The picture opens up to a shot from above the ring in the Capital One Arena. Fireworks ignite from the entrance stage and ring posts as “Adrenaline” plays throughout the arena. Scanning over the crowd, the camera focuses in on various signs held throughout the sold out crowd.

Switching angles to a shot from ringside, the camera rotates in a complete circle, taking in the entire landscape. Switching to the booth, we find Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa eagerly awaiting to get things underway.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Adrenaline! I’m Steve Johnson!”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa!”
JOHNSON: ”We’re coming to you live tonight from our nation’s capital for Adrenaline Ninety-Four!”
VASSA: ”We have a big night ahead of us, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”We do, topped off with a main event that made everyone mad online the moment it was announced.”
VASSA: ”I wish it was the opening so everyone would have to roll around in the blood left smeared across the ring. But no one listens to me.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s disgusting.”
VASSA: ”Oh well.”
JOHNSON: ”We’re a month away from Winter Wasteland and tonight we should witness first hand as things begin to shape up for the lineup in December.”
VASSA: ”There’s already one match we know is going to happen and that’s the rematch between Kimitsu Zombie and Elijah Carlson for the North American Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re absolutely right, Vinny. Both have a win over the other with the title on the line and at Winter Wasteland we have the tie breaker. Believe me folks, this has been confirmed with the front office.”
VASSA: ”What else do we have planned for Winter Wasteland?”
JOHNSON: ”How should I know. Do you think anyone actually plans anything around here?”
VASSA: ”We plan unaired segments.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what those are.”
VASSA: ”Of course you wouldn’t, you schmuck.”
JOHNSON: ”Anyways! We could sit here and chat all night, put you all to sleep, but I know for a fact none of you want that.”
VASSA: ”You’re the boring one, not me.”
JOHNSON: ”Tell that to your mother.”
JOHNSON: ”Come at me!”
VASSA: ”What has gotten into you tonight, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”Nothing. Just come at me if you have a problem and we can take this outside. Your choice.”
VASSA: ”I’d murder you.”
JOHNSON: ”Possibly smother if you were to fall on me but that’s the only chance you have.”
VASSA: ”That hurts, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”The truth normally does. Now sit back, take a drink from that bottle you have under the booth and let’s get this show on the road.”
VASSA: ”I’ll drink to that.”
JOHNSON: ”Of course you will.”

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY, Mariano Fernandez, rests his back on an equipment box, sitting on the floor. As he notices the camera, he stands up and shakes his head.
FERNANDEZ: “Let me make one thing clear, mang. I love Kat Jones. Ever since I came to 4CW I did, and always have, and always will.”
He looks away, part in sadness, part in frustration, pacing around as he speaks.
FERNANDEZ: “But I asked her, chicos. I asked her to make THIS match the one that mattered. I ASKED her to show them WHY the eyes of everyone watching this match should be HERE, why their lips should be talking about THIS match before it was over.”
He comes to a halt, and faces the camera once more.
FERNANDEZ: “And there, chicos, is your answer.”
He raises a finger, as if to indicate to listen intently, but no sound is emitted outside of his quiet, almost imperceptible breathing.
FERNANDEZ: “What am I supposed to do, against that? What DO I have to say now that the moment has come? This was meant to be something else, mang. This was meant to be Mariano Fernandez, former 4CW Champion, versus Kat Jones, former WWH Champion. I said I wanted this to be MORE than just another random match on the card, and god damned if I didn’t make that shit CLEAR when it was my turn to go on the airwaves, mang. I said I was tired of matches that didn’t MATTER for something, and I’d give my god damned all to act accordingly. And what has become of my efforts, mang? What am I meant to say now that we got all this way to… absolutely nothing? What is the rest of the world going to say about this shit, Kat?”
Mariano throws his hands, shaking his head slowly – almost as if he didn’t want to pronounce the words he was saying at that time.
FERNANDEZ: “They’ll go back to the mockery you already are aware of, mang. They’ll say itty bitty little Kat is STILL the less talented little sister. That she can’t get it done. That she can’t win the big one, let alone any big one thing she’s presented with other than god damned Alexis Mercer and whoever else is aimlessly stumbling enough to be her stepping stool. You don’t NEED me to be telling you this, because you KNOW it, chica.”
After this, he leans after the camera, and gives a very hard, steel-like stare.
FERNANDEZ: “What you DON’T know, however, is how poorly this reflects on ME.”
Mariano makes another pause to emphasize the weight of the words he’s just uttered.
FERNANDEZ: “You DON’T know that all the things that I have said, about the rest of the god damned roster not giving a shit about THEIR own matches, they weren’t just for people to tune in to US, mang. They were there because I MEANT it. With the MAIN GOD DAMNED EVENT of this match being completely disregarded by the two people in it – with no less than a god damned TITLE SHOT on the line, GOD DAMN! – and almost every other wrestler flatlining throughout the week, I figured, okay, mang, SOMEONE’s gotta give something out there to make this shit important, mang.”
FERNANDEZ: “SOMEONE’s gotta show that 4CW brings the BEST, every single god damned Adrenaline show.”
FERNANDEZ: “SOMEONE in this god damned company has to give a shit.”
FERNANDEZ: “And it turns out once again, no one here gave a shit but me, mang. And I wanted, Kat, I so DESPERATELY wanted, for you to feel the same. For you to DO the same, Perry Wallace’s daughter as you are.”
His hard stare betraying a look of sadness, he buries his face in his palms, and shakes his head slowly once more.
FERNANDEZ: “Because I promised, Kat. I promised these people I’d be making this match memorable. I promised them they’d be talking of this match LONG after it was over, and now…”
He comes barely short of touching the camera lens with his nose, almost as if he were to pop out of the viewer’s T.V. screen.
FERNANDEZ: “Now ALL I’ve said, and ALL I’ve done, turns into empty god damned words once again, even after I deliver in this match by getting a win that could have, SHOULD have, been a god damned challenge. Now they’ll say Kat Jones didn’t give it her all – that her mind, her HEART, every fiber of her being as was mine, just wasn’t in this match.”
FERNANDEZ: “And I’ll be DAMNED, Kat, if I’m letting that shit come true, because I remember my own words, mang. I said, very clearly, that NONE should find us wanting, and I for one don’t forget what I say. I intend to act EXACTLY the way I said I’d act. I intend to follow through with my words. I, for one, Kat Jones, will not be the one found wanting.”
He slams his right fist against his left palm, with a snapping sound, before he continues.
FERNANDEZ: “So PLEASE Kat. If there’s any will left in you, if there’s any SIMILAR feeling for me as I have for you. If you love me as much and as passionately as I love you, MAKE something to show it out there. I’d ask you not for myself, but for your dad, your brothers and sisters, or the people that came to see us, or for YOURSELF if you have to, mang.”
FERNANDEZ: “Because I WISH it didn’t come to this. I WISH I could stand right here and say I was excited to meet you in a match worthy of a Main Event. I wish I could say this was a CELEBRATION, mang. I wish I could say this was something meaningful, something that would LIVE on despite how much time we’re both in the ring.”
FERNANDEZ: “I wish I could say ANYTHING else, other than what I’m about to say, chica.”
Mariano’s eyes look as if they were desperately holding back tears, but his voice is as cold, as harsh, as unforgiving as steel.
FERNANDEZ: “But sadly, after all of this, there’s only one thing I could say.”
He looks straight at the camera.
FERNANDEZ: “That this was Kat Jones’ time to shine, and that DESPITE IT ALL, contrary to all my efforts, and all that I hoped and wanted for her, and all the words I threw in her way…”
He makes one final pause, to deliver his final line as a blade about to slash through a neck.
FERNANDEZ: “… She has been found WANTING.”
And with that, Mariano leaves, as the final shot of the camera catches him walking to the arena, before the scene fades to black.


Raab was sick of the shit, next match he gets better be with someone who’s been on the roster for a while now and not some newbie entering the company getting their debut match against the 4CW veteran. But Raab is a good sport though and despite his obvious irritation from his promo rant, he still isn’t taking it easy on Jones as he strives to make his opener a five star match. Vassa pokes fun at saying that Raab is the new opening act of the circus while Johnson tells him to show some respect and that there is nothing wrong with opening up the show. Raab pulled Jones in and wrapped his arm around his neck in a headlock, keeping it locked in while his free arm was in motion with driving his fist repeatedly into the head of Jones. Everytime Jones squirmed and tried to break free, Raab just tightened in that grip a little more. Once he was satisfied, Raab breaks the headlock and Jones wastes no time making a grab for Raab to pull him in to execute a DDT. A quick elbow drop to a downed Raab before Jones is pulling the man to his feet to scoop him up, carrying him two steps before Jones falls back for that fall away slam. That confident smirk on Jones’ face gets zoomed in by the nearest cameraman as Raab focuses on getting to his feet while using the robes to lean back on. Jones takes this as Raab trying to catch his breath or recover and immediately charges him but gets taken by surprise once Raab greets him with a gut kick and since he had a penchant for suplexes, Raab put Jones down with one.
Raab is roaring with all of this energy, wanting to show the ones in charge in the back that he could still rock an opener like a main event. That this is what happens when they throw a 4CW debuter into the ring with him. That he will break them, he will show that he’s too dangerous for the opening matches and needs to level up higher on the card. Raab moves as if he has the souls of a thousand men in him with how he kicks it up a notch, proving himself while also teaching Jones a lesson. Raab falls into a routine with those variety of suplexes, going for a rolling german suplex before switching to a release german next right after he had yanked Jones to his feet before putting him back down on the mat. Jones manages to stop Raab in his tracks with a roaring elbow from bouncing off the ropes after Raab had irish whipped him. Sticking close to his target, Jones refuses to allow Raab to get more than a step away from him as he continues to attack him, even tried to get him down on the ground for a sharpshooter but Raab wasn’t having that as he fights back with trying to avoid getting put in the submission with kicks that do the trick with causing Jones to retreat. Raab is on his feet, Jones is rushing forward with a clothesline but Raab isn’t there as he quickly ducks the attack and doubles back to take down Jones with a clothesline of his own.
Going for the pin comes to his mind but Raab tells himself not to be too hasty, that it wasn’t the right time for that yet as he instead stands to his feet while pulling Jones to his. But Jones surprises Raab with a few punches that come slamming into the side of Raab’s face and has Raab moving backwards like he has jelly legs. That’s the kind of response that Jones was looking for with wanting to knock Raab off his game as he moves forward like a prized fighter ready to take it all. He felt a couple more punches, a backbreaker and then a german suplex pin could end it all tonight but then he realized how many suplexes had already been seen in this match courtesy of Raab. So Jones landed a few well placed punches, went for that backbreaker and once he pulled Raab to his feet? Well Raab ended up thwarting his plans with a few spontaneous swings that threw Jones’ gameplan out the window. But that’s okay, because Jones came at Raab with just as much fire as Raab was coming with. The two battle it out until Jones gains the upper and goes for the kill with Point Of Controversy and then a pin to seal the deal once the referee counts till he gets to three.
WINNER: Smith Jones via Pinfall (6:49)

Cartier is heading toward the tunnel leading to ringside, the “go” position right before the curtains. The thunderous sound of the crowd can be heard from outside and she looks to be prepping herself with some last minute hyping up. She hops in place in her blinged out ring gear, dripped with diamond-like sequins, listening for her cue, when her constant tormentor, the at large interviewer for 4CW, Gabe Hartman makes his way up to her.
HARTMAN: ”Cartier! Cartier! One moment of your time?”
CARTIER: ”Oh lord… ain’t you got my restraining order?”
HARTMAN: ”Your… restraining… really?”
CARTIER: ”No not really, I ain’t no goddamn snitch an’ I ain’t on to go to 5-0 neither. I take care of my shit on my own. But you pull that bathroom bullshit on me ever again I’ll beat that ass.”
HARTMAN: ”Understood!”
CARTIER: ”Now what the fuck you want, can’t you see I’m on my way out to the damn ring? I ain’t got time for no weak ass bullshit from you. Ain’t Nemesis back here somewhere? Go talk to his ass.”
HARTMAN: ”No way! He’s terrifying!”
CARTIER: ”Yeah, okay… I mean I don’t fucks wit’ no voodoo but he seem aight. Now quick! What you want?”
HARTMAN: ”Well… you know, I just wanted to see what your mental state was going into this, your second match on Adrenaline… you laid it all on the line last time and came up short. That’s got to weigh heavy on you, right?”
Cartier shakes her head and rolls her eyes, obviously losing patience with Gabe, as usual. By now the show had come back from commercial and the announce team could be heard from nearby monitors, it was only moments away from Cartier’s match.
CARTIER: ”No, Gabe, that shit roll off me like water off a raincoat. I ain’t one of them egotistical bitches who think she gonna win every fight. I been fightin’ my whole life, I know it ain’t gonna be like that. When you swing for the fences you gonna miss sometimes. What my match against Genie did do was get my nerves settled. I ain’t gonna lie, gettin’ into a Adrenaline ring for the first time had me nervous as hell. This the big time, you feel me? This where the lights is brightest and the stage is biggest. I ain’t tryina get lost in the shuffle or be one more little fish in a big pond… I gotta make my mark and get comfortable. I’m comfortable now. Them lights and so hot this time. I’m chill. I feel good about tonight, an’ I think me an’ Maddox gonna impress people. I mean, I KNOW I’m gonna.”
HARTMAN: ”Do you feel like you’re going to walk away with a win tonight?”
Again, Cartier looks at her feet and shakes her head. She sighs loudly before holding her hands up in exasperation.
CARTIER: ”Of course I feel like I’m gonna fuckin’ win! What you think, anyone in this locker room walkin’ around expectin’ to lose? I plan on winnin’ every fight, it’s up to my opponent to prove me wrong. I’mma be right more than they ar though, you can count on that. I got plans, an’ tonight’s plan is to get my first W on Adrenaline. An’ afterward? I’mma go see Maddox Ayres parents.”
Hartman does a double take, obviously taken aback by what Cartier said.
HARTMAN: ”You what? Huh?”
Cartier then turns around and grabs something from a table behind her, then sets it on her head with a big smile. It’s a Mickey Mouse beanie cap, the kind with the big plastic ears on either side of it.
CARTIER: ”I’m goin’ to Disney World, bitch!”
Cartier laughs and then snatches the hat off of her head, patting her hair back into place. She slaps the cap down onto Hartman’s skull and turns away, heading out of the curtain. The ring announcer’s voice calls her name and her theme music fires up over the PA as she parts the curtains and walks out to a sizable reaction from the crowd.
HARTMAN: ”Good luck Cartier!”
But by then, she’s long gone.


Everyone was anxious to see if Cartier and all her thickness to hold up the pretty boy face painted Maddox and all his speed. We all know Cartier don’t care who she has to step to when it comes to putting in that work and she let Maddox know the business real quick when he grabbed her arm and was checked with a right punch to the face. Many could say that Cartier’s moves didn’t stack up to Maddox who seemed to have more of an arsenal with him but Cartier was a brawler and let her fists do the talking for her while she rocked him all around the room for a while until he wised up and begin predicting which fist she was going to use to throw her next swing and dodged it. He was now on her like maggots on Dakota’s victims as he refused to allow her to evade him, keeping in step with her as if they were locked in some dance battle with all the moving around they were doing on the mat. A snap DDT quickly took Cartier off her feet and had her on the mat before she even realized what had happened and once Maddox pulled her onto her feet, another snap suplex followed.
He was thinking smart with making Cartier thinking he was following into a pattern because once he pulled her onto her feet, she assumed he was going for a third snap suplex and ended up sadly mistaken once Maddox tricked her by foreseeing her trying to attack him with a quick rushing elbow that had Maddox ducking, wrapping his arms around her middle from behind and going for a german suplex. Maddox fought with a tricky defense that had Cartier having a difficult time trying to catch onto so that she could break through it. Maddox stuck to working Cartier from behind and not because of all that ass she had back there but because being in her blind spot was working as an advantage for him. The backstabber on her has Cartier feeling like she needed to get her back muscles worked on as she lays on the mat while Maddox, being the nice guy that he is, allowed Cartier a few moments to lay in her pain before he pulls her to her feet.
Cartier had been waiting for that and immediately attacks as soon as she’s fully on her feet with swinging with all of her might and catching Maddox right in his right eye. She had been aiming for his nose but she felt that worked for her as well as she irish whips him towards the ropes. Maddox has a plan in mind as his back hits the ropes and he comes running back to Cartier fast and ends up with all that ass in his face from her infamous “Eat This Ass” that has Maddox on his back because no way could that man not go down from getting hit by that sedan sized ass. Cartier feels that she’s played around in this ring with this boy for far too long and was ready to put him to bed as she backs up a bit to step off him, allowing him to think she was just going to let him get up on his own and recovery. But as soon as Maddox is on his feet, Cartier comes at him fast with the Empire State Of Mind and that’s all she wrote as she falls on him for the pin right afters for that one, two, three count fall.
WINNER: Cartier via Pinfall (7:02)

Cameras transitioned backstage as Jair Hopkins was set and ready in his gear, looking to get this abysmal showdown out of the way quick so he could flee the city with quickness and be one with the air as he wanted to be back home. He had no time for a “test and tune” against Buzz Jacobs. Even with everything that was going on with him, he deserved better than this…but there was a paycheck coming from this so he had quit complaining to himself. Traveling down the hallway as he quietly hummed to himself, seeing the Washington Wizards and Georgetown Hoyas logos and pictures, he found himself nearly colliding into one of 4CW’s up and coming stars, Eden Connors.
A stare came between the two with Eden flashing an awkward smile after almost getting trucked. Jair took a few steps back, giving space between the two as his heart stopped racing. Re-collecting themselves, the two shared a quick handshake.
HOPKINS: “Sorry bout’ that! Lost in my own world for a minute shiii, what’s good, Miss ‘Bang! Boom!Bonbon’?”
She looked at him for a long moment but then just nodded her head. The usual smile was missing, obviously replaced by a wrinkle between her eyebrows. Eden Connors was on a mission tonight, and it wasn’t pretty.
CONNORS: “No problem, I think we both have been somewhere else. Road to redemption, huh?”
Hopkins laughed, knowing that the pressure was on thick tonight, for both but in totally opposite fashion. The card was another stacked house and Jair knew that he couldn’t have yet another let down, same went for Eden, who was looking to battle back up the rankings after a tough outing.
HOPKINS: “Road to redemption is right! We got one hell of a course. I wish you luck though. I know way too much about bouncing back from disappointments. I’m right here again but you will be fine tonight in there with Kimi. Just for whatever reason, don’t look down on yourself. Keep your head up.”
CONNORS: “That is nice of you to say, Mister Hopkins. The truth is though after my loss to Sanchez I felt destroyed. It is hard to admit especially knowing that this is gonna air in public, but it is the truth. I had him. I had him real good and then allowed him to slip. Like the slimey snail that he is. But there was something else happening that night which really put me on the sideline.”
There was a small break where she took a deep breath.
CONNORS: “For the first time since hunting my dream, I lost my faith. I put in question the way i do business. And I admit another thing, I ran. I needed to be away from the company at least for one show to put myself back together. And in my lowest hour it kinda dawned on me: There is nothing wrong with me. I don’t need to be a badass bitch to get my point across. I don’t need to win popularity contests to kick serious ass. I just need to refocus. And that was when I realised that even though Kimi is one hell of a talent, I can beat her. If I erase everything else from my mind. And with all due respect, I know I am just a rookie, but it is pretty much the same for you. You are without a doubt one of the best competitors in this company even though people give you hardly the respect you deserve. Just my opinion.”
HOPKINS: ”Well thank you Eden for that. You recognize my game and I recognize yours and that mutual respect thing…it’s missing in this industry. It’s all good though, you will learn as your stock grows higher just how much more the haters will rise with it. Just use that for extra inspiration. I saw what occurred with you and Sanchez out there. You had him dead to rights but one slip-up can change the whole momentum. However, to lose faith, never lose faith…no matter how bad it gets, always have faith.”
It was as if he was almost talking to himself in a way, especially with how things been and that part with faith and hope, trying to keep all alive and on a positive scale. It was tough but this industry always teach you something…even if you been in it for a long time.
HOPKINS: ”Anyone and I mean anyone can be beat if you stay focused and play your deck right. Even the most daunting can be taken with ease. Kimitsu, her status, her brilliance when in the ring, you can make things right again if you just stay focused and don’t let nothing break it. You stick with it, you’ll be sporting some hardware soon enough. You can be a 17 year veteran or a rookie, doesn’t matter if your game is tight and you don’t fall for the bluff.”
For the first time she smiled. It was small, but hard to miss.
CONNORS: “Now you sounded like my dad back home. I know what I am capable of. Now I think it’s time the rest of the world finds out. There are no regrets from here on. And that goes for you too. Go out there and kick Buzzles head off. It’s time to make a statement.”
HOPKINS: ”Now that’s what’s good for the soul. You been down this road before 4CW. You know the expectations are put on you, even heavier when you come here. You gotta shine your brightest and never let a mutha—…never let them take your shine. You’ve done well but can definitely do better. You got your chance to make that happen tonight. Don’t worry, Buzz Lightyear will be sent into infinity and beyond! Good talks with you!”
Placing his hand out for another handshake, Eden shakes his hand and Jair, expecting more, chooses to do something stylish off the handshake but Eden was left with a slightly confused look on her face as Jair waved it off, chuckling a bit afterwards. He gave Eden a salute as he made his way around the corner. Cameras transitioned to ringside.


Buzz had grabbed a handful of Jair’s plaits and yanked on them as if Jair was his bitch and that had Jair european uppercutting the hell out of him before making him eat his entire knuckle that collides into his face. Buzz goes staggering off as Jair hops from foot to foot with his fists up and ready to give Buzz’s face a good pounding. And not no softcore pounding, nah that real hardcore pounding where you’d see the evidence of your work when you left a mark just like Jair was aiming to do. Jair’s fists were like lightening from how fast they flew and when they ended up making Buzz take a few steps back, Buzz realized a way out of this and ends up dropkicking Jair in his knee to bring Jair down right onto that knee. In that position, Buzz goes crazy with the forearm shots and flying knees that ends up laying Jair right out on the mat. But as fast as he fell, Jair is as swiftly getting back on his feet even though he feels it in his chest from all those hits he took there from an overly energetic Buzz. Vassa makes a snide remark that if the former 4CW Champion loses to Buzz tonight then he was going to roast him for the rest of the year while Johnson feels that’s really unnecessary to do so but know that his commentating partner just wanted a reason to be a dick.
Buzz puts those knees to work again until a dropkick to the chest sends Jair down on his back and Buzz on Jair like a spider monkey from how quickly he mounts him, using Jair’s face as a punching bag for a few moments until he rises up off of him with that arm raised in the air as if he’s already won the match, his free hand pointing to himself while Jair stands to his feet. Jair brushes himself off first before he takes Buzz from behind with a few forearms to the back of his skull that had Buzz stumbling forward from the hard impact. Buzz spins around ready for a fight and ends up playing right into Jair’s hands as he goes for a scoop slam almost immediately as the audience cheers for him with him regaining the upper. But that seems short lived as a spinning back fist comes out of nowhere that has Jair backing up into the turnbuckle. Buzz takes advantage of that and hits Jair with a few chops across the chest before driving a knee into his abdomen and backing away with a satisfied smirk at Jair doubling over in pain. But if he thought that was enough to take Jair down then he had no idea who he was dealing with as Jair charges Buzz and spears him to the mat before Buzz could even take a step forward towards the bent over Jair.
Jair knew he had this and allowed Buzz to get far enough away from him before Buzz sprints forward but Jair also does as he beats him with attacking first with a crossbody to put both men down on the mat. Jair was alot faster in getting up while Buzz rolls onto his stomach and pushes himself up that way. The two men trade blows back and forth before Buzz tries to get a lucky shot in with switching from fist to elbow and ends up catching Jair real good in the face but then Jair comes back ten times as hard with a solid punch that has Buzz stepping back way to fast and losing his balance to the mat. Jair knows he doesnt have that much time and quickly jumps onto the nearest turnbuckle and backflips off for OMFG! with his feet planting firmly into Buzz’s chest. Jair drops for the pin with that cover over Buzz while the referee makes the count to grant Jair the three count and W for the night.
WINNER: Jair Hopkins via Pinfall (7:21)

The scene cuts backstage, a familiar setting to say the least. An office, nothing permanent but only temporary for its inhabitants of the evening. Along the back wall, in the center, a large desk sits and who do we find behind it? Perry Wallace. Who else were you expecting? This isn’t a locker room where we’d find a member of the roster. It sure as shit wasn’t wasn’t a janitorial closet where we’d expect to find the Adrenaline GM, Boston. It was a rather nice office. As usual, a bottle of scotch sat upon the top of the desk. A half empty cup sits not far from it along the edge of the desk.
WALLACE: “This mother fucker has to go.”
Perry says to what seems to be to himself. Grabbing the glass, he takes a small sip, savoring the flavor before placing the glass back onto the desk. Leaning back in his seat, he raises his hand and rests it underneath his chin as he thinks quietly to himself for only just a short moment.
WALLACE: “I’ve got myself in deep here guys. As I was telling you the other week, I have quite the problem on my hands. We have quite the problem on our hands.”
The camera zooms out, taking the entire room into its view. He wasn’t alone. In front of the desk, Dakota Smith sat in a chair backwards, his arms crossed over the backrest. Across the room, Cyrus Riddle leans against the wall.
WALLACE: “I’ve let this go on for too long and now the shit is hitting the fan in Phe’s direction. Tonight… we settle this.”
Dakota leans forward, causing the chair to go up on two legs as he snatches the bottle of scotch from the desk, he takes a quick swig and grins.
SMITH: “Well boss, the way I sees it. When shit hits the fans, fuck cleaning it up…burn the motherfucker down.”
Taking another swig from the bottle, Dakota then pulls his arm back behind him. He tries to hand Cyrus the bottle without taking his eyes off of Perry. Riddle moves, grabbing the Bottle from Dakota but opts out of taking a sip, instead placing the bottle down initially.
RIDDLE: “This isn’t going to be the usual style of task. Minimal planning, quick execution, no obstacles. There’s a line that’s been crossed that unfortunately leaves no option left.”
Calm in demeanor, Cy posts back up on the wall, moving his neck around slowly. Through his eyes, it is almost as if his thought processes can be seen at work.
RIDDLE: “Question is… are we all in agreement that it is by any means necessary?”
Behind the desk, Perry slowly raises his hand.
WALLACE: “Two things. First, there are glasses here you can use, Dakota. Second, what exactly do you two have in mind?”
Perry leans back in the chair once more. The room is silent, but only for a short moment. Leaning back up in the chair, Perry rests his elbow on top of the desk, bringing his hands together in front of him.
WALLACE: “Hold that thought for a second. Before things fly off the deep end, we need to find out if he’s bluffing or not. I mean, I think he knows, but I don’t really know for sure if he knows. He hasn’t shown me his hand yet. Either way, this has created nothing but one big mess and now Phe is getting the blowback from it all. I need to know exactly what he knows. But first, I have to take away what little power he thinks he possesses tonight and terminate his status in 4CW.”
Dakota and Cyrus look at eachother out of the corner of their eyes for a split moment before Dakota lets out a chuckle. He runs his tongue along his bottom lip and glances back up at Perry
SMITH: “Oh we have ways of finding out what he knows, situations he could just happen to find himself in… That well, will leave him very vulnerable to divulging everything in that pretty little head of his. But you already know that don’t you? Maybe it’s a bluff, maybe it’s not… Maybe by the end of the night it will cease to fucking matter.”
With his forearms resting on the back of the chair, Dakota rubs his hands together and chuckles once again – both actions seeming sinister in nature. Riddle smirks as if silently understanding exactly what Dakota is referring to.
RIDDLE: “Accidents happen daily. And confessions, well… they don’t exactly pose a difficulty in retrieving.”
Perry grabs the bottom of scotch, wiping off the opening with his sleeve before pouring himself a full glass. He lifts the glass barely off the desk, slowly shaking it back and forth as the liquid inside rolls in a circular motion. Raising the glass to his lips, he takes a sturdy drink before leaning back in his chair and propping a foot up onto the top of the desk.
WALLACE: “I just want you guys to find him for now. Hell, I don’t even know if he’s in the building tonight but I wouldn’t put it past that sneaky little fuck to be here somewhere. Find me Boston, and bring him to me. Let’s see exactly what he does know.”
Dakota slams his hands down on the desk with a loud smack, as he pushes himself up and off of the chair.
SMITH: “Well, well, well looks as if we are on a rabbit hunt. Ay brother?”
Riddle acknowledges what Dakota said and the two men got to exit the room. Dakota pauses for a second, throwing his finger up in the air if he forgot something. He turns around and walks back up to the desk. He picks up one of the empty glasses, and chucks it against one of the walls before pointing at Perry, his finger just an inch or two from his nose.
SMITH: “Fuck your glass!”
Perry looks a bit startled to be honest, But Dakota had already turned back around and Omerta was now exiting the office. As the door shuts Perry looks at the broken glass, and then back at his own.
WALLACE: “God Dammit! JIMMY! Shit he’s dead… Who the fuck is going to clean this up!? If only Boston was given a more suitable position as custodian but he’d go and fuck that up too!”


This is it folks! Mariano Fernandez versus Kat Jones. One likes to be pegged, the other isn’t allowed to go out after nine o’clock! Manny and Kat walk to the center of the ring, exchanging a few words of respect before going at! Kat unloads a huge bitch slap onto Manny’s face from out of the blue, Manny looks stunned, blowing his soccer mom like hair out of his eyes before returning the favor with a forearm shot! Kat stumbles backwards, but then springs forward with a stiff kick to Manny’s knee, sending da troll guy down to one knee. Kat wastes no time in connecting with a superkick square against Manny’s jaw, she goes for the pin but Manny gets his shoulder up early into the one count. Kat pushes Manny up from the mat and locks in a dragon sleeper, really cranking back on the hold. But Manny is somehow able to struggle through the discomfort and make it up to his feet, in a matrix style stance. He pushes Kat’s arm away and stands straight up before flipping himself backwards and connecting to Kat’s skull with a pele kick! Kat Jones is stunned, she doesn’t go down but her porcelain white legs are looking like some jello. Manny pops back up to his feet and bolts at Kat, once again jumping into the air this time hitting a picture perfect hurricanrana that sends Kat flying across the ring, she hits the mat and slides down to the outside with a thump.
Manny looks a tad concerned for his friend as he peers over the top rope, but Kat is nowhere to be seen. Manny scratches his head looking very confused, he looks out into the audience for answers, but he should of been watching his back as Kat Jones rolls in the ring behind him and ties him up on a roll up! The ref’s hand almost gets to three before Manny kicks out. Mariana goes to stand up but Kat is already on her feet as she jumps up and gives Manny a good old fashion Mule kick to the back! Manny flattens out on that mat as Kat gets riled up she lets out a scream of passion as she grabs Manny by the back of the head and pulls him up to his feet. She then licks her hand and begins to chop the ever loving fuck out of Manny’s chest! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! They echo throughout the arena, each and every chop sending Mariano backwards until he was pressed up against the turnbuckle. Kat pulls back for one more monster chop against Manny’s beat red chest. Welts are already starting to form on the flesh of da troll gut as Kat backs up to the opposite corner, she gets a running start before performing a handspring elbow! That connects square against Manny’s jaw.
Kat throws a very staggered, very confused Manny into the center of the ring before she hops up on the second rope. Manny stumbles backwards a bit and Kat jumps off the rope and slams Manny’s face into the mat with a flying bulldog! She pushes Manny over and hooks his leg, but once again Manny kicks out at the very last second, showing tremendous resilience. Kat looks as if she has had enough as she grabs Manny by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. She locks her arm around his head and leg, lifting him up in the air for a fisherman suplex (WHIPLASH) But someone how Manny is able to reverse it, throwing his body forwards and getting cat with a cradle! Kat kicks out at two and is quick to get up to her feet but so is Manny as he pops up in the air and dropkicks her directly in the knee (ARROW IN THE KNEE). Running off pure adrenaline, heh like the name of the show…neat. Anyways, running off pure adrenaline Manny picks Kat up and drives her head into the mat with a vertical suplex piledriver (DOVAHKIIN DRIVER) He scoops Kat’s limp leg up and gets the pin. Manny waits around for Kat to come too and gives her a respectful hug of friendship, her father was watching after all. Kat says thank you and exits the ring as Manny takes his moment to celebrate.
WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (9:40)

ZOMBIE: “There is so much noise around this place that sometimes people forget that everything is settled in the ring.”
Kimitsu sits on a couch backstage watching the screen while palming some baoding balls and rolling them in her hands.
ZOMBIE: “Everyone can come through and set up a match on social media while talking a big game, but when it comes down to the fight it is all lost and certain truths come out. You can talk all the shit you want to champions behind a computer screen, but everyone knows they’ll cower when it’s time to step outside. It’s all about who you know and who will hype you up. My opponent tonight, Eden Connors believes me to be one of these fools that plays that line. Popularity isn’t something that I fall back on. I am not popular because I kowtow to any common line. I don’t have friends because I kiss ass at any opportunity. I can count my friends on one hand. I value my fans because they are true to me when I am at my worst. I have been down before and I come back up every time. Loyalty has a price.”
She moves the balls in an orbit faster and faster as if trying to remain calm.
ZOMBIE: “There is no old me. I never look back at where I was with regret. There better Kimitsu Zombie will always rise tomorrow. If you think what I was before was more than I am now, then you just aren’t paying enough attention… or you chose to be blind out of fear and spite. Eden, tonight I want to educate you on this and many other truths of this business. You rely on others to build you up just as much as you think I do. Only you are more transparent. Soon you’ll see what consequence this has when I am looking down on you lying on the mat. I just hope you take some of this to heart and fight on with what I will give you.”
ZOMBIE: “Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother. It’s not like you won’t just pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Stiff upper lip and all that British bullshit, right? I am trying to elevate this whole division along with me on the path to regain my rightful place on top of it again. You may think you know me, but I don’t really know if you’ve got yourself settled yet. Again. This will be for your own good. Good luck.”
Kimitsu lets the balls drop and gets out of the chair to walk off frame.


Coming up next we have the wholesome, Eden Connors, stepping into the ring with the one and only, KIMITSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ZOOOOOMMMMMMMBIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ding! Ding! Things were slow from the start, as each lady slowly circled the center of the ring sizing one another up. Lunging towards each other, they quickly find themselves in a lockup. Eden pulled Kimitsu’s head down into a side headlock. Kimitsu planted her hands against Eden’s back, pushing her forward and pulling her head away from Eden’s arm before sending her to the ropes. Upon Eden’s return, Kimitsu stood her ground but was knocked flat on her back as Eden came in with a shoulder block. Kimitsu popped back to her feet and just like before, the two circled each other one more time. Locking up again, Eden hooked Kimitsu’s arm behind her back and she moved in behind her. Lifting Kimitsu off her feet, Eden dropped her across her knee with a backbreaker. Rising to both feet, Eden jumped into the air before coming down with a knee drop to Kimitsu’s stomach. Eden kept Kimitsu down to the mat for a few moments, working various joints and limbs with knees and stomps.
Pulling Kimitsu up to her feet, Eden wrapped her up with both arms. Just as she went to lift Kimitsu off her feet for a belly to belly suplex, Kimitsu slammed her head forward, hitting Eden right between the eyes with a headbutt and forcing her to release her. Eden kicked her foot at Kimitsu’s stomach, only to have it caught before any contact could be made. Pulling Eden in, Kimitsu slung her to the mat with a dragon screw. Still locked onto Eden’s leg, Kimitsu grabbed Eden’s head with her other hand and lifted her up as she stood to her feet. Pulling her in by the leg once more, Kimitsu slung her over to the mat a second time for another dragon screw. Climbing over top of Eden, Kimitsu grabbed her by the head with both hands, slamming her head against the mat over and over as hard as she could. Pushing herself away from Eden, Kimitsu stood to her feet and circled Eden as she remained down to the mat. Back on the attack, Kimitsu began stomping rapidly onto Eden’s shoulder, not even giving her a chance to try getting up from the mat. Keeping Eden grounded, Kimitsu continued to stomp on her shoulder.
Lifting Eden up to her feet, Kimitsu kicked her in the side with a right boot. She then followed up with a left kick to the side of Eden’s thigh. Then another right to the opposite leg before following up with a fourth kick to Eden’s stomach. Think again! Catching Kimitsu’s leg, Eden stepped in and placed her leg behind Kimitsu’s grounded one before pushing her back and tripping her. Kimitsu fell backwards to the mat, smacking the back of her head against it. Still holding Kimitsu’s leg up in the air, Eden then rotated her body as she dropped down and planted an elbow to the inside of Kimitsu’s thigh. Standing back to her feet, Eden pulled Kimitsu up to hers before whipping her to the corner. Taking off as soon as Kimitsu crashed against the corner, Eden leaped into the air, planting both feet on Kimitsu’s stomach and grabbing her by the shoulder. Eden had a monkey flip in mind but Kimitsu wasn’t having any part of it. Wrapping both arms around Eden, Kimitsu held her close before stepping away from the corner. Falling backwards with Eden held in the air, Kimitsu went down to the mat as Eden’s throat slammed down onto the top rope! Her head bounced off, shooting Eden off her feet and through the air before hitting the mat back first.
The two were slow to get back to their feet, Kmitsu making it to hers first as Eden was up to one knee. Rushing in, Kimitsu jumped through the air just as Eden stood tall, wrapping an arm around her head and planting it into the mat with a jumping DDT! Climbing on top of Eden, Kimitsu fired away with rapid right hands to Eden’s head before standing back to her feet. Kimitsu paced the ring as Eden slowly began pushing herself back to her feet again. This time, Kimitsu rushed in, leaping feet first into the air and wrapping her legs around Eden’s head. Lifting her off her feet, Kimitsu threw Eden through the air with a headscissors takedown. Eden collided into the official, knocking him down to the mat. The official actually broke the fall for Eden as she was able to quickly push herself back to her feet. With no official to stop her, Kimitsu then decided to play dirty and spit the shochu mist into Eden’s face. She missed! Throwing her hands up, Eden blocked the liquid from getting into her eyes. With it all over her palms, Eden then lunged forward, pressing her hands to Kimitsu’s face and rubbing it in her eyes!
Lifkimitsu off her feet, Eden then threw her over her head with a fallaway slam. kimitsu was blinded, but she wasn’t unable to get back to her feet. It was probably a better idea for her to remain down as she quickly found herself wrapped by Eden’s arms. Lifting Kimitsu off her feet, Eden threw her over her head with a belly to belly suplex. Kimitsu still wasn’t staying down! Pushing herself back up, Kimitsu was going to go down swinging regardless of if she could see or not. With no sight of Eden, she was an easy target as Eden leveled her with a leg lariat. Pulling Kimitsu up to her feet and her head between her legs, Eden then wrapped both arms around her before ending her night with her BANG!BOOM!BONBON! (front flip piledriver) Eden quickly checked in with the official, pulling his attention back to the match before making the cover.

WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (8:49)

American Tommy is walking backstage smiling without a care in the world like he usually does with the Octane Championship on his shoulder. He stops and watches an advert hyping up Laughlin versus Holland for the main event, but even the advert couldn’t stop Tommy from rolling his eyes.
TOMMY: “Erik fucking Holland main eventing a match in 4CW? I swear to GOD, Boston might be legit retarded. Raab would have been a better choice! Hell, CASHE would have been a better choice and that man is walking vomit.”
Whenever you mention trash, more trash shows up and now we have Hartman walking up to Tommy as he’s watching the television. Tommy tries to ignore him for a bit, but Hartman just stands there with a stupid look on his face and the microphone in hand. Finally, Tommy turns towards him.
TOMMY: “What?”
Hartman clears his throat and begins to speak.
HARTMAN: “Thoughts on your upcoming match against Viduus?”
Oh, more trash. Tommy scratches his head and smiles.
TOMMY: “He sucks.”
HARTMAN: “Uh, he sucks?”
TOMMY: “Yeah, you heard me correctly. This man…”
Out of nowhere, Viduus comes up from behind and grabs Tommy and throws him into the television screen that is now showing Big Bad Bill Walker? Oh, sorry, that’s just Perry. They look so similar that I get them confused.
ANYWAYS, Viduus grabs Tommy and throws him hard into the television screen causing Tommy to fall to the ground and the television falls on top of him. It’s small, don’t worry. 4CW must not be able to afford a decent TV even though we are on Showtime!
Viduus is angry and has a fiery look in his eye, one that would be reminiscent of the look before Fright Night. Not done with just a small as fuck TV falling on Tommy he grabs Tommy off the ground and runs him into the walk back first. Not releasing, he walks over and throws him into one of those random chain link fence barrier looking things that are always backstage during one of these segments. Probably didn’t hurt all that match, but it’s good television. Tommy, a fighter, tries to get up, but Viduus is already standing above him with a chair in hand as Tommy gets to his knees with a hand on his stomach. Viduus begins to unleash a barrage of chair shots to the back and sides of Tommy as he’s back on the ground again from the force of the chair shots.
Viduus looks down at Tommy as he isn’t moving and begins to walk away. Out of the corner of his eye he sees American Tommy has somehow manage to sit himself up against the chain link. Viduus turns all the way around and sees Tommy sitting there with a bloody smirk on his face, because why not? Viduus looks around and sees a production chest sitting idly about 10 feet away. He looks at Tommy sitting against the fence and back to the chest and a smile forms. He walks over to the chest and stands behind it. Grabbing it, he runs as fast as he can towards Tommy and slams it into him. As the chest moves out, you can see Tommy lying on the ground not moving. Viduus backs up with the chest again and gets a sadistic look on his face. He takes off again towards Tommy, but is stopped by backstage personal and whatever other random fucks are back there.
Viduus looks around at the chaos he has caused and looks on happily with what he’s accomplished. The scene fades as a fallen Tommy is receiving medical attention and Viduus, satisfied, walks away.

We return from the break at ringside, but the camera’s not focused on the ring. It’s aimed at a familiar face sitting in the second row, a blond streak in his hair, a title belt in his lap, and an interviewer standing right by him with a mic in hand.
INTERVIEWER: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the ACM Mexico City Champion, ‘The Revolution’ A.J. Morales!”
MORALES: “What’s good, D.C.?”
The audience cheers him as always.
INTERVIEWER: “So A.J., I have to ask, what brings you here tonight?”
MORALES: “Well, part of it is that this is pretty much the single biggest preview for XWA Legends left to go before showtime. I mean, me, Smith Jones, mi cielito Emery, we’re all on that card next week in Toronto, we’re all doing big things there, so I figured if they were both gonna show up here and have big matches tonight, then I oughta be front-row for it. But the other part isn’t about XWA. It’s got more to do with this…”
A.J. taps the front plate of the Mexico City title a few times before he keeps going.
MORALES: “See, Fright Night musta convinced Perry or Phe or somebody up in the front office to give all of Mexico a Christmas present, ‘cause 4CW just made an alliance con la Alianza Campeonato Mexicano. So do yourself a favor, figure out which channel is Univision during the next ad break, and get ready, ‘cause when ACM steps back on el Campo de Batalla next month, 4CW’s gonna have the most stacked roster south of the border on its hands, doing what we do best every single week. And with us going into a new era, I figure I should take some initiative.”
A.J. turns to the camera and holds up his ACM gold for all to see.
MORALES: “See this belt right here? This means I run Mexico City. This means I’m El Alcalde. But most of all, it means I’m prepared to defend it week in and week out, and I don’t discriminate about who I defend it against. So I don’t care if you’re on this show, my show, or that other show, if you want some 4CW gold, by all means, come down to Mexico and try to take this belt from me. But if you do, you better brace yourself, ‘cause when the Revolution decides it’s Friday, you’re gettin’ knocked the fuck out.”
A.J. stands up and holds the belt high for a few seconds, soaking in the cheers from the crowd, before he sits down
MORALES: “But that’s for Campo de Batalla, man, this is Adrenaline, and we still got the rest of this card to get through. And I’m just as ready to see this next match as everybody else here. Hey Powers, tell these people what we got next!”
The scene then cuts backstage once more as we leave ringside!

Cut to a shaky shot of Smith Jones walking hurriedly through the backstage area. He is dressed in a gray tee that reads #hero on the front of it in white lettering. The sound of his black wheelie bag rolling on the floor behind him is ever-present as he makes a beeline for the parking lot. Carly walks backwards as fast as she can, barely keeping pace with Jones, but maintaining a shot of he most of the way. We cannot see her as she speaks.
CARLY: “How are you feeling after your match, Mister Jones?”
JONES: “Not now, Carly.”
CARLY: “Are you not staying for the rest of the show?”
He ignores her question and keeps walking.
The sound of Smith’s wheels suddenly stops and echoes briefly from the concrete walls. Smith glares into the camera with rage.
JONES: “I went out there tonight and started the show in true style. I made it clear to all of 4CW that I am not here to waste time. Everyone now knows that no matter what happens, win or lose, people should expect nothing but the absolute BEST from the incredible Smith Jones! I don’t need to stick around and shake hands and accept hugs and praise for my performance out there tonight. I can watch the rest of the show in my limo if I want to. Besides… who’s up next?”
CARLY: “It’s the Emery Layton match.”
JONES: “Eh? Meh. I’ll pass.”
Smith Jones walks a short distance further and meets up with his white limo just as it drives up to get him. He opens the door and tosses his bag inside, stepping in behind it. As he pulls the door closed, Carly reaches out and grabs the door.
CARLY: “Mister–”
JONES: “You do not ride in the limo. NO ONE rides in the limo.”
CARLY: “But, we’ve still got–”
JONES: “No.”
Jones slams the door and the white limo drives away.


The bell sounds and Emery Layton looks game, she circles around Nemesis while shaking her arms and legs loose, keeping her distance and forcing Nemesis to keep guessing at her range. Layton repeatedly hops in close and right back out again as Nemesis tries to swipe at her, getting him frustrated early on. As Emery moves in like this again, Nemesis swings a wild lariat at the fiery redhead that she easily ducks under, slipping behind the much larger Nemesis and gripping him in a rear waist lock. Unable to lift him off of his base, Emery slides down and wraps her arms around Nemesis’ thigh and lifts it, dragging him face first to the mat with a single leg takedown. She quickly floats around to grip his chin in a front face lock, spreading her feet out wide for leverage, but Nemesis manages to get his knees under him and powers up high enough to toss Layton off of him with a pancake-like move. Layton is swiftly back to her feet, just in time to dodge a follow up thrust kick. Nemesis, taken off guard by Layton’s quickness, is left off balance and is dropped by a jumping neckbreaker from the Worst of the Pavees.
Not wanting to lose her momentum, as soon as Nemesis gets back to his feet Layton hits him with a running dropkick, which sends the Harbinger staggering back, until he turns and drapes himself over the top rope for support. Emery runs up the turnbuckles then and leaps off just as Nemesis rights himself, catching him with another dropkick that flattens Nemesis. Layton leaps on top of Nemesis with a lateral press and tries to get a quick pin!

Nemesis kicks out with emphasis, tossing Layton backwards into the ropes. Not hesitating, Emery rushes to hit the far ropes and comes screaming back across the ring, leaving her feet for a flying hip attack – but Nemesis catches her! He nearly drops her onto her hands and knees but then grips her from behind and drags her into midair as she struggles, then turns facing the center of the ring and drops backward, drilling Layton into the mat with a deadlift German suplex that drives the back of her skull into the bottom turnbuckle. Dazed, Layton tries to struggle back top a vertical base, but Nemesis smells blood in the water and starts thrusting his foot into the woman’s chest and midsection in a series of vicious stomps until the official has to back him away. After backing up momentarily to appease the referee, Nemesis moves in and grips Emery under the chin, dragging her to her feet and wrapping his arm around her head and neck. He backs to the center of the ring and then lifts her, rotating to the side and planting her skull-first with his 3:30 Implant DDT! Nemesis slithers on top of the motionless Layton!

Emery rolls a shoulder off the mat!
Nemesis laughs and shoves his hand into Layton’s face a few times, jaw jacking her the whole way. He then grabs a handful of Emery’s hair and pulls her back to her feet roughly, then lowers his eyes to the Gypsy scarf tied around her arm. He grins wickedly and yanks the scarf off of her, then wraps it around Emery’s throat! Emery kicks and writhes trying not to asphyxiate as the referee starts a count, but before the official reaches five Nemesis simply yanks upward on the scarf, lifting Layton into the air and slamming her down onto the mat where she lies coughing and grabbing at her windpipe. Ignoring the ref’s admonishments, Nemesis drops down to his knees and continues to choke Emery with her scarf until finally forced to break or be disqualified.
Once again dragging Emery up, Nemesis spins her around and wraps her up in a cobra clutch, then preens for the jeering crowd before lifting the still-recovering Layton up and over with a King Cobra Suplex… but Emery rolls through the inertia and traps Nemesis’ shoulders to the mat!

Nemesis kicks out but just barely!
Nemesis gets to his feet faster than Layton but he’s clearly caught off guard by the reversal. He throws a wild haymaker at the redhead but she ducks under and runs toward the ropes in desperation. Ducking under a back elbow strike on the rebound she criss crosses the ropes once more and builds a head of steam before slamming her knee into Nemesis – Eat the Music! Both competitors are down, and Emery catches a much needed breather before opting to head for a corner rather than attempt a pinning combination. Emery scales the ropes as Nemesis struggles to get upright once more, and then Layton leaps from the top buckle for the Prikasa! But Nemesis steps underneath her and catches her across his shoulders! He has her trapped and set for the Enoch! Connecting with the Go To Sleep, Nemesis backs up to the ropes as Emery is on one knee. Hitting the ropes, he explodes forward, leveling her with a penalty kick! Making the cover, Nemesis hooks her leg and rolls over Emery’s body with his back against her for the pin.

WINNER: Nemesis via Pinfall (10:01)


Off to a quick start, Williams opened the match with a superkick to Dakota’s jaw as soon as the bell sounded, catching him completely off guard and knocking him backwards into the ropes. Rushing in towards Dakota on the ropes, Bryan caught him with another surprise, this time a running forearm smash to the face that sent Dakota up and over the top rope before crashing down onto the apron. Dakota began pulling himself up with the ropes as Williams leaned over the top, swinging down and connecting with multiple punches to Dakota’s back. Williams then grabbed Dakota and pulled him the rest of the way to his feet before wrapping an arm around his head and grabbing the side of his pants. Attempting to lift Dakota, Williams wanted to suplex him back into the ring but that quickly came to a stop as Dakota rammed his knee through the ropes, driving it into William’s stomach. Dakota then lifted Williams off his feet and upside down into the air for a suplex of his own. Before Dakota could begin to fall backwards, Williams slipped from his hold and dropped down behind Dakota, landing to his feet on the outside floor. Reaching up, Williams wrapped both arms around Dakota’s waist before pulling him off the apron and slamming him to the floor with a German suplex.
With both men on the outside, the official began the ten count. It didn’t take long for Williams to climb back to his feet. Dakota on the other hand, he wasn’t even close to even beginning to push himself up after the nasty fall from the apron. Stomping down onto Dakota, Williams worked a few seconds off the ten count before pulling Dakota up to his feet and whipping him into the side of the ring. Stepping in, Williams clocked Dakota with a European uppercut before grabbing him. Turning Dakota to face the ring, Williams then rolled him back into it before sliding in himself right at the officials eight mark. Pulling Dakota up from the mat, Williams throws his right arm forward, hitting Dakota with an elbow to the side of the head before lifting him off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. The neckbreaker would soon follow had Dakota not slipped out of William’s arms. Dropping to his feet behind Williams, Dakota exploded forward, ramming his head into the back of Williams’ with a headbutt. Locking in a half nelson, Dakota then lifted Williams off his feet before dropping him on his head with a half nelson suplex!
Williams’ body folded over as Dakota slammed him to the canvas. Slowly climbing back to his feet, Dakota circled Williams as he was down in the center of the ring. Moving in, Dakota stomped down onto his knee, the same knee that has been repaired eight hundred and seventy four times in just the past eleven months. Dakota backed away from him, giving Williams time to climb to his feet on his own. Just as Williams stood tall, Dakota snuck in from behind, chop blocking him behind the same knee and taking his leg out from under him. Climbing on top of Williams, Dakota began slamming both arms down onto his chest, hitting him with rapid forearms. Pushing himself up to his feet and standing over Williams, Dakota then jumped straight into the air, bringing his feet together as he came down onto Williams’ chest with a double foot stomp. Stepping onto Williams’ throat, Dakota put all of his feet on that single leg, choking Williams with it momentarily before stepping back down to the mat. Reaching down, Dakota wrapped a single hand around Williams’ throat before lifting him up from the mat and into the air. Taking a step forward, Dakota then threw him down to the mat with a chokeslam while dropping to both of his knees simultaneously. Making the cover, Dakota went to put him away right then and there.

You could tell Dakota didn’t think he would score the pinfall as he broke out into laughter. Pushing himself up, he then reached down again and wrapped his same hand around Williams’ throat. Pulling Williams up from the mat, Dakota went for a second chokeslam but before he could lift Williams off his feet, Williams swung in with both hands, chopping both sides of Dakota’s neck at the same time. It was enough to force Dakota to release his grip around Williams’ throat. Not giving Dakota a chance to react, Williams quickly wrapped both arms around him before lifting him off his feet and throwing him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex! On top of Dakota, Williams pushed himself up into position before swinging down with back to back right hands to Dakota’s face. Grabbing Dakota by the wrist, Williams then stood to his feet as he pulled Dakota up as well. Spinning in place, once Williams faced Dakota again, he exploded forward, connecting with a discus lariat that took Dakota off his feet and flipped him through the air before crashing down to his head against the mat.
Dakota rolled over to his stomach, face down to the mat. Stepping over him with a foot planted on each side of his body, Williams reached underneath Dakota’s body, locking his hands together with both arms wrapped around Dakota’s waist. Deadlifting Dakota off the canvas, Williams then dropped backwards, slamming Dakota back to the mat with a German suplex! Dakota slowly rolled over and began pushing himself up as Williams quickly rose to his feet. Once Dakota was standing, Williams then moved in quickly and connected with a spinning backfist before following through and executing his Raging Demon (spinning backfist into bicycle kick). RRAAWWWRRRRR LIGHT THAT SHIT UP! And he did, he lit Dakota up with it before he even knew what hit him. Stepping him, Williams popped his leg up, driving his knee into Dakota’s stomach and forcing him to buckle over. Wrapping an arm around his head, Williams then lifted him upside down into the air for his CTE that would soon follow.
But it didn’t.
Slipping out of William’s hold, Dakota dropped to his feet behind Williams. Kicking Williams behind the same knee he targeted earlier, Dakota took his leg out from under him and forced him to drop to one knee. Backing up to the ropes, Dakota bounced off and exploded forward, rushing in behind Williams and leveling him The Spectrum (running knee to the head)! Pulling Williams up from the mat, Dakota was winded, but he was far from finished. Locking in a full nelson, Dakota then lifted Williams off his feet before pulling him back down into a knee strike to the back of the head. THE GOREWHORE! Williams dropped to the mat motionless as Dakota stood on both knees beside him with his hands on his hips. Laying over Williams for the cover, Dakota hooked a leg as the official raced in with the count.

WINNER: Dakota Smith via Pinfall (11:59)

The scene opens up with Perry walking into backstage area that Viduus assaulted Tommy, obviously after the ruckus is over, and looks down at Tommy who has looked better. A doctor is kneeling over Tommy and checking his ribs.
The doctor looks up a Wallace and shakes his head.
DOCTOR STRANGE: “I can’t clear him.”
Tommy shakes his head and gets up gingerly, holding his ribs.
TOMMY: “Fuck that, I’m fine.”
Tommy takes a step away and a pain in his side drops him down to one knee.
DOCTOR STRANGE: “We’re going to take him to local hospital and get these ribs checked out.”
Tommy shakes his head, but after a bit he finally agrees. They wheel over a wheelchair and help him into it. As he rolls away Wallace begins yelling something.
WALLACE: “Tell them to check Feets’ fucking head too! I swear he’s fucking dumber than Chris Matthews.”
Tommy yells back.
TOMMY: “Just book me against Viduus next week and be quiet, Eric’s dad!”
WALLACE: “Go fuck yourself tickle shits.”
The scene fades to black as Tommy is gingerly entering the ambulance.

CARLSON: ”So Riley thinks that I don’t acknowledge my losses.”
Popping onto the scene backstage, Eli has his Macbook Pro set up because he’s not a heathen piece of shit that uses a PC like ninety percent of the cucks in the wrestling business. A few feet in front of the laptop is a projector that is set up that projects a graph up onto the wall. It’s a pie chart but there’s literally no slices of the pie. It’s just one gigantic red circle and beside the circle is a little red square that has the words “shit Riley is wrong about” written next to it.
CARLSON: ”Now, I know Riley is more familiar with geometry than she is with research, as that’s how she’s managed to become a name people know in this industry, so I figured I would present a pie chart to help her understand the situation she’s in better. Like I said, Riley thinks that I don’t acknowledge my losses. A blocker, I believe, is what she called me. After careful analysis and study in a lab, the results of scientific observation have come back and if you take a look at the graph you will notice that it is broken down into things that Riley got right, and things that Riley got wrong.”
From his seat beside the laptop, Eli pulled out a lazer pointer and traced the outline of the graph.
CARLSON: ”I’m sure you’re all capable of noticing that there is no blue slice on the pie chart. And that is because nothing Riley said was factually accurate. In fact, if she would have taken the time to sit down and actually look at my body of work, rather than just claim she did, she would have noticed that I spent a good portion of my promotional work in my rematch against Kimitsu Zombie addressing the fact that Kimi did, in fact, get one over on me. In fact I congratulated her on it. As for the rest of my singles losses in this company, they come by the likes of former champions such as Persephone Marquis and Bronx Valescence, and hall of famers like Jason Cashe and Dakota Smith. Now you could argue the legitimacy of Jason Cashe being a hall of famer and we could all debate that. But hey, nobody is perfect.”
Laughing to himself softly, Eli shook his head.
CARLSON: ”Hopefully this lesson will be more up Riley’s alley, and she’ll be able to better understand and learn what it is required from her in two weeks. I don’t know who she’ll be facing, but getting in the ring with me is always a learning experience. So I suppose we’ll just have to call this, Rileys day at 4CW School. Call me Professor Eli, because I’m about to teach her the hardest lesson she’s ever had to learn. See you soon, Ry Ry.”
With a few taps of the keyboard the screen went dark, and then the scene went dark as well.

Four drum beats gave way to a guitar riff that forced its way into the ear drums of each and every member of the 4CW faithful in attendance and a universal shudder creeps its way down each of their spinal cords. The song, titled, “Judith,” by A Perfect Circle, blasted throughout the arena, competing to be heard with a cavalcade of boos. Faces in the audience have a short range of countenance. They displayed either anger or outright fear. As the song’s vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark blood red spotlight with smoke seeping out of it, as well as the ramp.

”You’re such an inspiration for the ways
That I’ll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you (Fuck your God)”

From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis with Viduus Morta directly by his right side, while both Preacher and The Speaker trail behind the founding members of Salvation, they stop at the foot of the walkway and gesture toward the back by each of them running a thumb across their own throats. At that instant, the wildly maligned scourge of wrestling, the General Manager of 4CW, Boston appeared. His blonde hair is caked in crimson. Where an expensive suit once rested upon his godlike frame, only a pair of raggedy, black pants existed. Streaks of rust colored liquid are smeared across his perfectly toned, muscular body. There are wide gashes, completely untended to, across his cheeks. As that singular blood red spotlight now lights them all up. The five of them stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with Preacher evilly playing to the crowd, showing off his long fingernails and signature laugh, while Nemesis, Viduus, Boston and The Speaker walk to the ring in a straightforward manner with the spotlight staying on them.
POWERS: ”On their way to the ring…Nemesis, Viduus Morta and Boston … folks, this is the new Salvation!”
Viduus slides in under the ropes as Boston uses the apron to jump onto and then enters the ring, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring with The Speaker and Preacher following the same route behind him. The Speaker and Preacher head to the corner of the ring, while Nemesis stands in the middle of the ring with Viduus and Boston by his side as Nemesis begins stretching his arms outwards while leaning his head back as the singular blood red spotlight remains on all of them as the ring fills with smoke. Nemesis brings his head forward and the lights begin to come on. Each man – or creature shrouded in mystery – has found a microphone.
SPEAKER: “There comes a time in life when a person can lose themselves. There comes a time when you look in the mirror and you don’t even recognize the person staring back.”
PREACHER: “Bathed in blood, a man at his lowest point can be raised up”
Preacher and Speaker exchange glances as Boston, somewhat robotically, steps forward.
BOSTON: “Apotheosis. The apotheosis of man. The apotheosis of Boston. The apotheosis of me. It has begun. Can you feel it? Can’t you see it, brothers? Sisters, can you hear it?”
Boston breathes deeply and rolls his eyes back into his head – the bloodshot whites of his eyes surveying the crowd before them. Viduus and Nemesis keep their eyes peeled as if they were searching the crowd for something Finally, Boston’s eyes slam shut and remain as such as he continues speaking.
BOSTON: “Because of my brothers, fathers, and the latent demon activated in my soul, I have achieved my own apotheosis. I. Am. A. God.“
Preacher moves forward out of the group to address the crowd directly as to why they see what they see before them.
PREACHER: “Do you all finally see? Walking the path of Salvation leads a mere mortal to becoming God-bodied. A power almost impossible to attain but with Salvation, the impossible is possible on an everyday basis!”
Preacher moves back in line with the group as Nemesis nods in approval towards what his manager just said.
NEMESIS: “No longer will we sit back, allowing our fate to be in the hands of Omerta’s management lackey, Perry Wallace. By adding Boston to the ranks of Salvation, the balance of power has only begun to shift in our direction. It’s only a matter of time until 4CW ends up like every other company we have graced; conquered.”

The scene cuts backstage to the halls of the arena as Boston and Salvation remain at ringside. The hall we currently find ourselves in is empty. A loud banging noise can be heard traveling towards the camera. Looking down the hall, the back of a figure is seen, unclear to exactly who it is.
? ? ?: “Get out of there you fat piece of shit!”
The camera slowly creeps down the hall and approaches the figure. The only thing that can be made out is that they’re wearing a suit, although the head is inside of the doorway preventing a face from being seen. Whoever is it, appears to be pulling at something over and over as a loud thud echoes down the hall numerous time.
? ? ?: “How the fuck did they even get it in here?!”
The camera finally gets within range to see the back of someone’s head. Black, curly hairs cover it all over. Well look at that, it’s Perry Wallace. His arm is handcuffed to the desk he was sitting at earlier in the evening. He’s literally fussing and fighting with desk folks. I can’t make this shit up. He notices the camera behind him, quickly turning his head around and looking to the cameraman.
WALLACE: “Hey chief, give me a hand here.”
There’s no movement from the camera. It just continues filming in place. Perry immediately gets even more frustrated before yelling to the cameraman.
Still, nothing from the cameraman. There’s a slight movement in the picture, as if the cameraman were shrugging, or something.
WALLACE: “No key?! Are you fucking kidding me?!”
Perry quickly turns back to the desk and begins kicking it over and over in anger. He begins to jerk his arm back, attempting to pull the desk through the door opening but it just simply won’t fit. Kicking the desk one last time, he appears to hurt his foot from the impact. Sitting on top of the desk, he reaches into his pocket with his free hand and pulls out his cell phone before making a quick call. Inside of the office, Boston and Salvation are on the television screen mounted on the wall.

Cutting to Omerta, who are prominently searching for Boston, seeming unaware off what was going on at ringside. The pocket of Cyrus Riddle starts to ring, and the pair stop. Cyrus pulls his phone out of his pocket and looks at it.
RIDDLE: “It’s Wallace.”
SMITH: “Press the red hangy up button! Fuck that impatient bastard!”
Cyrus does as Dakota says and places the phone back into his pocket but after a few moments his phone starts to ring again. Dakota lets out a very distressed sigh as he throws his arms up in the air and looks at Cyrus. Cyrus just shakes his head and pulls out his phone, answering it this time and putting it on speaker.
SMITH: “Jesus cock-sucking christ what do you want Perry?!”
The next thing heard was loud banging. We can assume that’s Perry kicking the desk, which is in no way even close to sounding as loud as that one time Aidan karate chopped her desk on skype.Dakota lets out a low growl, as Cyrus cracks his neck.
RIDDLE: “How the Fuck did you get handcuffed to a desk?”
WALLACE: “I don’t fucking know. Don‘t ask questions. I just woke up and found myself handcuffed to this piece of fucking shit that CAN’T FIT THROUGH A GODDAMN FUCKING DOOR!”
It’s at this point where Dakota Smith and Cyrus play rock, paper, scissors. Dakota goes rock, Riddle goes scissors.
SMITH: “Okay, so you go get that fat fuck, and I’ll go deal with that got damn RABBIT!”
The two go separate ways, Riddle heading towards Perry’s office as Dakota heads to the ring.

BOSTON: “As a living God, I owe tribute to my creators. I owe them flesh. I owe them blood. Most significantly, I owe them the gold of other men and women.”
Boston solemnly bows his head toward Viduus, Nemesis, the Speaker, and the Preacher.
BOSTON: “Things haven’t quite turned out as they should have since Fright Night, but I’m here to right this wrong.”
Boston steps closer to Viduus, extending his arms to the side for a brief moment before slowly raising the microphone back to his lips.
BOSTON: “Viduus. Father. Brother. I offer you this: at Winter Wasteland, you will have prepared and conditioned yourself to swiftly take back what’s yours, when you defeat Artemis Kaiser and once again shine the light of the 4CW Championship into the holy abyss that is Salvation.”
Viduus couldn’t have hidden his grin if he tried. The Speaker clapped as the crowd clamored.
SPEAKER: “A worthy repayment indeed. There will be no Warzone to help you escape with His crown. This time, Artemis, your belong to us. The crown will return to rightful heir, the one true KING of 4CW. Viduus Morta.”
All of Salvation seems to be buzzing from the news unaware of what is headed their way.
JOHNSON: “Boston’s named Viduus as the challenger for the 4CW Championship against Artemis at Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: “At any point now he can remove their cock from his mouth. Just saying.”

Cutting to Dakota, heading down the halls towards the ring, a wide grin across his face. He licks his lips as he rolls his head around his shoulders, loud popping noises echoing from his bones as he pauses he steps. Taking a few back steps he smacks the chest of none other than Jair hopkins.
SMITH: “Boston, Salvation… You fucking in?”
Jair slowly nodded his head while rubbing his chest from that smack. He was already in a bad mood, it grew even worse.
HOPKINS: “Hell yea’ I’m in! Break their fuckin’ faces!”
Dakota lets out a chuckle, nodding his head.
SMITH: “Well lets gets ta going then, Brother man!”
The pair continue to head to the ring, a little bit of a pep in their step, seemingly ready for whatever it was to come.

The camera cuts back to the hall where Perry is still fighting to pull the desk through the doorway and out into the hall. It isn’t going too well.
It isn’t fitting, no fucking way. Perry begins kicking the desk some more, screaming at it, pulling at it, and still accomplishing nothing. From the side, Riddle walks over, somewhat amused by Wallace’s expletives.
RIDDLE: “You weak bitch… need some help?”
WALLACE: “I hope you brought something to tear this wall down because this desk ain’t fitting. You going to help out here or just stand there watching?”
RIDDLE: “One second.”
Riddle walks away for a matter of seconds before returning with a sledgehammer in his hand. He holds it up before motioning toward Wallace.
RIDDLE: “Let’s make this quick so you stop crying like a soppy little git.”
WALLACE: “Woah, woah, woah. I ain’t trying to get hit. Don’t you have a key to these things from all the times Aidan used to handcuff you?”
Riddle wrinkles his forehead and nods before throwing the sledgehammer aside.
RIDDLE: “Fine, stay in the bloody things. Or…”
He removes a pin from underneath his wrist tape and holds it up with a shit eating grin on his face.
RIDDLE: “You can apologize and I’ll set you free.”
Perry thinks to himself for a short moment before a lightbulb goes off in his head.
WALLACE: “I have an idea!”
He turns to face the desk, looking down to it.
WALLACE: “I heard some dumb bitch do this on a skype call one time.”
With his free hand, Perry swings downward with a karate chop. THUD!
WALLACE: “Son of a bitch! Alright, alright, help me get out of these. I can’t alpha myself through this desk with a karate chop.”
Shaking his head at Perry, Riddle uses the pin to pop the handcuffs and remove it from the wrist.
RIDDLE: “Would have been some shit if the handcuffs required double moonsaults, three finishers, and a rollup.”
WALLACE: “This mother fucker fucker hurt my wrist. Where’s Dakota?”
RIDDLE: “Headed to the ring, went to go see if Hopkins was in. Let’s go handle this.”

Boston inhales deeply as if he were literally trying to breathe in the energy of the arena before finally exhaling and looking out with a sinister grin.
BOSTON: “There is just one more thing that everyone should hear…Pheonix…”
SPEAKER: “Wellll….let me stop you right there Boston.”
The Speaker steps to the front of the group after cutting Boston of mid sentence.
SPEAKER: “There are plenty who are watching closely for what Boston was about to say. This, however, is not the day for it. This is the day of his making. Our progeny does not need to answer to you nor anyone else…he-”
It’s at that moment that Dakota Smith and Jair Hopkins bust out of the back, both with the look of war on their faces. The audience erupts into cheers, this somewhat startles Dakota but he focuses on the task at hand. The pair begin to march down to the ring, as Boston looks rather fuckin’ shook. The rest of Salvation not so much, Nemesis and Viduus almost egging on the two hall of famers. Just when they get about halfway down the ramp. Boston brings the microphone up to his lips.
BOSTON: “You stop right there mortals! What? Did you two little insignificant ants think you were just going to walk on out here and clear the ring? No! That’s now how this world, MY WORLD works… In fact the way you two so quickly paired up together, reminiscent of a cucked kingdom… It warms the bones, doesn’t it brothers? I wonder…Would you two be so loyal if I dangled a carrot in front of you? NEXT WEEK! Dakota Smith versus Jair Hopkins… Winner gets a shot at the Pride Championship! Oh… and one more thing… It will be an I QUIT MATCH!”
Boston laughs like old movie villain, his voice traveling all through the arena. Dakota and Jair look at one another for a moment they then nod and set their attention back on the ring. They bolt towards it and just as they are about to slide underneath the rope the lights go out. And when they come back on, Salvation is nowhere to be seen.
JOHNSON: “They’re gone!”
VASSA: “Boston got away!”
JOHNSON: “But not before putting Jair and Dakota in a match against each other in two weeks for the number one contender spot to the Pride Campionship.”
VASSA: “I see what he was trying to do there. Trying to turn them on one another to save his ass and even though it didn’t work, he was able to buy a little more time for a clean get away.”


Let’s talk.
About this match.
Riley was beginning to pick up some momentum since signing with 4CW. On a win streak, she would meet her biggest challenge to date, the North American Champion. On quite a roll himself, Eli was on a win streak with two back to back huge wins, one to win the North American Championship and the other in defeating the Octane Champion. There weren’t any belts on the line here tonight between these two. Just good old fashioned wrestling and eyebrows. It didn’t take long for these two to lock up after the bell sounded. With the advantage in strength, Eli easily backed Riley across the ring and into the corner. He quickly released her, holding up his hands before taking a few steps away from her and motioning for her to try once again. She did. Riley wasn’t backing down, champion or not. The two locked up for a second time, and just like before, Eli easily forced her backwards across the ring and into the corner. He eased up again, taking a few steps back and giving her a moment to regroup. Waving his hand again, he signaled for her to come at him in the middle of the ring. Stepping away from the corner, Riley walked towards Eli slowly, thinking things over in her head before stepping toe to toe with the North American Champion. The two then went to lock up for a third time, only this time Riley ducked underneath Eli’s arms, grabbing one and pinning it behind his back as she stepped in behind him. With his other arm, Eli threw back a few elbows, missing each time as Riley dodged them from making contact. Spinning around, Eli pulled his arm away from Riley and positioned himself behind her, wrapping her up with both arms. Before Eli could get his hands locked, Riley squirmed her way out of his arms, spinning around and finding herself now behind him. She wrapped him up with both arms, but Eli prevented her from locking hands. Eli continued swatting her hands away as she was about to connect them. Finally gaining some sort of leverage, she locked her hands, pinning Eli’s arms to his body as she wrapped her over his. Lifting him off his feet, Riley dropped him to the mat with a straight jacket German suplex!
Riley was back to her feet in no time. Eli on the other hand, he slowly pulled himself up to one knee, looking across the ring at Riley as if he were agitated. Standing to his feet, he sarcastically applauded for her before rubbing his hands together. The two circled each other in the center of the ring. It appeared that Eli left an opening for Riley to attack as she lunged towards him with both arms. Maybe it was a setup? Side stepping her, Eli tripped her up, taking her face down to the mat with a drop-toe hold. Climbing on her back, Eli quickly grabbed one of her legs, locking in a single leg crab. The camera zoomed in to Riley’s face which by the look of it, she was in a tremendous amount of pain. She wasn’t going down without a fight though. As Eli pulled back on her leg, Riley slowly, very slowly, pulled herself forward using her arms to pull herself against the canvas. The longer she delayed tapping out, the harder Eli pulled back on her leg. Just when he thought she was at the point of giving in and slapping the canvas, Eli heard the official yell for him to release her. With her body fully extended, Riley managed to grab the bottom rope, forcing Eli to release her from the hold. He didn’t though. Not quite yet. Keeping the single leg crab in tact, Eli used up every bit of the five second count before releasing her leg and stepping forward as he stood to his feet. This was followed by the official warning him, giving Riley more than enough time to get back to her feet and situated. Once again, the two found themselves circling each other in the center of the ring. This time it was Eli who made the first move and he lunged towards her. Ducking underneath and stepping behind him, Riley pulled Eli backwards to the mat with a quick roll up.

Not even making it to a two, Eli kicked out from the pin attempt from Riley. Riley stood to her feet, backing across the ring as Eli climbed to his feet. He was beginning to get irritated. Shrugging his shoulders, he then went straight towards Riley. The two locked up once more, but instead of pushing her backwards across the ring, Eli pulled her into a knee to her stomach. Locking onto her head, he then dropped her to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Positioning himself beside her, Eli began ramming multiple knee shots into the side of her knee. Back to his feet, he pulled her up from the mat and then began aiming kicks at her legs, more so focusing on the same knee he target moments prior. Climbing on top of her, Eli drew back and swung straight down for her face. Turning her head to the side, Riley dodged the blow to the face as Eli’s fist pounded the canvas. Grabbing Eli by the arm, she quickly rolled her body, pulling Eli off of her and down by her side. The two raced to their feet, Riley getting to hers first. Once Eli stood, she stepped in, planting her foot directly in his stomach with a swift kick. Locking an arm around his head, she immediately lifted him off his feet, up and over, dropping him flat on his back with a snap suplex. Already on her feet again, she stood close by as Eli slowly pushed himself up to his. Once Eli was standing, she made her move, nearly taking his head off with a buzzsaw kick that spun him in the opposite direction before falling face first to the mat. Riley went for another quick cover with the official not far behind with the count.

Popping his shoulder up from the mat, Eli broke up the pin just before the officials hand could slap the canvas a second time. This didn’t bother Riley though. She was up to her feet in no time and back on the attack, stomping on Eli’s lower legs as he remained down on his back. Pulling Eli up to his feet, she caught him with a right to the side of the head before connecting with a left kick to his ribs. Grabbing him by the head with both hands, she pulled his head down as she popped her knee up, driving it straight into Eli’s face. Ducking down, she lifted him off his feet and hit him with an inverted atomic drop. Eli slowly backed up a few steps away from her after the atomic drop. Riley then charged straight for him. Out of nowhere, Eli bursts forward, swinging for her head with a clothesline. Ducking underneath his arm, Riley spun around him before dropping him to the mat with a sling blade. Making the cover for a third time, Riley covered Eli as the official dropped down beside them with the count.

She was getting closer and closer with each attempt and she knew that. Staying on pace, she wasted no time before getting back to her feet and stomping down onto his stomach. Pulling Eli up from the mat, Riley lost sight of him as he ducked down and stepped in behind her. Running to the ropes, Eli came back on the return before she could even turn around, lowering his shoulder and diving forward with a chop block to the back of her knee. Riley was taken off her feet, falling backwards and crashing against the canvas. On all fours, Eli looked down to the mat for a moment, regaining his focus before pushing himself up to his feet. Turning back to Riley, he slowly walked over to her, as if stalking her. Moving in even closer, Eli then began to stomp on the same knee he chop blocked just a moment ago. Pulling her to her feet, Eli positioned himself beside her, grabbing onto her before dropping her to her back with a Russian leg sweep. On his knees beside her, he held her in place as he rammed multiple knee strikes into the side of that same knee. Pushing himself up, he brushed his hands in a cocky manner before pacing the ring for a moment. Riley slowly climbed back to her feet, struggling after the impact to her knee. Once she was finally standing, Eli rushed in, kicking her in the stomach and then locking onto her head before taking her face down to the mat with a sit-out facebuster.
Riley’s head popped up from the mat as she immediately shot up to her feet. Holding her face, she wasn’t quite sure where Eli was in the ring with her. Before she knew it, Eli had made his move, rushing in and leveling her with a sling blade of his own, or as he likes to call it, The Prince’s Edict. She was hurt, but she wasn’t down, not yet at least. Slowly pushing herself up, she stood to both knees. Already on his feet and waiting for the right time to strike, Eli rushed in head on, connecting with his Anointed (shining wizard)! Climbing the nearest corner, Eli looked out into the crowd as Riley remained on her back behind him. Jumping into the air and away from the corner, Eli spun and flipped in mid air before coming down and landing across her with his Ascension (phoenix splash)! Hooking her leg for good measure, Eli nodded his head along with the officials count.

WINNER: Elijah Carlson via Pinfall (12:31)


What started out on social media just two weeks ago has turned into our night’s headline match for Adrenaline E94. In one corner we have Cyrus Riddle. In the other we have Genevie Carlson. Two 4CW wrestlers in the ring ready to tear each other apart, and an official. From the moment the bell sounded, Genie erupted from her corner with a fury of kicks and punches, catching Riddle completely off guard. Catching him with a stinging right to the side of the head, Genie spun completely around, kicking her leg up into the air and leveling Riddle with a roundhouse kick. Riddle pushed himself up backwards but before he could get to his feet, Genie rushed in, knocking him flat on his back with a running big boot to the face! Kneeling beside him, she held his head in place with one hand as she pounded away with rapid fire punches from the other. Back on her feet, she pulled him up by the arm and whipped him to the ropes across the ring. As Riddle bounced off and came back on the rebound, Genie ran straight for him, leaping into the air and wiping him out with a flying clothesline! Riddle crawled over to his stomach and began moving towards the ropes away from Genie. He didn’t get far though. Stopping him in his tracks, Genie grabbed him underneath both arms before pressing her knee against his back and pulling him towards her. This went on for a good while. Riddle wasn’t quite in the position to submit, but the pain was really beginning to take its toll on him. Releasing his arms, Genie let Riddle fall forward, smacking his face against the canvas as she stood back to her feet.
She only took a short moment to rest up before moving back in and pulling Riddle up from the mat. Hitting him with back to back right forearms to the face, she then locked onto his arm and went to whip him to the ropes. Reversing it, Riddle planted his foot and pulled Genie in right into a short-arm clothesline! She quickly popped back to her feet and right into a European uppercut thrown by Riddle. Like clockwork, he then swung and hit her with a second, and then a third which knocked her backwards into the nearby corner. Running in with Genie leaning against the corner, Riddle raised both arms above his head and swung straight for hers with a double axe-handle. Spinning out of the way, Genie dodged a bullet as Riddle’s hands slammed down onto the turnbuckle. Stepping in beside Riddle before he could turn to face her, Genie quickly wrapped him up and lifted him off his feet before slamming him to the mat with a side suplex. Climbing back on top of Riddle, Genie mounted herself in position and began firing away once more with repeated right hand blows to Riddle’s dome. Grabbing him by the head, she stood to her feet, pulling him up as well. Riddle swatted her hands away from his head as he got to his feet. Genie went to grab him once more but her arms her then trapped by Riddle’s. He held her in place with no sort of defense before ramming his head forward over and over, hitting her right between the eyes with repeated headbutts. Pulling her in even more, he grabbed ahold of her, lifting her off her feet and throwing her to the mat with a T-bone suplex!
It still wasn’t enough to keep Genie down for long as she was quickly pushing herself back up as soon as she hit the mat. Unfortunately for her, Riddle was already back on his feet and moving in to strike. He hit her over the back with a forearm club, stopping her from rising any further. Lifting her off her feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, Riddle walked to the center of the ring where he then dropped her across his knee with a neckbreaker. Standing at her head, Riddle then focused on her neck once more with repeated knee drops to the side of it. Pulling her back to her feet, he wrapped an arm around her head before lifting her upside down into the air for a brainbuster. Slipping out of his hold, Genie dropped down to her feet behind him where she then grabbed him by the shoulders and fell backwards. Pulling him down backwards, she curled her knees to her chest, executing a backstabber out of nowhere! Riddle’s body bounced off her knees, knocking him up to his feet where he then stumbled forward and crashed into the corner. With his arms draped over the top ropes, he remained on his feet, but not by his own will. Getting up from the mat, Genie then rushed in behind Riddle, slamming an elbow shot into his lower back. Grabbing him by the head with both hands, she then slammed him face first onto the turnbuckle over and over as the crowd counted along with each thunderous blow.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven! … Eight! … Nine! … Ten!”

After slamming his face down for a tenth time, Genie pulled him away from the corner and shoved him to the center of the ring. Back and forth Riddle wobbled as he was off balance and seeing double vision from the multiple blows to the head. Running straight for him, Genie leaped as high as she could into the air before kicking her feet out and planting them both directly into Riddle’s chest. The dropkick knocked him stumbling backwards into the opposite corner before crashing with a thud, his arms once again draped over the top ropes keeping him on his feet. Genie popped back to her feet, looking across the ring at the perfect opportunity that awaited her. Taking off from standstill, she charged straight for him. Extending her arm, she was aiming to take his head off with a running clothesline but ended up getting lifted off her feet as Cyrus ducked down and lifted her up once she was within arms length. He lifted Genie up and over the top rope, where she managed to land both feet down onto the apron. Getting the first punch in, Genie threw her arm over the top rope, connecting with a stiff right to Riddle’s jaw, briefly stunning him. She quickly climbed up the outside of the corner in hopes to reach the top before he came to his senses but she was too late. Climbing up to the middle turnbuckle, Riddle grabbed ahold of Genie, wrapping both of her legs up with his arms. Lifting her off her feet, he then turned his entire body around while holding her up before jumping away from the corner and slamming her to the mat with a spinebuster! The two remained down on the mat, resulting in the official beginning his ten count.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven!”

Finally getting to his feet, Riddle ended the officials ten count as Genie remained down on her back. Had Riddle been Eli in the ring with her, that is the exact position she would like to be in for No Nut November but that just wasn’t the case. Maybe next month. Anyways! Riddle had a limp in his step, and not because of something heavy in his trousers. It was a big fall for both of them, even with Genie on the receiving end of the assault. After limping around the ring to catch his breath, he turned back to Genie and limped some move over to her. Bending over, he grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up to her feet in front of the corner. Although she was hurting, she wasn’t going without a fight. Genie threw a right, hitting Riddle in the shoulder, and then another, and another. It was as if he were ignoring the punches as she threw them. Pulling her in, Riddle then positioned them perfectly by the corner where he then slammed her into it with an STO! You could see the fight in her cease to exist at that very moment. A spinebuster from the top and then an STO into the corner, that’s enough to drain anyone’s tank. Riddle slowly climbed up to his feet, leaning against the ropes as he caught his breath. Finally, he reached down, grabbing Genie by the head with both hands and pulled her up to her feet. He kept her head pushed down, pulling it in to his side where he then wrapped both arms around her waist. Lifting her upside down into the air, Riddle then dropped her flat on her head with his Darkness Falls (Dominator into sit-down piledriver)! Rolling her over to her back, he crawled over top of her for the pin as the official quickly dropped in beside them with the count.

WINNER: Cyrus Riddle via Pinfall (13:55)

HARTMAN: “Damn, they sent me out here to deal with this mean, little midget?”
Hartman traverses the backstage area, where anything could be hiding. He seems perturbed by the fact that the 4CW Champion wasn’t easy to find on a night like this.
KAISER: “Care to repeat that?”
HARTMAN: “Fucking shit–”
The camera pans to reveal that he had walked past Artemis, who was just sitting on a production crate with a phone in her hand. Hartman puts his hand over his heart, feeling his blood pressure dwindle and his heart rate slow to its normal pace again. Artemis doesn’t seem at all happy to see the interviewer, leaving the impression that she still doesn’t enjoy interviews.
KAISER: “I’ll excuse it just this once. What do you want, Hartman?”
Hartman, a true man, just narrows his eyes, not at all worried about the malevolent air that Artemis radiates.
HARTMAN: ”My paycheck, some ass, and maybe for everyone to stop trying to abuse me. And some answers or I wouldn’t have come out here. So, you heard that Viduus is going to be coming for that belt with his spooky ass, yeah?”
Artemis nods, shifting her championship on her shoulder. There’s an awkward silence that settles between interviewer and interviewee. Hartman’s eyes dart about until he decides that he has to speak.
HARTMAN: ”You gonna talk or–”
KAISER: ”Should I start watching my back? Viduus and all his scary friends are going to start stalking me now? Leaving little dolls like this one?”
Artemis flings over the doll that Viduus left her the other competitors before Fright Night. Hartman fumbles it and lets it drop the ground. He quietly kicks it away before recomposing.
KAISER: ”Listen, Hartman, Salvation was always going to come to me. This championship is a key piece to whatever doctrine that they have going for them. It’s nothing new and I know Viduus has been pondering on what he needs to do in order to get this belt back. Which now involves beating me.”
The champion sneers at the thought.
KAISER: ”I said it before and I’ll say it again. There’s no Salvation in my kingdom. When they come for me, I’ve seen their tactics and I know that they may catch me one night. It’s how it works but know this, Hartman.”
Artemis gets real close to Hartman.
KAISER: ”I’m more of a monster than any of them could ever be. And I’m going to rip every single one of them to pieces if they think that their little game will ruin what I’ve worked hard for.”



The cameras go to the ring and scan all over the arena. The ring has been set up with all kinds of weapons for the main event. There’s Tables, Barbed Wire, Trash Cans full of kendo sticks and other useful weapons. Everything you need for a Deathmatch Bloodbath.
VASSA: “Here we go time for Main Event Action! It’s always exciting to see these kinds of matches here in 4CW. One of these days I feel like someone is actually going to die and that excites me more!”
JOHNSON: “Well these two competitors are no stranger to this match type so they are promising to take each other to their absolute limits all in the name of the Ignition Championship.”
VASSA: “I think regardless Erik Holland is out of his element here. Bryan Laughlin bleeds 4CW and he’s been on a warpath lately. He nearly killed his own wife in one of these matches. Hell he killed his own child in this match! The man is RUTHLESS.”
JOHNSON: “He didn’t even know about the child, but I wouldn’t count Erik Holland out from the beginning. Laughlin has been upsetted before and with his recent marital problems he might just be off his game enough..”
VASSA: “I’d like to sit his wife on my lap and make her say OI. OI. OI. If you know what I mean.”
Vassa grinned as Johnson rolled his eyes and the cameras panned instantly over to the entrance way.
The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the IGNITION CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the Ignition Championship is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
We first hear the panicked voice of Dr. Miles Bennell, complete with some appropriately spooky stabs of sci-fi horror music.
”Will you tell these fools I’m not crazy! Make them listen to me before it’s too late!”
The arena suddenly goes completely pitch black.
”Listen to me. PLEASE listen. If you don’t, if you won’t…if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror menacing me will STRIKE AT YOU!”
The driving drums and guitar of Slipknot then barrel over the loudspeaker as everything explodes into a cacophony of red and white searchlights and strobes. The stage fills with white smoke as the fans pound the rails in time with the song. As the first verse is roared out, Erik Holland comes staggering through the mist, a black leather entrance mask tight over his face, the Badd Breed logo prominent on his back and the back of the entrance mask as the camera swings around him, getting a 360 view of the Maniac. He reaches up and pulls the mask off his head, exposing that thousand yard stare to the roars of the crowd.
He continues on his almost dazed walk to the ring, pounding his chest, touching fists with fans on the way to the ring, occasionally lifting the mask up to the side of his head as if he’s having a conversation with it. He cuts a lazy circle around the ring as he reaches ringside and suddenly he explodes. His intensity and acceleration change as he DIVES under the ropes into the ring and charges at the hard camera ropes, collapsing against them with a positively vicious smile on his face, draping arms and legs over the ropes. He repeats this on all four sides of the ring and then leaps from the ring again, picking out a random fan and slowly, almost reverently, placing the tight leather entrance mask over their head. Obviously proud of his handiwork, a visibly elated Holland charges back into the ring, raising his arms on the turnbuckles, yelling at the crowd and whipping them up into a frenzy. When they’re suitably in a crazed mass of humanity, Holland drops off the buckles and starts pacing around the ring like the barely restrained animal that he is, ready for the fight.

As the match bell rings Erik Holland picks up one of the trash cans stuffed with weapons and dumps it out in the middle of the ring. He picks up a kendo stick and Bryan smirks and stands with his arms out wide and a deranged look in his eyes as he tells Erik to hit him with his best shot. Erik starts swinging and smacking Bryan over and over with the Kendo stick leaving welts all over his muscular frame. He takes Bryan down to his knees and he looks up at him and laughs. Erik can’t believe it but it doesn’t stop him from swinging and hitting him some more until he cracks Laughlin over the head and drops him completely in the center of the ring. He walks over to grab a chair but as he turns around Bryan is sitting back up laughing at him. Erik is stunned again. Bryan rises to his feet and shakes off the kendo stick shots.
JOHNSON: “Erik can’t believe it. Bryan took that Kendo stick beating and brushed it off like it tickled.”
VASSA: “We’ve all seen first hand that abuse like this is Bryan’s favorite kink outside of the ring. This is probably just another night in the dungeon for him.”
Erik comes swinging with the chair but Bryan grabs it and shakes his head. Yanking the chair from Erik before he throws it away and comes straight for Erik by swinging hammer fists at him and backing him into the corner. He irish whips him across the ring and he hits the turnbuckle hard with his chest. By the time he comes back around Bryan has picked up a fluorescent light tube. When Erik spins around Bryan smacks him right across the face with it. The tube shatters as blood starts to pour from Erik’s mouth. He’s dazed and confused and Bryan delivers a powerful clothesline that sends Erik crashing to the ground below. He smirks and climbs out of the ring but Erik is already getting to his feet. Laughlin pays him no mind as he grabs a sack and dumps out a whole lot of thumbtacks on the ground.
JOHNSON: “Gonna tell him what you said about his wife and let him throw you on the thumbtacks.”
VASSA: “He knows I was just joking..”
Laughlin scoops up Erik in a fireman’s carry on his shoulders and it looks like he’s going for the GOOD MORNING AMERICA when Erik elbows him across the head until Laughlin loses his grip and Erik can power out of it. He grabs the closest object to him which is a barbed wire 2×4 and he smacks Laughlin across the face with it which drops Laughlin face first and his chest lands right on the thumbtacks. His body immediately lurches up as he screams out in pain and you can see the tacks embedded in his chest with streaks of blood starting to run. His mouth is wide open as Holland scoops up a handful of the tacks and places them in Bryan’s mouth. He closes it and smacks him across the face as hard as he can.. Thumbtacks fly out of Laughlin’s mouth as well as blood as he sits there dazed. Holland grabs Laughlin up and pulls him over to one of the tables that just so happens to be covered in barbed wire. He wraps his arms around him and delivers a belly to belly overhead suplex that sends both of them crashing through the table. Erik crawls over to make the cover.

Laughlin kicks out and Erik can’t believe it.
JOHNSON: “OH MY GOD! Laughlin kicked out! Erik can’t believe it.”
VASSA: “Gonna take a lot more than that to put the Monster down that is Bryan Laughlin.”
JOHNSON: “The Ignition Championship means a lot to Bryan. He issued this open challenge and he’s willing to face anyone from anywhere to show the world he’s the best man to hold the title. Putting his body on the line as well with this Deathmatch stipulation.”
VASSA: “I LOVE IT! Look at all this carnage. Both men bleeding already!”
Erik stands up and picks Laughlin up. He’s frustrated as he goes to Irish Whip him but Bryan reverses it and sends Erik face first into the ring post. He then grabs Erik and tosses him back into the ring. Looking down at his chest and taking a few moments to pull out some of the thumbtacks from his skin before walking over and dumping out one of the trash cans to pull out fishing gear. Rod and Tackle Box. He smirks as he heads into the ring. Erik is up on his knees at this point and Bryan walks over with the equipment. He opens the box and picks a lure with a hook and places it on the end of the fishing rod. He wastes no time in grabbing Erik by his already bleeding mouth and slowly drives the hook into the side of Erik’s cheek. He then steps back and starts reeling Erik in yanking and pulling him. Erik screams out in pain as Laughlin just laughs. Eventually he gets tired of this game and goes running at Erik delivering a European Uppercut that sends him crashing down to the mat. Bryan grabs another bag from one of the trash cans and Sprinkles the giant shards of broken glass from inside the bag all over the ring. Erik is laying on the mat kicking his legs in pain. Bryan picks him up and delivers the Good Morning America to Erik right on the broken glass. He immediately goes for the cover.

Bryan immediately stands up blood dripping from his mouth and skull. His chest and arms are bleeding and he looks like a man possessed.
JOHNSON: “Erik Holland put up a great effort. Almost knocked Bryan off the top this week but in the end Laughlin just couldn’t be stopped.”
VASSA: “Do you see the man?! He’s bleeding all over the place and he’s acting as if it’s just normal but honestly you’re right Erik Holland almost had him and he deserves some credit and respect for traveling here and stepping into the ring with one of 4CW’s best”
JOHNSON: “Wait a minute..I don’t think we are done here…”
The cameras go back to the entrance ramp as Kaelan Laughlin can be seen walking down to the ring. She has a smile on her face as she walks over and takes the Ignition Championship from the referee. Bryan watches her the entire time from the center of the ring as other officials help Erik Holland up and he pushes them away. Choosing to walk out of his own accord. Kaelan hops up onto the ring apron with the Ignition Championship placed around her shoulder. She claps her hands and grins at her husband.
JOHNSON: “What is Kaelan Laughlin doing out here? She’s King’s Road.”
VASSA: “What’s so wrong with a wife coming out and congratulating her husband?”
JOHNSON: “I can’t think of anything, but is that what she’s out here for?”
VASSA: “I think we are about to find out.”
Kaelan climbs between the ropes and walks over to her husband. She walks over and grabs him and lays a passionate kiss to his lips, not caring about the blood dripping from his mouth. She pulls away and Bryan smiles at her and she steps back a few inches before taking the 4CW Ignition Championship off her shoulders. She acts as if she’s going to hand over the belt and as Bryan reaches for it she pulls it back and smacks him right across the face with it. Bryan goes crashing to the mat. Kaelan’s smile has disappeared from her face as she throws the Ignition title down on the mat next to Laughlin. Spitting on it before she walks out of the ring and calmly walks up the ramp.
JOHNSON: “OH MY GOD! Kaelan just hit her husband upside the head with his own title!”
VASSA: “Guess they aren’t taking that Vacation together after all…”
Kaelan stands on top of the ramp and stares into the ring at Bryan as he comes to and looks up the ramp at her. He’s clearly not happy as he grabs his Championship and climbs back to his feet grabbing his head and looking up at his wife. Kaelan doesn’t say a word and leaves her face blank of emotion as she turns around and walks back behind the curtain leaving a pissed off, and hurt Bryan in the ring.
VASSA: ”What are you doing, Kaelan?!”
JOHNSON: ”After everything he just went through she has the nerve to do that?”
VASSA: ”Maybe they should go to marriage counseling.”
JOHNSON: ”She’s supposed to be the one person there to support him, to be his wife.”
VASSA: ”Maybe he didn’t do the dishes before he left home?”
JOHNSON: ”I highly doubt that justifies hitting her husband with a championship belt. HIS championship belt.”
VASSA: ”I don’t know what to tell you, Steve. Oi? Maybe it was one big mess?”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t believe we just witnessed that right here. Instead of celebrating with her husband, she hits him with the Ignition Championship.”
VASSA: ”What is she even doing here anyway? She’s supposed to be on King’s Road, the show that Jett keeps afloat.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s debatable.”
VASSA: ”Not what the fans say.”
JOHNSON: ”Is this it? Is she going to be the next person to accept the open challenge Laughlin put out on social media two weeks ago?”
VASSA: ”I don’t know if we’re ready for another McDonalds deathmatch, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”That was one odd match to say the least.”
VASSA: ”Odd? I fucking lo–“
JOHNSON: ”Wait a second, Vinny. I’m getting word that we have some action going on backstage.”
VASSA: ”Who has Kaelan hit now?”
JOHNSON: ”I doubt it’s her. Whatever it is seems to be taking place outside in the parking lot.”

Cutting the parking lot structure next the arena we see Boston with his bag in hand, walking at a rather quick pace towards his vehicle.
The voice of Cyrus Riddle breaks through the silence and Boston looks over his shoulder and sees nothing. His pace quickens even more so as once again a voice comes barreling through the parking lot.
SMITH: “I smell you RABBIT! Where are you?”
Boston seemingly makes it to his car, that is when he notices the shadow in front of him. It was Dakota Smith, The butcher steps out of the shadows with madness filled snarl upon his face. Boston goes to back up but Cyrus Riddle is behind him! Cyrus grabs him by the arms, and pulls him back behind his car. Dakota walks out from the side of the car, and stands so that he is directly in front of Boston.
SMITH: “Someone… Has something to tell you Rabbit… But first… The beasts will have their fun!”
A cackle of laughter is shared between Dakota and Cyrus, as Boston tries his damndest to get out of Riddles hold. He fails in the endeavour, that is when Dakota sensually runs one of his hands up the side of Boston’s face. He grabs him by the side of the head with a hand full of hair and cocks back with his other arm. WHACK! One closed fist strike directly to the nose, blood goes squirting in all directions as Boston lets out a sound that really people are not suppose to make. Dakota cocks back again and swings his arm forward, connecting with another shot directly to the bridge of the nose to Boston. Boston drops to his knees, almost passing out, But Cyrus keeps him up. Cyrus lets go of one arm and grabs ahold of Boston’s clearly broken nose. Boston screams, seemingly perking up as Cyrus returns to his grip of Boston’s arm. Boston looks up at Dakota, who is still grinning ear from ear like the psychotic fuck he is. He grabs ahold of Boston’s head one last time pushes it down, as he brings his knee up! Cracking Boston once again in the nose with a disturbing squishing noise! Blood pours down the Adrenaline GM’s face.
WALLACE: “E-fucking-nough! I want this asshole to understand what the fuck I’m about to tell him. ”
Perry Wallace steps out from behind Dakota. He removes his jacket, tossing it onto the car.
WALLACE: “Pick that piece of shit up.”
Slowly pacing back and forth in front of Boston, he begins removing his cuff link and rolling up his right sleeve.
WALLACE: “I tried to be a nice guy. I really did. Gave you a job for the twentieth time. Hell, I even made you a general manager. Acting like you have dirt on me? I played along, figured someone who had fallen to the bottom like you would come up with anything to be given one more chance before pissing it all away once more.”
He finishes with the right sleeve and then begins to remove the cuff link from his left sleeve, and rolling that one up as well.
WALLACE: “Then, instead of actually doing your job, you decide to target my son. You decide to piss off the entire roster. And you decide to put my good friend, Phe, in danger. Fucking idiot.”
Out of nowhere, Perry then throws his arm forward, connecting with a right to the side of Boston’s jaw. He pulls his hand back before shaking it and adjusting the ring on his pinky.
WALLACE: “Time’s up, old friend. If you knew anything at all you would have showed your hand by now instead of wasting my fucking time.”
Perry suddenly throws another punch, this time to Boston’s stomach. Boston drops to his knees as Riddle and Dakota hold him up by the arms.
WALLACE: “Your time here has come to an end, Boston. Take whatever bullshit information you think you know and shove it up your ass. You’re fi—”
BOSTON: “He’s in the desert!”
Boston interrupts Perry before he can finish his sentence. Silence is all that followed. Looking as if he had seen a ghost, Perry stares at Boston, who can barely even stay up at this point if Dakota and Riddle weren’t holding him up. Perry shifts his eyes to Dakota first, and then to Riddle.
WALLACE: “He fucking speaks…”
Perry says as he looks back to Boston once more.
WALLACE: “I’ve heard enough. Dakota… Cyrus… let’s get him the fuck out of here. I can’t technically ‘fire’ him, but there isn’t anything to tell if he ends up missing.”
SMITH: “Should we put a bag over his head or something?”
Cyrus lets out a deep, devious chuckle.
RIDDLE: “Nah Mate, I got this”
Without even second guessing himself Cyrus wraps his hands around Boston’s head and begins to shove his thumbs into his eyes! Boston screams out in agony, scratching at Cyrus’s hands trying to get him to stop but Cyrus just digs his thumbs in deeper. Dakota lets out a barbaric, almost disturbing fit of laughter when from out of nowhere Viduus Morta grabs him by the back of the head.
VASSA: ”Viduus has come to save the day!”
He lifts Dakota up and tosses him at Cyrus, who ducks. Dakota entire body slams up against the back of the car as Boston lays on the ground in fetal position holding his face. Cyrus tackles Viduus to the ground and starts to lay down vicious elbows to Viduus’s temple. That is until Nemesis blasts him in the side of the face with dropkick, sending the large brit flying off of Viduus.
JOHNSON: ”And there’s Nemesis! The teams are even now!”
Dakota is now back up to his feet and he marches right up to Nemesis, grabbing him by the back of the head, cocking back and almost taking his head off hits him with a clothes line. Viduus and Cyrus are brawling a few feet away and Perry is just staring at it all like a deer in headlights.
VASSA: ”I guess Perry’s still worn out from fighting with that desk earlier.”
Riddle grabs ahold of Viduus’s midsection and throws him over his head with a belly to belly suplex! OH NO! Viduus smacks right into Perry Wallace, the entire weight of his body almost coming complete down on Perry’s face. The camera zooms in on Perry who is out cold, his head laying at a very disturbing angle as the camera cuts to black.
JOHNSON: ”They knocked Perry Wallace out! The big guy is down, folks!”
The brawl continues between Omerta and Salvation. Perry is out cold on the ground and not far from him, Boston slowly pulls himself to his feet before slipping away into the shadows.
VASSA: ”The coward is running!”
JOHNSON: ”Boston’s on the run and Omerta doesn’t even realize it.”
VASSA: ”They’re too busy throwing hands with salvation to even notice.”
The carnage continues in the parking lot. No one clearly has the advantage over the other. The four men just beat each other senseless, throwing each other into cars and using whatever they can get their hands on as weapons.
JOHNSON: ”I hate to be the one to break the bad news ladies and gentlemen but we’re out of time.”
VASSA: ”Fuck that! Keep the cameras rolling.”
JOHNSON: ”We can’t do it. We’ve reached our mark. Folks, before we get cut off here, be sure to tune in two weeks from now as we head up to Philadelphia for Adrenaline Ninety-Five.”
VASSA: ”Nope! Not having it. We have a brawl on out hands right now and I’m not leaving until no one is left standing.”
JOHNSON: ”Well then I guess you better get off your lazy butt and get to the parking lot then.”
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ!”
JOHNSON: ”Will be with us all in two weeks for Adrenaline Ninety-Five. I’m Steve Johnson, folks.”
VASSA: ”Don’t you fucking cut the camer–“
With the brawl taking place on the screen, Vassa’s sound is cut as well as the picture, leaving nothing but a black screen momentarily before the credits begin to roll.