“Adrenaline” is heard over a black screen. The sounds of a crowd slowly grow louder and louder as the music continues to play. A chant even begins, a familiar one.
“4CW! … 4CW! … 4CW! … 4CW! … 4CW! … 4CW! … 4CW! … 4CW!”


The picture then explodes to light at the sight of fireworks erupting from the familiar 4CW Adrenaline entrance stage. 4CW blue and lime green laser shoot in various directions throughout the dim dark surrounding arena. Blackness then follows as the lights and pyro cease.

The entire ringside area lights up as pyro explodes from the four ringposts. The lights then slowly begin to come on, revealing the sold out crowd of the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Overlooking the crowd, the camera zooms in to signs held throughout the sea of bodies all hear for 4CW’s first event of the new year.

The picture then cuts to ringside where Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa sit behind the booth, eager to get things underway here tonight for Adrenaline Ninety-Six.
JOHNSON: ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 4CW Adrenaline! I’m your host, Steve Johnson, and we’re coming to you live tonight from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota!”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Thanks for the warm welcoming, Steve. What a wonderful way to ring in the new year and 4CW’s first Adrenaline!”
JOHNSON: ”If you would have given me just a moment.”
VASSA: ”Nobody has time for that! We’re kicking the year off with a bang and we don’t have much time to waste. It’s Tag Team Into The Future time!”
JOHNSON: ”You don’t want to go over some of the events from Winter Wasteland just two weeks ago?”
VASSA: ”If someone didn’t see it and doesn’t know what’s what then that’s their fucking problem. That shit is so last year and I’m here in the present, ready to take this journey into the future as we head to Retrograde!”
JOHNSON: ”Let’s get right down to it then, shall we? Tag Team Into The Future ladies and gentl–“
VASSA: ”Eight teams all fighting for the 4CW Tag Team Championships over the next three Adrenaline’s to start the year off big for the tag division.”
JOHNSON: ”The tag division?”
VASSA: ”Exactly! What fucking tag division?! Omerta cleaned house at Bad Company in August and all challengers have been silent up until two weeks ago and here we are, answering the call with some tag team action! Look at the names in this thing!”

JOHNSON: ”In the first round we have the team of AJ Morales and Bianca Reed, both new signees to 4CW, taking on the team of Kat Jones and the returning, the newly inducted Hall of Famer, Chris Madison.”
VASSA: ”Madison is back folks! I can’t make this shit up. Hold onto your dicks folks because when this man is in the ring, he puts on a clinic each and every single time.”
JOHNSON: ”Coming up from King’s Road, we have a new team to 4CW’s other show in Neo Tokyo taking on two individuals who nearly killed not only their marriage two weeks ago, but almost themselves all in the name of love.”
VASSA: ”Baelin Club is back ladies and gents and this time they’re fighting side by side, on the same team. I don’t know much about Neo Tokyo but I know a lot about Baelin Club and I just hope after the war they went through two weeks ago that we don’t have a murder at ringside here tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Jumping to the other bracket and speaking of newly inducted Hall of Famers… we have Bronx Valescence making his return to a 4CW ring here tonight.”
VASSA: ”4CW’s son has return and he’s not alone. He’s teaming with our North American Champion, Elijah ‘Nastier Than Fuck’ Carlson, under the name… wait for it… Cucking Genie!”
JOHNSON: ”I don’t get the reference but they have a tough one on their hands against the team of Bryan Williams and Persephone Marquis, also known to the world as the Sadboiz. I don’t get this one either. Persephone isn’t even a boy.”
VASSA: ”But she’s got bigger balls than a lot of men in the wrestling industry and that right there is enough to justify the gender claim for their team name.”
JOHNSON: ”If you say so?”
VASSA: ”I do say so and fast forward to our main event of the evening! We have the odd pairing of American Tommy and Mariano Fernandez teaming up.”
JOHNSON: ”They would be the American Mangs.”
VASSA: ”I’m not fucking calling them that. They can go under the team name Pegging Foot Clan for all I care but I’m not calling them that. And I’d bet their opponents aren’t acknowledging that name either!”
JOHNSON: ”Their opponents just so happen to be the Tag Team Champs, Omerta.”
VASSA: ”Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith, the winners of Bad Company last year who have yet to have a single challenger step up to the plate.”
JOHNSON: ”Well tonight they have seven all fighting to get what they have.”
VASSA: ”It isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t going to be quick. We’re locked in this tournament for six weeks but when it’s all said and done, we’ll have our champs who can sit on the belts until Bad Company and have folks arguing about it while not stepping up and actually challenging them.”
JOHNSON: ”Other than the first round of the tournament, we have plenty more in store for you all at home. So much in fact that we’re going to stop wasting your time here and get right down to business after we return from backstage in just a few moments.”

Backstage, the camera pans up to Moxie James perched on top of a metal crate, headphones on and her hoodie pulled up over her blonde hair. She bangs the heels of her scuffed black Chuck Taylors in time with the music.
Slipping her headphones down around her neck, she looks down at the camera with a smirk.
MOXIE: “Sooooo… here’s what I’m wondering. I uploaded some shi— oh shit, can I even say ‘shit’ on TV? Goddamnit, I just said ‘shit’. Shit! Can I say goddamnit on TV?!”
She shakes her head a little.
MOXIE: “You know, never mind. Anyway, I ran my mouth on YouTube… and suddenly Alexis Mercer is MIA. Annnnd I’m not a conceited twatwaffle. I know it wasn’t because of me. Why would a 7 year veteran care what I say? I’m nobody. Just walked in the door. So, if it’s not because of me… well…”
Moxie adjusts her monocle. Where did it come from? When did she put it on? Why? Who could say.
MOXIE: ”Elementary, my dear Watson. Alexis is completely, 100% dead. But I’m pretty sure she’s still going to show up tonight so that only leaves one possible deduction. Alexis Mercer is now a zombie.”
Moxie looks smugly into the camera, her Sherlock hat (a muted yellow houndstooth pattern, in case you were wondering) tilted at a jaunty angle. What the fuck? She wasn’t wearing that a second ago. How?!
MOXIE: “So I have questions. If I fight Zombie Alexis tonight does that come with hazard pay? I feel like it should. Someone ask HR. And if I defeat her, can I legally change my name to Moxie The Zombie Slayer and more importantly will Joss Whedon write a beloved 10 year running cult hit TV show about me?”
Moxie winks (with the eye NOT covered by the monocle, in case that helps) and hefts her barbed wire covered baseball bat higher on her shoulder. You know what? It doesn’t even matter where that came from anymore.
MOXIE: “The Lannisters send their regards. Oh wait, shit! That was Game of Thrones. Not Walking Dead. Goddamnit I just ruined my cool outro. Whatever, I’m just gonna go wrestle a zombie. Bye.”
As she’s leaving, she trips over the bundle of camera wires on the ground, arms pinwheeling as she nearly face plants and the sound of the last of her dignity leaving her body is practically audible.


Orianna was getting worked by Josh Kennedy’s extra ass sister who had Orianna’s head bouncing off the turnbuckle post like a volleyball slamming into the wall. She does this multiple times before serving Orianna’s head one final time with more force into the post before stepping to the side as Orianna’s body hits the mat. Would the audience enjoy watching Alexis cheat in some way that’s comical and entertaining? Hell yeah but let’s be honest here, would she need to? I mean her opponent isn’t giving her anything to really work with and it’s like light work to Alexis who is handling her with ease. I mean…. dating someone like Aries, you would have to be rough around the edges one would think and Alexis definitely fit that. Orianna finally gets to her feet and fights back, swinging wildly on impulse and catches Alexis in the face with a good strong punches that forces Alexis back and out of Orianna’s face. That grants Orianna a bit of confidence and maybe even some added cockiness as she lunges for Alexis, looking to claw her face as if she were that twitter cat that’s been harassing people and Alexis ends up taking a few quick steps back to avoid those nails. When Orianna tries to lunge at Alexis again, Alexis backslaps the shit out of her and goes for a snap suplex to put the wild woman down.
Some of the fans don’t think this match will go on long and begin checking their watches and the time on their phone with wondering if Alexis will finally knock her out withing the next two minutes. You had to give it to Orianna though, at least she didn’t run away from showing up for the match tonight like many would have thought her to. Sure… she didn’t address Alexis in one of those promo videos and many would have thought she was shook but here she was, showing that wasnt the case at all. Or maybe.. just maybe… she wasn’t that intelligent because she definitely wasn’t holding her own that much in this match and it was like feeding a gerbil to a hungry snake. Orianna was too impulsive, too unsure with herself in her movements and it helped Alexis sus out the kind of woman she was in the ring with. Someone who wanted to be praised but just didn’t have the credentials to be held at such a high regard. But ohohoho, if you knew Alexis then you knew that she was going to make sure this girl was humbled real quick. Stepping into the Corners Four like so many who come here just to say, hey I am 4CW now, but doesn’t have the drive to make it far here because this isn’t the kiddie pool, oh no.
This is the 12 foot…. and we don’t give out floaties here, the deep end is for the ones who can actually swim and usually the ones who drown end up leaving after a month or less. And if Orianna drowns here tonight by losing, pretty sure we won’t be seeing her again… but it’ll be another just like her. Who thinks they can waltz into this company to rep the name without bringing the fire, passion, talent and determination required to survive here just to end up getting straight owned. Alexis delights herself in mocking Orianna for a bit but eventually grows bored and is ready to put Orianna to bed. And that’s exactly what she does do… with a nice FUM Kick to the face that has Orianna on her back and out like a kid doped up on Nyquil. Alexis goes for the cover and gets that three count to win the match.
WINNER: Alexis Kennedy via Pinfall (6:01)

The light is dim in the stairwell where Cartier sits, somewhere in the back of the Target Center. Hand carts and dusty boxes line the walls, and a freight elevator can be seen in the background. The Adrenaline star sits in full ring gear, hanging her head down with her elbows on her knees and her hands dangling limply over her shins as the camera pans toward her, jostling on the shoulders of some unknown and unseen 4CW cameraman.
CARTIER: “Guess y’all found me. Well, that’s fine. I needed to get away from the chaos upstairs for a minute. I did my time wavin’ at fans an’ shit before I came down here, don’t listen to Perry if he actin’ like I ain’t put in my workload.”
The camera then moves slowly side to side, the cameraman shaking his head in a negative response to Cartier’s pondering.
CARTIER: “Good. I ain’t the one he needa be worried about tonight anyways. I had me a real good moment of clarity the other day thinkin’ about my life, my career, 4CW, an’ this match in particular. I found me some peace of mind. I know what I gotta do an’ how to do it. I’m ready. I’mma go out there tonight an’ give the 4CW fans 100% effort an’ do everything I can to get this W in the bag. Most people think I ain’t got a chance, but that’s fine. Maybe I need that. Maybe I do better when I’m the underdog. I seen the bettin’ lines last few matches, and they steady had me favored to win… an’ I didn’t do that. I mighta let that shit get in my head a bit. Maybe I’m that bitch who do better when I gotta fight from behind. Matter fact, I know I’m that bitch. I always been that bitch. It’s time for me to go out there like the Eagles did this past Sunday an’ save the season, overcome those odds. Prove that shit like home field advantage an’ tales of the tape only make for good TV, they don’t win the fight.”
Cartier reaches up above her with both hands, finding the steel railing running down the sides of the concrete staircase and pulling herself up to her feet. Her face is a visage of focus and determination.
CARTIER: “I done a lot of talkin’ in 2018, an’ I backed a lot of it up. But the past is the past… like they say, out wit’ tha old, in wit’ tha new. No matter how I started off last January, December was a whimper, not a bang. I gotta get off on the right foot in 2019, startin’ right here tonight in Minnesota. Right here on Adrenaline against former Ignition Champion Finn Whelan. All that talk? That’s done. Time to make my words come true. Happy new year, y’all.”
Cartier then turns to head up the stairs, her footfalls echoing in the hollowness of the empty stairwell as she climbs up two or three steps. Then, she stops and looks back over her shoulder.
CARTIER: “Except to you, Finn Whelan. You gonna have to wait ‘til after tonight to get 2019 goin’ right. This one belongs to ya girl C. Bet on that.”
The echoes begin again as Cartier spins her head back to facing forward, arcing her extensions back over her shoulders like a lasso as she climbs and the scene fades out to black.

The picture cuts backstage where we find no one other than Perry Wallace walking the halls with a duffle bag in hand, hanging by his side. He’s alone, not another soul in sight. Passing multiple doors, he glances at the name tags attached to them while continuing his journey to wherever it is. That wherever leads him to a secluded backstage area of the arena where he finally comes to a stop.
WALLACE: “Of course they’d stick you back here.”
He says under his breath as he shakes his head for a short moment looking down to the floor. His head slowly rises, his eyes shifting towards the name tag attached to the door which reads “Bryan Laughlin”.
WALLACE: “Welp, let’s see if he’s home.”
Slowly raising his hand, he balls his fist and holds it up for just a moment before lightly tapping his knuckles against the door. Pulling his hand away from the door, he lowers it in front of him, bringing it over his other hand holding the duffle bag. He waits, and waits, and waits, and still no answer. Sighing, he raises his hand up once more to knock but just before his hand hits the door, it swings open.
LAUGHLIN: “I knew I smelled you…”
Bryan is learning on the inner frame of the door staring back at Perry who gave himself a quick sniff. He didn’t see any issue, he’s used to smelling of marijuana regularly.
LAUGHLIN: “What’s in the bag, bossman?”
WALLACE: “I’m glad you asked.”
Perry says sarcastically as he lets himself in, forcing himself past Laughlin in the doorway. He looks around the empty locker room for a moment, not too thrilled with the scenery but it is what it is. Turning back to Laughlin, he drops the bag on top of a chair. Slowly, he unzips the bag before pulling out the beaten and busted up Ignition Championship.
WALLACE: “You tell me what’s in the fucking bag.”
Shaking his head, Perry tosses the championship forward at Laughlin’s feet.
WALLACE: “What’s that look like to you?”
Bryan takes a deep breath while he scratches his head. He clearly knows what it is, and as he continues his charade Perry is staring a hole through him.
LAUGHLIN: “Looks like a waste of time, to be honest. Something an open challenge couldn’t make interesting.”
Bryan looks up from the broken belt and towards Perry, who still hasn’t found amusement is any of this.
LAUGHLIN: “What did you come here for anyways, Perry? You want me to cut a check to pay for it? You want me to apologize?”
Annoyed, Perry crosses his arms and lightly begins to tap his foot.
WALLACE: “You’re not much of a talker I see. Who ever thought that Feets could be more entertaining even while bugging the shit out you in the middle of a conversation? Yet here we are.”
Uncrossing his arms Perry takes a step forward, but not without saying something under his breath.
WALLACE: “Maybe if you spoke a little more she wouldn’t have been so angry.”
Caught, loud and clear. Bryan heard what he said, even growing a tad angry in his initial response. Holding his hands up, Perry does do in a calming manner as he stops with the open bag and championship at his feet.
WALLACE: “No mother fucker, I don’t want you to cut me a check. I don’t need your money. I just want to know one thing. That belt in the bag, or what’s left of it, what’s that mean to you?”
Bryan shrugs and laughs to himself as his eyes search the room trying to find the answer.
LAUGHLIN: “Honestly? It means my opportunity to become 4CW Champion fell short. It means that I had to take a title that nobody gives a shot about and beg the world to come fight me.”
Bryan smirks before glancing at the title again and back to Perry.
LAUGHLIN: “It’s also a reminder that beyond all that… I’m still the sickest mother fucker this company has. Regardless of what championship I put around my waist. I make the best of it…”
Perry extends his arm, placing his hand on Laughlin’s shoulder.
WALLACE: “I can’t help but think that the mess in the bag nearly brought you and your wife to damn near killing each other. I mean, it’s good entertainment, don’t get me wrong. I just got engaged myself not too long ago and I would never think of doing to her what you did to Kaelan, and all for a piece of shiny metal.”
Slowly, but firmly, Bryan grabs Perry’s hand and removes it from his shoulder. He brings both hands to his face and takes a deep breath before giving Perry a smile.
LAUGHLIN: “You’re right. You wouldn’t have the fucking balls to fight someone you love, let alone marry someone who would do the same. Last I checked you got knicked pretty bad from… what was it again? A desk? A table? Regardless. What did you come here for, Wallace. To rub my nose in the mess and tell me I’m bad?”
Perry pulls his head back, giving Laughlin a funny look.
WALLACE: “Excuse me?! Last I checked, that table is deader than shit after running across me.”
Perry reaches down and grabs the handles of the duffle bag, picking it up and holding it at his side.
WALLACE: “No time for small talk, I got you. Let’s get to the point. This right here?”
Perry raises the bag, holding it at eye level for Laughlin to look at, which he doesn’t.
WALLACE: “It’s no more. You killed this championship the moment you swung down on it after that match to save your marriage. It’s poetic, don’t you think? Regardless, what you did out there? What you did in the weeks leading up to Winter Wasteland with the open challenge, despite the turnout of challengers being total trash, the statement you made? I think it’s time, you’ve earned it.”
Bryan raises an eyebrow and can’t help but hide a smile now.
LAUGHLIN: “It? What do you mean IT? Because if you’re saying what I think you’re saying…”
He swings his arm up to hit Perry’s shoulder in a comradely manor; but still it jars Perry a bit who doesn’t seem to appreciate the alpha male move.
LAUGHLIN: “…then I guess all I have left to say is thanks, boss.”
Holding his hand out, Perry glances down to it briefly before cutting his eyes back to Laughlin.
WALLACE: “Put it there, big guy. You’re the next man up and Retrograde is right around the corner. You and Viduus, the 4CW Championship, the big fucking match, one on one.”
It’s almost as if Bryan didn’t trust Perry, but for now his word is enough confirmation and he accepts the handshake and even pulls Perry in for an uncomfortable Bro hug before Perry pulled away quickly.
LAUGHLIN: “You won’t regret this.”
Perry nods, taking a step back towards the door.
WALLACE: “Let’s hope not. This is your first one on one shot with some time to prepare unlike the first round of the South Beach Brawl Cup. Who knows, maybe even you could be the one defending in the cup this year once the dust from Retrograde settles.”
He continues backing towards the door before stopping once more.
WALLACE: “And this?”
Perry holds up the duffle bag once more with the remains of the Ignition Championship in it.
WALLACE: “This thing, this broken championship… is history. It’s time to move on towards the future and leave the broken memories in the past.”
He thought he was slick, even giving a wink before backing out of the doorway and disappearing into the hall, leaving the new number one contender for the 4CW Championship alone in his locker room.


Many would say that fresh blood was being fed to Alexis tonight but was Moxie really getting fed to her? Or was it the other way around as Alexis seemed way off her game and was proving to be an easy feat for Moxie who handles her with the ease of a seasoned farmer holding it down on the farm. Alexis was able to get the upper if just for a little while and used those snap DDTs as a crutch in trying to keep Moxie off of her feet. It works for a while but it’s easy to fall into that pattern like a routine which eventually ends up being someone’s defeat as Moxie elbows Alexis in the face when she tried to go for yet another snap DDT and instead gets a big boot to the face that has her stumbling back and falling into the ropes. Something was off about Alexis tonight. She seems to lack that substance she usually has when she steps into the ring. That energy. That aggression. Whatever it be, she didn’t have it tonight and it definitely showed in the way that she moves around the ring and the way she goes at her opponent. Moxie worked Alexis over with a few forearm smashes that ended up being a lead up to a sudden neckbreaker when Alexis expected another forearm smash to come her way.
Moxie showed up to show out and that’s exactly what she was doing, ready to earn her stripes within the company with facing off against anyone that is put in her way. She wasn’t facing off against a big fish yet but she was showing that whenever that time may come in the future, she would be ready. Alexis refused to make this easy, she may be off her game but she wasn’t about to go down without giving a good fight and so she kicks it up a notch. She counters Moxie’s punch when she comes charging at her with a swing and after Alexis stops her with a gut kick, she sends her to the mat with a rushed knee to the face. Alexis shakes her head a few times as if she’s trying to snap out of whatever and get it together, not wanting to start her first match of the year with getting an L from a classified newbie to the company. Something inside of her breaks and in a rage, she draws her fist back to swing and pops Moxie really good in the face. Moxie takes three steps back in response and holds her nose, pulling back to see if Alexis made her bleed and is thankfully to see the absence of blood on her hand.
Moxie is far from amused and when Alexis takes a daring step forward with a smirk on her face, she ends up eating a shotgun dropkick from not acting fast enough even though she legit watched Moxie take those many steps backwards just to charge forward for the dropkick. Instead of pulling her to her feet, Moxie dips down and tries to go for the surfboard but as soon as Alexis realizes what she’s up to, Alexis is flailing her arms before swinging her hands and kicking her feet to get Moxie away from her so that she can’t get the submission locked in and crawls to the ropes to hold onto while Moxie gets steady to her feet. Feeling herself for getting out of harm’s way, Alexis stands to her feet while laughing but that laughter is quickly cut short once Moxie charges Alexis and Alexis quickly drops down while grabbing the top rope as Moxie goes over it. Not even looking behind her, Alexis walks away in laughter and not realizing that Moxie didn’t hit the ground below because she was quick on grabbing onto the ropes to keep from going down. Alexis decides to go check on her opponent and as she turns around to make her way to the ropes, she’s surprised by Moxie in the air after jumping from the top rope to execute Talk To God once that arm wrapped around Alexis’ neck. Moxie is going for the pin immediately and is granted the three count.
WINNER: Moxie James via Pinfall (7:15)

Cut to the back of the Target Center.
With his feet up on some random person’s desk and leaning back in the comfy looking leather chair is none other than Christopher J. Wrigley. Wrigley looks so much like he’s in the proper place right now that he could be mistaken as the man in charge. But, then again that’s how Wrigley always looks.
Right now at this moment, he’s on the phone with a potential client.
WRIGLEY: “Brody. Brody! Guess who it is?”
There’s a slight pause, and little confusion on Wrigley’s part.
WRIGLEY: “No, it’s Wrigley. Why the fuck would Dak Prescott be calling you… ever? No matter, what I am calling you about is the fact that 4CW is having themselves a little bit of tag team fever and I’m thinking… well, let’s put it out there, how about we give tag team into the future a Hostile Takeover?”
WRIGLEY: “Boom.”
Wrigley has a shit eating grin from ear to ear as he finally stops speaking. Slowly, however, that smirk begins to fade away. Whatever is being said on the other end of the phone is not a simple “I’m in!” and Wrigley looks confused.
WRIGLEY: “What the fuck are you saying? Did you really just tell me that you retired? What’s wrong with you?”
Another pause. Another response. Another Wrigley angry face.
WRIGLEY: “Used car salesman!? You hate cars. You hate people. Now you’re going to sell cars to people!? How does that make any sense whatsoever? And…”
Wrigley must have been cut-off by Brody Lee on the other end of the phone. He listens for a couple of seconds before holding the phone away from his head and slowly inching his finger towards the hang up. Before he touches the screen, Wrigley yells out.
WRIGLEY: “You’re going to die poor!”
Wrigley shakes his head.
WRIGLEY: “Cursed? What the hell did that idiot get off thinking that I was a curse on his career? What’s he doing now? Selling cars. What am I doing now? Selling… shit. Let’s try the other one.”
He picks another number from his contacts and holds it up to his ear. After a couple of moments and finger wraps on the desk someone answers.
WRIGLEY: “Motherfucking Magn—.”
Wrigley looks at the phone confused. He finds another contact.
WRIGLEY: “Moving on then.”
The other end picks up.
WRIGLEY: “My brother, from another mother. Eddie Valentine. What the hell is going on with you these days?”
Wrigley leans into the phone and listens as Eddie speaks back to him.
WRIGLEY: “Well… you’re walking, right?”
Another pause.
WRIGLEY: “Shit.”
And another pause.
WRIGLEY: “Don’t you put that on me! Don’t you do that! I paid for the nurses, I sold my businesses to pay for the nurses.”
He pauses again.
WRIGLEY: “Yes… they weren’t actually real nurses, but they had a skill set!”
Wrigley slams the phone onto the desk pissed off at the final exchange. For good measure he picks the phone one more time and slams it back down onto the desk. Wrigley stands up and begins to yell at the phone on the desk.
WRIGLEY: “Cursed? I’ll show them who’s cursed. Sure, maybe the Stranglepoli guy is legit missing in the underworld. But I made three-fourths of them champions! That’s me, that’s what I do, I make nobodies into somebodies, I take crap like that and I mold it into something that people care about! I’m Christopher Motherfucking Wrigley, I ain’t no damn curse!”
WRIGLEY: “If I have to sell my soul, I am going to find a new client tonight!”
WRIGLEY: “You hear that world? Come hell or highwater Wrigley is coming back!”
Leaves the office in a total huff not noticing that his phone is vibrating on the desk.


Oh boy, fans were ready to see an explosive match with these two after Cartier caught some backlash with referring to Finn as she and not he when spitting that promo fire. Many were not amused but you know Cartier, most opinions really don’t matter to her and she’s gonna do her at the end of the day regardless. Finn was showing her though that he was a grown ass man the way he had her locked up in that sleeper hold as he stood behind her, his arm locked around her neck as Cartier struggles to break free. Finn had his legs together to avoid a possible groin attack but Cartier just decides to use her weight as an advantage as she’s able to move a bit to the left and drive an elbow back into Finn’s chest before bumping him hard as hell with her hip to give them some space and loosen the hold on her. Alot of people may say that Cartier doesn’t whip out alot of moves from her arsenal like most wrestlers do because if you had hands like Cartier, you didn’t need much if you knew how to work with what you had. And the way Cartier was tagging Finn in the face with those fists like a prized fighter, you could quickly understand what she meant if she were to say she works with what she has. Cartier prides herself on not being like most because while alot of people move like they have years of ring experience underneath their belt, Cartier moves like someone who’s about to whup your ass. She makes a move for Finn but he ducks her swinging arm and takes a few steps back as soon as he’s behind her to rush forward and causes Cartier to go down with a one handed bulldog.
Finn attacks Cartier’s head with a few stiff elbows before rising quickly to his feet only to jump into the air and come down with a knee drop. The frail Finn was known for not taking it easy on his opponents and was an example that you didn’t have to weigh tons of pounds just to be successful in the ring or in his case, violent as well. Finn is up and snapping at Cartier to get up because he wants her to back up all that trash talk she had to say about him, especially with the referring to him as a ‘she’. Cartier gets to her feet but she doesn’t let Finn put his hands on her as she practically cold clocks him when she clasps her hands together and swings that one combined fist with all her might as if it’s a bat, colliding right into Finn’s face to send him falling back hard against the turnbuckle. Cartier sticks her tongue out at that actually working, feeling herself with feeling on her boss shit before she checks herself to not get too ahead of herself and to remain focused in the match. A few chops to Finn’s chest and then a hard knee to the stomach gives Cartier plenty to smile about but Finn is definitely not smiling and once Cartier pushes his upper body up from him being doubled over, Finn quickly hems her up and shoves her into the turnbuckle now. He shows her that her chops are nothing compared to his as he goes to work and has the crowd reacting at how loud the chops are as if they are feeling the impact of each from their seats.
He pulls her from the turnbuckle as if she’s learned her lesson but lets be real, everyone knows the lesson within a match isn’t learned in full until after that bell rings for the match to be over as Finn continues to show Cartier while size sometimes doesn’t have to matter when you’re aiming to dominate in a wrestling ring. The two tangle up when they both go for each other at the same time, putting that strength to the test for a bit before Cartier stomps on Finn’s foot and thinks she’s got it but Finn surprises her with a sudden elbow drive to the face to humble her real quick. So many twists and turns as both competitors play hot potato with having the upper with Cartier getting it and using her weight and power against Finn with a backdrop driver and then Finn relying on his speed with a shining wizard and then a slingshot DDT when the chance presented itself. Finn’s got this…. he’s about to put an end to all of this… but then Cartier counters the ScRM and quickly puts alot of space between the two. Finn takes it as her evading him but she’s really just gearing up to rush forward for Empire State Of Mind, dropping on Finn’s body as soon as his hits the mat to cover him for the pin, getting the win after the successful 3 count.
WINNER: Cartier via Pinfall (7:33)

Riley Savell is sitting in her locker room, sipping on a Capri sun s she scrolls through her twitter feed, dressed to compete she looks just as disinterested as she did during her promo, rolling her eyes as she scrolls through her feed.
SAVELL: “I heard you DeMarcus, it took me a few tries not to nod off but I heard you. All your little assumptions that proved you to be the windbag I knew you would be. Making claims about me forging friendships to avoid confrontation, like really… People want to get on my ass for not paying attention and there the fuck You are, not even bothering to learn your opponent.”
She drains the pouch dry and tosses it to the side with a roll of her eyes, clearly she’s unimpressed by what she heard.
SAVELL: “Making all the excuses in the world for why you could just compare me to my brother, proving all the more that you have no idea who I am. Blah blah blah Julian, blah blah blah similarities, blah blah blah, can’t help yourself. But it seems to me like you didn’t hear me at all… All I asked was for you to promote yourself, to do one or two tiny little things to show that you actually knew who you were facing, thar you remembered you had a match. And what did you do?”
She draws another scoff from her lips, pulling up his feed and reading for a second before pretending to fall asleep, dropping her foot to the floor to wake herself up. A fake startle followed by a widening of her eyes as though she forgot the camera was even there.
SAVELL: “Some over inflated sub tweets, trying to convince yourself that what I said isn’t true, while proving you had no fucking idea what I was actually saying. Not even the balls to tag me though, I’m guessing the excuse is that you’re sooooo enlightened, right? Ooooh DeMarcus is a big boy, he doesn’t need to go back and forth on twitter, he’d rather drop some subtweets from under his blanket and tell himself he doesn’t thirst trap because he only uses tired GIFs. I said, and I mean, that you’re a failed thirst trap… I post the pictures I do, cause like I said, it’s easy promotion and the likes piling up would agree. You might think you’re above getting people’s attention but, OLD man, without it, nobody gives a fuck who you are…”
SAVELL: ”But you don’t care about that, right? You don’t care if people know who you are… Cause like I said, that allows you to keep slipping under the radar. If you fuck up, if you fail, nobody says shit because nobody cares. When I fail, people can’t wait to rub it in my face because like it or not, I’m at the forefront of people’s minds. You’re not above social media, Gresham, you’re just really fuckin shit at it.”
Nodding along with her words, a smile begins to creep across Riley’s lips.
SAVELL: “I called you old because you act it, you literally sound like a professor who has tenor and knows he can’t be fired, so he just gave up. Because that’s what you’ve done; you’ve given up. And you can tell yourself it’s because you don’t need social media, you can blow all those failed to land shots in your promo and make yourself seem like uninformed trash… But you can’t engage, you can’t get anyone to throw even a look your way, Fuck, the only reason one of those tweets got likes is because people in general, are lazy and loved your excuse to not put in the work.”
SAVELL: ”Nobody is talking about you, not a single god damned person around here is looking at you as someone to beat, or watch, did they really even notice you came back? Probably not, but you just keep rolling those shoulders and puffing out your chest as though it means fuckin anything.”
SAVELL: ”It doesn’t.”
Pulling herself up from the bench, Riley runs a hand through her hair. She takes a moment to straighten herself out, checking out her reflection in the lens only causes her smile to grow as she nods once again.
SAVELL: “Tonight, you aren’t focusing on me. You’re focusing on these ideals you have of my family – talking up a storm… well, a wet patch anyway, about how we were in the voting for worst wrestling family, as though I could give anything close to a fuck about what people think when it comes to my brother. Hell, half the time I can’t stand my family, so why the hell would I want anyone else to?”
SAVELL: ”But it not them you’re facing tonight DeMarcus, it’s me.”
She points in at herself and taps her chest assertively, her eyes fix on the camera as she speaks.
SAVELL: “So, like I said. Focus on the wrestling, please, because right now you’re letting some loud mouthed rookie play you like a god damned fool. You’re showing a lack of effort and a lack of research and if you truly think walking down to that ring, you can beat me just because you know who my brother was, once upon a time when he even existed in this sport… then you’re not enlightened, you’re fuckin delusional.”
She starts to walk towards the door, waving the camera out as she moves. Pausing in the doorway, she leans into the door and hangs on it for a moment, a derisive laugh leaving her; the laugh is followed by an exaggerated sigh as she shakes her head.
SAVELL: “I’m not holding back anymore DeMarcus, I’m not going to sit quietly and watch shit pass me by and I am sure as hell not going to let your lazy, self stroking, pompous bullshit fly without a few corrections, so this right here? This is just step one and out there tonight, in the middle of that ring, will be step two.”
SAVELL: ”And I can promise you one thing, there is one absolute fuckin certainty I can stand right here, on my own two feet and guarandamntee everyone watching. Win or lose, after that match, you will know who the fuck I am. When it’s all said and done, when you slink off to drop a few more subtweets or hold yourself up because ‘social media isn’t for you’ you’ll be doing it thinking of me.”
SAVELL: ”Not Julian. Not your path. You’ll be thinking of me and all the shit you got wrong, all the baseless bulkshit you regurgitated, just like I said you would. You’ll be able to pinpoint every single mistake you made, because I Damn well called them before you even made them. But hey, you like a lesson right?”
She grins and nods her head one final time.
SAVELL: “Then Watch and learn.”

Cut to a wide shot of the arena bowl inside the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The camera slowly zooms in towards the stage as all of the arena lights fade to darkness and the tron goes plain white. “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff plays as every spotlight in the joint floods the stage with white light. Smith Jones appears on the stage wearing his shiny white robe with sparkly silver trim. A custom silver and white name font animates onto the screen. Smith Jones throws his arms out wide with a stone scowl as the crowd begins to booooooooooooooo. Jones looks up to the rafters. Snow begins to fall all around him. The sudden snowstorm is localized to the stage. Lights flash and thunder rolls as Smitty strides confidently down to ringside and mounts the steel ring steps. He wipes his feet respectfully on the ring apron before parting the ropes and taking centre. Jones turns his back to camera to show off the large silver “1’m” across his shoulders. Smith turns to face the main camera as he raises his personal white microphone to his lips and he speaks.
JONES: “Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is always an honour to be worthy of standing in the middle of the ring in what will always be revered as a hotbed of professional wrestling history.”

JONES: SILENCE!!! Don’t RUIN this moment for me with your mindless vocalizations!!!”
“Smith Jones sucks!!! Smith Jones sucks!!! Smith Jones sucks!!! Smith Jones sucks!!!”

JONES: “Predictable as always! I’m so tired of you all. I’m tired of you stupid little kids at the stupid autograph signings all across the country accosting me with your putrid human halitosis and spewing unfounded filth about how unprepared I am to face a competitor the calibre of an Eden Connors.”
Jones wretches and hacks for a minute.
JONES: “I can see by the results of the recent fan poll that most people are still not convinced that I have what it takes to hang with certain 4CW superstars. Eden Connors is fresh from a feature fight for the Octane Championship against American Tommy! While I may have absolutely slaughtered my opponent in the Winter Wasteland show opener, I didn’t have half the match that she did that night, did I? And I can bark all I want about a North American Championship Match against Eli Carlson, but the fact of the matter is that I need this win if I’m ever going to crack that elite eight in the Division II rankings. Eden Connors is number five this week; I’m not even on the list. That is going to change.”
Smith walks over to the corner and hops up to sit on the top rope with both feet resting on the middle rope. He stares at his own face on the tron with disdain.
JONES: “Got me all figured out, have you? You’ve got me all figured out, Eden. Elijah’s got me all figured out? Sure. Let’s go with that. You get me. I’m Smith Jones and I’m the two-dimensional archetype that everyone says I am. I am everything you’ve already seen of me. There is nothing left to do but brush me off into the distant past. Let’s hear how you call it after the final bell, Eden Connors. Let’s get this damned thing done in here later tonight and see just exactly what breaks off. Come hither and throw me off this very turnbuckle and out of this very ring and make me look like the fool of all fools. Let’s play. I’m game. And when we’re done, do me the favour of being just as vocal about me after our match as you are before the match. Tell everyone everything there is to know about me that I haven’t already told them myself! Do me that honour. Make me that pledge. Tell them I’m more rare than lightning in a blizzard. I’m tired of tromping all over “talent” who doesn’t have the deep seeded gumption to step up and bring me a challenge that I can brag about. But, maybe that’s okay. Maybe it’s better for me that they be shocked and chagrined. Because when I decide to shut up on Twitter, you people always jump to your assumptions about my ability to hang, just like you do, Eden, here in 4CW. Your problem is that I’ve got something to prove. I need to show the world that I can take out a competitior of your skill level…”
Jones hops down from the turnbuckle and walks to the centre of the canvas. He plants his feet firmly and squares up to the main camera.
JONES: “…And that’s just exactly what I’m going to do. See me coming.”
“Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff plays as Jones drops the mic and steps out of the ring. He walks straight out of the arena without taking another look back.

It was always busy at 4 Corners Wrestling shows, a lot busier than what the audience did witness. Hundreds of people were working backstage to make sure the events went over without problems. Tonight was nothing different. The young Eden Connors was found backstage with a smoothie in her hand, chatting with one of the make up ladies. They were sharing a brief laughter as Eden felt someone wrapping their arms around her from behind. Ready for whoever was picking a fight she whirled around, looking in the smiling face of, Anastasia Hayden. Inside the arena the audience went wild.
CONNORS: “OH MY! What are you doing here?”
HAYDEN: “Wouldn’t miss the first show of the year. Plus I figured it’d be good to come around and check your match out tonight.”
Eden’s smile grew wider.
CONNORS: “You can be my good luck charm. Obviously I face someone that wants to put me through every move they know.”
A nod and a smirk from Anastasia, being referred to as anyone’s “good luck charm”.
HAYDEN: “Well, you know who I’m already picking to win. I’m sure Smith’s tough, but I feel pretty confident in saying you’re a bit tougher. Just have to show him every move you know first.”
For a moment Eden remained silent, thinking about those words carefully. A small wrinkle formed between her eyebrows.
CONNORS: “I am not going to give him an easy ride. Even though he thinks he has this already. Ever since I came here I had tough opponents. Tommy. Kimitsu. Manny. To only name a few. And guess what? No one made it easy for me.”
She paused while looking at Anastasia.
CONNORS: “I must ask because I think everyone is dying to know. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE HERE?”
Anastasia chuckled a bit and shook her head at the question. It’d definitely been some time since she last stepped foot inside a 4CW show.
HAYDEN: “Feels…like home, but I’ve still got some searching to do before I return. But when I do come back, you better have a championship around your waist.”
She playfully punches Eden’s shoulder.
HAYDEN: “Or else.”
Eden laughed but playfully punched back.
CONNORS: “Hey, it’s not like I am not trying. I will treat tonight like a World title match, showing you that my focus is definitely set. Plus, when you return and I don’t have gold… there is always an option, Yoda.”
HAYDEN: “There is some kind of big tag tournament during the summer, isn’t there?”
Ana jokingly stroked her chin at the thought for a moment and then adopted a slightly more serious face.
HAYDEN: “But I’ve got confidence in you, Eden. You came within inches of beating Tommy, as far as I’m concerned, Smith Jones barely stands a chance, and whatever champion waits for you at the end of the day? I hope they’re ready. Because you will be.”
CONNORS: “You just given me an immense ego rub, Ana. It means the world to me. Just like it will mean everything when you pay drinks after the show.”
Eden tried to remain serious but bursted out laughing, clapping the former 4CW Champion on the back.
HAYDEN: “I don’t even think you’re old enough to drink, kid.”
She smirked a bit.
HAYDEN: “But beat Smith Jones…and I’ll consider it. Deal?”
CONNORS: “I am old enough… You… Are… Mean.”
Both of them laughed out loud and once more embraced in a hug. With their laughters still echoing the scene faded to black.


From the moment the bell sounds it seems as though Alessandro is just moving slower than Alicia by a beat. Perhaps his better days are behind him? Whatever the case may be, Lukas takes an instant lead from the initial lock up, muscling the off-balance Quagliaterre into the ring ropes and then flipping him over onto his behind with a judo throw, sinking in a chinlock. Quag struggles and eventually makes his way close enough to the ropes to get a finger on them, forcing a break, but Lukas doesn’t let up for a moment. Her Southern heritage really starts to shine through as she refuses to show the darker-skinned Quagliaterre any respect at all. Alessandro manages to fend off Alicia momentarily with a flurry of punches, but Lukas is only slowed down temporarily as she blocks one haymaker and returns fire with one of her own. Quag takes a powder, rolling out of the ring and taking a walk around the apron in an attempt to clear the cobwebs from his head. He passes by a group of young girls in the front row who cheer for him, and he leans over to give them a hug. The cameras catch him asking how old one of the girls is, and he replying that she was seventeen. Quag then gives her a kiss on the lips anyway. Looks like somebody took notes after watching ‘Surviving R. Kelly.’
Alicia Lukas gets impatient waiting for Alessandro to rejoin the match and she slingshots herself over the top rope and then drops down to the floow, slapping her hands on the apron right behind Quag. Alessandro has no time to defend himself as Lukas uses his own momentum against him and shoves him face first into the ring post. Quag staggers back and Lukas grabs him by his waistband and the scruff of his neck, rolling him back under the bottom rope. Lukas them scrambles up onto the apron and lines Alessandro up, then springboards over and into the ring by dropping a big guillotine leg drop on the fallen foe. Quag’s body spasms as Lukas stays on top of him for a pin!


Quagliaterre gets a shoulder up!
Alicia looks annoyed at herself for the lazy cover attempt, getting to her feet and pulling Alessandro up to his as well. Out of nowhere, Alessandro catches Lukas off guard and grabs her up in a bearhug, lifting her from the mat in his patented Dreamcatcher! Alicia squirms in discomfort for a moment but is quick to drive the point of her elbow into Quag’s forehead, forcing him to drop her and stumble back, checking his brow for potential blood. Not wasting any time, Lukas hits the ropes running and rebounds off, catching Quag right on his patella with a low dropkick. Alessandro falls forward and steadies himself on one knee while Lukas runs the ropes a second time… and comes careening back with the Hotlanta Kick! Quagliaterre is flattened by the running enzuigiri, and Lukas sees her opening. If Alessandro’s eyes were open he’d probably see her opening as well, as she steps right over his head on her way to his legs, where she crosses him up and rotates him, locking him into the Lioness Bite! Quag is trapped but tries to fight through the pain and drag himself to the ropes. Seeing Quag get close, Alicia doubles down and drags him backward, dropping onto her side and trapping Alessandro’s torso in a body scissor as she applies even more pressure to the gorilla clutch. Alessandro has no choice and quickly taps out vigorously, his face a mask of pain. With the one-sided punishment finally ceasing, Quag’s body drops limp on the mat as Lukas stands to have her hand raised.
WINNER: Alicia Lukas via Submission (6:50)

We’re back in the back of the Target Center.
In one of the many hallways of the spacious Target Center there are some random 4CW workers standing around and doing their various things. The main two seem to be placing down the last of the catering in on the tables, including some of that famous 4CW potato salad that seems to be all the rage.
Just then one of the workers comes running down the hallway causing a bit of a panic amongst the other workers, at that moment Christopher J. Wrigley steps around the corner. The workers look at each other and scatter.
WORKER: “Wrigley!”
WORKER #2: “Wrigley’s coming!”
More people begin to scatter as Wrigley begins to stride towards the food service area.
WORKER #3: “Oh shit, Wrigley’s coming y’all!”
WRIGLEY: “Hey-ey-yo.”
WORKER #4: “Come on get out of here. Wrigley’s coming.”
WORKER #5: “Put that shit down and get out of here.”
Wrigley continues to stride down the hallway as more and more people scatter, a few of them head towards the locker room area and shut the door behind them. Wrigley continues his stride and finally stops at the locker room door.
WRIGLEY: “Y’all need to open this door before I begin to huff and puff.”
From the other side of the door an unknown wrestler responds to Wrigley.
WRESTLER: “Nobody in here wants to be your client, Wrigley.”
WRIGLEY: “Come on now, by the hair’s of your chinny-chin-chin.”
WRESTLER: “No thank you, we’re not interested in becoming cursed. Wind up breaking our legs or something like that.”
WRIGLEY: “Wrigley’s going to come back tomorrow… or the next day. Either way, I am going to get a client from in that locker room.”
WRESTLER: “Go to California and get one of them to join you, maybe they don’t know about all your clients ending up dead… or worse.”
WRIGLEY: “Motherfucker. Is that you, Tommy? I swear to God.”
Just at that point, Wrigley’s phone begins to ring once again. Wrigley holds it up to his face and sees the number is unknown. He thinks about it for a moment, looks at the closed door and answers the phone.
Fade to black.


Things started off with the two circling one another in the center of the ring. DeMarcus clearly had the size advantage over Riley, but where she lacked in size, she made up in speed. DeMarcus lunged at her a few times to get hands on her but missed every time as she quickly sidestepped him. Each time she dodged him, that was it. She didn’t strike him when presented with a clear shot. She just kept dodging him over and over, letting DeMarcus wear himself out with the exerted energy. As DeMarcus lunged towards her one final time, like clockwork, Riley stepped out of harms way, but this time she caught him by surprise with a swift superkick to the side of the head. It didn’t know him off his feet, just staggered him slightly. She then swept in and connected with a solid kick to his stomach, forcing him to double over from the blow as the air was knocked from his lungs. Riley then turned to the ropes behind her and took off towards them. Hitting the ropes hard, she bounced off and came back with even more speed before leaping into the air just as DeMarcus stood back up. There was nowhere for DeMarcus to go as Riley closed in on him with a crossbody. Why go anywhere when he can catch her in mid air and turn her crossbody attempt into a brutal powerslam that shook the entire ring at its base from the force of her body slamming against the canvas. And at that point, DeMarcus set the tone of the match early on.
After keeping her on the ground for a good bit and attacking her with various kicks and punches, DeMarcus pulled her up from the mat with ease before whipping her to the corner as hard as he could. Riley crashed hard against the corner, bouncing forward away from it. Coming right at her was DeMarcus with a running clothesline. He even threw his arm forward with all of his strength to annihilate her but swung and missed as she ducked underneath the potential devastating blow. DeMarcus hit the corner chest first with a thud and out of nowhere, Riley pulled him down from behind with a quick roll up. By the time the official dropped down to start the count, DeMarcus had forcefully kicked out of the pin attempt, lifting Riley off her feet and knocking her into the corner. He raced to his feet but as he rose to one knee, Riley was right there to greet him with a running knee to the face. Pulling DeMarcus up from the mat, she swung with all of her might, connecting with a solid blow to the side of his head before following it up with a kick to his stomach. With DeMarcus’ head lowered, she locked an arm around it before picking him up and dropping him on his back quickly with a snap suplex. Riley then shot up the corner, climbing to the top as Demarcus remained down on his back. As he stood and turned to face her, she leaped into the air in his direction. Catching Riley again in mid air, DeMarcus then dropped her across his knee with a backbreaker!
After mounting Riley and landing nearly a dozen mounted punches to her head, DeMarcus pulled her up from the mat and threw her to the corner with everything he had. Taking off behind her, he tailed her across the ring until she crashed into the corner where he connected with a vicious running clothesline that knocked her off her feet. Dragging her away from the corner, he set her up in front of it before facing the corner and grabbing the top ropes with each before climbing up to the middle ropes. Jumping up and kicking his legs out, he came straight down on her with a corner slingshot body splash. Or at least he thought he did! At the last second, she pulled her knees up, driving them both into his torso as the entire weight of his body dropped down onto them. DeMarcus bounced off her knees and flipped forward, landing on his back to the mat. He rolled up to an upright seated position holding his stomach with one arm and propping himself up with his other arm. On her feet, Riley then moved in with stealth, lighting the back of his head up with a buzzsaw kick! DeMarcus was groggy, but he wasn’t out. He slowly pushed himself up to all fours but with his held low and looking at the mat, he had no idea what was coming his way. Leaping into the air from behind him, Riley planted her foot on the back of his head as her body came back down. Kicking her leg straight, she forced his head down, driving his face into the canvas with her Savell Stomp (curb stomp). Rolling him over to his back, she dropped to her knees and made the cover and shortly behind her was the official with a one, a two, and a thr–NO!!! Popping a shoulder up from the mat, DeMarcus broke up the pin attempt, keeping the match alive.
With Demarcus down, Riley rushed over to the corner, shooting straight to the top in no time. She squatted at the top, patiently waiting as DeMarcus slowly began to rise to his feet. Once standing, Riley launched herself from the corner at him with a flying knee. Side stepping her, DeMarcus grabbed ahold of her, pulling her down to the mat and slamming her knee down onto it as she crashed to the canvas. He climbed on top of her and began pounding away with lefts and rights to her head, giving her no time whatsoever to even think about recovering. Standing to his feet, DeMarcus backed up to the ropes and as he came back, he jumped into the air, extending his leg and bringing it down across her throat with a leg drop. Her head was pinned to the mat but her feet shot straight into the air. Rolling over to his stomach, DeMarcus then began to do push-ups right beside Riley, taunting her. Standing to his feet, he then pulled her up to her feet. DeMarcus locked onto her wrist and then threw her to the ropes behind him with all of his strength. As she came back on the return, he went to grab ahold of her and lift her into the air for The Enlightenment. Sliding feet first to the mat, Riley went underneath his arm as he reached for her. Reaching up from behind him, she then pulled him backwards to the mat with another quick roll up that caught him completely off guard.

WINNER: Riley Savell via Pinfall (9:29)

Backstage Kaelan Laughlin is all smiles as she walks down the hallway. Ready to go for her match later tonight. She turns a corner and finds a locker room with Baelin Club written on a sheet of paper and taped to the door. She doesn’t knock because why would she? It’s her locker room with her husband. She walks in and Bryan is sitting in a chair and it seems like he’s trying to get in the right mindset for their match. He looks up as Kaelan walks in and shuts the door.
K. LAUGHLIN: “I still have mixed feelings about this match love. If there’s anyone I want to tag with it’s definitely you but, I don’t know I wish we could focus on fixing our marriage more in private then having to go out there and show everyone that we are fine.”
She sighed and walked over to the chair next to her husband and sat down. She ran her fingers through her hair before looking over at him.
K. LAUGHLIN: “I guess this is more my fault since I made everything so public. You know my whole downward spiral and the fact I tried to destroy our marriage because of it and I’m sorry. Again. For what I did and the current state I’m in. I wanna make sure we succeed tonight regardless of my condition. Not going to try to hold you back when I know you deserve to be at the top of this brand.”
He reaches out and grabs her hand with his interlocking their fingers.
B. LAUGHLIN: “You don’t hold me back. You never have. If anything, tonight out there you’re my inspiration. You’re my why, and we won’t now or ever fail because of you. Trust me. Tonight we’re going out there not to show everyone us working on our marriage. We’re going out there to show everyone that we’re elite pro wrestlers who refuse to be stepping stone”
Kaelan looked up at Bryan with a smile on her face as she nodded her head.
K. LAUGHLIN: “You’re right and I’m not going to let us be the stepping stones to a tag team like Neo Tokyo. We move on to the next round? We either get the Sadboiz who we have proven ourselves against already or Bronx and Eli and honestly I’m excited for the chance to beat two former 4CW Champions. If we don’t get the tag titles? I wanna at least know we fought the best.”
B. LAUGHLIN: “Not only will we fight the best…. but we are the best…and tonight we remind everyone that regardless of how many times we beat the shit out of each other…”
She looked at him confused as to where he was going with this.
B. LAUGHLIN: “… in a sanctioned wrestling match… that we’re still Baelin Club…”
He leans over and places a soft kiss on her cheek.
K. LAUGHLIN: “…For Life.”

We open up backstage. It’s a pretty ordinary scene, a social media intern for 4CW is chatting with someone at catering. Suddenly we see Bronx Valescence enter the scene. He is holding a full basketball backboard complete with a rim and he settled in behind the two talking. They really don’t notice him, and then suddenly Eli Carlson comes flying in with a basketball and just dunks the fuck out of the ball on the two unsuspecting victims. One of them falls through the table and the ball goes bouncing away as Eli flexes on them. Bronx turns towards the camera.
VALESCENCE: “Guess what BITCHES. Basketball Bronx is back… that is, if you’re dumb enough to think that there’s two different people. I know Bryan had trouble deciphering what I meant about being personal and it being about business. You being a middling, middle of the road wrestler bringing Marquis down? That isn’t the same as poking at all of your past relationships. But I know you just had to jump on in and go along with Marquis with whatever bullshit she was spewing. But sure. Just because I don’t go and talk about your personal life anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t talk about your near .500 records. It doesn’t compute. But please, continue to make something out of nothing because you’re shook.”
Eli picks the basketball back up and Bronx drops the backboard.
VALESCENCE: “As for Marquis. A bit of advice. If you’re going to come for promos. Try not to do it every single week because it’s just white noise at this point. You wanna talk about me saying the same shit? You did this same shit about how I couldn’t properly BUILD A MATCH because I cut a promo on myself. You’re white noise, and everyone knows it. The only person who gives you attention is Bryan. The rest roll your eyes. But the fact you came for me just shows how you don’t want to lose this match, which I appreciate it. Repeating myself over and over or not. I’ll still have more success than you, in any company or fed you wanna put that to the test. Maybe try to be more interesting than a trash talking white bitch and I’ll have more to say… BASKETBALL BRONX, BITCHESSS.”
Bronx and Eli go off to find their next victims.


Smith Jones seems really confident at first when he steps up to Eden Connors and their size difference is very noticeable. He asks for the classic test of strength since he is a very classy guy, but Eden is having none of it. She plays the part and jumps up to try to grab his hand but then comes down to stomp onto Jones’ foot. Connors runs to bounce off the ropes and comes back at Jones with a single leg dropkick. Jones stumbles back but doesn’t fall. Connors tries to knock him down again with a Leaping Clothesline, but Jones catches her in the air and throws her over his head with a Fall-Away Slam. Connors gets to her feet but Jones takes her down again with a Roaring Elbow. He yells out at the crowd and admonishes them for ever believing that Connors could actually take him on.
Jones goes over to pick Connors up by wrapping his hands around her neck and she kicks him in the head twice. Jones rages and forces her up, but Connors hops onto his thighs and falls back to throw Jones over with a Monkey Flip. Jones gets up and Connors goes for a Double Knee Breaker. Jones falls with her but wraps his arms around her to deaden the fall. He holds her down putting all of his weight on her for the pin.

Connors kicks out with all her strength, but Jones catches her up when she does and hits a Piledriver. Connors looks to be out. Jones toys with her for a few moments by throwing her around the ring with various suplexes. Connors rolls out to the mat after a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Jones grabs her up in the Cobra Clutch by bending Connors using the bottom rope and pulling her head back under the middle rope. The ref forces the break and Jones throws Connors outside. He gloats again in the middle of the ring as Connors collects herself outside. Jones then points at her and bounces off the ropes to go for Tomorrow. As he tries his Suicide Dive Headbutt, Connors stops him at the ropes with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Jones is left draped over the ropes. Connors hops up and grabs Jones up through the ropes to hit an Inverted DDT on the apron. She pulls Jones into the ring and pins.

Jones kicks out and springs to life looking livid. Connors tries to survive his onslaught and keeps her distance. She is caught when Jones manages to reverse a Rings of Saturn attempt into a Dragon Sleeper when Connors doesn’t hook his arm in time. Connors is just about to go out but she manages to get close to the ropes and hit a Shiranui. Connors goes for a Springboard Swanton Bomb but Connors rolls out of the way. He hits The Crestfall by driving his knees onto Connors after a standing moonsault. He goes to collect Connors, but she jumps on him like a spider monkey and locks in 22 Seconds in a delirious state. Jones struggles to power out of the move, but Connors doesn’t let up. The move presumably takes 22 seconds but Connors’ hold on Jones gets looser and looser as the seconds pass. Jones manages to finally spin around in circles until he throws Connors off at the 21 second mark. Jones recovers in the middle of the ring as Connors stalks him from the corner. She then runs at him and hits the BANG!BOOM!BONBON flipping him over into a Front Flip Piledriver! Connors jumps at him for the pin.

WINNER: Eden Connors via Pinfall (12:45)

Smith Jones staggers through the backstage area in the direction of his locker room. He rounds a corner and walks directly face to face with A.J. Morales. Jones grunts loudly and growls low as A.J. stares him down with an intense glare.
JONES: “Morales.”
MORALES: “Jones.”
Neither man wishes to give up the road. Both men stand fast in each other’s way.
JONES: “The XWA simply cannot be the same without me.”
MORALES: “I mean…Vee’s View is no Smith Jones LIVE!, but overall, you’re right. XWA’s already better without you.”
Smith’s eyes narrow with disdain as Morales gives him a smirk.
MORALES: “You know what would be hilarious, though?”
JONES: “Enlighten me.”
MORALES: “What if I pinned Eli in the finals of this tag tournament and got a shot at the North American title before you did?”
JONES: “Then I would be coming after you, I suppose. You don’t want that. Last time we stood this close together, I ducked behind you and dented your melon with the Point of Controversy. Need I remind you what that feels like?”
They lean in nose to nose and read one another’s souls for a solid beat until A.J. spots Bianca Reed, his tag partner, approaching out of the corner of his eye.
MORALES: “Well, I got business to handle. See you around…kid.”
JONES: “Likewise.”
Both men step sideways past each other and continue on their way, Smith going alone into the distance, A.J. convening with Bianca.
REED: “What was that all about?”
MORALES: “Long story…”
Reedvolution walk out of the frame towards gorilla position, and the cameras fade over to the next thing happening…

The out of breath Speaker was running as fast as he could out of the arena towards a burgundy, stretch Rolls Royce that had it’s door open. The Speaker practically dove into the vehicle and attenpted to catch his breath whilst delivering his message to Viduus, the 4CW Champion who sat calmly in the car. The title was seated next to him, shining and shimmery as a small snake slithered it’s way from the title to around Viduus’ neck.
SPEAKER: “It’s….it’s…Laughlin. It’s Laughlin. Monster.”
He was entirely out of breath and Viduus had just about laughed at him before holding his hand up.
VIDUUS: “Calm yourself brother. Collect your breath and tell me about my challenger.”
The Speaker looked at him curiously.
SPEAKER: “You knew?”
Viduus did laugh this time.
VIDUUS: “I went to the Neverwhere for four days and you think the only answers that came to me were regarding a Queen?”
The Speaker couldn’t find words.
VIDUUS: “I am aware that the one reigning Monster King is the next to fall. I am aware that the disciple of a false prophet is next in line. I am aware that Bryan Laughlin believes he is next in line for MY throne…I am aware of it all brother.”
The Speaker nodded. He should have known better.
SPEAKER: “About your two visits though brother….how did she react?
Viduus shook his head and stared out the window for a moment before returning his look to The Speaker
VIDUUS: “My time did not allow me to wait for a reaction brother. This…”
Viduus picked up the title and stared at it.
VIDUUS: “This is the only item within my control in this moment brother. Everything else…is just gravity.”
The Speaker shut the vehicle door as it sped off leaving the camera outside watching as the tail lights faded away.

Backstage once again we find a well dressed Genevie Carlson standing behind her husband who is seated at a table at catering, rubbing his shoulder as his match against Persephone Marquis and Bryan Williams, with Bronx as his tag team partner, will happen rather shortly. She doesn’t say anything but is doing her best to loosen her husband up in a way that can actually be shown on camera, rather than how they might normally choose to do so. On the table before him is a plate food that has had a few bites taken out of it. Beside the plate is the ball that Eli had used earlier to dunk on a few unsuspecting victims.
CARLSON: “You know I almost forgot what it was like to have to wrestle against Persephone. It’s been so long since she and I have stood in the ring across from one another. And, in truth, I find it a bit funny that all it took was a few moments of me pointing out that she’s not the woman she used to be for her to try and resort to her old tactics. And that’s fine. I get it. When someone says something that is the truth about you, you can’t help but fight against it and try and go back to what once worked. You know. The sarcasm. The dry wit. She can complain all she wants, and mock all she wants, but the fact of the matter is that the same things that were said about her a year ago still hold true today. They’re probably even MORE true today than they were back then. But it’s fine. Mock away, Persephone. Because I’m not the same man that I was a year and a half ago when we first stepped into the ring against each other, either. Our trajectories, today, are pointing in two completely different directions.”
He sighed and rolled his head to the left slightly so that his wife could rub his that side of his neck a little more freely.
CARLSON: “And Williams. Well, I don’t know how many times you have to try and reinvent yourself. Baseball bat Williams. Pegged by Tate Troy Williams. Angry at Jason Cashe Williams. It doesn’t matter. None of them will ever be as talented as either of the two people you’re facing in the ring tonight. Even if you manage to pull off the miraculous and move into the next round of the tournament. Which, trust me, nobody believes you have any real shot of doing. But for the sake of the argument lets grant you that. Just for this moment. Even if you win, you’ll head into the next round of the tournament and everyone will just be waiting for you to fall on your faces. There’s no final outcome that sees Bryan Williams as a legitimate threat. Not anymore. I imagine after this loss you’ll go back to playing golf, or whatever it was you were doing before. I’m not Boston. Neither is Bronx. Neither of us are scared of kicking you straight in your teeth and stepping over your lifeless body to move onto the next challenge.”
A pause, just for a moment.
CARLSON: “A year and a half ago the amount of tears you shed on the timeline over the past three days would have irked me. I would have walked into this tag team match angry and overly aggressive. And it would have been used against me. Today? You’re still annoying. I’m still going to walk into this match and come straight for you throat. The difference is that now? It’s not personal. It’s just business. And regardless of how this all plays out tonight, I’ll walk back here with a smile.”
The sound of a voice clearing a few feet behind him draws Eli’s attention to the basketball as he reaches out for it. At that very moment the camera pans out to show Bronx standing behind Genie with the backboard that he had held up earlier, as Eli grasps the ball, stands, spins and then dunks viciously on his wife.
Eli turned around quickly as Bronx dropped the backboard, speaking to the camera one last time as his wife, whose face was quickly turning a dark shade of red, prepared to unleash hell on him.
CARLSON: “Because at the end of the day. It’s just graps, baby. And Bronx and I. We’re two of the best.”
Launching himself over the table, Eli narrowly avoided a swinging right hand from Genie and quickly he went hustling off after Bronx, who was moving at a full sprint, rounding the corner out of the catering area and out of sight.



Madison and Morales let the ladies start this tag team matchup off being the consummate gentlemen that they are. Kat goes for trying to beat Reed at her own game as they engage in some fast paced striking contests and manage reversal after reversal. They get into a kick and chop exchange that ends when Kat drops Reed in a quick Headlock Driver. She covers but Reed kicks out immediately and tags Morales in. Morales immediately goes on the attack as he hits Kat with a flying knee. He goes to the ropes to hit a Springboard High Knee as she is dazed. Morales tries to lock in an armbar, but Kat wrenches his leg off of her and reverses into a Texas Cloverleaf. Morales gets up onto his arms and tries to power out. He manages to roll forward relieving the pressure from the hold and punches Kat from the ground. Kat releases the hold and fires back with some hard Bitchslaps. Kat smacks Morales on the ground like he owes her money. Morales catches one of the arms and finally locks in the armbar.
Kat squirms in pain but tags out to Madison. Morales releases Kat and backs up as the newest 4CW Hall of Famer enters the ring. Morales kips up to meet the challenge as they square up. AJ feints some punches as Madison covers up and AJ tries pulls his arms down to hit a Spinning Backfist. Madison ducks under to grab AJ up and he hits a T-Bone Suplex. AJ backs up to his corner as Madison follows. Madison manages to grab AJ into a front face lock and spins to get on the second rope. AJ flails around and Bianca catches his hand for the blind tag. Madison jumps off the ropes and spins to throw AJ with a Tornado Snap Suplex. Bianca hits him with a Snap Hurricanrana as soon as Madison gets up. She locks in his legs.

Madison powers out and pins Bianca down in side control to hit her with some wild knee strikes to the ribs. When he lets up Bianca tries to mount some offense but Madison grinds her down with his slow and calculated technique. Madison tags Kat in as AJ enters the ring to save Bianca. Madison intercepts him as Kat grabs Bianca up. They hit dual Northern Lights Suplexes on their opponents and Madison takes AJ outside with him. Madison and AJ brawl around the ring as Kat hits Bianca with the Dead-End. Bianca ends up near the ropes. As she tries to use them to get up Kat locks her up int he WIldkat. Bianca screams in pain as Madison blocks AJ from reaching her with a Running Yakuza Kick. Bianca shakes her head as her limbs are held. She seems to pass out from the pain, but then she bites the bottom rope! The ref checks on her and forces Kat to release the hold.
AJ hops onto the apron to jump off with a high knee to Madison. He tags himself in and runs at Kat to hit the Golden Goal. Kat holds her chest in pain as Madison runs in to hit AJ with a low leg kick and a flying knee strike. AJ almost falls but hits a Fuckin’ Slayerrrrr before he does. Madison is rocked by the superkick. AJ turns his attention to Kat as she is getting up. He doesn’t notice Madison only falls back onto the ropes and is coming after him. AJ runs at Kat and ducks a Bitchslap to scramble up the corner. Bianca suddenly springboards off the ropes as well aiming for Madison. Reedvolution hit dual Falling Stars. Kat and Madison fall from the meteoras as AJ picks Kat up and hits a ripcord slingblade then locks in a coquina clutch for the Lethal Protector! Bianca struggles to hold Madison back as Kat is put to sleep.
WINNERS: Reedvolution via Submission (15:26)

The scene opens up backstage. We see the neon lights already glowing, and where we’d see Bryan we also see somebody else. A woman stands with him, dressed almost the same. The same kind of letterman jacket, the same kind of blue jeans.
She wears a rooster mask.
He wears a wolf.
It’s Bryan and Persephone, they slowly remove their masks as they look at the camera. There’s a new energy about them, and it seems that Persephone is definitely behind whatever this is. She looks at Bryan for a second, as the camera feed distorts for a moment.
The fuzz fades away, cutting back in as Bryan steps forward towards the camera. A newfound confidence about him, now that Persephone is on his side once again. Bryan looks at the camera for a moment, before speaking. In the background Persephone holds up a baseball bat, working it through her shoulders as she lets her arms rest on it.
WILLIAMS: “It’s only been very recently that Persephone has experienced this change, but I felt this coming for a very long time now…”
Bryan says, trailing off for a moment.
WILLIAMS: “I knew it was something I needed, knew it was something I had to let become apart of me. I didn’t know why I didn’t know what purpose I would serve in the long run. Here I thought it was for some self-fulfilling reason. Some dumb opportunity to make it on my own, and make it big.”
Bryan looks over at Persephone, and through the darkness and neon lights, we can see that he’s smiling.
WILLIAMS: “I was mistaken.”
Bryan looks back to the camera, the scene distorts again briefly and suddenly he’s up close. He’s staring into the camera, as Persephone stands behind him now. She’s holding the baseball bat closely, as Bryan speaks.
WILLIAMS: “Our opponents will have you to believe we stand no chance.”
The scene distorts again, and now Persephone has taken his place. Bryan’s mask is on, as he holds the bat in his hands.
MARQUIS: “Shit, most people voted for them anyway. Or is that not canon? Either way, we’ve got a lot of people to disappoint tonight, Bryan.”
Persephone takes a step backward, as Bryan steps forward. Still holding the bat, he hands it over as the mask again comes off his head.
WILLIAMS: “I felt that this match was disrespectful when I first discovered it. As time went on though, I started to see the beauty in it. I no longer felt hopeless about suffering another defeat in our attempts at becoming a team. I saw the chaos inside of it, the pure excitement of sending a whole establishment crashing down. These are your golden children, and we’re about to expose them as frauds. Fool’s gold, for anyone to have.”
Bryan smirks, as Persephone has been putting on her mask as the promo went on. He looks over to her, as she begins to speak.
MARQUIS: “I was definitely more optimistic than Bryan was, but I see his point now. He’s shown me and I get it. I’m tired of getting fucked over here. I’m tired of always coming up close, but never getting what I want. Tired of getting shit on. These other cucks get to roam around with impunity, spout and do the same shit all while getting their dick sucked and being told they’re making a difference. Fuck that. Fuck everyone who takes all of that bullshit in like a slut excited to deep throat. I’m not entertaining fluff ups anymore. I’m taking what I want, whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want it. And you know what, maybe now I’ve decided that I want us to have those tag team titles. Maybe now I’ve decided that I want to make Bronx and Eli look like a couple of fucking idiots. That I want US to break these dudes down.”
Bryan chuckles.
WILLIAMS: “Don’t worry, we will.”
He steps forward again, Persephone takes a moment to play with her mask as Bryan stands at center frame. The scene distorts again, and now the camera is on the floor. Bryan crouches down, looking into the camera as he speaks.
WILLIAMS: “I look through this tournament and I see nothing but false hope. I see nobody that truly stands out as a savior of this division. For so long I’ve seen these titles suffer, in the hands of those that don’t truly deserve them. I had a chance, so long ago that I let slip through my fingers. Well, not any longer. That moment is coming back around soon enough, and I have an opportunity to make things right. We both have an opportunity to give this division a team they can actually look up to. No babysitters, no part-time champions that show up whenever it’s convenient for them. You’re looking at real contenders, true saviors for this division.”
Bryan grabs the camera as he speaks, pulling it up and bringing it closer. The scene distorts one last time, as the hallway we were standing in looks completely cleared up. There are no more neon lights, no darkness. It’s bright and beautiful, Bryan and Persephone are there and they look fine. No masks, no baseball bat. They look like they’ve just arrived at the arena, as they’re ready to get prepared for their match.
Persephone looks over towards the camera, as Bryan looks ready to leave.
MARQUIS: “We’re about to make this shit look good, so you better fucking believe that Bryan and I are coming for those titles. After we get through Bronx and Eli tonight, it’s going to be an open fucking ballgame. After tonight, the hard part will be out of the way. There’s not a fucking team on this list that can step to us on a good day, and we’re about to have a whole lot of them.”
Bryan winks, as he speaks up from the background. For a split second the scene distorts, and we can see their former selves for a brief moment.
Masks and all.
WILLIAMS: “I’ve shown Marquis the light, she’s starting to see things my way. I don’t know if it was her own way holding her back, all those matches ago. I can say that we’re on the same page now, and things are certainly looking magnificent for us. We’re about to subvert a lot of expectations tonight. I hope you all are ready to pick your new favorites because after tonight we’ll beat them too.”
MARQUIS: “But for right now, you can just watch us dunk on these fucking losers. The Sadboiz are back in town.”
Marquis throws up a peace sign, walking out of the scene with Bryan in tow.
We cut away.



As the ref asks for one member of each team to leave the ring, The Laughlins look at each other and rush the other corner to attack Iota Psi and Brooklyn Light with clubbing forearms and kicks. Neo Tokyo are overwhelmed at the onslaught as Baelin Club isolate Iota. Bryan hits her with some European Uppercuts as she is ping-ponged between him and Kaelan delivering some forearm strikes. Iota fires back at Bryan with a thrust kick, but she is taken down by Kaelan who hits some mounted punches on her. The ref forces Bryan to leave the ring. Kaelan takes her time to work Iota over. She lets her try to get to her corner for the tag but always pulls her back at the last second. Kaelan stomps on Iota all over her body, arms and legs as she taunts Brooklyn, but the ref is quick to get her under control.
Kaelan hits a Belly to Belly Suplex and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Bryan runs across the ring to knock Brooklyn out of the ring with an elbow. As he walks back to his corner he hits Iota with a leg drop. Kaelan waits for Iota to get up and tries to end the match quickly with From Belfast With Love, but Iota traps up her leg and puts Kaelan in an Ankle Lock. Bryan runs in to stop her but is stopped in his tracks by a few elbows from Brooklyn. Kaelan pulls herself to the ropes and falls to the outside to escape the hold. Brooklyn and Iota hit Bryan with dropkicks to send him out. They look at each other and nod before running to the ropes. They jump over the ropes to the outside. Brooklyn hits Bryan with a Suicide Dive as Iota hits Kaelan with a Tope con Hilo as the fans go wild.
Now, this match goes off the rails as the two teams brawl on the outside. The ref tries to get control but it is almost impossible. Iota and Brooklyn throw Kaelan into the barrier separating the fans from the ring. They then whip Bryan at Kaelan. He barrels into her and demolishes Kaelan like he is used to it. Bryan turns to Brooklyn and Iota in a rage. He runs at them full bore and ready for the carnage to catch them off guard. He suddenly jumps onto the apron and jumps onto Brooklyn with a Missile Dropkick. Iota tries to kick him while he is down, but he rolls her over and grabs up both of her arms. Bryan pins her against the barrier and hits some Double Underhook Headbutts to her face. Iota dodges the third one and raises her shoulder up to knock Bryan back. Brooklyn flies at him with RUnning Double Knees that pin him to the corner post. Iota throws Kaelan inside.
Iota slams Kaelan down with a Tornado DDT. She immediately lunges at Kaelan to lock in the Propeller Headscissors Necklock. Kaelan screams in pain as Iota pulls her back. Brooklyn comes into the ring and bounces off the ropes to hit Kaelan with a Pele Kick right in the face as she is in the painful hold. Kaelan goes down and Iota pins.

And Bryan runs in to break the count with a Jumping Double Stomp onto Iota. He rallies Kaelan up as Brooklyn pulls Iota to the corner and makes the tag. Brooklyn kicks Kaelan to the corner and hops up to the second ropes. She raises her fist and has the audience count with her as she hits consecutive punches onto Kaelan. On the sixth punch, however, Kaelan grabs her arm and pushes her off. Kaelan hits the Going Out in Style arm trap exploder onto the corner. Brooklyn clutches onto the ropes but Kaelan hops onto the top rope. Kaelan comes down on her with a double stomp. Brooklyn is down on the bottom turnbuckle as Kaelan tags Bryan in. Bryan climbs the to the top and hits a Burning River Leap dropkick from across the ring. Kaelan runs to stop Iota from entering the ring after the Burning River Leap With Love and Bryan covers.

WINNERS: Baelin Club via Pinfall (16:20)

The camera cuts backstage, where the team of The American Mangs – the 4CW Ignition Champion American Tommy and DA #TROLL GUY Mariano Fernandez, already in their wrestling gear, stand in front of a hallway as the camera starts rolling.
FERNANDEZ: “We’ve seen and heard all your tired, spooky nonsense, Dakota and Riddle. First it was the desert, now it’s some deserted place in the woods, but always are you two up to some creepy ritual. It’s almost as if you knew we don’t believe any of your antics, mang.”
DA #TROLL GUY rolls his eyes, shaking his head, in a tired expression. Tommy, for his part, simply shrugs.
TOMMY: “I really don’t know what to say, boys. I mean, I didn’t know that I was in for fictional story time when I decided to watch y’all hype yourself up, but that’s what I got. Not a huge fan of horror movies, in particular bad ones that can’t even scare me, but whatever. Next time, y’all should recast yourselves with actors who portray you so that it would maybe be more believable, but I’m just spitballing here. Don’t mind me.”
FERNANDEZ: “And all in a vain attempt to cover for the very obvious fact that you’ve sat on your asses without even making an attempt to defend the belts you now hold, the very reason this tournament was made in the first place – to pass it as if it were some sort of accomplishment to those who know no better.”
He makes a small scoff, throwing his hands next in a gesture of resignation.
FERNANDEZ: “But what the hell, mang. Let’s indulge you. Let’s pretend we should be in AWE that you took down Salvation, and that we have you to thank for Boston being gone.”
Tommy, wearing a smirk on his face, looks at Mariano and shrugs.
TOMMY: “You weren’t scared were you?”
Silently, Mariano shakes his head no.
TOMMY: “Entertained?”
Manny shakes his head once more, but as his head turns back to the camera, he attempts to stifle a bellowing laugh. Try as he might, however, he only manages a muffled snort, covering his mouth with his hand as his face grows red.
FERNANDEZ: “I’m sorry, I’m really trying, chicos. Please bear with me.”
Lifting a hand in an excusatory gesture, he takes some moments to compose himself for a moment. Meanwhile, Tommy looks down at the ground and back up.
TOMMY: “I was hoping for a little fire from you. And, well. You let us down like you’ve let everybody else down with your attempt to raise the Tag Team division to new heights.”
Tommy produces an apple, which he bites and chews it a bit before speaking again. Cause he’s fucking hungry.
TOMMY: “Well, we’ll be waiting for y’all out in that ring tonight. If I was you, I’d leave your acting skills in the back and start pretending to be wrestlers again, but what do I know? It’s not like I know a thing or two about successfully defending championships or anything…”
By this point, Mariano has fully recovered, and addresses the camera again.
FERNANDEZ: “Alright, I got my bearing for enough time to take your words as seriously as can be taken without the inevitable taste of ridiculous comedy that comes with them, but I’ll honor your reputations and think of you as the fearsome monsters that you fancy yourselves to be.”
FERNANDEZ: “What are monsters, then, either in fearsome tales of legend, or right before our very eyes in the shape of men, but creatures to be slain by heroes, for the good of mankind? What is evil but a foe for good to prevail over?”
He raises an eyebrow, a mischievous smile forming in his mouth.
FERNANDEZ: “The Vikings you mention, mang, were eventually driven away from the British Isles, never to return. Every monster you conjure up – from your revived Frankenstein humanoid to your Wendigo has a representation that exists but for one purpose, mang – to be defeated. To be slaughtered, and then held as an accomplishment of the triumph of good over evil!”
He lifts up a finger, signaling that he’s not yet done.
FERNANDEZ: “And since you want to cast doubts on our joining of forces, allow me to remind you that likewise, there’s no limit to stories of people of different origins banding fortuitously to bring down a looming threat. The Fellowship of the Ring. The Grey Wardens. The Inquisition in Dragon Age. Examples abound, mang. And how do ALL of those stories end?”
Mariano cocks his head to the side, and clenches a fist.
FERNANDEZ: “With the BIG BAD MENACING monsters becoming but memories that make up the tales of the heroes sung forever after, chicos.”
This time, Manny points a finger to the camera.
FERNANDEZ: “And tonight, in the beginning of 4CW’s sixth year, at the very first Main Event of 2019 in the very first round of this Tag Team Into The Future, the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home will be witness to another such story, another such great event, unfolding right before their very eyes.”
He then closes his right fist but for the thumb, which he slashes, swiftly, across his neck.
FERNANDEZ: “And the two big scary neckbeards’ excuse for a horror show will end at the hands of the NEW 4CW Tag Team Champions…”
Both Manny and Tommy look at each other, and nod in unison, before turning to the camera.
And with their peace said, they turn around and walk away, as the camera fades to black.



Eli Carlson and Bryan Williams stand in the ring, as the bell sounds. The two begin to circle each other for a moment, before locking up in the middle of the ring. Eli quickly locks Bryan up, shoving him towards his corner. Bryan tries pushing back, but can’t seem to force Carlson out of his way. However, he is able to escape before Carlson can trap him in his corner. Bryan heads over back towards his side of the ring, looking on as Eli begins to smirk. Eli Carlson looks on, calling for Bryan to meet him in the middle again. Bryan does, as he connects with a Forearm Strike that stuns Eli. Bryan doesn’t waste time with another tie-up, he sends Eli to the ropes and connects with a Flapjack as Eli slams hard onto the mat. Eli Carlson gets up to his feet, a bit annoyed by Bryan’s actions. Bryan looks on, smiling, as Carlson charges towards him. Bryan drops to his stomach, causing Carlson to continue on to the other side of the ring. Bryan gets back up, and catches him on the rebound with a Hip Toss! Carlson pops back up to his feet, but Bryan catches him with an Arm Drag, sending him back towards his corner! Bryan stands tall, as Eli tags his partner into the match.
Bronx steps into the ring, the crowd anticipating a highly contested bout now that Bronx is back into this match. They cheer for him, having not seen him in a 4CW match in several months. Bryan looks on, stepping backwards as he heads to his corner and tags Persephone in. The crowd boos, as Bronx looks on in confusion. Persephone wastes no time, charging towards Bronx as he hops over her. Persephone takes Bronx down with a Headscissors, sending him scurrying across the ring. Bronx soon recovers, flipping out of another Headscissors attempt as he lands on his feet! Bronx tries for a Leaping DDT, but Marquis pushes him away. Bronx attempts a German Suplex, but Marquis is able to slip out of the hold! Bronx turns, eating a High Roundhouse Kick from Persephone that puts him down on the mat! She quickly covers him for the pin, the first attempt of the match!

Bronx easily kicks out, as Persephone heads back to her corner to tag Bryan back into the match. Bryan steps over, kicking Bronx in the back of his head as he tries to get up. Bryan wastes no time in playing around, picking Bronx up and dropping him with a Snap Suplex. Bronx cracks his neck as he gets back up, and charges towards Bryan! He takes Bryan down with a Shoulder Tackle, sending Bryan to the outside! Bronx slides right out of the ring, looking to capitalize on this moment, but Bryan has already recovered. He clobbers Bronx with an elbow, and slides back into the ring. Bryan runs to the other side of the ring to gain momentum as he runs back towards Bronx. He returns to the side he entered, and DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Both men go crashing to the ground, as Eli and Marquis look on.
Bryan lays on the outside, while Bronx leans against the barricade. Both men begin to stir, as they get to their feet at the same time. Bronx doesn’t want to waste any time spent on the outside, hitting Bryan with an elbow of his own. He grabs Bryan and tosses him back into the ring. Bryan quickly shoots across the ring, tagging in Marquis just as Bronx is able to slide back into the ring. Bronx tries to get up to his feet quickly, but eats a Running Kick from Marquis! Bronx stumbles forwards, allowing Marquis to quickly climb up the turnbuckle and drop Bronx to the mat with a Diving Hurricanrana! The crowd is certainly surprised by the lack of intensity seen from Bronx, as Persephone again covers him for the pin.

Bronx is able to kick out, throwing Marquis off of him as he gets back to his feet. Marquis isn’t finished though, grabbing Bronx by the hair and pulling him backwards. The move takes him by surprise, but he clocks her with a Spinning Backfist! Bronx looks to tag his partner in, but Marquis lands a brutal elbow to his kidneys! Eli Carlson calls out to his partner, as Bronx drops to his knees in pain. Marquis follows up with another knee to the area, keeping Bronx in place for the moment. She steps back, and connects with a High Knee to the back of his head! Eli can only look on, as Bronx collapses to the mat. Eli looks very annoyed, as Marquis looks to follow up with another shot. Marquis takes her time, but that seems to be her downfall as Bronx gets to his feet. He ducks the shot from Marquis, blasting her with a Superkick that knocks her to the mat. Eli calls for the tag, reaching his hand out to his partner as Bronx does his best to recover. It’s clear that coming back this soon might have been a mistake, as he looks a bit tired already. Eli reaches out one more time, as Bronx is able to tag him back into the match!
Eli quickly gets into the ring, grabbing Persephone before she can tag out. He pulls her towards his side, dropping her with an Implant DDT! Eli continues to brutalize Persephone, wearing her down with a series of holds. He wants her to exert all of her energy, before he starts the punishment again. Persephone holds on, not wanting to give up to a Rear Chinlock. Eli looks to give her some motivation to quit, he slams her with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Quickly applying the Rear Chinlock again, Eli calls for Persephone to quit. She isn’t about it, again trying her best to get back out of the hold. Eli slams an Elbow into the back of her head, as he lets go of the hold. Persephone looks a little out of it, as Eli picks her up and drives her into the mat with a Brainbuster! Persephone doesn’t move, as Eli quickly covers her for the pin!

Eli knows that he needs to keep Persephone in this match, as she tries her best to get Bryan involved. Eli is able to stop her every chance she gets, cutting her off from making the tag. Eli again catches Persephone with a Sling Blade. The Prince’s Edict planting her into the mat, as Eli is able to take a break. Persephone again tries to will herself towards her corner, Eli watches on completely dumbfounded. He moves to his corner, tagging Bronx back in to finish up the job. Bronx, having had some time to rest now, gets into the ring with one job on his mind. A brutal stomp lands in the middle of Persephone’s back, she screams out in pain as Bronx grabs her. Picking her up off of the mat, Bronx easily deadlifts her into a German Suplex! Persephone is slammed hard into the mat, as Bronx quickly makes his attempt to cover her. Persephone, however, has other plans for this moment. Bronx moves forward, and with her last bit of energy she connects with her foot to his stomach! Bronx doubles over, clearly in pain, as he drops to the mat. Persephone drags herself towards her corner, Bryan helping out a little bit as he reaches down to tag himself back in.
The crowd is unsure of what’s going to happen now, as Bryan moves towards Bronx. Bronx tries his best to defend himself, but the liver shot has taken a lot out of him. Bryan lifts him up, pulling him into the corner as he rams his shoulder into his midsection repeatedly. Over and over again, Bryan slams his shoulder into Bronx’s stomach. The pain on Bronx’s face tells a story, as he cannot stand it any longer. Bronx sends a lifting knee into Bryan’s face, backing him off for a second. Bronx tries for a Leaping DDT, but Bryan tosses him back down to his feet. Bryan catches him with a Spinning Backfist, quickly connecting with a Bicycle Knee as the Raging Demon connects fully! Bryan calls for Persephone to come back into the ring, as he tags her in. The two begin to work together, as they connect with a Wheelbarrow Hold, Double Knee Drop combination on Bronx.
Eli tries to call for Bronx to tag him in, as Persephone works him over, but Bronx stays stubborn. He’s doing his best to fight his way back into the match, even if it means going at it alone right now. He quickly turns the tide on Persephone, catching her with a European Uppercut out of midair as she tries for a Crossbody from the Top Rope! With Persephone hurt, Bronx uses this chance to tag Eli Carlson back into the match. Eli tries to get Bronx to help him with a Double Suplex, but Bronx is just too tired at the moment. He holds his stomach, going back to his corner as Eli looks on in confusion. Eli, not knowing what’s going on with his partner, heads to his corner to find out as Persephone gets a chance to recover in the ring. Persephone gets back up, running into Eli who in turn collides right into Bronx! Bronx stumbles off of the apron, as Eli is rolled up into a pinning position by Persephone!

Eli has had enough, he quickly puts Persephone down with a Pele Kick! Your Coronation lands, as Bryan finds himself getting into the ring. Eli does his best to cover up from Bryan’s attacks, but Bryan is able to catch him with a Superkick! Bryan helps Persephone get back up, as Bronx makes his way back to his corner. He looks to the ring, as Persephone is just getting up to her feet. Bronx grabs Persephone and tosses her into the corner. Landing clubbing blows, Bronx looks to open up on his opponent. Bryan quickly enters the ring, jumping on Bronx’ back! Bronx Valescence is able to toss Bryan off of him, dropping him to the mat with a Bicycle Knee of his own! Bronx gets back to his corner, as he calls for Eli to tag him in. Eli does, rolling to the outside as Bronx looks to finish off Persephone right here! Lifting her up to her feet, he rushes to the ropes as he looks for the Valescence’s Victory! Persephone ducks out of the way, though, rolling to her corner as she tags Bryan back in! Bryan rushes forward, as Bronx does the same. Bryan attempts a Clothesline, but Bronx ducks and comes back on the rebound with a VALESCENCE’S VICTORY! Bryan is drilled into the mat, but before Bronx can pin Bryan he’s hit with a Codebreaker from Persephone! Persephone doesn’t stay long in the match, as Eli comes charging back in as he clotheslines Persephone up and over the top rope! She spills out to the outside, as Eli and Bronx look to finish this match up. Bronx holds Bryan, looking to connect with a German Suplex. He calls for Eli to rush forward, and hit his Red Light Special on Bryan to combine the moves! Eli nods, backing up a bit as he rushes forward to connect with the kick. Eli runs towards the two, but Bryan ducks just as Eli strikes out leaving Eli to connect the Red Light Special on his OWN PARTNER! Bronx crumbles to the mat, just as Persephone gets back into the ring. Petty Cash connects on Eli, leaving him down on the mat as Bryan directs Persephone. Lifting Bronx up into a Tombstone position, Bryan watches as Persephone climbs up to the top. She quickly leaps off, hitting a Top Rope Stomp into a Spiked Tombstone Piledriver! Less Than Zero hits, leaving Bronx in the middle of the ring as Bryan covers him for the pin!

WINNERS: Sadboiz via Pinfall (17:47)

Here we are once again, you know the area, you know the spot! Omerta headquarters, which was in all reality Perry Wallace’s makeshift office set up inside which ever arena they just so happen to be in. It’s the usual set up, you see Perry’s booze on the desk, a pair of bolt cutters off in the corner that Wallace insists be in every room that has his desk in it. Dakota and Cyrus are positioned behind the desk, their 4CW tag team championships in front of them. They are dressed for their upcoming match, with Dakota sporting the heavy black grease like smudged on his face. The pair known as Omerta stares into the camera for a few moments, building up the kind of tension that only comes moments before a car crash. They looked ready, a certain kind of profound bloodlust exuberating from their eye sockets as their stared through the camera into your very souls.
SMITH: “Time goes by, and oh it goes on and on and on. Every moment, every second of every worthless existence that inherits these halls. We are all just trying to beat the clock that keeps tick, tick, ticking away! Over and over again your head, inching its way closer. The blade of mortality slowly sliding it’s way across your delicate little necks.“
Dakota reaches forward, and lets his forearms rest on his championship – his hands hanging over top of it.
SMITH: “Omerta is that blade, the judge, the executioner, and the reaper that will bring you to the other side. We will hunt you, devour you, feed from your suffering, let your complete annihilation be our glorious triumph! And you Mariano Fernandez and American Tommy, are going to learn that. You are going to be the example that we set for every other team in this tournament, That fucking sign on the door that tells all these other withering maggots that they fucked up! They shouldn’t of tried to take what we rightfully earned, our championships! The pleasure we are going to take in your disembowelment Tommy, the pure ecstasy of putting your glorious head on a stake Mariano… It will be fucking magnificent! A bloody orgy the likes in which no one has ever seen. And then, after it is all said and done. The two of you will fade away from memory, this little team you tried to form. This pathetic stray from the path, in search of glory that you were never going to get! This match! Was never going to end well for the two of you…“
Riddle smugly adjusts hit title and looks into the camera.
RIDDLE: “Just look at the names we went through to get to the top. Jeb Fisher, your treasured Cosmo Cooper, Nemesis, current 4CW Champion Viduus Morta, and both Carlsons. You don’t achieve mediocrity with names like that on the resume. And tonight, we add Manny and Tommy. You two get to experience the greatness and brutality. Tonight, you feel the loss and failure in achievement. Omerta over all.”
Dakota slams his fist down on his championships and lifts it up as he stands up tall, Cyrus follows suit and the two of them glare into the camera for a moment, before rolling their eyes. Dakota spits on the ground before the pair begins to head towards the exit. The camera statics away or whatever to the next thing. It’s fucking magical let me tell you.

As the camera fades in from black we are in 4CW’s locker room. Lockers are standing, a black leather couch sits in the middle of the room, and the room seems to be completely empty. All of a sudden the door flies open and all we see is a silhouette of a man standing inside the door frame. As the man steps into focus and closes the door behind him, he slowly turns around with a grin on his face. 4CW’s very own Shane Borderland is back in the building. He walks in and head straight towards the locker area. He grasps one of the lockers with his right hand and closes his eyes for a for moments and then reopens them.
BORDERLAND: ”It has been nearly four years since I have stepped foot inside a ring. Four Corners was the last federation I worked for before my world came crashing down.”
Shane lets go of the locker and he walks over towards a poster that is hanging on the wall. The poster has a few superstars on it, none of which he can remember due to his absence. He places his on the right top hand corner of the poster.
BORDERLAND: ”So much has happened since I have been gone…”
Shane lowers his head and slowly shakes it from side to side.
BORDERLAND: ”So many new faces have stepped inside this place trying to make a name for themselves. So many superstars, or acquaintances I could say are no where in sight. This is almost as new to me as when I first stepped inside of a ring back in 2011. All these new faces around here, I know they are starving for the spotlight moment.”
Shane grins and then he rips the poster completely off the wall, wads it up in a ball and drops it right beneath him.
BORDERLAND: ”All I can say is to everyone that knows me, well I don’t have to introduce myself. For the ones that don’t know me, you will very soon. See I will be the man that takes the spotlight away from you. The man that will shatter your dreams and take your fifteen minutes of fame. I know this will be no easy task to make my presence known around these parts again. But once I step inside that ring. It will be like I never left. When the time comes for me to make my appearance inside that ring again. There will be hell to pay for anyone that steps in my way. Last time I fought inside this ring, well lets just say things didn’t go as planned. Hell let’s just be real here.”
He grabs the back of his neck and shakes his head.
BORDERLAND: ”I had a hard time competing in Four Corners years ago. I don’t know if it was just me or it was something going on inside of my head. I was dealing with a lot of issues back then, but now I’m glad to say that is done now. I was in my own way of success and now I see no reason for me to work my way up to the top and for once hold a Heavyweight Championship. Yes this is going to be a long journey to get my name back out there and I’m ready for everything that is thrown at me. So let me tell you all a little something. Once my music blares throughout that arena and I step out onto that stage. It’s all over for the son of a bitch that’s on the end. This will be my era in Four Corners this go around. The Borderland era is about to begin, so all we can is…”
Shane bends down and grabs the crumbled up poster that he threw on the ground. He unravels it and turns the poster facing towards the camera.
BORDERLAND: ”Be ready Four Corners. There is a new sheriff in town and I will not stop until I achieve pure greatness. The next time you all see one of these posters, you will be seeing me, myself being the center of attention and then you will know that I wasn’t playing games. Shane Borderland is about to march straight towards the top and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it!”
Shane glares into the camera as he releases the poster from his hand. The camera follows the poster as it hits the ground and the scene slowly begins to fade to black as we can hear laughing and footsteps getting farther away.



JOHNSON: ”Welcome back to ringside ladies and gentlemen! it is now time for our main event!”
JOHNSON: ”We haven’t seen these belts in action since Bad Company last year with Omerta won the whole thing. Kicking things off in Twenty-Nineteen, we have not only a tag team tournament, but a championship match in the first round right here tonight.”
VASSA: ”I seriously thought that Salvation was going to challenge Omerta for the straps but they were nowhere to be found when the opportunity presented itself.”
JOHNSON: ”Kind of hard to make a claim for deserving a shot when the champions beat them in a non-title match weeks before a championship match would have taken place.”
VASSA: ”Say what you want about Omerta and them not defending the belts, but it isn’t their fault. They can’t help that they stopped Salvation from earning a championship match that everyone saw coming. It’s not their fault that no one on the entire roster has showed any interest at challenging Omerta for the belts. It’s easy to point the finger and blame Omerta, but they can’t make people step up and challenge for their belts.”
JOHNSON: ”Speaking of Salvation, they’re gone! Omerta ending Salvation’s chances at earning a title shot ran two of them out of 4CW!”
VASSA: ”The best is still around, and he’s holding the 4CW Championship once again.”
JOHNSON: ”It took some banter on social media between a few teams to kick things into high gear and look what we have now. Tag Team Into The Future!”
VASSA: ”What started out as seven teams, will end here tonight with only four advancing to the next round at Adrenaline Ninety-Seven. Hell, we could even have a new set of champions by the end of tonight.”
JOHNSON: ”Anything is possible. The number of teams isn’t as high as Bad Company, but it isn’t all in one night so each team that advances has two weeks to rest up before stepping into the ring again and giving their all. That right there to me makes this thing even more competitive because no one is going into a new match with fatigue.”
VASSA: ”Either way, whether it’s in one night or stretched over three, it’s the same for each team involved so no matter how you do it, it’s fair to everyone participating.”
The arena lights suddenly go down, and a Trollface appears on the big screen.


POWERS: ”And now, standing six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds! From Buenos Aires, Argentina, by way of Miami, Florida… ‘THE GADFLY’… MARIANO FFEERRNNAANNDDEEZZ!!!”

The lights come back on, and after a huge pyro blast, Mariano is standing at the stage entrance, posing to the crowd going wild. The music then transitions into “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco blaring throughout the arena, sending the audience into a hysteria of excitement. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and confetti drop from the ceiling as American Tommy pushes through the curtains and walks out and he raises that Octane Championship into the air with great pride. A look of satisfaction glistens in his eyes as he steps beside Mariano on the stage.
POWERS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for your Octane Champion. Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TTOOMMMMYY!!!”
The two then head down the ramp and straight for the ring.
Reaching the ring, Tommy slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle he raises the Octane Championship with one hand to the crowd as they raise their arms to him. Manny climbs the ringside steps and walks to the center of the apron before dipping through the ropes and entering the ring himself. As the music and lights come back to normal, Manny grabs the microphone from Mike Powers.
VASSA: ”I don’t even know what that means but I love it!”
JOHNSON: ”The American Mangs are in the building tonight and the crowd seems to be behind them one hundred percent.”
VASSA: ”Excuse me, what did you just call them?”
JOHNSON: ”The American Mangs.”
VASSA: ”Jesus fucking Christ, Steve.”
“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward
Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both
For a wounded man will shall say to his assailant
If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven
Such is the rule of honor”

The pounding guitar riffs of “Omerta” start to blare throughout the arena as Cyrus Riddle and Dakota Smith make their way from out of the back. Cyrus has his 4CW Tag Team Championship around his neck and hood of the vest he was wearing, which was up. Dakota had his championship dangling from one of the belt loops on his ring gear. The two men, brothers in blood and gore stand side by atop of the stage for a few moments. Cyrus grabs ahold of his belt, and lets his hands rest there as Dakota’s eyes go wide. The Butcher licks his lips as he looks out into the audience, Cyrus’s eyes focused on the ring. After a few moments the two begin to descend down to the ring. Cyrus had a confident, almost cocky strut as he held onto his championship around his neck. Dakota on the other hand, was walking with a more wild approach, a sinister grin upon his lips as he somewhat chuckled underneath his breath.
I am the result, what’s better left unspoken
Violence begins to mend what was broken
You’ve been talking, I’ve been all ears”

POWERS: ”Making their way down to the ring at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy pounds! They are your Reigning! Defending! 4CW Tag Team Champions! This is OOMMEERRTTAA!!!”
Cyrus begins to ascend the steps, his hands still on his championship. Each step he methodically stomped like it was the skull of an opponent. Dakota on the other hand slide into the ring, he planted his fist into the mat and pushed himself up as Cyrus climbed through the middle rope. Once in the the ring, Cyrus immediately goes to the corner and climbs up to the middle rope, he shoots back his hood and removes his championship from around his neck, holding it up in the air. As Cyrus does this Dakota undoes the championship from his belt loop and climbs the middle of the ropes, holding it up to the crowd as well. Both have increasingly disturbing grins on their face as they pan around the audience. They then jump down off of the ropes and return to their corner.
JOHNSON: ”And there are the Tag Team Champions!”
VASSA: ”Not only Tag Team Champions, but Dakota is also the Pride Champion and the first ever Grand Slam Champion!”
JOHNSON: ”And American Tommy is the Octane Champion. This entire tournament was filled with champions of all sorts from the start!”
As each team stands in their corner talking amongst themselves, the official stands in the center of the ring with both Tag Team Championships in hand. He hoists them high above his head, turning to each side of the ring and putting them on full display for the crowd in attendance and those watching around the world. After handing them off to a member of the ringside crew, the official checks in with each corner as they determine who will kick things off here tonight. Starting off for the American Mangs, Mariano takes the honors as Tommy exits onto the apron. Cyrus and Dakota go back and forth over who will start, clearly showing they both want to but in the end, Dakota is left in the ring as Riddle exits to the apron. With out starting team members in the ring, the official checks in with both of them and after betting the okay from each man, he throws his hand into the air and signals for the opening bell.

Manny and Dakota waste no time after the bell sounds before they find themselves in the center of the ring standing within feet of one another. They slowly circle the center of the ring, sizing each other up before both finally lunge forward simultaneously and lock up. They struggle with one another for only a short moment, before Dakota pulls Manny in and pops his leg up, driving his knee into Manny’s stomach. Grabbing Manny by the wrist, Dakota goes to throw him to the corner but before he can release, Manny reverses the throw and sends Dakota crashing into the corner instead. Before Dakota can get himself settled in the corner, Manny takes off and charges straight for him. Closing in on Dakota, Manny connects with a running clothesline that lifts Dakota off his feet upon impact. Just as Dakota’s feet touch back down to the mat, Manny unloads on his midsection with a series of left and right punches before kicking Dakota in the gut and forcing him to buckle over. Locking an arm around Dakota’s head, Manny quickly lifts him of his feet, up and over, dropping Dakota to his back with a snap suplex.
Dakota rolls up to a seated upright position, reaching around with one arm and holding a hand over his lower back. Back on his feet, Manny slowly moves in behind Dakota, Grabbing him by the head with one hand to hold it in place and swinging down with the other, connecting with multiple blows to the back of Dakota’s head. Pulling Dakota up from the mat, Manny is quickly taken off guard as Dakota reaches for him with both hands and grabs ahold of him. The two lock up a second time, this time fighting with each other even harder than before. Gaining leverage, Manny begins to walk Dakota backwards towards the corner. Once they get close, Dakota pulls Manny in while side stepping him and taking him face down to the middle turnbuckle with a drop-toe hold. Manny remains on his knees with one hand planted to the mat to hold him up and his other hand holding it over his face. Dakota rushes back to his feet, unloading with rapid kicks to Manny’s stomach before finally knocking him completely down to the canvas. Grabbing ahold of the top rope, Dakota uses it for leverage as he begins stomping down onto Manny wildly. His stomps are aimed all over the place, making it hard for Manny to block them as Dakota aims for his stomach, chest, shoulder, knee, all in random sequences.
Reaching down and wrapping a hand around Manny’s throat, Dakota lifts him up from the mat and stands him up to his feet. Holding him in place while choking him, Dakota stares into Manny’s eyes as if watching his life slip away from him. Manny’s fights to pull Dakota’s hand away from his throat but Dakota doesn’t let up. Manny’s face turns darker shades of red as his fight slowly begins to weaken. Like a crazed lunatic, Dakota appears to enjoy the sight of Manny fading away. Giving it one last pull, Manny finally rips Dakota’s hand away from his throat, freeing himself as he takes in a massive amount of air the first moment he gets. Dakota lunges at Manny, but is lifted off his feet as Manny ducks down and wraps him up around the waist before lifting him into the air. Falling backwards while holding Dakota up, Manny drops Dakota’s throat down onto the top rope. Manny hits the mat but Dakota’s head bounces off the ropes. He remains on his feet but stumbles backwards in a bit of a daze, giving Manny more than enough time to fight to get back to his feet. Despite still gasping for air, Manny rushes Dakota as he’s off balance and knocks him off his feet with a running forearm to the face! Turning slightly towards his corner, Manny goes straight for it, falling in front of it but not without extending his arm first and making the tag with Tommy.
JOHNSON: ”There’s our first tag of the match and it couldn’t have come at a better time for Manny after nearly having the life choked out of him just moments ago.”
VASSA: ”Did you see the look in Dakota’s eye as he choked Manny?”
JOHNSON: ”I did, Vinny. The less Manny fought over time, the more Dakota seemed to enjoy it.”
VASSA: ”Ain’t no seeming to it. Dakota enjoyed every bit of that and probably would have blew his load had he strangled Manny for good right then and there.”
Tommy quickly entered the ring as Dakota slowly pushed himself up from the mat. Rushing in as Dakota finally stood, Tommy jumped into the air and connected with a dropkick that knocked Dakota back to the mat. Popping back to his feet, Tommy stood back as Dakota was pushing himself back up as well. Once Dakota stood, Tommy raced in and knocked him flat on his back with a running clothesline. Dakota wasn’t staying down though. He pushed himself back to his feet and just like before, he was quickly knocked to his back with a second running clothesline from Tommy. Being knocked down over and over in such a short amount of time was taking its toll on Dakota, slowly wearing him down but it didn’t stop him. He pushed himself back to his feet, this time with caution, but it didn’t matter. Tommy rushed in from Dakota’s blindside and connected with a dropkick to Dakota’s shoulder, sending him stumbling across the ring and crashing shoulder first into the corner. Dakota bounced off the corner and went straight for Tommy. It was sloppy, but Dakota wanted nothing more than to get his hands around Tommy’s neck. As Dakota closed in, Tommy quickly ducked in front of him before lifting Dakota off his feet as he stood straight up and sending him into the air with a back body drop. Dakota’s back slammed against the canvas, shaking the entire ring before rolling upward to an upright seated position.
Running right past Dakota, Tommy hit the ropes in front of him and upon his return, he leaped into the air and wiped Dakota out head on with a leg lariat! Rolling over to his stomach, Dakota remained face down to the mat. On his feet, Tommy stomped on Dakota’s back a few times before hopping over him and running to the ropes once more. Bouncing off and coming back on the return, Tommy then slid feet first, planting them both into the side of Dakota’s head. The impact forced Dakota to immediately roll over to his side before propping himself up with one arm and holding his other arm over his head. Dakota slowly began to push himself up, unaware of his surroundings and as he finally stood tall, Tommy was right behind him closing in. Running in from behind, Tommy wrapped an arm over the back of Dakota’s head before jumping into the air and bringing him face first to the mat with a bulldog. Rolling Dakota over to his back, Tommy quickly made the cover as the official raced in with the count.

Popping a shoulder up from the mat, Dakota ended the officials count. Meanwhile, Cyrus stood on the apron, confident in his partners ability to keep the fight alive and not needing to interfere to break up the pin attempt himself. It was still early and Cyrus knew Dakota. It was going to take a lot more than a bulldog from Tommy to put The Butcher down for three seconds. Tommy was back to his feet in no time, but not without giving the official a piece of his mind for what he believed was a slow count. It’s Tommy, of course he’s going to argue about something. Waiting for Dakota to get back to his feet, Tommy stood back and patiently waited. When the right moment presented itself, Tommy moved in for the kill. Jumping into the air in front of Dakota as he stood to his feet, Tommy landed with a leg over each of Dakota’s shoulders. What Tommy had in mind was a hurricanrana but what Dakota had in mind was something completely different. Wrapping both arms around Tommy and holding him up in the air in place, Dakota then turned to his corner where Cyrus awaited on the apron and began stepping towards it. With each step, his pace grew faster and faster before he was somewhat close. Launching Tommy in the air, Dakota threw him back first into the corner with a powerbomb! Tommy’s arms stretched over the top ropes, holding himself up. Rushing into the corner, Dakota lowered his head and rammed it straight into Tommy’s face with a running headbutt. Looking to Cyrus, Dakota then slapped his hand and tagged the other half of Omerta into the mix. Dakota then pulled Tommy away from the corner as Cyrus climbed up the corner from the outside. Once Cyrus was standing on top of the corner, Dakota lifted Tommy upside down into the air. As Dakota went to drop Tommy on his head, Cyrus jumped from the corner and together, they planted Tommy head first to the mat with a spike piledriver!
JOHNSON: ”Spiked Piledriver from Omerta!”
VASSA: ”Tommy was on such a roll with keeping Dakota off his feet but things have completely turned around after that move.”
JOHNSON: ”Dakota caught him in the air in desperation and little did we know then that things would turn out as badly for Tommy as they did.”
VASSA: ”They’re going to end it right here!”
Cyrus crawls over Tommy for the pin as Dakota steps halfway through the ropes and locks his sights on Manny.

VASSA: ”Tommy’s got a foot on the ropes!”
He did actually. At the last split second, Tommy managed to prop his foot on the bottom rope nearby. Shouting in disgust, Dakota stepped back into the ring and jumped into the air, pulling his knee to his chest. As he began to descend, Dakota kicked straight down, stomping onto Tommy’s knee that was elevated with his foot propped on the rope.
Tommy rolled back and forth on the mat, holding his knee with both hands as he yelled in agony from the pain. The official quickly rushed Dakota and cornered him, unloading into him with a warning, even threatening the next incident would be disqualification. It only brought a smile to Dakota’s face as he nodded him head, pretending to agree with the official before exiting the ring and stepping out onto the apron. Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Cyrus stood him in place before swinging upward and connecting with a massive European uppercut that lifted Tommy off his feet and knocked him backwards into the corner. Swinging again, Cyrus connected with another and then a third! Grabbing Tommy by the arm, he ripped him away from the corner and straight into a short-arm clothesline that landed Tommy flat on his back. Still holding onto Tommy’s wrist, Cyrus jerked him up to his feet before lifting him up onto his shoulders. Backing away from the corner with Tommy in a fireman’s carry, Cyrus then dropped him across his knee with a neckbreaker!
With Tommy on his back, Cyrus positioned himself beside him where he then began to ram his knee into Tommy repeatedly with knee drops. Pulling Tommy up from the mat, Cyrus swung and connected with a right hook, spinning Tommy in place to look the opposite direction. Locking in a full nelson from behind, Cyrus then lifted him into the air before throwing him down with all of his strength to the mat with a full nelson slam. Looking to the corner, Cyrus quickly rushed over to it, climbing to the top once more as Tommy remained down on his back. After making it to the top, Cyrus positioned himself perfectly before leaping away from the corner and going airborne. Turning his body slightly, Cyrus came down with an elbow drop from the heavens.

JOHNSON: ”Oh no!”
Rolling out of the way at the last second, Tommy dodged a bullet as Cyrus crashed to the mat, slamming his elbow against it with nothing to break the fall underneath. With Cyrus on the mat holding his elbow in pain, Tommy began to crawl in the opposite direction, heading for his corner where Manny awaited on the apron. It wasn’t a fast crawl either. Slowly, Tommy dragged himself across the mat. Meanwhile, Cyrus shook off the blow to the elbow and climbed back to his feet. Looking across the ring, he laid eyes on Tommy who was now more than halfway on his journey to tag Manny. Jogging in behind Tommy, Cyrus grabbed him by the foot, and as much as Tommy would love to be tickled right about now, that was clearly not Cyrus’ intent. Stopping Tommy in his tracks, Cyrus rolled him over to his back but to his surprise, Tommy had something for him. Kicking his loose leg straight, Tommy planted the bottom of his boot to Cyrus’ face. Cyrus didn’t release Tommy’s other leg, but the kick to the face did slow him down and delay what his actions were that he had in mind to follow up with. Over and over, Tommy kicked Cyrus in the face before finally forcing Cyrus to release his other foot. Cyrus was in a daze and it was exactly what Tommy needed. With plenty of time to climb back to his feet, Tommy stood tall before Cyrus could readjust and before he knew it, Tommy lifted Cyrus into the air and hit him with an inverted atomic drop!
Cyrus back stepped slowly, holding both hands to his crotch. Looking him dead in the eyes, Tommy then charged in, wiping Cyrus off his feet and dropping him to the mat with an explosive clothesline. Cyrus didn’t stay down for long as he pushed himself up, but not before Tommy could get to his feet first. Jumping in the air, Tommy wrapped both legs around Cyrus’ head and lifted him off his feet, flipping him across the ring with a head scissors takedown. As Cyrus hit his back to the mat, he fluidly rolled up to his feet with his back turned to Tommy. Running in behind Cyrus, Tommy then planted both feet to his back with a drop kick, sending Cyrus stumbling into the corner where Manny stood on the apron. Cyrus bounced off the corner as his chest crashed into it, bouncing backwards. Before Cyrus fell to the mat, Tommy grabbed ahold of him to keep him on his feet. Dragging Cyrus to the corner, Tommy held him close with one arm and then stretched his other arm in Manny’s direction to make the tag. Reaching over the top rope, Manny went to slap Tommy’s hand but just as their hands came within inches of each other, Cyrus wrapped his arms around Tommy and pulled him back, just enough that the slap of hands didn’t connect. Lifting Tommy into the air, Cyrus then dropped him on his head with a side suplex!
JOHNSON: ”Tommy really needed that tag right there.”
VASSA: ”He was close, so close, but denied at the last split second.”
JOHNSON: ”He’s due for a tag. Mariano is recharged on the apron and had the opportunity to enter the match taken out from under him.”
VASSA: ”If Cyrus can mount up another attack on Tommy, I don’t know how much more little Feets can take.”
Tommy’s body laid limp in the center of the ring as Cyrus slowly pushed himself up from the mat. Finally standing to his feet, Cyrus pulled Tommy up from the mat and dragged him to Omerta’s corner. Cyrus threw Tommy shoulder first into the corner before rushing in and sandwiching him against it with Tommy’s own Octane Express! As Tommy leans against the corner barely able to stand on his own, Cyrus and Dakota look to each other and quickly make the tag! Dipping through the ropes, Dakota enters the ring and unloads with rapid fire punches to Tommy’s stomach. The blows to the stomach then transition to powerful clubbing forearms to Tommy’s chest. Ripping Tommy away from the corner, Dakota then pulls him around, placing himself between Tommy and the corner. Wrapping both arms around Tommy, Dakota then lifts him into the air and slams him into the corner with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Tommy drops to the mat, smacking his head against the canvas before his body folds at his midsection and his legs lay over top of him. Dakota then grabs him by each foot and begins to back away from the corner, dragging Tommy with him and pulling Tommy over to where he’s down on his stomach. Grabbing the middle ropes with both hands, Tommy holds them as tightly as he can, preventing Dakota from pulling him any further. Dakota pulls and pulls, stretching Tommy’s entire body as Tommy keeps a firm grip on the ropes. Tommy’s entire body is elevated from the mat and with one final pull from Dakota, his hands are ripped away from the ropes. Pulling Tommy away and upwards, Dakota lifts Tommy even higher into the air before gravity takes over and pulls Tommy face first down to the mat.
Stepping over Tommy and planting a foot on each side of him, Dakota squats down, digging both hands underneath Tommy’s body and wrapping his arms around him. Deadlifting Tommy up from the mat, Dakota lifts Tommy into the air for a German suplex and as he begins to fall backwards to the mat, Tommy miraculously rolls backwards out of Dakota’s hands. Dakota hits the mat empty handed as Tommy lands to his feet off balance before stumbling backwards. Falling into his own corner, Tommy’s arm connects with Manny’s hand as he reaches over the top rope and tags himself in.
VASSA: ”There it is! Manny is finally tagged back in the match!”
JOHNSON: ”And it couldn’t come any sooner because Tommy has been taking quite a beating for a while now.”
Manny quickly climbs through the ropes as Dakota quickly pushes himself back to his feet. Running straight for Dakota, Manny closes in just as he stands to his feet and knocks him back down to his back with a running clothesline. Dakota pops back up from the mat but is met with another clothesline as Manny attacks him before Dakota can even lay eyes on him. As Dakota climbs to his feet again, Manny rushes in, catching him by surprise him a all out assault of kicks and punches to Dakota’s body and head. Each hit that connects knocks Dakota back a step until he’s standing not far from his own corner. Manny then jumps forward, swinging his legs around and connecting with a spinning wheel kick that knocks Dakota off his feet and backwards into the ropes. Dakota’s body makes contact with Cyrus as he goes up and over the top rope. The official recognizes it as a tag but even before verifying, Cyrus was already half way through the ropes.
Cyrus rushes Manny and lunges towards him, only to come up empty handed as Manny ducks down and lifts him up into the air, flipping him as high as he can with a back body drop. Cyrus crashes against the mat with a thud but rolls forward and up to his feet fluidly. Manny rushes him, grabbing him by the shoulder and spinning him around in place. Swinging with his right, Manny connects with a powerful blow to Cyrus’ jaw but Cyrus returns the favor and connects with a punch of his own. The two square up, exchanging blow for blow in the center of the ring as the noise level of the crowd goes through the roof. Changing things up, Cyrus kicks for Manny’s stomach to catch him off guard but on his game, Manny catches Cyrus’ foot before it connects with the kick. Pulling Cyrus in by the leg, Manny whips him over to his back with a dragon screw. From the outside, Dakota slides back into the ring as Manny climbs to his feet. Rushing in behind Manny, Dakota grabs ahold of him, trying to wrap both arms around his waist. Manny prevents Dakota from locking his hands before taking a step forward and then backflipping in place and connecting with a pele kick to Dakota’s face! Dakota falls backwards across the ring stumbling before hitting the ropes and going up and over once more, spilling to the outside.
Manny gets to his feet in no time while Cyrus slowly climbs to his. Once Cyrus stands, Manny rushes him and lays him out with a step-up enzuigiri!
JOHNSON: ”The Gadfly!”
VASSA: ”Manny has put not one, but both members of Omerta down!”
Pulling Cyrus up from the mat, Manny then hooks an arm around his head before latching onto his waistband with another. Looking over the electric crowd, Manny then lifts Cyrus upside down into the air. He stalls, holding Cyrus upside down for a few moments before dropping him flat on his head with his vertical suplex piledriver!
VASSA: ”Manny is on fire right now!”
Dakota is just now getting to his feet and Manny realizes that. Knowing there’s little time to end this, he makes the cover, hooking Cyrus’ leg as he rolls across him.

Dakota walks to the apron to climb back in as Tommy dips through the ropes.

Racing across the ring Tommy slides feet first to the ropes, planting both feet into Dakota’s face with a baseball slide as he climbs onto the apron, knocking him back down to the floor.

JOHNSON: ”The American Mang’s have done it!”
VASSA: ”They’ve defeated Omerta right here at Adrenaline Ninety-Six!”
JOHNSON: ”You saw it here first! We have a new pair of Tag Team Champions in 4CW!”
“Trying to Find a Balance” hits the speakers as the entire arena erupts in reaction to the sight. The official signals for the bell as Manny and Tommy both climbs back to their feet.

Tommy joins Manny in the center of the ring as the two celebrate the victory here tonight. Catching them both off guard, the official presents them with the Tag Team Championships. Each man takes a belt in a single hand as the official splits the two and hoists their other arms into the air.
The two raises the championships in the air as the Minnesota crowd cheers them on. Cyrus slowly rolls to the outside of the ring on the opposite side of Dakota. The two remain on the outside, still completely out of it as The American Mangs celebrate in the ring.
JOHNSON: ”There you have it, folks. That’s the first round of Tag Team Into The Future in the books.”
VASSA: ”What started as eight teams will pick up in two weeks with four teams as we head into round two next at Adrenaline Ninety-Seven.”
JOHNSON: ”With two matches next week, we’ll see Baelin Club and the Sadboiz square off head to head as well as the team no one saw coming, Reedvolution, challenging the new 4CW Tag Team Champions in the American Mangs.”
VASSA: ”Tonight has been full of surprises, and not just this tournament. We also have a new number one contender for the 4CW Championship.”
JOHNSON: ”That we do. Bryan Laughlin will be the next man up to challenge for the 4CW Championship at Retrograde next month. If Baelin club can remain in the tournament over the next two Adrenaline’s Mr. Laughlin will be quite the busy man over the new few weeks.”
VASSA: ”And that’s only covering one of the four singles championships. We still have to determine who will challenge for the Octane, North American, and Pride Championships.”
JOHNSON: ”There’s plenty of time to get it done and a two of those champions with nothing else on their plates after tonight and the first round of the tournament.”
VASSA: ”So where are we headed to next?”
JOHNSON: ”Next on the list we have Detroit Michigan where we’ll travel to in two weeks for Adrenaline Ninety-Seven.”
VASSA: ”You heard the man folks. After all this tag team action here tonight, I’m wiped out and ready to take this party to the bar.”
JOHNSON: ”I think I’ll join you for a drink, Steve.”
VASSA: ”Well, then you’re buying!”
JOHNSON: ”Like always. Well folks, it’s been quite the pleasure. We’ll see you all in two weeks for Adrenaline Ninety-Seven, live in Detroit, Michigan. From 4CW and the crew, I’m Steve Johnson…”
VASSA: ”And I’m Vinny Vassa! Good fight and goodnight!”
The camera cuts back to the ring one final time to focus on both Tommy and Manny as they continue to celebrate the big win here tonight and their new pieces of shiny metal to go along with their efforts. Slowly, the picture begins to fade out as the sounds of the Minnesota crowd can still be heard loud and clear. A chant is then heard over the black screen.

The sound slowly begins to fade as the credits then begin to roll.