The picture opens up to a shot from within the Royal Farms Arena, directly in the center of the ring where tonight’s Adrenaline comes to you all live from Baltimore Maryland. The crowd is packed with bullies, toxic individuals, and horrible writers according to some tittybabies online but hey, it’s a full house and what happens here tonight will remain the same tomorrow and even a year from now. Too bad others can’t say the same. Panning the crowd, the camera zooms into various signs held throughout the sea of bodies.
4 C W

Turning to look up the entrance ramp, the stage erupts with blue and green pyro as “Adrenaline” continues playing throughout the building. It’s showtime folks. Normally we’d go straight to the commentary booth but nobody wants to hear what those guys have to say tonight. If you don’t know what went down two weeks ago at Fright Night then just turn your television off and get cucked. Let’s get down to business!

We cut to somewhere in the Royal Farms Arena. Cameras find Alexis busy tightening up some black tape going around her left hand over and over getting ready to prepare for a fight against Kat Jones. She is seen sitting down in a steel chair. Noise from the lively crowd were barely heard from where she was located at. A look of determination was written across her face as Alexis stayed focused on what she needed to finish. The camera get a close-up shot of her head.
MERCER: “Look at you, Kitty Kat. You still can’t get your facts straight. I can picture you scrambling around looking for anything to act more tough and superior than me. Honestly, I take back what I said in the last promo I prefer you shutting the hell up. Can we go back to where you were basically a mute in 4 Corners Wrestling? You couldn’t even be bothered to look up the difference between me and my goody-two-shoes step sister in 4CW. Did the doctors give your ass a brain transplant along with your surgery bit? You know it’s usually the opposite step-sister getting called twisted. It was at the height of my goth phase, man.”
Alexis darts at the cameras.
MERCER: “But I see things a lot clearer now because I understand where I need to be in this messed up world of ours, that it doesn’t require me to dress up like Mortica Addams and be the standard goth trope anymore. Here I am fighting through everything I have been through during the Warzone, and you want to call me an attention whore. But from what I’m told you post three or more pictures screaming look at me, look at my body everywhere you went. What did you expect me to do roll out in a fucking wheelchair? You should know I am certainly not the type of woman to just stay defeated. I don’t need a fake surgery to be my excuse why I’m a fuck-up. However, none of that matters anymore, because I’ll give you another excuse to go away.”
She smiles.
MERCER: “I’ll give you another reason to stay home and ‘take care’ of your friend, Kat. I can’t promise that you will be still in working order when I get finished with what I will do to you. You may have blood pouring out in some places. You may have a few broken bones that weren’t there previously, but tonight I will make sure that you leave needing to have another surgery. Reconstructive surgery.”
With that, the cameras start fading away heading back to ringside for the opening match.


Amazing start to the match with Raab taking full control of it with wasting no time getting his hands on Maddox as soon as the bell rings to start the match. Maddox rolls with the punches, looking for an out where he can successfully attack and finds it when manages to knee Raab in the abdomen and comes up with a swift european uppercut that forces Raab back. But we all know how determined Raab is, that he bares his wrestling soul in the ring and will fight to his left breath if it meant trying to capture that wind as Raab doesn’t go down from the uppercut and he damn sure doesnt stand near by where Maddox can quickly attack him with something stronger that will make him go down. Maddox doesnt want to put distance in between the two though and continues stepping forward quickly while Raab steps back until Raab suddenly sprints forward and catches Maddox in the face with a forearm smash and then quickly goes for a DDT. According to Raab, this match was playing right into his hands with making him feel that he could just as soon take this win home with him tonight, becoming even more motivated and pulling Maddox to his feet. Maddox is quick to fight back though and knees Raab hard before he goes for a neckbreaker and then leg drops right onto Raab as soon as Raab hits the mat.
While Johnson praises both competitors in the match, Vassa seems uninterested and says some snide remarks about both wrestlers who are too busy battling it out in the ring to worry about what some bitter commentator is saying about them. Besides, only person who might feel a type of way is Raab because he’s a sensitive man who needs to stay away from women since women can be a bit rough with him. Maddox lets off a series of kicks at Raab and goes hard to the point Raab almost falls through the ropes from Maddox’s kicks. That seems to kick a bit of aggression in Raab who goes piledriver crazy with a regular piledriver before beating on Maddox a bit and going for a scoop slam piledriver. Feeling like the man right now, Raab felt there was absolutely no way he could lose tonight and he needed to show everyone he was serious about changing things around concerning his career here in the Corners Four. Picking up the win tonight would really show everyone and get him on the right path of where he wanted to be in the company. Raab wraps his arms around Maddox as he makes it to the back of him, holding on tight for a bit with a bearhug before Raab goes back for a release german suplex. He decides on a whim to go for the pin and ends up only getting an almost two count before Maddox kicks out.
Maddox actually finds it amusing that Raab thought he was going to get a pin off of him with moves that werent enough to really keep him down and as soon as Raab pulls him to his feet, Maddox attacks with a swing that Raab dodges, getting too happy with thinking he had gotten out of the way but it actually helped Maddox end up behind Raab for a backstabber. Raab goes down and Maddox decides to go up and he quickly looks behind him for running towards the turnbuckle and jumping on it. Raab is on the mat and doesn’t seem to notice Maddox is counting on that with hopping Raab doesnt roll out of the way as Maddox goes for his Fallen Angel. His body lands on Raab’s and Maddox quickly goes for the cover, hoping for no kick outs or shoulder ups and gets lucky when he gets the three count to end the match.
WINNER: Maddox Ayres via Pinfall (7:45)

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez is once again among a landscape of strewn equipment boxes and machinery, leaning against a wall. As always, he’s clad in his black leather jacket and faded blue jeans, not yet having headed to the locker room to prepare for his match. He turns his head to the camera, as he begins to speak.
FERNANDEZ: “There ain’t a whole lot I have to say that I haven’t already said, mang. But little does it matter to Buzz Jacobs.”
He rolls his eyes, sighing with a touch of annoyance.
FERNANDEZ: “Little does it matter to Buzz Jacobs, because not only does he have to pretend he’s this big wrestling superstar living in some gigantic house with shit tons of money, he has to deny his life history just so he can say I’m a liar, mang.”
He smirks, raising his hands as if he were talking to a child.
FERNANDEZ: “Aye Buzz, we know, we’ve already heard. You come from a wrestling FAMILY, mang. You’ve been on a wrestling ring since you were able to stand on your own two feet and start walking without someone holding your hand. You’re a BIG star, mang. You took a HUGE money pay cut to come to 4CW, as if that shit was any more believable than thinking you’re going to collect my dignity for that image you’re trying to play to no one’s belief.”
He scoffs, turning his head away.
FERNANDEZ: “I’ve heard it all of that, mang, and here’s the thing: Nobody cares.”
He stares hard at the camera, wearing a deadpan expression.
FERNANDEZ: “Nobody god damned cares, and much less in a company as long-standing, and as illustrious, and as IMPORTANT, as Four Corners Wrestling is. Greater people than you have come and gone, greater people than you are yet to come – and greater people than YOU, every other single god damned member of this roster, is greater than you. And as grotesque and incomprehensible as that may seem to you, mang – yes, that very much includes yours truly.”
He takes his hand to cover his mouth, as if he were letting his opponent in on a secret.
FERNANDEZ: “You wanna know something, mang? I play videogames and like telling what’s going on inside them, and people buy me doing that shit more than they buy you. I’ve said I’m the god damned Dragonborn, if you’ve ever played Skyrim, and people bought that. I’ve been Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. I’ve been the god damned Inquisitor from the latest Dragon Age. I play a game, open a stream on social media, post screenshots, and I’m STILL more believable than your played out superstar act, mang.”
He gasps, in a theatrical motion, as if he’s just shocked by his own words.
FERNANDEZ: “The sad reality, Buzz, is that you’re washed up like those bottles you empty, one after another, when you’re not in the ring. You’re washed up because there ain’t even the SLIGHTEST motivation on your sorry as to take yourself, and by extension the sport you claim to love so much, and from that your opponents, with the slightest modicum of seriousness, and for that, you’ll pay the price.
Pushing himself from the wall, he straightens himself up, and leans at the camera, staring eye-to-eye with the lens.
FERNANDEZ: ”Because this is more than just a victory, or about shutting you up for the things you’ve said of me. This, in the end, is about PASSION, mang. That same passion you’ve already proven not to have. That same passion that drives me to PROGRESS, whatever progress there is to be had by getting a win over your name, for you’re just a stepping stone, Buzz. But since you chose to run your mouth, and you WANTED to pick a fight, for that I’m coming out to give you more than you’ve bargained for.”
Leaning back from the camera, Mariano clenches his right fist.
FERNANDEZ:”For that I’ll come out there and give you a lesson not just in wrestling ability, OR skill, of which I have plenty more than you, but also in attitude, at which you’re so desperately lacking. And after I’m done with that, I’ll take you out like the trash you are, and the last thing you’ll see will be the white from ceiling lights blinding your eyes, before it all fades to black.”
Any pretense of civility from DA #TROLL GUY is gone, as his face, and his voice, now seem stone-like in their hardness.
FERNANDEZ: “Then perhaps, if you still remember to, you’ll go back to saying the only person you lost to yourself, but I will know, the people having watched will know, and despite your best efforts, deep down YOU’ll know, that you lost to someone better. And MAYBE then you’ll sober up – and whether literally, or figuratively, you can take that however you like, ain’t much difference anyway.”
FERNANDEZ: “But no matter – I’ve wasted enough breath on you. Andraste knows putting down trash like you is not a task for proper men.”
Straightening himself up, he pulls his hoodie back, his GLORIOUS soccer mom hair fluttering in motion, and he slams his fist against his palm.
FERNANDEZ: “… But let’s be about it.”
And with that, he walks away, somewhat hurriedly and decidedly, as the camera cuts back to the ring.

Cameras cut to Adrenaline GM Boston strolling backstage with a settling smile on his face with being in a good mood. Phoenix hadn’t made an appearance tonight and Perry was most likely nose deep into his girlfriend’s ass with sitting out of this show to spend her birthday with her. So now Boston was officially the only one in charge and he would make the roster feel his wrath if they got out of a line. Nobody was going to save them from him tonight and you better believe he was going to take full advantage of this. The man walked down the hall like he had no worries in the world, knowing the many threats directed his way over the last few weeks that had been piling up but not once did Boston glance behind his shoulder for an approaching attack. Because he knew DAMN well no one really had the stones to come at him for real…..
? ? ?: “BREAK YOSELF, FOO’!”
Suddenly, a brass knuckled fist collides into the side of Boston’s face from an intersecting hallway that has Boston crashing into the wall on his left. As the assailant appears in the frame of the camera from her sprinting forward to stomp Boston’s body with her wheat Timberland boots and getting some more shots in using her brass knuckles, Santana Ortiz looks as if she isn’t stopping anytime soon. But she suddenly stops her assault to back up with a smirk on her face as if she’s maybe done but that proves to be far from the case.
As Boston moved to get up on his hands and knees to recover from that assault, a white cane tipped with a carved skull was whipping upwards in an arc, smacking the man across the face with enough force to turn him over. Santana wasn’t alone. Tall, and looming, a nerveless hand clutching the cane that was just used to assault Boston, leaning on it. He looked like a damned portent of death in all that black trimmed with purple, his pale skin contrasting sharply against it.
FONTENOT: “Non, Ma Cherie. Ya gotta twist ya hand as you’re bringin’ dat punch ova, non? Gotta make sure ya knuckles cut inta’em so all dat brass leaves a mark. G’wan, try it one mo’ ‘gain.”
He sounded more like a coach, or a discerning father, than someone who was in the middle of assaulting someone. Smirking, Santana inches closer to Boston who as soon as she gets close enough, the man grabs onto her leg and is looking to try to yank her ass to the floor. Santana struggles to shake off Boston’s tight grip on her ankle and ends up sending him a few brass punches to the face to try to get him to loosen his grip.
ORTIZ: “Like dat??? Oooo you see how his head just twisted to the side like dat? Let’s see how strong them pills be workin on his hulked up ass.”
FONTENOT: ”All da pills an’ muscles in da world don’t stop an ass whoopin’.”
Snide, Duke was leaning down, favoring his side as he choked his grip down low on the cane, crouching more than a little bit as his other hand reached out for Boston’s hair, gripping it tight near the root, leanin’ over to speak to him.
FONTENOT: “I told you boy, if ya didn’t come to me, that’d mean that Daddy was gonna have to come lookin’ fa you, and now he don’ found ya. See, dis here’s da woodshed I told you I was beat you behind..”
SMACK! He took that hand full of hair he had and just SLAMMED Boston’s head into the ground at an angle, rubbing his face against the concrete, before pulling it back up.
FONTENOT: “Miss Phoenix sends her love, I just want you to know that.”
WHAM! Down came that head again as Duke bounced it off the concrete. Standin’ up to his feet though, he was giving a nasty wince, checking his side with his off hand and..
FONTENOT: “You made me pop a stitch, you greasy peckerwood mother fucker!.”
Cue the GM of Youngbloods rearing back to stop that size thirteen wide right into the mountain of a man’s free floating ribs! Santana is busy filming this on her phone as she hypes Duke up with instigating words to keep the assault ongoing.
ORTIZ: “Awwww I was expecting a fight since he talks all dat shit on twitter… oj yeah, dats right. He a cripple. He can’t swing cause his doctor aint give him permission. Ha.”
FONTENOT: “Just lak a fuckin’ peckerwood!”
The cane lifted and it was swung down, his ribs, his chest, his sides. Heavy bone, reinforced by wood and iron, the damned thing was heavy, and sturdy, and being used by the already injured Duke like a conductor’s baton, guiding the carnage that ebbed from it, before… Well, Duke paused from his assault to go down near the man’s legs, tucking his cane beneath his arm to untie his shoes.
FONTENOT: “I’m gonna be as useless as tits on a bull when deese painkillas wear off, Ma Cherie. You mind jerkin’ the jacket off this mother fucker?.”
Wait, was Duke seriously robbing him of his shoes and jacket? He’d promised that he would, but… Really? He was really fucking doing this? Snickering, Santana bends down to begin pulling at the right jacket sleeve, waiting to get Boston’s arm completely out of it before she begins working on getting his other arm out of the jacket.
ORTIZ: “All ya had to do was tell the truth… I mean, it wouldn’t have saved ya from any consequences but it damn would have at least proved dat you somewhat of a decent man.”
Shaking her head as if Boston was a child that had disappointed her, Santana rises and drapes the jacket over her right shoulder before taunting Boston.
ORTIZ: “Don’t see no security around here…. It’s as if someone celebratin their girlfriend’s birthday tonight told them to stand down.”
Tilting his head to the side, leaning even more heavily on that cane, with his other hand holding those shoes. Yeah, stitches had popped, he was bleeding, but he didn’t seem to be too overly phased, even though he should be. He probably should have been laid low. Pulling his hand back from his side, from beneath his own jacket, he looked down at it, and then to Boston. Slowly, he leaned over and shoved that palm down on top of his forehead, as if to mark him.
FONTENOT: “Told you I was a man of my word. Told you I’d hit you in public and let the whole world know it was me. Remember that next time you open ya fuckin’ cocksucker about me, or about her..”
And with that, just like that, he was leaning back and letting loose with a hard kick with his boot towards Boston, intent on making him go night night with that punt kick. Santana then pulls him away in laughter with knowing the damage was done as she helps Duke away while Boston lies on the ground, the cameraman even zooming in on Boston’s face before the feed cuts.


It didn’t take long after the introductions before things were underway. Before the sound of the bell, Riley rushed Natalie, catching her off guard in the corner with nowhere to go. Swinging with her right arm, Riley clocked her upside the head with a stiff elbow, knocking Natalie back against the corner. Swinging again and again, Riley connected with back to back elbow shots to Natalie’s head. Transitioning her attack, Natalie latched onto the top rope to her right, using it for leverage as she repeatedly kicked Natalie in the stomach until eventually breaking her down to a seated position. Riley didn’t stop there though, oh no. After waiting two weeks to hear a single whisper from her opponent, Riley was deadest on giving her a reason to be quiet. Pulling Natalie up from the mat, Riley swung once more, this time hitting Natalie directly in the mouth and another stiff elbow. Natalie was seeing stars. Quickly pulling her head down, Riley wrapped an arm around it and before you knew it, Natalie was lifted off her feet, up and over as Riley dropped her to the canvas with a snap suplex. Rolling up to an upright seated position, Natalie reached her arm behind her, rubbing her hand on her lower back. Back on her feet, Riley circled Natalie a few times, spitting a little trash talk before literally spitting in Natalie’s face as she came to face her head on. Taking a step back, Riley then rushed in, nearly taking Natalie’s head off with a vicious buzzsaw kick that knocked Natalie flat on her back.
If she wanted to, Riley could have ended the match right then and there but she decided to have a little fun at Natalie’s expense. She continued to taunt Natalie, kicking her while she was down. Taking a step back, Riley would give Natalie a chance to climb back to her feet and once she began to do so, Riley would step in and kick Natalie’s arm out from under her, forcing her to drop back to the mat which seemed to amuse Riley. She did this a few times, and each time Natalie would fall for it. Natalie’s bio states that she was very inexperienced but watching it first hand this poor girl was clearly out of her element and way in over her head. You either nut up or shut up and in this case, Natalie did neither. She was shook the moment the match was booked. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone shit the bed in their debut and it surely wouldn’t be the last. Giving Natalie one more chance to climb to her feet, Riley stood back longer than before, actually allowing Natalie to raise up to both knees. Backing up to the ropes, Riley bounced off and ran straight for Natalie at full speed, connecting with another buzzsaw kick that hurt those even watching. Stepping on Natalie’s hair, Riley then grabbed ahold of her and snatched her up from the mat, pulling the hair from her scalp in the process. Natalie screamed in agony, which only brought a devilish smile to Riley’s face as if it were music to her ears. Locking an arm around Natalie’s head, Riley looked out over the crowd, even giving them the middle finger before locking her hands and taking Natalie head first to the canvas with The Crowning (headlock driver)! Rolling Natalie over to her back, which should have been done along time ago, Riley nonchalantly covered her for the pin as the official swept in with the three count!
Let’s talk!
WINNER: Riley Sweet via Pinfall (7:37)

Somewhere deep in the labyrinthine hallways of the Royal Farms arena, a camera view heads through a crowded passage as various backstage 4CW crewpeople go about their duties. All of the typical professional wrestling accoutrements are present – multiple cases of varying sizes, filled with who-knows-what, stacks of long, metal poles leaning against a wall, ready to be scattered across the concrete floor with a cacophony of loud, echoing clangs if anyone on the roster should be thrown into them. A table with a coffee machine and snacks.
The camera passes by all of them, until it finds a doorway clearly marked WOMEN, along with the traditional accompanying silhouette of a stick figure wearing a skirt right below it. The camera gets close, then we see a hand press against the door and push it open. Inside the ladies’ washroom, King’s Road star and visiting talent at Adrenaline Cartier stands at the row of sinks, washing her hands. She’s still in street clothes, as she’s not scheduled to perform for a while. This includes baggy sweatpants, a tight tank top, and a comfy pair of fuzzy bedroom slippers (with socks).
CARTIER: “Yo what the fuck?”
Cartier turns to see the cameraman entering, and before she can even fully react, one of the stalls next to where she stands flies open. From within the bathroom stall, 4CW backstage interviewer Gabe Hartman emerges with microphone in hand.
HARTMAN: “Cartier! My girl! I’ve been waiting all day for you!”
CARTIER: “Hartman? The fuck? Why you here? You work on Adrenaline too? I thought you was just hitchhikin’ from one King’s Road show to another?”
HARTMAN: “Yup! I help clean up after Adrenaline in return for whatever’s leftover in catering. Pretty sweet deal!”
CARTIER: “Maaaan, I was really hopin’ it would be Tiph Banks, I mean I know she a COO or whatever too but she still technically workin’ backstage for 4CW ain’t she?”
HARTMAN: “Yeah, well, I can get into places she can’t…”
CARTIER: “This the women’s room.”
HARTMAN: “I’m pretty sure it’s unisex.”
HARTMAN: “Pretty sure.”
CARTIER: “It ain’t.”
HARTMAN: “There’s a urinal right there.”
CARTIER: “That’s a sink, Gabe. You in the ladies’ room. You needa take a walk an’ get on outta here before I toss you out on yo ass. This a violation of my privacy. Jus’ because I’m a 4CW roster member don’t mean I ain’t entitled to take a damn piss off the clock now an’ then. Shit.”
Cartier advances on Hartman, backing him slightly into the still-open stall. Hartman holds a hand up in a plaintive gesture, ducking his head away in a flinch.
HARTMAN: “Cartier! Hold on a second, boo! It’s me! Gabe! Your boy from day one! You don’t have to front on me or act hard. Chill, baby!”
Hartman holds out a tentative fist for a bump. Cartier looks from Hartman to the outstretched fist and back again, her eyes widening in an expression of pure ‘can you believe this motherfucker.’
CARTIER: “Bitch, listen.”
Cartier snaps a hand around Hartman’s wrist, twisting his arm down and spinning him around into a hammerlock. She bull rushes forward until Hartman’s knees are against the commode and then she presses against his back, snarling into his ear.
CARTIER: “I ain’t here to play wit’ you tonight, little fuckboy. I brought my ass to Baltimore an’ Adrenaline tonight for one reason an’ one reason only – to shut that ugly ass trap on Genie Carlson’s face. I’mma knock the veneers out her mouth tonight in front of all these people, an’ if you wanna be the warmup then you go ahead an’ keep talkin’ that shit. You feel me? You wanna come into the women’s room like some kinda child molester an’ shit? How about I take my knife out an’ make sure you got the right equipment between ya legs to be in here, how ‘bout that?”
HARTMAN: “Wait! No! I just wanted an exclusive!”
Hartman starts to shake violently as Cartier pulls a pen out of her pocket and presses it against the ass of his pants.She smiles as Gabe starts to shake even more vigorously, reacting to what most likely feels to him like a knife against his taint.
CARTIER: “Why not? You so eager to sit down to piss, how about I just get you one step closer to your dream comin’ true then? Won’t take more’n a few seconds to lop off that little Jett Wilder ding dong you workin’ with. Little nip an’ tuck an’ you can be the post-op you always wanted. Maybe I’m the Genie tonight, I be makin’ them wishes come true.”
Hartman squeals like a pig, wriggling like a trapped animal in Cartier’s grip. He bucks enough that he gets a foot up on the bowl and pushes hard against it, sending the two of them backwards a few steps. Cartier reacts with furor, bending Hartman over and driving his head into the cold water of the toilet. She presses his face under the surface by the back of his head and keeps screaming at him while he gurgles and thrashes.
CARTIER: “I’m done wit’ you. You an’ all these other bullshit personnel in this company. Tired of playin’ by the rules an’ gettin shit talked and taken advantage of, like every damn show in King’s Road. Y’all ain’t gonna keep playin’ nice to my face an’ then ruinin’ all my hard work wit’ cheap shots an’ run ins an’ all that. You, Hughes, Boston, Perry… NONE of y’all better have nothin’ goin’ on in some bullshit attempt to keep your girl Mrs. Carlson lookin’ good when I beat her tonight. No BS disqualifications, no walk-away count outs, no distractions, no NOTHIN’ except me whippin’ that girl’s Becky Bella ass.”
Cartier lifts Hartman up and out of the water and he sucks in a loud gasp of air before she dunks him back in.
HARTMAN: “I just interview! I just !GLUG!”
CARTIER: “I don’t give a fuck! The whole company on notice! I’mma show y’all what happens when you fuck wit’ a real hoodrat bitch from the streets. I’mma show you wassup when I go down into that ring a little later and start right from the top of the heap and roll Genie down the damn hill. Gonna take the Queen Bee of 4CW an’ drop a guillotine on her ass. Heads gonna roll if I don’t start gettin’ treated wit’ the respect I deserve around here, and that includes from you, Gabe. That means no more poppin’ into my bathroom or hidin’ behind no potted plants to jump out like some kinda damn horror movie. No more nonsense. Tonight, I’m makin’ my statement and lettin’ it be known that when you lookin’ for someone to fuck wit’, Cartier. Ain’t. The. One. Now… you good?”
She pulls him back out of the bowl, tossing him onto his rear end in the stall, where he leans against the wall and coughs and sputters. His shirt and hair are soaked through, and he can barely hold the mic up anymore. Cartier snatches it from his hand and turns to face the camera head on.
CARTIER: “Genie Carlson, I hope you somewhere watchin’ this right now. I wouldn’t put it past you to have been the one askin’ this man to come harass me every time I come to a 4CW show. I wouldn’t put it past you to have been the one to be bankrollin’ Graham Gosch to make sure he stealin’ my W’s week after week neither. I know you all about messin’ wit’ people heads an’ tryina break ‘em down before they even get in the ring with you. I seen you do it show after show. You bring a lotta people down wit’ that recipe but it ain’t gon’ work wit’ me. I see you, bitch. I see you an’ I’mma make sure you see me tonight when that bell rings. Hope you in for a prize fight, Genie, because I’mma make sure you feel like you been through 12 rounds by the time we done. An’ when you wake up an’ see me standin’ over you wit’ my hands in the air, you can go on right ahead an’ pretend it was a fluke or that shit wasn’t fair. You an’ me both gonna know that what really happened was you got GOT, just like I told you. Peace out, TV Land, this interview over.”
Cartier tosses the microphone down into the lap of Gabe Hartman, who turtles up and groans as it bounces off of his crotch. She slams open the stall door and stomps out of the bathroom, and the scene fades to black as the hand behind the camera reaches down to help Hartman up.

Alessandro Quagliaterre was stood in a hallway backstage with Gabriel Hartman. Gabriel looked like he was about to ask a question, but Alessandro already jumped in with an answer.
QUAGLIATERRE: “You know what I learnt throughout this whole cycle with Bryan Williams.”
Gabriel looked to give a response, but Alessandro was not finished making his point.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Not just the fact that he doesn’t appear to actually engage in any verbal tradeoff with me, because he’s a massive buzzkill and has a giant stick stuck up his butt. What I notice, is Bryan Williams doesn’t like someone have an opposing opinion to him.”
He looked at Hartman to get him to agree with what he was saying. Hartman wasn’t convinced, so Alessandro argued his case some more.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Infact he gets very sensitive about it. Almost like he he’s suffering from PMS.”
Before Hartman could ask the obvious, Alessandro interjected.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Yes I know Bryan is not a woman, but given his hissyfits, would explain a lot.”
Once again before Hartman could get a question in, Alessandro had already jumped the gun with a reply.
QUAGLIATERRE: “What hissyfits? Well he got stroppy when I called Tombstone a shit move, claiming I had shit taste. He got his moobs in a twist when Manny said one word to him. And he lost his rag when Hudson Hughes strung a sentence together. Plus there was probably something somewhere in the last week with Jett getting on his nerve.”
Bryan got triggered easily was the message Alessandro was conveying.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Bryan has some serious anger issues, and a temper tantrum. Mighty sensitive if you ask me. You know who else was super sensitive to anyone not agreeing with the way they saw the world.”
Alessandro gave a comparison to three individuals who shared the same trait as Bryan Williams.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Hitler. Saddam Hussein. Joseph Stalin.”
A controversial statement to make.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Obviously I’m not comparing Bryan Williams to the three of them.”
Alessandro shook his head, realizing Bryan was not as bad as them.
QUAGLIATERRE: “I’m saying he worse.”
Scratch that thought.
QUAGLIATERRE: “However liberal opinions, or sensitivity aside. Nobody actually gives a damn about what Bryan thinks, it’s how he performs inside that wrestling ring, and what he produces there is all that anyone really gives a fuck about.”
Hartman nodded, and Alessandro quickly retorted.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Bryan certainly had some choice words to say about me in our prematch vignettes. Strong words, choice arguments, and points that really drove home. We will see tonight whether he can back it up, or I leave him with a sour taste in his mouth, and egg splattered all over his face.”
Alessandro mimed the motion of a egg cracking over Bryan’s head, with sound effects.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Figuratively speaking of course, with embarrassment, not literally. Nobody wants to see Bryan with egg on his face. Maybe Marquis does, who knows?”
He shrugged his shoulders.
QUAGLIATERRE: “Anyway, I got a match to go prepare for. My parting comment to Bryan Williams is… he can go fuck himself.”
Alessandro flipped the bird up to the camera, or maybe it was a peace sign. Either way he left Hartman alone with his thoughts as he walked off. Hartman was left in an unsuccessful attempt to perform an interview, he was not very good at his job.


You could practically smell the aggression from Alexis tonight as she kicks it up a notch with fighting as if she’s literally trying to kill Kat. Kat is wondering what the hell her deal is, wondering if Alexis was trying to overcompensate for something while Alexis manages to grab the back of Kat’s head and bangs her face into the turnbuckle post twice before she yanks Kat away from it. She then toys with her on some cat and mouse ish with shoving Kat away and then stalks her, making Kat think she’s about to attack with fake lunging forward just to quickly take a step back. Alexis was having fun but Kat was already over the game and when Alexis fake lunges forward, Kat meets her with a hard swing that has her fist catching the side of Alexis’ face and Alexis stumbling backwards to the point she almost stumbles over her own feet. Alexis shows her frustration by dodging one of Kat’s incoming clothesline and grabs a fistful of Kat’s hair to yank back on some dom putting their sub back into place ish. While keeping a hold of that fistful of hair, Alexis uses her free hand to wave her middle finger right in Kat’s face before going for a fisherman neckbreaker and stomps on Kat’s body as soon as Kat is on the mat.
The audience notices the spike in Alexis aggressive behavior and wonders what the beef is as Alexis hops to keep two birds with one stone by not only defeating Kat tonight but showing everyone that she’s someone who should not be taken lightly and can strike fear into any and everyone. Kat is on her feet and Alexis makes a quick grab just for Kat to step out of her reach and throw a sick elbow at Alexis that causes Alexis to bounce against the ropes. She bounces off the ropes and gets mauled with a clothesline from a speedy Kat who keeps her eyes on Alexis with not even wanting to blink. She knew Alexis could be sneaky when she wanted to and while she tries to not get caught slipping, she manages to and Alexis hurriedly takes the lead in the match with taking control of Kat. She wants her on the mat so bad that she literally begins kicks at Kat’s shins and legs in an effort to make her go down. When she doesnt, Alexis backslaps the hell out of Kat and charges her with a tackle to take her down on the mat. She then crawls on top of Kat with serving a few punches to the face before crawling up a bit towards Kat’s face. Vassa’s dirty minded self thinks Alexis is about to sit on Kat’s face but is quickly disappointed when all Alexis does is ram her knee hard into the side of Kat’s head.
Alexis smirks, feeling proud of herself and stands to her feet while violently yanking Kat by the hair and starts to pull her forward when Kat bitchslaps the hell out of Alexis. It seems to stun Alexis with catching her off guard and that’s all Kat needs as she takes control and has Alexis regretting every single move she made against Kat tonight. With her northern lights suplex followed up with a yank to her feet and then a belly to back suplex, Kat tries to make Alexis realize that she fucked up tonight and every time Alexis’ body hits the mat, Kat is there to pull her back to her feet to continue getting busy with her. A superkick to the face stuns Alexis whose body falls back and crashes to the mat like a sack of rocks. Sure Kat could have tried for a pin but she wanted to make sure that once she went that route, that Alexis wasn’t kicking out so she pulls Alexis to her feet for the Kat-astrophe and then finally goes for the pin. The referee’s hand hits the mat three times and the bell rings to end the match.
WINNER: Kat Jones via Pinfall (8:14)

The scene cuts away from the Kat Jones/Alexis Mercer shitfest, to a walking Bryan Williams. The crowd, expectedly, begins to cheer at the sight of Bryan as he walks down the hallway. Anything other than watching Alexis Mercer wrestling would have been a welcome sight for them, but Bryan just became an added bonus. He looks around the hallway, curiously, as he seems to be lost.
Bryan walks a bit for a few moments, as the scene looks normal without any tracking. Apparently, according to those who do not like to have fun, an aesthetic like that is totally played out. So for now, we’ll go with a super bland look. Bryan groans, as he looks down the barren hallway.
WILLIAMS: ”They never have these things in the same place, so stupid…”
The sound of a whisper seems to draw Bryan’s attention, as it can faintly be heard in the background. Bryan whips his head around, trying to figure out the source and location of the sound.
WILLIAMS: ”What the shit is that noise?”
Fully intrigued, Bryan begins to walk away from his mission and begins to walk towards the source of the sound. Whatever Bryan had planned completely went out the window, his attention focused on examining this whisper.
Bryan turns a corner, and spots a utility closet. Normally used to store cleaning supplies, and anything else, it seems to be occupied by a strange sound. Carefully, Bryan presses his ear up against the door. The sounds seem to be a bit louder, but definitely muffled. Bryan looks very confused. There is a bang, and a groan, the noise from behind the door can finally be heard on the camera.
? ? ?: ”Oh god, I love weed now!”
Bryan stands there, mortified.
WILLIAMS: ”Oh my god …They let Sativa back into 4CW?!”
Bryan, fully committed to not allowing this atrocity to happen, grabs the door handle and swings it open. The camera reveals the culprit, sitting there on the floor in his dirty underwear is Gabriel Hartman. Local backstage interviewer, and definite homeless man. Bryan looks at Gabe, shaking his head.
HARTMAN: ”Bryan! It’s not what it looks like!”
WILLIAMS: ”Well, Gabe, it’s hard to imagine this looking like anything else. Why are you in this broom closet, and why are you in your underwear? Also, where did you get those drugs? I’m sure stuff like that is impossible to find in this town, I wouldn’t know… I don’t do drugs.”
Bryan says this, as he grabs the joint from Gabe’s hand. Gabe looks a bit disheartened, as Bryan takes a drag from it. His face sours, as he tosses it away.
WILLIAMS: ”Gabe, this isn’t weed. This is just grass, who gave this to you?”
Gabe’s face lights up with excitement.
HARTMAN: ”Cartier! Yeah, she’s real nice…”
Bryan scoffs, rolling his eyes. Gabriel stands up, dusting himself off as he moves out of the closet and into the hallway. He looks around for a moment, and then back to Bryan.
HARTMAN: ”Do you …uh, want to do an interview?”
Bryan thinks for a moment, before slowly nodding his head. Gabriel, excited even more, reaches into his underwear and pulls out a tie. Bryan looks mortified, as Gabriel places the tie around his neck. Grabbing a broom handle, Gabriel holds it up to his mouth like a microphone. This makeshift interview has now gotten underway.
HARTMAN: ”Bryan, first, let me welcome you back to Adrenaline as a member of the active roster. We know that you had to step away due to an injury, but you are back now. How do you feel?”
Bryan looks at the broom handle, still in Gabriel’s hand.
WILLIAMS: ”Well … Gabe …I feel good. I feel like my body is ready to step back into that ring. It was tough, having to sit out those ninety days and let myself heal. I could have probably pushed it, but who knows what would have happened. I didn’t want to hurt myself any further, so I stepped away to become Co-General Manager of Adrenaline. I appreciated the responsibilities, and now I’m ready to compete.”
HARTMAN: ”Do you think you learned anything from it?”
Gabriel pushes the broom handle closer to Bryan’s face, who begins to look more and more annoyed about the thought of having to answer these questions into a broom handle.
WILLIAMS: ”Well, yeah, Gabe I did learn some stuff. I learned a lot when I was helping this show not fall to pieces. I learned that this company has some problems, and there are bad people out there who will stop at nothing to profit from it. I learned that my co-worker hadn’t changed much in the span of a year. A real creep, and a complete psychopath. I figured out that I needed to step up, and do something to keep this company safe from him.”
HARTMAN: ”Yeah man, he’s a real weirdo.”
Bryan stands there, saying nothing as Gabriel shifts his weight to the other side. Still holding a broom handle.
HARTMAN: ”But look, enough about creeps and learning experiences. Tonight you face Alessandro Quag … Qua … AQ. Do you think his losing streak will help you ease back into active competition?”
Bryan sighs.
WILLIAMS: ”Look, Alessandro was a great competitor. I don’t know what happened, or what switch in his brain turned off. The fact is that he’s lost a lot lately, and now the pressure is on me to perform. Alessandro has nothing to lose, because he is a loser. If he loses, it’s another day at the office for him. But if I can’t perform, and I lose …maybe it means worse things for me than we all expected.”
HARTMAN: ”Yeah, that would be super embarrassing.”
WILLIAMS: ”Thanks Gabe.”
Bryan shakes his head, as Gabriel Hartman tries to think up another question for Bryan. Bryan looks around, already aware of his plans. Before Gabe can even speak, Bryan cuts him off.
WILLIAMS: ”Look, tonight I get back into that ring. I start my journey with this company again. I’m going to go out there and perform, no matter what I’ll do that. Alessandro, Boston, none of that matters. My focus is that ring, and taking it one week at a time. I’ll do what I do best. I’ll put on a show, and everyone will go home happy. Only then will I be able to rest, and know that everything will be fine.”
Gabe smiles, nodding his head.
WILLIAMS: ”Now look, I was supposed to get Persephone a Coke Zero like ten minutes ago. I can’t find the soda machines, can you point me in their direction?”
Gabe smiles again, and points off screen. Bryan, looking like he sees what he needed to, breathes a sigh of relief and pats Gabe on the shoulder.
WILLIAMS: ”Awesome, thanks man. I’m going to leave you to …whatever it is you were doing. Hopefully you can find some actual weed, and light that shit up!”
HARTMAN: ”Hell yeah, brother!”
Gabe tries an elaborate handshake with Bryan, but Bryan just stands there staring at Gabe’s attempt. It doesn’t go over well, and Bryan leaves the scene without saying a word. The camera stays there, on Gabriel, as he stands in the hallway with only his underwear and a tie on.
Still holding a broom handle.
The scene is silent for a moment, before Gabriel finally looks to move on. He nods his head, trying to play off the awkward scene he’s finally realizing in his head.
HARTMAN: ”Light that shit UP. Rawr, gotta limp cause my pecker is really heavy and thick.”
The scene cuts away, as Gabe mumbles to himself.

“Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff plays very loudly inside the arena. Some fans cover their ears and wince at the volume of it. All of the arena lights blast to full white. The tron also goes plain white. As the arena lights begin to slowly fade to darkness, a series of digits begins to fade lightly onto the tron.

SMITH JONES: “I’m right here. Let’s play.”
The arena lights normalize as the music suddenly stops.

KAISER: ”Once again, there was a paradigm shift at the last PPV. New champions were crowned, leading to a changing of the guard that may last for some time. Look at the talent who now hold championships.”
KAISER: “Bryan Laughlin, the only man that I can say rivals my hunger, now holds the belt that I was making into something special. He’ll carry that legacy as penance for his most recent failure at winning the 4CW Championship. Every time he holds that belt high, he’ll find more pride in the act, while bringing out the worst rage that anyone in this company has ever seen. He will wear the symbol of his loss as a means to change himself. One day, he’ll stand on the other side of me, then we’ll see if his time with the Ignition Championship did wonders for him.”
KAISER: “It certainly did for me.”
Artemis lets out a loud laugh, unnerving some of the nearby stagehands.
KAISER: “Calm down, I can laugh sometimes.”
Her gleeful mannerism dies down for a moment as she continues.
KAISER: “Then we have Eli Carlson, the good lad, who has done nearly everything he said he was going to do. Who doubted him walking into that championship match? I know I didn’t. Eli’s the kind of man that doesn’t know how to rebound from a loss because he never thinks like that. He just sees what more he has to do to keep proving that he’s one of the best here in 4CW. And he did just that. Kimitsu will come at him for what she thinks is hers but Eli will always stand as the loudmouthed son of a bitch that will do whatever he wants if no one gets in his way.”
Artemis then checks on her 4CW Championship, gliding her finger across the grooves of the nameplate.
KAISER: “Then you have me. I did exactly what I said, right? I traded in one championship for the other, made some history along the way, and ended the so-called era of Salvation.”
KAISER: “There is no Salvation in my kingdom.”
KAISER: ”There is an Empress at the helm now, did it faster than anyone, and now people are speculating what kind of reign will I have. Will I be the next Manny or Ana? Do so much to win the championship only to lose out on my first defense? Or worse, I have such a lackluster reign that people will forget all about it?”
Artemis snickers again before bursting into another fit of uproarious laughter.
KAISER: “My question to every person that has those thoughts? What proof do you have otherwise? Look at my career, look at my reign as Ignition Champion, and look at what I do on a natural basis. Am I the best wrestler alive? I’m not crazy enough to say something like that off gate but am I a contender? When we get to those year-end awards, how many people are going to vote me for Wrestler of the Year? People don’t have arguments against me otherwise. So what will it take?”
The champion pauses for a moment.
KAISER: “Maybe it’ll take beating Andre Holmes?”
KAISER: “He seems preoccupied with trying to act like he’s not scared of me or embarrasses me on my first night as champion. Sadly, I don’t really care if he’s afraid. I don’t care if he thinks that I want to be the underdog. I don’t care about anything he believes in for the simple fact that he stands on the other side of the ring after talking so much garbage.”
She taps on the championship lightly.
KAISER: “So it’s my duty as champion to make him sit down and be humble, as I said before.”
KAISER: “Because the first week of Artemis Kaiser’s reign as 4CW Champion needs to start off with a message. And mine is an age-old one that many people should always remember.”
Artemis points at the camera.
KAISER: “Andre, you might know this one.”
With a hateful gleam in her eye, Artemis gives the camera a final smirk.
KAISER: “Talk shit, get hit.”


Manny’s soccer mom hair was on some shampoo commercial levels of lift as it swings in the air while he’s twisting his body n the air in a spinning dropkick to take Buzz down. Manny was on some superhero type of shit with his moves and energy tonight with the fans chalking it up as Manny being high off that epic video gaming life. Buzz tries to keep up with Manny, having the speed but not nearly enough as to what Manny was putting to use tonight. Manny puts those forearms and punches to great use, building up a great momentum and could have kept up the great work with the assault when Buzz dropkicks Manny in the knee and has him wobbling before falling down to the mat. Buzz takes initiative and keeps his movements simple with pulling Manny to his feet and going for chops across Manny’s chest. A few knee strikes later and Buzz is working on trying to imprint Manny into the mat from all the punches in the face he’s making Manny take. He finally rises off Manny and starts to step over Manny’s body when Manny quickly leg sweeps Buzz so that Buzz is down on the mat and now Manny is on his feet as he quickly rises when Buzz goes down. Manny rolls Buzz onto his stomach and gets him into the Boston Crab as Buzz struggles to not tap out while Manny makes sure to apply the pressure. He does make the mistake, however, to not pull Buzz away the ropes and fortunately for Buzz, he’s able to stretch his right arm out in hopes of being able to grab one of the ropes and succeeds in doing so.
Manny realizes he was too eager and should have dragged Buzz to the middle of the ring before performing the submission on him but knows he cant dwell on it at the moment as he focuses on trying to take Buzz down. Buzz’ game plan is to drain Manny down because he seemed to be pumped up on energy and Manny’s speed was definitely helping him to avoid any sudden attacks from Buzz. Buzz grabs Manny’s head and keeps a tight grip on it while pulling it down far enough so that he can repeatedly drive his knee into Manny’s face. With a final vicious knee strike that has Manny looking as if he’s seen the final boss in a video game before Manny collapses to the mat. Buzz taunts it up a bit, show boating it up while the audience seems to be more worried about when they were going to hit the concession stand up for some more beer while Manny is trying to get himself to stop seeing miniature soccer balls circling around his head. Manny sits up too fast and that definitely does help as he gets a head rush from it and Buzz slaps the back of Manny’s head to be disrespectful with a growing smirk on his face. But please believe that just because Manny has hair that would be short haired twitter lesbians too shame, he was nobody’s bitch and he was not about to have Buzz treating him as one as he gets it together by closing his eyes since he was feeling a little dizzy while Buzz grabs an arm to begin pulling Manny to his feet.
Manny quickly opens his eyes and begins kicking and punching Buzz to try to get him from trying to grab him, trying to avoid any slams because he felt that would be what ended the match. Manny fought through the slight dizziness though and was able to go for a pele kick to put Buzz down on the mat temporarily while Manny crawled to the ropes and rested against them as he catches his breath and waits for his vision to clear a whole of a lot better so that he could focus alot better in the match. His vision was still slightly blurred but he could tell that Buzz was getting up on his feet so Manny did the same with using the ropes to pull him up slowly to his feet and squinting hard to try to clear his vision a bit so he can keep an eye on Buzz. Buzz sees Manny blinking repeatedly and giving his head slight shakes so he takes this as Manny being out of it and it causes him to approach Manny quickly with a victorious grin with thinking he was about to finish this off but Manny surprises Buzz with a few forearm smashes before he seals the deal with a Dovahkiin Driver. Praying that this would be over, Manny covers Buzz as the referee falls to the mat to give a successful three count.
WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (8:47)

Bryan Williams is in his locker room; having been in there for some of the night as he waits and mentally prepares himself for the match. There was a lot on his mind and he just needed to clear it. He’s tightening his boots for the twelfth time when Persephone Marquis walks in. Bryan’s head shoots up from his shoes; looking at her quickly before going back to his boots. She has a bowl of cereal in her hands.
WILLIAMS: “Hey, what you up to?”
He seems occupied and she doesn’t answer right away, watching his as he ties up his laces. She takes a bite of her cereal, talking with her mouth open.
MARQUIS: “Nothing much, you?”
WILLIAMS: “Getting ready for my match, just like you should be doing.”
She finishes chewing just as he finishes tying up; stomping his foot against the ground to test. Persephone takes another spoonful. She’s eating Honeycombs.
MARQUIS: “I think you’ve been ready for your match for a while now, you have nothing to worry about. I have nothing to worry about either. I’ve beaten him before, should be a lot easier this time around. Either way, no matter the result, we’re going to come out looking strong. These are going to be good matches.”
She has a point. Bryan finally takes a good look at her, a smile on his face as he shakes his head.
WILLIAMS: “Where did you get a bowl of cereal?”
Persephone shrugs.
MARQUIS: “Just found it. Pretty good, honestly.”
WILLIAMS: “Yeah, I bet.”
There is an awkward silence as it seems Bryan has realized that Persephone had forgotten completely about her Coke Zero. He looks over to his locker, where it rests peacefully. He smiles, placing his hand on his heart knowing it will not be disturbed now.
Persephone walks over to sit next to her fiance, offering him a spoon of cereal which he takes without hesitation.
MARQUIS: “I would’ve gotten you a bowl if I knew you needed to calm down.”
Bryan shakes his head in disagreement, finishing his mouthful before speaking.
WILLIAMS: “It’s not anxiety, it’s anticipation.”
And he smiles at Persephone once more, who grins in response.
MARQUIS: “I absolutely feel that way too then! This match is important, I have a lot to prove to a bunch of people – to everyone here. I have to give it my all and beat the shit out of this dude or at least go down swinging if it comes to it. No matter what, I have to show that I’m back, even in defeat. But, that’s some pussy shit to consider. If I start looking at everything that way, I might as well start congratulating my opponents on Twitter. I’m going to win this, Jair is going to fucking eat shit. And, hey, of course, AQ is too. Bunch of mediocre bitches at the end of the day.”
Bryan smiles, giving Persephone a quick kiss on her cheek. She blushes, obviously.
WILLIAMS: “Thankfully, I’m not super stressed about the match anymore. It’s more about if my body can handle it. Like I said earlier, once I get through this match I’ll start to feel a whole lot better. I know that’s the same for you.”
Bryan says, referencing a segment from earlier that Persephone was definitely not in.
MARQUIS: “Yeah, something like that. Or exactly like that, really. If I can put this one away for myself, it’s only here on up for the both of us.”
She takes another spoon of cereal, thinking for a moment.
MARQUIS: “You know, I know we’re both going to work our way up just fine. Here’s the thing, though.”
She swallows her cereal and smirks at him.
MARQUIS: “Just make sure you don’t get in my way while I’m chasing for that title and you won’t get hurt, got it bud?”
Bryan feigns a laugh, as Persephone shoves him for his asshole attitude.
WILLIAMS: “Look, whatever happens will happen. I can’t control it, and neither can you. I can only control what I do in that ring, so I guess I need to stop worrying so fucking much. Besides, because of my worrying apparently, I spent this whole time not worrying about my opponent.”
He looks annoyed.
WILLIAMS: “Can you believe he said my aesthetic is played out? I spent a lot of money on that video editing!”
Persephone rolls her eyes.
MARQUIS: “Dude, don’t even get me started on editing. My pockets burned for my shit. And the amount of money it took to have LAX empty? Bro, no one person should have this power, Kanye was right. Well, not recently right, but you know what I mean.”
Persephone puts her finished bowl of cereal to the side, not the kind of person to drink the milk.
MARQUIS: “And don’t even listen to AQ, he doesn’t know shit about aesthetic. Dude has the taste of a middle aged divorcee, so fuck him. You’re rocking with a good aesthetic, my kid.”
Bryan smiles, grabbing the bowl for himself. Slurping down the milk, he looks satisfied with the conversation. Jumping up to his feet, he begins to hop around.
WILLIAMS: “You know what? I feel great! You got me pumped up, you know that? I’m ready for this shit! You’re ready for this shit! I feel like I can punch a FUCKING MOUNTAIN!”
Bryan hops around some more, shadow boxing as Persephone desperately gets out of the way. She grimaces, as Bryan begins to slow down. Suddenly, he reaches for his back.
WILLIAMS: “Uh oh…”
Persephone jumps up from the bench, rushing over to Bryan.
MARQUIS: “What happened? What’s wrong?!”
Bryan grabs at his back, as he winces in pain.
WILLIAMS: “My back …it’s …it’s…”
Bryan suddenly stands up straight, and dips Persephone.
WILLIAMS: “It’s perfectly fine, time to go wrestle in a match, babe.”
A super corny line, with a super corny follow-up of kissing Persephone while he has her dipped. Can you believe this shit, folks? This is not a romantic movie, its a fucking wrestling show. I’m calling to ban Bryan Williams from here on out.
Anyway, Bryan lets Persephone back up as she looks more annoyed than confused. She can’t help it, a smile erupts on her face and she laughs, slapping his shoulder as she does so.
MARQUIS: “You’re such a lame ass!”
Still, she latches onto him in a hug, and proceeds to hang off of him. Slowly, she becomes dead weight while hanging on and Bryan laughs; basically dragging her back to the bench, where they sit down together. She looks into his eyes lovingly.
MARQUIS: “Okay, where’s that Coke Zero I asked you for about an hour ago?”
WILLIAMS: “You took too long getting here and I got thirsty, so I drank it.”
He says it rather nonchalantly, but he’s fucking with her sponsor. Persephone looks shocked.
MARQUIS: “Bryan, what the fuck?!”
And the scene faded away, along with Persephone’s string of complaints toward Bryan. Bryan, however knowing that Persephone will never know about the Coke Zero sitting on his locker.


The match starts out with Alessandro looking strong out of the gate. He whips Bryan hard into the turnbuckles and as Bryan comes back he gets a backfist that sends him down to the ground. It’s amazing how much momentum that AQ is getting considering he completely dislocated his knee and had magic doctors fix him all up overnight, but anyways. He goes to pick Williams up and puts him back down with a facebuster. Alessandro is dominating the beginning of the match he goes for an early pin and gets a two.
Frustrated he starts showboating but this gives Williams the opportunity he needs and when Alessandro goes to reach for him Williams scouts it and goes straight for AQ’s recently healed knee. This drops Alessandro down and Williams begins throwing a flurry of punches to AQ’s face until he falls to the mat. He quickly rises up and puts AQ in a kneebar submission right on his rehabbed knee. AQ screams out in pain as Williams wrenches the move in. For a moment it seems like AQ is going to tap but he finds the strength to make it to the ropes where Williams let go but he quickly gets to his feet as AQ struggles to get back to his. Williams goes for the Raging Demon and AQ ducks it and turns around to hit the Zidane Headbutt. Williams falls to the ground. Just like that Bryan probably has another concussion.
AQ makes a quick cover and gets a two. He’s frustrated and pulls Bryan to his feet picking him up and putting him on his shoulders for the Bedtime finisher. Bryan is on his back but before AQ can get him anywhere else, his knee buckles under the weight and he drops Bryan who lands on his feet. He turns around and catches a CTE from Williams who goes straight for the cover getting the three count.
WINNER: Bryan Williams via Pinfall (7:56)

Kimitsu Zombie stuffs out a cigarette on the parking lot, and picks up her bottle of shochu from a crate. She takes a drink, and wipea her mouth. She takes one last look at the outside of the buatling arena, and walks inside. Everyone gets out of her way or ignores her so she moves seamlessly towards the main stage.
ZOMBIE: ”There are a lot to be said about setting examples. Boston, as much as he tries to deny it, set his motives clearly. Eli saw to it that our first match and my credibility as a champion was put in question once again. Now he is trying to do that with Tommy. Me? I am building that back up. I don’t really plan dor the future. I just move along to wherever the winds take me. Now, like Kaiser would say, I am the wind.”
She stops for a moment as she loses control of a laughing fit before continuing.
ZOMBIE: ”I got my sights on regaining that North American Championship. I am not done with it yet. I am sort of attached to it now, and I qill get my due. First I will earn it. Now it’s up against Lukas’ back.”
She contorts her face into a snarl, then stops and breaths as people give her more of a wide breadth.
ZOMBIE: ”Lukas is the among the latest signings that came ro us to prove out their fearsome rep that they carried elsewhere. That is commendable, and after a few misteps she is looking like she is hitting her stride. Finally. Well that has gotten her a match with me. I think we are both looking forward to this match if only to prove what we’ve heard about each other. I have heard good things, but what I see is completely opposite of that. Now I get to know what is true about Alicia Lukas.”
A peoduction assistant atarta to lead her through to the ring entrance area.
ZOMBIE: ”I am merely curious, but I do want some of it to be true. I know what it’s like ro be jaded and want something more. To be truly tested. That’s what I will give her, because I have my own example ro set. I have aomething to uphold, and I won’t let this be a setback. It’ll be the beginning. So I’ll give you the show you want, Alicia. We’ll steal the show and whatnot. In the end I am only here to take you out and show you what it means to be somebody here.”
She stops and points at the camera.
ZOMBIE: ”I will be your example.”
Kimitsu takes a drink and spits the alcohol out at the lens before the shot fades.

Hopkins enters into the picture with a confident smile, a look that has been too rare these days with him. Dressed in a black suit, yellow bandana around his neck as the words on his shirt under the suit reads in bold “I’M INNOCENT!” with OJ Simpson’s face as a meme at the bottom of it. He stops in front of Gabriel Hartman, who didn’t look too pleased with him…which has never been the sight. Gabriel always had a matching smile to compete with Jair’s when they ran into each other, however this wasn’t one of those times.
HARTMAN: “Hopkins.”
Jair gave Gabriel a weird look as his presence surely threw him off guard for the first time ever.
HOPKINS: “What’s good..Gabe? You alright? You ain’t cheesin’ with a smile or anything. Why you mean-muggin’ me like that?”
HARTMAN: “Maybe you should of thought about that before you did what you did! You shouldn’t be here tonight. You should be behind bars.”
Hopkins looked at Gabriel as he tilted his head sideways at him to which he later began cracking up with laughter.
HOPKINS: “Gone? Locked up behind bars? Man, don’t tell me Marquis done got you too?!”
Hartman didn’t share the same joyful, laughable expression as his face remained straight throughout.
HOPKINS: “Do I look like a cold-blooded killer to you?”
HARTMAN: “I don’t know what you are, all I know is everyone around here is on high alert after what you did.”
Hopkins couldn’t help but to continue laughing, mad as hell that everyone was following Marquis lead in believing what was seen in that video.
HOPKINS: “Gabe, only things I’m good at slaughtering in cold blood is food, whoever is in that ring and pussy, my girl’s specifically. I’m no killer, especially not cold blooded. Don’t you watch movies, my man? I know it’s hard with your job, but if you see in Shoot-Em’ Ups, they are shooting but with blanks and they switch real with dummies. Them four guys volunteered to be part in that video and as I figured, it would pop off with potent reviews. Hol’ up…I got you, one sec!”
Hopkins leave Gabriel, who’s emotion actually changed up with Hopkins taking off. Hopkins came back and there were the four guys, alive and well, dressed up in the same gear they wore.
HOPKINS: “See? Alive and well. The dummies aren’t but it’s all good. Marquis is a dumber than a brick. Looks aren’t everything. If you don’t have common sense, looks mean shit. It’s video, it’s editing, it’s stellar video editing. I just spoke truth as the only thing I did damage to was Marquis’s chances of coming out of this contest two up over me.”
Gabriel slowly drew back to his usual, giving a smile as he now knew it was all video editing.
HARTMAN: “I was really worried, Jair. Still a lot of life left not to throw away. What a terrible joker you are though.”
HOPKINS: “That’s fine. I’ll take being a terrible joker to being a terrible wrestler. Something Marquis is familiar with. If I were you though Hartman, I’d alert the EMS crew to be on standby. Might get ugly. You might see blood. You might see roadkill. Don’t work too hard, man. Enjoy the show!”
Hopkins adjusted the collar that was awkwardly stuck up, flipping it downward properly as he lightly smacked Hartman on the shoulder as he began to walk off with the four guys behind him in trail as the scene transitioned back to ringside.


Fans cheer for the two competitors and wave their signs for the TV cameras.

At the sound of the bell, Alicia Lukas charges across the ring to Kimitsu’s corner in an attempt to impose her will. She catches the smaller woman off guard, burying a shoulder into her midsection and sending her crashing backward into the corner pads. Luckily, Zombie scouts Lukas’ next move perfectly, getting her arms up in time to block Alicia’s high angle shoot kick and catch her by the ankle. Zombie walks Lukas out of the corner as Lukas hops on one foot, trying to keep balance, until Zombie drops her with an inside sweep. Zombie keeps hold of Lukas’ ankle, dropping an elbow onto the inside of her thigh that elicits a shout of pain from Alicia. Zombie attempts to transition into a heel hook but Alicia recovers enough to grab her from behind, pulling her into a rear naked choke. Before Lukas can wrap her legs around Zombie, though, Kimitsu keeps her momentum rolling backward into a reverse somersault, pinning Lukas’ shoulders to the mat for a two count and forcing Alicia to release the choke in order to kick out. Both women then get back to their feet after the flurry of counters is complete.
Having earned one another’s respect, both women circle, reaching out their hands in attempts to gauge their reach or grab a stray wrist. They eventually each lean in hard, grabbing a collar and elbow tie-up. Lukas initially shows an advantage from her size and weight, pushing Zombie against the middle of the ropes, but as the referee attempts to break things up with a five count, Zombie reverses the leverage and turns Lukas’ back to the ropes instead. The referee counts again and eventually Zombie backs off, breaking the tie-up, but while backing away Lukas shoves her hard, showing some gamesmanship. Zombie stumbles for a step but immediately returns the favor, shoving Lukas back hard against the ropes before backing away again and waiting for her in the middle of the ring. Lukas struts out, jacking her jaw at Zombie. Zombie doesn’t back away, getting nose to nose with Lukas as the two exchange words. Alicia feints as if she’s walking away, then pie faces Zombie, shoving her hard. Zombie spins through and clocks Alicia with a forearm strike that drops Lukas to one knee. When Lukas gets back up she’s sent back down right away with a hard clothesline, and then a second time.
Zombie pulls Lukas up by her hair and slaps on an arm wringer, but Lukas reverses it into one of her own. Zombie is pulled into a side headlock, which Lukas then uses to flip Kimitsu over with a snap headlock takeover. Zombie’s backside bounces hard on the canvas and Lukas doesn’t let up, slapping on a reverse chinlock from behind. Zombie doesn’t sit in the hold for long, however, powering her way to her feet and twisting in a switch to catch Lukas in a rear waistlock. Standing switch from Lukas reverses their positions and then once again Zombie finds herself caught in a side headlock. Zombie pops her head out behind Lukas, holding onto the arm and trapping Alicia in a hammerlock, wrenching the arm back hard. Lukas throws a wild back elbow and catches Zombie on the point of the jaw, breaking free. Lukas then hits the ropes and comes rushing back with a sling blade! As Zombie regains her feet Lukas whips her into the ropes but gets caught with a sling blade of her own from Kimitsu! Lukas slams her palms on the mat in frustration and stands up right into a high dropkick from Zombie. Staying one step ahead, Zombie catches Lukas again when she regains a vertical base, smashing her with a hard palm strike and lifting her into a quick falcon arrow. Zombie scrambles to climb to the top of the nearest turnbuckles, and stands up to deliver a moonsault.
Zombie took too long! As she leaps, Lukas gets to her feet and moves underneath of her… Lukas catches Zombie with the Blonde Ambition kneeling stunner! Zombie bounces up and lands flat on her back, leaving Lukas to catch her breath as she taunts to the crowd with her fingers up in the classic heavy metal horns salute. After a moment of celebrating, Lukas drags Kimitsu to her feet and lifts her up onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, setting her up for the Georgia Drop to put her away. Alicia moves to the middle of the ring and begins to swivel her shoulders just as Zombie starts to struggle. Zombie’s wiggling pulls Lukas off balance, and then Zombie leans her face closer to Alicia’s… and lets loose a spray of red mist from her mouth! Zombie lands on her feet as Lukas stumbles forward, wiping at her face, and Zombie spins her back around to face her, hooking an arm over her neck. Trip to the Grave! Lukas’ skull bounces off the canvas and Zombie drops on top of her in a cover, disguising the paint on Lukas’ face with her hair.


WINNER: Kimitsu Zombie via Pinfall (8:08)

The mix of silver and steel that make up the 4CW Tag-Team Championships take over the screen, along with the sound of metal thumping into wood. As the camera slowly zooms out we find ourselves in Omerta HQ, better known as Perry Wallace’s office. But once again Perry is nowhere to be found, instead Dakota and Cyrus Riddle have take occupants. Cyrus is sitting at one end of the desk, his palm sprawled out flat on its wooden top. And in his other hand he holds a knife, which he stabs in between his fingers in a fast and fluid motion. Dakota is sitting behind the desk, puffing away on one of the expensive looking cigars that clutter the wooden surface, the upturned cigar box hanging off the edge of the desk. Cyrus slams the knife down next to his palm and turns to Dakota with a snarl.
RIDDLE: “What are we doing here bruv? Salvation is probably out collection used tampons from the women’s room, to use in some blood ritual. And here we are, just fucking about in this pig sty.“
A humored grin slides across the face of the butcher as he leans forward, taking another puff of the cigar before handing it to Cyrus.
SMITH: “You need to calm down buddy, It’s all part of the ritual. While they squirm and scour trying to pull off any stunt in the search for power. We wait, we watch, we weave our strings of murder and violence, spin our tales of mutilation and humiliation! Because we already have the power! We are the tag team champions! We made it to the warzone, and every great story is filled with wins and loses. Hills to climb, and plots to push! Such is the nature of life! Now I know you want to sink your teeth into them my brother, and you know I get erect at the thought of peeling their flesh back and getting a taste of salvation for myself. But we are Omerta, and such time for taunts and words is coming to a close. And the time of killing is drawing ever so fucking closer! Do you smell the blood in the air? Do you smell Salvation?”
Riddle takes a drag from the cigar, exhaling slow.
RIDDLE: “I do… I envision it as comparable to chum in the water to bring sharks in to feed. We are the predators, the reasons people become afraid to dip their toes in the water. Every word we speak carries the weight of our impending actions, and those foolish enough to still show up, end up in pieces. I want to further desecrate the reputation of Nemesis, and send Viduus even further down the ladder in his descension. This has been the most successful journey for Omerta in 4CW, and the body count will continue to rise.”
Dakota raises his arms up in excitement, slowly nodding his head in agreement, his smile growing every wider and more intense. He then snatches knife from the table and licks his lips, before sitting back in the chair.
SMITH: “Exactly! Don’t you think Artemis knows who wounded her the most in the warzone? Who the cannibalistic force was chomping at her ankles, keeping her on her toes the entire match? I left my mark on our newly crown champion. And tonight we, as Omerta will carve another mark into our domination of the tag-team division. Our oncoming submission of the 4CW locker room. Our Ascension to being the definitive marks of unadulterated violence! Tonight, Salvation and all those who align with them will remember… Why we are the Tag-Team Champions, why we are… Omerta!”
It is at this moment that a cellphone begins to go off, the annoying default tone ringing through the ears of Dakota and Cyrus. The butcher reaches into his pocket and looks at his phone.
SMITH: “ Why doesn’t this fat fuck just come to his office?”
Dakota answers the phone, it was Perry Wallace on the other end. Yes, he was calling instead of just walking into his office… He isn’t afraid of Omerta, so stop insinuating that. He wasn’t even in the building tonight. Him and 4CW’s own therapist had a hot date that more than likely ended up with his face buried between those big round beautiful cheeks. The camera slowly fades away into something else as Dakota listens to what Perry has to say.

Royal Farms Arena is about to get a taste of a new champion walking into their home. Maryland, Baltimore will be especially happy to be the aftermath of Fright Night. A lot of amazing things have happened on the show before but now, a moment is about to be celebrated for the sake of a newly crowned champion making his debut with the belt on Adrenaline television. The camera transitions towards the ring where Powers stands in the center.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, introducing at this time, he is the NEEEEWWWWW 4CW Pride Champion, “Relentless” Andre Holmes!”
“Relentless” by New Years Day took over the silent environment and transforms the atmosphere into a chaotic scene. The audience goes extremely crazy in a positive mood to see Andre Holmes, currently in his in-ring attire, walk out from the backstage area to stand center stage holding the 4CW Pride belt in his right hand with the strap hanging all the way to the floor. His hazel eyes scanning the fans being so happy for him and a smile breaks out on his face from cheek to cheek. He raises the belt high above his head and the audience goes even wilder; Andre’s truly taking in this moment. The belt remains over his right shoulder and he walks down the entrance path interacting with the fans on his way to the ring.
JOHNSON: ”This must be like a dream to Andre Holmes. He defeated Mariano Fernandez at Fright Night in the headline match. It was one of his best matches and he went through hell to get the championship in his grasp. It’s about time and many would argue that he was long overdue but hey, better late than never as most would say.”
He climbed up the steel steps then walked along the apron dragging his palm across the top rope. Andre waved to the fans behind the barricade at ringside who were ecstatic to see the 4CW Pride Champion. He moved through the ropes and walked to Power graciously accepting the microphone from him. However, before his music faded away, Holmes found himself steady on the middle turnbuckle in the nearest unoccupied corner. Both hands on each strap, he raised the belt high above his head and nodded to the fans adoring him.
VASSA: ”With all due respect, it’s his fucking fault for not getting a championship belt sooner than later. He’s to blame for all the losses he had upon himself and he’s the reason he held himself back. Hopefully, this is a fucking eye opener that he can start taking himself more seriously and stop throwing a pity party all the damn time!”
His music faded away and Andre stood there with the microphone held under his chin. He let the fans chant his name, go about their way and when they calmed down, he raised the microphone to his lips to begin talking.
HOLMES: ”A lot of people in the back are either thinking that I don’t deserve to be a champion in 4CW or probably thinking that it was a fluke. I chose Mariano Fernandez because I wanted an easy win despite everything the man has accomplished or the hard fight he brought to the match. Speaking of Mariano Fernandez, I want to truly thank him for helping me prove that the Pride Championship deserved an honorable match between two warriors who gave it their all and any time he wants a match, he knows exactly where to find me.”
Before he could continue, the audience applauded Andre for his sportsmanship and broke out into a chant for Mariano Fernandez. Andre smiled and bopped his head to the beat appreciating their kindness for his friend.
VASSA: ”Yuck, spare me the goody goody two shoes shit!”
HOLMES: ”Now this is the first time I’ve been to the ring by myself because I never had the strength to face you all alone. You all know my story and you’ve all seen my hardships in 4CW so I’m not going to waste your time. What I will say is that I’m proud to be the new 4CW Pride Champion and I damn sure don’t give a crap what everyone else thinks in the back because their little rumors, shady talk behind my back or social media rants didn’t stop me from keeping my head up to finally get a moment like this I’ve watched others get before me.”
HOLMES: ”That’s what makes me so happy about being the 4CW Pride Champion. I now have a responsibility and a duty to this belt that past champions have done. Some to the extent of elevating and others ruining it but I don’t want to be apart of either of those crowds. I have an opportunity to be the most dominant 4CW Pride Champion and I intend on doing that the right way. I won’t turn down a challenge nor will I play it safe. I want the absolute best competition out there and the biggest threat to my reign to prove that the belt I’m holding over my shoulder means you come into 4CW and you step up or stay at the back of the line!”
Andre’s voice was strong, thorough and confident. The swagger he emitted was truly eye-opening to the audience members and very comforting. He walked around the listening to the audience’s cheers and chants before stepping back in the center of the ring looking more focused.
JOHNSON: ”Andre’s telling the entire 4CW roster to bring everything they have. He is not wasting time being a champion in 4CW.”
HOLMES: ”And speaking of challenges, there’s no secret that this is my first main event and it’s a big one. Champion versus champion. I’m ready to give it all and show Artemis that the Pride Champion can do everything she does but to a better performance and to a better memorable moment. Now, I congratulated her but tonight, this is simply a match between two wrestlers who want to prove who is the best and it damn sure won’t be Artemis. She may think she’s ready but I’m telling her as a man that tonight, I’m coming to take everything away from her and leave her with a doubt in her mind.”
HOLMES: ”I’m not walking away with a loss nor a stain on my reign. I’m ready to give it all and prove to you all that no one in this company has the gall nor the power to take this belt away from me. I’ve worked too hard and lost so much on my road to finally get this belt so it’s only right I bring nothing but success and wealth to it. The 4CW Pride Championship is about to get a huge jump ladies and gentlemen in importance and it comes at the expense of beating Artemis Kaiser.”
HOLMES: ”But with all that said, I just have one thing left to say and I waited over a year to say it. My name is Andre Holmes and I’m a 4CW Pride Champion motherfuckers!”
He flipped the microphone over his head and a slight sound was heard from the surround system of the arena as it hit the mat. “Relentless” by New Years Day replayed again and Andre raised the belt high over his head before leaving the ring to interact with the fans.
JOHNSON: ”What a great speech from Andre Holmes and he made his intentions clear. He’s looking to make his title reign a memorable one, if not, the greatest one 4CW has ever seen and he wants to start it right by beating Artemis Kaiser in the main event tonight.”


Two very well known competitors in this match, as Persephone Marquis takes on Jair Hopkins. Persephone has the edge, already beating Hopkins in one-on-one competition before. Jair is fully aware of this, and does his best in the early going of the match to prevent that from happening again. He attacks with a purpose, right from the opening bell. Jair launches into Persephone with an Implant DDT, and a Stinger Splash in the corner! Jair looks hyped, his energy running at maximum capacity as the match begins. Persephone does her best to stay in it, trying to protect herself at all times. Jair catches her with a Spinning Lariat Takedown, knocking her for a loop. With Persephone stunned, Jair looks to take advantage, catching her by surprise with a Fisherman Suplex. Jair tries for a pinfall with it, but Persephone is able to kick out in time. Jair continues to press forward, his energy levels seemingly not going down. He tries for another Stinger Splash in the corner, but Persephone is able to get out of the way in time! Jair lands on the turnbuckle, hard, seemingly knocking the wind right out of him. Persephone wastes no time, connecting with a Running Dropkick to his back! Jair takes a hard spill into the corner, allowing for Persephone to land some Running Double Knees to the small of his back! Both competitors have taken their fair share of damage, as the match continues, each one trading shots. Jair launches Persephone with a Release German Suplex, almost throwing her out of the ring!
Persephone rolls to the outside, where Jair looks to follow. It’s a bad move, as Persephone grabs his feet and trips him off of the apron! Jair falls to the floor below, knocking the wind out of himself again! He stirs on the ground, in pain, as Persephone recovers. With Jair down, on the mat, Persephone climbs to the apron and connects with a Leaping Double Stomp to his midsection! Jair is completely winded now, as Persephone takes control of the match. The two find their way back into the ring, as Persephone catches Jair with a Swinging Neckbreaker and a Step-Up Enziguri. Jair fires back, though, catching Persephone with a Swinging Neckbreaker of his own. Despite the damage done, Jair seems to be holding onto the control of the match. Persephone tries for Diving Double Knees off of the top rope, but Jair catches her and Powerbombs her into the mat! It looks bad for Persephone, as Jair lets everyone know what’s coming next. Hyped stomps could only mean one thing, as Jair looks to connect with OMFG! Persephone, however, has this scouted and moves out of the way! Jair lands on his feet, only to see Persephone launching into the air with a Petty Cash! The Springboard Tornado DDT connects, as Jair is laid out! Not wanting to waste any time, Persephone unloads on her downed opponent. Spring Deity connects as Jair tries to get back up, and then Persephone finishes it off with another Petty Cash! It’s too much for Jair to handle, as Persephone covers him for the win!
WINNER: Persephone Marquis via Pinfall (8:57)

The 4CW logo was plastered over the viewers screens and the monitors in the arena. It took a few moments before the scene changed showing a simple room. There were a few posters on the wall, from rock bands to wrestling legends. On a huge bed sat a pink elephant that probably hadn’t been moved in years.
The camera took another turn to a big window and a small figure sitting in front of it. Her mousy brown hair was hanging straight over her shoulder while she looked into the far. Outside a storm was shaking the trees, forcing them into awkward positions. When the small figure turned around she exposed herself as Eden Connors.
CONNORS: “Hey everybody, I am sending you greetings from the wonderful place I call home. Scotland. The weather is as always, wild and unpredictable. Pretty much like the action in 4 Corners Wrestling, right?”
She was taking a moment to breath before leaning against the window.
CONNORS: “I am sorry that I can’t be there tonight but I am sure you will get your money’s worth. Before I get down to business let me address something that has been circulating on the internet: Eden Connors left 4CW. WHAT? Yeah, that was my reaction too. It is pretty obvious that some people have less a life than David Sanchez but let me get the facts straight. Taking a show off, because your baby niece got born, is hardly quitting a company. Thank you very much for your concern. I will be back in action come Adrenaline E94 if Mister Wallace decides to book me…”
One of the nearby branches clashed against her window almost making her jump. Eden’s eyes wandered to the stormy scenery but she relaxed again.
CONNORS: “With that being cleared, David Sanchez. Congratulations buddy you done it. You beat me at one of the biggest Pay Per Views in the wrestling industry. I am sure you are very proud of yourself and I applaud you for that. But you didn’t think that through, did you? No matter who would have walked out of Fright Night with that Ignition title is bigger caliber than you. And you probably have gotten the best and worst ticket of them all. Bryan Laughlin. You remember him? The guy that literally is willing to crucify anything to get the job done. A guy that is already scary on a normal office day. But just imagine him when the big prize was in reach and he didn’t get it. Even a little sunshine like me would be pissed off in such a situation. So what did your big mouth help you? You survived a pup just to get fed to the wolf. Everybody give it up for David Sanchez, we probably won’t see that much of him anymore.”
The viewer heard a gentle knock in the background as Eden looked towards the door. Her mother was sticking her head in, tea and cookies in her hand.
MOTHER CONNORS: “I thought you might gotten hungry, love.”
She was blushing madly when her mother mumbled something and made her way out. The shame didn’t last too long, she rolled her neck a few times, continuing her speech.
CONNORS: “Anyhow, just because I am not there tonight doesn’t mean I don’t watch very carefully. Have to keep an eye on the competition they say, right? Or all the glorious legends that try to overpower each other. Or those that play hide or racist in 2018. I am aware that I am just a little light in 4CW, but that doesn’t mean I can’t shine bright. Win or Lose. Main Event or Opener. I will prove my worth. Just like I said in my first ever appearance with this company. Not to you. Not to management. But to myself. Because at the end of the day that is all that matters. To look at yourself in the mirror and know that you have done right for yourself.”
The small wrinkle between her eyebrows slowly vanished and a small smile appeared on her face. Her light eyes shining when she looked back into the camera.
CONNORS: “The #BANGBOOMBONBON will be back. I won’t say better than ever or any cheesy thing like that. Mostly because I have no clue how good I am, yet. But that is the benefit of being young and stupid, right? You can lose your path and even lose yourself a little at points. Only to walk around the next corner and find a new journey waiting. So without wanting to bore you to death, I leave that to other people, I see you all in around two weeks. Now enjoy the show. Don’t get too upset if your favourites get slaughtered because let’s face it. This is 4CW where everything can happen.”
She waves into the camera in her usual excited manner before the scene faded to black.


As the bell rings both men exit their corners and slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. Making the first move, Bryan shoots in and wraps up David’s leg with both arms. He then lifts him up into the air before slamming him back first to the canvas. The double leg takedown stuns David for the moment, as Bryan begins to send rights and lefts down onto him. Bryan grabs the back of David’s head, sending his fist over and over into it. David Sanchez doesn’t spend much time on his back though, getting to his feet and scuffling with Bryan. David wraps Laughlin up in a Muay Thai clinch, landing several knees to his body. Laughlin takes a bit of damage, pushing David to the corner. The official steps in, keeping the two away from each other. Laughlin backs up, standing in the middle of the ring as David looks on.
Locking eyes once more, the two circle again. Taking charge, Sanchez then lunges forward and the two lock up. Wasting no time, Sanchez hooks his arm into Bryan’s and then delivers a stiff knee to the gut. Sanchez throws a forearm into the face of Bryan, stunning him for the moment. David quickly wraps Bryan up into a hammerlock, twisting his right arm behind his back. Bryan winces in pain, but quickly ducks behind him to reverse the hold! David looks for a way out, dropping to a knee as he tosses Bryan over his shoulder with a Snapmare! Bryan hits the mat, quickly popping up to be taken down with an Armdrag! Bryan quickly returns the favor, getting back to his feet and tossing Sanchez with one as well! The two men stand to a standstill, the crowd seemingly ready for more!
The technical showcase is certainly impressive, but these two aren’t looking to impress anybody. David rushes at Laughlin, catching him with a right hand. Laughlin does his best to cover up, but ends up getting caught in the corner. David takes advantage of this, connecting with a Running Knee to his midsection. Laughlin drops to the mat, as David Sanchez swarms all over him. Knees land in his ribcage, as David tries to hammerfist his way to a victory. Laughlin covers up, holding on as the official tries to jump back in to break this up. He finally does, allowing Laughlin to jump up to his feet. He rushes forward, clobbering David with a Clothesline! David tries getting up to a knee, but Bryan is right there to stop him. He grabs David, who pops up and catches him with a Spinebuster!
Both men get to their feet, ready to get back into this fight. Bryan then moves in quickly and grabs him by the head with both hands. He tries for a headbutt, but David reverses it and wraps Laughlin in a clinch. He pulls Bryan’s head down, connecting with a knee to his face! Bryan stumbles backwards, allowing for Sanchez to connect with a Running Kitchen Sink Knee. With Bryan stunned, David grabs Bryan’s wrist and whips him to the corner. Just as Laughlin collides into the corner, David rushes in right behind him and nearly takes his head off with a running clothesline, lifting his feet up from the canvas. Bryan falls to heap on the mat, as David looks out towards the booing crowd. Sanchez wastes no time, dropping to the mat as he covers the champion for the pin!

David wastes no time in arguing with the official as Laughlin gets back up. He explodes forward as he grabs Bryan underneath the arms with both hands and tosses him across the ring with a German Suplex. With the match in his control, David picks Bryan up again. He quickly tries to throw him to the other side of the ring. Bryan does his best to reverse the attempt, but to no avail. With Bryan on skates, Sanchez backs him to the opposite side of the ring and then drives his back into the corner with impact. Bryan slams hard into the turnbuckle, slumping over as he does. Sanchez then unloads with a flurry of lefts and rights, clocking Bryan from every angle. After landing nearly a dozen punches to the head and body, Sanchez then locks both hands onto the middle ropes on each side of Bryan. He then uses them for leverage as he pulls himself forward and drives his shoulder into Bryan’s stomach. Pulling away, Sanchez looks down at Bryan who has lunged over, holding his abdomen. With Laughlin in a bad way he grabs him, pulling him into a STO Takedown! Taking the champion down again, Sanchez tries and covers Laughlin once again!

Sanchez then lifts Bryan up and sits him on top of the corner. Placing his foot on the middle rope, Sanchez then pulls himself up but before he can get his second foot planted, Bryan boots him right in the face! David stumbles backwards, landing on his feet. Bryan settles himself, launching forward and connecting with a Blockbuster from the Second Rope! David Sanchez is planted into the mat, allowing Bryan Laughlin to take control of the match. With his opponent hurt, Laughlin gets to his feet and connects with a Leaping Double Stomp to his opponent’s midsection! Sanchez doubles over in pain, as Laughlin looks on with a smile. He’s got his opponent hurt, finally taking control of the match. Laughlin takes over with a series of Forearms, beating his opponent down as he tries to get back up. Sanchez continues to try and fight, but Laughlin cuts him off every time. Sanchez pushes Laughlin away, but the champion retaliates with a Jumping Front Sleeperhold Sideslam! The match continues to go in the champion’s favor, as Laughlin is able to connect with a series of Double Underhook Headbutts. Laughlin looks on, dropping David Sanchez as he falls to the mat. Laughlin, content with the onslaught he has brought on, drops to the mat as he covers his opponent for the pin.

Laughlin stays focused, beating down on his opponent even more. Forearm Shots land on the lower back of his opponent, as he tries to crawl back up to his feet. Laughlin even connects with a Running Blockbuster to a seated David Sanchez! With the match in his control, Laughlin tries to turn up the pressure. He attempts to latch on a Heel Hook, but David is able to escape from the attempt. David tries to fight back, but Laughlin stuns him with a Running European Uppercut! The damage seems to have been quite a bit for Sanchez, as the match continues along. Things look good for Laughlin, until he tries for a Missile Dropkick from the top rope! David moves out of the way, as Laughlin crashes to the mat. With his opportunity, David connects with a Tiger Suplex. Laughlin is slammed into the mat, but gets back up to his feet. He yells, almost taking David’s head off with a Running Clothesline! It’s a HOSS CLOTHESLINE, as David Sanchez flops to the mat.
Sanchez is quick to get back up, but Bryan catches him with a European Uppercut! The shot almost knocks David out, causing him to go out on his feet. David stumbles backwards, as Bryan takes a moment to try and recover. Bryan finally turns around, ready to continue to his assault. A quick front kick from Sanchez stops him in his tracks. Sanchez quickly grabs Bryan, and dumps him to the mat with a Gutwrench Suplex! Bryan lands hard, as David lays on the mat for a quick moment. He takes a deep breath, smiling as the match is easily under his control at the moment.
With the champion down on the mat, David looks to capitalize and put this match away. He calls for Laughlin to get back up, watching him as he does. David sets himself into position, eagerly waiting for Laughlin to rise to his feet. Laughlin gets to a knee, as David grabs his hair. Pulling him into position, David looks to connect with the Railway Spike Piledriver! He tries lifting Laughlin up, but he blocks the attempt. David tries again, lifting Bryan’s feet off of the mat, but he can’t get Laughlin up all the way. Laughlin gets back down to the mat, and shove David away. David rushes forward, and eats a BSKE! It stuns David long enough for Bryan to connect with Good Morning America! The Gutbuster connects clean, as Laughlin covers his opponent!

WINNER: Bryan Laughlin via Pinfall (9:11)

American Tommy is seen sitting in his locker room playing a Nintendo Switch smiling up a storm. Paying no attention to who just walked in as he’s so immersed in the game he begins to yell.
INTERVIEWER: “Woah, what? What did I do?”
Tommy looks up from the Switch and smiles.
TOMMY: “I wasn’t talking to you. I can’t find this last fucking moon on Super Mario Odyssey and I still have to save that fucking twat Peach!”
The interviewer looks at Tommy and scratches his head.
INTERVIEWER: “I just have a few quick questions.”
TOMMY: “Well I don’t have a few quick answers so you get one.”
The interviewer that I still haven’t managed to remember his name after the two years I’ve been here asks his question after nodding.
INTERVIEWER: “Thoughts on your match with Eli later?”
Tommy puts his Switch down and looks at the man.
TOMMY: “I honestly don’t really have an opinion. I like Eli. I like him even though the dumb fucker doesn’t let anybody in at all and pushes people away. Either way, I’m going to go out there and beat his fucking arrogant ass. I know that man thinks I don’t even deserve to be in the same ring as him. Just be cause he “acts more like a champion” than I do doesn’t mean he’s going to win this fucking match. He can take all his “better acting champion” attributes and shove them up his fucking ass for all I care. 4CW was just fine while he is gone and it will be just fine when he leaves. Then the next week, I’m gonna go out there and cut the head of the snake off and show the world that Salvation is dead. Now get the fuck outta here. Peach needs me.”
And just like that, Tommy’s attention is off the interviewer and back to his Switch.


Two former 4CW champions, one on each team, your tag-team champions on the right, and salvation on the left. As the bell rings Cyrus Riddle starts the match off with the smaller Nemesis. Cyrus goes to grapple Nemesis, but he ducks it! Nemesis goes bouncing off of the ropes, Cyrus turns around just to be hit with a quick and precise sling blade. Nemesis quickly mounts Riddle and starts to let off a flurry of elbows and forearms on the Brits head. Cyrus tries to block some of the shots, but Nemesis is to quick and lethal, landing some gruesome looking shots before the referee has to pull him off. Nemesis backs off into his corner and tags in Viduus. Viduus stalks across the ring over to Cyrus who is just now making it up to his feet, Viduus grabs him by the goatee and cocks back, socking him right between the eyes. Riddle sways back and forth before Viduus grabs him by the back of his head and strikes him again, this time in the jaw. Viduus then pushes Riddles head down and lifts him up for a powerbomb! Riddles back bounces across the mat as he withers in pain. Viddus keeps on the onslaught however, Grabbing Viduus by the throat and lifting him up into the air and tossing him into the corner. Morta rushes Cyrus and clobbers him with a corner clothesline.
Dakota is screaming at Viduus, trying to get inside his head, and for a second Viduus turns and gives the Butcher the death stare, which causes Dakota to chuckle. This little moment was enough for Cyrus to regain his sense as he grabs ahold of Viduus’s head and clears him with skull shattering headbutt! The fromer 4CW champion goes down like a sack of potatoes and Cyrus drags himself along the ropes over to Dakota and makes the tag. With ill intent in his eyes Dakota stalks up to Viduus, who is just now making his way to his feet via help from the ropes. Dakota pushes Viduus back into the corner and starts bringing down a hell with a clash of elbows and forearms, with a few stiff headbutts thrown in for good measure. Just when Viduus is about to go down Dakota grabs ahold of him and gives him a over the head belly to belly suplex, sending Viduus flying to the middle of the ring. Dakota plants his fists in the ground and pushes himself up before throwing himself against the ropes, charging at Viduus he throws his whole body into the air hitting him a senton! Dakota goes for the pin, but Viduus gets his shoulder up at two.
With a snarl on his face Dakota stands back up, he places his boot over the throat of Viduus and berates him, all put spitting in the mans face as he chokes the life out of him. The referee starts the count to disqualify Dakota but, he lifts his foot up at three and takes a few steps back. This time he walks over to Nemesis and spits on the ground right in front of Nem’s feet. Dakota takes up too much time trying to fuck with Nemesis, and Viduus has gotten up to his feet. He clobbers Dakota in the back of the head with a forearm and tags in Nemesis. Viduus kicks grabs Dakota by the waist and pulls him back for a back suplex as Nemesis goes up to the top rope. Nemesis flips off the top rope with a shooting star press and instantly hooks the leg going for the pin, Dakota kicks out quickly after the two count. This doesn’t deter Nemesis however, as he gets back up and grabs Dakota from the waist, showing incredible strength as he deadlifts Dakota up, and delivers a German suplex!
Nemesis looks down upon the broken body of Dakota, and nudges the back of his skull with his boot. As Dakota starts to rise to his feet, Nemesis continues the shit talk before Slapping Dakota in the back of the head, he does this not once, not twice, but three different times as Dakota makes his way back up to his feet. As Dakota gets his footing, you could see the primal rage bursting from the Butchers veins as they popped out from his skin. He looks up at Nemesis and screams, but Nemesis doesn’t flinch instead returning with a vicious elbow strike to Dakota’s skull. Nemesis lifts Dakota up on his shoulders, going for ENOCH! But Dakota knees Nemesis in the side of the head and slips out. With Nemesis on one knee, Dakota goes bolting towards the ropes but as he goes to bounce off them he trips! ITS Deimos! DEIMOS! He grabbed Dakota’s foot and tripped him! The referee sees this and says to ring the bell!
WINNERS: Omerta via Disqualification (13:10)
Dakota is furious as he slams his fist into the mat and turns around to see Deimos. Riddle drops to the ground and tackles him! Nemesis looks equally as furious as Dakota as he gets up to his feet. He goes to say something but Viduus grabs him, the two exchange a look before nodding to one another. They then back out of the ring, looking at Deimos with great disappointment. Riddle throws Deimos into the ring, Dakota instantly begins to stomp the left behind Salvation member. Riddle goes around the ring and snatches up the 4CW championships before rolling in. Dakota backs up a bit, telling Riddle to wait as the pair lets Deimos get up to his feet. Riddle circles around to the back and when Deimos seems stable they rush him! Smacking him in the front, and back of the head with the 4CW championships. Making a Con-Belt-O if you will. Deimos drops to the ground like Drew Stevenson out of his chair. Omerta then turn to the ramp, where Salvation still stands. Omerta holds their championships up in the air as the two teams have exchange a death stare.

Louie the duck appears on the screen as the scene switches backstage. By this point anyone who has actually paid attention to segments on Adrenaline will be familiar with the duck but in all honesty that’s probably .00000003% of the 4CW roster since we all know everyone just skips to the end of their match to see if they won and then closes out. But that’s beside the point. This shit is necessary for bonus points and what not so just know that Louie is there, sitting on Eli’s lap snoozing away while Eli strokes his duck. Yes, his duck. That’s not a typo. Glancing up at the camera, Eli realizes it’s rolling and speaks up.
CARLSON: “Mere mortal Thomas of America, have you paid your dues yet to be a proud member of Bronx’s whatever the fuck Salvation called it?”
Shaking his head and laughing to himself softly, Eli can’t help but roll his eyes at the ridiculous bullshit that constantly seems to fall from the ashy ass mouths of Salvation.
CARLSON: “I suppose I could spend some time talking about our match but enough has been said of it. Regardless of the outcome tonight, you’ll still be Tommy lite. Tommy Jr. Little Tommy. Think about that. The number one Tommy that anyone cares about on twitter has had his dick in Rorie Steele. Right now he’s probably snorting coke off Ana Valentines tiddies while trying to convince her it’s just sugar. That’s a losing battle that you’ve got no chance of overcoming. You’ll always be second best. Sort of like how Octane will always be second best, and you’ve got the taint of that dripping all over you.”
Shrugging his shoulders, Eli chuckled some more as another thought popped into his mind.
CARLSON: “Not the first time you’ve been victimized by a dirty taint, though, I suppose. And while I know you think I was away trying to warm myself up before I came back, or whatever retarded bullshit it was that you spewed, the fact of the matter is that I tried on more than one occasion to compete under the 4CW brand AFTER coming back from my injury but Wallace wouldn’t let it happen. Don’t believe me? Ask Williams. Though I’m sure that will be conveniently overlooked. The truth of the matter is that you didn’t have the courage to show your face in 4CW until after I was gone and you didn’t have the courage to be a part of the A show until all your other options were stripped away from you. This, Tommy, is a last resort for you that you just can’t escape from. I’m not sure if it’s foolish pride or stupidity. But regardless of the outcome of tonights match, you’ll know when you leave that ring that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am a better man, a better wrestler, and a better champion than you can ever hope to be.”
A lazy quack erupts from a sleepy duck that was just beginning to rouse from his slumber.
CARLSON: “Don’t worry, though. Courtney Leinart will still be there to welcome you into her roast beef folds without hesitation. Dystopia will gladly accept your resume. There will always be a place for misfits like you. It’s just not in my ring, or in my company.”
Waving his right hand in a lackadaisical, he rolled his eyes.
CARLSON: “Maybe in your next life you can pretend to be a gay ass vampire that sparkles in the sunlight. You’re already ninety percent of the way there anyway. As for this one? This will be the night that the world has been waiting for. The night that American Tommy is exposed for the fraud that he truly is. And I don’t regret it, not one bit.”
Without another word, the scene fades elsewhere because nobody really cares about the descriptive side of segments anyway. Just move onto the next bit.

Ringside! Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa await us as always at the announcer’s desk, surrounded by thousands of fans, who are obviously all very excited!
JOHNSON: ”Folks, what a show we’ve had so far and the best part? There’s more to come! We’ve got 4CW Champion Artemis Kaiser in action against Andre Holmes in our main event, Genieve Carlson facing off with Cartier and an Ignition Championship match later on, too!”
VASSA: ”Hell of a card here in Baltimore. You gotta wonder what else is gonna happen here toni–”
Suddenly, the opening drums of The Feud’s rendition of Kate Bush classic “Running Up That Hill” hit the PA system. The song explodes to life and the Worst of the Pavees herself, Emery Layton- wearing her trademark leather jacket and beanie- emerges from behind the curtain, and Baltimore goes suitably nuts. She’s holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp and swaying her head to the beat of her entrance theme, her eyes closed. She’s lost in the moment.
VASSA: ”…the hell?”
JOHNSON: ”Right on cue, Vinny! You never know who’s gonna show up on an episode of Adrenaline! And it looks like we’re about to get a visit from the Worst of the Pavees! Last time we saw Emery Layton, she was facing Genevie Carlson…why’s she here now?”
VASSA: ”Won’t lie- still don’t really know what a ‘pavee’ is…”
Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she skates up the steel steps and climbs the turnbuckle. Once the eccentric Irish traveller has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you’ve ever seen. Once she’s in there, she runs to the rope right behind her bouncing off it as she drops to her knees and skids forwards, as all the lights drop except a single spotlight on her and the lights from cell phone cameras as her upper-body falls backwards. After a few moments of just simply listening to the cheers, she flips onto her front and burpees to a standing position, grabbing a mic as “Running Up That Hill” fades out, making the cheers more obvious. Chants of her name have her swaying her head to and fro, side to side. After letting the moment breathe, Emery raises her mic.
LAYTON: ”Alright?”
Hooray! Cheers! Yes, Baltimore are indeed ‘alright’. The eccentric Journeylass curls her lip and continues.
LAYTON: ”Cracking! Y’know, I been in a hell of a lotta places over the last two years, ever since my career kinda blew up…I’ve won some and lost some, but…”
She stops. Normally quite chipper and cheerful, Em’s face sort of drops a little.
LAYTON: ”Listen, it’s not like last time I was here. Had a few problems. Thought I could fix them…but I did some things, it’s gone wrong…I might not have too long left to…”
For a few more seconds, she stays silent…until looking back up again with a smile and a more upbeat tone!
LAYTON: ”Still! Know what that means? Means I been thinking about stuff! Means I only maybe got a small amount of time to correct a few things, and that meant I had to come here. Why? Well, for the last few months, my ears have been burning, cos there’s someone back there who keeps talking, flapping his mouth, about ‘beating’ me when he won by DQ cos someone else ran in. Any chance he gets, he mentions my name. As he should, too- I happen to think my name is dead good- and he’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that ‘oh, Emery didn’t beat me, I should’ve been Union Battleground Champion, I didn’t need help’, on and on and on… Y’know, hate on Twitter all you want, it’s what stops these people from standing outside, just, like, shouting in the middle of the street. At the top of their voice.”
She shrugs.
LAYTON: ”But lets stop beating round that Salvation bush, yeah- I’m like Gwen Stefani in that song where she’s going on about bananas cos, I heard you were talking shit and you didn’t think that I would hear it, Nemesis, but I did. And I know you’re back there right now, so here’s my idea- I got a free week next week. You think you can beat me without DQ or help- how bout I come to Adrenaline #94 and you prove it!”
VASSA: ”Oh man…”
JOHNSON: ”Emery Layton challenging Nemesis!”
LAYTON: ”You and me, one on one, No Disqualifications- next week! How bout it? I know you’re there, come on out. I’ve given you more than enough time to dump the paint-bucket over your head, lets have a chat- I ain’t leaving this ring till we do!”
Em drops onto her bottom, cross-legged, awaiting the arrival of Nemesis…or at least some correspondence from him. Out of nowhere, the arena goes dark. Heavy breathing begins to be heard over the PA as the arena flickers in a crimson red lighting with every inhale and goes dark with every exhale, making for a interesting visual experience for everyone in the arena. Nemesis’ voice is now heard with the crimson lighting correlating with his voice now instead of his breathing, lighting up crimson red with every word spoken and going dark in between each one.
NEMESIS: ”How dare you tread in here making demands outsider.”
After pausing for a moment to let the atmosphere in the arena become as dark as his heart, Nemesis continues on.
NEMESIS: ”This is not the Battleground where Axel, Gunnar or the bat of Devereaux will save you.”
Once again Nemesis takes a moment after his spoken words as if he thrives off seeing everyone in the arena be lost in the darkness by his own will.
NEMESIS: ”Your challenge for Adrenaline 94 is accepted, not to meet your demands, no, just to end any doubt that may reside any one regarding our last and only encounter. On November 28th, I will ensure that there is nothing left of you to even exit the arena, let alone ever come back into 4CW turf once again.”
Nemesis’ suggestion that he will beat Layton bad enough that she’ll never want to return doesn’t resonate well with the fans as they begin booing loudly at Nemesis, even in the darkness as he has gone silent. Suddenly, the lights in the arena come back on as the red lights fade and any trace of Nemesis being present is gone. Em looks around…
LAYTON: ”…I guess he hadn’t put his paint on yet. But y’know what? Got what I wanted. I’ll see you next week- without your little light show or any of your weird mates- and this time we’ll see who the best really is.”
Bouncing the mic down onto the ground, Em finishes her spiel and “Running Up That Hill” begins again as she leaves the scene.
JOHNSON: ”Well folks, there you have it- Emery Layton takes on Nemesis on Adrenaline #94! And it’s No Disqualification! And it’s next week! What a time to be alive.”
As we follow Emery up the ramp, we cut backstage.

The cameras are backstage as Genevie Carlson is making her way to the ring before her match. She has a smile on her face and she walks with confidence. Her mind is focused and she’s ready for the next challenge in front of her. The bounce back from Fright Night. She sighs as she sees the camera.
CARLSON: “What else could I possibly say that hasn’t been said? The time for words is done. I’ve verbally slaughtered Cartier up to this point so now there is only one thing left to do and that’s to show her what a real bad bitch is. What I’ve been proving for years in this company. While she watched on tv hoping one day it would be her standing across the ring from me. Well Cartier is about to get everything she wished for from Genie, and she’s going to regret every second of it.”
She smirked and winked at the camera before pushing it out of her way and walking off camera heading straight to the ring for her match.


Next up we have a match then has been long overdue for quite some time and it finally goes down tonight right here on Adrenaline! If you pay attention to social media, it’s no secret that these two ladies have a strong dislike for one another. If you don’t pay attention to social media, well good for you because it’s a complete shit show and waste of time 99.9% of the time. Regardless of how you spend your spare time, this small rivalry between these two ladies has been heating up for a while. After the introductions and grand entrances, the trash talking continued but finally face to face and not behind the screen of a cellular device. What were they arguing about? Your guess is as good as mine and I’m going to take a stab and say it more than likely has to do with raisins. I could be wrong. They could be arguing about anything. It didn’t take long for the trash talk to come to an end as Cartier fired the first shot, drawing back and swinging for the fences to connect with an open hand slap across Genie’s face. You would have thought Genie owed her money after seeing the way Cartier swung down on her with full force. It stung. Just hearing you could tell that it stung. The entire arena went silent witnessing the slap heard across the world. The time for talking was over. Genie’s body turned to the side after the impact. She rubbed her face a little as Cartier stood back, with her hands on her hips, watching as a cocky smile stretched across her face. Did someone finally shut Genie up? She wasn’t saying anything following the slap. She didn’t need to. Instead, she returned the favor, swinging her body back around to face Cartier, throwing her arm out and connecting with a slap of her own across Cartier’s face. She didn’t swing down with it but Genie put every ounce of energy she had behind it. Just like Genie, Cartier’s head and body whipped around. Unlike Cartier, Genie wasn’t going to stand back and savor the moment. Oh no, not Genie. Before Cartier could even come to her sense, Genie rushed in, grabbing Cartier from behind and pulling her head down to bend her over. Kicking her leg up, Genie drove her knee into Cartier’s chest over and over before throwing her down to the mat. That’s when Genie took a step back to survey the damage.
Cartier was slow to get up, but was able to as Genie stood back, smirking at the damage she had done. Once Cartier was up though, it was on! Cartier didn’t waste any time to talk trash, she just charged right for Genie. The two ladies locked up in the center of the ring. It was a struggle for both as they fought to gain leverage over the other. Grabbing a handful of Genie’s hair, Cartier pulled her head back, but Genie wouldn’t let up. She continued and began to push forward, slowly driving Cartier backwards a few steps. With Genie pushing her backwards, Cartier held on tightly to Genie’s hair and then stepped to the side as she pulled Genie in with her other hand and straight into a knee to the stomach which caused Genie’s hold to slip. Pulling Genie in, Cartier then threw Genie to the ropes. At least that’s what everyone thought was going to happen. Still holding onto a handful of hair, just as Genie got far enough to extend Cartier’s arm, Cartier snatched back on Genie’s hair, stopping her in her tracks and throwing her down backwards to the mat. The thud from Genie’s body smacking the canvas was loud. Standing over her was Cartier and in her hand, were strands of Genie’s hair that have been pulled from her scalp. The camera zoomed in to Cartier’s face as she looked down to Genie beneath her mouthing off “what bitch”. Dropping the hair from her hand, Cartier when began to stomp down onto Genie’s head. Working around Genie’s body, Cartier stomped on her shoulder, her chest, kicked her in the ribs a few times before finding herself at Genie’s feet, Lifting Genie’s legs into the air and separating them, Cartier then jumped up into the air and came down with a leg drop right between Genie’s legs. Pushing herself to her feet, Cartier then turned to the ropes and took off. Hitting the ropes and coming back with even more speed, Cartier slid feet first towards Genie’s head, driving her right boot into Genie’s face!
Pulling Genie up from the mat, Cartier hit her with back to back rights. Grabbing Genie by the arm, she pulled her in to a knee to the stomach, forcing Genie to buckle over from the impact. Positioning herself behind Genie, Cartier lifted up into the air before throwing her back to the canvas with a pump-handle bomb. Making the cover, Cartier only managed to get a two count before Genie popped her shoulder up from the mat. Not wasting anytime, Cartier stood back to her feet and stood over Genie for just a short moment before pulling her up to her feet as well. Quickly she back stepped to the ropes and as she bounced off, Cartier rushed straight towards Genie, hitting her in the face with a forearm smash, knocking Genie off balance. Genie remained on her feet though. Turning to the ropes, Cartier bursts from standstill and races towards them. Coming back on the rebound, Cartier lowered her shoulder as if on the football field. As she went for a spear, Genie side stepped her and took Cartier face first to the mat with a drop-toe hold. Cartier was stunned, completely taken off guard. Before she knew it, Genie was grabbing her arm from behind, locking her in an arm bar. It didn’t take long before the official was yelling for Genie to release the hold as Cartier grabbed the ropes with her free hand. Genie knew that she didn’t have a choice, but she also knew that she had a small window to keep the hold in tact. Using up every bit of the five seconds without getting herself disqualified, Genie cranked down on Cartier’s arm. It was only four and a half seconds but to Cartier it seemed like a lifetime as Genie tried her best to break her arm right then and there in the ring. Finally releasing Cartier, Genie stood to her feet, slowly backing away from Cartier as she wiped her hands together.
After things settled down for a moment and the official had warned Genie, Cartier was back to her feet. The two circled each other in the center of the ring for a moment before lunging towards each other and locking up once more. This time it was Genie who grabbed a handful of her hair, quickly overpowering Cartier and backing her up into the corner. Pulling back her arm, Genie fired with a stiff right to Cartier’s face before following it up with a swift left kick to the stomach. Lifting Cartier into the air, Genie sat her on top of the corner and then proceeded to climb to the middle turnbuckle. As Genie went to grab ahold of Cartier, she was quickly knocked off the turnbuckle as Cartier swung an elbow into her stomach. Landing on her feet, Genie then looked up to Cartier who was already in motion to leap from the corner. Cartier was going for a splash but found herself caught in mid air as Genie wrapped both arms around her thighs. Turning away from the corner, Genie then threw Cartier down to the mat with an Alabama slam! Backing up to he ropes at her side, Genie came back on the return jumping into the air and coming down with a legdrop across Cartier’s throat. With Cartier’s head pinned to the mat, her feet shot straight into the air upon impact. Rolling over on top of Cartier, Genie hooked a leg for the pin but only managed a two count before Cartier kicked out from the pin attempt. Genie pushed herself up to both knees, placing her hands on her hips for a brief moment as she looked down to Cartier. Out of nowhere, Cartier leaned up, grabbing Genie by the head with both hands before pulling it downward. Pulling a knee up, Cartier smashed Genie’s face across her knee, knocking Genie over to her side.
The two ladies were slow to get back to their feet, but eventually they did at the same time. Making the first move, Cartier came in, throwing an overhead right and connecting to Genie’s forehead. She swung with a second, and then a third, before stepping in and wrapping Genie up with both arms. Lifting Genie into the air, up and over her head, Cartier slammed her to the mat with a back drop driver. Genie climbed back to her knees before being taken completely off guard as Cartier stepped in and connected with a shoot kick to the chest. Genie was still up on her knees, which only made Cartier hit her with another shoot kick to the chest, and then a third before finally knocking Genie down to her back. Cartier backed up to the other side of the ring, preparing herself as Genie slowly began climbing back to her feet. Once Genie stood tall, Cartier charged straight for her and went for her Empire State of Mind. Ducking at the last minute, Genie dodged the blow to the head. With Cartier’s leg over her, Genie then stood up, lifting Cartier into the air and tossing her over her head. Cartier landed on her hands and knees and before she could even react, Genie raced in from behind, jumping over her body and connecting with her #Bowdown! Cartier appeared to have no idea where she was after that, barely managing to crawl after the impact to the head. On her feet, Genie slowly stalked Cartier before moving in for the kill. Jumping into the air, Genie lifted her knee up as high as she could before kicking her foot straight down onto the back of Cartier’s head and slamming her face down onto the mat with her Stiletto Kiss (curb stomp)! Dropping to her knees, Genie rolled Cartier to her back before making the cover.

WINNER: Genevie Carlson via Pinfall (11:29)


Before the sound of the bell, Tommy approached Eli in the corner just as soon as he entered the ring. He didn’t say anything. He just looked at him, more particularly his face. Crossing his arms, Eli just looked back at him, a little confused at what Tommy was doing exactly. Cocking his head to the side, Tommy held his hands up, leaving a clear shot of Eli’s face in between them. He studied it for a moment, biting his lip even. Suddenly he broke out into laughter.
TOMMY: ”HAH!!! You do look just like Er–“
That was all Eli needed to hear before throwing both arms forward and slamming his hands against Tommy’s chest and cutting him off before he could even finish his sentence. Tommy fell back to the mat, shocked that Eli attacked him out of nowhere just like that. What was he going to say? Who does Eli look just like? We may never know the answer to that question. Good thing this is a wrestling match and not a pop quiz. Crawling backwards across the ring, Tommy entered his corner, slowly pulling himself up with the ropes at each side of him. He pleaded with the official but there was nothing that could be done. Well, there was one thing.

The bell and the officials motion to signal for the sound of it. With that being done, this match is now officially underway! Tommy has conquered many of opponents in 4CW and Eli could very well be his toughest challenge to date. Eli was focused. He was determined. He was the new North American Champion having defeated Tommy’s significant other to claim the title as his own. Throw all this stuff together and add in the fact that Eli could very well resemble Tommy’s brother, we have ourselves the makings for one hell of a match!
Focused. That was one of the words mentioned above and Eli was indeed focused on the matchup at hand tonight with Tommy. The two circled each other in the center of the ring, analyzing each others movements and calculating the perfect time to strike. Focused. Love him or hate him, Tommy was also very focused when it came to competing inside of the ring, at least most of the time. The two locked up, Eli easily overpowering Tommy as he backed him across the ring. Pressing Tommy against the ropes, Eli continued pushing him back as if trying to push him up and over the top rope. Tommy struggled to keep himself grounded. Focused. Throw that out the window! Tommy pulled his arms away from Eli quickly before pressing both hands on each side of Eli’s cheeks and mashing his face together. Eli pushed himself away from Tommy, pulling his head away from Tommy’s hands as he took a couple steps back. Shaking it off, Eli quickly looked back to Tommy who was coming right for him. Quick to react, Eli grabbed him as soon as he came within reach, lifting him off his feet as he turned his body, slamming Tommy to the mat with a hip toss! There wasn’t a pin to follow. Eli’s smarter than that. What came next was a storm of right hands raining down on Tommy’s head as Eli was positioned on top of him.
After getting back to his feet and pulling Tommy up from the mat, Eli went straight to work. Throwing a right hand, Eli connected with a stiff punch to Tommy’s shoulder. Throwing a left, Eli connected with a soli blow to Tommy’s ribs. Then the kicking came. Lefts and rights, each one landing precisely against Tommy’s legs as Eli fired at will. He backed Tommy into the corner, still kicking away. Taking a step back, Eli then lifted his knee to his chest and kicked his leg straight out as he stepped back in towards Tommy. Rolling out of the way, Tommy left nothing for Eli to connect with as his leg went through the ropes of the corner. Before Eli could pull his leg back into the ring, Tommy was right there, rushing in from the side and hitting Eli with a lariat that knocked him to the mat. Eli’s leg was propped up on the ropes, making it an easy target for Tommy to begin kicking at his inner thigh and knee. Grabbing ahold of Eli, Tommy dragged him away from the corner by the arm. Jumping towards the ropes to his right, Tommy springboarded off the middle rope before turning his body in mid air and coming down with a leg drop across Eli’s head.
Tommy kept Eli grounded for a few moments, kicking at Eli’s knee he targeted earlier. Pulling Eli up from the mat, Tommy held him in place with one hand while firing away with two punches from the other. Lifting Eli off his feet and onto his shoulders, Tommy had Eli in a fireman’s carry. Spinning in place, the two went round and round as Tommy had Eli in an airplane spin. After nearly a dozen revolutions, Eli managed to slip away from Tommy’s hold, dropping down to his feet before the dizziness set in and stumbling backwards to the ropes. Tommy was dizzy too. You’d think the man hadn’t drink anything in nearly a year and decided to go all out before coming to the ring tonight. Stumbling back and forth, struggling to stay on his feet, Tommy barely caught a glimpse of Eli in the corner of his eye. The two stumbled towards one another, throwing wild punches that didn’t even come close to connecting with the intended target. It’s kind of hard to hit the right one when there’s three standing in front of you and with both men like this, it was like a Paisano family reunion right here on Adrenaline for both of them. At least until he changes his look again and Tommy’s the only one left with any relation to him. The two swung for the fences with one last final punch aimed for the other and somehow, some way, they both managed to connect simultaneously. The two dropped instantly to the mat and shortly after, the officials ten count began.
The official made it all the way to eight before Eli and Er–Tommy got back to their feet and vision back to normal. You could tell Eli was beginning to get a little irritated with Tommy. Maybe it was because of the difference in their work ethic. It’s anyone’s guess really. Walking to the center of the ring, Eli stood in place and began pointing to his jaw and yelling for Tommy to take a swing. Tommy was hesitant at first but after being put on the spot right then and there, he decided to step up to the plate. Tommy put everything he had behind that punch. It was a thing of beauty. That is until Eli ducked out of the way and stepped underneath it. Continuing to the ropes not far away, Eli bounced off and came back before Tommy even began to turn around to face him. Dropping his shoulder and leaping forward but low to the mat, Eli hit Tommy with a chop block behind the knee, taking his leg out from under him. Tommy hit the mat and instantly grabbed his knee as the pain began to settle in. Pushing himself up, Eli smirked only for a second before turning back to Tommy and targeting that same knee with repeated kicks. Eli then pulled Tommy up from the mat only to send him straight back down with another kick to the side of the knee. Tommy’s leg gave out from under him. This was beginning to look bad for Tommy and Eli was like a shark with blood in the water.
Standing over Tommy, Eli leaned over, slapping Tommy in the face over and over while shouting. It wasn’t clear what exactly Eli was shouting to Tommy. One would guess that it had something to do with him and his love for Amanda’s feet but Eli would never stoop so low. He was a gentleman. Slapping Tommy once more, Eli then shouted louder than before.
Pulling him up from the mat, Eli then punched him square in the mouth. He then went to kick Tommy in the stomach but to his surprise, Tommy caught his foot before the impact was made. Slinging Eli’s leg to the side, he spun Eli around in place and as Eli came to face him once more, Eli lunged towards Tommy with a clothesline. Ducking out of the way, Tommy stepped behind Eli and when Eli turned to face him, Tommy lifted him off his feet and hit him with an inverted atomic drop right in the center of the ring. Grabbing ahold of Eli’s head, Tommy then dropped him to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker. Pushing himself up to his feet, Tommy limped towards the corner and climbed his way to the top. Leaping as high as he could into the air, Tommy was going to end it all right then and there with his Octane Stomp. Just like Octane, Tommy’s of connected were dead as Eli quickly rolled out of the way. Tommy landed to his feet and before he knew it, Eli was popping up from the mat. In the blink of an eye, Eli rushed in and leveled Tommy with his Red Light Special (sick kick)! Making the cover, Eli hooked a leg for good measure as the official slid in beside them with the count.

WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (13:57)

Boston sits slumped up against a cold, concrete wall backstage. He’s bloodied, battered and worn out from earlier, clutching his ribs as blood drips down from his lips. His blonde hair looks tattered and is stained with his own blood. He puts his head downwards, every drop of a his blood that hits the floor echoing like a pin drop in the some silent of circumstances. He holds his head with this right hand out of both exhaustion and frustration at what transpired.

All of sudden, the light fixture above him begins swinging in the ever so slightest of ways, followed by the sound of the energy buzzing through it growing louder and louder as Boston looks up, noticing it himself. The light begins to brighten up until a bright flash of light takes place, which illuminates all of the battle wounds Boston has suffered tonight while he raises his arm to shield his arms from the brightness. The light dims back to it’s normal setting and the loud buzzing ceases as Boston lowers his arm with a look of confusion upon his face at what he sees before him.

Salvation members Nemesis and Viduus Morta stand before Boston, towering over him. Boston groans, leans over and spits a glob of blood on the floor beside him.

BOSTON: ”You fuckin’ guys want a piece of me too now?”

Boston looks up towards the two men who have no emotion on either of their faces. After a quick moment, both Nemesis and Viduus extend a hand, offering to help Boston up out of the rut he’s found himself in. Boston looks at their extended hands, surveying the situation and then as he reaches out to grab the hands of both men so they can help him out, the light fixture above them flickers a few times followed by it finally popping as the sound of glass can be heard falling everywhere in the darkness.

The emergency lighting system with it’s dim LED lights kicks in after sensors in the area pick up the pitch blackness to reveal that three men are gone, nowhere to be seen with the area now completely vacated as shards of the light bulb lay across the floor next to a puddle of Boston’s blood which is the only remaining evidence of Boston ever being there.


The Royal Farms Arena has waited for this long to see the main event between Artemis Kaiser and Andre Holmes. Two champions destined to tear each other apart for the sake of deciding who was the better champion on this very night. The cameras displayed different sections of the audience who brought them custom-made signs to the arena and was prepared for a huge main event action-paced fight heading their way. The last shot transitioned to the announce table where Vassa and Johnson were seated behind the announce table ready to call the last match.
JOHNSON: ”We are finally here for our main event of the evening! Our 4CW Champion, Artemis Kaiser, will face off against our 4CW Pride Champion, Andre Holmes, in the main event of our ninety-third episode of Adrenaline. I’ve been waiting for this match all night and I cannot express how excited I am. What about you Vassa?”
VASSA: ”I couldn’t give a flying fuck about this match other than seeing Holmes fail at another huge shot in his career. Yeah-yeah, he won the Pride strap so what?! The 4CW strap is what matters most and Kaiser’s gonna prove that tonight bay-bay!”
JOHNSON: ”The two has a lot to gain and nothing to lose but this match isn’t also about who is the better champion but who is the better competitor overall. Artemis Kaiser wants to make an example out of Andre Holmes and Andre Holmes wants to be the stain on her reign as he has put in the past. There’s so much to be said but I think the time for talking is over.”
VASSA: ”Okay, so both champions got their egos blasting everywhere; You know what the problem is Johnson? This no nut November shit got everyone’s balls and vaginas all so far up their ass. Just fuck and let it all hang out.”
JOHNSON: ”Is that why you have that promise ring on?”
JOHNSON: ”Alright, well with that said, let’s get things going shall we?”

The cameras transitioned to Powers who stood in the center of the ring. He wore his usual signature tuxedo suit and held the microphone under his chin as he received the cue, to begin with, the match introductions.

POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, this match is our main event of the evening and it is a champion versus champion match scheduled for one fall!”
A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the large screen. “Relentless” by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena.

He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on, the 4CW Pride Championship belt wrapped around his waist. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics:
“Tear Me Down, It Won’t Build You Up….”

A rise of smoke emerges behind him in single-line fashion as he stops center of the entrance path to unstrap the belt from around his waist to raise the 4CW Pride Championship in the air, and a release a primal scream.
POWERS: ”Introducing on his way to the ring! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds. He is the 4CW Pride Champion, ‘Relentless’ ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”
Afterward, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. A spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect as he raises the 4CW Pride Championship belt above his head.
VASSA: ”I’ll be the bigger man, both literally and figuratively speaking, and say Holmes did alright winning the belt. However, he ain’t gonna hold the belt long. He should enjoy the moment while he has; Holmes is just another vanilla midget not doing shit. “
Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie and tosses it to the outside. Standing in an unoccupied corner, Andre warms up, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponent to come out.
JOHNSON: ”Andre Holmes has never felt more proud and motivated than after winning the 4CW Pride Championship. He’s extremely satisfied with where he is but tonight, he’s looking to add even more to his record.”

Death tolls in the arena as the lights go down. The sound of rolling thunder and fierce lightning submerges the audience into the atmosphere that surrounds the coming champion. The lights, flashing and waning, represents the storm in the arena. Smoke starts to pollute the stage and it seems that a somber tone could settle down. Yet, the screeching opening guitar riff of Rammstein’s “Sonne” annihilates that entirely. The countdown to the arrival commences.

Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance.

She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. On her waist is the championship that she proudly carries. She abandons the athletic backflip in lieu of just stepping down to the ring.
Hier Kommt die Sonne!
Hier Kommt die Sonne!
Sie ist der hells Stern von Allen!
Hier kommt die Sonne!”

POWERS: ”Making her way down to the ring…weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds… fighting out of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada… she is the REIGNING 4CW CHAMPION… SHE IS ‘THE LAST EMPRESS’, ARTEMIS KKAAIISSEERR!!!”
VASSA: ”Now this is the woman, no the MAN of 4CW! This bitch can kill anyone and she did that when she threw away the Ignition belt and upgraded to the 4CW Championship and a bonus is knockin Andre Holmes the fuck out!”
Artemis steps slowly back into the center of the ring. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.
JOHNSON: ”She entered as the Ignition Champion, was counted as a dark horse and walked out of the Warzone of Horrors not only the winner but also the new 4CW Champion. Artemis Kaiser has been the talk of the professional wrestling industry and tonight, she looks to prove why that is. Artemis Kaiser, Andre Holmes. Champion versus Champion, here we go!”

Holmes and Kaiser were in opposing corners and the audience were getting riled up from the clear tension between these two champions. They left their respective corners simultaneously and circled the ring with equal distance between them. Andre utilized the kick-boxing footwork and so did Kaiser; Both competitors well versed in mixed martial arts.

They met in the middle and initiated a clinch with one trying to get double under hooks on the other but it ended up in a stalemate which later transitioned into the traditional collar and elbow tie up. Andre took the first offense applying the Side Headlock and squeezed down on her head. He kept her still until she slipped her head and took the right arm behind him to a Hammerlock. Holmes then fell to his right knee flipping her weight over his body and stood up attempting for a Roundhouse Kick but she ducked under it letting him hit only air. She got back to her feet and turned around to look at her opponent who was doing a sarcastic bow to tease her.
JOHNSON: ”In the opening moments of the match, the competitor will try to play the mind games and try to get inside the head of the other. Andre’s trying to establish the mind games but doesn’t expect Kaiser to fall easily for it. If she can survive the Warzone of Horrors and smile about it the next day, that warrants some concern.”
Artemis got back on her feet and the two paced around the ring again. They met in the middle and replayed their lockup sequence. Kaiser took Holmes’ head in the Side Headlock before sweeping his right leg over to take the submission on the canvas. She leaned her body backward applying more pressure to his head. Andre shot his legs around her neck and pulled her from the submission into the Scissors Choke squeezing his thighs against her throat. She managed to pull his legs apart and stood up in front of his seated body attempting a Punt Kick but he braced himself for nothing. When he let his arms down, Kaiser was in her corner stretching and pretending to yawn.

VASSA: ”That’s how you do it Andre! Learn from the 4CW fucking Champion and you’ll have a semi-decent reign! Artemis is the best wrestler in the world and you don’t even come close to it.”
Both competitors were on their feet and they met one last time in the middle. Artemis immediately caught him with a right knee into his ribs which hunched him forward. Her right forearm clubbed him into the back forcing him down onto his right knee. She held onto his right arm and used it to launch him to the ropes and upon the rebound, he ducked under a thrown right arm. Another return from the ropes and a Running Dropkick blasted her down to the mat forcing her to roll against the ropes. Kaiser stood up on her feet and she got Clotheslined over the top rope collapsing all the way to the ringside mat.

JOHNSON: ”A Running Dropkick followed by a Clothesline over the top rope! Andre’s known for his high-flying ability and he’s looking to showcase it tonight for the entire world to see.”
Holmes stood in the center of the ring and nodded to the audience’s chants. He felt the momentum surged through his body and took into a sprint to the ropes behind him; The run to the opposing ropes was worth it as he dived through the middle and bottom rope Spearing his entire body into the chest of Kaiser causing their bodies to crash into the barricade behind them leaving a chaotic scene.

JOHNSON: ”The trademarked Suicide Dive known as the Heat Seeking Missile. Andre’s entire body almost sliced her in half and he’s not giving up on the action outside. The referee has already started his count.”
“One! … Two!”

He reached down and held her head then dragged her up to her feet. Kaiser’s head was slammed on the edge of the apron which made the fans at ringside groan in pain. Her bare chest was exposed and he unloaded a couple of elbow blows into the area until leaning into her with the right arm in his grasp. He stepped back and launched her into the steel steps but she turned around throwing him instead which was a successful move. Holmes’ ribs were gutted against the structure and he bent over it in such agony until Kaiser held onto him and threw him into the steps again.

VASSA: ”Boom goes the dynamite! I really can’t believe I said that but damn! Artemis doesn’t give a shit about the human body as long as she’s causing harm to it! I’m loving this attitude by our 4CW Champion!”
“Three! … Four!”

Andre was down on his ass against the steel steps. His right arm was over his ribs and she ran forward Punt Kicking him into the body once again before rolling him into the ring but kept his head exposed. She took a few steps back then ran forward to Big Boot her right foot into his temple which made him roll deeper into the center of the ring. He stood on his feet until getting thrown into the nearest corner. Andre’s back slammed into the turnbuckles. Kaiser charged forward for the Leaping Lariat digging her arm into his chest and he walked out of the corner where she ran forward to the ropes, rebounded and took him down with the Flying Side Kick!

JOHNSON: ”The trademarked move of Artemis Kaiser, “Enter the Dragon”, the Flying Side Kick almost blew Holmes’ face off! She’s going for the first pin attempt of the match!”

He kicked out. Artemis slowly helped him up again and he had his hands around his neck in the Muay Thai clinch. Constant knees were being thrown into his ribs but Holmes did his best to block them. She then attempted the Half-Nelson Backbreaker but Holmes caught her with a back elbow strike loosening the hold. He spun around her and lifted her off the mat for the Belly-to-Back Suplex dropping her down on the canvas. Andre stood up on the mat, ran to the ropes and leaped onto the middle rope for the Lionsault planting his weight right on top of hers!

VASSA: ”All that flippy shit isn’t going to work against Artemis Kaiser, you have to be smarter than that Andre! Here’s the pin attempt on Kaiser from that little shit!”

She didn’t kick out but instead swept him from underneath and got into the mount position. She threw down a barrage of fists and elbows constantly beating him against the arms protecting him from most of the blows. Holmes reacted quickly; He threw his legs back and pulled it under her arms to toss her back down on the mat before standing up and jumping in the air for the Double Foot Stomp on her chest. He took a few steps forward and a Standing Moonsault impacted down on her ribs again but he stood on his knees covering his from the steel steps collision.

VASSA: ”See?! That’s what I’m fucking talking about! Even in his offense, he’s still going to feel pain. Artemis focuses on both the short-run and long-run effects of the matchmaking her the right woman to be the 4CW Champion.”
It took him a few moments but he got back up safely. He patiently scouted her and took the opportunity to strike the moment Kaiser stood on her knees. Roundhouse Kicks were repeatedly thrown into her chest with the crowd chanting ‘YES! YES! YES!” over and over again. Upon the final kick, Andre took two steps back and went for the Tornado Kick but Artemis caught the leg in his grasp then transitioned into the Capture Suplex planting his back down on the canvas again.

JOHNSON: ”It’s back and forth between these two but Artemis is getting the better of these exchanges. Andre’s looking to be in more pain than he usually was and Artemis might be planning to end it all right here!”
Artemis was at the ropes and leaned against them for comfort watching Andre crawl into the center of the ring. She leaned down waiting perfectly until breaking out into a run to punt him in the ribs. He caught onto her leg, tripped her down on her back and quickly locked in the Sharpshooter. All of his weight sat down on her back and he leaned back with the tired legs in his grasp adding more torque to the submission. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs and tries her best to drag their weight to the ropes but Holmes transitions from the Sharpshooter straight into the Muta Lock. He bridged his body upwards applying more pressure to both her upper and lower body.

JOHNSON: ”Artemis Kaiser attempted the Punt Kick and Andre caught the leg in his grasp going from the Sharpshooter into the Muta Lock. He has her in the center of the ring and now if she doesn’t find a way, we may see the Pride Champion force the 4CW Champion to tap out!”
Artemis dragged their combined weight all the way to the ropes and she grabbed the bottom one at the last second. The referee counted up to four and he released the hold off of him before helping his opponent back up to his feet. A Spinning Back Kick to the ribs had her bent forward for the Axe Kick to the back of her head which made her stand upright. He tried again for the Tornado Kick but she ducked under it then clocked him in the head with a Roundhouse Kick which turned him around until his Pele Kick clocked her on top of her head resulting in both competitors down on the mat!

VASSA: ”Both these motherfuckers are putting on a show for us and I’m loving it! Artemis Kaiser and Andre Holmes are giving it all for my entertainment; I should take Boston’s job if anyone can make matches as easy as this!”
After moments have passed, the struggle to get up was overpowered by their fighting spirits. Artemis stepped forward with a forearm shot responded by an elbow shot from Holmes. The two kept exchanging these strikes over and over again until Artemis produced the Stockton Slap where the slap was heard across the arena and the entire audience was in awe. Holmes rubbed his cheek and Artemis egged him on to do something about; He quickly took her down to the mat with a Standing Lariat!

VASSA: ”Fuck! Andre, she didn’t mean it! She didn’t mean it, Andre!”
Kaiser stood up again and was taken down by another Clothesline! Once she got up again, her right arm was in her grasp and he threw her into the turnbuckles of an unoccupied corner. Her back was glued to them and he charged into her for the Corner Clothesline that dug into her chest. She sat down from the blow which led him to run to the opposing corner, rebound off the turnbuckles and blow her head back from the Corner Knee Strike!

JOHNSON: ”The trademarked, “Trapped in the Corner”, Corner Clothesline followed by the Corner Knee Strike! Andre has finally turned the tide of the match on his favor!”
He doesn’t go for the pin attempt because he’s felt the momentum on his side. Andre dragged her from out of the corner and helped her onto her feet. Andre held onto her right arm then threw her against the ropes but when she rebounded, she immediately was hit from the Running Bicycle Knee Strike straight into her chin then took her into the center of the ring for the Falcon Arrow! Her back slammed against the canvas and Andre found refuge in the corner preparing for his signature move.

VASSA: ”From the V-Trigger straight to the Falcon Arrow, the fucking bullshit vanilla midget loves to injure anyone to make sure his career is safe. Artemis, you need to move now!”
Artemis held onto each side of the top rope in the corner then slowly pulled herself up to her feet. She stood up and Andre came charging in for the Yakuza Kick but she ducked behind him with both arms in her grasp for the Half and Half Suplex spiking him down on the top of his head. He rolled back up to his feet from the momentum which made Artemis charge forward for the Running Front Dropkick blasting him against the opposing corner turnbuckles where he rebounded back into her for the Jumping DDT spiking him again on his head!

VASSA: ”BOOM! Half and Half Suplex, Running Front Dropkick and now the Jumping DDT?! That was one of the sickest combinations I’ve fucking seen! He has to be out, pin him Artemis!”

No! He managed to kick out again and Andre rolled under the bottom rope to the apron edge. Artemis followed him to the apron then stood him up trying to go for a Suplex but he broke the hold. A Gamengiri Kick into her temple almost made her fall off but she clung to the top rope. He backed away then charged across the apron to be scooped up across her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry then Kaiser delivered the Death Valley Driver straight onto the apron edge with both competitors down by ringside!

JOHNSON: ”The Death Valley Driver right onto the apron edge and she nearly blow his entire neck out. She’s currently in the ring with him and Andre Holmes might be in some danger!”
Andre’s crawling into the center of the ring and he’s in so much pain that he doesn’t know what was going on. He slowly stood back up on his feet and turned around to see Artemis Kaiser flying through the air delivering the signature Superman Punch almost knocking his teeth out! He collapsed down onto the center and was almost out of it as she dropped down on top of his chest before hooking his right leg up.

JOHNSON: ”The Hand of God! The Hand of God has knocked out Andre Holmes! The 4CW Champion is going to emerge victorious from the pin attempt!”

No! Andre shot his entire body out of the submission but Artemis turned him onto his chest for the Fujiwara Armbar. She leaned back as much as she could to apply the pressure and kept him at bay in the center; Andre demanded the referee to not call the match and Kaiser while having the arm in place, kept beating him down on the side of his head with hammer fists.

VASSA: ”Tap you dumb son of a bitch! Make it easier for yourself! Artemis is the better wrestler and there’s no way in hell-“
Out of nowhere, Kaiser saw the arm go down against her will and Andre stood up on his feet carrying her in the Augmented Fireman’s Carry. He quickly dropped down to the side producing the Burning Hammer that planted her down on her neck before she stood back on her knees where Andre spun off his feet delivering the Tornado Kick clocking her right in the chin which forced her down onto her face!

JOHNSON: ”I’ve never seen something so brutal. The Burning Hammer countering the Fujiwara Armbar but that Tornado Kick might have done it!”
Andre backed up all in the opposing corner and held onto each side of the top rope leaning down with that crazed look in his eyes. Artemis finally stood up in the center of the ring and he charged across it to deliver the Running Yakuza Kick clocking her in the chin. She fell down onto the mat on her back and he climbed up the turnbuckles to the top rope. With one great leap backward, the Phoenix Splash imploded both their ribs and he flipped over still covering his in agony.

VASSA: ”I fucking hate that signature move! I hate it, hate it, fucking hate that signature! The Deadline Trap was never worth it!”
Andre dragged his body with his other arm around his ribs. He slowly got up in the corner and waited patiently for Artemis to stand on her knees. He slapped his hands on the mat and released that known primal scream. Andre skipped over to Artemis and went for the Thrust Kick but she ducked under it before sneaking up behind him for the Ripcord position. She turned him around going for the Elbow but he leaped up with another Bicycle Knee Strike that pushed her against the ropes; Upon the rebound, Artemis came back and delivered the Rolling Elbow knocking him down flat on his back!



“Sonne” by Rammstein replayed around the interior of the Royal Farms Arena. Artemis slowly stood on the mat and needed a moment to recollect herself but smirked as she got the victory. She got her arm raised in the air and received her 4CW Championship belt in her grasp. The referee left her alone to check down on Holmes who was still recovering from the elbow.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner, ARTEMIS KKAAIISSEERR!!!”
Walking to the nearest corner, Artemis ascended to the top, raising the 4CW Championship high above her head for the Baltimore crowd.
JOHNSON: ”Her first official match as 4CW Champion and it was a success.”
VASSA: ”Artemis shocked a lot of people walking away from Fright Night as the new 4CW Champion after gaining it in such short time.”
JOHNSON: ”She really established herself on a good foot here tonight with a win over the Pride Champion, proving the 4CW Championship to be at the top of the food chain.”
VASSA: ”Now I know the question on everybody’s mind is who is going to be her first challenger?”
JOHNSON: ”That’s a very good question. Viduus isn’t guaranteed a rematch with not having any championship defenses while 4CW Champion.”
VASSA: ”He did while he was Pride Champion and he never lost that. If anything he upgraded. I think that should at least put his name in the hat when considering who’s next in line.”
JOHNSON: ”You do make a good point Vinny, I’ll give you that. Still, without a single 4CW Championship defense to his name, nothing is guaranteed.”
VASSA: ”So we’re going to have to wait until next week to find out who’s stepping up?”
JOHNSON: ”Your guess is as good as mine.”
VASSA: ”Well then if that’s the case, the show is over with. We’re done here.”
JOHNSON: ”So soon?”
VASSA: ”You heard me. I’m going to hang out with the Barksdale boys while in town.”
JOHNSON: ”I have no clue who that is.”
VASSA: ”Of course you don’t. Just like every other idiot who’s never seen the greatest TV show featured here in this dump of a city.”
JOHNSON: ”Woah now, calm down Vinny! You’re going to start a riot.”
VASSA: ”Then I guess we need to call it a night and get out of here before anything crazy happens.”
JOHNSON: ”You heard the man! That’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen! Be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we head to our nation’s capital for Adrenaline Ninety-Four!”
VASSA: ”Washington DC here I come! Can’t wait to smoke it up legally in the nation’s capital and get my limp on if you know what I’m saying.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what you’re saying.”
VASSA: ”It’s just too heavy for you!”
JOHNSON: ”Um… well alright then! Thank you for joining us here tonight folks. Here’s wishing you and your families a safe and happy Thanksgiving next week. I’m Steve Johnson…”
The camera cut to the ring once more, taking in a final shot of 4CW’s top champion, Artemis Kaiser. Slowly, the picture begins to fade and before you know it, the credits begin to roll. Over and out!