The picture opens up to explosions of fireworks and pyro from the entrance stage for tonight’s episode of Adrenaline Ninety-Five. Coming to you live tonight from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, we have a sold out crowd in the City of Brotherly Love. The camera looks over the entire arena full of life and energy. Changing to an aerial view, the camera focuses on various signs held throughout the mixture of people below.

Pyro then erupts from the ring posts below, illuminating the entire area as “Adrenaline” plays throughout the arena. We’re one show away from Winter Wasteland and it’s no secret that every show before a pay-per-view leads up to the big show to follow. Over the sound of the music, the crowd can be heard chanting as the camera takes in one final shot of the arena.
“4-C-W! … 4-C-W!!! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W! … 4-C-W!”

The Speaker can be seen talking to a very calm Viduus Morta who is casually leaned up against a wall backstage. Both men are adorning the usual outfits we are accustomed to except that Viduus is somewhat chewing on a cigar.
SPEAKER: “Why tonight? Why does it have to be tonight? You have a match with Tommy and your opportunity to regain your championship is right around the corner. Why have such a distraction going into Winter Wasteland?”
Viduus removed the cigar from his mouth and contemplated the questions for a moment.
VIDUUS: “There is no better time than now brother. In fact…this is the only time.”
The Speaker looked quite frustrated.
SPEAKER: “It will only bring you more problems. It will bring about confusion. You will be skewered.”
Viduus grinned.
VIDUUS: “The masses have never worried us brother, why do you believe they should now?”
The Speaker was about to talk before Viduus interrupted him.
VIDUUS: “American Tommy is nothing, meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Artemis knows that the 4CW championship will return to its rightful owner and as for the rest of tonight’s events….it is time for the world to know.”
The Speaker sighed as Viduus casually put the cigar back in his mouth.
SPEAKER: “As you command your will…so shall it be done.”
The Speaker pulled out a lighter and lit Viduus’s cigar for him before he started pacing back and forth as we go to ringside.



The match starts and the weapons are all around to choose from. Kaelan stands back from the two men and smiles as she looks over at Bryan and waves before blowing him a kiss. This distracts him long enough for Kaelan to kick a kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire over to Bama who picks it up. Bryan notices what she did and starts walking to his wife. She shrugs at him before pointing at Bama and telling him he needs to focus on his opponent. When Bryan turns around Bama blasts him in the head with the weapon. It gets a couple more strikes in to get Bryan down on the ground. He then throws the weapon away as the Kendo stick was broken in half long ago and he was just hitting Bryan with barbed wire. He immediately goes for a cover and Kaelan just stares at him and shakes her head. She does this because she already knows that it’s going to take more to keep Bryan down. Sure enough Bryan lifts Bama off of him and tosses him in the air for him to come down and land on Bryan’s knees.
Bama rolls over clutching his ribs in pain. Bryan points at Kaelan and tells her to stay out of it. She holds her hands up and backs away from the two men. Bryan kicks Bama in the head and makes his head bounce off the mat a couple of times. Bryan then quickly goes outside the ring and grabs a table. Kaelan sighs and sits down in the ring and just watches her husband as he sets up the table and she watches Bama start to get up. Bryan pays no attention as she starts breaking fluorescent light tubes all over the top of the table. Bryan gets back into the ring and Bama grabs a sledgehammer from the trash can in the ring. He goes to hit Bryan in the stomach with it but Bryan scouts it and grabs it from him before Bama can do anything. Bryan looks at the sledgehammer for a moment contemplating using it as a weapon before shaking his head. He tosses the sledgehammer over towards Kaelan who scoots her foot out of the way before it could hit her. She tells Bryan to watch it or she will Disqualify him. He rolls his eyes and when Bama comes running at him Bryan lifts him up and shows his power by getting him all the way up into a powerbomb position before throwing him over the top rope straight into the table with broken light tubes all over the top of it.
Bryan turns around to see his wife on her cellphone completely ignoring him. He yells at her and she holds a finger up to him for him to wait. Bryan walks over and scoops her up off the mat and tells her to get ready to do what she’s out here for. She rolls her eyes and puts her phone away as Bryan goes to the outside. Bama is pretty much out cold but Bryan is going for the overkill at this point. Kaelan throws her arms out to the side and asks him what he’s doing. He rolls Bama back into the ring and gets back in himself. He reaches into one of the garbage cans and pulls out the bag of thumbtacks and pours them on the mat. Kaelan kicks a bunch away from her as Bryan tosses the bag away and picks up Bama hitting his finisher Good Morning America on Bama making him bounce from his knees straight into the thumbtacks. Bryan then goes for the cover and tells Kaelan to make the count. She kicks an area clean for herself free of thumbtacks before counting the three count.
WINNER: Bryan Laughlin via Pinfall (8:36)
After the match Bryan rips his title belt from Kaelan’s hands. Obviously not wanting her to hit him in the head with it again. Actual officials come down to the ring to get a bloody Bama out of the ring. Bryan doesn’t say a word to Kaelan he just walks out of the ring and starts heading up the ramp. He gets halfway up the ramp when he hears Kaelan’s voice from the ring and stops in his tracks.
K. LAUGHLIN: “B…Love…Where you going? I’m not done with you yet.”
Bryan turns around and looks into the ring at his wife who’s smirking at him with a mic in her hand. She beckons him to come back to the ring to her. He hesitates for a moment before walking back to the ring and gets back in.
K. LAUGHLIN: “That’s better. Now we seem to have a lot of problems you and I right now and most people don’t think there’s any way we can solve them. That I’m just too mad at you to fix our marriage. Now I will apologize for hitting you in the face with your title. I could have gone about it in a better way I won’t lie.”
Bryan rips the mic from Kaelan’s hand.
B. LAUGHLIN: “What do you want Kaelan? Get to the point.”
Kaelan glares at him and rips the mic back out of his hand.
K. LAUGHLIN: “That was rude. I was talking you cunt. Anyways. As I was saying. I had a point to all of this. I hit you in the face for a reason. I want you to get it. I want you to understand what I want. I want you. One on one. For your Ignition Championship at Winter Wasteland in a Deathmatch.”
Kaelan grins from ear to ear as she offers Bryan the mic to respond to her. He shakes his head and takes the mic from her. He’s obviously disappointed in her behavior as of late.
B. LAUGHLIN: “Why? You know what..”
Bryan takes his Ignition Championship off of his shoulder and tosses it on the mat between the two of them.
B. LAUGHLIN: “You can have it. I want my marriage back.”
Bryan shoves the mic back to Kaelan before turning and leaving the ring. Kaelan yelling at him to give her what she wants. When he ignores her wishes she kicks the ropes in a full tantrum as she glares up at the entrance ramp at Bryan before turning back to his belt. She stares at it for a moment before picking it up and shaking her head before dragging the belt out of the ring with her as she makes her way to the back.

Feet are visible as the cameras fade to into the hallways of the Wells Fargo Center, two combat boots centered in the screen. At the top of them, fingers continue to lace and tie them, tightening the laces just a little bit tighter and looping them off, then tucking them on the inside of the boot.
? ? ?: “Welcome back, right?”
The camera pans backward to reveal Finn Whelan as he stands up and bounces from foot to foot lackadaisically as he shook out his arms. The expression on his face is determined but also amused.
WHELAN: “I’m sure a lot of you thought I wouldn’t be back after I lost to Alexis Mercer. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. To lose to Mercer is like losing to…Lord Raab.”
He pauses for a second, looks taken aback, but then snorts.
WHELAN: “Oh wait, I did that already. NEVERTHELESS. Here we go, new city, new date. New Finn, in a way. You see, I took my time off for a reason — maybe it’s to find myself again, maybe to find something new to deal with, but in the end, it was to create a better me. That’s what happens when you screw the fuck up, right? You look at your errors, at the things that made you worthless, and you push for a new horizon to meet. But that’s the thing. There’s never a stopping point, is there? Even when you gain a championship, you push to keep it, you rise to the occasion. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I plan to do.”
He lifts an arm, crosses it over his torso and stretches it out, repeating the motion once more with his other arm.
WHELAN: “It starts with Raab, who basically…well, he watched my promo clearly, because it’s obvious I got under his skin. He ‘expected’ me to get nasty, but that wasn’t what he was saying earlier, was it? He ‘expected’ me to be like everyone else, but that still wasn’t what he was trying to do the month before. See, Raab waits until the last second like the old man he is and tries to one-up his competition. It’s all good. It’s all good and well, because after I beat him tonight, right in front of this Philadelphia crowd, I will move on and I will make sure you guys remember who I was when I started here, and who I still am.”
He points at the camera, right in the front of the frame.
WHELAN: “It starts with those of you who the rest of the company and the fans seem to have congregated around. Those of you who think you’re top shit because you’ve won a couple of matches, and you have the support of a few of the upper tier because you’re just so damn good at sucking up. Nah. I’m not cool with that. So after this week…it begins. I’ve gotta bring a few of you rookies down, just like I was brought down to reality. After all…”
He pauses, and then cocks his head to the side.
WHELAN: “It’s only in adversity that we grow, is it not?”


Maddox Ayres and Smith Jones come into the ring and have a rousing match with both competitors leaving it all out there in the ring. They have ignored all the hype, all the buildup, and messages to the fans to show that they are truly pure wrestlers only concerned with raising their position in 4CW with this match. It’s all about the wrestling. Ayres and Jones lay into one another with their many moves and counters. They also counter these counters with their vast knowledge of the ring. They are true experts of their given forms, folks. Ayres goes above and beyond in trying to give the fans a show by putting his body on the line at every opportunity. The fans demand more and he obliges them. This is when Jones takes advantage with his no-nonsense technical style. Jones moves out of the way of a flippy-do and makes Ayers land into a Northern Lights Suplex with a pin.

But Ayres kicks out!
Jones continues his barrage of assault and tries to hold Ayres down to earth with a Figure Four Leglock. Ayres counters by rolling over, but Jones rolls back. They roll around the ring getting each other in the Figure Four Leglock and the reversed version of it. They are like snakes fucking, but it is not because they are really trying to break each other’s legs. They finally get up and Jones hits a Roaring Elbow that is so roaring and so furious that they both leave the ring and go onto the dreaded apron. Now that they find themselves in the hardest part of the ring they take it easy. Just kidding. These gladiators rip it up in the most intense way possible and try to dump each other on the floor. They each keep a hand on the ropes to thwart any chance of this happening. Jones yells in Ayres’ face as Ayres points a finger gun at him. Jones bites Ayres’ finger and hits Ayres with a Sleep Paralysis from the apron on the outside making his head slam into the rope of the outer middle turnbuckle.
Ayres falls out. Jones goes into the ring and bounces off the ropes to hit Ayres with Tomorrow. Their heads collide. Jones is up but he is loopy. Ayres has his eyes closed but has eyes painted on his eyelids so Jones can’t tell. He gets angry at this affront to his manhood and tries to get up. Ayres begins to stir as the ref counts.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven!”

They both get up and try to move towards the ring.
“Eight! … Nine!”

Ayres and Jones both make a jump to slide into the ring under the bottom rope, but knock into each other to stop their momentum.

Let’s get eliminated!
RESULT: Draw via Double Countout

The camera view quickly switches from the painful eyesore that was Maddox Ayres vs Smith Jones. The view now placed in front is a big Adidas bag dropped on the floor of a personal locker room area. The camera zooms out giving a better view of the overall surroundings and quickly the crowd recognizes the large frame of the Enlightened One. Boos ring from Philly crowd as DeMarcus Gresham takes a seat along the long bench on the far side of the room. His dapper clothing style still the same with Burberry Jameson Woven Check Sport Shirt with a Burberry Hedley Stand Collar Jacket over it. A pair of tan Burberry Straight Leg Chinos with a pair of black Santoni Fisk Square Toe Penny Loafers on his feet.
After taking a seat he starts taking off the jacket knowing that the camera is present but not really taking the time needed to pay attention to it. Folding the jacket and placing it gently beside him he sighs to himself looking around
GRESHAM: “It’s been some time. Felt longer in my mind in comparison to the actual days to weeks to months.”
He wipes his hands over his shirt gently, straightening it after taking off the jacket.
GRESHAM: “In my momentary absence it seems as this place still holds the grand reputation for madness. The hiring and firing of a highly suspect character then again once you print out the roster sheet of 4CW as a whole doesn’t it define the breeding ground of the mentally unstable? I suppose I should feel more at home.”
Gifted looks around again before looking toward his loafers.
GRESHAM: “Unfortunately, I feel even less…shall I say…familiar now than I did then. There’s been a change, more in myself than the environment here.”
Slips off his loafers and grabs his bag on the floor looking to gather his gear for his battle against Kimitsu Zombie later in the night.
GRESHAM: “I came into 4CW with the wind at my back so to speak. Everything to gain and nothing to lose. Finn Whelan taught me my lesson in my debut and from there I regained my footing, even accquring the 4CW Ignition Championship. There are those that say I have yet to prove anything. I am still…swimming with floaties perhaps. As went as far as to use my name to demean other’s and their accomplishments because who is DeMarcus? Interesting, how the narratives are written and how they change.”
Placing his wrestling boots down on the floor a small ‘heh’ leaves his lips before he continues on with unpacking.
GRESHAM: “Tonight I face a woman who I believe is receiving a bit of similar treatment. Not exact. Just similar. When it’s good they are praised but at the first sign of hardship…well…”
A slight shrug.
GRESHAM: “Thus is life I suppose. Before I would just deny the existence. Before, I would just block it out to continue upon the enlightened path. Now, I choose to embrace it. The doubt and the belittling. Trust that a man so fragile to be dismayed by words will not last for long in this world. They didn’t hinder me before because I never really paid attention to the words. In my time gone, I had a few experiences that resonated with me. Now, I embrace the words. I embrace the challenges. No longer the man wearing the blinders. Seeing the path and the path only. No longer seeing the challenge of our lovely human chess. It’s much more to it than the enjoyment of that. There’s so much more my eyes have opened up to. Which brings me to Kimitsu tonight.
Slow movement as he gets up his bare feet on the cold ground. Normally something he would never do.
GRESHAM: “The analytical mind can be boring at times but to say you are better than me simply because you are a fighter…”
GRESHAM: “Let’s me know you have learned nothing from your past hardships. You may enjoy living on the razor’s edge. Perhaps it is the only way you know how to function. Again a similarity I believe we share. Stuck in our ways. You know the fight and the chaos but as I said before there is a change in me Kimi. Embracing things I undoubtedly ushered away from me previously. Eden Connors taught me, Artemis taught me, and yes even that misguided fool Cyrus Riddle taught me. You tonight will even teach me. I implore you Kimi, teach me this chaos. Teach me mayhem. Bring that side of the pendulum in it’s highest scale and pray that the lesson isn’t understood before the match ends. It would behoove you as well to not attempt to take credit for this change. Eden Connors was who she was long before encountering you. I evolved long before your name aligned next to mine. This you will see.”
He stands tall breathing evenly as the camera cuts.

Sounds of thunder and lightning cast out, setting the atmosphere of the incoming Conqueror. The lights in the arena die out to allow for the spontaneous bursts of light that reflect the internalized storm. Smoke congregates on the entrance stage. As the silence takes hold, the startling opening guitar screech of Rammstein’s “Sonne” overtakes everything. It is followed by the infamous countdown.

Rammstein’s “Sonne” explodes into the arena with its thrashing instrumentals. From the back, Artemis Kaiser comes through, though she’s wearing pedestrian clothing, rather than the militaristic gear she often wore in her entrances. WIth the 4CW Championship in her hand, she walks down the ramp, bearing a look of disgust on her features. She stops at the end of the ramp, staring out towards the audience for a brief moment before she opts to head to the stairs.
When she does, Artemis motions for a microphone to head her way. A stagehand haphazardly throws it, probably making some director upset. Luckily, Artemis catches it easily and handles it well in her hands. Once her music dies down, she saunters around the ring, collecting her thoughts before she looks up to the camera and the audience.
KAISER: “Five more episodes until 100, everyone.”
She gets a cheap cheer out of the mention.
KAISER: “We have some returns, some title contederships, some guests, and well, we had some lackluster announcements last show, so what do we get now?”
Artemis’ humorless tone never fails to confuse the audience. Was she joking or was she serious?
KAISER: “So what do I have? Do I have to deal with spooky ghosts and crazy mess like that? Is Boston going to dare to drop something on me? Will Nemesis try to compare me to something out of one of those wars he beats his meat over? What?”
The champion pauses.
KAISER: “No, I got something better.”
Another beat.
KAISER: “Tonight, I got Eli Carlson. What more could you possibly want out of a main event like that?”
The champion ponders on the thought for a moment, leaving the crowd with their anticipation before she just shrugs.
KAISER: “Yeah, we could have had this at Winter Wasteland but that’s fine. Instead, I’ve seen the cards manipulated before my eyes and instead of facing off against someone who immediately deserves a shot, someone like Josh Kennedy if we could get him here or someone like Bryan Laughlin who put his career on the line–I get…”
Artemis reaches into her pants pocket to produce what appears to be a doll.
KAISER: “My first title defense is against a man who didn’t earn his place by winning but earned his place by taking advantage of the feeble minded. Viduus Morta’s a great competitor but he didn’t use any of that strength to put down anyone who could have had a shot at facing me. No, instead, he went a way that I would find cowardly.”
Reaching into her other pocket, Artemis falsified her attempts to find whatever was there, acting as if she was just lost.
KAISER: “So, my immediate response until Winter Wasteland, is something like this.”
Artemis puts down the microphone, fumbling around in her hand for the sake of a lighter. She holds it up to the camera, as a magician would for the audience, and flips it open. Holding it underneath the doll, she lights it ablaze. The flames begin to eat away at the doll while Artemis holds it in her hand. The fire eventually reaches her fingertips and that’s when she turns her hand upside and drops it.
KAISER: “Everything burns, Viduus, and as you watch as the Salvation crumbles around you, and the abysmal control you had on my show will do nothing but hurt you. You will soon see how little it matters to manipulate fate when your true destiny stares you right down.”
Artemis stands in the front of the camera, pressing her foot down on the flaming doll to mash it out of existence.
KAISER: “Winter Wasteland is coming, Viduus. I hope you made peace with your God.”
“Sonne” hits again and Artemis begins to walk out, knowing what else lied upon her horizon. While she forgets about Viduus, she knows that it’s time to focus on the former King of 4CW. Elijah Carlson wasn’t going to step into this match without preparation.

Backstage, Mariano Fernandez paces around in a hallway, already in his wrestling gear but his black leather jacket still hanging on his shoulders. He looks deeply in meditation, making an occasional stop while putting his hand to his chin. Upon noticing the camera, DA #TROLL GUY stops, and looks at it directly.
FERNANDEZ: “Cyrus Riddle made a plea, mang. He asked of me to be his executioner – the headsman’s axe that will put him down that he may rise again from the depths in which he’s fallen.”
He looks away, somewhat pensively, before his gaze turns to the camera one more time.
FERNANDEZ: “Loath as I am to think of things like that, mang, it may be that I have to do that dirty work. It may be that it takes me, takes him losing to me, to drag him from the pit of despair and self-pity he wallows in – and perhaps then he will lay a new foundation, as I have done every time I’ve been knocked down. For I am no stranger to his grief, mang.”
Mariano nods, his face entirely serious, even if there’s a certain note of melancholy in his eyes.
FERNANDEZ: “I too have felt rock bottom. I too have felt the pain, the loss and the hurt that he now feels. And I too have, more than once, needed a drastic change.”
Closing his eyes, he shakes his head, before opening them again, this time showing a hard determination.
FERNANDEZ: “I may have been too hard in delivering my words, and Cyrus Riddle sought to chide me for that. Perhaps that too a change I need to do. But as I said before all of this, I make it a point to let my deeds speak in my name. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s in THEM that I put my greater stock.”
One more time does Mariano nod.
FERNANDEZ: “And so let it be in this match, mang. So let it be with Cyrus. He wants to feel, and by my hand he will feel – for here lies the reason this match was made, mang. Losing at Fright Night might have drained his motivation dry, and it almost did in me as well. To be as honest as I can be, I thought I’d be making good progress. I thought I might redeem myself, in some small manner. I thought that would be the step for me to be the guy I was in 2017. And when Andre got the win, I felt my career was in ruins. I felt that it was all over.”
After pausing, he stares directly at the camera, without making one single blink – as sincerest a way to show the weight behind his words.
FERNANDEZ: “I felt the SAME thing Cyrus is currently undergoing, but whereas Cyrus was left with enough disgust and repulsion to beat out of an uncaring Genevie Carlson, I once again went through the long and arduous process of standing up, brushing myself off, and go back to the god damned ring one more time. For me, there IS no other way – for giving up would mean making everyone right and them getting their wish.”
His gaze turns upwards, and he sighs.
FERNANDEZ: “And perhaps I am wrong in being nice about things, but I find rubbing salt on people’s wounds DISGUSTING, mang. I wasn’t born to do that shit. That AIN’T what I am, and that AIN’T gonna change. But I’m about getting things done – and hard as they may be, do them I shall.”

This time, he slams his fist against his palm, making a loud thud that has the faintest trace of a resonance in the empty hallway around him.
FERNANDEZ: “Thus must Cyrus Riddle go down, and there will be no mistake – he will.”
Mariano, raises a hand, however, and holds it for a short moment, before finally lowering it.
FERNANDEZ: “And MAYBE then he’ll be reborn. MAYBE then his flames will flicker and rise. MAYBE then he’ll find a purpose, and next time we meet he’ll be the Cyrus Riddle he was just last show. We all are responsible for our own actions, and even Cyrus Riddle is no exception. I can only give him the push in the form of defeat. What comes after that, is up to him to find out.”
FERNANDEZ: “But there’s no animosity from me to him, mang. Just as the headman that lets the axe fall down doesn’t necessarily feel any particular hatred upon the executed, likewise do I come to do this task. When he finds the will to fight, Cyrus Riddle is a professional. When he HAS it in him to succeed, Cyrus Riddle DOES succeed. And Andraste guide him in that, once I’m done with him. For I will honor his plea, and I will put him down. But this is not an execution, mang. This is not a slaughter. This is not a murder.”
Mariano pauses for one final time, with nothing else in the hallway but a deep, empty silence.
FERNANDEZ: “This, match, ladies and gentlemen, will be, very simply, a mercy-kill.”
Having said all he needed to say, DA #TROLL GUY turns on his heels and walks away, the final sight of the camera of his back, before the camera cuts back to the ring.


No love lost between these two competitors, as they get up in each other’s faces before the referee forces them apart, before the opening bell rings. True to his words to cut Lord Raab out, the Seattle Saint starts right off the bat with a series of knife-edge chops! Before Raab can answer, however, Whelan grabs him in an Irish Whip, then delivers an explosive running knee that sends Raab flying to the mat! Keeping his momentum going, Whelan deals one elbow to Raab’s head – then another – then once more! At the fourth elbow attempt, however, Raab blocks and answers with a jaw-jacking stiff punch of his own. Finn staggers back, and Raab finds the opening to get on his feet. A running clothesline brings Whelan down this time, and as he goes back to his feet, Raab charges at him and delivers a huge Spinebuster that once again puts Whelan on the mat. Pin attempt by Raab, but Finn Whelan kicks out. Raab forces Whelan to his feet and goes for a suplex, but Finn counters with one of his own. Both men go down, but Finn is quick to get up again, and stops Raab from going to his knees with a snapping Kesagiri chop! With Raab doubled over, it’s now Finn’s turn to hoist him up from behind in the air – Tiger Suplex, and Raab’s head bangs against the mat! Cover by Finn, but Raab kicks out.
Finn isn’t having any more of that, however, so he brings down a series of stomps on Raab’s stomach, which he immediately follows with the SEATTLE TERROR (curbstomp) on the back his head! He yells a very audible “GET THE FUCK UP!” to the Cologne native, who’s still writhing in pain on the floor, and seeing no answer, he leaps in a knee drop – but Raab rolls out of the way! With Finn clutching his knee, Raab makes it to his feet and wraps the Seattle Saint’s legs around his own for a Sharpshooter! Finn lets out a scream of pain as Lord Raab attempts to tighten the hold, but he turns his body on his back, and pushes Raab away! Raab stumbles back and charges right back at Finn with a clothesline, but Finn ducks, and takes off for the ropes! As both wrestlers come off the rebound on opposite sides of the ring, Finn catches air and slams his forearm into Raab’s face! The two wrestlers drop once more, but Finn makes it first to his feet, and climbs, not without a certain amount of effort, to the top rope. He takes off for a beautiful Moonsault, but Raab puts up his knees, and Finn lands right on top! Finn rolls away from Raab in pain, and Raab wastes no time in getting the cover – but Finn Whelan kicks out at the last second!
Raab, painfully, gets back on his feet. As he sees Whelan make it to a knee, he throws a left that stops him, then another punch, and one more! With Whelan reeling, Raab grabs him and Irish Whips him to the ropes. Finn comes off the rebound and Raab grabs him for the Chokinator – but Whelan with a kick to Raab’s gut, and Raab has to release the hold! Making the best of his newfound opportunity, Whelan starts a series of kicks – first a left calf kick, then a right kick to his waist, then a front kick – Raab grabs his leg, and follows up with a huge clothesline! Whelan once more goes down, and Raab wastes no time to hoist him up on his shoulders for a Crucifix Powerbomb – NO! Whelan wiggles out of the hold, and charges at him from behind… but Raab catches him just in time with a spinning backfist right at his jaw! Finn staggers back, and Raab follows up with an European uppercut. Finn is rocked once more, and Raab catches him this time for a stalling suplex… and he lands it! With Finn down on the ground, Raab has him right where he wants him for the finish. He forces the Seattle Saint to his feet, and hooks him up for the KillerBuster (Double Arm Brain Buster)… but Finn out of nowhere with a back body drop! With the danger instinct kicking in, Whelan catches a rising Lord Raab with an overhead chop – Raab attempts a clothesline, but Whelan ducks under, and leaps to nail Raab right on the button with a Pelé kick! Raab goes down like a sack of potatoes! Whelan has had enough, and signals for the end. Not giving Raab the chance to recover, he comes up to him from behind, and drives him down to the mat with the REVELATION 6:4 for the one-two-three!
WINNER: Finn Whelan via Pinfall (9:24)

The picture opens to a familiar sight, the temporary office of Perry Wallace. He’s sitting across the room behind a desk with a bottle of Scotch on the table and Dakota Smith sitting in the chair across from him.
WALLACE: “I know you have a big match later in the evening so I won’t keep you long. I want to thank you for helping out two weeks ago. That piece of shit may have gotten away, but this isn’t over by a long shot.”
SMITH: “You’re fucking right this isn’t over. Not with what he knows.”
WALLACE: “I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you.”
SMITH: “Oh, so you’re telling me what to worry about now? You’re in this just as much as I am.”
Perry grabs an empty glass and fills it halfway before taking a sip and leaning back in his seat.
WALLACE: “Yeah I know, but you have a big match tonight and Boston can wait. That little shit isn’t opening his mouth to anyone any time soon.”
SMITH: “Fuck that, he needs to go!”
WALLACE: “Look it. It’s going to be handled. I want you focusing on this match with Jair. That’s what’s most important for you right now.”
SMITH: “You act like this is the first time I’ve done shit for you, involving all of us, while other matters were at hand!”
WALLACE: “Boston isn’t dumb enough to do anything yet. He doesn’t have any power and is in no position to play his hand yet.”
SMITH: “Like I said. He’s got to go. He knows too much about what happened in Mexico.”
Perry quickly leans up in his seat, alarmed by what Dakota had just said. He takes another drink and speaks in a quieter tone to Dakota.
WALLACE: “Woah now, no need to mention that. Just trust me. He ain’t going to do shit tonight. There’s nothing to worry about. We’ll catch up with him afterwards. The coward probably isn’t even in the building tonight.”
Dakota immediately slaps the glass from Perry’s hand, knocking it to the floor and spilling its contents all over the place. He’s angry. Standing to his feet, Dakota slams his fists to the top of the desk, leaning in to look Perry in the eyes.
SMITH: “If it isn’t handled by tonight, I’m doing this myself!”
Perry leans back in his seat with his arms held out with a “what the fuck” look across his face. The two don’t say another word, just stare at one another in silence for a brief moment. Turning his back to Perry, Dakota leaves the office before the scene cuts away.

Backstage of the Wells Fargo center Cartier heads down a hallway, then pauses to take a sip from a water fountain as she passes by. Almost as soon as her lips touch the crystal arc of water, a voice calls her name followed by running footsteps slapping against the tile floor.
“CARTIER! Hey, Cartier!”
She cringes and her whole body tenses. Every damn show this man sticks a mic in her face, she thinks, how in the hell is she ever going to get rid of him? She turns with an angry look on her face, but she soon softens when she realizes it isn’t Gabe Hartman after all.
CARTIER: “Oh! My bad on the stink eye, I ain’t know you was a fan, I thought that fuckin’ stalkin’-ass Hartman was in my business again. Wassup? Was’ poppin’?”
The man who’d walked his young daughter (decked out to the nines in Cartier merch) up to the star stared at Cartier awkwardly while covering his girl’s ears after hearing Cartier’s language. Cartier notices and sucks air through her teeth in awkward anxiety.
CARTIER: “Shit, my bad. I mean… fuck… my bad again. My bad y’all. Y’all need a autograph or whatever?”
MAN: “Yes please, my daughter loves you. Say hi to Miss Cartier, Kinsey-Delaney.
KINSEY-DELANEY: “Hi! I love you!”
The little girl hands over a glossy photo and a Sharpie to Cartier, who smiles while pulling off the cap.
CARTIER: “Aw! You cute little girl! Kinsey-Delayner your first name? Like one whole word?”
MAN: “It’s got a hyphen.”
CARTIER: “Man, why y’all white people always do that weird shit with y’all kids. Shit, I did it again. My bad again, y’all. Here you go, KD.”
Cartier scribbles her name in big letters across her photo and then hands it back to the little girl. The father stands by with an unimpressed look on his face and his arms folded over his chest.
CARTIER: “You need sum’in’ too?”
MAN: “ACTUALLY, I was going to suggest you try and clean up your act for the sake of kids like… KINSEY-DELANEY, NO!”
At this point, the adults realize that the little girl has propped her hands onto her knees and begun bobbing her elementary school-aged bottom up and down while duck facing.
KINSEY-DELANEY: “Look Cartier! I can twerk! I’m a bad bitch like you!”
The suburban dad and Cartier stare uncomfortably at each other while the little girl continues to drop it like it’s hot between them. After a few tense moments, the tot grins up at her idol.
KINSEY-DELANEY: “Take a twerk selfie with me! PLEEEEEEEEASE?”
Cartier’s eyes widen as she takes in the icy gaze of the girl’s dad, but then she shrugs and throws her hands up.
CARTIER: “Fuck it. Gotta make the fans happy!”
Cartier then expertly begins pussy poppin’ and twerking like a pro next to the child, who seems thrilled. She squeals at her dad, who looks on fully nonplussed.
KINSEY-DELANEY: “Take our video daddy! I wanna put it on my Insta so all my friends are jealous!”
KD’s dad does as his little princess asks and videos the two females bouncing their butts in the hallway like a couple of seasoned thots. Cartier makes sure to hold up a peace sign and stick her tongue way out for the camera, and even hams it up some more by making it clap a little.
KINSEY-DELANEY: “Thank yoooooooooouuuu!”
CARTIER: “Any time, little girl! You grow up and rule the world like a real one. What you is, girl, lemme hear it!”
KINSEY-DELANEY: “A bad ass bitch!”
CARTIER: “An’ who you take shit from?”
KINSEY-DELANEY: “No broke ass niggas!”
CARTIER: “Damn straight! Don’t say that word though, that shit’s ours only.”
The little girl waves as her dad drags her off, and Cartier waves back while continuing to twerk in the hallway just for fun. Eventually, Gabe Hartman does show up behind her, unseen, and gives her the big wiggle to complement her actions. Cartier is completely unaware until Hartman full on slaps her on the ass with a resounding crack.
She spins around and grabs the reporter by his lapels, slamming him against the wall and listing him a good two or three inches out of his Payless loafers.
HARTMAN: “Cartier wait, it’s me! Pimp Daddy Gabe!”
CARTIER: “HELL naw! Touch me again I’ll break that little bendy straw you gots for a neck!”
HARTMAN: “B-b-b-but…”
CARTIER: “No fuckin’ buts! No interview for yo’ ass now. I’mma go get ready to whoop a baby Wallace. Peace out, bitch!”
Cartier shoves Hartman to the side and saunters off, leaving Gabe to trip over his own feet and fall into a set of trash cans nearby.


Now for the match that the whole world has been waiting for. Alessandro Quagliaterre is finally in the ring with Persephone Marquis. They keep the anticipation building by staring each other down in the middle of the ring. The 4CW crowd buzzes with complete anxiety as the two fearsome competitors try to outwit each other in their silent mind game. Marquis backs up to the turnbuckle and lays over the top ropes and mocks Alessandro by telling him to come at her, bro. Alessandro tries to one-up this masterful chess move by lying down on the mat and waving his arms in the air. What is up now, Marquis?!? They both get to their feet and circle each other in the ring and lock up. Alessandro backs Marquis up to the ropes and the ref calls for a clean break. He slowly lets go and backs up. He threatens to chop at Marquis but it is a feint and he taps her on the head. They circle each other and lock up again. Marquis pushes back and now it is Alessandro that is up against the ropes. The fair and diligent ref calls for a clean break. Marquis backs up and threatens a smack, but instead follows through with the open palm strike to Alessandro’s face. The ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahh’s’ from the audience are deafening.
Marquis keeps the pressure going despite the ref’s protests with a Striking Combo. She works Alessandro by punching him in the face and chest. Alessandro tries to block so she moves on to striking his midsection. Marquis ends this tirade of violence with a Dropkick, or whatever. Alessandro goes down to his knees as Marquis backs up and yawns next to him. Alessandro tries to shake the cobwebs loose by running around in a circle. Marquis rushes at him, but Alessandro catches her with a drop toe hold. Alessandro runs to the ropes and bounces off to hit her with a High Knee as she gets up. Marquis takes the knee and fires back with a Kick to the Shin. Alessandro holds his leg up in pain but manages to advance on Marquis to hit her with a Bicycle Kick with his other leg. Marquis tries to go for another kick, but Alessandro counters by dodging and hitting Marquis with a Backfist. Marquis goes down! Alessandro locks in a Fujiwara Armbar and Marquis flails desperately. Alessandro wrenches her arm back wildly but manages to unwittingly push her towards the ropes. Marquis grabs the bottom rope and he is forced to let go. Marquis grabs him before he can get up and tries to wrap her arm around his neck. Alessandro catches this to prevent the choke and lifts her up off the ground to put her in a Torture Rack. Alessandro walks her to the middle of the ring to prevent any escape. Marquis screams out in pain and tries to scratch at his eyes. The ref slaps her hand away each time until Alessandro grows frustrated and drops Marquis down hard with a Yokosuka Facebuster.
Now Alessandro stalks Marquis and circles her wounded body like a Vulture. He runs around her while punching his head to hype himself up. Marquis holds her back and head as she rises slowly not knowing the punishment that is to come. Alessandro runs at her and hits his Zidane Headbutt. Then, Alessandro unleashes a barrage of moves that seem to stream from his frustration of life in the past few months and levels Marquis with move after move. He renders her paralyzed with a Double Axe Handle, followed by a Lariat into the ropes. She bounces back into the Dreamcatcher. Alessandro shakes her like a rag doll in the middle of the ring. Marquis looks out of it, but Alessandro isn’t done yet. He hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex so strong that it rolls her to her feet, and he bounces off the ropes to hit a Jumping Thesz Press then punches her repeatedly until the ref pushes him off. They both watch in awe as Marquis rises like a monster but it is clear she is not all there. She throws her arms about trying to strike at phantoms of the three Alessandro’s she sees in her vision. The real one pushes the ref off and hits a Heart Punch. Marquis drops, but Alessandro catches her onto his shoulders. He finally ends it with the Bedtime as he throws her up and hits a knee to her jaw on the way down. Alessandro covers and pins for the win. One! … Two! … Three!
WINNER: Alessandro Quagliaterre via Pinfall (9:33)

We cut backstage to find Alicia Lukas sitting on her rather, ample, behind eating a Jack Links (not a sponsor) spicy beef stick. She takes a large bite and swings her legs off the large equipment case she happens to be sitting on before sliding down to her feet with a sigh. She swallows (giggity) and rolls her eyes.
LUKAS:”So, I just want to clarify a few things here as I head into this match with Eden Connors and Riley Savell-Sweet-Savell-Cooper. See, professionally I don’t have a problem with either of these finely tuned athletes. Eden is learning and getting better week after week. I underestimated her last time and that’s on me. But, just in case you need any idea on just what is going on here, well, I told you all how she has changed and threw a little cheap shot in there…”
Alicia chuckles to herself and adjusts her red and black snapback.
LUKAS: ”I know me taking a cheap shot?. Whodathunkit?. But Eden used to be this sweet, nice respectful young woman. Full of smiles and wanting to learn. But it seems like the big bad world of pro wrestling and in particular, 4CW has changed her. See now Eden is out here ignoring peoples accomplishments and accolades, and talking mad shit like she’s Elena DeDraca…”
She deadpans the camera and smirks before continuing.
LUKAS: ”But as I said, I like Eden, I like her as a person and as a friend but she’s really going down a dangerous path. She’s turning into a flat out bitch. Becoming just like myself and Riley. Yeah Hi Riley, how are you?. I’m sure you’ll see this segment early enough that you can grab a camera crew and do your best to reply, since…that’s all you can do apparently. But you really want to go there? You want to go into my past and talk shit?. Trust me, ain’t no one harder on me than fucking me. But since you did decide to take all my advice, throw it back in my face and generally show yourself to be the bargain basement version of your talentless twatcicle of a brother then let me just say that it will be a goddamn pleasure to walk out to that ring, and let my talent shove itself down your throat and get written all over your face faster than fucking Cosmo does…”
She laughs to herself again and shoves passed the camera crew.


Cartier moves around the ring, unfazed like a prized boxer with ready to do Kat in for all the trash talking she had been doing. Many would say that Cartier was about that action, that she was more than just her words on twitter and in promos, that she could really take a beating and give one just as good. While Vassa thinks dirty thoughts about the curvy wrestler, Johnson is busy praising Kat’s in ring work as Kat keeps up with Cartier every time she takes a step, letting her know it wasn’t a joke tonight or any other night as she tries to get close enough to plant Cartier with another DDT. The audience were definitely tuned in as the two professional wrestlers squared up first before both lunging at one another, grabbing hold of the other and were in the midst of a power struggle to get a better handle on the other. Cartier ended up getting her hooks into Kat more, yanking her towards her more while Kat went for Cartier’s hair, getting that firm grip on a handful and yanked the shit out of Cartier’s hair. Cartier’s head goes back and Kat uses that opportunity to let go of Cartier’s hair, take a step back and bitch slaps Cartier so hard, she heard Rev’s last Sunday’s sermon ringing in her ears.
Kat advances closer and Cartier swings on Kat so hard, Kat stumbles back with feeling the right eye aching from Cartier’s strong punch. Cartier doesn’t let Kat breathe because as soon as Kat finds her footing, here is Cartier sprinting forward to spear the girl to the mat and wastes no time mounting her and drive her fists repeatedly into Kat’s face while Kat uses her arms to try to block the punches but it does nothing but make Cartier just slap Kat’s arms out of the way to get to her face with that relentless, never easing up until she got tired of Kat blocking and just stops the punching. Rising to her feet first, Cartier yanks Kat to hers and irish whips her. Kat goes running for the ropes, bounces off and comes back just to get a full course meal of ass right in her face as Cartier takes her down with the Eat This Ass signature. Kat falls down to the mat and Cartier scrambles to pin her, not even getting a one count as Kat kicks out.
Cartier gets to her feet but not as fast as Kat does as Kat comes for Cartier with a vengeance, that superkick out of nowhere meant to take Cartier’s life from how hard Kat kicked her. The audience ooohs in reaction and Kat remains quick on her toes because she knew that Cartier could come with those straight haymakers if given the chance and the girl was NOT trying to give Cartier the chance at all to go there with her. Kat remains poised, realizing that since Cartier wanted all the smoke she was about to make her choke on that shit. She keeps it light with a few hits, a few slaps here and there until she finally moves in close out of nowhere to make her next move the best move. KAT-ASTROPHE! Kat’s covering Cartier as soon as she is able and is gifted that successful one, two, three count from the ref to gain the win!
WINNER: Kat Jones via Pinfall (6:56)

Backstage at the arena, Riley Savell is getting into her usual show night routine; earbuds securely in her ears, she rolls back and forth on her feet. Head bowed down and with a hood pulled up, she mouths something over and over to herself, blocking out her surroundings almost entirely.
After a few moments, Cyrus Riddle is seen walking down the hallway. With a similar look to Riley, his head is bowed and hood is pulled up over a fitted cap on his head, looking down as he walks. The glow from his bluetooth headphones can be seen illuminating a blue against his neck from within the hood. As he comes up on Riley, he stops and looks in her direction, halting his movement to get her attention.
Riley lifts her head half way and pulls an earbud out, looking over to him with a curious half smile, leaning back onto flat footing she takes a couple of steps forward to close the gap between them.
SAVELL: “Who let you off unsupervised?”
Her tone is teasing as she lifts one of her much talked about eyebrows inquisitively. Riddle faintly smirks as though his thoughts are dominating his focus more than the present happenings around him.
RIDDLE: “Very trusting people. Whether or not their faith is well found is up for debate so far tonight. What are you doing exactly?”
SAVELL: “Me? I’m pretending not to take this match very, very seriously so that later, when I win and have a title shot in my back pocket, my biggest fans can rain down a bunch of bullshit on twitter about how I don’t deserve it and didn’t want it enough…”
Another smirk pulls at her lips; pacing around him just slightly she sighs in an exaggerated way.
SAVELL: “I was going to make a bar chart that shows how many tweets at me are about my matches and how many are about Cosmo’s dick… but then I remembered I’m not a fuckin dork and charts are for nerds.”
A quick exhale of laughter escapes Cy as he shakes his head.
RIDDLE: “I’m familiar with the dynamic. All of the tweets about vagina over the years had overstayed it’s welcome, now most comments directed my way are discussing how lazy I am and don’t care for my career.”
He shrugs it off as he keeps his focus on Riley.
RIDDLE: “I’m looking forward to seeing what you do out there. Admittedly, I was surprised when you made the move here, but impressed all the same.”
As she relaxes into his company, more of her usual sarcastic demeanor comes through, placing her hands either side of her head she makes a fish face at him.
SAVELL: “Small fish!”
She holds her arms out after that and waves them around with a half laugh.
SAVELL: “Big pond.”
SAVELL: “Honestly, I don’t give a shit; people need something to complain about and if my love life distracts them from their own mediocre lives then who am I to deny them such a simple pleasure, right? It’s not going to affect what I do here, or anywhere…”
Riley shrugs, almost emulating his shrug back at him before she nods her head.
SAVELL: “You’re lazy, I’m a whore… gonna suck for all these people when we’re thriving and they’re still making charts and tweet campaigns and hashtags for sinking ships. Ain’t it?”
Cy raises his hand up between himself and her, palm up.
RIDDLE: “They never realize when they are sitting right here, do they? Too busy with the now and never contemplating the idea that some of us look ahead. Even now, as shit as I feel, I have a plan for the future. Just a matter of when.”
She chuckles and shakes her head.
SAVELL: “Lukas can’t even spell check her fuckin twitter name and you expect her to be capable of looking past the end of her nose? Oof, that’s a big stretch for those arms, I guess she’s used to reaching and just missing the mark though… like when she tried to mock my last name changes when she’s what? Three husbands in and wrestling under a fake name…”
Riley leans in and drops her voice to a stage whisper in a conspiratorial tone.
SAVELL: “But I’m the hypocrite around here…”
Matching his tone with hers, Cy leans in.

Eden Connors paces back and forth backstage. She collects her thoughts, but she seems to be almost pulsating with anxious energy. She pauses in the middle of the shot, and points at the camera, but paces again. A 4CW crew member walks in front of her as she lets out a quick little roar of excitement that shakes the man to his core. He sprints off as she covers her mouth. She finally calms down and speaks.
CONNORS: “Another Adrenaline. Another time walking in as the wildcard. But is that really the worst thing to happen? I face off with two people that couldn’t be more different and yet they are more similar than they know. Both ride on huge egos. The only difference is, one knows how to back it up. I have been sitting and listening. And there really weren’t any surprises. Alicia jumped on what I thought she would, in her ways downgrading Riley. What else is new?”
Eden let out a small laughter while shrugging her shoulders.
CONNORS: “But don’t think that I haven’t listened to every word you said, Riley. It was a torture, but I still did it. I am glad I gave you something to answer to, otherwise, you would have been shooting blanks with a question mark placed over your head. I get it. I am ignorant and pointless. Of course, I am also overhyped. Am I missing anything? But guess what, the talking ends tonight. The hype will become your reality. Your only reality.”
The young girl rolled her neck a few times while looking at the camera. Her cheeks slightly rosy at this point.
CONNORS: “You, both of you, miss the point in this whole scenario. I couldn’t care less what you think about me. And for me, this is more than an act put out on social media. I have been doing things my way since I started wrestling. For the better or the worse. I don’t need to hang with the popular crowd to make my way. I stated it previously but I will once more for the slower ones, I don’t care about anyones private life. I am not involved in any of the dramatics anyone has going. I don’t dislike either of you, because that once more would mean I know who you are as a person. I do respect Alicia Lukas as a competitor, I don’t fear her though. When it comes to Riley, I will not backpaddle. I stick with another previous statement: I don’t believe Riley has earned her spot in this match. But what does it matter? Exactly, nothing.”
In the distance she watched some of the other contenders making their way through the hallway. There was still a puzzled expression her face when she tried to remember all the names. And failed.
CONNORS: “You won’t find me complaining about management decisions. I am none of those that feel overlooked or stretched thin. If anything, they wanna test me. And usually, I am an A student. I don’t have to like the people I fight to put them down or accept they are talented. No matter how big or small their talents are. Even though it is a given that sometimes opponents fall deaf. Fake deaf of course. You like to ignore the statements that don’t benefit you. God forbid somebody is not worshipping you for what you have done. Whatever that might be. I don’t expect anything from anyone in this industry. No one owes me anything. For example, I really enjoyed my previous match versus Kimitsu. It is an open secret that she isn’t my biggest fan, but I still took my chance… .”
Eden stops as Kimitsu Zombie herself watches her in her ring gear before she gets to the ring. Kimitsu steps up right in Eden’s face.
ZOMBIE: “And it seems to have riled you up, girl.”
Kimitsu walks to the other side of Eden while looking her up and down.
ZOMBIE: “I can admit defeat. You got me, but you also pissed me right the fuck off. Now I am headed into a fight for my legitimacy while you are fighting for a shot at Tommy’s title…”
Eden’s smile grew even wider.
CONNORS: “Let’s be honest, Kimitsu… aren’t you always a little pissed off? I mean I get it. It is probably part of your nature, but it’s by no means my fault that you lost the match. You wanted to point out my weaknesses and I jumped on yours. I am your fan on a professional level, but I am not backpaddling on what I had to say about you. That is what we call integrity.”
ZOMBIE: “I don’t want you to. I wanted to raise up the level of this division and with you, I think I might have done it. Unfortunately, right now, I’m super fucking pissed. So forgive me if I don’t sing your praises just yet. You have your biggest test yet. I know where you are right now. This is almost how I got my shot at the Pride Championship. Now that you beat me I don’t even want to think about you wasting this fucking opportunity. I know you think that they’re all against you and you are right.”
Kimitsu gets right in her face.
ZOMBIE: “Now it’s all about how you push back.”
Eden was still smiling when looking directly in Kimitsu’s eyes, a little irritated by this closeness. Without a warning, she hugged her opposite very tightly. Kimitsu obviously surprised didn’t react directly. Eden then stepped back, grinning.
CONNORS: “You can kill me for that another time. Oh, and you are welcome.
ZOMBIE: “For what?”
CONNORS: “Pissing you off. I heard you are at your best then.”
Kimitsu pauses, unsure of what to do. She glares at Eden and thinks as her anger mixed with some healthy confusion makes her boil over. She roars in Eden’s face and walks off to the entranceway. Eden still grinned wide, waving after her.


Speed versus strength was the main battle in this match as Kimitsu darted from spot to spot with almost lighting speed while DeMarcus tries to put her on her back by force of power. The two stuck to their strengths and because of that, it meshed well with them going at it in the ring to the point it was like a balanced scale. DeMarcus got his hits off well and so did Kimitsu whenever she took the upper from him. It was one of those matches where it was hard to choose an opponent that you thought would end up winning because both of the wrestlers were equally impressive in their own ways. DeMarcus was calculating, using his wrestling intelligence to help lead him to victory while Kimitsu remained concentrated and cautious with making sure that DeMarcus didnt get the slip on her whenever she was in the lead. DeMarcus showed why many viewed him as a powerhouse at times when he unleashed that vertebreaker on her, pulling the woman to her feet just to go for a backbreaker. Taking his time, feeling there was no need to rush. No need to get greedy and impulsive to where he would slip his own self up for a fall that would be very well his fault. He threw a few punches but the ever so quick Kimitsu dodged them and ended up coming up strong with an european uppercut to throw DeMarcus off balance, even though he only took one staggering step back but it was enough to put distance between him and Kimitsu for the time being.
Kimitsu went for that jumping DDT like a curious man on twitter shooting his shot in a thirst trap’s DMs to put DeMarcus down and didn’t stop there as she runs for the ropes as soon as DeMarcus is on his feet. He takes that as Kimitsu trying to evade him when in actuality, she just needed to put a bit of space between them because as she bounces off the ropes and comes running back towards him, she takes to the air with a beautiful tilt a whirl headscissors that puts the giant down. Sticking more to her wits and not leaning towards getting cocky with her having the match in her hands right now, Kimitsu is starting to stomp on him but quickly changes strategies as she runs for the turnbuckle and leaps onto the top just as DeMarcus is standing to his feet with her no where in sight. He turns around and Kimitsu leaps off the turnbuckle with that missile dropkick that puts the man on his back faster than one of Jeb’s victims in prison. DeMarcus isn’t getting up fast enough but Kimitsu is smart enough not to count him out, knowing how clever the man could be and that letting someone think that their defenses are down is the quickest way to railroad someone as soon as they fall for that ‘weak’ trick. Her eyes bore into him intently as a way to make sure she doesn’t miss a thing even if she blinks while DeMarcus appears to be catching his breath. Kimitsu takes one step forward and DeMarcus is suddenly filled with all of this energy as he reaches forward to make a grab for her and catches nothing but air.
Kimitsu smirks at DeMarcus playing weak, him acting too soon out on his action had him exposing himself and it was definitely something he wasn’t proud of at the moment. DeMarcus abandons his clever strategy of solely sticking to his power and kicks up on the speed as he rushes Kimitsu out of nowhere and spears the woman to the mat with trying to knock the wind out of her. She is pulled onto her feet and DeMarcus is ready as his go to is an attempted fisherman neckbreaker but Kimitsu has had enough and manages to elbow him hard in the face twice to get him to release her. She charges him but DeMarcus is faster this time as he lifts her up in the air as soon as she comes near him and plants her a power slam out of nowhere. He’s considering going for the pin with knowing they have been wrestling a couple of minutes already but he doesn’t want to act hasty with pinning her just to get a one or two count. He wanted the first time that he pinned her tonight to be the last, feeling that there was no room for error if he didn’t act out impulsively and mess up the nice strategy he had going for him already. The two go back and forth for another two minutes until DeMarcus ends up getting a firm grip on Kimitsu and goes for The Enlightenment. He feels confident that this could be the one as he drops down for the cover and gets that three count to pick up the W for the night.
WINNER: DeMarcus Gresham via Pinfall (7:48)

Phoenix seemed to be in quite a hurry as she rushes into her office while gripping that steel pipe of hers tightly in her hand like she’s a pro at gripping…. anywho. Her eyes darting from side to side, she swipes her phone from the desk with her free hand when she notices the terrified cameraman filming from behind her desk. He’s trembling and he blinks at her with apologetic eyes while she raises that eyebrow questioningly, wondering what the hell was his problem and why was he in her office. Realizing she didn’t have time for this, she turns to get ready to leave the office when…. Nemesis pushes the door closed from hiding behind the door. Boston and Speaker step towards her from the right and Viduus just leans against the wall on the left side of the room, watching as the three slowly approach her as she tightens the hold on that steel pipe, ready to go down swinging.
Boston the self proclaimed “god” took the desk and flipped it over sending it crashing into the wall and Phoenix with nowhere to go.
SPEAKER: “I told you in due time…your eyes would be opened.”
PHOENIX: “Do what you feel you need to do but don’t underestimate me tonight. I’m on guard. I’m ready. I’ll beam you two over the head with this before you can even make your first move.”
She was so focused on The Speaker and Boston in front of her that she didn’t notice Viduus with a noose in hand silently and slowly making his way behind her.
BOSTON: “You should have stayed away… you’re a horrible person and going to prison for an on air snuff film is something I can live with just to rid the world of your ugly soul.”
He reaches past her for something that she couldn’t see as Boston gestures for the noose from Viduus as Phoenix couldn’t see the man behind her but she felt his presence.
PHOENIX: “Et tu, V?”
Hadn’t he betrayed enough? Sure, the audience were on the edge of their seats wondering who would be barreling into the office to save Phoenix while Phoenix wasn’t as afraid of knowing what was to come concerning death because the handler said if you read her CDs, you’ll know why. Anywho. Boston smiled as his hand inched towards that noose that was fingertips away but that smile quickly vanished. Nemesis delivered a blow to Boston’s back with a chair shot that silenced everyone in the room that has Phoenix stumbling back to avoid Boston crashing into her.
NEMESIS: “You thought we would make you a god…but you were never worthy.”
Viduus grabs Phoenix by the waist and spins her around so that the two are face to face with Viduus staring down into Phoenix’s eyes, he holds the noose up. Phoenix taken by surprise is speechless just looking back at Viduus. He tosses the noose over to the Speaker who wraps it around Boston’s neck. Nemesis has disappeared into the darkness leaving Phoenix in Viduus’s grasp and The Speaker pulling Boston up towards the ceiling.
VIDUUS: “The slow knife is the one that cuts deepest”
Viduus took one hand off of Phoenix’s waist and pulled a knife from his jacket. Viduus held the knife out for Phoenix.
VIDUUS: “He is in your hands now.”
The Speaker tied Boston off to a nearby hook and watched as he struggled.
He placed the knife in her hand leaving the decision up to her to cut Boston down or not. Phoenix is extremely surprised by everything that is going on and wanting to make sure it’s not a trap, she grips that steel pipe even tighter while holding that knife in her hand. She smacks Boston’s leg to get his attention as he struggles with getting the rope from around his neck and shoves the butt of the knife into his hand once he sees her holding it out to him.
PHOENIX: “Cut your own self down. You save yourself from the consequences of your own actions.”
She feels the steel pipe begin pulled out of her hand and as she turns around to face Viduus who holds the pipe with one hand while placing his other hand gently on Phoenix’s cheek.
VIDUUS: “It was all for you Queen…”
He lets go of the pipe and brings the other hand up to her other cheek staring into her eyes.
VIDUUS: “All for you…MY….Queen”
Boston’s body falls to the ground making a loud thud as Phoenix spins away from Viduus to look at Boston on the ground and struggling to get up to get away. He wouldn’t get far so she didn’t even stress it. She turns back around with those wide eyes of hers to focus on Viduus but saw that he was gone…. and so was her cherished weapon.
PHOENIX: “Well ain’t that a b-“
Screen goes black.

Tommy is getting his ribs checked on by a doctor to make sure he is good to go when he spots a camera.
TOMMY: “Anybody can cherry pick someone’s record to make it look like they haven’t beat a single person when they are trying to pass an agenda, Viduus. I guess the fact that I have beaten Ana, Laughlin, Kae and Genie, just to name a few, didn’t pass the history lesson you gave while you were trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. You’re fucking garbage, mate. I hope Speaker says something to me during they match so I can break his jaw and stop him from spouting off about the most boring shit ever.”
He looks at the doctor and nods to what he was saying.
TOMMY: “Tonight, I’m going simply going to go down there, put in my work and go on to the next. I’m done being nice and I’m done playing stupid little games. It’s time to put up, Viduus. Time to get your fucking mouth from around Boston’s dick. Time to actually earn something here in 4CW. This isn’t a game of horseshoes, Viduus. Not beating me isn’t going to get you a title shot against me somehow at a show after Winter Wasteland like it did with you against Ana.”
Tommy stands up and does a few jumps off the ground as the doctor watches him closely before he has Tommy sit back down on the table.
TOMMY: “If I lose? It is what it is, man, but it won’t change a thing of the future. Salvation will still be trash and win or lose I’ll still go on to Winter Wasteland and defend my title successfully. You? You won’t even be able to ride the wave of momentum if you beat me into a victory against Artemis.”
The doctor gives Tommy a thumbs up and Tommy nods at him and smiles into the camera.
TOMMY: “Bye Felicia.”
Tommy hops up off the table and exits the room.


The bell sounds, and Manny soaks up the cheers from his fans around the ring. Cy Riddle stalks him from his corner, but Manny shuffles to the side like a prize fighter, staying well out of Riddle’s range with a smug grin on his face. Manny continues to try and get into Cy’s head by tying up with him briefly but then quickly disengaging before the bigger man can press him. Fernandez mugs to the crowd some more, flipping his hair back. Easy, breezy, beautiful. Cy claps for Manny in a mocking fashion, and Manny takes a bow – but Cy takes advantage by burying a shin kick deep into Manny’s chest while he’s bent over. The crowd boos the cheap shot, but Riddle pays it no mind as he dives on top of Manny and crouches over him, busting Fernandez’s head open with a series of slicing elbow strikes. The referee forces a break and immediately puts on a pair of latex gloves to check on Manny’s bloody forehead, and Cy takes the time to prance around the ring mocking Manny’s earlier theatrics. Eventually Manny waves off the official, nodding that he’s okay to continue, and slowly gets to his feet while his face continues to redden into the proverbial crimson mask.
Cy circles Manny after the match resumes, taking advantage of Manny’s obscured vision. Manny tries to keep Cy at a distance by throwing out lazy jabs, but Cy catches one and uses it to drag Fernandez into a short-arm clothesline. Cy looks down at Manny on the mat and wipes Manny’s blood off of his own chest, flicking it off of his fingers onto the downed Fernandez. Riddle drags Fernandez back to his feet by a clump of bloodied hair, then immediately drops him to the mat again with a scintillating spinning back fist. Cy leans down and grabs Manny’s chin in his hand, pulling him back to his feet once again while talking trash in his face. He gets Manny standing and then whips him hard across the ring into the corner, following him in closely behind with a clothesline that Fernandez manages to duck under! Riddle crashes into the turnbuckles and Manny digs deep to rush in with a Rolling Koppu Kick that stuns the tag team champion. Cy staggers from the corner and throws a front thrust kick at Manny, but Manny catches him by the heel and spirals him to the mat with a dragonscrew leg whip, torquing Cy’s knee. Manny tries to follow up by attacking the limb, grabbing Riddle’s foot and lifting it high off the mat, then slamming it back down by the knee. He does this a second time, and then locks in an ankle lock, but before he can really cinch it in tight Cy rolls onto his back and pulls Manny in and then kicks him off with both legs, sending Fernandez tumbling out through the ropes. Seeing Manny struggling to get to his feet on the apron, Riddle rushes him and hits a partial suicide dive, not going through the ropes completely but managing to send Fernandez flying from the apron and into the guard rail surrounding the ring. Fans behind the barrier scatter as the railing is shoved violently backward and Manny collapses to the concrete floor grimacing in pain. Cy catches his breath in the ring and then steps out between the ropes and sizes up Manny, still writhing on the floor below, and leaps off with a cannonball senton… but he misses when Fernandez rolls out of the way! Both men lay on the ground wincing and twisted in agony.
The referee’s count reaches six before either man begins to get to their feet. Slowly, Cy Riddle manages to drag himself up and roll under the bottom rop by the count of eight, while Manny is still struggling to stand up. At the count of nine, Manny gains his wits and dives under the ropes just in the nick of time! Riddle immediately puts the boots to him, though, not letting him even get to his feet before stomping him in his head, neck, and back. Fernandez rolls away, covering up as best he can, but Riddle reaches down and grabs him by the hair… Manny with a desperation kick to Cy’s head from his back! Riddle is stunned and Manny struggles to his feet, then whips Riddle to the ropes – dropsault from Manny! He hits Cy Riddle right in the face and sends him to the mat hard. Manny stays on him, grabbing Riddle by the feet and turning him over into a Boston Crab. Riddle grimaces and drags himself toward the ropes as Manny tries to bend him backward into submission. Riddle makes it to the bottom rope and the official forces a break, counting to four before Manny releases the hold. Smelling blood in the water as Cy stumbles back to a vertical base and collapses into the corner, Manny gets a head of steam and charges in after him, leaping into the air with a stinger splash… but Cy moves away! Manny crashes chest-first into the turnbuckles and Cy Riddle drives a lariat into the back of his head for good measure – the Daydreamer! Manny stumbles back and Cy quickly slaps him into the Silent Night! Riddle has the choke applied but Manny, still on his feet, runs him backward and the two of them collide into the opposite corner, forcing Cy to lose his grip on the hold. Both men exhausted, Manny makes his way to the center of the ring. Here comes Cyrus with a running clothesline attempt – Arrow to the Knee! Manny takes Cy’s leg out with a dropkick right to the patella, sending him crashing down face first. He gathers himself, but as soon as he stands up Manny follows up with the Gadfly! Riddle hits hard but Manny eschews going for the pin, instead choosing to exit the ring and wait on the apron for Cy to get up again. Manny is stomping the apron and willing Riddle to his feet, and Cy finally staggers upright and turns… THE WARHAMMER! Fernandez flies across the ring in a slingshot forearm that flattens Cy Riddle! Manny with the pin!

WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (10:55)

“Oh! You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is comin’ to town”

With a beautiful tone the song brings the camera into focus somewhere in the back of the Wells Fargo Center to a couple of rows of young women who are dressed in festive white robes with golden trim standing still as they have finished their final song for the evening. And if you’re wondering why they would be in the back of a 4CW in some nondescript room with no actual audience to watch them sing, I remind you that Crooked Kingdom was once a thing here too. Regardless, just as soon as it looks like they are about start another song in through the door busts in and in marches Santa.

No. Just Santa. Black Santa Claus.

And not just black Santa Claus.

Wrigley Fucking Claus.

With arms out in the “T” pose, Wrigley Claus stomps his way into the backroom area complete with a bag in one hand and some mistletoe in the other hand. He doesn’t hesitate for a single moment before addressing the room in front of him.

WRIGLEY: “Ho Ho Ho-ly shit it’s Christmas time in 4CW and that means it is time for Wrigley Claus to come to tonight and check his naughty and nice list to see who gets to ride his big black sleigh tonight! But before we do that, I am legally obligated to state publicly that if any of you ladies are not eighteen years old I am going to need to get out of this room because I ain’t about to get on the same list as the Peckerman.”

With that Wrigley points towards the door, a couple of the choir members take this opportunity to head on out of the room. Wrigley Claus finds his way over to the big oversized green chair that has been placed in this room and sits himself down.

WRIGLEY: “Gather around all and form a line because it’s time for you fine ass bi-ladies to sit on Wrigley Claus’ lap and tell him exactly what you want for Christmas this year! But before we do that, I need to make another legal announcement. 4CW would like to remind you that you are in no way shape or form obligated to sit on Wrigley Claus’ lap and if you would like to leave you may do so at this time.”

And with that, about half of the remaining choir members head for the door. This doesn’t seem to dissuade Wrigley’s glowing mood, in fact he’s already taken it upon himself to get the first girl into his lap and ready for her to open up to Santa.

WRIGLEY: “And what’s your name?”
The young woman on lap begins to laugh, which causes her upper body to shake, which causes Wrigley to no longer be interested in making eye contact from here on out.
KITTY: “It’s Katherine, but you can call me Kitty.”
WRIGLEY: “And what do you want for Christmas, Titty?”
She rubs her hand under Wrigley’s chin and pulls his wide eyes up from
KITTY: “What I really really need, is for Wrigley Claus to make a couple of solicitation charges disappear from my record. Can you do that for me, Santa?”
Give Wrigley a moment, his jaw just crashed into his lap. Wrigley can’t seem to believe what he just heard.
WRIGLEY: “Wait, did you just say solicitation charges?”
KITTY: “Yeah, but they are just a couple of teeny-weenie little minor solicitation charges.”
Wrigley scans the room for a moment.
WRIGLEY: “Out of curiosity, how many of the rest of you are going to need me to clear up solicitation charges?”
Every woman in the room raises their hand at that moment. Wrigley again scans the room, looks up to the sky and closes his eyes thanking his lucky stars. Just like that a massive smile forms on his lips, the brother uses just about every single muscle in face and exposes every one of his teeth all the way back to the molars.
But then, Wrigley’s keen detection and lawyering skills kick in and the smile fades from his face.
WRIGLEY: “No wait… this… this… I’m dead, ain’t I? I fucking died on the way to work today or some shit, that taxi cab didn’t manage to stop in time and the dude killed me right there in the middle of the street probably with my drawers filled with doo-doo. I’m dead and this is heaven. Y’all are just some choir of angels.”
WRIGLEY: “Holy shit, I made it into heaven!”
WRIGLEY: “I actually made it into heaven!”
WRIGLEY: “Where’s my mama at? Let her know, I’m sorry for suing her.”
But the girls all begin to shake their heads no towards him.
KITTY: “This isn’t heaven.”
WRIGLEY: “Oh no, oh shit… if this is not heaven… is it the other place?”
Wrigley wipes at his brow with his own fake white beard.
KITTY: “Philadelphia.”
WRIGLEY: “So this is real? Y’all are real? And your charges are all real too?”
The girls shake their heads reaffirming that Wrigley isn’t dead and that he is really sitting there in a room full of women. Wrigley again looks at the sky and closes his eyes.
WRIGLEY: “I’m going to get all those charges cleared up for each and every one of you! Wrigley Claus is coming to town and he’s going to get all those charges dropped! Don’t you worry, y’all are on Santa’s list now!”
This begins to whip the girls up into a frenzy as they begin to cheer, Wrigley stands up from his chair and points to every single one of them just like Oprah giving away cars to audience members that one time each year and they all go batshit insane in the process!
The girls rush towards Wrigley and they all start jumping up and down in unison, we fade to black.



Eden Connors was shining brighter than a shooting star tonight as she shows the world why she made it to the finals of being nominated as Rookie Of The Year. Her impeccable talent couldnt be denied as she seemed to handle herself against Riley and Alicia with ease, picking her spots and moments where she knew that she could capitalize on them successfully. Now Riley was definitely a bit impulsive tonight with being in a triple threat match where she really needed to watch her back. Hanging back for a moment as she watched Alicia and Eden trade punches, she made her appearance at the right moment to sabotage anytime Alicia or Eden decided to go for bigger moves with wanting to slam the other to the mat. Alicia successfully kept up with both women whenever she found herself needing to defend herself against both of them at the same time. Never falling into some old rhythm with making sure she moved in a way that she kept both of her opponents guessing, all three women knowing what was at stake tonight as they worked hard for that Octane Championship contendership like a well trained street walker that was having a good night on the stroll. The audience was thoroughly entertained, as well as Vassa as his eyes stayed glued to Alicia’s thick ass as she moved around the ring with evading her opponents successfully once they tried to counterattack her after she had double clotheslined them both. Riley keeps her eyes on Alicia but also makes sure to glance over at Eden so that no surprises occurring like Eden suddenly deciding to rush her.
Alicia was relying heavily on those shoot kicks now and it was definitely doing her well while Riley surprises Alicia with a snap suplex as soon as she was able to get close enough for the attack. Riley then turns her attention onto Eden but that’s short lived as Alicia hurries to her feet and attacks Riley from behind with a sharp elbow to the back of the head. Alicia went for a snap german suplex and once she was on her feet, there was Eden to greet her with a belly to belly suplex, leaving Alicia no time to react until she was on the mat feeling the effects of the slam. Eden spins around to face Riley who had tried to sneak up on her but that didnt stop Riley from attacking Eden with a gut kick and then a facebuster to plant her into the mat. Riley was feeling it, she might actually have this in the bag… but Alicia shows her just how much that was incorrect as she catches her off guard from behind. Alicia then quickly irish whips Eden hard into the closest turnbuckle and quickly goes for the pin on Riley.

Alicia almost had her but almost doesn’t count, only that three count does as she pulls Riley to her feet and hits her with a few roaring forearms. Eden as made her return back to the women as she catches Alicia off guard with a sudden attack of an incoming spinning wheel kick that takes Alicia down and allows Eden to just focus on Riley for the moment. Riley plays on the defense for a while with throwing a few punches before rushing Eden with a take down. Riley dominates Eden for a while and as soon as she remembers Alicia and turns around to look for her, Alicia is right there with an elbow to the face and a knee to the stomach. Eden is leaping off the turnbuckle with a crossbody to take down both women and it causes a bit of a stir with the audience as a loud pop comes from the move, Eden smiling at the positive reaction she’s getting but knowing that she focus really needs to be on her opponents so that she doesn’t get distracted. But the ever so sly Riley has already ambushed Eden from behind but before she can do any damage to her, here comes Alicia wanting ALL the smoke as she ends up between Eden and Riley and throws punches at Riley before throwing one at Eden, alternating from one woman to the next until Riley kicks Alicia in the shin and knees her in the face.

A fan shouts out loud, trying to throw Riley off as Alicia smirks at the fan’s words and is granted another knee to the face by an irritated Riley. Alicia suddenly charges Riley and Riley’s back hits the turnbuckle hard. Alicia starts up with a few kicks to Riley’s midsection as she forces her to stay against that turnbuckle until Eden attacks with a dropkick to Alicia that has Alicia tumbling over the top ropes from being too close to them. Riley charges Eden but Eden is quicker as she ducks and goes for those martial arts kicks while Riley tries to back up but it only makes Eden step up quicker to serve her more of those kicks. Riley feels she can find a way to get past the kicks to take Eden down but Eden ends up putting her plan in motion first as she goes for the big attack to an unsuspecting Riley. BANG!BOOM!BONBON! The audience cheers loudly and Eden is quick to go for the pin while Alicia is sliding into the ring but by the time Alicia stomps on Eden’s back, the referee has already hit the mat three times as the bell rings to end the match.
WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (8:04)

Cut to the backstage area, after the triple threat. The lights are dimmed, in what appears to be a deliberate fashion. Eventually we see the glow of a neon sign, out of the camera’s frame. The blue tint begins to wash over the dimmed hallway lights, creating a harsh effect to look at. As the camera lens becomes adjusted, we hear footsteps.
Footsteps, the sound of a man walking into frame.
Hidden by a letterman jacket, and a rooster mask, the man stands in front of the camera for a couple of seconds. It’s hard to tell by the mask, but we get the feeling that he’s staring right through the camera. Right at every single person watching this at the moment.
There is an uncomfortable silence, one that drags on for what seems like an eternity. This man, so familiar, and yet so alien at the same time.
He doesn’t allow the silence to take hold, as his hand reaches up to slowly pull down the mask. The latex mask clings to his head, slowly being pulled away as he peels it downwards. Sweat flies out, the short moments of this man having the mask on his head has already drenched him. Standing in the warm lights, it would appear to be uncomfortable. And yet, this man does not seemed to be bothered.
Slow and sure, the mask comes down until it reveals the face of Bryan Williams. His dirty blonde hair is a mess, matted and wet from the mask.
He is not bothered.
Bryan, standing there with his eyes closed, takes his time as he lets the mask fall to the ground. We hear the sound of the latex dropping against the floor, as he slowly opens his eyes.
What used to be invited, bright blue eyes have seemed to be replaced. These eyes are darker, harsh, as they pierce through the lens. Bryan doesn’t move, standing eerily still in place as he looks straight ahead.
WILLIAMS: ”We all walk a thin line.”
The sudden abruptness of his voice is startling, but something we can quickly get used to. Bryan doesn’t pause for long, but he keeps his position. Standing ever so still, he stays right in the middle of the camera’s framing. He looks down at the ground, as he begins to speak up.
WILLIAMS: ”For the longest time I felt it. The line I was supposed to walk on was getting thinner, and thinner. Shows, weeks, months, they’d all go by while I would desperately try to find a way to stop it. A way to stop the shrinking, a way to give me a much wider path.”
Bryan stops, before he can continue his thought.
WILLIAMS: ”It’s only now that I know that I did not need that path.”
Bryan looks up from the ground, his eyes still as harsh as before.
WILLIAMS: ”I didn’t need to be the man I was trying to become. I just needed to let the mask slip away. And now, I have removed myself from the path. I have allowed myself to be free of control.”
There is no emotion in his face, only a cold gaze that sticks with him. Bryan doesn’t move an inch, as he continues to speak.
WILLIAMS: ”Let it slip away, and free yourself. I want to be free. Andre Holmes doesn’t know the meaning, he will never understand how to be free. Tonight I will show him his mistakes. I will show him the cost of his journey, and the toll it must take from him.”
Bryan looks on, as the neon light replaces the dim overhead ceiling light. It fully takes over now, the overhead light completely going out. No more flickering, the warm white light is fully engrossed by the harsh blue. It washes over Bryan’s face, as he stands there. The light splits his face in half, one side covered by darkness.
The other by that damn blue light.
WILLIAMS: ”Andre, I don’t hate you for your choices. It’s just your ignorance that will be met with punishment. You could have understood, but you chose not to. That is your fatal mistake.”
The sudden movement of Bryan bending down is enough to startle anyone. His stillness being violently interrupted by the act. Bryan reaches down, picking the mask up off of the floor. He looks at it for a second.
WILLIAMS: ”You were just not able to see it. But I did. I saw everything, Andre.”
Bryan’s head snaps back towards the camera, another jarring movement.
WILLIAMS: ”I will show you, Andre. Tonight, in that ring. You have yet to begin to suffer.”
Looking back down at the mask, Bryan says nothing as he slowly slips it back on. Over his head, it encompasses him as he stands still. Suddenly, the blue light is gone, the scene covered in darkness.
We cut away.


The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Viduus and American Tommy stand across from each other in the ring and you can tell there is no love lost between the two. Honestly, there shouldn’t be, I mean Viduus literally attacked Tommy from behind. Should they be shaking each other’s hands and discussing when they are going to get coffee next? Tommy is pointing and hurling insults towards Viduus as Viduus just stands there and rolls his eyes. Speaker begins to say something and Tommy just completely ignores him. Viduus starts walking towards Tommy and Tommy follows suit and they lock arms in the middle of the ring. Viduus is the taller and bigger man, by quite a lot. Viduus tries to strong arm Tommy, but Tommy slips out and behind him, slapping Viduus in the back of the head with a smile on his face. Viduus turns around and throws Tommy into the corner and starts pummeling him with rights and left. He cocks back for a giant left and Tommy ducks under it and gets behind Viduus again and kicks the back of his left knee, which sends Viduus down to a knee. Tommy takes the back of Vid’s head and bashes it a few times against the middle turnbuckle until Vid throws a back elbow that catches Tommy on the jaw and sends him stumbling backwards. This time brawn beats speed, because Viduus quickly recovers and delivers a backbreaker variation that sends Tommy to the ground quickly. He picks him up and I’ll let you imagine which backbreaker variation this time, but regardless, it sends Tommy down to mat again in a heap of pain. Viduus goes for a quick pin, but Tommy kicks out almost immediately.
Viduus was smart using his size against Tommy to try and limit some of Tommy’s speed. He lifts Tommy up again, by the end and drops him on his back on one of his shoulders. Tommy wiggles free and slides down Viduus’ back and delivers a neckbreaker. Tommy gets up and pummels some kicks into the back of Viduus and as Viduus gets to his knees he delivers a spinning neckbreaker that puts Viduus back down to the ground. Tommy takes a bit of time to recover, when he should have been putting pressure on Viduus right away. Finally, Tommy goes down and puts Viduus in a headlock, but because Tommy took time to recover, Viduus had time and Viduus was easily able to get out of it and get to his feet. Viduus again picks Tommy up and whips him off the ropes while simultaneously hitting ropes on the opposite side and uses a gore like tackle to hit Tommy as hard as he can, The Soul Reaper sends Tommy through the ropes and to the mat below. Viduus distracts the referee as The Speaker comes over and starts laying some kicks into the side of Tommy’s gut while spouting what we can only believe is some history facts about Philadelphia. Speaker picks Tommy up after he is done and rolls him into the ring. Viduus quickly stops distracting the referee and goes for the pin.

Tommy kicks out, much to the frustration of Viduus and Speaker. Viduus starts toying with Tommy by slapping his hands away from him as Tommy tries to use Viduus’ body to help himself up. Viduus lifts Tommy up off the ground again and without the referee being able to see Tommy knees Viduus right in the sack that sends him down to the ground holding the King’s jewels. Tommy and the referee look at each other as Tommy shrugs.
REFEREE: “What did you do?”
TOMMY: “Huh? I didn’t do anything. The spooky fuck is faking it. Cheating fuck I tell ya.”
Tommy wastes no more time and helps Viduus to his feet, as Vid stands a little weak cause, you know, he just got kicked in the groin. They exchange a few blows back and forth before Tommy dropkicks him into the turnbuckle. Tommy runs to the other side of the ring and then bolts back towards Viduus and hitting him with his own version of the Ho Train called the Octane Express. Viduus falls to the ground and is lying on his back. Tommy quickly scales the turnbuckle and looks down at Viduus and smiles. He jumps off the turnbuckle and delivers a double stomp to the chest of Viduus which Tommy calls an Octane Stomp. Tommy quickly goes for the pin.

The Speaker jumps up on the apron and distracts the referee, interrupting the pin. Tommy is angry and runs over and gives him an uppercut and the Speaker falls off the apron and onto the ground. Viduus is able to get up in all this nonsense and grabs Tommy’s head from behind setting up similar to a Scorpion Death Drop. He picks up Tommy in the air like a suplex, but Tommy is able to wiggle himself free. Tommy kicks Viduus in the gut quickly and hits him with a YoYo Toss Salad. Tommy scales the ropes again as quickly as his crackhead looking body will allow him to and delivers another Octane Stomp! He looks down at Speaker who is still on the ground before going for the cover.

The Speaker starts to get to his feet.

The Speaker heads towards the ring and reaches for Viduus’ foot.

WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (12:18)

The interior of the Wells Fargo Arena may be filled with adored fans of the 4CW world but on this very night, two men do not share the mutual feeling. Walking down the narrow hallways with the 4CW Pride Championship draped over his right shoulder is Andre Holmes in his in-ring attire and in the shadow of his leather black hoodie walking towards his match. The audience is happy to see this man as the visual is also being shown through the large screen in the arena.
He doesn’t look happy at all. The expression of focus and determination are heavily written on his face. Out of nowhere, he’s stopped by Gabriel Hartman who interrupts his walk. Andre rolls his hazel eyes at that weak smile and shakes his head.
HARTMAN: ”Andre Holmes, you’re currently on your way to face Bryan Williams in a rematch. Now that you’re the 4CW Pride Champion, do you feel more confident that you’ll get the victory?”
While he points the microphone to his mouth, Andre chuckles and answers reluctantly.
HOLMES: ”Well, I don’t really appreciate you holding me up from the match but I’ll answer quickly. The entire world knows that I lost to Bryan Williams in our first encounter and after that, it took a lot to grow from that and make it to this moment to where I can finally say I am a champion in 4CW. However, I don’t mind this. I’m happy we got the rematch because we both knew it would happen sooner or later. I’m glad it’s now. I’m glad where it’s on the prime of my rise and the hype of Bryan’s return. It’s all going to be an amazing match at the expense that I show that time can really have an effect on us.”
HOLMES: ”Bryan Williams is an amazing competitor and even if he doesn’t think the same, it won’t matter. I have an opportunity to repay him what he did to me. I’m not going in there to become the loser I was before, hell no. And he had all the things to say about me being the Pride Champion but I’m going to be the one to go in that ring and tell him everything he said about me was utter bullshit. I won this belt fair and square and I’ll be defending it at Winter Wasteland against anyone who has the audacity to think they are a better champion than me.”
Andre snatches the microphone away from Hartman and shoves him away from the camera. He stands in front of it with a look of determination and blazing passion in his hazel eyes.
HOLMES: ”Right now, there’s a moment in my life where everyone who has ever wronged me in 4CW is going to be on the chopping block. I made a promise to never become the loser again or the mule they could kick around. I’m very happy that Jair and Dakota are going to battle it out for a chance at my Pride Championship because I’ve learned a lot from both of them. I’ve really understood that in order to be the best, sometimes you need to get more motivated from your failures and now that I’ve learned so much, I welcome them to try that shit they did before.”
HOLMES: ”I, Andre Holmes, don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks about me. I’m the champion and I’m the one with the belt they all want. So if they want the shot, step up or get stepped on. You know what? Take this!”
In the visual, he slams the microphone into Hartman’s chest and storms down the hallway ready for the match against Bryan Williams.


It’s been a long while since these next two have faced off against each other inside of a 4CW ring. In one corner we have the concussion man, Bryan Williams, and in the other corner we have the Pride Champion, Andre Holmes. These two knew each other rather well given their time working under the same roof. They stood in silence in the center of the ring, not needing to speak a single word to the other before the sound of the bell. Once that bell echoed throughout the arena, their actions spoke louder than words. Firing the first shot, Andre connected with a quick right to the side of Williams’ head, followed by a second, and then a third. Kicking Williams in the gut, Andre locked onto his wrist, pulling Williams in and whipping him to the ropes across the ring. Upon Williams’ return, Andre ran towards him, swinging with a right elbow aimed for Williams face. Swing and a miss! Ducking underneath Andre’s headshot, Williams wrapped an arm around Andre’s waste as he positioned himself behind him. Wrapping his other arm Andre, Williams went to lock his hands together but before they could touch, Andre threw back an elbow, slamming it directly into Williams’ face and knocking him back a few steps. Spinning in place, as soon as Andre faced Williams, he exploded forward, swinging his right arm once more and this time connecting with the elbow to the face that he came up short on moments prior. Lifting Williams off his feet, Andre threw him to the mat with a scoop slam before backing towards the ropes at their side. Bouncing off, Andre came back in before leaping into the air and coming down onto Williams’ head with a knee drop. Rolling forward as the knee connected, Andre fluidly stood to his feet before falling backwards and landing an elbow drop to Williams’ chest!
Andre kept Williams grounded for a few moments following, working his lower legs with kicks and stomps, more so targeting Williams’ knee that has been surgically repaired sixteen times in the last year and a half. Pulling Williams to his feet, Andre held him in place with his left hand before firing away with back to back right forearms to Williams’ face. Williams swung back in defense, missing Andre’s head barely as Andre ducked and stepped in behind him, hooking one of Williams’ arms and locking in a half nelson. Lifting Williams off his feet, Andre slammed him to the canvas with a half nelson suplex before crawling over Williams and going for a pin early in the match. Williams wasn’t going down that easy, oh no. Popping a shoulder up just before the official slapped the mat a second time, Williams broke up the pin with ease. Wasting no time at all, Andre rose back to his feet, pulling Williams up by the arm in the process. Using the momentum of pulling William’s by his arm up to his feet, Andre pulled him in even more and into a short-arm clothesline. NO! Ducking underneath Andre’s arm, Williams stepped in behind him, pulling Andre’s arm back as well and wrapping it around his torso. Wrapping his free arm around Andre, Williams then lifted Andre into the air before dropping him on his head with a suplex! The two remained down on the mat for a bit, which brought on the ten count from the official. Only reaching six, the count was soon ended as Williams stood to his feet first. Across from him, Andre was slowly beginning to push himself up to one knee. Opportunity. That’s what Williams’ saw before his own two eyes. Stepping in at a quick pace, Williams reached a hand to the back of Andre’s head, pulling it in as he lifted his knee up and into Andre’s face. Andre’s body went limp, falling over to his side as he hit the mat.
Andre wasn’t out of it, just stunned for a brief moment. Shaking it off, he began to push himself back up but before he knew it, Williams was on him like American Tommy on feet. Hitting Andre over the back with multiple forearms, Williams kept him grounded on all fours. Raising both hands above his head and locking them, Williams then swung down with a double axe-handle, slamming his arms onto Andre’s back and knocking him to his stomach. Stepping over Andre’s body with a foot planted on each side, Williams dug his hands underneath Andre, wrapping both arms around Andre’s waist before locking hands. Deadlifting Andre from the mat, Williams lifted him into the air before dropping him back down once more with a German suplex! The sound of impact was heard throughout the arena over the sounds of the crowd, but Andre wasn’t staying down. He pushed himself back up, but not before Williams was to his feet and waiting. Once Andre stood tall, Williams moved in, swinging and connecting with an elbow smash to Andre’s face. Ducking down, Williams then lifted Andre off his feet and onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Walking to the center of the ring, Williams then lifted Andre off his shoulders before dropping him across his knee with a neckbreaker! Andre’s head bounced off Williams’ knee, rolling over before smacking the mat face first. Rolling Andre over to his back, Williams quickly made the cover as the official slid in beside them with the count. One… Two… and a kickout! Just as the officials hand began to descend for the three count, Andre managed to kick out, abruptly ending the officials count.
Williams slapped the mat in frustration as Andre kicked out from the pin attempt. After giving the official a nasty look, Williams pushed himself back to his feet. Kicking Andre in the side a few times, Williams then pulled him up to his feet where he then greeted him with back to back forearm smashed to the face. Locking onto Andre’s arm, Williams then went to throw him to the ropes but before he could release, Andre planted a foot and reversed the throw, sending Williams to the ropes instead. As Williams hit the ropes, Andre took off from stand still and charged straight for him. Leaping into the air, Andre connected with a flying shoulder block that knocked Williams clean off his feet. The two were down once more in no hurry to get back to their feet. For the second time in this match, the official started his ten count and once reaching five, it came to an end as Andre was back to his feet. Just as Williams pushed himself up as well, Andre rushed in, jumping into the air once more and this time connecting with a knee underneath Williams’ chin. Stumbling backwards, Williams crashed into the corner. Running straight at him, Andre went to take Williams’ head off with a clothesline, but found himself with nothing to break his fall as he crashed into the corner with Williams nowhere to be found. At the last possible moment, Williams had dipped through the ropes and out onto the apron. The crash into the corner took the wind out of Andre and as he turned to face Williams on the apron, he was immediately pulled into the ropes where Williams popped his knee through the ropes and into Andre’s stomach. Wrapping an arm around Andre’s head, Williams grabbed him by the waistband and went to lift him into the air for a suplex. Kicking his feet, Andre managed to bring himself back down, his feet to the mat. Attempting it a second time, Williams managed to lift Andre even higher than before but just like the first attempt, Andre managed to bring his feet back down to the mat. Popping his knee through the ropes, Andre planted it directly into Williams stomach and after readjusting himself, Andre lifted Williams up and over, dropping him back into the ring with a suplex!
Williams was slow to get to his feet and once he finally made the climb, Andre was right there to put him on his back with a running clothesline. Williams pushed himself up again, and like before, Andre was right there to drop him with a second running clothesline. Williams wasn’t staying down though. Pushing himself back up, he expected Andre to attack once more like before and he was right. Rushing in, Andre went for a third clothesline but missed as Williams ducked underneath it as it passed overhead. Jumping into the air, Andre planted both feet onto the middle rope, springboarding off before turning his entire body in mid air. With no clue of what was coming his way, Williams turned to face Andre only to have his eyes light up like a deer in the headlights. Wrapping an arm around Williams’ head, Andre spun the two around and planted him head first to the mat with a tornado DDT! Williams’ head and body bounced off the mat, rolling forward until landing in a seated position on the mat. Back on his feet, Andre crept in behind Williams, grabbing him by the head with both hands. Pulling his head away from Andre’s hands, Williams upperbody dropped to the mat as he kicked his leg up, connecting with a kick out of nowhere to Andre’s face! Williams quickly pushed himself up to his feet as Andre was briefly stunned. Stepping in, Williams connected with a kick to Andre’s knee, taking his leg out from under him and dropping him to that single knee. Taking a couple steps back, Williams then moved in again, this time connecting with a superkick underneath Andre’s chin and standing him straight up. Taking a couple steps back again, Williams then moved in for a third time, connecting with a swift kick to Andre’s stomach and forcing him to buckle over. Wrapping an arm around Andre’s head, Williams then lifted him into the air, holding him upside down in a stalling suplex like position for a short moment before going down to one knee and dropping Andre onto his elevated knee with his CTE (brainbuster onto knee)! Andre was out cold as his lifeless body hit the mat. Crawling over him, Williams hooked a single leg as the official dropped in beside them with the count.

WINNER: Bryan Williams via Pinfall (12:38)
With the match over, the official tries to raise Bryan’s hand in victory. He quickly snatches it away, as he looks over at Andre. His opponent is getting back up to his feet, something that seems to irritate Bryan. Angered, and insulted, Bryan lashes out at Andre. He rushes over to him, taking him by surprise. Before Bryan can connect with anything, Andre is already through the ropes and putting the distance between himself and Bryan. He’s got more to worry about, and is able to slip away. The ringside official holds Bryan back, doing his best to keep Bryan away from Andre. Andre Holmes looks on, confused as he asks just exactly what is happening. The official holding Bryan back doesn’t seem to fair very well, as Bryan clobbers him with a right hand. He goes down hard, allowing Bryan to rush towards the ropes. Thankfully, more officials come out and stop Bryan before he can go any further. A few don’t fair very well, they get taken down like the first. Fortunately, there’s enough manpower to come out, keeping Bryan at bay for the moment.
JOHNSON: ”What the hell was that about? Bryan just won his match, why is he still trying to attack Andre?!”
VASSA: ”Andre? I’m not worried about him, Bryan is decking 4CW officials right now. I’m worried about ME! We’re next, Steve. He’s finally lost his mind with the concussions!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t think it’s that, Vinny. This looks serious, Bryan has a murderous intent about him right now!”
VASSA: ”Look, just keep that shit away from me right now. There’s more officials coming out, rally Bryan and get him away from the table.”
Andre is able to head to the back, as a couple more officials come out to separate Bryan. He struggles for a bit, before looking like he’s calmed down. He puts his hands up, as the officials let him go. Bryan takes a deep breath in, turning around and heading to the ropes. The fans are confused, Bryan’s actions have definitely been erratic tonight. As Bryan heads to the back, everyone looks on hoping that this is the last of his outburst for the time being.

It was almost game time for one Jair Hopkins, in his ring attire, ready to stamp his name on and all through this upcoming match, he was one to himself, pods in his ears as the sounds of BADBADNOTGOOD relaxed him. A different take than listening to something that would get him hyped because then possibly over-focus of the subject and that would spell failure. Just simple nods of his head to the beat as his steps turned into equal skips down the hallway to which led to the Gorilla Position. Spending his last few seconds there before match time, to reflect on his gameplan against Dakota Smith.
Walking in rhythm, he turned the corner and that led directly to the Gorilla Position to which sent an immediate surprised shock to his body. Dakota Smith standing there, back turned, peeping through the curtain, seeing the Philly crowd going wild as a video package of Dakota and Jair played, highlighting their history was being played out there and also from the tv inside the area they were in.
HOPKINS: “…Dakota!”
Snatching his pods out of his ear and putting them away, he takes a step further towards Dakota.
HOPKINS: “We been through hell as much as we’ve enjoyed our happy thrilling moments, Dakota. Tonight is special for both of us because it just goes to show that us being the OG’s of this company, we can still be great, but let me tell you somethin’ real quick…Tonight? You not ending me. I’m not going to be the one that says “I Quit” to give you satisfaction. I’m gonna be the headliner in my city at Winter Wasteland, D!”
Dakota, turning his attention away from the curtain, turned and gave his attention to Jair, giving him a neutral stare.
SMITH: ”This is it…”
It’s then that the trademark, maddening smirk of Dakota showed it’s presence as it slithered across his face. Dakota let his tongue run along his bottom lip as he took a few steps forwards towards Jair.
SMITH: ”Oh hero, how good it is to hear you sound so…Aggressive, so motivated, so in your moment. Living out these last few moments of your career before I snatch it from you inside that ring. It warms the blood my old friend it really does. But I should of expected nothing less from you… You are one to rise to the occasion. If only this occasion had a happier ending. If only there was still time left for you to do that, to be the headliner at Winter Wasteland! Enough time for you to beat Andre Holmes! Show us all why I call you hero!”
Dakota cracks his neck to the left, and then to the right as he lets out a chuckle, that sounded more serious that he had intended…Almost like a threat, where he intended a joke. A realization perhaps as he says his next few words, while staring Jair directly in the eyes.
SMITH: ”But your time is up.”
Just as Hopkins was about to give a rebuttal, the fans rooted loudly. Jair gave a long stare to Dakota as he walked past him and towards the curtains.
HOPKINS: ”My time is never gon’ be up, Dakota! Your hero bout’ to ball out and prove that those wise words you speak are dead wrong.”
SMITH: ”They’re calling for you Hero…Time to let them down for the final time.”

Four drum beats gave way to a guitar riff that forced its way into the ear drums of each and every member of the 4CW faithful in attendance and a universal shudder creeps its way down each of their spinal cords. The song, titled, “Judith,” by A Perfect Circle, blasted throughout the arena, competing to be heard with a cavalcade of boos. Faces in the audience have a short range of countenance. They displayed either anger or outright fear. As the song’s vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark blood red spotlight with smoke seeping out of it, as well as the ramp.
”You’re such an inspiration for the ways
That I’ll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you (Fuck your God)”

From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis with Viduus Morta directly by his right side, while both Preacher and The Speaker trail behind the founding members of Salvation, they stop at the foot of the walkway and gesture toward the back by each of them running a thumb across their own throats. At that instant, the wildly maligned scourge of wrestling, the General Manager of 4CW, Boston appeared. His blonde hair still caked in crimson, his torn and tattered black pants sit loosely on his waist. The five of them stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with Preacher evilly playing to the crowd, showing off his long fingernails and signature laugh, while Nemesis, Viduus, Boston and The Speaker walk to the ring in a straightforward manner with the spotlight staying on them.
Viduus slides in under the ropes as Boston uses the apron to jump onto and then enters the ring, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring with The Speaker and Preacher following the same route behind him. All five men stand in the middle if the ring forming a formidable wall while facing the entry way.
SPEAKER: “Ladies and gentlemen…you have all waited for this moment. You have all waited for when I hand Boston this microphone so that he can speak to you about what happened at Fright Night.”
The crowd showers them with boos as Boston may be cracking a smile but it is hard to tell with his blonde hair hiding part of his face.
SPEAKER: “Phoenix isnt here tonight but we wish she was so that-”

The sudden theme sounds with a voice that sounds Kimitsu that cuts Speaker off abruptly. The camera switches angles to shoot at the stage just in time to see four women walking in a line arm in arm before they stopped center stage, basking in the loud cheers and screams from the audience.
JOHNSON: ”That’s no way to address them as such, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”What is our lovely foreheaded boss even doing here?! Ain’t a crate in sight but I bet Boston wishes he had one right about now!”
The look of shock on Boston’s face was a kodak moment as Phoenix smirks at him from center stage before Kimitsu and Persephone break the connected arm chain on the ends of the line so they could step up in front side by side to lead the way down the ramp while Phoenix and Genevie walk hand in hand behind them with Phoenix swinging her trusty steel pipe in her other hand. Speaker is whispering like crazy to Viduus while Boston and Nemesis just stare, Nemesis’ glare being more menacing with being about that action if it came down to it while Boston can’t wipe that look of surprise off his face. Persephone and Kimitsu enter the ring first while staring down the men as Genevie enters next, the three women making sure their side of the ring was clear before gesturing for Phoenix to enter the ring.
Genevie walks around Salvation with a ‘try me’ look to make it to the other side of the ring as she leans over the ropes, requesting a microphone while Kimitsu smiles at the men with wishing they would try something so she had reason to throw down while Persephone has that fearless look on her face. Genevie looks Boston up and down with a dirty look as she walks past to return to the other side of the ring, handing Phoenix the microphone as the smirking co-owner takes one step towards Speaker with that signature eyebrow of her raised.
PHOENIX: “Phoenix isn’t here tonight but you wish that I was so that you could…. what?”
The Speaker stopped his feverish whispering to Viduus so that he could step up and address the question.
SPEAKER “You’re not supposed to be here…you’re….you’re…”
For the first time in a long time The Speaker failed to find words. He dropped the mic to his side and just shook his head saying something inaudible to everyone except for the people in the ring.
PHOENIX: “Well here I am…. In the flesh and coming to handle some business. And V, you better tell your lap dog that he don’t want the smoke tonight. Not only do I have back up but…”
Phoenix raises that steel pipe up for emphasizes.
PHOENIX: “Scion’s body won’t be the only one I catch with this, fuck with me if you wanna. Now V, I need you to tell me why you’re protecting and defending his punk ass and picked sides against me?? Like seriously, is that the hill you want to die on? Because after I kick his ass back to those I Cant Believe Its Not Butter commercials, then how are you going to feel?”
Viduus stares back at Phoenix without moving a muscle. His face is expressionless. You couldn’t tell what he was feeling in the moment. The audience waited for a reply but no reply came.
SPEAKER “Phoenix…you endanger your child by coming out and raising weapons to us. We assure you that all will be revealed when WE determine the time is right but for now you can leave the questions for us to ask…”
The Speaker looked pleased with himself.
PHOENIX: “Nah…. Yall on MY time now. And I know good and damn well you didn’t say endanger my child like that like yall bottom bitch back there didn’t pop up at my house on Thanksgiving wanting the smoke! Now…. ask your questions so I can do what I came here to do.”
The Speaker was taken aback. He couldn’t believe the audacity of the woman before him.
SPEAKER: “You DARE talk to me that way! Why are you here? Be gone Phoenix before Boston needs to be unleashed.”
Boston stood behind the Speaker smirking right in all of their faces.
PHOENIX: “Oh please. Unleash him so he can catch this smoke. I’ll shove this so far up his ass, you’ll be over there a spluttering, jealous mess that I dom’ed your boyfriend. Now simmer down. Where these questions at though???”
The Speaker look over both of his shoulders at the men behind him.
SPEAKER: “The real questions will come when the time is right. You will demand anything of us.”
He was adamant. He simply wouldn’t give in but Boston appeared to be chomping at the bit. He wanted to get at anyone.
PHOENIX: “Fine… since you won’t give me these so called questions. V.”
Phoenix leans to the side to look back at Viduus while completely ignoring Speaker in her face.
PHOENIX: “What are these ‘supposed’ questions that need to be asked? Because I have a few of my own like, why in the hell are you allowing yourself to be dragged down?? You don’t need Nemesis and you DAMN sure don’t need Boston, V. Come on, now… you’re better than this. Better yet, I don’t care anymore we can talk about that later. Why in the HELL are you siding with this cockblocker after everything he’s done?? Is he REALLY that worth it? Huh?”
The Speaker smiled.
SPEAKER: “Darling, he granted us our rematch and that is just the beginning of what we have in store for 4CW-”
PHOENIX: “Skerrrrrr!”
Phoenix suddenly makes a loud noise to cut Speaker off, even going as far as to grab his lips to shut his mouth.
PHOENIX: “You are officially on mute, don’t talk. Now V-“
The Speaker pulls his head back as Viduus cocks his head to the right like a confused pup.
SPEAKER: “Don’t you touch me. I’m the one with the microph-”
PHOENIX: “Skerrrrrr! What did I say, Speakerbox. You can not talk, you are mute. NOW V, as I was SAYING-“
A slight chuckle from the crowd can be heard as The Speaker looks really confused. Viduus remains silent and still.
SPEAKER: “Woman…the nerve you are show-”
Phoenix not only raises her microphone back up to her lips but also the steel pipe as she presses the top side of it against Speaker’s chest.
PHOENIX: “You do NOT speak…. When the Queen is addressing a King. You are the help. Therefore unless I am asking you to carry my bags, you do NOT speak. I see this conversation will have to be happening another time…. AWAY from the royal subjects.”
Phoenix cuts her eyes at Speaker for emphasizes before she glances at Nemesis then Viduus before finally turning around to let them know she was finished. The quartet exit the ring and make it about three steps up the ramp before Phoenix finally turns around.
PHOENIX: “Oh yeah…. And Boston? You’re FIRED”
The audience erupts into loud cheers and screams while Phoenix points that steel pipe towards him as Boston loses his shit in the ring with being completely pissed off, snatching the microphone from Speaker as he storms over to yell at Phoenix from over the ropes.
PHOENIX: “Skerrrrrr! You are mute too. Now please kindly get out of that ring. That is a 4CW ring and you are not 4CW any longer.”
BOSTON: “You won’t get away with this, you had better watch your back because it’s going to be a long night for y-”
PHOENIX: “Thought I said you were on mute.”
Persephone is in stitches as she laughs her ass off at the expression on Boston’s face while Kimitsu also cracks a grin of amusement. Genevie wraps her arm around Phoenix’s shoulder as she also laughs at the saltiness of Boston. Phoenix tosses the microphone in a pipe bomb gesture and turns around to head up the ramp with her squad while the audience cracks up in laughter and starts taunting Boston in chants for him to get the hell out of Bronx’s ring.



The arena lights flickers on and off as there is a visual on the 4CW-Tron, that of a seemingly younger version of Jair with cornrows, standing on the corner in a neighborhood, a lost look on his face as his head was on a swivel, a paper bag in his hand as siren lights were seen and heard. Running full speed, cutting corners and taking shortcuts, you could see him look back before being frozen in his running stance. Several seconds later, glitches appeared before his image faded. The tron went blank as the intro to “Fade Away” by Logic blasted into play…
“All day (all day), everyday (everyday)
We was on that block until we made a way (we made a way)
Day to day, man that’s the only way (only way)
They gon’ know my name until it fade away”

Jumping onto the stage as he came out, cupping his ears to the crowd as he used his other hand to get the fans to raise the noise up even further. Going to the other side of the stage, he did the same as he got them to get a bit more louder for him. Hopping his way back to the stage, he did a quick spin as his back was showing, pointing alas like Randy Moss, to the name on his ‘jersey’, Hopkins rushed down the ramp before sliding into the ring and popping up.
“Fade away, fade away, fade away, fade away, fade away
They gon’ know my name until it fade—
(Way, way, way), fade away
They gon’ know my name until it fade away”

POWERS: ”HAILING from Brooklyn, New York but residing in Los Angeles, California…Standing in at five feet and eight inches, weighing in at two hundred and eleven pounds…Two time 4CW Champion…JAIR HHOOPPKKIINNSS!!!”
“Welcome To Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light throughout the arena. Dakota Smith makes his way from behind the curtain and looks around the theater, his 4CW Tag-Team tied through a loop in his belt. He moves his head to the right and then to the left taking a long deep breath, the strobe lights giving you glimpses at his imposing demeanor. Dakota then snorts his head back and spits down onto the ground, quickly wiping his nose off and making his way down to the ring.
“These voices in my head are telling me you have to die
I obeyed their every wish
I’ll fuck your body infront of your kids
Cannibalism, I serve you up to the cult
You’re my latest dish
Picking human meat out of my teeth like Albert Fish
I’m a sick fuck pissed at the fact that I still exist”

POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is “The Butcher” and one half of the 4CW Tag Team Champions, DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
About half way down the ramp, closer to the ring than the stage, Dakota stops. He stands there and runs his hands up and down his 4CW Tag-Team Championship. He then chuckles to himself before cracking his neck to the left and then to the right, letting out a monstrous war cry before continuing down to the ring.
“I hear voices all around me
Telling me to end your suffering
I see red and feel death coming
I will purge the world with no following
Bloodshed, feeling like an animal, caged
I’m going for your throat
Bloodshed, dripping from my face, I’m hollow
Make your skin into a coat “

As he reaches the ring he undoes the championship from his belt and tosses it to the ground.Then instead of his usual routine, Dakota circles the ring like a predator stalking his prey. This gets a wide smirk from Hop as he gestures with his hand for Dakota to get the fuck in the ring. Dakota licks his lips and runs forward, acting as if he was about to slide in but stops short to the humor of Jair Hopkins. Dakota then reaches underneath the ring, and grabs a chair – throwing it into the ring, Jair catching it with catlike reflexes. The Butcher pulls out a chair of his own and slides in underneath the ropes as the referee sounds for the bell.
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, this is already turning into a shit show now isn’t it. Can’t we just have an I quit match, or maybe a match involving these two in general, that doesn’t resemble a Tarantino movie.”
JOHNSON: ”I think you answered your own question there, but why are you complaining?”
VASSA: ”Because shit like this won’t bring Jett back! I like the rest of his fans want to see him back on the main show! But as long as these two psychopaths keep doing shit like this, he won’t! THE BOY IS EASILY SHAKEN!”
JOHNSON: ”Jett? Focus on the match at hand!”
It’s at this point where all hell breaks loose, the sound of clashing steel ringing throughout the arena as Jair and Dakota try and kill each other with those steel chairs. It’s as if they are holding nothing back as steel meets steel, each strike being countered. That is until Jair swings low as Dakota swings down. Jair hits Dakota in the side of the ribs at the exact moment Dakota smacks Jair in the back! Both men go down for a moment, but it’s Jair who gets the upper hand – bolting forward tackling Dakota through the ring ropes and onto the hard ground below Dakota’s body thumps off of the canvas as the two men lay there motionless for a few seconds looking like a snowbank when Gordy is finished with it. The two men start to move, Dakota planting his fist into the canvas as pushing himself up ready to attack, but once again Jair is on top of him with a superkick that rings out throughout the arena. Dakota doesn’t falter however, instead taking that shit like a fucking cyborg – screaming at the top of his lungs as he launches himself at Jair. Pummeling him with gorilla strikes to the top of his head until he is down on one knee. Then almost as if on instinct, Dakota lifts the much larger man up and runs forward, launching Jair through the air and into the side of the steel steps with a throwing powerbomb!
JOHNSON: ”Oh my god! These two are trying to kill one another!”
A trickle of blood begins to pour down from Dakota’s mouth as he holds onto his jaw, just now feeling the superkick from earlier. Dakota shakes his head in a rather manic manor before stomping forward and grabbing Jair by the side of the face, He lifts him up and throws him, literally fucking throws him into the barricade. Dakota the lifts his foot up going to stomp the face of Jair, but Hopkins move, this jacks up the leg of Dakota Smith and Jair uses this to his advantage. Hop jumps into the air and connects with a picture perfect drop sault that sends Dakota flying backwards onto the steps. Jair waste no time running up the body of Dakota and hopping up on top of the turnbuckle. Jair then turns around so that he is facing Dakota, who is still sprawled out on the steps. Jair jumps up into the air, coming crashing down with a double foot stomp directly to Dakota’s sternum! The referee slides to the outside, as if he was going to ask Dakota if he quit. But Jair just shoves him away, yelling out “ Are you fucking stupid?” Before turning his attention back to Dakota. Who had now rolled himself off of the steel steps and is slowly but surely pushing his way up to his feet.
With blood running down his beard and onto his chest, Dakota’s eyes meet up with Jair’s and The Butcher smiles. Jair flings himself forward, trying to boot Dakota right in his fucking grin. But Dakota grabs his leg with one hand, punches him square in the dick with the other! Before Jair can even react Dakota grabs Jair by the pants and violently pulls him forward! Jair’s head smacking off of the barricade! Dakota spins around and grabs Jair by the back of the head and smashes his face over and over again into the barricade, a child in the front row is fucking horrfied, crying louder than the thumps of Jair’s skull hitting barricade. Dakota holds Jair’s now crimson mask covered face up, as if to show the child. The parent starts to mouth off to Dakota, but backs down rather quickly as Dakota lets go of Jair’s head and squares up. The butcher glares at the parent for a few more moments before kicking Jair directly in the rib cage.
JOHNSON: ”You realize Dakota is older than Jair right?”
VASSA: ”Well no shit, satan is ageless.”
Dakota grabs Jair by the throat and deadlifts him into the air, chokeslamming him onto the ring apron. He keeps the choke hold on him and screams into his face, yelling for him to give up! But of course Jair just spits in his face. This seemingly enrages the butcher as he headbutts Jair’ right between the eyes! With Jair laid out on the apron, Dakota goes searching underneath the ring. Dakota’s eyes light up like a child seeing their first snowflake as he pulls out a table! He slides it underneath the ring then kneels back down and grabs a bottle of lighter fluid. Dakota pushes Jair more into the ring, then rolls in himself. Letting the lighter fluid fall to the mat as he picks up the table and sets it into the corner. While Dakota was setting the table up, Jair has risen to his face. He looks at the lay of the land and eyes the steel chair that is still in the ring. Jair sneakily picks it up and as soon as Dakota turns around he gets fucking blasted in the face with it! The impact almost breaks the table, as Dakota goes flying against it. Jair quickly runs over and throws Dakota to the ground. Jair places the chair on top of Dakota and uses the table like a wall, running up it and back flipping off it with a moonsault! Connecting perfectly, driving the chair into Dakota’s chest!
Jair then picks up the chair, pausing for a moment as he looks out throughout the cheering audience who are chanting at the top of their lung.

Then Jair lets loose, raising the chair high up into the air and bringing it down with the force of semi truck onto Dakota’s body! One shot after another echoing through the arena. The chair shots ringing against Dakota’s body as he cries out in agony. The referee asks if he would like to give up, and Dakota tells him “ Go suck a fucking dick! “ Jair brings the chair down on last time and throws it to the side before stomping Dakota’s skull down into the mat. He eyes up the lighter fluid and picks it up, walking over to the table and giving it a good dousing. He then goes through Dakota’s pockets like he was stealing his fuckin’ lunch money! Finding a pair of matches, Jair looks pretty proud of himself, giving Dakota another good stiff kick to the side of the head before returning to the table in the corner. He lights the match off of his boot and sets the table ablaze. He goes to turn around but finds a pissed off Butcher huffing and puffing directly behind him. Blood flowing from his nose and mouth, this gave Jair a little bit of a scare. Dakota cocked back and gave Jair a headbut before kicking him in the put and picking him up for a powerbomb! He then runs forward, but oh no! Jair reverses with a hurricanrana sending Dakota into the flaming table, smashing it to pieces! Dakota rolls out of the ring his pants aflame he as grabs drastically at his back which had already begun to blister.
Jair shook his head as he saw Dakota roll out of the ring, looking like a flaming Cheeto. Hops followed, choosing to immediately stomp Dakota’s back out as the crowd counted each stomp until the count reached 10 or 11 stomps. Jair was feeling that aire of confidence come back as he trotted around ringside, checking under the aprons until he stumbled on what he wanted, a Singapore Cane. Coming back to “The Butcher”, Jair seen him try to rise up. He lit up his already ‘damaged’ back, driving that down with much anger. “I hope you enjoy the face down/ass up position because Ima fuck you up good!”, Jair yelled out at a slow-recovering Dakota. Mothers and Fathers covered their kids ears that were close enough to hear as Jair had sole control of the match.
VASSA: ”Dakota needs to find a way back onto his feet. Jair is in a mood right now.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been a long while since we’ve seen this version of Jair.”
Jair used that same Singapore Cane to hook under Dakota’s chin and neck, pulling up as he crouched onto his back, a modified Camel Clutch with the assist of the weapon. Dakota’s face said it all as he tried to reach at Jair’s face but couldn’t quite with how Jair was positioned. Jair continued talking trash and keep the hold on tight, looking to get this one over with early but even he knew Dakota wasn’t going to die with ease. Jair felt himself be raised upwards into the air as it looked as if he was getting a piggyback ride from Dakota. Dakota had pushed and powered himself to his feet with Jair on him, his position slipped and so did the submission attempt. Driving in reverse, Jair was sent back-first into the ring post, catching the back of his head as well with his body slumping to the floor on impact. Dakota shrugged off the smell of Hopkins, picking up that Singapore Cane that was used in attempt to choke him out and stared at his subject for a moment before choosing to swing and connect at the head but all he got with that powering swing was a rebounding feel of clashing with the ringpost. Jair had moved out the way at the last possible second.
Dakota dropped the cane and seemed to have something else in mind as he yanked Hopkins by one of his plaits, dragging him a bit before leaving his body close to the barricade wall. The referee just stayed in his place, in the ring, not even attempting to go near Dakota. Dakota looked down at Hopkins, a shake of his head before placing his foot across the throat of Hopkins, his version of “choking” but it was more of just toying with the former two-time 4CW Champion. Dakota enjoyed playing with his food before eating. After leaving his footprint on the throat of Jair, Dakota used the barricade to aide in him jumping up and driving both his feet into the chest as Jair began coughing up some blood. It was almost like an adrenaline booster for Dakota with the sight of blood. Pulling Jair up to his feet, he then drove him back first into the barricade multiple times that then transitioned into multiple knees into the body and abdomen before ragdoll tossing Jair into the ring through the bottom ropes.
Jair motioned around on the canvas as the referee checked on him, seeing if he wanted to give in to which Jair shook his head stating “No!” Jair made his destination to the far corner as Dakota peeked from the outside before sliding into the ring and deciding to lick his lips at the small package of meat that was sitting in the corner. Dakota gradually makes his way over towards Jair, staring a hole through his target. Looking to keep him down and grounded, Dakota went to drive his shin into the face of Jair but he blocked Dakota’s attempt, then using the corner as a swing almost, drove both his feet into the chest of Dakota, pushing him off to gain space. Dakota waved for Hopkins to come with it and Jair came right at him, both trading shots to the face before Dakota ended that back and forth with a kick to the gut, then pushing him into the ropes, setting up for what looked to be a Big Boot but Jair ducked and kicked out Dakota’s leg from underneath, putting Dakota on his backside then he connected with a stiff basement dropkick to the back of Dakota. Jair went to the top rope, catching some air as he hit a Moonsault, but Dakota being Dakota, put up his knees, forcing more pain to that abdomen section. The two were at a rest point, near side-by-side with the two as their names were put into a battle of chants.
The chants in the arena get louder and louder as it is Dakota who makes it up to his knees first, he grabs one of the mangled chairs from before and uses it to push himself up. He turns to see that Jair has gotten up to one knee, and from the look on the butcher’s face he was about to put an end to that. With one hand Dakota swings the chair wildly, connecting against the back of the head of Jair. Hopkins goes limp on his stomach as Dakota takes the tip of the chair and drives it into the back of Hopkin’s neck! Just pressing down, steel on flesh as the butcher screams of Jair to say those two magic words. But when the referee asks he is just met with a loud “ NO! “ This pisses Dakota off to no end as he cocks the chair high up in the air and swings down looking to splatter Jair’s brain like a watermelon on the sidewalk. But Jair moves! Dakota goes to swing again but Jair kicks up at the chair, sending it smashing into the Butcher’s face! Dakota hits the mat like a fucking rag doll as Jair uses the ropes to help himself to his feet.
Jair surveys the ring, Dakota looked as it he was out cold and that is when Jair goes back to the lighter fluid. He douses the steel chair that was just used to try and cripple him with the oil and lights it ablaze! Dakota makes it up to his feet just as Jair goes to swing, but Dakota ducks and strikes him in the midsection, causing Jair to drop the chair. Dakota whips himself around as if on instinct and kicks Jair in the gut, getting him in the double underhook and planting him with a piledriver directly onto the flaming chair.
VASSA: ”This is fucking sickening!”
Dakota scoots himself back into the corner at sitting position as he tells the referee to ask Jair. Jair’s face was bloody, some of his hair had been singed, he looked like something out of a snuff film with crimson snot hanging from his lips and nose. With faded breath he says “no”, this is to the shock of Dakota. Dakota uses what strength he has left to pull himself up, he marches of to Jair – who quickly turns and swings, driving a particularly pointed piece of wooden table directly into the side of Dakota! Jair places the shard of wood on the ground so that the point is sticking up he then drags Dakota up from his knees and onto his feet. He lifts him up into the air with a reverse spinning facebuster, Dakota’s face coming right down on top of the shard of wood, which goes flying on impact.
VASSA: ”BREAD N’ BUTTER! He’s dead! He’s fucking dead!”
Jair was wobbly and on all fours, his mouth open and heavy breathing as he looked up at the motionless Dakota. Slowly Jair crawls towards the butcher, using all of his strength to push him over to his back. And that is when we see a most disturbing scene, Dakota was smiling, a violent laughter echoing throughout the arena as blood poured thick and fast from a gaping wound right above Dakota’s left eye.
JOHNSON: ”What in the world…I… I don’t even know what to say right now.”
VASSA: ”…Will you hold me?”
As the commentators were stunned throughout this entire contest, nothing compared to how they were at the moment…SHOOK, matching that of the audience. Jair was still on all fours as he took a moment to stare but maybe he should’ve just got up and away. It was all past tense now with Dakota reaching up with such sharp reaction, grabbing Jair around the throat, squeezing. The eyes of Jair’s grew wider as Dakota’s grip grew tighter. Dakota, with his grasp, made his way to his feet as he stared the man in the eye before zinging him with a lightning punch between the eyes, knocking him out as he crashes to the floor. Dakota flips up the apron curtain as he sees and pulls out a white bucket. Inside of it was an array of smaller weapons and as he reached in, he pulled out a pair of vise grips. Glancing back at Hopkins, whom was in a blur of not knowing where he was, Dakota returned his attention to him. Grabbing him by his hair again and serving up the fans ringside a closer look at their “hero”.
Prying open Jair’s bloody mouth, he put those vise grips to work, applying them to the grill that were in Jair’s mouth and a sudden horrific flashback to the rivarly of Jair and Jason Cashe and the harsh removal of those grills. Locked on, Dakota yanked and yanked as Jair’s squeamish yell was even odd to hear to the fans who had to witness the visuals. Dakota wiggled and yanked until the grip of the grills broke and that even included the loosening of a tooth or two in the process. Dakota tossed the broken grill into the crowd before yanking Jair and running him face first into the edge of the apron. Jair spit out those couple teeth that were still loose in his mouth as blood followed. Dakota was butchering Jair into a lesser being and it was on full display with litte response.
VASSA: ”Y’know, I really gotta give Boston a hand here for this. Who would ever think we would see this again? Dakota just ripping out a man’s soul with no regret.”
JOHNSON: ”Pfft.”
Jair was sent into the ring by Dakota whom eyes surveyed his surroundings again, looking for something. Jair motioned around, trying to see from the crimson mask on his face as he got to his feet thanks to the corner being an assist. BAM! Dakota came driving in with a forearm right to the back of the skull, stopping Jair right there as he turned him around, face to face but Jair drove his shoe right into Dakota’s face, mushing his nostrils before he quickly hopped onto the top rope and as Dakota turned around, Hops leaped off, going for his rare signature, “Hail Mary”, Shooting Star DDT and it was a reason why it was rarely done. He face planted right into the mat and it was Dakota who peeled him off the mat, a bloody print of his face on the canvas.
Jair shows fight, attempting to fight out of Dakota’s lock he had on him around the back of his neck as he went flying into the corner. Dakota pressed him up, saying something into the ear of Jair as what could be seen of his facial area, change with the expression. Dakota stepped back a bit only to run into and deliver a tongue-biting Euro Uppercut as Jair’s head hung low signaling as if he was completely out of it. “Time to put you out of your misery, Hero!” Dakota lowly said but was heard over the cameras microphone, lulling him out of the corner before going behind Jair and placing a sleeper hold onto him, leaning back to apply pressure. Taking it a step further, he went up the turnbuckle transitioning the sleeperhold into a Hangman variation, all while keeping Jair locked in tight as blood seeped from his mouth. Dakota, cut off the air to the windpipe of Jair’s, knowing he was going to run out at some point. However something else was noticeable to point out. Despite his position, Jair somehow was aroused from this and there was a boner visible. Dakota kept the pressure, whispering into the left ear of Jair’s. As the referee intervened, raising the arm once and watching it drop, he called for the bell. The referee called for Dakota to release the hold to which he did and Jair’s body went limp, folding to the canvas as there was a small smile on his face. Seemingly satisfied. Dakota just stared down at him before going on to celebrate a violent victory.
JOHNSON: ”I…I don’t quite understand what I just watched?”
VASSA: ”I knew he was a weird dude. Getting aroused by getting choked out. I’m done.”
WINNER: Dakota Smith (19:58)

We cut backstage to the temporary office for the evening belonging to Perry Wallace. How do we know this is his office? That’s easy. He’s sitting on the couch placed at the right side of the room. Sitting to his right with his arm around her is no one other than Antonia Patton. Surprised we aren’t walking in on him in the middle of eating her ass on top of the desk not far away.
WALLACE: “I will try my best to not get into any trouble tonight and end up laid out like the last show. After all, you’re here to keep me in line, dear.”
PATTON: “I can only try my best to keep you out of trouble.”
He thinks to himself for a moment, before looking to Antonia for advice.
WALLACE: “Let me ask you a question.”
PATTON: “Yes?”
WALLACE: “Kaelan and Bryan Laughlin. You know what’s been going on between them. You saw tonight where she challenged him to a match at the pay-per-view and he accepted. They’re husband and wife. What do you think? Should I allow it, give them what they want in two weeks and let them rip each other apart? You’re the expert with these types of crazy things.”
PATTON: “I feel that in this situation, it seems as if something needs to get out of their system. If they aren’t given the proper platform to do so, then I am sure that more incidents like Kaelan attacking him with his championship will continue happening until she gets what she is wanting.”
WALLACE: “I suppose I’ll book it. Let these two get this out of their systems.”
He says as he rests his hand on her knee.
WALLACE: “Let’s just hope things don’t ever get like that between us. I can tell you what the problem is between those two. He doesn’t eat her ass enough.’”
She frowns at him for saying that on air but before she can speak, a sudden knock is heard at the door that Perry is grateful for as he tells the person to come in. In enters his partner with a smirk on her face and that steel pipe in her hand as she approaches the love birds.
PHOENIX: “WELL WELL WELL…. What do we have going on here?? Is it date night??”
She teases the couple. Perry’s eyes light up like the fourth of July at the sight of Phe across the room.
WALLACE: “Well I’ll be damned! I wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight. Now that you mention it, yes it is date night. You can handle running things here while I take this fine woman here beside me for a night out on the town.”
PHOENIX: “Now now, don’t act like you didn’t see me out there handling business. Now, as much as I would love to relieve you lovebirds tonight and take over, I have part two of my business for tonight to conduct. Besides… you can take as many days off as ya want once I come back officially next year. Until, you have to be a good boy and run things around here.”
PATTON: “It’s good to see that you are doing better. The company you are keeping nowadays seems to be having a positive effect on you, which is definitely good since you really need to try to stay less stressed for the baby.”
PHOENIX: “Yeah… we’ll see about that. You know tards are gonna tard and I already am prepared for the nuclear bomb levels of dragging after the Awards show if the uglies start up with the, IT WAS RIGGED, bs. And you better be dressing up for it too.”
Phoenix cuts her eyes playfully at Perry.
WALLACE: “Pshhh…”
He waves his hand at Phe with a smirk across his face.
WALLACE: “I always dress nice. Every show, custom tailored suit. Instead of telling me what I need to do, you need to teach that knucklehead what good children’s literature is so that baby isn’t acting like it lives in the swamp after it’s born. Have you ever seen Swamp People?!”
PHOENIX: “Look here, you better be nice because he’s been keeping me calm and level headed as of late which means I haven’t had the need to see your lovely girlfriend here… which gives you more ass eating time. Now I can always start clocking in those appointments on a daily basis. Leave that man alone, he’s living his best life right now.”
Was it us or did her forehead just shine brighter from that last sentence? Maybe her ego was bigger than that fivehead after all.
WALLACE: “Yo, you better chill! You’re pregnant so if you’re going to take up her time, you best be ready to pay for two. We’re building a nest egg over here thanks to you, sweetheart! Now I’ll be dressed to impress like always, even though I already got cucked and the one award I was nominated for being pulled from the ballot.”
He thinks to himself for a brief moment as silence fills the room. He looks to Antonia for a second, and then cuts his eyes back to Phe.
WALLACE: “So, what are you going to do with Boston?”
Phoenix raises her eyebrow at her partner before leaning in to whisper in his ear before pulling back.
WALLACE: “Keep me posted. There are some other matters that need to be handled with him when the time comes.”

Head lowered, Elijah Carlson stood just a few feet away from “guerilla” backstage, as in just a few moments he would be walking out toward the ring toward his much anticipated match with Artemis Kaiser. As the camera zoomed in on him he seemed to sense it and slowly tilted his head upward, his gaze meeting the camera lens head on.
E. CARLSON: “I’m sure you’re all disappointed that there’s no powerpoint, no pie chart, or anything else to help you understand the magnitude of what is about to happen out in that ring tonight. Two reigning champions going head to head, with nothing but pride and ego on the line, and perhaps a bit of establishing the pecking order over the coming days and weeks. Already people have been asking me, if I beat Artemis Kaiser tonight will I look to insert myself into the 4CW Championship picture. And I can tell you all, honestly, that the answer to that is no.”
Wrapped tightly around his waist is the shimmering 4CW North American Championship, a prize that he has become quite attached to since snatching it from Kimitsu Zombie’s grasp at Fright Night.
E. CARLSON: “It is like I’ve been saying since I came back at Ante Up. I am going to provide something different. I am going to give fans an alternative. I am going to give the men and women of this company something better than the status quo. That path started the moment I showed back up on 4CW programming, and it has continued all the way to this point. And hell, regardless of outcome tonight, that drum will continue to be pounded steadily and relentlessly all the way to Winter Wasteland and afterward. Tonight, when I walk out to that ring, love me or hate me, those fans know at their very core that they have a champion in Elijah Carlson that they can be proud of. Not a champion who takes time off for rest and relaxation, but a man who is here week in and week out, taking on all challengers and all opponents.”
Gently his fingers traced the shining belt and he glanced down, tapping the nameplate as he did so.
E. CARLSON: “There’s a reason why people are coming from other companies to challenge for Bryan Laughlin’s Ignition Title. There’s a reason that newcomers to 4CW are setting their sights on the North American Championship, and why the 4CW Championship has become a mockery and a punchline. And that is because men like Laughlin and I, we earn our keep. People like Viduus and Artemis? They expect shit to be handed to them. But tonight? Oh boy tonight. In just a few short moments, I’m about to rip that silver spoon right out of the 4CW Champions mouth. And maybe, just maybe, Ms. Kaiser will realize that there’s only one Daddy in 4CW…”
From just off screen, Genie Carlson emerged into the shot to place a kiss on her husband’s head and then turned and looked directly into the camera.
G. CARLSON: “And his name is Elijah Carlson.”
The two shared another kiss before Eli removed himself from his wife’s grasp and disappeared behind the curtain, heading off to engage in what likely would be a better, and more entertaining, match than what would top the card at Winter Wasteland.


JOHNSON: ”Welcome back to ringside folks, up next we have out main event of the evening.”
VASSA: ”It’s always been a thing in 4CW for as long as I can remember, champion versus champion matches.”
JOHNSON: ”Four weeks ago it was Andre Holmes, the Pride Champion, taking on the 4CW Champion, Artemis Kaiser.”
VASSA: ”Tonight it’s the North American Champion versus the 4CW Champion right here in Philadelphia.”
JOHNSON: ”That’s right folks, Elijah Carlson and Artemis Kaiser will be stepping into the ring with each other tonight on Adrenaline Ninety-Five.”
VASSA: ”I’ve been looking forward to this match the moment it was booked and now that the time has finally come, I don’t know what to do with myself!”
JOHNSON: ”There isn’t anything you can do but sit back and enjoy the show.”
VASSA: ”That’s easy for you to say!”
The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing. As the video clips begin to play on, the opening lyrics of Alter Bridges “My Champion” begin.
”May this be your victory song
A song for you when I am gone
Reminding you of what you’re meant to be.
A gift to bring you clarity
To show you that your destiny
Is not defined by what you’ve failed to see

While Myles Kennedy’s voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as the 4CW North American Champion, Elijah Carlson, emerges from the backstage area in a pair of black trunks and a tucked in black polo shirt with the 4CW logo on the upper left corner of the shirt. Over his right shoulder the glittering 4CW North American Championship hangs loosely, a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.
”May this lift you up
When you feel you’ll fall again
You cannot win, no
Hope these words are enough
For you to be strong, my friend”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring standing six feet one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is the 4CW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. After a moment of hesitation, Eli shrugged his shoulders and reached out to receive “five” from the kid before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope, raising the 4CW North American Championship high above his head as the chorus of boo’s and cheers once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at the title and then at his chest before hopping down back to the mat.
JOHNSON: ”Oh come on now, Vinny, he isn’t that bad.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not nasty at all, he’s good guy Eli.”
VASSA: ”CookiEli is dead, Steve. Get over it.”
Death tolls in the arena as the lights go down. The sound of rolling thunder and fierce lightning submerges the audience into the atmosphere that surrounds the coming champion. The lights, flashing and waning, represents the storm in the arena. Smoke starts to pollute the stage and it seems that a somber tone could settle down. Yet, the screeching opening guitar riff of Rammestein’s “Sonne” annihilates that entirely. The countdown to the arrival commences.

Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. On her waist is the 4CW Championship that she proudly carries. She abandons the athletic backflip in lieu of just stepping down to the ring.
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Sie ist der hellste Stern von allen!
Hier kommt die Sonne!”

POWERS: ”Making her way down to the ring…weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds…fighting out of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada…she is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 4CW CHAMPION…SHE IS ‘THE LAST EMPRESS’, ARTEMIS MMAAIISSEERR!!!”
Artemis steps slowly back into the center of the ring. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.
JOHNSON: ”And there’s our 4CW Champion, sitting at the top of the mountain, Artemis Kaiser.”
VASSA: ”She’s been on quite a roll since signing with 4CW and aside from the Warzone at Fright Night, this very well may be her toughest challenge to date.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s no doubt about it. Elijah is a former 4CW Champion. He’s been in her position once before. Tonight we get to see exactly what our 4CW Champion is made of.”
VASSA: ”This is a pay-per-view quality match and you folks sitting at home watching Adrenaline get it for free tonight!”
JOHNSON: ”The entire city of Philadelphia is going to feel the impact these two leave here tonight in the ring.”
After handing their championship off to members of the ringside crew, Artemis and Elijah stand in their corners across from one another in silence. In the middle of the ring, the official checks in with both corners and once getting the okay from Eli and Artemis, he throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

The left their corners and headed straight for one another. Meeting in the center of the ring, the circled each other for just a brief moment before Eli struck first, wasting no time at all to get his hands on the 4CW Champion. They locked up, and with ease, Eli backed Artemis up across the ring before pressing her back to the ropes. Pulling his hands away from her, he took a step back only to step back in and catch her off guard with a quick right to the side of the head. Locking onto her wrist, Elie pushed her against the ropes before pulling her away and whipping her to the other side. As Artemis came back on the return, Eli went to take her down with a drop-toe hold but failed as Artemis leaped into the air and over him. As Eli pushed himself back up, Artemis hit the ropes again, this time charging back towards Eli as he finally stood and taking him off his feet with a running dropkick.
JOHNSON: ”Eli may have the size advantage over Artemis but I think it’s pretty clear who the quicker one is.”
VASSA: ”They say speed kills, and she just went for his heart with that dropkick.”
Eli quickly pushed himself up but not before Artemis was back on him as he rose to one knee. Hitting Eli a couple of times over the back with forearms, Artemis kept him grounded against his will. Taking a few steps back, she then rushed back in, kicking her leg into the air and aiming it for Eli’s head. Coming within inches of plowing into Eli’s face, Artemis’ foot came to a quick stop as Eli caught it between both of his hands. Holding her foot and keeping her leg elevated, Eli stood to his feet before stepping forward. With all of his strength, he pushed her leg away from him, sending her falling backwards to the mat in the center of the ring. She hit the mat with her back but quickly rolled completely backwards, popping back up to her feet. As soon as she looked up, Eli was right there in her face, charging in and slamming into her with a shoulder block that knocked her flat on her back.
JOHNSON: ”Speed may kill but she wasn’t fast enough to connect with that kick moments ago.”
VASSA: ”She almost did! Too bad Eli was able to catch her foot before tasting her boot.”
Eli kicked Artemis a couple of times as she remained on her back. Leaping straight into the air, he came down over top of her with a double foot stomp. Rolling out of the way, Artemis dodged the stomp to her chest as Eli landed both feet to the canvas. Popping up to her feet with a kip up, Artemis spun in place, swinging her entire body around and returning to face Eli with a roundhouse kick that sent him stumbling backwards into the nearby corner. Artemis ran straight for him as he hit the corner, leaping into the air for what appeared to be a body splash. Spinning against the ropes, Eli avoided the collision, but Artemis was quick to react. Landing both feet on the middle ropes, she jumped backwards away from the corner, flipping through the air. She landed into Eli with a moonsault , but it didn’t take the North American Champion down. Wrapping both arms around her and holding her body against his, Eli caught her in mid air. He stepped away from the ropes but didn’t get far as Artemis held onto the bottom rope with both hands. He pulled numerous times, before she eventually let go of the ropes in the middle of one of his pulls. Eli stepped backwards off balance as Artemis swung her body around, wrapping both legs around his head and throwing him across the ring with a head scissors takedown!
VASSA: ”Just when Eli thought he had her right where he wanted her, Artemis catches him by surprise and counters with a head scissors takedown.”
JOHNSON: ”It was a smart move on her end. Using his own force against him as she released the ropes with perfect timing.”
VASSA: ”He should have just dropped her straight on her head the moment he caught her. It would have been nasty but that’s exactly what Eli is!”
Eli rolled across the ring, finally coming to a stop at the opposite ropes before pushing himself up to one knee. Looking across the ring, his eyes lit up at the sight of Artemis running directly towards him. Pushing himself up and bursting forward, Eli motioned as if he were going to lock up, causing Artemis to react and throws her arms up to reach for him as well. Side stepping her, Eli tripped her up with a drop-toe hold, forcing her to fall forward. Her neck landed across the middle rope. Holding herself up barely with her arms over the middle rope, Artemis gasped for air, giving Eli all the time in the world to get back on his feet before she could even attempt to pull herself away from the ropes. Walking over to her side, Eli kicked her in the stomach over and over, lifting her entire body up into the air as each kick landed.
Grabbing ahold of Artemis, Eli pulled her away from the ropes and back to her feet. Swinging with his right, Eli connected with a stiff punch to Artemis’ ribs. Swinging with his left, he connected with a solid strike to her shoulder. He then faked a punch with his right, forcing Artemis to throw her arms up in defense. Switching things up, Eli then kicked her in the side of the thigh with back to back rapid right kicks. Kicking his left leg up, he planted it against the side of her knee. Grabbing ahold of her head, he pulled her into a side headlock, lifting her off her feet and throwing her to the mat as he turned his body. Artemis hit the mat and rolled over a few times, but quickly pushed herself back up. On his feet as well was Eli, and he wasn’t giving her a single moment to catch her breath. Throwing an overhead right, he aimed for her head but Artemis blocked it as she threw her arm up in defense. Throwing a left, Eli went for her head once more but was blocked as she threw her other arm up. Kicking his foot up, he planted it directly into her stomach, forcing her to buckle over from the impact. Grabbing onto her head with both hands, Eli then took her down face first to the mat with a sit-out facebuster! Rolling her over to her back, Eli crawled over her with the cover as the official dropped in beside them with the count.

VASSA: ”Artemis kicks out!”
JOHNSON: ”Eli has taken control of the match but in a way, that pin attempt from him may have been more of a blessing for Artemis.”
VASSA: ”How so?”
JOHNSON: ”If he’s trying to pin her then he isn’t doing anymore damage.”
VASSA: ”I’ve never thought about it like that but you’re right.”
JOHNSON: ”Of course I am. I know what I’m talking about, Vinny.”
Eli pushed himself back to his feet, not so much disappointed with the kickout. He knew it was a longshot. Artemis is the 4CW Champion after all. It’s going to take a lot more than that this early in the match to put her away for the three count. He slowly circled her body as she remained down to the mat. At her mid section, he decided it was time to strike. Lifting his foot into the air and raising his knee as high as he could, it was clear that he was going to stomp down onto her stomach. He didn’t though. Something on the outside caught his attention before he brought the hammer down.

It’s a sign in the crowd, held by a fan in the front row who is also yelling some pretty nasty things at Eli. Oddly enough, Eli can also hear every word the fan is saying about him. Maybe nasty people have the ability to hear nasty things over everything else in the background? Who knows, but it brings a smile to Eli’s face. He slowly lowers his leg, not stomping down onto Artemis before stepping away from her and walking over to the ropes. Leaning over the ropes, Eli shouts at the fan, probably some more nasty things being said. Back and forth the two shout at each other. This was literally starting to turn into a nasty situation. Meanwhile, Artemis slowly began to climb back to her feet as Eli was distracted with the nastiness at ringside. He didn’t notice, he was too busy looking down in the front row and speaking his mind which was probably worse than the nasty things he says about other wrestlers. I can guarantee he wasn’t giving the fan a compliment. Sneaking in behind Eli, Artemis aimed for the back of his head, connecting with a solid punch to the center of it. Eli fell forward into the ropes, unable to turn himself around as Artemis fired at will with rapid rights to the back of his head. Grabbing him by the shoulder, she spun him around, greeting him with a left that lit him up, brought stars to his eyes! Locking onto Eli’s wrist, Artemis then pulled him away from the ropes and slung him in the opposite direction with all of her strength. As he hit the ropes, Artemis quickly stepped to the center of the ring where she met him, lifting Eli off his feet and spinning him in the air before dropping him across her knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!
VASSA: ”Come on Eli, you know better than that!”
JOHNSON: ”Artemis is the 4CW Champion for a reason. Turning his back to the top champion in 4CW is never going to end well for anyone. I don’t care who it is!”
VASSA: ”In this case it’s Eli. Someone who knows more than anyone not to take someone in the position that Artemis is in lightly.”
Artemis positioned herself beside Eli, grabbing ahold of him and holding him in place as she rammed multiple knees into his stomach, each one knocking the air from his lungs. Pushing herself up, she then began kicking him over and over in the stomach and ribs. Swinging her body around, she lifted her foot into the air, raising her knee as high as she could before kicking it down and stomping onto Eli’s face! Hopping over him, she ran towards the ropes and upon her return she connected with a rolling knee to Eli’s stomach. As she rolled forward off of him, Eli’s body shot up to an upright seated position. Rolling fluidly up to her feet, Artemis was electric. The Philadelphia crowd was behind her one hundred percent as she turned things around right before their eyes. Pacing back and forth behind Eli, she patiently waited as Eli slowly began to push himself back to his feet. Once he stood, she slowly crept up behind him and as he turned to face her, she jumped straight into the air. Wrapping an arm around Eli’s head, she fell back to the mat, pulling Eli down with her and planting his head to the canvas with a jumping DDT! Rolling Eli over to his back, she hooked a leg and went for the pin as the official raced over with the count.

VASSA: ”Two!”
JOHNSON: ”And Eli kicks out at the two count!”
VASSA: ”Just a few more of those Arty and you can put this nasty little shit away once and for all.”
Pulling Eli up from the mat, Artemis held him by the arm as she kicked furiously with rapid lefts to his stomach. Pulling him in, She put everything she had into it before throwing him towards the corner, even dropping down to her knees as she released him. Somewhere along the way Eli tripped over his own feet. He stumbled forward out of control before lowering his head and rolling forward into the corner. His back crashed against the corner as his feet shot straight into the air. Up and over Eli flipped over the corner. Grabbing ropes while upside down, Eli managed to guide himself to a landing on the apron. Stunned, he blindly walked along the apron, unaware of Artemis back on her feet and running straight for him. Running alongside the ropes, she extended her arm out to the side, connecting with a running clothesline that dropped Eli flat to his back on the apron. He immediately rolled off the apron, dropping to his feet on the outside of the ring in a daze.
“One! … Two!”

Well look at that, he just so happens to be standing in front of the angry fan from earlier with the sign. This time the fan turns the sign around, waving it wildly to grab Eli’s attention.


Although in a dazed state, this grabs Eli’s full and undivided attention. He walks to the barricade, mouthing off at the fan before spitting straight into the fans face!
VASSA: ”Look at that nasty son of a bitch!”
“Four! … Five!”

Eli snatches the sign away from the fan, holding it with both hands and ripping it in half. Throwing the two halves at the fan, Eli then waves off the fan before turning back towards the ring as the officials count is loud and clear.
“Six! … Seven!”

JOHNSON: ”Eli better ignore that fan before he finds himself counted out.”
VASSA: ”There’s still plenty of ti–“
Inside the ring, Artemis runs as fast as she can towards the ropes as Eli begins to turn around to face the ring. Leaping through the ropes, she flies to the outside, crashing into Eli with a suicide dive!
JOHNSON: ”Artemis has gone airborne folks!”
Eli doesn’t go down at first, instead he stumbles backwards from the force of Artemis’ body crashing into his. With nothing to break his fall, Eli’s back slams against the ringside barricade and his body cushioning Artemis’ landing. The crowd then erupts into chanting as the fight is within reach of the front row.

Eli holds himself up with both arms hooked over the top of the barricade, leaving his body exposed for Artemis to fire at will with rapid lefts and rights. Meanwhile, the officials count starts at zero once more.
“One! … Two!”

Pulling Eli away from the barricade, Artemis kicks him in the stomach to force him over. Hooking an arm around his head, the quickly lifts him up and over, dropping him to his back on the floor with a snap suplex.
“Three! … Four!”

Eli fluidly rolls up to an upright seated position. Climbing back to her feet, Artemis stands behind him, playing to the crowd as they continue to chant.

Slowly stepping in behind him, she jumps slightly into the air, extending both her legs and planting her feet into Eli’s back with a dropkick!
JOHNSON: ”He sure knows how to piss off an entire crowd doesn’t he?”
VASSA: ”I tried telling you he’s a nasty, nasty man.”
“Five! .. Six!”

On her feet, Artemis pulls Eli up from the floor. Walking him over to the ring, she rolls him back into it as the count continues.
“Seven! … Eight!”

Climbing onto the apron, Artemis grabs onto the top rope as Eli slowly begins to climb back to his feet. Once standing, She jumps into the air, pulling herself up and placing both feet to the top rope. Springboarding off, she flies forward through the air, headed straight for Eli as she draws her fist back. Once within range, she throws her arm forward with all of her might, a superman punch aimed straight for Eli’s chest.
JOHNSON: ”The Hand of Go–“
Ducking underneath the punch, Eli steps in behind her as Artemis lands to her feet. Quickly turning around to face her, Eli lowers his entire body before exploding forward, hitting her with a chop block behind the knee and taking her leg out from under her.
JOHNSON: ”Oh no, that was…”
Artemis rolls back and forth along the mat, holding her knee with both hands. It’s pretty obvious she’s in a world of pain from the look of agony across her face. Back on his feet, Eli slowly walks over to her, leaning over Artemis and mouthing off with you guess it, some nasty things to say. The crowd erupts in boos at the sight of Eli taunting Artemis as she remains down, holding onto her knee.

Eli backs up to the corner, leaning against it to catch his breath. Fighting through the pain, Artemis slowly begins to push herself up from the mat. It doesn’t looks easy for her. One moment she had the match in the palm of her hand and the next, she’s down on the mat after a brutal chop block to the back of the knee. Once she finally rises to one knee, Eli pushes himself away from the corner and rushes straight for her. Before she even knew what hit her, Eli connects with a shining wizard!
JOHNSON: ”I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t see that coming.”
VASSA: ”I’d be lying if I said that Eli was a nice person.”
Artemis’ body falls backwards, hitting the mat as her arms stretch out to her sides. Pushing himself up, Eli slowly raises both arms outward into the air, absorbing everything the fans throughout the arena had to say about him.

Maybe they’re right. Eli doesn’t argue it. It only brings a grin to his face as the words are heard loud and clear. Waving the fans off, Eli then walks over to the corner. Wasting no time at all, he climbs to the top, overlooking the crowd for a brief moment. Raising his arms once more, this time Eli gives everyone in the building the one finger salute. Lowering his arms, he looks behind him to check that Artemis is still down. It’s go time. Jumping backwards away from the corner, Eli flips and twists through the air before landing across Artemis with a perfectly executed phoenix splash!
JOHNSON: ”There it is, Eli’s Ascension!”
VASSA: ”It makes me sick to my stomach seeing the way Eli has acted here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Call it what you want, but the man gets results and right now, he’s going for the pin.”
Hooking one of Artemis’ legs for good measure, Eli looks to the ref as he drops in beside them with the count. Counting along with the official and nodding his head, Eli has her shoulders to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”Eli wins it!”
VASSA: ”Son of a bitch!”
JOHNSON: ”The North American Champion has defeated the 4CW Champion right here at Adrenaline Ninety-Five folks.”
VASSA: ”It wasn’t supposed to end like this!”
JOHNSON: ”Take that up with Eli if you feel so strongly about that.”
VASSA: ”Nah, I’m good. I don’t have time for his nasty attitude anyway.”
“My Champion” hits the speakers as Eli slowly rises to his feet to the sound of boos.

Once again, the boos bring a smile to Eli’s face as he stand cocky over Artemis. Stepping in beside him, the official takes Eli by the arm, hoisting it into the air.

POWERS: ”Here is your winner, by pinfall… he is the 4CW North American Champion… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
Snatching his arm away from the official, Eli shouts for the official not to touch him. Looking down to Artemis with a smirk, Eli places his hands on his hips for just a short moment before looking ahead and walking to the ropes where a member of the ringside crew hands him the North American Championship.
VASSA: ”LOOK AT HIM!!! He can’t even win with some dignity. He’s always acting like he’s better than everyone else.”
JOHNSON: ”He did just win the match, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”I’m not talking about just now. Right now is just a small example of how he carries himself and I for one and disgusted with his nasty attitude.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know what to tell you. This is the same Eli we’ve been seeing for weeks, even months. Why the change of heart now?”
VASSA: ”I wasn’t aware he was such a nasty individual until recently when someone pointed it out for us all.”
JOHNSON: ”What are you even talking about.”
VASSA: ”He’s nasty! All he simply has to do is shut his mouth and focus on wrestling, that’s it!”
JOHNSON: ”While you sit there and argue, I’m going to wrap things up here at the booth. This show is officially in the books.”
VASSA: ”And he ruined the ending with his attitude!”
JOHNSON: ”Get over it! With Adrenaline in the books, we can now look forward to Winter Wasteland.”
VASSA: ”I hope, I just pray that Kimitsu will beat the nastiness from him and humbles Eli once and for all.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s not the only one with a big match on his plate. Artemis has her first defense of the 4CW Championship and after the loss her tonight and her streak ending, I’m looking forward to her with a fire lit under her ass at the pay-per-view.”
VASSA: ”We have quite a few big title matches booked for Winter Wasteland.”
JOHNSON: ”Yes we do, Vinny, yes we do.”
VASSA: ”We have Artemis defending the 4CW Championship against Viduus Morta, the former 4CW Champion.”
JOHNSON: ”Then there’s Elijah Carlson defending the North American Championship against the former North American Champion, Kimitsu Zombie.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget about Dakota Smith challenging Andre Holmes for the Price Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Oh! And then there’s American Tommy defending the Octane Championship against Eden Connors.”
VASSA: ”And last but not least, we have a deathmatch involving husband and wife. Kaelan Laughlin, the wife of Bryan Laughlin, will challenge her husband for the Ignition Championship in not just any match, but a deathmatch! I can only hope it’s another McDonald’s creativity deathmatch.”
JOHNSON: ”For Kaelan’s sake, let’s just hope that she isn’t expecting like last time. It was tragic how she lost her baby without even knowing it.”
VASSA: ”Wow, Steve. Way to ruin the mood. Don’t let Nasty Eli hear you. He’d probably be having a field day with that comment right about now.”
JOHNSON: ”But that’s out pay-per-view as far as the championship picture goes.”
VASSA: ”It’s a great lineup and knowing the rest of the roster, I’m sure this is going to be one hell of a show.”
JOHNSON: ”All we can do now is sit tight, wait patiently because the day after Christmas, 4CW is going to bring everyone’s holiday cheer to an end at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.”
VASSA: ”I can’t wait!”
JOHNSON: ”From 4CW and the booth, I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
The picture cuts back to the ring where Eli continues pacing the ring with the North American Championship held over his shoulder. Cockiness. That’s the only word that can properly explain the energy radiating from Eli. Exiting the ring, Eli leaves it all behind, carrying the championship with pride as the fans continue to boo him from all directions. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Eli turns back to look over the crowd one last time.

It brings a smile to his face. Raising the North American Championship high above his head, Eli looks over the crowd who hate him, yet he loves every second of it. The picture then slowly starts to fade out and the credits begin to roll. Still, the boos from the crowd can still be heard as the Showtime logo appears on the screen.