Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Moda Center, as we are live from Portland, Oregon. The fans here have filled out the Moda Center, thankfully Portland has good wrestling in this city again. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.


Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, we see Vinny Vassa and Steve Johnson sitting at ringside! They both look happy to be there, as we get right into the show.
JOHNSON: ”Welcome to King’s Road! It’s another night, and another card full of exciting matches. We’re about to hit thirty shows, can you believe that Vinny?”
VASSA: ”I can believe it, because it seems that things have improved since moving to 4CW.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, can’t argue with you on that one. There’s certainly a lot to talk about, as we head into Chapter Thirty. Of course, the big match that everyone is waiting for is Jett Wilder versus Kaelan Laughlin!”
VASSA: ”Yeah, she asked for a championship match and it seems like things have just been going poorly for her since. Her marriage is crumbling, her friendships are dwindling. Kaelan has almost nobody in her corner now, and she has to face Jett Wilder. I don’t really like her odds heading into this event.”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, it certainly has been a tough go of it for her. Despite nobody in her corner though, I don’t think that’s going to stop her. And I don’t think she has to worry about that tonight, because she’ll be teaming up with Tyson Gregory.”
VASSA: ”Some tag-team action before the big show, I like it. Get these competitors in the ring, and have them tease this crowd a little bit. I don’t see Jett backing down at all.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, either way he’ll have to deal with Kaelan tonight. A win for either of them would really improve their momentum heading into Chapter Thirty.”
VASSA: ”Indeed, and speaking of tag matches we have our headline match tonight. Lauryn Wolfe teams with the debuting Angelo Sands, as they take on the team of William Lyons and Graham Gosch. Graham, of course, has been an absolute thorn in the side of Lauryn Wolfe over these past few weeks.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s in her head, and with the Internet Title now in the picture everything is on the line for Lauryn. She has a lot to lose, and she’s going to have to do her best to come out on top.”
VASSA: ”Well, she’s got a brand new member of the roster backing her up. And Damien Miri is confirmed not to be at the show tonight, I don’t like Lauryn’s odds.”
JOHNSON: ”Lauryn had some help from Damien over the last few weeks, it seems he has an interest in who stays as Internet Champion.”
VASSA: ”Maybe he just wants to face the best, and wants to make sure that everybody heads into Chapter Thirty in the best possible condition.”
JOHNSON: ”Well, either way, Lauryn and Kaelan both have their hands full tonight.”
VASSA: ”Hey, this is the last show of the year, and Chapter Thirty is about to bring in the new year in a big way. I’m so excited to get started! Happy Holidays, Steve! Can you see how excited I am?!”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, Vinny. I can see, just take it easy, okay?”
VASSA: ”Yeah, I need to settle down. My BP is already acting up.”


Amar readies himself as the bell rings, you can tell he’s apprehensive regardless of his size advantage. He does try to tie up and Jae quickly ducks it and sweeps his leg out before hitting a double foot stomp. Jae tries to keep up the attack, but Amar slides out of the ring to regroup. Once back in Jae ducks another elbow collar tie up. This time Amar jumps up over the leg sweep attempt and places a forearm across the jaw of Jae sending him through the ropes and now Jae is regrouping. Jae and Amar exchanged the classic side headlock takedown leg scissors kip up, each of them escaping clean. Then a series of missed strikes from both of them and counters that would see Jae try a moonsault from the middle rope only to land on his feet while Amar tries a bicycle kick and misses. The two are out of breath and nodding towards one another acknowledging the skill it takes for nearly everything to be evaded. A quick sparring session broke out as Jae displayed his Gongkwon Yusul background, a style that Amar clearly hasn’t seen before in Houston, Texas as Jae managed to back him into a corner and ground him long enough to hit his running double knee SUCCUMB for a near fall. As Jae stares a hole through the referee, clearly not pleased with a two count, Amar was recovering on the outside. Or so he thought. Step Up Tornillo from Jae takes Amar out, but Jae lands on his feet and lets the ladies front row stare at his abs. He tells them he loves ‘em. Clean up on aisle front row, folks. Jae gets back to the apron as Amar tries to work his way around the ring. Jae refuses and gives chase on the apron looking for another high impact move. He runs towards the nearest corner and uses it to vault himself towards Amar with a springboard dropkick! He rolls Amar in and only gets a near fall this time as well. He lifts Amar up and looks for the reverse sto, but no! Amar hits a European uppercut that had some sauce on it because Jae stumbles and gets hit with an axe kick as Amar uses the ropes for a Hurricane DDT! Not a tornado DDT, seriously don’t confuse them. Amar climbs the corner and tells the fans it’s time for this to end as he gets some serious from the foul line air for the HELLBOW DRO-NO! JAE MOVES! JAE POPS UP AND HITS THE SUNRISE SUNSET for the Three count and the win!
Winner: Jae-Yun Sun via Pinfall (06:11)

We cut to the backstage area where we see a man, somebody we haven’t really ever seen before. He’s Asian, and looks like a complete fucking loser. This has gotta be Dave, right?
Yeah, it’s Dave.
Dave paces back and forth in the hallway, on his phone as he tries to dial someone. He looks anxious, nervous as he looks at his phone.
DAVE: ”Come on, pick up you stupid cuck!”
Whoever Dave is trying to call just isn’t answering at the moment. Dave sees a backstage worker pass by, he grabs him by the shirt collar and pushes him up against the wall.
DAVE: ”Have you seen Hudson anywhere?!”
Dave screams in the man’s face, but this worker just shakes his head. This doesn’t seem to satisfy Dave, as he begins to unleash a torrent of exposition his way.
DAVE: ”Listen to me! I need to contact Hudson, these contracts are getting out of control! Also, we don’t know the status of the ownership in King’s Road. If he doesn’t get the necessary information in time, we’re all going to be fucked! Do you comprehend what I’m saying to you?! We’re going to be out of jobs, ON CHRISTMAS! I CAN’T GO BACK TO HELL, MAN. I JUST CAN’T!”
The worker doesn’t say anything, he just shakes his head. Clearly he was not paid for a speaking role. Dave sighs, letting the man go.
DAVE: ”If we don’t have ownership, then we can’t get this done…”
Dave seems to trail off, worried as he looks back down at his phone. The man leaves, as Dave goes back to his phone. We cut away, as Dave tries to get in contact with whoever it is.


Noris Cranley expected an easy match, considering he’s been on a roll lately. He was expecting a man who has lost, time and time again over the last few weeks. We was expecting a man, with very small hands. Unfortunately, he got Astro Clyde, who made his way to the ring very confidently tonight. Fans couldn’t quite put a finger on what brought about the new bravado. Was it a new costume? Or maybe some new wrestling boots he had gotten? It could also be the massive hands duct taped over his original hands too. The awkwardly large hands get in the way, as Astro tries to climb through the ropes. It doesn’t bother him, Noris stands in the ring watching as Astro taunts him with the large foam hands. He looks around nervously as the bells ring, watching as Astro charges him from across the ring! Noris does his best to cover up, as Astro unloads on him with his oversized hands! Unfortunately, Noris soon realizes that the hands don’t hurt much. They are made of foam, after all. Eventually he stands up straight, and catches Astro with a Right Hook that drops him! Astro stays in there, though, getting back up to his feet. He’s unwilling to use his new hands as weapons anymore, as they don’t seem to be doing anything. Luckily, they provide enough distraction for Astro to run around the ring. Astro catches Noris with a variety of moves, a Hurricanrana sends Noris tumbling across the ring. Astro catches him as he get up to his feet with a Standing Dropkick, sending Noris spilling the to the outside. Astro looks to the audience, hyping them up as he waves around his comically large hands. Sprinting towards the ropes, Astro is able to dive through them (with his hands!) and tumble to the outside as he connects with a Tope Suicida! From there, Noris does his best to get back into the contest. Astro just seems to be too much for him to handle, the hands are just doing too good of a job as they provide Astro with an insane amount of courage. He can do so much now! He can taunt, he can intimidate, he can wave to members of the audience in the upper deck! Astro flies around the ring, catching Noris with a Springboard Codebreaker that almost puts the match away! Astro Clyde is smiling, and looking confident as the match continues. He tries lifting Noris up for a Brainbuster, but unfortunate his hands aren’t very good for holding onto anything at all. Noris slips right through the attempt, as he catches Astro with a Falcon Arrow! Astro has lost the momentum, trying his best to get back into the match. Noris Cranley has other ideas, knocking a leaping Astro Clyde out of the air with a stunning Uppercut Forearm attack!
With Astro down on the mat, Noris looks to slow things down a bit. He tries to stomp on Astro’s large hands, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Astro laughs in Noris’ face, until Noris puts him down with a hard slap. It echoes throughout the arena, dropping Astro to the mat face-first. Noris tries a handlock, manipulating the rather large fingers of Astro’s new hand. That doesn’t seem to do anything either, as Astro seems to be unbothered. Noris is confused, but he quickly switches up to an Armbar. That seems to do the trick, as Astro Clyde looks to be in pain now. Astro is able to get to the ropes, but Noris has seemed to crack the code. I mean, he should have noticed it a long time ago, but whatever. All it takes it a quick grab, and a yank, and OFF COMES ONE OF ASTRO’S HANDS! The crowd gasps, and somebody throws up thinking that it’s real. It’s not real, and now Astro’s real right hand is exposed for everyone to see. He screams in horror, quickly covering it up. The official cannot believe it, and rushes for the fallen appendage. With this new opportunity, Astro takes a step forward and kicks Noris right in the dick! It’s a dirty move, but Astro isn’t thinking correctly right now. Noris falls to the mat, as Astro goes and tries to get his other hand? What the fuck, what are you DOING?! Goddamnit, now he’s trying to put the hand back on, ASTRO YOUR OPPONENT WAS DOWN ON THE MAT FOR THE COUNT! LOOK HE’S STILL HURT, WHY ARE YOU ASKING FOR DUCT TAPE???? Nevermind, it doesn’t matter now anyway, because Noris is getting back up to his feet. He stumbles over to Astro, holding his crotch, as he quickly rolls up the spaceman for the win. I fucking hate my life.
Winner: Noris Cranley via Pinfall (09:20)

We scoot backstage. A crestfallen Astro Clyde, fully cognizant of the humiliation he suffered against Noris Cranley, is joined by Gabriel Hartman for a little post-match insight as to what exactly went wrong. However, the Celestial Erection is seemingly distracted as he tries desperately to hold the detached giant fake left hand with his still-attached giant fake right hand.
HARTMAN: ” Clyde, you were so close to getting the victory out there. Care to break down what happened? It was right in your grasp!”
AC Spacer sighs, looking downward at his massive appendages, merely repeating the last word of Gabriel’s phrasing.
CLYDE: ” …grasp.”
HARTMAN: ” Um, yeah. I mean, it seemed as though you were under control, and all you needed was to make the cover and hear the referee slap the canvas for the three count! What went wrong?”
Clyde again only sighs, muttering a muted response.
CLYDE: ” …slap.”
HARTMAN: ” Hey man, don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s just a little loss! I’m sure you’ll be able to pick yourself back up again on the next one!”
Clyde shoots Gabriel a look, tears slowly leaking through his masked eyes.
CLYDE: ” Pick up…”
HARTMAN: ” Yeah! Cheer up! I gotta hand it to you, you certainly dazzled out there right up unti…hey, HEY, where are you going?”
Clyde suddenly takes off running out of the line of sight of the camera, screaming the word “HAND!” at the top of his lungs, seeking refuge from his personal demons. And we fade.


Before the bell even rang Tommy and Chad were already jawing at each other. Chad was telling everyone to put down their cell phones and Brad at ringside was asking Ana if Tommy’s dick tastes like Jason Cashe. Ana said it doesn’t, we don’t believe her. Tommy and Chad met for more verbal back and forth in the middle of the ring but Chad spit his gum out on Tommy’s chest and Tommy slapped the taste out of his mouth before working him over into the corner with slaps, thumbs to the eye, and headbutts. Not a conventional striking assault, but what can you expect from someone who wasn’t allowed to join Cuck Kingdom. Chad tried to explode out of the corner with a forearm, but Tommy ducked and hit a half nelson suplex bouncing Chad’s head off the turnbuckle for a nearfall. Tommy wants a three count though and Brad reminds Tommy he probably can’t even count to three. Tommy stalks Chad and wits for him to get to his feet and hits a bulldog. Chad tries to escape the ring by crawling out and Tommy then use the ropes as a slingshot and hops over hitting a leg drop on Chad! Brad gets in his face, to protect his brother but then Ana gets in Brad’s face and the three of them start arguing- OH MY GOD! CHAD WITH A MOONSAULT from the middle rope takes the Valentines out. Brad was just there to distract them. Brad rolls Chad in the ring and they yell at the referee to start the count. Tommy uses the extent of a nine count to get back into the ring after making sure Ana is okay. Tommy irrationally charges Chad but takes a drop toe hold onto the middle rope. Brad holds Tommy there cutting off his air supply with the middle rope until Ana blindesides him with a forearm. The referee is distracted by Brad and Ana now brawling at ringside and WHEN DID CHAD GET A CHAIR?! HE BLINDSIDES TOMMY with the chair and then drops it between the two of them and falls to the mat as the referee turns around. The referee is confused, he can’t tell who hit who with the chair and as Tommy uses the ropes to get to one knee he is yelling at the referee that Chad did and Chad is telling the referee that Brad did. Tommy staggers in a daze towards the middle of the ring as Chad stops selling the fake chair shot and baseball slides under Tommy‘s legs before hitting a backstabber! For the three cou-WAIT! ANA PULLED THE REFEREE OUT! CHAD IS PISSEDDDD. The referee is yelling at Ana for interfering and as the camera pans around we see that the chair once used by Chad was used by Ana after the referee disposed of it. Now Brad is out cold! Chad yells to Brad but he’s not respondi-DRUNKENHANGOVER! DRUNKEN HANGOVER! Tommy locks in the Katahajime! Chad taps out immediately as the referee slides into the ring and calls for the bell.
Winner: Tommy Knox-Valentine via Submission (07:33)


Mitsu Shimada hasn’t been doing well after the last couple of shows, these last few losses has really worn him down. Joseph White knows this, and hopes to continue to improve his situation in King’s Road with a victory tonight. The two shoot in for a tieup, but Joseph White gets the better of Mitsu Shimada and transitions to a waistlock. Mitsu Shimada throws an elbow, knocking Joseph White back. Mitsu Shimada grabs him, pulling him into a quick side headlock. Joseph White pushes Mitsu Shimada to the ropes, and sends him running. Mitsu Shimada rebounds, knocking Joseph White down with a Shoulder Tackle! The two go back and forth, trading this series of moves as the match goes on. Joseph White charges at Mitsu Shimada with a front kick. Mitsu Shimada blocks and counters with a back elbow. Joseph White counters and grabs the wrist, pulling him into a side headlock. Mitsu Shimada ducks under and goes for a hammerlock, twisting Joseph White’s arm. Joseph White spins around, putting Mitsu Shimada into a hammerlock! Mitsu Shimada rolls through, kicks the arm of Joseph White and hits an Armdrag. Joseph White gets up quickly as Mitsu Shimada charges, he takes Mitsu Shimada down with an Armdrag of his own. Joseph White hits a hip toss. Mitsu Shimada kips up and they both pose towards each other. The crowd pops as Joseph White and Mitsu Shimada nod at each other. The crowd cheers, as Mitsu Shimada stares a hole into his opponent. Joseph White looks to go for another lockup, but Mitsu Shimada levels him with a High Knee! Joseph White doubles over, and Mitsu Shimada catches him with a Rising Knee! He quickly picks Joseph White up, tossing him to the ropes! Joseph White hits the ropes, and Mitsu Shimada levels him with a Lariat! It’s not enough to keep Joseph down for the count though.
Mitsu works over Joseph White, beating him down as he tries to recover. A kneedrop to his back keeps him immobile, as Mitsu Shimada follows up with a Bow and Arrow hold. Joseph White cries out in pain, as Mitsu Shimada drops another hard knee into his back. Mitsu again applies the hold, trapping Joseph White with the brutal submission. Mitsu Shimada holds on tight, pushing his knees up as he bends Joseph White more and more. The Gold Standard doesn’t quit, as he tries to keep quiet as much as possible. He’s in pain, but he’s trying not to let his opponent know it. Mitsu Shimada asks for the official to check on his opponent, but Joseph White tells him he’s not giving up! Frustrated, Mitsu Shimada pushes Joseph White forward, dumping him back onto the mat. Mitsu Shimada weighs his options, hoping to have tapped Joseph out with that series. He had been controlling the match, but time was going on, and it was not on Mitsu’s side. Deciding to attack, Mitsu rushes towards his opponent, but the time given was enough. Joseph has recovered, and he connects with a hard shot to Mitsu’s midsection. With his opponent doubled over, Joseph White wastes no time in delivering the punishment. A Double Underhook DDT drills Mitsu into the mat, stunning him for the moment. This allows Joseph to tee off on him, as he connects with a Brainbuster and a Stalling Suplex! Mitsu gets trapped in the corner, as Joseph connects with a Running Forearm to his opponent. With Mitsu stunned, Joseph easily is able to connect with the Hail Mary! The Package Piledriver isn’t quite enough to put Mitsu away, but Joseph isn’t sweating it. His opponent can barely fight back now, allowing Joseph to go for the kill. With his opponent unresponsive, Joseph waits for him to get to a knee, before going for the White Lightning! Mitsu moves, though, and is able to roll-up Joseph White for the pin!
Winner: Mitsu Shimada via Pinfall (12:13)

We cut to the backstage area, where we see Gabriel Hartman standing by. He doesn’t appear to have anyone else with him, just a homeless man standing in a lonely hallway. Gabriel slicks his hair to the side, as he begins to speak.
HARTMAN: ”Folks, it is I …Gabriel Hartman! Backstage interviewer, and now King’s Road correspondent. We’ve got a lot of mystery heading into Chapter Thirty, a lot of questions that still need to be answered. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret here.”
Gabe looks around, ensuring that nobody else is in the hallway with him.
HARTMAN: ”I’ve got the inside scoop on a lot of stuff.”
Gabe looks very happy with himself, like he’s dropped a bombshell on every single person watching right now.
HARTMAN: ”See, when you’re homeless you get to hang around in a lot of parts. People don’t really notice you, or your smells. So for those looking for an inside scoop, prepared to be blown away!”
Gabe reaches into his pocket, pulling out what seems to be a handwritten note. It’s in poor shape, and looks crudely drawn on. Gabe looks down at the note, as he prepares himself to deliver the big news.
HARTMAN: ”Hudson Hughes’ car is GREEN.”
Gabe waits for a moment, hoping to hear some kind of reaction from the crowd. There is only silence, he continues.
HARTMAN: ”Damien Miri drinks SODA.”
Again, nothing. Frustrated, Hartman tosses his piece of paper down onto the ground.
HARTMAN: ”Damnit, man! That was good stuff, you people don’t know what you’re missing out here. Like what do you want me to say? Johnny Amazing was caught backstage chatting up Cherry Lovejoy? Jett Wilder has TWO left big toes? Nobody cares about that! Nobody wants to hear that!”
Gabriel seems to rant on and on for a while, but the camera audio is muted. We just see crazy ol’ Gabe Hartman speaking to himself, as we cut away to ringside.


If this match was just Cherry dancing, Wave wouldn’t mind. He entered first and made sure to get a good seat for Cherry’s entrance while he stood on the middle rope and shook his head. He can’t believe he has to wrestle this, but alas. For a split second he pretended to be fooled by Cherry’s seduction btu he swung on her quick, unfortunately she ducked and hit an enzigurri. That sent Wave into the corner where he got CHOPPED. Cherry Chopped! Before the last chop Chery even blew him a kiss, but she probably shouldn’t have because she missed the last chop and as Jason ducked he tossed her into the corner and let me tell you he chopped the SHIT out of her. Her chest was as the same color as her name. He even dabbed, do people still do that? Regardless he dabbed before an uppercut that put her on her butt. Jason dove in looking for a cannon ball but Cherry moved to the apron and he at it HARD. Cherry climbed the corner and hit a moonsault for a near fall. She didn’t let that discourage her as she hit a cartwheel into aan elbow drop for another near fall. Cherry made her way to the middle rope on the corner and waited for Jason to get up, but when she leaped off looking for a blockbusting neckbreaker Jason moved! Cherry tried to recover quickly but Jason was already in mid backflip with his finish THE CHIDORI! A lethal injection to an opponent! BUT CHERRY KICKED OUT AT TWO! WOW! Jason is beside himself, he’s arguing with the referee and has him backed into a corner. Cherry tries to roll him up, but only a near fall. He tries to take her head off and deliver ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH, but she evades it and hits a rebounding busaiku kick! Then a thrust kick! Jason is in the corner again, but we aren’t serving chops now, Cherry is roundhouse kicking the shit out of Jason and he drops to hit butt long enough to eat a hesitation dropkick! The fans are pumped! Cherry begs Jason to get to his feet and he hazily swings a clothesline but gets CHERRY BO-NO! Jason rolled through the Cherry bomb and lifted her up onto his back hitting a backpack stunner for a near fall! They both lay in the ring exhausted as they make their way to their respective corners and try to get to their feet. Jason is up first and charges Cherry, BUT SHE LAYS DOWN ON THE TOP ROPE INSTEAD! She baited Jason and his shoulder hit the corner post! He stumbles out and JUST DESSERT from Cherry! A diving meteora! She hooks his legs with her weight on his chest and gets the three count before quickly escaping! Jason is shaking his damn head in the ring as Cherry looks back smiling with the referee raising her hand on the ramp.
Winner: Cherry Lovejoy via Pinfall (08:22)

Aokigahara Zombie takes a toll of the damage on his body. He is a mess of taped up digits, braced joints, covered staples, and bruises. It’s a new collection of scars for the grizzled young veteran.
He takes a seat and puts a hand on his wrapped up knee and squeezes it to will it into perfect working order. As he does this he spots some drops of blood on the back of his palm. He looks into the mirror to see a small cut on his scalp that was hastily patched up opening up again. He looks closely at the image in the mirror and waves as if he is meeting for the first time. He wipes his forehead with his palm and shows his reflection. He looks around to check if anyone is watching like a guilty child.
The noise from the crowd in the stands then snaps him to attention. He cocks his head to the side to listen. He smiles and nods at the cry of the crowd. They want their display. He chuckles looking down at his mashed up body again.
ZOMBIE:[/b] So close…
Then he slaps his knee. The laugh builds to a gleeful snigger as he glares at his reflection. It’s back to business and he picks his bones up from the bench. He slaps the mirror with a bloody palm before he leaves with a determined stride.


The bell rings, and we are underway! Logan Traeger stays in the corner, looking at Aokigahara Zombie as Aokigahara tries to meet him in the middle of the ring. Logan Traeger rolls his eyes, rushing in for a takedown attempt. Aokigahara Zombie ducks out of the way, sending Logan Traeger running to the ropes. Logan Traeger tries to rebound with a clothesline, but Aokigahara Zombie ducks under and grabs his arm. In one fluid motion he turns a headscissors takedown into an armbar attempt! Aokigahara Zombie wrenches the arm back, but Logan is able to escape from the hold. On the outside Natalie Traeger offers words of encouragement, as Logan continues to fight with Aokigahara. The two duke it out, Logan almost getting the better of Aokigahara in what looks to be a brawl. Aokigahara grabs Logan though, working out his arm as the two quickly engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Logan Traeger uses his weight advantage, pressing Aokigahara Zombie back into the ropes. The official steps in, trying to break the hold up between the two. Logan Traeger steps back, but immediately lays into Aokigahara Zombie with a hard chop to his chest!


The shot echoes throughout the arena, Aokigahara Zombie reels back and attempts to walk away from Logan Traeger. Logan Traeger grabs him by his head, spinning him around and delivering another thick chop to his chest! The shot lands hard, almost taking the breath away from Aokigahara Zombie. Logan Traeger almost knocks him to the ground with an European Uppercut, but catches Aokigahara and drives him headfirst into the mat with a brutal DDT! It’s a wonderful combo, and the move completely catches Aokigahara off guard. With his opponent down in the ring, Logan quickly looks for the pinfall!


Much to Logan Traeger’s surprise, Aokigahara Zombie easily kicks out. He looks a bit ticked off, a fire in his eyes that we normally haven’t seen lately. They both scramble to their feet, and Aokigahara Zombie catches Logan Traeger with a kick to his left outside leg. He stumbles back, allowing Aokigahara Zombie to catch him with a big Running Knee to his Torso! His knee plants in the square of his chest, knocking him backwards. Logan Traeger rolls through, but Aokigahara Zombie chases after him and catches him as he gets up. Aokigahara grabs Logan, dropping him with a Sitout Jawbreaker! Before Logan can recover, Aoki is right there to follow it up with a Crossface Chickenwing Suplex! Aokigahara Zombie quickly covers Logan Traeger, his turn for the pinfall attempt!


A quick kickout from Logan Traeger, he rolls to the outside to catch his bearings. Unfortunately for him, Aokigahara Zombie is on the attack. He grabs the top rope, slingshotting himself up and over to the outside onto Logan Traeger below! Logan Traeger doesn’t see it in time, he catches the full force of Aokigahara Zombie’s weight and lands hard on the ground! Logan Traeger’s head bounces on the mat, and immediately he begins to look loopy. Aokigahara Zombie mounts Logan Traeger, pummeling him with punches as Natalie Traeger tries to get involved by yelling at the ringside official. Logan Traeger tries his best to cover up, but he still can’t shake the cobwebs from his mind. He tries to buck Aokigahara Zombie off of him, finally getting him to fall down. Logan Traeger attempts to crawl back into the ring, but surprisingly Aokigahara Zombie is right there. He grabs his ring gear, pulling him out and attempting to throw him into the ring barricade. Logan Traeger spins at the last second, sending Aokigahara Zombie crashing hard into the barricade! Logan Traeger attempts to follow up, but Aokigahara Zombie ducks out of the way at the last second, Logan Traeger crashes hard head first into the barricade!
Realizing the extent of his damage done, Aokigahara Zombie rolls into the ring. He doesn’t want an easy victory, but getting Logan Traeger back into the ring is anything but easy, as his opponent looks to be completely out of it. He struggles, but eventually the two are back inside of the ring. Aokigahara Zombie quickly scurries over to his downed opponent, covering him for the pinfall!


Logan Traeger is not quite out of it yet, he still looks very dazed as Aokigahara Zombie creates some space between them. He steps backwards, waiting for Logan Traeger to get back to his feet. Logan Traeger finally stirs, getting to one knee as Aokigahara Zombie looks on. Natalie senses something bad is coming, as she quickly climbs up to the apron. She attempts to grab the referee’s attention, but Aokigahara isn’t having any of it. He moves over to her, giving her a good scare. Aoki grabs a handful of her hair, but before she can do anything Logan comes rushing forward. However, Aokigahara accounted for this, and sidesteps! Thankfully, Logan stops on a dime, before causing any harm to Natalie. He turns around, and is BLASTED with a White Mist to his face! Logan screams in agony, as Natalie jumps off of the apron. She can only watch as Logan is drilled into the mat with a To The Lost! The Backdrop Driver securing the win for Aokigahara tonight!
Winner: Aokigahara Zombie via Pinfall (10:42)

Cutting to the backstage area, we get a look at somebody standing with their back turned to the camera. We can see this, it’s a female, she’s got dark black hair, and she looks to be in shape. Unfortunately that doesn’t quite narrow down the list of culprits here. This unknown person keeps her back towards the camera, as she begins to speak.
???: ”You know, I haven’t been in this business for a long time, but I can already tell that I love it. The people around me, the fans, the matches that I watch …everything about this is what I’ve been dreaming of.”
She pauses for a moment, taking this whole thing in. We can’t see her, but we can tell she has a huge smile on her face.
???: ”The stories I’ve seen already, the champions I’ve watched crowned, these are all the things I want to be apart of. I want to be apart of the best, and I’ve gotten lucky enough to do just that.”
This mystery person finally turns around, revealing herself to be Olivia Wythe! While certainly a new face, Olivia looks excited to be here in King’s Road.
WYTHE: ”I may not have a lot of experience, but I have a lot of heart. I’m here to learn, and I’m here to grow. Now, I’m not going to make the mistake of touting myself as the best thing ever. I have a long road ahead of me, but I want to be up there with the greats. I want to be seen as equal to my peers, the ones that are blazing a trail for the rest of us. Lauryn Wolfe, Lisa Seldon, Kaelan Laughlin …one of these days I want to be as big as them. We all gotta start somewhere though.”
She says, with a smile.
WYTHE: ”So watch me grow, cheer me on, and understand that while I’m here to experience I’m also getting ready. I’m preparing myself, for the day when I become better than all of you.”
Olivia winks to the camera, standing there as we cut away to ringside for our next contest.


This match almost never happened. As Jason made his entrance Darryl blindsided him with from the side with a flying shoulder block. Now, we know what you’re thinking, a shoulder block? Yes. Jason was paying very little attention and was practically sandwiched into the barrier along the entrance. Darryl then mounted and beat on Jason with closed fists while his weight was pressed on his chest. Hammerfists and elbows soon followed and Darryl even used his hands to cover the nose and mouth of Jason. Few may remember what started all of this, and that’s because something new happens every day. But originally, Jason came to Kings Road to fight Darryl because of his alignment with the foulmouthed and disrespectful Cartier. Darryl dragged Jason ringside and tossed him into the steps as the official finally gets between them. Darryl stands over him staring down at his handy work as they try to waive off the match, but Jason refuses. He gets into the ring as Darryl is making his way up the ramp and Jason calls Darryl back down, wiping the blood from his mouth and nose. Darryl shakes his head and lets Jason know he’s a dead man. Darryl sprints to the ring but never makes it because Jason is in mid air with a flying clothesline! Now Jason is on top and throwing punches down on top of Darryl. Darryl shoves him off using his size and gets into the ring, Jason follows and the referee finally rings the bell.

There won’t be anyone who gives this 5 stars, but we guarantee both men will be seeing stars after this. Jason backs Darryl up into the corner with punches, eventually taunting long enough for Darryl to spit in the eyes of Jason and get the upper hand. Darryl drives his knee into Jason’s stomach over and over before tossing him into the corner. Darryl runs across the ring and creates separation to get speed for him to come back and leap up with a massive corner splas-NO! Jason moves! BRAINBUSTER! Near fall for Jason! Darryl rolls out of the ring and Jason follows, Darryl slides in quickly and as Jason still follows he gets caught at the ropes and stomped, having fallen for the trap. Darryl points to his head, he swears he’s smart. Just read his twitter timeline. Jason is on the apron trying to get up and Darryl puts his back towards the ring so that he’s facing the crowd, spreads Jason’s arms and plummets his forearm and fist into the chest of Jason over and over again as the crowd chants along with a count. Jason crumbles after ten onto the apron, and Darryl joins him. Darryl grabs Jason in a german supple-NO! Jason is holding onto the rope. Darryl tries to swat at his hand, but he won’t let go. Darryl puts Jason back on his feet and spins him around hooking a leg. OH NO! HES NOT GUNNA HIT THE DIRTY DRIVER ON THE APRO-NO! JASON STILL won’t let go of the ropes. REVERSE STO FROM JASON! DARRYL HITS FACE FIRST! Jason is outside holding his chest and can’t take advantage of it as he tries to get to his feet and roll Darryl into the ring. He gets the three count ant the wi-HIS FOOT IS ON THE ROPE! DARRYL’S FOOT IS ON THE ROPE! Jason is in disbelief and mad at himself at the same time. But now’s not the time to be distracted as he pulls Darryl to his feet slowly, takes a step back and spins IT’S THE M TRA-NO! Darryl DUCKS! Kick to the gut DIRTY DRIVER! Darryl GETS THE THREE COU-JASON KICKS OUT! HE KICKED OUT! Darryl can’t believe it. He shakes the cobwebs out and gathers himself in the corner just waiting to Jason’s knee away from him with a chop bloc-JASON JUMPS! Darryl lands face first on the mat and JASON DOUBLE STOMPS THE BACK OF DARRYL’S HEAD! Darryl’s eyes water and his nose is probably broke as he gets to a knee M TRAIN! THE BULLHAMMER ELBOW FROM JASON!


Winner: Jason Mentez via Pinfall (10:19)

The show heads to the backstage area, where we see King’s Road interviewer Gabriel Hartman standing by. With a microphone in hand and a smile on his face, the interviewer introduces his guests.
HARTMAN: ”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time; Angelo Sands and our Internet champion, Lauryn Wolfe!”
Lauryn and Angelo both enter into the shot from the right side, Lauryn leading the way while a nervous Angelo is right behind her. Once the two stop, Sands can be seen looking around.
SANDS: ”Is it just me or is it hot in here? It’s hot in here, right? I’m not going crazy or anything, right?”
Lauryn and Gabriel both stare at Angelo for a second before the Italian-American realizes he’s letting his nerves get to him, so he begins calming himself down.
SANDS: ”Woosah. WOOOOOOSAAAAAAAH. Okay, I’m good. Get to the questions, Gary.”
HARTMAN: ”It’s Gabriel.”
SANDS: ”My bad, Greg. I’m still new here. Still learning everyone’s name.”
Hartman stares at Sands in disbelief before shaking his head and getting to the questions.
HARTMAN: ”Lauryn, it’s obvious you go into this match with a disadvantage considering who your partner is-”
SANDS: ”Whoa, that’s pretty rude, Garth.”
Angelo puts his hands up, clearly taken back by the interviewer already getting mad at him.
SANDS: ”Alright, bro, I got it. Calm the hell down. You’ve got that vein popping on your forehead. That can’t be healthy.”
Hartman quickly regains his composure and ignores Sands as he keeps his focus on the Internet champion.
HARTMAN: ”You go into this match with a disadvantage, Lauryn. How do you overcome this? Especially when you consider who is on the other side of the ring from you and a guy who looks like he’s more of an instagram model than an actual wrestler.”
SANDS: ”Thanks for the compliment, bro, but I don’t swing that way. I’m also taken. By a chick.”
Gabe begins to growl before Lauryn interjects herself.
WOLFE: “Well, um, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have a disadvantage in this match. As far as I’m concerned, having Angelo as a partner is an advantage. Just like how you’re writing him off our opponents are probably doing the same thing, though it would be foolish to do so since Angelo isn’t a nobody. The kid’s impressive. He’s had some gold to his name, especially in the tag team department. I’m pretty sure he’s comfortable in these types of matches.”
Lauryn glances over at Angelo with a smile on her face.
HARTMAN: ”Well then, onto my next question. It has been a joy seeing you overcome a lot of odds to finally become a recognized champion under the 4CW banner. However, there are some fans out there who are disappointed by how your reign has turned out to be. With two DQ wins and then a definitive loss to William Lyons last show, things haven’t been going well on your side, Lauryn. Surely these things have been weighing heavily on your mind. Is it all a burden to you?”
Lauryn sighs.
WOLFE:”Yeah, things have…sucked for me lately. I didn’t do a good job in my first title defense. Graham has been breathing down my neck every second, trying to find a way to get into my head. Losing to this little lap dog also didn’t help things. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I haven’t been dissatisfied with myself these past few weeks. Winning a title is one thing, but keeping it and making sure that you and the championship looks good? That’s a whole different thing. I don’t want to be some transitional champion. I don’t want my comeback to be all smoke and mirrors. I’m here to rid myself of all of the past mistakes that haunt me in my career. So far though…they’re still following me.”
She nods, slightly frowning.
WOLFE:”That’s why this match is important. Aside from Angelo getting a W in his first match here, aside from getting back at Graham and getting a win back from Will, this match is what I need to show everyone that I’m not a fluke. There’s a whole lot that I’m riding on tonight, so I won’t lie to you, Gabe. I am feeling pressured, but I won’t let it break me. I can’t afford that tonight.”
HARTMAN: ”Okay, now let’s talk about you, Angelo. You said before that you had no clue how your stint in King’s Road would go. It could go very bad or very good. If you win here tonight, especially if you get the pinfall or the submission victory for your team, is it a great start or would you want more?”
SANDS: ”I’d say getting a win in your debut is a great step in the right direction. The one where you’re not just a rag doll for the other wrestlers in the locker room. Tonight is big. Lauryn needs a win to gain some momentum heading into a future title defense. I could use a win because everyone wants to start off on the right foot at their new job, no matter the environment. So yeah, I’d really like to win tonight, especially if it means that it benefits more than me.”
HARTMAN: ”Alright, one final question then. Lauryn, you posted a GIF that you said was yours and Angelo’s new tag team move. Obviously, that was a joke. However, have you guys got some tag moves under your belt? Will we see something special? And if so, why did you go out of your way to learn these new tag moves? Are you planning on becoming a tag team down the line?”
Angelo stares at Hartman for a few seconds before shaking his head.
SANDS: ”First off, that was like half a dozen final questions. I’m not good at math, but even I can recognize that wasn’t one final question, dude. As for the tag team moves, I’m just going to urge you to watch the match. Now, as for a future tag team? I’d say to never rule anything out, right?”
Sands chuckles as he looks over at Wolfe, looking for her reply. She just flashes a smirk at Hartman.
WOLFE:”Don’t wanna give away anything else. We’ve cooked some things up, but we’re not ready to give it to you just yet. You’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.”
She looks down at the championship holstered over her shoulder and gives it a few good pats.
WOLFE:”After all, I’m a girl of many surprises.”
Lauryn glances back over at Angelo.
WOLFE:”So. Ready to surprise Will and Graham, partner?”
SANDS: ”As ready as I’ll ever be.”
The two nod at one another and proceed to take their leave.
HARTMAN: ”Thank you for your time.”
With that, we cut back to ringside.


We start with Angelo and Graham, but not for long as Will and Graham make frequent tags while working Angelo in the corner. Will opts for some massive chops that sound like when you drop your math book flat on the tile floor when its quiet in study hall. Fans around the arena, and Graham included grab their chest and they feel the pain that Angelo feels. After two chops his chest is already swollen and Graham is back in. He puts his back on the chest of Angelo and throws alternating elbows backwards one after another. Angelo’s head is bobbing back and forth as Graham stares across the ring at Lauryn while he does it. She beckons him, hoping he’ll answer her call for him to come into the ring. Graham walks halfway and Lauryn tries to get into the ring and get a piece of Graham but Graham gets the attention of the referee who stops her and while hes preoccupied both Graham and Will take turns chopping Angelo’s chest before the referee realizes it. Graham lifts him with an a+ Spinebuster and plants him hard only getting a two count. Angelo tries to crawl over to Lauryn while Graham argues with the referee, but Graham realizes in time and drags him back towards the center of the ring where he locks in a Jim Breaks special arm bar. Graham lifts Angelo above his head, but he knees Graham in the face and drops to the mat. Angelo is trying to shake it out before efforting to make the TAG TO LAUR-OH MY GOD! Lauryn flies off the apron! Graham couldn’t make it to stop Angelo from tagging Lauryn in, but he did lunge and hit her with a forearm. Angelo looks lost, and helpless. He looks up ad Graham who blasts him with a forearm. Graham is screaming welcome to Kings Road, bitch. While transitioning into a modified double underhook guillotine choke! OH MY GOD ANGELO CAN’T BREATHE! HIS FACE IS BEAT RED! He postures to get leverage so he can get oxygen back, but now he just rolls to the apron where Graham has to break the lock!

Graham tags Will in who throws Angelo off the ropes and give him no choice but to eat the boot. Will tries to make the over, but Angelo kicks out. Graham and Will look at each other perplexed. He’s taking all this damage but refuses to go down. Will then drops a leg across the throat of Angelo after using the ropes for momentum and this time Angelo kicks out at one! Lauryn gets a clap going, which can’t be good for Graham and Will because everyone knows fan claps are like the kryptonite to bad guys in a wrestling ring but Will isn’t phased as he deadlifts Angelo off the mat and tosses him overhead with a release german supple-NO! ANGELO LANDS ON HIS FEET! Will is cocky and smiling at Lauryn asking her if she remembers what he did to her last time they met, odd choice of words, but he doesn’t realize Angelo hopped over the apron with a sunset flip powerbomb that took Graham out! Angelo hops back up to the apron now and hits a slingshot SPEAR OF ROME on Will. Will goes down as Angelo uses his body as a launching pad to jump and get the tag to Lauryn! HOT TAG! Lauryn is in and hits a basement dropkick on Will as he was slow to get to his feet. She goes off the ropes this time as Will is on his one knee. Bicycle knee! Will is on his butt in the middle of the ring, FOREARM SMASH! Will is down, Lauryn only gets a one count as Will kicks out and puts her to her feet with a bench press. Lauryn isn’t phased, she’s seen it before. She drops a knee across his face before trying to lock in a triangle choke on the monster. His face is redder than Angelo’s as his hand fades a bit! The fans wait on in anticipation to see if David, or in this case Lauryn, is really going to slay goliath. She lets out a cry of war tightening the hold and almost like his internal alarm went off, Will stands up with Lauryn still locked on and heads towards the corner where Graham is, he lunges into the corner and Luaryn’s head sickeningly bounces off the turnbuckle. Will rolls around the ring trying to catch his breath as the referee checks on Lauryn.

Angelo leaves his post in the corner to be ringside and check on Lauryn as wel-OH MY GOD A SPEAR FROM GRAHAM GOSCH! HE CAUGHT ANGELO AND NEARLY PUT HIM THROUGH THE DAMN BARRIER! Graham laughs as he gets back on the apron and lets Will tag him in. Graham throws the referees out of the way and lifts Lauryn to her feet before hitting a Judo toss and locking in the anaconda GOSHLOCK vice. Lauryn is already out and the referee calls for the bell. Graham has had Lauryn’s number for two shows in a row now. Graham keeps the lock in as the crowd goes nuts, but wh-OH MY GOD ANGELO SANDS HAS A CHAIR AND HE BLASTS GRAHAM! HE TURNS AND BLASTS WILL AS WELL! Graham lets go of the hold and rolls around the ring. Will bailed up the ramp! Graham tries to get to his fee- BICYCLE KIIIICCCK! LAURYN iS UP! It was the last bit of effort she had as she collapses into the ropes and smiles at Graham laying just in front of her on the apron.
Winners: Graham Gosch and William Lyons via Submission (14:51)

We cut to the backstage area, where Dave seems to have finally gotten in contact with Hudson Hughes. It’s our first time seeing him tonight, he looks tired, having to run the show all by himself now. Hudson already looks annoyed by the presence of Dave, but there’s needed information.
Hudson waves him off, dismissing him entirely. Dave looks confused, unsure of the meaning. Hudson has a smile on his face, despite being tired as hell he looks …calm.
HUDSON: ”I’m not worried about that, Dave. I’m not worried about anything, anymore. You need to chill out, okay? The contracts will be handled, in fact I’ve already got a few taken care of tonight. Jayson Wave? Joseph White? Yeah, these guys are gone. That’s beneath me right now, I’ve got bigger news. Better news.”
Dave looks on, curious but excited.
DAVE: ”Did you find a new connect for transgender hookers?”
Hudson, confused, quickly waves off what Dave just said to him.
HUDSON: ”No, you fool! Things are lining up, you won’t have to worry about unemployment during Christmas. Gareth isn’t improving, at all. His condition is so serious, they’re looking to bring his family in to say their goodbyes. Do you know what that means?”
Dave thinks for a moment, before the sudden realization dawns on him. His eyes light up, as they go wide.
DAVE: ”Oh SHIT! You’re going to be full owner! That means-”
Hudson nods, cutting Dave off before he can say it.
HUDSON: ”Exactly. Everything is in place, and Jett is about to do what we need him to do. My friend, let’s go enjoy ourselves while we watch the main event. Things are about to get very interesting soon.”
With that, Dave and Hudson quickly leave the scene, leaving the hallway and heading to their office. The camera catches something though, unknown to Dave and Hudson we see that somebody had been listening in. The crowd waits in anticipation, as the figure steps out of the shadows to reveal themselves to be Kaelan Laughlin! She stands there, unsure of the news she just heard. No time to process though, as her match is just about to start.


With Kaelan and Jett starting the match, the crowd falls into a hush as they get started. Jett looks to be a bit apprehensive about fighting Kaelan, he tries getting Truck into the match but it doesn’t seem to work. Jett sighs, but Kaelan has had enough and launches into a series of kicks that stagger Jett for the moment. Jett tries covering up, but Kaelan continues to lay into him with a series of shots to his body! She backs Jett up, but Jett ducks and runs to the ropes. Jett Wilder then runs to the ropes, springboards onto the second rope before launching himself backwards in a backflip style, performing a Springboard Moonsault on Kaelan! He runs over to Tyson Gregory, attacking him and knocking him out of his corner! It’s a sudden mean side from the champion, one that this crowd hasn’t seen before. Leaping onto the apron, Wilder acts quickly as Tyson Gregory runs towards him, Jett is able to connect with an Enziguri Kick that stops him. With Gregory down, Jett turns his focus back to Kaelan, as he springboards into the ring with a diving hurricanrana! The crowd is stunned, as Jett Wilder has come out swinging here tonight! He doesn’t seem to be holding back, and Kaelan looks a bit stunned as well. This quickly turns to amusement, as she gets right to her feet. Jett suddenly realizes the situation, rushing over to his corner. Truck is distracted, swiping through Tinder on his phone, he doesn’t see that Jett is trying to tag out. Unfortunately it’s too late, Kaelan has caught up with Jett and tosses him with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! It almost looks effortless, as Jett Wilder goes flying across the ring. He doesn’t stay down for long though, as he gets up and rushes towards Kaelan. He takes her down, mounting her as he tries his “attempt” at MMA styled punches. They don’t seem to be very effective, as Kaelan easily covers up. Jett gets off of her and quickly taunts the crowd, acknowledging his ‘Wet for Jett’ sections.
Kaelan gets up to her feet, tagging in Tyson Gregory as Jett tags in Truck Turner! They engage with a collar and elbow tie up and Tyson Gregory gets behind him for a full nelson, before transitioning into an abdominal stretch! But somehow, someway, Truck Turner manages to reverse it round again so that he has the abdominal stretch locked in and Tyson Gregory shakes his head sideways surprised at Truck Turner’s reversal. Tyson Gregory manages to escape and grabs Truck Turner by his arm and takes him down to the canvas with an arm drag before locking him into a Rings of Saturn submission! And Truck Turner squirms over to the ropes! Tyson Gregory releases the hold and brings him up by his arm, Truck Turner rolls back, kips up and takes Tyson Gregory down with an arm drag of his own, to the surprise of Tyson Gregory. Truck Turner then runs to Tyson Gregory who ducks under the clothesline attempt, Truck Turner turns around and Tyson Gregory connects with a back kick into the mid section, before running to the ropes. Truck Turner leapfrogs over him, Tyson Gregory rebounds off of the opposite ropes and hops over Truck Turner who lies across the canvas. Tyson Gregory rebounds off of the ropes once more and is hit with a drop kick by Truck Turner who rises to his feet and stretches his arms, taunting the everloving shit out of Tyson. Truck flexes in the ring, Tyson looking on in confusion. Truck makes quick work of him with a Gorilla Press Slam, followed up by a sick looking Deadlift German Suplex! Truck looks over to Jett, calling him into the ring to do some double team moves.
Tyson Gregory makes it to his feet and has no reply for the double running knee lifts that connects from Truck and Jett. Tyson Gregory reaches for Kaelan Laughlin but Truck keeps him away. It’s a brutal beatdown, that Kaelan doesn’t seem to appreciate. She yells at the official to keep Jett away, but he doesn’t seem to care. In fact, it seems like the official is more worried about keeping Kaelan in her corner! Jett smirks, as Truck connects with a Hardbody Karate kick! The stiff kick puts Tyson down, but not enough for the three count. Kaelan looks on, as Truck tells Jett to climb to the top rope. Jett does, sensing that he can finish the match here. Kaelan does the only thing she can think of, grabbing the ropes and shaking them! It doesn’t seem very effective from her side of the ring, but Jett looks very unstable. He looks like he’s about to fall, but thankfully Truck Turner is there to catch him! Jett breathes a sigh of relief, both men turn around to see Tyson Gregory back up to his feet. Tyson smirks, as a Superkick rings out and catches Truck Turner right on the jaw! Truck and Jett fall to the mat, as Tyson tries to recover. The fans chant for him, trying to get him to tag Kaelan back in. Jett gets back to his corner, as he tries to tell Truck to tag him in. Truck finally does, but not before Kaelan gets tagged in! Jett stops right in his tracks, looking like he’s seen a ghost. He doesn’t know what to do, as Kaelan moves in for the kill.
She’s unable to chase him down immediately, it takes some time as Jett runs around the ring. His confidence from before is completely gone, he slides to the outside, and rushes back into the ring as Kaelan gives chase. Eventually she catches him, connecting with an Arm Trap Exploder Suplex! Going Out in Style completely destroys Jett, causing Truck to enter the ring. He grabs Kaelan, and attempts for Chokeslam, but Kaelan puts a thumb in his eye! Truck lets go, and Kaelan drops him with a Headbutt. Tyson gets involved, grabbing Truck and tossing him out of the ring! Unfortunately for Tyson, Jett has gotten back up. Tyson turns, seeing that Jett is perched on the top rope. Jett leaps, connecting with a Dropkick that sends Tyson stumbling out of the ring! In the confusion, Kaelan is checking on her partner, as Jett attacks her from behind. Gotcha’ connects, the Bicycle Kick dropping Kaelan to a knee. Jett looks at the audience, and with the most confidence we’ve seen him have, locks in FUZZY WUZZY’S REVENGE! The Armbar is fully locked in, mostly to Kaelan’s surprise. She does look like she has an angle to get out of the hold though, even as Jett continues to wrench on the hold. Kaelan is just about to get out, when Tyson Gregory pulls Jett out of the ring! He lets go of the hold, falling to the outside. Tyson can only look on, as Truck gets back into the ring. He picks Kaelan up, and CHOKESLAMS HER INTO THE FUCKING RING. Almost like he was trying to put her THROUGH the shit, Tyson can’t react fast enough, and gets a SUICIDE SPEAR FOR HIS TROUBLES!! With Tyson and Truck out of the picture, Jett quickly scrambles. Hopping up, he scrambles up to the top rope, as he connects with a SWAG SPLASH! Jett hits all of it, as he picks up the victory for his team tonight!
Winners: Jett Wilder and Truck Turner via Pinfall (17:23)
JOHNSON: ”Jett has done it! He’s pinned Kaelan here tonight!”
VASSA: ”Of course he did it! He’s the champion for a reason! Jett Wilder has all of the momentum heading into Chapter Thirty!”
JOHNSON: ”You can’t fault Kaelan for trying, it seems that Tyson getting involved put a hold on everything. Even with his good intentions, Kaelan was distracted enough to be taken down.”
VASSA: ”Kaelan can’t trust anybody around here, it seems!”
Before Jett and Truck can properly celebrate, the crowd turns to boos. The camera whips around, as we see a masked man sprinting towards the ring. Wearing the same get-up as the last show, this red masked man has a chair in hand. Kaelan is getting to her feet, just as the masked man enters the ring.
JOHNSON: ”Oh my god! That’s the guy who attacked Gareth! What’s he doing here?!”
VASSA: ”He’s got bad ideas in his mind, he’s going for Kaelan!”
Kaelan is in harm’s way, as the man rushes towards her with the chair. Thankfully, before it can connect, Tyson Gregory rushes in and takes the shot for her! Tyson drops to the mat, as the masked man stands there in shock. Kaelan looks on, reaching out and grabbing the chair from the man! He quickly bolts out of the ring, not wanting to see what Kaelan has in store for him!
JOHNSON: ”Oh my goodness! That masked man just went after Kaelan!”
VASSA: ”Thank goodness Tyson was there to save her! He may have cost her the match, but he just saved her ass here tonight! Get somebody out there to help him!”
JOHNSON: ”Kaelan’s looking over at Jett, and I think she’s already got this one figured out, folks!”
VASSA: ”Now, wait a second, are you trying to say that Jett was in on this?”
JOHNSON: ”You saw Dave and Hudson earlier! They were talking, and Kaelan was right there! She knows!”
VASSA: ”Well Jett is trying to profess his innocence right now, folks we are out of time, goodnight!”
The show ends with Kaelan standing in the ring, chair still in hand. She stares at Jett, as he tries to back up towards the ramp. He’s trying to explain, but somehow we can all see that Kaelan needs no further explanation.
Not anymore.