that night. Everytime I’ve stepped into a 4CW ring I’ve done my job, I’ve done what’s required of me. That’s just how it has been since coming to 4CW, unfortunately I can’t say the same about another GM around here.”
WILLIAMS: ”Perry Wallace hired me to bring balance back to Adrenaline. He brought in a destructive force, one that was ready to take down everyone else along with himself. Week after week it was something new, something else to talk about because of his actions. Boston was given a job to do, but the power that came along with it easily manipulated his already corrupted mind. Boston did not do his job, and he failed all of you. He used his power to feed his own twisted ego, Adrenaline has become a playground for him now. It’s a shame, because I hate to see something like this brand go to waste. After all, I was one of the guys who stood up for it. I fought for it, only now I get to see what all my hard work went into. If you would have told me last year that this is the result of what I achieved, with Team Adrenaline …I would have stayed out of that fight.”
Bryan sighs, for a moment he looks defeated.
WILLIAMS: ”I couldn’t have known, though. I mean, none of us could have really seen this coming. Bronx is gone, taking a well deserved break from all of this. Ana is fighting her way back to the top. Jair is introducing some fresh talent into this company the only way he knows how to. People that have been synonymous with this company aren’t the protectors that we need right now. And sure, maybe that’s unfair to them. It’s not their job to do that. You see these bastions of hope just scattered around this company, and you begin to lose faith. Maybe we’ll see somebody rise up, soon enough. God knows I tried to step up.”
Bryan pauses, again.
WILLIAMS: ”I asked you all to wait this out, I told you all to think positive and stick with me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep him away. I couldn’t protect you, and for that I am sorry. Boston got a slap on the wrist, and now will continue to do what he does best. Even if that means continued destruction of this brand. Even if that means terrorizing the staff, the talent, and the management that put this all together. Setting traps backstage like it’s a fucking Looney Tunes cartoon. These are the things we all have to deal with now. This is the reality that I have brought myself back into.”
WILLIAMS: ”So, whatever. I’m not General Manager anymore, Boston’s got sole control again. I’ve given up my power, because it could only do so much. I could only do so much sitting behind a desk, annoying Boston day after day. Sure, I could put a wrench in his plans, maybe mess up a few things here or there. Eventually, though, he would have found a way to freeze me out. He would have figured out a way to keep me out of his way, or just outright fired me. Then what? What good could I have done with my ass at home? Especially now with Persephone back under contract? There’s no way I was going to be sitting around, letting him get away with this shit. I can already feel it now, he knows that she’s come back. He’s just waiting for his chance to slither his way in, and be the fucking creep that we all know he is.”
Bryan shakes his head, in annoyance.
WILLIAMS: ”So, I’m back. I’m not sitting behind the scenes anymore, I’m going to be the knife in his side from now on. In that ring, I’m going to be the pain he never saw coming. The idea that keeps him awake at night, unable to get comfortable for sleep. That’s what I’ll represent. I thought about having this big announcement, this big thing about returning to the ring.”
Bryan pauses.
WILLIAMS: ”Fuck that. With that snake in the grass, I could see that rainy day coming a mile away. I wasn’t going to let Boston ruin this for me. So, great Boston, you’re back? Fuck you, so am I.”
Bryan sneers into the camera, as he continues to speak.
WILLIAMS: ”You coming back to continue what you’ve started? Fuck you, so am I. You little shit, I’m here to ruin your fucking day. Every single day of the week.”
His sneer soon fades away, a smirk following close behind as he speaks.
WILLIAMS: ”They say, when you know you know. When you know somebody’s a scumbag, you know and everyone else knows. I knew I was on borrowed time, with his absence. Lucky for me, my body had healed. Enough to get back into the ring. Enough to start training again. Enough to clear me, and put me exactly where I needed to be. So, now, I get to sit back and watch. Look on, as Boston does his best to not be bothered. I get to watch him squirm, as he feels the noose tightening around his neck. The pressure is on now, Boston. No more excuses. You don’t have a fucking ally back there, and your days are numbered. One way or another, I’m going to get you into that ring. I’m going to watch the color drain from your face, as you realize that there’s no other option. I’m going to beat the life out of you, and watch as you lay there in a puddle of your own disappointment.”
Bryan stands there, looking ready to deliver on his words. He looks right into the camera, as he begins to finish up.
WILLIAMS: ”I’m watching closely tonight, I’m seeing all of the outcomes and I’m waiting for the fallout. I’m going to stand around, watching in the stands to see what happens. I’ll be waiting for my opportunity, Boston. For you, and for anybody else on this roster. Whatever needs to be done to be a pain, I’ll be that pain. Whatever needs to be done to hurt you, I’ll become that hurt. Systematically, doing whatever I can until I get to you. Eventually, time will run out for you. Wallace will have no choice, and that opportunity will be presented to me in that ring.”
A short pause.
WILLIAMS: ”Who knows, maybe I’ll have my opportunity soon enough…”
With that Bryan finishes up, looking away from the camera as we cut back to the ringside area.

The main event draws near after a night jam packed with surprises and debauchery, such as a 4CW event entails. The camera cuts to the backstage area, a locker room to be exact. This one filled with only one man, Dakota Smith. He is dressed for war, his ring attire already on – his face heavy with soot and who knows what else. In his hand he holds a doll, the way his eyes go over it you could tell that he was keenly focused on it. A soft smirk peeking out from behind his thick, and unruly beard. He taps the doll against his open palm as he slyly looks up into the camera. For a brief second you could swear you see a sliver of nervousness, but that quickly washes away as Dakota begins to clench his teeth together. He raises his head, as the veins his neck begin to pop. A low growl can be heard emanating from the butcher as he lashes out at the camera with a monsterous bark. Then he chuckles, an even more arrogant smirk slithering across his lips.
SMITH: ”It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is that christmas? Either way it doesn’t really matter… This is my most wonderful time of the year. Because you see before the Bryan Laughlin’s, the Viduus Mortas and his little speaker… Whose flesh I can still taste of the tip of my tongue, if I try really hard! But before them, I was the resident monster around here, I was the one who all of these little maggots feared. And in time, I somehow was pushed out, by bigger, more extravagant acts! Bryan Laughlin joins a cult, but yet no one mourned for the Smith Family when I put them in their final resting place. Viduus shows you all something spooky, and we all just forget that it was I who shredded the face of a man, who was just in the wrong place at the same time.“
Dakota hooks the doll through on his belt loops and opens his palms wide, looking down at them.
SMITH: ”But I guess these hands have grown older, and maybe I’m just not the same man I was years ago. I have lost my flair for theatrics.”
He closes his his hands, balling them up into fists as he looks back up into the camera.
SMITH: ”But my lust for violence, my craving for punishment… It has only gotten stronger! Because you see I’ve always been a gambler, a greedy, greedy man. And for the longest time I never had anything to lose. But with Tara, with Peyton, with Omerta… With the 4CW championship always finding its way of slipping from my grip… I have everything to lose, my legacy! EVERYTHING!”
Another chuckle this time with a bit more guilt behind as Dakota lets his hands fall to his side. He takes a few steps back and runs his tongue along his bottom lip.
SMITH: ”It’s horrifying, yet its also fucking electrifying! To feel that thump within my chest once again, to feel the cold sweat of fear run down my spine as everything I have worked for is mere moments from being stolen from me.. At any given time.”
Running his hand through his beard, Dakota glares into the camera – you can see his pupils begin to expand as he continues speaking.
SMITH: ”And I wouldn’t change a fucking thing! This new found lease on life, a reason to live, a reason to fight! Oh it’s fucking beautiful – being able to put my passion for dismemberment to good use. To know that I hold lives in my hands, and they depend on me to get the job done. The highs and the lows… I would never go back! Because this is who I am meant to be. Your Neighbor, with bodies buried under the floor! Your colleague, who has a basement full of DNA evidence… The monster that walks around in broad daylight…I am the man that you fear, and you are all about to witness my fucking masterpiece. The warzone of Horrors, the 4CW championship. It’s showtime folks.”
Dakota pulls the doll from his belt loop giving it one last look over, before tossing it to the ground. He rolls his head around his shoulders as loud snapping and popping can be heard, he begins to hop back and fourth from foot to foot, getting hyped up. You see him strike himself in the face and let out a primal roar as the camera slowly fades back to ringside.



JOHNSON: ”Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to our… main event, the Warzone of Horrors!”
VASSA: ”They’ve rolled the second ring into position and just looking at it gives me chills.”
JOHNSON: ”Why is that? It couldn’t be the fact that the ropes are covered in barbed wire, could it?”
VASSA: ”That’s exactly why! This is the kind of stuff that sends people home, never the same as they were before entering this nightmare!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s only a small dose of what lies ahead for us here tonight. Notice anything else?”
VASSA: ”Oh, you mean the huge cage hanging high above the ring?”
JOHNSON: ”Not quite, we haven’t made it that far. Look harder. I know you’ve been too busy drinking yourself stupid to prepare for the gore we’re about to witness.”
VASSA: ”Holy shit what is that?!”
JOHNSON: ”You see it?”
VASSA: ”Is that a tower of tables stacked one on top of the other?”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed it is, placed perfectly to stand beside the cage once it lowers.”
VASSA: ”It’s three high! Are we encouraging folks to throw people over the side to the doom now?!”
JOHNSON: ”You’d think tha–“
JOHNSON: ”Why yes it is and if you look a little harder, you can see the top table is constructed of a glass top.”
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ! A glass table comes into the equation last year and now it’s fair game to add as an object meant to be used and right there for everyone to see it?!”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve seen people fly from the top of the cage time and time again. They’re really going all out this year.”
The lights then dim as a spotlight shines on the cage above the ring.
VASSA: ”Let’s bring out the main attraction!”
The cage slowly begins to lower down to the floor as the arena sits in silence, watching it’s every movement.
JOHNSON: ”Hopefully they didn’t have Redd set up the tables. He can’t even fake a death properly and stay off social media. We don’t need the cage lowering onto the table and messing up this masterpiece.”
VASSA: ”It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they kept that dummy around as a roadie setting up the ring.”
JOHNSON: ”Once the cage lowers, it will then be filled with various weapons on the floor surrounding the ring.”
VASSA: ”I have a question.”
JOHNSON: ”Go ahead, shoot.”
VASSA: ”Where’s the medical team?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m sure they’re on standby. There isn’t much room at ringside with the multiple officials we have on scene to keep up with the Ignition Championship element and having pinfalls take place throughout the matches entirety.”
The cage finally touches the floor as the crowd begins to cheer wildly at the horrific site. The lights then begin to slowly brighten once again as the ringside crew enters with metal trash cans filled with various weaponry to place inside.
VASSA: ”I wonder what’s in those trash cans.”
JOHNSON: ”It could be anyone’s guess really. I’m sure there are the basics and then the things that should never be entered into a wrestling match.”
VASSA: ”This isn’t your normal wrestling match. This is a structure of death where only the best climb to the very top to claim the grandest championship in all of wrestling.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of climbing to the top, there’s the stairway to Heaven.”
Johnson points to the ladder bolted to the top of the structure as the camera zooms in to take a close look.
VASSA: ”After going through the Hell below, one must climb to the Heavens to win this thing once and for all.”
JOHNSON: ”That is correct, but not without being tortured with whatever devices have been placed throughout the inside of the cage.”
VASSA: ”Hey, you think Jason Cashe’s career is in one of those trash cans containing the weapons for tonight’s main event?”
JOHNSON: ”Lord I hope not, that’s a dud no one in this match wants to deal with.”
VASSA: ”Oh snap, you got jokes tonight, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”No jokes, only truth. We’ve seen careers rise and fall in 4CW over the years.”
VASSA: ”Amen to that.”
JOHNSON: ”And there we have it! Our Warzone of Horrors is ready for entry!”
VASSA: ”Let’s bring out the unfortunate souls!”
Arena lights go down allowing spotlights to take over. The start of “Nightmare” by Nyxx plays, filling the air with its eerie beginnings, some audience members stand after noticing the crane camera, just as interference interrupts the live feed and transitions to the music video. Within a few seconds, the Alexis Mercer logo appears on the screens shimmering. At the one minute and twelve second mark, instantly we are transported back as Alexis Mercer walks in from the exit doors before going down the stairs heading toward the ring. Her eyes focused as she moved passed multiple hands from the audience.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen. Residing from Salem, New York, weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds, ALEXIS MMEERRCCEERR!!!”
Alexis reaches the barricade and stops. Her eyes survey her surroundings giving it one last glance while tightening her fingerless glove straps then rather swiftly, she hops over the barricade. She starts circling outside the cage before entering and circling the rings, until reaching half-way around and pulls herself up to the apron of the normal roped ring and hops on the middle ring rope, then slides her upper body under the top rope, and enters the ring.
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the cage, ring he turns to put his back against it and stares back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed he then smiles before entering the cage. Sliding into the ring with barbed wire ropes on his stomach, he makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside against the cage by leaning against the barbed wire ropes.
The beginning beat of “Killing You Hoes” by Trina begins to play as the lights dim, only white and pink lights shine move out over the crowd.
Ah ah ah yep yep yep
The baddest bitch is back,
I’m back part 2, part 2
I’m reloaded and I’m killin you hoes

Genevie appears from behind the curtain with a smirk on her face as she looks around the crowd, drinking in the boos as she does her signature stripper dance, twirling around as she shakes her ass. She completes a rotation as she bites her lip and winks at the crowd making her way down the ramp.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at one hundred thirty-six pounds, she is ‘THE BOSTON GENIE’… GENEVIE CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
I don’t care what a bitch think or how a hoe feel
Cause ain’t nann one of you hoes payin my bills
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina buy me a crib
And ain’t nann one of you hoes fina get me a whip
I know I must make a lot of ya’ll hoes sick
And all I can tell you hoes, get used to it bitch!

Genevie carries her head high as she walks down the ramp with confidence, with slow and steady steps. As the song plays she walks around to the side of the cage before entering through the one entrance. Walking straight to the ring with normal ropes, she hops up on the apron. She adjusts her SnapBack as she blows the fans a kiss, listening to the boos get louder. This only makes her smirk grow wider as she climbs through the middle ropes, and standing up in the ring as she runs her hands down her body.
And don’t you cross that line cause I get hot quick
And if you do it’s gonna be me & u up in this bitch
And I’m gonna show you why they call me the baddest bitch

She does one final twirl to show off her ASSETS, rolling her eyes at the jealous fans as she goes over to the ropes and leans against them, checking her nails as the referee comes over and she dismisses him to get away from her because he is a peasant and she is The Princess. He backs off and she just continues to smirk as the music dies down.
Lights within the arena are killed as static fills the sound system and “Alpha and Omega” by King 810 begins to play subsequently.
“Welcome to the truth
God made me in his image
Who the fuck made you?
You want my voice from me?
You can have it, just know
I sound like this because the Devil has my throat.”

From behind the curtain, Cyrus Riddle emerges. With a black bandana wrapped around his face and a Kylla custom hooded leather vest decorated in blood splatter with two switchblades going through his initials designed on the back, he stands firm and examines the crowd with all to be seen on his face being his gaze. He holds up two fingers to the crowd with his arms outstretched before making his walk to the ring.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring. He weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds and hails from New York City by way of London, England. He is the ‘Archetype!’, ‘The Impaler!’… CYRUS RRIIDDDDLLEE!!!”
Cyrus approaches the cage with a confidence in his steps, accompanied only by the subtle hints of methodical approach as if to be zeroed in on a victim.
“Bitch! I am the powers that be!
I am Christ crucified on the T!
I am the alphaaaaa!
And the omegaaaaa!”

After entering the cage, he walks directly to the one covered in barbed wire where Bryan Laughlin stands inside. Cyrus’ ascends the middle outside turnbuckle as the chorus begins to play, pulling the bandana from his face and throwing the hood backward only to mouth the next part in imitation of the lyrics.
“I’m the Messiah, the gnashing of teeth
No one meets death until they see me!
I am the Alphaaaaa! And the Omegaaaaa!”

His trademark smirk followed by a tongue glide along his bottom lip can be seen as he looks around the arena and jumps down to climb between the top and middle ropes carefully not to snag his gear on the barbs. In the middle of the ring, he removes his vest slowly to reveal his heavily tattooed body and physique, not without that always evident bit of arrogance. He locks eyes with Laughlin standing across the same ring, slowly backing into his corner to await the start of the match.
“Word up, son, word, yeah
To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers
For real, niggas who ain’t got no feelings
Check it out now”

The lighting in the building darkens a bit before the opening of “Shook Ones (Part II)” by Mobb Deep starts playing and the crowd begins to boo. As soon as the intro of the song finishes, Anastasia Hayden steps out from the curtains with her mouth guard hanging out. The negative reception doesn’t bother her as she stands at the top of the entrance, surveying the ring and the crowd before she pops the mouth guard back in and starts making her way down to the cage.
”I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers
The Mobb comes equipped for warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got ‘nough shots to share”

POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, hailing from Steele, North Dakota…weighing in at one hundred twenty-eight pounds… she is the ‘GRAND DUCHESS’… ANASTASIA HHAAYYDDEENN!!!”
”Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Every man for they self in this land we be gunnin’
And keep them shook crews runnin’, like they supposed to
They come around, but they never come close to”

The announcement of her name only draws out more boos toward Ana. She brushes them off as she enters the structure. She circles both rings for a short moment before stopping in front of the ring without barbed wire ropes. She leaps up to the apron and climbs through the ropes into the ring. Ana finds a free corner in the ring and walks toward it, perching herself on the top turnbuckle, and popping her mouth guard out again as she waits for the match to begin.
“Blood underneath my nails, I think I’m losing it
Dead hooker to my left, an upside down crucifix
Get my fix from fucking dead hoes and these opiates
Killin’ ’em all, I’ll never fall
I get a rush from stalking bad bitches
Collecting teeth and fingernails to add to my shrine
These voices in my head are telling me you have to die”

“Welcome to Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light throughout the arena. Dakota Smith pushes his way out of the curtain, a look of disgust, and anger on his scarred face. He doesn’t take anytime to stop at the top of the stage instead just marching down the ramp like a man on a mission. His face twitches in an annoyed fashion as he mumbles to himself under his breath. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he comes to a complete halt, standing motionless with his face turned to the ground. Dakota’s breaths start becoming heavy, and erratic – his whole body moving with each and every breath. Then right when he seemingly gets to his breaking point he lets out a blood curdling roar, slamming his fist across his chest and walking closer to the cage. He slams his fist against the cage and distorts his head to the side, looking out over the audience like a psychopath waiting to see who stares him in the eyes.
POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
He enters the cage, slowly walking in front of the one without barbed wire ropes. He stares to the women inside of it, licking his lips as he makes eye contact with each and every one of them. Turning his attention to the ring with barbed wire ropes, he then walks towards it with a sinister grin across his face. Rolling in under the bottom rope Dakota plants his fists into the mat and pushes himself, the deranged almost animalistic snarl still firmly on his face. Dakota stalks back and forth in the ring, peering out into the audience once again until it sickens him. He jerks his face away from the audience and stares down Laughlin for a few moments, a devilish smile forming on his lips. A few soft chuckles slip out of Dakota as he slowly slinks back into his corner, his tongue slipping out of from behind his lips as he takes a seat in said corner, looking to his tag team partner and Omerta brother, Cyrus.
Death tolls in the arena as the lights go down. The sound of rolling thunder and fierce lightning submerges the audience into the atmosphere that surrounds the coming champion. The lights, flashing and waning, represents the storm in the arena. Smoke starts to pollute the stage and it seems that a somber tone could settle down. Yet, the screeching opening guitar riff of Rammestein’s “Sonne” annihilates that entirely. The countdown to the arrival commences.

Artemis marches down to the cage with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand before entering the cage. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on of the ring with barbed wire ropes. On her waist is the Ignition Championship that she proudly carries. She abandons the athletic backflip in lieu of just stepping down to the ring.
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Sie ist der hellste Stern von allen!
Hier kommt die Sonne!

POWERS: ”Making her way down to the ring…weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds… fighting out of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada… she is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 4CW IGNITION CHAMPION… SHE IS ‘THE LAST EMPRESS’, ARTEMIS KKAAIISSEERR!!!”
Artemis steps slowly back into the center of the ring. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe, ignoring her three opponents in the same ring with her at the time. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, hands the championship down to an official on the outside floor, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.
“Cry Little Sister” begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely, the 4CW Championship draped over his shoulder as he looks left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way towards the Warzone of Horrors.
POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring at this time, he is the reigning 4CW Champion… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

Viduus is greeted by an official who asks for the championship before he enters the cage. At first Viduus is hesitant to just hand it away. He holds it in both hands and looks down to it for a few moments before his head slowly raises and stares the official in the eyes. Handing the championship over, Viduus then enters the cage as the door is closed behind him. Seeing one ring has four and the other three, he sets his eyes on the one without the barbed wire ropes containing Genie, Alexis, and Ana who he defeated for the championship in the first place. Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and flicks his tongue as he crawls to the middle of the ring. Viduus rises, glancing over to the other ring and its entrants. He then slowly turns to each of the opponents in his ring, staring them in the eyes as he slowly raises both of his arms high into the air.
JOHNSON: ”And everyone has made it to the party!”
VASSA: ”Now we just have to wait for the official to climb on up that cage and hang the championship above the ladder. This should be fun.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re hoping for an accident aren’t you?”
VASSA: ”You bet!”
Down the ramp comes a scissor-lift, bringing disappointment to everyone who was hoping for a freak accident before the start of the match. We can’t have all the fun happen before the match, can we? Safety first!
VASSA: ”What the fuck is this shit?!”
JOHNSON: ”It appears to be a scissor-lift.”
VASSA: ”Are these pussies seriously going to use that to ascend to the top of the cage to hang the title?”
JOHNSON: ”It appears so.”
VASSA: ”This is a huge fucking disappointment. Now I can only hope the cage roof breaks while his fat ass walks across it.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s like half your size.”
VASSA: ”Go fuck yourself, Steve. I mean that.”
Once the scissor-lift reaches ringside, the official hands the championship to the person controlling the piece of equipment. It then begins to lift and rise said person until stopping with the floor level with the top of the cage. From there the person walks out onto the top of the cage, climbs the ladder, and hangs the belt in place, securing it tightly to not make things quite so easy for whoever decides to retrieve it later on. Fast forward a little bit and the top of the cage is clear and the scissor-lift has disappeared from sight because we can’t have that thing at ringside to give our competitors the same safe means of travel to the top of the cage.
JOHNSON: ”Everything is in its place. The time has finally arrived, the one match everyone looks forward to the most each year here in 4CW.”
VASSA: ”They have two stacks of tables, one containing a glass table on top. Can these assholes please leave the announcers booth alone this year. I’m tired of people ruining where I place my drink.”
JOHNSON: ”Once the bodies are up there, there’s no telling where they may fall. Just be prepared to get out of the way quickly if need be.”
VASSA: ”Son of a bitch.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh relax! Sit back and enjoy the show, as much as you can stomach it at least.”
VASSA: ”Let the blood fall from the Heavens like rain!”
And with everyone inside of the structure, the door closed, and the 4CW Championship placed high above the cage and ladder on top, it’s showtime! An official on the outside chains the door closed and then locks it up tighter than a Twitter tittybaby hiding behind a padlock.
JOHNSON: ”Oh, so we’re doing this again?”
VASSA: ”The door it sealed just like last year. There’s no getting out of there without cutting the chain.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of that, where are the bolt cutters?”
The duo scan the entire cage for a few moments in silence. Finally jumping to his feet, Vassa points to the cage and shouts.
JOHNSON: ”Where?!”
VASSA: ”Hanging from the top of the cage between where the two rings come together!”
JOHNSON: ”How convenient! Place them right where there’s barbed wire underneath.”
VASSA: ”It’s genius!”
JOHNSON: ”This isn’t going to end well for someone.”
VASSA: ”We can only hope!”
There’s no checking in with each person before the sound of the bell. They entered the cage on their own, they’re ready. If there was a waiver to sign that action alone is them signing it and entering the Warzone of Horrors at the risk of never being the same again. The lead official, Larry Collins, then throws his hand into the air, signaling for the bell as the crowd ignites in unison.

The camera focuses on the ring containing the 4CW Champion. Without any hesitation whatsoever, all three ladies rush Viduus from all sides as he remains in the center of the ring. Genie strikes first, catching Viduus with a blindside punch as he focuses on Alexis in front of him. Viduus immediately swings around to face Genie but is then caught with a kick to the back from Ana before he can strike. Viduus then turns to face Ana. He draws his arm back to take a swing but before he knows it, Alexis grabs his arm from behind, stopping him from attacking. Using all of his strength, Viduus throws his arm forward, dragging Alexis along and throwing her forward into Ana. The two ladies fall down to the mat, Alexis on top of Ana. From behind, Genie throws a forearm into Viduus’ lower back, forcing him to howl as the pain shoots up his spine. She doesn’t stop there, Genie continues laying forearms into Viduus’ back, knocking him a step forward as each one lands until eventually shoving him into the corner. Ana and Alexis rolls around the canvas, striking each other and fighting for control over the other. Grabbing Viduus by the head, Genie goes to slam him face down onto the turnbuckle. Before his face connects, he grabs the top ropes at each side and stops his head from moving down any further. Throwing an elbow back, he plants it into Genie’s stomach. She buckles over from the impact and remains that way long enough for Viduus to face her. Grabbing Genie by the head, Viduus then pulls her in and slams her face first into the turnbuckle!
Viduus works Genie in the corner as the camera focuses on Alexis and Ana still rolling around on the mat. Mounting herself on top of Ana, Alexis begins throwing elbows into Ana’s face. She connects with three and as she goes to throw a fourth, Ana reaches up and rakes Alexis’ eyes. Grabbing Alexis by the hair, Ana rolls her off to the side. The two race to their feet, Ana standing first. She goes to grab Alexis but is met with a shoulder to the stomach as she closes in. Alexis then swings upward and connects with a European uppercut, forcing Ana to look straight up to the lights. Positioning herself beside Ana, Alexis grabs ahold of her for a Russian leg sweep but before she can execute, Ana swings her arm around and slams her elbow into the side of Alexis’ head and knocks her off. Turning to face Alexis, Ana lifts her leg into the air, connecting with a vicious kick to Alexis’ face. Alexis stumbles backwards across the ring before crashing into the corner. Ana then rushes towards her at full speed. Closing in, she connects with an enzigiri!
JOHNSON: ”Ana just rung Alexis’ bell with that enzigiri!”
VASSA: ”She’s going to be seeing stars after that kick to the dome!”
JOHNSON: ”Viduus still has Genie in the corner across the ring. He hasn’t given her a single chance to fight back as he continues his relentless assault on her.”
VASSA: ”That’s just in ring one. Look over to ring two! It’s absolute carnage!”
With their backs to one another in the center of the ring, Dakota and Cyrus hold their ground as they go toe to toe with the person standing across from them. Cyrus and Artemis exchange blows as Dakota and Laughlin go back and forth with lefts and rights. Cyrus swings for Artemis’ head, only to miss as she ducks underneath and fires back with a strike to his stomach. Jumping into the air, she wraps an arm around Cyrus’ head for a DDT as gravity begins to pull her back down. Wrapping both arms around her, Cyrus doesn’t allow her to fall to the mat as he holds her up. Stepping forward, he moves towards the corner nearby, gaining speed with each step he takes. Cyrus slams her back first into the corner, barbed wire from the ropes piercing into her flesh. Placing her feet on the turnbuckle beneath her, Artemis pushes off, forcing Cyrus to step backwards. Swinging her body around with the momentum of her push off, she catches Cyrus off guard and plants him head first to the mat with a tornado DDT!
Laughlin clocks Dakota with a stiff right to the jaw and before Dakota can react, Laughlin drops his shoulder and explodes forward. Driving his shoulder into Dakota’s stomach, he wraps both arms around his waist and begins pushing Dakota backwards. Dakota stays on his feet as he rains down with left and right forearms to Laughlin’s back. Laughlin doesn’t stop though. He continues driving forward until eventually pushing Dakota up against the barbed wire ropes. Jerking Dakota’s body to the left and right, Laughlin uses the barbed wire ropes to his advantage as they tear into Dakota’s skin. Dakota transitions his attack to elbows, slamming them down onto Laughlin’s back as hard as he can. Swinging in from the side, Dakota’s first plows into Laughlin’s kidney, instantly stopping him from dragging Dakota back and forth against the barbed wire. Raising his arm as high as he can, Dakota then swings down with it, hitting Laughlin with an elbow to the back of the neck. Holding onto Laughlin with both hands, Dakota then hits him in the face with back to back knees before pushing him forward and sending him to the mat.
Dakota growls as he looks down to Laughlin and takes a step towards him. Out of nowhere, Artemis flies into the scene, literally, connecting with an elbow thrown at Dakota’s head. Dakota stumbles to his side, but he regains his footing. He whips his head to the side, locking his sights on Artemis. He throws a left punch at her, but misses as she steps to the side and locks onto his arm. Holding his arm, she throws her body into Dakota, knocking him against the barbed wire ropes. With his other hand, Dakota grabs a handful of Artemis’ hair and pulls her head back to make her look up. Leaning his head over hers, Dakota looks her in the eyes before pulling his head back and then slamming it down as hard as he can. he hits her right between the eyes with a headbutt, instantly knocking her to her back as she quickly releases his arm. Before she can get back to her feet, Dakota begins stomping down onto Artemis. Stepping over her body, he reaches down and wraps her by the throat with both hands before lifting her off the mat. Raising her into the air as he extends his arms, he takes a few steps forward before throwing her forward into the air. Artemis’ back hits the barbed wire ropes as she lands on her feet. She tries to react but finds herself stuck in place as her ring gear is snagged on the barbs.
VASSA: ”She’s trapped with nowhere to go.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a bad spot to be in with Dakota coming for you in this type of environment.”
VASSA: ”She can only hope for the best at this point because there’s nothing stopping him from getting his han–“
Dakota reaches for her, but is grabbed from behind from Laughlin. He spins Dakota around and kicks him with a swift boot to the stomach before Dakota even knew what hit him. Grabbing Dakota by the head, Laughlin pops his leg up, hitting Dakota in the face with a knee and standing him straight up. Locking his arms with Dakota’s in a double underhook, Laughlin then begins ramming his head forward over and over, hitting Dakota with multiple headbutts. After connecting with over half a dozen, Laughlin then swings his body around, slinging Dakota to the center of the ring. As Dakota settles his feet, Laughlin charges straight for him. He lunges towards Dakota but finds himself eating canvas as Dakota counters with a drop-toe hold. Before you know it, Artemis and Cyrus rush each other, colliding in a fury of punches right beside Dakota and Laughlin on the mat.
JOHNSON: ”There’s just too much to focus on at once in this cage.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know what you’re talking about. Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, I see the same ho.”
JOHNSON: ”That doesn’t even make sense.”
Alexis lies on her back not far from a corner where Genie stands at the very top. Positioning herself perfectly, Genie takes a few short moments before finally leaping into the air. She extends her legs forward, coming back down to the mat with a leg drop that has Alexis’ name written all over it.

Before Genie can connect, Ana slides in and realigns her jaw with a superkick while in mid air. Genie’s body instantly turns to the side as she crashes shoulder down to the mat. Rolling in the opposite direction, Genie goes underneath the bottom rope and exits down to the floor as she holds herself up with the apron. Ana looks down to Alexis and goes to grab her before getting lifted off her feet as Viduus wraps her up with both arms and slams her to the mat with a German suplex. Ana doesn’t stay down for long as she begins pushing herself up from the mat. Standing first, Viduus grabs her by the head and assists Ana to her feet before pulling her into a knee to her stomach. Picking Ana up, he then drops her across his knee with a backbreaker before letting her roll off his knee and fall to the floor. Walking over to Alexis, Viduus pulls her up from the mat and hits her with back to back right hands to the face. Walking her across the ring, he slings her into the corner and begins kicking her in the stomach over and over. Lifting Alexis into the air, he sets her down on top of the corner. From behind, Genie sneaks up on Viduus with a weapon in hand.

Genie swings a steel chair in hand, hitting Viduus perfectly across the back and dropping him to one knee. Viduus quickly pushes himself back up to his feet before being hit a second time across the back, dropping him down to one knee again. Viduus refuses to remain down, pushing himself back up again. Taking a third swing with the chair, Genie connects with a shot to the side of his head that knocks him into the ropes. Viduus’ body goes up and over, spilling out into the ring with barbed wire ropes. Genie then looks to Alexis and raises the chair into the air. Rushing in, Genie goes to swing but instead ends up taking a chair shot to the face as Alexis kicks it back in her direction with both feet from the top of the corner. Genie falls backwards to the mat and as she lands, the chair slips from her hands and slides across the ring. Alexis then pushes herself up to a standing position on top of the corner. She begins to set herself up for an aerial attack on Genie but something catches her eye above. Looking up, she notices the bolt cutters just at arms length away. Reaching for them, she finally manages to grab ahold of them. Pulling at them as hard as she can, it wakes her a few moments but she finally manages to pull them down from the cord they hang from. Looking to the ring with barbed wire ropes, Artemis isn’t too far away with her back turned towards her. Alexis jumps into that same ring, nailing Artemis in the back with the bolt cutters.

Alexis looks down to Artemis lying on the mat as a smile creeps across her face. Snatching the bolt cutters from her hands, Cyrus brings her back to reality before taking a swing. Jumping back, Alexis dodges the first swing from Cyrus. He then swings once more and again, she dodges the blow. Her back is now at the barbed wire ropes with nowhere to go and Cyrus knows this. He charges in with the bolt cutters held in both hands and lunges forward, aiming to hit her in the head with them. Ducking down, Alexis drives her shoulder into his stomach before lifting him off his feet as she stands straight up. Up and over, Cyrus goes over the top rope before spilling out into the other ring.
Laughlin and Dakota exchange blows in the center of the ring. Sneaking in behind Laughlin, Alexis jumps onto his back and wraps an arm across his throat. Laughlin quickly reaches up with both hands to pull her arm away as she chokes him, leaving his midsection exposed. Like Rocky in the meat locker, Dakota begins laying into Laughlin’s body with heavy blows. With Alexis choking him and Dakota pounding away at his body, Laughlin begins to quickly wear down as his movements get slower and slower. Drawing his right hand back as far as he can, Dakota then throws a punch with all of his strength. His fist drives straight into Laughlin’s face. He’s seeing stars after that punch. They may be a little dim as his vision grows darker and darker from Alexis choking him but they’re there. He begins to stumble backwards, his legs feeling like jello underneath the weight of himself and Alexis. He falls backwards, sandwiching Alexis between himself and the barbed wire ropes. Although the barbs pierce Alexis’ skin, she refuses to release her hold as she chokes Laughlin out. Swiping his feet across the mat like a bull, Dakota stares ahead at the two as Artemis has still yet to get back to her feet. Rushing forward, Dakota lowers his shoulder and explodes, leaping through the air and spearing Laughlin’s exposed midsection. The force of Dakota crashing into the weight of their bodies leaning against the barbed wire ropes causes the ropes to rip away from a corner. The threw spill out to the outside of the ring, Alexis taking most of the blow as she lands underneath both bodies.
JOHNSON: ”They just completely ripped away one set of ropes from the far side of the ring.”
VASSA: ”Dakota came charging in like a freight train and rolled right through them!”
JOHNSON: ”Alexis was crushed with the weight of both their bodies falling down from the apron.”
VASSA: ”As American Tommy’s dad Big Bad Bill Walker would say, she’s been nailed flat!”
Back on her feet, Artemis walks over to the corner where the ropes ripped from. She carefully climbs up to the top of it before standing high above the ring. Lining up her shot, she waits patiently as Dakota is the first to begin pushing himself up from the pile of bodies. Just as he stands, she leaps into the air, flying down and crashing into Dakota as he least expects it with a diving crossbody! Dakota falls backwards onto Laughlin who breaks his fall. Artemis rolls over Dakota and spills out onto the floor on the other side of the bodies. Both Artemis and Dakota race to their feet, Dakota standing first having the advantage of not being down on the floor. Stepping onto Laughlin’s back, Dakota then leaps off and hits Artemis with a double axe-handle as she finally makes it to her feet. He then grabs Artemis by the head and slams her face first into the cage. Keeping her face pressed against the metal, he drags it back and forth with pleasure.
VASSA: ”Dakota seems to be enjoying that!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s Dakota, why wouldn’t he?”
VASSA: ”The Butcher has been dead for a long time!”
As the carnage continues on the outside of the ring, Viduus stands alone in his. Instead of joining the four on the outside, he looks to the other ring instead where Genie and Ana work together beating Cyrus senseless. As Ana stomps on Cyrus, Genie swings down and pulverizes his legs with the bolt cutters. Viduus enters that same ring and slowly stalks behind Ana and Genie who have their backs to him. Grabbing both of their heads, he then slams them together. Genie and Ana both fall to the mat, Genie dropping the bolt cutters as well. Ana is the first back up and she doesn’t hold back. She kicks for his stomach but Viduus catches her foot and pulls her into a clothesline that drops her flat on her back. Attacking him from behind, Genie hits Viduus over the top of his back with rapid clubs. Spinning around in place, Viduus hits her in the mouth with a backhand. Grabbing Genie by the hair, he then pulls her into a knee to her stomach, forcing her to buckle over. Pulling Genie’s head between his legs and wrapping both arms around her waist, Viduus lifts Genie into the air and walks at a fast pace towards the corner before throwing her back first into it with a powerbomb!
Ana slowly begins to push herself up and as she gets to one knee, Viduus charges straight at her and levels her with a running big boot. He then picks up the bolt cutters from the mat and with everyone in his ring down, he looks over at the corner of the cage where the chained door is. Exiting the ring, Viduus walks over to the cage with no one around to stop him. He quickly snaps the chain with the cutters before dropping them to the floor. Kicking the door open, Viduus steps to the outside of the cage and extends his arms out to his side before looking up to the ceiling.
JOHNSON: ”The door’s open! Now Viduus just has to climb the cage and get to the top!”
VASSA: ”That’s a lot easier said than done.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s the only one outside the cage. If he’s going to make a move he needs to do it now while everyone else is either down or preoccupied inside of the Warzone.”
VASSA: ”Too late for that!”
From behind, Laughlin grabs Viduus by the shoulders. Without hesitation, Viduus reacts and throws his arm back, clocking Laughlin in the mouth with an elbow and knocking him back a few steps. Viduus immediately turns around and as Laughlin lunges towards him, Viduus grabs the door to the cage and swings it closed straight into Laughlin’s face! Laughlin falls to his knees, but not without grabbing the bolt cutters as he stands back up. On the other side of the corner, Viduus looks up the cage, scaling his climb. Laughlin kicks the door to the cage open and as he steps forward, Cyrus snatches the bolt cutters from his hand from behind as his arm hangs to his side. Laughlin quickly turns to Cyrus only to get hit in the forehead with the cutter as Cyrus jabs it forward with both hands. From the inside of the ring, Genie rushes onto the scene, crashing into Cyrus with her shoulder and smashing him against the cage. He drops the bolt cutters to the floor from the unexpected attack. Genie then steps through the cage door before being stopped in her tracks as Cyrus grabs a handful of her hair. Genie kicks her foot back, connecting with a low blow to Cyrus. He releases her hair and drops to his knees before leaning over against the door frame. With Cyrus’ head in the perfect position, Genie grabs the door and begins slowly swinging it back and forth, building up the moment to crush Cyrus’s head with the door. She pulls back on the door and then slams it closed!
JOHNSON: ”Oh noo!”

Kicking his leg over Cyrus’ shoulder, Dakota kicks the door before it slams shut on Cyrus’ head. The door swings open, smacking Genie in the face and knocking her backwards into the ringside barricade. Dakota checks on Cyrus for a short moment only to get attacked from behind by Ana. Grabbing Dakota by the shoulder, Ana then locks onto his arm and pulls him away from the door, whipping him straight into a dropkick from Artemis. Coming from the other side of the ring, Alexis rushes in and pushes Ana from behind, sending her face first into the cage. Ana quickly spins around to face Alexis only to get caught off guard as Alexis lights her up with rapid fire knife edge chops.
Meanwhile, Viduus and Laughlin throw down on the ramp, beating each other senseless and slowly making their way up to the entrance stage.
Picking up a cheese grater from the floor, Alexis then smashes it into Ana’s face. Ana falls to one knee and Alexis quickly positions herself beside her. Holding Ana’s head in place with one hand, Alexis then begins grinding the cheese grater against the side of Ana’s head back and forth. Ana’s hair begins to turn red as Alexis laughs hysterically at the sight. Slamming the cheese grater into the side of Ana’s head over and over, Alexis finally puts her down. Tossing it aside, Alexis then finds another weapon at ringside. Picking up sledgehammer, Alexis then charges towards the door and rams it into Cyrus stomach as he gets to his feet. Cyrus falls backwards and spills onto the outside of the cage. As Alexis exits the cage, Genie rips the sledgehammer from her hands and slams the head of it into Alexis stomach. Alexis buckles over from the blow, Holding it with both hands, one at each end of the sledgehammer, Genie then slams it down onto Alexis’ back, snapping the handle in half! Genie then looks up the side of the cage as she steps to it to begin her climb.
JOHNSON: ”Genie’s going to be the first one to even attempt climbing the Warzone here tonight.”
VASSA: ”And she’s going to be the first one denied!”
After making it up the cage a few feet, Genie’s climb comes to a stop as Ana locks onto her hair, pulling her back to the floor. The two ladies then begin to exchange slaps and punches with one another, neither really taking control of the other. Back in the cage, Artemis and Dakota are trying to rip each other apart. Using whatever they can get their hands on, the two use it to inflict pain upon the other. Dakota takes a swing for Artemis’ head but receives an elbow to the stomach instead. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Artemis holds him on her shoulders in a firemans carry. She goes for a Death Valley Driver but Dakota slips out from her hold. Picking up an electric cord from the floor, he then wraps it around her throat and pulls her to the side of the cage. Over and over Dakota rams Artemis’ head into the cage. She finally begins to act stunned, barely giving Dakota any kind of fight at all. He releases the cord, allowing her to drop to the floor. Turning his back to Artemis, Dakota then turns to the cage door and slowly begins to travel towards it.
At the top of the ramp, Viduus lifts Laughlin up and places him on the scissor-lift. He positions Laughlin’s body to where his head hands over the side, sticking out from the safety rails. Taking the controls, Viduus then begins to navigate the piece of equipment down the ramp. It gains speed as it travels down the ramp headed straight for the side of the cage. Just before impact is made, Laughlin pulls his head back inside of the scissor-lift as that same side crashes against the cage.
VASSA: ”Jesus, Viduus was trying to kill him!”
JOHNSON: ”Luckily Laughlin was able to pull his head back inside the machine or he may have lost it here tonight.”
VASSA: ”That’s exactly what we need, a McHeadless McLaughlin!”
Viduus appears disappointed that Laughlin’s head wasn’t crushed but he doesn’t let it stop him. He sneaks in behind Genie and locks her arms behind her back, holding her in place for Ana to fire are will. Although Ana and Viduus aren’t allies, she doesn’t turn down an opportunity to take free shots at Genie. Around the corner from them, Alexis and Cyrus go at it, Alexis maintaining control for the most part. She lifts him off his feet and drops him face first onto the top of the ringside barricade. Pulling Cyrus away from the barricade, she then locks an around his head and hooks a leg before dropping him to the floor with a fisherman neckbreaker!
Meanwhile, Laughlin comes to his senses on the scissor-lift, He exits and drops down to the floor. This is where drinking all of those Bang energy drinks came in handy. Using all of his strength, he began to rock the machine back and forth before finally tipping it over. Giving it one last push, he pushes it down in the direction of Viduus and Ana double teaming Genie. Ana is the first one to spot it as she leaps out of the way. Viduus then follows, throwing Genie out of the way to the ground not even realizing it and escaping just in time himself just before the machine crashed to the floor. Connecting with the door to the cage and slamming it shut. The machine was now laying against the cage, blocking the door from being opened.
JOHNSON: ”Laughlin just tried to completely take Genie, Viduus, and Ana out of the match.”
VASSA: ”It must be the roid rage.”
JOHNSON: ”And now the scissor-lift is blocking the door to the cage.”
VASSA: ”Does it only open one way?”
JOHNSON: ”I’m pretty sure it does.”
VASSA: ”That sucks for Dakota and Artemis who are still inside of the cage.”
A brawl between the six people on the outside of the cage then breaks out. No one really focusing on anyone in particular, just everyone going for the closest person they can attack. Cutting back to the inside of the cage, Artemis has Dakota against the apron of the ring with barbed wire ropes. Throwing lightning fast lefts and rights, she strikes Dakota’s body rapidly. Swinging for his head, his arm gets caught by Dakota who then pulls her in. Lifting her up underneath her arms, Dakota turns to face the ring where he then lifts Artemis even higher and throws her into the barbed wire ropes. Artemis yells from the pain as the barbs pierce her skin. She then drops down to a seated position on the apron, her back dragging down the barbed wire ropes before finally sitting. Looking down the side of the ring, Dakota locks his eyes on a bed of nails at the corner of the ring. Leaving Artemis on the apron tangled up in barbed wire, Dakota goes to the bed of nails and begins dragging it back to where he was with Artemis. Looking to Artemis with a smile on his face, Dakota then pulls her away from the barbed wire ropes, parts of her ring gear being torn as it rips away from the barbs. Lifting her into the air, Dakota then body slams Artemis onto the bed of nails!
VASSA: ”No, not Artemis!”
JOHNSON: ”That just happened, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”But why?! Why do they have to put this shit in this match?!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s the Warzone of Horrors!”
VASSA: ”It’s a fucking snuff film is what it is!”
Artemis doesn’t even roll off the nails, she just lies there unable to move as the pain shoots throughout her entire body. Dakota then walks over to the cage door and begins kicking it, trying his best to open it but failing. With the bolt cutters at his feet, he realizes there’s only one way out and it’s to make his own. Picking them up from the floor, he then begins to but himself an exit, piece my piece dismantling the chain link fencing.
On the outside, Viduus and Genie square off, this time Genie getting payback for the double team earlier. Ana moves in to assist Genie but Genie isn’t having any of it. Spinning in place, Genie connects with a roundhouse kick that sends Ana falling to the ground. Raking Viduus’ eyes, Genie then slams him face down to the floor with a face buster. Around the corner, Alexis connects with a chairshot to Cyrus’ head, knocking him down to one knee. Taking a few steps back, she then charges in, wiping him out with a bicycle kick!
JOHNSON: ”20 Eyes!”
VASSA: ”Closed eyes for Cyrus!”
Alexis immediately covers Cyrus for the pin as an official on the outside of the cage races over with the count.
JOHNSON: ”Here’s the first pinfall attempt of the evening.”
VASSA: ”Everyone else is focused on that belt hanging above the cage!”

Alexis jumps to her feet and begins celebrating even though the match is long from being over. Rushing in, Laughlin drives a knee into Alexis’ stomach. He holds her head for a moment as she lunges over. The camera zooms in to his face just as Laughlin says “I can’t let you have that.” He then lifts her into the air in a firemans carry. Spinning her in mid air, he holds onto her shoulders and pulls her down into a double knee gut buster!
VASSA: ”Not tonight Alexis!”
JOHNSON: ”Good Morning America!”
VASSA: ”You mean good McMorning!”
Shaking his head as if he didn’t even want to do it, Laughlin crawled over Alexis and made the cover.

Wasting no time at all, Laughlin popped back to his feet and headed for the cage. Pinning Alexis and being in the lead with the Ignition Championship didn’t seem to factor in on him one bit. As everyone else in this match, the main prize was the 4CW Championship hanging above the ladder which stood on top of the cage. With genie nearly half way up the cage already, Laughlin then began to climb as well.
JOHNSON: ”That’s two people headed straight to the top.”
VASSA: ”About damn time. Now we can watch the bodies drop from the sky!”
Snip by snip, Dakota cut away at the chain link fence. kicking it a kick, he knocks the cut section out and opened a doorway to the outside of the cage. Exiting the cage, Dakota walked over to Cyrus, shaking him to get his attention and then shouting at him to get up from the floor. Pointing to the cage and the people climbing it, Dakota was able to get Cyrus’ head back into it. Dakota then began to make the climb and not far behind him, Cyrus began to climb as well, although appearing to be struggling from the amount of abuse he’s taken tonight.
VASSA: ”There goes Omerta.”
JOHNSON: ”If they can get to the top with Genie and Bryan, they’ll easily have an advantage over them by being a team. I don’t know if Genie and Laughlin are willing to work together after some of the things said over the recent weeks leading up to tonight.”
VASSA: ”They’re going to have to do something if they want to fight off the 4CW Tag Team Champs.”
Ana is back on her feet. She ignores Viduus still down by her, locking her attention on the four already making their climb to the top, more importantly, Genie leading the climb. Ana limps towards the cage. She glances to Alexis at her right around the corner of the cage slowly beginning to come to her senses. Waving her off, Ana continues for the cage. Stopping in front of it, she looks straight up at Genie who is nearly at the top. Grabbing ahold of the cage, Ana now begins to travel towards the top.
Genie finally makes it to the top, pulling herself up over the ledge and rolling over to her back as she takes only a short moment to catch her breath. It may look like an easy task, but after a match like everyone has been through thus far, making the climb to the top of the cage is the last thing anyone physically wants to do. Genie then pushes herself to her feet, turning towards the ladder and slowly looking up it until the 4CW Championship is her one and only focus. She’s been in this situation twice already and knows everything at stake, and also how precious time is when you’re the only on top of the cage. She presses forward, headed straight for the ladder.
Not far behind her is Laughlin who finally pulls himself to the top of the cage. Unlike Genie, he doesn’t take a single moment to catch his breath and regain his energy. He pushes himself to his feet as if it were another day at the gym. Definitely didn’t have anything at all do to with the empty Bang energy drink can crushed on the floor below. As Genie places her hands on the ladder, Laughlin catches her by surprise, grabbing her by the shoulder and spinning around. Looking into Genie’s eyes, he yells “here’s Bryan” before slamming her against the ladder. Laughlin violently jerks Genie back and forth, slamming her against the ladder. She throws her hands up, clawing away at his face which only causes him to shake her even more violently.
Across the cage, Dakota finally pulls himself up to the top. He’s tired, but he made it. Reaching down to the side of the cage, he grabs Cyrus by the hand, pulling him up as well. Dakota helps Cyrus to his feet as he begins shouting the plan. You can’t hear what’s being said but by the way the two turned to look at Laughlin, it would be a safe bet to say that he was part of the conversation. The two head straight for him as he continues to slam Genie into the ladder. Cyrus grabs Laughlin first, only to get shrugged off and knocked down as Laughlin slams his shoulder into him. Dakota then grabs Laughlin, pulling him away from Genie and turning him around. Slamming his head forward, Laughlin connects with a headbutt. Shaking it off, Dakota roars in his face and then slams his head forward, hitting Laughlin with a headbutt of his own. Cyrus quickly gets back to his feet and then joins Dakota in teaming up on Laughlin.
All by herself now, Genie then turns back to the ladder. She adjusts her shoulder for a short moment before grabbing ahold of it and pulling herself up to the first step. The fighting amongst the three continues as she climbs up a second step, and then a third. Finally making it to the top of the ladder is Ana as she pulls herself over the ledge. On all fours, Ana looks ahead at Genie making her way to the top. She pushes herself up and begins to limp towards the ladder. She was limping because she has been pretty banged up tonight, not because she has an imaginary reproductive organ that is so heavy it causes her to limp like some retards. Ana grabs Genie’s foot but quickly gets kicked off. Genie pulls herself up to another step, focusing on the championship hanging above. Ana moves in again, this time Genie is prepared and goes to kick her before Ana can even grab her. That turned out to be a mistake. Catching Genie’s leg, Ana pulled her down as hard as she could, forcing Genie to drop to the top of the cage but not without smacking her head against a step on the way down.
As the five continue to fight above, the camera cuts back down to the floor where Artemis is crawling out of the exit Dakota had cut earlier. Her back is covered in blood. Walking back towards the cage we see Viduus dead set on getting to the top and claiming what he walked in with tonight. Both Viduus and Artemis then begin to climb the cage on opposite sides from one another. Finally coming to her senses, Alexis stands to her feet. She looks up to see Artemis and Viduus climbing to the top, and then she looks even higher to see the other five who are brawling on top of the cage. Alexis then begins to scan the floor, obviously in search of a weapon of sorts. She walks over by the hole cut in the side and lays her eyes on the pair of bolt cutters on the floor. Picking them up, she secures it in the waistband of her ring gear before grabbing the ladder and climbing to join the rest of the party.
VASSA: ”We already have five people up top who have made it to the dance.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re about to have three more with Viduus, Artemis, and Alexis making the climb.”
VASSA: ”Alexis isn’t coming empty handed either. She’s bring the pair of bolt cutters to the party.”
JOHNSON: ”Anything goes. There’s no rules saying the weapons have to remain at ground level.”
VASSA: ”It’s actually a pretty smart move on her part. Why not go to the highest stage in all of wrestling with an advantage over the others?”
Genie tackles Ana to the cage top, mounting herself on top and firing away with lefts and rights. Slamming Dakota down to the cage top with a body slam, Laughlin then swings for Cyrus but misses as Cyrus back steps him. Laughlin doesn’t stop swinging. He continues taking shots at Cyrus before finally connecting with a haymaker to the temple. Grabbing Cyrus by the head, Laughlin slams him down face first to the top of the cage. Pressing Cyrus face against the cage top, Laughlin drags it back and forth across the metal before eventually breaking skin and drawing blood from Cyrus’ forehead. Rolling Cyrus over to his back, Laughlin stretches his hands around Cyrus’ face to lock onto his head. Over and over, Laughlin slams Cyrus’ head against the cage top. These two have unfinished business and by the look in Laughlin’s eyes, he wants to settle the score once and for all on top of the cage. His hands are covered in Cyrus’ blood. After slamming his head down one last time, Laughlin pulls his hands away from Cyrus’ face, leaving Cyrus motionless. Rubbing his hands over his face, Laughlin smears Cyrus’ blood all over him. The camera shot changes from an overhead view and zooms in as Laughlin pulls his hands away from his face. Blood is smeared around his mouth and outward to his cheeks, which just so happens to make him look a little like a clown with makeup on.
JOHNSON: ”He’s a bloody mess up there and it isn’t even his blood.”
VASSA: ”I know that face! It’s Broken!”
JOHNSON: ”It couldn’t be. He’s moved on from that.”
VASSA: ”Look at him, Steve!”
Before Laughlin can do anything else to Cyrus, Dakota rushes in and kicks him in the face, knocking Laughlin off of Riddle. Dakota doesn’t even check on Cyrus, no, he goes straight for Laughlin while he’s down. Drawing his arm back to swing, it gets caught as Viduus hooks Dakota’s arm from behind. Pulling Dakota away from Cyrus and Laughlin, Viduus slings him down to the cage top. Wasting no time to get to his feet, Dakota pops back up and collides with Viduus as the two begin swinging away, tagging each other with lefts, rights, whatever they could muster.
Artemis then reaches the top and quickly climbs to her feet. She races over to Ana and Genie, splitting right between the two and knocking them both down with a double clothesline. The ladies didn’t stay down for long though. They quickly climbed back to their feet and Artemis was ready. Taking on Genie first, Artemis hit her in the face with a palm strike, briefly stunning Genie. Swinging her body around, Artemis threw an elbow at Ana’s head that was blocked off. Ana returned the favor with repeated kicks to Artemis’ face. Going for another kick, Ana’s foot was caught by Artemis before Artemis tackled her to the cage top.
The last one to climb to the top of the cage was Alexis, and she wasn’t alone. Once standing, she pulled the bolt cutters from her waistband and gripped them tightly in her hands. She walked towards Artemis and Ana who while still fighting one another, have also managed to get to their feet in the process. Swinging with the cutters, Alexis hit Artemis in the back which forced her to drop to her knees. Alexis then swung as Ana and hit her in the side of the shoulder. Alexis swung again, this time hitting Ana in the back of the leg and taking it right out from under her. With both Artemis and Ana down, Alexis stood over them with the bolt cutters wanting to cause even more pain on them. She raised the bolt cutters above her head and just as she went to swing down, Genie raced in and wrapped both arms around her waist while driving her shoulder into Alexis’ stomach. The bolt cutters flew from Alexis’ hands, hitting the cage top and sliding half way across it. Genie drove Alexis backwards while receiving forearms to her back from Alexis. Pushing Alexis from the center of the cage to the edge, Genie then gave her one final push before pulling herself away and sending Alexis off the side of the cage.
VASSA: ”Holy shit!”
Alexis went over the side, landing on top of the stack of wooden tables. They didn’t break however. Alexis quickly pushed herself up and leaped to the cage, grabbing into it and beginning her climb once more. Genie saw her coming, but pretended not to give Alexis the illusion that she could make it to the top with no interference. After finally making it back to the top, Alexis rose to her feet and there Genie was. Rushing in, Genie aimed for her chest with a kick. Catching Genie’s foot, Alexis then pulled her in and turned her body to clear a path for Genie to be thrown from the top. Grabbing a handful of Alexis’ hair, genie pulled it as hard as she can while planting her foot at the edge of the cage to stop herself from going any further. Alexis pushed and pushed, trying to throw Genie over the side but Genie wouldn’t let go of her hair. Pulling Genie around to the edge and turning Genie’s back to it, Alexis held her in place with one handful of hair as she began punching Genie over and over with her other hand. Genie finally released Alexis’ hair and in that moment Alexis saw an opportunity to send Genie crashing to the outside once and for all. She released Genie’s hair and raised both arms above her head locking them and went for one final swing, only to miss as Genie ducked down and stepped behind Alexis.
JOHNSON: ”Genie was playing possum!”
VASSA: ”Alexis nearly had her!”
Alexis was off balance as she wobbled at the edge of the cage for a few moments before finally regaining her footing. She then turned to face Genie and with perfect timing, Genie flipped backwards, connecting with a pele kick to Alexis’ head, knocking her off the side of the cage.
VASSA: ”Damn!”
JOHNSON: ”Her Ode To My Prince!”
VASSA: ”I can’t watch!”
Alexis flew through the air before gravity finally began to pull her down. Falling onto the top table of the stack, Alexis body went straight through it.

Alexis then went through the second table.

She then went through the third and final table.

JOHNSON: ”Let’s hope not! We need a medical team down here at ringside ASAP!”
VASSA: ”That’s only the first stack of tables. The other has a glass table top at the top of the stack.”
Genie stands at the edge of the cage, looking down at the wreckage below. She knew what she was doing. The expression on her face would tell a different story. It was if Genie couldn’t believe that she just did it, despite watching it happen right before her eyes. Turning back to the ladder, Artemis and Ana were in her path and there was no point in wasting any more time and standing back.
Laughter is heard from the other end of the cage top as Laughlin and Cyrus square up. Having Dakota pull Laughlin off earlier was just enough to get Cyrus back in it. Catching Laughlin with a kick to the side of the knee, Cyrus then followed up with three European uppercuts in a row. Cyrus goes to lift Laughlin up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and succeeds. The Purge is what would come next, that is if Laughlin didn’t manage to slip out of Cyrus’ hold. The two then continued to brawl at the top of the cage.
Across from them, Viduus lifted Dakota off his feet before chokeslamming him onto his back. Dakota refused to stay down, and Viduus was okay with that because it led Dakota to falling in his arms once more. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Viduus dropped him across his knee with a backbreaker. Dakota crawled away from Viduus as the 4CW Champion stalked behind him. Just within arms reach were the bolt cutters. Dakota went to grab them and as soon as he came within a fingers length, Viduus grabbed onto his leg and dragged him away from them. Dakota rolled over to his back and Viduus went to grab him, only to go face first into the bottom of Dakota’s boot. Dakota pushed himself up but as he rose to one knee, Viduus rushed in and nailed him in the face with a running knee. Pulling Dakota to his feet, Viduus pulled Dakota’s head back, forcing him to look up at the lights that were a lot closer than when down in the ring. It was blinding in fact. Viduus then lifted Dakota upside down into the air for his Awakening only to have Dakota maneuver himself out of the hold, dropping to his feet behind Viduus. Wrapping both arms around Viduus’ waist, Dakota then lifted him off his feet before dropping him on his head with a German suplex. Crawling over to the bolt cutters, Dakota then grabbed them before standing to his feet. Walking back over to Viduus, Dakota began cutting away at piece of the section of chain fence Viduus was laying on. He wasn’t cutting each individual piece but focusing on the major parts that support the entire section of roof.
Across from them, Ana went toe to toe with not one, but two opponents at the same time. Connecting with a kick to Genie’s side, Ana then spun completely around and hit Artemis in the face with an elbow smash. Ducking down, Ana wrapped Artemis up before lifting her off her feet and flipping her over to her back with a Northern Lights suplex! Genie rushed Ana as she stood, only to run directly into an elbow to the stomach. Lifting Ana off her feet, Genie then threw her down to her back with an Alabama slam! Genie turned her back to Ana and went for the ladder but before she got out of range, Ana kicked her leg up and planted her foot onto Genie’s lower back, knocking her into the ladder. Genie fell forward, smacking her head against the ladder before turning around in a rage. Ana quickly got to her feet as Genie rushed towards her. Side stepping Genie, Ana tripped her up and took her face down to the cage top with a drop-toe hold. Genie immediately pushed herself back to her feet only to go back down as Ana jumped into the air and connected with a dropkick to Genie’s chest.
Dakota pulled Viduus up from the mat only to get caught off guard as Viduus wrapped both arms around his waist and drove him a few feet backwards. Dakota stopped Viduus in his tracks with a perfectly aimed elbow shot to Viduus’ spine. Viduus fell to his feet but not without swinging both his arms and his body together, plowing into Dakota’s stomach with a powerful elbow. Dakota stumbled backwards to where he was standing just in front of the part of the cage top that he had cut previously. Viduus popped to his feet and charged straight for him. As Viduus lunged towards Dakota, Dakota ducked down and once Viduus was closer enough she stood up, lifting Viduus onto his shoulders. Twisting his body, Dakota slammed Viduus down to the section of the cage top with a twisting Samoan drop.

VASSA: ”The roof gave!”
Dakota’s back crashed onto a secure part of the rooftop as Viduus caused the section he landed on to break away from the rest of the structure.

Viduus crashed to the ring below, landing on top of the cage piece that happened land on the ropes on the outside edge of the ring with barbed wire ropes. The ropes ripped away from the corner posts and pulled to the center where the impact was made. Viduus was now in a world of pain, covered in barbed wire as he rolled to get away from the wreckage.
JOHNSON: ”We saw something similar last year but it was Viduus who put Dakota through the top of the cage.”
VASSA: ”Payback is a son of a bitch!”
JOHNSON: ”The 4CW Champion is back to the bottom level and I don’t know if he can get back to his feet after that fall.”
VASSA: ”It may take him a little while to get the barbed wire off of him after it snapped from the ring posts and came to where he landed like a sling shot.”
JOHNSON: ”Laughlin and Riddle are at the edge of the cage in front of the other stack of tables.”
VASSA: ”The one with the glass table top?”
Cyrus is a bloody mess, and I mean that in a literal sense and not just the way the old chap speaks coming from a foreign land. Laughlin on the other hand, he’s gone mad, still wearing the smile made of Cyrus’ blood on his face. Pushing Cyrus to the edge of the cage, Laughlin wraps both arms around his throat, pushing his upper body over the edge, but also holding him from taking the plunge. Cyrus throws punches at Laughlin, hitting him in the shoulders. Laughlin chokes the life out of Cyrus, not letting up one bit of the hold around his throat. Cyrus’ punches get weaker and weaker until he barely has any fight left in him. Lifting Cyrus off his feet and holding him up in the air by the throat with both hands, Laughlin looks him in the eyes one final time before he breaks into laughter. Taking a step forward, Laughlin throws Cyrus over the side of the cage.
JOHNSON: ”He did it…”
Cyrus flies through the air before crashing down onto the glass table top. The shatters into pieces instantly upon impact.

He goes through the first table, the glass table, before crashing down to the second wooden table.

He then hits the third table, breaking through it as well.

Finally, Riddle’s body slams through the fourth and final table, the crash louder than each table before it shattering into pieces.

JOHNSON: ”Laughlin just threw Cyrus through four tables!”
VASSA: ”Not one, nor two, nor three, but four! FOUR FUCKING TABLES FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!”
The entire arena erupts at the sight of it before going silent looking on at the aftermath of debris. Cyrus’ body can’t even be seen underneath the debris.
JOHNSON: ”We need some more medical attention on aisle seven!”
VASSA: ”Bring the hearse because Cyrus is dead!”
Ana begins to climb up the ladder with Genie and Artemis down. She gets nearly half way up before Dakota rushes over to the scene. Grabbing Ana from behind, Dakota pulls her down from the ladder and to her feet. Holding Ana, Dakota swings his body around before releasing her and throwing her a few feet across the top of the cage. Ana crawls away in the opposite direction on all fours. Following behind her, Dakota reaches into his pocket and pulls out something that brings back memories from Fright Night in Twenty-Fifteen when he won the 4CW Championship. In his hand was piano wire, the same thing he hung Felicity Banks with by her throat over the top of the ladder before claiming the 4CW Championship. He begins to wrap it around his hands as he watches Ana from a distance behind her. Waiting no longer, he rushes in, leaping onto her back and planting a foot on each side of her body. Reaching down, he wraps the piano wire around Ana’s throat and begins to choke her.
JOHNSON: ”We watched something similar three years ago at Fright Night.”
Dakota pulls the wire tightly around Ana’s throat, causing her to panic at first. Throwing her head back, she slams the back of her head to Dakota’s chin, stunning him for only a second. Pushing herself to her feet as Dakota somewhat still had the wire around her throat, Ana reaches over her head and grabbed him before throwing her body forward and bending over. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Ana threw him over her back and down to his in front of her.
JOHNSON: ”That was close. For a moment there I thought we were going to watch him strangle Ana.”
VASSA: ”The night is still young!”
Dakota slowly begins to push himself back to his feet as Ana backs up towards the center of the cage. Finally making it to his feet, Dakota looks up to spot Ana rushing straight at him. She jumps into the air, feet aimed first and connects with a running single leg dropkick!
JOHNSON: ”She Was Only Seventeen!”
Dakota falls back and goes over the edge of the cage.
VASSA: ”Se-ven-teeeeeen!!!”
JOHNSON: ”Dakota went over the side.”
Although Dakota went over the side, he managed to grab the top edge of the cage with one hand. He was hanging by a single as, barely able to keep his sweaty hand gripped on the metal bar of the cage.
JOHNSON: ”I don’t Ana realizes it.”
VASSA: ”I’m just happy he didn’t fall towards us down here at the booth.”
Ana slowly climbed to her feet, not noticing Dakota hanging over the edge by a single hand. She turned her back to the edge of the cage, looking at the brawl taking place in the center of the cage roof. Just as she took a step forward, Dakota pulls himself up and reaches at her with his other hand.
VASSA: ”Ana, watch out!”
JOHNSON: ”The Butcher’s come for her!”
Dakota grabs Ana by the back of her waistband, stopping her in her tracks. Pulling her back with all of his strength, he pulls her to the side before completely ripping her away from the cage top.
He throws he body back towards the announcers booth before his other hand slips and he falls straight down to the floor beneath him.
Both Steve and Vinny scatter in opposite directions, leaving the announcers booth as Ana flies through the air, descending down onto it. Dakota lands feet to the floor below him before his legs give out and he falls to the ground completely.

The table breaks in half and pieces of it fly everywhere as Ana’s body crashes through it!
Although the announcers booth is in pieces, the headsets still work. With nowhere to sit, Steve and Vassa join side by side, waving for medical attention before continuing with the play calling.
JOHNSON: ”We need some help over here for Ana!”
JOHNSON: ”Calm down, Vinny! It wasn’t Ana’s fault.”
Vassa grows angrier and angrier by the second until eventually he begins to approach Dakota on the floor.
Dakota rolls over to his side and whips his head to the side, locking his eyes on Vassa before yelling at him.
VASSA: ”Woah, woah, hold on killer. Do your thing.”
Vassa quickly backs away from Dakota and moves in beside Steve. As a matter of fact, he makes sure to position himself where Steve is in the path between him and Dakota just for safe measure.
The cameras lock back on top of the ring where Laughlin corners Genie at the edge of the cage with nowhere to go. She can’t go left because she’ll fall. She can’t go right because well, she’ll fall. The only way to get out of this situation she’s in is to go through Laughlin, or maybe he’s Broken at this point. The blood is still smeared on his face resembling a clown and unlike Mya Denton, Genie ain’t having any part of that nonsense. She stands her ground, preparing for Laughlin to strike her. But it never came. From behind, Artemis wraps Laughlin up around the waist, locking onto one of his wrist. Spinning him around by the arm as she pulls it, she then connects with a ripcord elbow smash as he faces her!
JOHNSON: ”The Second Crusade!”
VASSA: ”Holy hell, Laughlin goes down!”
Artemis then brushes her hands together as if it was a job well done. She backs away from Laughlin, Leaving Genie to step and stand over his back as he lies face down. Grabbing Laughlin by the arms, Genie lifts his upper body up from the cage top as she places a foot against the back of his head. Lifting him once more, she then kicks her leg straight, forcing his head down as she kicks him face first to the cage top with a curbstomp!
JOHNSON: ”Stiletto Kiss!”
VASSA: ”Together they’ve finally put the monster down.”
Artemis then backs to the center of the cage, signaling for Genie to come at her as they’re the final two standing at the top of the cage. Knowing what’s at stake and that Artemis is the final person standing in her way, Genie doesn’t hesitate for a single second. She steps away from Laughlin’s lifeless body and heads straight for Artemis. The two ladies lock up, struggling with each other for a moment to gain leverage over the other. Pulling Artemis in, Genie pops her leg up, driving her knee into Artemis’ stomach. Genie doesn’t release her though. Instead she drags Artemis towards the ladder before throwing her shoulder first into it. Artemis hits the ladder with a thud and bounces off, only to fall into a roundhouse kick from Genie that puts her on her back.
JOHNSON: ”Artemis is down!”
Genie then looks to the ladder and positions herself in front of the steps. Holding onto it with one hand, Genie then begins to climb up the ladder with slow steps as this match has taken its toll on her throughout the course of the entire thing.
VASSA: ”Genie’s making a run for it.”
JOHNSON: ”She better hurry up because Artemis is already starting to get back to her feet.”
VASSA: ”Now’s your chance, Genie. This moment has been building for two years.”
Genie is nearly at the top as Artemis begins to climb on the other side of the ladder. Reaching as high as she can, Genie is a foot or two short of being able to even touch the championship with her fingertips. She takes a step up and extends her entire body, reaching once more. From below, Artemis swings upward, punching Genie in the stomach and forcing her to lunge over from the blow. Climbing up even higher, Artemis gets level with Genie before hitting her once more. Genie then fires back with a punch of her own. Then Artemis, then Genie, then Artemis, the Genie again. Over and over the ladies pound away at one another before Genie switches things up and rakes Artemis’ eyes. Artemis is now blinded, giving Genie the perfect opportunity to grab her by the head and take another step up the ladder. Looking down at her footing, Genie then hops down a few steps, pulling Artemis head down and using her own weight to slam Artemis face first onto the top of the ladder.
JOHNSON: ”There it is! Now Genie just has to capitalize and she will leave here tonight the new 4CW Champion.”
VASSA: ”They should have checked to make sure he was dead.”
JOHNSON: ”What?”
Genie begins to climb back up the steps she lost when hopping down to knock Artemis into a daze. She climbs up one step, and then goes for a second until her momentum comes to a screeching halt.
Before Genie can even react, Laughlin pulls her down just enough to reach up underneath her arms with both hands. He pulls her away from the ladder and holds her in the air in a crucifix. Taking a few steps away from the ladder, the then throws her onto one of the support bars of the cage top with a crucifix powerbomb!
Genie’s body folds over before completely rolling over to where she’s face down next to the opening in the roof top.
Laughlin then walks back over to the ladder and begins to climb the side opposite of Artemis.
JOHNSON: ”Now it’s Laughlin who is making the climb for the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”If I’m not mistaken, he’s currently the Ignition Champion too right now isn’t he?”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed he is. After pinning Alexis earlier, no one else has even cared to make an attempt at it. Everyone is focused on that championship hanging above the ladder.”
VASSA: ”Well then he may be the first person in 4CW to leave the Warzone with both championships!”
Laughlin makes it to the top and of the ladder and then reaches up for the championship. His fingers graze the bottom of the belt before quickly dropping as Artemis pops back up and headbutts him in the stomach.
VASSA: ”Artemis is still in it!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s up to her and Laughlin now as everyone else is down and out of commission or not on top of the cage.”
VASSA: ”You mean like Dakota and Viduus?”
JOHNSON: ”Exactly! Viduus is finally exiting the cage and Dakota is pulling himself up to his feet finally as we speak.”
VASSA: ”With Genie out on the top, if Artemis or Laughlin want to leave 4CW Champion they need to act quickly.”
Viduus and Dakota both begin to slowly climb the side of the cage on opposite ends. At the top of the ladder, Artemis and Laughlin exchange blows back and forth.
JOHNSON: ”Right from Laughlin!”
VASSA: ”Artemis fires back with a right of her own.”
JOHNSON: ”Another right from Laughlin.”
VASSA: ”A quick left to the ribs from Artemis followed up with a right to the side of his head.”
JOHNSON: ”He hit her in the face with an elbow smash!”
VASSA: ”She returned the favor with a forearm across the nose!”
JOHNSON: ”There’s another forearm from Artemis!”
VASSA: ”And there’s a third!”
Artemis caught Laughlin good with that first forearm across the bridge of his nose. At this point she was firing away, connecting with rapid forearms to Laughlin’s face. Throwing another forearm, this one harder than any others, she connects to Laughlin’s face and knocks him off balance. His arms begin to flail as he wobbles off balance. Reaching over the top of the ladder, Artemis grabs ahold of Laughlin, wrapping both arms around him as she pulls him in. Hooking her feet around the sides of the ladder, she then pulls him over the top before she falls back. She releases Laughlin and lets him to fall tot he cage top in a belly to belly like move. With her feet hooked around the sides of the ladder, she keeps herself from falling as well. Leaning upward, she does what appears to be the toughest sit-up imaginable as she lifts her upper body from below waist level. Finally able to reach the ladder with her hands, she grabs ahold of it, pulling herself up completely.
VASSA: ”Did she just do what I think she did?!”
JOHNSON: ”She did! She threw Laughlin from the top of the ladder and then pulled herself after hanging upside down from her feet.”
VASSA: ”Jesus fucking Christ!”
There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s climb to the very top and retrieve the 4CW Championship before Dakota and Viduus make it to the top of the cage and crash the party. Pulling herself up the ladder, step by step, she climbs to the very tip top of the ladder. Standing above everything else, she then reaches up to the 4CW Championship, grabbing it with both hands. Dakota and Viduus are nearing the top of the cage but it doesn’t matter as they’re too late. With one last tug at the championship, Artemis pulls it away from the harness and holds it against her chest with both arms wrapped around it.
JOHNSON: ”We have a new 4CW Champion!”
VASSA: ”Holy shit, Artemis has done it. She’s won the Warzone of Horrors!”
JOHNSON: ”After going through hell and beating the unthinkable odds stacked against her, she’s closed out tonight’s main event your new 4CW Champion!”
The bell then sounds, bringing tonight’s Warzone of Horrors to an end after a gruesome result for many of those involved.

Dakota and Viduus stop their climb as the bell echoes throughout the building. Viduus slowly begins to climb back down, there’s no point in making it to the top because the result of the match is final. Artemis has won the 4CW Championship fair and square. Releasing his hold, Dakota drops to the floor, landing on his feet but crashing to the floor instantly upon the impact. He lies on his back, finally able to rest as the match is all said and done. Various medical teams check on the other participants who took nasty falls from the top of the cage and through tables. It wasn’t a fun night for anyone involved.
“Sonne” begins playing throughout the arena. Artemis holds the championship tightly against her chest as she leans over the top of the ladder, finally able to rest as she’s done the unthinkable here tonight.
The crowd ignites at the final announcement made. Artemis will leave here tonight the new 4CW Champion and Laughlin, although his intentions weren’t to leave here as the new Ignition Champion, he won’t leave Mexico empty handed. The clean up crew rushes down to the ring, assisting the medical staff where necessary and cleaning up the wreckage left behind from tonight’s Warzone of Horrors.
JOHNSON: ”And that’s it for Fright Night!”
VASSA: ”Tonight has been one hell of a show from start to finish and this match alone is one of my personal favorites of the year.”
JOHNSON: ”We saw a few championships change hands here tonight, all of them except for one to be exact.”
VASSA: ”American Tommy was the only champion to come in tonight and retain as he is still 4CW’s Octane Champion, extending his reign on top of another previous reign that separates him from a lot of the competition here in 4CW present and past.”
JOHNSON: ”Elijah Carlson defeated Kimitsu Zombie, winning his second sanctioned championship in 4CW with the North American.”
VASSA: ”I notice how you said sanctioned. Are we not counting the Primetime from Uprising?”
JOHNSON: ”Up what?”
VASSA: ”I’ll take that as a no.”
JOHNSON: ”While the Pride Championship didn’t exactly change hands, we do have a new champion as Andre Holmes defeated Mariano Fernandez in the headline just before tonight’s main event.”
VASSA: ”And speaking of main event, there it is! We just witnessed it moments ago.”
JOHNSON: ”Artemis Kaiser entered tonight’s match as the Ignition Championship but she leaves as the new 4CW Champion.”
VASSA: ”leaving with the belt she came in with, Bryan Laughlin is our new Ignition Champion just because he wasn’t going to allow Alexis to leave with it.”
JOHNSON: ”Whether he wanted it or not, he’s the new Ignition Champion. No one really seemed to be interested in the Ignition Championship with all their sights set on the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”Can you blame them? That’s the belt of all belts to hold in this business.”
JOHNSON: ”Still no reason to turn your nose up at another championship involved in the match, especially one that opens up the opportunities the Ignition Championship does when defenses factor in.”
VASSA: ”I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
JOHNSON: ”As I’m sure now many people do but we’ll explain that another time. For now, there’s nothing left to do but call it a night and let the clean up crew do their thing and the medical staff get everyone the medical attention they need following a brutal match such as thing.”
VASSA: ”You won’t get any arguments from me. Let’s blow this popsicle stand and get to a bar, Steve! It’s a celebration down here this time of the year and I came here strictly for the tequila and cheap women.”
JOHNSON: ”I did not need to know that, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”Well now you do. So let’s go! Leave the medical team to care for these mortals and let’s get out of here.”
JOHNSON: ”There you have it ladies and gentlemen. That’s it for Fright Night. I’d like to thank you all for joining us here tonight. Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we head back to the states for Adrenaline Ninety-Three, live from Baltimore, Maryland!”
VASSA: ”B-More, baby! Watch out now, Omar’s coming!”
JOHNSON: ”From 4CW and us here at the booth, we wish you all a happy night and safe travels. We’ll see you right around the corner. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good Fight and Fright Night!”
The cameras then focus to the top of the cage once more where Artemis is still laying over the top of the ladder holding the 4CW Championship. The view then switches to an overhead shot as the camera scans the wreckage below, the teams of medical staff that attend to various wrestlers, and the sight of debris at ringside that would make you think a tornado came through this place. Focusing on Artemis one last time, the picture then slowly begins to fade out as her music continues playing throughout the entire arena.