The picture opens up in the center of Barclays Center, live from Brooklyn, New York. Explosions of fireworks and pyro shoot from the ring posts, lighting up the scene as if it were a house covered in Christmas lights. It’s the five year anniversary show and it’s about to go down right here, right now! The camera scans over the sold out crowd below, focusing in on various signs held in the mixture of people.

In unison, both sides of the entrance ramp light up with blue lights, followed by white sparklers as the ramp fills with a white fog. Having changed views and now looking over the scene from the top of the entrance stage, the camera takes in the entire landscape before strolling down the ramp and approaching the ring. Once again, pyro shoots from the ring posts as the camera then circles the ring and heads straight to the booth where no one other than Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa await to get things underway!
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Winter Wasteland!”
VASSA: ”It’s our five year anniversary show and things are going to get lit here tonight folks!”
JOHNSON: ”I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and this ugly S.O.B. sitting beside me is Vinny Vassa.”
VASSA: ”We’re coming to you live tonight from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, and we have quite the event in store for you all watching from home.”
JOHNSON: ”From top to bottom we have a stacked card, featuring all of your favorite and not so favorite 4CW stars.”
VASSA: ”We even have something nasty for you nasty folks at home with your toxic attitudes.”
JOHNSON: ”Not only that, we have five, I repeat, five championships on the line here in Brooklyn.”
VASSA: ”The first is a personal favorite of mine as Kaelan Laughlin will challenge her husband, Bryan Laughlin for the Ignition Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Talk about a troubled marriage. These two are practically trying to kill one another!”
VASSA: ”And it doesn’t stop there. We also have American Tommy scheduled to defend the Octane Championship again the lovely, Eden Connors.”
JOHNSON: ”If that wasn’t enough for you, later on in the night we have a ladder match featuring Dakota Smith and the defending Pride Champion, Andre Holmes with the belt on the line!”
VASSA: ”That’s one of two headline matches for the evening. Our second we have Kimitsu Zombie challenging Elijah Carlson in a rematch with the North American Championship up for grabs in a Two out of Three Falls match.”
JOHNSON: ”Then to close out the night, we have our main event for the 4CW Championship. Artemis Kaiser will step into the ring and defend the 4CW Championship against the one and only, Viduus Morta!”
VASSA: ”And if that wasn’t enough, my homeboy Cosmo Cooper will be in the house tonight taking on the gate keeper of 4CW, Genevie Carlson!”
JOHNSON: ”We have those matches and many more planned for you all at home for your viewing pleasure. Not only that, later in the evening we have the Twenty-Eighteen Hall of Fame induction ceremony.”
VASSA: ”On behalf of everyone who has been with me along the way, it’s an honor to accept this prestigious award. Thank you all. I love you guys!”
JOHNSON: ”Yeah, Vinny, keep dreaming bud.”
VASSA: ”There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”Aim high, you’re only going to set yourself up for a huge disappointment.”
VASSA: ”That hurts.”
JOHNSON: ”As it should. I have to shut you up somehow and that did the trick. We have a stacked show to call and no time to waste whatsoever.”
VASSA: ”Well then what are we waiting for?”
JOHNSON: ”Nothing, nothing at all.”

We cut backstage to the parking garage of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. A black sedan rolls up as Alicia Lukas gets out and a small “earlier today” graphic pops up in the corner. Alicia grabs her bag from the boot of the car and throws the strap over her shoulder as she makes her way towards the arena stopping to look at the camera, her lips curling up into an arrogant smirk.
LUKAS: ”Well, I would say it feels good to be here for Winter Wasteland but unfortunately that would be a lie. Because I have to spend the day after Christmas in goddamn Brooklyn.”
Alicia can’t hide the annoyance in her voice showing an amazing amount of disdain for New York in general.
LUKAS: ”This is a homecoming of sorts for my opponent tonight. Cartier is a typical piece of Brooklyn trash. She’s an uneducated, arrogant piece of shit. The fact I have to face her is my own doing. I haven’t been doing the best in 4CW, it’s no secret it’s taking me some time to find my groove here. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose to someone like her. I sat there and tried to watch her little promo against me, I tried to go in with an open mind and halfway through I needed to take a break. Breathe, and center myself.”
Alicia smirks and opens the door from the garage into the arena hallways as she waits for the camera guy to walk in.
LUKAS: ”I couldn’t handle the stupidity or the rampant destruction of the English language. And hell, sometimes I wish I could sound a little, stereotypical. I mean, you can hear my southern roots. But do I sound like a redneck hick with a low IQ and no idea of what I should be doing? People like Cartier are a disease. She doesn’t care about wrestling, she doesn’t care about the art of what we do out there. All she cares about is getting her name out there. It’s why she’s also a member of that goddamn football league. You know, that pile of crap that everyone stopped caring about when Genie retired?. She’s a glory hound, a woman who just wants to be famous…”
Alicia adjusts her bag and smirks.
LUKAS: ”Well Cartier, I’m going to give you your wish, and tonight…I’ll maker you famous…”

The fashionably late Phoenix arrives 6 minutes after the show has started to Perry waiting for her in the parking lot. As the chauffeur steps out of the coal black Suburban to move fast with opening the backdoor for the passenger, an irritated Phoenix begins slapping the man’s hands away as he tries to help her down from the truck like she’s 9 months pregnant.
PHOENIX: “I’m PREGNANT not handicapped, MOVE!”
The man quickly takes a few steps back as Phoenix snatches her white and gold Hermes Birkin purse from the backseat before pushing the car door closed. She stares the man down before he finally gets the hint and returns to the driver side, quickly getting back into the truck and pulling off before Phoenix turns her attention to Perry.
PHOENIX: “Sorry… he irritated me by driving so slow.”
He pulls his sleeve up just a bit to reveal a watch on his wrist, eyeballing it for a short moment before cutting his eyes upwards towards Phe.
WALLACE: “Right on time. I expected you to be even later considering you’ve been late for quite a while now if you catch my drift.”
Corny, yes it was but he didn’t care. He even reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder to comfort her after the terrible joke.
WALLACE: “I could have hired you a real driver instead of Duke getting lost in this big ol’ city. I understand things are quite differently up here compared to the swamp.”
PHOENIX: “Look here… don’t get me started on your girlfriend.”
She cuts her eyes at him playfully before she starts leading the way, slowing down so that the two can walk side by side.
PHOENIX: “Where is she anyways? Usually you two are joined at the hip these days.”
Looking down to his hip, Perry acts surprised to see nothing there attached to him.
WALLACE: “Well look at that. Where did she go?! She had to handle some, I don’t know, lady business or something. She’s a grown woman. Knowing her, she probably knew it was best to wait and see you after you first arrive and your nerves have calmed down.”
He steps in a little closer, squatting down a bit and looking at her stomach.
WALLACE: “So, how’s the little one holding up in there?”
PHOENIX: “No no, they both can stay in there a little longer. A girl AND a boy… can you imagine that? I honestly thought that it would be a boy… have a whole name picked out in full and all…. but now I have time to figure out a name for the girl too. It’s all so exciting.”
Beams with joy before nudging him, thinking about something else he had said.
PHOENIX: “My nerves are not all that bad… at the moment. Depends, honestly… like if I step into my office and it doesn’t have all the food I have specifically requested. These workers, I tell you. Act all surprised when you ask for the simplest shit.”
Perry looks surprised as he stands tall.
WALLACE: “So two of them, a boy and a girl?”
He places his hands on his hips and shakes his head with a grin from ear to ear.
WALLACE: “With everything going on lately you see my mind is all over the place. Well since it’s one of each, then I don’t see why there should be any problems naming one after big papa Perry.”
PHOENIX: “Wouldnt want to take the honors away from Dr. Patton after you get done filling her with your seed. Might even have twin boys and call them Perry and Larry.”
Glances over at him with a smirk.
PHOENIX: “Has the show had a good start so far?”
WALLACE: “Going to marry that woman one day.”
He says quietly as he adjusts the sleeve on his jacket. Thinking to himself for a short moment, he looks to Phe and hold out both arms by his side.
WALLACE: “You bet your ass the show has been top notch thus far. Like always, like clockwork each and every time, especially now that a certain someone is no longer in the picture fucking things up. I have a question for you. Did you handle that, what we spoke about earlier? We have a big ceremony later on in the evening.”
Good ol’ Boston. No longer around to throw the schedule off like a woman’s out of order cycle. Phoenix snaps out of thinking about the man being held captive down in New Orleans and turns her attention to the last two sentences spoken.
PHOENIX: “Oh trust me, he’s given me his word that his focus will be the main event tonight and competing in it. I made sure that he promised.”
Smiles widely when thinking about the HOF ceremony later in the show.
PHOENIX: “Warms my heart at the two being chosen this year to be inducted in. I’m so excited to watch it unfold and with no worries of any interruptions, I know that it’ll go without a hitch.”
WALLACE: “It’s going to be a big night, and I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a while.”
It’s cold outside, in Brooklyn of all places. Perry steps in, pulling Phe’s coat at the shoulders to help bundle her and the little ones inside up.
WALLACE: “Look, we going to stand out here all night or do you want to step inside where it’s warm? Had I known we were going to be catching up out here in this cold winter air, I would have brought a flask and something strong to keep the blood warm.”
PHOENIX: “Your little hot and bothered ass could do for some cooling off, need to suck in this good ol air after always having your face suffocated in…. nevermind.”
Phoenix laughs before tugging him towards the building doors.
PHOENIX: “Come on, let’s go. I’m starving anyways and my office has all the goodies awaiting my arrival.”
WALLACE: “Let me ask you something else. All this talk about kissing after getting head, is that like after a load is blown into the mouth? I mean, is there at least something to drink afterwards to wash it all down? I’m lost on this whole thing.”
PHOENIX: “Oh god… look here, let me just ask you this. Does she kiss you in the mouth after you’re done enjoying that salad?”
WALLACE: “I’m not left there with two shots of jizz in my mouth. Ten bucks says Jason Jackson does before she swallows.”
The two continue towards building in silence as the scene slowly fades out.


As soon as the bell sounds Smith Jones is absolutely the aggressor, bullying Ayres back into the corner where he unloads on the face painted man with hard rights and lefts. He’s not the same sort of face painted man that Nirvana was, but he’s probably something close to it. Someone give Mya his number. Right. Match. Anyway. After pummeling Ayres relentlessly, Smith then planted his boot repeatedly into Ayres stomach. Bah gawd he’s stomping a mudhole in him and walking it dry. With Ayres beaten down to a seated position, Smith grabs a handful of his hair and drags him back up to his feet, lifting him up and then dropping him down across his knee with a perfectly executed backbreaker. Holding Maddox there, Jones drove a few elbows down into Ayres sternum before shifting his weight and transitioning into an abdominal stretch. As he torques the hold, Smith shouted at the fans to “watch him” before wrenching the stretch even farther, causing Maddox to groan in pain. Expertly, Smith transitions from the abdominal stretch into a full nelson position behind Ayres, positioning himself perfectly to execute his patented Sleep Paralysis dragon suplex. On impact Ayres head snapped off the middle turnbuckle and it was almost immediately clear that, unlike in their first match, Maddox is completely outmatched by Smith Jones. Motioning for Ayres to get up, the big screen suddenly came to life, drawing Smith’s attention as the camera crew was backstage with a live action shot of Elijah Carlson taking a nap in the middle of Smith’s match, quite clearly NOT watching him. For a moment Smith grits his teeth before his attention is caught by Maddox beginning to move. Pointing to the big screen, Smith mouths to the sleeping Eli that he did this before setting his sights on Maddox just as he was getting back to his feet. With fluid ease, Smith swept around behind Ayres and pulled him downward, dragging his neck onto his knees with POINT OF CONTROVERSY! Quickly, Smith covered the fallen Ayres for the pinfall, looking to the big screen which by that point had gone dark as the referee counted the one, two and three.
WINNER: Smith Jones via Pinfall (5:15)

The time for talk was over. This was it. Winter Wasteland, the very first pay per view match in 4CW in Cartier’s fledgling career. Less than a year from her in-ring debut, Cartier had gotten to this spot in a hurry. She knew full well that there were plenty of other wrestlers, good wrestlers, that took years to find themselves on this stage. Some never made it here at all.
As Cartier sat in her dressing room in the quiet before the storm, the brief period right before her match was scheduled, she fiddled with her cell phone and played some time waster app game. In full ring gear, she growled and sneered at her phone screen, tracing her fingertip across the screen furiously as the door opened and backstage interviewer Gabe Hartman skulked in, looking timid and uncertain.
HARTMAN: “Uh… Cartier? You, uh, asked for me?”
CARTIER: “Hold up…”
She holds up one finger, manicured with a tapered nail sharpened to a pointy tip. The bangle bracelets on her forearm jangled together as she shushed her visitor.
HARTMAN: “Okay I just… well they told me you wanted me…”
Cartier slams her phone down into her lap, hanging her head back and letting out a tortured sigh of frustration.
HARTMAN: “I’m so sorry please don’t hurt me!”
CARTIER: “Not you Gabe, damn… this fuckin’ game got me all fucked up. Thought I was gonna set a new record but some jackass got me. Shit. Needa be more patient next time.”
HARTMAN: “Well… you have to hit the ring in a minute, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing if you lost the game?”
Cartier’s sets her eyes on Hartman with an icy glare, and the nervous man nearly collapses into himself like a black hole under the weight of her stare. After a second though, Cartier smiles and nods.
CARTIER: “You right. Finally. But yeah, I asked for you… I wanted to tell you… I’m sorry.”
HARTMAN: “You… you’re sorry?”
CARTIER: “Yeah. I been a real asshole to you last couple times we talked. I mean, you did deserve that shit after that time you tried to harass me in the ladies room like a wannabe Hudson Hughes, but still. It’s Christmas. It’s 4CW’s birthday. So, since this the season an’ all, I decided to let them bygones be bygones and squash it. I even got you a little present. Cool?”
Gabe looks around as if there might be hidden cameras other than the omnipresent 4CW film crew that always manages to catch these little backstage moment, no matter what. Deciding he isn’t actually getting punk’d, Gabe replies.
HARTMAN: “You really mean it? Wait… you got me a PRESENT?”
CARTIER: “Hell yeah! Look. You been the only constant for me since I started here in 4CW. Even back at King’s Road you was there, before all that bullshit went down. Before Hudson tried to set me up and got me on Phe’s bad side. Before I got my title stripped. Before I had that juiced up retard Graham Gosch in my business. And before I got my ass fired from actin’ a whole ass donkey on Twitter. You been there like a actual friend while so many other motherfuckers showed they true colors and ghosted as soon as it looked like I might be on the bad side of the loudmouth popular kids. Ain’t important who there treatin’ you right when shit’s goin’ good, know what I’m sayin’? It’s the folks who still stay by you when shit get bad that needa be appreciated. That’s you. That’s one hunnit.”
Cartier holds her fist out and Gabe nervously applies a reciprocating dap.
HARTMAN: “Wait… before you give me anything… have you heard all the things Alicia Lukas had to say?”
Cartier lowers her hand and rolls her eyes, flattening her mouth out to a mocking frown.
CARTIER: “Man Gabe why you gotta ruin a moment, bruh? Her you an’ me was bondin’ an’ shit an’ then you wanna bring up that trailer trash ass bitch. Year I heard all her shit. She think she can beat me because I got a accent from the city an’ because I don’t talk perfect English. Well, last I checked that ho from Atlanta so I ain’t buyin’ this bullshit that she never heard a black person talk before. Last I checked Georgia education rankings in the goddamn toilet too so I don’t think she in no spot to be disrespectin’ anyone’s speakin’ skills. I talk like I talk because I keep it real to my upbringing, an’ I spent a lotta days on Brooklyn streets while I grew up. Just because Alicia Lukas grew up in some Georgia double-wide while her father-slash-uncle made meth in the kitchen in between fuckin’ his sister-slash-wife to make more little blonde girls for his sick ass to drool over don’t mean she smarter than me an’ it sure as hell don’t mean she better than me. This ain’t Atlanta, this is motherfuckin’ BROOKLYN, and this my town. My time. My chance to get a W on one of the biggest shows in the world. Now I ask me do I give a fuck if she understood what I just said, Gabriel.”
Hartman looks on, silently, until Cartier makes impatient movements with her hands to urge him along.
HARTMAN: “Uhhh… Cartier, do you care if your opponent was able to understand your… ebonic… slang… Just now?”
Her eyes narrow into slits and she grabs the mic right out of Hartman’s hand, stepping closer to the camera and staring into it while seething into the microphone.
CARTIER: “Alicia. If you don’t understand me when I talk you WILL understand my fists when they hit you upside that inbred unseasoned tartar sauce face you got. You WILL understand when you wake up starin’ up at the lights in the roof of the Barclay’s Center while my music playin’. You WILL understand when you see me wit’ my arm raised up high an’ my name bein’ announced as the winner. You think you cute? You think you can make your little ‘I don’t understand hoodspeak’ racist ass remarks an’ not get put on notice? Trust. This ass whippin’ you about to catch is gonna be dedicated not only to all my cousins an’ my aunties in the front row or my mama watchin’ at home because she too busy gettin’ shit ready for the church cookout next week to come in person. This one dedicated to all the other little hoodrat girls out there in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Minneapolis… shit, even Atlanta… who got to grow up tryin’ to meet your bullshit standards when you keep movin’ them damn goal posts every day. You might talk proper, Alicia, but you a fake ass bitch underneath it. I’m real. I’m what the hoodrats need to wanna be like. And? I’m gonna win. Period.”
Cartier slams the mic back into Hartman’s chest with a thud, and he almost fumbles it. Gathering himself together finally, he looks up just as Cartier is handing him a big cake shaped like a diamond with ‘4CW’ across the top in icing. She lights the five candles and then holds the cake up to Hartman’s face.
CARTIER: “Make a wish for 4CW’s birthday, Gabe. Close ya eyes so it come true.”
Gabe closes his eyes like he’s told. He stutters a bit and then decides to play it safe.
HARTMAN: “I wish… I wish that you win tonight, Cartier!”
He then takes a deep breath and blows out all the candles in one big whoosh of air. When he opens his eyes and sees Cartier smiling at him behind the five smoking candles, he grins from ear to ear.
HARTMAN: “There! Did I do it right?”
And then Cartier mashes the cake right into Gabe Hartman’s face, laughing.
CARTIER: “You did good, Gab. Real good. Now… it’s time for my match. Merry Christmas an’ Happy Birthday, 4CW… it’s time for Gabe’s wish to come true.”
Cartier then opens the door and exits her dressing room as the sounds of the ring announcer beginning to announce her match with Alicia Lukas echo through the hallway.


Last 4CW show of the year and both women were stopping short of nothing to succeed at their first ever Winter Wasteland. Only thing between them and the win was space and opportunity as the two go at it with a few swings before Alicia cranks it up with throwing a right punch that has enough power to make Cartier spin and leave her back unprotected and exposed. Alicia was going to dropkick Cartier in the back but then got another idea as she wraps her arms around Cartier from behind and falls back for a snap german suplex that Cartier didn’t see coming. Alicia pops back up as swiftly as she can be as Cartier also pulls herself to her feet, just in time to fall down on all fours to avoid Alicia’s incoming crossbody. Cartier is back on her feet and assisting Alicia onto hers as she keeps coming at her with hard blows to the face and even goes for a body shot that has the audience oohing. Never the one to hesitant, Cartier drives her knee into the hunched over Alicia’s face to send her flat on her back on the mat. Cartier’s feeling herself now as she walks around the mat talking shit, slapping her ass as the men in the audience eat it up like they wish that they were… sorry, this is a ‘family friendly’ show, anywho.
Cartier returns her attention to her downed opponent and before she could bend down to grab Alicia by the arm, Alicia tags Cartier in the face with a fist to the jaw and while Cartier takes a surprised step backwards, Alicia is on her feet in seconds and charging her. Another attempt at a crossbody that finally connects at puts both women on the mat with Alicia on top of Cartier but she doesn’t go for the pin. She knew that would be foolish to do so this early in the match when Cartier still has plenty of energy brewing inside of her that Alicia feels she needs to drain. Alicia rises only to jump into the air and land back on Cartier with an elbow drop, kipping herself to her feet and receiving a good applause and a few cheers from the audience. She responds with a swift slap to her ass and now Vassa is trying to compare not only ass slapping taunts from both women but which has the fatter ass. Alicia stops her taunt work to put that needed focus on her opponent, knowing that if she becomes too distracted and too into the moment, it could all be over in a split second with that one grand move.
Cartier of course wouldnt mind if Alicia was distracted, anything that would help get her the advantage but once she notices those eyes of Alicia’s on her like an eagle, she knows that there’s no way she can catch Alicia off guard so easily now. But that’s cool, Cartier was full of determination and surprises with never ceasing to outsmart someone at times if given the opportunity. When Alicia takes one step forward, Cartier quickly takes two back and it causes Alicia to smirk with nodding her head, seeing what Cartier was on. She was smart enough to not take the bait as Cartier being ‘shook’ but rather trying to get Alicia to think so in a way so that Cartier could take full advantage. Cartier just mildly shrugs and runs at her instead which actually catches Alicia off guard especially when Cartier quickly spins around and jumps in the air with Alicia catching fall full of ass with the Eat This Ass. Alicia goes down and Cartier flashes that cheshire cat grin while staring down at her opponent, her eyes lighting up triumphantly.
Also not wanting to fall prey to a pin that would only end in a kick out, Cartier pushes pinning her to the back of her mind and instead leaps into the air and comes down in a split leg drop. Not wanting to chance a quick counter the next time due to jumping in the air for another split legged drop, Cartier just yanks Alicia to her feet and shows that she can do more than just throw them bows as she puts Alicia down with a nicely activated backdrop driver and quickly jogs away from Alicia who is definitely feeling it as her face scrunches up in pain. The cameras quickly locate Cartier in the corner as she taunts for Alicia to get up, ready to end this and go on with her night with a fresh W resting on her shoulders. Alicia is slowly rising as Cartier’s eyes light up with excitement as she watches, Alicia standing to her feet and turning as Cartier dashes forward to make her move. EMPIRE STATE OF MI-NO!
Alicia quickly dives out of the way as a shocked Cartier catches nothing but air with her leg while Alicia is quickly coming up from the mat and rushing towards Cartier with a clothesline as soon as Cartier turns to face her. Alicia catches her breath for a moment, knowing she had been close to being put down for a three count pin and decides that it’s time to wrap this up. They both tie up when they lunge at one another, a bit of a power struggle until Alicia gets the advantage and wastes no time hoisting Cartier up on a her shoulders for The Georgia Drop, that finishing knee to the face being all she wrote as Alicia quickly goes for the pin and scores the three count fall!
WINNER: Alicia Lukas via Pinfall (7:54)

We cut to the backstage area, after the Cartier/Alicia Lukas match. There the scene opens up with a dark hallway, neon lights leaking out from the background and into the camera frame. We’re able to see a man through the lights and darkness, walking up to the camera. Eventually, the light gives us enough of an outline to make out the shape. A rooster mask is fitted on his head, we now see that this is Bryan Williams.
Bryan slowly walks up to the camera, baseball bat in hand. He taps it against the wall several times, as he continues to slowly walk towards the camera.
He finally speaks out, his voice carrying volume even with the distance still needed to be traveled to the camera.
WILLIAMS: ”I hope you all got what you wanted this year.”
Bryan’s voice is flat, there’s no emotion as he continues to walk up to the camera. Eventually, we’re able to see him fully, the lights providing enough illumination. His jacket is on, dirtied and bloodied from whatever. He lifts the mask up slowly, finally revealing his face. Bryan looks into the camera, the red neon lights clashing with his own blue eyes.
WILLIAMS: ”I hope this holiday season brought you all joy.”
There, we get the first bit of emotion from Bryan since this segment has started. A dull chuckle, almost to himself, can be heard faintly.
WILLIAMS: ”I thought Winter Wasteland would bring me what I wanted. But unfortunately, it’s too little, too late. You see this match has been a long time coming, so I suppose we should get it out of the way now. Fitting, as we’re about to leave this year behind I should leave a lot of things behind. A lot of feelings, things that I have wanted in the past. It’s time to let go, and I’ll lead the way there.”
Bryan pauses, lifting the baseball bat up to rest on his shoulder.
WILLIAMS: ”There’s too many of you still holding onto the past, still clinging to the hope that you can make a difference in your own life. There’s still this thought that you might matter around here. This notion that you might be able to break through to the top, and really make a change. I’m here to remind you all that your effort is better suited elsewhere. This company has no place for those who continue to try. It only wants those that do, those that execute on their thoughts.”
Bryan points to himself, as he continues to speak.
WILLIAMS: ”For so long now, I’ve tried. Time and time again, I’ve continued to try and make something of myself around here. It’s only taken me so far until I realized what the problem was. Because I was attempting to do what I wanted, I was trying to make my reality happen. Trying doesn’t help anymore, it doesn’t get you anywhere in this company. I can only do now, that’s the action that really matters.”
Bryan looks to the camera, smirking.
WILLIAMS: ”Miko you’ve been trying for a long time now to get away from your past. You’ve been trying to get back into the limelight, and I’m here to show you that tonight your choices are the wrong ones. You’ve made a grave mistake stepping into the ring with me, and now I will show you that trying can only get you so far. It only gets you second place. And it only brings you painful memories.”
Bryan looks off to the side.
WILLIAMS: ”4CW tried to forget about me.”
He looks back to the camera.
WILLIAMS: ”You tried to forget my accomplishments and the things I’ve been able to do here. Try all that you want to, but I’m still here. I’m still around, and while this year is already over I can promise you that the next one is going to be hell. Hell for those who forgot. Hell for those who continue to try, and keep me down at the bottom. I don’t need your awards, I don’t need your championship matches. I can make things happen on my own, I’ve proven that time and time again.”
Bryan lets a smirk out, escaping from his serious demeanor for a second as he looks down to the ground.
WILLIAMS: ”Tonight I end the year correctly, sacrificing your offer to try and appease me. I’m going to show you all what happens when you only try.”
Bryan looks up, and with that, the scene cuts to black.


The woman that has been hammered on about on social media concerning her relationship and her being a thot was definitely putting in the work in the ring to prove otherwise as she digs her knee into the back of Marquis who is sitting on the mat while Riley has an arm wrapped around Marquis’ neck in a headlock. Riley applies pressure, gritting her teeth as if she’s trying to pop Marquis head off until finally letting go after a while, rising to her feet with a satisfied smile. It was apparent that Riley was tired of the hate that she was getting and would make sure to just do her talking in the ring when she aimed to prove everyone wrong about her when it came to speaking on her. Marquis, however, was going to think what she wants and no headlock was about to change her opinion that quickly as Marquis rises to her feet just as Riley sprints towards her with Marquis swinging her arm but Riley is ducking that arm and running for the ropes instead. Marquis chuckles, finding Riley’s little games entertaining but she knew that it would be she who really gets the last laugh after this match. Alot could be said about Marquis. Haters would say that Marquis doesn’t try. That she loves K-Pop more than wrestling and that she never succeeds in wrestling… but obviously those are the titty babies who clearly dont pay attention to anything.
Because what Marquis was…. was pure entertainment. She knew how to make a match exciting, how to spice things up and not look sloppy. Whatever she says with that pretty mouth, she can more than back it up in the ring and have you calling her Daddy at the end of it if she wanted you to. Riley bounces against those ropes and makes to seem as if she’s gonna dash towards Marquis but ends up hooking her arms around the ropes instead while Marquis just shrugs, wanting to know when does she want the rest of this ass beating. The crowd eats it up, loving this between the two women because it was like watching two lionesses in the jungle before they attacked. The two had already clashed in the beginning of the match and it was like watching the two nearing the climax of a situation before it was set to come. They finally meet back in the middle but Marquis wasn’t on no cliched tie up because as soon as Riley makes a grab for her, Marquis backhands the living hell out of her for trying it. Riley touches the stinging right side of her face before quickly stepping forward to grab Marquis for a snap suplex.
At this point, it seemed tit for tat with if one woman did something, the other did something back immediately in response and the petty ass 4CW audience was here for it. They trade hits with going back and forth for a bit until Riley ends up with the upper and milks it for all her worth with trying to hold onto it by all costs by giving Marquis no leeway. Everytime Marquis’ back hit the back, Riley was quickly there to pull her to her feet and anytime Marquis took a step, Riley was taking too. Riley was staying upon her like a Fontenot on a pregnant woman and it was working for her pretty well but after a while, Marquis ended up stomping on Riley’s foot and elbowing her in the face for not letting her breathe. I mean seriously if she wanted to be this close to someone she would be trying to kiss them and that certainly wasnt the case in this situation. But if you thought an elbow to the face was going to stop Riley then you had no idea how relentless the woman could be when pushed to be. Riley touches her nose to check for blood but once she sees the moisture is clear and not crimson, she leaps towards Marquis and tackles her to the ground.
The two women roll on the mat until Riley quickly rises once she’s on top to fully mount Marquis and tries to get at her face with her fists but Marquis is doing a great job blocking her face with her arms. So Riley begins pulling Marquis’s right arm away with her left so she can hit her in the face with her right fist, getting a few good licks in before Marquis practically cold clocks Riley in the face with her right fist out of nowhere and then hits her again to try to knock her off of her. Riley falls over to the side with being propped on an elbow but doesn’t fall complete off of Marquis so Marquis shoves the rest of Riley’s body off of her before rising to her feet and dusting herself off. After she was done, she turns her attention to Riley who is on her feet and charging Marquis but Marquis has had enough of this. Riley goes for a high kick but ends up doubling over when Marquis kicks Riley in the stomach then pulls her in for a swinging neckbreaker. Soon as Riley hits the mat, Marquis is right behind her with a quickness as she locks in Pending Payment on an unsuspecting Riley who tries to hold out as long as she possibly could before she ends up tapping.
WINNER: Persephone Marquis via Submission (8:15)

The camera cuts backstage to show Miko Ayano, obviously having completed her prep for her one-off match against Bryan Williams, she’s sitting down watching the pay-per-view on an acquired monitor, several stage-hands and match coordinators milling about while she idly tools around with her wrist cuffs and waits, alone, for her match to be called up.
AYANO: ”Okay Miko… you got th-”
The Warp-Drive Dragon pauses in her self-encouragement before casting a look over her shoulder, to something off-screen.
AYANO: ”… okay, THAT wasn’t my imagination. I guess…”
She snaps her fingers.
AYANO: ”Artemis? That you raising the hairs on my neck?”
The camera pans over to confirm Miko’s statement to the crowd. Her enemy, the 4CW Champion, gives Miko a stare all too familiar to her.
KAISER: ”What? Are you that worried around me?”
Of course, her words are not anything but sarcastic. Even if it wasn’t Miko Ayano standing there, Artemis speaks with a hostile cadence. Here, it was magnified.
KAISER: ”I’m a little impressed, though. I didn’t think you developed, well, an Artemis radar. Do you think it would work on my siblings at all or is it just for me?”
Artemis’ words may have been strange, born in some humorous world, but she speaks them with a lack of such a feeling.
AYANO: ”Maybe, but with you it’s special… my ears pop and I smell ozone…”
There’s a pause after that, Miko, realizing her joke didn’t even remotely land, clears her throat before nodding at the 4CW Champion.
AYANO: ”So is this a courtesy call or is your belt gonna be ringing upside my head? Cuz’ I’ll be honest, it’s sounding more-and-more like that’s gonna be Bryan’s thing tonight”
Artemis tilts her head.
KAISER: ”You should know by this point that if I wanted you hurt, you would have been so.”
Artemis clears her throat.
KAISER: ”But–this is more of just me coming to see how you are, after everything.”
Her hateful eyes narrow at Miko.
KAISER: ”And ask you what happens if you win here tonight. Plenty of guests have come in and have received an awful beating. But having faced you, I know it will be a little different.”
At that, the Warp-Drive Dragon’s brow arches before she finds something interesting on the ground to stare at.
AYANO: ”Whelp, I dunno about THAT. I came here to have a good time and Williams looks more like he wants to kill me”
There’s a pause before Miko looks back up at Kaiser and nods.
AYANO: ”Ah well, that’s what I get for not being the same person I used to be. Still even if he beats the piss out of me, I’ll keep on going, I always do…”
A pause.
AYANO: ”Speaking of the holiday festivities… uh, good luck with your match against Hot Topic tonight”
“Tch,” Artemis sucks her teeth and averts her eyes.
KAISER: ”I don’t need you asking me that. He’s a fool for not paying attention, thus I’ll beat him and move on.”
There is a pause left in the air until the ends of Artemis’ mouth tugs.
KAISER: ”I’m really here, though, to ask…I get to fight Aurora after all this. Are you going to attend the match?”
Artemis reaches into her jacket pocket and takes out an envelope with a ticket within.
KAISER: ”I want to see you there.”
Miko reaches out and takes it, her eyes focused solely on the 4CW champion and not the envelope.
AYANO: ”… I’ll be there”
There’s a tense moment between the two before Miko chuckles.
AYANO: ”That’s REALLY bugging you, isn’t it?”
KAISER: ”What?”
Artemis replies with a short, harsh tone.
AYANO: ”The Aurora thing. Someone mentions her name you stiffen up. Hell I could be talking about the Northern lights and dogs five miles off will howl because they could hear the frequency of you fucking teeth grinding…”
Miko taps the envelope against her palm for a moment before giving Kaiser a pointed look.
AYANO: ”… don’t you realize you’re already winning? You have accolades, titles and money. You earn more singular respect from anyone that’s faced you than anybody else I can remember and you just seem… so fucking miserable about it”
There’s a long, tense pause, broken by Ayano sighing.
AYANO: ”So I’ll be there, Kaiser, and I wish you luck… not about winning and losing, because luck has nothing to do with that, but hopefully – just maybe – when that bell rings you’ll crack a smile because you’ll finally find whatever the fuck it is that makes you happy in wrestling…”
After Ayano finishes speaking, there is another long pause, this time, the camera trains on Artemis, who has looked down a tad. As soon as the pause gets too long, the resounding sound of Artemis cracking her neck startles the camera operator who got a little too close. The 4CW Champion looks up at Miko with a grin on her face and a malicious glint in her eyes.
KAISER: ”Just maybe you’ve been missing the point. Maybe after all this time of chasing things like this.”
She looks at the 4CW Championship.
KAISER: ”Just maybe it’s that I enjoy the violence more than anything. I’ll be sure to smile at you when I’m finished with Viduus tonight. And especially when I’m done with Aurora.”
Artemis passively brings one of her fingers close to her mouth, idly biting on it.
KAISER: ”Gods, Miko, why did you have to get me all flustered like that? I can’t even do anything about it.”
A little bit of blood passes over her lip before she pulls her finger away. Disappointed, Artemis sighs.
KAISER: ”I hope you get what you want tonight since we’re talking about that so much.”
Artemis leaves the scene, sauntering off to leave Miko by her lonesome. When she leaves, the tension lingers in the air. Miko looks down at the envelope in her hand before raising he hand up to cup around her mouth and calling out to Kaiser, who’s probably long out of earshot.
Another moment passes before the fresh silence settles on the Warp-Drive Dragon, who shivers in response before she shuts off the monitor she was watching and walks off-screen, presumably to Gorilla position before the camera cuts elsewhere.

In the elaborated decorated office of Phoenix… who was only going to be here for a couple of hours so no idea why this psycho had her office decorated like it was permanent but hey, it is what it is. Anywho, she’s busy chatting it up on the phone with her index finger wagging in the air while she chastises someone on the phone, the mounted tv on her wall turned on as evidence that she’s tuning into the show as it rolls on.
PHOENIX: “Look here, PETA can eat my whole ass if they think I’m banning furs from gracing the red carpet this Saturday. They’re just mad because I mocked their trash ass softcore porn they tried to advertise. Vegans last longer in bed… please. And don’t even get me started on oral when they aren’t even supposed to eat meat…. confused asses. Like I said, fur is not banned from my event so if someone wants to roll up in a fur coat, hell even in a matching hat and boots then be my guest. What do you mean you’re not sure about this? Oh?”
Phoenix rises that signature eyebrow of hers while the cameraman tries to shoot other parts of the office but gets waved away by Phoenix not to do so, mouthing ‘do not’ before returning to her phone conversation.
PHOENIX: “Ask yourself this then… who are you more afraid of? PETA or me? Yeah, that’s what I thought… now like I said, nothing changes. Don’t get punked out because people are feeling a type of way that their trash ass ad got such a poor response. Now I shall talk to you tomorrow, goodbye.”
At this time, the nosy cameraman is eying all of the food that Phoenix has in her office with being amazed at the side table on the right side of the room that’s set up as if she’s having a party with the trays and bowls of food on display. Even her office is covered with two heaping trays of food as Phoenix turns to look at the cameraman after ending the call and sees him filming all of the food.
PHOENIX: “Didn’t I say don’t expose me? You’re more dimwitted than the people who think deathmatches are comedy ones! Besides… this isn’t all just for me.”
Phoenix side eyes to the right as if she’s bullshitting before turning back to the camera with an innocent smile, tucking a few strands of her hair behind her ear.
PHOENIX: “My girls will be joining me soon after they’re done competing for the night. Now go find Perry and film him or something. Need to make sure he doesn’t disappear and leave me to run the induction tonight on my own…”
Ah yes, the infamous co owner who would rather be buried face first into a certain feast of his own if left up to it but Phoenix wasn’t allowing that to happen tonight… not on her watch. She then shoos the cameraman out of her office and sends him to go cockblock on Perry before closing the door in his face.


The crowd was excited to see Miko Ayano finally standing in a 4CW ring, they expected a good matchup and they were given just that. Bryan struck first, attacking Miko before the bell had officially rang. The official was able to seperate the two, as the match was officially started. Bryan charged back in, but Miko was able to fight him back this time. Bryan ducked a Roundhouse Kick attempt, only for Miko to connect with a Teep Kick that sent Bryan backwards. Determined to make his opponent pay, Bryan charged forward again. Disregarding the warning signs, Bryan took several shots to his thighs from Miko. Kicks came in quickly, walloping the outer legs of Bryan Williams. He pressed forward, hoping to get Miko in his grasp. She kept her distance, until she was backed into a corner. There Bryan grabbed her, pressing her into the corner and brutalizing her with clubbing blows to the back of her neck. The ringside official once again stepped in, but Bryan shoved him away. Miko used this opportunity to strike, catching Bryan with a Dragon-Screw Legwhip! It was effective, as she had certainly done her research in hurting his right knee. Bryan got up quickly, but now had a noticeable limp and not because his cawk was sooo heavy.
Bryan backed down a bit from here, keeping his distance as Miko continued to circle around him. She would strike, every now and then with another kick to his right thigh. Eventually Bryan grew tired of waiting, shooting in to take down Miko to the mat! She had no time to scramble, but used her guard on her back to strike with elbows to Bryan’s head! The match was beginning to look like a legitimate shoot match, until Bryan pummeled Miko with several Elbow shots of his own! Bryan got to his feet, pulling Miko up with him. From there it was a brutal display, no remorse for his actions. Miko was tossed with a Rolling Release Suplex, landing hard on the mat back-first! Bryan didn’t stop there, following that up with a Cravat Neckbreaker, and an Exploder Suplex! Miko Ayano held her own, though, fighting back when she could. A Straight Jacket Suplex attempt would fail, allowing Miko to connect with a Leaping Enziguri and a Snap DDT! The two weren’t backing down from each other, and the fans were certainly appreciative of the action. Miko tried to take control of the match with a high-risk move, attempting a Springboard Press Plancha to the outside. However, Bryan was able to catch Miko and run her into the turnbuckle post back-first! Miko collapsed to the ground, as Bryan headed back into the ring to recover from the match.
Inside of the ring, Bryan waited as his opponent slowly got back to her feet. The damage was certainly done, but Miko was able to beat the ten count in time. Bryan attacked harshly, waiting for his opponent to try and get back up before planting a kick square in her ribs. Bryan followed that up with a Forearm Smash to her lower back, dropping Miko down to the mat once again. Miko was certainly in trouble, feeling the pain down in her back as Bryan put her into position for a Surfboard Stretch. Miko did her best to try and get out of the hold, but it was no use! Bryan is able to secure the hold, lifting Miko up into the Surfboard Stretch! Miko cries out in pain, but she holds on as she isn’t ready to give up just yet. Bryan lets her arms go, bending her backwards in an awkward angle as he locks in a Dragon Sleeper! It looks horrible, and painful for Miko, but she still holds in there! Bryan is forced to let go, as Miko isn’t giving up any time soon. He watches Miko, as she tries to get back to her feet. Bryan readies himself for a Solar Flare Homicide, but Miko lands on her feet! She connects with a Dropkick to Bryan’s right knee, putting him down for the moment.
With Bryan on the mat, he looks to be in prime position for Miko to connect with a Bicycle Kick! She doesn’t stop there, stomping away at the head of Bryan Williams as he tries to get up. He finally does, only to be caught with a Springboard Spinning Wheel Kick from Miko! However, it isn’t enough to keep Bryan down on the mat. The crowd seems to be fully behind Miko, as the match continues. She begins to pull away, catching Bryan with a Palm Strike that stuns him for a moment. Miko grabs Bryan, attempting to connect with her Clark’s Final Law Suplex. Bryan’s arms are trapped behind him, but he seems to be too heavy to pull the move off. However, Miko keeps trying, and eventually lifts him up enough to connect with the Suplex! Bryan is able to kick out at two though, disappointing the crowd.
Miko surely feels like this match is hers to win, as Bryan is having trouble getting back up to his feet. Miko attempts for a Standing Cross Armbar, but Bryan is able to slip out of it! Miko goes low, attacking the right knee of Bryan! He drops to the canvas, in perfect position for Miko to finish him off! She wastes no time, climbing up to the top and perching herself on the top turnbuckle. She knows a Phoenix Splash would end this match right now, and she goes for it but she misses! Bryan is able to move at the last moment, falling his way into the nearby corner. Not to be stopped, Miko gets to her feet. She sees Bryan in a seated position, and charges at him! Launching herself with both knees forward, she tries to take his head off but misses again! Bryan moves, allowing Miko to be trapped on the second turnbuckle. Bryan gets back up, catching Miko with a Backstabber from the Second Turnbuckle! Miko is in pain again, her back still not healed from earlier. Bryan uses this to his advantage, connecting with a Spinning Backfist! He rushes forward for the Bicycle Knee, but Miko dodges! She rolls him up with a Cross Armbar! Bryan looks trapped, nowhere near the rope to break free from the hold! Suddenly, he rolls to his side, looking to pick Miko up into a Powerbomb position. He lifts her up, and she lets go but Bryan connects with a Pop-Up Knee Strike! Miko is stunned, allowing Bryan to connect with Shotgun Mouthwash! The Roaring Elbow puts Miko down on the mat, as Bryan covers her for the win!
WINNER: Bryan Williams via Pinfall (13:11)

The backstage cameras pick up only one thing. A black pawn. The well-known chess piece no on the board as it’s known for. It actually sits along a long wooden bench presumably inside the Barclays Center. A hit of Brooklyn Nets insignia along the flooring giving that insightful hint. The camera stills on the pawn sitting but by the shadow standing over the view, it’s obvious that someone is sitting to the right of the view. Considering the chess piece well it really could only be one person.
GRESHAM: “This…misconception. At first, I will admit it amused me but now considering my time away and is still being used. It’s repetitive use obviously leads me to believe that perhaps somewhere in all of your dense and unsound logic you either refuse the truth or fear it. So with that in mind, shall I begin.
A large dark hand sits at the base of the pawn piece placing upon the wooden bench.
GRESHAM: “A pawn…is a plentiful piece. Some do use them correctly but there are many so many upon the chessboard with little to no value. In most cases, they are used and sacrificed for the greater position or a later trap set in play. There are other maneuvers of course but I could be all night with that. The reason I’m explaining this is that out of my numerous opponents so far in my 4CW career there seems to be this aura around the lot of you that leads you all to believe you are more than this chess piece. That you have this ability to enlighten the enlightenment. He who is luminous. Allow me to further your understanding…”
The camera slowly starts to zoom out and if the crowd wasn’t boo’ing already (they were) the sight of “Gifted” DeMarcus Gresham increases their volume tenfold as he sits alongside the pawn on the bench with his gear already on and prepared. Bringing his hands together in a steeple form, he continues.
GRESHAM: “Now, over time if able to survive…a pawn can become more. Making it to the other side of the board, therefore, promoting itself to another piece. A greater piece. Yes, that is the hope for the lot of you. Promoting yourself to a higher place. Mariano, the enlightenment I speak of. the way and the path I refer to–you do not hold such an ability to enlighten the enlightened ones. You and many others in all your philosophy can not enlighten me. You will never hold such a gift. In truth, I—by action do not impose enlightenment. I am merely the vessel put forth to bring you to the destination. I show you the path to the other side of the board. I show you were the enlightenment lies. Once the light is given it is by all means up to yourself to take that path, promote past your pawn status and become something more. Graduate, to that higher place. Some take hold, some do not but at the end of the night it is as always based on your own free will.”
Taking the base of the pawn with his fingers he moves it centimeter by centimeter slowly across the bench.
GRESHAM: “Eden Connors, Cyrus Riddle, Finn Whelan, and Artemis Kaiser…never enlightened me. Beat me? Yes. Taught me? Indeed. Enlighten me?…heh.”
Gresham follows the “heh” with a lowly deep chuckle within. Shaking his head he can’t help but smirk to himself.
GRESHAM: “If anything those lessons all but forced me to pay attention. Analyze my path. Realize my status as your enlightenment. Your lead. Your epicenter. In those losses, I gained even more and the best thing I did was take my leave because if I am not along the path as I should be how do I lead others? If I am straying from my path how can I help you reach your promotion? You see it as death. The end. To leave is to die. Death of a career is a choice Mighty Mouse. Just another path. Where is my death if I am to stand across from you this evening? Where is this death you speak of?”
Gresham plays upon his words looking around as if searching for death.
GRESHAM: “Just because it is not seen doesn’t mean it is never felt. Your one loss has damaged you more than my 3 in a row. You’ve become Count von Count on an episode of Sesame Street only to return to the same place after Fright Night. I’m enlightening you because I’ve been there. That obsession. That borderline hysteria. The most telling part of it is instead of searching inside yourself as I had to, you instead insist on walking across a bridge. A bridge to enlightenment…”
A pitiful shake of the head.
GRESHAM: “If only it were that simple Mariano. If only…it were as simple as paying a toll and driving to the other side. Collecting souvenirs at the end of the tour.”
He picks up the pawn after it’s slow glide across the bench. Looking at it almost marveling at it as he plays with it between his fingers.
GRESHAM: “There would be many fewer pawns in this dismal world. Lessons should never be feared Mariano, they are just a part of the path. What should be feared is what I’ve come to find in my time away. That is to no one’s credit but my very own and it will promote me. That is the gift I will give to you Mariano for how is one a better man idolizing those unworthy?”

The cameras come live backstage to show Kaelan Laughlin walking through the hallways of the arena. She’s in her full ring attire with her hair and makeup done. She’s not looking for anything particular. Just walking through the hallways. She walks past a door and stops before stepping back and reading the name tag. Bryan Laughlin. She smirks and just stands outside the door for a long moment. She holds her hand up like she’s about to knock on the door, hesitating for a moment before dropping her hand and shaking her head as she walked away from the door, quickening her pace.
LAUGHLIN: “It’s finally here. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The last 4CW show of the year. The Five Year Anniversary show. Winter Wasteland. Everyone’s final opportunity to impress the world and show everyone why they are the best talent 4CW has to offer. Make no mistakes that even though I’m on a mission for destruction that I don’t know I step into the ring with one of 4CW’s best. I know what’s on the line. Better than all of you cunts and I’m prepared for it while none of you are going to see any of it coming.”
Kaelan stopped walking and glanced over her shoulder. Making sure Bryan or anyone else was behind her.
LAUGHLIN: “You all speculate what you think is going to happen. Genie whines like the bratty cunt she is. She doesn’t give a single fuck. She’s just getting her excuse lined up for if she fails to beat Cosmo. She can blame it on someone else and not identify that simply she’s just not all that great. While you got the entire undercard leading up to my match with Bryan being nothing more than a snoozefest. People who watch the show live will be wishing they could just fast forward through it. You cunts can say you don’t want this match to end in blood, sweat, tears and carnage but I know it’s a lie. You all want to see me and Bryan destroy each other. We’ve already mentally torn each other apart. We’ve already psychological broke each other down. Now I will physically break him and leave him to bleed out. I told you Bryan. I’m taking away everything you care about and love in this world. Baelin Club is over. There is no Happily Ever After. No Fairytale. No Hashtag Power Couple. Tonight. It’s the End.”
Kaelan pushed the camera out of her face and walked off leaving the scene to fade to black on her walking away looking down at the ground and shaking her head as she did so.


Nobody really seems to know who David Sanchez is, and it almost seems like he’s completely invisible as this match begins. In fact, David doesn’t do much throughout the match, it’s basically a singles match between Kat Jones and Alessandro. The two battle it out in the beginning, pushing David Sanchez out of the way as the match starts. Alessandro looks to strike early, having finally won a match two weeks ago. His thought process can be seen a mile away, if he puts Kat Jones down quickly he can win this match. Kat fights back though, providing a resistance that he wasn’t expecting. Alessandro stays back, quickly adjusting his gameplan, waiting for Kat Jones to come in close to him. She charges, and gets caught with a Heart Punch that drops her to the mat. David Sanchez laughs, somewhere, and Alessandro quickly changes his focus to him. David is no match for the cunning ability that Alessandro has, as he’s tossed with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex in the middle of the ring. Kat Jones rolls to the outside to recover, as David Sanchez continues to get pummeled by Alessandro. AQ shows no mercy, telling the man that he would never match up to him. Alessandro grabs David Sanchez, lifting him up to his feet as he gives him a few slaps. Alessandro tosses him to the ropes, David Sanchez gets caught on the rebound with a Leaping Lou Thez press by Alessandro! AQ fires away with punches to the downed David Sanchez, lighting him up with his fists of fury.
Eventually, David Sanchez is able to push Alessandro off of him. AQ is certainly confused, considering how much of a ghost David Sanchez has been lately. He also remembers a time when this was a one-on-one match, but that seems to be so long ago. Either way, Kat Jones is back into the mix, as she slides underneath the bottom rope. Kat goes for Alessandro, connecting with a Double Axe Handle Smash to his neck. Alessandro falls to the mat, as Kat Jones takes her turn in beating up David Sanchez. It doesn’t look good for him, as Kat connects with a Enziguri Kick that knocks him down. Thankfully, David heads to the outside as he tries to recover from the beating he’s just taken. Alessandro is back on his feet, and ready to square up with Kat Jones yet again. The two quickly get into it, with Kat striking first. She connects with a Superkick that knocks Alessandro down to a knee. She tries to follow that up with a Running Hurricanrana, but Alessandro blocks the attempt and Powerbombs Kat Jones! It’s not enough to get the win though, as Kat is able to kick out at two.
She looks for a way back in this match, as Alessandro continues to take control. Kat tries for a Crossbody off of the top rope, but Alessandro catches her! He quickly turns the move into a Fallaway Slam, tossing Kat Jones across the ring. On the outside, David Sanchez watches carefully as he tries to pick his spot to get back in this match. With Kat Jones out of the ring, he quickly attempts to strike. Sliding under the bottom rope, David Sanchez attacks Alessandro from behind! AQ is knocked down, but isn’t out of the fight. David tries lifting him up onto his shoulder, as AQ wiggles out of his hold. David turns around, and Alessandro blasts him with a Backfist! It staggers David Sanchez, allowing Alessandro to connect with the Zidane Headbutt! It knocks David Sanchez off of his feet, putting him down on the mat.
Alessandro looks confident in his ability to win this match, as he looks to finish David Sanchez off. Picking David Sanchez up, Alessandro lifts him up onto his shoulders. He looks to finish him off with Bedtime, but Kat Jones is back in the ring! Alessandro turns around, only to see Kat perched on top of the turnbuckle. She leaps off, connecting with a Dropkick that catches Alessandro right in his face! Alessandro drops like a sack of shit, as David Sanchez falls right on top of him. For a moment, David looks like he might win this match as the official makes the pinfall count. However, Kat Jones is up to her feet as she breaks up the pinfall. She grabs David, pulling him off of Alessandro. A Freaked Out Snap DDT puts David down for good, as Kat turns her attention towards AQ. He’s trying to get up, but Kat isn’t about to let that happen. She connects with a Superkick, allowing her to drop him with a Freaked Out as well! The DDT keeps Alessandro down long enough for Kat Jones to cover Sanchez and get the three count, and the victory!
WINNER: Kat Jones via Pinfall (9:57)

The camera cuts backstage, where DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez stands leaning against a wall, already in his wrestling gear, with the addition of his leather jacket slung on his shoulders. His gaze looks past the camera lens, as if lost in thought.
FERNANDEZ: “DeMarcus Gresham is right when he says the Mariano Fernandez from before didn’t go around visiting monuments and graves, mang.”
He nods, silently, his eyes focusing on the camera.
FERNANDEZ: “The reason for that, is that I WASN’T looking for any examples, mang. I was strictly my own, and I was proud of myself in that. I thought I could come back to 4CW after that and still be that, and do that. And I paid a very bitter price in finding out I was wrong.”
After this he throws his hands, while shaking his head – an honest gesture, perhaps of acknowledgement, perhaps of resignation.
FERNANDEZ: “And from there I started looking for things to look up to, examples that I COULD follow while staying true to myself, mang. Because whatever changes I may have to make, I REFUSE to believe, above anything else, that I CAN’T succeed by being who I am. Too many people have given in and fallen to that. I won’t – because I can’t. Because it would be contrary to all I have ever been, and because it would, plain and simple, be wrong.”
Here his eyes harden, as does the tone of his voice.
FERNANDEZ: “And THAT’s why I spin on the proverbial wheel, mang. Maybe Gresham is right – I’ll spin and fall to exhaustion before getting off, but that won’t be a bad way to fall. Because getting off on my own means giving up – and as I’ve said – I’ve been close to giving up more than once through this god damned year – and IF I do that, then my reason for being here in 4CW, let alone wrestling at all, is all for nothing. And that’s the worst ending that my mind can conceive, mang.”
He places his hands on his hips, leaning towards the camera.
FERNANDEZ: “As incomprehensible and as ridiculous as this sounds to you, DeMarcus, THAT’s why I do what I do. Because I won’t fall for the easy excuse of hurting as I’ve been hurt, making bleed as I have bled, because it’s the SAME exact god damned shit everyone brings when they want to pretend they stop caring about people’s perceptions. You say that I care, and perhaps I do. But unlike EVERYBODY else in this god damned company or the whole business, I’m consistent with my god damned self. I follow up on my own words. I say I’m gonna do something, then I do it, or I die in the attempt. And WHEN I say I’ll make sure people will remember, then THAT’s what I’m gonna do – no matter how much time, or effort, it takes.”
FERNANDEZ: “Because, in the end, no one puts more pressure on themselves that I do.”
He gives a sly smile at that.
FERNANDEZ: “THAT, DeMarcus, is why I talk about making things count. Anyone else could say they beat three people in a row, and pound their chest at some imaginary impressive accomplishment. But to me, there’s no pride or joy in that. There COULDN’T be, because I WANT more than that – because I know I can be BETTER than that, and it’s what I’ve endeavored to be all this god damned year. And only NOW, right at the end, did I manage to come close to that.”
FERNANDEZ: “Winter Wasteland, then, serves that purpose. From Fright Night until now it’s all been crossing gate after gate, kicking them down to push forward. And I’m tired, so god damned tired, of people not putting the effort to defend those gates they’re meant to protect. Thankfully you’ve shown you got something more in you than everyone else I’ve faced from that time until now, but pile snowflake after snowflake and, without a force to push it all down, you don’t get an avalanche, mang.”
FERNANDEZ: “Snowflake after snowflake, what you get is a pile of snow – an obstacle to be climbed on, or to be taken apart and thrown away with salt and shovel. Or, if someone’s got what it takes, an obstacle to be PLOWED through with full speed and full force with a plow truck.”
He bumps both fists against the camera lens, making it wobble to demonstrate his point.
FERNANDEZ: “That wheel you talked about? It’s only just picking up speed. Those snowflakes you mentioned? They’re just piling themselves up to make that obstacle I have to go through. So gather up as many as you can, mang. Put one on top of each other until they reach the roof. Try to make that avalanche you want, IF you can…”
One more punch at the camera, with a snapping thud.
FERNANDEZ: “Because the only thing that’s going to happen is all those snowflakes getting plowed away.”
And after this, he turns around and walks away, the final shot of the camera of the leather jacket on his back, before the camera cuts back to the ring.

We cut to yet another segment backstage as we see Persephone Marquis seated in her locker room long after her match, which is strange. Usually, she would be gone by now. Usually, she would be in a bed, trying her best to sleep through the early aches. Instead, here she was, seated upon a couch in the cozy room. A set up she prefers as she watches the progressing matches of Winter Wasteland.
Hair wet from a recent shower, sweats and a Wet for Jett t-shirt, she looks exhausted as her eyes trained on the screen. So tired, she doesn’t even react when her locker room door opens. All the enemies she has, all the shit that happens in 4CW, she doesn’t seem phased until she hears the voice of Bryan Williams calls out to her. Only then does she jolt and snap to look at him.
WILLIAMS: ”Earth to Persephone. I was looking everywhere for you. Why didn’t you answer my texts?”
She relaxes, sinking back into the couch.
MARQUIS: ”Why didn’t you just look here first?”
WILLIAMS: ”You have a tendency to wander, so I guess I didn’t bother for that reason.”
Persephone nods and doesn’t answer. She turns back to winter Wasteland on the television instead, and she seems surprised to see herself looking at herself through a television. It takes her a moment to realize.
MARQUIS: ”Oh! Oh shit, we’re in the middle of a segment.”
WILLIAMS: ”Yeah, I guess we are. What are you still doing here, though, let’s go home.”
Persephone frowns, eyes narrowing as she shakes her head.
MARQUIS: ”You can go ahead of me if you want, I’m going to watch. I’m tired of not paying attention to the shit around me. I’m tired of being the last to know. I have to be aware of everyone in this company – that’s how I was before, and I was always a step ahead because of it. I’m going to get that back. I’m not going to be lazy anymore, I’m not going to give matches different levels of importance. Every match matters from here on out, something can be gained from everything.”
Persephone looks off as she speaks.
MARQUIS: ”I’ve spent too long comfortable in the middle. Everyone has called me out on it, everyone has been right. And I just kept denying it. Not anymore. It’s a new year, it’s another sprint to the top. I can pick everyone apart if I just fucking try. The first step to that, knowing everyone, listening to their words, and seeing what they can do. I have the eye for it, I might as well put it to good use. Wouldn’t you say?”
She looks at Bryan, tiredly.
MARQUIS: ”That I’m observant, when I want to be?”
Bryan pauses for a moment, thinking over his words.
WILLIAMS: ”Yes, I do think so. I think you’re always observant. I don’t think you ever stopped using what you know to your advantage and you’re always quick to notice change, sure thing. But it’s been a long night, we both had tough matches. Let’s just go home and get some rest. We can play catch up later.”
MARQUIS: ”I told you that you can go ahead of me.”
She sounded annoyed looking away from him and staring back at the television, looking at herself as she does so.
WILLIAMS: ”I go where you go.”
MARQUIS: ”That’s a lie.”
WILLIAMS: ”You know it’s not. For someone who lies all the time, I figured you would be able to tell the difference.”
MARQUIS: ”Oh, trust me, I can.”
Bryan sighs out.
WILLIAMS: ”So, you’re not coming with me,”
Persephone shakes her head, sipping on a coke she got out of thin air? Where did that coke come from??
MARQUIS: ”Nope.”
WILLIAMS: ”Okay, so how about we go grab a couple of drinks and then go home and watch what we missed from Winter Wasteland tomorrow morning. Does that change your mind?”
Persephone pretends to think for a moment.
MARQUIS: ”Honestly, you should’ve opened up with that. But also, thing is, I don’t drink with strangers.”
She’s been trying to push his buttons through this entire conversation, trying to get him angry and see how much she could get him going. But, there’s was a difference in him tonight, expelled energy in violence leaving him breathless and content, there was a slight lift on the heaviness in his shoulders. Instead of becoming cold and firing back maliciously, he smiles at her.
WILLIAMS: ”I don’t usually drink with strangers either, but I’ll make an exception for you. So, what do you say, think I’m special enough for you to bend your own rules?”
Persephone couldn’t help but study him for a moment, as he extends his hand. He’s frustrating, scary, he’s becoming more violent, angry and cold. He’s rude to others now much more than before, he was always hurt with something and there was always a bruise to decorate him now. Bryan is unpredictable, so much so that she didn’t see this peace within him coming from a mile away. She smiles back at him.
It works out, she’s unpredictable too. Everything is going to go off of the rails sooner or later, but for now, they have this subtle chaotic energy bubbling within. She wonders who is going to let it out full force first. Persephone takes his hand and stands up.
MARQUIS: ”Sure thing, let’s go.”
The camera fades as Persephone gets her things together.

It’s impossible for everyone to have their own locker room in 4CW regardless of the ridiculous amount of talking that goes on inside one. Sound stages with props and camera angles can usually spicen up a locker room enpughbfornit to be used three or four times. Since Bronx and Ana left Bryan Laughlin was one of the few who was given his own place to dress and collect his thoughts. It came as a gift from Perry Wallace, especially tonight at Winter Wasteland. Between granting the wish of his wife for the two of them to try and kill each other at his benefit while and sending him a replica title that says cuck on it – he owed him.
The locker room meets the minimal demands Bryan had. Four cases of Cherry Blade Lemonade Bang Energy Drinks are stacked in the corner as he sits on the leather couch with his forearms on his knees leaned forward. His hands seem to be dancing with an item between his fingers, an item we eventually see to be his black wedding band as we get closer.
He sniffs loudly and clears his throat, similar to the way he choked back emotions when the cameras were at his home days ago
LAUGHLIN: “I understand now. I know why I had to go see Brother Lynch. Why he came to me. He saw something I had blindly avoided. He knew the deeper purpose of cleansing Bryan Laughlin. It wasn’t to save the world from Broken, it was to save me from myself. It was to open my eyes and show me what I refused to see and that’s the truth. The truth is you were bringing an end to your love regardless of if I left or not. Brother Lynch knew. He knew you would either grow to hate the face you saw or throw guilt at a face that was gone.”
Bryan places his ring on the table and runs his hands over his face trying to bring himself to accept this fate. As much as he whispers to himself he also slightly shakes his head
LAUGHLIN: “He saved me from blaming me. He opened my eyes to see it was you. It was you Kaelan. This is all your fault and there won’t be anyone else to blame when the clock strikes midnight and your fairytale is over.”
Finally he looks up into the camera with two small streams of tears running from the outside corner of his eyes.
LAUGHLIN: “I’ll leave this here. Because what I’m going to do to you tonight no husband should ever do to their wife. And when it’s over? You tell me if I should put it back on or not.”
He stands up quickly grabbing his 4CW Ignition Championship and walking out of the locker room.

Genevie Carlson is seen backstage in her own locker room she shares with her husband Elijah Carlson. She’s not alone. Her daughter Sarah is there with her. Genevie is lacing up her boots getting ready for her match later that night.
S. CARLSON: “Thanks for letting us come with you guys. I know Carrick is worried about his sister and I always worry about you guys at these events.”
G. CARLSON: “Well of course. You guys are in town and I love it when you come with us and see what we do.”
S. CARLSON: “It’s just that I worry I’m going to be here and one of you guys will get hurt, and then I worry if I’m not here one of you guys will get hurt.”
Sarah was anxious and Genevie walked over to her daughter and gave her a reassuring hug and kissed her forehead which Sarah rolled her eyes too.
G. CARLSON: “Hey. Don’t worry about us. We know the risks every time we go out there. You’re too young to be worried about us getting injured we will be fine. We’ve dealt with Eli being injured before and you just work through it.”
Sarah sighed and pushed away from Genevie as she walked over and sat on the couch. Pulling out her cellphone to send a text. Genevie shook her head and put her hands on her hips.
G. CARLSON: “Sarah. Are you actually upset about something else? Like the fact that Eli and I are going to start trying to have a baby?”
Sarah shook her head and scoffed at the idea of that.
S. CARLSON: “No. I mean that’s great. You can have another child and completely forget about ever adopting me because you can’t help the fact you’ll love it more.”
G. CARLSON: “Woah. I will love you equally but can we talk about this later? Preferably with your Dad around so we can all address it together. Plus I got a big match coming up against Cosmo and I really would like to bury this surfer fuckboy six feet under but hey, I guess I just have to settle for beating him in the ring.”
S. CARLSON: “Okay fine. Tonight you guys can take me out and we can discuss your plans on giving me a sibling.”
G. CARLSON: “Deal.”
Genevie reached her hand out and shook her daughter’s hand sealing the deal and letting her know she would honor it later. She then let Sarah get lost in her phone as she picked a corner of the room to do some pre-match stretching.


With the sound of the bell Mariano go charging in with a plethora of strikes, but they just bounce of Demarcus like the large ebony god that he is. Demarcus kicks Manny in the gut, that sends the much smaller man crumpling over. Demarcus grab him in a butterfly position, and lifts him up with a butterfly suplex. As soon as Manny’s back hits the mat Demarcus transitions into Chinlock, driving his knee into Manny’s back. The seasoned Mariano is able to slide over to the rope and hook his leg around it, causing Demarcus to release the hold. Manny still feeling the effects of the hold is a little slow to get up, Demarcus figures he can help him. He grabs ahold of Manny’s soccer mom hair and goes to lift him up, but Manny slips out of it and under Demarcus’s legs! Before Gresham can turn around Manny dropkicks him into the turnbuckle. Manny then charges but Demarcus counters popping him up into the air! Manny lands on the top rope and leaps off, going for a dropkick but Demarcus side steps it and Manny goes crashing hard onto his back. Gresham points to the side of his head, as if telling the world he had been calculating that spot from the beginning.
Gresham stomps on Manny’s back, and gets him back into the chinlock. Once again his knee drove into the spine of Mariano Fernandez. Manny squirmed and kicked, but he just could not figure out a way to escape the hold. The referee asks Manny if he would like to give up, but he is resilient screaming no. Gresham then throws Manny’s back to the mat and mounts him, raining down precision blows as Manny tries his best to block. Gresham lands another stiff strike and then stands up, looking like a articulated bull, stomping around the ring just waiting for Manny to get up. Finally, Da Troll Guy gets to his feet. Demarcus charges, hitting a sickening clothesline, but OMG! Manny spins around Demarcus’s arm and plants him with a DDT! Holy fucking shit, the audience erupts like it was the craziest thing they have ever seen in their life. Manny goes for the pinfall but is just to out of it to connect the leg, and only gets a two count.
Demarcus is the first on his feet, but his footing isn’t stable, needing to hold on the ropes to keep himself up. Finally Gresham gets his footing just as Manny gets up to his feet. Demarcus charges him once again, but Manny ducks. As Demarcus turns around his met with a face full of Pele kick, connecting straight to his jaw! But the big man doesn’t go down, just staggers a bit as Manny gets up to his feet and bounces off the ropes! Manny hits Gresham with a hurricanrana that sends the big man down to the canvas. Manny holds onto his back and climbs up to the top rope, throwing caution to the wind he backflips off with a moonsault! And it connects! NO! Gresham has a hold of him and sits up with Manny in his arms Manny struggles but he is no match for Gresham who gets up to his feet and then throws him over his head with a fallaway slam! Gresham quickly turns and goes for the pin but Manny is able to kick out just a half second before three!
Demarcus doesn’t even seem to bat an eye before getting Manny right back into the chinlock as before. Manny is screaming, his back obviously a weak point at this point in the match. Somehow, someway Manny is able to grab the back of Gresham’s head, Manny then kicks up, connecting straight to the dome piece of Demarcus, but he keeps his hold. It’s not until the fourth kick directly to the face that Gresham gives up the chinlock, backing up against the ropes and holding his head. This gives Manny a few moments to regain his senses, As Manny gets up to his feet, he wastes no time in rushing at Demarcus, using his knee as platform he hits a sickening enziguri ( THE GADFLY ). But Demarcus doesn’t go down, and Manny is in shock! But them seemingly with a burst of adrenaline or instinct Demarcus bolts forward, clearing Manny with a yakuza kick ( DETERMINATION! ) Gresham drops onto Manny’s corpse, but once again da troll guy gets the shoulder up a split second from three.
Both men are on their backs and the referee starts their count, they make it to an eight count before Gresham gets up to his feet first. Manny a few seconds later, Manny tries to come at Gresham with a flurry of strikes but Gresham just pushes through, lifting Manny up and hitting him with a scoop slam! Manny bounces off of the mat holding his back, letting out a scream of pain! But Demarcus isn’t done, he goes to deadlift Manny up, and over his shoulder going for his signature spinebuster, but Manny grabs onto the top rope! And uses that to pull himself over to the apron. By the time Gresham figures out what happen, Manny has already hopped up onto the top rope and goes springboarding off and connects with a clean, cracking forearm! ( THE WARHAMMER! ) Manny hooks the leg and the ref counts to three!
WINNER: Mariano Fernandez via Pinfall (10:10)

American Tommy is seen walking into his locker room and shutting the door. He hangs up his coat on the hook behind the door and walks over to the locker. Tommy pulls out his ring attire and hangs them up on the locker hooks before sitting down with the bag between him. He looks down and pulls the Octane Championship out from his bag and puts it on his shoulder.
TOMMY: “Winter Wasteland is here and I’m in a foul mood. My Uber driver took forever to get me to this god forsaken place and I didn’t get the fucking fire truck that I asked Santa for. It’s bullshit you ask me. A simple fucking fire truck that I could have parked on the street outside and I didn’t get it. It’s not like I was asking for much.”
Tommy looks at the title on his shoulder and then back to the camera.
TOMMY: “Eden, I’ve been virtually unbeatable in this ring lately, especially when it’s PPV time and tonight will be no different. I’m going to cap off my 2018 with another title defense and roll into 2019 still Octane Champion.”
He stands up and sets the title down where he was sitting.
TOMMY: “And if somehow you actually are able to defeat me?”
Tommy smiles in the camera and brushes off that statement.
TOMMY: “Why even entertain the impossible? You’ve had a good run, Eden. But I’m not DeMarcus, I’m not Alicia, I’m not the Twitter Thot and I’m not Kimi. You’re getting into the ring with someone that is better than all of them. I hope you are up for the challenge tonight as opportunities like this don’t come around too often. You are going to have to leave everything in the ring tonight or you won’t stand a chance.”
He picks up the title and looks into the camera.
TOMMY: “I’m sorry, Eden. I’m sorry that my frustration about how Santa is piece of shit and not getting a fire truck has to come out on you. But FUCK Santa.”
Tommy hangs the title on a hook in the locker and walks away as the camera pans towards it and then fades to black.



The heavy opening guitar riff from “Out of My Mind” by Mushroomhead hits over the speakers as a slight fog grows around the curtain and Bryan Laughlin emerges walking slowly and stopping in the middle of the stage he tightens his leather gloves on his hands allowing the strobe lights that are methodically flashing to the bass thump in the music drown him in mystery.
“Judge me for what I am
The passage of death
You don’t play, you don’t win
You change nothing
You gain nothing
Everybody’s out from here on in”

POWERS: ”Coming to the ring Los Angeles, California by way of Cleveland, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall, he is the 4CW Ignition CHAMPION, this IS, BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
As he reaches the apron of the ring he turns to put his back on the apron and stare back at the entrance ramp that he had just walked down. Throwing his hands up in the air as the chorus hits and the lights simultaneously travel to him in a spot light that he basks in with his eyes closed. Pulling his vest open he beckons the camera to come close with his index finger and then points to his waist where the IGNITION CHAMPIONSHIP is strapped. He then smiles before sliding into the ring on his stomach and makes eye contact with the nearest camera for a bit longer than most would before hopping to his feet and duplicating what he did outside on the apron by leaning against the ropes.
The beginning beat for “Warrior” By Dead By April hits over the speakers as Kaelan Laughlin comes flying out from behind the curtain. The fans boo her and she just smiles as she poses at the top of the ramp before beginning her walk down the ramp. She looks to the ring at Bryan as his eyes are focused on her. She winks at him and blows him a kiss before unbuttoning her entrance jacket and sliding out of it just outside the ring, revealing her ring gear below.
POWERS: “Making her way to the ring from Belfast, Northern Ireland… KAELAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
Kaelan discards her jacket outside of the ring before hopping up on the apron and sliding into the ring. She jumps on the ropes and throws her arms out with a grin on her face. Some people still cheer for her but it’s mostly drowned out by the sound of the boos. Kaelan shrugs it off and walks to the center of the ring ready to do battle as her music fades out.
JOHNSON: “Here we go! The match that has been promised to us to be a bloodbath! Husband versus Wife.”
VASSA: “In a ‘Til Death Do Us Part Deathmatch! Just look around at the stage. We got Champagne, Wedding Cake, and a bunch of weapons ready to help the Laughlins completely destroy each other.”
JOHNSON: “This is the weirdest couples therapy I have ever seen.”
VASSA: “I’m just here for the bloodbath!”
Sure enough looking around the exterior of the ring a full table display of a giant Wedding Cake with a bride and groom topper, a bottle of Champagne on ice, a cake cutter, champagne flutes and various other things you’d find decorating tables at a wedding. Kaelan points over at the table and laughs. Bryan just stares at his wife as he hands his 4CW Ignition Championship over to the referee for him to hold it up. Kaelan smirks as he calls for the bell.

The match starts with Bryan and Kaelan walking towards each other. Bryan tells Kaelan she’s not ready and she doesn’t want this fight. Kaelan slips something out of her hand and wraps it around her fingers before drawing back and punching Bryan. The spiked chain connecting with his jaw as she continues to hammer away at Bryan and knocks him backwards. She drops the chain as she gets Bryan back against the turnbuckle before whipping across the ring to the other side. His chest hits the other turnbuckle and as he turns around Kaelan hits him with a Superkick right in the jaw. Bryan falls to the mat as Kaelan goes over to one of the trash cans to dig for a weapon.
JOHNSON: “Kaelan coming with the cheap shot on her husband right out of the gate. Giving Bryan no opportunity for offense.”
VASSA: “All is fair in love and deathmatches.”
Kaelan seems to have found a weapon she was looking for as she pulls out the bat wrapped in barbed wire. She rips the barbed wire off of the bat and walks over to Bryan who’s shaking off the kick to the head. She climbs over his back and takes the barbed wire across his mouth and yanks back hard as Bryan yells out in pain the barbed wire starting to tear at the corners of his mouth. He reaches forward as the ref asks him if he gives up and he says no. He reaches back trying to find any place he can grab Kaelan to break the hold but Kaelan pulls the barbed wire away from his mouth before he can grab her. Bryan spits the blood out of his mouth as Kaelan walks around him smirking.
JOHNSON: “Kaelan is just toying with Bryan at this point.”
VASSA: “The New Sadie.”
JOHNSON: “Don’t let her hear you say that. I don’t think she’s above coming over here and hurting you and she’s got enough weapons to choose from.”
VASSA: “I think Bryan has been cucked enough. Show some respect.”
Kaelan leaned down to get in Bryan’s face and as she did Bryan spit blood in her face. Kaelan stumbled backwards as Bryan took the moment of blindness for Kaelan to stand up and wrap his arms around her waist before launching her over his head and half way across the ring into the corner of the ring where the trash cans and display of weapons were. Bryan walked over to the weapons. He picks up a steel chair. You can audibly hear him yell to Kaelan “Is this what you wanted?” Before he drives the chair into her torso as she lays in the weapons and yells out in pain. He hits her a couple more times with the chair before tossing the bent up wreckage outside of the ring. He positions a trash can and grabs Kaelan and pulls her up by her bright orange hair. He then picks her up and body slams her right on the trash can. Kaelan’s back bends as she screams out in pain. Bryan makes a cover and tells her to stay down.


Kaelan Kicks Out!
Bryan nods his head and goes to stand up he looks for another weapon grabbing a kendo stick. As he turns around Kaelan has a weapon of her own as she rises to her feet. A Flourescent light tube. Bryan and Kaelan both go to swing but Kaelan connects with the light tube across Bryan’s face. The tube shatters and bits of the glass are clearly embedded in Bryan’s face. Bryan backs up against the ropes and Kaelan takes at a full run spearing Bryan and herself through the ropes to the outside of the ring where they both hit the floor hard.
JOHNSON: “Just like that these two have taken the fight outside.”
VASSA: “These two just might be out to kill each other.”
Kaelan and Bryan both get up to their feet. Kaelan seems less out of it than Bryan and she sets him up for the Price Paid using the ring apron for leverage but as she’s in the air Bryan twists around and tosses Kaelan straight into the table with the wedding cake. The table crashes and the cake falls right on Kaelan. Burying her in a mess of cake but the cake is filled with nasty surprises as Kaelan realizes as thumbtacks pierce her skin from inside the cake. Bryan walks over to the now crushed table and grabs the bottle of Champagne popping the cork off and spraying champagne all over her as Kaelan kicks and screams trying to pull herself up, and clear the cake from her eyes and mouth. She stands up and grabs the bucket the champagne bottle was in and swings it connecting with the side of Bryan’s head. He stumbles backwards dropping the champagne bottle as Kaelan picks it up and wacks it over his head. Bryan crumbles. Kaelan looks through the wreckage and finds a wedding veil. She puts it on her head with a grin before walking over to one of the trash cans for weapons. She finds a crow bar and as she turns around she sees Bryan start to sit up. She shakes her head and grabs the bouquet of flowers in their ornate vase and throws it directly at his head. He puts his hands up and the vase shatters against his hands and arms. Kaelan rolls her eyes and brings the crowbar back over and starts hammering away at Bryan’s legs. He screams in pain.
JOHNSON: “OH MY GOD. Kaelan is trying to put her husband in a wheelchair!”
VASSA: “I think he’s definitely going to want a divorce if she turns him into Drew Stevenson here tonight.”
JOHNSON: “Yes because I’m sure that’s going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”
VASSA: “No but it certainly might be what breaks Laughlin’s legs.”
Kaelan throws the crowbar down when she feels she’s done enough damage to Bryan’s legs and wastes no time locking in her submission finisher The Irish Rose. Bryan has no where to go and he screams out in pain as she twists the hold as hard as she can. The ref asks Bryan if he gives up and for a second it seems like he will. Kaelan keeps wrenching the hold in and it becomes a stand off for a couple of minutes to see if Bryan will tap. He reaches for something. Anything. Bryan pulls Kaelan a little closer to the ring apron and reaches under the ring. He grabs something and lifts up swinging it from under the ring. The fire extinguisher connects with Kaelan’s head and she releases her grip as she falls in a slump grabbing the side of her face. Blood visible on her mouth. Bryan reaches under the ring and pulls out another table. Setting it up. As he does that Kaelan crawls on the ground away from him. She goes to one of the trash cans as if looking for something specific and finds it. Pulling it out with a smile. A bat wrapped in barbed wire but it’s holding a stuffed bear against it. She smirks as she pulls out the bottle of lighter fluid and dumps it all over the bat. She reaches into her shorts and pulls out a lighter and lights it on fire as Bryan turns around to see what she has.
JOHNSON: “I don’t like the look of this.”
Kaelan wipes the blood from her mouth and takes her now stuffed bear torch and walks over towards Bryan. He’s ready for her when she swings and holds a hand up to catch the bat as a reflex. As he grabs it though he gets burned for his troubles. He yells out but yanks the bat from Kaelan anyways. She’s stunned as he twists it around to hold it where it won’t burn him. She steps back a few steps but Bryan is a new animal. She starts swinging the barbed wire bat on fire connecting with Kaelan as she screams out. Her attire catching fire in small little patches every time it connects. She falls to the floor and scrambles to get away from Bryan. Crawling towards the fire extinguisher as Bryan walks closer to her ready to swing. Kaelan grabs the fire extinguisher and as Bryan goes to swing on her again she blows the fire extinguisher in his face. Snuffing out the fire bat she created.
JOHNSON: “That was quick thinking on Kaelan’s part. Bryan was ready to set her on fire.”
VASSA: “Kaelan was going to light him on fire first.”
Kaelan takes a moment to pull herself up. She’s tired but as the smoke clears Bryan is still standing there with the charred barbed wire bat and he wastes no time in using it for it’s intended purpose. Smacking her torso and arms up and down, leaving welts, and tiny puncture marks on Kaelan’s arms as droplets of blood start to trickle down her arms. Bryan sets Kaelan up on the table he set up. He rips the barbed wire off the bat and throws the stuffed animal aside. He goes to cover Kaelan with it but Kaelan lifts her leg up and starts kneeing Bryan in the head. She adds some elbows until he stumbles backwards. She rips off the barbed wire and stands up.
JOHNSON: “Are either of these two going to end this match anytime soon? Kaelan and Bryan are visibly exhausted.”
VASSA: “Kaelan says she was here for Bryan’s blood. She didn’t care about his title. So I would guess this match isn’t going to end until a Laughlin is truly dead.”
JOHNSON: “I think you might be right, and if these two keep up like this it won’t be long until that happens.”
Kaelan screams at Bryan before running at him and spearing him into the side barricade. She rises to her feet and grabs the Ignition Championship from ringside. She holds it up to Bryan’s face and tells him to take a good look at it. It’s the last time he’s going to see it before driving it into his head. She then places the title over his head before backing up and running full force punting his championship covered head. Bryan crumbles to the floor. The ref goes to check and Kaelan grabs him and shoves him away. She tells him she’s not done with him yet. She walks over to the ring and reaches underneath grabbing what looks like giant panes of glass. She places them on the table but then scratches her head. Going to look back under the ring. She digs for a few moments before finding another pane of glass. This one is different and she smirks to the crowd as you can see razor blades sticking out from the glass. She stacks it on top of the rest of her creation and she pulls out another plain wood table to lay on top of it unfolded. She then walks over to Bryan and rips off his title from his face. She holds it up to his face and asks him if it was worth it. Tossing it aside she pulls Bryan up. She tells him it’s time to go and gives him a kiss before slapping his face and dragging him over to the tables. He’s still out of it as Kaelan lays him on the tables. She then drags a 20 foot ladder out from under the ring. It takes her a moment to set it up but she wastes no time in starting to climb it.
VASSA: “Whatever it takes to win.”
JOHNSON: “This isn’t winning though. Bryan goes through those tables full of glass and razor blades he’s probably not going to walk away from this fight…or any fight ever again.”
VASSA: “Kaelan is going to be a widow?! I’ll have to slide in those DMs and comfort her.”
JOHNSON: “Well Kaelan might not be in good shape after this either. I don’t think she even realizes how high risk she’s going right now. She’s still climbing that ladder.”
Sure enough Kaelan is just a few rungs away from the top of the ladder. She takes her time and gets to the top. She looks down at Bryan below. She can visibly be seen shaking as her arms and face drip with blood. She hesitates for a moment before taking a deep breath and with a shrug she leaps off the ladder. As if woke by the devil himself Bryan sees Kaelan leap and out of instinct he quickly moves off of the tables and out of the way to the floor below. Kaelan crashes through the tables as glass shatters and wood splinters. Razors clearly cut and Kaelan is left in the wake of the destruction bleeding heavily and out cold. The ref rushes over and assesses the damage before holding an X up with his arms and calling for the bell.

POWERS: “Ladies and Gentleman the referee has called a stop to this match. Your winner by TKO and STILLLLLLLLLL 4CW IGNITION CHAMPION… BRYAN LLAAUUGGHHLLIINN!!!”
JOHNSON: “I can’t believe that just happened! The official is calling for the medical team already. Kaelan must be in bad shape!”
VASSA: “I can’t see shit! Just glass and wood and blood, but hey Bryan is still our Ignition Champion.”
JOHNSON: “By the looks of it I’m not sure how he feels about that.”
The camera pans to Bryan sitting on the floor with his hands on his head almost as if in shock as he looks over to see a medical team already pulling the broken glass and wood off of Kaelan and tending to her wounds immediately. The cameras pan over to Kaelan out cold and covered in blood, still bleeding out. The medical team races to do what they can for Kaelan’s wounds immediately before loading her on a gurney. The fans are quiet as Bryan rises to his feet and Kaelan is wheeled out. The referee brings him the 4CW Ignition Championship ready to raise his hand but Bryan throws it on the ground. He looks at it for a moment before rage fills his eyes and he walks through the wreckage to find one of the trash cans that still has weapons and pulls out a sledge hammer.
JOHNSON: “What’s Bryan doing here?”
VASSA:”He should be more concerned about his wife bleeding to death right now! Maybe he does only care about that title! It’s okay Kae baby. I’m already sending flowers to your hospital bedside!”
JOHNSON: “How are you doing that?!”
VASSA: “Just sending them to the Emergency room. Card is going to read To the Orange haired Blood Covered Woman. They’ll figure it out.”
Bryan walks over to the 4CW Ignition Championship sledge hammer in hand. He looks down at angirly before he starts to slam the sledgehammer into the plates of the title over and over until they all break. He keeps swinging wildly until it’s shattered. He then throws the sledgehammer down and looks at the belt one more time before turning and walking away. Leaving the broken title behind as he walks up the ramp.
JOHNSON: “I can’t believe what we just witnessed folks. Kaelan Laughlin through herself into a mess of Tables, Glass, and Razor Blades, and Bryan just completely destroyed his 4CW Ignition Championship right before our eyes.”
VASSA: “I’m sure Perry isn’t going to like this one bit.”
JOHNSON: “I don’t think Bryan really cares right now. He was like a man possessed.”
VASSA: “Kaelan said she was going to take away everything Bryan loved. Don’t think she planned on taking herself out like that.”
JOHNSON: “You don’t throw yourself off a twenty foot ladder like that without knowing the risks involved. I do want to say that I really do hope that Kaelan Laughlin is okay.”

The scene comes to life when there was small movement in a semi dark room. The lights obviously have been dimmed for dramatic effects. When the camera zooms in closer they focused on 4CW’s own, Eden Connors. She seemed busy typing something up on her phone, smiling. When noticing the added light she looked up, in her typical way laying her head to the side.
CONNORS: “Winter Wasteland. A dream come true for every hardcore wrestling fan, right? And as I mentioned previously this week, I am exactly that. No matter how many matches I get to wrestle, my heart will always be torn. I wanna sit there in the crowd and cheer on my favourite superstars. I wanna get all the merchandise and have a cold beer. And often enough I still do that. But the other week something strange happened.”
Eden took a small break while taking a small sip from her coffee. A little milk foam covering her upper lip till she licked it off.
CONNORS: “I went to an independent show and people recognised me. And not just one or two, several. I am damn sure that most people in 4CW can’t remember the times when they could walk the streets without being noticed, but I can. I am sure when Tommy is going somewhere his presence is causing tumult. Good or bad. But isn’t that why we are here? To get a reaction out of people. And obviously I seem to push buttons I have never aimed for. People getting pissy without a real reason, twisting and turning like snails in the bright sun.”
From a nearby table she grabbed a christmas cookie and shoved it inside her mouth. A small giggle escaped her when remembering that she took them from the catering area. All of them.
CONNORS: “I could pretend to be surprised but I am truly not. People will be nice to your face as long as you benefit them. Or you prove that you are better than them. But let me get something straight, I don’t want people confused in the future. There is a huge difference between being a bitch and standing up for yourself. Am I a bitch? Nope. Was I sick and tired of swallowing every insult with a smile? Yes. It is cute that some sit on their high horses and talk about respect, when they didn’t give any in the first place. Being nice does not automatically mean you are an idiot, mark that down. I can read between the lines. But that is just me making sure the concept of being human is understood. There are people I admire or idolise, but I will not rub your belly just because you think you deserve it. Thank you.”
Eden winked towards the camera while nibbling on another cookie. Someone went as far as making ones with Perry Wallace’s face on it. The infant in her laughed hard when she bit into his head. Slightly coughing when some of the crumbs tickled her throat.
CONNORS: “But enough of that, you all know why we are here tonight? Or why I am here tonight to be exact. The Octane championship. American Tommy. And every single person out there that doubts me. And jesus, there must be a lot. You know how the English and Scottish people are, right? They bet on everything. And I can assure that I am once again not the favourite. And I get it. You have had a lot of epic battles in 4CW, Tommy. Most of them went in your favour. But I am none of them. Do I feel the pressure? You can bet your ass on that. I have worked for this a lot longer than the amount of time I am part of this company. You could say this is my dream. And I will do whatever I must to reach that goal. I am what they call a wildcard. Maybe you took the time and watched some of my matches, maybe you haven’t. Either way, you can not tell what is coming for you. New blood. And that is what truly motivates me and maybe makes you the underdog after all. You are so used to your success, even when you pretend you are not. I admire your wrestling and acting skills. Even though I might hand over a dictionary with new curse words. You need an upgrade there.”
She was stretching out inside her locker room while looking up to the dimmed light. There was a single moth that kept buzzing against the bulb. Again and again. A sad smile appeared on Eden’s face. This scene could have been a metaphor for so many things.
CONNORS: “When all is said and done, Tommy, it comes down to one thing. Can you guess it? Maybe not. Who is willing to lay it all down tonight. Lose their mask and become vulnerable but at the same time stronger. I am not scared of you. I don’t tremble when they tell your tales. I am shivering with anticipation though. I wanna find out if you are really that good. For me this business has a lot more to offer than wins and losses. I wanna bump heads with the best. So at the end of the day this is the biggest compliment I can make you, or any other competitor. I never did pretend I was gentle or fragile. I am as stubborn as a mule when I must be. I worked hard. I decided against being a victim, trendy or not. No matter the outcome tonight, I will bring my best. I am sure that you will do the same.”
Eden reached behind her back and pulled out a Christmas hat. It took only a few seconds before she had it placed on her head, showing a candy cane towards the camera.
CONNORS: “There is not much left to say, right? I wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas. This is the season of love and understanding. But also the season of giving. And that is what I will do. Ho,Ho,Ho.
Her giggling noises were still heard when the camera slowly did fade to black.


The second the bell rings Cosmo surprises Genie with a big forearm smash that knocks her down. She falls back onto the ropes and tries to get up as Cosmo stands over her. He raises both arms to the side with a smirk. As Genie gets up Cosmo gots on the attack. He rushes at Genie and strikes at her chest with open hand chops. She backs up into the corner. Cosmo whips her to the opposite corner. He follows after her and hits a rolling elbow that connects when she hits the turnbuckles. Genie crumples down to the mat. Cosmo stomps her down against the last turnbuckle and then places his bare ass foot on her neck. He tries to squeeze the life out of Genie. Genie tries to relieve some of the pressure by pushing off. She then kicks at his other foot. Cosmo inches off and Genie takes this space to get a hold of Cosmo’s foot. She uses the corner to get up and pushes Cosmo back. When Cosmo turns back she hits a dropkick that makes Cosmo stumble back further. When he comes back at her Genie uses the ropes to hit a springboard kick dropping him. Genie then gets on one knee and extends both her arms to the side to mock Cosmo. Cosmo nods and rushes at Genie. He grabs one of her arms and rolls her into an armbar. Genie tries to grab onto her arm but it is too late as Cosmo extends the arm out. Genie is only inches from the ropes. She scrambles for them and reaches out. The ref yells out for her surrender but just before her arm is snapped in the wrong direction she gets her foot on the ropes.
Cosmo lets go and backs up. As soon as Genie regains he bearings Cosmo rushes at her and hits a bicycle knee onto the corner. She falls forward into Cosmo and he grabs her up into a choke. He gets her into a Gator Roll to move her away from the ropes. Cosmo rolls over to the side to lock her head and get the choke in deep. When he does Genie brings up her legs to try to kick out. Cosmo tries to hook her leg up, but this allows Genie to pop her head out off his body relieving some of the pressure. She manages to use the hook on her leg to roll up over Cosmo. The ref counts this as a pin and starts counting.

Cosmo immediately releases the arm triangle he secured for the choke and as soon as he does Genie tries to lock in an Anaconda Choke of her own. She is too loopy from the choke to get it locked on so she shifts over into a mount. Cosmo tries to buck her off but Genie attacks with hammerfists and other strikes. She yells out as Cosmo covers up, but some of her strikes manage to get through. Cosmo grabs the back of her head and rolls Genie over. Cosmo stays in her guard and hits some shoot elbows and forearms. Genie continues striking and he hits some punches and hammerfists from the bottom position. They attack each other with fists and elbows like rabid animals. Genie manages to get her feet on Cosmo’s chest and pushes him off her. Cosmo bounces off the ropes as Genie gets up. He flies at her, but Genie ducks down and grabs him in the air. She hits an Alabama Slam.
Cosmo kips up and glares at her with the fury of a thousand grieving grandsons. He lunges at her as she goes for a punch and hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. As Genie tries to get up he comes up behind her and hits a release German Suplex. Genie gets up on her knees. Cosmo chops he back and then goes for the ropes to hit a Torpedo Headbutt. He pins as they both go down.

Genie gets an arm up. Cosmo grabs it and goes for another armbar. Genie rips her arm out and as she does she gets her hand on his face for an eye rake. It is so fast that the ref doesn’t see it but Cosmo reels back in pain. Cosmo is blinking hard trying to get his full vision back. Genie stalks him around the ring. Genie hits her #Bowdown slamming Cosmo’s head onto the mat. She pins.


And Cosmo kicks out. Genie doesn’t miss a step and bounces off the ropes again to go for an Ode To My Prince. Cosmo stuff the Pele Kick attempt by grabbing onto her leg and rolls back for a Single Leg Boston Crab. Genie manages to scramble up on her free leg so Cosmo pulls her in and grabs her midsection. He hits a Gutwrench Suplex. He holds on to hit another. He holds on and rolls her up to hit the third gutwrench suplex in a row throwing Genie across the ring with it. Genie gets up delirious and Cosmo kicks her on the chest but focuses on her side and arm. Genie fires back with a roundhouse kick. They kick at each other back and forth. Cosmo finally checks one of her kicks and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker. Cosmo waits for Genie to get up and goes for his Cross Arm Breaker. Genie rolls forward as he swings over to lock her arm up and jumps up over him to hit a Stiletto Kiss. She stumbles to the side as Cosmo is flattened.
They both struggle to get up and Cosmo reaches for Genie’s leg. Genie recoils back onto the ropes to bounce off them. She runs back at him as he gets up and hits another Stiletto Kiss getting more of it and Cosmo’s head bounces hard off the mat. Genie falls over him and rolls him over for the pin.


WINNER: Genevie Carlson via Pinfall (13:25)

The Barclays Center will be in for a special treat later on as the co-headline draws near. A special individual will be tasked with defending the 4CW Pride Championship for the very first time and in one of the worst environments in professional wrestling. A ladder match. Bones will be broken, skins were torn apart and spirits crushed under the sheer pressure of flesh against steel. The boiling tension between two hungry warriors from different worlds and now time is almost up before they meet in the center of the ring.
Currently, in the locker room setting, the champion remains humble in his abode. He prepares by doing a little striking warm-up followed by light stretching and miniature exercises. Andre throws the hood over his head and removes the Pride Championship from off the locker door. After throwing it over his right shoulder, he turns around to face the camera.
HOLMES: ”First defense of my Pride Championship against the current hall of fame inductee and the biggest threat to my reign, Dakota Smith. Everyone in the world is thinking this is the end for me and Andre Holmes had his fifteen minutes of fame. Let me ask you this? You think I’m worried or scared because I’m facing someone who believes he’s the next candyman? I’ve been excited and motivated for this bout ever since I lost to Dakota being the coward he was. This isn’t a title match, it’s a living chance for me to show that whoever thinks they have what it takes to take this belt from me, they can immediately dead that shit. It’s not going to happen.”
He slaps the gold plate on the belt and shuffles it over his right shoulder. Holmes sounds more confident knowing that his match is drawing near. Any sense of fear or doubt has been long destroyed. He leans in closer. Hazel eyes narrow to exemplify how bold and serious he is.
HOLMES: ”Dakota. We said a lot but the time for talking is over. I know you love to talk because you want to get the psychological edge. The smoke and mirrors, the little chaotic and horrifying production sets. Your little games end here. I want to see what you do when I climb to the top of the ladder, pull down my belt and stand over you at the bottom wondering what the hell went wrong. In that little moment of self-doubt, regret, and suffering, the real Dakota Smith comes out. The humanity that you tried to lock down in a box suddenly breaks free. The world will see for the first time what you were hiding from them and that’s fear corrupting you. A tool you used so freely will be your ultimate demise.”
Andre slides the hood off his head and looks to the left at one of the crew members gesturing for him to be ready. He nods in response and returns his gaze back to the camera with an eerie smirk to his right cheekbone.
HOLMES: ”At the end of the day, I am ready to die. I don’t fear death or what comes after. I fear what I’m going to do to you, Dakota. You’ve been through so much pain. You’ve gone through the worst of hell in 4CW but no hell can beat the one we invoke on ourselves. No one can bring pain as we do unto ourselves. That’s why I’m going to win. No one has ever brought you to your knees and made you break. Shatter yourself and leave you on the side of the road to become a fossil as time waits for no man. However, time will wait for me. It will wait as I retain the 4CW Pride Championship and leave you begging to be put down.”
And with that said, no hesitation in his march to his match coming up soon.


As the bell sounds, Eden looks tentative as she steps toward the middle of the ring to meet the champion. Nerves are clearly a factor as the pressure of Connors’ first ever title match sets in. Tommy, on the other hand, seems right at home under the bright lights of a marquee title match and meets Eden right at the center of the squared circle where they tie up. Tommy manages to deftly slip out of the tie up and smirks at Eden, who clearly seems a step behind even though she’s technically been wrestling longer than her championship opponent. The two lock up again and immediately Tommy slips behind Eden and applies a hammerlock, then transitions smoothly into a side headlock. Eden attempts to reverse the hold into a back suplex but Tommy kicks his legs and maintains his base, dropping to a knee and dragging Eden downward with him. Tommy flips Conners over in front of him with a quick snap mare, with Eden landing on her backside and right away getting snared in a chinlock from Tommy, who drives his knee into Eden’s spine for added leverage and damage onto the challenger. As the early parts of the match progress, the story remains mostly the same. Eden continues to struggle and work her way out of Tommy’s basic wrestling maneuvers, but can’t gain an advantage before he throws another one her way. Eden escapes the chinlock only to be caught in a bow and arrow. She works her way to her feet and spins it into a backdrop suplex, but Tommy lands on his feet and corrals Eden into another side headlock. Every time Eden catches a break Tommy is right there to apply more pressure. At one point, Tommy peacocks around the ring for the crowd, who eat it up and shower the champ with cheers even though he’s being a condescending dick to his opponent.
Tommy shrugs after dropping Eden with a third consecutive YoYo Toss Salad hiptoss, then moves to a corner and smugly removes the turnbuckle cover from the top rope, against the objections of the referee. Tommy drops the pad and punts it out into the crowd before grabbing Connors from the mat and setting up to whip her into the newly exposed steel, but finally Eden seems to gain some separation by catching a showboating Tommy with an unexpected forearm to the jaw. Tommy, stunned, staggers back a step and gives Eden the time she needs to hit the ropes. She flies back at Tommy with a flying cross body block, but Tommy catches her in midair… or so it seems until he’s unable to fully stop her momentum and slowly falls backward into a lateral press! Tommy easily kicks out right at two, though, and doesn’t seem much the worse for wear as he even manages to get to his feet before Connors. Eden still has the momentum on her side at least, as she drives Tommy backward into a far corner with a bull rush and then locks in a Muay Thai clinch to deliver some vicious knees to the champ’s torso. Eden steps back and rushes in again, using Tommy’s own buckled knee for support into a step-up enzuigiri. Tommy’s in la la land after the kick connects, but rather than dropping forward onto his face he holds onto the top rope for dear life, dangling like laundry on a clothesline. Eden takes a deep breath and runs in on him again but Tommy was playing a little bit of possum and drops low, back body dropping Eden out and over the corner post! Eden thinks quick and hooks Tommy’s arms on the way down, and somehow cinches in a modified Rings of Saturn on a standing Tommy through the ropes and across the post! Tommy wails in pain as Eden gets every bit of the five count before the official forces her to release the hold. Tommy cradles his shoulders in pain and Eden slingshots herself back into the ring, grabbing Tommy’s head as she crosses over and drives him into the mat with a big bulldog! Eden hooks a leg for the title!

Tommy fights out of it but obviously regrets not putting Eden away when he had control as the momentum of the match has swung firmly in the direction of the challenger. Tommy slowly gets back to his feet but is sent back to the canvas as soon as he achieves a vertical base with a slingblade. Eden climbs the ropes and looks ready to hit a big frog splash, but Tommy wisely rolls far enough out of Eden’s range that she has no choice but to hop back down. Eden moves to drag Tommy back to his feet and the champion slips a quick uppercut into her mouth, stunning her. Tommy then tries once again to irish whip the challenger into the exposed turnbuckle, but Connors reverses! Tommy is sent sailing into the corner, just barely putting the brakes on before he crashes into the unforgiving steel. Eden is right there to charge him from behind, though, and before Tommy can react she’s gone up and over, driving the back of Tommy’s skull into the mat with a picture perfect shiranui, sitting out and hooking his leg for a pin!

Even Tommy looks like he’s unsure if he got out before the three, as he verifies it with the official. With a smile on his face he gets to his feet, and is immediately scooped onto Eden Connors’ shoulders in a fireman’s carry… and then dropped onto a hard shin kick! The Hangman 2.0! Tommy is laid out on the canvas but Connors eschews going for the cover, having grown tired of Tommy’s ability to kick out. She opts instead to put the final nail in the coffin and lifts Tommy up on shaky legs, bending him over and tucking his head between her thighs as she sets him up. The crowd comes alive as they know what’s coming and flashes start to pop off in anticipation of seeing Tommy finally lose his title. Eden signals for it, then leaps forward and flips Tommy over, driving him headfirst into the ring with the Triple B! Bang! Boom! Bonbon! She got every bit of it, and as Tommy goes limp just like he does every time Amanda Cortez opts for Ugg boots rather than open toed heels, Eden slides on top of him and the entire crowd counts along with the ref.

Eden did it! Eden is the new Octane Champion! She looks near tears as she stands up and waits to have her hand raised, but the official notices just then that Tommy had gotten his leg draped over the bottom rope and realizes that the three count is null and void. The referee is trying to explain things to Eden but she still thinks she’s won and doesn’t seem to understand what’s happened. Meanwhile, Tommy has managed to come to his senses a bit and fights his way to his feet. Eden is still trying to get a handle on things as the ref keeps pulling her hand back down every time Eden tries to raise it in victory. The crowd in the Barclay’s Center tries to call out to Eden to let her know what’s happening behind her, but before she can turn around Tommy charges her into the exposed metal turnbuckle with his patented Octane Express! Eden’s jaw clips the buckle and she collapses backward, staring up into the lights as Tommy wastes no time getting atop the corner. Eden doesn’t move a muscle as Tommy stands high above her and then leaps off, crashing down onto her with the Octane Stomp! Tommy falls onto his own back and throws an arm over Eden, exhausted, and sucks wind while the referee drops down for the count.


Tommy survived yet another title defense, but only by the skin of his teeth! Neither competitor is moving as the winner of the match is announced and the cameras fade out to take things backstage!
WINNER: American Tommy via Pinfall (14:44)

Worn black boots, stained with the fragments of countless opponents. The camera pans up to a black pair of carpenters pants, as it continues you get the image of the 4CW tag-team champion, it his hanging down over the crotch of the pants via a belt loop. Finally the camera begins to zoom back giving you a full picture. The man standing in front of you is Dakota Smith, he has his arm tapped and he looks to be ready for war, with a grease like sludge clinging to his skin as if it was war paint. Slowly a sinister, if not downright disturbing grin forms beneath his beard face as his eyes go wide.
SMITH: ”Twenty eight teen is coming to an end, and this year has been full of ups and down, twists and turns, aches and heartbreaks. We have come a long way, a crooked kingdom rose and fell, Omerta dominated the now non existent tag division.. And I… Have had chance after chance to take my place back at the top. Chance after chance that I failed to capitalize on. My body gave out itself, I’ve been eaten alive from the inside out and I still stand here before you because I am… Dakota Fucking Smith!“
That chuckle, depraved and almost child like. As if he was telling a joke that only he knew the punchline too. Dakota lets his hands rest on his championship as his snake like tongue slithers out from behind his stained, and chipped teeth. He sniffs the air like shark that had just tasted blood, there was sinister intent behind his bloodshot eyes.
SMITH: ”You are going to find that out the hard way Andre, you re going to be taught lesson in punishment, in respect! Because you still don’t seem to believe that I am all who I say I am, you don’t seem to be getting the picture that I am carving! But that’s okay Andre! Because I don’t give a single fucking shit what happens in that redundant, repeating mind of yours. Because you are just a man who has something that belongs to me, a piece of the cog in the warmachine that I am going to pummel right into 4CW’s heart! The date is set! I know that the curtain is closing in around me.“
Dakota closes his eyes as those words leave his mouth, his muscles tighten as a slight tremor shivers through his body. He lets out a deep breath through his nostrils. Slowly he opens up his eyes a nasty snarl now quivers on his lips.
SMITH: ”But I will go out with a bang! I will walk into this match tonight, know that this is what I am suppose to be doing. That finally! All the pieces are aligning, and once again everything is becoming crystal clear! I know my time is coming to an end, I have to much to lose at this point… But it’s that sense of loss, that new found fear of devastation is what is going to keep me moving forward, keep this hunger growling inside of my aching gut! This is will just another lamb to the slaughter, someone who doesn’t believe the hype getting mutilated like the livestock they fucking are! Right there! Right in the middle of that ring!“
As Dakota begins to relax he lets his hands go up his body and over his face. He pushes his hair back exposing the scarred, and gnarled forward that he was seemingly ever so proud of. Dakota licked his lips once again and smiled, turning away from the camera he cracked his head to left and then to the right.
SMITH: ”You can run, or you can suffer. You can talk about insanity, and attention but all of that is just words. Tonight is about actions, it’s about the pride championship! Tonight… is about the end of Andre Holmes.“



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest for the 4CW Pride Championship will fall under ladder match rules! Introducing to the ring first!”
“Blood underneath my nails, I think I’m losing it
Dead hooker to my left, an upside down crucifix
Get my fix from fucking dead hoes and these opiates
Killin’ ’em all, I’ll never fall
I get a rush from stalking bad bitches
Collecting teeth and fingernails to add to my shrine
These voices in my head are telling me you have to die”

“Welcome to Hell” starts to vibe over the speaker system, the lights go dark for a few moments before strobe lights begin to flash light throughout the arena. Dakota Smith pushes his way out of the curtain, a look of disgust, and anger on his scarred face. He doesn’t take anytime to stop at the top of the stage instead just marching down the ramp like a man on a mission. His face twitches in an annoyed fashion as he mumbles to himself under his breath.
POWERS: ”Making his way down to the ring from The Depths of Hell, he weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds and stands six feet, two inches tall. He is DAKOTA SSMMIITTHH!!!”
As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he comes to a complete halt, standing motionless with his face turned to the ground. Dakota’s breaths start becoming heavy, and erratic – his whole body moving with each and every breath. Then right when he seemingly gets to his breaking point he lets out a blood curdling roar, slamming his fist across his chest and walking closer to the ring. He slams his fist down on the mat and distorts his head to the side, looking out over the audience like a psychopath waiting to see who stares him in the eyes.
Rolling in under the bottom rope Dakota plants his fists into the mat and pushes himself, the deranged almost animalistic snarl still firmly on his face. Dakota stalks back and forth in the ring, peering out into the audience once again until it sickens him. He jerks his face away from the audience and stares down the ref for a few moments, a devilish smile forming on his lips as he intimidates the official. A few soft chuckles slip out of Dakota as he slowly slinks back into his corner, his tongue slipping out of from behind his lips as he takes a seat in said corner.
POWERS: ”And the champion!”
A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the titantron. “Relentless” by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on, the 4CW Pride Championship belt wrapped around his waist. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics:
“Tear Me Down, It Won’t Build You Up….”

A rise of smoke emerges behind him in single-line fashion as he stops center of the entrance path to unstrap the belt from around his waist to raise the 4CW Pride Championship in the air, and a release a primal scream.
POWERS: ”On his way to the ring! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds. He is the 4CW Pride Champion, ‘Relentless’ ANDRE HHOOLLMMEESS!!!”
Afterwards, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. A spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect as he raises the 4CW Pride Championship belt above his head. Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie, and tosses it to the outside. Standing in an unoccupied corner, Andre warms up, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponent to come out.
VASSA: ”It’s time for a good old fashioned ladder match, baby!”
JOHNSON: ”It’s always a pleasure to call one of these and tonight’s will be no different as Dakota Smith challenges Andre Holmes for the Pride Championship!”
Inside of the ring, the ladder is now standing in the center and at the top, the official stands as he secures it high above the ring.
VASSA: ”Andre won the Pride Championship back at Fright Night in a tough match against Mariano Fernandez. Tonight, he has one hell of a defense against Dakota Smith, a man who knows no boundaries and will do whatever it takes to put his opponent down for the count.”
JOHNSON: ”Unfortunately for him there will be no count required in this match. In order to win, one must climb to the top of the ladder and unfasten the championship, claiming it as their own. It’s taken Andre quite some time to climb to the position he’s in and I highly doubt he’s going to let anything knock him down.”
VASSA: ”Andre has been with 4CW for quite some time now and it’s been great seeing him finally win a piece of 4CW gold. A win here tonight from him, over Dakota, will definitely solidify him as a champion.”
Once the championship is secured above the ring, the official climbs down the ladder before folding it up and carrying it to the ropes. He slides it underneath to a member of the ringside crew who then lays it on the outside floor.
JOHNSON: ”Not only has Andre climbed to get into the position he is, but Dakota has a climb of his own to achieve something no one in 4CW has accomplished to date.”
VASSA: ”What’s that?”
JOHNSON: ”Grand slam champion!”
VASSA: ”That’s a lot easier said than done and given the string of bad luck Andre has had since winning the championship, I wouldn’t put it past him to seriously hurt Dakota here tonight in order to protect what’s his.”
JOHNSON: ”It’s been one hell of a climb for him and tonight? The climbing doesn’t end for either of them. The only thing left to do at this point is get right down to business.”
The official was thinking the exact same thing. Checking in with each corner, he gets the okay from each wrestler that they’re ready. Throwing his hand into the air, he calls for the bell, officially getting this match underway!

Exploding from his corner, Dakota wastes no time and charges straight for Andre, hoping to catch him by surprise and corner him. Closing in, Dakota lunges towards Andre, only to slam both arms down onto the top of the turnbuckle as Andre quickly steps out of his path. Before Dakota can push himself away from the corner, Andre quickly steps in, delivering a stiff elbow to the side of Dakota’s head. Locking onto Dakota’s head with both hands, Andre then pulls his head away from the turnbuckle before slamming it back forward, smacking Dakota’s face to the turnbuckle. Wrapping Dakota up, Andre then drags him a few feet away from the corner before lifting him off his feet and dropping him to the mat with a belly to back suplex. The two rush to their feet and as they get to their knees, Andre lunges towards Dakota, tackling him to the mat and mounting himself on top of him. Dakota grabs Andre to roll him off but before he can, Andre swings down as hard as he can, connecting with a solid punch to Dakota’s forehead, even knocking the back of Dakota’s head against the canvas.
On his feet, Andre stomps on Dakota as he tries to roll over and push himself up, keeping him grounded. Kicking Dakota in the ribs, Andre rolls him over to his back before turning for the ropes behind him. Coming back on the return, Andre drops a quick elbow across Dakota’s chest. Popping back to his feet, Andre stomps on Dakota a little more before reaching down and pulling him up to his feet by the arm. Pulling Dakota in, Andre plants his knee to Dakota’s stomach, forcing him to buckle over from the impact. Wrapping an arm around Dakota’s head, Andre then lifts him upside down into the air, holding him in place with what appears to be a stalling suplex to follow. Before Andre begins to fall backwards to the mat, Dakota slips from his hold and drops down to his feet behind Andre. Hooking an arm underneath Andre’s, Dakota locks in a half nelson and before you know it, he lifts Andre off his feet and drops him on his head with a half nelson suplex!
JOHNSON: ”Andre was off to a good start but before he even knew what hit him, Dakota counted a stalling suplex and shifted the momentum of this match with a half nelson suplex.”
VASSA: ”Andre has the right idea in mind, though. If he’s going to wear Dakota down, he needs to stay on the attack. Stay aggressive and not give Dakota any chances to turn things around.”
JOHNSON: ”You mean like he just did?”
VASSA: ”That’s exactly what I mean. This match is still in its early stages so there’s plenty of time for Andre to get back on top of things and make sure this doesn’t happen again.”
Andre is slow to begin pushing himself up as Dakota rises to his feet. Seeing stars, Andre pushes himself up to one knee and at that exact moment, Dakota strikes! Quickly stepping in, Dakota rams his knee into Andre’s face, knocking him flat on his back. With Andre’s feet in front of him, Dakota begins stomping on Andre’s ankles over and over. Leaping into the air, Dakota comes straight down on Andre’s chest with a double foot stomp. Stepping down to one side of Andre, Dakota squats down, wrapping his hand around Andre’s throat. Standing tall, Dakota deadlifts Andre up from the mat before holding him in the air with one hand, Andre’s feet inches away from touching the mat. Taking a step forward, Dakota throws Andre down as hard as he can with a chokeslam!
Turning his back to Andre, Dakota heads for the ropes, to the same side of the ring the ladder rests on the outside floor. As he gets close to the ropes, he hears footsteps behind him. Quickly turning around, Dakota is surprised at the sight of Andre charging straight for him with his shoulder lowered. Side stepping Andre, Dakota grabs him as he gets within arms length and throws Andre through the ropes. Holding onto the ropes, Andre manages to land on the apron. He quickly pulls himself up as Dakota lunges towards him with both arms to grab ahold of him. Ducking down and pulling his upper body through the ropes, Andre plants his shoulder into Dakota’s stomach as he comes up empty handed reaching over the top rope. Standing straight up, Andre then grabs Dakota and pulls him in close to the ropes. Wrapping an arm around Dakota’s head, Andre then grabs the side of his pants before driving both feet onto the apron and lifting Dakota into the air. He lifts Dakota up and over the top rope before turning his body and falling back. As Andre’s back hits the apron, he releases Dakota to fall back first onto the ladder with a suplex from the apron!
VASSA: ”There you go, Andre!”
JOHNSON: ”In this type of match anything is allowed and that goes for using the ladder as a weapon.”
VASSA: ”Andre is in the right state of mind with that attack. Dakota isn’t going to go down easy and if the weapons or environment is there to be used, use that shit up and take full advantage!”
Dakota rolls off of the ladder and begins crawling away from the ring. Rolling down from the apron and touching his feet to the floor, Andre takes a short moment to scan the area before locking his eyes on Dakota. Walking to the ladder, he lifts it and holds it with both hands before turning back to Dakota. Showing no mercy whatsoever, Andre then slams the ladder down onto Dakota’s back multiple times, stopping him in his tracks. Raising the ladder as high as he can, Andre swings it down with all the power he can muster.

Dakota’s voice can be heard in agony as he reacts to each forceful blow that Andre delivers with the ladder. Andre stands back, giving Dakota all the time in the world to slowly climb to his feet. Once standing, Andre is still patient as he watches Dakota. Slowly, Dakota turns around to face him and when he finally does, Andre jabs the ladder towards Dakota’s head.

Dakota stumbles backwards and crashes into the barricade, his arms draped over the top on each side of his body to hold himself up. The camera zooms in to Dakota’s face, his forehead covered in blood from the vicious attack by the hands of Andre. Holding the ladder at waist level, Andre then charges in, ramming Dakota in the stomach with it as if he were breaking through a locked door in a raid. Dakota pulls his arms away from the barricade and drops to a seated position with his back against it. The blood has traveled even further down, now covering Dakota’s entire face. Andre back steps away from Dakota before turning to the ring and sliding the ladder in underneath the bottom rope.
Climbing the apron, Andre ducks to step through the ropes but comes to an abrupt stop as Dakota’s voice travels through the air. Turning his head in Dakota’s direction, a look of surprise comes over Andre’s face as he sees Dakota back on his feet, holding one arm over his midsection and waving for Andre to come at him with his other hand. Shaking his head, Andre pulls his leg back through the ropes and stands straight up on the apron. Leaping from the apron with both hands raised above his head, Andre goes to knock Dakota off his feet with a double axe-handle but misses. Ducking Andre’s arms, Dakota punches Andre in the stomach while airborne.
Andre lands to his feet and immediately bends completely over as the breath has been knocked from his lungs. Grabbing Andre by the back of the waistband and head, Dakota pulls his body around and walks Andre towards the ringside steps before throwing him forward, head first into them! Andre drops to his knees and Dakota grabs him again, pulling him to his feet. Just like before, Dakota grabs him by the head and waistband, this time dragging him towards the ringside barricade before throwing him into it. Just before crashing into it, Andre rolls forward, his back slamming against the barricade upside down before dropping to the floor and smacking his head against it. Dakota pulls Andre up from the floor to his feet. Holding him in place with one hand, Dakota draws back with his other and clocks Andre in the jaw with a solid right hand. Dragging Andre towards the ring, Dakota rolls him up onto the apron and underneath the ropes, throwing him back into the ring.
JOHNSON: ”If only Andre had ignored Dakota as he was entering the ring this all could have been prevented.”
VASSA: ”And if my aunt had a dick she’d be my uncle.”
JOHNSON: ”Wait, what?”
VASSA: ”Leave the ‘ifs’ at the door. Andre has no one to blame but himself for Dakota turning things back around.”
JOHNSON: ”Nobody is saying otherwise. I’m just saying if he had ignored Dakota to begin with, he may very well still be in control of this matchup right now.”
Andre is slow to get back to his feet, giving Dakota plenty of time to climb the apron and nearest corner. Watching from above the ring, Dakota squats at the top of the corner, keeping his eyes locked on Andre. Just as Andre stands and wobbles around to face him, Dakota leaps from the top of the corner. Hitting Andre with a clothesline in mid air, he knocks Andre flat on his back while rolling forward and landing on his back. Rolling up to his feet in a fluid motion, Dakota quickly walks over to the ladder. He wipes the blood from his eyes before picking it up from the canvas and carrying it over to the corner where he then leans it against the turnbuckle to stand it up. Turning back to Andre, Dakota approaches him, a small limp in his walk.
Pulling Andre back to his feet, Dakota locks onto his wrist, lifting him up from the mat. Holding him by the wrist with one hand, Dakota pulls Andre in over and over, each time greeting with a fist to the face from his other hand. Now holding his wrist with both hands, Dakota uses all of his strength to pull Andre in and throw him to the corner, dropping to his knees from the force as he releases Andre. Turning his body to the side at the last possible second, Andre crashes into the ladder with his shoulder. He bounces off the metal and stumbles forward. Bursting to his feet, Dakota charges forward, dropping his shoulder and planting it into Andre’s stomach. Driving Andre backwards, Dakota slams him back first into the ladder before unloading with a rapid fire series of lefts and rights to Andre’s stomach. Swinging upward, Dakota connects with a European uppercut that forces Andre’s head to whip back as he looks up at the lights. Grabbing Andre by the back of the head, Dakota pulls him away from the ladder, walking Andre in a circle as he turns him to face the ladder once more. Throwing Andre forward, Dakota sends him crashing into the ladder, Andre’s face colliding with the cold metal before bouncing off and falling backwards to the mat.
Dipping through the ropes, Dakota exits the ring and walks along the side of it, still with a small limp in his step. Dropping to one knee, he lifts the side fabric of the apron, searching underneath the ring momentarily before dragging out a table. He slides it into the ring before climbing back in himself.
VASSA: ”You know, I’ve always wondered how those things end up underneath the ring, or any weapons for that matter.”
JOHNSON: ”There could be numerous reasons. Maybe the table was used to hold the tools that were used to put the ring together. Maybe, just maybe, someone puts things under there hoping they get used in instances like this.”
VASSA: ”A part of me wants to believe that someone intentionally places them there in hopes that they will be used.”
JOHNSON: ”Then go with that. If it warms your heart to think so who am I to tell you otherwise?”
Dakota pulls the legs out from the table, unfolding it before setting it in place inside of the ring. He walks over to Andre, pulling him up from the mat before dragging him back over to the table. Dakota goes to roll Andre up onto the table but is stopped as Andre throws an elbow to his midsection. Again and again, Andre hits Dakota with elbows to the stomach before finally pulling his head away The Butcher’s hold. Standing tall, Andre unloads with multiple right hand punches to Dakota’s face. Kicking Dakota in the stomach, Andre forces him to buckle over where he then wraps an arm over Dakota’s head. Lifting Dakota into the air upside down, Andre drops him on top of the table with a suplex! Dakota’s back hits the wood hard as a grunt escapes his lips. The table didn’t break though. Dakota’s body remains on top of it, his head hanging over the side. Pushing himself back up, Andre positions himself at Dakota’s head where he begins punching down onto his face over and over. Raising his hand as high as he can, Andre then swings down with all of his might, hitting Dakota across the throat with a chop. Dakota immediately pulls his hands to his throat, struggling to breath as he rolls away from Andre, eventually falling off the end of the table and smacking his head against the canvas.
Walking around the table, Andre quickly moves in on Dakota before he has a chance to even think of getting back to his feet. There was no rush though. On the mat, Dakota remained, still gasping for air and holding his throat from the chop Andre had given him previously. He pulls Dakota up from the mat before leaning him against the table. Swinging with his right hand, Andre connects with a vicious punch to the side of Dakota’s head. Swinging with his left, Andre plants it into Dakota’s gut. Grabbing Dakota by the head with both hands, he pulls Dakota’s head down and pops his knee up, driving it into Dakota’s face. Grabbing Dakota by the wrist, Andre then pulls him away from the table and whips him towards the ladder. Before crashing into the ladder, Dakota slides feet first tot he mat, going between the two side of the ladder at its base. He slides to the opposite side of the ladder and immediately pops back up to his feet. Grabbing the ladder with both hands, Dakota then pushes it over in the direction of Andre.
The ladder falls towards Andre. Throwing both hands up, Andre catches the ladder before it slams into him. Stepping forward, Andre pushes the ladder back up as hard as he can, throwing it in Dakota’s direction. It stands straight up and like clockwork, tipping in the opposite direction before falling down towards Dakota. Dakota throws his hand up this time, catching the ladder before it smacks him in the head. Andre charges straight for Dakota as he stands with his arms extended in the air. Grabbing the ladder from the other side, Andre tries to push Dakota over with it but is outmuscled as Dakota overpowers him and pushes the ladder away from him, smacking Andre in the face with it. Picking the ladder up and holding it in the middle, Dakota then spins in place, bringing one end around and wiping Andre out with it. Andre hits the mat after the shot to the head with the ladder, rolling away from Dakota and stopping at the ropes. Dakota then stands the ladder up in the center of the ring, his eyes locked on the Pride Championship hanging above the entire time.
JOHNSON: ”I think Dakota might be making the climb!”
VASSA: ”Now’s the perfect opportunity for him to do so with Andre laid out on the mat.”
JOHNSON: ”The ladder is in position and he’s taking his first step to victory!”
VASSA: ”To victory? He has to make the climb first before we even start discussing victory.”
Step by step, Dakota slowly climb up the ladder as Andre remains down on the mat still recovering from the blow to the head he just took from Dakota. Nearing the top, Dakota reaches up, extending his arm as far as he can but coming up short as he reaches for the gold. He then takes another step up the ladder before reaching up once more. Just like before, he’s short, but this time only inches short of his fingers touching the title. Still not standing at the top of the ladder, Dakota becomes a little frustrated but knows what must be done to grab the title. He begins to take another step up the ladder before his climb abruptly comes to an end. The ladder begins to rock back and forth, shocking Dakota as he stands near the top of it. He quickly looks down at the base where Andre is with both hands on the ladder. Back and forth, Andre rocks the ladder, gaining momentum each time before giving it one final push. The ladder tips over with Dakota at the top. With no other choice, Dakota turns away from the ladder and leaps off of it. Flying through the air as the ladder also falls, Dakota crashes into the corner, his arms going over the top ropes and his head slamming down onto the turnbuckle.
JOHNSON: ”Andre knocks the ladder over!”
VASSA: ”And Dakota falls from the sky!”
Dakota barely stays on his feet as his arms draped over the top ropes are the only things holding him up. From behind, Andre moves in and delivers a swift elbow to Dakota’s lower back. Swinging with his other arm, Andre plants another elbow into Dakota’s back. Pulling Dakota away from the corner, Andre then locks onto his head with both hands before slamming him face down onto the top of the turnbuckle. Over and over, Andre slams Dakota’s face down, the crowd counting along with each time Dakota kisses the turnbuckle.
“One! … Two! … Three! … Four! … Five! … Six! … Seven! … Eight! … Nine! … Ten!”

Slamming Dakota’s head to the turnbuckle ten time, Andre then wraps both arms around Dakota’s waist and drags him away from the corner. Lifting Dakota off his feet, Andre takes him up and over, slamming him down to the mat with a German suplex! Dakota’s body rolls over as Andre releases him. The Butcher in a daze, still manages to slowly begin pushing himself up. Andre pops back to his feet, excited with the crowd behind him as they cheer in the background. He impatiently waits for Dakota to climb to his feet and once standing, Andre runs towards him. Jumping into the air, Andre wraps an arm around Dakota’s head before swinging his entire body around and pulling Dakota with him. After turning to face the opposite direction, Andre begins to descend towards the mat where he pulls Dakota’s head down and plants it onto the ladder with a tornado DDT!
VASSA: ”Tornado DDT onto the ladder!”
Andre rolls Dakota’s lifeless body off of the ladder and stands to his feet. Picking the ladder up, Andre walks to the center of the ring and sets the ladder up underneath the Pride Championship. Step by step, Andre slowly climbs the ladder, getting closer and closer to obtaining what’s his as the seconds pass. Andre nears the top, just a few steps shy of the end of the ladder. He reaches for the title and comes up short. Taking another step up, he reaches for the title once more and just like before, he comes up short. Andre then slowly begins to step to the very top of the ladder, taking his time to keep his balance. Before he can pull his lower foot up, his entire body is pulled down as Dakota stands underneath him, both of his hands locked onto Andre’s foot. Andre attempts to kick Dakota off of him over and over but Dakota doesn’t let go. Jerking Andre’s leg down as hard as he can, Dakota manages to make Andre lose his footing. Andre’s body drops from the ladder a few steps. By the time he manages to place a foot back onto a step, it’s too late, his chin slams down onto the top of the ladder.
With Andre stunned, Dakota releases his leg and goes to the other side of the ladder. Climbing up the ladder, Dakota keeps his eyes locked on Andre as he rises further and further into the air. Andre quickly shakes off the blow to the chin and begins swinging down at Dakota, connecting with lefts and rights to the top of Dakota’s head. Even though he’s taking a beating from above, Dakota continues to climb upward until eventually he’s facing Andre head on. Andre swings a right at Dakota’s head, only to miss as Dakota throws his arm up to defend himself. Firing back with a punch of his own, Dakota drives his fist into Andre’s face. Then Andre drives his fist into Dakota’s face. Back and forth, they beat the living hell out of each other at the top of the ladder.
Punching forward with his right, Dakota goes for Andre’s nose but his fist stops inches from making contact as Andre catches it between both hands. Throwing his upper body forward, Andre slams his head into Dakota’s with a vicious headbutt. Dakota drops down a step as he holds onto the ladder with one hand and places his other hand over his forehead which still oozes with blood. Andre reaches up for the belt but still comes up short after being pulled down a step from Dakota previously. Climbing up a step, Andre reaches for the title again. His fingers hit the bottom of the belt as he reaches. Andre then extends his entire body, reaching upward for the title.
JOHNSON: ”Andre wasn’t extended fully before and still managed to graze the title with his fingers. He’s going to grab it now on this try.”
VASSA: ”He’s in the perfect position to end this before Dako–“
JOHNSON: ”Dakota isn’t finished yet!”
Grabbing Andre by the front of his waistband, Dakota pulls him back down as his fingers just barely touch the championship. Swinging upward with his other hand, Dakota connects with a powerful blow to Andre’s stomach. Over and over, Dakota punches Andre in the stomach, eventually forcing him to buckle over as the air is knocked from his lungs. Grabbing ahold of Andre, Dakota pulls him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry near the top of the ladder. Andre swings and connects with multiple punches to Dakota’s chest and back as he remains trapped on Dakota’s shoulders. Looking behind him, Dakota spots the table which brings a sinister grin to his face. Falling backwards, Dakota pushes himself away from the ladder as he kicks his legs straight. Twisting in the air as they fall, Dakota aims perfectly for the table when he slams Andre straight through it with a twisting Samoan drop!

The table shatters into hundreds of pieces as the two go through it.

Andre’s body slams against the canvas underneath it, all of Dakota’s weight falling on top of him.
The crowd explodes into a chant after witnessing Dakota put Andre through a table with the Dovah Death Drop from the top of the ladder.
“Ho-ly Shit!!! … Ho-ly Shit!!! … Ho-ly Shit!!! … Ho-ly Shit!!! … Ho-ly Shit!!!”

JOHNSON: ”Listen to these fans! They’re going nuts at the sight of that Dovah Death Drop from the top of the ladder and through a table!”
VASSA: ”As they should! That was unbelievable!”
Debris surround the two as Dakota lays on top of Andre who remains motionless underneath him. Slowly pushing himself up, Dakota barely stands to his feet, feeling the pain radiating through his body as well from the nasty fall from above. He limps towards the ladder, leaving Andre behind in a pile of broken wood and splinters. Placing both hands on the ladder, Dakota looks upward to the sky, locking his eyes on the Pride Championship.
JOHNSON: ”All he has to do now is climb to the top and take the Pride Championship.”
VASSA: ”It doesn’t get any easier than this. Andre is laid out, annihilated from the Dovah Death Drop through the table.”
Dakota then begins his climb, step by step, he slowly works his way towards the top of the ladder. Dakota doesn’t take any chances in slowing things down. He climbs to the very top of the ladder before reaching up with both hands and grabbing the championship.
VASSA: ”All he has to do now is unfasten the belt.”
JOHNSON: ”He better hurry because Andre is back on his feet!”
VASSA: ”How in the fuck?!”
They weren’t lying. Back on his feet, Andre stands on top of the pile of debris. He looks up the ladder at Dakota who has his hands on the championship. Limping over to the ladder, Andre isn’t done just yet. He grabs the ladder with both hands, pushing it forward. Dakota feels the movement of the ladder, quickly looking down to see Andre as he continues trying to unfasten the title. Back and forth, Andre rocks the ladder before eventually giving it one last push and tipping it over.
VASSA: ”Andre tipped the ladder over with Dak–“
The ladder falls over and crashes to the mat, but Dakota doesn’t. Holding onto the title with both hands, Dakota hangs in the air still working to unfasten it.
VASSA: ”Dakota just doesn’t give up, does he?”
Andre immediately grabs Dakota’s legs as they dangle in front of him, pulling Dakota down with all of his strength. This continues for a good half a minute before finally, Dakota drops from above and falls on top of Andre.
JOHNSON: ”Andre pulled him down!”
VASSA: ”But not without the Pride Championship!”
Laying on top of Andre, Dakota holds the Pride Championship to his chest with both hands.
JOHNSON: ”Dakota’s done it! Dakota has won the Pride Championship!”
VASSA: ”Holy shit, he still managed to come down with the gold. I thought this was far from over.”
Seeing that Dakota has pulled down the championship, the official calls for the final bell.

“Welcome to Hell” hits the speakers as the fans react with a mixture of cheers and boos. Helping Dakota up from the mat, the official walks him away from Andre who climbs to both knees. Shaking his head in disappointment, Andre looks on as the official hoists Dakota’s arm into the air. With his other arm, Dakota holds the Pride Championship high above his head.
Hearing his name over the speakers, Dakota closes his eyes and drops to both knees, pulling the championship to his chest and hugging it with both arms.
JOHNSON: ”He’s done it! Not only has Dakota won the Pride Championship here tonight, but he’s also become the first 4CW Grand Slam Champion!”
VASSA: ”What exactly does that mean if you don’t mind me asking?”
JOHNSON: ”He’s held three singles championships in 4CW. The 4CW Championship which is the most prestigious piece in the equation. He’s held the Extreme and XTV Championship, in both variations which is now known as the North American Championship. He’s one half of the current 4CW Tag Team Champions. And now, he’s just won the Pride Championship, the middle tier singles championship of the equation.”
VASSA: ”He’s basically won all the OG championships of 4CW? But the Extreme or XTV has changed though. It’s now the North American Championship. Does that still count?”
JOHNSON: ”You know, that’s a good question, Vinny. The belt has evolved, which it’s evolved numerous times throughout the years but still holds the same history as it did when it was first introduced in Twenty-Fourteen.”
VASSA: ”Nonetheless, it’s a great accomplishment on Dakota’s end and one hell of a way to end the Twenty-Eighteen year.”
JOHNSON: ”Another great accomplishment to add to his impressive Hall of Fame career here in 4CW.”
Dakota remains on his knees, looking down at the Pride Championship in his arms as his music continues to play throughout the arena. Disappointed, Andre continues to look on, his hands on his hips as he remains on his knees as well across the ring from Dakota.

Kimitsu Zombie looks down at her hands and focuses clearly as they begin to shake. She clasps then together as the shot zooms out on her sitting on a couch backstage in her ring gear. The uniform is on and she is ready for another rumble. Or so she thinks.
ZOMBIE: “Fuck.”
She smiles and looks off to the side as she rubs her hands.
ZOMBIE: “At what point does someone ascend so much to the level that they believe themselves to be a God among mortals? As we’ve seen time and time again here in 4CW, the self-proclaimed Gods do not last long. We take them and make them out for what they are.”
She extends her arms out in a spooky caricature.
ZOMBIE: “Mere mortals. But seriously, once in a while, someone gets so high up on themselves and they actually manage to match their words with their skills. Elijah Carlson has done that. There is no doubt about it that he ia one of the best wrestlers in this company. He proves that time and time again. There are few that can match him. So many have fallen in front of him lately. He has finally hit his stride since…”
Kimitsu claps her hands and looks up with a determined confident smirk.
ZOMBIE: “Since he was shown to be human. I’m the one who dares take on this c3allenge. I’m the one comet who dares break orbit and hurtle right towards the sun. I’ve lost bits and pieces of myself in this headlong dive. Maybe I’ll be burned up as soon as qe touch. But maybe I’ll be the one that makes the hot giant explode. This win for me would indeed shake the whole universe to its core. I am used to that just as much as I am used to fighting against adversity.”
She stands up and adjusts her jacket with a snap of the sides.
ZOMBIE: “I don’t care if anyone is still listening to me, Elijah. I don’t care if I still have anyone’s support. I just need you to listen. I only care about you. We’re both trying to avenge ourselves. You’re trying to get rid of the black mark of your return. I’m going for… everything.”
She holds up two fingers.
ZOMBIE: “We get two chances. There are going to be no doubters this time. We have two falls to prove who is the better North American Champion. You can claim whatever you want about elevating titles. I’m not here to compare this title to any other. All I know is that tis title is mines. I went through hell for it. I was the change it needed. I want it back.”
Kimitsu walks off and the camera zooms in on her back where “Spirit of a Weed” is sprawled down her jacket in kanji.
ZOMBIE: “I am willing to destroy myself for this and any match. The difference with this one is that it’s going to be all or nothing. So tell me, Kami-sama. How big of an explosion will it be when stars collide?”
She gives the camera a big middle Fuck You finger as she grabs her shochu bottle and walks away.



POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the 4CW North American Championship and scheduled for two out of three falls!”
Number Girl’s Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.

Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu.
POWERS: “Now, weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds and hailing from Kimitsu, Japan! It’s the ‘Little Yokai’, KIMITSU ZZOOMMBBIIEE!!!”
Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowd’s reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.

She takes a long chug of shochu and screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring to wait while sipping from her shochu bottle.
JOHNSON: “Kimitsu Zombie looking ready here tonight at Winter Wasteland, looking to avenge her loss to Eli Carlson at Fright Night and recapture the North American championship.”
VASSA: “That’s great and all, but we’re talking about getting two submissions or two pinfalls on Eli Fucking Carlson. Good luck sister.”
JOHNSON: “As Vinny just alluded to, this match will be two of three pinfalls or submissions, winner will be the new North American champion.”
VASSA: “Sweeeeeep!”
The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building.
POWERS: ”And the champion!”
On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing. As the video clips begin to play on, the opening lyrics of Alter Bridges “My Champion” begin.
”May this be your victory song
A song for you when I am gone
Reminding you of what you’re meant to be.
A gift to bring you clarity
To show you that your destiny
Is not defined by what you’ve failed to see

While Myles Kennedy’s voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as the North American Champion, Elijah Carlson, emerges from the backstage area. Over his right shoulder the glittering North American Championship hangs loosely, a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.
”May this lift you up
When you feel you’ll fall again
You cannot win, no
Hope these words are enough
For you to be strong, my friend”

POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring standing six feet one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is the NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. After a moment of hesitation, Eli shrugged his shoulders and reached out to receive “five” from the kid before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope, raising the North American Championship high above his head as the chorus of boo’s and cheers once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at the title and then at his chest before hopping down back to the mat.
VASSA: “The champ looking like the champ. That’s all that matters, that’s all that ever matters.”
JOHNSON: “Go back to October 31st of this year at Fright Night, that’s when Eli Carlson defeated tonight’s challenger for that North American Championship belt. It’s been a long road for both them back to this point, but it’s going to come to a head.”
VASSA: “Eli has been on one hell of a winning streak and Kimitsu has been about as good as the Oakland Raiders.”
JOHNSON: “We’re going to see, perhaps the bumps in the road for Kimitsu have been a wake up call and tonight she’s got laser focus.”

JOHNSON: “Either way, we’re going to find out now because that’s the bell!”
Across the ring the two stare each other down, but once the bell rings the two make their way towards the middle of the ring. Eli extends his hand outwards looking for a handshake from his opponent, Kimitsu eyes him suspiciously but with the egging of the crowd she goes to extend her hand and that’s when Eli pulls his hand away saying ‘don’t touch me’ loudly with a smirk on his face. Soaking up some of the negative reaction from the crowd the North American champion has a little swagger to his walk as he trots around…

…right into kick to the jaw from Kimitsu! Eli drops to the mat holding his jaw in some serious pain as the challenger gets right over to him and leaps backwards in the air connecting with a standing moonsault dropping the knees across Carlson’s chest! She hooks the leg of the champion and goes for a quick pin attempt!

VASSA: “Whoa, really fast cover there, but Eli is able to get the shoulder up.”
JOHNSON: “Sometimes the best tactic is just to punch your opponent in the face to see how they respond, in this case it was kick to the jaw.”
VASSA: “She certainly went with that early on. Might have just woken up the champion, though.”
JOHNSON: “Kimitsu Zombie is quickly back to her feet, no slow down from her here. She’s looking to keep up the pressure on the champion.”
Kimitsu gets right back to the attack just as Eli pulls himself back up to his feet, she charges in and stands him straight up with a couple of backhanded chops and follows that up with a whip sending the champion across the ropes, Zombie ducks down and flips him into the air with a back body drop! Eli gets to his knees holding his back in pain from the impact but that only gets him to taste the boot of Kimitsu as she connects with a rolling savate kick right to the jaw!!
JOHNSON: “Another vicious kick!”
VASSA: “When did this break out into the Karate Kid movie?”
JOHNSON: “Carlson to the mat from the shot.”
Carlson hits the mat, but rolls out of the ring to avoid any more punishment and giving him a chance to make sure his jaw is still connected to his face. Kimitsu goes to go after him with a dive, but thinks better of it as he dips around the corner as fast as possible.
VASSA: “Eli still aware on the outside, he’s going to break the rhythm that the challenger was building. Veteran move there.”
JOHNSON: “Eli Carlson has held a lot of gold over his career, including the big prize itself, he is well established in that ring and knows what it takes to win. No doubt about it.”
Slowly, Eli Carlson begins to make his way back towards getting onto the ring apron making sure that the referee keeps the challenger backed up long enough for him to duck under the ropes. When Zombie charges in for him, he wisely ducks his head under the top rope forcing the referee to back the challenger off again. As soon as he has an opening, Eli moves into the ring away from the ropes and as Zombie rushes in after him, he connects with a well placed boot to the midsection. Eli follows that up with a couple of vicious right hands that rock the challenger and stagger her into the corner.
VASSA: “And Eli’s back to the attack here.”
JOHNSON: “The North American champion on the attack, turning around the early part of this match into his favor.”
The champion continues with the assault and connects with some stiff kicks to Kimitsu’s ribs backing her up into the corner. Eli sends her across slamming her back into the opposite corner turnbuckle and charges in connecting with a running leaping knee strike! Zombie stumbles out of the corner and Carlson drives Zombie face first into the mat from behind with a leaping bulldog. Carlson stands over Kimitsu slapping her in the face and shouting that she stands no chance.
JOHNSON: “Some strong words there by the champion, but he’s still got to put Kimitsu Zombie down twice… not just once.”
VASSA: “Which he’s going to do… don’t worry about that.”
As the challenger gets back up to all fours, Carlson is there and unloads with a well placed drop kick right to the side of her head. Zombie rolls towards the ring ropes for safety, but Eli has other plans as he drags her back towards the middle of the ring looking to for more punishment, but out of nowhere Kimitsu is able to reach up and cradle the North American champion into a small package pin attempt

JOHNSON: “You were saying? Kimitsu nearly catching the early pinfall with that small package roll-up.”
VASSA: “Close, but yet so far. Eli’s got to wake up here.”
Eli breaks out of that one quickly and gets right back up to his feet before Kimitsu is able to do so, he charges in going for the shining wizard strike, but Zombie rolls out of the way and the North American champion connects with the corner turnbuckle! Zombie leaps up and pulls Eli down by the skull…

…with a Jumping DDT!! Carlson bounces face first off of the mat not once, but twice from the sheer impact. However, Kimitsu is unable to follow it up right away as she lays there still feeling the effects from before.
JOHNSON: “The champion might be on dream street right now, but the challenger is unable to follow up that incredible looking DDT.”
VASSA: “Great move there by Zombie, but like you just said she can’t seem to follow that up.”
Kimitsu begins to stir, as does Eli, the two begin to get back to a standing position. Eli still a bit staggered from getting his face drilled into the mat stumbles a bit away, but Kimitsu catches Eli from behind with a groin claw! The crowd even winces in pain as Eli yells out in pain as Kimitsu clenches down with both hands on his yambag. She then lifts…

…flipping Eli down onto his back with her trademark ballsplex! Kimitsu is able to follow it up this time, and quickly drapes her arm over the champion’s chest.

JOHNSON: “Eli Carlson gets the shoulder up at the last moment.”
VASSA: “She crushed his marbles though!”
Kimitsu looks a little frustrated that she has yet been able to keep the North American champion down on the mat long enough to score a pinfall. She slams the mat heavily and gets back up to her feet, giving Eli some time to hold his nuts in some pain. Kimitsu goes to pull Eli back up to his feet, but the champion is quick and counters with a fireman’s takedown slamming Zombie to the mat. Eli gets up to his feet still holding onto his boys in pain, but charges just as Zombie nearly back to a standing position…

…connecting with a vicious shining wizard which the impact can be heard from across the entire Barclay’s Center. Eli falls down back first across his opponent as the referee slides in again for the cover attempt…

JOHNSON: “Eli Carlson hits the Anointed and somehow Kimitsu is able to get her shoulder up at two and a half!”
VASSA: “Finally, the champion pulling a great move out there and nearly gets the first fall.”
Eli gets back up to his feet, just as Kimitsu does as well in the far corner. Giving her a moment to stand up in the corner, Eli charges across the ring at full speed leaping up into the air and going for the Red Light Special…

…but Eli only connects with that kick into the corner turnbuckle as Kimitsu is able to duck out of the way at the last moment. Eli’s momentum nearly causes him to crotch himself on the ropes in the corner but instead he bounces and falls to his knees towards the middle of the ring. This gives Kimitsu an opening and she leaps up…

…and connects with a leaping axe kick across the back the champion’s neck!! Eli just crumbles to the mat and Kimitsu flips him over as she hooks both legs to make sure.


JOHNSON: “Kimitsu with the Banzai God Kick and that’s going to put her to up one to zero and now the North American champion is going to have to score two pinfalls or submissions in a row or else he is going to lose that precious title of his.”
VASSA: “How’d she move out of the way? Carlson had that kick all but lined up!”
JOHNSON: “Kimitsu got a taste of the Red Light Special at Fright Night and it cost her the title, she had that move well scouted out and was able to avoid a repeat.”
The referee does his best to pull the challenger off of Eli Carlson, giving him a moment to recover in the corner after the first pinfall, but he’s only able to back a very pumped up Kimitsu to her own corner before she pushes him aside and charges again across the ring right ot the attack. Kimitsu doesn’t give Eli a chance to recover as she unloads with strikes, she scoops him up into the air and slams down the North American champion onto his back and begins to climb up the ropes with her back to the champion. Kimitsu gets to the top and leaps high into the air flipping backwards…

…and missing a moonsault! Eli is able to move out of the way at the last possible second and Kimitsu lands stomach first on the mat.
JOHNSON: “The champion escaping that moonsault just in time, that might have finished him off in this match.”
VASSA: “Wow, that was too close. Way too close.”
JOHNSON: “Eli Carlson is going to have to get back into this match now that he’s got an opening from that missed big move there by Kimitsu.”
This is gives a chance for Eli to get back up his feet and get some wind into his lungs as Kimitsu struggles to get back up to her feet feeling the effects of that big missed move. Carlson moves in and before Zombie can offer up a defense and connects with a vicious double footed drop kick right to her chest! Kimitsu falls backwards and falls through the ropes and only avoids falling to the floor by grabbing onto the ropes. Eli follows her out through the ropes after getting back up to his feet, and he pulls Zombie back up to her feet and in a single instant he lifts up her into the air with a suplex…

…dropping her neck first onto the ring apron with a modified brainbuster!! Eli even falls to the floor to make sure the impact is more, the crowd “oohs!” in pain from the sound of Kimitsu’s neck and back hitting the apron. She collapses onto the ring apron and stays there motionless.
JOHNSON: “Oh my… Eli Carlson drops Kimitsu Zombie onto the ring apron on the back of her neck!”
VASSA: “We might need medical personal out there, that was not a good sound at all.”
JOHNSON: “But I don’t think Eli is going to let that stop him now…”
Carlson doesn’t seem to care either way, he pulls Kimitsu off of the ring apron and onto the floor. Eli winds her up and sends her CRASHING into the ring steps that lead into the ring! Kimitsu bounces off, but shows some signs of motion in her reaction as she covers her head and tries to get back up to her feet. The North American champion sensing the end is here, picks Kimitsu up again and brings her around the outside of the ring again and charges forward…

…throwing her face first into the ring post!! Zombie hits the deck, but it’s obvious before she even gets back up to her feet that hitting the post busted her forehead open. Eli again doesn’t seem to care about the well being of his challenger, instead he pulls her back up to her feet and tosses her back into the ring.
VASSA: “No mercy by the champion, none at all.”
JOHNSON: “You said it there, Vinny. Eli Carlson is showing just pure brutality right now.”
VASSA: “Kimitsu is in serious trouble right now.”
Eli climbs back into the ring and without hooking the leg of his opponent he goes for a cover…

This shocks the hell out of Carlson who can’t believe that Kimitsu got her shoulder up, in fact, Eli stands up and grabs the referee asking how the hell that wasn’t a three count.
JOHNSON: “Eli Carlson can’t believe it, but Kimitsu got that shoulder up at the last moment.”
VASSA: “Eli can’t believe it? I can’t believe it.”
Carlson scoops Kimitsu up by her hair and at this point her face has a nice trickle of blood from her forehead, Eli hooks on a double armed underhook and goes to suplex Kimitsu, however Kimitsu is able to slip out and flip over the shoulders of Eli. Carlson turns around just as Zombie gets back up to her feet and…

…he eats a kick right to Eli’s jaw!! You could call it a superkick, if you wanted. Zombie, however, is unable to follow it up with anything else and by the time she is able to get back on to the attack Eli is ready to counter…

…with a superkick of his own!! That kick catches Kimitsu on the jaw again, but she is able to stand her feet from the impact. Eli still staggers from the kick he just took and doesn’t take advantage of his kick on Zombie. Sadly, as Eli turns back towards his opponent…

…he catches one more kick from Zombie!! This time it gets him solidly right in the mouth, in fact as Eli spins around from the impact of that second kick his mouth is already red from the blood from the inside of his mouth. Eli stumbles forward, but as Kimitsu charges up from behind looking to follow up that superkick, Eli leaps backwards…

…connecting with a Pele kick!! Kimitsu catches a boot between the eyes and crumbles to the mat. Eli, making sure to take advantage this time hooks the legs as he goes for the quick cover on the challenger.
JOHNSON: “Eli hitting the Your Coronation and now he’s got the legs as he goes for the cover…”
VASSA: “This one’s going to be tied up!”


JOHNSON: “And the winner of the second fall of this match is none other than Eli Carlson, we’re tied up one a piece now and that only means that the next pinfall or submission is going to figure out who is going to be the North American champion.”
VASSA: “To my surprise, it has been more of a fight for Eli Carlson than I had thought. Kimitsu Zombie has put up a hell of an effort here tonight.”
The referee goes to back Eli off, same as he did before allowing for the challenger to have a moment to recover after the pinfall, but Eli shoves him out of the way and goes right to the attack with a series of stomps on his opponent. Targeting the arm and shoulder mostly, Eli then grips Zombie by the arm and shoves his foot into her armpit pulling back with the old stump puller hold! Zombie yells out in pain as Eli stands right back up and does it a second time.
VASSA: “I think he’s going to try and rip her arm off right here in the middle of the ring tonight!”
JOHNSON: “It certainly seems like Eli is showing that mean streak and right now his wrath is purely being taken out on Kimitsu’s shoulder.”
VASSA: “When he does tear it off, I hope he swings it around like a club. That’d be memorable.”
JOHNSON: “I, uh, don’t think… aw, nevermind.”
Eli stands up for a third time looking to hyperextend that joint one more time, however, as he goes to pull one more time and possibly rip her shoulder right out of the socket, Kimitsu rolls forward doing a kip up in the process and counters with a hip toss. Not an American Tommy hip toss, but one good enough to send Eli up and over and landing onto his back. Zombie gets back up, her left arm dangling a little bit but she doesn’t seem to need that arm right now as she launches a kick attack that would make Chun Li proud! The final shot catches Eli in that already bloodied mouth and sends him right into the corner turnbuckle. Kimitsu charges in leaping up and connecting with a double knee strike to Eli’s chest rocking him in the corner, the air rushing from his lungs causes him to stumble forward clutching his chest in considerable pain.
JOHNSON: “Eli getting rocked by the challenger, but Zimitsu is headed to the top ropes… I don’t think Eli is aware that she’s ready to take flight here…”
VASSA: “Don’t turn around!”
But Eli does, just as Kimitsu leaps from the top ropes.

…catching the North American champion in the face with a missile dropkick from the top ropes! The crowd pops for that one as Kimistu sends the champion flying to the mat. Somehow, however, Eli hits the mat and slides to the outside of the ring for safety. Carlson does his best on the outside to recover, but just as soon as he thinks he safe Kimitsu springs herself off of the far side ropes does a cartwheel, then a backflip and crashes right into him on the outside of the ring!! This incredible move brings the crowd to their feet.
JOHNSON: “What an incredible move there by Kimitsu Zombie! Some might call that a Sasuke Special, but here we’re just calling it a bad time for Eli Carlson!”
VASSA: “She can’t pin the champion on the outside of the ring, so unless she’s got someway to bring him back into the ring after that move it just makes for a nice show.”
Kimitsu is back up first to her feet, Eli on the other hand has a nice trail of blood going from his mouth all the way down to his chest at this point is taking some time to get moving once again. After a couple of moments, Kimitsu pulls Eli with her hands, but it is still obvious that her left arm is still bothering her from earlier and favors the right. She rolls Eli back into the ring and tries to shake off the pain in her arm before following right behind. Eli is able to get back up and catches a boot to the ribs as a result, this causes him to pop back up to his feet, Kimitsu goes to lock Eli up in a front face lock…
JOHNSON: “Perhaps she’s going for a Trip to the Grave! Swinging neckbrea…”
VASSA: “No! Eli slapping that left arm that he worked over earlier and she has to break the hold.”
The pain causes her to stumble forward, and gives Eli a chance to send her flinging into the far side ropes, Kimitsu ducks the attempted running clothesline by the North American champ and Eli rebounds off of the other ropes. The two come charging right at each other as a result…

…both connecting with a leaping crossbody block!! Both hit the mat hard from that impact and clutch their sides and chest in some serious pain from that.
JOHNSON: “Like two runaway trains colliding!”
VASSA: “All the momentum built up only to be stopped suddenly like that, you could hear that smack from across the building.”
Carlson is up first and he motions for Zombie to get back up as he stalks her in the ring, as she gets back up to her feet near the corner Eli charges at her with full steam ahead leaping up at the last moment and sticking out his foot right where her face is…

…connecting only with the turnbuckle pad!! Once again Eli went for the Red Light Special, looking to end this match in the same fashion that he won the North American title back at Fright Night, but again Kimitsu had that well in the back of her mind and was able to move out of the way at the last second! Eli holds that knee in serious pain as it looks like it bent at a funny angle on the turnbuckle. The North American champion turns around hobbling and Kimitsu is right there to leap up into the air…

…flipping the champion over the top with an incredible standing Frankensteiner by the challenger!! She immediately covers up the champion looking to score the victory.
JOHNSON: “Kimitsu countering the Red Light Special right into her Frankensteiner! We might have a new North American champion here tonight!!”

VASSA: “Oh thank God, thank you!”
JOHNSON: “Carlson kicked out! Carlson kicked out! How the hell did he ever get that shoulder up in time?”
VASSA: “Doesn’t matter how, it only matters that he did and that this match ain’t over yet!”
Zombie seems a little bit shocked, but she’s not about to let that slow her down as she gets back up to her feet looking for Eli to get back up to a seated position. Zombie charges up from behind as Eli gets to his knees, she leaps up going for another Banzai God Kick, but Eli is able to move out of the way at the last moment and she hits nothing but air! Eli leaps from his knees to his feet, catching himself from crumbling onto that left knee and charges towards Kimitsu once again…

…connecting with a Red Light Special!! But leading with the bad knee didn’t catch Zombie fully and she instead falls back into the corner. Carlson gets back up and the two charge at each other again, this time Eli connects with a sling blade!!
JOHNSON: “The champion pulling out all the stops here tonight!! Connecting with a Prince’s Edict right after another Red Light Special.”
VASSA: “It’s been a running list of his greatest hits, but I think he saved the best for last here!!”
JOHNSON: “Favoring that left leg, Eli Carlson is climbing to the top ropes with his back to his opponent, could this mean… could he be going for…”
Just as soon as Eli hits the top of the turnbuckle, he leaps into the air flinging himself around rotating in the air until he comes crashing down…

…hitting nothing but the mat!! Eli went for the Phoenix Splash, but only hit the canvas with the amazing display of athleticism. Zombie is able to move out of the way at the last possible second and Eli’s impact caused him to leave a little red spot on the mat where his face must of have hit.
JOHNSON: “Eli Carlson went for the Ascension but only hit the mat!! Holy crap that impact might have broken his jaw.”
VASSA: “His wife is not going to be happy about that, Stevie.”
Eli is able to get back up to his, stumbling around a bit, but he stumbles right into Kimitsu Zombie who quickly locks in a front face lock which can only mean one thing. She twists the champion around looking for a swinging neckbreaker…

…but Eli Carlson is able to reverse it mid move and pulls on that bad left arm of Zombie to flip her over with a hip toss of his own!!
JOHNSON: “And now it is the champion who is able to counter the Trip to the Grave attempt by Kimitsu!!”
VASSA: “He pulled her by that arm from earlier, that thing must be separated or something.”
She stumbles back up to her feet just in time as Eli charges in at her…

…connecting with another Red Light Special!! This time it catches Zombie flush and she crumples to the mat, Eli hooks the leg and looks up to the arena ceiling with a mouthful of blood and even more pouring down either side of his lips giving him a sickening grin as he mouths along to the referee’s count…


JOHNSON: ”Eli’s done it! He’s secured the third and final pin, thus winning the match here tonight!”
VASSA: ”In his first defense as North American Champion, he was truly tested with a war brought to his doorstep at the hands of Kimitsu.”
JOHNSON: ”Kimitsu was able to get the jump on him at the start but Eli persevered and showed just why he is the wrestler he claims to be.”
VASSA: ”And now he’s the champion he claims to be and there’s no denying that after defeating the 4CW Champion two weeks ago and then successfully defending the North American Championship here tonight. He may be nasty, but he’s one hell of a wrestler and there’s no denying that.”
JOHNSON: ”With one defense under his belt, we can only imagine at this point what lies ahead for him in his second at Retrograde.”
VASSA: ”I’m sure the nasty son of a bitch will paint a target on his back before too long. Hell, we may even see Raab challenge him for the championship and finally put a sock in that nasty mouth of his.”
Eli slowly climbs to his feet where he is joined by the official. Taking Eli by the arm, the official raises it into the air as the final bell sounds.

POWERS: “Here is your winner and STILL 4CW North American Champion… ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”
Eli then raises the championship high above his head as the crowd boos just like they did for him two weeks ago. Looking down to Kimitsu, Eli snickers briefly before turning his back to her and playing to the crowd who remain displeased with him.

The scene cuts back to the main section of the arena where the fans sit with the ring in the center of it all. It’s dark, the lights are completely out but there’s still life throughout the building as the sounds from the fans can clearly be heard. The big screen above the entrance way begins to flicker for just a brief moment before an image appears with golden letters in the center of it.

The entire arena begins to cheer at the sight of the Hall of Fame logo displayed on the big screen at the far end of the arena. A spotlight from above shines down to the entrance stage, focusing solely on a podium in the center of the area. Walking out from the back and through the curtain, Perry Wallace appears and at his side, Antonia Patton. The two are dressed for the occasion, Perry wearing a custom tailored suit and Antonia in a spectacular dress sparkling underneath the bright light. Phoenix has already been out and waiting, opting to not make a grand entrance so that the lovely couple could have the spotlight while she instead focuses on the large fried turkey leg in her hand that holds all of her attention. Perry walks up to the podium, resting both hands on top of it as he looks out onto the sold out crowd here in Brooklyn tonight. Leaning slightly forward, he stops just inches in front of a microphone placed on top of the podium.
WALLACE: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for joining us here tonight for not only Winter Wasteland, but also 4CW’s five year anniversary.”
The arena is overtaken with applause as Perry addresses the crowd and mentions the milestone accomplishment.
WALLACE: “Now, I could stand here and give the same exact speech that I did last year which would be completely fine by all means. Instead of calling it a four year anniversary, I’d just simply replace the four with a five and boom! We have a brand new speech for the occasion. I’m not going to drag this out no longer than it needs to be. Five years ago 4CW held its first event in December Twenty-Third, Twenty-Thirteen in Reno, Nevada. Everything that I said last year still stands to this day one year later. I’m proud of this accomplishment, we have made together throughout the years. It wasn’t all in the hands of management. It wasn’t all accomplished by the talented roster. It wasn’t all made possible because of you guys out in the crowd. It was each and every single one of us, from management, minus a few here and there, to the people who put it all on the line inside of that ring each and every event, to you guys not only sitting in this area tonight, but to the millions of fans throughout the world. We did this together.”
The crowd begins to applaud once more, stopping Perry from continuing as the noise level drowns him out. It brings a smile to his face. Looking from left to right over the crowd, he slowly nods his head with pride and appreciation for those who have helped make this dream become a reality. The noise level of the crowd slowly lowers as they settle back down, giving Perry another opportunity to continue.
WALLACE: “Promotions open and close every month… every week. A little flash in the pan for just a short moment before fading away only to be forgotten in a short amount of time. I’m proud to stand here and say that if 4CW were to close the doors tomorrow, the same fate would not apply to us. We’ve made a lot of noise over the years. We’ve bumped heads with some other places along the way. Over half of social media hates our guts because we tell it how it is and then put out the best product each and every show. I never imagined seeing five years, let alone four or even three. But here we are, still thriving as the place to be for wrestlers all over the world to truly test themselves and prove they’re even half as good as they seem to think they are elsewhere.”
Another applause from the crowd, even a chant breaking out as Perry stands in silence, looking to Antonia with a smile on his face.
”4-C-W!!! … 4-C-W!!! … 4-C-W!!! … 4-C-W!!! … 4-C-W!!! … 4-C-W-!!!”

The chanting finally begins to die down. Perry looks behind him, above the entrance at the Hall of Fame logo still displayed on the big screen. Turning back to the crowd, he leans to the microphone once more.
WALLACE: “Now I could stand here and toot 4CW’s horn all night but what would be the point of that? There’s enough people outside of 4CW that do that for us. So with that said, I’d like to get down to business, you know, the whole point of interrupting the show here tonight. With the year coming to a close and Winter Wasteland being the last 4CW event of the year, that leave us with the Hall of Fame inductions for Twenty-Eighteen. Tonight we have a guest making the announcements for not one, but two inductees into the 4CW Hall of Fame. He is a 4CW Hall of Famer himself, he’s held multiple championships in 4CW throughout the years. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Jair Hopkins!”
As his theme hits, Jair appears from the back, accompanied by his girlfriend, Kandice Kane. Jair in the classic black and white tuxedo fit while Kandice had on a sparkling black dress. The two walked hand and hand as they were greeted by both Perry and Antonia before walking over to both embrace Phoenix individually, heading for the podium afterwards. The audience were back on their feet, giving love to the Brooklyn native. Jair and Kandice stood at the podium, admiring the “HOPS” chants and the applause given. Jair waved to them all, showcasing those bright whites of his as he lightly cleared his throat.
HOPKINS: ”What’s good, Brooklyn?! Look, I know you all had wants of me inside the ring but as they say, the schedule changed up. I am more than thankful for Perry allowing me to be the presenter. Just last year, my name was called and it was theee…”
He glanced back at his lady before returning his sight to the crowd.
HOPKINS: ”…Second best achievement in my life. To be called a “Hall of Famer”, all the work you have put in. The sweat, the tears. The pain, the blood, the countless visits to the hospital for broken or damaged body parts. Giving your all just to be hopefully acknowledged for it in the end, it’s the sweetest thing to p…peaches. Point is, you work hard for this moment. Now with that, let me get to the meat. These two gentlemen represent the word “Excellence” to a tee.”
HOPKINS: ”First up, a man who was the epitome of the fire emoji at a point. Breakout Star of 2015. Fourteen Match Of The Night Awards, he also took down the South Beach Brawl Tourney, grabbing the cup. He’s a former Pride Champion and former 4CW Champion, and to put the Cherry on top of it all, he holds the longest win streak in this company. Twenty One matches unbeaten for a man who labels himself “Mayhem”. He destroyed many men who stood in front of him, including myself. He had a “No Prisoners” attitude and every match he looked to empty the clip on you, intending to pulverize you. The man could not do no wrong and with Frankie Morrison at his side all the way, he had it all and for that he now gets to enjoy being crowned in history forever! Ladies and Gents I present to you, Chris Madison!”
The arena’s lights dim to black as the opening guitar riffs to “War Machine” by KISS begin to screech over the P.A. system. The video screen lights up with visual static noise. Suddenly in the center of the screen a black handprint begins pulsating to the beat of the drum that has began to play. A spotlight shines on the entrance ramp and we see Chris Madison standing with his head bowed wearing a classic black tuxedo with a picture perfect bowtie. He stands still, slightly swaying from side to side as the chorus breaks out. Madison pops his head up and the New York crowd erupts as their hometown hero begins bouncing from side to side on the balls of feet, swing his arms as if he was loosening up for a fight. Standing slightly behind him, his longtime manager Frankie Morrison dressed as sharp as could be. The two make their way towards the ring, Madison making it a point to slap the hands of every fan that reached over the barriers. Madison finally makes it to the steps and stares into the ring momentarily. He snarls before marching up the steps and exploding into the ring. Madison halts in front of Perry Wallace and Jair Hopkins, smirking as he shakes hands with the both of them. Frankie Morrison follows behind, embracing Perry with a hand shake and pulling him in for hug as the microphone is handed off to Madison. Madison holds the microphone up to his lips and tries to wait out the fans as they roar but the cheers are deafening and only growing louder with each passing second.
MADISON: “Fuck, it feels good to be home!”
Madison pauses as the fans break out into a chant.
“Wel-come Home!! Wel-come Home!! Wel-come Home!!”

Madison’s head tilted slightly as he tried to fight the grin from escaping. He nodded his head and then pressed the palms of his hands together and bowed, acknowledging the live audience’s admiration.
MADISON: “You know it doesn’t feel all that long ago that I debuted for 4CW. July of 2015 I took a chance, signing with here because I knew that some of the best talent in the world competed under this banner and for me, I still had so much to prove in my career. I don’t think anyone saw my tenure playing out the way it did as I made my way down to that ring after Dakota Smith and Lord Rabb damn near killed each other in a seven panes of glass match in front of a raucous Las Vegas crowd. But that night was the spark of somethin’ truly special. For over a year I went on a tear that was truly career definin’. My first twenty-one matches in 4CW, unbeaten. I resurrected a championship division that was on life support, after some ups and down, I was finally able to reach the pinnacle and become 4CW Champion after having to go through a who’s who of competitors in the South Beach Brawl Cup tournament. I was able to accomplish all of that because at the end of the night I knew that each and every one of you who has filled these arenas over the years appreciated my drive and never-say-die attitude. Every single one of you kept me goin’ when the odds stacked up. You all pushed me to keep yearnin’ for that next fight. Without your passion and respect, there is no Chris Madison. Without the level of competition that I have faced over the years in 4CW, all of my accomplishments wouldn’t hold the weight that they do. I am truly honored and humbled that 4CW has selected me to be the next entrant in the 4CW Hall of Fame. But this induction, it’s not just mine… This induction belongs to each and every one of you! This induction belongs to every man and woman that has stood across from me and pushed themselves to give me a the fight that I’m always searchin’ for. Thank you all for makin’ Chris Madison more than just a name…”
Chris handed the microphone off and took a bow before raising a hand and waving to the audience that showered him with applause.
As Madison takes his leave from the Podium and leaving the crowd with a solid message, he and Jair greeted one more time before standing to the side. Jair and Kandice revisited the podium to introduce the next inductee. The “HOPS!” chants returned but were soon silenced as Jair began speaking.
HOPKINS: ”Joining him tonight, a man who breathed excellence. A man whose canvas of work would make even Bob Ross proud. Proud winner of the South Beach Brawl. Last year he was crowned Wrestler of the Year, Male Wrestler Of the Year, Match Of The Year with twenty-seven Match Of The Night Awards to tag on as well. He too held a streak that will be hard to conquer. Three hundred and eleven days as a former 4CW Champion, a belt he held twice and with that run, he put up five successful defenses. He even has his own city here in New York. You know it, you love it. The final inductee into the 2018 Hall Of Fame, none other than Bronx Valescence!”
As the crowd pops loudly (of course), Bronx Valescence makes his way out on stage. He exchanges pleasantries with Jair before he takes the podium and looks over the crowd. Taking a big, deep breath before he closes his eyes to take in the atmosphere in the arena.
VALESCENCE: “For years I’ve been in this ring running my mouth… and for once. I don’t know what to say…”
The crowd pops again as Bronx waves them off. He takes a deep breath and places both hands on the podium.
VALESCENCE: “I thought about writing something out, but instead… I’m going to do what I’ve always done and shoot from the hip. When I returned two years ago. I wanted to accomplish two things, and I was going to give myself three years to do it. I wanted to become 4CW Champion and cement my legacy within this place… and in turn I wanted to be a 4CW Hall of Famer… and tonight. I accomplish both things.”
Bronx awaits for the crowd to die back down after their applause.
VALESCENCE: “Last year I tweeted out that I guaranteed that I would be here. While it wasn’t in ways that I planned. Here I stand. I am humbled and I am grateful to be entered in what I consider the most prestigious wrestling hall of fame in the world today. I have always, with everything in me given everything I had for you people, for the folks at home, for the boys and girls in the back… and I have always worn the badge of 4CW with pride—even when it wasn’t very popular. That part of me will never change. I said it, and I meant it. Unless 4CW sends me to represent them… I’m either 4CW… or I’m retired.”
There is a small boo from the crowd as Bronx holds up a finger.
VALESCENCE: “Hold on. I’ll get to that.”
A loud cheer as he laughs.
VALESCENCE: “But this couldn’t have happened without some special people in my life. Firstly, I want to thank GIW for molding me into what I am today. Without Chris Callum and the rest of that roster pushing me to my limits week in and week out. I wouldn’t be the wrestler I am today. For that, I am eternally grateful. I want to thank my amazing, handsome, stud, big hogged father for taking a chance on me. Perry gave me a shot when not a lot of other people would have… and for that I worked my ass off for him every time I stepped into this ring. I wanted to help give him a product he can be proud of, and I think I accomplished that. Love you dad, for real.”
Bronx blew a kiss to his papa who was in tears by this point.
VALESCENCE: “I want to thank Bryan Williams for his unwavering support. No matter if I was in the right, or in the wrong. Bryan has always been by my side. One of my favorite matches is a draw against him late last year. I can’t wait to see you hoist that 4CW title above your head one of these days. Nobody deserves it more, and if I had it my way. It’d be me you’re pinning it for. Thank you for always having my back. Thank you for bringing me back into the fold, if not for you… I don’t think I would have come back.”
He led a round of applause for BW.
VALESCENCE: “A quick thank you to the following people. Eli Carlson for paving such a path and making me winning the belt mean something. Manny Fernandez for lighting a fire under my ass. Bryan Laughlin for showing me that sometimes you have to give more than everything you’ve got. Jason Cashe for giving me someone to chase after all those years. Genie Carlson for always having my back and being the best sister in wrestling a guy could ask for. Marquis for bringing out the best in me and always having me in your Twitter bio. Jett Wilder for being better at Twitter than me. Brennan Devlin and Ramona for being the first two to really accept me for who I am. Phe for always being the loudest and biggest fan I have, I will never forget the love you showed me.”
Bronx cleared his throat.
VALESCENCE: “Luke Jones for being the best friend a guy could ask for during the rough times. And finally Chris Madison… someone who doesn’t just ask for your best… he demands it. Someone I consider my biggest rival. The only match I’ve not been disappointed in losing, because I knew that the man was better on that night…”
Another pause.
VALESCENCE: “But most of all, I want to thank Anastasia Hayden. Without her. I wouldn’t be standing before you today as a hall of famer. I wouldn’t be standing here a former 4CW Champion. The best compliment I ever received was that I make every wrestler standing across from me better. Ana was that for me, every day she made me better. Every day I got up and I gave you my best because of her. Because I did and always will consider her the very best this world has to offer in pro wrestling. She pushed me to my absolute limits, because I wanted to be as good as her in every aspect. Ana is my best friend, my biggest critic, my partner in crime… and I knew however hard Ana was working… I always had to work harder. Without knowing, Ana pushed me to be my best, without Ana this does not happen. I know you’re probably watching this and trying to sulk, but I love you, Ana. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”
He blew a kiss.
VALESCENCE: “AND NOW… we address the elephant in the room…”
There’s another loud buzz.
VALESCENCE: “When is Bronx Valescence returning to active competition… I’m not going to beat around the bush. I am not done!”
Bronx nodded as he looked around.
VALESCENCE: “I needed a break. But I am starting to get the itch… and just because I am a Hall of Famer… doesn’t mean that I am retiring by any means. I want to leave NO DOUBT who is the greatest 4CW superstar of all time… and to prove that? I still got some more work to do… so I guess I’ll just leave you with this… cling on tightly to whatever title you got… because deep down you know… if I want it. It’ll be mine.”
He looked right into the camera and winked before he stepped away from the microphone, pointing a finger gun forward, he pulled the trigger and walked away from the podium. With open arms, Perry hugged his son, tears still rolling from his eyes but he didn’t care that anyone saw him in this state. He was proud. The two exchange a few words between themselves before Perry pats him on the back and then heads for the podium. He wipes the tears from his eyes and then places both hands to the podium and looks out over the crowd once more.
WALLACE: “I can’t think of two other people who deserve this spot tonight. It wasn’t my decision alone but one from their peers and fellow Hall of Fame members. If there is one thing I can do tonight, I believe I can bring nothing but excitement to each and every single one of you watching out there. In two months, 4CW will host its second Retrograde, a pay-per-view that was first introduced last year. It’s kind of a throwback type event and what I’m about to announce is exactly that. These two men standing behind me who were just inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight, are one and one against each other. Not only do they share this moment here tonight, but they’ll share the ring at Retrograde standing at opposite sides of it. It’s time to break the tie between these two and at Retrograde, we’re going to do just that!”
The crowd erupts at the announcement of Bronx versus Madison at Retrograde. The entire arena rumbles from the sound like thunder. It takes a few moments for them to simmer down, finally giving Perry the floor once more.
WALLACE: “You guys have been wondering when these two would be back in a 4CW ring and now you have your answer. I may be a day late on this, but Merry fucking Christmas to each and every one of you.”
Behind him Bronx and Madison stand apart from each other, keeping to themselves. Turning his back to the podium, Perry walks over to Madison, extending his hand for a handshake. He congratulates him on the achievement here tonight. Perry then turns to Bronx, walking over to him but without a handshake. He embraced him with another hug, congratulating his son as well. Jair, Phe, and Antonia congratulate the gentlemen as well, everyone enjoying the moment and savoring every bit of it. Slowly but surely, the scene slowly begins to fade.

From ringside the scene once again switches backstage to find Elijah Carlson hunched over, breathing heavily, with his hands on his knees. Over his shoulder the North American Championship resides, rising and falling with each breath of air taken into his lungs and exhaled. Moving his right hand from his knee, Eli uses it to brace himself against the wall and take a few more steadying breaths before finally standing fully upright once more, blood trickling down his lip as he smiles contently into the camera. There was no question that Kimitsu Zombie had pushed him, and that they had put on a show.
CARLSON: “Whether you want to admit it or not…”
He paused, taking a step forward with a wince and a limp. Not because his cawk was so heavy he couldn’t help but limp, but because of the attention that Kimitsu had given to his knee throughout the course of their match. In the end everything he had endured at her hands had been worth it.
CARLSON: “Whether Artemis or Viduus want to admit it….”
Limping down the corridor at a snails pace, the North American Championship that’s draped over his shoulder glistens and shimmers as Eli uses his hand to keep it from tumbling to the floor as he hobbled along.
CARLSON: “I am THE main event…”
He takes a few more steps and touches his lip with his free hand, glancing down at the spot of blood that was left on his fingertips as he drew his hand away. The lights had been shining brightly upon him once again, and once more he had risen to the occasion.
CARLSON: “And I told you so. I told you what the end result tonight will be. It’s the same as the end result for Retrograde, or All or Nothing, or whatever the hell Wallace wants to call it this go round. It’s all the same. Only the names change. One stays the same, though, and it’s mine. Elijah Carlson. North American Champion.”
Reaching the door to his locker room a moment later, Eli grabbed the handle and shoved the door open before limping into the room and slamming the door shut behind him. Success had come with a price, but keeping his word always had and once more he had been willing to pay it without hesitation.


VASSA: ”Welcome back to ringside folks, it’s now time for our main event!”
JOHNSON: ”You heard that right, ladies and gents. Up next we have Viduus Morta challenging Artemis Kaiser for the 4CW Championship.”
VASSA: ”Artemis has been on fire since signing with 4CW, quickly rising to the top and claiming the 4CW Championship at Fright Night.”
JOHNSON: ”Viduus has had one hell of a year in terms of singles competition, winning the 4CW Championship while currently holding the Pride Championship. He went into Fright Night as 4CW Champion, but he left empty handed.”
VASSA: ”That’s all because of our current champion, Artemis Kaiser dethroning him and claiming the title as her own.”
JOHNSON: ”Artemis is looking to build a strong reign with a win in her first defense her tonight and Viduus is looking to reclaim what was taken away from him at Fright Night without even being pinned or even touched by Artemis who walked away the 4CW Champion.”
VASSA: ”There’s a lot at stake for both parties tonight and by the time this is all said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised if this match ends up in the running for Match of the Year with the year end awards right around the corner.”
“Cry Little Sister” begins to play as the lights drop in the arena.
POWERS: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest for the 4CW Championship is scheduled for one fall!”
Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.
“Last Fire Will Rise
Behind those Eyes
Black House will Rock
Blind Boys dont Lie”

The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely as he looks left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.
POWERS: ”Making his way to the ring first, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at one hundred and ninety five pounds. He stands six feet, two inches tall as the challenger… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”
“Cry Little Sister
thou shall not fall
Come Come to your brother
thou shall not feel”

Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and crawls to the middle of the ring. He rises to his feet, flicking his tongue as he looks out over the crowd, his music slowly fading out.
POWERS: ”And the champion!”
Death tolls in the arena as the lights go down. The sound of rolling thunder and fierce lightning submerges the audience into the atmosphere that surrounds the coming champion. The lights, flashing and waning, represents the storm in the arena. Smoke starts to pollute the stage and it seems that a somber tone could settle down. Yet, the screeching opening guitar riff of Rammestein’s “Sonne” annihilates that entirely. The countdown to the arrival commences.

POWERS: ”Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds and fighting out of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada! She is ‘The Last Empress’, the reinging and defending 4CW Champion… ARTEMIS KKAAIISSEERR!!!”
Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. On her waist is the 4CW Championship that she proudly carries. She abandons the athletic backflip in lieu of just stepping down to the ring.
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Hier kommt die Sonne!
Sie ist der hellste Stern von allen!
Hier kommt die Sonne!”

Artemis steps slowly back into the center of the ring. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.
VASSA: ”There they are, challenger and champion in our last match of the evening.”
JOHNSON: ”With the night we’ve had thus far, I imagine this match topping those before it and sending 4CW off into Twenty-Nineteen on a good note, a fantastic note!”
VASSA: ”Artemis has had quite a few critics since winning the 4CW Championship in such a short amount of time.”
JOHNSON: ”And before that so did Viduus, despite reigning and defending as Pride Champion before claiming the 4CW Championship as his own.”
VASSA: ”There’s always going to be critics, no matter who it is.”
JOHNSON: ”You’re absolutely right but unlike all of those critics, Viduus and Artemis are our feature main event in 4CW’s last event of the year, Winter Wasteland!”
The official holds the 4CW Championship in his hands as he stands in the center of the ring. Hoisting it high above his head, he turns to each side of the ring, displaying the belt for all of those in attendance here tonight. After handing it off to a member of the ringside crew on the outside, the official backs up to the center of the ring where he then checks with both corners. Getting the nod that both wrestlers are ready, the official throws his hand into the air and signals for the bell.

This is it folks, the match that we all came to see. Artemis Kaiser versus Viduus Morta, with the 4CW Championship on the line! Artemis and Viduus have an intense stare down from across the ring. Viduus grows a grin, almost larger than his face as he holds out his arms, as if baiting Artemis to come at him. Artemis smirks as she walks halfway across the ring and slams the mat with her hand. Viduus lets out a snarl as he bolts forward, CRACK! Artemis clocks Viduus with a spinning backfist, that echoes throughout the arena! Viduus stumbles backwards before throwing himself forward like some sort of possessed corpse! His forehead connects with Artemis’s nose, CRACK!
That headbutt has brought out 4CW Champion down to one knee and Viduus isn’t going to let up on the attack. He raises his arms up in the air and claps on Artemis’s eardrums before driving his thumbs into her eyes. The referee begins to yell, starting his five count but Viduus releases at four. Viduus lets out a low growl at the referee before grabbing a handful of Artemis’ hair. But our 4CW champion wasn’t having none of that, she connects with a quick jab to the gut and then uses Viduus’ own leg to connect with a step-up knee strike that hits its mark perfectly!
VASSA: ”Pow! Right in the fucking kisser!”
JOHNSON: ”It doesn’t take much to get you worked up, does it?”
VASSA: ”Not much at all, just ask your moth– you know what? Never mind.”
Viduus goes fumbling back against the corner as Artemis rubs her eyes, but realizes she has no time to dilly dally as the perfect opportunity has just presented itself. Artemis bolts towards Viduus, she jumps flinging her legs through the air with a front dropkick that looked more like a shotgun blast than a kick! Viduus bounces out of the corner and onto the mat as the crowd erupts with cheers, Artemis wastes no time in climbing to the top rope, she stands there, perches, yelling for Viduus to get up! When he finally does she leaps through the air with a crossbody! But Viduus catches her mid air! He runs forward and slams her up against the corner, he then drapes her body on the top two ropes, kind of like a hammock. But this wasn’t a time for relaxation as Viduus just begins to fucking pummel Artemis, blow after wild blow to her face and midsection.
Viduus grabs ahold of her face and tells her that he is going to take what is his, but Artemis uses this split second of let up to grab ahold of Viduus’ arm! Locking in a triangle choke, that is set in deep! Viduus’ eyes go wide as he was not expecting this, he goes to pull her off of the top rope but Artemis hangs onto it with one arm, disabling Viduus from escaping. Just as the referee was about to begin his count, Viduus musters up enough strength to tear Artemis away from the ropes! Artemis tries to squeeze the hold in tight as Viduus holds her up in the air, but Viduus uses all of his weight to slam her down almost directly on her head. Artemis breaks the hold, and Viduus hooks the leg.

VASSA: ”Artemis kicks out!”
The champ wasn’t going to go down that easily, and Viduus knew that as he wasted no time in wrapping his hands around her throat and choking the life out of her! The referee yells for Viduus to stop, but Viduus ignores him. Instead he pushes himself up, using her throat as a base. He then deadlifts the 4CW Champion into the air and onto her feet. He then lifts her up into the air with a chokeslam, and drops her down directly onto his knee with a backbreaker! He holds his hand over her throat as he puts pressure down, torqueing Artemis’s spine in a rather disturbing angle. Instead of folding under the pressure however, Artemis uses this to her advantage, she flips her legs up and rolls off of Viduus’ knee, landing on her feet! Viduus looks almost shocked, as he is met with a skull cracking boot to the face! Artemis holds onto her spine, as Viduus begins to pick himself up. Artemis wasn’t having none of that however, as she dives in and gets Viduus in a gator roll choke! Latching onto his throat like a lock and lock before devastating the top of Viduus’ skull with knee after knee, until the Blood King goes limp! Artemis rolls him onto his back and hooks the leg.

JOHNSON: ”Viduus escapes just after the two!”
VASSA: ”These two are wasting no time at all trying to put the other down for three seconds early on in the match.”
Artemis shakes her head as a sinister grin forms upon her face. She slaps the back of Viduus head and backs up to the corner. She gives him the finger guns before yelling and screaming for him to get the fuck up. Viduus is a little slow to do so, he plants his hands into the mat and pushes himself up. Just as he gets to his feet, Artemis goes for her move! She throws a roundhouse kick, but no! Viduus grabs ahold of her leg and spins her around. He then grabs ahold of her and whips her into the ropes, before bouncing off the ropes himself! The two meet in the middle of the ring as Viduus delivers one hell of a shoulder block that sends Artemis flying out of the ring!

Viduus drops to his knees, taking a breather as he looks pretty damn proud of himself. After a few moments he notices Artemis starting to move on the outside. Viduus plants his fist into the mat and pushes himself up before going over to the ropes and exiting the ring. He lifts Artemis up with ease and powerbombs her onto the side of the apron, you can hear a audible gasp from the audience. Artemis while still on the apron seems to be rejecting the pain suffered from the move, as she violently shakes her head and scoots her way up to the corner. Viduus climbs up onto the apron and grabs ahold of Artemis by the hair, he lifts her up in the air trying to suplex her off of the apron! But Artemis knees him in the face and breaks the hold! She drops down on back onto the apron and the two begin to exchange a flurry of strikes! Back and forth they go at one another, blow for blow, no one giving an inch! But Artemis gets the upper hand, she pushes Viduus and cocks back with the STOCKTON SLAP! She cracks him good, the sound echoing throughout the arena. But the champ isn’t done though! She quickly lifts Viduus up on her shoulders and plants him with a death valley driver right onto the apron!
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, I didn’t realize the XTV Championship was on the line here tonight, more so in this match.”
JOHNSON: ”It isn’t, Vinny. These two are just willing to do whatever it takes to put the other down and take home the biggest prize in this entire business.”
VASSA: ”The biggest prize? I didn’t realize this di–“
JOHNSON: ”Hey now, watch your mouth!”
On the outside floor, Artemis walks back and forth, catching her breath for a moment as Viduus remains on his back atop the apron. This probably should have happened earlier but the official then begins a ten count with Artemis outside of the ring and down on the floor.
“One! … Two!”

She walks back over to the side of the ring and begins raining down onto Viduus’ head with rapid fire right hands.
“Three! … Four!”

Pulling Viduus down from the apron and standing him up, she then strikes him across his chest with a knife edge chop, the sound cutting through the noise level of the surrounding crowd. Now with Viduus on the outside, the official restarts his ten count.

Viduus’ arms are stretched across the top of the apron as he extends them out to his sides, holding himself up. With his chest exposed, Artemis fires again and again, hitting him with even more knife edge chops to the chest.
“Two! … Three!”

Grabbing him by the arm, she pulls him off the side of the apron and whips him across the aisleway and into the barricade separating the fans from the ring. Viduus’ back crashes against it, absorbing the entire impact as the barricade doesn’t budge a single inch.
“Four! … Five!”

Artemis then bursts forward, charging straight for Viduus as he holds himself up with both arms on top of the barricade. Out of nowhere, Viduus explodes forward, extending his arm and nearly taking her head off with a clothesline no one saw coming! She’s taken off her feet as her body flips halfway in the air before she crashes to her head against the floor.
“Six! … Seven!”

Knowing the implications of a countout in this particular match, Viduus pulls Artemis up from the floor and drags her towards the ring. He rolls her back into it before reaching up and grabbing the ropes to pull himself onto the apron. Artemis rolls to the center of the ring where she then begins to slowly push herself up as Viduus dips through the ropes and enters himself. Staring straight at her, he rushes in as she climbs to one knee, knocking her flat on her back with a vicious running big boot!
JOHNSON: ”Viduus just kicked her head through the uprights!”
VASSA: ”Wow, I’m shocked to hear you make a football reference, Steve.”
JOHNSON: ”I have my moments.”
VASSA: ”You’ve had about one hundred and thirty years of moments.”
Viduus paces the ring as Artemis rolls over to her stomach. Refusing to stay down, she begins to force herself up as she pushes herself up from the mat. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike once more, Viduus stands back, leaning on the ropes with his arm resting on the top one. Artemis finally stands tall with her back to him and as she slowly turns around to face him, Viduus pushes himself off the ropes and runs straight for her. Leaping into the air just as she turns in his direction, Viduus connects with a shoulder block that knocks her backwards to the mat, the back of her head slamming against the canvas as she falls. He pushes himself up to onw knee beside her before grabbing ahold of her and lifting her to her feet as he stands to his. Pulling her head between his legs, Viduus wraps both arms around her waist and lifts her into the air. He holds her up in a crucifix position before taking a few steps forward and throwing her down to the mat with a powerbomb! Dropping to his knees, he catches her legs before they drop, folding them back over her and making a pin with her shoulders to the mat.

JOHNSON: ”Artemis kicks out at the last split second!”
VASSA: ”For a moment there I thought this one was in the books.”
JOHNSON: ”You and me both, Vinny, you and me both.”
A look of shock is displayed on Viduus’ face as he looks down to Artemis. Slamming his fist to the mat, he pushes himself up to his feet before circling her as she remains down. Reaching down with both hands, he grabs her by the neck and deadlifts her from the mat. Throwing his head forward, he hits her right between the eyes with a headbutt that appears to make her body go limp. Pulling her head back down between his legs, he wraps both arms around her once more before lifting her off her feet. Holding her high in the air with his arms still wrapped around her, he holds her in a position with her legs resting on top of his shoulders. Taking a few steps forward, he goes to throw her back down with another powerbomb but Artemis catches him off guard as she begins swinging with quick lefts and rights, hitting Viduus from both sides with closed fists. It stops him in his tracks as she continues to beat his head like a drum. Her punches then grow stronger and stronger until eventually Viduus begins to back step while still holding her up. Extending both arms out to her sides, she then swings them in simultaneously, slamming her fists into each side of his head. This causes Viduus to pulls his arms down and before he knows it, she locks her legs around her head and bends backwards. Lifting him off his feet, she pulls his head down between her legs and drives the top of it to the mat with a Frankensteiner!
JOHNSON: ”Out of nowhere Artemis has taken Viduus to the mat when we all thought she was doomed on top of his shoulders just seconds ago.”
VASSA: ”I was expecting another powerbomb from Viduus but Artemis said NOPE! She wasn’t having any of that shit.”
JOHNSON: ”There was nothing he could do with her legs locked around his head.”
VASSA: ”I can think of one thing but you might not find it appropriate.”
Artemis slowly climbs back to her feet as Viduus remains down on the mat, holding his head from the impact just seconds prior. She stomps onto his midsection over and over before leaping as high as she could into the air. As she came down, she positioned herself perfectly to kick her right leg straight down, stomping onto Viduus’ face with all of her weight. Running to the ropes ahead of her, she came back with even more speed and connected with a running knee drop to his chest. Rolling forward after the impact, she fluidly rose to her feet where she continued trucking forward. Jumping into the air, she planted both feet on the middle ropes before springboarding off and flying backwards. Flipping backwards through the air, she extended her arms just before coming down with a perfectly executed moonsault across Viduus’ body. Hooking a leg for good measure, she makes the pin as the official races from across the ring and slides in beside them with the count.

VASSA: ”Well fuck me silly, he ruined my perfect count in Spanish.”
JOHNSON: ”You probably can’t even count higher than ten in Spanish.”
VASSA: ”That isn’t the point, chief.”
Wasting no time, Artemis pushes herself up with one hand planted to the mat to hold her. With her other, she swings down and connects with back to back punches to Viduus’ face before pushing herself up to her feet. She rushes to the ropes across the ring before coming back and hitting Viduus in the ribs with a soccer kick that completely rolls him over to his stomach. He pushes himself up to all fours, which only brings even more pain upon him as Artemis starts to kick him in the stomach over and over. Her kicks her upwards, each one lifting his hands off the mat from the impact they made.
Grabbing him by the head, she pulled him to his feet where she then locked onto his wrist and whipped him across the ring and to the furthest corner. Viduus slammed against the corner and not far behind him was Artemis, rushing in and connecting with a clothesline that lifted Viduus off his feet as his back was planted firmly against the corner. As his feet touched back down to the mat, she grabbed him by the arm once more and ripped him away from the corner, sending him in the opposite direction as she threw him towards the corner across the ring. She took off behind him shortly after, chasing behind and when he crashed his back against the corner, she leaped through the air, colliding into Viduus with a body splash. Artemis dropped back down to the mat before stepping out of the way and leaving an open path for Viduus to stumble forward.
Wobbling back and forth, Viduus stumbled to the center of the ring. He was off balance, but somehow managed to remain on his feet nonetheless. Artemis then took off and charged towards him, coming in from behind as he looked in the opposite direction. Jumping into the air as she got close, she hooked an arm around his head and took him face first down to the mat with a bulldog. Viduus’ head bounced up from the mat as his body rolled over with his back to the mat and him looking up at the lights. Popping to her feet, she turned to the nearest corner and raced over, shooting straight to the top with ease. She squatted at the top of the corner, holding onto the top ropes with each hand, patiently waiting for Viduus to get back to his feet. It took a little bit but he finally began to climb back to his feet, slowly but surely. Once standing, Artemis stood tall, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and one he turned to face her, it had arrived. Leaping from the corner, she flew through the air, drawing her arm back and throwing it forward as she came within range.
JOHNSON: ”Here comes The Hand of God!”
Johnson was absolutely right. The Hand of God struck down on Viduus as she connected with a Superman punch in mid air. It didn’t knock him off his feet but instead sent him falling backwards, stumbling towards the corner and crashing into it. She landed perfectly on her feet, looking ahead at Viduus as he barely held himself up with his arms draped over the topo ropes at his sides.
VASSA: ”How in the world is he even still standing?!”
JOHNSON: ”He isn’t on his own, that’s for sure. If it weren’t for those ropes at his sides, he’d be laid out on the floor looking up at the lights.”
Artemis then rushes in before Viduus can even think about recovery. As she closes in, she swings and connects with a vicious elbow strike to Viduus’ face. She follows it up with four alternating elbow strikes which then transition into Puroresu styled chops to his body.
VASSA: ”She isn’t holding anything back at this point, is she?”
Popping her leg up from the mat, she connects with a solid kick to his side that forces Viduus to pull one arm away from the top rope as his body buckles to that side. Backing away from him, she then charges back in, connecting with a running high knee. Viduus drops to his knees instantly. Backing away from the corner, she leaves Viduus on his knees seeing stars. Rushing in for one final blow, she levels him with a running face wash, dropping him to his side.
JOHNSON: ”She absolutely isn’t. That right there was the Hate Parade, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”The Hate Parade? Fitting. Anything other than hate would be a lie.”
A chant is then heard throughout the crowd, overtaking the entire arena.
“Fuck Him Up! … Fuck Him Up! … Fuck Him Up! … Fuck Him Up! … Fuck Him Up!”

Artemis walks along the edge of the ring at the ropes, overlooking the crowd as they continue to chant louder and louder. The entire arena is electric and behind Artemis one hundred percent and she knows it. She can feel it. Across the ring, Viduus slowly begins to pull himself up with the ropes, struggling to do so, but still managing to eventually get to his feet after a little bit. The whole time, Artemis watches him, never once taking her eyes off of him. She moves in before he can get settled on his feet. Viduus may be seeing stars but he isn’t completely out of it. He sees her moving in like a shark in the water. Lunging towards he, he aims for her head but misses as she ducks underneath and steps in behind him. The two turn to face each other at the same moment, Artemis spinning around and connecting with a rolling elbow to Viduus’ face!
JOHNSON: ”She’s going for it!”
VASSA: ”For what?!”
The elbow to the face whips Viduus’ entire body around to face the opposite direction. Stepping in behind him, she wraps an arm around his waist, locking her hand around his wrist. Jerking his arm in as she pulls hers around him, she spins him in place with a ripcord before spinning around herself. As she faces him, she throws another rolling elbow for Viduus’ head.
JOHNSON: ”The second crusade!”
VASSA: ”Was a miss!”
Viduus ducks underneath the rolling elbow as Artemis body moves forward. Standing tall behind her, he grabs her by the hair before she can even turn around. Pulling her head back, he wraps an arm over her face.
JOHNSON: ”Viduus has countered her Crusades and now has her locked and loaded for The Awakening!”
Although he has her in position, Viduus is still too groggy to move quickly, giving Artemis just enough time to rip her head away from his clutches. She spins around to face him, throwing her arm up to attack with a backfist. Catching her hand before it makes contact, Viduus pulls her in and wraps a hand around her throat. Squeezing as tightly as he possibly can, Viduus looks her in the eyes for a moment before lifting her off her feet and into the air. He holds her up for a few moments, choking her with each passing second before slamming her to her back with a chokeslam!
He doesn’t release her, instead he keeps a firm grip around her throat and continues choking her. Deadlifting her from the canvas, he then raises her as high into the air as he can before dropping to one knee and slamming her down onto his elevated knee with a backbreaker! He doesn’t allow her to fall from his knee. He continues to choke her with his hand squeezing around her throat. Standing to his feet, he raises her once more into the air, this time wrapping his other hand around her throat and choking her with both hands.
JOHNSON: ”I don’t know how much more of this she can take, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”She’s been choking her this entire time, through a chokeslam and a backbreaker without releasing her for even a second to catch a fresh breath of air.”
Viduus continues to look Artemis in the eyes as he chokes her. Her fight to escape slowing down by the second. Pulling her knees to her chest, she places her feet on Viduus’ chest before kicking her legs straight and forcing her throat from his hold. Viduus stumbles backwards as Artemis falls to the mat and crashes onto her back. She pushed herself back to her feet, gasping for air in the process. Viduus charged straight for her, aiming to take her head off with a running clothesline. Ducking underneath his arm as he closed in, she spun around to face him as he turned to face her, clocking him in the chops with a roundhouse kick! Jumping into the air, she wrapped an arm around his head and as she fell back to the mat, she pulled him down with her for a jumping DDT.
VASSA: ”Jesus Christ, he just doesn’t stay down, does he?”
Before being pulled completely down to the mat, Viduus wrapped both arms around Artemis and prevented her from falling to the mat. Her arm was still wrapped around his head but the attempt for a jumping DDT was wiped away as Viduus lifted her into the air. With Artemis in his arms, Viduus ran towards the corner, slamming her back into it and driving the entire weight of his body against hers as he sandwiched her. She pulled her arm away from his head as the pain shot throughout her body. With both arms still wrapped around her, Viduus backed away from the corner before throwing her over his head with a belly to belly suplex.
Artemis his the mat, landing on her back but rolled up to a seated position. As she pushed herself up, Viduus ran to the ropes in front of her and as he came back on the return, she stood tall only to get knocked flat on her back with a running clothesline. Artemis wasn’t staying down though. She pushed herself back up and just like before, Viduus was there to put her on her back with a running clothesline immediately. The back to back clothesline took their toll on her, but still Artemis refused to stay put. She slowly pushed herself up and as she stood, Viduus charged her head on and wiped her out with a spear, driving his shoulder to her stomach and laying her out on the canvas.
VASSA: ”Just stay down for a minute, Arty! You’re doing exactly what he wants!”
JOHNSON: ”The momentum has completely shifted in Viduus’ favor and he is taking full advantage of it.”
Standing to his feet, Viduus backed away from Artemis as she slowly began to climb back to her feet. In a stalk like manner, he crept in behind her as she climbed to one knee. Then another knee. Before you knew it, she was on her feet just barely able to stand on her own. Creeping in behind her, Viduus grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back and wrapping an arm over her face as she looked up at the lights.
VASSA: ”I told you to just stay down!”
JOHNSON: ”That’s easy for you to say. It just isn’t in her nature.”
Viduus then lifts her upside down into the air as if going to suplex her. He stalls with her in the air for only a short moment before dropping her on her head with a brainbuster!
JOHNSON: ”The Awakening!”
VASSA: ”There is no awakening, she out cold!”
JOHNSON: ”This just may be it.”
VASSA: ”He’s making the cover!”
Slowly, Viduus crawls over Artemis lifeless body, mounting himself on top of her for the pin as the official drops in beside them with the count.



JOHNSON: ”Three!”
VASSA: ”Viduus has done it, he’s reclaimed the 4CW Championship right here at Winter Wasteland!”
JOHNSON: ”It took everything he had to put Artemis down for good but in the end he finally did it.”
VASSA: ”These two took each other to their limits inside of that ring. Only one person gets to go home with the belt, and tonight that person just so happens to be Viduus.”
“Cry Little Sister” begins playing over the speakers as Viduus slowly rises to his feet. The official greets him with the 4CW Championship, presenting it to him before taking him by the air and raising it high above his head.

The crowd responds at the sight of Viduus being declared the winner.
POWERS: ”Here is your winner and NEW 4CW CHAMPION… VIDUUS MMOORRTTAA!!!”

The crowd reacts once more as Mike Powers makes the official announcement over the speakers.
JOHNSON: ”Listen to this crowd, Vinny.”
VASSA: ”They don’t seem too pleased that Viduus has won the 4CW Championship here tonight.”
Viduus then lifts the 4CW Championship high above his head and he slowly walks around the ring, circling Artemis as she remains down on the canvas.

VASSA: ”Regardless of the outcome of this match, tonight has been one hell of a show from top to bottom. Ain’t that right, Steve?”
JOHNSON: ”I can’t disagree. It’s been superb from the opening match to the main event.”
VASSA: ”We’ve seen two championship change hands tonight, Viduus winning the 4CW Championship just now and Dakota winning the Pride Championship earlier in the night.”
JOHNSON: ”We’ve also witnessed some spectacular title defenses as American Tommy and Elijah Carlson both retained their belts.”
VASSA: ”Let’s not forget about Bryan Laughlin who damn near killed his own wife to retain his with the Ignition Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”Needless to say, it’s been quite an eventful night if I do say so myself.”
VASSA: ”So with Winter Wasteland and Twenty-Eighteen in the books, what’s next?”
JOHNSON: ”You ask me that like you don’t already know. next up is Retrograde in February, but before that we travel to Minneapolis for Adrenaline Ninety-Six!”
VASSA: ”I thought it was bad here in Brooklyn. It’s going to be cold as shit up in Minneapolis.”
JOHNSON: ”You better bundle up Vinny because although Winter Wasteland is in the books, winter has just begun and we’re going to be in for a cold one that’s for sure.”
VASSA: ”So, I guess we just call it a night now?”
JOHNSON: ”A night and a year. Five years to be exact and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us in Twenty-Nineteen.”
VASSA: ”Just imagine, in a few more days the year will start over and it will be like a clean slate for everyone, except for the retards that have come and gone through the doors and became 4CW’s greatest memes.”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t even know what that means but sure, why not?”
VASSA: ”Why not what?”
JOHNSON: ”Nothing, Vinny. Absolutely nothing. I think it’s about that time. What do you say?”
VASSA: ”I’m right there with you.”
JOHNSON: ”You heard the man folks, from 4CW, we wish you all a Happy New Year and we’ll see you next year. I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
Viduus continues to pace around the ring, holding the 4CW Championship close to him. The crowd, well they continue to boo him, displeased with the end result of tonight’s main event but what can you do? These two put it all on the line here tonight and in the end, Viduus walked away with his hand raised in victory. Climbing the corner, Viduus looks over the crowd, as if welcioming the wave of boos thrown his way. He lifts the 4CW Championship high above his head, putting it on full display for the entire world to see. Slowly, the picture begins to fade to black, nothing seen but only the sounds of the crowd still booing before turning to nothing but silence.