Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Golden 1 Center, as we are live from Sacramento, California. The fans here have filled out the Golden 1 Center, desperate for some entertaining wrestling in this city. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.


Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, the new signings are settling in. It appears that both men have just barely made it to the show, getting in five minutes before the cameras came on. It seems that Tuddy Fudders was complaining about traffic, all while Frankie McDukenheim tries to make it about himself somehow.
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Good mo- I mean, good evening folks! Welcome to King’s Road, Chapter Twenty-Seven!”
FUDDERS: ”We’re LIVE here on Showtime, despite a little delay in the production process. Everything seems to be working out correctly now.”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Heh, oh boy.”
FUDDERS: ”Yeah, folks, just give us a bit of time. We’re new here, don’t really know the ins and outs of everything yet. A few shows is all we ask, then we’ll be cracking zingers and one-liners all night long!”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Yep, can’t wait.”
FUDDERS: ”What’s the matter? Spoon hit your yogurt cup too hard?”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Brotherman, I can assure you that yogurt is the least of my worries tonight. Because we have a HUGE main event to look forward to.”
FUDDERS: ”Yeah, Cartier has been talking lots of shit the last few weeks over social media. Lauryn Wolfe is the King’s Road Internet Champion, but Cartier is laying claim to that title. Tonight things are finally going to get settled. Maybe that uppity one will finally shut up.”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Woah, easy there Tudd. We don’t need to get fired from another gig.”
FUDDERS: ”Ah, fuck it, what else do we got tonight? How about that battle royal, for the ten grand?”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Yeah, that’s gonna be a big one.”
FUDDERS: ”Uh, yeah, Frank. You’re right, it will be a big one. Ten men will enter, but only one gets to walk away with the cash. I’d like some of that payola, but we’re not allowed. We have some King’s Road debuts in this match too, would be quite a way for somebody to debut here tonight.”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Yeah, a win would mean big things. Big, big things.”
FUDDERS: ”Well, look, enough of this jibber jabber. You fine folks have been left waiting long enough.”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”It’s time for King’s Road!”
FUDDERS: ”Yes, lets get right into it!”
The lights dim as “Warrior” by Dead by April blares throughout the arena. Fans cheer loudly as Kaelan comes out in her full ring gear, already for the fight she has later tonight. She walks down the ramp with a smile on her face as she slaps some fans hands on the way down. She climbs the steel steps on the side of the ring and wipes her feet on the apron before getting in the ring. She poses in the ring for a moment before signaling for a mic. She waits for the cheers to die down as she holds the mic in her hand in the center of the ring.
LAUGHLIN: “You know. I’ve been pretty quiet lately when it comes to King’s Road but I think now that silence ends. I fought my hardest since I came into this company for my opportunity at the top title of this company to be dragged out. I beat Mevy and gave her a dose of Karma when I dropped her on her head so bad she ran from this company and at the same time I became the number one contender to the King’s Road Championship.”
The fans cheer loudly and Kaelan’s smile beams as she signals for them to settle down.
LAUGHLIN: “Thank you all. I appreciate that, even at times when I act like I don’t but let me tell you that later that night I watched that title match, and Jett won but honestly I don’t know what anyone sees in him as the King’s Road champion. No he doesn’t hold that belt with integrity. He doesn’t hold that belt to lift it with prestige. To defend it against all challenges. To accept wins as what they are to be able to take a loss when he knows he’s just not the better man. He’d rather cheat and lie to hold onto the gold, and that is a disgrace to all of you and everyone else in the back.”
Kaelan points to the back as she shakes her head and pauses listening to the mixed reaction from the fans at this point. She nods her head as the mic goes back up to her lips.
LAUGHLIN: “I want that title to mean something because since coming under the 4CW banner it hasn’t meant anything. Malik Fox got it served to him on a silver platter only to disgrace it and squander his opportunity. Now we have Jett trying to duck challenges left and right. Trying to duck me. See he beat me on Octane. There’s no doubt about that but ask him who owned his ass a majority of the match before he got lucky in the end?! It was me. You see Jett is scared of me. He puffs his chest out and acts like a big boy, but he’s not. He’s still the same little boy he was when he walked into 4CW the first time with his Mummy holding his hand.”
Kaelan smirked as the fans cheered and she shook her head.
LAUGHLIN: “And you know what. He can bring my husband Bryan into it all he wants. In fact my husband can be rooting for him all the while. That’s fine. I’ve never needed anyone to believe in me to be on top in this business. In fact I’ve thrived in this business when people thought I never stood a chance. I faced one of the owner’s of 4CW for my first championship. The legend herself Phoenix. Nobody thought I was capable of winning. Nobody thought I could do it then, but you know what?! I battled her to the ends of the earth. One of my best friends and in the end I stood tall. I wasn’t supposed to be in the hunt for the CWC United States Championship either, but somebody stood up and said give Kaelan the shot. I took it and I ran with it and I became the most controversial and best CWC United States Champions to ever hold that belt. I mean I lost it to Andre Holmes and then nobody seemed to care about the title, or the CWC.”
Kaelan shrugged before laughing under her breath for a moment and going back to speaking.
LAUGHLIN: “I entered a tournament and from start to finish I was on the top. I walked away with a million dollars and the bragging rights. Jett didn’t even get close to touching the finals. I’ve proven I deserve all the respect in the world in this business. I’ve earned it by working hard. What has Jett done to earn respect? He’s taken cheap shots and excuses for his shortcomings. In more ways than one. We all saw how small your censor bubble was.”
The fans all seem to be rumbling about that comment as Kaelan holds up two fingers spaced about two inches apart while laughing.
LAUGHLIN: “But I’m not out here to keep embarrassing this poor lad. I’m out here to let you all know that you don’t have to deal with this half wit, joke of a champion much longer. I have decided when I want my title match. I’ve decided to let Jett take a few more weeks to enjoy his time as champion. I’m a thoughtful sister in law like that but come Chapter 30? That King’s Road Championship is mine.”

Johnny Amazing is found in the locker room, finishing up his pre-match duties, including wrapping his wrists in white tape before his upcoming match. He notices the camera watching.
AMAZING: ”I know what you’re thinking. Is Johnny actually going to speak to us this week? Well, I just answered that, didn’t I?”
He grins, chuckling slightly as he shakes his head.
AMAZING: ”Seriously, though, I know I’ve been doing my best impression of a mute lately and I don’t know if anybody has really cared one way or the other, to be honest. I had a few setbacks since I’ve come to King’s Road, but that’s to be expected. Still, it messes with a man’s confidence. I may have the most ridiculous last name in all of professional wrestling, but I’m still just a man.”
Johnny shrugs his shoulders and rips the tape to finish his left wrist.
AMAZING: ”That said, $10,000 can get a man talking again.”
He flashes a smirk at the camera and laughs it off before beginning to tape up his right wrist.
AMAZING: ”The money aside, there’s also some pretty good bragging rights if I happen to win this match. No easy task, for sure. Never stopped me from trying before and it sure as heck isn’t going to stop me trying tonight. So, the obvious question is… what the heck would do with $10,000?”
Johnny pauses taping his wrist to put some very serious (almost too serious) thought into that question. His expression cracks with a grin and he shakes his head.
AMAZING: ”Nah. The real question, who am I most interested in tossing out of this battle royal? That’s an even tougher question. I mean, there’s the obvious choices. Gregg Peake, Nikolas Thoreau, and of course Damien Miri. The Conglomerate boys that have been the setback for me since coming to King’s Road. Buuuut… let’s give you guys something else. Something not obvious. Because we already know they’ll be gunning to toss me out and I’ll be looking to upset their numbers advantage in this thing.”
Wrapping the tape around his wrist a few more times, Johnny considers the remaining members of the battle royal.
AMAZING: ”There’s Aokigahara Zombie. One tough son of a bitch. Newcomer Logan Traeger. He’s more than made himself known whether you wanna listen or not. William Lyons, likely has an interest in personally tossing me out. The so-called Gold Standard that is Joseph White or the unpredictable Jason Mentez. But clearly I’ve left one name out.”
Johnny rips the tape off and looks straight into the camera.
AMAZING: ”Maybe I’ll see if I can toss out Mr. Tyson Gregory. Just because he’s so certain that he’s going to walk in the door here, throw all of us out, and win $10,000 in his debut. Hey! Someone has to show him that King’s Road isn’t a walk in the park and why not me?”
He shrugs his shoulders and tosses the tape into his locker, pushing it closed as he walks out of the frame.


It was Cherry’s debut match here in King’s Road, and Mitsu Shimada took offense to the newcomer. Especially the way she flaunted herself, as she stood inside of the ring. Mitsu declared himself to be a “true” professional, in this business. Cherry didn’t seem to be too bothered, as she used her agility in the early going to take control of the match. Mitsu tried to wrestle back control with a Stalling Suplex, but Cherry hung in there and kicked out of his pinfall attempt. Mitsu attempted a Release German Suplex, but Cherry landed on her feet. It certainly impressed the crowd, and allowed her to connect with a Running Calf Kick. With Mitsu down for the moment, Cherry used this opportunity to play up to the crowd. A dance for the crowd, as Mitsu got back up to his feet. For his troubles he receives a blown kiss by Cherry, which only seems to anger him even more. Mitsu charges at his opponent, who ducks out of the corner just in time! Mitsu crashes hard, allowing Cherry to hit him with a Diving Hurricanrana from the top! Cherry keeps control as the match goes on, despite the strength disadvantage. Mitsu can’t really seem to keep Cherry down, not nearly long enough to inflict much damage. Mitsu is able to catch Cherry with a Cry Havoc! Slam, nearly taking the match for himself. However, Cherry was not about to lose in her debut match. Surprising everyone, Cherry Lovejoy was able to kick out after the slam! Mitsu, finally reaching his breaking point, loses it and argues with the official. Lost in the moment, it’s a mistake that Cherry will absolutely take advantage of. She’s able to get up to her feet, Mitsu unaware of what’s about to happen. Cherry tries for the Schoolboy Rollup, but Mitsu rolls out of it and gets to his feet! He tries for a Superkick, but Cherry ducks and hits him with an Enziguri! With Mitsu stunned, Cherry finds herself in prime position to connect with Just Dessert, a Diving Meteora from the top turnbuckle! With her opponent hurt, Cherry sets him up and connects with the Cherry Bomb for the win!
WINNER: Cherry Lovejoy via Pinfall (8:32)

The camera cuts backstage to an empty hallway of the arena. Without a single person in sight to capture on film, the camera slowly strolls down the hallway until finally coming to a stop. Turning to the right, a door comes into view, cracked open just enough to see inside the room. What’s inside doesn’t draw the cameras attention though. What does is a piece of paper that is taped towards the top of the door with handwriting on it which reads “The Valentine’s”. It isn’t the neatest handwriting but is clear to read. What sticks out the most is the V in Valentine is actually a heart. Cheesy? Yes. Inside of the room Ana Valentine and Tommy Knox-Valentine come into view as the camera peeks through the door opening.
KNOX: “It’s almost showtime, Ana. You ready?”
Ana glances up at him, she looks far from pleased tonight but she nods all the same. Wiggling her fingers to make sure her tape isn’t too tight.
VALENTINE: “As I’ll ever be, I’m not sure if I should be insulted that I keep getting opponents with an obvious mental defect or appreciative of being eased back into things…”
Her response humors him. He sits down beside her, wrapping an arm over her back as if trying to comfort her in a way. He leans his head against hers, letting out a sigh.
KNOX: “You and me both, mami. Last show it was a diaper baby who blocked me before even interactin’ with me. Tonight it’s a mute whose only claim to ‘fame’ is holdin’ two titles from shit companies. Can’t even get a simple hello from the cunt. Might as well book me against someone off the street who I’m sure can be at least more entertainin’.”
He turns his head, smelling her hair for just a short moment before kissing the side of her head.
KNOX: “Or against you, but we both know where that leads and how the night ends for us both.”
She chuckles softly, leaning into him with a quick inhale.
VALENTINE: “Lets not play that dangerous game until we have to, hm? It’s easy to say we wouldn’t get competitive but I’ve both been there and done that, several times over. And competitive edges always come out… Though you might be right that it’d still be better than the opponents we’re dealing with tonight.”
Agreeing with her, he nods his head and responds quietly.
KNOX: “I won’t tell anyone you just ducked me.”
Without hesitation, she elbows him somewhat gently in the side.
KNOX: “I kid, I kid. Just playin’, calm down. Look it, our opponents aren’t all that great tonight. So let’s make some plans. How about we hurry and put these folks down tonight, and then get out of here. We have a whole night with no kids, just you and me. Then maybe when the next show comes around they’ll book us against some better competition. How’s that sound?”
She smirks and turns her head to meet his gaze with her own.
VALENTINE: “Weekend… we have the whole weekend, actually. But the other stuff sounds good; get this shit out of the way as quick as possible and then enjoy some actual down time; I know I always say don’t look past anyone but I’m just looking for a decent opponent, honestly.”
KNOX: “Maybe one day they’ll wise up.”
As soon as he finishes his sentence, a light bulb turns on in his head.
KNOX: “The whole weekend?”
KNOX: “You know, that sounds like a weekend on the lake if you ask me. Forget these bums tonight, let’s just go ahead and get this long weekend started!”
She rolls her eyes playfully with a quick shake of the head, resting her hand on his shoulder.
VALENTINE: “Think how much better a weekend on the lake will be with something to celebrate…”
KNOX: “Okay, okay, let’s make a bet.”
He turns his body to face her, adjusts his hair to make sure it’s perfect before giving her the most innocent look imaginable coming from him of all people.
KNOX: “Whoever takes longer to beat their opponent tonight can’t wear anything on the boat. Deal?”
He extends his hand, glancing back and forth from her eyes to his hand, signaling for her to seal it with a handshake. She pretends to hesitate for a second and then takes his hand and shakes it with a smile.
That was all he needed to hear. He kissed her on the forehead before jumping to his feet in excitement and slapping his hands together.
He takes his shirt off, tossing it aside and looks to Ana.
KNOX: “Don’t get any ideas now.”
He digs through his bag, pulling out another shirt. This isn’t any regular shirt, this is a limited edition shirt, only two known to be in existence. It’s rolled up but no for long. Pinching the end of it, he lets the rest roll downward, revealing it to be his signature “Tommy Got In” shirt.
KNOX: “Never leave home without it!”
He quickly puts it on, running his hands down the front of it to straighten it out as he looks down at the print. His eyes slowly rise, looking across the room to Ana.
KNOX: “Looks good, right? Check it, I have a surprise for you.”
Reaching down into the bag once more, he pulls out another shirt. Going through the same actions as before, he opens it up to reveal it to be exactly the same as the other one, just smaller. Make that three in existence. The other belongs to Eli. He tosses it to Ana with a grin stretched across his face from ear to ear.
KNOX: “I couldn’t forget about you. Try it on.”
She looks down to the shirt, then up to him, and then back down to the shirt as she shakes her head.
KNOX: “Wait a second. Can’t have you givin’ everyone a free show!”
He then kicks the door and the last thing that’s seen is the door quickly approaching the lens. Smacking the camera as it closes, the feed the suddenly turns to black. Nothing else to see here folks. That’s all for Tommy’s eyes only!


Knox walked with a cocky grin on his face to the middle of the ring where he stood tall over Melody and smiled even going as far as patting her head, but that would be a mistake and Melody snatched Tommy’s arm and judo tossed him to the mat before locking in an armbar that had Knox flailing trying to find the ropes to break the hold and he did. Knox wouldn’t manage to have personal space for very long as Melody continually stalked him in the ring trying to work on his arm for a good portion of the match. Using the ropes she wrapped Tommy’s arm around it and pulled putting tension on the ligaments before the referee broke the hold then quickly judo tossed him again looking for an arm bar. Knox would manage to find the ropes again and this time pull himself out under the ropes. He thought he’d be safe there, but Melody flew in with a suicide div-NO! Tommy would move at the last second and allow Mel to hit the barrier outside. Just the break he needed as he pulled her up by the hair and used the dense objects ringside to continually throw her into until the count of eight where he’d roll her looking for a pinfall – but get nothing. Tommy then stalked Mel looking for a lariat, but instead a lariat he built up the momentum just to slap Melody across the face. He spun to repeat the favor but as he extended his arm Melody hit a cross armbreaker into another arm bar. Knox struggled again to find the ropes but did. Melody then in an attempt to take advantage tried to follow up, but Tommy snuck in a rake of the eyes followed by a German Suplex to the turnbuckle. Melody rolled out of the corner and Knox looked to end it once and for all climbing the top rope, but Melody shot up and used the ropes to hit a european uppercut to knox knocking him off balance before hitting a frankensteiner off the top for a two count. Tommy lunged his head into Melody making direct contact with her nose to set up an STO backbreaker to neck breaker for a two count of his own. Tommy continuously tried to pin Melody after every move before resting her chest first on the middle rope facing outward so Knox could hit a diving leg drop and scurry in for another two count! Melody fought back with strikes and the two of them exchanged in the middle of the ring until Tommy front kicked Melody’s knee causing it to hyperextend so that he could scale the corner again and hit the AMERICAN HIGH LIFE frog splash for the win!
WINNER: Tommy Knox via Pinfall (7:32)


The match is underway as Noris Cranley, the little imp boy, faces off against Frederick Jameson, a small goblin man. Each man is looking to get the win here tonight, both of them seeming to find their footing in King’s Road. Noris, however, comes with a very different energy tonight as he dominates Jameson for most of the opening of the match – even hitting him with a bicycle kick! Putting the crowd squarely in his corner. But it isn’t too long before the momentum of the match changes, as it always does in a decent match, right over to Jameson, as he lands a high knee! He gets a hold of Noris, which is very easy to do when you take in Noris’ thin build, and he gifts him a suplex of sorts! We’ll say a german suplex! And Noris is hurt, the crowd is hurt for him, and Jameson drags his thumb across his throat as a response, getting boos from the crowd. But in his greediness for heat, Jameson absolutely loves attention and who can blame him, Noris collects himself and here’s the comeback! Jameson turns around right as Noris bounces off the ropes to make the man a Fallen Angel! He gets the crowd but up to speed, hyping them up as Jameson collects himself on the map and slowly stands. Noris calculates and right when the moment is right, the crowd pops as Noris delivers the Reset! Taking the win home at the three count.
WINNER: Noris Cranley via Pinfall (5:47)


Clyde and Ana had an apprehensive start as Clyde continued to evade any attempt at tying up and even at one point decided that he was actually going to clap his hands and “Ole” Not a wise choice, Ana flinched as of she was going to charge Clyde again – but she wised up and grabbed his arm before hopping up to the top rope and and then jumping down with a chop. Clyde sells the chop like he’s literally dead. Ana is staring at him and she even gives him a slight kick to see if he’s still alive. He still hasn’t moved, but Ana isn’t wasting any time and places her foot squarely on the chest of Clyde as the referee cou- NO! Clyde rolls Ana up for a quick 2 count and she’s pissed. She lets loose with a barrage of strikes that has to be broken up by the referee twice as Clyde leans under the ropes to escape. She demands Clyde meet her in the middle of the ring and he shakes his head in firm denial before rolling her up with numerous attempts at a pin time after time Barry allowing Ana to get to her feet. When she does it’s Lucha spot time. Clyde whips Ana off the ropes and jumps over her in her return before dropping down to his chest an- Wait a second. Ana grabs a hold of the ropes and Clyde pops up expecting her return and tells her to run at him now so he can do the backbend and the a drag. Ana refuses, she asks Clyde why she would willingly participate in that and Clyde tries to explain its the trademarked old as time Lucha spot. Clyde grabs Ana again and whips her into the ropes and Clyde jumps over agai-VALENTINES BOW! A leaping flat liner meeting Clyde in mid air. She pins Clyde getting the three count and while her hand is raised she looks down at him confused as to why anyone would literally plan out an entire spot like that. Hm.
WINNER: Ana Valentine via Pinfall (8:39)


Hey guys, Chad and Brad have arrived to King’s Road! Official new members of The Conglomerate, #NowTrending have finally arrived! And with their arrival brings about the second tag team to use a hashtag in their name. It’s wild, but it’s a good sign of a growing division. One that hopes to be conquered by Lisa Seldon and Kenny Lovett. Both are finally on a roll, and look to work their way through the tag team division. Lisa and Brad start the match out, as Chad talks with Kenny on the outside. Chad seems to really think that Kenny is a good dude, as he tries to tell Brad about how cool Kenny is. The distraction is enough for Lisa to rush in, capitalizing on their fawning over Kenny. It was worth it though, because soon enough Brad sees that Kenny is a very cool dude. So cool, as he cheers on Lisa throughout this contest. Lisa Seldon is figuratively on fire, as the match progresses. If we gave her the chance, I think should would literally wrestle on fire too. Considering how much damage it would cause to her opponents. Lisa drops Brad with Death Valley Driver, and gives Chad a Spinning Back Elbow! Lisa is a woman possessed, and will not be denied in the early goings of this match! Lisa fights her way back to her corner, dragging Brad along for the ride. Kenny gets tagged into the match, and the place erupts with cheers! Kenny takes his time, not wanting to be a showboat, as he shows his true professionalism in the ring. Kenny works over Brad’s neck, dropping him to the mat with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Brad looks to be in trouble, and asks nicely if Kenny could let up. He explains that he got a stinger backstage while he stretched, and would really appreciate it if Kenny wouldn’t target his neck. Kenny agrees, being the cool dude that he is, but unfortunately it was a setup! Brad takes advantage of poor Kenny, knocking him down with a Superkick! It’s a dirty move, one that the crowd doesn’t appreciate. Chad gets back up to his corner, and tags in, as the two take down Kenny with Double Dropkicks, followed by a Double Back Handspring into another set of Double Dropkicks! #NowTrending take control of the match from here, keeping Kenny away from his partner as they beat him down. Chad connects with a Blockbuster, nearly winning the match with that move. Luckily, Lisa was able to rush in and save her partner in time. Unfortunately, Lisa was taken out with Double Superkicks! With his partner down, Kenny does his best job to fight back against #NowTrending. He fights them off for a moment, but eventually the numbers become too much. A series of Superkicks land, keeping Lisa out of the ring as well! With Lisa down, Chad takes Kenny onto his shoulders. He plants him into the ring, rolling forward and getting to his feet. In one motion he jumps to the nearby turnbuckle, connecting with a Moonsault! Brad quickly comes in, connecting with a 450 Splash! Lisa tries getting back into the ring, but Chad dives through the ropes and takes her out as Brad covers Kenny for the win!
WINNER: #NowTrending via Pinfall (9:11)


You would think the death stares across the ring from Jae to Graham and back come with years of hatred and rivalry but the two are just intense competitors. This was clear as they locked up and each of them went through the sodeheadock take down to leg scissors kip up escape. Jae’s a bit more graceful and less clunky than Graham’s. And he let him know it going second and even taking a bow. Graham backed Jae into the corner with chops and forearms before throwing him across the ring and following with a splash. Graham went off the ropes to double up the combo but Jae was there waiting for him with a lariat of his own and the two sat on the mat looking at each other with a grin as they got back to their feet. They wouldn’t get past the elbow collar tie up at all as the two of of them pushed each other around the ring in a power struggle. Graham quickly threw a knee out of frustration but Jae caught him and and used it to hit a fisherman buster but before he could celebrate Graham was up on his feet waiting for Jae to turn around and bump him. Graham clubbed Jae into the corner and worked him over throwing in a mix of chops, forearms, and shoulder thrusts. He ended it with a well placed knee to the midsection and a northern lights suplex he bridged for a two count before he mounted Jae and locked in a vicious chin lock. With his knee between the shoulder blades Graham cranked Jae’s head back as he struggled to move for quite some time. Jae tried to roll to escape but instead got the ropes. Graham tried to follow it up but Jae grabbed his tights and pulled him over throwing him to the apron. Jae then bit a spin kick on Graham sending him to the mat outside ripe for a torn ill o from Jae over the top rope taking Graham down. Before the referee got to the seven count Jae had tossed Graham’s head off the apron a bit, but he took too long to capitalize because Graham threw an elbow onto his midsection and tossed him into the guard rail. Graham rolled in to break the count and then proceeded to use Jae’s head a resting spot for his forearm digging it into the dirty floor. Graham then tossed Jae back into the ring and rolled in following aft- WAIT?! MY GOD ITS CARTIER! She sprays Graham’s eyes with something and rolls him into the ring before hopping back into the crowd. Even Jae appears confused as he pleads his case that he didn’t do it to the referee. Graham flails his arms actually getting a hold of the referee in his blind state thinking it’s Jae and reaches back to knock him into next week – but Jae grabs Graham’s hand and spins him around hitting the blade runner “SUNRISE. SUNSET” on Graham for the pinfall and victory.
WINNER: Jae-Yun Sun via Pinfall (8:11)

We see Cartier backstage in the hallway of the Golden 1 Center, fully geared up in her blinged out ring attire and a pair of oversized stage sunglasses in the shape of dollar signs. She’s going through the motions of some pre-match warm-ups and stretches, lifting her arms out over her head and to the sides, swiveling on her hips, spreading her feet far apart before leaning out towards each one in deep side bends. Just as she folds forward to touch her toes, her one true friend in King’s Road, Gabe Hartman, hops out from behind some nearby trash cans and scares the shit out of her.
HARTMAN: ”Cartier!”
CARTIER: “WHAT THE FUCK!? God DAMN it, yo, you jus’ about made me piss myself, what the fuck you doin’ up in them trash bins like some kinda damn rapist or republican or some shit?”
Cartier fans herself with both hands, breathing heavily, as she tries to compose herself. Gabe stands there unfazed, holding his microphone and eating a tuna sandwich.
”I was hungry. Your dressing room is close to catering, so they throw a lot of good stuff away near here.”
Hartman says with a mouthful of fish and bread. Cartier stares at him incredulously as he wipes off crumbs with the back oh his hand before jamming the mic into her face.
HARTMAN: ”Cartier, thanks for agreeing to this interview.”
CARTIER: ”I ain’t did that.”
HARTMAN: ”It means a lot to me and all of my fans. And your fans too, I bet.”
CARTIER: “Okay. Shoot ya shot.”
”Okay, great! So uh… big match tonight. How are you feeling heading out there against Lauryn in a match that most people have probably already decided you’re the underdog in?”
Cartier tilts her head forward and looks down her nose at Gabe, batting her eyelashes as if something had flown into them. Maybe it was tuna. At any rate, she holds up a finger to Gabe’s face and steps back.
CARTIER: ”FIRST of all, who sayin’ that? Why anyone would think I’m the underdog? What makes her so much better than me? I been here in King’s Road since day one of the 4CW merger, doin’ all the work that’s been asked a’me. Only times I ain’t come out on top I had to deal wit’ Gosch runnin’ out there and sweatin HGH all over the place. Lauryn done real good an’ she won her championship match fair and square, but I don’t see why anyone would think this some kinda underdog fight for ya girl. If anything we on even keel since we both had the same level of success so far in King’s Road. We respect each other, far as I know, an’ as long as everything stay clean as a whistle it gonna stay that way, win lose or draw. I said it before an’ I’ll say it again, that girl beats me fair in the middle of the ring I’ll be the first one to hold her hand up as the champion. Y’all wanna act like I’m bein’ petty and actin’ like some kinda sore loser crybaby by sayin’ I’m the real champ, but the way I came up is that you ain’t shit ‘til you beat the one who gots what you want, and Lauryn Wolfe ain’t done that.”
HARTMAN: ”And second of all?”
CARTIER: ”SECOND of all, don’t cut me off when I’m talkin’.”
HARTMAN: ”My bad.”
CARTIER: ”THIRD of all, how you think I’m feelin’? I’m in the main event. I’m in a championship match. This what I been wantin’ since day one. This all I been focused on since the day Gareth Prescott decided to strip my title even though he said himself the whole thang was his own little bitch baby employee Hudson’s fault. I coulda sat back an’ been salty about it all, an’ I admit I was for a minute as I think anyone would be, but it wasn’t more than a few days before I was back on the grind workin’ even harder than before to get back to my rightful spot. This a business, I know it an’ you know it, an’ I had to suck it up and pay my dues and get my wrist slapped… even though I ain’t seen nothin’ happen to Hughes yet, but whatever… point is, I paid my debt an’ I’m back for what’s rightfully mines. I’m focused. I’m prepared. I’m hungry. I’m ready for tonight, an’ I know Lauryn is too. We gonna light this shit up here in Sacramento tonight.”
Hartman waits for a few seconds, afraid to accidentally interrupt Cartier again.
CARTIER: ”Your turn, Homeless Hartman.”
He clears his throat, tugging on the collar of his tee shirt to loosen it up and get some cool air onto his sweaty chest.
HARTMAN: ”What about Graham Gosch then? We saw you out there earlier tonight, you got a little measure of revenge on the man who’s been terrorizing you the past few weeks… are you worried he’s going to be a factor in your title match?”
Cartier laughs, sticking her tongue out and bouncing up and down a little like a child excited on Christmas morning.
CARTIER: ”Graham Gosch ain’t shit. Who he think he is anyways? I ain’t had to lay a finger on him to get his mind all fucked up earlier, you seen it. What needs to happen is that the management of King’s Road makes sure they main event ain’t interrupted by this nobody who tryina make a name off my success. Ain’t no one was talkin’ about Graham Gosch until he started interjectin’ himself in my business. If he show up, that’s on the company for not doin’ shit about him. I’m tired of gettin’ Ws stolen from me because some knuckle draggin’ redneck thinks he needs to show off how American he is. I worked too damn hard for too damn long to have this opportunity messed with any more than it already been messed with. So believe you me, if that boy makes a appearance in my match tonight, he gonna get dealt with. Bet.”
Cartier starts to turn away from Hartman, but he grabs her by the arm to stop her, drawing an ice cold look from the Brooklyn Baller as she turns back around on a dime.
CARTIER: ”Boy you best not put that hand on me ‘less you want it broke. I know you need that shit to pass out handjobs to truck drivers so watch yaself.”
Hartman recoils, hiding his fingers under his armpit out of fear.
HARTMAN: ”Please… just one last question.”
CARTIER: ”One. Do it.”
HARTMAN: ”After tonight, you’ve got a big match against a big name in 4CW, Genie Carlson. Any chance you’re looking past Lauryn tonight with such a marquee match-up on the horizon?”
Cartier shakes her head and laughs, then grabs the mic from Gabe’s hand and stares dead into the camera view.
CARTIER: ”Nope.”
She drops the microphone onto the ground with a hard thud, then walks off.


Such a destructive, and crazy match this one turned out to be. As all nine men entered into the ring, Gareth Prescott found his way walking down to the ring. It seemed that since Damien’s arm is in a sling, he wouldn’t be involved in the match. Gareth stated that he had to find a replacement, and he didn’t have to look very far. Everyone looked on, as FREEDUMB HIMSELF MADE HIS WAY DOWN TO THE RING. The crowd was in shock, and so were the wrestlers. They couldn’t believe it, how could somebody like this STILL be on the 4CW roster? It’s like having a sex offender on your roster, why wouldn’t you do something about that? Anyway, Freedumb makes his way to the ring as the match finally starts. It seems that everyone literally turns their attention to Freedumb, beating the shit out of him as he enters the ring. It’s not pretty, and eventually Freedumb is tossed over the top by Aokigahara Zombie! Freedumb is Eliminated/ The match seems to on like normal, as Damien enters the ring to help Gregg out. Despite saying that he wouldn’t be involved in the match, it seems he still is?? Even with his arm in a sling Damien Miri finds a way to perform, folks. Nik soon finds his way over to his buddies, as The Conglomerate gets together in the middle of the ring! It’s still seven against three, but The Conglomerate find a way to keep themselves in the match! Damien and Nik beat up the newcomers, Joseph White and Logan Traeger, as everyone else finds a partner to beat up. Jason Mentez goes one on one with Johnny Amazing, as these two begin to steal the show from everyone else! Jason whips Johnny into the corner, who is able to backflip away from a Running Clothesline attempt by Jason. Jason gives props to Johnny, before Johnny catches him with a Hurricanrana! Johnny looks to capitalize on Jason being down, as he heads to the apron. Springing himself up to the top rope, he looks to leap off of it when Damien Miri rushes in AND KNOCKS HIM DOWN TO THE FLOOR! Johnny Amazing is Eliminated. Damien smirks, and waves goodbye at Johnny, who doesn’t look too pleased. Damien turns around, and eats a Superkick from William Lyons! Lyons looks to do some damage, attacking Jason Mentez and Tyson Gregory. The plan backfires, as Tyson and Jason begin to work together and attack William Lyons instead! It’s Two on One, and it doesn’t look very good for William. He stuns Tyson with a Superkick, but Jason is right there to clothesline him over the top rope! William Lyons is Eliminated. On the other side of the ring, The Conglomerate have isolated Joseph White as they look to beat him down. It’s not a fair fight, but Joseph doesn’t back down from the challenge. He gets up to his feet, and asks for The Conglomerate to “bring it on”.
Gregg charges in first, and gets a White Lightning for his troubles! Nikolas is next, and he too catches a White Lightning, knocking him out to the apron! Damien looks on, worried about his teammates. He charges at Joseph, who ducks out of the way. Damien runs right into Nikolas, knocking him off of the apron! Nikolas Thoreau is Eliminated. Damien cannot believe what has happened, standing there in shock. Nikolas yells at Damien, asking him what he is doing! Damien tries to explain himself, but before he can Joseph White runs up and dumps him over the top rope to the outside! Damien Miri is Eliminated. The crowd cheers on this dismantling of The Conglomerate, but that stops soon enough. Joseph turns around, and eats a Leaping Knee Strike from Gregg Peake! Gregg was waiting the whole time, as he knocks Joseph White out of this match! Joseph White is Eliminated/ We are down to five, as Aokigahara begins to jump the other four men in the contest. He knocks down Tyson Gregory, and finds his way to Logan Traeger. Logan doesn’t seem to back down, especially with Natalie Dalton on the outside. Aokigahara attacks with a Headbutt, but Logan responds right back with a Stiff Forearm Shot. Aokigahara responds with one of his own, knocking Logan backwards. He rushes forward, but Logan dumps him to the apron! Aoki lands on his feet, and catches Logan with another Forearm Shot. Natalie rushes over, grabbing Aokigahara’s legs! Aoki laughs, asking Natalie what she intends on doing. She quickly lets go, but it’s enough time for Logan to recover and connect with a Front Dropkick, knocking Aoki off the apron! Aokigahara Zombie is Eliminated. Logan doesn’t have much time to celebrate, as Tyson and Jason are on him. Gregg stays out of the contest, watching as the three men beat each other down. Soon enough, in their scuffle, they notice that Gregg isn’t participating. They stop, looking over at Gregg. Gregg soon notices, backing up as the three men look to confront him. Gregg is backed up into a corner, asking the three men nicely to stop. They don’t, they keep moving towards him, as Gregg has no choice but to reach into his tights and pull out a GUN. Logan and Tyson immediately back away from Gregg, but Jason doesn’t seem to be impressed. It’s a small Derringer that Gregg has, and it doesn’t scare Jason at all. Gregg says that he’ll SHOOT Jason, but Jason doesn’t seem pressed about it. He snatches the gun out of Gregg’s hand, and pushes him over the top rope! Gregg Peake is Eliminated. Jason turns his attention back to Joseph and Tyson, but they’re already fighting it out! Joseph has Tyson in a bad spot, trying to push him out of the ring. Jason quickly steps in, trying to eliminate both men. Eventually, Tyson cannot fight both men off, as Joseph lands a right hand that knocks Tyson out of the match! Tyson Gregory is Eliminated. From the crowd, we begin to hear a noise as somebody runs to the ring! It’s DARRYL WALKER, HE SLIDES INTO THE RING AND KNOCKS JASON OUT WITH A BLACKJACK! Jason slumps to the ropes, as Joseph and Logan watch on. Darryl leaves the ring, with a smirk, as Joseph has the sense to pull Jason to the outside, dumping him to the mat! Jason Mentez is Eliminated. Joseph celebrates, for a moment, before he realizes his position. He had to get out onto the apron to eliminate Jason, leaving him outside of the ropes. Logan soon realizes this, as Joseph pleads for Logan to let him in. Logan thinks about it for a moment, before nodding his head, turning away from Joseph. Joseph smirks, as he tries to enter the ring, not noticing that Logan has turned around! Joseph is too late to avoid the Jumping Knee, as Logan knocks him out of the ring, winning this Battle Royal!
WINNER: Logan Traeger (21:22)

Cutting to the backstage area, we’re supposed to be seeing Malik Fox and the King’s Road Tag Team Champions in action. Unfortunately, that isn’t what we’re going to see. We cut just in time, seeing Neriah Holst and Jayson Wave leaving the scene of some sort of scuffle. They both look happy, Jayson notices the camera and dabs. He isn’t reserved at all with his feelings about what just took place in the backstage area.
WAVE: ”Y’all must have thought we were just a joke, huh?!”
Neriah nods his head, standing behind Jayson as he continues to taunt the cameraman.
WAVE: ”We didn’t come here just to be a game. We didn’t come here to be jokes, we came here to send a message!”
Jayson Wave grabs the cameraman, bringing him past the doorway the two stand in front of. We’re lead right into a locker room, where we see the carnage that had just happened. Laying on the floor is Malik Fox, Vonn Richter, and Truck Turner. All three men look to have been attacked, probably jumped before they could do anything about it. A metal pipe and a folding chair lay beside them all, definitely used in the assault.
Jayson pulls the camera back out into the hallway, clearly not done with his message tonight. Neriah gives him a big ol’ pat on the back, as Jayson begins to speak again.
WAVE: ”That’s what y’all get. Booking us in a joke match, trying to punish us for sending a message. Well, y’all failed at doing just that. And now you have to pay the price. Put us in this position again, Gareth, and see what happens. I promise you, things around here are going to change.”
And with that, it’s over, Jayson pushes the camera away as the two men walk away. Satisfied with their actions, they leave the scene as Smokey Mayfield rushes in. He’s too late, he can only look on in horror as he tries to get help for the men.


The match starts and immediately Kaelan has the upperhand. The two locked up and in spite of Darryl having the clear size advantage Kaelan was able to back him into the ropes before irish whipping him across the ring and dropkicking him to the mat. She wasted no time in going to the ground and taking the fight to Darryl as she hammered away at him. She went for a quick pin that Jett surprisingly counted fairly but Darryl kicked out after two. Kaelan looked to Jett a bit surprised at him playing things fairly and it cost her as Darryl caught her with a hook to the face. Stunning her momentarily for him to get back to his feet and lay Kaelan down for the count. He went for a pin though and Kaelan immediately kicked out before Jett could even count and yanked herself up. She didn’t give Darryl much more momentum as the match continued. For every hit he would get Kaelan would fire back with more. Eventually Kaelan wrapped Darryl up in her submission finisher The Irish Rose. She wrenched it in and Jett asked Darryl if he gave up. He didn’t and he managed to use his side to eventually pull himself to the ropes. Jett immediately started counting on Kae to let go and he was doing so rather fast. He got to 3 and Kaelan let go. She asked him what he was doing and he was explaining she needed to follow the rules. She let him know she was following the rules and he needed to be more fair. Darryl pulled himself up. Clearly beaten down at this point. Kaelan went right back to bringing the fight to him but Darryl gave her a powerful shot to the ribs before clotheslining her to the mat. Kaelan rolled on the ground in pain. Darryl waited for Kaelan to get to her feet before running at her with a jumping knee but Kaelan backed up close to Jett knocking them both down. Darryl was about to set Kaelan up for the Dirty Driver but Jason Mentez comes flying down to the ring and jumps on the apron distracting Darryl to put Kaelan down. He gives Darryl a right hook to the face before he turns around stunned and walks right into a still dazed Kaelan who still manages to hits the From Belfast With Love. She quickly goes for the pin as Jason jumps down as Jett comes to in time to see it. He doesn’t count a pin on Kaelan instead he calls for the bell Disqualifying Kaelan for outside interference. Kaelan is stunned and puts her hands on her head in disbelief.
WINNER: Darryl Walker by DQ (9:56)
After the match Kaelan is arguing with Jett he shrugs her off and says he was fair. She’s frustrated and she swings on him as he ducks away from the shot and quickly exits the ring. Grabbing his King’s Road Championship holding it up high as he backs up the ramp with a grin on his face and Kaelan seethes in the ring leaning against the ropes telling her he won’t run from her forever.

WOLFE: “Well, here we are… My first title defense.”
As the cameras cut over to the backstage area, a seated Lauryn Wolfe can be seen. However, there is no warmth to be had from the current Internet Champion. No smile, no invitational smirk or anything. Just a cold, hardened look with steely eyes that could pierce through anything. Her gaze remains away from the direct line of the camera’s lens as she fiddles with her thumbs.
WOLFE: ”As the old saying goes, the chase of the title is a lot more easier than keeping it. Many people fall into the trap of becoming complacent once they’re at the top; they become stale, repetitive and lazy. Either you have people that lose their drive and fall hard in the spotlight or you’ve got folks who sit on their asses and aren’t proactive at all. They brandish all of the titles they’ve won and how long their reigns are, but when you look at the finer details they aren’t worth shit. They wind up like our boy Nemesis at Adrenaline where he was a world champion for a different promotion for 280 days, but only had two defenses in that time frame.”
She scoffs and rolls and rolls her eyes.
WOLFE: ”That’s the kind of champion I never want to become. I’m not here to be content with just winning a belt. I want to make the belt that I win mean something. I want every opponent thrown my way; I want to prove my worth and show that I’m not here to be a stepping stone for someone else. As your rightful Internet Champion, I’m not here to play ‘pretend’. I’m here to be the real thing, and I hope Cartier understands that.”
WOLFE: ”After I had won the fatal four way to become the champ, Cartier shrugged me off as being nothing more than a pretender. She was stripped of the title, but she kept the belt. After everything I’ve been through, I don’t have the belt to hold. And you know what? It has been bugging me. Sure, Cartier has switched up her tune a bit and tries to come across as being respectful towards me, but the fact of the matter is that she’s a salty bitch who can’t admit defeat. She refuses to see me as a legitimate champion. And hey, I get it – nobody likes having something they’ve worked hard for being taken away from them… but nobody likes it when people refuse to admit that they’re something that they’re not either. So? I’m gonna help her out by beating her tonight and getting the gold to go with my name.”
Rising from her seat slowly, Lauryn looks straight into the camera with a hardened look on her face.
WOLFE: ”You should’ve just been ‘real’ from the start and handed me my belt the first time around. I’m not the one who’s deluded and pretending to be the ‘real’ champion here. But whatever. I hope you’ll be taking this match as seriously as how you’re portraying yourself out to be on Twitter. I hope you’re truly a woman of your word and you’ll take your loss with grace. You can big yourself all you want, but at the end of the day, the only way you can back yourself up is by stepping into the ring and showing me what you’ve got. There’s no denying it anymore, Cartier. I’m the real Internet Champion, and tonight that belt is coming home to its rightful owner.”
A veil of animosity covers that last sentence as it leaves her lips. With clenched fists and a tighten jaw, she storms off, undoubtedly getting ready for this evening’s main event.


Cartier starts the match off with a bang, flaunting the King’s Road Internet Championship that she never gave up. Surprisingly, Lauryn Wolfe waits for Cartier to finish, as she transitions to a waistlock that almost immediately turns into a double leg sweep that sends Cartier face-first into the canvas. Lauryn isn’t playing any games here, wailing away on Cartier as the fans cheer her on. She grabs ahold of Cartier’s head, and bangs it against the canvas over and over again. This prompts the referee to step in break them up, the official allowing Cartier to get back to her feet. As soon as Cartier gets back up, Lauryn launches right into her with a Flying Forearm Shot that stuns her opponent. Cartier staggers backwards, allowing Lauryn to grab her and Irish Whip her to the ropes. Cartier rebounds, ducking a Clothesline attempt, but soon finds herself falling victim to a Standing Hurricanrana by Lauryn Wolfe. Lauryn takes a second to address the crowd, asking them who the Internet Champion is. They promptly respond with a resounding “YOU ARE”, reassuring Lauryn of her status in this matchup. Cartier isn’t going to lay down, though, doing her best to get back into this match. The opening minutes see a flurry of back-and-forth action between the two. Cartier almost catches Lauryn with a Death Valley Driver out of nowhere, but Lauryn is able to land on her feet. Cartier turns, and Lauryn catches her with a Superkick that knocks her out of the ring! Stunned, Cartier gets up to her feet only to see the Champion flying in her direction. Lauryn launches herself out of the ring, connecting with a Suicide Dive to the outside! Lauryn wastes no time, however, ensuring that the match stays in the ring. Both women re-enter the ring, as Lauryn looks to take advantage of Cartier’s lack of momentum. Wolfe hurries toward her downed opponent, hunching over to grab onto her leg for a Single Leg Boston Crab. Cartier is able to turn over, though, kicking Lauryn right in the face. Cartier jumps up to her feet, delivering a kick to the stomach of the champ. Cartier rushes to the ropes, hoping to catch Lauryn off guard long enough. She comes back with enough steam for a lightning fast rolling neckbreaker that drives Lauryn into the canvas. Cartier takes a second for a breather, kipping up to her feet and cockily bowing at the fans. Cartier, taking a page from Lauryn earlier, asks the crowd who the “real” Internet Champion is. Much to Cartier’s surprise they boo her, so she goes right back to attacking Lauryn. Cartier then lifts Wolfe up to a kneeled position and sends a bevy of stiff elbows to the back of her neck, each one harder than the last. Cartier then takes a few steps back, rushing forward with a Baseball Slide that connects with Lauryn’s face. Cartier is simply not playing games in this match, and is trying to prove that right now. With Lauryn down, Cartier looks to capitalize with a Running Cannonball, landing right on her opponent’s stomach! With Lauryn down, Cartier quickly covers her for the pinfall!

THR- NO!!!

And Wolfe gets the shoulder up just before the count of three! Cartier gets up with no emotion written on her face and pulls the resilient champion up to a kneeled position once more, leaping forward for a bicycle kick to the face that Lauryn avoids. Wolfe runs in and drops Cartier down with a running shoulder block, sending Cartier down to the canvas. Then another. A third time. A fourth time. A fifth time. Just as Cartier suspects yet another shoulder block, Lauryn goes down low for another front chop block. Cartier takes a bad tumble, and looks to have taken an even worse shot to her leg. Wolfe keeps right on the offensive though, grabbing Cartier and locking in that Single Leg Boston Crab. Cartier has absolutely nowhere to go, doing her best to get to the ropes in time. Lauryn keeps the hold locked in, wrenching away at that damaged leg. Just as it looks like Cartier is about to finally give in, she finds it in herself to crawl across the ring and barely get her hands onto the bottom rope! Wolfe releases the hold at four and drags Cartier back over toward the center of the ring, wrapping her legs up for another Boston Crab. Cartier fights back, however, using her good leg to kick away at Lauryn. Lauryn stumbles backwards, rushing at her opponent as she tries to get up. Cartier avoids a Running Knee Strike from Lauryn, and tries for a Backdrop Driver that gets blocked. Lauryn spins Cartier around, connecting with an Exploder Suplex. Rather than going for the quick pin, Lauryn grabs Cartier and gets her to her feet. Lauryn looks to connect with the Fiery Impulse this early! Just before she can, Cartier is able to slip out of the Rolling Cutter attempt. Lauryn turns, and eats a Spinning Backfist from Cartier! This stuns Lauryn long enough for Cartier to connect with the Staten Island Slam! Lauryn is slammed hard into the mat, as Cartier quickly goes for the cover!
Cartier crawls over to Wolfe and rolls him over, making the cover, but there’s no count! The official points to Lauryn, who already has her leg on the bottom rope! Cartier can’t believe it, having thought to have gotten Lauryn. Cartier goes right back to work, pulling Lauryn away from the mat. She waits for Lauryn to get back up, before rushing to the ropes. Lauryn gets up to her feet, and looks up to see Cartier running at her full speed. Before she can react, Cartier launches into her with Eat This Ass! The Running Hip attack lands fully, Lauryn’s head whiplashing into the canvas. It’s a brutal move, one that shakes the crowd up as Lauryn lays there. Cartier, again, taunts the crowd as she looks to finally finish this match and get back her championship. Looking over to Lauryn she waits, looking to see if the Champion is going to try and get back up. Of course, Lauryn has no quit in her, as she begins to stir. Rising to her feet, Cartier is right there, waiting for her. She connects with a Forearm Shot, dropping Lauryn to her knees. With Lauryn down, Cartier takes a few steps backwards, as she sets herself up to finish this match. Lauryn doesn’t move, as Cartier rushes in with the Empire State of Mind! It connects fully, as Cartier quickly covers Lauryn for the pin!


NO WAIT, GRAHAM GOSCH JUST PULLED LAURYN WOLFE OUT OF THE RING!! Cartier stands there stunned, watching as Graham just stares at her. He smirks, lifting Lauryn up and driving her INTO THE GROUND WITH A RUNNING POWERSLAM! The official calls for the bell, this match is OVER!!
WINNER: Lauryn Wolfe by DQ (19:56)
Graham Gosch stands there, towering over Lauryn Wolfe as the boos rain down on him. Cartier looks on, surprised and stunned at what just happened here. She had the match won, the title was about to be hers yet again.
And Graham Gosch took that away.
Graham blows Cartier a kiss, and follows that up with the finger. He makes sure that Cartier sees it, as he directs it towards the downed Lauryn Wolfe as well. The Internet Champion isn’t moving, a clear message from Graham Gosch has been sent here tonight!
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Graham Gosch has just ruined our main event tonight!”
FUDDERS: ”Ruined? Are you kidding me? He just made this thing into a classic! Graham Gosch is making his claim for the Internet Champion, I’m so excited right now!”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Ugh, this is making me sick to my stomach. These women had a beautiful match going, and he just ruined it.”
FUDDERS: ”Well it does certainly complicate things now, what’s going to happen with the Internet Championship?”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”Speaking of, what’s going to happen with Jett Wilder and Kaelan Laughlin? Kaelan set the date, Jett has a huge target on his back now!”
FUDDERS: ”Folks, we are out of time, we’ll be back for Chapter Twenty-Eight, I’m Tudd Fudders!”
MCDUKENHEIM: ”And I’m the other guy. Goodnight!”
FUDDERS: ”G’Night!”