Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Oracle Arena, as we are live from Oakland, California. The fans here have filled out the Oracle Arena, desperate for some entertaining wrestling in this city. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.


Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, we see Vinny Vassa and Steve Johnson back at the commentary booth! They both look happy to be there, as we get right into the show.
JOHNSON: ”Folks! We are BACK!”
VASSA: ”It was a nice break, but those announcers were really terrible. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed, Vinny! Tonight we’ve got a good card for you, Lauryn Wolfe will now be headlining the show as she takes on Will Lyons.”
VASSA: ”A tough task for her, but I think our Internet Championship is pretty capable of handling her business.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, we all know that this main event was supposed to be something very different.”
VASSA: ”Yikes, don’t think we want to get into all of that right now.”
JOHNSON: ”Indeed, but that’s okay, we move forward here. Lots of exciting action tonight, we’ll see the King’s Road Champion defend his title tonight!”
VASSA: ”Can you really call it a defense? I mean, honestly. He’s going against Freedumb, I didn’t think that piece of shirt was still on the roster.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh no, he very much is on the roster. Unfortunately.”
VASSA: ”Either way, it’s a sham and I hope Kaelan has something to say about it tonight. It’s about time this company stops overlooking her, and putting trash like Jett Wilder into the limelight.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, that might be your opinion here Vinny, but these fans love Jett. They’re all wet for him!”
VASSA: ”I dunno, Steve, a lot of these fans look very underage.”
JOHNSON: ”Jett has fans of all ages, don’t discriminate!”
With the opening commentary out of the way there is a momentary pause before “Blessings” by Big Sean hits to a big response from the crowd in the arena. Whether it’s been a bit of a change in recent months in Jett Wilder, the fact that many have sided with him in his rivalry with Kaelan or that simply he’s in California where he proudly calls him. None the less the champion gets a big mostly positive reaction from the crowd as he strolls out from the back, not usually his wild self. Instead of rocking the usual over the top flair, he looks all business. Though still not without some of the theatrics, clearly having asked for a special intro as Power belts out.
POWERS: ”Coming to the ring, your King’s Road Champion…JETT WILDER!”
Heading down to the ring, looking like he doesn’t seem to realize that his title defense is simply with Freedumb. A wrestler so bad even if he was still around he wouldn’t have had to give much effort to defeat. Still though he maintains that fiery focus, rolling into the ring and instead of visiting each corner to parade his belt around like he might generally do. He makes a b-line calling for a microphone, which he is handed quickly. Not even fully standing up before starting up.
JETT: “Now I know your all here to see me defend my belt. And I don’t want to deprive my California fans of that. Don’t worry I am going to make a mockery of this man. But I promised you all that enough was enough. That once and for all I was going to address Kaelan…”
This creates a mixed reaction from the crowd, their issues having been building over the past few weeks. Tensions high and causing some split in the crowd.
JETT: “I didn’t want this to be something that was handled online. You see because you all know that I love to talk trash online. I talk trash to anyone and everyone because I enjoy it, I enjoy talking trash to people. But I reserve that for people that I actually hate, that I actually dislike. When I go after someone on there it’s because I respect them so little that I don’t feel they deserve it in person. But this isn’t one of those situations, this is me wanting to handle something with a person that I consider a friend. Now clearly that feeling? It’s not mutual, we’ve all seen that when she comes out here last show dragging my name through the mud…And normally, I would have come out got in her face and thrown it all back at her. But she…well I thought was my friend…”
Dropping the microphone for a moment there is a real sense of sadness in Jett’s voice when he says this, something we rarely see. For his fans, this is a moment of vulnerability. For those siding with Kae it is just another one of Jett’s acting jobs that could have landed him a role in her movie.
JETT: “You see I am nothing if not loyal. I understand I am a hard person to deal with but when I am loyal to someone? I am loyal to them for life. So when I say that I have few friends that I would go to bat for, I can honestly likely count them on one hand. And one of those friends, is the champ, Bryan Laughlin!”
Breaking up the somber tone to say his friend’s name with the type of respect that he feels that he deserves. Strolling along, knowing that Bryan himself was a fellow California boy though often seeming to be born in another universe.
JETT: “And according to you that’s where all this hatred comes from. Like I have been some sort of constant wedge as you like to call me. Yet you don’t know the history. You see long before you came along I can say that things were lonely in this company for not only me but for him. With a lack of direction, I met Bryan and right away I knew that I wasn’t alone around here. I had a friend that would have my back, just like I would have his. That bond grew and I can say with no hesitation, that little selfish ol’ me would gladly take a bullet for him. But I know that he cares enough that he would never let me. And I think for awhile, I was the only person he would have done that for….And then you came along and I knew right away that there was someone in his life that now came before even me…I saw that my friend was happier than he had ever been, I saw that you were happy. And you want to know who was the only person as happy?”
Slapping his chest which lowers the microphone for a second, while mouthing me to the crowd. The fans who had been told that Jett was funny, having to be very confused at this point.
JETT: “I got to see my friend find the love of his life. Couldn’t have been happier. And I thought that it meant that all of us would get to grow old together. Me with my friend and my friend with the love of his life. Maybe one day I’d find a girl and the four of us could have been like those couples that play charades…But apparently while I was thinking about all that you were thinking of a life with just the two of you. Where I was long gone and you wouldn’t have to deal with Bryan’s annoying brother. Apparently I was a wedge that was breaking you apart when all I ever wanted was for you to grow old together. You wanted me gone…So now that whole plan is in action as we speak…So you want to blame me for you two having issues? So be it. You want to blame him for pushing away from you in the lead up to the title match? So be it. Just know he pushed me away right along with you. You want me out of the Laughlin’s lives? Consider me gone.”
Wiping his hands off as though he is cleansing himself from their lives for good.
JETT: “But what you won’t do is paint me out to be the bad guy in all this. You want to say I am a wedge? I call myself a friend who would have done anything for the two of you. You want to say me disqualifying you was the wrong call? Check the rulebook I called that match right down the middle. And now you crush my friend over the head with a belt. I won’t let you make me out to be the monster though. And I won’t let you take this belt either. I’d love to have our friendship back, I’d love to hang out with my friend Bryan again. But I’m willing to step aside so that you two can be happy. But this belt right here? It’s not going anywhere. Because I have beaten you once…”
Hoisting up his belt, high in the air already clearly looking past Freedumb towards King’s Road 30 like everyone in the arena has to be at this point.
JETT: “And I am going to beat you…again.”
Finishing by bringing up their prior match something he knows will get under her skin as he turns to the ramp waiting for Freedumb to get wheeled out.


As the personal security force hired by Hudson to protect the champion stood around the ring, Jett sat on the middle rope and lifted the top rope for his competition to enter the ring. He even went as far as showing good manners shaking hands with Freedumb before the match, but when the bell rings Jett is too busy paying attention to the crowd that Freedumb rolls him up for a near fall! This sends Jett into a rage, but he quickly passed it off and tried to do a test of strength with Freedumb that turned into a boot to the gut and a DDT in the middle of the ring. Jett then displayed his ‘master mat wrestling’ technique by stringing together a headlock into an stf. Just as it looked like Freedumb might tap out Jett let go and slapped the back of his head mocking him. Saying things like “Show your champion some respect and get up to your feet” Freedumb would try but Jett would continue to slap his face and kick his knees out until he finally sat on the top turnbuckle awaiting Freedumb to get up and we all bought into the thought of him allowing it but he used the middle rope to project himself into a tornado ddt. The fans at this point couldn’t be less interested in the seriousness of this bout and they begin to chant boring. Jett, clearly unaware of what they’re actually chanting at, tells Freedumb the crowd thinks hes boring. Jett gives a thumbs up and lets them know that he couldn’t agree more. He puts his hands behind his back and begs Freedumb to swing dodging it a couple times before he shows us his ‘Ali shuffle” and blasts Freedumb with the ‘GOTCHA’ butterfly kick. Freedumb is out on the mat and Jett goes to the turnbuckle to end it with his Swag splash, but he stops and heads back to Freedumb. He asks the referee where the hard camera is and drags Freedumb to the middle of the ring facing that way before locking in the “FUZZY WUZZYS REVENGE” arm bar and telling the camera it’s better than Kaelans as Freedumb taps.
Winner: Jett Wilder via Submission (3:21)
After the match Jett is celebrating his title win. He holds his title in the air to the fans and poses. The King of King’s Road. The fans are cheering for him but they can’t celebrate with him for long because a fan in a #BaelinClub hoodie jumps the barricade and grabs a chair before sliding in the ring. The fans are pointing for Jett to look out and he turns around to take the chair shot right to the face. He falls to the mat as the “fan” keeps hitting him with the chair over and over until officials rush towards the ring causing the person to drop the chair and remove their hood.
The shock as the boos and cheers ring out at the reveal of Kaelan Laughlin as Jett’s attacker. She’s angrily glaring down at Jett with hate in her eyes. Officials are checking on Jett as Kaelan stares down at the wreckage. She asks for a mic and waits to be handed one. She then walks back over to Jett who’s reaching for his belt to grab it as officials are trying to help him. Kaelan kicks his arm and he grabs it in pain. Rolling away from his belt. Kaelan picks it up and looks it over before placing the mic to her lips.
LAUGHLIN: “I’m done with your bullshite games Jett. I’ve been done with them for a long time. I’ve sat back and let you and your slag of a mother have all your fun at my expense and that time is over. I’m going to make you truly suffer for the first time in your career, and maybe you’ll learn your lesson for once. Someone has to teach you what consequences for your actions are. I guess it’s going to have to be me.”
Kaelan bent down to Jett and held the title up to his face with a smirk on her lips as she spoke again.
LAUGHLIN: “Enjoy your win over Freedumb now. Enjoy your shite title defense over a nobody because come Chapter 30 when you step into the ring against a true fighter like me?! You’re going to learn just how out of your element you really are. You’re going to learn which one of us is truly better. This isn’t a year ago Jett. This is now, and I’m going to show you that when it matters the most? When this title right here is on the line? I’m better than you. Don’t worry. I’m not you. I don’t need to steal a title to feel special.”
Kaelan tossed the King’s Road Championship down onto Jett rather forcefully before standing back up. Still looking at Jett on the ground pulling himself up and clutching his title as he looked up at her.
LAUGHLIN: “Enjoy it why you have it now lad. It’s mine New Year’s Day.”
Kaelan tossed the mic down as “Warrior” by Dead by April began to play and she made her exit out of the ring and walked up the ramp with her head held high much like she had after she assaulted her husband on Adrenaline.

The camera cuts backstage to the halls of the arena where a single body isn’t seen in sight. However, voices are heard from a ways down the hall and being nosey, the cameraman follows the trail. Approaching an open door, the camera pauses for a short moment, seeming a bit hesitant to enter as the sign on the all beside the door reads “The Valentine’s” Finally peaking inside, right now may be a bad time to enter the room. At first glance, there’s Tommy Knox with his tattoo covered back facing the doorway. His upper body is leaning forward with his head down. In front of him, Ana Valentine sits in a chair with her head tilted back, her eyes closed, and her legs visible on each side of the Tommy. Have we just walked in and caught Tommy with his head buried between Ana’s legs? Oh my god.
Was that a moan? What in the hell is going on here?
KNOX: “I can’t fuckin’ find it.”
What exactly is he looking for, the clitoris?
VALENTINE: “Keep looking.”
Ana replies with her eyes closed. She even licks her lips.
KNOX: “I know what I’m doin’ down here.”
Tommy snaps back.
VALENTINE: “You could have fooled me.”
KNOX: “Look, I know it’s right here at the tip of my fingers.”
VALENTINE: “What’s the problem then, baby?”
KNOX: “I don’t know. I give up. It’s not fuckin’ there. No way, no fuckin’ how.”
VALENTINE: “Jesus Christ.”
Ana’s eyes open before she quickly adjusts herself to a more upright position in her seat. She reaches down, but it isn’t clear what she’s reaching for as Tommy’s body blocks the view.
VALENTINE: “Give me your damn phone.”
His phone? What’s she doing, Googling a step by step process to held the poor fella?
VALENTINE: “You’re wasting too much time on this.”
Well look at that, she’s now holding his phone. She doesn’t look at it though. Instead, she places it beside her, out of his reach.
KNOX: “I don’t know what to tell you. I looked all over the internet for it and I’m findin’ jack shit.”
Tommy stands to his feet, raising both hands and rubbing them through his hair. He takes a few steps to the right, leaving a clear view of Ana who actually is fully clothed. No wonder he couldn’t find the clitoris.
KNOX: “Those retards call themselves ‘Now Trending’, probably the most common used term on the entire internet and then claim anything hashtagged with it to be in reference to them. I’ve ran across some dumb people in my time, but these two have to be the dumbest by far. And I say that with my former piece of shit partner in mind. These dudes been around five minutes and question how long either of us have been doin’ this? I mean, we’ve never tagged together before in the ring but I can guarantee we have more time together in the bedroom in just a couple of months than these two have in the ring teaming together in their short few month careers.”
Ana rolls her eyes with a loud sigh.
VALENTINE: “it’s just another case of idiots being given a medium to run their mouths, honestly nothing they say holds any weight whatsoever and why we even gave them the time of Day is beyond me.”
Slowly, he walks around Ana and stands behind her, placing a hand on each of her shoulders.
KNOX: “Haven’t heard a single peep out of these two since the card was announced and then they decide to finally put forth some form of minimal effort the night before? Shit, I tried as soon as the match was announced. I’ve literally forgotten that these two even existed until last night. And then between the two of them they got the nuts to talk about us? Our family?”
She brings her head back, tilting it to look up at him with an easy smile.
VALENTINE: “Well, jealousy is a natural human emotion; look at them, a couple of frat boys playing at being wrestlers… having to hop on the coattails of some overused hashtag. And look at us, happy, successful; why wouldn’t they come for it”
Rubbing her shoulders, he leans over to kiss her on the forehead.
KNOX: “Well tonight? I say we go out there and show them both what we’re capable of doin’ together as a team. It’s our first match together so maybe they can get a picture of us together in the ring to remind themselves in the future not to open their mouths without knowin’ facts and doin’ proper research.”
She half shrugs but nods in agreement all the same.
VALENTINE: “Like I said, you’re wasting too much time on all this. They’re fucking idiots and they only said what they did in hopes of getting some kind of rise. Any time an opponent needs to come for your personal life, it means they have nothing to say about your actual in ring skill. They’re out worked and out skilled and they already know it.
They tipped their hand, it’d be pathetic if it wasn’t so amusing. We’ve both been in this industry far too long to be rattled by the latest pair of morons with some flashy ring gear and clever hashtags, we will prevail because we are simply superior to them… So, like you said, this is our first match together.
Let’s enjoy that rather than wasting more time on a pair of attention whores, hm?”

Leaning over once more, he kisses the tip of her nose before whispering in her ear.
KNOX: “The match is just a warm up. The real fun happens after the show, baby. I get to go back to the room with you and those two get to go back to their room together.”


Cherry Lovejoy seemed to have a friendly audience for her in attendance, although upon closer inspection it just seemed to be the men. Either way, it didn’t seem to deter her from her performance here tonight. Cherry looked to improve on her performance from last show, now finding herself against Melody Marshall. Melody started off the match strong, catching Cherry with a Forearm Shot to her mouth. Cherry did not appreciate this attack, and the implication that Melody was out to harm her money maker. Cherry did her best to fight back, and cover up from the initial attacks. A Roaring Elbow attempt allowed Cherry the chance to duck, attacking Melody with her own Enziguri Kick! From here, Cherry took over, putting Melody down with a Rolling Yoshi Tonic and a Sitout Powerbomb! The fans were starting to become impressed with Cherry, but she wasn’t looking to keep this match going for long. Melody was already in trouble, following a Sidewinder Suplex from Cherry. With the match completely under her control, Cherry looked to end it quickly. With her opponent dazed, Cherry took to the top, climbing up to the top turnbuckle as her opponent got up. Melody looked on, as Cherry connected with the Just Dessert! The Diving Meteora drove Melody into the mat, and Cherry used her position to pin Melody down to the mat for the win!
Winner: Cherry Lovejoy via Pinfall (2:11)

The shot goes to what seems to be an interview room, the King’s Road logo plastered in the background as a single chair is set up in front of it. A dark haired young man, dressed in black jeans, a white tee, and a black leather jacket, walks into the shot and takes a seat as he puts the mic around the collar of his shirt. He clears his throat and smiles as he begins speaking.
ANGELO SANDS: “My name is Angelo Sands. Some of you may know me for my time as part of the tag team The Swiss-Italian Connection. As part of that tag team, I became a four time tag team champion. I, along with my partner, captured every single tag title we went after and could’ve captured a lot more if I didn’t get myself into trouble.”
Angelo lets out a sigh.
ANGELO SANDS: “It’s been close to a year since I last wrestled consistently. I’ve taken a match here and there, but nothing to where I can say that I won’t be coming into King’s Road without some rust. Some rust that I hope will be knocked off after a few matches.”
The North Carolina native takes a pause before leaning back in his seat and folding his arms.
ANGELO SANDS: “I made a mistake that I’ve paid for. A mistake that I realize was a blessing in disguise. A blessing in disguise because it’s taught me more about me than I ever thought I’d learn about myself. And now? Now I look forward to causing some damage here in King’s Road. In case that wasn’t clear enough? Yes, I’m the newest member of King’s Road.”
A voice from outside of the shot speaks up.
CAMERAMAN: “Why come alone? You just said that you are an exceptional tag team wrestler and you’ve certainly proved it with some success. Why not bring your partner, Markus FK, along?”
ANGELO SANDS: “Good question. I’d state your name, but I never got it.”
ANGELO SANDS: “Jimbo, that’s an excellent question. You should look into becoming a backstage interviewer.”
Angelo shifts a bit in his seat.
ANGELO SANDS: “I didn’t bring Markus along because I realized that it was time for both of us to see how we can do by ourselves. He needs to see what he can do as a singles wrestler and see if that’s for him and I need to know whether I can survive on my own or not. A lot of people have done me a lot of favors just to get me to this point, but now it becomes all about what I can do with the opportunities presented to me. It’s all about doing what I can do as a solo act.”
JIMBO THE CAMERAMAN: “Some wrestling writers have questioned your love of wrestling. They think you don’t take your profession seriously enough, even when you were back in RISE and HKW. You don’t have the passion like your cousins Brett and Sean. You got anything to say to them?”
The Italian-American chuckles as he takes a minute to think over his answer. It was true that he never had the same type of passion for the business as Sean or Brett, but Sean’s whole life was based around wrestling, from the amateur level to the professional. Brett had nowhere else to go after football didn’t work out for him. Angelo on the other hand? He had options. He had various other skills. He could’ve been something else besides a pro wrestler.
ANGELO SANDS: “I guess it’s fair that they have pointed this out. To compare my passion for this business to some of my family members is like comparing apples to oranges. A good portion of my family eats, sleeps, and breathes this business. I can’t say I’m exactly the same, but you’d be pretty stupid to not recognize that I give enough of a fuck to sign a contract with this brand and be willing to put my body through the hell I’m about to put it through. I’m a pretty carefree guy. I don’t really let words bother me, but I know that if I’m willing to sign with King’s Road? Then that means that there is indeed some passion there.”
JIMBO THE CAMERAMAN: “So…what can we expect from Angelo Sands in King’s Road?”
Sands gives a small shrug as he remains leaned back in his seat, smirking.
ANGELO SANDS: “Who knows? Maybe I’ll take to this whole singles wrestling thing like a fish to water. Maybe I’ll force every single person I get in the ring to tap out to me. Maybe I’ll win some gold. Or maybe I’ll crash and burn. Maybe I’ll be a guy who wins one week and loses the next. Or maybe I’ll get my shit pushed in like uh….Phil Brooks in UFC. That’s the fun part, really. Not knowing how things are going to go for me is exactly why I want to be here. I want this challenge. I want to fight anyone they’re willing to throw my way. I want to test myself. If I fail, I fail. I won’t be ashamed of it. But if I don’t fail? If I make opponent after opponent after opponent slap that mat in pain as they give up the match to me?
Well, that’s when things start getting real interesting, isn’t it?”

A big smile appears on Angelo’s face before we fade out from the segment and we cut back to ringside.


The referee took awhile to ring the bell because the Valentines and the Garrisons couldn’t help but talk trash. Tommy telling Brad and Chad that he cant find them trending as he scrolled through his phone. The Trendy Boiz asking him what it’s like to know that they aren’t really wrestlers and nobody will even take pictures of them tonight. Tommy lunges at Chad and the referee finally starts the bell and tells Brad to leave the ring; all the while Ana and tommy are double teaming Chad. Not like that, folks. Woah. Although she probably wishes and Tommy is a cuck, but let’s keep it going. A series of very quick suplexes from Tommy has Chad basically dazed out of his mind. Half Nelson, Full Nelson, Quarter Nelson. Two Nelsons, The Nelson from the Simpsons. Tons of suplexes. Chad is trying to shake the cobwebs out and does manage to duck a clothesline, but a 360 degree spin into a massive forearm puts Chad down for a near fall. Tommy drags Chad over towards the corner and a series of quick tags from Ana and Tommy as they rotate who pounds on him in the corner. Not like that. The quick tags end with Tommy still in the ring after brief breaks on the apron. He sends Chad off the ropes and dropkicks his knees out before jumping up and putting an elbow across the back of his head. Not an ideal start for the Garrison brothers, but their quick break comes when Tommy tries to tag Ana in for another double team session but Brad was already over there and he pulled her off the ropes. Tommy dropped Chad and got on the apron focusing on Ana but he’d soon join her as he spun back towards the ring only to get his head held sandwiched between the feet of Chad while Brad superkicked his ugly mug. The Valentines were both on the outside now as Chad hopped up to the second rope and balanced long enough to pull the top rope up clearing a path for Brad who hit a suicide dive to take Ana out long enough to distract Tommy while Chad hit a moonsault. It’s a lot folks, I know stay with us. Brad then gets back to his corner and has a hold on the tag rope while Chad slaps his brother’s hand after crawling into the ring and now Brad is fired up. He hits the ropes one more time looking for another suicide di-NO! Tommy meets him at the ropes with an uppercut and Ana polishes him off with a knee for his effort. Ana is legal in the ring now and gets a near fall. Brad struggles to find the corner where his brother is, but Chad is still recovering on the outside. Ana wrenches the arm of Brad and climbs the ropes ready for the top rope cho-HOLY SHIT! CHAD FROM THE CORNER WITH A HURRICANRANA! She did arm drag Brad on principal but he popped up and #NowTrending hit a double superkick to Tommy on the apron. Chad pulls Tommy through the top and middle tope and hangs him in suspense as Brad comes from the top with a 450 splash! Unfortunately Ana is the legal one in the match and as Chad turns he is met with a leaping complete shot VALENTINES BOW! She covers BRAD!
Chad breaks up the pinfall and screams at Ana that she’s not even a wrestler before superkicking her as she got to her knees. Brad and Chad isolate Ana now with a gutbuster corkscrew neckbreaker onto their knee. But only get a near fall! Tommy is in the ring now and fighting the brothers off with headbutts and clotheslines before lifting Brad in a fireman’s carry slam and tossing him towards Chad taking both of them out! Now it’s Valentine time as the Garrisons are in the corner and Tommy gets on his hands and knees letting Ana use him like a launching pad for poetry in motion! Brad stumbles into Tommy and gets the two thigh kick DDT. Ana drags Brad to the middle of the ring before they make Tommy official with a tag. He climbs the top rope and looks for the AMERICAN HIGHLIFE FROG SPLA-NO! Chad shoves Ana into the ropes and Tommy gets his groin racked. It’s for the best tbh. Chad throws Ana to the outside and gets Brad up. They hit a hurricanrana into a codebreaker and Tommy is out! Brad covers as Ana gets up, but she’s blocked by Chad with a Superkick! Brad wins it for his team! It seems though that Tommy had gotten his leg on the bottom rope, but the official didn’t see it!
Winner: #NowTrending via Pinfall (9:01)

Kaelan Laughlin is seen backstage. She’s pacing back and forth and barely notices Gabriel Hartman as he walks up to her. Microphone in hand. She looks at him in disgust as he almost runs into her.
LAUGHLIN: “What the fuck do you want Hobo Steve.”
HARTMAN: “It’s actually Gabriel. Was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions.
Kaelan smirked and nodded her head.
LAUGHLIN: “Alright..but first. I just want to let everyone know that last night if you missed the premiere of my new movie Alone You’ll Die The Elysian Net will be playing it on repeat at random hours for you to enjoy for the next couple of days. You can also download it digitally. If you want to buy it? It makes one hell of a Christmas gift for the horror fanatic in your life and it will be available in stores everywhere this Next Tuesday.”
Kaelan patted Gabe on the shoulder as she put her arm around him almost regretting it instantly by the second of disgust on her face.
LAUGHLIN: “I’d have a copy for you Gabe, but I heard you don’t really have much of a home so it would be kind of pointless. You’d just sell it for drugs after the show and I am not an enabler of bad habits.”
Gabe shrugs his shoulders and nods his head. Kaelan was probably right. She sighs as she tells Gabriel to come on with the questions.
HARTMAN: “Kaelan. I think the main concern on everyone’s mind right now is Why? Why does it seem like you’ve changed? Why did you attack your husband last week on Adrenaline after his match, and why the cheap shot on Jett here tonight?”
LAUGHLIN: “I figured this was coming. Everyone wants to know why. They think overnight I’ve just flipped a switch but Gabe, I assure you this didn’t happen overnight. No these feelings have been buried deep inside me. Festering and bubbling to the surface. I can’t fake it anymore. I can’t lie to everyone and smile anymore and say I’m happy.”
She looked down at the ground and shook her head before back up at Gabriel.
LAUGHLIN: “I can’t keep getting screwed over time and time again by people I know that I’m more talented then. That have to resort to cheap tactics week in and week out against me to win. People like Jett Wilder who slink by in this industry by being mediocre. Letting others do the work and just taking advantage of cheap tactics like roll ups and basic cunt attacks. No. I’ve put up with people like Jett long enough. It’s time that I finally give Jett a taste of his own medicine. I didn’t cheap shot Jett. I made sure he saw me coming.”
Gabriel nodded his head at Kaelan’s response. Kaelan at this point was fired up and heated. It was written all over her face as her eyes were narrowed and her lips pursed together.
HARTMAN: “And the attack on Bryan?”
LAUGHLIN: “Well. That’s between him and I but I’ll go ahead and let you and everyone else know why. For over the past year and a half my life has been with Bryan Laughlin. We’ve become Baelin Club. Our relationship is an entire brand. Somewhere along those lines people stopped seeing us for the people we were and were just seeing us as a couple that were shipped a lot and could be talented wrestlers. They didn’t see behind the scenes. The shite we’ve put each other through and no, I’m not innocent Gabe.”
Kaelan rolled her eyes as she stopped for a moment taking a pause before sighing.
LAUGHLIN: “I’m angry at my husband. He cared more about the hashtag of Baelin Club for life than what it takes to make us work. I think I lost sight of that too but in his crusade to be the 4CW Championship he left me behind. He let people like Jett and Carmella fill my head with making me feel like my worth was less than them to him. That I was just another phase for him to go through. He took the Ignition Championship at Fright Night. Not his end goal but what he apparently needed. It didn’t feel like at the end of the night he needed my love or support. So in that moment he valued a Championship more than me and I felt that he would only get it if I explained it to him in the only way he apparently learns. Pain. I took his championship and I hit him in the face with it. Then I spit on it. I spit on it because it’s shite to me. It’s value and worth means nothing. It’s just a means to an end to send a message.”
HARTMAN: “Do you think that this is going to be the end of your marriage?”
Kaelan laughed and shook her head.
LAUGHLIN: “Maybe…but Maybe not. All I know is that Jett has been a big problem for us for a long time. I’m going to take care of that problem myself. He’s not going to undermine my position in this company, in this industry, and in my husband’s life any longer. I’m going to show him that yes, I’m a Laughlin by marriage and that should scare him enough but I was born a Price, and we don’t take shite lying down either. We get even. In our time. In our own way, and we will do whatever it takes to do that. I will do whatever it takes. Oh and one more thing…”
Kaelan removes her Baelin Club hoodie and hands it to Gabriel.
LAUGHLIN: “Here’s a new hoodie for you. I don’t need it.”
Gabriel took the hoodie as Kaelan smiled and walked away leaving the scene to fade out on Gabriel eagerly taking the hoodie and walking away.


Joseph White has looked impressive in his debut so far, but his biggest challenge comes in the form of Gregg Peake. Gregg, a former Pure Champion, doesn’t go about his usual routine as of late. Instead he takes this match seriously, looking focused as the match starts out. Gregg catches Joseph with a surprise Backbreaker, following that up with several Armdrags to toss his opponent around the ring. Joseph is in shock, but does his best to keep up with the pace. Gregg pushes Joseph into a nearby corner, looking to connect with a Shoulder to his stomach. Joseph quickly floats over Gregg, landing on his feet. He attacks from behind, dropping Gregg to the mat with a quick Russian Leg Sweep. It’s enough to get Joseph some time to think, as he looks on at his opponent. Gregg doesn’t stop, though, sprinting at his opponent. He tries for a Lariat, but Joseph is able to scout it in time. He dodges the attempt, and sends Gregg running to the ropes. Gregg bounces back, and catches Joseph by surprise with a Dropkick. Joseph is stunned, falling through the ropes and to the outside. Gregg keeps his focus as the match goes on, as both men fight it out on the outside. Gregg connects with a hard chop to Joseph’s chest, sending him reeling backwards. Not to be outdone though, Joseph connects with one of his own, and clobbers Gregg with a Forearm that stuns him. Gregg falls backwards, allowing Joseph to connect with a Quick Release Suplex on the outside! Gregg slams hard on the mat, as Joseph heads back into the ring. Having taken a bad fall, Gregg does his best to get back up in time. He wants to avoid the bell, and not lose by countout. Gregg is able to do this, but it appears that the damage has been done. He’s hurt, and Joseph is right there to take advantage. He smashes into Gregg from behind, another Forearm Shot directly into his lower back. Gregg falls to the mat, as Joseph zones in on his hurt lower back. Stomps, and Leaping Knees target the area. Over and over again, Gregg falls victim to a brutal attack that leaves him hurt in the middle of the ring. Gregg does his best to get back up, but Joseph slows things done with a Boston Crab that traps Gregg. Stuck now, Gregg does his best to get out of the hold. It doesn’t seem like he’s able to, as Joseph keeps complete control. Joseph quickly switches over to a Camel Clutch, the hold focusing all down on Gregg’s lower back. It’s brutal, as Gregg screams out in pain. Still though, he fights through it, not quitting from these attempts. Joseph looks on as Gregg does his best to reach the ropes. Joseph is stunned, and a little impressed, as Gregg is able to drag both men near the ropes. Before Joseph can do anything about it, Gregg reaches out and grabs the middle rope! The official calls for Joseph to let go, as he quickly does. He grabs Gregg, pulling him by his leg to the middle of the ring. Gregg fights back, kicking at Joseph and scoring with a shot to his head! Joseph drops to the mat, giving Gregg just enough time to get back up. Back on his feet, he looks to turn the tables on Joseph, and take this match back under his control. Gregg strikes Joseph with a Chop, and a Piledriver! Gregg is doing what he can now, even with his hurt back, as Joseph takes a ridiculous German Suplex from Gregg Peake. Gregg tries to connect with The Snapback, but Joseph pushes him into the nearby corner. Gregg looks to hurt his back, hitting the turnbuckle hard. He stumbles forward, as Joseph wraps him up into the Black to White! The Lungblower finishes what he had started, completely incapacitating Gregg! With his opponent hurt, it doesn’t take much for Joseph to land the White Lightning, knocking Gregg out and ending this match!
Winner: Joseph White via Pinfall (11:34)

The cameras hit to the backstage area of the Oracle Arena where Jason Mentez is seen first in half of his full wrestling gear with his compressions on talking. The crowd cheers massively before the camera zooms out more to show Jae-Yun Sun walking beside him in the hallways backstage showing hints of the home team Golden State Warriors. The crowd switches to a bit of boos once seeing Jae-Yun in his regular clothes, black hoodie over his head with a jean vest over that and black distressed jeans and his black boots. Now many words are being shared between them as they walk. Well, it’s more Jason talking than anything. The cameras catch him mid sentence.
MENTEZ: “–sayin how niggas swear dey champs facing chumps? Como becerro mongo. Fuckin zafacóns. Never seen hard struggle a day in dey lives but scream legit. You can’t put a crown on a jester Jae, dats not how dis works. Dats not how any of dis works. Can’t wait to get shit rite around here, nah mean?”
Jae just follows behind in silence with his head down. Jason turns for a moment noticing his best friend’s demeanor.
MENTEZ: “My mans. You really gotta lift dis shit off you ok? Didn’t you say yall was gon talk it out.”
Jae-Yun sighs a little but keeps his walk going with his head down.
SUN: “Yes.”
MENTEZ: “Den you can’t be moping around here. Do what you gotta until den ok?”
SUN: “I just miss them.”
Jason puts his arm around Jae-Yun and pulls him alongside.
MENTEZ: “You always the first talkin bout you put the positive out you get it back. Aint nothin positive about you holding head down n lookin like somebody beat yo ass. It’s gon come together, yall will work it out. Just focus on your shit rite now keep yo mind rite. I aint saying just don’t care either. Course you do but dat lackin focus is how you end up looking at the lights. You still got shit to handle we both up here wanting to climb ranks rite?”
Jae-Yun pulls his head up a bit keeping stride with Jason.
SUN: “It would help to get back in the ring first.”
MENTEZ:: “Dey got you don’t even worry bout dat. You see how many of dese niggas on slack? We got it. Dey aint hungry. If I learned anythin in dis business dat lazy shit always catch up in the end.”
SUN: “Long as I don’t get placed on any posters. Did you see that one for Chapter 30? What a nightmare.”
Jason shakes his head as if someone died his face is so somber.
MENTEZ: “Poor Kae. She good people. She aint deserve dat.”
Jason takes his arm off Jae as dey keep walking forward.
SUN: “What about your match tonight. Worried that Bloodsport going to make another appearance?”
Bloodsport, a name they call Darryl by since he went all off the rails just to try to sniff Cartier’s puss again. Jason laughs as he adjusts the NY fitted on his head.
MENTEZ: “Shit I wish he do. Dude barely a footmark here. He needs the help. Already costing me a little too much. Dat 10k for biggest example. I’ll pay dat back in double. Dat cabron aint got nothin for me. Too many I already gotta deal wit tonight doe. I don’t care what nobody say old man Zombie aint got it all. What dey say dude couple cards short of the deck. Dat nigga aint got a deck to begin with. No cards. None. Wave motivated af n keep dat chip on his shoulder. Attacking niggas with ease to prove a point. You know I like Truck n Vonn too. Stoppin whole matches just to show he aint playin. Den Johnny Amazing stay hittin on Moms n I got lil brothers I aint even know ‘bout. Tana been teasing me bout dat shit ever since. Dats dat bullshit Jae. Can’t be life.”
Referencing the Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel/Scarface classic, Jason pulls down on his right compression sleeve as they reach his locker room door.
MENTEZ: “Be a lot on the roster on the backslide but dese three aint dat. More den enough reason to prove dat point to em. It’s Jefe in here. I’m papi. I’ma feed my hijos dinner n send em to bed. Dese lil vatos got school tomorrow. Thoro. Now fuck dat off lets talk about dis party for my boy Scar dis weekend. Tellin you gon have fun. All of Queens comin out man—”
Jason keeps talk as he and Jae walk through his locker room door and when the door closes they camera zooms out from the door to cut.


Before the bell even rang Lisa shoved Clyde and asked her where her shirt was, but Clyde was just looking at her. Or so we assume we can’t see his eyes. He just shook his head slowly at Lisa who rolled her eyes before blasting Clyde to start the match. The two put on the typical tit for tat exchange early in the match using the ropes to their advantage as they displayed how athletic they truly are. A chain of sequential charges off the rope followed by an over under, and even the splits once as Clyde ducked a clothesline. The fans ate it up until Clyde jumped in assumption Lisa would go under again ….she didn’t. But she also didn’t wait for him to land either as she jumped up and met him with two hands to the back of his head driving him face first into the mat with an x factor. She quickly tried to over Clyde ho kicked out at one, but that didn’t stop the onslaught. Lisa kicked Clyde repeatedly as he rolled around on the mat, occasionally convulsing, after every kick. Lisa looks disgusted and bored at this point as she rolls through with a summersault and stands up with Clyde on her shoulders before charging the corner and hitting a dea-NO! Clyde slides off! School boy for a near fall before Lisa tries to take his head off with a roundhouse kick but now Clyde dodges it. He’s off the ropes for speed with a tilt a whirl headscissors that has Lisa slide under the bottom rope to the outside. HERE COMES CLYDE! SUICIDE DIVE! Lisa collides against the barrier, but Clyde is on his feet! Clyde sprints around the ring giving high fives before making his way back towards a recovering Lisa where he hops on the barrier and tight rope walks into a PATADA CHARRA standing double stomp! Ew, now he’s doing that weight Alex Wright dance. Grody. Regardless, Clyde has the crowd fired up like he’s a lighter er sumpthin. He asks a fan in the front row ‘Whats gotya cheerin today?’ The parents were creeped out. Suuuuuure. We digress. Clyde rolls Lisa into the ring and follows up pinning her for another near fall. Clyde pounds the mat in frustration, then apologizes to the referee for his language. Lisa counters Clyde trying to pick her up and irish whip her into the ropes, she’s not doing the thing again. She refuses. She tells Clyde she works like fifteen shows a week and she doesn’t have the energy for the middle of the ring hop over spots two times in one match. Clyde shrugs, he understands, so he offers up his hands instead for a good ole TEST OF STRENGTH! Lisa looks at Clyde, then back to the referee, then back to Clyde before she erupts in laughter. Clyde is taken back, offended even. Maybe, possibly, hurt? We can’t tell folks he wears a mask. Lisa is dying laughing, she’s laughing so hard that if this were twitter she’d write “SCREAMMMINNNNGGG”. The referee even starts to laugh as Clyde puts his hands up again in an effort to do the test of strength. Clyde, unsure of what is happening, begins to freak out. He looks around the audience, and they all seem to be raising their hands? I’m not sure, exactly, but whatever they’re doing is seriously messing with Astro. He bolts out of the ring, unsure of what to do. Lisa stands there, as the official counts up to ten. Clyde makes no effort to get back into the ring, so the official calls for the bell after the ten count!
Winner: Lisa Seldon via Countout (08:11)
Still on the outside, Clyde is just staring at his hands. He holds them up to his face as a deep, gutteral scream billows out from him. He roars, softly crying as he begins to run away up the ramp and to the back. Lisa looks on, still confused mind you, as we can hear what Astro is screaming as he leaves.
Clyde rushes through the curtain, as Lisa celebrates her victory in the ring in the only way that she can. With a shrug, she leaves the ring as we cut away for the love of everything that is holy.

We cut to the backstage area, where we see Gareth Prescott standing by. He’s by himself, tonight, waiting for the camera crew in his makeshift office. Of course, Gareth wouldn’t be running things here. But I suppose having a live feed into the gorilla position would really make things weird for the show. Gareth looks on with a smile, welcoming the cameraman and crew as he addresses the audience.
PRESCOTT: ”Hello you!”
Gareth’s smile turns to business, quickly, as he straightened himself out.
PRESCOTT: ”It seems you all are enjoying the show, and I’m glad to see that! I want to get a few things cleared up, since we are quickly heading into Chapter Thirty! Yes, it’s our event to bring in the new year. Certainly will be a big one, that’s why I need to make sure I go over a few things.”
Gareth grimaces a bit, as he speaks about the first topic.
PRESCOTT: ”Dunno if you’ve noticed, but the card changed a bit over the break. Unfortunately we had to let go of some talent, and unfortunately there’s more talent to be let go. You see, one half of the tag team champions #SWOLEPATROL was caught in Cuba over the weekend trying to smuggle out illegal fish steroids. Yeah, bad stuff, I’m afraid that Vonn Richter will no longer be apart of the company after tonight.”
We hear booing, but it doesn’t seem to be coming from the crowd. In fact, it seems to be coming from the back by a man that sounds very similar to Truck Turner.
PRESCOTT: ”That does mean that the Tag Team Championships are now up for grabs. Thankfully, I already had an idea for the titles heading into Chapter Thirty. Just going to be a little smaller of a match, now.”
Gareth moves his hands in a compacting motion. What a twat.
PRESCOTT: ”So! Heading into Chapter Thirty, our Tag Team Championship match will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! The contestants? You will see Lisa Seldon and Kenny Lovett. The Valentines, Tommy Knox and Ana Valentine. And your winners here tonight, #NowTrending! This will be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the vacant titles!”
Gareth shoots the camera a thumbs up.
PRESCOTT: ”Also, for Chapter Thirty, is our Internet Championship Match. Bit of a change there, now, too as Lauryn Wolfe will be defending her championship against Graham Gosch!”
Gareth looks on, nodding his head.
PRESCOTT: ”Yeah, big matches. I know, anyway …thanks for listening to me. Get back onto the show now, yeah?”
Gareth stands there, smiling as he waits for the camera to cut away. It seems that he believes that it does, as he asks the camera crew if they had cut. Gareth seems to relax, unaware of a masked man sneaking up behind him. The only look we get of him is the red striped mask, as he attacks Gareth from behind! A metal rod SLAMS into the back of Gareth’s head, as he drops to the floor.
We’re still not able to get a good look at the man, as he quickly leaves the scene. We’re left as Gareth lays there in a heap, in pain, as 4CW Officials rush in to help him.


The next match featured three men who gave a shit, and Jayson Wave. It didn’t seem that Jayson cared all that much for the competition, yawning as he made his way to the ring. He had already drew the ire of his opponents, on social media, before this. Now it just seemed to be that Jayson was putting himself in a bad situation, making things worse as the match began. Jayson immediately went for Aokigahara, attacking him as soon as the bell would sound. Beating him down in the corner, Jayson berated Aoki for a good moment. Aoki took the punishment, responding with a resounding slap that echoed throughout the arena. Jason and Johnny reacted accordingly, grimacing as they watched. These two eventually started brawling, joining in the action as the match finally progressed forward. Any time that Jayson would attempt to attack Aokigahara, it would be met with resistance. Jason and Aoki took down Jayson, tossing him to the outside with a Double Back Bodydrop over the top rope! It was a brutal spill, as Jayson falls hard to the ground. He looked to be in pain, the medical officials making their way to the ringside to check on him. The match would continue on, without Jayson, as Johnny and Jason did their best to fight against Aoki. It would prove to be a challenge, as Aoki would take everything they threw at him. Aokigahara catches Johnny in mid-air, with a Backdrop Suplex, crunching him into the mat. Jason Mentez connected with a Running Knee, dropping Aoki down to the mat. Jason would capitalize with a STO, but Johnny Amazing would catch him off guard with a Top Rope Hurricanrana!
Soon this action would go back and forth, with all three men doing their best to take control of the match. Johnny Amazing took the air, connecting with a Shooting Star Press on Aokigahara, but Jason was right there to break up the pin! Jason attempted a Fisherman Suplex, but Johnny blocked the attempt. Jason then tried to deadlift him into a Suplex, but Aokigahara was right there to stop it! Connecting with a sharp Forearm to Jason’s back, he would drop Johnny, allowing Aokigahara to dump Johnny to the mat with a Crossface Chickenwing Suplex! The crowd stayed focused, watching as Aokigahara slowly but surely took control of the match. Johnny Amazing attempted another Top Rope Hurricanrana, but Aoki converted it into a Sitdown Powerbomb! He couldn’t get the pinfall though, as Jason broke it up with a Sliding Dropkick! Aoki and Jason went back and forth, trading strikes and moves as Johnny Amazing tried to recover. He did his best to relax, watching as Jason Mentez connected with a Running Tornado DDT! Jason fought his best, trapping Aokigahara in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Johnny watched, finding an opportunity as he broke up the submission attempt with a Running Single Leg Dropkick! Johnny watched as Jason left to the outside, quickly doing his best to recover. Picking Aokigahara up, Johnny then dumped him to the outside as well. With both men outside of the ring, Johnny saw only one thing left to do. Running to the ropes, the crowd watched on in amazement as Johnny Amazing takes out both men with a Somersault Senton to the outside! All three men would stay down for the moment, the match taking its toll on them. Eventually, though, they would find their way back into the ring.
Johnny struck first, going for a Cannon Blast attempt on Aokigahara. Aoki had the energy to move though, sending Johnny crashing hard into the mat! He wouldn’t get a chance to recover, though, as Jason was right there to meet him. Both men traded strikes, Jason getting the better of Aokigahara with a Forearm Shot. With Aoki stunned, Jason looked to finish this match with a M Train elbow! Aokigahara ducks, sending Jason tumbling to the ropes. Jason rebounds back into Aokigahara, as Aoki tries for his To The Lost! Jason is able to fight out of the hold, as Johnny Amazing gets back to his feet. Jason turns, a M Train heading straight for Aoki that connects with Johnny! Aokigahara ducks, and catches Jason in his confusion with To The Lost! Driving him into the mat, Aokigahara quickly covers him and picks up the win!
Winner: Aokigahara Zombie via Pinfall (14:12)


The two men went nose to nose at the sound of the bell and were talking trash inaudible to the crowd or viewing audience. Just a lot of dude bro head nodding and passive aggressive eye rolls before Tyson quickly cocked back and decked Logan sending him staggering off the ropes but Logan was ready to go and tried to take off Tyson’s head – luckily he didn’t because that would be a mess. Instead Tyson went under the clothesline and towards the ropes using the middle rope to hit a moonsault into a perfectly fixed reverse DDT! Even though they are the same height their styles are different. Tyson opts for quick hits and speed moves while Logan tries to swing for the fence using power every time he gets his hands on Tyson in the beginning of the match. One instance was an irish whip that nearly moved the ring and had Tyson holding his back in pain before he was lifted above Logan’s head – but Tyson gouged Logan’s eyes and fell behind him using the ropes again for a rebound elbow and a quick near fall. Logan tried to get to his feet but ate a superkick for his efforts. Tyson tried another pin fall and got another near fall. Tyson worked Logan over using forearms and knees and stiff right hands backing Logan into the corner to set up a corner spla-NO! Logan moved and he’s off the ropes and WOW he nailed the clothesline this time and Tyson flipped and rotated in mid air, but still only a near fall. Logan lifts Tyson up and whips him into the ropes catching Tyson on the way back and lifting him above his head leaving him there to DO REPS of overhead press before completing the military slam which is only one half of the combination as he uses the ropes for momentum and hits an elbow drop. Another near fall on the pin attempt leaves Logan frustrated, he peels Tyson off the mat which comes with Tyson fighting back to get out of death’s grip. He hits kicks and elbows trying to get separation and daze Logan before backing up and taking Logan over the top with a clothesline! Logan tries to get to his feet, but Tyson landed on the apron after the clothesline and he’s ready for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS off the apron and onto Logan! THE FALLING STAR! Tyson lands on his feet again and pumps up the crowd beating his chest. He looks down to Logan and gives him a middle finger before picking him up and irish whipping him into the ste-NO! Logan reverses the irish whip and now Tyson goes into the steps and topples over. Tysonis holding his knee and screaming out in pain as Logan grins into the camera before looking back at Tyson and lifting him up off his feet into a power slam and charges the ring pos-WAIT! Tyson slips off the back and shoves Logan into the ring post! Tyson struggles to get to his feet again as he tries to will his knee into not hurting the referee was at a nine count but he rolled in and broke it before continuing to attack Logan. This time with a springboard asai moonsault and both men laid on the outside for the majority of the ten count before they made it back in. Tyson hobbling and Logan trying to figure out where it all went wrong. The two meet in the middle of the ring and exchange slow powerful forearms in some sort of agreement to see who the bigger man is. Logan’s seem to be doing more damage so Tyson adds in a chop as well after his forearm but Logan instead opts for a European uppercut that puts Tyson back into the corner. Logan charges and misses as Tyson ducks out through the middle rope to the apron and hits a springboard double foot stomp to a standing Logan! Logan is down! Tyson wastes no time trying to lift the man up for the cradle Tombstone piledriver he calls the THE VANISH OF HOPE but as he tried to lift Logan his leg was weak again from the steps. Logan recognized it and threw multiple shots to the side of the knee before he lifted him up with the REVELATION for the three count and the win
Winner: Logan Traeger via Pinfall (12:50)


We cut to the backstage area, where the cameras seem to be looking for Amar Rashad. His music has been playing, but he has not arrived to the ring. The crowd quickly understand what’s happening, as we see Amar fighting for his life against Graham Gosch in the backstage area! He struggles with Graham, looking like he’s already been through quite a beating. Graham sends him flying into several pieces of equipment, knocking it all down as Amar tries to get back up. Graham connects with a Right Hook, dropping the new talent to the floor. Amar is hurt, badly, as Graham looks around the hallway. Nobody has rushed in to stop this, he has time to hurt Amar. Amar tries getting back up, but Graham isn’t allowing that. A swift kick to his ribs sends him crumpling to the floor, as Graham lifts him off of his feet. With no words said, just a smirk from Graham, Graham lifts him up onto his shoulder and drives him INTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR WITH A POWERSLAM! Officials finally make their way to the commotion, separating Graham before he can do even more damage to Amar. Amar lays on the ground, there’s a fire in his eyes but he knows that he might be hurt. Graham smiles, laughing as he is taken away from the scene. Unfortunately, it looks like this match has been called off!
Winner: No Contest


William couldn’t be less impressed by Lauryn. Sure he’s seen her in ring work but he towers over her in an almost comical way. As the bell rings Lauryn looks a bit worried, and it doesn’t help that Graham has decided to take a seat in a steel chair at the top of the ramp. So now she has to watch her back while trying to not get mauled by the bear. Will plays it calm before lunging in on the attack towards Lauryn but she dodges and hits a basement dropkick sending Will head first racked on the middle rope. Lauryn pulled off an impressive float over axe kick that left her on the outside into a drive by jumping knee on Will. The crowd is LIT. Lauryn pumps them up even more so before she gets to the apron and catapults herself into a slingshot elbow drop before a quick cover only getting a 1 count. Will tossed Lauryn on the kickout and she rolled out of the ring care free, but on the inside Will was pissed. He got to his feet and stalked Lauryn as she walked around the ring using the full ten count to find an angle on how she’ll get back in. Finally, at 8, Lauryn slid into the ring and directly under Will’s legs. She got to her feet in time to hit a backhand chop forearm combo but this made Will laugh. He dares her to try it again and Lauryn hits a backhand chop and spins for the discus forearm this time but she eats a THUNDEROUS chop from Will that drops her to her knees clutching her chest.
The chops were all we’d see, or hear, for the next few minutes. Will would dare her to try it again and then he’d come down like the hand of zeus with an open palm thunder chop. Lauryn would get trapped into the corner while Will ran shoulders into her midsection practically attempting to rupture her spleen at this point. He irish whipped her into the corner across with BRUTE FORCE and she hit chest first before walking backwards into a high release german suplex! Will is proud of himself after that, but he shouldn’t be. Lauryn landed on her feet and now she’s going off the ropes and catching will before it’s too late with a tilt a whirl arm ba- WOAH. She’s trying to lock the arm bar in but Will is still standing in mid air while Lauryn hangs off his arm pulling frantically, a spot we’d see end with Will charging into the corner and throwing her into the turnbuckle repeatedly before tossing her to the outside over the top rope. Lauryn hits hard as Graham screams from the entrance for the referee to start the count. Will folds his arms and leans against the corner as Lauryn tries to shake the cobwebs out and gets into the ring at the count of 8.

Will deadlifts her off the mat again and hits a release german suplex, for real this time. He screams out ‘ANOTHER’ as he repeatedly tosses Lauryn around the ring with german suplexes – and why wouldn’t he? At nearly 7 feet tall and four hundred pounds, there’s a reason Graham chose Will for Lauryn’s opponent. He folds his arms in the corner again waiting for Lauryn to get up now across the ring, he slaps his own chest red and lets the crowd know he’s going to break her in half with a SPEA-NO! Lauryn gets out of the way and Will hits his head on the ring post. Lauryn struggles to stand upright but charges a dazed Will with a high speed bicycle kick leaving us wondering the release of dragon age. A question we’d continue to ponder as she continuously backed up and hit Will again and again with her trademark Kick but the big man just staggered. The crowd chants for one more time as Lauryn nods in agreement, ramping up and even hopping up to the middle turnbuckle for momentum and FINALLY WILL GOES DOWN! ‘EA SPORTS, WHEN WILL DRAGON AGE 4 COME OUT?” But seriously? Lauryn pins Will who fell like a chopped down tree, a couple fans even screamed timber as he fell.


Will didn’t kick out. Lauryn still has his massive leg hooked. What’s the deal? Oh son of a bitch it’s Graham again. Graham put the leg of Walter on the middle rope. Lauryn is near emotional exhaustion and leans on the middle rope looking at the disgusting grin on Graham’s face. The referee asks Graham why he’s even down here and BANS HIM FROM RINGSIDE?! Graham is irate! He can’t believe it. He gets up on the apron and demands the referee change his min-LAURYN WITH A ROUNDHOUSE! Graham goes down to the outside. Lauryn tells Graham that’s what he gets for interferr-OH MY GOD LYONS ROAR!! Will set Lauryn up with the pumphandle slam and ran across the ring before planting her in the middle of it.


Winner: William Lyons via Pinfall (19:11)
JOHNSON: ”Wow! Graham Gosch assists William Lyons, and he picks up a HUGE victory here tonight!”
VASSA: ”I don’t think that’s all they had in mind, Steve. Graham is getting back up!”
Graham Gosch stands back up at the ringside area, completely proud of himself as he looks on at Lauryn Wolfe. The Internet Champion has fallen tonight, and it was all because of him. He smirks, as Lauryn starts to stir. She already understands what is going on, and with William Lyons in the ring she’s completely outnumbered right now. Graham and Will both make their way towards Lauryn, until…
Damien Miri sprints out from the backstage area, chair in hand as Graham and William both quickly exit the ring. They scurry away, leaving Lauryn untouched and alone. Damien slides into the ring, making sure that both men are far away from her. He looks around, dropping the chair as he helps Lauryn up to her feet. Lauryn, justifiably confused, just looks on as Damien nods towards her. The official gives her the Internet Championship, as we get a shot of Lauryn Wolfe holding the title up triumphantly to end the show.
A look of confusion still on her face.
A cunning look on Damien’s.